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OUR CITIZEN SOLDIEW Maio..................P. j. parlawo.
________ Adjutnt............... Wiliam ien.'
Quartfrmater........ Daniel A. Butterfleld.
Oa39Taiwer ............. Isas, C. Nse.
IIT DIVISION OFN MW FORK STATE MLIT1I. E ne.r .. . .........Tomms B. Johnoton.
n-urge, n ......... H.W. vattg.
CKuplain.. ...... ... George Warner.
IAaE S OF OFFICER 8. 'Bjtaitt Major . A. R. SevTcus.
QUar.Eitmaatrr'j Serg't... David H. Cobb.
CA PT&/ 'p,
THE NEW ARM OR Y, John P. Hopkins. A. Murray C'.pelhnd.
P. D). BlInuvelt, Jr. John 1. Hoyt.
., ., ,C. 1.A:. C.Hagadorn. Thusa. A. Gloveor.
.lames Little. H.C. Smith.
Enoch te vens.

New York has at present a force of dire thousand
uigkt hundred and tiirly well armed and disciplined
elienu soldlers,exclus-ive of those who are organized
into independent rmaLlitery companies. This force is
diviled into fourteen iegtments, and those again
into companies, all of which vary in strength. For
the follow ing table, giving the names of the officers
and the fierce of each regiment, we are indebted tq
Vallutlne's MAfanni:-
CHtA. W. SaXutiotin, Major Gen. Commanding.
Firsticgimcit-....... C,.l. Ryer.. ......310
BScond reonimneut........CoL Bogart-...........507
Third ielimentit ..... Col. Menckl. ...... .. 640
SLTvet fir. Ol regimenrt .. Col. Vosburgh.. 293S
Fosth regiment..... ..CoL Hinaken .........850
Fith egunent.........Col. Schowarzwadlder...E00
Sixth regimet... Cu.Peers. ----... ......-'-211
Seventh regiment. .....eol Duryeea.. ... 0-613
Eighth rerpient-...... Cot. Lyons .. .......400)
Fihth regiment........ Col. Ferrls-.... ...603
Tenruth regiment:....... .Col. Haley. .300
Eleventh regiment.... .(i.-I. Van Buren .. .. 600
Twelfth regiment...... Cnl. Stebbins. .-500
Sixty Ltt U, regiment ... Col. Roe--... .. 100
Total r umbur-of men .. 5,830
Infintry................. . .. 3,300
CaY rah v...... ... ... .. ... .. .. .... 1,289
Artlller-.. . ..... ---- .. ... 1,241
Total . ..... .. ... .... ...... 830
Colonel Robert C. Wetmore.. Division inspector.
Colonel George W. Morell.. .Division Eagipneer.
l.t.Ool.CharileaH.Sandford..Div. Quarter Ma-ter.
IiJor Edward A. Birby.... Division Paymaster.
alsior Hnry Tomes......... Aid-de-Camp.
U.ijor EOnward Slebenck......Aid de-Camp.
Ijor Win.M. Richaidas... .Vol. Aid-deCsmp.
ajiUr Paiie C. Kane-.......Vol. Aid-de Camp.
"Ajc'r Henry A Stone ....- Vol. Aid de-Camp.
Colo el Charles D. Read.... Div. Judge Advocate.
Colonel Lewis A. Sayre ... -Div. Hospital Surgeon.
idajor Gteorge P. Wood rard. Assist. Hap. Surgeon.
In 4the following account of the regiment we
have given all the information which it was possible
to procure on the esaji ct, from their coloritels being
reluctantly compelled to omit some of the names, in
onsetiunence of the difficulty of procuring them
from thuse inoommand:-
This iegilment consitm often huassar contpaniaes
and we engineer carps, ancong which is included
one company of.t oarhlneera. The total force is 6150
men, tunmounled ; -and this Is a distinction which
cannot be claimed by any other regiment in the
Bate. The unifom of the regiment, with the ex-
ception of the engineer corps. (which webs the
iBrunstitck bumsar uniform-black and white,) is
blue, with yellow trimming, and the asual hussar
The regiment has had, during the pest six
-months, six parades, independent of the Foutth of
July, conisltig of drills, mounted drills and pa,
rader. All the equipages are in excellent order.
The New York mounted Jefferson brass band, of
1ihich Mr. C. HBier is leader, is engaged on all
public occasions. The following are the names of
the officers:- -
Lieutenant Culonel .William llenck.
Majur. .. -... CCristopher Martens.
.Adtaut ... --- .-Emanuel I.yon.
(,nait'rnater-r. ... ... I On Fink.
Pa} mas- .... ... Phdilip H. Ziegler.
kurgeoTi ........ .. .George Hezc kan.
C.aplpin .. .. Simon Steinfitld.
Surgeon's ll*t1 .... i. Stern.
Aiv.ant Faima-ter.m.. M. Htnusmsan.
Frent ick Diclkel. Nathan Her-r.
Andr.,. Lkifer. John F. [ilttnain.
Mchbior Du,:cer. Adolf F. Kraclk.
]Berry Fr-.el lich. Peter llosentreter.
Louit, Keller. John H. .We.geLi.
John B, btel.
Henry Kulier. Jacob Boiu.
Augrusl ct0bEi-n. H. StLadtlander
J. L. Henry F ak.
Louis (litle. Frederik A'-ire..
Jacob M1lht11b. Heart ELiil.
sCoyS LI uit.r'ENANTP.
-tCorge S'ller. Joun (ito.
Johan.u f. Budk,. Aitnoti'% Bardi,-i.
baidt.r Kme-e. George F. Brau-tt.
Mathi-s Hopike. tlolm i ohler.
Jceph Uddebrand. John t.xeteJi.
'rumi, L t El"sAaTcv.
John lb Sn, kman. Chatiles Haln.
William Fede-inmat-n. A.C. 'inLde,:h,..
B. Wte-isP Clai Wintt,..
V'albrm HartuSng. W. Dick.
ELETZV'T'i I ,.-T EIt-tILt.7T.
Thbs le reimeat cuibuis (f eight fall cupaanis?,
sad the inuth which is ih being organized, wille
composed of nfiemin. 'lie corps hai recently
adoptc-d a beuntif,'l bLbavet, which Iastens upon the
rifle in a pEculhtr miner. naud it is in cmtemi-la-
lion to have about one thicaand of the celebrated
1. lfinniB rlea" l'impoicd from Eiaro.e for the- ex-
tJuive usE of ita 6meiberie. For the following
aisinte dcr-Liptiti, ol th- uniform of this splendid
corps wse are indebt l i-s 3 Colonel :-
lihe Cal. iis of atmy blue, and made in acordantc
withIe i Ieg-m.''ial io 0I tt uoe trlted S aes army.
Tilt p.,t o. fbn c.. -f sky blue, with eblackcassi-
mere snipe, 1". iL-'I ciide,zanniag dunn the outer
"-lnm, -ith two -n'.1 of eolJiace. an iacl wide, on
lhe eoit-'f i.dg- ,i tiLe imc-re stripe.
TheLts-p ia UCitt-I States rcgtlti-..a army cap,
witu d umir of the rcgiotent; also the bugle, em-
i-aidi rou in t-'rcint, with bthe coat o;aiias of the State
at tlie tll I, flont; a blitie heron I-lime, white st
the boll
The iiiiorm of the line officers is as 'cllows:-
The c at is ma e uf army blue, with thres rows
oflbuttor-es, tio rofs rrtiming circulajr from the col-
lar, oner 'ear strn-iht d.,wn In front, wibh heavy
lackk sitk braid v..t'iidig acro-s the breast and con-
neoting the 1ulton-. Thie collar of dithe coat is of
sky blue, ii,'aly trimmed with gold lace, anembroi-
dered bugl' ilt the centre on the back. and two Mlars
sn either bide of the collar in front- the caffs of sky
-blnue. trimmed with heavy blek Italk braid and gold
The, pantaloons are the same as field and staff
The caps are the same n field and staff, excepting
tie plume, which is made of short black cock
f--'ithr ta.
The uniform of the rank and file is -hoe ame as
ihe bie officer.
Since the commencement of the military year,
(Jaenuay 1, 185,) the regiment has made the fol-
lowing paradea. On the 22d of February, as er-
cort to the Order of United Americans. On the
"22d of tay, to receive a stand of colors from the
Mayor and Common Coencll of the city, (and aid
-to be the most beautiful color of the kind in the
United States)-one is of blue and the other a
white Lanaer, made of cilk and embroidered with
-henelle, and Is trimmed with orange colored fringe
and tassels-they are each nine feet long by six
feet wide. They had another parade on the cricket
ground at Hoboken, on the 13th of June, for drill,
eetddesthat on the 4th of July.
The band attached to the regiment is Wallace's
Cornet Band.
The following are the officers of the company:-
Colonel.. ....- .... A. 8. obiburgh.
L.eutenaut Uoloael-...... Ydvint.

L ff V NAN'T F.
Henrr White. C. E- Smith.
Jobu' KiLgeland. John Creightbon.
John Bopert. Charles F. Smith.
John A. Blikirlk. Demarest.
Nicholasi Houseman. Seymour A. Bunce.
William CoGe. W J. Moore.
D. II. Denise. M. Wooliton.
H. F. Metrzler. N. Thoniocun.
rocau a REGIiMENT.
This regiment is composed or three companie c-f
cavalry and five of light artillery. The exoenpse
of hurse hire, which is paid from the funds of each
company, is very heavy, and prevents this regiment
frcm appearing before the public as often as the
others. The asnt of harnessing ah pie'e anud
rsioe.,n averages &30 on ordinary occesInnts. ncd on
great pai ades as much, a $5 has been paid for each
horE,. As soon as the State can furnish harness
snflicicnt, each gun and caisson will appear with
fear horses: but at present there is not in the at- Iharneps for more than three guns.
The recent promotion of the former commander
of the fourth regiment to the rank of Brigadier
General has caused many changes, and no less
than nine officers made their first parade on the
Fourth of July last. The regiment is but the ske-
leton of what it should be; if they nere all filled
up, it would present, in addition to its three troops
of cavalry, thirty brass six-pound field pieces and
thirty calsmons, to man whi, h would require 420
men and 285 horses, Of the cavalry t wo ompanles
are haussars, with red and ble uniform, while the
third are dressed in the uniform of the old United
Stltes dragoons. Company B, of the artillery, are
dressed In the uniform of the old United States ar-
til- ry, and has three guias; company C, in the new
uniform, and has four guns; company D, also in
the rew uniform, and has two guns; company E
has neither men nor uniform, but Las a captain;
.mufuany P, tld United States uniform, and parades.
two guns, wish four horses teach picoe and caisson.
The following are the names of the officers in
conumand:- a
Cavalry-Troop A .... Capt. I.. I-aars.
B.. ..(ept. U. Ho-t,.
C... .. Capt. A. Arent.
Attillery- Company B.. Capt. JohnJ. Diebi.
C.. .Capt. Henry i- huorr.
D .Capl. Ed. B. Hill., Jr.
E Car, t.Deuey Lav.
F. .Capt. War. H. Guion.
Colonel ..... ......... Edward Hinckeqn.
Uitut. Col.. .. .. Louls Flack.
Mntntc. .. Daniel- W. Teller.
Aontuant .. Nathl. Coles.
Qr MatBler.... .. -.las. FP.'Cix.
P. Mfsatt .... Win. H. (;unther.
Burg. Mate.. .. Bez-aletIl Hone.
Chlulain .... .. James Renwick,.,i.
L-L.itcet ... Tbho. Timp4-on.
.Q. V M ... . Lloyd Aslin srail.
i rrT- isREurItrr.
This regiment lis organized as an artillery regi
ment, although it isatpi"eent doing infantry duty.
It is composed ofeight companies, one of which is
gr-nailier, five infantry, two rifles, and numbers,
ace-,rdlig to the las: ilnseotion, 590 men. The anu-
foiin is the same as thae of the United Stiles Iroips,
sid it wnas the first regiment which, .urier Colonel
Andren Warner, adopted the ioiforoi laid down by
tb.' I'uvcntnr ceflthe State. About fnir months ago
it waiis ritwed by the newly elected Brigadier t;-
ne:al, Cbl-tles Ytas. The regiment has It innil o
its owV, under the leaderst.ip of Mr. lirlshmatin.
I he foliowinig ae-the nimes of the officers:-
Colonel . C. S. Sohwarzi'arldt-r.
Li-itrerisit Cldotel a.- ant.
Meaor Fraucis WV. Wailb.
.Adjanaut.. Frederick Eieunwriei.
Qiarterniaser T. U. l-'Uink.
Pui master Fl.. 1. "'lleitch i.
Surge-r, I-'cancis l miller.
Snrg, ton's Mate P. HI. Loms.
Chaplain Pete t ;il-'y.
I .Pr.timS.
Henry H:cim:ur,. Dieder'i:h Wtctl'll.
N. IHf.ii mann. rFtnro13 Lhuituin.
Joseph aRolger. J. uil.tri 'hrse.
Cbriatepher Filit. Frrre.ri:l ;r)te.
1It1!'T L I E T?' a.I a .
H. F. .thlt i.. H n U y ir-ycer.
J. Hi n.y Girding. iH-r" L.11.
J, o0 ii%.,bahia:r. I. Tf.W. Mio:,gel-.
Auguslia8 VIahlt.
DIEc,.,,D L rEL-'V A.A E.
Hnti >e-lechl. 55m. Ii. L yxyntuth.
G Belrn-' Tieic'-.r-. m- Ilciar-ni eli-ti i -
.iii.'1 I-'' tiitlih bih H-su'y i'ueltjen
Jol'i 1'. 1 lihoril n. m. Ltuis Koeotule't.
SIx ItL,; 1u;lull- I.
T' i6 ]ein'te'il nume-s s-1',. h'uireD an-. luiof.y.
cc w turn, aud ,s 5cmoioed of six hifntry and tio
rifle ccmpanles. E-iae tOne Lirt iU' January tlic-re
werc two tevie.t, ilu[uing u nthito on tite Fourth of
Julyj. The firEst ook place or, the '22d of I'obratry
whenthey weit, rerieiedat bition Park hy Brigadiel
Ger.eral Ytes. Tie uniform of the regiuicut is blue,
tli;mmrd with led, with regulation capi, ind l he
baud Emplojed is SLeIi.n'e. rihe following'air,? tb..
inirimes of the oflLers :- ... ........Thomas F. Peers.
Lit ur. Colonur-- Joseph C. Piucliury.
Ai.;ie,,I-l E ..... Charl(s Harrison.
Sntir.end.. .. .. ..its AiCocl.
As.i-r ,nt tiuugeon 1'i. M.-Dermott.
Quittrinnd-ier .. tolli 1V. i'.xrdell.
Plamruse- .. Marl: I ,-,v.
Er-,cinecer John f. Priinhl.
C'har-pluin .. .. itN telllmu ,.
AiSatsan' paymaiste-r. Win. Pattlen.:
Ar'-ictl Wm-i. A. Archefr.
AselattLtLt Eogin-cr. ... Jobn U. As'.
t-er'cant Major.. ....Wn. S. Cu r.
Astiet. Sergeant Major .George Silhr.
Quailtetimater Bergeant..Johu .,iisori.
AsFA.. citarternia-'r serge Decatr 'T'oms.
Color sergearit .. ..liaa td'll.
Wro. H. Kiriffi-nu.
Rt. (.. ... ....-.-- harles t. Turned.
Lt. i,. C. .... J..lohn Ma'o vbray.
John Oregoty. Francis Guinn.
Robert H. AiaJre. L.tdB H. V n Vnlitee.
Charles B. Ellt. Michael Eheman.
John Lalor. Adam M. Von Vultee.
Nathanlel Poach.
LutrtTrr5 ANT .
Wn. A. Thylor. H. C. Telle.
James S. Downing. RiLchard H. Lowery.
Johu A. Olmateail. John Bait.
August Funk. George Marchell.
Bernard Schwartz. Adolphts Margavitz.
C. T. Eachenback. l.ouis Gonboty.
John Law Its. John P. Drumm.

SmrNT'n zEOr[atrw.
This regiment is one of the beat equipped body of
troops In the United States, and Is in every respect
in complete condition to take the field. The com-
psales have drilled one night a week for the last six
months past, and in addition monthly regimental
drills have been held at the new City Assenat. It is
now thirty years since the organization of this
corps, and Its success is in a great measure atri-
butable to the careful and economical admInlstratian
of Its hfire, as well as to its tactical inatruction.
There has been no change of the uniform since its
organization, with the exrepuion of the cai. The
regiment is ?on!.oseIl e: ,, i-o r -.li1.i c, c tinens,
shoaei iie i ttJrllLdcili (h~v prop sviAi Lg ase

efficient soldierT. They are offi ered by strict dis.
ciplinarians, and there is no organization in which
subnorilnation and discipline are more thoroughly
inculcated. TLhy have dvtct.-] much time to the
upper school of battalion anid street firing.
Tie mountain howitzist are now uned in these
movements,endaremaiked by the column of comnpa-
nics. and ate entirely concealed from view until the"
frrnt is uncovered by tbe opening of the p'atoon3
i tihe centre, when the fire is delivrredI. The; hce'
bad curing the last four muntht tb ee parades and
rt-etws, and one brigade drill It evolutions of the
The hand are members of the regimnut, and con-
sist or forty five muskicianIs, eight drummers, and
is called the National Guard Band.
The following is a list of the arms and equipment
belonging to the regiment:-T700 stand of maskets;
one battery of light artillery, consisting of six
pieces; 6 caissons;: -1 set of harness; 4 mountain
howitzers; 60 sheet artillery swords; 50 Pruseiin
sabres, troop; 32 officer's sabres, U. S. A. pattern:
45 sergeant's swords, army pattern: 63 straight
ew, rds, band; 10 carbines, engineer corps; 100 pis-
tols, mounted troop; 36 Cnlt's revolvcrij 610 set
white leatber'crosa belts; 1.300 cartridge boxes and
b.i. net sheahlla; 680 cnapsnhis.
,.-t of the arms enumerated above have been
rirawnfrom (be State, end do not include those
owned by Individual members of lie corps;. whioh
are molly small arms-Minnio's rifles and Colt's
pistols. The uniform is the cadet mixed gray, with black ard gild ; cap army pattern,
with figure "77" in front; white pompon-; grey
trowsets, and heavy bIte overcoat, for winterwear;
and white drilling for summer wear. The-follow-
ing is the list of the officers :-
Colo, ........... .... A. Durpee.
Lilr-uttLant Colonel ..... M. LeffTerts.
Adjutant. . . ..... Pond.
Eugieer. .............. Lauaitz.
Surgeon ......... .... .Chaeseman.
Chuplain.. ... .. Brainard.
Quatter Master....... ...Kemp.
Pay Master........... Carpenter.
Ordinaace Officer Droz.
Assiatlt Pay Maiter... ..Peck.
S Quarter Moater. .Daly.
Engineer-..... Duryee,
Commisary .... HHarison.
Sergetat Meajor........ Andrt w.
Assistanit Sergeant Major.. Dian.
Qu nrter Master Sergeant... Freeborn.
ergtnaut ofrthe Guard... .Rathbburn.
of Engineers .. Drake.
Color Fergeant...... .. Alberts.
Right Goneral Guide.. Hall.
Lft """........ Van Vorhee..
Drni Maior.. ........ Blanc.
Banc Masters............ Noll and Reltzall.
OLPTAt5. '
Wslw, (troop.) Riblel.
Sbnmway. Presainger.
Price. Monroe.
Never,. Spreight
Smit. Vctmylye.
Baneurn. Burdett.
Penike. Sy.
Wtikstead. Quackenboes.
Bensel. Clows.
Oreigbton. Grain.
Johboon. Variau, traop.
Bhine. Day, '
Lytl'-. troop-
Tur EIOaHrI-r ERfiiurr.
The Eighth regiment, known as the W'alhingtin
Grays, was, previous to the organization of the
Thnd brigade, called the Third, regiment, a Hd as
appears Irim the old records and other soarccs. is
one of the oldest, most patriotic and wol disci-
plined legiments. A sketch of ilt history we',
given by the Hon. N. B. Blhnt in an oratian at Ihe
Tabernacle on Waishingtoa'abirthday, l26 of Pb-
ruaty, 1853, when the whole regiment W.e rigresent,
the veteran corps of lri2, the New ".>rk (Mi's
can) Volunteirs, many distinguished military and
(iail officers, nnd Iell tle officers of the First divi-
sion. Flesa3s.-
Drit-ing the %arn o ll'?, the regiment was mus-
Icred into Ihe setice of the United States, under
the command of Colonel Joseph 0. Bogert. who
was succeeded by Colonel Wiliarn T. lituter, who
cmnliunied at tn head for -everl -enrs. Hle was
followed b} Col. James LeeCol. N.ithan T. Arnold,
Cil. Cha-tl Is W. sndi-ard. Col. t;ordga P. Morrls,
Col. Win. Hall, Col. John W. Ae.)y, C. -i-uel J. W.
Bules, Colunel Win. Bof",e-u .ind C'il. Tur.;-is F.
i'e Vcc-. it-s pittePnt popUlir cm.ri'id.irit. TThe re-
giment bas been eimai able ii many wa.-, but in
rone more so tlihar the noubtr ost enineio ni u who
bare'li L ttal 'bcd to its radi:'. It w.i tihe military
-chcol -l' onur, if rot lire, gemt. in! ,,leTi .. Tlis firet
ot te.-c distIt-gn liLd bln-erl ir ruany blttlei. as-l
ia-s lterwardd t-;nc t.l u Cuntifof Iho'l.'nie-I
Aimy- I terer I, lM[ajat-Gcrcml Alexunder M ic-.rib.
V'ct,.r.i:e or I'll2, r -iny ot you now preitt cin
..tity I Ihis r.l-jr it Fort Geo-.e, N'lrt',.r, .rid t'ie
dtels I ol lilattbnig, w.ri:lh biarpe-hl his covraL;-.
rnailt.jI -'it I.Snd .iEitionto to Lhe-caic- of ONio ,noa
t.. I.,rit-rifl t51e tUh wa. ilwT iyi proud of hi' c-on-
n- i.: eli ilh the ihil ThiJrd rcginIc it, an-I at a Ir.-,
,aouii 0 piVDtsosi-u yearsesli;i:, -. t- comp;, hLe alls-a-
,<] 'I it it, 1h- m :.ii .c-niti'jiug Iriu,' jag-,. lty fTic -1
Iu 1h ti, 11; the pt ttnil il-,,i'lnl it l dci '.ved
j 1.0], ulsir c-nniai,.Jirsg oao r of tlir di'-rion. iMaj.r.-
(.wi .ial Cii il-. IT. Nardfl'uid. i. fiNom
tLt, rtiiireht. I un ioohiln1 f-,.cir uv [i-lend M.-rris,
iL- , iernera'-i-.;e, tbc-o lie oi-h-s of w'hin
tLilt. L-.-rnL]y saiil:--"litiiis h. labutt" theo nt
Ltaiutu'ul thoughts iu the worliJ upon ldug-a C01
hi ioIy, and hii ,octsa ure dFiA tiiti to i-.ll over britit
Ups ti cntiugh to I.:tm a bunii.l." He, tOOes,-i'rung
IrNtm th ,iLs fs this popular ,orli?, aed -f tI'e
m.ior, thoatiouds who beli-nci'ed to the division at the
tun6 hej,-itrd it, I am inform..l, be is the only one
noho icw Itlorigi to it. GOueill Wtlliam H.IIl, noev
r..nmearodiig lth" Third bligade, Iutecrcded Gi.neail
ilou s in tiu command oi this tugiUMent. t:en Hill,
ib adaitiortoo iW varioni mnilitlary comminiion, him
tilled c(t.,:(e-r iinOi tall public trusts,in ihi Senate of
the iate. and the co-in.mils of the city.
It i btilIt.vrd, aso. that len-eral ,,t'aob Morton corn-
meeced his military career in the Se-.onu I n giant.
'ihete ate many other -buom I might lineorably
irentiu., hbut I lortear. Tw.., however, I mai ruecit
to oni ri.- oll(liou. the former arljaLsct, ALnt ina
Bre,..r[l, 0Cow Ideal. Cutlrtel of the trint Curt s
at tti firit, d States, and Col. Richard U. fl-se, tin:
irciht- r t-f tie liglhtunIg printing press, a tunbliic
br i-efu.leti, whie e nuimsi will'ndl to potcrity
will, tli,'c oa Frouklin, Morse aid Falton.
'fIe taaohlugtn. (:ra~sbaha at present arttichul
to it aix Infa rtry oemnanies, and two squads doing
dcnyj as uifantry, about to be organized into com-
panies (a floe chance for those who are militatily
ineined), and two troop companies, one of which
is no doubt tirc oldest company In the State of New
Yci k, as it was organized m the Revolution, or just
Immediately after, and is now called the Fliee troop
of Wasliuinton Blues, commanded by Capt. Jacob
"W. Paterson. A grtat many yeatspast it waskniwn
as the Old Butcher troop, on account of It haring
Icen(ahove fifty years) ptlncipallycommanded and
coimposed of butchers; but for the last ten or fifteen
j esns It has somewhat changed Its character, asthere
are now but two or three left of about forty of Ilta
termer members.
The other, theFlrt troop of Washiugton Orays,
isotethat the eityor Stateof New York maybe
justly proud of, It.being the largest and one of the
heet drilled troop companies In the State, note num-
bering above ninety actual members.
Its organizations is briefly told in a speech at a
dinner to the ex-membora of this ticop, (after a
grand parade, In which were nInety nine gray
horses) by Its fist commandant, Capt. Edward Phi
lips, who is known as the father of the troop. He
uas:-" In February (12th) 1833, a few friends

met at the Hermitage Hall (corner Allen and Hous-
ton streets), and talked over the matter of raising
this corpa, and, as I think, some eight or ten on
that occasion, signed a roll, and in forty days from
that time It paraded forty men in line (thirty-six of
whom were butchers), fully mounted and equipped
PA.a q a;ry ahoses) ag asctei 4.e1'lle igi GI

Geoital Jaksoon, then President of thew United
SlatAe, on h's visit to Ithis city.
The iirfsrtry companies, of which there are now
bnt two left (D. and C.). of the old i'lhi-rd regiment,
.trliiBs of winich, both of cfcer and members.
have oit'kd-awn rod' passed to the Savent regi
mi nt, vshheh for a time-somewhar nrdared its. mem-
bers,but reaTttime ,n May, 15.", n.'arly 2n. hunn
d'ed were r-.:insiterres tim ee Nitthb, ih'- : ctled
National Cadets. There, touget'er nith Ihe
SSlateP Feuchil-, (now ,c-anpany A.-.were, rrgan-
:led wiLth tL brigade arn Bgrea.iy inc.reas.d- i's
Th- full uniform er asistep" of csa and pattaltsvs
made of the blue gray cloth, trimmed with blaik
(white pantiloona-f'r surmfierT,) ana bear skin.cape,
tbirh huvesein tit-ir day"; no cumi-any orregi-
ment w1 incrienase very fast with tnia, be;ng t,.o
Lit ; 1 sunnmer wear, heary, f-eptEuAie., unalsteady ia
a wvnd and without : jiat care- are rasi] spoiled by
ThL iegimnnt at present unumb it 380 members,
and crls.Ioyn the WnV tiongtn Berts. Batid. The l<
losing tIe the nameiof theboffleers:- / -
Ct.Iri,Ir-! .... Ge..rge Lvonua.
r.i -r ..... .- ec.rge F. le-its.
Aii.t .- .. .. ..... RH Ch i r F'. Cl-irke .
1 ,(mo.-- . ...... (1. Watetbury.
Qu'cilinaettor .. .....J Mathiesten.
Chiiplai .. . ......P. T, ala or.
_iter'n, mate .. .... .J. Aithin, Jr.
Lieuiit. R.eil,-er .. .... A, Winham.
A& Ir PaNmaPer. George W.De Voe..
S'It Qinarernnaster M.H.Cushabmuan.
Q M. Sergeant . N. Kline.
Gar erI :Srgeant--... N R-B-. e.
Co-lor S -eantt ... Victor Aubry.
Rt. Gen. Guide..i. ...... B F. Raynor.
I: Burger. Jacob M. Pattersam
E. D. I.anurence. Joshua I. Varlana

John hogan.
A. r. Wentworth
C.J. Blanvelt.
Jan. M cLeos.
Williar F. Duseni
I c-ander Buck.
W. B. Ra-ynoHi..
Gio. Ed-aide.
Win. Walt man.

Thos. Swany.
Abrabuam Mead.
Robert H. Mlllken.
bury, John Mel.ee4.
Jua. M.Sheffild.
Loui. Barth.
Slacy H. Haminell.
John S. Smitu.

John Rie-gieman. W"m. balor.
But a few days ago Cuol Lie roe, the former comr,
mander, resigned, in consequence of the urgent
demandsof his business, and his place was supplied
by the send in command. We are indebted to
Col. De 'oe for the facts which we have given
This regime nt is composed of eight companies of
inlantry, and one of horse. It has hid during the
prtsenut year five parades, including ibohe general one
on the Fourth of July last. The uniform is green
court with sky blue pants; and the regiment has ita
own bant, (IlIanahan'.) the mirorm being the
same asthat of the soldiers, with the cx eption of
tho crp, whi.h iathe regulation cap. Ti.. folloAring
ate the names of the offcern:-
Colorel .......... B. Clinton Ferrias.
Linut. Cnl an I Major., 'Vacant.
I Acting Adjutant........P. D. Kelly.
IFurgeon...... Win. O'S.nnell.
Charlitin .. .Peter HnvB . Paymaster. Rirchaid Berry. Sergeant M,.jor.P. Lonsnou.
Quanrter mabtr Sergeant H. L. Mortaity.
P. rerricun. Michael !hi,an.
.Johin ofir. Iotlai. C, diri.ton.
Jamep-'. Mackey. Patrick D. i-Kelly.
JoAuI litilly.
riliT LlEtUTti ANNTI.
Thomas F. Neville. -- Kelly.
Ee la d Kealns. P. Haslpin. Kefarnev. R. B4rry.
l,1tu-s Flatnagan. E. Fox.
S. S Rilly. .J Cona;y.
P. Lamon. P. Pattnn.
Thomas Murphy. J. B. Midden.
Writ. i>. Mu-rlihy. o'oainuor.
Joli, Kennedy.
This regfneut hnr tight companies composed of
I ni-erlcns. Iti6h and German's-five of infantry,
two of ti ides, and one troop of lancers. One of the
companies is entitled to a fi Idi battery. The follow-
ing are tie titles by which the companies are
known:--TtheContinental Guard, tbe M',utgameiy
Guard, the Irish American Guard, the City Rifles,
Sthe City Guard, the Wasthington Guard, and the
Lin L Rifit-s. The Eleveth regiBentt hsanad but
o te i eur-i.l- and review before the Foa-th of July,
ehich I,:rO.. phre on the 18th of May last, in
'Iioplcin a ts.u ir--, when it was reviewedl by Brig-
ad,, r I.,'p eil E -:,-i. an.a ihe Ste afff te Fourth bri-
e02' e. 'lh' Uillotrni Of the cempani's arevaried,
ittr ,.inel h.-,nij 1.1 ', green, w-ite, and hIlack. On
11 -l c 0n'a-.lonS they er.;. .: S. ili',ii' BrasaBard.
'ItlfoUllwing ayce the
ColontelI........... ....M. A.T, vn BBurer.
Lieut. Colcucl-.......-.. R-.-. ; i, i i '-.
f i-r. ........ ,;, -.. I-'. lI r-.L it.
.-ijjLat.U .. .. .. % -.-ph i it. FPi.- n.-'".
tiue r 'i fLIi'iLr ........ J rJ.lii .iI. t'C i- u. .
Pl.'riQ-u r ..........-Daniel Gillespie.
EVitirrr . ........Peter Gibson.
Cciiuo.. ........P.J..Clark.
Ch pluin ... Char Lt. }':. Un,,ini '.
Atsi tnri| Q rtr['I us i s!i t':i it ,:.t'i'.
Asiniitan 1i',13ii ma tr....John W. Davie.
.', -reltaet Faieure ..Vacant.
A,-i-talM tiiL.u--A .... Uentre -. Van Bauren.
ergc'.unlt lt or .. ....Is. -,,luu.onru.
.Tohte C Hilme. Thotuias, .. SIlrjilmv.
Firt lriet-il.f'ommianding.Thomas J. Hojan,
Joahlbh Zinger. Henry RBighiauser.
TLhomna T. 'erris. Marcus D. Bonner.
Win. H. Van Taler. John Crow.
Thomas 3J. Ilaisr. G,,-ore P tholien.,
JamesL. WaV,. -. lI-b:ItL Br:,-u.-u
8, Opiciheiritr.
J v. Tillitson. C. Buel.
ShTurin Clark. JaAmes W. Blihteoliford.
Win. O'Connor. Addh F. Hsallet.
B. Gafoey.
This regiment is composed of ten companies,
whbth ate known by the fullotNing titles:--The
Light Guar-i. the L arayette Ftasillers, the Garde
Lafyqi. tt-, th- Bixte Blues,tli3, lut puntiono Guard,
the 'l'otaIlns Ihlue, the City Blues, the Baxstr
1Ga'rd, tLo Wfirrhington Light Guard and the New
Yoik Riflemnm. The uniform is a white frock coat,
facrd with blue gilt trlmminga, and pants of maga.-
zine blue with %hlte cord. The regiment waa re
viewed on the list of May, in Tom ,itts square, by
'Bilg. ,Ceo. I:scu, and in the Park by Ge-. Smt4ford
and the Mayor, on which occasion they paraded 532
rank and "ie, and were acoempamied by Dod-
worth's banJ, numbering fortj two pieces.
The following are the ufiloerr:-
Colonel............... Henry G. Stebbinr.
Lieutenant Colonel ..E.mmnnsel B. Hart.
Mitor .......... Thomas C. Fields.
Adjutant .. ..... ... J. B. Ste.-IrtMna.
Quartermaster ......... .1. T. Paly.
Paymaster.......... .. H. Week.
Engineer. ........... Daniel F.. Siokles.
Surgeon. .. .. .....Dr. Bartbols.
SergEant Major.. . Crualli Carnets.
Quaitermaslter Sergeant.. John IL Smith.
Edward Vincent. William owler.
Rioehard French. Oarrett Ityukmat.
L. J. Leclere. Thomans 'Lhomas.
F. W. V aterbury. Henry Johnson.
Jeremiah season.
Chaleis A Stetson. Genrge II. llarr.
David D. Hart. Albeit IL. Nicolay.
Win. mloCanuley. James.-uristopher.
B. B. Libby. -- Iftchild.
A. Prtard. David Kissntr.
A. Mauiort. Peter M. Wilson.
B. K. Bremner. Henry W. (Genet.
Jas. A. Boyle. I.. H. Hertlkamp.
Wua. 'uit A. ls(.

The unitedd late. ;loop of war Sark-a, Commander
V. 1. Pursianer, als]rd Juny 10, ona cruise down thie
co0 t of .\Afric. (tL.Ltera and crew all eell.
His aiea l!Bajeotj 'a ringate Tordemnsklold, Commiir4e
Cisptlu iBaoua Itireckionk Iolmfaold,.aaLted from '-t. Thomas
Aug 2, bound to Cotienhagn. Tha T. carrLi. 44 ,30
pounders and 400 men.

The Salem Dai7y Jouirnai ar& a steady eoung Iri'man
of that city, named Jeremiah Mulle, who nas lately
dilaroutLueb atlendanoe at the Catholic Church and be-
come a Protesitnt, Ihi ,nlsntg. IUt netghborbs siareet
tAt he is beta mustrLes bg ts Gatului.

THE zwE aiRMOttY, OB D-rN TOW S atSEewsa.
We conclude our account of the citizen soldiery
by the following description or the new armory, or
down town arsenal, which we find in Valentine's
This edifice is situated on the corner of White
nd Elm sipe-em. It is 131 leet ou White street acnd
8i' fet on Elm steel. It is built ofbnue stone, oniy
Iw B;oriesb hBh,the first being thulteen feet end
the second thirty ffet high. The waloiows are very
narrow, being eiglhteen inchele video so ti tt in
cast of an asaolt br n mob outside, the boldiig
eoudni be defendedi with success by tirly me.-i. ThI
first floor is usei s a gun ruom and meeting room,
the earond as a drill room, and a rendezvon in case
of a riot. The s-tile is gothic, and on the three cor-
ners of the building are tuaulted towers-: there are
five doors on White street., and one n Elmi. whic'-
are madi. of boiler iron. it is built on piles driven
into the ground. This limldiig is us e d aq reioep
tackle for a portion of the artillery rf theFlirr divi.
sion of thie New York Staite Militia. It Is a very
hard( me building, and is cr'-strnre00 on tLe very
bePl plan lor dc-fence. (Io the p.entre of the roif
will be -r-cteII a la-ge fl ti staff, by which co)m.
,nunic0tWirn ufr,), this buildings autl tbr- arsenal u2
Itwn nami be currie, onL Ly signal tIc-legraphb.


Frnrs 'Boston.
Lt.. a.iBP usaMih,
DBo~re, August 18i, 1854M
11f run- ral of Ci.mmr.&dr to D1n ,i taLes place to mnr-
T.'r sit IL. Trnily Churthi It will be attended b ihe
c01' u.Jt6;(,n.:dl offer i oI Ihe first hitton MaiLs-chuseetts
r ilit,P, the city authorities of Bostun and Charlestowmin,
aid the cillens to ienerat.
The Ub;lted States shirpCrie, ('Commander Hollis, sar.
rti today from .at.inwatU.vii v'ean Juan. She has on
bhiar Ihe remairi of Pur-er Ashmm, wfo died at San
Joan -on ar.i the t'niti plates sloop'oTwarDecAtrur.
Iowa Ettiecian.
S ~ V aMeGO, Aug 12,1854.
'Ilbs eit.rna from Iowa, in Eeren-teen couirntisa. make
Grimes, (shig and anti Netraniia,) candidate lot nGov
erier, dieves huudrud ahead
Large Fire In t'anbrtdgeport.
Br-Tros, August 18, 1854.
.A Gie broke out in Canmtntlgeport about tan o'clock lasi
night o[..-1-ote the Watson HrW se, whloh Ald cunsiu-ta.
ble' idIale. it. itoo In Pi lPe staihles, from which it
iprait, ,detr..irn.-g WoJ'- d.tilabr. anid tne itoje of Caleb
1. r.- 0 Co -rceerti KeL1.'I c.i-tiin. nareboase. and
Wii-i, 's b'ot aid sher- lde~or the upp-,r atorie- of whi-:h
were occirri;d as d'UiLgj "ro-m -these the are exurnd-
ti to c. 1her butidinus .',tinoj ing that occupied by the
Cbmiil=,i e-f OtrOniban Compan. it uj. qic-re or tIeo. B'lde.,
i-ai t-r, end a targe uririL 1oft -:th,-f.. 'ibe fire ihen
ci.mimuniilcIt. .1 to other bail mne-. cuetracing a qiiarte,
EuTreijtNt t.1- hr.Ee'; N-O 'otia an-i Ausino streets, coter-
Iog a'luul tn iwo.and a half arruos. row At woodtnabuidd-
ivg- on Austin Rtreet a also .ir .y?, occupie-] bj
tres uwe I.. L. lowe', Din.jaamn Denitoe and ParLie
bcaTdilig hi-use On the cc-ruvr of Slain sud CAtes
emltl- bhe Lah ecie Nslba-u tiu.relt wa4 dltrored. ra
ardiufe. to ike at<-.ep Lhe f 'lniiiing eoeumniats wereran
uimed, ,-eC-id by the Fullej ag nmtid petrdam -.L. C
:'nith. hatter: C D,. & t Wiltr, slioe eton tllI
(LhauJabijs,, lutI-3er . I. Priacson. -tti-jnery No
Ite-itd t .now, bu.tfs udd ei,.-o, acid the Odi I'dLXda-,
Belt uI71 estiLaMte-l t hs.- ite fire iq one inAJreid
thl l:: a LLI dijllar.
FtAre Ito enu|lfllo tea, IL I.
PiW,!uz ,i- AulltO |LblS, Itj
1.0 :i.l L.,,1-1 'inc Io rI I-0-e .-atih and cc-upieJ
i ry Mct'r- esi^ '- AS ILa, aLi b.-;, .lh el..I, wai (altote
to-,.|t..ut: b' ItrP se .. Lti, t l.f ie ,tec -ath rtl
buting., which ,is iSAut.- t about fifteen hundred
3i'.l ntit ri e ; :el t1 iiirAhiuLeij arnd sVeC wiet
imnur.) at he Aj.| I:tu t JLuaal rnoe fl.r twerit tie
I'InLdT' d.jollari
Gint Sloium-Treer. Tieownu tt rite RalltruaIrt
*Ifrmck /,
CtiTREAN-, 1: A igu. 912 t1i4
oBeter.i Pdror,' an] ,i on.e ri, i it ni.III. vihe ior.,
.lIt-; ie r etr n tree .cr-.. ti,' Pi, rimiri tr'- Th.-
Juri lai wruT at tull ttia ihru:b tiLe uirsi ir e ovne
fcot in diameter. Vp train stopped. No damage.
From BatImuoure.
BArIIvriO August 13, 1854.
New Orleans papers of Monday have been rewi-ed
here. We learn from them tlBt emmll i.iirc o o Cotton-
Veir ill:a7 Airi',nIg i NitN OClraij
During the month of July there had been one hun-
ired and cigh'l louer ,i.'ii.. lnaVciogtin'a. fromi vtari-
ous eauses.
'he SecretarTy of the vy "s'r.-i 1,, ordeal" advancing
the rates of pay to reareun :ni--.l otii t n the nary.
Deiarrture o r te U, S. S %trnmer Jalietito.
rit ii ru.e,- Aug. 13, 18S4.
The Unitfed i-tes '.-.. .-,;t. went to eoa on
Saturday hlound to the Dielic.
PtIalnt s.
C- srsa"E-0-o-s, i. C1, 6 U i-i 155.,
Tl-c PJtrs of cotton to-;ady -were 'j i:- a- prices
rtityi.;. i'l t, '--)a- The propc.s of thecropia
it tIILt at. <* \' 6nij
P" ,-,ry -.-;e i.,.7 1 - -4
The cotton maiket for t- 1 ,- t,--,. uIll .11. Il.i
.,li, -tInI. The or t 11., .w'i i,. I, ...' it:
'i?- -air- rtr t't' week witre 49,800 ". i ..n :. --
SThere is no change iin tho maktt. 'o ir...; at .1 ,i,

Ptogrces of ithe Ciholea.
'Ihe following is tho report of thel Franla n stireet0os-
pital yesterday at noon:-
S It U m n-inf i'ist ripr7t . ...... .. ... .... 1
Rtke..urd F cO.? ......... .. .... ... ... ....:'
Died................ ......................... ...
Reiatining.......................................... 35
Yesterday Corouer Hilton held an inquest upoa the
body of Johanna Norton, at No. 349 Pearl stret, whi
aIed from an attack of the cholera. Ver-lict ie-.i, 'nil),
In your .ep-.rt of the lri -treot ClioJ-rn rfiosar f ,
for the da' sudig It ele-vtn A. 1 12th you -ni. 'lie
slight mistake of I;ulmIng -l-iava to oar credit a blank un-
der cured, whereas, In fact, we had the pleasure of dis-
charging patients conva'eseent to tho number of eight
mon that cay. i i ralrer :.:-. ItAid en us, espeeaiUy as
our cierfere en .t.ut atri,.ci itl.r.:l.r gets the creditot
u-te.rmgre u. e(s.t teiirnhi. -]t.,. or.'.'it, rteht beforeyour
r -,',r la 10 ..rrow. ,a-
.st tho eusil, of the Board of Health on Satuardy,
elevn evues and three deaths were reported for the pre-
ceding twenty-four huons.
T( .tlo 'a- nornir-g dii. l.hra'seti Conley, who resided
tn thect onet on Hunison oeun ani- Water street, died
of the cboler; having been taken ill after ten o'clock
ith nii(t pireviot Si Ite iee'e, in orphan chiltr!n, hem
tiijuii.U tct'. ha- li-ndI ifor the bcime eOuiptatnistbUit a we~k
hirs. E-tineeth iIrav dlie-I or tbe same comptaint, and
tearei> tihce enltal chilare, bite resided at No. 4ll Wa.
ter at re-i
Mrs. Combs di, d of the iawe cause on Saturday, at her
residence in ects shoret, near Gold. rhe leave, aix j
children A wi.-iow in 'the same Louse disd of tbh name
disease, ard likewise leaves nix orphaa--ahl snail
Three aems ofeheleawe rereprtnt to the Beard cf
Health on fatsurday. t.f-main.-g at thn hospital uuo.
]' BrLTaiOBx.
Bair.naiaa, Aug 1t. l.'54
iLtre mere bult two new caues or cholera at th atire-
he.use c am one dtthii, nUn ~turJdy, and we hbTa D'- new
.e-'or death-t i. i-I.-Ort tn day. The city a atill nen-pt
frc tsi ldiet>i s
awt' tntnieltgeinee.

The audience, fonr or five hundred In number was
as orderly as cold be deatred. Mr. Parsons and Mr.
Latamaec, a temperance speaker, delivered addreaMeL
AU lllaamslburg City htelligenec.
.\sna. oy BunoLta -Yea rdiay Capt. t atlaudet tA
offic,r .agrath of the Ssoondjwad, ar-eted two bOYi.
nesld.Ja.lnMes Douielly usro Joha lly, Aon a VOC
biularilousl entering the liquor store of C. MialoD.
No. t"e2e'eind tmt, on Fritsy vwnits, Aol rouhea,
ithl waaej dsaos, Theg wwen lg ko ufq&JAwtlikut",

-0' "* -

- .

I .! : I

sa- P.- -

Store ( nebelin; VeatnrInry.
IN fUE I.&RK-PAo&T'ru DaY E'it'CKP I-T"ThB
Thiee was th u 1e 1! assembliag of Know 'Natign *
Catholics, mnd utslder to the number or eAritia.
thousand. couagr-gated in front of the City H'dl, at
traftrd by certain iv,!un'?er street pra.,her,, wfho
bad kindly offered their srvire to ilnmi,-amte-the
pubbc upon religion, politics .aud other suhje:ts.
Tbhre wao more four anu-iess bitteneas of feitIng
thas Ta. leretofore prevalie I a the-c assembling;
the KZOIw NUthinge, however. being evidently pr'..
sruit in suiffciect maJalml])'osuggeetlie rlirj.le uf oaid
orutiel. At one and the .a no time 1-_.,, e, eLhree
pzea-hers ud-r MIto [ill seI .,, hli' adrcjrdeon ilayer
of thFe Anigel Gabilel occu..y-ng tae centre, a ii-r
eutbosirstic ouug man frum N.w Jerse ol.:uipy-
ing a position onIiUs rextrerie left. ar .a sabort, ttf.k -
set M0in a a nhite bat, some flty odd years of age,
cciu.pjisg the extreme nod of the tees on tMe
right. At the time he called to asceirtain solle-
thing of the gist of the proceedings. absen&A-j
,lo,:l, P. sI.. the accoideriou pl3e'i wai engaged
a, u-gig o, hr mu,iwhihob we understood to be.
Ar.d l 1.1 i tl,t fetle bod' fid.1,
-nil I11 it uint n d *t'e
Mtv s ll*lbtil uit tibl. olurnAd vale,
.i l ruar ILU WC:-T'as oA tbs.
ice-utimeI the iourig, in a ttrea-lof
rt regetie loiquet t. was enliargiig upon the enw-
amilies of the Pope of Rime, and the short, thick
set man. with his while felt ht on all-the time, was
engaged with equal earuetestaes iu deunou cing
Queen Victoria aLd the Chnrti lof Euglaido and all
othtr churches. He confessed that In his dy ha
bad exsperierctd religion: that he kneapwhalttha
change of Lewt was spoken of by Jolm. Wealey,.
but that he was not a religious man now. As he
progressed in his discourse, ho said "Fliends, I
come new to the point of the matterof religion
liberty ii Ssecen; and speaking of liberty, my idea
is, thief Is a free country, and thrit a sobir man like
me has a right to walk along or stand up without,
bei.g hbuncL.ed cff the track by the polke. And
jEt tlhy hve beam a hunching and. a hunching
me Fefveral limw e to-day, just as. if they wanted
to Iielk up a row. Bat they can't gil no hook
on me-I know 'em of old. T-.ey can't gil no
Lu'-k on me-I was a member in '36, and
knecw somethiLng, L o, sir. Tihey cain'tL get no
hook on me, ad their libuching don't do- .o
gcr.d.. And I come now to. another pint of the
mi.ter. I uapprea you heard of James Gorda
BeLuett. his atanic Majesty, as they call him, of
the NEw YoK HEBAsLu-and I know himof ol,
toc-I was once a carrier of is 'an-and learnt a
thing or to. Well, about foarMen years age, I a speech in the Temperat.'e Bail; mad what
do jon rhinkoeannethsaid about it? He told some
oftheabominabulist and devilishabAies that evertwas
uttered uritir Go -i's heavens. That's news, I reckon,
'ant ii? But its God's truth. But, I've gotanothet
piLt. Do soa know thlat .gimealordou Bonec-t i t
about tbe &iggest Roman Catholio- in the ring. I'll
tell %u fihat I know from gonI ,authe ity. Bennett
and 'Archbiehop Hughe s is lst as thickas itwo
thieves. Yesl ever- Saturdy night, I tell you I
say it from good autloUritv, Jarme onrdon Beanet.
gc-s up ,rmi has a long lalk with Archbishop Hughes,
andi l o arclibihop adivertises in tUis papor, and he
is gi-t .he mao to pnt hin up to all the deviltry
ani ras tiity that is goinu on under God's heavens:
and iLat's the way the thing iadone. Thai's the way
pi i sicraft works i. with his Satanic M.ijesty. Now,
I'.e snouethiug to nv eofJohn Weslee, and nis back-
s>i.ti p ft, m the thurob ot England. He camer
E.vtr to tbis counny..ana T went around
sai tig th Ingeini m Vwirginny, and when he waint
bfr] to Rnga0.ld, with hiW new idiats ol conver-ioh
rnd a chan;'. r f heart, his own father and hie own
mother d,.,uiicIdL him. He weot to preach ki his
oil-, pilt-li, an l they turned hinmi oazt;-aid then he
niri I Ic.'ook h.,, and on his graorldfatber's tomb.
etihe in sl,- chajl ya,'d. and when the church let
out. hed te-y were- passing by, he commenced
Sejeclinag, a&Jd tid them they woe all corrupt;
Il.nt tle t hurech of England wasjust at corruptsa
it., t I-.:ch of [nome. And he said he was going
t,, udire na itorm-and he did make a reform-and
il,,a' tv ;n ant to do here 'fur the liberty of
Sti cbt."' W'e left this ora'or saying" he had seoja
.1 i i ,,ch1ii to har idle any pO'leman that would try
t:. hi, h'h;iut (iff the tn. k.'"
Ttr. joiuC Jitrsit-vmrtan at tho other end of the
steps was somewhat moron ctnneoted in the ar-
Iatgjit meL M-f hi ieinasaud his argumaint-a rather
;!.':it llttir.thp orator by the waiy. ite bcguan by
IalliDP' tiut itn l>,)ui vuic. Wbir" has caused all
thi- ti tt-lilt "' and repeating thec IT-, he instantly
briartril it r-itr.-mrlf' fi-n dtlths of t e criwid. He
ot'etd, hia .st leti:-.a .'. ounceFucn tbI Popeof Rnme,
ui -woSe c-f hi. iii.eace, thbroc-h the bishops and
th", I'1 i slt u, I n ar fiolitctl elclitons. "1If a.
t'itlu'olit ti- ruti-g for the leg,,ilatute, "Or instauae,
bthe I itutt ,.%c the order, anid the duck ate bound
to g,. fiit hin, ho-,li anidl Im. The o.ator earosaily
ire t 1 i it tl." t LLe of t in s should h i stopped.
1 lti, ih- costrt' is noi eILLtiely fre while the
P. F it CfRome ',dIi SIactn L Oier over it, through
lht bli4.e ii-s clid tibe prt.e-L.'" The o-aterr also in-
..-t.'.l "that .. .or. L.thuilic could not bi r.good re-
I Ili-l'.i r., arid tilt til.i- foretigu element of Rpmau-
i-if lhit-t I.-u lteu tot. (tier it Jersey a foreign
wit i! u- Levi, lit oiliLed iby ';t rip t.-lo and they
c -I: it tl.t f-,'tuh erust or ih,; Da. ti;.a. It eats
iI, .,|- tl,-:,it ti I. crtel-.s Ino t gr glrdeFI'o ; it
i Iil -Iftll rr er-, raid itll. ayv woiv to getl
rid wI it, i. I u nuihrc tr ire ld iv tl, i.Ir it cannot
Dnda 'i--h .3,,i n it is wih. hit-mialn-m. Yon
liril i' tifatrVIe aim u the ior.r, I IrAin iire. sulper-
lttiotu1 Iji Wet. ni-ltt invoure he s ujil,aned keep
',ti, a rt,-lin' nit o i, i.'. till w.: ruot 'm Out."
('.teat vhbefriig i
.'At t-is p iit stiiiii." totc Ln,-; tli t -ordeoa
P's9iU! if the n.;-7. ;aii ci'wai perti,ig on, we
irni'l lthlt iLe irasm.'ion. Between l ti tvo firea. st the ccLuirch ., I-aiod aid tue i'ops of
I. toe,. Le IIIIt r, hi tlOUC and Itrat a pr:.oipilate
retreat. The cowd li,!i.rid ti) e',j,)) th fun
mmazipigl., aFnd dinirstd in good ordt, on the pas-
n ( i. military p:'-uticeseion up Broadwrjv. Such
or! the Salibli li d) rOCreatirns i Ih t'IarlP ,
is atsoliis-y.
Yeitrdayaftororioa It 4 o'clock, tle American
s Uler, C. t C lc. tk-ok his stnnd'alijcut the centre
of the CliJ Park, opp-aite the Navy Yard, and pro-
ceeded to adidrfes an audience composed of men,.
AcUnLjni] children, in all numbering about three
or four hundred. Ie talked of the freedom of
epeech'and the great glory of this country, and was
listened to with attention until h had spun out hilt
yarn, when he thbaned those iresent for their at-
t(oinancc and orderly conduct, and departed under
an escort of police up Flsiia'g avenne towards
.Wflinswbnrg, where he was left in charge of two
Spec:>'~, who ,-c.: mpan;ed him to the llmits of the
city. A prirtion of the crowd bad followed his ou
of liue 'ark and for several blocks up the avenue-
,: me small bojs mdde considerable noie, but there
was no slemonslration of violence. Another per-
riot- of the crowd tried to get out or the gate on the
curneg of Purk avenue and Navy street, at one time,.
a-.I there was consequently considerable pushing
ard hajlit, Some few evinced a beilgerent dispo-
-ie( n, lbot they were soon dot down by the clubs or
the special police. It was said that a atone wit
thtonn from one of the house ,l Nsvy.street, but it
netd.t rcrifiiealitn. The regular and special police it
Appears don't woih well togetherfandfrom jelonuies
exaising l.eween them, they are apt to do moos
hamnn than gool at sueh times. If there had not
been ench'an array of authority there w ould have
tete no trouble whatever after the preaching was
,ver. C'n-t. Weight, of the regular police, deserves
credit for his moderate conducf, yet efficient, acting
ontlite ccaslon. Previous to the preaching in the
Park, Mr. W. \W. Carman delivered a temperance
lecture horn the City Ball as.eps. Toe andleano
comprised al,ont a dozen Individnala.
Stiret preaching took place yesterday afternoon.
the came as for a number of Sandays put, at tLhi
junctlon of North Fourth and North second atreeb.

.. ......... ..wv

i '


S t . .



Grand Ball at the Alount P
and Beau-.r.-Closin oq
The long heralded ball a
House look place last nig
very brilliant affair. I
have been two thousand
clegii otly dressed. The
hotel fairly flashed with
were decorated with red, w
ing, punctuated-if I mi
each alcove and window by
evergreens. From tue
dimw to the centre of the h
sile of the alcoves were pa
trin-colored hangings, formit
spacious, elegan', n-.i ecli
where the dancing was goi
tions were all made by a
sterer, under the aupervisi
T7bornley, James S Wallae
son, selected by a commit
for the purpose.
The supper was farnish
* formerly of the Crystal
city, but now establish
establishment at Phladc
nanents of the table, w
ever seen at Cape M .y, ar
wuas one of marked pro-em
entwined never-dying laur
Hia art stic efforts in this E
iurnoi tlizing ny Lu le.s a
latiararinhimhelf. Hew
nmit g Philadelphia fashion
But to the ball. Daneinj
pamt nine o'clock, under the
(oloaing gentlemen, who
by white and blue badges
Jame% S. Wallace, AugusatuL
lardin John Thorniley, 1
Maltin,FlSamuel Bronsen,
James H. Devine, William
Eldridge, J. Hart, Michael
lam. L. Harwood, Jr. A. H
George. W. Sloat, J. Derbt
Thomas S. Ellis, J. H. Brov
F. G. Saxton, W. B. Miller
several others.
The music was furnished
P'hiladelphia band. increase
very decidedly. Of course
I noticed prominent on th
the editor of the Pennosy
also his wife, son, and daug
commanded unusual attenti
publisher of the Inquirer,
giving lif to all about I
sallies of wit. Chancell
ware, and- Judge Robinso
ware likewise present, imp
tW w theoecaion. So wx
son, of Philadelphia, and
Consul at that port, the fo0
his intellectual and elegar
his graceful and agreeable
Among the belles of the
issee B. and W., from cot
the Mines M., Mias Sally
Philadelphia, and many ol
tion. The Misses P., of B
'the Monnt Vernon a day o
ti4e brilliant occasion heb
their presence. MissyV. P.
superior person in all resq
.Mount Vernon, she won m
various accomplishments.
on the piano are as fine as
amateur. The sister, it shi
a great favorite, go where
.like a nightingale.
'. MLs C, of Cincinnati,
brated painter, and her
also left before the bAll, am
trve.pleaureo which their
imparted. The Misses Bq,
'departed a day or two
causing great regret; als
,Ithiladelphia. As we hay
went,.n.verthelesa, as
:* "Merry as a maxr
SDancing was kept up
.-vo'clock in the morning.
Supper was served at m
taken of with high relish.
commended, and the entire
ed the most unequivocal
iy. the whole affair was s
prietor of the Mount Verno
It will long be remember
is the only truly genteel
thing of the kind which ha
the Cape.
The season will continue
of September. The Mon
About four hundred guest
Columbia and Mansion
palronized. Mr. Woolman
to hive accommodations
thousand guests at his how
body away pleased, and thl
him anew and increased
I c-hall leave to-day, and
the last which you will re
pen. During the season I
as they have impressed m
ly. If I have offended
done with no malicious m
thank Messrs. Woolman, H
of the Mount Vernon. th
the Columbia for their co
courtesies. To the two foi
indebted. Your agent, Ca
very polite. I cannot cig
without remembering par
Cape May must grow mr
every succeeding year. '
the inauguration of a new
island only wants a few
nient to take thi
the kind. I confess, inde
-that my first impxessin
anything but agreeable.
longer I remained. The
tluutile^s, the best in the
Let me add, before c'
improvements are alre&(i
ndepenrent of the new h:
,rigs Among them ma:
luiuidhig of a very stibtur
irrlrt dividing Cape Island
grounds, by Mr. Mark De
thus rendering a drive r<
lauding by tho beach n
Mr. Devine-a noble fel
templates the erection of
near this bridge, the wale
to lie furnished by an a
now Leing bored near the

LAzE MatoPri
Jlu-tov ieal .Uspirationts-
The IHotel,-.q Bal' a
plated Improvements.

