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WHO) 2NO. G660.



On -.1 ALM IN rEu.i.tENCE.
*I ,, ., l I e ,

Tl,- U.i.n '.. cmnsihul Chawb, R. W. Sltu
fI!dt coanmm-- from New Orleans the 9th and
fl.1a taILc- I- arrived here lesterayanternaoon.
Adtar ,iavitt car, she experienced very severe
weather, an i as -onipelled to pat into Norfo'k to
refioli-h !cbr cs, which ,l.'.-,rd het thirtysax
NothiLg z nur ws known at i.irin, t-:,p.-nt IJ-j
tie r ceit oa.' ,- 4. at Puerti) P.iacipf.
tacre is roi o(,' >f iinpw.rvice.
The Cabi. ', a ful f.e; rTt of cotton and
H'iaf, r'" f". 1 s. i speeie.
We are iis .cti *i e Vne pul-er of the Cahavba fao-
fu rm..-irg u .. a*est intelligence and fAll
tli, s*! Hut-, >!,>.
ll&a~NA, Nor. 10, 1854,
Tile1 On Liui.' n. %nesics fetaoners -Precmnrrione
of tAe Exc .' o+Tn, mcet Alarm-tWenera'
Cerlia, th '. ," States 1miaiate, to Nicarc
auVa. c and N'Vsval Calten at Dminner-1
/fomaniic A atUmot at Scuicide-Castanedl 's
l 'n Ir- A.wi, Datlus, Health of the City
fint L ii. ..I, i t^A1.
'Ibr stp-li' to the Ccptin-General repro-
ItL tt tlt taTW erOsndertheaits or lre;Dnit.d
States bad be ieized, and corfinrm the fats stated
in mv L- cle, u tL mmenm t of smling of the Phila-
delphia. A -u. additional force has been des-
irkLbed to ito quarter, and Geeral MaBzaue,
ki nwu to faei.. ij h.s oper.otions'for paoltificatio,
p'EvIcusto ti" ..- .ihg aesde by Lopez, will very
so,.a leucer a ,- ...oj ac mount of the disturbars of
public peate- i tlee are any to be suipcct-d, or
The two hn ho rs seeam t-, have cleared with their
cargoes from Na- an, N. P., and prniablby the arcs
w-re-or mig bivie bsen latiudcd-forthe bayof
FaiL.a, Gy. i, :, ur otherports, for account and
-f1r pir.ctectiou of Britishti subjects. It does not
a ptar yet ic p -, f that a.tnybh, beEn lude-d. The
:hjrg 1s5suDiiLli.O., rend iidnces theb belief in palace
cinrecs lhat it tsi. adi.u)oe coming events, aud
nwakes some n.iasusines- in that region-the evils we
Itow we CA& ., it aud conquer asgoodmen and
tnre; those uictLi, and uaknona most trouble the
'tIe Cap!aL (;ine:&l gave a tidaner to tbce United
Slaties Min s'tri, nat i the State orf Nicaragua, on-the
8th ibi.t.,to n-Li. on were iaited and present, J. W.
F,"tirs, E,-q., air- (',.ncl at nlc- G towr, and yetto be
provided for f r;,e, or semewb're; C.aiptain Eigle,
ocl he Pi.LC'%t.ur a ,aob e sailor a,:d faithifl reprm.-
eLtalieoi.' b.acuneu'y whe ever he may sail; and
the CoDsu], C'-j i eil A'm. H. R.bertsoao, 'who 6 a'
n.r'sathis pi-.,.'t a2 fitfor du:.'. Tuodjaner wAs
L Cutitba's btbi ,.d prtaided .ri r by the c.ivairi. and
courteous host t scsi-iO b) his a,:-,:omplished laay,
iuo aina htr a .v among all good tesr,.o. Speak-
lug or lo-coe tuitu_ reinuul- 1 ei last oai of sminll
po tthoea j( --, ale. [e LrHLst injmme'Jc -crtj,, -. iR
"' t bie aL.,Lt nLui j,-ro.Im C.:o'--Mr. Pierce
s ..yae [nL it-p.'-c..-ton. I not the tim-: to:
encicatton. -
ln tie wuy EI euiclde failures naiLd auicdi)e, I
have a touti h : '-ie ominailiec to give. (ia tb nlas
gtiueral andlLce ray held by Geneial C.incbs, a
Dian efge.teli asppea ance presented himself in the
ball, and in bL ,n.dcr of admIsion asproached the
Captain G-Lc-tel ir a somewhat bruqlieo master.
and at the s-.m, tijie handed his paree, which was
wtll filled, sb3} .i :-" Yori.xellei.ey is the only
man in Cuba it ,' Lom I can place confidence, and I
begas a favor orf ytjur Ex fllency that you will
have the kindne- to tLike chargee of this purse and
my effi c, and ira( emit Item to my wife."
The singular style of address, with the action of
the man, inLduced questions, the replies to
which showed that th? inaoiidaal had some debts in
the city unpaid; whereupon the Captain General
_ esid-,-" As you are indebted, it seems to me, as an
hIncrable and an honest man, your first obligation
is to pay btem: and afterwards yill be more proper
1i- e(.nsideration of the diup)sition of what may re-
To this, in a quick and excited manner the stran-
gI- rt plied-" Tinat remark determines my destiny.
Cre me the purse !" Andwith a bowand thanks for
th ccurtes) ano kindness, he left the audience.
The Captain General fearing that the man pro-
pistd sucide,ccailrd his eecrc:ary; and directed that
two dEcteet p. lice office s should f.jLow the man
to ee that nothing of that sort should take place,
if It was posible to prevent it. He went to his
re- .hence, aLd wa lft there in a composed state
of miod, writing, and the two officers presumed
the:r duty discharged. After closing his letter,
vhich was addressed to Gineral Concha4 he
took a pistol frim his desk, returned to the Palace
in tse dusk of the evening, placed himself by the
tbase of one of the columns in front-sea*ed himself
on the pavement wita his back to the base-drew
hib pistol, aLd plhting it to his head, discharged it.
T. e p:tlol was ov1c0loid.d ana the contents passed
OMet tie brow, te.nog away al]'the fleshy covering,
bLt netl Fenetat'mtg mte ecull-the colum a saving
l-le criwd lioin, irjurry. The man was taken to thi
hbm.p.ail nad is r ca.vring. ard as he has beenso
Lnur Eertnily, it Ls i rctibb:e that he may decline
s itbe at mtLJ'.' I beo letter written to General
Comctla expre-sed is wisoa that he would take
cl arge of tis effects, which consisted of a box of
gold dnst at L1 hb.: -,,r.e p ,y bis debts and remit a
stated sum to his wL, jil him to, the trou-
ble or pi. that t.e 1ii nla Die avoid giving him. Phe
el5l) itl' le Oeilr ts-i goad. iltuaui tli of
arm itlinge emolio., only dec'aring last hc had no
cot hi(nte in .oe r'ctitirde ol arty othor thbin len.
J3 et de laCnLchu." it is pruoahblc ttjintiema
tit cnjtn! the kin ol. mi nt rtl(r-l af thea,"-'l and
lit. Ca',n h-a, may be saved for future usefulness.
In tay files Iha"ad you s ill be foin.]nlon e re',ainitmn
.of Gen. COocha ot o:rr ni',iUcipalil,'Jhidnai ,C0li
timu, nLd psoposlito-s ti.n reli .1 ttO n nie emOirra's-
n,. het to It :t li.n, ausr-d In.' a,]mini' .ilio.j ,if itb
mrmi.b ol the pniOlir Or['.'h.', -Itll tbe unmet of
Jic,bh'*-tn of ou diJtrlpinitUrrn lilic-ren, Ti represent
tbe iitfrItis ot lhe comaa|uiri di i'tly insi,]ed
tI'rti0 : to aid ie ad riLe In'e lnll i* AO.l-ittlmn'en/t
(ila.sir end idermtn). The o der dJteti tea, ari
i. n irr-.e' 0l hIi- e aiaii de n 1l-anra," lnlth.
The widow of a caalui of i m titlu, Jo~i Antonio
-Csl.tareni-, IC nlly killed, i, is suppo-el, fIjr his
::arhibrt, lies nu,:ived a donati iu of twenty
e o'raeipados,'" f.r hicb hshe la til pay the month-
1\ Ste i.pue at above.
The- t.. i. Bar ltraoner Princeton. Eagle cnmm-t-
clr, vLt to t ea last crereing, with Mr. Wtteeler,
11ti;iter to Nicar,.guu acd family, and Mi. Fabenas,
-oh (:riiiown, as poaietno,|s bhund t. Penskaola,
'.Il 'it irIs -aid Its Colnmbia awaits their arrival.
Tie Amie',icin b.i Furk. Aldrich, bound
fir.m this pol rTUn Pi v'id. ,JiC, {R ].,) has beou com-
pi-:!d to put iuro Ksy, leaseain .badly. The
I;n'. Mtic-'all has h;.en denpot hod hlece to
Isice forward lier calgo, no hb aig.. to io'l .p in our kets.
A Mr. Claidliue., Ifrom libile dliii thin morning
at the Rv. ra ruU-c, or conc.umlrtliu.
The tm altn of t e lty remain good--ihe seame
toce fct the (ounoy.
T fird on tbe I'T of late arriv.tis at the Hotel

'C'irinu." ke t by lMre. S. E. Bitefer, i Dmcan S.
RteLT,. of Ne-t Orleans, by ias' itinetamers from New
York, to leave forEt. Jago de Cubaon itunday next;
Ltrii laion, [O Pro Satisbury, Connecticut- J.
Br.scn,.Sta'e o l Ne YVtik, (western,) bound to
itie liier Amazoe: Mr. Wheeler and f.tmily, Mr.
iatLeLs, and William If. Pairchild, Eq., of New
Yoik. This mus', go by the Gov. Dudley, although
mAy relponrts by thu Cs-inwba may be the first at
lrsad. In theao dajs of male disasters, "the
lird 'n Imand," Ac. D,

gezulueKaosata, for the Maroy.nervetoneeti-but- p.i tiorcirric, t n. ce-nc.-r iih' inniii iih bee', .ion.' i
having seen hIa passport, which was asked forby i,.ii1.n.i,,cbi-ir'i'i ciirhit ivi.i c.i,,'tu uii ku,.f
himatNewOrleans, and accepted by him, to come itrg'- rt.DhnlIIt lv l ar,, In |. lh wL i ri .lai) s-r.' i..
to the Havana, in which he allows himself to be re- t'1 U Ci: Bc.:c,'.,,e, ,r M"-ili.', rets, mr "'ri
gisteredatfull6saSpanish subject,&c,,I couldnot .Id,..r fLornLonrri '210,"al,.2e ' j .1 T.i) l- nhriri.L
[ lxlt, lor4 Jobhd t,,.h e -S^taudewYoka
urmuetbestory of his fate. Iamsorryto flndthat SI,. itSal -t (i4bi.i iaug New York at
$. 7 ,-,61., r ibd .1 2. '-la, 2 ,h d ilnr l, at $5 50, 1 to
generalConhaias firmly impressed withthe beleif ir ju-1iior Neu .r,, :r2' .i -n, f,, a28t,'i for
tbatbe killed Castaneda-I am as firmly impressed, [i\nlcolh i ll.r-t return n ",,Ih mber at $11 per
from batter knowledge of theman, that he had not i 11.. 1 icr r;R( vWe.- Ti .id: I ,', m I X'sesft Io-'t.
the three things essential for the deed-that, al- FiC-rfcI I 'i )


UT ot6i atber'an tluC 'hntC ,e ,,i . m ,i |.,,i.I. r-n i n.,,, ,,.,,. ,. .' '''i rn hivn Leon no sairi WAii.t ..i tiu., u il.
THOtA M i CliAiK. nral wti ncl.-es in the liar' I.I ;' i.In b' m''J[' "f 1b -I'l 01t 1c _i'sl fr an,lt In lull .i1.. t 'I -A -'l
S + : il I L D t i n 'iCr N- l'ir t ('rn tr, .tlI hacl ,. ann-' Ire 1t I
,,,',l, fbr the ',ttttat i son -.. ,,"i n.I *- s e',.r ,r:, 'l.' L 1 1 ,,p thii s n ortning-- otto r, 69S8 barrels; crru rB la
I Work for the hriatla + 1. 04 ,- : , ',. l ..t i.,ii ,,i I oushe-,.
".IS 'LVLN' LOW ER WA RDS Of NNW YOR IN lNu. ,1, ,,ill: s t.,, t,,' e.r ra ,. t,,, "l ",' 1 yllL..l;LrI'~A BhTlCK Uemsf:r.
S he po l o ia loa n ct th ese w ards, from ju dicio us ,I e~"I '..- p, ha,", , '.i I t i t f lU I ; t -'
re1 V jp- I L- r, I rtn s-. i .icnunii" a i l IPunH ..nI lu I ons.1i%0 -n
e-tilMsat., is eow one bundled ai elgty-t O u' i .i ihi .ni-l ,is, rr I' i ,'i I- Ss weredciirI.- bric tiIni, orn ng t.i.'--Rid
t L% a tiL .l i ,, i, ,,d a ,,s i i 31: Morris C ...l. 11 u !, l.lI,,r'lrtilroad I'. ,
W Ith! a few yea ts mo.z thx twelve strong a .' -i ,.I.mi t, '.: Pi?- syi auy; Tai' liss. o. ,'0S ., i .a..t >R,.iLua, It


HAVANA, Nov. 12, 184. though he may be a New Orleans watchman, he has
.i.,hD.1 ID, !Atr!n ics-2te, '_leaeoqf Yricatan- a perfect horror of a loaded pistol. "Oar own"
& ralhi S ant Aral at Vera, -.-Capiursqf A hall always be welcome to any information I can
Stanrohvp Santet Anna at Ver Crae-Capture of At- ^ ^ ^
help him to-but will excuse me if I dealine receive.
raor's SON-sProwcs sof Hi serene Highne and Of. ilg information at either the U. 8. or Brltisa Con-
J .ii .4 ,,m,r-it -ai -t .Ve,iro Landingi and Sa1 sumates, i relation tomattersof diplomatic corta
,,'" ,,i,i-,.f (',)rr'.-.ndenrf-Puban Know Neothings delation-ad I have no intimacy that wouldjusrfv
and Senator Clayton-Market Reporti, I had the please e of banding jou my private ad- the unfortunate of his allusion. If my predecessor
vie, received by the steamer Teviot from Tamplo, Is the object of his mark, I represent him until his
vie, reeved by the teamer Telot m Tamploo, return fom the.Paciflc.
cy tbe+ Philadelphia, and we are just now in full In orders of the 9th, published in the Official
prsseCslon o1 trie ipaii.hl. eusoral digest or llexioan tazete, we find the appointment of Colonel Jose
Etf asg yo wtill td inW issue of the Diarido e la Inn, principal CialefofPolice, who is very highly
-at as i isu o h appreciated he e. Colonel Tomua Ibarrola took
fr-,ina of the lOih, whish went forward by the are eas Director of the Board of Public Works, on
r-+,mer G(vernor Dudley, via Charleston, on the the 9th Instant, to which important place he was
l0oh lost. I give, as I find them-for which you appointed at Madrid, and arrived out by the steamer
wil allow the "grains't- extracts from Crux Velascoa few days since,
The "Know Nothing" letter of the Hon.Senator
Soit peace of Yucatan. J. M. Clayton, of August 8, (so chimtened here in
The Indianas had attacked a force underthe corn- the office of the Diario, where we have as many
mend of Lieutenant Pasos, and were completely members of the order as canube founi in any other
given spot under the sunlight or intelhgenme,) has
outed, with loss of foureenmen--onedeadon the omidered of suffioent importance for tras-
fleld .iA battle, and thirteen prisoners-a very bloody latlon and commentary, which will immeneely allct! Tie p, isers will possibly be sold for the thet c, ingsot rggle lor 1856.
i-vara market, to eke out government funds-as this steamer. li0 wl*go forwardtoNew York by
ist previously oonrred-where they will appear in I hand you reports of the market to cover two
:he rl..e i.f "%o'iLhta emigrants." week,, and the issues since my filed by the steamer
O1tI. M8th at Ve a Crue, the steamer Santa Anna (ioTdvror Dudley. vi1 Charlesioit.
dt, arrived the dey previous, ttraoting gene al ad. The DChwaleves too early ito further a *i os.
iriruii n,t having been constrnoted in New York to -
roistitute the naval steam marine of tre empire, or HAYAZA, Nov. 12,185.
for the especial use of His Serene Highness, atte The Art st of.American Ships at Baracoa-isMiury
the last grand finesse for imperial dignity is deter On Id^-A New Tirer-eSailing of the Prince.
mned by vote of the people; it remaining to be seen ton', and Visit of a British War Vessel.
whether this second edition of the Napoleon coup I did not write you via Charleston, on the 10th
d'dlat can be made as fruitful with exalted dignity inst., because I presumed the Cahawba, for New
for Saint Anna, as proved withSaint Louis. YorK direct this day, would reach your oltyearler
Oct. 24th, same city-Notice had arrived at the than would a letter forwarded by the little Governor
city of Mexico on the 17th of the capture of Ignacio Dudley, to Charleston.
Campos, son of Gen. Juan Alvarez, one of the most I had the pleasure of sending you on the 8th inst.,
important of the revolutionary odefas. Col. Moreno a second brief letter e 5.riaitii.g the news that mo-
han also entirely routed the rebels of Coynesoas, and meant recelvtd, of the seizure at Baracoa, of the two
hopes wereentertalnedlofaveryspeedyre-establish. American schooneas that It is alleged hadflrearms
meat of tranquillity, and the punishment of the in. and gunpowder in their holds. I am unable to elnd
fam ons agitators againstthe public peace. you any further particulars relating to *his affair.
home city, under date 27th.-The mal-o.contenta except, indeed, that General Manzano, Scgundo Ca,
and rebels of Michoacan have been subdued, accord- bo, has been despatched specially to Baracoa, to
ing to the papers published in the metropollas-ter- make inquiry into this afdir.
minated by the Influenced of the supreme govern. There has been some difficulty of a political cha.
ment ard the valor and good conduct of the forces racter recently at Pueito Principe, bus no details
charged with their extermination; and we believe are yet min the possession of the public or of your
.alt we fhiill vEri promptly see the re established correspondent.
tranquillity in the republic, to which His Serene The Lioeo, of this city, has obtai-ed a grant
Highness has contributed so effectually with his of land from the govertmeat, Inmmediately op-
person and his skilful dispositions. p site the Tacon theatre, upon which they
28th.-Nominated Minister to the Rpubhlic, in are about to erect a much more m WdsLinglo.n, Fiancrsco Arrangoiz, andJuan N. Al- theatfnre, with exhibition, concert and ball rooms
onea, ttaucheled. A nmilidon of dollars is to be ex en lel
montessame relation atVienna, in charge also near upon tte buloing. At the head of theri istin
the King of Naples. The Spanish Convention-a tion cal ed l, Li'om is a Spanldish gentleman
call made at meeting of the 25th Oct., for punctual 0t my aiquaantance, named Pinto. He possesses
attendance of the Individuals then cited, &c. The great tasitand fron tIre estimate I hav formed of
their mnan, I doubt it bhil that the new theatre will
letter written from the city of Mexico, dated Oct. lir ia uurr aii.eJ by any in the whole world. Toe
21, bruhes off a month's events with much facility, acu--tlc prope.te.uofI thol'eetroFa..ou n reex irene
of hich I give the sentiment. ly deft cui't. I urehitnL S tlitniune, Maunzii. C is
tli Speck, S'i ,win Z--,rjnl. arlvr. U idialh. JimeUez.
His Serene Highbess submits himselfagain t the Benevenrtani. laru,.i. vctre. ignor Specdtiand
vote of the people, to aee if he shall remain clothed B..1,. tit rh Botleaini as durectur of the o ches' r,
wth the extraordinary powers they have im Sigzwn lorres as chorus master, and anumeroun
.w d chua upon b. Hiaie hele fiom exico. Weane .r.iuiii
ed upon him. His plan i w d;fl Luisa Rieole. ltito, La Muette de ort 1,1. 1
his a. tigers lhioughbont the land give in their lPule ae limepirnti La Trobacor. and it .Irrcim.
lows in iod time, Almonte aod Arrango;a stances cili i,:riml, Roberto 1el Ditbolo, rine
a:e p,:.v/ied Ir, and the chances are lhat 1'ropet.l Atl!i. ,c. &c. I anticlpat a very bri-
ila-t .Ltaso. Can yu n..t spare u. i sriut anu Mdtrio
be n,3 come ,.aot of the canlvass.-Santa Anna, orore 6,huiL I month, .11,1 1 t tUerdStat"eDou'
Ir], lit'r. v fvt.Rtu Aiie. Emperor, with the be itsalih. tibut It Us is le L,- NuoImnA wati wi.a you
.e h i l U 1 o n I l 1 I I 1u l l j l n .r 1 1 1.J u r L U I F l lU J 'd W t' l -.r1 1 I l U, .. '
cotur n i, ,~ ,, ~.,i .,.. ~ ~~,d~dId ..,, torn luted ont~ this.for Pensa-
hr,:, h,.e icl-r-Idripon his am bi:lion the earnest c h Pttoa called on tal W0,i Cor pi.
dfe, re fcr il, ii:,1lU-ilsttau; and as the liyal letter WePhave bbd a vtiL' gurntnc te past w,,,k of ithe
'rer Biie. ....N.tinij~ ioall be meire loyal i)re I Btiibieb:1 .twd! si l.rt.e ,l.
,.qan, tr more pat.iitic, than this appeal to the I b-g ..,%e to har,'d .ld '.i,,, the tirertnlie
5iLetl tiffitige ol'te Mexicans." Thetroublea in "tki. 1iot puhr|.rrat t'n. ig.
the south of Mexico have been almost concluded by MARKETS
the pardon granted by His Serene Highness to de- SHNe the 27h it dtt of ,r t NOt I SrI. oie-
*. -Since the 27thi ult., date of minr lai't jprr. flwf B-(>
linquents, and the constant pursuit by the govern, their has been very fair, and a in.. .,, ..r. '1. ,.rf buti-
ment troops of tbe revolutionary parties, the chief ness has been treonsacteid.
_. ^. _-Uj. rin Lr Il i, nii n- in r ugkr- havec been madll attfributiaide t(*
Zabares,at the moment of attack b3 ColsMoreno, ;, ti ratir n. i 1,.r have befien maifl, attribrtate dto
,e;,rcih.' ,,r drr' 1. oc. I., dleircienry- ,f assoortme~nts+ and
aviug passed over to thefiles of thegovernment, -main-..-.r.,tk hir i<-I>'ei pit i.r. i1 i..u,- i.
under latlh in the proelmatton,&c. InAMichoaean '. i i,-hi ,,Ie-, i.tb, bi.', ,,i,,.
in the city and the ltghi ,ri ,,],, i. nist.? li ,, ,i
equal results have obtained;nothing leftinthatde- boxes in 18538, andIrio, -r. ,r,. .n 1,52 ',. ,Ir-01.-1
partmnent to disturb the public peace, except a few Although gj ;niing has been commenced on some es-
o states, it -. ,l ri, be general before, but soon after, the
bands of robbers and factious persons, remnants first ofnext month.
from all parts, Ina brief time to disappear under Our i-.lur..ton- remained unaltered, as follows:-
the constant pursuit to which they were subjeted,Mii hr.,.7, irto It,,ris.; florette yellows, scarce, tn
the constrlt pursuit to which they, good to prime do 6 6 to7 Trls.; browns, in
and to leave the country freefrom the devastators, a1is.: cucuruchos, 4U toI,% ris. The exports iioni
with their depredations and crimes, more atrocious I. .1 ti ult, to the 9th inst., consistof:-To the United
!'illst .- 8 -7 %,L 1. 1 anee, 8,048 do.- Antwerp, 1,490
than that of the savages of our frontiers. do.; Sain, 1,;4 r .Jo Amsterdam. 987 do.: Hamburg,
No other incident of particular attention has oe- 420 do.; i JuLu'- N F., 20 do.-in all 21,03 boxes.
MoLAwsss.-Sales have been esmail; a few lots have
turrea inthe month which terminates today. The changed bands at 8X rls. per keg, being restof last
Diario de la Marina's confession "that nothing is crop E[.ofted Y. .7 hlids. to Portland, 260 to Pro-
1-+,cI 43 .., Boston, and 150 to other ports--in
so convenient as the truth in such cases," will be ,,, Btonnd 1 to iler ports
worthy of attention for those readers who may be SEorsr, ve'j n.t in,tiFrru, an nh ,nge in .,0u.o Ex-
poted :,a ir c. tlie t Dt.ri il.ri.. 7. .7"' ts i-mboroiir
interested in the singular windings of Cubanpolitics, qtiCe%-i t itrhieL, id I ,t vi 3l.-. 1a.',--in aul
and the constant struggle, is only subdined 1 ,571mlle.
to be again renewed. Will unot say that it 11 any ToBAo is quite inmae-, e,,n.e-quent upon the high
mote or any le.-s than justthe measure assignedby rates asked by hlil-cri, tlj-Td 118,4502 lbs. totme
the most truthful and most worthy editor who will, Uniuoi Simir ,1-..236 to Hamburg, and 22,100 to other
in the usual course of events, and consistently with : 1,;,,-r,, i I,,6' l bs.
his carter ofthe quill, forget within theperiod of t LI.tuIM -E-in tte e.ii Tina..irtt rd
there was no animation Iliull, 1il~l nia,'Lvl -1- .iJL'Uliy
fifteen daBys what he himself has alleged, orwhat rl. i., ma,,, t ion n. ithe ci,..inir,,- ,i .... I-hed-
invented, rc -l,.r I in-in, 1. ).o I13', prr p 'ec.,ir r.rn.'lu i.r,.
Of the six hundred negroes ast reported as hay.v- , i per entI I-r-.iuni. Ni ,\N...i.% an.i B]-...,r I ito
ing been captured, it happens that the chickens i rI I, r i ro.-n .' N-. Or.nnos ,t,'ri 11 .r ,',i
were counted too soon. The government had in ririin alho w;,rt, mu,-. i]r,,tiU i-i' -' .-r iiit."'
possession eleven or twelve of the infirm, that ireir.h tciiuaiir iriiii- rived from Vera Cruz and
could not be got out of reach, and the balance Tamplico day before yesterday, sold at 8.i ler cent pre-
are duly registered tor slavwiry, past finding mindm.
out. Four hundred and forty that were recently Iaoias.-Sincethe dat. -f -ui la,.t rf[...r iabott lip
landed at the small port of "Nuevas Grandes" same degree of activity I..-l"' a-i .IL,.I ie-d-
Soudattheast mtaslw republicly ld One cargo only has arrived, the Marianitt, 4,000 qtls
Southeast Nuevitas, were publicly sold in t remains unsold. Rice has retailed as follows:-70
Nuevitas: whether the authorities of the district casks Carol'na, irn .' rI- r r.. i. i:,' I. .i I',.
were aware of this infraction of the law andconta- 217atl15, and-ru L,1,e -.ri.hroi. ,,1 i4',--.1,ii: a
macionsdisregardoftheinstruotionsof GeneralCoan. stock in store of iiij u1.0. iL I.1-i- tli b'%i i.\. n
cda,I am nct advised; but they wll manager clean iS3 halves, from Norway: prices. t t ui.-' 1ti., *-il 1
appeal aunce, iun which theyhave been wellinstructed i-ur,, 1 1be 1, 0 '",,1 ii i,. l i., l... .
bythe subordinates Of the lateadminstration. The t *, -41 ..'L nr l l,..,..,Newfniid sd r ,,"J.
i,,,Tl .,t i I r0.. i...r ,,,or and $4W for the latter-leav-
vessels which made the landing at Nuevas Grandes, ,,, .u in,- -, ,Ii, *rgo per rig Rosins, arrived yes.
Iam informed, cleared thence to enter in ballast at I. ,;,v Win,. Sti j,;,u. N F.
a southern port of the slsand-suppossedto be an Ilr'i-i5 bdtItni 1ii.1 21 keg. retailed at $Sr1% qtl,,
Amrimn 11i1,1ili stl. General Majano his charge Ii, I.,,rr,. i.iai fl ', -nid 86 do. at$i5. Stock in store,
ti) v, it un .: in. et all those points where latroducll- 4i', bri. i,,.r r. in kegs. Hanus-13 barrels Now Or-
tions of Africans have been made, andtodirectsuch lnii.. rii. ,t" .ri,, 44at n$12i Buttec-li barrels
iI.J,tEa.ialiuL6ad hemayceem Lfi.e,-aryt.)peieere Ne N , r' eII l, ,ll 100front store at $27; 50 New
ihE uLitil.Cl good faithbas wril a the public p 1ice. rI u.'Il -. ,'n rIr. lDutlchl, at $27. Tocinelta-
in thre 'on,rue of Oct. 31, our own correspondent 7 I,,e N,. ,ii .i t'[ ,-, 1r0 ,,- I iZ b!xes NwO
makesal.usionuto a "favored paper" of your city, i,- It 'i. i ,,,l ,,,,.i 11, I,..- r,,ti '.1, Soat--a
woichIdonct quite understand, br tn iinphiotion b. 5,5',l..,,., i 11. *i.i cini.iic--:.-, .. -,. 'ii,, at
tbt.,instIeterIntit of partiality, by a irig'i[, ispctltcd .iu.1ii :l i.r-- bcr], i. white at 15 rl. .. 1 .1 7 at
..o worl'iy J'uictl.naiy ol V' or giv.-r.nmeut, 1 It., hud icr ,t, i'..,rcrrii--1(8 barrels, at $4; 1868
m but a flw aorjd to sayuponthoes bj-ot. I ai Ci'i. ,or d1, l] t t.ri n-. .i on'-7,5'00b.rh.l.. .ii
bhve very slight acquaintance with the Consul yr 1w lui...ii.u.-, Oi.n 4io barrels, at s.;, p,' i.,,iii.
cf the United States, Colonel Robertson; bat I \lAi,.P--4t vraii s, $4 ,, i at $4, Ii, T LI, it
have known all that have filled the office here, ,' ri" 2** c Clder--ui O bore. N..,'.. Vtii
fiom M.. Sbaler to the present, ard with Hr. i n,-,,-l ,.icr,,, ot_ C,7 lJ'i ,tl on-i.o bti,-.
hailer I was outerms of more intimate friendship dli uri L.cI-'i, ,-'i '* ri arr i' ,1 2, 7 .tr .2.1 ,e,
than with any other, until the day of his decease. 1 1lot .'. Tf'...n~toe-I- bairl.I, -ri., at t1'. qii.
have never sought at the American consutate any< N,,ilJ-i.tiu L..-r'.. .ii i.,.Ill. n'.li.'-.o- bales, nti 3i
information that would be likely to ditt-b the c. i, 1,, o I', ri-.
harmony of the two comrnnnities,or the subject Ii..'ui-t"juiilt.' i. .i'iin]-L. "i1') hl rit...L .,i, hl and
of which was i discussion bet ween Spain and the is very heavy.
United States, because I was aware that witn- L, ^s,. Ctiri i.n'a ,)c -re-Four .,;.-, of Ii",?l
out violation of consularregulations it could not be *i,,.-.!^' r, rht,' ,0(,,)t, r. e 121 7l.un frcT -,I,.tI.-
given me. and for as good a rersn,that I head better^Bc a .1' o a rf 3 7 u,.o innefro P.,"/ i 3rail,
souicof advice through the cauneis of tie Span- o1 i ch 1..a cent,r3,5 oi... b, ,'e.,cruom ent, 1,i.1n part'
iseh government for any matter that I thougut of .1, li r *'2o t"ire ir. .r.1 a Inrgc ,rt. :.L ori lumber in1
impoitance for the consideration of my countrymen tinc iir.ic. heirI. iin". b,'n,,.n hnrin. urrnerrci rfh,.
-your readers. Former stetrticalitema, or for ier.c rii nve ri-hueil, 1,jrid,0. reet sade" Bsapnfr 1.ii i
information of general inportance to the commer- a. 6 ri oi 51.v00 irrt :Eniro- it t$3, lnoiel, irti ,I
cimar Loe of the UnitedStates, I have never been *..o nud, -"*l *^ne-re "a^l. ir,- r,1 0 .* f .r'.' A,
dcni.d infonmatlon-while It was matter of duty to l,, .,, I1,. i,,, "" *,I*, -,,,I c ,,,,".,' ,r
phrmitoae; BdIaminformedbyseveralgentlermn i'" il',.h,., '. i, iiul -,n-',i
+ho have like interests to serve, th.ii it ha, .alvua .^^ I'm.'i r.1" i i .. n 1 ,;,
been cheerfualy accorded to them, when sought for. ,, i.ul 11. i. .i'i I,.1 -ii"" "iie0 bci r.],.,'.i ni
1 believe that my friend who acts in thI durlicale eenirti r. iti r0 *iiL. r.,n111 -oin to ,I, h.. lri.
capacityof "our own correspondent", ,ha made a l2riii. il, Mi.ce., and .,nccnr imr,.l. shook ,..,,,. ih,.e
mistake, anddoesnotalloerfortbeadvantageswhioh arri. ,' ..'t'u..,,l1i, lait. r.,i.J i..,-- 1 1, ., in..h. I i.,
thirty years of experience and famlarity wth Caban left :. iu. h, ,,,,Lii, eon,. i-- i ..... n,,..,,..L,,n h,,|.I
ailbirs glvesaas am sorry to remember, when :1..., ii. inn..h","t, i 4.n -i,,o .. ..1 ," .,*', i 1
compelled to observe the silver ornaments whith ii-,1. ,llnid, rin.) ct-1 ,,,$4: I,-.n',, h, '_' .,, ,,
more adorn the brow than filthe pocket-he has -.,, ,. ie n,l.o u,, fi,,n ,, 5u, ,,,',..,,,
tteadvantage of youth, and Iam glad of It. Asto -i, ,no .. i,.-I, t ,o 8. -. ri ..1 r.r er .11 f.r- r..' "
Montero, I took some interest in his caes at first at $40.
(not for publicatIon), thinklg it might prove a piriuGnt-T-ho came dulness mentioned ir ... r .....

eltglons Intsmgene-. populous churches have been removed from these NEWS BY TELEGRB APHo
SwuOloS. wards, and, in the meantime the population has in
In the Hedring Metnodist Episcopal Church, creased over thirty thousand and composed of such
Se san entirely different class that they most itpers. n Washington.
Seventeenth street, between First and Second ave- lively demand immediate and determined attention, TE SOULE AFAM--THA sruIso.
nues, Dr. Floy will preach this morning, at 10k from every intelligent christian and lover of the WASmsmSro, Nov. 18, 1854.
o'clock, and Rev. Alen Steele in the evening, at 7 free and blessed institutions of our country. The Union of this morning announces positively the
they have come, christian reader, from the EBro-. withdrawal of the Instructions prohibiting 'Mr. Soul&
o'clock, the second Of .peoerls or discourses t6 the loan pauker homes of death, from the prison house from passing through France, and presumes that the
yougo criminal, from the highways and by.wana, explanation of Louis Napoleon will prove satisfactory,
A sermon will be delivered by the Rev. Father where pride and power oppress and tramps upon p o Loui Napoleon will proe tisfator.
Smarus, S. J., of St. John's College, Foidham in them, regardless of God and of the rights of hau. The Mayors cf Washington and Georgetown have is-
mis S..< ,ofPtprl i. Jon oeg ,- Fdh m, inanity. They have come, in the providence of God, cue, pe-nelF r, atioin appointing thursday next asaday
St. Patrick's Cathedral, this morning, at 10.J o'clock, christian reader, to you, and now stand knocking at of IhankAgiving.
for the benefit of the Ladle,' Benevolent Society. your door, some with open mouths from starvation, mnn souT' CAROLInA AILOAD DI FIOULTY-THv
The Rev. J. W. Taggart, of the Sixteenth street some with bleeding hearts, from waiting through sw co" rOA m --m
hcwill delivered isoe many long sad yeas for this dawning of their RUN o0 1ELDi0, WITHERS & Co.
Baptist church, wi deliver the thrd discoarde be- hopes; and some with uplifted bludgeons, thinking, WAsHISNoNs, Nov. 18--5 P.M.
fore the Young People's Christian Associatioa of the in despair, perhaps, untruly, that they have but Henry A. Burr, of the offlic.d,-r.armeat, hist re-
Calvary Baptist church, Twenty-third stre:t, near Ohangedtheir countries, and that their miseries encitr turnedtoCharleston, (S.C.)hinating partially u ctoeeiladit
Fifthavenue. this evening, at 7 oeiork. cle them yet: and this Is the question that they put effecting arrangement ili lb.'EoutrI-innrm Rail-
Fifth avenue thi evening, at 7 o'clock, to youan wh ust as you answer it, so itil ffect orra t i or,, Rual.
The Sixlh avenue Refcrmed Dutch church, oppo- be realized, in bolessings or curses upon your roadCo.,forthetransportationofthegreatSouthernMaal
site Amity street, is uow open for Divine worship own person, or that of your children. it cannot ever their road.
every Sabbath, at 1 A. M., 1 P. M. aud 71 P+ M, be compromised, it cannot be evaded; but you Messrs. Selden, Withers & Co., the bankers of this
Preachri hb theasto r, A. e. 3 P. Mo and P.- must answer It, aid answer It now ; it is "will you city, continue to redeem theirnotes as fast as they are
Preaching by Ihe pastor, Re. Joseph MEicKee. Rev. take my outcast children and instruct them in the presented, and there appears to be no probability of
Dr. DeW VILL wil peach this evening, prinoples of your clvil and religious liberty?" If their failure.
3 ou w 1not, they must learn from my e Itam Aso thi aiue
Rev. Samuel H. Cox. D. D., of Owego, wlilde, Vonwillnot, they must learn from my to----- .
livr hesith lttoile btoe heYoug ie's trample upirn your Christian sabbiah to !gn-.,raroily Nestm Buenos Ayr".s
liver the sixth discourse before the Young H end's abuse your free institutions, to run riot in passions B iroxNor. 18, 185,.
Association of the South Dutch church, Fifth ave. and in acts, and make you know and feel, when to o h ar ti a e
nue corner of Twenty first street, tILis evening, at late for them, if not for you, that you, surrounded he bark Prescott arrived here this afternoon, and
7 o'loclk.c an I The w:rlptiral Doctrine of egener. with superior blessings to, all the world, did not brings Buenos Ayres dates of September 20.
aon as it s ing an a iteveougt appreciate nor act upon them, as a Christian or Gen. Urquia having recovered from his severe attack
nation as It wasinthe beginning, andu as i ever ought American citizen should have dine. of illness has resumed his Presidential functions over
to remain, the same fundamental truth of Chris- Think, christlan reader, If you dare for one no- the confederated provinces. His Mmister of Finance
tianity." ment to Pntertin such a thought, of the cities of has resigned
rIrAWONS i'Ulen, i.Stacuse, Detroit, Cleveland, or New Haven, signe.
J al r ik V rtlof AndO v T wr ith Its twentytwo churches, in all that moral The BuenosAyresPackde calls upon the authorities te
MT.H.J. Plrick, late of Andover Theological blackness of darkness that must exist were they prepare for an invasion from Urquriza, which it believes
Seminary, has received ard accepted a call to the without a church, and then you will have a tfue to be Impending. -
Trinitarian Ccngiegatlloal church and society in picture of the first ward of tte city of New York, The planof a national currency for the confederate
Bit dford 51 sa. The ordination services took place with but the exception of Trinity and one small i neslanomeetngthagreatyopositionfederould
mission station in a private d velliag, and holding provinces was meeting with great opposition and woul
on Thursday, Nov. 16. an average population exceeding either of the above probably be defeated.
Rev. S. N. Robinson, of TruxtCn, N. Y., has ac- pooU.ous cities. The Britiaih Consual at Bueuost Ayres had issued a cir-
cepted an invitation to labor in the Dutch Reformed mong thi desolate moving mass of benighted cular, declaring any British subject of that country who
Cungtet ion of Ciero, Onondaga county, humanity, are six thousand tre hundred hidr loaned money to the Emperorof Russia guilty of tre
and of these thousands, only three hundredO! canbe son.
Rev, L. A. Sawyer, of Backett's Harbor, s ac- found in all the sabbath schools. p
cfpttd an Invlitntion topreach inthe Congregational The Fourth ward contains a population of about Exchange on the United States two and a half per
church of Wesimorelanid,. N.Y. thirty thousand, and of Its seven thousand three cent premium; doubloons three hundred and thirty nina
Rev. D. H. Ktirgiley, formerly of Coilamr, N Y., hundred children, but one thousand three hundred to three hundred and forty-three.
has a(e-pted ihe mvtia'ien orf the charci of Pom- are in all its sabbath schools.
pey Centre, which he was the means of reviving The estimates of these wards are but a plain, if From New Brunswick.
rom an almost extinct state some ten years ago. not too favorable a showing of the condition of the GREAT DAMAOE FROM SEVERE STORMS--I LL A"
.HubbdBebe, ofStrridgeMass.,has Fifth, Sixth and Seventh. We pass that foul black BRIDGES SWEPT AWAY.
Rv.been called Bto Webe, of Haven. Sturridge, ss.,ha spot, the foul black spot of our country in the Bosrox, Nov. 18 1854.
Pro. Wn . Sott of Danvie, Ky. has bee xthward-the Five Points-believingit not neces We are in receipt of :3-- pr .-ri from Sr Jito, N B.
ldProt. Wm,.Sohntt, of Danville, Ky., has beenC, sr to stir that pool oq pollution. If the fact
alledtothe0.&.churchinwSin Frandiseo, Cal.,of whi hare herein written wl not move todut, They state that thestorm .rebe l3thani 14taio ,nt
which Rev. Albert Williams was late pastor, nothing, not even a messenger from the dead, wI did great damage invarioni. aartsior I liie piom. .. All
INSTALLATIONS. do it, but yet, even here hope dawns, the lantern of th erierai s3Di i rram overlduirri their banks anudde-
Rev. C. W. Burdge was Installed pastorof the love hangs out, and would to heaven that the fol- luged-.i.e low Lic.l; rhe re-r'.Ir from which the in-
-eebriiLu c hurch in Wiliasburg, 0.S., on the lowers of ancient theologians and modern phuloso habitants of St. John derived their water was so se-
.'- bi- Ft. eiuro n by Dr.Potts. e peTs, would. go and learn. aloeon of pure and on- ,.i ij, red thatr tA.,, iur.r.i. ir -itwas cutoff. The
The pTiblic recic~ntin of RHev. Josiahl Hattas Sdefld religion, so practical in tseftcts, and where
pasto u tiLe Bi.pta r Lb iuxb In Morristown N,. the halo of Heaven seems to shine so brightly tiat papermillofMessrs. Phelps, near it, was partly carried
ook place on ihe B tit instow, J. even ainntrastc.pand gaze with wonderaLrd suprie. away. On the Little River many mills and several
ofS tce orn ir 1 rM e.,was. The latter of these wards contains a populati n or bridges were swept away, and on other rivers great
The Rev. R. Allen,. r rl about forty thousand. and las many thousands cf quantities of timber, hay, &c., were washed down the
i.i-o dlrh'd pa r of th. :-rst Congregational church netltcted children out of the Sabbaths -icoois. streams. Travelling was suspended ...i,,-t.i ,i.e pron
5 arilthehad on the Mthinst. The agspcEgate if these seven wards in children isde
The installatIon of the Rev. David A. Wallace, as ift3T r ne thousand, of which. chratian reader, from vince, and the mails were all behind hand.
pastor of the East Boston Presbyterian Church, four to five thousand only ars in all theSiulobatli o th Cnda i .
took pl ning oftLe 15th inst. ol filty four thousand, more than ten limes the Bhpre QEBEC Nov. 18,1854.
Tthe ordinatin rof Hr. Henry M. Parsois. and his number now in the school's. last night the .i.h-riiivta:,m.,tneilr ynanianmouly vr'ted
istalation over the Fir't C) churahin Christian, immortal, American, is there not here ... i.rL,..iI.- i-. rhit. aiixasan.-i orph-ins
S-l..iuSaJld Ulass., tok pA.;e or. the 151h Lat. a matter of Inquiry for you? .- :1.., ie. ic, c-. ii, a,,e air.l- i.i'Ll-n ,n theranks of
R;v. H.B. Eli ,t..late of 4pringfieldl, Mas.. wa What will you do for these fifty-fourf thousand ti-le -i -.rmiP,,r- ,mvfallduringthecontiuance
s 'ctal dplir r N ngla Cs r ro neglected ones? Remember it, follower{of the ufo epreant war.
ibnirci., ihd p tsnrnlir s-'.aigland Cmuiegaton-tl denying Saviour, as you pass about theastreets of othepreseutwar.
'hurL. -a th %.b t-, 'ilbamrb-l or the these wards, and if this number were marshalled lie government purposes to alter the tariff, reducing
DEATiHS l TIp tilsu iTo nut uponour Broadway as they are uponthe b-oad- the duty on refined sugar to -i-v-- Ji..llr.a end cr.rtr cents,
DMi~ Beverly, On s ith ir P. v.S waiyie -i life elitht so.ld ia-perwusabeolnUmna could c ml ," rogari Is. 'Ie .ots ca b Jo" a fifty c-nti per cwt.;
CoDie, patoin Beverly, of atl chn., ti hisiev.S e I seen lnrgeeachside of tie a 't i trene Bi L nt. l t ee au ,
Cole, pastor of the ley t the ilmms or unLM nsuris, Ca|ri cm-st.1ninn i0i 1ito-tiopance t per.alr..]cw-isr i
Wc J, shu, T. 1lv-i. ,t...ptir ele.rgy sl no or redi't -. tda' l Iie' Ii n t;["Wt" r ilgsthe Ue cr n .r., iI i -... I'
l~ai,-or St osi-~pr c- c.ti coco a or ,ie -,, ].c.m~nic lunar ltm,~ ictnhi tien,-si. TA :nine wanderers
[A 6.O s51i.x',.pt, ri-, eztl Co.-IRL, Iali ,lo I Bank BRobbery at H rtfid
.06tinna.batIefflethe libhieSOAIsy With Luese I-rcurtie itC100d01 I-a IcLIckIIIIt! In i0 Yon to son0vI BIs R16ryat54.~
f."lu"e'tr.n the ar blenowIrly wiet ,ilelb t .ri .-- e of heme I wah tih, h. ard furlber-.aiiiber ibatyoi H-,, Non. i, li.4.
'lh In ho arme now arstlnd thn Lhlior..De of Ge,,. 1 eet,. rit i"ien,., ct.. I TheWindhamBank.atWindiham. aavrobie.drasinig'.t
siventbF 933e inouneeoef tars b.:ok." L bhile ttr. i Now that .,eu ,,,. hit, f1', your respnnsrbility of$22,000!$7.000ofwhichwasfispecie.andthebalance
g in,..e woiis. h ricob,,.1 up a il he 'eld a il.ln i t ,-. if Mae iter. were in bills of the bank Th, ro-bery wre.- effected b$
,, g T, .I.e it i)nish m,-d up ss it he d aIlt,,1-n )Lotu will hav. it, rieeat vt- i ,- o .el:e~e LittilOeusthebakar 0teevnig
Li 's%'tl .1u d,. rt.-i.J aud painted a moment. and t imesti ll reL ia- o__ e l I thnree.,n. whoentrdi ts baInk early i the eeing-.
.n a..g: -I hare dint,,'" sat en, n W lred.w I , i .L..C.L .
iLte'v seized witk a I>tal alia k lcl i,0ipley. Hayc "B rt e *.w f '. cir, dae to t Idlod ua"l.'t The wateh dog, to .r.nrt shmala. was first poioneipd, and
Lt" ysz Wpi. l'a Nv dil t o L. A fitiv-frr Ihunain l iodntmoritmaisr a' te c.-urt of wthen the cletk who ele.t-, in te bars.k ene-te-d i,.-iut
At Vap., e a.I. heaNve, Mas Blth a.cusr LmAets euu fa&et. na:e, and nine olcl,, l'ie r.:.beb,-tc gag.V-i adnr t..-.i, ansr, andl
dAged, cr rs charef tteirlr Io.t and ruln.d oidvi.,it ro your 'one f tem sorA o-r tim ,l thA r M1011r whilO th
NEW CHUR CHES. I;et0 UY0L.elIICr v- otemis .
The new chmuchin Nati, k. a., erected for the Laler;ttl e y tot. em h i? Has-. you toe mirea ot hf rc, s ,t c ar ir tr in s pimouts.u sie i-ed
tn'itt society, wasi didi,.aedC on tVdned.LV, Naiei0 Mous.lhiciit telga.; christiV a energyto inn ,-:i-. ng the s aof l -'e.nrrg thp I,,t
I h itb 't. Thesermon was prea :bed by the pa..tor. act tion it 10 day -Fro Boston'
iev. Elias Mason. Ifso. go g father in, o rommence to so 50, ten of
The Methodist church at BHakiogride. N. J. was il tle lit-l ones belonging to )our Qavihur, as he Ivsr T ON HE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY CieL-
.l]dicattd on Tnuisday, 16th iilt. Tno se rmon was lprocrnlmed them such wreu hesaid to c'Iose prent. LISION, ETC. -
preacLed by Bishop Janef. pr]cl "Ye have taken m 0onildron ead sia:rided j Booro, Nov. 18, 1854M.
Public recognition of a TLird Baptist church, late them unto idols, anrd I will require them at your The jury that.have been investigating thecircumn-
memnibrs cif theWilliam street caurrhb, in New lBid- hbads." stances of the collision on the Great Western Railway
I rd, Look place at the Centre chapel, on the A e say, will you go gather in and teachten of this near Chatham, Canada, by which many lives ware lost,
h,.th lust. 1 ito four thousand, the way ,rf lnes h have returned verdict that the accident was the result
The ew difce f th Fist aptst sciey, Tomeet. this emergency, at iesst four thousand
The new edifice of the First Baptista socetyI, n teachers are required, H lristian readerW! W l yiu be of a violation of the rules of the road. The jury also
on the 12th inst., which the pastor, Rev. Jic. one of this four thousand? Or areyuorand, we!you found J. Kettlewell, the engineer, and D. C. Twichell,
B rrouhs w isted by s the pastor, Rv.aJ C. b, now and when you meet this cafe in the pre- the conductor of the gravel train, guilty ofmauslaugh-
ab clrmen froadm sence of that God who values more one el..rt of ter, and the former was arrested and committed tojail,
T ersi h onCnrs ,self-denying love, than all the gifts of gems and bail being refused.
The new German Misslon, church on Congress old the united world could bring, one, of the more v v
street, Cincinnati, Mwas dedicated on the 12th inst. old the uted world would bring, one, ofthemore Tlihe evening train yesterday afternoon, from New York
stret, inc ws ddicaed n te 1th nst i~ one hundred thou sand idle men and wooen.
The Union Presbyterian church of Upper Mor i- who fold their hands upon the abbath day, and live for Boston, killed three oxen on the track in Brighton,
cauia was oi anized on the evening of the Sth, by a within one hour's walk of tois most destid late, under without damage to the train.
cmmiilteeof the Ihird Preebhteryof New York, te ci-rcu a.niCEs, of all ihe pliA es tbhat the ligh of Col. Sehouler, the editor of the Cininnati Gazette, who
consisting of twenty three members, heaven shines upon ? We leave tlnj matter with is now on a visit to this city, was last evening presented
A new Congregatitnal church was dedicated at you, andiWepray you, as you value happiness iII with a massive silver pitcher and goblet, by some of lila
A oxbo ga'. tilase..rn I be ha diiris.ed this tlfe or place your fahin in a glorious immorta-
boriMas I e ith tali y, tsat you do not pass this aitibjet by without peronal friends.
Atespe ialmeetinc-itin. C that due consideration whLich shall mnict wlt3O the Samuel Duna, an old and highly respected merchant
At a epecll meehiug (f, mir ClaJsis of Bergen, apio.ovalofyourmaktr %hetnyou shall mielt him o f Boston, died last night at his residence in Buldnobh
N J.,he I on thelllh ina.iii Jersey City, the pas! unr judge. street.
t.ral relation between the Rev. Williin i J.R. Tay-'" Jlr jue. t-
1( r and She Third Reformed Dulbch church was dis. Arrest of the Murderer of Harrison. From Cictlnuiatl.
snilved: and be was dismissed, to Join the Classis of A OF TE OHIO IV -TH WATE-T
Pliiladelphla, within whose bounds he has accepted OliverLee, the man charged with being the murderer FALLG THE OHO ES-THE WATE-T
a uall. Mr. Ta} lors services in his present church of Win. HesryHarrison. in the Williamsburg riot, was MONEY MA.ST,.
vll ol se to-oay, and he expects to assume the arrested at an early hour yesterday morning, at No. 600 Cncrssx.ti, Nov. 18I 1854.
charge o ha l new spliiereuf labor on the first Sab- Grand street, New York, where he has been secreted for a The Ohio river is quite low and still continues falling.
ba.thIn December. number of days. Leo was arrested by officers of the The weather here is very cold.
Re. CGforga Tu her has ben diamiesed from the Thirteenth ward, New York, they having read lthe ver- Money matters in this city continue to improve. Oold
T Zid Presbytery a.n New York to The New Haven diet of the jury in the HERALD in the morning. Accused has declined to two per cent premium. Easternex-
flisl AocianoC., and s to be hnstaed admitted having struck Harrison, but states that he had change is quoted at one aud half to two and a hall per
The e. Antoitte I.. Brown has resigned the also been assaulted. lie was locked up In the Thirteenth cent premium.
psutorml charge of th.le Orthodox Congregational So-. art station house. Hogs are firmer and are selling at $3 75 to $1.
______________________ rWe have no soles of provisions to report.
citty in South Butler, Wayne county, N. Y., with a IW.ater tm T urksIWall ao ntls.
view to the improvement of her health. Iter to Tr Iland.
Rev. Wrn. V. Wtlson has been dismissed from the By the arrival of the British brig Europa we have Destructive Flre-Lss a19 ,1000.
odhrch( in r br te Re dte from Turks Islands to November 3. The following WII CnIEDOX, Mass.. Nov. 18,1854M.
.j,cood chbrch (0. 8.) in Potemblurg, Va.: the Rev.
J. M Kikp,,trir:. f.,m the Poanatan church, Va.; are the only points of the news which art. important:- A fire occurred here last night which destroyed the
HiL. RyeV. J. D rtuU'ti CloO..vile, Va. There is on hand still a small quantity of salt, princi- pail factory, two dry houses filled with staves, and the
The tc',itirg .rc ihe alil.oi'tImenti of Bi,bop mally it SaltCay and Cockburn harbor. adjoining sheds and outhouses, belonging to Parks&
I,. Incj.l D iiffh.iL:- ,-lIr.-n>ty. Nuveniber li;,. con. There is no prospect at present, we unierotandl, of any Whitman, also destroying the pail factory of Jewett&
-.rati:a o l Chrinr ,. uric.i Lr-ckpllf-, 1t 5 & &I.; nore beirg gathered thcre tins reason Howes. theirsaw mill, dry houses, &c. Thelossisabout
I ki'1, t i.. i L ito r.t-U'ohurh,- hould the wea_ h -- 1r-, o--- ever, doing the winter $12,-000.
iuti:.e St Ni,,irsn:n. In,'m,l 3 1'. 51., Satnsdcv, Nuvefmi tnaosnths, prose fair. ihere would then he ic-,,',l,,L t. Dt raiCt pcifi faCsahn
ri-c IiJ.c,(n ,C.|tfsue, Of .St Jib~es church. Buffalo. ot eltaininig. eorly in tire coming year-, i. ril tarn ru nl fot th e Umelljm. tOm~t
Ii L .. 1tl : iuliday, .N',V,'e[ Inr hi. craft ruitiOn nat SI. i i Ln-ll
ll rr.M BSiriid a-.,.[.lt' A TtrlrKiilnda tl !,, ,,,,,T exmiieted, 22,050, h'ricc, Oc. Esport PmuintanrmtAn, NOv. 18, 1854.
i'|,t- ii thi'r"J, tn,0' an,,, eiil Buf.l; .Sd, N. IP. dui__._ _ __. A womana ared Bre'wer, at Masynnk, last evening,
n ,d3. NcomLm:: "., caLreicr;tlr,. at St JoUnna .tllrTh-a Irn Waliinifioii. waSibadlybuiretbythenupsett!ng ofacamphenelamp,
l irer.u. Bi.rlnlu, r i. ... |i ,, .1, -in ni; .1 th,' i,. l..-l.l,.n ,' ., ii i-i. lu i a lu died thi morning at nine o'eloek, after giving birthl
|.,v. l'a Cr sU( -A urletiur or the parish of I, s.|.titc,,, ,.. I'"'i, at ieoocieec toa child, whieh ato dieS.
,.t shurth. arii,:,rd, was c,.ld at the chapel, 1i, i it* t t,t.t, i i,,| t\ 5vc l l ,iii.iii t,,. rims ------------
s ir,, ay tVtbrng. NOn. Jir. 1i5. Denlson Mor- .,nre,U innlcu,. ;,iurni an 'm IL, t i..'' r.tit ne', Speuisron of4George PupesIek Co.
'n" l' q..wias cLtu.-n(bc, nba'm ,i ,,iou .l,i,..i,lr,,n ,, ilni.c',,-e .- 11in, 1.1 inn-mt u3 M3IwAmii NOv. 18, 184.
Ihe Iullcar{:,g comnajurnicution from the Rector ,, ,..,1,1, n..i i..ur,.i,i bit I,',.r.a,nnlh,'.,l^.th,,t..i y g, papendick & Co, bankers of this eity hare
t',ne Wa it-hs nd ',etrS, uml by that body re- in.,,ti:i,.,i,-r.. ,oT n ,,in .0 ,, .,mi,'. h.,. |.r,,r'e- o p 'tedc ohneso hsct a-
i,. r atd ns met-ring eot lit pmrish, wasread :- ti. i. iiciiii .lan,-"^ ',, in a '.,iih.inon b-.',,e,. nit- suspendled payment, but their hbilmure still taken at alt
Aair OsRO, NOvS.I. 16.1-. im, ,i nine ins.. c.,intr. -, nir iceat 1"I .. :u.0 our city baunks.
T'a -i-ic W&R.|"," \Ter ,''raiJtyt uPr Cnsglr- Car'st u., n i ii ,i5.i ,,hng tealr,| .1 ',t.l. rico .ne c.rue-i
Tl.sI r~i)+' :- V ,, r> f- nin i cri,, In tirir tic"u h m.iou.chn i. it a b-in. r Preet at the South,
. AterTL '1-[nt--Altr atut a iLd careful consiJer- ii,,5Cr. timmI- .-' Itr the ieW r ,. i.\, mi- NswOirOr, Nv. IT, 18M.
stilon. b:Ive fteLt n.ise f tonistn.snned to ainrcp! the I r,,,r,-,,. 'I1,-If,,.ieh ,-,..,,l. an ,,rder to prevent the The weather here is quite frosty. We may ooase
ome f rfBlarioiB ina roe [Lmo p-l Rhode island. and ,', ....i *'-.hmacna b il ticans, has suggested mentlhy -moon expect to be entlreiy fre frt'm yellow fever. I must r e-w r.igb tLin. Rti:;rehtp cf the i,,, enr itii no' ri, tfinler, [nwu,., willbceomie a semib ------------
(!.i h' t ii..l I ut,.'V mu ias eme with so milchb ,.l-...- i..-in ,IBI.. vl, Hay ten.e empire, reservtog to Sirtt.
,,. Ith tnr i ta-t yerw es. but an i--., ,--- ,,-n. ,ir ., ,Inrulern anui thie management -S-17O.:>.v. IT, 18M.
0 ins tiln tci. 1ii nrdetO iii~l I-o n~ ..i',I cl ,.r., u.I mo're eisp|-ciahly or" i c-i 1....
o,.ti..,.eiih. ..I.t-.. lii Iti t or I uco l ,tat merg to r; .. ,n,'l,,.. '- me I-.bnher chie bone of -us- rn ,. Ills -d alesof cotou to-d tl, i. p., n p" -i.. r.ot, vsi ihot-ll-gIt ,,, ,,,h ,n, ir,,.,,,,.jwcstru endslIf theliioland if tortbe patweethevfootupi,0W bttte, Midteghe
qt,"td'tl tt,,-,c,. ocferst emwhicnthst rm lmnli',n-c .'i"'d.'U'.ti'-i" :i ., lti h.,;h thiebudt h lam ore thyfo i.3,0 aeMdln
to t0 r am. t Ws hte mn, ,I. n ir, nc ,,r i, n-a cIii i,.--," ,i in Ioint quoted at 8ic. Cotton freght. to Liverpoq are at %d.
5.,, Ldi, tinr om.,. ,.I towards me, ard msy nua ri h l iii~i',J -iI.- ,tni ',ill bring to a. relirlr Mesi pork has advanced to $8 ler bbl., endholder atr
S|IDn, rfl-, .tt l! .il tlis pintpie, residro this a close II. ei,: ien ni" ',Ir ir.l 'li Ca?.uisau ini liiri, now asking $19 Flourl. I, lh.g i. 7 "
ft'ier h1 ilniP, tmlmi, itee ,, ,,r- 'clr b nr inni i. m1it a- r end. Bt'i, ii) N.' 1,-fr A 11
Mb. CJ, Ir, He po,,.i.-. -.1,vlt e for this church .- * ,'' ,t- .,f ,",,, ,'".h 1,1,1i-,,tn.t., ra,'.
a 1,u-t'r w'ao] r,c ruo.rr 'imlitill tbanI have Court of Genernal Sesilonj0 ,r mi.- i-a. lner i.ll1 ,',to,- c .*- ,",11 kL...u, i..i.
ht Uhd u ,\ i a.l siritual bl.ssingsin Ii f. t..,. lti.,. nu ,tO,.,In-,i-tori. n tacm.h-,in sri,. n tl.,',,hi..
C reft ,te.nnt bOo. 17 --.1' Iscl:n t/,i', ,. i, n uht, r 'l er, a Gecmoan, li-ar- tin ri] s,.s-rrat sr -rie. it.-t,.n i t,,,,-,, +,
If igme.abt so o ILn pa. cih. I shall hebhaso y to '.' t i,, i. ,, -,t.,. I. rl. h ,,. . 'c" sr|,T' .- 'Ic iw i'sJi lati --\\'is.o . in tn.0
f L inJ ert m.' stniics'.*, hli church u lltit Later of .,,,i, ,', i '. .,. l, ,i .r stn'-.t|, .u in .ni ltrt, J .InI '* a ,1.iu "' l f r.'., .N. ,,.1..-,nr
'.Ii.] l ."" ma ln..- n. h ri,-lii" Ll' nl. mrn,]n1 hiii ''[[ rhis,. l'5 Ci n er'lUairi.L s P ll ulder- -nn-InJ sc.''-nl.
S iam a i-c ci. tint ?in. ir the nic'anti'.ae. i-'me one .,,,'1,,. ,1 1,i,. 1 ,..r. lr[r. -"ir .il h ii.] ilu rc'u ii *l '
l l l 1 l s1i9 it, tit "be 'i n'lO S O i l ,e t~c olu ri na p .In hii i .- n i rl i .- d, i. i. l i.-r. I i.i. en. of i menJ l L oi;c .t nn*,[ 1 1.110 ,il naiiit s I n. u-,. l .. ii t .

