Liberty Hall & Cincinnati gazette


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Liberty Hall & Cincinnati gazette
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Looker, Palmer & Reynolds ( Cincinnati, Ohio )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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VOLUME XLV. Cledby.C.W ,,L..',.iIH,,,,D. ,,^,,. 1 MT TRSDAY MORNING. JUNE 14, 1849. .Pa CN HURSDA. MCRN.
.. .I ...I .
OUillt iNAL AND ,NELECT (irine inspiration, II is lhe language so, thehearlt in Old Acequaintance. ,depdJ. buUL ho1`1 ,ehto are b ine|illed by them s1. FOBON. Corespondence of %he Cincinnati Gazete. I Lel lTo
m W it ht er' T T i "tT 7" 11 "shiea of Ntturl aud Cconnec- I Newspaper r-ielews ofl rwelve to nfifteen \ cars i durn forget Lh. til I ni. perhlaps [rul 'h; li.teii, ...i. 1 IAII TE. B.. M ) I L' 0
II / h'1 / I A I1 V nj gthem with Nature's Author -Hill dud dalo ,i O MuhL, r4 so re -I . 1 |i ..or,f' oe .nlu al1._;ell ...ssa Btn ,'n 'alloodo i e o
.L A1 are or thy dressing." And as 1 .tood in ilia dal I ' L e t r g, te,.d hai.ker bh,'n 1it feel interested and BY I ha quired in the West a pla.-e of rad and
amid the de eat. out pourIn' of tBa he aul- ra ct--it Lool MIrl ol,-i good-lor-uothin2 soul, ouc asseseed. mlyfa /"r I apary t .- Emperor -l,1
. I-I ' S Ptbsi- rm fo u h In a iln fr o- "t cno efai rm mkngG ` R N lUu
-. ,., Itkere, and looked upward lo lh lullo t stud o, !ho at alibi Iini- tra y. l,-ii frin I 'lie Dan to Ihe %V r t r| "i, to ( SHI.I mur-, I lhrae O ii H tIt P rrl bIlry h trolr tli ^&>w ],n gain lol ion n I li mi in... Vtl I cunnor r ra Irui making ^,. ,.,, N'),- ilifr dono
I hC l.r.l Hla I hi Lnd, ith ll th a rktV d lm e ltr uh th1at mvsall Beur re ol \f, .r.. J,.' u.,, ,- "r "n ,eie ,ro u ond o i d c(. r.dinsader gd. hT al 14 -a r v. By It/ coo.. Iu ad .he ln -al ol a kn u Rip %'%f"ik" " Wel i, ok .m y a~ ..I 'orf i t~irati-l l-n.' .... a .ew .. ... i" _.,l.u .1.... a e re, a ders. has .... ll"re e ,' e. ..luln p.^. ll- w. flw ^ mg rn,rhio o tw la ^T iin.o, ,-,as:. d ,dn :3 Bno li '1" ^ K i, sb-tqitrlsnnnlM l. ,n ceolefc i(leain~n(lllidcl.1 .1
=.1 u n k n o w ) et U O u lir e v e r e n c e d G O u 'w h O .: r I 0 1 1 n ly I d da re p l e d l u u - 't h i lk )u K ) U a n d hu H n a y r n b l , ~n u d r m t e r I .a s , f I L u n
iXuarlandthJ oii art ,a~ty prou w n rvo c r e sld, nt lie olunie- P- la no ,, t ndte so n .,," I.I,, I)" T4-"I ,...m .......... ,,, n~
will. an,] pl l nu .,~i. r. i,,, ae rv aldi 0 V a ;-i -iei o ra .t, n foa a. an 1,.... rm... her.. en-l U nisnatr iifle o m k a u ;'n-l1 Ge ...:,mI-ue e l32V tl R u w i n y lr~ i~s'r -i
\re tblt vote ~~~~~~~~~~&Ia br~s a ivlslrtt g, a L ieW r-, twu, a 1 ,n gphper rea-lars ha i- alnrw -a, ev a hlng ptc. I u l.'r.% .,
ors, Boatmr, ort .p r hadalmotl6uI wI6n gee I eeei lto-e n e luew.on h [o ournii'-firlt | ly l.'erl, Ha61l Illyl a .) I l a., lids IaI|re"f"il
We ,[b v ice w .....e~ f n piato." on" -fl L O el 111M t -f wan . ... t... ......oLi
r, fillant f(Howl we ll ifev Ld- ure of a bur\" ground, whiel assiptutated nehar 1i I I rora.- nmy j/oy onu r ,eeving t, it e i our kid. fPl qyt% hfa.F.1AN bLto csil %hp-r Me hrh--Ig A thrn ad tigofa%
hB r.shs iong 1 i. H...heFrnkord ftoadoSil d a alf w mile sfront the! I snlii-. .- I m ul,: 111b 4 It I long | ieaatr-d i1, and ; rrin.- Ii Ei,|, I-ank iw/u-t ll b-lnii at .ond btine Ic-aulln in. r ilbr ahrad ,fll% ihing
I b V I~st la e afouou s t l,=i rd I ,- 1 tt lu u yfo im n n litm
% iVen I o rool.-..- ..., city, and w as Lraiiftrring m y ihoul hli from lh 1 1 So I grew up sddea a lWllla fail. 1l I w as able to IurrinsaB. I .let I. A L [ilia miou h o th, -l...... . a errew a ddlt o Bal d" in"a ll1 r
J "' i - =: O 111 .: s .ll .iei Y .u lf h t'm odo, a iy a gu c ru d te Pil,-
Butl on Cities ,10urhIII ,v n objects of NOu re to Ihos pecintnl l I,,l JtO. a $1llfYhthe rofN oreut o1 u h F e1 l 'Lt part of thel ,l" a n
T hosenthat rnm t ch the sP .)l,)l bhw 1 i h-i n in genuityethat.h of; "^r". .. .... iL r o hi o b .... i 1rn .1-t .I I . ... .. "o I- .h ,hr._ .dff... .i .. . rti r
I .1 rlt n, cL q1i1'ne ," I 1, "e If. II&Ami I u, 1 Su g a Eete |n e. ppar n .anibom adc l-h d e ui
h,* 1,."f: ......." ,, I%[.Lau.. and death,.with the nanm e of ,he reonalt fron, r, .I Ihae be-n getting o.; young oD, So r prefenr lran-or ni. teeEp oInd ^ ^ ^ m: t adverali Le- a;niy
G iverlenmHn.icr,, i ,bemFarne, I on ueralton to the olher. No o.., I believe I ';b ,^ ,w.h-. ,, r p B brought guod lorl.a, .h it ; I am noov compar- p,_ r;%ill nowdouilma. do the sanir w. -n., &ni hof le ^ ere of-e a.p,
,% 1. -%%=hLow-,% ,',.... ..1..,uMr Jsp. Hic ,'a.T ~,II
|,ealuh toh,eF!ai- pwee thruugh a burying-ground wilhoul paut 1 1 l , ah.n to )on I consider I owe all.- RIA ad7 ,Tu Thi (-nid Duke atBaden hoa loaded [heir lalpai,, .ru, or %%laiever 11 ( .e
I or pv~~impl v u hr. ionuln-n tme% Jor ru",fer.a~im h.. rs ,nte p fnIn
.t r ing to read ilie little stor), and ihiniuing over Life I .. ,,| I.^ | noh v el ,. e ,. So his ioraLug. hfdann g ally that i her a t ii tbhltiffr ti, I- from 11F Lapnal Whil to e.|.e i~ev hn% brought Io nrkei. take nl-er auled p o
Vkr. ^ ^he""who marke Hied lifei olr andnii de ~. w,, nohod 11,,^gh ,1 Ill l^ D^. *i u r .u a k Irl.ldalm ai Ellwifierld Punit-1.Jorl, diss ml prlohn, and n L ; ie i events, which marke the lifeng ofd 11e de-ese. 1o lulA09 1-11 U-'.' p.-II h11101' II'I.1w runon de'nLan ,rI lal-^ railmyra"-- I their,. id ne ,WaILr -hrnind budit- ,oru ispies.Noner pa
%A 0Llhe -uil ro ri-ehilmidebnn, narinls ol o ,min tnthu)ou, In hemesk,-u'--uin...itL ..... ,.,'. ,, ih' -,'rg "i-rwar'qruoor 111u ChanI 1011E 111a a-'v110111I %.. M,
Se,< 'nr, red ,i,- lis ood when .audnRblo mhukt tha h,.e A O 1 is go w b t to hr t h t I. I li "a e brnigsl l to lodge % .fi i ca ir, andr in. ,he Tiil u .,haetr
o, 'I -' "I p11 Pel r gtlh d ,'Hlln-.a n IsI(.V3 J-J .iill-, [-0 n i Inr--.-e Wajs llens Ri
.An,lheno>h a@ll ...,1 ,i,,,.i.r. hI who is beiuw wasof like passionswill, ouros aives .t = .' .^ 1 o I ,se itof % n- hie he, hlre I . it o hand fi '. rg
,:,,Itn.-[irc, lcir.wdappear sl id-.L.heha .. -e.o .landdo ,, l uu r H hd arpy a3 '-u I-sp- =t e - n ,o ; A IenoL a o.r- ibc !^ K l wila^
,.pie., lipoa el and tt e unfluc.a i 1 .l 1 ouou ar "l tolrI I, ur raliIn..1l0
h, kt l hed,.he, ri.. ...- Jinr sotlit, h.% .tru i t ,Jn% debt verslero-iF !". ,I g IP1[ i, sT -nnacar b ledc. nt i Berh aenL odi.Gki.uuii ,,,ln ~in l e i ~r .u ri
S'taqmtt:l;e n' S'a~'r U 5 l d:;a htene'erd by the I fie left hi; ,-,fl-'c-hd~l drauk, .-numbL .i ever 'the Eonu h l:'tann"l 7 iandopnoyin ,rdeepIand
... .. ;,';'. D^, 'r _P_.- 8 ,"> .* '". a ". I' "' Ihreshokl, Sand .nl uhr.I .t a run 1ot,t, lcfuai. g. | 'l h- a hc"" .,,gdn .,, la .. ai epalSph r.r- r,. te r g"Ihe o 1 ;, ra O r """' P '" "i' ^",j?'4 ^"c lt'-i ren, h~eV6 U1 i~~
o cl rt .lL ln ote WA |us t k o/ d olndono*.I_.rdnd110 111r- .ILA ,whch w po ssess ,n warsI ntl1 d ..or,ii the br om ,,.,l ,l ,lai, o cils I.
that..............i i[par: othus pflieas eh anrone.e t awaorld Ia s.,,t ....... ... .. it!"ilhoiDaonbadr,[tie raiger." ciowisne dowa l i-. I aotln.ct. O a n riai, ,,e pr a coua -e rv, ~lprr, Ihr o, I.I.. L, nfrE
T ,, F R E>a . O I 0 tio d In S ilcIp nl Jli a l h l a1UW w e r en'1l-llu(li. r1 ln,...... "pI -' .C -' "ta1-"ei +le rll h*,a d ba ntIr--% di a Id,[ I l i *l [tn
a....i-%r h fe pe l1'nin e Wh t]- e 111. 6 110, f -acidsv idti W lo i e of H. It ,N I @, lar l. 1-hl f O ilhtspeI I r ,w ie1 l ttfth o m 1-bb ...I tIe l( I.- A gli rip v r~;- aL~n ( 1111 twil ar i
Ihr,o t^ne rhfm no,,.>.. .. I,>F*.m~..rag eijyad .raeiep~ sl hc ,.^,bi~ / r o ,aJa 1ir-\r- ^ "*' b ni ~r. T -fr i 11r-," II el onadfuiealii.f n r.,,~ ~ri.I...ui, R..l..I1 sugman1 jlan, r..ada "nerelr th paB to, whe I ,mPa'h0o|o,"L"ad".*,n ahalnr'r-'1 he slern--hurst in'o^ rTnIl, Bu e t .0 u0bpal s | tri .II hl I ,e PLIS1ite' V3,
A h li '" hamanexitIi,1pn ,nre."P -- a .e IW r"""," T h rom s blle thelol- At e niibe. 1 taL '.".l la11 r. L,-- it
3.Io u Sh e d,,v t itr, e w ol d ht n p r t' enl. Il ia w e bt,- I I..2. o3 c,. I I..h ., I, e
I , t bo m u c h o ^ a, t,l e i d A t h ef t u r , n g 0 1 s ue el t h e h il l e a v e 1u e I s a^ i ri a n l s e br e ak f a t l h t aI e o t e a k I ~ h n i s b e e ~ o e p ." .*I n o i v T J h > 1 , lh e m un a m^nleoa a^r e s o b d h ei rh J u o t- h e l i L ,- * I ' I
e "leadlothetomb, m k ganes-palh o hh --" ne nrm s one 'tArI ,A1 London. -.o A ian s t, P ] % I, a t r m n, s 4f d; n D PI
ITeo aIo o c. 0k,f.r,.peli .he srove Iiti twag a nAw hedIone hd been i I l)BgLra..n 'i ir Th-'6 0o a rf r'ou tit, rp i or |liiih -ui-t^ 1' "
T h e y v i o r > l le c , [,so ll l ; bo re 1h net e o f o n e uh o U IT. ih...eioi !s.n lo o me g ,n 0 Ho reu ,, r iac m o rm r - m e n t j o y s a n d fce s t hd p a n g s I o w I u n e mu n ., B .. i i Iiie ro a T h e C t.e -u1" fi I .a n ~ r .7hli,1r r : ai ,1 if ik" P l a k ..- ..l l
r iif i t o a f bl l n 'I I r 1 , ... i d] l lu Ia l tire l o aa d oen ad l r al r, lhll f ,i p b n K l io r i % n n 11111 10 & r e o n 1 -d e i h e a %L ; 'r" I p p e.,a ri' i iti n " " ,-I '\m laa wkr1 vv e r e bpri -
sliLme riearntue f-e, edlfr-a l rdh r ,cYre .r, Veld, a In es.In >'hpI Lendie rn.n l.en on. ,he dear... ",h r-".-ng .- ,ly.| c .f I Ill.%a. INtap1lL
lbsi ~ lhoracl -Jn J f il f iesru ld At t1hs,-- ure i oear of oneav ofbthe iteava t lia na t aid t. ish -. o ak t w thnw1 usa in iroe, Pi"'lan.lIai,_ls~f h rahdr~ein

N rl, tn. a^ '" li O ' *0 llA" ,*" iiid e sYoe tomb," main an easy pat to m rh fr is E -llo n of t e f I "..1n .,d ,r iia Albaron Ell. an, rl L R w III, made Hu Tl" chief measure -if I he ,
.^ ~e r s b al ntc h s , n t.ii I d r d a s h r l b ~o g ra p h y t h e n o t I o r l B U . o m l e ~ e ^ ; l i~ u s o Wo t A r H rd v k l . | .I1 , m T N .pB. i ,U si n g l a > o m I ,~,.p i, *]*r!.."l s rec!m st boh rduenn-fi M r r/ .e cr ." - n e oblerani HP fi J*en TheIih[a teatlfid lnlgr ng e1 )la d Ir ,"uihe .i h,.liipra -nr ,',1. T e. 0 0,-1 of f t p b I owd n'Pl e n r rhs llkl Ila hplo i knt u| I'rlta; I ,1 r.h ",To
th-gat ISw"h t e htlln hdb en lW y id olm e gl l et, tll l Upt lungoli r. B a il ; na aon 2 ,-10 otn id elElsoe iipi h nee ,C n el a v m e
iotieFi .t .otlit I..nd Jmemory 0lherl a dIp htId-- u ao nu e ii t llall.rfi ........... ori Il pr 1 t I a L those" tol nowi under r it rairoa Iron H, "
i heIIii w ornau',6 a1l" bl~ .......-3 ergfls TheItIv 1w nti ha bee ta en;mnd aEirdelLr Inu' -
TheysglM 1.h61,s Hf v. .tlher,, Farne. htItl ,a ld toward tha mouod s hei id lhu l her m, .. .a ve a l t n d re,|iire lh eatre.dan e ,)f Niea Jenny L lo*i | tl ipa,,frh andt Uei 1 B rll e wil l I' .
1xi thei r -. -.i i d sn af b- .., i ,e u- bill'm.oreu e ll no i lli, ,o iJ.. c.. o, a^lia,,dII ea... e. ........ t.lh iI Rn n o. ,I B -i a lure had h l s
a t I,..,111.Ull S i'o iIrdear.-".IfI U J llennj U nt I n r ul e.UI ffr IeIIIIaUin l r h ia e bec te.v o nmI/pil6 nsh r a p roi. T

I-d n .dene.-l. 0la .hie Sn .nl ,uW Ihe ndooa ap. .k 'e .co o rnlh /',,t ,h .su nae -i pl r 1; riapab .n.tir %%a%. M r. (Arld ;ht TTii'r I eirvangua*d ateAlbano .-nr. al s Ii Of ai Ra Ilona no 511 "*fr
T e ll O Fo d .I ,hlell oe had s run ii lll e rv po lrNIhew rralt Uhd B ooek1tS-' Lind lrpia "t It, an. fonffin-Iii i. ,lu, pro1/ng b d n ,k-o Pine Cabinet v
Ver shllIsuh pri.'edatonjuf.a mr oe r~,, tn he rnita,- hrl, i rb an t -r h i- h .e M H riy he l ea Il-r.f hm T ;N-loilis c-a vaif ei nD l

i t.. _---- a .. ,oflhe rave ,h hsd prnbahly been pluunedln crelessne aiid oaleitlen peeredd. Tlldd.1 ir.,j.tnam h illnr.onee by ;^ F.n^d ; I' I, '1 u n h l' a or ,. n
l,-f.e.oa-r ,,, .. ..d ,T1 1 oa pplieditheauilhiLnn, h l tlw, .now beautiful l. iLg" a.. ..flev, i7-.-c .R,-- ... i, S ,na ,b orad a lo ,.nb,,.p 7'..,., .... m .V,.,.,,tied tak- it. p, \ i l ,,in t an l ..l,
e Fr'mrYofl" d nuehmpr f irhusbsand-heid awnthrerleadng a "I.aThaheaisfchnld had rec)eT11dIfrom feln Lind It

.. ,lie .. V h.i, .. .... n yhlli.... ..F, riirte .... ltee ,i "twa .. .. ognfi d l ost wouRe ld have r B uce,-"erequsbend to have been ,IfM s e ny L al o ifh p. ". n vu pl a l ru} ,wdi lttr .olfI-m n pig. T eId arkoi n;v a e hrV
I;.. .. lio d ri o the ila h bra n o ll e of-t'er he a on..a l,,l uol tern A ro und mi g ae- ni .l yb ni re ;. m i t.hhve erue tsivn foronedat teleast. and hill been givenn d i, .,he he ,1 /^ 'l l of

11 . And Lir li L-1.' a,h,o Inude seat i ias ltached -d [ y u lo lw ,.e olde. k pt ,i .te ,, n e b it w sh o kas r fie'e ll %iu n leci it n n- e nto ed thei it Ea.nI. head;t ;ta Jayd orh [I gobeeu to e[,,ht PA
nchl -hr~a ~nu co~ lyc oo}w s .[ huatdoi, or nloed, Bil reez....Bvruce ...... [strding; n e tvierthlss, uch--( oeed)fth oue witness rnfall- fI
eager~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ao nn! enled; sohte arwarrdtrprnudeh, tdans, ataetep/'., o-:' o_ ... ... atre, odtoihddy motontrmbedinorr
1reezettle frlower hanospnrungntipOWoil"Life ,e ryuopIe -a ,p(I a-l W lforanpRalra"Ib"i'd i

The N la of"Florida. p roed oznjuwal, ir inn erawav h infrtt wl hfs. neriFl ri-lnfn fl-I0a-,Pr. i

., g hed toaveIrid i a r obv ith a bewo ren p -- eaig .... ......' . ...- .....[teared.) oT vrhe dV w~ofaul~d e L, his w fietness |ged, fogr.- rth frorr, irir '
Ell re rnnAda ir w as a laug l hi ng r ii-e e it- a0.f .raoeosso sp a-" - eiii-,- '-:" ir S a,.ii.ri .... n n... "^1.41r^ wooH-1-1.111t1
+I u--i ve Bruce s an to his eet and crah' cameIaI rioinal2ocertl-plr-ri,,ut t.. Thi: Tui, u-| H. t +
i"ni se-le as pea ling lure b8 n g I -*(T I Aly dOV paittr e fr om at terdHe l ob - |,ii ih ioik ousm todpot t .ture of mi,,r- Yn I'd ".? hP

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. . . . . . . . ..-u r t e d i i i i ldya t ho o o ", ac e ooth th r ee n m o n o t hs et h on t m a s te rnl a i d rnna, n g P/ -el e s0,mtn d. lp etr efd i"
oneboiha w ID belowhend. ... 0ts o-o m odoroes io w iapr opaicelwlo her. ite' t nw e Eould Johe a i c against t ive o n dt hear .d me rsaofoi nion hwti l soasrflo, h etid to have a rri ashf ,.uld tlt ~ f nd il l b oa rd ,- ..
an 1f i aL y i nfW -v eritiime131d -ending fortli asit 4iA ,,.,,* as if c ^i they oe ^?1pred 6 ih .'? ir, I"- vloef not. T"8 rl he laterof CotolBn t1 mill wol ty 1 thar were in atedne un""Awr^ not itu ni -if Roe atni~ ruebad p o~e, and tohave ge aInt blimen o rasi eathe natur ohingh st ndng 1 tatd th autho~rs ofthe^ ^ ld"S d gtecrdl h roic yanxto oyu n i

oi~p n INm _nP n~ q a5 eu,. io,,; era, ,,,. .i IftiIre.hI b1,
o. .verg ed 10 matu rhity Ica ll a lmost see ti DOf i a h a edo ne nuwr d o wde nod t p cot id.1 h ave been aea t"oW l e vo i ne. i fs h e ertis tehin h r-nre sie nat e In aiae u t g o oe, ,,wou Bon ehis xes",e
feat e aa n e la ro f ,our ndeLn a"r- c hoo Joe puled a c g c o fang b s f M oz art fG rom we 1dee. ; ,h i p t in flfmoy
."a a[t .. ... aced amor lo'/yhd s h a' at I a f er sha d o t apper as oin- te sI .t. a energe tic me din been beaeui ahl. ........ , . . ... tnae toey and rgtate td

]m froekofher hp, and Inat~i lurned paie and.til f 11 a .... ..inl re, ^ ^te mk edrdhi asinria hnso hswol;uvrhlsa o h icedbe enocd ymn haw top.H : eah dubudd nrysest b tatS r, ^^^^^aoaain lhuh usi apetyktl fwa
lembow~r e i no .[.e ed lof il a e-ihiod r. r U y -ae proared for t he r p oantn-.wh at h eord eet.---" S r philippicagainst ov mntoap toprofe ag s coOunt emp t hu Hu n somis sid to hev ***- I .hi j %i-dd of grappling Tit board a speedy ,.I
wi hiar erfl r pa utedll l li p l iay pi y1e parto, nnt |hsve been e tter don e tha N ti r eer e aid mils, fro m thelun ge s ote To ea. pad not returnatot .s Rom e, at r se a p.i. ', ant .. a .entle me- tR lof Co fls i mportane tla
a h n a meantJme graeful o from hii .uth r ,o M or ng a certainrequoimm -his e ne d r l t*tg, n o aw e e0th a t higsta t rind 3X a n d in own
on g, dsw a heert fesas f ront lh ig t leth ro atso f its mameand tne s o f other, ...". a id shed a .... l d he b ar d s o ve her. voice. a greater amount . .. . ... .g n ... ... .....a x, c |at rhviviag to toe heart of tha -Erli.. _r N
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.1 ai~,. fr. in tcoldaneglaec.... .... ......nhis fr hiee~ndsd es"I i d h.ri ha ad h-atndn n aw y ho. id~.,. +. I .t d ~~rl''rdt tae~ i efitan tiufs e re wrtha l i ng ina~ l l hu be agoi~esf .... ,..,..Fi, I .II~lda h ,i-11 I -1 .---- .-

NUMBER 2345.