Feeling somewhat migri
inhale a little mountain
yourjgreat over-stock i
city of Gotham, I deter
thit modern fashionable
here I am, safely caged, a
migratory fit seizes me.
Lake Mahopac! Where
Ithistory written? The i
aIndian dame. But its hlst
lo:igs;nce cesedtoply bis
tinooth, unruffled surface
dc'polled and tr.ampl-d c
,p it rinrks their ;itt
* .j.. i'l aie; arc iruenched
v .;r- t thie .pirit ltiu
ji ba, uvurped
,, entlreC! Jlow pi
..... ,ith the noble,

RETREAT!. Mahbopac Lake may be reached by the Har-
,'wn asJ &LikvnJabac&#vLhTMiB, by the way of
Y. Croton Falls. You take the stage at Croton Falls,
Y, Aug. 1, 1851. and ride some five miles over one of the most
Vernon- The Belles picturesque ad he.,,tiftl term couotrles it has
Sever beenmy r lecure ttsee outof NewYork ciry.
f t/e Season, Ac. Hill and valU'v. plain and mountain, spread out
A the Mount Vernon before you in its r.ost lovely attire, and all un-
ght, and was truly a der the highest state of cultlvatlo'n. After
upo se thremust feasting my eves for one fullhour. In a country
suppose there mu stage coach, admiring the beauties of nature,
persoha present-all und soaring from nature up to nature's God,
great saloon of the the driver announced our arrival at the lake;
beauty. The walls and we were set down about seven o'clock in
the evening at the door of what is called the
white and blue bunt- Gregory HonFe-the name of the very almostt
Ey use the word-at say) gentlemanly landlord.
y national flags and .. The house we found lacked many improve-
northern extremity ments, yetisstill very comfortable, considering
all, the avenues out- the short time the proprietor has had since pur-
chasing the same to make the necessary im-
rtly covered by neat provements. We found his table spread with
ing a supper room, no stint of the good things of this world, and a
aded from the floor host of the cleverest colored waiters I have
ag on. The decora- ever seen this aide of Niagara. The dining-
S room extends almost over the lake, and is so
Philadelphia uphol- cool and comfortable it is really a luxury to
ion of Messrs. John enjoy the mountain asir from the lake, to sty
ce, and T. B. Peter- nothing of the judiciously selected" and well
c of cooked eatables with which his table abounds.
tee of the managers From the dining room we wended our way
into the large parlor, where we found an excel-
hed by Mr. Peleter, lent band of music, and one of the gayest assem-
Palace, in your binges of beauty-and could almost fancy we
Paan n you were being transported to some spirit land.
ed in an elegaut The pleasures of the dance had the aseendlancy,
lelphia. The or- and we could only gaze and admire. A more
ere the handsomeAl particular description of this part of the
ad the whole supper amusements I will send you in my next, as
airo some initials.
inuenoce. Peleter has The greet beauty of this place-as also its
rels about his brow. healthlulness- is the pure lake of water spread
single essay deserve beclore you. It is some nine miles around, and
goarmiet than Bril- encitcles three small islands, thickly timberedl,
il be the "spasn" hlintc add much to the beauty of the scene.
enables next winter. On ils bosom rest some twenty or thirty beauti-
g commenced at half- ful boats, both for rowing and sailing with can-
e management of the vass. The boats mostly belong 10 the visitors,
) were distingoishel ard here they enjoy them-elves for the mo-t
:- Judge Robinso, part of the day in sailing, rowing, and lishiug ;
ts H. Relgael, Jasper and I watt say I las delighted to see with
r.B.Peterson. A. Me- what manly strength an] skill the ladies plied
, Thomas Hartley, the oare. Indeed, I think lhty far excelled the
s W. Harding, G.W men, and I for one certaiinly think it a very
I Dallett, A. H Lud- healthy, innocent amusement fur a lady. But I
opkins, A. J. Drexel, must close. There are so-ne three hundred at
nyshire, W. D. Jones the Gregory House, which is the larg-st here
wn. J M Pendleion, There are also the Bald-in iTund ThIompson
E. rCatill, and houses, well filled with tho fashioaahle ; and I
Catel, n am toll are well kept houses.
Sby Bedi.ceelehrated It is the intention of Mr. Gregory tor enlarge
saed for the occasiou and improve ris house before another season;
e they performed de- and I have no doubt, with his taste and skill,
le will make it one of the most fashionable
ae floor Mr. R. Morris, places o0 resort out of New' York. A. J.
Ivania Enquirer, asi N N
ihter4 (the two latter NEW LONDON.
on;) Mr. Harding,the PEQUOT H 0E.
was also prominent, NEw LosNDON, Aug. 12, 1854.
him, by his pleasant X Regatta to Come Off-The Season-The
or Johns, of Dela- Pequot House and its .fsociations.
in, of New Jersey,
parting decided digot- As a matter of interest to some of your nu-
ire Dr. Samuel Jack- morons readers, permit me to announce a regatta
Mr. Mathews, British which has been decided to come offon Thursday,
rmer accompanied by the 17th instant, in the vicinity of the Pequot
nt lady, the latter by .. ..,", *
t ldaughters. ltb House, at the mouth of this harbor. A purse
Sdan liters. Hue
ballroom were the of one hundred and fifty dollars has been made
ages at the Capes, up by afew of the guests of the Pequot, and
T., MissJ. McM., of the order of arrangements will be as follows:-
thers I cannot men-
*urlngton, N. J., left A prize of one hundred dollars will be givgn
r two before the ball; to the boat coming in first.
oce lost the charm of A prize of fifty dollars to the boat corning in
.,by the way, is a second in the race.
tecte. While at the The name, length in feet and inches. and sig-
nany a heart by her nal of each boat designing to enter, must be
Her performances deposited with the Regatta Committee on or
I ever heard from an before Wednesday. August 16.
mIld be added, is also A proper allowance of time for difference of
she may. She sings ize will be made.
Every boat contending fur the purses will he
daughter ol a ceole- required to pay in an entrance fee of two
fair cousin, Miss V., dollars.
ed the company lost The same to be free to all open boats.
presence woald have The mouth of this harbor and the contiguous
-91 Burlington, also waters of Long Island Sound, and thoe race,
before the occasion. ford rate facilities to the lovers of boat
so, little Miss L.. of racing. and I shall be surprised if n large num-
ve before hinted, all her of' boats are not seen here on the day fixed
[or 'he regatta.
rriage bell." The season is becoming delightful. The large
until two or three nuiimbcr of guests at the Pequot House renders
the asscciations peculiarly agreeable. Ma'.her,
idnight, and was par- The sutpcrintendent, is in truth a favorite with
The dishes were alnil all who cumne here. lurtoit,'it.
e arrangement elicit- THE V RGINIA SPRINGS.
approbation. Final- [From the Richmond Enquirer ]
an honor to the pro- Capon, tue great resort, where one can sleep uan
on and all concerned, der a blanket when the heat is unbearable in toe
A; indeed, thus far it valley, county, we lean, four hundred and ffty
and entirely proper visi'ers. Jordan's is fast filling up, and now arco n-
s ever taken place at modates in fine style about one hundred and filty.
Sbannondale, with its balls and fine scenery, and
r i th highly salutary water, numbers about eighty guests.
e here until the first From a private letter dated at the Rockbridge Alum
nt Vernon has still Springs, on the 3d instant, we learn that four hun-
s, the United States, died and fifty visitors were at that resort, and seen
are also handsomely hundred and fifty at the Woile Sulphur. The Flin-
a intends next season castle lnhig states the number at the Sweet Springs
a for at least one at near two hundred.
ase. He sends every- ARRIALrMS AT SARATOGA. "
his must call back to E Preideunt John Tyler, Virginia
I army of patrons in Ur Carbt, lady, ch;id and servaut, Br.)ionkiu.
army patrons in .C FnAth, latyantdught-r. Jerspiy tty
Ros r %EW TOrush.
I this letter hence is 9. walab, B B enrae.
receive from my poor a. Paddoek, T iha ehoresand lady,
have spoken of things -t.. Puin, W G. thatcher,
e, plainly and honest- c B. Thatcher, G C Fihter.
11 p(lriker,nlt c tV Whter,
any one, it has been c. .. Falls., S. J P. Croauhte,
motive. Let me here D. A. MiicteUt, Nti s Bull,
opkins, and Harwood, i AB a'. Lawson and sister, it W Vi.upes.
nJit alsa C. Br igiam, M iAs Berlina,
e United States, and Pyi Dr Brrian and lady, R D i:ice,
ustant and unceasing S M. Cone and laid. W traud, son an-i iaugh'r,
brmer I am especially 1) N Barney, o r. rielid,
tinning, has aiso been J. P. Beeari, .1 L. White,
gP. Whiliple, Dr. J. Haiatead,
se my series of letters ai. wukt-, R J. L.' mogtoo,
'ticularly all of these A. M'Colium andi ls.tdy. o W trsc-h,
Hon.E I,. Morgauani.l Ijdr, 13 S. C,,lt 8uI uutrd.
are and more popular H 'mtr, a-i 5iesraf, a is
The Mount Vernon is w 111t1, M.sesWriLght,
order of things. The J. Erck. W. Ronaldla.
more new and conve- Oi Dasls. W. t'thetps. lady, btilt-ron
e lead of all places of U3. Hufiau ard -y., and tru i.iona',i,
A. A. Kinesan, MIss M1. htiur,ionud,i
ed, I wrote you thus Mr J. U..l tcellst and .. K.C. Hr-aid,
ins of the place were U. B. Bacamuan cud tIyr. Itis It tirt-,
it grew upon me ihe j.. Bistosaid wife, J Base,.
bathing ground is, _____________'taadi _
world.. PoUltr-a Inselltlreiee.
including, that nuny Tuirinrn or Tn KENOW .No'a'.rtjs Iu \'IRi[NHr
ly on the tapis here., A ,ornespi.ndtnt of the Ballimore CL/y/./,ti, aritiiu.
)tel and its surround- f oun Bolivar, near Hsrpers Ft irmy. to., .ils norted
y he siguaUzed the thes:-"Ono of the most spintH d sr-id ittoieatina
utial bridge over the municipal elections ever beld in our town came u1
I tfrm the Lighthouse eate, aav, for Alderman ano 'inas'oe, which re
l o Phi Ladohl susaited en the' tri.,,pbal ri,.cces of the whouo Kno)
evine, of Philadelphia NothIng An opposlltun ti-.Lct, composed -1
ound to the steamloat foreigpers, war supported bl a c.':iitl)n nof '-.r-.ri-r
nearly always feasible. Catholics end Protestants, but ins d,,'featoedbv nou
low by the by-con- one hundred majority." What n a't,- this" Iltu
a refreshment saloon triumph particularly gratifying Is tie dihre.trJ ,,
'n of the establishmen'. oticlasl dictation sihi:h it exhibits; for the p':opl
rtesian well, which is of Bolivar depend chiefly for their support upon th.
spot by Mr. Bolles patronage they receive as armorers in the pay o
the United y3'aten government. Foryears jit-t, i
Sat G Li.. has be en a common thing to see men turned out or
ROPAC. employment for refrusng to vote as reiluired; ba
we are glad to see that this patty despotism is about
^c. Augusl 10 It. i|. to tltter under the blows of tIe stalwart workmeu.
-Boute to the LlA'e- hftneouat ELCiroto.-The irrlhigcnrcv states thj
E t -the returns indicate that the whigs nave elected th
ndf Beanty---'ont- entire delegation to Congress from that Stete, wit

perhaps or et exception.
oratory, aud wishing to TosAo rN Ouo-Naow cA o-Ar
o] ar,1 and gt rid of ToBn~Ao T. On10- N aBnow EscI PI! Oi A R&If1
i air, and get rid of rOAn TB[a.r-The storm of last evening was
issuing, stock jobbing tornado upon the track of the Cleveland and Pitts
inred to make a trip to berg leilroad. between Bedford and Mlaced-ain
Treea were blown down and fences scattered a
summer resort. Well, though they had been straws. The evening trail
is I hope. until another Out ofthe cit',J. Maloney ,con.luctor.while rurulu
rourd a cairvo at a spceJ of tweulv muleas an hour
stick astree a foot In diameter, which Jlay aq'rso
or in what archive, is the tna k. Feitanately the tiee was of brittle wo-
ibove is, no doubt, the and the locomotive cut it ia Itvo, and the tmi
the psed on with no other damage ithl in the carr~io
ocy 2 Tue red man-bas away of the cowcatcher. TLe train from Pito
b nrg, in charge nrof H. P. Seymour, waited at luind
little barkcinoeonitsa so until'it was entitled to the traLkl,anl hen ra
c; the white man has to Macedonia, there signals arne.-j it t.- stop. I
in all; ant inosacred ithe space o three milci sevPnte-su tree har bee
ol, n no brown acrc&s thu ira I. onte ..f thtmn bring t're
resting place. Their itett in diameter. The fdrnrs ins the vicinit
1; their great warciourd muin l .-utl witlitRly. ahd I'atAllng t'.eir aePa wit
b re likil of prectled woodsmen soon ,tat wIF tri
d; anil the, poor-, pitity i saleno rmer.Th 'tII traI Irartn-fe-...i its Iocau
his place. Ala;. Cir r ive f'n he lisin lot Pit-bhig. .i-,] thie ,iruval
any the pre-ent i.nica ei ito e bitkLci the Ciet-LitAtl trjin the eitt
aIunythe prset r,, o J.nll,.,g at quarter before trl,. i',t u,nht.-
alhll't[c r..:.l m \ [ I '/;-z.a,. d i ',; R d. A,,t 1 11.



Mr.t.'J. Wilde, who hasbee :pnoitedNa- t e mttyniuttehands of their own reform op- e' adthe Engllah are cunning and crartyenough
vIn Storflkcei-p atCharleetlown,iaihesame men- position. Whether that ofpo;itilon will remain to do all in their power to keep the community thus
Inll ote "I m w t a iookr fo lb r im uited, whether they may not be brought over,or ignorant and blind to their own Interests.-inlterests
t- lcman whom I told yo had th bc l look r wbethtr the consevatve party may not. alter eight ichms o corse coflt iadvantgeonsly
the place, ome months ago. lie I-a ear i- eas comparatively fruitless opposition to curru-t, ,ith their own. The unfortunate character of the
Stcclion of General Cuehhig. The appoint. harguctiltki, andduishnorable politicians, be Ple- Chlian people aide them in this interested mode or
. ireitt is a very popular onen auId dl'.crredly so. Irsc(d to thrtr up tLe whole aflfair in diguit, we cchiduct. s lii character is an exceeding slowness
S ,me of the whig papers are growling about shall have s.metiling to say upon again. ia the road of improvement, an attachment to an.
n ihe heariness of the city taxes which ieans dent and row uEeless customs, a total repugnance
ilhat the ptceernt municlal government is des- CooL As tin osrTOm IN -149 ^An 16I3I.-I'-om tolo king tothe future to roland withprofitapres-,
s lite t Vo rb vigorously opposed by the whigs tha records of death by ci-lera, the following et espeudlture,a natural indolence which tncapaci-
d t ,hI next election. M.lvor Smith has had the statistics ate obtained.- tales trem from taking advantage of the great rm-
in starch taken Out ofhill. nd is 11o17 as mp-y I14n. 185[. sourceseot the country. ard a confirmed Impression
g i a shirt collar on i at man with the thermo- In June. a.... ....... 20 that, in aiy offered trnsnaotion with a foreigner, the
S ;t riat t-9 degrees. Jul ....... 4.......... 4, 100 latter is seeking to swindle him-thae last,of course,
i- be Bur at of degrees.u Auguest u ioiL, inousive...... 10l 12 proceeding fiom a conclonus igaorance, and the con-
q hec Bci1 of' Education in N'w flatphire i eticon of a superior Intelligence In the stranger.
ai ;.-ort that the number of school districts in I Tutals... ..... .. 157 171 In corroboration of the latter clause, I wll me. ,
S int etote i 1 2.294;. of scholars, 87 825; number fn 1849 the tilrt death occurred June 3d-lin tlonanotoiions fact. mall p.arts of Chill there are
.f chlldrmn bretteen four and fourteen years. 1654 June 9th. In 194U1 the disease reached its pTople holding property, of various desarlptiuis.
,,ho nrtc',d "co schools, 2 urin; numl,cr of par- maximum August 12th, when there were 22 death. that yields them aslutely nothing, from whih
o :tr ticdiwec 0 ICi a 18d 2l years who cannotfread Ithus tar this ecson tbegreatetununher in oneaday theirllrathers received nothing, aod from which the
Sc- i rite, 11 numbr of y sco Vasho esnn t i s, August .tb. For the blast four days, 9th to present posscasor never expects to realiedu.oar.
l t 4. 2 1ir-, 4720; nuibher f ichoohiouo bul 12 i thof august. only four deaths by cholera are A foeigner comes, and fnds tat l isra
i .1L yiar. 70; nimberof icorportted mele- known. It is possible that the disease m.ayagain a few acresof land,peuhaPIs lfor acatlepen pr -
. re;c -I1 : snutal amount ra.ed fur public i crease and become epidemic; but the above aita hbars for a potato patch, perhaps to build in
,h ,a-, S212.1;2":; amount paid for ttUio ia U nfrord strong reason to hope that it wi' soon pass hsnty.orperhapsforometriltlPurseandfr
.t.ncwicianprivate schools2. l 2,l. 0; I erI awy.--BR un Transcnrpt, Avrg. 12. wiuh bhe iswllingsto itaylaba1rMiadltesrateprice.

Our Boston Correspondence, age monthly wages of male teachers, $16 42, Our Chilln Corm-epondmee. W
BoS-roN, August 12th, 1854. and board; of female teachers, $7 18, and board. VALPARAIso, June 26, 1854.
The Fir st "11 Training"-How ingirs Went I mow ofraothing more creditable to New Trip bellmi en Valparatso and Talcahuania-Thte P
-Ac Excuv M r R epm n England than the attention which New Hamp- Provne of Co neeio-Thne Chilian Coast-Th/e
-An Executive Military Reprimand-Se. hire pays to the subject of general education. Pat of Talcahuana, 4c., 4-c. thl
Sri ur Illness of Ex-Governor M.orton-His If not so dihtinguished as some of the other Acliee At &Chart Of the Pr ific South America b
Distinguished Career- lhig State Con- States for what she has done for the higher A c a r a b
eentio.-A ir. Wilde'sl A ppo ntment-Citj educational Institutions, she need fear no earn- coast would naturally give a stranger-nn imptessiou vI
parlson with any community on earth for the that a journey from the great commercial city of it
Expeanse-A'ew HIampshire Educational partshe has done to effect the education of the Chill to Concepclon, the capital of the agricultural tc
Stati tvif. wniese, and so place the means of acquiring ua- portion of the country, was an affair of a very aim.- i
The tralting" of the First Divis'on of Mas- limited knowledge in the reach of all. pie nature. He would be wonderfully mistaken. an
anchusette Volnnteer Militia, at Quincy, this It is said, I know not how correctly, that the On the third day of every month a steamer leaves P
weekwas Volut hacnew theatre will hardly be opened on the this port for Talcahuana aud Chloe, occupying
week, was everything that could be desired. evening of the 4th of September, the time orl- wo pe-and p
dry giall tht eent Thse generally two days in making the former place; and prau
The weather was cool, but not cold, and dry. ginally set for that interesting event. Toose the exception of transient sailing vessels no
The ground selected was excellent ; the head- who recollect how long the National was in withthe excetio of tranent siag vessels no
quarters of the commander being cipher on or opening, are disposed to be doubtful in this In- other facilities are offered to travellers by water,
hard by the vey spot on whih Morton erected stace. ALOOA. Therouteby land is ac n affair of some eight ifdays. e
_______________The province of Concepcion in the moat beautiful Li
the Mey-pole of Merry Mouut, in the very old &afio In utanaa. part of Chill. The climate is temperate, the mei n ra
times, to the grcat wrath of the Pilgrims. The TOE rOLITIAL osrLKON O TnRE rAI p f T a e r tPARLI&.r ptda e-
JUST as-cran. cury rarery riing above seventy-five or falling be.
companies were numerous and fall, their disci- [From rhe'orooio-',olonI, AugustS.] low forty five. Wheat grows here in perfection, ti
i-line was admirable, and there were no cases of We ive below a clasifcation or members which, and with little labor. Wine of an inferior quality 1
S or any consequence. His Excellency we believe, mar- be relied upon. As the clergy re-.
sickness of any conequec. His Excell serves moust be settled in some way or other at an is made in large quantities, and sold all along the h
the Governor made a very favorat-le impression tarly period of the coming session, and as the con- coast. This province possesses the only coal mines ,
vhen he visited the field on the third day. 'ervatives bave made it an open question., we give ofcoaequence in the country, and furnishes the
vit~en e -ai io m to that party souh members elect as we know, both t t w ime n lmr r-h
There were a great number of spectators, but by their ante'edents and political preilcttions, be- northern towns with timber and lumber. t pro-
Ithere was less of crime committed than on most long to it. Mr. MeKerlie, the member ror Brant, duces apples and peaches, and exports large quanti-
hs ever cbeen a conservative. Apartlirm the clergy ties of vegetables to the various regions of the c
similar occasions. Not that I mean to as-ert reserves,there is not a man in the Houe' whwould noith. In the first six monthsof 1853 it exported
that the virtues bad it all to themselves. Far be more certain to rally round Mr. MfDonald of n
tThere a tngston; and in any d viion which my test the 41k' tons of wool, valued at $73,000. In fact, this is t
from it. There was rm to be had in ntny stregth or parties, be will be found in the cosner a country thatin the handsofanintelllgentaud in- u
places, and comequently there was a great deal vative ranks. We know something of divisions n dust nons population could be made to teem. with s
Parlipemnt. sad we aio know something of Mlr.wehadihbtnsNooerptonfCbl
of fighting and rowdyism. There were McKerliet. Wen tlheex LEment and interest of wealth and Inhabitants. No other portion of Chili
numerous gambling booths, in which the party division occurs, we know well where he offer such advantages in navigable rivers, a rich e
old stale tricks were played oat on the 'ill te fund. The same may be said of Mr. Ran- soil, and abundant supplies of timber of an excel-
kin. the mfmbfr for Essex. All his sympathies lentqualilty.
new crc.p cof ,green horns, with e thoust- are with the consetvatIves. Of the other names
ah cucce '. Th cre were mauy ladies mt.-tioned in the following list, there can be no The society of Concepcion is without doubt the
quttion a to te course tho will take. Mr. Bowes most moal and espectable in Chili. Tne people s
of very unv',y vhirtu present, atr.ulded by being elected far tbe dir ity of Toronto, and partly are simple in their habits, hospitable, and gerorous.
g.,ntl menc of no virttoue nat all; therefore thr,, though the instrumentality of Mr. Gowan and the Tere is vry little bsins activity in the place;
Orrngemen. dare not support a radical ministry, There is very little business activity in the place;
was a fair mouut of ufir lighting. O gu- b ee uh he may ped to do s). hut this may ho accounted for by the present isdlbt-
tlemrnan from tlh-, rural districts, who was IeptL- 3Iheia then stand:- ed position oftbe town. The government is about
rated by the charm of a lady, got into a light,. CNFERVA'nlr. riurrfutNED INN prrri cANADA. to constnicrt a railroad between Concepcion and the
nod was to 1d in a blanket, a ,l though he did 1 Kingston.... Hon. John A. McDonald. port, Talcahuana. a distance of seven miles; and
and ws ouieB igh a blanket, I though he Hmilto...... S A. N. N b, this, with weekly steamers to the commercial em
not go q3t hg stemoh ;t nt Peter-borough John Langtmi,
the l eoounofhbearthnm broke h isl to. Simce South. .Ron. W. B. Robinson, porlum, will make a notable change in' the fortunes
the oom f h eIh, nnHu broe his leg. onad Buce. .Hon. Win. Gayley, of the capital of southern Chill.
Thb, rewasr, great business done in the mann- 6 North Hastiugs .. Edmund Murney, The river Biebio waters a large and exceedingly
fuctire o fractured beads, bloody noses, black 7 East Brant-......-Daniel MKerlisem1,
eys, d ramg ed len, nd so cinoge, b, Brotkville ....... George Crawford, rich country, whoseproducts are now brought down
cycs, dimagci, habiliments, and shocking bil ri Euth Ontario. Mr. Lumsden, in scows, or the native balsa, or raft. These are
Lat?." A great deal ot this might have been 10 Preecott .W.H. McCann. polled up the stream, and float down with the cur-
.'1Btw .. ...Mr. Yielding.f
pi rented if there ha-l been an efficient corps of Il, Itnsell ....... B. Lyon, tent. When the wind is favorable, they hoist a
Bo-ton policemen pre.cent; but theldashing men 13ii Pin.e EdwIarl .. D. B. Stevenson, large squaresail; and at times a dozen of these
from towu care nothing for country constalpec, 14 West Elgin. Mr. MeBeth, sails maybe seen dotting a reach of the broad and
15 Totionto .... J. Hiliyard Camerou, shallow stream. The breadth of the river at Con-
whom they laugh at The city ought not to1I I .. .. 3. C. lowes,
send poison into the country wihouot send 1 7 Carlton.. ...F. W. Powell, cepcion in winter, is fully a mile and half, and in
th iQ S-outh Lanair James R. Shaw,.' summer dwindles down to aboat half that width.
the nntidole with it. i[ Noith Wellington .. Dr. (Clarke. As the passage here leads to the coal mines of Coro-
SGovernor Washburn has publicly reprimanil- 21 Esex. .............. A tbur Rsnkin. e d Ltai proposed t construct a bridge at
ed the two Iris" companies of Bortoa thatcn- 11 West York....... J.,ha W. Gamble, nel and Lota, it is proposed t, construct a bridge at
2ed the two Irish companies of Boton that con- .2 Frontenac ........Henry Smith, this point; but as this would interfere with the fu-
re-rted Long Island into a sort of Donnybrook 23 Halton ..... ..... George K. Chi.holm, ture navigation of the river by steam, I question if
Fair, on the occasion of the ieit of the Moat- 24 Kent. ......... E. Larwell, the government will give its consent. In the mean
15 East Durham ....... F. H. Barton,
gomery Guards of your city. He might hare iGa Dundams ........FMr. Cryler. time there Isa miserable ferry, furnamished with three
broken them, if he had seen fit to do so, but rNISTEritALIMs RET .O FOR UPPERCANADA. clumsy boats. This ferry was rented the other day
preferred the milder course. Some attribute I South Oxat rd. ..TheHon. F. Fincks, by the government, for eighteen months, forth
his conduct to his sympathy with the Irsh Ca- 2 Norfolk....... ....Dr. Ralph. sum of $3,130. The same ferry was rented in 1846
his conduct to his sy mpathy with the Irish Ca- j Nisgara. . .Joseph C. Mourison, fr lnr nm
tholics, whose votes he is supposed to be ang- 4 Wes aorth nmbe.lsnd.Sdey Smith for$160 per annum.
5 lil Est James Ross. The Bayeof Coronel, near thirty miles south of
ling for; but half way conduct is as little 6 South Hastings' Bills Flint, Talcahuaha, has assumed an important position on
likely to make a man popular with the Irish. 7 North Oxford... Donald Maihieson, the commercial map of Chill, from the existence of
who 'like boldness, as with any other portion 0of 8 East Elgin . ...Dr. Southfck, o erl map o i rom eex ceo
the public. 9 East Middlesex.. ...Wiltlam Niles, the valuable coal mines on its shores. These mines
I hear that ex-Governor Morton is fatally in- 10 West Durham.... Henry Muaroe, were first discovered in 1852. and'in the first six
disposed, and that he may die at any moment. i North Simoe Angus Morrison, months of 1853 there were exported seven hundred
Rio complaint isdropsy, a malad from which 12 Grenville... Mr. Patrick,
S man at thre-coe and ten as butsmall 13 Pe rth ... .... T.M. Daly, andfifty-six tons. In 1854, from lstJanuary to 21st
14 London .........John Wilson, May, twenty-nine vessels loaded at the Coronel
chance of recovery. Mr. Morton has so long 15 Leeds....... Dr. Church. mines, 9,951 tons, and about twenty loaded at the
filled a prominent place in our public life that 16 Lennox & Addiugton..D.P. Roblin, Loi mines about 6.000 tons. The latter mines are
it seems as if an old familiar acquitaintance were 17 Victoria.. .......James Smith, oamnu s al ute tha 0th ormerbtarme re
about to be taken from u-, now that the hand of 18 North Lanark .. ... Robert Bell. much smaller than the former, but are worked by
disease is laid heavily upon him. He has been 19 East Yok ....... Amoa right, wealthy capirtallts, who also purchase large quan-
a fortunate man, taking life as it goes, and has 20 Peel ..... J. C. Aikens, tiles of coal from the Coronel mines, to enable
tilled few but prominent offices. He was a mom- 21 North York. .. .. Joseph Hartman,
illed few but prominenthoc. He was a mea- 2 Grey. ..... GenrgedJakson. them to fulfil contracts with ateamers,&e. This
her of Cungre.s more than thirty years ago, ani 2 North Ontario .... Joseph Goauld, branch of Chilian trade will soon assume aligan-
at a time chen that body commanded a larger 24 North Waterloo ...Mit.ael Foley. tic fignie in the progressive commerce of this coan-
smiount of public respect than is now awarded 25 Wellan f... ...Dr. Fraizer, y.
to it. He ha' been Governor and Lieutenant 21 South Leeds ... Jesse Delong
Gov, rnor of Massachusetts, three times ceupy- The above list comprises, we have reason to know, Taloanhuana, the port of Concepcion, is situate.I
lug the executive chair; once by succesdion, as the entire ministerial for, e in the new House. Don. at the southern corner of the bay of the same
it were. he being Lieutenant-Governor at the aid Matlieson, l)r. Southwick, Wi1ilm Niles, Henry name, which is about nine miles in diameter, and
time that Governor Eustis died% once by Monroe,T. M. Daly, J.C. ALkens,.loeph HLrman, sheltered by the island of Quiquina in the en
popular election, being chosen by one na- Joseph Gould, arid Dr. Fraser, who have been as-
jruty, in 39 over Governor Everett ; and umed to belong to the Independent reorm opponi- trance. On the shores surrounding the bay are
joily, in 39, over Gornor erett ; and ti.n,the ministerlalbts. They were all supported, several small towns, one of which, Penco, was in
one- by the choice of the Legi-lalure, in we know, hy the Mitiletry. Ionald Mathieson, who forirerdays the principal place in Southern Cnili,
1812. For many s errs be was onf of the is clapsed as indeiendentr, offered, we are informed. It was detrojed by ana eartiluakc in 175i0, and the
Ju-tces of our Supreme Court, fnd bad to resign his pretensinns in No ta' Oxford in favorof tal "al was removed to the Biobio, where La Con-
a high reputalioad s he a juri't, though it a petty miniterial hack in Toronto. Dr. Sonthwick ceprion sta.nd. This town was also partially de.
was scrnou-ly damaged by Mr. Henahaw's emphatically denied all connection with Mr. George stroed in 181 5, and the ruins of the large govern-
vcry able, learned and elaborate criticisms on Brr.wn.nnd received the strong support ot every imeit buildings and churches are not yet cleared
some o his decisions; and he lef the bench mit.iridslist in hi_ hiding. The remining nimes away. The place has bean rebuilt in a very rego.
with grft regret, on taking the gubernatorial ahove menti-ned, may show at times some small lar and substantial manner, the streets broad, and
with grnt rogrot, on ttkihg the gcusbernatorfal tepooms of opprealtion: but for all purposes of at ri ight angles with each other.
chair, in IS-10. He felt that the cushion of the %mPnterial support they they can hq relied upon. IItitsoan tie shores ofthe bayof Taleuahana that
conrtwas more comfortable than the best politi- We now come to what may be calld- are situated the principal flouring mills of the
cal piece that lie had any chance of get ing.. In rar REuI.BIE 1TO. inoI orPosrtor. country. Inthe vkicinity of the bay.there are thir-
1845 he wished for the place inthe United I (.lengarny John S. MoDonald. teen mills, with the aggregate capacity of turning
States Supreme Court that Mr. Woodbury ob- 2 Soutbh Wellin tor. A. J. Fergusson. out 4,140 quiutals daily. On the Bloblo there -are
tained, and on some accounts it is to hle regret- 3 West Bruit Herbert Biggar. yive, with the capacity of 680 daily, and one large
led that he did not get it. He was made Col- 4 Lincoln. . Wm. H. Merritt. mill at Colcura, on the bay of Coronal, which can
lecior-of Boston rhat year, an offce that brought Stormont Mr. Mattice. Iturn out 400 linintals in the twenty fours. Among
him into ofBme otunholeas ant positionshat bs roe had 6 Wet Middlesex John Sechrd. all these there is but one mill driven by steam.
him into e r me unpleasant position, s e had 7 Lambton George Brown. Talcahlluana is the great resort of the whalers ; as
neither the vigor of Mir. Henhaw nor the suavity a Cornwall Dr. hI Donald. many as thirty bring sometimes in the port togeth-
arid gentlemanly feeling of Mr. Peasle, and al- ;9 Huldimand Win. L. McKezire. oer. Ihe government has placed bonded warehouses
lIowed himself to be troubled about matters that 10 Nurth Wentwortb . Robert Spence. at this point, (and they bave been tardy enough
should not have discomposed him in the least. I11 South Weutwoth-. 8 B. Freeman. ab-out in, too,) anid tae whalers are allowed to store
'Ihe democracy formally excommunicated him 12 South Waierluo. .. Robert Ferrie. their c.1il without charges. .
t t a he port of Talcahuana isthe outlet for the prin-
at their State convention of1, after which The above litom sMuchf the respectbi- cipal agricultural products of Chili; asthe province
event he acted with the free oilers. The last lity, and muat of the talent, of the reform party f e
place that he held was that of delegate to the i elected to the House. There are some peculiarities, o commercialn is the agriculturapo the mining section ofis
Constitutional convention, in which body he too, in the nature of their i dividuacouuy. Yet an American will scam ely beieve
showedIete position to te ministry. John Sandfleld the conuby. Yet an American will scarcely believe
showed great talent and exercised much talu- ledfonard opposes them, because, in the romhbina that between Valparalse, tUe great commes cial em-
11 D w ole the e' use in he ombna, porium, and Concepcion, the centre or the landed
ncue. Dissatisfied with some of the provi- i dns which made the present MHr. Justice Ri:hards omt eoeeo n, the e other lan
sions of the new eon-titution, and personally Attorfle Gereral, he was slighted and thrown over- 0 inhabitasnts, the means or communication are
hostile to Gen. Wilson, who would assuredly board. Aside from this, he despies Mesrs. olph i0ntthitOonenntofote ablesocmuic onae
have been made Govercnor if that instra- I aLd Cameron, suna holds to she political be- limited to one uncomfortable steamer, plying once d.
meant had been adopted. He went over to the ber that n minister cannot remain over a anhedof 10milesor thereabootp ; and3 3 l tor ehad
tihgs nd asth ales o te roinnt certain time in power, and that hMr. Hinoks Suceof ni0ilesor ttereahoats; Badctra] tobehad
nhigs, Dnd was the ubleal of the prominent eI tisn tihe iefopeower d M r. H ll air ,g the coast at live or six dollars per too. The
free soiler--Adiims, Palfrey, and others-who has already exceeded that pei iud. He is therefore a og t between these o -most important
'clud rh whis au huners nd Ctholcs n I to u any scr-ang-?fnnenfor a new government hain ornmunri-ation between these two- most important
Joined the whirs ard hunkers and Catholics in Ir_.-If.yaQ,_toan rne a hints is sowretched, so expensveand soanuy-
which he way form a prominent part. lle takes ra ointssa rethed, so e,.oealve andh ieso aengnoy
iheir warfare against the coalition. Perhaps w.,th him Mr. Mttice and Mr. McDonald, who owe I ieg.controlledtbcenaur o nwthat ie bateloni
not the least singular fact in his political his- their seats to him. Mr. Brown's opposition is well te ve t nr h w oh h
tory is, that his public career should have dSo- known, and Mr. Ferguson goes with him. Mu. "aie by unoible t andes tre oa
cd in the service of that party against which he Spence, who is spoken of nrse man of talent, hates passing between these two town; and yetthe boat
hadcntu nedouarly half century, and at Dr., Hoph, and s iil oppose and hinat up y'mus is crowded every trip, such is thepr-ensueofa ria-
had con.tnded for aek honanall- hai nol ry o ais- p art. He i per'ona? sing commer' e. There is at this moment ample
*whoe expese he had won all his political tof whien c hto Mr m sck bua parin bens pe a bns se for a weekly line of boats between Valpa-
honors. in this respect, and on a small scale, aiuleltohe vim, d-Itiacke hn haevige en election of raino and Con, epclot, and handsome profits made
Dr. olp endLi' frinds he iiltaketoeearis th chages twothirds lens than these of the Eng-
*he In/Htated {he conduct olf Mr. Van Buren, who. Dr. Ropb 'andLqfrins he^ wil akoe eearll.tlshomnyadtis without the bonuBes of't $3,
to gratify his personal malice, ell.cted the de- opportunlty ot punishing that wily and unprincipled lha compafnyad tihe wtrhutf the hna of30
feat, in 181, of the very party that ha.l made polii, ian. Mr. Fruemans wlyer ofstanudingand theyger fromh gov eding the' t pensopler
hint President of the Uinted States. Mr. Mor- good prospects in Hamilton. He will oppose the munistion at exorbitant roits, ft is gratifying,
tonwil bearis~. ad h wil eav fe me tinirryber usehethekaheycanotlon hodhaI oweer-htoknoctatnhetovl-oentishecoin
tn equl tlet behmi-sdnnd he im. ler e en a~pecrchle position in public estsmrstlumo1 and ahie l h wiser, aondw ibs awaeng to a er n s~e o f ieoits
The Whig Stoict Cohirn t ionwllmetI knows that when they fall they will fil 1 irrotriev- a~true wiser, ed st o
^^i~~~b~~htru it,-fl ^ ^erest^^ u^e.
ituhe Whai asbig mtt orentionswielkost tin a? ly. TiereseIo03political lireprs~erver in the shepe 'lhre attsomer I have alluded no belongs to the
Msic allas bing ore onve hmtthan o ".Bantum" can save ilsioim C,,meron now. As Itl~ ta aiainCmnyo h aie
Fan.euil. A dirPrition has manifretciits'lfia fot0 Dr Rolph, he would be pitiable Ih he were not t rgluwhSteamcNavigatuiln iny of the entire
9 ctlain qurlrers to dr,,p Oau. Wa\bburn and cortemltitbic. Mr. Hicks. we vcntnne an opiolou, pr ^fa c mp wVy h eiwmlyhin adebtedan o r then
g. ptit up Mr. Sc antorn oekicll. with a fr,c sailer a iii te utterly reroudrarel In less than two year-; ails. WewghaAi c f i
lor lthe police of Licut. Govwrn.i-, which a. J I people will only wondci way he win theScjlyjslase ofWhatev uce,ro there iandoubtin
Swouhlll condir neussatv y th.. tlroitplng or -tluratud so long. Such men us Mc. Fr he- ehat, lor some years peat, thie company ias ben an
rf Mlr. 'lunl~ett. lo,, the "twe:,-v hu. "- Taloor s lt d tle, hr' uF'eposl d wlr. lS a knoe r -ha wll, in ubus upon tho risinggrowth and prosperity of the
ru.,n. bris little -mrs.,.l" of rh salt bL s ,ehi wl be the d au ngy. ,,.tr.. It is conduocd by pe'pleiesiallg n Eng-
ic-ad Lrdl cach te fc-esiirrs.cvci t tr. Uings man u~y e d egross co thriptIo s,: u an Sir. i ~n lno, sihoare ignorant stud orereasof the mntere.ts
S .culd hardIly cal.h the l.ce ut. ,re,^ even it ^I^l t m'*nysndgro S^co-np o s~a, b.,i-' e oflello pleheare .T Itss mo oplyo th mnl
, it wese placed t upon tb-hir l.uls; biti z' iir oppose them vigoioiroly, if ha does not flted of t a pol huere. It hasamnpoly ote mollsth
h, .re are ibore in the whig parLy who do nol h-n.-slf slshp. ur In wait ut fresh ar when critical cod a bthnnesid ef.ort tohrvges i-el exrantof
e fi.-h rn a junction uiib theiLree ooilcrs, and v,e tJ Lebvt 'he grt..s. utrahe sie st eotro ve ie graufu
f rbhc'tould-not gieea lump of roi soall for Thus, then. ih omr.julgment.-an we know some for the great patrounag it receives." In fact, the
i them all They believe that nothing can pre- thing ol the members elat--stands the present c entrarys notorioule y the case, for the government
,. vtrt their party from triumphing at the next l ue- This, tall events, may he relied upon-that ad the people are treated with like con-
thetwet;sixwe av gien heconervties re tempt hy it. By the wealth and influence of
. l're'idenuial tiletion, and they have no idea of rlmtesslikely, ftnfmoorere been enabled to ig ten a way foreign
. slhuring the ,,-Bces with other peu]>ile. No hu- to lhat pasty,esf the twenty s rL we have g-ien the me of any the avephre
man power, as they look at matters, can cause tn.ioitha are to support them in aL l w ehare g is vet ecow haettion, and Toe people of the country
at thlir defeat. and heaven as everybody knows, clear, ahererfoe, from this state of matters, and as a nationaine Tue peo of te cun
is alwes on the side of the whigs. far as Upper Canada is concerned, that the fate of arc venture ino any unfamiliar path of htosa-
IIr 1 .eid.ah ha beaafiteiei imry nte ao rthi w etr p dt nvutrglinto arey unlogland raltyenongbm

lumberman ba to pay on his manufacturer l
in return, the protisions of the Missidippi would
be received by us from first hands and with cheap
freights, instead of from second, third, and even
fourth hands, by the expensive routes of Baltimuore
and New York.
To carry out that net-work of Improvement,
which Is destined eventually to make our State
one of the most important in the Union. a branch -
will also be necessary from the main tmunk to
Tampa, which will open a rich agoricultural region,
and a tropical garden ofthe world; and at the
same time form the nearest available depot on our
coast for the Honduras route of travel to Calfor-
Our representative, Mr. Maxwll, has been en-
deavoring to get a grant of alternate ectiomo of
land along the route of this road from Courels, t
aid in Its construction; and as a great national
work, we learn that the project is looked upon
with favor at Washington. A pfessof boainerahs
bitherto staved off the matter, but the passage of
the homestead bill with Senator Hanter'snamaerd-
meat, will, it is believed, In. the event of the falure
o! that appropriation, asist the aornpoay in the
crmpletic u of the ropi. At no timeemore bars
thbigs locked so htv'rable, and we ball the resett
r-mpeCt i Of alls Ma la ded most c renal I4

When be makes a proposal to the owner, the flrst
rawer he receives is no ase eride-not to be sold.
e is then asked what be wants the land for-what
rpose hbe intends putting It to; and, finally .a,
exorbitant valuation is placed upon it that drive
he applicant in disgnust away. With ignorant
asuistry the owner argues, If that man wants to
lymy property, it in evidentIt Itpossesses some
le unk-nown to .nme; therefore, I had bettor keep
myself." And This mode of thinking is common
0 al clasNes. Let a farming man pick out a lot of
we cr three hundred acres from extensive waste
uds, belonging to some large landed proprietor,
td which by frugality and industry he might ex-
.ct to yield him a living, he is astounded by being
fianed a price for a small farnm,- completely on-
roductive to the owner, that would purchase al
tate U3 End Id. It is unseless to remonstrate-
Take it or leave it." Vo hay remedial.
And with all This it is wonderful what liberal and
enatitutinual ideas are promulgated by the mem-
ers of government and political economists. But
title goes beyond theory. We should define ideas
U the spirited horses attached to the chariot of im-
rovement and progress; but here the horses have
token from their traces, and are flying wildly over
he plain, leading the chariot sticking in the mire.
'he reason is because inexperience and ignorance
eld the reins.
Had North Americans immigrated to this coun-
ry, and inrupirid the people with confidence, they,
by their iinlomitable energy and activity, wouki
ave aroused the stagnant quietude of Chillan
pathy into emulative industry and enterprise.
'bev would not have bren satisfied with operations
c sfch a limited character as only brought profit to
he pockets of individuals. Their continual efforts
would have been to have made all as active and in,
ellgent as themselves- to have developed and made
setul tie resources er the country; to have made
team take the place of reluctant labor; to have
peLed railroads, established lines of steame's,
retied telegraphs, confident that the future would
ranant and repay their labors.
How different has been the conduct of the English!
I do not speak of other foreilpgners, for we do not
expect from them the enterprisae that is confined in
Sgrnat decgre to the Saxon races ) Satisfied with
glroning the present profits of the limited trade of
Chili which is principally in their own hands, they
appear to be continually anxious to stay the march
of improvement ; to foster the ignorance and inex-
perience of the people ; to nip in the bud any spe-
culatlve sle eme, by denouncing it as visionary and
mposslble; to keep the resources of the country at
uat such a low point that they may with ease govern
and coItToibem. The principal ownersof the flour
iLtterest, they have not in one single instance intro-
duced into the country a piece of machinery for the
improvement of agriculture. In possess in of pow-
erful interest with the government, they have never
ueped that interest for the advancement of arts or the
freedom of commerce, or the amelioration of the
mechanical and laboring classes. OunLrolling for
many yfars the tevam navigation of the coast, the
facilities for travelling at this moment are as pre-.
carious and expensive as they were ten sears ago,
while the comfort is considerably deteriorateJ.
Harsh buint true is the verdict to be recorded against
them: they have allied themselves with the ]gng-
rance of the people to form a rampart against civili-
zation and progress.
The huge monopoly, of the Steam Navigation
Company has ceased, and the Pacific coj ast is free to
the enterprise of all nations. The Chilian govern-
ment willbe careful enough in future to-avoid tying
itself hand and foot, and placing itself at the mercy
of a company that has always shown itself un-
sympathizing with the interests of the country. The
people are anxiously looking to the Americans for
the introduction of machinery, telegraphs, and the
establishment of easy and cheap accommodation
between points that are assuming daily a greater
relative importance. To the English they look in
vain for improvement. The latter are like the man
in the Eastern tale, who found a bag of pearls, and
was so fearful ofotbers sharing his wealth, he burled
it, and only visited his treasure at intervalis, to take
oat sufficient to supply his actual necessities, being
in apparent poverty, to disarm suspicion. Like him,
some fine morning&, the Englisuman will And his bag
of pearls has been carried off, and will then regret
the sordid feelings that prevented him from making
a, proper use of them. Lao.
Improvement In Florlda.
[Tr m the Jacksonvile News, .nuguat & ]
We are glad to learn that the long cherished pro-
ject of connecting the Atlantic and Gulf shores of
our peninsula by railroad is approaching its con.
summation, under the energetic direction of the
company organized and chartered for that purpose.
Last week the Hon. D. L. Yulee, Preudent of the ,
company, accompanied by two of the directors, and
John McRae, Esq.,the Chief Engineer of the Charles-
ton and Savannah railroad, chartered the steamer
Col. Me ere, and proceeded to ascertain the practi-
cability of crossing Nassau river, und also of the
narrows that separates Amelia Islands from the
main land. After a careful examination, both-
points were found to be perfectly practicable.
It will be recollected that the line of this road
was stme time since run by Captain Smith, from
Cedar Eeys, on the Gulf, to Yellow Bluff, on Amelia
Island, two miles below Feruandini,whi re the eac-
ern depot is to be located. Our readers will And in
ibthis paper an article descriptive of Cedar Keys,
whien we have extracted from the Savannah News;.
sad for the information of such as may be ignorant
of the situation of the eastern terminus, we will
give a brief description of it. -
The town of Fernandina is situatedIon the north
end of Amelia Island, upon an elevated plateau, with
the Atlantic rolling on one hand, and the waters of
a beautiful bay, complkitely land-locked, on the
The town is laid out at right angles, and its broal
grassy streets are shaded with magnificent" Pride
of Indias." Moat of tie houses that remain are
old and dilapidated, but give evidence from their
alze and original finish of palmier days. Extensive
eaithern ramparts mark the spot where the nag of
Spain used to float over a fort that guarded a popu-
lous and thriving town, and the entrance of one of
tI.e finest harbors on the Atlantic coast. While
under that flag the people of the town hare counted
two hundred square rigged vessels in the harbor at
one time. It has seen nay viLissitudes, having,
during the South American struggle for indepen-
dence; been captured by squadron of Columbian
privateers, and held by them as a depot, until broken
up by the American government on account of their
buccaneering propensities. Daring their occupa-
tion of it some of the finest buildings were buaraed.
and a large quainity of property pillaged. Again
it was taken by the .soi dirisant patriots who were
try ing to revolutionize Florida, with the consent of
the Amtrican government .ub rosa. At length.
with the cession of the territory to the United
States, it came under the quiet protection of our
flag. It isa lovely spot, and, under the vivifyiaj
influence of steam, will probably again be animated
with commercial life.
The enti dance of the harbor is where the waters of
the St.Marys seek an outlet to the o'ean, between
the southern point of Cumberland and the northern
one of Amelia islands, the channel being a deep aunl
safe one, admitting ships of large size. By the depot;
at Yellow Bluff a frigate can run alongside the bank
*and discharge her cargo.
This line of road is almost on a direct air line frnm
New York to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.and offers
induce meuts in the saving of time and money that
must seeute to it an immense share of the California
travel-it brings New Orleans several days nearer
New Ywk than by steamer round the Cape.
It offers inducements for the shipping of sugar and
cotton fom the Gulf pouts cf Galveston, New Or-
leans, Mobile, Apalachlcola, St. Mark", &c., in the
way of- time, safety, and even expense, that must
bring this way a large portion of that endless stream
that is now pouring from our American Mediterm-r-
Dean, through the perilous channel between the Ba-
hamas and Florida. And more than all fur the in-
tetestof Florida, it opens to the enterprise of her
citizens large trants of sugar, cotton, and lumber
lands, which must have oth irwie continued al-
most valueless. It will also bring Tallahassee, the
present capital of the State, within a few hours or
the Atlantic sea-brard ard the interior of East
A branch, which the company proposes to I.
of but nine miles, will connect Ja ksonrille with the
main trunk,and therebyse.ure an immense forward-
rug business to our town.
We have about five hundred vessels coming to
this pout annually for lumber, and mostly la bal-
last. With shipments for Ner Orleans and other
Gulf ports. to he landed at our wharves, the veasola
could at all times come well freighted, at rates that
would secure the carrying trade, and thereby di-
minish the present exorbitant freights that the

U '- i* i i i i

The Relmoen In Cnlla. do -' tix to make amends for his fault. Let
ASXrAL OP TMn NW wiN or tIU sRO N IN SBhing-pou instantly despatch an officer to take him
M MMw under astr to the plaoe of his destination: and let
[Prom thre North China B& J minA* his not remain In tearmylest he should, after tihe
The Pekin Gazette of the 4th of Apru contains a succereM terminition of the war, be speculating
etsrilptftn the m ro, to the following efcet:- Upon sme ftre ward. Respect this."
in omaquuene of. e rebels from Gnan-hwuy The me Gamtte appoints Tsuntgnaun to be
having passed through the city of Fang, ZLt 3U4 deg. Lieutenant Governor in- the stead of Coang-leang-
4 mn.north, long. 116 deg. 50 mid. east, wheT ks.
etheBgtval.d the Yeltow nver,and then The Gatnttc of the 14th of April contains a report
en ftung pr-Egrovino took Amn from oShigepforu, detailig a victory over the rebels,
places he city of -beang (lst. 35 deg. rain. He says that the rebellious thieves having disturbed
north, lon. 116 deg.85 l. 6 east); whereupon our the region of Lin-tling, ereted some astockades
generalssng.klh-na8lnmBudBhMingpaou despatohed on the east and west sides of that city, with the
Bhen-luh at the bead of an army to advance and view of taking It; but that he, Shing-paou, on
exterminate them. This day aeording ,to the the 9th of April, headed a lIage force to atsA k
report of Tsung-anj. the Judge of Bhan-tung the rebel encampment on the north easut of
province tiese reouleons hordes nave fought their the city, at a place called Lin ke-yuen. All the
way to Ll-taigff,(lat 86 deg. T mn. north, Ion. ll5 soldiers under his command advanced with ardor to
dog. 5i mn. east.) to which place the said Judge the attack, and forced epen the pallisades. The re-
despatohed the Colonel iP -command of the city of bels, on the spur of the moment, resisted with death
Tae-nan, Kelhl-g, to attack them In flank; like energy nbut seeing the valor of the Imperial
SY Wb. ares flede ineuconfusionloue
ha also ordered the Ieutenant-Colonel King-shun, troops to ir'Jrresstible, the fled in confusion out
Swho was provilsionsly in- change of the force sta- of the stockade. A body o 2,001o or 3,000 rebels
S- .. tionedat un-l n in to march out of the city and then advanced from the eastward tojoin in the fight,
Meet the e %emy, wen he killed several hundreds of when the imperial troops formed into line, and
Sthe rdbil,'/and captured a large quantity of flags, oj.ened fire upon them, by which means upwards of
military weapons, gunpowder, and scaling ladders, a hundred were killed, and the force of their attack
.. and took alive thirty and more of the insurgents. was in some measure restrained. The Imperial
At. aer#a,tips rebel@ tookpossession of the southern troops still pressed on, and in obedience to the
'Pas5-'P appears also fBom the report of Shen-mlh, command of Shing-paon the various regiments at-
S itbat on his arrival'at Lin tsain, he found that the tacked the enemy In flank; by means of the fire
Y ebels were encamped at the villageof te-kwan, whichwas then lsimultaneensal opened, 200 or 300
S whenie above named General sent Kwei-fuh, at more of the rebels were slan. Wherenpon- the
the head pf a body of horse, to advance from Lin-t Iin mair body ofBtbe enemy returned to thetrentrench.
outnarflas in order to harass the enemy; whlst mEnte. Early in the -morning of the 11th of
Shen-lub himself led-on the main body of he troops Aril Shing-paen, sent a force to attack the
to attack them. Tbe rebel force then divided itself enemy near the Mlie-to temple, on the ncfth-
into two bands and came on to the attack ; but our east aide of thes'city; he himself headed the
troops gallantly advanced, and at the first ire cavalry, and the main body or the army following.
killed' a great number of the enemy. The. rebels Just as they approached the rebel encampment,
hawing assembled like ants on the bank of the river, they suddenly fired a volley, and at the roll of the
the main body of our forces came up, and beheaded drum the army advanced, throwing hand-grenades
and captured a great number; upwards of thtty 'and fire balls, with the view of setting the palisades
S beadswere brought hn, and mre than fcrty of toe onfire. The rebels then came our inabody, but the
reblt Is taken alive; besides which there were taken imperial soldiers kept their ranks, and opening fire,
ai anumher of yellow a g, jingalla, swords and spears. killed about a hundred of the enemy. The rebel h
The number owthose who must have faleu could not preferring deatn to flight, the imperial troops joined
be 4ess 'than 00 or 800. The enemy having, as battle withthetm,andas everyone of the royal army
above detailed, advanced So Lin-tsing, Tsung-gnan was equal to a hundred of the enemy, the rebel host
at the head of all the trops then atihis disposal wao speedily thrown into confusion. (rhe boastful
boldly advanacpd to chock terpr -im.r waapstcofsn.(iebsfu
Ioldyadvancd to chek teirpr s; lea him, character of tbd despatch is here very apparent. The
therefore sena up a report of the soldiers and offi- writer admits that the rebels would rather die than
r'- te who have distAgusIhed teheselvies on this oooa- fly, and yet says that every single Imuerlallat wai
Slenow t order to their rceivingr suitable rewards; equal to a hundred of such rebels. Thisdoes-no
out LjqWEt rarbe-eo WAlse accounts givenin. Shen- accord witlh.our experience of them.) Shing-paou
luh having dvaUceQ at the head 06 a force to out then ordered a certain wonder-working gun, togeth
ef. flr enemy, has obtained some au cesses- but er with a cannon of 3,000 pounds weight, to be
the rebeafos thieve having eparated themselves fired upon the enemy; when the rebel flags were im-
to t.woebands, stealthily crossed the grand canal,, medially seen falling to the earth, and the sur-
wbhe tanme b* -nmed general lld not exert him- viving Debels running offwith the dead bodies of
selft-stop them, on which acobait he is very much their companions. (Such an effect of Chinese can-
to be Mia, d. Let Shemrlub theiefore, and twel-fuh nonadinghas never been witnessed in the south. If
be th degraded from rakbut retained at their It. be anything more than an empty boast, other
a. 14 ,posts. also, that Shing-psau has gone hands than, either Chinese or Tartars muns have
rwo.Aitltt. eheador force to stop the progress been at work on this occasion.) The officers and
%of te enemy. We command the above-named great men,tak ing advantage of this success hastened In
'ffetto place himself at the head of all tbedispo- pursuit, and killed a great number of the enemy.
swan Iroopniand extetmlanate utterlythia rebellious Thereat of the rebels escaped Into their entrench-
b.. anditi. Lqt there be no delay. Respectthis., ments. The Imperial troops Immediately pursued
i th e Gze"r' the 9th of April contains are- them thither, and before the rebels could find time
port'from Chang-leajg-ke, the Lieutenant-Governor to open fire, the main body of the army forced their
'-" of Cn-tun Stating that 7li Ias obtained a ie.- way across the meat and embankments, throwing
S- ~t~oy er t rebellioua thime. He says that in fire arrows as they went along- by which means
they had, penetrated to the. suburbs of Lin-tasing, their powder magazine exploded, and the enemy
S" whe oen-lh and Tsng-gaA headed a boedy of were thrown into confusion. The imperial troops
'-' troops to-Interept their progress, and killed then redoubled their energy a hundred fold, and
about f 0or 800 of the enemy. After this'Shins in the attack which ensued several hundred
paq' uis4at the city in question and immedi- rebels bit the dust. The remainder of them
;- a- ^.~I telf atthhe -ed of the forces when he concealed'themselves in the moat, and employed
'k a anonffye hundrid oftAbemn, and regainel a hundred inventions to repel the attack;
Sp borto -llae s. NowIt tnp'eake, accord- but the Imperialists threw fire In among them, and
S n e report lfoha neg ke, mthat 'the rebels ulled all those who had retreated to the moat, until
a havi. Iee fen .a-plse.aledoHihkes. the dead bodies were even with the edge of the
t, .tsa o theba ehn asside of thecit. of L4n.tain moat About thistime about a thousand rebels from
.. 'he...s 'Liinar.Cont'.overioradtaiG'd' with tlIe the western pag came un to the rescue, when they
-. -'-thetsh Maen trunderluMarge, tog other wththe were intercepted by the cavalry, who killed 100 of
,> .m therlrovincenand bthenIhtof th 4th mtem, and,the rest retreated. I is calculated that
An,. _Ail.-ttaclked hB enemy's. position. Tkemill- In the above engagements 1,300 of the enemy were
m .iirt~hnorttn antd'soutrn prts'of the pro- klled,-200 beheaded, 60 taken alive, twa large iron
-*hhe.ioffag conje i-'atthe same time, and en- cannons of foreign manufacture were captured, be-
lob OR df'ggnar havin g sent a fow to-their as- 514!n jas, 1matlocks, swords and spears, pow-
*. aac they.tt4e.theenemy j .st a tewe" der and shot, without number. The enemy on the
~t.'mE. 1re4 the .uddehnes of the attack northeast were attackedby Shan-lub, and prevented
.aS .hom _'jered"nes'ofthe' irsbels,' tBe. isur- from coming to the iescue; when. the malin body of
g.nnter.W de to fei grot er or. the enemy advanced the imporalista opened fire up-
, -y .m r,ofth' g e, t nha were killed and burnm on them and killed large numbers, whilst they beat
edwa'inllsle a ; -while the rest rushing bac the prtlesthat were coming to their assistance,
thtoubJ~ rrt. e, tra.pled upon each other in the so that the northeastern portion of the rebel or-
c 1 tonlbih Severalo ters of their tents were re. could render them no aid. (This probably refers
dg aed ateri iah. the imperial -troops, to the rebel foroe already in Pih-chih-le, who were
i gjobtained a. great victory turnedtheir stps presented from forming a junction with their riendi
0 .*1 tltreatarn corner of thi city, where they freh the Setth. They wre, however, not above 70
UYkslWattery, and immeTiately set the stockade In miles from each other.) .The emperor remarks on
ai liig mayrebelsand taking alive 23 in- the above report, "the attack made on the rebel po-
SI earl bdl aspreia ove te ground ation;'n this occasion, and the successes obtained,
'i *, - tnan Mle, n br-uru show that both skil and core lavi bendie-
"f- .. ,e a low, O g-pau .aml hi self of 4!h flush
o*d I S aDsig: his.stroops, s to' seep
t bpon""on, tb aOn a Pqway f ofttha earth.
g immea y vanceat the head of Lt Tsaung-gunan Also be charged to guard tie city
~d: tltqtT mJtldlvsi6o,'. tndjxert themselves t ofn tan l with espeial are. The enemy being
;tail gemym~f d at stop to their 'incar- thus ttaed on all sides will be speedily exterml-
,tfuiq, it4Jh1 noelay.".' t appear .ah natee But let them be so pressed as to prevent
t.hyaq a .en ded dyepatch, bom Chang-leang.-ke escape in other directions and breed disturbances
'_ eotizelhuefa oat his hving lost several elsewhere. Respect this."
t-.eltld '1f the provInceofbSoan-tuug, he-begs that According'to lhe' gazettes now received, Linkwei,
a t JhmaelMu" ebb subject to'trial- and -punish- the former in'ondant of Shang-han, Is dead, and
W Pt. l6...tlig. epeqror replies, ohang- Heu.-nae-chaou is confirmed in his appointment of
154a ynag trtt sted with an-imortant lieutenantrgovernor of Keang-soo.
jag a dnothti'.'I i ablib to provide against
eau ,qenthlt lntslons of the enemy, -whqa they The Cultu of Hopear
," ,adyafli tothe 4rovine of Shanftung,isvery rfromtheAlbany Register kgS
b.* q4. 0 th e presnt ocoaon, I 8Wlma
^r4qj~banigb"'^ 11Lnth pr seccaqor The culture. of the hop in this ate is mainly
-4 e^te io'. lri~~~hWig mal t ethte enemy, ncoplned to the .oou ps o Otaiego, Madison, Herk-
-4l r7^ o`r them, iat seems that heknows nmer Delaware, Broome and henango, and in re-
o &ms to aexert diself; -erefore;-let this, 4e be grdtotI present crop, the Coopetrtowa Fee-
Stakernto Mfayorbeconsmldpratim.when hje sla put maw's Journal has a very interesting article. From
E ZO&-n'a eotXr ponishmebnt inflicted, this article we-learn that the condition of the crop
----e----l- ?onte In qlestln sewe to have In Oteego pgounty is far from being favorable. In
some r a 4d' OOn eutlus foing which h the counties of Blrbome, "suenango and Delaware,
L- 4. le h makers extra effort, lt It be.takn into the farmer are beginning cultivate hop to some
a I KeeSn.enatn orbs Tant, BdtUI h ris- extent. In the two firat named, they are not doing
;.-ie -lhave iiH cetainly ot-be auoed to very well his season: Delaware they look better,
Sbinoclemency wil-e shown. Respect not having suffered much fm drought. Theintel-
.- B ligende from Madison-which county stands next to
DO*te thel.of A cril a re- Otsego in hop refing--Is favorable to a good crop.
.. aV .... ,gm p rr-hlchhes: -day Vkerk .er stands about fourth among the hop grow-
Mtee report othe1 Lieut. ing conintes in the State. The report is very favor-
oveStg.hagletng-ke, -it seemllhatife, on the able, d opes are entertained that a crop consider-
.- dt .& rlLl.o.raboY of-.tro p Pn obtained ably larger that of' lastfalln will berealized.
Suityoerfterebel at flhkea-tang. To-day hime- county sends considerable hope to mar-
we have received, a despatch from 81lhg-paou, an- ket. The condition If the crop isrepresentod as
rL -o tbiewhi cht o soened LieantenAnt-Go- not being ver favorable.
verrnor bm-J with -militar affairs, and speo.u- The -P.umaan's Journal also enters Into some
Mt, i e boasted victory is apeculatiols in. regard to the forthcoming crop in
limereprettce. "heEmper says that ea isEngla.d. Our latest advices from that quarter are
*V muchs astonished Ittlese con victory reports. that'" accounts are very unfavorable and prices on
&-i,ai ,fee;Aue(,ays;was fom erly- promoted the'advance."' We however see no reliable esti-
...ft-g .J4,-,tgn' ,e t iaGoveriahipofJunaanto mateas to dtty, from whih alone a decent guess
"" ""inaf roo-h and hearing tiat the rebels were could .re madq as to the extent of the crop ,
advansig towards Charigcha, he rb4ubeted that But In ragaid, to that portion of the artlcoe of our
* rti3 l~nt- tlelwd,-defend Caming'ing, Jn the Coperatowxcotem orary,.tle present exdlseduty
,.V f-w lut otf .p.rovice, wherenuos be n hohe in England) the amount of duty levied an-
,] *-.e,.,d i eon charge away from the aljthe tariff on foreign hops, &o, we have.
.ia',nd'as deaedthe previsfons -des- something to say. which, however, may not be
ti C tineiti-twheo'troipat Chan-se Such extraor- news-to one sonres posted in matters regarding
.: Ia dlfltf conduct as-that shoi that he-was utterly hupsas bela- Spcaking-of the amount ofduty on
ra', e apnt f bu.ines8-ayd knew not what was of first hops in 1852, wJich he and
a' 'iId ;f. Iscon s mprtanceq Afterwards, which he says "was a pstpable error, and may
n'I& 6'ehw: rd'ered to proceed ,to the- have 'had reference th the duty, if one is levied on
'" i rilrtidcialdbtalanddefend that important post,' foreign hope."
..' wllas lok after the interests -of both Hoo-nan The dcty, whenever wp have seen it mentioned
eriibi n" w eP' bledin some de'ree'totdo hisn InEgllsh paper has reference only to the ex- Subsequintly he was removed from the pro- dee duty levied upon hops of British growth.
eidnrual vicero yship-of Hockwiug,'tb fill the office There isa duty on foreign hops which previous
E] o lletenantsvovena of- Shntung. Just at that to the general alteration of the British tariff, in
timathexebelhad advanced to Woo ch'hatg; bat 1842, we believe, was 8,11 the cwt. Therate fixed
h. he, without' onmnunlcatlng to hi Suocesiorg, Woo- by the act of 1512, whether the hops came from for-
i tarng; the cflts of his province, a hd c ar- ergn countries or British possessions was 4,10 per
mugsmeshts which he had nede for its defuece, took In1846.the dutyon thisdes:riptlon of hops,
i,. .Ump _l. of, and got arose the yangtaze-keang as was reduced to 2,5 per cwt.,at wilih It now re-
qmi. as possible, mindful onlyof hls ownasafety. He mains. We hive not fuil statistics of thetimports,
en 'steoff on hin JourneyIbthout-announcing t into Gredt Britain of hops, but such as we have ve
to-eeurt; and. when he had only arrived bt Ho- give. They e not of much lmportance,-as to quan-
man he made a report of the defective commis- tity, anyway. Imported. Rc-.e..pntsd. Consumed.
Mdatof Shaatung; .husanticipatlpg the ILfacul- 1848. ........-32,218 32,218
"- iesf hia position. We being well aware of the 18496...........00,382 88,736 663,616
ersaepinB of his dispo tinnlbwarled him are- 1860........... 726,872 218,624 507,248
'i 'J _written with thiermie lon e h lieqf, him 1862-.......... 34,670 17,360 lbs.l7,316
^ mhecg.nt. to be hamed o Isaformer conduct, Wehaveno returns for 1861 and nothing later
"anda hotter in future to the defence of the than 1862. During these years we have an Impor-
.reglo n tted to lis care. BCt reently, when tautoo as. follows
*thel_' eats brokes'Into._the province of Shan- Foreign.andColonialhopslimported,lba... .1,383,112
*unt.a d aptured city after ciy, until they laid do re expoaded........ 272,720
ale'ge'to LIn ising, requiring the- whole fored of the -

p ince to -be brout-to bear upon- th4m, he, Retained for consumption, ]bs ........... 1,110,392
4nsteed.of hastenIng to the city In qusation, and Against this we have ta set off the quantity of
jong ris force to those of Bhen-lI and'TIsng- domestic hops exported during the same yearn.
.Jinz is ro "r~ tometi hoose of
' uaywh lchmeans they might attack the ena y The quantity was-
eras quarters, tookl tlstroops through Tib-chow 1848. .be .... 867,029 1850 lbe ....... 270,611
.Q. -tow o Tbnea w-oo, the provincial capltol, from 149........ 373,841 1862 ........... 102,997
w 0.he made. a circuit to Tng- thus -
a ni Ia advance e to the seat of water; .........................1,005,348
ad e he did approach towards L- Leaving a diffience in favor of the import of for-
tstoagl, Uitched his camp at Pah-le-tsang, at a eign and c nial hope of 104,944 Ibe. only.
C- i duradle distance from the city. Even when With' some .statistics in regard to domestic hops,
hlruFpiaot addressed hjm a communication, he did the amount of duty levied by the British exaise, we
lnt cimmnc "ew eareJir the -city, nelthr would close this article. TheI duty is M8s. 8d. per cwt. and
hefflow a sufficlent lnmtfber of mlitia to join Tsng- 6 per con extra. .
. ortdertodefendithat poaitio;but proras- Ares Cultivated. Duty. Raised, lIb.
haiad pumed Wis. en innsg deien a mn3.t 1839 ...... ......2.305 ' 387,489
ab tinbeima e A nhe advanced t6war-j 1840 ..... ...... 44,80 62,254 -
rT .,'. -. tau. gwh hereswere no Insurgents, 1841 ............ 45,769 266,898 -
Y andi penndfhi _red upon nothingim a Are 1842........ 43,720 810,025 -
dwo a fa ndemp 1 48,26 443,657 50,704,026
*s that i s enty of the enem, which 1847 ............. 62,827 894,926 46,134,36
Webo dledin aeort In er toobtain arewkrd. 1848. ....... ....49,2832 388,010 44,348,986
S .p au.aft.rwardoas ned the spot, andfouud 1849.... ,...42,798 10693 16e,650,915
ot lfighie. trace of-any battle Bhving betn 1850........ 43,127 44,702 48,5ST,669
foug Ie.e, h hon.he sent upatrh report of 1851 ......... ...43,244 286623 27,012919
'' tne A ini' W ,stf j' celve what sort of staff 1852... '. f ..-46,168 '44r,144 66,102,494
llangaleg.k O'trtena are 'ma=do Of, times -- irablecarr- no ther. h arefof reat
Sudently ando ul nyJ eO nOUus .-m '!b.a Ce ot ed. h ahrLanrebc tL-
-''*" ?^^orilwtfa^ 'iB dity'aldIn 153 eJhve seen.
-eu Es T., M. ltapre
do Sj~T inrrpua or _T 2l941 W 83 we aMR
d,04$ Whatt12,
o- Oosenbs Ihos witgege nY. V plth~hths4msrk tbat four Cooperam
y efficient in managing affairs; and as he hasbeen town co teporary, at any time published the duty
already degraded from rank, and retained in oi^ce, in British hops In 1862, at 447,144 so far from It
we now order that hebe Immediately deposed from being as he now Uys a "palpbl error/' J it was a
Efflce, and sent Intol Toty, there to ae Ifane an fixed etm,