NOTICES OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. as warmly as e;er, and said, 'If yonu come to acommiend something better still than money. I "NeO
upbraid, you are too late; to-morrOw,, long before have already written to Mordaunt on the subject, into the
t9is hour, Savereni will be my wife.'.. and I trust he Will agree with me in what I advised. towards
T n op. Lm-ong Brotlrs.-Ths 1 "Then y were present at their marriagel I" Indeed, I wrote at teanxious andearnest solicita- lastcoli
cred ,, y-es, I md r er thion of Combos himself. Mordaunt should take him But a
-eah effort of Lady Scott's penashows a considerable yes, I made a point of it; I saw him give him- back-there Is noplan half so safe. Whilst Mor. came bI
Improvement upon her last production. The plot is self to the most beautiful gbrl-savTing your presence, daunt and his wife are his master and mistress, he whose f
ore artistically constructed, the dialogue Is more gentle ladles-that ever SUnan ahon npon." will serve them faithfully, and consider everyslight- fedt
pointed artnd vivaciyoustrcted, and the deliatlogues moef Oh Lord aArlington I" exclaimed Gertrude, who Ing word against them as one agalBst himself. Mis xt
pintedandvvaoua, and the delnatios of ca- now been quite silent," do notjoke on such a bright Idea ofyonrs that heehould not be at large. she was
raoter are more carefully studied and life-like than a subject; your words themselves should be full of I hope Mordaun will think with us." she had
the Insipid and vapid creations. composing the ele- tears, as our eyes have been ever since the tews The bight Idea a pears to have been yours, land, a
readv d ao o o g e- ahed us '" Felix, not mine. You have come to us like a true her aidE
reached us O h fI"l~ ~ ~ ew LPyn her aide
ments of the Henpecked Husband." It,.however, ,But I hope before I leave you, to make you friend, in a season of sorrow. You have seen us restoral
belongs to a class of produ.tluons which, whatever more reconciled to his fate; believe me when I tell humbled, but we had rather have been so before you until abh
maybe their currency in EogiLah circles, are at pre- you that when you see your new sister, you will find than ay other living being. We shll always be lyingse
Bent hardly lculated to attain much popar t difficult to discover a fault in her, as far as her grateful to you; and ali implore is, cling to us eyelids
Banst hardly rad Teoflngiesh lh- mf aa"appearance goes./ I give you my word that she is still-do not desert Mordaunt even now. What our coming
amongst American readers. Tales Of Bngi"s1fal' beautiful." plans regarding him are to be, of course we ardly Oh,i
lanahble lif had at one timq a certain sort ofattrac- ",.Impeossible I" cried Lady Alexander, "younever Snow at present-we must wait forho n~ttter-- mind gr
tion for vulgar minds here; but our own follies and can have seen Mr. Anstrnther's atrocious assistant, but, now that you are here, stay with us." was not
Vic, are so fast outstripping those of European so- or you would not try and make us believe that any If to the thatshe
reature related to him, can be even bearable." to the haughty and proud the consequences of her fira
dety, that their familiarity ha i bred contempt for Well, but what will you say when I tell you that ill assorted marriages are sometimes pregnant with 'Isi
fictions of this character. The domestic novel,wlth you have tnaly seen her 1-I mean, that Miss disagreeable fruits, to what a sacrifice of the natu- Then
its portraiture of homely scenes and homely virtus Eveleyn certainly has seen her and spoken to her ral affections, and to what bitter remorse and an. selfrep
its p1gb moral purpose and its encouraging influence too-Lady Gore has aisoc seen 9er, and now I expwils
sobmoralprposandItse cou r ginginflasene e where; do you recollect goingtothe Dualwi guish do they occasionally lead amongst thosewho which
pon the better instincts of oar nature, has deserved- Gallery one summer's day 1" ate honored by the capriaous choice of the scions her mi
ly displaced them in popular estimation. Besides, "Perfectly I you were of our party." of ariitocracy! He.e is a sorrowful pendant to the though
the former are, after all, but exotic, and unless sDo you remember a young artist copying one of etch just quoted- Next
stamped by genius of a very high order, have but the pictures with whom you, Miss Evelyn, opened known
the Cte s with woy And tow the dinner had passed with 1clat, and called a for h h
little chance when placed in competition with the "I recololect her distinctly. What do you mean?" the ladies were prearing for theball. Thecarnages him so
many well-written works of action which are "Thatthatyoungartist was Saverell .... Will not stood waiting In the streets, an I servants filled the after a
daiyrisaeing from our own press, and which, i offend your ears by herunpleasant maiden name.... ball, as the gentlemen came out of the dining room grief, b
but that was the preseat Mrs. Mdrdannt EveleynP'" on their way up stairs. Mordaunt was amongst the giing a
that be any test of their merit, are -pirateI There was a long pause. The sisters were try- last, and as his foot was on the first step of the peared
as aon as they appear by the Engliasb pub- into recal the features of one nuow become AA Bt1bs, Cobeaathis elb3w, whispered in his ear,- at their
ilsam. Notwithstanding all this, Lady Scott's object of such deep interest to them: and Lord Ar- "Sir, can I speakto you one moment?-that little till dayl
B owillp sanite fl a t a La o ington was watching toe effect of his narrative, boy-the little blue coat, boy, sir--hs been at the tains, 0
bok'will possess an interestfor a certain clas I or He had come down toHeron,fullyhopingto".bring dour for the last hour." r ys of
reer--a limited one, it is true-which may com- healing on his wings;" and he began by trying to "Devil take lhem I" cried Mordaunt, heated, hur- Saverel
pabiale for the cost of reprinting it. It has a good reconcile the Eveleyus to the ne wand obnoxlous ed,xlledrind forgetting e ontrelythe visiterof a if in
cea c lierrydas aoutIt ad i remember of their family. -the moirrleg and his errands whatt do. they want which
oealot literary dash about It, and is evidently the ?oreof their f amily.
evide~.ntoo~s~o ."Well, now goon," said Lady Gore, in a resigned" Low 7" Thro
pruction of % person who poessess the oonfhdenca voice. "I think I just recollect her, baut it does not *"Mrs.Muggridge, ir;is exceedlnglyill. Ihave ad lie
of scial success in the circles in which she is oac much signify. Oily tell us what' came uext." lad the greater T difficulty inkeeping the little boy thIough
costoume to move. Thic nxl account for the sac. "The marriage came next, at Hapeed C rcht
ietomove.his sill adcoutfoth ea. After that, they drove quietly away, on their road I e wants to see Mrs. Eveleyn, tir.' wards t
cebsfulranwhieh.isaid toihvehadinEaglan.. to Folkesne; and imagine, miy ae Then he can't see har tell him so! fo--h
The toilowing amusinDgly pocriays the effect pro- abroad." o oIbave, ste;but he wot stlr. He's drenced knewil
duced by the mesalince of one its members o "And ust picture yourself our feeling eja' to the si ad says he cannogo home without delari
culated Lady Alexander, with a sudden mpu d seese, Va.Ui be. du, L ]dt got I
the itilinge ariatocratioEaglgoah famlly:- 1t1~le%% h O onfollud her and the boy toolt-admtI p Blll
to c i "what our feelings will be *hen the marriage is an- a h tobe puT- ball ire
To aftmpt to describee the ou sternation of the nounced in the papers lIassure yn I look forward Iued about my own huseIn this hmanler? Tell him "Hol
Evile n ilamily,about a foright after the abrupt to that withperfect horror." if hb does rot go, mesureashall he takento mlie Saver
dearianreor Mordaunil, vTin a left arrive I front "See It then at once, and acustom yourself to the h'm. It is outor the question,--utterly impossible, pear w]
him, announcing-not hJs erntangiemeat-uo B s eight," said Lord Arlington, "forI havebrought that Mirs. Eveleyn can goto Hampstead attach Mordan
intentioDs-noteven his eog.igement--but:a tut' V ou downa paperon purpose. I wrote the adver- a timeof Light as this-ay so, Coibes, and s8 tha' st
hisamarriage, would be impsiole. No words could tisement myself, for fear of accidents, and made it as she stall come the first thing in the morning. Nov days, a
deeibe the dismay and gnuineg.ief which a-emed simpleand as unpresuming as possible. It is here go,andremembe-if you admit that boyinto the some a
to fall like an avalanche on every member of the ,"andhe read as folows:- house, itisasgood as your place is worth." left Ma
ones united group, and the immediate effect of the At St. Church,6onthe 27th instant, M. Eve- Coinmbes knew it was, yet still he felt compunoc- "Tel
shetk on Mr. Eveleyn was. a slight pailylic seizure, leyn, Esq., to Saverell-Anne, only daughter of hos. tious" as he called it. He felt sympathy for that through
plungi ,g the family still mote deeply, if poasiole. Muggridge, Esq" little bearheaded boy, waiting attendance at the gratefu
into confusion and affli. to. I "You oateerve. Lady Alexander, that I have put great man's door for a glance of his own sister, and uqistl
Whilst one messooger was despathsd to town for to Chlrratian name to Mordaunt's patronymi,, as I a dying mother at home, and so .... he had given inr. i
a physician, another brought Mr. Anstruther to the thought the less attention attracted towards it the him an umbrella !-for the bl'y was apparent de- the
house of secret mourinit, and after he had taken better." termiLned not to go, though wet through and through be the
the best steps he could until the arrival or a superior i From the presence of the sisters, Lord Arligton by the rain which descended ia torrents, coming
In skill, he accepted the o.thr 0ofLady Gore to make w as very soon summoned to that of Mr. Eveleyn, In the drawing-room, amongst the grand and gay quenqe
one at their silent ad uncomfortable dinner table. nand here the Interview was still more painful, guests, Mordaunt Eveleyn banished the disagreea- be cornr
eeting at a glance that soetiinIg very unusual ha Though prepared at every point to meet great dif- e phantom from is laain, and accepted the use y w
occurred thus to disturb the equanimity of people ficulties, as far as forgiveness for Mordant went, of the Duchess's carriage to take himself and Lord fying w
whom he had never before known agitated by pas"- he was not prepared to* see the old man brought Alexander tc Lady Gore's as avant couriers, with press o
Ing events, the old doctor thought e was doing a down so low. It showed him how exceeding must his usual courteous ease. Savertll had not yet de- Americ
charitable deed when he led the conversation with i have been the pride that, once struck, could so camn- acededfrom her room were she was adding to of his
unwanted brilliancy; and in order to amb e hi trar- pletely have te prostrated its possessor. her toilet, ht she was to folow in the next carriage.
ful bearers as much as he could, he made the sub- Of hoorse, there was ot a word uttered by Lord Lord Arlin ton was detained by the loss of hishat, its unr
ject of his discourse his new aatuanit. Arlingtin tbatl did a t deeply interest the parents; and ws still searching for it in the hall, when an embody
The very etrangest, wilder t fellow that ever took ba t their greatest anxiety appeared to be to learn airy vision lightly desnded and said, "Her- and eve
to pestle and morrarl-fllcf practical joke4 hat tihe character of the people who had thus '-entrap- dauntt? observe
Really make me shake in my shoes, and with DO ped" Mvidau'ir. 1 It is I," he answered.
uore Idea as'to how to manage a sick patient than I i -That is ide very word I knew you would natur- "We ohere is Mrdaunt, my lord career.
should have were I called in to attend a dying par- ally use," paid Lord Arlington; "but when I have Just goe with Alexander Aylmer"'o Cbhevali
rot', He is very young, though, and T don't wisa to told yon all,you will, I am Bnre, in common justice, "Goue ? f ud gracions! and he has one ofimy all elae
judge him eiter harsm hly or hatouL, he certainly I', recl fit. Moirduiit ras not entrapped. rbe deed ubreact Lt in hid pucket! a bracelet I cannot dh with- which]
never has been my fate to have dealings with anoy was entirely his own. He ard no counsellor, and be iount!"
huoean being so ntterly igoralt of all the cmmoneSt acted in veheme.t deflanc of the ladj's iatb'r, 1 anigngnyielf thi moment-I will getthe excltlr
nages of society." Wro, from the mr-terjt he suspected wnt was going bracelet ad meet 3ou adt the dmlor with it" chiract
How little did the garrulous and worthy doctor on, offered the mcL t strenuous opposition to ihe And as hI, said the wor-, the street door Was most dil
think that every word he uttered was a "two edged mat :h." opened Ior him and his carnage loudly called. Far f
sword' in the breast of those who listened ith such. I[t was now Mrs. Eveleyn's turn to be indignant. abaoi thLe cry lor tue carriage, a tiny piping voice flsncit
sorrow struck faces to hi gonsip! -ho w little conid Could any vuihe be found pre.umptions enough to atthat inslut erxalted is, It, and Saverell on the others,
hedreamtthatthe creature on whose vagarite he hraieobectiostoamatbchwitht.erson? Lord Ar aistil lured to eee from whence it proceeded. At oldLoU
had been dilating was at that very moment Mor- gonmustLejokl-.g. the duor stood Loid Ailt.-gton still, but clinging to W
daunt Evelyn's brother-in law. '-On the cutruary, iMrs. Eveleqn, I have had more his cloak was a oimiLautivte iguie in an imploring eea
That night not abed in Heron Conrtwas tenanted trouble with him tnau you can Lmagine. He was i attitude, vocif, rously to make himself with t
The household were all sitting upfor the L,)nd-n a state bordering on distraction when I first seaw heard,ard throwing the whole hadilfull of wondering somuch
doctor, and the mother a dd her daughters were him, and I Ie-it him Inconsolable. Remember tiat, domestics ito coiluAion. someli
keepng a sad watch by the side of their invalid. thoub Mordasut hias contracted an objectionable Eaveisll had turned-and not a second had sm_
Lod Alexander Aylmer arrived in the course of aiance you have still your son, while this poor elapsed before she had flown down the last flight of learn s
theevening, having been sent for by telsgraphic man has lost his caugater as completely as though stiias, an. sloc-d In the col I drafty passage, clasp- ing wh:
message, and Sir Alan Gore was gone up to town ti death had taken htr-and he ft lit." Il in her arms thb drenched little objectwhose occasion
Bee what tidings he could learn of hi; unfortunate I caotisee it," aid Mr, EveleyD; "we have eiw legl ahd rm tforituraielv shone out of the j
breoerain-law. I ca logs seed ni. a sadtunatl Eeied yogu owlfas the
M.Ebrother..y r-awae sucntlyt equally st our sov. At 'his momnt it seemsI) bu ruur oig d.i knes, anr served to gaide her as to juggler
Meanwhile Mr. Evelyn ralledsuicletly to spe.ik e erlecly impo',ible that I can ev.r i-ceire hin their iden Ily. wily of
of what had happened, and bis *tate of angunih i oa, unless uxaacooamaued by thi- woman. ,ib .vei-r, II, Tverell I" cried the little b.i'; icId, fI
'leg Bigi oWi4i-~~ IF btei but:. hELL, la!.g I am Ea wet =ad a"l hawds.
cumetanssore e, mysggrI 3-rSn .n. i .. .... bleto" L I I b vo tri nd nredto gist O Jou. and ondG
ferting, and how they sbtold ever break the huof- S tavereil ideths of allagt, y'kould Itme. and now don't tant me asa de Fluo
ssa news to the sstabuinsniet was an adlitional ,hdrd.hke ceature.'this womann" IrmoiLEcid .!" L'ess so
pan eer pa "I trust Lou will think this over again," was, To'l ou away, my darling cried Saverell, in have u
Snaorpnanperplexity..a r I iacaon -wh
-Ou .ceo .aina. .... h however, al? he said, lour I assure yeo there Is P npsin n i and b. wd, rent who gi,'l
To bedspisedby3our superiors is bad enonh, .omethingin h young gir's appetratce moe win ove turd )ou aay (ron ihis door ? tdoaier dying ? to0 s
but,, to be brought low in thesightofyo~rmefriars38? laIIbokp
uta Infintely orgmh An the sight .of too, wro ning and attractive tlan I can express. She is one What co*u mean ? weat has happened? whti u be~k
ih nfinitely woire. And the Evelyns, too, w s h b, with the Aingle eception of ter unfoeituate it ail about?" sclili p
ad o time immemoi held their heads o high!elog to aay sa"tia, Aid almost stupefied with the iodfen sho-k, ltmyl
-tobe dragged from their altitude by one so re-mightbe
apeed and bloved as Mordatin had hithertobe however high; but will yu let me talk to you now L- d Ailingtcn ltd herhastily it,) thedlnlcg ro.,m. to be:
"How we are ver to look u a, do't of her parents? Shall Ilie kind or cruel if I pure out of sight of the startlDg domestics, and there in d al
How ce a eer.. itolkn agony oI n' f I the subject for a few minutes longer-just t) tllyou mu deh.r drink a gleas oa wine, wrhilst her little person
know," ored Wy Alexander. in an agony or Hr btIbvIibolefallo iholjs sLtC
.annd ation, "a unless, indeed, .we gowhat of have thought It best to do, for the advantage b:other, ramblig with cold just as violently as she hot c(
it has blown ever. i ee, we goemain in England we of pati s?" did fz om agitation. detaledall that wespassingin hbate th
itireaddeied tome. Comes, in the meawume, e glOitiow
can nevernotice hi wife. We must either give up .I Trese words were spoken in a whisper t.o Mr. nottiger eaddeedog his master's presence orhis We thOsitio
*- n country or our brother." Eveleen. The sorrow-struck father could bear but no loter dreding his masters presence or his We ald
"I consider the latter alternative by far the most little at a time, and as sleep seemed creeping over ager,rought the child a tumbler of ot wine and of thei
aieable," said Lord Alexan er; I don't see wy his eyelids, Lord Arilington passed with his cam- water, and locked the door upon all hace of in- erratic
we should sufir for Mordaunt's sins. I suppose pauion into an adjoining apartment. But how can I sit here listening?" APcried Saver
your father will cut him off, and there's an end "Tell me," said Mrs. Eveln; "when my husband el, dashing away the tears wnih were blinding her logueo
of it." is better I can repeat it to him. What ave on sight,-"all this Icould hear as we go towards of 2421
"Never; papa would never cut of Mordanut, done, or rather what was there tio do-has h r ampstead, for, of course, I mutt o instantly than 8,
evenifhehadtllhe power, whibl.hhe has not. Mor--nI ...ny. from his frihtfl ositioan ?" Howshall I go? what shall I do? act for-te,Felix, ofwhco
like~fo all thei inany.-o wayer fro hs rigtfl osiio
daunt must have his share of the money like all the He cannot be extricated exactly, but what i am for my ralbin reelslI-oh Motheri mother authors
restofus, andasto Heron Court, that, of course, deirous of doing is, to make it ser in the es of dadltothink that poor father came for meat ahor
he must come into." the wrldin heatossile twelve o'clock to-day, and Mordaunt nevertold a"feas'
The daughterof a lodging house keeper mistress orld tebest possiblght. Youareof me!-cruel!-oruel!-cruel! how have I passed inches
of Heron Court I" said Grace. course, aware that the father of whatmay I the inteivening hours? In heartlesagayety, and Shakes]
"We must give the man some other profession "al her, MsMordat E' Ms the my mother ylig on her death-bed !-Felix, I shall Among
thag that," pursued Lady Alexander; during the "Call her Mrs't Mordehunt Eveleyn," was the e o hre is one,
tima that the subject occupies the attention of the ha qt reply "since she has a right to the name." gomaIacfome"
wor!dw e must makeh the bet of t twhenti Alan s father of Mrs. Mordat Evelyn is he Lord Arlington saw the urgent necessity for her type ye
oldwe must make the best.s of it; when Ahan a- sui-" .- Imediately starting to Hampatead, bat at the same duction
comes back,we shall hear more; till then, we can ownarof sa thus of wourseh whn eorle b time, he did not lose sight ofthe expediency of con- catalog
ti, nothing but deplore Mordaunt's conduct, and the of- apartmkent; thus, of cour sewen upoop n begin
tok irm altsuponsiteductinig it all so quietly that those giddy, thLought- On5sC
only thing that I bitter regret is the absence of Iteof e inqthtrnese r, sei eto
Lord Arlington! Nw that e mischief Is done, I gin-o per, or something equally staibs, should not be abi to carry the storyto Lady wider
that Felix usedto giveme! and I tonk 1a0eteegfordtntturfdlhdrk.
can re all fty hints of Mordaunt's changed habits, e u on u i Gore's ballroom, and there detaclit for the amuse- fixed st
veleyn I .... Eo Ibetbought meof suggesting to-roadteeealtf hemu..ixdt
that Felix nsed to give me l and I to k no heed, for a M-.'MugEvleyn ri th,t he behougd t ma ta ingg thiu meant of idle ears. He wished, too, so to arrange highest
1had such oonfdenue i his self-esteem Io-ouGraoe. treturn..t.o th that Mordaunt.sabould not be able to reproach him common;
we have a great deal to reproach ourselv with! I house or aome time--rhps not at all-bt thbat whenhe heard what happended, so, swvlftaslight,
If we had but meddled more in his affisirs, he should remain at Hamptead, and let it be sup- he called up his own canrriage-or rather, cab. The F
degradation might have been spared us." poed that that is his realaod t h truth" sa Go home," said he,*" and come back with the
The next morning, by the earliest train, the doc- The wrld willsoon ferret out tetrth aid brougham. When Lady Heron's carriage is calle d,
.welikuown and welcome face appeared over ha r tw dh lwr ol-b "You must change your dress," said ha. Y society
h.ou e not the world you live In, Mrs. Eveleyn. I have a "s
"Ohe ix- I",cried all the a beh, good story cut and dried ready for itm---a fact con- "
necedwis M. Mggidg'sbirhwit wich pr-my mother dying ?--Comre with me, Felix."
,,hw ta bt t* -hat.... a nectedwt r ugig twt hcpr I cannot--I may follow, perhaps, but I must large ut
,, ..... you, u-," a oe hens von, are not yet,,aqane .... lihe is an y to exnlainuto Mordaunt and Lady Heron. But many
haveyou rrived I" ileSgimate son .. .... do a I S ralt-yo ad f
An usual, Lord Arlington knew everything. The Goo heaens I"w ejaculatedaMrs.Evee, y h donSt be alarmed, Saverell-hyou aregoing in Lady filled tS
moment he found himself alone with the family, be o S^ luo o o ..non o t, Heron's carriage- she willhave mine In exchange- At he
sat down surrounded by them, and answered their said.nothing but h almosAine a goa, and t I will settle it -al-God bless you I" and he rolled
eager questions with true and friendly warmth. He clasped herhadsove . bs action was her in all the cloaks he could find, and shut her Into haY ga'
was ,tran' ers "red n hycugt more expressive than words.
n "... But the son of a peer-an Irxih peer- the brougham with her ittle brother, both more The I
bim accordingly. LodKlaah"de~ad than alive. of thees
"Did you know of it ? did you ever suspect it ? Lors."pexr He then returned to the draing-room. How vain exrto
had you an idea? and why di you never put us on ge ed up quickly, withaexpres and stizketug seemed all the -glitter and show t hisex
-our guard?" were questions that feli fromtheir lips "It makes it better.'" she' exelaipre; "yes it grieved heart! He drew Lady Heron salle and The(
in rapid succession, and bts narration in reply was fl k i baet~ter; r quietly told her. He said she must either detain The
like balm to their blistered hearts. n really dcesmakesIt better; you give me new life, her guests or get rid of them, and say she was not hie cur
"1 knew nothing dangerous until.he other day, Felix." quite ready. At anl events, she must wait till his Lort cal
buln have long had my fears that the fassinations Lord Arlington smiled. How plainly in those carriage returned, so that the people might not dis- s'ltutio
of the daughter would soon divert Mordaant's inter- words spike Mordannt's mother-it was Mordaunt's cover the errand on which her own had been sent in its st
eat from-the father, and attract it towards herself; own sentiment, breathed long before ha ever guessed away, aid she mu't take him to Lady Gore's with vocatio'
I have warned him over and over again, and I even that he should arive at this termination, her. feriig
went ao far, when I found that Sir Alan had unoon- "It certainly makes it better," she continued; About the time that their fret were asceudingjthe our abl]
*soialy and un~ntentionally dri-ven him into the ".but give me the peerage, for I never even heard flontr decked staircase of the houSe of rejoiingk, bean d
lions mouth, as to advise him to be ans verable for the title--" Saveretll's, satin-clad, were darting a.-ross the damp done T
year's rent, and withdraw before it was too late. "He.llves, and has lived all his life, in the wild, garden in front of the house of mourning; but no have es
Whenever I spoke these cautions, he either laughed of Ireland. Mrs. Mordaunt Eveleyn is his grand- sooner had she entered it, than her heart failed her ef time
at my fears or became annoyed, and so after a time daughter--and this is what I propose carefully -the silencestruck a deadly chill ever her, and she ,,f tbeir
*I eaned from troubling him ; thus you see there whispering about."" sat down on the narrow wooden flight which led up tt-rcit
aine an Interregnum, and my own affairs took mn "toh n right; we can do nothing better, though to the terocms. themti
swap into the weat of Eng'.and,where I slumbered vary bad lathe best. But I see by tbi peerage that "If she should be goneI" she gasped, "If I the ace
in total ignorance -of all that was going oum the LordKavanaghhashedlegitmatoechlmdren-liehas should be too late!I-go up, darling, and tell poor cirbumi
world, until al of a sudden who should drop down had a daughter .... died an infant,you see . father I am here." poor of
upon me but Combes, Mordaunt's valet, and he told and a son, died 18- .... that is seventeen years The next moment, in silence, she was in his arms. agiidon
ine that he was discharged." ago .... How old i Mrs. Mordaunt Eveleyn 7" "Am I too late ?" afflictec
"Combes, Combes dicharged !" exalalmed Lady "About that age, I should say-or she may be NO; we think she has not drawn the last breath gicns l
S(oe; why, he was Mordaunl's right hand I" older." yet." been in
"dOombes was discharged wiltn a fnll quarter's "Is there no hope of being able to prove that the The words had no sooner left her father's lips of. son]
wages at a day's notice; and so singular, so liberal, Earl was legally married to her grandmother ?" than she was up the stairs like lighiniog, and in tha their tt

and so unexpected an arrangement surprised him "Not the faintest. She wasthe laundry-maid, chamber of death; then down on her kee bytne made I
to that degree that he left no stone unturned until and died in giving birth to Mrs. Mordaunt's father. bedside, shlnieking her mother's name on that ear, pweR
he discovered enough to alarm him as to Mordaunt's Had she lived, Lord Kavunagh would, in all proba- now so dulled by approaching death, as not to 6 U Mi
Sanlty, and then he came oi' at once to me-" ability, have married her. I have been told that he startled by the agonized tones. Iets in
"And what did he tell you ?" hated his only son, r, Muggridge hastod me, in- "Oh mother! mother darling I I am here-T am many fi
"-That Mordaunt was at Hampstead, In apart- deed, that they were not onterms, whih may pos- not the wicked wretch I seem--i was never told- perry
agents hired fir a fortnight; that he was in the lanes eibly account for the Earl's having done more for they'never said a word to mi, darling mother !- godAi e
and fields from morning till night with......the him than could have been expected." wake-Open your eyes--one look-wake her!" and others
lady he has since marrle .....-. and that he irmily "'Why, what bas he done for him?" she turned frauntli ally to the priest, who, leaning this so
moneved, unless I made every possible exertion, that "Till last year he allowed him an annuity; but over the bed, was holding a crucifix to the parted never
something dreadful would happen; these, were his that was discontinued when he presented him with lips-" speak, Father Ernest-is she gone ?" the lan
Owwords.," this house in town, which will no doubt provdmore He shock his head. the livt
"And this, then, is the light in whion our bro- than an equivalent." ot quite," he said; life yet ingere-wait." the soe
th"es marriage is looked on, even by his valet?" Well," said Mrs. Eveleyn, after a long pause, ia Breathlessly Saverell rose from her knees and bent dressed
4-ad Lady Alexander clasping her hands, asd which pride and grief seemed struggling for the closely down over her mIther's -ce: she kissed the band i
wringing them together. "Well, my lo:d, wiat mastery, and, as she spoke, stretching out her hand icy l1ps, and once more, but in a whisper, breathed want,.t
aI" to Lord AilDngton; Iam obliged to you, Felix, for her name.a
I tllost no time, as you will I am sure do me the all you have doat. You have behaved to us lIke a That gentle voice seemed at once to rouse the dy- o Ciri
lasat!ce to believe, and I went up to town imneliate- son-o-I am wrocng-as more than a son-and I ing woman w iter the vehement tones had failed, chase
y; Reached London in six hours from tha munmean', thank you more in my heart than b7 mv lips. I [ and Mr. Mupigtidge opened her eyes. belleviD
Combes came to me, and in one hour more I wau a, have only one more question to ask. "You say Ste Is a-wke,' cried Saverell, hope now rushing
fampstead; I prowled about the wao'eday, for Ilihad Combes has been discharged-do you not think he into her breast, "she is lockiog ait me, lie sites m
ino cie to guide me as to where I should find him, is adangerous person to be at la'ge?-he mu'l be -darling mother, I am hre! they never told n-i Heb
and at dusk I was rewarded; I met him arm in arm peseseed of very much information which it is our j you were even ill--ee mt_-sEe my drera, my own ritente
-with the lady; ...... facetoface indeed, and interest should nct transpire. Can we cot mae nothbr! I the ia sont Ikaiew, I came! oh mother, inev ir
he never lost his self possession for a minment. I some arrangement to purchase his silence t? A sAill oe wo-d !" the mn
was so' struck dumbmyself atfladirg all myfears annual sum Is so often given when affairs of this "S~ay,"ssi1 the priest _.riiy t.iei. -,-ina. '9he laeling
-thus realized, that Istood mute, likes, fool; bit his kindi equirehusbini up." i s:sa a.dc :tg:.izeiyou; -. .... ;- i.s.a'srii-- tenwprr
)I teA t W C0O an1 d comnpooedi ht [h,)OQ mny iasd '- gY ROe right, MRis. Eveleyn; bat I should re- 'ou unati leave.tiez; cow o mer rcords

rer I" cried poor Saverell, throwing herself
Sarms that were feebly but fondly stretched
s her, and she received on her forehead the
d, clammy kiss.
strong arm, firmly, though tenderly, here
between her and the dying, and the priest, In
faith Mr. Muggridge was dying, again inter-
Spart them, and they were parted.
,sted and passive, light almost as an Infant,
Scarred down into that sitting room which
Only once entered since her return to Eng-
id the widowed man sat down Inaslence by
e. He called no assistance, he applied no
ties; he saw her sink, and sink, and sink,
.e fainted away, and he sat and watched her
useless, till a convulsive movement of her
and a few moaning sighs told that she was
back to life.
bat waking to some dreadful reality!-the
rasping gradually its strange mhfortune I t
Still her eyes encountered those of her Tather
e recollected what had happened, and then
t question was-
it true?"
t came the wild burst of grief again-the
roach, unamingled with remorse-ihe long
iatione-and the discovery ol the manner in
aher husband had treated her with regard to
other's illness. She shuddered when she
t of it."
t, Mr. Sullivan, the priest, whom they had all
long and well, and whom they all equally
father Ernest, because the mother had called
0. His presence, though it soothed them
time, at frt only called forth fresh bursts of
ecausethey knew that unless the poor strug-
iphIit had departed, he woull not have ap-
amongst them. And that small united band
re throughout all the long hours of the night,
light made its way through the drawn eur-
and Ite candies were put out, and the first
the early morning summer's sun shone on
ei's brilliant dress, escaping here and there,
mockery, from the dark folds of the cloak in
sihe.had wiapiped herself.
ngioutn these hours of trial-her first grief
r 9frst acquaintance with death-Mordaunt,
h e must have known from Lord Arlington
t had token place, nevewcame near her. To-
the middle of the day the carriage was sent
e heard it stop at the gate, and instinctively
it was for her-and she was on the point of
*g, in a parioxysm of anguish, that she would
back, when a little tripping step entered the
althily, and Lady Heron was at her side.
w kind!I how good! how l:ks herI" thought
1, and Etill more kiud and good did she ap-
ben she announced that she had obtained
rnt's permission, should Savirell desire it,
he should remain with her father for a few
nnd, therefore, on the chance, she had brought
editions to her wardrobe, and considerately
demoiselle Berthe behind I
11 him," said Saverell, her eyes flashing
h her tears," that I thank him, and most
ay accept the permission to remain here-
)erby, of Nassau street is, we understand, to
publisher of the Chevalier Wikoff's forth-
" History of his Courtship and its Conse-
i," which, if all we hear stated of its contents
ect, will be one of the most curious and edi-
works that has for many years issued from the
f this country. It will not only present the
an public with the Chevalier's o"n version
*ery remarkable and piquant love affair, and
iomantic and disagreeable results, bu. it will
y the fruits of his reflections on everything
crybody of note, that have fallen under his
nation in the course of his strange and eccentric
Socially as well as politically, therefore, the
ier's book will possess a peculiar interest for
ses of readers; the incidents of the episode
has called it forth, being as chequered and
g as those of any modern romance, and the
ters who played a part in it being some of the
isti.guished religious, political, literary and
fi celebrities of the age, comprising amongst
His Holiness Plo Nono, the Chevalier's
ndon acquaintance, Louis Napoleon, Thurlow
and Joshua Bates. The Chevalier's connection
he English government, respecting whioh
h doubt prevais, will also, we presume, receive
ght from his confessions, and we shall thus
nme of the secrets of the political wvire-puil-
ioh, In England as well as in this country,
nally leads to so much mnstitlcation and
y. Lord Palmerston, that most slippery and
modern statesmen, also comes in, we are
r hi- ,eare of iilunLrauion at the Ctihevalr'
SLrei rol.rh..a wora. as the Fremah ujj'.
ug*rke.'ym' tht t. fifh 1 r""i k,.n,. .-fnh-
id absence el reserve ou such matters, we
o doubt that the Chevalier will do full justice
quondam pjir'.cal patron. Altogether, his
prorhises torbe a rich treat to the lovers of
ano political ecaddl; for, altLor tie rough and
be unfair treatment he has met with, it is not
mpected that the Chevalier will be over nice
ling with the conduct and motives of the
ages who, it is said, protracted, if they did
iunilbute t his incarceration. Until we
e work before us we are, of course, not in a
n to pronounce any opinion u'un the facts.
erefore' await with curi-losity the appearance
e remarkable confessions of one of the most
and notorious o0 modern knights errant.
.vox & Co., have just issued their new oata-
f American and foreign books. This volume,
pages, comprises an alphabetical list of more
200 different works, by nearly 5,000 authors,
= 1,500.sre American. The number of female
- is 294, onie-balf being American. Here is truly
tof reason," from the "Thumb Bible", two
square, to the ample pages of "Boydell's
pears," two feet and'a half by two feet in size!
Sthe choie specimens of cypogra 'y, there
printed for this house, from thAmallest
it used in America. It is a creditable pro-
a of modern art. The prices of books in the
ue range, we observe, from that of Anthon's
atechism, 6Q cents, to Hoefnagel's Pictonihl
ion, one thousand dollars a copy. And the
nge of topics reaches from the fossils to the
are, nhon the utilitarianism of earth, to the
Heaven of poetry, and from spiritualism to
p sense.
Pnemle Assistance Society of New York.
orty first anniversary meeting of the above
was held yesterday, at noon, in Hope
, Broadway, and was very well attended. A
nimber of pews were filled with ladies, whilst
gentlemen, old supporters of the society,
ae seats near the reading desk.
ill-past twelve o'clock the Rev. Dr. WHEAT-
re prayer, and read a portion of the Scripture.
Rov. Mr. PALrmz then read the aunual report
ociety, which fully exhibits the success and
is of the body during the past twelve months.
document read as follows :-1-
prospects of the Society have been favora-
lrg the past year. We have nothing to re.
Icliated to dishearten the friends of the in-
n, but much to encourage renewed exertions
altainment. Though in the exercise of our
n as vuisteas, ala'ge amount of human saf-
isa been urged upon our attention, beyond
lely to meet, yet when we review what has
one, rather than what might have bean
ce shacik God and take courage. We
en aged saints, who have endurel the blasts
Over eighty winter standing onr the margin
Heavenly icheretance, In triumph awaiting
Sgloides of the future. And we hare heard
lank God for the aid afforded them through
Asity. We ars not unfrequenily brought into
itances to know that Gui. hath chosen the
this world, rich in faith and heirs of the
nr. Of others we learn, that before they were
I, they went astray; but by the kindly relt.
naiructiona of lbs vialters under God, have
duced to return to the Shepherd and Bishop
\s. The grai ude arising from having
mporal wants relieved. and ftbe heart helna

gender by the chastening hand of God, bad
id the way for the reception of plonus council
it.ry of the society from year to year, pre-
an 7 cares of this sort. And it is thus that
amiieos have not only been redeemed from
, but have shared in the various benefits of
es, vclech is profitable to all things. And
there are, who have shared in the benefits of
olity, the gratitude of whose hearts may
more be outspoken in time. They have left
d of the dijinig, and have gone to the land of
pg. Some of these were found by visitors of
city in'haunts of poverty, variously dis.
in body and mind. But not only has the
f the visitor been open to relieve temp)oral
but her snmpathizlng heart has also been
nd the sufferer has been p.oilted to the cross
1st, and thorugh the cross has seen the per
if a glorious Inheritance, made sure to every
ig sinner-
Uhliere iscliness, sorrow, pain and death,
Are felt and feared no more.
believes I Abd though his body dies, his ipi-
e'a upon the shore of eternal life, and there,
adoring gratitude t God, he waits auid
uisteripg angel throng, to receive into ever-
habitatiotsa those who ministered to his
al aild spiritual necessities on earth. Tha
Iof the society present the oases of mansuy

who have thus hopefully passed from the abodes of j
poverty on earth, to mansions prepared for them in
heaven. i
The sighing ones who humby seek, i
In sorrowing paths below,
Shall in eternity rejoice, '
Where endless comforts flow.
The limits of our report will only permit usto
,take a glimpse of the various interesting and affect.
ing items spread out before us. One visitor asys, I
feel that my report must be brief; but out of the
multitude of sorrows that meet a visiter's eye and
heart, where shall I begin? Shall it be with the
aged anI helpless, or with sickly infancy, or shall
it be w those whose hopes were crushed with
ripenhi ears? She begins with the latter, and
presents me case of poor Margaret N-, who died
with consumption at the early age of nineteen.
She was without relations to help her, with the-
exception of a poor sifaer at service in the coun-
try. Poor M. inclining to theProtestant faith, hail
been left-uncaied for by ierf'Catholio parents. A
young married friend, with only one little attic room,
and taking in shoe binding to assist in support-
ing herself, with the consent of her husband, takes
Margaret in. And here, without prospect of
earthly reward, she for many long weary weeks, with
affection, neatness, and propriety, cherishlesher sick
friend as life slowly ebbs away. And here the
visited finds poor M., and by the aid of the funds of
this society smooths her passage to the grave. Mar-
garet, though moral and convinced of the truth of
Christianity, has never fled to Christ as the only
hope of the sinner. The visitor goes often and reads
the Scriptures to her, and by other paious ministra-
tions, gradually leads the mind of the suffering one
to Christ, the lamb of -God that taketh away the
sins of the world, and poor M., through the cross,
looks away from her little attic room to mansions of
light prepared for her in glory, and thus, amid the
consolations of the gospel, exchanges a suffering
life for the regions ot immortality. Another visitor
speaks ot an Englishman who by intemperance,
had brought himself to poverty. He bad called
hinsenf a free thinker, having chosen a system of
faith best calculated to quiet his conscience in view
of this life. By unremitting sympathy and frequent
visits, with the co-operation of pious friends en-
listed by the visitor, the free thinker was gradually
led to see.his condition as a sinner, and finally died
indulging a cheerful hope in the Saviour of sinners.
After relating some affecting incidents of the many
sick, aged and infirm to which she had been called,
another visitor exclaims: "The poor have kind
hearts and benevolence of feeling worthy of those
in higher life;" and among other exhibitions of it
she gives an account of'a family to which she was
called last winter, who, notwithstanding their own
poverty, had Lheltered from the cold a man with
his wife and seven children, who had been turned
cut of doors by a merciless landlord.
Such are the details of misery exhibid in some
of the reports that we shrink from exposing them
to public observation. Little do the children of
wealth, especially those who seldom enter the abodes
of poverty, know what scenes are behind the veil.
For the benefit of these, let us for a moment lift the
veil of poverty, and with one of our visitors go back
to a cold-January morning last winter. Shrink not
away, child of wealth, as though we were presenting
before you some ideal picture of sorrow, to harrow
up your sympathies. We will give to you a truth-
ful view, with the exception of divesting the saene
of some of its most painful and revolting hues. We
would spare you the sight, but the interests of our
treasury, and your more efficient aid, demand it.
Our visitor has been sent for to come immediately.
We will commence our walk with her from her com-
fortable sitting room. It is early, but our visiter is
accustomed to these cold walks late and early, and
she is accustomed to yield to the. imploring re-
quest, "come immediately;" for too well does she
now that fatal necessity may make the demand im-
perative. Well, we have accompanied the visitor
to the door, and we will with her ascend the steps,
and enter this abode of poverty. Here we behold a
newly wicowed wife and mother lying on the bed.
Beside her is an infant two days old, also two other
children, the eldest not quite three years old. On
the floor beside the bed lies the corpse of the hus-
band and father.9 Two hours before, unaided by
human sympathy, he pasted through the agonies of
death, and escaped from this pitiful scene of suffer-
ing. The enfeebled wife, unable to rise, had call-
ed to her landlord, residing in the house, for aid,
as she witnessed her husband iz the grasp of the
King of Terrors; but she was answered, "I will
not send my soul to by holding a Protestant
while he is dying." We will not ask the feel-
ings of this newly widowed one, during the two
hours that intervened before the coming of the visi-
ter. But see her now grasping the hand of the sym-
pathizing visiter, pleading that her husband's re-
mains rsy not be buried among strangers in the
Totters'field. She implores that he may be buried
in spot where she may visit his giate, and shed
tears of affection and sorrow over his remains. Now
do you chide us for introducing you to a scene so
painful? We almost hide ourselves, but can con-
sfiti te r p.r-lsea.u r, no other coaditituns than tla.
I i, dcobie te-inanrilnt oryour donations tae com-..
- 'W wn1 t e o'l. re aa oray s,&fferin, .
OU ac~onnt of the prevailing epidemic or the palt
sumnier, numbers hav, been widowed and orphaned
nd (toftebled in health. The exorb aut price's ot
rfeo, rent, and fuel, will also increase the snfferings
of the poor, and make the demands on our treasury
more inoperative'. Many have been the perils of
tie aist few months, threatening life, health, and
fortune. Will not those who have been left un-
wrecked amid these perils, yield to the claims of
gratitude, and scatter with a hand far more liberal
for the relief of those who have not been thus
favo ed.
As ever, our valuable auxlillary, the New York
Dorcas Sciety, has nobly aided us. So noisls,
yet efficient and needful, are its co-operations with
us, that we recognize it as a part of our body corpo-
rae--a part of ourselves-without which we should
bhe materially crippled in our efforts. What should
we de in visiting the chilly cellars and attics of the
sick poor, had we no garments at our command to
present to the half clad shivering ones-no warm
clothing for their comfortless bedts? These are sup-
plied to pour hand by the unremitting and patient
industry of the ladies of the Dorcas Society. During
the past year they have placed at our disposal 1,150
garments and 90 comfortable.
The report seemed to give general satisfaction to
the members present.
Rev. Mr. Palmer then read the Treasurer's report,
which showed:-
A balance on hand at the end of the year of $330 06
Collected in churches, &c., since......... .58 25
Subscriptions and donations............. 2,178 80
Making a gross receipt of.............. $2,667 11
The society expended during the year in
relieving worthy objects, work given,
donations, &c., Ac-....................$2,353 21
Leaving a balance on hand of............$213 9o
Afterwards was read the
Balance on hand November, 1853-......... $125 85
Subscriptions and donations............... 462 50
Total..... -............................. $588 35
Goods perchased.......................... 393 26
Balance on hand Nov. 17,1854..........$195 10
One thousand one hundred and fifty garments
and ninety comfortable were given by the Dorcas
to the parent society during~the past winter.
Rev. Dr. WnsEATrEY afterwards addressed the meet-
leg in an eloquent speech, having for its object the
adoption of the report both in letter and spirit. He
11 feed to the amount of human suffering existing,
end to be relieved in the city. In this respect the
report was merely a preface to the amount of silent
offering rhich was in New York, but was known
only to the eye of the Eternal. Tue report had only
entered at the vestibule of the huge temple ot want
which was reared in our midst. The sick poor--
sick and poor--what an association of affliction!
There are the aged, with their morning, day, and
arterroon gone; they are in the evening of life, with
gry locks and bended forms, and in poverty, and
rney aeiah out trembling hands to this society
begging not to be cast off. Another class was that
of strargere-strangers in a far land; and chart-
ty to them is enjoined by God. Widows-widows,
their protectors .gone-a widow has in her name
something which strongly recommends it to our
sympatby. Jesus Christ had manifested his pectt
lisr fondness for widows, for he had, in three cases,
raised widows' sons from the grave. Orphans--
lonely and unguided-had many claims also. Sick
childhood hada peculiar demand on the fonds of

the society. He approved of the society for its Ca-
tholi: spirit, which relieved all without reference to
clime, color, religion or language. Its arms were
extended to all, whether they were Germans, He-
brews, Irish, French, or of any other race. Itdid
not matter if the applicant were a Jew or Greek,
bond or free, it would extend its arms to them all,
always taking care that the funds subscribed were
applied to the proper object. This wou'd be secure I
by tie excellent system of visiting, which always
put a stop to fraud, in this and other cases.
The reverend gentleman detailed many cases of
imposition, and attempted imposition, practised on
himself and others.
In this society the souWs of the recipients were
looked after; and the jewel oared for, as well as the
casket for the soul, can be reached for purposes of
(orversion from sin, by attention to the wants of
the body. Ladies should go forward in their hea.
ven-bl gotten work from the nature of religion and
God's love. TUe teao'ing O, the Bible, the changes
ot the day, and the reverses of fortune, which show
us that the rich of to day may require its aid to-
morrow, for many who drove in their carriage a
short time since now go oun foot. Ladies, if that diy
should ever c(mo, it vill gladden Tour hearts to
remirnbtr that you bad clothed the naked aund fed
the hungry. The female sex contributed the ma-

rough boxy, which is used to carry the bodies of pau-
pers from the hospital to the burying ground, car-
ried off and buried, I presume, just asit was.
After the bodies were gone, I observed in the
throng, a father and four daughters, the oldest
about eleven years old. He led them up to t1e
bloody spot, pointed out to them the marks of the
horrid scene that remained and read to them the
inscriptions en the stakes. I thought it strange that
he could bear to bring them to such a scene, or they
to look on it-butit i illustrates the taste and degree
of sensibility of even these who regard themselves
-as in the highest class here.
I watched carefully the feelings of the people on
this occasion, and am satisfied that the effbot on
them, is, on the whole, slutay. Ihad expected to
see something of the riotous b.utaitty wlch suah a
scene would be attended by in New York, but there
was nothing of it. The people were not drurk-
they were very quiet and orderly; a deep feeling of
awe teemed to petvade the multitude. Coauld taey
have'seen all that I say, they would have been ex-
cited to violence perhaps; but few of them cdi,
see anything--they only knew that two men were
paying the just, though dreadful penalty of crime,
and they acquiesced i, quietly, aul went away
deeply impressed bythe fact, I belLvo taat this
execution will prevent maiy murders. J, R.

jority of the applicants, and who can feel for a
mother like a mother? So it is with the wives and
daughters. The Dorcas Society, which made 1,150
garment and 90 comfortable during the pas t year
lfr the poor, were entitled to great p.ras, and in
the resurrection of life the members will fin I their
Rev. Dr, PALMER then read the list of officers for
the ensuing year. The following are tie names :-
Mrs. Win. W. Gallatin,
Mrs.-'ilas Brown,
Mrs. D. Lyons.
Mrs. Jeremiah Skidmore.
Mrs. N. Cochran. .
Miss M. Post, Recording Secretary;.
Mrs. Dr. Palmer, Corresponding Secretary.
Mrs. Warren Carter, J Granada, J. D. Oliver, Dr.
Green, P. Neefus, Baffer, Winker, A. Edwards,
Messrs. Bride, Gellet, Truslow, and Miss Maynard.
A. unanimous vote was passed, electing the pro.
posed list of officers.
Rev. Dr. WALKER then gave a benediction; after
which the meeting adjourned.
An Execution at Panama.
[Correspondence of the New York Observer.]
PANAMA, Oct. 17,1854.
Owing to the.great difficulty of convicting crimi-
nals, and the many chances of their escape from
their keepers, executions are of very rare occurrence
in this country. As might be expected, therefore,
the public proclamation that such a scene would
occur within three days, caused much excitement in
this excitable community; and as it is one given to
lying and to humbug, it is not strange that a hun-
dred ridiculous tales were put in circulation and be-
lieved by many; yet no more absurd were they than
some things which really occurred, in connection
with the scene.
Each of the prisoners had been convicted on.
clear evidence, six months ago, of the murder of an
old woman, one in Cruces and the other here; and
in each case the motive of the crime seems to have
been the desire for some articles of jewelry, of very
small value, worn by the aged victims. Bat though
the crimes were cleady proved, and were of a veVy
aggravated character, so used are we to the escape
of criminals of all grades here, either by the negle at .
or comnivance of the officers of the law, that hardly
* any one believed that these murderers would be pun-
ished, and the newspapers here talked quite freely
.n the subject, speaking of the autuorinies ia no
gentle terms. It was probably these taunts that
roused them to unusual vigor tin the premises, and
incited them to show thaso foreigners that their
strictures were slanderous. At any rate, after time
had been allowed the counsel for the prisoners to
send for a reprieve to Bogata, and none was obtain-
ed, & decree was issued a few days since to execute
the prisoners, and Immediately all needful prepara-
tions were made.
The prisoners were removed to a place of security,
a guard of soldiers placed over them, axd a number
of sentinels stationed at each door of theplace. This
was done to prevent a forcible rescue by the friends
of the prisoners, and it satisfied the people that the
authorities were inearnest. The men were supplied
with liquors end whatever they wanted, and for
these three days they lived more luxuriously, doubt-
less, than ever before in their lifetime. They were
attended by several priests, who did their best, I
suppose, to prepare them for their awful fate. One,
a Panameno, was induced to confess his crime, and
ask penitence for it. The other, a Cathagenian, re-
fused al counEel, and maintained a defiant spirit to
the last. During these three days they were annoyed
almost continually by curious gazers, whom the
guards suffered to crowd the openings to their celi.
The appointed day came at last. It was ushered
in by the firing of an old cannon, which was dis-
charged at intervals all the day. The guard was in-
creased, the people thronged the Plaza, near the
cell, and bands of children gathered in high glee, as -
if to a puppet show. At the appointed hour, the
prisoners were led out, attended by several priests,
and walked in the centre of a strong'guard to the
place of execution outside the walls, in tte parish
of Santa Anna, where one of tie murders had been
committed. The penitent was scarcely able to walk,
but the other swaggered through the streets with a
blustering, defiant air. He diB uot really expect to
be executed, fi r he resolntely asserted his innocence,
and said, as I am told, that he had been tried seve-
raltimes for his life before, and once was actually
fastened to the "banqullo," or little seat on which
criminals.sit to be shot, but was released on account
of his youth. But his confident hope was to be dis-
appointed nerw. The priests kept tlkingto themes
they walked along, and kept their crucifixes before
their eyes in order to fix their attention.
At the place of execution two strong stakes had
been set in the ground, attached to each of whi*h
wEs a narrow board for a seat; this was the ban-
q,illiv." On these tbe-prisor'ers were seated, with
61stjt bilits, and on tireir left were the hIlg w.,ls
1Tt 6 dl u-ri of Sanit Ann, ttelydestmojed by fi *.
They wtre strongly bound with ropes to thefso ---
by their arms. Nearly an bia r h.r w-" teM, from
tee ~~~,nrct arrangemeLls and the awkwardness
e of al eng ged. The piijAners were allowed to ad-
dress the crowd, one expressingf sorow tor hbe
crime, and be other declaring himself, the vi tim of
malice aod ptrjary, and hopirg to meet his enemies
,n the other world and take vengeance on them.
They were then blindfolded.
At this time I got into the church, and finding a
platform which is carried in the street processions,
and wrich the fire had spared, standing before a
huge door, looking oireotly on the prisoners, I
mounted it, and from this time had a perfelpt view
of the whole scene. The national guard, composed
of citizens, who are liable to perform military duty
on occasions like this, formed three sides of a hol-
low square about the prisoners, ani than about a
dozen of the regular soldiers, who had been chosen
by let for the task, filed in front of them, at a dis-
tance of about three paces. Boards were hung above
the criminals heads, on which were inscribed th-ir
names, nativity, and the crimes for which they were
to be executed, and the only priest remaining, fin-
ished up his pantomime, and retired. At the word
of command, the soldiers cocked their guns, %ith a
prolonged, scattering" click," distinctly audible at
ten rods distance, so 'still was the crowd. After
a torturing delay of some seconds, (doubtless as
many minutes to the criminals,) they fired, and a
dozen bullets riddled the bodies of the victims. At
the same instant theguard, as if fearing a rush of
the crowd, faced about, and presented their bay-
onets, as if to attack the multitude.' Then ensued
a scare of terror and confusion. The people fled,
screaming, in every direction, throwing each other
down, and trampling women and children under
foot. It seemed almost a mira,-le that none were
killed. The soldiers reloaded their guns, to finish
the prisoners, for neither ot them was dead. Tne
one who had denied his guilt, on being hit, com-
menced vomiting up the liquor whloa had been
freely supplied to &m, (I was told he drank four
glasses at the stake,) but two soldiers stopped up
to blow out his brains. After this he drew several
long breaths, at intervals of about ten seconds, and
then was still.
The other died harder. At the first fire, a bullet
plerced his neck, and in an instant the arterial
icod gushed out in such a stream as to dye com-
pletely his white robe, Irom top to bottom. The
carotid artery rhust have been severed, and yet he
lived nearly or quite ten minutes after. Seeing he
was not dead, several soldiers diasoharged their guns
at his body; but he lived still. Then the captain
pointed to the right breast, and bale a soldter fire
there; but he ati struggled. Teen thepriest pointari
with the crucific in his hand to the centre of the
breast, near the throat, and bade a soldier fle
there; but still he struggled. Then another din-
charges his piece; but the man did not die--then
another; yet he lived on. He breathed pretty
regularly, and at every breath a puff of smoke is-
,ued from a bole in his chest, showing that a wad
on fire was inside. The guns were heldsc near the
bodyas to blacken it with powder. At last, after
eight separate shots had thus been fired, the soldiers
desisted as If in despair, and let aim die. Daring
his whole scene I stood within a few feet of the
v'ctirs, so near as to observe every change in
their features even; but though it was horrible, so
horrible that I pray God Tmay never look On
another such deed, yet I had reasons for eninring it
through, and not4n every lrounmstance of it.
As soon as this last man was dead, his brother
forced his way through the soldiery, and seized the
body in his arms, embracing and kMsing it, wailing
and screaming all the while at the top of his voice.
Then he ran away, and in a few minutes returneti
with a good coffin (for a native one,) and the sol-
diers allowed him to put the body in it, and carry
it away. The other body was tumbled into the

c Our Vera Cru Correspondenece.
VYAiA Cauz, Nov. 8,154.
An Artful Dodge-That Old Coat Again-H. &S.
in Bad Spi its-Failure of the Dynaty-.-J
BAlt in the Field- Notes by S. Paul-A Rem
abls Decree- That S3,000.000- What is to be Di
With ?-Fresh Outbreaks-Almonk-Ampu
-Death of Robbers-OpeInra-Shiping News,4-
Things political present an unchanged sape
There is much talk of the adoption of a liberal p
oy, but It will end in talk. His Moat eSone EglI
ness is certainly the Talleyrand of the age. Witni
his late manifesto, appealing to popular assembly
S to saI wheterhe should wotnnue in power or not
aa though there was one angle man trluougheut t
S rephublico who dared ay "No." Such a person h
better set his houms In order and pack his trunk 1
toreventuing so rash anact. The consequence w
be that, as ilenceves onasent, H. S. H. will ta
a new lease of power.
The old coat affair still creates much uneaaliae
at the seat of government. Its skirts still dang
about H. S. H.'A legs (or leg,)%nd impede his strid
to imperiallty. ip patch can medicine that awfi
garment to rest. It still shakes its prophetic ta
In the midnight breeze, or is heard pensively flaj
ping during the middle watch and small hours,
the deserted corridors of the palace of the Montezs
masand the Iturbidas. Swallow-tailed and soar
though it be, it weighs upun the soul of Santa Amn
with a ponderosity worthy of those broad bottomed
garments which of yore gladdenedthe eyes of the vei
able burgomasters of New Amsterdam. Meanwhile
Doyle, H. B. IL's Minister, and the direful spring a
L. a H.'s woes, pathetically apostrophises the ghost
of a garment, and beseeches it not to shake its ts
tered kirts at him, for 'twas not he that did It, bo
that "id-d Yankee" and Northern barbariIa; ol
Gadsdeni I short, this coats now famous, an'
well worthy of a place In histSry by the side of Jc
eph's coat of many colors.
S. H. baes bad many troubles ot late. There
vouintion in Spain disconcerted him not a little. Tuer
came that stupendous ftselfunk," the banquet a
Chapultepec. And now he has quite a political
cholera in cosequente of the triumph of the allse
armies In the Crimea. His Highness regards him
self as the exponent of absolutism in the western
hemisphere; heooe hias sympathies are all with thi
strong governments of Europe, and chagrin at the
category in which Russia, Austria, Spain, &o., fin
themselves. He had looked to them as fraternizing
in his usur paion, soand there is no doubt bua
that he did meditate an alliance with one of
the daughters of Christina. Napoleon's example
was before him. For the good of the nation and tnhe
legitimacy of the succession, Her Serene Hghneas
was to have been repudiated (being childless) and
with the sanctification of the Pope's Nuncio (wham
they keep in Mexico, to give an odor of sanctity to
things) we should soon have lad a glorious batch
f royal brats, In whose pure veins would have
lowed blood of Gallic, Gothic, Moorish, AZiso, and
nigger stock-HBis Serene Highness having a little
ofrboth of the latter in him. Thus we would have had
a dynasty with which to have supplied all Spanish
S America.
.A snd hebr (an Englishman), informsn me that
the British government has taken high ground
against the restrLMtiontS pon the liberty of the press
and freedom of speech n this country. LordnfCls-
reda 'ayso that It is not a subject of'arigument,
btitf protest, and that England will not. look with
Indifference oi--- s attemnpt &hold amnable a
i?^"!'^0?"I'l '*S'SP^-&AS9 amenable a
British subject. I had the a-fitba -oh'r- ent-
iny informant that the American Minsteai
entered his protest against all obnoxious decrees
threatening the personal liberty of citizens of
the United States, at the time of their promuiga-
tion. Of course, Bonilla thought it strange that the
re.resentativeiif the "aggressive Northern barbha
rfaneLtheCternal enemies of their Independence
and of theintegrity of the national territory," should
-be the only one .rudely to interfere with internal
regulations and matters of police. But John Bol
shows his hens a, and pronounces snob things, iu-
eluding the violation of seals, so repugnant o the
civilization of the age as to call for reproof.
It is said a decree is about to be published admit-
ing all foreigners except Americans, to hold office.
Depend upon -it liere is some misobhief-an anti.
Monroe doctrine alliance, perhaps-at the bottom
of this.
Bafae] Rafael'goes to Washington to negotiate in
a1nticipationi, for the $3,000,000 balance of the Gids
Sden indemnity. Saita Anea and his Salamanac
**-, ~ ~ srl *Tngaftt.Bhhtt.,me lander remain
for d lop.. It "eeilere br y u6 a qehtoa whbetn, -
it is noit$tier t pay him up at Cnce, and tons goe
ri'd-bof im lor the sake and in the name of humu ia
ty and civlhizaton" BSomqe people ay, however,
-~ ~ ~~~llu -_ 5-"Au M'e t- w- de the tvltant by
SBustled onut, and -this cruelly a o npp di de
might again have breathed freely, and boando
forward in the race towards the goal of haumai
rsgeneration-. Theie are eventhose who think thl
as cbltilty begins at home, thtse $3,000,000 woal
be wtllapplied in paying the claims of American
citfizens against Mexico. But the pious her exa-
eaim-'"his would be to violate our own treaty
stlpulatlons." True. But these good folks must
recollect that all of these claims have arisen from
the grossest violation of the treaties on the art of
Mexico, and if we don't get even with her w .lt we
have the cash In our own hands, we never will gel
it out of her without a fight or another "Gadadeni
treaty," which will serve to cement and perpetuate
the power of this or some other tyrant. Think of it.
We havelthe old stories of pronuncianmentos; but
the man istoo strong--4th our money, and hM
troops and mogey.lenders-ever tobe overthrown
by aese detached and isolated efforts. The new
rows are mIQueretaro and Guanajuato.
Almonte has been sent to Austria and Naples.
Crafty to i e last is old Santy. Be understands the
divide-et uiipea. ."'
SGeneral Ampun din, the frier of dead enemies' head
in oil, i recalled from the government of Monterey
In Vdm'trz things political and commercial
are as flit as dish waxer. No one opens his mouth
as-to the'fdnlmer or his boots and pocket as to Sth
tter. Th; coommunity, congratulates itself upon
tSldeabfh tro famous robbers in the stme night
Ol, cill-PliUdo, was -shot whilst m the act 1o
husebreaking. The odrer, named Teulet, actually
committed soieie, it is supposed ftrom remorse o
-eonsclnene I
-We have bad the opera troupe here, and they arr
4iuw gone to Havana. The' too of the lamented
iontg r remains in the chapel of the extramun,
cemetery, tor want ot a direct opportunity to Kanm
(Bark Avalanche, of New-Orleans, foundered
sea near this port, on 26th October. No lives Ice
lIport, hark Flssh,.of Nerw York, and Sohoone
Stephen Hotchkiss, of New Haven.