1, urir W. Ilrrh) & (:.y 11, % r juvr receivol, from
pIrrm, 1.I J.,ilii WVjI,,%. Now Y.trk. in a hftnd-
' hinijcim (A *71 |''i-F.., a Itbirfiii oil W air-r.
p 111101, Jii- \cry biilliri ai vt' look ,hill
It I- iuWiM d," I"Ihlmfh-,i'iii,,% Theorv of
uibo. aii-ph.i.l ltoi) H~llrpadhy, cldiA-ir/ iht
Icr Id ihr1Ol' rirc KtLME'J i H bafnsnons
li. errors hnjrriniitl.l in ih, Pral l .'f Hydo-
\t, ngou.4 un ihi-.1rc -I scholar bYLuld %,l:,'er;
a 1 rillili, i-n Pri l-sniuz'; nir of 11'Trrain t.
rnitr I.11 pupdl r i ,-,. B l v ilI: H I'mnck-i
-c..,r .:A thr l IlIdrup!dloi InEi i-ionit Alexant
I-0a,, BaEf-i-a Trnnflui,d IRALIth il rman
:(,brt Br, klt-, D[.. Irlp Aadras Medical
3bhhiLtIr-El '.\lagnzati\ i-nih- : pr&.albit?
r York John 161 Broadwav, and 13
rr, % l1r Rc l,. 1ord,. n,I 9." [[ (S -
g, eipm- 8 nal i n ) c iiliui Ojai .*hin and
1a1.4 olr a Itue "hirl iti.i{i Irom
-I1' =d Il" the Sulatlt'iL m-ii-d, %hen aull.ore
IIIi .atll- [L1t *inhithfiiit- ..r x ;iwrral cha etli.k of
r ii ilc mlil.- pni, It I- like i% iing
n'W In iir lini lion4and i .oi1 I.1 lore.
, lor ii, f-Itnehii 1o poh,- ri-f'i>er-. This irir.
-011i lu l"R-.-"x, I-11 ut? pif-timd it) no Icoia
r,.i,- i' jiud ,.,ol ii jiw[ip l It im s g'.Mj, and
I ,-elai wt l k- c lik d %alPr it fihi enaher
Tfupper'. -Phlloaopb1" and "Poems.-
lald1 r..irne I..., ie pr rl John W1.
Ne, Y.-rk, c.imaiiuni **proIbml Phinlruo-
a ,.,1 I'l l h. a \ i O igin-
I'li-aLed." and "A" Th nd Lwes, non first
eI 1.1 lh \',,rlle ie I. f,- 1.) INISM~ in Fsr-
i % ',,,er, aulkui o lj Lhj'". a.-J.-4,
.., ias t, een r n -if,.
ier,. 'i. !-n d 1.-., ,..I %.pI, j eeru honest.
rivard tilt, tit- tirn % Iu, w name is
hl l.n c-l am, ,, 1 ihl- l.. k. ,.nB,.i ihe l ht
I, ag--a pblt"a,pher to Io rtepected, and a
to be loved. In this judgment, we are com.
A to ion-concur. The Iwdt 4 ,ui-. diLuileaq,
Mr. Tupper's-nor yet that of hi admirer.-
take it home to ourselves. To our bppreifen-
liis "Philosophy" is the most unmitigated
brg, and most of his "Poetry" pretty muchlhe
a thing. Ilia inordinate egotism, apparent in
fever lie does, might be gotten along with; but
prosy sapience and jog-trot nonsense of his
erbs, and the starched humanity and patroni-
platitude of his Verses, are a little too much
ur literary stomach. Iia "Crock of Gold"
a good thing, and he has at tites written good
y, some of which we have published.
Muassy on Fihe.
pamphlet of 98 pages octavo, entitled kRe-
of Ellwood Fisher's Leclure on the North
the South, byOsaoon M1TSEY," has just been
shed in this city by Henry W. Derby & Co.,
Main street. WithouL undertaking to-day,
ling more than the announcement of this pil)
on, we can assure our friends, lhere and else.
e, that it is a production of consummate
y, and eminently worthy of their attention-
Hussey has taken hold of Fisher's Lecture in
rit of candor and seriousness-and sifting the
s from his statistics, and exposing the fallacies
i arguments, has produced a ne74 that leaves
ng of the Lecture but a dissected anatomy, for
c to look at and wonder it could ever have had
)rm and comeliness and vitality that have, for
al months past, made its name a familiar
I over almost the whole Union.
our leisure, in a day or two, we shall recur to
Mntssey's pamphlet for the pi rp.- .r riing
aore particular notice. In ill n-runp, %.
remark, that the Reviewer had been well pre-
for the task he undertook, by asomewhat
acted service in the State Department at
lington City a few years ago, andvery gret
iarity with the whole scope and chatter of
atistics upon which Elwood relied to
lie and bear up his monstrous statements and
extraordinary deductions.
Mr. F',-hrCb' a o.. ajust and proper tribute
d by the Reviewer.
For thte Cincinnati 692%,L'.
Cholemand Brandy.
i~t.'.< E'l,,rs --".\a nlil
b:..,-I tr L h'A-ra, hurelUre gc Brandy is
trv-and g-,od Brandy LOTn b(- ni1 ---- "
a,.rwh i ).our paper ol Saturday inraing.-
d." mi= m.*e '
tr. ,o much inrrrt" I Cincinati of lated
n,'r..a-d i, han i,1 f, r ll drgieP, and &11
r- 11 4 l, tiln ,, ..' inl Brand i
atwn is not bad, and advise it, now and ten,
olera times.
r*ne, my experience leads me to Say NAY, to
medies of this nature-a- not necessary in any
er, as a preventive-for which they are chief.
iat is required in the Cholera, is to keep the
m in its natural state. Brandy stimulates the
tch, and causes it to crave for-more Brand).
[y also causes the stomach to crave for extra
tales in food-to make it reject with loathing
rml. irviiwi- all rts of nick-nacksareeat-
'h ,i by a dose of Brandy-a a
, ,,rrh ,.' ,,, is, I fipoil to -ill drinkers,
Dtion and reaction of A lirolnr oroth.
oholic drinks.
cr a man or woman has acquired the habit of
int,, the system requires a gradual increase of
,, to keep tip the stinulatig power; 'and so
Si., until it ends in rever, or sudden
.1 ,:,i violent disease, for which variousnamea
.. 11,tut which, if the t-1,
i,. 11.11 thie cutre, would ipysBrnyB
| 1, the Cholera first apaeI yavc
* family physician, hadamxreocapr
lavender prepared withoutluaui ni.
hii;i, the prevalenceoteepd ican
d silJi ,,:: purposes of badinwirin h
a, and as a check fo t loncai'ht
s; and as this need no elknpx'p
there is actual looseness,*riri( nii
.ch -its coat was .r-iili
ssrs. Editors,--I sh,\ ii'tii j ro oc
brandy or alcohol," takni n7ri",a
sary to ward nf the attacko -h'iradi

rive faculty 'I,, 't,.,$fi' iir tei al
s a, i,t ,,pl.n. iind i-nch iifiu h u bi
e liu..iili I- ;I p~rmurt, .in o itg e
i to al! brandy doctsanbrdyecm
ers, I earnestly say, stop Aadtyatm
ice remedy. .
v at home after dark wihwfancilrn
homne wherever il i",,& alliina -iao
food; drink good n,:i and .-ri> fi{',ii
feel pleasantly Isoairl vi irltn.Il
Is feel out of sort, tat,,i-iui|io ini 1
bad e~ll the doctor ll Brn)i n|| i's
le wife lock it up, torthdoorogawen
personally keep cool, anyowildveyel
olera time as in alloteswihuteue
a most dangerous of alre desteet
dy. .
Anl A.

a m .a n d fro m l -q u a s.' r o "D ~d h n o t te a c h h e r th a l |i th athtcity of L oad o, a n d ,r fro m f C o e' I l *D h e o t te c h e t I tu rn e d a w ay m 1 1 Z Ilk, W, card ly n po
what R m s F 111h b u h Rr'. .r... .. .t . .. .. i;ted perhaps inthe cityof London no safer con- whla ~ka. .,:~ ,. '.If ar-w ir, c. t ie e ril,- an h vr k,;u,.4 r:II,-zii rt ,ili0waedyastltinoo
O av" a o un qafr m a w o one eom jln do%( I. the walk jai) that of -Mesr.Thmpo &Co;bu! icfr C....... io 1.1-l" ` j9 Vl.' kot,
fieg rve l lu^yo lln ;l o re^^ Dd odrechtht hia?0 Two or threeof u ctznswohave been re-^^ %j jmr n .h. ap otnal p
true d ign ily of nianitr .or ldelnll t.. ,f the alfs a1.llato0 a tdm o enth huchaas ete Inaatement pentall upof ., oratio .al -r.l,,sidingh, l.. .;,,,, lih otCI,,,P esbllsde its ap-n pulr,nipil, p lc I.- Rr t e di
g Y" -'... -vo a n-e n l ad.,_ .... ^f r ,n 'hi ...... soul -wasdaw ferehat netiou was aidmitted, no formr st ,,ab.....y was pearance th r., n t \ha% rfi, rwd, Ii.... ih 1 n'af; .. ti f1 il
mld folly of Ilia people etihey have m singled w, it u it became tellaa of ;hp Jif--r) tabernacle that '0 ^ i $F 7" B a,--o 'L;;/l":,, P l ane nr (f n p o a r r n
ns k~ed to;i~t g lpa~utl. it r was M r.and ev ry i- i t B l irdhd i t-%1i wift i li a-lIt I 'n l Iii pil s llt ur a enn ha i "||i. .i il .-,I lt 1O rp.bil,. I
Wihen I utetaw her ea ivMwato h erre alive ws overshadowing her mind; the re Ul q tav ong ... ... ,ls"edIt1,hne eaa eh dolap
ir, til L cla in tle iable weeds of wi w- of heaven illuminating it. exierietIe .8^ ^ ^ I~~ Ca ncesr *"" "" ln l if.. i,,l-n*1..... th+e dragoon. 'I .
),dfr, thel deat h fhrI tad te-ffIaypoiigdm e n dmecihtm a fearful that the next instant would be too late,! preventive andcure of the Cholera. *The repre- CamnhsXifr I[.a I ehr j(rfdvka t.BiihGo n
,iotdfirlehe r u 'ba .r ly a t., n- i. .. ... t .. .. de. forgetting entirely that this step was that of all 1e t that Success in many cases had created 'no "lit- T SacrJigton,J,,e 1. Iw,--it. -,, cp-.,.l; i fill I -.,A t j. -, I.. I l..- ; 1. Molaeia.
had bronzed the -hvnk,l,-r on' l ln e po and tnat l temoln Trin I nhrift. 1 tit*h riio [ I," others the m selk.: ......-.ather Qhe het hr tIe xeitenent and the citizens and ohyieians t K i t Hu oetotr
|adbrooz ,-" Y . .. ... :.a 1, ....,?Hitur ne mo.criptionas are' be I d- t .. D', + (" .
the rope had s rungl .d for precedLt lo its n .|) ,n |u | l uno n o a old"Lcrnlv r.t.'salV-. I t', s t atem ent ofh l Dr. T p tire. lil N.* rr I r,,.
f* e which snnled o w' elly0onthe young sher Had she, sahutou from all J ust? to an ta tf ,,. t s ble n'... .. ,,- B,, state nen tof r. c t : u t o
.ff of htece .mre ha n one wr ukfe, Wirt maded ay ~l, doiled all the knowledge willchinslhvtuI, 1-11-1g.... .. g ld, tleri',l I. h ,-'d'r n11 Un all), irhi[r ti, +Lnr
-t n weca i lc atc,- ......ion i [,dlad nOfring-, firL. ad sh~nn o" fl"a Christian's' life- de nied it bygloomily watchnig the ou n wru g'o Il lI.- I "'II.." .-,IIII
aunnwet"eo^ .e |oc: o^ ^ ^ ^^ag to ,Ii.L,^ ^ ;^ +g". .'.*wl '.- ... "7 -, *nd itta,,;^smlei/taigtnh:cl morus .":.'':--^.^ .......ane h t nato o.... .
ock an lo f d her and rela lt've- -nau she :, in her bed b een u nd a g ;11sl ie ti IIt)lt s cl m o o s o it, and sa lys : i n .N fIirI rt l 1 A a 9 ie V p e `, a W
. -ta o lf her l h 01,6O,?,60 glossy, i. ,0 h .In.. . . ...e fdernauds oil his ecashier;for -ltbonghtie feltper IT;,. imr esses.... .favorably by tthe.can. ^ .,e
, ooluc h th e eavy ol her s x and~th e a dm ~ira tion a on la nlll ap pl V as m et, oy~t ne v eic e Of Od -+, r a l a y a d s to tile u ltima la t re n t h S'vlirl.:'A'2 ~
.. bt-- till- her e---!.li .t Lip t he mind to 1 IKhl-i& daonti -t ana ands..ecureaChe to! do r ... l ..e...., ......qu .....y ...........
of i h,+- -scatteredtrhinly ndeed o a . L "*" h .K !ofhi rh wlutea, vehe oud *oreresaei-itss tem t1n8d e Ixaaiaach't o BailreuestsConereondo. d
of ki ilj W4 Nyrge* of ficapirls.e"'atntelon suia. eretorto ei+ dq idt.,,
,Aridh, .was O .qfteocrw 1 6p Ief 114 al:!'. I .[ .oir Y 'kk e, fis ove m V r,,he r, u ati Frday J'e 1
wa t b~r~n htuahd beang ed t na ll e a l,. t iuld seems o ition chm. cl a ys1 s wrrhnh,,.AanIDrpreter-,idlra aa b
tiedncoto e ofCI e 'l^g i i trushin, sarid thons-h e tidly tin j eiI. .x-Goernor t1 --. Consul A mjw Minisoe r t
S h he n de to, nle rnlo ssby e lo ef or ini dlllwhich I har l at te r to ,..,, , I wo rai Jugn a noid as
w11h iiileifill~neg or, i ln .h g n d .t, c .o 1 Ion al 1 ...... t orettlh thpid oores eed af gY u datr onge wem. str, n t.-.+ FB i-.o.. .. m i oie fu m l -r h s atl l
j..i 1_ l.ige a lt r rllar.r nd had cht J r .anu ,o o, n utt a nd e sar an ill atlleaosp drgt eit- n dii ii in iSae r,.or ait tln u stronger qbox = he towed to New 1.1k 1.I..a- ia T e T e i cna who eptl t ,ng
but he hane [ail erentiwanandonwrd. tht eergurdinusirit4o1111 ridoieeri to Preentoy te dor pendoaid stangrowthecl aalyt,;oarrnt he e-n
f u e l a n s t o r eSho u s e a d s l i nd a a .ah k e n i n h e r ,ow n s e o n i ep rt e a> t h er*as o nul lsy d e a ie f t h'a i t. - i o ..l .led a n d h i i H v e t o r wh e hr s h e w i l l b e r I% J o f it i re
-V - I lu m otlier. ;t rup-dtoll itbeforelIleft the ,rouunil, abruptly addressd i......... .. ardonm g cr, an.......its terrr.-k-frilan Heal...........vitis. Bu ti
In Early Fiou.Jr. nd a n how then lttl e upwardi b idemOff.gravl i o -I.% 1> -n.h r auered, t he butre e upward lenalldseems .... .dleae .r.ign .. but. .-%,,n ,.,un, that.r th4,,,. r u4.'.,h,:.ifit....emi'r
ia-ewitKlh ~ sl ptnaineresiiiolhebluoskvabore. *I "'ell sir'impatinluen rutdte te. ,rcevdl-.ym h h whlntsaili .r , , . -",rriyIrilyJi;1,6 .i. Artadtclu ne heBl aitwgpse, o h oee a eomer alemoedst,-l, as' keenA ,andn expe- in, th ao *.'
eV JOWErn CHAMDnH~R, . .7 "^ .^~ ok ow.+ :ho h L lhave hearuthat ,'ou havea run on your !r-n-dd hv ic.e. rendr;., ,i ,.i',,,,-r,l.-',l.alc f-i y ^ *^- *nr+k gp^.rE ,f,-il.idhr thsmr+ga h eysfee. hil, r rcod n e--,i.,ra .il.r.,.--oi,...ncutrete
I L 1 m o rt h d i r ec t i .+ l e r l ic e w as m a d e b y o u r l p h l t i l l i eu l l i 3 11 h n+ rl"H M ^ lln *'+t? s l p i ~ i p i Bho l l k 1 *, i + "- i' + s r- .. . f ,- r l iin. r P nh b l h ,. p lo. t r~ l I; ''" r r; ^ ' i 0 I" lljiiin i n l i ei 1 0 1 -hv 'u p i l e js'd t t e.Te r r ^ .i .i 'n, r > R'i .n nin i ,,. op
c 'h^ '.aor to hebeanuiesofMi)" Petsnsvarlhal ha '-upc ''"- hin l-o% av e 7- B-- + el. ] ound otr .i ,-. "II,, . ,^..-n ,. w r,- ,, .,^Bl *~sl- ;ly""-.uel n n .r l,.,,,,rls -,i hi .ie ,., ;." ,.r oberneet n erdem be l*n ,,,..ra~. -,l. h,< nl-,~.od-
---iul r l lh bj i. o M lo. . =,' velfor ltneparin ing ou|lec uaiom, ho' rer'er-i ""1] i" I i.. dt wikl Am i.,l.. r .. h,',- ,r ;,'|, n i hn-n l a in ^ b .r,,eI- ih n-- ^ ,,,1..,.1S r,. ,.~-h'il1 e ardfwnt er. M r yw rs tt -e wUFr..,r lf t I h .., p eea r ,p
f~lit hB iaspiratnoo or lle seammu run fr to ,,--. ence for the purfiuid spirl above, vl len i itu ? i, we,' alter,~l l..l.i. 'li true?"nfc "i '|"r"n'l' '"' l' '1-*t" tl1"P1" ^ *" e 'f m ^d,-' hthw,,, ihl, ,. ariri, n|l,.... r~~niepr, as o i
and ail the beautiesaud all Lhe odors u thei ) n,, n her iiad, I am sure rh.,i her tiho,.(hls 'Reailly, sir, I must decline replying to yotro.I'll11'winc s o h loe.... ".l...i..i % hol ifi h towititioned to%% iletn eu
noi r iI II 1 t.a i g h ll rll _1,w.t

