The New York herald ( July 15, 1849 )


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The New York herald
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James Gordon Bennett ( New York N.Y. )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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- - - - - - - - - - -- - - --- - -- --.-.. . . . . . . ---.. .- -.--- --.-.. .- -" - -- --- --- --- -'- =-- ----:7--- --- "- ---
mT~~~~~~~~~~n~ ~ aT~r~ T x iri IL.~ -nnti.n"lMO -.r L1.3l rI.t e-- Interesting from Italyj. I Affairs In Austrlian Iand nripary. PruawrlaDnf Atrn rrnin. dlyoIhI-TeAmlc ilrathte Enltertain-
,1J. J .+ ete llt,.n. nr-s& n 1,1r Pr-.%- lq t'at ,,fthn I,,--,'.,-, IEi;TC+'r 0 L 1CFF EIl IV% rvr u reit~ ~ r~i Fj-IIC-F r u iY,- opio crlIlso i r h a~ rd.,.,n. TIT -'-TAkII .a, thet-- l/ Mrseea101. House 10 Ilifir *
11 I ,,' t r.I- f Im ; P. .is wl eh i h I lO n d y o u r e ir l] r ly st t t F l i r .D c ip m i i ,i r i o i 1 k A NC U Ni t- I F C E Q < R [ A >- a Io v & %r i L i r u e R r s s I I ii 3 ,1 1"r l h r g 1 .k m m -I o t c r a ,.r o f t h e n it f o re st O;
o I ----.-. -. pr-ib-nL I I p..- I t i- you y l o will ohaeree, an otl- FrILL 1I1 .1). 1J"], NC ..fil. May or rng h e R tae &
user Ir~e .a.r ,,C.-n cderable violence in ltq: toine. Ihlinl iy
*- -; Thu Eti irna1 Iyn.Jmr.-nl it .,rl nl i hld liasn the 21d lost. The The nrhrs from dfungdry is most co-olicrlaih A[ s., 91,1u
n n 1 v a n a I th e n In I nt l; o i,. mtlll 4-l, b r a ve ry n o t re ly b y eln u o n a u.i m e.k -r ry fro m th e /O I ranly b y lhuen d Ebw Tatu 'd b y t h e :n-i irna p .! la b u l- _u w o d n ch at of
OFLrhI th- mBr, roh-r ,o .luml< ol th" "le;o tia,- zd Cdd rsrr.parta, but by nuc>.rr,u- mig mu. sllies D the it tine or Baran JpllIbiCh Maitre tHo world ih i ia as e O the 1nel-, nt t hheonr w h S r Robert Peal is there ildhth lhto o
gTI aE t, Z F, i G w o ul d n u ot h te e g i y e p l a c e t o ] ( h R il 1 D L h ,. r pI r p U lr w i L h t W it h in e i h t y m u t r .. a, t h e i l .- -ri o a s i n e v e r t h en o ul Ph i L l e l r etp ,n p rr Wu h .. j ualn ien t b y l i t ,o r d h i p b r i n g
,Paul, June 2, 189. walls was completed. tht tha the tri re r I -n *ml R.,i -h Jt '>*id a mals or rmuce and not, kn-ntri tbo+.r ouor t ugeitp
S T E A M S H IP N IA G A R A A o .oo Ml1. it T, ^^^+^ ^,^ X^sea^ can ti, A o t d p r e d m Oo our oybIlnthe llinrala,
I Ihave neee.arly but averysh,.rtreport tomi'tit- 'm tbry olnblumnder bryu theIC-Rulp, pr the cn n sdLilln* itinl ibro .carmd?- loleor,-rnui etrmi ob thed Thel dinne witSIl served. an
~~~~~~~this week. AVery m qynf4'the b~hitu,,l t peoalmtoril,who But aconrdhing tolthp I.te't aeeo.uutg I, th.,v are In iceattty Thqjf'cirg; ZLitolirnau Ija ulei.iairnrtos eu-i fyutehoptlyo or 1-141i 1 gp sal heecvr a@Ii o
T he D ctails of the XnteUigenGe, havesoved thei ,esivelfrom the ch swallowed bhutlittle ad ismi-o in mth.? OD.o of it. I in-] lug ail utual loyal by Eli 'llial LhI
g~~~~~~~~" o faras I can juJg,'.1' a rlid tbu T,.,v a* rre~gin. -zi, L tb. llO t rint.,[6M~I;L, iw or-evSrt.m uri--o u ie-r .la the uusua.l lo,.ya, toiletsh bad been drank the
-&C. &c. I I so' many at the late settlement. ant stl aible to dont "Jibe real p-wer or Raman ri;ttoo I& n.ot yet 1 sag and th|,..cL.." -I .P ..lN:.,n o r In -blebhe reiwO
I "I-- carry on their operations. we .benttfom Pofrisl bfrom.t lD rh I .. 1. truth .Lltht hiiti Ei| elate since upnun pinc I
..i ,.^,. the ,hpj~ or < . . l rF othe Fr-Do onlo hl.!:LiLin-I A[r p rnii r~-iioi The tiagyars were groum -iBn- by G.-a,.ril I ..-.r,: y whilT Prd, ii, in a Flasto or a.;fc". a~nt when n~i-t 01- LIi p'hlhl~idCa re rfrom early life, psi ngl a coinpll
The- Ils hp lgre, Ct.r rl.rieda XriOUa causes said the arena .d. change rso thear trepulke 1r many Ofr~o ons col-r]il whoma he Trl r~
The sIearn~llip n rR, -~pt. RynS, a ived at- imps to Little more than *"lee ng h Brfi g 411.1 grirlnI Thebattle Is stated to hao b.uI tic..p. b-r.C.- I. the jourbar, "ln.h r- ore-o. oiir i-iu;au, Mr.- by vvu.. in,"v t rifcn. and f Elie 10l001 MSUY
ingly wayni in epsgiuaM In spulal on ceoant of at every man they see grain the nd NiG-, ntO Nothn Lit, Rod G. 6ilrDey'> f"?,lrIJ brv 111't IeOr4,IUIT ripi .i-,lleii,.epruiiEt ondlm. lilDvhilOcol n.:.W
SIi,,8 port at 12 Welo -k yesterday. Our I. 1 a I" my "ilo credit iauot oftIhe first c'+lass, t t firs at been doae t p......t tb, ..... h p q t I N1 E ,I-pl,.. ,,o ,or r, to E1 it, ir, th. patt. ',I b s red H ra of' ufi .bu o
thdcipaitc f. o St. John gave a brief sumrmay Of ta ,,, are, in a Meacure., in enspecui. The only ltI ch.armiy from b-iner m.-[,'rq ,I rIta I n extra edition or i.: C-,.; .1 ,91).t- Z, r, ; .-rLa ie espre-iou ,4 oar Arilin.-L- Ji*'" n l- h"' a He [,-OIhe opp-irtain yt6 ps-B
rn,,p o of tro river upi v.I IlD -&ia i, Efli.,] city No ,.-,ev tI e additional d tai~li th,-t LI,, .Bp- tl, t. w..-..-.-*,M. It,. i-.l r,.ui.u ,, ^ n--hm-Dthit ^ Fe" l,,o. a b n. ,igiomcjfh'0rl~c.hI Da h of ingtocr,
hernewfr, we now priced rjcivrtie glheala. fluctuations that have wcaned. Since my former rp- It may mamiot havI like ple t.) di.rmy n-kilk 41.1 I Banded by the Austrian G,..ral X., Oul. Al I Ilf ratio h. Our'London Correspondence. port. have be, ac.,asioned by certa;D speculators, who procel o1 crerllonnnd [i, trone)-. ar-nr-iin ur to the Russian Gnenratl [Vieiniiin.a VL o beini tpi hIt,]e. 13tht Uirf j]D rhu Lr11e NliTIet sc'noiwlddter [be comptliment,
I .. rii] MtLrii ofthu hbano.wi thimi MI 1 r in] il n a Di] i n 1 12 !n, l rians were forced to r'-1vr-iitn WeM LA on ail 1, anta. Wn'.ru thi.r., hili baem of c-)oICAi,l i um cm hard ilhu "a f inoi_*i~ C iiiogu iBc m iie
Lornoo e, June 29, IM. have been (-n|ag la t ellDng some considerable qa~n- m ou .aa l t m le 1 h e fore been a victory d r.c ie healt of mr Bancroft a h
L a rge Sales Of iaerican ltekd llIVtQ oOmenanrJ if. tily of primed' fur the Ow or the mnothl,'lii a to arrival of the lata-l-nr aud ina .fil 6 LI -'. Austrian news, makes DO Mntion ,I L. T rum f.I Whatlgthen provedby the I I'i of-Jun. IerrlriLLon theIDilt u r ,4 1.1 1,
I have bar nIn this modern t. .-,,u Borne weeks, and L.rawbly .de margin. These sales hb o b e t it Is J Ro man bud ro h .lor a; y t r hl, t tu o Th at u r n land
write hitI, prinmipally to PtAle what 19 not very guns- id, by (he same speultor! -ho ha,] alrea.1 been M1'T','"-,o^ f.a..eI akporofwadNod-h" a'g, It fblttle a thanr in which th. h
Tally known. that ov..r .000 000 Lava this Crek Leon buyer of l prlm-i," in the -.vp tiIlio iht, if a rld journal declares wag proposed to him, noa-officially, by o that there Ill E-t a wiD.rI, Hungarian <.i *p; ,-a HI a, ri.-hlt That the people atthis d,>y arc hu>Tl.l.>nIle Fur- ,f .the city ofLyondron mM, ain thelru. o myI
bought of .nr.,merican .,,,k r for ,'rench, Dutch and ihcld occur tbey r,ulh find th,., mserw right at tbh a personofsomestana ugin General udiu o. suamp:& hauk .
,,v,.a l u 1 teO n r~~.J.w.U. bl tie o o eJ ne1. anceeon the aboveostatements, it, 'J-.,: f..,e h El iFr-r.-ot twolmu[to thwiJ l-htl.,,,.-E-t i 1.,1I 1. 1. rln fA iia h iyo o d n tl
Crnmao account, In thlg market. which had raised our ,e rdu -tff...'lt" et re, June la*l 13. te u-r- peace boa tehstroge
stocks at ha:t thri.., p-rc..nt, an-J John Bul l is ultA_ Cat r,lt on no vlry di,,,Vlaur&4-iOo s &rma.I "SR ti m osbefrm oII psibet bfi n ce'i u v r~ goi,-]i llpo-stbee forfl11-1 m.11 ao goi U, I.theaadl -if T
l t tr protrit,.O ,.1 Ileuo Rc.m, h< had.ome poets~y.O vri 3lra oi aalnmelyou. Our conversation, buslde uufort I
astoga hlt. LLha }noir cr.mmi rcial reparLt 1 p 'ro- little intlv.nenCe at th- Bonri,, Thn taking of that eity lately fur us, could haTve no issue favorable to your CoT %la iiri n l IuImii 1 hold R a ata o und.- s i i" t i le i ompni to i odumaiy Fin d.iiinn 1111. 1 two to
pbecild *;rpai. isIn,,i fulull~d but with the usual had been caloulxtedcon at n ealer L..un. but the do. views and oura. I huao the c0..TiotJoa that we Kossuei ,.nl', s,,, whicbaaL.,.Iningi.thorbythe aillcorigin and the
et.ngllh (b'jub-y. th- 7-.,,Is r. ru, rifulhe too acknow- bir- fif ths FrAneh n.,t ti inO. Ei in, puIolic bu;IJig. by have exhasted all possble m.->u4 I:.t c.n.-,.i.ii-a. ; p o his wifo, and harangued the paopli Fied. sacrille li.r *h, ,& O 1 t h.,cr D.I1,-V to 1`0 IU poareb e r ).a.m bdoc'o
h.lgo Ilhiac bh y bl,,'.-h.a..l a, ht ba-.a af[urJ-.opportuuitti,;-) -u. Be d tud that it only remains to :I% I I iIrht W\.. 1 ,i l I gi v l -i on to silments of lht- same kind; but
T'her I- gr--aFL PUVRWiii-i 1n trA,1e lire. and m ach uing np.rti rp t Eion tL, i lpc, fIrum time l) dlait, which do ---we wIll do eo, you mty o.. m.' p r-, l from o ill ri]- l h.. r i b in Lis. r f., o.h it] l Y.
g r nm b lln g a nJ d ire ',Lo, i .t ii U,. ir t all clo ,et, u xo ep t- ave tint hb un w cf ... : to w all, from strm otr set to stre et fro m bhrr irtIo to blr- I 1ill n l u Th o l.] 1, n. f i I, u l ai I n tr ilve ai d m b e p rig io n lh i o~ir -
Ingtheari.t..-racyan.JlI ,m lB,.=,. b.],.lro The week's price %hiI r snhjiin, will alow you ricade. 'Budybecomq terlbutnot &LE i AVj t f ion I.,d. boom toa P.lcoman wholo hie public career
lou will til,,.reu the want ur idip-irtiliy of th, ]>owsmallhav been th- llu..-ltuatu. in tlhefoods; and had Uttered Ourselves with thie hope tn.E -'an,. | t andb a neol e Wit S -i, ILl b.-la of t he I oi J c aa. dieHiauilid bim-c-ir a-lhadvocate of religious
Fugllih pra -F r.O ULerniuu riairg U, rlin lig n.iw IJ.t as to other Me.-, ur bol,.d La noth a,,rth notice: i would at length fool how much there If. ra,.l) b ,t'.d. e ll o rB I -ty
M on t 1te r,-tllng poinl ist t' ath h G roman repu elicaul p. r i. .i;ep-r 0-11i Bank S .rem. and worthy of herself In our attitude, a J wlil,tt th rae _
mow want. 1; .ub I rhl, f .r,ur and a 2,aVlf million, of -une 21 .... . .0 1 2T70 is--permi me to betiank-oontradi>>toryandtyrai- ol V Of h.. r.uu,1 m r.. PF.- r- Io itted o t he ph., c anicl, -. ancipht. d imotran navigation from the ra-
their o,,unilmpuInthil Unit, d Stai, wM re only to 22 .. ... .6330- 86.35 2350 c- l i the part that bheplays here f..h Wt h*le l- .n^ U r- it tr a or a Q- Tn, f rticle or ill I 's l
fend 26 cerr.i,.ch I.trmnauy would be free in three 23......53 &65 7ST20 2350 proclaimed towards P1rance brit a ,ts>e nf war but a ru; of tIn.a ,i ri" l )n. ii1uI I, thus l ai d .I.DI, in, Ten et. R oqo p *" .
m o2h5 ..d a r9ub h 2 S. . .. .6390 87w10 23 60 stbeta of defend se w e v-.. n t' p im bt,. -k %.,d r prt.,oir rod bi n] ii nh r1 cia vl.j i D|" a i. ,, 1 ne ,lujo i, lie r c ,r i iti i ioler ) i tie, I h iic-rli of U L. wh-riil p a ce h a t 'a d e o n to
mi-.Ftirmi srrp K% Ill; ic i-ioix I 27. .. ..5370 87.00 2170 ha rlj.c..l till ib,.-aI.i ,Di .,iico pr ,.,:. inut - .. ',, 4an [ i'.i m i-.on r d .lU-t li an d which will fnd a place in the remp~oiandgratlrude
AW.RK-^~~ ~ ~ Iiw Sl l^i y Tb, great iill in l.inlk .h~r. }- y iorr.ii.i-aliri..i(.).1 bl,,1,s I-. ul, Eli combat. y-o,! r..p ITu .>lu,,gj" "i..rni ~Ait lu ha.r3a.oo U t ...i ,uhJ1 .,.Dgi. isl ar *. r-u flat&,~in~ f m^kind aLI large ti-onuclitrf ) I cannot bat add
l Arieri.'u State Stct,e ib h re hdtE be.a 1 g1od lt he 8r-E .a 1411 np.tou l -... ', y111 -ir0 l, i. at o (, ,111- a.- oflvr..d e I. Miny ruui..nm..u-l.t It, ho 0-114 not o [ trl corpi -i thom n of Gat the eslL ) i:e o u word" rrorc-lhat Seeing iiali ua bad DOW do
Ae~~iortoug,'L"meISrre pnrrulll,'. iba--kbI Indatbr l,.t -u~y ~ O.l desrte to. tbeLuarlus Iaut,.m..ut t,,r,34 to,.aae Tho e,,.tl nof Ie deserte toe. not pryn h eltn" ouoltatlto oe
,viaaverylilnlduor-. "lhelollo-iaiaaro Ehe priroipanciprl lriEa.rilr.uLahl l tlth*ituationoftheba nk. Ith. a I .*I* bat wlr, reaoyt.,.roueed aoll oforthin .,.-_.,;;+t.,t--
:ird tated p-,r cent. = d,. TAnd 7di .Ut, I. ar.t !I- To. (s from %% ha,, 1b10. T2Id I "anarmy ino Italy o 1in %arun'; Britb m..ay..IT and en l occpaniellin.., who Scott to
BF.d9...m. tity ofspecie In Paris has this week icrea.,-,t b. .- ,ui quir France. after h,.gi I'g ; hl t agasiln u, bl..,e
N e w y o r8 5 p tr t.pir 1 l 5, l>..j 1 ,,... ... .. ., a 96 a8 000 ea s es. O n th o o tiw r h a nd, i h i m r^ r r^,r frads O n th e ih h a n d it bLa AItllnn fa r Id"d lU dis r m e us. _(ll uou e
Puun~l~atil. Sp~rn,.n[ .d ...... 8 88 inthebranchestothe extent of 1j690,01( franco The condomaed us to see, i.ith armt in our hnndi, ,.u-O ter. thy ^^b.,-.%iioiy d-l .n a u.'ltr t tet So a.iDt >,,aion of the r-I .i"i ll M a ,-! th i ilia Pill come -btn inglial. men and ohnglin-.
-Oho, B per t I i rw ...... .. .ot hn olli. r.--r w.-o, , i l, ..)0 ritury Invaded by Austria, now,.ays to us, Iwill have -I re riruL uu aheriht,. not.. wo-. will b..e.,ue noin i.d wih the [ llghsweh so
bllisehnuee-tt per colic (Rig Bs(,n-i-i 1146h I 03 & 10 totau- i ru.ta bseau~riI a ua a
a c .r!nes The nr, pt; In elireuililrn BOt in Paris slid 13. nice I will have it witou c t Pantwuj a I 1i I ll aet without coaditionil. witch.tut a, tntir ill. in, 1 I T oou -ysor n hu I I I l he It-"l"""-S ""ill il l v iF lhd high.