SAN Lois POTOBI, Oct. 16, 1854.
Yoltios -in San Lois Patose-An Outbreak E.
peeled- Btasimness, .c." 4rc.
The present political situation of this republic I
certainly desolating in the extreme. This city
now on the eve of a pronouncement; the press I
well as the tongue of every indiridual is gagged.
Yesterday quite an excitement took place reaper
log the tanishing of Dr. Pass, who has been a lot
resident in thin city. Being liberal in his opinion
he expressed them rather freely against the preset
order of things, and the Sipaniards, who e amona
the moet numerous class; and God forbid thai
should have to live long hue amongst such a misa
able horde of barbarians. These same Spanlar
who now rule the present State government in tl
department, are playing the most awful
and vengeance against Ihe Mexicans. This certalr
cannot last long; and the day is not far distant, i1
can judge from what has been told me by some
its best citizens, that the result will be a gene
estermlnatlon, such is the present feeling.
Ge. Parrirdl, the Governor, although a gentlem
of distinguished lonor and politeness, cannot avi
* their expatriations; as the denouncements are nm
by Spaniards directly to the supreme governme

and he has of course to obey orders-
A regiment, the 14th of the line, is here; the c
cerns, al of whom are Spaniards, of course m
the roast against the poor Mexican sjadle
Among them trhe current rumor is here, tli
Spain has tamed an alliance with this repul
against the Yankees, and of conrre are to march
rectly to Washlbrgton. Quein saber.
C commercee is entirely mrined, no iales of i
toneequehcq whatever are made; the rancheros o
'have a soffociency for their most economical ou
'Tbh crom tbrougaout the country areextremelyb
andge l starvation looks them in the face.
.cholera i .now making its ravages here as well
elsewhere. The extreme poverty and flthiness
the lower. elaegses makes the mortality vry gre
and the tImidS. of the Mexican poysiciala epre
more terror. ere are, by-the-bye, two Ameri
doctors herej who appear to do all the busint
-themselves-one Is Dr. Mesars, so famous in choli
-and the other is Dr. Prionass, both, able men
their plofeseplon.
The cotiduct a left ere yesterday with nearly I
millioee of dollars fpr Tatp-co, and it is reported

-tAingcounil of his discretion, the groom seen
Iffl. to relinquish his bride.- But what could not be
ale fecttd by force was accomplished by stratagem.
era. obanced-tbat the young lady had in her possesslo
oat ring belonging to Mr. H. A warrant was obtab
bilc for her arrest, upon a charge of obtaining props
t di. under false preterinces. The constable happening
derop'round to serve hbis process whsle her father
ILy absent, Mis Donaldson, with more alacrity thai
ely usual in M uIh cases, appeared in court, where
ses. criminal process was withdrawn, a softer impeax
ad, meni confessed, and the following sentence |
rbe neuuesd :- I ..
ias Mk ,A---In inning, October 27th, by Ja
i of Ostrander, Esq., Mr. Nathan Hinckley to Miss M
eat, E. DbnaldEon, of Neversink, Sullivan counnty.
can NOrTH CABOLrrItA LiFtuL avuA-The Legislal
les of this State meets at Balelgh on Monday, Nov.
era, Two United States Senators are to be chosen-
I in inthe seat made vacant bythe espirationof
term of Mir. W .P.angum, and theother ti suce
two Mr. Badger, whose term expires on the 4th of 19
the eSt.

R a llpesWarennoolada will attack it before it
mraes at Its destination.
A revolution hbs broken out at Guadalajara, a
thetoop are leaving for the above, named pl
Tia his ofeonsaidrabl rte'f, as they are a oompl
. anuance to any community.
Mn The annual fair of St> Jian will be a bad one,
rk. there is no money in the ountry.i Thel miners, be
here and In Guanarto arein asco, ruined sta
one Mining failures takes plac every day, and there
ia no hopes, under present circumstances, of its b
S Ul Mexico ee another batch to Uncle BS
t God knows what will become of'them,
ill- Gadsden's ten millions has vanished Into oblivi(
gB. Our Ki later will have to patch up another spo
S treaty for the benefit of theKitchzin Cabinet.
S I shall be ofi soon as I wish to breathe a rath
Lies more liberal air, and from the Paclfic I wil gi
t- you some more items. Gen. Ampudii, of Montere
th "as been kickedout on suspicion of daaotign
. SantaAnn, and o thehobby goes. J. P.
be Our Florida Correspondence.
Sill % t JACKSONVILLE, FLA., NOV. 18, 1864.
he Climnabof East Florida-Southern Zhavel-T
Peuer-Polites, 4-c.
'a- The climate of BEast Florida, which has ever bei
.1 proverbial for its salubrity and health-restoril
es qualitieB,espeiallyln the falandwinterlmonths,h
as been thus far, the present antnmn, more than ord
I narily attractive. In anticipation of a more than us
Sa Influx of health and pleasure seekers into th
S pleasant and thriving town the coming winter, a
commodadtions for their entertainment hive bee
a extended and improved. TheBuflfngton Hos
which has heretofore been filled to overflowing do
a ing the wintermonths, has recently undergone m
'n- nifest Improvements, both internally and external
[a and will, in the future, hold out more than ordinal
O inducements to those who make It their temoorar
a abiding place.
t The Judson House, a large and spacious hote
A pleasantly situated in asattractive portion of th
i town, and recently completed by Messrs. Day, (
D. Damarisoott, Maine, will be opened for the rece{
tion of guests on the 1st of December, and promise
0- to be kept in a style that cannot fall to please th
n most fastidious.
6 This towneoemq to be recovering from the d isaa
d trous effleos of the great conflagration of Apri
last, and judging from the erection of large fire
S proof buildings for businessparposes, one is led ti
e infer that Its enterprise and energy can accomplish
d anything, and that the town will ere long have re
Assumed Its former position and standing as the town
S of towns in Florida.
e The entire disappearance of yellow fever ii
0 Charleston and Savannah has caused a resumption
[of the regular semi-weekly trips of steamers be
Stween those cities and this place. lhe Carolina,
D one of the staunchest and fleetest steamers on the
S Southern waters, under command of that thorough
seaman, Capt. Coxetter, leaves Charleston every Sa.
Sturdy evening, at four o'clock, and arrives at her
ock i this prace by ll o'clock the following morn-
ing. The Florida, from the same city, leaves
Charleston on Tuesday evenings, arriving here at
at an early hour on Wednesdlay. The Savannah
line is composed of the Wilaka, which leaves that
city on Saturday morning, arriving here the follow.
ing day- the Seminole leaves here on Tuesday, ar-
riving here on Wednesday, and the St. John's,
which leaves on Thursday, arrive here the fol-
lowing mon ring. So you will perceive that persons
deairow of visiting this dellghtfnl section of coon-
try have ample facilIties for doing so without being
subject to unnecessary detention on the route.
The official canvass of the recent ele tion in this
State shows a majority for Maxwell of 1,075 votes,
and of 620 against a removal of the capital from
Tallahassee. Public meetings of the democracy
have been recently held in many counties of the
State, urging the election of Hon. D. L. Yulea to
the United States Senate-notwithstauding there
is no certainty of his success. I hear Hon. Gso. 9.
Hawkins, a talented and prominent democrat in
Went Florida, spoken of as a candidate, which,be-
ing the case, the election of Ynulee may be regard-
ed as doubtful. Sr. JOHN's.
KEy Wcsr, Nov. 10, 1l54.
Advantages of Key IVtstas a Coatinag Place fur their
California Steamers- Navuql ivo, rc., 4.c.. .
For several years past our leading citizens have
befn urging the proprietors of the different line of
.CalJfornta uteamhips -. to make a depot of cqlg at
Key West. Many difficulties were aecnn.twLa
mnifese yril ts. fore ei the r theEtin-
ers stld te Inducedi to try the expeilnelt. tlrly
....oudei nrdu anmae tLet with a corn
merciiel ouse t Yrcp^ ou- .d
his vessels on their return trip from San Juan. Be
fore the proper wharves ani appliances for coaling
were completed, the Star of the West arrived from
panta Arenas. Toe platforms on the wharf whore
she lay, and used by the Isabel, were too low, and
the coal went on board slowly. Ten hours were
consumed In loading, and her detention was longer
than suited the interests of the company. Since
her departure, inclined planes have been built, and
smch alterations made at the wharf as will allo w the
Northern Light to receive the despatch that is pro-
mised by the agent. It Is now believed that six
3 hours will enable the largest boat of the line to re-
r ceive two hundred tons on board, no matter at what
hour of the day or night she may arrive.
S The approach to the harbor of Key West Is
Marked by day by the lofty iron structure at Sanul
i Key, and at night by a brilliant flash light from the
F same location. A channel of great depth, directly
west of Sand Key, has been surveyed by the Coast
S Survey, and accurate charts of it, and also the bhar
8 bor, can be obtained. Vesselsa from the West save
S by entering through this channel The courae is
S direct thence to the town, and when on:e explained
y by a pilot may be followed without his presence.
f We fully believe that the passage from SBin Fran
cBisco to New York will be shortened one day as sBOO
I as this route becomes familiar to the commanders o
A the steamships. Even If it would only be mase In th
ame time as vita Kingston, and without increase
ai dangers and expense, we, as an American clty, hav
t. stronger claims upon the company than aioreig
The Utited States schooner Heroine, Lient. 6e
den commanding, arrived on the 3d November fror
Havana. Tbhi vessel Is attached to the Lighthons
Board, and is stationed at this port. Lisut. Selde
is Inspector of the Lighthouse in the Seventh dl
>" The yacht Brenda, Clapp, sailed for Havana c
the 3d, and returned on the 8th. She reports th
Is arrival of the United States steamship Princeton
is Havana on the afternoon of the 6th, five days froi
Norfolk, Va. She has on board Mr. Wheeter, It
SMinsler to Central America, and Kr. Fabnas,
Oreytown memory. The officers and crew wei
st- well The ship performed well, and eleven ion
were made with eteem and sall on the passage. Ti
P p. sails for Pensacola on the lth.
' I enclose a list of the officers:-
at Captain, Henry Eagte; Lieuts. W. S. nou1
gat Charles Lewis, Thoe. G. Corhyn, H. K. Davenport
Surgeon, Robert Barry; Assistant Surgeon, Franc
t Walsh; Purser, John C. Hunter; Mister, Win.l
er Low; Chief ogineer, Mc.Quinn; Lieutenant M
ds rines, Cartles Macauley, Passed Midshipmen. B.
us Bowen, Charles Green; Captain's Cleric. James
Smith; First Assistant Engineers, B. F. G.rvi
sea T. M; Manryl Second do., B.-B Knox, C. H. Lorin
ily Third do., George U. Johnson, H. E. Winson,
f I Casifeld; Carpenter, Robert M. Bain; Sailofki
of W. B. Tuggiti; Gunner, Leonard BEis; Biatsw5;
re Joseph Walker.
Moan Wave HANt Own TO GOT a WIFEL-1
ian Nathan ickley, on going to the house of 1
old Denaldson, in Neveraink, Sullivan O., to solemel
jd his marriage with Miss Donaldson, was not only
fused admittance, but'was menaced with fatal 0
ut, senuerceo if he persisted.

ef- fo-elopsail, tle ship laboring heavily and leakil
It badly; at 8b. S0m. A. K., on the 23d discovered:
n a light, (apparently from a ship bearing N. E ,) fiE
in! a gun, and wore ship to the S. and E.; at 51. 30Z
rty wore ship, took in all sail, and got up another ha
1to eer, the loremast being sprang, to secure It fi
was going vr the side; at 9 discovered land on the I
a is beam, set the top and foresail; at 9h. 16m., land
the the starboard bow, bearing, per compass, E. N. E
ECh- E.; at lOh. 15m. set the forelopaall, sounded in,
pro- fathoms black sand, took in all sail, and at 1 set
again; at 3 discovered land beating N.W
cob low and hilly, with sand patches; at 5b. 30m. breo
try ers discovered close under our lee bow, tacked a
stiocd off at 6 the land boe N. E. & N., all of C
time we ad a temendous heavy head sea from t
urne 8. E., the wind from the same point, and we w
S19. our head to wind end sea, and daring the whi
one time could not make a single fathom off the lai
the: but gradually drifting in shore, the breakers as hi
;eed as our mast niea, on an Iron.bound coast, taking
irch water frm rht lesvv rolling of the ebip on bQ'
i aoes,,andlthesilp looking 20 iaches per hb3url


ar. Affiass In Brazill.
rd Rio JAImno, October 6,1814.
te JIvitalion to visit the Annual Feast of Nosna #Sot
* da PenAa-Description of the Jourmney--Situatic
as of tahe Church- The Feast- Scenes aind Incidela
3, &c.-.4c. e.
is I send'you a few lines deioriptive of the manner
at- in which we pass our time in Brazil, and of ou
S visit to the Roman Catholic Church, Nossa Sineo
s da Peat, or, Our Lady of the Book, and picnt
on. party.
Us I was favored with an invitation from a gow
er friend of mine (the son of a dlatingnlshgd Senator A
ve thisEmptire,who has a private residenoein*Jthdlml
y, tion or this noted and magnificent spot and a faig
tO plantation some three miles beyond) to partake o
his hospitalities and accompany his fsaoilyand som
friends to visit the annual feast of this Ohurol
which invitation you may be sure I accepted.
S On the last day of September, (Saturday), aboe
four o'clock, I met W. A., Captain D. M., of the imn
en peral army, and a gentleman from the intsrfo
n province, Matta Groosa, from the head waters o
i r'ver Tapajoga, a tributary of the Amazon. We em
u barked in a fine sail boat, for. the residence of the
al Senator, situated at Inahuma, about eight miles dis
tant in a small bay.
W We were blessed with a fine breeze, and as
an glided over the smooth water we had some knock
| down arguments on the policy of Brazil opening ti
e, the navigation and .commerce of 1the world thi
r- mighty Amazon-a subject that lies near my heart
a But, our attention was soon diverted from this, toi
the distant mountains of the Noese Sinora da Penba
F, and our arguments were cut short by the impression
ry we received from the beautiful scenery before us
y The object of our visit soon came In sight, and the
SSenators residence loomed up from the evergreen
trees aroud. Its location is on an elevated spot
I which ovftlooks the upper harbor of Rio de
e Janeiro and-the islands whose variegated forms and
of, picturesque scefterv baffle all description. At sun-
Fset we landed and in half an hour were at the door,
p which was wiAde open for our reception.
a After tea we prepared for asix mile ride, to the
o church Noses Minorsada Penha, In the bright moan.
light. We had three conveyancen -a carriage for the
ladies, a wagon far a neighbor's family, and a cart,
i- drawn by oxen, which contained your correspon.
I dent among several others. Having arrived at the
bhes of the mountain, we got out of the cart and as.
ended about a third of a mile, when we encountered
o an immense cape of solid rock, rising, almost pbrpen.
Sdioularly, some 400 feet, and covering at least five
Sacres of land. In this rock were cut three hundred
Iteps,*which led to the church, and over the steps a
triumphal arch was reared, illuminated with a thou-
sand lights, on the top of which were painted, in
Large letters, "Nosa Sinora da Penha" (Otr Lady of
R the Roek).
We found the church mall, but as large as could
Conveniently be buhlt there, Around the edifice
is a w ll, to prevent members of the ongre-
Sgatian from being precipitated below. Though
Son such a small scale, the church, both In Its ex-
terior and interior workmanship, is beautiful
The figures of Nosesa Senora da Penha and Santa
r Persoillami are as large as life, and are each covered
with a purple velvet mantle, trimmed with gold lace.
a The cecoraticns of the altar were of corresponding
richness. From the church we went to the base of
the sacred rook, where we found a long single story
building and other smaller ones, among which was
the resience of the Padre. The long building con-
tained a large saloon, thronged with people, where
a baaar ws being held. A band played inoes-
sant y, and added to the liveliness of the scene.
The ladies especially looked charming.
As soon asthe Padre heard'of the Senator's airl-
val hesentfor us. We went to his room to visit
him and found him suffering severely from rheuma-
tism. After we had seen all that was to be seen,
we returned to the. Senator's residence, much de-
lighted with our trip, though it was performed with-
out railroad, steamboat, or.omnibus. F. H. S.
Ero JANMIRo, Oct. 7, 1854.
The Cofe 2T-rade with Birazil-Quarantine Regu-
lations-S.hipping-Severe Storm, 4-c.
In my last I noticed the large sales and shipment
of coffee. Between the 18th and 23d of September
the exportations were larger than ever known be-
fore in the same period of time. The ex-ort office
( rccipts amounted alrne to one hundred thousand
Smile reis, and fur other duties of export three thou-
sand mil rels. Nearly one half of this coffee was for
-the United States, which pa~ed for export dieies
S30.000. This doesn't s aem to be true reciprjoity,
are dependent on razillor eonr0 a --Iob0 .Tr
winter makes us pay duty on cofftB, we msF' otora
;he cniplimett. Them is BO maMerIal change in
lbe P tices ol coffee since my last.
The quarantine regulations have been put in force.
rwipg to the appearance of cholera in BEirope and
N :rtn Americii.
I be ship Raven, from New York, M. J. Crocoler,
master, arrived ou the 30th nit., and was in qinaran-
tioe for six days. On the 3d inst. the man became
mutinous and attacked the mate. As soon as the
ve.sel was out of quarantine they were sent oo board
gthe sloop of war Germantown. .-.
On the night of the 30th Sept.. Capt. Thomas, of
the American bark Hayford, wa robbed of $626 by
his Portuguese cook and steward, iwho were shipped
hy him at Pernambuco. One of the delinquents has
been arrested and lodged in jail.
One of the heaviest storms that has been known
here for ears passed over the city yesterday, ding
considerable da4smage to the shipping the harbor.
A fishing coat was capsized, and there persons
b drowned, in sight of shOre. Other severe injunes
have been sustained. -. H. -B.
Our Navl Correspondence.
Ut. S. SrEaME MASaatouSETTS,
RI zO E j JA&Nrto, Sept. 27, 1854.
The Massachusetts-Desctription oef her" PerIous
t Voyage-Surveyas-WIl She id Around the
Rlotn, 4'c. &c.
e The United States steamer MasaoBusetta sidled
s fom Norfolk destined for the Pacific; ou the 24th
d of July she arrived at Fayal; on the 27th she sailed
for Rio de Janehio, and arrived here on the Sio day
of Sept. We have had nothing but light winds and
a calms from Norfolk to this port. On the 21st we
A sailed in company wtibh the sloop-of-war Decatur
e (for wetowed her to sea,) for Valparaiso rin the
S Straits of Magellan; the whole of that day we had
a light breezes, during the night a perfect calm. nO
the morning of the 22d, at half-pat 6 A. M., a light
1- breeze sprung up, S. S. W. it W., per compars, ant
m gradually Increased until meridian, when it blew i
n hard gale, the wind hauling gradually to sou.h, ant
a at 1 P. M. to E. S. E.; at 11 furled the topgallan
saels, took the third reef0in tee topeails, donbl'
m beefed the courses, hauled down the jib and stowei
it it, and close reefed the tosasli; at 1 furled thie
m' mizen topsail, doable reefed the spauker aui set it
IS et the main tryeall, and hauled up the mainsail; a
no 2 the De:atur In sight on our weather beam; at 2r
Is 16m. the mainmast went over the side close to th
h derk, apparently from the iron band around lb
mast head,to which the rigaing ova attacbedbe i
g, carried away; it 2h. B0m. tie mizenonoet wen
t, falling aft, two feet above the deck; cut adrift th
mainmast, and got clear of It, and secured th
n iizenmast on the poop; lighted the fires Ia the fr
T. aces, and commenced getting up steam; holite
.P thie en'ign union down, and fired minute guns; 01
n, adrift tie starboard quarter boat, it having bee
s; smashed by the falling spars; out away aso th
e* upper ispars, whilst towing them on the mtlaz
In mast to avoid Injuring the propeller, the spars
the mizen mashing the stern bohat; discovered St
iron band around tue head of She foremast oirryfr
away, got up tackles and hawsers, and secured11
Ar mast. Tbe Decatur not In sight after losing mast
dr. on account of being obliged to get the ship befo
ze. the wind, and thus running away from her; whe
re- last seen, was under close reefed fore and maiuto
on- saIls, foretopnast staysall and main' trysail; at
started the engines, and at 6 50 wore ship 5-54
ted northward; turned the reefer out of the foreassil

h.30m. discovered a revolving light, which proved either of the last two tracts, the intermediate spaces Superior Court-S-pecala Term.
to be.PBazIsland t t; we then clapped on steam being subject to settlement. The east line of lends SOrInIn' PIKNSIONS-ARST Or EnwARD mtr
to a fearful rate, an managed to Son on the light. of the Kansas Indians is about seventy miles west of AD nonMOs T o NDIscARo oRDER OF ARRSi
Had one Single thn.gbroken beloging to the en- the State of Missouri. No treaty has been made DZIED.
- inwe would all have been lost by itfer going on with them. Nov17- reeBradyagans Edward Busc"
o n sh ar e, o r g o i g t o t e b o t t o m o f t h e s o nr ~ a x ~~~. N oO 1 7WT erNm e e B rMo tao n no| E d w a r d B a me !
t Upona o ar rivalat tab place after our This nation own thirty miles square, the east line MH on toN-discharge arrest.
_late disaster of the 22d of September, every being fifty-four miles west of the State of Missouri, HornsanJ.-norder of arrest was granted of
.american Maehat captain pronounced this and the Kansas river flowing as nearly through the the 61b of October, 1864, reciting that it appeared
r ship /unseaworthy, and said that she should be centre of the tact as could be imagined-r 1 a be
ior :wl.^ ^ ^^ w ~a c 8fll ;Led- Tis %b afdai ta a sofilent cause o c~ctio xstd
ir biuta, ? the senior officer in rt, Commander well watered, well timbered, fertile country. The and that the case was One of those mentioned iathe
Wa il sm F. Lynch, thought torrwise. He or- Iondians have pretty good furms, andraise cattle and ad e o tose mentioned th
d.ea a survey to he ha.a onbear4 of this ship of hors, an some rfo market No eaty h 179th section of the Code. The defendant waq or-
hoss n Sm on for arkt. o teat ha do.SS ^ 11 1 -e^d to be hldto bl n$60 h ^iai
Ia his own omOom16e venin number Lients. Ridgley, been made with them. .de:ed to beheld to bail in 8600. The aitdavit was
Wells; A. MIN patr Waddell,doaewauin Gordon, LANDs SUWT s-m made by ce Charles Jackson, stating that he bad
AleS ^ ^ been a soldier In the Mex ca war ie ecied a
Gu r) and Salimaker From the foregoing the reAder will get some
To te the ship and prenounred Idea of the extent of coUntry open to 1m3p wound, and became entitled to a person; thatrthe
.e ,sd%:u 1 Commad er Lynch would not tion. All the lands west of about ihf vmd defendant had advertised he was an agent, orattor.
Sa a dtio an otte oeiandthat at thdefen 's
s e th emac to maked ouat another, from the Territory are .neutral .land-s It, no ney, to. ollepesons, and teeat at te defends
a l ean the bac ondito n otens sfI ntes have treat1 ghtsti them solicitation, l(Jackaon)had emplyedlhimtopre.
the nUl. accordingly doneahe wished, with and.theyareocupieTbyvariouwildtribesof pare the papers to obtain it, lorwich the def t
Ste e tanofActing Mater Waddell,'who made Indiansannd known as the hunting grounds. They' was to receive $100; that defendant forwarded ach
os cutsaseparate report, and In t "p report stated that areofcourse,subjectto premtlon;butatprs papers to Washington. That on the 3d of June,
h the sp was Unseaworthy and not fit to go to sea. so far beyond the/verge of ci action as to b n-e ant, by false representations of the
since then the officers of the Massachusetts, one and desirable and treaties fillunndoubtedly be necessary difficultnesi in getting the pension, and the doubtful-
ital, addressed a letter to Lieut. Commander Meade, before seitlement. Within the telrit .a tending ness of the plaintiff, s claim, obtained from him a
.statinuthatnderstan dingtheeship had had a sur- westward 80 miles from the MissoMi nthere9 paper whi, h wasread to him by defendant, and
y v held upon hr, and thate most of the officer were ow open to settlement about 4,000,000 of acres the purported to be an a.igoment of all arrears of pen-
r under the influence of Commander Lynh, they re- main bodies being theShawnee', Purchase and that ion to defendant, forwhich thesumof $200was
rectfully would reqnest a strit and careful survey territory lying between the Sacs and Foxes and the paid. That on the same day, and within an hoqr af-
iof 6he hul, for thy lleved that the hull had been south line ot the Kansas Territory. These lands, rer such interview, Vanbuargh Livingstoni-pensloin.
1- injured by the ma mast thumping very heavily divided into quarter sections to each head of a agent of the United States, paid to one timieo1
Sunderr" bottom for mre than an our beore we family, will funishmlandas for 26,000 families. Other Ward, who purported to be toe attorney of plaintiff,
ge- tclear ofZt..CommanderLynchalterwar'dsorder- Indian titles will undoubtedly be extingushed, thesum oft$559 73, the ar.earsof pension due the
ed a survey to bemadebyh euts. Prince Crosby and during the coming winter. These are not nowin plaintiff. That the plaint If never authorized Wrd
wWm ., ee ;w1.,n re oteJeeffueres; wohaet %by '" = I..., iin iL h t h pantf nvr uhoiedW r
J wat r n d we are unable Kansas to exceed 6000 irnhabirtahntsso that the to receive sunhb pension, bu; if he had any
S to say, but CommanderL nh s made a charge reader wiIobseethat there Is plenofroomyet. letter of attorney, the signature must have
k against the offieresand men of this ship, stating In all these lanos that we have seen (and we have ben obtained by fraud, and by Bissel's
o that thneyarecOwards Iwinshing to shirk going been over a considerable portion of them on both reading to him a different, paper. It is then stated,
Saround CaeHorn, Thisshipat sea leaks atthe rate Sides of the Kansas river) a man could scarcely that previous to the transaction with defendant on
of twenty *ices per hour ifn heavy weather, but in select a quarter section which might be called poor the 3dof June, the latter had obtained positive in-
o moderatewitnsito Cnrseshe does'not leak somuch. land, Let the hardy pioneer come on. There is formation that the peunsloa had been allowed; that
The fact is, that this shipisnot nor will she be,4n roon fr all. Bs senl conspired with Ward t9 cheat him,mandthat
a a condition to go outside of the bar with all the re- -,-defendant, through Ward, received the s$59 78,
pairs they fitend to put upon her, and the Lord Theatrcal and MNsical. ane converted the same to his own use. Thisal.
Sonly knowsthat the amount will be more than she BROADWAY THATnE.-The benefit of the distin- davit was sWorn to on the 4th of October, and the
wo e or a e tn ow oea, e der of arrest was dated the 6th. The complaint
at thisplac or In the United S -tates. The only gulshed composer, Mr. W. V. Wallace, comes off to was sworn to on the 29th of September. Although
Thing rhat is valuable about this ship is her engines, morrow evening. Mr. Wallace's beautiful opera of it appears from the Sher'ff's certificate that the sum-
t and they are sm!l and eleven year old; and now, "Maritana" Is announced, with the Pyne opera mons and complaint were not served by him with
/you can vey we judge what they ara worth; and troupe, consisting of Louisa Pyne, Miss Pyne, Mr. .b rtseorof arrest and affidavit, yet it is admitted
the shaft is broken off by four inches. We havs B-an ion and Mr .Bal With an effective that such service had been made on the 29th of Sepnt
gone up to the shear hulk, off the Brazil navy yard, a i, -te er. The arnest was d m adedh onttheteofOc-
S wher we epcat to get la our lower masts in a few l.r. tisnow admitted that thesummos ando o.n-
S ndas y h AcAnzxy OF Musio-To-morrow evening Rossi 1. bint were before bthe Judge when he granted the
w dow give You a list Of the Officers Ond n i's comic opera of 'llBarbiere de 5Sivigila will be order of armet. It is ohjseced, that on toe affidavit
boaid--Lieut.CommendingI. W. Meade; Lieu.I does nt appear 'bat tee plaintiff has any cause of
Edward A. Barnet, I. Falrflx; Acting Master, J. asyedfortheatcon.ude._'Te cstuisagOdone action; and thatthe famtofthe complaint beingbe. Caulay; Passed Midshipmen. 4. A. Sommis, J. X l, Mario, Badlali and Susini appearing in the lore the Judge cannot mike a difference. It listed
-Young, D.A. Forest; Purser, G.F.Cu tter; Pied principal characters. intecormtpeintthat Jaot kgonfthe penslonerthad
Assistant Surgeon, W. D. Harrison; Chief Enfrineer, BowinY THEnTRs-The equestrian and dramatic assigned all his interest to him, the plaintiff, san
N. P. Patterson; Second Assistant, 0. Dav d; entertainments given at this establishment are driw. the complaint demands judgment for the sum of
Thir A~istntsM. Jrdanand3. owel; ig god$559 73, and Interest ; but on the affidavit that does
Botswain, Ar Tyleei Guner, Thean. L a Wd ; Ing good houses. The programme for timo-rrow not appear. The 181st section provide that tlthe ar.
S nter,. A'asldy. B -. Rush Mttchell, passenger.- evening consists offeats inAthe ring, and the drama rest maybe ordered lanthe cases in which It is at all
Crewawel. MAssAcHursrs. ", of "Rockwood, or the Highwayman and his Hflorae." allowed, upon the affidavit of the plaintiff, orotany
"- -.-- N NIBLO's GARPHn.-The English opera troupe,son-u oer person, showiag a sufficient cause of action to
Indianns of Knaas Territory and their Treaty sisting of Mdlle, Nau, Mr. St. Albyn, Mr Alen rv eist. It is reasonable to construe this as meaning
Rights, a Nan thyn, a cause of action to exist in the plaintiff. By sec-
[From the Kansas Pi"oneer,Oct. 18.] Ing, Miss Briente, Mr. G. Harrison ind Mr. H.' tion 183, the order may be made to accompany the
Comparatively but little is known by the people Hornecastle, with an efficient chorus, appear t3 morm summons, or at any time afterwards, before judg-
of the States concerning the Indians of "this Terri- row evening in the comic opera of the"Syren." ment; so that the arrest would be volt if made
tory, and much less in regard to their treaty rights. There is no increase in the prices, without service ef a summons at the tim?, unless
Month's residence he recanot be supros d to BtToN's T. .T---The iel v pt t he sut had been commenced by a ervieepreviously.
nh 'resgien ce hery xnie annormtion be s oegard to Buic .Tx ,-Te newplay, written ex- 'By section 184, the affidavitdavit and order of arrest
hanve gien .us very extensive Wofrmatin iii ,. aa pisl f x --cawpa, o
to the character, intelligence andpursits of he piesely for this theatre, entitled, the "Upper Ten hall be delivered to the sheriff, who shall deliver a
to..t......aracter, intdelligentocehesandifuwho hall dofvere
Indians- but we have taken some pains to obtain and tte Lower Twenty," will be repeated to morrow copy to the defendant. If the defendant had not
from we'tInformed persons correct information in evening. The performances will conclude with the been served with tire complaint he would have
regard to the prieesions of such Indians as havp farce of the "Good for Noahing." This theatre is been arrested upon an affidavit which did not show
treaty rights with the United Stargs. largely patronized, any title to suetim in the plaintiff. But the com-
.Immediately a the mouthothisiver are, ,,...plaint was served on toe 29th of September previ-
NORnTHSMOr a sAse muRtvn-Wth-NrorreS. NATINoL.. n -TnA .-The. national drama called o and Is now shown to have been before the
lands of the'Wyandott Indians-a small tract We e"Cradle of Libewty" will commence the amuse- Judge, although not referred to in theorder, as
are not certain of the extent, but it is perhaps eqnal merts-Mr. G. Dawson and Mr. C. J. Smith in the one ground of its being granted. A sworn oom-
to fromsix to eight miles square, Ilthough not in principal characters. The burlesque of "Miazeppa plaint is equivalent to an affidavit. In a late case,
Equae form. It was purchased by the Wyandotts the Second" concludes the entertainments. where the affidavit was in one point defective, but
the Delaware, abouttwelve ears ago, and WALLACK'S THAxi-TobIn's med "eof the defet was supplied by the complaint, I grant-
t tmans e ed eerrecitmntuthat it appeared by affidavit,
lanre h t is a well timbered and wel eMoon., withMesars.Wallack, Lester, Blake, aridtecomplaintduly sworn to, tat a causeof
vateied section of the country--a number of Miss Rosa Bennett, Miss Hoey and Mrs.Conover action existed, &c. lamofeopinion that where the
small streams of clear, pure water running through in the leading part. The romantic drama ,* the I summons and complaint has been served, and is laid
h, ea, ab oVuwt to m.Walker, of this nation, Adopted Child, willfolow, and all will close with before the Judge, upon an application for an arrest
who esies about two miles north of the Kansas a "Phenomenon." d. I upon an affidavit, the plaitiffis entitled to refer to
river, to .hoemwe are indebted for a corre t map of METROPOIrTAN Tm .r.. Miss T an.a. it, in order to sustain the order where the affidavit
KnXas and Nebraka, and for munch into:Tntionn T J- es J ean, aIn itself is defective. In other words, both documented
regard to the general character of tie country. The fAvorie actress, is engaged for another week. She may be treated as forming the ground of the order,
Wyandotte have well cultivated farms and com'ort- appears to-morrow evening as Marian In The althbuengh but one of them is mentioned. Upon thl4e
is hoesan deed.preent general evidences Wrecets Dau hter," The traed of" Pizarro" merits, If this difficulty iS obviated, I should retail
of a thity and ltellgent peoe. We stw Duuite t yr ad therder of arrest. In the r t place, the affidavit
number of Rood orebards. W randott City, at he Vill w, aw h Mr. Eddy will appear as Rolt, of Simeon Ward5 producelby the defendant, states
junction of the Missouri and Kansas rivers, i' a Mrs. Conway as Cors, and Mrs. Jones as Elvira. that Jackson executed, on theB30th of May, nomi-
pretylocaton,piesenting a handwsmea aw from AmEnoICA Musc -The domestic drama of ally to him, but in fact for Manuel de Pegs, a
the 1iso0u, several miles elo Here re quite a "enunette, tie Forsaken," is to be played here to power of attorney asid sale and assignment of all
number of cornfortatile frame and log LousEs, in- rco'reVw Cev;iu'Cg, and two popular pieces will be arrearsa of penion due on any pension ea lifate
cluainaELct.s oc'.uil houte siod j'il. We are n0t Ler- 1iytuL in! seiterlcoon. li oat mighi have Ieen ,Faed to Jackson. Unler this
lain ot te'ir re' tieaogtrirm-t, brtheir Cit.Cs, CAsTLEGGABDEN.-SevEsl newandpleas- Ictaits Lerecelytd from Livingst on the 3dof
IhnI [notiot...j.ctltoEaisa .r R.-L c-n e'. ir ,lasetsare otrrEc tor to niro evtnming by ands June, 1654. $69 48, s arearsa ofl pension on J ick.
PLLAnAiL.. A Co.'s tstenh6r eqnatsiloa ct m6sry. sron's pesieon reel fic .t, uo to the 4b of Mit r-h,
'The Delawrie pilliono en a v rj lergr- tprri.ary Woo.'s Mrwsri(rr.-Tne new versionO!f l 1414 fld et ito 0 e.U-s that on the 3-1 .. .
boundeddo the aout by the addso' l the "Wyando,-ns hWo o -'. sr-n-ft- ewht ver1"on'o_,1of1 ash
L t hD r V a e n t n e vF r aurcsB r o e r [mw'ab ys^
~d~e~o .thLraio-as ya Tkind of ig"t of way t r .V lel l"e..... roer,-..'d Jaci;'; CO. PEb1' i narrc:.rg,-swea e a hysrid
*he StW i~tirlhp' 0lcdC'Bvy thiresent tra't, taPttaa Bell", and the negro company, ae to denton accouLnt ol aid manuelDoe ,,.. -
ten atleswideoti the Kanis river is reserved to iri omoow nigt. Jclon ered toellL
the 1lcisas hth they hold in ,aommra; and all A Gn\ir VOCAL aND iTnriurENTAL Coscrnr ,... 0(. to be paid b De Pogs through der.od i.
noob obis g eW mvea to be sold to oe higbet vln i l ,u a; the Chiese Brridmas ttj.i.ulo ;, c s arte.t, asd lor money pil land seevioes
bCtrr or thi.r biflisicepi tie 'Oatift," ywich Mpll e. 'O(?av,, M .George Le Jenne, Mr. H g.. *-i'S. ibt. defr as gent, inlor ni.nT.his
sooe io .lte-t to i rel-em(tiO. srsItlerli h.)'. aid. Mt .1. C'motns are nasmcd among ithe piucrl (Js'f,.n's) bh-u.itfes;, sand sid Jackson did than
ta ver, are o.c pyiug the lan'd which are toblosd, ple. Mr. l Jtuno crimes w-nil rommeded tda an ud t here sell sai d ssligr in part to DE Pug,
and have agreed lpro:ect eac other againisl ape- q xCelen. bariytone singer. alid rogn Lomi,,all3 toward all such arreis of pen-
culators, and thereby permit toe ocunpaua to pur- p-- --nd therooo,-i-- washoby thed edfendsotef
chase at government price. That portion reserved THB Niw3wSPAE PRESSe rNWASnOTo .-There such agent, agree& to. and a r tat between
to theDelawares is well timbered, and the remain- ae published in t is city six daily newspapers- parties then and tdere agreed. Itis rerngrabd
der has considerable timber on the Missouri river, three of them in the morning, and the others in the that Biesell no where explicitly denies having read
and on Big and Little Blue rivers, Vermillion, afternoon- with a combined circulation ol probably some paper to Jackson, in his office, and.getting
Stranger and some small streams. These Indians from eight to ten thousand copies. In addition to him to sign it, purporting to transfer his pena
have some good farms and we found amongst them these, two of the Baltimore penny paper circulate claim; nor is there any explicit or inteliile denial
teveralieducated, inteligent men. extensively in Washington, being alvered at.toe of his having then some information hatthe hen
tri auecihes b h eaifat ime Tus, Sion had bean allowed. I think there Issoen R In
The COt. of Leavenworth is located on the slads cdors ofte'subsCribera by b earast time.. Thu, I,,f -fthe
of the Delawares, adjoInIng lands of For Leaven- in efiectwe have eight aly newspapers in I the case to sustain the arrest. eThefae h
WOrth. Asavwmill has ben erected, and quite city, bede a semi.weeklvandweklypuolicaaon. complaint, andifthe order is an employment Of the
number of buildingeare in prores. Osawkee is a The evening cars bring hither the morning nws. dsefendant as agent to collect the pension, and
town just laid out on the Grasshopper. papers, from New York, which are sold by te pea- rdlentrepresentatins au eta y asm, ruto
CAPOOSSAOS, TOWAS. oic gilsand the newsmen and newsnys. All which the pensioner was Indueea to trainer i t
These tribes own small tracts north of the Deli he i ag pi-odicals the country an here be him for a Smallmount, andhencethat the origi-
waies, and bounded on the east by the Missouri purcbased, and find ready sales. Thus our citizens nalcausef action is unaffictedhby anysuch tinrans-
river, the Kickepoos immediately north of tie Dta- re well supplied with news and literary reading fer,.and tIe defendant must be audged to pay e
wsres, the Sas north of tb o KickApoa and if they do not became wile and acquire a fr amcunt. Ifthe compit had stated the employ
and lowas north of Sacs and adjoining the north "nowledge of all passing events, it will not belfor ment and reception of the money merey, a e
line of Nebraska. Weare notwell posted In Ielatiou want of facilities. This is emphatically a reading answerhad set up an amssig rentortranfern
to these tribes. The Kickapoo lands, or a portion community, and long may itso continne.-WasA- replywouldhavebeenallowed to statefacts toset-
of them, we are informed, ate subject to setuaement. igt, grniiit, Ncv. 17. aside. I seenoobjectinto makingthlgawlondt
Of t#0ieof tie Baca we are not informed. The that effect In the oomplamint, and they wa no
Iowa lands are to be sold to the highest bidder, for Board ef Counnetllnen. change the real nature of the acn .as euon
the benefit of the Indians. 51i3Boa.'J metat the usual hour on Frida.yafterroon, contract. This view.answersthe _ebieofdonthl ti
50i OO o KANSAS nrBt--SnAWrEES. -ihe pri-Edrt in the chair. A I.rgea number of papers claimisnotasslCable,andalotheioonttotnlmeuf
The Shawnees are distinguished as the Shawn were acted upon, but very little talking was done., the mplaint. Both motions are denied, with flv
Reserve and Shawuee Parnha'e. The Reserve is Ihe foU..ling iepOrtswerepassedtathirdadm:- dolls costs ineach motion.
d bounded on the east by the line of the State lof Mis com eonRoad inraorof regulating', &c_
I aouri and on the north by the Kansas river-is thirty Or Cotfirte on readib in favor enueof regastrir;g, i TH i MOuiENT.-Tte increase Inthe mov
mfe atedws yabu wnyfv~le ot~h ;gIi y~flifh riet, from Third ivenueto striver;o 0 h oxo~~.-htee~itaoe
miles east and wesnt by abo ubwetty lve mles north h Cr.mmittee on Roads. In favor of regulating and paving ment of pork from the West to the EBst forms&a
S and obt. Iit is not now subject to settlement, but Fift-fourth street, between ointh and Tenth avenues*; important item in the commerce.of the oountr
by the terms of Mtbe treaty, Is to be surveyed by the oY committee on Salaries and Offces, rlatono te At the opening of the navigation in the Print
Waited States, after which the Indians are entitled salary of the Corporation Attorney; oF.Canomittee on. Increase rpimeting eww 1
be made within ninety days- Acte r .the Indiansoe sheds firm Eighth to Ninth aenueswth ordinance; 10,000,000 of poncds; sines then the increioe has
liction is made, the remaining lands aboutt 300,000 of Committee on Rends, iri[aror of meacdenifalug Bloo~ steadily maintained.
d acres) will be subject to preemption. The reserve inglale road. neon I- thairet fo htanhrattsunrtreet, in te eeiptse ot this artdcl alone, at tidewaterl
n aujoins tre purchase, and extends westward eighty favor of paring, oo, Fifth avenue, betweennorty-seon ing thbe yhape ofOrk, lards ndb olslwatSe t laGu
i miles, the list thirty miles being twenty flve miles and Forty-ithi, streets: in favor of declaringthea n lg threeyear, havebensfollows:
wide ndheeoadetwnymlewde-i ngrb 129ib HIt01, aodi&slice~reesto tate placeforth-18. 5 18.
h id and the remainder twenty miles wide- in f force of regulating and paring Thirty-ninth 1o5 4ar ....28 000,000 20,800,000 13,8962.a
t northern undaty being the Kasasar-ver. All .4 i(, feom Ereuth to Lighth aeucaos i, favor Pork, 28,000,000 20,80,000 3,792,206
e lands Ol this reserve (about 1,200,000 sores) are suo- of ,eiltig., &re., cuib and gutter In Grand .trent, lard, ......17,857,945 11,4831,20 9,948,1el
d ject to pemplion, and mone than halt of them (-teten addinsn and Corltai streets ; in favor Bo *. ---- 2-196
overed with calmsin all direolit.ns, the traveller flgsc; s &a. in frCert of N(.s. 02, 94 and 96 Fourth, Total....m....(8,487,507 82,310,871 33,310,981
esbolns the ing abe fraerets-nemee'ti and mvhitetenls ,trr~et. in loirer onsaggiug, fhtiry-iilnthr sliest, between
of the squat ters, ai d everyth i ng betokens tndos re,,,tu ind .ishh t. enue'.io ivurr n flcpiigThtrty- The Increace this year over last, it wll lb seenI
r, ofy e and mnerc~iise. The taav r.ees own many seruu-lb a .I-et. n Sisth and H-ghtau avenue-a, 11,77,26poUnds, and nearly double the re IolPts o(
w. ell cultivated f-ima an d t rest travellers wIth ai(o u-C flirting Witi-ti street, I'.ie.reu Grand anu 1852. Reduced to tons, it eachea this year the en-
i i hesltia td Se rer o ti a re l oe d L'tiOUe itr,'r, n f reorof flag gin Ighthav,nue, ha- O S quantity of 3,173,85 tons, and at a liberal
; B euuipe hospitality. Sereriil .roe slus are located t,.,(. aiw(,,t', ulth ted Tllrlitiie leanly it and ohirtieth Btreets; in (aver ng|367,29-
c prWet tbem,; itf ieji kllurk tb Reserve atd I (ui;,lng ie. Titliec.alli careet. between First avenue 2 rnT ltlil.t are hhthrpasti by any we have ever.aen. i,r-ityAu B, in favor of grfant!rg 1.errnlasion to D1. P' I (. BKEB--EI- TtL-yesy, the
g 'hcse of the Recive are perhaps e best timbered, Smithiro erect hraleoyrm at otFulton street; o lavoro trial of this woman for the m.Yrderof Hoff-Ym.y h
sad ihe Purohase the richest soil. Good judges, regulating &c. qlhiit. tventhi ftrec-., l,ci'n h trgh ofThwtnoirtheie murydllnerf fma cin-a
hiopever, express the opinion that there is timber, rcrne end Broadway: to favor of u-egirlaihirg, ,:. Aitiiy iuried. The tortwerejemploysd~ineni anrialtm a
se rumliet for building a-d fencing purposes on sorre, h1t .een, No. 129 and. lufar^^lstnest. in favor, jury, and found this Initiatorycstep of the trial, oe
1e tltr. It is anloawe watered region. Taetown, srglating endfgg, r mtofo o2p Greeoati n ul, frthbe ogtt e mes, u of theeh
a Lawrenoe, Doogleasa aid TeTumseh--the at 45, street- j avor concirit ino open Sicty- renah iede ewlo through the medlofo e
miles up the Kansas River, the second 62 m lea, and, utrneo on rirAer,, wherenot an ope ned pyesS, andyithe very few wn cn b a
s the thh d 65 miles. Lawrence has a population oe ta Cagite A-. twn toth toe ya 3 concurtn rhi hearing teorre-ewdiorum a pan opi.con a
l, sbout 200 men and perhaps a dozen women, an ri;.h i.rei tax of mWa. Hclloderin, favrorof conrur" to theguilt or ineosend or mae o u ane Qioten 5
i', an eligible and beautiful site. Douglas we have riniE ith Boar't of Atdcrmen te remit personal ix o theg t ora wen e acued Qete aal
ae never visited. Tenumseh is a pretty location, but sga'ntA- & S Groesheek, hiaElhtethward for156, rionfmber.ofspectatornawerie e t during theelSoul'
a- its lota have never been exposed to sale, and of' In favorc'fconcurring to rentals onpersu property nation of jurors touehing their quallf.Bakto, to sit
r cooneetimearenoinhabltanla but the proprietor, ofCharles Field forl1861; connrrrringlo remit per.oa inthe case. The defendant, Mrs. tBaer, waspre-
e' anddhis family. Building stone (gray lime scone)l tat farther year88 aainst 8,llgman Krta;infuror sut, duringthe seasslnof the court, teogetberw.
ig is found in ahundance, orupping nt theravines, rcorngtoremltpersnaltaat ThedreF.Mlt' her husbatd,a chblkd, and two female mends. Sb
ng Coal has also been discovered,08at we believe It as :iEdward 0. Ludlow for ; in fs3 r ot remitting per. he whih latter be kept cloe over heridce. Ibe
sh ee r been aoro r ttn eru o n tiooersonaaesalite was dressedu in biack bonnet, black dress andban
s, severbeen ufficiently examined to teet ts qualities an tatof tieNorth Ricer ilit g and Quarryi Cg Co. velw hi ch latr s p lose ov r race. T
re or ascertain the thickness of the veins, for IS58;8 Iu fstorof redal"gi>rso~laHx orJ~oh Liutte- rr.r f h,0 r ahsuting,. Dr. Houfman m. Sips on'.B

or ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W aseti h hcns fteAvis. o tai faoe educng therBoardltof Adeoh ; n L itte- dtaisofthis case are famil .iardtoall orr the-
data, in '00.. ast oradt herfaotothnat Dr.viof ImangineSimsone
Own R511A5n tract boundeduon the north by Shaw- favor of eoneurring to retort tas on property of George B.
nee Reseive and on the east by the line of the State Browne for 5i0, concurring to reri t talon properly of wounds thus received, h nmatW oto importne e
of Mlssourli. They are entitled to make selections Johura C. Piuckney, concurring to remit tax of John F. ontrov erted. The gyrtt=Ofg i.or--t'tinv es-
Clem for 1 SQ3" in favor of flfggjog Se %enth avenue, be. o nW~lb the aggravatirng = 11111 cet
yules i faororco. mtetoa.vry-- ;W
i orl theirown use, (numberof acres notkuown.,) and fnhrti tresth afavoron co l "ligatio W .e to extenuate a vto c verumtarn
the remainder of their lands are to be Bold to the curring to remit tax on property in 7hlrteunth street, egree hacrlaime ot keUsng teSt vo Dmocaate
Ii a dhiegreTerrlioity i, tets avrotrohic ~crime Oflciill~ngr-Sf. LoaDemC~ocrat,.
a highest bidder. a,esedtoJ. I Coddington; coucurrlngto reducetaxon Nov. 12.
Ow sMeetn inerS oi i ealatc belonging to Win. J. Young,ln ithe Eighteenth ', 1 -
r,. Own lands extending southward from the line of ward; in favor of flagging Telifth street, between ave- a Fo ina Bin -oi L S LOST.-
w- Piankeebaws and Weasto 38 degrees. The Indians nuesA and B; in favor ofsettinz curb and utterF stones Te h mining at one o'clock, ihe steamer Fome.te.
m areentitledtomakeselectionsof 200 acres to each in Thirty-second street, betwi Firto econdae- This orf ng at one O'lockon steamer Foreater
se, person, when the remainder will be subject topre- onue; of Special committee In relation to reception of theqa Sthe New Richmond landing, touk firenad
m on. hetrat inot large, perhaps 20 mileaCpt. Creitonin favor of paying .1. N. Carter 5.0D., burned to the water's edse. The steward, oham-
n b ty. lhe nformedlcil servasesat Ninth ward station house, Infav2r beeimid, one cabin boy and a deck hand, are mre-
y by 6. ~of building an engine for Ergine Co. No. 3. in favor of noted to bave been consumed In the fire. Thg
26 PrronlAs AND KASKABK S flagging Ru.e street, oe ; in favor of flagging Delaney Forester was a light, trim, stem-wheel boat, bhl
it Own small tract west of Weas.and Plankeshaws. tiect, i faior cf flaggiug south side of Thirty first es than a year since at Pittebur. She wasoi adl
r., "They ae not subject to preemption, e, b i Madison and Fifh ave i by Mers. Reed & Shannon, who valued her at
t- OrraWAS. egnlr, binuEislo'-nlnthaued fieth d wees toFiftavore by ssr on a ld hea
ad West of Peoriasand Kaskakldas Isa Small tri Due; in favor of regulating c, Furteth seet, be- wardsof $20,000. We understand she was mre4
his I belonging to Ottawas, not subject to preemptio "n. ween First and Second arenuie. t in tie Western1 Office, in Pittsburg, and In ohe
Is I belcging 10 Ottawas, rot subject to preemptIoN'*e offices, for 15,000.
tae SACS ntn eones. 5flLtf'oise.
ith This tribe own 45,000 bounded n The following resolutions were also passed :-To repair tet was chartered a few days since, by the Net
1h This tribe own 4115,000 acres, bounded on the ai ^ ^ ^ Iihmn PaktWmay ttBBr dM and
iole north by Shawnee Purchase and on the east PV ot eidew.alks in Mor street; for estimates for block pave- Richmond Packet ComoanyM at $78 re! day, and
ole orth by t hawnee Purchase and ton the east pty O ment in Chliathema street and square, the Bowery was supplying the place of'the L &te"lhe
d, tawas and tberlands, nit subject to preeMepn partof the Fourth avenue a rourdVanouae,, trade blween this ctyandNewBlohmond. She
Igh KANIAs- grale or trap blocks, lathe manner calledneinpave- trade between this city and New Richmlond. She
In This tribe own 256,000 acres, lylng a short dis- matn;tithesaetorbepresented in ie Co on Council lethereabouto'clock yessterdaevening, and had
,'b oarce Ws it f SPtsF rd FOtP nd PO of tiP 1w-" fcr cdriuL>i,, a o w o estxi ated forin sixdistinct iWeountL-C'UinLfVai Titus, fV oe. PO
At ne9 C puc ci M I,. It 1l gdisMa s eut te a tiio wltor etisu -o-C V.

.. ............. ....... ...r... -.......... ....... ........ ........ .. ..... _. aon oe dghes avA -s.-OI: TI----- w.-.