here emed rasfused Io her r a d ,r.,i relate verIiar Suir Ic, ow s upon th u 1,13 I ,. l, ,,u M d
inerlnea excellence, anu redotenil Ihe awmUm t th^ ltf ofh^ c ^ Qmiemolalion. Ihan lh..y haveny money ntebne W ha beera fpvrynwesigohhe lnd",* ^ "- ,>.;" J "' r""1 r-Ioh >i la o ig ina thuesor banlyog halimet wette coaete tot~et nbe eparties oo teithe ,nrnd *Ir. t .. ,.^.h itme mn
i. em le Btwelv aln rrangenamong ha ofthe ingsofhill -once draw it out, thanrturnedherfacs .uph s and se emeddy yure.f ur ha" ,ee har e o n .ere Gu rab ,.,.. /- ,, ,Mr.
,hh hlls aud valleys, nd, uasbL to express lo th r f o h dea cahie will istatly pay you; d andet dn S theanfee ,-*, t 'e :%-l lm lActi,.,ieorr, h.ed,
th a t h ad. I cpa s e d o n a rd o e r od t f n n o wBoke I v e sse-ls IIIt, d ,r , ,-a ,,, ,r lb I ,,i o- r r IV,. ,r r n I tQ 4 r-%, n t .q : ite tst
poetry iio s ent,,nentie wOich .ihPe resaon tl0 t, d P whocnuod notw I .pved of know-l rose, a hint forth-sli%,grr toBwithdrai. d | i r,, r. l.-... -Q % I1 .1 1, I lla.d i Canal,
a l ov o t l er s i g ob e t e ,.. .. .. I-1 t tI..' l irl %A n 4 a -r- t e

spwired fl, we l m n o I ho peh s nofal 8Hg~i n hig, pp l= ihs l n a rl ,, ,|,e--h ,,n of! ,Fhfrm ita rlas whave ntsy rosne aix hereli .".' "' n \|,,,l-b rr r. ini.l |' h,I ] ri eas .r*..l oh ontl.- ,, T Bp w d 'l rh r^ O ,,.. ., .I 'H-.. i,- [bfae nby) sndooedc'-
n .. 1 "--o . ..... A l dfo ,i1e-lbo oitlo i t f ... l,,l n ,.' h n|,..I Ihe iinp,,rrio of tile.B searun Lroin nhh. first, once__ frI, I '.a",l ', lci, *"*a n...'tilm h*I Il- l' -%- i IS i.d -l%,i]iep e, I

and allIthe b a t rma d of e m o t La-l~l-n l -uI a o. i 1 h k iarI h t l- i Ia UJi i i in J l pi n h n i 1, m r e a
fha s mei d tr'ansfused e to, thenot rvd t ih t oind t-bre frand no. I atuome I nl-nit uer lo na a- y Wela th8 mo ,e rht o e Bto hc in).,n ^ ir.nni h.' d $Reallyih-a ai.. I. must declie rpyn to y Ii to 1 so.
. . L . m wt lhei var t o a tu r e as s l fi d r t e lnti e e r y e x t r a o' rdi n r y .u r v . ...If h o e r ,o. I f p ett i o n ed. l w r . . ..-is t % w N o r w n d d h M l i d
erl e xcellen ce mildaedol nto th s a" ... .. .re a lflr- ,-I W hy doty it theturne e-w rem anro n .nn 'au passed w e-w"n --,d ,r "oe- B<,,r Qr.%;y, -:.n- Io% Fredcna v e d .,,
o h.nt d e r i n ; b t thdey. L d d A. W thnd th a hh oven, t m oneyu .. .. .. . d Ml, fahtr her, wd wr pp rl and tI h tof M, 2I e hr 'dolding .11 E e to s on e w h by Don dtsl

, a n l w;thl ewe beu u n nl s n y r g h y r ,n hee o, ha pas Iho- -. b a w |nln,|,s r.,rft Wfth OU U,~h ud e a b ,lndln i t ~Yc
if m b whal nmed IhB u t rw oea e ta l oen tha tw rk p I erngt e d be.m ou thi girheal th w o h ollmo.nChgin as m or.- g ly f t, w as iiek, uad [h V ."'rliamed P,,a rnhw, fn1c1hfil.rdg.

b o r n a S nthe f r as pa rsa n a 1 w h o st a f.p e w r -l u p ca sesy B a isr U U r o W gi v e t h e a n ~i r a s W h a t t e n d e d h eato l l a r O o t h t d a y y o .,o wed' u .".: ; ful i| *p- r ,ini: n t' n ei l l S ? l h. ir ,-, 1 t ead t h e s e e d t h a p r o d ae d t h eae maute o^f. t hnd^pr a ... P,, b r o u g h n d
th e iilsd ude vaisll l ,tey s e rend nur a oist o mex pre ss fi"t 1rlor I vs D iv, ien i.a ir I- v..n,,,d hiol-rodlw i r? ". tnp t ._ M essrs. S..njklator.&' B brother as a',clo th -
I a d a w r o t e r a .f l rt h id a O c s ie wll ns a tl p yo aa t e ba k r', iiflln istill Ufllllhrll% stil aUd sw indle, II

oa8a,,l.1 ai nn lorisi- m n m ig h t M r t o uB hee.l11 9m g 0 ,.l l f ".,, ^ ,,,,, ,//r. r, w hl e ho n .'n' "w s e t rl-e s r y d oe-e-a f S x

"tll th e frill on wed a t thm e r n -, ll.o ,, .i. i b o ilih t .... i I..? ,i. an IFl- iparr to ... Ti & a .t*. ....... ..r lw eek.... The o pa lb Po llar & Th ey *e e hi.
-r .-w.m . l o gh B Mo t lte. appeal .-,ji-A,1r;1L1, V-iI, at i if I-i mr, fillrai-.T thtni to met hii mas Tile e.1tl rn ntjoiEitInadil-rm. hiIIIydrUIlgor.SIFlpl ngiIiuok

im o t l ndsplre the lr ng n k ha wfo une d an ear ly ha flo w er- t he ch, .. .. . ...... ito.i :, h v o on '- -,- I w fra,
thouphios to fothro of awakening thev,1 mean.u ai^ good ri) fron IliaN still of Then*^ may IM^^hl ask whatr isnr yourar business here I" Vfi- at In~r iri- ,Ili Lh-,,o^,no it sngauh pr.,,],,o n.) hr*: ,lmeewtrd l-.,r In~ Lbk i.Id'Il n

nend the law passed March 2nd,181& totax wn.
ey brokers. .
.c 1. Be it erwiettd bi llhe twenelua Asieamv
f the Stateof 01. o, Thatrin froind arter the
tge of this act, capital stock and prop'-rly of
.v brokers shall be listed for tszatio\t and
thereon assessed, and collected, in heame
ner and for like purpo'eo a other pro y
dividluala or partners is or may be list and
I by the laws of 1his Slate
c 2. Th act entitled an lo ta.'money
era, passed March second, one thousand
hundred forty-sx is hereby repealed.
Speaker House Reps,
Speaker of the Senate.
arch 1(,1849.
Anl Act
mend the act entitled "An act to regulate public
shows," passed February 28, 182.
;c. 1. Be it enacted bV the General Assen-
fthe State of Ohio, That so much of the first
on of the act to which this is an amendmen?,
provides that it shall not be nec'qsnry for any
hitor or exhibitors of any -how allowed t'
xhibiLed by said agt, to obtain a perml fromZ
countyy auditor, to show or exhibit in any in.
crated town or city, where by ile laws or
tniices of such town or cily, such exhibitor
chaibtors may be required to obtain Rpermit
eause from. the municipal authority of said
R or city, be and the qame is hreby repealed.
A. "i. Before any person or persons shall
srmilled lu pelibil any public show, in any
rporated town or cily in this State heor they
first be required to obtain a permit from the
for nf thp coihnN iii nliichfch town or cily
,be localfd,.accordinlg loie provipionsof In
m whnih thisa i aoil amendment, and the ac.
reale a pernianeiit agnculiurdl fuid, pawed
ruarv -h, 1"147, and all moneys paid Into
tr-asurnes of the several counties and the
10o- of this-act, shall be paid over and dis-
A of according to the provions of Abe act
above mentioned.
rc. 3. Nothing in lhiocl t hall be construed
uterf'ere with Ihe right or power ofapy in-
ornie lot i n or city in this Stale, to impose it
iM upon all hhows exhibited in such town or
in addition lo that impo ed by thin act.
Speaker Hous Reps.
a '18", Speaker of the Senate.

6ive compared Lhe foregoing with the crigi-
Lts and find the same to be corrc.
Auditor of Hamilton County.


. /'




Inamotu Leiter-The Ca
in tie l rglnlature las
'T'l,- till>, Ltr.e leitr n 0
WiinuuLeerrt organization
lmast fall. ii dl.-srt.,y ith
Stale t,5 riot andJt al I'
d, velops one ul" rlip bla,-l[
IrenBon kver htroumihl wu liz
itonth ul'rauj a id d[?ow i. an
ly inmtruninta who Or 11 i
stern re ,, lt e of Ihi".- Li),
Capitol w-mld haoe lt.u 1
irerly protr.u-id b
11hiusrp-aks the verit
ThuIdeir last. What in
--wheat.i } the black, vil
which i brought to li
Vill,1ni, v hich drove
stut/into the Representati
thfre in f disgraceful
weeks? Whig Riots, fo
threatening to drench the
romrr%& ,lo n by "the a
mocrac>;" Here we hav

Fu sion oel' l'ar e
T' i(, .t' .-i, nt,, P:,rij, 1"
i nb I. op|Il. m,. ;nt to[
enoof for -the Presidency.
horuasa 'Whi'-d., Wl,
+lh u tr~n,+ "'nds. ",h
"Fusion of Parties" i- th.
A very different sort of p
and they make it go. "
particular?. \%r, lKd I
oially a in) bod% ihI'-,"g
in, gentlemen. We're
hurry though: we'll ,'wai
haven't got through that li
ness over t
"Luck" used to be every
stake now. And skill
getting a good deal abo
mean, above the par of s
manly party
We mentioned a day or t
the Locofocos and the Fre
ter the Wisconsin and
have since seen a more pa
manner in which the nupti
appears that the Free-So
the Locofoco State Conve
day. The Locofocos ful
their committees, and p
The Free Soil Conventio
and, in preliminary org
nominate a ticket diffe
first fixed upon. But, sa
"Here, however, further f
ed, with a: view of giving
tion a voice in a perma
meeting; so an adjournme
voted; pending which th
adjourned their meeting
Court House, and came
of the Convention ofTn
Convention was then cal
ures taken for a per
A Free Soil President
eral Vice Presidents and
both Locos and Soilers.
ticket was nominated, wh
listed, and the same res
.',.i had passed at thei
'again, at this, and th

Wright, Fis
Beat sie Main, between

The size of the GAzn a rg
co~i .6 fthe puper l1 equal
C-1" uS ul i1 th
The Gazette has'been esta
century. That it may rank
accuracy-that its views
w r it e l- i ,a ,n i% a ',t|l rv n
shouldbe-the first talent
-Foreign Correspodente p
made for Telegraphic new
day. The Political-Com
cellaneous departments hav
over it. Everything wort
%vbha II-, will be accurate
WA have now more extend
any preceding year. We hav
pens for cont.aitions of or
ous reading: So that the pa
ter than h
A distinguished and pra
charge of that department.
ers all usefu
+ To residents West, ou
any from the East. It is d
andillled with matter per
Every day we have, to a
press, Telegraph news o
through our paper, is obta
roam it can be in
DAILY, payable half yearly
TRI-WEEXLY, payable a
year ....................
WEB&LY, #2:00 in adv
year, or at the end 0o ithe
No paper stopped until arr
our o
Sor the Weekly paper we
dolh ItstIn fjli or a year I
Ua Ir'ep-p]'rr The advance
.......... t I1BIr 11TU, m,
make a .- ermsran passing Uma When seen
Scauen will be undtriitocd
inaivsrzoitya & year or
this offie of a year or mo
time in arrear, will be re
The law authorizes the P
and remit money. Person
way; but should take a
diling and the amount se
We will send, for the cas
numbers of the Weekly Gaze
per--to one address-to be
the time
3 copies for ...........
8 copies for ..........
20 copies for .........
To any who will take an
our circulation, we will -
be ample compensation. Ou
us by giving the name of s
From an Eastern paper we
the law regulation
1. Subscribers who do not
contrary, are considered a
2. If subscribers order t
periodicals, the publisher
Until all area
3. If subscribers neglect
riodicals from the offices
they are held responsible ti
and ordered the
4. If subscribers remove t
forming the publishers, and
the former direction th
5. The Courts have decided
riodicals from the office
them uncalled for, is prim
Persons remitting money
ingit stopped when the time
der when
nP+Subscribers to our P
continue, but to whom the
remember to write us decli
tile Post-ma
We are interrogated whe
tioe for contributions of o
We reply: We are happy to
any kind, and where part
ness matter. Corresponde
nications, and designate
case we shall treat the sub
cePt the lvor sent us we
J 11, it, do u,-r, we s ai
v'.'n tval a le S.0 hind oll
retired A sorj u~ill be Cr
]Plttburth, Cincinnati
A Convention of Stockh
was held in Columbus
day last. Delegates we
Louisville, Cincinnati,
ville, Steubenville, an
business transacted, was
for the government of
measures preparatory to i
A Board of thirteen Dire
lows:-R. H. Woolfolk,
ney, Madison; James C.
PhiUli~s, Dayton Thom
H: Lyman, Zanesville; J
M. Stanton, Steubenville
Hanna, Thomas Bakewel
Lewis Hutchins
It was determined that th
Company should be. locate
are to be kept ita books
K. Morehead was elected
tan Treasurer, J. D. R
Joshua Hann
The Company organized
the State
The Ohio Life an
Kumora are mn circulati
ca]Ung in portions of its
r often asked by citiz
this is o t As these lea
the State, a strong +desire
of the rumor. 'o loan of c
Jor by the Company, ia who
the existing rules, none
two years'previous wr'itt
rity i sufficient, andl th
It is for the interest
tinte all safe loans to p
rbmn d'hange th.;rn. Calls
the company, upon borrow

county, on pledges of S
borowers o
National Medic
The National Medical C
States, whose late sessi
past month, meets next y
To this Convention,
Convention, previous to
day last, appointed the
Drs. J E. Eels, Fairfiel
Shelby county; --- G
. l iff"411 Btjtla; pauaT
ty; A. Toland, Madison
.wareqouilty; M. Dana
Illvaine, Harill, n cosa)'
away cotuny; -- Foste
Treitt. Fran
The State Medical Socie
jouinment, app;'intad ih
the "National ..iveni
Crume, Hills, Davis, J
son; also, the following
Drs. Norton, Gastan, G
Statistles o
.We are indebted to the
for a statement of the
several grave-yards and c
ei, r, for ihe week ending
teen yadJa visited the wh
was 198. Of these 93 ha
is an average of thirteent
snore than half the deat
the two days preceding t
number of deaths by chol
of 'Health for the
On the 17th of May las
the Gazette, to the diffe
toriss, to ascertain th
and the number of chol
the result of his6 enqui
Gaz,- ii of Saturday mo
whole number ofburials f
May, was 272, exclud
MNr ,oditl and Efiwc,,pa
in May. for which p-nod
Adding P2 as ithi ciniria
ihis twuo groarnds that
number is -Il, or 14, B
,ggri-gatw for hlie week rep
Tl" Legislature of Virg
Brve w'oraneI t meea
ringg, in i'auqui lr r.
intrbher.; have fkll Ri
mnember from Hardy con
sataner to Aleaandtia, h

Ohio State Medi
Thr- ri, inntn i v 1. l.
61h,) itaken u. ,,l .1
subject of Chulcra. Th
Drs. R. D. Mussey and J. P
The remarks ,..fthe 'forer
Journal at considerable
the impression which ha
Cholera has either become
ter or thatphysicians ha
its treatment, is errone
same mysterious, deadly di
it first visited this con
progresshasbeen made in
when was published the tr
English physician at Ma
have the privilege of dis
this sort, when they see
sent ourselvesmost decide
sey might, were he to unde
strong circumstantial evi
ion, both that the Cl1.l- :ra h
tions on thiseontir, ii %h
in its general manifestat
and that outr physicians u
tertowttliao they did t
successful fin its treatment
are happy to agree with
With reference to the use
lactic, Dr. M. makes
"Upon boats on the rive
drinking, consequent u
chot-ra, hns been frightf
board those vessels has
dented. One boat lost for
seven, and a third, fifty-n
crew. Spirits-is not a pr
To the temperate, it' isn
To the drinker, it is not ad
use suddenly; butthe quant
rather than
"In Alba-, ,I ':1^ iii,
and tatal. i- 1 .e:,, c
fatally. U f ,hr- I1, 1I
drinkers, 131 mui trile. t,'
all butone inimrr.:-|. r-aht I,.llthd
which had a popu ,G 1.111 ,I ,
Were member of; hI h[., r .,
only two died. IIh Ihli..,-
doubt of the danger of

Wnth .i. ti. it,.I) thr,.
Mussey said he could no
disease may be propaga
from one person to anoth
pheric movement, he th
Drs. Faulkner, M'Elva
Toland and Kirtland, c
after the conclusion of t
After which, the Co
On the morning of tire th
cusion of the Cholera wa
Dr. R. Thompson read a
uses of Chloroform and
nication was read by Dr.
to prevent severe invasion
Carroll, of Cin
On Thursday, at the aft
Ilvaine offered a resolution
opinion of the Conventi
gious, '+which, after som
the table. Dr. Smith, fr
tested Drugs, read a re
which was accepted. A
Delegates to the Nationa
be held in this city in Ma
several resolut
The Convention adj
The forty-fourth volum
is to be commenced abo
Mr. Denny, the editor and
that he has employed
traverse the county and
About 500 are wanted, t
the Star just what he thi
a good paper now-one o
papers we know-and the
ty ought to-extend to it
We hope Mr. Denny's pre
circulation may be
Pacific Rail
The Saint Louis papers r
the Pacific Railroad Me
change of views, proviso
mous vote, for the holding
a Monday in October next,
B vention, "for the purpose
tion the expediency and p
ing a line of electric tel
ing a railway from Saint
The Chairman of the m
Louis) was authorized t
twenty-five, whose duty
address to the people of
them to take into their s
interesting subjects--to
xrespondence with every p
I.lisch manner as h-,o r,,h
ing-to collect, pr, per .
calculated to recommend t
consideration, and to su
ought to be accomplished-
and classify, and have p
i,,.rnl...r of the Octob
o tlin ,heir power, calc
these subjects, together w
tions, made up frora
The New Orle
The New Orleans papers
the crevasse at Sauve's
ous day. Captain Grant
incompetent to the task
-cent says:--"The whole
Saway and the immense
through threatens in a
:widthiofthe breach. W
rquences of this no one c
that they may be less
eevery reason to expect t
last evening was fourtee
water mark. For the past
-at the rate of something
eachh twenty
The Louisville Courier o
Following extract front
New Orleans to his friend
"Our city is in a most
water has backed as far a
etirely covering Baronnea
present appearances,'I h
fbut that it will meet th
yesterday abia~l.iii-, by ili
h t, and left i-, ,i ,l, 1 .'.,
driLygettin ii[r t iiil d.,-h,.
Sedbefore t_. Jir..ii-, ,'.',,
rbe inundated, and all bu
t pen

The Louisville Courie
"sincerely regret to learn
that this distinguished ci
Yat his residence in Nas
with Cholera on Monda
nmay re

The Nashville True Wh
no mention of the illness
d several cases of Ch

Thirteen or fourteen th
1 is required for the line
Three thousand tons of t
England by way of Quebe
ley has been down there t
it from thence to Clevel
polished at very low rates
" oWella
The fact that a woman
. cently delivered of four
has been generally pu
. burgh (Indiana) Register
0 Mrs. Thompson, wif, o
city, on Tuesday nightly
. children, two b
Levi Smith, pilot of the
ly sunk on the North rive
dicted for m
y --
e Jenny Lin
e To those who take inte
. "Swedish Nightingale,
a in the hopes and doubts
s past been expressed as
t mend the following ar
n from the items of fore
Ni-,Garn. Ifthis does n
d tain, clear up all dou
comfortably and honorably
f .nothing on
Latest InteUligence o
was absolutely married t
F, on Wednesday forenooi
f cese officiated at the
e at the same hour in t h
afL-iling ot the n..ciingo
S toct ,> OnTcdai nig
a bv the nilil train to Dov
e itig stepped on board th
for the continent. SirMo
lady crossed by the same b
East. Mr. Baifs receive
, le cr nclio irt-an i "
N NgbInnLa.,:- kha> lhi
L heC pritous rnoonni,
' ,an 11%1]Lta n fr,:,iie ,- m
tonves, them aI Ih.'-ir
tonohlln, u here h AIll
t. i etl e,| niarrisaer ti e p
Mr. andNlMr Hbrrn nrer,
holm, where ihe v. ill ep
pr,.,hbsly the auiunin
V ed I. reappear in mse.'rrl
a opera. before L|V clow 4
e pending nDegonnd on wivh
olfperfornancfsnexI ycat
f 1l broken 91ff, d,_ ini
.WYOO to stter k cn

