The New York morning news ( February 7, 1845 )


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The New York morning news
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4 v. : ; 67 cm.
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New York N.Y
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daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- New York (N.Y.)   ( lcsh )
New York (State) -- New York   ( fast )
Newspapers   ( fast )
Newspapers.   ( fast )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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United States -- New York -- New York -- New York


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Also issued on microfilm from the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Aug. 21, 1844)-v. 4, no. 60 (Sept. 8, 1846).
General Note:
Publisher: John H. Guion, 1845-1846.
General Note:
Editors: J.L. O'Sullivan, 1844-1846; Samuel J. Tilden, 1844-1845.
Additional Physical Form:
Publication date: 1844-1846

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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i.,. ,d, w ,!b .. :. ,i- Lsa4'~~ .Z~ 1~11

- .p'j~'~ ~ '~"' 'sk 10l
4, i


At the crner otNassau asnd Beekmnan streets.
Single Copies, Two Cets. To City Subscribers Nine
Cents mr week.
To Mail Subscribers Fi" Dolars paper annum.
I lIvaCopies to one addrs, Twenty Dollars per annum.
Invariably in advance, no paper being er continued
beyond the period paid for.
Floc Lites, or less-First Insertion.... ,i cents.
For bach subsequent insertion I "
TWt Lines and over aix-First Insertion. A0
For eadh Rnubsquent iiserton 23
- Foroneweok............ $1 60
" For on south.;...;......B 00
Marriage, FuneralNotices, &c. not aseed-
Ig lire Une................ 26
rawly Jdsertusrs-Not to exceed twelve
lines, with igilege of renew-
ing adyasemaents at plea.
sure, (payable quarterly or
halysyarly, in advance,).... 40 00,
Alt tommucicatne atdressed (pot paid) to
HknRY 6. LANGLE Y. 196 Nassau street,
cornr of Beekman street. New York.

comArisig a General Introductory Outline of Universal
flist, Ancint and Modern, lad a Series of
separate Histories of evety principal
Nation that exists, their a,
argrs, and sreent
:ondition fc.
Author of" The Treasury of Knowledge." "Biographical
reasury," "Literary and Scientific Treasury," ftc
The above valuable work will be completed in about
twelve Nos. octavr, pulnted'on aue, paper, with clear
type; and be sold at !2 entt per No.
Thie most valuable MedcalJournal ever published. Ters
for the while series, to the present time, $5 00-per year,
$1 10 fel
Valuable New Works,
I. Vestige of the N-atural Histoiry of Creation
I Val 12 me., beautifully printed ..........S0 75
2- 7 of Coure (eading,_ Revised and im-
by by J. G. Cogswel Eq.vol..-.. 75
3-Throelctoian Prize Es, on the Wisdom and
Beneficence of the A ty, I Vol.... 60
4 .,-Rtome in 1843 and 44, as seenbay a New Yorker.
I Yol. 2mo. beautifully pr7td--------6
6 -Anastasis, or th aRtsurrectionwof the Body pro-
ved not to bea Doctrine sanctioned either b
Rteasor Revelation. By Prot Geo. Bush I vol
12zmo ............. .100.......... .10
f; -Mlder's Chemistay -of Animal and Vegetable.
7.-Hiny ogle Itert-g-m-lzati-----------------
~7.~t one orgaIion of the Navy, ftc.,
I &c?, 8voP, 6 .; .. .. ..
. -The American House-Carpeater. y R. G. Hat-
i f Iv ,with engravings-.. ". -- -4,00
9. Oracles from te Poets: a Fiful Diversion
forthe Drawing-Room, 1 vol-........... 1,60
id.-Life and loquence of Rev. Sylvester Lamed.
Bir_ R Gdlqy, 1v pl. ,2
- r tT and practice of Land-
scape Gardeningx. ByAi. Downing.-. ... 1,60
12.-Lectareg on-~the tilfrim's Progress. By the Rev.,
, Dr.Cheever, I ys., Svo ................. ,SA
it C.finel _y Demrav i retriw
Ii mbW*4d -
contributions : .
ll. Msor aeac. ihan Enraving.
IV -Re'olifioAu n gland.
V I-Pascal., -
VII .-The Shoet in thie E'ye-A. True Story of Texas
Vili. obit CWk s-a r is
. tom, of New OrealW-L .
T-The Petry of Btyadiy-By H. T_ Tusckermana-
XlL-aom: apaseen by a New Yorker.
Xfll.-Lines-" Little Mx.
[ rv Sons.-By~ Anne C. Lynch and R. S.5. Andros.
XCV.Nntlly Finapnal and Commneritas Article.
XVI.-Montbly, Literary Blletin,
xvil.-New York fitstorical Society.
XVIII.-Note to Article ViT.
- 'The. Publishier respectfully invites the attention of all
friendly to .Demp'crati6 Principles to this able exponent of
the alocttinea of tlie Party, as preferring high claims to
their patronage. An appeal might also confidently be
fat oijs long established ad distinguished rteputations
"s R leadling critical journal, as well as a choice repertory
of the higher order of fugitive literature of the day-a re-
putation qcsxcplyexcelI1d by even the proudest specimerns
oft se periodical literature of thme day-moat of the leadling
*ri~era or ies country having done honor to its pages.
The app cbing crisis in the political destinies of the
party Inesent anadditional motive for the yet more ex-
ten d circulation andi increased importance of this work.
Ter, $5, sor" n, payable in advance.
R'.NBY G. LANGLEY, Poblisher, 8 Astor House

for February,Is isaued Price $i Per yer.
The 'Valhalla . ... ... .. .
Reminiscences of a Country Congregation. 202
Isiah,U LITL .......................... 29
David Branerd ...................27
The Wild, Columbine ............. f.304
Thle Fall of the Oak,. - -130
Waterloe........ ............... 36
A Lesson from the Seasons............ ....10
Chalets Fourier ..........................p1
'The Highway to Happiness......3....16
Address to the Moon......................317
Muasii......*I.I.... ...'..-.*.... i..s..18
T'he Parlor Table.;,. .............320
-It St" 1). tAD, Publisher, 1489*igeautstret.

and Month Register of New Books, Foreign and Aseri
n for Febru CONTAINING
I. Literary Intelligenc-Pbreign and American.
"ii Iprtant rie*'Works inPress,
# .Te U.:. Exrploring E dtlion.
4. Vsluable New rks, published byWiley& Putnam.
'.aNotice to the Medical 11fesion.
n, List f 0 U Ws s, poit hd. ishid in Feb.
9. aeOrrrss fithiiied
B..Nto (Teut Importationso
WIEY & PUTNAM, 181 Broadway.
t ThaiwA Letter will be distributed gratuitously
who,4111 eav their Haddreiwith the Publishers, or
it Willbe Io ay address. 1S
coxifm OF Nx.AU Al(n,
il Ty derors seuptfllY informf the Old Patrons of
,,l oan tereopfondryfonerly krown as
g of~s os's and more recently as Cosonte & Coangs ,
to aePublic iNgoeral, that they re prepered to ex-
Miodere for
?=4 Gwl Om, b toms, U, 'rw,
a eve r other aticle necessary to form Complete
fi n sg a I l0ihments,on as favorable terms end of as
Ia quality as any other establishment in ibe United
ie Typecastgat this establishment, is, both in the style
e nd the material of whih it is Made, particulaly
for service in Newshaich iti
s kinds ofStereotyping: had to order
B. Such Newspapers as will copy the Slo's three
q, previ us to November IetatI, 1 Will be entitled to
inTyp.n a biof iour times the fount of
COMPNY.-4he subscriber is now recee.ving a full
re t of White Iad manufactured at the above nam-
stahliment, and is prepared to supply painters and
era oan th most favoable terms.
tre White Lead, ground in vil,ca~sof 2&7 to IM0 Ibs,
to do do k:1gs %-6 to 100
Stia do do ss to ow
to do do cks .26(o 100
0.1 do do do kegs aastd.
a's 41 do. do
ire Dry White Lead, assorted sied csls
Xtra do do do do
b. do do do do
191 tr Y AM McCULLOUf; H, 77 Well st-
EAC HI IV 0 POW D0H.R-s150casks Beywa
Bleaching Powder for sale by
I* PER9e &t BR OOV and V, Nassau treso.



DRY GOODS, JXTANTED-A person of small cpitl, as asssociato
MABBET k MULLIGAN, WV in a business in which both his time and money can
V 119 Greenwich (nt 71 Barclay Street be profitably enplpyod. AddressM, at this office. lteier-
A RE ehibiting a large stok of foreign and domestic, enceto the editor ot this paper. f t dtl I
s laple ad faoc IryI Goods, by the pakge piece o0 'ILMEStInAN o0 CLIRE .-Ap soenexperlenced
pattern, and according to their established re, at prices kS 'n generalhusiness, and paricularly in wholesale job-
suited to the ti$es and the season. bimg of shoes and boots, would eugag with some heavy
Ladies are partiulsly invited to look at their assort lione on t salary. 'The character and references will be
ment orCashoneres and Do Lalnes, which, as the season isi saifactory. Apply to S. W. II., by letter to this office.
advanced, will be efteedlow. j31 3t
Also Cashmere, Broche and other Shawls somethingg :$j0 009 ON BOND AN) MOIRGAGE wanted
rich and well worthy attention) will be sold very cheap. $30 000byr
Also a god assortment of Merino and Thibet Cloths, idAnDTrkr
Woolen Plaids, &o., for Cloaks, Apacas, 91 Maiden lane.
and figured Silts, Calicoes, and almost every variety of i A bITEID-A young nuan of principle and energy,
goods in the line of ladies apparel. W who has quailed hmelfwlth all that is deirable
Also a large stock of LinenGoodes, consisting of Linen 'in a literary and commercial education now wishes to en-
Shoetings. Shirtings, Table Cloths, Napkins, Diapers, &c. ter some wholesale commercial establishment, in order to
Alto cloths. Cassimeres, Satinets,VeVstings and other fsnuiarle nimselfwith the practical operations of bhs-
goods for gentlemen's wear. _nss, Bestof references. Address C. H, at this office.
Also Brown and Bleached Shirtings and Shoetings ofva- J2i 3
iee styles and qualities. A COMPIPuTENsT CLEU wishes a situation in a
Persons purchasing Dry Goods for the trade or for their wholesaletote. His chief desire beingtolocitehim-
own consumption may find it to their advantage to exam- self in New York, a moderate slary would be accepted.
me the above stock, which will be mst cheerfully shown References of the first churacier will be given. An a-
to all cusomers. J14 swer to the address of l, left at this office, will receive

L ET THOSE DRESS who are able to pay the
I Tailor I pay not the Broadwayprices, but call at the
58 PaiN'ScefraEE,'
Where you may have your pantaloons made and trimmed
in the most fashionable style, and at the low price of one
dollar.d1Sea d m
AD OIMO baleisof this superior article, manulike
tured with the greatest bare, from the best materials, and
comprising a complete assortment from A Ito I of Extra
iul ty, or saleby K. K. COLLINS & CO.,
n6 MSouthstreet.

QUGA.R-00hhdo. Prime N. 0. Sugar for sale in lots to
0. suit purchasers, by
jagoE. IK. COLLINS & C.6 South St.
E. GOLLINS &V O. 56 South street, have an
. hahn l offer or sale on reasonable terms, viz:
TWINES-200 bales English Seine Herring,( 6111 nett and
sail Twine, from 5,1ls6 1.,
COPPER-200cass English Sheathing, comprising a com-
C late assortment, from 14t o 32 oz.
COPPER NAILS0-akgs Composition.
FELT-60 cases of the celebrated "1Poocook, Adhesive
Felt or bheatbing Paper for ships' bottoms and roofs
of houses, kci
COTTON DUCK-MtS bales American Pilot Duck-eartra
quality #am No. I to 6, manufactured with the
r care.
LITI CANVASS-4O bolts from No.1 to 5.
HEMP-4CO bales Dew Rtotted-part of verysuperio qu-
lity andwell cleaned.
WOOL-2000 bs A ericanFleece Wool-washed and un
WHlAT-3000 bushels rime Illinoix,
POtR-00 bbleextra clear Fork.
BRANDY-104 -ipes Ota4kDuy Sc Co,-undej Custom!
IWINE-450 basketsChanmpagne Wine of the Grape and
I Anohrbftand. Inquarts and iynts.
POTATOES-WOO Ibushels superior Irish and Lancashire
Potatoes, now landing.
GoANO-100 tons Ichaboe. ddi
S pPOTAL barEelg-just arrived-
A 250barresrish Cup Potatoes, rare qaullty, this day
landing and for sale in lots to suit purchsers,by
wa&J.. TASCOTT, 76 South st, cor Maien Lane.
:L The abovreare in prime condition. J3
VOIA'Vo IlSO-1O00bushels, of very superior klnglistk'
X1 potatoes, 0i prime 3onditon, just *received per ship
Liberty, from Liverpool, and fat sale in lots to suit pur-
chaser by W J. T. TAPSCOTT,
d28 a76 South atcor Mahlen Laze,
F L M-634 barrels Extra Eagle Mills,
. 376 do. Lachede do",
Landing x~ship Indiana, from New Orlueoa, and for sale
inlots tosutpurchasersby
iSiJ K. COL JI ,&, CO., MSouth it.

J AO -ie-- 1W o DU'lsu Irh potatnesor sale n
NJ lotsto suit purchers.~ :Families desirous ~of bss
supplied, will plecase .n4tei rdr to;
I p "_
no n~ ,pJ t_, -

isgiuiIii u r o is Flots to glt
purcheasbv K. K. COLLINS &. CO.,
I A 1 5goth stmet.

-p~jEW-*UU b arres sClear Pork,
P 10 do. Moss d.
200 do. Prime do., for sale, in lots to atu
purchasers, by E.K.,COLLINS & CO., 6 l-soithst. o24
-TTOES.-50P bushels Lancshi(,upPotatoes,.
r IfIry extra quality,landing front ship Sfidons, from
Liverpool, and for sale in lots to suit purcha erg by
d1l E. K. C LINS& Cq. d suth street
W JEIAT -2500 buashels prime UillnoS WhOat, ad-
ing ex ship Vieltnrgh,-from New OCrleans, andfor
sale by K. COLLIN's & Co.,
dl 56 Sutstreet
S OTATOES.-IOGO bushels very supeior Enghp-
tJ atos landing from ship Siddons from. Liverpool, and&
for sale in lotsto suit purchasers, by
nIB z. K. COLLCI & Co., 56 South St.

$ ALT,-l0o9 A~. btoni 'Blt, .o verysuperio'i
quality langom. sipsbaridO, ron verpooll
aidfor ale by .. .COL o .,
sa stroe

W iHEAT--4W bushels Prime Illinois Wheat,landingi
from ships Alfed nd.fava, from N eN Orleans, and:
for sale by E.. COLL4S& CO.,
6O 8outh st.
P AT11r S HED-ATHMNG MLT 1 case" Paten
g heathinfelt, a vary superior articleo4 9 ships hot-
toeis and the roofs ofhouses, orsale by
:ol E.' K. COLLIN & (,-i6South street

IL iBtP-BO! balespiman very supeiP Dew Rot-
ted Hemp. For aale, lots to suit purhsers, by
F~:: or ssa b i. i sc
S.. DCOL LImss O.,
J4lM 18 Sodth street.

F LAX SED-S cass vpy superior Feed, 1,;d'
is H. 0ili CO L CO 55 Seuth at.
ass orq ale obB
4d19 # ,Frpnt stree.

G LE.2Obar~sgood ZpiVyfor sale sty'
GLum9 7 ?Frot attest.
d ie 'aot. ~

n P-,2.QO balesextraquulty De Rotw Hms. -For-
1H-1 sale in lots to suitc u ,y
u6 ,W bI C OLi~S O., $6 South street.

Corner of Brodwo'and Fulton street, enancsie, Id dor.
T1 RE-maybe had-Miniatures which, for Iead'
'color, tone and;etlot, can at all times command'
themselves;and 'if not superior,'are qual to any that
have been heretofore taken. Mr. B, does not claim supe-
riority for #ims A but leaves his i turssto the criticism
of a just and intllient public, w s as Weyi as strangers,
are iivitedtocallat theGall g elsewhere.j
whether they intend e)st ry boto L ncass in all
caseaowarranted'to give satision, aid colored in a most'
beautiful manner, and in which department Mr. B. does
claim superiority itbeinglllle& by a competent and prac.
tical person. Taken in a kinds of weather, from 8 A. M.
till 5 P. M.
p- The Am Institute awarded a first Premium tei
Mr. B.Brady att ao isair. ther- .
-: f"'J Iiy given in the art
jy'ly M. B. BRADY.
H* TOWNER 7' Maislen Lane, near Wil-
.liam stretNew Vork manufactures and keeps con-
stantly on hand, every description of Brushes and Bellows,
suited to the city and country trade,.end invites the atten-
tion of is Irieps nd dealers in the city and country to'
examine Iis stock andPrices., Hardware dealeusnd
cers supplied on the'most liberal terms.' Brusheslforfac,
t6sry use and for Mciner, made to order at short notice.
Blacksmiths and Faily Bllows always on band as low'
as can his purchased in the city. Extra sizes m;ge t r
de atabxortnotice. 416'
i sumers in wan of the above article would do well to
give us a Call.' Wehavein yard a ftu supply of all the
diftereit sizes, d are amost daly kpeiving and disebarg-'
hug from boats the'bestquality Peach Orcard Coal, all
sizes, delivered to any. part D1 the city free of cartage, at
low prices. I
Also, in yard, aftll supply-ofLehigh white and grey ash
Coal; ierpool, Orrelland Cael Coali large ase suite-
ole for parlor use.
Apoly at 0, F. Nesbitt's coeor 'Wall and Watorkitreets,'
anuS 2 S8 Oak street.

IsrIce $4,40.'
NOW RE Y, at GENIN'S well known establish
mont, o hhly rimproved- end oy attiful Moleskin
mas inclosimitation of the French Hate, from the
msotsebratod manufatories of Paris. Having now on
hand an assortment of the imported article made bhrMU&
ier, gentlemen will be enabled, by actual compat sento
lJdle forthemselves of the almost complete Identit
thIitwotarticls. Many, under these circumstances, have
thos manufactured by the subscriber, not mere
ly tor their greatercheapness, but as possessing, in an em-
onent degree, those aSlities for which the French Hats
are s jusetly admired, viz- solidity of brim, which adds
so much to general durahility, and which alone the shape
anic)ntour of the lt iseserved-superior grace and
uhigh lustre ad ee oftrimmi
The subscriber, not only from his knwea, of the or
tide, but alsofrom the great isfaction those
hae parsed, cna consently recommend them towee'
aentlemen of New York as eing superior to any thing 6P
ibs kid heretofore manufatitrd In this contrq. He
thereforslicits a call and examination of their me ito.
214 Broadway, opposite St. PAul's.
Te usual full and choice assortment of Beaver, Nutria
and4 Casomnere Hats. Also, u hl sortmout of Mane
Youths' and Infants' Caps. I aSIBd

immediate attention jIB t
IATET NtIKSlli-Waued a station as Wet Nurs.
r by a healthy young poman with a fresh btreast of
milk. A line ddrssd to M. C., Box 139 Upper Post Of-
fice. will receive immediate attention. I ,
ANTBID-lna, small private family, a wman who
V understands plain cooking, and washing and iroing.
A ply at 7 D,hatham treet. jI

FOR SALIE -The Steam Woolen Manufac,
tory and Grist Mill, situate inPhillipsburgh, Beaver
ounty, Pa., on the Ohio river,28 miles below Pitti-
urgh, lately carried on under the name and style of the
German Manuacturing Company,
The factory building is three stories high,t5 feet by 30.
Stair house etro with a high garret.
The other buildings are one wool house, 2 stories high,
30 feet by 2,; one dye house, 06 by 24; one store house,
one turning shop, one soapboiling shop, wool wash shop,
and large stable.
Engine-cylinder 1 inches, 5 feet stroke, 3 boiler, 22by
Mill contaIns 2 French burrs, 2 boltings, and other na-
Tile machines in the woolen factory consist of 1 picker,
2 set of carding machines, I spinnifig mule with 270 spin-
dles, I jack wit 143 spindles, I do. with 10 spindles, 10
pfwer looms 40 inches wide, 3 large hand looms, 2 pulling
stocks, 2 napping machines, 2 souring machines, iron
screw press with iron plates, 1 machine for grnding
shears, I warping machine, 1 spool machine, 1 large turn-
ing lathe, vices, hammers and other tools necessary in a
woolen factory.
The dye house contains 3 coppers for 100, 60 and 25 lbs.
of wooli blue vat, and worms for others. The ground
contains about lij acres. Water is supplied by a run and
the Ohio river.
The above establishment is situated in a healthy, thick
settled and wool growing country, and there are good ex-
perjencd workmen at hand.
The above fropertr will be soldlow at pi ivate sale, and
if not sold til the m dile of May next, it will be sold by
public outcry.
For more particulars nd terms, V o
a & FOR SALE.-The modern IWlt dwelling
house and lot No. 30 Pike street, llween Henry
Rand Madison streets. The lot is 21 by 86 feet. The
house is 2b by 44 feet, with back piaza the whole width
of the house. The house was built bythe present occu-
Sant .in the yard thereaore two thrifty grape vines, with
beautiful shade trees in front on the street. The Croton
water and bathing apparatus are In the seond story, with
water heated by Beeb's Itchen Ronge. Apply for
price, and permission to view the premises, at 8Clfst.
jWB tf
S LOAER STORE, Loft, and officele To Let,
J27 t ;91 Maiden lane.*

IIoUslC TANTR'I.-A irst les house in
'Broada y hetween Grandnd nth sts. Posses
sion tobe ad as nearthest of February as possi-
ble, :A'b out house Will be preferrd. Appy at 41
Broomet. o roto'M rc er. ; 199

W ser 0. Y., about a sIles frmii
citystAddress at this office, with price dud
ivpl particlars. j24 3t-

B U I.ORG', L I.-A ll bblt two and a,ahalf stoy
ramehous W.tdin South Sixth street, within
three minutes ;i of Peck, slip ferry. Particulars mad
known by applyipgto W & J. TTAfSCOTT, 76 South
st, corner of Mkide lane.' js
S'JTGIE WO LE AT, No. S9 Maiden Line.Inquire of
0;f~, It .1. GODDARD, 4n the previlses.,

I~CINIuSHEnD pOBZ 'To LE' tea ingle GedrLO-
12' man, who can haee breakfast if desired in a private
family pply on thepreise, 6 Glreenwich at. 4110 5t1


T rHESUBSCRIBER s now preparedto supply a gena.'
hue end~ suelnatceo teamReid
I ch hetakes leas to .introlducebefore a disceng
public, being entirely a nieW article, wll burn t roeeg'ts
Without trimming of0' the wck, Or dasig that unpleasant
smell so often complained of by using' ls common spirits.,
A fair trial is solicited which will be a suffcient recoin
:mendation Camphene, Chemical and Pine OilLamps,,
lomrising the suspending, shadowleasslamp, with a
moveable cap and guage fortrimming, which improve-i
ment is universally admtted to be themost perfect of any I
now in use. Also the economical paronand mantel
lamp,wichare etitely new, suiftabler1
Pasting alh o four cndiesatthe'fling eox
pe of tkr6e6 cn for ight t* burning. Also ageti
ana assortanmeot of store laps.' Msr o, a d mn-.
tel lamps cleaned, repaired, and altered. Ldm wicks and!
glase oafall size-atSthe eld'eatablished depot, by
j17 3ri n ISS. MITCHELL,58 Catharine at.
ITZ BRtOTHEER & cog 'continue to supp
U customers at their stores and- offices with their unr-
veiled Camphene and Chemical Oil. All orders left at
their store, 1 John street, will be punctually attended to.i


Also Sperm and Solar Oi, Burnig Fluid, Sic. For[
sale by DZITZ, BROIJHIt kC0.,
j10 Nro.lJohn treet.,
VI supply' of the purest article, for siale by
DEITZ, BROTHER f CO., 13 John Ot.


