The New York herald ( August 18, 1849 )


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The New York herald
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James Gordon Bennett ( New York N.Y. )
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T|KIN~ T!IN lilll ON striving have a lt rtn"-,rd, asifit were l taken drinkwbun hepereeived im communicating Very Late from Havana. when it lies eontignous to the beds of lignite, which
k, Ic y l g,lagtfarew el fa rlf.Ir'I ll'r ,.nr tothanM.P Td ,dwihrtr, <.h, gtM.-cI.h[rylm W e have received, by the Falcon, IBleg ofthteFar abound here; and wh en In montact with the whl te and
*1Atlenth the crowd opned. right and left- nd medlaiiy rushd at se .rgeant fhr. 1P about hid can red verieties, a mixture of them ell results.
the comh rolled away at a brisk trot, iln: h t a. e and height, sad gavu him e h.1w er twoln the face, Xnd a ndGa ,adlaHataa, to the12th Inst. Different colored sands are also very abundant,
.. the pne~p~econtinnSn tillli :It of hr.,,r- sad dr.ulril.i.. noulj have b. ai him severely but On the 10th inst., a new line os rallrald from Naw- though they do not exist ia great quantities; they
Ingtb 1 Al ao -n t tn Peopl h that i hlia.m.n I nol'-,,eo Itweenthemt jas, e t, connecting with the Hal are sometimes interstrautfie with the clays, and
I N T t L L i G E N C E s g m id i nsn n e. A h P r e i leg a s h e p a se d~ ; 'b u w h i c h i a, a .. . t a b ur g e t i, l e ot, . h r w i t h b e i n g a d e u e t y i i s n t a y t o d e r n e % h h -
INTELLhsNCE serter; iho, Wltt- a.uouw '1,1 Eldglvlaglhimselfupto was opened for the accommodation of the public. We reuently it is not easy to determine h,-r
TO TIM 11 c d ,,i lb-ing unldtBa inl -i d raw, he did not stop the M '. lo ITe ait thi. r ,-ri,.ut getting tho reward, believe the railroads on the Island of Cuba are tho only y E ould be denomm.ated clayhworv sandi- 1li-
-w..&iEnl. (%-. t n,. tithe village. RN.-in:,e a omu1 Said' he would willingly go with the plircemaanIf c ones In all the Spanish dominions, arfe ir-Ii.alb 4.1 the following varieties :-
LA TEST M OM EN T, tut busy brick schoolhouse, of ralhr hulmble pre-, would allow him to take satisfaction for five minutes ssa~d, sometimes ylowishfrom the
,1 Pnl~n-, uthe President remarked Il t Ihi ere ,was out of the traitor. Tothittl the policeman demurred, Regarding the health of Havana, it 0s sttdht ~ of iron,
]RECEIVED BY :bo' file element of national ,ilreinth-mirefr ag d taking him into custody, brought him down to according to tho official reports during the month of White licameons Sand.-This Is a mixture of allex,
lelV~ si eeeeto ioa .rni-oer- WbItieiball sip, and a crowd collected, to whom the doe- iny tm otpeaetdsasswr elwfvr ica and white c'lays.
Telegraph, Express and the Nalls, midable and effecrd I,..ainethlil- e.nrolai'hm- r'l of Ferrer and the policeman related toh O mthnca.- July, the oest Prevalent diseases were yellow fever, n Sand ThitI of a distinct but dull genit
lB a S anarchy and tyr..rny,[hin all the ons oef "'a- soon the sergeant was seen running, r utmOt a dees dysentery, diarrh oea, stmale intermittent fever, bilious color, aod is interstratified with the red and while
terloo, or the ',I.-l' ir- of Nopol.on Eu,',tieon. he hrrath, with a pair of handcuffs, and approached the and catarrhal fever. In the city of Havana, there Oc-T elals.
S AT TOT said, was the bill dit':4\Amercan hbetrly. I.nd lie prisoner to put them on. The prioner struck and curred. during the month, 1.805 cases of yellow faver The combination of these varied and vivid
O IH E A 0iFU( f countrv , hl,. hi,.e Ihe ,,ra-nil fr.,m , %% 1 he tel lthd t him, with whom the crowd strongly sympa- of whlch 0nmy seventy-one died. (This beats New Yorit called o ay ad and wl doe s it s b e
cause "of fii, ,,m rn,1_t ever drawherew back. The crowd id heJwoul cholera returns all hollow.) l G nd well doesit deserve the
SThese are semetworthy of a Washington, ihte officer who had cargeof .andwho The Babaneros are dreadfully afraid of cholera, and name. I will not say anything respecting.the or-
II Thsarlpo~ et w rh faW sig on .ne w ae enthlt d to tke $30 reward. The prisoner taiu hlr pcfe n nalbecrshvebe ai eis xetta hy aefudhe ore-i
Sow York. Saturday. Aug. 18-3 P. X. Hancock, Adams, or any of tfie founders of the re- Eid he would; but the Sergeant said he should not go variotus chr a cifaiesWandinfale cures have beu gamirelt thatace they were alre hofti here- in
I -- p u b l i c o, t he b o a t u l ee h an d c u ff e d A s h o w e v e r f r o m + ot d I er y i sh iti l h a t mea r t h on a en o ,- h e", ,n,? e wr e r n a l hdg a o w -
STP H I INLLIGECE topping at o smill settlement on the road, the certain symptoms in the crowd, there was some danger sa*.r 1,, We should thinkIf a collapsed cholera with the excitsion, and returned to Edgartow. in
President .,lhld. and entered the tavern, in ofarescue,,he did not insist upon this course andhe ;'tievteouldonlybetohenenieg.
I which we r re g.,1her e. ..Il iII- rh, .InI .J l',rpI",'ijton the policeman, and deserter, went ofInoneof thesmall e would surely get well, .. On Friday evening, August 10th, he attended a
qAirnndzig-up of the Free Sol Convention. of the pla.'.' Thv ov%-r-. I-1011 bill h.-.',r l m.n, boats at the ship to Governor's Island, the crowd shout- A law has been promulgated, forbtddinthe Intr6odue- Picnic, at the request of the citizens, without dis-
Roess, August 17-10 P. M. in their still slar,. and af.,r..ns; and, a-,ired by Ing. "throw the sergeant overboard The deserter's tion of all Ecuadorian gold coin. for circulation--that tinction of party, ,,IIJI] ,ve a short address. It was
g h Ea d the open counirnniee o.f tire _'n.reil ilry Lather~d B"m, is Juhn Murphy, an Irishman, about S0 years of iB. all tat hal been coined in that republic since 1844. intended to have h.,d-ihe picnic in the afternoon,
The following despatch. w~ch should have reached round hi~hld t~ilked withi le-i~l.m oid Iamili- age.who formerly deserterd from the 60th Brit all regl- It will. in future. only be admitted to Cubs as old gold. in one of the beautiful groveseabout one-fourth 0-
slast night, was not delivered until this morning' midiv. :pi I[,IL I it sm n,,ewha[ betIi., r dre.i ed. __c From Puerto Rise. we learntherewasa shockof an a mile from the village; but on account of the
Ihe 19th- llo than ,he .-hersi hose ar-pel-raper Indicated ,ITY TR~nAr REPOHT eartgquakeexperiencedthereonthelstinst.. Itwasa weather proving unfavorable, it was held at the
''CT RDORPR.pretty severe are; but there isnomtimaefay
TheFrgeSeolConventionassembledataA.M.,when tihl[h .i-ht I., a iori ,,fvill-pre 1Q,'fotorn. ,nd SArTu>, Aug 18-2P.M ama having been don. TownHall atP. Grearedtsdutoth
whIt hllrd .-ord (s.,,f until now, the "Pre.idnl ;.\x- T.,, mraket thlk f...rencoD cpnrd T.rylanguid. This d havngbeedne ladies tor tire manner in which the hai was deco-
St h e j o ur n a l w a s re a d a e h r s a l t o m a h u p r e d o h
SThe CoArn announced the receipt of a commun- tended his hand, but met no rp#pc.nise The man b-hK the last day of ihp neck. many merchants were Our Key Went Correspondence. h rad There Isaplatformat the upper endofthe
TI e C ao u the ra oentiof w was in a dilemma. The General looked. and the pt.pangfor aDgporaxy hipbi I., ll.olutry1 hall, and on it were seated the honorable gentle-
s Creation from the Demoeraiot Convention, thich, In sub- crowd wondered Theman said Irmallv in an on- A ,,t.s-%l hI maikEt -at without change, and only VK, WEST, August 11, 184. rnin nd tile inviied ,,li-ts. Immediately over his
I sroped the extension ofvryIntheteri-eally sorry from lh l h fn- al-le aH $6 for both sorts.I Nav a Jn.""'1,*^"*-*--. "**Ob8 The Coast cseen,r th e :e ,t d ag, pco nted for the occa,
I-torles and considered the power of Congress on the of his -,- (, n ,. am dem ocrat, an& I I I , -i i t hem r sst ope .ned rt..e hcd dull. a..,t0 t o In ia W ar n he A merican t conta an eage ih
^ ^- v :a,--i. uf h "Le ofthe,a Touche frn I.-jiD ,^K tor t~t b ^ ^ ^ ^' ^
Subject a econ troverted qu estion c v oted f ,sa trn.t y ,n S .mi e[]ina h is ni~ n d tile I I a-li L. artts a, ru .tli rg ch i, y [. com m on Sta r. an d T he E xtera tialation of 'ilia ed W dns, 4- ., ,f 'e. t u l c n a i g [ l a i l W b t
r.afBnEns proposed a resolution to be sent to Pr.aidirtt said, 141, rhat till I I never Inquire itlnut I TM,' %%, tt FI an at to 44 Ia .ff-t-0, sith somegmall Sales, Tl'e. Flrlpc-pf.-wor Germantown, CommanderLownds, i.u r 1! ae I-, a na nIe h., mihar to al --the name of
M r V RhBe l I e m :n I I, ..tll r, the defender of the con-
-the hunkers, that they agree to so much of the said that. I anm a.- Rind to meet you as an)- Iihdto in the, .. t~tr l,sate,.mmucn at sb i-,ta Fine and ultlnapeet, tuhe ortolnd teHn r ael .C *rom ,rsdtuiton Th- f-lagwsecrldb raho
.-y b t C O%%II I Brit [ IV P re- ido-r orf fire p nil, l and not o,r, d R { bbt 1. 1u hat 1811., I' tIlit receipts, Of IL[h ind,,J tt to .,T e fo w s e c r l d b r a h o
tosolution, as expressed an opposition 0o Plavry but Ofa party I did not come to *-" ue 1'hS ur d mi>- were limited Fancy and extra brands were steady, at Florida Sheoaneint0portdaybeforeyeaterdayjnagal- roses, and above it, reaching from one side to the
ll not a..rrI h thmB aie a full expression. Believoethere crata I ca mhetnspn i npon t- se f lnd 10 am ftelnay o rates. i hw ere waf nr w ligh s, It Southern ac htdathing htylh. afhi ca nterly breezeoenabling hs rto S utuI r of the platform, Was a bow of flowers, taste-
h -". t ," a" "o i h p bandswhic wereJy^ fir^m ^ wit h tl. t^ t- reach through the shi channel with reylal .et. She tul ,n, euifuly arage. hehat asbrl
humao ircdrdm, a dema, ds.a re-unlon of the domo- rr; nl F, to Secure to them all equal .ellrs and ri,r Geo at fnld prices while inferTorywsa more a.nd wao.l leaves again to-morrow. h p iua ted t gh e
< eraey, 60 as to unite in oll body Recommended the 1 11g1.1." ". iee ales.blf. Cave--The sales embraced 2 (,00 aB ,..r, 1 he United, States steamer Hetzel, Lieut. Corn, John theri ssehonewh conspicub ous.Itmthereeuis anyplace
singleoai ouimia 1 ell e eliel 'i," id~rni.. I tnoiilfd!,3 of Ili,- p,'n_,r if-.hiral bushels. chiefly mixed Western, at terms not under- Rodgers, attached to the Coast Survey, from New Or- fo its st h e ca n be on th r bieyautil I lhal
poinleSli tetlc ket at tbe],cl ,uithe al position of in- c,, is i, nio hli,-ilv c.senine stood, but believed to be at yesterday's quotations. diesthan at Edgartown, or on the Vieyard, I have
M 1r BiiO .aid tha t ili t h~n i, had oome to the andacculbit Th ii-l Inei is, ilihesjifltn i'hcp, ,i- Bound was Inactive, at 60 e.; and flat yellowheld at 63 leans for New York, came tnto port yesterday, andsais yet to learn it.
:grouuds of the party in 184T. They had made great tron, the r 1 ue. e e .u. ri o ,d )'t ,I- 1 .t .- pt r-d A ct RE nwasfirm,with all sales. at 62ao., to-day via Charleston. Theastronomicalobservations, There were about 600 persons present, who join-
.advancement. He urged action at once in t ie' m matter. iigin hr 11. .. -r w-,h ,,utck Bi.t',iI,, n. . o... atern .ll, r and f preparatory to the surrey of the Florida Reefa arera- ed m ost earn tlyi m asking everything pass plea-
f i tlm IO a .T r n l .t d u ll. P .t : ',c a J i ', f,.r tuj ea l .s n l n g e a l T e l o g n l m n w s
I A after som e rem arks by M r. KING, of St. Lawrente, Ic) -,r i- ihis confined to Pe snn .l% vania. Le ery i nor- F, --Th ri Loomis, and others, the resolution. amidst m uch '"iii 'r'd s 'E iivn of the U'nIb U l" i er li '\ 'rii. m ur Ocr IL Sal, l 1 0 t, a ,i.. alhlit.n, hu..l ,ij wot-r. mtrd, ,, has hib observatory on Sand dKey ; and It Is understood t lh eni ntrodu ead fnll owat a
;. MrIntiae, wasMM an opth tshe-a &recess wag ta L .,. n ,,, 1'. nn-. h in l ir 1 ,hmi he referred to elAtG r for An 'oni ar,,t Lulaitih. 1.lh oall. e nilnD,..d that Lieut Rodgers, in the Hetzel' charged with tern.y a WsS f ls:- II
liT. p, w as 5dopt d. ch. n a re eo8 w as taken. w n'ith he m e eca r~ cy an ,d r -e ,is he h ad re- firm C rude r.hak. ,a. h .I .i'm t'c and ,,, ,,n rm Uti h y roWsr]tel Ilia W EBoSTERmS SPEECH I
At 3 1, M On re anqmt,ltm_ the chair announced a amd,d(r.,-)|i, 1, C, S11, fImr',. I ,11 the various at46r. its bydrograpbial duties, ill commence them about He ecu~id a. hb hiJ oeo intended when he
r-rccce. Iimm the,. to the effect that they had ihl.icl ,ir.f i *e euutv--th eitcourcsLind a.udr'- ,.,-ri.),s -a.1 a 4 ible, pork, in lots, sold at$10 November next. trust that Congress will make an fl,t 1,- mto the i anu dt, ai.,k publicly; but as It
-4eclined to adopt the V an Bure n. resolutIons. n, C rl,rb r ,f .l. i '._I. -i- lir confoli lni t clal m U1.1O 1111 i tlo rm e ss, an.d at $9 for prim e. Lard was arc ady, early and hbe a" l a plropriation for thiA work. It is no ad conse uted to m eett bem in a pam i tiar m .bun-r ans b
I -jli i n ia tFtii~ flr~ n ,Ard o r I fu tth r ,ait; r-f i ,.od tit C L'., sM rietly prime was b d a s e t e t b ami m a .u3- r-
Mr. Tit a C .T ld that as every means to secure a foreig' ur S.7hlien i r ,r,-, n. heh ,ih1pooti o r, a I t. ,o. sectional or local matter, but interests' the ship-owners hhh \tod ,in tentionr of ay .political allu.,;,,n bil l. t-
;11,1 ,I soi hlic fir A!t. .,,c ,Nothing now fo igna a.r ih po lin olIhigr n Luopeaiibe\,,.,i ,nih lir:i irmii ,c lhit! eLandii Westn Etmees-tef.helh asuihfriendsdW taeettheha fbaedsmandhewidtht wt osoat
Union of the two parties had failedhe would go no their relation 4, aldirehere-ho blaolk a%.h a lold- heights. a_ ,e A ,,rol, .mmlastl.n of thIefr6li n friendly reception aud kindness fromthe citizens, for
arther. nees and accurate a. rliu" mg1 R %A-el I ulo il tII wiinl A o islao..a.i. .f. I apt, 1wids and that TC-nuIS_., ril r e hicb, for himself and those with him. he thanked them.
I Mi. KlrG, of Saratoga, thought not. ,.1 r, I% ills n liJ Tl-, i.;I If I 'I I ,J P i L' ,...- I X p.Iiluui, t nibling hieick in the way of the navigator, ie referred to theahappiness he had experienced in
Several other member expressed their views On the n, u e. E,,, u,, ha,. ht, l ni, r t ma all i au .)tLh Lhanneland road. viitingthe isleofthe ocean, and saidhe was much
:..e~t upon whI .h.U 60 ,,---t -1 I~~l.] aft l ;,! b,-h e I ...Eltald for mr, ,, &bhmm ,n a hL,Jr,-d minlc- more pleased than he expected to have been. The
I ubject. n pon vvat thci Emil., ilhoti~ly aff~lrr to 1m-ho,%e in I-U,,| kilImR It &I -.... 'u d s. 1 ,,[, 1.A;g .~~ slm*,L,^h.^^ oil was much better than he had expected to find It,
Mr.T C0oTmved to notiythe hunkor convention rearer hse'l'eieond ne'luarenl n lrn 'r P^'h I? do" ,"" i'; ? SS4S ht: o~~.p eo
' rgadu iscr~aciie ad n-IL~rni~ i. or p bli 5 do02,9 G.-,I- Trcat.,lry N. tc.. Ii' The case of the schooner Princeton, Smith. from Now
M r A C o e o n tfy t e h n e o v n i n tati lrs, w onldibe put to c nnfus ion by a few sim pfe 1(0 do IM .' '. 1 11 .,' Yor k tfor Brazes St. Jago- -strandeld. audreported in m y e p c al h p e a t o h s a d o e p rs o
h# no farthe co m n c t oom k ow i.. 1 I SO b 0 5 ,1,;.% : 1.1 filalf 2 l i o-h s b e j d c t dint e U i e w which he should judge, from t .he appearance of the
t attheY hl~ nofarth orcommunicati ntomake,*whleh facts which they m ay at some day discover. ... .. at IIBI, 11 -,, ls Stnte uls tit o but. andt e owre c t in the Unit ed
w s r e e e i v e d w i t h g r e a t a p p l a u s e A t M c C o n n e l ts i o w n a s m a l l p l a c e n e a r o n e o f 7 : .. n . a'.I.h1th ,,1..a n d r 0 r e. 10 h o o w e d o f el
A r cess of one h our w as now ta ken. !],.- n,,,U r .., mi d h ;. | d alltlo od i n, tl;t r in .; ^ ,t.m iSw.-I Is t iu,"; ^ he p r ofe ssed to be som eth ing of a farm er. T h e p lea -
At the appointed time, the Convention re assembled .. nv'ao-i in; tile I'r, d-d,]il6 Etrri ,,I A ihr ,o,ch ;,,h. 1 1 ",,.. . M" nh,1I.An rno l.1 fu dl to met[ the n.ckary ,_ ru hmses, a prrli on of the n t nes n nd u
.4, committee of one from each judi district was ap t ,thr ) B .u e h* nd u. e n, )r lose- the lIr,;.;: i s 1 "" 3' .I ;aL te ,N'"Jid'1 S'mar t. tbeo wlbLblol d 'otb ,. a d tba destruction of nby and now w r hou nd dw ih tha t e ni arse
Ipotnted to prepare the Address and Resolutions, aud t I' d uea tt ,n -h ,y d ..,r..1 h e ad t the human race, cholera, still we bad not one aawe of
I aiai tooer fmour UI, film itv waside hi oparie thatnol plORi, BJ Z, d .LM ninlterrtitie ninf aemd
.h o rtly a after w a r d s lb e C o fns (r atio n e ]j ,u r nl,i a s r. e. i O g :Ial i.t "[ir t el li.; tid Il l i .. U S I, '. lk u7 1'1.14 .. I[tnttr- *s : s i 1le a sl1 fJta rti E t U S fro m 1u so cB o n an d it w a s o rpinio nh a p a s
eamy, plain, -u l it a I maiBnner %tchlE.t ouce as- ----I----Key tiacol. n Biey' him betifaul ndud plo.perous from itsication, climate. &c more amunity than
,G arom r v l T a l o I ~ e e la it o l a t P f t ia r msg, otac u t a t [h e 16113 110 Ia t t n o n m y i e lu h e \'i lne~ a rd lh a t t h e h a p li u en C s ro f C o m m u nl1, 13 ty U n -
.GenexrI Tay'lor?, RgecpUon at Plttsburgo sured them. They tcl~t'd a i,.ech, ba hL-IPN .l zhG][O h'~Eo the ~p m NT I 4Kh K~tat th lCmn E.o bbtu dner^'iod^^ -,ptnded upor,
P iT T M (Ua G A u g u st l8 1 84 9 P lr .4i iriu l w a s l., n W t'..k "j hi y th n l lJ d fo r B ill w tu Bu r m lL e sif il t. ae I n a u lgnaI d e h ,,itth at tB l a se tf h ltca at 1y h a d m ue h to b e thandl fotr
A large number of committees have gone out to meet Gay. ]ohnslon, % h t h I., y ni',,nners naid rree in- AIArrived TtleT Day. I.a,161 [ lhbe Stt --which. %lbh It, lurtlh, sil1 amd rtropi- 'I bet it arrLa I in ad was probably rn e of tbe nirst
It h e P r e s td e n t a n d G o v e r n o r w h o is e x p e c t e d e v e r y t. i,.i t "e u m i llr- It h 0inl Ila ~ r e ,Pa l ,[ ; ;;l L 0, A S tr t. V, l a H mi 1 rin ea, v C all-7*, Si ma ,a n n a r ,ui c i ^mld y Ito d t tu e t| ,. b f r o c .m 6at e u la l^o n np rnt s lbudf u bftra d e arlie str ad v e n t tue p
vieteed ita,hwd th,-ir ilhh-[rlo11.1 gu,'brIS, dart I ..,%ernor !.Iht 2I no.. ut r,U ,. IMina-,ES, 5 daiis, with Zr, l,.,rtur 1 tti,1 I~r ,lel vILD ttl r 01 d 11thlboiy On l rho e region edge of liA path hlfehr an of taFclwto I re ..n t m eneitai carry
Flags a"e flying in everydirection, and youmaybe Johnston, n nan ,,.I ,,,,d n ,mn,-r. ,d Ih It he F ,. I ?,.[. _s 0 ,,IT n-IlT I- atod b tr o n o .U the 0a fiob
Id O -n e r l 1 1 il e~ t a b e t ty r~ im p tlo . r M al N. b 1 -, n r,,.. Y, F. ff ,Ik 2 d o y .Ar M ,I nl h1 s fro -I It W a it, e el o 10 0 L" P ue ila, e t h r ,:,r o f th o u sa n d s I im | .or i a so u O f m E~a- u b um e t tr, th e S ,1t eo o h is a d rp -
a sured th, old G ral Wil o,*-' a h earty i oeption. n,uch regretted that the l'rt .ld ral wvi,s not now in I lt :t,, ,!'l: tit uur I.,i up u. she,, wrallb tur eliaol inatna R r ,lmr uCT1 ILA- I It. o t a ps iJocularly .1" h -r ;h,-,roio a, J eari.a .f
g rtl ,u[L,-,l i[ l,,, f c ti i o.. lir art'1|n5tr n learutig. givi g gall. trainm the low tt h e ,
Iii.1t -opportunity ofohitadming an education C0 tn e t r
.LTI', Aug. 1, 1809. able ii %VI,,Jl 11 gIL him 1he gItatest idtlilinellOO to rib,& valolh Tit,r ,-affrtrd to reLailn tbuir homes in the ;wprie, noduted, and mrlthe fo r Vtn which therog Inalath
", F ra n k W il~i a m s n o d M r. W ibla er a ri, .e,- l h ere th is sp e al i Ih r lm M 24, 11i t, S t ran oar i o H .. i ., ,- eman I h ot, rit es s, a re a W r m t a i th e n b st d w c h o h h
P~t 9 o"(h,, K'd~e President, governo',ilt suat ns ae IR&IAl I, 1hat ila(t. yeltcir.]mst for Mi,, Ion-!-no ltupionmeresdsncfaioeahbeigo!o.sehanwa Oupdaoghe
B4orning iith sb uut $SO.MO of Calfornia gold. They At 9, u'" I.w i ihe President, gtvewnori and suid b lpsi ng of G dter States. referred to thesituation of therUnted
ror n i nrge d a t t ihe GooV| n e IPH J n. iri-- 4 1 r o. n r 1 I l. t. t:I r .u l. I i C t : -u,. . t ovsno w b lo i tu o u s o i tn ct- f a c t io n s e a c h n g Iwto
left gain inthe 10 o'clock train, entrote for the Phil- m er chnnrb, t Lurg, and 14 flo r l.edl',,rd, .I n.. d r .n u State In contrast withthe nation of theold world.
adalpha m;Di. They left the diggings .n June. Ithert I I) .IliJ, I forlan ta I ,L & In e. t l | e,' P F w A Atly k; ,R Ir t r d% I .1 Indian R;', r rmaliui na & inule rhawl of, any note' and, as the Ill ,b rey bha t ol [ or a1th irty bt iai s whme t true
--1-- kert :. ik.h,(. b i .-^ bir.dd3 J n Jl id rirver- 1 .. I.A j 1 0 a, L . P., 1t ,],< *5., ,'i l.; u.1n;.ol %ien wupy he i- tainei, l1,.1 divided. Saml''t'litc -wi-c'd; ltt t lydi., DlEae fril -o tn
he~t:. IIJ%%.. .tin aid nut |mpr, r w... V.I Mh ~ fIttl~l lfthr .r.,n Iu, n 1'. ,, dtism control. but W& bli- Ii al.-.-divided. Sam
-.... Fatal Casualty. aI d travel e t ,iirn ihte W fto- Alitr rnett ig thoi.e iprLrioi.vii,hn,. ,- iLi.i., -ball u.-,,fiing, It,; liar Jii,,. ul tht.Mlcksulil.-S, A.llpxh-L.h 'astbnuggeuof cy wbich would moot conUD.,Id, rI and give them true
BOSToN, August 18-1849 [vhuho tud ai.n, lI.., lhe Pre-iUih rallie ,ull,.- i1., 1 t l '. 111.11. r.:. [ I La 3i' 0 i r-.,, -.. ] t1pi l.. l i, a b,.., an iJ a hmll e. .t ., ramIndians, : Irrly ameba we ow ei Int t ,,
Mr N Cha.l, Cr,.,m M eina rafruit dearer belonging to ,%,l,,,n 1,,, Rnd aro, in the i;oruinA recally ". s., ucet, r-m k.ptl, paL,.,r, fr. ,.h,; r I, I r are tt, a b iefi, but and th.meir c citi h ub m to ,,,ians, many, year iu s t eno w b e^oy In a publ i t ad Manxs
N o w y r k, w h L U ri di d n g o n t h e m l l d a m y e s te r d a y h i s g I l d a t, d m u c h g icu v .. r ,d fc.,n h i ,,tl i k . |. t. e, ,.1t.. ,. .-,, ,| . 1u b, 1 1 b t, t., 1. o n l y bya fi ,da t e f o w T? iuies a crD ~nuuhl.lsedhamp lthe ean t i u toz o eo j y e d b y
ett, I[] '[8O[tIi,,n e ol rcn i, ,~,=I, I bullals Ittarr stil Ptar creek iseru p, rpi~trutttu by small [~t.u O h a[pn ejydb
I hors e took fright, when he attem pted to jum p from his sadUJe ,,--a l t t. ih 1,de tr o a hbacng air, Or- In a.r ,op land s I ,- by lude[,dent w rrhors, w" oe,,0LIOt A 1lil r hbole pop, of till Lntt,:d S idu le, an d th e v bl ;.s
a g r.n in d o i n g w h i c h h e s t r u c k o n t h e b a c k p a r t o f .. a 'I1wL tro m a n c no li Ia l | ,r.y M Lr L., 0 11 ht |I u L k r, 1 .I -; : ,, r. rE Ito W i ll I L I, a r bd n o t h e r s O O W ,]uto bt l Lf ilallrbch b y t h o o v e r r u l i n g b a n d o f D i v i n e P r ev.-
hi _~ nfcr; and w a; tlk rd alml s n -im u tl y btl ilie ilt idt ar hlad irnvallL-d t he d an cv pull,, (I.. t l )l ru, ..e.. S6L-ICIU l hJd1 u tUi L th, i ll. ,ffi c(r in com m a ld in F 'ridol a w lu- :,r t. m B> be hr, ib l I' n Lotionuu f t hIllUtL riicu S tal
I ..- thlien a, tiklres ,ldd rihe-, %lihJ 1,6 knitp ack on Hom e Porus. a .1l-icull and dcloratl duty to pttf'.m arid upoul i y 'I w ll ,nl day, thl-i2tl ly ,re.( and diltin jished
he. Rse of Satimntlet Chld ., hisb ,:k, thim b,lrs t hit, ilde, his ]lie in Il ri;t. ,,r, P Itu. AsR Bnl %r n, a, R ,. i7., 7'. AU--Ti,r, itrip r%_ utitL.u cosy .Itpid the lives if hundred, of ..ur idople. statetiman SFuke % illh gr t.l wisdom, power and
6r Louis, August 17, 1849. right. h;,m] d ihd 0SC, lt Jl] I- OI ir, 1.n uv rte | Itahhl l,,. IL.~~t L U I tlatll wia ,,qil.., IT.r ,',,lln UL nlhlt,.. I ) a iI.OuIgaL, -i : I~ ,.%,age knir wit hionsn lo tr brre r They must b e e ith ecloquyen e-r, an, d for tru onloquensea h1 a w ps
-hel>again., Nal,> ,'lI. hb,a,,. Jr., charged with uuntains end hIltl^ Ihe %a]lt'g, sleeping at .,,, I t., ,', r. ...h li,;,.' ; l,r.,l n ,.1 i ,.-tI-*-l, 1,,.Igeiloa rwht I "h r b d" Th-ytmus3be o h ineptr l on, an d beauty of expression, it
beIil gaLF ihtin the It-r,rtet_ ) ulhJola1,0)T, uldhnuuuured, Land L, I -hi al-tt I ,1t. In lt. 4 .0 rrt.I l'.t I .. .ut ua, L jrk .',I., n.. a eto,r aeatl t ute As ailnl ,.d .yrpathy ort hIltf '.r e'l~,a d b auy o x reso ,i
embialing the fund.of the Bank of Missouri fsre. trll- %ain. It- rt LUIr. Elr, l 1,0,0a ( ILn d*& Sp. i1" iilOi) ;.,, ;;r, 1,. 1, ,;a 1.ih .t u; ,,a t,1 . *,.-t, Ih p, G er r e tn"Lo a lr^ ^rta rdxe tby s dere, w plefeot gem Needfsaymurel
p o r t e d t o h a v e b e e n ig n o r e d b y t h e G r a n d J u r y b y l ilt I 'l l- L[r. IA 0 ..o:r, ,,1ieI 0 I. r t 1 '.1 I t a r n it i f r u i a de ant .a ho n b ndl o f m e r c ile s s Ag e r t n ar t ai gh a f w e e fo ro th i m eg s w i ly e n
_.g h t t o f o u r .-0 l. ,. + Io ,r t.: E l i l n % % il V l I %, % t I v a rid b e I T ~ piii i l ,',,-r. e a, L l a,. L l' I 4l `Ab k -, I h tt- I I- ', u -, ( t "i h e ym ~ s hoa e reover e d ,t w ai u o nthe o d e fe n c e.tgo u i n p atak in g w efe t haeg od t i g i th c
T h e origin al exam in ation how ev r ,w llW contain u ed r, d L.) d e IL ,Ud i oea nr f h e th o u n s : o f I ,c", .I b -aoag w
I'~~~~~~~~~lrT hioo. 11-11i,,[.lit ull ..4-1111711 ,lh lh, .Lta, 1 5 ,h ., throughout the State This may be donenatnavery Afe tecol inheolwng er sme f
before Justice Butler, to-morrow. h ave cal lkd up t-.,:ue Hiith pat unef u l p Ir Iom. l ine,,. |, a n, h- rr oirn. i,.,,) 11-, 1.1,. r,,, ,. nBaexpan eif tbeadministraion can bondueed to the toasts oflered :-- _., ,, ,
At e ct, r ', hAt r b l., IL i,c ur., at', the escort which Bi l,,tci I.ii.a took, Pr..ll..l"li^ ..r,, & a,., I, offers reward for every warrior brought In, dead or :1.1, i,.l,:w ,f-,',i. R,,.;t-7bl3 festive ocasion amply
Wrine Progress* Me Cholera. 1"""...''r.iri, P, l.'- .LI.I-"* hr.k.-, .- Mlh ,i. ",K -r- Ave. Lot the sum be one, two, four, or five thousand pro,, I:,nrly Ibe ailrtlions of thepeopleare flxed
Tlisae mr 0 me iolra. Etatd luM "ile ll, was swelled by, man. Do. li,,,L |a,- .. it-ll, .,.i all >m.itLa.,, ba .l, dollars a head. stilt the plan will be economical and on tienr pr,ai..fisand grulne worth.
IN mIS cITY. large adilimr-n6 (1 cars, horses, Land carriugeB, atmid A.l hh1 SD3 .h01 I ..1 [ , ll ,h I,,,Id,*tu 1 .. .J,,a,' IUhU]it,g Our seil appointidd iregim nts clay be kil.t i h' h ol.i- l uii" Lvdet %% as prefaced by a short
MAYOR' OFFm e, men on foot, so that the ;.,rl[Ce lmn, I on Inler ung Il, r ,, :. .'llt,, ,, I'a. ,,,.,N,,ii"'i- o*., p , *,"E. in,ic,.m ,,Lli; speech, liaiueuL. tl) In tel=IOn tO allmenbe mg
NEw Yonx, August 18--12 M. J B.dl d. m us nearly half mile in length. lo|l '. .,..I- Li lo I- ....ILI -1 11.11 LE -,,,. 1, .a- U111111-11 Of Ima-ure UL' b Bh. 1 Jos.i I Bo rad ea. free aId equal".- I
M61 l t t tit- i, ,rq iu l 7 -Lt.a 5O(., I., II li.t,-I 11.4 m,1 Daai a. ,,t, l ,= Iuimc.nJ owial tr~ ,ur 3,l ar, u.,c,ru lut, U6ve mad t dar fre adeuu":
The auliary Committee of this city report 6T new I, 6 b^ ^^ b,-,, ^ Ih ;1, I a'- 'h ,'t 1bee1' L "l "", R adlu ,, t n, '", d s a t u l f Thene xt Pre ident oftheln itnd bts.- M y be at
ai-r.t Ill, li-r all hlCr~e, -rgr NY.t.1he age of white flags, and protracted tatka. and stra- t aeadhsced h p~a u2a
.oases, food _Adeaths. Of, cholera, as having occurred tedbrice e, %% erldl~e e^ 1,kWL~bI-I Asal-rtbo al Car^t,^ ^^ h~o hters adpotaf 'tao :n btig name nd hscreed f<.in th., SprUiin Ouco' as
-d u r in g~t thh lhawsr t w n y f u h o u re l ad~ta s iee o t i thll I t a k B L.0 17 k ..t I l,. u e ,l, r1 I, = I h ,'k ; ,| t e g ic fi e ld m a n oeu v r es w ill n o t b e r e v i v e d ; t h a t t h e f o l o w e:- -W ,e u w i ll
t urng thelasttwenty-four hours, door' .,id lh.d,'.ts, i,d ee erllhbLg V.'3 in cum- 1-i. V1,3r' lmli;rrB .-,,,, J, dL1u .u.tker.,Uog grt. q T,, e flaceevery
:r n>..c o tioc. AIolt. I-,e l ,unh I .h h.,ded& 3i t Mr l .-hn ,N~, AU .. au, II-111 rL'ItMI*l I -,I, %, I- wo, dtmem of Florida, Alabama and Georgia, waybea
It a e D a h D s h d Ini -, i ,,, Li *fi I, ] lo tc hhl t& Br) 1.1,0 I0. null Ift rtJ called on to hunt, run dow n. capture, or exterm inate i h n l t o
C ., uas es. * Di* ch'd o. o r tt 1rdr il Ift d an elu eLiL dnd h ,I-hed dd r ,s r hllii lrt ;, b .b,.:..; "r M, dii. .n.d iS t hem me tt .Bl 'JLi e. ol au ,is a wu h. ^ her,- S slave san etio ing
J VUliam Birenee o.{-p*al ....... .1.1 4 4 Ta l, % l -1 u vn I nii.e 1l, r.1 l ui, 1-un.r. .|ihria amill Ui,... Mt rll Fir i ., i. illi Lk al iuitirua ul lD.Jlau.. D. r tr~al T ibhat 'brsuum to
rhl: e, uth street hc-t-O ,.... .. 2 2 2 1 .h h n tIlbrljb th d 01 t l he u-V t-1- T ile P I _e!6i rt l rc- 11 I '. ,,I Ilo,1r 1 ^li,- ?l .. i'.,r: -air r d % IS. r th, v v g beca u-c-cri bri ren uan, rycr Lr t n .d a a ,
-C .I L o 0 s t r e e t 'lo. A. .. . . .. ah b 2 ., c e td t it b .l : J-L : i a'. , ;.. h l l Is. B .6w. ,l'ut.d
ni B O K2. ur ,, Ia R lio R ,-ip u b lic a n d tile nvtet l u ti, n .
B-L h eh UiI ,., tl ..T.- g 1- 81l plite i.E Iti, i uo : .--f.116 Du.l,, P AlmLt rIlikxr I A d .n L. I '. ..t eNl. re ti heA C.totyOr a fioas with as chiOr m tf onepbandt It t at
T *iva ie ps i r lic e ..ete d .y ... . . 4 5 1 5 O itle ,, ith sh o .d ,n a r f tfEli g O f g rI al tudI e t&a n d p r dbI, S ,..,o di P o tt l S J i i r. ,i. h. T pr r ,,r., G =ra i w ll n eitt er b ,t td h ld c .wa ot-r [h e U a l of O th er T h e Hon W e ill e n d-u r I n-n t -i lt: ,r b e tretye
of 15 d eatm y ,.hl t elol epc. tcl weh at I viz.e Ilia, cl oew r,ty L .,l ]l 1,L. il,,, 1 %. I 1 BIr ,t lll % hie, iIOI r, d, P hLi irlha c ',6 h aI n ds W h ere all ar e robb ed an d m u rd ered setting w h e -reb y th e N E l-.u tcar llv qu e n ,ee t ,restlent con .
Total.:. I .. l-I.. ...... E in n,) Ilttr',hi lh,: u-,pu,,e hi, h sour t a %blain -1 -in,. i. r, ial Byw, l rt,q- ,I Paorl ',r, BI ,- ,..l,, ateleflametb trhereditaryor constitutedauthorities, qu oted the Britih hin not with pbIr,hr baget ad
iii~tl, r~ltr L}OL-i. Syuii^i,.IB ) ito,. L, 1 V ioi b ) Iu baitl L ao, it., .,h B A , J [r. R tlki; I L BArI.1 Pi. NiL pt s o th e S, trtat es an Cach, Blgmns and a n eng
I. Ja OOKLYN l P ar I. h In.6Llbu I 16 to IThe t;ru.1 F &.. l Pi ndr acl l i JW i-g; bayonets, but by the mathlress powers of his mighty
BO R p i" i ,A g s 8 84 O r)],n I n u., 1,o u pml ILE, L I deTb no govvrnm eut, we IHITO no alternative but to, rem ove inteIect
oS b us H ait n ia, u met fra LtFg 1 1nt a a 3 up n i h 9 b aetO u l -ya d d, P "X .,1r ,"; *; ** Or e m t C B o n ts th u s pa s ed o ff m o st p le isan tly anl a sll