My Dear Sir:-I have recei
our aoss county friends.T
direction. I shall be wit
petnt. So ninh of my
by lhi) bu-iit,i ., of the
n,.gleeti rr,) p-rsonal af
cessary to de,.,oi some a
TU be aht, it \ i!- my pl
Th0, .19%v of meeting (th
I ought u,0 tl in Columbu
staled shrll ihnv probably
I tlkf,-gr,:at iri nr in
p de,."- in tl, n 11t- ni ,|
Ihe n rmin, g,..:,.] th ir,
,he nt mtber of the House
Mr It. a sound lawyer,
in anyi r-hiergency. I wish
o'i lhb, i.nrr,,l A. -rIilvl
Illf c ,r-i', iii it-( rwni'i
.,ill be .11 'Liine. hmn4 --
ing ,,n I lhi r n-m i[, 'u
.pirmiandihn ,1 Lh, ta. i
ir.Ir, th.-n, ith, r,- Alll
promises inconsistent
-' .l ,. r ,
SWm. It 'I .r
Terrible isn't it, "An
not half go terrific! Letu
"there wilt be iothingh
movement was premeditate
"malice aforethought."
,,r*,f ,j,''" Oh noi'
artful villains are. In
the world, the treason
the ".nnterrified Democ
before it could say JackR
resolves" fortunately c
The traitors were to tak
stitution and Laws, which
had declared non-existi
assembled-as dissolved i
thereof had set up for wor
Provisional Government.
pose "the Democracy" i
18. But the traitors wer
and their rights, and ne
enter into any compromise
with duty as citizens!"N
fied" were soared-it w
Whigs to put down a lawl
ence to duty! Vivo la h
cracy" the people
The Enquirer of Su
"Passing strange" and
neighbor! You musthave b
era medicine, in the shape
misread our article 0 wi
"In a party sense, we have
the appointments of Gener
in Ohio] but rather feelundsr
Ewing,] for making such as h
like grieving at the Ohi
we are, in a party sense,
live they will be of servi
Are you there, neighbor
ticle, did we? In a pa
you have no complaints

Thpre igit ,-"..I]1. sl,i ,
may "pay" both parties.
do well, however, to recol
about the way in which
in the Goths, an
The Ch
The average cases of C
have been about thirty a
seven. We have had no
Health reported truly th
They do no more, nor ca
supposes these reports giv
What the public want, is
the truth, the whole tr
short of this does harm. I
vail that the Cholera doe
the belief induces a neg
measures, and an increase
the natural consequence.
our midst. Let all of
cleanly, and keep all a
care that no nuisance is
is useless-to indu
The Report of the Boa
gives the nantes of the
200! What are we to un
tial reports? If the Bo
Sextons the number of in
ed cause of death, its
wards quieting

The Ov
The New Orleans papers

---- i i i - 11 -- __ -- - J I. I -i /- I I ______i -~cd i ___ __U1 'uf -v l*li->li. and Fol |i H
General Taylor and his Cabinet, but rather feeltabandonment by Capt. Grant of operations at the I-u-- ne Uno
_not know this, a I .1. Iird I. .r Chase on every bat- I our own ven et
obligedto Mr. Ewing for making them! If you Sauve crevasse, give up that the only hope now is Tie PlougheLoom nd the
rather "rejoice" in a Pickwickian sense, how do in the fall of the river, and the gradual recession This excellent almd cheap monthly, dev
younfie in common sense? Rejoice do you, ratr or of the waters now covering so much of the city. Agriculture, Manufactures, Fnd the M e -henia
,~~~~~~- as. i r ,** 1,. , < l r a&f '',1 ''. any Loeofoco in Ohio," that on teeavrhhodro
a -tuall--or rather complain and rather not, at the They talk energetically as to the future, and insist Arts, should be in tehandsof everyhma
Ohio appointments-which neighbor? You are that so soon as the river falls sufficiently to allow in any way with such pursuits. We knew it was Cha-
either sati.ified, o dissatisfied., or indifferent--in work to be commenced, a new and stronger system gaining in popularity daily ; but i,,, t
Ohio before the publication of Gen. Cass' Nicheon|istration it acquir
which state are you? As to the quotation you ofembanking must be resorted to, to ward off a re- subjoined notice, that its income does not+ex
made from the remarks of a Whig-we took it as cnrrence of similar disasters. And they urge im- itsexpenses. This'state of-things should not con- ab
you endorsed and passed it over, that is all. Ifyou mediate attention to the subject, so that the work tinue. The EditOr, worthy as we know him, ar
to pifor about three days-that Gen: Case was the/ rent ability. Iflhe shall
judge the motives of others by yourself as the may be through with in time to resist the annual should be rewarded for his industry and labor, to f
standard, you never do or say anything with an June/trshet jrmn the M1issouri. promote ;,,I,.gr,,r Wi-i-i- ofthe cuntry.- Come, so
honest or innocent purpose. Of this you can judge We hope the Orleannois are not threatened with friends, give him a lift. en
for youredf, any such freshet. ,-. ,i,P ,..A,.: lI-, t.Fr. ,i Lo. this Th,.-..,.., ,,iia i ,, I ,,Pi,,,.r-.., l... t h, P
.,r ir,, r ,I,, m.. Hre, Mr, ,, N, during that sea-/ i n g circumstance conne
year. They mfe I,s.. ..'.rl,.... lard 1briner but w,: p ,,J .. .,, ., r -H .. .
-11t.evoed ag int t,. ?f; ," ic
1, The Democracy" of Missouri. recollect seeng!. I,-n, n. h MiL"' .,,n ,;,,I |,, .... ha h r-', ..,irn... aj lnlP.
r,,,,,1,,,;sein,,a gr,,,,n. rot ,atitthe-Provisouptwts,_us-,- /,t:u,-IW%-eat
it.I' Ti I,, hl o h ,F .. ,ro -- 1a -
Sfire-brand,"f something like that which Col- Ippa ,'.
tsvo o th ree eek ,p -. 1-Al -1, k 1,1. %%h ti d o iw i s t Itteed v Ld noplri o.ii\[ k -nli,
I., h s(I",on I ... ...s- t! Oof. . Y ,
ronel Benton accuses John C. Calhoun of having edtoknowall al ,L. .1,t I,.nIl. ,n r lf .
thrown into the 'Senate of the United States, that the Great Plains in,,di., cr. and ih M,..ui .nt rh w oecutt- srlpr,, e-. I VuaatIaLl.
gentleman himself Sseemvo. to have cast amnon g his rose high in11ar. I,. ii I I ,.!l ri,., % I:r I,. .: lirr.d th I, II.1r ni lrav h l, ''>4^ v rt.,

t ,,,,,,, t,, n .... ,,.. - ., utgr t ,^.n Ili, le a e th d
fitdn, ,. .I. editoToledrfringewithdin; Ib-Ig Ili.-P.1
IT ) ,.~dF l b, n ro I.r oir th e
jcrl;-in ,.-,it\r o%. H t...ration r tvi. 3ii L B -,r, .. .,1 The :. lo..-iti, f*e in:, We is-1r__r lr gITr P P r
Benton's speech is down upo, hml ea uy It books ifitirelyprowbL~lie^-i pic I.1 Ne% 1iII-n, art- %o -gn,.I it,1n'wiil I.- ini,hi hi lik a uy t 1 0.1.Jl ,IkIr 11 11,1,W l.
publishes a letter fro, Fayette, signed by eighteen have nothing furnlr r 10 .IF, & I 1 .a, .-n. roacor at..I. >-,,"e-, y, 1,

De1%of.u..iI.....,_e toa J hfr ort andan1
tof "the.," dulyScoring "the treachery of tIt-,e-11le n--11 %| r. M sIys ae p
Thomas If. Benton," end lauding the boldness" wisdom, however. Lt., pr|. c lt, 1.-r I.-- % Im i J-1. 0". i- a. olImI -1 or4'441sice- I bo -,I0410 IhillIn ... %% ,
of its "strictures" on his course; also, expressing Io most willingly work as hard, -rii"i..,l .,r the ,. :

C-,,r,15, t r,,,,-, aoltin oftstr h, iveruy-rin l the | Weare ndte patead ptoen
the high pleasure they derive from the perusal ofl Town of Ham.on..Agd. great industrial rests of i", IT,,hrr, ae h ., -C no p a
its columns, assuring the editor he will be sustin- Iisolaf ew n days since we averted to the now doing in F
ed, and laying before his expanding vision the flat- thrift ad ap an o t

ot.'t~e t gs, l 'lT he,,N hand ewhlle So ,,tn It,.,-,....,hl
and hmwaofnetohthetwoamnhthLoomtmeatnd An-ewith1, fw
tn e u i b d d large sale of lots, at prices which placed Se ri :, i.. ,>,r I... 1 and 't fo D of1u g
r- Thesame issue also contains other "precious Pedve.ture the opinion of the i r y

ItisI ot, Hs sh ,I erI n ltii,qi -on ~h~ e Exch d quang ffai e o uha e be e|A oM .
advan,,tagesI for...businesstheathedo iJnes ume[ sedprosnpca
,p rton u o i,; .l ,,I,-,-,I, ,..=lity unde r simlar.i; ru msan/B tw s lr
documentss" with reference to which the editor ex- advantages. fori ,fillknn
claims: "ILet the haughty would-be master ofthe Still it movesonward. On Tuesday

,,.o, ,r,,F4.,,,. r ought. to.! rea...d,. thartr ,, ,hadF se r'sl ec i
proud Missouri Democracy read them, and in the lots, lying some distance month of the Canal Basin ok hc i ^, uh'ofo"rcorrespondents,.IevenBen-Wereutup,-'.u]tihn,
ton's aludacity will quail, and hist vaunted courage 41, l g fp"I" $2 to $3 per foot front, and satisfac- fIendIII~ 11" a p'mind b t h r . at lc tu 1e *tor .%a, I r

sen lstbsju takea or isi10*fr iscuboffie t a nd -ho w"lei,....,. uo a an 'i =' t a ln
forBakenhim.o" tory to all parties,h This sale was well attended, subscribers, (old orisrnn es,)uoforithen8u' "l

.+ .'' tuonth av m ntthe+n x m r Ahad er wl eda .l '
yn alltion s a lavery anduher of re ratropolsIae, even ..
the St.dLouis.U nioofthes4thiisathhas thepfollow- quite.ani..a'ed. The sale of this large additional rese-- A -" p. ,i
ing kind ard affectionate pard graphn and the Future," oreacrpy rC;l,'l;Ma..ron,.lr....|. .
ScTheplat Jfferon Metropolitan is rich In more are wanted, and, we have no doubt, m ,

senssothned frmone. wheditorsays helhsreevd i A sol onnbestporapaed oaraneo teCoe ra i thtc oy, t, he si r tuje t i prifhe 1o-t ffrd oth.
^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ s

'one hunredandonef letersa~ nd ommuetrefo ot ere nicationst giv ng pub;i. To, a,, i.]vy, rone ,| h, makn pad,.ike .. -_ai o. eo ^i .'

Sr a f t
ga ~ ~ x n ~ t e pi o-"=Wf^^^ ra t to -nio n a A nd thes acIuts it. says su s r~i n S I. Iti f n ml- Scib rs v -. .ih t II ..111. .[..I Ih a
denouning Cpol.Beton's Eac t leountterustnd co.aentmpoebywai s nthraes- *;;;:;,J"^"

lust. r nowro asd Pr, c edn a f tti e v orth, FMor om deaths of ea ns, ame 7 or Bes t ru ,,, r, l lrel "%-,n Toler ,Pi. t ,,desev and i l

r T . u m,, Ier eJ"g ,h '"S ,r ,atn g -eu^ ,r f.;.;".ll,:
ate tieng Mep n arid t onsequetlgyAlareI prowlt- Th St.LouisR epubcanofr4th r of the D'r d

Whroctet.' .. A ...nt... ... r he po.cop ef 1t)mc the expe and letier of trib e nto r hi In a
beCas omnio Benton.sTumovTee olontsa rel ls efter s from P ort .tea r 'a ,ne n .Westponin stl'!is thr. givin R led R "_, ,: '. ,,,n ,th
h oi n he, nd Rhe'ppiances ofrthe n0 ido nTe Cay be ror v of .8 . I 6. 4* 't I ,* p -,.T i a

synty, o aslog aan t,sEsfNI v. I '. n n 1... "noce
omino Pda M se -e it Pstated taft o iphe irgn is g g tdr athero somb re..c1" . .......ts, -T " r ,, ..h

a.r r one,,' one an d hnd l l fpen of was Cholera ,t ct t
hse Washington U ion, M r dsid st of the rmer E urpepshorts 3 t o f i om 7 o. 8 csl L, n l l,1 1 1
I I attt Ti u sri nsiI, hI,~a n, rioll., The ullaTttmapcuh

cencies calen d p p eti ofle m tn lu wsh s r of t hyat a t hese M o ccaure nihn ",exposed %.' I t or'- ,l"l-. .

gT ne rae thatylrsargenicrowatl uion-with llru-ieandr plesntlttrfrpbicto ia____ the^ i^^ ^^:/ fao^ttu^attrn',f"'
ing c orse at ofaro crowt uion wimut ll n Post -ii-... l. l ,b'n Mr ,r. ,'+ ,h .* ,-i,
'be ais odnipte nt ae u al. T e Colonel is a refnotnnmpo-edicwhatentte vw n" -- rwps.- f Io t, ,, ..-'' ,er %his I w illnot .,-,,ItI c-I
The tUeir asn ofa t hei r, tha t the Tbus t ter, ae A,11 feeeal.:.nIn Cetl o nW. 'n [,pr ito -ny t ea nin t) .,-p. I ,o h.

.. ...heuffe ring. T.he em igerEn s,,ei lndto nt ,r,, ,, te warin reanibalis I., ,& a toI

blast the reputation wnile it takes away thp breas rad dr si .g rai. t ra 'ch the pure wair 1" "abat Taer al
. _. .... , ,. .- s. thir-n a ortheA~t.i- i l. ] L, ..]i rhe M--ni 1 "'" *' ... ;i ." 'J"" "^ rl "B^ .' e *. f l..
of lSitev lr."' T unon voll,h< xn~. tl>,l,^,, 1 I ,.+a ; -go T-hp ..... we 4o_ b .. ,,|Irl "^*Kh rwr o ^ 'n ^ "n:ntrit, ,*'.V n.
Witness, by name Benj. F. Brown, to sustain ,ts sow: byt heir xertions "at wy e sou ce n Fta ,:s,,,?,Y ,;.tL et. :,toa,

enargtdean tendo tas e ein, the' s l vfler seclara n swether they attai s it or not The Indiananolis ., In, -r Ise ul .,nt p,.r ".tN. ,,1-1. =,
tCol.Bntofh win essdthersb"would soltfthe ('fe ~ .

.. 'tn .h th Jonrnalbot 8hest. givesthefollowigtabtoofthe P..... -. .ll", ..e hg--lhe tn,, r.,
W ty af heet ldi te.whountr y."size1-h I'eadhyen -ro, -.1.. Ili.- .i 't r h'" '"l r thtref'hm .h 'w ho 'har
orgt eA postscripotthe of 1.. . ...... ........ .. .tootthe leta ttrer.. .f t uh'ehs ___Tr' been awakene r'n"e""trP

C ol. et o s / '^ T m o v e "m e tt r etus e "fe Th e C o o ay lo ir. ians 185, V u fo nr "t llm:+sYt "h e -Eur o p a; r'94r; n : l h t I
^ ^ ^ h 'o t^TRepub'lir'can8 from Wetprt juven tion the arrival^ to ili Ise his ,' ''*' 1;;rvs h dge t hehar fth lupre e e, and w itim.VshoNt88 h .)- h" eH|I.hrl,.unn c

r e. mict h ,S a t.Lo is hep Au ican of pth e4th: le.,, f '.. ... .; :- + h ;, r ''bt ,' -
they tolerate any m n or party n denouncmg the : d a bo re.,.,o.,, 8 ao.... s ,m n 6 I.talp-, ..,r, ... ....i.n:, etill 660 353 n 'r, t r' ntif Nn r i, rp,-s ta ,no ,,"s
wa worn veteran do General A lor, as a hi" hway 1,,, :dlr ,er,' .. ..... :ii d :t ais *..I*i+" Pf",. l "I
= Y, on Sa ver a-nd_ _ the.. Paii rail-A ^ ^ ^ ;^ i'' ;-.;

W. . .. ", ra~ .1 i;: p; '1,; : : ,1*.. 8814,i ; 1" ."*" n.' w,)l. Kn a n0-. h i m p:p, r .I a li m n
robberI an.sals tDnns....... r 2 807 23 ,o, Vnnni~r-.a-Jti stun ,-1 tht'vici-iy,.,.his movem
t~g We -see it sttedthathea y be r . 6', ,77 111 r. -_lngwt n nn _
I i n h.lranMdis nIs .,br t .f I,,

The W ashington Union is determined not tobe en .. '.. ,,l ... ". ,e is. ,* I ,'I .I, ,.% ,ht f,.r$or.1e a0

pleased with anything the Departments do. It is In the State Legislature, the terms ofti6 ^h ; -', I ] ^ ,r ^n at, n r t,151nIra,',r......'...
now bearing down upon Mr. Ewing for giving and 11 Locofoeo Senatore expire, Ofthe 74Rep- t,:; i,r,,,lau,[,q, n r,mI,t. ?. .v,,lhl ~ U. I E'*s (, *th
youn, Mitchell. I'other of th, Irih Patriot, a resentahive Districts, 32ogaver Taylor ma joriies in ot :, proi.,,, r1
clerkshipn' in tne' ", Department ofthemIterior, ueclar" 1848. and 43 Case maturites+ Frunkh,,r thq. ,m.^ ,, . br,It, Th. Kraft ^. ,'P
'u n ,t. ill11 ,,l bi nt pr I s r ti t rn l r ,,,:ho n Ie ra s e

inghedid f to hm b our Irish adopted citizens....... .p n e otof E hlortannt lthl .o. e ,-..n IbJue n- s
IfMr. Ewing had refuir b tn application forr youneg lat,- C cag !. -),,ra a rmnousi\- Ir.|f-ci.,n Ititoeir, hnw -n A irnba
l. D... L. owre, oarsoP reatn at tiiago raprreports3 fl t r I ula ,^ uI ... r, Ir.. .

Ieishman, the Umonwond have been just already that... ,,hees Le .ourred in"x.pws A IT h@6
to denounce hi. for tNative Americanism!" 1-e 3 ster
.caI"lved i~ the a medtohc ie Johnu t eo, atheroa

"Cruelty theOppressed!!" "HatredC to lon nosas yet, and yelds aly to prompt ml1ital ra mti"d" .
ehighearted Irish adoptedcitizengit!"w&c.,&c, men. CumberlandC vlun,,,nl'rb ', o-ra--Wh,.n, ihe .lrt l, tothec|z ,1 trnk.l.
__Bryant AI E T, et of fl Nd L.wYonork Ent, I and t J., [lr i r, rori-id hospitality.--C'th,
.of,' Ml. Alxade Barn,<,"'**"'*"s"3" whose patented mode of n'.d .mnall quannrlr- or" gnnp.jwder e tghvn-
Comtngl-- ll w .mI nt Them1 telegraphing1has excited greatoattention, has re. ,A, Idper ani r firt nn Ih n
~~a tlt w. -- etowin.:oI... lexandrI a, vL" i ro e -- ,, I-, -oirI,--o

Large nm ber of laborers are at work os he turned to this country litt m e .l, and has ,.,slgoi.nlgtHoi. j ofrh`er ,-f'Ai. T e ,
railway from Greenville to .Dayton. Tth^.,uiir,) brought wijth him a p~rta. t ~ .. l ret i]i~ t- fc iin iiuh har id r,-.r
ParyrMdnps.I ahnr. I I sss~ vh .wlrli[cd.boist~ t, n.pu- r Ofied % of. or, 8 9- "In- one

people are waking up, de term ned on hbu i ngl.ant- r .Bun t Is o im t ,ed ]'ds ,orj oK ,ngh in se, Tltb. nOrsIlad-hre.I
easy and cheap way to the Clnci tath g market that a youth can impose tho fhlgriaph mnag ,ld hAo 'na,,d a
Shall we meet them aond make them welcome au-ithe rate of 100 t 1me letters pcrtminu i t. e .tead er, :I] dl-[nf,_-ling riIfII'tes-lo' lI
.n--ous-fprsrp tif 4n as formerly. w t l wardn of .4 1hou% n< th6 bu.ldinFy. Il -ws uied vegwne l.w.ii]
.... P l D O in Phe la ir, ltoi ol' Ttle i t ard 1,-,IIB, andl w s R ,tur,'
Mr nollosfnancialat olle p i DeItn urop'e in |849.--rqu, .-^uln~r Parts eorrespon- lned ,n Parhs nn IH33, and sir,. in
1Wr. Collins, financial agentof ot},,Sr-aie l In.- dgnt, inapriyate 11.terflafln in elinle mat, the latter city cannon were place d
diana, has, t pursuance of legislative tastrue, tees of business, drop t h- tElelowtiog ren. arks street-nd hd with blank cartridges In so
lions, applied to the bond-holders for Ienntrsnin ""Thtayear will, Ithmnk. Lbciorcevipil'u and e\, tulihie Wets~rn towrns rec:.ut[} alflic~ete
tresinrof n r-x-tii;,ngrtat weareum rchingtoa-.In,. 1YIli

todefer the payment of the rsnuar ek unaaTlme)nt f

,,.ntledpenodrobf paid w t thert a eos'away cth r b r.ea.d.hei""'. -- ,udefl'aud In.E e Ince (1o' panil s. h.
hl ,r Tni

No change ai eon, n ipla~ed as 10 tlle J,,ly drrldend. W "-- T' !), m t "lr -, a s .'ording 10 a w l ih others din J arov the ship F'r r ~ n a e n C p s n
Theo .asonvcortwm., TheUn Jinuchdes mnt ,ie letter m theWe To- )-nn "re,.IFen[" e
whtr-lw, nd a ,er Lsr ed lantim. ,'w e l doub t nilI -t ,-

.hatth. annual payment oflalxf does no" lake ghar[' ,n nnoumJn A lnt t ^' ^ hundred- FI. 1.!. .". r i wI

ch t e braryg e oand n deseast rust theSti er ear.- wheth e rs e yatin ing r o t.n e Is f e !s o h e u l
tbao t-w -I poanl wcer t by1th',I-T e
men ~te s ib n teCllr osio Dsr icts in 8-4 for t -hnnet nrlioelswwrilti!miot odsirln r

A comparison of
will give for...... ....1
1846 ......6
Excess ofevaporation
sels, in quarter oe847,...
Add excess of evaporat
sel, in quarter of 1845,.
Totaldifference in elect
and 1847,........;. ....
N. B.-In 1845, when the
tLe er. ;,i:; .i ,,:%. 1 4
E.r,..l .. c- I, ,-,- i,,, 1,-.
N i% ;a r-, t"' 1'1,,t tF,
A -. 11-1-.' '. -" ... i.