TV tI SUBSfCRIBEit9 have now onhand large
and comp e assortment o 'Sleigh Bells, finely pol/
ibe, and tra pod in various ways on the most approved!
style, and for sale by DELEVAN & BHOTHER,
Hardware Furnishing Ware 'House,
M t 489 Broadway corner of Broome sat.,
S OLARL S- elvrey of Solar Lamps ol
the b!LA" sw geat tarit o olF
the best quiut for sae wholesale and retail by
M DIE BBROTHER& CO. No. 13 John at.,

C OELril, RfOra Pat S 7olrLarLampbr ii
zedorltfor salowholesale and rtail b
S DIETZBROTHIoTll tCO.,'No. T9Johost.
01#1ro SD RO5 ANILS,Vi
TW and a Werought Nails'in, LeaQ,,op
per, for ale byJ, ARDok 1 Maden Lane.
EUBRO' CAPs for sale, by thseckage, by
. Io t. I GODDARD, 91 aiden Lane.
41ARDWARE by thesc ptag, r sle by
H f6, t.,J. GbDDARg, Broler, 91 Maiden Lne.

j OAE R in licaware, Fancy Oooda, Metals, ftc.
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i~loe rea

I ~I_
~_~ I I -i -. -i --------------CC------~----

to be noticed-I me1n ser liter nature. -Rie
we shall see that Poland was in advance I f
o her neighbors. Before the sun of E 'Usp
atre reached its meridian; before the em I
s XV. had dawned upon France; before Ge
could sit down and quietly enjoy the Istel
ired privilege of reading the Bible in laoV
tar tongue, Polish literature had reached 4 -
l its A ustan age under the reign of tht'Sl
nds-f "t em and son.
tetlio Ciolek was le first to point out th lkvlW
,ht aaearly as the first half tif the 13(h rPitry,;
) Copernicus, towards the end of khe fi-
sy, revealed to the incredulous -oeld tle


long the mostpopular, as it is the moat valuable alve
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The India Rubber Black Plasters are the mst admired
atice of the kind ever invented.
The followfilgis an extract from a conimuniation from
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'4' ;

An Address c
rl at the Polish Celtbratimt, in this! Citl, os o
91h of November last, by Dr. F.,W. Wierz-P
ow CIT[ZENs-In assembling thus, to cele- it
10 anniversary of that memorable night when 11
bound and bleeding; yet turned upon her u(
utbrs and strove by one convulsive effort o e
inder her chains, you not only do homage to N1
eIl sons, and through them to all those who wv
ret fought the battles of freedom, but you
oof that you are not unworthy of your venera- I
s, whose doctrine of life was the motto in- 11
* on Polish ensigns, "Freemen are brothers." ii
meeting here to commemorate the eventful 0
f the 29th Nov. 1820, you are discharging u6
duty, for Poland not only has claims to the t.
us symnathies of every high minded nation Ii
lividua, but she has claims on Christianity tf
vilization- for she has poured-out her blood fi
ely in deeence of both. Nations owe hera]
de for she was for centuries their palladiuml
isebarbarian hordes; and the lamp of learn-
lY kindled in her borders, shed its mild radi- ,%
wercountries yet shrouded in mental dark- f
We have only to turn to the records of hIis; o
verify the correetneds of our assertions, 'I
Poles, inhabiting'the plains,on the conlhnes h
rope girded by the Baltic, the ])wina the Il
e, and. the Black Sea, and on the West,
ing lon ih banks of the Oder, and the Ioot I
Carpathi n mountain have been for centu-
e bulwark ofChristendom ainst the innu-
le hordes of the Asiatics. hen in the East, I
wen of the Tartars rose to a fearful height,
eir. warriors eager for conquest, poured down
deluge over the plains of Europe, tire Poles
ad rolled back the threatening tide., From the t
M10 Poland sustained 94 invasions from the
; and besides frequent devastations of her I
with fire, she lost ten millions of her subjects 2
tivity or tie sword. These hordes ceased
be formidable to Poland and to Europe until
it part of the 18th century. a
yet another torrent of barbarism threatened
o from a different quarter. In 1621 the Turk-
myof 392,010 strong, under Osman JI., was
ry, 000 Poles, under the famous Chodkiewicz,
:eated with the loss of 120,000., The Turks,
ugh often checked by the Poles, continued to
terror of Christian Europe, till they received
blow from the hand of tie great John So-
ilwho, with 30,001 Poles, routed 240,000
.Imen before the walls of Vienna, and thus
trembling Christendom from impending de-
md, although a conquering, had never been
tressive power; she extended her territory by
s and voluntary union. Red Russia, now
ia, joined her early in the 14th century (1338).
tuss was united to the crown of Poland by the
ige of their respective sovereigns at the close
same century (13S61. Prussia voluntarily
tiered in the middle of the 15th century (145-).
chia and Mbldavia joined Poland in the cons-
:ment of the 16th century- and in the second
F the same, (1561) Curlandy and Livonia were
d. By treaty with the KIan of Tartary,
ea was joined to Poland. Early in the1th
ry (1440) the King of Poland became King of
zary by election. Russia, who twice beheld
ollsh eagle triumphant in her capital, and
singly supplicated for pardon for her numerous
Pos, and who in 1610 saw her Czar and his
ers captives following tire victorious car of
ewski, who with 8000 Poles had defeated
Moscovites and Swedes, proclaimed Ladislas,
ithe King of Poland, as her sovereign. But
Wles, foolshly, yet magnanimously, declining
Der, declared that all they desired was the
sess and integrity of their country.. Thus,
h Poland had often to repel the enemies sut-
ing her on all ides yet she was Content with
e victory. She carried no letters for the
ered, and her fair escutchionwas never crint,
with iiocent blood. That Ishe held sacred
fith once pledged, unlike other nations who
of their Christiaiity, I need cal -14
thbotihen he n 9lair to
-up arms against te Turks, who shook the
en 'Empire to its very foundation, the Pole
ersithat he was bound by good faith to be at
ietw hem.
and was the fosterer of European Civilisation
sauce of other nations, as her la-ws and insti-,
isprove. When all Europe, except some cities
ly, was suffering under the feudal, system, or,
4oped in profoutnd obscurity, Poland was-rich'
owerful, enjoying the benefit of such written
and p pular edncationas the spirit ofthe age
ted. Oer constitton, krioNa at present as
Code of Wishics, given her ,by Casimir the
, in 1347i anticipated the famous code of the
nan Emperor by 13,years., By this constitu-
the king's power was limited, and personal
oi guaranteed to all classes. At the same
schools were established; throughout the coun-
ot only for the children of the nobility but for
of the peasantry, who on graduating became'
a de jare,,and as such were all the
t of free citizens.
eady, und'r Casimir Ygrelloo, we find tliit'
Id bsed a, national representation. The
published in 1454, limiting the king's power,
thus: "We (hat is the king) promise not to
re war or to make any law without the con-
of the Diet," &c. &c. A law of1468 ordained
every district should send to the Diet two re-
ntatives or duties. It was in 1473, during
eign of this prince that CopernicsI the glory
country and of msankind was horn In Poland.
vas not until the reign of Charles II. that the
s carpss act became reality to the English peo-
tho??gh the snwspvta chart was granted 400
be or that time' Poland, however, had her
"'Nesiinens clavetabiius s; icl tuictwi, eut,,
,stnina deywPehesum".none ishI be arrested un-
legally' indicted for crime, or taken in the act,;
ed as-early as the beginning of the 15th centu
413). The freedom of her institutions is still
teillustrated by the fact that in the 16th centu-
Nhen her popultion did not exced 15,000,000,
umbered 480,000 voters; while France at this
d, after all the blood she has shed for liberty,
a population of 3,000,000, numbers scarcely
00 electors I
at polish civiliZatipa wqs truly a Christian
zationiwe see from her benevolent institu-
As ear y as the yeatr1100, a charitable asso-
s aestabsehed at Cracow. In 1303, another
utiofl11 caile dIo ss iietatis, or Afontf de Piai
tstablshted, whose object was to lend money
o poor at three percent. interest. Towards tbe
of the 14th century a school for indigent chiW
was organized, ,where they received assist-
And i 1773, Poland was the first to estb-
an administrative department of education
tg appropriated for tire benefit of her people all
onfiscated estates of the Jesuits after their ex-
t us now examine another feature of Polish
ration. It is worthy of observation that the
never mingled in religious quarrels, but have
s projected' the persecuted. The annals of
contain no records of a Night Of t. Barthol-
v, of at Thirty Yeats' War, Or a Hoy Inquisi-
son the Jews were persecuted ClsewlieO, they
I an asylum in Poland, auid received isoponinol
.eges as early as the 18th century 124.)
it to England the fires of Smithfield were
sg,--vhea Hugenot blood cnimeoned the soil
ance,-whn German wad orgied with thle
I of hot N~eformers,-Poland protected the se-
less of the human conscience and for greater
~ty, the Diet, in 1072, passed a law gruaranty-
for ever, freedom of worship to all religious
tninatlios, and ennuted that the Polish people,
Catholics and Protestants, should mutually be
idoted as Dissenters in matters of faith: thus
ipatng in religious toleration not only the teat
Iroe but even tire wise Roger Williams, and
oble Lord Baltimore, of this country.
ten Renty do Valois: was called to the Polish
.e, before he could be rowed he was forced
:encode with his brother in favor of tire French
:stants, When Sigismund 111. sent to Ferdi-
II., of ~erany, eijht thousand Cossacks
ist the Protestants, the Diet ulnanimously passed
:1 declking nil -the Cossacks who should to-
with tre Emperor, traitors to ther contr.
be it remembered, that the Diet passing such
consisted of a large majorty of Calholics,
l bishops among lire nunaber.
ten the crowned heads of Europe were crouch-
efore thet Pope, anti Gregory V I. presumed to
nimuntcate the koles fordethronng their kin"r
lerg spuriedtire edlict, and refused to 1ubliuh
rcommnncattoo, giving His Holiness to' under-
Sthet the Church has no right to meddle with
s of stale: and when the German armies in-
I Poland to enforce the ecommunication, they
dearly for their hardihood.
e romaine another feature of Polish civhi*-

the innocent and braveCircassians, free from an
enety in the rear, with the Black Sea at her
conmand, she will proudly advance to the gates of
Constantinople--the darling of her drearm-which
she has already undermined, and with one blow
she will cleave them in twain; and then uoope,
arn used from liet stupidity o the sense of her own
tlager, will willingly o, what her villainous kings
nave so selfishly neglected when bartering, away
the inalienable rights ot nations.
Let us leave for a monent the track of the mere
rrative historian for that eminence from which
the chronicler of the race contrmplates the past, the
present and the future, and fiomi which lie predicts
tho destinies of nations. The life of humanity, like
dnt of man, has its infancy, its maturity and its de.

nurses of the earth and stars. Zaluzianski, long
efore Liundus was born demonstrated the sexual
rg anization of plants in tis "MethodHs t-rbariac,"
published at Prague in the 17th century.
Is the learned world ignorant that such names
t John Ogrorog, Frederik Modrzewski, Cardinal
losius, Bisho, Kromer, Rey; Janicki, Kocha-
owski, Gornicki, Simonowscz, Sarbiewski, po-
ts and philosophers, belong to Polish literaturel
Vill history deny the merit of John Glogowczyk,
who lived in the latter part of the 15th century
B. 1440, D. 1517,) and wrote on, Craniologynow
sown as Phrehiology Or can sie for the salts of
Lord Bacon, overlook Gregory of Sanok, the first
iductive philosopher, who died towards the end of
te 15th century, (B. 1400, D. 1477)1 Can she,
onsistently with justice,'refise to pay tribute to
te memory of the master of Copernicus. the cele-
rated mathematician, Albert Brudzewski, the au-
hor of the Gregorian calendar, and who was the,
first to expunge the astrological nonsense from the,
almanac 1
Such is Polish literature, and such is Polish civ-
lization. Yet, strange to say, one of the latest
writers on European civilization, and a late pro-
essor of history does not even mention the name
of Poland, although a countryman of iis, Meur de
'iou describing a Polish embassy sent to Paris
held long ago, thefofling language: One of
he most remarkable circumstances, was their fa-
:ility in expressing themselves in Latin, French
German and Italian. Thee four languages were
as familiar to them as their vernacular tongue.
I'her eWere only'two men of rank at the court of
Paris who could answer them in Latin, the Baron
de Milan, and the Marquis Castelnesu Morrissiere.
They were commissioned expressly to support the
htnor of the French nation, which had reason to
blush 'at its own ignorance."
)Iot where now is that rich, powerful, glorious
Polad, once leading the van inthe march of civil-
za"ion i Bleeding at every poli, she is prostrate
beneath the iron heel of the three crowned robbers,
who would anitihilate every vestige of her nation-
ality, and wash out in her own blood the very mtm-
ory of her existence; and thousands of her child-
ren, scattered to the four winds, dra~g out in strange
lands a life ot exile, of sorrow andanguish, and
only once a year of a wintry night they come toge-
ther to mingle their tears to her memory, to repeat
the sad story ol her wrongs, and on her ruined and
desecrated altars, to consecrate their lives to her
cause, 'and to swear anew vengeance to her op-
TIre political vice& of the Poles were not so much
the cause of the thrice-repeated spoliations of Po-
land, as circumstances external to the country.
Weakness is the essential element of popular gov-
ernments; and such was the Polish government at
the time when all Europe was in her transition
from the feudal to the monarchial system: when all
her governments, after the fashion of the French,
were centralizing their power and the example of
Louis XIV. set kings playing & knave, and people
playing the fool; and when a depraved clergy were
advocating with renewed zeal the divine right of
kings. Crowned heads wished for large and well-
rounded States, with brilliant Courts- nobles for
the courtier's tinsel and hiedissipared life; and the
clergy for the good things of this world for the
world t come appeared to them dim and distant.
At this time Piussia had struggled into a feeble
eAistece and required territory; Austria losing
ground in the west, turned her attention eastward;
and Russia, having collected her. heterogenous
tribes into one hideou's mass,-was ambitious of
taking a place among the European powers. -1 .
Surrounded by such moral influences and such
neighbors, stood Poland, dangerous to kings tom
the freedom of her people, nd coveted equally by
thethree royal scoundrels as ofigrig eachwhIt he
most desired. -She was surprised in her republican
weakness, and, after an honorable struggle, obliged
to succumb. Poland by herconstitution of their
3d of May, 1791, would have regained her strength
and her position, bat the royal ruffians alarmed, re-
doubled'their effortI, and accmlished their dail- .
boideal -one more.'Iris f sP s~s~s
'Did 1notnow it to ba. human, workIt, sai1
consider it, divine" a
Three times Poland attempted to recover her in-
ependence; three times she failedplungi dee'r
and deeper-into-the abys of Ceteiisg But LL
last effort which we now, commemorate, was the
mluost-brilliant of them all.: Prodigies ofvalor were
enacted, yet diplomatic curminaccom lished what
the Russian cannon wag unal to doNo, the
Poles were not conquered by force of arms, they
were betrayed by the Judas-kiss of the French and
English Cabinets. M ie han50,000 men, able and
willing to fight; were obliged, with armsin their
hands, to leave their country and give:themselves
Oji to the tender mercies of the Austrian and Prus-
stan authorities.
The theatre of war being cleared, the benign Nich-
olas began -a drama, the last act of whico issot yet
ended, and the details of which will thrill you with
horror and curdle the blood in your veins. Could
you hear with indifference of Poland's nationality
destroyed, her laws derided, her religion persecti-
ted, her language abolished and forbidden in all
21bic transactions, her universities demolished,
r libraries carried away into Russia, her territory
devastated and filled with spies and amercenary
soldiery, her citizens daily insulted with impunity
by the hirelings of tbe Czar, and her sons by thou-
sands transported to the deserts of Siberia Could
you look unmoved on the hundred soldiers who ex-
pire under the lash in one day at Cronstadt 1 or on
the 5000 children torsfromthe bosomsof their fant-
ilies by the order of the Czar and carried away
from Warsaw in the bitter cold of January, ill-lad
and packed in wagons, to be educated for brute
soldiers in the interior of Russia, while at the same
time his official organs trumpet throu Eu-
rope that the Emperor, in his clemency, has be-
come the father of so many orphans Could you
witness without emotion the 5000 families torn
front their homes in the south of Poland, and trans-
ported by force to the deserts of ? Could
you hear the groans and imprecations that now rise
unceasingly from the hundred thousand victims bu-
ried in the dark mines of Siberia, would not groans
and imprecations rise spontaneously from your bo-
soms and mingle with that cry of agony that rends
thheavens they are never more to look upon
Could you witness unmoved the 5W0 defencele's old
men women, and children, butchered in cold blood
on& the threshold of the sanctuary of God at Oszmil-
no, and their fingers and ears with their rings on,
solt publicly about the streets! or endure the sight
of 600 maidens ravished from their homes and giv-
en to the brutal Russian soldiers in the camp at
Voznesensk, that the imperial monster might found
a colony there I not compassionate
Lady Grozewska, who, to save her two sons front
the grasp of the tyrant, after all entreaties have
tailed, in the agony of a mother's love stabs them
both, and triumphantly planges the same steel into
her own bosom? Io you not weep with that Po-
lish mother who, in anguish of heart exclaimed,
.' Is this man not yet drowned in our teats?" Do
you not exclaim "Is there no justice on earth?
does this monster of a mnn yet live 1" Yes, lie
lives, applauded even by miscreants, some of whom
are in te midst ol you.
Such scenes are enacted in Poland; but through
,tsecank clouds that envelope her, a ray of hope pe-
netrates. Tile invisible hand of ]rovilence is guid-
ing lien shattered bark tirrougs 510mm and tetajet
to a haven of safety and lirosersty.t Courage my
friends and countryme-n; she will yet reach the
harbor. A nation whose spirit still burns withto
her soops, whose mothers sing to their children,
yet in t e cradle, of the lorous names of their fa-
titers, is not destined to sleep an everlasting sheep.
SThrat tire spirit of Poland lives with increased
vigor in her hiteraluro even an the midst ol lie
nuifrtunes, I need onliy quote the languae of a
writer from a recent number Of the' Fooigs Quartr-
ly Reins: The language and the literaturet of Po-
land," says the writer have advanced to their
present degree of perfection, in equal ratio with the
ncreasig misfortunes of tire country, during Ile
lear fifty years. This phenomenon is 815 extraordi-
nary, that it deserves the serious consideration of
every reflecting mind. Wht, indeed should seei
nuore unfavorable to the proress of a nation's ln-
guage, than its political anniilation, and the incor-
porstion of its imembered ,yroinces with several
foreign state, each respectively intent on destroy-
ing every vestie of its foreser nationality? Y et it"-
is fact1 that Polish literature is actuallY now
reaching its zenith, and at no fornuer period could
Poland ever boast of moe distinguished men in
every department of science, learning arid political
ie ~~voaure nstulII thet have caused Poland's
coin, will be turned n the hands of Providence
muto the means of her resurrection, Russia, in
the miadaess of her anubition, iis pressing hrd to
tle terminus of her destiny. When she subdues

114: -(
Pi:;: ~
ri I i
"i:i~- ::d

L ( ------- lilDiilllll

1111_-11 -

ii _~ _____

I-__.__-- .~.-.. -i~ .. -i ( - d




~in~ mtf~inn m\ n~; d; ~ .,,~ii( ~ '- i'~L1 u

_ j ill



~Y;I tution

I tiltinr

I :_

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. I I


I-- -*--- -









DESTRUCTIrrt 1RFe- 0n the mrnift"' f tlie fith'
aboot thle same liviii 1 al the Trjibume liI Were8)VET
oill-niiwanothr verly d,,trootivie fire bi-tike o-oill I
Nevvirk, N.'J., ill the hoose _'IOo 159,13road street.
The watchmen who discoveredi it, with difficultYy
FIT-11-dt the sleeping initate, and theylr Irrad ontly
little to esenlreP before the wholie boilldinA %%-as
w.,'' with flame's. It qluieldy extended Noxthh
~l !ifll, nd, in all, five lluildiogs were derroroyed.
T Wo u these. were large folr story brick! buildinugs,
owned int this city -two others two story brick
fronts, were o wnea by William fntl, of Newatlarl,
and th~e fifth- wits tile dwelling hIouse of John H.1
Stephens. The flares were only arrested at the
house of Georgoe Cross, to which also considerable
;damaoce was done.
Trinity Church, sitandinga by itself, at the head of
On,. park or Military Common, on the opposite side'
of Broa:reet, was fired several timesbut through
the watchfulnsq, and, active of tle firernea :iiid
C 102ens, was gesaervedl wit hout material injury.
, erv 2ret ere it seems to ber due there as here, rio
the lire depatmeti The snow lay two fet deep,
at least upon a lovel, and the engines were at con-
viderable distntics from tb~e fire?: But by the most
ii;defitigble labors, the firemell draggedri them to
the ei,ut, and, lbour~gh the supply of woiler was bhut
slendtrr,mlanaged'to r top the progress ofile flames.
Superior Court.
This court wa4 adjourned on Weinesay tund Thuts--
da no wildnes being, ready.,
'Before Juidge Ulshoeffr.
Jolon W. Woodoward vs. Robert Shian r-This wan air ac-
tiou of trespassIS on the case to recover damages for a mal-
ciouit prosecution and false imprisonment. 'I le facts are
bit,) Ty these. The defendant and plaintifrwayor captain
and roate nIf the Ameicn brig twwenoweia. It,. August
last, the brig was in the harbor of Borecaux-tine ship As-
toria was tiera ason, and lay alongside the brig. it p
petits that one oV the ofcers of the litrvessel borrowed
somne coffe, a tar barrel, buckeet and aderfronm the
plandiff, and theses seeral aricies were aftrwards returln-
.,.. )i the urriva of thle I wenowein, in this part thle le-
fendait procured a warrant fropm ttil.17nied States Mar-
shot'sf office, had the plainliff. arrest end brought before
ther Uniteai billin C~ommisioner, upon a chrgeI of larceny,
Aher tie plairatiffs testimonyo was gone through, the Unitedd
States Assistant Distric Attorney moved for the pRintiff's
di-elluge, on the grou d that the evidenre did not sustaint
the coruplahlrt. Whereupon the plaintiff was discharged.
and flit plaintiff' bright the present action. There was
no deforice end the jury found a verdict far the plaintiff'
$2-5. For plainiffiN~r. D~erry.
Too, Shamroch Be~evolent Society tffe Ciy ofNeu, Fork~
vs. Johoz Cllins.-Thrii was auction of repevin in ihe dei-
nette, for the recovery ofeertsia property belonging tothe
society alleged to be in the possesion of the defendant
which lie refuses togive up. On the part of the plairitill,
it w~as allegedly that on the 1th of March, 1844, Air. Can-
gbiatine Donahue was elected the Treasurer of the Somer
ty, tint by tbootith article of the by-laws of the Asiociati;1I
the treasurer was empowered to tsae posssebiin of all the
property othe Socie? upon his entering into a beradcoo,
ditoneft for the Itaith of per formillce of his duty and the
sal'e-keeping of tile property. It was futher alleged that
Mr. Dnllinoe entered into the necessary bonds, and claim-
ed to hiva the property handed over to him. It appeared
that Mr. Collins was the -ecretary of the .ociety, and had
p0&,9,0Sion of the property, fiat refebed to give it up, upon
Wit It a writ of i epleviar was Issued and delivered to the
Sheriff. The Sheriffithereupoan, by his deputy proceeded
to I he House of Collins, and took possession ot'such pro-
pe ty -, s he found on the promises belogingto the Societ,
tile acticles which are the subject of thepreent actions
ere not taken possession of; they consist of 5 banners, a
Harli. Baoks and papers belonging to the Srociety ; for the
reove ry of those. articles the present action is brought.
At this stage at the case the court adjourood.
The defence is un, erstoord to be that the property was
placed in the possession of the defendant by an ordinance
of the society, which has never been revoked; and fur-
I her, that toe bond executed by Donahue was not al-
proved, and was afterwards cancelled. For plaintiffs,,
iessroo Blunt and Henry -,for defenants, Mesrs Brty
nefere Judge Ingaham.
ThPi~e ospole vs fitter e al.-Tbis was a case of alraudon-
ment, m which had been already tried three times, and fully
repoitedi in the Mornting Xris. A sealed verdict will be
readeredlthis morning.
Court Calentlair.
SUI-1:1110UH GOUBTT.-II), 2f, 44, 46, 49, 60, 51, 53 to 46,
t 13, S, 6,1 to 64, 66.
Co.,anoevP ,):A.-First Part-491, 51, 7, 19, 77, 9, 81, S3,,
8 cond P'art-64i~, 42, 12, 44, 46 66, 70, 6, r1P, lo.
t General Sessions.
Befre Like Recordr and Aid. Caizzens and Gader.
In tjoi case of Daiel MrCarty and Stephen Friday, !it
dioleal for steairg a bu looli from Laniel Toffiri, f o
the acvued having been hie I qrnt isciltitteif'. Rholor
not t~iiog able to tgree ol the tridl of the other the Court
on aniion of the Disrict Attorny,, oda ed wlle wos.
IThe t, ial of H. Wyl-ir, E~rq_ foir a libel ol r. DowLing,
pulaltAlol in tl- It, 2-uz,, vus, on emotion of Mlr. Graantu,
on eutot abs nee ofa nnutiko witnicss pyostponed
the goIdh, hs ztroNo. SIth l il street. for th
:Inaloo(e of odofra -in the insuri-rs; The accused, by his
foti o- I.Mon, P-y., intorpnsed histifiat, auslac
of wtor, at the1 lat lr"PlioII- 11 I I itis coirt or th same
rlr ,rd onall d in rhi indictment i Ld he cou-
311i'lniy ciaiaoidto be di ;,ui, ed al,, dishrge froe
Ihi, ii''I un.t. The I i, tict Attornce), ohected, alleging
lihzt tile indictulsnt eliosl ridwsetirely difilirnt
ft~m iipPM~ntindictmeltt -the forrier setii& fcrth the
I 11-w, i i liorin!. ofhe itolo, and not ofth, goods. The
-17911 ",,t 'If Clonin-1 on the ulTIlcu14n of the accused,
, z -t i e 1"I S,Wrdnay.
7 Y--Ts iVrlr was trid on an iiidlietatet fez anl as.
sa, I Iz a,; thatter, wih an Litent to kili John Higgins it
st"' from the tertimoq o (or linciis that about the
(Whr ll list election the leased lijade artherxude at-
tc III oilt him Nvith a kife, itilicting a wLoud upon Wss
fo-li, -I near the ere. The C~ourt, at this stage of the
1 ca-e disoPi led that a mistake in the tattletale, t visatd
it, Ilin, th it the almost that couldbafounduallearit. against
tile fonrrllsd, was a verdict af guilgoiraisault and batery;
anddtl ,o jur. under the advice oft ae court, rendered their
V,,lil t= ;dntngly.
Ini the rase rf Manns Kelly, indicted with John Lloyd,
to.- seeing a diorderV heireiu the 6th1 ward, a tjollt pras
wa -rde,,ed at tile 64ggestion of thft~itrit Attorney,
leb 1 wa &'ijsed that Klly Wsas bll the servaiat ol Llod,
at the f-u-e in question.
G-P, U.J41at,,u aueigro, indicted for st~lingal arge,
qgiltn)ic o copper train k. K. Collins sz ro and wity wait
used t a State Willie" on Wednesday, against Hudson, the
recai&r, after receiviog an impressive admonition from,
the Conurt, was discharged, in considertion of his having
been made a wi'Less.
ZNOGaso being i eady for tri I], the Court adjoured to
Ifayor's Coult.
Y-'erray, rl s-.nt-alrn N, Cormick, of life 4th -o
li,- ukaoro,, prvlenp certain charver, Irr his flonor lhw
VLo,,or, a gainst N ,chrniq Palmr. Gireshal and Schemer.
ho i, for alleged niotoni stil disorderly conlduct in Iront of
6,ii., lice station. The crire waa pardialy heardt, unt
ailr Aover for further action. Coottr
Before Judg~e Shetallua.
Stai h Ys. Sawytr, -Thi,; Noas on action for couralibirlonit
Inoug.~t by plaintilfas a broker.' It appcared that in toe
sunauee oT la4, the def~endat appliett to the I intiffft to
soedoor eclfinge a iainm in New_ Jerseyidwiltrth. owned.

oil a -i -a io of petit lrceny j but "aagfcognized aw
b.,livi i, ago insft whont seveml w I, zji g were Otor
hat ioi; partici miedt in crtan clectioi rfobs, he wwm.i
jlnttcla on the later change.
Fo~a ncll 'nallrx-go to the Anericall Nluituv,~i
cotutdotg, where a proprunune of novlltis W RnD~f
thlat s ,,qd univalled in tit- line of wmllectew p,
h uxlke I till 1 in its mill d iommu. i4 bo'uvt 3 Toli
f m i ual piortruiture ai that glorious trugi~le, lo ,ht
Ana~lyAnrwaur the movinst VIIIO~loh 'Ver
byalcl S thow tollch o apvnr ~ldui Etiin
blo, ldk a i ijahingle tho Westeo a~ee~l uo
qw"iii a:i cll OutrnL an gtr Outm-1, 11-Ne"Y"I'lle r
ftgC,. .ljt R COmbiostfoi, o attim~fion,
Buw tY \TltrI~ -Th( Te Will be Pn loln'"'C
tL w 11011,1y ,n r Nl1,hlwt &. Th,
drarc."C I I otn Bohoiniaii Girl \, 11 h, pr 0,1
'11"I lkl'; 41"l!"Clilly go tt;n JJ L utaj a
lo~lc for unote~r 60lilt 1CASOIL.un
Colust"Ock & CO. \, i lhw most vttfett ld villey
ev,,r thscovC1.'-d 111' Ljooj hi for OU) Ihllfit Of
9 muntd, Ma ell aq the proatleors, It m~ust be IV,
edl t )o~ i li tht wdiil o by comostok & Vo ,*J
Itio(It street, and. 1 9 1.'uton st, Br"IJ v Ll,
Krl.). YovitI Flo, In\m. -11110, oil Cd1,411iin ill,
)aplietioum, 1-tol" "Id) I Wller oPId e~l~ki it
j ituar n lk nw ikuouukeaMl loaaher
IiloperviollsI1 to waler!1, plovvots~ it Vrdck illgeg
ally dbls A3s wour. 2111 nly It l iCuurlul

:i~i. : :::;__iTH EB NEWC YORKE h MORNIN IN:G NE E S.