Stnee yeaterd ay,thereha b eeA reported o this amid i. it o M. t1. eU I ni610 L r t S Al I i31 t eluug lBC i ana uimI.U.5r.^ F Brynt Mrs N% and %c. the tionrar ge n o *d
-oface 15 deaths from epidemic chblera viz. :-itMary L. 111 ll t C 1.1iui[,GE Ll Ia[,. -It'-r gtal t lvottIUe an~ d prom. Bt 5 u I Iowaer dd. N is C-,lie Mrs L busd]rJ H 14hlI'l I.bde NI0e L lySZ I pl th i~t, .] Ihes w r e tu m s
I Bubo strtct, MaIebac C,:,bO-r Brlti.c street; Elizabeth -pl-r .hire. lamolatc aisrd a uppuri our itpubhie I amn PA, n% L,,-, ltl-r J R W-,Idmr, 0 ,3 I~a~aua:, -3 F Groh.n, Notes from tMe Wraterling Placest. I DEmsl] 1,4rt "i~leJ twillbchers were gsent upms
___ur y U E w 6s b ri d ge t I l Ie r s t a t e s t r e e t i J a n o I ~ 'R sOtbt i t huc o d I u r it hL ai a r uIla) J [ ,r 1 V c i t i z en% o I V i n eyA r d, t hg 1 1 t 1 8 4 9 i t t h r u m D o w a r e fuae, 1r o a n d
1n 18e4849. ,,, 3t baL. L(.II. I.' all iC. I di 'to| BOl FEhouo MIet B 0111fl. b-en hiahly pleased and,,rE, I fL byTs U. vt', t_ le__ n or eSturday
hue; Patrick t Dow ut Ealhclr.-I" JadendiJav, h ntui.ld Tha. mhupe i ny GOLl Poe Visit of. t the Sl t']he Webster and Familo o te ity, lt lef 1cr W

I h ~cnfrtetet o~ o~ 11i~ Lb -ty, 1..131l y L, 11-12r Ubo t aol, ahte tor do, ;AGIPT A11,.61 The 11 nawas Udderan J tE L Deiar. J aMtHU Ite Jon DLie d'seMs ailWbtr FU TXSTeSwOia, ; uo
s t r e t i r IF t rc L i t lh .i bUlSd L t ur.u h a v e B e t / rml e d t a t B eha mn d a h l tA t B A PE, r a RJL .i n eaio n. 0 k B ruha rbur r I ro- -8 p r t s o f t h e ata t e s m a n -C a t c h i n g B l u e Fth m o r n i ng t A u:Lnu et ] ] I a .
Am.eran aidt Jatee Dlgaantz, a o bTre-eat, May for t fabL'er manh',, labur int IIt g t o lilt. Lrng .rule, C.I.i. P o A MRcC. A av a ,eady'LtL5d, .x &III. J H' .a dll0-o Theaavisit vl b long be remembered wlItlismnh
,crblt l-tll LIV. 1a .,Ilhr~efto c'olraU Dean .I ti a be uecits. amid that anyd, slblc tationy ahmd pfr. d- -I tbe ha l D.aI,., 1. I-,,.,.,- 11001i, J R Cuosaind' G --OOtiAg Plover---Geology-1 Pictid arid a pIleasure; and as bi tha'E 1i-ihirul', always'
I CHAS Iy In, p e* l'fTh. el tuhlrte lO-SuarW y BSnortlh ki, ao haIn t heo 10.trEA.n. Syeet fron r. It2 Tos, cgre. S, he beens, Wholly I.\, m]. frtel. Oh ;uuray of CO-

PhnstY T E L E GR A P Sr. noo Ia t h |rhet t bot o u nt h-. acri. n thl l t k r o T h e citizen s of a le artha s V in eyard th is b eau ti- ],era, it certainly .ti e]ds a refuId e front t dho ease, and
p tDEiR H.plAt clibe dull,:,nB Te. "ad b nvoke o, a_ c min t of L-EI %a aryl by l uale a dnla l p n ducin e
I -,il Ubu 'f ie -a whal ch i to ,, hie h positron to fulsea-g rt isle, and especially those of E dgaxtow n, a cli m at e wic h I t e A s ti t l rfl be t nd Io ud uctvo
Tnere have been f Bouropr cs Aughstler n 49. o ,L,death a 3 ihaete tealn,. tea, and tlo en I did nut k l, "hBnodnwao THEB Rn.--This house presented a bril- y ahigh abodnd goated by a vismt to health. I E..A. B.
sTnce report51r. The weather I us wendn d -aga, be ,ei ,d Thi a by purpose Is to administer the untharray[eftriheautyand fashlioeof the a.ty,last chinghl wih hse on hand b 1;
The repoy forPtha t y,, mothorra, Auvthendig t. 18 ball l I..o Se to all, whether high orlow, evening. Theplay was"4Ernani, therespective parts fom lion. DMniel Webster, Mrs. Daniel Webyter, I AFFAtae N Tex S --The Cow Orlo-ano P. .Iu.,'
I F~h~wdIt~entydkath- f.,m cbu~ra, fiv f ithit wer A tl r pot.r,pIrubdi ,:,rahgluble that equal and exact ,te9hmts~:I diin' h eat rmraa
.Americans and fifteen foreigaors- The deaths for the ;nsticee vhich our fr instituttlos guarantee to all. ofwhich we haveanlrady ertoelsed, except th. e change.find Miss Downs, of your city. Theyrl rivndghere and by the Gthlnves ton ,dwiton "e b thecp. Ing lto e

----' ------ ver*-e viu~gai icciltdby ih r'-ularui-Bs, te nr~ nc~j rt^Da oiii.a ^.ii~ij..j, ih ''Golin .*t ith uch peasbroo hghtdiapaonhoethadeepestonldwhichon WOBpasbedishoa d iuui lastb
*eek were 257; of whiEh Ill were frem cholera. 21 Dy- 1 |oas elected without ay solicitation on my part,! Intheecharaer of Ernatti, which was well sustained one poday, Awgust6, at 5P.M., and-tnok rooms te iI;btliittu so i-t I chullooinMx frc.m the mald. -
I., I va;aIs ). o well kuoctCw, and I em here and elsewhere, the
', ntry, tyt 13 frope Darr y h ea They coBiedted of10 i he p7c lilea b t eIS party. o ib Sigor ill woasbehn a'gage, Iinoonsruno atthe Edgarltown iHotel. On Tuesday morning IDA rita.i'd t'ii 1, ldlriiy impruvog.s eindl.-lerhdy base
mr a ds n d 1 1 ", r g "r u s t g l n re t u r n t wo u y elc o m ed 1i n f o r o t h e sifc n e s s o f S ig n o r C o r t all l T h e 6 Ir tI dli ld, th e h o n o r a b le g e n t le m a n s a i e d d o w n t o K at a m y I nienp oi l' nh
rtilL.anELPHIA, Aug. 18, 1849. 3our k~loontisetowards me. andlInvoke the blessings of ;t,,-m,ot up ptift,|med by ih la plaWeir Xrape, jK; I bay, and the south side of the island, atter the blue lath -r c- Ii, I ra~k "I hey appear icanguibe in theau-
I I peace, pmroeper lty, and health, to rest upon n you all, the alm ost ,at hfa e bud via y mar ked tbrougnoun, tt,;t I uo Lu l t At M UD u m; yet be the heabd Of a sviga-

T;hedre av benfor c?,;ases ^^^^^^ ofe~ chofr andee onegye, death .i~ wait-g an~ 1oae fis . .,which abo nd i.thoe waer.Hwas very oLo rg ~ ^^^ ^
T h e e h a v e ee r n f o ur c e s o f^ c h ol e r a n d o n eat h u p o n I b e f r ei-id e n t th e n r e tir e d to t h e h o te l, a n d r e I b eI Ohe o t a dE i g ,h te d au d i en ce T h is at t h l ut h a i s h i h a b on n d Is e w a t e w v et ,.n t L l, r d I b e p e o p le Inlf u r .te d ," l u is e

AeiB~~~~~~~~~~~~~iiU~~~~~~ ~ no .. ..a rou. .oiuu whc .. .tV Mr.e~fl catchin with hsl.uih own hands abou tlle [11111vnng1-0rc.edwt1..e gafc. nVkeuaoyh wn utsiotn n h -^ blar io rilithoselv.4lEc.-c-n nila r,.t
Ineeyvesteridy. Theweather is wet wad disagreeable. ceived his friends by hundreds. Aftr dinner.h the a aocdid aid hi. own haIds pou PIC. of bit in, ehaOr etowo alk n he 1 ht

.~ ~ ~ ~~~~ITaaH Ai~Jg.t 18 rln,,lll'^ ^ 1 lt,e Wmi,whlich arr b [ll, w onu tld rcgze intiesorg sttund (,t Bentlitnclly apopularuad ed. It appeast, ra c lled a oe nt(rr'.- ~ eeal .~ ,iulu ,ol.rliarB fc~i
(.oId.W ~ m .T ^^t -ob ,.,l.1 J.i,,P is (' h,cnh.,a, emmon. t'al,er- t b ettbv, r .attedIy g ori ar'stof. proa~tlo whc auar tlt oy iniai n, do n dt thesouinh shore, wh eramae od V, u..,.oft 3the ull,,~g t tet etow soTol wn

*+aadto Jare h from n t, ad re~mna. unblee tsthl c ulld ee.ri,:]Li-u|lted him Ilo thulwararg uur,j tenvari abl etwd upont hdl~ Stgnor .wnerr| Ba w.nd gra ce an's srgs a re n conin uall. y rolng, m nd hoolistened .,^.,^,,.iior~hl.tfi~i~rcii
.~ ~p i i ,.n ^ l" *.. .ro wd 1he jr t" he .s gan acltd by^ |he a e u z tten b ll a t>hat firt hatd M.Itr,,uu lov a,af,r ,d Th- -.. ,1,rb aG bm v it u h l auretoth "d ap so o thideep." Thre~gle tcrhoukgvie nn ^a ndpresident Arso Jo|ae,fl. hu ndrdasdh ep i b ol o gntro h S guy .0. the i-
3 .. steam ,. Te nse, Cat oe, arri ve ton- da w a.rpt~ ihe etu[lyfi h a d evenin g e culler whic f t peowl~le sre- all thno Ir Ud I t Lro u rrrpe;an r.h r;eJ al. B coamBtluc ;^y leld n slon yof ,thie., b n; i.c~ uz.a 1
io vn nah. We,^, are'; "indete 1 Capt. (l for whe ilo I,,o e61lld neale hem the counrning procee-n Opesithyl ldata~ t .ioea newi, ..i,Chuh.,, The enter extends ne .. b a rly fr-omn thsq. Lvillaet the south shore, o r btr iai t.o .pibD r y J.nee .l fai,ou inW hingtoneon-

pape r oener da y in he sd oficthe and cu o iy f eir tl I'iou [l i Pltu n b)'-w Y o k./ Tea H eulth n o o t"f s~ t~l~ r, hiI ma~n u hie h, -e.rn sit s wepeat n ,. sl ne htreai i, U beautnul of D r i,.n d w a a dehght ul ride =,' a^i ,e tu r ai e tds.p ol n t
t: he prpm pts Ithll a"'oti --n ''e'oo ai Bdlfert 1,,rom tn n-i frw "owtr t''"'1 o o e w r he ue oftnm'tafigch roCthedaf rdgea h m, stp w t bsate d nt it)apu, piu,, ., ,, ,,rt .;iininuth i ti
.S lir --Ir ,dtn io lI t.O~iey.^^ o~the i dqua]y ellu,, t ou./laS ny p otets ere ap i 0- pl.atret o e t, ll ju" enitlo ota ion|u ofea~ u t, sethe anincllLer~ toi kn[ow yw a daulhong they wie~ hre po p br ;k'off.,n ,^ ing cti Stio "Ihlu\V ncuntt ep
"Lt nr hl^,Ou n i..f bli'hlh. *a Aug 18.] cha i ty*n '.c ci. >he lq tidentwa i he. we-oe contedning ovr *le ri l aggo is'DiotU L'i',n ,G-r(.,ugH15, BI._ m bu appto,.., ,,]at addss tm falsy Mr. Deenry th yWnellnnd ~ s lhtb Adrpa.ieL~ mn[ att do O nmih merb, ] [, II L tl lie. t, cftr on'lt, rVtn T at clo.i lca i.. i i'-d h "lt, gat ioela tb-

nadme p wet r > ctmtiybetwee thisplace andtHahaburg l @ te. ,aa very gracufly Bd %[a|.n ,, I-,, I Indeed, I, |,, I, one of the most inteit p o ro ibirsar lsoe hgt,. d tu uuiuvrgo a judiciarlal It
,else that the Generalihd touched would be a fivor th bto.ies veryformano, pfro glnly I X1011111.d, was well ,c yt eg t. The U-. 111 Lr, Ii bard t. aLt o
ose. sac~n I~tl~l~lched ormhasalien wttthe alculattd to grutit)'all who %. lLnta.- [c It w"Sa ittt.,Ih ors of the clay at Guy. lead I- MeerarGt. ni z ran)rd It hwti haxe comm.,e'oe
Eleven o'clock was the boar named by the Pre- *.|t...i a I n il a h,, ,r }erte'day, snlee tne .,3 1,tr .114d.o i ,o,.r, q n otier words, L very..I a ce
side 1 lor hiB departure. T ie coach, which had d.edlle el .lure. Cont, ll a miouht to nuOlfi ; h,,, dD ;,,, tcrthe sum paid Th e peIurmaneet nroClStigeattention of all obtervers. "lhe varlty r.Larbou ht.Dj,1, herd do c,..roft rar ab t ll.he pa rpn.
,,en I rin.-ht d i i,-..l for thet occwiin, was mat n ch it is not as harge as it should be it ll- to the orchest ia w rte, a8 they alway are, irstrate. ts rely great; but the following geuetoly i'redon,-,u , |t, d thatt,tnat-ilon ur tbo r l r- will beupea-
athe door| and, 1,Uii,,[l ,-,,n to a moment as he it'g" time. Pasture all gone. Immense droves of 1be evertiog whtih was very sultry, furnlt~hd another rate I- ad before Uorl nutrr3
011611so I~~ Iat !1!ur'hlu lu IIudjan v ilagge has lately been
I^i~^! i~aTy^ ecndh tw'te n ateaeo h odfo h et llurtrstri u of the excellence and superiority of the FI~ic Pipe Clay.-Tihia generally contains asmJ 1l~,,hn ninvlag a aeybe
through the ClOr r. bijio,, ili.: "roodbye"a u sd 1many of thtm Ere Irom ILll,.nla P'on upon nhlrh this theatre has bce) constructed plalet of bilrtry rrnuoie, and obviously riaulta fum te .,lblh, u t.n thu biSo- abuuet Lmo hundred Mille
.o e .1 1,Pe brerz cam e ruihliig In and during the w hole u, c n r ,,u l tn Uf1 ^ tni tL L b .t hui.t r pnil ltmin i n ti.n A bou1UD thue dnril fa-
"L od bless you." l"le r ln e continued to pour atim the h ouse wa cool o mfo rta bl e, and refreshing h.c.j R,J Cea ,i !ILI. Isdoubtlette ooloredby thorod *b vLIt| hair ivtiild i t 1 i nt b p ellt andb mot l o them r e
b,,tn IIuI ,ll boys garheitii aro dnu d the G en eral, C ity Imt orla s e[ a t h le t m Tlut r l l or or tab l slnd r ef e ing.eo oliff list t, B ull urU l e pi t.. n d fo f th e m I re
1 1 DrEsRTE a A FREtSTED, 'This 'iti rning at half past 10 The pr oprietor %no to b, seen but,m ,rlsln directing, oside M frh oe, hLid erl t am e ,, m portantpart of Lh e cliff o r, ugtU m |a silculturbi t mu i.,h)M L-nhf T htoe Lndifinj
', o nilVIia l...nd |h lLthe warmthI o'clock, one of the troops on Governor's Island, (a ser- .r p O .rLE hAnS .,.,ia r b ci. lp.,...a,. A"df.,.d or'#= t/a -- 'h is a co xtoreor Lnoten a elo nr hrLi v I r.lU C dly to ih wh and"Bru
:,Idoi t*" votnhl' ul r.LIleciln, which was returned grant.) lse aingf a man In Broadway whom he rcognzed ebrted negro a 1-and t e tIg ellen tay- rigidly ad heredt"*u ^L" r N b o "httr hdlvte
,ilhbll I[ C sincerity-of an overflowing heart. no. a d eserte from the horse artillery stationed at Fort minstre* arM performing at 10wp rU 1 i., iealyarranged, give the eliffsa ayappearance erg yadhr uo tnu r ely ltalw mnadua year
J hlndItcds ere crowded about the carriage, each : B~ tUrlsuee him to go into a public house to hwil401. /"a" Cray ei"I' Cdaiy.-Tlis Is ottea nsorly black

NO. 5551.





or two since, and have restralnid ihil..," I.-lora 1
ensgIng In any forays uponL1ht fronler reltfl.rr
Th0Corpusf'hrietl Star, the tu ul. ,n.tIhet
lowing On Friday, of-laSt w-.11. \Ir D, "-r left hlise
for Laredo, with several wagon)-. 1,-ad-d .fil lmerehba-
disc, taking with him a small reaorn from the Ra tum.
On Sunday night an u i'.oPa rrved fr.,m -'nm ,&.&-
ting that he was beseiged at the arroyo San remrnand*a
by a party of fifty orsixty Indians and request AS as-
sistanoe. A detachment of fifteen men, under com-
mand of Lieut. Rankin, started for his relief early'the
next day.
I be anger, published at Washington on the Brawav,
given some further particulars of the arrestand puxtlb
meat ofthe Negro thteve.swho have eau,td so mu'te
excitement in that region; of late. In addition totbir
facts, which we have already published, it appears
that. when Short, the prhonnor, lately brought.from
Natchez. was taken to Brenham, he was examined be-
fore the magistrate. and committed on his owh confues-
sion. He divulged the names of many citlzefn liytvtoin
Fayette and Houston Cos 'f implicated, with a largi
band of robbers and counterfeiters. Hits brother. Vm.
Short. another ot the clan, was taken near Brenham
about two weeks since, and report says. was exeentez
according to the direction of Judge Lynch. They state
that Absalom Bostwick; who was killed at La Grange
by Gen. Mayfleld. was guilty of some of the blackest
d-. JA -.i crer.rd Tl.i' b...nai v : .,.d ID .- t,bii-hing
a r.- ubtirTI. IIFlr( y ppfr ut iuaI ai rgjeS'tlpe in oaeijf the
western coUnties, and that he bad aid a plot to have,
two gentlemen named Taylor and Ledbetter. living near
ruomd Top, in Fayette county.assassinated. in order to
carry out a grand forgery. Another of these villain,
named McLau hlin. was taken about two weekt since,
and suffered tho death of a malefiactor, near Rutter-
vllle. He contessbd to crimes of the d,,,-oe.I t .-_
said he was such an old and hardened .nnl-Jer that
there was no hope for him- his prayer, nor any others,
would be of no avail. He purchased a bibleandt prayer-
book. to be presented to his children, with the request
that he wished them to be raised by some holest miae.
7Ibf-to 15 a cbiiln rf u, ,,p,,at,- lii., better organized.
Tbun tha o1fMur"rl'& veIstlHc fr.ji the R11o Granda
L jMi.-B.uTri aidthe. olY' Jl.T-,'ual ,-.y to break thbnt
lrp ii, for rbr- ltllhe -n tr.c,,.mmecee a .ar cftext.rtolua.
lion. W-e ace no doubtt rhat many a loudly [raveller
has been murdered and robbed b% IE I .:l:n, f..r I ap.
,t.eae it.a thI ir Lrk. L is to do an) thiag [,-r Ia,,iey.
The following letters from the Post Office Department,
are in reply to letters from the counsel of the Potuena,
ter at Sparta, who was arrested for a refusal to deliver
said letter without the authority of the department at
July 24, Il4('. .
Stn:-Ir anwrr lo sours cf In" i.r)h -,,u are iaful B-
ed that tlTEmptJ h&rebt b,.,.o ma~lB l0ouIt I OD(rc o p0 *
laws. to prt 9, ID b c-reu|Tr,..nDOf wrc wa, tea. ,ruir.
"incendia, s ,ubilictlr ic." DUt 1'. .00h law was ever
passed. 1 n,- I.-.r,,a, t.r G-o.-rtl is tI .rr..,r po'wer-
less in the matter, and must leave ihe ihihle 'i.jebt
LC th., d, er,rion of Wd'213.3aterE, under Lhe adth )riry
Gf tlheSLaul;-6,VerriI.(nlia
Second Assistant P. ,Q UGenral.
To SIMPeOx Bono, Esq.
P. O.D pARTMExT July 30,1849.
DEAn Si. :-outrs of the llth inst. -infrming me of
your imprisonment by the authority of io uh tc aradnu.
for declining todeliver a letter, which bonheld an
Postmaster. to any ,one but the pew,,on to whom tha
tame sas addressed, or to hie order, was duly received
As the matter now stands it would seem to involve a,
querf1.n (cflaw, and. possibly, a Conflict ofjurisdiction,
properto he Ecllltu by the legal tribunals. It ha
I he hne n rey. T. d to the Attorney-General of the
United States, who will communicate to you the proper
course to be taken Ou the subject.
JT. CO LL AMER, Postmaster General.
To Gan. W. H. LEGG, Esq.

int lli]-r,.ce Istnight, of a dreadful occurrence at
Uatd:,1o~n, the pjrlieul~ar or which are hbuot
llte-e:- Loemn 'i>lkitfe, a young Itvypr of
that place, nod \t. P. Gray, a barkdninth. had been
Upon ,ulrleihdl)' terins lor some years, and have
haid no iniercourb_- ot any kind for a long time.
Grin) Inli Surid.1 let a grnden,an hale one ofl b'i
hotieg to eo in [he coi'lr. and as th- gentleman
retumtcd te met Pr. L. 'klihtle, who 'edld the
use of the h(oise to go to a religious meeting some
miles dt-ltni. The entleman let him liie the
horse, and acquainted-Gray (the uwri-r,) wlh lhe-
fact, who remarked that Mr. WickluT_ hold not-
use his property, (or words to that amount,) and
immediately troubled aniolihqr horse and proeeed-
ed wiih.aI- trid in que.L of W~ikliffe. When he
arrived at the meeting house. Grdy Ibund his horse
hitched to a iree, and ,inmediaiely Look him IQ
charge and returned wlnh him 10to iwn. He had
no %ouid wi.h VWicklhfifeon the ground, and did,
not eitn .zee him. XVWckhltfe L; said lu td'e been
,glehtJ'y mcelid wvhien he mLsrd The horse and
U ndt-rflcod tlho had taken it awiy, and made
.c, ee h.ld Illre.tL allll. (.r,; Till, cireumtaln-
cee %ere generally knou-n and commentned upon
In Iatd-lowu. tieda all who kn~w Wivckliffe and
.ru) t'd ftcltd a ditictielly between them. No-
tllll.n, however, transpired between -hem, until
yesterday morning about 10 o'clock, wrea, am
I I;rjy %v.5Sooirig down street towards" home, and
had got within some twenty steps offhis yard gate,
WViclilfle came out of his office, (nearly. opposite
Gray's house,) armed with a double barrecshot
gun, took rest against a locust tree and fired-the
discharge taking effect in Gray's side. Gray tiar-
ed, and as he did so, Wickhffe discharged the
second barrel, striking him eit!ier i [ihe oIILt or
breast. He immediately fell, wa8 SL r ried inIo the
house, and upon. examination of his wounds, the
physician pronounced them mortal. \'e las ntoght
received Zhe following despatch from l_.;rdmown -
IV. P. Gru i,_ strll lhee. but cannot pL -Mbl IlIve
IOn... Vi'kllie c-capId this morning, and ha"
noi et n b,:ard of -Lirce --foaiui&e Courier, AU-
gual 11)
Brooklyn City Intelligence.
ATTEMPT AT HIGHWAoY RouERY-.-At an early hour
y, st, id11) incrniALg, Alderman Spies, of the 4th ward,
heard it scream. ot a female in distress proocdiog
firm ihe spirit a thort dltaneo3 Iom his housoaSut
dirt, lh tOaL di.cov-r, d a , gill straggling with & o'l abouL *_3 or 24* 3, &s ,.r a-,a e houpon his ap-
r, ruach. dIard a av ETrry afthtance was tendered
the young lady, who was extremely exhausted, ani who
EttrnJ tIbh thc c,,ulh DLIC Im.,'121iu the motive which in.
durd Ih i.sautnir, ,nl-; it a, to rob her of a gold
ehBin wich she wasearr iDg luo .lI i, h(r haB.j md,
which shehad put in ber p,,&i l upuu heari}a fucla
steps bishind her. Tb,- mc;[ unace.untral.l thIins la,
that the assidlant, who is well known in Lhis clty, a03
has hitherL.o borne a most excellent char,rict f,,lr ho-
Lutv Look offhirahl.d and carried It away with him.
(It a- 6ulj"-rtt utly f',nUitl In hii poeXd.tI ) Upu hrar-
JIg Ihi F--thfatz ier-an Spl d-n paltchtd n"Hiter Falk
alter ibe secrured. hb s oon eniccciut dIn arrosLIng hili.
lie naE.SuR, uiij ij cbOmlLted Lojakl.