*__Vt "V1W 'D A T I the Pacif, rat. advanced about five .ents pe. -istantly anged the aspects. of the case, fa o C an e among their daughters, and perforce revive the ATH FT BI tATrYO TU
,s i ivate Lie. I economic toilettes of other dys or other coun-
"-J .L OEnfoot YO e i Ourem t n. A KILOaWet ha ntht e at Next to the foolish and fraudulent schemes o tries thechange would soon be felt, and fTHE B IS rom the Hartford teen ab1o
Tgue the financiers or Wal street, nothing ws' 5o o in trade uld Vi-d
LATER FRO)M HAVANA. are not with the antl-slavery league th financers of Wall street, nothing his BO confusion would so n. Re feen anti*
.AM S R OPRI DOR AND th arrivaEo f the steamship CAhawbaattts t the administration, but are in the field against largely.Contibuted to bring about the present i r o ci us urei hof thise its t deied at e R reioancen i tho ei s hr ch o e i olod wat h e`v0i0en s in insot,
POPIT A rtTO yesterday afternoon we received our usual e them both; thatthey hold the balance of power lrgey co t t obr la the pres t a pi. ei ts,,m (N ,
Cbca N. w. coNaER o AS A N T0 w C s, with some interesting letters from pses th a th t the s to iu In e a of ii hr notan ious
F F IC E N W C O R N E R O FpA Sp o seAl e ntLT O NtSTS gO fca gi nn slioi n g.ais tn o t oreir p i r o se 1w tE, aa p a deS IaAr owlE s c a pel noE afterd eanr rillnecseoo r tftnrynfo ur h d irl a id wa nattaclto of
dour Havana correspondents, n the latter, pub. h rGee Wool, Senator.Weller andi Lady. s stance, but without avail. .He wa I tI.he full posses-
T E RM S c a s h i E a d v a n c e , tent h p e r s e d e t h e h o a a n d t o d e s t r oe t h e o t h e r e a
T s, Ha LDItaeu. t have a fall report ot the latestthat for several years past, the rates of living. W len. fom a riaterW letter to a gontlemsn of si o s mental f e tmomentof
THE WEEKLY t HER ev cit islnd whihw uo ,.a! This aocouuioe at once for the violent Warfare .9W er rmapieslte oaguir- f1so fbl etlfclte otl!L~
T 'EKY RA eer = ym at rensper events occurr on th island, which are notof a accot at once he volentwamong what are called "fashionable people" this city that Major General Wool, Senator Weller life a finally dspard i ,eac ner, having" '.
I nlyoro. S perawthrto e to 5rf a ery exciting -harao'er. General Man4ano Cap of the Cabinet organs, and the a essauls of the i rty of trien mad, lia will and alral I. ,Irc* r. t hison
htoi cl e p sag .in N ew Y ork have been higher than those of and his a sitom plished lady, w ith* a I~t sofri n s ; m ind; and with a full -.:.r,;c ,. as- .. ... Ir, 1-13 IL13 re
AL' yc asuscr.o an eorwif r" bad been dispatched by the govnment "toinquir I Seward jourals against the Know Nothings. ne ke h e a s ni.. ld w atyforni s mind, -a withfaifo il ..-rt .- .. ,- o were -
itrtts ob too~ yr l Z ? Ieadonai agis Ih KnwN ig. siia classes in any part of the world. For met with ant accident lately in California, Which ;i fathuly oprmoe I
emeto be t patd, or toporstapi W be dedrt$r fi m 1n0 the Circumstances" connected with the lte The positions of Colonel Forney and Horace similar classes in any part of the world. For metwith al accisntlaty i whi hihflytorpcharge.r
p sr cot t an ce Greeley i perfety sistent up this issue, parallel o our lavish expenditure in dress, bad very nearly proved fatal to all. Theyhadbeen Father Brady spent the best part o his life in. Hart-
OL JtyCORREspoNDNCE nt s szure t two shro, s at B 0 Inrl are bu s tr uo te nr hend his labors here hasvebeeno a eeverieean
It" solcit SO~ i~,^ ^^ anyieo quate America worldeaa~aaoa Itqek r efcl cnitn pnti s ue, ges, mansions, servants, horses and other -ona pleasure and business tour to the n tb ford^^^
,wll n rfo O. R F onR o C .o..SPO.N is still asserted that the vessels had fire ams and and are directed against a common political equipages, m mansions, servants, horses and otaner on a pl Su a e t ou a the n othe n e cm i ars ere htv e be n- o a ever *..
Inns new sauoidele n fro s-n 15rio ( gunpweroead but many believed that they enemy. The prospects are that the adminis- means of display', we must look to one of tho~ec I ~boUndary egof the ~uState,"..., taking. a look" at thei tiere, were comparatively few Blomi' .1. tii itl. Idt "e.
U N T EO A R E P A ~R T I C U L A R L Y R V aU XS T E D T O S E A L A L T g u n p o w d e r o n l~ o ar d b ue p u b liceet I. t h r w e r o m prkaIn th is e l r eg i n a n R te m m d -~ o f f riii ts
ANS i e n y The prospects ar '" t I m i .. W e quota fro the graphic I But the growth of the city, the b ulbl h. -" lis~t .;. gyom-
--wa-- --' A eaAC--s .o1 may have been on a voyage to Greytown. However, r tinwill be finally abnormal periods which have preceded great .e rion s gneral.. t rtyW q u o "We i rphics reuit nrowt t and tecy, the bnax offie ,fteoo,
Vol me XXi ............... ......... in theersting stat of ourSrelato with ua, the letter written by one of the party:- *o o t94 We ste a diybroug hit a dliional numbers -,if omanist tor
veau ....mof this ultimatum .....have traveled aong the wndn.gbank of rivers and city, until Father Brady's church. was overflowed.
.I ----- OROW EVNINO. fact of their arrival a. Cuba, with snh a orgo, roundup together. In view ofthis ultimatum .o so that of Charles II. i Egland, t tai on the windingbankn of rivers atd lfath asherh was o!fe t
-----T t caued mush uneasihess to the executive. Nothing the Know Nothings promise to render the errorss at Rome, that of Charles I. i and r mountains, sometimes beholag snow ar but to the welfare of his arishloners. the ewas t
ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Foutent t-i..B further was known with regard to the recent out- highest service to the overnmet an'to the o r the memorable reigns of Louis XV. ad away upon the peaks, wile beneath it was warm ly among the sick, always alleviateg the pressing oWant
break the Regent in France. Nothing of the'kind summer weather. We saw oak trees many times Of the poor. He even kept several cows, so as to
B O D A n BA T B r o a d w a y - A Rt An ~ .A -- M Y b r e o k a t P u e r t o P r i n c i p e G sn e r i l C o n o '-a h a d U n. i o n at he i d e g e n ty w t h m i k
,BROADWA eEeTaRdw at Puerto Principe. General Concta had T INWon. -s can be found in periods of staid abiding pros- larger than any I eer bebeld in the East, and ta At the same time he set about building anew coath-
EN .I MAJOR-e entertained at-dinner the newly-apolnted Minister T" NEW GooNors has so pnes, from a hundred and er with mo 0
BOWERY THEATRE, Bowosry -EqVXYsrlA* PE aRFORM-' of the 'United States to Nicaragua, the late Coneu .O EW R N TI .sN B Y- h ai p erity. Indeed, extra vagance like ours has so pines, from a hundred and fifty to tw o hundred feet dral.-purcbased a desirable site, labored with.-.., t 'r,
OWR ATRE, B Ev a P of the United States tNiaraga theteComi N-SW D R AssmLY.-The cabi- invariably been the precursor of great public high, standing in the most beautiful valleys the sun -appealed to some of our wealthy men who had on-
.ARoES--oo~woon. at Gteytown,Captain Eagle, of the United States neunonga andtht thweteooino poimni encamped upon dence inbim as aman~and from them procured assisted.
N IBLO'S GARDEN, Broadwiay-Tax SvRi. I netmergan and the hittlafaotion of spoilsmen i a ter, national calamity, or revolution, that ever shone upon. Two nights we aencampedpOn finally ma e glad int e uira.eingnte
steam er P inceton, an d other offIcial A Span is h cr to 'i ahme ristration w s f neaal sleeping w while the gentlem enbe oi t he s t
BURTOYN"S, Chanbers street-Gooon YouR NoTioso-Up- digest of the lan Mexican news-forwarded to Cuba this State w ich clings o the it has come to be mistaken for if not identie the ground, the ladl s of his long and untiring efforts in one of' the most
: ^~ .a .^ o.o .0. itf hae comea tow~ re^ b^t;,^^ ~ h e misaken f no dentde kept6 a look out for wolves and grizzly bears, that [ ^u n ^ %%e^^^.l^^to~a. e~e
o n ws given, from which we can see the e le which the and 'he spoils, have been oongrat ulatilu them- kept a look out for wolves, and grizzly bears, that tiful and substantial stone cathedra . in New E gll
NATIONAL THEATRE, chath te o h we h er hins selves on the re-election of Governor Seymour as o ne of the suhvrecauses of such accident; and roam over the plains. e c Here was oenteredi hig hehist hopre -here the res f
T z e of tve. serious men have begun to look upon the staHse Six miles from R iajor Reading's is Fort Reading, His congregation was swelled tone of vast numbe rs,
eo-C o Lsr. Santa Anna had on the public. Al the irem as anadministration victory, asfarasitgoes. of things which surrouhds u, here as a most where are stationed some two hundred soldiers. sn ebightpos
WALLACK'S THEATRE, Broadway-THse Hozvsstoima stances of the late romantic and extraordinary at- Inside of this Commonwealth it is not necessary omos token o impending danger. Our fore- jorGen. Wool,.who was of our party, went in- life, seemed to open a pleasant pathway for his declining
.-AETRPo TE. a tempt at sie are published, with an interesting to say one word in refutation of this stupid ab- fathers did not live as we do. Englishmef and mediately to the fort,hvn where we were to follow him. yhi e ar.icottean
METOOriTA. THEATRE, raw-W E lany of commercial, theatrical, and personal surdity; but outside of it we can most poas- Frenchmen, when they come here, view our Mr, Weller bad started on a bear hunt, so could not amown modest ho wore in Talcott more heerfl countenane werf
IAuoKI-0 1UEMAtr$n-VLAEPOLI tm.tlel sueorredr htpacial h among us who wore a more cheerful eountenatInceet
3ERICA USEU- tro -V A Po- teams, lively assure our readers that practically the reckless expenditure with amazem-nt, Ger- accompany us and so lost the salute of thirteen Father Brady. however t op of Hartford'
S he Nw Party of the Kow Nthngs e- Fadministration had nothing. etodow the roigal :uns n is reception, but which the gal- A short time since however, the Bitup of Hatr
.~ ~ ~ inF v v e a e e e a t fth I O ~ h n s ~ w a m n sr t o m an- never 5sWm the like. E ven h pr ig o gun -b~ d came among us. H e tookc a residence in, Church ste ,
WOOD'S VARIETIES-MchiDcs' Hall, 472 Broadway. mendous Oslaught upon thie Seward Anti e-election of Seymour, if he is re-elected, than n es of t. Petersbrg confess tha few fa- nt General gave to Mrs. Weller-certainly a high and desired Father Brady to leave his own residence
BICKLEY'S OPER HOUSE, 59 Broadway-Bvo- Slavery Aiance and tie Admtsistration. the man in the moon. lies in Russia can afford to live on the scale compliment to aady utdobteste coader and take up one with him, the Bishop. This the old
liT'" in R ueRA Tao t ive oa m an refused to do; and he was right. Then there were
'. tSEHOIANOPA Tnor. I The newspaper organs of William H. Seward if re-elected, it is upon his veto last year of which is only thought suit ble for me., chants, considered hr the better half" pesof her good lord, questions about the property-the burying ground-is
W DSHr epaoko ae ie gr.s .c ,ec. shrhoon land andon or two dwellings., h
1. lsbop evidently desired to 'control ilmin,n and to m
WOOD'S MINSTRELS-Nlinstr I Hall, 444 Broadway. and his Northern anti-slavery coalition are the Maine Liquor law. If defeated, which nw brker, and speclators in New York. time two hundred ndians were trimming their head extet, we believe, Father Brady gTve them up, hut
(CASTLE QARDEN--EquESTRtAn PrFBORUANOR. beginning to discourse of the Kaow Nothing appease to be almost a fixed fact," the large In comparing the cost of living here with the with leaves and wild flowes,preparatory to amsiug be refused to be cleaned out. Here were bones of con-
TO-NIGhT. and their political -tendencies, with fe Ir and vote which he received Is due Ito that veto, a:) sume expense' elsewhere, alloAnce muas of us with their war and fancy dance rhere ntiy, ase Father Bradyattemptedto enterthe chrch
sHImeS eUIpeneS elsewhereoml CONCERT.c mus 0 uswtthiwaan fncdsc.rhSe re i Finally, as Father Brady attempted to enter the chrc
_Cn__SE BUID.INGS, iodway-SAcnD CorneRT, trembling. They seem to rec.igaise from the to that alone. The overruling question was course e made for the big priceswie ir- gentlemen were evidently delightedas no m ne night to procure some 'holy water" for theo o
Nev Var, Sunday, November 19, o 185. sudden uprising of this unlooked for and formi- lie that ssu e iquor question. Upon that single iss ties ofnecessity command ia New York. t a e Urqu ev nt tre w no latiOon nof ath e dyingparsioner, he water r the
uprising liquor question. Upon ingleof necessity command iu New York. tbtan three Or or'der d senaundw n ato fadii aisueh a poed byte
==-- dable organization the supernatural appetr- Seymour went into the canvass, and upon tha When an ordinary dwelling .house is wort men uto silver quarter, s againsogethe r had quite a ow- rexton of the church, w ho it seems acte ound ii-
M ails__ anr ordnar dwellmng once if wore mig refa h m a h n ta i ig e is e he c m s o t o n' o shoot at, and altogether had quite a R 'biin lions fronm the bishop, and Father litrady found hi
TH EW TR HERALD-CALIFORNIA ance of the fingers of a human hand tracing single issue he comes out of it Men of all $1,200 a year, meat eighteen pence a pound, Hood sort of sylvan sot before aJjourning to di ingress stopped at the threshold of his own cathe
coals $7r 50e aPoacif1iab r e a dp t tom n aw y u h o l n t g He rt
The United 'States mail steamship North Star, Capt. the fatal handwriting upon the wall. Tliy parties whose interests and opinions ,were ho. roal. An-4 wtat think eou of this bit' o fr at a dralte child and pet of his life. He ordered the
They papties o n c a d h0 a tsn, ou $11 a br a t o rt hundreds of miles away from civilization, and an away, but he would not go. He struck the
fort hdrdofmesayfrm iilatondsexton in the. face, and the sexton returned the blow.
Warnai. will leave this port to-morrow afternoon at 2 already have their misgivings of the overthr v tile to the despoti espionage and search war- $1 50 a bushel, while the same articles range away.up in the mountains of Califoinia? The sexton appealed to the bishop and Father Brad
elok, for Apin oftheir leaders, the total rout of his mereua- rants of the Maine law, supported Seymour, on from 75 to 50 per cent cheaper in London, Paris 0o no n 0 0 n=ooo nn. to was suspended as pastor of the church.t itThis supposed
The ml for Cii a and other parts of the Pacic, es, with the loss of his camp equipag milita- the ground that he might safely be rusted n ad other foreign cities, it is clear that the o A fine roast pig, Roast d0o dt hk ou e h r nu titwast g eer a
sRoast beef, w rock q, not the fact. On Sunday last it was announced in the-
The New YoR t WEy HFi.aue-Caliornla edition- ry Chest, baggage wagons, and muniions of the event of another experiment to fasten it most economical man cannot live as cheaply o oast muton, Vegeaes of all kinds, o church that the connexion o Father Brady with the
msecnmclmncnolieschal 0o RoastRT init, Vgtbe f id. 0 churck that the aounrexio of Felas ther Brady w!erd
ontaining the ltest inteligence from all parts of the war. They are right. They are already sur- upon the State. And it is doubtless owing to here as there. At the same time, it must be 0 puddings, pies, Jellies, o and that the e. g r. Hughess of e providence, would
"o P pis Jli, 0 and that the Rt. Rev. M r. Haghes of rovidence,
world, will i e published at ten o'clock this morning, rounded, and their position is infinitely more the fact that Raymond had heartily supported borne in mind that the high prices ruling here o Oranges, grapes, nuts, Blanc monge. take his place. This waa the bared arrow to the heart
Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, sixpence, perilous than that of the Russians in Sebastopo, 'the veto, and had heartily condemned the Maine are not produced by the mere ordinary laws of n o o o o o o o o o o Hi pe t h egaor o his life-his odest anticipa-an.
Agents will please sed in their orders as early as po subject to a shower of twenty-five thousand law as an unconstitutioal piee of legislation,, supply and demand. The period of unusual in- The officers of this fort are nearly all WestPoint is were dashed to the eirth, andthe black
bomble Shll aions, were dashe toqu the earthes andt the blacnes of o se ld o
le bombshells aday. With the unique and as- that he has been elected Lieutenant Gover- flaton and reckless speculation through which gaduats; most of them had not seen a lady wto night was only before him, as lie was to plod alonsi old-
T. e. T b o m b s a d y W it h t h e e ig h t m o n th s a n d y o u m a y b e s u re w e r e g a lla n t a g e to th e g r a v e if n o t in d isgr ace a s a p a sto r, s ita i w ith
I "THE EWLECTIONO. tonishing results of the late election in Maisa- nor. True, he was supported by the tempo- we have just passed has had far more to do with enough. We had a grand time, and when we de' a blow which his soul could not bear.r He stoodee
rac ona mor lt:iee it ned a itesgct oprevarted we were escorted to Major Beading's by a der it for three'ldays, when that insidious diseasewhc
he eeived nothing concerning the ectio chusetts, it needs but little sagacity to perceive rance party, on account of his more recent high prices than any other cause. SpeculE 'n oy guard of one general, one majar, two colonels, ever revels with the least restraint in a system shol:ed
t' a: mstolriiy cbang-s the wpect of the canvass, that the Seward anti-slavery league is threat- pledges; but the anti-Malne law men to some enhanced the price of real estate: hence rents and four captains. TI'e Major is abachelor, andour and shattered by keen anguish of the soul, seized po
Official re urfr in m i enty-six counties have bren ened with the destuctive sweep of a prairie on extent supported him, because they were con- rose : this compelled a rise in the value of mer- party of ladies took unceremonious possession of his and made short work of him. He will rest in a peaceful
fie-lasdgrave1 and his memory will long. be cherished in this city
lehouse, and did the honors as p the em. lrne for his constant exertions among his charge to make
received at tte office or the Sacretary of S:ate, 4nd fire. Hence the well grounded fear and trem- vinoed that his pledges were all bosh, and that chandise generally. Speculation in building servants of his mansion were all educated Indians. them comfortable, when in sickness and Want.-to instil
the figures we have heretofore published require bling of the leading Seward organs. In the hour his arguments in support of the veto were still lots inflated the price of agricultural land, and He has lived here eleven years, and owns an In- into their minds wholesome lessons of temperane, of
alteration only in one instance, that of Madiaon of their proposed triumph they are destined to the real principles of the man. His arguments hence potatoes, butcher meat and farm produce mense tiact of land highly cultivated. Bat I good morals, and to impress upon them the duties of
o. must come to our marvelous escape, perhaps frim law-abiding and honest citizens. That he has been dealt
county, which adds four vtsto Clark'smajority. be destroyed. torthe veto were voluntry-his -pedges for increased in value. Speculation on the pros- sudden death. Our party, being large enough tofll by as hlie should have been we do not believe. ut e
Ac, exceinged three hunformaed; but it mCla'sy be im p sible The recent State elections have conclusively the law were extorted. Both s ny Pe peQt 9f short crops abroad- gave a fictitious a stage comfortably, we engaged an extra, over the the dead rest. -
Rco eceed t oue buorainCltr' m lualy wemsible
h e r State-top of which 7was thrown an American nag. The
to arrive at th exat figure unti after th 22d inst. established the important fact that thisnew deceived;but insecuring the support of ot value to our. Theo ugmentatios in the driver, feeling proud of hi lod, doubtless, swel.
On tlat day t" e Boeard of Stat, Cnvasers are ra and mysterious political party of the Know te bebs been elected, rates at which articles of prim necessity were as f tn eda b, drove at was fUrious rate, in order torningben the theatre of 18
quie b law to meet, bt it may' convene at an Nothings hold the balance of power i h The eward coalition p atyare ongratulat evada compelled strikes among laborers ht. It was about nine oork This city has this morning been the theatre of ma
to Ite atar powerio t'rt ar oo compelled strikes among laborers g"'rl in e pvening-weva jutt afesh hoirsef-aud excitement, growing out ,r "I
eair day, poided all the county canvassers shall country. Indeed, if we may form a estite ing themselves on the election of h aa ee- mechanics, and ultimately a permanent rise ia wewere sending a mrionof whtain over a very d a tn- oll Bishop to ow the remain of Father Brady to
bave ede.d their s, ents. & our t e on the refutal ie R
riederd teir ~tement5- of their probable strength in the States where wheeling majority in the Assembly as will s- the value of labor ; which in its turn was re- brisnrofadpi irt,ion'o wei si,_ a8 be buried near the church. In consequence of sme
AE-I NESTR OF LEE, THE RIOTERt. wil83gh a flbr hc nistr a e- rkofs radA p~reoion* of. wich -6,6.ya la Z a toli buriehd toeallo the trema Iin cofseqather Brdc o
Ol eER, lm mratheir platform has yet to be tried, from the re- cure, beyond all doubt, the triumphant election produced in the enw.auced cost of articles the a hslf from Nevada, when the driver, staking a diheculty with Brady, the Bishop had suspended him,
o her Lee, the ersoi chriiged with the murderWs suits in the States where their power has beeu of their champion to the -United States Senate., produce of industry. Henlice, it will be seen, large stump for a ad oW- (the moon being very and the treatment the latter had reeved is believed to'
o prove bright) drove !edleaoiy forward, and stalking the have induced the disease with which ho died. The pe--
burg, on election day, was arrested by the police of proved, they can command a large majority of But they may be too fast in their calculations. our whole fabric of values, from a house ia obstacle, 'orolke the pole cf our coa. Immediately pie, siding with their former pastor, determined that he
this city yesterday morning. He was conve;ed to the popular vote of the whole Union over all We are somewhat apprehensive that they are Fifth avenue to a *peck of meal, rests on the ier noises began running at ra terrible rate, the should be buried near the church, as he had requested,
Willistbni rg. We understandLeehas admtttd the other parties and factions combined. Tuat doomed to disappointment. We suspect that fictitious basis of speculation; and is liable at ieloaoundtmo leta braced ourselves k as ah fourthe
.. asalt upon Harrison, and has also gien inform- they will enter the Presidential election as a the mysterious and terrible Kow Nothi any time, a reverse comes to fal to the of an upset, as soon as the vehicle should strike full purpose of building a receptacle for the coffu.This morn
t: li-that may lead to farther arrests. Heisapow- distinct organization upon their peculiar .und have not overlooked the Assembly and the great ground with a crash No prices can be regarded o againstee of themany stumps whih lay in our ing the hole was found to have been file up by the or-
~~ ~~~~~~~~~ cou ih acr s .N rce a er g rde g iset one of nth e many stampsdfwhic h e stay ge, duesofthe iholewa f undtoh aep beope en ottll bed efupted
SerfuliS built mai., shabout thirty years of age, a na- sharply defined American principles, there is object of sending one of their own order to the as safe but those based exclusively on the pro- course. One gentleman umped from the sia ge, derspite of the Biefforts ofbut the Bishoppeople were not to be dsts,
Strive f co my T rne, Ireland, and an Orangemnan. not a doubt; that they will cary the election, Senate in the place of the unprincipled trader portion of supply to demand and demand to aspssible, utterigntwh ordbutaaitg succeeded in again opening it. The Bishop then refused
~EO A IA HO I ,IO S I AT IAi FO D e1 h p a e o h n rnc p e r d r oo f s p ly t e a d a d d m n o a pssly t e catater gnoph whc w erd felt musitin ensue. succeeded in again opening it. The Bishop then reu d
ROMAN OATOLIC TROUBLE AT HARTFORD. as an avalanche sweeps the earth, rocks, and for abolition sympathy and foreign votes. Iu- supply. On we went, hurrying toward a frigheue to open the church for the funeral service; but, after an
The BIs'p f Hartford and his flock are at enml- vegetation of centuries, from the mountain deed, we shall not in the least-degree be sa- Bt he extravagance of a large class the preip. which me of the party hour's delay, the people again succeeded,' and the
sde, Ye. s,-,.uacontentionlookpliceat is, from the present appearances of things, prised should the Know Nothings, in coujuc peof New Yok is quite knew was but a few ros in advance church was opened, when it was found tht the altar
the .kcrul i It tbaE city, waiting fr~m,bhe reLs-il of d peopleof indepoeaoot of5h of us, when, pravidentially, the horses had been so fixed that mass could not be celebrated.
tie B top lI. allow tihe remains of Father Bray, by no means improbable. This will make clean tiou with the other opposition elements in the unusual expenses which every individual is fuc sweaved suddenly from the road, and dashed into pr a in tumphed, a iDgs pu
Ihe i*.rtr pastor of the obmfo", a d wLo at the wrk i f all the old rotten pries, an.], Assembly, elect another man to fill the place of tbe le compelled to incur. Carriage, live. ^the woods. The few ,minues a n"runningo .tineo, a Lpiethngcod ot o
s -em ed w eeks to Lis. bit as lsngth L o -7-3 Im nske rbtr, sand no. i'at 1,2 oeloric ,h a pr-ied. fro m ot o
time -.1 hi' deth wis undtr suip.s ,soin, tu be bue[id cori'pt regencies. ju itas, and buckst-ring cou- Seward at Witsipgton, touch assugh a consinir- rie, services of plate, splendid mans.s i stups p De d the eltese; the flt.t wisa gr eit.ed t',-n, I Iifrer, l Fatther l'ady'e, is ia,;ng man.n lbs
i, it,. e.rtbynirt. The Bisbho. and us a.s-istanu ventions of the last twenty-five yearma, al mation would surprise his partizai. and dim- Filth at-u, re obviously mers liiuurks. re. suflitint 0n tilt Lbe vbicle upon lbe other, wFre -rcla in the a egitlboho.l tarot be.-- fi lld the
--.l. . ,.- .Ii.. 1% - -- rI.,nh. I -.Tuvu I e..S. tIialt ttIu e mously m ae lsen tp,,nt"l .1 h- w e s Wtal abou TaN from that the dath oteeath.fFa is Yra p r
..l.-~~~~~ ...Z -h-r' -----I-er "-s
~,4,U~ww*t i,~~u talal tiemi wi boul the Iwo hoii~esot Ciuigresa.' ohich ought now lo be supplying the ,Irsiu G1n.l "giSnb brfdas fri eat nTexas, byeenlowfever, ofBrvt W ajhngor Gorgte
of""_ 1 le stagb"oe ab noutaIw frirand et h nTxs yeiwfvr fBe.tIrGog
tn high i ..'smwnn;y in winch b had res-ion ofithe de-,,nies ofihe country. Nothing; andthey are awareofit. Wemiy from oui bank. The story is remark-b 1k._-w' we followed edi as posible. T prf v bW
W1. W.F' '. eood, of the UntdS ates. ary. aorWo
log aid profi'bl i,bore.1. But the firet an.] most important resul o rely upon i, therebre, that they will mke a In 1850, '51 ad 52 most of our merchants dive hid oa ben throwne atysf e d Iaie e pcrm ha th e news of h death, ailit will fallwitW
ail.iles hio bnen brokn ten. Weep, hnd me1 ypec uiar vt y pon n' paerventerb willa b. rcid with.
ictarAL,ry o0- THE CITY. this -poutaneous uprising of the K~now Nuthigs effortto fill every vacancy which may in the made money: some of them large fortunes. ofthe"insktermustbeseverey vhabthapp large circle of acquaintances in hio native city.
Tre were but 356 deaths in this iy during the will b the crushing out" of the Seward meantime occur m the Senate. In making the The receipts of gold from California nd the allesa with a fwedscvut sav on te flanrood Aenred hea y a en Meeinwa
Cito Wpto tlem w hntr 1 ay e scn servc h vnced ena-t o
past eh, aceordiog 1o the official ,sport of the coalition. To go no farther, the Massach laetts experiment in our own Assembly, it is very prosperou condition {of tradethouhoutn the all 6? ^ esae it e cratches, save only the ifeajo~ontery n ed8. Befcet riehe adva~ sc n cd ra-e^^
Sos p an 4 ths oube en eledon has determined this ise For wety likely they will find the materials withwh1ch to 1O W teo e n tho ,r ) c r elciena
'ar. worldestimulatedaaenterprhiseuand inctitetions Weller shouted "Hielpl ho!" in a stentorian vo brevetdamjri elwctzn fPiaepi
wd t whih we heard ens were immediately, and soon a ehowed their sense of his bravery by presenting him
O th h mbr -5 died of coumt.on o year. past, the old whig and democratic parties do the work. Had they been aware of the extravagance Hence A who had never man on horseback appeared approaching A tnedat one of thefrontier postsofTexas. r He eaes
< holera,' orbronehlt.el7ofiflammationof the :' that State, off and on, have been pandering astounding popularity of their mysterious prin- master of five thousand dollars in his life p hysician and carns were sent for, and in two a wife and family, and numerous friends in and outof
lmgs 10 of diarrhms, 10 of dysentery, 8of conges to and huckstering for the support of the anti- iples, they might have swept this State as before but now found himself at the head of hout ore we nourseas safe at Neva thearmy, to lament his dath.-Piad a B .
tin of .L brain, 29 o onvalons, of scarlet slavery factions. Of late both whigs and demo- hey have swept Massachusetts-Govrnor, thirty or forty thousaland, instantly bought a fole edy ere te n te m o
fever, 1 oi miu u, and 30 of dropsial com- crats had become so tainted and demoralized State ticket, Congressmen, Assembly men and house in Fifth avenue, gave t a thousand a c i General, hoe first exclamation upon gett la ing out the nr W o- Cad 0.
M o r-r of the stage, and6 findings~ hiriself w h le w as, A Dno w v EtsE L wg ,E D ~ ~ s' IE L O ST.ram y -

platie. 'here were341,sof stilbornduringthe from these affilations that the anti-slavery all. As it is, they are, perhaps, muchstronger to his daughters, and commenced high life ana Where's my hat?" y to which our senator very AFrom theNE veS.. venn i ayune O No .1
.~~~~~so of theh -sae n idn isl hole Was, lia andE O tile Be O R-m cmU~r

week-, an 1 deeu om external causes. The party were counting upon the absorption of in our Assembly than, appears upon the sufac style which it would have reuired a constant revenly responded, "-n your hat; ok tothe esamsip raba, iap Forbes, cnarrived 11here this
natty t. abl giees 233 as natives of the United both, when the Knnow-'Nothings, like a clap of Te are a mysteriu bdy of men ad 'er sucsine aiona icvre to sustain. suate~s perhaps, was pardonable. Bat the Major- 5th inst. She brings $18,833.? in specie.
States, eoe oodatst h elannin th'Scand 38 ondf arsThere thunder- in the sunshine, In a Single blow de- often strike their most decisive and terrible Neither he nor those who followed his example General Is a gallant gentleman, and we all agreed Captani Forbes reports that the American bark Ava-
Te E BsITISe V,Rdan i rLAN rDS molished them all. Thoughrunningintoextremes blows wlien least expected, ever seemed to think that the wind would -at lastihat to the American flag over our veh'ce anche, Capt. Stewart, foundered at sea, about 75 miles
The .l p the.T as p points, intolerant and impractic- We admonish the Kitchen. Cabinet and their change or the tide of fortune ebb. Tte con- Wiveers on from baeap Vaaecr lthect of Mexin co to heg at
--"Oor advit s hta o Tortola state that the new able, thisT spontaneous ultra-Amer:ca l move- xpeoilsmen to confine their exon tatious upon Assembl y ttIat noe that the emif an tas allescapne afhes, saveand ornm tera cous to the atr ast. sec o ughtby
..... Wa arew saved from thewere uin y thi bwo ts. te 4
-"c~o Ind- prdsperou condtin ofrol state thatgou the newees able this spotanou ustomee~c &pifantandfl8gal~t move- apoiemen o confine theirexuations upo
Theoflesse' indbir ,esteh oft. heomasi Tintmet~s. seqenc isemie thsthat, teoylklyte now~in that theral evil y ha tosln iArals.meooran~o, insvttd and f oro i flo -cizn brought y

President, Kontright, had arrived at Rcoadton, an meethas initsomething of the spirit and temp-e r Seymour to the liquor question, and to post- come A. B,, has no savings to withstand Jo BmWes eV' sho Gi snow, Capt. Cd- .e raba. merCat t e 8 st
It: te mony ma: in ing, saied yestrda frlan s gwre wmeiathly 34d c onabinad Tohreadngheira'7Z, of thedinst. quotesy ay Prsctatmet

was alieadd makcg hia.elf very popular among of the revolution of'7I. At all events, it has pone their joy for a fewdays:, for asthe aS Bit: t mn e i the day of nr mpnr-10 steragepassegra e e Ofciaon the authority of phvate
the people. The two banche, of the Legislature thespirit of nationality about it. It is peculiarly now stands he is defeated. ois veto has ie- pr t b has gone in a house ud gorgeous Smi Cu c.-The plfarty who actedpn as econd oo mae b a onierp-o a gr
't ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u~s ofteot ils hymgthv wpcriiewr etfr n n io a twie and familyand numoerou frind inhath oend

wer, lon s r,ar valiiance', owing t tusen impr, rtaut co conservative upon the slavery question. It elected him, ifhe israe-eeted, asbwe hdope- burity nowen und lestlt a t the lesa of h is more en h e lve fdated at Teoapa ce Octb ed Per 29, th a th e goveA r
funtue speddslsadhihlcs a ere of r bthi s shp and he vygeofom s ntwer p m adust body ofrvltoWta aecle urod a

measures, which tad passed the Lo set House, hay- seems In fact, to hkuow nothing" of the eit- alcteA it is, they instead of sengers of thie Black Hawk, will please sen, his name to 0"e oMavares
diceditWoud1e-let hmifhecoutll~ r- fotenan l spring, when she was so instrumental in saving the pas- Whe orm CmpodeGtuerirero. The latter were led by Ana-
ing been rant ted by the Upper House, without nce of slavery intheSouth, andotemptousiy elected. Buts t s alenl the figures are st No.
evn aonerece. Among the blh ase the under- in th s h in ai singl abow te often she..... ..... rike ther .s d the undersigned. so thatditsmav per snspao .nale ....., ... ins h e government troops iommpeen
I I I 11 saIa seinec aisto tanhact, ofw the Noth I - Cui. w cha is er5 re ar lie Afobr s himt byd order ofr thez toteetr-s. b

----------accse abolition fanaticism of the North. It
Assembly, we a'e tOld, was one doing away entirely t adaoptsitlf taaci to both
with the pesInt constitution of the British Virgin thus ads itself with equal facility to both
. Islands, end subsitnting a new one in lio; it was ides of Mason and Dixon's line, and threatens
also proposed tM abolish thi Representative &Asem- a political revolution in Virginia equal to that
bly, and to have in its place a Legislative Council. effected in M ,asichusetts.
S.aother of the bills was one repealing all foi mer It is this homogeneous quality of nationality
bills tending to taxation, duties, &c., and eitablish- which renders the Know, Xothings so fearful
ng a uniform rate of two an.i a half per cent on the and terrible, not only to the Seward coaltioil,
vale of very aItlcle of export or home consntil- bu, to the Cabinet coalition of spoilsmen at
tion; tiai scale fxtecdtd tohouseassesgments,boat Washington. If this new native party has
li.-egrE. Cutcib tax, &ce. Owing to the refusal on boen up the calculations of Seward iMas
.ae pup r,.- till C"n.,r i,1 .entertain either of these' broken pthe calculations of Seward i as-
lbill, the -Luas of A -eibly camne9 t4 tldetqrmi- sachusetts, it has broken down the admiuistra-
natitn lo0 spf-i-u ail either business" pendleg a tiou and its adherents in Penasylvania, Ohio,
disoin i..n by tIr.e Eecutivs. A few of the troops Michigan, Indiana, and elsewhere. And why
wire siil at "ortoli. not? The programme and principles or Sewaird
WS aoasE W TUS I SLNos. and the spoils Policy of the administration, hal
By the, sr, iral of the Brltsh brig E-ropa we have worked together to create this new and as- 1
Sites o 'be Tunh Isilands Ga:ete to the 3d founding political organization. The adminis-
of November. The Gam:etre of that date has the tration has not only inflamed the sensibilities
followiig:- Draing The last three or four days the of the natives iits most mischievous foreign T
wind has bfen blowing very strong from the north- and doe a potments, but in attempt f ug
west, comFelling the ship Tropic Bird and the birka metic appointments, but in attempig
Byron and Spencer Kirby to discontinue lotidiig, to prove itself sounder than the South upon the a
and seek a safe anchorage in the HELwk's Nest H-ir slavery question, it has created an anti-slavery r
bor, where, from the present appearances of the furore in the North which nothing but a new b
weather, they are likely to be detsined for several party could arrest short of a crusade against s
days longer. Owing t) the boisterous state of the the South, ending in secession anl disunion
weather only a small quantity of salt had bean ex- For a quarter of a century the anti-slavery v
ported. Latest accounts from Salt o ai y state that elements of th orth had been vainly attempt-
some salt was still being raked there. The closing eient effectivheaoralg had been vainlyu atthe very t-
Frice for the season reached 30 oeunH. Export datn' an effective gamaton i. at the very t
half a cent. time when they were believed to be powerless, c
m AVY BANK ROBseBR. and put to rest, the administration came to a
The Windham Bask, of Windham, Caonn., was their relief, without invitation, and without any o
robbedon'thenight ofthe17th lust. of twenty-t wo existing necessity except its own desperate, u
thousand dollars. This is the most extensive depre- sinking conditions
dation of thin character that has o03urred for a
"-long time. c We have seen the results of this revival of a
' AFFraRs IN BlAZL.. the anti-slavery agitation in the late Western n
Two letters from oar Rio de Jansiro correspon. elections, and in the Seward Presidential pro- II
dent will be found In another column. Thl slhip- gramme of the piebald coalition Saratoga, Sy- li
mnat of coffee for the United Statei in the end of reunse and Auburn conventions. We were in
September it described as hav;ng been very large. threatened with an anti-lavery Northern cru- ti
STATE OF TRE 5ARIE8 18. sade against the South in 1856, which, if not Is
Flour was without change in prltes, while owing intercepted, could have no othe termination p
to a slackened domestic and liggn demand, the cold have o other termination p
market was less active. Wheat Pas quiet, while than a speedy and abrupt dissolution of the a]
Indian corn was firm, with free sales at 9oo. a 91Ie. Union. Nothing less. It was the estimate- ai
C.i tonwa ti.ady, Wi:h FaD'-O ,fabmtl.,200 bales, nothing short of it. But the separate Know lh
Wbikey sold at 46o.a:e- P:rtighea to Cistorni:,. Nothing ticket in this State, got up at the st
vi.loe to the illnmbP'.pr lppr Uhipaoqgt9l e yewti boar, and t Q9l9t904404Saaghuett, sV

annim, anu ne is most probably defeated. This
journal urged him to the veto, under the con-
viction that he would be sustained in It by the
people, in a fair and square contest upon that
question alone. We have supported him in the
veto, and the support of the people has just
about as much to do with the support of the
aidmolnistration as the NEW YORE Htr.A. Our
object upon the question of the Governor was
lihe defeat of the Seward coalition. Our object
in reference to the Assembly was the defeat of
Seward. His partisans claim that he has
iriTiphod by r large majority. We are not so
certain. We have our fears of the Know
Nothings; and for all that we know they may
have the power, and they may have picked oat
their man to succeed Seward in the Senate.
Who knows?
IT, AND THE Liquoo QuEsroN.-Clark is
nost probably the Governor; and -there
appears to be less doubt of the tempe-
rance Maine law majority in the Assem-
bly. We may count, then, upon he Maine law
among the first business of the session: upon its
passage, its approval by the Governor, and upon
rigorous attempts to enforce it, and earnest and
violent resistance. Its constitutionality will be
ested, and its practical utility. But the work
uf the temperance party belng'eompleted, we
hall see what will become of them in the
operation of their great scheme of temperance
upon compulsion. Afdt we shall, see what
heir universal panacea is worth. But first of
al, we shall see whether the Maine law was a
aere humbug in the late election, for the beae-
t of Seward, or a sound plank in the whig COin-
ition platform. We.shall have some funay and
interesting disclosures in the Legislature alupon
ie subject of this Maine liquor law ad lthe
ate election. Meantime, let all concerned pra-
are to shut up shop# The author of the bill
ppearsto have slipped in. And he is bound to
gn it, as Raymond is bound to urge it through
e Senate, in spite of his opinions of its uucon-
itutionality. Let all hands prepare for the
aiiac liquor law. -

W h I bcg pepredforhimbyorder of the mer-
them for assistance. Nay more, he has himself chants of New York.
by his speculations aided i enh~Rcing the value OYAL PHELPS, Chairman, 14 Stone street.
by his speculations aided in enhallncing the value LeAulox-Froia the ship yard of Mr. E. H. Williams, at
of the very commodities for which he now iuads Green Point, at half-past nine o'clock,, on Tuesday
it so hard to pay: and thus suffers doubly for mi.orning, the schooner Fanull Currie, about 370 tons, for
it so hard to pay: and thus suffers doubly for Mir. John Currie, Jr., of Richmond, Va., built nuder
his folly. For him 'there is no- alternative, the s.werintendence of Capt. Samuel Dearborn, who is to
When the climax comes, he must break: an in- command her.
dulgent society must either enable him, whn Bwete Balln.
the specolative mania returns, to play his old The returnmatchbetweentheEagle and Knickerbocker
base ball clubs was played on Friday last, on the grounds
game over again, or his family must be beggr T llBT ^ > ~la iBlo h s"s
f hgame oe g ior h t mgara of the former at Hoboken, resulting in favor of the
.fT' joh x t 9f their lives. Eagles, flvainnings being played, and.the score standing
In this matter American women are as much -Eagles, 22 runs: Knickerbockers, 21 :-
to blame as American men. We lay the whole EP AGEs.
to.Players. Isssiizgs cad Hesset Oel. Runs.
blame of the system of living at hotels at the Gibbs ................ 0 1 0 0 0 4
W interb ttom .......... 0 2.3 0 0 0 2 t
door of the ladies: and assuredly a plan better Pce .botto .......0.... 2.3 o 0 2
calculated to encourage exti avagance and. check Hyatt................. 2 0 2 2 0 1
T. Smt0 ...............a2 0 0 3 0 3 n
habits of flugality and thrift could not be doe. Colgate................: : o0 0 o o o
vised. There is no man of moderate means Leonard-................3 0 0 0 2 2
VICotheal ...... .......... 0 0 a 0 0 f
who sits down at she Metiop.)litanor St. N.uho Housman- ..............0 0 0 0 1
las, and surveys the splendid array of plate andm Bune each inning....5 10 "3 "s 22 Z
viands that garnish the table, who ought not to Bowled by Gibbs; caught by Place.
say to himself: I cannot afford to indul;e in Pyers. nningsend Hands Out. Russ t
sudh luxuries. It may not cost more. actually, Niebuhr............... 1 2 0 0 2 2
Dupignao .............. 0 a 0 0 0 4
to occupy a. chamber at these hotels than a EAer-.......-........2 0 0 0 0 c
stiall plain house up_ town: but there is a Taan f.0..1............. 0 1 1.8' 1 1
a 0 y ................. 3 0 2 0 0 1
disproportion between the extravagance which w w...............0o o o 2 o a
o 1 0 a0 8 o 1 b
meets the eye at every turn in these palaces, Simpki :::::;;::::: s .............. 0 0 o
and the real means of most of the people who Kissam................. 0 0 0 0 3 t
live there which shows that there is something Runs each inning.... 2" 2 2 4 11 21 d
rotten in the system. Idleness is the least Bowled by Talman; caught byCurry and Winslow.
of the evils that flow -from it: habits Police eIntelligence. u
pof luxury, and a distaste for everything' Ars'mt on Suc qf Larceny.-Yesterday officer
'that vor of economy are L azl P arl n, of the reserved corps, discovered a man going
'that savors of economy are others. Lazy into the house No. 318 Fourth avenue, with a large bun- u
winters pent in hotel dri m n die of clothing in his possession, valued at $80. The
winters spent in hotel drawing rooms ad policeman, thinking the man'a suspicious character en-
fashionable summers at Saratoga or Newport dcavored to arrest him, but he slipped away, from him,
are quitenouht o +Accunt o t p re and ran off at a fast gait. The officer state after him,
are quite enough to account for the prevailing and after a hot chase succeeded in arresting him. On inw
extravagance of the mercantile classes at New being taken to the Twenty-first ward station house, he
xv aancnf te m nile c sat N wond not give his name, or render any account of him-
YoIk. If a few men who occupy a leading self other than that he was an Englishman. On search.
ing thm, a letter, written in a delicate hand, full of love di
position in society here, had the ervo to stand eternal devotion, and directed to Jhn M. Stewart,
their laces against the watering-place system, Union square Post Office, was found in his pocket. He at
and refused toallow their daughters to set was detained for examination by the captain of the cc
te aghters to set the Twenty-first ward police. gc
example of wastefulness and prodigality in the Charge of Burgfary.-About two o'clock yesterday e
ifm pots woulde folo or i t i e morning, officers Marke, Cowan, Wines, Watson, and S
country: if others would follow out the idea Young, of the Eighteenth ward police, arrested six men, tl
already broached, of voting hotel life unfashion- named James Sweeny, Edward Horn, John Callaghan, RI
aled "Thomas Cowan, Lawrence Harriston, and Robert Cassidy,
able, and refum g to visit residents at hotels, on a charge of burglariously entering the house of Cor-
unles were nel us Sullven, o. 241 East Eighteenth street, and
unless theywere strangers; finally if half a stealing therefrom a small amount of property. They
dozen fathers of families wouli positively pro- were taken to the Eighteenth ward station house and at
o bUdetained until an inyestigatiou takes lac'e before Judge li
)sbit the print expensive style Al m" 4 B 'm,

by sol. syancisco Rozendo Moreno. The revolutionist
were completely routed two hundred were dead on the
field, two pieces of artillery and other arms were captur-
ed, and the positons taken. The government troops
then marched towards the town of Coynca.
Tho English and French inhabitants of the city of
Mexico had a grand Illumination on the night of the 1st
inast., in honorof the [false report of the] taking of Se-
The Mexican blockading squadron at Acapulco has
met with-a sad disaster. On the 19th of August, a fu-
rious storm prevailed in the vicinity, and damaged the
three unfortunate vessels so much that one of them, the
schooner Santa Anna, foundered with all hands, soldiers
and crew, amounting to about seventy, on board. The
only person who escaped was the cook. The occurrence
took place off Lereto. The fate of one of the other two,
the schooner Guer-ero, Is not known. The third, the cor-
vstte Santa Anna sustained extensive injury.
lhe Siglo XI. announces that in the whole depart-
iment of Nuevo Leon fevers and the measles were
Santa Anna had recovered his health, and returned to'
the city from Taeubaya on the 26th ult.
The Mterican Ecoiomist announces that Gen. Almonte,
low Minister Plenipotentiary for Mexico, at Washington,
will go to Vienna in the same capacity, and has been re-
laced by Mr. Francis Arrangoli, Mexican Consul in
cew York, and lately at this place.
The Italian opera company had left the city of Hex.
co, and were performing at latest dates in Vera Cu Oe.
ioretnini Steffanone Marini, Benaventano, Bottesini
nd Signorina Bandinit, a performer on the violin, con-
inued its chief members. They were about to proceed
o Havana.
The bark Avalanche, the loss of which Is noted above,
Ieft this port, it appears, on the 5th ult., under the
command of Captain James Steward, with a cargo of 670
ons of coal, and 600 bales of cotton. Two days after
getting out to sea, she commenced to make water. On
the sixth day she managed to get'in sight of Vera Cruz,
ut she could not enter, in consequence of a heavy
other which was blowing at the time. She, there.
ore, had put out again, and the pumps not being able
arrest the water from gaining on her, she finally went
Senor Don Manuel Maria Tenlet, one of the most con-
ant of Santa Anna's friends, ansd some relation or con-
exion, if we mistake not, died at Medelliun on the 31st.
He was interred with great ceremony at Vera Cruz..
The Vera Crusa E del Comaemcio, of the 3d inst., an-
aounces that the Mexican government had provided that
ie Pacific steamers running between San Francisco and *
snama may In future touch at Mazatlan, instead 6f
capulco, under blockade.
The flag of the new Mexican war steamer Santa Anna
as blessed with great ceremony at Vera Cruz on the 3d
a. The government has ordered two more steamers to
b uilt, It is said.
Our private correspondence announces that Mr. Doyle,
e British Minister at the city of Mexico has been much
sgustad at certain late proceedings of the government,
the tyrannical paltriness of exclude papers from the
*untry, If they speak unfavorably of anta Anna or his
ivernment. Mr. Doyle has thought It neaessary to
nd a special envoy to England with despatehen on the
abject.ofthe differences which Consequently exist bo-
weeu himn and the government.
[From the New Orleans Delta ". 12.]
AoA Tsco, Oct. 2,185t.
A courier this moment has arrived, bringing news of
n engagement at a place called Caycucas between the
nits gf the States of Guerrero and Miaoboacan. The '
4I91 fWw irm Ualyg t1w in mli o{ etao j46alav%

-eho put to Bight the SantaAnnfr:o undr command
of Gen. Andrade, killing 300, among whom wre Gen.
Qulintese and his al.l. any were wounded, and a
number taken prisoners. The Alarelos was trying.
When the government troops wre rtrea ,e
shouted "I'sitielSry.tlr y t e

City Inteigc.
FIRE I BRoanw.AYv -Ou lrdy night, twen elen
and twelve o'clock, a firewas orr n the rear
basement of the premlnse raay, opp e te 5
Metropolitan Hotel. From theAppearance hing
the ite must have been bingo pardotwo
hours. 1I he store over theo net kitchen 6 o ed
loy Madden & Stuart, fancy dry daesa.h
tire was hopte to he basement. The goods n the or
however, will eutlhain soe damage from ke
straet. The damage dons to the building will probably
.amount Io $75. Messrs. Mad-Ion & Stuart were ired
for t9,lC0 in tloe folloininraneompnLs-p
e3, 0,A00, St. Maika, jeer-
bocker, t2,000, ad New Yo C 1 Thef
was supposed to have hcesn rk
aee ently tle dwelling part d been vacad, a at he
time of the fire noone occupied thi. Te fire ISeems
bad been kIndled an the floor the back kit b -
ilg te ho oor completely Ibrough for a r paofome
fest in eircteene.
Alto-nEt FISe Lm BoA TeerayaernDW.e,
about two o'clock, a fire occurred in the bck cellar of
Dr. Samuol S. Fitch'a premise, 714 Broaay Ieem
thta young woman employedinTegtah mt
went to the cellar to draw sim rohloetruct
a barrel, and in so doing shliaccdntaly itor
with a candle. She ran out fhe laran-igavhe
alarn. The firemen. were iclyn the spot a
tuguisohed the flames with but vry littdange to
the building or materials. The lo iscvetIby
Personal Intigece.
At the Mttropolitan liUotul-. C nn.a;. K
Dunonen, United States Army; Cl. L. Wifaill and ally
Tesam; G. E. Mackinsly, Bloston; CGri, United St
Arny; W. I'. Con erne. New Orle n CWinthrop,
B it.s; Rev. D. I unt, Qatnoy; Re. . iCarltn
Man.4 lion Themes F eaer. W. ry a family.
.nw Iora; Dr. ironpauild failyi-rim..It.o:,,
Pbiladell.Lis; E. J,di.e ilisWr gon,
Form New Orleansand Havana, in the tanip Caawba
--R Bham, lady and hrtbhe Hhid.Hartle s-ly
P Convtrse Jr: A Givens, A rauni.DrSRtehi,
1elly,D c I, J Davis. I' MsonTiartie, Mrs F do
nure ens ton, Macuel G Atl. Jov do -teiT
P do Lion, l'i;s 1t LIanJ, J Crawi-,rd. Capt EIis ,
Walker, Ede Varons, Petre Blc o e tonl
E3 Weer-git
From Sat anab., in atoamship Alabab -EBby.T
omwW A i'redJrickh, U1 Riordnili.C dtia
ndnlady, N L Banner, A With-. W Coin, im
maTin, ir tI IV W aicoit andfautrMQinirE
Shirldans, aed 13 iteier.
From Grind Turk. TI in iE rop-Cptdhr
artist, lady and chld, ofba ror iry. wrekd
Trklnds. I
For GIlsKow, In the teamshlp Glaow-isJesiweir
Ml e-Maran., r MoFarla awGeshaw,
Rev Jno larkn, r, T D. Reully, Dta;.ai Pttbll
Win Morriseon, t o Cold. W BellAd J DllGibn,
McFadden, Joa Maxcll, JoeLileJ Valcos.s
Sword. lrand Mrs TalrTTrNePeter Win Sim
RModtnsDtoD D Cow dsar t il.
Lawrie. John Uilcy, i Taylor, LWit Mitchell, nd
1131to steerage.
XCS m nt
Foer Savarnah. in the eteamaip Alaba-MisWard;Mi
Rohiert, Mic Condet, Mrs RohbrtseeSay, lady, il.
dren and to servants, J If Balwindy
Saxtet, Cary. R S Syre. rE
Ly lbas F Lyon, L B y, F
LLpbam, i CuIlnn, C Parhrn.e
DCould ad hild, lIs rMrs Hayden.
Mrs A W Gordon ad daughterseaLs Krr.Mis
Stoenbtcryr, E l.ittlohn, Mr Ni. three bldro ad
serast, 1 Hunt, NP Smith,W GrdoJohnB id
Mrse Benderteon Mrs Baicayad t chidre.r A S
JAnderson and daughter, N Mhitr, 0 Ararng, C
? FogmJ, J J Ihenomatou, R RMjie
lady Mies hIeI1, Mia l'anuiMy
MsIa Landcre. C N Cridafl Cton. T rat.J W M
roll, T Dcivin, R I ateer RevMrrllTTomson,
Waid and ldy, Gee A Oati, L dBbIVSDea
Burr, Gecre Wa Dill, T Zogbstheer
Per L'hsrlesatoC In Ilis sleamp Sihrnr-A Brk
ud lady, A nkacensle E Manhf, H Waon. IV S
BMte lady and two ohildrenNEarle IM nie.
ises lanes and hilend. R S Wloott. ClarkMA
PIP A Brabke. Ur J e Erle. tree-

ruree1"es." p ......
rvib C.stoand Mns N2 "Evc~esn 7T7f, ', Ad = he

.T.W Il "ew't M"1. i T mhisEa
. ouiad d, ir e Bited, Id

% Mipaser E H Pelton, A K an ,
I Damis. W II Wall. J Meyera
frod, W lnar.ty, C C Whie
For .Nrlolb, -. the .c.Cam JaUlonE Garl
nor, Lneche Ta)lor, IT Fu-ihia adhIVer,
Reed, WDlinm U Molt. Mra Wi
Crane, lIr E K r Ogden, J LavFmsa n r, arl
tLe' family and eac-ast, ir d
Lnutnam, liaasChase, Dr Smi
Uls E I ElymoKsoe and fam SR yyei
Ifenat. 11 Diger, and45inIe cra

frd, Wfelta Cis Hals ar theee d
Faoritlese ou ,r fahlbonalilso ey oid l
who understand the matter, anlabt beda
wray way more benAtlfl anJ d Alit h
aLair of Broadway. Sold f-,r At inas Ate.
AMnt's Dagucrrnoiypes lGelt, A
lmsaR-oolorerd, andi min nsate o e.
lspeems,-n ena Ield'sHat aendhemss htarkowedmged

U momei.fnd equal [a intlttyI
f raMwa.Sre far S2. ANSON Sair, a d ay p dt
iHaotLta__ Baud.
Hatural-A ts 1e 50 centL e color
tDeirg o perei rd with ha-desoe ceandpreer
complete, that are prl.usod at 435 Breadr a o
Howard street, by GAIANATI, Artist.
'COig, Going.Giet sale of Daguerretype
*' adailyathe katnivea
iepob'otibo wNew ork'Piture ods A n ber
wet of yesterday whbnh werewrithe r
289 Breadway.
SeW irnslcue-Just Publse, the olowlg
.-aa 'from Auber's beautifl operaTheyr,"sab
to be performed at that favoriplae ofa emetNiblo'
Garden. arranged by 'Inomaakermicl director a
coeadoctr:-" Who thb Murani
Albhpn 25 Con; "Beware ye Uo,'su by Mi.
2Seentei "Kind Fortune Aild Me Now." nayt.Alby,
betaens. The overturebude aud nil o fthispr
are In press and will e pntllhdnue-ayr Wednday
ofLLls tok. Un-io seiyl, pst paid.

Planes ed Melodeons-. G ert Co.s
eim piano, with or wiawihIrn
fyrir, aadapttnu them to any emla
Hoene. Watnra' improved pianoshvin t I
=idey and richneseof tone, elasyf gacsa
tmibsly of make than any otherpanInt tedari.
HaU61il A dLCmpisteon' piano (of the old moaet A c
D. D. aR H. W. Smitb' cele d mdeon Seond hD
naie at geat bargains. Price ,25,11.0176Si
A&s ., n1os76. Beanuiful piasw ec
bet for a short tune, will beold vry leach trumut
guaranteed. A larce discoinnst made fcsh.Tstio
*wr hacers monthly payments will e taken. Cah paid
secoond fand pianos. Panstorn.

New ualle Establlhin -Bassford
BROWUiR, t63 Broadway, invie te attention of their
friends tind the public generally, to bir ivsoef
piano fertee, muaio, meludeoa, guitr vios, dt, et
Whniletileasd retail
[formerly of aquA ro.
"sWho Is the Authlor of e Nw oy"a
the qoeatiin that meets n ateveryorOfheStrt.We
inast courae we do not know, and yewe ,ldm, if
ervs, *ead a *lery wbhlhb showseun akableigof
enilei. Yon Lecrome interestedIobe little frm
ihe mritoment be presents himself beey andolo
him through his mingled career storm d se
wftb thebs greatest aniety-w York Sd Times.
The Newsboy is elegantAly ot.withillrati d
Miake(alarl2moofltmpase6.rie12. C DERBY.
uibUllmcr, No. 119 Neassaun streNworkAndfora
by boeokeeeruand news acentsevrywr. aleopt
ent by mail, posL paid, on recent of pn-.

,liothlige-Sseasonable Clothing or the latest
yFla and beat qsali:y, and e
sap I- obtained of E WIWit,
atroet acd al
Jnacas Little Co.,
Bs'edwsy, noar i.avl etree p
iara-e abiurieiitm#l reil'riy m
ing at great b.5ccTiflts. Giv
To Cash Bunyers oft g
Iial-cr trade-A co'leOlreAi i o t
duct, d on Il-s t,-.h priro.ipli
peod. slid lalga l cllentainies i r
Ararntcges to c.,iiitly olethia
tias for r-ady mv.n-m. Oar e
rint'rlio lar:e end aalsiontia, ie
nateimal vial sod ocyl, ao n t'innIt-ii is, R
corner of a nlion a
Noon' Is the Tise to n'
testk'a usprrier .la. ps,,rh e
Cehibsin to sdot ubo time, lit
C'balihlm nn.I i
Pau.k FPacii ul u ICn lton
tates :lt par. l\ LujiQ 6) c
all fnJians end I-li Hu.ic c s
clIltlnc wnsrehon'e, .,; enSi ue
$1UUL.N ii.,rih oi' ilothinuif
Winter" (tIotlhlng-.A
rcct-ah merv low. Wi. E
54 cnd he uisltn. antd
Green's celebrated l'tl
tion li insole- io tbe supermor i
wishing department of UREEN'S
Aseer ltieicw. Tbe ctsck iel e
shits and diamiuce, de Joltllls
half lose, dressing roe', hsa
aountced arcd otherwise,- hsnde
subrellee, dreting easier, p
for libi fall and winLer trade.
Slbshe aaonrmeot uvn

Wig and s Toupees- Silveredal award-
od to SiEDDIIU T .A HEARLD, .MaIdenns, theet
Swigfs and toupe'sushibliad at tNsYrStailairI
Sack and front bridJS, curls, C-p the address.

Islohmels, Tni lcei, ame olotrs-yon-
yilsnt will lore teV. hbear.], ontk erhairt r
a arong nd thick in us1 wosksandllvtirecjre
thesbin L a u-l. secn a to anyaJts cryR .
CRAnAl 107 Nai s etieel, Zieri-isuth raro
Concquerlicg and to Comt.-If nyle
IOESe cOclroineV. than nnoLtbor ectntl0prov os
perility 01 Boi.', oelel ratodetriohairdciwd
hlt of its TnrIl snle, Lre-lln sL rymo thu tillh h
intTrnese In puhlsc t.stlmntion. l ie2ef tao skh al s i-
ecl and tmruly nastoiiel,)i" n d it has e L td
rvevo it enp'erorit a oicr all hr. i hus
hyperion aid, and olherprperj nny hadOft
tnVenlor. WILLIAM BOGLE. -W Io7 o t,7oston
in New York of A. B. .t D. andsItInrcs; Chr
In A Co Bronlsy; Rushtn. Clark & C ra ;
Cliukecner It Co., 81 Barelaylst; and ceot dpei
mose tbroungbou the world.

ihalon'gs Paphlan Loto et Not the
winds of heaven visit her faetrouly,"s thePes
1nL as tbhe winds of heaven will-obon th aan
sindo In the winters of Lbi latiude. It i bet t be ,rd-
ged with a unr ani tote. Teeisne-thehealing
tscntc0r-minilI, soctoLbne ad sfragratknosaba
men'ss paphilan'ltion. Far a sP AL ',5I rea-I
way, St. Nit-bolns Rotel, nd Broadway. s by all
sasplss anal lancy dea

A VtilUng Card Plate,eautlly Egred
and ftiy card, for 1 25, grnat redutin; wddg cards an
sIlver doer plates st very low prices. CCLAR. E-
, graver andrinter, 689 Brodwayin the Chinee Bid

Door and Number Paes, Wedding. Vsit-
-is and address cards ecngrved and priatedin prory,
also bhultoer knobe, pine and a ewnewtnp ai '.
A. BAILEY, W2 Broadway, betweenSpngn in
ctrreltc, .
Perharm's Troupe have got up a Spleni
pror:mme lor to morrow veening. T ril gip,
%Ith stebu whistle ind cr.lliaipas ntTihill
day plantation festival and y e of ampable and
a of popular meludiesJige, rany dae, are In e.
Popular Trade.-We will o on Monday,
a large stock of rich slks, mernespla,
laines ribbons, shlirls bombasinisbatsllts
&a. Titaving prohatse ouroentislkr a at lat
sales are enabled to siell at p st have
Sever before been sold at In this. ill a 5,
yards of rich plain silks, at 8s.,wort 1 ia of
plaid and ctriped do., from 4tIts.;onaash1
yard wide at sLs. worth 3 B.H E
347 Broadway, r ore nrdstt.
French Cloak, French Clak-Sst Re-
ceived, two eases pfrioh Parisloaks of nwad beautiful
designs, whihob we will at a great baa
37 Broadway, corner Leopd street.
The world has discove h o gas
elegant and durable as any f
cuel~egatad nab zaser furnished to- order can be pro-
eured, ready made, about per nt under the ordinary
rates, at SMITH BROTHIERS, 122 Fultntrt, and hence
the rush for fall apparel at that establishment.
The difference between a Clock n Ma
., tat if ou ld up ib o I tnlu n
oi, 'lie mar he stopv. GREENN IAtoari-i
ar the e. pr t te lar wi-g up is n
a- trie- ana n'.rk to his pr.artd to matth it
stlgcbirtls in tE

The Many Events That Recently Sea1Much
agitate the public mind, has notbeenoall-eng t
exclude from the minds of parents, that,
in New York, can they get their children so vell fitted out
with clothing, as at LOSEE'S, N. 5 John'strt. Threia
reflned, elegance in his stylesnatural grace displayed
conausequent upon wearing his sutes at completely rlies
the youngsters who wear the from the leasapperce of
awkwardnesr, so usually attendat the wearn of nA
clothing. Don't forget to take the lite one there r thei
olethin-, and yoU will b erM topethe1,Your red
and yourselves.
BInck Glpnore Laces.W mot Ext v
ttock in the trade, aund.worthy the attentionof-the ladies, at

The Great American Egleattract r
allenlion Lthan any obJeot in the city, It evn in i the
po-ti-: feelings of some of the ostet this A moth
ttI abLlirhen.i
Isho fr-eol.-nc's proud bird imIalih
irpeoernds tu our ia hiigh.
See hi, bright fliching eye. ee hi pinis gld.
O'er all ho deeireno widely un-d.
Comer, comd trm all cimes, hryssord shall be
'Scatih ti blci ofati al iotdir.
Coll at UIRAMI ANDERSON'S.tBory.sdcie
bma s.-perb Enli):h, civet, m and tapryapts.
Beautiln ingraiins at3.,s.d peryard.