Miami Un
.. r .rE.r>s THi-i
t-vM .|ii1ze0f_.) HlE -f ae
.r, tct.-1 II i- ui- tlh
much 1t) lh Li.t r an, J Iw
which under wI. ,nd iniff
tined 1o re-bt,, d,,, still ior
thuat ,,r ti.r.l \-nr I -
unde : -er i#1.11.1 9ll arr
nUm b,- r. lt +Ifolls t4 ',i'
ing it. a .ru_.|j r,.'ioia .i
we niI I,.i- ,ti.-ll'tIn ,loc
and ,.l,,InTti d' (_, o
publiS jiivIlt LIUUI II Ihr i
the sniiir nauilner Ol i "rt
elevanuii and ih-pr, --lu
tv, is a 1, ,i I ,11- tit ih.-
the C.. r/ I.' i I -ti l.r 1r.,
fluctr-,i.1.,n-1nhP ii-li i l|
to C6'i .-* C ,e u n.: u
m an', ",r. ,-,i.ii_i.[li ill-
time. Oi o "i r,- I al i
adequhi,- il,, -pr u,
things it I. ri, r,, ,I,, "i
,r r OfI -tnid. III %', |I| all \
.,r il .n',iralle Ilr i- .
the Iriiiiilrt, I'l ,-r
by p p )uIIr lenIaIT "-r o, I.t
I% ,r mnpopultinivo ol u
r. -I mI r ut *To .,T i-nI, r 1
in-lnl[in ,ili Lh.,vrf\tr, n,
t, 1. -,, .11 sn 6o!i ,:iri
the i l. lO I ,.l lcur h h,
nii. Iln!-n imill inrif nh
such I Loufi-Titli r-ii-a
case 1 ,Th "1 11-1 n."
vantsaL',, p,--ft. -d L,1 i
or'in HIt, \ %'x Adva
reasonable *J(^Lr vr ul gi
fail I l ai T 1 i o 1 1m .,..ti ,
prosy, r.1%, lim~n -h- ta- h
advaiinhg, I nr.,tf>'annl
In regard to the causes
decline at Oxford, there i
ion. .*',ue an.lihlit rht
Board 1, I'ruii. Ir. -,role
to the students; andothore
tice, to a combination ul
whichseldomn occur ill line
tion. My views CUl 'll- ln
sonmI have "-it, arnd I ,
timeswithin h lhi," lI t,
ter upon the Ji-ii]-,i-in
it tosay, I do not holiev
e i l .r i l l. i , B .B a r d
Slude-Ilnn .I,,- tri, inrt
tended to ftr ;, leid ,-n
ordination "l'h,,- buaIti o
mainly of gentlemen of
Inen of learnirm. of hig
social position. I hal ir,
the wisest that h,.i h' liea
bip 'I hr- l , (. B. -n 1
li, I [ nn I lullt p-r,. ad
prr.lllrt 1hi pl p[pr-jrL l
n 1 it Ir, l l I' lnT t a,
-iiinni.,i in ie..lgniu
ir ir, I h,.
ten to act, whon it was d,fl
,.romiin,--s to determine
,,-rli.ttle I believe the
just. C-rifri, lt ih h n-thi
the sorve i -I m-it ..I'
than the pr-t.nt umcub,:n
time nor Yil_.,.lliii n tr ,
subject n
11 i1 111 1 lr 1" i ii ) ij
our Sft. itas ,,*' rcrt-r4
a degree of tverlil, lh i-
that calls-for 11 huh- r Tirl
than most of the colleges
to attain. There is no la
they are. The State i
them. Andthefv.:t lIa, ]h
each su p ported b, -n ... 1sm
will n11-,1 i."r,]|l, f14in
nence which is r,-i idi.
1 To r ,,,;rtd is i -., i,

times. Thess e'i nd **
and some of Ilir:nf oLuOlnlt
extent. I line 1 ii .l fori
exclusion of Tel l ltr i
can-and all hE. a ilhi,,i
they are. Bil erll ilti r
of themrconiiel.i. l, il-al l
We require ait lffi,:I.,i o
larger resour,---ill. lith l|
of instructi],. 1itelae ii
expect, witi UIl irpl,-
to the public for support,
n a tion a l C ,I "e ," ,l -,.1 1
affordall'h II. lio-i,.
the State, therefore, to
as her own honor and inter
times require, This in pa
And may we nQt hope th
tant, when the State will
been so nobl
I take It I&r granted, th

.I'L)eitrutrfut Fir- --Ab,
,tsti rdsto Inn1.,1- I II l.ra
stre-el, near flit l'orf-)rnini
the slearni Farn mall, pinnn
of lumlbr, era partly f
belongingg 1) John-on &t 1
ling housr adjoining. The
detanud, was ihe result
attributed to the Enginer.
difficult firsts It ,'onlr
eiLv lor ears, and e%.-ral
lain tbrI frame building
the mutet bc..,nu
ertion.and a .-kilful dlire,
Fliremen --rp -nat-ald io
CC)- \lt, Cuh1r !?nn -
Ih.- A arer from Mill I' .
ha bteen ki-oking up rnpit
4 tt Whie h Walrr ( "'
honnw arc ro o put up nII
"y .4A I'leran ot if R
VrtLr-n's of the lit(olu
Mlontlsrer) count) 4,r t
to itr- -'for'6..flres ye.i
papera nified Jle rec
ibe I;c, ,i-rnmmnI. HI n
and tw 1 10'-. ),-nriiof
porils l,,_ytl I) p
g.w.1, and tus e.w -ghi
th.- banln- oel tiirm-.ou
dy Ilook, and pr,.-.ied
ington at
DK"rA "Foot &)y."--Sop
recollect a boy who a yea
extensively ft our "first
:i,, ch al,.Lgn, ,Ippig
rid,, ,%o h "crtIck" lra
1, irtturn until called u
: 1 i', i, urKler ponimwhI
front those attending his
sooner land frii rn, i,
ed on charge oftonmitttn
er. The money had been
and returned to the .-ri
before :hr Na~or hgnurhu
9t'.YCdrz oM tIe Rat,
ho-irrhvplo ar rhigpori i
ri ) hn was rowded wi
it> ol %hom v-re -nmigt
.,I cholera orrurr.d nil
errr,, n Kl4e1 fatally.
dinty \Vere n-mong t
ilr7Or,- notio, n.-.-.ilas
LentStniinary., %aiord
Gospelat theVine street
,,n Sabbl,at evening. R
edth seamr-aan-tir B-e
Rev J K.Lord pronounce
0O'3kiitr, >Se".h-Te
Church was crowded on S
oasionof a I'lirr w-Ii tr
Rev. E. L. Mig,,on, who
to be absent a yeor or
The discourse was app
affecting, ina that pecu
Magu ;so;s )nif-whal dis
-o our ri,). Mr. M., It 1M
the pastor of a new church
his absence. We hope it
before the new conercgoiio
require h
KrPolkce Record fr M
of May, 1849, there were
or forviolations of cit
were for disorderly condu
ances-9 for selling spir
cense-1 for running ferry
for forestalling in market
dicted buildings-12 for
ing treetsa-2 for ( %hbn
ces without licehse-6 f
chandise in market-1 f
inordinate driving-1 for
ing-I for drawing hose
for resisting mikrket mas
market with un.oh d ri.
brought by th
The examinations before
time u ere 5.i--!jr aesan
licious shooting 3--for
3-for larceny II-for g
violence 9--for malicio
slaughter 2-for burglary
for conceallug s
Kr Horse, Stealing.-J
Francis Smith, was com
Saturday, to answer the c
worth (60, a few days s
3r DWestern. Law* Ju
Sof his vaiuablp pPricL0 s
thel~s.-imst.;iandit is hi
the matter and typograph
erditable oUal concern
thiswork to the legal i
sistsainitaearly publicat
important decisions made
ted States, and frill rep
deemed valuable for th
other fAtures of the work
fill,ifnot an indiope naih
The titles of the article
number are-t
1. Telford v. B,tr
Par ririon--Jurtadnl
2. Constitution of Ohi
S3. Lat American ad
4. Admiralty r
5. C t of the Twran
6. Death of Judg
7, Death of Jran
+8, Law Refarm
9. Tax Title
10. Late IDeist~on,^th

SThe Western Law J~ourn
supervisor of Messfrs. T
an iSpn~bUlhed in mont
iaaoh, by J.F. Desilverr
ti. Term per ann~um, T

Vr Iportant Arre~st of
(rday. morning, .four no
Thieves and burglaro w
the river. Their arrest
age- and vigilance sS the
i[tate Embassy and +Yor
villains lurking about *
them until the p
A flasenger on the
Robbed of $@240 in gold;
te Embassy was entered
The Clerk attempted 'l st

he W*0abou! leaning rl
large bowie knife and i,
who warded it off,,break
the thief the wght of
PQW which quieted v
nam1-.dl these gntilina
Waldh.John Henry Nichol
last riinltuned inthe
knife. Waton tit one at
skilful steambnrt bth
He 110s Ow Npt of
frolmi hs great caution
known to our officers, an
Iirnmf' r-c,I Z the pnri,
mrner.-d He into be eta
-his m
The otih wore examine
Clayton was I d mitteri
assault at Court, in det
Walsh andl Nichols were
charge fbnrglar),, in de
Whiltl: soaied upon a bI
dows in ih- Mayor's offi
i,. )oil b) ,henffor who% look it into hi, he
Marshal and his deputies
d&rry turning out o" the
nnd made off towards
Rulfin jumped ,iil ihe w
I'; hotsaB, The crowd
fnridi way, the r. ofl"s
ebout the time The f gig
1l0. flight was arrested
tarehatd back t4 the'May
chap fInlen. He was hck
pa[.r wrre prepared ui e
quiart-rs" ov
Since the above was
officetF Flannery and Sm
iols and Watson. The lae
his lurking pla

fy" Ini iftral Ciirf
Sesion ol" tlh body.comme
day, aW the Franklin Roo
Vine streets. The follow
PreiIden--J1 P. Cor
Vce PremAident-Rulu
Recording Seoretaries
Corresponding Scre

Wr Aceci&nt.-On Tues
named Howe, at work in
Story on the upper side o
Syeanor aend Broadway, h
at-.he wrils by getting it
which was in
rThe Gado Dolar.-h
city I a pr

F[TJr ht I't ,
Neilit ntqcnereed
VIi-' r." l,, u :.--[11 >
1 r,.m tlL '* n-' ,,r 'i l-i jii
of Dr ,.nrrirk 1,o , *-
cure by rhb in'riil s iiii
I teel ith,n I'i- hi. l,', l, .
firm the %r. -- l -, 1 .--
city, (Oi11,
Dr. ho.,- t.:,- h., ,, enga
of the cause ol diseases gen
upon eletrl ..0 It mzu -..
last fifteen > RIO-, s ni,
e.i iil, t,,- di,. ,rii..:i
th,;], .! It rperson in t
views are new and entirely
the conbectiou between el
health, disease -and its
demonstrably, as to carry
to the mind ofthe
ff >' sti l J_'. r a 1' r n "t.'" il
1[I n- r lit ,,., ,lue- t ; o,
)JI t 11 -11 1' 11 h I-,I I., p .
,[,,ll i [ilrnv l,.Ir 3 . '| r,|
J-1 .^ -d'i Itr i i.-l. I. it. lit,
tion will counteract the effe
in the human system, ar
its natural electricaleq
dies he employs, not as to
atives, but as electrants
dominance oflatent elect
and w ich be ascertains
covered by himself-and
thts far attended ids prac
1i+,i I[,. appearance of (
,,..-ri,..n with him, he
had a very simple but ce
in._. IK electrical condit
vY II i- of the human sy
tonishment hefound a g
negative electric energy
would cause a correspJo
positiee electrical matte
:11'.li 'ji(1 )-t- i p d di ,-ns
*h-id. g:', S lI "nnl II.-It *
slo elllel11 -W tl,'h ni. ..l
o,',l 4-a.i+l,..heyrip i
t, h", h..'.d ai prpdom
1h er t -*,%, p i,,t. ,, *
this ,,'ii I,, 1 ,-- -) 1.r i.,
a larger proportion of th
which is absolutely esse
i'r b . j i I. v t ,h. i
,h r .... l,- :T, n,-d h Ir -,
VtII, il Iii s i t I ~ d 1r B
!irTbl ~1' 4 4.1'., 1-tu, 111 .
I li+ ;- ..-... 1 ,, ,,,].l l
with indne, rI,..!. I be
disease hus .,i I. h, ri as
is compos *i "I' '.. i .]
coaqf'tWO ".-r'l ,. *n.Lll
carbonate .1.I 1,l j .. .
wi JLn,,.& ih.tri',J[ln'' t,.n -
pr (| hl lii ni t,"fr Uio I
.i ,i ,n iniucila.'. ,- i
.21. luiir.,r, asthe :.' ,
be continued nnti( lI h. ,
is given every 3 or 4
of Chlioera. halfa'tensp
above, every morning; if
must be
It is a source of mitch sa
ing'and philosophic mind
and new(di. i ., ,rir- L..r-.. -]
of others, aihl -In ,.it.r .-
iii |. .\ ni.r .i ,h l -'A .r n ..
ii,'J H ', r ,r, .,I.|l ,;
t'ilt ,',l'ni,, ,, "p r.'
i,o-, I .i,,nl n "ii.b" .r ",.
the propriety ot makin
careful trial of this rem
trant," and ofpiul'lI, It r.,
]Dr. K. is now I r, ii i
work onthi4 subject, wh
f..,.l,. ..],,i,,: ;., which
I.-. i,,,r_>, ,in.- the data
as well as the ,,-. ,i!
Y ours, wi
Cincinnati, J
Commissoner of
The Frankfort Common
Brown, the newly appoint
Mian a
All who are at all a
Brown, whether they a
will, we think, unite wit
most excellent appoint
ble toI "h.Ip.i., ofKe
made.--W hcther Col. B.
are not advised. *
"The protection and vi
under the jurisdiction of
oppressed and down-trodd
confided to this Bueau.
in,, rt-,I-l ,,_-rn,.,r A.f;

Valuable I
"W%' n,.'ii:,- l' he- ]alrD
smnple and iiarf'ul appara
connecting ( ar-Cuuplir
Mr. GCyiqR (innaro,,nd ,
Of which wAll und,.nlrt, ,l
It Ih.; ml iienlln l tj:. l
Railroad compan,-f The
of a single link Air |ie.
sompi in itsi,,Jju-,rnont
coupling now ,., ii -t li
be so Ir ,aJ -adb iii, a,
b. aI- f ,l- ei h.,. ,,f II r u
b; Lini I h lint e :1f ,,1L.,L
l lOn e ri.,:11 ~cu, .h i: itt
rina ilht- iraS'k a l, n, ih":
co uilinieo ,Ja..iF..r a i n i ln
sity prevent the loss of
destruction, of eh in ipt
riessustaml.l nI..I lie,
cars flying fr.o, antrac
quence of lhi,,- i ,ilr ,kci
tive and enr l.. ih,- I,
use. ThiA dndir:uli -erl
comehby ih- in ,r.ili
The adtEaniae,'- ,,I ,Fi
trial of it, and its -iinpli
to Railroad cars as no% ,.
tainty with which ,I prldie
.[the breaking of the i,,ni
from the track, with liho -
make it alike I wlu:ihli
Condition of ihe Ea
No subject engage alt
present, than ,h.- .-alt
idemic cholera Th, arni
relative elec .r,.'-rl taaa
atmosphere, ,I. W-"',ariLIi
and7, was conniiinivait
worthy, in Mbrch lItl. i
ceutical Journal:
"'Statement ,-oIingvhr t.-l
ditionofthe F.,r-r'l ItNO
years 1845, I." h an,1 1i, ni
orationofwafrt Ir nn t o ,
oneinsulated aIn,JTIB ilifr
seven and a :wall 111 Iaiind
about thirty'l--1 w.. runOn
under-a lean-1.1 ,og_.rn',t.
where they -i"re tfir
uinrn, -inn ao.,. ran Tt.
1hli ginojn Ml ,1 ii l onad,
ed by a stout

1-4 i;, l4
I ?

| < t < 1.
r ; -
Aptil, ^j. --'
Ma"" |:c'- 7" -
M all, |" 7 --'-
.\,u.-,n+. ; ? _
**,'t L.te,, n= / ;
l. eii. -r i+ 't '
(i, i-,en ,e. *v\- -il

Mluslcal nnd Ilrainl
WV rnl.. i.,11, 1r ]a i nr
Lli I ) ol M on-. 1 o"'.
of the French L'omic Op
Orleans. Mons. F. is tob
two by the Company, cons
ton, Mona. Corradi, Mons
di, and M. Baptiste. soon
treated to. several of the
produced in a style. of
Company has been very
leans, where the grace, b
prima donna, Mad. Berto
and dramatic powers, a
terms. M..Corradi,"bakri
well spoken of, and the c
garded as efficient. The
given in the Melodeon-th
ing the Child of
Mr. and Mf rs. Werner
give their Concert in tha
tions to spend part of t
ana, visiting and giving
Madison, and the local
literary in
M16adame Ablamowicz has
concert or two in Spring
Chicago, and vfill doubt
The following is the
Norton, which wasa o t
ame Ablamowizat her ad
day evening last week .I
published by Messrs. Pete
It was a beauteous
Around her neck are
A velvet mantle shro
And a young child is s
In her own arms, be
She bears him onward
Is the dun heath, thou
'Where an Earl's son s
Tho' a proud Earl be
Yeton the sward, my b
Let the winds lull him
And toss their branch
I l.-.\'. i u i .r.-ir
Andh'.t I ..1,h d sI
Mly !,r.. I-. i ."r-, .:j 'nt.