., othl. arollga,p.c pi-r cent Barg & I'o .... 00proi.r.,ilSroo.. rao,. In 9 programme, or I will endeeavor to crush t, to bombard Wadi o I nd ofthe Hudson-t
do do Pal Ftor& ,. . ,t a 89 ari, th,l.y hav,.de.'ra.ed by m.)rtbaD i0O.J0 0o, frrLoi, it monuments, which are venerated by all Europoe, and % i i-bldalmofthe-,I o r ,- plel elr.a a. t rhciI rl
laryland .'. per conic. (Sti~ling O.,E~d~j ex 61.)u& nt of ELL-i defeat of the fimpuria[ltt brigades Itu- evidence ? The 1 -1t -m i~~ ii, E rr nA or Lag-fQi e Fn h aN-tNa-lld rn h
Iitrylaud f. per cent. (pllc B.idtek, l In tbo depirtmti ,-y to Massacre Ica bra t-! h ph. I. t', it yllq to dr r bra... 'n |.,.iatinn w o ,i 2g-1 y.,, muist, | r h'"1 lr'-""l d11h 1 PArliad i ver ad rb&4iiy a
Allla ol e dippl,a pir e. ... .... .... .. b0 A b o inet rtap d h K tthnur V.i', o )0 fra ore T[hu c,: ut t percei ve. i r t re I- ,,aly t- r,.relply t-1 Lm i ta. e nd I N V. n. iE ha always ii"..a l I.,.ly ,i.u La I f by it,,.ny nt" .131'Ler :tt vn i. -, i.> to S..ivL|-li,,d Or tht
do 5 percent (iStrllK .indg ) ... 0 2 a weurre1 i t hwIrera.bac,,i h. ji.,u- to riun',0,r"ro,. antihthrown. 1 "t -n I L.,Lr.n If hilhyc ul to Auiierlad they Will
Alabama, 5 ier c t.t. . ................. 0 a B8 (fro 22.'. u,', 000 frAn,.,. i t ii t,' LF Ir,ba -ril hbvovr, ] know lbr.[ Ibir, ru 1.11w ..3B1U I ,of,,r a,,nuir I n.. .. In, l^..ty .:i the pre-l-by I find 4-n the ,-. ,.r ? -io 1 .1 L LnxUille. I hall alim Ld ttldl
do do (Sr~rlingBuot,) ..... 6'2a 8a.t th. .., 62a a 6it" halaoecya lotro. th,.i ,.Js o1 l d..e ,f the.d,.yooi theohomlr. &o ".l l l ,A/ N I ,) amo ,.r. ,,l ulo.n. ha ili mydut
V ir g i ia b p c e' n t. . . . .. . . . . . 6 4 a s ~h u n d erhh p n n f bh h al.. yuar ly ,J itl,,n d < u v. T e C ,.. ',r ,, T r.f T u r i n et =.. i-r.. i .o cia, I.y., .rt,.
X- ta .iUeky -I Tper cent ex. ................. h 0J..-irrT ri s~f r-oE-iiiV cha I isrp re t itm e tJ i'a hc a ocd JEel& L. u illo hmrOIi1fEr... fll0 ill -- ch .r
,'O elebIc et............ J E.tatme-nt from 7|lielJ it elp-r, thr- [bt thJ a-.,r ,0.t ,:Jr- e ojest ofvht, h ,,- t,. -.1rpr.r., the ,-It.J. I aridsba ,, 3fd ,riL31;1.. hLfle- vo uarIIi belter 4vkt"X1 ".-0t i.Oo-T,011llgPLL t11. l l. -'bren
vl. tr Prencli Correspotnd nce.o. culation Ift i. .r jjl-, uit, lojti u L.n_,l.&. I ..,. quietly ta ,,e coil w. be :,1 b. ,l r'. u- i^.,,ag e 'al. 0
Pllwit. June 28, 14 , ly eb- t d,,ul, ."i f ircuitalim ,if all .a Succeeded .r i-- 1. to. r "i .the firefro t fortress 10 .L, ..... I ,, l, derive crro etSA1613IOg Cft-I.E E-f lmlm*l;inx" st, his lordoipltaVr t 1 ori fLur dl d[
P s,,.( IFrench) lranks t ,r. I *-o to 6:1 tl ,) Ili-) t.3 !-7(JI-L) Lo tl,. gDh td Opinion of. Will cit- LIE Laudon
-~a' .n F r--Mi~lake 01'" file S,'q 41,tIt,--Ovtwthrow, francs. Thbe ,J.p.1% IlU th., 6,01F vttul[ diu .Oll-L LO 1 it -.~t~a r-r-Ifi &' g on yteP LL14 Il-d I0 ,--J l-p g
of" the Aul, a. w ou od EliJpe ,!r Le./111 P.Jthni--hel)a-- -1 .IThitI 10.D-' Jean)v TSu-. t Il,, kept secretothetnewsI.Delimitedc Iip..tiih-nof, tept secret thTe nears JteS,,iJleb ' n an
ris ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ St Elth~,- aa n -Te ".lno D~es0 W arally &mr.Iunt to rDn imoi..ry, l~eredl ra.rul4- Iwhic ilt bil r. ,i-..i d tr.,m R .,r,.', and vatriou3 reporri with the Linr,..r..r I I-1' 7 I,-:pI.1n1.n17ii rnet v -1EIrf'rlLIi.LIaI rlhhv hirblrei i. de ul-4O 1LL11 h ,Lu"o .. enwlcW ,U31101tdldb
ri `- :o+- a a+,e-lh C,, '[ s of~ tIll hn tridnre -1~ b-.11 -f,, rep, hall tb. t..a of.homo thpportmeharacter baree,-oSiioFl "he rtl,--,-A.r-w -hi mu~ jtunil-lr lnm/,, ., B icltd ol-ia.-.ff-,Jsra~~,.h 7. irwpa $-at~ evmloulmiui;I li>ii^.l'h m.r^i..,,., ,,lut I.[orans; e-Loly |.Tl..e*^ii.m.1clnn T.,. ,,, r2rB.DDi cirulaed Fororo.- S.U r ,.dn.raa th
Chrir.;r .. 4.Cn 4- Oi our t'rian Correspondence. was said that the 'I rh.n..rat. Il.d ,aptuLl d,d LoJ iniium of liurigary Mud ID iL.,Uau.l ..-Iy -lf 1'r*- 0d
Our douma6tic affairs have rall.n. into a dead BRelly1, JOuo 26, !i+l1). thtrA th iFy.enc ih tr t ..rn,ha i,oo J. .a and. rn wrt b.poaiu en uoltsie h
ScalmmIlnc tblLilorm 0ftle 1.11h Ills rtaUy astonish- IreneiH o.f N roul .Iwnby-7rmrh of lhe that tn...|rrieh hadJun. t,.dli ]f,.ln.
JDg, l htn lh,1 Iten oLf the rami.,.ation oE C of ,l,' Bhou E ,-r -Su- IrfTe ha icbr uut I0 .irria 'Il,.-h. inru-ioof itri. Iafre.D, a'.,d_ I- hot beineut toraly .Iiec, e EWstSardiniatd A ra.
to.,y ,co ^ ,,~ho .u ~y, haat h, par. of El, , up*rail~ou, ale 0.3 Ihr ..u him Ib b t i tle fills th, II II, e'ldIA rf Llia Lrdju .m
spirmAy Is eoueldcred, bow suJdLl niyl hasbfiou part- cesserf oflie Ganermmew Troopi-The 0J.,in'tile' .e, anl. ?tr to tb-o,;rm u. Inpi;uor hs n~oe~u;.a faulpo dpieImlel I n adnao
lyzed. It Is adlbouob it wcre stiricke with thunder. C 4C.e.. P I Ivat It I .rA tela II t har. I i eeah lr-.3.pian) bo i ei .U.-'1c r a, aup...D by Ih Limum of n tint-')- i, iA]ring condililina -The rta tion or All.aan-
halt. No oneis abletotell how it come topasethat in despiteofalMna i t e^ lf,.ro ,.Imtiou ,,.pp,,ul, dLe Lt y l a a r, a tI4t the ^, ngin.eurlg k..l Ir I. ,
?AM. Ltdrr Rcilia, ( enmldgraite,, and all the' other and protlits, the Nati.)o. l .%A imbly h sn bean obllge.d 1hat th mtdil, tad ox th,- &Tiny will bavu L.3 bi aon. f..,ur 'J'CI-C o h lm i .,1; J In- I illi-... 11 I l .lin L E r bnr.'y. Fn ll,. .ieanl dr-le ivaLluuca bl-trjB
mumhors of [hi Serrcet i-0cl.-ta, and or the clubs, Old to uiL Stulgard, a d ba been eWlLn.d Wurtem tlidirably inrn.3.1 anDda nuab.,r ol'sur,,..-o have al. The exclien l Of [he p i-c p l y III. niar. Elm rm-iae .f u,34b'ull ha gli nfir lnnln.z f.)ught ,Atitir ad I iedmo'Dl, and the letter EliIr~iih a1311-
,ndprao.]d ed =ouplratoragain~l.eryremo, c,,uld blrg, together aih Ib: re.gsy.,ro evs departure W r;ady ,e pr.;rp bo ,to b-, ta E,, ILI t I -r -" itI
-have been bo0 gri ly dl,,ved ao lethe fueling of the i had resolvd to moat agpn at Karlrubt, andi so. i ,the I ..drioIts aom, ldt U a,1 KarlIruhe un""db woe Lt.|ernT be Tit- I L, I
0hoarrival the1ro l ut LE m A1MV,.s1el IFNI: 00 The prL- -miitry;, annono..theoL I-tmus-o .L -,wih--C AN %Ftrii"n
Ilaubourga aud ol the army It i. Certain now that th,,y clrding to the latest acoouLA, R part Of the member c.JI,% ping, ufiT a rli,..n pawaiga fro. ivila. I c: Ili EIand N I greuatr servtcecouta be doas uytobeth n t Th.or I .ular m A.I ha. arriFed, with -lettr from.
reckoned u|,n the army refusing to act and al h,) f-av- e already arrived tn that city. The game, nBewr- chai, Il, twi.uD, fouur h.:ur; A. bwr d..,ptrtuT re l. ^ ^ "?^^o H tit r gyos oit caus been cilpt ,^out, U on Lt,,o file
raid III&El.J the b-iein] pr~ ... Roead effeeted Aa lb.i~g ofhe ru"Iar (fo somere tie at mea
]bourgerisn ,a r.,au NeerthL.Is. th,e t.o bod Lo b thel^e In whicl the National Assembly' ha pl~ye,! three't-let bt.l h -r_ ^ and tultB pr.:ps, r Itire bornia ayby the etona ,,,a rp,,k.b,!atd ro orahitlborne(fway bmthti paot onp..t
literaUy InteVobangi d partn, ffr the faubourg.rWfuaed the principal part. mut, now bfe rega'did a;eo piall e bong mid. I -r ll, ii.,fli ln aidi. I l ED.. 0 coE-duct and. ,naAd I .l t. l the Wedd [f theii "asmpc.
toAt, and hearmyro[;tw re, agDimaD. Neer ly oaer. Weaoeat the pr ut mom ut at Whe arae r lmie .lle PI nlsutry and four batteries .e f artillery It lis sad thatlour Ruh.e triumph the men of Jule, it nol I Pral is at the < D Id f gnmet
t thoprollin MOMROEat the inale at.-ly ihippeJ at nouiuu far Italy. a euovid..:rtbla bdy ,garr$ by way,. 4[usla, K,,m. us Urli,, audlu am,,ov h -iJL-' Ib ge6.ilCtulted81,rte m nh o Iu e ; ud ods fic aPeietotoV iul adMnig
ru a mDoredccid cdconlradl-to n ogive othe ddlara- c.fa recluion; And, bate-ormori moti may taku Of 9-xpe.-ttd oEL Um brud f.rE the Homeo meprm nt ,:d, Tr Foreign
,tions of lhoe who Do ofreui and Bo .rhemently de.?larr6 place thereafter, thisrevolution, in which the National d .,'ILtt(.nD t hr i,t Lo which we runal the all..Lll)mofourfr fa d), Aff ir. A. I -noir e %). Flout d M ann"
T'he ITrmY t0o he ,oClaUlB, than was 6ivcl by 1h1 isaue Of Assembly was th prrienipal absent, is about to clo.a 1 lt go v;i.rnment expect i that mbb effect wiri bo | mu tha I -51 iD.1d'A 1 pD i r- e o Ourenemies 'Ilia gouemeall. 11 Is iongl will ba mor" lboral In
produced up,..n the Romans by Itl, Read. u,tL al.3oo Peru; upou Diebretuiu andl tr.) s.w trJ~in I'h I, -I rri s S. r ciy atlelm dtain n lib e oig
.r of Itli 13111h. The spprresion of the ingurreelon in, whi'h 1 Cn.oUl Ly.o& log pariao rtlate u-uLate E, U en- -h.,. -ar alL thtlei, necary or El. and .,l t,3e Its policy the when Mi COlLat &brat was last imposter
; A fi Pe 1. Da"l. tile,1 ttt T somlva i. yurorr-ti n-tioh .-.., Vtafagr-.ry 10rn(.0[.111 or ar .,ld I 4 incta c s
]-l tlsnot onlyui Parisn P ar hat these ot dioti,.os hit ia nowtaklnD plad-o, In b.ut to C,)mplfoo Lthe triumph Iof ELIE. ln-urrioi. ry Jul.I i t s D ,eri i -I I I- r .n ,' lh u A 1 0 bii-h s %V,, to war. ELI-
b e e n Str ik in g a n d ueq u l go r sl I t h a g b e, en u a l y 6 .) O. bth o e n,,es n o rl b e r ty fo r e th e p o n i L. Spp a r.,a[ t hl l :ou d w t t h- u^te nye Y2fhre o
In all the dLi eittmentii. Thu htrenglh dueried by thy e T he military operations against the G(.rand.J Du.nhy a, it i.ij b i"rid 01 ihi/ri|..iil n a-u ib, I and >aken pL.i>.-rijQ or Biirht vvhcrB lh.. hI.- eu L>-' "3 OLINC, Fr.! Oflia %cgt ftie port W1110 UtDre.ydd this rew-peoat!bib
govoeuim ent tI of courrte prodigi.,ur. and uoespeetBl have cnmm ua.iud witb a d.:ci- VO Tirtory O lho part Of 1-i cli art. cali.d r.n to 10py f(.r It Already I uu0 J.ined by i..uiotl Urban and i-IC- l, C.r, 1-1 b.r l .r. ,AZkLo N r. se, rotary. IFuM Up"-Mrd? of bl orm met by another bound for
evenbythegovernment iself., Whofell lu h.) .. ne The Prussian troops oc.r the iuourgeula. Ou tbeZ2d fracs ar pt.n uJK ,nu ot Itto is .Itt tr6 A t 2is, Dt 3gt pte
error Lbuin~urrin_ agreeing Witb a -erib InElant. a Watllu Look pla,-e near Waghaui*sel inl(ade -a A aran.iw at Elie 1-, "u l. .iupi- mta Memer t dl'ra .p, uMI-
inrt nitcnab I.,osl t ea ~tJ [y tiJ tl he, be~n arrest,.d at Er;'
Ing Oiheir rallIntwnraoa lunlj with the in whict, he insurreedobary frcess, under, Miersa- affair t ilitIMIiij, al 16 Bllet g,,. on Credit the iwcntqT- riale ae Coe't's Twhh .iu1-gllany U 8 uirae n Irigafe, L.eap.t Hunter, aru
populace, and alao iith th army, than it rrv., to lawsky. were defeated an- dri-on big-A, the Preiiiana fiv millit- ntCstmy l.-r i,, cap-in In Weca ,l tc8 ,tenp tbe tikot- ' I I' to bgy, EelodeTieiad olat rlp.,l, ba:o n otEe rln appointed I
I fail E, ht arilct; gover f,.oi-r t lihrty a.cing Li. \.6dm. SeItial rTT6!-h.;3 falten plitc -.I Pravw. wher.the \ .DUm- Serdt rt.