FaiuAT, August 17-6 P. X.
The market fcr flour clh-.d firmer by about 0,-io per
Ia ,Il f..r l- tL C, m,,n gra ,Je% *I hu t r CL.l|lIt oonunueil
]tght, Blh ta gE-u nlanid for[lbe ham" Irade, and lor
the I ,ajl-ru. SjIthlberricuBnUaDdinfifalrdamaud at
steady prices. B lljour was armor Uorn meal wam
scarce, and sold frNir ltter price Wheat WS 6irm,
with sales of wititer. r n lermis Elated b luw yei wa-
L~o firm. Corn oulmnued la fair demand, tlaouffh
Wlihout mailkcd ehauge ui prices rineo th m,)raing re-
pturt ril bafhir mr~unt C.f salcs Ont..worTB dull wilhl
Bal |,gure r'ii Jrerey sold at 35c to dMe a 37o Pork
cijntlutuid dull, wtth light sal.. in lots to the trade at
teitiday's ratles Lard was eomo firmer with moler
dtuio^ thtre baliji rD~ie d>-iijB] fr LLUU Frtioah maie^
Bt~t Tho' i]Uvtullucii fjr etltun elo_ ed about 1he pamf*,
niih mo.deratH Fa~vf oc-mpartid wirth tfie tranaaotlona fi&
Ithe r.. lpar ot th week.
bL.' tL .n. 11 | / iir--Th salts reechrd h,000 a 6.00@
Lbhs lUs, 6p -r. l lots, io01uJlug wour at ,4 a $t 0Z=;
and fijitU at '-if" a $4 ~u, Iauiiiap, otud al #4 '2S a
',4 b71.C commUon Stetb acid ml&rij kii'cieiu at j.[i -"7 ,L
a id bli' straight Sitet and good MIuhljau BL Sb60D &
^ij ib' pure tUrnefre ann Invwrit ladlamtf at $5565^
ab 5t.61.3, porerf~ml(hlObio, ait6b&bj.6Bl,, renew
betel, and Ohio,1. t6 t5i7,', a $6 12;, eaxtrt&0hio, a
StU $d12K,; and extra UeBetee, $B 1;1.; a M dlOi, for
,|. aiid uat675;ba7 t v'r nui" do) (Of 3uut hur. aiout
lUaI'ulslec iti oid ul $5 14 lor Al-iinndrla and oldj
Brt~iii. ltir &adi ': l~u [er bJ.d, i.)Jfur .I/Oii n-aledi
of600 a60 0bbls t..ri. taala) at Sd .u a i.J sats. Mleal -
Sates of about fl00 Ibbl wciu rti.ort, d. part lo amrrie, at
$ 831,'- a !$a 87;. n AUI 'ah. ul uwu tiuvbcia upper
L.cliL. iT~rb Uiade on privalvu l ,i~. and I 4UU do UhJo,
tu elrtur at .1 | tt e lijdes o 3 uuu a 4UOuUbucul.j
nk Ite ad&tClll laOoI Lntlallp k jdt.'etao drlIltrcrd Cm'lJJ
-- "Ihte tdi, for iLh day lira, abj about Al bI, a "'AUUO
burhilfr at ou-. a (j-'ji' l,,r rlbl jelluw; bd0o a 6j3u for
r\i-ttliirn uijd Jr t.$r round =luff, adid atdJ.^e, a (ilo.
tLr riat )(.huir I-uU/ wztrv .ull, Oniu^g tO tUu rt-celpls
Ili~m hbo nLW crL-p L,,ID ai ar at hLtbd, pricrj eljdud
llh a dcoi',iiaid tl,]uoJ'uc Soles el Lausl werre n-
ptirtud as o k,, ubo, uhilii tom.j heavy Ir^tB bruugfht3Bc
a40e' JL'irry w""c ai.-o Uuil, v-lth mir. *,rying la
pttt'e /t'm b ca o6E~. aoc aecorjiu lu .lu~a[ty
Lbiil,%-Tth baJrDs Irfiurtd lt-dJy, teru a bUOh B.
l~r, ldt.|i'are hrm and ,lUtit't~liu Uahunoliged

Ino isioM-.- alji. u( -fuU a 4bb bbl- of porkwero
erode in L-lsait10 75 fur rtotis. andat $4 fur prime,
and 80 do th'u mT"ri-,Iid *lu -'> Beef exhioitud na
LbtLB|gt' Laid-S.t1t of about 60 bbls wur. madN
iBtLluuinig %.Mmoti to %htLt grma-< at uc aud lfr to
good at Go &,hd hiOa-60 6b1, 8 ury prmbtile7o,
andl16kegisdo. it 7, to LUL ui&ta CuU'.iUn'd dudll
with comelriuitry tf.r barms, bnd a baue ul "o bbtLa )
70 Butter Cs itully at 13 a 140 f,.r-itate. aadat
b a 12c, lor hilo Ihibre was no hderatiou tn ch-fe
i -n'I OI. tTS W Id nouiiLai. and uO tugaumenu ta of im -
portance were rLpotted.
rlc4'tis cfPIOlaUte prr Hvdm Rtrer Ianus, ths dfay;-
i.'|our.bbia.... .". . 3?81P Ash Wble. .. .. ...11
Lorn bubh els ....... 4 250 WbilkuF ............ 81
Oalb ................ l.76j0 Choud bic... .2~
Wool. bales........ 1J9 Butter, bbls.... .... W e
A llUWr u,,hAWLInon nf bllAtj We uCLatLuid bLtJUud ll
Inrti 6liiil eo-n Looks.

friends of libetny and republicnnism, which are one shock was tremendous," and that "she immne-
and the same thing. They sympathise most cor- diately careened" when she struck. It was the
. uly in all those mighty movements of the people, duty, therefore, of the pilot to give an order to
'in every oppressed land. Out upon the cold- "slow" before he did, or, if he gave it in time, the
ileeded antipathy to human freedom which ap- engineer did not promptly obey it. How, there-
pers ,to beso deeply ingrained in the very soul of fore, the jury can absolve both the pilot and en-
3Bishop Hughes! He an American Catholic Bishop! gineer from all blame, and return a verdict of mere
---u--- OF "accidental death," transcends our powers of
AnurvAL oF GzznzAL AvEzz7Ax.--General comprehension.
&v Iez Izsna, Iwell known in this city as Capitain of ,comprehension.
A lzzana, well known m thhis city a Captain of But, supposing the men who worked the boat are
the Italian Guard, and throughout the world as in no degree culpable, then we say, it inevitably
Mminier of War under the Roman Triumvirate, follows that the company are entirely responsible;
during the recent troubles in the Eternal Claity, ar- for, if the Bedford was approaching the slip with
rived in this city on Thursday evening last, hay-
ing reached Boston the previous day, in the steam- only the degree of rapidity that she ought, then the
ship/bernla, from England. Heio sname in the ist pier was not sufficiently strong to resist the very
ahip Hibernia, from England. Hisname m the list moderate Way upori the, boat, and the boat herself
ofmoderate way upo the boat, and the boat herself
fMet known that this dpisntied, and mahence, it was on was not of sufficient strength to withstand the
more in New Y k. Arrangements are being made trifling shock, for "the 'starboard side, the raill-
to give him a suitable public reception, which we ing, and part of the covered part leading to the
have no doubt will be as comphlimentary to him cabin, were carried away by the concussion."
as it will be creditable to the city of his adoption The company, .hen, are placed m this dilemma :-

N'EW VnDYORK IRALDTn igsy Important from Havn--The Fro-
~.E J Y Y tis .A..L Lf Jected Revolution in Cuba.
*soY co.r.e.r ... of F n NWhat an awful fuss certain whig journals ave
itheawte corner of U'Wto nI4 NasntSa making about the projected revolution izECuba,
JAMES GOs IDO B N D EINN TT that has just come to light, but of which we gave
PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. our readerssignificant hints some time ago! Echo-
ing the proclamation of the President, or rather
TIM DALLYHE.RALD--Throedtto,,2 .* p ons seizing upon that document as authority for their
p_7et essn The first Edition 0' pue
*l, e .& A n, d eadnt eati'tte before rrekae.i( the s- objurgations, they denounce this movement as
peaaeti b otaiedofte e at r,,e P. "nefarious," "abominable," and everything that
aag Ote Third ,,t three 0'oolk, P. ,
TH 9VEK 1. llR er eirculatl on othis Con..
Tn pVe r U HE uirLD, Vo, irat6d cent eth is bad. Now, all this is quite characteristic of
w fr anum ior rculation 4 .uroPe.rsn hose presses, which, in general, areas blind a s
II am glh, at9Yd eatit per coP.o te ,-
a*s, attor pice to ua s petaet they are bigotted, in the attachment to what they
ANUSMMT THIS call "conservatism," which, being interpreted,
A tS lS B't means an utter abhorrence of progress and genuine
NIBLO'S OARDN, BtrIodVl.-JAOstviT--SErAnATR liberty. Just so it was with the same journals
DatrWNA,8N MTwhen the people of Texas arose against the tyran.
-UstOD ST-ATHRE IXIambsRstXest.-BAMsTOazN nical, cruel and imbecile government of Mexico.
-4oUss Dosas-N aRitaD, RAKEsn-i JL'i saN.
NATIONAL TSR I h"h-&sqtuar--W2T!e Sz- It was a terribly wicked thing, they said, to rise in
UeVAErB--o.4S SQUAsH--Lo0TTXY TicitiaOr-vWZA rebellion against Mexico; and the brave Ameri-
Ituav. cans who rushed to the succor of their brethren,
MICHANICS' EaLLB.1 -awa4 ne Brooms.-OX- were scoundrels, engaged in a most "nefarious
We@ linI'TLIuL. movement," as the Philadelphia North American
IP SU. IL designates this projected revolution in Cuba For
*-11'w YA 1 189 our part, we trust that this "nefarious movement"
]New Sorlr. SBaturday, AlngUIC 18, *89. may be speedily triumphant, and that Cuba may
'he grand Fancy a t Saratoga. prove herself to be worthy the name and privileges
We Ctranid F-ancy Bal at Saratoga. ef a free State.
This great affair came off last evening, with dis- Is there, indeed, anything so specially awful and
tinguished edcat. The display must have beenquite reprehensible in citizens of the United States indivi-
overwhelming. It is probable that this ball involved rpeensin ti oftheirstout hearts and strong
an expenditure of at least fifty thousand dollars, dually lending the aid oftheirstout hearts and strong
in tickets, fancy costumes, rouge, chalk, lace, right arms in a movement which is to make a
aOsel and jewelry-whilst the valuation of the neighboring country free I The honor of the
wit, humor, elegance, grace, beauty, and virtue United States is not involved in this movement.
which the occasion called forth, is beyond all No treaty obligations with Spain are violated. No
powers of mortal arithmetic. Our fall report of armed expedition has sailed from any of our ports to
invade the territory of a friendly power, Rotwiti.
thins magnificent ball will appear on Monday. standing all the representations ot the timorous and
Vhe Covesntton at Jxosne-Fareieal Denonue- respectable old gentleman who represents the court
vaent-What Nextt of Spain at the seat of the government of the United
Well, the "fierce democracies" have met at States. The whole facts in the case amount to
Aome. They have gone through all the forms and this-that nurnbers of gallant, brave and enteprising
ceremonies of a humbug political "convention." men, citizens of this country, have tendered their
Indeed, they have had two conventions in broad services, as individuals, to agents of the revolu-
daylight, in churches-save the mark!-and two or tionists in Cuba, and have taken their departure
three dozen conventions between midnight and the for a point beyond the limits of the United States,
dawn of the morning, in the bar-rooms and grog where they will be organized and equipped. No
Ahops of the village of classical name. Holy men power could rightfully restrain these individuals
as they are, they'have had clergymen to open their from this course of action. We have no doubt
proceedings with prayer, while Beelzebub peeped they will acquit themselves like men, and we await
ilyly mat the windows. They have passed reso- with interest the signal that the revolution has in
nations innumerable, and made scores of proposi- good earnest began.
tions, and speechified, and spouted, and shouted, The projected dismemberment of Cuba from
And drank bad brandy and water, till the half of Spain, may, however, ere many days shall have
them got black in the face, or were brought to the elapsed, assume another and a very different cha
ieryverge ofthe.cholera morbus. But they won't racter, with the countenance,teo, ofthe President
uilte! Confound it they won't unite! Obstinate and the cabinet. By reference to the very inte-
iwretches, they won 'unite! They love each other resting intelligence which we received yesterdayby
Ae brothers, but they won't unite! the Falcon-and which will be found in another
This hole affair turns oujusi as we anticipated. part of to-day's paper-the forcible abduction of
x originated in a well devised scheme of the the man Rey from New Orleans, and his convey-
"1branburuers;" and certainly, thus far, they have dance under duress to Havana, was actually perpe-
6ompletely outwitted the opposite faction. The treated by the Spanish Consul at New Orleans. It
chief object of the "barnburners" was to make a appears that the plot was very deeply and cunning-
grand demonstration of their strength and magna- ly made. A few days since, the Spanish Consul at
aimnty. They are well aware that they possess New Orleans made affidavit, on a motion to post-
a majority of the party throughout the State; and pone further proceedings in the case, that he ex-
urnder pretence of a generous effort at union, they pected to receive by the first arrival from Havana
Vtave taken occasion to make a formidable display proof thatthe American Consul offered protection to
Sf their power, and re-establish their Buffalo plat- Rey, and that he refused it, saying that he had been
form. Two important ends are thus achieved. In there ofhis own accord. Such admission was made;
the first place, the rank and file of the "hankers" but it afterwards appeared that Key was coaxed, of
will gradually be induced to fall into the embraces wheedled, or threatened into it-that he afterwards
of the "barmburners;" and then, again, the whole retracted it, andpsought the protection of the Ame-
ag-tag and bobtail of abelitionism in this State, rican government. Thus the plan so skilfully laid
and throughoutthe Northern sections of the Union' has been upset, and no course is left for the Ame-
will be merged in this free soilparty. In this State, rican government but to make prompt and peremp-
the leaders ol the "baraburner" will thus be ena. story demand for the surrender of Rey; and if it
Sbled to gain that which they have sought, and be not immediately complied with, to obtain satis-
which has alone stimulated all their efforts-the faction in the usual way. This may put a new
patronage and spoils of the government of New phase on this important affair; and in case of our
York ; for we can hardly have a doubt that the big demand not being complied with, and a call should
guns of the "hunkers" must hereafter be silent, be made by our government for. volunteers to
and may just as well shut up at once, quietly re- obtain satisfaction for this wanton violation of our
signing themselves to their evil destiny and politi- territory, the armed expedition which we hear so
a, l damnauon, much about will come in the nick of time. It hap-
-o Wewill not shed many lears over the tall of pens very curiously, too, that one of the parties
old hunkerim" in the State of New York. It liberated by Rey, while officiating as turnkey in
i nompriaed, in its day and generation, an immea- the Havana prison, is said to be the identical indi-
anrable amount of dishonesty, fraud, and corrup- vidual who is the head and front, the getter up,
tion. Nc.r is ithe faction which succeeds it in do- originator and plotter of the very expedition that
inien o er the party," at all deficient i ras, was destined, if nothing happened, to invade Cuba.
-Vlity,' humbug, and selfishness. Its head and We trust the government will make public the
front, Martin Van Buren, is probably one of the substance of the despatches which it will receive to-
jeost hypocriical and corrupt politicians that ever; night from the American Consul in Havana, at the
heed by that trade. His whole public career, from earliest moment possible, and that no time will be
first to last, has been that of a low and ignoble pa- lostin vindicating the insult perpetrated on us in this
lure. We have known not a few politicians in our matter. If the proif is clear, in our opinion the
time, who were great knaves; but they had some surrender of Ray, and a suitable apology, should
aits of a generous character. Bat Martin Van be backed by an American fleet in the harbor of
faren is the very incarnation of selfishness and Havana.
ueanness,.in whose little soul-if he have one- T LTON Fx ACCIDENT-EXTRAORDINARY
every principle of purity or patriotism is utterly de- VRnC.-The frequent recurrence of accidents
.ayed. A moral putrescence infects his entire po- on the New York and Brooklyn ferries, is greatly
liucal lie. Such is the man who has been chiefly dminishig the confidence of the public in the
Instrumental in disorganizing the democratic party, safety of the means of communication between the
1 ind creating a fbetaon, which, min order to obtain two shores, short as the distance is. The tenden-
the spoils of this State, and a controlling voice cy is, to injure both cities, by retarding that mti-
athe management of the general government does mate and constant intercourse which was so ra.
ot scruple to strike at the stability of the Union pidly making both one in interest, and in all but
Sathere can be no questior butthatthe barn- name. The ready excuse, heretofore, for acci-
rTher"e can be no ueso butae "an dents, has been, that it is the fault of themselves,
i~rnera" will now take fresh courage, and wax whenever they suffer in life or limb. In this case,
more violent than ever. Their affection for the at whenevents, theyat plea cannot be urged limb. No pthisas-e,
black race of the South will blaze with great fury. senger had anything to do with the violent co pi-
They will use every possible effort to absorb the sion of the Bedford with the pier of the slip, nor
abolitionists fall shades and classes; and it is not was it the fault of Julia Brady that her life was so
at all unlikely that they may obtain complete suddenly taken away, nor of Mr. Ballard, that he
ascendancy in this State. In this metropolis, was so dangerously wounded, nor of other passen-
in consequence of the folly, imbecility, an&d a odneosywudenro te asn
a consequence of the folly, imbecility, and gers, that they have been bruised and hurt. It was
ialdmiiiraon of the whig authorities, the fault of any other steamboat, nor of any
the opposite party will, undoubtedly, succeed sailing boat. It was the collisionof the company's
Sn the next election. In view of the growing own boat against their own pier.
Brength of the abolition party in the North-for Either, then, the pilot, or the company, is in
iBch the barnburniug democrats may be properly fault, or both. To say, ashe has said, that the tde
tegarded-the prospect of the continued peace and was "unusually strong," is enough to provoke a
harmony of the Union are gloomy enough. The smile, if the matter was not too serious for laughter.
,esaiona of the next Congress will furnish a most Supposiig the tide were very strong there, how
important addition to our political annals. Aboli- can it be said to -be stronger than usual i It was
tionism on the one hand, and the determined spirit not listed by the wind; for whatever wind there
VW l; .oi!t.r-n pieuoil On the other, are coming wee, was from the South, and would, therefore,
soarer and nc.'rer to a collision every day. aid in keeping the boat off the, south pier. The
/' BiStop HntEsoN o n T Ravo, 'rt.:.NxRY SPIRIT strength of the current, when not favored by the
op iTHI AG.--The last number of the Freeman's wind, is always the 'dam. at the same place, at the
Jonrnal, the organ of "his Lordship," Bishop same time of ebb or. flow, and at the same period
Hughes, cimes out with true ecclesiastical ferocity of spring or neap tides-matters with which every
.against the contemplated revolution in Cuba. It pilot is or ought to be familiar. Otherwise, he is
.ongraiulales the courniry in the .possession of a unfit for his business. Now, the fact is, that there
cabinet at Washington which is resolutely "oppos- is scarcely any tide at all on this side the Fulton
ad to all Jacobins and radicals." This is quite ferry. It is nearly all at the other side of the river.
eharacieristic e1" Bishop Hughes. During all the There is almost still water at the shp en this side,
wevolutionary movements in Europe, this Catholic caused by Governor'sIsland, and by a natural inlet
ignirary has been zealously engaged in denounc- into the land; whereas, at the other side, the land
ig the popular cause, and siding with the tyrant ois bold, the water deep, and the tide impetuous.
and despot. Yet he calls liimself a representative But, even if this were not the case, there is no
-f the Catholics of the United States! There excuse for driving the boat again.i the pier; for the
.ould not be a grosser calumny upon the charaicter pilot ought to have made his calculations front the
e of that body of our people than such an assump- strength of the current, whatever that was, and
oa on the part of Bishop Hughes. The Catholics steered accordingly. There was, more ver, top
*f the United Stales are to a man the enthusiastic much way on the boat, for we are told that "the