1'u, r ir-. n,I fu rro. n
li lll ..l I, ii filllrd. Ll",
Where Allan Percy us

Here I can sit, and whi
." Waving the ringlet
Giving thy cheek a
I can dream dreams th
I can make visions
Such as in other days
There no proud Earl's unw
There, Allan Percy, I
Thou art mine own I'll
Far from" the dull proud
From my long hair, the p
And with a peasant's he
T n, t.i 11y ,-,. r.t.)iaPr
11h c;. .., h.,h
I Uin,.1 I... k %ii~ ui u
.\,,, I ,i ,h,}e,,,, Tt
\,,0 Lriii'h -.%,,.,I \LI i

"Progrewlve Demoer
Mr. Norris was the rep
county in the last Gene
is a fair specimen ofa
a recent meeting in Ge
he made a speech. The
this speech, *copied fr
the exact natur
"Mr. Norris was especial
disclosures. He said that
Bill Allen first, Bill All
Bill Allen"-but that he
the first ballot, and hi
afraid if he did Allen wo
that he was pledged to
could not deviate from i
Mr. Smitlivoled once fo



I I InI!Ir p
H I STO R [CA0L. ITPICIAL. -olon H.,InBun. pa,,rtiir .,,t,,lni,,. I. will L r.,ntml,.e
------ I .Appolnt renu b) thde I',eAidenni. ..1...-I,! r ,,,1-.,i,,, l, ...,,i,, ..... l,, .r Itl n
J r l aI 1l tha"ti ,, ' i I.[lit ld rr, ,,f 111 ', I .
t al ii' -i" h I ',,,'. ; ,-I', ,., I rir. '" ", s ii 1 % lr .U r p ,. 1-
Fur ,,ie r,.cl", a,, Gell e. ",w. V.,r-w, r 1 "*"t rn a d 'gres l.- l r adriii z
tM1iorlepi nnd 1hillo.ophlicall oele,' of Ohio. l [ Alexeandr M. .1"ilchell. 'l Ohio. to be M a.hl western nnd Sot tb states. His
S.!. ,III el.'>' .t.'i >t,. FU' 1 1.Al. ; h I I'"Eli. .' '',i fo.r ihr TI'..riV ,rr ,r Mi..,..m.,,i take notes of what he seesan
I 1 \1 l on W T%1I" I .r 01 i4I- -Itii,t "to bi- Ir,;. il times f whti he feelil. for future use andle I
t,, ",; .n. .... ] ,Est .; urpf,,.,rwe.. .C,,I.I-i iitrl'l otile --, very apt to makegood u .of"hhis dotectThe for theeroastl

w as ,,I Lr [r ,I R .- 'or hlin, Set rtar n it plaa c ,.| ;. .,- C oeIto r of t* 'r ,I low in g in there sting letter w as w r
t I B ^! '. re -" d ,,,'1Mr Muon b .SrueC T'- + ...... ;,s. young daughter, and its familiar plain way of nar-
l . N'I -'" + "--,. r. o e. ,l ,Ur,r tldfllut.)wni,. (rsitbii,.Ih?,t, Vi, e on-r dhe ......... vice O i .
tl[CC.Li d 1,11 ',,ll.... III h 1b .v- r~io urwtrs, m plaoe MisreI. S. tarr, tramo, ed ratng t hi~bngs are well ca lclated o enlst the at-
", f M r C l i n p h e r g ", d -1 n t h e a b s e n c e o f t h e S u r l y / r ,t M I a c o u ns, ,c e i e d m u t yv ego na
Cotri, :p,,,, h n_,Secretary, 0.W^iims KwmALL, tPnfielddB C;2,,"^;^.Ho I.Ha,r:., ,.n,, ,,,.-,iee
.. .. % .list. Pumnnnm..alf rn, Massachusetts, viee-Na- Not having an opportunity to et the letter writ.- [ cedth fr
tem. ,After some frther preliminarylusiness,, the|ilhsniel 1Hawthorn, .ren, oved tento Josephine,'tt h minet I
Librarian reported the Odle,, i,- donations of A, priser "owf chandise. would add one for you, ,'. ,-- ,
... .[ f Ifer I ie .. . .y -- _, veryannroved tilh eouinsw ayhn nte
*Books 'e a ,. --li I I M .ir i T w interesting to w rite. ."v ..-"" i[ i .. i vorv
+. 1. lilb. iah, New York, New York, vice .111,- lit 1- .. I.- I.- *r me. tell how Ili. i-r it it
1. ,t, ,,,_ ,,.. .... ,,n -. ,is Nu ,... .* .- [ G -org 1'I. I,nmpLp, removed. \ h,. t ...... .r, ,,i h
C:1%en ; .-i -_,t;'' i 1 n^ i- o N--^rdie I I- %. If-Hld. o, ..*Im.-n-, iiiyoiu-no^ te^^ ~
pI-,!ih a. 2 ,. r. ..ll. .-ori, l!,. .l...r Pen m Agets. it s o me -les oulo ude ,
g ~~~~~. All the houses rottend(own, or burnt uorlt hudsredrt ntdSae l
,A. ni, I ,,i,lu l .No.l, ,.l 1836-9inclusive, Co-+ 'CharlesFit rI"N i1rle.,i, Lom1 ana, tobe ]l. ,,l,,,h i, .. .. .ailtefnees noo
I. ilh' gp -1 I,-1.'ea,a- o..1-ta ricanw, sive Scrip- ]Pen.i.,0n .gf' a ttp,',) a ne ht; t d ,+ (t- h'r'-- a o he
Ie -_ _,, n lna, r,,,-;,;h ,blr ,t e^ h d h*,, na ,) 'ei p litreescherrytrees, &c..
in Arn~ne,. 3*rnl .. ... ,JI N rJ-nr ,, I.llkrtfil-r Jain, |tusk1 r.. ,,'lt,%ill North Carolina *l ,1 a fh ia
'11411 t u-pi-i" IIal he la d ro nd o
:i]-.,h,c., .-,r-i,,. r I,'n!. gamic Nordboera il-.Prn-jon .A\P,. tri lhui p a.,. vie GeorgeMe- home as itis -in some parts ofthis cou.....
.)p l, ,,[ l tI, i.. rpit .r,Iie ri.1 dp li t 4 Nill, emo-d ,I was once rO d rich and shigonehundred'yeaf]r i
r 'A hii 'fil l "r1.. i[,. "i . ,,id Amite I TRiEASURY APAR T M Na.o y e w,
a, Ktri i ,,,. nhilinci 1, High W Eiaiii, .App,';..,r B1 lt,. iore, Md., aThere is one thin "* h.i that never will
i l F , in it -, I ,- ,. 1, H .r . B i c M S O C I E r Y V o l V i tC e t l l p P iu l l s ,e n o % d t h nr e a ti t i_ h e r e, , o p i n i o s f ri t
:1. Par 1, ',,,-,.il .,..". A Sketch of lh (r , k J,,tw _oa an -ur;r.,o r, W llritiaic n, N. C., vice an dw ash ed d d w n th e hil......i"r -
4 in irlIr , Ir- I '.,- .' E d cited L, W B 1 J o ?.-p h th rp ht Ir rlw ; n t h e bt t o~ m a g. at d i c ,t .. b o d
r ' n. ;. " D-i"pART"Wt." .. .. difference between my p
III Frumr W. D. GALLAIE.O 1. A Mono- aI'll A ,,. q'I'h,/.i....i another thing her .at n .ver.will bet houn's act was t
Brephofih,.SilverDolar, Good and Bxd; by J. J. H. LLthrop. \%%,hiniton, D .... there..hat iold stoneioussand
E RIddpll; New.Orleans, 1845. 2. Tranalc- Wi FFt-r, l ''- FNA l. ,,, I I ,he isaastonv country. I traveled yesterday aBlile up
u 3n lCul..u, o l l i ,-\ni e Altiquao ^ r M' -y ), 1,1 Mi..,sPi i .t "- the side of a very rocky hill; almost a m
rid i sUletI o.' ol 1I V-)ro.wer. ,M.ass. 1 ,. 3. .o n an -dficl lh. t it was tr oub
T r". i 'tionq .'r 1 ,,-.l.-e uf W e r. Te ch. '! "I.M I 'i P,-i-pp, % J--J h. l", rni- [:s.,.,.. rrn,,.. .I. .ow |a i ..
s "vo l *. I" ll r. t . .1-64 4 on tant" IdN., t ,,,1 be-k--s-,pi l )b. \ r- o, .t i s, .hn -etn, ait cant ns ayTeer e-
o i n l :I- '6 + nt- vf t he LnItnI it a t, -s ",r tIll-, N r n-i iw r n rict' I ;E ,-';'"iri different
a plope and itt sE vir n ; ina S erisof L ettel R.,o nppi. ,%t. A nl r. h...r.-n,, K:.[ / otheeantell,,,,,,,,...road line, and betw
by Commodbre Porter 2vols.New-York, 1835. 1 /",,d t-fidrll ., ad rrok y hillh, '!-..r .h j 'w ir ,.i .. ite
5 N A rr of Afrca, Arabia'nd M,,iA lrt-,:--ar. performil ,,fPub.l l Mone ,. (:,.l;shh.... .\l,-- -,pp, % ee ......... Mo n ns ....
uBder tha dire otioi el C' i I'. W." Owesn R.. Jau-is ,\H llnr...A, removed. Yesterday. visited Mount Verno w.ich o
N Q v,,iq New York. 11-3. 6. The Old World John, WN.,r.-to, of Illinois, to he Receiver of have read about, I suppose, for it was onc
and tle New-"a Jour,,l 01 Re -rhcl.nn and Ob- ai'b l r c . . ,h,'onnm, \ Illinois, vice ho me-f "I a h,,e character I would .
rax,'o n | rrilsih, ein n .d , -Iti l t
,ha... ;. ., I.I A Indri tli,' Ih ,nr,, ooyourbook.e Ihi entee th e, .. Moun. n ... .... etween ....n nv
y P 'u.....i it to Lra M bn Rev. Andr VIf iL..I.l..O1.1-"[.I-, .... to .. .InIoWhon e ns hed some w s to lnen thalroughth

0 r ,In i We y .'o i u 2 -lhv Nll ,, Y u rk 11 8 3. ; 7. th e I ar nl O ffi a -, h t e.l ,, ,,A l, Il lo i a a v c r T n g m
A Prdaic, l ,.. I h-1-i l. History, Pre ean ( Sor removed ti... C ., ...l 1 re
a11,J Trk-atm,?n ofel p~d, nn Cholera; be,[)amel Hemltr% O. %TE, rrt iI*T~o, iiiito be Register well cultivaet fieds.[n o.v n .
I.. -'. ....... side o f th...e road, t ea d tol rom a.... .....w.. the,.- ,
brake till D., 1mneanatt, 183,. 8. Westoern- e lit t Land ) t li.t "nrB a ou wide lawn, o r woodlan pastre, overeill
Review" and M ool l- K.poui Magazine; a Month- Daniel.. ariu.l, io ,], ..... nde and alup to t
1 y PU1b cIiiou, dev.,,.l to L, eraturo and ei- Elvaril,.. ,it. t:,, .,I L.,>L-nun:,.toth Regis~ter/lived some old negroes to orp he
enee,, o ndu,:t?,Ibv % dIl,,xm ,,;bbs[lInun;4 ,A.i of ,te ". ... '-iffve t Ai ",l.": ,,, n ic, I-.[[ ,-lil,b li.l~i-i. A e e te
| %.n o... )... kt .- 'W n I r.'.1 -11,6 Gtt, ..../-Murdock !nIC'flnre.removed./. "1 .'1- .11atd uadd Fron t thi ...... erit
Id~~~~llll~~ lplli..t= .w=ith the I III 11 oll /1 i" I q IIII lmll all%'1'.S'r',11
MP g; E A o B,, I I_, 1n it,. 1829,'30.7 S .a... t t ho- o A outside t ate,a fine ear ge sr e ad th

Inlii1U, 3pge.M. mt'*d- sto, li t lerethronethe Hungari and War thhe holy ,en ao ttreshg, nruitinodst,,ha,
IV F Jml n E I T-,-, l and re veor.Wa t a cr sortofwidelawn, orwooiand pasture, r [
h-en." _or B libe.,-."a, 'Ir..- .. h ,,no artu 5ii-n I;-I it r yeapr a no a r,-runder ant vale up to the house The en
L asf |oliow: M iWep.oll. i t a. umno iinll)e c aK -, .b 1 1' .'- I -""1" ,1 ,.. 51 .,I h 1. _: dnt o hd wa elank w ith 0 -,g r,-
1 e to inquire. intot fnac.ts relat ingto- ttile ,tt ,, dyn sh, and now, thre' "rod wa flanbd w o th,. rut, ,I p,' has s fr n
onfln^ t , / .h J't,,rh hwf.n. n I Ji" o1 io r te..... l an wh o on ote r.... wi thto ,ta ... .a.d aot...e, a,
.... .. .l ..... a S.enator p a. f. o W .. h u. 0 rror ontei pt- l, nd l ,1 th ng'irs r, ptese n- it a kind of fortified o r
tranc the t- oftr enas an alhleed atomIte *al , h o e we -l ul seand .unan i b. y .... ei; bw..ld in t hese you .. .t... .the .....t a I
of Aaron Burr, Dec. 31st, 1807, Senate, Wash- that the house of Austriathas forfeitdatllIawflc atlmeto tlhe. housenot teftore seeni.Tnhicsi
IngLoan 1808, 135pges. Mr. Smith'sdepl tion,clam to tile throne, o Hungary and to the holy two low stori lesgh, cand builtin oldstlehav-
and a further-repa rt|,lf ; logrt hir'9 82 l a e r. crownsof p .Se- n tha its banishd reams iths trac e into wn out oe
report f , pa ges.- 'ai S t ihn, t hat i c o s b a s - an t
port of eAs~e, John Jecoup re .hohn Firrth, e,? ..... ,,:. .lt and forever. Wnat~a nag ett
etq fo r, a libel, T ren ton hN. J I 1 l 87, 5 5 pag es -I I d-` l t it ,lpn Mr t.on y ear ag o n otn s ,e and c o

_or ae, l.p .- man1 coul nra od. zl1,',, , . ersides tast and comfo.r.tJ i, and p op rt B t o m iht
le of D .Calmbllthe money-make r,bhu- tIl pr. I.-,nd ,t all'Hung^arywho would not ohhowmelancholly it al looks n
himslfth El;h, Pen.n.,' 187,l pages. Walk-he awve been readyto sacrifice his r last ; of bll Asiweredthep onth,'woldApa

Mr o~ n)Mrai teSeaeofIe fn-ors the legitimate dyatitleded nofwhihwssge thereisntd ofd1 omihernge fiof tesouth, Idpnase thoghadthtlw ai
o';led Staten aflh-zebruifor August in 0 a op netru in their bland which, itth od' hel, .o the way ol cklaiaed gateubis and alogrtyene
An c xAoua 1i )itimf tho reldss tsatin p to the frhee pwndr %I throne we seelcrlsbbushd o y agi ,,gr(einliteaslygangin asteninsid
n a e W h a,.n reo n str a n ee9 iith a nd o r i h the r or a n d a tro cities s. T h e star, e I of yna rt en c lo cd by a so rt o f th r lo n
dontaDaing the President's Inaugural pcceh,tt .rg like Astia n, down, while Hungaryn itself. S it hatie notce to at'lengt to to the
the reaonstraoi ad r~ lI)'; together with a I k a plhtrit I from its lashes, and put up a tae int h"p. He
list of removals froun, .ilou.:. and no w appoint-Ifllt ,, an,-,4% hI nations, that place of which it without doors or windows, and t he
mentsemade sin oe'h6 ,th March 1804. Noe wltd nvdtprevd, to the great prejudice ofeivii-[gate, but there sno use, ofshuttinge f
ork G, n o , F il k:elp _. .<1 land ll M r.'G ri istcd' o zat o fn erside thawan,- :ir ', and .., .... ,r

l l.H R,1 l.. p R.Akfn pec lteo or t reepunred wu en a rvs w el brete a fvit e drie u AI hr. I ... .i-e`% ,
speeh onthe bill Io r tie l repeal- of the infer- aeb. gaitin thre Austanddyofo afestysa webl ps fo round g rullies ad 'iht i lonoeessar n gy atd ti e-
C t x esS 180 r .' Oi lons ofa proud race call o urs again th e teland fo r g la e ,nd seek an d tra c h a on latce
18th M.roh e .-"dei. .... eces of to stores fathe rarantcrnedtheirves; we called As we approach the out-posts we find a part
Mr. Ross an I Morris, in the Senate oitlte Uni- eoursthefredom, the titlh-deed ofwhich was signed thero of ofthe ran e ofout- bui coule
iled" States, 29th- February 1803 in sulpporAt by their blood, and which, 'with God's help, no [the way chocked -7vith ru bbish an dird ,
of Mr. Ross'& resolutions relating to the free M power in the world shalt rob us ofagain. gros listlessly hanging about, and inside of the
navi tli,,n orthS, Misissippi and our ri ht of Hunger isteelared independent; tile house. of yard, shubberyand lowers no longer require themm
dep.Ali ,nd accotpanhing do.met s hrointed and banished. Sech is the -notice to visitep.nIotlto touh t emwhichG
offc pi. e,, pr inlt,80. M S omh estofe !r. result otRturnuof the wheel ot destiny within a once sainted upo u boards viditouud the i
,1:no S rn ii extr cts fm Mr. year i m u i n s ak du but rmvht1at o th ,, ily, r, .w,"lit ,y eaten e

deier andT41v' iorepn dgeor. Dec. 181n 189 ita Aeat man Gov. yardtpnyt dspon h u o os n oe. wc ewl
Wanernn pp. 1 adNever was there a more important moment in the bient gloryofothhe h ,tlk .. ..Re ears son prov
drnawayl and Ulti. 1787. eLet lhim rornvey
.. to ... .. u ,o: Liteae., of a th Febr ar, ohistoryfo i country We hcannotndenythat the rel... i tink i shr
1T11..Ff. R u.: U L ,%1t.J. R. Jactson s,specnIotutionof our representatives will be a vital ques-g erto ruI
oLntuhgeS right hof srlealvfetedin tI. R., eb. toufa, l otheAtrin dyhepsnast act well asbforturtow n ,. a Nii, -!d-o Ioflotosdingy and great tnmer- cn

vl, 1 ro9 I H. A. uthior. A sris i f Itur e r feat herang The house ofHapsug an y the would b :,n ln. rate and place o.n it. footin ofed lad thyaewier
or. the right of theludici~r3. addressed to stories of the a Hgarian crown alonegnand aeiory... iarnedabout
JIdan S te bEcq r.,'d, ingq of a Federalv | iwgrtue enough to rank with the great powers of horses and hastened away as fls asniud
Republican meeting field in Shephard Socill. te', angui e an x opprerse anainfluenceover the t a dirs"he place is stillo.ccupied byoeoftheoldfamil, cf
Ouio Co,,nty, Ohio, Marchin 1th, 1809 .--: If i part of tile world even when the tRoman Em- Mr.Jr ohnnA. Wasm
Doe'aco, mpanyin, i840. ,. Crlesides iea.. to Ipireft-this House, which by the loss of Hunga- [)Isernear e actly eveybdy l

Congresseand accmpn ying- c nt, 9,thing inii.piit rt,, avoid the deadly blow.r fnthe sagre d sp. II l.. a a l equencelis, at
lltril peWin to 0 18r-eturn the Hungarian nation having vindicated ia lehuss is constantly overuie with vieiters; I h
dqnt U S. transmitting ct I A nucts from Mr. inalienable rights from usurpation, will now stakeonondotibibutihat lh fa ily are literanlly"eaten th
Pireic viys correspondence, Dec. 18th, 1809 is" a udislasennytodisappoinitthe lout of houseadt asmn and 8lsti t home twen
Washin840ton,. 14 n e e adversary! I I There thas been sonme talkherye r
Wahi pp.dou no tth0 Ith a w e sa e ofe governent, ,, d place Ith s u in be, Absr i 1, I.(.
V. From the Author: L ite sture of the Indian ...e'no -the thatlwe have this one man who in 1-. ,r..- .,,,,.-, ,." l-,]e
Lan .... e.. By, H. R. chooleraft r thpi s o moment, with its seeds ofhfeor death ni.t ....y .ospi y wou-, ot mu inevitab
Vt So. m G muth o wh i c l e d D i ou s to e W la o u n w n If lo o t p r s e n t a c t wb w i th a l s a v i t h ea b a b ir o 'se I ,I orft t hi o ur t e 11 g .re t A m
V.. .=. ... .... frivolity- we do nrotbelievewthat any one would be i I", -i %,,, It h.. love(w I r i.i... h....,I.....
to2 t By Thpeaiondore D Secretagy fs, the alc a'"coward as to regret the sacrifices which the name anld emorys.-I to buy ., r o. 1,e
tonvhenExdonition, New tord, 18h3. th. gai the "" '"- adicii ten and hi
Indian Towns on tile Scioto, tn 1777, delivered might be required from the resolution generated byt that Congrpss onld ou his tld
before t he Historical and Philosophical Society the anguish oftin oppessed nation for three bunl- and put ot in a,.t.he .-t," I of repairs lid keepi
ef Ohio, January, 180,0dBy Charles Whittlesey, I udred y uers, and which by the noble spirit of the in- ne arse a ntl y o"-,f ,,es possibler a i o r
Cleve and, 1842. .], vid,,I.4 wa l bring to and for all the splendor, tile ages ,.oka .n love, without f inges
Ie C'll.Fron li r.l \u. T: 1 Ma am -I2. rarcur d. ofoure cuntry. T now who visit it, grieved at the th11 h t t
uar ,, C ,ani-' 0. I Aa I pr it" t"-l ,: resolution ofnthe, 14th,.Austria lessthe decaying hand f timeris immediatelyaa- at. you wn

...... n .......c oalI p~ l^ <'11 lM ihlf,. lae would nbt thhee im u- an ar ra it moe nt et18. I O eg
V Il I. rin W ." M ,,,. .. 1 The H ngAannanl Rne-oan nolog errefertodiv meorhum an rght. Aus- rest d w esha so on have to m ourn over wa pw 1 4 ,