have0possesscd. adiaycieg ad far au Manbeim an,it Hthdelbrg, an,d Lijy ..r mort. LanE.i Hl,-r would have bIuo a cri.ana teruper 'lu"piii thrai. uin,; Panic LULl r, ) AMhricaD consul. ndonthe12hut. left for lbrki-
Theclubbofthe mountaiulidl c.lted,iD, infa itit takig prtoa oeii .n ol IhmO tho lset Set eral dr iiii.uli of fl'. the, bad ltity uL lhrowna it away in I 0 v 5 D lilt IV to I. fr Il by a g l-i y .ir I tar had Elie United State. AL Vecchia the
its heads bb Jilt, flight or the .coDlrairoLi of Ofho Co- o he ferrusiaDn army hare now already paA@eJ th.. Ncek-., f-al"e atl.tI'16 BE rub.jl.h.n Jlith ajuml beI d~rf.. bao N TheFrtceedtngaotbe British PLrllnant. btamrigate 1rnauton Commander E-agLe At SpBrlim
rer vatoirc rde. Arts It Met .ora is re-con tituted, sr. Li ltle reg eta o ,n bad ffoer, by ,, bdlM, : ]n the l ast s.dtti[, n -of he N att. uol I.iscm Lly, th oe er in ELI, o. I I b roi:^m
respondent beoht -tea.'t dl uour'el sun I be ]'rium- t.lm till lr nitlVe e,.ntry and atht lL qt a [rhJueo od hL AA eyd ~ il os ,r ILhdtn ,Li a eto n ovte o mn
o r r th r car .lbe r club i1 form ed. preparatory to thei) an d H eidelberg thou gh lh,i la tLer b y iRa fortified 'po. i a Li.. i u,,r r.,rcid a nir conclud es thu : -
-coming ]t"etions, under ELI Ir ~lu: "' in. rere tow writ-b ehas shhoouwnomtth.atllthe-s"l'impian''ba'Yi'a' levies aree thett mo.ant
"B-h ucetd65 Ledra ll.llin,Ilh, lterhavingshown hum the cl l.eguardalda regi etl i B1 adm 3 troops, sIn 1. 11 I rL -c I I, a B,-rlsl bl..w [ Intl Pap y I t f icit n Il. tn/ o Fa ung r .Bl )D n l-M ,E ; culcein l fituiain-dsb |to ii-E o ciatb i;n ,,-o' Iro I: brivii Is *Jangeuu-ly III at Arbaami. sawd Lila& Ili
I ": ,-hkr. 3.-.u ,out-] uw[iho [. ur.J.nin, to hie-d i[ I. T eE.tOA ,.,. ef-* fEi!Vl nl4 K',.lp ri iig at~, L d vr la-u b-Lj' r srpjtdi aIi 0te2d Ll h tseW
that hie ]..a are .re ,ua hh arn s He r s to.k part for tar PrtEle .,P.llt, Mind Oaused the Surrender :^t;,;i'.b^ .-,n, l.t the tiugn had t ..hii1 do Ltja Unald I to lh6 a a[I." the -"r.LEah
-..aped ad .i,]y acr..-a ili SWI I r i.f"iutb in lh. plain botwreea Karlsburg and R~amb onx Ltru. Dentmagn andumlpt.1 toEIbllAesr.HaigBohrs iclr
passportand iis, according lo ih. l^L aeounLt., at, Karlb.ruhe. I is bblJUved that the capital wlU odor A- p tl't-th eLe t1`1 our cmV r l. E lh 1 ud l -h The loss of the tm' "rialiats was I .rlla Ele `rIU, A bl watc Lamont Juoe 2u, 189
aGenevsa. Ie hai aiklL tio uccllior iu the Assemblyn but adweak rel~lau(o, as a part of ent lrieDu uan oIwIlah.,.euo riif..["ty hiUub i- li in I I We have llllechange to report In markets .nine
Thapaty ha. uo. parlhampn ary mr.,,lhpicee. dTtlaredl h m ,eeag., t the pro o.UaJl g. .ree u tnot i t, aiv at wL:l r,..ILy sud,=r hot ,r'rll'.e r o,,r ,e te Long t- u ad n -n p ;
t em pts at debate m ade by M .M G revy & Co.,.are and Thb rev lutiona y party ie orm r,l6luly dieoourag,. n kud-ring -w l prus il ni yt pr.,, e-- 14 h and 15th.- Tre Lu.olld u..rry pi i., .Ilm Ell, idfo bu&n.t I u we, io olfc aillau t, rul H ouse, whenu cbf3 .,d 14l
"imply Iidle,,oI.u, and are received da ily with laughter it .as reported. Ve.trday.tibt th. prui6iooal .,,ru- manil, i r ro t ..ib Lci'l ,ud ir l allg D Epo t' of th Danubat I he plai between h t-.elhurg suit | dritiu by ,a riy th. oI.r-
by the A, tbly. meet bad tied, but up lo 1110 pres1i ci-al~uu ii R 1. n aab, and lasted sixty-four hours. toh rludij, lhbil I all miwc arrived yoal"ray, n have billions
by tOe Ab, Th. irbD pcnD The Courncrdia el rmn. 8ad i ith[ the p.IIu Lt Ieize were Commanded by Generals JlArthur G..,.r-y aI and motl elUeOL Epe,^n.-5 rt-Duke o(1 leildnd fr"m Bombay to 21st ,A&, mudLaloUtt& to 8lh Hey,
The rari.:,.ictlona will laks plaea noet Sunday, with, [by the Pru_-lau trulpa. b,wvvrr its aol,j furr,.rdlt.J ad it Cevito Veo iia, wa- rbo.waitd tcby Guj.. so-i ili iM,,u[iRIIr byrU}Dau and Adigr. Cbaog-1 bit mindl up-u1.4L hn ,cLb.5i he Ia ui iin atl.raoury commfrCial BCIOUnLI from bob Pr@-
ap\ luforu,.d Aon would bu the ca--) .M lt lha d,)dbhi) nn ereut MLi-h mu.L no r lake placi il l a d Ey or lt".n..-lr n and Ru-i. O,. and iou il.ia oa Usually dcrn up-in all .1al, i..L., supp.>rl.d too bi, idI'm-41
elections %bth took place amr1og the Paris members in, ib tbisa aiiu lWill. B B -Odd a-l the aclg,; ,ntl The latest news from Teei r i theexpre+ijd d-tfr.r werekilled Iie.d Mar,!I] j.-hoca dQ.I s-wral OIli-r whih rounialso a h.r f i ol d n-a in ii1 I, I" Broche -The last aocnunts received from
Pill] probalaly ,ltepe Pa.) aLtrd.ethr andJ the IPru dlatt. rination ofMamnia"tor' the .l L.,uI. eon, i,- officers of high rank were taken by the NMagyars. The 1,.rhiorehbAh6 ILbn all emOp 'a s
haveercatlid vacionator. the repre natives aU pr,.frr- roon bIln in oi(t Ion ol np wiole country A pro- hoAt. and the l.-t wall. ltotr .awas coi.,piiE T'. %.,r.,nu--;, army flud trio Lord.( roaui viSa, a ta ti b., [n J "I Lil -.d.1 I c rtatir. rouil.O a l i n re tranqulliz g news
rif gthe depti, Ihe Capital. The Conaerra. cl1IMaion. "bi,.h hJim boo htlu.wd b t by th P[n..-.of out Austra. ornot atall." 4 from the fiel in c ,mi,le di.rd~r, 1,1ll,,.ed W the at religious liberty But the lr.ib.nop Il I.*nirr the contiout, ba, llmlltd the ett Ja r traus-
t l ,on C iub rurm .rly h eld In tlh e tluo d o Poiitlers, a od r' lru a a d l hlrl- E lie w ho Qf a d. n tbearu-, Ili & AIVr Lh y, A b ..,lt b u ll ILLu bre ne ;arm y ls lik, it ii said s t' : l "er ly"i P ofbHil, it Hg 0it, seer ng lm n
an~~~,d threaten. all takepr pa nttePa i. fi~.f ~ a h r ,,Ii w onL- ebt!~ ~ heoiie hr,~ hyitrLII lea a urtd by~i~ tbe lrli-onu of I:~u %f=aer aunrd th, g-,ur :bt t-wt-,.ta t li=ar aent bo.,s ofe Muiie 000,r 180rr
a O d he tlub oI Ih Iouu rtf Stalu, have put f,.'rth tItroupe %i th martilllaw. A great number rIi .l- nr lhe ll nau, r.f Ih.t -h- lritp, .ir. alsa.d .t,,ritrt Accordingov ernment has i" ;. .t -.i 1.)rio I ]n a L ..r th bill a, inn L. a i o
Ir 1lrlickrl. ou would rail it In Now Vork, coutaLu- tn el, i!e-Otahtos alht,.y bten MuablU a eI 6 t a l "a' d ..-Ld a I'ri.hb Il LIE a ex fi "lt,.i 4a, Ili. New I uk Stat It's. 111 a r7 WIa- e
J she Cancldadti wihtm [tey prr.poa- [o the eluct-,ci, ]i:idelber. 'I bh..y will all bL ir,..d i i ,y.-uum .n%. Halt ject, GaptainKnight, who was proceeding from Victrbo liuDarjan ivonmir fid lil, ifthe Rus8inaamLAa- I ci' airzi W, iiini...r. but %.,hurla E "L I-,r tho l Eli,' h'. "tlt* aadr. atJ, d' a .w idi i roan-
Among the-e. the.1-ly named wbich ar much knows Al bhe lb.attle ax Lt'aLa.-i-l Ihe rnuuIb, r 'i p, r..-.n[r, t L....-i n items,.,.) aud ItU.Iu,. h,in ID, c .iridy., tliur ,t,..ul.l 111 t-v ubl, to crus tha gallant Mag- I nl Ws, h- a ,3, with dl ; Ohio Wit 0W a UJ, ez
, ale those El tarnir r I'age., Leona le M, lulzJ Lle, and 11. bi'.do by i P Tlu nis is iav .-d to b" ct .ij-dL..-r..v., 'I ..- I r-u, b ii, rl i, I >..'rlU t'a I u t a PI OX 1. . %krl bcai..u. Nl ih ufil ti. 111J.3 a 11)4; Suth
de C biam br.ll, late editor of Iht S,,l I m ay b ou h thu h ,Au lo.-,.fl h e I ,:U l nu dl i.n -. Iri ol' hi b idi.r by ,g l i tra soldiers, t l i. & l .ar '-,) a i I ,.; aryland W
truly said that the rtpremiLation or Parii going a Loliv (r the mdo the rril.ion i.-pg, oall f ,Fy r a ""d I u u. Official accounts have been reeedred at hrlin COB- I.[ L..ndun, -ad Baranon ro.ibhihlld hae- airdi lit a.r-ip- [It- tloegl the S'ruFxcit ; [l'L'.j ppi felirtar ar oldl .0,
tbe[igi g lhati bten killed '1 L., [.,roei under .llierr-ia. hy '.o- Letterb WJl ebe l'Lh and '.h from li- Tilli, ewrp.s. firming the reports of Georgey'7 corps, consisting of l the LhilurD llaDir.-di and I il a u a,|,,,al i LO Tie abs enen e .f the name of L martinoe from &nine, *iu d of i&ed batll.,ni of Bauen iroop;, t1huI 11 0 pouieDl 1i11i lhe I riuli u army n D.r It..1 ,,,ye, into. 1 O30,000 m n, With 80 n t .ld-pieces, having beea driven Satcirre 5,3 I. 1,111 5'11, BIL II B. r g 42 a 03 p-r u.r ,.
the c anu ida .- ,prepOSI'd for Parlr, Ima m ilter of g'r aL ol the eucmy Edtiobii the hail uf thhe uu mb,.r ',]|-- al", de tI.l [rule etri" jnuln t...ittni "lh
com m ent and Ihe tuigra itude of I raoend to-ards lbr, ru .la. fkh l d % ilh a p rt Of lhe lr ... 1 In Ilk i CL rn lion ,.1 .n.., r,.]v I J-- la -i br..:JII3: : oiur rel d llb ai D, lhrt i r l thn m .f Ltrio.d Itn., S I ryy eir iitid dfh pwud
gre rat ora [Lod prlact Woocru pled on lhprcd Bsg in rd Imc11ul.laiu, Ei [lid O.d loirulJ "' attery, at sixty .atiea di lmut front the place, wa 7J.IHL 1-11Fn17. 1. -.,, I ,A IIImny,,,c, ~.itw a a~ic IT **" I" 1 l lu..rer-400 bags Trinidad have been
g r e a ta ti o r a t o xt J E~ u ue i r w a p o e tc i t t t k e t w U Of o m t i t r t-mp l u d O Ui t ir a t h eA rh m n I a r L y a l e i e i s i L l a L o E n h ~
rebuked Ih terror, 10 ietery mJ:.uh 1I, will, Lowevere ready and anrE.u) r.. a' aIl..t Ili r,,%. i'-Pt-d 0:front 42i for ltrrr grey. th 060 Od. for
bee proposed flr ond. or perb p. marc ol the d I ( h-Pr~nce01fru,.iaho ar b-D r,..l).ed Lu lt.,IL IIP I li'- "*"," bILJ 17-*Wage'ed giing ^ym three Standard ..I or..r r, Of Elip m re liltf ty Dpr.with the court of Sp b'u r r ld hgoLiing d.-o to ,raall r,r I aay1yiulr
en luL. wudtpartmeut, L ,aul aru il.,llin beat him rmn r'iedl ck 1. barrel wnot. ba,b....--i- Li, w.uud I.u I'l 6 I L % il I...ri nf i.-h o g n.. .y in-. ID.J S,..ii1l a I- I ... 1.. -U' "ulloc r al or .ou baid Aalaxnad
at th e WE,;[,-ion ,' lh ,...iiloit a.ig t aeatFos tularL 0uf III vdDnr, t0 ,i -vu^ ^ C-11 at lhbb yons lni (_r of L3 I arilroin al 3, id a Us 7d [or sil r.B, mud,-tolar from
.Aud it will be teun hieth.r lhe -lettori will return to ,h. liH. b, IWa.OUl lo JI..u tbu 'rnuee 1 r ,EIrriuiLil- t arU, n ln a n nri1j .."yrrti 1 r a 4n Ih Ode-,a dcoliba of 2d a 34 p.-r Ibh and
bheir thuey. a ud Peud uwp Lpu.urru b c, rIs I'tl: i IU ptb.- ,,i .n csecod" l et r..,of d.- r j ,al ... lu betie1ed th ey w ere pr,.w rrn,,; E .eound liheofdr- i a d .endiup me 1.Whole.VIA.,.i t b farof I n_ eIlle-LIo.-ISo ab.,ulNO ld Honduras silver from 4ad. a
It is Imi;,,,ibl. Is d.-crnbe E-i you tho diapp.) t. ll-U-al~d Ef I L-ip-,ell L h!.., r..ii, d for.. cil ia, fc e onthe Eatn hll, |1-ll- I I hepointsat whici our paper was put to press:- .iurely.after such a decladd l l.ppoiu- Sthnailiual.rn- 4s] u- rtiia. a l-. r.y It pricBed
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of the lIVIur4 to refr-ree..l to uim: &ud well itroayy rhi ,0 btesides Lille. H t,lqJra|.h.Jh d .-unch wa, r,. i ent passes abou tL,, *'" lune auis hedduaee "u "purler- oda
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epidemic, others tD eon~equenrofIu hee^br ->mnylTinidb C. sn~ .,.-,. of the" hot weafber,* G^ma- Lin"n t l^.T. lrtf i.:^.rOd.ibr hihH. lu.ui artu. t~pontH b n.Ut .nacDc~y8~ghi~ lnfotc~nui. i|ltr[l t.Io~~g fhetad.,ct~ ir..mnllrol ,nn tof njl
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^ f th e p r o d u r t s. el th e ou l u l a r t a n d th a t i in l h . r m U 0 1 th e n i a i r i a ^ia, h r l e r1 1 y u r t c l u b n y nta t e^ j o f.Ib u h i u C ~ i n ^ e a l o ~h c o i i d ...ti p h t r h t tL I e l U , b u t u . P o a a u t h rily 1$- h y h. h l ~ ~ i
leries, uf the produet of the auu. artndare b~at d,.. ullattLtu a .uDt6 aL ii ,u mil .i., i-,l.tiu rai thi e-i.u.- ti- o^.ll,. n..I,: thOlI 110. td."t tDup in^.D tho.raia u ^Dn ,ee rug6.,uI JI'nld II~-iib. UDJ-+t alJ.I ......i tr*"?,**0lT .'l[l1 P1e"DL' "rt ,_n ruala but ^,;,
e e r t td a s eo m f a r ed w i th b a t th ry c o u l d 1 a a b u u idh a r el , b -~ r .l ~ i r i , I l o h d i h l h a L t B ~ U L l~ e oi h .t e u tf r n l i a f I l a ,~ t a ~ h l a h . li,,n t o~ mo i .1. h ,i. B t 'h -I r .- 'l i l, ,l I ; b l c k d s b t l e r L t Tw hl r t ui i_ B'[, uLd Sa ill bo
under a~y other ciciBa i .Di..,.ao. ..l,.. ,b n i~td" ufMJlnBl*mrcumstnuee lao ,^ cMrl- lhave.a a;^*l" b"1,'n^ :"'ell o one e.0 Jnt ,
ll bad beau beLter itr [h former ba~t been poit p.)u.l dition or olnns i. th~t Ilk.. Lg t& rl^'-l Ui. "u [htL.. Jn[er..i! T e0n stthstefol igtr iV me, atkhb ib na..kt,~bii] ^ i3". The Gep|.olr i Vi ..iterien has the~i) following fro Vestee,^l'' ra'hib to['l'urkishh "u b*, ut1? ,opr
to ea year. Jl, wJll !hi yvar oernanly be ua d %,.e Biltte- arc lo rat! f tb,; a,Jhel O~ .n l ttQ.. ,; rL. rui- .. 1. ttblmrtan.. dr, nuh uroyk I~nvr ~ mh~. truopa ...'.,,,. tltr ,t,,r- aI,'~ maae h7i~ bye aeneoy outh Ihe Lr.>u S, mre ..|. S's," ^ 1 1 '(," f0 8 ^^
Thelouly measure brought forward in the Assembly, ;e.relhil +s tie, ra-tfea[Ina will. Ud.Jrr eti .l ,u-ufi.b DCto. I ,.a. lCl u'= d' .^ n^ral 'lr t """"*l-br ill.J: aud |h1 liodl nu lhuu.J l., I7 ,n &,lBrB a".'r .ndre eai* h1aUnB
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thu^ S b ^ ^ n^ "^ ^ ?: ^ ^ ^ probe,:. ^ -. ^^ ^ 5 ^^M an thhM 1- budy ufreu t,-: e esrintt, L'eIcL0;a t^t[r'eiu urr e. L h-pesn dm..lP ll cu wr
dieorTd '^ i. ^ ^r olrly^^ ;^ mebr ,nf L^.^ ^ ^ o^ ,s^^Sbly Ia-^ "- oa"^ willb m(mrt 1.- Bonrb-, r n^ I ^r S-b.Suth,.ghurE^etS nonaS ?iape t~,ad
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iug, in th precon. teiper of Ihe .A-mbiy The only Anioug tbleve inlewberb wll br pre.-enc t dogthepesnghJr-rjA i ., otu sjtao LRL.fuiieHIIA'ln nd ba hAUL rbt nra- ndr6 I~lnn b twoal qr.t ecple .ndn% ht. rbi~ret bring 1%) a.l hut .aJ perstu~ tnLodPl
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9l~itthol, and Lhteir office el-.,,d up rhi. 14 So, affairs, It Id not lketly il will play an Ihup ir..]tit part or (,I ira'rlilra gilob& .tuarrroul ho.< t tL 3oai n
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FARt tcreu,:etlou of any at preout. -1i1d about 441 uuj held lor treaOouabte purp ,ot- (Sad wa4 eOUd. uiav to rouadi ig L-a.,1. 'uUt3htLt &bahdance Of glediea pra- IL-A' 4'M L-WLt1p IIIWlrCWttS`,
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NO. 5517.

..- 4IdO "T B a T nI w a n NEW YORK HERALD. 1- E= A *.-11 perceive that
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^ing- P 'tip" hour been enquired for. ant about Cam it M odera te sales of En;& b s" 19 50 to $21 A cc d en onTI--rc-.- ---ay - J3 M
a w bag o ve changed hand. chipf l at 2 a itrafli.--I100bags Im a broghtuda4d for mid.. aoma tre nominal at $10 to $11. RO IETOR. S eembernex hour rteo ek r s dyf e nh
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g wl~es;. r7 d p er lb III flrod. 63 50 to $4 23. Tin plates sare.'o and Iniende-LE A D T aradfoe eaocpiinm ly n14.w e a i'. tno, rnofTetak ea ooa auacu tw e
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bbd., 11# barrels Porto toio bTo rertilld 33s 6d. a I Go-pry pekoe. therr are 100o0 che,t remainng aUp 1. aw"a"i-'"rdV t6% MIu^e lined or rot. At te W't drmitoe convenion, recorded fit Dffatour'u:-1
4 8 e T h e d e m a n d tfo r fo re ig n b a b ee n lm ite d a n d. c o m m o n t u A la rg e pr o p o a bi n g or th e K . . ; f a r -ll o w a n c e w adE ahropf.- 1 2;V .r 6 l teOl, T l d v ,4 1 P M
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lb ,LLL LETTERS bill Iitaid, far liOr [he Bi-hop, becaLe it wa expected the Council of July 8/r ......... G9 ,9 Il 2K- POO baBp,. corn. a4e W do For flour the maket
6lit P.e. Sd a 19a l d for the Mediterranean. our Con. Immtb. Nialuyougand Ankoil u ")fe-etated gest.afron .[.b- po^ -..abd.eplA-o ait iidet t ed! Itw .. 1........ .7 77 80 77
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T A L L O W o c ino e d fl a t a t o r l a s t q u o t a t l o n > r : T h r13 ar b- o f a l l d e c r l p t i o n s o r rn ./o, r, m tea r a ,.l e 'a tn d fro lf emp alr q u a r t e r o f t h e too er i W e unt o e e ef aId 0 0 r ,.e O h i o a t $ 4 2h e a
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L.niF.W,,e., ShTLavi', aOia ") f"r Gc.:aUIi 'd bL thl; jury ..anti- Jauil Duua. andl c eint-ir iad _uliIla rnnd Vu I au Thd Ti r'y tI[ coni.nue, to, &b'l irm-A A man Octal d Dolan t-mling at 204 20th street Wa
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ttering, prison may be expctLed tu oe t [ at [,al -UP. | t lea n Duos n onJ tl ,\Jr. Pin o ILEL had "a .n- I I In June 1847.. wh..D itl.& w arr ly fliti-ta .11n I hen lhe ALBh.r .July14 -8 L.