*nsn-m-- R o IWWI-. 1 -1 -e.c..
eiherthey have had servants incompetent or-IELI ENCE BY THE MAIs. In another columPwibeeound the latest ele sat o-Cf t ee ac a ning, a
gleeful, or they have bad piers and worse boats on sdes ei ,at
lfulor th ey accommodation of pubie c from w horse b T HE GRAND FANC DRESS 3ALL graphic intelligence from the two conventions of hatlfpast 8 o'ook, James Tracey. An- old Offender,
for the accommodaion of the public, from whom THE GRAND FANCY Dthe democratic party,.now assembled at Rome, in thuEIgh Coungrnyearsseeu InlobI and MorrsAnrea o,
they reap so rich a harvest of gain. Letthemftake AT SARATOGA, this State. As yet, there is not the slightest indi- in a state of drunkenness ancompanled by a corn-
which horn of the dilemma they Please, they arepainrmedfeenHdmnedlqoadte
which horn of the demma they please, they are cation of a coalition of the two factions. The g man attending the store. Coaxed himquo leant.
impaled, and so are the jury upon the other one. SanATrOA, August 16, 1849. hunkers are unwilling that the question of slavery -ims Determined not togo iI hi, could not geta drinc.
We are informed that about 6,000 regular corn. The grand fancy ball, for which preparations on a should be made a test in politics ; and the free Mr. Balling, ho was In thbe upper part of the hoase,
meters cross the Fulton ferry daily, which, with magnificent have been making for some week w attracted by the oie a came into the store.
the casual customers, are estimated at 10,000 daily, past, takes place to-morrow night. The ladies ar e In soilers are as tenacious as ever in their adherence and also endeavored to persuade Traceysto go away.
the casualand the Tracey would not, and waxed eroer, t, takes place to-morrow night. The ladat lasts are ,In
besides the very large number of vehicles con- ecstasies, the mamas and papas are counting upon in- to the principles of the W imot proviso, an th mashed O three decanters at one blow. Poliee officer J
tinually passing between the two cities, so that the numerable conquests by their daughters, aud the g- right of Congress to interfere wi.h the stitution VanHeuten.hsappeningto beintheneighborhood,hear-
tlemnen are all anxiously awaiting the signal for the in the District of Columbia. big the noise. ran to the store, when Tracey rushed out
receipts must amount to about another door Into Corsonrs, at the opposite side,
receipts must aunount to abont 92,500 per day, or ere I send you the following description of the soo. By the last despatch received, we learn that both but was followed thither and arrested. He resist-
$912,500 per annum. Surely this enormous sum of tumes, and the names of some of the principal parties mentions have adjoued ine die without ed t offers Va tradand Coyle cn-
mony ugt o pocresae tanitfo pasegeswho will enjoy the festivities of the evening. conventions have -adjourned sme die, without ed; but officers Van Ostrmad~and Coyle com-
money ought to procure safe transit for passengers, o will enjoy the fetivite of the evening ing to the assistance of officer Van Heuten, Traoey and
instead of insecurity, danger, and death. Mrs. H Duncan, from Natchez, the Queen of Beauty coming to any compromise, his companion were secured, not. however, without a
hseeac c insecurity, danger, and death. Had of the United States hotel, is dressed as Lafiltlede Sor- A despatch from Montreal states that some fur" reat conflict, for Tracy is a powerful, though not a
the accident occurred in daylight, when passed rente, a Neapolitain costume, most becoming to her rge man, A crowd collected, and also'more ef the
S numerous, and they crowd the for raven hair. to her bright eyes and the loveliness of her ter demonstrations were made by the mob on police from the other beats Traey and Brenan wore
gers are more numerous, an tey crowd the for charming person. The bodice was of red satin, trimmed Thursday night, but the rioters were finally dis- brought off to the station house At the corner of
ward part of the boat, especially as it approaches with gold, the skirt of blue and pink poult de soic; persed, before any material acts of violence were a sttthe p te ae sailed with stones by a
the slip, there is no calculating the loss of life the whole ornamented with very rich lace. She wears, re any material acts o violence were a mob Officer Van Heuten was struck onthebackseve-
hc mpg hthe n laig the loss of also, upon er charming head. a Neapolitan cap, which committed. The hotel of Mr. Donegani, in Mon- ral times, and officer Van Ostrand was struck in the
whicl might have taken place, is very l-gant. Her pds d'enfant are inserted in blue real, was destroyed by fire on Thursday sht- Bstomacwth h large batone. which auled him to vomit.
But the evil is-and it lies at the bottom of all satin gaiters, trimmed with gold, and her fiueneckand Thursday nig- Both his eyes were blackened with a blow, and the
the mi e me t andall te dise o t lenUid arms are adorned with coral jewels. We may supposed to have originated by accident, knuckle of his forefinger was swelled to three times its,
the mismanagement, and all the disregard of the say, with, great truth, that Mrs. Duncan is, so far, the size with a blow of. a stone, and completely blackened.
public interests-that a monopoly has been given st i and the most attractive among the Another Blot In Montreal,-Mlore Barricades Mr. Allstadt, grocer, corner of Greenwich and Morris
ladies. On this occasion, the South has ruled the streets, who was rendering assistance to the police, re-
by our Corporation, and the monopolists snap their North. "Erected-Doneganl's Hotel Burnt-Fire- ceived a severe blow of a stone on the upper lip, close
their fingers in the face of the people. Yet they H. M. Bedford. from New York, wears the costume of man KILted, &c. to the nose. A young man. named Dempsey, was her'
a D bardeur-blue blouse, black pants trimmed with Mo sraL, Aug. 19,1849 taken into custody, on the statement of one of the
6 MOTREL, ug. 9 149. police officers, who said he saw him throwing a stone.
are "penny wise and pound foolish." By taking gold and silver buttons, and blue cap. very becoming.1. officers, whosaid e aw him throwing a sto
care to provide proper officers for their boats, and M. Day represents Robespierre, the celebrated ham,- Last night the streets presented another sCene of We were at the station house when he was brought in,
me dd eig ot the French revolution of '193. Long dress tumult and rows. Sham barricades were thrown up In and he was bleeding so profusely, (his face and clothes
being literally covered With blood.) th t .irs _
by building the peters and boats of the requisite coat made of silk, drab color striped black, white the streets, and numerous mpsWer broken, but the thought he was the assaulted man for whom the oth
strength, and by making other necessary arrange- silk stockings,upon which were tied buffcolored troeuses. h treet s r l th gt v ed w lo w
He has also a white perraque ii 'oiseau royal and a jIa- rioters eventually dispersed without having done any were arrested. He alternately groaned like a woi
ments for the safety of the passengers, these acci- peaude bras material damage in labor, and wept like a child. No doubt he thou
dents would not be continually occurring, by which Mrs. English appears In the costume of" Zadia," in The coroner's jury in the as of Mason, who san. Brenan bad a knob onIsfore.
they suffer mre than they imagine in their opera of LIlitde Seville. Qreek costume, white Thecoroner'sjury, In these of Mason, Whowas head about the aze of the head of a walking Oce, and
skirt anda pardesius of pate orange color, trimmed with shot in the melee at Mr. Fontaine's houseoon the preo- Tracey was dragged In by four officers, as naked ase
pockets-that part of them in which there is most gold and silver, blue pants tbouffans. a white muslin vious night, have adjourned. when he was born, bUwing like a bull soiand kick-
feeling. As we said before, many people will be turban with a long .veil hanging over her shoulders. About midnight, Donegani's elegant hotel took fire eg like a horse. Traes,,y adB s rvnian wopare
d The whole cotAnme is very elegant and becoming. evidently drunk. Demposy waSsber, and complained
deterred from crossing, particularly ladies, and the Master English,b her son. appears in the dress of a and is now in ruins. In the endeavor to extinguish bitterly, whilehewep: aloud. tnat he wasaaseaulted foi
company will thus pay the penalty of its false par- French Pierrot, white,trilmmed blue, which is very the flames, one of the city firemen was killed. The uothtig Hesaidhe nas stondingat thbcorner of fea-
tasty. arm ret talking to two bnyne who worked at Goldent',
simony or criminal neglect. Mrs. Faseet. of Philadelphia, peronlfleos the rote of inmates effected their escape, with the loss of some aid a young man named Kane in the employment of"
If such an accident as this can happen at the Carlotta Gri, i. n the ballet Le Diabte t Quatre. She property. The value of the hotel, another property the Corporation, when stones having been thrown at
F n fy, ere t is b e te bt a wears a white muslin bodice, to whiohIs tied abile and destroyed, is estimatedat 80,000, on which there was the police by other parties, one of the offloers a allJ
Fulton ferry, where it is boasted the best and newr white skirt of soale changtante, unfortunately a little an insurance of 14,000, 2,000 of which Is in the him and knocked him down with his club, whileoihir
est boats run, and all the arrangements are the too long for it conoals her small feet; an apron of an insurance of 14,000, 2,000 o whi in te fcers beat him whenhe was down. He complain
pft", thought the lace a coiffure made with ribbons of cherry color which Etna. The fire is supposed to have originated accl- of hisback. More than one officer distinctly contra-
most perfect, what shell be said or thought orf the hangs down her shoulders; in her hand she has a bar. dentally. dieted him, and said they saw him throw stones. Capt-
South ferry, (belonging to the same company,) quet full ef fruit. This costume, made by Mine. Payot, Wiley and the assistant Captain paid him every atten-
which are plced the old cast is quite recherehe. Death of Captain Dan Drakee Henrle. tion, and had the bloodwashed from him, untilDr. An-
upon which ar placed the old castoff boats, con- ater Graham, from New York, is attired in the r Lois, Aug. 17, 1819. draws, whom Captain Wiley sent for arrived, and ex-
sidered no longer fit for use at the Fulton I The Spanish eharacteristio clothes of a. toreador red, amined and dressed the wound. It was, after all,
Heiton avenue boatin par r for jacket and trousers trimmed with gold, blue and black Captain Da Drake Henry, whose hair-breadth es- found not to be formidable. It was above the right-
amilton avenue boats, in particular, are unt or blue waistcoat and scarf. His young brother repre. capes from the Mexicans, when taken prisoner with C. corner of the forehead.and extended aboutthree-fourth.
any decent person to sit in, much less ladies. Upon sent the son of an Italian Conltadino-purple trimmed M. Clay and others, and who was the theme of admira- an inch in length, and a quarter of an inch In breadth.
recent occasion, we adverted to the inconvenient pink and black. In depth It did not descend to the bone. His straw hat-
Miss In erter is attired as a Paysanns coquette, scarlet tion, died to-day at the hospital of the Sisters of Ch.A was cutthrough. and no doubt the blow wasinfietedby.
arrangements of the South ferry-the early hour of color skirt over which Is another one of blue color,both rity. theend ot an officer's staff; had the wound been alittle-
the night at which they cease to run, and the Iong trimmed with black velvet ; black silk bodice, a white lower, it might have taken his life. His father andi
e nigh at whc ey cease apron. a fichu and cap Ii I jardiaitre. This entire iThe Proposed Reception of the President mother soon appeared in the office, and he and they
interval between the times of running, for two or costume is very elegant and becoming, at Pittsburgh. vowed they .would have satirfantion. He said he was
three hours, before they stop. In fact, the pub- Mte8 Anna Mereer, her sister, wears the costume of a born and reared in the ward, and never was brought to.
Vivandiere, from the comedy of Lts tambeoars de PITrTSOUitOH, Aug. 17. 1849. a taiiona house bfora The coae will be investigated;
lie voice demands a thorough reform of these fer- beaojelai;" white satin skirt, trimmed with blue bands, Great preparations are making to receive General this day at the Tomnr If he threw atones at the police'-
ries, and the only way to accomplish that is to a uniform jacket, also trimmed with blue; a ine che- Taylor, to-morrow. he asr ,,it n hetilt s
brea down te m y ad it saette of lace, blue gaiters, powdered hair, with a smaul for his misfortune, for there can be little doubt the 9f-
break down the monopoly, and create, a htle toquet tricome on the left side. Thisis avoryelegant The Hon. Walter Forward has been appointed to ficere believed he did fling the missiles, otherwise th'fyi
wholesome competition. The starting of two or dress, make the reception speeches, could have no motive in striking and arresting him.
NMips Eyrespersonates the Priestess of the Sun;'" a The mill, tary wil turn out largely. There was a crowd of about 100 at the corner of Beaver
three new cent ferries would do the business, and very severe and eohanate dress, all white, trimmed wits The mit t t g street when the assault upon the police occurred.
a cent would amply pay; for, like cheap postage, or gold; upon her head isa gold crown, from which hangs Therre are several of them severely hurt...
a long veil of tulle. Nominated for Congress. Arrest of a Fugitvefrei Jushce..-Oicer
the three cent omnibuses at Phladelphia, the cus- a lss Parker. from Boston, a charming lady, amiable BALTIMOE, Aug. 17, 1849. Smith arrested, yesterday, a man by the ame ? J
tomwould be so increased that both the public and ndaffableto all. represents LBrgrede es, and ThomasG. McLKay was nominated for Congress by Flock ona warrant Issued by Recorder Lee, of Ph.
the companies would be benefitted by the change. her dress consists of a silk pink skirt, a prdee su of delphis o a charge of stealing $1,00. The ac e'
_tulle, tied all around with roses and green leaves;,on the whig committee oa Allegheny district, Maryland. was taken before Justice McGrath asa fugitive from'
her shoulders she wearS a garland of ltt oliae ad l two justice, who committed him to prison to await a re.-ui-
ATCeerTy oP DESPOTiSM.-Can anything be bunches of fower. Sherirom Philadephia-Flne Removal. sition from the Governor of Pennsylvania.
imagined more atrocious than'the bloodthirsly Hungarian PolkhI dreIs, brown and blue silk velvet, WASHImGTON, Aug. 17,1849. Stabboing zlth a Knife.-A black fellow, called George
procamaion f Rynat, te Alatran ommader Giage rm6 nd emsMorris Johnson, was arrested on Thursday night by0
proclamationofHaynan. the Austrian commander- otae armsoandia k Georbe ge W. Mountree was removed from the Sixth tiepolca of the 3dw ardwon charge of stabbing
in-chief, which We published yesterday among the velet, trimmed with slelar, very riah. Auditor's Office, to-day, man ny the name of Wmin. McGee, with a knife, inflict-
Silk velvet, trimmed wish silver, very rich. knife____________
details of the late European newsl This monster Lieut. W. C. Trois, U.S. Army-IHuasar officer, very I ng several severe wounds in the arm. The accused.
"dooms"i to death all ages, sexes and conditions, rich Death of WIllaum R. Burke. was committed to prison for trial.
Ed Schermerhorn, New York-Guard officer of Louis BororSTON, August 17,1849. Takenfrom a Thief.-Officer Lyons, ofthe 4th ward,.
whogive theslghtestaid to therevolutionarymove- XV., red, trimmed with gold, very correct and expen- 1 arrested, yesterday, a oman calUng herself ib nnh
whoiv the p sl s ad to te ive- Mr. William H. Burke, Contractor, Harrisburg, Pa., McCarty, having in her poi;eii.o a baindbos COUtAi.-
ment. Neither tender women nor decrepid age, Mblaster Parker-Romeo, white, trimmed with yellow died of dysentery, last night, at his residence at Beizle.- ing two ladies' dresses. one was a valuable alle Ilre.,
nor the smiling infant, are to be spared. Thank Wndham N H aed ears changeable purple and green; the other a was a change-
heaven the power of the desot whom thi ac- Andrew F. Hamermley, New York-Spanish Cavalier, camp, Wyndham, N. H., aged 24 years. able merino dre ; there was alsoin the bo a light
_____________able merinoo dress ; there was also In the box a light
heaven, he power of the despot whom this ac- green and crimson silk velvet, trimmed with gold; very fancy figured shawl. This property was no doubtstolen,
cursed wretch serves, is not commensurate with good and expensive. ilnless of Judge Nicholas, of Virginia. fer which an owner is wanted" The articles eau be.
his will. Why-why do the government and pen- Robert W. Barclay, England-ChasseunrD'etsfrike. RicMioND, Vs., Aug. 17,1849. seen by calling onJustice McGrath, atthe lower police,.
Wv Y. Mortimer. New York-Andaluslan Cavalier. or to his principal, aid Mr. Welsh, the Clerk of Police.
ple of the United States continue unmoved at the Alexander C Barclay, England-Knight Templar of Judge Phillip Narbonne Nicholas was struck down _______.
sight of this awful struggle between the people Jerusalem. white-very correct, with a stroke of paralysis while conversing with a The Riaroad Accident at Princeton.
Col. E. T. Deacon, Massachueetta-Baron of Louis friend at a late hour last evening, and still His Inaen-
and the tyrant Shame on the great city of New xv.; blue silk velvet, rich impr. w., silver sword, and ie, late hour lt vei, stil TNE C. AND A. isRoA OICE
York, thatit has not long sine taken the eadrn a necklace with tnes. w York-igaro, blak sible, and in a very precarious situation. NEW YatAgut, 184.
Charles F. Groesback, Now York-Figar, black TO THE EDTOR, OF THE- NLAs V'OR H E ALo0.-
sympathetic movement! and crimson, trimmed with gold. Bishop of MIUsslsSlppI. Sir: Having seen in your paper of the 1-7th instant,.
SVan Zandt-Page of Queen Elizabeth, orange, a communicatic.n from Mr. Vin. M. McClure, relatic
AsTRONOMICAiL SUVY IN TH PAcIc.-AmongZa dlabeth, orang, gold. ICHMOND, Va.,Aug. 17T, 1849. tothe lateacc;dIent on the Camden and Amboy al e.
he pasenr h the mpire City is itnn John Huter, Jr., from Hunter's Island-French Boat' The Rev. Mr. Green, professor of rhetoric and logic road, I i iii be obliged to you if you nlHI insert in your
Gthe passengers ie nd the Empire Cityi SLte nant man, black silk velvet jacket, and blue and whi4 inthe University ofNorthCarolina, has been appoint- pap-the follontogremarks --1t I tMcClure ha-I read
Gillies, the commander of the United States astrn, striped pants the testimony taken bh,' the Coroner. he would hav.,
nomical expedition to Chili. The result of this Hugh F. Dickey, Ilinois-VTery fine French diardeur. ed Bishop of Mississippi, and has's accepted. seen thatthe testimony of a number of witnesses cor-
rerp-.ndEd precisely with his statement, and that tte-
expedition cannot be otherwise than important. The floor committee are designated by a red rosette Railroad Depot Bornt. Finding of the jury wa io accordaoe with the le.t'--
the music committee by a blue, and the supper corn.- Bosro, August 17-P.M. mony, vi b that the accident occurremd "in seon"e.
es-rogeuuqoCehe of the snitch b-ing dispbacad by same pr
Tlhe Progres of the ulolera. mitte by a white one. The repair shops and car houses attached to the or persons unknown to this Tbi tsLtimi.-
II THIS iorry. Boston and Maine Railroad, at Lawrence, were de- ny shows that. both the twitche. on th.i New '-,)rk
Iur Waslhngton Correspondesee. t B end of the turn out were left on the turn out track
MAYon's 0r75cc, W stroyedby fire last night. The loss Is estimated at by the conductor the evening before; and that the
N~w ^^ AnS ??' 3 M }WASHINGTON, Auguat 16, 1849. ''" a > by T". te t hey conductor ihe evening before, and that theJ
NEwYorkAugust 17--1M.$ 5 W A u 1 1 .000, on wkhoh there was no insurance. *were. secured in their proper places on the straiAg
The Sanitary Committee of this city report 86 new The Next House-The Free Soil Questioot.-The Cuaion $ ow t ao track tat evening, by the person whose duty itrig
cases and 41 deaths, of cholera, ashavingoccurred dur. REpeditton--bbott Lawrence-W. C. Rives--Encour- \ Afftairs In St. Louis. to see that they wereso ,who alisu as tlty were.
ing the last twenty-four hours. ogement of the Fine tArts, c. STr. Louis, August 17,1849. so secured at five o'col;k the next morning ,And
Ifairther, that at the timneof the0 accident. Onle at 7tb .
SUMMAST. According to the results of the elections thus far, we New attempts at Incendiarism continue almost daily, switches was on thestraight track, and th other o. t,
Canes. Death. Disch'd, have 99 democrats, 100 whigs, and 9 free sellers re- and in most instances the villains escape, although the the turn out track, as will appear by reference to
William street Hospital... .... 10 6 1 turned to Congress. In the elections to be held, It is police are actively on the look-out. Mr. Drip's testimony, and not as Mr. MoClure sup-I
Thirteenthe streetstion ssthe wer.Ief8 y2 2
Staton street Hospital....... 11 Impossiblethat the whigs can obtain a working majo- The health of the city is Improving, although the popesin the sieposition as thety were left by .O
Stanon tree Hopitl. .21 a conductor the Mening before. When it is remem
Thirty-fifth street Hospital...... 2 1 2 rity, and equally out of the question that the demo- weather Is stLill exceedingly warm-the thermometer edthat a jury of 23 of among the most respectable
In private practice............ 60 41 0 crats can obtain it. The balance of power will be in reaching 94 In the shade, citizens of Trenton, after a laborious investigation rm
nearly three days, and a personal examination of the
Total................. 86 41 10 the hands of the corporal's guard of the free soloers; True bills have been found by the Grand Jury gains place.and of the switches and- fixtures where th sac-
BROOXLYN. and unless the whigs compound it for the election of Joseph Wilkinson and George Moore, for the late mur cildent occurred, it is but reasonable to suppose that
OSICE or OF THE BOAD o taELmTHAug. 17.-Sinee the officers of the House, they must compromise it with der of Negro John. They have been arrested, and held the conclusion they arrived at was correct. You will
yesterday, there have bea reported to this oe 11 thefree salters. We understand that the free sonllers to bal In the sum of $13,000each. ffialrepotinrefrenctothe accident Yours. re-
new cabes ofoepidemiccholers. Deaths by the same, 10,wsportfully3 E.A, SrEVENS, Superintendent.
vila :-Bridget Gainer, Union St.; Sarah A. Rowes, Myr- will probably run David Wilmot for Speaker, wto S. Steamhlip Legare and Sea il.
tie avenue; James Reilley, Furmanst.; Henry Myers, a good Pennsylvania democrat, except In his extr.ea s ear ami S .e' Sprned
New Jersey; M. A. Reilly. Furmkn st.; Mary Mat- policy on free soil. The democratic and free soil vote N 1,78National Pittties,
thewa. Bond and Douglass ts.; Patrick Anderson, Pa e e bo The United States steamship Legare sailed from thi R Thurs has ben m ted the free soil de-
erflo d Baliza Crmamu.iny, Flushing avenue; Mrs. y a es oudthe mo reat nor o provis portyesterday. ThesteamshipSe. Gullbhasarrived. moeratic candidate for Congress, In the 2d district of
Demand, Baltic st.; Win. Flattery, Amity at the southern democrats in favor of a proviso candi- Rhoide islandd
CH-AS S.J. GOODRICH, date. To them he isan abolitioulst, and they could I_ Rhode isWand
Physician of the Board. under no sort of log-rolling, consent to his election. The Southern 1Mall-.
They would prefer a southern whig. As Mr. Speaker BAi.rtIM oE, Aug. 17,1849. THE EVENTS OF A WEEK.
EL GRAPH. Winthrop. however, may possibly define his position a The mail has failed from beyond Petersburgh.
BY TELEGRAPH. little %oreclearly in favor of free soil then heretofore, THE WEEK__LY HERALD.
BOsTroy, Aug. 17-P. M. (it can be done oonfidentially.) there may be a chance THE W EK Y HERALD.
Therehave been reported, since yesterday, 9 deaths of his e letn. Mr. Winthrop would scorn suh os Aug. 17,1849. The news fromall parts of the world continues to
from cholera ; S of whom were Americans, and 4 fo. expedient as this, but he cannot he held responsible, if TheS.8our market is droepingflandldrevious prices are e
fom choler of whom were Americans, and 4 eleaves his case in the hands of his friends, for what barely maintained. We quote at 4 2. There Is a be of the greatest importance and makes the Weekly.
reigners. There are new remaining in the Hospital, they may do without his knowledge or consent, good demand for wheat, but the tranatios are not I Herald of great value t those who reside in the -
The great question at the next Congress, will 'ue agoo emqoatind forweat bout the. trnatonsr arey rnotg erado ra au otoeworsd nte
19 cases. The deaths have fallen off one.-half, the free soil question and the free soilpar, large ; qutations are about lOc. lower. They range
PnovIDNCE, Aug. 17,1849. If the people of Catiforna. before the meeting of Con- from 567 to 83c, with sales of 4,000 bushels. C ern ain terior of the country. The brie telegraphic abtaets
Five deaths from cholera occurred in this city yes- gross, shall have established a State government, with moderate request, with sales at p38a 40o. In pork thereP
is nothing doing. Tobacco is in good demand. Lead published in the country papers only whet the appe-
Fie d ea th r m e o e a o o rr d i h s c e. the W il mnct proviso eugr efted on their constitution, it is quoted at $4 25, Freights a re declining. l
y does not kill the eslrs. They will yet have. Freights are declining, title for the details. These we give in our weekly
T uNTON, Aug. 17, 1849. ment of territory open to their philanthropic recolu- BALTIMORE, August 17-6 P paper, the following lst of
There were reported, yesterday, 4 deaths from cho- tions-the territory of New Mexico The State of Tex- There Is butllttle doing in flour, and the market I apers will be seen by the following list of-
lera. All the cases In this plaoe, so far, have proved as claims New Mexico as part of her dominions; but a downward tendency. Howard street is quoted .at
thereis a not ugly oppositionto that claimin the $5 186 and City Mtills, $5. In wheat there is a mode- CONTENTS.
fatal. A uout-6 PMd.u wit ba all the more formidable, because, rate business doing, and we notice sales of 4.000 The threatened Invasion of Cuba; Important from .
Auihev, August 17-6P.M. theevent of the cession of this disputedterritory to, including prime wheat, at $108 a$1 12 and Washington relative to the S-rrre Expedition: Th,
Seven cases of cholera anu six deaths are reported Texas, it becomes part and parcel of a slave.holding red at $1 04 a il 07. taorn moved to the extent of Great Struggle in Iiuogar ; "he Foreign Inteltigenor
tdy.No new cases or deaths at Rochester. IState; and the act of incorporation, would be tan ac lv10Ott t~uohul. at o. a ftito for white. andbnec a60c. received per Stvam~Ltp 1-liernia; lull Detatl0 of the
tda.Iintroducing slavery into a territory where it had not for yellow Oats are ltc a 2hio. Whiskey,2Iio. Pro- lnugter ting Nteames Emlrcs C~t n alfriaoarhgn; kh,
u1 .. previously existed. Grand Fancy Dr-s Balt Saratoga last night; The
There have been 22 cases of cholera and 13 deaths, Inany event, therefore, the difficulty of the negro B..sto, August 17-6P.M. Proceedlage 0f the Hunker aud Barcbhurer Cocoon-
during the twenty-four hours ending at noon this question dil havbre obe met by thu Homue but the prl. Receipts since yesterday- Flour,26500bblo. The flour tlous at Rome; The Eiamination of the Spanish Con- -
day mass u tiuad wlity h nihb irsideot witll treinovi tfLbhe market i steady, but not t, Is the nominal aul at New Or sans, f r the ,,ducto of Ray; Late U
Wy pSHiGTO Aug. 17, 1849. .io tr* Laltrnlat the reessrshall hay, actd tor quotatLon fcr Ohio Wheat Is tirm, wiih a good mill- and Itereitig tram Cuba. relative La the Abduction,
Wcasme TOf Aug. 1i t 8he th- m Ctl ies Mi .e. o rc og inquiry, at 67 ets for Chicago, and $i ii for Ohio. ck ; The Proigrss of the l holera throughout the Anmte
There has Been no new aase of cholera in the Wash- -,n W C. RAtest l l.t-n ler to France, and f rmllya *J iere teu sgood demand for corn, but the market is rican Continent; The Resalt of the Recent Elestions,
ington Alms House. ndHon,AhboL L r-n.. Minlstar to Lo:nd,arc heavy -or maed We.lern 54 ies. Is asked. In Late News from Tesas and the West tndta Islands;
PILuADnELrHia, Aug. 17,1849. in ibisacity. atH lliarde hotltol l ights there Is no change to notice. TheaUtl-al and Local News, Editorial Matter; The
The report of the Board, today, Is but 6 cases and 1I, isle Icr the n le lea ALearv, August17'6 P.M. Death of the Hon. Albert GadaUn. and the Dlstio.
death. The, death wasn the contypro n. latiday, rn s.nnti Ir ahd M-Jiterrangea Ith Ih autu Recelpts stnce yplerday--Flour. 8.500 bbla.; wheat, guiiheedDeadof 1849; Commercial and Shipping Re-
death. The death was In the county prison. land~eai. p. '""rtand delie wliv himaIpiutt b,00buhel;s corn Idi uu bushels. Themarket for flour cord; Telegraphic Advicea from all Sections of the .
PiTrrTUsoH, Aug. 17,1840. entjin v owof the ad'antagess ll ghim tn toe is wlibout change but held firmly. About 1800 bbis. Country, to the Latest Moment, &o., s. c &,c.
Birmingham is almost deserted, and business study of i.- art nmong the worli of the ald and the s Cavo ta arm andin good d a The sales
new ma-meare, at their headquatters r 200bses t6 a6 r.frWsenmxd igeepei rpes ed o a ,sx
pended. Charcoal is burning in the stteets all day. P. Hargous, ao thecr.rlnhitd firm of iargou arCo, Wester mixed, n i r f l si
The disease is confined to where it first broke out, and o] s In th city. prohb.-y in reterenre to, Bye is quoted at 59 cia ,with sales of 1,000 bushels. In pene; annual aubsolnption, to country sUbscribers,
Bhere 21 died within the past twenty-four hours. l ]argely int lmreted 1 he minaiyeb the hrm are said Lbs otsthsashapplre Iit0 bushelsaticee os.treea
SM O CTm AsatAug.17,1849. h t l slna lalslthree mililonsaod aquarLc r-thea- Bjsro!.Auiusiir. au.,-,,ii.cS.oag Poli.e ea e t oe17
There wereintements, caused by cholera, In thia g Ti all thee lam,, o.f aU sorts, whi aoeed teu AtrlvcJsl',i:tPcl:, fharbirib rmo. b ie i Run.-Tfl a tin al Po lice Gazett" -J
Thr eemiLhtons The.c,.mmiseioner,,_ wiil have a most iabo- a-ec .r ;Lie Cl 5rlt llat, e~r~e; OsorgoaCreede, Wi- thbswseek~esntdnanaaaetolhe m 1pubtieof the buasinger the -.1 snhilY duty LuNerfon rm wI their dillb. Ribi Raich , BRlomsry; a Catdn, Mary F..r- mosquitoes of Engad about theiesaosof the UnstedStatese 1
citiu ynd thao-al. i duly lo pytrfarm In their d,0rtml- I(o os,B, RiB,8t Lter~nun, hudson. ,nd lUhavic. P0ila.ilv- drawea picturesofun heriminai, llignutmendstation, J
nation arid asarde W. ih," ,rchra a-rah Leil'. NOtleangs 4th iit; 5 Ltdwits, Frutl- speaks forcibly of Meonrren ani hi, ciruoe,,, wi ees, gi'ce
LoclillDate. Cases. Deathjs, "- Uiiauchlurap Norl'ol IM GO,,Lsu, Aduilral. Suiesn, a reiserelhe account of the Lunueba, e the Hhrem. asd.:u
,LocalityJ. Date Pnns D8atw. Our Baltimore Correspondence. j3,. Ilits.0 B Dn.sseoim., Main Uhl, aiiit, Nee,.rs, Nr'srk: liri s-e>., oiew al tla great Autr,cr.t oi Saratoga. icrien I
Birmingham, Penn..........Aug. o 16 -- 21 BeLriit i. Aug l7 1849 aw, A I. buty.51ioStiit, Sindout Bnt d rmad ua crime and CO alifornia new j ad litlium. Othec,
Boston. .......... ..... ,. .Aug. 17 -- 9 .. B LrTtIoI, AuS 17,1848. C~hrrnd--riirl Ii b b 0rl,^^osl~ trigi Clurmont, Ch.arl~s- Iul Na~~ tlaam tl. S(,ld everywhere. J
I Providence...............Aug 17 Quito a spirited contest has been goingon for some mass, 5i'ake.r-,i.Plllad-se, ls. aohtiaiiu, Curat .SaerCre-re.
Taunton.................Aug. 17 4 R ,. ..A tan, 5.weimiiureearlnc n*t rwci. n-r-..
Phadelphia ...........Aug.17 time be n our beef buttmetr naers and a o aius of spe.ula- Ant 1. Traoeea and others wilr fnd a cor-
Buffalo ..................Aug. 17 2 138 tore, or middle men," who have stepped In between Cleared-Brig Rati., Bueos .i r &,ut i a uplto aeorte.fauntof Dretssiong, CassheaoitCutlery Port...
Montreat, Ca..............Aug.17 them and the grasiers, who, by buying up all the Arrtv..l---aia Ronland, Lierph t o, .'s, 1dantdisBeioa ,io the T t Case sub-
Albtob................Aug.17 "7 kb ifoet rashes the market, and having s un- Arrioel-BriP.,..tosae. eban rpd,., are madeofthomostdurablomaseciai, eaoh pattern ecatain-.
..... .. ..-- -.-. ... .. ... .si.... .i................ lns ariLcl~s of osaseesier., esos aad real unaity. in the masi.

BY THE MAIL8. derstanding among tnemseaves, have been enabaedto s b*lu, 51L Hriii'c.,t a Lft. n ,.1On. Na rIJViu. auiop ,hoyapese f rvgnd & d ON .
a, stint.nn ito. Ml I1' arr, Is. i'Siew~n. N BF-it I M.,Ots a p.they are sevserally ,iesicnsed SAUNDERS Is SON, ~
Localty CDe. Cases. Deaths.. establish theirown prices, aswellas toholdt upthebes o awt: lan. Lo,. ntucket. tN0ep, hadahippe .i9l, 1M7 Brsad% (ceor. otf L1berry st,)aAnd38l7Badma&y.
Providence.............Aug. 16 5 cattle forth northern markets. Those that ase worn Pho1o1u; tbr55 alarli, Nautuoko, ru utem ,ntbar, i'ibel )b, pt_ .._p,
Newark.J, io J...........Aug. 1- 6 8 down by travel are brought into the market here, and I.h, tome timrod.Sac Sn arr. V -1 op. ]u. ml,. ound on a
Coiumbus, Ohio.........Aug. 12-13 6 those that will bear driving to Philadelphia, are held Creceou badsme dr.I p, odI L,1 hbone -y PclCin ahre 11he l Richelieu DIla onds Pointed old,
back. The butchers have consequently resolved to put CFeared--ShriMexican, Philaelphis Pens, made and sold by J. Y. SAVAGE, 92 Fulton stirlo, are
Hotels. down the combination, by refiaIng to buy from middle BEvEaLY, August II. th mesa durable Pens in the world. J.Y. a. has a large
iB,vAsa AND Ep'Anrnes, men, inviting the drovers and graziers to bring their Bailed-Brig Christians, San Francisco, C al. 1 stock of Sn Gold and Silver Watches, of all the most le-
Ee.frestdeRt JhnATyler and family, VirginIR Capt. own cattle tSomarket, iusuringthemiprompt sales, good WAnuaesA, AugustiS. brated makers, guaranteedtokeepa &ouate thne, whichho-.
s-arreddentrenaTyeraandhfam.yVirginlafCapt. Arrived-.Shre H R Smith,w Rihbd"Gwill saol very low.
Seymour. U 6 A Lieut.IH B. Arthur, U8S.A,.;Lieut.prices, and ready cash. Arzived8hr H R m Richmond- Gen WashiMtonl, --------------
UMublin, on Pratt Dart. and Franklin, do; i W Gaaby. 'hiladelphia; latilda,
uhri L fikLoA D andalloUtH S.ArthCur A obt Thejewelry store of Mr. J. H. McLaughlin, onPratt ichmond. 16th, sloop Report, Nork. Combs.-Lndes a re Respectrully InvelteetL
U.S.A; Capt. K. Dwson. street, was entered on Wedneaday night, and robbed of Sailed lth-Sobhre Delight and Notice, Pliladelphia. to examine th eeice sleetienof re Combs at thie subscri-
i'. S. A.; Capt. S. K. Dawson, U. S. A and lay; P gods varius descriptions to the amount of $500e. Nmw BB-nonD, Agusat I. bet' store-the varieseletyiondall doubttfhe rtestio th>
Itoy. U S. Eug ; Capt. K. Cuillard, F. A. Beardsley, Sanu d n 30P03 ot0&on f$0.NwB~oiAgs 6
ranciso; Dr. Leach and lady, New Orieas, The democrats of the fifth Congressional district of Sailed-Ship Milo, Indian Ocan. se -eo whith wi tb found the oen chasa pttteta, so
a h v t aHMaryland assembled in convention yesterday, at Ches- HOLMES' HOLE, Augustb16. muc admird. Also,t anbeobi t . ry areo, upe
ng the; arrivals yesterday at the Irvying House. Arrived-BShr Balance, Port au Prince, July 25, and from titining to the tolet. A. J. IIN D E'S.
Liu1n a ndya ~ i j" ^ nom~b i n a ed 8 el NI M^ r w s o B o st onP.v ^ c. A l 3 blB ro.4w a .t n @al.., ~d BL rt .
k Lieut, H. A. Wise, U.S.N., is at the New York Hotel. tertawn, and nominal, ted Samuel hi., McGraw eqof red-o hr aa, rn cJu ,dr abetweenai l a J. ael,%te lt'..
lion. John SVwift, Philadelphia; S. J. Bliss. U. S. N., anlord, as their candids to represent tho district in BeaPtevn.c, A st
ad Col. P. F ltzgerald.arrv yesterday at the Ameri- the next ilouite of Representatives. Arrilved-Sohra H M Smith, Baltimore; Jae Stuil, JB d ,tn ie.ele
can Hotel. y The present close division of parties in the next Oves. and Peresveranee, Philadelphia; Marquis Syrna, Snmmer Clothintg sold at Cost.-410 Cash-
Han Joseph R. Chandler, Philadelphia, and HQn. S House of Heprereotativls will give additional interest Delaware;Tgrisand Grecitan, Albay; sloop S AlpaJuno NYs rk.
on Joseph R. aner, othiladelp elections In this State in October. The demo- Ha ld-Sobra A Thomas. asemod Uo S ali more eette CoatS will bes sol aB t $7 50 ; paa Pante 22,

S.Petissarei~nd k' ilteb0 Boston.~S~ ff y~ir T Avit*U .ee Pt f--------
e. P eobntis Mtewa was atRos totheMeoion s o t o th i sSate I Oa sto memT e r m un e in C Smi thh, N C Mead, Iand Antats Phiadel- some A1 75; blask summer Cloth Vestosaind Marseilles dito,
orate calculate toemake tgaiu;stosRodeast two members;pRe sand, and R fm $1 to 60. usual price $2 50; fine blue and bhiaeloth.
hi I t anascrtai h~oe bt litle h and rrockc, from $7 to 5q9 usnal cries SLii
Boey Theobald Mathew was at Roxbury, Mass., on and the whigoas far as lI can ascertaly ohave but little b ; Fele rve Toxa, o n the 8th Julnf, rok ,7 to1 ,us ,,a, ice sit.
Thursday. and at Dedham yesterday w ga sraat, NYod t itv onth G. B. CLARK no.11l6 Wihii strt.
Ex-Preosident Van Buren left Brattleboro, Vt. on confidence in their ability ito prevent it However,
Tunesdv last, for Klnderhook. some are angutine that they will oven be able to make Army Inies igence.
hs Con. Abbott Lawrence our Minister at the again In this district, and hold their own in other sea- Tutt U. S. ITrarsv.- We have received a letter Ilin fresh Teas.-ConsatnnU o on hand, a.
Cour-1 & St. James, arrived in Washington an Thure- Soen of the isats, from an officer of the Third U. S. Jnfantry, dated in lare and exteusive easortmeet of flo,- O-'o.iu SHyt ,e. -
ds The fall trade of Saltimore is eertaluly opening with camponiSan Feliperiver, Texas, on the SthJuly The Gunpowder ad In~iai Teas, of sli thea ,lalte,,,
".e understand that the Hon.WilliamiC. Rlves, of unusaaivlgvr.sandmaoystraogefaceed 'heunabate.I command was to leave on theflth for RiO Sa-n Podo, or eand ,-, saleat thbe i.,,stit markit pries f r r acsahouly, t
Virginia, our tlinister to France. passed through Wash- health of the city,and ithe routes of travel Southdand D,-vll'riur he engineers were some distance In TILIii, !:Wand ci ttreauAoh. L asd 76 Vase40y, aLdmari.
ginia ousterd to Franhe. famyedntroutheWas Westh. beigclearuofeholeraswe certainly have the ad- advance.An,I retorrted the roadsmas goed until sir miles Grand andUlintou Uetem.
io tsonyetleraywithhisfamilyn 1 r7ute to the Se vantageeof the northern cities, and our merchants aceof the Ptces. "Lue baLtaIoi iOt the Third, with Its
ofais tsloion.-epublic Aug. 17. gso
_____________________ determined to make thebMust Ofiit.Inde,11h100DTlAtn of taseudred ago.had moat with but fl ry some of o
never seen such activity so early in the season as now difficulties to Impede its progress. They erpeetsd to tr,,,en,,n, bui-ntwe I aU.. is .e ..i,.r thee smile of r'r -i-
CstILsAt CoNsUL, AT SAsN Ftamsotseo--The President prevulls Our hotels are rapidly filling up, and all is r,Iih LI Papo pretloua to the let of September The prit, Iiin,5re all the )ear .u-d. Splendid aiois and5 .,-
hasrecognisedPedroCueto, as uonsuloftheRepubi bustle and activity where afew weeks;- hisl, and splrlts or the troops wre good,.-.l,, srtilap pe trg oudc os ee.omoZ. I.TspIAt,.-
ofChll, orthe porttofSanFr anc lcoCalifornia, comparatively was doiig. .ult.,f 17. ens, I,, aru It.