Defllnce' Salamander Sat.- obet Pt
RICK Is the aole mnanurfactarrint UEd State of te
above celebrated sarfs and F. C. 's ipatrldo
anee leeks and cross bare. D.p 192 Pearl trt, one -o
below Malden la.

I'htse Raw WindsPe F the SkiTe bly
Tbhe lips chap. the hands becomearoghas nteg-rter,
and sesn teo fairest and smoothet ek les Its softe
and its iranprnoy. There -onlyeBathe
the irrltned ekin with Phalon's Paph Lotion, and the
roaohbnes disappears. This fragrant floral prparato
the rcTEal fontam of beauty, forhh the dreamer of t
middle ages sought in vain.PHALON, 517 Broadway(St
Nictbolias otell, and 197 Dadwa
Sold by all respeotable druqe jnfneoes

Hair D_- a(a Wig a
is.- ar9eholo~iisu6 rt.4 fialaDye
m.vWft9 t-1. key in use. Sol r applied theirriate
ait, bit W. A. BATCRELOR'Sir Dye, Wg. anOrna-
aental Hair Facto, Broadway.

Editorial Extract from e Ntonl De
ernt, Nov 10, lo4 -Five or ibelwon of this
etiy have gien their opinion that Dr. DOD
Almina Is a new and safea medicine, a mor to b pen-
ede in m eiofs C of coUghe, bioetlan
dicatses of the chr.-nt an'd lngin any ith w h the
are anailrted. It is prrll endorsedba ofou
ditortail brotbren, as well oa ersss woave nes
Its benfnLial efsEott; and neaytreehnd orfel
low oithnens strongly recommeandIt to their fi -ax
traordisary medicme in lunco mp. know of no
other remedy that can prodoioi rf. he nal
depot is at 478 Broad ay and fot in the hands
leading druggists, it ought to e.

Brpndreth'a P1lls-Th e vr-Ialing e
medy, nhoso fame for purifying the d is nwatuded
to every part of the olvilise ldnd shodeiho
r--sseesion of every one who valeealt. Oneort de
is she commencement, how mandsor weeksof
may they not prevent? FourpIn the begIinmor
e0i car-rtu6 than forty doses when the disease
Sold at twenty-five cents per box, at Dr. BRANDRTS
pri"eipal office, Brandreth building, entranceNo.3 Canal
HFlowe's (Cough Candys war ted the bet
sarn-t. I for horseness, coughsndoldn use. Itispurely
ve-vcal'd, anl relieves inavry*f moment. -Sold every-
ere. Privacipal depot,S roadway.

On Monday, Gotob-er 10, by the Rev. r.Lord ir
lem Ur. E. C. G.amsrIT ito miss BrT ras, a
of 1 i city.l
Of apoplesy, on" Friday monig Nove er 17,
ThONAS PInCK, of Biillh Broni, Wales, in
ie 4th ea o age.
His friends and Ibhs friends of the ly, aloth
St. David's Benefit nnd Bt. r's eneolenSoet,
are respectifully invited to attend his unera, thiafte
noon, at one o'clock, remainn late reidn, No. 45
Divn i.iontes.
Uo Thursday, November 1,lftb ra thn s,
C-ALza NzisoN PasX, sonoforatio N. Prker, aged
6 yesrs, 1 moth and 7 days.
On Saturday afternoon, November 18, of nation,
MAU.n.RET LArosuh, in the20ty orh
Her relatives and friends aerepcllI I to -
atleod her funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at wo o'lc,
from her late reiidonce. No.9 Wet Teny-eve .
On Friday, Nov. 17, AnaDR DRKA r on of An-
drew Durhan, aged 2 years.monh nd days
The relatives andi friends or the family arepetily
invited to atendle hi funel, alf-t one O l,
this ailernoon. from -Ioe.
On Friday, November 17, Mr. GALstt lt
conductor on the Sixth aavensa ilroadagedS
and onemonth.
C reen be the turf above thee,
Friend of my yogray
None knew thee bt to love ,
None named thee but to pre
On leiiay etr.ning, November 17, Ao S.D
SAL wirefo or r. W. Bytdesall, after a long nd %rill
The friends of the family are invited to atted r
funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clofrombeIle
reridenro, 160 East Twenty-first stre.
On Saturday morning, ove er ,raPOCR,
daughter of William and AnnPorergd eaand
nine months.
The relatives and friends are resp ully invited to
attend her funeral, this afteron, two o'clock, from
108 Hamere t.
On board thbe steamer Black ro, on her p
o New Orleans, of consumpion, Rsr T
On Friday, November 17, atrabortIlle, Joe
'1bes ends of ibhe family and her sier, Mrs. Pi,
are respectfully invited taen her neral, thi
afternoon, at one o'clock, f her idenceill
Ne- Orleano pap
In Brooklyn, on rday Nom r ,
PuoeS, daughter or William
The friend. of the fam'ilyI
altend hcr fuorroli thiis are
388 Sekctr ireet, near Haml
remAins will bo lehen to Gre


ol the Iloene, Rr
cresd oama ofstreil anil numbe 'or Dr. Batkle who
dsy. 8lb I.
Miller. was rubl-ed ot a t'L c ty g
l lith avunre ner Liltictb tr
Derald cites, he cill beiir of m

prcLEnv t lvinen In ihIs rty A
be thanklblly received hy e bt
-- b._ eKeb cl lo s
x Ilita ic orlie cod`i itoeir
lb Wail
*.jtub a mnivdr ilsd, ca Ite t
lei~isf, Ioe s Ith Insidntl. ea t
cl,-rosgh Los 2,4 ea dee


terlalllnile l -I hbe second Ies1 p-psrot-ri
cnt.sini, It lake place nest aua ay con atlP c'i
st Drikbi' A ,ileii'y, No 2 rc cit"crI S j t-D-"
ftnce of tile Drama, with radlie BHia i ut.
1' entis; ldic fee

u heo nwet Ibirelrth-' toleeki ow CalIt
the isllnrlie. cleardn,. d)tiincad rep ig eibli
at .Sel 'l.ti ItIret, hureBnu a gtp tar, gres at
LiLLt taen aut iLhu i i at by
3 D J. NOAI, 3Pr at.
IlillIlrtI-n'. iite W.r clulilc ui t p f
Alio Ih i lc e lsilyiha. iltann auim r-na i l
made mI lolk isual Io nw. Lo yA.OR
TISID. Ubt~r.c iW.
"fl i U O
lIanks taken cc piar; L.,ws c
LJDnk,; is eLt; Indi&ntola ank, eets l e tna
40 c.ute. at EVANS' r-itLiug ar Hi, cudFli
strctl. Now on band. Fl,).LtJ lomti ih ifo, read-
. ay. lor tale, t b prie.
Theo llCIt tLcbh price will bi.-l.
money f,.r lor. an 1 ols l l i-f '- i l 1ad
every dil'sluriptiun entle n uc i digs t
bona sill pledge ddrca t...- rile M l t I
O'pep pLiaL, ealg bal

who is fully competent to tidrtakethe rq a
coue, delireOs n opportunity of pricing over he
ment of a gentleman willing to compensate her for her n-
deavors to make his home agreeable. Stitory referee
given. Address eMiss StanleyH d
situation as housoekeper with a lady or a
gentleman, or in a small family;e would be ompt to
fitruot a young child. AddresMadamllanoNo10
Greene street.
A friends, ean find a good situation by applying to S. M
1ey1er, 48 Broadway, corner ofrome street, from to 10
o'clock, A. M.
J Servants' Registry OffieNo.HamiltonAvenue. The
inhabitants of Brooklyn are reptfllyInvited to cand
see our arrangement.
business, and will wash ndiron. o other need
apply at 21 West Sixteth street.
Sixth avenuo, corner f Thirty-sith rt -lo, p-
ir., school theaters of dpior cr ability ,
srersai. in every cap.n.iiy sihpplid omiida it
SersbsinLVwaotd-LtWO itoL day.
respectabloyoung woman, wh sc am
stress, or would like to accompbt
references can be given. Pleasecall*rarir a n
to M. C., 722 Broadway
S plain sewer by a very respectable German girl. She
has been engaged in Americanamli, and can give good
references. Address A. T., box 180 Hrald office.
situation as wet nurse with a rpectable family.
best of city reference give. Inquire or Leo, t
Houston street. Can be seen until engaged.
T_ speaks Egillsh, high, andlow awantssitu-
tion as porter. HJe nderstadeoprin
himtelfueful to hise employer.Hobeenilii.]c
three years, which he left on account of Iealt. oin
well reeommendei Inquire at inaotr.
T must be a good washer o er.
wanty-fifth street, first hoe from Broadway
V or six hour's of spare time. day the week would
like to get some employment; sueas rtig.col or
work with the bands. Roforenceeuxeptle .pto
address "Industry," New York tofice
W the care of children, whoanwnd dress hair. Ap
ply at 21 West Thirty-cond street

Fresh breast of milk; also anuretota lI
her own house; wagf Ser moth, and no r. Pleas
ecU on Sunday, at B Walkr street, at Mrs. COLLINS.
for "Startling foots for thupub
listed; the beet work, probably
with astonishing rush. Call, oddr saiAmera
Family Pubia.tlon Establishmenat, rom
No.9, up stairs
toelligene office, 23 Duanotreet, r Chatham, sit
nations for eooks, nurses, chamermad and Ior geral
housework, waiters for hotelsnd private miles. int
lies supplied with the booest of German, French and Enll
S neDos, capable of being largely'extendod. Capital ra-
qulred, *SW11. Reference given asd required. For further
particulars address A. H., Herald oice.

C -ne character and police the second CsarAit
coreations with the despotism of Louis Npoleo, wibe
delivered by P. PIERS HEALEY, barrister at law of the
Temple London, at Clinton Hal Astor plce. n Wde
days, eov. 29, Dee. 6 and I a o'lok. Sinle tiket25
cents; tickets for the ours en tlemannd lady to
the course $1; tickets of members tte coure0 cents

L. repeat his lecture on "The Duties and ts ofAdolod
citizens," at Montague Hall,Brooklyno ondayeveng

town two hands that can fu
othersneed apply. Also, two
pencil case business. Good w
the Western Hotel, Cortlandt
2a9, from A.M.
with the Broadway lace and embroidery trade. None
other need apply, to Peter Roberts A Co., 75rodway.
S hnubhua ituanuon is a fai-y of the above dorp-
tion, being a good color jnaker, perfectly undrstadi
the grinding of them in oil by the London prces;is open t
an engagement with a good hoe that would AY a good
salary. Address Henry, Herald offe, for four days
SNo. 6 Cortlandt strot, up tair.

in Wail street, a pocketbook ntin
The owner ea have the same by aling at Aarayat.
A. J & E S. ggisna A Co. Inqire for Maurice Aher.
ton street, through Ludlow to Grand. Whoever will
return Lte same to J. L. HIani k,1 ivigtonirc
will rseeive the thanks of th owner and a iberlward.
LOST-Vr TEwEgRDAT v MOnINJND. smugI1N fwlal'F
fourth street. between Fo and ifthno, in
MiicdJon park, or is a lifthoneomib malgold
l]dy'c oatch, nith a oldi faced ldan to whih
A-.d atstedIiiDa smcll lockeow hlada he
flair sill be lsuiiably rew d n leing it at 9 C
1 ueniy.foucih street.
slating ci sixteen peiaris,
between Twenty-fifth and Twe
and Fourtn avenues, The in
25 East Broadway, will rec
J_ oteandS P. M,, while goigm Fifth avenue stage to
Brooklyn, and from Fulton Ferry In Gen cars, a ld
i atoh ano chain with penil andsmal gold hattached.he
anderofthe above wil receive2rwrdb returning the
ame to Murray Whiting, ooeor of Front nBridgesrt
L, cars between Auburn and Albany, a poet book on
taking two drafts, and sundryther papers; also from
to fifty dollars in 'bank bills, one draft, N. 6035f=
drwn by the Cayuga County Bank; oe drao. 10,4.
lor Sl,4', draws by the Bank of Auburn; both dated Novm-
her 8, 1854, parable to the order of William Clap. Thepy-
ment of the a ove drafts having been topp, all prons
arecautioned against negotiate the same. A liberal re-
ward will be paid for the return
WILLIAM CLAPP, 133 West Nnteenth treet.

$5 o fine gold wath, migl asd, half appd, full
jewelled, medium site. crystal w broken outwht
ifaee ith black fglrures, gold hands. The es ared
with plain lines without figure ttchd s arrw
black ribbon and brass kehy.anypawnbrokero m
or ether person. returnieg said watb to Mr. at
otleeOl the St NlohbolaHote, wllreve the ao ward.
nJd no questlonb asked.
$ 0 linus asked, for information wib will lead to the
ti,ci'ury of a black leather trnkmark .S.Perin,
sieamsbhip Florrida" en the topIitso nttaken
trom the Markbe BHotel by two mn derthedlrOo A
erson callni himself Jobs Lamoi.teeang of

aiu in the i lolilty ol Twenti
h block loa e, iL. Ieo a iuer n
Ou IavinJg IL ni t ao eo t ClN 1 i2
ion p

cl the above vcmpany itl
eseinEg nevt, 2li assi It LenI
Thore who wish to seempony th
xlorsion, ae ico
.flo. 'ftiseo r
said all tlhsee sho itane o'ari i l
cumpanve. ar rqsue-i rq i i-e. nt at iLo
dal, N.,T IP, at 3 o'olooh P
IlU-odei.. f(vt ,r r. i.AidI:IN,
"At,'cUSl'S P He ri,
btre sad citodtu or the clveO
iifane's, 1 2 \ Liat,- tir osd, 0o
ast o'el,,eL pti' .l o prs, tt hlrnc
.loe. By ardar oi
H. A amiccsc, s irs
Gia'd sJ-- irqoertid Ie sti i
vay, ,- Sinday, ibel IPth ist a4
slnpEs c-f lmir-rlscsd
Wet. GAaDasrn, Orderl.
list E SAnes,

cri| ed SlOr--k'c'f-ire arc tr t
iaiitaten ci ol I Ci.alJILs[r & di
ir rutler Ibial Lthey car, oy or
itwair,&y, ce. Lein thonly

Ier breath plum ,sual ic ib
55; nlthest chain. itt 'lhoe rsc ca acn yilt n
partol she UtiErti States. A
to by aedremiing L .bJ.

JLWrLRY -lIHII It' ul .
S L' lid ILi. !Ir.1 .rr,,tvwa. o du lii cte t
1li.,0 l LI.e 0 ti, to bill V I ,
Ii t oh on.JI"01 6,-.i',r,,A:, St t
ti1 ll-iVt .-CIO iv l% fi lufId iLa. aod .%,Onts1l l. I~e
.li. Ti. .,. Ea- .1-h-I mi .%11Aau -.1.
Sl -iul. s- i Ill, la M ild ia 'a so he i
lull,1 i i h: e. ra.&lly a& 5 -1,111.01t1ic i can le 11
tisy. i 1. do- ,,-r lbs .s elms as-I slet, tIIa--d*-as thina
hr .,ad A,
flUp. li, i lij-'r tLr~u rtmnlu u

I J J.ti'e l b. iiB-ib. ,r -.0
s'jl rAe r iu~st .ii~- i-ct -it- c
1 (ri,, Blln f il, h, t i E.. i|
bi ., l. kr i li:
aQUIKE, I.aN tl A. W F
rrii I LCD 0 PRAIE E I V I i i r. -
-Tl Al. .d 'l ,, i ol 'J li r din.C lio -im-nd
e -l I. i'l. I -) tL Ic 01 --lau-,ed which o,-I ic
;l oi $' 510 iiliiyte --$1r ll
i .1 J. JAClO.' 1. 1-, I 0r.
c o wd dlrin d, it'? i .I
S ror- i 0 -Xi:irc&it, t chc-he. grest I-ac i-, La
.ii -' line cIld vati,,. ld -r. i
sL rl. ei'i. Ira o itt-l .t Cold
l.I.'n, -r) lliet. AA ear u a-ihR halla
lsOl.a tL rtfa' nll.. L. A J. JACSS.i r dwa.

Spoesible, by Mary Langdon 25.PublishedN
member 22. PHILLIPS, SAM CO., oston;. C.
DERBY, 119 Naatrest, Nw York,

__ ____THE m2
M TV".
of $60 will heo'given with ainde sta 25, yr
pay, to come off on 80th of No, mile hts, best in
nve, to wagons; wagon and driver to weigh lbs; free to
-horses that never won a purse over 100. Eties to lse on
Monday evening, Nov. 2, at 9
yee's Hotel, corner of East B
Three or more to make a

DRay GOODS, *.0
UU65 tun glove dp-oand gtin fashionable fr-
,-imsihi bazaar. JualS roeivudano- of splendid i
atilics a and enbroiderd bo .e ravat, srf and
ts winter suderolothimg andai, witrlvos;l
t.ok men's and lds kidg- LEWISSECORD

Union square, black and colored sils at unusually low
prices; delaines, Frenoh merins, bombaine, Canton lh,
blankets, table linen, shirtingsad tng together wih
a full assortment ofh keepg goods.
for real estate. Some moneyandoth eouitiesil
be given in addition, If propertyogreter value s offered.
Address Trade A Co., Heralle
B rich laces, black thread veil and Paris embroideries,
just received and offered at manufacturer'ices.
MILLER A GRANT,1 Broadway.
and Bath blankets, at reduced pris.
4S3 Eighbib aveLto. bisats, S-1b.54,-i6tiFpr
-air; IVealih flnanuol, 2j. Id er ard d i
LanneIs. la.. Is. od ,Is2. ad .. very a d, pi
and twilled all wool flalnnelfi, fromandprei-
mores, aup ets and vestina, a n--la'cLca
shades, les IS than impurtero' pries:rwos nlot,
all cnlal kV? l ctm"4trts -
auetion prices; bandiome paccama, all rs,
2j. nud p: fine I'reonon mer.i, .n
year.s., 1m sdltue ;delalSe
aib: ttiBnu -'d do iDaLo 0d
culdid dcs'ains. AJc', at 3Ea7 E
c.ankrpt bt_.rk of II sl e Ai i
pr, d fil ol i[boir eredinor. we
he sc.-ra i lt I.r

the Commemoil House, 17 S
SETT, proprietor. Will exhibit on ond an immense
stock of all-wool plaids, new goods, at s.;glish mern,
5x4 wide, Is. 6d.; black alpoespa h lutre Is.Lup's
French merino, 6So.; Henequinbetro long shawl,
$l2; ladies' cloths, all colorsbetulity, 20 Lyon's
best black silk velvet, yard wde;Englishlanketsand
flannel% very cheap; blaek silk, oil boiled, Gd; declines
and cashmeres, elegant goods. vrfinaraattasall
colors, 1s.; Merrimack plli .;Yorkillsmu.nt
shirting and sheeting muslin, glihmourningit
'6d. AlSo, an extensive stock dress goods, broe an
wool shawls, Irish linen, table damask, and famly house-
k,%ugoldsoavedosription,at astonishing wlow raes,
U topinfgods of every descrip
oial Boubs, 147 Spring street. The attention of intend-
iso purcheaer., is partioularly drawn to the sawl, blanket
ana flnnel department in thiestablishmen as being now
complete; consisting of nladie' long woollen shawls at ,
extra fine Bay State only $5, wool shw equally
cheap sare breeooha shawls, Enlishankets, 20
flannels, Is.; ajso every make and quality at esly rede
prices; beautiful Scothob plaidsoL. sale being
rapid, an early ti. t neeesary. Cmmeial Hos147
Spring stret. H. LISITT, prophetor.
heeay EEgliah ,.,ttoa stockingssutable for Winter
.8esr, B1.styn.flIOCtsrpir.
J ten slings peryard, tipeie A-sDite1eight
ihllnaea per yard. A .STEWART CO.

black and colored aticn forls-Fay silk, piad
oachmerel, musoo doe lines, bc, whitead arod
Flrenoh mennos. faney easilmere, ricplshetlis
and line goodS, asnoils andblant. We oer to
a full asortmbat of the abeg tgreatlyrond
prices: TRACY, IRWIN A CO .2S2,rndny

MU- NOTES' stove store.-We hav a large assortnof
the slaset patterns ol stores for len reusable t
Stves asd range lined ith sao andrepairedrat
ret and repaired, smises pet u p ised for sae
Ale soapstone griddles for holale areal.T
eaeslssnoe In the grieale cusiintheir reqdng b
greassing when used.

S How,-ry. tesi lj,- b -aLn raandsoy&tret.
Mladame B. nrr,,ctFullyiiofnathepbliach eare
ilused bher yric in ord,- to taL er to be frnir
pain. andl eelaid c ineu-e I is hatas 11ii i
oTrni, builons. 1ubi' L hT.-ns Itthedsh 't -s ut
in p the I in t pals or iael-n-aniecesePsrooni canhe attecnd-
sdtest home, or at Mealame B.ale, fr I utl7
o'clock P. M.
meit.-J. D ltanulis, uf o71BrodayN orA
qbo pnblio is leapctiiInllt intrn that osalsmo
mae sfiecid L 4raptirkuced Urkmnilie prtiarcI
tlnIlolh tolhe diclu- tad rflai in a nwndery.
peRlor style, c.i all sotieta of ik, ai, ot
merino, bibet nd Labmora.l, Canton and Itali
tripcs, gimps, fninger, crrs, plantlcoe
Spais d i0' F sF,-i tI t tu rsmlemoadet, aano
ot of any artilo ilot leaninthe-hole.
Blond laee of oil s.-tis blceL, medend trofrred
In the vcry best )lt and allnkisof losle
dresses v abcdcdrvsd
J TnWAITE, DAGOUERRETYPIST GUARANES give a corresti lisenor,istn talargelIht
nrriypt e, i a cat ase, cr li ns.Galr t
ars fleer, Ale Chatham itro. publiandsveniont-
known as headqoartcri for g and chapaeroty-e
Fraudd I
'Chl.tls dar-d;
No f-,ii. o du t,
1ii.ll, 1, 06totra t.
Unless -,L
Eub flnbak band L yspy.
Jj lalttl whn yon perohacs YONis' ntlsaerad
I ils tr ibe distruoLion of lrtssrmi Depot4
L,.ad 5ay, and Nd. 6 South Elhtkro-,PilndpA
1n In .itionii o trf nators, 7e ar re .
I eiec' me,'-, it., mud. tio ruor em arise ooDls
lI oIe d cisc tldItlenol Ocl;ht on the head isecdarc-
3I I1c, nileiHnar lticBpawnG.1 raneder tn cti i
1uoIVs CF S -IllFFsiAN A FRC, SO Ca
S .07 Bocr). Itear Waersttt.-Fas
i. rily t iL sBller ) in bad, bae o adsatinwed -
', A 6clu. B--ld caser t exchangeOrdr
crc han- 0eseesed
11011 5R,7 78-r Il`illT A t16fiiTtlitR.1-NI,,Ii ttI Il
I t .lr"ct, ,,,L,0 (tr1.7ti c O IL
Ljr,,L o ULI. i nuc ef r ni '
nssas,,ro.w.ri, LI-ok wnt l ivr,
A6 LaL.-ri l a c-i.t ilrit pr ity
a d ald I t,'. w c ; t ie t o .
E FREN i_ tlU[IN Al Af.u" HFTU
nmsol Irr- -t['iil.AIlr, a-. p ctii for II 1
.ol riod e -6 .oi 5.r l .5 pt f A t
L, i N, ittc. rIltd and cold 7Si : a nr sl il
Iy-li o r i ".;II' (p. i ck.i, L tc d i pr- -A, o t %Its
oicSc 'i *.lnp- t ic n,t ,luv b,
S ri n sc t r'rl oo A i- it sri- o thr- s iani -tIes
c i e hlce d fasS 1"- I ,ii
S. h. .LRIt, i il.., .,.1 a -,
W"7fif DIIJURY l~', i''. 'V I.r ii
r" ll. n I, U ty r iry
i l 1of | t ,l0 %c cI |1, i .r.. a I t
iNLJ )1 I II1thi ia -ioIatlo hicu 1WZ~o i .&IItt.

smith's and bellhanger's tools, on Monday, Nov. at
10% o'clock, at the auction room, 110 Centr street, corner
of Franklin, vices, anvils, lathe with tol, files, hammers,
compasses, dividers,, pliers, rindtnokeyscrankscast-
lings, wrenches, drills, acorew paeswitht rass castings,
&oa. .-IDsalesman.

V jewelry, gold watchesAc-WLLIAM IRVING
CO., Auctioneers, will sell at auction on Tuesday, Nov. 21,
at 10% o'clock, at the sales roomsNo Pine street, for ac-
count of whom it may concern, sine stone diamond ring
Is&awihng from '1)to 3% carats, cluster diamond
pins, Ae.t weighing -lom s g
Least pins, rings, &a., diamndluster ar rin,
stone do., with pendants, suites of luter diamo breast
pins, ear rings and pinr, elegant eleven stone diamond Ma-
tese crosses, superb diamond bracelets. Also, a large
variety of other jewelry, set withearls, rubies, turquoise,
garnets, etc., diamond and op is and tr ste
,idmond rings, &a. Watches-Ladies' tlemens
Ihuting watches gold chronometer watches, opine and
lover watches, ladies' small enameled gold watches, setwith
diamonds, and a large variety ofother wathe, theest
English, French and Swissmakers. Gold gatcurb and
vest chains, pencils, thimbles, a.,lveboxes knives,
Ac. Every article is warranted as rprsentedicalog.

1 Hall, 50 Broadway.-A company having been frmed
for thol purpose of giving a suceso of bals, to take place
every Mondaya Wednesday and Friday evening, at the
above large anA magnificent rom, during the ensug winter,
under the special direction ofProfesorSaracco they have
the pleasure to announced the pb that the tt ball
will take place on Wednesday eveigd inst. Dani
to commoince at 9 o'clock. A s riorband of i is
engaged. Tickets 50 cent to be ha at thall.
1 icus Gard, will be held at the City Aembly Room,
on Tuesday evening, Nov. 21. The cmmitt pled them-
selvoo that no pains will bo sprd in order to kehis one
of the pleasantest soirees o teson;the asointon (late
Adkins) lBand is engaged for the occainTikt .
JOHN P. BLAIR, Chairman
JAME PATTraso. Secretary.

SXIXLENt'il ANNUAL BALL O TEllBEt N Banetoient ecoisty- ammin aH
''jecdai vrvenif., November 2L 11-te-reedt
apprunJciitd t.) cLantiblo fsrpe Theowtte -l
iLt 1s.i.i ticsil .abin1uthail be etl-, wk
ic ooreon ihevening of the ball, or fe eil.,
omiitacItt-Ca.d'urcelu rDoti 1 IN s d'nirot;co
ti GIImore, Nc. 9 I'rineu iret, nt ia.i; J-,han K NUy. 211 Mlibrry srt T a
celebrated h.rao aLd o-i I-ad is s d.
IT-nEt oicy 0y1 Joati.esn c h-idt
aI hcial."r As-..aly Room.G, uBtlc d cvti
N.-rinb,ri;lt oIbS'i, iiketsiuadmita a aa sd
ladies to be ha at the dr.

. ciation -vo the pleasure to announce to their fiend
and the publlb that their sixth ual fancy dress, civi'a
military ball will take place at the Apollo Salonrod-
way, on next Friday evening Nov24
b. F. TYRREL Presdent.
Ball of the Moroeco Dressers Association will take place
at Tammany Hail, on Wednesday evening, Nov. 29. Sh-
teon's celolerated cotillon band is engaged. Ticket$1c
Con bo obtained of-any member of the association, and at
the door on the evening of the bl

ti-Slavertj Society hereby anucunces that its second an- ay, at 17 Wll street. A C. TUTTLE will ell 10
nual courseoff lturesaon American olrtery will be deliver-I ok, two ases of celebrated Harl owerrootcm
ued tn the Bo dwaiabernaole, commencing on TuesIday I andeueIt ryn-
y erseele,, mTone2g011i1p106hesed'
eveinO, Nov 28, at 7 o'clok, and continuing on each sub. ownmperialsA lotstoAoO
sequent Tuesday evening, at the same honr, during the a Tsdy, oi everyvietyOf the st rlem
son. To insure a thorough treatment of the subject Inall fowerrootsn the market, to lee consignments.
its various aspects, and in a manner that shall do justieto
ofryphs 0 earnest oppeostot
*pealere haveo been engagedOwpth thaeudertendWnCOMBS,AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL ON lON-
,,as era b ae o s be entirpedmndehanenup orathe cday, 20th Nov., at 11 o'olsok, A. M., at 148 Chambers
fe onte r his t owentiretyindevuednt of the others, and street, handsome heneehold~furnitnre
from toAuttar b aown Indpviduopiniolons in his own way Choirs, tapestry adingrain earpete,0oleths, tables, ofas,
amenlo ontto bic own conscience and to God, andu br
without regar to the views of any patty or ssociationwhat- bagsm a
vc''e, Pdoy iniets.e Hen. ChaniseSamner.sWILSONa-AUCTION NQTICE.-
No, --,qAntitleottt;,rypoem Rv Sobs Pierpost. JH positiveseeof superior household furniture,-rish
Subsequent loturoaty
Hlon. Joshna R Oiddinga. Heon Horace Greley tapetry rpetelega rosewd pianoforte rgovl
eagelis M Clay, EdI. Rv AnL-itL. Brown mirrorsA on Monday morning at tn ooook, at J
to". H W Beliows. Wendll Phillips, Ei. Twenty-four street, near Eighthvenu, consisting in part
IVO. Lloyd Garrison. Winm w-ls rir., of rosewod parlor ts satin brocade; rosewodpan,
Iots. Charls F. Ad-ms. (aldtinlvslaai an excellent Instrument, cost ; Voltaire, goth adre-
Riav. BllenIry -lio'her. R,. -ThoodorPark.:r. ception of ;Carved rswod and mahogany Cntrside
iIs probable thatosneer twotheraingtibeaddoas ae tables- corner stands, rosewood utorends
of the cause will be ensase.l, thoneb thai is noit prmired rotary;mg enroswod book ; oval andpier
The ordeJr ro the apearanel i aoe speakers s aenot curtains diningextensionade tables; costly
fullyv arrapgJod. Sc.-a,.i tiakuts, $3v0ik title urnitur
'Iiotct at the anti slanty oymho No 13b Na,-sa stree. ut s, bdsteadbureswashet ,eleatgl
loitr the oatingromn of the DallyTimn. and at hdeur tolet sets; st wte rled o airmtreseseds
on ysi oLe f the, lotlurus Graiafl ir ie ptroa- and bidding basement furtur;maog fir;
tintnded saoor laist var's leotaurs, we eartl Eii ie rrrpaing hoieglasswarehin, r and t
tl aid of eery end o rdm intisiy, rdrcutleryA.; also, costly C hina
act~e ad e easy ileid 0 fradcnin tix cit, ii irdo vass prla fiures orolueooks, a few very superior oil
i hat ibe a ract course may hae on more sncOiiul. By AdF e s together with many other
ordir o tihe COmmities of Arrasvttentrs. a a at
OLIVER JOHNSON, .Chairman. rti ,sem fland onaen
tisomrontEvery article w4 ilppitively be sold.,
l-'-nf tis city, willtaveeinafewnd.efor theoo t. OH W.OMIINDYKEIr P
PNriuEart la-ceritho serniesoloaoanddeni l a. t rny in the holdurnituro i or.
Sae 1 SuaLh Carlna, Alabama or Goeorla. may make utonOnTueday, Nov.21, at 0 uton room 110 Centre
n i-n iad-ireinga teta ed street, corner of Franklin street, at 10% 'lok mahogany
soedc3, sto At touy, herald ,i. arlorurnture, en suite, ingrain art, marble top cntre
tables, two large mirror marble toureus, toltstands
CAUTI')'N -ALL PERSONS ARE FORBIDDEN TO RC twelvesuperor oil pitn aluab as workofrAn
C r. ,,r befci)ate a hoeck, dated Nov IS. 16I|, for 11). Interesting subjects, at k, bedsteads beds
on the irchsr, ie' lBank or Broktlyn, draen by diga.WILIAM BOD, Sleman-
Winkl, ,nlRioor of 3. B Ps,t c.r Ler, ar d iiAnd bri d nti
as Gatd ,'brk will ot se pail at tI bsk USELLWWESTCOTTAUCTIONER.-AUCTION
J B VAN I'l KLE. No. 47I feult.-nst Brie ljn u d otlyhouseholduriureon
...........- ..-....--..... Monday, Nov.19, at 10),%o'tloek, being the entire elegant
TOTIE.-GEOGROGE W. LIRDENBROOK AVING furniture cotaed the four story house 7 Eighth ee-
ymd.ioi~l~t:ment itbeosdcneignedi-n nil hi, Pr--Raton, six doers from Fourteeatlfrtroet. The furniture, beds
hi tadtoaal prsns1ladeatex to) and bedding, carpets, plenaoft ar ,Ooalo h best
ima t d dcrptond are to be absolutely sold to the highest bidt n rin. ahpr.
,orty, lor thio ienetotfhlaeireditorma~ill, d~iraona ,,ilst t
bira aiu reqbe~tid to make Immeoilte piiym~nr to) mi, anil
all prt avn olainm aali i ,,o ef Enli velvet, Wlton and tapestry ar-uil iitth,'mt deillay IIRItOPHER iIEit3O, pts;rewoofrnireenuit; elegant rosewood pino
H D1 a4,uigee, No. IS Thirty.f.uttn secret. New a 'ore. frebe ful tonendwrkmaship;rosowod tables. large
DatLd 'oe IS l. Frech pier a ntl ges, reception and areha
otegeroe, secretaries, ecmulucock, eandelabras, rich an
O FFICE OF jTIE COMMISSIONERS OF EMIGRA- elegat mantel es rnamntswth a numberof land-
S tlon, New York, November 17, 1864.-Sealed proposals scpe and ther paintings, richly framed; ilver ware, -
for Iron bodsteades for the use of thoB Emigrant RefugO hospi. t cstor, cae bash salvrspoon, rk, ladles,
tale, Ward's Isltand, will be received by the Commissioners yutle, A. Chamber Furiture.-Elegat rosewood,
of Emigration, at their office, 75 Franklin street, (where mahgay walnutFrnh bedsteads; superb hir mat
pattern one may now be soeen,)-until next Wednesday, the tresseseather beds, bolsters and pillows, blankets, rose
ld Inst. The Commissioners reserve to themselves the wood and maho y drein bureaus, marble top wah-
.ribt to reject ueh proposals as ,they may deem not for the stands, Freh gld an decoratedtlet sets, oval
interests of th institution, d plain mirrors, soas, tt-a-ttes, rockers, mahogany and
oak chairs, cottage do., ingrain, room and sta'r Carpets, Vol-
Ti MANAGERS OF THE THISTLE BENEVOLENT talre chairs, two sofa bedsteads. a., with a vlbesot-
J y Sooiotyq f Brooklyn respeootfully anneunoe that thele furniture, mahogany extension tables 10
fourth, itnul a b411 will take place en Thursday, November yards Engiolcloth, rih French honest giss-
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cets that no A.exertins will be spared to render this the thing essential to house g. Cataoguesn the morning
ball of the season. allasoe's cotillon band is engaged, an of sale, whih wlbe postI, without regarto weather.
also a Highland piper. Mr. Parker, floor manager.Tickets
one dollar ooeach, to be had of Mr. Hainoes Montaguo Hallor EREMPTORY SAL OF STEAMSHIP PALMETTO
either of the manager. JOHN FO ESTresden
Jotre WuTnE, Secretary.Fr futhe MerrtherarlulrssL
hliman & auctionhead inNewTork Courier and
0 ONTR TORS.-SEALED PROPOSALS FOR qurr, Journal of Commerce, nd Morning Exprss.
exeavatin an4imore__ng_ We
reoeiveduntil tholat o D mer dressed a
sore of Heory Palmer, 159W llieam street, New Yo A
ln f the work may be seen, and copies of the spcifiBaa-TuesdayDe., 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' x
ton obtained, by applying( as above. The right rto eject nernbein a
nuatilseftory pruoposals is o be reserved, lateral security) 4 shares of the capital tok of te Chi
- ---- eago and Missppi Railroad Co. of $100 each.

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ARRIAGES, CARRIAGES.-A LARGE AND EXTPEI. Cino And elegant mansion is new open for the reception of
AiAGESgCARRIAGES.uets,conducted on ther
C ivo assortment of the varieuskinds always on handI at r codtbedonte reim plar stafi
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JU -The undersinued having taken the stable f6rme- desirable and desobe-iet and teelndmodel
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steockothoreseand coaches, andisnow preared to do all R FOR SEOURI-TE RAIOW. NOT
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kind of work, and on as reasonable termsAany other stable pwisdhisalea relcte ofchtditm
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room .-
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Correttlon orthe Compa In Iron ShlP.
[From the London Athenmuan.]
I have read with great Interest the reports of the
discussion on the correction of the eomp sM in Iron
hips at the late meeting of the British aMpociation
-and I regret much that it was cit ofnn power to
present and to tke pa Inthe dimsssion. Per-
haps may be allowed to remedy thi omission by
te asertlon of some remarks in theocno4na of tie
.ALheuma. I am the more anxious to do this be-
cause the eCircumstance that a distianguished p loa.-
pher, of indisputable competency and impartial
character, has nor fairly considered the question,
places it in a position totally different from any
which it has occupied before. I have doe ,saaltso-
timon In remarking that the great prinoplea upon
which I founded the method of correcting the com-
pans entirely recognised by Dr. Sooresby, and
even that acme minor modifications of those -alnc-
ples (which, as will appear In Je remarks below, I
had anticipated as probable), have now been estab-
Uished by Dr. Scoreshy's beautiful experiments. In
the estimation of the actual extent and rapidity of
the changes produced by tbese modifications, I may dife In some measure from Dr. Scoresby-
and I may be disposed to recommend a practical
coure slightly different from that-which he would
promse. till I am happy to fud that upon the
fbndamental points of the theory we are in complete
1. It may perhaps be advantageous to give a few
steps of the history of this subject. The law that
the greater part of the disturbance of the compass,
produced by an iron ship, depends upon its polar
and not upon Its Induced magnetism, (in the ourdi-
say ssee of the word induced,) was established by
me In paper printed in the "Philocophlcsl Trans-
actions' for 1839. The experiment themselves had
been male in 1838. In page 212 1 observe--" The
Most remarkable result, in a secientlflo view, from
the experiments detailed above, is the great Inten-
sity of the permanent magnetism of the malleable
jron of wnlch the ship is composed. It appears,
however, that almost every plate ol rolled iron i
mtesaelv magnetic." (It is to be noted that I used
the term permanent magnetism as equivalent t) po-
lar magnetism.) F then allude to experiments on
the magnetism of plates of wrought iron; and these
experiments were the last with woioh I bid any aso-
quaintarce until I saw some of Dr. Scoresby's bean-
tdal Illustratious of the change of miignetim of iron
plates. In page 2131 remark, "Itseems efficientlyy
probable that the independent (polar) maguetisam of
the ship will change with time. rhis consideration
enforces strongly the necessity of periollcal exami-
nation as suggeatad. above." rhis is all that
was printed by me in reference to the
change of the polar mignetism of ships and
their occasional examination; but it is not the
only instance in which 1 enceavored to bring them
before the notice of the proper authorities. In 1839,
July 10, I submitted a memorial to the Board of Ad
- miralty on the advantage of a supervii-don, by the
government, of the correction of the compaso in iron
ips; 'in which occur the .following remrki:-
There is no reason for presuming that the mag-
motit state of the ship (especially min the case of
steamships) will remain invariable for many years;
and there Is reason for supposing that it wi vary."
-" Experiments of various kinds and in various
localities should be made on" the same ship, for as-
certaeing whether there is sensible -rhangs in dif-
ferent parts of the earth." And with regard tj the
magnets:-" The important results lately arrived at
by Mr. Scoresby, and wholly unknown to the per-
sons commercially engaged in tre fabrication of
magnets, show that attention to those points on
which the permanency of the magnetism depends,
cannot be expected from common tLadesm.o." The
Admiralty believee in accordance with precedent
aind with the rules of the department) decine-i t)
undertake the supervision for commercial ships;
and, as no other iren ships then existed, this deci-
dion amounted practically to a refusal to eater on
Ire matter. Had the subject been then taken up
by the government, it might perhaps have been ad-
Vanced several years. I did myself endeavor to col-
lect information, and I took notes of the position la
which One ship wps built; but the occupation of a
laborius office compelled me to desist. I may men-
tior, that in almost every instance reported tL3 be,
In which the correction failed after a time, I hid
reasonto think that the failure arose from change,
not in the ship but in the correcting magnets; and
this consideration, combined with the leering of
want of leisure, prevented the extension of my in-
2. 1 am deeply stru A with the beauty and the Im-
parlance of Dr. Scoreab?'s experiments ; and if I
lring to notice the circamstance thit the p)lar
magnetism of iron plates and tie posselily or
change in the magnetism, were first strongly inist-
ed on by myself, I trust it will not bs understood
that I mean to say that th ise expert iments are u ae t-
asen'ial to our present knowledge of the aubje t.
Stil,as the lfirs who examLcd into anl socula'eJ.
apon this subject. I csim the tight o crit-id-iiag
toe amos which Dr. Sresby has proposed ; and I
'ezptiesi y opiaicn that retentive" (" retained
weldbe Whttetr in ramm-dAticl soanaelduos no'r e.x

*of aicukbt iron plates. The later appears. to me
to differ very liKle from the msgne'.ism of htrJ 1
b-ne.* A s'el bar is megcstised b, inducthun (aa i
Sn hion plaLe)-a steel bar may have i's migetissm
weakened orievtreed: if immersed in the sea wa.-s:,
it would probably lose its magnetism looter than an
iron ship wruld. But as in practice the miagueiism
ofrau iron ship is sligaly movie liable change than
that of aetefl m agnet very carefully preserved, i.
may be desirable that a nsmeexprestaive ofr that idea
b-mild be given toiL I wm)id propose to call it,
the sub-permanent polar magnet-m of wrought
3. I think it likely that the strikintg charectsr of
Dr. Scoraby's experiments produces an imuressi.n
of the extent c f their appllcabUity to iron ship 3 ar
greater than is warranted by careful considsratoo.
We may speak poetically of ithe shocks whico a ship
receives from the waves; but in reeip the plates ci
iron of which aehip is o-)mprsel sn4t-- aosu,:'
ihocks. The direct effect of the most violent sea
upon them is thiis-hirt, in the course ot two or
three seconds of ti,,, the plate is plunge five or
mix feat deeper in the wa.Er, and suet i :he cor-
responding hbdrestatic pe.san:e. niua is very dif-
ferent indeed from the raps or sl tps in Dr. Soreosby's
S experiments, in which it is essential that the blow
be of the ntatue of impact, occupying a very small
fraction of a second of time. Probably the strain ui.'
extension to which the plates are subjected miy
produce a greater effect; on this however, experi
milts a:e wanting. Bat even here the cha.ige in
the state of extension is not sudden, but greu-al.
The tremor produced by stem nower is more likely
to affect the plates In some parts of the ship. is
evyidetaln that there are osauses in action tending to
produce effects like those exhibited in Dr. Sc)resb.'s
experiments,and it is equally evident that the act:o
of those causes must be exceedingly loffi Qg 9oe
point, however, I trust that a couineraioa ot r.
coresby's experiments will disabuse many persns
S -~"I aMunainted with the usture
'vito have sorue -r -.. ''-m. Tne
of duction oand subpermnient agus-.....
chaigetobe expected in a snp'i asubpermauent dLag
oetim in selling from England to tha Cape of Good
Hope, does not essentially depend ott her pastlug
into another magnetic hemisphere. It does dep.en
mainly on this circumstance-that, supposing her
to have been built with her head to the north, or in
the line of boreal magnetism, she Is then turned
with her head to the south, or in the line of austral
magnetism, and It so kept expoed to slight itre-
mosrfor one or two months. If she had been moored
off the coat of Portugal for the seme time, in the
same position, and exposed to the same tremors, I
apprehend that her magnetism would have under-
gone nearly the same change (as regards horizontaI
deviation of the corn, ass) as iu the voyage to the
Cape of Gocd Hope.
4. I tbink the selection of the lossI of the Tayeisur
as the text for the principal discossin on Iron ships,
wit all its attendant horrors (having no applica
#ion wr-atever to the matter under discussion) wis
unfortunate, When the feelings are exAIted, the
judgment of te speaker, as well as of the herers,
Is very liable to be perverted. The question at issue
is the very abstract one:-Is it likelythat into
days the magnetism of a ship could be so changed
that the compass would be disturbed through a an-
gle of two points? I unhesitatingly answer:-It is
not likely; and, speaking with our present know
ledge on the subject, it Is not poaib.e. I have al-
ready stated that I conceive the causes pointed out
by Dr. Scoresby to be wholly inadequate to produce
such a rapid change. And I aver that there ts no
known Instance of such a change; and I do not be-
eyeAh an Instance can be produced of a rapid
change of one-fourth oT one-tenth part of this
amount. I believe that information on these mat-
tears is not wanting: a single firm in LiverpoAl have
eorreted the compasses In several hun.-red iron
shpsand they cannot fail to have received notifie-
tlon of any such changes as thore mentioned above.
before dismissing this subject, I will advert to twa
sources of error, not essential to my method of cor-
recting the compass, but to which it muy be liable
It due care is not exercised. The first is. that nap-
Stas are hardly aware that a very trifling disturb-
ance'tn the position of the compass (for instan :e, a
change of a quarter of an inch in the height,) may
very -IF ly disturb the neutralizing Indluence of
the magne. The second Is, that the artist who
correct the compasea are too much inclined to pltee
the correcting magnets In the position called "ed-
a" I' this position, the magnet exerts greater
deflectlve power, but it also Introduces a force per.-
endloular to the snip's deck', and this force, when
a UIp Sheel, produces ah nuoorrected horizintal
didsturbhance. WhIle the building in Iron was prin-
* opsly onfned to paddle steamshl.os, this was not
lim;tant; but now, when so many screw steam-
is Fad sailing ships are built or iron, this arrange-
ent ougt never to beused. I know notwbe.her
the compasses of the Tayleur could hive been af.
-ited bt y either of these causes.
8. The question, however, which Immediately
Msae Is, K)at,(under all oroumstlnces) is best to
now?/I[amwer, I asTert, In the first place, and I

amimupoortd In this by Dr. Sooreabl's expert.
ments, Iat the Bonre of local disturbance and
Its laws are perfectly well known; that the dis-
turbance can be neutralized by well known means
to the greatest enocnessma; and that hiWsneutraliza-
tion is perfect dur change of time and change of
place, until thie sip herself undergoes an or-
ganio change. In the next place, I protest strongly
Against rthe system, now In use (I belleva) In the
Royal Navy, of using a table of errors and th us con-
stantly making numerical corrections instead of once
maktlg a mechanical correction. 1. it is baffling to
the mariner. 2. It is liable to exactly the same er-
rors, In the event of a change In the shi.'s sub-per-
manent magnetism, as the system of relying on the
mechanical correction. 3. It is liable to errors pe-
culiar to Itself, which would be entirely avoided by
the nuse or mechanical correction. In illustration of
the last remark I will refer to the tab!e in page 104
of the late Captain Johnson's book on the" Dei-
ations of the Compass," second edition, a work in
many respects highly valuable. Captain Johnson
has given the observed deviations of the compass on
board thiee iron steam vessels in different parts of
the world, and I se.ect the last (the Trident) be-
cause its deviations were the largest. Toe devi-
ations In the Thames ranged from 22 deg. 15 min. .
to 21 deg. 12 rin. W. The deviations of the same
compass a. Malta ranged from 15 deg. 29 min. E. to
14 deg. 21 min.W. Now the proportion of the ter-
restrial hoti zontal magnetic forces in the Thames
and at Malta is as 52 to 75 very nearly. Therefore,
l the ship's sub permanent magnetism remained an-
altered, the tangents of the angles of deviai.on in
the Thames and at Malta would have been in the
proLortion of75 to 52. On computing the Hal#
deviations Irom those in the Thames by this propor-
tion, we obtain 15 deg. 50 min. and 15 deg. 3 min.;
agreeing with those observed more nealy than ob-
servattuions can be made with a ship's compass. lhe
whole of the davilons recorded by Captain John.
son for the BloodLonid, the Jackal and toe Trident,
at Lisbon, Constantinople, the Pimnos, and Malta,
can be computed In the same way from those in
England, and the results are equally accordant.
( I betetiestjIal horizontal forc-s ou the Eame nca'e
of proportion are : Lisbon GO, Cinstansinoole 77,
Pirous 7G.) IL follows from this that the ship'ssub-
permanent magnetism in each case was uual'ered,
and its effect would have been exao,'ly compensated
at eveiy locality by a permanent magnet. And th1i
toe cap in o thbe rLuident, using Captain Juhnsoa'd
table, would had errors ofu nearly seven de
grres; where, if be had used my o;rreLting ma1 -I
nets. be would base had no perceptibleerrc-r t tue
wbh.le vt,.age. I poi:Del out tnil resuh. to Cutitl.n
Jjbtsnn-l know not with what effect. (4) In
extreme cases it cannot be use-d At all: thnus, in the
Greenlanud Eeai the comlaasrrs would sometimes
tu.n round with the ship; whereas there are in the
Greenland seas several iron ships with my correct.
Ing magnets, efflcting their purpose (lam informed)
an cesl'ully. (5.) In cases not so extreme, the in
conve-ni(ce is intolerable; thus, in one instance
which came ULder my own eyes, the compass'
changed 100 degrees with a very small motion of
the r.ip; and the directive Iotensity in one position
was only one,tentLh of what it was in ansoother l'-,i-
tion; tneie Inconweniences are entirely remedied
by my correcting magnets.
On considering the whole matter. T am led to
give the following as my opinloe:-For v)yages of
moderate duration, as, for instance, nm furtnertca-
to the [Mediterranean or to the northern p irts of
North America, I do not trUink that any impr'se-
ment can bem inde in the existing system, esoept in
details, to which I have allnted. The end.c-o"
position of the mapmets ought to be forbidden, and
some attention ought to be given to the ship's sib
permanent magneTism in the direction perpand en-
lar to the Ceek. For voj ages of greater duration,
asto the Plate, the Caps of OGcol Hope, &c., I
think it desirable that means should be provided
for enabling thel uptain to make the small changes
which may be required in the correcting magnets.
I am confident that I can point out a practical
rour-se by which this can be effected; and I am 6a
tilfed that, whblth the sanction of one liberal ship.
owner, the aid of oneiuteljligent captain, an-i dte
command of one ahip for a few days, I cm iarrauge
everything with good hops of c:miplettB aeu'
It might, I think, be advantageous that s)ame gan-
eroau supetvision should be ezercised by the Bjard
of Trade over the eorrecLtion of the compasses in iron
sbil s6 and at no precEding titr could reliao-e be
more implicitly placed on toe f IeLdly Intentions snd
judicious aid of trat Board than a. present. It
miht aso be advanutdgeous that the Marine B.).rdJ
of Liverpool should, as a bdy, interest themselves
in the matter. Whatever course may seem bel.. I
shall be h'pp3 to 5ive any aisistanc-, in my pier.
6. 2he remarks absve are inWended by me to ap-
ply only to iez-n-built ships, in wih:ch toesenaible
part of bthe diltorhabance of the conpmas is prod e-ld
almost entire y by the ship's suib.permauient maI-
ne.rien. In c.(.d b-Alt ajijs, in which cue inda el
ILeitLiSM is t'.'c principal diZtrojg, the
riee ef c-recti-v re nec',sjrily rdiflerent. On
ittie, at ireesit, I tavy or1; to make te st'-n
Irietfl remark wHn Ib htve mitde'. I
dis pprive of th- use of a 'able uf errors, and that
p-t er the nu.e or mehanioal cOarreotons, tie aa
li, i rn t bjh. r, a nrLii-hb'o tithe ne.uL1,iazont n ,o

I -,,~i,,,.,wi-n., in ,~,

cilme. They are known, too, by the account of
the principal Arctic voyagers, to be for the most
part a harmless race, strongly inclined to pilfering
andpetty crime, but with little inclination or energy
for deeds of-blood. On the other hand, their coustd-
tntirnal timidity might have been overcome waen
theby found the white men enfeebled and emaciated
by disease and starvation. Immediately dooub
creeps In at all, we can fix no limits to conjecture.
It Iseextemely improbable, certainly, that at and of
English sailors thirty five strong,g with plenty of arm,
and ammunition at their disposal, should have suf-
fered themselves to be quietly murdered while thea e
waesafiIgter among them which could pull a trigger.
Buthow do we know they were 35 In number, north ,
they had ammunition? They might have been cat
off in detail; the Esquimaux migit have surprlased
and int rcepted one travelling party after an tAer.
It cannot but remain a violent Improbability t at a
party so strong as they are represented to have bean
should have suffered the savages t0 depart from
their hands without securing or compeUling The ser-
vices of a sufficient number of guides. If the Esqui-
maunx could live through tle starving time, it is
strange indeed that the white men should, net have
been able to at complilsh the-ame feat.
In all thiq, however, it is far easier to euggeat
doubts than to hint at certainties. We do not see
our way through the transacion; but, wit% all our
horror of further Arctic research,we cannot but
think that it would be unworthy ot the character
al this country If some steps were not taken to
arrive at mcie satisfactory conclusions with regard
to the fate of poor Franklin and his friends, T..ere
is not the slightest occasion for the further employ-
ment of great ships. A travelling party drf sufficient
strength can readily enough descend BSok's River
to its junction with the sea. Very possibly the
experience of Arctic voyagers may point out an
easier aid moie direct ptun. We nave not the
slightest incllmation nor the neoeassary knowledge
for dogmatiziiag on points of detail; but we leave it
to thejudgment of the public whether some steps
ought not itD be adopted Ior solving one of toe
man r painful riublerus of our time, uoff tat the
solution would appear to be all but within easy
ita:b. No man fitter for toe duty cmuid be fouunJ
thin Dr. Rae himself, who has sent a lirge por
tic.n of his life In the exploration ol t :e Lihorpitsbla
and letal coast of North America.
[FjI(cm n IL-:Io,-IM riramc, Nrc. 2 1
The prbilo attention is so strongly flsrd on ithe
Crmea et the present mumtt i tiat we cVii sarc, h-pe fc-r a paiectt being upon au)_-aiv the onur
all overpowering sol-tje t. We veunta-e toask, how
ever, for a few mo-i enta' a',Untlon on a matter
wuib but two.jebrs ago attLracted the ymnpa.'iies
aerd routed thb cnergiesol the vivizned Aorld. The
depotic roler nth whom we are now at wae and
tbe ft ee and popular geverumett of the United St itas
ntLited for once in a common ceuse, and seconded,
to the best of teeir ability, the eff.tris made by the
English nation for the relief of their distressed
countrymen in the Azctic regions. Expedition
aftr expedition was sent out, hobut all in
vain. At length, by mete accident, the Infor-
mascn which Lad been so anxiously sought
was stumbled upon by a northern traveller. It is
melancholy enough; Mill the mlpds of all persons
oouriebteai with the gallant men who have met with
so uLtimely and disastousa fate have baen quieted,
at least as to the necessity of fresh exertions for
the benefit of those wto have long since been ob-
i rated fr(m ijie catalogue of living men. We
wou'd fain touch as lightly as moy ba upon the
most terrible portion or Dr. Rae's narratve. Of
what ava.1, indeed, is &ty emtairk in such a case,
beyond a biief and hearfelt expieasion ote sympa-
thy and sorrow? The point for consideration is,
Pr can the government or the people of. this coin-
try diret theireffoits in te most advantageous way
in order to throw some light upon tho manner in.
which Franklin and his devoted flowers came by
their dta'h.? Any furmlher reat expditLion is out
of tse question. The Arcti, i. e is already stuaded,
as It were, with great ships which have been de-
spaictoed in search of our Inst rthLda, anduIt is
matter of notodetytat but little betnuflshas been
deiived from all the energy and endurance of their
ca; tiins and crtw, and from adl the expense
which has been lavhbed upon them. Under these
circnmaiancea it hat been determined-wisely, as
te tihJyi k-to prosecute the search upon a humbler
Ecule, but doubtless in a mumner far better adapted
ti autain the ot.j, ct t view. lhe Hudson's BoI
C, mpany, as we odunjrsand it, are to direct an
expeoltion cempostd of the moe. practised und
bignl ruiLend me-n in their employment to .ne
spit indicated by the E&quimaus to Dr. Rie as
te las',. c'nee o rIbet terrible Arec.u trrgedy ia
wh'ch Franklin and bis frien:a perished. Loi)k-
lng to whit was acc'mplishlitd by Sir Gejrne BSci
in his descent of that griat tiver to whioh his
name has been gtver, ani to the exploits of Sir
Jlhn Ri inai.-r-a .a.,a Dr. RLe ;i the anirme region .
Si DEuee,. -3(nru[., tod o.ner, "e can e.terlarinj
rnriounb'e io-n; t1'r2%t I e plity desprct'ed u-tf.
ti-ifse tv.ce will be able to tr.- ii.tuh vitb
rtie:t. Dlrplte of fill i-at bh Nenleu vritle'i, andl all
ihe ezplarE'ins lhab bave btn off-ad uona tlb
hut.jact, i* mnAt tver rtri'n mirvAloau at1t the
tCorl.Si LJh n Dujj1edD'J i L Lis VCIelV d',c"-ir,u