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sing of A igust LLM rly farmers have bol F g dl Cfaicd, 10 11n10 nor, till his LIul-ruuon. II .L of the liu liar;anq. But, although both m i) be neweriapers Litt people Cuneall their nibymlcianii, hailitaL'D, rtbo ; Bidlher-u is n.. dr~ii:. it hbih b,.en s., ie mere caution 10 nhwr Elplot.
]y o c u p td n~ m ~ha~ ~ h ~ d i r t ,! .- I u r e h ^f- l pa t- f. u r a n d f r on t h a t ri i e 'a o c r I ap e ll&d t e: Lf waeu hebr we h a v e ,h e f u l le s t c o r, o,,d IIIco n i.c am e w j or w h -ir TII
for sauy other doe~crlptiun of woeGi. but w, euJu a. tha IC,. a Ten le Ete b ul fceu -d m dIr.rpItlt uc u b e h v h fletcini 1otls y r aidhj artg ~ n arh dlt. kW r odo ianIo h i h t t~y w ud rc m aw -aC TIU IC016A.t a T, t U e f-lnA IL ILC l.J
t eldfi ball have lit on cleared oftr hat, Crop. w e m ay al. b t e d L t o e- h n I e rt r d E i l-Lu ,E, a l i ne n f l 1 1 1 u e fitepto 1 17 d m cr t c I m n i a e o adt a k o th e b ones;y w;e an flait.1re o the h .rgle, and er,-l gr- neet~ r.Ine The ch olera toti lp said tol, hedremocraaticl v s an
pe rst ight inertai i p ,p nciple. T hat riium ph hbe,6 ,the fortuet a I ch a prherdtionr mi h be taken ,mrnr dia ,ely Iur. b bndi k th ,r ta vininity In G uhr i; net y .
shehome growers, Lnd am we brt, tOehned Et Ig e Ilir D;unn and dtc~a&td vabl)Wait. aingo00the 11, ,or; Iu itFle an h e-'FRfl"alc Ewo dhwvh w SI
foreign r-ppep l lnnd w b,,UB .n o e de. r u dOat"L rberbrei taarfn-rloridtouun war, delayed for a Jule; but in due couare it will I The Newark .1d-...,,, .f the 13th last. sy :-A
feaitr ofScrityi I he arrivals of wni^ta r.r "t -e, into bn I entered the hollw,"you bare kiled your wire,1" succeed. This we fe cl ieOl end then satihscidn so. be e r a e o' r r, Ri -o tt no S i n o o -u B r rr
L o nd o o b ej e er sa tnl b u e.Lo ht ll A f r .j i i a wahs kn o Ilhl u k u r 'I r e l -t l I [md l e f t Th e G r ( i- u i h, r ,, t e a r .o ld 9 -1 b3 P I n t Id la y s l' b e S IL 13 1 1 U T Y L 'I Lu ai 1 2 c a le
abhroad we have bad modert, r er-. n te' rr c t i tb prFeet;,t.Fa; un ad n em rk W erendo rledes oth ceair f le i-iIdrey T isi the pr~enc Mc Lhtods tunn can be remnrt- ..' telbl Geouta tite 1.o Ih Winei] oh grea nu brewstrL ale~y "Fihi deathe ins LhLho cityt fora the '2t husedn
wasmadestthe Opening"oodyl arkeLtt eLti o and to our loreign con, dence, published at ed, arid,if i iB puurd, we thuk here would be 1t'co Fillsh ows -
|li h ia matthial advance Fato3toi tukiuk(-dva,ita Of ]little korivE Lte yl ar'g on the door near the docea-ed, I f~ J~ M ia en w h a tf iIi b r ilw i roa-a -.r ;lu lk- isn et eIe elit Ih pd m cI tl o fn dt
lhe insignificance of the q "uantity exbl^L, d 00 the Duns h3 d h olbd nt in bit ish d shoo I entailed to length in to-day's paper. s r.F. .n We no -ar f. Tunig to l wh at mi itu r, or ru pai ,city,aultho
bsezt and Kent &Lf andg, commaaetc by dem .u Im ,,.(,n. I aw two irousa laying on 1h1 Mantel h-elf Bier i - I. 9, IhLb dangr. be fl into It ront lp
oa 4 d Kicove L y rat .lung ; 1he oi faculty bad occurred, oe (Dunu) Old uo eec,& F o To r C -F.RA IN NEW lVlK- -ITIC-. [-3FAIC soolwaitria.EauoBU a .lBE
ifrlsi~ LU pe ar UtOV .108 urn~E-) ta ,I I ,AK -Ybt-trJay morning at 4o'lc.,I.'I big11LUL pe ntafrhrs eo
daSty week i he-y Fo-ldiouou r.d huw-vr, tnat te En 1 to ica-td b,.t fury little. D uUn muid n., othir Thpr olrrd las been in Elie city for some o ir e, and IIf lhe bItl M1,a, flnl MdraL-ibn, which plitce nhe I a E lh badtiut o( "1i1 carriage ( to r so lye
nu eavlers wre deler miluP d1 not ED p ~ty that a rleen,:, Upon re l b l am I h v b at d ,I b i li h tyo n M .
w h ic h t h e y s u r e in d u c e d It o bI w e r t h e ilr p re t e u sr o or e - I P o p e a n d A i r ] d e l l t a c k D u n n o u t ,4 [ b r r i p l o t a l f o t i i i L t a p e r n e a r e r i o n i ; D I a l l a i l a 4 q i t a h 1 p rt S t l i t m o ''1, r u ,- Ei m iL I-&, -s-rrrl fioe [n inr y aru IE 1 1 11 d l fu r p e r accr i e t o th e f u lih O fl t ha td w h o Wa ne note L
UltiM ltP a C ara u a Iff, o l U11 tra f ,y o KG hot Frr. ,l m ore or less iofour iizens. H ow m uch longer i h n he F filed, but i was e pE ed a revulu non b po l c mo u l I bT pr r Crr Bud Pa .
yerquter abuse boe of ihe precdig \1)day The Rer. W. WIT tinara ChRTNE Leingdi duly sorn it will linger here, or how many persons will fdll b- ., bre.k out on the GLh ol July. OfF,-ID I m FuLtn -A Small cffln ontiin I Th" Fillburgh G,., of te l t. .ay8:-ThB
ifrethen no furiber hungeha- oenurrj lo uqutla- ,acrcording to law, d-p-etb and raith-i am I clr- I nfant. *r. found di-,leug in lh, *ater at the foot of holrr h, fiB dleatppeti Ing from thii city. The overr-
tLions; on WrdueQFday barely anjthIug -&4 duuo and g)MIao ul tie Metb.-diet Episupal >-hreb, at pre- k'ro. its rayuges are ended, time OnlyBu, I |EIN Til (-'III., ItivEn.-The rain yeelurday hb
this moroluigVhuoprratlunp wereIt Kew ie dUimptilaot, bunlt residing at Hol-oKt-n, I did n, t pl~huniiy kn-,w had 69 il has betn.1illwe linvemaaon to be lhank- joining was unpurilltlud. We Irn from Cini. Siririx DLI.H -On Friday, Mary pluirho an @mi. were hhdid called ,m to lurniw coffins oor paupers b thno
Fctbetlnrdereripii.inF&eisu thea g-i.^Bnea. : dtcaaid and her bu nd, lieni vale here Lbid Ai, H w ah-lie -iin, .ra from inland ithilll walkilniBr Second a diil oi thls lerible dir.e, while. fur some days past,
y inquiry bad b-ea expPrienced On Monl,.y we Ihd iiternoun, about hall pabt 4 o'Clocs, to fL r. b ..-i ,,r ul [lihsl it is not WOTBe. :?[. Louis annd other places I 1,1 % It was ni l Ihe ti e o IS
r ithera nunierou aBttendance of coun trT bu yer s, but IWO frwm my library, wa ch Id up ltair6, I fouud the ,, cl d, at his wh-I n ihIr F1 @ 1t .aoui h wtfnodl 6 c ground ha d died they have AT no s. t .
*by Ltaled With tuche116 tl11n being unwilling to pay Ifront door fbateu to; i wILLtrg ioaly Z b otws n eth.-e dcriie re eeriic- i 5mnts n tW SWt n h fen naot6octk $b a ae oA OU~E .Y
the advan ce of Ia to 2a per qr i nie ted u,; By b,,Idbri, Il u t h e aod M re bni b unts. in the nfrull,- Leouis specially. 11' dhe deaths in N ew Y ork :h daffi ciley he could sec ure his, buat T he old m ill- I hbar frh.. ds, Nr a u.2 3u, e on T hh Beyrd erf H .nh ro-f t our popuuon the l nEh last
*%GepL fair such quadllierl all ihpy stare Ohaligd-l t-i takeo 1 lhe ilIcL" tDot lha billing rmm: QL dth-tt l, If 1 they lert, in piroporllon 10 cotr populdtiou. as many &a di clu .on To) lul'ii cr,-k', abutit t,,,,, a i. a 'e aof n am le AcriDiri -A manc arrid James r-Alllat, rail fromn a "repw~ld, b i ehr. balh bky Cholera, fair the preceding 2;[
to-ro vid e to r t il 'im m ed uia tte a n t S in th e n ae r .uI ,J d so k in d M l rIpt n t l e ron t dfl .or, u.6 th at I N e w p o rt, iy 1 ar u a a e ,* ,_
Inquiry bumrattlr (alien off but Impunerrn have wool- Migii 01; in up imirp, Eli iho bmec Lao.-r a- 1, Mrs Ill.:% are in Sl. Louip, the Bferegaai would ournoir |mp,. Er- .n I poured Into Vie Unlih. It rl 1-1 NIairsr, ay HN bna.] oa w rfr ,y out li,. 7 c in L. F xh.gN[., OHIO.
Iri[t4no aniiret f ebuiibeesiiu- thrrljeeFtab. I uun(,pcnedthie no anxiety tojpe-u ktacncnStillthnHiome ihou Dun loned heeoornmudd rucreaEliyhu lier Illas D mKoerth usan(tollrrs.hudre'perday,-Cili FomJswbriLanbguierq.lird in, alrr.teJ hn ogudB. 1 in lroiumhis iuj .ljoural, of the 1oln inhE ,
Malled in 1he ooxiiim(-ncemeot of the week bus la~n 1 1 ruppuneeU, vanEnts Want up st~mr, ir got the boolt. hc13 h hler.hsmd t apaac tXna
inglatminval 'Ibeatiierharbve nDOE, iter.-d thbe n nmirali %stated, tat down. and ci~m mn .erd reading. C:amellia. twice us many sieai Paris, with a popul.taon of hL db tean r flo ,r s ec ito oue in S ras ). 4 Y p ray ale I- &L ei w s a dtovrlftlceeh ve curd to b C U y.
top price ofit~wnimatud, flour. Foreign wa, ru aondlay lrtgor. came up ,tears. and bald, Mr. Duna threbtunam More than a millo .ie lw gonsO tlhIw radIo1fe aih 0teratr olen ie41du it naI, lr biebe ltoL-vio h alo .afi
held higher thanatt nay previous, perLou fr some france tokllal mta her, She tar.nuddt hae br retilti ~uetew tri %oo he nft Ars ot to anv bt,1ILmia arrtLEe thiaTirdi a )eaon eorleete wSoh Ih ei oflhe Lla to~w IfidaotSrn % lcy
grotI SbA to 36a per ielt Tieing alied f,.r tin. 1- reach, IeVbIIog,'I eomO -tl,CU,nec toutb d.,.)rOcald wmd -"he bas T eei etr once ihtevstote t hrdpho wofe ntefur. Vrcn i Dca, ,FH ,,. T eG rin h) reso otmv" te et b.r aa entit a,.
and 24a to 25i. per barrel for Ii.,la frr-.h Ulan-Id gonot- htby, tba% lt cawe d.,'n; in tallt Five minu[i et l demic i LhelnIbis year, in this c'ity, y, or, thewhiluh on or lh nf Ju l e, o n Fri. by A and ur wa n two we s occun is
of A erlerian The sale wa. hIIIever. restricted, i 1 bard ui awful LA-e It; I b ,ppurd from Bama. es rather peculiar. W hen the choler. was here in I ln t ow
snuit l morainic lhe articlu might in ituris cBm hbarBI barup tiurdurtd; I ran duo n rlairb Ei t) nen % I k I ia %% r I fire broke out, on fire ever-I the cily 110tit,1 in conseq uenc lhe wound. town *J here ha.e ben one case u.
]been bought rartherr brow t eh r lerms Dlmrd. Baetey Iez u Fi t 10 the anor ~iid tib- tI a Mr E ?,.,I-L, .Ilr IK;2, itI ratvges wtre very marked in the Sxlth i o\ Ale 12fih il in f wood clied in tile rear of It bpiard, on & piL i trir aia tia aln that ic I r ,IV.iUJY, 01.
el bo e growthlb bam habome very ecarc, but we hive ,baon caine to thc aonr bnd raid, I.: I no. r. CullrCt, I Virfd POLO ufly le filLhirEl in Jhe ty, and in Nr-0. lx', B"iod ILrti.r Abdhiv, whicJhh dF-airyed ttie bcal tid p.l lhi...ugh the ight ltihe Bur bldglyd TB
st i fa ir stocks at foreign. and enppll xi continue to ba it o to e it, I bar e U IAU'a her, h I l aD.061A oI 1113-1 f:c ,d T crio i v. P lI re Boa of Hn lth forcioo
drop In from time to ti'me Tbo bu-iu,:66 ha bjeu htr lying on the ,our, her rate c..r- r.. A With bl.?.-d, lle other lower v,.rds. Very few cases occurred bm dr ft i-i" u Lijo daN4 rria. i.Ttne a-k ending o h
rinuelilly in grinding quilles sicte oar la-t On diitcl tboin. cO hi'rtil..d am, i biuB Arthur ',npe h upper w lds. ow, Ihis year lhe reverse t i- | nv in oe d b y a the fo o I and i
o n dI ay ra th er m ore m o n ey w a g iu p irt u sl t & a n c es b ri t w N o w, ih y e a r i th re s f i.IH T e II o1 w n e b y J oi K . ,I I I l ,. ." 1 IW tr Pr Clo u Er, ha- rd 2 11i10 I h r FIlad i >; i n lhip pa rtou t lb d arr
wra iserd for heavy sweet Ehmples, hat tL ,j tooqu.ry hEL Time ELLe ouLIj pLrrUu in %bl ru....m br.- e oue a L.du di- is the cS abe. To be sure, the disease first m tde it In Eutill lor P A P ; lob ,MU No '4 l ruld 61 q t a ib 4 Litle M' i n be lhe disIeas ofrst Ilda Ph oto io flt he n.
I I a i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~t I ihe body oI a cul,-red -Omanu by the unuip or itir bhy vteLIV,[n L~0IL ol~utadag t a
since Flacerard. and rcifral arrival. hailiii6 takiin ctftd: bunei-i br- a L u P'ld, l bar. kiil'J net,'* b?- I pp.-luinrc in lhe ?illh war.d, bul tile cosec, winich "bri' dut-illin niuch dKiliigrd-Ji-.Clpn' L~ii'minv ^ mI %tk hs o NBI lettr, Y",Idiijy m,,niint;. nid l, tu lpr
brick d1ll niuch LA-tdr --c dvocph- LLbim~n ilddnieildipo
la nce ir ttb in tL e oawt f i d ay e Iromr a b ro ad p u rre aso-i ai d tba ria l lb thit t p rbllI- I; h I er! ;r O e d b y M ir .-uF inh noo n In su re d Irir ,.l rir'bh p
m lgbt have been made on quito ast ytvrm, Lu-dny ft[ernot-n. shilbtr bu-6i1u81 Lb!.j varrolti hr eL ietlih I h a*e occurred there since. aveber, but c compiira- ao1d K I CI mud dlon d d. r iL l0i SIL r h AT i -, IO.