Mrs. Roeder l bhe only person In ois Cy
that riven ltrueal f..raiIl.. nir conadw,' her. her pn-
fession is true and oorm, e ad she id ntl "ne of dL- Irim-
p*oser. ebrila selluri. lar rsailun i 3V Wler AtL0.
111- eir ye, hear ye, all y Lovers f Benno-
my nbd Coo TLaste -I l olY plain. aT n-ir kenoledii, in
I'- O lit io at goud B-ors aBd Ualbr1 0r,6apel, is at tr,
rn acB of IFul,.n and NIasOaii a, r om Ol car OiB o.
31 Jiench (lf Boots. S1 11, Fine cll .o., $3M, Gl-wrs. r..m
20 to $3510, and all nsrranied .oroug. Don't Furget tle
place. ___________
CloUthingff, at Cot O-0. B. Clarke, 116 WIl-
li as s tu e ...- -. rb mhm' ro n $ 7 S i p u n s. S 10.
hliac and [ie net Cim-rut S'lhA $1 u 0. su Pig@ il
blaek~d Blu "li h 6-l' hp ^ "'o ) count F"'. S'l I'll" la
done L .,lmhe ri..-mi fur Farl n..ll All nmy lma.r Vins, SL
ech! Ila'.lk Clnrh n Ti.s C&.ft sr.o 'no, Sil-Lhe very
besk I cr r ny other garmeit r o ,ri. r.l

Friday, Aug. 17-6 P. 1.
The stock market opened heavy this morning, and
closed heavier. The change which took place yoster.
day was so sudden that the buils were all taken aback,
and they became very much alarmed. The Impression
among the bulls was that the long looked for change
bad taken place, and that the advance would be per-
manent and rapid; and to hav such a revolution take
place in their feelings in suoh a short time was unplea-
sant enough. At the first board United States a's
r 1867, fell off V per cent; Erie Bonds, ; Harlem, A;
Canton Company, % ; Reading Railroad, 1; Farmers'
Loan, X. Purchasers of Reading Railroad have met
with quite a reverse within the past day or two. When
the Improvement of yesterday appeared, holders with,
drewtheir stock, with the hope that higher priceswould
be realized, and for a time it was scarce; but the bears
were not frightened, and kept out of the market, and
the result Is, that since, any quantity ofstock has been
brought out, and the quotations have fallen off about
two per cent. This shows how sensitive all these worthless
stocks are, and it is a matter ofastonishment to us how
S any one can have temerity enough to touch them.
These are the securities that certain parties in Wal
street are striving to get upa speculative movement in
for the purpose of relieving themselves of the load they
how have on their own shoulders.
The Hartferd Bank, of Hartford, Washington county,
New York, has suspended payment. Its bills are un-
der protest, and the concern is literally defunct. The
Comptroller will probably proceed at once to wind it
lp. The bills are secured by public stocks, and its is-
sues will, doubtless, be redeemed in fell.
The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer
f this port, to-day, amounted to $212,000; payments
$66,673 46; advices, $70,000. Balance, $2,803268 81'
The amount paid for duties at the Custom House of
this port, for the past four days, is about $900,000, and
there has been greater activity In entering goods than
we have ever noticed before, in the same time.
The Woliborough Bank, of New Hamphire, by Mhich
the public were swindled to the amount of aiout a
hundred thousand dollars, came within ahair's breath
ef being revived recently, and a fresh batch of its worth-
less Issues put in circulation-that is, provided they
could find people verdant enough to receive them. It
was got up originally'by some sharpersfrom this city,
S who managed to dispose of much of its stock, at 100 a
share, to the farmers at WolfborQgn and vicinity, and
Smany of them, in Its !kinro, lost the hard earnings of
7 el e01 toil, During the past winter, some members of
that elass of financiers whose homes ought to be in the
State prison, set themselves to work to revive the vil-
Slanous concern, and an agent went to Wolfborough, and
hunted up some of the stockholders, to whom he offered
$10 per share for their stock. They readily accepted
his offer, thinking the man must be deranged, as they
*aenid not conceive of what value it could be to him.-
lie then commenced making other arrangements, such
as purchasing or hiring the old bank building, &a., after
which he left for New York to arrange matters here
connected with the concern, butbefore he could return,
was taken sick and died. Two others of the same wor-
thy fraternity, then went to New Hampshire, and push.
ed things ahead rapidly. They hired the old bank, had
it painted, and put in fine order; the bils were already
printed, signed and oat apart-when, all of a sudden,
they were destLined to realize a proof of the old adage,
that "there is many a slip between thecupand lip."-
S Some member of the Legislature, then in essilon, ha-
ng gotwindof what wa going on, brought in a bill
repealing the charter ef the -Wollborough Bank,"
which passed, and at once put a stop to any further pro-
seedings of the rogues, who returnedhome, probably in
ill humor with Yankees in generaland New Hampshire
Yankees in particular Stall, notwithstanding al this,
we should not be surprised to see an attempt made,
esen now, to put forth these worthless rs, and cau-
tion the public tobeontheirguard.
1 The reported receipts of the Norwich and Worcester
Baslroad company for the month of July, 1849, amount.
ed to $19,686 16, against $18,56kld for the same month
in 1248, showing an increase this year of $1,120 99.
The receipts of the Baltimore and Ohio Riroad, for
the month of July, were -From freight, $57,051 62;
*' q q passengers, $42098 01; total, $100,01 63; which
is an increase over the receipts of July, 1848, of $1,632
63. On the main stem there wa' an increase of $7,114
19; but a decrease on the Washington branch of
$6,462 4S.
The annexedstatement exhibits the condition of car-
tain banks in New Orleans, for the month of July
according to returns made to the Board ofCurrency:-
I.nnediate M fseerals-CaA Liabilities.
Crea. It. Due to Other
DCirBn. Depsos. ch ti.
BaaketLeoisuina$l,071,107 %580A77 iten $303,321
sCanal & Beg. Co.. 1,25,6145 8156,4 S 106 l,756
City1Bank ...... 6, 2,21 0 6 i'7.A 13,75t
La. State Bank... 585,165 1,17,48 2,989
e: M S& Tra. Bank. 1,114,905 1,471,32 8,79 22,73
$4,709,038 $6,lii,051 $1,09,837 $44,193
Billst Exchange Other
Specie. Receiv- and Di. Gash
able. Banks. Assets.
BankefLouisiaua$2,389,413 $1,284,982 $1,178,912 -
CmaiSt Bkg. Co.. 187,025 1039,9 10,48 168,743
City Bank...... 61,00 l,21,( 1,1 417,410
La."State Bank... 807,861 2,148,539 678
Nee. I& Tra. Bank. 1,752,319 1,37,128 800,411 1,094
$6,01,441 S7.122, 420 $3,1l,9 S17,910
Recapitulatios-Dead Weight Excluded.
Liabilities, exclusive
aof Cap ital. Renrs.
S Bank of Louisiam ....... ... 4,17. '
Canal ind Banking Co ...... 2,216110 .'"
CityBank ............... 1485,65
Louisian State Bank ... 1,975
ilehaaies'and rradera'aBe 2,'Bn i693 ,
$12,821,819 $17,407,75
This statement places these banks in a very strong
position, having within a fraction of ene dollar and
forty cents in specie, for each dollar in circulation;
their discount line varies-decreased about $200,000-
from the last report, and exhibits a reduction for the
months of May, June, and July, of fourteen hundred
and ninety-three thousand fear hundred and sixteen
dollars. The State Bank, during the past month, has
increased $18,000; the Capal Bank $69,225; the others
Wefdnd a great variation In the movements for the
month, of the Canal and Banking Company. One very
important item is the withdrawal of deposits to the
amount of eight hundred and fourteen thousand dol.
lars; a reduction in its exchange on distant claims'
ci $49b,10t'; a contraction in circulation of $146:711; a
decrease in epeiee of 1353,717. The Clty Beck shows a
decrtase In deposits of 1170,1 1; an increase of issues
oflS.".'tt; a reduction of specie, of 1170,118; an in-
crease ofmmoon assets, or other cash Items, of $96000.
That is about the amount our hunlclpality borrowed
at the good round rate of eight per cont Interest. The
Bank of Louisiana, which, in the month of June, cur-
tailed Its reiiulation neatly one millon of dollars, has,
during the past month. made favorable sales o1 checks
en the North, at one to one and one-quarter per cent
premium; increased its specie, $86,921; Its deposits
increased $184,018; its issue Increased $772,007, (be.
lag now $1,071,107, in lieu of $208,000 in June,) In bill5
receivable reduced $134,898.
The condition of the Northwestern Bank of Virgi-

mita and branches, on the let of July, In each of the past
two years, was as annexed:-
JULY 18M Alia 189
A.sets. Jult 8. Jul, 1849.
Bills discounted-Domesetio .. $71,121 75 $614,17 04
Foreign... 214.11Q 4%1,12129
Suspense soo't 850 1) 00 -
Steeks of Northwestern Uask... (*,000 00 *.400 00
Other Steols .............. 1419578 1.lO
Rea estate-banking houses..... 24407 27 1"i
Other real estate............. .,29 78 8.' t I
Gold sad silver coin..........2,1431 .'.'o 1
Bank notes and checks......... ,01778 l :
Buse by other bants..........12,402 li s
In trnait Let. bank and braches. I -xA N)
Total ssets ............$.. 28,925 C8 $l,576,M5 83
Capital stock ................ $740,60 00 S71i. di'S 1A)
N otes in cireouiatlon............ 50,94 0 fI.'.tJl. ')i
Due to depositors .............. 210.5 81 ,o1."..
Due to other banks ............ 41,01981 W'.') 0
Dividends foreachhalfyear..... 22,18 0 Z.1' Al
lioeus to StateVirglni 1,8t11 1 lI
In transit............... ..... 85 26 -
burplusi after pying dividends
andbon s ................... lidSil ,837
Total lAgilhtles .. ..... L.. 1 1,it S.blil 0i
S Taking the aggregate dineount lin, both foreign
and domobLestic, and there has been nary litld vari-
Ation compared with last jear The elrnulalin
has slightly Increased, while the amount of specie
on band has fallen off. The aggregate movement
Wa leos on the let of July, 190, thab on tbe let

of July, 1848. Of the bills disenuntod prior to 1846,.IL( ILROADI. lui1lIiU Wl'lS.
$17.716 20, believed to be had, were charged to the ur. BECAMOEN UASO iO a DROADWATETRE-h A. ARSALL. SOL
plus, or profit and loeas account, daring the e almonths T Ilg of to 0 J1ota Board ofr Direonrs of the Dalavre soaf f I.Jeae; WW. t. Blahe Hanair.-Saenrday eveaiAg, m..
8 , l sirann CLI ana ho te r Carmden and Amboy Ri.Dlr.,d and 1i1b eI pri aenidi UIIu i h iipra. in 2 mi1s. aOr'ON
ending JuAly 1,189. Tsnprtsil n t'ompanlss. h l o iu n on eeds'ly. A D I.A-A gic. inra Viu Cra E ino. Sior
Tioggi:icirrietR',dCom panies. Nseoi on I.r. Socoo a Si81 1r ,
Movements In the anthracite coal region a getting AugsLtt 1i, the fuilownni repr e. a ,,on' herd 1 g.1 RLSi r
ote neper atoadent. a spmeappr- ed and r3 r.,i to Lop a.Lc.r, th rst an d an
to bu Interesting and Important As the season ad. J,.a TIli .y GOBLIN or rHE ALPS. by Mr.u and Mm, ne
vanees, thesupply of coal, and the probable price for the Toithn Presidnnt utai DirecatorsurotheJ.Jin g, orB ,to DA o n odI,0anl. I'Bl ;..To u.,'id %a u se Cao,,.1Y
lawaroe snd Rarltan t0Inal and tise Iardeu a and Amboy Aut o.ln aidir. oseistadJ .s* the Company. Prices of sid
winter, are matters of interest. and consuinera gone. ncl.,ins' and Tranportiil- C seatisoli insion dun tiet ie llo and .nupri-Dreia Cirle cd Par-
G11 1TL aiK 1- I nelt. teOr d rLa 6ori...lod aos.idlsot, whioh qlu ito, SI. Famli sil yii "irch b'lo, G ilory, d D,,ra
rsilly will, no doub t turn their attention to the sub- tAcI rrod Loih ie l rh o tr freislll wl qto. o c1 in free P lll..ll o open at 7, t i.gln ai G ot 7. A
jest The PottsllfvI EEiperie,,a paper publlIsheul In the ln,,.. at h the 'fi -..itcai, oflh 'lri.eanisi o nt11- R -OADWAY TDRATRE-B. A. MARSHALL_, BOLE
heart of the anthracite oa rein In elton. .to t e ,,sresiol sl,,,t ', o'cinrk A SI, ti~g~i .o~ ie t'c O D A lE T E.E .M IIAO ,S L
bra aof twe antracite Cal reglontn relation to the tbtb.stgma L ssee-The public is res potfully informed that In on-
&I t..i.tim tie oterfao s ioqmenc of the severe indisposition of Signor Corailt, the
question of supply, says The accident was occasioned by the switchlbars or ate
question supply, says (ses for turning the train from one track thi other bo mangtent, ar ardless of expense, hav entered into aln en-
The condition of the whole coal market, together ngmisplaced. y this moans, the eng, tr ad bg- t taled anfvorito tenor, uorltt,
with the relation of the probable demand and supply gugo esare wre thrown off thrasile. ,dthe engie and erdedhog gg ithtahievnindnetheceerat tenor S.othVot
t h o w o t h r o h s a d h e n g n eand te i r h.wi i e p r O h oe s ni n g i nn th eie pal r t edo B eE l in t's o pean w l
for 49, may be gathered from the annexed data, ar into the eanal throwing theh gageroeintoItasohLrafter n pponitnotims paore lconwi
which we give in round numbers The first he htoword tresk recent d ltl er Cas ,iaB S
The whole amount of anthracite coal burned In 1848, second forwrddea.k car bedeitsasidesmand thenostits BW 8 T R BHAMBERSTREET.-IW B.
.. .,4tI seBnBurtwnd-reprietor.-MimstMaryd'Taylorhs Boneoft
excluditg Staquohanna coal, was, by the lowest otS- seats destroyed by thie way oar, (which was next behind it uro, rintr.-ls lr Tod eno-
m at s. ... ... . .0 0.00t m unt ng pas it anpa evennirny trsA ctutsalo; 18, w ill ho perform ed, HA M i10 0 Z _.
mates........ ..................... 3050 0 mouto upo t and poole, Mr.

Lackaianna, about. a harE Le.............r204w00es ca riM r. onn;ry, p.
Tons ..,.. ......... 14. 000 as chief carpenter uponth canal, who was in the way or, atto8. BoxerCiladPrue
At the same w neekl rates as now thew aand an unknown person who was the second forward dl ckyhe whmiyeEirle, 2 sr.whr,
a me counties will se vizs earaere killed. There were fourteen others who recTive C INESE ASSEM i
end. .:-- such injuries as to prevent their counting oninthetrain; Friday adtry7imd8.e
Schuylkill, 20 weeks, at 40,000........800,000 cf the.o there still remain at Princeton nine Pu wh ari e- io y r Th B f d by th A R R E-r
Lehigh, 18 at 26 000. .......388.000 not set well enough to move; the others havrin et e rived Dit F cHe.y br r donL r.ora iis3. ei T ayLsr T Rcn
Lackawannar13. at 16sW d.192 000 t on tot er homes Those res nin ta o th m, pe ne TE R
w-lordsanmulsCrle, Horrd. 3m .BroPia on;M

2, e o50,000sassuredn ay we ps who paose n afi tthe psondee anyrddck;MBtunerstardotin_ _f tad_ t a _ cn_________ ___n
heam lytesnowthecAmong the wounTe was Capt. Shippn, the princisalwho reventd eh CIerS SMLl OOM 63 iGRADS OE3TAB-
-- -- of the company odnonCO C RI fulcsueadato.I adionoth
Leaving leti s t sean. in 1848.: . tnons 0oi Asappears from teethe eden otoan d o thetr aivin; ra aent iotn 7 the sl rsth esod wepebhere
In this estimate, it will be obse rved that we have not Jury, the witcoh was "displace epersono wons o e .a Codi an rto li AI
L e hig h, 13 b eat e6000ged.000iasinse- n tiC
allwed the usual deduction oftongnoteOtesukon"_dMisVaui wlsngteratirf

mout and the i increase, in that cas, fro Shuylkill A house was built within B few fodit ath rin con. a t m w ord a uic tb ye. dic 5es. Bro ri oa
county, will about mo e ui th e d difference. There will out track, and in sight of all theB in Bet i ertoer, o th o s
ofilolabe a s supp o in e reo a an y ath st hest, t e instructionsongiveTnofoo um dasenosnthe
3 l00000 tong, l tnae .o see, every morning, thatkee baef re tecor one abov gratin tR O rd GUNt SA NhA

Iointreaei s generally supposed in the demand h oa n traigJu trahekbefren h saves cedbors poo and Orplo bean n l O ed Msrym aen aoit thet il trigetsi of
1849. nd whatever falling off there may beinthe us night, whu o rtus from it. evey ighattA

by manuthaturers, (owein to the inactivity which pr- hei afn there ts not sufficient light f tho riv of the eg Son, Porse erncc Woll nal ree, re sa
vais li^ke here na~nd iualuro~newill iti upoe distiutly to see the signals athetot gt!tetncu-WrsAdiinfe.ropciranoideo,
uing tal e fall a mont h a d Eu wpe .) ih e en. t supposed', tion to the man living iu dn this house, tisacie ti st am tal i cts nd o i anbts of % ue
e ta lken up cny to known onrease tof coal woosumo eing ne e say to sienolio t o ad s oe wht ine d ta the a r n P Ia ToEotM W la .A
h0b0nouses and steam vessels, wa fthe antbtin. i t -
The Coal Mining Associvatd ation held their regular by ng at he ds are .on n SO N
monthly meeting on aesneaturday last. No business of ir- wheros thw rasns uil th a oo ither. aloftet -m.OCo;fr tenagerine re taCoceivepropoth
portante was donet The conditions a nd prospets of efTheekyear audeeaion Oei ltempi d plo)s d plaer o ersin t IT oI aueA -
wa il l ba si k e h or t s u p pn aly, Ea m o pne t n gw i n l. t i s lor c s e to th e pe m aso s e tear ignad son th e o ad for t e a e his k o w n so b riety. Win -s. W Bi T E l mntfe Po pr ie00 C h yto e sr eedo n ut, o r ,4 lo e y

tbe trade were discussed, and thin eas conclusion seemed iou gntoe h and fivfuln s w ,e top e att .o b n i th rost on O V n f ate m etn
general that durin the month of September tore psgehte ofnvrrk trano o vesrth a u infre forWlla hma
would be a review l of business. mI n it is belneuved that phx ar f e a e n o ic pn Thia olygn cile)i nk pace y
if these calcuiatingons are correct there is everos pro-c igtestoalhdntito tr ho driy eern.Thes e reetOnholycoret

bcreaseodfc consumption annually amounts toeaboutsone Thisarre ment hin inisonaettouathestS
hundred and fity thousand tono, tioh add ed to the draicns efo rer ofm e a t ta othoo M EEeIsoFtc rn i f tT ALIANWili
.. .en. pWl a sut thecgden wtho uto n fur tm suhe e mlnatidn Th n s g a

estmatey meemtenguyo matss a decrease on t fe aggregate accident does attend negieot f ,ttie
enlraof40di000tonse nthe eut, whose duty It shane. ould bevor e to attend at o th petnd of this cLy are requested to attend a mting, to
l dn t, m h o erth elevertrine i tru ib Jistotr (bewhconvened ame tis bheapolo Roomived Broadway, on Saturday
wouldSbe ta r v o cof b i ne M oresnout itIs th a bats a nd po t of ons r n iiit Y woiil evening, thi 18thin sot., to make i nf Arrangement for the ro-

g$7000 U S 6's, 107 h CantonCo te ngine can, see the sigalattaoherd to the gt, i M in oener wh s ted to arrive soon
1If those calculations are correct, there s .every b teluence from the driverng of thetengine, enpihoo a at Jhy Erncea R
numbr6000 Kentucy 's ) HarlemR ofte employed to attend to tan, hose attdae to th c street.
liability of anthracite coal ruling very high the ap- duty would only be scoured by the Ponalty of losing thirsi OMMUTATION OF MILITARY FINES-NEW CITY

00 Pennsh ania t would, threfore, be advisable situations, if thatey should hat dented in the negct of thoir Hall, Ofnf Rodo Rciver of Taxes, Au1 11.the

SReading Bnds 8 20 do .1Jt occur, from thegates being wre t t ay
f6(r consumers to lay Iu3n their stocks early. The In to this wmust be added, that these men, fromhIaving n time for paut tf8.
e2theradutyto ferm onld thus be liable to heomealmos t wI soon expire, the Receiver of Taaswou urge

b0O0 NY&NH June Bds 10 100 So bl i; *\*oh ,7 a thsuu~noteao *,btt~lt~la------- .,,.------
8 rehs Banksed consumption annually 10adin ) 31 amounts to about o oonsaiderableltyuponie desirousdof payin the mmutationte no-
ierCwithout acS dident outing from such a aglect; and unletne er 6 yards. from the crowd af the few last
estrimao' Trust defend 00 decrease in the aggregate accident does attend neglectf duty, that neglect would, In daysAR V U ART, Receiver of Taxes.
MaGsupply a 4Li0000 to 127 100 do ns. painstanesctly safever ome the tsenotie oh supriao GENTLEMAN WHO, ON T e 9TH INSTANT
2t. Cwevernton streven inches birea e ns might h. p name Ia believed to be Cornell, sought
Stissick Elcas e. Moreover,at the depotste adstationsnOWw t h Ivru

SE6 it> BOARD. ] When they are on the turn-out track, or notpoel lcd v n-satn~lnr.aBo~iadtr.e
SIMOOOU 3 6', '56 07 W ao Cautn~co S i th engie cann t mom heitloenatofhefitotenoI itizetof givengInfotomationnfrmatio econ neni tgete less

$000 U s 'S 6 l7 25 Erie RR o sing the Ssuohaa Ri the vtrr, inght track, then th a e t g g n r O en, ie res t o O
t o07has Retadt % 1) 2a do R 53 oblique angle to the penraciengathetrn-outerp, agnts ar 47, wiltnera favor o a deserving widow, by
60ErietR d 7 59% S ee d o ,. sotr, employed to tattendo the gte s. Ithas be on sd JanayAN ED ON .Ri l b l. l
14100 Pennsylvrania 5's 87 4 o from experience, that at these places many m re aecdnt Philadelph a dmdreosstonlbssubserwilob lir, by m il Batm r

1 00ReadingBon 8 2 do 05j'e occu rivrom f the esoin It ho es any lhack o surfe pr a, a Betn ersl te e
0-0 aEorie7pm01Bade 103j 100 do O tsen thewherpoit enthaneorat e froa the same cause. l1no C e ti us t1 14

--- mu tae. apXprfesao i^^^^ ~ ^ ^ o^ ^^
.... STO INITDN Cnnetict, ugutr1, 14i
5000 NY&NHJuneBds 102 100 do 13 i3 guaenob, thatwthe situation of the gato ooanibe beeny distinctly at
8 sheBn iak Coin,full. 100% 100 Reading RH, hell 31. ai considerable distanios, in this Instance, they can be seen W ART'S&
6 Ohlio iah6WC 9% 81 do 3-4 at a distance of over t00 yards. Thitlewould furnish the driver
41 Farmers' Trust 8 400 do AN R of theen ioneomorethan ample time to cheek the train, tooa tANTED-A. WET NURSE, FOR A CHILD A FEW

SMa Gas ts Coursn 127 100 doay Autfrapurse Tpe orectly safe for the paengers. Thos signals ate mothsold at

ot25,freetoralpacinghorses,mosheatshedttwointhrec, iaare rods of of ind
to 250Ib. wagons, at half-past 3 o'clock P.M. Entries to .blsrvtc otlwredo h inllvr,(hc riitiT np~~lARroa O011
o25s at Grene i 1Madden', on00or beoro9o'lokP.M., on i enieofastI soad, pointed at the tps as to apply t81 Bro way, corner of White street up stair.
12Saturday.g. 18. W. F showi theast alteration of the gates. When the gates o re
Sntheitraight t rack, it shows but onepdtotpermanintedpostite.W ANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION AS

SOUF OLK COURSE, LONG ISL&ND--A LIBERalI byawoodenpiaptacedinaslightlyi~olinedohntpva f..-S.i" '*"" *umM w
6nb BOARD. Wh they are on tur-out tr r not proprlypace an Aistatin a Millinery, Laitorof the above Cour Rinde. Steits .Jr -
$600738 We '36 1 57 mleshaEric RR 899 on the straight track, thea the s~gn' handle is ese inen I n 1eenonagiven, if required. Address box 961, Post Office.

Ithe abastheand 2tngR of August, fre ora trotting hor5. I thque angle to the perma nent perpendicular post and n- TDAYU MN RM 16T EA
25A saddlErie Rand arne pure on each day. For particular na rer near the top, and which side Ip pointed black, o
__applytZR__I_____o_, _kCo _y that the driver o f the engnle p Ifnhe ones anyta c k surface, orM of as, as Barbeori n a first-class Hotel S he must

TlWO SAIL-BOAT RACES, FOR TWO SPLEN DID I..leektthe signal levers were formry"d uf~ig lrsPo.2,otm________
S ilvr fom thAtlantio Hotl ont th that they were stoehan tet f perpendicularwhitois asoewledgath business. Address P. H., at
na LIdocJrEyif ErReonSatur!,rd that the gate are not in thesr prop places our the thi office. The b O of references required.
sew me off fote aboveHot mi track. In approaching the turen-outo the opposite. W te l a, A a D-
Vo'tee rdiretinom, the emnaeent post is seen painted white andt heeATED- TlDY 0, AIERMAN ROTE
a m PORTI o3aey signal lever, a 1en the gatns aPrefinsy eo there pstiotn a than F bvegadein the country, where the orders are a ready
__e__h__ _the proper onef r for the atraighf track, pr sents a black surface ta kn.n owantitexprerly understood that no app ns-
ARLEM PARK COURSE-PACING WILL COME in an oblique directions lionstwill he considered where the applicant ie not fully re-

this curse on Monday, Augu 2 for a r The connecti. o rep thmtween thle signal lnversand the aines spnsa ble. and cannot uec at one day's notice. Apply
of free fUll paing horses, mile heats, bt to refernce to the gdiateaer, permanently attached by large to PRATT o Co., 161 Wiliam street.
S 0lb. wagons at half-pastA'ock P.M. EntretoA bolls ivroperly, wto thelnevower iend of the neesignaly to use thich. aTD t Pre 3
loHe at GreeneXURSION TO THE FISor IN BANKS.- f In the 1ofc'at bi O a i iron) the other end at the rods bItn connected ATEsTh 1, er 2 mesAoF 21)3etRIn
Saturday.On Sunday ad Moday, August 19h aFONNER, Proprietor. inThe afte same way to thh gats es. When the s te ar nd cretithi ,or LN isl R Y R ter
tstrmer BUFaighttrenL wkthe, igallevr his ufastoped tothiea ia ntp snen erseyou W oa, a lba o e tw
theUFFOLK COURSE, 3LONG ISLAND.-A LISERAll on- out further nspection from thlyinclnede toor pme Y, atatg dterm andparticulte, at the Offiae of the

tinue toleaveseverr -- such devrsased sed in approa nhing tho tun-out, a, to ena-
wXuURseIONS TO THe FISHING BANKS, AND o iure. e him to see that the lso byvers anre irn bolth e psan d t N ek Hra
n paidtnd th of August urdy, ad Frida, toting horses the person manent pot, and passes throh ih hbpoet and the sig. ATD T RET fR M AOE
A saddle and harnoes spureaeon each day.For particulars Inet lever near the top, and beond Crs rach lof children. WV T Dtea ouRE N, FurihdORA u LFu A MIsh stAtGEd N-a

whopathy s te largest lea gle Hakfs, Crentiy. The Ironoyplated, b can atopa t end to receive a pad-v urcIaton at South BroCklyn, near the South Ferry.
steamer Bualo, every day In t wek expt Saturday, serious accident. The driven lery befre the first Noember would be preferred.

will lenvr toot of RobinsOn staset, at 8 o slosh; U~th streM et eto lo i olgn* orey uva xwld ^ -rvivtpn-n rrtB ~vr
at8WO SAIL-BOAT RACES, FOR TWOt, at SPLENDID of kit o thbusnesignal levers were formerly used but a Address .N O
Street at 9;Cups, from Nerth elaern at 9. A. rotelot e Ca avtI awedents, byta aw nnuay filledwith sandan frav Waan ..N et.

asnte each waY. . ___ mat with no serious >elident daraK thdb year. {Heas o-I**t,"0'!^"i??''.SfS.?
ardDads,-JerseCtyonSaturdAugusttThefrtotherwise a mdnth'rsiyed ar ronind ofe sa y e s by t byhiseen@par- ANTZD -A FRONT OFFICE PARTERRE, BE-
T icO NEWBUofrm tGH AND INTERMlDIATo LANDINGS. aseo that no depeher damwags to be opled upon them, their wn Feltn, Water, Broad antdNansaus trees. Ad-
For all btoamrts seventeen t or under, two mi nutes per foot use waradinmontinued exepto at the stations whore they Ar dresG. L., 2 in the eof this pap.
allof Chambers tert o-mfh boat. Entrauesat 7o'lk, Setouch-nd i driver of the engines having chage of the gates.
Face to came aIt the came day at, 1 O'olock, P. M. Far all c. The Inotrut Oea given to tho conductors dnivere, and WUAhfTRD-AN ENGLISH OAt GERMAN PROTESTANT
-boats thirty eet or under, two minutes allowed sa fot n switch tenders are principaolly as tallowle kite conductor V girl to do the general work et a private family; she

inthe stat Hmod street ehwound y. This beat land back t stake has charain as the train an fr It leaves the tatio ateither mutbe able to Wsh and iro welland do plain ookin
boaters Nballast, Dobbs' Ftakenr in after theow, S SiEntrance nd ft head. The driver of theaginen fireman, baga giveodrfrence Apply at Canal street, from 10 to 11

land Lake, Hqaveratraw, Verpinnk's, Caldweil'sP.Pekekill, *i ho mostsever thatcan be devtd enhoimetda-f"Pto*olSac Ild fh wudsdhe
eaosh.', West PointB. a pri, aoaB.E p ora Hotare lor master o hisbownlralfeand sthr under his partkllar charge ad o'clock.
J ore'oy City. August 180. ,dorder. Be Is responsible for their correct bhvor oh

theorion to Newburg $1sos________ _______ __ s s t hat if they misbehave or neglect tois dy hei IANTED-A TWO SEAT ROCKAWAY WAGON, TO-
req] i sh e th report the o oseibiuperintendene, Histastrue- ethen with horse and harness, fraeonr two months,
-xytobo IeONS.- lens In referenento the gates are to have them opened and with the privilege of purchasing heocame. Apply at No. 20

shutnow being prorlyxtens, whenever t maybe acosayrltonthem.rarketfeh street, bef oreo'clok, d P.u f.,ti ay.
1 pHEAP EXCURsIONS TO THE FISHING BANKS-, In the winter, at thi tn-out, wh

un~rp~e. hoe 0i, 0suericalfetwhehs 00Inw gtheeiotteratthisal~rmeOt hn-W
On Sunday and onwday, August 1oethand Wilh. The after dark, the tes are rinle charge of the sitch tender, AN
steamer BUFFALO will, leave the usual landing placsm, en and he attends to the switches being properly ahittd, with-, T iei young Women, as Chambermaid, or Chlldrens'

Cemetery give. Prices from $23 to Se Wrratee en- t further Inspection from the onouctr. Nurse, and to dou plain sawid. Would wlling make her-
ifrnen toleaveer. Teryds vora bly, e to Lodes, Ca.hreoore.* a lfgen luslrders i nos reie ath deof the en art a ni ueI A EM A e family.T e A o n nee

Soeisties*&om ^ Dstne T2iinuctistotrofthtees re togoates i
scin oh decreased speed in apptoaohing the turn-out, ae lea- apply. She as a Prctestent. and can have an excellent re-

tXromUtRNSeIo o HtEn FISHIN ArheenS b.A, .,$ le himwrong or right, it Iors are in su a poeton as to commendation from aderter, in whose ly she has
M., ad turs and Frid to the person secure the safety o the train; and o that if the lo vers be not lived for sevrl months Please inquire forCathar,"
whin proeOs ohel trg as bo f h emp r, a pnrplaced, e can stopte train in topr t 218 Churh street, near Canal sret, or at the office of th

soon as the bre.e is T be oalledaway, may be inbapaite by o i ag
"* "* ............ uena Agnt to an hundred easualties to waich machaulalBture cnpiaofmlo nashol h ihroac agti
sil t B ved nevweek oa day, ero be ueitednt. The driver receive a large sladypand I "Protestant Churchmn," 219 Broadway. roem No. 22.
ls BO nNtoa. ats Sahisas kwn v1thsteision dire sobriet nre, and knowledge
-at bY;Canalstreeat Cthine t vofisible, and designatinfrthere lte tkion co t ae a re and UTTED.R NFORMATION OF THE RELATI ES
tr[tOat 9PirDI .N2 B tRO AT PLASAN rO navoidR accidentsbyan annual reward given hiom. fIfe haIsb l M of Ge rgasburkenative et NwiYork city, who ean-
centsfor FaSmiaso.r SineGentteme sait o se through cidet during f aoyear, xeielso for- traiA to New Orlea al there diedo.
C '.1d this.......with..y.......... 0 bthe,.oad
---feits a d ha'sparo e if run r off the tr ask at anygtoeby-his S holdthn met ih nyrlaiv a heabv d

B[OARD DOWN TOWN--A GEN-TLEMAN AND WIFE +accidents rmtedslcmn farira a.o btu-(t )})-RAlH"E-,lT~lAT
J nd two or teGH AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS. negligent ce, whe therdamageI b done or not, t oblj ect of they may hbear em tith e= .6 A advantage byaddressg
with board, and furnished apartments, at he 102 iber foot thee arrangements e to throw all there sasiblityn the the adersgaud, it thi pIaete. EDi. IRKer,
ofChambersstreet t- iorrewmorning, at7o'clock,touch-0 driver o the en g e by plae cng In hi h o the safety a u ininnenati, Ohio, July 21 ,1849.