.... .. r a ..... ...'....t..."re-.... .. nownmautcodediemy. .r...>-.i".
p r ...lB -I ito f tr Am er Iian O r sth lo y a, by the Constitution of the 4th ofM arch, w ants once the hom e o' tW ashi n
P .... tocanel our Constitution,.whchis no charteredvnIteaight beimade ,haeh1 biti e f so me o ld war ti l

th rei e ft i ve excetd fola rat the year .I ,ik No-i .l Paperrll-?i~i.itecuso tt o n n lli.iM
frem 14 0o ress, a to 1848euceormeyaI one, but the result ofra national development for air worn worthies who shou ive there as no
184f3. t . .. .... Exthousand- years. Austria possessed St. Stephen's ofthe government, and prepserve the 0- -..;,...., r, ab
IX. From JNs. Li-roN: Historyp of the Hart-, crownbe loy realtie anl showit to isiters, and fromi who,, n 1a
ford Convention, with a review of the policy l.-of r pituLiun of r ots grene ss, "or J hosit liey. o ld no t B e e ct d."ve fr e o

reioii. i|, uh -li .: yju fisto y hws 'u ineed nce, un it hsitait..~i*.',Lliain n anr n u-c rr
the U. S.-AGoverment wti. h led to the W ar of i.,..luniritt with all eits .Provincenthe were. I e amsorry, to think our gohtr m ont,.. I tes, a o te a
I8f2. By Theodore Dwight, Seeretar of the rI ',. i ,m- under which the House ot Austria r tey would..rha e s toarhea gteatob dy of -te ot,- th-y ,I ,
Convention, New Yoirk, 18!i. 2. A Pilgrimage in 11 -I,,- adnidited to the dignitv of king. Austia ies ha memory Of Wishingtorl, as to see his house become t
- *e and Amria leading | nthever iscover yoflroker d ohmlh nal, violatednits oath, canneled thee the hosting place of owlsOrh
Lbraurian r theport.-i'ih ?lln andl list o rd"n rig t by which It cc upied our throne, It has uni-1a dt,,rl, bspot it the wilderness. 'i I i,, w
..... n 1a.. 't 1 .1 .r iter our country with Au trial, while by onth and I I 'ht i aere any of the Amlri a, fi ly r,
I.. a .TI, .hI' .. I... P .C.-I rae1toy rslut.i..nd uden*.ora sguarantetIthas wdded ,tl,,i- d., a a t t he y wu hll, a ,,n,.d of the Oho y J. .C i i- Ocet an rsl | ri. i r n,-s. i integrity of w; ieh ich i etateon,-..n.. ..I ,- I care
Esq.,London, 1828, 2 volumes. was also bound to respect byEroyal oathAustriaTh .r.ars, 1... T ... r h1,. I hmine to wrth m
i rL hi ,- ode doFamille. Per has cacet tled thpragmatic law, this reciprocal ie ,, b x r ., r '" l 'r l i -, tnd have e pe l o bt t

by ttr drse *'**.I i. r,...l on th lat 'hl DP 'cnein eoe n aihd nw cudwieoeta ol e
Is citin,,lii,\u. iI. 2. Ph)1 ,ocrl, e ons by whih i t governs ionm HI ungary. To ps v strategy and I t. h,,, per, -ii Krll t). ,I ,tl a br.ingr
C Wto ir du Governmentloe plusourselvesnto the tyranttonter so.Hpeunrva del as- ittl ,,, r,. .%.,r e ,, t and cnen
Thania- .... U nerve human Par Duotoni I o sl v it, and al rlt t n [, c ou ntri e st, and morea 'ofAmenr aLustry you willa then e
P .,m- fti I 3.. T he [ntellect M oralFae ru lliss pp 11I1 u hi = havt, l es, 14 egavenu tth eim pqls a r e r m o re ite tr.
New 'i"k- r \...&PnttB1-84. with iog ra p h] n, 1,, en ,Th He H ngarian nation may redol- I wan ou to y daughter, to study yo u map of 1n.7e l y
P-u --,',-r., _. o r,,i ,I ,Od, taLifeA t thate of the pyramid of Time a tflousand ltile Unite Sta te,, go a to be able not only to poi n great itvrhl
Broom Itr.n I r U 11,U 4. r fe etta rmte
XIV. ' .'',' ,-a .U .t t ye 47t ars existence protects; theirrights; they.mavre-l out where Inow ina buttotace an eetr t t, e a
A itI, tn I ,x tnie American O the r ology t e, ,, t T he sa n H"nar | "i 1 an
i".,' ..... o, 1 't rte th ree .Tudred y mrts e sha n h thic. disfe t all t i-- i i.. iltr 44e r t Ino I ,.t s La ,tI and s o
Philadelphia, 1 iler p ot, of vengea.c in the182irie h Eu peand; t y a s it wo.l. be... r.n.-.. re ,r,,t- o e wi, ,
X. From Hlo e. n J AS r FR : Messageof df 'uh l -yoaIhntthe prio. o'appy .. and stand enm thehed ( a law a down ch
the President of tih eUnited ar tates nto ihe two .mr akel- u' tell ,herifi 'llh'r,i> Wen con a the. d e of State of Indi in New Me
o sen s nf Cnuon resa ot'th e ,.mm ,,ie 1 ',, or a.,I,, f ld Larnd hu unity, b rap o ined by e uire I iinai sisq ini laSp eech W

Yor,IK a, nd Sain of there .30thiuus his nrys E. an titho Jy sl, t p ~ e tt tun ..drer the aeonsits that weI Caro lia Not__oia t,.,* ,,,.I.
%nt No,,,, P]M-,. .kh....c rof hhe ^ he s p,,m, ,,. emu eeal|tt,, h,,In, Ie a~~ T^^ ot.tMy

early UCat o alicM ,.I.- n.- ,I ,,n,. k), ^ .i.,, 1 e .ir ,t, ., .. ,,,,.__,,_. _confidedtoa .co mittee of three]i Press of their mat ie
dommeneemen, !,IIt,1,47 "-1., le JubDileeof 0 t, .'"r, nt1, Press
oommncemni i l~i to l.(-ubile ot)."'-. o.(,"'. .' n1 I. The Romans had a class of dsue hc
embrace a summary of the 4Il ni-htr,,IA Ihr. V -- I till now, the publication of Mr. lienton's Speechat
6rj II, i t 4 ib firo Cmh .e nd-. prom the Great Sult Lake. Jefferson City. rhe part we give to-day will be wool; and as the goa
gram-, biosr'Ilhiril n11. :',int.hearly Mtssiuna To the politeness of Mr. J. J. Chiles, of the found very interesting. Itis indeed, as powerful ah
I,- ,ll w-,,t,,noh1.,.,FtrIatd conclusiveeah ar in ,l FontiUpon .... oS ubj.... .
irwpniol Ih,- I-ip-,fl i at lalrd.-twi of tile l l, r C .ioa,. powet ot Congress over Slaverym etones [r
%anmtre~, ")', oev1. 1,-. brat .I'the zatiteo 0 la .Ion t "il bk I t -hI(h o ) nt n|t fnot ,ed t
C An c, l.^ K<,.- "nr ., In .,e w it h. ,th ''h br "" 1 ughtr, theh nl,.n n a , ha. ever been made, t.. .f
,n,, e hl -,n tIII ,.isP,,, 'Tl eiotn!nen w ,, h,frnmd 11 the fir. ,'r ilr ,,f,.ri .,1 r ,........ to have seen of the -a dmpl3 m
O -.lln i-f e l i- VI, l-. in thfI--'ln,,nrs o,;. i,ir'r;,,iL-, iai,,l h, tl, ,aofFort LarWmie. fhC.o ia-l, W l
pnestordained fr. I,, l-iin.i by M. j h.
rl~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~T ;,,.', +" ,Y ","'i-re% ni n..,:h ran h.tutains, and ttie sal Church Southdist hsaoe
Sploting. 1 B. J W, bb & Fir-i. tille ss .,b,nnbrtvoke its, wavfroethanabu. I have shown that Ml, Caloun SUpoorteti c ec
rfy.I 1p4 itile Commence eigal 16 recove ry ,f-of.... rt ;n Ies Teletory o'Fuouiiisaa.
i r r E ,r 1 f, Fort h,.i u, did the sam e th- l ... . i .. ..
I..r, \, ,; .,rr, co stai, r, n Icoued F orta I,- .b.t r w hich it w as ..very -- n .- -lu, I'. as. T he case.. fI
the o-nom ntaui. Yin.- Dinltlli" .,ittireid 'th ,h / - = .|^ '' "S e re-"- t n In the session of 1844-'45, two if...luli, t 6 i
se ttl. .rm. ,l ol t.h- \Vghlrt rano,- 1,,, ii l I i.i a I ^.h ,' ,,on-, hua r- ,'i'. r,..l i'hi lt h ,l'l;. adopted for the admission of the ,1 1'
app rii Iw Jin. N ,ll a. & .a&no 'l lrr a ,> [lp- I o e, ngle and ab solute witt the M sssour e mC
l ) S h .IUn d_., 1 4 }I I- i ; .-i ^ e l L _, "l p.r. YAe.'" la n La e w e r e n t t : t h e i lv % n,, h >,, ir ; .;r i ipll-
IEiiijrr,-t ,,r,,.r-' V!,I 1 I,, n ,I I s 1,lifirri u t,- a ,- firm cf, r -11 ,1 th 'ewith Texas fur her nahn,lm i.>n on rin Liowi
Da I H [:,ilnrl:; J. A. J ameso& ,n. no-,i. Bti~h.'inwatot. s, n irui, rit Ba v ,il -.-2i. K. , 1 l '1. Ir,
'-JB AI I utrt s ,t o, I, sin, aSa B delega ,,r, i r. l r,na 1, r- ,w ad of I .ir,,lh .-n l .' l r N 11 11, ls- , h r
.XI.X. Fr-m Jot,) lilt E-1 Rpr ut sa eeaeICin'~m i iol
XI. ,,. I... 1. ," -.;.', r.- m ,-I Rep d that tbodyin the i.rh ,ar~e. of all %.. .l estab- l- n', -I. t, _', .:,i. S i, and in thatcapact
nf 6 C lari l h . . i . . l, r r l t n . i t flr a n rt i h r ,' Y i ,ri. .r l . t % r r n n i n H e w a s e x p e c t e d to i h e s e i z e d t U B < t h e a h l u t .. ,lh ; . -, e
d ': r- l ,an ni 1, "a s ":, .-' ",,] ",'," t "he first of July,, I a d applied ittothe State I tr t
I rl h A 1)J ., l,,,,, ) r _l l.. > tL u is ,,' [.lotn, t ,, a b th e M isso u ri c o m p ro m is e line th ro u g hi
L x .. N, il, a l,*,, ^, n I h- s, ,- Am" < l ,h a u ef- to-d th e re b y a b o lis hin g sla v ery in a us t i n w at

.. F r o f i L r in l a uh atri tai l e e de s i r e $ 7 2 3t-o. ,a r b i t ra, .te t hem h e r u
XX inelni 1^l^..ll* M>.1 It%,, B ripate-making one part of a State free sol, atid generally expressedadteSuhpbb
inal rnii.( a p LtC t 101 1 I n na.nhle it thousand land warrants have been issued ."t part slave soil and so it stdeat i;,;
ttnci..ui vio~rhk. i o l In ik # n I n t785, ti Id^iers, vIlo ~rrved in the ',%I-~ ii X i rgMi .f~. htatt tr afan h v I *. v U i~l ~in~~in^ i '*""';' B~wiv. ~i ii^Tr ;i- bou ty, irii,'"" scr.- v It,1- .l wasglavRsoilmadbsountyi
;I. niriiir ir..-,,;.',e O..nilli li i ..ltM.oneIdot:pril iliw,.pni .-fiiiiFihealuesofonl wbth latoThdolat..r.reiSunih.sntheffTe
1 1.1 .,Lano~i'* ^,* .* t^o* blr nd aquatrrr r..-r Sa~rs e, w,,.t .J. $1 ,230,- ni.l, %1r. --. -.l,.,,Vt d i h ro ,wlo %w t
4. % ;' J- G ,; 11 1' 1 1" "'rI ta, e01 Osed OiX ,...ll II aatecItof .... r,"twar. I her ofIi- L, eX.',;w, ;rl.,, -? ,,,S0 11)o, -I eso.
ltrol .P.-i.,I' i nndi \ r 17" deni t 'lilt-I i ted litl..n |in ....-r, n'i.^.i n...nn-
11L101 be I tan L) BiL .el% rit ] Tffn. t O%-rurandnslesnotcerwee l 6:t*
bo6 l..r Y ,.'of an Qt'-la- r>, 111, r ,Tlrv above36d. 30m.. and the Methodist Episcopa
WVn. '1t"16.htl1.1 Jr.. 0,,'.-tr i nl Ow N. JFriend.--Local Items beIlnepseareafih.ll thatt was'a greatdeal, for the State extended in
)7ti, IS 4.1 hlll .lh.. I Dr a "ing ad diaei)-_ a rat ,1.m weshn I en, pl.. our p r, rlin ,I I,.-i part1to 43 dpegrees., the senate's amendment tm of an..i,,I .l a ,,, ,,1u1,ll tIi1rl:iIl. nl> FnnP ,I,,,,c,- Lr. fl ihe arri ,:t and departure of! posed nothing, but proposed to treat
Srt ek. :-. Il IuI H tIul I 1 ,'2 ,I, ,t ,,r to C. Cngre- s, lr ,,| il r old t titnd s I trem a dIl -lance, w hic h if and to adm ither upon ag ree d term s. M r.C al bo
a n lut i I ', .r 1 '. nailooI riter-sting 1o other ..m:'%.rr, n r t.. an;.aII: seized upon the House resolutiOn, adopted it;
J .in 6 0 i. 1 2 7 t o V P J o u r n ai l o l \ \ i y n c , n u nhU S S i n e i f d e p nt u r t r , i h J1.di t ,, r ,I t h .r ~ a d o p t e d ;Is o, ,i ,- ,n i i
c aim ps -in o o f1, LI. at BLa or. ". Ptp tir re- t tinc nled Dtotpaeeh anuihdl nily. wT h u haq e.ion..-., I lung I.; tilie o ,n. ti.i el tht. Loag mn J ISorical the u| a Iit',[ ,k i, Ii ,i, i ll r ad wtrlcmirn He hl,.i.hhd o l a ia r n ir, i. a .-
0. l P" F. .k<.l n. -.l ripiiu,,.,I rort Du i, nr uidsiu r i r lii lr n guise, TIr lpeh.i,,k.n carried alI1 III
Que,.n(..nd lI',r P~ii.b,' .' Dwa friend. P._p%. :S a n, Esq, oi Cmeunn i, 11. ever p;-,,I.I.; hr ih.%v hnIt their hibolii,,ini to L
O l t ll s i t <; r s U l u l I h e o h. " " " l h a r i ar e d se n e o l -t t heu Iot se f llt r e l t t ." t*, n I e rrdl *lh..
h-Id in H-1 1Iu t CO" n ('L1. k I0 hPork,- do 'K"2ot 2
h-ldi.. .. -.l' .' no, i ,. 00,..J-ill I At. nls, having c.,m encrid, llh mrenntle Uslnl.iil...there late as March he 3d,1845
nu ,ImI'rn,.~i, ll',,pt' ^.i'' pfr .con nirg l|., In 1,.1141 i t anift. .permantown, and about it. General Houston charge hi
Sketchta ..--I \ i.,or. .. tonk illquartersf,,r sornee unif "ilh Judge Gunck- it in his Circular Address to his const
% I L, A. G... R. | whIllh, a'[- vesr, openFd a rttll-i nii. in t ntb at the late e-At nu n ul @little. erP oIundFrei,
Etf,% r R ( %iFi-.i Sild, iniuhivited reginrn. Ht nll rnrao stiuckwith 1h fl...rc, 01' Ll' aLI -- i,',a,.Ja nl
i.goodhealhi, and appartntly rita iniq all hts I'ornier ,)I.,sii .,Iiou.l ft Mr 'i itni'a r,-fI, "he en yyi
vl-.r nnd ensoraiy sa Bbu.hiilis men.--(;rmiin tt, Io~lk,,d e"n Hedidnt l
Ex,,o .'! f.-,il. q ,lt.r %%r. i.ti o,, AOni n l ,,rtette. l_', ,.n I' w o g ,
gentle ,oaun i'n Vur.,dt. ,la] 1 l"1, l9 .----9-- make it worse. The faot was notorious, and was Protecti .~r.,r Iul,]-LLI.-.n W;Iul~hav-brqkenoiil of pulall record. He could not -throw the blame itecticvut.-We understand
con-.4uefl n..h A.ill,. I-frav i,,ly o-d .nFof .. ii *G"^*r''', New-v Y rk during thepst upon Tyler, far he had often boasted in teS
coxue.- ,,.^i,,nofHe .v.^ "^ "n^ r.P'h~n^th-at he, himself had selected that resolution. rectorso hscmayleameigimdae
ernme ,.."1,-.,m',"ll .. ;,"1 Rom',wer,-nlnoi l. run- mu i amounts ,' 34 .2 ,I a rt N_ ar'a lo i h r I repa tI do not ,-r tnhi.. condnt
verssl tulfrai .wincb, tb mfly ,ig iilsellel t in he.t E"if .rs,.eix 01 ns.o.-t, mo-..-an 8 00,more du ,,ho m a-ehonug ?lnicr\ in n pat! o T f -
elIcriu r a if a ring the fnur as) e enmmeacing wihthe 26th1 ; oIa
elein, +k- saii .ty athencsssty t r el r isor butto-iljarL= -" theuthcaipitao.lUhllow' affer totne
arm.-. It hns thusliar|ir..edaned 9 ytVBlieagalnm, Ii,-- 10t, w that he %w4t Ititrh'r ihan any "AornA.', Ip
re voluu on -. Ihll' nto b l ,>t'1 kind." W e notice the ,app lnt nm ent ol R 8 N tCW n.m M fanai ,,`"has eVtr pr ep ,ed Io g ,: and r
---- D Ibrmerlv ol' thiieplnre. and now a rildcm rof ',ip t l that dale, March bt, 145. ht had n,.,r imrit End aulborize 1h,
Th ... o ....rpl .; .. h ,or .. .. . ncena .occcu tce Cine 1 h air,-4 ta r inmthe new led hisnew do
i s t h e. . ... -t l: : = .; . .;. ..F a~ li R m .l i e c i i. M e d l a l C , l l g e l o ca te d a t M4 t nl i u S .T e n l e p i s l a e n i ln a o r ) in I' er r r t o r l es a n m i lt e [ h e C s u .
F,)m ebe"2 -,n11on o1 I1 th,.rrtn abut p aileof rit 4 e --fallipoh# 0 JJour.,7th '6.-r.r oh da u h sm r~ hd tr
rl;ai:-" f,1 ill pri on 'ih ORA Ir, ^ .^ N. Wret stied,-'1
which h l ,.-qunr~d-1,.ch hid etinien,.e, "it s -- --- I--- .... .. w- e^. i. at ........
uti, tha n al lcrmlcn t i I[ blander A h d I .]117ill, ini ta Plt.tie'Ia e ,:I a sr in hu. mil.umva hrg,
P Fare fir 6ru sr o in tile su A ofirsb iruheOutlnt f Ue lu EI lou0el p of ti lfh7-|r r fru,.Brite Jnt ihe Bullhe muS-b thei
j@ct haA liltI vSilita_.eil ",...'-- g Orollt t Co. Alb- ny, an l" ueday ev,. ing, TI'. ir,..n hlhtw and trbanure Won. "eow ndal t
i.quil'weat1 l and wladenioou, and hts brought on ly sabli6i.hannat ouEsllted of twu larg frame bIlld- ,I von, al. \,,rlh a, iuh ,,1
deffal andsAnnie upon it.;contrivers. wo laces Ijga hichbwere nearly doeiroyed Masirat 0 & u P ',l; the salr, ObloaJ and Itrea-Jr --h- tax
wers p..II.(ponh, mobjrct wae p i t ob-c w l ,ere in,,red to the amroum atol $5.611. On L.,,, rn
no. Lh .]o tl eh French (;overnm ent w es tern bi tld in gs and emn ne $1 .600 in the F irem,,n's S2.- n. .1 'ar, a r flo A d -r ,"h
palled tor di-'ttnm& ts own intentions at fihp wery t' in Ilmh North Velo!rn ons o dnshl r"' ,)-?) . ..,: ," ., 7 et,.r
mmo1 w;nn S-2,000 in ther Protection0, i m ro ato, rattru f s or ouifrm edo.n wlotuer p,[t, .fnr oe
troops t oa reh agn the qm a-Ba Al- is "| iinatied Bas l itacuallne hal|1he amount at in, I.peartl ) t iannih,-r nu .
i~~m _+ .1 __ .. .. ... . . .

lindcements itoifer to ti.
to adjourn for a time ..,,
Chambers, andthe Bar, .lal
and 1e1l attended to, ani
commodation the low price
hii friends, must prove HA
,u. 3 oCMFoRT and EcoNo
r'Io ,,ri will be 75 cents p
.:-. f.1:50 per week whe
,i,.rr Thankful for the pa
ue, .ojicits a continuation
of his friends.
Attached to the Central
and a LARGE cAnRIAnIR no
or week.
( TBTRUSS--Its advan
vf ready adaptation
(- movement of the
nnifo:",i prr A-u,.. more,
nia, '.I* fricm- and (j
er are gained. Itis used n
the ro,'s"ion ,. rii tn

h Pruft .,.,.,t ,-,r~r.nsi,
of IM:,
" I it S fr-..a p,-P-'&I cation ofth.t I E .itf,, Ii i
tages found
By Dr. J. 11. O'Bryan, o
"Watt & Patterson's New"
ally successful. With it mor
ical cures may
Th,, *l, bir.-i. ,J .nd i ,
entiiiI- .I ta.IPu ti-,ii.s
Sold only by Dr. A. W.
above Third. No charge f
waited on at their re
fob 1
B"EE HIVi.--Reynold's
sale by
je 7 d&w Seed Store, 3
MIXTURE, warranted t
Ague, or Chills and Fever,
followed, or the money wil
of the human family, whi
shaken and scorched nearly
inhabitants of the western
last met with its match.
This mixture has met with
alleled. The proprietor ha
tain the result of its u'.r
n-wl v ',tro rn rik nowlr iih'. 1
.,r, -,i fi- d a,-i.i he has I
the most salutary effects,
the ordinary preparations
complaints had been previ
any permanent advantage
Tonic Mixture has removed
the system, at the same
,,-r-:." iu 11 1-,i. r''"".

tance have been so often de
preparations that have be
on sale with the highest
tious certificates, has pr
publishing the numerous "c
his possession, as every o
have his own certificate,
of a single bottle are take
so sure a permanent c
Beware of counterfeits a
genuine bottle is stamped
Cincinnati, and the outside
panied by the signatu
Prepared only by S. 1. P
of Columbia and kvst F,',r,-
where it-an be 1i-i v I
WVaynJ Pir, Main a
Jas. S. Glascoe & Co., co
Sam'l Burdsal, Main
Sam'l Turner, hea
11 flow'., .1. .Main
I E.. %,. ., 'rt i,
T. Marsh, Sixth
W. B. Chapman, Vine
Win, F. Smith, F
JOe. Gilpin, Western R
Chas. E. Pierson, Thi
W. P. Farquhar, S
J. S. Davidson,
J. S. Harrington, West
C. D. & W. Sold
M. Wolf, Fro
S. T. Parvin & Co
C. S. Burdsal, Main at.