an before The arrivals of or oalat eiie hLt- beena and tL6ktu t,-, ileh-r bi I .upp,;- I cattd ,ut luii" I 1,%iFly few. Thk- uly-Ir p-al of the city, usually con- Land dwelling, 'S ouili Piarl earcel. wUB damaged bar, but nevrr [,.'i ay meaurf i bar- hcar gut to "Tino, Isvil o] the l ey 113 hullunfltve bahe >Biy iuaa,
aniall, and from Ireland none hbare num e to hand hqv- do .te v aller thu occ orr,-n :.. e and le [, far tnhe |,,z i- |. ,d dt a h h th e Fll lelu2ho 1li.Ueeh .!c en
hug, howeverroeelved npwaxd .rl4dU..qre.I' .ei, I car 14 Lht qra or forbig o, l len d UA.c I h, 11 tile al-in I AE-'Iln *or tull pctrli,.nt
there hate been no ,carcity or this "ra su. In Lh ecu Io b o .b ~na. W W IL L I L >LiS -_rit l -',I N _- I -i ,hTeen lh and the T w i.t ;ih w crds fo r ins LUnci, J D av i a'n u l .-cl^ byfni .H fo r Cte s d t c -,-__ I o.i * n r I L h I-,p an, ,by f m p ,if t b r.t
4meo Ineemeut c( th eek hro baeiomgaapr.artuCLlof lg ia.rD,dlpp b sod a nd -i.- h,,ve tufet If lr a ni-ich greater exteni ,n any Fl,.j.,l NEW YORK. i [ i.u O fI-r lIuih~oro, d ,r- unit roniir In. e UlJd gr e ha yw
really to prices; but lthoubipquent amrrivral T cLuF lly I rebde uf No 2 L,],^uuu s'ti'u. riu.Ban. Nil.l J ,er-p3,
Sab a e k e d eu y th i u gi e, IN e. Liu a d v^uc e a n d paie e a re c c '-. h u g e I t d o r Fbo rTt p,
Inn nt hr t ,r p t r W onka h f dt' atd; ah, ',s. cd muu tu 4L u-;' ltu'e h fc ui',ulted in the wire, Secoad, alnd Third JILT l4 p aNS r,..r Jni dt f.d n I d li a l isit J u r rA
T h e O p e r a i t o n s i n b e a s & nd p elS W e i bon a L h, 1 1 U 3 K .0o i I n.L b o r, n a be .. u I w a l l i I I 1 I I liT .r t h ual- m o d I UlhrorJl uI lB*aLu dn o t
n-- Dt-r-a..- Mo, Jndui.,- lu clh_ ._ -Tdc , c A.| .i -:,-, ; i.h..h ..,,, 6,i, [ti t.1r o Wl e dy V url Ut' ,, whe in 3hdt, are llrf b o.. .itl- > o pi y wu f duiiii y rr-D. L ll iub..Tl J N Hiri .Jrl N.I :.l S erhI, on ular r.p _r b. r ti e frnm lbUint
*Bliial nire~l -I eildD ~r pr,,iie~ u>.' ^ ^ i .UL L n~ r ulibloLii 11hu li iu l l ,.lru tor tbeiti, ul weih[,ilcr b a -intBmd,.nt unt iol' i ih mt lr -e'iiEt-,.o Ir, i.DeII ll [hl r.m-b'r L lciiLig D b lii'coun ni iih eiirtrmdhl
nbigerqurinsr t,^ ^ ^ b^ ^ .u.Jr Thiaicrlantoni StLice. ffbr1^s |LJ~ ^.^ur* ^.. ,,iebr 1. ^t^rad[Dt ,,tuu) ul nr ---t^Ih ^P -- h-Io-rptt-i Bo
ll; ^,d^ 1: ^ ^ sum.^ fnnhi^ ,. .,, l.-lc...o Okfu. oulqt~tra, l~tb ~rofio,.r.mcn,,r., lttl.- [lpnr.etafylnn.,,th>,cllwys hi
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StM~l~ l oa101e. Tr r M i, c Juoul'. do'e? nl,)$ FU-- IQTblI uuin ul u~ ,aJ ^. ll. "'''l," ; '"','ea gri-o ?l' ,t^ ,*"*"*'" ""11 "n "* ,d > ^ ^ l, n SC.lrl..>nc aib h, tte H~u vvt LTiurl. 'rM r, .~ T. 1i3 hund 1ab.rd, nr th bet i*l ** ~ lb... .... ,
Uu-el bu I i ut-iy uioi vi ii. Haf jr .b|L..!t,-u.hju l.rJ-.ii.-1"t V. lm\ n .J)u lluihh~t Blhuh- t o "p>lL*ywi '1' u r...,* duh ,h^n - t nL..,rtrt~~itr-. (la llu, mi-BHaa,--
@very kind h Lnshl h 81.Bo Et i.,dur .t.. J ~i e fr 1^,1 l,.. ht t111 t I *ht JplrL, ol il,,J L-,iy \bu d. n,,id t,) ^ ""1 *^ e4JU[^ ..^ ^ 1,1Jt '* 1 I f.r lTo,!r are;,,, sefral mColJU factorie orte lde l~.~ ufeetHldyrb

gIr lor ,B.ds 92 t sE he erBU 4 o s U tu itl,,nr ion~~ ct,' u ta hfr-i dea .u u to l.n..d ^ ii .3y .-1i-. 1'vlll hCa -ulcs wihhh emitd nu very o piU le lo~ t lany ,,iirg rfj a.;. 1 -d 1Lla *h l. iik u llcllli n. -p r- -u l< il mb lO r D"
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G<.lnos Ittlu 1,o ,tu>dor, .d"'Inl I~I "'- ish n eilLH,.iin iun,[lair ,.h i.. he ,hhc- l ^" the! [,art o1"1)HI D ^ ilit, irji.nm dt:.r rd prp:y 'T oip ly.Kbp.tin o tlg a e~rl hslue p
Uuc... .. H.r'SC l-i ar h ii.!po rcuicl li iil.'im n" uiilei Idt n d ub ncra~d he]o.tbc-ro [ de[f-n ez, run(iref i ir u i i-i o.11 c[,o & .l ',i ". -"' i e" ,,r" "_" y u vj&.) litinitLoeilu uly (..Bvjl tt-ul
wahtoans~r naolcer b dliL. Ubam .^^e lI d ir cut hih l i.-.l ...ib-ni. L, ,tl ..Jr lo'.. ,r,lo tM ., ]t ,oh ,eo lh -M in tl hc.lh ae .rs t nh lid ,'ni ourd i., bi r D .J.l.p u.i[n .enr r.i.flh rftrnHI l hiu 1,lrft n F dic u T e |io ,rq l.. -
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T1 e o ^elok -- sr u']l'o D t h or cin-i *l ,A'.,lyU Jt ni. ndi_ r; t lb n i>oubad r.,cl-m r d.. lH l e ak d w ltuei h r n m 0 l at II' .rf ~i j i-L-~ a h n.- i* oH H iritid H ,y y t. :,tri'1luiiJirdrir.phlll h
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an'[os'1 w'z~vas Apri b-ark Madnna 11.r .11 Awehll sailede fromv b;stl uo q rm e.tatu ',t a
ILK>B M With.., ; ., < l d u'i ,r -b i t ro ut t. aii rp- r. V L A a ll Lo w ill rlim n e s, a nd a ll i la rr ,,hn t e c t de a0 -o t h, u .. It, l i.-ne i- e l uW.. u .. %i u in'elt, n il Ih c A T N S , N
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ally gates to foreignershban fur a time entirely puts a 10rdu~rm utunee, uitlb.kadhe tc hi,[13 place ,3u o-carys-tot.~c~lea t'
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tHe smbjject pblihbed. the s ltDteme...g nu e Lb..,l, a'.r.o IV I cir b^ S daJy saorn, depimi and pe.tllntial effusia which &rse from them. sad I Tbe ---I y ,r k' w.- n e p I L b,,sg J Petnu.A Ll41ry,J Keen P UounellY |,,. 11, ou ife N~iju.t 161nalfdcluri; I company.
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and;I"''tB*Bril per etourk-e .l1u I ztlext d Dr. Ji i u l~eu nm e n ng apo~i inm:.-tae xz % i w u ..uj.IA 6j- o tMj r s o A u ifeu m ;C m i iL w l r
ILuaT --F'tottoD.-Raw Coi ton-Only 7 b*... o,"-I-)u"" *h" b-,d5,1rAnL 9 ID r ol'ibe cholctr in thc wards in which they are -mihl- ,.ot lifnrm, l bay, thbd Drt"ll Ano 9utinI. atA k..f'tAyapduy, Jo' e h r H. edrd, ;loe"plhug lild-
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ni drae, bto7 4; Amenran.D7.2. IS b!uw t ibidjated u 9b,. Dad by Johu Dana; .h,re- counted lhe he il.tblps! iln Ule civ. LeI them be aL'* *.1 V'"1 d Ir Itrer ti, wt" nb n~l ^^ afE-r L40 eitcu'tttJot1 .b...d_,
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122 60 o$350; 21ro.3-'2 to $e 50; aod ; lo 4ioI I, 4-P, ac|on of Lhe bland Juary or ilud,-J iliji-.L-. F-nD A 1 J, d a.,;1All r.
$ 26 60 to $27 I uA m erican n o tra nF itet~ n us n rom in l 'I "-he -1 c r a [ m o ru i] i ny in .S l. L ou r, and o th er lia . ti'.. n elivir. d I r .ri ,n r, ut .11 EZII ErLy of N a ii ti igende fll IH Ailh d r p W rl w v e t o Vo- i
it$2O116 to$21. 7hed,'ll*nriv have been 621 Ial. fell i|na IntelliLg r, 1 l A guard Of em; ini i h iIDeiee. ,rri.rd tl Uh..k 8. lara ze -11 111 eit- de e g t ul we ha vet anniou an,
. d ] 4 7 himl e i i ea o c k e f Yin 7llv a fu 1,I T h e H e r .lai h i; h ^ ^ I, L -': l I n ( h2"t l s P e ra l y w- e m ,- r u i i .^u e a n d a I t b- v r --p it ) tr Unfeo l . a rr v a toi. O n -r E D t he lebr n ftm a cc u l i u d e a ic i a n ,
Ih a l t-b l irs a. a g a in s t 2 ,1J 6d lia le s u od 2 7 P f b e Ta t t th e R e 1 ta xr h aL l r, r b e- ] hret w h o ,i~ t p e rhp _- c l' b d c j g tlc ,n & a a e W e hne doth el ll- t n u a r o an d a l ibd% l to ff ri t lhr p ic d s p thme
a .me perod I yya. 347 haK-bnvi a, ,g11-n ol i., fir-E pirzh Ii t'ird. ,I b, 131r, who, perhap- ctmed theseeds othe ma- a hill Ia'I lu tio L 3I.* b L Mijor Terrilad LibI. Nicholsn. Ceivto from ebrC, look pbceyesterdaymoniig
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Amer;'a -n il: the ^ ..., halt_ The Commlon Council o, Bt h.s pa d a,,u bL ^
l- 1 .i} tntl[. al .,hy 1; I. i-etie- ." *! i r ir d 'r. I ur I ,,1i n r 'Llun' .el 1- r -4 '. 14 'r nr.. I li k ,'r i ^ uhligeJ n It) ip. Llhcluton ifl oi Ili> gi ai rij il s- Ito il-ie tri in .ilirrpM hineswasmarderd near Say anih,
L% 1!.C j f 11? L4.1 Ij,,,.,. 111 1 ca.,'l"M.a; 'r or I71 JLt, VaLa ,l.a .uisia .

Poll. lintcUlgence. tlea in giving orders to his ma. nd tad Thatrcl and lal.
nTOE ABDurooN r CAs ClUPIr.VIED. eabin windows where no one ma ow go, a it BODWT THI E- C.LLITC
W Ro' Aii Tnlapsaga --etemrdny moraine at 11 prevented hid seelg. either riding or writing, I don't MLxiqon-We understand that &hislegantand BkU-
C'elait,1. Lh etamlnaLion reepe-LlDg the aiiigotd phargq remember anything more ret. necrmancr who h been Crowding th of
of abduction now pendnlog Firlalt Capt Un Iloort Q Q. Where ws the Uapt lnufn o he as ten day. h d-ided op
blte erri-a. of the ship Cr.lumhua, was contained; tht A Off the aslicn, on th
I wialhr wa remarkably warm. and ithe court room knol what deck you eall it l: le lif f.r Fral W dung which wilr-
being without a current Of air. wa draaifuilly oppres- raised above he upper dic. ne pinit. an will rau
T hre court c,.mmneed wU-ll seI etsi oulneene on looked out on the dock that youa ae a- t hL'hilliO.l
Ihe part f the pro-l.t.n, th rirrt of whom eid, gers and til that was gi o, towr hi bow r h o ir. a n oer iitir il oe all
was a wa i-ll.drced fi male of rather a look. re.-el. th reor o rta t e pi o & u. t
lngeoinUnLlannce. ito hTa.drCa.rdliiliniF, flurcalm .i. certain bor T ll LIrciy
His Irack. a Lidek Filk Slt-tit. yellow Lid gl Si a light capltain Wao i his Ha romi Tn-' T P -T;; ol
French straw hat. triUmntd iti hblu-. anI a lthliln gr-en A lite generally la:h' ww fnr a r .r. Tb. ii. h ic l
eil tCirowo oorthel.ip; Sr a..l ijr in wa pl--.h !2 &nd I u'ci-c. ahrint I r, cloct .r rnf,. t. or 10 Il- City 's
agrld hain n-. a .i t.-L : aill t,,6 li.. ,t i l i ,.-. i.d lh ,..-'.i ly i..t'i rt in 'r .i c l lla. v11. t f n i i L .i r .r Ir I-' L 'r'
Lo.-kedl railitr lettrt l.UL t'.. ru-l ru;ib!y dr-.n 1ii In Wr* hit Le | n I w S in teimod h e wir Lt .n f l
I bhowtd -igui f t'.cry g.-it el,.. i it'. r i.r I .it, ',. r acy V'' ;.3 i i ry 1 . I . -I
said bo wre ti hy it' nIu.i- If Jllut -n 4r. ,. i 1 to t away To -i r ....p i:- L I 111 )
the reptsied luidlia-y .f LhI, n-'.'rlo' hti-e So si f-: S In eforo tbt wad one% 5. 'r Cat.
iruthy w,.r ibhe c-i, :ti' 1-i 1 '. t IL. A 1.-.-r cl; T Ttoi-Thbet rai in whi wen
abductk.,ed .t-s [lik, .-ii tr. 1 -m. io, ', - .i. Q. i.. %., ..-.-y lartio-nr on r requiring
Tbh eonrt-rotn e wi -i.. 1 e i .i' I a n the w d it : Li.r n-- i is Ii the t 1.-ifttisn it na o-
Whbf., with ae xil.u- ItLS. il-h.i-i. Za.t!--lo ri Ir r- bl ra id aoo.'
Wir FF I t h t *hi' tt-tl ui ay V .- i I thT r til . ';, 'i-.. 11 1.,. .,. .,, l | '; ,i L
-n-r ~ ~ ~ crn-u- Ln nr.Iaz of foil ..1 t.d-hmr h
the t-l r .-.y -- -4". Weas it not te on Ifr n I L I ie
Jt toL il.,o, 'u-lr-V..rir, ,onl, I-- .-- I an! aTi o- thaut at that hion.r T. Lc n eesna1 er..
ide at No Wdi. r- iD. ,:. .'D.n Ittreforwan at te
my hliui ou & 2-,il. i i u- l. t -eonS and Ii- t lla A. Ii'tI I z I i,' ei- in. a c C .. .
In tlt.h i .e ,l L i vi t" *-Iori wlTth a yorn I li4 .. o ete .it, u ra tht 6 J
,u. .ou~ln,.. ,,^-i,. .,,,,,..,n.',...h,>,.;, auto 1" -P^ .t. .;' 1L* ... el **thl 10 s ie ^ l^ t w ^^ ^
woe.on wilt, h im an ,-i ir 1 f.,ir s ry,n, f ,hh I .him i suita, n-i .h.0 LI
le o ild hc e- ton lni r .. inl.. .r .. ll > tairs for iJ r Jurl a r l r r *s loudl on t.,ie
about an h..un; Lln- art .I i., --ai -t toild, MO f '.0 r ltha fie a 1 I
t. 1at- eur' tu iod o,'.. cr.edi.n ial so ofotani Tl
te l I -bd i-J on eIll, I in itu t u1 I Lo ilii.'A b1 j. 1 I i-'t 1h 1 tit .las ,'L. r O E aT I t e bl evi
ut 1'nu1I nl tilty tind .i. iia *%1t ii .i'b Vlt-ill he tOl h Ilg at any h .-i- .- u L.% il t t oa i apl F es tab l eath wtthewr
amo ths girl Cao .., a [ .r,.-..r gl1.l1Lin, 1 -1 know andit i. I..:re h
from ihedr %.a.itl- ti,.. li l -, I ill: 1 4 )ai' l in o abe l A .tea e: Vtli .[, a ri eei e ab ndn l i e
would ntme (doiwn I-r Ir V. ;Id in, li', V.I.Ltn then fen t par rsy t..r iiirhlar hUi'. o '! ctm
wvnt after him: theattic root they lentereda. wit the Li. '.L to he,-. rr anT I;'. Iiirk 0-i no
o tI nul.zt toair 'niili.. Lrct; there al, teaii Q id3 Uri .... tsIt *a psi wit td ae ic -rll r.ip. t b t pi c i
tbat tor. n wlAI- ih, c i.i a cit n!t . ai I theUhs" al rei-,c t te to the salilala Fia -itl toe
of the bed ti'uaid cn ,w..-'i i-u r .....-r.. o -'.. a side of ifh.ra. he y r t io hos'nhd w' l,, aIlin j.i-. ,.in fr r:Jic tha- t"; .hh i..Ott haMr .en A roi TTLr ,lR Te maae
AIhh, id.l h- I- -1 -i l ll at u-it A. I have a-' .n n ef.'th i. oIl splendid d 1 tbili etre heF
two fat; t:ee rt .L a -!liMl, t1 -01-; I -'aoi i y Lt iMi:o.d.y pincipa memba of dew Newn IOrlean
Q Dii Jou ro.,gnio tb rlJ wh-Il yto ,1 ,:ait would be porrible oerg B sB week ai-
the dulr I It co-utld he proved li a ] oth o ta ir i o oe ai iui cum
Ib his quslion %at.d.1. u-il t.| hy I-.-lnr.l for t,. d a- the gain stitlne. a a t tt t g ctB
fLce "I he Vi.i ViirtI rol s iiR au-r., r t It'i pett-,. 1 Q. Was the jcrduct ofaer s i 8 m an will o
ha IP uagninA.t,,rll,,-, 47. lcatheuF Pr2-ktnaga lyn he dpar be liberayes potioil to by the puboelce Min
Ut a put blu Wu. nt I, tne '.l tr on tthtn hv.'bos. Ii y arn ia a dn i arely pre b to
Qt e I0' bau y,.oud to ta a room; ahe g ir 1aui ktaifi. I I 'IIA.'d Io alr e
]et The Bortia I-p isit adid y-u :dt'I'fihvii- tIa h Fla.i iioaopndi at the Btwry theatre
lain! '-- EI.'l l .h I dc rt tk ta b lAi, I uB t r e -orei ff, r-: I i, i It.dl b theb
A B did. ;tiea r J anti ', i1 .h rQ li1:, 1 ii. gi-i in IF I - s pe n id at res m, b .e y tope
-lo Died ,t, l, r e, F.Lit there before Lein Ni el esrr, o b e. .i
Q.arthu ruled onut ta 1 4 t p I t tt a ther SCP 1 OlT..,1r No.hert Brt B,. wl
Crop ...liu....... -(I. M- Ow:,f n.',t il yo pt -.. you now onn-niIs f. iId'- .ex t
reeroll iai m 1 sypraiO 'i .rr-i-a ic ),,pr i' you h14t a on her po-------
bedrt. m ,d a i 1 curta ,,tht li w.. ononed n, tuous or a Charts female ;l an It amn tha tu ic
gaged Lut tb-h-. i. huie .u10t petant. In ebowing the S LY dS a llF
A. I di n't rh 'v I hlit Il. iLt a aI... J r,)..m, he aid a whtichThegirl was b0 ,
room- I can't be certain that be Uld netp -y bead-room relation tal
obut i uniderstotd him to tay a room; the girl was attate d.
mtandihg n.arbIM by hi- Fide ithe he said thi.,l t y Ice ]h ;.ra o the m a lla an tc n oe t thoe B.owery eardot
wein.te u sliar tL-t'Iber, I did nout take dirtitlcar a Q Ia C t u rr ctey irSen th ta anger rfian et it.- ytot
saOICe chich uwi ot tip Ritatur fir.t. ay ikr. inr rliotu to'. I-C.J111fA24J.i oouprnpathtesadwe apyosyhs
tQ Did auu Lay Ei Ilo. fentlemuionto go Itothefirit son g0,, Iliect are bali o mece t
oam he ktl toe tur b teJsiearfe a
A. I don't remember that I did. dQ Did you coa r the E so .
Signorina Fortunate, TedecMdm et n
Q. Wad ihera a curtain to the window Itf the room towards Captiain o Cerren fof t M wntat th u ta
they w.unt ituliu !
A. ibere Ilea blind, andl a curtain bet woen the blind, LLii, to a th1n gr My o Tue nt
of dalk tren. 4 Did you hear other cabin pea C nd t !
Q. %t as the curtain down on thoat C onduct of Eliza Dickson towan b C l am titU,. A er vr
,ne Dgerootyp Likenesses ftelaeCLDnn,(.S
A. I tink te Curtalu uas nt; hut Lii htiuL Ws- during the latter part of thcoyage. ao being improper lto
ihaL Il-. wahen I wernt up. or nchte n 1 mn oh J ln a
Wae rot the lamp stinding just outside the door Objected to as hefrpe. m m b se a B D RM
Qo tnd 2ns not car of F F IR e.
of the ro,,nm .as you
A. I think not; I could not stote where it was stand- of Duffy. in relation col a ic y r
lN. ThA nltingu bdtad ias a I .w p-ist bodtad imand against Captain LcCerren ? l cr
thepostn re cituut fto-,I or nmore a tho lb .. I A. -I h bd .Swas. na c thI s
should think the w hlt- iogtin or Ln. p-sire alre thDoe [Lr Duffywas in the ouatr a m o t
feet or noreo I should think Elhi top of tieebadlstwo ethe 't feet hli-at the flit-.