.."t He nammBondwsret ash.way. aniattpresentatnoot
"a t --a-s- c wy. T tfeaaY t ble traione presented to my ne. the o penalty he sub- A W O M RO E
BOARD ODobb SMALL FURNISHED OR UNFUra- strengthene d by its universal adenption thi s a ins TNFOR i h MS ose EN,
nied house wanted in the country, where the ommu- vi severed that wh can be devisedbingthe imminent xIe oued to be oil t ten eland. If s he would send lia
Cniaion is constaPont anCd onvenint, Staten Island pFareftrd geref bi own life, althes of lomIsiu .Tbedire ions to the Salor' ome, 0 Cherry street. she would
The famiy onsist of a Newburgsatl wife, child and servant. rMy fonilitmer ets solly on him, andis firmly believed greatly bige her brthereny, who bardthere.
9-iYPRESS HILL CEMETERY, OFFICE 262 BILOAD- that this onwivid responsibility thrown upon onae mace, inlNlM TO A T D-F C R EIS S LI

Address box 1,6s8, New York post office, tstaRIgN tDrms- lees- approLIU t,
*tion, &c. consequencofteoplntoftetaeig ouiyfi riif
w wodo aove W rren tree -The gound ai areaged 45, who left hihomeas to the detention of the t on the evening of the 16th

E lA' HOUSEW.... CORNE+R OF BALTIMORE AND EU- were liable to meet, caused by t oucor rbaee mn.nimuAanvv tot -uT
dl- ttreats* Baltimore n sd,, RENRY F. JAOKSoN, r be depended to shift a msi stotiol go oas and to Ti+nCnsr. yfm
rrl.or.-This splendid andpaou Hotel, elgibly situ u them when they ltan a ons every va
ntedfor both busiest and pleasure travellersa nIs so conducted whose duty it shod speed required b o makesignals communicated tat, ednlastosneIn tny his
as to combine all the euxurit of the b ant hotels, with le- the drivers of the enins, whehetherlb t a te were rghto am lio conc erning him will be received with granite b h
mmuna rp s d. W hole lets,. 440 superficial feet, which is 100 W r n T e e m o o i al m a s r e m n n, un h n ie a e lt a ily, at No, 2616 W ater-street. N B a on,

fence and real comfort. Choice suites of apartments are, at lired by the mwitch-tandens, are permanen ua
all seasorse tre reserved for the acooe t the diverof the ene..y hhelft, a straw hat, blue pants, and wa i his shirt
gsCemete; and from the admirable arragement of the lades In confirmationeof what I hae dr o tese c es.
free and clear. Terms favorablsting the oty wil fCnd cthe Eutcw House rd eriy afforded to th travel. i t a
a home unsurpassed by any hotel in the Union, The location always knnowsn our reoado, I tarhem, for they ie iformy NCIL CASE AKERS-WANTED A ENEAL

is elevated and meet salubrious, and is als0 cnnvonient to the ingstatomcot, which was made not ytoofor ftoS0,' ", .y-i cnSa'r
depots and ieandings, a t which the portes f the housane are at IdIlff the rcame plaeds.inworkmen in the Pencil s ing, man to poish
amtiesfo in waiting to convey b e, re of charge, to the Ihed y authority s to show the dri r whether the gates and make himself usefulIn the manufmotor Apply to

hotel. Baths for LJadiee and Gentlemen. I urd to the aoctdents which havooedadls flf pnS1?* .""^ ."^ ^ ^ l
fro the fo a rn those wrongad for gthe yeart is 187 attained now by mech and also a staticalmean,
-., and P. Rturn5noi P. *M.Arran i thih are more to bife relied upon thad on a rady belong could e. tc .
/ll tO tese omuiterskensudd tenyscmy.haseueen enlyprdieor
in progress fur hourly trains to thegoateo the C.emetery, an Menmy eeih baensddn y s rick, maynsddenlyiebor A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION AS A

soon as .th ra c nisrlaid. h.bra wa o nmay bO' capar c'ae b Teacher to children under fourteen year ofage, inh
t E G e A t an hMundre casualties to which mechanicalfixtureA scan privtefamily, or sn a school The higher branches taught if
never he ent.jccted. The driver of the oilutce thus dependson required. Addres 0, .E E., Herald office. Sin
BODARDING, &iC. his own vision, directed to an unerring xed objects clearly

RB| AH" N OR DIIN BAOO AND COFE In thycrl..................< ------ ,,. t..,- ,* 't
u. o..i.Fi visible, yand 1deug ..tinghepsilieoa CUTTEO R W ANTED-A FIRST RATE CUTTER WANT-
DOARDING-512 BROADWAY-PLEASANT ROOMS, not upon the uneertinioty oof inufosrimoanioztlenwahteoh my be trans- e.J d, one that han been used to cutting customn work, and
.Lo for Fnamilie or StogIe Gentlemen, mitted to him through the agency ofa,ther, Es n con get up work tastily. Address to Q. I- S., at this a Mae.

pthe road has proved in more thnClub Boue, but not opened. Cel- tn, t ro
BOARD DOWN TOWN-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE accidents from the displacement 6fna railroad tar. or obstruc- f ARRE CHANOIL-PARTNER WANT-
a nd two or three single gentleman cachee anoommoda ad tHans paced oi thre'reoad by wished man, san cnly be prne- $3, .'00O. Adwith $1,600, who is willing totake nhargo

withage, ba segment, cooking ded apartment, three 12 Liberty vented by theal of driveath discovering them in s, season... waiver. stableuinthe very heart of the ty If prefer
stress, near Breadway. T'haeplan at present adopted seems to me to be the most would nell all, with the leas, for $3,000, an the advertiser

febedsiroombndallr one prontd to my ntice,nd this pinion iS wishes to retir e from business to toountry. The stable
BOARD, OR A SMALL FURNISHED OR UNFUII- strenthflened by its universal adoption on all railroad lines in will hold twenty horses, and, with gsod management well

t a o useto wanted in the country whes pepreo pare the comnu- rosited States, wither a single option, so far aIav double the capital every tw years. If sold, oes sta-
ncationIesincn tant and convenient; Sta". n Island preferred, bea n able to learn. blyvwill be taken for hoeptug two horses on .Ivers. Address
Ite a iy steatofagen lemao, wife, child and servant, Mytoramer instructions tothe drivers of engines wavo, to "Retirement," atthsofce,

'dIerall y A648,TNew ork post offie, statingtrmso&a approach theso e gaentes at nd precaut .Ithey w ore wrongbti in _______________________
.lion, heannn&dequsnce of the complaints of the travelling com.uniy
S~ the detantiontf the train at th turn- outs, where they
E A1ur e w HSCORNER OF BALTIwORE ANDnEU- were liableto meete, caed by the scnductors or brakemen BR IT ISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL y.
Batmoe A'd., JACKSON, logoli d eabh totsh ift the switch for them to go on,uT between New York and Liverpool, and

1 n n B A LE S 1 -1 B R O W N SH EETIN S "n AN ITE *h ,u ,d be a .t thelon ga te s, 0 1 6 ^ ^^ hex to the icfe t f~ g ag
1Up Stout" mad- e near Baltiore d vry hdote -Plrl eh e sesn tmhe when they left; g a d also in consequence of the ish
one not aeuainted with the bra al e a sale Increased o speedrequiredby our mail contract, I placed at between stoid Liverpool, Calling at Halifax to and and

"M~e, s b U TTR R, L I TIN OSTO N' & RO B [N SO N m k a l S o t o t^he 'c o ,) h o ~l'u .e~ y dlldd~ ra b^ ^ ^ ~ w ht s o o '* k
0mount litpdidgsdosey'on
ast c ombio all the luxuries r ef the bet hotels, With ale the gates, whee th e liabet m t, hsruss r eie m eadp en e

asNEW COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR.--NOW READY, et, thus aeurul CIiY .eo of
Sa" TALOR' SIdoNATUmeC xaMntRe a supplement We lb tah. ptn, sic ,Capt.tarrie, from N. York, Wednesday, Aug. 21

to Ta Wler's U. S. Money Reporter add Coin Examiner con-*a t 1 t,1'111??' wh e t y on een uo n thef
talg fas sie annvin_ of the sgnatura of the oresi- opening and shutting otOIA
det and cashiers of all th ban in the United tte. w l to mt, suses m ean-reeae &9 as Fs eg e
Pli e 31 cents. Dealers supplied on liberal trm. Sub- August 8ie a, Stone. Bto Wedneday, Aug. .

! sribers to the Reporter +are furnished with a oo~py free of-----------------vrmu al nMnry uut2ta 'ltI .
xtrachargo. Terms for the Reporter and Coin aminer TOTICE TO RAILROAD eia th o to, n sae
m onthiy, one dealar per year. Address C. S 8LO&NB, .N "PanamuBalroad Company, NewrsStt romYf,0d. owr,1;lw a
________ Exchange Broker, 23 Wall st. .lln orer! enable detractors, who mcy be disud oval iKU|sr~ n oa^ asg oNwOtas
I HILADELPHIA STOVEB WORKS AND HOrinwV the Isthmus oI Panama, by thae Birle Ctwal avso ?7)vn,$0,AeprendSugi satoh o
.&ware Fouindry.--Waruiek, Leilrandt Si Co. first wharf the l6th inst., the time for rseeifgrosa frtecn thFlo. egttoCgr.T.prouofotd.Ne
lab e fo m the Dmlawarng In confirmatinhadfandwfhr sala v the ralroa in relation to these- Ca ada, Judkins, NYork Wednesday, Sept.5.
!!onaa-s-sAg I .h. IM Niagara, Erie ei N. York, Wednesday, Sept. 19.

a o m ul n pmostreasonabyo terms l a very laUoan, h so- ..e.uo u Ortobernext. A compete p ta e su n t fi e n-. y,
sorlment ofe toves, sompriosng a valety of new asht beaurtil Company, to point out the ln oath ba torfuter thr Erpg, ato BBT8,. Wesd Set.
dpoatte and, among t which will be found oho folhowing:- Cook's tistuars ad sinthemSn t at uyas t. a b Ila. S hno N Wednenda y, 001. 5.

Favorite, for wood or coal, six s; Complete ook, five NOTICE TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. te
*izsi ir igh Coplee, hre sies;Newcomplete. IM19, Offic Panama Railroad Company, 78 Broad way, Now York, = Mel ail on the 20th inMfc She can stlllltake tho 4bu1l' of18010
three sizes; Double Oven Cornet, three sizes; Buck's July Ztb, 1818.--On the 16th day a August next, themaps, a. For froghbor pssagexply onboard, at pier No. 11
County Economist (Patent Flat p), three sites; James, vlais, profiles and specifioation of that portion of the Paua- North River, or to .It FOWLER. 86 West St.
Cook, far vsels* two sizes; nine plates Plain Top, nine ma Ralroad which it Is proposed toplace adar contract, EW YORK,-AUGUST 18-W OBiKj-f6F-dF,
sites; ditto BoiisrTop, nine sizes s ditto Jog Back, two sizes will be orady for exhibiton at the a as. seated, roposals, NoEMUITS Commander of the British bark &dam Oarr-
tanrlatet Baltimore Cook, three st es; seven plate ditto' addressed to PIANISO SPIES, secret&r of the c in y DearS5r-Ailowsbefc i inr rr -otoai
toursies; CstOvencr Band Box Stove, three sizes; Key- 'and endorsed "Proposals to construct Panama BtIloa feelis oi-ratru to[a. f r Y,.r. k.\' ntia, aud
Stone Stoves, for oven, two size ditto with collar on top, for thatpart of the work between the Olu tea ver an the gentlemanly conduct to ua durni vurriiji uuac-i ,
two ie; Frankin Keystone Cnnon Stoves, eight Pacific ocean, being about twenty miles, (conformae to the a Gi g .1
sites; Bare Cyinder eight lizesi with ght or heavy cylm-which may be exblbtted.1 III be attnto tocenineR, 01.n, W
ders eightesies; Bar Room Stoves, ditto four siues; Basesand receivedby the Comipary at their omce, 12 oco ., our ntrefrodomfromin- s1r.
Tops, eight sixoe; Radiator Plates, four sizes; New York untit t9e ntire remfmLT, kne
Radiator! Summer Furnaces, four sizes; Gas Oven, three right ofaccepting or greeting ay or all theoropals that vl wooi a n I
sizes; Sta mandcrs, two sizes; Air-tight Plates, foursizes; may be offered, TlOM. ulph W ," halin. ho r
btaniysCast Forlt-r Air-tight. four a too Etna, three sizes; MFRASC01 SPIES, Secretary.- nil.nt-\ AnuirJ' PvAU H-
pote piders, In IS, c, t~o fi't~a 9M o? a N. D.-In the meantime., any general Information in the n'.o.pll 110oD*,11llf. Aar.4 ~LJr,"^'R61,6tMil~l-,
toi^ S a^ W to ize stoves;" b ugtM~lish too0 of tho Campanyy a ba on application at the i; h, P-in," J Mai Wil."*sn;-. Ji,a r1^ ,ns*
oilalr, rounu an oral'sto emaud flat bottom tea'-kottlas, M Ta l.J sMnhp .''a uirad-- n]o ,md
sints, spout-irons hydAtdrilpirons, &c., &c. The Flat-to._ 1) o n
Complete (papnt). a now and superior cook sove, Ave sizes;
sealerbupplied with odd plates, grates, flre-brioks, *., u, OlOTHmo. T" ri-ItEILLY, E<.. SUMU O-1 -1-C. TiB
Lljll I an, of a I dtoirIpLIOM, nab!lY and promptly UXd- A i.21pra i-n n.dr-I the sniip StO-r ian. fr..m 1.1-
out-..C L IOBTON 01 'l 10 N, w Yurk. (A0[.,%AIlu% 3nU tlliirare fr-ILO -5
na~u .L]ITOFIRST PREMIUM SHITVKR -rtb ur.Ig)uu ioranhetItlcsrC
rEAKETrLF ETtAKETrLES.--4,%DnZ.OOF 4Qr. AnSea ?S No. 10 Park PlaceN,,Vor.,'
OR Laetticen;' A doz of1 -usltdE do 2.I -id.l-t.of 6-oulJrt r.-_-eet-N W-- . . 7 san. PiIu titblL
du d,o ,:1 o.,- of. inart do.,d...I,10,dot of- j.quart J.).d, .otw sae ourLy ^ ^ .a & o
rAh" jCK, L LtfiiLK f I i I U., hac a so. In st.-re, and I .. ILli S aib .0(1.0-1 10 t S tiif"ctI O ol nil -
f. r ,le tothe ftirs. the oBtoe qountityof T.-a K.IT]M, PATENT MANGLES.-THI1 MANGLE 19 A LAnOR. %IsLiag LOaGrh
F]loh Ih Ay areprrlmnid LO so6l at tIoRS 104 rktR1 1rl1!. f e It, 10m"I,.nIoa I .l n iltUlix dtr.ed;.IbdgtO"l la lbta rank pr r.ur V l Ionr r1.[iln
C. W. Wiriock ll remain Batt, lrli.H0n, r.,adHa)-Z fn.sDmoo, &i i I nrdl Li nan sb ,. %i i rrt dit nJ D""11- Wti~nvdisrslr.Vrir~intirt wall i.
dntring thilday, (aturdB3,l whe e ,11 b1 eap.y her.II'n ". .OOn. r nn lhalf [ B [,ar
esveorder;s, and seavery inf~rma, tOHu l,\*6kSSIn rdp ts ti^ u.l Lots...... df It" ",,e mu: d, .,- (On
eoke0 IX its*&. 1&Bl:O1 K LltB*N D t "*OB r.e. Te1ru C-1 Bsi .*'e- Lu, ,1e1cl
WA 04 KL~dH a A. Apt aIs il, hoasSmn, 0Adr-n
.11.- were and Tom Kettle Fognadly lqol ,o tD-IUtL60 And West, 4 Little Gr.aIIIa"udl A pIWA II 1110,HayBodet
laars, Enflcildl-ihs. AY i dio k O .A ion utvEjwdW~imDl.

Mansitr; Mr. John Sof1tn. Sta Minaijr: Ur. La Man-
ca, Maltsdl Plrcttur.-Frlilay e'tlia, &..,nm 1'. i,. '....
tar[Binmets will coinerue itb Osriaro Ltr
whichh tho JA,.OBl rE-%lr- F. Wroacuii. Mr
John Duck Mr. C. Barh.e Lady -L'miiri',rJ, Mi-6
Patty Patti, Mra. Wntt &. Intel'oii oa-r l If i.
Tic nellu ui; tlih 8lEl'AHATE g .INrCVA"iC-S.s l~o.
nipotbhr. Mra C.Bu\,&rJj Mr r L
Jane rlrrre ra. MatLsi Sir I-p.&Eon F.-fip, Mid
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menca[s8S. Admisalrn.50O oeta.
Benefit ofT. D. Kloo.--Saturday evening, Anet 18, vill
be acted the farce of the LO TEKY TICKET- wormwood,
Mr. T. B. Johnston; Susan Miss Sinclair. AfterMwhich,13OS
SQUASH L.E DIABLE--one Squash, Mr. T. D. Rice; I'om-
pay Ducklges, C. White; Major Sam Switobell, T. 6.John-
ston; Jim Brown, Leslie: Junlstt% Ducklegs, its Sinclair.
To be followed by WBITZ'S SEREVADERS. The whole to
conclude with theVIGRUINIA MUVMY-GiBgor Blue, Mr.
Rioe; O'Leary, Mr. Herbert, Lucy, Miss Lookyor; Susan, Iis
Sinclair. Admission--Boxes, 26cots; Pitt,212Xet8. Doors
open 7)-, Curtain rises at 7R.
still eminently successful, will be continued every it
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The Final Splitin the Democracy,


Adjournment of the Conventions.

RoMtE, August I" P. M.
The Aflernoon's Proceedings of the Hunker and Free Soil
Convmttwns-Immense Iathrine-The Accmmodation
-Great Excitement in te Hunker Conenio.
Both the conventions resumed their sessions at S
o'clock this afternoon: but. as will be seen by the fol.
lowing proceedings, nothing has Yet transpired thatap.
pears like uniting. I understand the barnburnern ae
very indifferent as to a union, JohnVanesiis one
ofthe leading members of their convention, and mid,
In one of his discussions,,this afternoon, that he Wa
satisfied to unite, but upon principleI or unite upon
t;iving all the ofces to the hunkers, and the principles
to the free sorlers This novel and laughable Idea of
union created roars of laughter, However, both son-
mittees have at last got together In private session,
and, by to-morrow morning, there will be something
more known, in regard to a union of the two parties.
Never were any conventions in the Empire State at-
tended with a larger gathering than has been witnessed
bet e to. day. There are, at the lowest calculation, up-
wards of five thousand people here this afternoon,
which is an immense number toattend a convention at
so small a place as this village.
Accommodations here are principally at two hotels,
that are not capable of holding the members oftha
conventions, which causes others to get a meal and a
lodging where they can--somegoing to private houses,
others to the saloons, &o. eat dissatisfaction pre.
vails among the majority of all who have attended these
two grand political blow outs," in cc-arequenee of lwo
conventions being called at so -mall a place, wher
there is not room enough to accommodate half that
arrive. C.
ROME, August 15-8 P. M.
Long before the hour arrived to which the Hunker
Convention adjourned totbePresbyterian nurcawas
one complete jam of delegates, ladies, and people from SU
sections of the country. The Prealdeut.Ex-Governor
Marcy, came into the Convention, where the members
bad assembled;, and, upon calling them to order. Mr.
Daniel E. Sickles, one of the New Yorkdelegation,
moved that the convention take a recess til 5 o'clock,
so as to give the barnburners time enough to act upon
the resolution that was passed by this body in the
forenoon, and a copy sent to the other convention, to
appoint a committee for negotiating a harmony and
reunion. This resolution was passed for the sole pur-
pose of communicating with the Barnborner Conven-
tion During the adjournment for dinner, the resolu-
tion was despatched to the President of the barn.
burners by President Marcy. accompanied by a com-
munication from the ex-Governw, asking then
to appoint a committees to act upon the enclosd
document. The members of this convention evi-
dently wished to wait and see in what light the
other faction viewed the hunker resolution. and the
letter that had been transmitted to them. The ques-
tion of taking a recess till 5 o'clock was fnally pot,
and lost, but as no business could be proceeded with
till some word should be received from the other con-
vention, the convention became a sceneof confusion,
and had to be called to order, when
Chancellor WALWORTH arose and askedthe President
whether the resolution that was passed by thisconven.
tion this morning, bad been sent to the other argent.
nation before they commenced their afternoon session.
He was answered that it was not delivered to them tl
after they had opened their afternoon session. Nothing
further being at present in order, quite & number of
the members of this Convention lett the-church, and
started for the Baptist Church. to a" what the ft"
soilers were about. But a few moments bad passed?
when a messenger came in from the barnburners, and
handed a communication to President Marcy from the
gentleman who presides over the barnburnervogania-
tion, now in session at the Baptist chunk. Two cont.
munication, also, had the following barburner "main.
tions enclosed; they were both read to the convention,
which created some long debates in regard to referring
them to the committee, or have them laid on the table.
The following is a copy of the letterfrom William Tay-
lor, the President of the other convention:-
SIR--I have the honor to transmit to you the acon-
panying resolutions, adopted by this convention, over
which I have the honor to preside, now in session at the
Baptist church, which were adopted previous to the
receipt of the resolutions which you transmitted to
this convention. I am also instructed to Inform you
that this convention has appointed a committee to most
the committee appointed on the part of the chnvatims
over which you preside.
I have the honor to be, very respectfully, ya obe-
dient servant, WELLIAM TAYLORL
August 15,1849.
The following are copies of the barnburners'resolu-
tions, just received by the Hunker Convention;-
Resolved, That in the opinion of this convention,
the present division in the democracy of New York
results from a supposed or real difference In print iple
on the subject of slavery, and the construction of
constitution of the LisitedStates, as to the legislative
power of the Federal government and its duties to ex.
ercise It,
Resolved, That the views of this convention an this
subject are as follows:
- 1st. It is not questioned or disputed tt Congress
has the power over slavery in the District of Columbia.
2d. It is not questioned or disputed that Congress
does not possess the power over slavery in the United
States. .
, 3d. The powerofCongress overslaveryin theterrito-
ries of the United States is questioned; this convention
holds that the Federal government possess the legisla.
tive power over slavery in theterritories, and ought to
exercise it, so as to prevent the existence of Slavery
there. (A true copy.)
J. F. STAn8ucx. Secretary.
After the above were read to the convention, the
question came before them, whether these resolutions
and letters, received from the barubut uars. Loid r
adopted by the convention, or referred to the cosanmt-
tee that has been appointed to confer with ie bun-
burners' Committee. This question cl;sed- debate
by members in all parts oa the chl-'en-80in to amend
the question, others to raer them, while others was It
favor of having them sent back to the other conven-
tion! The various views upon this subject created
great excitement among the Test number In attend-
ance. Soon after, one of the delegates-& Mr. Burrows,
from Orleans county-arose,and commncedaddress-
ing himself to thePresident and convention in gene.
The gallery begau to fill upwith hundredsof allvlasses
of politicians, such as barnuers, 4whigo, abolition-
b~ts &.
'!. 2nBkowswent on 44 my that he was opposed to
slavery; (this sentence led many :* th members to be.
lieve Mr. Burrows to be a red hot barn er);*ad h
was, furthermore, opposed to sending the
back, but would honor them! and treat them In a
light, and do nothing that will tend to annikilate the
object for which the members of these conventions
came to Rome. He appeared, in manyportions of his
remarks, to be a strong friend to the noon of the two
factions. Mr. Burrows was interrupted a number of
times by other members of the convention; hut the
shouts of` Go on : go on '" cm rmalprso
the building; (F. B. Cuttingadoerdlatssat
ed to leave, nut were prevaleupnt ay)adb
would no sooner have uttered e odta h r
would be heard--"He is a banuer diaplde
by the free-sollers in the gley"Teeieet
finally became intense; andte akrw olgdo
bring his remarks to a olese, wihelh ovnln
sceneJ of uproar and conusin u onatrM.B
resumed his seat, the ]'icik. puc+ji I aln
them to order, and the qoedie tr~rrn h an
burner reselutibns" anid lele oI cmie ha
had been appointed to ni,-eE l.ceru h te
convention, was flnully put uvt.adie e e
ferred to the coutmiilto l at u'najamlinw
thenouffred by CicenaJ tVrJ1"'echorlad
journ; which "a cs srried, aud(eCiju~iDajun
ed, amidst coofulutn and xcir .nllom oa
morning, at 9 o'clock iAsth rJbgj omka
rush for" the door, Chancflo ~lulti),b|iu
their attention fnr a fuw mimiii hah nonu
that the committee tbat w~fbiobb bBmrl^
to retire wlth the cone Iiom u j~brir.ri
meet tOgether at 7 a'clc.ek.hi vui,(r hpi.
pose of negotiating thii qurl'no unadre -
eiliation. Thuee oommlttnee a-ocuci upier
end nothlug of any important' ^l h no ilb.
knoan till to-nighl aa.rbu
ROMtS, August63P.M
Nothing of mush Lmporac h-weuon hi r
ternoon A number of n teii aniodnie n
solutions,. hare been trno~uhlidiu u ofnii
to the other. Both hudIiJd ilbodu vnase-ui
this evening, und a~all tbea ntii r u resolr
upon thei ptopOslion e-nt 10irib iehne-t
unite upon. 'lbla lutluwingar ar frsllo'
ocrreipoudi.uoB, -o., rnc~lia tjlb ounce j
thO other convention:- .

The committee appointed by~he convention at the
Presbyterian church in this place, to conduct 1;6 ne-
gotiation with you on the Pubject of union. withs & view
to unite, and bring out the wholemucratic party, aui
thus secure the future asoondunitw of democratic urin-
ciples, propose, on the part of the convention for which
they act. to waive all questions as to the regularity ot
the two organisations, and to pafs over, without re.
mark, the countroversles of Lhe last two year : We are
aso willing to agree to the adoption. by both convene.
LJORG. C'f IUCII rt-1 jULiGQ1 ea bivu be, etuf~jre fc-rmed the
de-mocratic platform, or a, ba- b-a Iuudy &dopt-,d
by tbb ULU McraLIc Slata oenc i,.o, nt division in the d are-
suit o[ fGUo negotiatiuns It 1ur wirh 10 jud &uoh DomI.
nations made and agreed to by each convinLion as will
be satlifactory to the entirudem'icracy olthe and
sbhib; we trust, ould secure a democratic triumph at
the enul nelg tkction But as the great question of
slarery has reotly b-orme a subjmt or agitation
in the democratic ranks in is State. It must In some
way be disposed of, before we can hope for the restora-
tion of harmony sn.Il gnd reelin among oil the mem-
bpre of the democrat prty Thepeoploftharth
and oft'he South, ae Ie wellkoneneandieet
and adverse diews from each other. and even among
themselves, on the subject of slavery 14 now sUn
for S long time bah bree It and whn e one region tole-
rates and the othir pitohlbld riavury. nothing l1k
unil of views on this subject, among the member of
the dimoeramic party IdI LUO Ule 1 CAU be eX-
peeted. There ni no doubt that the gon"r1l gentimena



cent, ou to t street. The foIWI We the gai it.
sto-: board yrserd~ttrl -$290Md.OB13;t.O ~T6
1890, 103%.1; Iahab B & 6OR, 43%;(,0 t~ta'.101!
I Oe market yesterdyleof 100 b. w-
ard St. flour, now, at$561N; 1300 bis. City Hills at $6 25, a
lot made of old wheat at 12%. Wheat in moderate sup.
ply, red $105 to %J White $106 to $110. Corn-0h7t;,
60 cents; yellow 5 a CO. Oats 28 a 30o. Provision active;
sales of bacon pretty briak; shoulders 6M a 6o.; sides 6 o.;
hams 7y a 10o.-some Baltimore oured le; mesa pork $1125;
prime 975 to $10; lard 73o At section to-day, 20 hdB.
VOW Orleans sugar sold at P a S660 porlOOlbs.