The Crops.
TheBangor '"Highas the following with regard
to the crops:-" The bay crop has been secured in
excellent order, and is a fair crop; In some of
the State much better than last year. Winter wheat,
in this vicinity, has returned a good crop, but not
much was sown. The corn crop promises wel, but
begins now to suffer on account of the severe droutn.
The potato crop wUill sufler seriously for want of
abundant rairVs. The summer, a well as the past
winter, has been npropltous Tor trees, large nutl
hers having bHghre In whole or in part. The
growth. of.-lhealthy fruit trees has been large.,.
Th Boston Transcript is Informed by a gentle-
man from central New Hampshire that the crops
everywhere are looking well, though the drought
is beginning to affect them. ,Unlesi there are copi.
ous rains, potatoes will be materially reduced in
uantity. Fruit will be abundant. Along the val-
ley of the Merrimack the crop of hay. from the rich
in rvales, was rarely ever more proliU: and valua-
The Mont gomery County Whrig says the harvest
Is now nearly over in this county. The hay and
grain drops were never secured in better order, and
the yield, take the country together, is an aver ige
one. Corn Is coming OR well, and there can be no
reasonable doubt of a fair yield. It has been too
dry fora large yield of potatoes, but we hearno
complaints of the appearance of rot.
The Herkfidmer County Journal has the following:
The crops look better in the northern part ol the
country than they do in the southern. The corn
and potatoes, wheat, oats, and barley, presented a
fine appearance. 'A few farmers complained of their
pastures-said they should not make as much cheese
as they expected, but we believe all admit they
will male as much li dollars and cents, as when
feed wase plenty and the price of cheese low, so that
on the whole they have zo reason to, complain.
The crops generally, throughout thli section of
country look well. Many fields of potatoes and
buckwheat, however, are in much need of an earlj
shower. There will be a great scarcity of apple
and peaches, although a few farmers will realize
handsome sums by the sale of their peaches--Vew
Brvnu-rick Union.
In this State, from our own observation, and in-
formation gathered from others, the growing corn
Is very good, and promises well, with the exception
of the southwestern quarter of Kent county, where
it is drooping and dried to some extent, on account
of the absence of rain and unlimed ground. We
have the-experience of several intelligent farmers
to toe effect that lime, t rowing the dampness from
the atmosphere, and retaining It in the ground, en-
ables corn to stand a severe drought, and keeps it
green, fresh and healthy. On several large fields
have we witnessed this effect most apparent, whilst
on otler fields unlimed, in the same neighborhood,
the corn is yellow and much withered. The fruit
crop in our State may be considered a failure. Only
in isolated cases do we hear of even a moderate
yield of peaches. Apples will be scarce. Blackber-
ries and huckleberries are plentiful, and command
an excellent pr Ice. A small quantity of pears and
raspberries raised, not enough to send to market.-
Delawtrare Stare Reporter, rug. 4.
The Fincastle WAis says the corn in that section
Is suflrlug very much from the drought, and that
if it continues a week longer the crop will be cut
short at least one half.
The Columbus (Ga.) inquirer says that much
improvement has resulted from tre late rains, and
the general prospect for cotton and corn has not
been more encouraging for years.
A gentleman waiting from Bryan county, Ga.,
Rys that the crops In that county are not so promis-
ing as tie general report, particularly the corn
trops, they having sulffebred much recent from the
hot and dry weather. The recent showers have
been very partial The cotton crops, though small,
a.e, owing to the dry season, clear of grass, and now
doing well.
Since our last we have made a trip through the
northern portion of this county and the southern
portion of Todd, and we heard general and lmoost
universal complains from the farmers. in regard to
creo.. The remarkably hot weather of the pasttwo
or three weeks and the total lure of rain have
parched up every species Of vegetation. ou is
suffering mmensely,.and uules there is aall of
rainnn avery short time not half a crop Will be
made Tobacco is* aso needing -a -very much,
and presents a very unpromising appearance. That
the crop will be unusuau.lly short we presume thea
can ibe nodobt, We have tafkedwith famers and
others from aUlarta of the- country-from Logan,
Christian, and Stewart countl-es-and fromlajiwe
-have- the' ame' distressing report.--Clj*wifjt
J''ersoaiae, Agisus 3, -'
onSifS,. .
The Cleveland Plaideater of the llth inst. rays:-
We havejust returned from a short trip to Port-
age and, Summit counties, and confess oursel disap-
pointed at the appearance of the country and crops.
ohere has been no season since 1838 when every-
thing has been so badly cut off. Many farmers who
have threshed out their wheat find the product, in
many cases, not equal to the sowing. One man who
sowed twenty eight bushels on shares, got br4 tren-
t-slix bushels. ?here Is generally a fair amount of
traw, but very little grain. The weevil has done
the mischief. Oats and rye are also very slit.
Corn and potatoes will be pretty generally de-
stroyed. No rain of any consequence has fallen in
about two months, and the farms generally resent
much the same burnt appearance as the Sacramento
Valley in August. Corn has grown up and topped:
out, and tbhee has died. One field between Earl,-
vllle and Franklin was pointed out to us which had
grown thrifty to the height of about eight feet, and
was dead and dry. Some pieces of corn on bottom
land look better, and would be gneatiy benefited by
rain. It may be said the only good crop Il hay,
which is equal to previous years. It is hard on;the
farmers, who are as hard working and industrious
as any in the country. In many sections the mea-
dows and swamps are burning over, and constant
watchfuleess is required to keep the fire from the
fences and hay stacks.
SThe Greensboro (Ala.) Beacon says thaW; that
section of Alabama there will be the heaviest
corn crop ever known. The cotton crop, hoEever,
will in all probability be below the average. In the
neighborhood of Troy Ala., and Helena, Ark., the
crops'promise a fine yield, .
Since our last, says the Sumter county Whigof
the 16th ult., we have conversed with an intelligent
gentleman whose business has called him for eeveial
weeks to travel extensively In the counties of New-
ton,'Nsshoba, Winston, Noxubee and Kemper, in
Misalippi, and a portion of this county. He states
that he corn crop Is good wherever be has been,
and the cotton appears to be In a growing condi-
The Colhmbnu Democrat of a late date has the
following:-" With the exception of cotton, the
cropasre all doing well, particularly that of corn,
whfih looks more promising and luxuriant than we
have ever seen It at this season. The cotton Is
backward, and has no doubt been materially in-
jured by the profuse rains we had a few weeks
since. We learn that there is much complaint of
the grass,&c. It is now certain that that orp In
this section of country must necessarily fall far be-
low an average yield."
Toe Pauldlng (Miss.) Clarion, of the 22d ult.,
says:-" We have recently had plenty of rain and
gcod seasons in this and the adjoining counties.
ur corn and cotton crops look very fiburishlng,
and bid fair to |bontltfully reward the husbaadman
for Iis labors.
The corn in this part of the county Is almost burnt
up. A few more days of such weather as ue have
had will make fodder out of It, and the tarrer will
not be under the necessity of pulling the eirs off.
Heavy rains now would not make a good crop. The
oats are better in this county than they have been
for years. Wheat is very good--Richmond (Hy.)
3Iilsarrget, Aug. 3. '
Theirouth has materially injured the corn) In this
section. In fact, If It does not rain hn a few days,
there will be scarcely any cern raised at al. Lne
fields are nearly burnt up, and farmers are despair
Ing. The prospect Is certainly a very giboloy one;
it was fortunate that the crops of wheat i nd oats
were gc -Souu-er- s (Kgy.) Jerocr-t, Ar4. 3.

It is Impossible to evade the conviction thatlthe
corn crop of Southern Illinois will be a parial fail-
ure, owing to the severe and long-contined brought.
Nay, 11' the weather holds as It now is, and ie can
see no immediate Indications of a change, ts e rop
will be far shorter than it a been known for years.
Besides the shortness of the corn rop, the 't crop,
as a general thing, was rather lighter thab usual,
and we are also persuaded, In spite of seteal assu-
ranoes to the contrary, thai the wheat crop, @though
generally good grain, will be a lighter crot for the
ground than lastyear'a-OChester (111.) Her .1.'
The wheat crop In this section, so fr a we can
ascertain, has turned out better than- for y pre-
ceding years. The long continued dry wither Is
hard on corn, and unless we get some rain soon It Is
feared there will not be an averadmge crop of this
etaeis this season. The potato crop Is almost an
entire failure. Oats generally turned out well-
Beards cuim (I.) Gazette, July 27.
-' ,', X 88o I ,Be ',
We have jstreturned om a stlp of t: r days
In lflerentparts of this county and the southeastern
.pprt 'fJadtson. Tie early-planted corn, should It
nw become seasonable, may yet make a tolerable
crop, though It has already sufbred severely; and
the late planting, unless we shall have ran in a few
days, will leldIttle orno grain. The oat crop is

Ia rge, and the yield equal to any we have ever be-
fore seen. This, together with the large quantity of
old corn, will make in some degree amen4as for the
short corn crop. The forward hemp-that which
was put in by the 20th of April- take the country
through, will, perhaps, yield two-thirde of an aver-
age crop. That sown later thau the latter part of
April, will not yield one third of a crop. Many fields
wll not be harvested at all, and we saw some fields
in full blocm, where there could scar, ely be foun I a
stalk of three feet high. The whole yield of the
country wilt not be greater thap half an average
crop. In riding from Lexington to the Lone Jack,
after crossing the little Sui, for thirty miles, there is
no water forlhorses without going to the spring' or
wells of gentlemen on the road.-Lexingro,, (l[.)
Exlress, Jtily 26.
We are gla'l to hear that many aiprehenslons in
regard to a short and injured wheat crop in this
vicinity were unfounded. The blight has not affe :ted
the yldd to any extent. What is uncut. is yet stand-
ing in fine oreer, notwithstanding the high winds
and beating rains of the last week or ten days. The
only remarkable less will be by the shelling of the
opening wheat in the process of cutting, as it has
become very dry, uand easily drops from the chaflL-
MAladion Argus, Jutly 31.
The Mllwaukle SeMinel of the 17th inst., says:-
We have glad tidings from the harvest field. The
reports from all pars of the State are favorable. A
vast amount of grin has already been secured, and
there is more E[rft on the ground. The frequent
rains and heavy storms of mid July did serious mis-
chief, but the last ten days or a fortnight have made
ample amended. The weather has been as fines our
farmers could wish. Wisconsin, this year, will hive
a surplus of come ten millions of gram for exporta-
tion. ________,.
S Another Cuban Outrage.
[From the Portland Argus, Au. 10.]
The Insolence and rapacity of the Cuban govern-
ment are getting to be past endurance. Not satils-
fl d with'oppreesing and plundering its own wretch-
ed people, it dares to extend ,its odious system to
the citizens of other nations, and seems especially
anxious to visit upon American commerce the ha,
tre-d -bwhich it feels towards American instiotunion.
"A history," sals Mr. Ballot, -c.i-f the commercial
intercourse of our citizens with the island, would
be a history of petty, and also serious, aunoyauies
and grievances to whi. h they have been subjected
Iora series of years by the Spani-h officials, iucreas-
Ing in magnitude as the latter hive witnessed the
forbearance and magnanimity of our government.
Not an American merchant or captain, who has had
dealings withbuba, but could furnish his list of in-
suite and outrages, some in the shape of iligal ex-
tortione and delays, others merely gratin tons eb'-
litions of spite and malice." As a most striking
illustration of this Spanish practice of insult and
robbery, we subjoin the partioulars of a case whiih
has recently happened in ionneotion with a vessel
from this port, but which indicates so muoi mean-
ness and allgnity and folly in the Cuban authori-
ties, that we should almost deem It increJible, if
we had not received bur knowledge o' it from
the most reliable sources. 'The case i as follows:-
About the middle of last Zebruary, the bark C.
B. Hamilton, of this port, (rbomas Means being
master, and part owner,) arrived in Havana from
New York, with a general cargo, described in fory-
nine bills .f lading. In due time, the captain pre-
pared his maniest, and delivered it to the boarding
ciser. Upon goingashore, however, to tLe house
of his consignee, apd comparing his bills of Idling
with his freight list, he tound that, in some few ptr-
ticulars, they disagreed; and fearing thatthe errors
might extend to his manifest, and anxious to leave
open no possible chance of difficulty with the Island
offi(isis,he repaired at once to the Custom House,
andasked to see his manifest, in order to correct it
if it was wrong. But the Collector refused to give
it to him; ani wlt1 the usual insolence of his cl s,
refused, also, to give him any reason for detaining
it. This was within three hours after he m invest
bad been delivered; and the Custom House regul*-
tions of Cuba expressly provide, that "during the
twelve hours, after having delivered the manifest,
which are to commence from six o' lJock in the morn-
loguntil seven at ntght, the captain, superca'gq, or
consignee, can make any alteration he tinks
proper or necessary, and for this purpose heTwil
call on the Cello tor, or, in his absence, orq the
commander of the Custom Home officers tn ser-
vice." Within rthp provision. Captain Means' had,
clearly brought.'himself. He had called one the
Collectsr; beh stated hispurpose; he had asked
for his manifesk But th Collector would- not
Live It toI .him, and he had to leave e Ciatdm
House without it. The "twelve hours," however,
did not expire until the next day at 10 o'oock;
and lp the morning, with the clerk of his consignee,
*l wnewead his application at- the Custom
Hodue. The Collector still refused him, until ten"
o'clo and then, the manifest was returned to
him., Without leaving the Custom House, and in
a few- minutes, he found the errors he looked for,
and: corrected them; but upon tendering the cor-
rectsImana est to'tre proper officer;he wee told
that the twelvehours hd expired by twenty min-
utes.,ad that it could not be received l Thus, af-
ter having made it impossilbi for him to alter his
manifest, until after the prescribed lme,' the official
coolly took advantage ofhis own wrongand left the
captain to be a victim of Cuban tyranny. Of course
the captainprotested, but of course his protect diI
no good; and in order to clear his vessel, his con
Saigneea were actually obliged to give heavy bond'
to secure the payment of any clsime which migh
legally be adjudged against her. It was 'believed,
-however, that from case of su- clear and mani-
fest wrong on the part of the authorities, there
could never result anym-serious trouble to thie ow-
ners; but that the whole matter, probably, would
be speedily and summarily dismisasmeJ. To thisend,
oper statements were preparedand transmitted to
he Captain General; and Captain Means ha since
made a voyage to Havana, without hearing of It.
But, by a late arrival, the consigneeq of the vessel,
(Meas Drake & Co.,) have trarimited' drafts
on Meossrs. Jenness, Chase & Co., her agents, and
partowneres e, for the sm of six thousand and
eight-seven dollars, claims, and thirteen hundred
dollars, expenses, which they havjebenl obliged to
deposit in Havana, to await the further action of
Cuban courts and authorities on this case I 1
In this way the potty tyrants of Cuba seek to
profit by their own racaility, and hope 'to extort
from an American vessel, some new measures of
pampering their depraved tastes, and of paying the
expenses oh a debauched and arbitrary government.
Here is a transaction free from all suspicion. The
errors were made in' drafting the manifest from
forty-nine bills of lading. They consisted'of the
omission of some reams of paper, and a few head-
ings, (where the shocks to which they belonged,
were rightly entered,) and In manifesting more bar-
rels of pitch, rosin, &c., than there were on -board.
The errors were both ways-for and against the
vessel-and there was no appearance, whatever, of
fraud. The correction was soughtto be.madeat the
earliest possible moment, and according to ACuban
tiles, but the Custom Hoduse would not permit lt,until
It was too late; and it now seeks to panish fnnocent
men for a delay, which was wholly occasioned by
itself. We cannot believe that this attempt at'extoe-
tuin win be allowed to succeed. Yet, who qan tell
what delay may not occur, where the blow which is
struck in Cuba, can only. be redressed in Madrid,
and where Spanish rapacity bnd Spanish itnorence
have so long run riot with Impunity? Awaiting
the slow adjustment of this case, the owners Juf the
C. B. Hamilton are obliged to place beyouo their
reach and use slatge amcuno of money; and this,
of itself, might work a serious injury to perso less
able than they are in the command of meade. To
doubt rhat their money will eventually be returned
to them sould be to anticipate an extent of 'wrong
In Cuba anda degree of Ameri, an submlsslon which
we are not prepared at present to believe In.'
We are no fiends of filibustering movements or
lawless expeditions of any kind; but surely every
right-minded man would' rejolte If the Cuba peo-
ple themselves would acoomplsh their independ-
ence and drive out from among them the pampered
tyrants who now habitually oppress and reb them.
if, in addition, this gem of the ocean could peace-
fully become a part of our own Union, with all her
wondrous beauty and vast resources, and could thus
be made to feel the action of our heneficeit gov-
ernment, a great blessing would undoubtedly be
accomplished both for her'and for us. Shei would
be inspired and elevated by our freedom; and we
shounlcbe (nriched and strengthened by her fertility
and power. r. |
uanrenus Ai OusAoas oX T lv s r s- We
were shown this morning a letter from a peron who
went out a shoet time aeo in the sta Illinois

to-Asplnwall, and took t e Golden G4etIant ma, Francisco. The letter, is lree to his
reitiuvesab here, and is dated from onbo rd the
Golden Gate, off Acapunco, July d. It sar that
after leavg Aspinwall their party, amp g a
number of paseners from th ino, etamped
one night on the 'road, and that night four bf them
were murdered. The next day, en reachig Pan-
ama, and Aoig oa, bhoeard the Qolden Gate the
found that out of-the Whoa number woo IN
Aspinwall to take passage on tae Golden forty
. were missing. No further partculs are but
the writer speaks of the dangers ad tro bles of
crossingthelatbman as very great. ad his
friends not to think of going to Oforni by that
route. We have heard nothing of ttesep
crimes by the Istbmus papere, but the al k of
the great Increase of crime perpet4ated by the
natives upon travellers to and from Calfornla.
PhitaladetlTia Butetin, Aug 12.

EwoAsrmre1T T~onuou ---Tbe encamp Oent at
Qunc was upon Moujt Wollaston, the arprty of
Hon. F. Adams, s nf the late Hon. Joh Quincy
Adams. The Adieliser states' that trr ground
was occupied by the troops. on tra 1 6t te wishes
of the owner and that he has aisrlue% proceed-
ings against the Major General for the purpose of
testing his right to enter and occupy them without
perinrilou,-orten eJurenmo.d A 12.


and'tI'o ihulren, all deck pasengers; a cak a pas
sedger by the nameof Henry Coulde fm i;
Colored boy, and e other, supposed a at lpa-
senger, dr-Aned while at ptlngto swim ahore."
Soe bag e was lift with the crei on tho boat.
It was toroughly pillg The boat l total
loss, with no inance.-jLoe-uioie Jour I, Aat-
gust 9h. _____
Loxozvrr'-Audrew Drew, Esq., of Dar ,
now living, and enjoying as good health as uaLt
the advan ed age of one hundred years ad fve
months. His head Is as free of grayhais when
but twenty years old. MrD.thad a wife ndtwo
sisters. The wife died at ithae e of 9 ea One
of the sisters is now living, at the advance age of
103 years. The other died at the age of -Mr.
Drew lived with his wife seventy-sIx years, d has
alwAys enjoyed good health. For seventy yeas
he didnot fll to be present at the annu town
meeting and during this time has always t own a
whig vote. Several Inquiries were made to his
manner of living, from which we learn Ota he has
always been industrious aad temperate, a mo-
derate share of spirit, rose early In te r oung,
managed his own t.inigafUlrN, and medd d with
no man's business but his ,oan. .What eems most
remarkable is that two famlIes. bonkete4a by mar.-
riase, should live to so advaned san age, ublae eps-
cil care had been taken to presee health.-
IumotsvA (N. H.) CnlnSel, Jug. 12.

farm. He is a member, we '-hellv of the First
Baptist Church of this, city, from thme. members of
wch he receives suchlIsUe ids tnom time to time
as he needs. He Is it uftlereet and vigorous,
andab letolboragod deal. He wa&sdownto-
church nearly every abbat ad retains, a total
dltoee of nearly dzix me. We trust the old
man is to lve many years pyet In comfort aold poe,
to resp the. rewmd of his servicess to our country,
mtal though tey may have' been, at' I time when.
Mhe weakuit forces told on a eunfly's destinies
banging Inequflpoaisee-DdiDrgn2Wbte,.Augujs 10.

., MAGIM -TheaPlitou Chnrich eof te 3d ist.
ayp that Immense quantities of makerel have,
wMII the past fewweeks, swmrarmed around the
shores of Pape Beton. In Arichat harbor, in a
single week, "two thousand banels were haled,
and twenty thousand bhenels might have been taken
with ease,hadthip been sal to ctIre ntheaM LT .
quantities werealso being tak at St. Pte anl
other places along the coast. These mak l are
small, being about the size of ummer hbetari but
are very fat, aed are consldered mun valppble than
the lar.e No. 3 spng h -
., -. --" . tf r. i *- *<"
lytdlaWalker,aged 106 years, .wHewr fd .old soldlr
or vhe Revolution, Is now aeltelen of iaogla u nty,
and in te ue aeyaut oft sed halah. The binrey. '.h
the world during th I old n' usee would quir 4
aOtuous TolUate r ts rtesort


' *

Don Joes Francisco Barrundia, Minister Pleniao-
tentlary and Envoy Extraordinary of the Republic
of Honduras, died in New York on Friday evening,
aged 68 years. His death resulted from an attack
of apoplexy.
Sentor Bairndia was one of the few really pure,
upright, and consistent republl anm which Spanish
America has produced. A native or G uatema]a, the
capital of the ancient vi-eroyalty of the same name,
be took an active and conspicuous part in the move-
ments which led to its independence from Spain, In
1823. In conjun-tion with a small band of liberals,
be subsequently tookthe lead in resisting and de-
featin;i the attempts of the oligatchlal and priestly
party in Guateima, to merge that country In the
ephemeral Mexican empire of Iturblde. He was
early elected Governor of Guatemala, then consti-
toting a State of the United Republic of Central Ame-
rice. As such be distinguished himself by intro-
ducing many salutary and liberal reforms-all of
whirh were strenuously resisted by the reactionary
party who singled him out as the especial object of
their hatred and calumny.
As a member of the Constltulional Convention
called in 1826, he drew up and car-ied the constitu-
tion of the republic of Central America, which not-
withstanding some defects Inseparable from the con-
dition of the country, was far the most consistent
and enlightened of any ever adopted in any of the
Spanish republi-'s. Amongst other things it aboil-
Ished slavery forever, and gave to Central America
the dilstin(tion of having been the first civilized na-
tion to abolish from its code of statutes the Idw of
slavery. The honor of this act is airec ly da fCto the
man whose death we now deplore.
The constitution was adopted with great unani-
mity by the people, and in the general election
which followed, Br. Barrundia was elected President
of the republic.
Here his foresight and wisdom became daily more
manifest. Ah ardent admirer of the United Bta'ea,
ho translated ana procu-ed the adoption of the Liv-
ingston Cede, in place of the (omplic&ted Sprnlsb
law. He perfected a system of general education,in
which he set an example of devotion and practical
wisdom to his countrymen rarely paralleled. At a
certain tour of the day the publo business was sus-
pended, end the officerss of state, from the highest to
t he lowesI, as w ell as the officers of the army, con-
verted their offices and barracks into school rooms,
sod, as teachers, instructed all who chose to come,
in the rudiments of education. President Barrundla
himself, with his cabinet, constituted no exception
to the rule. Without universal education," said
be in I ie proclamation, "the state can have no hope,
ari all our efforts lor progress, material and moral,
must be vain."
in the turbulent period which intervened between
1830 and the dissolution of the re public in 1838, Sr.
Barrenfla played an important part. While Gen.
Morazan wielded the sword.of the liberal party, Sr.
Barrundia rendered soarcmly less effective service
with his pen. In conjunction with Gen. Cabanas,
the atnal President ot Honduras, Barrundia'and
Morazan, for ten jears effectually sustained the re-
public and the ceuse of liberty. They met the bi-
gots and monarchists in the field, it debateo'and
through the press, and triumphantly vindicated the
policy to which their lives were dedicated. Tt ,was
not until excommunicated by the Pope for abolish-
ing tithes, suppressing the convents, and expelling
the Jesuits, nor until the priests and monarchiats
aroused a war of castes, by stirring up the Indians,
that the power of the liberals was broken. '
Alleging that the cholera, which appeared in 1837,
was caused by the poisoning of the waters by the
liberals, bthe priedats roused the Indians of the moun-
tains to mad sess. They let do-n from the rof of
one of the churches a commission, purporting to
come from the Virgin Mary, authorizing Carrera, an
.Indian leader, to exterminate "'all foreigners a d
liberals, and restorethe church," and with a flag
blazoned with tie fearful words, "Death to all Libqr-
ali and foreigners!" the indian hordes Invadediand
captured Guatemala, perpetrating thenost hortitile
The liberal leaders for a time resisted the'- savage
avalanche with success, butfinally the combination
of priests, monarchists, qnd Indians became too pow-
erful to be repelled. The confederation, rent in [rag-
meontsewas dissolved in-1838. Sr. Barrnndia, banlihed
from duatemala,and his property confiscated, arght
refuge in San Salvaior. Here, with his former awo-
disates, he endeavored to restore the federal union.
For ten year these exertions wer- continued with a
zeal whjch never wearied, and an energy and devo-
tion which deservedif they didliot secure, success
Space will not penut as to notice thqesacrfices
and exertions of the liberal leaders through thilong
and gloomy period. It is enough to say that Sr.
Barrundit maintained throughout that devotiuon to
principle and that Inflexible resolution which !gave
him the designation of" hombre de MAorero," or firou
man," by which he was known alikezamongstflends
and foes. '
In 1861 his efforts were crowned with partial and
t m[ orary success. The States of Nicaragua, San
Salvador, and Honduras agreed upon a federal
.union. JA provisional constitution was organized,
and Sr. Barrundia chosen President of their three
confederated States. 1 ,
The failure of this confederation,pand the causes
which Influenced it, (amongst which the extr-ordi-
nary policy of the United States was not without its
weight), we have no time, nor is this the plhce to
incicate. Sufficient to say that means wore
brought to bear which broke up the new confeder-
a.ion before Its existence fairly commenced.' San
Salvpdor and Nicaragua withdrew, and left Hondu-
ras alone in-:ts support of the principle of union.
Sr. Batrundia, after this event, remained secluded
in the city of Tegueigalpt, in Honduras, whete he
wrote and published his final appeal to the Dise-.
turbers of the Peace of Central America." Thare
exists in no language a more dispassionate and4 high
toted document. It prAunced a profound impres-
sion, and was not amongst the least of the causes
which I as led Sen Saador and Nicaragua to re-
turn to their traditionary and liberal policy. They
are now again united with Honduras in its resist
ance to the dictatorial and reactionary policy which,
suported by Santa Amnna, is dominant In Gutema-
la, where the Indian leader, Carrera is now the
irresponsible ruler.
The probable opening of a new route of transit
between the oceans through Honduras, as well as
the sympathic.s and Interests of that State, having
rendered necesary new and closer relations, with
the United States, the government of Honduras,
early in the present jear, solicited Or. Barrundia to
accept a mission to Washington. Notwithstanding.
his advanced age, and the sacrifices which the
mission involved, he did not hesitate to undertake
the service. He arrived in Washington Inl May,
where he was received by the President. RBgard-
ing the'time as inauspicious to open negotlatIons,
.he went tb New York to await the adjournment of
The telegraph curtly announces all that remain
to he said:-"Sr. Barrndia, the minister from HEon-
durae, died last evening of apoplexy."
We cannot close thins brief ket without adding
that, in the death of this eminent man, the Oultei
States has lost a warm frend, Central America one
of her noblest sons and worthiest benefactors, and
the liberal cause, which throughout the world ac-
knowledges -the same principles, and aims at the
same results, one of Its most devoted adherents and
most disinterested and ablest supporters. jn the
present state of our relations with Central Aerea,
the death of one who, like Sr. Barrundia, was Inti-
mately acquainted with Its history and wauns, isa
calamity both to Central America and to the Uuited
States. _____--__
Surnro oF run CorE May-'r~ FuInv PsUITvcu-
LA,---We published on Monday a brief notice of
the snagging of the stpemboat Cape Rlay at Mt.
Vernon. The accident happened, as we learp from
the Mount Vernon ddooeat, between 8 and 9 O'clock
on Wednesday evening. The monn was thtning
bright, and the anag was visible to the psngeora
two hundred yarse distant. The conduct ;of the
pilot is severely censured by the Aduocnt Tie
boat, an old concern, directly she struck th snag,
careened over so much as to throw the whol4 cabin
partially off, and immediately commenced qnklsg
very rapidly. The citizens of Mt. Vernon i medi-
ately I rocured every boat at the wharf, ind na
b irttm were saving pasnesand bsg a ead
but for their noble ass s anche loss p 11ims
have been very great. As it was, the Aqeocate
says, "although we have taken some pains, i can-
not ascertain sthe number of nqsaasgers onubolrd,
neither isit known how mary nave round a watery
grave; seon of the latter, however kno.n; an -
Irish irl. the wife of a German from New O tleans.

i I m

fte Came of the Englsh Desertem at Bolts
['rom the Boston Traveller, Aug. n.] '
Before'Unlted States Commlssloner 0. L. Wood-
bury, the Rostponed case or the two English desert-
ers, Prichard and Oarey, changed with robbing the
military cheat at Sydney, OCape'BreLton, of sboot
700 in Mexican dollars and gold, cae up. GoS D.
Twining, British Commtssar,, from, whose custody
the alleged property was taken, which consisted of
166 Mexican dollars, J78 In sovereigns and half
sovereigns, also .60 in sovereigns and half sove-
reigsa of his private property. it was deposited in
an iron chfat. He recognized the two perous as
attached to the 76th Regiment. They were msasing
on the 13th July.
Sergeant Torrey testified to the Identity of the
prisoners as formerly attached to the 76th Regiment
at Sydney, C. B.; that Carey was on guard at the
door of the house where the treasure was de melted .
on the night of the 12lb, from 8 to 10 P.M.; he
would have been on guard again at 2 A.M. on the
morning of the 13th, but he was not-then to be
found; that the monthly pty of the soldiers was 1
4s. yer month; there was uo other entrance to the
cheat except through the guarded door, the rear
windows being barricaded; tree other soldlers on
guard at that door daring tie night; the witness
saw both ofthe prisoners ou the night of the 12tb,
before 10 o'clock, but not afterwardas.
On the cross-examination, the witness was asked
if, when the regiment was stadoned at various places
on tIbe Mediterranean, the accused had not. the op-
portunity to earn money, othpr than thei par. The
witness replleI that th11y had such opportuif, but
to his knowledge they had not availed tesevsof
it to any great extent. At Sydney, Pritchard acted '
as servant to Mr. Twining, for which he receivedd
ten shillings per month. Tiis closed thfestetlmony
for the Englidh government.'
Mr. Treanor, for the prisoners, said that bhe tbould
argue that a case had not teen made out suffoient .
for the Commissiloner to certify tothe Exueutivethat
the prisoners should be given up, on arlous grounds.
First, be held the offence which they have attempted
to prove is larceesy and not robbery. He quoted va-
rious authorities to show that robbery is a tak- from
thbe person, or In his',restnce, by violence or patting
him in bodily fear, which the evidence did not sus-
tain, and therefore they tould not be remanded, a
-the Ashburton treaty does a'.S provide for a: case of
larceny. In the second plece, the caio;ehas notbeen
propel ly'presented by the B- Itlish government. Ac-
cording to the treaty., they should hale made afS.
davit before a magistrate there, whothen should
have issued his warrant, and this warrant, with
evidence of the authority of the magistrate, should
haoe been prodnuccd here, which had not been done.
fThe proceedings being founded upon an affidavit
with the certificate of the commandingg offleer at
Sydney, that the.person before whom the affidavit
was taken was a magistrate. Insupport p this po-
sition he quoted the caseoF Kane of New York,
who was demanded by the British government as a
murderer, and where the commissioner held that
the original warrant, must be produced.
Another point raised was, that the British Vice
Consul was not theproper person to make the de-
mand, but that after the warrant was issued it
should have been placed in the hands of a legal of-
ficer to proceed to this county, and lay the matter
before the executive. He held that these- men
might, during their six or seven years service, have
accumulated the morey lonnd upon then andd
quoted the case of Mr. Cobbett who during his
service as a soldier, accumalated sufficient toaqiuali-
f himself as a member of Parliament. In eonclu-
sin, he said that these men were not claimed as
robbers, but as deserters, the penalty for which may
be death.
Mr. J. H. Bradley followed, enforcing the position
that the proceedings weie illegal, and the prisoners
entitled to their discharge.
Mr. John C, Park, for the BHtishlb government,
redapitnlated the Tacts of the ase. He said that it.
was- proved that the crime charged had been com-
mitted with false keys, which Is burglary in the
eyes of thS law.. Prichard is a servant of te orn-m
misary,.and had access to the keys. In the morn-
nlug he is gone and also Carey, who was the guard.
It was also ahown that Prioiard attempted that
night toobtain [onr shillings, sayingtbat be had not
acent, and that Carey was poor and in'debt. The
next morning, at daylight, taey were ieen dfuned
as farmers, applying to the-captain of vessel for -
a passage to this country, and paying 12 flora pas-
sge, In the same coin as that ak e.
He was followed by'Wni. End, Esq, also for the
English goernment, wh argued at length that
treaties between two great governments ahltd be
construed in a liberal spirit. Both Mr. Pa t and
Mr. End took the position that the word robbery
in the treaty meant not the technical iate -rota-
tion, but the more broad and general idea of what
constitutes that once.e
The Commissioaec in announcing hfi dcialon,
said that he wa s of opinion that the caewas pro.
erly before hfn, the President and Secretary of
ae having nb jurisdiction in the matter until It
was reported to them by t'e Commissioner, that a
case had been made out. It was the 'dAut Of this
government In carrying out this trent to6 'istiy in-
vestigate each case, so that all who stand under the
fag of the United Stptes hall be protected In their
rights and privileges, and also to ascrtais, that at-
der the .odk of other charges a person guilty
ierely ofr political offences or love of liberty shall
ni-t be sent back for punishment. It was alo the
.duty of the United States to see that all who come
i e guilty of crime of the nature described' in the
treaty should be give up. It has been aurgedfor the
defence that the judicial proceedings at Sydney
were mnota accordance with the requirements of the
Streaty. That point he should not consider, for the
reason that hi opinion upon another noint shade it
unneceufiry. He then stated that the evidence
was sufficient to convince him that the accused wer e
probably guilt, and it next remained for him
to consider wether the rime whl.2h they have
committed comes under our treaty stipulations with
Great Britain. It Is a rule of law that the explain
,ition of.a word is whatittoceeically meas, anad
sqch is the decision of the United States Supreme
Court. .The word robbery,therefore, in the Ashbur-
ton treay, is to e taenn its ehnical sense.
According to the common law of. England, from
witch we all derive our laws, and which has been
legalized by the United'Statia es statutes, robbery is
defined as the takingof irpety ty violence, put-
ting the-person from whom iK taken-Iln bodily.
fear, and e was bound by that construction. I
thejuresent case the act was not done "By violence,
mehnac or intimidation, it was cltdeetltn he sact
of a thief, and not of a robber. The prod 4ooe not
come up to the requirements of the treaty, and how-
ever palfi it may be to set at liberty men coming
here with such guilt, he must diosarge them.
The announcement was refeved with applause,
which was immediately checked.
*The men wereat once taken into custody by the
State authorities, on a charge of'simple larceny,
such a charge having been made lI the police court
by Mr. Hilot, British-Vice Consul. On this charge
tyey will, I convicted, he puniahed by lprison-
ment here, but canon be sent back.

i. OLD MsA.-& short true shimc we chronicled
tbe heath cf a negro who had raichid the'venera-
blsete of 100 years. It my, net be kaown to many
of our raiders, that there as naw living near this
cty, inethe enoyment of good health and the frugal
comforts of lift, a negro, who is nearly, or quite, a
century old. His name is BanjanxinjMorrs, and he
Is residing on the Charles Morai (Mmn, where he has
a life leaase, ad where, by the aid of' a few friends,
he tfls enough ground to ears for himself aln
but emnfortable oubeistan t e. His .ife has been
quite eventful. He was born at Snowhill, in Vir-
guna His master's name was Bob Soofleld, as be
lays, using, probably, the familiar term by which he
was known throughout the neighborhood in which
he resided. He lived with SeffIeld.tlll after the Be-
vointlonary war. During the war, he was engaged
toijrlve a baggage wagon; and so welldid hiale- *
havour please Gene Washington, vw hapuoned
to noticeJln, that his mausr, at the clos of the
war, gave him his freedom at the request of that
gre and good man. His deed of nanunralsln he
ew, of a troth, the" palladium of hi liberties"
In this negro-hrmtlng age and country. Pa-rar Vir-
Sla .Morris went to GCba, where sted but a
sbort.tme, returning to this country and soett g at
Louisville, Ky. Thence he name to Debtm In time
ttwttne the nirrender of Hul, Ad the closing
acts of the war of 1812 upon the frontier, Maen
lpt ho has beeen egaged Ia lae i ofuvarious kinds,
supporting himself ens wife In conifortabie circus-
atance. About three year *go ihe died,!kud he has-
since lived alone In a lidsfeoctiag on the Kornu

1-J- , .

J iafle GOU0D -O BXDIDNA ai ,

4 -fMV% J. W-,DCaRI OF Xt&SUD AMO FUL70H 89%
--t-k t. T.9 ......o a meotee.

WASTLE GA4t"Drl-I Puar- ai
IOWRY V*URAMR. Boww=.-Go'rnrza or L~o'.,-
aws' awam m
*lfaLO's-i'mcar llot,- Dia.'siTC ,rai Vl'JLi-<
EA&TIoNNt. s arnicE, Cbaftam .r-ot--unur's-A
1dLu LA INS 19, XMI"Ut LAMPr
AMERIC'.N 'S* Ua CM --A ftlt-t of t'-',iTV n. ur. :TT
;-4.ICIITmrC BY -PsB. -K.'uas'i- ':1w '>iL iREaT.
6OWD'S S.Iis E1IA;L, 4 44 nlU:t;*a-ETrigplup
3Irac-Ei'am? AxI olv&.LrF1'E OlpM4.
BCKLFV' dPT-.RA nLU.SE. 1M larawss.-Boa.
wuwTneviouoriJAu .raaa inour'a.
STVYv'Sa .S r I '.5' i' rE. ;lBadmey. Cuaznv'
WaLO.N. O'%i's FIreFPrLntOwB, HadIM sLre.-Eq ULF-
TaI .ffiOIIfl&iCAd.1.
KAo Work, MInaubeMf, s&Ugi;aSr, 163Z.

Malla tur Ens-ape.
%a' Corwad m'il F`trai9hip Can.'di, Cap.nln 4.1.
U ltevs6 ctlon on 12 o'clock K Ir Li'-

TMJiilp W1 close in ah',ty at a q'iAr r to tbhre
,adoak tlo-uippuis afteraon.
IhM Btaux, (printed in FPeach ad Enlijh,) wil Le
punlsbhed at bnff-past mine o'clock to. mor row a.ating
eiole oeplss L rappers, sLiyewe.
S eantteat"4f the European edition of the BE-ALD
WPill mibrce the nws rremi red y sia and telegramh at
this osce during the previous vwek and to the Lwr of
puLation. _____
.The News. v
By ,ite arrival of the bark Mayflower, 'rom Bo-
uaire, jX have advisca from Venezuela to the 1st
An .gagement bad taken pla e between the ina.
aurgenta and the government troops ar.Coro, which
resulted in-the defeat of Sthe insirgecnl.
The Paer-ji-rty, numbering about three hundred
men, were defeated after an engagement of seve-
da hours agairs't 1,30) gver'ment troopF. who oc-
cupied the city of Coro. The insurgents retreated
with the loss of absnt two hundred men, tigeoher
with General Gara.oes and the mon of the Consul
Central of Holland, resident at Laguayra. General
Pau was hourly expected from New York.
By the arrival of the schooner Sarab Matia, at
StIbIs port from Madeira, we learn that there was an-
other a iLthe failure of the wine crop, the blight
having spain appeared on the vine and grape. The
U. 8. ship-of-war Marion was at Madeira on the 4tl
eo July. The day was celebrated with much en-
'thusiasm on board of her, and n exchange of conur-
testes between the Portuguese and Americans t.3k
place on the occasion.
We publish to-day fnolU particulars of the recent
riot in St. LouIs, which is representect to hayebeen
: ne of the "; most appalling thiat ever took place i n
the country." For forty-eight hours the city vire
-'" i a complete state of an-irchy and oounfusion, and,
Uthe slightest pretexts vere uacd as ex-'uBes tfo- th
destrction. of property, and scenes ol violence and
V ood.' The greatest batred and vindictiveness ap-
par to.have existed between the parties engage,
S. and the innocent and peaoeable suffereal alike with
* theguilty and tvil disposed. A number of arrests
W ..ere.made, and it is to be hoped that the Iinglead-
Ser on either ide will be seeirely dealt with,and
A caught that the laws or the country cannot be out-
T '-ae. andget at defarice with impunity by either er
a'4i a or "reigtes.. Sincerel:dq.we trust that i
a.*ch' C a ie- of lanlesinri adn .- iQ Bay Whv ir vr
'Wn be recorded in this country. -
The retLm from the recent election in low-
comes in slowly. By a dispatch from Chicago, we
S learn that GOimes, the whig asd anti-Nebwaska can
didate lor Governor, Is about 1,100 ahead in seven.
Seen counties.
TI this 'city, three street preawhars occupied the
'City Hall steps at the same time. One, the accor-
dBeo'player ot the angel I Gabriel, contented himself
Smith &ingijg the second described the enormitles.
Sirf the Pope and the Church of Rome, while the
-'- "tIrd dividedhis attention between the corruption
j s4'*iweChurch of England and -the editor- of the
aIn.' There was a largd number of persons
attendance; but all seemed" pWeaably disposed,
Wrna fights or-rowa took place. On the passing
S 'c i 'uneral down Broadway, the crowd
i .etly dispersed.
S-In Brooklyn,-E. C. Steley, the American sailor,
addressed an audience on the freedom of speech
ad the gliry oPhis country, in the City Park, and
-. was listened to with attention. After he had con-
luded, a portion of the crowd followed him out of
S' he Park, and some boys made consderable noise,
ive i act of violenque was attempted.
-I. -l.Willlamsburg preaching took place at the
oorn. i of North Fou ribh and North Second streets.
a.,V dh9iece were very orderly, and Io disturb-
a unee occurred.
An interesting account -of the first division of th
New York Stitn Militia, with names of the officer,
dcsiiption of dress, and all the information it was
Sossible to procure, is given elsewhere in our paper
.tla morning. It will be seen that the division has
.. ahrca of 0,880 citizen soldiers, viz:-3,300 infan:
try, 3,289 cavalry, 1,241 arbllery, exclusive of
se'eeal independent military organizations. This
frce is well armed, equipped and disciplined, and
lae-have no doubt that in case of their being -:alled
Into actual service, they would prove more effective
fban any similar number of regular troops.
Fron tihe extracts published in another part of
Ioday'e paper, it will be seen that almost through-
sit the country the crops have suffered and are
-atflerlng from the eacestive drought. Ohio ap-
pears to have suffered severely, and the complainL
f'om Tennessee are almisL nruiversal, In many
.p ortions, unless speedily visited with rain, the crop
of potatoes will be an entire failure.
MtecELLAC otTse.
Capt. Hollins, in the United States ship Cyaae,
"rrived-at Boston yesterday, from Aspinwall, via
San Juan.
Another Instance of insolnece and rapacity of the
Cuban officials will be font d in our paper to-day.
These ontiages are no s of almost daily occurrence,
and our citizens having dealinr.s with Cuba are
continually subjected to insults and patty annoy-
ances. How long is this state of things to exist?
New cotton, in small parcels, has commented, to

arrive in New Orleans.
Pa.)OES OF THBE .X1t aaRECirOs N Cu [- A--
In another parp of our paper will be fIuud
several imperial rescripts fiom the Pekin Go-
ceie, which, notwithstanding the exaggera-
tions and Uombast by whicb it is sqtght t acon-
teal the truth, more effectually demonstrate
Mhe progress made by the insurrection than any
of the statements that have as yet reached us.
t is evident from these documents that the
days of the Manchoo dynasty are nutimbecred;
and it. i-.not improbable that by this time
Pekin Itself has alien into the hands of the
rebels IIt behoves our government to watc'i
with vigilance. the progress of events i the
Chinese empire, and to neglect no opportunity
of extending the interesL that it has coat so
much trouble to acquire. No more favorable
opportunity could present itself than the
present, of firmly establishing our Inanence in
that ruarter. -

grand fancy drcss exclusive ball, costing five.
ten or fifteen thousand dollars, to the New
York merchant who could afford ten thousand
dollars rent for a store and twenty thousand
for clerk hire ? A bagatelle. What was a
dwelling house costing fifty thousand dollars?
All tile fashion.
ButL the danee is cvor, and fhe fler, hit in
hbld, is collecting his pay. WVe are beginning
to c-'unt our exports of specie to Europe by
millions per week; our merchants are falling
bacd upon the muatry,and the country is slow to
raise the needful supplies. Wall street Is fl it,
trade Is dull, stor-ks are down, and money is only
easy upon very soand securities. Uncomfortable
supplies of' last year's stock ol' importations
still remain on hand. They must be shoved off
at a sacrifice into the country, or sold fir what
they will fetch under the hammer. Ro3m is
wanted for the fall styles of 1851, and the sur-
lusege of 1853 aul of the last spring cannot

The inefatien ot (hie Bubbeor S't-,. rne
Collnapm of 15'.5=-'-Si. ns o Ser Tim-e.
Within the last three months we ltves rrpas-..
odly called tb ? Uttnt'r(n of nur r' ,(l'rs '.) the' in il'ho m rv, m.o-t, of "0o
stock-.;jobLing, 'oamt .:',i ..tr1 f; lnrci 1l w-4,,l,
.of an imp.-nd'ing moatuc 1r', n, t.nalBagil Ir
in iti anqtt'tl and rcmultb tu the m-'moral,.
collapse of 1Q'37.
The year I1o5 alnd the year Is3G were years
which carried away the whole bhusiqes commii-
nity on the high tide of 'n excessive pet bank:
inflation, beyond all 'the hounds of safety com-
mon honesty, cr common :ense. A puf'ofrviu I
,came-a breach wa made in tbh, flim-y 'fari'c-
a roaring ,torm followed, and the mir'nifikc-'.
.air-built eastlc, fruo i1s topmr,-t tomveru wt its
outside Ealieader, wa-s sw-pt away iLto thlt gih'
o1 univerFal bankrupt.'y. Van Biren and 'Li,?
,demoa'raBie party w-ere hel'l respon-i'l'. and
-by an overwhetimin-; npri'in ,ri'a rindl,:'i ar-l
indli:nant people the u-:.--'.. of Jackson was
igotmiootisly repnu'liatl'.-d iu 1840. Years
.elap.d; trade, o:n.hanges. commerce and stook
joLbing gradually rsuin'el the forms of order
tnd regularity; -inpla&ters were snpe,''iled
.by more reliable paper, and the State banks
gen'rnily were reorganized upon something
lie a healthy rF-yem ofl' operati-ni. With
liiht and tempopa-y ffucltuations, the move-
jieUIiiof Wall street were plain Failing till the
gold began to pour in from- California.
Te'fitrst arrival iof Califora'!a go'd t.-'.:d
a, geexal incredulity coacernbig the asto-izih-
ieg rumors of the illiitable supplies ofl th,
precious.metal in the n'.-vly uc quicld El Dora-
do: t.nt as the ahbipmr n.s incren wed from mouth
to month,. anbelef gavec way to confidence and
onulidenoe t Acntihusi..m. A spirit ofspeoulation
dwil stock jabbing -pc-ucily follhvwed; ltut tfr
sone time, wi'h the ecp.:-.'nce of 1836-'7 as a
BTaoMing, its-i.ghest detmaids were amply sup-
plied by the .-:-gulor andsteadily ireaslng
receipts of gokl fromu San Frncii, ico in ex-
chaunge for New ,Y,.rk aueichandise. The .'ali-
foni'- mines were _itexhausli!e: nnd L be subse-
quent discovery o1 richer wL-.i!inga nn od ta-ei
"chu gut" and nutggera" nmong the i illz and
gulches of Aitstrali,, would warrant tL 'e most
utlimit-ed and the most preposterouws c heres
of speculation in mines, genuine or spu rioue,
incorporations with s.-)tJi and bodies, or'. Vilth--
out either holy or soul. in all sarta 'ofconit. 'ira-
.ies. for fleecing the gullible public of thb eir
sanperabundance of cash. They wereall avaii a-
ble, and all in rejueslt.
The summer of thi 3ear 1853 was tLe cuilmr-
nating point of this golden epoch of infl:t;on..
The Crystal palace was the comprehenive ema-
bodiment of the fact. We adhere to this as-
sumpticn. The Cryial Palace wn s the. th'ig
which overdid the thing-the extra bale o" mer-
chandise, or the one feither more which
broke the camel's bac'. and uIheh gave us.
over bis prostrate ioily, tbhe first front
view of the elephant. It was the inaugiLa.tiln
of the Crystal Palace th.t inaugurated the ibe
ginning ol the collapse. The succe- o' tche
royal spc-culatiuu at Hyde Park had intlnimedil
the patriotism of Eom, ..f our enterprising iti-
z..n till the agony saR insupportnblc. T,'he
ordered a Cr)stal Pidace fur New York; fo. the i
London. the Paris, the St. Petersbur of Aume-.
ica was entilleltiii-andl they knew thue hini
sould pay. The product, of art. geniii-, ani]
industry, from the four winds of heaven nod all
the -islands of .the sea, coUeotel, aind artitically 4
arranged iu n beautiful glass house, woalr ccer-
tainly pay. The country was flush of money,
Callfornla and Australia bravely kept up the
supplies, our people were becoming rich. ILvrt-
rious and extravagant, and were all agog for 'I
some new excitement in the absence of a Pre-
sidential election. The Crystal Palace was de-
creed the greatest desideratum of the age.
The stock went offi tt a high figure, like hot
Bakes on a frosty morning. The whole commu-
nity was infected with the contagion. It was
the old monomnais of the South Seai bubble-
the YazooEcheme nnd the morus multicaalis
imposture, in a new shape. Everybody in Now
York was to be enriched by it; and the iWland,
within two or three years, it was prelicterl.
would prove to be too emill to contain the
people. the buildings and the increased tacr- i
chandise which wcbld flow ia upon us.
And wltat was the result? Stocks went up,
Parker Veins, and veins in Grass Valley and in
the moon went up, bread-stuffs and .provisions i
went up. town lots and country homesteads i
went" up. marble stores and brown stone pala-
ces west up, and rents went up to an incredible i
figure; and notwithstanding a revulsion was
distinctly foreshadowed from the inangtlrfltfon
of Barnaum's second-lind museum of inl.iastrlal
curiosities, rents continued. to go up till last I
May, when they were raised to such amazing 1
figures of extorlionais to excite sensation of i
reaction, something of a panic and something i
of a pause.
The self-adjusting balances of supply nol ied-
mand have been quietly, but to an inapprecia-
ble extent, rapidly working out a rdvaLution,
and a collapse. Last year, the new buildings
erected in New York might be counted by
thousands; th;isear, with all the materials to
lie had at much lower prices, they are reduced
to a few scattering hundreds. The difference
is manifest everywhere throughout the city.
Last year, from the multitudes attracted to 4
New York by the Palace, or driven here by
the yellow fever ill th Sc uth, oru' sales of mer-
chardifse to country dealers were doubled,
trebled andi quadxupled in quantity; n,l loan C
unusual extent, the goods were of the richest
qualities. But how could our friends in the In-
terior abstain when money was easy and credits
so liberal! Basing theirestimates upon their
dlunsive sales, our. merchant princes launch-
ed boldly forih into princely expenditures -
of their own credit in fine stores.
fine silks, fine houses, splendid turnouts,
royal dinners and fast horses. What were
two or three thousand for an elegant pair of
Vermont bays? A mere trifle. What was a

rests are immediately affected by the alteration i
in the fares. The excitement prevailing in i
Brooklyn on the subject is iremenmpus, and in- i
eludes all classes, from the proprietors of house
property down to the iuimblest mechanic. The 4
former will be injured by the depreciation which
it must occans'.on in rents tin Itself, by the by,
no very deplorable evil), and the latter by the C
inroad which it will make upon a narrow in-
come, already rendered isaufsclent by the enor-
mous rise which has taken place in all the ne-
cesearies o" life. To all these persons we have
but one reply to make.
We have heard It asserted by many that the
augmentation in the fares is in itself'illegal,
and that it might be successfully disputed were
the public inclined to go to the expense of liti-
gation on the subject. We do not concur in
this opinion, and we recommend the complain-
ants to turn their attention to some more feai-
le and effective remedy, Now, it seems to us
bS . , : I

In___li_ __ __ __ __ __ __i __ ___I


Etc acbes arising from butcheries, soap factories,
bone boiling depots, offal deposits, and similar
death-dealing establishments. Over threehun-
drcd deaths, or one-third of theentire city nior-
tality, occurred in four of these wards-two
hundred ;and ei hty-three in three of them'
And all this brought aboat in consequence of
the stupidity of a city government whichh was
elected to reform ridnielpal affairs, but which
has only succeeded In making them worse than
ever before.
The record is a melancholy and sickening
one, hut for the sake of the living it should be
carefully studied. The results we have arrived
at, show very clearly that the city government
when negligent murders about twenty thousand
people every year. Of the deaths in New
York certainly two-thirds are caused by dirty
streets and grog hope, The cat government


be permitted to Temain over Tus so much
dead capit.I when cash is so balty want-
ed. The prospet, therefore is hat the drain
of specie to Europe w 11 continue, ,nd hat oar
importers, n many cases, within all their efforts
to meet their European 1 abilities, will fall to
do so, from the failure of the i terinor to come
to their relief. Extraordinary loans upon
umury by the banks will only transfer the
hazard from the merchants to the banks them
solves; and when they failT, the revulsion will
be complete and noirer-al.
A more palpable falling off in the monsiroua-
estimatos of i153. of our specnlat.,rs and fiau-
ciers, far more decisive and remark-rble than
the tightness among the merchants, is the de-
cline in this ci'y in rents and real estate. In
every principal street there are untenanted
houses atid stores, and significant and unsea-
sonable placards are liberally posted up, notify-
ing the passenger of "this house to let," -the
upper part ofrt' this house to let," "for sale or
rent," &ec. Hera and ,here an unfinished block
Las ,een--; in (he course of its -erection;
and the interest, at least, of the capital esreud-
er Ns lost, from the want .-,f capital to finish ;t.
or the whole capital cxpenriedl may have been
sacrificed, from the iirurious te-rms upon which
it was borrowed. .
While there was a hope of restoring the eLuLi-
libriim of tbLir.gsi without nriater.l detriment to
The community at lrgowe c wre dikpoitd top.isi
by these c-vi'lenes of uan over-straint- upceula
tion sinkin.- into a cnlloie; but now that tho
day of settlement is at iu ndl, and the di-caeii up-.
pears to be on unmistakable epidemic, we may
be absolved from admonishing the public of the
great change which is impending, in reference,
to th6 holders of real estate, the buyers andthe
renters of costly stores and town and country
Already the work of reduction in rents since
May last, is rather surprising. We site inform-
ed that some stores, which were ofl'erel as an
aceommn otdnticn last spring, at ten thousand
dollars rent, may now be had for five or-six
thousands: and that some dwellinghouses, which
coull not be made topay from boarders and
lodgers their May rentsof five and six thousand
dollars a year, may be had for two or three
thousand, or even less upon a pinch. Where
rentscannot e paiid., they must be reduced, or
lhe ladtludrd must in-vitably be the loser; for
where the occup',nt hns no means there is no
redress. Plninn ri pike staff. Rents are. there-
fore, coming down. [property iscbangino, hands,
.chd spetelatorsincihy lots are.aLra'ly: ;an miny
ia,-lances we fear, -on- the verge of riainoos, in tie dcolinef'om the railie of their in-
j.mien ts when the bubble was fall blown.
Th!b couitinuuts supplies of gold-from Califor-
nT; %tiavI thuin far averted the catastrophe of-a
.1C 'ri an rl ic'!.rrit revralsion. But. c-n)UtLtiitng
he a'.;.ten'cs .around us, wo arehy no means
C)oafl, lcm tlat eltber the appliess from Califor-
nia, or Aibe sa;.aC'ty of lusr merchants, or the
lempor. 'i.5 relief .lff-,irded iv the banks, will
atre-t Lr downward lewIlency of things
Jiort of aR1 ,6:nen-ral sen'tion. The ,war in
uirope is ,lead drag up.)n us, notwith-
-tanding 1 v .nunt-] moucpoly of the carry-
ing trarIc l L L intentions anu l Froapects of the
admini'stration i reference to Cvlra are neither
lvaoriln.Pousg f V ,Lie pr.'sent no' promising for
the flute ; and .om drry to day the p,;try
flickevrigs and flr 'irjatkns ol ,fWall street arc
only !iguilcant ,.( o-me gene-ral impending
mischief. In a wo,'.,- f i u Comme-ral-and
*peculaolive operation' of lf.3 were bated upon
false estimates and al -a debts largely due in
LS51, and if the profits (f the interval have
been Equandere-d away in \'ulgar extraragances,
the day of Fettlemeunt can oo'ly result in failures,
rexplcsions, a general panic, a'd a general con-
fiseation. The fear of Wall street, the sus-
picions of the public, the pressure of the unpaid
bills of r).3, are all looking in this direction.
Reaction from excessive expansion is no less a
law of trade than a law of nature; and thIe re-
action has commenced.