_ /i ; __ ~ ~~_ ~_

THEI Ln FIR.-The iron safe of Messs. Grree-
ley &_ MeI~irath was last evening recovered froth
the ruins of the late fire, and wase opened with the
]icy, alone, as readly as before it undetvent the fiery
ordeal. The contents were found safe and sound--
the leaves of thle several books, the Wnn notes
(some $300,) an"d the wood work, were scarcely
stained, tholgh the leader of thle binding and a
large pocket book, were cooked to a crisp, We
are gratified to state that the missing mail and sub-
scription books were found in the safe, with one ex-
ception-a southern mail book. This fortunate
circumstance will greatly lessen the, apprehended
severity of the misfortune.
Mr. William graham has taken a portion of the
True Sun office, in whichhe Will continue his
agency of Grahain'sO Magazinle, and his book busi-
ness generally.I
The "' Tribune Buildinrg" cost but $6,00 iti its
erection, and was insured for $2,000,. Mr. Price
will re-erect it without delay, and will probably
extend it to the cornerr of Opruce street,
We desie to correct any erroneous impression
which may possibly have been derived from one of
the Law Reports in this paper of the day before
yesterday entitled, lit thie matter of F. S. Stalk.l
necht."' Strictly speaking; there is nothing inaccu-
rate in that report ; bat the fault i, that, whilat the
charges brought against Mr, Stallkect are clearly
given, it does not clearly appear that they were in-
adequately sustained. We know theo gentleman in
question as a person of good parts, and excellent
standing in the community, and it given us pleasure
therefore, to insert the following note from the
counsel who was opposed to him upon the occasion
referred to--certainly theB most satisfactory evi-(
dence that could be offered in his favor.
V the Edito~s of the Mo"ling yfles-
I have observed your report of the motion in the
matter of F. S. Stallknecht, in your paper of the 5ith
inst., and beg leave to state, that in the: bief state-
me-nt your reporter has made, full justice is not done
to Mr. S. All that your reporter has stated occur
red ; but the commission of an assault by Mr. S.
was denied, and the court deemed his explanation
satisfactory, Your obedient servant,
RA'rHRR MysTBgnious-Ea;rl yestettlay morning
the body of a middle aged female, respectably dress-
ed, was found in the Hudson river at the toot of
Franklin street. She held her hat firmly graped in
her hand, and appeared to have been in the waier
but a short time.
PtiuisH.-One of the watchmen or the 5th dis-
trict yeatei~day morning found a man lying in a
state of insensibility in Wooster stret, and procur-
ing aid, conveyed him to the watch house of that
district, where he soon died, doubtless from the ef-
fect of exposure to the inclement weather.
Under the above desig~tatio, at Society has been
receLtly formed in this city, fromn w hose labors im-
portant and valuale results may doubtless be ex-
pected. It is established to collect and ditruse cor-
rec information throughout thle T Tiited Statesr in
griculture, Horticulture? anti Arborici&;ur, and to
promote the introduction of scientific knowl~edge in
thee arts. This object it proposes to accomplish
by the following means:
Ulst. By founding a Museum of' seeds, fruits 4peci-
mc ns of choice varieties o plants, ino els o me
mco ts and building s t~cutsofim rove iilillmllse
iog,, Oer wit li a c.T1'.;'Pi.V. arteolo Icral specimens,
fo, ,il nuinures, and other objects interesting in
2 i. The establishment of aLaboatory for the ex
ainiatwi ormanures, composts, marls,-n
the otrigiaal investigaion of the mineral food of
pPmi ts, I mits and seeds.
3d. T liet, tbl ishment, o an Agrcultural Library.
-th. Tiieprouriug of original, practical, and
scietific experients in these arts; and essays,
,paC'r in [eciiresl for publicatioL i auces of,




. fo lw I"

ATToRNY Gr~zRAL BAnxim11, as we learn from
the Albany Evening. All((, is about returning to
Buffalo to resume s polessional practice at thatl
city. He accepte d the 91ghly honoyuble legal office
which lie now leaves three years ago, and f!Vtlr
since? then its duties hacve been unprecedemtly ar-
dUOusR. There~ is a small salary of $100 atahed
to the office, but heretofore its claims have not been
snob ans to prevent the incumbent front continuing~
his private prctice. Mr. barker, however a
been required to be in constant attendance on the
CanalBoprd, enea. ed with claims against the State,
at a saceifice 0 time, involvingr anabandonnint of
his own professional~business for the while.
It had been his intention to resign the Attorney
= nraship Ia the opening of the present session,
'Atth t,.W -fent disturbaces. required big contin-
uance in the discharge of its dries. Now that
these are in a great measure over.,-for which re-
sut we have much reason to feel'indebted to his
promptness and zeal--he cannot be induced to re
main longer in the office 'We are sorry to lose so
upright and powerful a mart from tl* public ervice,
but we are sure that the Dentcrcy of this State
will not allow him toreiit long in his' retirement.
GREAT -FIar AT ALDANY.:-At five o'clock on Tues-
day morning a fire broke out in the KInickerbocker
Hall, !Broodway. which was speedily communicated
to~the whole building, as well as tor that adjoining
South, both of which were entirely destroyed. The
Daily Advertise of that mornng (that paper by the
by mst go to press at a ve~ry'late b our) rays:-
-When wleftat 6J oclock, the fire, was ra in
finicusl~y in te roof oft the, building north onher
Mechanic's Bank. but'it willlprobably be saved and
the fire prevented reaching Dean street in the rear.
,The building in which the fire broke out belongs
to Mr. KnickeibockerT of Waterford, the next aId-
joining south to Mr. Tobias Van Scfhaack, and the
third to Messrs. Prentice &r Co.
Messrs. Ptnam &fi Jacks-n, and Carpenter 6
Kiirk, tailors, in the Knickrerbocker building, are
burned out, and we fear lose their whole stock.
Messrs. Chapnman & Go., tobacconists, and Geo.
C. Treadwell, furrier in the Van SchaA bu)rilding,,
nre also burned out Mesrs. Bleecker&- Bogart in
the Prentice buildjtn; will probably -sufler more
damage by removing their goods, and by water,
than by fire.
ANOTER.-AbOU 4 o'clock on Sunday morning
last a fire broke,6ut at the house of Charles Raynor,
at Moriches, Long Island, and entirely desifoyed
it. it was occupied as a tavern and country store.
Capt. Havens, in rushing up stairs to secure a bu-
rea, came very near losing his life. Mr. Ruyn or
having seen him go up and not return, while the
house was fillledl with smoke, ran-up the smir-way
and called to him. He heard the iouu'a and for-
lowing the direction, reached the air almooitex-
AN OLD ROGUE R nF!r1NTANT.:!'Bennett, the man
charged with an assault with intent to kill, on Nor-
ton, one of the overseers in the Connecticut State
prison, was tried upon this indictment at Hartford,
on Mondayte3 nt The prisoner declined the
aidof ouneland witnesses were examined only
on the part of the State. After the evidence had
been given in, the prisoner made a most singular
address to the jury.
He began by remarking that lie had nothing to
say in his own defence, but on the contrary wished
to testify against himself. The indictments did not
charge a crime by any means as great as that which
lie had committed. This char-ed an assault with
intentlookill. It should bave c~rged the with mur-
der. I struck him three times (onet more than was
testified toi) with the inent to murder Ihadilnur-
der in my heart andi as the Bible? says, "lie who
sheddeth man's bloo by man shall his blood be
shed." I ought to receive the punirhment of a mur-
derer. I: demand the punishmnt allotted by thee
law of Godl and not that given by the law of man.
Let the attorney read the statute and he will see
that there is a ditr~erence between killing and mur-
der, and I desire the punishment of murder. This
is a Court of Justicend I am tad f it. I wnt
justice done to me et the jury ring: in a verdfict
according to righteousness, and I shall be saisfied.
He wenv~on to say that he had been a most abac-
doned wretch but that a great change had of late
come over him. In the cant phrase, lie had "Lgot
religion."' He said that once he fel by Satan's raze
but now he was raised by the Ta~ce of God, &-e.
8ll this readily worked upon t e feelings of the
Court, and his bono in sentencing him deducted
one year from the live for which he, would olave
otherwise beegi probably kept in prison .
Bennett its a native of aine, and is now in prism on
on it sentence of fifteen years, six onlof whici
1 ave Lewasconine in the New~ Ri~

It is rather a new mode of procedure to indict
banker in New York Cor accepting a cotton bill, and
require the i-:xecutive to deliver him up, The
next move may be to make it an indictable oftence
in Florida to buy thw cotton of the Terriory at all,
anti to require the new York Execuive to deliver
up, all th~e cotton brokers, The Governor then very
jutly animaverts upon the evil of the paper sys-
tem, aad in illustraion quotes largely from his own
me~ssage to tile Lgilature of Nottlt Carolina in
He'thlen enters upon a more important topic, vz,,
the intermedaling of Massachusetts with the inter- I
nal affairs of the Territory,
Massacohusetts is certainly earnings for herself the
reputation of the most turbulent I and 'unresonable
of all ruembers of the Union.
You will perceive that the Government of Massa-
chusetts has been instigated to call on the 13,xecu-
tive of the Territory to interpose arid stay the pro-
ceedigs of a, co-ordinae department of this Gov-
ernmentt to gratify the morbd feelings of Northern
fanaicstheebyimpeaching the impartiality and
prt tour highest judicial tribunals. While I
cudnot from a proper. official respect recognize
any right in the authorities of'"Massac;;tusetts;s toi-
teipose in Such a delicate matter, I nevthelessfo
my own satisfaction. and the respect I entertain for
fla o piion of an enlightened and impartialt
ifr~d last .0 time in making the communication
ka.ow to the prosecuting officer, on whom the high
resliptailailitp rested. The answer of Mr. Ander-
son Is full o( instructive admonition to those de-
luded victims of a vicious creduliy; and it is to be
hoped thatl their incendiary and disorganive inter
medling! with our domesic institntiolls, will stand
rebuked by his caln and digifled refutation o
their unfounded calumnes. e result of this pros-
ecution has proven most conclusively, that instead
of ein to ainginayour punishments are of too
mild it type for such urvtdcie.Ihr-t
fore recommend tht henceortli'm such incendia-
rbe permitted to CA' IPP our jurisdiction. Death
isthe pilushinew prvidd by law for'such offences
in the slave hrolding Stat~s generally, and it ought
to oe8 in Florida. As intimtely connected~ with
,bjetlbct I herewith sublmit to you a letter which
I received Vrom &l late Governor of South Caroli-
us, covering certain resolutions adopted by the Le-
gi.4 tnref of fliat State.I
,These and the ground of opposition to the annex.
Itlou of Texas, and many other unerring indica
tionsi of the fixed purpose of the abolitionists to ties
trO OkirrtdorneStic repose, ought to satisfy the: most
Lkejical among us that our Constitutional rights
ar, insiduously assailed, and that to enjoi t era
nmh longer, we must be prepared to defehn them.
Tito 111milla Roads, &c.
Breathi is scarcely mror necessary to animal life
than thee mails are to that of newspapers, and, to
curry out the simile, we are almost suffocating at
present. We boxu the compass, and do not find that
tile mails have come in front any quarter. The
mails from the South, we suppose, are lying some.
where between this city and Trenton--a distance
of only 45~ or 50 miles, over which if there had
been ay spirit, any kind of enterprises in th mail
agents, they would have been regularly bought in
sleighsl, without more than a few hours' deention.
The Northern mail, which we had confidenty ex-
pected last night, after the announcement that tile
Housatonic road had been passed over in the usual
time, notwithstanding the storm, is also missing.
Nor hasu the Eastern mail arrived.
Altogether we are in a bad prdicament for news.
Thle New Haven and Providence papers are theI
only ones weblive duly revived. Weirta i soanty
mail yesterday afteration from )iclniond, Charles
ion, and Savannah, but thib had skipped liver the
intermediate places, arid we have: therefore nothing
whatsoever from the~t seat lat'Governmenet.
Theft lousatonic and Erie Roads are the only ones
upon whichi as far as we havelleard, there has been
no detention.
Vkiglaud atid the Oe-oitTeritry
Tebil hih has pssed tile ouse of lielm.e-
ceqs tile secin ewentie42 SW
noth ltitude. The Lowr Coluia "enioe
in the follwingextact rom lae nuber fth
LondonSpectaor, a the bound ary f thie Bri tial
claim, reaches nerl to the 12ddereebrcI
neall the whole
De farto as well us dejue, Iret Brtbtn hs st-
tiejd tile territory Wet f he ocy :1 iauH
fron, 1h, Arctic Ocean andth usia roiir
Southward Lis far a the Lower olubia, a~rnd
pusticd its ouss beyond that rliver. To this por-
Stion of what hs been alle tle Oregron terrtr
tile Bmish itle Is clear n nisuale ti
()Rly al to whether the Unie Saesltiea il
to ay put ot til terrry (aiid how rauch, Of it)
betwe ,nl tile Eritis outposts Sundt o tile Gounbi
adNorth of 'dw Mexicn frontiers, thut any dul
ca le admitted. :No such title call be retdo
th gond of nisri~time discovery ; for the ciun
bia ijv,- was no.dsovrdb Ge n170 iy
mg luu pleviusly icvidb deSairsi
than the expediion ofLewit dCak.Ta x
lifdtiltw was fitted out, it is truo, by tl oermn
_fth Union, for the purpose o dicovery on
Lewis and Clark had no warrant to take p~es
sion. The settlement of A~toria was begru with-
out i he sancion of the Government RL Wasivtn
and was never recognized by it. Thevaityo
claim founded upon actual occupancy since teds
coverips of Lewis and Clarke, must dependupon
settlements formed sinee 1818; and how such 4!ould
be formed, without violating the! treaty of that Ie at
it is difficult to conecture.
That all the territory North of the paralllof the
Lower Colmi at least will be retained bly the
British Governmelnt there can be no dob. ti
already occupied by Vriiih subjects ; Brtsilaw
and forms of administration alradv revil tere
Britishl Feeling-lat is the feelings o nlfmn
Swotchrneii, and Ganuaiallaopposed to toeo
the 1,tpublieas o the Union-are there in tl s
ceallaacy, This community muster protectoad, arid~l
its loyalty to the British empire encourage nd oat
tered. It may easily be doe. The H idso's Bu
Company ought to feel that a new era has oni-
mernced that a field of usehil an oorbexe-
tion, far beyond what was contelfplted by its ile
~eei~,t and ing,~ ~ 5 a l
powers ia some e pec a, y tel

c-tirrent money and the other in ieliefies h disr
coiunt upon which before hep1 ilnt wtlabu
n kL, Ikc wever, fias iac~ie ~ (on o5
rai to 5rcent. Tile I-Iae n onst ol~i
P. hv Iad t 'is discount itself-but ow refitorg
.1 1 j i'e l l e a s e d a t w l y ilnr : nK~~g t h a t fl i v y
don't gramb e much at (his
AIINFA~lo N.-R-e80;Utinle ill flIV01 (11 tile kInVx-
titioo of(l Texars have litised bot rin lhes (if [be
9Leislature of Alirgiw.Te iivitetl n h
two Hoosesrr do not corrersill, t,,lou tDet
L gates foibeabcuilig to exprss 1113, opi lioll its to tile
connhtutionalityt of titiniexoiv I), tile niticle of a
t e $enate declaring that the joint Iii rsluinoth woloue u onges;11
by the House of Rtepresentiolve'. i il a awf(II [old
nonstittiional mtode of' ansiO U d that, th
Conditions and guarentees srt to Ill "heriln, arc
just anproper,
Ex-G(ov. Porter was at Philadelplhia oil Molldfq'.
A Irv~ number ofgentletopp o HII political Ilarlie
tile Kimr ut the AmericanRoel w -e il Myo
I niae iti address, tor whieli Mr~. 1"Itr epiel,
ACPepeheswere made hvr oseph R W",haoodler, Ovid
F. Johnaon and R K. Scott, Thtse Ex .Gov-
ernor and his friends then paitucil- u a banquet.

dlime fand tli of na0ion is a thread in the
"t, inhe, life.
From its eariest exisence, th race has never
been abandorned by Go"d. In the darkest hour the
light of truth %vas discernible, though its bams
were dim and insufficient There were the sacrede
bookA, the ZendAvesta, and the Veda, there were
Moses and Confucius. Socrates avel Plto--morn.
ing ater. that preceded the day when the C hristian
*ul arose and tidled the errrli Nvith it,- glory, That
sun is even now fair rom ii meridian ; but it
is Slowly ,A'-ead111, and it Nvilt yet light the remot.
est coroner o;f thr, globe. As rlious truth, the
basis, is slwyand progressivel5 develop ) 50
politcal truth, the suprstrcture, is zradually up
Theme are al-;o tiolitial Zendvesta and Veds;
fhtdpolili,: it Hebrew ntion and Re political Con-
faus skiff Scrates migt be found ; frthere were
ancient and modern nstions reaching freedom so-
cording io tt r ca city; and, be it reverently
.poen' I he Tarnnianumlaqel also has come, and
has been crucified and deposed in a rock hewa by
despotism, which he. will rend asunhder On the day
of his resurctin. It is not a mere fiaur of
e ch, bwt a reality. that Polan'hd is typica of
Nhist There is no irevrece ia this, for W'hat-
ever is good in man is of God,
Poland, like ouyr 1, aionr, innocet of human
blood, stood i~n detence of human. rights, intending
no evil, preaching aud practisin tistce and love to
all stlaa, acorda$'t heYarilities and time ;
j_ t, revilcd. insuftod,and put to death. Her to n-
poray butriiT Nill. only attest her sincerity; justice
will be done to tier by free nations, and tier spirit
will be once more evoked from the grave
Whoever iis Nracd the progress of events in
the civilized world since the year 1830, cannot but
have remarked an incrasng uneasiness at thle yoke
of tyrtunny. ThV sirit u- redom is spreadin'g
tbrough.Europe the edicq ad i so flings
and Isnperoirs can no more restr in i t tha the
voice of the Danish Canute colfd 8 1 th~le ad-,
varicing tide of the free ocea.' 6dd esi tied man
for moral and political free out, but -e echse
people, he I a desined to wan er t ii ilderness,
ire cf~ hepoised lad.
As ion4 as the ra gn 6f thte of~t is permited
to lie undieturbed in his: dark den of desplotsin,
there can be no Christinity pure, no civilization
prqesive, to freedom perfe&-loro his vry breath
poi8ons the atinnsplere, in which alone those gifts
of Heaven can llonrish. Poand, by ler gpograplil
ca poiton, and by the cosmopolitan spirit she ties
ever rnaiiifstd [ouftrds other nations, can alone
be the guaranty of securit from this aggressive
power. She inust, and will yet aipake into politi-
ea 1f o roll back the thick mrist_ of barbarism
presain upon Furope from thu East, and again she
,will be foremost aniong the guardian,; of unity.
Yer, he brow will b. once ore aornd ith the
wrath that crowns the sisterhood o freedom ; and
ALieic, e Yunge siserho, by a directon
from God caght tne depart spirit from her dy-
ing lips, will now breathe into her, hier own mre
, Sons ofths wie-spead nd beautflAlleiallia
Cood has n' ad~yur country a pillar of lgtto na-
tions glopingin the. wildenes fbodae Lot
uts love a u cheish er, ot a our native or adopt-
ed country onaly, but as ~the ark of Gods covenant
wit mankind. i ; _:
Friends and coduntrymn! who come lisire to
nitto sing you song in a Stralge landdono
mourn like tho~se. exiles who by the riers ofBaby-

ton, Rockwell, Rone Seuter Sevranc, Abert
Smith, Caleb i. Sroith,'Stphens, Andrew Stewart,
'Summrs Tilden, Tyler Vance,~ Vilton, John
White, Winthrop, a illiamu Wrigt-59.
And thre followinga article from the Expefss gives a
natural andc cnnsistent expression to this instinctive,
Whig ever~ion to thle extension of territory, We
quote it only for thle illustration it affords (if the
print above stated. Such an article could never
have appeared in a Dernoctatic paper, nor could one
conceived !it a diferent spirit have been looked forI
in a Whig Waert
TuEe OREON TERRIORY.-It would seem as if
our country would never have done with the settle-I
mentutuestionsof boundar andinternatonal dis-I
pute. The North Eastern Bcundary perplexed us
for years, and no sooner have we got rid of this
than upon the North Western and South WeseternI
borders we find questions, of territory in dispute,4
threatening to involve us ini a war with two power-
fillnations. Te impartial historian will no doubt
record of us, as we, often make record of others,
that among the nations of the earth there has not
been one More aspiring 'than our own. Our coun-
try ommenced its existence in being cut up
inProvinces of foreign powers. These foreign
powers first quarrelled among themselves for mas
tery, and when the: stronger had ovecome thee
weaker, and all things seemed settled for all time
upon our portion of the American~continent, then
commenced ewervr for independence, whichwas suc-
cessfully persevered i, and in the end obtained by
ou fathers. We have lived to see the borders of
the old Union already so enlarged, that they hardly
bear the impress of ifteir original character. The
thirteen States have become twen Xsi, and our of-
fciafunctionaries at the seat o74vernoment are
carving3 out as many: more as we already have.
Texas we must YCand will: have, says a great party at
the South. The Oregon is ours, and Nye wll have
that now, surnmarly at once, is. the cry *fe, large
pary atthWest. klemoials, too are pournginto
Congress now for: the annexation of Canada to the
Union. The Atlantic and the Pacific areclinird
for our present oundries and men are bold enough
to ,declare that we shouf& not stop short of the
whole Ore~gon. Amidst such wild lancies as t Be,,
it becomes us to pause. In-our idea of 11 en -
ing the area of fvedonill if Nve do not sto -it ret
we are, the end may be that the," ar a f freom
will become sovouotracted, that wve orsel ifsel
be driven into a corner Of the earh ,
The House, not satisfied with &'Runexaxtioa of
T, xag, and the consequoencestif that measure, have,
as we are bound to beitve, just consummated an-
tiier extreme measure by the passage of a bill to
extend the juridiction (if the United: Sttese over
the Oregon erritory. 'Vc ive a smmry f this
10)illtoay Our objections to it are several, and
first, that it has beerl brought forwrd in the man-
tier it has ptcondly, that it haHs been introduced
while liegotinotozis are pending ; thirdly that it is
a queston eminently blogig to the new; adniinis-
tration, and especially so, Nyien there are less than
[0111. Neks to interene before the present admin
istration will be out of power. Finally, and most(
important of all, the bill which has pased: theI
House with al its modifications, is a flagrant viola-t
tion of existing treaty stipulations, and its etect is
to ivealker the strong claim we have to the regon
Territory. We hope, therefore that it will be -de-N
feated in the Senate, to which body it has been al-
redy Yefered.
.The E res i B discird its ears of our being
6tieles driven into il corner of the earth." Let
it rememer that our, numbers are now about six
times what they were R litbl over half a century
ao What is to prevent their being six: times
wbat they are now half a century hience? Andt
the eyes of thosand., of children have already
opned tothe~ light whose last centenarian look will
rest (in the Eqpectacle ofa population of between two
and three hundred inillions in our Union. With
the ditfu 3ive instinct in; the American character,
suell a pplation as till is not going to be, cramped
up into a "coier of the earth."' No-and it is for
the aoccommodation of this futiire American nation
that we are now laying out those nilsand bounds
whiell appear such wild fancies"' to lie vision o
our Whig conteporary
Meaag o Coverir Batul ofF;i da