At the residence of her father, on Thursday even.
Ing, the 16th instant, by the Rev. Edmund C. Btttin-
ger, Mr ALFRnED BUCHOUT, to Miss KATE HARRIS, third
daughter of Henry Harris, Eaq of Sing Sing, N. Y.
At Peteraboro', Madison county, Now York, on Tnes-
day evening the 14th of August, at the residence of
Gerrit Smith, by the Rev. Samuel Hanson Coxe,
CHAPMAN BIDDIo., of Philadelphia, to MARY IVIaSTOM,
daughter of Walter L. Cochran, of N. Y.
At St Luke's church, Philadelphia, on Thursday;
August 16th, by the Rev. D Washburn, A. M., Com.
mtudore E. W. MOORE, commander of the late Texas
navy, to EMMsA. daughter of the late William T. Stoc-
t n, of Roxborough, Penn.
Atthe residence of his mother, in the town 9f Ma-
maroneck, on the 17th instant, of consumption, Mr.
THOMAS M. TOMPKies. in the 43d year or his age.
The friends are respectfully invited to attend his
funeral from his late residence, this morning at 11
o'clock, 18th Instant.
On Friday, August 17th, of cholera. at his residence,
Seacaucus, N. J., WILLED C. UNDERHIL.
Funeral today, at 10 o'clock, A M. The r-lativos
and friends or the family are respectfully Invited.
Westchester papers please copy.
At Springfield, Conn., on the 9th instant, REuBCT
WITE, (colored.) at the age of 104years and 11 months,
having been born at Taunton, Sept. 9th, 1744. He was
a pensioner on account of services in the revolution.
On Friday, 17th instant, after a short but painful
illnesfs, Miss JOSePHINE F. MUHUTT, aged 20 years, 5
m ruthe, and 9 days.
The relatives and friends of the family are respect.
fully invited to attend her funeral, from the resi-
dence of her mother, No. 27 Amos Street, corner of
Greenwich avenue, on Sunday, the 19th instant at 4
P. M., without further invittion.
Dear Josephine, thou bast left us;
Here thy loss we'll deeply feet;
But 'twas God who bath bereft us-
He can all our sorrows beat.
On the 14th instant, of the prevailing epedemic. Mr.
GEORGE MIGARY, aged 40 years.
His remains were conveyed to Wiliamsburg comete.
ry for Interment.
On the 16th' instant, of the prevailing epidemic,
HESTER, widow of the late Wm. H. Baldwin, aged 6a
On the 17th instant, THOMAS A., son of Catherine
snd Thomas Birmingham, aged 7 years, 2 months, and
14 das
His funeral will take place to-day at 3 o'clock, from
his parent's residence, No 6 Doyer street. May his
soul rest In peace.-Amen. Newark papers please copy.
On Thursday, August 17th, of the prevailing epi-
demic, JAMES CRAWFORD, printer, recently employed in
the office of the Journal of Commerce. He lost a child
by diarrhoea on Tuesday last.
]n Brooklyn. on Friday, the 17th Instant, MARY AroK
"OAGIHAN, aged 14 months and 14 days, daughter of
PP I rick Monaghan.
Her funeral will take place this afternoon at 5
o'clock, from the residence of her grandfather, James
Quigby, corner of Smith and Wyckoff streets, South

Port of New Tork, Aug. 18, 1849.

oiU Sla a*..... ..... 6 HIGHTXa ... 9 7
Ship-E1 Dorado (Br), Thompson, Quebec, I Irwin.
B'ks--Charles Potter (Sw), Beckman, Poach & Melneks;
Odd Fellow, Leavitt, Portland.
Brigs-Marie (Russian). Zoolingen, Acapulco, Funch &
Meinclio; Broome, Trecartan, Surinam, P J Nevins & Son;
Posltr (Br), Konny, St John, NB, G & J Laurles & Co; Hero
(Br), Pike, do, no; Huntress, Poole, Yarmouth, NS, J, H
Brohes; Cairo (Br), Seely, St John, NB, J W Bunham;
Maria, Lyon, Thomaston; Aconite, Park, Georgetown, RussIU
& Norton.
Scbrs-Antigua Planter (Br), Paynter, Mirantobi; Re-
1-cra, Woglam. Petersburg, J Read; Monsoon, Sillman,
P ,iladelphis, J Hand.
Sloops-Biigor Williams, Sturgis; Wiles, Gurney, and
Champion, Boobe, Providence.
Steamship Falcon, Bartstein, Chagres, July n Now Or-
rleans Aug 9, and Havana 120, with specie, &a, to M C
raoket ship Northumberland, Griswold, Loadon andPorts-
mouth, July 20, with mdoe, to J Griswold.
Packet ship henry Clay.,Howlands Liverpool, Iuly2t. with
riode,to Gri n iall, Co. <
Ship John FieIden (Br), Strong. Lierpool 56 d with
salt aRd 29b passengers, to Pickeragill & Co. Aug 1,atT-,
Ion 70 12, spoke ship Ar =,from BostoU for Calcutta; 13th off
Nmtinates Shoals, spoke ship AS"11, 36 day from %w
Orleans for Boston.
bhip Loodisa (Br), DallimorLiverpool, 42 days, with
mdss and 265 passengers, to I Irwin. Aug 5 lat 41 3D Ion
35 spoke Brhark Empress. from Liverpool for hostOI ,
Bark Robert Alexander Parke (Br), Morton,Galway, 0
days, with ballast and 152 to .
Bark Benedict (Nor), at rumneu, Norwy, 56 days,
with iron and 121 pasanIers, to A No lor & Co.
Bark Stadt Antwerp (Bre ), erg, 41 ays,
with mdies and 158 passenger, r.
Bark Cyclope (tr). Gautret, ar qu, days,in a-
last, to Peirrreres.
Brig Juno (Nor), Soebeg, Amods, Nor, 42 dxyv, with Iran
and 61 paesers, to order. .a
Schr Gen Peavcy (of W~kting, Me), Webber, Jicmol, 25
days, with logwood and coffee, to G Bartell,
Schr Wm Henry, Snow. Virginia.
Sohr Margaret Ann, Burges, Virginia.
Sohr Zenith, Polen, Virginia.
SBhr Harrison Price, Borden, Baltimore.
Sohr Eliza Jane, Tucker, Lyme, Cone, with stone, for u s
Dry Dock, Brooklyn.
,chr Meri& Louise, Spencer, Haddam, Conn, with stone, for
DRtn'Uy Dock, Broo1ly2
Slooe Jane, Penn, Maddaa, Conn, With stone. for U S Dry
Dock, Brooklsn.
No vessels in sight at sun-set from the HiglAadl -
Ship Sheffield, San Francisco; bark Richard Cobden, Cape
Baytlon; and others.
Auo IT-Wind at han-ria% S; at meridian, S; at an-
let S*
Herald Marine Correspondence.
PHRLADxLFHIA, August 17, 4 P M-Arrived-Brig Samuel
Small Sprasue, --- sohre Delawa, Hardin& Provi-
dence; Rainbow, tilams, AlbanT; E76 Horton, Ga ,
Warren, RI; steamer W J Pease, Concklin, NYork; Penov-
sicot, Telegraph. Southworth Middletown- Mexiaor
N.annaman. Providenoc; Express, Batcook, Pawtuket. [The
remainder unintelligible.]
ulesiod-Brigs Unicorn, (8r) Hs ona, Londonde
Buntaport (Br),Holmes, St John, N B ; Jobs, Piere, MI.
Francisco and Benecia City; Martha, Klmermsu. Buckeport;
schrs Welcome Return. Shaw, L ; It D Dghton, Handy,
Portsmouth; Indiana, Hoffman, Briatol; Orton, Gandy,
do; Grace Darling, Batiett, Bridgeport; Toeraph,do; Mex-
ico, Vannaman. Bristol; Henry Donator, agly Boston;
Express, BabcOok. arlom.
B[lscena11L 112
BRIO .HARLOTT---It was reported at Ponce, 22d ul, that
brig Charlotte. Snow, from St Thomas for Mayaguez, ran
ashore on a reef of rocks between Cabo ozoand ayaguez,
and waslot
LOSuS oF BARK GEM-A report of the loss of the bark
Gem. Worth of Sag harbor, has been in circulation for the
last tWO weeks, which report is fully confirmed by letters re -
calved from Capt Worth by his brother, Althouglrwo have
not the particulais of hl this vessel, we beles th
following to be substantially correct, as far asiC oK-Th
Gem lett the Sandwich Islands late in 1818, either Noy or
Dec, eruising homeward, with about MW bbls oil, principally
whale. M ot ong after leaving the islands, during night time
she struck on a reef not lai down in the charts, Squat M
miles frrm an uninhabited island, neartheequator. Ofiers
and crew all saved; ship and cargo a total lose. The captain
-aud it is hoped the crew also-reaod the island of Tabiti,
where he made ft formal protest of the lose of his vessel be-
fore the consul, obtained his documents, and with his letters
to H tCooper, BEq, agentof theG ,snthmoe adlf
hioeself for Cailfornia. CaptWrhwsa n anio
last JIune* bound to the gold mneadaddoe teor
of $awpir month to take chargeo hahpHres on
for the Columbia Riiver. The ewaisudfoloO.
Another account of the lcessoteGm.reidatfw
Bedford, toy .'-Capt Worth sae ohn u aclo
g~old dust, orth ,ouO. and itwafeedttonortof
the crew had peishcid. A fewmotsefrhwalhi
L'nited States, Cape Worth, wa etna h aepae
BAnn EtrTaw, Mathews, at Boso rmBlioe hl
heati 'g up Boston harbor, when f erllwsu nob
iohr Albatrose, of and for Thomtoadadbwrtan
cutwater carried naw~y, windlas nueadohruih
demure. The achr did notappearoh uhijiebth
put hack to h iy
BAne PnnBvcxntE, Taylor, fto aaistrBmug
which put in to Antwerp oB accutc h lcae a
thrown on her beam ends in a gae nhrpsaefo a
tanxak, shifted cargo, and shpe oidrb we.A
survey was held, and tho vernI asodedth ioard
for repis
BKto STERLtNG, of Beverly,atSn rnccohd18
dais' psfssge; was lii days to akadIlns hr h
rout with a very esvero spell ohav lw dstrye-
ther, which continued for Bt di ogrwhn h
doubled Ca~e Horn, the rest oth a gewsmd ngo
wcoa. her. lhe Set ling had notbeharo eoosnose
sailed fromBvry
Scnn MAoMInr, which went ashr oo ehrprI
the galo of l3th, wsgtot~h
Scln BALIKOn, of Marbleheadfo otmPic o
Btomn, wa s poken, no date, GaHedN 0mlstoa-
ter, Eldridg, dead, adlr otesck
W See Miscellno
Cld at New Bedford, loth, shpMlSw,Ida on
Sld lrem Fi>?mou~h, I~th, shinCr orsIarne
cific Ocean, and anchored sae nyi lrai
At Tahiti, April 2 !Peu ogbytI,8 P
At Uonolulu, May !!*, Logau, tlkro, o trn
Straits, ready for sea, havingen oectan perd
Dotr original officers and crew xethe2mteadfv
At 'l'ayta, Wul 16 Constitutio.BneNn p 0
wh. Toutch edat do /th, to lndnet~ ahiitn aly
do, fog TaSltL. rhe G MitohUodoB 20iwsO to

In Le e Bay, latter part of June, Catawba. Swa Nan, M
mp; residents Marshal, do 9W SP.
Ship Argo, Meacom, of and from Boston,8,h, for CalOutt3,
was Ingealtzed AUgl Ijt d,X.In 94t i
Bark 5ophrenia, Emmortoufon ae,3, f oroby
Aug 2, lit 42413, 7A
^*'^,?(),k CALIPORMA.
Bark Toulon, Very henke (Feb 10 for Son Franco, June
I of Capt Born.lath5b, loTS60 by the Blia Annat
Talparaiso, hence. v^eg por".
ABCTIANGXI, July 12-br4! Cyolop, C011001, torBoston.
1ANTwEinr, Aug 1-Barks Douglas, Sumner, for India, ne,
Pentnukct, %Taylor, dF io )
11)'`k dto)Brl Amelia, Clark,. for
Sti ldanthtito la o oln
BFaLFAS3TAug --Bark lite Bangs, for NYork, 10th,
brig Germ, Burle, from Boston, arelot [not (;m from pbl-
lad.lphla noreported in donahltpingGasettal.
voi Jeuly W-Arr bark0ooia
'C1, .L- sNIAT. July --Baika Georia. Lindior. to load
sorA, fur 111, al ready, Justine
Biiiu.'.'', I aD o hhrr
t "dg, I-s. ,I tW.I -Cld l Ln C plaid.BDart-
lu l i. l t.-ii i .r 1 l o. L, dt L 'au p i rb i U N U R .. P
L. I P Ic. .. A tif 6- AIrr all Ni l and, r u*ud |auuliir
ret- L ,fh s8 l.t Air lLI ult). id 1r~ g mil, Oalu-
In 'OLc uTTArJuneoI11--Shinps dor Fa, Brewer, for Boa.
ton, about Wl da)b; Ueorge otilet, bear; r do 6 or 6Iim-
bhir. Ballard, for do 1iN Otojilueowo, for do 121 Uza
W.rv6 iub,,,'eiwrEOi *vl de B; 'tar 2-",L (gr id

iif* ** *

York, lag. -hips" Oenev and Twoe Crvow. for Boston,
went to sea On e itd Ship Lowell, for, do, wbis
started2d. put bank with loss of ssolhon, was supplied, and
ent to sealSth.
GIBRALTAR. July 21--lark Emily, C qnqaranthie. tv
3algat18 Inig Brohiis Ipisaw. Jo do. SiOP-, bark Brasil,
Lewis, Almeria, (was daily P-oid to rotu'n thence anda
finish Idafor Boston): about 18th, ship Gen Yearie, fiker,
from Nrlaas) Triests
GXocA, July 26-Shps Kate Howe, Comings from Nor-
leans, just arr; Rookingham, Pnhallow, and Itaw, eed, ut9.
Bid about Bth, hark Ocilla, Stark, Palermo.
GLASGOW. Aug 3--Ships Mary Ann, Patten. for Boston,
ready; Mesonio, (Br) for d, ld Christian. (Or) for NY *r,
6 days; barks Hyper.on, Perkins, do do; Paulins, Fossode,
for Bostn,9h
HAVRE, 'August I-Ship Tarquin, Moody, for Now Tort,
HAVANAAng 31-Arr hrig Demerars. Porter. Canssi. Sid
1st, bark Prospect, Underwood, atanvs; brigs Loonti
Berryman, 8 iorra Morena, Trieste Grace Wilmington. N
2d, bripsGrampus, Ning, Boston! koacee.'MCrillin. "Now-
burg;" 5ih, Elizabeth, Smith, Wilmington, NC- 8tl. Calcut,
ta, imith. do; Auorew King, Franklin, Romodlob; 10th, sekf
Star, Parker, Charleston.
In prot. llth-Ship Adalaide, Adams, for NYok,18thinst;
barks John BonsonMarahall, for do, next day; Rapid, Ward,
for do, 10 days; Ranger, Ingraham. dlich; brig McLellan.
Harding, disch; Demerara, Porter, for Porland, I ; Adams
Gray, Schneider, for NOrleals, eday: Holden. Campoll
in qusr; Frances Ellen. R .y, ch. aroi, Whipple, do
Salvadors. Evans, for NOrieat, son; Francisco, Smit, one
uno; sobr Issbell, age,
HALIFAX, ug 7--Arr sour Coservative,yrs Alexan-
dria; 9t Br bBrk Bombay, Morson, Liverpool, for Rw York,
67 days out, Ropse tfrs. putin for rovisios, water,&c.;
llth steamship Europa, ott, New RrIt hours )and old
at 2 A M for Liverpool) ; scr John Esson Hector, do for
KIGcSTON, Jam, Angust -Arrbrig F Harper, Phila-
LrV4%PooI., Aug 4-Adverttsed, Caledonia
12th; Uriel, do 5th: Waldron, do 10th; Ocean aeon, do llth,
Franchise, do 13th; PI, mouth Rock, do 30th; Canada (s) foe
New York, l1th; Sarah Sands (s) do 6th; Empire State and
Devonshire, do 4th; Masconomo, Kingston. Aberdeen, and
Constitution, do 6t4; Hindost smC pushing, do 7th (de stia- 1
tion ch nged from New Orlean Z, do 8th; Liberty, do
9th; Burlihgton, do 10tb; Forest ng. Ranlett, and Garrick,
do llth; N B Wolfe, do 15tb; Howard, Brown. do 16th; ri-
delia, do do* J IT Shepherd. Ainsworth, do 18th; Globe, Whit-
more,i, Ith; Savannah, do 12th; Jame
Corner, for Laltimore, 10th; Jos N Cooper. Pitner for
Charleston 7tb: Sea King. end Eaphenis. for New Orleans
8th; Howard. Wise, do Othl; Miltisdos, Swanson, do 15th:
John S Pc Wolfe, do l6th: H ff Bofdy, Alexander. do 20th,
Atdo same date, ship Parthenon, Woodbury, for New Or-
leans soon; bark Laconic (Br) Miller, from Newcastle for
Boston. reply to sell in about 3 weeks.
LomnoKr. Aug S-Ship Persi Baboon, for Boston, Idg
barks Co,-hituate, Borry. do do; Bohemia, Uigzins, front
Cuba for Hamburg. wtgtheremoval of the blockade.,
LKGHOnN, JWly 26--Bark Adeline, Gumago, for NYork,
ldr; Edinburg, Conway, for Philadelpt is (before reported pub
back leaky) disg to repair, and a Prussian vessel for Boston,
][ALAZGA, July 24--Barks Nacooebee, Smith, and Lepanto,
Hagar. wtp- only Am vessel.
MAL, YJuly 24-Ba ks Ionia, King, for Smyrna, S or|i
days; Manchester, Watson. for do few days; Leo, Graves. for
Messina ssoo--only Am vessels. Off the port, a Sicilian brig,
staposed the Ercolea from Boston.
MARTINIOU, July 28-No Am vessels; Frbark Bon Henry.
for NYork In 14 days.
MATANTZAS, Aug 8-Arr 2d, bark Prospect, Underwood,
Havana. CId 28th brit Corinth Smith 'owes; Was, bark
Octavia, Sargent, ortla-d; 3 law, brigs Potosi, Pettis,
Portlad,; 4th Abcona, Lieseaany, Ban Jujimoo Ins Re-
NBWOASTLE, Ang&2-Ships Thordike, Child. for Boston,
8th; Brandywine, Merryman, for do, Idg. Sid 31st sit, oark
Diantha, Brovi) Boston.
NEWPORT, (Wales) Aug 2--ShipRichmond, Ewer for Bos-
ton. about ready, and others as before. Sid about Ntbsbip
Esther May, Stevens, N~ork.
PAIERmo, July 21-Ship Hattakneset, Peterson. from Trz-
peni for Boston, same evening; barks Stamboul. Kidgman, for
do Idg; Apollo, Jennings, for N ork, do. Bid 18th, ship CO-
riolarus, turner, do.
PICTOU, August4 -Arr sehr Albin, Pitcher, Newark;.7th.
Geergmina, Graham, NYork. Cld 4th, brig Term Nova, Per-
cy N York
OuEUEC, August 12-Arr ship Grampian Graham, Phila-
delphia; bark I yperion, Trotter.KYor 1Ith, a
Mulrhead, d6; bark Jessie, Ford, Baltimore.
SUnINAM. Jnlyv 13-Bark Massasoit, Pousland, from Bos-
ton, arr 42th, and others as before.
SMYRNA, July 16-No Am-vessel in port.
ST JAGO DT *'UUA July27-Arr17th, brigs enrico. Sears,
Bofton; 18th, W Hh pear. Black,Portlan; 19th,hark -
lao, Dealborn, Trinidad; 21st, trigs Couffo, Caney. Bith;
22d, Washington, Shanhland Trinidad; 23d barks F
Gibhb, do; S( Jago, Piiey, Portland; hris Ese ol, Smit
Boston ; 26th, Vandalim,' Chas. Trinidad. I I
Coqueta, (ra) Bquet. New York.
ST JOHN. NB, Aug II-CId brigs Victoria, Potob, N orkl
Lady Maxwell, Elder, Philadelphia. .
ST STRntZn, NB, Aug 6-Arr ship tVnll a, Frink, Phila-
TRINIrAD DE CUBA, July 20-Cldhark"Lousgo Hontine,"
ratham, Cowen.
TRIESTE, July 26-Ships Clarissa Andrews, Colby, for Newv
Ynrk, Idg; Sooloo, Brown, for Sumatra, Bonn; Doodenno,
Whiting, for Trapani; Hanover, Rogers, and South 9arolina
Owen, unc: barks Miltiadea, Sprague, and Saragossa, Turley,
do. Sailed previously, ship low&, Parker, Leghorn; about
21st, bark Brunette oGrath Smyrna.
TBALZE. (Ireland) July 19-Bark Clarissa, Low, from IT
York, arr 14th froMalaga. -
Hlomo Porti. ,
ALEXANDRIA, Augl5-Arr US Surveying sAt !*' X Ba be,
Hussey, Galveson.o Sid in company with schr ones B Sajrer.
hound for NYork.
AUGUSTA, Aug 10-Arr schr Sea Gull, Ulmer, Nork.
BALTIMORE, Aug 1--Arr brig Samuel, Linn, Boston; Mary
Mankin. Myers. NYork; Charger, Blakeman. do. Steamer
Herald saw off the Wolf Trap a fal-riggd brig. clipper
built heating up--showed signal, butt being nearly dark
could not make it out. olso several other vessels,- but could
net distinguish their class. Cid~brig Cynthia, Rodgers. Bahia
and a market; steamer Sea Gull, Shearman, Nrork. Bid
hr g Champion, Poland, Bootom
BOSTON, Aug 16---Air barks Girard, Chase, Phila; Gov
Brigo,HBallet, o; Mary, Wheliendo; *rlg Ocean,Eldridge,
Baltimore, Emma, Baker, Phil&; sebra Nassau, Wiley, Wil-
mingten, -NC; Mary Wise, Crockett Richmond; Mary D
Scull, Scull, Baltimore via Norfolk; Ellen,ffiekarson, Nor-
folk; Telegraph, Tooker; M Mara Smith; Willard S B-
bins, Smith; cardevaa, Crocker, ary Genre, Ribharda, Ma-
tilda. Berry, and Madeira, Harriom Phll: ZA Stevens
Bir-n, AItbD I 1 ait d ..C-, t. dr. Romer uamLIr.a. New
Tc.rk. Silli, ri-bt, Jnf,%, )Il Sprino. Via QD.,-aD['ne,
&wI'p BV 1,yaLo. ; i. L, r rp-.&l. bar1, Mani |,. I-,s @,Il|
Pstcro, o, JLEihia, B la arct,ard, DO- Flab. I rl Tily,
1- -~ i,;; J s, .' I Vr) I riine. 0 liiiciw. p r k rig Ls-
eIIB l -, D Ij^l TI-]-t-rpljtd &rip l\ hlFtj lr; ,
iii.L, r, i I L "l [rh IM R a t nl JgQ|. II B
i ,ltl-I I.-rL.!. .L-l -a harie-L %PMi) LL 1 10T-~ Lr.4i. Cj.i Sf'D p
Cirora. Boln. 5[ i'.'Lrore'.urr karnA Pi!nr.I. >?r. El-
rit.r., naa hrki' Ucl,.n Marua. Tlylor.8siltwore.bnn
FLI,[ l, .ldv P.-F" ii] PnrL;.. !Iia a B a. rjd J anl;
CcAb i'urhe "erl ,ir: sirerid-
.ur,.nciD. r', N Yor p Adti;
taria irrlinu, Frncsa, U LIen Mrr. bri-; cal bru,&.s
Tilrror, Dsnf uituhat,: ,.ndaa. V- mpae, rraii damd
BA IH, A 6, 15-Cld bark Sarah Mooer 5fimmon. Sa
BANGOR. Augl4-Arr brig John Marshall, CollinsNYork.
COd brig Elias hIudley, Hopins, Philadelphia.
BEVERLV. Aug 1]-S-d bark SaaFrancisco, Hammonds,
San Francisco.
BZRMUDA HUNDRED, Aug 15-Arr ship Virginia, sels.
bury. --
C-ARLSTON, Aug 13--Arr bark Charles Edward (Rue)
bupI4 NYLrk. COd ketch Commerce. Soubiates, Havana
Sild shi Ason Eliott, NYork; bark Como, Bogardu
EASTPORT, Aug 1--Arr sohrs Kates, Small, NYork; 12th
Matilda, Wootter. do. S5d l thtchrs Banner, Small. ant
Mary H Case. Clark, Georgetown, DO; Ith, Z A Fatnes
Wooster. and Invincible. Press. Alexandria.
EAST MAOHIAS, Aug IS-Sld schr Talbot. Johnson, NYork
LEWES. Del, Avg 16, 7X AM-Early list evening, a ship,
kuppoted to he the Hiudoo, from Liverrool: a Dutch bark,
Rifh M red fiog, called the Lion ess; U 8 brig Wash-
ington; revenue cutter Forward; a full rigged rim, deeply
la)en; two herm brigs. and seven zebra in light trim. camein
and proceeded up. 16TRMI vessels came down this moruinv,
an d stood to sea without flopping hem.
BAnWiCH, Aug 1-1--Arr scbr Crops, Snow. NYork.
MOBILE, Aug 9-Cid ship Hapden, Chick, NYork; brig
Atchafalaya, &earns, Boston.
]MACHIAS Ponr, AngS-Sld Bet Splendid. upper, Phila-
delphia; 10th. ohr Talbot. Johnson, N~ork. it port 13th,
Id Nor bark Uranus, for Buenos Ayres.
ACHIAS, Aug ll-Sld sebr Oansees ork.
Io- OLix. Aug 14-Arr bark Samel TraIt kf s.
Yorb; bark Malvern, Jarman,do; steamer Sea Gu.l, NYork
for Baltimore.
15th-Arr schr Pilgrim, Dix, Georgetown, bound to $Sald.
Cld brig Torreeee. Bowe, Wexford. Irelnd.
Iu Hampton Boads, bark Bachelor, Horton, Richmond, %d
to N EWPORT. Aug 14--ArrsehreSabine, Bradford, Savannah
for Somerset; Torrey, Philadelphia for Boston.
N ANlrucxxT, Aug 14-Arr schr R B Smith, Roodou%
NEW BEDI'OnD. Aug 16-Arr schrs Nathaniel Holmes,
Morris, and Carolize, Ball, Philadel hia. Henry Clay, Albs
ny. Sid bark Niagara (fromNYorkeibraltar.
NEW OnlBEArsA Aug 8-Arr steamship Galveton, Crens
Port Lavaca und ialveston; bark Juno, Evans, Boston. Be-
low, *oming up, one ship and one bark, unknown. Ol
stesmsahp rnrtland. Place, Bra Santiago V. 1--
Welsb, San Frsnoisco; Lycurgus rwGbatrvalo
brigs t areoina I Sard ), Bert rGbatradamre;Lo
p, Id O'D .niioll, Duutou, Savnth or eonAlB
Vera Cruz; .lla, SchrbcPnaos
PHn.A.OEi~rn*, Aug 16--Arr hi ecit atet
Boston; schr Herald, Mfadison aix.CdM Ble
Greeuisw. Esstport: sehr J oet oidn otn
NC. Cld schr Mary, Smithrerikha. Si hrs~n
tiose, Poland, Balttmore; F[incirBalPhadpha
EICHMorKU, Ang 15--Art schr iCaerlogrN rk
Cld btlip Buena Viatat.DiosmorHvehakGlzo h-
son. Kio do Janeiro. Sid bark Bahlr otB oo:*h
Bcla Peck, St.To.
SATAHHIAH, Augl11al12-Arr st~mhTnese os
NYork; barl- Johaunes (AltonaledNwot 'li
SanMiM Aur ]I--Arr schrs Raibw oea crnin
DC; Marthn Movie* Smalley, ]S k ~dtiTMebno
Cashing a~d America, 9 readwell ~iaepiada~i
fleet of oasteshndE
WiL~iinuToM, NCt AuII 14--Arrsh aa Eiae e
vans, hence. CId Orion (Oldebu),Crens mtidm
Ta.o Bonsu, Boston; ,crLoeiNraJalwl