.-. --.- .--- -...-, ---. ...-- ---- ,,, ItLUJ LU VaOnL 1y oUwLar -,[iU 1J-U[ e ai 'o 3 f p. r|
AIRY. Frhakl.n k n.d bL. fiaruds was ista-elt, so ignill)
R 3al Obserplory, Greenwich, Oct. 17. fitit (oi f %,ct. It wa- siadI at tie time r.uat ri
..--.- _tIt.- Frtbri rius wEith I t.i aiiir beiL-raen L.a i" WIAk I
The Arctic ELxploitng ETrpediions. *. dlit gil'Siors, t uiuad rudraur to mlI-
FATE Of siR JOHN e.1NEKLteN AND C.IPT.U.N- COLLrN f,,r i s old -re-,un oi tLe Oo-tieroi He din
FtN. t-i; rtsl( i-cs' mesl cnerg. iti aly dl:---',, t: vat.:-
"Fri run ri Lan-i Oic, ttii. '.) vIL--Wiptt iniwhichbe uupieur. L)t -a'e'
'lbs Artltc intelligence thickens upin u'Iat,% mit-'I-" it, wt6a eiroui L i. 1". '1 "1e, ione.
ment. wen the public anxiety is keealy due.etsdw,. D-. Br Ia been sonar shat ,u.lIty t^aic with in
anobr ila'tr. But for tu, thejeirsbroughn by respectIlt h nitlic.ciLly c i.adc.)v ry he has mid.
Dr. Rse would have revived a deege of attention It.-iin'ie I the other dy a letter Irom a -el itive ,uf
more commensurate with Its impurtan.e. if it wasg t rof te uncfortnnato pn-sobans who were asso.iaitid
worth while to stand out somany expeditions at so) .with Fi -klin In hi enterprise. It wo-.d Do cr. s
terbie a rihk tohumnau lifeana at so greatca.1out- to ctiici'e hiisa'ly te opiLion, or a geLti-man who
.y of money, whin wewe e entirely in thedark a ,i t ut.e.rthIah a ufiuarce t s-uch .deep a. ,l d st.r-
the fate of Franklin and his uniorin cat s ,oipa log lisitigs; bu- w. canno,t tot ncor- thet aIlitle
nlions, certainly the imlpuldse, whether it be one of cui-eaidui-A.ouu, IleAnahime&bat hehLasbean hasta.uo
enmanlr, curiosity, or justle, sm ould not hs di ha etl C.tuie. oupn i the aits ,aid unlre fi a e-i-u-
nismhednow tbstweohave beforeossa)methnghlike man t1l1ohas ben long kuown to thword' -hisbra
.vidence of the fate of the missing voyagers. We intr-o-tr and s t h al.Dr. RHis
retun tothesubjct or to rascr-lirt, ton ss ses that hiis chret mot:ve in hur-tying to Eughan I
we have something to tell of thebpoiti-in t Captain .lb thei ..telig r, be had gleaned Was chic he
Collinson and the company of the Eoterpiize; and, ni.ut at once uta ip toao misllrt -ffo--
semoodi beeeosa we would give some expression m, | E "v "caspat..... p W y mi aflo,,
d s we w d g s in sosy cEave the right direction. Deeply as we fe,sI
to thehsutmisesand suspicions which are agitiling cI (.r etin elnd bin fisleoods, why involve othse.
the public mind as to the fate of Franklin and his in ki bie-tbe ate ow odywe-tfi
paniot On the who ,it wold appear as hir l mentable fate? Now, to-tday we publish
rtgnP? ;re w~eU ntoee~noaebIe~le o r aapp, elef ean aiive, ,hichb will a'mon that, although
thl -ugh inst-s were no reasonable cause for a il-rehlen- Sirt Edward Belc'er hias wrt~h-lre an- proRudety, lae
sltOn as to the fate of the Enterpr|ce or er-crew. m r-- ovar-p'uden-,y. as oth -ra maintan-h

We have positive news from tem, under CaJt i t ews ci t e British seare.tasug shij- a t .._k-the ice
CoJllison's gLanate, up to the 27th of August, en American expedition. last ,
1852. It would beidle in remarks of this kind, in- i a pernlsos ant f .illese a1se up Saiaf1 t
tended as suggestions to the general realer,ti enter Soutd. .T.e coa... adopted by Dr. fil ay ,B -
into the intricacies of Arctic navigation. Toe asum at les toe recall of th exe-i s p I
of the inf.runetion with regain to the Enterprize is I vEit thle d reach others upun te" e-o' ae" d, p'
bent conveyed in the simple phrase, that until ]the . .,d In &b av ....1..... P- ltl y, the
date named Captain Colithson had unconscousty I, ra' din sotyoethe lgutins r.ectn; Dri Hnyes, lheI
followed in the tra,'k of Captain MoClare, A .i u s..othebi gd ceot ,rinoel Expir'
strai separates tbe tlvo inhospitable blocks ot land a fotes ., accOalbt of the praceedingsI
o whicb Actio navigators have given the names *.- .som thehtead of BafiBn' BHy.-Disaovenri
respectively of Baring Island and Pilnce ".Al they have tot made, but they have put themselves
Land. This strait is Called the P:iu & wofWal inlowlntr qurutmr, withthhe rtolutlonofcarrying
Strait. In the year 1850, Captain MCu;Q-e. ,oIhad ut tts objects of tteir mission by mta -s of sledgig
haed a o course to the northeast fro. s" -e rI atics onti thebopening ofrtheseason in thesoring
p.aed aupoa r| sre to the n oteas,.t o"t ap Parry, p rmits ofI further advance. Dr. Hayes's letter 1;
passed up ths strait to t. .h ormtheia- as far as I p'.l-ly interesting as a description of the Groa lapo
-DAPtP.e&. W"oI",where he passed tie wl'iter-"oset, tad doubtless tacticc travellers Will bL
oi 18u- l. lu lJuly of the latter year he waire- .d.ed in opinion al to the new plan Fo.
leased, and proceeded up the strait till he was sp-ibuig the sledges at the farthest point of
ped by an enetrable barrier ofi-Ie, and was there- i
bype makin hs w i IPr ogtee which the energy of cur transatlantio
by pradvetoe Iroei wMak.iwg our way li to P irr len has Iduced them to try. Upon such matters
otus5, and to l region with w ich our sctnc 7tvw. epirs no opinion; bht surelyif it be possible
galors are now tolerably familiar, Al i lno.a s eUt I t asn tie brig Advancetht all fa-thir exertion
anown, henretur d'onnli track, er umnavigte. e ,- e directiclno a Smith's Sound must be fruit
the island, andassned the wine:- of 183l"-2 in t er. lee,. tb-t is slltudy no alight result of the on. ee
cy Bay, whkih 6Is epar.ted irmm Sir Edwird Parry'd s b, D: Hit We may'ld,n-conela'loa al
We 1 rW tpo^i t bynotm" n 'ymil sice or w .ur, of adviceI to thCse %0tu have c-. t censure
e ret'n to Captain Colism. The n Enterpliz up L Dr. HRi- for his pUblieatino( of in-rinatoi. in
reached the east anderf Pnrnceof Wales icitat an -- t- tfct fo'a u
te 30th o uf August. 18bL, d found tie tie slo- I i, ifl o hat no mancan cil ula e Lbe Rd
that sho was ribiig.-d ihi-s. a s ablch may arise from pubiloity. Friends.
ly packEn off the month of I'. thbt -he wa obmig-dEI j ,,a am, .thiae-s. s'sr. up In every corner of the
to rttun. N--w, just abju,. the same jear thb In. Ii,'s, .s lnbe ano no ma can soy what may hnt
sestegator wps at the same spot, and the t -oIshitj .tIt fri t erection made in quart ra.whare .ay r.-
vo ships 11^.,'61 el.L `111 .".tr e^. iDoS mdeinquart7a^bra^,Xr
must all but have crossed eactn other. Scoa ae tiie ti. r. w lea-- -xpottd. We purr ly avoid Apy-.
difficultlee of Arcticr research. so mere a molttr ofi bg like dis uspsan of the rateuIgenceM bt ined
ch aS- 0 does it appear whtibethr or no to icshi .,. float trEeuim ;con.ectrriai th.cue is
which may be croresug within a few mtles ol esm, IOtis tl-t Curstory ; conetre iysot b3acasss
other, shall ever come ontoi-anC.tact. Tire Eeterp |jz, um be l d rh dtyr -,y obarry-owupthe trueeoit
win', red in I1851-2atthe east aide of thu eur. ac-. h ctr uel. 1in t .h b o .u phecl ng
of Prince of Walt' Str al t. u o IidLe aLndt orelatives by premstureesmpcalstlen
It Is satisfactory to se meAtion mile in t0 0 t .e Loch ahod s s tl.
record deposited by Captain CUollinon o a iSe sati,- ]. .
factory codltion of his crew. lrroagbofltt'.ewin.- Esig lls D flnce of ihe Saints Arnuil Letter.
ter the weather bad been mild. Little Or no snk- [I it ii th' I .-,d n Clriiiir]r, Nov. 27 ]
nues had occurred, and his mnien w;e in a fi. cmd:- It crciof I bheod re Hoos's web-known novdli, a
tion lor ba-d work. There had beei little or no worthy tic idr tairlle, who has exchanged the fo
sickness, and hares and ptarmigan ha i been obtin- ifsral- Ior tLe 3ie-ica' roae. Irankiy car'eases Jbhe
ed, if not in great abundance, at least In some -I ain emt-arasam,'t wi.h oppressed him on his flkst
tity. In Apil travelling parties were to ba sent oat. appearance in ibe pulpit. O.e iefIi.aion, however,
We have, however, liter Intelllgenre in 1832 thom pici-tfLtta ila-elf klre ie consolaeion-" rbore was no-
Ramsy island, but all pointing in the samns delec- od on the otber shide"---s be tok couage, and
tion-the latest date is august 27.. We t r,,ik. tlshan, ieceeC fully suroinronut ifd 1 he difficulties of la nsw
not only from this intelligence, but also from toe career. Ibe f-ame cnv'ictiou:aprpears to animate
other less Iprecaise Informtioa 'oroag.t homrn by those iudl.tieabl- ua'ailnieaoi,Br:tiah polloyat
SBirE. Belcher and his cominpanlons, th.t little a'Jprc- bhme at d sLroaL o whor ea lycriti isms afford so
henieion need be entertained of the fptte o- mu b BmusemeL. ttoithe mote nse ble portion of the
Captain Collinson atd bhir ciev. rh way conommui ity I'. is true, in a tain sensoa, that
home is open to him by Cape Parry and Cip- l tlier isa i h dy a ontit.'r tride, or C.minFandera
Bsthurst through Bobring a Stralti, or, shiulJ lie il-acr at pIstIt tot TiLt.lI srrioq. oicrk npon t eir
elect to push forward parties itio Parry S-jnu.l. heidi.'r. i.,iit I rpt ing asjyc'seit.attention
we know that dejots o' provisions atre plia-d f.r itoo c Iim' i a il't., l.y the tints,-y re-oi'J trig
him at spots to which every Arctl naviget r W.l'- Cr it",. tbatf- LiOi n ..-al. sad rephced c
at once nave recourse. Ton expljin of Liau'eunti, i ,ie- to1lUVc, tOur cioa'ly 'bitid; nor,&dted, ci d
Cresswell, Meecham, and Pim saff-rd trlerari l) ti.y, c .66s etl) oaltb ih, -lairus of rof la al
satisfactory presumption that the rsgi in can b, h nidJ ptros v. h-ayin e o. Is.eir bthe
travelled over without manch lirk. BI -. ised we iW.-r'r -tl a rlfu'W,.- %or rt- a r ta-rLM civil
turn from this suojUct Lo the fate of F.,ns.iiu a.'vi-rs mu:It a. lib.i'e titLj IsI ibail -. M de
and his companionss in misrurtuho, we i wl ,'!, h.'-w. %'r ii I, tie,' i.5 be aware tr afeV
could maintain the same Cjia,:at):y t.,9. -i ir r i i l.wIra r h- is ,i-le tissue oef- hold.
the story told by the Ei-.mimaax a t, oao '.11 '.0 u -I., r.- t et-r etblssations o> tCfal re-
Like all savages, they are lars, A,d cert i.i, .T T| 5.1 ,;r at I.a I.N at It pii: o : till the tlme'a1ll ar-
1notscrule at the nttrnceoV an ;'aih),.. -v -hi i a e 1. i' iijiy v o the public cervis.
/might, in tuicr opiniou, tbiela t'Lm ,.,,n1 ', i ii ,, t i',,i. ...-. ir,-ti. iy pexiaiu te cones
vengeance cf the whire min. Iu, I -I, a :c .' '. i- .,,. r ..( hb m,.iaes urici
presumption, certainlyV thi'. hi : 1 1 I l i .i 1 L I . .- .- n- ithe c.'.r liai 1g'us
with whom Dr. Ips ,amne ia n c-'ja,.. -u ,, i i .. -. .i Fca i.a.lmd, :t a of
cerLed in the dhthb of rrain,,i 's ',. .F- .' ,- i. 3. er en-mn es
I wondhave brea b'ud-,i to''O lc ..mJi ,l ,,' i i , i i "i t., f'et,
all tha- tokens w l.-l igh' '.s -rt e r. .-.. .. . : ".i n r.


teh Srbaz )"
iEach company is of the following ftrengtb:-
V 1 Captain, (Soolain.)
I1 Lieutenant, (NVaib i-awal.)
I Sub-Lieutenant, (Naib i-Dsuwum.)
I Sergeants, (Serjoga.)
10 Coip rala, (Dehi oall.)
100 Privates, (Serbaz.y
Ibe line companies have each ] Ifer (Neiiclre),
and the flaLk companies 1 bugler (Sheipoorchee.)
Tbe staffof the regiment consists of
I Colonel, (swung.)
SL'eutensnt Colonel, (Yaeuer owual.)
I Major, (Yaver duteiim.)
2 Adjutants, (one to each wing.)
I Surgeon, (Jerfit.) -
1 Accountant and Paimatter, (Mirza.)
I Baggage Master, (Tablidar.)
I he full strength of a regiment Is consequently
1.1 0 cf a'l rades. The right wing Is under toe f thbe ienteneant Colonel, and the left wing
cf Ihe Majors.
I e ofl rm conaits of a red or blue sloth jacket,
Ior linen treectes, high brown or yellow leather
lb-!v, r.i tLe uatio0al lambskin cap; the twolatter

I .

strous and inconsistent asccuasitlors which have
been levelled against them, at a time when a thor-
itative contradiction could not be given.
in the meantime, we rely on the good sense of
Englishmen to appreciate the trne value of these
reckless imputations, We venture to believe that
writers who tancy themselves at liberty to give free
play to their imagination, because there is nobody
on the other side, will find that, by omitting In their
calculations this meat important element-the sound
judgment of the great mass of their countrymen-
they havebeen led into mistakes, the consequences
of which they may have occasion to regret. It can
only have been in total disregard of tha character-
istic quality of the British pubilo mind, that a mass of
unmeaning criticism has been expended on a single
phrase contained in the admirable letter recently
addressed by the FrenchEmperor to Madame de St.
Amrnud. It was most natural that in such a cominuni-
cation every topic which could tend to bring out
orominently the military virtues of the deceased
Marshal should be forcibly and pointedly stated. It
was scarcely possible to avoid alluding to the fact,
which casts so much additional lustre on the fame of
the departed hero, that the severe illness which ex-
hausted his bodily powers had, left his ancient
military aeiit in fUll vigor, and that a commander.
who might ao well have been excused for yielding
to apprehensions from which no member of the'
Council of War can have been wholly free, not only
approved tie bolder course, but had firmness to
resist and overcome the "timid counsels" of others,
whoever they might be. The phrase, however,
gave rise, as might have been expected, to a great
deal of useless speculation on this side of the
Channel. Itwas immediately assumed, in certain
quarters, that the Emperor of -the French, dissatis-
fied with the policy of the English Ministry, had
seized the opportunity of communicating to the
widow of his distinguished general, and to all Eu-
rope, the displeasmure with which he regarded the:r
past conduct. A more prepCsterous supposition
could hardly have been devised- and the high repu-
lation whiqh the Emperor Napoleon has justly gain-
t a for polwcsl sagacity, as well as the-sincmoere good
feeling towards tthia country which has characterized
ram adrnlLtration, oughe alone to have been suffi-
cient to demonstrate ice utter absurdity. Yet the no,
tion wIs too g-od a ore to be abandoned till it had
been fully worked out; and accordingly, elaborate
attempts have been made to show that the wise and
able sovereign of France had offered a gratuitous
aff'ont io the English Ministry-it bning imagined,
ve suppnie, by the patriotic writers in question, tast
snch a course was calculated to strengthen the cor-
dial union at present ubsisLiting between the tiwo
countries. .
Happily, however, we are no longer lefe in uncer-
taity as to the sense in which the words were ori:
pit ally used- and those English politioiants who so
eagerly catch at very opportunity of slandering
thpir own commander i a their own government,
witboot the slightest regard to the reason or truth
of their imputations, have received a rebuke alike
dignified and pointed. The Moniieur of Tuesday,
alter adverting to the false interpretation which hbad
been given of the passage referred to, states expli-
citly that the esie object of the Emperor was to
give due prominence to the energy of Marshal St.
Arnaud, by adverting to the very natural dis-
cordance of opinion which, on the eve of a great
and momentous decision, manifested itself in the
counsels of the Frieanch army and fleet. We arb
thus in a condition to put a very intelligible
construction upon tie terms which have been so ab-
surdly misconstrued. It is not to be nuppo-id that
the members of a council of war assemble simply for
the purpose of yielding a blind delerence to the
opinion ot their chief. Each is bouni,in duty to his
country and his sovereign, to give and to express an
independent judgment. In tne present case, those
S ho advocated the expedition supported a bold plan
of operations; while those who doubted its expedi-
ecoy may, of course, with perfect proprety, be said
to have preferred tisaid counsels. It is easy to
`'say now, with our knowledge of tte progress and
pro pects of thbe enterprise, that the opinion which
ultimately prevailed was, beyond all question,
the right one; but it would -be most un-
candid not to acknowledge that there *ere many
conelderations which may have fairly and reason-
ably bad great weight vith the minority. None
who know the French Generals will entertain a mo-
ment's doubt of their zeal or their courage; bat it is
possible enough that one or more of them may have
entertaied very strong ideas as tethe risk involv-
ed in the expedition, and, actuated simply by re-
gard to Athe interests of the allies, may have
eenmed it too hazardous to be undertaken at
the -moment. Peibaps, tor example it was can-
cEived-that Pri-ce Menohik'ff would attempt to
mnt.rfete with the disembarkation; and tad he
ad' ptc-d, the arguments of t.e dissen-
tii ,' migLt have gained considerable apparent
torce f.fmr the heavy loss which would probably
have ensued, although the vzlo: c-l the allied
oirtev s(ord no idoit bie ju-i-tfid the dec-rai -
ItbicD 01 ILL t t juiJ-iy.
By etLer ciii sa o t t lelt of the Emperor Na
(ltot, It tn as riill).rrp dei.ftcr-d~ie cnrErlnta']oo,' ,a.
Ibae words towin t. we rave illured or-.uld not be
ldtlJuoir, iyoT..ty erurenr. Lr I t L ria OG-n-rii
uJfL .w, tAni l L usu. or AdemiMi BIuo'; add
tye p ilt.,bsing Lten c-unltied thus i'r by the
mchitd rcf (.tl linon wets lltto ,i lvine the reill
ohjecias v'f rhe -*.pr.5.d inn-"di. Vt'E m at repeit
c uII eaarrtal a t i .AO lttg t-n 8itilS '. unjnstid bb'e
sti ,i';citda:Eb'e- L'-i .e o Tee ti :e will e se iy
in'ih wr tO ltrh il'-o0 1 t he qmiet.'J. o ctUn be fli y-
i-rdl t.ily 0 sicruef.l. It will rI len be kLuifflaou
P;lem ike impult on o(f csc-OxEive caui.i-nU, ur
",I-t'i d counsrl," itl the phrase be piererred, usiH.
pi 'rly Itic'S ; arnd we venture to wmarn ie
puilh c a-iinst g ciog cre-lenca to cor-jec'.ur'es wflch
wil Islimiatply turn out to have been completely
unf. o idert. We asik but a briefr delay, inl we ant
it. tot nitly as a matter if justice to indleidn is
who, %hetner at bome-or abroad, are at praeeut e-
birrcd 'be ',nvrl6e of entering on their own vi ii-
cMticn, but principally lor the sake of the onusiy
and its in-tersts. In is Lot to be supposed tbiaL
EnglIbh cilic'sas fail to reach the Crimea, and % 3
leave our readers to judge as to the effects whk.,
will Le produced by those which'i we have noticed.
lhe Frencb-unless the contradiction inserte.l in
the lmnitcur should prevent their filling into the
earor-wil be impre-sed with the belief thit Eng
lish timidity has checked toe ardor and thwbarted
the plans or the empire,.to whose service they are
attached; and our own offi era will learn that the
most consoientious devoution to their duties cun
save them-fiom asupersionu calculatedif not designed,
to weaken tneir authoity over those whom they
commaLd-to deprive them of the credit which is
justly their due-end to fix upon th' m a stigma as
odious as It toundeaerved.

Thie MlitUtary Straength of Persia.
[rnm tie Frieud of India Calcutta), Aug 3.]
We bave been repeatedly asked for an account 4f
the mTilitary strength pfPersla. It is a subject on
which gie st mliionception exists, and we have,
therbfole, piepated a narrative which though per-
heps too minute for the ordinary, reader, willenable
all military men to estimate tre strength, disposi-
lion, and organization of the army.
The first Introduction into Persia of European die-
ci pike, and a knowledge of the fabrication and use
ofartillery and fite arms, was due to the gallantand
adventurous Shirleas, who entered the servloe of
Shah Abbas more than two centuries and a half
ago, and gave him valuable aid in his wars with the
Pole. Bat although a few European offices and
attifl.ers were after that to be cenerally found iin
the Pers'an armies or comte, little Ldvan'.age resqlt-
ed until in 1800. Napoleon, whose views were turned
towards India, entered into an alliance with the Shah
of Persia, and sent several officers to discipline the
Pereian troops and organize the material foranauriy.
Afterslime tie Russians obtained an asBeadaucy,ahd
several of their officers were employed; but in 1828
a number of officers from England sad India we-s
sent to reorganize the force, which still retains tne
Esstem then Introdu-ed. This [fact has given the
whole organization a peculiarly British character-
-whiltt the great services and high qualifications ,o.
Sir B. Lyndray Bethune, Cola. Ferront, Shell and
Pasemore, Major Todd, Capt. Lynch, Mr. Armstrong,
arid several others, have established a high opinion
In the minds of the Persian soldiery regarding the
skill, courage and justice of British off] :ers.
The Persian army as at present organized is com-
pced ofregular and irregular infantry, Ltregular
cavalry and regular artillery, of which the latter
alone is permanently maintained on the full estab-
lishment. The regular infantry (aSerbz) which con-
sistsofeighty-tweoregiments, is divided Into two
cleapse, ihe one forming the active permanent
forte, the other a reserve, somewhat sim-
liar to the Landwerh troops of Germa-
ny. The active portion of the infantry consls' a!
thiee regiments of Guards and 32 regiments of
the line. Each regiment (Porj) in composed of 10 -
companies (Dsfech), viz., I of Grenadiers (Da.#st
7Be/rodoram), 1 of Light Infantry (Dustih Mfesch
Ros-fin), and 8 Line or Battalion Companies (Dlt-

.... II Iw ig

are supplied by the sollier, for which however he I Such is the strength and organization of the Pes
receives an annual allowance of about 7 rtpees. The sian army at preenti,
accoutrements are made of leather on the European Ihus, it ia evident that a Britih contingent enora-
ln; the as are flint muskets and bayonets, of ploed in that quarter would not be likely to want
either English or Persian manufacture, wnih latter the means of transport.
are of exceedingly good quality. the formation is |'_e______h a pn
in two ranks, and the men are good shots, mauwa- Mellie CruveU's Flight-Its Cause Explained-
ve smartly, apd are tolerably steady under arms. BRacheil's ExpeetatUolns In the United States.
Two regiments form a brigade (T7i) which is [From the Paris Correspondence of rthe Boston Atlaas,
the command of a General of brigade, (Mr Teep,) October 24.]
and two or more brigades constitute a division, com- The funeral of the late Marshal de St. Arnaud
mended by a General, (Serdar.) A General in-Chief occupied Paris bnut one morning; the flight of Made-
is sealed .rl-Uwioomn; a Marshael, .Amir-i niznff molselle Sophie Cruvelli still forms a prominent ob-
The War Mirtater is the title of Wusir-.i-Nizam, and Jectof ccnversaiion. We cudgel our brains as idly
be is assisted by a staffofficer, uilitg the fuhc- as the Second Grave Digger; we cannot explain the
tiors of our Adjutant and Quarter Master General's riddle-at the leat to the compreba-sien of the vul-
D-partments, whoisesigiated Adjutant Bashl..O ar. It is not clificult o solution to" the few." To
the thOee regiments of Guards the 1st or Bahaderan oSe eIaddreis myself. I must begin with the his-
Khessa is a Grenadier corws, and composed exotu- story of her engagement at the Grand Opera. J have
sively of Christians either subjects of the empire or forewarned the reader, I shajl not give an explicit
refugees; it is atpresent commanded by a assian *newer to. the riddle; he must deduce it from the
tamed Samson Khan. The 2d regiment is called facts I ley before him. Mademoiselle Cruvelil was
the old Guard, and the 3d the new Guard of Kara- avere to entering into an engagement with the
mn. Grand Opeta; her friends advised her strenuously
The position of the Colonel somewhat resembles gaint it; they urged that to do so was to recom-
son-s mence her profession; that she would have thera
that of the Colonel roptrletalre In.the Austriane new parts to learn, and to sing. In another language,
vice. The regiment is to a certain extent his pr- operas new to her and familiar to the public, who
petty,sand his power is absolute, as he can execute had seen- them enacted by other talents of vast
capital punishmeLt by the bastinado. But there is powers; further, that shbe bad no advantages to gain
achbeckand a veryeffectualone,in the chara.terof here; her name was celebrated, and ssne received
the met hemselves, who, although they generally neat y 220 000 a year from the Lon4on and Paris
render implicit obedience to the Colonel, yet when taian seasons." Mademoiselle Cruvell was at
he urossly abuses his powaaer, or exercises It in a this time at Frankfort, with her mother and sister.
cruel or tyrannical manner, either mutiny ad kill receiving every day offers from some English, Its-
him, r make him prisoner and sendhimtothe She, lan or SpLih manager. The Grand Operahere
with a request that he may he removed. As. 'a rSaihmngr.TeGadOeahr
mutinyisaseriousat ay thes rem aerth er waspert nacousnin itsattempts toenaagenher; the
are lwas sam, equsts whcht ma
ra t re u o m pl ried wi th; ,but wa re ative, Inat e r w as greatly in debt, and loo ke d to b er as
greno, abreotheo th ffrormertcommn ,da it utly possible chance to save him frqmbhank-
pp nted. roteof the frer commandant is rnptcy. lademolselle Cruvelli conatintly declined
apoite. his crfers, and only accepted them after tiue personal
The amiualgay of the several ranks is as follows: inei vimnion of the Emperor. .
Plivate.. ........ 6 Tomans and I daily ration. I acquainted yon at the time with the envions.
Corporal........... 8 .. and Ij 1 comments made on this ergagema-ltni; oor envious
jesalt-........... 12 .. and '2 gtssips held it that she was rutiiug the theatre;
Sub-Lieutenant .... 36 .. and 2J that after her bed example no artis; could. be en-
Lieutenait........ 40 .. and 3 aged at a less rate than $20,000 a year; nearly all
Captain........... 80 .. and 4 the critics criticised. her Valentine, Vestale and
Mjor-............. 160 and 6 Alice in-bitter terms; she was disheartened by this
Lieut-iant-Culonel.220 and 10 miserable war ofcwps d'epiog/g, and she went to
Colonel-............500 and 20 the manager of the opera and begged h.m to annul
The value of the toman is about five rupees. The Their contract. Herefusd to do so; he told her
nation (oresits of half a batman of bread, equal to I hat he tad never hinted that she was an incubus on
bout three pounds. A captain receives one raton the opera; t.hat so far from it, whenever she appear-
of forsgeo, consisting of two batman of straw and ed the receipts ware ,$2,000..She returned home
one batman of barley; and the field officers receive andtbrew herself in her mother 's lap, depressed,
sevefrally tireefhve and ten forage rations. discouanig(dan- weeping tbitrely. He friends hbd
The pay of a general of brigade ais 1,000 tiomnsa te greateat d'fficu} to prevent her from paying
year, with ana allowance tfor is establishment, whi0t the pi aly ( 20,000) provided in her oontrait, and
generally consists f the revenues of a village. The iesga .irg her lIbert ; at last the/ succeeded in
pay of the higher ranks depends on their lnuence making hE r remember that in a year she would bh
aird position, free, and might go where she plea-ed. She awaited
The remaining 47 regiments form the reserve with patience, hut-let the ambitious, haopily yet in-
force; tod of these the greater por ton are little glotions, pouner well the lesson-ner patience was
more than skeletons, the menbeing allowed unlimit- sorely exerctied; those who were ultimate with her
ed leave. They are, however, annually mustered tell us thet Lo one can imagine the depth of the mel-
and exercised for a few days, and are alwaysAliable ancholy, the acuteness of the torture, the poignancy
to be called on for service when required. Aroonsi. of the anguish which racked that sensitive and ner-
derable portion of these corps have recently been vous nature as the hour drew nigh for her to gotothe
embodied, and are now forming a reserve' camp Grand Opera. Invaln the public applauded, in
undertbe orders of Khan Baboo Khan, theking's i vaiuAboqutt afterbouquetwas thios on to her, in
uncle. The recruiting ground of these corpsis obhiefly' vain the solid consolations of the theatre's treasurer
distributed over the provinces of Irae Ajemi, Fars, were bestowed on her. They fell almost unheeded
KeimanandYezd. Their pay, when embodied is on her mind, absorbed by tie dream, the ambition,
the same as the active force, bat whilst on loa-e the hope of quitting tie stago. How many times
the.receive nothing. did she not exclaim to her friends that she would
The irregular infantry consists partly of a militia commit suicide rather than lead the life she was
and partly ol contingents, furnished by the froLtier leadirg. Many were the hours sentl in weeping
diatrlcz i this force amounts to about 80,000 men, bitterly the fortune tf her eldest sister, married to
called Toofunchees, armed with muskets or mat, h- an hontet German gentleman, and livingindomestic
locks. They are only called out on particular ,oc- sclusion in a beautiful cottage in Germany, and
caslons, and even then they receive no pay, and Nud pra ing that it might one day be hers. There is a
their own arms and equipment, but they receive revetse to the medal of glory with the legend of
rationsandammunltion,andasortofgenerLilicense tvenlythcusand dollars I She cams toParis the
to I-louder.. 29th 1b eptember (a Friday). after a leng and profi-
To p luder, table (in guaneas and glory exclusion) In the Unitel
The whole of the Persi cavalry (Kooie gim and while on te other side of the han.
Sowaree) is irregular. Several attempts at o;gani- nel she was impigent to return to Paris, as the
zing regular cavalry under European officers have reader r may see frdlt the following letter, which she
beenmade, but without success, and allhave been addrs seed fcm Dublin taoue of her friends hee:
ftinlly cdu ed. With the exception of 10,000 men, M Dear Fiend-l co like a litte who is fri
forming the Royal Guard, the cavalry force is drawn c renrerd--by hergood alher, a n lier good reason
from the several tribes, when required. The total for scolding thr giddy bea.d a Urtile Ai, baob I I brase
force they are bound to furnish amounts to 190,000 the scalding', nay, even a Ittle slap on the cheek, and [
men, whIch with the guard gives a grand total of meeti bihout Ir tmbling, vilhoot bhanq.rg down myeyes,
200,000 cavalry. my -t .,:i friend, I git hbun a h-isrtyshake hands, and;
Thefixedoontlngentsof thetribes, to whichex- w lye, rmlye, I carry' my pard.n I am overwhelmed
tent they can be calledupon if requisite is asfol- Lbs ronocrt-, i arn applauded; but whit an existence!
lows :-- lorsemen. Vve Far, I I t,n .-:happy soihere but in Par;as I 11
Khorssan............:..-.................. i45,000 as-rn' baza ,s p.lro. A bentbl
Fars, Keman and Arabistan........... ... 50,000 Se rReached Paris, as I have said, Friday, the
The Bakhtaiifis.......................... o000 29th of September, and stopped at the Hotel Bristol,
Kurdistan............... ................ 20.)00 where e(rr brother was waiting for her. The next,
Irak Ajemi.............................. 20000 miriniDg the quitted the hotel to occupy the apart-
Azerbijan.......... .. ................. 400C10 mentis sBre bad engaged at No. 15 Rue Tronohet, for
tte winter. She was to have maee herre-appear.
So large a force of cavalry may appear excessive the ncctiedig Wednesday in Rooert Ise Diaole;"
wirm referencetot.epop.uiation; but it must bere- betshE ,6iSa the manager to give'her two days to
n13niet(d ibtithe ii.uiantry arm is pr-eiorionslly Ireshen herm mo.a ol the French art, whc i she
ce-ir, n as lso that in some parts of Persia, and said she bad somewhat foigatten du,'ing herexcur.
el ectiilly or bhe frontiers, almost every man is a sionus, ad she was afraid of munghnir JItalian words
horct-srru. These troops receive no pay, and they with the Frenicb. Thuiaday she r:.oived the vti5i :
iu LisL tihti c-wn horste, arms and equlpmnents; bat of Vejadi, vho gave her tne new tiart she was to
i1 en called c-t they c raw rations ior Ihemselves sug in his new opera, King Lear," an i win
sid t:er horsts, end look to plunder for all else. bhich she aeeerca delighted. OUn Friday even-
TL,3 arecownaondedby their own khaesandsab. ,ix g Ehe made her reappearance in "Lese Hge-
,rditaterlB]7rs; buot tbese are all nomioa'ed by the nots," -ad wtb more success tuan sheohaset
t alh. A ptI t:on of thin force, vaiylug In soaregh, consmandied at the opera; she appeared delighted
is perry, anrntly kept on foot, a certain number of "i'-h t snae replied o thog-rtrenen whocalled
viroings beirg designed for their support. on her in her eprise:g room, to t smpliment her on
But the only respectable body of permanent her iEc ruee, Mesgeurs, I hop y.,u will e better
cavalry is that compoang the twocorps ofte Royal plead ith me Mfonday." aurdoy bshe breakfa.,t-
GuMad, which amount together to ten thomsand ed atnocn,n played onthe pioo for sometime, and,
mauvted men, designated severally, theGoiam.i, alter baviog waited for some tine, sod in vain,
prib Kbidmut and the Golam-i-Shab. Of these two fT.r her .aaial acoompanier, she walked out,
^r~d^ A am"^^^^^^^^ f0- ^.rhir muelat arccmpa'nje~r lshee walked ut,
cops, the B rst holds the higher rank, as the body telling bher servant it was useless to follow her.
nard of the Shah. Formerly this crps, like the About roar o'clock she went to toe treasurer's
,"iginalmamineliukesof Egyptwasrec-ulted by the (at the Grand Opera), and drew Bher pay fr Jne,
children of Chiisian parents, in Georgia, Armenia, which was stit due. Atfiveo'clock sh wrote three
Ac.; hbut now it isexclusively composed of Mussul- linestoher/finmedecehamre, aGtrmanwoman who
mans of gtod families. does not know a word of French, and who has been
On ap ointment, tbe Sowar receives 40 tmens for in her service for three yea's, orderingherto pak
'he purchaselof horse and equni ,ments; the pay is two traveling dreseres in her trunk, and to be ready
30 ti-mans per annum, with rations and forage, and to quit Peiaris at six o'clock;athallf.pastseven o'clock
cluith for anew uniform at the festival ot NSaoroz. she returned home In a hack, made baher feamne,dc .
Thewlole,elerallyspeaking, are very well mount- cAinaorc getin with her, told her servants she was
ed; tte arms are aca-bine, the curvedsabie, along going to meet her mother, whi wasin troth
dagger, and a pair of holster pistoia. Tie perquL- daily expected. Monsieur Meyerbeer called on
sites, when employed on civil or political duties, her Sunday, and tte servants told him their
are very considerable, and they are thus enabled to mistress had gore to Amiens to meet her mother,
keep up a very strong and efficient appearance. but she would son return, asshe was to sing at the
Ibe other and subordinate corps of theGoam-i-' Grand Opera Monday. Monday, her servant went to
Shah are similarly, but les au mptuouely equipped the Grand Opera to acquaint them that Mademol.
and mounted, the outfit be ing only 26, and the an- eelle Cruvelli had not returned, and that she would
ral I tay i0 toman. h n not play ; but as he isaGerman, hecouldnotdlearly
The artillery is confined to hore atllery andi explain himself, or they misunderstood him. In the
camel arulleiy. The former, which takes the place evening the manasern sought everywhere for Made.
of foot artillery, la organized In batteries on the molmee Poinsot, te "double" of Mademoiselle
English system, and the latter consists of Zumboo- Cruvelli ; but she was dining out, and could not be
rinks, light swivel guns attached to the sadlie of the found. Mademoiselle Cruvellli has not been seen or
camel, deioving their name from Zamboor, a gnaus'. heard of since half.past seven o'clock Saturday night.
The horse artillery forms three regiments, eaco of It is evident the flight was unexpected ; everyone
eight troops or batteries, with 162 offlcers.3,258 non- acquainted with Mademoiselle Cirovelli knows that,
commissioned and gunners and 4,368 horses. There ha shepimedlmtaied such a flight, she would not
is also a reserved corps with three batteries, 600 have said Friday : "Messieurs, I hope you will be
men, and about as many horses; giving a total, in betterpleased with me Monday,"for sheis oonfised-
round numbers, of 4,000 men, 5,000 horses, and 163 ly insapible of the least dissimulation. Besides, she
field guns has left behind her all of her effects, her letters, her
the batteries consist of 5 guns and 1 howitzer, costumes, her dearest souvenirs, the lastnew book
T-e heavy batteries are composedof 12 pounder openandhalfread, thescoreopenatthepagesmark-
'-a and 24 howitzers, the light batteries of 9, 6 or ee, several hundred thousand dollars in the hands of
3 pounder guns and 12 pounder howitzera. Each the Messrs. Rothschild. Deduce year conclusions!
battery has 9 ammunition wagons 7 for the guns Let me now acquaint youwith the vulgar rumors
and 2 for the howitzer, with the addhtitn of a rocket emnrent about this flght. One accredited explana-
carriage, and I spare gun carriage. The guns are bion is that she has fled to marry Monsieur Lafltte, a
worked by mounted detachments; homes are al- grandson of the celebrated banker, and naturally is
lowed for the draft of each 12 9 pounder gun and 24 desirous to pass her honeymoon away from the pub-
pounder howitzer, and 6 horses for the lighter io and the foot lights. There's nothing like a cnt:
pieces and the wagons. An ordinary battery has tage during the first fortnight of maltrimony-its at-
182 hbases. The ordinance and oarrIages are all tractions rapidly wane. The frequenters of the
constructed on English models, and especially the opera have remarked that several dandles, the most
latter, are of very serviceable description; but small assiduous hasnters of, disappeared with
arm ammunition is carried on light two wheeled her, and each of these flights is an additional argu-
tumbrila of the Rusaian pattern. English weights mentto demonstrate manags. As soom as her flight
ai d meauotes are exclusively used by the artllery became known, the Minister f "State" sued oat an
and in the magazines, and a translation of the attachment against all the property of Mademolisle
pocket gunner,' made by the late Major D'Arcy OraveIll, and all her money [ping in the hands
Titd, whowas torseveral years in the Peralanser- of the Mesars. de Rothschild. An old Incident
vice, is the present guide and basis of their system, occurred w hen the officer executed the attachment-
The corps of Zumboorchees consists of four corn- Metemoiselle Oruvelli had invited her Mends,
paries, each of fifty men, with a captain ans two Mr. and Mrs. William Payne, of London, to visit
lIeutenants. Each man is mounted on a camel, and her. Mrs. P. reached Paris two days alter the
car t les his zumbocruk affixed by means of truonlons flight, and her baggage reached the rue Tronchet a-
toe aswivtl on thelront of the wooden saidie. The the (llcer was executing the w:lt[of attachment,
police In 1arm resembles a short musquetoon, hay- end with Justice's proverbial b.lndnean, he could
irg a stock and flint lock lth a wrought iron .hari, not distinguish between the flying artist and the
carrying a ball of about thirteen ounces, the whole arriving guests. Im ne a lady damned (ian't that
weighing about fifty seven pounds. The total load, the expresion to use?) to appear In Paris tuvel-
includingthezumboorchseandasupplyofammunl- stained, and without a single change of clothes!
lion, amounts Ito four hundred and fifty pounds. Justice was appealed to in a regular form, and the
One spare ammunition camel Is aUowed wi:h every matte was amicably arranged. Proceedings have
two zumboonuks when on service- bcen Instltuted by the Minister of "State" against -
Great pains have been taken to render this little Mademoiselle Cravelli, to recover damages for her
cot pa es perfect and efficient as possible, 1; being a breach of contract; damages are laid at $20,000, to,
favorite arm with the Shah, to whose guard it Is recover the penalty provided by her engagement,

attached, and on all public occasions of ceremony lt andat ,uuu, to cover t e losses expertienced by
forms a leading and remarkable feature. The artlil- the theatre between her flight and the present time.
lery generally is the most efficient branch of the and at $200per diem for every day the engagement
service, and Is kept tolerably complete. The uniform remsiea unfulfilled.
resembles that of the infantry the jacket of dark The heroines of the stage have been the heroines
blue clth with red facings bhe breeches of blue of conversation; for Mademoiselle Rachel has ap-
scotteon, the boots, sword and pouch belts of black peared as defendant before the law noarts. Before
leather, with a regular horseman's cloak for bad entering into the merits of this case, I may acquaint
weather. The arms are tbe sabre and a pair of you that the United States shall certainly ] ave the
pistols. The pay of each grade is one-third higher pleasure of seeing Mademoiselle Richel next winter.
Ihan that of the Infantry and the officers hold rank A few days ago he requested an anUence of the
a grade higher in the ine, a colonel of artillery American Minister. With his accustomed gallantry,
being equal to a general In the other branches. Judge Mumason waited on her. She sought the inter-
The whole department is under the charge of a View to learn what hopes she might entertain of
sort of grand mater of artillery, called Amir I success in the United Slates, and she informed his
Topkbaneb. This appointment, which is considered Excellency that she would go to the United States
one of the most important in the empire in only con- the next fall or the next winter. The Emperor has
ferred on officers of the highest rank, and Isne oca- given her leave to go, and retain baher position at the
sionally held by the Grand Wusir. There are several Comedie FrIancalse, on the condition that after this
well stored areenlis, the most important of which is long tour she will wander no more. Her brother,
that of Tehran, which includes a foundry, a gun Monsieur Raphael Felix, is already In the Unld
cearriage and small sam maunufatory, with an exten- States making the arrangemente for her appearance.
elve laboratory and workshops, Itjs stated that she reckons on making $500,000
The large guns am for the most part of brass, and next year; she baa engagements in England for
8,000 ramels are kept up for the parks and other $200,000, and she reckons the Yankees will give her
ordnance purposes. In addition to the regular the remaining $300,000. Ifherexpectationsarefil-
artillery, each large town has a body of trained gun- filled, her fortune will be rather more than a million
ners for licl defence. of doJlais.



- -~ _______________ -.---~ 5 I ~


-. SAATUBRAT, Nov. 18-6 P.M.
There was no vr;ah ion In quotatlonI to it, of cu-o
sEequence. A p:.-d d-mand tatid for all lII.; Iia-tin;
-stocks, and about the snilie amount of business was
- tansactel in eacli. At ll.thoe sciul bar TI,; i Iarkut was
I little weal.?r, eud cldoFed heavy.
The ezporlotlom of speci, from this port last weok
NwOe as annedel.-
Eteamn.r Arabia, iUverpool, Am. gold coin.. $82,287 2.,
do oo (al. do .. 215,iht, 1a
do do French do ... 2J20 DO
.do do Phlla. gold bars.. 431,467 5Ii
do do .Cal. do 1. ll,915 0oj
do do Gold bars ........ Sl1,991 dS
do do Mex. dollar ..... 10,00 0d
do do ELg. liver ..... 068 00
Ship SoOloO, Sumair-'a, Spanisli doUllar...... 41,079 00
Brig Charlutte, bio Graud, Brazil, opecie.... 2,040 00
Total for the week................... $1,828,614 11
J- Previously ileortoed in 1854 .......... 35,327,984 81

Total for the year.................... .36,3616,5118 93
This is a very large aggregate. There ais not boseu
-more than one or ti o heavier wooLly shipmeulns tlhi year,
and we ehall probably not bare another liio ,t laring
the rest of the ye-ar.
The bills of tho.-Woodbury Bank of Connocticut will be
received at the MercanUle Bank of tld city at par.
The Knickerboelker Fare Insurance Company have de-
clared, a dividend of ten per cent.
The receipts at Ihe office of the Aqsisltant Treasurer of
this port to-day, amounted to $58,489 20 ; payments,
$U9,391 84-balance, $6,572,369 38.
A telegreBpile despatch from Boston states that the
Suffolk Bank today throws out the notes of the Stark
Bank, of Vermont
The anthracite coal trade has been unusually active
the past week, considering the' lateness of the season.
The shipments from the Schuylkill region for the week
endingon Thursday reached 72,S76 tons, 27,560 tons o
which were by the canal, and 44,816 tons by railroad
This gives a total tonnage by the canal of 844,033 tons
and by the railroad of 1,900,519 tons. The. tonnag.i
thus far this season from the Schnylkill region is
390,765 tone greater than to thle sime time last year
The shpllrment, b, Ithe Lehigh for the weekending on
SatUrdaiy last were 37,123 tons-making the season's
tonnage 1,104,i48 tons. In the nature of things w
shall probably have not more than a week more of water
navigation. Tihe additional supply ofscoal will, for tIhe
rest cf the season, be limited to the amount brought by
the railroad.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Company have called fior the two final Instalmeunts, of
len per cent each, on obsicriplions to their sltceli, pay-
able on Dtcember I and January 3, at the Phenis Bank.
We learn that lthis company are pushing forward the
construction tOf Ltheir radroad from the Scranton coal
fields in Pennsylvania toward New York, with great
energy, and expect to have it opened for business in July
or August, 16E5.
The annesoJ circular of Isaac 0. Davis, of Cincinnati,
gives a rvlewol the money and stock, ofthat city
up to Welnesday evuningr, the 15th in-t -
Our money markel [or lm-1 lait wIea has proc-.eted bat
little change fbot tihe blter I bLe..ame nat i1 currency
Ior ordinary busnuosi trausacton1s L tl.puinl, And. hO.
getiser with the loss of conlidnce occasmuGed by the Iete
uncooked for suspeoition, has cauiceas an unusual tran.
qmlhlty in monelnty aflairs. On [ue.lday the s.i.psnaon
(. Ceo. Milne & Co., one of Ithie ollcsot and moit re -perl.
S able banking hoUse to th Cty, "ao aoiDa,-ii, No
thing is yet known ae to t ,eir OilitiOn, lia.bilitii or
assets. W. Ilhnl. there is but one reeling among theiL
creda-rtra, ansr that is, that. 6tlit ju..t;,u ..l'J b- doue
them in any cnliingtaiey. lhbe hoie .,l T. S Goodman
& CC. have mad, a stistcm-not of Cheir affairs, showv.nJ
an exces of asectli over and above their laLiLtiei,
uinomanting to 823.1i,17 12. An effort is be.n; rma-ie by
their cieditoti to induce V. Wott Lingtin, E-.q., t resign
hia tiSuit as asigoee, and a petILon to tha tii. tC has
been s.gned, and the ame pubiaehe, in the clty pipers.
'Jhe creditors ol Ellit & atur;ea are hkesveso making
efforts to do Lhe. amo. rillt, thei aiignoeat, as the de-
Eire is to have Mi IllIas side up the bu.e.oss of the
sirm himself; not but that they lane rntare- confidence
in the capability of hire WoLblaogtion, at thatthey
might be enabled tI te.oume thaLr bh u-ies atamuch
earber dale.
Emnead, Collard & Huoghes, of the Catieni' Bank, are
rucemaig checks on Ihiirtrlvel en .amitul 01f notes due
tha w0 and thus their iiblct. This arsautncmki gisot general satisfaction to their
creditors, and lhieLr chetki. an' certidcates of deposit are
being oogLLt altor b, Iexonnas haviog notes maturing at
thILE-r batuh. Ihy i.iil be enabled to openand resume
their regular buiseEds In a IGw da ',
While wstlng, no are appri6eC, Cf the temporary sus-
pEnsion of tne Mecbanics' and [fiadeos' branch of the
Slate BSeink of Ohio in our c;ily. We have not as yet
laroed ithe caute ci Itos suspensiou.
Busies genierally iu i.ll ''c are proad.] io af, lihorr
ever, that our .erhlants basve stood Ltie tfoLl riolI, an I
but very few haveyet suspended
Eastern exchange is rather Srm, '2% to 1, selling
Money rates arc raging from 1 to 3 per cent a month
whbes t can be hasid at all. I he banks are doing nothing
for their cusl, mirs
The stork market is vitally affected by thJi pressure o
financialalinira, nor ran nie hope f,.r a rly till aciang
for the better iaLe, paince in our money market.
Sales fur the ieek-'-.o .hs. Ohio anu Mis.coappt Rail-
road stock 47.- 6i do CictMnati ai[i Ln.IInapoia Rail-
road stock (bypolthecated). 44e.. 44 do Liile Miami
Railroad stork, 97uc., t0 9o. Covington and Lesx;ngion
Bailroad ttric (hbypl.heratldl, 46c and mln *,l In. Co-
lumbus and Sen.a HaiL-oad atrick, dc., 60.ldo.. incinnatl.
Wilmington and Zanesville Rahoad stockk (hi)ypiheca-
ted), 4c.,27 !do Marnetta sal Cin,:innati Railroad stock
(hypolberated), .ir., 40 do CunlLnnaLi, HamtdLo and
Dalon Ratilroia., 77c,, 25 do Eaton and Hamilton
Railroad stock, 333c.; 3b do. New Aloany aud Salem
Ra;lrosd stock, 2.rc,: 64 do. Ohiut, and Mis- i-.isippi liLl.
Tlcs stote, 4;1.; 10 ido Farmers' Bank of a.cnrtueky,
103c.; 10 do. Ltle iliUm, Railtoad stock, i;e., 40 do.
Coilngton and Lexington Railroad stock, 47r.


SStock Exchange.
S"TURDAYM Nov 18 1854.
$2,000 Virginia es c. 91 50Ohshs NYCenR. 82%
d500 do.....b3 91 60 do......b3 82%
3,000 SanFran 10 pc 103 90 do.......s3 82%
2,000 Eriet MIg Ba 109. f 75 do.......s3 82%
m,000 Panama B, id is 82,1 25 do.......s3.82';
10,00 edo......... 100 do......s30 62
1,6000 do b3 80, 15NewJerseyRR.. 120
4,000 li Cen R Bs c 66 10 N H & Hartfd RR 115
2080'i 06 150 Erie RR......... 3S-
'1,000 do ......... 66% 400 do........ 35%
10,000 do......... 6d% 150 do........c 35%
i,600Ch & RockIlRR B 86 850 do.......s3 35%
6,000 do........ 86% 200 do......sl0 35%
5 sba Bank of CLiut 103 200 35%
15 AmnExchange Bk 101% 450 do.......s3 356
60 Manhattan Gas Co 126 50 do .....blO 35%
=0 Gold Hill Mine... 1% 50 do.....s15 85%
100Flor &K Joint St % 200 Harlem BR ... c 27
100CantonCo.1..... 9 IM-100 do........c 27%
100 do....... b3 19% 200 do ......s3 27%
100NicTranuCo,.b30 19% 100 do....b30 27%
BOO do......... 19% 200 do.....b60 27%
300 do..... c 19% 200 do......b60 27%
150 do......s0 19% 100 Reading RR.. ..C 68%
100 do.;....b20 19% 200 do........ 08%
200 do......b80 19% 100 do....... e 68%
60 Penn Coal Co... 95% 100 do.....s60 8%
10 do......... 96 200 do.....s30 f68%
100 CumbCoalCo s3 27% 200 do.....sl0 68%
100 do.......b7 28 500 do...... s3 68%
50 do .......b3 28 10 Mich S Construe. 78
70 do b...... 281N 28 40 Cleye&Toledo R 56

200 .do ........ c 27%
$3,000 Virginia 6s... 91
4,00 do......... 90%
500N. Y.Cen RRBs 83%
1,O00ErieCon Bds '71 70
4000 Erie 2dMBs3s 95%
1000 111 Cen RR Bds 66%
5 ohs Corn Exc Bk. 87
00 Cumb Coal Co... 27%
0o "do......b60 28
250 Nicar Transit Co. 19%
100 do........ c 19%
200 -do.....b60 19%
50 Cleve and Tol BR 55

269 ahs Reading RR.. 68%
100 do......aSi0 68
100 do......... 68%
100 -do......bOO 68%
93NewYorkCenRR 82%
200 Erie Railroad s30 35%
320 do......... 35%
100. do......s60 35%
100 do......s30 35%
150 do......... 35%
100 do......bO' 380
20 Gal and Chic RR 92
50 Huds River BR e 34%

AHS were unaltered.
BxADsrunas.-Flour was rather quet; the day' F sales
embraced 8,000 bbls.; ordinary to cihoiee State, $8 a
$8 50; mixed to fancy Western, $8 60 a $9 12%; and
other kmds in proportion; with 1,400 bbls. superfine Ca-
sadian, in bond at $8 566 a $8 62%, and 1,600 obbls.
Southern at previous figures. The transactions in grain
amounted to 6,000 bushels Canadian white wheat, to ar-
rive, at private bargain; small lots of rye at $1 32, and
68,000 bushels corn, chiefly Western mixed, at 90%o. a
I 91.,Le. per bushel.
bums.-Rates continued steady and closed with a
better feeling, though engagements were light. About
20,000 bushels corn were engaged, in bulk, at 4%d. and
at 5d. in bags. 60 tierces beef, at 2s. Od., and 200 bales
cotton, at %d. for compressed, and 60 bales were taken
at 3s. 6d. per bale. To London, 100 bales hops were
taken at %d., and 000 boxes cheese at 2s. 6d. To Havre
rates were at %c. for bone, lard and hops, with light
engagements. Eater to California were better, owing to
lbut few-clipper vessels being on, and measurement goods
were being taken at 35c. a 40o. per foot.
CoTroN.-The market was steady with sales of about
1,200 bales.
Coyvxg.-The market was quiet and sales light; 150
I tags Rio, brought 9%c. a; 10%c.
Furr.-Sales of about 500 boxes Malaga raisins were
smade at $2 75; 200 do. half boxes, at $142%, and 200
do. quarter boxes, at 75c.
WaMISEzY.-There were 540 bbls. Ohio and prison sold at
45c. a 46c. per gallon.
HAY.-Te sales for two days embraced 2,000 bales, at
Oe5c. a 70e. -
InoK.-The market was firm, and the sales for the
week embraced about 1,500 tons Scotch pig, which closed
at $35 50-six months.
HIDaS have been in better request this week, 'nd
haveadvanced %c. a lc. per lb. The week's sales include
4,540 dry Buenos Ayres, 22 1bs. at 19%o. a 20c. six months,
usual selection-for Canada, less the duty; 7,500do.21%/
a 22 do. 19%c. a 20c,, six months, usual selection; 3,000
do. 21% do. 20%e. do.; 3,240 do. Paraguay, 21 do. 19c.
do.; 2,000 do Rio Grande, 22 do. 1Oc. do.; 4,000 do. 20 do.
S 9%e. cash less 4 per cent do.; 1,200 do., 25% do. 17%c.