, but is caught by every bree~rSc, re-
ry hill ad mrountai1, til its thunder-
d annhilat the enemie who defy it
ing hpe, veryvobl aspiration hat
om swth a warmer love of libety, i
and your ce, unbinds one link inte
,pot, ,,,ad hasens through inscrisi-
g of t t day when mn, fre from the
fell.,w man, shall stad erect-the
IyuWiliwnsurg and .Jerses7 city at an

fild Prison for Lle secod fin,,. The I pirl y
T1imrs hs no faitl in his sincey an thnks Ke
a nior, hardened and murdrous iin does not
live within the wals ofthe penitentiary..
F-n th, BMPLn Tr-- P
Sote Scond Whougi i; n Ol Bild.~
-itic aftti critic have ronounced opinicns with
rtI ic I -d ffar t tilt, ta o- X1, NiagamPJI ofT the:
grfrht Norsc musician, and tile question seento
be &vhu dt( dende' widi report to the charracter
of the pice. Musicians arldpoets hav, t fdenvor
ed to heakr and understand it, but vul it" srrlcitiv
and tilt inlsrfltive havez seemed I i 11 tvilizex-
prsil to %vital tis seed otel l.,Db its qoaithm, its
caii lnd; its effcts. The BostoutanS are 110B to
hetrit and I; is but fair to thein Iheref,,recl to viv-e
senut boh sides of the 'critiism. A -New Y. Prk
coreqndntof the Vineinnultcol Gazelle writil"
ouer(ate January 9t, iforins tile, F -vkt-vel con-
ceriling the new coiniosilon as folows:
() e Itill his twged his last fiddle straw, in New
York, and u about to leave us vvith inany rgarets.
He is ai genius, but his Nin-aara, ill spire ol, tile de-I
terminatiron 4f his friends to sustain it, as it fbtil-
ure. To one who can- Imagine ei-trthing and re-
call the roar of the cataract. whlen ht last stood on
Table rock, and the emotions that accompanied it,
the piece may haveaavoice Hall a ni"Liing, hnt to the
less fortunate it iswitout brith. This result rmight
be exp,,cted, for wrho can describe Niagara, cvev i
in langavgg. ? _The thunder ofits, awful rillroto-
its avalanjnche-like leali-it cloud of spra arti brid-
ing ra' nbow tire not atmoug tile tariible Illin7's to
tiybut tre beholder. IMuch less cal tle srranrte
emdotions that niae the heart stand still in! the bo-
sninm tile feelingrs of zublinnty and silent rapture
tht (-,try the sprit away into the mysteries of
Deity e stressed through a Iioliji
It i ainusing to read the dillerent rriliques pli-ed
onNpertbri~incv. ),the pre, Yvu I~ike tipone
paperi lend it Epeaks of tile couple suces IIItil
gicdeclring the t one could hear- theO roa ofth
reui~ts hV da ht hi rist deirne to pro.
duev ny such imitalin bill Pwight only EO convey
his own emotions while standing and contempla-,
ting tht. tupndous sceiae.Athrefcinho
impossible it is to nl'y Lilt -111tioll- without
either initiation or descaripton of that Lheofv ve.
tri tells as that 'lie musician 'liters to 'is he feel-T
Ingis of Ili., hetirt as it liedI fromn Table Rockt back
to I Is Norwean cottagean tire. lilreid, of his
th n ;I II Lraordinary piece. of Illic, Tat Nvdtr
"Vh ich ro I s th Q w ild pi ot) t I e tb it Ik,
I It nature's athem, z ~~ir ausnv e r
A 9 1 1V R t 11 0 0k 'f ( ,nd - - I I ,.
has no tyipe (Il earlb. It sIMaa thd S~
rivale, pouring its miiphty voice into tire toluit of
men its no instruent on earth (,an imitate.
By n singular association, Speaing of' NiA
reminda us of an incident that occurred some time
since whe It we were inalae Vesuviuad been
belching In th its florne ani suvokeittl (lay, making t
tile mountan trelubee under the fi, *p blows of IN t
Terrified engine, anti is )light 8 proltellvd berln to t
liilit 11) tht heavells Nvith it ILITIS gow, whee n ett-
poiran, acostilL al Aller ical l txclai llck t
,(I Wezll hilv yo ally thing like thaut In -Alliet-
C'I -\, t),,, ,lied t he ),ankr, "I but N% t:llte a
0)1?11 flatil that lvoubf Jilt it Oa in fire i I li, h's "P
WeI have before us apriva~te letter from PiliRadel-
phia written by one who it; a f, iend to the N'orwe-
gian, and scorns to fluter hilli with falselpralse
slid Who is withal a decided jud6r of "I tiuQ In
,~icts and sensations. From thiq etterwe venture
to make a brief extract the tone of whici "swillb
asicu, is much in accoraance with that giveni above
trom the Gareitfilifincinnatti. Thte letter writer re-
rolrks illus; L'Of iliagarP lhhtve but t wvod of rLroh
to say,_ It was a gru ad mistake-L, perfect failure.
According to my t-1 t: Rid poor judgment, le Bill
is an exceedingly good and great perfrvir but a
poor ulhor. His Ctenius is more Ileehanicl thann
roet, cal, or even than i ntelectual. I know that lie
a, A r~oad some rather good pieces, but there is
.4 'ctuftamibly striking! in hen. f arqbody else
but Ole Hui sould plav, them, they would seem far
below it great many other musical production of
flpeh less flctu ,[ severity than his own In fact
I do not know w-thier it be rut fault or his, but I
till ll IiAf Iad quiol silver wherilbrar Ole Bul flayy
tilt lintaic Of other L Otitlro-ors, (tle CarilVa o
\ elecc, or ltllydin of Ilint kind) find I ant dead or
R Ivell NN hn he begins his ONI'l J'aillstivill Illedlita.
lions 1tjl[ its a Iper['()Yer JIC is \V011drful, sod itss
a Made I would liv truly his friend, and scrupulously
1,Voidl tliRt elgreizious and unwartnuable iattery
which 111lst inl the trulbe detrimenttal to hissgucc14s
and JILIJ)Piukeh%"
s I ~h.r. t ugusfine paper of'te Sl
tilt I sL s. that grven pens hand rande their iiiw-lr-
alluet ini thit markt.t already. It is almost it r t)C! e
ry to si)-it of such things liere at present. it is
III,,d for its to beleve that there is anything green
in tle tvorid just laow-leasrt of all, green peas.
L J. EItticE, U. S. Top. Enineer s I If I arl
returned to this citv last evening. U. Blak hs
been ell ageed in thee Hurvey of it routtr to,, railroad
across tn. peninsula- 8-1, Itq Meluld, Jana. 2L )

in hes ars. -
Ctil. Till-. stabishmnt of. an intrchang of
frui! seeds, aud isicius, with mother scieties
The flHowing s theh list of its oflicerii
Vie isid erits--flon
MuNw~vLl, E ;jSt!e;iny, Fsq_ Shcprrd
Ic ia) i i, i ,C itlelor'V( o rk G ps Ma-
S .. l i;. .,Esq, .. 3. ivngson
11oioui CnsllngOfficers-- orl"Coite,
U -. kP.TS, ni riloy nd Zdo10gy Z Plo
fessor vnick LI. D, Mchaica Phoophy ;1
W, (7. itrtpl, (eoo v;Pofso Toley,
I',) 131,1 nsoll, N raj Aa ellite turt; ; Pro
Loois, Aletcorololjy ; 1), GadnrAl
1)_ Chimislry ; 1) .1. Browne, [, si., AreIjtvcttirp
Stokhoin lof 1 oler f IItrelt ;3. 13. Bous-
sigtniofPai ;Prt' stsLiebig, OfGiessen ,
Prol. G Spen !" o Brnswck Profl. Durtis, of
Par ii G. Neport of' Lo niodou ; C. Lyel.
Es, o London ; J. 6mithl, Esq., of Deausto -
Pr, 1Shleiden. of Germany; Frofess-or Kanc, ot
Dublin ;Prof. Lndlev, o Lonon
Ilecordina Seereary-ll. A. Field, Y.D.
Co~es~ndng Secetary-D. J, Browne, Esq.
.1 r casuieei-J. W. Draqper, W.D.
Publishin Goiraitee-R L Pel ,Esq I W.V
Draper, N.n., Archbad Risel, dol.,iii. Ed-
word Clarkr, D. P. G ardner, M. D.
Veterirairy Siurg~eou-Alr. C. 0. GI ice, Gliad VC.
Oil Mlon ]a%next a gereral meeting of the socie
t )ill Jake! l~aC at seven oclock in the smalehap-
1 1 1'tir University, Wahinton' stsuaire Those
whou ha e received a copy of the p~rospectus.are de-
sired to ineet at thvt University on that rvening.
Agriultilura Arisooatiomi.t
Thre following peition is in circulation. Wei
cannot too strongly commend its objecti to our Dem-n-
oermice friends for siqun Lle it) te petitions, and to
the 1, gilatre for favorable actiou on its prayer:
70 1/11, 11omible the Lisature o the Slate of N. Y..
Thre orider~jiged respectfullyLl petition your Hono-
rublet body to lirss a 6neiaH Crporaton Law for
'cormbined A~lrcultual all( Manuffatrring om-
Itaies" o to extend the pesentGeiiral Ci'rpora-
hor Lw fr he riourl~rrrntof certuin niankit
faciles,(Se, ..S. ol:3,ji 22 )so as to in.
Chid, te bsilesaof ,icilioc ad gntrl illan-
ulRC111ri%, And your veliitioneis World state 4S,
soint-of i iasons which t preseut oil for he
pwsao~fsuch a lawv hefllvr
Thtit ismot ssntil o ir wll it -ofso
sorpib f labor in manfcirng rilyet
ocetir, th, isrvs hichI it figtohepra
tives rniv lieavidd by ullowing, uuernjiloyt~l work.
niell fuwil cs and indlievillerit to eigae lu. rgrl
Culture ; and fuilliv, that thre are now large,- num-
liets ofirien without profitable employmeriL, who by
the low Nvages thyar iligtorcivdosn
ous njuv t skifulMidivothy operatives in~ every
biror fmnntlincho labor; who it' Conijanici
ivero encouraged? for the setilement of lands, inight,
thcrehy h- e Jurnished NvitL food emlloymet 'of
which thiey would gladly avail themselv, and thus
relievre the goobd mechanice of this species of com--
petiion, ho might often wish to avail hiptself of
such a. law;i and further, the depression of business
the multiplication and improvement of machinery
and other causes whereby the chances of accumu-
tibn try hand labor are almost entirely ct off, d-
miind tbata. direct and ras aciiesesblould beoed
totk sito avert impen ingS degrdaion and suf-;i"
ferinn to tti laborer.
Avli5 further, the present wise policy of the State
against~mopopply and per etutY in liandedl property,
would be gretly promotes by suchl a law, proper-
ly restricted," and kept always sube to.t control
and repest by the Le gislature, in~smucts~~ it would
make it~accessible to a great number of citizens,
wlo now for want of mneans are forced to remit in
servile laborers,, instead of becoming proprietors of
thii land, as they on~lit; and further, thart the profits
i ciffarining ectloirmy (if lablor therein, and agricul.
ttural scleilce, Nvoidd bt- arretly~ promoted therreby.
iThe oliject of your petilro~ers is to promte new
seqtjlnjvnts on pirrsent ,lttcultivtted nds irk thia
Sitite, L11d provide errliploylent for a worthy and
antlering Class orf citiy 11. And your petitloners
belweviil'i that fl- 11111)[ interr st call$ for the i11111t.
diatc pasiia,, o Buch it lUNV look confidetil' to( the
%vidom andnl patriotism of 'h~o p~resentl legr1ture
Ful tirkirript arid adequately relief,
Thle Couiavy Court nieeta 411, Tusdy nextrfor the
Trial of J USticea Ilaslil Rud Drinker.
li~llook., -Thib Democratic R epolblicalf
Stltt Convention of this St~te hor tire or)OI O
nontrating cndidltes for .(Iovern r air Gernerall
officers for file unsuin S pringl E lection, will Ineet
at Providence 4 fli 1th ofMarch neyt.
cor:.,;,rN,, 11A.-The special eleetiont for
r inenil),,rof Assem~bly oil thle 29th ult. resulted rt-4
I Tlenry G. Steer. Dril. 2826
3 acob Hothrian, Whig, 2079
John C. Myers, Voluneer, 363

rua~ry 10tbliD~t-,at 7 oclockP. under briel" After a poperinvcatlit
ELIJH F.PURY, Cairmn, f th aidof he Spree Being, he proeeds : i
14"c V FOWL2 S. crtaries Unde the ifluenc of thse fudamenal traths,
4)=VER ci Riqc y purpos will b to coner ingenously ad freel
(Post leasecopy.)f-1 a with ou, ad to uite erilialy wit ever honestt
F~rst Pge. pa) iot i placig our dopteddlaoutry in he hest
postio toasserther rightsi-and redbreslier wronp
03-A vry nteestng ddras eliere byDr.wi enegydtgityandunyielding irmness. Por
F. ierbici, t te Plih clebatin i ths i mst e amited hatFloid has i iahts to main-
ciy n he29h f omer laist, wilbe foun~j~d tain, as well Ps wrongs to Ted(s, of sch a chur-
11 p- ascter -as to demn ound~~ivided energies.
~pg-F:~'r~:iB~ 0E;pl~n, a E Afte r complaining bitterly o the Indian war, he
wit whchtheEnlis ad Aercanpulicar remnarks in relation to the debt:
but mperecty acuaited-nd e reommnd i Wold that this were al-but not t) I Trough
tesame' agency an unwise and ruinous legislating
tthe perust~:afal o l onr waders. has been~ inflcted o her, wrse, it' possible, tfhan
" wagr, pestilence, awd famine."" i mean the blight-
More I Afore : AlOI~ ~or e I ing in luerice of acorupt and corraptingd, per ys
Yee, racre, moe, more! will be the linrestig iern, so utterly rotten, thit- 1 cann( eitrake its
cry tllou ntioaldetiy s fafillcd, and disection. You will, however, see from the accoin-
cd:lomparring corspondece marked B' that I have
the whole boundless~s cntnen is Ours as sum ea9R what some may deem a weighlty resonsi
Texas Oieg-on, Caiona Cnda, yes, allall, ar bility. May I not expect your energetic aid, in the
sD"S "" -~" bB~ ~e.wihin he aereffo t I am making to rescue 4 ur 0 d name from
soonr o laer t beembace witin he verthe reproach of faithlessness, in Co dischayge of
widnig irleno ofou dmiio, or t s otho etliabiiies! I say emphatialy, hones labili-
domnio-bu o urpeacful union of free and in- tie3, for nne other would I recognize as si indivi-
~ndnr .~a~el~bon 2 ~her n: dual, a' nd no oher wo uld I advise you toassunie.
depeden Sttes bond ogeter n te bautful In addition; to till this, Florida has had indigni.,
sisterlacod of a common c~h! onstittin, a comon ties supepraded to injies. She has been charged
naioalty a common seniment o patriotisml, a wVith repudiating hier just debts. Nothing can Its
~pnruit Of he ~~ dosrc~ iea f ~ more libellos; and in her behalf, I feel it to bqe my,
comon ursit f he rea Amrian deaof heduyto repel the charge. On the contrry, it is ber
free development of humanit to the best and high- axevto pay her honest debts;, that induces her to
eat relts it may be, apabl Of working out for scrutitize th spurious demands of speculators and
itslf.Forthi grat estnypuroseandnecssi bunk swilers, enerate& and fostered by re
ty, we want-or we shall waut by a end yth wolapcncss-i FedeTa rulers. Under such circum-i
:tP ~w ~~~~a it yan b~hs hol, 3Cig t is expctin too much to suppos that the
and nthin', short of the whole ad wanting it, we unsuspecting~ citizens of Florida wilt siufferr them--
shall ave i, we ust hae ite wil hve it. It sclves to be cruhed by so unholy an aliance and
~f~~P~t ~ rqst~e r~~etvthis too, without a mrmur.
is a dim yearing istinct of this igh fae this Under the Providence of God, Florida earnestly
subim tendency, whih dispoes the Democratc~aic dsrsto carve out her fortunes. in her own way.
or the 31-avement party of this country towards the Site asks to be permtte to appoint'~her own~offl-
constant exnsion of territory ; for it is th pryces and to mke and administer hler own laws;
and in tu asking, she fels that she seeks nothing
which aloe reprsents-mperfetly indeed yet but what she is justly entitled to, and what she-
8till partilyth ru genius ad spiit of Amricawol be recreant tob her bes interests and posterity,
and the Ameican estin. wer she not to iniset on, he Eirmanda the rights
The ~ patyqq t~~oter ~the paty'of aft Sovereign State,, so long withheld fromt her
Theothr prty ontheothr hnd-he~art'ofthough guarantied by~ tho.0Constitution of th nie
the~old ideas, the old things, and noting but thfe States, and the Treaty of Cession. With at soli-
olda ideas- andi the old bings-te party f timiaia, 8r delegate in 'Congreses, without even a ote to
:tio Eoeervtis an pete~ eveent drrs-oppose atggressions on your rights, how con you
lioitr coirevaisn an pepetalrevren rerofn'expect successfully to contend oro an equal partici-
Pebf~a to the past-ist as naturally oppses itf- pition in the benefits of this glorious confedray I
sBelf to tis tendency, n every occion arlain g Alow me, then, to advise you toido h ro
where it has to make ~one of the practical ate for- f State, Aovereignty-to take oB the old boy, Find
,p put on the new man!
ward n the marcheh of its movement. The LoisE.~ I~~ed odda O plnto nrlto
-Ainticase afforded odne intance of i~t. The Texas _eeptd odteIo ninto nrlto
adthe regon cases afd other. So will it be to Elie 41tempted evival of 'the Bank 'of Fioida.
About two years since an individual appeared in
hereafter on the future California qusion. go W' ewi adpoue prnsinfrmsmo
it be when te independentf rpics of the Caua wY~k~;r~ue ~miso;he oeo
the most errilint merchants, and a bunkiog: house,
das de~dr to enter the Union, o h ~~ fFoia oda nte-a hr
To illustrate this truth, look at the following listfo hBakfFlrdtorwonhe atzbt
of tei76a~ ahd~i'~ inthe ous~ofKeprsens- ightthe drafts to be coveredby Cotton sent forwardd
lives on the passage of the Oregon Bll., The for; to meet them, and not payble unless the cotton was
mer ae al Deocrat, excepting the few in tali, receivd. Tbesee~afts werethlen isaued inr Florida,
-whie te ltte ar al Whgssubectto he'amebut the conditions not being compied with, many of
exception. only 14 al W rig ote in thfrte,em them were protested. The arrangement was strong-
'and only 5 Democrats in th;soe negative: rm~ive ly Approved of bJ the, former Govern or' !a his ines-
and nlyTremcrar, i th ~ys .,. : sage On these transactions the Governlor remarks
yYzls;-Xesrrs-Anders~m Arri toatkusn
Belser, Benton. Eidack E. YB12,f~ JamesBlc,"flos
James A. Black, Blckell, Bower Bowlin Boyd, Helornce, :but a, short time sice, though tfa ci-
Brink~erholF, Brodhead, A. V. Biow4, William T. nting plialicr Of o trio of~these gentry, who
Brown, Bvilllington, Burke, Burt, Caldwell, Car- ,,,,,n1,vei to insinuate themselves into the confi-
p nter, J. E Cary, 6hepard Cary, Catlin, Chappell _dece of some of out public functionaries'and many
;Clinton, Cobb, Cullom, Dan Danil, Jarr gb 00 citizens, the country has again for al-~P
Douglass, Duncan iEna I l''cTrer Varlee: base: currency, not even madel payiible in Flofitla,
Ficliulo ForwE, Fstereh' uller Byrom, bu i Ne York, at the cu~inrfhoig fai incdi-
GrenGrier Hannoibal Hama~lin, llarnme,,. Hoist- vid aal whuo standls chargedc y indizciniev i ivith being
son, Hardi~n, Henley, Herrick, H-oge. Hopkins, "prticepa criminis," It may not, therefore, b
kHouaton, Hub.,d, HIubbell, lI-uuhes, AHungerford, inppropriat, to ay efoe yu'acorespndece
J, B-Hant, 0. J, Ingersoll, Irvin., Jalmesn, Cave marked C, whic 1, ind n ie in the Executive~':~ ~ve~
Johnson, Perley B fohnoonE Andrew Johnson, A. ofcbtenm ieeesradtellcGvro
KenndyPretonKin, Krkptrik. abrncle, f Neu, York b)y way of illustrating the evil wilich
Leonard, Lucas Lumpkin,, Lyon, McCauslin Mae- l iave attended tfhe renewal of the Banak of Florida--
lay, cClelland, McClernanad, McConnell, Mcxow- the last,.t, in thei, set iese of infaituated expcr~mrnts-
ell, Mc ay, Mathws,, Joseph Morris, Isaac E, whih, yu were officially inormed I Federa
Merge. Murpy, Norrs, Ow~en, Pamnter, Payne, office ofhi It authority in recornmerili11ng it to po
Pettt, Pollock, Emery D. Potter,, rat, Panoey:pola frivor,lind remained, dormant or. p nuber of
Rtathbun, D~avid S. I ied Reding, Rtelf, Rhenl yearppr, and was purchased in by an individual, andC
Riter, toberts, Robinson, flors, Ruaaell, St. 4 idiobe one ofthe safest andbestbrer hc
John, Sampmle, Schene*ck. Thomas 11. Sey'mout,- Da- has ever been granted in the Teritry, and provides
vid L Sevnicur Simons, Simpson, Slidll Thomas better th8n any other againt an ovcr-t sn, andl the
Smith, Roljert Smith, Steenrod, ;Stetson, John conseque~nt depreciaion of'its papr." A~ndlbut
Stewart, Stiles, Jmmea WT 11eI~r one, witlwwck eoe~.i ulr PP Uyour jurisdic-
'Strong, Syl;b-s, Tylr, ekettTukr, fcn- tionby flight, you werle again told by thte same, Au-
-meter, Weler,, Wetworth, Withelzred Wheaton, thoriitv, that t hsfurnished a safe! circukutuln, to
1311eil Whitel Willi'mi, Wood lwatd, 40: eph A. some -extent, and the prudence and disunion with
Wriglat 1_;uiey, and 1,os-1-10. Whiel t has bet conducted, entities it to the
-ears.yc~~ljr J Abbot, Adu sl a ~lei~~dn eo h public From it I trusttw
Brriger 1,iard, 13n~renalo, Milion Br Ilown, Ciimpp- maybe nabled to derive: some Ussfful lsssons, bt
bell, Caciol, Cousin, 1121abev Chopun, Chilton. as regird Bakia_- Territorial responsibility and
,Clinch, I 1ligman Vole, Collarrer ', Davis, Ruh- l uternatinal law. la Nnlew Y'ork, It! woU1 seem,
itl D. D, Riv!, Pobesrry, Fiefi root. ((;oggi, Grin- that to i~widle a wholIre community, through the~
'flell, 1-Tarlwe, Hudson, WH~lingtll fluill"Joseplilt. muency ofrauk officers is rvgrldd'i i wiil n
Jnprrll Jnk, Gore i wts ohn P Nxiim di:ereinr ; sil therefei:w ugiive clicirgrf-
dj ouiel P. King, Molilvaine, Mars~h, Edward %vih Lic a ifinco mde by oncr ,Atle, a 0 idle,
JoyJ Motrig. Freeman 14. Morm-, Mosely, Newton, '-ill not be delivered up b y thle authori~y of New;
;Paterdon, Ileyto, Phouix, Elislia It. Poter, Pres. _ork, to be tried and puniklied in Florida.