4. ti U ol ueot Fay on that night, after you tried to (Iber tto btit. tuD. Botick Bo.- fr. Ta
-. 6 11si eofrdt hwb Work, hc alatatdsc ieadmrileoain
--loaz thegirl oft the rout. and c,-rhd not asurdrel, that I IO.i l B Lt
A i, mcIan lwci1 mn cs both phyascions anta la fist toard a
ae was a perfect di, and that you cold do tik evidence, to ho hc mn brte tha r D e
w ith m,- .nt to a Hiil. .Fp .".Ei o ar a d rtg o lt l de lnd so wret e hnt i
A. I dnn't tlin I did feedi t base ltirl p Fut ou tl rio h tt il e ao bigoancanemin s. The thn- l
Q Did myo l otu -fl r tosasirin upaiy tty e gi rlbome If smal owtntr a 7 ri -t t a 9 0 l i c tsrr antb nM tic iitb- p,
bse wou ldn come u t Ir So nt at i h l. I e n o li othertn
A. No; I said I wuuld gut her a earrloa and Banil ey from I anul .l ,iailct comaint
-]ter bone aanthm
Q. Did you not eoy that rhoi mat an nrtfuml girl 1 ha- gl a i me ne. aiN af C HA I I L I'irFIII o
A. I think aot, I don't remembe--r sa) ine o wa
Q. A written stat, muo t has boeoan xinibited here. *lur .nIly lr
When did y i malke that latlonent, and to Q -%Itill t
A. To Judge I impean, on monday, a Week arlter the and You ath that t.I nt.,ruws h,. ..
affair took phlac Owt.rrul.d by the J
Q. How i ofin hbel you eeni CaltIa s .tculrre I..npt ini t oar our ur oneclu
before lb tet-Slimon)i furt io r an i oi.i, anil d btter pe Th face re Ii
A I think, one or twice, I al not certain which oter until I I o'CoUck oIraiie 'A e fr, bordU. f
V'ho called you up otlirti Cwrge r J" Latcterly.--

*aplin id ot o upvil mr I lr. hnls po- on~i ih A. The Captain. thcir .-aash
Q. In what say did he call you' by he namIe of R W. W p.v' ntie t 6 rrBod X rl demn, prs
A Tbicap oapnlu Called onie p stati i. and told me &he Jumeten LOtbrop whErein t he taar' il
girt Wac I ibe rooft. hb knociildon tliuusiter., and loig Grhb and d4U at twodieto gl7* I me to der It th
attralned my anttnoia- in that %tay; he o ald nothing at0 e en
more than to Come up ft ir0; I went up Immediately; eused bad a dak Iyn the if, I 1
e tber, told method gi I ea on the rous, acd mnte ish of oJune a .li.r Aar oSmithiu a n t o a l f7 iot T
me tn got her ofi I looed out of th-i dormiar isnio IHUte alr to. come to the cityan arecnsdred re av le,
MYIl ti;k to pay him some rny iI[Ggwsaet.h
first- the one nearest Spring etrest. I did not aee bur; 2 hli
the captain then told me to go An-I-),)t Out if the t Ins, and the aci
snuttli. I don't know where he was when I looked out bir Hoag'lo to oireepr a ufi do it
ofthe wind..u; Whan he told Mi telook Out of the sut- money i-nr himi: uln tit repr
tlIe be sas lathe hall; I then went up to thei cutlet;O x u Lt .
it was nrt opn ibeIoreh e amen that evening. ne1ta ld a ree tpt ftromth tai usedDM0 e. noead in n h te
ins e had Opened the scuttle; I saw the girl ittling on of bir HLlag. also, ne 00 an
the dollar window, fthale one nearest Sproleegi.tet, the rTe-hed fiolm Mr. Smith lar t a g !Ig o.. Btcofs
eapt-in did not go upwith at. lllr. Whitling pro-
po.tdtoak te witnen ibat thei girl Pld t., hler (tie put the un in to bhil o nwn u e i r t 1 roate pnr n em pri
Wiloetl) at tEhis time Sir nhai objrtd, and tc statute, It a lare-ry : thirere r oreeeisae e
euldenre ca.inot insisted on ] J]oe tle Lotbrop entrumnilted i to lupnee. uil he n au a ki
SA. hen you came down, what did you asy to the lar e of end it
leaMpltlain ? Va fothetib t rd y I tncn d goti tarre a n orexr aul i
Nir. URanaoi objected. Answer Lakeni wes Iut, o oo. oling y.un erong Gern w.omanl t efuleof opeaes t,
Jostilon i.. . I % arJ A(,errnI y te foy to e sare y 10 i on fere w Lt aommercafar Induer ywrein
S a. She would come down for Pr. Wilson. ion cr honing roof ah mp by t c o
Q. What dial the Captain cay n Gatidner of $45 in money. ilu in a s vryad o ndit, and tle ndiang wpa t
A. i said he would go for hm b wunl for him;eh I -eittd &t 60 AuloTthey tire l ow wh ,, b rgd i, n d

mmdiluiheMmbu ithmfrtoyas I c nould as disited totlenfra I y iear ~idel r n*'*""s>1 " "0"'-T1tn**t
did not se him return with Dr WiLson; I could not m a n.
san et. long the Captain was abent: I l gw him after- e eht-oo
wards; I did not en r Wilon to My knwledg. Great rehet-ever tat h inanal, afairs h pret 3 at
Glroae ianafrleic -ou Did you not nay to taptain V bhite %%m water Ce netl B fan AO
Beatliff in tho station house, that nigot. that you l The hain )coth.rd- mo
thought, but were not mure, that you had seen the and daylight, i&as, perhaps ee I thba mot o au i n ila
Captain once before pelieneed in this city an iin n e p se a a
A. I think I did say no. much ae lo d ea o wi i b of a rapi
Q ULid )ou ever e or iknow sptriAn Seatbifbefore be found in another ae O eiry t p Te ath fr d a 3
hat aight r o'clock, we started dWn t e rd h 'e rceyo iirr Wi av
A. itae apihlan Seatlllffeveratyourhousde? the first rebel inlerrup t t he n w e a
A., I never aw him there .. Caenal navigt ion, nin the hpe ac ine foi e it iglaao..4 l
AnIlWCltrs beingdly r. on the p rot o south bank of [he cane br0 on rn. ond thel tr ot
Tlhe protleull- n. nmao-Lie reidus nat 16 Nseaao street; from the Mielciec k big a t yr o W
I have b-,en in thla country sbhot turn weeks; I know 6th and Front. year".. w a
Ilraa Dickson in the ol country, in the town ofCeotle I his -we found to be ab
Biaeny runty ouf M 1onaghan, for about two ant a half thetop of tf te ra e
y sare f t d d A lui ku t Te quantity of ctoa one on1 thc w'
Q. What wns bar character fur chastity? t
A. Hrehsileter Wae good; tt,11 eCuiid be nobett er rush it ; ighalo 5 te r w inth
they were reclable, siue lived with her Uncle; I lve mely a o on he t o tn whic
In the .rcm bnouse with them for two years; I knew was drained last year, doing h fne o ls. rn l y 48 tn it3
both the sleteri L. Winegartner & Brother, and otherern e n th i al ,5 to p
ceea-oaminato- last saw Eliza Dickson on the living in t e neighborhood n th
1th or l4th of belarh lst; it was three or Four days be- tiguous to the pond. It a
fore I hit for tbic country, I could not say that Lhuna ffe can
]DItkasin was doing anything uora iing, Ele wasIn We that
store with me, a dry godo ct-c; h e her before IT:
esa oetoth ire, bad alen co left the stara at Coout situated on the river banter ine
ene14111 at her father' tnheohersh se l t tor ti the tuiine mad t a .
Q Vid nasnver rhmirany perriol talk hab)ut hto.ha- the Aiatr repidry. Tr n ltt s d M 3 I,
iter tir ebaetlur the canal at thi po. We
A Noir, she aslivlni withhern ncle anidattend- Millcreek bridge, that the ne ate slid eupnttoa R
ed the Ftore barranoaLey; I was slers in the store for erected just aGove
liher uncle who kept the store the was not to her u ocle'e Proceiet y e

Iniw hur h~ ch~~ctr fr ca~l~y ip~i8in Procee^u din downa the ba ivaet roady ent CdmeLOno Ft nro i is fo thrug business sinc the
employ: only t t li st bl wih a ; hir C2B of atee rod l iw
Jetsl LtLk. bring sworn. says, he resides at 140 1
Sullivan eIrrat I have bnen this eounrry an little Here the t 2 Ari 2 1
Ssom six riTotaltw and cabigrow receipts *e loa ao $
00Se ic r two .ears, I Luwaw ELhlen Dicke-an the ooniplatl ut turnpike at a depth of s
here. in the old euotry ; I knetw b-r father very tiot- catri'd froni the side og h t h o

ed iheianiic' f ie cna ha cesedtorun bu itwa porin o!erx the rea M.............. m*i
altel ; saw him es*it day I csiitea th hu )ue fro- river, a large quantii *ta .Sc. b-

tyhiBD~ighh~r..,hiim.Bn.r..sin.l~nudhiElcesl ove last. ye,,... A 1. ... ... ..a .os ... 171,0144^~ta'*t wP**
quenity or eeet'n ar aullng loB whole tine he weas were assured by Mr. Justu g ose e ut i ...S.
Il lountrt-th,. up to Ihe tlime I lef It I koea; hur dance is'above tho chap e] |.
during that '.a ta'l time he wla on a st Norat les pounds. The lot on ,b ....
with h,.r t-iathun e to eent ulDB r bhlhet o le icoft h much injured
(4 W'htnl ein bo'i hr o'arhiirtF iar ehactily, ass din down. lr. Wrighit'o
yeu have~known her ? .
A. t always cntsidered herlto besuath e daughter
te ia respectable man shoud bea; iT she ware nob he ehapel, that t't1 roe dlrs
would nat keep her in his houan. pair. AI
4. Did you ever hear aught against her I W
A. Nao sir. 1wln a~ o en, Whitewater Capal, hc
C,aouss.i'arasaaft.,., -s HW oghvyo onl ty of the Hon. Sainion P.
A.uAbote nine pnra sic :icsmhr tta gresn from Ohio. The canaheernwh
tine, she oaitub--ut sr- ericlS oLdor hsrdty ls; i twisty to filty etofh
ie two years laaiti1_mtebctr cioacailcaw he-a in Irteland bem hih
Q. huare yuodeaer braidba chae9st~ity spoken of et with tremendous velocity iom
sItl? canal almost at once by the a
A Bath a thing an her ehcruetotr fun clsputity mue and causing it to run over
meter thought of. or hrt~btrnl~htu.clUoln, a" *i,:uilhrit; Th'e "w.cakeiit lac
I neat-n hoead her shanteteer tftr eti0taty spott-L ..' e:wude'm ~cbn
all ; l am in thu mermenutmno humemm 1 I am n-it in rand a i, n et
hus.lnc.snNw i'k; oeb-anisbitii in I torreort
taocnadbofore reoting to, Ne'u lork ; I have only been D15enV 1mi11s. Lisr
in Ohew'' tart about itio niontho Si~ne' hilty tO '.et-enty-flV
14 ,'astbftheraoh-t.udrmutly respoettabtcand visit. plotce. \Vhen w i,
ed other fanilir.. of the canal had ceased to
A. Ilhe, father wan o epeeabldhe, enul tic ug~ht melt cut fromr the level blw
by his aseigihbars lue ineans worten- ,l tnc nd bia homily r-"f~- listk. A i yln
large ; tbeio Is ao omc i81o tr s in other I r CLhtrte's
piatoce, I moanof (icc edn la, aat- h-.tdnu .;.-JLIin rthc'r hrn'sk bud occ
Ihateounrl,'Ta thetti.ielaustn thiaeOUatr-y he alas froltuti~ t eia bhc
~i~h..yl esteemed b
't he' s airc return t-t tho "2.itb of J uno. hu1,on~in to as rry hew itvtr
wti u ltte14h curlI where it wn. sihon liiis thc u hle d .- .nLt a siglep
gave lie neait- of Jminu V'hcinus, and C iz to tn-o re
..ayctllet,,,tous ouat 01.oJn .~-anma ,uL,.o Al ^'in, tera
ue.Nct-thig wsa pi-roild Ia this r,:spect. an the .t--~ ""i ,~ oie hty
(At tic,,. t etarrtnt-f Ioteaehnet enpred[,r ont, Li- are.+ toa1-e-
dauL'o aeueoci opened tar thourfoence, iI cx. aceotiding incadpable ion ahe tu
toetatnle law. asecesearyto place the detendant und--r iti strs. Lat~it.-eesebw
nsamtontion. Thoeca1'toinu aa taen charged by the side ihinthadbeen rushed down
maguetrate, aico ilorot, I bios that ho wna at ith.-r.y to At John Zeillle'sho

t..... drhuet ........ akuyqueti-i,,uitiaL mI& htL bur-sily od -IIALEN-* CEi-Kd TR ,nECHEMICAL
lb, 1, 1, bug iiiies of depo.- L B'a'DkuF Ne w I rk. drawu-1"CI IE.13two-
he pnt to him. tonching the charge he io now sb-uot let, that lfe 11oo0di hd brntgh
lobemi an i il d, o isto impede the flow Of J..t -rni. II a d J,- IM d L 1
be, I l.lowig wriltan reply was then given to the andl 1-d ilne woa I Pe a hugh Mros Zeigle' p. d i Jon na 0 h ,
qdn sPli.' alted by theelt e -- I was born tPno water IDnaunodt nH, it-
s1l1nla. lIatMu ea4 (,laae and resi,u-iat No 17 State hou-, as on ib.: night In 4ts didata tre
irert ou a natiner by pr.:,l,..,ron Haciug bea'n adri.l' t.fend'ol.slar to the .,n,.aumett..t" Th. -r i re-
Itbyrihleby my couuiel i lohn Graht im.Lq ) Lnstany ptlr Slt lt l's i.bapel.
statement I may make it dlsrearrde in law. and th Taing the whol.
it iaunoi be-rrred tioae.-ide.uce lnmy> fur i haie -hot f r uf nih l-U FRIDY Ei- ar, BEET
onetluditd io abld.- by hidjuddm.ut endacrdingly to darnmage to the ciy d .urroundin country, and -
d.-clueanowetlng any LnrllJ-r quertiasn. I dj mi'l.t we %ry nmuch doubt I Us -c a 1 .jr he wr ill .r.d
Il nimhij d.-clart, however that I am innocent of the ever e or.' east h hr h la h s
time or trmntS LinitutedJ tO be made nut ag-tit nm.'.
(higlutiI ROEST M.L aa.' b'. n to inidal 'conslderablebto ade-
WILLIaM Fvrr. beietgoworn, rays he keeps store at qmtar. kt-%%t hedge e.-, be ha
No 6Oldehlp. Mly busiiuees Is La u hieral grca:e-r tf ibarst. 1!: ol'thlt kivo
tbe firm or Wil..i'n I& '.tft; I kh. w I ap'-. n e .ierren; mated. t l i i. P f l
I woa a cabin p .Poii t.r on lithordt th- .-sLp I'olnubu,i The reader niay ak, what 8erf b (r itELrl ri l
en her lat irt,. to thi -,iun.ry; I hbi. e--. Lth'iia U:c'i- t', alr erer C$lt0! .1 I . H j, -1 I J I .
mon 3In bard Lb.- shlp, I no no: [.er--n-ully anpeiaiuted and can b,- re.irr.'ed in soaTme i t E l iI r T. 'a
wilh henr, be waa pnteeauri n in lb. see nu.- caubinoa en. say itw:l tot bo reo rd l. e are a- i- h .-D i- ,, j .r,
brscd the Fame Phip i.f ulsor-imtid Cojto tO hh.' COyciI-e 10e livt1 C amV'f-I d6 -G: -01-41 6
Q Dil -,u anoticr' at.hintg In thi c.anuitr ntf thltn ut rin the will at to wrk r" i- rue y to r
rt tinuriu,, hue loijase in gn dlri' d.ti'or- r. a30rpar," llpany!butpr,:eurleoht
lob- near eetahe ai f aa leoa- d If tIn d i c.. aii to Ike Pdir in e t inat Coma-
bla' it lla.-, Ue.te ouu oebtrrcd i:.and jil [b a r. ., July 12r.a SALS BY AiC- i.
A I i think aon two week. before we landed I o.- Robert I'. Stineon, of Gardiner. Me.. is 3ai o T J.T PIO
so or d heri k, Ilug ,ry ntap.- the I'aptat&o I .4 ,;..- .i h-v. Il- niiniti e r-d i.,ir' irndiv-d i l r r
k aLui >L Vit, i.r. iuY herirelifli bi h i ta by ', i. 'hI 4 ll )j i.i] t -.'r d I w ll . -
l4k#libtke litIWaditaudi .uiLsug, atealat1 L, diL. i- '. !L. L6

u-n r C1 Luotkn ca-n-, s iirtL air V aI U bj-'t ''--iIooE L N )LLC1UH & ldi.e n m esea outo
t"-i Wat..i r .i... .I t.. iry...... ..... .. .. to h
.nao .the B.rre, r311r a ,. tnaeuva tun-tm 4 Otirlttra.r inin -, i'sm P (itnu. K c a
SI.- i O . rila ii nt. irrl I r r i. k n N r V o hve fnit i plce or ue a route, and theu L
l^ .-i,1,rn-rrI ndertkig would been commenced anda
Ir. r ,d. d Lt.c ilfre C' r.o.,.Wtt.. re .it I, '..a-i i 1 rI r', L f ,uaori. I;edl d i.I n rra ,
tf-'i-.N -ic i. c roI .h .is i ` lmsi-t 7. n- '..a I"I .Mi-6 a ,,i d I .. , ... 1. i .' b D
,trnot toe d w.'.tmll t .i ta it hlo.a a!> ]. ] i tre .. i--v- ed rleks ritoyro n otithon
t-i'.u ldoe .,nr .'.s r L. in.r ir. i r r.i oeA tOeb13 0 0Ih a l a ev ti.i i i. ar.r-in. r d r u n e tl n i el n i
at-u.j said t ,1i P tor $i -ei,. 11.. h l I.. : t i-.' bin coo, ni t in b. d 0
.Ito oh lnh joiL.-a. ot tO. a- or,tta'.i". r.1 ,'r. Cit el n'is ';ioe Tir'. a
bat ,rtojabjr- .3,11.ta .W11 1 1tM u- tar Ita t .''.-,. d rd w at I qu estion if

t" fin ora a j r tL-n I.,. :I N U U SE a. v, f' :,. s~t I,r nI d I I.i, t Juur a A~-0 lblu;` h i t had mor e n, whethefro the' E rieGnal wouldhavEre
i- a mtit r st tar,, itoEP nt ho Li l -' i od-cO-l h.I Lin hi tic t al
Co tifr. l- It ,d t d Mr, of oId .rte-eirtlo d I ] L ,-ll i att h
-tll.s'eor.i herr| Ly enspri-lia n
then cll .5t, i'r.ot procil.'ot ot.,n ren;arnng uhLlrri-..-u,iin P5 D] MARRIEDW
pt.. rl.oe ,n t.1e Ii coin ., S' 7.t imi i t. t JL I a1 han. I,) tr. OM. M. o
ltirIth-stn. troilr rt ',ma onede si: oI- re.p~ i,. tl La 14.-,. 00S mS.!.uo iS l s.