CHAonne* &o--Steotmar Falo-rm hxs:CtM
Coutilord, U A Waxd, aiTc .Capt Caubl. uA
W Field, B Wetb, RS M BaesardDP totJHCahA
S Workman, W H Williams, J GoeEKtbo.JCvl
J V Barringten, S Smart, N EleJWRbG'alr
" WilltamsoB, Jot~n Smith,1 od,1 c~llm
From New Orleans; : Jto; r W0SyouJr
Juese, E Riggtos, J B Athcridg, RMtcelMrSiA-1
KI Joseph, J tt UcGaw, P W WocdM uisTf.>Lio
HClosteimanTJ hUagagnos, M ilr hw
Shaw) Nl B 8t~ith, Mr ellars, J WVnPl.CcJWst
Joeh[tear, CharlesD~x 'Lnnti,0Wyad*
SGemitr. P CoP hyr ruanWBwC
Greeji~lce tri~, rsJepTrkad2cln.Mr
Eugene, T ndt n ay r rwCn inl
and ladyt Mrn Oreeue, MoniDyad iy. ""
From H~avana: P~raucis Glean, !uiolcMBrvlco
N Burbide, B Mouabloo, 1" Aina aro ua1
Ru~ssgeel, Gee Harris, fMeslCro ure,1 lnro
LivTaroolr-Ship Andrew F~se- i~n iaHWl
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LIVERPOOL AND HALI AX-Steamship CaTnbria, at Boston
F-rom Liverpool to Boston-Mr Kma tnburK and wifa Hisa
Laurie, Mr G W Warren and wife, Mrs Streeter and daunter
St Knight and wife, WW Warren, Joshua Bonnotq, N Arnold
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LONDON AnD PORT8sMOUTH-Paok-tship Northualverland
-Beery Bovey. lady, and son, I L Moore, of New York; r
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*t the North toagalnst the introduction of slavery into He proposed to meet the proposition from the other. frank expression of the views ontertaled by the great Duringthe Interval between the recess and the re-
territoritiefi now frev; yet, as members of a political convention by the apponitment of a oommattee of one body of the democratic party of this State. It regards port of lthe committees on u negotiations" the members
party, we cannot admit that & concurrence in that sen- from each JJndiolal district, who shall apprise the com- this expression Be &like due to the party in this State- of both conventions were promenading the beautiful
, itlizent should be considered as a democratic principle-, mitten of the other convention that they are prepared to their bretbrD In the Southern States-and to grounds around the churches, court house Bud acade-
or be allowed to be made a test at democracy tI any to receive any communication which they Oa ep ; the world-tat there may be no concealment of my At one point might be seen a trio, composed of a
art of thweUnited States; and we are not willin y that oud that the committee to appointed no the real sentiments of the people on the subject. brnbur;er, a hunker. and a leading whig, promenading,
ft hould be mode so be 9. The democracy of Now vledthat they have DD po to gin or to accept While they are thus tenacious on this point, they arm and arm. conversing about the remitt of this sin-
York to a part of the national democratic party; which any proposition made by teother conyntlon or their are free to say, that they propose It as no toot of any gular and inteiresting era in the annals of political his-
party can only hops fbr triumph by preserving Its ranks committees. man's individual democracy, or of his right to Member- tory! A short distance off could be witnessed a batch
. henbr enthroughtiut the entire Unlon, and this oan- A number of modes of communicating With the other ship and association with the party. Each individual of hunker and barnburner delegates, busily engaged in
not be espete a r even hoped for, If opinions upon the convention were suggested, sui a long debate ensued. ny. end of neiosity must, entertain such opinions as discussing the prospects of the democratic party, In
subject Mt pl.T r. F r- all-,,," to be made a matter of Mr. KIN offered the following resolution.;- l judgment dictates Perfect freedom of individual case the wedding" of the two factions tekes place!
partly falth r.r I,, f,,rm the basis of party organization, Besolved, That the committee thus appointed have opfulon constitutes the very basis of domora'y; and A large body of whip, fropsollero and bunkers arrived
either Bt th bNci Lh ,.r th. Smith The democracy of no power to vary or originate any proposition commu. this convention, while It ftels it duty to oxprossthose bore thle morning from different parts of the State,
the United Sly ah- w-11 knowing this have tall times Birand tato r through them from either convention, priiples I" acoordanme With those of the party it re. who 811 appear anxious to bear the result of the pro-
studiously exc'luded Th suhjfot or slavery from their and that they be now Instructed to rreeve BnY oom' presents, does not Iske Upon itself to deny any ceedings of theseo conventions. The whigs -appear to
platformm Of pluclplr., leaving every oi" t theenjoy., munleation which the oommmlttee of the other onven- man's right to association with tho democratic party feel ad much interest in thereault an their opponents do.
miats oftlib wr, ih.rlplep upr,nt that suij-ot and to tion may offer, and that they COmmunioat the same to for a difremoe in opiuion upon this or any other toitst. It is now about one O'clock, and quite a number of
act thereon a& b- -hiild thick proper, holding that this convention Each Individual mu.tjudgo for himself with which of the delegate ocme into the church and resumed their
a SouternDBmai. whr,o.u*talnud the InPtiution of 0la- The resolution was agreed to. tho two great political partlof )is couviatlom lead him seats, when the prertder. arose and Paid :
r(r,B8,as .lna. t f.r that oause, leas sound, as a demo- Mr. JOHN VAN BUREN submitted that this convention to nesociate Having formed his attaotimnt, he is *'Gentlemen. 1tv"Ju'lreceived satisfactory Informa
athanlhe Nonrtheru man. whnoe vviewswereofan should immediately coommunlcat to the other, through bound In good faith to carry out its measures so far as tion Ihat the committee will not bo ready to give a re-
opposite eharecitr There have always been the views our President, the resolution which we had just podded, tbtymay beietrustd to his action, though entirely port till two o'clock. and a there Is no business before
at the demorra I,, party, nd here wo propose to leave (above Inserted This would enable them to ft, to hold his own opinions. and by propagating them the convetion, I therefore will adjourn It till half post
all questions up, n th" subject of slavery fvouon- offer some more definite proposition than they had yet to endeavor to direct the action of bid party to the BO- two. and will not call It together till that time."
ewl sI h. lii hndnthte if yedcon. offer Paitor defnie. cornplilihmet of his favorite measefrea. When a can- This announcement caused a scattering among all in
'cart vith 119luInbt., views, holding t~t itndlvldaal made to us.
difference Of cpluupn upontheesuhieeicn question must Air. Kio thought the powers four negotiating corn- didate for a public office the political opinions of every the church, and they immediately proceeded to the
beBlowedtoet slid thatteoplnio oittee ought to be defned whom they were appointed. Individual become proper subjects of canvass, and he hotels.eto partake Of& Rome dinner, which is rushed for
that Pubict i ao rightfull b called in question. as Mr Looms offered the following resolution, which canhd hope for success whose views are not long before the bell rings
ivlii notei, ii ec^ aa aotd- : Incnomt ihtoeo h aoiyo h understand the bunkers are preparing some strong
involving & p I'.t from emocratic principles. or be was adopited:-- t wt hseo hemjrtyo h
considered atr ,,f l democracy, nd se ready to Resolved, That the President of this convention party fom whom he expects support. Under s resolutos to be introduced this afteraon. which will
act with us o ,hat basit in tha support of theregu- communicate to the President of the democratic con. explanation of the position hold by this convention, probably kno the union Into a coked hat, as they
larly numlna,, i cae.idates of the democracy of the veution, now in session at the Presbyterian tChurch, in it now teders to the other convention an favita- are expected to be of such a character that the barn-
Stteanddorit,- .ite, we are prepared to joininuso- thihs village, that prior to the receipt of the resolutions tion to assemble together In one common c n- burners will denounce them at once.
curingthe h liuiat of a State ticket, satislactory to of that body, resolutions bad been adopted by this con. tion, adopting this distinct expression Upon the sub.
both convention, ad to the damocracoyat large, ventlon, copy ofwhich we wll transmit at the same wehO of slavery and leaving all other subjects upon 0Y TELEGRAPH
R. H. W AL, WOR I'li, time; and also informing him that a committee has which thoy apprehend no disagreement. to the action
Chairman of Committee. been appointed to meet the committee appointed by of the united convention. It this invitation should be TH CN NT IN.
AUGUST 16, 1849. that body accepted, the members of this convention will bo pre-
The above resolution was adopted, pared, in their joint action with those of the other, to ROME, Aug. 16-P. M.
STO 'THE COMMITTEE TEE n SESSION AT THE rSaBsTetIAW Mr. KIND then repented his motion, that a committee roks the mat liberal concessions upon any other mat- LAST EVENING SESSION.
CHUncH "e ofenfrom each judicial district beappointed toconfor ters of detail in tbo business which may occupy the T si o o l ei a T o'clock.
The ccimitto of the convention In session ,I wthe the committee of conference appointed on behalf attention ofI be united convention, and to unitewith' TeE81n*W'" ~t"nn t%'lc:
Bptlltlchurh-s,) tat la-iev.- at the firti.m eti. of the other convention thef In cordial harmony in the support of democratic Mr. SHEPHED moved that a committee of one from
Ing Of the cou veutlion. neat her of them were prepared to o h te ovnin
muhe any dosbi'pcrr,,(.-pubtton totheother adnodLhIog The motion was agreed to, and the President ap- men and measures. without regard to the past. each judicial district be appointed by the chair, to re.
wasdoesointh,ed -therfollowin as suchm m themuhiscactina se with tremend oo ece addrted and feuws wi sc o
IcltteeOf Lbo r-u~ulsuu, ~nd ing onepowers and thecom- iKnnd,
munlcatlon rrfml- your c,.mmatlee by the verbal state- Campaemp andll hurehurch. Mr. Loomis poedd to deny that thscnntion It was also moved that t Pres ient be added to the
meat ofyourobidwan thatyou d lr.,ihe negotilalonig The committee having received their Instructions, Insisted upon the provl.o as a test of d-m ,. r..y. they committee; carried.
cr~roommvulrc-a, ln- -f bolbCOM. Lomm I-tt e iLnbo writing. Immediately retired to minhareithttte the,-cim didiDoouchinhigrechi todghtmiu- Iittee-x "
Webasea IL,- thisr greceive'daoemd e trn te memberr of theademocraticpay itod.frwith him The following gentlemen constitute the OommitteO:-
mt~atlonfcmctrr/m Lu/cioitll^. Our committee aropre, The Frtaoddot tratnuiitted, communication, emotes. upon the question of s.lavery, It bel often been his lst District-L. B. Shepherd, of New York.
ngton t mo r n .. mhttue. Our ommittee are pie nBthe oboey resolution; to the President of the hun- misfortune to differ with his domocrario friends upon 2d Dbiirlot-Charles Ganun, of Putnam.
hnm. ^d thoat- byIy h-democratcl paret ker convention I certain questions of public policy; but Rplelont 8d irtet-A. B. Niven, of Sullivan.
wiuvln tll AI,.11 ,in itehe r nlariy tic thpa trto Subsequently a motion was made to reconsider the relation to the sincerity of his political opinions had 4th firtrlot-John G. Flanders, of Putnam.
antallns nudti, .soh ter, lithou f theo-. resolutionofferedd by Mr King, After considerable never been etrtained. Mr. Lo,.ita spok calmly and 6tb Distrt-W Porter. Jr, of Onondaga.
trovctiosel thaut I..tol've, atouLr'e m nay On tour debate, the resolution was reconsidered. Mr. JohnVan forcibly; his speech was entirely originalIn Its bea- 6th District-Samuel G. Hathaway, of Chung.
Lrovr^ f t,,he > .a.- yeaii- We con ,ay to you^ri^^ Buren offered the following substitute :-- ing. It waB B oneof the most logical anti conclusive 7th District- ThomaB M. Howell, ot Ontario.
Committee that hdher to all the eitabl~lihndprinci. usaofre h/ilwn sbttue:-
ples of the deSao piO part) and are aaLhrildtV. as. Resolved, That the committee have full authority to arguments that I ever beard Hi ridiculed the idea 8th Diatrit-Thomas A. Osborne, of Chautauque,
nueegouthai l the t-u eun.Entions had b /cued, negotiate In regard to all matters except prinoiples, and that it was Wexpollent to express our opinion upon Mr. BuRows offered a resolution, prefaced by afew
1 1 1 ) U L ) L 1 M ea ^ t u O uonds fso l^^on g^ toL b ,S ^^ ^^ f o n n u j c f i t r s t h o n r e b l e e e a r k s t h a t w e a r e o p p o s e d t o t h e I n t r o d u c t i o n o f
upon the etatlmbtwu of opinions at each. to agree In to report their proocedings toticnvto.tnofasfdsuonhulderusrm ga-
prncpl po Lt q -trnareatn t sa er e After some discussion, the substitute was agreed to; th atn e rs fdiu ou
plerupton h q uetl r relat to 51ap vryw and the convention adjourned till 8 o'clock this even. Ing any question, or from expre`ig our opinion upon slavery into territories in the United States, now free,
dlfferene i.Doo otb.r qUSLiOs of F f.rilple, and to Ing. Its merits. ti asHtawr f ,"tm he n and we wil use al constitutional means to preventits
form A FingIle I I"I't P.lEt [fnr the whole demoicrary of EVENING SESSION. paty in the South had, In adopting a
aiLs State, to re uigauize by a single orgamalonanti RoME, A farm. consulted the feelings a&dwi-nea ofora NTo-rt. extension.
toWformlOne parity e "j *o n The convention re-u embled in the Baptist Church, Mir TxmI Bsconded the motio just offered by Mr. Mr CHATFIELD movedtoadd, tat as there could be
We would itmiua )our committeeB that our conreri- this eveningfit 8 O'clock. The church was filled with Loomis. Mr. T also supported the ola~i.4u,,ln same no diversity of opinion among the democratic party in
Lion has dubUM,, ltU u )bUla .A proposition upon the spectators; the proceedings of to day have been listun. remarks) evincig considerable wisdom andmd rea r t t, i s n b
quesUon ol slaver) and the power and duty of Con. ad to, by citizens and strangers from abroad, with great tin n
gross Upon Ihtat ubj.clt.ntLhe territories, to which we Interest und attention. It is estimated that there are Mr VAN ECBEN said he agreed entirely with the COLD test.
would resptoLiul, u vie, dome attention or expression about 1.000 strangers now in the city, attending the munloation just introducedby Mr. Loomis, and which After a few remarks fromMessrs. Bowne, Beardsley,
Of Oluleupo u a Lhe part of your committee and the conventions. These bodies, it will be reoollected, are hatentlemen pr-,pobes to transmit to the convention o bot w wh n for t tim being
couentlonD YL u rpprront We will report your com- century ditinct in their action and they assemble in nOW in swsion In the Presbyterian church In this ,lid
manurdeon to our cnventin for itsd r es. Inge. He (virV. B ) had not attempted to maueuce Messrs. Cutting, Sickles, and others, were called out,
e bnppy 1 0, I cve an)I u fher communication you At 8 o'clock the President called the convention to the actiounofthe committeeof oonf>reuoein any man- and apologized for not addressing the convention.
may have to make Very r-.pctfully. od. D e no h he er s this om bltlou unii A communication was here received from the Free
,:-IPBISE'ON KING. chairman. Mr Casho, of Orange, said be was Instrcetop-Wa nodlo hebyMLmi Hscnurne
s. ent several resolutions, lately adopted at a meeting of in the several propositions contained in the communl- Soil Convention, as followw:-
r! I ,,. _- r f AUGUS T16,1849. the freesBoll democrats of one of the Assembly districts cation was thereforeyielded without bias or preju ice, Resolved, We cannot accept the proposition of the
ItT -From the term of your written c-in the county of Orange. and with entre cordiality u reply to tho nmton convention sittingat the Presbyt n church, to unite
tnmieatlon we uuderr-.nd that you submit to our These resolutions were read by the Secretary; they which bad been made by the other organization, that upon the ground suggested by them.
ventionbreol t ion passed by your oonvta, simply reiterated and reaffirmed the anti.slavery prin- the free soil prty sted upon the application of the Resolved, We rpectfully request the opinion of
as your propotn i compromise. W have accord olple upon which the independent free soil party have Wilmot proviso principle, as a Political tt, Mr. Van that convention as to the power of Congress in prohi-
ingly given to them our rupeotful co duration. In planLed thmelve8. This principle wasi originated by Buren said, to declare a principle. and to make it a PO biting slavery in the territories.
regard to the trat and tshee rveolutlo. we Thomas Jeferson. and afterwards introduced into the Mtical test, you must declare that you will support no
..-perceive thatL neitheru Molmm is di-puted or dienled; SyoueCnntnn1W byD idDFl, g man for any office who does not approve of the princt. Both of these resolutions were laid on the table.
.t~tcivetha ntthe ulU~em s J~ptedor ousdi yrause Convention, in 18473 by David D. Field, Esq,
.and Inretard to Ihelr. and. in fact, uon Ihe whAle of New York. ple so declared We had never made such an applieo- A motion was hero made and carried, that the con-
n u j n i s a e y p o o e t e omnd^ ( o t e Th e r wtao u d; ? ^ ^ c al lX r 1 ? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ f o r- J u d g e^ t o tyh e o fr M a i s n .-
adoption of our conventions. the following re~olUtLoe -- Mr. N. tried hard to getout ofu h ifcly u h ydslie heItnino ujcigaydmca
RMopo edto'&haitw iivethe p(.pleoltheNorthare convention insisted upon hearing him He will be re- tosuchatest. But when the elVolioU Wa approaching m ie
opposed oduoion oflavery into territoes membered by you. as a man famioar with the graces of lastfl, the States of Georgia. South Carolina, Ala. it was also moved and carried that this convention g
now free; but we d~tm int to be unwiseanud impolitic ,elocution, and &a infusing into his speeches a fund o ami&. aepesyafre hi osiu hn h omte o h bem~nri hc
and we cannot e0 re at 10 m kile th at quest on a part y'Hsreoistibleihums pfSxet aier
Lt or incorporatita&articleofltepubdealfaith avocatebutinthepoltcalar If the Sputh bad stopped there, and gone no they have discharged their duties; also the President
abLhe democracy ut this tate gently appeared, he has had abundant opportunities to further, it would have been well enough; but they and other officers, and the trustees of the church.
.We stated) I autcomu eaion to your commIttee, distingueshhimself. Like a prudent mn. he has not bad the temerity to declare that they would, Go. A motion was now made that the convention adjourn
.* .owhichnwebgieneve torelr, thatilwasaimps..b le t shimse political necessity whatever. support opportunity
, expectt anythinglike unity or views on the subject of of them. a te or any office, who did not yield to their peculiar 5"soe daieide
slavery, mmog, memb.rf- of the democratic party. -Mr. N., In reply to the loud calls of the convention, -views upo this iteresting subject. Thus they bade it Was then moved to reconsider, whih was carriedI
T-ilt had never ebated u dandIos never looked fr, said he ad heard it remarked, that men wereivyde3 their oinions poiical tet they weegit and the original motion d*iiihdrawn.
and that it Was Wholly unalRinable. We proposed to into three classes--fir te dvoae ns ;of the A Illiberalit whic they pac teeir
., 7ur commltte, a, a ba~ii of union, wholly to diheazd"asecond. a class an high, standing upon a pinnacle s red tteNrhhv hre pnu.Btw najunette okpaeutlegtllc
That subject from theplatformofdemocraticprinciples, elevated, that those in the gorges and ravines below, bad, on more than one occasion. declared that we did to-morrow morning.
Ileav everyOne to e enjoymentOf hbidown udil- were never able to appreciate what the gazers above not and would not mae our opinions upon this parti- SECOND DESPATCH
"deal v o We cn at 1wih dm10?t^s them behed; and third, a class of progressive reform. cular subject a test of democracy; we cheerfullycOn- wEth dESPATC,.
whatever theirviews inregard to slavery may be i er, by ia the most important class of the presenter c the right of the members of the democracy party Roma, August 17-11 A. M.
other repec t., and regret that you have notthought pat age of the world. In his judgment, the free to der in ir opino upon all qustios whtver; The Conenon as called to order at half-past
propEr to infulm Mus, whether you insist upon theadop- setters were justly regarded as pioneersin the great there was there. no truth in the assertion that we I
tion onyour riti uu she aubetkr as a test of democra o cause of human progressand reform.Thepreaeutseem- m detheproviso& test. Thecandidate(Cas) wao had
cy or pre-r, to uWionand in desire to asceertain edtobe a crisis inthe democratic party; that party a .omitiad to the test imposed by the Southhad been Mr. CHATFIELD offered a resolution, which, in sub-
or view03n h" point a bea IsonentonOf than seemed to him to be in greater danger than it hadever prostrated and defeated by an incompetent candidate Stance, opposed the Introduction of slavery into trri
whom you now r~prt-eni, held &r, Utica, in Febru- benbeoe;tatprtrhihectedhs alis and fd h fi eof Pesiea o h nted Staes
ary. 1848, on this subject the following res- tortes w ebutthattheydonotregardtheslvr
1.113 I. wrmet ympthes an wichmiht econ n im who had never made* any decaaino rnlls
Ikons:-- as at least one of her most sincere followers. He bid the Southern delegation to tha Daltimare Conran. question as a party test :-
4h. Resolved. Altough such are the opinion beheld around him to-day, and he now had within his t h dared to Introduce their peculiar Resolved, That the power vested In Congress in re-
We entertain upon ths important qust i, iw,getl n who belong to the ether organisation, tet of d oracy in that body, had witnessed to this Bject, is controverted queson among
,ib h vi e lees "i, to be a oon~cieutaous duty to with w ) ,in hi boyh'ditwast h8spride to co- tettlru ftercniaeI h otadte'fh eortadw illaeeeymnt h n
maIZ~intai to the utmdost, unless convinced of their.operae; bUtnowhis relations wth them weremae eciuOnIdvdalwosfraseaeifre,
injusitaoe and 0e..w Lit utlnality, we have never JI atered;thyweresut ofson th
soughittoimpee them Upon Lnerg, sWillemhavewe a ryadlosti uItand strength. It wasn't foryi, t T r w a b
made an acquiceo m ur viewas o0thefuth eca a con- ito decot who was to blame for this division;- but the national democratic party was dissolved; and he Smith, Bowne, Wird, and others, and opposed by
trolling tebtiuin 80 elrcton as bad been uonjuitly he considered it appropriate that he should give a woul say again, that while the resolutions of the Messrs Walworth, Lockwood, and Beardsley, whenIt
upon as ^,au a of Our party proceed. reason lor the falth'That was in him at all times Until South. making slavery a political test, were uarepeatet t,.h itlT
Inge may b5fl'ei be ohalicagmd for the prool that such wtshenulyfortunatemidtcoucventiose
test s a ben oadvocated by u6 e hys the unfortunate convention of 1847, (the Syracub eod ,nd whle thr declaration, that they would unde
tet hs tmadcc~er b WOH have neither Convention.) when the cardinal principle of the demo. I'o political necessity whatever, support any man for A motion was made in favor of transmitting to the
md ouh an ot or wil le de m iti ato itwhen madt t e"satic party were voted down and laid upon the table, any office whodid not acknowledge their constitutional free soil convention a copy of the resolution, with a
Ili0he, nd rcan T, ed oemocratio asses Of t he Slate he could not have been made to believe that there was right to colonize the free territories of the United
t~~elnddabd(Oany difference of sentim IStaueseso thiadhtinofthesam, whhileiw t
In he~ii &L,'" icn- of ib, Lt eolution, abve ay differemee of sentiment among members of the States with slaves; while that declaration remained on W teaotnofhes ewha ewf
In the piritan eoie 01 the Utica resolution, above party upon the question of slavery; and he appealed to record, the party wouldrema dissolved and dts- affecting S Union.
*t forth, we hoemedD bMitttd to year Committee the the democrats of both organizations to say whether, united Unless the free States of the North receded After being opposed by Mr. SlokeK, It was carried
forgoing mot miun Of Lhe Ian realign of your f rom their position in favor of freedom, and succumbo- -,,1en1a pr w
conventionhnd a osmiiies shal agree with us that convention, they were not confounded and d to the political ton established by the- South.
In that proponion,we w llrecommend itfor adoption ashamed ?Gentlemen of the other (hunker) orgnisa- (Chers) It lo Mr. V. B ) did dot mistake the organ The onventon then took a recess.
to our sonY.allen. rR H WALWORrH, tion, with few exceptions, would admit now, tha
Chairman of the Comm]htee. were opposed to the extension of slavery over territo. that the national democratic party was dissolved; and ;A
TOTHURSDAY, August 16,1849. ries now free. As had been a few years since asserted, was I (asked Mr. V B.) to blame, air-, boy like me- oMEAugustl7-2P.M.
,GkgiasEom-ln your second communication you by a venerable and distinguished representative of the i I took my slatetogo home when the old school The Convention came to order at I o'clock.
submit n subatitnte [ur the reaolnuuus bent to your Empire State in Congress, there was at the North but marm (Rtchie) told us we were dismissed? (Roars The ScRETARY read a oommunication from thePre
conventon yesterday Yon Will perceive that* ur one sentiment on this subject; but a change had re- of laughter. Mr. Van Buren then proceeded to prove
;;owea; ovr, the subject are l up iltb d. We propo-e, centoly occurred he (Mr N.? could not say what bad thant t was the d as well as the right of the ridentofthe Free Boil Conventlon,transmittlng a series
therefore, immediately upon the a~sembling or our- produced this acoags. But If It was the opinion of in. North, to assume an independent stand toward the of resolutions, In substance as follows:-.
convention. to ubmit your proption for tleir acn. dividual members of the other organisation, that slave. South upon this question; such an attitude was con- We doapprovenfthe recent resolutins adote by
tiou. Y ou al0osBtaeIhat we have Got thought proper to ry ought not to be extended beyond Its present limits, *tsnt with the dignity and the Importance of the Em- thebunkes. so faras expressed lu oppsitionto th
inform you whether we insist upon our views upon the he did not know why they should be ashamed to put Pire State c par ty of the s N onied upon
subjecrtof slavery,Bsoa tIet of democracy or a their opinion upon record. and to affirm it in the face freeexpressionofopinionon thasubetSaifd
qlsita to union The resolotlons submitted b our of the world; but hewouldsay to them frankly, that t "s issue. it must nite now; The opportunity would tatteisBuc n e t f r c
convention are FiKent upon the subject Of a test. and in if they were in favor of Introducing slavery Into any of It *t be' repeated, and he humbly trastod the other ple "s ofhuan freedom as demands tho re-union of the
our opinion uppod n;-ie. The action of each con- the free territories of the United States, there was a o organization would be included, to avail themselves of democracyoNw YorkItIsDpoposedt e
vanUon is, in our judv~nt. Becssary to determine gulf betwixt him and them as broad and deep as that the last chance they would ever have for union. As b mnga l n gle organic onthroug t
what is pre-re?, uiltB for union. Very respectIully, "- between therich manin hell and the poor man in tortbewhig arty. it must Inevitably fall to pieces the St tndreommendinghe uooo e n
PRESrON KING. Abraham'sbosom. He had no affinities or sympathies momentayoracts o ry it Ste ticket forectnndtans u o s
The committee of the hunker conventionaInstructed In conexion with them, and he had u alternative but coud no hot together. ness as may come b'.fore them
Sn aThe close of Mr. Van Buren's speech, which Is con-
'R, H. W&Iwori b to offr Lto e foaoing --t ih hmt teI49p r hnsletdt
Resolved, That until we axe Informed by the coD the doctrine of non-intervention, as preached by a por- ceded to have been~the most brilliant and powerful On motion Of Mr. CUTTING, It Was
ventRon holding at uuto de a Lehuror mcd thy L .Irn tion ot our felow citizens, including the venerable ofall his brilliant efforts, was confined entirely to an Resolved, That, this convention decline concurring
-oftheir action upon t lhi< Ba-i 0mmutlhtnre beli tnhi reti father Ritohle. He (Mr. N.) was surprised to hear this -exhortation to his fellow democrats to make everyrea, in these resolutions, and that the President communi-
to their Cotton pmi the 1 olalo nation taihB reprlt of doctrine urged here at the North, when Virginia, Ala- sonble sacrifice to secure the unionOfthe party; in cate this to the free sellers, sud inform them that we
t bsums, South Carolina, Missouri and other Southern three hours (he Paid) the division i the party could will adjourn sine die, unless they will make further
the c ittee of this rnd bd ile taol, resolved that they will merge al be heated. and the controversies of the last threa or cobunicatlon.
and action t~herenb npndSaehaefrl:usyascm nito.I.
Thq abovesa&adupted by this conventic.n, and ao- other issues in this great question. The doctrine would be forgotten Mr. V B. seemed to b sincerely A recess was here taken.
iou of tnon was U spenoedttiml the eteningation, wouldn't dAo. A manly respect for our own position was desirous to reunite the party; he spoke with cons -
_1" e tit .oD due when the unhallowed cry of disunion was raised mnte energy, and with a dignity and grace of action I FOTH DESPATCH.
--- hy the South. He believed most sincerely that the which I have mover seen him display on any former ROME, August 17-4 P. M.
7THE BARNBURNER CONVENTION. mission and the duty of the demoortic party was On re-assemblng at 3 o'clock, there being no special
plainly defined-he believed it had arrivet i gifted It is impossible to give an Idea of the affect of
- :-, ATZRX'OOX'issssioi. plainly defrsa
'', : RomE August15 184i emancipation, and the diffusion of Liberty and happi. his speech; the audience seemed to be more in rap- business before the convention, and a rumor being In
The cooln.v-.ionre tr.. P, '. _labthi'CChurch ness among mankind. This was the basis on which the tures with him than ever Suffice it totaythathis circulation that the free Boilers would Boon have a
InT thisvillageBE-OclockPM rho rreid' To I goverlmentioo the civilized wimmu atlon to make, a recess was takensuntilothe
inimed 1 he ,P I ~~ranked among hispruetfots.
cTh air.and cflled thenerend to owlR g c l to be desirous of wabmtthet pew o f
csesedobin. in mstcs.tey filed M r. dehte commun 'clon Tr urtday Mr.heo omisr aey chaded nos rt, coginato o order.
J r a G o, rn. late i.. r from d Alheghoy, a wr c FIFTH SPATCH.
mid he had some suggoolions to tofir to tf s co, u-. t .satirized the Whigs, who, he said, wore try
tRi heheLdIn his balnsdaeveralr,6 LoLuou d hiw hic asw e t phmannerso oof mpe dvemorachy; bthe a rcu rW e ha ve rned tat u nd uted o the onetn August 1i-5 P.M
jrtarehsi-soIs: -l _, o _. asnelltry toatontht.ewoannestifasow ith heri it trsure harater uIn of n- e cair, it was afteo by O Wa r and than- S
tiuaion, l r. .^ said i w n-.ho a batle te w d o o t

Tnhe honorble gentleman thenbread ter follaowin between of itree st. a didery not desprear mos craeec,1 netuiatc csatr~dtecoin cnso ovnin
ResoleT'h at ^in tep'.uon^r;^ '^ o"ti eetcn tequtyhe struggoler besedto eonalnn4)hi h lfthcarndvtdterptradrqut. TEB NB NE CO V TI .
psresentnd vouih 10 th emoracy il Ne0 Va o r n rc ut taex whringh had re hlB;wcednel but aUteolmdeS tetogvhsspcha forbeperaeLATKEI SESO.
istenestof m lavey pporedoa slave as.takenrtillthe lommrttee meeuatruportonwhentn publfctprint ondtot thettheritlvethatitrugasegoAungu0nIhePe
Mr.0ono>. the .vlitrdSatesadlth e ~wleu~~iio poerec e Temly illnge diInttwo'lkthsatron h wseirluncsomdopbi pakg. OMAgs u .
uf be edral omeei ri~mi iatgi.oB a sd ots atest xcc~ -l wre suoe Mr cnn cludebsad wtauer nesltln appea exeto Tb xOvro per togy) oo fuin h o~n nmta .M
Resonge oihr ibat i hie~iCi"l this eou.ntu o. tbi his friend to makeetdorboosdrnlnotecmveryn hsaviett niefforteytada Ote r ECWT wherdireoutototehf tta
craliec brothsrho~ods:- 10 no t .lo esrt., ed knwomr ptt cosi tently SESIitECh hoor to, ensur way. uIo ofejr togtf elni wa e '"o< .. -.
thatCogess ham the poDe ri ovr dal, rgaiiln the, othe pr tyRO. Ag 081.e GowaosMt follownedhi u by Mangrttinnenin ssml a hO~e~ytranh~rht
cotrtln rfjtc &cmmiii'"[iiscove- The convention re-assembed wihot transc tingP any venio onventf hns. e short takn aatnusa h nt pntegonswihte rps o
iln the taketes. Thre powr p ,t,.ngr.s overo ile f a clldtaode b hePeydet btn businessofJhnSry ofhoi oe fth mndteiionentn.Terest, neshannoe
thet~teretryof te litrd Sa r, siisequteytould ]'pthim. MrRPI.NSO G K So pEard n ttdo ehl fSIoCnr"iniaoadpriua rcis ,
Honvont ndthlehu hoteldulrs that tteComite nCofeeceapontd ythsco- twil esenbyth tprc rl itgdortrdyeroh Sae heeulveyex spota Cnges a
essdnte leews arygtaltawoguon Tnlnt ofrwt tecmiterpeetn the lege aat.thtelatovetonia poitde powero.vr slavvr In the tostri- Tof Columbier reue thei ssso
teyrlbes t tn uhat to harlst w so a ju tacto porevn abheo- mothrcnienbt nonthigwas dhe.wt huts calleaus hadmtslmtc 1''^L '."8"' ll~'tll-:w eeetepol fteNrhaeopsdt t
isgthue pfsavrty. Hle w tpere e to ra ht i etes oile comtaken ati the Academyintee isd vlagre;po rit s.wohteIufl oe fcnongtgte "" ._.,, ,,..,._,,. "
lr.e Onelegates c i ro ad Iew e ored uht, ue.f admiteed uTthey sevel popen tionin a rtin a asdbten t h upt fngtaigauinuo oepi-jI-oulo noiirtre o re;btello
BI o offer soe would ot hua,.ton vtefor hCass;oheatesu-- then osome ee uo tesujetofuno M d^crote, hreortheephesf hse oat-nmaed1a resolorad t oou otiaopnfom
Among ot beht Ibtorether ~ luehstonabe porly; hutor hedK tohenpresented forea theoonld rtionof propositbos af" 1 ""~'~n "'t yalcass ^ eouinwsdbtdadcriduaiosy
would wayv--e wavnt bhanmi.ny- wof n the, convldn dome- u hc hdbe md y h oiates fpltiin ta rthr.iseon>,, .,,,.,,!HB,,i
othe bet mroen withe mlm o ere d bserateions t ohe d ooactherromiee rRosnohigben oe hi oringb t1r Atew18 heon4ntonajorndunil8o'lok
conenaotion H wate ili r ommitts er Kiti ove. Tecngeationg rcoacmlued ath 8edn o fcoc tP e M or- a nd i-ti fyio-racan uiescnb rdym ig
Hew^ sVoicsflrtatl rr h~isrwadsDothe regeula ovtions. the Commtteof Cotw e renct e apom intees, by procede wit- tlareotsrcivdfmte oEODESAC
T he ddo weliee whgan prta ygm on. Mr litevln w uof l>tir tOOM conf er with th committee rereelInttng than ite.wohv eni ertssinfo 'lc -wuinii
Nutew party. Hemncoln whac het prepared ao any indvias nf Ih the thee committee aour whctsaothe'lc.Te -RMAuut1,89

The question was then taken upon the resolutions her of this convention, and not as a member of the I lowing it an account Of O n ru o c The barburners assembled this morning at 8 o'clock.
seprately, and they were unanimously adopted. Committee of Conference! he was, however, happyy to Fo r75t a legt of Lima this morning. there was aa At e adoption of such a portion of the bunker
ITtbae faotO--udedodhnerali
aT9PA}MPDNT vsaid he held in his hand a commuul, say hUtIheymconre f tha
Tlen whCiDEh hhad just recelsed fron the b Pnd unt aycurve in the proposiof that committee ntelc-
ation which he bad just received from the President creinthe propositions set forth In the communica. squads around the Prrsbyterian Ghurch. awaiting the resolutions as are hostile to the extension of slavery,
f the convention now in session in the FFirst Presbyte. tion. He moved that It be transmitted to the other hour of 9 to arrive when the church doors would be they transmitted a message requesting the hunkers to
rian church. The communication was as follows:- convention as a proposition emanating from this con thrown open Rumors Of various himni In rlail"D te
RoMn, August 16 1849. veution. and directed to that body Mr. L. then sub. the resultof thetwoconventions, v, ad oatlhi morn- meet with them and nominate a State ticket.
H i-. WM. TAr LOa. PuRDT 0F DmOaAT/ct0o,,HvN- mitted the following resolution', with the communica- ing amonbNunker portion of hol ue g.m-r A communication was received from the bunkers,
TION INSESINT THBAPTIST CHURCH:- ing at this village; one rumor was freely circulated, sating that they had no further business to communal.
91-hvpbhn 1~'^~.r'^ .,i n RapolendTate omte poned to Ittat tiat the democratic party is dissolved, and no union ".'
Ss- I have t b h ,nnrme Pre-lapei or thc[e ri, eratio w Rsolved, That the comiteapiedongtae efoe.Aobrwsilotsaco rviscts
State~onw0n1Iu unn. u "./loInat rbeIPlr-t ['rnbv- withacommitteeoftheotherconvention.beistructed willb
rianerch in lhi-Ig. to/ i ramini- othe con;' to deliver to" that1 committee, with a request to present "among portions of both factions-bloause ex Governor In consequence of the above, the iamluners no con.
lion over which you Te~le a cr-py a retolulonu the Famto elie to thet ommittee senthsreqefollowing cot. larcy was made President of the bunker oonven .
ismuncatln from this convention: on! Another rumor says: If the leaders of these
nintuovew ly a youpted ) iled-ienacrpyon oteausies ilrIeLS Droc1
nI rvosl ed b) Ih, u eurio n The democratic convention assembled at the Baptist two factions do not uni at once
Pery respepioully,yourooidii,nservant church in this village, unwilling to dissolve without call a mass convention, and nominate a Stateticket, ROME, August 17-P. M.
W. L MIARCY,. fufther effort to effect the object for which they, wore which wille6dInarealroamgbthsd,
"Resolved, That as the convention which meets in Idee arnuatedonvntenspssotorne, sne is
Resoved Tht a th covenionwhih metf In delegated respectfully submit to the democratic Oam. These rumors have beon the leading conversation cadera of. the. h.pirt'i. y. urhr aret ff tttobe mfrweceteywret this e evening for 08 ot ldi* heBrnuao Cnenin asajored ln de
the Baptst church. In their Joel commU1cL10 bis *ntion Pembled t the Presbyterian church*sthe fol. tamon the members Plae 9 o'clock, at which time they The leaderI o th fort
convtsticn, reiterate and lu-ii up,,n a ,onoourr.uca in lowing suggestionss End Invitation: I vesumed bri ne d in t ee thur e being then, te r pring t o f o
the last of the thrte r-,wt.iuion p.aiod b them ai..l Satinfie. that the resolutions "yesterday adopted and To
as this convention cannot a..:cde thereta. nor go be. eonimunicitod by this convention to your body are aluoss to be done till a report of the committee has Each faction now tircats the other with conte t.
land the propoatlioeborfcompromiselrtdynsubmilihd sound an democratic in prinolple-confdent that they been received to see what actio has been taken upon A large number of the delegates will lov o acotr tamh
)y our commotteloleunttrbiuc, ai nwlsh bavent asis are the Fentiments of a vast majority ot the people of the subject o? negotiation. At this time the hourof at 9 o'clock, this evening
yet been diilluclly ac,'rptid or rejected. It is lOepu- this Statte. and especially of the democrats party-re. ten arrived. whereupon, Mr Daniel E Sickles, of Now
silent (utli ah.agrreLut thallb have oeourredi 1to en- r dIngtheir public avowal by the representatives of York. &rose and moved that the convention Iceara- ERIC
terrain any propo,,il,n to m,. t Ia Joint convention ghe democratic party of this State, at this time as case til ten 1 .11. He
ULponth ,adl n OFoftbis letter ad the redolulon essential to the best Interests of the oauntry-and b- sai that Inall probbiity the cominitteo would be In The B iunoremarket forboi '.on t[-
Uhl Ineuelo-ed n o snmat. d &a dlnter.t-ilugdebate llevingtiat the elecrinn of democratic, candidate to elon two hours longer, and as the convention had "d'uAt motivePadlilo tn
enred, i n which 1e.r oKing, Bfarlow, John Van Bu- the Statt offices cannot be secured eTen upon a united been in session about an hour. and there being no bu- ..Iss the da nt week. ntooks have generally dooll ran, and Loomis aicot part action s these two oonventions wi bout a dntinct an. s prord with, he thought it advisable to take there so dsposition to operate among tho few dolrwho
,.T Kiro Paid h'"lputpr 'modo of communl noin2ce eutof the prinoipleea o tb, as resolntie .-this a recess, anda finally, Mr. Moneyis abundant. and can be ha s; from
ion between the ccDnntlonentirely Unimportant,convent.on eel constrained toInsistuotponth i to 6 per coat, on good icOemriU, or at from C to 9 PO