_;- .: I

_.~~-----I ^---- ____ ~

On Thursday, the d6tii stint, Laura, jiifant child of F.
W. and Laur Gilley. -
Friday, Februnary 7. ,
sUn nm n....... ; 1100N' ETS . .h.I.r0.M 8 O
snN S:TS I.. ....WA... 6 24 HIaH WArn...lEnvn. 9 30
Patrick Henry Dlano, Livvrpool, Ghinell, Minturn &
Co;-Barque Hel Ih, (Brem) Klenkeo, Charleston, Meyer
SStucker;-Bris Telegraph, (t4en) Lanro, Genoa, P
Hrmony's Nepews & Co; Coneda, Cratree, Wilming-
ton, NO, Nesmih & Walso; Jan, Royal, New Haven, do;
-Schr A Vinal, Gould, New Olleans, Buck & Petersen.
- Arrived.
Sehr John Hill, Rowe,.15 days from Georgetown, with
rice and cotton, to order.
Thle Telegraph reports a ship off the Higlands-no sig-
rnal; a ship at anchor on the Bar; a barque ashore in the
Bay; and a brig in the offing.
' Saled.
Ships StNicolas, (packet) Havre; Catharine, Charleston
barques John R Gardner, tew Orleans; Condor, St Croix;
Rolia, Mobile;.i Usette (Sw) Hamburg; Belta, do; brigs
Chinchilla, Berminuda; Sun, Charleston; Macon, Savannah;
Fanny Coit, Georgetown, SC: Aldebaron, Gibraltar; schrs
Curlew, Curaoa; Foanm Tampico; Manchester, Richmond;
and others. WindNW.
Ship Cores, Gardner, from New Orleans, cleared Jan 11,
for New York, consigned to Stanton & Frost, was boarded
on Monday by the pilot boat E K Collins, 30 miles south of
Barnegat-has been blown ofl'by the late easterly gale.
Information has been received by the underwriters, that
a ship went ashore at Hempstead outh, with part of her
sails art, near the spot where the Westchoster went ashore
--name not known. Also, another ship,'half way down
the Woodlands, near where the Garrick went ashore-
supposed the Sheffield. '" "
Pcketship Patrick Henry, for Liverpool, sails to-day,
weather permitting, ,
Considerable Ice drifting in thq rivers and bays.
Soutther Ports.
Gatar En HAnson, Feb 2-Theo chr Caroline, Baker,
Frick, from New York for Philadelphia with an assorted
cargo, is now ia this harbor, and willprOceed on her voy-
ag ass soon a the Delaware River and Bay are clear
NLNCASTLE, Del, Feb 3-Schrs John, Young, for Barba-
does, and Leader, Shannon, Charleston. are now at this
harbor; brigs Benj Franklin and Antares foIbr Boston, and
schr Adams, for Providence, passed here yesterday. River
full of ice.
BALTrIOaE--Ar Feb 4th, schr Salem, Tuckerman, Sa-
vannah-reports the barque Lawrence, HIamilton, Balti-
more for Boston, groiid;on the Man-of-War Shoals, which
)i [isepectedi wil be got off the next high tide; Stemaier
Ericsson, Claypole, Phi adelphia;
RictnMDoN--Arr Feb 4th, scores Red Jacket, Dearborn.
and Missouri, Phillips, New York.
rWrmiocTR-rr Jan 24th, brig Tuscan, and schr In-
crease New Yorkl,25th, brig WminHart, do; 26th. brig Lin-
coln, St Thomas;27th, brigs St Simon's, Havana; Despatch,
schr Alar. New York; U3d brigs Ben, Martiniqu; Gi.
(B) Antigua;28th, brig caroline, IHavana. l ;an 22dl,
rard, PortoRico; shr Pomfret, Bostonj 4th, brig usceola,
Martinique; 2 Sth, brigs Echo, Havana; Andrew Ring. Dem-
crar; 27th, schr Elizabeth, Martinique; 28th, brig Cham-
plain, Now York; David Dufne, do; schr E S Powel do;
ochr Monsoon, Philadelphia; North Carolina, do; brig Ed-
ward Blake. Matanzas; 29th, schr Eddington, New York.
CHA bLESTON-Arr Feb Ist, Br ship LordAshburton Burr
Liverpoo; barque Olga, Turner, New York; ochre Nile,
Attakapas, Lai George Washington, Georgetown; 3ist ult,
brig Moses, New York; sch" Ann Rogers,, Providenee
Old 30th uit, barque Ulrca, Rotterdami 31st, ships Sustque-
hanna, Liverpool; Bertrand, Boston; brigs Hayne, Havana;
Washington, Philadelphia.
S aWVAnN--Arr Feb Ist, ships Robert, (Br) Locke, Liv-
erpol; John Kerr, Tate, Greenock. Cld 31st ult, brig
Robt Bruce, Gardner, Havana; Ist lst, Br barque Perso-
verance, Bennett, St John, NB; 30th ult, harque Ocean
queen, "Warren, Liverpool; brigs Isaac Mead, Brown,
Providence; Voltaire. Brdbuy; Boston. Also ar, 30th
ult, ship Camera, Whitney, ew Yolk; Havana, Gilpot-
rick, Havana,
L .,at ccoLA.-Arr week ending 25t1 ul, ships Ocean,
Wi lard, Liverpool; Solon; Buckman, do; Gondolae, Renne,
NYork; Newark, Merwin, Boston; brig Mohawk, Weeks,
Havana; Tybee, McCormick-Croton, Sloullard, and Cay.
uga, Bedell, New York. Cld week ending 25th ult, ships
Iaculean, Holmes, and CharlottePike, New Orleansi
barqute% Jane E Williams, ParKer, and Baring Bothers,
Crocker, New York; brigs Hibernia, Elliott, Providence;
Martha Kinsman, Denison, Philadelphia. In port, 25th ult,
ships Eben.PLree, Perkins,from Trieste, waiting freight;
Charles Hoyt, Liverool, loading; Courtenay, (Br) Tur-
nor, do, do; Olive& Eliza, Parsons, waiting freight; An-
drew Scott,. Emery, Liverpool, loading; Floridian, Pratt,
Nantz do; Florence, Leach New York, do; Newark, Mer*
win, do, do; Solon, Buchnam, waiting freight; Gondola,
Ronne, and Ocean, Willard, do; barques Wabash, Tvlbot,
New York, Loading; Isabella, Kelly, do, doi Swan, Prince,
Boston, do; Juniata Blanihard, do, do; Providence, Vin-
cent, Providence, do; Robert Waits, Johnson, Liverpool,
doCoveanter. (Br) Carpenter, do, do; Tecumseh, Ripley,
Havre, do; brss Agagneria, Andros; New York, do; Me-
hie, Livermre, waiting freight; Pleiades, Colhns, do; Pi-
s0er, Fah-le R er;ladng; Virginia T 0t,-New
York, do; Mohawk, Weeks,do, Go; Tybee, Mo~rmick,
do, do; Croton Soullard, and Cayuga, Bedell, waiting
Mom.--Arr Jan 27th,' ships Clarissa Andrews, Colby,.
Boston-with loss of jibboom and head bowspriti William
Penn, Coleman, Trinidad; Osceola, Childs. Boston; Viola,
Jamison, do; barques Blonde, (Br) Crawford, Greanock;
Atlantic, Matanzas; Stafford, Robson, New Orleans; Sp
brig Defire. Page, Porto Rsco; brig Damascus, Chase, New
York. Cld schr Brace, Rogers, Galveston.
NEw 0RRI.LA,;s Jan 36-Arr ship Deucalion, Allen, Havre;
Windsor Castle, Paterson, do; Monson, Young, Glasgow;
Orleans. Sears, New York ; Br barques Hero of Acre,
Johns, Liverpool; Envoy, McKettrick, Oreenock; Rich-
mond; brigs Topaz, Mabee, Havana; Gertrude. Girdler, do.
Token, Loveland, Balize, (Honduras); Maria Spear, Willis,
Mobile; Harriet, Jaris, Baltimore, Francis Stewart. New
York; J Pcterson Burt, do; schre s razes, Woods, avana;
Chester, Otis, do; William Henry, Norril, Charleston; Sp.
polecre Lealtadl, Ceram. Havana.
OCld rth, ult, ships Sardinia, Foster-Tyrian, Jackson--
Oakland, Barry--Emblem, Dyer, and Mississppi, Hilliard,
Liverpool; Amity, Pike, Boston; Elizabeth, Forsyth, Pen-
sacola. I
Towed down and to sea, on sho 3d alt, ship at Louis,
barques Trident, and Huron, and brig Hope Howes and T
Street; 2d, ship Vicksburg and barque Warwick; 24th,
ships Scotland, Mayflower, Jessore, Soldan,,and Columbia.
Brought up, 24th ult, ships Orleans and Monson, andbrig
W ANTED.-A large Building suitable for manufc-
turing purposes, three or four stories in height, with
a steam power equal to 40 or 60 horse power, to be located
in or very near tnis city. Apply to
17 St J. GODDARD, Agent, 91 MaidenLane.
D I[ONUTu YREIPORT.-National Loan Fund, Life
,VP Assurance Society of London-Capital $2,5OO,00O-
GeneralAgent's Office, 6-2 Wal-street, New-York.
Report of persons insured in January, 1845, under au-
thoyity fLom the Court of Directors in London. viz:
Cerks. ... ........ .2 Physian ........... .
Contractor ...........1 Pnters ....... ..... 4
Carman. ............ AStatiolier ...
Dentist. t ..........1 Tailor............ ...... 1
Female. ............11
Grocers.. .... .. .2 3
Harness Maker. .....1 In December.............3
Merchants. ........ ...16 Total................ .55
Physieians.--J. Kearney Rodgers, M. D. and A.E. He-
sack, M. D. (who attend at the office daily at 3 o'clock P.
li. Free paid by the Societ .)
Bankers.-The Merchants'Bank, New York. (The ori-
ginal authority from the London Board is deposted with
ee President, J. J. Palmer, Esq. to whom reference may
be male)
SolieCitl.-William Van Hook, Eso., so Wall-st.
For Pamphlets containing general remarks on Life In-
surance, tables of rates, the report of the last annual meet-
ing of stockholders holdin London, and other information
desired, please apply to the subscriber, or to the Agents
in Boston, sal imore, Philadelphia, and other principal
The scale of rates will hear comparison with those of
other Companies doing business here.
.Risks, it favorable, accepted at once; and are finding
from the ament of actual payment ofpremwie to the sub-
scriber, under special and lull authority delegated to him.
Particular attention is invited to the division of profits
(on the business in Europe as well as in America) to poll
cy holder; and the many adv ntages of the "Loan Fund"
depatmen. J. LANDER STALLR,
fgasw General Agent for the United States.
; For Salo.--A Factory, Water Power, Dwyelling House
and ten acres of land, peasantly situated o the line of
the Houhatonic Railrnad, seven hours distance from the
City el' New York.
IA s /xbslntrkl well built factory, 50 feet long, 4n feet
wide end four stories high, with 40 feet head nad full of
water, romca lake which furnishes a never failing supply
adequate to carry cotton or woollea machinery for this
The dwelling house and land is well and conveniently
situated near the factory, with a 8Od wellot water; great
inducements are hers odred to those wlto wish to engage
in mnanufacturing. The above will be sold cheap for catsh,
portion tile money may remain on bond and mortgge--
or it would be echaged fur a stock of goods suitable fur
a country tore. Apply to
aJ. GODDARD, Agent,
f7 Ot 91 Maidenlane
rIIt TREASURER of the Society for the Relief of
Poor Widows with Small Childreni gratefully ac.
knowledge the receipt of the following donations.
From Mr. James Leno, by Mrs. Scott, $100 A Frienr; by

Mrs. Frankjii $5; Mrs. Wulace, i Mr: Wood, $3; T. S.
$5 Mrs. Isaac Bronson, $50 Mrs m. II. Thorn, $5 ;r.
James Boorman, $100; Mrs. Col. Fisk, $0; S. W. byMrs.
Scott, $5 ; A Iriend by Mrs. Franklin, $5 ; A Friend, $3 ;
Mr. E. Parsley, $6 ; Mr. N. L. Griswold, $3 i Mr. A. R.
Walsh, 9$10; Mr. James Walsh, $10; Mrs. Thomas Wil-
liams. 93 ; Mrs. S. B. Stone, 0; Mrs. O. G. Freeman, $92;
Mlrs. E. Platt, $1; Mrs. James Stuart, by Mrs. Kimball $5
Mrs. ranis Salters, $3; A Friend, $ ; Mr. Van Arsdae,
by Mrs. Churchill, $3 ; A Frien, by M s. Hoffman, $60
Total $405 00.
While the Managers of this Association return their
gratefulathanks for the donations already roievdthey
are reluctantly obligcd to, ask further aid to enable themn
to supply their pensioners for the remainder of the season
they plead r te widowandthe fatherless Shall they
plead in vain't S. W. KIBALL, Treasury,
f7 No. 16 Bond Street.
IN PURSUANCE of an order ofthe Surrogate of the
County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims against John A. Findlay, late of the
City of New York Carpenter, deceased,!to present the
same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at his
residence at Morrigannia, ,Vsthester County, on or be-
l* ri the tenth day ofAugus next. Dated New york, the
4th day of Februay, 1845.
17 law 6m p. WILLIAM FINDLAY, Administrator.,
N OTICi.-MMR. EDW'D SAVAGE i this day admit.
ted as parterin ourI(rm. The business of Publish.
Ing and Booksening will be continued asn heretofore,in
the santa name,
HUNTINGTON k SAVAGE, 216Pearlstreet.
January Ist, 184(% ji03w

_~-r~-------l-----------------'----r~ I_ ---- _-=1_--

; I I x I


P Dress Circle, 0 cents; Upper Boxes, 2ai Pit, Is.
Priite Boxes, so. Orchestra Boxes, $3
This (Friday) Evening, the Iperformances will com-
mene wpltt
YOUNG ENGLAND-Mr. John James Pooley, Mr.
After which,
DEVIL IN PARIS-Crequet, Mr Holland; Mdlie de
Nautelle, Miss Clarke,
To conclude with
Miss Taylor Queen Lucidora, Miss Clarke.
Doors open at 6 o'clock:; curtain rises ait7 o'clock pre

WaT SA.VrutL coLOkoa Hln.Stihcl- the exclama-
Lion which is sometimes heard when an o'ld in is -seen
with jet 'black hair. There is o need that theyoung
should have red or the old grey hair, ai long as the East
India Hair Dye can be had.' it will gi)e the finest jet black
ora ubur color imaginbleibe a n the old look you ,
and the young beauutful. It will not color 'the skin, but
imparts to the hair. even to the Wet, a perfct and natural
black. Sold at21 CourtndtSt. U here also maybe had
Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil. a cure for Deafness and all
complaints of the ear. Price $1.
[IFroa the Rev. If. JAdaams, Pao:r of Trinity Church, Saug-
erties N. KJ
A child, a nephew of mine, stepped into a vessel ofboil-
in water and scalded its legs up ,o the knees, when Con-
nel's Magical Pain Extractor from 1 Courtland street, was
applied, which almost instanti- gave relief to the little suf-
fraer, and soon entirely curedit. Also a child of my own
burned its hand severely, nd I used this salve, which
gave instant reliefand soon cured it entirely,and I for one
could not be induced to be without it. I thin ever fam-
ily should always keep it on hand to use incase of such
accident ADAMS.
Tihe above article will also cure the following com-
plaints, or no pay taken for it, viz :
B rns, Old 0res,
Srin, Bruises, l the face
Sprams, Scrofula, White Swelling,
Eruptions, Sore Eyes, Piles, either blind
Chilblains, Sore Nipples, orbleeding.
Sold only at 9l Courtlandt street; 139 Fulton street,
SA CARD.-Jansen & Bell having been burnt out
by the fire of the ath inst., inform their friends and cus-
tomers that they have taken for the present, the Store No.
138 Nassau st., next to the corner of Beekman,'where they
hope to be Eble in a few days to supply their customers as
usual. (f6 St is) Feb. 6,1845.
NEw Yonx. Feb. 4, 1845.
Iween-Libeery and Cedar streets, and:the BRANCH OF-
FICE, in Chatham Square, are opened TIIIS DAY for the
transaction f business, and those at the Park and Mer-
chants' Exchange are vacated. All Mail matter, willhere-
after be delivered distributed at the Lower Office.
Citizens reqnuesting it can have their letters and ewspa-
pers leh at theBranch Ofitco,Chatham Square,
FREE OF ERTrnACHAR. Boxes ateither office can be
obtained upon application to the Postmaster during office
Nxw YORK, Janu'y 29, 18465.
EXPRESS MAIL to bIg.runfrom Covington, Georgia, to
Montgomery, Alabama,.and back, with the view of expe-
ditingthe communications between the Eastern cities and
:he cities of Mobile and New Orleans one day, and to ena-
hie those desiring to use it, to avail themselves of the dis-
patch it will afford-notite is hereby given of the arrange-
Letters PREPAiD, and marked "Exreniss," and newsph-
per slips from publishers of newspapers addressed to Pun-
LuSHERS OF PAPES ONLY, and saentinlieu of their exchange,
done up in- light wrappers, open at one end, is the only
matter that can be allowed to be sentby the Express.
Thursday, February 6-6 P. M.
The Stock Marketwas less active to-day than at the at
ternionBoardyesterday. The prices were, however, at
higher ratessthan at the morning Board yesterday. Penn-
sylvania Fives, rose J; Illinois 11; Farmer's Loan, k;
Harlem Railroad, 1,1; Mohawk Railroad, I ; Canton Com-
pany, 31;i Norwich and Worcester Railroad, I;Stonington
Railroad fell.l,
Great dissatisfaction prevails as to the manner in which
the money in the Pennsylvania Treasury was paid out to
the creditors. It is stated in Philadelphia that the relief
notes have fallenfrom oneto ten per cent. discount. It is
supposed that an undue proportion of those notes have
been paid out in order to keep good money on hand. It is,
however, very evident that the notes cannot remain under
par, as they will become an object of purchase to the tax
The following is a statement of the old ghost :1
Cat RNK OF UNITED rcA~xa, JAN. 1, 1845.
Ca* "_$ital.0. M tc. 14,(691,90
United states. .. 78, losses .. 5,399,70
Post Notes .... 485,868 Exch _3-49;W
la CityBanks 5,078,444 ) Qmsa c. ......,9.07
Cir ulaton ..... 4927406 .. Dundas, trust. 971. 8
Agencies ... .. 319,841 J. Bacon, 11, .. SQ ,342,08
StateBanks.. 183,331 J. Robe"sen"' -. 14,V6,175
Loans in Europe. 12,50,35s0 Notes ......... 1,601,670
Interest do 413,641 Specie ! .. .. .. 8
Michigan ...... 1,306,12 other items.... 682,706
Deposits .. ,.. 480, W7
Otheritems.7. .. 794,405
Total.... ...$61,563,051 Total........ $861,563,051
The leading features of the Bank of Pennsylvania and
the Comreroial Bank, are as follows :
Loars. Specie. Cir. Dops.
BahkofPenv .. $1,547,736 282,90 281,754 D48,904
Commercial Bk 1,594,101 329,279 290,464" 884,6593
Total.. ...... $3,141,837 562,238 672,08 1,338,499
The rates of Domestic Exchange remain veryuniform
as follows:
Boston. ?.... .. a d!?
hidelphia.... a C umI hus ......1a 1 "
Batimore .... aa 1 I Apalahicdla..'.2 'a 2 "
irginia .... .al Mobile ... .. Ja "
N. arolina ....l~'Ial N. Orleans... .. a
Charleston. ..,. a Nashville. ... a 2 "
Savannah........ a Louisville. ... .1 a 1 "
Alaconl .. t..lta 1o ny Cincinnati.....I a .
Alabama State Money, ....7 a 8 dic unt.
Union, Florda. ........., ..70a 75 **"
southern Life and Trust. ...75 a 80 "
The wonderful uniformity presented by these rates of
exchange, notwithstanding the disastrous business of the
past year, contrasts wonderfully with the state of ex.
changes at the close of 184, when, blended with the depre-
ciation of the local currencies, the apparent rates of ex-
change varied at all rates from five to thirty per cent. dis.
count. That state a affairs was sedulously represented by
partizans, as the legitimate result of the abscence of a na.
tional bank, and accordingly the party then coming into
power, supposed the matter important enough to call an
extra session of Congress 4to provide a regulator. They
failed, however, in establishing such anInstitution, and
the purification of the channels of business from the depre.
ciated issues of insolvent banks, has, of itself, restored the
price of bills to their natural level, which they have ever
since maintained. This operation has but lately taken
place in the case of Alabma. Te quantity of money
issued by the Bank of that State .was so large, that it
formed almost the only medium of circulation within the
State. All bills drawn on Alabama, were payable not in
ynoney, but in those bank bills. All bills drawn in
Alabama on other points, Were sold for Alabama bank
notes, and all collections of debts were made in the
same medium. Gradually these bills diminished in
quantity, and a portion of the bills drawn on Alabama were
made payable in specie. Holders of bills and produce
then made two prices, one for specie and the other for
currency. In this manner the business has come to be
done mostly for specie or its equivalent. But there are
now still two rates as above, viz : J a ( for specie drafts,
and 7 a 8 per cent for local bills. The latter rate express-
ing as well the value of the bills as the rate of exchange.
Now, inasmuch as that the tugh apparent rates of exchange
were occasioned by the inability of the local banks to pay
their debts-the only "regulating power which a ha.
tional bank could exercise in such a state of affairs would
be to pay their debts for them-a feat which it would Ind
very difficult to achieve. However, satisfied with the re.
sults and taught by experience, the public have long since
declared against a national bank, which has now become
" obsolete."
The rates of exchange are now from every point in favor
of New York, at a level less than the cost of the transpor-
tation of specie. It is very seldom now that the rates ofin.
ternal bills rise to a point as high as the cost of sending
" the precious metals,' which fiom here to Louisville is
about three per cent, while the rate of bills is about 1) a 1)
only. This general fact arises fom the competition

among private dealers in bills, amongWhom no extended
combination or monopoly can exist, as inthe case ofa large
bank with overihadowingcapital. They purchase of bill
drawers, or shippers of produce, and sell to exchange
buyers,or importers, and make a small brokerage by the
difference in price. Hence the market rate depends alto.
gether upon the;proportion of the supply of bills to the de-
mand, which, in a natural state of trade, will always
be very nearly equal in a speculative state of the mar.
kats under bank influence, the buyers of exchange,
through the means afforded by bank loans,will always ex.
ceed the exports of produce, and the price f bills will con.
stantly rise, and as the demand beomes great at high
prices, itis suppliedby the institutioas that have indirectly
created it, not by actual billo,.I mt by drawing against their
credits-thus disguising the market until explosion be-
comes inevitable.
$4000 NY.State7'a'49. 107 50 she Canton Co,.s60 64
6000 Illinois Spl Bds... 41 100 do do ...... 4
1000 do,........ 41 2 do d 64
96000 Penn. b 7...... 4 Sdo do 4
15 she N ATrust .. 14 I 0 do do ...... ..
1doBankofN York 10 60 do do. ...10 4
6. do Am Ex Bank.. 84 91 do Stonington.....
76o do For Trust ..... 38 70o do do ..... 4
160 do do ....... 37J 76 do Nor& War.... 69).

F. COLTON, Auctioneer.
No. 113 Fulton st. and 34 Ann st.
F61 Liberal advaicesmadTeonconsignments, and prompt
retlal made.e
ROYAL GURLEY, Auctioneer
Store 169 Broadway, (New York Long Room)
Liberal cash advances made on onsignments.
(Q- Gurley & Hill will give their personal attention to
sales of IlHousehold Furniture at the dwellings of owners
I'10 reams printing paper, 23 x28.
WHIOM"A BELL, Auctioneer,
store No. 11 cln ee Street
Regular sales of FurntreFiry Wednesday and Satur
day. Regular sales of Dry Goods, ClothigPledged
and Fancy Articles, Groceries ahd Varieties-Etery
J'uesday 4ndFridayY
tauf THOS. BELL, Auctioeer
Store No. 204 Broadway.
Liberalcash advances made on consignments for ae
tion sales.
(,r B. R. & P. have removed to No. 204 Broadway, a
few doors above their former place.
R. M. BAKER, Auctioneer.
BY N. CHASE-Store 169 Broadway.
This Day,
Gold and Gold plated and Silver Wathas for cash.
Also Gold Chains,'German Silver Knives and Forksh, I
sets of 24 pairs; Gold Chains, Pins, &c.
N.B.-Cash advanced on goods at all times.
189 Broadway, opposite John street.
Openday -and evening- for the -reception of pupils (old
and young) and the sale ofthe
A volume universally spoken of by the Press as being the
most wonderful achievement of the Pen, as well as the
best Self-Guide to Penmanship inall its branches ever
offered to the public. The work is a large quarto (11 by 16
inches) elegantly bound in cloth and gilt. Paler. FPIVE
DoLLas. Callandseeit.
Mr. G: will commence his Winter Classes for instruetio4
in Mercantile and Epistolary Writing and
On ,Monday, January 6th, at his Rooms, 189 Broadway,
when he will be happy to meet ll the good citizens, and
bad WVriters in Gotham, guaranteeing to all in only
An elegant, well-formed and graceful style of Caligraphy,
which they will notlose in their future practice. Terms,
FIVE DOLaRS, including stationary, payable at the
Ladies hours from 11 to 1 o'clock daily. Gentlemen t
the other hours of the day and evening. See Circulars at
the Academy. Private Instruction given.
[From the Courier and Enquirer, July 1th l44.
ic art is much more important to mankind than it is gae.
rally considered, and Blr Goldsmith may very well claim
to be considered at its head. The volume before us es-
hibits more taste and ingenuity, and higher proofs of mur-
uel dexterity, than we have ever seen before."
[New York Evening Post.]
It is a collection of samples of- plain and ornamental
penm ship of surprising beauty end executed durete
atu, and comprising the most gaceful and varied
[Now York Express.]
the original, as executed by his own hand, and a more
beautiful, and indeed more wonderful display of the pw-
er of that little instrument which has been saidbe more
plent than the s*word,' we neverwitnessed before," jl8 Imis
No. 64 East Broadway & 71 Divlslon Street.
T H. .UION (of the late firm ofR. E.Purdy &Co.)
w would repectully invite the attention ofhis friends
and those families that have favored him with their patron
age while in Pearlstreet, and the public generally, to his
extensive Ware Rooms in the spacious store fronting on
No 64 East Broadway and 71 Division street, where may
be.found the most extensive assortment of all the various
styles of Carpeting, Oil Cloths, Rugs, Tsble and Piano Co-
vers, Window Shades, Stear Rods, &c. Families in want
of Carpeting or any article in the line, may be assured of
being enabled to make as satisfactory selections and at pri-
ces lower than at any other store in the ity.
N. B.--An experienced upholsterer wiU attend to the
making of Carpets and laying Od Cloth, at the shortest no-
tire.j20 6is
AS the honor of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen
H of New York and vicinity, that he has arrived for the
purpose of giving instructions in the principal fashionable
Dances prevaiing in thee highest circles o European sid
American society,' I
Mons. K. haslately arrived frnm Boston, Saratoga and
Newport, where his style met the warmest admiration o
the public, and the marked approval of the fashionable
community. Among others, Mon. K. proposes to teach
that well-known dance LA POLKA-the new Quadrilles
with original music-the Valse de Deux Pas-the Mazour-
ta-new Cotillions-new Galloppe, and all American Dan-
Mons. K. will be assisted by MADAME KORPONAY, as
Musician. The instruction will be given in the French,
Germian and English languages.
Rooms are engaged at 26 Park Place-strictly private,
cool and airy-for the accommodation of Ladies and Gen-
The Polka, and the new Quadrilles, as at present dancedl
in the fashionable circles of London and Paris, can bhe
taught in six or twelve lessons, except the Mazourka. Al
others in twenty-four lessons.
For further particulars inquire of MONS. KORPONAY,
at his residence, 5 Park Place.
TERa s:-Class Lessons from 10 to 12, A. M., 12 to 1, and
1 to2 P. M., and from6 to 7 o'clock in the evening.
Six lessons, $6; twelve lessons, $10, and quarter, $16.
Private Lessons-six lessons, 8S; twelve lessons, $12 ;
quarter, $20.
All other hours will be devoted to Public Institutes.
Academies, &c.&c. n4 tf
P \LDNG & CO. are manuLcturing under Letters
S Patent granted by the United btaes,i an improved
riction Match, to burn
They now offor sale, on very reasonable terms-
20.000 GROSS
Neatly put up in Tin, ood and Paper, in any sized pack
ages, and in lots to suit purchasers.
These match are highly approved ofand recommended
for family use, by Physiians and Chemists, in consqence
of the absence of Sulphur in their manufacture, the lumas
of which are so disageeable and deleterious to all, arnd
Iarticularly injurious to persons having weak lug4 or
delicate constitutions.
They are particularly recommended to the attention of
slipper as they have frequently been taen on long voya.
gs and exposed to the action uf al climates without Ila
slightest injury. SPALDING & CO.
Ftor sale by the principal Duggsts a nl drocers in lhis
'City. Orders lett at Shelarda Booklstore, 191 Broad-
way, or at the office of S. & co.. 161 Bleecker st, ilb Im
or I ease, for one or more years. The above new
and truly magnificent building (being 200 feet long,
with entrance rom Broadway and Crosby street,) is now
nearly completed, and w'il be rented to any proper person
well qualified for its management, at a very low rent if ap-
plied sor immediately. The first floor consists of one large
room, 45 by 85 teet, 18feet ceiling; a suit of genteel dress-
ing rooms for ladies and gentlemen, fronting on Broad-
way, and a supper room o6 by 80 feet, frontingon Crosby
. treet. The whole will be beautifully decorated, and fur-
nished with costly chandeliers, looking glasses, &.c. &c.,
1id wilt upon the whole, make oneof the fest rooms or
Concrts, Balls, Letrs, Temperance and other respect
abli meetings to be found in the city.
'!he rooms on the second floor are of the same dimen
sons, and well alclated for musical rhearals, religious
meetings, drill rooms, &o. &c. The basement is to0 teet
long by SS feet wide, fonting on Broadway and Croby
streets, with entrance from either street, and contains two
ages for cooking. The basement also connects with the
uppear mroos by dumb waitrs, thereby rendering it per-
fectly easy to urnish ]ot suppers to a great number of
persons. For further particular, inquire at the ofie of
thle New York Tattrsall 446 Broadway, of
j328 ilri GEORGE W. aLLR, Proprietor.
HENRY G. LANGLEY, Bookseller,
jet 8 Astor House.

No 1 1-2 Wall street,
All kinds of Unmurrent Money and Bullion bought and
sold on the most reasonable terms.