Tlie Bi'ookly- Ferry Monopioly.
We have been favored with several letters
in defence of the Union F-erry Cumpany,
signed One of the Managers," which, in sn,-
cordanicc with our invariable rule as regards
anonymous communications, we are compelled
to decline inserting in our colrumne. As a gen-
eral principle we hold that the man who is
afraid or ashamed of endorsing with his name
the truth of the statements which he wishes to
set before the public, is influenced by motives
that render their accuracy questionable, and
we will riot, therefore, be parties to their circule- 4
tlon. Let the managers of the Union Ferry
Company come forward collectively, in that
bold and manly manner which indicates the i
conscIousness oft' a just cause, and publish such
an explanation of their afai-rs as will satisfy
the public that they are driven to their present
measures by necessity alone, and they may rest *f
assured that instead of the odium which they 1
have brought upon themselves by the equivocal
nature of their statements, and the non-fulfil- t
ment of the new conditions which they have
imposed impon their customers, they will meet
witlh support nsd sympathy from every right- z
minded man. As regards ourselves, we shall e
in suclt a cas, he but too happy to afford them 1
every lacility in our power to set themnelves s
riglt with the public. But it must be done Ia a c
mIanner that will have no grounds for lho t
*urplcion of n desire to akirk the responsibi- c
lity of statements that are liable to be l
controverted by subsequent disclosures. The 1
course pursued by indivmual members' of r
the board, In addressing anonymous commu-
nications to the newspapers, instead of coming
out in their collective capacity with a full, ho-
nest, and firm exposition of the facts, appears
to warrant this construction. It certainly looks
as if they bad a week case and shrank from its
dDsEcssion, 1
In the meanwhile, we are inundated with
communications from the parties whose late-

that if the consequences of this messare
on the part of the company be in re-
ality so wide-spread and' oppressive, the
public ha- within its reach a ready means
of redress. We will evi.n go farther, and say
that where ihey have been treated with so
much dlscourte y end in:olence, they will be
wanting in self respect aEid spirit if they do
not Asho the company that they are, after all,
but thi-ir servants, and th,,t the power which
the latir h-ave craftily monopolised, and are
now despotically using, is insufficient to pro-
tect them from their just. resentment. We be-
lire we ore correct in stating that the ferry
leases contain no clause binding the Corpora-
tion not to establish intermediate ferries be-
tween those already in existence, if at any
time they should deem it necessary to do so.
Now, seeing the great variety of interests in-
volved in this question, we cannot-understand
why an attempt should not be made to break
down the despotism of the present monopoly,
by establishing, by shares of low amount, so as
to bring them within the means of all classes,
anew series of intermedliate boats, u'iader the
title of .the '-People's Ferries." So great is
the indignation caused by the recent measures
of the Union Company, that we are convinced
that not 'only Would the necessary number of
'hares be immAediaiely taken up, but that the
,-pecnlItionn would prove a highly remunrn-tiv:.-
one. If, however, instead of the prospective ili-
vision ofa fat surplus funil, regarding the proper
'lots ofwhieh we are left in the dark, an-i the cn-
Joywmeiutsofa present dividend of eightpercent,
the Eroc..hlyu share-ihulders of the newcompany
nere only to reaill' the ordinary interest for
the capital invested, they would still be gain-
ers, for under the new regulations, property
will be depreciated at least five and twenty
per cent, and their inconvenience in other ways
severely felt. Let us, therefore, by all means
have a Peqple's Ferry Company. We do not
anticipate that, there will be the-slightest diffi-
culty in raising the necessary stock. Louis
Napoleon has, by his new loan, demonstrated
that the masses are the true bases-of all great
financial operations. Let us give the Union
Ferry Company the benefit of the lesson.

CrL.N S'TRErET.-We have hope tlat at some
time or other,, (and we mean to do everything
in our power to hasten the arrival of that
period,) New York will be a clean city; that
the people willput more faith in brooms, hoes,
soap, water, and other appliances whereby dirt
is removed from the public streets or the public
,cuticle. We have hope that some brilliant Coun.
.eUimnan may be seized with an idea that free
public baths would be valuable sanitary, agents,
and tlhreupon get an appropriation for their
establishment and support.
When these blessed times shall arrive, weI
nirny expect to sec our weekly bills of mortality
reduced at leat one-half, and people will no
longer fie obliged to desert the city during two
months in the year, through fear of cholera
and other epidemic dise-aes. But the day of
reform has not yet an'iverl; and it is the duty
of a public journalist to labror unceasingly to
prepare the minds of the people so that th.--y
may demand the inestimable boon of clean
streets; and in order to. make this demand so
fotbrciblc that it must be complied with, every-
body must be satisfied, not only that it is im-
portant, but that it is really indispensable-a
matter of life and death to all of us.
Fortunately the report of the City Inupector
places the evidence in our power, and ,ve are
enabled to show by figures that at least one-
hatLf the deaths within the city are occasioned
by the disgusting miasma which arises from
the filh and garbage which is suffered to lie
and to rot in the public streets. The following
table shraws the number of deaths in each ward
far the week ending August 12th, and the pop-
ulation oft ech ward according to the census of
1P60 :-
Waurds. DEaihs. Pop 1850.
I........................... 40 9 7,4
2 .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. 3 9 4W
3. ......................... b 10,lo 3
4 ..................... ... 371 3,250
b ................ .... ..... 58 *2e,,) 6
r ........................... 49 --'41,699
7 ........................... 83 33,600
S........ ................ 34,612
9 .......................... 34 40.6(,7
10 ........................... 33 21',31G
II .......................... 4 463,758
12 ........... .............. 71 10,51
IS .......................... 44 ,a -t
l4 ...........................-47 25 19t
15 ...........................11 2J,iM
16 ....................... .... 51 52,882
17 ..................... .... 71 43,763
18 ............................ ..18 i- 8t,13 :4A
I n... ....................... C.t6 I a t65
20 ................. .. .95 Now ariL
a1 ........................-..40
2, .......... ,,.,, .
A careful examination of these figures gives
us the most astonishing results. We see that
n the Fifth ward there were fifty-eight deaths;
whereas, in the Fifteenth, with a population
'qual in numbers, there were only eleven
deaths. So we see that in one week forty-I
seven lives were lost, because the streets and
;he people were not kept clean. What an ex-
citement would have been created in town aad I
hese lives been lost by fire or any other acei-
lent! Why, we should have heard of it every
where as a most horrible calamity, and means
night have been taken to ascertain the cause
and prevent the recurrence of a similar disatl.r
nereahter. But nobody thinks of these forty-
cven victim-s of dirt, because, it is said, they
>ame to their death in the natural way, and by
hbe hanl of a wise Providence! Wht absurd
*ant! We wonder that such things can hap-
ren iun city supposed to be civilized, nnd be-
Lioved to be peopled by Christian men snd wo-
nen. -The Eighth ward is not particularly
litinguishd for cleanliness, and yet we flnul
teat, with one third more population than the
iJ sih Wud, it, has only one half the number of
leanthi.. So thi re are twenty-four more victims
dirt. In the Twelfth ward we have seventy-
one deaths to a population only half that of
he lIfteenth, and that gives us sixty-fl ve more
;ac,'ifces at the altar of filth. 1
Fut this is trivial compared to the terrible
state of things in the upper wards, where the
sir is on-.tantly impregnated with noxious

ello," at Drury Lane. The list of artists who have
either sailed for America or are about to do so, in-
cludes the names of (risi, Mario. 0. L. Davenport.
Mis. Gibbs, Mlss Glyn, Mrs. Kirby, Miss Fanny
Vining, Miss Isabella Featherstone, Miss. Emmau
Fitzpatrick, Mr. Bennett, Ir. Wood, Mrs. Stirlin.-
Charles Matbews has had a very fine benefiL Tiu
"Courier of Lyons" was being played at tUe Ly. ,
cenum and the AdelphbL The last novelty at the
Haymarket is called "rhe Old Chateau, or The
Night of Peril." It is not original, but is foendedi
on a clever and nearly fo-gotten Frenchr melo-drama,
called ,"La Jenne Famine." The chief pa:t3 are by
Mias Reynolds, Mrs. Fitwlllisam, Mr. Howe, Mr.
Buckamene, and Mr. H.Manton. Buckstone appear-
ed as a national guard and ex-grocer of Parts. A
company of Spanish daneer are also making a sen-
cation at the same bouse. Davenport and Him
Vling played their farewell engagement at the
Marylebone. Grist'a farewell was announced for
the 7th, In ",Lucrlt Borgla."
PAMe, &o.-A oWemporayolVSrM that MeMSr-
sir kelu2;i el>k his"L'Et.U1 "

has in its hands the power to abate these nui-
sonces, and if this power is not soon nsed the
present officials will be kicked out of office
with more ignominy than fell to the lot of their
FRENcMH i.DrrnuLL' ExmsmoN or 1'i55.-
The French understand better than almost any
other people the organization of great public
demonstrations. What they do in thin way is
done perfectly, and the secret of their success
is that it is always done in time. We perceive
by a circular from the Secretary General of
the Imperial Commission, thai all the prelimi-
nary steps are already being taken to arrive at
a speculative estimate of the probable elements
of the exhibition, and of the provision that it
will be necessary to make for them. The cir-
cular which is addressed to the committees of
the different departments, calls upon them to
ascertain from the persons intending to send in
machinery, from their respective districts, if
they intend to exhibit their models in activity,
and if so, The exact space, motive power. or
quantity of water they will require. Itmay,
perhaps, be useful to American exhibitors to
know that the pressure of steam employed will
be five atmuospheres. that the fall of water for
hydraulic engines will be three metres, and the
prePpune of water from ten to fifteen metre.?.
It is des-irable tha'. wheels and other hydraulic
machines should be proportioned to the fall of
thrce metres.,
Diamalle amid M1usicale lntlers.
The piogiamimc of seven regular theaties, (the
Broadway, the New York, Burton's, Wailack's, the
Bowery, the Natonal and the Museumn.) for next
season, will soon be placedihefore the public. Thea-
tre goers will have no occasion t1 complain of a
lask of attraction; the only difficultywill be. among
so much that is good, in selecting the beat. The
New York theatre, on the site of the Metropolitan
Hall, Is rapidly approaching completion. Its walls
resound with noises mechanical, and from the ener-
gy with which Mr. Etynge push.s forward the
work in all the departments of the house,
it seems aTmost certain that the house will
be ready to open on the 18th proximo.
Everything about the theatre will be of ',the best
bind, and the managers promise to put pieces upon
the stage in a style never equalled in this city. The
season will be commenced with Miss Julia Dean in
a legitimate .comedy, 'a new Italian opera, and a
ballet divyertieemenrt, all on the same night, and the
price of admission will be fifty cents to all parts of
the house. Mr. E.Eddy, Mr. Lewis Mesta5er, Mrs.
Melinda Jones and M s. George Skerrett, are mqm-
bers of he company. The Italian Opera company
includes Salvi ; the other artists were engaged in
Europe by Mrs. Sinclair's agent, for the California
theatres. Previous to their departure ior San Fran-
cisco they will appear in the Eastern cities, corn-
menoingnast week at the Howard Athenaeum, Bus.
ton.- The Broadfay theatre will be opened for
the regular season on Monday, August 21; the
opening piece will bh ',The School fir Scindal,"
with Mr. Henry Farren as Sir Peter Teazle, anl Mi fis
Louisa Howard as Lady Teazle. Mr. Farren comer
to us with a firdt rate trins-atlantic rep-esentation,
and he will h've a fair hearing in this >ity. Mis
Howard is said to be a Southful, beautiful, and vi-
vacious actrcas. She sings, dances, and plays all
the high comedy parts. She will also appear in a
musical burieaque called -Ganem." The Broa.lway
patrons ale alEo to be favored with English opera,
the principal artists biting Mr. William I lrrison
(tenor,) Mr. Basinin (bass,) and Alina L. Pyne (si-
prano.) The-y have an excellent London reputation.
Mi. E. L. Davenport, an American actir, ithb whose
European career our readers are already famllia.,
will play a star engagement early in the season.
He will be accompanied by Miss Fanny Vining, said
to be an excellent leading actress. Mr. George H.
BFirett succeeds Mr. Wright in the stage maniga
melt, the Init namEd gentleman being engaged as
I he stage minsger of the new theatre in Boston.
Mr. Barrett has preioansly filled this responsible o',t
at the Broadway, but was compelled to retire oa a,.
count of illness. He is now in full bealh. Ntr. N.
B. Clarke, late of the National theatre, has been en-
gaged as prompter. The stock company will be
neatly the same as last season. Mr. Hackeitt, from
the Southern theatres, is engaged to play the parts
formerly perfotmed by Mr. Charles Pope. Thecom-
pany is called to meet on Wedneslay. The house
has been newly painted,'and the proscenium, pillars
and obsuidelirs re-gilt ; the seats in the parquette
and boxes have been newly cushioned, and covered
with a rich cloth, presenting almost pleasing erscinble.
-Mr. Bau ton's theatre in Cham'jers street is
undergoing extensive alterations and improvements.
The parquet e will be enlarged and the entire front
of the house re-decarated. The theatre will probc-
bly open on the second Monday In Septimber. Miss
Rle Saxon, a pleasing and popular actressd is en.
gaged As a member of the stock company. Mr.
Fisher, 1r. Jordan, Mr. Johnston, and other favor
iteas, are re-engaged, and no doubt Burton will bein
tho front raik, as he has atways been the most pop-
ular actor and manager in New York.- Mr.
Wallack'a theatre is also undergoing considerable
alteration. He will open early in September. It is
stated that Miss Featherston, actress and vocalist,
from the Hay Market theatre, London, is engag-
ed here-- Susan Denin is announced for
six nights at the Bowery theatre, cam-
mencing on Monday, August 21st. Mr.
Hackett announces that Grist and Mario will appear
at Castle Garden, on Monday, September 4th.
The above summary giv es but a partial glance at
the rich dramatic and musical treats which will be
set before the people during she comIng autumn add
winter. We shall have the best artists and the most
comfortable theatres In the world, and all at lower
prices than were paid tea years ago for mediocre
entcrtalnments. Tiuly these are the "palmy days"
of t'je drama. The theatres do not open sa oarly
this season as they did list, on acconut or tee fact
[bat a grcat many people, oitlaaus as well as etran.
gers, will keep away from New Yoik until we are
olesecd with cool September breezes, and no cholera
eases reported,
The. present is announced as the last week of the
Itallan'Opera at Castle Gardin. The "Puriteni" will
be givDn this evening, with Berarli, Grazianl, COl
letter and Mime. Maretzck. Castle GArdan is the
pleasantest place of amusement in to in, and it
ought to be full this evening.
At Niblo's, this evening, the Bavels appear tu
the favorite pantomime, Masnm." M'lle. Mathias
also appears. On Tuesday, Mr. Burton, who aom.
menced an engagement at this house last Tuesdiy
evening, and was enthusiastically received by a
full house, appears in comedy and farce.
At the Bowery theatre, "The Courier of Lyoms'

a drama somewhat in the style of The -Corsican
Brothers," will be produced this evening, Mr.
Pope playing the principal part. This pie e
was produced last winter at the Gaidth, Paris, and
baa lately been produced by Charles Kean at the
Princess's, London. It has never yet been played
in America. On Wednesday Mr. Robert Johnston,
who has been a popular member of the stock com-
pany during the past three seasons, takes his fare-
well benefit, previous to his departure for Cinoln-
nati, where he is engaged to lead the business at
Batea's theatre. The plays on this occasion will be
" Virginias and "The Surgeon of Paris." Mr.
Lefflngwell, Mr. C. W. Keller, and Mr. Maclonald,
have volunteered their services.
At the National theatre, Mr. John B BSott has
been playing a successful engagement. He plays
'I Luclus Junlus Brutus" this evening, and the bur-
lesque of A-lad-In will be added.
At Atlylesant Institute, this evening, a cornm-
plimentary benefit ia to be given to Memr.
nayhor and Bryant, late of Chrity'. min-
xtiWi, The Ql4 band wIuappe fr to I t"e UtMu

together on this occasion, and they will be asas &,&
by E. HEmrn and T. F. Briggs. Messrs. Born, Brigga,
Bryant, and others, will sail for California, on the
31st proximo.
The attractions at the Hippodrome are still klept
up. Mr. Franconi appears with his horse Bayard
this evening.
A. good bill is announced by Wood's Minstrel-I
this evening, and several novelties are in pre,,ara-
The Bohemian Girl" has been so successful at.
Buckley's that it is announced for every night this
A MA.aoTR CiRcus.-Tlie migratory tendency
towards fields and 'groves during the summer sol-
stice, and the universal fondness faor amusements in
the open air during the dograys. havebeenliappily
seized by Messrs Spalding & Rogers, t'ee circun
managers. They are hnow-n in the West and
South a.s the proprietors of tne Floating Palace and
its attendant circus fleet, and in New York and
New England as the proprietors of the North Ame-
rican Circus. Substituting Van Ambnrghsa mena-
gene this year for the equestrian troupS
on the Palace, (which, by the way, is A
floating amphitheatre, as capacious, elegant and lux-
uuions as our metrrpolitil theatres,) they have
bought the troupe North, and, constructing a huge
moveable marquee, have pitted their Northern and]
Southern companies against each other, in a daily
friendly suitife In the same ring, in the presence of
the assembled spectators, to the delight of tile 'ew
Engiirndcrs, where they are exhibiting just now. As
the pavilion is as near rot wd d ors,andas little lik-.
bikk sud multar (forwnch ,,(p1lpeaterlain a9_lIh-
tary arbhirrrence in tbi. hu watbher) as puftible,
multlditds fleck to witr'esi tihas unusual ciitesi.
As each company consistl oi picked men of1 the
eluestiian profession, Nui ILi ajud, South, it is not
stliangetht a sectional, but guod natured, iv.Ilry
existsat between the two part'.t?..'d less 'range that
the spectators should unc.-i.,-cionsly c -pouie Ithl
cauie of one or the other ol the tronpe-. Qaite a
partisan spirit is raid to I.,. invariably excited
amongst the audience, g the trial for
mastery in the ring. There A.-- other peculiiar'tipe
about the double establishment worthy of nute, -'ncl
as a duplication of everything involved in the busi.
ness. Two orchestras, (one led by Ned Kendall,
the bugler); two sets of tic vas and ring horses, as
well as performers; a complete dramatic, corpi for
the production of spectacles and pautom;me' ; a
triumphal procession through t e streetsevery day,.
of the bands, in a car, drtwn by forty horsesdriven
by one man; and the appointments generally upon a
commensurate scale; but the curiosity these things
naturally produce at other times, seems to be en-
grossed by the paramoan. interest excited by this
trial of skill between Northern and -3oritbera
all, elf. As the show is peripatetic and in route
for the principal Atlantic "cities, the people herea-
bouts will have an opportunity of be-omniLu inocu-
lated wilh the prevailing entLosiasim. Iiis great.
show arrived at Saratoga Springs on the 1 lib.
Bo'TON.-One of our repurtafs recently visited
the new theatre on Washington and MaS'On rrreeOs.
So far as the stage arrangements go, it is nndoubt-
ediy the finest theatre nlathe Uuited States, piobably
in the world. The machinery and all the carpuen
tar's work areuneqnirlled, walle many improemeneMt
have been introduced.' There is plenty or room for
the worlkings of the stage, and the accommod itions
further actors are superb. thrbe bnildinghisevi.
dently been put up in the most solid and subst.nli.l
manner. The front of the house was not sufli.iently
advanced for a positive expressim of opinla 'Tbei
arrangements for ventilation, and otber'vie se:ur-
ing the comfort of the audience, seemed to
be excellent. The theatre will be opened early
in September, but not with Miss Dean, ai
announced. The company includes seever.i
actors and actresses unknown to fame on this side?
of the wafer. Among them a-e Mr.Jamue- Beu.
nett, leading tragedian; Mi. Pauncefort, t;.ht
comedian; Mr. Wood, low median; 3Ims. tWoad,
comedienne and vocalist; Mr Biddies, Mrs. Bildi es
and Miss BiddIes, Mrs. Kirby, M. Barroe tulit
Bennett), Mrs. W. H. Smith., Mrs. Fiake. ir, ... s;.
Gilbert, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. DAl. (late of theMisenr>), '
Mr. Fiske, Mr. W. F. Johnson, MT. S. D. Jolroson, '
Mr. Mornis, Mr. Comer (leader of the orche.-rj).
Mr. J. B. Howe, Mr. N. T. Davenport, Mr. Donald-
EOn, Mr. Lehr (scenic artist). Mr. J. A. Johnian
(machinist), and Mr. Jefferi (properties), are .isa
engaged. Mr. Barry is the manager, and Mr. J. B. i.
Wright stage director. The Museum openedl l\st
Monday with "All that Glitters is not Gold," die
principal parts being played by Miss Anna Craise
and Mr. Each. The company is nearly the
same as last season. The National wilt open oa
Monday, the 28th. A list of the company hais been
published in the HEnALD. After the opera sewsca
the Howard Athenaeum will be far rent, as M',
Willard hasgiven up the lease. & griona C irhbato rs
the prima donna of the opera troupe.
PBILADELPnBA.-Mr. Broughamrn hasbeen playini
at the Chestnut street theatre. Mr. LH. A. Perry
has been engaged as the leading tragedian at the
Walnut street theatre.
BALrmoRB.-The HolUiday street theatre, under-
Mr. Waloat's management, will open this evening.
The company is said to be an excellent one.
Dm'utorr.-Miss Eliza Logan was playinghcre last
week. .
CLEVa.AKD.-Mr. Chanfrau and Miss .lbertite
have been playing at the Varieties.
SARATOGA.-Tae Boone ChIldrenhavebcen giving
readings here with success.
Toaosro.-Signora De Vries's ojera troupe gave
a performance of the Daughter of the Regim. nl"
here on Friday.
BAN Faaectsoo.-There were two theatres open
on the 1lth of July-the Metropolitan, where Mr.
Murdoch was playing a farewell engagement, aud ;
the Union, where Tom Taylor's drama, "Plot au's
Passion," had been produced. Mr. 0. Wheetleigb.
had arrived, and joined the company. Eats Hayes
sailed for Australia in the bark Fanny Majr, on the
8th. A magnificent gold broach, valued at 1l,1(A,
was presented, at the Oriental Hotel, to this lady,
as a tribute of respect from a few of her many ier-
soniaI Thienids. Mr. C. R. rhorae, Mrs. Thorne, .lias
Emily Thorne, Miss Kate Denin, Mr. James Vinton
and Mr. JameslMcClosky aLto sailed in the same vet"
Bel. Madame Anna Bishop, Herr Mengla, and Mr.
Leach were giving concert'. Tre Batemass were ia
the city, doing nothing. In the case of Batsman, nhb
assaulted Soule, the editor of the Chronicck, Judge
Baker delivered an opinion, which closes as fole
A person who has a real or fancied cause of ,liar-
tel must not seek revenge on a populous Street, anu-
for this we punish the deteudeat, and, therefore,
sentence him to pay a fine of 63o0. We want it un-
derstood that, considering the provocation, we fine
the defendant for seeking the quarrel on the r-treat,
when the resort to weapons was a necesiry cvsse-
quince, as society is here constltuted, anl thus put
in jeopardy the lives of inno. ent parties. "
LoNDOe.-Sims Reeves has appeared as "Masmni-

I - -- -. -- - ~ 7~~ ~ ~

xpeotatlon of the re-opening of Her Maj sty'sB Rese as Co., the OrigIgnal and only Oale-
theatre, U market.. 7INsaid, too, that he would brated 28 ent DagurreoLtyoe establlahment i at 289
theatre, aya t.B It raid, too, Tht he would oadway, not connected elsewhere. cix hundred par.
,Pter seeig his long talked of L'Africaine" pro- trails taken daily by HOLHMI'patent double camera,
dueed there rather than at Paris. Madame Cabel, It taking te at enonr ights en or a e by antrlty of the
is alerted, will he among the new engagenlints, a tf o
aid Madame Tedesco goes to Bt. 'etersburg. 0 lodxon-M. D. & a. W. Smith's Belo.
Letters from Italy anyone a new tenor In the ee brt for poM esin, greater power, purity,
Letters fromeIgalyannoinceiin e s e e to than thase of any other makers
peron of one Si-gnor Giulin, who Is said to grea'.ly I'ae raishil to examuIne, or purchase at a very low
resemble Mario, ansd to be well adapted to fill his 5e, A A 3ma e irtrument, should eal a tthe iswk
itioeeyNo a888BroadwayUstodetul mof allother styles
pMe when be retires from the operatic boards. 3a ; 08s e BnoadUy Oo flad HORA tE WATEls
The Vaudeville theatre reopens on the lat of bena B-.-Ram-s austes' lanee-1OE mPw.?,
September, and the Llrillue, it is expected, about ;wuetaeim and purity of tone, and elateity of tounach,
the same peiod. wcoe hlle eaomprison with all other nakea
Ltte fame Jpeenno. y j~ 01nert & Co.i'spremnmli-anos, with or without the
Letters from Germany state that Madsme Jenny w, a TOne martile of amean manufacture has
Lind Goldamldt haM once more profesed her inten- .aitte, mom universal comaendatioe from the press
fk'oagbout the cGvllzed 'world than these celebrated
tlon of retiring finally fom singing in public. A o Silbe.rt's boundoir panes H-aleRts Claston.,'e
Ameiclan writer even goes so far as to say, (his e sizo, o: theofairm f Bofet b & Go. Jecob 'hike-r.
letter is dated from Vienna,) that she hMas the in- ,N planes. The shbos place-s tobe found only atth
Jsut music e!altlisment nr HORACE WATERS, 8
tention of fixing her future residence in the U united trmdwy _______ _____
Sttes Dresinmahlnp.--Iadie for a
From Vienna we learn that the German se aon has short time at the Et Nichlas, Metropolitan Aitor,
commenced under moat promising auspices; the Irvinge or other fahima ble rouawilpgleanseodrlen
donn, Mdll. Tstjns, ee adea btllanithat the r'cbesa di-repscaaire fasionirably mad'p, in ten
prima dona, Madlle. Tietjens, hal made a brliant hours, by MRS FARN -woRrn,. fahi unablee dreassaker
debut In a version of Boildenu's pleasing opera, La sud importesr or fashions, 327 Broadway, opposite the
Dame Blanche." Broadway theatre.
The Oazette Musicalc, under the head of Naplea, Great Derdl s ins Rteady ade Clothing,
siigbhly coded, fr.on the late dre in Broadway.-Fine
eompliins ot the severity of the censorship. Operas biack french conts, coati $10, for $8, black and figured
wor out in other parts of Europe are, from various ufimerepsat'cost S7, for $2 b0, vests, costS6. for
52 ZGLOAPOf LmW IE, corner of Neaesu end Beellman
reasons, forbidden to be performed. Attila" is 62,ee
prohibited from its too great display of patriotism; NoPy, tf D. obl ene Uniment
", Macbeth" on aont'of regicide; '" Erani" by does not Immedlately core cholera, dysentery, coke and
reason of conspiracyand bhuamllation of the King, spasms, if usesa when Sft taken. Thaugenda have cer.
"I T Lombardi," from political emblems;1 Leretla "ied to Its wonderful curative properties It Is war-
remuted perfectly harmless to lat internally. Bold by the
Borgia," because of the poisoning of the ducal per- iruggilstae throughout the United States Depot, No. to
Eonageo; Stifelio," because Proteatanta are intro- Cevtir dt ttest; price 25 and 50 ceoata.
duced; the Bataglio di Lugano," because it a Plea, Plies.-If yu re trouble wlIlth n-
uIndes to the defeat of the ItaJians by the Austrians;- tetnal or eternal pile', and you wish io be entir.-ly
Puritana," because a queeu of England appears in outed of them, use Dr. Witmer'-PIll- "nupporl'-ry. It
has nevr faded insa single case cold only at the B-
it; Robert le Diable," becauae or its name; "Lo e cry Drag St,.re, No. 168, above Broom.-t street, and ,orn- r
Prophete," from itsreligious tendency; "La Jadin," Grand and Mulberry trees.
because it introduces a Jewees on the NeepAlitan Somho ocalion try,
Somaebhonet occupation try,
-atages. Amongst the other operas thus excommul- DI,.n't get yrnr liIng -by a lie.
- ated ire,; from vailious causes, "migtletto,"t Be- Fcoroteocounrerfelalers are klm.agsputilone
imagnelic powder and pills, is Lyon's ardclea ffr tlie -10.
at-ile di Tenda," "GOvTanni d'Ar.o,i' "Marino sirucnion of insects and vecaise Look fo the laitel'
Faliero," "Gabrielle di Vergi," and several others. Central depot 424Broadway.
Tte overtures of "Gulllaume Tell" and "Mussan- aAlttetlo tellalrt Dye Inas srt hite Leadlng
Itllo," have alone been played for a considerable zttdl, by all acknowledged to be the best dye @saant
tim '- perfectly coloring the hair the moment It as applied
tme past. en of thousands In all parts of the world proctlaim it
From Italy, also, we select the following:-"At -as cnly reiable dye known. Sold at BATCHELOR'S
W lan, the Grqnd Theatre Ls Scala being closed, an 'do.. 38 rmSiooway
is customary at this period of the year, the only clitadioro'a HlaHr Daye.-This srmperh bprepa-
houses of any Importance open were the Canoblia ration i now universally acknowledged to be the moat
and the Theatre R; at the latter a Sigo Loi i reliable dye in existence. It never (ails in ita colorLg
and the Theatre r at the latter a Sigor Lori parting, at the same time, nourishment and
has met with great success, and beenmuCbh ap- e-laticlly tothehsir Hold wholesale and retail, and ap-
plauded in "I Glnramento." At the Care in a plied, at CRIST ,DORO's', No 6 Astor House
tenor named Daniel e, and a young artiste of Prench %WIg and Toupe8es..-Baweelor, or No. 33
extraction, asnumning the name ofMatietta Almonti, Broadway, is pleased to announce another benutlfal im-
S d rk of a fr_ member of the proninoement in the manufacture of these articles. This
the daughter of a former member of the Opera enirlon is applied to ladles' and gentlemen's hair work,
Comique at Parisa, have just made their debts, and and is the most perfect imitation of nature yet dis.
are considered to possess more than ordinary talent. 'ovored
The latter came out in the part of Amina in "La-
Sennambula," and achieved a complete triumph, in ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DA1.
spite of the recollection of Pa.ta and Ilalibrem in = -
the same character. Thq tenor Danielo ranks .. BO-AL.-- -
about as.high as Calzolori in talent, and will be- A lTIEO PEIR1FONAALE-ST DIDErEA SAVERE IL DO
A r micilio del sig Andrea Noce (natlra di Chlarar)
Oome usefll" per eomnnica-gti afiari imporLtan;. Si pu,,u dirgere alia
TlATRICALS IN TE BLACK StA-On the 28th easa di G Woodward, N. 10O Fe.ry street.
alt. Lord George PAtiet, the commander of the Bel- TNFOTiRMATION WANTED-OF JOLIN FEG.FAN, 5, 1f
ezerphon, gave a theatrical representation on board J Terrence Fegan, of B.dilyinghian, county litn, Ire-
Me ship, tnderthe palrunage Wef ht Royal Bighnet land, who salledtrinm Glasgow, Scotlani. ab.)nt tore,3
i shi, arnderthe parongeof h oyl Hiago Be now tenty-six years of age. lo % stature,
SieeDuke of Cambridge. For him was reserved the fsir hair, when lia t heard from, about two year' ail a
miolf hoolr,an armchair in the frontLrow, whlch hallago, wasworkingat Pittsbarg, and lodge-I in Mill
cow Any tinformi~len.1 reapee'Ing him w Ill be thantkfaiiy
"Ipoluded'all the great folks wiLhin hail of Varna. tcoljc.d by his sister. EliJbeth Fegan, at James Can-
Tbe ahip waa rigged into, a heitre in the most in- flel', Remsena tieet Buhtwick; N B.-H-H.i always fol
a m ed mining or rworiing in pile. Pittsburg papers
genloneway. Thecenaery was good and weU a- please copy.
.aagedtbe ladies' parts being tahen by midshipmen TNFORIATION WANTED-OF FRANK CARLV, BY
and boys oftheBshlip. Two ofthe pieces were "rhe o his wife, Ann Carly; when last heard of, Ja a t17,
SJettery Ticket" and "Diamond cut Diamond," both 1513, was working on the Susqnehannah RaLlroad. near
wly o Phbla-alpbla His wife would be thankJ'ul to any person
s i h (the latterespecilly) we:e most admirably frany nformnatino ofr him whateer. She iN now with
performed. As interludes, there were Ethlooian Mrs Martin, franklin n Bouse, Greenpoint, L I.
-msrenlders, &e., and pieces performed by the splen- T .TOi:M-TION WAN'ED-0F-JAME' URANNA'AN,
.didjl band of the ship. The audiences, which con- I that came out in the screw steamer Clyde. P. C
lated of sole 200 officers, were of coarse greatly who intended to be out amth him, te hereast present, and
would with to ban-i an interviewed. Call at or afdhresil
delighted with the entertainment, more particularly Mr lcDeroit, a Eighth street. t
a It was concluded by a most excellent lubitantlal - --- -E h
mapper, in theusualprofusestyleofhospitality for Vs., will apply to ko)d &Marcc, 91 Water sti-e,
whiAlb the English army arme so much his lorJahip's e will Ilearn of something to his alvantige any ifoar.
-JI/&1'eV matlon uf him will be thAnkfully received at the same
; . pPlace.
ftOhV-Paa.-Thebrig Wma. D. tiLer, Capt Barnaby, NTiORMATION WANIED-OF JANE TAYLOR, AR-
arived yealterday from Poa, Braigt, brings d i tea to the rived In ship Regnlutor, from Haire. Any Informa-
th Jelj. rThefl ftoowine .casiin. eibsels uf war wer- tion respecting bher wilU be thankfully re-: eled by her
on the Annauo eAtlOn :-Ste- m aorvette' tk-.,- -'f_ tr alor .7aI.W-LFortT-Meond street near
Oaloberibe, 10 guon ;t tiparicoa, L0 ;, lO, Adf H
S tin, 1. Thi force may be assembled there t) defeat M., young gil, ear of age, delicate appear
en.erpyctetd inrption ot Northern illbster. to rorce dance, fair eomleun, rater ligt hair, braided around
a navigation of the Amamaon. ohe eare, had on when she left home.AaMa andwht
a aitati ve of GAa so. dy stripd mnudslin des. light silk apron, blue gingham bon
S. John rehau n,tireof sako, dild at Pa~ra Jly ne, brown linen back and white pantalettea.e91118 which
i And at eea on the Mi 5th, ia lit. 87 a 9, lon.-0o 02, John b lemthing has been eean or heard of her. Any infor-
Olistroa of ebottennrg, died--bath ,eawea belonging meationreaspctingher will he roslved
-,by her anxious atidsneferingf parents, at their resilience,
to tbe W. D. ilwer, Bedford avenue, first door from Patk avenue, East Brook-
" "atI-r- e lyn, L I, or at 16 Nassau street, corner of Pine, New
ltar Potro Raeo--*A NTMr B .eO t TIOS.-t-lhe York.
aopen r El2 Al, iflp ti, arrirO d yesterday y from l [SL., LARY MORAN WILL BEAR FROM HER SON,
peace,p. R.,July2B,iepotLthat thebeattoicerthere M M Mr. Terence Moran, by aidreaslng him at Mel-
ia enbemely parrieular-regarding vessels from the Wind- bourne, Port Philip, Australia.
wmrd slanmd, all being obliged to ride five days quarna .A -
tin emelese the master cn satisfy the authorities that KEARDS.
at the port whence'he saled strinagent aoirnnleia per. l R\BEWARD.-LEFT msiTB HOE ON MONDAY,
onied by"al vessels fom Batrbadoes. Veelsearriving $50r, July 24, at oclo, Farrel Troa
famee from dby avoe s ael'fot even Allowed toa ouhhr. i. thinly two years f age, Abont nfie feet elanen inches
h iphtowefrBartadoe a eno even dp owed u o achr. high, mddling soot, and stoops while walking; brown
Flrghgt were low atTnces and produce coatre. hair, hl e efes; had on a black alpasa frock coat, Matk
stripedpants, no vest, and straw hat. The above reward
2Saxrlsue will be given to any person that will give nch infermas-
pa FAa--gi-pt.. Wooideron, of the ship Townseil, tion a will lead to his recovery, by S wife, Ans Mo-
Tetman, 14 Ridge street, New York. Pt.ladelphoizasd
d 'tniyel Obyi re on'her pasgisage from Boston for ean country papers please copy. -
af-taeo, discovered on the barren island of asSapae 1 RE.AD.--TOLEX FRON THE BALLA. .T
o aa whaleboutandatkeskeletonsoftwichimannbe11a i0.L No. -8 Broadway, on Friday evening, lth
T Be a apparently been there some Utme, snd fraim ap ist., a mall boa. containing one four inch rolling mill,
ssuaea tie .evidently starved to death. They werc with gearing. The above reward will be paul for the
probably a couple of unfortunate awearters from some detection of e thief d oey of the property, y
shaleshl. Jones, White & MkcCutdy, 201 Broadway

Jerey City IntIlaaiwnl e.i .
AizmaKTf .A LosiBt TAI.-A laborer at work on tIhe
sldtaaow 1 being erctee for the Hndson County Bank,
aBaSy injured on Saturday whale getting lumber ata
Umber indon North Point, 'by the falling of a pile of
inaber upni lmn fcracturin hie skull. Altemr uelng Tm-
wSlyised foC, he was conveyed to di New York
= fl ,aL 'where-a snugical operation waea performesi upon
head. Be lies there in a critical condition. his
-.Iesovery belng quite doubttfuL EHis name is James SIvie.
Boasm'e cous.--On Sarturday the Becorder cam-
lfttted.a.yoiig.m.nn odnamed tert emilth, ,ged elhtesen
.ear, the lty prison for t o days, for loitering about
oe alrd.depot:n the day time, ansod seeing in te
aaMttnlght. Bn had dfared ealts in the cars by whit.
ShiBecordetal3so sent Adirm Whilton to jAl for two
a1w, forgetting intosuated.
AlMat in. fla-olay wilt IboM bli s eguinr
aemil-weekly aeeton sale of stocka ani bon-is .-:h day,
t- 12% o'elocl,at tbe Merchaats' Einhaniie .'or fur-
Uter partlcuarS, see his advertisement tu another
inxnn. -
Fm 1U864-Clothing nt ,Vtroloesale.-We be@
nf lak attention of dealers Is clothing, (no visiting
t cltefor t aeirfa puirchaes,) to our ta:.Uites for
s gs j thU e moat extensive a.ortments or the better
of men's and boya' clothing. the demand foa
lenil of our manufacture has tIncreaaed s much
torlcinetaviery Rty and town in the United Setils
aia l as-e had to make such rtawngements min o. new
woalheoen as will Isnure to buyers a larger and mirt
wased ssortBent, at prices whih no smaller housaan
Sord, ws have f eal our grade of profits at a lJaw
figure to Insure the very large trades e propose doinr In
every department of our business. I.I goods from o..r
esblmlaS t are warranted both for style and quasiLy,
ean no pains spared to give the altms3t abtl-fat tier in.
eary garunt. D. DEVMlN & 00., ee. 258, 2,1 ind 30O
Beetdway. noner of-Warren street.
eo the Dory Goods Erade.-We Goods for
eash only.-WaV will aelon Monday id Tueeday, ltr .
and 11th Anugmst, 30,000 dolbare worth ofeth mobt cost.
ily Prench Silk Geods for less than one LcurLh original
Sort, damaged oa board the.-FranklIn 8.O0O piece plaid
and fancy bonet ribbon; 8,000 yards black aUl colored
oni a}'lk Velvet; 3,0100 yards black no. 0.1r'dej sa'oa;
aias rich velvet do&k galoorns, 2 cases bl-ek and fan-
eyallks; one cane24 Inch colored marc Btine; alio, 8,600
7' A* magnificent Frenchab all wool delatues
WARDL.W & BOOi.l', 49 NaesBju u-roit.

5T ,utrlsuge SMeuaasfaiacx Prlsnaw HlUk
SewrAFa, both In gum anl colonel, for am.', at lowest
whelasl caubs price, by
BEVNOILD & EIOH, .n. 53 tay slfmet.

vUews ftlaelbuiolnass-e Only E3xcesUs S
ismiassiermi m s hwing m nes, via-Lhat Singer's M-
knn, ioa tow b e et e w=ere Uible tos utl for le-
t=nabulnet-la now rFmoveA; and as all other begming
IMSMtmarie upon the patents belanging to uij, our
lMalun Ares t Qes only ocea t Catcan bO use8, w.atnl
mWDJkig the Ownurs liable to action lor damages. All In-
ftmx ill I .dgr 1111 will 111In0Jt & 0., I828 Bicadway.

Nirla te otE, lnew, and Gaiter., Received
from Mons. Farr, Eoe It-ballUeu, au-.h a those now
exhbtiing at the Crystal Pllace, received monthly by
EODENBEE"M I baotwakes, 62 Nasau street, three
door above Nalden liM. A large gopply socnstantly oa

Qj, REWARD.-LOSr, ON TRE i 2rH nST.,, A
D Bantl black and tan alut, with collar around Ir
nt-ok and sliver plate attached, on It engraasted Denison,
26 Washington aqure. m ,oy 'oe returning her to Thb
aove place will receive the thanks of the owner, end
the above regard.
$o rladu book, blue cover, either Ina Pearl or Wall
street, or Harlem ar, on Friday last. Finder please re-
turn to No 24 Beckman street, second floor, and reaeiee
the abovereweiard.
IV ) %r in the neighborhood of hird, Washiugkom and
litij street, Hobowen. an old dark brown portmolnae',
coLaining 582, in gold and bills, a fer.-y ticket, belong-
tcr to the owner, &c. The finder 'null receive the aboes
reward by I-animg it with lil.-. AD,.tLS, liudson sMrst,
to doors from Secnmd, Bobokeo, or with Meaira.
t14CHER & BREDT, 117 Liberty airedt, New York.
fine gold watch, marked --IMaJ by Johb lragg,
Sondon for William itobell, lti-hm-ai.l, li'-ginia.'" A&so,
to, e gold Charelaies chanm and beSna pin. liberal re
waid will be paid for the retorh o[ tlhea property o- Jde
tetilor, of the th;ef. CLE.\tIE. & Il;-)iN, Nos. 57 and
19 hierce street.
COAl. _

attention of bin f, lends and all tatrouse dlirons of I
procurilng a good article orf Mol to thnt which e has at
present on hand Intending to keep bUt Lhe first
quality for thioese wb eek such an article, he deslres
that they won ldmak it a point to agl e him a trl.
wilell Uat the lowest market proes. CHAJ1LE-WAT7BS,
corner of King and Greenwich streets. N. B -Orders by
post promptly attended o Goal de&--re d to any part
day morning, 11th inst., a plain aid watch. tany
,person d4ro;ing properly, and paying r.fir advertiemant,
can baov the aame by apply o at the olite pof the Jualso
Dloteal, Washington pace.
J going from foot of CortlanDi street to &blo'Is, o a
Brad way, Blee.-erand Second sin.t Qstage. a gil I brasce
lt, silt with tnrquois. The findar will be asitably rr.
warded by leaingi t with W. B. CLARKE, 146 BHaid iay,
conar of Lberty street.
i rbig, which the owner can have by proringjr praoty
ai.d paying axipe -ea. Apply at L. & J. JACOISa' aceh,
jewelry sad music establl hment, 407 BRroLrawAy.

ed.-The highest pries liberally given, and cuah
paid In current motey, for lirge or B manill Iota of good sq-
cond hand clothing. Gentlemen nilslnag to dl-apna-- .if
the above, will please n.Jdress or call on J.AE- fUI O
NEY, 11 Orange street, near Chatham.
I to dispose of, can receive a fair eash price oy sea4.
ing to the store, 12 West Broadway plane, near Canial
street and 52 West Broadwav, or ly letter throng' the
Fotil Oce. Laleg fiattended to by Mrs. Cohen.
.i WSS

A poiteri raeroad contraetors, and mecara'oi gent-
raly.-PFavtlngjnst returned frum Auntralila, and Lntend-
ing to return 'hither immedlatety, I am 5epirous of gt1-
Ing all who wish 'o better their cnnlt.m-,, all Oe"Imil.
ifeorTri Ion as to wages, clImare, ajd chances for tHS
labariog man. I hav guod rease's for saying It Is the
best phbi that I eve wase in for pond "'eady miohinics
AllJ beo wish may call at 2.?7 onoreestrt-at
or ir of this Chapter are particularly requested to
be prrfsent on Weneadan ererdi.L toe 10th inst Ias buai
ness of importance will be brought p for coust Iaorlon.
J3fSIES UIUI.YEi', Sacbco.
W. OGtWwoD, 0. Of the C.
IJu'y 14, 18154.-An lmpre'ion having go, abroanl, In
revsequtoce of a recent sale t -f Ih I',rcmLca1, tht ahs thon-
deisletird Land cli i his hotel, ha tuikis ocosion to--..
form bis rilenda thai tUrn tAIs not the ase The sale was
mde snPiject to the lease of the un.ter-Igued, whioh Is
ye' '.ienpired. The houne has remained, and still re-
mains, opOen as before, for the of the
ptbltJeo, od, as blereLolore, uner the management uf ihe
undersigned. L. D1L'IONMCO.
NNaihllbgsof New York, B-oollyn an.i Wlilami
butg -Grsad Moonlight mo Cotllion Exco,'-[on up the
Hd.-on river on tusBday August 15, 1854t-Steamer
AMERICA, ,ith barges ,lER .H.NT and 'LETEOR Rob-
ertpooL'a certbrated band, consisting of ,eonty
plPcc" is engaged lor the e-,nisinn Tickets tO ,:enue
each to be had at the principal htela---ao at the dif-
fer, nt lamndiDge Boat leaIa runot of Suth -Lth-b -ree'
Wllihmiaurg, at 5% o'clock, FtiLhsireel, -.eO Yo;k, a1
6 oclo'rk, Broome street at '1 o'-loaa. Faulton ferry,
Braokl n. at 6%, o'clock, pier No 3 NorLh riier a- 7i4
o'clock, spring street a'. 73 o'clock, L3ammond street at
7% o'clock
S0 OF 0. F.--THE ME31BFtS O eENTIRe'.!.LE
SLodge, No 36, 1I 0. of 0. F", are here )y or.-rid 'o
meet at their Lo-lge room, Oddil FUoli's Isa I at 12
o clock to day 1nMdndav, the 14th tiat .j far th-. parp i,
of aisreodig the funeral of Br.)th Vim B J. ito"
funeral tl prutcineed tram the dIc-e.lel- bro'.ut'e reai
-enre, No 82 ThLrt.-'hirdatre', at oBiE'.-'I ca itr>:'-)
JAamR Boom, : ec'y. C. Gt,.U'LiLU.A, N.
NEt Yoihk, "id holb ;to aroorhel annual e.111,1.
In its roi, Odo Fellows' IlalI, on Mond-ay. 14tI tIs ,, LA
8 'cluck P.Id. ihe Grand offi .rts will ,.? inlti-.-l By JOHBN J DAVEi., G oa-7,asry.
S stages -T.e Proprietor of 'she Avone A ne oQa
stages itepectfnlly notinel the publo Lhad on and atto
dMt dy 'he 21st Insatant the fare for passpngera on the
|loee line will be teduee3 to four cents. The stages eal
leate from Twenty-lthird street and avenue A., through
avenue A to Eafsea, through Diritlon to Chatham atrost
tl}iuugh fCbathom IO Broaoway, anl down Folion airrel
in Washfington market, and through Wbhlngton street
to Jersey oily ferry, feuotoof Cortlandt streett rbhep'ilth
aTe atessed th.t no plns will bo spare for tneir
mrouatlon, as the proprleior will girn bin gers -u-nl iteon.
lion to Ihe eOidiLun of the sfftages, and Lere regiulrity in
i he pet formnance of their trips A. "DUGR')
SRomain CatholIc Benevo tn Bisnclamio will be
Lehd at il. Montglomery lail. PrInte -itreet, ,n T'aeay
eeiing, at 8 o'clock I'. M1. By order ef
C. FruLn, ec. B CATPROII., Prost
.N versaticonal meeting will be held at the Eaciety's
r ome. 600 Bracwaay, tIs (Mon-lay) eveolug, at 8
o'iclk. ant-ject-Prepanatloo of strawberry bads The
public sae initcd to thee meflngs free
SP'arn B. MiAnD, Recording Secretary.
mployed by the undersigned for the collection of
em 11 accousot, in our name, 'Asse1 to bei emplaiyed by
us from this date F DEBBY & CO 1-Park pla.:e
New Yori, Aug 11, 1b4.
rfI PLU"miBErf->- 'lrfTNNG "'V IlE JOTrEt '.'utLN
JL FI.mltfra Proecclive So,-itly of Nev York. Brook.
YnU, ihiamibirg an-I Jersey 'ity will be bhldd on T"ue.
dy even,?i, .uguat 16, a'. Mu-ijby'a Union -h2ll-,
Fourth alt oe, oear rourle-ntethofseL l5'mis-rc nre
rcqj.fef-d to attend W1LI. -li'TOW,'.E', Presidont
J.aca C''uAiis,- S-cretary
New York Clearing Hijuspo pree.sotel Ar. lames C.
Iallerk, ibheir late Assistant. MInager witb a s.'aodtl
silvtr pich-er In view of his .QutnImplated retr.-meot
from 'he posilicn held by him at 'he Cleiring IHo'ase and
fr his efforitLs In eatabl'abing t n present iys,,am oa at.
change- between thb banks of this city, and as a tribute
of lel-pect to him for hil kind arid gn'lemailf- d. part
mwent thile in the discharge of thb dutlin o his uhale
The p-e*fenatt n took place at the resideae of Mir. ii ,
under the direction of a committee appoit-d for that
pnrpore. with a few pertinent remaris by P. Bailey.
of the Centrlial Bank, whl'-h were neatly responded to at
Jlames C. Hallenk. Committee of Airangelent--G.
Pogbuarn. Continental Bank; E. Buck, Baok ol New
Yoi6; J .D. Martin, Ocean Bant:

j of Ib- cltyr Al&rge ronm -,n tine second door, wilt
eat o'nveuiencos for gettingIn goo-Js Apply .at the
ece. 37 Chambers street, nest dowr to Rabioau'as.
STwo froni rooms on the aeeond foos, with a gool
rivale entrance. Inquir' at No. 37, next dooa to Rib-
.., = 1 Model public dining saloon, suit-
well rii-a a ensI bsies., being
orier, r on the piema-se..
be had on a lease, with fixtures, on fanelhble terms.
mi-ply on Ithe premier ______ ___
steady steam, to let, on the northwest cornerof
il"hty tlfth eet and Brcnadway. Apply to JOHN Kf-N-
NEDY, Siem Msable Works
N nint otreat--the whole or aprrt; Ibis house has
,ll the modern Imptoveementa Apply to M. DOIA.N, on
the pretnisa. e
at the vIllnge of 'ing Siug, within a fr minutes
walk of le .'spot; fne shade trcea. ftnit, and extenalta
nlew Apply to J.W. ItOBIN!ON, Sing Sig.
. 226 West Nineteenth street, with g and Cr.-Ajtnn
water introduced. For particulars inquire of
WM. F. PLAIT, 2M0 Greenwi-h street.
ttnre for sale, situated on iMashington avenue,
Broollyn, between Myrtle and Doialbavenuea, sindoors
fr-m Myrtle. Inquire on the premise, or at 84 Crt-
landt strest, New York. Posaf alon given immediately.
S ell street doing good busine.a for theK niattwo
Sears as a drugrt s aind Crolon sater on premises.
liLd]ite Atat., next door, firalt oor.
T fistuei for sale," located in the city of Brooklyn
a capital satad for a merchant tailor. It being an old
iatablt!had stand The present occupant retired In con-
scjUnDceOf iUl health, fo a goal tenatt K rm reason-
able. Inqluire at 62 or 04 Fulton street.
nCe_ a-,Jso two large rooms, with f-,ur ante rooms
adioniung, suitable for society or miUitary pLrposes
Appl5 at 125 Grand street.
T West Twenty seventh street, between tb-i 3Eight
and Ninth avenues. It bae all the modern ImprovS
ments, and .has been lately repaired throughout. P8
other infiimabon apply from 8 to 10 .. M at No. 1
Old slip, and from 7 to 10 P. M. at No. ',8 Waat, Seen
teenth aurcot, to EDUARDO L. .LFONSO.
tcoad, in the new store No. 18fThasmwaatret, eaorns
of Trinity i.lace, suitable for Sbow roomisar light; minu
facauring urapoasee. Apply to WAIID M3CLEAN, No
'lilnily bal dinig, fret floor.
house t,.,let, in an excellent loIality. the lerm
ad] be modrirh.. address DweUllig,l le:Alu off:e.
a'~OaaEB, canuuaomS, Att.
sao ha-ig to dijoase of at a reaoauO"le pl.-L,
pair of chores, risteen huta, high, that oa gj doable a
fir1 squae Q oil.ngt, m tha rvgIon of throe Lenate
(dark bays or browns prefterrdd) may hear of a pg
hasnOr by addreseirg John hMulgrave left at No
South Fredericlk strMet, Baltimore To iceive a rep:3
lawent price and foa ipA'ricuOLsa must bh atbe.d.
Mjorgan mere, as yeara old, fittean n&and thr-
inuhea hiigui t-,oud and ind, can trot inaslie of tkhr
minutes; also, a Landsoanme gray mare, seven yearns ol
send, knd and fut; and a ight wagon, littLle use
built by Watson, Pailatilphla. Apply at the CIl
slable, corner of State and .Boernm sitroats, Brooklyn.
soq-nteeb hands high, and wiarhrnted santd aS
gnotle; alas, tao single hoisb..abbont diteen andaL h
Eanie, cr sale abcap Apply3 ar tCndrhil &CaO 'l sizable
No. 4 i.s'Lnglon street, or'W. F Blaekwell, 18 Deekm
Aiteat, Ko. -S Illoitan coutan
F yetrs old Engineer sock),,good goer, and very op
aitse-; never --en trained. warranted In eemy roapec
'o be sold at auction, on Monday, at the Bazaar Stable
Crosby street, between Brooms mad 9prnmg street.
together or sepaiately, the horl e s eight yel
old, slrten band laih, ound land bnled; s,-d owing
tho owner leaving tIlia e ooatntry tApP y at Olaesy's 1
bies 2, Union street, near Hatnilton arence ferr
N Will be sold, on llandrdy, 14th Iot at 12 o'clock
twientv horses, adtIsble for all purposes Alo, wagos
saddli, bridles, &d. JOJ1 H. GATrFIELb, proprietor
S -Brlight bay color, siery handsome ad kind in a
Liruemei om e lfhands1dabilh; cars be men at WLLLI.
L91FAaj. "ra0. 91A MuzIt acett

w&flw. WARTS.

Sabll'ty, wishes a he m In a wealthy family; would
willing to take the en lire charge of one ortwi child-
ren, ages varying from three to eight years. Salaryaot
so much an object as a rl-aaant home. Addrets M. T.
Wooley, Brooklyn PRat Office
1. pere.l, willing and obliging, wishes for a situation
to interuct cblldr,:,n under ten years of ase, aalast, in
pTla work, and make her-elc generally useful. Can refer
to 'he lady where she held a imilar situation. Country
preferred Addressaa ilas I Herald office.
eonce, would like lo go South to attend m n a bonnet
or milliaery store. -he is comitenent In her business.
Addises, post paid, Boyd, Brooklyn Poat Office.
S washing and Iroanlg, or general hoanenork. Cn i
be seen at 146 Third avenade, two doors a'om Twenty-
fr.t street, for two days.
to do general housemaotkl an.- plain e.-lokuna. Is a
good wanher ann ironer, and baa s'noi city referea.:a.
PleasEe cJall at 100 Twenty .-eventh street
&jtuation am exrelhlt coot and firsi rate -atfer
and iror er. Can eive the best of city reference. Pl.'ae
call for two days at (i5 WeIt Ninetnlth street. bLtr .rt,
Simtn and BSrvenlh aaenpa.
As Perience in aions branthLe, andtully acquaint-
eo with bthe trade in tb, cil'y, wibhe tfh bave an agency
for adomesilc -:.r ore-ca houee Ile plate of b-ane:i
dco a town is in one -',bi mBst p-itlalAl Intci'.On, for
a e.nrebouoe or iecot R-fereneq -iad 'jll ea-uer;tv caa
hPe ien iatifa.: r at L ED. B l.' Lv rrilAL &
'il t l';. William -It,.,t.
A o -.rk for a famt'' -'it-i nofJ ':'[ i hi r tirme ;i-i p

m ar-to- pxit-ia c t- .17-I ."0
tc-. 'uriid t- ll l llt *I 11 ttO :'ru; t i tit
irc u a t. i b.:..L- ', T-i..i ', t . r r lit. --
I. 1, t -c- J .I, IHerald office.
situation, ns colok, In a private family; no objec-
i. to ro ;riit.. I'.e country. lao good city reference.
ierse ('cill ar 4i1 torsyth street, first floor.
lostaf. her li l', i:. r,1 .1 gel a baby to nurse at her
un rresideuce. t-o b.) oe'o for twli -1s ie'pr- 't bl
cily refern'eeg[,U. Calli a' 126 ELi Eleventhi str,:-.t,
.between First itenue and avune A -
i. smart, compeent eind with g.-id -i.-?'e-Do-e. ean
obtain the bept or if uatoons nod the hic'sst wag's. up
toDn, at the Selct femalee Off-l.. 10 5 lw--nn" i'h
street, bi-tweco -into and, 'er,'nth asenues Wantl-i im
mnedintely, a eadmtress lInerty r-lln c,. o' andl h.)u-e-
wore gillp.
table woman, who un.deritiaIs hrbusalness;awouUl
a'isti with tho naaihlig and ironing. no objection togo
a shor, listance in the country. Can be seen at 145&
Bowery. for two days ,
aed capable person, to m-:'aus e and cnt, will be
given good wages and constant employment. Address
S. V., Herald office, stating name of lant or present em-
in as cloth house; one who hni had oaW- esperencs
i ~ r-f, rel I. Adres. n b andla~lmr o he ilarin,. b..- ,zq-

Situation as seamstress and to take care of o0illreu,
to go to California with a family, woul-.f hbe whln to
pary a part of bher pasa'ag, an 1 remain with the family
for some time after bet arrival Any family wishing
such a person will plosie call or adoreii a note to H82
Honstlon street, toem b 1, for Miss D. H for two days.