' I Fiql'll II

SOAAtVl "U JL4J bsUXX*AeXfl.
60 furnished siitos of rooms Ito lot, or sile, with or
without board. Dinner 6 o'clock. Baths, gas, &o.
,consisting of front and back parlor on first floor,
ill itrnished, with full board; also, single rooms; with
: t,, for gentlemen. House furnished with gas, baths,
Ac., ac.
1.. "C, 1 .v tb~['] ,it rut L.,ur 1, psrl-. r6 awl 6abe.,o .,
(n t a hLL j .. j.i n ,.r. I.Ii.. a.,.. iui. Appiy
D. F. IA .tISttUiTIIt. 3211 B.iai.-
20 street and London torraeo.-To let, some throe or
four furnished rooms with full or partial, or without board.
Would be let together or separately. Gas in every room,
bath, Ac.; Fourteenth, Twenty-Third street and Kipp &
Brown's lines of omnibuses pass the house evoryminutoe.
E .i;h Cueormsn., rronch and Italian the house.
Ret.r eca riiiol..d. "
9 Twentieth streets. $4 per wooeek for single rooms and
board; and An elegantly furnished biok parlor and a trout
room, for a gentleman and his wife, at a moderate price.
1J5 for a gentleman and wife, and a couple of single
gents, in an agreeable family, without children. A few iday
boarders can be accommodated on reasonable terms. Hot,
cold, and shower baths in the house.
1"4 tile library-A suit ot rooms, on sesoond floor, consist-
ing of four, to let, with board, in a first class house. Also,
two rooms for gentlemen.
1 7 rooms, on second or third floors, with good closets,
furnished or unfurnished, can be obtained, with board, by
gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen.
3J0.) t.. I L, with full or partial board, for a single
irctilni'i-., .Lor the comforts of ahomemay b enoujoyed;
Lalb, oA
S way.-To lot, a pleasant suit of rooms, ii ,[.;-,to
family two parlors and bedrooms adjoining, -i i..r
Iero.l, futit,.. with or without board. English, Freoch,
S r. 1,b L.,-I Ihan spoken. RIeferences exchanged. Apply
between the hours of 12 and 6.
Boarding in one of the most eligible and delightful lo-
cations in the -lty, immediate vicinity of Fifth avenue.
Broadway amusements, largo hotels, libraries, &q., possess-
ing facilities and conveniences unsurpassed. Immediate e ap.
plication will secure apartments for the winter.
street.-A gentleman removing his family to another
city will let his apartments, furnished and with board, to a
familyforthe winter. They consist of parlor, two bed-
rooms and dressing room, connecting. Possession given
inmmedilately. Apply as above.
accommodated with a nicely furnished roqm and board,
in a quiet, re.ppectablo family; also, a low gentlemen, by ap-
plying at 4 Mott street. _______
1. .,,'1,i. i.ii,'., with pleas'aut rooms, by applying

g" VERT PI EA.iA ROuM3 ON 71lE St COND fL','it,
.tJL 11lib Itr e jiltiri,, sodd Loth ro.m iaSbLtL d., msy L,
-,oeI IDIt .I .t b lao re. i.,r A. ishiI at i) .~. .r it-),A E a I dc-
eltruen, whfb, trsctire but tot. brarder, ad w ir., .t1L.
1.01 to c. fr, Er. will -o i.p id, -1ly ian'-il t0! a, t C ,:5.i
,lrret. ele, arccemmdatlh,- If,.'r a ilile y.uagla-iy. Terms
r~a~enaLlu e,____

gentlemen, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms
and partial board, in a house with all the modern improve
merits, and where every endeavor will. be made to promote
oleir comfort. Please apply at 57 Vandam street. Re.
reences exchanged.
men can be accommodated with furnished or unfurnish-
ed rooms, with board; house first class with all tho modern
improvements, and conveniently located to stages and ears.
Those who appreciate a pleasant home and are willing to pay
a fair price, will do well by applying at 289 West Twenty-
seound street.
five story house 461 Broome street, one block west of
Broadway, can accommodate select families or single gen-
tlemen, with fill or partial board. Transient boarders ac-
commodated. Dinner at one and half-past five o'clock.
References exchanged.
wife without children, can find good board and a com-
fortablehome, at 12 West Twenty-fifth street; house with
modern improvements.
S family, with or without board. Inquire at 37 Nassau
street, Brooklyn.
hall lbdroom, furnished for a single gentleman, with
or without partial board. Reference required.. Apply to
B. Delapierre, 19S Grand street, near Nott.
A econd story, can be obtained at No. 12 Neilson place,
opposite Dr. Prentis's church, and one door below Eighth
street. The house contains all the modern improvements.
Rferences exchanged.
a furnished room, with partial board, in a respectable
private American family where there are positively no other
ooardere not above Sixth street, Please state terms. Ad-
dress A. B., .box 126 Post Office.
AR-Persons of the highest respectability are confidently
it i F1 that there is no other way of finding suoh, so sure
( r i,.M,. toe as through this office. Boarders politely di-
ie, t eo, ir- ef charge, to any part of this city and country.
Please give this your attention, and beware of worthless
boarders and boarding places, as there are many'such. Give
me your confidence, and rely upon my statements, Offioc
Clinton Hall, corner of Eighth street and Lafayette place.

they require, would like to let a furnished parlor, and
bedroom attached, to one or two gentlemoan, at $-50 a -eek.
Also, aback room $3, and a hall bedroom at $175. Appy at
71 Crosby street, one block from Broadway.
can be accommodated. wish fine rooms, at 75 Seventh
street, with full or partial board, where the comforts of a
home may be realized. The advertiser is authorized to refe.
to Mr. Charles Kneeland, 49 William street, or Mr. Simeon
Draper, 46 1'ine street. Stages and oars close at hand. Boar I
two single gentlemen, can find a pleasant and neatly
furnished room on the second floor, with full or partial
board, in a small private American family, by applying at
No. S Bleecker street, near the Bowery.
furnished room will be let to a gentleman and wife, with
board; also, a room for a single gentleman. No. 13 Beach st.

vacated, on the second floor, front. Also a parlor an
two bedrooms, with closets adjoining, on the nrst floor, and
rooms for single gentlemen, at No.' East Twenty-third at

fine large room. and two small ones, are now to let with
full or partial boad, at 116 Columbia street, near Clark
street. Parties would be preferred who would engage them-I
selves for the winter.
tamned by applying at 280 Sixth avenue. The house has
al the modern improvements and is very pleasantly situated.
The comforts of a home may be enjoyed here, and terms
reasonable. A gentleman and wife or single gentlemen pre-
ferred. Beferenese, Ac.
and tea, by two single gentlemen, In a house where the
comforts of a homeoan be enjoyed. Address N., 86497, New
York Post office.
also two parlors, for single or married gentlemen, at 15
liivington street, near Bowery.
may obtain rooms, with board, by calling at No. 126
Chambers street. Reference
commodated with a parlor and bedroom, unfurnished,
in a central location, where there are no other boarded.
Full board for the lady. Terms $10 per week, In advance.
Address Clarke, Broadway Post Office.
or without partial board, wanted by a single gntleman
in a private family. Location, Fifteenth Fourteenth, or
Eighth wards. Address William, at Mr. Miller's book store,
corner of Broadway and Bleockor street, or lerald office.
ralelo location, for families, gentlemen and their wive
and single gentlemen, to be had by applying at No. 8 Broad-
way, corner of Beaver street.
Brooklyn, within five minutes distance of the South or
Wall street ferries, several rooms, with dinner, if desired,
at 0 o'eiooh. Rcferences given and required. Ple'as addras
No. 10 State street, Brooklyn,

two minutes' walk from the ferry. Any gentleman nod
AifB or single gentleman who iwill kdvanc once hundred dol
l srn ran have parlor and bedroom on the first floor, frout iand
back basement until the first of May. Address T. D., iHorrld
or two single gentlemen, can tbe accommodated wltl,
I lensont rooms and full or partial b hoard, in a modern housi,
at 116 West Sixteenth street, between Sixth and Savoath
avenues. Bnth, gas, &A.
nished front room, to a gentleman and lady or single
gentlemen, and an adjoining room if required. Any person
wishing to enjoy the comforts of a home may apply. The
house is replete with the modern improvements, fad near a
stoo route-No. 12 Troy street, near Fourth. References
xc aged.
Jto let to gentlemen, in a small private family. Furni-
ture is new. Breakfast will be given if required. Call at 31
Tenth street.
unfurnished, may be obtained, with board, in tho first
ulass house 229 West Fourteenth street. Reoronuces reo-
rooms for gentlemen and their wives (witho1 ehildreu),
or for gentlemen; alsobreakfast. diner and 'tea without
roosm F, 'or gentlemen. HIouseO of the first class, bath and
as, tend few boarders. Apply at 18 Variok street.
S cond fleor,, with or without board, at 29 Hubeit atrest,
near St. Jhn'us park. Reference required.
V manent board in a genteel location; for a third story
r m, r ith fire and gas, ten dollars per week will bo pune-
tually paid, for the winter and other months. Reference ex-
changed. Address T. C., Herald office.
tho first floor, elegantly furnished-oan be used as beod.
rotnmo, if desired; also suits atnd single rooms on second and
third floors. Breakfast served, if required. Reforences
exchanged. Apply at 133 Bleechker street, west of Broadway.
without meals; location desirable. Apply at 120 Ninuh
street, a few houses west 0t Broadway.
with bathroom attached, and a largo light front base-
ment, all handsomely furs ishod, to let, together or separate.
Apply at No. 5 University place.
S house, containing all the modern improvemnuts, 114
Il est Twenty-six street, between Sixth and Seventh ave-
nues; possession given immediately. Apply at 193 lPearl
street, near Maiden lane to JOHN CAMPBELL.
four story brown steono, with all modern improvements.
Inquire at 32 GOreat Jones street.
of Ann and Nassau streets, being one of the most de-
oirable locations in the city. Also to let, store No. 25 Ann
street. Apply to C. C. 1'eCKNEY, No.7 Nassau street.,
small and respectable family, consisting of two parlr',
with sliding door, and marble mantels; front basoeumt,
with ldo., kitchen, with range, privilege in collar, ntcee.ri;
three rooms on third story, with hot and cold .bath. Rtot
moderate, or will be taken, in part, in "board for gentlomtas
and wife. The above is partly furnished. Tho furniture for,
ealo, if desired. Location central, west ot Broadway, and
gentoel and pleasant, with cars and states p, iic.. over
minute Address immediately (postpaid) H. F, ,.Js S2,t
Post Oco. .
The wliholo or part ot the furniture for sale, or ,,i t1-
let without theo furniture. Rent, tL325 per annum. -a,, L3
seen fur three days, from 12 to 5 oe'look, at No. 40 II,.r.:.,
street, near Eighth 'avenue.
avenue; this store is elegantly situated between Thirty-
fourth and Thirty-fifth streets, on Eighth avenue, and most-
lyappropriated for a fancy anu millinery business, or a book
store; counter, shelves and glass are already introduced.
Apply to SOLOMON WEIL, on the premises.
JL three story and stone basement brick lIouse, three rooms
deep, No. 215 Adams street, near Johnson, Brooklyn. Pos-
session at once. Inquire of HENRY OAKLEY, corner of
Tillary street. Is about eight minutes' walk from the Wall
street or Fulton ferries.
L mnt houses, 119 East Thirteenth and lI5 East Nine-
t..tieth streets, situated in very pleasant neighborhoods and
cotitaining all the modern improvements. The first wrl1 be
rei ted for $1,000 and the second for M00. Apply to TRU-
Jl l.JO, FRANCHI & CO., 106 Wall street.
A tewo new stores, situated in the business part of the place,
well adapted for any kind of business; a good location for
grocery and harness business. Inqniro ofT. MOULTON, 254
Che street, Now York, or SANDS SEELY, Esq., Stam-
ford onU.
Lease and fixtures for sale. Inquire'on the premises.
A part of Broadway, for a light businoss-ldco and em-
broidery, or Berlin wool, preferred. Inquire at No. 599
S comfortable cottage house on Clinton avenue. Rent
S350. Inquire of P. S. ST ALLKNECIIT, 85 Nassau street,
New York.
Sa first class house comprising sixteen rooms, with aill
the modern improvemones, furnished or unfurnished. The
gentleman and his wife would like to board with the perty.
Or to be let in separate apartments.
J. farms In desirable locations. As I do havoc so many I
cannot particularize, except by callingor writing to thi of-
fice, where every information can bo obtained. R. D. GOOD. -
WIN1 Clinton Hall, corner Eighth street and Lafayotto
near Variok, neatly furnished, and in an excellent loca-
tion tfor a hotel or a genteel boarding house, Also, in Cros-
by street, a house to let with the furniture, or the furniture
would be disposed of on reasonable terms. Inquire-of WM.
WI'ITERS, 107 Canal street. Also' the house on Forty-first
street, corner of Sixth avenue, For sale, and eight year
lease of the ground. Toms cash.
U let two very desirable parlors and bedroom attached,
on the second floor ofa eirse class house in Bond street, nean:
Broadway. Address Irwin, Broadway Post Office.
T planer and drill, medium sized strong tools. Also,
room and power to run the same for a short time. Apply to
E. GODDARD, 260 West Thirteenth street.
I second floor, either in South, Beaver or South William
streets, by let of February. Address box 2,540 Post Ofio0.

ness, to takes full charge, the advertiser having throe
establishments, or would let one, with or without the stock
From $2,000 to 3,W00 year can be made. Addreas C. A. B.,
with rasl name, Herald office.
Stimer, w.4 has a paper mill now in operation, wishes a
partner with the above capital, te enable him to make itm-
proveimets which will ensure a good, safe and profitable
bsines,. Address, with name and-referenoe, J. L., Herald
S facture of an entirely new patented i .rtiie, shich must
find a ready sale, and yields immense prom a It needs only
to be seen to be appreciated. To a good wan who will at.
tend to the selling and out-door departnm, nt. rrat indueo-
meats offer. BUN N ER A CO.. 2u Broed.ay.
Without exeptlOin, she amst wonderful astrolozlstirl
the wodd or that has Iever been known. Shs will telF ral ,
oresto id fatnure evets; aud will sbowyour ruture'h
andand abseas friend, which has atoetishad thoosaddl
during bhe travels ild EoEope. She is a sseoth danghterel
a sventh daughter, and was born with a natursoal git, byin.
vokog the pDowrs of her woedsrful scouse., to tell eva,
their very thdthtls, and will saucs hap1., psirs ti coms 5o"
gather, whe wilIall enjoy the greatest ha,,[,Inss of matri -.
ialbiSs. Her ptdfctdiol ars truly aseitloitnisg to all whe
Vsit len. Those who wish a speedy macra4. ray sall foos.
and they may depend open true advice, fr.onde.l o the etsr
aal prinolpl jf maieoal tsolneo, 76 Become streak, bstwees
Cannon anun olumnia streets. QentlAmen not admittei
Hoursfrom 8 o'clock A. M. to I P. M. __ ,
riage s, ho will all enjoy the greatest happiness and
natrimenitaibliss, and will show the person they will manrl,
through an instrument which she will oauea to Illuminate
itself y invoking the powers *f her wonderful seienee, and
will tell all event. of life, and evea tie very thoughts. SW
Brooms street, near Cannon street. Geotleeen net admit,
ted. ___________
.INL services to the ladies and gentlemen of this city, is
astrology, by books and science, anB is to be consulted aeSu
love, marriage, business, law matters, Ac. She will tell
the name of the leader gentleman they will marry; also th!
names of their vislters. Madame Alwin speaks the English,
French and German languages. Residence 309 Bowery, be
tween First and Seeond streets. Office hours from 10 A W
to 6 P. M, Ladles 00 gontp; gsatlm0lA M,

via Nicaragua.-Aecessory Transit Company of Nicara-
ogua, l'roprictors.-The splendid double engine steamship
NORTHERN LIGHT, Capt. E. L. Tinkoipaugh, (2,000 tens
burthen,) will leave frompier No. 3, North River, at 3
o'clock I'. M. precisely, for Puuta Arenas, on Monday, Nov.
27, c1nneoting with the favorite steamship UNCLE SAM,
(C2,600 tons burden,) ever the Nicaragua Transit Route, being
but twelve miles of land transportation by carriages. These
steamers are unsurpassedintheir ventilation and accommo-
dations. For information or passage, apply only toC
CHARLES MORGAN, Agent, No. 5 Bowing Green.
Letter bags made up at the office. Letters, 25 cents pr
bhtf ounce.
pinwall and Panama Railroad.-On Monday, Novem
ber 0, at 2 o'clock P. M., from pier foot of Warren street
North river will be despatched the flet steamship NOITId
STAR, Capt. RichTd Wamnack, to connect atf Panmina with
the new and superior steamship GOLDEN AGE. A spare
boat always kept at Panama, to prevent detensution in case
of aocidtnt. For passage apply at the oomsany's office, 177
West stret, t6 e J. Al. RAYMOND.

F.L U,, i,% EU Wa-biflp ,A % LIE. IV Lla's I-.: Capt. S.
Sl u i ,; ...N. j .. E r it- i j w i l l 1 1 .' . 3 t L h
rax r... 'Ja ua,i 'i, ti r -.'. ba J W. >l,,.k i I l lnas
z[~L o ~ l 61h.-^. r-g l ,fl : l .1 *"- 4C *iU ,'t to
N'C- iii-aos. Sr.dut. o( j lL&6u uL Ir h.,i' r UtJ.vada.
Ph a. a.i l lti. i .., I 1 mL l i.r. r-: r.. i .'. f .." I ..
ipl rl Bill. t l ,1 ,.1I, *.11 e i t. b i. A, 1.r t.
t: iiR L ES III lt U3.4, A ..i' a 1;. LE^ i *. r.,
pany.-For New Orleans, stopping at lianava, carry- I
ing the United States mails. The steamship CAAIIALVIA,
'. W. Shufeldt commander, will sail for the above ports on
Saturday, November 25, at 12 o'ciook' from the pier at the
foot of Beach street, North river. rightt for tai interior
and lor Mobile, consigned to our a onts ina Nw Orl.ieans, James
Connolly &A Co., will be forwarded free of eommissiesd. l'as-
sengers for-Havana must procure pasaporta i.-' I. ;
pore. For freight or passage apply to Le L e ',
CROCIERON a C A..LI i bts e -is.
Black Warrior. J T, sLi-.',,, .0i..r ,., J'n,
Cabawba, and 6,.,I H:--I"Ja I).- ,o,'., ; ii, ,i t u.
. mustbe cut is i. "'rO 1, t,. .. .ti.e r ,i e t. itL .1',i.
FuR 'ATAN. N.'.ll -1 'r i L I i. E Li -F ilL iN i i i L,
F a1'0.. oIal 'I i -l. !L 1 :- L i.% IL L IiE 1:
ta 1iJ 1.e. ,a i. h 'lI JI, .ii I i r I .,I iii 1, --, ii 1 1
dC .. 1 .~a ii er J. '. .,ilr iJ ll i- I ,.it 1, k. 'N I ':
I7 i.tlr. j. Al L '.-I l t-uL~ :,,.I^ -1 lll>1- u *'^ r -i/
1.1. CIII. C .........'i ...... 0 . 'A is. . t. H A I l *' .*
TALL.iAfl. i.' aid hlit h.ra % ir .t r...,, s. a.. ,d,
FOR CR .I.l .E T'.IL AN D I I.,,i .A-n L Li tWEF.i.\L
F I LteddSabi.0 5'il lir-- li U ,,. l-. ll ., ltE '
l t .' HI It, n r N .\A U\t%.' I I t I r;,,, a uJ ,- ,...l
lrIt .1^ i N. 4 urlr b L -,I* r *i i- ji>. .V i-i r -:
Si(0tl,. sI -, M ,tt. r .t iv t..h...i. .5 IC-' r j
'Ch 1 r I I M I'.ly irl'11I -.~ LE 'tIl i I .t'
1 6' .r- .1l ei i i r,.i a, L ., i .u J. C i..i r L:
"I C zt-r.,-T[ CC., O I L I ,, o,, il ;L" '' 1 11't t Ll
Ilil L-e I.,% A tL L, t l- r6"-i J ,, .j. l .r ,aa hi. nt i I'I.,*.,
I I.-. l j Ol - ., I t '.'I ilLi.L ,,, I. C .,ll i, ,.. Ol' .
a .ll, 'h ". e .' l- l e. t ,I e Ij l I - I
CLlj .K 11. M. osDJ.L 1-I Iln lJ H nr l..i^
-The now and splendid steamsiaip ALABAMA, Capt.
weorge R. Schenek, cwi\ cleave New York for Savauaal ou
Wednesday, Nov. L2d, from ptier No. 4, N. It., at 4 o'clock,
P. M. Bills of lading signed by the clerk en board. For
freight or passagetrp~ply to
frEL or MITCHILa, No. 13 Broadway.
For Florida, through tickets from Now York to Jackson-
ville, 31; i 'ilatka, $3. The Kuoxville, Capt. C. D. Ludlow,
will leave on Saturday, Nov. 25th. On and after Saturday,
Nov. 25, these steamers will leave at 3 o'clock, P. M.
folk, Petersburg aud Richmond is withdrawn for the
presocuet. One will leave every Saturda afternoon as here-
tofore. LUDLAM & 1'PJEASANIS, *I21 Broadway.

iN feamshipa Roanoke and Jamestown are informed that
hereafter any goods landed from said vessels on Spier IS
North river, aud not removed within twenty-four hours af-
ter lading, will be stored at their expense and risk.
S LUDLAM & PLEASANT, 32 Broadway.

V 861; Broadway, respectfully invited the attention ol
ladies to his importations and manufactures for the present
season, oomprisinc an assortmohet of
at the folo tring extraordinary pries:--
Two thousand superb cloth silk lined cloaks, at..........I
Fifteen hundred superb cloth silk lined cloaks, at........$14
Bright hundred superb cloth silk lined cloaks, at..........16
One thousand very rilchi cloth silk liked cloaks, at........$18
Twelve hundred superb Lyons velvet cloaks at ........ la
One thousand superb Lyons velvet cloaks, a t..............S
five hundred superb Lyons velvet cloaks, at..............$.S
Four hundred magnificent Lyons velvet leaks, at........340
Five hundred splendid satin cloaks, at............ ...$26
Three hundred extra superfine satin cloaks, at............$2
Three hundred superlative satin cloaks, at ...............$30
And'an endless profusion of cloth talmas, at......$5 and 66.
The sabsoriber deems further comment unneessary. Suf.
%oe it iQSsay, the high bcharactur of the goods on sale at his
stablhtbment is already well known, and he would merely
add in conclusion, that the above will be fud, o inspec-
tion, to' be the richest, 'best, and cheapest loaks ever s"
insAm erica. -GEO. BULPIN
S- Paris Mantilla Emporium, 861 Broadway.
Steady at F. BOOSS & JACOBOWICZ, 97 Broadway,
near Walter street, first floor. Ladies whp wish to buy
faacy furs of the manufacturers, should go to Booss Jaceo-
bo0ioz, where they can select from the largest and most
varied assortment of all kinds'of mantillasleapes, victories,
muflf, cuffs, &o. N. B.-Furs cleaned, repaired, and altered
to the present fashion, on moderate terms.
Broadway, has just received a splendid assortment of
Paris worked ti-lar--. French worked bands, French worked
insornt ss wh'Liu ",ill be sold at a very small advance; also,
6 small uIt f pTr e choice faoo trimmed collars.
vites public attention to his present unrivalled assort
moent of Russian and Hudson Bay sables, shone marten
mink, chinchilla, ermine, lynx, ganet, squirrel, fox, moum
tain mrrten, ahd fitch, a ll mannactured expressly tor first
elass cIty retail trade, and at cxtromoly moderate prices.
I GEO. BULl IN, 301 Broadway.
S tween Amity and Fourth streets. F. LANDRY as now
forinspeotion an elegant stock of furs, not to be surpassed
eithertor beauty or quality. Orders strictly fulfilled. All
articles Warranted. I'rles moderate and to suit all classes.
.1Jliso that she is prepared to receive ordersfor all
kind of dresi and soft caps, head dresses, Ac&o., at 79 Broad.
way and 131 Ninth street, corner of Broadway.
I ions.-L'loaks and fur. -
Cloakts-ln cloth., ratiln, moire antique and velvet.. No
stock ever sen In this cit) so rich and iarled-ia style, nor
the trimmings in s fch good ta.te, the colors beifg blaci and
brown, at present E much ith fashl-in in Paris,.
r Furi-In sahti mirk, slone martin, fitoh and mountain
martts. Notwirsl5anding the wnr with Russia W, B. IMeK.
s offerhgs rich dark sablosand mink o haoipr than ever yet
nioin. Lfkrig fortlUL.,,tly bablt a lario Ibt of furs early
thIbl ytar, through r, rlailvse it Rassta.
NU i.-This tes. tn parLoularly recommended to
stringerssnd vinittor its cliai actartitie features being small
profit, and no duehrlltrD irmin t'to mark6.l prico.
Cloak and Fur 'I.ihbwisint, 4f C.aual streotBrandreth
BulilnaiD, four dosr. irom Bruoaaisy
%tILLIAM U .iENZlE, Propnetor.
haond a superb assortment of ladies' and children's furs,
hoe public are invited to examine our stock and Judge for
themselves. Strangors will find it to thoir advantage toa call
before purchasing elsewhere. Old furs cleaned, altered and
txchangeid on most reasonable terms. HIERZOG A NEW-
MAN. 1 BroEIadway, oerner of Walker street.

uUUU old brandies, Scotch and Irish whiskey, wines
lolland 'in, Schiedam schnapps, genuine London cordial
gin, Frenrch cordials, syrup, Ic., superior East India pale
ale, Scotch ales, Loudonon and Dublin porter and brown stout,
in soecrior condition for family nea. Apply to
IWMH. L UNDERHILL, 43 Broome street, cor. Crosby.
Cameron Bridge cStcli wh-isley landing per Sarah, and
or tle by BE. CAZET, 7 Whitehall street.

six months, usual selection; 1,148 do. Maracaibo, 22 do. 0ARDmINO AND LODGV t _,
16g. do.; 1,135 do. Orinoco, 21 do. 1Tc. six months, as B RD.A LADY AND GENT rEMAN CAN HAVE
Ithey run., l,30du. RloHacelu, ldu I1e. rejectingwater B thecomtaorts of a homo, inqululOt, retired place; full
daillaged; 250 d,, Porto Cabello, .22l do. I %e. do.; 3,500 board for lady only. None but these wishing to live quiet
'd ,- 21 1do 15cl cash, less 6 per cent, do ;- 722 do. M- need apply. lease address Widow, Herald office, stating
Lar.-l,o, 2 hIo 15,1'c. 6:x montllha, rjoliung water da- where an uInterview may be had.
lnag. d. 9(,4lo Cuinca, 1B tl" '1d.- io .200do. St. OARD AND RO.OMS-ON EXTRA EASY TERMS, AT
n go, 2 4 do Inel d.- 3, 3.1. So,,,- n, 16 do. 120.t the now andelegant private maneion 677 Sixth avenue,
do.,Ft udooaritoCbnPllo, 23.1o ]41:c n ,i'. sixmontlis, iurrayHill. The house 7 feet hy 80, five stories, with an
rPjCtcnI' water darined, to c,; 2,00 do. axtesdod lalcony, is vory plooant; rooms on ground floor if
PIrtrMeran .' In. lIe. .1,l. d...;4 75uOdn -I-a lo. 165c. dcsired. Cars every three minutes.
do. ho.:" 1 ,t 0 o In goara. do. I r 'I-),- do.; 3,100 -
do, .lo. lGrn le2 iuiio 1 do 5lo-ted B. A. CAD IBROOKLYN-ONE CR TWO SINlL. EN-
dlo. I ,o Gr,n,] .le ,2-2 o. lt-);c B,, ,t, .h0 ,-,od ;. K Vmen can bhoaceomodated with board in a goflosoa-
Co'., B0 lo. 9'.c ; os, T- .a, ld d,'. 7c .ar I .l0 salt ed e6. ,rl a private family, within thred minutes walk from
Berinmudo, 42-do'. 0e cash. t,,lrn frry. Agood opportunity for those dosring a om-
l .xTnra. coninucu in g .-h,.i,10'ii al irn pricoa. .fortabl home. Address H.., box713 Post Ofloe.
Th,, Pael.',esem gs72n-0 dl .40,00s .leasnIH0lk Bt0 OARD-IN BROOKLYN-CONVENIENT TO SOUTH
dea, c-n hand i@ q.g7-L'o -02i a sgtr. golight. at J o nd Wall Street ferries; desirable location and pleasant
27c a. h ndodo e .il 2 4-eO a lalcr. ini "o heavy, -O.,. troms for a entleman and wife, or single gontle-
2.7r a r do. do m -Idle 2" '- .' hLea, a o. Inquire lit 22 Lenry street, between Atlantic and
26e a -w .v, Sp.s.anildo atll ;cohi.- 24c a ..c., State.
ti.,),. I:, rsti.O A rc S, c &C geal t19 1,it lo a Idc., do.. . ..
in. do 'nii-le. 19 a 'u do d.. do ic^'y, 1ac. a IOABDING.-THREE PARLORS, WITH TEA ROOS19.
l do. rinoo, e., do. light, 173.a IS6c.; do. do., two suits and several single rooms to let, v."i h.',%ri,
do. doS,' do. huivy 1. a 18c.; most reasonable terms for the wintsemlr nnts, at the Cot-
db. riddle, 17%c. a18c.;do., do.fooeanv, 17c.ai1c, O u teot of Canal eornser West street.
do. do., and B. damaged, all weights,15co, a 7o., do.' TALLMAN At MAPES, Proprietors.
do., do. poor, do., le. a 120.; do. slaughter, in rough, -,------ ...
2c. a2so. Oni six months credit. OARDING.-AT 122 CHAMBERS STREET, SINGLE
IEt a-There were 1 400 bbis. Rockland disposed of, at Jj atenltemen can be aocommbdated with rooms and full
5c. for common and i1 129 for lump, per bbl. boari; also a large pleasant room, that will acoommodato a
NAA oRs"'.-ales of 150 bhi.. Spirits Wore made at only of roun gentlemen. Day boarders can be aocommo-
NAVAL srRs e ,.....e..... ated. Reforeuees required.
55%. 60 days; and 100 do. at b2e., cash. r
Ot t--iaslo. sporm, and olive remain quiet, but BIOARDING.--A SMALL FAMILY WOULD ACCOMMO-
steady Lin e. pc was in moderate request, at 80c. for ) date a gentleman with board. The house hts gas water
large, and 82c. o O4e, for small lots, per gallon. Lard oil bathsaand furnace. Geuteel neighborhood, 70 Wost Thirty-
was unchanged. first street, near Broadway and Sixth avenue.+ was purchased to the extent of
1,210 bbihl a t $12 62)1 a $12 75 for mess, andiSi1 66% a "B ARDING-AT 94 WARREN STREET ; SINGLE
"20'l ,0 0 o1 sprm andar irai rooms for gentlemen; also, two ladies oan be acommo-
$11 62 Lifor rcmt--sni advance. About 300cbl. oard dated with board; rooms suitable foragentleman and his
were taken atal1c a 108 c. Th re woers alo 20)thbbli. wife. Prices moderate, andethe comfortshofa home.
prime meos pok sold, dalhorable next month, at $15. *- ... -
Sal-s eite made of 400 bbls. prmo and mus, b"ef, at BDOARDINO IN BROOKLYN.-A FEW SINGLE GEN-
full rates; and.i f hbbls. India pimnme ms do., a i At 52? J tlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, cal obtain good
Butter and cheese were unaltord. board and pleasant rooms, at 201 Columbia street, corner of
Bittr and eese were unaltered. President, South Brooklyn, three minutes walk from Hamil
RicE.-The market was dull and drooping, with smpll ton Avenue Ferry.
sales at 5c. a 5%c.
Sr c aRS.-The market was very quiet. About 150 a 200 F URNISHED ROOMS.-A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCU-
hlids., in small jobbing lots, were sold at 5 &c. a 5 %. paying a first class house, in the upper part of the city,
for Cuba and i. a 0. for Now Orleans; and 250 boxes wish to let two or three rooms, withboard at a private ta-
for Cuba, and 5c. .. for New Orleans an oxes Apply at No. 65 West Twenty-fifth street,nAear Sixth
at 5%c. avenue.

Chlef cabin pasmsagei................ .............. $19
Beyond cabin pasage ..,................................ 7
Chief abin passage.............................
Second cabi passage.. ...............
Tha ships from Boston call at Halifax...............
ARABIA,Capt.Judkins, AMERICA, Capt. Lang,
PERSIA, CARpr. yeyis. EUROPA, Capt. Shannon,
ASIA, Capt. 0. Lott, CANADA Capt. Stone,
A FCA, Capt., Harrison, 1NIAGARA, Capt. Leitch.
Thso vessels oarry a clear white light at mast head;, green
on startL.jr oI.w, roed on [rtbow.
IaOAUA I. Lolitch ". Boston, Wednesday, Nov. 8
AII UIIA. JuLdkms, NewYork, Wednesday, 15
'All L.jC,. Lang, Boston, Wednesday, 22
ASIA.,loL. ew York, Wednesday, 29
t" NAPA. SAtoe. BeSton, iedunsday, Des. 6
A kitLa. ULI.oD. lears New York, Wedsnesday, 13
LL"i"uA. S-aosn Boston, wednesday. 20
Berths n,. tec uro,1 ant11 paid tor.
Anaeprienoced sourgeo on board.
The owners of these ships will not be accountable for gold,
6]:,,r. o.lio. yi, .rlc. jiilry. preooious stones or metals,
soi as Lills of Ilai Lg are oi ad tehrefor, and the value
thbrvol th rdin esxpr s"ed.
For or pUsage apply to /
S AE. CUNARD, 4 BowUlng Green.

CUper shipWINDWARD, for Melbourne, from pier No.
8 Ei R!,NOV20. 11 ship TROPIC, for Sydnsy, from pier 12 E. R.,
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
.W. CAMERON, 116 Wail street.
carrying United States mall.-The subscriber, under
contract with the government of New South Wales, isapre-
pared to convey passengers, in the clipper ship TROPIC, to
Sy'ne'paying part passage here, bafanee to be paid alter
arrival, and employment guaran eed at current rates of
wages, whisoh are enormous.
Hgs R. W, CAMERON, 116 WaU street.
ship ATLANTIO, Jas. West, Commander. This steam-
ship will depart witth the United States Mails for Europe,
poastively on Saturday, Nov. 26, at 12 o'clock M., from her
north at the foot of Jauntl street. For freight or passage,
hay'lnguncqualled aeoonmodatious for eleganeoo and comfort,
apply to E1DWARD K. COLLINS, 5i Wal street.
A.veoers 'are requested to be on board 11%. A. M.
The Datic will t succeed the Atiantic, and saillDec. 9. Ship-
pers will please takeootliose that the ships of this line cannot
carry any goods cotraband of war.
'i 1L t I '11 ,ll .1 L November 22. For passage in
first or second cabin, or steorago, apply to
THOS. C,.Ito IE, 83 South street.
--.O nse AdJ poweilt t1 damsLitp NEW YONW I,4'I
tons and.s5wuxao owor, tiR. Crautig, commander,) and
GLA.GUL'. 1,9002 tens and 40 horse power, (W. Cumming,
*uniini.ra,b ubitt (in six wator-tihet oompartmento) ex-
prstsly sor tne trade batwean New YIork and Glasgow, will
sail as undozer:- Iau iVw Yoax.
Glatsow.............Saturday, Novambtor IS, at 13 noon
;iew York...........a....aturday, Deombe 23, at 12, noon.
canoe Gn&GOoW.
Glasgow. .................Saturday October21, at 4 P. M.
New York ..................Tuesday, November 21, at F.M.
First cabin, saloon state rooms (steward's fee inoluded)..$90
First cabin midship do. do. do............ 75
Second cabin, do. do. o............ 50
THinDn CLASe.-A limited number of third class passon-
gers will be taken, supplied with provisions of good quality,
properly eoked, at e25 sach. Carries a surgeon. For
freight 0 Pse, ..YMON, Broadway, New York.
New York city bills or gold only received for passages.

ly, from Dec. 1, in a genteel neighborhood. The upper
part would be preferred with Croton on the same floor. Ad-
ores H. F., Herald olice, stating terms, which must be
the second floor of house 382 Broadway, for business pur-
poses or a small respectable family. Rent remarkably reas-
esonable. Inquire ofH. C. O'CONNOR, Dentist, on the pre-
in a healthy locality, thirty or forty miles from New
York city; a neat modern built cottage, with twenty or
thirty acres of land improved. Address (stating terms,
price, location, size of house, condition of place, &a.) X,,
iox M63 Post Office, CincinnatL
house in the central part of the city not below Canal
nor aloveo Tenth street. Apply, with all t'h particulars, to
,SILVERMAN, 22 North William street, up stairs.
composed of teeo bedrooms and a parlor, the whole
well furnished, and on first or second floor; location between
Fourth and Tenth streets, and Broadway and Sixth avenue.
Address Alpha & Omega, Post Office.
hi,, LL 1, et .it.r-, ., not less thanfour rooms; se-
condl. '!. .. )i, [>irr.i. l...,i.ti. not above Fourteenth street,
betw.., I.r.,' od il h abavenues; rent not to exceed $00
per onuim. Any private family having such rooms o dis-
I. r i,.,,i i.;,-;n, ,. be ave a good tenant, whose family
-,,t im. st ,,,. tmay address P.1. .,, Bowery Post
k th e, tor iCCe d..) s.

tgieiT AeLrics 'pinIyND THE LOWER TWENTY,
will be played every evening until further notice, having ex-
perionced the most positive and brilliftnt success ever be-
stowed on any production whatever. J ,
Mr. Burton, fir. Jordan,-Mr. Fisher, Mr. Johnpton, Mha
Raymond, Mrs. Hough, Mrs. IIughes, and other principal ar-
tiste appear.
Several new scenes, views in New York, by Mr. Hielge.
The curtain will rise to the play exactly at 7%.
To conclude with a favorite farce.
Seats may be secured three days in advance without extra
ger, I. P. Waldren; Stage Manager, Robert Jones
Dooas open at 7 o'clock, to commence ah 7). Boxes, 21
cents; Pit and Gallery 2 cents.
celebrated Troupe of American, English, French and Ger.
manitiders will appear every evening, in-
Comicelitie John Winans
Dance.........................Miss Louisa Wells
Comic Dane..................................Mr. Calladine
To conclude with th popular drama of
and Upper Boxes 25 cents Pit 12% cents; Orchestra
Seats, 50 cents; Private Boxes, 5. )oors open at 7 o'olookt
commence at 7M. Monday evenina, Nov. 20,. THE CRADLE
OF LIBERTY; Medley Dance, Miss Lefolle; to conclude
under the control of
H. WOOD, Business Mana er.
GEO. CHRISTY, Stage Mhanager.
Africanized by the most accomplished company in the world.
This week, the new version of
Ginger Blue, (with songs)..................... George Christy
Larry O'Brien, (with songs)...................... S. A. Wells
Doors open at 6% o'clock; to commence at 7% precisely.

H. Wood................................. Business Manager
Every evening this week will be given
three interesting and highly accomplished young ladies, La
Ietite Jeannotte, M'lleZauieka, and La Petite Melissa, who
will introduce their fascinating Fairy Interlude, with novel
and pleasing scenic effects, never bctore attempted in this
business. db
Third week ofthe celebrated FRANK BROWER,
and a tremendous and powerful company. Also, the re-
in a variety of eccentric performances, will appear in the af-
oore open at 6Y o'clock; commence at 7%. Tickets, 25
the extraordinary domestic drama, HENRIETTE,
THE FORSAKEN, in addition to the now and vast colleo,
tion of Wax Statunary, Living Giraffes the living Boa Con-
strictor, the original Happy Family. Monday, November 20
-In the afternoon, at 3 o'clock, THE VILLAGE PROFLI-
GATE, and LE-ND ME FIVE SILhLINGS. In the evening,
at 7 o'clock, tho noew and beautiful domestic drama, from
the kierman, called IENRIETTE. THE FORSAKEN-De
Monval, C. W. Clarke; Pirouette, lHadaway; Henrietta,
Miss Moeatayeor, &c. Admittance to all, 25 cents; children
under ten, 12% centa
cess of the splendid
has induced the proprietor to continue this favorite amuso-
ment for another week.
Parquet, 25 cents; Balcony Seats, reserved, 50 cents;
children, half-price.__ UJOHN VANDERBILT, Manager.
with their entire troupe, have delayed their departure for
Boston, end have e oluntoered their inestimable services, for
the beneli of WI. V. WALLACE.
Inereaid Chorus and Orchestra, conducted by the com-
F, r -ti,. If
u. .t.. ..?, open.
doemnd for places consequent on the decided and bril-
11E .... .. f ho originsi and peculiar American play,
a, IFr-. i0t.for Sr. Burton by Thomas Do Walden,
a. s... playing every evening to crowded houses
the box offie will be open three days in advance, and
seats may bc secured without extra charge.
NLConcert teis season, ot Thursday evening, Nov. I, 1854,
iat theb Church of the Divine Unity, No. 5US Broadway, be-
tween Spring and l'Princo streets; on which occasion they
will repeat their performance of
The Chorus and Orchestra will comprise over 30 performers.
Solos sustained by eminent resident talent. Tickets, 50
cents; to be obtained at the principal music stores.
lroespectfully informs his friends aud the public iu gene-
ral, that he has tkeno the above place of amusement, which
he intend) opening on Thursday evening, Nov. 23, 1&14, with
tLhe ceiLrated i'Pct's Plantation Mlinstrels, who will appear
every evening in a variety 61" thtir pleeeing par r
cutertainments, in connection with Mons. La Duke, the cele-
brated Alrioan Jonglieur, in his f, t: -l.. i r,3,- .
Tickets. 25 and 12 cents. Doors < i-..a. .' .uai' r
commence at a quarter to 8 o'clock.
C. MORITZ, Proprietor.
J. V. PELL, Manager.
The above establishment, the only one in the.Unit
states whero the Model Artists eare exhibited, is now o'p
for-the season, giving two grand performances daily, coru
wenlieg at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and at 7 in the evsi
in, with other features, being entirely original, and ilfler
ont to any other place of amusement.
ON FtIDAv Ev3Yr.NmiG, Nov. 14
The several committees will please report on Monday, at
3 o'< lock, 1'. M., at the office of the Association.
A Godard will positively take place on Tuesday, Nov. 21.
M, E. Godard will be accompanied by throe persons, and on
this occasion he will perform the daring and accomplished
act of a Trapezium, the Erial Equilibrium and Gymnastic.

way-The most attractive and instructive exhibition in
tie city, contains, in addition to more than one thousand
other objects, three mummiteo of the Sacred Bull (Apia,) the
onl3 specimens ever exhibited. Open day and evening. Ad.
mission 25 cents.
.e J will receive new pupils daily this week, at $2 50
tor a course of ton lessons in penmanship, and $1250 for a
thorough course of double entry bookkeeping.
desirous of giving lessons at her residence, 3%i Hicks
street, Brooklyn, nearuCarroll, or to pupils at tl eir own resi-
dence. Is perfectly competent to teach French, Spanish.
-music and singing. Speaks English, and-brings most unox-
ceptionable retbference. Apply .to Mortimer Livingston, 3
aud also of the German, French, Latin, and Grook lan-
guages, wishes to instruct some children in a respectable
saily, inexchange for a comfortable home. Please address
Music Tleacher, box 140 Herald office.
BJroadway.-Mr. DOLBEAIR'S method-of teaobhing dou-
ble ontry is so practical and business-like, that students who
commence this week may become .good bookkeepers before
the firet of January. N. B.-Two private seats may be se-
cured without extra charge.
Professor of the French language and literature. Ap-
ply at 61 Franklin street.
]Lradway, continues to receive new pupils, for thorough
iin6trction in the French language, imparting to them th
ability to peak it with fluency and correctness. Private
clasros. Terms moderato.
will commence a new class for bank clerks, (and
others), this day at 5 o'clock, P M. Other classes at 9 A.M.
and 3, 7 and 8 clock P.M. Terms $250, and $5.

ly attended to, by DAVID T. PECK, No. 15 West
Twenty-seventh street, corner of Broadway.

<.18.00U clRass houes and lot, worth from $12,01K to
$IS,11,O not above Twenty-third street, can find a purchaser
by applying at 875 Ninth avenue, near Thirty-third street.
N. B.-If te application be mide by letter, state full par.

buensem education, wishes to make anu arrangement
with a corporation, firm, or individual, who require the ser-
vices ot a competent man. Address A. 0. W., Broadway
Poet Office.
a first class house for immediate occupancy; must have
all the modern improvements and nut above Union Square.
Address Box 2,060, Post office.
JL-or exchanged for merchandise, or a imal country seat,
nearthe city; is a first class house. l'Price $1,000; mortgagee
for one half. WM. ROBINSON, 132 Pearl street.

tion. M2 pp., pnriles $1by Joe. Ralph, M. RB.Dens
ig physician and surgeon, o. M6 Houton street, nr
Woster. Office hours 9 to I A. M., ad 6 to P. K. (A u-
days excepted.) Far the s ialafetioa of strangegs th au be
would state thatha presided several jr e i &s, exprel
to egudy this particular class of diseases, the legal etili-
Gates of which, given by the Boole Royal. 1e a* ,e ex axa
signt by the rrftof ore, may be seenby any one. (whisk nO-
vantage oan be claimed by no one else it this ispelusn .
Amcna.) Thoe Treatise is sold at 121 Nassau srnet. Ia. I
Vesy-strOet, (Aetor House,) at hisoee. oc maxdd preplO
by addressing box 86 Post oa0c0. "
ti ons of Doan and dl RG atteds to private JI-
Edrm he U#%
ties a lsold thb ed oo TI.MadsOn M" n
Dr be teehe 0noB
ihariMe, where ?S.ErfW nii~tgtt molt asto euqM
oilrecerd. without estoaIN.elt oer busiessu m
L isuied'.-TwAoy-tT o Jears io 50 spMialisy nabrlebr.
J. a oure such e as a ha affled those les" erpdne4
thaen hiLmself. Costltutienal weaknes sirsutaILsu"re@4
without the ass of any deleteirioas drag.
Jpaurtnerehip with Dr. Ward ) san be onsultted at N*e.0
Cata street, one door east Of ABroadway, dally, frem 9PA.
M. till P. I. Dr. Powers' specilflo pills aand d i sua unc
tue, pricel1, area certain coren. The most o Ial G aesl
eured thereby with facility. Dr. PowCre' balm of llead.
rioe$ for general debility and nervous disorder. DC.
Power' fema periodical pilc, and other Medoslst W ft-
male derangements, price 1. Post paid letters wilUftmmin
immediate attention.
JJElICse"andd.daalaoeGuide. ILbh edition. StepaDes, clotbh.
loaeugravTinAs Boi h married and sLnle should- osasl is.
Sold at No. 2.2 roadway and maled tree foer U. b tbe an-
thor. M. Larmont, phshlolan anmd surgeon. No. U 1
street, corner of Broadway. where he i oonlltsed .MEs II.
A H till 2 P. M., audi 6 to 9 In the e8 Sunday X.
oepse, N. B -Not the drug ssor Patten rted bh
mail or oepress Address allletters box Bo. o Ne1 w Tor
Poasis.1ff-. We ooncur with all the eothsr paperin rsees.-
mcnd.ndir LarmoDat to she afflcted. Courier des EItl
Ulsle, aetts Zemu? NkatLonal DeoaaLDO j B ek MGs ties
Bruviw)lok Tun.s.

First night in Ameniea Aluber's celebrated Optre,
WPife N h principal characters by
MIss BRIEINAU 1 sappearance in America;
Mr. A. ST.4LBYN, his first appearance in America;
Mr. ALAN SIRVIG his firs t appearance in America:
Mr. GEO. R ION, his fleet a pesrauce iu America.
The OperaSeduced with new cty, Cotumes, Pro
.Petes &, .,
An Vu nRated and talented Orchestra, under the oes-
ductorSip f Mr. THOS. BAKER, late Director of Musis at
the Princess' Theatre London and leader of Juilln's Bnd.
Tickets ....................... ..... I.. .................0 scenti
Orchestra Seats..........$1 1 Private Boxes................f
Doser open at 6%; to commence at 7j.

Lessee.-Doore open at 7: Commn noe at 7 o'sleek,
Benefit of Mr. W. V. Wallace, the Corn poser.
Monday evening, November 2D, will be performed
Charles II......................................Mr. Mey.
Don Cosar de Basan............................Mr. Harrison
Den Jose........................................Mr. BorranuL
Laail .... "........ Miss Pynn
LssarlltO ......................................MisPa
iaritansa..........................Mlss Louisa Pyna
Pas'do Deux............Misses Henry and Price
Fairport......Mr. Leffingwell Mrs. Todhliunter. .3Mrfc. Henry
Weacle.......... Mr. Davidge Miss Tiverton...Mrs. Warren
Broome street.-Monday evening, Nov. 20,
Benest and last night of Mr. Wallaok.
DukeAranza.................................. Mr. Wallaok
Rolando...........Mr. Lester I Juliana...Miss RosaBenuetb
Jacques............Mr. Blake I Volante............Mrs. HoeO
Michael, the fisherman..........................Mr. Wallnok
Sir Bertrand.......Mr. Bland I Lucy...........Mrs. Stephens
Buttercup.......Mr. Vincent I Mrs. Barker....Mrs. Conoveg
Proprietor, Edward Eddy, Manager.-Doors opes a
6)i curtain rises at 7 o'clock.
monday evening. November 20, will be performed
Marian........................................Miss Julia Deaa..
Robert........Mr. Thompson I Norris..............1Mr. Prior
Edward.........SMr. Langdon I Wolf...........SMr. Boniface
Dance.......................BMiss Gertrude Dawes
Rolla.................................................Mr. Edody
Pizarro.........Mr. Boniface Almagro........Mr. Warwick :
Atailba............Mr, Blake Elvira.............Mrs. Jones
Alonzo..........Mr..Langdon Corna............Mrs. Conway
and every night this week,
and the very successful burlesque on the Opera of
Concert commences at 7%o'cloock. Tickets, 25 cents; Re-
served Seats, 50 cents.
N.B.-Iln preparation, the grand musical fairy extrav.t
with the entire plot, new scenery, dresses, transformationsU
&ac., Ac., at an immense cost.

S Union square.
will appear, for the second time, in RoEinl's comic opera, i
Ticket to Parquetto and slot Circle of Boxes.;............**
No additional charge for Secured Seats.
Second Circle of Boxes................................. ....$3
Amphitheatre.......\.................................SO cents
Private and Proscenium Boxes, according to locality
and capacity, irom..................... .....$6 to a eas&
Seats may be secured at the Iox oeice, on Fourteenth sea t t
daily, from 9 A. M. till 5 P. M.; and also at Wmin. Hall A
Son's, 239 Broadway; and at Van Norden & King's, 46 Ws
Doors open at 6; Opera to commence at 7%.
Chinese Buildings, 539 Broadway
The first Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert ofthet
season will take place
.for which occasion the managers have great pleasSre in an-
nouncing that they have succeeded in effecting an engage-
ment with the following renowned artists:-
Ml'lle MARTINI D'OIMY, the celebrated Contralto, late
of Max Maretzek's Italian Opera Troupe;
Mons. G. LE JEUNE; .
Mr. J. CAMOENS, the celebrated Basso Profundo;
Mr. HENRY PHELPS, late of the Theatre Royal, Brrurt
Lane; and a complete
Musical Director and Conductor..... ....Mons. V. Gueriat
Introduction, Stabat Mater................... A.......Rossini
Cujus Animam, Cornet *a-Piston Obligato, perform-
ed by T. G. Adkins....................Full Orohectrl
Recitative, At lost the bounteous Sun; Air, With
joy the impatient Husbandman-from the
Cantata of the Seasons........................ HaydR
Sung by Mr. CAMOEN0S. .
The Prayer, from Mose in Egitto..................R..ROssini
Recitative and Aria, lfwith all your Hearts-from
the Oratorio of Elijah....................Meudelsoh.
Anthem, Sound the loud Timbral-Full Orchestra.... AYisoa
Intermission of ten minutes.
Grand Operatic Selection, from the opera of Puri-
tant-Full Orchestra........................... Bollini
Song. Welcome the Stranger......................... Lo Jenne
Sung by M31. G. LE Ja:vr, his first appearance in America.
Quadrille, Semiramide, arranged by Jullien-Full
Song, Come Brothers Arouse..................Henry Russell
Sung by Mr. CAMOsES.
Brindisi, 1t Segretto per asver Felice, from the opera
of Lucretia Borgia..........................3)Donizetti
-M'lle BuMARTIN D'ORv.
Valese, L'Adleu to America, Cornet Obligate, per.
tormed by T. G. Adkins-Full OrcLestra......Jullieat
Song, Age, Anger and Repentance.....................Le Jeunoa
Sung by Mr. La JivoSE.
Sinfonia, The Allegretto from the Sinfonia in F-
1aull Orchestra............................ B1 thoveT a.
Ballad, The Last Roso of Summer.
Sung by M'lie MARTINI D'ORmy.
The Wedding March, from the Midsummer Night'sa
Dream-Full Orchestra.................Mendelsohi.
The grand Pianoforte used on this occasion is from the
celebrated manufactory of Pleyel, Pariu, kindly loaned by
SMr. L. J. Descombs, 585 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitai
Notwithstanding the enormous expense attend& upon
the engagement ot o large. .3 crp. of artie.ti, theimanagem
have determined to place I te proe ofa
Admission to all parts of the liouse....................25 cents
Reserved Seats............................... 25 cents extra
Doors open at 6Q; concert to commence at 8 o'clock, pre-
Polite and attentive Ushers will be in attendance to escort
the audience to.their seats.
ment.-Monday evening. November 20, benefit of M-r.
Wallack and last night of hais present series of perform-
ances. tobin's fine comedy, in five acts of
Duke Aranza...Mr. Wallack Balthazar...Mr. Chippendala
Rolando...........Mr. Lester Juliana...Miss Rosa sennett
Jacques............ Mr. Blake Volante............Mrs. Hoey
Lopez......Mr. F. A. Vinceat Zamora.........Mrs. Conudvree
Count Montalban.....Stewart Hostess..........Mrs. Cramer
Alter which, the romantic drama of
Michael, the fisherman.;.......................Mr. Waaiak
Spruce..........Mr. Vincent Boy..........Miss L. Carman
Sir Bertrand......Mr. Bland I Nell..........Mrs. Brounhau
Flint............Mr. Phillips Lucy............Mrs. Stephens
Le Sage.........Mr. Bernard Lady Clara.......Miss Steele
Janette...........................................Miss Osborka.
To conclude with the farce of
Tuesday, 21st, a new and original comedy, in five &ota,
written by an American gentleman, entitled
to hbe received for admission.
Positively last week of the laungbable pantomime oC
Grand Railroad Galop with steam whistle, and colliilow
Accompaniment, as only
Performed by this Troupe.
They will repeat, by general request, their
Being the most amusing sketch of Negro life ever introdnee*
Together with a splendid programme of'
Negro Melodies, Solos, Choruses, Jigs, Fancy Dances, Ac,
Forming an attraction unequaled by any other
To conclude, every evening, with the pantomime of
Characters by the...........................Burlesque aeve's
Doors open at 6%; commence at 7% o'clock.
Cards of admission 25 cents.
Issued in connection with the Mirror of North and So'i.
America, now in Boston, will for the present, by
Special arranement, admit four persons eash, ta
60,000 of these tickets already sold..
Only 40000 more to sell.
Apply 6om 9-A. M. to 9 P. M., at 663 Broadway.

Broadway-New York, Nov. 14, 1854.-Noticse is here-
by givMn, that the Board of Direotors have. this day, de-
ared a dividend of four per cent on the capital stock of
this company, payable on and after the 20th day of Novu-i
her instant, unt which date (inuelusiveo) the transfer boo.a
are closed. E.A. STANSBURY, Secretary.
S from Baltimore to Norfolk will take notice that the
maagificent new steamship LOUISIANA, was plised OK
theBay line thiw we k. an will leave Baltimore every Mon-
day, Wtdaedny, and Friday. The noble ship North
Carolina on the other days of the week. Such ships mush
certainly command the travel going South, giving pasea-
gen a good night's rest going down the Cheeapeskeiay.