By Halliday ,.T Jenkins.
Three story brick house and lot 20 West Washington
Place, near McDougal street, $7,4.50.
By Wilk;ins Rollins;
Two story frame house south side 35th street, 275 feet
west of Ninth Avenue, with stable in the rear. Lot O by
98 feet, $1,700
By E. I.Ludlow f C.,
Lot on 8th street, south side, 125 feet west of McDougal
street, 26 by 120 feet, with a brick stable covering the
whole around, $4,60. Premises on 6th Avenue Lot 24J
by 100 feet, withthe lot on 13th street, 25 by 100 Jeet-to-
gather forming an L, $9,950.
NEw YaRx, Deembpe,28ith, 1844
The Trustees submit the following statement of the af-
fairs ofthe Company for the year ending 3d Dec, 1844.
Thewhole amount received as .
premiums for the year ending
December 3d, 1844. .., $36160,67 7
Of which was received for pre-
miums on marine and inland
transportation risks,.. ..... $831,888 97
On fire risks,.: ........... 1,784 60
- $30,678 SW
The amount of premiums earned
on marine and inland transpor-
-tatian risks, ..... ........ $n3,929 2S
ire. .. ........ ... do... 18,447 48
-- $252,370 76

The Beard of Trustees have this day decard a dividend
of thirty six and one half per cent. on the earned premiums
for the year ending 3d December instant, and for which
certificates will be issued, of which notice will be given to
parties entitle d to receive them.
William Neilson, Ed. E. Pavenstdt,
rm. H. Aspinwall, Joseph Emeric,
RichardIrvin, Jacob Little,
William H. Marcy, Thomas Tllestn,
Adam Norrio, Elisha D. Hurlbut,
Henry K. Bogert, Samuel Witlets,
Charles P. Leverich, Emile Lhens,
John I. Palmer, John A. Underwood,
F. Cottenet, Benjamin H. Field
Silas Wood, Silas K. Everett,
Claudine C. Becet, Joh P. Agnew,
A. Barbey, Charles Morlot,
A. Caselli, Henry K. Skelding,
Rihard P. Buck, WinWm. H. Howland,
A. Patrullo, Henry Stanton,
'Wm. Marshall, Jr. Horace Southmayd,
James Hunter, Nathsl N. Halstead,
Benj. R. Winthrop.
L. WIEDERHOLDT, ItlSpetor. n17 lm
: New Yoax, JAnudry 5, 1845.
According to the charter of this Company, the following
statement is published-
Total amount of premiums received during
the fiscal period ending 81st December. ... $304,330 42
Of which was received for ma.
rine risks ................ $288,626 45
Fire risks ............... 15,703 97
---- $304,30 4'2
The whole amount of losses paid
during the same period, includ-
ing estimate of losses incurred
but unadjus:ed dnd unclaimed
was, marine losses .......... 182,309 41
Fire losses ................. 432 92
' $132,741 33
Amountraid for re-insurances, expenses and
abating interest, &c., during the fiscal pe-
riod ............................. 25,619 78
158,361 09
Premiums earned during the fiscal
period, viz :-Marine premiums 020,602 36
Fire premiums... ......... 12,065 37
- $217,657 73
Losses, expenses, &c ....'.. ......... 158,861 69
Nett profits ,................ .. . $5,9i6 64
Being per et on the earned premiums.
The Company also gives the following statement of as-
sets, viz :-
Cash in bank...... ..... .....; ... $27,102 02
Bills receivable and notes given in advance
for premiums .. .. .... ......... 189,112 23
And there is ddb in cash or notes for fire and
marine policies issued.................. 3,156 88
$40,000 United States 6 per centstock, cost... 44,556 71
10,00 United States 5 per cent stock, cost... 10,400 00
S8,52137-100N. Y. S, 5 percent stock,eost... 8,58b5 28
3,000 New York State 5i per ct stock, cost.. 3,097 69
Loanon Mechanis' Bank stock .......... 6,000 00
Total assets, 31st December, 1844.. ... .. $291,010 62
On 219th December, 1844, the President and Trutees di.
rented re-payment of cash capital of, $0,000 after 81st De-
comber, which has since been repaid and replaced by new
notes in advance for premiums. Henceforth the profits of
the Company will be divided among the dealers only,
The President and Trustese, after providing rom the
profits Of the Company for Interest gn cash capital of
S60,000, at the rate of 7 per cent per annum, have this day
declared on the earned premiums 4nd said cash capital to-
gather, a dividend of twenty percent for the fiscal period
ending 811t' December, 1844, for which certificates will be
issued on and after ist March next. The interest due on
cash capital (now paid off) will be paid to the holders of
certificates on and after let February next.
By order of the Board,
JAMES LAWSON, Secretary,
Jacob Harvey, Thomas Hale,
Stewart Brown, AlbertWoodhull,
Francis Burritt, John Thore,
John H. Hicks, John Gihon,
Paul Spofford, F. H. Delano,
Henry Chauncey, Alexr. T. Stewart,
Mortimer Livingston, Wm. H. Russell,
Edward C, Center, Robert L. Taylor,
George F. Duckwitz, Andrew Foster, Jr.,
John L Aspinwall, G. Winthrop Gray,
James H. Mulford, O. H. Gordon,
Saml. L. Mitchell, William Adams,
Adam Norrie, Richmond Wbitmarah,
F. Cottinet, Benj. Richards,
George Hurlbut, Dennis Perkins,/
Samuel Willets, Thoas Mlcssenger,
William D. Thompson, F. G Thurston,
Abraham Bell, Henry Haviland,
Prosper M. Wetmore, Jed Frye,
JACOB HARVEY, President.
THOS, HALE, Vice President
JAMES LAWSON, Secretary,
Wm. THomsoN, inspector. 2j,7tff
At Cooperstown, on the ith ult., by the Rev. F. T. Tif-
fany, lepry Scott, Esq., Cashier of the Otsego County
Bank, to MiMargaret Elizabeth, daughter of the late Jo-
seph Stron, Esq.
eOn Tsday, te 4th instant, at St, Mark's church, lby
the Rev. Dr Anthon, J. Lawrence Smith, of Smithtown,
L. I., to Sarah Nicoll daughter of James, Clinch, of this
On Wednesday, the 16th instant Elizaboth Allen, in
the 23d year of her age, daughter of Hnrry Alen.
On Wednesday, the 5th instant, Frederick L. Folger, Ill
the 4th year of his age,

$500 or $1000 Reward.-
NwLLSr PArTEN.Tr Paurorle iBAx Loux.-For the
purpose of satisfactorily testing the comparative merits of
the vPriou Locxs now before the community, tie propri-
etors ofthe PaAUTOPTIC BASe LOac h0e been induced
td put forth the following cnLai.eln to the NrmTIs
What we claim, particularly, for our Iock is, that it is
proof Against every effort of n run Tit KtaxnIt, to effect an
entrance, by any wrmeais, after it shall have left his poes-
Ilon, and become theproperty of another.
Wemare prepared fully to demonstrate this, and further,
to ahow that AL OusaI LOCXS, which de not infringe our
'ptent. are faulty in this respect.
Therefore, with the design of testing the relative secu-
ritLy of our own and other Looks, (in no spirit of gambling,
but merely asan inducement for the trial,) we do hereby
offerto put up our PAaAUvroPn BANx Loax, with Five
landed Dolar's or more, against any other. tock now
known, and an equal sum-the reward to accrue to the
parties who shall succeed iu opening the took of their
The terms are as follows:
The Lock on trial to be placed in possession of the op-
rating party, withe a duplicate key, for 12 hours or more,
imty'bo agreed upon, for the l propose of examining its
coMtruction, and devising means, if any they can, to open
it with the key itself, afterit has been put upon the door
and locked up.
The examinaiton being concluded, the Lock is to be re-
turned to the possession of the manufacturer or proprie-
tor, that he or they may be atisfied that the works in the
Lck hve not been injureA or put out of order.
iThe opetors will then be allowed to put the Lock to
gtht THERMSLVEt, ill the presence of both parties, and
screw it fast t the door, that ALLmay be c nvinced that
every part ofthe' Lock is in the same condition as they
leftit after their examination, and that there has been nso
tratioa r addition thereto. It will then be locked up by
i committeeon any change whicheon bemade in the key;i
after which the moveable bits of the key will be thrown
into pi;,and, the key and bits placed tin th hands of the op-
erators, and should they be successful In opening the
Lockwi'these advantagesa, they willbe entitled to the
reward as abov stated,
We would particularly invite the attention of all Bank
Lock manufacturers to our offer. We -believe it dictated
in a spirit of fairness. We ask no advantages for ourselves
which are not.wiling to grant to others. Inall can-.
dor. we do believe our PaTnT PAsnuTOTIc the most safe,
secure, and fftntt Bank Lock in the wOLD, andf weare
mistaken, we are willing the public should know it
SAny person or persons, therefore, having sufcipnt faith
in the security of their lock to meet its on the terms here-
in named, and will produce a Lock which is in every par-
ticula such as he or they an selling to the public, free
from all kinds of deception, may address us through the
same medium which conveys this challeng;-
DAY & NEWELL, Bank Lock Manufacturer,
NW Yo g J .14, 184. Broadway.
N. B-The Lock produced must inoparticularinfringe
upon thae right claimed for the Patent Parautoptic or Per
mutation Bank Lock.
Salem, Washington co, N.Y.,
January 15, 1845 ...
I have been aIlited with chronic oughforfour orfive
ars. AbOut July, 1843,increased greatly andbecame
ond dry, and last sprig I commenced raising very
much. I
I ; wasattendedby the best physicians in th plaeand'
th eysaid my ca e was hopcl.ts, and that I could not survive
ion FrQ that time di ntinued theirmedicine, and
hwag heardit hig0lvyrecommen I comenoed taking
r istar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, which gave me im-
mediate relief, and before I had taken two boties of the
Bala I felt m self entirely cured. I am now able to at-
tedto my dotiesad enjobtter health I have be-
foere for five years, a fesel confident that it isa the Balsam
alone that has edcted it JaNS MURaDOCK.
" From fr. eman, Merchas at Salem.
We have been acquainted with Mrs. Murdock for years,'
:nd fully believe her statement above to be true.
M. & W. W. FREEMbAn.
Extractfr letter dated
rom.. a:-. ii :i : PetersburgVa..Jml. 15 1845.
A gentleman of unqtuestinnable veracity informs us, that
i brother hadbeen confined to his bed for weeks with
some speci esfiugb that baffled the skil ofseveal emi-L
t pi y~s a,anyby the use otwo bottle ot stars
al & W hild Cher ie ha oeen restored to perfect
health, andhe i now a rat and hearty ma"
+I II Yours, respctfully,
S ". ,RYom & nDERON Druggist.
Remember our certificates are allsticly true. The pub-
lic is invited tocall and see thie original written' instru-
This wonderful Balsam cures Coughs, Colds, Asthma ofr
o 440 yearstanding, and every shade of Lung andLiver
Disease, an for hopeless consumpdois the bestpallial e
eer known. dicOr32ns taet ~ld also by Druggists
in ~allparts of the Union,. Aso.Dr. wistra gentle purga-4
tive Plls.
Agreeably to the requidions oftheit charter, (Section
IS,)the company give noticethat the whole amount of pre-
miums received for the year ending December 17,, 144,
was ...... ... ...... ...... ........ $751,012
Of which there was received as premiums on ma.
riu risks ....... .... ........ ... $615,239
Ofwhich therewas received as premi- .
tums on-fire rsks.:. :.. .. .... .. ... 135,774
And the whole amountof losses during
the same periodwas on marine riks,In-
:eluding, interest, commis-
sions andbaddebts. ... ... ..... 424,716
And on fire risks ....... ..... 66,343
Expenses, icldin salaries, office rent,
fire police, postage, &c............. 28 419
The amount of earned premiums forthe
year was. ......... .......... 679,128
The amount of loses and expenses
was. .... ................ 19,478
Nett profis for the yeur 1844......... 159,650
Nott proits of the Cmfor the year 1844 159,660
do do 1843 13J,513s
do do 1842 99,031
do do 1841. 134,914
do do 1840. 90,757
do do 1939. 47,2987
Total, 6 years. ......... ... .. .... 8152
And the Company farther state.that they have in-
: invested of the nett profits, as follows, viz:-
.. ;' at per. pres.val at cost.
Ithe New York i:
ty, 6 per cent. Wa.-
ter Stock ........ $17,800 $18,834 $14,989
la the N. York stat e
stock, 6 per ent.. 10.000 10100 8,975
In the N. York State
stock, 4 pr cent. 16,000 15,675 12,750
In the N. York State
"Stock, 6per cent... 15,000 18;72 5 13,683
In tLe N. York State
Stock, 7 per cent... 12,000 12,909 12,570
69,800 73,734 62,6i8
Ionds -d Montgages on real estate in the
cty of New York. .... .. ..... $498,766
Bonds and Mortgages within the State of
New Y:~ .......... .......... 10,000 .
Total invested ..............$... $571,434
In addition to which the Company has onhand on
he Ilth D~ec. 1844,; in cash.......... ... 2"2,5"20
In h n 11d .i9lls ee
solvble ...., ....... ........... ..... 9,5
And there is due lor Fire and Marine Premiums,
tor Policie recently issud, for which the cash
and notes are not yet collected, and in Agent's
hands. ...........,....... .... ..... 114,510

TIt s I el...................$,.8
Totali ases ... ... ... ... .. ...$1,005,029
:The Psesident and Trustees have this day declared a di
vidend of Twenty-three and a half per cent. on the earned
premiums of the year ending December 17, for which
MeriptCettificates will beisiued on and after the 14th day
of February next.
And the President and Trustees have also this day de.
flared a dividend of six per cent; Intereast,'on the script of
f199, 1840, 1841, 1842 and I8m3, payable in cash, on and aoI
ter lSth of January next.
By order ofthe Board, JOSB B. COLLINS,Sec*
Zobedee Cook, Jr., Moses Taylor,
Gllan C. Verplanek, NathnielW. Merrill,
IRobert B. Minturn, P.A. Hangon, -
Pelatiah Pert, Cas:.H.Marshall,
Charles H. Russell, Adam Nortie,
Andrew P. Pilot, Mortimer Livingston,
David Iladden, Nathtanial Weed,
JohnD. Van Beten, Joseph Blunt,
Heman Oelrichs, J. De Peyster Ogden,
Alfred Pell, P.Cottenet,
Henry W. Hiok, Francis P, Sage,
N, 'arvin Beakwlth,
ZEBEDEE COOK, Jr, President.
ALFr Dl PELL Vice president.
Nw York Jausary 7th, 14,, f66t

184, the performance will cmmence with Grand Ca
valcade representing THE WILD BEDOUINS OF THE
DESERT, ort he Chaflenge ofDeath or Victory-In which
the first Equestrians will appear,
A newComic Songiby E. M. Dickenson.
Pitcipal Act, on one horse, by Master V. Kincade.
A new and most imposing scene of LRfty Gymnastics, en.
titled the "Arab's Ho liday.
The Last ofthe Greeksby C. J Rogers.
Posture and Grouping, by J. J Nathans and his Pupils.
Metamorphosis, by Madame Louisa Howard.
The second part will commence with the ANCIENT
MAI0 of 1555, or the Golden Days of Good Queen Bess-
In which the Wells Family willappear,.and MissL. Wells a Grand Pas on the Tight Pope.
Messrs Cadwallader and J. J Nathans as the Two Glad-
iWtors of Nero.
A Mock Operatic Concert, by the Congo Singers, Messrs.
HIoyt, Dickenson, Edwards and Kelly.
A Superior Act, by T. V Trner.
To conclude with a laughable Ballet Extiavaganza, en.
the whole Conipany will apear.
The Doors wllde openedat and the Great Cavalcade
will commence at7 o'clock.
ON SATURDAY, Feb. S, There will be grand Juvenile
Fete.-Performance commences at 2 oclock.
Plipes f~ dmission+
Private Boxes............. ......... 8
First tier of Boxes and Parquette ......... 50 cents.
Second tier of Boxes ................ . 25 cents.
G allery .... .......... ..... .... 121 cents.
nr NP B Corner of Broadway and
-. Ann street.-P;T. BARNUM, Proprietbr. F. HiTch-
cocK; Manager. GEmooEWESTERIn, Stage Mhager.
Every Day and Evening This Week.
Commencing MONDAY, February 3d, 1846.
Every Evening at 7 o'clock, dnd Wednesday and Saturday
Afternoon at 3.
'The Manager has engaged, for one week more,
Together with the
Of the BATTLE OF NORTH POINT-City of Balti-
more, City of Lwell, Mermaid's Cave, &c.
Of the greatest l Llving Curiosities, the
fty Tsn A W rsons,
Who has been visited by over
FEftVyThousand Persons,
During her present and previous
engagements, and has been
to be the most
in existence, possessing, as she
does, an equal share of the charac
ters of
Also engaged for a short time,
One of the first vocaliststs of the age, whose songs are
always received with admiration and applase.
The far famed and truly wonderful
"who reveals Past, Present and Future Events, Describes
Diseases, &c., is likewise re engaged for a few days.
MR. and MRS. WESTERN, long favorably known at
this establishment.
MR- IEMER, Comic Singer.
Gen. Tom Thumb's Court Suit.
Admissionto the whole, 2s cents-Chdildren under 10
years of age, 1Ni.
25 cents extra to conslt the Petrologist privately. f 3
SONLY! MR. KNEASS respectfully informs his
Friends and the Public that he will give a GRAND CON-
CERT, on Friday Evening, Feb 7th, on which occasion
will be presented, for the first time, the grand Ethiopian
Burlesque Operatic Extravaganza, entitled
In which will be introduced the principal Airs from the
Bohemian Girl!
Consisting of the following Ladies and Gentlemen:-
Mrs. Phillips, Miss M. Adair, Mr. Lynch,
Mr. Holan, Mrs. Sharp, Mar. ess,
Miss 8. Adair, Miss Bruce, Mr. Kavanagh.
In addition to which, the following Ladies and Gentle.-
,men will appear:-
Mrs. Rosenthall, Miss Hamilton, Mr. Jacobs,
Miss Wilson, Mr Huntley, Mr. Murphy.
Par I.
Chorus-" In the Gypsy life you'lllead:'. By the Company.
Song--" Then you'll remember me.". ...... Air. Holman.
Song-" I dream't that I dwelt in Marble Halls."
Miss M Adair.
Trio-" Thro' the world wilt thou fly love.'
Miss M. Adair, Mr. H Iolman and Mr. Kneass.
Song-" The Heart bow'd down".......... Mr. Kneass.
Song-" Fair Land of Polld" .......... Mr. Holman.
Solo and Chorus--" Come where the Gypsy's Bride."
-By the Company.
Solo--AcoorJeon ..................... .Mr. Huntley.
Balad The Blind Boy ......... .Mr. Lynch.
Song-" O'er the far blue mountain". .... .Miss S. Adair.
Song-- The Maniac.................. Mr. Kneass.
Gavatina--ro Somnambula. ......... Mrs. Phillips.
lQuartette-" With Wonder"-from Fra Diavolo.
Song-" Sixty-two" ................... Mrs. Sharps.
Comic Song-" Teddy Roe" ..........-Mr. Kavanagh.
Song--" I'm Single yet"................ Miss Bruce.
Song-" The Curley Headed Boy".. .... .Mr. Murphy.
A ir and Variations-Acordeo.. ......... Mr. Jacobs.
Mock Italian Duet........Mrs. Sharps and Mr. Kneass.
The celebrated BRedlam Medley, discord in abundance,
every man lor himself, or who's best.
PART 11.
Firt appearance of the New York Band of ETHIOPIAN
S RENADERS, who will sing nd pI a a viety ofpopu-
lar pieces, accompanied with the following instruments :--
Violin, Banjo, Flute, Guitar, Accordeon, Tamborine,
Triangle, Bones and Combadoon.
PAnT 111.
To conclude with, for the first time, the grand Ethiopian
Operatic Burletta, entitled the VIRGINIAN GIRL.
Lucy Long, alias Lucy Neal ....... .IMadame Dope.
Syntha Sue . ignoring Lusereachia Poorgooe.
Aunt Sally. .. Signora Since You Darmeto.
JumboJum .................... Sig. Trianglena.
"ruce Pink ..................Sig. TomatoF.
il Dad Nea ............... Signor Fannysarah.
Pompey Ducklgs, the Parson......Signor Anionno.
In the course of the Piece there will be Songs, Duetts,
Trios, Quartettes, Choruses; also tihe celebrated Polka
Dance and Grand Gallop, by the whole company.
Grand Finale-Young Love triumphant smiling. Oh :
what full delight. Take your time, Miss Lucy.
Admission-First Tier and, Parquette, 50 cents; Second
Tier, 'o25 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert to com-
nmence at a quarter before 8.
Bouquets can be bought at the door. f7
RIOSWEL GO S informs his friends and the public,
that he has enlarged his BoaoNa EIaTaLHneNT, Imown
as the Graham House, 63 Barclay streetnhy adding to it
the adjoining house and is prepared to acommodatetran-
ient or permanent Boarders on the most favorable terms.
All friend of Temperance desiring a quiet home, and free
dom from the fumes of Alcohol and Tobacco, are invited to
patronize this house. The Vegetable system, with the
choicest s election of Frits e 6c.which the market affords,
will be strictly adhered to, but a table will be served for
those who prefer the ordinary mode, or mixed diet. Cro-
o8 lyis lm 1- ROSWELL GOE8.
n/USIC,-Groat success in teaching the Guitar and
Ip/ Singing A oron6 Vlolht aTromebon. and Corno-
plonh Mr. DUSAY continues to tachl ladies and gn-
tlemen of New York the above Instruments at their rssi-
,lones, in a scientific and modern style in a very short
t Ilh0 taws of Hsrmen) anrd the art ef arranging Music
taught. Piano Fortes correctly tuned. Satisactory city
and other references given on application at No. 6 Christie
street, above Walker. fa lm is"
"DECCEIVE0R'S SALE.--By virtne cf a decree in the
.I. Court of Chancery of the State of New York, in the
cause of Jamres Langey and Henry G. Langley against
William H. Attree, and of the appointment of the sub-
scrber as Receiver in raid cause, of all the property an
hefets oZ said Attree, e shall offr for sale jy urley &
Hill, Auctioneers, No. 169 Broadway, on Monday the 17th
day of February next, at the hour seven o'clock in the
evening, all the library books andpamphlets, lately the
property of said Attre and now remaining in my hands.
A catalogue of said books, &c, ill be shown at the
time of sale, and will embrace a large collection ot' choice
and valuable books.
The sale will be contined every evening thereafter,
u ti a sn0cient sum hue een realized there/x'em, to satis.
fy the decree in the above case, and notice of any ad.
journment will be given at the tine of sale.
DHItI NOLO*o--MR- O FOWLER lectures o
JjT this Science every THURSDAY EVENING in Clin-
ton lall. Admittance ad.only. The heads ofsoveral gen.
tlemen wilt be examined at the close of the lecture. 16
N OTHN la ..LEATPHE.- The public hav-
ing tried Indi Rubber. Hemp, annd all other trash, for
hose ior the croton water, har at last come t true
concusion that for that purpose thole is nothing like lea-

Joun H. DBowe & Co., 3 Jaob stret, in the Swamp,
have ways on head Hose for the Croton water, for Fire
Kigin Ps, Steamboats, U., manufaturd from thever
eat a leather, and with wrought copper rivets, which
hey will sell as low as a superior rticle oan be made for
JOHN i. BOWIE, Currier.
FTMD'K F. MILLER. Hosh Maer.
The tmda supplied with Hose Leather. a2 ly

i LORS,-8 PERRY & SHAW No. 116 Maid
dea lane, and 8 Gcurtlandt street, would respecthl
y inform the public that the have ompleted their
'rranementforfurishng One'Thonnd porwe
ah blrat havi aa w apo
a~e a
th-lnn e. .j'A l


100 do do ...... 276 kdo do ......
200 do do .... bw ,88 i10 do lHousat RR....
300 do do. as O100 do Mohawk It...
100 do NlorCanal..... 7 2 d do ......
,Dad do ..... 27S 60 do Log 11s R. ..
300 do de..... -60 28
shIOND o&oRD
$8000 N.Y. State 6's 18 108 60 lshe N & Wor...ble
0 she L'ytte Bk Cin 75 do do.....b30
s5 do e R...... O0 do do.......
5O do do ....... B9 75 do d ...
50 do do ....... b9 5 do "o..,,
100 do Longtsland.... 74 176 do do... ....
100 de Canton Cos..o 84 76 do Mor Canal ....
900 do do ....... 64 50 do do ......
is de do ....... 54
215 shs; Far 9S 25 salts EBos Co...bl0
so do do ....nw 38a 5, do
50 o do ..... cash 37 60 do Stoington.1d
:50 do do....,bnw 38 "5 do do .....o
50 do Canton Co ash 54 5 do Nor k Wor..b3
s do do....... 54 50 do do......b30
1 <0'do Long sl Rash 74 75 do do. .. ash
50 do Ao ..bnw7 5do d... ..b80
26 do do .. ...bi5 741 50 do do .....b8
5a do do ...... 0 74 125 do do
. do do... ...el5 7 25 do do

Whele amount of payments du-
ring the year for losses and ex
penses, &. ...............
Leaving nett profitsforthe year..
The assets of the Company are
as follows: Cash in Bank,... 37,694 80
Premium notes and notes received
in advance for premiums.... .22,341 601

150,931 33
$92,445 43
252,866 49

Atl the departments Goods packed suitat Ie for Unkta
BUGLE BEADS.-Jet, White and fancy colors, for htinse, and other fore aign market; Dea.ers w n;a
hsale by the package or smaller quantties, to suit pa walr- l to callbeforepurchas ngr R w
chasers, by JOSEPl GODSARD, I 1 intFSPERRY & HANV.
.I 6t 91 Maiden Lane. ,D V tlJ[Aonyai ~n elra
Utr J. 1P. W HNIGlrUU.Anorny and 4iloulmell~w Or
BUGLE BEAD and F~n-cy Goods generally for sale tea and ommissioner o Deeds, &c, ill attend In the
Sb the package, or smaller quantities, by . Radin eg at ofI Tammany Hall at all hours of the d
f4 t J. GODDARD, 91 Mailn lane. and eveig, uKl t,.
. ... /



200 ream s 9x36 inches, 30 to 10 thb. per ream.
200 do 22x 2 do 26,to 60lbs. do.
300 do l0x30 do 20 to 68 Ibs. do.
100do 2Wn0 do 80 to 50 Ibs. do.
too do 2lxU do 20to 4ulbs. do.
400 do 19~ 4 do 18to Wolbs. do.
100 do 3Xe40 dD 70 to 1glba. do.
100 do 3SI0 do 40 to 801be. do.
60 do 40x48 do 80 to 100 lbs. do.
For sale in lots to asuitltrchaser, by
210 tf CYRU8 W" I LD, hurling lsli".