Sab.le woman who thoroughly underatandsah ber bu.;
nesa Is a good bread andl pastry baber: has no obje:
lions to go to the country lor a few month', and rettura
in the fili with the family Good city referencegit0o.
Can be seen until suited, at No. 8 Sctenth avenue.
V young woman, as chambermaid and toas'li' i
washlhian sd ironing, or waitlna'; the best of city refer.
ence. Can hbe se-n for two ( aye,'at ld Ninteeolb6 retr-t,
between tevn'h Baud Eighth avenones
T a lituutlon a. cook, wabshr and ironer, sali ja
gco baker, ha- g .-.)-l city re e;ence. GOn be sen a' No
M6 Lewisetreet for two davyi
I ataill eof two pf,-e-ns To oie nLiO can gioe ,in
f-cl.on tfbo bigbet wages will be gi;ta Apply, altter
(cn. o'clock cn Mondlay, at 21 Hotatio street.
tor -r fve good brown 'Itone rubbers. lo nood
hatds, good wages will te gLedn Apply to Wdlliam
,ray, rrnroe cutter, Hyde Park.

11 a fresh O..ft of nUlL esirous of obtiatining a
stlait n ln I. a i-iat.e tam I: I-.r baa no obl'jeLotion 1to
thke a chJ- to her -)in r.;.i l'n,-'. Inquire at 0ud East
I'onrrefn.'h street, l-etwe'n t j, i E and C, third floor.
"'_'-NiniD-BYY ,\ P.i.-tL- T LLLI WOMIN, A SiITU
ali.,n a( 0O 1.b ,L i 1rougahly a.njerar'nJsa
L tr t'.inri,sian, Ic -,' d .I k .da f c.lkinlg Belt of
i.l i itif' .e p-'-n. Ap1 a'. 2I S o' srtrice., corner
'"**a rj rel
'lirAN r,%- \ -ii.iriO. BYV A YuiNG WOIAN.
a, -carecrtt in ta in ii its um.y Ca- ..atau-
at' ij, c-ta. L ?,,Bl ". ,'- trac fe C Ban '-.3 U c -n it,'r iw
Utflp ,,1 0 llUbll'jh B:'e*-l
-I-\iCT.,'-r-Y P!'-li-T'YNr ItF[I. FOi.RiTCN
S ift' r.f tpe ilt ait ,n t lot a r lii cr-,I irP -n -
.' t o i,,i-,t ,n 1h? l-...' .,, e ma lm] taniy. Aj. p'y
at 227 Weet Seveniteenth street.
'ViTAN'FD-A ElK.IT.'iION A-, WAIlER IN A P'.ilv-' if.
S family, ltf a mn who perfecLly underala bdiui
lt ubje-s. aode Coo produce Lit. mnit rspea...l[ea clyi
rtflrtoce can be seao for tlwodaya t262 Fir";t c..e
.'., letnWen Fi'fl nth OPd S,tre.etb lri.te-a. Aditres.
6 H __ __
V woman, a situation as coouk, is a g.',od puain c ,oh,
end an excellent baker, andi' ;iing ltoas'l-it ia the
wapbing an] ironimngy. Pleas'.: cAll at 2B6 Mui rt-rry street,
in the r-ar, fur two days.
V T-erinccd womnn, a situntion a c ok., washer and
iroue.r, or would do general housework in the clte or
c eUnlry. hbas lived In both stations nNl feels well abl to
discharge her dn 'y to any one requiting her sert.:ei.
PlIease apply at iM4 Third avenue.
M i-ANrIT-AT NO 4 EA'T BrifoAnW.kV.T, i-ORIER
S r-f Cbhabaiu square, clcoEs, po:t. ra, t.aretepere,
woitera, coachmen, grooms. men on steamers andl mi-,n'-.
bc-y s for lores and tri,'es; ainocouos. laandrtia-e, chin-
t-ermaiul, nures. bousework gi&L, &c can fnd goo-I
tituatui,. atfi tbis office ltharg,:a moderate FiltSi-
moo & 51tLernon

-_ WAwrtB.
"TA'IF \TIOUKZEpER '.0)- RTErE ;E' t-4
yT e alnhe.] none hbt au Am-rhan ,. .id aptv l ,"'
aplyd aSlAGreenwich Istreet, between i. boar' clt Sie
ani bla. p u.

1 7INTPP-A COMPEEr PrAM.. 1,N COKW.% 2 4.1:
I an. irt.ner. and to asLst In 'be aroeral u.c'-e
werik" af emall priv-ae family, on, ... -c batie r.,.-
iened None oiel apply wh., rannot io-t o.: g.-., r
ference Wage' 51. A so,.a seama'r-r-. anted .1.[fly
at rb Walkeriet si -
t.rl, moinat be a good washer an'I ironer COe
wil h good reference may at N-. 12 Watts street.
a situationn to -o houeewuik in a enTaill ramdy iy
a lrtl ra'e ca-her and ironer R. ?9 t 1 oily rer-,reon'e
frrmni br lat pla-e, where h b' it-e. tb-e years. Fleeje
call at 41 First avenue.
gitpl, a rcod plain cook, -.,aber a. I ironer. -.r to
di'p he general housework of a small famt-n. and ba na')
ot-jecli.-n tog, a abort Uidtatneo in 'h- cuontTry. The
beur f city reference given. I'lse' .-all at No. 3 Sinth.
street, ".:t'n l I.jement, for twod'ys _
i tcen vear of age, toa naii-i in l-a 1'ltg b 0r to0 a
vr,itcr lhat "u.-'rstand.a o .'e,- Apply at the
'Wari-dy rasiarairt, corner Uru3a l;.i nod Fo.";L ;.

"I'.ANlT-.A SI tlU.v'ON, BT A RE3PE,'-iLE
"'-,ifag iat-tierd women, a' wi'a or ar in aT' ".e Ii -
tal private family Gio.,d rer.r-onco at. i.e girt CL-n
te reen fir Iwo oaya at P. Fake src.-t hoot door
i .'NIED-BY A. RESPL'?ALOi.F Yu.tNG iIhL _4
i luauion to take rare -if ,:bil.irpr. tad di plan
sewing. Please c ;l at her present mpl-.. r', 7l'ire. a
v iCLeaslee:.
S and tb'ee ceck loys.
LOlD& Al'I rif. Ca'. anne street

i i tirot *Iaes toerca;cr i t .:l.r -iabliAhMtenr.
'cod rcfer,'nce as to %Ld.-l4 o-.I 'lnhir.icr requ;rd.
CIl atl, or adlis* 591 Br. riwni. ip 'tara.

f r.'.NThD-k Y0)1NG %N .lP( tl'JiEDO W IrPI TF1t3
Tl fnnc iatelh and j-?weli.. I.-.j;insa Adlrr'f t-oL
:2 '.Croa office
AV person to takech.eite of libe rsAt eiook an", aon-
Ible. department: one bi;.,c ti. c. -i-rioanc w.j.rlI tbe
preferred. .t.Aply irom i T '. 'iP '% i l- r jLrtwr in ir-
lower'stlore .ld -r.- '.trhe r h- l .,anrtrtein', Ie
:rllTi e Il-.ta i m l] teO lt't'ir, ., eg,. rp ['r-
fro-m 5 to 7 P M. Broid-ay i.l Ch -tire.-
AEoFt I 1, f,1bi. .
go to Cali,-lrDia (.f- al te rar'ai lbse mrn will
bate? lu. at'tn-i in the hr,ose u i ti e wAe of a pAir'cf
Lorc with ccai'o al nira in bt- girdeo, the emoan
to c, ., stle,'-d the lady adl rne .:b;i,. ',od take chieo
.f hlie dairy (for family nus ) Bter i making reqsis.e.
Ap.-lyto Cenejal WincLeFter, 107 Fulton street, New

.IF;-TE[i -TH-II iO'NIN,.. rF.N ACH'E A'.vENIQ,
v i thoe iraepli;ng prtfei-rei,) In cell an article
-bat Ci to 'z. per *ay can ne r.ide 1hy c-r taTelling
rtig ila It fid this a rr.:fitlbi ir.i-etanment only 1 it)-
$3 requiie.. Apply a l ihis weetl at No 343 'ir-t are-
nue, btozw Tani,5 itar liiret, ibf.l oidor
t' lil, in a retail ricer) store One that cumfe ell
recaomendl'rd mq apply at 66 IrvIng plate, corner ot
F igbh-eenthb site.. .

"IfA.rU-BV A YOqN tLiaSf, A SIlTf.tfl'4N A-;

I>r^ic, eJJ. Aaarssinj 131andWIJ ifimg 01 httl &PIfi-Chrit U.:. 2 E ,PFlT P s V PleP~loai in ai wbGr.silB or rpfLttil cIlot inlY awyir,
1 77 1'," I it. O Mfce. .I-ii' t- ci-ur,'=u, '". -ii rA l'Er... i SILAIK .N, BY A RE.PL' i'AELE -y e les1nan in a wDo l- e or i-rei, r,,te'aoa woe,
l- _ot Office. VV Erehith g rl, as chamber, maid and iaifer in a pri GCood city refarenuce give Pleae aldres E V 104
1)UY WANTED -WANTED, A. BOY IN AN OFFIC., vats family Goo r~feren-e front her List place Pletse UHester street, corner Bowery .--
W that is used to office duties .ipplyat No. h1inovepr call at b60, tlth ltreeC, corner of FIratLavenue to b hi r.N r-tD--A S1TUATi-'N AS CI I"ER AND FOiRE'AN
SiPt, setn for two .lo-, berwtes "he hoars of 11 aI 1 I inue ; cl..thl; g .-i.r aisbmlf, or
T('V WANTEf-TO W.\II ON T\BLES, .ND MAKE "ITANTETP- I .ART. TLF'i' GiRL, TO DO' CRAt IBEI "o'd,"-i',z,'rm aa,8p r brr.t '"a r' I cloibiugw tor-
Shimself generally ITeful aL the Gr nen Bi'tel, 13t VW w.rl nd pli.n ;upin u o ane ti noot'i h b ilIng ubt co m rCIe'sp.e t aor kbyb' ci> Tri.,ra, .'e. Ca n ,w ,o
Grand lieat. One about fourtecun or idftLen years o' agero.n- to ,';it an Tbe ironuag w ',:. ru bll._, .i b t.oh nr;*ho,[ -L .. o'e a atoita -t H -,N o JCan'i
preferred. Apply imno-Jdiately A abt-ev 0.'-. Ell m(,n : be Friererred -u.h FE can an ier in all ir -
-AR-[K-W-TED-A - 1t-oa It-tbt'eMay rb a frs 1ppt!, le',n wanot oi ,I'., i,''",.;ifLi-A PLSaINTE- M.-lN WI A CiPiT %L
LA RKEcPLF.-WANTED, A YoUNG M iN *,B\t. -at 133 i.tflpel lI i t.t ltr.i. airo N B -Pt.c-rt;iy u...n.? \ of rot 1-is than 41 ,di tob .-nmeanicltve .pi-
keeper, One who undera'andso L hE b-iastiAon-I cc I.] rrot-clul-. n;: l :-plla i- a i a '_ .9cr is ul ,.i-'C ,f.alr.,Ai A i'--:e.-L.P,
come well rrF.ammended Apply at the Mrkbet Hotel -- ---- -- .jfircd address, 'P.-al ie." i!r-I1 .f(ice.
rBffi,-e, No O1 Folont etwon e anm d 10. clck h.. "i iT.l'c'cEt,--1 MI-i 'U Eilr:i If- WORK OUil BD I"dY 1 .I" r. . -. -
..... ..' 'mr-,h -.0-,"n a r.- tei-;-,e -"u N i -ir ANfiTE-I B.ARRFEPER ; O(NF WleW INit-rl.
j iCiKS,K CIIAfMR.litMli -, NI--E-., AND deCr'lr..l- i.rlng an- hi ling cil Iren'e clolhini t--Lh- t I ,V.I hi .JeBa;nes. andMimke himself us-.i .I tE "
other ndjo atd female domescaIC, pronIlei f-ir most iriieul,, irti-r- n.prc A %firt elas f.init Erte- w.ith rjd tecommensl-ua f. 'oe h'-nty andr3, r;A'v,
iaspeclable fam-diesi Plentc npply at tihe inploymsat it',red to ,."-ri icr. .drit, a note to I J Ii, h1. asiply at the Slides Hots, c'areer ol Trio.: .- ;.:
irney ilt". No( ti-i East FOi:le.nLth t Peet, Union -.ih t-en e.n a snt Ibsmes itret.
ibuarF. N B -.ood ire'drncesa requiroil from pierons -- ---I,--- ------------------_e_------
reeking eilutiune at Ihb office. -c. r >l I--IY A -i 'l ( i tBLI" FR,-'1E1 .NT GiRL V* Li EDU-A aYU.'L;XG L r.,' 1r0O WiIjtiL I-I
W- -------B------- ) *i'ua- i l..m a' ,i3 ns],.rinaid or ai'mr, K in if- \ ,al fy lin. t :ell I.-r tee.nlior, t1 aa. it .i th-j r.,ur
HA. BERM till-W 'NpD. BY .c YOIN W t p*cnble prince o foatly a|.l.) for Ihre-y daje at 491 'j .ae .'i ,fI a I lts' ch,:.. in F'-..)ltn, hun r:c.-,te
.. mn, a situation an cnamtt-r~naid ao I pisn eiwer Gr,-Belch li stret. in rltrr inrtlatiOi. in ih1 b, antL-i9 of the oghe: se-
i.r ro a.-itr in taking care .' chidren. BOSLt city r'e'o i.qriat_.f.e ; tf ih oalrtIlit.c F'our Ustes can b.a,.,lm
ene irom her last slouation Can -e seeo tiloDgage-i | liTNFI--.i -IFl',liuN BY .A PiIOTKO.iNf Gilt O idoted n.-i b..irr .ltiiel-l,,ri. Ilor paiuraln at E:.'-'i
lihaee apply to or adlreas 17 I }'o.rsyLh .tree, cr..,m 55 todo general Luuse toiL. ur a.l, I B "' -oi.rn ,'oc-l,.-c.
No 19 usialDg: goc- i-ity ,ference can be sean for tuedj n a ..a. ta.e l -ti.
PleI.ete.alaL 7. iFouiirth ,trdet, ne r i ma-a-i..i AN'DA.i P-A GOOD11 C.N'.'A .ER -W..IF. ANi)
"tANVAFSEl.. WANTI-l-I-O FLL AN .rFi'LE, OF mi,.. .i, oa ma or V de.,. rtT *-P-
.. general use among merthant- Ba nd n- aouf-cterei, T.'.NTLEr- I iF' !L.N B' A i E PE'I'Bt |F io in i' A o amao rc e il.-rT
None need apply who do not unjderasLan t bh-r baiin-s SS j:.ung girl int;s pniate famniur tdo u a-ud.k I5 iyJ-on fs&o 3L)- l-esretfai-rl i -0,
al'o, a s'enctl 1,late engtaver wan'.,.-, at t4 C Cur iteet, r-.0 od webher aLJd irtner can bL'iceeo in Ov" ie, police "ITAN"TIP-A Y'N, '. HI.IN WBO UN'L' cli..-'i -
t hrmese Ink Compiny iz to otayi, i6 We. llhiseeuth street. V tIlie--ulery sna ier.elry btAoions, to tiie ct .-c-
T M LOYMLNT W.NIE[ ,--Y AN r01-1,F; .V N A..- N '., N I,1- .i ,a.CS TY .e A i -L-P I"--BLt V' .L t'I h Olson. N nedel appt ho' i so, o having : l .
junior clirk or rsithoiusoman, he ha' 'o, n mint VI teslOeitra iMg a anao rc e o.-oLeliBorn.i.J ,F.p| Uitha dyc from b ie lo i ne- u at c 7 g aitya-m Lire
learrin a shipping house ant woil acquait..d with ht-. is acquainted with children; had good refereun. A-piy s day, from I to2 '-,tEld L
ness. Satisfactory tesillmonia'a CAem be gitnu. J. W. from hetr lal place IPleai. colt at 3uh Taeniy-ratrn ,i -- NTF.P.A LA.JNI.iJ-'Q FOlI: \riOtL IN -iP.
t?0orl69 Weas Trhit.-ieveotb, Eighth avanae aucet. corner tenth rmenue, second fldo,, bact room. \'' ,er,;cut ; cwapen iflu par m,-nLh; tire- l':.-,:,.t-,.
EMALE TEACHER WANTED-TO TIRtE CR -GE I TED YA .-R irlsase chqmbeTmaids, at $A, fare psi- by me. Plates
F ir"' EA ch olt e T KXae o WGE s it .N D -BY SiDt.i a, I'T GIRL, A S[UA- ca be had ror. a-,tere, salesmea, clerks, porters, be--
r ofa small select school in 'he ni-dag- of West raion apgoodplsun eook, uas .adJ wa-herausd.inoeI, kreperr, men on railrads.l and slrmnre, coachmen, t.cOy
Fasrms, eleTen nilea i'r-m this *ity aud near ithe New hLd an cfacIlenlbiber-nhe a fallulaaDd-.-Licng I forrades, hbus-kee-rera, o-llers, sc,
York and Hrl3$ BaOroad Apply to either Dr A Nan be ticen. for two day., at 101 East Ewae i geht3 sttied' liTHOMS I'S "1 ""-a
-_ - smith, erA. B Raymon..d, Went Farma. near tlbird avnue. Ha good references. r Nt-.u*l'i't2 U'' ft'Mr' GI.'
Such m y pi-.y At Tf...l..jirlTfr7-tarnr n a-nianra, it -A-C474.1,iEr ,1 C.tmittce --Th regular monthly tme-:in4 if
inason avenue.eeon, for a week, seaL. Malt atr,--I. this now-minr ce will be held on Monday evening, the
4l11 YAI S CEi K f .N rED.t ISEY T1Y-- NT-r ---A S-TU.ITION. S. -Pri)TE-TANrYOiiN.' iMstanlt, at half-Il st Eaen o'clock, in the In-
1-I C. CE 9W rE.P490DkY1.Ir- tNEpote.orGUNTHERe o bnofan] Chairmailinn6'Boavry
I_ one who thoroughiy undelatands the nr pr tr rt teOrealbar-m, aoreortotal- a ol boire I, ,n- hi at'ue boi .ldig, 661 Broadwaym i r.
care and houre furai-bing businc.'s, is a gu, i pie-main, g y e-_Mul f t d a 1r M C Lair
ano has -tome knowledge of bookkeeumg by slugle entry, strt, in bthe rear b iemrnt.Hd T. }Mecrsr. .____OT
Mst pro .luare undoubted eoUmnnda of caal.__________ ty. busi
naes soul moial habits, &c To such a. one a Ileb,cra tcor ANTUDLrL3--A SITU.1,TION TO TAEF CARE OF CHlJ. i .i .aN'Out-
ptoeation sill be glvrn. .Address box 1 9351PestOffice, y, f dron, byaGermangirll Inquire at t1 Flit vae......... ....
Nrw Yolk, with refoexace niTe, trE SEetUB-cIC-W
TIOrBT eOR-n E IRYLEI ----W-.i.D Y a T -A..-- BI'TI.TO., BY A ItEBPCrA&BLtk- A 1-aing used Hinti's Relorativb CurJdl fur ietJ.
a I,-HT TORTE OR ENT-IRY CLERK-WA or uni-at ,utgLl, WfourL.en las of age to do Ugh up years, deem it due to the oause ol humaniy to itsPblicl
at I oug Writes well Iirst closes niy reference A ,-isre wtt, or istIloeae-os an tnftnt Good reference tpiocis c-ur coofidar.cein thi. medicine, as an tmportLat
J Canonl -rte t elsl who will rin iven gren, ran t sen for a week, If not engaged, pleae e.,1l for bowel complaint s, which may lead cholera,
,.J Cannon, 85 -ith retnae whiobd wll meet w.ln .t or'adddecsOc 2 Po'-erstir-et oneblo-k n.WtW t for wi.ich it is generally srdand has btai.ed. i''b
prompt ateAl,-on.tO, Grand siest, Williamsahburg ee uttwe knOia T p ite r cod O.reievi and eui n.totre
-ITU.ITION W.ITLD Wat CijOK-BYat debility.A&L. -- -
i. w.TION WBeNTED of reOOK-BY rA m .E9PEr AB LEp j ANTE t rD-B I a RE.-Pi-T'ABLE WtilAN. TilE lg olrdial for partial illness, ueeral debility-. &. m-ar
woman. Be t of reereocea trom her lis employA I f *w]1^g } s famlh' ea who undeloan Is birt% thelore eomdely reo:.mmeod it aa a orluablo fam,:y
er. Unoer,:tand.Ja all kindj of caoakng. Can b-i. s tIeeAw st ,a ing i' e Uca at. 46 hr. tlocod tme. M. i al ua amt
3 Powery, corner of Fourth street, for two days. natIt.flutbing ainaneir n Pasoe tocdaeaaltc .Mr" Bunt' depot I6 at5.32 hud-onStrie',;
fosw as litet. btlwamin Iand2 ner nr l -eiblitent. rOLODMON RP
~ IUA I~s W~ tE -B A II~ i] WO ANASA ~li.i. B :oYN..''',
,F'rlUAjN Wpain"c -BY A YOUN G Washe .-N, AS ANI -BY A -PI-CIABLE PROTEfATT The OlId Greenwich stage pro;.-iet-rs
-T E ANBP-B I t -.^ ".TnBLF nr CJTF-- ^-rI ^
-syv`1nceowoluam with F'.od city refsnn-ces, a ltu tolon t3 --O RM- U-i %I
or would do .e neral bouewori. Be ea r efre n-sIe do c,.tig, wasig and TO Oning, WIA -Pn a lmal prinkiieTdf,' NFM ia'il T
gien. Flea ecell at 2-linfh avenue, between F fteen.b re, montihs ago he ro 8tittobul.0slary:r H'-R

g vrfnen Ftelea ok e7 ma Irve atok a242 !. ", kiunpg. wsial; a rnd I in eas~~jt D 6 T ell R' -A Y"""N a^ 3 m
S and s; trees, third floor, lack room, for twoIL family. 'leaei ca-l at R ('Itby arfet, upstar. jed ot ai A id b ting an
daa ".,[ .a r.'ETI I SaI UAolitO., 'TO tOOK, WASH .AND Jtogp, F9 BToadway, one term, end nowgel $Te)pet

d ,Bays -A n.TAL^ FyS. ^xe^ ^ f^mN^ ^ V ?
-tANIS3 --THE BEST CHOICE OF- HELP IOR 1 icon, otto 1o0general iousewok ini astr"a frml- yearIma Isk. liolljear"s pupils eenmand lr t-t

.^n fhose- .n. 1 agcf tnamrredene..> ------ ^F A. O, .
0 hotels boarding houses, private families, store, etc., 1I hIa goo rite refereacee. Can be seen for twa days ltuatloas. -
cao always be found a1t M)ORRIS a COHIF-.P.J 'S estabikh- at b6 Lilorabeth" strelt. B A lD OR MOUSTACRE FORCEDTO GROW Hk aliT
neut.. "67 Broadway, corner of Reade street, ander the T i-ANTEr-BY WO.IN, TO COOK, WASH AND I, .rON i n nsix weeks, by my ougueut. which wiB nl rta'm

IrvinCg Bout Wsotng .- forN pLe~Gra semtea 116 ^ 0^ ^ ^ ^ 1^ ^, tc,.d .
p oa. Wmineor oeed-ca. seamite ie m"eand to latit a mgeoeral houstework. NonMe but orinjuretheskin. $1 a bottle, sent to any part the
f',rfnenutedlework; German paorfesed,)okge.wu-r theLstggood t it. eferencerneedaapplyat-Oe.-ni r coun try. R I Graham.4 AnuEstr'eet ; Zetber,44i .tLh
man girls, Ir-a Protestant cooks, wasaers and ironers, sl iet, basement door. -lhiJr, street, Philadelphi n ; Brggs, 81 State Street, l-
Sand n eaxelleunt choice of oks, hmbermaidsi nurses, e a a ys nd 17b eul ton street Brookly
gitls forhousework, nto--all drst olass hGerman ibnirere 7ANEED--\ S S'"ITRM,1 S. A R3ESPECTABLIanE y and. lit'.8utton st tBoo l rt O'' ''
master machinist and watehlmair, also, pi.rtere,.cac)ch vo Ames.-tn or Englis"h woman, Who i le Sgood seam- COUi.l SCAIES-1O WEIH bORa E AND CtliT,'-It
men, wailer. cleIn, farraser and grdeners, at this, or t.ess, lsn-i wii- n -g a a,-ss-ist- in the chuge of a bons, in former dnpivs for cart alone; also a -on,-
the branch office, 10Greeriot sBtreetrh a smallrivate family. To Aperan pofla; tssessn r ea lo ho.e lhe-ei re n-c -
WALL I C N nto1aallctation en-I releratea, good eiwages end a rr omlyard Theso s-tel-a efre urrlled for .. ureeyt
e .RVANrI' --WANTED.A A DT OER--FFI- NO.- eady homs will te offered. Address A I., Beralg iweigtl and grest durithli'. For sale at tow prices,
S 4 and letreet, Brooklyn, ooks, chammbearmas, l1 1A ffice, giving namt ond resident.:e an warranted, by F.Aij, oRIhS & CO., 89 Watere ,ne. -t.
tiferaee. .enislt housewoiseti-e,-o They muit be wMIiry New York. r T___
o rr0 Namenroe.. ND B--Eupl-,yer in the city and country A I-.PN''BY %-By lIE-P'0.P.ABLE YOUNG WOI IN. -.-p[,
.ul pli.. ]pr.rMptly wIth clebjtM mile and females or- V n a sttoetir a ncoambrmlt anI w ait.,-r or a- T EECIAh J a rPr. I.I AD .FOR SnLm Ae f .s
S antls at throi 2e M. WAL.L-A'"-. en dte s ramdItre i r ile ctt-or ca.oatry, s ite wll Pearlsire up ati etl Li talrnien i5d
S-'-" be funacompetent in either Y', is first tse w a-her bemnde with a r*6 pon-ible Ver a, nha vwlso be,'he s-e.-
O U G L 4 rIEr--WA N~rTD-TWOEP-iS LONG r. A fE,_ __ for -- . or-"e --------- inth-ciy--------
T2IWl.T 1lKh f sod i-or-er, sy ___ ,nrol fwto take car,' of children from El agnc fo aLb sale of iEn i-nOTICEaOsOr
'2 ."L t a, drt=b Kn.twpaptpe r envelopes. Appl;cauti muit oIdtheir rojeaifaney, r,-dwllO WtakehOm, de rat.o tv~ eg,~r"of eh aPlea" callfat ct ernY, -n-mt,.w~~~ h aeo h~ ehsI h iyAda,
as accustomed to th e ouines', or h A o yon en ougho t e) i aa n ,ia e P ower1.r rall Tin .U L I Galan -ff ,.' t e
l.s I to write quite rapidly with soulsame traficae. I 2*0 f 't rntH LwULIC IN EtAe -TllEb I :Y A
-l.oali-mns pi runmaent -Apply to LORD, WESBTFL ,L',). "I .NTF.-N '-'.I -4LL IA.MILY, A 1AM %N .1 Jb last ccme when al l.sea ,,i' hLates t Ir .'A cans
821 E -.sdway. cvy rk ar-l tnanslst ti nbi washing Andtr ing, cier esicaledd desper-, -. lor.was t sulh b-itel-
rlA N'EWPAPE .--A teferencr i.71'3DApply it 1 bels beil.elyllcu cordc. .I.n, oAdl,. boast or Itmhog I-a
T N 'RES-A nEwIpape "-0iliOtEd 3 ,'itanib ctrot get the peolh-Is' money, bat sure. Io mauC Ir t aiia e.'-
a largeg e euil.Irieae -In nwape l e- &--at d]v4 s aop'a. le fact, as we can khow b. %crtlllcates from Itn o -iat
i, .lui3 paper inthL, .iiy for .a fewn years Wilt nu'eli a t -rINiTE-t Al.f'iIOl, BY A E6FATABIH.E respectable peopl- inL New Yosk end eelawche, who bive
I hise works bare been favorably n ,ice1 Inthis country .. .. -
and ticeaL d ittise social 'onstion enapflr a himd, -aflee .ouug woman, 5 1au.-tc..ianooiBjeietion10 aat hien cubied of tbs lotnibia dieat'o, which ha-I beedn
r is"n cha beroirOL if re-,ao-l Gou1 n r city efeenaces given slets hlg for many years, and baffled all the sklful pbhy-
s acrc 10 mauoy vbluat.lo an Official sourtes of informal ittn her last place, where she has'lived stac telr. aFstase, who couli not reach tls di,ease This geit
tic In o-ri und it Whi agton. and oh.. h bas sre means 1,4 il for t.o days a' 12 8 West Twenty sicutb mdrmeabe las lbein an use for opwade of si jyear., o-

a' lh.ttis d eispsa,-ai~e be cubing o trkmi br~fi a eno mio llca ^j(h l( wnin. ooeocas CALS 1.R
BI. haaly auit iv gtotreat f'cr tIO i er.-betecr wan:eerth and eighthh aver'nes. paratinely pai atly, and hasee i rAeelfato ecuroeth a,'aily o ,I we kI paper In t.hiscityor ha hdelA ]___ e_______ wort form, of Which ue br the mot
As is.r'o beaddesiedtoX Y. B -% de T. lrEo-.ITUATIO- BY A YOUNG Wlta.',;IN wondefulflacttoThow. Wo tow, for the sake of-
& T',-T MERWh NT T~tlORS AND _THERS--a FlEET do ehamber-w,.r Lac tine washlngandiroring: Or F areiy, brig It-entilrely before thopublic. Thegrecate-
at -. c .a e esAND R--e il would lit-e t,, tale ars o cbhdren nd do pt-o ea lug miracle f tis medicine i tT hite one or two bole aS1 .t
a- i. F c r 'arWnts a sItuation- E Addres toA lobPe tn,.f reftren t from her last place. Can be can for most, isa sunse oue, or the money returned; and t.hat
, herad office. hrnh two da3 ast f hMlaberry treel. in the rear two or thee eeks wll core the disease no matter n o
i-pa'TINtLB itWAITED, A GOOD --TR IINII ErR, ___ - cesere If directions are followed. WOe ballenge all
Y g. tO labs an interest in a Oall estabLi-hcl bnieioMs.1")X I-. -11iON, BY A PI'IPECTIBLE otbermiedlelnethal have ever been used for dyepswiam

mile an^ iner .^ %I, inaelsaV Wibl ninss. NrED1,
ea ls, h t ianno middle aged unman, as profesasdteoolk in a private on they care fora while, but not permanently ; lotb tL
1,' rt seldom oetlere. AwddJress L C Herald fa[ily; tL, anmrat rate baker. Ras no Objection to go, aello:r cures thot isemse without a y fear of return, as
prtonity shot distonceein l1jea:oantry Can produce the beat of we can sbow to auy person who mayfasor us, r,
ea efflee. clyteferents. please 'callatP0CIlryslseatren, inLthe call. ts oizir Is oyone dollar per bottle, ande
TW Ou wifin LDE WaNTead- W Trear. samy again one or rwo betles will aure polely.
d, .Goslling's restaurant. 306 Broadway, bets-en Parl uNITr-A -lt'Airim, IBY A liE PECT'BLF r[O SHEET METAL WORK.R9--NOTICE.-Ot. 'L0F
II, aoDuane streets. Apply this morning, alaaa), man t T youongwomoui an, e chaiLrmxalduor to do ,neral I atvaluableandusfulItetathas.been
ub to carry dawn dishes heusOewonit in a small family. The bed of reference granted wilaa the last ten years,has been awarddI : '
f t'oAPR iclINER,38i-ot her tat plat.' Pleas. -tail at 128 Atlantis, coiner William Webster of MorrLesoia, N. Y. (letters Patent
06 0 ii RUGGIoTS--A MEDICAL PR and ef of }ienry asairee, Brooklyn, room 11, up salcIs. dated March 28, 1864), for a novel and inva'uaeis ma-
E2, I years of age, ej erleoeedia dispgmsitg __d_-ful"---..chine for making from 8,000 to 16,000 Fest of (anY hind?
,& if t~ p oTelon, teg r.Addressan enga gmnl-tont in 5 75- -iP"I' JTED-TO'AltpT, A FINE RiAI.nTHY BOY, sheet metal tabing per day. This machine in now beiog
df p~ertabae drug Addlress, pre,,id, i ds, Poet V "elglut months-Old who-.veezwishestheammior the c lhlbited bereen lbs hoeo rsof 9A I-and 4 'RM to
Ot, as e itaos.rrisanla, New York aothcr would go with hbin til hbe woult-It e a year uld room No. 12, at 11 Wall iterot, New York eity, where al
so plae ad t-6-aar tiet
n AraNTED--A t-ll:.tATh0N, BY'A COMPETEFNT.-IDY for low wageC. Plineall at 16 Bayer tteet. iterested are solicited to call. Town, city, county
ootug woman, to do general housework, Is a g od and State rights for sate. All commualUntfie aense
V 3E pIoi cotak, runt first ratte washereandhironer. Ci give. nT INEDIN A SM ll PIRIVATE FAMILY. APHtO- .old),rpitmyreplied to totheir order.
an theabet 01ok, rs rfeceo 6 16s washerinomake heiseleif ni tul W testant American, Eglies or Weleh somae, as WLgoAd)pWEBroER,
a ht Please apply at I L.eRllegaeIn sLteet, firstldoor, Coot end to assist with Ih&. washing. To one oap"ile ICHLLEAMIWE.ER,
good waIge wll be gtsen. Apply at 84 FAat Twenty SEole iproprietQir, No. 11 Wallestreet, New Vtrh.
as, .. R A r oaedenihstreet, near L4u ingtn -% enus, alter 10 o'clock
W5 ~-ANTED-AhftllUAXION, RY'CAL cetstet __B________________
Vlo rg wman. to do general hoose srort in a ,maUl tI the morning. HO________&C,_WM~EM
"'A; piet il;la good washer and ironer. Good re- -- --
are ciesno can be given Can be seen for two dkays ast 122 T NTTP-RBY It YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION d-OnTAE ON THlE NORIEH Min-A -UnRNsI
irt'Wes niy seventhesreet, corner of Seventh avenue W as dressmaker. o. seuaemress, In a small respect C or unfurmahed cottage, situated on either side of
fs- t -I A ---A" T Y O--'GAYD-EI AIA-.'-I-' blorfamtily; has no n-bjcc'lon to go to the countryor the Hudson river, with on saydmive smulendistenceof Nsi
ry, as g ri InanyfogadsA i itTaTI ba-el with a lady Can give roatiectable reference. Can
Kibealnatl- atNneeet srebewenceenb York city andof eass access eitherby Railroad or stinn-
TY N V ao e roter n e "i a f a m ll y o r y o u n g Il f i e s t o t e 1 0 1 1 b e se e n nat 1 4 '2 W e s t N i ne t e e n th e t rr e t b e t w e e n c c t e n t h b & P r o s n e o p l i i a i h t e m l t r
the Fngliah branches; I willing it make herself ute n Iee, s Eighth avenues, 7from 10 A.. 1. to 0 P. Mi for three hoorderan Persons a aoe o a apply uean dwthothe anbe
and has no obj*etlons to go in lbs country. The most days qualifiaetens. The house moat be In goodoer an In
utuicf'10~b5 efrere gna ad a TheaMd. pad s in sn agirseat-Is nelIghborhood. Address with terms, lsnglth
-- aend t IAnnstlioleAArefnrencesgiveesnandbreqon h ted.Pt0reas
tk, or call at 88 North Mooro street, between the boatrsof09 "1TAN'lEli--BY A Rg.IPEcIABE. pROrmrTMr oftimeitItobsrstedjt -,to M Pol 01112119.
GA and2.young woman, a aituatlon to do geasrad house-
N'EED.--A I'T'UATlON, BY A .SPECT'FRILL' Volk;Is[aIgood plain nook and washer and Ironer, and 7 TWE.4yA SNAIL FAMILY, THE FIR- f.OE
Wan, aschambermid, and to assist in I understandsebaking, a5&mall private family preseol ueceodstoryofamodernhonus, with all the ha-
ni Y youhlsa Iron, o l oseing.a Bet city refer-I The abatoatcae seen furtwo proensute. std u l ple InsgoodlosAl-ti It
all ogiee uh lastir ulad. Cbor e sen fr a days, at 382 Eiahth avenue, between Twenty-seventh ancsd,'ew York or scoelmyn. ieferens ex"changte. JAUM
etent ibher lenat plhae.C ao m t e nowfor two dots;A LL" t'g llim .sliies, is Mi, s


5e q sasu ear *a' aw. a s" 9 a* ** *>** '*,*s* ..

"i ---5-

-.. ..-- -,I

-Mg Car Iln Spain 061 d urlas. rAJmntrlrnns in Russia.
I Frobm the London Nens, July 2681oT.~nrtaffhPoiduona.
a.a ] ir,.eudtCuce of thb Provideoss Journal.
,*France having no much at rrake of course e o war
Tho solverent of a. isalwars e pet child or in lnRuista absorbs much atteLlur. in Paris, anid It
ehe thal! y, an herefor *e esepezial horror i progress is watched with thqe to intense Interest.
af the reek a'hprie't; add 'o this the cst'ta- itt rn a few days several Americans haes set off
tiotnalim of Spain, which, however imperfect. f in for ththeheatre of acti on, having a-copted favorable
trible, and vacialitng, ditS reappear from time -o overtrfn made to them by the agents of tue Empe-
time, adIs intbreaU enoughto te fre naiio, ror Nicholas. Among them I am acquainted with
ewrld toeeale coetonofr enry, of Alabama, and Dr. Draper, of New
tiof l te orvetone Iin Spair; and nere ic an exO England. AffIr prosecuting their studies for nearly
tsstloual goenmn In .psr alnd thee sewnev
S pla Iationo. the Czar's attention to Spanish *f*r". a3ehrbluthInospitala of Pari, theyseek the new
Add to this his evident hopeorcoeatlag a dietrsion field, where, Joined to the advantages of travel,
from the east bSy instl eating a call upn Eng tnd, there will be opportunllles presented for prrfitlable
anmd a temptation to P.rane, to lrtefvre heypod the professioal plantice. With-ihnpeful hearts, and awl-
Pyrenees and what Is the event? Here as mated witu a g-unerous ambition, I saw them set
'the insurrection, true en iugh; and we ate 60e- forward on their extended way. Col. Cottman, ,f
ining8 to learn now what the insurgents de- Loulilana, has arrived here from St. Petersburg, ext
alt an contemplate. They want to get rid of the rotut to America, with dispatches for the. Depart-
tad advises of the Qieeno of Spain, and to obtain moent of Stale. CoL Cottman has been four months
constisutional government under the recognized in- in Russia, during which time be has enjoyed partl-
atrnmentof 1837; and so hounad up are the fortunes cular facilities for observation and by greatacti-
of lsabella of B,.ain with the constitution, that It is vity has made himself acquainted, to aconmiderable
no surprise that O'Donael and his coadjutors pro- degree, with the present circumstances oft the
fewa entire Io)alty to her, while removing evil coun- country. He has been in intimate relations with
ellors from her .preseanCe. At this juncture It is high officers of the government, ant admitted
said that the young King of Portogal, now in Bel- to familiar conferences in the circles of the
alum, is adious to lae a speedy meeting with the coit. He bears wit.h him a large numberofthe
Emperor of the French, ia order to learn what he most flattering letters from the most emtannt it
may expect from France in case of the prosecution oficil position in Rnsia. A numberofthese It
of tfe scheme of giving him the Spanish empire in has been my pleasuretoee. a ogthemarelet
addition to is own. If the most credible accounts teo from Count Orloff, Governor General of St e-
are tre, the Boy King has received a plain warning tershnr, Count BevIlkoff, Minister of the Interior'
that the Czar is trying to make a tool of Count eseIr Ce, of Foreign Affairs; Admiral
him, in order to introduce discord among the Ricord, Adm in-Chief of the Baltic fleet; Prince
Western kingdoms, and create a diversion from DolgoronkyfMinlnter of War. Col. Oottman has
S the cene asud topicsof the Eastern war. The Em- with him a Sword, presentedby Count Orloff, which
perer of the French will, ofcourse, declare he was taken by a son of that officer in a recent en-
will listen to n oheobeme of the sort; and we, of gement with the Turks. His visit to the United
course shall at al times say the same thing. If the States has partly for its object to find a number of
spanlsh nation desire representative government, talented and enterprisinbq Americans for different
'they now have the opportunity of obtaining it. departmentasof civil service in Rusia. He Is emr.
They cannot possibly, while at peace abroad, want powered alse to make contracts to a large amount.
S ur help to get what they are resolved to have at During a residence at Cronstalat, he was many
home; and, If they succeed, they will have too much times within tie fuortifications, which he represeote
S to do to he able o join in the war, while they must cannot be tedu ed or passed by any na wal force that
for a long time to come be too feeble to rendereither can he bTought egaint them. They havebatterie3
Their tesimoioy or their aid of any considerable In- of 6,000 mounted guns, end a garrmsoun of 120,000
Pot ; erie on behalf of the cause of political liberty, men. The pestige of the English name has entirely
S in m which the existing war will merge sooner or disappeared in Russia, but Americans are hailed
laer. All we have to do is to observe what with the most friendly feelings. Rusaia asks that
goes on in Spain, without meddling more or the aid of citizens ofthe United States may not be
Iees. wile the Spanish nation is contending for me- given against her. Hope and enthusiasm are high
Sthods ind principles of government apart from tie at St. Petersburg, with reference to the war shared
S > qeesiion of the a. vereigoly. In order to beffle the alike by nobles and the multitude. It is there re.
lihriguesof the Czar, all we have to do is to do gardedasawar of natless than ten years continu-
nn'vhb'ng, *xcept, as usual, to exert oar influence anne.
with the Qufee, in her day of peril and anxiety, to
htep the ple Yea of ier life, and govern ai we A RELiC.-TLere was -brought up from the bot-
h pe idsbe would hen we helped her to her throne, tomr f the lake at Plattaburg, the other day the
Nobody supposes there is any extensive spread of wheel of an old cannon carriage, and It has been
ultra liberablsm (as republljanism would be in asertalned that the gun, a French one, still lies
painn, and if we Spaniards, now roused to their there. This relic must date back to the time of
great decision, choose to lie down again under a the Frensh occupation of the country, and will be
despotism, we cannot help them to anything better, very interesting to antiquaries.-Buffalo, Demoe-
The intermediate and best state-that of conustirtu- racy, .Aug. 10t.
tional government-ia now procurable by them,
without ay help hmrn us. Thus, the intrigues of rWeek ieplor't rof Deaths
the Czarneed have no efelbct upon us ; and the only In the city alSd county of New York, from the th day of
so~cltuds st present may he that they should not July to the 12th day of August, 1664.
eo ]udtat present may be that they shonid not ^Men,0- women, 211t; boys, 887, girls, 285--Total
corrupt the h nor and turn the brain of a young i1 0;o. w, 26 b 87 i 2-
King, whose own crown is quite heavy enough for u811.
no immature a head. Abess ................. I Fever, remittent........ 1
SBut isnotherethatthebistoryofRnssianintrigue .Absessofotebr.ain ..... I Fever arlet ........... 5
ends. By the inkh Cbi, C the evil spirit darts into Abessuf tLheest..... I Fever, typhoid .......... 2
the centre of the republican institutions of Americ. Ankle joint, disease of... I e - s.. 1..6
For many montha-since before the war-we have Ashiri ............7. Fever, yellow ......... 1
all heard, from time to time, of the activity of Bus- Asthma...... ...... 2 Heart disease of........ a
41n agents in the slave States; and the astounding Atrophia ..............16 Hip disease...... : ...... 1
acconnts of the war that find their way hither from Baain, disease of........ Hoopiogecough.......... 10
the cities of the 8outh--accoontawhich are wonder- Bleeding from womb.... I Inanition................ 8
fully like those of St. Petersburg-accounts which Bleeding, from bowels... I Inflammation of brain... 16
represent the allies as unnsuccessful, and doomed to Bleeding, from navel .... I Inflammatlon of bowels.. 8
defeat and annihilation by nra-show h Bleeding, from lungs .... 4 Inflamatou on es ...
rules the.--vs whenes 'chnon isat Mu- Burned or scalded ....... I Inammation of kidneys. I
nce rules the press whence such news is issed.- Bronchitis.............. I inflammation of lungs.. .11
Some fads 6f this kind, connected with others, Cancer ., ...........2 Inflmmaiton of stomach 1
which explain something of the marvel of the Cancer of the eye....... I Iniamnmaion of liver.... 8
Nebraska bill; may put us on our guard, and Casualties .............. 8 Killed or murdered by
throw son e light on the American agitlttion on the Casnalties, by falls...... 1 stabbing ............. 1
s .jectofCuba. The most important question is Cholra:.... ........ 278 Lues venbrea........ 1,
whether the Americans and the SpaDiards will take Ch lUlera Infantuin ......14 Malformation or ihe heart I
te which events ought to yield them. Cholamonrbuo .......... Maremus ............. 6
There are same cn ions tales to be toldhome day Conulisons............60 MortificUon ............ 1
about what Russia has not only attempted, but Croup ..............12 Mortifcatlou of tne ler I
done,-to bring about a revolution in the United Congetion ofthe brinl..l. Oldage................ 8
States by driving home the splitting wedge of Congestion of lungsa Pal .... 8 Py ............ 4
slavery. It may come out soon bow the Czir gloats Cyanosis............... 1 Poison................. 1,
ever the hope of making Cuba thq cause ,, quar- tarrh. ............... 2 Premature birth......... 10
rel which may help him at theeleveutL ,Iar. If Deblty* ............... 18 SPleuray, .............. 2
he could disgrace and shake the great republic Delirium trem ...... 2 Parmturition difficult ...... 2
Diarrhea ................ 65 Retention of urine ..... I
the world for such a cause as the preservation of Drop-y .............. crofula ...... .......
human bondage, and at the same time keep Dropsy in the head...... 8b Smallpo ............... 6
-the good graces of the despotic party at Drowned ................ 5 Spinal disease........... I
the Courtof Madrid, who preflt by Cuban slavery, Dysentery .............. 44 Sprue............ ..... 1
Sand eembroilmglandUand America, and put France Enlargement o beat .... 2 StUllbotn ............... 28
In a difficult among them alho will I; played Epilepsy .............. 8 BSuicide..... .... ........ I
lsiis cardswall he thinks. Bit he wi ,.,. ai r livryipeai ............. Softening oft the tnomaob
always does. 'If he has helped to make tue revola- Eruption.............I. Teething........ .......14
t)an s thtoery reeui% may r"tr .sp.t..o 2 Teitanus ............ ..
o_ at very revolution may resae EspartBB>, FewerFpeerrper .........1 Unknown ............... 2
4etend European freedom-and the Autocrat Apga'rpr" *.
oe oneomnated at Madrid by honest Spaniards, as he Under I year..........821 40toI50 yym.......... 74
was at Silistria. by patriotic Turks. Meaudime, Ito 2years.......160 0 to 60 years.......... 4
we trust a constitutional government In Spatia 2to 5 years.......... 74 60 to 70 years.......... 86
OIWikeep-thefaationalpledgesabout theslave traI;- 6 to 10 yers-.......... 87 .70 teA years......... 19
imilad the Ame aaiwirefnsetobethe tools of 10to20Ye. 5..... 7 8oto0years ... .
41Va.Shljhh 20 to 30years .......... 119 l ud upwardns.... 2.

. 20 Italy........... .... !
.. 18 Prussia.... ........... 8
.. 1 'Russia............... i
..126 Br. possess.inN. Am... 2
2, 2 South America......... I
.. 1 Norway................ 1
. 1 Unknown............. 6
6.. Lake & Watt's Orphan
iaL. 6 Asylum.............. 1
8 Uty bospital............12
.46 Almnishouse, Bl'kweul'sli.14
..'2 Colored Home Hosnltal.. 9
l.26 Colored Orpha n ylum. I
..21 Colored pervos. ........21
6 Workhouse ... ...... 12
40 18.................... 44
3 14..................... 47
6 16..................... 11
37 16.................... 67
5 68 17.................... n1
49 18.................... 48
38 19.................... 9
.24 20..................... 95
.634 2 .................... .40
83 S2;.,.... ....... 90
S71 Total...... ... 1,00
K. DOWNING, City l nspp'or.
SNew York. August 1 18,54

4K E IA.W OFniC.
arI 14, 1854.

e i ert e as detpotsuroy.gud .......
be in the teeth century. Scotland ..........
Wa- Wales............::
SMarriages I Ireland. b"na ""e *
The fourth report of the RegistrarwGeneral of Holland"..''"....
sag in has just been pnubhlishd in a Sweden...............
lhmmentary paper. It Is addressed to the EarlB B E.
t.bat GfmlanBsand the Begis'tBraeGenerat says. pj iLBkllevuek.....
IM'ave the. honor towsubmthermwith,in order to L BkwUa
eirt-being laidbefore Parliament, as 'requi.-d by n.ertt-Ylm "
Sthe act 7anff8 VIcc.81, see.66, genera .. a W rs Island.u .........
d`SV m ,c- e 5Ltn~R` CU Bndanlluna l d. ......
_0 tl;.mslages registered in Ireland dunrt the Fnnalin seet ospits
a ojza128 and 1853. 'l Matt street Hospltul...
meirrhanaement of the tables is the eame as'in SL Vincent's Hospital..
reyvioaus years, In order tq afford facilities for cam-
Pa-t o l. .......... o ..........
S Thee11ti0111r 11e e numbe of marriages recorded i each ....................
S7' from 1846 to 1863-.the mode in which hey 4 ...............
S eperormedd; and the numbers and proportion 6.................
Pecant of widowers, widows, and minoru, and also ;6:. ....... .......
W PeIros who signed the registers rith ma: 1. ame 7 ........
AWin irn-the following smummary:- ; 8 ....:::.............
rccm* d'e loow N otqfmdg_. &ran 1::::::::::::::::::::.
; ..Nat, Age lOm" ..................
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 "... -.' = -. 1":.................
a,,- NT- -.opr'r.e r om1'n1Wdr'. i 11 1 ................. .
9 t12 mo US i l4. .....................
.a D l(amonth 6,114 345 1,192 06, 340 -- -THOMAS
.--...-............9,844 474 1,870 1,03o 671 J City I. ,fiL e
--.............. 6,943 246 1,210 862 429 i pecto'
IS, ............6,048 891 1,584 1,274 708
w -.......... 9,493 415 1,714 1,244 679 THE L.
.50......... :-- -9,781 489 1,771,829 75 i a
3" 1--.-------.. D,-tD l4 1,561 1,183 695a EW m Tflf.
-..............97,487 429 1,620 1,19 6;44 WTO
l88........... ,..10,697 475 1,708 1,255 700 Arc
The marriages retuned as registered in 18352 were' Adealde.B.Aust'Ua Jun
4S1ilorethan in 1861; there Is a decrease in those Acapulco. Mex..... July
eplemilzeaby civil contract in 1862; alao in those Alexandria, Egypt ..June
between members of the Society of Friends, and be-. Antigus............ Jun
tweeln persons professing the Jewish religion-the Antwesp, Belgum..July
ncresie. being n the marriages celebrated in the A=P. P...... Jan.
Established and Presbyterian churches. There Aspnw1H, N. Bay..Anug.
was not any marriage of members of the Jewish ............ July
AuCayea. fBayti. .Jiily
prsasion returned by the Secretary of the S)ia& Auckland, X. Z....'A ril
gogue during the years 1852 or 1853. JBaht, BraziL...... Jue
.0 far as the limited operations of the act a Bord a Barbados July
alterion, it is gratifllng to observe, as indicative via,
st Sre turgprosperity of the country, that, In BelHn o -...*June
ethe r 1853, more marriages have taken place B .a........July
Bermuda--------------------- ........... JaI
tha I inany previous year since 184---when the act -Belgrade, Servia ....J y
CameI nto operation-the increase being so high Beyrout-...........WMar.
as 710 above thwo. of 1852, andL.6 above the num.- BogotaJ...........".dune
bersreturnedin185.0S,im which Year,nextto 88,' Bombay E. L ......June
th largest number of marriages has been recorded BurhBaresA, Waliach.-July
This increase pervades every class mentioned in theBonaire ............. J y
abract, members of the Jewish persuasion alone BenosAyrea, ." A July
excepted, and is found principally in the mac a.,,- Clutah......e..... .ay
.tudeinilistricts of Ulster. Ca"lc~utta_ ........... June 1
P d rk oft. .Callao*, Peru-........July 1
Sixee rebYteri.n.meeting-houses and 1hull- I.canton ............ June
ibfs w gis tere for the solemnization of mar- p9'e BEaytlenHayti.May 1
dages during 1852 anld 1853,under sections 7 and apown.Z.. .OH.May
2? Of-the acs: malting a total of 521 Presbvteral Cardunas, Cuba....July2
tfleeng-1huses, and 122 buildings registereIaE mEn ye-eF.g ,lama.Ap 1.. I
clOse OThe year 1853. Cenfuegos. Cuba...July Z
Te registered buildings maybe elan|ifled thus-- C nstantinople-....July 1
Belongingto Ws te hi,; Reformed Copenhagen........uiy
a 'ytr s, 2 1 aptiss, ; aepeadents, 14; Inraca........... July 1
Noravian or United Brethren, 4; not stated, 13-- Demarar, Br.Oni'.july
TotsI, 122. Dominica, W. I.....Alfr. 2
The number of licenses for maree g a su i 1eb El Paso-............ Apr.
liceing ministers of the several -presb ri-in Iya AAores......June 2
es- in PlU emando 1Po ....... Mar. 13
reand nrIng the year 1862 was 2, 3t, nanMinS53, Ferando Mat
2;932. GAat......------Mar.S
Gibraltar .......... Juy Ir
Seven hundred and seven lenses for ma1rriages Gonalves, Esyti.-.Junie 10
weglranted by district registrars in 19o2,and 764 1Gu=a ........Mar. 4
186 Gnus, ...a...-.June]I
l , s took the opportunity of uayema. P.... July 'I
a iSn attiatulO b0the want of a general system G-uayaquil,'Ecuador.Api.
_iou of births, deaths. and marriages Havana, Cuba- ...... July 29
phisoountry, the sot 7 and 8 Vic., c.ap. 81, hay. -aH.ortow V.D..July27
agref.erence to the marriages only ofi aepolttieg RobeHo TwngVK-'u'nepr" 27
mnnmt~ftle reHbons .... ........ June 6
of' the "ulton; I a lso gave In antappendix an ffcnolnufa ... Jn
_lli..the probable annual charge which such Jacm-el yti-June14
. jeasn would entall on.obl, of the poor-la &,colo 'u ne 16
^^a &^l -Is* jamy 2 ::::Jue 14
d-34 If-as- Is the'Mse In England-the expenses Jeemas, Hayti-July 16
-Asetofbe aefrayed from the poor rate KarAa... i June 15
S the estimate referred toit appears that the o Y..".'.'..J.uly 12
-'of registeing a b drt _deathsarn .tMarriages .. naa,!-aJuly 12
"rtha;, ,,ol'im. ou~nt .''rtoL',oN l3s.,orliittle more LaPse, Bolivia-...Mar.26*

"";mLmondon.. e:::::::L--- :July 29
RXc ellth any dv ntages am cngdredbot
,,lI.h .ger deft a eporred. enam y will not be anila. Phil ......ay 15
thatthjogerllchenddlentaPilvi..Aay I
So In -lrofregistr. sMoa 8lb,. .Ven'la.,Ju;ne 27
u~fp tekn eda S-l iessreHazel[an.Mexico..'Z- :an20
t p yoi a ren bea ring up on on..........J 29
welt upo~~~~~~~n In te "I I atrleivry atniu no8
foribls nd abN. y tle reports of ten MaraMA...... r. 22
e-to drunde the ,th Vra.,a 15t, p n oe MatoaP.....-....June20

jt'p1A8 dretillngshepresent yr .s.. Cuble ..Juy 2
"" 7uwes uon n te ale epots f t Ma.tsu. om ........nlr ,2b

e2 Mauritius. In.Ocean.May 11l
8 Mayaguea, P.R.....July Ib
919 Melboerue, N.8.W..May 30
e29 Merid,,Yucatan....Dso. 1
28 Mexico (city) ...... July 17 I
21 Monrovia, Africa....Apr. 5
I Montevideo, S A.....-June 5
.7 Nassan,.N.P-........Julyg19 i
28 Nangasaki, Japsi .Mar. 2dI p
24 Nenvitas, Cuba ..Julyl9
18 Odesaa, Aussla.. ..Joiy14
16 Oregon.............ADr. 22
7 Panama, NewGOra...July 80
18 Par, Bra -Jy........2July 0
22 Paris..............-July 8g
81 Payta, Peran........ June 2
II Pernambopo, Brazi. July 7
o eeth]..............Dee. 1 C
10 Pence, P. BI.....,JulyaC e
20 Por- au Plat. St. D.Apr. I F
10 Port aun Prince, Hay.July 19 L
23 Port Philip, Auet'lia.Mar. 29 1
1 pnt .So..i. Tr.Id. .._" ,


SISnaB, Aug. 18-6 P; M
ThelrVtinatg feature of the market during the P
week has been dullness. Very few people are wtllinA
risk money In fancy stocks; most of them, in fact, w
lima be isB the habit of buying for a rise have been
severely punished during the last few we-ks that l
uare able to put a bold face on the mutter any lon|
Most of the Bales at the stock board have been by
to the brokers themselves, who, having no comminac
to pay, can afford to operate in this way and main
lose half per cent on their bargains. As compared i
last week, the stock list shows but a slight chasge. E
now sell about 1 per cent lowerthin it did on Safurd
the 5th; but it must be remembered that it has
daring the week as low as 45, and would probably behi
the neighborhood of that figure now, were it not for
scarcity of stock for delivery. The transaction by whi
the September requirements of the company have 1
provided for is now notorious. A loan has been effel
by 1he company O the strength of "he tndin-.dtd l en
satioens of eleven directors. It is impossible to hesit
in speaking of the moral effects and tendencyof
operation. Praiseworthy as it may be in prl
individuals to pledge their personal credit
the success of a colossal enterprise like
Erie Railroad, there can be ne doubt of the posi
of the company which is driven to need such assists
The thing has been done before, as we all know, And
know, toot thatthe Erie railroad has declared and
dividends which no one believes it ever earned. .Whe
the one expedient is destined to be more pryiaante
useful than the other, remains to be seen. So fa as
future is concerned, we should like to hope for behi
things; but how can any reasonable man expect a bri
er day for the Erie when the bonds are offered at
hues allowing 17ki per cent interest for five months.
In fact the whole railroad interest in this country i
the decline. We computed a few days ago that thc
rage decline on the stock of eight leading railroads i
ast year was not less than twenty-nine dollars per sa
What can happen to check the descent and retrieve
value of this class of securities? Money is abund
The banks have more gold than they ever had since
began to make weekly statements. The European
ought to increase public confidence in Amerioac se
ties. And yet in the teeth of these circumsteancees
stocks steadily decline, and railroad after railroad pi
the usual autumn dividend. We see no hope of be
times for the present.
Albert B. Nicblay's- semi weekly sale of stocks
bonds takes place, as usual, on Monday, at half-pau
o'clock, at the Merchants Exchange.
The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and
of certain articles other than foreign dry goods, impo
into this port during the week ending and including
day, August 11, 1854:-
ComXERCR OF T Post OF NEW YORK-Wnn.v ylItr
Pkgs. Voue. Plcg. r
Books........ 68 $10,082 Instruments-
Boxes........ 8 626 Miathematic. 1
Bristles...... 39 12,227 Optical.... 8 2
Buttons....-. 102 8,828 Jewelry...... 18 14
Brushes...... 20 4,672 Oil Paintings. 20 2
Cheese....... 70 2,462 Liquors-
China........ 869 8,20 Ale........ 77
Coffee.......18,368 20,676 Brandy.... 148 14
Clocks........ 10 1,768 Beer.......20
Coal.........8,890 18,748 Gin,........ 2765 1
Clay 2........ 22 645 Rum..... .1 1i
Corks........ 87 1,809 Leather...... 12 8
Cigars.......- 76,027 Patent do.. 27 9
Combs....... 1 440 Dres'dskins 80 22
Drung- Undres'd do .124
Bta. powdr 881 6,311 Metals-
Borax...... 120 4,049 Cutlery... 125 8
Cochineal.. 20 1,941 Guns...... 166 2
Crm. tartar. 81 7,949 Hardware.. 96 29
Ess. oils.... 6 .658 Iron, tons.1,153 51
Gumuarabi. 12' 751 Chains..... 7
Do. eopal.. 170 1,487 ........200
Lie paste.. 628 28,578 Rallroad..1.668 9,
Magesia... 80 868 Sheet......"862
Ofum...... 8 1,810 SteelS ..... 743 8
Quinine.... 2 8,969 Tn........1,72 11
Rhubarb... 27 917 Per. Caps.. 16 2
Soda ash... 292 8,492 Lead......6,495 21
Soda....... 842 1,814 Nickel...... 4 S
Sul. sinc... 84 1,841I Asphaltum. 16
Sugar lead. 26 678 Wire....... 66 1
Succory.... 23 816 B-assgoods. 17 4
Other drugs 4,62 6 Metaldo... 80 4
Dyewoods, Paintsa Oils &ao. Plat'd ware 10 ,
Argo's..... 19 1,067 'tlrer do... 2 1
Madder .... 66 5,585 Dag. plates. 18 I
Ind.go...... 2 806 Machinery.... 2
Paints...... 80 7,727 Marble...... 157 4
Unseed uoil.. 42 8,4856 loluses .... 1,027 1
Sunar...... 468 1,871 Paper....... 81 4
Olive oil...2,872i 18,253 Do hanging 199
Ultramarine 9 784 Perfumnerj... 1i1
Vsemilhon.. 22 1,013 Pipes........ 220
rruitb- Plaster....... 736
Citon .... 30 1,962 Rags........8,729 8
Lem.ons.... 185 Bttam...... 4,008 1
Mushrooms. 10 286 1.s. ..9,460 18
Notes....... 210 1,706 Statonin -s'-- -
P. app. doz. 870 609 -alt .... -
ft.110H6 -...2 --M--- ff_91 ;
Faellng.... 54 1,866 Shells ...... 7
Fumnlure .... 5 831 Tea ........9,077 147
Furs......... 88 18,070 Tobacco..... 639 13
Fiph........ 8,589 11,920 Toysa......... 54 S
FPie crackers8,00f0 6,005 Watches ..... 42 46-
Gasfixtures.. 17 2,880 Wines...... 3,436 3,
Glass.......1,028 4,819 Champ.gne2,522 14,
Do. ware... 2 228_ Woods--
Do. plated.. 42 1,841 Cork .......60
Hat goods.... 24 0,472 Mahogany.. -
Honey........ 40 457 Wool........1,035 fi
Hope ......... 48 1,988 Jackasses. 8
Fancy goods.. 96 28,988 Other imports -
Mirrors...... 40 4,91
Instruments- Total......... $1,87
Musical.... 77 12,710 '
The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and:
ne of certain articles exported from this port dn
the week ending August 11, 1854, distinguishing the
tination and extent of shipments to each place:- "
Comexcs. oF mBs POst or .EW Y xoBK-WEmnv tin
Pigs. value. pkg. Va
Colttonbalesfi 065 $242,769 T. R goods, cs 8. 2
Flour, bbl.. 6,174 40980 Clocks, bxis.. 342 ,
Wheat, bus.80,867 50,850 Jute. bales... 400 .
Corn .......17,878 18,440 Gambler, bis. 304 ,
Beef. iercee. 175 3,850 Seneca, casks 14 2
Pork, bbi.. .. 440 6,600 Paten leth.cs 2
Bacon, ibs..81,672 2,534 O, ok...... 8
Cheese .... 53,385 9,944 Scrapstel, cs 8 d
TA.d....... 98,000 9,800 0 ahogarytia 35
a""ov. ...72,718 7,828 Hand spies. 500.
uatmeal, bbis 84 568 Tool chest,.. 1
Bread........ 67 201 Furs........ 1 1
Rice........ 26 210 Pet'l effects. 2
lea, chest... 1 90 go ewing mach 2
Coffee, bags.. 48 660 Whalefoolso 2
iosin, bbls.. 7,618 14,480 Shooks & hhd 188
Turpentine..2,1865 87,185 Staves, h1.... 6 7
Brandy cassk. 106 2,644 Books, bxe... 8
Lea lnoth.... 47 65,409 --
To l.......................................9470,1
rI'cake tons.. 818 $10,966 Etaves 92969 41t
Rosi, bble... 806 8it Cheese, lbs..9 ,884
furpetine... 96 884
.tturpentlne.I,07l 21,420 Total.......... $5,

m, b '.. 2 4o0
lotton, bales. 195 $11,029 Rice, tea. 72 1'.ft
ork........ 76 1,011 Wagoo .. ,1 -1
ard, Ibs...10,940 1,094 go. ,.
allow...... 10,800 2,680 Total............$Ti|