Il- tWri"d tarI Irel. u. .. r i Drp-l/ I.I I r r h a
-'-or t' 'rk. Ja 3, 1t4'. htkorsi nie lrmnn..,illt
hi. r T.i. I C'br4I.a a ^-it 0. 1 it 'l i^ j Cfe **: L- i ,&&ai hi i.'i P I.> E!I. r i :-~ T.O,ak d.= y.Ld ninetheen w ic il J-ei krnte lnake jiand woul 41 bew
Zt "dl i n-a:, a rIj i,r o "i d i i 't ef I _n.i p E, ,, .i 1:3r I.Le Acoi. r.~ :%t Bi -.%lj 5 r. m m r n .B hi oi B o d d w h B r m ri a d B ii e v a e s n
ers.I u hereby ex..< n, ,rT-d.. a.iAr,.i jdr.i i.: rpnc, w ould itmiatebe en toB 0e 0 a m ore im-
Nei -t' r p UB,-d.g -N- il-na tq lsrrla a. it. HuEo,.t La.. rts omi ,ard,- tshu

'- Ca. Cooiaad-ugtra. 1ito lose. irqo -A& Somi-Aa&niu Us-
S7(lB^)"t~ne P'ij bum 3~t i ^*'^".1jo l '?* a rIn- e T I an Wit Dr. '^ 'h. M Nan, v ,a lm."ror [). iw.. f mo ac,^ilesoca l ihez Kwn:o la a i nd A.larfB o Ine lake
ni. ind f. t- reir i- ene a cud, ant. u lsl r 1ckLh itt t i tu-. Iy la55 ;%1eat I, cararnr
ha i. 1, :. tI i M eci- a., i Je .te K' Le Vj B .l.r. i ,"I.e mil n tv aei, ibuy puer in of the
B nL-~i Di .I rk J a fl c 3 1 3 he Iri -~ c Ii fie rmi -l. [ i c -f B 11r YIt aiii. a u r m -. Iint o h ~ ~ t _B I Si ~ f ,oul tn Byd ue a cy a e o n t a e h ea Nr ter wof uld
lh liet Jny.,'i anCtat neAt fer Le Elad nortI.,ttnltboea U U *I har- i1t rintnS sr a W M 1uIeI l
rall .a,.int >L. u a n h t.'p a ,,,ld'-naEillIJe- L inoa, r a.. u ,o cs, 0 ia a
e FI.-e iloEr i ltmtt leR"ne in UObu re ure rum P_ 1 erc enf w.% -L-aid rfo La &In Mi
C 0 c .a Bati Ii -ri., o lt 1-I' E. 1, - i nt- Aer3dL, O'-ti' I .[ of w TN t in b L.. in L.e .i
,eIL J amt ike rEe c itL Me acnt.L o Tl-t rsr a Ba-oto,- in otlk it su tremi'.mno
.itih-.n .oId %Yd ot aLa.-!....eNe of on lee TrLt.1- '-rce in this .thio w b

tmIIi da y -'dalf lrlati ntaJ rI ,t Il iatO IIIno ll r .' r )re or-L ItBis lpa o J D blipeclI j PB-arnhemrio. o ht sonef y cm ind d ithsle.d n .siig~ e w n
trcirts no i. r. a i, Iete rn.d f to ., u.r pIl- .nt. ..i o eltr,1. d, ... .. r tit- c- 7]
1. I, e it IN her- e ; bi r sti -' .; r. -n l in T- ,di . .-..dLi :, to rl .... rl Wl it m e s ,m
at the I ad or tn .. -.1.. bt ,e f N *l r a'LL lCi!. %:d" T, I--> V IEU* lr -.i health d-a ..l riaa *fan S andalsr offt, U.,: 11'. e I jy l -ir he l ilwo ari Vni lle.* onii. the ri liake,
York- t the0 r- ofaoi ei. CAnJKT. ItE Miit. Tr113'r1r. 1..i (feeC l-rs@ntnnirh~ .a, ayofte ae e'1eChPC
13P-1 --ad t L. .M ,ofhees,,r1 ,e tr~ ,e nuic aaat,&, p Ireto .eodshe Moter 1hi on
-tiLd Y0 L faLUM T EIA-S. M ainrr. w i:. Or u. in sh le am Pi LM C~ .s- rsai 1 -1-rtw at .a dr ir rm
iNC., ar -illFAN l tE. (oPntHizt.
ta."bs llirWii u~da at NeerniocO ii K. .160A.9t..t .,
ti-. Diis I.%(;. ,i -i. El.Goeeu nd --lU l N i-Or', ars .e ( G- tirlt-us'- m Ta p r,,i-TTe'o y
it. *i ..... h t -i g rn o .... .ie .. r i K. '1. ... i i .. !n in
t ir.arsshelr >Ju8-11-n Odl4rW f M"
I~i "ills I"cl I' St=;.,JtP iJh K1 11 WAG41rt12.-.CUrMr lllbi.Js fn.aJ.eB "(tnt-Jd I .tl fzn
ri r lAT' l!r, i ia&r,,. uit.0. I bi.. (l.l), 1., e I. u.. i i .., : ,...i.,i 'i -t, t i
L-,,. li~i I. ,I... .e 'l, n1.,5 I ,- .. e.!,Or.O Li- t. n.s.tim~ I j
tati-.O! ilio. t-sdtin,. 210. l. alt1r, ."A- rM 0l~ialr. Tani: o.uI,itmlL o: .B o tl o r ocuedt nrdc h ujc ~l
I. .. 'L IKIM..i 1..i1... A i-L.,., if.;'t. L .. L.. J o1 a -Jt..0e-u .Lij td,. Fa-u.t
P.O v Iun u .. I.- -.-.. r..- ..


- oci ay evening. Judy 16. uil be sated Im operatio A # tailtlijg a ra of pnt.- on j e July 18th ir r a ce.
draueor tha SOMNAMBULIOT-Edmoud Besabaant Mr. IL-1 d
J. ra.o Epf.r ne D.reil. Miss Mietaer. ro e fo'wed BOASURC BALTO, July 18.
tly te popul arrloclJdramaaoftN E TilititKAS S IT It-Vnse, I diail 'ia bedAostrfrM
I, Mr L one MEml%,?; Spanti^ ,^ Req. Mr.rn- Momo it Ryon; D-tsrt
Mr. I. D tiiren Joe, Mr. J WirnanM; KAtyV MiSA MeStayHrl M;,God A atDsil16111i
^.^^^"-.S-P-''^^ o'"^r,; j ;1^1. Lals^BourCo". Mr. 1' Mosee, M.'i0a Xw amorig th Fidh-3arkets, 4-c.
'iib. 0Mtin Dl, i . Tor"on rio ne wo r, th% e I eghable fares Be die S hLaw
lb, Ii '.UING S'AMP-GeneraJ HBe voir., "Mr. Toulor: n Meddle aHSwor. Mr.M
Arthnr, Mr Croier; Mildw.. M, y Herlrt. Jo. S. ep' .Grce Harwy Mry Yterdby was corchigho day in the tea gioWwl
iJoin. Mim oalv Mrs Dean Ei Mr ilher,.:d.: round about Baltimore, and all our me
.rI1-F -Oren a' TX' ,ad tr, im-' at a quarter before d qElectN LcLni:F Pam
.'-ICII B. CL Pit, I? Ci B who were exposed reL o the ray et of then SSun were
dandBrmer.OE VERT EVESIG yocos R 1 compel to quit work. The projects thi m.
DURING THiE WEEK, and e.erI lebti ntil further o-il. five aot each: door open a ooacr com 8 ning are there ill be o change for he t
:Ac" .rinuJ ad wtlll Li LHR1TT'? MINSTREL&-D- ?.I
Ory.o. l t l ti. tdE6a-blaheoinj ftlerap h exnpany ilrn tas wd; .he heronee now nd the bdeg
S .: ,,ri tT. d-.- :t n c-., s-e ,ifEd rL llna. e a ore tae av .UhMvE. Fhe than dd at he a thne ye erday mor.
t,":..nai ar.ll *'y~ I. t i ,,]'d liiooruia.t mata. nboo
5.:: E. Lhii. -: nitrsr si'r A.,yAr L 03,A0t on- ut" >i. l er n rUr. r e N Or- ing.
I!'*I i- rP ,i...-I'.- i itr &.reri.-r rCM it EO a1iwr.t.o .ill op r e-ry i IMS
T: C. =:i.;;- .,or rdrr.ra n,nlerit. o lirr-.a .k in o nrai.d Spoil icr. ira in. or h lon ne yesterday made an appointment
' C P C'r.riy '-..rA -ut" .e a- eIsn,: r a-.' nnwmeueem rir- t,u,- in thsi ,it., the most F-', Lbir French, upv,
'k IS t A i : ., ,, i.' falla or, h .. t, o f .e Cu m loue, which gives universal a sf -
n.ins^r.illL.- bNC, ;iLb^. Ma*Tt, ede bia^le;. ron fA'loulara: %ilb uyLon, tieing ,bI Of a Son of the lamented Colonel
DB APJNU,('S _Ad MEr,12 .N tlMV rL' E -P T 13 .%'R I4, ilh.LblaIr. de ( ote.
n-- r&. Pr rer'i GrJ .,oo,-d Jr Oet tlII &h ceitofad-
l.J. i E-r. l ld rkcm :r-,,iu. rI,. in c,,n I t 3r I- m. H. 'W tilson, who fell at the storm.ing1 Of
.SI -ao 6.1d.iMl. 1n.1. i--i he head ol lhe, Baltimore Battalion.
Ia Ic. ii fIr. i r,,i. I. ) ..i- b. I A Ti E GARDE N.-AS C ED l ic i eurt, ha yung son hd hipped ber e
i't ir t., .1, .ca. r Dltr. I:,. J0i11' i nIa,.'e V,- ll le to i n U. .ii.. I 1L1, by I
rrla )t .. at.rN.,r. si .,, ,iiri.D,.' D. .. rtarct of c iir id ,N i B A .l nd Ti dir-Lio l ln f r
TL. ti.i .T i li T 1 ,1 I.: ',d ai ,.1ri r.r- Il Lr .1 ,r. Prii -P First- r SCrCO; and olo el i n h vingd o-
i it.'...i & o n-De-.i. itr Jrr. -rr-y-..Ij M'. S..i .nC, ar,.i r. Uih reld u k ff r r i a ini: K., rTd his n e in he pIe il i ta ed
Mi 2.Lbh. ra. M, a 'It C1. M lr r. Cliit,.in.. Al 'Ur CI.'h.m e. n a iir',i 1 i1. ll. r Ana nt Aad.. hii Ai
I I, ,.tR l., Ld l.ii,, itO irl ll>'lEai. cl i.rgLru Li .;' .ito- ,l lc r l, llrd i ] 0 t nr
Jr,.. i n R..i,.itLI.,. Was .DoiDrE iiiinir. r .. .II i ...Itf .-r. I o i 16 -1 t lle n us a CI ti. a per day.i
A rlD h II tB. LI' aoei t 2. rc .I C. Udr5 undth ie yar ., qnL I..I t,. Mf hu nrd. 'hedpdke my.:r
i2 cent,. ..nimirinT1i., Ano.oi. S. iii..r 1. i. ; n dying h u ida d h he hraareaiew
SN TE IECTUr.LI. ,. rl.l aL'Lb -, lA N.' 1111116o nlt' * n. .0 a'1, 1o Ad
i I ., .....t I Pr a aI... ..., .n ....- i indic ,e Ihe a|roac o Ill cholera, s a ilr
t i ,C.;.t].. I 'rI'1 ,Il. .,,n ",rh." r i D,;.,l n l I .. AlEMIM S l1.. SUIRZE>- l L ?H. ph mon o u.rrId in 132
itt, tL'1] ij.v~o Ury L'-O ,i o 0.- O i. ,r rlrt .li,,iirmlt 1 it: + r ..i.. t ii
I `Ia-., da I out ] otieitt,, .oi.hei- ,,Tu'.umrert. ,. Ao nrt ii nidin heing rcle ia
L ,, ai a .IL c,,.,i e o1 F
m aal;Lbe ii .t led'L^'eii' to'* I" 'a* OIL. Jet,,*_ 1. d I ~ ~iai various pati6. of Bahimore, at'ifhe present lIMeN
_-**"*_____________________________ ____________' io;,.ut; -i^-,^,.-^:,; t*ilr,-;. I^ t..r i ,ce.. admivli~ ie*
U I I- I, int.r -I...~ If Per- a i r* d d th Ii" i areI|,. Iian l. U..rin.. ai.a,.ii,. a., ti0.iiu lhe mre of
ii I l B ,i.i,i.,. M Li.ttir i r,m.. n l., r-.. l o r, r buil in lu. in i r s ci n of he e y
r,-t ,rd-C-r + 'lr-.:,:a-a a-o+n~t t a.orslti l a" i. -,r u. if.
I. a. sri Ii +. I m+. 'i. t*r..r,. I r cl, c.o~ rii'. t' ,r
V '11 , i"'I, | I`',,' tC I te3 : a.d Munla,D ,t-. t :t i" e tha t rd I i ll ly be madea
at t13.-t;.,t,. ,,f nor' l ),l rJlIal. 1.o --.E. l'l [rg rtGber.
.iiu~:.ti~~n.<,i. ________ *T HL ?S Ki -S.R. iTErVESi. IaGE M.\NM(-.Ell OF The hot %vewhfir a~nd the arM,r-.e Iofei Many Of
I tI, L i,... rT lbi, i. ral. -IL". h.j
p iiFE :.1 I I riD EE 1- iS NOi'R pi .LARrD TO eO- i .o :.lilig m or .
P ri ,i. l 'I .f. 1 'irl-,.'l .n i I r .n I, i .. . li. d I r r I I T I, r D e
*',,i. ~r ....l riii 1,. I.r. r i -re i',.ia r ,,..a.C .a'. ,- lr I r I i. r r the t . t tc n
iT.. i.-ltll .-r..f.. ,i.lTw l rI, i o'tI...! rutUn I. o..'lJ1 l h weitto th . 1 l la there
rc,.LJ L.;.i 5 ., I c at i ,u .r .-in r D, I11 C1. Cr .t Urohard i 1 1. i.r b. 1t..i- auele l I amu e en, o y
street. d- i i .
-in -i- Baltmore rk -dI-T thre were BL
EXCURSIONS. .......l-EOIS. fU-i-0:-0'oai r loor 4 62% andof
-..*-*. *k I.. _. \ I tA.1. -a b rh o a 4 o l
C nE.11TEi' .EX-CUP..lri' TOTF TU I ril IS '.l"%U !, E lFREOr'ii:i P r. LRi. T E N i .. AT Rf- 10 1, t1 1 Ri:' a I 47X P S i.l li.
-'.It r a.[ ",. -Tre ii'N.mor 6L' tF.iLEi IiU' I | 1 La i -I l. ur t od a 2 h i whea. good Lu Hit. I.c --[ ,ec
,,b J'II. 1.n.10 ', --I. .:,.,T .i t.iiL 7i.,.o.nco eir i"I 13 :4a i."I ail i q Loited nl'-
ors i TO,.t.'l,'it r .ii 6[r i .da4. *uitt. Pr i I a. Ca rx
itriet Ell. Cria d;:, Pi.r N-.3,9' b A.n M ., a,.-I'- nf,1'-r, J 1 i fr,.r t
.^^.r......P,,._9_.__________.1,_,______. .:. ______ n'^^?B^lii;. ^*.^" ^VK
IT i APOR BATHiS.-THE EXCESSIVE HEAT OF TH dv.-3 nit d -.6 ; 1000 Md.
Cibll IA llTiCES V weather, alternatting with sudden and severe changes, G'F ii i Bnk of 1 rra 0; 20 Farer
h. ZrIo.CEilLi^yA M'E .;,e\. proddie^ sod ""'laner' Bank. ;1,1, C-Baltimore and Ohio
]LOARDOFHEALTH-ATAMEETIN OFTHEBOARD ,I-bl ............ i ir'-k urral...4
Jy of Health, held July 14t". tue f]to"uW' g preamible and P41(.I._-.__f_____,__
regolutlonwere adopted a ddirected .I .,i |,.i,-!.l. .1 i e .r Sulph
D. V. VILEI,. t ,1C.i. i Bth, Borclay street ot from the Watering P e.
Whoreas numerous complaintsof an e
haivehbeenmadetotheSSouatory ',,ini-i.Ti .1 .ill I-a or A CAR.-THE SUBSCRIBE BEGS LA TO f rirC SAs HT,
the existence in ti city ofl i, r. r t.r form Ladies rcquirin any kind of plinwor, hirt SA OIA 1819.
'i.l ..i. ii .. 1ii i.i .E..i il. l;. C i i-i r icilitg, orba ylita isbooi ly liic iii. it branch i I I
ii Pr-. pdI-r Ia 1 1 I L-j r a eeutd in a superior manir2dlra." r-iii ici,[O L,,i - ls o.istgi.ed r hiig uso-De exeputyd i
I i r rL I .- i t Oderate t m, y pplyin to T. G i'. ir i"ireIt,. tl ,, P e l avld i rld- 11 i,,iS., hp
And hLi. ,,,... ,.n mt.t i. it ..,, I...,.., IS :tr s:h Ii. iti. Wi (ifrequird)ated at th rsid e fanyld,
t',I .,y [,auyioieek Iciii.foriia1 t,1ni'i. ia rn'hs tot i lllcy by th of he S. l rencand
hAIt.. hi4t- ie (,ri..r.i.. ic.-h, i. -Or.a S.e WEMPLE & ROBISO, WOESAE COMMISSION Lnk C rime Pobale R s-he
r'..- .l 1 -1. i d.i. .lUtl.n 1ninl ,,I Wid I., i 'l ; i., and Forwardii Mat chults. B:ndii a City, Cni i
notifield: I ri. i i -Lei ral H y k nd n- h 1r Ho e.
Reeolet, Tlit... iiBU .r it.,a i. ,:r.t,.- ftheauthority 0LET-ST. CHALES ROOMS.-SITS OF OOMS i
.I tr. i ii., ii i i r,p I,,. f i,,i. :.,... r r i, I uitablc for fmile; al room for ingle ge lm t
.ir.r I,,I, Ii..r r.' i ,..,,r.'-' iI,..t i ii.. -i.i-i.- in. furnished or nfurn ihed. B.-M wil e t d in r l i n rl H .rrra -
L, i.-. ilu-tir-.i L,- ..i.I.i i.4il oodJ pr -in. .,e.. at i t to a
*[i. iitu '.. J ri .r i .Y l.[.-.r ado i n r 11ir tli. tacedtotheth ohBouse 1l I l F f.rory Pretiden of Peru) i lady and auhter
SI Iti .' L trif LI U--id.IrJ i ia i il .n l -e known u. the St. i H ir r r-i y nd
ii i. it .i..L ... I *..r .c li'...iipiieB Ltonadttr tr l i O ruN, 2 P..rk Plc. have exre?(d themselves highly delr ghed with
elnaz '- .i .,r u.i r.,I i.M .-i-.X I ~.t t, ____
u 01,.i. ti-f tca. I-'O i a Ihscounity, are here. Mro. Herrera is a remark-
.. t..i. I-~lti-atrh ltor~ ero1 t,. _._._t<.