-: : .:
.- ;- 1

- --

TIIE tendld packet ship OXFORD, Capt Rathbono,
will positivelyov il Monday, 17Mh February, 1946.
The ships o'tm inve ae fitted up,ein a manner to afford
the greatest comtott and convenience for cabin, second
cabin, and steerage pasen ars. Persons intending to re
turn to the old country wfiU find this fine ship a most de.
sirable conveyance. For passage, which canbe had on
moderateterns, apply to
WiLLIA MS & OUION, 40 Fulton st.
The OXFORD will sail from Liverpool on the Ist of
April, 1846, and parties sending for their friends can have
them brought out on reasonable terms in her, orin any of
the shins*ofthialin, sa ling punctually on the let and 16th
of every month, by applying as above.
Dratsfor small or large sums, payable on demand, free
of discount or any other charge, in all tile principal towns
of England, Ireland, and Scotland, can also be furnished.
N.B.-The packet ship ENGLAND, will succeed the
OXFORD, and sail on the let of March. IS

-- ----- f --*--~ I --'


N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the
County ofNew York, Nticeis hereby giver to all per
sons havmg claims against WLLIAM H. LEAYvRAcPTr,late o
the City of New York, Clerk, deceased; to present th,
same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at the
ofice of Edgar H. Laing, No. 260 Washington street, inthe
city of New York, on or before the thity-first day o l
March next. Dated New York, the twentyfourth day ot
September, 1844 SUSAN LFAYCRAFT,
ssm law* '- 'tratrix
TN PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate o*
the county ofNew York, Notice is hereby given to tol
persons having claims against OEIHARD C. BRODXRON, INte
of the city of New York, musician, deceased, to presito
the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, t
his store, No. 74 Columbia street, in the city of New Yol K
on or before the nineteenth day of Aprilnext. Dated New
York, the sixteenth day of October, 184.
17I aw6mt FREDERICK COOP, Executor
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate
S of the County of New York, notice is herel y
given to all persons having claims a ainst Daniel Con
niff; late of the City of New ark, genteman, deceesed,t
present the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscli
ers, at the office of William A Cox, No.229 Pearl street t
in the city of New York, on or beore the tenth day ofr lay
next Dated Nw York, the Oth day of'Novemer,1s944"
JOHN Cat Executors.
caen awarr,
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the
XCounty of New York, Notice is hereby given to all per
sons having claims against IsAA Jovns, late of New Yr,
Gentleman, decease to present the same with the voul-
era thereof to the subscriber, at his Store, No. 188s I'el
street, in the City of New York, on or before the Fifteeeh
day of May next Dated New York, the ninth day No
vember 1844. ALONZO R. CUSHMAN,
nil law6m* I Administrator.
N PURSUANCE ofan order of the Surrogate of te
L County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all l,e
sons having Claims against EDUlo HaVlLNo, late Of the
City of New York, Merchant, deceased, to present tile
same with the vuchers thereof to the subscriber, at the
store of Haviland, Keese & Co., No. 80 Maiden Lane, in the
City of New Yok, on or before the fiftenth day of Nloy
next. Dated New York, the 13th day of November, 1844
JAMES C. HAVILAND, Ackninistrator.
n5 law6m. EMILY W. HAVILAND. Administatrix
TN PURSUANOIi ofan order of the Surrogate of thet
1 County of New York-Notice ais hereby given to all
persons havingclaims against Lews M.HAxfssorn, late
ofthe City of ew York, merchant, deceased, to present
the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscrber, at
the store of Jonathan P. Marsh, No. 71 Pearl street, inthe
City of New York, on or before the tenth day of Apsit
next. Dated New York, the 7th day of October, 144
J. B. MARSH, Executor.
aS law (Iro (Late Catharine Hankinson,)
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate ofthe
A County of New -ork notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims against Srmron CLOUGH, late of the
city of New York, Clergyman, deceased, to present the
same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at
her residence, No. 2nl Broome street, in the city of New
York, on or before the fifth day of June next. Dated New
V ork the 30th day of November, 1844
d2 law6m MINERVA CLOUOH, Administratrix.
N PUR UANC. of an order of the Surrogate of the
X County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all per-
sons having claims against Davm SEaMAN, late of the tity
of New York, deceased, to present the same with the
vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at his plae of resi-
dence in said city, No. 1N Church street, in the city of
New York, on or before the fifth day of June next. Dated
New York, the twenty-second da of November, 1844.
d3 law6m* JOHN CARTER, Executor.
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surroate of the
X County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims against AncHusALD Davr, late of
the City of New YoA, Gentleman deceased, to present the
sane, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber at hi
stre, No. 98 Maiden lane, in the City of New York, on or
before the ninth day of June next, Dated Now York, the
fifth day of December, 1844.
d6 law6m* JAMES 8 DAVIE, Executor.
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the
I County ofew ork, Notice is hreby given to all
persons having claims against SUvsA AvoCnIs, late of the
City ofNew York, deceased, topresent the nsame, with the
vouchers thereof, to the subscibers st the residence of B
Aycrigg, No. 400 Greenwich street, in te City of New
York, on or before the twelfth day of June next. Dated
New York,the fifth day of December, 1844.
G. C. AYCRIGG, E xecutors
d law6m* B. AYCRIGG, "
N PURSUANC of an order of the Surrogate of the
A County of New York, notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims aainst Gustavus A Kilburn, late of
he City oetNew k s .aeod, to present the same with
the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at his Counting
Room in Skaneateles, Onondaga County, on or before th
second day of Maynet. I
Datedw York, the 96th day of October, 18U4.
[o9ihaw6m] -CHARLES ARDEE. Administrator

TN PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the
SCounty of New York, Notice is hereby given to all lt
sons havmg claims against ErnPHalsr Locawoo, latel of
Norwalk, state of Connecticut, deceased, to present the
same, with the vouchers there t to the ul si N t t
alice of Hys and Tredwell, Frankli n ous No..
. dia law m*
Ab PoUttSUANCE of an oroer or the laurrogate of the
County of Isew York, Notice is hereby given to alk
persons having claims against Jonw H. BA Eas, late of th1e
City of New York, gentleman, deceased, to present tile
sae, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at the
otice of L. B. Woodruff; No. 88 Cedar street, in the City of
New York, ol or before the twentyfourt day of June
next. Dated New York, the twentieth day of Decembr,
844. USAON BATES, Administratrix.
N PURi UANCU E of an order of thoe rrogalte of tlhe
cvtlnty of New York, notice is hereby given to all se-
sons having claims against Rons. W.los, late of the city
of ew York, Ollod agent deceased, to present the
same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at her
residence, No. 83 Third Avenue, in the cty of New Yo
on Vrbeobre the twe hty-ti-d day eo Jue next. e
New York, the tSh day of NoDecber, 1S44.
d147 law6m S SARAH WILDS, Administratrix.
N PUiRSUAll tNV of an order of the Surrogate as
Sthe County of New Yolk, Notice is hereby given
to all persons havin claims against R i mlde r o it-
ken, late of tie City of New York, deceased, to present
the same with the vouchers thereof to the snbsculber, at
the office of E. Wheeler, No. 0 Wall street, m the City
ol' Ne ar York, on or before the twelth day of July next.
Dated New York, the 9t day of JanuNsob 184.
jI0 law;m.._ ABAHWILD$,ALA NAdm iitrurix
N PUlSUAN E of an order of the Surrogate of the
t County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all pe-
sons having claims against Edward Meeks, Jr., late of the
Stata of Kentucy deceased, to present the same with the
vouchers there to the subscriber, at the Post Office, cor-
ner Nassa u and relar streets, in the City ofNew ork, on
or befoe the rst dy of A gos u ext. Dated New York,
the 9th day of ia ovember, ]8s.
j2-4 law6m JOHN L. GRAHAM, Exeeutor.
IN IpURSUANCEO ofan order of the Surrogate of the
SCounty of New York, Notice is herebygiven to eliper-
scns having claims against Ft.rd S. lat e tlh
the city c New YOrK, Artist, deceas ed, to preent tb
same ith the voucher thereof to the subsElitr, at 1E
residence of Thomas S. Cumming No, 70 Walker street,
in the city oNew York, on or Btloe the 2d day of July
next Dated New York,he 17th day ofJmtary IS4.
j2 law6m* ALFRED T. AtA'"E. Executor.
N jPUflsUANjC o an oder ut the Surrogate of the
County of New YorkNoticeis hereby given to all per-
sons having claims against DAntih. Kncs.l Anu, late ofthe
city of New York, Genleman, deceased, to present the
some with the vouchers thereof to the sulbsciber, athi
oice, No.140 Nssau street, in the city of New York, on
orbefore the P2d day of July next Dated New York, the
17th day of Januay, 1845.
jPi law6m DANIEL KINOGLAND, Executor.
N PURfsUANCE of an order of the Surrogate or the
SCounty of New York, notice is hereby givento all per-
sons having claims against Elias Roberts, late of the iy
of New York, deceased, to present the same with th
vouchetrs te ethe ro PO the ubscriber, t his store, No. (
ofater street, in the city of New York. on or before the
twenty-ninth day of July next. Dated New York, the sev
enteenth day of January, 1845 .
j30 law6m' DAMU L NOSLEAII Executor.
T FUIrUA CE of an order of the Surogate a the
ICounty of New York. Notice is hereby given to all per-
sons havng claims against Jes Rbr tns, l ate ofthe
City of New York, merchant, deceaed, to present the
sou, with the vouchers thereof, to the suhscbr, at his
Wtice,ho. s3 West street, in the City of New York, on or
before the fifth day of August next. Dated NewYork, the
31st day of January, 1845
3 law6m. ENOCH CHAMBERLIN, Executor.
r'a''PH t O' NEW YORK, lS. oN CHANC -
Y SY. -Before the Vice hrdmellor.--Cmpb l t.
w ito antd Robert Henrye Ludlo, Trutees &c., vs.
Wliarn Cucainms et st.--In lmrsuanle of a decretal or-
ier of the Court Chancery, wll te sold at public au -
tin at the sterchant' Exchange, in the city of ew York,
under the direction of the subxtitber, one of the master
of said Court, by IEdward H. Lud.ow & Co, Auctionesls,
ol thethiteent day of February next, at 12 o'clock at
non on that day :
All that certain message and dwpbeing house, and lot,
piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and bding, in the Fit-
teenth Tard, of the city of New York, which lot of land
was moneyed dto Wiliam Cummings, by oftme Parker, of
the said city, Land agent, and ary his wife, in and by an
indenture bearing dae the twelfth day of December, the
ynoo one thousand eight hundred an hirty five, and recor-
ded in the office of the Register of tile city nd county el
New Yrk, in a brer 3l 8 of Covey andas, page 36S, March
I, 1o36; rn d which lot o land in the said indenture is de-
scrbed a follows: leinig ut a poin6t0 the southerly
,ide of Tenth tear, distant southesterly from the Sixth
avenue, three hundred sixty four Jeet and eleven inches,
dad running thecesoutheasterly along the souther y side
of Tenth street, twenty one feet six iches thence soth
weterly and at right angles with Tenth street, ninety two
feet threeinches to alia ruuningthrongh the centre ofthe
blok; between Ninth ard Tenth streets, thence northwest-
erl' on the said line, and parallelwith Tenth street
twenty one feet six inches, thence northeasterly and at
ight angles n ith the saint last mentioned line, ninety two
feet three inches to the southerly side of Tenth street, be-
ing the place ofbeginning;i being in breadth in front and
rear, twenty one feet and six inches, and in length on each
side, Linety two feet three inches. Dated New Yok, Jan-
uay l2d, 1845. STErHIGN CAMBRELENG,
j:an93 awsw Master in Chancery.

I -

Persons wishing to remit money to their
friends in any purt of England, Ireland,
cotta nor Wales, can e supplied with
Dafts payable at sight without discount,
for any amount from f. upwards.
In tngland, on the National and Provincil Bank of Eng-
land; Messrs. J. Barnard & Co, Exchange and Discount
Bank, Liverpooli Messrs. Jas. Bult & Bon, London; and
brancbe throughout k.nqland and Wales.
In reland, on the National Bank of Ireland, and Provin-
cial Bankannd branches throughout Ireland.
In Scotland. on the Eastern Bank of BScotland, National
Bank of 8:otland, Greenock Banking Co., and branches
throughout Scotland.
The Steamer Cambria leaves Boston on the Ist Februa
ry, by which Drafts can be forwarded. Apply to
j23 76 South street, cor. Maiden Lane.
ka -91- t ~
Persons about seng for their friends in anyart ofthe
a onatrv are r-oily inirmed by thesXiea,
that the same system that bhractered their house Q
gave such unoinded saisfaotin the past year will be
S owiued through the season of 134&
The gatnr~arease in this or ch of their business and
tOgivei8onto allow ene tates one ol the
thin to remainin Livoneltogiae his personal attention
to the same there the dearre of every passenger
from that place will be euperntended by Mr, Va. .
A :orr, and the utost rlae may be pied onthose sent
ot having quick despatch and proper care taken gy him to
see t ,em placed onbord ship in as comfortable a manner
as psible. Better proof that such will be the case cannot
be adduced than the punctual and satisfactory manner in
which the buainss was transacted through the past emi-
grating seaon. The shp for which the ubscribers are
agents comprise the
qUIEN OF THE WEST, .... ... .140 ton.
HOITTINGIR_, ... ... ...... 1150 "
LIVERPOOL, .......... ....... 1150 "
RoiH STER .. ........... ... 1000 "
ROSCIOUS, .1150''V
SHIJRIDAD ...... . .. .. ." -
GARRICK ................... 1051
pious and magpnifcent ships aire tted up in the
best sible manner for comfort and convenience, and it
is awell known fact that they surpass any other line of
acket. In tI additionth bove the aubscier arealso
agents for
lishi d h .rtr of the above farther cI m
nin sutecessary: eutfice it therefore to say, that the sub-
mibera guarantee to se satisfaction to alparties who
may send for their friends through them. In all cases
where those sen for decline comi out, the fall'amount
' w~"l l e fumed Afree
of money paid for their passage will be refunded. A free
pasagae Averpool from any port in Irelador Scotland
can bsecured; aso fromristol .
IREmirTH s-Person Wihigto trao atmoneyto
any part of Great Britain or Irland can be Apled withI
sight frayamoun from on pound upw a, pay e
asightwithutd or any oter chsre,iatthe
pa pl towns. .Apcatin b letter st paid) wl
met prompt attention address
W. & J. T. TAPSOa,.
76 South st. cor. Maiden lae.
inI veF 1- I
WM. DTk, 15GoriPRz4s, and
GEO. RIPARD k SON, S 96 Waterloo ]Road. N0

FOR LIVERPOOL--New Line.-Regular
Packet to sail 26th February-The regular fast
salling packet ship GARRICK, Capt. B, J. ii. Trask,
of Iliu tons burthen, wilt positively sail us above, her rag
utrday. For freight or pasage, havingacc mdaion
unequalled for fplesdor or comfort, apply on boar, at Or-
leans wharf, foot of Wall st, or to
E. K. COLLINS St CO., 6s South st
Price of passage $100.
Packetship ROSCUSCapt. A. Eldridge, will succeed
the GariLk, and a dl 20th March, her regular day, J28
M ERPOOL-Paket of 21st February-The splendid
a ,and favorite packet ship ROCiESTtER, 1000 tons
flurthen, Cap6. J. Button, will sail on Friday, February
b19t her regular day The ship of thi lio being i
Stons andupwads, persons about to embark for the
old country, winotfail to see te advantages to be de-
rived frem selectingthis line i presence to any other,
as their great capacity renders them every way mre com-
fortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and
their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage
passenger, it is Well known are superior to those of any
otherline of packets. Persons wising to secure berths
shouldnot alto make early applicato 1o board,/ot of
Buying lip, or to 7. k J. T. TAPSCOTT,
At heir General Passage Offine, 76 South st,
S 0 corner of Maiden lane.
t OR LIVERPOOL R.-Rular P acket of 6th
Feb.-The splendid first class fast sailing Packet
ship PATRICK HENRY, Capt Delane, will posi-
velysail asabove,her regular day. Having r s upe
rior accommodations for Cabin, Seconb Catbln and Steer-
age passengers, persos wishing to embarx should make
immediate application on board, foot of Burling slip, or to s
j 27 10 Pine treet, coner of South.
Fih OR LIVE POOL.-New Line-Regtar f
Packetto sailthel 26th January-The regular fast
sailing packet ship SHERIDAN, Capt A. F. De
Peyfr, of 1100 one, will sail as above, her regular day. e
Fortfreightorpassa, having accommodations unequalled
for splendor or coort apply on hoard at Oleans wharf,
foot of Wall street; or to
t E, K. COLLINS & CO., 56 Soth at
Am m. a .. .. --...~ .
Packehip ICK, Capt B. J. i. Tr will su-
eed the Sherid andail 2f February, her a e
day .. .. 7
.' ADAMCARN,!' Capt. Scott.-This fast ailing d
Packet Ship willsail in a few days for the above
port-having exceent accommodation for Cabin, Second
Cabin and Steerage passengers, early applicationshould be
made on board, footof Beekman St., or to fu
f4 76 South street corner of Maden Lane.
Tk 1
L 1






"N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the
A County of Now York, notice is hereby given to all pe
sons having claims against Robert Swanton, late of the
city of New York, counselor at law, deceased, to present
the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at
his residenc, No. 46 Frankfort street, in the cit of New
York, on or before the twenty-fifth day of May Next. Da-
ted New York, the 18th day of November, la4.
ul9 law6m DAVID BRYSON. Executor.
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the
s County of New York, notice is hereby given to all per-
sons having claims againStCHRaLES Ai. THURSTON, late 01
the City ofNew Yor, deceased, to resnt the same with
the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at his store, No.
63 Water street, in the City of New York, on or before the
second day of June nxt--Dated New York the 26th day
of November; 1844. C. M. THURSTON, Jr.
n27 law6m Administrator.
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of th.
County of New York-Notice is hereby given to all
persons havinge claims against JOsErH TOWnst ND, Of B1l
gen County, New Jersey, Farmer, deceased, to present the
same with the vouchers thereof to the Subscnber, at the
store of J. & G. Fair,No. 20 Fulton strVet, in the City of
New York, on or before the fifth day of April next Date.
New York, the 2d day of October, 1844.
oct s lIaw6m
TN PURGSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the
a County of New York, notice is hereby given to all per
sons havig claims against John Gavin, late of the City -l
New York, grocer, deceased, to present the same with the
vouchers thereofto the subscriber, at his residence, No
100oo Duane street, in the City of New York, on orbefore the
thirtieth day of April next.
Dated, New York, the 24th day of October, 1844.
toeO law6m] HENRY SHERWOOD, Administrator.
N PURSUANCE of an order ofthe Surrnogate oftht
A. County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims against Frhcis M. Goodwin,
t of the City of New York, tavern keeper, deceased
to present the stme with the vouchers thereof to the sut,
scriber, at his hotel, No. 18 Water street, in the City of
New York, on or before the third day of May next
Dated New York, the 31st day of )ctober, 1844.
n2awn GEOROE W B110WNE, executorr
N PURSUANCE ofan order of the Surrogate of the
1 county of New York, notice is hereby given to all
persons having claims against William Tyse, late of t
city of New fork, merchant, deceased, to present the
same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at the
office of Charles Edwards, No, 61 Wall street, in the crity
of New York, on or before the 30th day of Match next
Dated New York, the 7th day of Scptanlber, 1844.
law0m SAMUEL CLAPfAM, Executor.
N PURSUANCE of an order ofthe Surrogate of th
S county of New York, notice is hlereby given to all 1per
sons having claims against John Sherwin, ite of the city
of New York, merchant, deceased, to present tlhe same
with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at his aesi
dence, No. 27? Waverley Place, in the city of New I ork,o,
or before the bth day May next.-Dated New York, the
Od day of November. 1844.
n4 law6m* ALFRED WAGSTAFF, Adminitstrttor.
N PURMTONCE of an order of the Surrogate ot ti,
JLCounty of New York,--Notice is hereby given to il
persons havitlnclaims against its H. S.rit Moos, lat
of the City ofNw Yerk, Miller, decased, to preYent the
sC[9 ca kg ea n rsttl
Same with the vouchersthereof to the subsciber, at t ,
office, No. 1 Hanover street, in the City of New York, e~n
or beore the Secondday ofApril next. Dated New York.
the 28th day of September, 1844.
1oct law6m CHARLES GOULD, Admiistrators
N PUIItSUAN of an Order of the Surrogate ot the
Count t New York, Notice is hereby give" to all per,
sons havng claims against O.onox W. k OxaLx, late l
the City ofNew York,gentleman, deceased, to present the
same with the vouchers thereof to the ubsoribers, at the
store of Walter W. Conklin, No. 15 West street, in tile
city ofNew York, on or before the tenth ty of June next,
Dated New York, the d day of Decmbet, 14 444
WAT.1W. CONKLIN, Executo.
(17 lawdm TArINALL BAILY,
FN PURSUANOE of an order of the surrogate of
JLthe County of New York, Notice is horeby giv-
eon to all persons having claims against SsAr CnosS,
late of the City of New ctork, deceased, to present the
same with file %ouchers thereof to the subscriber, at his
office No 134 Nassau street, in tle City of New York, on
or before the 1ourteen7h day of June ncxt Dated New.
York, the tenth day of Dcember, 1844.
dll oaw6m ISAAC BARKER, Erxecutor.
N PURSUANCE ofan order of the Surrogate of the
County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all per.
son having claims aginst 'VIs.Ano LWoxot, late ote
Norwalk, tae of Connecict, deceased, to present the
same, with the vouchers thereof, to the snrbseriber, at there
office of ays and Treadwil, Franklin lionso, No. 197
Broadway, in the City of New York, o o or beere the first
day of July next. nDated New York, the 17th day of De
cmber, 1a44.
118 law tim TO D. LOCKWOOD, Admeistrator.
TN PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of tho
A County of New York, Notice is hereby given to all
tenons having claims agaist ELXANOa WOO, lato of the
City of New York, widow, deceased, to prscnt the same,
with the vouchers thereof, to the SUlsrlber, at his store,
No. 67 Beaver street, in tile City Of New York. oo or be-,
fore the nlneteenth day of June nixtl-Duaed New York,
the lath y of December, 1844.
law ir* THOMAS DI ENN 1 outoltr.

Packet of the 1lth of February.--The spledid fast
ailingipa ket t hip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt,
will sail sitively as above, her regular day. The ac-
commodations of this ship for cabin, secon cabin and
steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. Those wshig
to secure berths should not fail to make immediate ap
plscation on board foot of Wall street, or to
f8 76 South st, corner of Maden Lane.
FaOR NjW O][ G3ANBX-Lousiana and
New Yqr Line.-egular Packet, to sail lth Feb.
The eleg~aht fast sailing Packet ship LOUISVILLE,
Captain Hunt, will positivelyail as above, he regular
day F freight orpaage, having superior accommoda.
ain, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at, or
to E. K. COLLINS & C ., t6 South street.
Positively no goods received on board afterMonday,
evening, lth Feb.
Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. HULLIN & WOOD-
RUFF, who will promptly forward all good to their ad
MWTON.-ausage to Providence, $2 Boston
$3,60.-The splendid steamboat NEPTUNE, apt. W.
aollns, wnlea ve ier No. 3 N. R., every Monday and
Th nrsay at 4 o'lock.
All kids of freight taken at the lowest prices. Paseen
gers by this boat vivf arrive in Providence in time to take
the morning train of cars for Boston For further Informs-
nion inquire on hoard, o of
no u J.N. DILTS, 19 Wet street
- w haZ ;t;.et-The boatwil rdn absl0ws,
,dtJBls until father notice :
Now York at 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 o'clock A. l., and S1, a I
F,, 6 and 7,P; M.
Leave Staten Island at 7 9,10 and 11 A M., 1,9, 4, s 2t
71 'clocki P. M
O Sdays every hour from 8 A. M. to 7 P. M.; 1 M
x Fort Hamilton and New York
New York-6 A. M. and 81 P. M, Sunday ecepted.
Clifton and Now York.
Leave New York-- AM., 2 and lk P. M
Cli R-.4I A. M, 8and 4 P..M, Sundays e.cepted.
BULL, for New London, will leave New
YYork every riMdav. at 4 noalock. P. M. oT.
lU 12 i e

' No.XX. wilasonfollow. Thiseditionofthe sacred
Scriptures challenges comparison with all others, in re)
spect of completeness, beauty of design, and elegance of
execution, artistic and typographic. It willbe completed
in about fifty numbers, and will comprise every requisite
for a perfect family Bible.
Translated from the French Of Alexandre Dumas,by
Charles H. Town, Esq.
't Forming No. XLV. of the "'Library of Select No
vels." Dumas stands i the first rank of French novelists,
and the presentworkis eminently worthy of his fame. It is
a story of thrilling power.
'fA Chronological Introduction. to the History of the
Church, being a New I;quiry into the True Dates of the
Birth and Death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and
containing an Original Harmony of the Four Gospels, now
first arrangedin the Order of Time. By the Rev. Samuel
Farmer Jarvis, D. D., LL. D., &c., &c. In one splendid vo-
lume, 80o., beautifully printed in the style of Prescott's
Ferdinand and Isabella, and elegantly bound.
New Work
w 1843-4.
I vol. Imo. very handsomely printed. With a map ofRome,
Contens-l, SaintPter's. 2. Forum and Coliseum. 3.
The Capitol. 4. Churches, Images, Reliques and Miracles.
5. A Day amongtheTombsof home. 6. The Vatican. 7.
ChristmasatRome. 8. The PalacsofRome. 9. Ancient
Baths and Moder.Fountains 10. A Roman Dining-house
and Cafe. 11. The Velabrum, Ghetto, and Trastevero.
12. Cardinals, Monks, Beggars and Robbers. 13. A Pro.
menade on ithe Pieian Hill 14. Sculptors and ainters
16. The Modern Romans. .9ppendi--How to see Rome. "
14 WILEY& PUTNAMI, 161 Broadway.
EI -, HUNTINOTON & SAVAGE, 216 Pearl street,
keep constantly for sae a large and complete assortmnt
ot school, Classical and bIiscollaneus Books. Blank
Books in every variety, Letter, Cap, (ruled and plain) Bill,
Drawing, and Tea Papuer, Quills, In, Snealing Wax, &c.
Merchants, Teachers, School Committees and others,
wishing to purchase, will find it for theirinterest to call
as we will frnish all articles in our line at low prices,ana
in quantities to suit.
The Malte Brun School Ge- Webstor's Dicotionary for
Igrapy and Aths. Schools, lPmu.
Peter arley's OGeography Do, do de 16mo
for Children. Mrs.Lincoln's Btany.
Peter Parey' History for Do. BotanyforBeginners.
Children, I Do. Natural Philsophy.
Burritt's ,Gorphy ofthe Do. NauralPhilsophy for
Heavens wih a Atl. Begnners.
lreowes' Astronomy fbr Be- Do. ecturas on Chemistry.
giinner. Do. Chemistry ior Begin-
0. odrich's Ecclesiastica ners.
I listory for SChools. Gallaudett's picture Reading
Kane'Element of Criti- Book.
cisln, S0v. Preston's Interest Tables 6
Praestm Interest Tables 7 gaer cot.
per rent A o do Abridged
Do. do Abridged.
A Pra tlcal Grammar of the English Language, or an in.
troducth to composition in which the constructions are
classified i lto rations and phrases. By Edward Hazen,
author of the Speller and Definer, Part first.
Parts first and second bound in one al.
Peter Par:ey'lii new Oeography for Bginners, a beautiful
book, isenow through the press and won e ailsoon bublshed.
1)je tdah Tno el Ta o
TA p J. sURI OGACPE'C COUR hold in and for
ur the Couoty of N w Yo, at the Surrgae'office, in
th o city of New York, on the twenty-seventyofh day of Jan
s ryn lo i the year one thoUsonft eight hundred sdfoat)
v, aPrisent, Charles MoVean, Surrogate. In the matter
cf t he application to ortgage, lease, or sell the real es-
tete of Joseph O'Connor, deeeased.On reading and filing
the I 4tition of Mchael O'Connor, the executor, and Mary
0'7Co tnor, the executrix at the last Will and tstamnt of
,osep oConnor, decaed, by which it appears that the
rson a estate of said deceaed is insufficient to pay his
:,.b qt s'odered that all persons interested in the es.
tteo t sd Joseph O'Connor, decead, appear before the
arr 01ae. of te County of New York, at his of gac inthe" l Ye ork, onti sevetenth day of March next,
at tin oI'cock in the forenoon of that dayto show cause
why ant trity should nt be given to said executor and
executrix t o mortgage, lease, or sell so much of the real
estateof .aidhJoselh t)Connor, deceased, as Nhall be no.
carsary to pity his debts.
Sorn O& 01%x Attorney. Ija 4W