Po'rt 1r 3' U-, u ~Ue!8 1StavesCAMm, -
14 PortPrsyaO.V...Junel y Save ...................b ........122,000 $:8W84
4 Puerto Cabeilo. Ven. July 27 Ile**** *****.. .....2,(0$88
5 Rangoon, Burmah.. Feb. 2 Trpeln... 30 S .
6 RioGrande, Brail..June 4 rpentne... 30 $548 Staves ....52,898 $11,41
8 Rio Janetro. Brazil..June 23 Tl-- ... ---
26 auaaGrande,Cn. July 28 To'"......................
U4 It Lake City ..... a 25 OAsGOW.
23 Schumla, Turkey...July 10 Flour, bbla... 700 $4,800 Pork, bbld... 75 1 1,'0
18 San Diego J ......... June17 Wheat, bush.g.GtO 14,580 ms lb. i 82 1,2
5 S .nFranclisao.U.C..J aly 16 I H goods,c. 6557 20,412 Sonulders .'12,4 '6
SS anJose,CostRlBa.Jane17 Beef, tc..... 250 6,150 lodine of pot'
24 San Juan deCuba.. June 25 Lard, lbs.. .68,800 6.000 ash, c ... 9 2,23
4 San Juan, Nlea'ua.. July29 Butter...... 15,722 1,930 .
I San Baivajor. A...i 1.4 lottal------------------------$1,s
C6 Banta Fe, N.M-...June 24 SittBOL. ********i89

2 lerten Arcaus 23s Corn besh"* 1819
I S a l, Mexio -..A. 3u Io. al......................................$5o, :
I Sanyrta Trkr...... Ja. 12 C lO.
I Rgb ...........b y9 91HFlour, bbideIs. .50
.2 $8n6pov Staves" ........... ,e" o sio

SSit.Jago de Cuba. .. July l18 Total......................................- $10152

a Si esal .....-July 4 ... .. E I
0 St.tho, .weden. Junely 10 Cotton.hales. 826 $80,81 Whoin bbs.16,064 $3,540
SL D- Ity...july"We_.9 40Hides....... 1, 1 6,10o

St. Leia-..........June28 PII O flgt. 1,488 128 0 191 4
S t. J casLC a... Cl da.. y. ..W...2 ...... .5...... .......... 2'in 9
SSt. Thomas -ur......July 4 P. ashes.bbi r 1,050 Logo I.. 1
) S J o b = P t . '. . J l y I S C o t, n al~e s 8 2 8 $ 3 0 8 6 1 I b i n W s -. 1 7 0 2 9 8 ,0 4 8
7 St. Kittis........... Apr ]IS U oApples, bs 26 - 280 Mocks, bis... 41 It
I St. Lucia ........... June.28 ]P-0 .,!Vi.. 1,411 1.684 Sptaure, bbia 110t 8,494
3 St. Le,L.CL'a..No: -7Who]ed'tl208 5,86i2 Alp: dlm, ckg 6 99
5 St.uTomas ......... Ju~ly 4 ol~ansb~oable 50 1,050 Logfwood, "eN2 716 2,40
S t Vlncant,W.l....Jaune0O Tobacco, ilhds 202 17,315 Cedar wood., 22 192
SumatraM...........lar. 2 do. Ibs.1,504 242
SurLinam.DnobGJa.July 4 IndRgoodsea 0 800 Total -........ ,I
ydney, N.S.W .....yay 7 AnrTLA N .......
rah3,ta. 80o'yIs~l'.de.My 81 Caotonbhles 28 $972 Tobaccohhhde 16 $1,800

ra1osle...s ril. ..1ju 28 ff~trllonaropLB
TampcouanaxcoI June26 Lard lbs 8813038,780 Roson. bbl.. 6 -4-
Taupico. Mexioco..'May 19 Peu a'ashe, be' 26 v64 CocPa bags". 208 987,
Tobago-.. J ...........June.28. Slves-.....200 42 ..
Tabasco, Mello n.... Mar. 17 pTurpe bbls 270 0,009 Total---------$1627
Trebixond, Asia_.....Joue4 Oil Paintngs. 1 558
Trniaddoe C.u...July 2l ....1o)
tries@ ........ y .enroP_.
uxillo, Hondura'r 0 Rum, bbl..1,287 $14,670 Pepper, bags 20O $,0939
0,ri .... "Ar 28Mar."10 "'
Turkin-----------Apr.2 Total--------------- ---61,2
ri, ...... ........July 26 TOW ............ ..... ............ .............. 817,520
Tuksdlans. .... Juy 26i
7aparaLso, Chill....July 0 nDAHT wl9 T M irn.
Vaelcesl.............m,1s 1 Flour, bbls... 120 $1,002 Soap, bhei.... 100 !296
A 12ru Iteuico. July2-,2 Cru-mel--7..125- .5-i-arswr.,O. 100 7.00
Van Dieman's Land.Feb. HBeef -3........0 o 00 Potatoes, b ls 25 60
ienuno ............July 24 Bread......... 3 144
Victoria a C J......une22 Total.................... .............$9,8
Wampos.....M...ar9 m. ada9Bartetat snmTDn.
Zanxtbsr-in d oneI Domestlcs, bales..................... 400 523, 88


e in
i we

is on
are- -
, our

it 12

g Fri-


aUnr Vs E wst i:m. T, ,
nlour., Ibls.. 497 $3,633 Oil meal, pun B 'A 6
Corn Ons .... 1,686 1,686 Oil, gal...... B7 81
Do meal. bbl. ';8 1,828, oks. 20 12'.
Pork, bbtl..,. 181 8,000 Tobaeco, 'abds 3 206
PMof, te. ... 31 481 F. crab' 80 110
lie ......... 25 708 bhltad. kgs. 70 120
Bread,bbl.. 766 2,860 Rum, bbls... 81 642
Chbese, lbs..1,709 .042 Wine, ck.... 29 611
Batter......,480 1,024 Shooks.... .. 800 [300
otatoes..... 0 30 Oa......... 100 71
Pess, bags.... 72 2t8 Lumber, f. 1i2,001 270
Fish, bis.... 41 54 lIce, tons..... 655 68
Lard lIb.... 7,84 858 Carriages .... 2 534
Caniles. bns. 871 4,h68 Hores........ 1 140
Drugs, bis... 20 441 ULther gools 1,3859
-bu(es, bit .. 13 367 --
Dry goods, Ms 8 446 Total............$2,98
Flour, bbls... 869 $6,200 Lifeboat..... 1 Ill
Cornbus.....8,040 2,282 Ink presses... 12 57
Corn meal,bgs 76 160 Oakum, bales. 80 310
Bice, tso..... 8 285 Pitch, hIbla... 42 123
'ork, bblas.... 400 1,112 Malt, bags.... 80 629
Sugar........ 11 170 Hd ware, kegs 40 160
Tea, chests... 261 4,862 Staves...6... 6,000 880
Spices, bx... 653 162 Furniture, co; 7 889
Champagne,eq 82 .184 Other articles 170
Tobacco, lbs.7,451 9068 --
Tallow ..... 4,855 844 Total............$18,380
Jewelry, ces.., 7 $4,618 Hoops........ 280 $167
Lard, ibS..- .18,698 1,399 Nals, kegs... 80 149
TDrugs, ba..'. 188 5,098 Buttons, cas... 83 264
Books........ 20 420 Brushes...... 2 91
Brea........ 115 181 Dag.ppa ,bx. 1 280
Tea, chests... 118 643 Ale, bbla..... 110 880
SAg'I imp's,plis 18 495 Guano, tons.. 101 66553
teaer, ca... 25 1,792 Varnish, bbls. 4 280
Brick machi's. 2 .. 690 Bean...... 90 258
Candles, bxs.. 60 198 Fish. bxe... 1,000 368
Machinery ... 6. 4,144 Building mpa.8,204 972
Shaoks,&o,bs8,8i8 8,488 --
Total....... ..................... .36,768
nurTR waTr rnris.
Flour, bblis.. 818 $7,121 Cordage, cofls 42 $1,622
Corn meal.... 76 809 Blocks....... 11 128
Rice. ........ 21' 209 Tallow, I 6'... 174 94
Beef......... 85 659 Dimsl..',bl 22 1,188
Butter, lbs.. 3,870 055 Spices, bgs. 13 167
Bread, bb.. 148 590 Ratse L'h ... 27 100
Lard,ibs....1,99 211 Alchol, bble 10 248
W. oil, gullse.. 058 64 Brandy....... 10 184
Sugar, bxt... 26 362 Onions, bucha 98 290
Tobacco, hhdb 282 Potatoes, bblsa 85 248
Do. lbs..18,262 8,724 Bords pieces 500 100
Candles, bxs. 71 291 Bonnets, bis. 101 318
Drygoodsh, co. 20 1,076 Books, cases. 0. 120
Foap, bxe.... 815 894 Jewelry, prol 1 410
Y. metal, shots 400 75 Other articles ti34
Total.................. .....................' $22,298
.n rfA.
Cochin',lbs.7,980 $0,688 Ultramarines. 19 $1,804
Silks, c...... 1 100
Total...... ........................... .$7,989
visa csza.
Machinery, bx 201 $12,015 A. plaster, cas. 1 $130
Dig....... 210 7,995 Hops, bags.. 6 213
Hdware.... 158 2,980 Combs&bres,cs 3 705
I.R. goods, cs. 4 867 Skins, bx... 6 7,600
Camphene,bls 10 150 Books, ce .... 12 1,200
Paper, es..... 2 119 Candles, bxs 10 189
Per. caps.... 2 500 Shawls, ca.. 5 1,5668
Glam ware... 28 648 Sea lamps ... "14 174
Furniture,pga 19 100 Blo*s, c .... 5 500
Harness...... 1 160 Matches, cas. 65 150
Horses........ 2 700 -- --
Total....................................... $38,583
roatro moo.
Tobacco, hhds 6 $625 Tea, chests... 5 $68
Do.,bbns..... 488 513 Corn meaLbbs 150 1,387
Paper, hbdils... 6, 68 Cheese, lbs..8,330 330
Nails, caska.. 80 150 Batter ......1,414 240
Beefs, bbls... 20 77 Machinery... 8 171
Hams, lbe...2,016 212 Timber, ft. ..6,009 220
Lard.......-10,480 1,048 Funilture,bxs 5 100
Rice, te..... 765 1,906 Rioe, tes..... 10 265
Candles bs.. 400 1,280 ----
Bread, bbhis.. 180 285 Total........... $9,588
The monthly statement of the condition of the banks
in Muassaclsetts out of Boston, compared with the pre-
vious statement for July 1, published July 8, shows the
following result:-

A to let to a gentleman and his wife. Board. for the
lady only. Address a note to L. W, Broalway Post Of-
floe, for three days.

second story front suite; also, one or two other
beautiful rooms, newly and handsomely furniauhed, totlt.
Baths and gas. Unexceptionable reference re]iired and
given. Please call at 29 Clinton plane.
there are no other boarders, by a young widow lady.
A plain family preferred, where the charges would hbe
moderate. Address C., box 167, Herald office.
house a short distance from the city, where there
are no other boarders. Charges most be reasonable. Ad-
dieas C., box 167, Herald office.
-B _R .4^_> -4- 0---n _- __i---_ -*--

,1 July 1. Ateust. .. j one or iwo singlegentlemen nan s we aooumaouai uty for any person desirous of keeping a first ratehotel,
lI?0C ,p e a 7 '' 2.4760) loot 602 990 luhboard and plesaent onomsat *o. lOLamartine place, --h-ot aobs-,,-,-'.- -r-
Capital..............22,659,7028,16,70 eing on the most fashionable, popular and best 'a
S Loans and discounts.41,877,8865 41,795,059 417,144 Twenty-ninth- street, between ighth and Ninth venues.ted roa in the United Stats,; with a lease of severe
2076. Speoe............... 906,560 984,618 4 27,958, ... . .. .. years and the privilege of seven more Inqure on tha
69 Due from other banks 8,941,912 8,860,868 Deer. 81,054 -DOAtD WANTED-IN A PRIVATE.FRENCHFAMILY, premises. Ten acres of ground attached.
) Due to other banks. 484,188 459,968 24,175 .. by a young geneman. Address box 991 Post Office,
1',21 Deposits........ .... 6,451,106 "5,4006748 650,858 statingtermsandlocation. F 'OR SALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY, A
1,4"5 Circulation......... 16,215,000 15,988,214 827,786 A FD A REPC lot in Central Morrisania, OR Railroad avenue,
8,8!0 The r ..euns of th ri.mrd M nBk nt .ha. y TJOARD WANTED-TOR A wADY IN A RUtEUTA- wihin 200 feet of the depot, 100 by 150 feet, with a well.
tio The returns the Cambridge Market Bank not having ble family up town, where there are few or no finished two story, attic and basement house, 22 by 32
2,555 been madelnthe statementof Julyl 1, it is notincluded boarders, board not to exceed $6 per week. References feet; ashopin the near 22 by 82 feet, twv alory and eel-
19,461 in the comparison. The increase of capital consists in given if required. Address R. S T, Herald office. lar, with a commodious wing. This property will double
i .2th $94in value tI one year For further particnlars apply to
15 $20,480 addition to the Appleton Bank, $386.000 to the -OARD-UN JETNE AMERICAIN DE-IRING D'AP- L .PURD r CO., 1 Nassa nset,room No. 9, se
1,295 Blue Hill, $92,860 to the Bristol Company, $55,600 to ,_ prendreeIsFranucaisVondralttronuverpensilon daus oondflBoor .. ., .
4. Bunker Hill, $0,00 no the Central, $0,000 to the une famille Francalse privee, on U aurall locoasion dess ......... __ ....._------
4.281 Fihu.rgHl, $30,00.0 to the Jon.alHc, $70960 0. the perfectionner dane cette langue. S'addreseer, Bo;te, 590 OR SALE, CBBEAPTEE .LEASE AND FIXTURE3
2,25 itchburg, $50,000 to the John LHancock, $70,950 to thelower Poet Ce Ofle F .aboot andshoe a, estabi ed seral years,
1,946 Metacomet, $50,000 to the Raeli on, $8,000 to the South- in the Eighth avenue A good opportunity fir entering
b,067 bridge, $1220 Io the Village, $22,090 to the Waltham, usi OAH-DA LAROEFRONT ROOM- WELL FURNISHED. into the business. Apply at 2 9 West Eighteenth street.
244 on the second foor, suitable for a gentlemen and,.. _
45,677 $19,870 to the Wamasit Bank. nia wife;-also a leaant room, suItable for two single OC'R ?ALB- TWO ILaUrGT-R HOUSES, WITH
6.3848 The Baltimore .AmeHran of the 12th inest, says- gentlemen can be obtained, with or without board, at J leaseandlors, of sermon -years; also a hare aniL
4,21 The Stock matiket bss exhiblted a good deal more ni- No. 655 Watsasireet, third door from the corner of Hudson cat,.at 6ver.teetih street, between lenth anmi Eleveunth.
3,0 maUon this week than last, and in the leading becdjrit, .] Catsaa iilreeiOt. averts. For particuilaib, inquire aLtoTenth avenue.
,aO a decidedly better feeling has prevailed. Baltimoe %i '",, R c'ING -DEIHTUL SITUATED RM, CH.ARLE G&uL ,GER.
30 Ohbl^o Rairoad s haresh ve been Steadily imIrovi.,uRDING-DEUGRTU IATD R..., B ,,.. .."..,
Through the weekend the market closed tco-dayat a. Ith full or partial board, for gentlemen and their fri RoltRY FOR SALE CO TO LPT-HANDSOMIELY
2.,a ad dance of $2 per share from the opln i asL wles, or eli ilegentlemen where %tem are but fe i ttad no the corner or two of ise vest sheets
1,al0 ai te trvan4e t of $-2 OSan00. -fe0 ur[ too.r. Uo, to 161, a physical s offiee, ont,.a n.uandy t, market and ferry. diooa for ry
5 1'.os[ n.1r--r --r-.ous --t.2'0.-- "-. -" .. ebsmis. Leaseand low rent w1l begiven thIs day. Ir-
9 4 the operationsat the Board t his week baa BOARI> WANTED-FOR A YOUNG LADY IN A qure at 163 Hrndge street.
e0u been as usual in Blialmore and Ohio Rail rA s hares el .D respectable prvte family, where them areafew -7- ------ ----3
20 Itthough there have lbeeu sales in a onuslderatle errien o orere-ano oecedtredolrIe
e 19 ._. . '.= C",leoaten o[ f or o boarders. Terms not to exceed three dolanr per pROPERTY IN NEW YORK TO EXC ANiIK FOK
"19 the bonds of the road and Baltimore city stock. The wek. Address J. A box 2,057 Post Office. N w property In Broolyns rNewtownr WIiamsbcurgs o e
S953 msket for Railroad .hares opened at a sPlight decline -^ New Jerhey--A first Mine four story En k5 houis eutoe.
23'5 from toe cflos g pnes o nf l dte, aes bsighmt elon OARD WANTED IN A PRIVATE FAMILY-FOR A change for a two story cottags, or a e small farm, about
3,966 frm h coin 1rie of last week, sales being maltoon -O
18't0aurdag, at $2 cash, and5*83%buyer 60 days. 5F..r -3 lady andbherbosbash ,andgirl, intheanlghborhood three miles from the ferry. Apply at46 Fourthstreet..
1, 80 sevreralaye prices improved steadily, nd we uote sales of T.welth orFourteenth street. Full board for lady. .. ..
4,968 On Tuesday at $63 ca s band $541 buyer C00days. GOn Breosfmt and tea for gentlman. Address box 801 TEAM ENG INI) BouzitFR SALE CHEAP
,-7 WeieTy prices fell oa 25 to ots. pershare, but yes-.amHeraldOe. se h-Ar ew steam engine of 1, a t inches boireof3n
,812 terdaytheomarket rallied and the preAous day's deel WANTE-1 A GENLEMANAND I and wthfree feet struts -and two 80 inch o leeArs l
217 wsrecOvered. Today we note much botte.rfeelitgin-ARDforuses fntsgmtse, b bar@, a'al
2 this stock, asd a market advance in the PWfcea [ S ales ,Beter---Loeation anywhere above Grand street, ixtue c lompte, Also inn sale anew boler 42 inhues
,t werehe at the opin of thu and within five minutes walk of the Third avenue rail- in dieter 1 f l w v i i uoes

|heo1p e nin, sae. The sales of this stok tis Wee [ . i.vte homng e, or where teere are very few d lecoe ,ir e ..... __ s ..s, v.fixtun and
1 v8. c mpse ao ,00s ; but pri subsequently ers; a n sn lepr g roomwod othe gentlemen n;. l locrot -rL Jo r. neApply t ino
40 wee d m ta to othe :- .C0 od0 rethe Bo'a uoodaayt ed seven do llasy e r. w eek atI$64s r. ,o r 2s i 1s 9 tre st.

10 advas' d sae e o 8 t h1e0 cl l ose of the Board two dys w o B. '" el
,-489 however, ric otee seven10 Cd2dlasteee.Adrso J....... 100zm;,and$56M,0 ebn days_. h O W I-Y.-' A LADYAN.D D AUGHTER P I- r sT.t
Wea 54 & sow ab vase u l$.e ncfWNE-YALD N PED CHANCE FOR TIN[IeEBSOR IMIAL.
aa adrns e 1,'m-sT entest os s
1,284 -leoes atldany show The msals of thin stock%111t "his wna oboarder;eaploradoherepg ro u berenere bui ns a n Br .lvoe stoc na.B 'l-e nand
e o ut8oning 0s hares..Ii n1.-or aer var e a d hoe mei or weg r t r arldbe ve ry fe w lease of A Unm an's m ote l roofing establis im wke nt a,t

I ut abot6 8'8f00iars.. loaednenonrorvwensto a a Broadwy between good, shop Sc and by ii b s ielyf, and the whotle for aeat
n exhibits deie impremecesa Eighth and Sre..wteet h s .a Itreets. Addes a A at N. C OT
bt cit y We nt iona ndtermsdfor two day cL td" n ,1O n
,es this week asflulOw e500 r Baltimore city 6's 1870, at ye C. ,H oile ,- stes, .. B rookl., our

99;7,00 do. B 6N"' 1890', at. 1 "%; $0do., at 100,4j; OAnWNE -N A PD B ROOMY- OR TEE AENN E l l. OF AN OLD =,, eSBL

. [.^ eat ek ~ m prss xrs h oun th"8, ]' .-. frnsa d roe. mp, rgoote^. ymen nd herwe a u N ^ ...... . u xpeiened
$2,236 do?. 7 at 100-i; $ 6o'0Ar"r f60'8Ri iR * burB AS~LHN .Ty
r, 23ee dos, at 9 10 e o$000 eallIreram q uRaaeroa.dmra t .veats f family, oruwhere there are w boarders, with tm/e rchnao r store- for -Tisea e
a 095 tedod1tIh3~mmradho,.,abds rekfstonly, at 10A Ji-., within a few minutes wa U Mm, situatedIn the bestlclt nteNnhwr

1856, at 1, and$2,000po n. a c 2 hh i w ere hae beoren sod of the "Par r-e a ol. Address Sb168eam lofficrea. Oed 10-~-~t-iNnh
I OR :o'e Ratf otacetiswek' bank or Insr nc _nd ,e,,wdoingsa fairbusness, nicely fitted up, and to thosetha

s w tt b^ u~t therslesofl00'ereu> Hear.,dy rt ..... /*Jle Offle. 'i~v adr" ., "horppd oondo, porer /a~g -ls im
sf6c1 s i e monemet Abover wish to do custom and clothing bade, no better stand
SI InryBlitle INuA FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WITH can befound in the city. Theserom of Ban nerperienueiS
, i" sincelast the Somoneymarketiwediscover v furnished rooms, fur gentlemen
, Inlaost wee Sm rress rthe opinion t hat a and 5h aigcwv, tw ct hrewilh cureando Ag oodcod-
6 r. there a t oalerde of east he pea2e. t we 0r weiekfcrbohal newly fitted with bath gas, -cred,alo, a learnfor four Yes at a repcnt
rue seavr Inica,1te that this 9te at b sut we s ;halth ad dssirabie location, accessible to 'husi. Price low, but for cash only. Address Mercrer, Herald
825 doobtedly true that thereis lees papr offenin I ses11 Also, more i avenue a rooms Lad romon s fur sBn office.
817 street, hot theeratssofloneeI ,tge g~tl le getlemenPeaseaddressL X'Herald office, gS-IT.-
123 endorsed business paper is selling at 12 per cent and good ddress,w|insureIttntin. LUMBER MERCHANTS AND OTHRS-WANTED
12 lae paper at 1 to r e It is lm st im n BROOKLYN..-A O E ANtoe ANDI mgesverl beautiful building lots __for Ij-.
RD n ai.'bleto0dispofeeof second class paper e-,cailstnot,... ID BOKY.--AO r AND fberor m lo~ts m it........111.... rig e o
1 t disposed to ts1cn 41 h ing but pordo btesod -t no l his we can obtain Asdeofdaable front second story. p ot, Wst heer atY, New York; mid ot clto sdeto
disose tolouh aytingbutundubtd amoes. Parlor and bedrom-auhenthe new brown alone bouse 828 hedatt drs unessdofc o oras
oneyi' s easy on call at low rates, but thereare very few Iant.t pleae u1 tAddresL cltmibo Harlh a.-al a Dce. toothrs.
|)arxes who wish to borrow in this way. = .sty reet,. Location delightful and convenient to ,het/ ...... ,u o eu te
partis wh wishto brrow n ths way feries.Also, accommodations for one or two single WELRGT FRSL H TC N
gentlemekb. 0 xtuREso a m rO BL;MES1O N
T R a-______________________ f .. ....
770 / ly'Turp D REPOLRT.U J T t RO T i- ofashop, about thirty mes from the city,
74 .S AT no RDAYn a Audoiwst--a eP.M. | G B ARD IN SOUTH BROOKLN-A PrVA now N dotng a good cua business for a man and appreo-
Rauia ugs . OR N OT ROKY AP FATTA- tiea. For particulasr apply at 16 Carlisle street, core

A.mdla 060infair daprie,pat $j Abor-t86bU andlceli $5e 62B erjyh ofot f e _--- '-0"1'. -
l $an s were riepaema d at $l fer pots and 2 lly,occupying a first cs house close to the Wes t, in E Aot shop, a nMonday, between therost of 10
ab7ADfNoearlws,.Muhore South ferry, Brooklyn, will be happy to accommodate and ano tetestof theweek bn 1andl.None
9 ter and ate-e lur iwa.s r'ouih more actively sought'one or two gentlemen, or a gentleman and hi wil e, with need apply hit cash customer, as mthea rer is going
t.ons i o 8d ay 'tsno hs oard. R ferene. s ahanee. French andnc English West. -'
870 s included 8.,800 hlfbler4itiesitto choie tStat t ,spoken by the family. Apple at 87 Pafic street, be.-
870 $ 76 a SO; mixed to fancy raeste'n $850a$10, wad |twese Henry and Ricksstreets, Brooklyn. P. .
84 otherkindsiatIportioate. W ete with over IT PAY
- 10,000 bbls. Stae0) deliverable earyY In -Septeber.'n-nr DOARIING -A FEW SJROLE GENTLEMENCN--r-RAPA A
7 nthermnotaen, 2,60 t, ntab.good accommodatious at 88 Forsyth street, J statessors who at any between 1846 and
Southern taken,-. mostl at $8 87% sI2 for mixed o dear Walker; front all room for one or two single or 1 8 served in the Pacific oc a reen to exa
88 good straight; $9 26a $9o50 for favorite, and $9 50 a red doble beds; every necessary atteudauce utunotuslly s o enoat rin
Sa fancy, per bbl Rye flour was unaned 150 able nd ectablemehans within ary ean anerved oun shInCalifor dri
asJersey corn meal realized $8381X a $8 7t pe#, aberoms il in ti lan fo
8 Wha a v-er daull. p.erbby l.t pe and comfortable me, will finud thinselgile fr"' om wnr,1 0talung y daend can receive botha
Wha was vy Only 2,20 bushels lpper LakeiBL
13 red found buyers, at $1 9 os a.l 0 per bushel Rye and BOARD IN BROOKLYN-TWO OR THREE GENTLE- Agent2n, Qand. te) parser U. & Navy, 87 Wall street.
.,2 ca s remained as lest noticed. Corn was in good de o men ca be accommodated with rooms and partial TTN1I7ED STATES tAILOR, iWH O .SE.tIYD O\ SHCRE
17mend. Ire iranslactiuns smtiracsel 60,000 bushels, at roan' In a private family, where only six are takes. Ap. I iona ig MxcnWr r e
19go a 7r. for unsound, and 71i) a 731io. for Western ply at 88Sands street, five minutes walk from Fulton and UentCtledtobrniy andu cang reth~e Mxi sWaamenofwP
Smixe p pe bushlCatherine ferrits. e Beltsd C Wl ,sty e us(bnaremolvent) samoof.
Co-vn--There woeescomfactivity in &he market, thou-t.. Bettouwaulstreet'(baitment
prices were steady. We noticed sales of 500bags Rio it OARD WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND L -
I110 c ents.- J.JD. insa smallfawn, w e are but fewor no LIqcUOa1,
Coir..-Onty. afewnhundred bakeswere reported suold boarers. rd foradhen tony. Address a TONON CRA GN ..... LUB_
10 the wearket cl~siog firm tion and verms,'which must be moderat e, aryr.' ts d I ichnapp OORDon port, t hales wines. CLoor
- / moms -Rates1 to LUverpool were steady, but there way Poet Office. d, syp; e hamppamLondonporter, aoteh ales, wines hr
81 w~re very llht engagements About 27,000 bushels -... ANDBEDROOruS;,FRNSHD o h.paaen.d olartinofell
nwheaat, er. engaged In ship's bags at d44., and 50 bal-sA D RO NDO1RDIN--R I- d c.ltackorry brandyansecellent -
Sea island cotton at 9.82d Square bales of cotton were in or us tarnished, for si1gle gen'lemon or gentlemen I os ceme y.
A. at 5. c2d. K.r compressed and uncompreesed To London and their rives, dwth breakfast and t" If required; also U REto Sorner A CEfHECMrosby.
l. 20 1ors ofroil coke were engaged at 'On.A yesemlw a sa ec.desirable offce for ahaP l h'....YRIrC.ladtJme v-Nr o e. eApply atel Nro.dueretpy paysne "D OM8ata~, am~-Nrlmr
chartered in load ut James lttver for Venice with %tobacco Vaunt.ckor 48 Hudson stteeta D B CHEA Ced$Sm N,6ersaledbotl, (aHEl w~inesPR
at 4 s. To Hansecotton and bone were atMe. and ashes h-.L.ied,)m$2w n, 606. per seml battle.Amlwines
at $6 and 58 A vessel was chartared for Jamaica (180 ,[ 1J BOARD WANrED-IN BROOKLYN Olt WI landW spirits] eI1 as imported. Orders t imm"d
-- uns t81iHO0lfreeofportcha -. F u meugh, bysynena man" aeiy executedonreceiptofesajh. ART "I.DMJei
Wpor es.Anotherqutsecar. ,smshu wife and child, two NoIRK]EDALL,
America and bacof (188 toss) at $700 earold, Inaprivate famy. mess, two N,- 7 William street New York, between Beaver and
Ia California rates wers dull, at 401 a 46 coorsJpeetoci whch mus t be moderate, Vincent, box tbs Here d OfficePearl. 'tree.
mnessarsurement ,Te ship James H. Sheppard of aboutNO attentionopaiduns, s Particulariandterm, ar TOCK ALL-PALE AND AMBER, FR SALE IN
- ou ilt in 188,was sold for about 115,900.I*. stated. Referencesfuarnished
BAO ton-sbuiltIon1838 soldlh forc. about w70c.uu fo__d__ _...--__-.-- .hhda.. and barrels, for shipping or city mse, at
Satra.-Theetrft~o ns. "Light at c. a 7c. ford and UNSHD ROOS TO T-WITH OR WITHOUT J BWAJ', 814 Sixth strait
a HOcp w. a etal.f g, today, at 28c. a paal for now,a-L Part1.1bord, largeLand airy rooms, with bath at- -
HI andor otallitod, per lb. a n tsaced, near ruztb avenue cars. Houston street st ges |SVerinlJS AND .AUD
and aThe market o nr steadyldpe lb.o asslbs d- Apply-us u a N.e9Hoston Areet,old -JAy WtPO--o.Houston ........
For So clytoo 10snaeady at $40a $41u50err15s
S.--Te maket prettyhbrink at $18 a-w- .. mber1. "vo h a-tteannexclusvel assi athe
sm ept boriskrathousand.$18 5 FUNIHD: ROOMS.--A PARLOR AND BEDROOM eyeuand ear from tot o'olock daily at his 502:
S9OL perAbouthousad. eledgnCuba seovdoweretlysfurnuishel, also single rooms, at Non ad roadway.Dr. Powitejlrduamted inI Nulun i 1 a
31r.aaAhn 4 ldd Cb Mscvao ee ol iPrne sre.Gean ah.Peae-I as practiced in this city for twently yeas. D. Poan's
at 24c. T1helastsales.ofrNewOrIeanswereat2fic. ooclock.i pour"Treatanilse.e neateh""Lesfteathreee p Dr.e a s.
NATALSaytBreams-The market was quiet at about 47c. aO -'cok office.tma bentheme sas i .preaeuv atreaur
48c for spirit and $175a $1 86 em rosin per 810lbsOOLE-I U B D T eOatiec othe"mn alo, nsbe-esd ey ea.n_
delivered. Raw turpentine $4. rTo r-wrreooT BOAR TO e'c _nyac_ = bus l., as=y..-an
OnA--b.erewasenothing additionaldone isnwhale or gntlemenony. applyatNo.4 Bau reet ear fountains whicheo the meal at ils (ysh
Ssperm.Sales tress ed o-f200 baskeFs olive at previous aks.; and the ostfis and largest collse11UM of hema_
sprmBessd id,00 p0eon,2i bskeedts o.i&80ve atg pallenv HBOR N.-'TWO GENTIEMEN CAN BE ACCOM MO- atifaimal eyes In the Union.
prices Pand8,2Porku linseed oat9ain Bc. pr1 galo dated With neatly furnished rooms, on second floor ..
PKOFOSL-mtPom-k was in modiarate request and rather and Partial hoard, by a prinats fairesiigawo a PRIo
firmer. The sales embraced 660 ble.. iat $12'80 forremi bring opeletsg ty ca p ejoy, cmreiing at No. 9 -- --
mess, and $10 n 0for prime, per_ ,.- About 860 bls. v rsptable, we oA'TA TtheyBLLn GTjoEERYComfortsIofTaS-FR,
cut meats were disposed of at unalteredrates. Stableand quiet home, an moderate terms. "nEGAMAAT I T e
m lardweretakeneatanu.deauperrItsrBeerIt-n .-Asp regtftawillak'
In lair demand at 103nUp rlb. t aef wan b is r iS. MURRAY. NO. 8 LEROY PLACE, BLE CKER place at Bell Gate ferry, on Tus Ao t 15 between"
in ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 fardmn tfl rcs ihsales of 800 bhism. .3 teenaroadwayi o ed orrIve ap- the hours of 11 u'cluck a'. U.,An rect P .B
Bute and @h-- .....o ....inued abouto ct. fahu..,.........
t L u u au o so a m e .' i n o w e a d y t o r o s c a. M Un O 1 o P .lM S a
Blism--aind cOf150heese1ci wnu madbo at the7same 0 licatlons for board for families, or single gentlemen, or boats, from thirty feet- odn to twenty one feet; pr-aU
per I00ls es.7 for tilore who only wish to rent room, without board. $50. Second boat to save her entrance; entrance, 66-
per c10 -Abo Tas house Is large, ha over Shirty rooms onuvenient- Second cla boatsfromtwenty fet 111-'. s926-
95.a -About 18 catks ontmeg, wcre sold at y srrnge0d In stilts Or ,tige, and with all the modern Seccnd boat to sassher entrance; entrees, $5"l.;p ,,
Die.,andafterwardsheld at 7., and ceoa at $1. lmptmvements. subhas gas, bathing rooms, Ac t and is fromo ci' Elphtsn stree a river, thee
StaURS.-The market was very quiet, and transact-ons cue of the best locations in the city, and also in every bu aoot Tofg a Neck o-ixth atrenedbak to therticeo
were light, being chilna y coo.a6nd to some 200ao81ibarespect a rirst o ems eohouse.P sianng. A row boat rac of 9 foot wr d king bl o atoi
werh"td.Nwhoutrbansat4c. o .ic. Small lets of Cuba po-lledwith one pair of scul .will eo off during
wesow-Theatc wllseadquytato 12, ,ELiC BOARD IN WILLIAM-BURG -A GENTLEMAN-theisa ofte targadeur eof ts i
Tastow.-Theakit wassay at 1e2c. a 12 e. nd wife, or two or three single gentlemencan her P 21eo f $1o. the fistarUeado.r $3tof thtesend ,t.
Isbe. -m rom wt fllor ."" I In nn ae Purrs of $1u0 to the first boat; do. $6 to the sec~ondWoit.
aWske.g hoila rooeenso wf3ih bfuslrisoonthdFewh flt r partial board, by applyitog at 117 third boat, atov herhc entrrnce-entrance, $1. N. ii.
atWSaen is3.0;andl8hesbaebeen adeof150at 3 b10 prison, ,nc stla f"-in'"afloatioAndsowthin fivemrati ariesI to be made .ev,ous to Ii o'clock A.M., of the
atn. a and8 d drudge, atc. aw ..c perrkea Grand street ferries. Applypon day of theIraesa Hulseeand reguiationsnmay bteeon.
gallon tie-P r'em e, or addLAessRNa mgne tHteild oface. rl time at DVNLAP'-, BeU l at, I, liuL -L

752 nished apartments to let, with board, to a
family or single gentleman. Meals served In rooms. The
house contais all the modern improvements.
141 Park -Purnished rocms to let, with hoard, to
single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives The
house has all the modern Improvements and newly fur.
SJ Broadway)--Two parlors, with large bedrooms at.
tached, on first and s eond floors, to let to single gentise.
men. Breakfast served if required. Also two or three
single rooms for lodgings, anll neatly furnished.
.U Permanent or tranalentboarders can obtain ele-
gantly furnished rooms, in suites or otherwise. Also,
rooms for single gentlemen. First class accommodatiens.
Inquire as above. I
$50o in advance, can have a wellU.fornlshed and plea-
sent bedroom with good board, five minutes walk from the
City Hall. at 18 76 per week. Address "Loan," box 201
Herald office.
gently furnished with gas, &c.; and also several
single rooms for gentlemen onjy.
I fal location- immediate vicinity of Washington
Parade Ground, FlLth avenue, Broadwav, amusements,
hotels, libraries, &c ; gentlemen with their wives, or
single gentlemen, can secure apartments uponadvanta
genus terms, or secure soults t01 rooms from let of Sep
timber. House replete with every convenience.
S two bedrooms, with all the modern Improvements
to let, to -single gentlemen, with breakfast or tea. All
the comforts of a home may be found. Apply at No. 121
Crosby street, back of the Metropolitan Hotel
his wife, can be accommodated with anice suitteof
ioems, in Twentieth steet, near Sixth avenue, with
*very coLVaenLeno, where theie are no boarders and
where they can enjoy the society ofthe family. Address
0. H Herald office. ________
Sfurnuiahed, on the drsta, second, and third floors, in
suites or sBingle rooms, to let, at No. 138 BleecLer street,
west or Broadway. References exchanged.
family would let a suite of rooms to one or t o gen-
lemen. The house Is new, and has all the modern tim.
irovemeuta. and in one of the best locations in the city,
convenient to the cars and staice. No 71 West Four.
teenth street, first house west of Sixth avenue.
A a. nd have ahaadsomelv furnishel room In a mill
p.ritvate plemily of a widow, pleas tally located In the viol.
niry of Astor place, with gas, bath, &c. Address Hy.
wood, Broadway post office.

te -

Where there are no other boarders. Terms most
be reasonable. Reference cash. Address C. H. F.,
Broadway- Post Office
fortable chambers,'on tlhefirst or second ggorofr a
first clas house, near the St Nichola or Metropolitan
Hotel, for a gentleman, two children and female serrvant.
withtreakfatand Iste for the gentleman and fall board
for the children and servant. Address box 2,979 Post
Office, stating location, terms, &ea.
rasa 1aleds
qJ sitatedon a great thoroughfare in the
iuo. business part of Brooklyn. Will be sold. oun a:-
count or rickneso, for lesa than half its value, on irnme-
diate application at 261 BroMdway, up stairs.

(fr.fltf -FOR A&LE, THE LEV-E, -TOCK AND
L.'JUh fixture of an old established coffee and
c ,ike saloon, situated on Broadway, In the neighborhood
of the princiDal railroad depots, and now otoiug a good
tbuiness. Thl Is a splendid chance. Apply at 251
Broadway. w DyEW1iGHT & Co.
1PO3 U sale, leave stock andflixtures, onagreat
turoughfare in the neIghborhood of the principal fer-.
ries Also, a splendid confectionery and Lee cream Pa.
loon on the Eighth avenue. ihia i a rare chance. Ap-
ply at 251 Bioadway. DEWIOHT & CO
4ID ]0 ?, fixtures of an oyster and dianiog Jluoo,
htoaied on Broadway, ihFasplendid location to make ms.
ney, aud must peosively be sold this day, ilihoat re-
setne. Apply early, at 1i Broadway. up staire
d1 4"1ff CASH WILL PURCHASE *A LOT '2 by I1I
1J00I f'eet eeniraUy located In the thnniag village
otFaimount, near upper Morrisania deapt also a lot
26 by 160 feet, oppoaihe ibe depot, two milts from Har-
lemIpt.rice $560. .tudre s Cash, box 101 He.aid Office.
and a sis years lease of the hair drerving and
bathing elstablshmeul No. 9 Murray itreeat. For par-
ticularu inquire on the premier.

saws, from 24 to 54 inches diameter. Will be sold
low foer oabh, or excbalged for lumber or other approved
goods. Can be seen at the soda water apparatus manu-
ufactry of JOHN UATIHEWS, corner First Aveone and
Ti.enty.-ixth street
Conn., td public auction, on Saturday, August 19,
three acres of land. with dwelling thereon. Located one-
mile from New Yc.rk and New Haven Railroad deno.

a complete vot of lathes tools' and patterns for
carrying on the mandfactory of a roton and seam fan-
cets and other brass work. Apply to EDWARD P.
TONEY, 281 Pearl street.
building lots, situated on the west side of Eighth
avenue, between Slaty third and Sixty-fourth streets.
Also, five lots situated on the north side of Filty.seveuth
rrest, between Filth and Sixth avenues;'each lot 25 by
100. Apply to WIL.LIAM BANRA, 114 Canal street.
povite the Central park; the southwest corner, an,
one adjoining on Eighth avenue, and one adjoining on
Seventy.sixth street-good solid ground. Pitce, 14,600-
for the three lots. SrLPHEN RUBERTS, Ehp.mlth, 3S8
South street. ..
IX Lg to engage in the sega bnaness.-The lease and
futures of a fine segsr store, %here a good business can
be dome, in Broadway Fixiures all new and got up in.
magnificent style. Call at the store, 787 Broadwey.
.r Coney Island Plank roadflvemllea from Bcokhlynilate
Hit or Miss. Will be sold cheap for cash, with or without.
tue fixtures and furnutre. This offers ihe best opnorn-

,/ __I I
J. E IH-By Ms Julia. Corner author of "The His.
torclt.Jrb.rary,'P.-,lsty. of China and Inda".,
&c. "This Is a powerfullr-wrttten romance, and Illus-
trates In a very interesting manner socIety and manners
at St. Petersbnrg." .
RISER, THORKE & CO., Publishers, 129 Fulton at.
1L of eminence having completed his church music
book, is prevented, by Ill1 health, attending to its public
cation; he deeres to sell his olaim, or share prqfita with
a substantial house In New York, Boston or Philadelphia.
Address Author, Herald office.

U tUwUUU gage, in sums from 68,000 to
.$000, on productive real estate, in this.eolty that
0 must be wort doubIs the amount loaned. Apply to
8. S. BROAD, No. 18 Wsll street.
iIJ-LUU old established manufacturing busl-
ness, with a rout of nearly 900 regular customers. Real
esle oatI the country would be taken In exohae.
Address, with real name, F. H., Post Offlepe.
$20 ma capable of taking charge, would
Invest a few h ded dollars in the above business,
where bhis whole attention, along 'with the above sum,
would entitle hlmto receive a proportionate share of the
profits. Address (strictly confidential) Mechaunicl, Herald
0 JU give a furnished room In a quiet respectable
caOe,. Ade4s pre-Jpad, Charlotte Union square post
offoe. Please sate where an interview can be had.
S / furniture, diamonds, watches. Jewelry, pianos,
sver wa, gum, pistols, nautical instruments, me.
ohanic's tools, and articles of every description, or
bought out for cash, and highest price paid, by
M'OAFFRAY & WATERS, 2o Catomenare street,
bond, diamonds plate watches, Jewelry, piano-
fortes, household furniture, dry goods, horses, wagons,
merchandise, and personal property generally, or pur.
chased for cash. Apply atthe Empire Loan and Agency
-office, 128 Nassau street, opposite the Nassau bank.
by given that all claims In favor of this bank, or of
Ihe fkleivara, will be disposed of by public ascion at the
office of the BReaevers, at Paterson, New Jars7y, on
STuveapday the 6th day of September next, at 11 o'clock
A. 1, unless previously settled. Catalogues of the
laims will be' furnished on application to either of the
Receivers dVring the week preceding the sale.
SPatoroas, N. J., Jul 8, 184.
.. WILLIAM F. DAY, RBeceivers, &e.
and Wales. Bills of the Bank of Charleston on the
of Liverpool, Ion-ms of one pound stearlting and
*opwards,' payable at any of the baks in the United
Mingo, for Msae by BREWER & C DWELL, successors
tK ater bo., No. 20 Old slip, corner of Water street.
0 -Board of Directors of the Ocean Steam Navigatlos
Company ef New York, held this day, a dividend of five
() er aont on the capital stock was declared out of the
prot of the six months ending July 1, payable on the
1st August next ensuing. The transfer books are closed
until Wednesday, August 2. B.SordSr.
0. E. ANDERSON, Secretary.
.sCi-erteel, with a largeassortmest of new and second-
lnaqMtrfs eiumm at gat bargains. We wish to call at-
teast to ear grand diagonal plano, with new grand
action, which has no superior In all the points which
mastitute a perfect Instrument.
INOLN & THOMPSON, 441 Broadway.
Sledge of mudic, wishes an engagement in a smal,
.-chalh in Brookoy. Address Mablo Teacher, 254 Dean
street, Brooklyn.
3.1. meldodeg toletat$3,(3,3680and 64 permouth,
z' br'nshl at K40, -"0, $6, $78, $118 up. to 6260.
Clrtuise tuned and music thoroughly taught. Ad-
drs Profasor Dumeday, 2M Grand street.
competent judge of the tone, touch, mechanism,
and action of the instrwsent, you are likely to be mista-
ktea .n our. se-ection l auess yon have good advice,
xlsi Item lu.prcticas experience-otherwise you
mzasseleaot aon.which wi be a constant expense in keep-
ing it in tune sad in eder. Apply by letter, or person.
all1'atise t46the seletn, to Professor CONDON,
676 dway. Fee, 68. ___11
.JL-.tundingsalrasent engaged, desires settling, with
hidstmfly, nla a flourishing Soqthern eity; he is a pltn-
ist;ucher of singing, and'compoeer; his health and
finlAtion sJe4ahim ntbFo Address box 668 Newark
Pod-dOleb, New Jersey. '
-. .cw ws-as opsw msa.

tkaJ ,.0004t-w thisuamount, by the advertiser,
iso ibusrly engagea'l bulldig in t this city, and
uont weI.attend, to the various departments thereof.
_TeeomziEqgaeTe ma have experlei In. building or
not. He w&t haWe nhargd of the finaolal department,
N si must bcompetenot. Address Builder, UnIon square
Post Office. Bidr. U
business, already established (rag and wrte
paper business). Some capital will be required. Apply
at 174 William street.

T-- - - ---- ----
The following matches will be run during thb "ue
rocedie the regular fall meetIng o.a enl=ng On It,
ay, Septemer :- .. .
,MONDA. lth.-Matuh forg,.800, three mile heates,
half i'orfelt.
W. W. Boyda names oh-. 0. Garret Dads, by Glencoe,
dam by Ueslie.
Thus. W. Deawell names s. f. Fanny Fern, by Glenooe,
out of the dam of Monte.
SAM DAT -Match for $2,000, mile heats, half forfeit.
J. B. Miller names oh. f. Ellm Bateman, by Glenoe,
dam by Eclipse.
W. W. Boyden names gr. O. Little Arthur, by Glencoe,
dam by Blue Bomimita.
ThflDma, 12th.-Match for $4,000, two ile i heats,
S hal forfeit.L
Those. W. oaswell names b c. Agitator, by Childe
Hatold, dam Emily Thomas by Priam.
W.W.. Boydelz names b. a. mfler, by S reign, dam
Jane Mitchell by Leviathan.
SAMs DAEv.-Match for 68,000, two mile heats, 62,000
H. P. McGrath names eh. c. Sam Letcher, by Wagner,
dam by Madoc.
W. W. BOiden names b. f. Madonna, by Yorkshire,
dam Magnolia.
W-D-"Asn, 13th.-atch for $6,000, bhalf forfeit, 2 mile
beats, to carry 105 IShe.
J. B. Mounot names s. o. Logan, by Trustee, dam by
John Little names br f. Mud of Orleans, b1 Berthune,
out of Lexington's dam
IrmsrAsI, 14lt.-Match for $4,000, half forfeit, 8 mile
Thons. W. Doswell names Vr. g. On- Eyed Joe by Prince
George, out of Register's dam, (6 years old,) to carry
110 lbs.
W. W. Boyden names ch o CGarrot Davis, by Glencoe,
dam by Leslie (4 years old,) to carry 104 lbs.
esM DAv.-Slatch for 62,000, mile heats, half forfeit.
Thos. W. Doswell name. br. f. SeInse, by Epsilon, dam
Beta, by Leviathan.
W. W. Boyden names gr. c. Little Arthur, by Glencoe,
dam Blue Bonetls,
The Sweepstakes, 8 and 4 mile heats, to close 1st Sep., will be run on Friday and Saturday, 16th and
The regular Fall Meeting over the National Course,
near the city of New York, will commence on Monday,
September 18th, and continue six days.
MONDAY.-Club purse $500 mile heats.
BaM DAY.-Astor House stake for 4 year elds, 2 mile
heats, $100 subscription, $200forfeit, 6$500 added by the
Astor House If two or more start. Closed with the fol-
lowing entries'-
R.Ten Broeck name b. h. Lexington, by Boston, dam
A lice Carneal.
A. J. Miner names Judge Hunter's oh. I. Blonds, by
Glencoe, dam by Wagner
Calvin Green names ch. g. Nat BliUck, by Boston, dam
Aunt Mary.
J. B. Mount names s.c. Lodgan, by Truostede, dam by
TcnoDAv.-St. Nicholas Hotel stake, for all ages, a single
heat of 4 miles, 4 years old and over to carry 100 lbsa.,
(600 added by the St. Nicholas Hotel, If two or more
start. Closed with the following entries--
Thos. W. Doswell names gr. g. One-Eyed Joe, by-Prince
George, out of Register's dam, (6 years old.)
J.B Miller (R. P. Fields,) names b. g. Litle Flea, by
Gray Eagle, dam by Actoon, imported, (6 years old.)
P. a. Fowler names ch. h. Highlander, by Glencoe, dam
SAMs Day.-Prescott House stake for 3 year olds mile
heats, $260 subscripdon, $100 forfeit, $250 added by
the Prescott House if wo or mere start.
Green and Williamson name b. c by Regent, dam by
Imported Rowton.
Calvin Green names hr. f. Augusta, by Ainderby, dam
Princess Ann.
P. S. Fowler names Col Glasscock's gr. c Little Arthur,
by Gleneoe, dam Blue Bonnets. Also P. Blakeley's b. a
Terrifier, by Soverelgn, dam Jane Mitchell, by Levia-
R. P. Field names --, by Glenoce.
WEDsNMAT.-Club purse $1,000, two mile heats.
SaM DAT.-Irving House stare, for all ages mile heats,
$250 subscription. $100 forfeit $260 added iby the Iring
House if two or more start.
J. B. Miller names R. P. Fields' b. c.Wild Irishman, by
Glenooe, dam Mary Morris by Medoe, 4 years old. Also,
R. P. Fields' ch. f. Irlen Bateman, by Glencoe, dam by
ellpse, 4 years old.
John Little names oh. g. McGrath, by Glencoe, dam by
John Richards, 4 years old.
G. H. Dillahunt names b. f. Madonna, by Yorkshire,
dam Magnolia, 4 years old.
Tnursusav.-Proprietor's purse, 6800; two mile heats;
four year oldse and over, to cerry 100 Ibe.
SAms DAY.-Metropolitan hotell slake tor three year
old, twp (2) mile heats, 600 subscription, 200 for-
felt; 600 added by the metropolitan Hotel if two or
more start.
Thos. W. Doswell names b. o. Agitator, by Childe
Harold, dam Emily Thomas by Priam.
A. J. Miner names oh. o. aiam Letcher, by Wagner, dam
by Medoo.
P. S. Fowler names Col. Glassook's pg. o. Little Arthur,
by Glencoe dam Blue Bonnets. .
Also, P. Blsaeley's b. o. Terrifler, by So-ereign, dam Sam
Mitcbell, by Leviathan.
R. W. Fields names by Glencoe.
FRAtv.-Club parse, (600; mile heats, belt three in five.
.aEx DAT.-Club purse, 61600; three mile heats.
3 IfiH DAY.
ATra-tav.--Club purse, $2,000; four mile hoseats.
SAnE OaY.-Club purse, 6U0O; for beaten horses, two
mile heats.
The lovers of the turf have an opportunity to witness
the best race meeting ever run in America. lore than
forty of the most celebrated horses in the world are now
in training on the course, and will run during the meet-
ing-not tess than-ltdrteen that have already ran three
and four miles, including Lexington, Red Eye, Highland
er, Ope-esed Joe, Fanny Fern, Arrew.Blonde, Little Flea,
Berry, Rube, Garret Davis and Die bapperton. This is
the largest number of horses ever in training on a race
eourie, and all good ones. The public may rely on two
good races every day NothIng will be left undone by
the proprietors to maIe everybody delighted who visit
the National Course dum ing the fall meeting.

,5 POKIWACTOSD OF CLEANING STRKEl3, FROM 1 Course near the city of New YorLa.-To be held un-
je Il.- onth.Thirteeinthand Seventeenth der the anspces of theb ationSal Jockey Club," will open
wards,ave left in each staon hou e o te above war on Wedneacsy, September 27, 1864, and continue three
aba IXm the reception of any letters or complaints fm da, ri.
te omupay. Ofle E14L0 hird I street wenty-five hundred and ninety-five dollars In p*o-
a it P tAL m .M minms will be awarded. Owners and breeders of horses
CHIM SITAN nRUn]M= from all parts of the world are invited to attend and
bring their horses. The Committee of Arrangements
:HOM STEADS, have provided ample accommodations for all horses that
may be brought ?or exhibition.. 1
si10"f FOR A HOUSE AND LOT WORTH 61,200.- This Fair offers greater inducements to owners and
VOV A plot of ground near Morrisanla village has breeders of hoiases, who are desirous to sell, than any
@laid out in lots, and by payment of N80 by monthly heretofore held, New York being the best horse mart in
istalbmehits of $65. any person can secure a lot and have Thbeworld;and a larger amount in premiums than ever
a chance pf obtaining a, house and lot worth $1,200. rhe bt fore offered in this country.
lots in the vicinity sell for $100 to S126. Books open [or The attention of farmers and stock breeders is respect-
agpbscnrtiberm at 844 iroome street, corner of Bowery, np folly requested to the following lieral premium list -
ahis. PREHMALS.:
DUCOATION. Best stallion 4 years' Second bes colt three
"L UC.. ........-,-O- TNNE- old and upwards.....$200' years old........... $25
.A YOUNG MAN, SECOND TO NONE 2nd ................. 100 8rd...........*........ 15
-J in mathematlso, bbkkeeping, and a thorough rd ................. 0 Bet gelding four years-
ImBge t the English language, would devote a few Best booed mase with old and upwards.... 100
tio nto teachIng. RefeImee of the highest order. Ap- colt at her foot..... 100 2nd.,................. 60
plytoJsmei McHenry,876P.arlstreet. o2nd................. 50 Best manre four years
ai -- "id ................26 old and upwards.... 100
SAND MADAME NOEL BERGIER'S FRENCH AND Best colt 3 years old ... 50 2d................... .50
'J. English boarding and day school for young ladies, ciLAa B-Hs O-Bos roR AL. WORK.-
No. 800 Second avenue, between Eighteenth and Nie. Best stallion four years Best colt three years
feunth streets, will reopen on Friday, September 16. A old and upwards.. ..S20<0 old............... $650
atsgsewil be attached to the establishmeur, for pupils at 2no ... .............. 100 2nd. 2............... 5 26
a ditance. 8rd...............6. 60 3rd................ 16
R9. maEARS'S FRENCH AND ENGLISH BOARDING Bet brood mare with Beast colttwo years old. 25
[.La~SSFECBOR colt at her foot-....100 2nd.................. 15 b
M and das school for young ladies, Nos. 32 and 80 lat her foot...... ....... ...0 3rd.................. 10
"-est Fiftfeth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, Ord ................... 25
8r~ad ................... 28
will re-opeq on Monday, September 4. "CLASS --OADn HOBS3.
Best gelding four years Beat mare fourtyearsold
WATCHES, JEWELiRY5 ilC.l old and upwards....6100 and upwarus........6SOO
S-- 2nd................. 60 2nd ................... 60'
CHRONOMETER WATCHES.-VERY FINE POCKEI td................2. 3 frd................2. 56
thronometers which run without any perceptible 4,th ................... 20 4th................. 20
varialiona, rseeallealss than usual prices; wholesale 5bth................ 15 5th................. 15
tnd retail. G.C. ALLEN, U Wall street, second floor. uth........ O ........ 10
----------- --- --------- -- ----------<1AS VTSAS3 OF TOA BOR661 EaI
COOPER WA.CES.-GOLD COOPER, DUPLEX AND riven together, and that can trot a mile
lever watches some in hunting cases, splendid That are ren toether, and that as trot mie to
timeteepecs; for Bale very low, at wholesale and ret bet ieanem ............ isO 3rd best Lem......... $26
'by G. C. ALLEN, 11 Wall street, near Broadway, second e2ld .................. be
floor. 2nd..............0,%R
fOr________________________________________"""(lafl's-"HTCH afiO ARlmAfxtOEtt0Iiai.
"rIAMO.s-DS, DIVOND4.-THE SUBSCRIBERWOULD Bestpair fouryears old 4th bsat pairfouryearso
ecall sLe attention of purchasers to his stock of di-. Ann upwares owned old ana,oan.
Snags. crosesscarf p insh ohewhh he by one person... 5$100 ed by one person.... $2)
=aond n ,gi. p mi, crosses, scarf pins, & c &., 'which he .... 6 '1
offlstuch less than usual prices. Call and examine nu.............. 50 th .............. .. 15
GEORGE C .A.LEN Importer, wholesale ani retail, It ltd.....:.,..........t rill Oh.............0il
'Wall stret, se 1ocond fAc;_or. CLASS I -uint' uonR;nrecv
all sut, sood floor. Best pair four yeasaold 8rd best pair four years
"OTID VIT CHAINS.--GOLD CURB, 69 TO -546,GOLI T ue upwaida, owuusd old oan upwardsown
X wove, 110 o$025,gold Adelaide, )13 to $26d; gold by oae person....... l50 ed by ono [,ersuD.... $15
JFnn7yLind, $18 to646;gold chased and plain. 616 t- 2nd.....b............
-6185;geld bexagon'(,17to4.,goldWarsaw, $10 to1f4) CLass o-- AR OB DRAUoTr OS:
igoldsauare,(illo$45';goldengraved,$16 to 636; gold Best team four years B d best team four years
_ae 2A to 66; goldfrosted, 627 to $70. All other old and upwards, old and awardss,
.atlesatless than usual prices. OEO. C. ALLEN, Im own-ed by onel eraon $60 owned by one person $15
.Dortpr, wholealeapd retail, No. 11 Wall street, neas nd.................. 26
oadway, eoud floor. ___ Th above premiums to be awarded in pure sliver plate.
,1 dependent second and quarter second watches, "for UatL ruar AR E EasTsc run a OoMPMTIoNs.
tinaibores, in gold and slver cares, double andsinggi let All entries must be made in writing, and sent to
ti mefor ae atless than nsual prn'ies, wholesale an. RICHARDB CUEATHAM, 88 Prince street, New York,
'Wetail G. C. ALLEN, U Wall street, second floor Secretary of the -National Jockey Club if not sent
_____ ltefoie Monday, the :bth September, they may be de-
---.--- mLivered to the Clerk ol the "Committee of Arrange-
.'. ,'" --------.-w________ mental at the National Course, on Monday ano fues.
fl EAD QUARIERS RYNDERS' GRENADIEim, NEW day, 26th am id Sth September.
IJ Tet, 'Aumst 18 "-At a meeting of the corpseld 2d. The entries for Class A must be accompanied by a
von uh'eb' eu-ivng August lath, on motion the follow well autheticated pedigree, showing the purity of tne
to air fioltioun -was unanImously adopted blood, both on the stie of the stre and dam, by whom
Ri-solted, Thata vote of thanks eo presented to our and wheie raised, with the age. color, and marks aof the
.fliind,'MoPes Haymer, for the vesy generous and "-nex niinl, and the name and rsidene of the owner. No
ct pe d ciiltlHet extended to us by him on theoccasion of horse wiUl be allowed premium unless this reglatlon
0lhe funeral obs6qules of our deceased c-mpanion, Brevet is complied with.. The enutis for the other Ulasses
C iaClapin aed .utau tJapmaes S. lIcCabe. must specify the pedigree as far a kniwn, the age.
-'G GEORDGEB.A HALL, MJor Commandlin tolor, and marks of the animal, the cls it is entered to
GiObIG DOBSIn Quarter master adacting AdjuLant compete in, and the name and residence of the owner
id. The horses must be on the ground by 1 o'clock ou
"ITOTIC.-THE MEMBE OF N.ASPAU GUAIRi A rE thei day of exhibition, attended by their owners or
"L Ieqtested to meet at King's Hotel, No. 22 Ann k, eper.. Asaoon as each horse is located, a label will be
S.,'reet, on Saturdsy.-vening, 19th inst., at 7 P.M., to luoinlhed, stating the Class the horse may be entered,
SBake arraigemdnts for their third soantal tbe number of its entry, and the owner's name and re.
.Aon. By order of J 'lE Y. Capta;n. slidence. The label must be appended to the animal, and
SJoe. R. R.m i, Sre'tary. w orn during the hours of exhibition.
S4th. Horaes whebh are not on the ground by 11 o'clock
T.'OTI'CE.-THE'MEMBEPRSOF THE CROTON GUARDS on the day of exhibition, or are removed during the
L wmill meet for drsll at the Seventh Avenuel Houseon bouTrsofxhibltlon, except by permission of the Chair.
*u 'WsAyevtn.lag, August icth, at half.pseetseven b'clock 'msan of Committee Of Aszangemsnts, oldi not bh entitled
*P. M. A full attendance requested By ordtr. toany premiums.
ALEXANDER MchIULLEN, Comir. Person vsitilig the NationAl Fair will witness the
,R. T.'Dot masoraSeoretary. finelAt dlikpla of thoroualred stock ever collected in
--the Utited ,tata s-LeviWon, Highlander, Red Eye,
'TO10fL-REDEIELD GUARDS, ATTENTION.-TdERE Monarch', Fashion, Blonde; also, a large number of fine
l will besineething and orill of the above company on bt'cd mares and celts, and about forty other race horses,
TueYfsdnlevenig August 16th, at Smith's Hotel, No. o0 now on training at the National Course. A fine opfor
'erry street, Ait8 o'clock, P. M. A full attendance Is r- t unity 'o buy, as most of the above named zi e a sle.
Sqo'tled. By order, WM. IL WirHEy, Captaun en liberal termS.
Wx. CAns, Secretarj. ,.. IsuUgl bd citlias fm3 all patti o( the Uaiosa


.* Sheriff's sale on Monday, August 14, at hill past
leoeno'clock A. M.,at No 77 Greenwch street A IA
if uefars, pipes, fancy articles, tobacco, snuff, show-
acues, Sotures, &h. &a. Also, same day and same plae,"
one horse and wagon, aou a large lot of segar, &c &A:.
Son Tuesday, August 15, at 10 o'clock, at the Atlantic
dotl, No. 5 Broadway, by order of mortgages, house-
hold furniture mahogany and black walnut bedsteads,
bureaus, marble top dressing bureaus, washstandr, d )uble
and elngle do., hair mattresses, husk do., mahogany and
black walnut tables, chairs, sofas, arm chairs, card ta-
biles, work tables, wardrobes, rockers, breakfast, dining
and centre tables, lounges, couches, cane seat chairs, cot
eds, feather beds, bolster, pillows, dressing glasses
blankets, spreads, comfortable, china ware, dinner 'aund
glass ware for 100 persons, silver plated castors sheets,
pillow eases, napkins, one patent mangle, one steam ta-
Sle, ice cheMts, dinner and dessert knives; also, the carpets
if over fifty roos, matting, &q.