.1 h In i] ,frd..r at, uib ard a Lallb. 11531-111PP IN ably handsome %Oman, and dresses in the meet-
OTICE TO MARINERS.-CUSTOM HOUSE. NEW smerl6 ftyle. Las evenin" sie wore brilliant
-- t~ii fir ~lE ~ork, Collectir's Office, Jul orLightcBoat
rl'- Ir rFTHE.GOoERtationed Sandy MeekFbroker
EiE i i.,.d ff.Sand Hokcbroke 1 li her moori pearls, slid diamond, t. the amount of eighil ionl
.' Y.i-rk.Ji.toe i -a." -, r.-'-i. ] t l J r'r niK to theo th instant. Prompt Imea r will b. bt
LI. ,AIM .r,--:,Ald Ir i,,.,!l, t r,t .1 1 d L I' replay ber a early uspracticale. H. MAXWELLh sand dolars yhe crops she wore was all brllants,
Ai .,r Dr- at.. -ertuT n e.i ri iE STA E AI.h f-ir ,,iUi .I and the ch f her wac hIall pe l Tand bri liant. T I ST
S C.1I,. --i.ra j r ri j t. W. Floyd. ill leae pier No. NL -rth i ,,er, Above.the o-, ..r w a brea -pin of pearlsand
w to be delivered on any Wharf or wharves in N e w M '1,r nd e menon
York,adaayh owrso k's L ,r., -.1ieIbrF egasg very large one wasabet innthe middle. Herysar-
Rkda ],dilndoh atyi, vheba Bnotified, free of alUeponse,ad tobe y e oompoed of parls, wih two bril
subj-ct to the inspection of a compntpui person approicntud tor a Y.
that purpose by the Governors, whoedecision s be qlity es ach d h bcel wre of rJnt
and quantity osallibelfnal. Any information that may be Her FOR Ha a stri
requiredwillbegivenonapploasioniatthisoffieu. I (-DI .JID .1" Wliocardl m
S. DRAPeR, Preident. Ar. ir ,,r a p general himself i a very olhed enleman, and
OFFICEOFTHENeali.N ALrtiRE INSU3ANCECOM- eCedinly affable. The.youn lady i a daugk-
p, li tall street. N. .rk.-i-This C.mpany R DAVR-E-THE BENCH sIP HRIONIC CAP- ter hv a ir wle. She -d o Eird
u~th a ul ] napttal lnni arl las B orIas ucearely unlessed. are r lain itanuotr. F t
prepares I ie'etI ,sursois against Loosa saa D e b .. ply RIAN EN R or tlin, and a very wealthy
F ire. n all dfooril.t.ilo 1if Proi-rly. Alio on luiailad Nol- B a HINCKEN Br r. mechn h ng hoe in Peru Chil, and San
.lu0 Rkim, on as tkoi-Oble iiErs aiany Simil.riStOia teFrancisco. e present in Chill T e enral
SOh oioiy. All aoic sr,.mpil ased IandWit .O'RIANFb FRAN'ISCO. V 1 ha atr duier, by he preen lady, who
Me ,blnsmo oen.-/F Thb lu'i a tasi m iEcr.:~iLs
Thomas W. Thone. l oi .rtin tlel'na, Adrew. D. Mehobk. e.J.tal, Mier.l.k CLr,, a chol n Baioe, whch place lie aou to
J LA va o BtolEKok.job J ook, W. J a.b, rum Pi.,r2. N. R .on Tasay, 7o Jly. 3 ol. VII. There e oher Spi rda o disinco
Ciltrt Dlli.. i'n. Van iya, ilip Bu W6 Tb E. C. git d t o ouln at lr- here. Dn Manuel Epio, lady ad wo dugh-
Hafirry B. WardJ, Georga BaIJ, J nloubL L. AdamsIt.' iTe p-. (.?. g loin uaidree, l ILii mb il fl af t n i
Joln Beoker. THOS. W. THO iLNE.Preade.. i irnV1111o.06h PanamSnao Do sauecs t p
W. C KeL.OUS 4taoLy.jle. i dio be wh e hundred hiiuald dolla
ORBISCANAL AND BANKINO COHI'ANY-NO- Pige inthe Arierao ......... ayear, (in 2,.e loitiO e byheho
M .. i'..r-hrd Sul:. .. .... '11 r i.
uii ice I, treby iiven, ahiot Bu,.. clr 5Phnr.i|ion t rar r Ca i ... .. lea,) nd 1 L lo an em en jri .
thr6 of prei.rraH i.itok i...,d C.i,.y.of Do. S h ed, h vig made a l f T There
a el Londs ,;1d atoi bur 1 erb.S wioth d^,hdn.l,e ,,r ale ,,r-l a ndi sa0 Taenht en e 1 llli ly inn Don
Bba htrnre ai. ,\n[. @,b.e~ ji, rcr..t lor" bagag allwe each cutiblig~c .t?^ MegoL }n There are ufao al the hotel, Ch~irliu
opa)L-ia mcot-oo-an a'j, aoi~tio;--.t I toC ..illtI"m-n Iie t t ih ohofe f
hrLrLI t.e@Ccmr-a ly. p,.e.15it. P, raarv. 1 Ii) w i h e s gbheu 00 oh
o, at il.a e i fth ..t E, aimw o,V aIioJ.r,.' itv, o M.n- d s paid L. ii on. Eq of New Y rk ; Mr. and Mr.
dayon i ie re l .iJu ly inme t1t.' 'l, on.d'To.i. 1 .s 11. r a-''t of Alb-any;r F. edrg' ''i l (ef M l s-
ItuaI u I rn"r.d,r. '.f11-daind C. j...h. 00-CS -ze.toe. PlIallIt'le mi.u iif.a 1iamou t e a' aag1-'
ma a clok .,..ti aftbet. n o nL, d I dy, and Aliams LintfJhu-t; John Sleo o, Essfq.,i
at?-''"l>;" thc^': *.C'" ?,.,^*fl' ___ J TOAPf S, *.. i niien who had been~s'ent 10 Mexico pr#-
mtajni. Icore t re Lo ch.[- r ah C,,a[rsas will Leo icl d Bl"ck i
ILc flrt inr,e dals fromtaB E otEni'g of Ai-.. d UORSAN FRANCiSO, cLiORN.-T L ON VIOUE o he oiien f hIiiies bewee
of tle Boird or Lotre.-.urE. IAA I Ilh fJlyb prI. f liI. oprd i ha conry nd he UniMd ittl. il elaey, hie eandC
Proidonlo rblati Caidol ca.i BuaLIJR . o. oo.n-i a 1. mtp, u i pia hldr- Colonel Tem le of M ic cel-
W. MeV.c . CRA i r1.uire i.r.. ters I 'I rup..iian. haig ll r r enaed, (rl n ur I o i io ime es
Dated J.r.ey L.lli. lh Julr. lj ard, wl po.i.iseij6llaa l6. F
..- -.- -.-. -... & a er n.ooiPli) apply he ('i p ta h now indeed-
O SLer ao. P, ,North River.Iort
FOR 8"E. a bnllin' demonsitauon, in the true sense and.
meranin- ofrh wr
p1 Dlln .n.e.rroeTBi-..dwayandCblte. -VOR SAN ,RANCISCO, CALIFORrNIA.-TO SAIL sThe n.a"ng sntcof INe hotel, Although on so
bar, N iteee eAlsmT.hhd toe ta-it C.'-afs, Lou r o. ItLIIbra rvs aale Tw1 carried ou The houkeep-
ka al~eor.tsi.lth, iltoelIA-11oin (135.- fi-e a fdooorsc1, [ta-lIrnUpo. OHIO, Cbdlmpo m sewl psivly alas bv. t)l.8151t.,WILLt. r...r.;p and ir ce.,Ti.s Isp it'nw Thi vesl i snp ior ynw up for tordi ry -
d,".lra ca sh t'. I t f.m Sl', I, 41'i r, ay Hala ien Iinsuresatthvarylowbtrate. orfrighor ntiiy. admirably ended. The incum
' .i t l.t y ti!e -o-n r-.ierift r t.. %e f ar to y blls line yars. Ino ply nhhoatrd, atpic
realon f,.r si tile sii. i i.e I-r.t'r.t- rhi+ n t tt
ruL, 6Ion t e ,atiof llt iiE .iLA,"tit. Prit. $1,t;iii ali Mu active nd i cesful
..D.0 ^nfi Y~ITE Ure.s.>" tj.y.i..a_____ u~~,. he ditrchare.e of her dULie. Sihe may be see-n in
.- 1.XPRESS LINE TO SAN IRANCISCO.-J.W. SULLI- a p (hadlmos bdid a one ie) of he
WAN-rS. Taon &Coi. will despaltchb, by the tamrmpire City F which pCu and ve, h it
-.-.....-'...-.-...... .....-. -. .-.-.. -. .Tue day next,Julyl1,a $iIto o -.......i ralut
'Ls sNED-A-CuMPEl NT WOMAu.N. T ATTENDION 1 Francco.O a% Ourmoega ot o.-ern I I' get ar
TV 1&ta) enn *hid aia moat be a a orJ Seamtrn.I and verlT times during the prent yr, cuind wth t l undr he lol
srkt.I'il nid ir i Abe ot aul,. aulq wmil s the route. Paekaee,parej, &. received tn, AM. iirtrae order. O e w itin corp I ve -
n,eh Lsr.eit .aiell.i esn rIoti-el,. AdirLia a-...z New m Tusday, Jly 17. J. W. S I AN t 0 d en Th r i al ll
Brunwick, Now Jersey. Also, a Cook, te do the work at 9 Prk .
imall family. No Irius need heir leader, Mr. Mor. h up-or n
A T 4, EEETING OF THE PASSENGERS ON BOARD his line. The precision in hi deprmnt ik
" j ANTED TO PURCHASE-THE LAW AND CHAN-. Jkthbetoemer Cherokee, Ca pt. Tho
very Reportso f the State of Now York. Anyporon csagefrom SavannahtoNowY
wis of ex-"""* "~t wisbing to ell, ann eaulet the since ofL. & L. -HEl WOOD, a
1I Bradway.' llslett, of il*, point Seretry. r. Chrle L. al is given.
ANTED-A GERMAN GIRL, AS COOK IN A PRI- Frot,offNeOw Orleans, offered the following rotoiwih he banded yesterday aernoon a Congr
Vg Tate boardinghouse. Goodreforeaeesonecessary. Apply were Thatiwe siy
at llorri& stre.t. Apply Ioenived, That we hic apnreuistafhelf
at .Norrhstreet. Savanahfriendsinpoioeg otho most expeditioun route t ho heard i. Afer le, erlerrera, h
. YANTED TO HIRE-A. DWELLING-HOUE; B- New York fromlNewOrlesai, through Mobillvi Savnnh, amily, and a he reigned, wen o h Cnre
VV erin it furnihed, on Broadway, ornear i; neither ymeasoftheestablipmeaSpring; and, on heirreurn, hy entered h
aoveT Forthst, nor below Vaesy at. Address J. B., at this arm, theCherokee andpTnno
off&t be surtJ.8, tirpassed inp,.lntof,afetyspeed andcomfort by another drawIng room, where lhvy remained fo~r some
esteaimers on the Atlanti oast. ie, coring wih he aou lada and gn-
TANTED-A SITUATION BY TWO RESPRBCTABLU keoiTvetll, That wewill use our t or to recent ilemen who reached hem Mr Chmerin
V Vyonng women, one. to cook, who is an exeellenat wiher nd th rout through corgi, to our South-
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U]. S. 11hriil. AL, rrnTIA, ,July 12, 13419. yw. %X, i+,l +i, I.- h-.111 I-% r l .,-,,r P_. a I VrI. I ;j l i nV . L A[t' -L-tU+ b 15110;&eeIF. hII. iash A I r'V ilv-h s ':-r, l=ira'ut"iA

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T c i l MIp v;.il r T o.l iJ Li, C Ie dIe l t eo f .'? 1. .1. 1 1b'.u1 1.- I llv ,l l' [ E. u l II r, l- E r L..l rl ,l 'it e r', i r: L^ -tin for -'L 'thle icinl.- o :ll 1 I s T-r. d.A. ii1 B v -L, v k t R

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-re a n h e more ViiLers. To.- Iollda dn fu^ y ll li i .-] [. i n Ithe .no'o J inThe lhIb. In.u i Ih,,, ,, .r. of, New a i. .,bhu :-6 .r .- Bl I ,', L;;1 :;ln -'. i. 1 4-
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trance of the hotel to Ithe COLLatgei dl W S Sene O" f s(,nae artlol l,: I .1- an 8d [Brlhn i-3 Itiatnolw gqn~in2 D ,. 1 Iink Gi1.rn Tal '-- ,urkl lc)LKt n.:d "1 [ 14 e,1r were.ilI.L.I Calo ,..'--I
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dteed, they .are the heoeli' eura of ihe public he;ihy ik hi -l Pr1 ly rh+ e"\ I o ..;El ttihI.r, a .t h-.. ". ie,, 'iy b~lu I n II'Il A--ldr'i'eIL0 Br11. YIi.Fa.]noe.lulFoato

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milk wit h it, white fl power, over whi h .heworea a ile properly of u rko T m ihon\mr[ ilke, who mn rri,-'- d ohen I..:i 'o b .t Ir. lt m n fr[,.",t, I,, ,,urI,5 11. ...;-.f;h w,., i rl : ILA .. B o,. 6" r1,I,. .*I-"e. d LA,. .l a o. MJ. M'.I I,.ih ...':& 4 *FI J .Cl"ll

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laceecape, and in her h n a'le .[J f dnug;hier ofthe lady o T, la r.[-oagack. tfor- xfIt'I' l J~~l[rg rl"- LaeLfIi -IFId&R.jdL r, ~lt fU. ',: ,.aly Et- hi. Lei. ,54I-1,A--l .L I.Ce .1LUb -,' Ar ,uItv '. n- .NFA t
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p eud re g T. a rsha ir, wll and p ar ted o I r t ah d doe l N e uhAa do n at N ewb ourold, is the beaut na l I...'hIry '1 31.,r it .,r :ljt "r" ,-. Ka -juu t o i,.6 h.nur i, Ri i . Ldth B,' . i l-2 n.. .t-I, Fr. ..,i t I., ~ I>, A -I.. l. L i.i s."' JL. 1r .11. (I'..

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A" "I l L E n w. ai lhe c n ci exenui m'J |.. .. .. c 4i r ,Lw hn L I. I M.u i. e r. [ t In .J ih .- ,J% i i ti ) d.-,,11.. IITiL '. 1, 1-r.1i %-. ; ,, a i ,. C..c-j v N .. Y..rl>. ;I i kina... 10.1 VFA-. 1 i.
antirrl',dwit eh ul.. adgoldr TOdouble rto i I. tEVOLuTu, by p,?raona inG qu bt of silver. The x- thill .l l- O-. r i n lui 'i'u'i [, l %a l hE r E U s,l.'. i .:n
A f t i e r h a 'v i n g c e on v 'e r s e d w l o e 3 J l h C d % IV I O U i l La q u i t e ha r g e a n d t i r e e n t r a n / c e n e a r 1 .fr .. -' I.... -, .d, --, r ".ht I 1- m a r ii ot D I 'm, ,. ] "at h I T ~
f-1 1, l e~tl .h -I a;A I ; -ll t p .[I al, l Ieful" rFence. ho I oi ..n ..213 .0 .I .cn.... . .. 3 lIF-ilFg Iead rwl;Inhy hIy nd L d
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F. .r 6 -Ih,',. . t'Ih'- .A.x . . tl" ,i' I. ll L. .,,-ir l. I I.- .L I e.. N -, 1 ,t. .4 i
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til~~~~t raleAv AAic d !Lnd-, iindeed. .l .i .o T.l .. .ee~ .e .a T .-. i c ,J D i jO 1, 11r oi l bu in l . . ..r g o. 61 M 1,1 S n""I-- L -,Ib..,. A1 l. ... !. -Ia ltl .1 l [.I^ ',,, 'I.,. Lu~ ^ l i Inf.- I aho.".IT'B~
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Zble said, Llber ri nl ling around, barhoauLleldhalines l O tl of W\'bt Point. "1hi- ,itier place?',emlern.luh] tlghitlic. at hi', d, braa,i a ,. u,t-n -bii~ f[t I A.ATlr '.I1.] l -Il-n, Irr .F1itlu. lma.w- n -.'. : A M 11-1 r'-yI A l
veer ro a s H alp l ut s ii It i.yld 10 l, I aSC'p(ll l ,vn e, ifI t, (Ihe ne ai t t ord e r. T w oIt[ r llr _b re tnio u lly wri.'r 1 1 0 ;a 'D -' I I al u E ll-, c'.iii. laAR K S K L AS1 LE E r M I *L JII -- .i ,- 1 n, 1".. 1 fi-.l ii. n, .l, h.- j ;h u I;l p i h a N "'-
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o. me nL. iN i iu] a i.. ae i-i'| i^ a uo ii. da ek C.I i eApei-irJud l I hua I r ilO r h a-si 'id,. ae h graceful se the Q ueen of b a t sh ow n w h i~ h a m ai |ly ,h. e.detl ir.g i IL. rod % Ail, t. Lai l.t *1,. l..D ,,r. .!. B iL, 1.3-. Q ) h,,nir;.:.G. ] .r t t n ..ri...a; Htn 4 ; I Craickl
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.she wore this evening a white dress withna. low Kt ,+n ubkos mn tunri. in averymeontr ue o n v l ,c the -Lr'u l atte t l -,I iniF-13. -', h hrid Eia i 1y..r i 1,C .. r i r Il-h- tji Lhr- i.1 a N, ur ] 1 n d.,j 1. 1 1lai R, 1 iil?'" h b n ]l
body; what IT piesn Ieo ne + of ,he mostoagnI lce n fa"IA I-=. 1--n. ..;i... Al.rR,; .T i =rbElieQi,..ji51ole ,
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w uere, l d y andmnhch, b ne u il'urfmn iln e n ed 1n1 .-a dinh eu Ldto- ll'-i ]hiary' u he i n Ii. Ij ,l- ,, ti .... ,"' ..l ,," i". ,,J, n' "h-n yo A,.. II, ,I iauol ..L ,. pi- .i ID ibr ib.iA k aI .1 A 7. I -IA L.I Cl. i r., -- "I '. iB,-. .l -

fl o o r ~ 1 b d tl> ih U l ed n r L i a 'o L atd C E m,- E a i s V V ,,i- 1 1.5 ,. 1 V -4 *: i t U r n r i f o i i l L p r I L B A p .: A L o,. n c Fi i, ID -I L... I r,: .I N. C 3 d M. ...:l .li i~ a S Ip le. In I, m il U .- %, I r. .al.% -l i .L i -; ^ : Is i .l l l ~ ll .i p B
l Ill' I 1 ya '.ila at ea ~l.o r- 1At lo ..k ko, IA o. ,e t, I a h.\ Id. Av -l -a .: -.. j .r .., d, rIa.. \. I 1.i I Ai A:b i,d ,., .. Pt l (- ,,.t-,l,. IdFr. r,....'. s'..r; .... O-

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