THE ELECTION, ied won to be broken by an avalanche. "The to the Nationl Inellggeneir as well as that in-
"'- '"' "-"Ajffttaayheyav~dtpat-ih patting ftr merouscasst of whi -alo1idon J niah whose
---T---- B -wo 2e00 or e00 a !" .vc, tat's so. its principal vocation is o take sidios against their
L&TEST NTW allup." Batwho bleves It?" "Well, you have country in every question where Ites interests or its
aLaT Nv. it a I received It." honor come In o0mpetion with thoseof other
T cALBAa r Nov. 18,1864. "e'olock-The last was a long hour. Nothing countries, and eapIay England.
The offmoal etums received at the office of the received to contradict the Kings rumor; and Mr. The Tne then proceeds to make another dia-
Secretary of State from the counties of any, i Seymour's friends had it all their own way, until an tinotion of somewhat more importance, and not
Su ... r udist not,untraoeableand very miterS n report quite so motaphysloal. Mr. SoulE, it seems, isatone
Cajuga, Chautauque. Columbia, Greene, Herkler, a to be circulated that Oatterauguas was 400 and the same time a citizen of the United States
Lewis, Livingston, Madison, Montgomery, Niagara, beeSter for OlarLk But nine-tenths of those who heard s ad a subject of France. True, he is, in hiscapacity
Oneida, Ontario, Orange, Orleans. Oswego, Otaego, it shook teir beads. Those with the pencil stabs, of minister, the Representative of the Amnrican e-
Richmond, Rl khad. Saratoga. Schenectady, sf. however, grave assured the bystanders that "even public, and, as such, entitled to various privileges
Richond, cand, Saratoga, heneoty, if C aIs O l Is over 100 ahead in splte of Kings, by the laws of nations yet havinghad the god
folk, Tompkins, Warren, Washington, Wayne, anda for 3 from 4 leaves 11" But this profound mthe-. fortune to be born in anoe,t he ios.accordl tthe
Wyoming, vary the table of tJorities aspnbllshed martloasl announcement afforded but little comfort to eatablithed doctrines of legitimacy, to which the
in the Begiterof this morning l n one county only, the e, ing, United Stat.s a ,eond to sdubamit, stll nm _
.. ..-.... t . e IBM fOf o'clo k.-'What has caused this great commo-' to the sovereign will and pleamue of the Emperor
that of Lvingston, which giv one vt less or tl?,, Whatarushi "Wh's hurt?" "Why, Sey- of France and his Minister of Polic; "His
Clark. monttobesure; Cattaraugua give i.lark 814m- gievince,"sa)stheoraolen inconolion, "'ifitia
The Regis:r,'s footing for Ihe whole State show Jorityl" "That settles it. Clark lsieleated!" "I'll one, is a private affair; and though he happens to
aoritof286frak.. bet you fifty be int I" "Do'ne; putup your pile I" bea ministerof the UnitedStates, he has no public
a majority f 8or Thepile up; and the whig making merry over the officOial character in France or any other countyy"
S- "strike," when at Indeed I We ball see. .
THE RESULT IN THE SVATE-STILL DOUBT. 8 o'clook-Kings came officially reported 3,318 The point thus presented involves the great pri-
FUL I I for Seymour, and-aa it to iltustrale the old adage ciple of perpetual allegiance and of ilhe fundamental
(From .the Albany Atlas, Nov. 17.- that misfortunes never come Singly, but by ba itts- doctrines o legitimacy. Its decision will settle the
The reception of the official returns from Allegany lions; and that it never rains but it pours-Erie at question whether any or all the naturalized citizens
county affords the hope that the majorities In that 31331 What a scattering In ten minutes not a ot the United States oe feality, and are entitled to
county, which have been rained three times, are de- ncil stub was perceptible, while Seymour's friends the protection of the government of their choice, or
finitely settledn. were jubllut "I whether they still owe allegiashoee to that which they
.Wtha t ae k.r gany are nc majit we wely m r. 6wa er o'lok-The very gravest ofthe corps of flgur- have voluntarily. repudiated because it had long
tmhat after the apparent majority for eym r was era was een rushing through the streets at the erased to contribute to their happiness. If the
made dnowniherwe ma hge8wrde pa edfrm top of his speed, but -looking neither to the right latter principle should be aequlesee In by the gov-
lscity,to different quarters of the State, and that hnd nor the ie,.. When he had gathered asuffl ernment of the United States, the millions of adopt-
this was immediately followed by an extraordinary Clent number around him to make it worth lisa ed citizens to whom the pledge of protection has
and apparently fraudulent increase of votes In the while to gratify the curiosity awakened by his hot been given In return for their obligation of fealty,
whi. returns, .baste, In tone of the densest solemnity he in- Imust still be considered as bound by the implacable
-The returns fromWasahington county, after baying quired whether any one had heard from Sohuy- tie of perpetual allegiance to that government under
been passed upon by the clerk'twce, had come ,in ler?" "! ouylerville you mean?" No, I mean the which they happened to be born, and treasonto
the third ime, not only.some 300 or.400 above th. county ofS-huyler-a county, sir, that will save us, their adopted country becomes their highest duty.
fiast report, ut above all the probabilities afford for in hat county lies the evetbellable ntat never- This was the great point involved in the Impress-
by thesatiementof the votes on other cffl.era. The felteting towa of Hector, formerly attached to meant 'of our seamen. It produced one war, and
county,as thus reprted In the third edition, places. Toinpkins." Here was a "go." No one had would lead to another, if asserted in anuy formal way
Seymour aheeaI of hts colleagues on the ticket, Clark thought of Sciuyler, because every one had got by any foreign government.
ahead of hI tickLt, Ullmau a+ead of his ticket and tbe; dea that her returns would be included in those This doctrine, though virtually sanctioned by the
Bro.non the same on his; so that It would appear of Tompkins, Steubetn, and Cemung. The returns Know Nothings, who, in expelling adopted citizens
that 400 more votes were cast for Governor, tan: from these counties were looked up,&uIl none of fhon the domestic fold, are driving them to seek
for therestof the State tIc it; and as that sia m thtm assumed ct sprak forHeotcr. At thismo- shelter and protection under their ancient oppre-
prbbableIf not morallyimpossible, the presumption waent it was announced that Schualer haid given sors. can never be recognized by the government of
is that 400 more vote, are reported ftor Governor Clark 215 majority. Well done, Schuyler. But tiat the United States. It bsDa now become Imposslbie
than were cast in the county. The same discrepancy wrn'toaveus. All still in doubt. in the nature of thlogs. The United States mu.t
Is apparent in Oswego county, though there It may 7 o'clo k.-" Official from OTwego-only 1,007 for and will protect their citizens, of all classes and
be explalild. - Clark-a'oss of 400-all np." T6e docunmt, in daoninatios. It Is a solemn aid imperativ obli-
Te Oswego returns we give as certifelhby the spite of the official sti of th clerk, was pronounced gallon. It will not be settled by a resort to nloe
Clerk of the County; under his signatoe, corroboratr bogu. o telegraph to Oawego." Did so; and In a metaphysical diatinctions or -ingenious sophistries
e. by a telegraphic despatch re. eve from hnm last few momfntes Oswego assured un that theie was an based on the obsolete pretensions of infatuated
nighr, reitteradng the majority. She State egisr, I error in %be footings, atnd that Clark hid 1,407 ma imen, who cannot.-or will not see that they are vain-.
hoewev6r, hasreceivedthismorning,.welearn, a ts- jority! "As you were!" But that was not in ly atlenspilng to turn the world backwards, and
pthfrom Mr. Hill, allowing a milority for Clarkd adwvssceofSy)urfrwihBb
patchfrm r. aowg a orly for advance of your; for with Sobnyler and Oswego arrest the inevitable course of that destiny which
o f ro th. l.r .o e.r. a as they stood, Clark was still 20 behind. is nothing more than the results of great universal
A letter from the Clerk of Jeflerson, It wil ba. 8 o'clock.--" Allegany will save us-she gives 800 causes, far, tar beyond the control of those who,
en, "orectsh em ffcll raortSO to tae for Clark, and puts Seymour 200 behind I" "But while scarcely able to govern their own subjects,
1,000 votes fromUllman and add that numar to the is Altegany official?" There was the rub. It was affect to dictate to the world.
Ludlow column too important to credit on rumor. 1Will you cash The pledge to the American people in the inau-
In ErIs county the returns prove to be as an- me this check ?" "Take caie, old fellow IBetter gural message of President Pierce, so loudly and so
nouDce to usDby telegraph on Tuesday night, and keep yoe check in your pocket. Too closeto bet." universally welcomed by all classes and parties-
we ear at the m..j f-ty onour tbs doesaot He soon retu, red,- however, with tha intelligence that wherever an American citizen should go, whe-
inmclude 110 votes cast for H. Sevmanur. A large that he bad "put up hTs pile" on AUllegany. their at home or abroad, he would be covered by the
number of ballots ol similar character, in the sever i 9 o'clock.--Conflicting rumors from Oswego. No regis of the American constitution, and protected
counties, are excluded from the Seymour cola umn, chances to reach Scbhuyler by telegraph. Allegany hy all the power of his native or adopted country-
probal' amount to a thousand .... in doubt-and there matters eted .through the has not been forgotten, and will surely be fulflUed.
The Cettarsaugu-report (the second edition) puts t Whether Mr. ol represents only himself, or
down Clarks majority at 811, but as tins is not friday, 8 AM.--"Official from Allegany-OClark whether he represents his country; whether he-is
oflclal, ane may he gD0to1 emuaos we 77! ',a, ete t u latyuha hterh ersnshscuty hte ei
official, ant may be subject to permutations, we 70! That settles It. "Yes, butdida't you heir one or many, a unit or a-duplicate; or whether he
wtholdl i t- t that the telegraph late last night stuck to 1,007 only is a citizen of the United Slateas or a subject of
The county OfSec uyler I s reported at 21 for n oClaiin Owego? That.will trow Clark 200 be- France, is of little consequence as bearing on this
lark ,bt there return aare, probably, in part, at hindIf spite of Allegany." "Dont believe a word question. He is ident'fled with the honor and dig-
least, arom t mwns aieady relaorted u teuben, ofit. The rumor is based on the foItings of the ntty of the country wherever he goes.
Chemng and. Tompkris.n The law orgamzleg thne blundering clerk, which are proved false. Clark's As to the immediate action of the French Empe-
new coity, though providing f or a local elecaidn, majority in Oswego is 1,407 sure, and he is elected." ror in refusing to allow Mr. Sould to pass through
t does not, e beeve autioze theana ad re. Thusoubt tll hung over the contest, although the Frnch dominions, we have only to add that,
turn of votes for Stat offcerar ne a erecting every couaty was beard from; and that d)ubt hung with our present lights, the reasons that have
the county has been declared n.constituioa.i,. upon the error in figures officially returned. A de. prompted this step must be grave Indeed, to rescue
and the anuthoite sIn Steuben are aisposaed to disre- patch was at once sent off to clinch things. In a it from the imputation of being a deliberate and in-
gard it. Uthe reports are true, there is a ne.w few minutes joy came thuS:- tentlonal insult to our country.
ment of confusion introduced into the canva-s f OswRoo, Nov. 17, 1854.
this source; but we will assume that the equally Clark over Seymour, fourteen hundred and seven THE NEW YORK ELECTIONS.
af the whole case will not be permitted to be (1407.) No milatle, D.C. 0ITTLEJOEHN. [From the Richmond Examiner, Nov. 15.]
obstructed by a technicality or matter of mere for. Andhere we stand, with Myron H. Clark some We question whether a full accurate and honest
Wmauty; e ...p u 200 ahead, with every county heard from officially account of the New York elections which have just
SWith these explanations, we republics our tble, but Schuyler. The question seems settled, transpired, will ever be written, t stands without
by whih it wil .bDe seen itat several conaties-P-t- p -o10 o'clock-Ulster 50 better than the first a parallel event in modern times. If it bears the
nto.. K .gs, New Y.urk, Erie and Ulster- are still official repot. Very gFood; "but," as a doubting least resemblance, in any of its features, to anything
unofficial, and that the decision of the result i i1 friend remarked, if there is a gain of 50 in good, bad, ancient or modern, sacred or profae. it
likely to remain unuetled till she State canvassers UJster from the first reported official, may there not may remind some of our readers of Douglas Jer-
mee. .... be a loss of many fltlles in other ounties similarly rold's free translation of rid's famous account of
The State Canvassers meet inthis ty on Wecd- situated?" It is pcsslble; and as it would require Chaos. Hear him:-
nesday next, ("the Wednesday after the third Mon- but three or fourouch changes to reverse the present Imagine saucepans, sea-weed, obelisks andallspice, to-
day in November,") when, if the returned all inm, gratifying footings. All that can be done is to still mastoen, tomahawks, cataracts and horsehair, gunpow-
they wil proceed to canvass and declare the result.- ,wait" der, lobster.sauce, stalactites and boot-jacks, fire-drakes,
We trust that the tConnty canvassers will promptly w-- hirligigs, squibs, waterspouts and gongs, cyanogen,
send in their reports, and not by their tardiness cc. S TATE POLITICS sooji, mountains, magpies, earthquakes, oyster patties,
calon new delay. -- ..peacetti and thimbles, soap, cerate, adamant, gra-
C NAL OUR ALIBANY COiRESPONDEIOE. nite and tobacco, molasses, maggots, tenter hooks and
^o "- .a" ] On . . Ar mri- nOV 16i 1R81. IriD, rr'.it, glacneiar tl.: ail' eshi t. ngi,niL-taleb, nhif.
Mr. Clark Batnham 13 running largely ahead of ALBAY, N ov. 1, i, 8 lri- 1ie-pp0.,- glacie iun,]r-.,i.l hiot, l g,J imo,Pi, dr', swee-,
histioket in many of the counties. In Niagara, Whig Illojeril iin the Next Assembly-Seward's 1, pr( B sh.atp at, and all (,tto t rontending oppoitee,
were Mr. Clark has a majority l' 1,228 over SOay- Chances far the Snale-His P, obable IVithdraw *I.c,1ihi.g -. tcral tom.rat., J.oaUn. claricg, '..iirng,
mour and whers Mr. Bros Sn hasbut370 votes, Mr. a nd E- E tion o o Go, e or H unt-A Prco .cslig, ing ., laring, surtigiugi leo,"o ..ainidc,tor.
Bunaham reaves2,622 votes,beingamajorityof339 a-,and u o -. r.r Po- ,L.iug, and uu ill ha1e6omaIant leaon NhatC, ao5
cver Mr. Pilzhugh. in Caynea, Mr. Bronson re-. picl of Wfig Reconciliatlion' and Scatering of may haves been. ,
c ived 526 vofU, and Barnham, 2,72. Mr. Burn- t e u,' Nc.,thing. Or fancyan infinitymultipliedbyitlrulunatic ny-
hbm appeIars to have received the bulk of the Know Now that a majority quite large Is conceded to lmubs', schools in ates uproar, camp ma b-isan tb ntA
thgvotsntosecountesin which he rus the whigs in the next House of ssembly, i there b natue madballibin
aohead. tsinRs onte nwic ero by an many explst~jng powder mills into "an immortal
ahead.thewgintheextouseofAsemby,"Ith smaSh," ant your conception may perhaps he slightly
-- any positive assurance that William H Seward will assisted.
THE AGGREGATE VOTE OF THE ST.ATE. be returned to the UnitedStates Senate, for the term The eye grows weary, and the memory confused,
rProm tho Albany Argaus, Nov. 18.] 1,,,fr t, n e + her as we glance over the lists of deal and living.
Tne official returns from all the counties, except of six years fr "om the th of March next? Their e wer twenty different factions in a the field,
Schuyler and Putnam, foot unp as follows on G )ver- State ticketwas formed expressly for that purpose, with leaders and banners. 'These original factions
nor:- T "he acceptance of candidates agreeable to the abo- were split, shivered and divided, like scattered.
Clark............ 151,8i9 trlman...........1.21.050' 51o
ey mour............ 2 1 ro nen-............3,.00 iti-n, temperance, and every other faction, was w paneso aass, intoinfinitesimallysmallcliquesand
resol~ ..... ".. l 4,b'"+/ rU OD......... .. J~bo v.,. -- ..j quadsef angry and fanatical politicians. There
- In all 464,101. The two counties not included only done to have an effect upon the election of re silver ograys aool heads temperance men
will probably swe;l the aggregate to 468,000, or members ofthe Assembly, who would agree with dwelquor traimen, hard and soft t helms, Enow
thereabouts. and liquor trafflo men, hard and soft shells, Know
ereabouts. the present Senate in gratifying the Senator's de- Nothings and Irish Catholics, free soil democrats
TEE VOTE ON CANAL COMMISSION.. s ires. The whole contest, and all the strife, was to and abolitionists, contending and making tie State
u YU 'l~ UPIUA.lfiJ UM ItI P .. =" .".. . __ hideous with the din of the most boisterous political
We an withont returns of the vote on Caual Con- secure the election of members tending to such a conflict that ever disgraced even New York. So
mis.lonernin the counties of Albany, Cattaraugus, result. Their candidate for Governor, and every numerous and fraudulent were the tickets, so vari-
nee,. Watwam, chnyleor,t ODasDo, Ulster and other name on the ticket, was freely exchanged. In ant and unintelligible the ticket confederations,
=Yaks. What we have foot up as follo ws:- -!h....u m that all of these factions were sometimes blended
Fitgh.......... 142,-47 Wiliams............5"2,883 many places such bargains were openly muade at the t ket n the ity ci Nw York, we
J. Can........108,873 Burnham. 00 ntesm ikt ntect fNwYrw
The 'counties named above riapi'ldl-re- ?u po; and there can scarcely exist a doubt bnt one- imagine that very few men knew for whom they
propolrtion, to Burnhamn's vote. third of those who are designated as Seward whtigs were voting, so great was the scene of confusion at
have-been-electeduat the saitfloeof Mr..Clark. Bat the.o vie. adnriewch ve
WHO'S AHEAD?-WHO'S ELECTED GOV- tilaming L ac ih s urst out, that Mr. Serd free sooetye a fire, and New York politics a re-
ERNOR? cannot obtain sixty-,five votes in the House favorable prorch anid ebye-word ecme to the surface of the
THE OGUBERNATORIAL NAGS ON THE "hOME SPELCE!1' to his election, His knowing and closest adherents, boiling cauldron. Five Points heralded forth its
[From the Albany Journal, Nov. T. ] .....l .-. t t codgeis, the wharves their rowdies, the alleys and
The last thirty six hours have been Intensely ex- noware mnot boasting of a triumph at the late els- cellars teir thieves and elbow-strippers, Bowery Ba
citing to politicians. At 0 0'loci yerfdv. Sey- tion, though the canvass awards the whigs a large shot boys, and more loathsome creatures than
mos a election was generally conceded% and ihoes nBaioity of membs6 of Cgreass--also, of the lower Dante. introduces .his reader to In his excursion
who had been "figuring" for a week had retired from ,branch of t ,he Legislature, and all Q. State officers through the dominions of Plato, infested the streets,
the fleld-loco foos ccontent and jubilant, with just e 'xethe Governor. heyclaim nov Tf anbr- u red te avenues t almostt every polox ln
sufficient apprehension remaking to make thur ecth oveanor They clafeimna o vth a n dl barre Cty of N aew Yor k. o e I
emotions saumale; nd hewig s, arseand cause Seward has been defeated by the appe.a.u vo e ok
emotions pleasurable; and the whigs, morose and t ^,^ atm ant Theust, le anud confuion, which entered
indignant, with only here and there a straggler with themi eonfor Sebnar wolext r trem abcertain eall things uncertisine ne selection, h aving
"pluck" enough to ".hope against hope," and to l fFbuaynPSer sacr arn al ting unertan tspe, ,he lecion, raln
perslck ent prophecy thope happenings hopef apparent tot day ,specified by law. Before that period arrives, partially cleared, a Southern drs., after a liberal
pestetl, prophecy tha happening of apparent o t T occurtotesthisstrengthuad use of disinfecting elements, may ventdu !- form
Ennosoaftede.. T. s ouli a-oambination of democrats, silver .las and pretty fair conjectures as to the general result; asld
onwas reelved. The oimproc vote frpon the reported Kns wNothings bbe found too strong form then although the election Incidents, and scenes of the
majoritiesford. The improduced a flutter In he h measures will- be taken tounite upon Washington late. election, were of a s.rt never heard of any
mjoand these se who had retirouced from the field of unt. he senate i adecliaedly favor of iM where out of the tree States, yet there is muh in
camps, and those who had retired from wthe feld ltof l e ;wnwoldyield rathr~thanhzard a failure' the result to console us for the ignorance, violence
upelatiou gradanlly reassembled, but with so litde '""'" ...... a nlawlessnessof the fortunatee hunmn beings
ofhope or mesr thatsneither-demed It worth while to make any election during the session. Now, it is n alsns fteufruaehmn beings.. .. ..
to "f e on tea. chan Sei mour still r i p w perfectly well known that the Know Nothingscobib- who endure the misery of living in the benighted
7o0 "aea". emendctanhr oermogras remained c -nizaston some fourteen months regens north of Jtason and Dixon's line .
S00 aead. o hrin prepra Tory for thi very ntingency. The Nowasto theresults. Fhlstofall,letuB congratu-
8oCoi k--The Abbte y caSvasl of rtclally received. The ...mber in he last Legis T ure, Senator W,+t late the country upn the atnihilatlon of Seward.
hClarkg t better. Small but eomfortab..e. The ve o all ocaonsiththe slvrgrasof Scott's defeat trlppedhim of halfhisstngth, para-
o.a body andwillcontinua to d so. Ther .oject ly-Aedone hlf of hisbody, and disfiguredthearoh-
better." Very good; but too small to excite any intodfa t Mr e war d In all hisnfuture ambitious agitator. To the surprise of everybody, that extra-
ocnk.-ro icoee n0aedgad aspirations, and they feel confident In the strength oriay Insblncmehsbebdte
Iuig.127 oc Clark'srcoipmnovTheeshadow aofda.flutter-whic they, have acquired atthe lat etionn of Know Nothings, finished the work which Pierce be-
..,cpbe l ro und,pbut ".eymu still high upu.r acopihn xGvro an.
eepbls e hundreds. utSy lihu n +,. sen to, Waoohngtosi I woul disarm the + They throttled Seward _with the meet extraordi-
9h ho'doeds. of.the.. Know Nothings, and leave them noobject to^con- nary ease -and grace, and left him dead,- mangled
9ocloik^A orporal' guard oft ld army f tend with. The one hundred audt.wenty.t...n.d lying bigh anddry above the lowest poas lehei o of
'-flgurers" assembled; but nothing tangible o oteswhich they holdIntheir hands at thin moment ill luck upon the political Potter's fielteoi New YorE.
them to feed upoun. A single desperately aopeou l d sahtter back totheirlegi ate mn ks. ut The Tri bue and its compatriots are now howilg a
gentleman venl-ree to open the hall, but gives up at of stratagem or chicanery, Seward wild and horrible dirge over t+e remains ef their
ova "11OJopes." U by soy ...
thesrt b P ....l returned to the Senate, there will arise uh a martyr. We do not fancy theT Know Nothings, but
9 9o'oook.-Llght lathe West-a sort-ofshadowy' swarm of Know Nothings at the Presidentila elec- all honor to them f~r having crushed to the earth
aurora borealis, in the shape of gains of 19 eaohi tine in 1856 as will compare with the myviads of and trampled ulder their feet, the boldeet ana moat
Niagara and Onautauque. "Good, as far as they go; seventeen years focuses. The recent triumphs in unprincipled fanaticthat ever endangered the peace
10t they nor go Lar enough.c r e d 1 Massachasetts and Delaware are unmistakable in. of a great republic,
10o'loakli-StLawreny e received; 149 better for e ilionaof determined on0tolln to Seward for Next to the demolition of Seward, we re
conk anligtnc y of gu. te ge priends, the Presidency. tI is mere aprelue of what may jolce at the defeat ot. the Maine Liquor law
louote 'cncek oE holds eyh.mur owmends. b be anticipatentin the contest two years hence, if he party of New York. uold water-water whether
10 woclock-".Eaeh f hoeSer a eown, aud betteer.'u eha ll be promtnently brought on the couse. In- voluntary or. compulsory-seems to have been
whitte bard e 300. Freer an i deeper, for rumor sa t ed o carrying af the fre States on account of at a very low valuation in New York.
w.b.ticenier-dpwnef00o.PPrClark, wi tspua t"to in h-erlaw neotnus and abolition sectional Lager bier and spirituous compounds of bran.
mcneringnopeior uarkwin~pseuauoasinto- octnin the formidable order of Know Nothings dy and whiskey have swept everything before
Bard to the Bonntles. officials reported. Nothing wou tat riod, be suffclently sien thened them in New York. fmoretnent intermeddlers
u calck.-ry predcted..on ei128r btee. f Cl-k" to deieat him not onJ in New York bhu every with the rights and liberty of business hate had
l0a opclocpanco"fpnclan stub a tn r for Clsuke. other State upsn -which he counts. 1 soon he the coldest of cold shoulders turned to them in the
lespIeartuceofnpendto w ard os, a tndg anng resumed, aniseenwhether ila H. S ard has any regard lateelection. The hydraulic rams and MaineLiqnor
eiyen roned. twaru o bues y a .ti g-ac gh for the whi party--whetshe refers "serving in pumps were all smashedinthe late election. -' rne
esmreosusm. E by w heaven ratherthha ruling iseeli--whether he il brokencstrnsheld no water,"n n arguments
Foveminuesate.-"God news from Washing- consent tht the p s a beome w,, by were stong enogh to aval the New workers from
tou-7f, beter hnte table-"o newoos b~ alanced electingWa-ah-lgscn ,untlthe natcthe nLted those modern shrines of Bacchus--the iaer bier
aond75 better ohan the table a Books balancertdhl ,bd^sban cellars and barrooms. The defeat of theLhards
and Semsur only" 7 ahead. Groups gathered .'throughhiobstinacy, tncityandun and triumphs of the co0tta is certainly notf swest
everywbeme, discessing the chances. Seymours a Sehts i' without aaoy._ Beut it is gratifying to knoe that

lends in a state of excessive tremor, and the whips ---- Seymour and bis friad declared, before the elec-
only restrained from "cheers" by the recolleetion of VIEW OF THE KITCHEN CABINEl? ON THE tion, their acquiescence In the Nebtacki bill. a',d
past disappointments. SOULE AFFAIR. their pnwillingnese to continue the agi'-ation of the
11 o'clock-"Schoharie holds her own." This [Fr'.n the Wahlington UnlonNov. 17.] question of slavery. A miJsorlty or the hirds rail-
kucckedone prop from beneath the hopes of the Mn. eouLE. lied to his support, and this we regard a'sunmis-
euny, a id gave the higa renewed confidence. The Pself-constituted superintendent of Americnsu takeable evidence of Munsoundness upon the slave-
ItL o'o1ocL-Bumbling from Kings, but nothing affidrs in Europe and the.-oracle of the Anglo- ry question.
definite. Reported 200 better for Seymour, but American press in the United States-the London In tte election of Congressmen, however, the
doubted. "Columbia 2 better" Seymour only 12 'gmes--is of opinion that the refusal of the French anti-Nebxsskaltes bad everything their own way.
aheadI Excitement intense. Menengers passing government to permit this gentleman to pass Very few, If any, friends of that measure have been
to and-from the different offi eh ."We vegot them throughFrance on his way to Spain, is a mere elected to Congress and it is with pain that we dfud
-every bod has the a.e at theAlasj ." "News demonstration of personal mIStiltyagainst him in the opposition r an in Congress receiving latge
from Ohemung-Clak .better! Five from twelve his private character. According to this infailtble accessions from the free States. We fear that the
leaves seven ; Seymour only ? ahead!" expounder of the laws and doctrines of nations, and friends of the South will be powerless in the next
"s uo'clk.6-The first backward roll of the wheel, the rights and duties of American citizesa and their House of Representatives. But as.the Senate and
Suffolk66 worse!" Fewer "broad rtins"on whi. government, Mr. Sould, the minister, and Mr. the President are sound to the core, all Is yet safe.
countenances -.but pencil stabs still busy. "'Don t Soul, the American citizen, are entirely different The next Legislature cf New York will be made
give up yet. This onl puts Seymour 63 ahead." persons. He has two bodies, two souls, and two dts- up of the most extraordinary and Incongruous as-
Yea, but what about Kin gs and Erie?" "Oh! all =istinct and separate identities, and though Mr. soitment of the odds and endi of all the cliques and
Seymour It cAn't be any worse in thbse counties Sould ,the private gentleman, was unceremoniously factions that figured in the late election. Know
than what is already reported." Afew rougu edged expeledfrommFrance, Mr.Sou16, the minister, has Nothings, bards, soft, silver grays, wclly heads,
adjectives, and a spasmodic thrust.of the hanis still no right to consider himself aggrieved, or his coun-r &c, &c., all will be represented in the next New
deeper Inte the breeches pockets, andu silence reigns. try to recent te indignity. Tms aboutthe sum York Legislature. It will be a bodyevery way
12 o'clock-All h bands imnpattleat. Nothing re- total of thereasnouling of tke Tunms on this head., worthy of a free State. It will be a sort of
ceived for half an hour; biat every body talking Though brief, it is a masterpiece of metaphysical hospital forall te vices, isms, and fanaticism of
tbout KigS and E.le. Suspense painful, but des- ubtley, ano will no doubt be entirely satlifictory New York,

ihem5nay a quailer of the total number of its
membl'fi.whicn is fixed at 50, and- of which 20 are
at the ibnination of tihe kirg. Soon after His
Majesty onyvoked the pesept DieNt, to demand its
coLsent to the alteratioLs which i he fundamental
law of tie kingdom must undergo, in o-der to be
placed in hatmony wita the general constitution
granted on tae 26th of July last. New elections,
which were accomplished with the greatest order,
had to be made. Here and there ome little com-
bination took place, but, geneally speaking, the
electors belonged to the most decided opposition.
The DIet. as is known, re-assembled on the 2d inst.
Its acts from its first sitting have been systemati-
cally hoseileto the ministry. Tae Second Chamber
has named M. Monrad, who drew up the original
charter (the 'Fundamental Law), its president.
It has publicly read the numerous petitions whi A'
had been addressed to it against the general consti-
tution, as well as those addressed to the King for
the same object, and which his Majesty had reased
to receive. Finally, as we have said, it has address-
ed a project of law for the Iipeachment of the en-
tire ministry. The callinet, on its bide, manifest a
disposition anything but conclliato-y. Whben the
laying the project before the high court of the king-
dom was a question. the Diet was given to under-
stand that the adoption of the project might causeM
its prorogatjon, and even its disoaton. n 1 M1

The friends of the Hon. Stephen A. Douglas gave
him a banquet in Chicago on the 9th inst. In reply
to a toast he made.a long and elaboate speeeh,con-
eluding as follows:-
In conclusion, my friends, permit me-to say that
there is nothing in the result of the recent elections
which should dampen our ardor or induce us to re-
lax our energies. t is evident, from the returns in
all the States where elections have been recently
held, that they arm te result of a coalition between
Sincongruous and irrecoxcilable elements which can-
not long be held together in harmonious action.
(Cheers.) It is an invariable law of political action
that cosa litiora, when once successful, cannot hold
together in the next succeeding campaign. Hostile
factions, like allied armies, may act in concert in
the face of the common foe, but they fall to pieces
over the responsibilities and spoils of victory. (Ap-
plause.) Thus it will be in Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Indiana, and wherever else the allied forces of abo-
litionism, wbigism and Know Nothingism. have by
stratagem obh ied a partial victory over the demo-
Scraic party. :They must now act affirmatively, and
by their united votes redeem all the pledges that
each faction has made, or the coalition will be in-
stantly dissolved, Will they venture, in order to
retain the support of the abolitionists, to repeal the
fugitive slave law-to abolish slavery in the-Deistrict
of Columbia, and to prohibit the slave trade between
the States ? or, in order to retain the co-operation
of the Nnow Nothing cabal, will they abolish the
naturalization laws and proscribe a large portion of
tie American people, beanse of religious faith or
their place of birth? Never! They dare not.
Hence my friends, let us be of good cheer-all is
well. Though the heavens are partially overcast,
the clouds are passing away. The prospect of a
glorious day was never brighter. (Cheers,) Lit
us stand firm by our principles-they are the prinol-
pies of the constltution-o the Unioen-of that great
democratic party which has so long controlled- the
dittliies of the nation, which has conducted us to
a position of greatness and power that challenges
the admiration of eosry enllghtered people, and
which cannot be abandoned without destroying the
last hope of the enslaved and downtrodden masses
throughout t0e world. (Applause., Let there be
no compromises with the enemy, for they are the
fremies ot the country-no concessions to the per-
nicious and hateful isms of the day, (Applause.)
Let us unfurl our banner to the battle and breeze,
having inscribed upon Its ample folds "the constitu-
tion and the Union, State rights and the right of
the people to eelf g -verument, perfect religious
toleration, and no proscription of American citi-
zens, wherever born." i Cc eera and appluse ) Let
it fl. at proudly amidst Ilhe raging storms, for they
will he ns brief as furious. They may bent against
the rok cf dcmoclacy, Os which thbt ensign is
planted, but it will not be moved. Long after the
agi sed waters have subsided it will stand outin its
Vilutcibilly and no man need fear for the ship of
elte wbilew R is anchbord to its everlasting base.
(Loud and long continued cheering.)

State of Things In Denmark.
[From the Journal des Debate, Oct. 24.]
In Denmark, a conflict of the highest importance
has arisen between the legislative and executive
powers. The diet has voted, almost unanimously,'a
.project of law for the impeachment of the entire
ministry. Public affairs wear a more threatening
aspect every day. The primary cause of the present
unfortunate state of things is, no doubt, owing to
the various nationalities comprised under the sceptre
of the King of Denmark, which are-the kingdom
of Denmalk Proper, the duchy of Schleswig, and
the duchies of Holstein ad Lsuenberg. The two
*latter duchies, whose reunion to the crown of Den-
mark is still recent, are German, and form an in-
tegral part of the Germadnic Confederation-Holstein
was placed under the sovereignty of the King of
Denmark In 1778, Lanenberg in 1817 only Sohles-
wig, on the contrary, has been attached to Denmark
since the middle of the eleventh century; but the
nature of the union of these two duchies has never
been accurately defined. The Kings of Denmark
have always insisted that Schleawig was incorpor-
ated with Denmark, while the people of Schleswig,
who in the course of ages may have adopted" the
Danish manners,4and up to a certain point the
Danish language, still obstinately maintain that
they are Germans as well as their neighbors of Hol-
stein. This pretension, always denied by the Danish
government, caused in 1848, as may be remembered,
a general rising against Denomalk-a rising which,
supported by the arms of Prussia and by the sym-
pathicas of Geimany, with the single exception of
Austria, was prolonged until 1850, at whimh epoch
the Dames, alter prodigies of valor, which excited
the admiration of all Europe, gradually reconquer-
ed the territory of Schleswig, of which they again
remained masters. But they did not gain that
which should hhea been the prime of their victory-
the legal incolporatiun of Sobleswig with Denmark;
for in the treaty of peace concluded the same year
between Denmark and many of the northern States
'tGermany it was imposed on Denmark that Sables-
wig should retain its ancient German laws, that it
Lound have a special diet, and that the government
f the Duchy should be administered by authorities
entirely distinct from those of Denmas k. In 1848
while S.hleswig, as well as Holstein, was still In full
insun ectiUon, and therefol e separated from Denmark,
King Frederick VII, in order to recompense the
Danish nation, which 'in spite of tAe revolutionary
spirit which was spread among the peoples of
Iurope, had remained faithful to his dynasty, re-
solved to give them those liberties of waibh they
had rendered themselves worthy. Denmark had
then no other national representation than an as-
semblage ot States, which, having no deliberative
voice, bad consequently no teal influence on public
affairs. the king convoked a constituent assembly,
composed of deputies elected by universal suffrage,
and this assembly adopted, in accord with the go.
vernment, a constitution which was sanctioned and
sworn to by Frederick VII. on the 5th of June,
1848. This is the present fundamental law of the
kingdom of Denmark. The charter, the compilation
of which is due to a learned and venerable prelate,
M. Monrad, Cishop of therdiocess of Laaland, pro-
tected all legitimate interests, and left all desirable I
liberty of action to the crown. Under the regime
of this charter, public affairs progressed to the
general satisfaction; but, in 1850, from the moment
in which the insurrection In the duchies terminated
by being completely subdued, and the crown was
put in full possession of these countries, all was
changed, and embarrassments and difficulties surg-
ed from all sides. In a little State, composed like
the Danish monarchy, of various nationalities,
each with its legislative and particular administra-
tion, there were, nevertheless, many things which
were common to all-such as the army, the navy,
diplomatic representation, police, posts, &c
These services, or at least their budget, having
been, since- the *promulgation 'of the charter,
aompriedd in the jurisdiction of the Diet of the
kingdom, the three duohies began to complain that
the Parliament of a country which they styled
"foleign'"inteimeddled in their affairs, and dis-
posed of their resources; they also accused the go-
verrment of partiality for the kingdom (i. e. Den-
mark Proper). The ministry did not cease to take
steps, in conjunction with the Danish Diet, to make
concessidue In favor of the Duchies, but the Assem'
bly declined to make concessions, and clung firmly
to Its legitimate lights. This state of things sub'
sisted until January, 1852, when the ministry wea-
ried of the struggle resigned en masse, and was re-
placed by the present Cabinet, which made its d(I
but by the publication of a royal manifesto, in which
His lajeary diclarid that he would promulgate a
constitutioi, the exclusive object of whicl should
be the regulation ('iglr,) of atitrs common to all
parts cIf ibo monarchy, but whioh, at the same time,
respecled all rlt's, satisfied all lust demands and
left intact the Ihbefties secured by the chorser of
Denmoalk. this manifesto produced an excellent
S fleet, The new ministry found a cordial reception
In the Diet, anod the populations lived In the best
hope, when suddenly the crown promulgated the
general conestILtution of the 26th of July 1aati which
bad been prepared. with the greatest secrecy,
This conslhutlion destroyed all their illusilns.
in Denmark we see with sorrow that the new
law ooncentrates in the hands of the k'ng,
and of a council which he mintitutes under
the title of Coun'.U of the Kingdom, all affairs cons
ceroing the entire monarchy (a vague and uncer-
taln detlnision, and of great extensLon), in which all
the essential ltlerists of etch of the four countries.
may be united en such a manner that the rigts ac-'
corded and guaranteedl to the Danes by the charter
are put in peril. In the Duchies, also, the general
constitutl-,n causes the greatest discontent, Inas-
much as in the Council oe the Kingdom but 18 re-
preartatives elected by themselves are acaomded to

S Disaters. t
Wi Extract of a letter to Elwood Walter, Esq, Sietrstry
of tle Board of Vnderwriteri:--AsaA, NP Nov 8.I1L
Thesebr Oco Hotehkiss, Prrice, master, from NYorkfor
Franklin,.La, with part cargo of bricks and lumnaer, was
lost on Abace 21stB uir Crew all saved, but the vseWl, ma-
terials and eargo. are a total lose.
The bark John Colby (of NYork), Rbothal.'. rite..d lib i,,2t
in distress,s haing experienced a serc ;%I(,asnihe1241.1t,
bn let 27, tn 6r7. She has lost everything except muon mast.
She made water during the gale, but is not rsoaing any- now.
She will probabye s repaired here. t
The Gold Bnaor [from Havns fo r NYrke before report.
ed ashore on M oea ory Roekn will be down" from the bay
to-day. Her fore, d irt anise keel were fond agone.
om o beig eeve to be put in, and some other alight
weork do" pih could not be asertainetd until she was
hove ,0ut Expected to sailing ten days.
The saoiges on, the little projerty saved from the bark
Charlotte Wynns hat been 2 awd r ed by t UCbas sab or (f Com.
re at 70 per cent. Savin a it was b atremeit hazardons,
and it as all carried on heb heads of eteopi across the
'ilaud, a distance of a mile.
BARK CumiLDr HAROLD, from Pbilad leshi for Boston, is
entering oBlnmes's Hole night of 1h4 nust, ran no I,ow Polnt
West Ch:p. and wu.uld trobabl3 haye to discharge r of
cargo to get off; vessel tight.
DanuS. "TN KIRBY" (of Roblbastbn), Trecartkn, before
+reported at Turks IMazds, prtied her chain and wont ashore
at SaNl Ca" Oct 28. during B havby, qua'-l, which caused thN
in isto uwt 0 s-1d421y,52an shoe isarute total w CM', nsa

nister of Finance, In preaenItFn the law Napecth
the alterations to e Introduced n the charter, state
that the ministry would not retire except by an ex-
press order from the King-a speech which was, to
say the least, imprudent, sine it tended to place a
King in direct opposition with the Chamber. Th.
same minister also declared that a modification of
the charter would render government in Denmark
impossible; but that, if the Chamber knew more
suitable' modifications, it had but to prefer them.
The defiance has been accepted by the Chamber,
which immediately decided to present an address to
the King, in which the basis of a general constitu-
tion violating none of the existing laws should bea
submitted. -

Supreme Court-General Terme
Chief Justice Oakiey and Hon. Judges Bosworth,
Slonon and Hoffman, presiding.
Nov. 18.-Ann C. Lichtenberg at. Herman
KralL-New trial ordered. Costs to abide event.
John B. Howell agt. Samuel Thompson.-Order
appealed from affirmed, with,costs.
Andrew Soitzer agt. James Valentine--Judgmsent
affirmed, with costs.
Amos R. Eo agt. James IL Del Vecchio.-New
trial ordered. Coats to abide event.
Wnm. T. Thompson agt. Wm. A. Sale, Jr..-
Judgment affirmed, with costs.
Franklin Goodenow agt. HeSmry Carpenter.-
Judgment for plaintiff for amount of verdict, with
interest from time verdict was rendered, with costs.
John B. Mantel agt. Gorge Geuynet.-Judgment
affirmed, with costs.
Edward Morrison agt. Charles Currie, -..-.
Judgment affirmed, with costs.

girl by the name of Ellen White took the small pox
in Boston a short time ago, and before her convales.
cence was completed, started on board the cars for
her home in Thetford, Vt. Daring her brief journey
of a lew hours she communicated the loathsome dis.
ease to some dozen people who were on board the
train in which she travelled, several of whom have
since died.


IfMowements of Ocean Steamers.
Hermaun ............Southampton...New York.......Nov. 8
Canada...............Liverpool......Bstn.......... NOv. 11
Baltic................ Liverpool....... New York......NsOT. 15
Africa...........Liverpool.......New York......Nov. 1I
North Star.......... New York.....Aspinwall....... Nov. 20
America...........Boston..........Liverpool.......Nov. 22
Union................ Havre..........New York.......NOv. 21
Atlantic............. New York......Liverpool...... .Nov. 25
AltewYok.__oNov. 25
Alps............... New York ...... Havre ........... NOT. 26
Cahawba............New York......Hay. and N. O..Nov. 25
Northern Light...... New York......San Juan........Nov. 27
DaielWeboter.....New York.....Hay,. and N. O..Nov. 28
A sia................New York......Liverpool....... Nov. 29
Ijermann ............New York......Bremenn.........Dec. 2

All acloges and lletters intended for the Nsw YoRE
HERALD should be sealed.

SunES R.s..............56 51 MOON RISES............ 549
aUR sETS.............4d 39 HIGH WATER........... 17

Port of New York, November 18,N184.
Steamship Augusta, Lyon, Savannah, S L MitehillU.
Steamship Southerner, Ewen, Charleston, Spofford, Tiles-
ton & Co.
Steamship Jamestown, Parrish, Richmond,. Ludlan &
Ship Southampton, Austin, Liverpool, J 0 Ward.
Ship American Eagle, Griswold, London, Gr,wold, MeouIl
ton & Co.
Ship Sir RobertTeel, Crabtree, Havre, Lane, West & Co.
Ship Tejuco, Gregory, Bahia, 0 S Colt
ShipElza Mallory, Williams, New Orleans, Eagle & Ha-
Ship Westminster, Sladden, New Orleans, Stanton &
Ship Chineora, Sherman, New Bedford, J Swift, JS
Bark Commodore, Williams, Bahia G S Colt.
Bark Waltham, Wheeler, Savannah, J W Elwell & Co.
Brig Bellone Brig Albert (Br) Stoves, St John, NB, J Piokard.i
Brig Erie (Br). Douglas Windsor, NS, J S Whitney & Co.
Brig Borneo, dodgers, Jacksonville, 3 Griee.
Brig R & J Lanson, Daniels, Darien, S H Rockenbaugh .
Brig Malvern, Jarman, Philadelphia, master.
Sohr Bustamente, Wilson, San Francisco, A Oaksmlth.
Sohr Mechanic (Br), Perry, Anti$ua, Henry Knox.
Schr Fred Howell, Carrt, S Domungo, P Buck & Co.
Sohr Germ (Br), Crosby St John, NB, P I Nevius & Son.
Sehr Imogene, Rucles, Mobile, Lane, West & Co.
Schr J M Taylor, Mtthewsa, Newhern R M Blaokwell& Co.
Schr Copia, Sears Philadephia, J W McKee.
Schr Eupbemia, ldridge. Portsmoutb, S W Lewis.
Schr Bay State, Sherwood, Boston, Dayton & Sprague.
Sehr Lacon, Bearse, Boston, S W Lewis.
Sloop F Brown, Gardner, Providence, master.
Sloop Van Buren, Lewis, New Haven, J H Havens.
Steamer Thos Swan, Johnson, Baltimore, J F Smith.
Steamship Cahawba, Shufeldt, New -Orleans via Havana,
with mdse ans passengers, to Livingston, Croeheron & C0o.
NOv 10, 7 AM, lat 28 N, Ion 8744W, exchanged signals with
steamship Empire City, hence for New Orleans; llth, lot
24 S6 N, Ion 64 29 W, spoke ship Franconia, from New Or
leans for Boston 6 days out, all well.
Steamship Alabama, Sohenok, Savannah, with, mdse and
passengers, to SamI L Mlitehill. Nov 16, passed bark Golden
Age, Gerrick, from Savannah for New York;'same day, *12
PI, 40 miles SW. of Hatteras, parsed steamship Florida,
hence for Savannah.
Ship Callander (of Boston), Diokinson, London, and
Shields 40 days, with scoal, to order.
Ship Charles Hall (of Boston) Hall, Havre, 36 days, with
S79 passengers, to Post & Ryerson; vessel to Hurlbut & Co,
Had 19 deaths on the passage.
Ship Clifton, Ingersoll, Antwerp, 36 days with mdseo and
297 passengers, to Stanton & Thompson, an& passengers to
Poat & Ryerson. One death on the passage.
Bark George Henry, Pendleton, Port an Prince, 18 dayIs,
with coffee to A C Rossire A Co; vessel to H E Benon. Nov
11, lat SO 8, Ion 70, spoke brig Hay Queen, from Now Orleans
for Philadelphia.
Bark Garland (of Philadelphia), Martin, Arecibo, PR, 14
days, with sugar, to H Leger.
Bark Mary Chapman (of Boston), Hill, Pensacola, 16 days,
with ship timber, to master.
Brig Alvaro, O'Brien, Aspinwall, 26 days, in ballast, to F
Spies. Has two of her seamen sick of fever.
Brig Europa (Br), Burgess, Grand Cay, TI, Nov 4. with
salt, to Woodruff & Robinson.
Brig E S Penny, Davis, Manzanillo, 16 days, with maho-
gany and cedar, to J Thompson.
Brig Edinburgh (of Bangor), Nichols, Key West, 16 days,
with salt, to E Flemming. Experineed heavy weather on
the passage.
Sohr litis (of Newport), Dorr, Baracoa, 10 days, with to-
bacco, Ac, to master.
Sohbr Charles F Smyth (of Brookhaven), Hawkins, Barm-
cos, Nov 1, with frhit, to Meacham & Stow. "
iSchr Leonoro, Bevery, Beaufort, NC, 5 days.
SSehr Lynchbnrg, Nelson, Richmond, 4 days.
Schr Hanover, Whipple, Richmond.
Schr Wesgogus (of Boston), -White, Georgetown, 16 days.
Schr Edith, elo allen, Norfolk, 3 days.I
Sohr Mayflower Strong, St George, and Newport 2 days,
bound to Philadelphia. Put. into this port in consequouncs
of head winds.
Schr Rebeeca, Cobb Rockland.
Behr Suean Baker, Gookin, Saoo for Philadelphia.
Sehr T P Anderson, -, Piortland.
SSehr John Snow, Torrey, Cutler, Me, 10 days.
Schr Ellen Rodman, Osgood, New Bedford.
Sehr Cabot, Niekerson, Boston.
Sehr General Hersey (of Bangor), Paulson, Providence for
Sohr Mary Pearson, Coombs, Providence.
Mex steamer of war General Iturbide, Vera Cruz; steam-
ships Glasgow (Br) Glasgow; Augusta, Savaunah; South-
orser, Charlestoun; amestown, Norfolk, Ac.
Wind at sunrise, S; meridian, do; sunset W.
L.AomcsnnD-At Duxbury 8th, by Wm Paulding, a olipper
bark of about S00 tons, cslied the Emblem, to be commanded
by Capt Davis of Chatham, late of bark Maryland, and in-
tes defer the Baltimore and Boston Union Despatch Line of

Telegraphic Marlne Report.
NEW ORLEANS. Nov 17-Are ships Oliver Putnam,
Newburyport via New York; Stephen Glover, Boston.

Herald Marine Coa-repondenoe.
KEY WEST, Nov 3-The ship Ieonium, Turner, from New
York bound to Nirleans, which put in here [where she since
arr], was valued at $14,60, and paid a salvage of one.third.
or $4,8S385. Her court expenses were $267 09. Tha bills for
protecting and censicneenscharces, new rigging, Aec, $522 CW.
Total expense., $5,628 08. Consigoco, P J FontenO.
Tao aehr Wolcott's expenses were $106. _
The schr Jane, Fisher, from Attakapas bound ti NYork,
with a cargo of sugar and molasses, arr on the 30th in die-
tress, leaking, and with loss of jibboom and rails attached.
Several of the crew being sick have bepn taken to the hos-
pilal. She will not discharge, but reeve necessary repairs,
end go to sea this evening.
Thoe hip Lady Arbella's expenses were $S83 40. I The L A
has siteo arr at Norfolk in distress, as previously reported.-
The trig Grand Turk, Aldrich, with. 213 hhds niolsses,
fronm Bav ana bound to Providenee, RI, arr ie distress osithe
Slat. She bad heavy weather, and sprung a leak a few
hours out of port, andi, leaking so freely, was obliged to bear
awsy fr Key West, to repair. She wili discharge oer cesrgo.
andhe thoroughly caulked and fastened where wanted. Con-
signee, P J1 Fentena.
The brig Tavernier, Lester, will finish di,.:isral.,to 10s'.
and commence taking in tho'eargo of the loll brit u ..oo cil.
+ Art 0b rig Tavenier, Bannus, NYork; 50thsechrs Jae,
Fisher, Bayous; Bliza Catharine, Alden, ITn~er; 51st, brig
Grand Turk. Aldrich, Uavana.
Nov 10-The aehr Jane, Risker, at this port in distres.
from Attakspas, completed her repairs, at an expense of
$771, and slt 4th lnat for NYork.
The brig Detroit, Bebinsos, from Neneitits at this port., fn
distress, Ilaished herlrepairs and sald on the 8th for NYer~k.
Her e nses were 4,014.Mxwlllte
The salvage on the brgMawl.atylotothrf
near thts city, as doMed B~y the Admiralty Court, is $a156tt
the expose on same, 150. Total, S2,100.
The brig Kite islanding with salt fox NOrleans. I
The brig Tavernier, Lester, is loaded aud ready for.-te
She will Eill as soon as she can ship a crew.

New York for eortland; Com Kearny, liovell, and R0enown1
do for Beoston; Friend, H allet, Philadelphia erdo; Wmd
Neweomb, Bacon, Frederieksburg fardo; ed Rover, Bacon,
Rondoot for do; Martha, Gray, Albany fr do*; Mary A.
1;ur elr, from -- fordo.
.i W BEDlFORD-Art Nov 16, ei,br, E.ljarJ. Cier. at
any; .tfohn bRandolph, Baker. do,. ld IMll !rAl Tiberna.
Bram'iall (from Boston), NOrletng. Sailt0l n I'4.,Q. Sia.
vaouna; sethr SSarah, lPerry, NYrk; ylvii B. I'erry. I'bU'
SELW IItA.V' .N-&rr l Nr.v 17 F i rr Il..rTWli l,.. Albasy
N '%V ii ''Dl'ON-Air L--a Ii ateiuiicai tn |oe". iC
' rk. G. 1v, Mn1l r.f
l'll AUI.I PUIl I-Arr N % 1; 1 etmeq-Delirwae.
4 srl i. -lrk 1. tI i.:.rk eli Ta'lu. llas .,n. ebr, K-.lth.
-r.- -., N I- k. t4 ili,, t A isE n.h, oacn r, a.. G Dl shtir.
.-, ., ,, r -Y.
e'l l 3 t1 ii)-.''ri%'-13it. I i ,r T.emas LUL- NT. .rk 1
I ,. I tIt'i. .' illL-ki, it. a k1e'p
I- -t ItI A ,, N-. C'. tsr Mleinitn Uill *&n-e. N
\ ': ii n I i.I'...I,' I ici L.t6 M ,itl A ,i-At l "i.!l, br.-
ii, irt 1.e ..I -. kI l ,.) ne i 'tt,6 Ru iS c.ib r' u : -t r, K no tt.
PORTSMS.OUTI-Ar Nov t6 sohabr.i0 Fribe. NYSork.
Contrieoa atcman, ionslout.
Tli llt1%D \ % -Art Netl,'1,sr t e.,-Ut Bristol.
lU, kLAI'D-A-rr I ,,',Il.rj an. 'to sn IJyWminood-
N .o -rk "'r* Un-rrl., 11, s)hr.I I e, Ilarlow.
(erni. t.ot. J. like, 7N.ork iBary Lanedou do- GO Mil.-
land, do; J Snaow. <.I, ;entilo, to; iagle HnAd-
it,-rair,le *ilr,. Frr,-- (@egon, Pilot. Only Son, Thom"s
15.-. ',,h. S i.rene,, do
1t % b \.W --r r ( C--ins' ..'. P(ilp. Phil'arl
'"- 'r I' ,*I lr,' .r.M .' ,, ,, ,, I,' ," t

taken in a part of her ea s at .that Islandu and wsg wtwlg
for favorable weather to inish oading. Tho bull hi daew ,
been sold for 12., Agent, C J Stamers, E11.
BIaO NIrizROV, Harriman, from Sept 22 fer ea. '
badoeis, put into Turks Islands Noy ia dltsress under JMr
masts and with lose of deck load and leaky. she ad =eoo
urvnyed 4th, and eoidemned, and would probablyb aeU@
withO hercargo. On the 20th and 21sI Ot, lt 27, Ion 66, ea-
periened a severe hurricane from N.E, which totally detl-.
misted and otherwise damaged her; lost all water off del.
On the 27th fell is with the hull of a vsel of about ,
tons, bottom np, build, and painted blak. On theft
bet-ring oncaort allowance of water, spoke Hambbft
Matilda, who supplied her with water and Aa spce par.e
BRIG PgnRaXA, wreaked at Absesom, was an ol v es6l4
built at Dennis Crck, NJ, in 188, valued at $7S" owneS
h' the American COsNl at Nassau, and others in this oitr.
BIB was fully Insured.
SoHa SARAH & MARI A of Rookland (wherefrom or bean
not stated), was in onitaot, no date, with eohr Dite, &ab
Belfast, from Salem, Cape Ann SW 1 mile, and sank Is IS
minutes. No damage is reported to the Dime.
SOUR GAZZLLZ (of 80e1ly), Davies,.28 days from New-
foundland for St Jago, GCba, put into Tarks Island 30tt
ult, ten wnt fIeteor. She encountered a severe hurrioane-
on thse 20th omt, in lat 86 05 N, Ion 67 04 W was thrown
down, lost forenast, larhoeid bulwarks, toptismbasena. Shoe
proceeded on her voyage anme day.'
Nouie to Meariners.
HYDniOGBAPcrC OrTiog ADMIRALTY, Ot. 21, 184.
S-I hbaTe to acknowledge the receipt oi your letter ot
the 18th inst., communicating a notice of two banks on the
coast of Australia said not to be laid down in the charts.
and I am much obliged to you for the early information of
the same.
The coral patches in Torres Strait, if the bearing of Har-
dy's Island be correct, is most probably one of the Neorthean
of the five coral patches, named "Ashmore's Banks," showna
in the Admiralty chart, No. 1;077, surveyed by the late Capt.
Blackwell B.N. N
The sand bank and reef 11 miles long, reported in lit'1
deg 50 inm S, and Ion 149 dog 40 min E, Itn teCoral Seao o-
copies the position nearly of Willis' Islands in the Admiral-
ty Chart of Australia, but as no mention of these islands it
made, it may be presumed they were not isexight.
'A copy of your notice of the reef will be sent to Captain
Denman, the Admiralty surveying officer at Sydney, writt
directions to examine into it at the first Ceonvien0t oppor-
Should any other merchant vessels pass that way, it will
be very desirable to obtain further iniermatien respecting it,
land a somewhat similar reef in 16 deg 29 mina S, 14S degmin
E, reported in your letter of the Sd inst.
(Signed) JOHN WASHINGTON, for the Hydrographor.
Capt. G A HALSTED, R N, Secretary, Lloyd's.
LLONON, Oct 26, 1854-The new lightship on the Coppe.-
ground, near Loose, will exhibit its light on Wedneosday even-
ng, Nov l half an hour after sunset, unless prevented- by
unavoidable circumstances.
Extract from the log book of the ship-Robert Diekson, oI'
a voyage from Swartw k to London, in October, 1854:-
SUNDAY, Oct 8, 1854.
Wind NW, fresh breeze and clear at 8 AM Soderarm'.
lighthouse bearing NW %Y W by the coinmpass. At abont'.
AM the ship struck upon a blind rook three times, bunt d
not stop, though she struck so heavy that part of her' falso
keel floated up in her head water. A few minutes after SO-
derarm's lighthouse bore N 40 W and Swenska Bjorn]S 52 W
by compass. No leakagecould be observed.
In the chart published by-Gustaf Von Flint, in 1849, there .
is no shoal marked down on this spot, but there is one about;
an English mile and a halt near the Swenska Bjorn. The
ship was drawing at the time about 18 feet 'water, sO there ta
reason to believe that the water over the shoal is the samer
depth as the ship struck when between the waves.
%ae rock seemed to be Tovery small, possibly not larger thae
the bottom of a long boat.
MESSIrA Oct 23,1854.-This town having been declareS
free from cholera, a quarantine of 7 days has been put upon
vessels arriving from England.
MARaSEILLES, Nov 2 1854.-The authorities of Marseilles
have commenced this day to issue clean bils of bcaith toi
vessels leaving that port. The quarantine of 1 lately
Imposed at Melta, on arrivals from Marseilles was therefoer
to be abolished and passengers for India, As, by the over-
land route, will be again enabled to proceed via Marseiles,.
rLEOHOR, Oct 21,1854.-By a resolution Ot HI andR H
-the Grand Duke dated the 14th lsnt, the following decision
of the Board of health has been sanctioned:-
1. That vessels from foreign ports, with ocean bills of,
health, and not havingrags on board, may be admitted t%
praliquB in the Tuscan ports.
2. That a free communication from port to port on the
tuscan continent and islands be re-established.
SS. That the airing in the Lazaretto of- Hags, coming froen
healthy places, and in pratique, ito nolonger required.
4. That vessels with rags, coming from ports where the
cholera exists, or has lately existed, are to continue subjeof.
tra quarantine of5 days, and the rags to 10 days in the La-
The Key West correspondent of the Charleston Courier
says the buoys intended for the Manatee river Lava bee,
sent over and anchored in their proper places. The entrasmae
to Tampa Bay is now well marked, and the harbor can b e
approached without difficulty.
Old at New Bedford 16th, bark Sea Flower, HMacomber,
Atlantic Ocean.
CIld at New Bedford Nov 17 barks Latitia, Hines, Atlan-
tic Ocean; Gov Carver (of Westport), Higgins, Pacific Ocean:
Bid bark Dartmouth, do.
Off Cape St Lucas July. 30 (by latter from Capt Hoxieo.
Elizabeth, of Mattapoisett-had taken 10 whales making 71w
bblsspesinceJune20; had cruised on Off Shore Groundl2
moo without seeing whales
Off and on at Payta Oct if (by letter from Capt Howland),
Keoka, NB,-120 sp 40 wh; had recovered two of he runaway
seamen who had deserted, and was ready to sail on another
cruise. .
Bid from Westport 10th, bark Sacramento, Snow, Indian
and Pacific Oceans.
Heard from Oct 4 no lat, &c (by letter), Dove, of and front
New London for South Atlantic Ocean. On the llth'of
Sept, lat 38 21, Ion 61 40, in a heavy gale, was hove On her
beamnds, carrying away jib and ying Jibbooms, antd.
ireakle iof tf ha b'wsprit about fournfeei withinthesfap;
stlIp-.- a ea or ibe stern, which carried awayspanaker-
r.., m, i.etC ifr,, CU.rr, ad foretopimast staysals, til the pOtit-
t.., ,n tb.. lnrbi..aid stie of the deck, all the bulwarks frone toi miicnu ri.Aulr on side. and allJ frard or the
gasrs'oy un einrt. rd dae, aldo carried asay i .) boatt.
and sloe tao etltr-
ik+--) Sl' 'shlh Lrl.,L.) i.i aOs r loard. it3ib. Aa,,annn Clark Malt no
il L, Lsrd: .utb, -iS Car rWv 1elend%. Jols, ih0 Bere.,
N B, fobod 5. 2-.1 in.t, off f eenffe. Borj Franklin. JhnIoo. n
Beverly, 30 sp on beard .
Aug lat 7 25 S, lon 45 56 E, Hector, of Warren, RI, 415 '
Ocl 19. lat 3 50 Sl Ion 36 45, two Am whalers; one painted
black with red sireak, the other painted lead color witik
u bite streak.
Foreign Ports. "
ARECino -In port abt Nov 3 schr Priseilla, Townsend.
from and for Baltimore next day- only Am vessel
BAnAooA-In port abt Nov 8 schrs Chas F Smith, for
NYork 2 days; John G White, of N York, seized by the gow-
emrnment on a charge of having guns and ammunition oue
LAoUAYRA-Arr Oct 18 bark Paes, Wilson, Philadelphia.
via St Kitts.
PORT A ParieE-In port Oct 31 brig R F Loper. Littte.,
from Philadelphia, arr 25th; and others bore reported.
TuRns IsLAsmD-At Grand Turk Nov 4 brig Nitheno,
Harriman, from Norfolk Sept 22for Barbadoese ar Nov i
distress-see Disasters* Nile (Br), Foster, for Port Metway,
same day having on board Capt Burke and crew of I g
Gem, ofi Halifax, wrecked at Salt Cay. Sld (no date) b-a
Atlantic, for Inaga, seeking salt, not being able to procure
any as G T. Are 0t t brigs Mermaid Lasseni Cayenne (andi
7ld th for Salem)- 17th Aeolus Stubbs Wilmington.
HJome Ports.
ALEXANDRIA-Sld Nov 16th sohrs S E Parker, NYork;
SW R Geann Boston; Charles Carroll, Hartford. Ct.
.BOSTON-Arr Nov 17 barks Majestic (Br), Trask, Trooir
Sept 27; barks Tenaro. Williams, Matansas 27th nit; Vivid
LiAhlt (new), Blanhard, Ellsworth; brig M. H. Comery.
Wheeler, S Thomas slst nit. Telegraphed-brig Three
Brothers (supposed British), from --; signal ior two brigs.
Cild hip Polar Star Lovett, New Orleans; brigs Waccamaw-
Ober, Demrare; Braganza, Bryant, Jacksonville; Winm si
Groton, Geyer, Philadelphia; Behrs eeorrt, Petteontill.
JaemelN Jons Yong, Catteronvillo, La; Edna C, Kelley,
Philadelphia; aette Crowell, New York; Lonasdala,
Crowel0, do. S1d bars F Bunehinia. oRedmond, D Kim-
ball, Adams, Chester, Oak; Union. Kendriok, Baltimore;
Juasies Story, Atas, do; brir John Alfred, WaverIey
Ellen, M S Cousins; sces Lysanoer, Challenge, and from ha
Roads, ships Santa Claus, Saracen. Brig limes started.
but gnshored in the Roads.
BANGOR-Arr Nov 15 sohr Myers, Rhoades, NYork. ClG
ship James Littlefield, (neweof Baorn,) Potter, Liverpool
via St. George, NB; brigs B Strout. Sawyer, Canary Iales;
Marshall Dutch Colcord, Cardenas.
BATH-Arn Nov 15brig Porto Rico, Stinehfleld,Phladel'a;
schr Cameao, Townesley, Woodstock Mills Fla; 16th, birt
Marcia, Savannah; sehr Sarah Matilda, tarriman, George-
town, SC. .
GARDINER-Arr Nov 10 sohra Laminartine, New York; llst
ope, Philadelphia; )th, Jew, NYork; 15th. Benj Franklis,
'Viomiagton, NC. -Sid 1ith, brig Albion Cooper, Ferunld.
N York.,
HARTFORD-Are Nov 18 steamer A.Clark, Clerk, Albanyu
barge S. M. Clark, Cis rk, do. Sid Nov 17 sohs Harriet unt
mlannah, Warren, LYork; Hartford, Smith, NYork; MasS'
Elisabeth, Arnold, NYork. 16th sloop Almond Canaeld,.
Miller, NYork.
HOLMES' HOLE--ArrNovl&PMbarks Presoott, Spear.
-Buenos Ayres Sept 20 for Boston; Speedwell, Howes, Phila-
delphia for do; brigs L Copeland, Moore, Jacksonville Slab
ult for do; Moselle, Pittee, Satilis River fir do; Reuben
Carver, Moore, Wilmington, NC, fen do; Pruntias Hobbs.
Carver, do for do; Vones, Anderson, Savannah 30th ult.for
Bath ; Sarah Peters, Lord, Jacksonville Istiost for Essex;
schrs Ann ElIsa, Babcock, and Charis A. Hockscher, Stubbs.
Philadelphia for Boston; I S Caretairs, Somer,, do for.Sa-
lcm; Yantic, Kellar, NYork for Boston: Lightfoot, Ruoklin.
do for do-M Sewal, Loud, Rendout foe do; Native Lesa
(Br), New'York for Halifiax; Horace Niehois; Burroughs,
und Grace Girdleri Paine,- Boston for Philadelphia; M 1t
Mahoney-, Garwood, Lynn orr do; Eben nerbert, Niekeon*
Bostots for Frl'derieksburg; Emily Dodge, Marshall, Philt- .
elpbhia for-Boston. Si sehrinFrancis C Smith, E H At-'
wood, John Lancaster, I.onisa Gray, Kate, and Revenge.
Art lith, bark Childo UMorold, WVheeler, from I'hniadelphhl,
fcr Boston-see Disasters. sebrs J Tobias Sland, Phla-
r'lphia for Boston; Choriot, Mayo, do for We'liect; Texven
lPhlllips, NYork for Calais S.ystie Stoddard, Boston for st
York Glob,. EllIs, Salem ,ob do; Speedwll, Cornish, Ply-
mouth for do; Gee Oilman, Randall, Cutler for do; W ater-
lilae KYork for Bath- John Adams, Sumner, Camden for
Norfolk; Banner, Loveli, Boston for Albany. I'
Sid 17th. bark Prescoti; seBhrs oeket, Ilorace Nichols,
'Grace Girdler, Eben Hlerbert, Native Lass (Br), M B Maho-
ln por )'7th,.8 All, wind NW, barks Diligence, Speedwell.
Chldoe Iarold (ashore); Srigs Potent, fion, nuy Ellen,
Alesia, Manuela, Siylvina,. liron, Bound Pond, S Merrlll.
Advalirein (Brt, L Coplmed, IteubOe Carver, Prentisa
Hobbs, Moselle, Venus, Sasah Peters: schrn Saura, S C
Runyoy St. George. Sarah Ann, Martin. Pavllion, Mary.
Southerner, Niger, kanonet, Susan Ludwig. Ontario, Nor-
man, Caroline Grant, Oihon.Matlda, Helen Mar, Hune
tress. John, Anus, Eliza, R' S Carstairi, C A Heckscher.
TYaott, LIghtfot, M Sewall, J F Tobias, Chariot, Fawn.
LiIerty, (leo Gilman, Mystio, Watervitle, North Branch,
Jno Adoms, Banner.
Sid 12 M, all thoEs repeated in port at 8 AM, except sohbr
Mary. Siiger, Lightfoot, John; dnd John Adams.
HYANNIh-In port Nov 17 echrs B F Lewis. Berry, from.