VJ salea-The gores, suridus lots and meadow land
'of the association will be sold at auction on Monday,-Au-
gust 14th, at 12 o'clock, noon, on the premises at htion-
port, four miles and a half from Harlem Bridgc and
near Westchester, and on the line of the contemplated
railroad to New Rochelle; the property will be sold in
lots aslaid down on the map; the title it perfect, and
printed abstracts will be furnished to purchasers; terms
on day of sale. N. B.-4hould it storm, the above sale
will be postponed till Wednesday, August 16th, at the
same hour and place. By order.of the Executive Com-
mittee. '- '-____
day, at 103, o'clock, at 368 Eighth avenue, agen-
ulEd assortment of household furniture. consisting of so-
fas and sofa bedsteads, parlor and rocking chairs, book-
case, dressing and plain bureaus, washstands, dining and
tea tables, pier and oval mirrors, carpets and oilcloth,
tirgant feather beds. hair matreaes, vases, china, crock-
ery and glass ware, azc Sale positive.
O'clock A. H., at No. 310 Broadway, J barrels
varnib, ofi the Lest manufacture, of different kinds,
&c., also one rockaway coach and two sets of harness;
also, same day, one horse, cart nd harness and one
horse, light wagon and harness. Also sheril's sale-of
crockery, consisting of teas, coffees, dishes, &o.
V Tuesday,, at 10 o'clock, in Twenty.flfth street near
Tenth avenue, the stock anafixtures of a grocery and
liquor store; %lso the furniture in the dwelling part of
the house.
.' premises, at Yonkers, Westchester county, on
Moodsy, August 14, at 8 o'clock P. M., without reserve
to the highest bidder for cash a new cottage house and
1it (94 by 186,) beautifully situated on Broadway, with
a splendid view of the Hudson, and within a few minutes
walk of the depot. The house contains eight rooms,
three halls, pantries, cellar, &h., and has a verandah on
three sides, and was built under the personal supervision
p sseesion. For afull description, apply to P. C. BULK
LEY, Auctioneer, No. 81 Wall street, between 9 .t 1.
and 1 P.M. H.
j. -OOUyS, &,c.
11 or,-ry Sa;lugs store, 126 Bowery.-The first of
our fall importations we have just received, ind have
now on sale. The prices of this season are much lower
than for a number of years. Oand the styles infinitely su-
., itr in la.le and ,eau'y. Among our offerings are rich
eui cool plaids. b-gh ctlorp, 6ne cashmeres sund d,-iineu,
ishmeie shawls-laog aud .quare, splendid higo lus.
tried back silke, wanranted to preserve thbrlr rlohnoas and
to woear well, made eoprrosly to our on or aider, an-I such
es WA ca&n itC. mmen lo 6o ouc cuiLorers st trices below
anythL.g we have ever Lnowvr, 5arstil]ce .IUts ibhe best
,sa, rment prlably In hii, country ULin, n guode-,)-Our
aseortmsr.nt is complete, comprsing every d.scrltitlon of
saeetings., jajmark, tsL'le covers, dolileP diapers, towel
ling, e.- Domeetie goods-bed tick, shitdllngs, sheet
irg-, drills, scene. i&c all mase epressly to cr own or
der,'fnd eoldat whol-ale or retail rat the agent's prices.
All our summer btoesi n'marolng on hand has been
marked down, aLd we aie clooiog out at such l',W prices
as may vil u (ttaie surprise, but seach Is our Ido tLat,
new g...,ds bhoull al .a s be ready for the season,
sad that nolt-lng should remain over, rLd nve ars d
.termined to give the autantagn to our customers. Our
stock i f, cassatneref satineti, jeans, &c for boys'
and men' wear, is very large and varied, and. no onc-an
fail to be suited- janueli and wov-lian goals generally
will be at least twenty ide per cent leis thb-u the prhois
of last esr. Oar stock will be kept full, and aawe have
oven thus early opened the season, so we shall keep on,
and Eecuie tiety bargain, and il, all h11 te ad'antagei
possible to our customeias.
F W. & W. I GILLEY, 12 Bowery
it will be offered this morning and folo-inug days
at 3s. 6d., 4s. and bS worth 8s 10s ond i sd per yard;
tieuo yards, all wool Freach plaid, at 6d world
lse 150 Fitench shawls all wool at be worth S5 50
RODE- ICK. & EDW.ARDS, Z06 Grand street
S America, of thirty y.arsstanding. A. B.sslord' a re-
suied prres, cbeep as any. A large assortment rea-lt
for ibhipping. Billird players will tind state and moleal
bti dB, aud rbber air cnhirnas a' s Ann strfet- suan entrance
41149 tIlltn s'4Ctl. ben attics In the tradc for le,

I'l I 1I

5 En. ______

base been invited to attend; wasyhave already asigal.
Bed their intention to be present and as operate in this
geat enterprise, to advance and Improve the breed of
that -noblest oftaIanimals--the horse.
The week preceding the Fair, small bills will be lssued,
8iV. 1 a eemplete programme of each day's exhibition,
and e. thing pertaning thereto.
Gen. sn'y" of the Brat respectability will act on the
vaneusOcmi_.'tueea and the public may reAt assured
that entire satieflccCon will be given to all who may at-
tend this Fair.
aj" A sale of th6Wugh bind will take p lace on
every day of the fair, commencin g pt 4 o'ciok a the aft-
teroon. Particulars on the days o0 sale'

/L Augu-t 16, at So'lock P. M.-A minrlefor 6590,
remiles heats, best three in five to wagons. H. Woodrufl
names br m. Lady Jenkins, W. When, s g. Webstehes-
ter. Sisges leave tbhe Williamsburg ferries for thsoourse
etery half hour. SHAW & WHITE. Proprietoms
U August 17 at S o'clock P. M.,& match for $2,000,
mile heats, best three in five, to harness, to carry Wil,
liam Whelan's weight. H. Jones names g. g. Grey Eddy-
William Whelan names r. g. Tawony. Cars will leave, the
South ferry Brooklyn, for the course, at half-past one
o'clock precisely, and return as soon as the s rnt Is over.
Fare each way 26 cents.
eha2ct SHAW & WHITE, Proprietors.

a sltae of $5i0d, half forfeit, mile heals, best three
in live l harness, free for all trotting horses, three or
mole a O mali&race, and two to start, to come off on
Thursday, September 7? If three horses start, $600 to
go to the second best. Entries will cose at Falkland] &
Duryee's, corner of East Broadway and Catherine streets,
on Wednesday evening, Aig 16, at 10 o'clock P. M.
SHAW & WHITE, Proprietors.
bonds at auction.-ALBERr H. N1COLAY will sell,
this day, August 141h, 1864, at 12% o'clock, at the Mer-
bchants' Exchange, for account of whom it may concern
-b,0 ,0 Toledo, Norwalk and Cleveland Railroad first
mi ritgge7Tper rent bonds, interest payable 1st February
aDnd 1st August, $1,000 each; $15,000 Peru and Indianap-
olis Railroad first mortgage 7 per cent convertible bonds,
interest payable 1st January and 1st TJuly, $1,000 each;
$8,000 Chicago and Rock Island Railroad first mortgage
7 per cent convertible bonds interest payable 10th Jan-
usary and 10th July, $1,000 each- 6$5,000 New York ant
Erie Rlailroad 7 per cent convertible bonds, redeemable in
1871, interest coupons payable 1st February and lst
August, $1,000 each; $4,000 New York and New Hlvou
railroad 7 per cent bonds, dated 1st September, 1853.
end redeemable 1st December, 1860, interest coupons
payable 1st June and lst December, 11,000 each; 10
shares Howard Fire Insurance Company, $50 each: 55
shares Panama Railroad, $100 each; 140 shares New
Jersey tRailroad and Transportation Company, $50 each;
81 shares Galena and Chicago Union Railroad, $100 each;
80 shares Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad, 650 each; 4
shares Second Avenue Railroad, $100 each; 100 shares
Empire City Bank $25 each; 16 shares Central Bank of
the City of New ork, $650 each; 60 shares Suffolk Bank,
$50 eac; 50 shares New York Lubricating Oil Manufac-
turing Company, $100 each. Terms of- spS, ten per cent
this day, and the balance to morrow. The accrued in-
terest on all the bonds will be charged to the purchaser.
A. H. N. holds regular sales of stocks, bonds and other
securities, every Monday ad Thursday, at the M1erchants'
Exchange. Atprivate sale, a greatvariety of first class
railroad bonds, bank, Insurance and other stocks, Office,
No. 4 Broad street, next to corner of Wall.
S chlia.-J. a. Van Antwerp & Son will sell on Tues
day, I1th. na., at 216 Pearl street, frem the shelves, in
lots to suit purohasers.90 orates lhayer's, Funnival's and
Goodfellow'!swhite granlle ware,a fIll assortment of each
maker 11 orates Ight blue ware ; 8-35 orates common
ware, dipt, C. C. edged, printed, &a.; 9 do. Rocklngham
spittoos, Jugs, &a. -118 casks glassware, a fall assort
ment, China vases, Parian ware, knives and forks, tea
trays and waiters, &c. Catalogues the day previous.

" By BELL & BUSH, on Tuesday, at 109 o'clock, in
the new salesroom 27 Centre street, between Reade and
Duane, will be sold, a fine assortment or second-hand
household furniture; also, counting house desks, count-
eis, two superior bagatelle tables, &c.
.. y BELL & BUSH.-Wednesday, at 10 o'clock,
will be sold, it 81 Fifth street, near the Bowery, the ele.
gant furniture contained inthe upper part of the modern
three story house; the carpets and furniture are of the
beat description, and nearly new At 12 o'clock, a hand-
some young mare, suitable for'a family or any other
purpose. Particulars on Tuesday morning.
TER PARKS will sell on Tuesday, August 15, at
103 o'clock, at No 52 West Twenty-eighth street, near
Sixth avenue, the entire furniture of the house, compris-
ing mahogany parlor furniture in hair cloth, sofae, di-
vans, chairs, marble top tables, mirrors, Brussels tapes-
try ca pets, &ac.; also carved bureaus, French bedsteads,
lounges, wardrobes, superb Brussels and Ingrain carpets,
ailcloths, mattresses, beds and bedding, as flne assortment
of bed and table linen, gilt china wkre, glass ware,plated
ware, &o.,and complete sets of chamber and kItchen
furniture, worthy the attention of housekeepers anu
deaPers; sale positive Terms -cash, catalogues at bale
PETER PARKS, Auctioneer, 70 Namsao street.

JU A TI II JoeWosak ammande.-This taearn.
hi. will dept with time dU taed Salmanlis for Ea ep
EdU~Z en Saurday, UAusnt 19, at 11 o'clock M., from
ri st tl" foot n1 street. The steamship
AHOTIC will sued the Atlantic and sail September .
For freight or pasu, having unaequalled ocommoda.
tlon for elegance an comfort, apply to
EDWARD K. OLLS 5M 'Wnll street.
Shippers will plea take notice thaUt the ships of this
line cannot carry any goods contraband of war.
JL Mall Steamers.-The ships composing this line are
the following -
ATLANTIC Capt West. BALTIC, Capt. Comatook.
PACiFI0, Capt. X .a ARCTIC, Capt Luce.
TLese shlp, haTling been built by contract expressly
for government service, every care has been taken In
thUIrronstrtclon, as in their engines, to ensure strength
and peedl, and their accommodations for passengers are
unequalled for elegance and comfort.
Price qf psage from New York to Liverpool, In first
cabin, $180; in second do., $75. Exclusive neuse of extra
she state-rooms, 265.
From Liverpool to New York, 30 and 20.
An experienced surgeon attached to each ship.
No berth secured until paid for.
FROM row TOM. FROM uvnpoO
Saturday, Aug. 19, 1854. Wednesday, Aug. 23, 1854.
Saturday, Sept 2, Wednesday, Sept. 8,
Saturday, Sept 16, Wednesday, Sept. 20, "
Saturday, Sept. 80, Wednesday, Oct. 4.
Saturday. Oct. 14, Wednesday, Oct. 18, '
Saturday, Oct. 28, '* "Wednesday, Nov. 1, "
Saturday, Novr. II, Wednesday, Nov. 16, "*
Saturday, Nov. r25, Wednesday, Nov. 29, "
Saturday, Dec 9, Wednesday, Decw. 13, "
Saturday, Dec. 2d, ,Wednesday, Dec. 27, "
For treight or passe, apply to
EDWARD K. OL 6 Wall street, New York.
BROWN SHIPLEY & 6O., Liverpool. [London.
STEP KENARD & CO 27 Auin Friars,
JOHN iMUNOEO& CO,, 26 RuNotreDameadesTie-
GEO. H. DRAPER, Havre. tirese, Paris.
The owners of these ships will not be accountable for
Gold, slver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones, or
metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefore, and the
value thereof therein expressed.
Shippers will please take notice that the ships of this
line cannot carry any goods contraband of war.

J. Ma stsamshipe. +
rafoE lW TOR TO To OOL iveo .
CUef cabin passage........................... 180
Second cabin passage.............................. 75
FROX osTOT 1' Lvta1POOL.
Chief cabin passage........................... ..Silo0
Second cabin passage.......... ......... ... 66
The ships fromBoston call at fax...
ARABIA, Capt. Judklis. AMERICA, Capt. Lang.
PERSIA, Capt. yrie. EUROPA, Capt. Shannon.
ASIA, Capt. E. 0. Lott. CANADA, Capt. Stone.
NAFIA *Capt. Harrison. NIAGARA, Capt. Leitch.
These boats carry a clear white light at masthead;
green on starboard bow; red on port bow.
Ncagara, Leteh, leaves Boston, Wednesday, 2d Aug.
Africa, Harrison, NewYork, Wednesday,9th.V-
Canada, Siune, 5' Boston, Wednesday, 16th "
Arabia, Jndkinas, New York, Wednesday, 2d "
America, Lang Boston, Wednesday, 80th"
Europw, Shannon, New York, Wednesday, 6thSept
Nlaa, Leitoh, Boston, Wednesday, 13ltbh"
Africa Harrison, New York, Woednesday, 20th "
Berths not secured unilU paid for.
An experienced surgeon on board.
The owners of these ships will not be accountable for
gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, precious' stones or
metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefore, and the
valune hereef therein expressed.
For freight or pmassags apply to
E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green.
The new cipVper built packet ship CITY OF NEW'
'RK, will posatiraely sail on Wednesday, August 15.
The second cabin on board this ship surpeases anything
of the kind ever got up. Cabin, second cabin and steer-
age passengers will be taken at the lowest rates. For
passage apply on board, Pier 6 North River, or to THOS.
C. ROCHE, 88 South street N. B -Drafts issued for one
pound and upwards, on the Rojal Bank of Ireland.
pany, No. 17 Walnut street, Philalphla, Aug. 4,
18'. -Owing to the holidays in Glasgdwand thelow
tlIa. tin the Clyde the new steamship CITY OF PBILU.A-
DLLP[IA cannot leave Glasgow for Liverpool before the
7th of August and her date of sailing from Liverpool
for Philadelphia is therefore postponed until Welneaday,
the lth August and from Philadelphia for Liverpool
until Saturday, ithe 9th September.
J Compasy intend starting their favorite steamship
City of Philadelphia...........Saturday, Sept. 9, 1854.
City of Manchester............Saturday, Sept. 80,1864.
reON Listlpoot:-.
City of Philadelphia..... ..Wednesday, Aug 16,1854.
City of Manchester..........Wednesday, Sept. 6, 1654.
saloon 690 86 and $656. (according to state roon).
A limited number of third class passengers will be
taken, and found with comfortably cooked provisions,
for $25.......torLiverpool. I $40........from Liverpool.
Parties wishing to bring out their friends can obtain
certificates of passage, and drafts on Lirerpool. in smea
of 1 sterlinag and upwards Apply to SAMUEL SMIra,
Agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia.
Gilasgow and New York steamship Company's new
seamers Gl 5...OW. (,068 tons, 400 horse poker.)
-RtoertCrMJg, commander, and NEW YORK, (3,400 tons,
500 horse power.) will leave New York ior Glasgow as
under, rV..-Salurday, September 23, at 12 o'clock U.
Firnt cabin's.iloon state reams, $9,.do midehips do.,
$78: second cabin 560; thirdI claes. 21b. New York
city bllls or gold only taken. Apply 1o
-JOHN Mo4Y MON, 83 Broadway.

way (Chinese Bulldings )-The most admirable and
astonishing wrk of art of the present age-Sarol's pri-.
vwte gall-.ry (.r female ireinass Life eLse, and so hfe
Ulke as to dko5ive the best' judges. 0en all day till 10
P. U A.Jmlsslon b0 cents. Will b old a bargain.
1 ticmen engaged f or this theal re will please assem-
ble in ihegreen room, on the 24ih of .,ugust, prepara-
tr., to tie opening on the b48ib mat.
SW. M rL'MTN- Lesseeand Manager.
Sjuvenile man, a walking lady, and. an old woman,
for a nine mouths season; also, a small assortment of
theatrical wardrobe. Address M Ju-H & ELLSLER, box
418, Osawego Post office, N. Y.
charac-teristic -ig maker. 5A9 Pearl trewt, New
York, four dlooe from Broadway. Amateur performan-
cee attended, wigs lent on hire Tor private parties, mns-
q=rades and fancy dress balls. N. B.-Coimtry theam-
rioak supplied on short notice.
The ladies and gentlemen of the company of the
above named establishment are re. pectfully informed
that the Theatre wi'l- open tor the season on Monday
August 14, with the comedy of IHESCBOOL FOR SCAN.
S tlemen attached to this establishment are ,re-
qnested to meet in the Green Room on-Wednesday, Aug.
16, at 12 o'clock, preparatory to opening, on Monday,
21st Inst. -GEORGE H. BARRETT, Stage Manager.:
J. The Froanklin Museum, No. 53 Bowery, will re-open,
for the season, cn Faturday, August 19, with a new
company of Living Female Artistes, and a beautiful
.erints of pictures from antique statuary.
.10 0,0 00 REWARD IS NOWO El'ED 0TO
iJUIJ~'qJ ny person who can surpass
',oa me Clften in the art of astrology. She Is the only
lady in this or any other city who can give correct state
ments on all things. She also curesall diseases in 'their
worst 'age-partlionlarly the worst focmsef rheuma-
tiram. N B-Madame C is no humbug, nor does she
wibh to Impose '.n the public. Call and satisfy yourselves.
Residtce 66 Thompson street, between Broome and
Sprinm, brick house, stone stoop.
M services to the la-lies and gentlemen o f this i t is
astrology, by books and science, and is to be consulIte
about love, marriage, busuiess, law matters, hf. S,
will tell the name of the lady or gentleman they wi'
marry, also the names of her vialcers. Madams AIwL
speaks the English, Frenuch and lsrma 'nqusg' ,
Residence 819 Bowery, between. FI: at3 Secr-m ,arest
Office hours from 10 A. M. to 9 P M. Laudles 6 antj
gentlemen $1
LJI events oflife-past, peosnt and futureco rort hli ,.
love and mtarriage. Ladies. 2b Goenot'emen. .'jlc-

U z'an im amUwamer U luONt t. auams, commander, -. f.t y... ".esi---- -I- ..- ." .. -1 a Ji uiuU u -LU i.J, -UU WiL ut lUbi-t-U Ma
345 Frst avenue, third ei It-onsOelO Twenty stretret, mon o wekatr"h eep of thi onn"iai
wlU leave for Havre, touchninga l outhampLton to land tir flor a vn e t ohe deoo atr e aLh t oP r som a i ion.
the iralsand passengers, on .atrday, August 26, at 12A' third floor. ___________________ _____________________- .
o'clock, from Pior No. 87 North river. Price of passage 0-jADAME NrEROW WIL AUg EPEEDY MAr rf0 THE LADIES.-A YOUNGG-pI-TLEMANTWES I-
-first cabin, $180; second chbin, $76. Luggage not who willall enjoy thegr.eatesthappinslsoi J forars of ego, good looking, a.n making over a
wanted during the voyge should he sent on bord'ti n bliss, ad will.showthe person the thousad d. ars per annum, wihes to mate the
day before sailing, marked "below." No merauandise .a . i .entwhi she "i use t usituai'e of a young lady, not ov er ltwenity twoyears
marry, through an truntw e rl cause o .withca vie- to marriage All mmuncaton
wsl be received on board after Thuredey, August 24. mnanteoitself, by ,voking th owrs of herw^-d | o it a vre to mlrSe aU oommuniearons
For freight or passage apply to f "-eln,'and wyioki tla eventsof lifo even dr Itricly confidential Address S. i1. Wildsn, SB-odwagf -
[ot science, ad*l elal vnso f and evenU t th .'Ipostfice.
M. LIVINGSTON, 58 Broadway. verythoughts. 76 Broome street, near Cannon street- ut O

J HANSA, Captain L. Jeerkor, will lesve for Bremen "u ADAlr-E MOLOW IS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, Tin I AN--- ," TO .O...SLND-T -E-NEW A
August 22d, at 1 o'clock M. from pier No. 8 North Li most wonderful anrologist in the world, or thati L'C _ONS TO CONEY ISLAND -THE NEW AND
river. Price of passage, first cabin $100; second $86. has ever been known She will tell ast, parent an E i splendid steamer NORWALK, Captain A. Hitchcock,
No freight will be taken after August 19. For freight and future event$; anad wll show your future husband an i l make three excursions daily to Coney island as fol-
passage apply to ONLEICBHS & CO. The steamer will stop absent friends.which has astonished thousand durin tows.--b.e Neow York; foot or sn _street, a 9
at Cowes isuficient specie stand passengers offer. Specie her travels in urope. She is a seventh daughter ofl M., 12 and 8JP. M.; pier No. 8 N.R.,at 10A. LM.,
wouldinthls case be delivered in Havre or London. seventh daughter, and wasborn withanaturalt t ad 4 P. M. Coey Island, at U A. M. 2and P.MA.,
~: -* OELBICHS &6CO. itnvoking the powers of her wonderful science Vo- |,landhigat F rtVc aulton each way. Tare toYFonrhs-m
S -TRA-"A PACrTE'FeveOR een their erythoughts, and will cause happy pairs- ton or Coney Island, and hack to New York, 25 a oent.
A USTAtAN PACKE-EXCFLORLINE.-26TH come together, Who will allenjoy the greasthappines No half price.
August-Thewellknownandfavoriteclppership of mat a bliss. Her i re as oION FOR THE Mi ON.-HEAPST AL,
2lNI lnow" loadingipt .er18 Fast r, will- be o i monalplisit Her.r tions are truly &Stan-
despatati earsaboveonbtolwhird voyage tvMelboure.o..isit her. Thuse who wish a ep edi i in the States; fare aixcents, beats leave every ha
despatched as above on her third voyage to Melbourne. ^~do~man riago may call soon aod they way depdpo l
Herlrevious passage was performed in eightyone days. true advice founded onetime eterar principlesf-m hour for Staten Island. The way to gets sla spndd mnd
For balance of freight, or passage, hartne handsome sciencwea, tou nc betnsCanon Od1 hmd& fine view of the bay ., harbor and ocean, and InhAe teI
orpasge bn~o" science.,76 Broome street, bet~ween, Coamon and F.5 te eLos. t aw7,"........ r... hi
Stateroom accommodations, apply to JOHN NRTON, Jr., ,a Gatme ats .e air, i to ttone tne -tlea Iland ferry, foot ol White-
90 Wall street, or to ASKELL ELLIOT, 146 Pearl st, ha street; li beral terms for pie nt parties, compaiM
_-_ ----------- --,-- ----O-- ----- sod societies. Apply at the freny house.
vl vNicaragua, Accessory Transit Company of Nic- -__I "A 'E iS ANNOUNCN G XCURSION TO TFI. FISHING BANKS.-THU
.rigua Oprietors.-.Throughin advance of the mal. Only QQ b A A H AO U steamer LaURL KNAPP will leave the foot or
lhine gvifg, including 'the sthmuacros- 28.900. 444e z-'r Mr. BRInTOW the best wrl-Amistea t7 k, pringsteett 7 fot ar
jsing:-The newudouble engine steamship STAR OF THE tingmaaster. Thosoeladiesandgentlemencommencingto. Vrae street at 7, oclock, Spring street a t 8 ,t1,Peek
,1811T(2,000 tons burthen), will leave from pierNo.. day-, wllrcertanlywritebeautifulhands. Itran.act bush- sip at 8, Brcomesarevt, Ist river, at S ',jl,,r No.a.
,North Civer, at 8 9'clock P.-M. precisely, for Puent nes, for schools, writing, ho.; letters and advertlsements,
Arenas, on 'Saturday, Agut 19, connoting with the fifty cents. A slet fewreceivedattheeveulng BESTEAMBOAT MAY QI. EN WILL BECHARERD
favorite steamship PACIFIC (2,000 tons burthen) over Horaio street; anddaily, at 289 Broadway. Catlhisout. J forexeurelonsonoan; future day of theseasonuot
tie Nicaragua Transit. Route, having but twelve mles of preergaged. To target crmpaotes or partes wihng 10
land transportation, by first class carriages. Thesestea- A SINGLE LADY, OF ACTIVE HABITS, WfTH A epeedaday agreeably, ahe oltrs accommodations and
mers are uisurpassed in their ventilation and acoomiao- competenos acquired Inteaching mustc and French comfort unequalled by any-cumboaton ithewaters or
datlon. For information or passage apply only to in New York, wishesto ingageasa governeess in a gen- New York. Abargetoacctni,l,any, whenreqiilrl. F r
C(HABiL]BMORGAN, Agent, No. owlingGreen. teel family, residinginthe country, for the purpose of tomssand conditions 5pil. to i. C DU .INr, N. 7
-- teaching music and French. She would like eqixally to South street, up slairs, back oiii e
rnAPSCOTT'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS-PAeK accompany a family going to Europe, as an interpreter __ s .
JL et of August 17-Tho splendid nowand magnificent and teacher; her name, testimony of good character and fURI-U--'--E.
packet ship EMERALD ISLE, Capt. B. Cornish, will references, will be known by addressing a note to X. F., __ NT-
positively sail on Thursdty, August 1', at 12 o'clock, care of Mr. John W. Mitchell, attorney and counsellor, flNAMELLED COTTAGE FURNr'URK.-Mal hEW
The sccommudiatoan for cabin, second cabin and steer- No. 75 Naassau street. UN & STA1'' 61. 4 BroadwayG ofte for salte, at ery re-
age passeugcr are unsurpassed. Persons about pro- e ihe
feeding to Lurope would do well to examine this noble -OOKKEEPING, WRITING, AND ARITHMETIC.-MR. ued prices, entire an very etensie o
B ehnamlled cottage and other fur fturh&e ttsc'sria in
vessel before engaging anywhere else. [Fr palot',ap- .D DOLBEAR, 609 Broadway, cormerof Houston street, thencity,) .from which every variety of taste an bepa s
the eli3,), fromfww moreepupilriety of taste con be the
ply onloard, lc .8, EC.isl rliur, fonlof Market street, or wlleceive e mo pupils dayand en atthe rarorwr f o u a d nryitooeagatutlonof partnership.
to W J. T IAIC,)IT C, i, i,')i,,thstreet reduce August terms. An accomplished, practical ac- prparaory taIouo prn
countant is present to explain all the details of real bust-
Q X1Y JAYD PAS5G0L-aUrIlltAUla fiLNEI CR LINK, nesa transactions. N. B.-Clerks may double th-ir in- aMEDIO.AL.
0 carrying the State3 3al.-lbhs noble newRcoA T H
Slipper shlp -I'L1INGSCUD, 1,718 tons register, W.DH.* Re.""RRICHARION GRADUATEOrTHEROYAL
Batrse ma-ter, will Surcsd the Gertrude as eilghtenth RAND APOLLINEA, NO. 16 BOND STREET -PROF J CoU gecf Surgeonsa Dublin, can be consulted is
ship of this line, and have quick Isespatch. The Flying F SARACCO,.the only accomplished toicher kuown Is speciality, from s A. W to? 7P. M Lt his coneetling
Soud isaoknowledSd by competent judges to be equal inAmerica, will re-openhis pen-id d.nc2nr on s,.', 92 -ine sreet An extensive practice for the
in stegth and ealOR g qualities with any clipper saip A gunt 14, for daily private lessons, and for evenin,- last wentt3 ears In the hospitals of this cofintry an
afloat. Intending hippers and passengers are rested L classes, for which several Europeane ade are engeg.,' Elope es blues Lim to proml'e a radial cure in diffolce
to examine her at pier 10 Ast river. Freights, o n at Th "Ibennet" is the fasbilnable dance of thoesasonu. cas-s Letters from the o.rtry.arntonded to.
the 1b6est rates. Apply to R, W. CAMKON, 116 Walt
s_____________________ FENCH AND GERfAN LANGAGES-. RL met of the di ae, of females 1,049 Broadway,
"OR VIRGINIA, CAROLINA, GEORGIA, &C -'IRE U. J quired for business and conv,-rsatl.n, may be tho- enar Iaenty-litb street Remedies for females bm
., mail steamship ROANCKEE, kinder., nil r.ughiy learned in Trlvatel-as-r.ns, bjy apple In, at 4ea3 sI to 5, advice giatis. Paid letters answered by mafl,
leave Pier No. l1, North River, on Wednesday afternoon, Broedway,nearBroome street; the subsce,'-ser i ov.,ra. _I_____
Aug't. 10, at o'clock for Norfolk, Petersburg, and Rich- bly known in this city for a number of yoar pn t for ii. R. COOPER, 14 DUANE SItSET, SO LONG KNOWN
mood. Time to Norfolk, about twenty four hours. Nas- excellent mode of teaching. 'ELLERING. J to the otlene of New .Yock, may hbe consulted wt
ser,gerssrihing bliere can take the Sacboard aJ -------ondee as usuftal, atmis oce, nt ee llp r wo e
noe, anud Vi'iiinAlnn ant IInncheater Riitroads to NVOTICt TO YOUNG MEN.-SIGNOR VLLO'S GREAT need from as usual, at hiscmt ofoe, whert all who hna l
Augusio, t stb, U loasurte&CePassag and fko lto Iachartill be ent to sa
AuguStO, Atelor, tbatlsaluuon, &c Pessageand fara to 11 chart, containin Instru.-ticons Iu the wonderful on being honorably treated.
Ncrfaoll, St. to Ptersi.Uxg an.1 Itlcimond, $10. S.tersge science of magic and vntillIquism, will be ent to any r
half price Cor freigLt, apply on board, and for passge pat oi the tnitedState on receipt of $1. A fine set of TgiR- JOHNSON, 1 DUANE STIRE MAY BH
io LUILAM & PLEA.AsNI-, 32 Broadway. sparatus, including the inexhaustible baitle, will be L suited confidanteally on dIseasesa. Twentr-two s
__ ----______ s_.01,1_so__d__ for 560. Adress iIguor iVallo, 9- Barker street, in ne speciality, enables Dr. 3. to cure enSuch ceams
FOR CHARLEMTON .NP fLORIDA.--SEMI.WEEKL\Y h.laielpbi, Pa. have baffled thoaless experiencedu thena limAself. 0 le
United Stares Mail Line.-The now and fastgoing stirutionsl weakness eflectually cred without the eimS
steamer JAMES ALGER S Turner, Commander, wIll vj qA.&V]J lj' OUIDm. any deleterious drug.
leave pier 1o 4 Nurlh River, on Wednesday, August I t. -11 -
4 o'clock. P.1., precisely. Ior freight a[,ply on bdard, AMDIEN A A AMBOY RAILROAD TO PH -.AD L B. COPIETIT, 19 DUArNE33hE3a, p aow O oT
where, all bills ov laIdiar ll. be signed; and fot pass. e, j phi&, from pier Nb .1 North river.-Two lines 17 Unturalt? ofNew York, may be osulte I m-
at the ouoeeof rPOrrORD. TILF-TON & CO, SO BcMad daily, at A. M and P. M The morning lineat 7 A. suases. Dr.C as roams are so arrsne that o
way. Through tlicetes 1o } Irida as follows- t a.cLaion. M., by steamboat John PorSter, to Soth Amboy; thenuc never crme to contac The tt sertmos et on m
vlTie, 113- toPlaitate.A 8by cato to way places to Philadelphia. Fare--2; second and no.harge made unless erfectly sured,
70OR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA -UNITED. STATE aass, .176. Expl oastP.M.byna.byJohn Potter toe WAM3 ^ES ECI"
Smail line -TLe new and splendid steaMebhlp AL'- Ambe thence direct to aommlen by ars; through I nT19WARD'SB E S CE
USUA, Capt. Thomas i.yqcn, will leave on Saturday, 0Svhoure. Fare 63. Way accolam ttoi and oen.d Sure, speedy and sa facl1to u.e . east
^^ l^ o p-M r h e0 ^ grant ifsat I .k.; ae,$ b;s=g~uixat 6P.. ; tt lamt O150W a gedorct
Augustiet Iat4 'clock P. N ,frombheripier. to. 4 Norths granthlies atIPc; fans,$620;femigrantohaedvsIcP.M1; the Doctor's denot No fians1 e 9aA6edoor
river. Applyto SAMUELS, MIiCILL,S13-Roaaway. tare, 1 75. a l O. .daily. er frdi a. ,
l troubh tickets New York to JacsotWtville, 31 A BOAT FOR ALBANY AND THE IN -rR" .
plcatkd,s$ds. TLe Kuox ile. Capt. C. Ig %Ludlow, wll .D idlaetanuings -bareocnuedollar Meals served ci -'-l.WAXAS E YTED 3S CElEAXED A a*-
...noobed, and rail on Wednesday, Ang ",1bead. The well known and favorite steamer GEORG D. tig Alod.ote, and other semads.e..owlq_4
0L'OOP W LIt-AM .STr0R RALS,--r.IM- WASHINlULON,Ltptatn J B Odell will leave New Xaomnnartonskfcs tgino the wochi, o.ersa the Wef th
Surely uew, lLtu.d up in the besl maLimec, and carries from foot ol Jay street every Tueday, inuray sudSa- urme of disease tob obtained. n.sldt tfit 4 a-. L
fory tons, was launched Inu JulS, 64 nd has light turdsyat o'clock A. M. eIttumilng, leave AlbpMer street. One boareast of BvrOway, and uPother piMe.
diaf of waler. The above elstiotull be .%old at auction Monday. Wedussnay and Friday. LA ONT, PA AD L P A
c-.n Tue'day, Aulgst 15, at2 o'elookk P.M., atl. T. E A a ad surgeon, PAIl eT a his DDOztltf-SIU a
ACO 'S Lipchandllry, cocaC, Eastan&Delancey sta. LW- YOP.K ^nPH n1EL s xM SOM a ip and surgeon, Is eBoaultdtuay, ap his- M .s_ U S
N.-- : West, va New Jersey Ramlroad -Ullned States adsr. t, cornerof Aroadway, tf JL U a Vs M1
'flO 'NUL, mainland res Linaleave fNowfCortlgnd .lo W. and fm Still 9nike e ttnla.eXppt -,
~ ~ ~ ~ s .ew;^ York^'r^0 Gt.^, of ^R:
street et7,SaudIOo'lock A. X.,.sA 4N and 8P.M. 'tmtoknedhlms N.B B--clttleuer.t
rt LPTrrrGris Il'ro-75, 760 HtIV.iYcon IRI- hough in tour bouea. Fara--2 A5 in 7, 62 7 5 In 34,
5 of[C-t nrplatees -koom. recently pi.ated and Lad 8in 8, LoandS The New d.ery aoo0inoution FrEHE OLD 1D. H.LNT"ER HIS0ll t4 PAtY'mi
basnsomne tirutsed can now be obtainedJfor families hne leave. at 12 at song 1h t all Way nations. JL who estableshod ase untora s ssmo0r.3 te.n-
er idlvsi at'ia, with or without board, on reasonable Through ticket soid for o inati (at $1), aandlths eion sreetlie N Yorkclv. in 154, etbe ntclae'n a
terms. ''lie lortiona Is healthy, pleasant, fsahionahls West, n.l for lBtmotlens, shint mle, Nrfelk, a.and all hours indyse.pted, at hi odtlo. ILt 'Wla.
aaA %nisat fcrbu..,cenima. 9e isroiLlte$'tA throuA tbeas c ig aituitdt. Ate wise Issu icent. ea eclus|iuTe r4Mtat ( BW IeA*
so weekad WardI, 7i M. M@Ott kul. pq ettleasle to.

-A A
'#9 -r -'

1, '~ '
- ' --
;- '- r -


5" ,i-. -

- I_
i -

*upgr noxeu2 ets;-pRP~it, 12 cets Or. waedi
Ch oirs cao FPr Wesy-Doors opwe at 7
oeloek*' o namee at 7X. Boxes,2eeta; P2 t andcen
Tr ok cenctsa, Monsl7a eveaini 'August 14, THE
CO I OF LYONS, ad to conclude with THE SWISS

Upper Boxes. 2bcents; Pit, 124 oenot; Orchestra
Chairs, c0 sents; Private BSoes, 4t. Doors open at 7
o'clock' commence at 7K. Monday evening, Angust
14. BR TuS, OR THE FALL OF TARQUIN, followed by
Mr. J. Diamond in hip Ethlopian Dances followed by
Mr.G. L Fontainejans Bauj, Solo. Mr I. W. Smlt
In, his Tamborins I~o and to conclude with A-LAI.IN
Brosdway. between Howard and Grand streets
H. WOOD, Busmese Manager.
.Monday night and every eveuingduringtheweek, E
optan Minatrelsy, Fancy and Comicm Danaes, Blfa.u
Opera, o&., ho.
Mors open at 7; to commence at 8 o'elook.
Tircets, 2 3 cents, children 12% cents.
Mi. PRANCONI and his superb horses, Johniter
and Baeard. Brillihant prorramme for the week
will come off between the rival champions,
with a general challenge for any to enter and dispute
the prize.
A Comcls Melonge will be given on Saturday evening.
introducing a .DONKEY RaCE and a SACK FOO1I RACE,
for various prizes.
and Bryant, late members of Christy's instrels,
st Sujyveaant lstitutle, b9 Broadway. on Monday, Aug
14. on which occasion Messrs llorn and Briggs wtl a.
Lear, being pesitlvely their Ist appearance preoviout M
their departure for California. Tickets, 60 noeo.

T opposite the Bowery Theatre, the cooltet and mols
beautiful place of amusement in America. Ihbis new
and magnificent establishment is now open for the
season, with a splendid variety of ainusing entertain
ment. Doors open at 7%; commences at 8 o'clock.
C. WHITE, Proprietor,
1ramgements have the honor to announce to the pro.
fesional admirers and friends of Mr. and. Mrs. Wm. J
Florer-' *that a grand Complimentary Festival wisl be
tended 'hese talented young American artists, at'
Niblo's, on Saturda evening, 19th inst. Several of the
most eminent members of th'Dramatic and Musical pro
feasion have volunteered for the occasion.
F. A. TALMADGE, Chairmam.
SH L EDwIN Foaaasr, Vice Chairman.
W. H. LocswooD, Secretary.

w wO'a BnA10EK.-DOOhS OPEN AT 7 000-'
I,1 man8e at 8 o'took.-Tiokets to all pa% & Ceud
rvate Boxes, 65; Orobestm Seatsat-. -
MOIrDAT, Aoansr 141
tin the magnfient harlequin comic pantomiume efr
Fourteen scenes, exleuslve changeable maehbinsrr.
un qu diesase, aSppropriate properties, splendid appomat-
min t.ti, uclis, ttraslormailon.
Alnto; Maclawi Emo r
,Jerome.... Be... rbs Baron M'lls Yrea Miaithlas as Jule
First time in New York, .ile Yres Mathlas in
The entertainments preceded by a DIVERTlEAIq-p
and evolutions on the fIGhT ROPE.
Tuesdn}--IR. BURTON in comedy and farce.
0..-ncert commences at 8 o'clock. Tickets, ,2 cents;
orchestra seats, 50 cents.
and the grand iopuilar burlesque on BaWlfe's Opora of the
in three rCu, with new scenery, decorations, &e., &:
and a most attractive cast
TBE OLD BREWERY, at the request of seven
bunred ms1st respectable eitizenas, the African isuil d
Twlee, complexly JoIS at the back. the living
Rhitnoceros, &e., to be Wen. Motalay, Aug. 14-Altar.
noon, at 8, two capit'al farces, In the evening, at 5
o'clock, THE OLD BREWERY. Admnittance, S6 oentsi;
children under ten. 12 as cntli
Lest week of the season
Will be ormed, for the sece-.nd time, Bellni's popa-
larOptra of I PUtIlAN1.
Lor Arthur Talbot.........................Sig. Beral
-jh nlichardPorttr .........................dig. Orasani
LuGeorge.......................0,.......Se9 Colltti
Lord Wlter Walon........................Sig. inuller
tIr BrunO P.obertson........................Fig Quinto
EIvtia..................... MIM. Bettlrra MartzeUk
Be.,ctta . ......................Big'a
to- r- open at 66 P V.; geriormance oammeca *at
Adol'inslon one dollar to all parts of the hose. Ne
estia charge for secunrini seat mailvanaee
An O ec. will be opuLd iroma 9 i io. to 4 P. M eer
day, ait all & Son's music store, and at Va Norde &
King's, 46 Wall street, where seats may be necared I*
advance. -
Carriages can itrive to the covered entrance to the
No secured seats sold at the door.
Notice -The public is respectfully informed that thbi
season at Castle Garden will close on the 23d Inst. wheof
will take plane, for the joint benefit of
f il par;culars in future bills.
largest Circusee and most popular equestrian estab-
Ilhments in the world,viz. the well known companies aof
We Rib's Na'tonal Circus aud HIppadrome, of Philadelphia,
and Leut'siNew York Circus, forming two distinct eahihU-
tions blended together, and both given under one Im-
mes e pavilion, for a single price of admission-re-
pors by inferior compeules to the contrary, notwith-
standing. Doors open at 2 and 7 o'clock. Adinision
only 2b cents. These consolidated companies will ez-
bibt, on August 12th, at Syracuse- 14th, Jordan loth1
Auburn; 16th, Waterloo; 17, Geoneya; 15th, ibnr
dalgua; 9Ith, Lima; 21st, Avon Springs; 22d and 23d
Rocnester; 24th Bergtn; 25th, Batana; 26th, Albioni
26th, Medina; ilh, LockJort; 80thb, Lewton, 81st,
Niagara Falls, September 1 and 2, Buffalo; 4h, Aurora;
6th, Yorkshire; 6th, Pike; 7th, Rushford; 8Sh, Cobat
9th, Olean Pa.; llth, Ceres; a ft, Friendshfpi 13th,
Genesse; 14th, HorneleBvie ; 1ith, Canesteo; 16th,
Bath; 18th, Pennyan; 19th, Dundee; 20th, Jefferson,
1st, Elmira; 2d, Corning; 23d, Addison; 25th, Law-
reuse, Pa.; 26th, Goingtonu; th. Troy, 28th, Towanda;
29th, Waverley; :0th Owege, Otober 2, Ithaca; 84,
Cortland; 4th, Mst-m, 6th, Norwich; 6th, Ban-
bridge; 7Lh, Greene; nf, Binghamton.
now giving their farewell Concerts at Worcester,
'No rwich, New London. Wdlmantio, Hartford, New.
Haven, en route to New York, prior to their opening per-
manntly in that city. The Band, as ever, comprie f a1
Its original members.
W Philadelphia -The ladies and gentlemen engaged '
at this theatre are requested te meet in the green room
on Tuesday, Augut 15, 1)54, preparatory to the opening
on Saturday, the 19th. WHEATLEY & DREW.

M*&ATRIIONIAL. _______
M35. Lover. Profestor Lawton, Boston, formerly of
London, will send to any address on receipt of one dollar,
po.t laid, plain ditrec.ions to enable ladles or gentlemeam
to win the devoted adections of as many of the opposite
sec as their hearts may desire. The process is so simple,
h but o captivating, that all may be married, irrespective
of age, appearance, or position and last, though not
least, it can be arranged with such care and dellcaoy that
Seteobou is impossible. Address Professor Lawton, Bos-
ton, Mass No letters taken from the Post Office unless
the postage is pais.
S Pars, Professor of Aetigraphy, or reading of
character by an individual's handwriting. and spiritual
writing medJumn, I i upon the receipt of twentyfivs
cents and specinen ol band-w.riting send to any person a
iull deoLheatioi of their cbaracter. luture success, desti-
ny &c., sDd ahloa description of the one they loveor wil
mirnnr Addlrs, post paid, tklatme Villette, Broadway
Pus], C'ilic, Nes York tose Living out of the city can

L 1




+ + +


- -.. -

T EAs we go to press,at one o'clock P.M., there are Fire 1arshala Inveaillgmlous.
T M.UTJ-"_ A'_ LU_.__.__ nourtherseta of vliolenceand no additions to make Before the PolleeJustices.
S- to the above report. FIRE COI.RB OP sPInoG AND BLIZABITr BrSEUTS.
S"addilo Pu i raxtal-rsTen Persons a Kutctfa- rom the St. LouisltSepublican, Aug. 10.]T-tIoe ,
Tlvven'y Others wou e. Proceedings yesterday disarranged te usual ITe evidence in this cue shows that the fi t
We have already given an accountof the riot at tine of the police department. The regularopolice giiated in the reed store of John nublenbrin.1, who
Fet. Lous, n lion ay evening last. The Sr. Louis were suspended for the present by order of thei Ialso the occupant of the groneryastore. The alarm
oyr, and a Police, sd of some of our firtnd the fire was discovered am e
.Evenrt Nam.,,or fruesday, gives the followlrg Ad ciUzens, were organized t take their places untilO wa gte wa.. ic e amngs
eiltlonuIpa ticulars:- pt rmanent quiet is restored to the city. hays The door of the feed store bad been left open,
As the excitemnt of last night has cleared away, We are happy to he able to state that up to eleven in consequence ofthe hook being broken, and the
we re enabled Igive a more definite a 'cOntOf o'clock lastnitAt tnhe citywa pefey qetand fre ba been communicated, bond a dou. .
lre number ot lwes lost, ad the amount of po peaceable. Very !ew poisons were on t ae streets er 9t at a outhe ite otIokr-
Eerty ieastroed. We know that three persons have during the evening, excepting the special police, POiely, by some person from the street. It was .r-
.eea. killed. Tee Pre.cbian Arnotor A..rnoldr hand they had then no occasion to make arress n We the shown that a number of young men of bat
rted above, and an Irishman'sa body. w tikean just mel a cavalcade of the one hundred and twenty chr ter, ad hueg arond thia groery store,
ihe board of health this morning. found in aale mounted men who wer making a circuit of the he, hte n uoprigtor h ad on muthis occasionsr e

z~re. oarge Wstf aenue im'tho Lorgan fored.[e r. ohfsro njiisaol m ~nr bth st bof ern the proritoer hadti on maooy oaste."ion
Ftinning from s sarigt on aen e Morgan tree a; lael disturbed part fth e city. In their rounded re th eha sworn t have reve e
he Is one of the tbree reported killed lastanight. Adriverawal b o e ftheyfareme touad g etiry tO
hUef Is 1nrepore of dyn at Sisters' hospital from a they met perfect quiet-a solemn calm setma to It is also the Impression that some of these-e*l
SeIse ronrd I.aDoughertt', at the nsae i have overspread the cIty like a mantle of mercy, inw et the paceonl ie to et even, as they call
tab in tle ack. ooly red d oar tlg he contrast with this tme list evening sgrea. It, with the Dutchman." tr. Muhlenbrink has
rlltel, is sliueo. injured. aner Mulikelgan- I fact almost incredible to contmplate so per. I occupied the premises for five years past, and was
olved a gun shot In the abdomen and t notl kely feet a calm after solteriblea storm, accomplished |og a pm fitable business. He was insured on hisa

go reovr A p mn bye hre paml orePost, wan aodnwllrecvr. Thoed} u h leno fte5hnt ieocre
I rovero. A mja nw by, he wa stnl an nT In the fewintervening hours. We now feel warranted -,oc of groceries for $1,000 in the Estna Insurance
oneeroonaLmnbehawafwasTtna llqtd,. catnnh in announcing that tall probability a perfect quell C ot., but nDo i atrAw e o his feed tore or furnintr,
Coroner. Aw bny th h forenoon e eg Inquests on Ing of the riot has been accomplished, and that our vI f o t .lo e a -thotio "th fire a- I "'d fire.
,ee bodies know n t o haear been okilledr t nigh citizen s may fear no moore bloodasedy. This fire took place on Wenerday afternoon, the I
1i 10 t oeesnwea l deg etnno report. Ay nearly as we can ascertain ten persons were 9thInst., at about five o'clock:r
As aras we ca learn, ien or tweny psons kien "the riots which commenced on Monday, ] sh i abtfie m
s-e more orless injured,som aew severely, buttrou I-and few of the wounded are not expected to re- ice ECuBreC INasnBOOSr EStRET.t
the fact of their having bhees engaged in the riot, i cover. Dr. Campbell informs us that fthe wounded The eviencenin tois cae, as far as it has pro-
VKeir names are kept secret. who were sent by the city to the Sisters' hospital goressed before the Fire Mairshal, shows, that on the
There was an imposing array of rioters and di- are all Improving. alarm of fire beih g given, a small flame was first
tui hersof the peace before the Recorder this Fore- Bram n, who was stabbed by a man named Coo seen asoending from the southwest comer of the
raon. George Waste.nt and Tim.thyLynoh.fordis- cr, who isLow in jail, is slowly improvlni, but st roof, rear the gutter fronting on Broomestreet. o It
turning tie peace at the polls, were find 1100 each; iayetv critt. alsituation. He may possible recover, spread from that corner rapidly up the roof to the

.l.h oo. ...r, car woith ... an al to..i.. i ..i ion, averyjce ta cors yn dpt y ,emas ac t t heoii fte.iehth
J.ih. Cooe r, ct .ar d withoah ar Sul l to i- had bt will most likely be a cripple for life. He has cupola, and before the firemen could get .fairly to
1) a came conth aed. B. Dougherty, Martin Sallivan, lost The power of motion and sensation in his lower woulk, the cunola and roof were all In flames. It is
ad Cornelius Folley, were up for resisting officers .... believed by to e witne es tathi the originated
-- ....escc. tiu-.- Six -prons were called to an- limbs.e d believed bue wtnesse s at oth eorigi e
.e.. all b peairerted last night. Juan Lieut. 'aley, of the night polisa, is seriously from some sparks lodging in the gutter of thea
werr riots ugai n minuhed, but at 8 o'clock last evening, showed some church, blown from the Spring street ftire on that
VhfppsTd, George Mc.iunis, Charles Ca'tville, a or Improvement.:BIs injuries were principally Sttesnoon.
'ave orf Kingaloud & Caddy', Philip Porter, n and abhu o ine Lcad. The siemaifier of the wounded at FoIRE M INE STrEET.
another pesonu- To e caes were all continued. Jon the hr .pital were doing well and will recover. Those On the afternoon of the 5th Inst. a flre ooa rred
P.wCooper, cLargedd with aso halting a man at the i rr.ia*re ken cate of by their friends, a conid- in the woolLtorerofJ.Ripley& Camneron, Nos.68 aid
me ward i al, wiho aknfe and cuintin him eablenumber, arewith one or two exceptions, like- 70 Pine street. The evidence in the case, as faras
mtl cais be jail. whe re v he wiu remain nuul n exo T I toiec.ver. It is almost impossible to estimate pogressed with, shows that the two porters, Me.