T gi ros N Y k s 26 k and Liverpool
on te llth h6f ec month.
FRae sw reOnK,
Bhp SIDDONS, CpLt. Edw. B. Cobb, N6th December.
SHERIDAN, Capt. 6 D Pest, 9lth January.
GARRICK, CapLB. J. H. Trask, 26th February.
aIOSUSU Capt. AsaaEldridge,S96thMarch.
FROM LtE '/lL.
bip SHERIDAN, Capt. A. De Peyster, 11th November.
SGARRICK, Capt. B. J. H.Trask, llth December.
I g0SCIUS, Capt ha Elddge, lth January,
" SIDDONS, Capt. 9. B. Cobb, lth February.
These shipq are il of'the fsat class, upwards of l1100
ons, built in the city ofNew ork, with schrmprove.
mantas combine great speed,with unusual coort for
lmstenger. Every care has been taken in the arrange.
meat of their accommodations. The price of passge
hROWNe SHIPLEY, fOor LiverpooL
hence is Slu for whih amle store will be provided.
Inege ships are commanded y experienced masters, who
will make every exertion to give general satisfaction,
Neither optain nor owners of these ships will be res.
ponsible for any letters, oarcel or packages sent by them,
unless regular bills oldrlug are signed therefore For
eight or pasage, apply to
E. K. COLLINS & CO., 50 South ot,
New York, or to
BROWN, SHIPLEY &LCO,, Liverpool,
Lter by the neket will be carged 121 cents per ain-
ge sheet; M0 cents per ounce; and newpapers one cen
engh. n9



;i:c~ --3



The Subscribers beg leave to inform those persons about
sending lor their friends, that they have made extensive
arrangements for the year 1845, for bringing out Passen
gers rot any part ot the Old Country n a comfortable
manner, and on the most favorable term in any of the
ships ,C.he above favorite Line, railing punctualy on the
let ad Itith of each month-ale in other first class Ameri-
can ship sailing every week throughout the Season,
commanded by most attentive and experienced Masters,
well known in the Trade, and they pledge themselves no
expense or pains will be sparedto give full satisfaction to
all parties, and to prevent delay, or Imposition and annoy-
ane from runnersat Liverpool. TheirAgent at that or
is determinedto attend personally tothe forwarding o a l
passengers engage at this offce.
When parties settled ir, decline coming out, the money
is immediately returned to their friends, and A ithout any
reduction whatever.
The old Line of Paket comprise the following ships.
Parties wishing to send money to their friends in the Old
Country, can obtain Drafts of the Subscribers for any
amount, which will be paid without discount or any other
chat rge, at sight.
In Engltudon Messrs. J. Burned &Co, Bankers Liver.
pool also Messrs J. Butt & Son, Bankers London.
In Ireland on the NationalBank of Ireland, and Branches
throughout the Country.
In Scotland, on the Ntional Bank of Scotland, and bran-
ches throughout the country. Apply to
WILLIAMS & GUIpN, 40 F'ulton st., N. Y.
FITZHUGfH & CO., Goree Piazas, LiverpooL
N. B. The Od Line of Liverpool Packets sal from ths
port for Liverpool onthe Lt and. 1th of every month,i
punctually. Persons retiring tothe OldCounttvy, will
find itgreatly to their advantage to select this comfortable
Line. f6

A Prose Epic.
With Illustrations,
By W. Gilmore Simms, Esq.
As a biographer, Mr. Simms has given unequivocal
evidence o eminent abnlity."--oning Nwrs.
"The style employed in the biography is among the
best exampls ofdesriptive narrative we have seen for
some tie. The work Is full of interest, and we beieveit
will add materially to Mr. Simm's reputation as a writer,"
--american Revsw.
"This is a most valuable and interesting addition to
American Biography. Itis well gotup, illustrated by sev.
eral spirited lithographs of Revolutionary Scenes and In-
cidents, end is far better reading for reading's sake then
any novel of the day. We have not tim to speak farther
of it atpresont."--Herald.
" Marion isjustly the hero of Southern romance for the
truth of his daring, his success and his escapes--the vitai-
ty whichhis coanage and resources imparted, at the dark.
st peri d of the revolutionary contest in South Carolina-
to the arms of Freedom--invest him really with al the at
tributes of heroic and romantic days.
"mr. Simms has drawn out from materials exceedingly
imperfect, a well connected and minutely d.taled story of
the life and deeds ofMarion--and we commend the biogra-
phy to allAmericans- To the young especially, itwilbe
attractive by its adventure, while itwill inspire them with
the self-denying patriotism, the disdain of personal gratifi
cation; thehatred of oppression and the earnest love of
Freedom which animated the hearts and directed the valor
of Marion and of Marion's men."-American. I
"1General Marion is well known as having been among
the bravest spirts of our revolution. A good biography
of him has long been a disideratum in our revolutionary
history, ; and we are happy to find that the task of wriing
It has teen assigned to a gentleman Ao very competent to
do justice to the subject and sustainin a chracter in the
literary world which will predispose th publi to a favor-
able reception of anything from his N en. He has execu
ted his task with much skll, and produced a book which
will be eagerly read by thos who would trace the work-
ins of a brave and heroic mind, or who'would treasure
whatever belongs to th history of the struggle that gave
us our Independence.-Cincinnati Gazette.,
j 24 8 Astor House.
SCINE, andthe Collateral Sciences, forJanuary 1845,
is This Day Published, by Henry G. Langley, No. 8 Astor
The present number presents an extended and exceed-
iiy valuable Table of Contents, among.cwhich are the
ART. I.-Epilepsy terminating fatally; with Hypertrophy
and induration of the cerebralsubstance, induced by ex.
excessive mentalapplication; belag a histor of the case
of the late Samuel Ferry, M.D., Editor of the New York
Journal of Medicine and Surgery. By Charl~s A. Lee,
Mo.D., Prof of Mat. Med. and Patholagy, in Oendva Med-
ical College.
AT. II.-Case in which the Rigkht Subclavian Artery was
tied just as it pses the Saleni Muscles, fer an Aneur.
ism of the Axila, from a Gun-Shot Wound. By Vale-
ine Mtt M.D., Professor of Surgery in the Uiversity
of New York.
Abr. III.--On the Principles and Treatment of Fractures
and Dislocations B GeQr.e O. Jarvis, M.D.
ART. IV.-On the Use of Iodide of Potassium in Asthma.
By W. B. Casey, M.D., of Middletown, Coneticut.
AnT. Y.-Case of Extensive chronicUlcer of the Abdo-
men By D. Camden De Leon, MD., U. S. Army.
AnT. V.--On the Nature and Uses of Aconitum Npellus.
By John C. Peters, M.D, of New York.
ART. VI.-Extracts from the Recorded Proceedings ofthe
New York Medical and Surgical Society.
The present number being the commencment of a
new volume, the Publisher deems it a fitting owportunity
to solicit for the work the liberalpatronage ofteMedical
Profession, to which its merits entitle i. Subscriptions
received by the pblisker.
j16 ENRY G LANGLEY, 8 Astor House.
itedd by Rufus W. Griswold in on vl2mo, various
styles of binding.
Embracing Voice and Gesture; designed for Schools
and Colleges. For sale by
j4 HUNTINGTON & SAVAGE, 216 Pearl st.
To Medical Students.
The inspection of members of the Faculty, Medical Stu
dents, c., is respectfully invited to the extensive and
varied assortment of New and Standard Works in Medical
Science, for sale at
Where may be obtained all the most approved produ
tions used iu the several colleges of the city, as
tgetherwit"the most recent works, American and foreign,
in Materia Media, Surgery, Obtetrics, Anatomy, Phy.
siology, and the Collateral Sciences, on very reducl
The favor of a call i reseacttthi solicited. a

EUCRY, a I 1,&3f;fZt
Would respectfully solicit the inspection of Purchasers t,
his choice and varied assortment of
adaptedfor Presents, andbegs to add, that the advantages o
Economy combined with entensive erietfy will still be
found to characterize his establishment, as in formeryears
Among the numerous richly illustrated works of the sea
son, are
and other costly works in elegant Literature, Poetry, Ro
mance, &c., such as,
THE KEEPSAKE, edited by Lady Blessington, with I1
elegant plates, crimson silk.
DRAWING ROOM SCRAP BOOK, 36 fne Engravings
io beautiful tinted drawings, royal 4to.,
CHINA ILLUSTRATED, 3 vols., 96 llustrations, splen
didly bound and gilt.
THE BOOK OF BEAUTY, richly embellished.
HISTORICAL ANNVAL, by Cattermole, splendidly
THE GIF, or NEW YEAR'S OFT, do. do.
FORGET-ME-NOT, do. do.
THE OPAL, do. do.
NATIVE HAUNTS, with fine colored drawings, elegantly
THE DIADEM, with One illustrationi.
THE ROSE, or AFFECTION'S OEFT, with fine illus-
THE ROSE OF SHARON, with ine illustrations,.
LADY OF THE LAKE, a Poem, by Sir Walter Scott.
One volume, most exquisitely ilkstrated. In extra cloth,
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CHILDE HAROLD--Chlde Harold's Pilgrimage. A
Romaount, by Lord Byron. A new and beautifully illns-
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PICTORIAL SHAKSPEARE.-The Pictorial Edtion of
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Complete in eight vols., large avo., with over two thou
sand engravings. Richly bound in Turkey morocco.
Romantic. Trnslated, with Notes, by J. 0. Lockhart,
Esq Embellished in a new and original manner, with co-
lored titles, borders, and oxnamental letters and vignettes.
quarto,'richly boud.
BROCKEDON'S ALPS-llustrations of the Passes of
the Alps. Embe'dished by 110 finely executed engravings.
2 vole, in 1, morocco extra.
prising a complete collection of her beautiful lyric.
Edited by Rfus W. Grisawold. Elegantly printed on the
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cipal Female Characters in the Plays of the Great Poet.
RoyalSvo., morocco, ex.tra.
sisting of oldHeroic Ballads, Songs, he. ByBashop Percy.
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ul copy of the Holy Bible, splendidly printed at the Cam-
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ires, and Historical. Sumptuously Allustrated with up
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legantr oluma,morocco extra.
WOODLAMD GLEANINGS. By theauthor of" Sandt.
meant of Flowers" Elegantly embellished with 80 splen-
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POETRY. Edited by Francis I. Osgood. With beauti-
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AIKEN'S A.ND FROST'S POTS.-Selections fom the
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SPENC,RS FAERIE QUEENE, I vol. re., morocco
TALES AND NOVELS, by MariaEdgeworth, OVols.
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POEMS, by Samuel Rogers. A new edition, with ad-
litions by the Author. 1 vol. 8vo., with fine Engravings.
with Martin's fine Illustrations, I vol. ovo.
SOUTHEY. The complete Poetical Works of R. Bou.
they, Esq., LL.D. The 10 volumes London*edition, in
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A New and Portable Edition of THE POETICAL
WORKS OF FELICIA HEMANS. A very beautifully
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CAMPBELL LLUSTRATED.-The Poetical Works of
Phomas C~a pbell complete, with Memoir of the Author
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oO, Jeffroys. Large Volume, with very beautifulillus
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MISS BARAETT'S POEMS.-A Drama of 4Exle, and
ther Poems, By ElizabethB. Barrett, Two vols., Imo.,
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Hall. First and second serales, exquisitely illuutraed, and
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ESNS, 1ltrastad with spinndidy colored plat,-
vo, morcco, extra gilt.
A ItELIGIO US OFFERING : Lcure on the P~l~dm's
rogreae, and onte Life and Times of John Btmyan By
he Rev. George B. Cheerer, D.D. One landsome voume,
vo., inane bold type, with very beautiful ateel engrav'ngs,
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THE MIRROR LIBRARY. One handsome vol., vo.,
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sh, literatur, ong, and Romene, by Moore, Camp[,il,
cott., Montgomery, &e, including all WiUis's recent etY:
ons in prose and verse. Awork ofno ordinary attractions
nd value, and precisely adapted for the present festivl t
HE EWAVERLY GALLERY; Or, th Prlacipal Fe
ode Characters in Sir WaLter Scott's RoInees. I vot
oyal Se., morocco axtr.
1e ,,Poetryr of Life," "Pictures of Prite Life, and
Voice from the Vintage," Ae. Illustrated edition, I oL
vo., cloth gilt.
r. Elb. Opistnh of The Womnl, Wivs,"
Daughters, and "Mothars of Eogoad,* withsplendidd
nglish Plates, muslin, gilt.

MRS. BLLS'S PrOS. WORKS-1-n.orm Eitlmt.
omprising all the above, with 10 Engravings, 2 vols.
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FAMILY BIBLES-A varied assortment of Bibles, Ox-
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BOOKS OF COMMON PRAER--About twenty dif-
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JOVENILE WORKS-A large and extensive assort.
sent of Juvenile Books, consisting ofabout one thousand
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mptuously bound In velvet gilt, clasps, &e.
every variety, and other articles suitable Tor Pro sent
T. favor of nersd t
The favor of 440all ta requsted, *44 it


ERUPOOL,-Pcket of 21st' of February.-The
splendid and favorite packet ship ROCHESTER,
1000 tons burthen, Captain J. Britton, will shil on Friday,
February 2 her regular day,.
The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards,
persons about to embark for the Old Country, wll not fail
to see the advantaes to be derived from selecting this
line in preference to any other, as their great capacity
renders them every way more comfortable and convenient
than ships of a smaller class, and their accommodations for
cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, it is well
known are superior to those of any other line o packets.
Pesron wishing to secure berths should not fail to make
rly appliesnion an board, foot of Burling slip, or to
Iw. SJ.T. TAPSCOTT, at their general passg office,
'76 South street, corner Maien lane.
The Rochester will sail from Liverpool on the 6th of
beront wishing to send for their friends, can have them
brought outin this magnificent Packet, or any of the reg.
ular ine, sailing on the slat, 6th, llth, 6th 21st nd 26th uf
every month, on favorable terms, application to be made
as above.
Drat for any amount payable on demand, without dis-
count in all thle principal towns of England, Ireland, Sot-
land or Wales, can at all times be obtained on application
(f by letter post paid) as'above.
Agent --rve 6Goree Plazas, and
Agents for iverpool GEO. RIPPARD & SON.
3 96 Waterloo Road.
The elegant packet ip GARRICK, will aecceed the
Rochester, and hail February 26th, her regular day.

P PURSUANCE of an order of he Surrogate of th
County of New York, notice is heieby given to.all
persons having claims against Thomas R. Mercein; late ot
the city of New York, gentleman, deceased, to present
the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at
the ofe of J. P. Swain, No. 139 Front street, in the city
of New York, on or before the twenty-fourth day of May
next. Dated New York the twenty-first day of November
1844. n2 law6m MARY MERCEIN, Executrix.

Y ORtDER ot the Honorable Michaea Ulshoene,,
U first Judge New York Common Pleas, Notice ishereby
given pursuant to the provision ofthe statute authorzing
attuehments against non-resident debtors, that ah att ch-
ment has issued against the estate of Durden B. Cater, whbo
is a resident of the State of Pennslvania, andthatthe same
will be sold for the payment of hs debts, unless he appea
and disch ge such attachment according to law, wili i
nine months from the' first pitblication ofths notice; an I
that the payment of any debts due to hintm by residents ct
this State, and the delivery to him or for his use, ofr .y
proprty wiln this State belonging to him, and the tr: us
er of any such property by him are forbidden by law, unt
are void.-Datethe 17th ay of October, 1844.
S J. DILLON Attorney :or Attachiug Creditor
Rote paper please copy. ol8 law~S


Forthe better accommodation of ppera, it is mnded
tod patch a ship front this port on the Ist, 5th, 10th 1th,
20th, and sth oleach month, commencing the 10th of Oc
tober, and continuing until May, when regular days will
be appointed for the remainder ofthe year, whereby great
delays eand disappointments will bearevented during the
ummermonths. The following shps will commence the
Bark GENESEE, Capt. Minot
Ship YAZOO, Capt Wibray.
, JAVA, Capt.Perry.
OSWEGO, Capt. Wood.,
MISSISSIPPI, O apt. Hilliard.
These ships were all built in the city of New York, ex-
pressly for packe, are of a light drat of water, have re-
cnty been newsy coppered and put in splendid order,
with accommodations r passenger unequalled for com-
ft. They are commanded by experienced masters, who
will make every exertion to give general satisfaction.
They willet all times be towedup anul down the Missis-
sippi by steamboats. Neither the captains or owners of
these ships will be respomble for jewelry, bullion, preo
cidoUs stones, silver, or plated ware, or forany letters, par-
Cels or pCkage, sent by or put on board of them, unler,.s
regular lls l0agare taken for the same, at the va.ue
ere expressed.
E. K. COLLINS & Co., 56 South stree, or
HULLIN AND WOODRUFF, Agents in New Vrleane,
who will prompty forward all good to their address.
[f- The his of this line are warranted to sail pane-
ally as adverised, and great care will be tr'Jen to have
hegood correctly measured d1

100 PINE srEETv, vORER or $##TM.
The Subscrierbegs leave to call the attention of his
trian&d aa the public in generalto the follow
ats or ttw for the 6psre bringing ot Cabin, and
Cuin aed 8tere9 aaengers, by the New Line of
1iverpooi Pa sailing o the 1st, 13th and ilfh of
every moth. The ships comprisingth line are-
eor Washigtou, .Inderdne, nited tats,
sbeieW, Garrck, Siduon,
Piak oenry, Roscoe, Virgia,
Stephen h y, RBoscius, Sheridan.
By the n-, -t mkets, to saU from New York the st,
10th snd 20th---e- from London n the 7t, 17th and 27th
ofeach moulth
Mediator, Ontario, Wellington,
T. ont, Quebec, Westminster,
P .t elhht SL James, Switzerlnd,
Ma trea Hen' Hudso, Gladiator.
In connection with the above, and for the purpose of
aoaingstigretMericilities to passengers; the osubscri
bar t es establWFhed a regular line of frst class New York
bualt, covered and copper fastened ships, to sail punntal-
Oy everY week throughout the year
- the Provincial Rank of Ireland, payable at
CoZk, Limerick, Clonmel, Londondery,
W, xford, Belfast, Waterford
y, A ra Athlone Colerain
Bp i, Iblee, Youg Eundsien,
Monagh, Bainbride, 3fleymena, 'arsonstown
Do cavan, L o mg,,
on, mdon, EnTl, Balyebannon,
trne, t' beroen, Mallow Moneymore,
Cootehi, h, Dublin, -I bbreen.
Botland BS it Bank of Glagow
anR-M ~ tw o n.,oo & Co., Bankers,
LDon; M wpy, wartoo tlad Oiverpool; -Rvable
teevery townin GreatBritain, ,
Vort u formation, (if letter pst ,) apply to
JOSEPH McM Y, 00 Pine street.
CorerofSPt t et, New York,
Or By. P.. BYN- k CO., 86 Waterloo Rod,
V- x -.. velpool

SO0IGR Of lon. Dmuel 1'. Ingrham one of the
Associate Judges of the Court of Common Pleas tor
the i~ity and County of New York. Notice is hereby
given, pursuant to the provisions of the statute authorizing
attachment against ison resient debtors, that an attach.
meu has issued against the estate of George S. Hal, reasi-
dent of Au sta, m the State of Maine, and that the same
wilt be soldfoi the payment of his debts, unlessheappear
and discharge such attachment, according to law, within "
nine months from the first publicationf this notce; and
tht the payment of any dbts diue to Inm by residents of
ti; state, and the delivery to him, or for his use, of any
prerty within this State bel ging to him and the trau-
fer of any such property by him are forbidden by law, and
are void. Dated the fourth day of January, 184.
Attorney for Attaching Credi'or.
(Ars please copy.) j6 law9m
1OTlAg OF APPLt(;ATION of an insolvent
from hi debts, pursuant to the provisions of the third
article of the first title of the fifth chapter of the second
part of the Revised Statutes. (Notice first published No
vember 29, 1844.] Creditors of William Regan, to appear
before Hon. Aaton Vandespool, Associate Justice of the
Superior Court of the City of New York, at his Chambers
in the City IIHall, in the city of New York, on the eighth
day of Mailrch next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, of that
day. Dated 28th November, 1814.
_Albany Argue copy.] j10 law6w.
oIO is hereby given that an appleotin will be
made to the Legislature of the State of New York, at
it next session, to incorporate anll association for the pur
pose ofinsuranco, uder the of the AsTOn MTInrA
t1sVRr rcx CoMPtY ov New Youx-the city of New York
eing the placewhere the objects of such ppication are
mtnded to be carried in o effect ; andt that te amount of
capital stock requisite to carry the objects of such incor-
,Oratio ilinto efect is two hundred and fifty thousand dol
tar.- Datedl3 January, 1 A. j3 law6w
NOTICE.-Application will be made to the Legisla-
I Iture of this State during its present session foran act
of incorporation for the New York Male ligh School,"
to be located in the city of New ork.
State vapor copy. jaa7 la0w
hy given, that te title to the land hereinater men.
tioned, having failed froml defect of heirs, and the same
having eacheated to tke P' ople of thle State of New York,
the undersigned, Daniel Haggerty, will apply t tthe Legi-
lature o sold State. on the nateenth day ofFebruary, one
thoumandn eight hundred and forty-five, at the next session
thai of, to be held at the Capitol in the Cty of Alhany, foe
a e lease and conveyance of said land to him that is to
say, of all that portion of t lot of land and piemisa
known by the street number one hundred Anthony street,
gi uated in the Sixth Ward of the City of New Yo rk, whioh
was devised by Daray Haggrty, late of the City of New
York, deceased, to hi daughter, Cathrine Iteggerty, by
will bearing date Jly 27, IM, and which will is reaordd
In the office of the Surrogate ofthae Couty of NewYok.
And the said Danhl Haeggerty will alsO applyto the said
I egioltuie, at Iti 6 le tiee and place, for a release and
ent to him of a l the right title arI interest of said Stt
in ned to any rple money whic there may be upon any
iale of s aid premises, made, orto be made b virtue of pro
eedings for the foreclosure of any mortgage executed or
heing a lien upon said premises
daed, New York, Jaluay 4, 1843.
tE hAY eduate your children. You cannot be more
V justt, more kind, than to give your children an edu-
cation. Books are now opon for subscription to the
entited the'ME T
now established, five miles from the City Hall, Nw York,
where yeat'a
yonur children ot the ow price of $6 per anum nd i
y ell salot pay $, Lpy $10.--) onr children will e re-
c ive. Furthr mformalou may Im olined at the ofvele.
as I, RNCE STRET. dis 3m m
M H ADER, 4d Chataln street, Offers for aia s tine
N .ailassoroel of the choicest brands of imported
Huvana and Princ,e eepro as cau be found in the city
viz : Espartero, Itiond, Iorl Byron Aliansa,&a. &C.-
Justo Sanz and Steamboat Principes.
He keeps also constantly on hand all descriptions o tlea
I'obacco, viz: Havana, tCuba, St. Domingo, and Seed le
gar Bs.& o .&c.
Wholosate and retail at taolnnnhle terno. R39tf
1)OotS WITH1 BOARD.-A gentleman a nd
:L wife, or two single geutlemn call [e accommodate
wih a pleasant rool on second floor of house bo.
White st, a few doors west of Broadway. f 1Iw





7W PUIRBUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of New
J. York-Notice is hereby given to all persons having
caals against Joney Hrluctocx, late of the city of New
York, merchant, deceased, to resent the same with the
vouchers thereof to the subscribers, at tie office of W. it
and C. Hitchceck, No. 44 Peck Slipa in the city of New
York, on or before thea eighthday of April next. Date
New York, the .th day of Kctobr, 1 E44.
o7 law (m* JAMES R. HITCHCOCK,

V OR LONDON--Regular packet of 10th Feb-
ruary-The s lendid flrstclass fast sailing packet
& ship SWITZERLAND, Capain E. I(night, will
positively sail as above, her regular ay. Having very su-
perior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and ster-
age passengers personswishing to embark should make
immediate applicaio on board, foot of Maden lne, or to
JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street,
fI corner South.

Thoma ougn, ExAlaoy
Dow.2.mano EMI" ottvflle,
J Mau a~Coga Esq., Newark,
IRhar agdga Low wrp
Th omasMCqUqne?4q. Utic .
Jerntmial tlenwe .
Chas ,-'Ha, Toldo, Ohio.

(76 ,outhst., cor. Maiden Lane) UNITED STATES bIAIL LINE, BETWEEN
Persons wishing to send for their friends can make the Via Bridgeport and Housetoni and WVester Railroads.
necessary arrangements with the suqscribers, to have The Steamboats NIMROD, Capt. Brooks, and EUREKA,
them brought on the most favorable terms in frat class Capt. Truesdell, will leave the pier at the foot of Rose
New York Packet ships, sailing every five days. The de- velt street daily, (Sunday excepted,) at 0 A. M
partureof papengers from Liverpool being superintended Returning, the leaves Albatny at o'clock, A. M.
by one of tbe fin (Mr Wm. Iapseott,) tho utmost reli- Albany passengers on arriving at Bridgeport, proceed
ance may be p.aced on these sent for haivng quick d- immediate on the Railroad; and. without change of Cas
patok. o gagga-e, arrive in Albany the same evening.
p a c 4 x fo rFre ig ht T ramin D oeiy at Ili o lo k A M .
Drafts for any amount supped, pa able in a'I parts ol o A TrrehtTa Do at6 o'laock, A. M.
Great Britain and Ireland, without d count or any other For further information, both as to Freight and Baggago.
charge. Printed lists of the various Banks on which the apply to O. Mh. Perry, Agent. at the ofice, 17 South, near
isbseribers draw canbe obtained at the ofies of Rosevelt st, or Livingston, Wells, & Pomeoy's Exprear
W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, Oice, S Wall street, -R. B. MASON, Sup't.
" 76 South, or. Maiden Lane. December 12, 1844. m4 lin