kourth nd Frih ward* Scarnly ha niyhtsetoin ..and....t" persona in th...
m aur. ti can be ba .a his V ItIM e it Is mid, cannot with accucy the total number of won ded, but it ermott ad Kate, were the last persons In the
.uover. At noon today the eofatemrent hat pre tty ca inaDt be lets than twenty, and may probably reach fourth stOey, in which the fire was discovered.
llbidedandall fearsof another outbreak at thirty peisonsthbough the injuries received by isome These twoorters, and the clerk James Green. weri
an end. werergbt. We have bearl of no women or chl- sent to Greenwich street to gnt out some wool or
Trb RIOT ON TCinDAg Nioui. aen being either killed or wounded, which is a shippig, and in about fifteen minutes after the tie
For fortyeight hours this city as been the happy reflection after so much riot and bloodshed, was discovered. There was no one left in the Pine
F,,ueofon ofo the mosta ,paing riots tht has .ee proclamation by the Mayor issued yesterday street stores but Messrs. Ripley and Cameron. It
i ,eae of oe ofe the mostuapaling riot thae as b mming, calling upon the citizens of St. Louts to was also shown that any person from the street
l vtcered lke cattle, owperty. eetroyed, and aid him in his efforts to restorethe public tranquil. could go to the upper lofts through the building
anacberlles sat .me. where and when this ter- iy, was reonded to wit the utmost alacrity. No. 70, without beiseen from the office in No.
Ib state rc of thie s hies toe andie its whe T no- elih tmen" of the city came forward, and 68, in which Messrs. REipleyand Ctamerm were
Tible state of thins istoreyad ,poieotforhephoerc with wise counsel sad judicious and atproprlate ac- tansacting their business. The porter cannot give
fraos, an aTnele iocary and police force haveb to, projected the course and adopted' the means arey account as to the origin of the fire, but he
i.,us fat,nbeen undble to check thenonward mnchgof t neceseay for the attainment of the object. We thinks it lcoks as if someone might have set the

wavestnessanylld crime Thersc ienpersofatnightee7Cfri ?.mthe at]ainmentof t emobjetdelr~.lWe e .rrd. tam.t H le dwnot yto iantthe arrestoo-
were terrible, never, we hope, to be enacted again mean by olid men" the business pri n of the premises on d not th the wl
t an ealy hnt nrbithe smoe, rd tcommanity-those engaged in commercial, mann- fite of Itself. Mr. Cameron was about leaving the
As of the a indian.t ane infwssatred meae l factnriamechanial aid professional pursaitsd- stoic to go into the country and while at the door
were being developed by the accumulation a men;whoscharaterstlong singe established forworth, some one In the street caied to him and said his
f persona on the corners of the street, and art the ad whose intert ane identified with the prospe- store was on fire. Mr. Cameron ran up stairs, and
e al places ohr resort throughout the Th. A otl, rityadrgood name of St. Louis. .found that the fourth floorwas allin a blaze. He
ort nd sFifth wards. Scarcely had night set i sm s.overies of killedand wounded are still being could not go up any nearer than the thod floor.
before the whole police for were called into t made, nin t y exaggre rated report are afaict FIRE IN F a TY-NINTH STREET. I
uioastt itosun dad o hn Dofa renewal gf the originated by perons wio are almost panic struck, On the night of the 3ld instant, a fire broke out
riotwhich onyabeendere which makes it very difficult to get at the exact in a carpenter .sshopr occupied by a Mr. Harper, aI
vioh afternoon. The military were under arms at trut, b tuated on a lot in Fifty nioth street, near t e.ond
iundown, two orlthreet cmipanien of foot, and one The Mayor of St. Louiato isuei a proclamation, no- avenue. Therflames from the shop caught a small
f avalry-but their appearance did but litte tingareiand guardians, to keep all minors frame dwelling and burned it down, belonging to
Eoas the sequel wilg SOW. endertircontrol, in the house after seven o'clock John Morithey, who also resided on the same lot, in
Io the* icinitr of the principal s-enes, of Moadaya PM reywod e t Ino-o a ta small frame tenement, which the fire did not
e ,ingte ricit asnsat perie sees uclles ti Mady of the ountrages committed, are said to have reach. The front building g was insured for $400 in
ambersn and to that p alntythe s treo th oi tie been boys fourteen or fifteen years o ger- the Beekman Insuroance Company. The evidence
Io eforcewas chieflydirected. Arrests were no Ile issued Ithe following proclabmatio:- showed that but littledoubt existled but that thek
er'emus, and before 10 o'ILlook P. M., tte calaboose T T6ETBB OliTiZS OF ST. LOUIS. fire was the woalk of an Incendiary; the facts, howv..
was nearly filled with rioter. Five persons were Crii comctioLS leadli.g to thhe mos est deplorable ever, did ot point sufficiently to wmrant the arrest
brought to the poUoe office In less than an hour, and deadly resalts, are tiring in oar cit. The of any pereson..
changed with c itrbw ge the peace, and trying to means at my ounmand have been used to restore IRE GREEN'E wrREET.
ixciteIh populace. One man was armed wit a order, and to prevent the on.:ontrolled deub action On the morning of the 2d instant, a fire"wasis-
fcrmiodable owis h nife and at the time of his ar- of life and property, I have been compelled to re- covered in the cellar of a two story frame building

btowlet.nife, andr atht h e~e timed of rhidsu a wsr-o. oofo. Lbn~slo~e nt idwa hetmada
ieat was haranguing a crowd on Main street. A sort to the nnsat energetic measiues. I be means at in the rear of No. 168 Greene street. The premises
eend person wag brought in with stones in ids my dipcs i are sufficient to guard on attack were occupied byWsn. H. eedon the first floor,
hands, and a third similarly armed; a fourth was all every point supposed to be threatened, and to meet and a French family up ta rs, namedJacquin. The
bloody, and hao his head severely cut. At a late the emergency which has arisen, I call upon all evidencerin this case hacwed that the firewas the
hboar aisA evening a man named John Drmoine was good ritz ensto aid me in the formation of a force work of an Incendiary; It originated in a small
stabbed on Green street and taken to the hospitaL of not less than one thousand men, to imain em-' woodhouse in the cellar, among a lot of kindling
Tip appeared a a ip al for atser of ountragaes in bodied until the estoiation of order to our city. I wood, ditetly under ti bedroom of Mr. Reed, and
the theand Sixth wards, which were kpt up, call in paeticnl r pgi.anelrae who by the o s they so rapidly dia tbe lames ascend -that the French
,with but little intermission until 2 o'clock this hold are conseratoia of The peace throughout the family up stairs narrowly escaped- 'with their Uveai,
iornig. country, to assist In puting an end to the lawlepq as the fIames nearly cut off their escape, by catce-
AJ about 11 clock P. M. a tight took planenair violence which is the cc.ahion of this call. I call Ig then stairs. It was fuitheru shown that the el-
the'aorneroFnGreene and Sixth street., between a upon every good citizen to co-operate with me in lar doors were open and that any person from th
part of Americans and Irishmen. n vilh resulted id discrediting the miaolhievouns rumniors, in preventing street could have free access to the cellar.
the killing of one man and the hewoundig of aix or theastemblage in our etretsofl crowds of excited rrtE dr. Tnr. ASTeOn enOSr sriorc.
even others, aen and boys, and in ce oeking the expression of Ontthehcvctning-of the thlinstan' a fireoccu-red
From persons who were on the ground a. dte angry feelings. Tam unwivling to believe that St. in tie store windoiw-ofNo. 1 Astor Honse, occupied
time we learn that a party of Amerlcan were Louis does not possess within herself thol means of I.y Mr Georg. T.Gieen ai i entlemen's furnishing
moing out Green street with themap)aren inten- prdiseing thepTivns and property of her cittens, sore. The cviuldence .ho vied that the ire orii-
tion of michief, when they were find ipon by a and will not, until f'oied to abandon this belief, in- nated from the itils in the winV dCcilentaUy
body of Irishmen collected at the corner of the yoke any other power for the enforcement of he taking fire frr.m the gas bu rner. There were four.
atet. A. iambierof shots were fred in rapid snonw laws. Jox How, Mayor. bainefs lighted in the window at the time' and a
cesaion,reulntingign ths death as before stated,of Au usta9, 1851. .l'. -of wind is aulpoes ed to have blown a handker-
one Mtan, an Irishman, named Mo.r.s Lee who, w it Ch. h.. .ief into the ,me, and tthuie lt tIha other ar'lea
is lgop ,ed.wasaccidentally killed by a ball fired FROM s.,Di>nr i-kv IL( .chononer arab Maria, 82days vif re. Mr (recon -ijlnsatd hisa lossat4579). The
ey h e own party. Hewastaktn into a tre-a store rt {Muadeirwe learn that there was another entire fail- cIigInof btho fie re was eidently an:cidenai al.
at the corner of Morgan Btreee, where he died in a re of the ine crop. onting lto the blight having again n ric WIeL, IAM tir:ar.l.
few rorents. He statd that he hid been in St. app aired n nthe nIt -d guiesale Ot h ne 1 hnsat a fite was discov-ced at No.
L oh*itt dasn was inq nowy wa concerned eflowlngiasan extract from letter atedi 162 William Ar.-et, kept brtWm. J. Keen, as a
riu, y re t .n n2,,1854. board ieghours and barrootr. The di.e,n this ca'e,
The wounded were;.alen to the same drug store. tes tnlor yo 'i Ju v ma, 185 o a -srou T fe this cae
aito the phoicans' officess in thee neighbors n. I am qor*y m 'r thatun the grape crop has agin was found to s ee inp tweentie la'. andopluster
aW e saw and convened, with four. A.G. Tie, ailed. I was ifornned many lntelllgent vinegrowers on the ceiling, just above tie bar. Itws extin
tuished with bat little damage. The origintof the, badly wounded inboth legs and shoulder, hatnlhey donotthidrnktheopresentvine will everproduce. r i doo t ha t h ce
beiders hbingshot hi the hand. His physieie n But where naethey to get others? All countries are .alke orraeisdrsigoneomatbeasnbeen the a thendi
cofinted twenty five buck shot holes on his person; ritfllctld. What Is the cause of this blight -is IL the, later. No oler cause could be assigned. Mr.
the woundsa, however, not considered dangerous. prayers of the temperance people Y n in grower.; Fi" r e insured on isa ertyg to the ount of
Thomas Ferguson, a yoaLg man 2 ears of age, digging up the vine, and planting grin an vegetables- Keenwas nred on property to the amount o
badly wounded in the boulder and in the legs; the stejattertheypillgwin great quantities, aindIhao$1,200. _______
wound in the shounLer thought dangerous; his tt doubt that 1? the 7ewYorkz gand Mairseilles Steam Com-
weunds were inflicted by ho ik shot. Ferguson ire-'issny willmake the island a stoptuglape!. It will become 'Sitptrlior(Court.
the- m'? I t e ot UnitUd SasThenl HOFFMAN, J.-Pnor to the amendment of 1852,
sides on the corner of Ashley and Collins streets, and their ccur-ani s wi f l ik here in great numbers. this court held that either all the defendants must
and works in one of the machine shops in that vi- i t a the finest olmaiC in the world for those afflicted be residents, or all be personally served within the
cItty. Mr. Michel, a trunk m inuactrer, badly with ef17niti..n Manyhpersons faregone in thatdin- city, to give jurisdiction under the 3.dsection.
wounded, having three or four shot in the legs and a' e hase been relle oi by resorting to this island. (Delafield vs. Wright, Code Rep. N. S. 123.) By
aris, and one through the thigh; he was offering i tiilb nrioeiral ieit for tthe Europeans o aflUcted; that amendment, the words or where one or more
great pain-considered dauge ons. the climate here in the winter is like the climate-of May of sever! defendants, jointly liable on contract, re-
John Nelson, tobacconist, slightly injured, having en I 'e Itniled Stales.
one eor wmo hots n th g s houldyr ar.d ied sIs heron the 4th of Julyt the natal day of the ide or are personally served with the summons with-
one or more shl e oinTasholdersl. Mr Holliday. mca. t e U. S. ship ilarin "a. here. e I co,, in those cities respectively," were added. In the
noember of te Cotenal, erioly rt, having ottell which was the most m.iete-h,o,. ih. .merica-or present case, the members of the ,in resided, and
a shot in the higb, and other inj.uiea; be was&taken iberortbuuae., at the exchange of courtesy. Atanrise, the businees was conducted in CininLatyI, Ohio.
to Ihe office of Dr. Baslineie, where his wounds the ' hoisted her national standard at the mist- One, of them died, and letter of a.ltuioitration
were drefssed. A boy, whose name we did not learn, head and fired twenty-one giils.' The port corvette and hlvejeen issued to theplaintiff tacie. TLhe snrvi
was badly hurt, but was so quickly taken frcm the B& Brazilian steamer dressed ship. Toe t.ri.on again ving partners, the defendant, continue to reside
ginn d.that no one aknew who he was e r whence he !"Fwedet eijonet gii'n bs she ied ort heont 10L)h rocok ia Ohio;hbut .ioe of t ohem, being temporarily here,
was caen. e n mounting two Lient r ardner, ai oFix cer on has been served withasusnmmons, in an action for a
gho fara couldesd a aertothe hil e givee s wev stand 'in tate n retued the salutes, and thanks settlement of the partoersahip affairs, an account and
wounded and one lled, as we hare'given ab-)ve, forithehonor. By the kindiavitation ofthe ofeflcrof the payment. The objection to the jurisdiction is taken
although rumors enireint slated the nub .r mu h Marion I had the pleasure of being on board during the by n str, aund the case'was submitted at special
greater. Capt. Blackburn, of the Corntlneuta!-, an ealu, and ajoyed myielfvery'mtch. itm. I in LOt think that this is asuch a case of a
nes ortwo privates of hbs company, leceived stlig I Mr. Weh in Amleriancitizen. gave a magnificent joint aiioflity on contract as the Statute intends. It
wounds. The military did not arrive until after ithe Iinn(r tooihe-wad rm officersof tie M inviting ma- may be proper to say that the right arises out of the
firing ceased, when, to fnghien off tioter., who ny of the principal mogaosofthe island. T d;Ainner contract oi partnership, and-itis possible that the
thoghthe lungo reordt a blhvig o passed ohff delightfully. When the cloth was removed, r ae
tligtgbe larkidng arond,e luthey fird a volley or two. 1eresultDutyBr oS permitting Deeeamea ow a joint liability of the two as to
At one o'clock A. M. a dense crowd had collected "ogado rtugan ahead permission to give a toast, and ef m p joie n the la b Io t t
lr., I some of the property. But, bn the otker hand, It
inthe vinrty of Bidile and Ninth sireeta. nud one .. t,6 htuioL of July-Ths natal day of ifree and in- may turnout that te de ceased partner has a lail
ot twobouostsneartheinlersectirnof these treet- dependent cOmtry." wIh was drank in wine of the for a balance against one of the survivors, and none
Wrt mobbec. The f ring then commenced rom a vintageof176,'wethntho ee tmesthree. against the other, or even he indebted to him. I
1joo= and windows of Iriah houses ad,|jceOt, nd I was much amused at Paine three ur rtur, wbho eve e think it should appear affirmatively and distinctly
ift It. Violett. a well known iron merchant of trying to convert ioy t;i the e( d i e uoli ito republ, that thie liability isjoint and ouna mtcawtraxet. The
this 'city. wis shot throug1h the body, and died Icainsur;totidi. notibti;L the, sue ci ten result is that the complaint must be dismisised.
-al-ost instantly. The person stippOse. l to have o<'cisl. at night i h-.h htio .inay," llo're the Ae 0iigyeD; ____ _______ _______ o
ommitteu t. e m- ider was arrested by the police, asei P mtoi" sexy seer (to ,tmernaB, .1i1 for Eurpea Con-oan e enInq sth.

nt" ut gr ... .r........ ....e.eranda..where ...f
a8d taken to .he calahooe, where he gave hldsname saoul eneetiaa-'the rKegecth be0 ;autifu l de -A Ascia-yesuotherdeeasoe htohw held sri
Timothy Lyddot., an IrsAman. In hiw possession 01" ,. w. ndb ,i.ssin.'ed, a brnilaiast star tktnig the inquest upon the body of Henry Galayne, a native of
enre found s large horse pistol. and some two place of the national flag-a fine hand concealed in e Germany, w 4 years of age, 'who came to his death torm
n of poder and balls, tied up in a hatiker- sheebbery, playing the national air and pola. Injuries received whtle engaged in taking In the cargo ot
ciun.d After comee many beautiful ladies 1ned the party, ste ,hip Hudsonr of whilh veBsel he was the frst mate.
"At about the same hour John Failey, lieutenant of where evesytising was surrendered for the delightful It arieared that while a box of goods was hoisting on

th~e nighplice, sod e man by the nmit ae of nydet enr atsndinouicatiWshngolka Tioe ploeasure of theneve- twor thie vesethen sletiegsalpe, and the c aseo n fl anl-oe
a. ool'e house. kepe in., th Sit ward, wer -"e OhioJhng wer k reptu nti Wlatehitour, eor rae aneearly" whitesac cthe deceiwsrs and p hOck d, almeigtterbooits
IB Twas nolrerastonishedets s e and heir"that the' " t wa of tea s heba thedhie s ls a fe mits
Snider was klled inetanty, aol Palsy. It is tn .nao Con,,]t ptlsoi;on. .p n i,, tadueyppe i, d st, pream gter- e wasI t .efrom te dc. onThejyin this cae
thought, cannot recover, a ball having pursed yo chip Emans sie ,r, the oLnite r late< I eur tha gondered arndi.t In accordance with phe abno fodrt.
aysh arin his body near the lungs. Stcrrlhother herosel hi, stic r- on ist. P' ,". -i-r permittinr teng Deceeda saman held inhigh esteem lty hi8 eh loyr '
el r(LS were bad bty hurt at that point, almighty dollar to got the better of his patriotism I era; wso iraleed the greatest conhderoes Inahim.
This forenoon we m ade the circuni of the iotous heard etat his house received a proper rebuke from the Ftwiet DowmLoda-Coroner Game, belt au Inquest
*'iatnict, and found matters quiet. On Green and First Lieutenanit of the American corvette. Some wine ycstsiday upoti the body, of a young female, about

orean teet. koso mnwr ahee ns. wseti tb~os th ox~rete;J J 1 heeai' tiiseatpi iet.ak eigthtee ehadpureo~ ase, $1h o ee ofun d in the erat the
evotery conerso h dcnsity uithe -fiksof last Js~oihno tewasha national" day,- an could, nihotnbdre foother~forghty-ixth steet North River. Irone tote:Sap-
Bl'6thraDe ntighbor d le bt Dp' nto th.a writ '-,- do D ,t. r -,eceased wras dressed in a laiek clco dress with white

sligh diturbance. o th s e leeehi up... to--' th .is writ- h~t ihoa )JL
.g (12olck) things arc comparatively quiet. Perona" Iehtelgence. ain t, black straw hat, 'with black trimming of velvet,
Tepolice and some of 'the military are on duty Fenater Douglas,'Wsliingion; lion r~obert C. Solseuck, two white cotton petticoats, and, one cotton flannel one,
i the Flfthk andSith wards Wenotice seve-ni Ohio; John 0. urgentt, Washington; eo. Reed, St white cotton drawers and stoclsirrgsblackgatter boots,
Irish families mo vin ro n a-t. t- the.Lou. BonN. uinear, Syrseots; S. '. Post, Amrter- and white pocket handkerchie.ntrayone of her pockets
oSgITa~eassmove ng Ie tneonstreet. Att e nam l C P. Casldy, Cinc.nnati- Somuel Hysran, Louli- was a ptmortnndiei contaoiing cents rinda
corner of ~ieen andSlxlh~and on Biddle and Broad- sitlB, Ky ;Jse Panse . irv enitgonery Pa; *Mr' 0g gold finger ring. On one flnger'was a ptan gold ring,
*wiy, where the Bring look place la't night, persons de, Chiclyo; TOle 1. L Whi, Nan. ariny, N.Dr. Ceno; while on the other was a mourning one. On her wrist
are tandinga rosndt bt notinpsult .'leetnumbersto wtid, LonT..lI.e., Ep ..thn ei 'immergnnhal,' ia ws at r byoaupraeelet inf heads. uherupocketowas sar found
*war-rant apprehension of any dislurbance of the Alfred Kelly, Ohio; Or IR W Glu-es Columbia, S. C.; ticket from lord & Taylor'astore, In Grand street, show-
peace. A. Phi~llps, Ilontrpel. J Mi Shawr, titsinsippl; Lisut. Ing thats(he had purcbaeedtl wort~i of goods there. For
m is thrned^ Spt(tnsto>as, g8el~ldl ratiy Gay. D~hImeon!r. R~oe lc"lwJ ^ i on. P a. Simmons, Dweoklyss COtty Ihet.laee.n.
eurloa lty -... alone.i, ^^ HBoo Charli' Eun'ser, itsiaihrieetts; l'r It ~. Newton, s'rorsnurso BY lirxszS.-yasterday'ttlfiaor Haiodiene,
Nlo arregslahave been made this forenoon. CincInnat; Rilliam Irueslall, St louis; Distor Foflalt ef theyonrth district police, found Mr. James Dnf', a
THE KILLED A~n woOraNDB. sod fanUll, Boston; J. leztban au- family, Nen Orleans; resident of(No. Oltectos lreet. Ilew Yorkr, and a hack
.At the Sisters' Hospital there are four persons and W*m '1. I.*wetl, r. :<.A wers amoeg the arrivals driver by occunation. in a celump of woods near Weeks-

'whowere Injured last night. Lient. Faleyof the yesAtedBy at il.helO;r.;'U oi e iot vile, prostratel byl nesso asto beunable tohelp him.
night police, is Insensible from wounds ono the AISIALB aelf. He was taken to the station house and conveyed to
,ead, and the attending physiitn thiliks his case FtromLier-rc. In the ilp Wiliiinam Tapscotf--erge he botaL; wheree he liMes in a, condition which renders
An erew 11 Pate, Engin. 'au.i .- u ornl- Ca ,ii s Te Norris, do; It. ..wethser he wnllever recover.
Jo Kelmshot at the corner of Green and M.11s8Mas.unt ,il, d.. oiss J.ane ilore, do: Tboh or.- Prmi cPiz s.-Wum.Bun.swaessent to the county
Eithstreetsis O badly wounded, btdi, do; hobt Mtrri-i do Frinr Bosworohs England; .o r dao pi the pogl
ba dlya wehoe unde bt doing wel.MsBoswecrl d, o,q 'itls Mat ... C O ..r. d r.Ta Hod ofe railroad work There are several other and
.Atono :ally. wouaded, but notseriously.d l son, eo; Miss Sra, a ub d o&no doniJio i armbsDtD Had- esi g are aanst him on which ha wil be tried
De nd, bedly Lstabbed, o ut doin g well. Thus. son, do Wm iatreub rig 't w enI. ewoaoout.
Fer on Geis athi father's, corner of CoUins and Frm MrPars. in the bi on' a' DM ll r-W l B Wakeman" -,
Asbleg..r.l, aoins sell. of NYork- F A Fuys, Aeaw Dickson, of Pars; Jlb Tzuo"slu.,zo -BY4 letter lthe Galveston Ga--
Xr. eal ie s at Dr. Campbeoll's office, suffering Ghitbter,of Gervay. te, of the 22d., we ear froam the Isthmus of Tehnu-
ne ifrom a severe wound ain the thigh. Holli- From BoalMre in -e bark ayil.ower-J. H Young. ntepec, unter dale of the 27thuult.:-
yhu been taken home and is doing well. The Dq., Unitad Hlr1es1Co-.Arsl toCu10 -acs.3Mt. f. reUM S The railed work acrossthe isthmus progresses
fboiy man the name or Smith was found near in..onsequeneo)s.s efous grveTrnmeutl divneaties, and slowly, not having yetreceived enoughuof the life-
,fo.eno .r.o.n.. antee orn. .eddas mo elyn lerwasabitood giving sa ltmone:) to phtheafkirs ahead with
cled to hold an inquest. Inquests were held th' Beoners .. tbmn. o tinlfoan.tad io. e s contractor, Mr.,lamesSykes, is
forenoon over the body of Morris Lee, ktled at the From Ctenfeligo, in ihe brig Fanny-,r Mathews nowwinNew ork, for the purpose of completing
coomer of Green and Sixth, iand that of Mr. Snyder, From Matsirs, in the schooner Sarah Haria--Llest. M. and makinglermanent arrangements with the Sloe
shot at thecorner of.Broadway and Ashley streets; C. Watkins. V 6. N.; L Jardine, and1fl.e United Statis Company. -heworks of the road onceocommenced
Swl,.over the bodyeofE. LViolett, at the Virginia seamen, under the charFe of M.dshipman E. K. Ourn, with vigorali branches ofenterplrise will be pros-
]L te. p us. Nature a d ne muCh for this part of
We Understand that fiveo nquesla Wire held this From Calves'on, in tEe bark-N. C Buchanus--rs goexico, but her wretchedand ivseillatilg policy
fo~en.on, fou known to have been killed durin~ Townsend. ...... ......... hua ever kept the isthmus In.;a wildernes state.
yhue tvlet of last nlght:-Violett, Snyder, Les and ItIsnow said thatthe man'wholhot himselfTonhboard t.hte raou ofelat, h sh d ve eiensonelo
I- ralb. Rumors are afloat that two other persona the steamer Atlantic, the other day, wasWllgm Eu. sthe st e routes ope 4 to the gat Pacifc, so.well
s ,killed.- but we ha e been unable to tace them ehrest, of New York, and that he had been inwul T in knownat s s i
j. AdS .~1~si~,I a911ff. a ley g~Ilg, T iqiI~lI~ "

ClyOns ntsalll'' ena .b O is bbath morning, August 18, in the 86th year of Bark Jasper, savannl. 7 days.
FrNEAL OF BBREVT OAWAIN JABS SB. MeCAB., Ihis Age. WuL SAn BLAD. Bark Jane aotet. Bath, from NOrlenas 17 days. ,.
Ibi departed soldier was conveyed to his lst resting iThefr'iend' or the family,.and members ofEnterprise Balk Hudson, Norfolk, from Rio Hache.
IiLoe.e No. ", I 0 of0..F.. ire respectfully invited to Bari; Eibs, larecalbo 22 days.
place. on. aith yesterday afternoon. At two o lock the attendhis uneral, from his late residence, 82 Wet Brig atherine Rogers, Pittston, from .atagorda Bar
funeral i.rocesion was formed In Broome street, and Thirt third sireetl. at one o'clock ibthis afternoon. 85 dayg.
mareheddovnBroadwaytothePark. The soldiers here A uaY morning, August A 18, EMiTtw, wife of Henry {B]
arms ....nt the Go r's room, to Pz-" "el,e .g.d4 ear. monthssand 18 days Ships Wild Duck,El ian FacIsco; Webster, Liverpool;
stacked a and passed nt6oe t oernor's room, to The reai I es and friends of the famlly are respectfully Empire State, St John, NB
taLe the lialt look at their departed brother. In the east recutied to Attend her funere. from er late residence, wind at dunrie WSW; meridlan, iW; sunaset, to.
end of the Governor's room the funeral ceremonies were 0 'West seventeentl itet, a nins o clock this ------
performed, while the ourpse lay exposed to view in the Morning. 13, LOT .. daughter of Poaeph Memist13.
other odd Li the room I he deceased waa enclosed in a OnSnd ", Ah~ne agust18,Lvy Mr., daugter ofu Joeph Nemor"^'B'" t 5 ndIA6 ^S'
rith aoarnd o ffinbeamtirednea siledwlat e, pn, hchdna and Farah Ennereir, aged 18 years Smontlica nd days. htis morning, about 8 o'cocok, off Sandy ]look, in A
rich mahogany coffin, Thearngs slicer plate, upon which e relatives and friends of tie family ae respet- Seere thunder storm. tie pilot boat New York was
a tHIe foow'g r''"- fully invited to attend her funeral, at three o'olockthi struck by Uightning, which split the mia-i-ast from the
oa o 0 oo a oo a fV ^00 ooo00 0 {afternoon, from 212 Third avenue, without further in r. .ad down to the eelon, ripping up the dek, &c.
oJAMES S. McCABE, latlon -_________
o ofJAMES oABE, o unday, August 18, BrST, reffct of the late Thos. TelegraphIc Marine Report.
o OOai'AHY K Ci0 tagged s ytars BOSTON, Aug 13--Art ships Young Brander, Eldridge,
o NEW YORK VOLUIEERS. 0 The friends of the family ate invited to attend her Lieroi.l. Trade Wind (Br) MeCenlough, do; bark Orn.
0 D-IMn ATOT101711i- 4 funeral. Attwo o'olvck this afternoon, fiom Thirty eighth a soe Bisbe Cardif, ,1 [ninall, Nickeraon, and Edward
0 Aged 46 years. o tree, ae.r Tenth avenue. Everett, Loveland, Baltimoe; brigs Demark, Savage,
ooooe noouooo o oo Ooooooooo Oneunday, Auguit 2, tIUnAE gRLU T9, anativeof Mo- 14eit6iLa. Wallace, ITpILon. Saga; Montague, Pierre.
When the funeral service was over, about 8)J o'clock, naban, Ireland. Charlestion; Wshingten, Bibbage, Bal.imore; lAols,,
the coffin was closed and placed in the hearse, and His fripods and acquaintances sre respeetfuilly Invited Park, Philuadelplbla
covered with a new silk Amesican flag. The hearse was to attend his funeral, at three o'clock this afternoon, .
drawn by rour white horses caparisoned in black, and from his late residence, 865 Houston street. His remains Herald Mateis correepondtmseae.
wearing heavy black plumes on their heads. will be taken to Calvary Cemetery. PFORT JETERSON, Atig 12--Arr Aug 9 scahr Farmier,
I nre Inrcepen.ence Guard, of the 12th regiment of New On Saturday, August 12, of dropsy, at her residence, 87 Norcon. Rindout, sloop Pearl. Tillot.,n, Col 1Spring;
York State militia in full uniform, took the head of the Vandim street, SABAH BoGaRT, wife of Abraham Bogart, li Ecbrs Diamond Norton Fail River: G Harlon.,
procession down Broadway, followed by Shelton's oele- in the 75th year of berage. iFortham, Warren: Samuel Leson, -_ Fail Ricer;
brated band, playing the dirge. ifext came the hearse, The friends and relatives of the family are respect- Wes Falmouth, Handy, Bangor Floop.s Bachelor Cook,
the following gentlemen acting as pall bearers:- fully invited to attend the funeral, at one o'clock thi Bri.geport, Lily, Waterman, Esex, Exert, Davtia York;
Major Weldon, Major A. W. Taylor, afternoon, at the RHv Dr Dunbar's Church, in tleadougel Champion. Hsmmonao. do.
Lt C. W. Shaffer, Lieut. Gaines, street. Her remains will be taken to Cypress Hill Ceme- Sld 7th schrs Ann S Salter, Hawkin.'. NTork, Ohio.Ter-.
Capt. S. Lewis,' Lieut. Brown, tery for internment The deceased was the mother of r'IT, do sloop Jacob Daruee. Pundetsec, do; 8t sit hird '
blMajorHal, Major Farnsworth, Abraham Bogart,Jr, PRU.l.IJosticeofthi citF. Co .liance. Jewell, PhiladelpLUa; Chas D Hsiloolk. lai-
Major Fairchild, Col. Burnett. | On Sunday, Aguigt B1, ofchol-ra, Ga-.)r,E W. WmHEiTNu, Lin. NYt.ik; larielttla Hand, Rotiont; Orna-
The New YorkI Volunteers, in fullunifdrm, surrounded in the 44th year of hi age meot. tI a rence, NYorl; .1th, Emperor. Darling, do; I-
the hearse and pal bearers as a guard of honor, being Hie relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at- rih FJaetne, HpLnms, Bridgeport.
followed by the flags of the company, draped with tend his funeral, rom his late resdense, 117 East Broad- PEIL.l'ELPHIA. Aug 18, 6 PM-Arived steamship
mourning. 'way, atS o'ololook this afternoon. State Of Georgia, Cars'n. Savannah; barks Hlelen % War-
Nextfollowed theWorth Legion, incitizen'sdresewear- In Brooklyn, on Sunday, August 18, EutAsnec, wife of nrsa.Knight. Bost.on; eiiote. Orcntt. NYork; The&EHat-
ing a white badge upon the left breast, upon which was Ch.les Sirey, aged 82 years ter, Scutl Boston; brigs Yankee. Poland, Boston; Mal
written the name of their company. Her funeral service wilt take plaee at nine A. U., in "r t'm"n. NYo Vermont, Nayls ad Prentia
After these come the Rynder's Grenadiera and the the Church of the Assumptlon, corner of York and Jay o^bbs. Carver Boatn Eia UMeorithew Park, NTYor; M
Bookbinders' Association, in citizen's dress, and wearing streets. Her body willbe removed to Flatbush at one s'C C' rv B ioidnde Blston" schrs Hope Carey,
badges upon heir left breast. A long line o. carriages PM P. Friends are invited to attend hlper funeral, from n .e T 'NehsnProvldeneOo,
filed with mourners then ended the procession. her late residence, 145 Water street. Lee 'iora ; Star.Nkrson, Providence; Ottoman, Cnu-
At the South ferry the line crossed to Brooklyn, and InBrooklyn, on Sunday morning, august 18, GI'cr | t1-ore, do. tlsb'hepi.L Jpns, Bo loFraun. oh o
continued Its way to Greenwood Cemetery, where the P- Gra'irir, Req., of Troy, N. \, m nthe 96th year of C tarn t-ep2a Be,"i], St J.- o de Cnbak Oak, ayder
deceased, with military honors, was placed in his eternal B..n. h i I r -" Eia eitherr, Park. and Prb tia; Hobbs,y
bed on Battle Hl ma friends, and the frIeds of the family, are re- Cat-ir. Boston. ,elrsOttoman. Clifior,, elfasi, Ocean
Tbe streets through which the procession passed were pIectfully invited to attend his funeral, at fiveoclock to- Wve. Price. -n.uth.'ale- Ellen Dyer Haven and W H
crowded with people, and thousands gathered in the morrow afternoon, from the residence of his, iayand CroweUi Boatoo; Ilabella Wduams-Lyn' New
Pak during tIefenat service About six o'clock in Thos. A. Tillnghast, Union street, Brooklyn, eighth M ico Cheer NBedfl,r.lB fHBla.tea Bartilet.Bridge-
the eveing to'e military' returned to the city, having house east of Court street. Chrl Carro pit llatr r v Nw
disCharged their last duty to the departed soldier. AtBergen.onfSunday, August 13, of dysentery, COR pt bu r tes Carl, t Ke-t. m "Fo-bu ratllr eaw
hAAitm thx POOcwaN," wife of Numa Peroohean andiuryloi, Sa vdCastner, Ketenin. Roxbury; f C -aw-
(toth roncl-vhere hay arrived, thus faor, this month1v second daughter of Ja^cob and Eliabeth Smith, In the yer, SawyerProvidene; Jae N Baker, Somerus, anh S L
(tothe2th, inclusive,) from forelgn'norts, 178 vsseso .... ... Darling, Smith, Bestc--: Cbeeapeaaie. A'Ata, and Judge
bringing nearly 20,000 immigrants, as follows:- 87th year of her age. Hh th Jb "topkinson, Degroot NLIsven',Malabar, Cottrell, Mshile-
Ibivare.-----------867 Genoa-------------...198 The friends of the family, and of oarbroahr, sac ha;BroobCann. ~rt
Liverpool-.:::::::' 6,228 Leghorn"............8 Smith, are Invited to attend her funeral, from her late head,_____________%Yrli
Hva--r-........... 6,g28 S rn J ,.. N..) .... S. residence, Bergen Hill, at flve o'clock this afternoon. ; .
Havana ........... 2,6 San Juan a( 1.).... 8 Flends will ttse the Bergen Hill stages, and leave them ate :
Hamburg ........... 2,246 Apirwa........... 178 atJ. D. Vanwinkle's corner. S ?a Towriam, of Boston, lost on her paisage fram
Bremen ............ 3,879 Ardrossan.. 81 AtBon-Branch N Y on Saturd AUKustl2 BBS- Poston lo an Franri~co, waan Al sh;p, built at Mad-
Antwerp ,i6.ttra..........42 1 At Long Branch1 N. Y., on Saturday, Augs12, ibs el, oSa rnicwa nA hp bita id
Antwerp-..........:. 1,556 Rotterdam.......... 41 z2 A nrofthscity'inthe2d ro s fo in 14M8, of 7(0 tonsburthen,andowned bhr Andrew
Tralee.............. 588. -- ; _= ftiscte "__ ___ T Hal, of Boston. Tne oailowmeg is the insurance upon
Total-..........................I...............19,8618 the vesEel, cargo, c. ;n Boston .-
Taz WsATTius.-Yesterdaywas a hot, sultryday. The MARITIIE INTELLIGBENCE. I Heptune Ofice.... 16,O0 Boston ............ 3,000
thermometer stood atninety during a greater part of -..- Itremont llamea.... 16,b00 Boylston........... 5,000
the time between sunrise ani sundown. In the evening Movements of Ocean Steamers. Chins Mutual ...... 2),000 Commercial Mutual 8,000
there was every apjearance ofa shower, and the heavens RAMW1S. nLAi S FOB DAr. Nrw Engl'd Mutual. 8,000 Warren............ 2,400
grewnoisy with heavy thunder, and vivid with rapid Cityof.Philadelp.hiaLverpoolh......Phladelphia....Aug 2 -Hops.............. 6,00 .
flashings of lightning. The-showehoweverpassedone Union.............Havre......... NewYork. .....Aug 2 'Ameriean....-..... 6,000 Total-..........-..87,800;
side of us, and the stars twinkled at idght as if there had America........... Liverpool..... Boston.........Aug 6 Equitable Safety... 5,404, .
been no disturbance of the aerial elemiiats. Wemay ex- Baltic............. Liverpool.... ew York ....Aug 9 Spoken.
pect a continuance of this sweltering temperature till it Europa...........Liverpool......NewYork......Aug 12 Ship Wm ID Sewall, Small, hence for St Catharine's
is. cooled off by a refreshing shower. Washington.......Southampton..NewYork...... Aug1l Bay, Aug 8, lat 40S. Ion e8d;.
ALARMOF Rtus IsNr-The alarm of fire in the Canada..........oston.......Liverpool.......Aug16 Sbip A Galatin, of Portsnmouth, Salter, from NOrbea
sventhdiatriot, last night, atabout o'clock, wascaused Al.t...... NewYork....Liverpool......Aug19 for Liverpool, July 2P, lat 41 21 Ion i51 85.
by the smoke from the chimney of Mr. Brown's eating Star of tnwest.N ewYork--SanJuan-..Aug. 1 ShipnTrade Wid (Br), of Johin, NB, 84 daysrom
house inNassaus:reet, near Maidenlane. Atflrstitwas EmpireCity-.......Noew York......Aspinwall......Aug21 Lirerptol for Boston, .ug 7, lat 436, Ion b9: ;hadmen
thought Mr. Steel's store was on fire, immediately ad- Banesa_ -........NewYork-,-..Hrmen Aug22 tv o daysA pier.ous ship Lampedo, of and for St John, NB,
.ioi,.tLe eaml;ing house. The doors were broken open, Arabia............ New York..,....Uerpool.......Aug" 2 fromLiverpool. h ,
but to fir or smtoe could be discovered inside. The Clyde............NewYork-...l.a.sgow-.....8. A shipstering witb BCinhersignal (sppoEdthe
mulehadlenIe down oh the roof. which gave it the NorthStar.........New York.....Aspnwal.....Sept 6 Cel-tial hence fortSan Francisco), Aug 7, lat 3941,lon
aupeararee of ikeuing from the premises. 1,..... .. .. .7 2.7 "
a r-' A fre B c.Aheoa .ioame c ndlelerinendefor1 .NewT YoRs A large ship bound W, with lr azof foreyard, Aug4,
A-n.MisT ON into BAv.-A schooner ran a suD boat HiRADit) teu ad lat42-4 Ion so-4e 4 40.
-In,, vsterio, i afternoon, oflthe Batter%'. The erer,, .. ..... nteue ....... t-42 24, tont4.
SThe occ Bark E A. Kinsman, Lewis, fom Boston for Picton,
i.aLIstif i.0eb, a., four inD number, George Amos, Coby AuAIAOIFOr w' TOaE-rsuIDAY. ngQIa 1-t 421, loun6S.
Hack,John Benryand Peter Henry were reud by Bi i........... 9 MOO ...........10 27 B Sri. Star Packard from Hamb-ug for NTork, July 13
some seail boatswhichwereinthe vieiltty. The schooner Bu 1---....-........7 0 imao wAer ---........ 0 7 lt81 lo33 o.
held on her way, without stopping to inuire whether .............. ..... ...... Bark lisee Tarlelnn or NYork Iday from St Croix for
any lives were lost or not. Saeh carelessness is highly Port of New Tor, Augusat 13,18i1. London,July 14, tlt 20 60 Ion .
reprthensiHble..______ Bark Enastern Slar, Baker, from Boston 20th nltfor
Poe eAtntl gnce.l ARBIVED. .Sm.rLJ, July 26, lat 4238, lu.o 59.
.... .... ^ 5 ATTM.'P To co.ri.. A RAPE Ship William Tapscott, Bell Liverpool, July 11, with Big Granada, Gibbs, of and Irom N:Yotk for olhivar
ALLEGED TIAOUS ATTEMrPT TO COMMI T A R APE Inmdseanda868pasengers, to.JTTapscott&Co. Wasseve- Cit),.tnll L,Olat2955,li.53Y^.
BY MEANS OF OHLOROFORM. ral days in company with the Tonawanda. July 24, lat Foreign Port.
Testerday iafernoona young German girl, about eigh- 49 52, Ion 28 20, signalized bark ColLedyard- 25th, 1t let ... y t-r.-" e ws .. r
t 48 50, Ion 8120, alined ship Peteral; 26thW .t 47, lon 'A..N-In pert July a barks Lewis, Hutchinson. for
teen years of age, appeared before Judge Clarke, at Jef- 860, signalIzert brig Thames; Aug3, tat on ZanbarandSki, in a few Iar; Elizabeth Hal. e-
ferson market, where she made a complaint against a 860, spoke shipSea Eagle, of e.nnebunk; 4th, at 8 tram. forMuscat; LuciaMaril,,Cloatman, un. Bid6h,
Ibar rlosco, Putnam. Zanzibar and Sflem
man named Pr'. Joseph KeUer, for an attempt t o have on 6 0 passe a black stemr-withtwo walking B-BAY-In port n e 20 ship Napoleon. Chatfiel.
oc.noenlion illt her by means of chloroform, as will ap- beams, bound E ... fiom BotoD'earl "ir, tl o load PaliforCalutta ', l;
rear e-inm The afillarit ma.e before Judge Clarke, where- Ship Henry Clay'; Caulkims, Liverpool July 11, with or abJa nialy L siderh ner-t load lalt f 'CIcuotta -ar
nion he iti ed a sanet for the arrest of Keller, who merchanduie, to Spofford, leston &.Co, and 381 pasen- aani Ja r o led at Cac T
las not %et tcen found., gr. Tookapiloton the 12th off Long Island. Had 8 CAF'it. -t n port Jal 27 brig O wrd (Br), ftr
Siole If %--, -l., Citt eelC-,rfp ofYe' or7 e el- ths andi birth. NYork 12 days. sebirsSiring Hill (of Prefnetown), far
C.'tlhartle H.irp bearg do s- swrn, deposes and ais, ShipKing Fis er (olipper), Crosby, Callao, 69days,via Bo.icndt3 T'ihee. mr PlymouI h Snn
uaLt Il te rr-i.].i at 101 Thirty secondd street, bet-eon Norfolk, with guano, to order. Csu1-tld aine, Ssahip [iu-rhMtsue d',. utts.,
Qeenlh au. ibiglhb arounues, thar she asa engaged ;n Ship Junier (clipper, of Boston), Parspns, Callao89 US6,aie
Lie caslcbily of a Eersanl girl with ur. Joseph Keilor, days, via H pton oads 2 days, with guano, torfW CE,aiC.-tn port daly 18 hark Jn ,t.ook for Bs-
ldriTgist. In -eenh avenue, tehtren rhiryfirst and Riley ar, brigs Neptune, of and for do Idg, 'Fann.y (of
hirv .i(cd selrtes, or. hiarlday, P aid Keller adminlas- Chinp lid 0 Orleaso, i enui, NeB Orleans. July 18Fllu Fr-nlrrt. u for Phlnadelphia
lereo, bt robbing other deponont's faae and bead, chbloro ad Ile Ear 201 h with merohandjae lo Wm Nelson S rsnI,.,oIA,- f ur i 1 P h Nedi1ha
fo rmExAR~Ast-.lrr July 1 bark Chas Riean, Chattin, New
,II.-, wL.irh d-ponnt Inhaled, and immediately produce.] o ., Aug f, (ape Hattersa. bearing N N W 60 miles, rk;ig Kate Lincon, ShermanM do; AngostUr an' Hep.'
a i. EI T. e i.c dEpur. cnl; thai the b' d Keller loen ex.-hinted signals il ,h bars Uto ina from NtO leanA for t rn ', r l- . .. ....l rt .. k
sai 1hetie v,.i-ltly a'tR.i.rEol li itsh b, etier-iuon, when Bcat. a May 27, cn theoutwar parssae, Lit 20 6,Ion (rIn nil In .potJnl.'svl*2ships Jno -pr..r Spear, fora .i'i
ler creams reached the eara of a woman named Marie 70 06, was boarded by a boat from whling ,ht Rlcbnr.d a t-d te ap or aea- E eror ib
l3fi.,, wbo cime o her assistance, thereupon the said Young, of Provineetown, out 18montha, 90 bbls sperm hlr, sue,,; h aI E S ancr l[Po Sot;Em, ItlM.y
-ller rf.,-.'hi, and loft the room. Further deponent oil, would cruise for 2% months, allwelh t' t oni a-.d -1b elnoFRySde', st'hoload;ftrBo'
sailhnot. CATHARINE HAMP. BarkKosmos (Braem), Weasels, Bremen, 39 days, ,Ib ton, Fu la li, Monigmey, un
Sworn before me this day, 12thAugust, 1854, D. W. mde and200pasenges, toOelri h& Co. July '2,at 'tit-i[n portuil. 2l kWNa, Wo.h r.m
CiAK,i r Police Justice. 484, Ion 8, spoke Bremen bark Baltimore from Bremen YoTrorw 2art netWda, only Amtsae.el '.
State Of tve ,York, Y6'ity and County ofewTrYork, ss for lYork; 206th, leat 46 87, on 88, saw Am bark Paul c oTfaol ew ord t Auolt brig Capt Tom for
Marie l-ertzt beal duly sworn, deposes and says that Bogge, ofWarren, stg E; Aug 8, tat 43 47, Ion 56 49, saw B" in a .w day
I-he resides in Seventh avenue, between Thirty-first and Bremen ship Helene, stg E; 5th, lat 43 17, aon 58 42, ;GUAVAMA- ai port July "i barL Fowlerai for tNVYork 2
lahlrty-sec-ndstreets; tht on Thursday, August 10, her saw Bremenship Post. from Baltttrore. .-July 14. Mildir lea; brig Cmania fo do4 days '
attention was directed toa room by the screams of a Mariwell, seaman, native of Italy, fell from the jibboom z om"1o6; s Bahamas-No Am vesels in port
woman named Catharine Hamp, who she found strug- overboard, and was lost. Aug 5 h- p'
gling with a man named Dr. Kelter, residingin SeVenth Bark Star (of Thomaston), Packard, Hamburg, 50 days, ye is'cG on-In port ,June 7 ship Cape Co.i, Sears, to
avenue, a riuggtiEt, who she found upon bed with her with iron and 169 passengers, to W F Schmidt&Co; diEghercargoofco ,- and proceed to Cadlcatta toload
clotes' upratsed; the doctor presented a bloody appear- vessel to J F White & Co. he had 1 birth and I death. for Beston. ,
ance upon the bends; that when deponent entered the July 11, lat 89 20, lon 3040, spoke brig Avon, of Boston, Loseori-In port July28bark Gen Joees Hodgdon for
room she found him with his clothes unbuttoned, when front. New Orleans; 18th, lat 29 20 lon 83 07, spoke bark ,YUork dg. ., ,
he immediately jumped out of bed and retired from the St Gago. from London for Boston, 27 days out; 16th, lat 1a Gnonc-In port July 22 ships Sarah Spradgu-l Wada-
room. Further deponent saith not MiARIE HERTZ. 38710, Ion 39 08, spoke whaling bark Undine, of New 'worth, for NYork1'or Street forIdotI .hdTala '
Sworn before me this day, August 12, 1854, D. W. Bedford, 50 days, 10 bbls oil; 17th, lat 86 48 Ion 89 80, ro, Lewis, from -ie-te, supposed to l ad-fort--tate-.-
CfAnxii, Police Justic. spoke ship Connecticut, from Havre for New York 21 STld t bksMary &'JaneSermisn N rk;'afew
.Topfeea f Brglrp.Yeaerdy oficr harkey, of (daysPout;ld Jltebrks Hey iJan. Sbrnam, about few
th .Ticnt ofwa rlarr.-Ytesterda y officer Saeyf asout; Juno 6, Harry Wilson, seaman, agad'about 23 days previously Edisto Kendrick, Boston. Bark kMar-
the Ninth wrd, arrested a man named John Benson, years, died of inflammation of the throat; 28th, lat 37 42, micD, Jac sonfor Boston, isnuppned 1o have ial, or to
whom he saw looking around dwelling houses on his Ion 4845, saw a clipper bark steering SE, showingawhite have'been abt ready.
beat, upon suspicion of his being a thief. Upon his burgee with blue letter H. Mijarrtsn-InpoT, .tny 2t b..kWohnWinthrop, tLh-
I beingttken to the station house and searched, a bunch Bark Virginia (of Macbias), Thurlew, Trinidad (Cuba), chard forTerapanim to klad for Boston ready for sea. The
cf skeleton keys were fond in his pockets. Judge July 26, with sugar and molasses to Chastelain & Pon- second officer had died o0r ,hoopi at tne hospital
s'tewart ent Beneon to the Penitentiary for six months ver vevessel to Thompson & Hunter. The brigE Drum- LDBmA--Noeramvefei-s 'ionort Jolt 1I3.
as a vagrant, mond sailed one day previous. August 7, lat OmLoco-In port sti July 2, brig Be.livar, for N York
-renicgh into a Sctool House.-Three boys, named 36 40, Ion 73 30, passed chip Naples, steering ; soon; Ode-aercrMatilda fordodo.
Wnm. Iouch, lHugh Riley, .and Patrick Burke, were ar- 8th. lt 36 50, lon 73 10, spoke Bremen ship Hermine, Pomeis-cn port July26 brig Elzabethl Watts, lWats foe
nreIted yesterday by officers Burden and Fuller, en a from Kiel mond for Bremen, and took from her the.cap- NYor'k Idg; echrTa- .na Brw fr-m Frankfort via ns-
charge of breaking into ward school No 21. and stealing tain (Burman) and rew of the bark Craisis (of Baiti- tata. l f "for F.
from the premises a lot ofthe scholars' books &e. They moxe), which was upset the night previous, 't 81'M, n PAsA-- n ort July20 bri.g Sami French, Brown, for
were taken before Judge Stewart, who sent then all to a iolunt gust of wind frole SW to NW,. and within ten NYork 22d via-larsnham; Maril Emily, Bowne, for New -
Sb TB f e(rRerf.g. e minntes she ias full of water and aonk at 10 P M1. The Haven 24t1. -
I aarn a Sit.. Shtt.-A man named John Bennor 'captain and crao the boat all night, andinthe -Sra'o'nE(not Batavia)-Sid June 9 ship Hinio, MU-
was arrested yesterday by office Flyun, of the Fourth morning were picked up by the Itormine. Ono boywas er Loilcn.
ward police, on suspicion of.larceny, and upon searching missing and is supposed to have gone down with the Sr JACO (Coniul-In port Aug 1 barks LouIsa Eton ,
him a slung shot was found in his possession. Thepri- wreck. .he Cropis was bound to Baltimore, and (aptaia from Baiston. arr the day previous;J E Hau ra, from
sD.r, ri'-idL.sT a plumber, and that the weapon found B reports that at thobetime of beingitruck haoialittle _-,rr same day. .
In ta. i.oE('sirn was used in his business. Hewasde- ornosailset. TheVirginiarelortstakingthesamereq'al, TtreTF--S ld'abt June 11 bark'Macon, inyo, Svomrrn,
lainted tot a furtlier examination by Justice Welsh., wvhieh split sails, &e, and Captain B says it waS the moat to load for Boston. '
Serious Staling Cate.-On Saturday night, or rather violent he ever experienced. Tismain)-In port July 26, bark Virginia AUnn crDet-
Sunday morning, at an early hour, two persons, named Bark IKate Lincoln, Sherman, Bonaire. July 23, with null, fcrEuaoe ldg; Amelia, French, for New York do.
Joseph Eaghard and Hennry Orr, got into a quarrel,which sll, sheepskins, &, to J U tmith. & Co. ,.TArmot'ra, N.-Ar- Aug 2 brig Circassian, Crosby,
resumed in Orr getting stabbed by Enghard with a knife Bark TanaTo.(of iath),William, New Orleans, 23 days, h erce. ,r
in the right aide, injuring him very seriously. Theag- with cotton, &c, to master .Home Ports.,
gresfor was arrested by officer Westeott, who conv yedl Bark Mayflowar (of New Have,). Currier, Beaire, 11 ALBAKY-CId Aug 12 steamer Albany, Marble, F'ail
him before Judge Clarkice, by whom he was committed for days, with 1l,0ltO bua salt, to iT. rowbridge & Sons. uirer; aches J tiatton, Bates, Bosten; obert B Smith,
a further examicasion. The injured man'e wounds were 'the P is beuu~d to NHaven. Kelly, Sow Bedford: Robert P Ring, Philadelphia; alooja
promptly attended to by a physician. Park Mercy Ellen (of Hiarpewell), Stover, Guaysmia, Sterling, Hays, Bridgeport.
CoeirhainttDismissed-Inthe case ofJohnW. Fraser, 'PR, l4dajs, wIth sugar, bay water and molasses to G. B.ANGOR-Arr Aug 10 ship Fornjot (Nore), Steen,
charged with havingattenipted to perpetrate a rape upon B. i'e Forest & Co. Vessol to C Adams. NYook. .
the person of a girl named Barbara Less, Judge Clrko, Bark N C Buchanan, Hanson, Galveston, 80 days, with BALTIMORE--Air Aug1. ship Scotia Mcean, UBer-
after through examina'ion of theaffair, concluded to cotton and sugrto C Murray. pool June 9- brig Elleb- Doane Tonin, Boston sichr
dismies the complaint, which he accordingly did a feaw Brig Wm I) Miller, Barnaby, Fare, July 20, with India 1icotte Kingsland, NYork- Mary Eddy, Hinkley, Fail
dasys ago. rubber, &c, to James Bitho & Co, Aug 12, lat 89 10, liner; .ea Gull, Ino'iand, Providence; Someret Stir-
---i---Auut218 lon72, sawa man of war steamer steeringE;JnJly 23, in g, NYork. Cd bark Bay State, Spiarow, Weymoath,
S k ale ... lat07658, Ion 6002, John Olistrom, a seaman, of Gotten hlti,, brig Filtno,.- Kiran, Maceira and a mkl; abhra
P IL T'niA, August 12, 1864 -(Reported by fry A burg, aged 30 years, died. John L Bonman. 'oo.-rtr, Ptmnbrose, Me; Fawn, Miller,
Thomas.)-.First Boart-i-2,000 Stats 5's, 86; 2,000 City Brig Volsnue, Baldwin, Itavana, 9 days, with sugar, Wect lndes '
RR686, S & Erie, cash. 89% 1,400 do, S & Erie, 89%; seegrs, &c, to Skiff. Brps & Co. Aug 4, off Cape Flonda, BOSTON-Ann Aug12 shipstCbamplon, DrewrLiverpool
8,400 do, Iempfleld, 89%; 1,000 Beading RB Slort 8'8 '44. spoke tark Nacoochee, from Attakapas for New York, July 11; Marion. Varnay, NOreans. At quarantine shin
600 Schuyl Nay 0's {82, 75; 1,000 do, 74y: 1 share Penn 20 days out, wiib loss of calls, having been struck by a Star of Empire, Brown, Liverpool July 11. Cld smp
R, 43%; 200 BEastig RRB,31%; 100 do. s5, 31%; 0 do, water spout. ihe Von the 8th, 9th and 10th, off ]it- Queen of tne Pacific, Beed, Callo; barksaVesta, PereatB,
eash, 81 ; 84 Minhilll RI Scrip 0 & P, 5l; 100 Schuyl teras, experienced heavy gales from NW to NE. Clianry Islards; Ivy Green, Bray, Miramichi, to load for
Nay-preft, b. 80%;41 Farmers and itech Bank, 69%; Brig Telegrapn (of Charleston), Stein, "favaua, 12 Bi'iatol Clannel; brigs Saraual Cook. Chapman, StJolns,
10 SMechanics' Bank, cash, 29%; 7 do, 2 days 290%. d.s, with sugar and tobacco to master, Pi; Erle, cott, Kemedlos-acir JanuesHaet(Br),Coombr'-
4fter oaB d$-$ ,000 State 5's conpon, 01; 15,000 ody, Brig Abner Taylor (of Bangor), Sm~th, Cienfuegose28 Port au ruinee. Also cld shin Bed Gauntlet, Ajurws,
b5, 91; 26 shares Penn lil, 44. Market dull. days, with sugar to Chastelain & Ponvert. Vessel to Sun Francisco" barks Eutaw, Matthews, Baltimore; Ed-
--___ _.- .._ _.. _... ... _ _1.1__ " iA. anford. as a. _.. mundDwight, Hallett, do; brigs Bush, Howe, Phaidea-
*-----------ODied. Brig lFrancis Ftasar (of Phlpetmhia), JaAEon, SJago,,hlB: schrs Msgnvlin, Nickerson do[ Globe, Horet tO;
Ou Sunday evening, August 18, eged 10 years, lfAR- Cisba6,18days, with sugar sna to acco to orper. \e8el Geo lioffcan, )Nickeson., do-k loanbm, Homen, do;
euai'r lt. i-.--,' late of Goodwin's Getrden, county Kll- to astr., D~mod fWldbr PnhmTlt Saginaw, W'itatt, do; FljIg Dragon, Harden, dO ar
Iceny 1,-In end Brig B ru o (ofWaldeboro, Pinkr'am, in- lankn, Beera5 do' Ills Larton, Bobbins ado; S
bs sll e. friends are resectfi.l.y invited dad, Cuba, July 28, wilh molasses and honey, to Nes- Barner, ldridge dot steamer City or New York, Mat-
attend her funeral, at three o'elorlk tsia afternoon, from inith- & h']snd W'"/r aie ld thews, NYork. -Id- ~xks Ce-m,-a-ndT.riniy. --.
the residence o PaBlck, 8 Ann^ 6 stret BrgIihrn ay (Br), Davison, Wmndaon, Nl, 14. (f^^l11%TOJ-r Ag ar Spie Cm Bstn
of .A ^^ an a rtKHat 41 -1M't^ iie5ited for Beatoni eee.nal y ^hdo;ye, rrgsnNor:Ole
J .. osepha g- y... -t aed 1-asi month rgUra, Foster, Rodu o~son. a]i-lot Jert-ut-, Schwtrdtmann, do- schra D B Warner,
'- ..... argar.... Ha-, iige yai, l m f Brig Richard, Stewes, Rondout for Boston. alor, and J Darllng, Oasb do, *Mline Law, Packard,
The relies and f .iends of the family are respect- Flhrnilolphin (Dutgelltoet), Dabbenner,Cork, S6days, P toi. CId bhipfudllao hitc all, NYork
fully invited to attend her-funeral, from thoereeldence ofwthrm toodr.E -r-Ag1icr li ae ~r:21 E...
her parents, 278^ Wst .wenty-second. steeT,.+ attw Scm ,arah Maria (of Cold Spring), Jone%, Madelt, pine.Downs,,, Philadelphia. Sid st, ilerss Keuny, anr.-
o'cl--k ti'-s afternoon. 82 days, 'with wne toll Benson. worah, PI oork, 7Ui, -mpine, Philadelphia; NoBhobsaton.
on Saturday, A,.ok 2o, Eiua,, wido o the late SehrFlashi, litKenney, Cape Haytien, 18 days, with HARlTCSi--Arr Ang 10 aebra ary Emims Warner,
Jai'hPi '.Fcegdtiyears.T coffee, logwoodelate. to'GLWien o& Co.' Aug 8,'lat84, Iqyoie- lanlaL~all, Crosele,, Phlla>delpbl3a;1th,Hod'-
Her reans wllbetakent Rye, this day, for-inter- Ion 74, spoke Br brig Barmudians, from Turks Isands u, Giadding, Reynor WUtiams, Brewer; lfery Ti.,
inent foan > elkt oBe hsdafritr r Philadelphia. 'rice- P L Esnusoed, Banks. Isabel Dart. BnellHartfoaNC

Friend r equstd tend her funeraat two dysnrth ci8t,era.s, with etrog NE ids end thc lYr-.C d12h asnsn Suh Redoumly

oock thi atrnoon~tm.18d wtho-
.On Sunday orn^ng, August 13, Osit L. Pmes s, Sbr Grey Eagle, Baker, Jeremo, 1des,y with log- ClkR Bicl Post, RiWIleynd Maria L HlU, rossley.
Saged 21 years. 'we. d.. ood, coffee, &e to A C Roissire ... Phladielphia: J 0 Colye, Chapin, Baltim re; Hndso,
The fri nd^a and nuances o..f P.ANcIs CAsarny M Scir Janus (id) Yrbeyer, Orinoco, 18 days, with Gladding, NYork. _
reusted to attend hi fneal,., this day, from his late hides., to Hennvlrcg, ifullr& doslnf. dysNwth 4 IRLEANS-Atr Aug 4 ship Ellerslle, Gout's., Phio.,
F.esd Fifty-third street and Eighth avenue. =SerESPenny, Davin, St Japgde o Cube ys ,-iahltxbrig Tutor, Maple, Chnrbas 6thh
On Sunday, August 18, JuariAssyria youngest dangle- sugar, to PaTopton. Belo m,Nasna, N~eik 25daya-bakAgoxnSl-
I a... q 11.1,4 ), o-- ni pe utin, 20 days, with old venioti 8sasCddh;lpJosed aBornholm.
ter of Charles and Eleanor Mead, aged 11 months and 41e e haic Br eno A 20ds, wh ld go 26 das lt ten enhos

Sday t,8I tollpox:onlyh l^f. Stno eabs, rd kGlagow: bark ,12 dJa stroud;. ,.et h Ma ahr^sE.hs-
Johfuneral Hewill takelan, atgew oer 'no8 .days fadhSottiBsItR ton, leutam, 9 dys, with lnurt, Ryon, BlizLn & d, Adv.e tue (Br)t.... ..i do
A ^ZT ~ o.^ ocn a t rn ^ rSi... etne" WSS^1^ '..S% vrm
dteouais lu(riA OUlies u tiion roni- i tinal fWres. vesels 5t^h staloship U'..nitedSae wien'5 5.plNwaHI; mlii
heroin from the resid ence oftherfather, No. 79 Bedfordmata 1,80 l" pme.l._dm Lto, Na...SS tnotm 1 .d... a_ inite.,.-t--- '-_
site Fr-lnds and acqedalaences of the family ame re- or Heri days, (o Nwithavn alnto ,Oranita, Eemptan, Maraeili5;ara to. (Snh '.

JohnandHelenAckermansdyearand8days. Sbairaolus (Br), Stubbs.GrandTurk T, 112 d oseiseid. Towed to sea 30tht Wt, ships Ann m.te-
'lbs relatives and fnlcnus orthe family are Invited to 'with 8,418 bushels salt to Chai&o&' "AO nt.,Mnosb;81lss~ bal
attend his funeral at tour o'clock this afternoon, from julg27,Grand -l'rk, bearing8 8, Istant 8 tmlles, spahe 1.n'VAEL..-.Azrug 12a idshirepbrOm eni. Buw
the resideree of his6grandfather, Samuel Ackerman, 641bae' In fansaof Wart-sn. Boston; Belmont (BI); Scott, Windsor, N3..811h 1Stir'
Atlarttle street, BrooklnT without furtheWr notice., ehir L Lewis, Abe.eWihmington, C, Oa, d. Ann SD D-Se Hothins Boston.
S-ea l e S F Ninkaso iZ, r dyS NEW BEDI OR1--Id'AAug 11 sahi Jam ) D estne
On Thursday, August1l, after a short illness,BaUD=n#, irFi Bacon, Hult ,0iitmore 6 days. D Johnson atndSpeede lhlladlphL
relict of the late Jeremiah Connodlly. F rW acn aflz '.--,"hlaepho
The.friendothe family, and those of her mother- ScbrlmoneCohen-Harts,%u.oent.iBoston POItTLAND-A-r Aug Il sabrseNancyJitRa u
irs. en annd of he nepe, dn t of _h, hByrntitui, Bos, Kingstonfor Cambridge. Catdenosi stn ult Lansoe Dean, i _ta.Sv NP n.
retpectfullynn tanot oeepat ew, th elre .pat SbakrJaD &Blra. Stone, Portlad. Ct,, ,Cd bark Doras C eatn (new, as80 6M6ths tn).
fpurl.vaniteajopattente a SchrWillamBogart, WaVn, Boston for Albany. Hall Pugwash; brig B Strout. a, BaMuoire.
one o'clock this afternoon, fr'om her ate residence, Sahir Cataract, Disbrow Boston for Albany.. BOUAND-Arr Aug 8 brig Pnl.b oop,r Ckaper
n a vedI SCnu e Brook yn_".,
". '. . 1ohU I Of John D. andfor _Albanytol
_oItn atr Augt-atFsrixV., sonof JohnD. and- Sch"erThomsPge Weaver, Providence, days. SAAVNAH-Ar-n Aug 9 achr Win Smlth, Johaton,
Iafgaret A. Mortr, aged 1 monros. 1- 1kA -
The friends of the re fa re resp 0fislli' invited to =41i. o.
attend"his ftner taithout fute on, at ten Bark Panhila Lane, from SALBM-Cld Aug 11 brig Heuzrlo. Dix, Pars..
0 forsths fore from .he resl00nce f 3lfthen, Bark Ranger, oNdtlsdfrom a sGad 0dy. WflllOUTH....Arr Auig Cicll -As C..e, jNZ'as, 'tbei
ie vtirelns Bitureu) fItm jup Alce, 87 d wMd PatleIi.