Bee--Prime'Measa pertierce, 304 lb8, new, 75@85s. ^" ;
Prime Mesa, ordinary 6073s;9 Prime Mess do, old, 'j"
none; Mess, per brt, 200 lb
dinary and old 31Ca35s; Prime do 28
family, &c, pertcs 336 lbs, 90495s; extra India. fam
&c, per half brl, 100bs 30;Bs. .
Cheese-Fine 40s44s; middling 36'&39s; ordinary.
2r4s. T President thereof, f
Corn, &c-Wheat, U. S. andCanadian per 70 1bs, 7i
white and mixed 6s 3d7s; red 6s6sad; Flour,Wes-
tern Canal per brl 23&92393ad; P
more 23@924s; New Orleans and Ohio 24g254; Cana:
dian 22o 9d@23s 6d; U S and Canadian sour 22s 6d ",,
2 s d. idpri., k",%
Htmas-smoked or dry, in canvas per cwt .5 s; t
in casks- in salt, not smoked, 2736s. th
Lard-Extra in kegs and pails P cwt, :3;939s; fine r
in kegs and brts 34937s; good do 33sId34s; ordina-
ry to middling 329 6id33s; inferior and grease 630s.
Pork-Prime Mess, new brl, 2W0 bs, 4668s; t..
Pmrm Mess, old, do none; Mess V bri 200 lbs, 50 ss
Tallow-Per cwt 34038s. 230 feet
Tnbnc^- ir_-inin Li. ar. i-.j-'1. t a, io rond ;'wwu;
tltin ln -i/Tid l*.1 l .:>. l> ['nlj! lID" i- |1 +
a I..l ,"d. i",-.',i.r : -t,'[,, a,ri. ouuul d ,, ltd '.i I
4k.Ddc. uaK- lnc
,-- ) g.,,niirli
Barlng Brothier" Cirtular. -,oLardI o
LONDON, Mar 25.-Another week has elapsed with- ret
oat enabling us to report the least improvement in t
state of Continental affairs, the Danish question re-
maini g still undecided. The weather, however, has a
been all that could be desired for the growing crops,
"which are spoken of favorably; and we have had a
good demand for most articles of colonial and foreign
produce, but in the manufacturing districts trade con-
tinues inactive, and several of ou
greatly depressed.
By the overland mail yesterday, we receive
from Calcutta to the 9th April, Madras to the 13t
Bombay to the 17th April. The commercial
from all the Presidencies are considered satisfy
From Hong Kong the accounts come
March, where some anxiety was felt at the near
proach of the period agreed upon for opening the Gates
of canton, an
; AMeHicAN ,Srocis.-The demand for U.S. Six V centa Lookin
has continued all the week at very high prices. For
Bonds to bearer of $1I000each (coupon,) 110 is
paid, and for inscriptions (transferable) 1


quote the former to day 11
Df 186, al 10. ifr. t. In
been triirihn f'.:iu 80,

Bank Note Table a
West Third street, Bankers
Bills of
Who mako collections :nroi
Canada, and Europe--ke
draw on England in su
O Life Ins:&T:Coa% pmpAll
Lafeyette .......
Frantklin ....... XB p
Commercial ..... p % P
Mechn s&Trad
City Bank ....... a
StateBk of Ohio Brac's parA
Clinton B'k Columbus
ChilliCothe .......... par
Circleville, Jos Old
Circlv'el 8:BRenniick na

Daytilon ............
Fiakn Bk Col'bus;
Peauga t.......
Marietta ..........
Massillon .........
Mt. Pleasant ..
Norwalk ............ 50 dig
New bLsbon ....... ar So
St. Clairsvillo ........
Sandusky ..........
l.? BM S U* lKteuv'e,. pa
Jefferson Branch .... p
Steubenville ......n
.o ..... .. 5d g
Western Reserve....l'i
Xenia ......
Zanesville ..........
*Cleveland .......... pa
*Com.Bk.Lake Erie.. par
*Com. B'k. Sciota .. pa
*Hamilton .......... par
*Lancaster .......... pa
Miami Exporting Co.50 dis
Urbana............... 50 di
Granville ..........
Farmer's B'k Canton60 di
West sa
Lebanon .......... no sal
All other Ohio B'ks no sale
q Bank& Branh a
KENTtlit. K%
AM! s.-.lent B'V par l^pmn
'The9 Banks have heretof
count, but are now gen
eastern EB h
Buying rates .in 3B,,-.1n.1
" "> V.' \,,i 1
" Philadel'iaI1
" Baltimore .
Buying rates of Silver ...
, Gohld ...
Prime Bilie 60 d
Sterling Exchange in
New Orlean
.:rM w'. '.'. ': .,m ;
30 L,) ^ib, I .), 0

Gazette Book & Jo

We are now fairly es
five-story building, adjo
have things in order r
made expensive addition
ning by steam, a large
--a large Adams Book
We have also Card Pre
and have made extensive
to the Job Office. We
pcute printing of all k
Cards, Circulars, Hand-b
ance, Bills of Lading, S
-zat and expeditious man
any other established
possessing the latest i
very best facilities fo
Our Bookand Job busine
intendance of
building, Mr. ABsL hais
ery, with every facili
making Blank Books, &
establishment in the Ci
direct to him, or left
store, under the

In Cincinnati, June 13,by
KINo, Esq., formerly of
ANN, only daughter and
Esq., one of our most res
original Pioneer, having
more, with his
On Thursday evening,7 thi
Mr. JOHN HRaoN to Mess A T
Onth lit'hr.ii. i..i., the
WARI V. h- I.-, 1 N' e
New York paper

At Jefferson Barracks:,
inst.. IniAwa But., wife
'r",,.:,i, Inn iir U S. A.
S :,,i, t q i.i ,iLi
At Pristonburgh, Ky., on
aKL, infant daughter of Wmi
6 mo
Ou the morning of the 5
daughter of Thomas
In this city, on Sunday,
Year, CLARA CURTIS, only
Sarah A.
"Not lost, but
On the fith inst., of Chole
son county, Virginia, in the
residence of James Ha
Of consumption, on the 8th
his father, in Columbia To
R. Shaw, formerly
On the 8th inst., ANN ELIZ
On Sunday evening, May lo
JONs WHITAKER, of the f
aged 29
Yesterday morningjlth inst
youngest daughter of the la
At Bath House, near Utre
day. June Sth, of Cons
wife of Richard Clayton, o
Died, on the 22nd day of
county, Ohio, his place of
M. Cool, son of Dr. Jesse
The deceased graduated i
Ohio, in the spring of1847
eiated with him in his studio
remembrance his kindness f
ry dispositiOn. By his i

-AiLS.--168 kags Juniata
1 steamer Genese
je 13 J
Pl !VllI I.\ %.1\ RVE

COTTON.-50 bales Nort
eC received an
d je 13
is W ANTED..P-Time Bil
Houses at int
S jee 13 *
WATl rt.D-.'.t..i,,
Je 13
'" "rBIED tlPPLF:r.--ni, r.
1 ty, for ,li.L
je 13
S Wine, fo
je 13 BURROWS &
)l iii/ Partner W
" 0 0U 0..-'perfectly safe
I ness; well established, whi
p, i er annum on the
Je 1 eJ13
"_ _. __CLEKBK A
$ x )^UU Clerk who ca
above sum-one who pan ke
security and interest give
manent situat
e e s13
1 je 13
in $50t)U.U" Any onedesiron
can be furnished with thet
jel 3 JONES
F. $ 1000.__\ A T O
T, Everett street;
f ticularssee J
" je 13 Walnut str
c- _lL"for the detection a
s found stealing the Gazett
f bers.
f .-------
D. i FOR RENT. -The
id r-, u e.,l, de, between
i J ',, .cc pied by us.O
,t *i--ii.] ,I~aF 1. Apply to
je 13 WHITE,

H l ii,iI
H" ].,'. I-, coarse P. n
. saleby .IA\Al L
" jie 13 Canalbet
r 100 Tl oL
e- 100hr
9- For sale by
t. je13 Canal,b
1. 100 DOZEN Patent Fa
o for sale by
je 13 Canal, b
" mBRLiS Linseed Oil,
/ h JAy
je 13 Ca nal, b
1- .l nt hr,
s) 11I
di, 2 iir.
a O n ,. . ,11.i
n McKI
e je13 tV',,lll A
IL lail" t i" '1 N
r. ilJ r.I ".i; .' IT'.I 1 IInL
Id blll d.hLin -'tnplPie,
u- lt I .It Ialllllle
l 1- \ n, inril-imilu n .abou
tt %% il l W IIrJ i rni ll fulld
it)]- I. p
e i 13 Barr

W AN-T T D.-By a,, e
whose timois no: h, l
afternoon and rferit,tj:,
ey cb '- *if .> -, i Hohks
iu iog.o, >r broih se*-pel, or
a- ploy a few hours daily In
e Justing Accounts, Collect
of Gazette Ofce.
s - , nIb v i d e l ld *)
SCO!Iti.,ieP aid, h11 pa-F l,
ing b'oire *r liiat e a It
Hall. *1 rill11a
Jt.hN *iMA
!y K .\.
y jt l:,_K-< f
t I RO/,D
t. \.1 '* I.,-" C.1
:!1) %1. p...
14n, .1 It'. Ci
g, ".'0 ,I,,- ,
B 1) d .1
rt .\ L, r.u I
i; je13 *
l', M7 FOR RENT.--ie r
C.vtiI Htufn.'on hrniilh s
% i
ovi-ioinn qivnn J
J F. N
Ie 13 9'P 4 4'?
WT-7AWNT9111.rl a mitd


II i',TTIR M eitKP R Beport of lniermeuL. i,,.J b,
M I MARKE.TS l iCiinil dl+.. irln1.. ri I. l|. wl I'Cfih, 11, the
... . f UNrTI, June J2,18eea I elldul i. the Heh i.irn c
f ld^l ATlJunel2,1a.-lnBeefCattlebuttllt- i.bI, Hall. a1e| ,, >we, o>eo
tleohange. Poorest to best offered $4:(aS:50 V1006 Jermeno ,
IbT net. An,lrew .rdenei. years, Chol
Mbritiq TrF-m-bi.
COVINGTON, (opposite) June 12t, 849.-The do- J afln- rl
Inand. for Beef Cattle isfully equal to the soppl) The Robi'li-rir
mai-ovrt neel attteisftly eultlo the supper. I1Ine Marn w .1. 'art. 18 do
salesdurirgthe week comprise 300 haiLea .t 4'5i50 iinarn Larkin.tif .
for good and choice. Ellablh r FI.n.ioa,
Of Lambs and Sheep 400Fhead sold at 8 1 25 3,r ItLt Jaul*le"f .*"
former, and $1"371:80 for the latter. Ho"-.I t".p'r Csr"J~ei't'.1 ''
. ... .. ot:urth"s r t t.. 22 do, do"
-i.. .,'.I|.ial .-> n I ,r I .. ;N o
PHILADI[LLPiL.l, June 7.-At market L"2j. Beell Samuel rGeizPr d .. at oni
( ail..i..LI ,tlilllAbu rF..,,d f,,r Ne Y.,rk *M n u I tl
ald "..l '- fO.i.iu Oi, Ud Vol: tSl r .nd Lorail. G or.- Kiwrit. .
Prices--Beeve$ no rmu. inJ i, ieiv-rr inarly Hi.rb HaPe : 1
madeat $7:50* A:50tr I ) P. .o.,.,t |i i,e a Ja..r. 1rer' .1 2
mainunsold. Cows and Calves sold at O.a.814 ].,r Ili.h,, n.\in r ,1 70
dry, $14&$23 ftr Springers, and $18$:, f5.,r ir, lobn .tsiti,' do.
Cows. Hogs Afelower, and generally held 1 Fs A ntr a t~unnnngl am
thel00lb s Sheep and Lambs were all t.Kieu t u niv \Vapp-ub
(*-4 each for Sheep, and 1:50(9$3 for .,CCuld- John Li.c. 1.
Ingto quality. Hay-The market is down. a.]- J,,- Pin.
ranged at,6W70c the cwt for good TimeI ,v. Str%,% Aliror.z, t A le%, d,
sold at $4.50j5:50the 100 bundles. lIs.a Anure_, ,J.,,-
jury; h. l.n1o In1VuL-
BALTIMORE, June 9.-Cattle-The supply of Beeves RosaBreslau, do
at the scales last Monday was small and prices de- .
clined, which was occasioned by the offering of an in. Bridget Griffin,
ferior quality of second crop Cattle. Thosoofabetter Aathony Kairmsn, do, 7
quality were aIl sold at the upper figures. The offer- ChristopherMe
ings reached 250 head, of which 203 were sold to city Liver
butcher, and 47 were leftover unsold. Pricesraged John Brockoff, do 5 d
!YM u 1 1):-11 like hoIf.eq>~'lua>lto 5:250,8:75 petXci izar,
og-.emari! ^ "n as extewdlngly lttlW quote 9eph Fisher o 14Rl.Uliu _5_t___. bert Fiziley. do, 3
..-. men$; RfrnesPoreo
t. Thoas Donahue, do, 21
I(y the Europa.] Interred for the Coroner, Wil
tutt, Day dk Colo. Circular. years, found in Miami Canal, near
LIVERPOOL, May 25.-Bacon-Long Middles free On Thursday Morringn 7th i
from bone inBsalt, Eastern, F cwt 38s42s;Long Mid- Mr.J`_Co" ERNEST Of elby,
dles rib in d 38042; SShort Middles free trombone sEra~wa, ofth
Western ig3s; Snort Middles rib in, do 28(37s, 9; O
Shoulders do '226ss. u the 6th inst., by theRev


amongthe graduates of his clasg. Although but "13 -A I.l P 1 E rwf' IN B
years Of age when his eyes were closed upon H. ? ii , ',M
things of earth, he possessedsi large share of that na- o thac -af-Cal l h.., tIC
tive good sense, so necessary for a successful applita- Book-keepe (by double
tion of knowledge. His professional vvorilh, was Article ianulactured ,% h I
,aulyapprecinie.I b) tllobe dmI)Iig whom hbi lurtiine OIL Ar n a(Ku 'i
h1,d been 1 -., nnd aliP hl cki manl hib.-lruc.Bioy NE-RVb AD BONF.
m~ni tarnorhie ne e iiL l i,uis g nr sp. t n a as tak n bP ml
fron t amor.p ua as lh qualm or the
Iltsnott bytalent.horneer. nor tnerg) of harAr- an? others the toun
lr[, nor proie0sional sk| ath tie afrtcliolta are s. interest to give ua their or
cured. The, .Are uinepirable idomrshc hiaocl aIrtiles fronm thcir friendsI i
lions. And i Itbiinnile [ri.?ndiy atr l se.ll family and St. LOL. i, tlo Aprf
fireside.,althQome.lhatthiuot.letltraitsn tillnecl~hrac- WVe have supPll
tor of the deceased were most conspiruoua. lie was D alers. ILIe
111 onl> prompt in bestoioung &cis ofkindnes Upon n
those around him, but senied to their de- by all pu Thoer
sires. Few have to regret Lne t108 of a morectutiirl -
and worthy son-few Inv lo~s eo fhmore Iiad and at u +r H.iBat
fecrionate brothir-few mhe osa ed nlorr nncere Refrrencfc--rco H.B
friend. HHe d as Usuch mn< will die, a t Ce Janlea Jn oD and C

.OCK'S. =-Just received
Brass, Spring and Weigt
je 9 d&w 117 Main
the firm of SLOOP
solvett this day by mutu
,,i ,.ci,:n,-,i"se t,-o uut
ir li tn" .- wlth,,
Cinrei~tati, May 31, 1
willbe continued r, In.
side oI Main street, t* is
vk here persons wishing a
call, as I shell sell lo
je 13 45-7 91
undersigned has been ap
theestb....i -t i-a..t I I I
Ohio. A I[ ..p- .. 19- i~ i iI-
theml ahi ir,', r ,r,.--PMl-i
je 7 45*47
V4c., for Sale.-Byvirtu
cery Court at Clarksville,
of Sellers & Lwrence, vs.
1 will on MONDAY, the 9
Webster Futrrcc, in Mont
sell to the highest bidder,
een and twenty-four mont
Lands attached thereto, co
upon which are situated v
the I! i "r. ir, oi heavy
at -.h b,% rinr ItnIL all th
used about the Frnamice, a
Capitalists and others wishi
banks of Iron Ore, and to
of iron, would find itto th
The purchaser will be re
two securities, and a lies
for the payment of
H. T. O
may 15 42 2m
300 Dayton mills, and of
lowest Eastern price
je 7 45-7 87-9
L suitable for kiss-wrapp
wV. B. S
je 7 45-7 87-9 "
Year..-The facilities
been largely increased by
with manufacturers, and e
at fair price
The wool is sorted by
grades made according to
Full blooded Merino wool i
and is No 1. From this
which is the coarsest co
Saxony is as Prime 1, and
and s
Out of the medium grades
which must be of a long, s
for De
The charges are one per ce
sorting and selling, and i
cents per $100 for t
Sacks will be furnished a
if returned in fair order.
at from 10 to 12 cents per
meat of wool twine will b
Advances will be made a
wool sent to the Depot mu
the owne
Warehouse, corner of W
streets, Buffalo, and over
tural Warehouse.
BUFFALO, Feb. 1849.
NOTICE ia hereby given th
fthi dalte, a petition will b
missioners of Hamilton Co
location, and establishing
cing it the Ten mile stone
thence running eastwardly
South eastwardly until it
and Reading road at or nea
the farm of D
may S.
L DENISON, Attorney a
For References, Testimoni
Nested will take noticelt
-and John D. Minor, survive
Minor. Andrews & Co.,in
Cincinnati, on the twent
1849, sued out a writ of
Leach for the sum of On
Dollars and ninety-seven c
tias been served
1 l\.\ Rt,-P C
.j 7 445 theC
-have a full assortment
n.,nuf. ,irir, -t,. ,. -d.
n,~ sra,/ l.%, .' it- w r a
;.-sp-,i i., ILI -,-rtn 's
1i,, i "i'L-Ii A r, a f
rials of the best qualitie
lish, and French Ledger Pa
Bankers and others, who
elegant Account Books, are
For the durability of ou
any and all wh
All Books made by is wa
may 31 d&w3t
P back orders being now
'vite those who have been
in want of Bathing Appa
French, Eastern or our ow
selection from one of the la
the United States, got up
t.han the too often slighted
cee to suit
Our assortment for the s
ly sixty different pattern
,water, of Recumbent Show
iher, Toilet, Wardrobe, Sitz
bert, Victoria, Patent, F
Bathing App
JL-e Dealers supplied on
Wholesale and Retail ,Bi't,,
street, between Plum t O h '
I ice's Church.
je 5 44
CAUTION.o-Two Drafts d
o C on John R. Child & C
dated May 2lst. 1849, at 3
sand Dollars each, the nam
mailed at Cincinnati on
May, in letter directed to
i flt, Ind., and have not
tic are cautioned against
payment having
je\ 45 8.4 J
u' p^'" x ture have bee
' l., Watt & Patters
lf. Lowing are then
lnown in their respect
publish by
Locust street; %i m. Hale, C
din;Coats siret. H vliob
Williams, C lsnut street'
John Wise, Brown lrrei. I
A. Holmes, B
T IK P-,TT Rou-Janesa "
S. Mercer, Fifthstreet; J. \v
A S.Gordon, Allegheny; P
fMenris, Filth W ,ard; T
Th'e above Tr
[Ir. A. w%
"V lnetl eireel ctab v
* ap>4

TLE@, for the removal n
diseases ngirio fhim 6O Ii
,cljtu[ I or Klng's Evil
taneu11 ]nIIJpiluro. PPlnplpf
B loitiCi<*. biles Cljioroni o
Tetter. Stald Held. Erj]a
Bones ,nIl JoniSnStusborn
toUin. SCLoItICo ir Lumbago.
ij iujudli.iot' ese O1 MrrN
po .UI," ur IoprudeucI 111 l
lutioii-l Oui
fhis Mkdtrim- has i.quir#
nahishol repullation wliei
entire[% Q0 itS c. n t eriia
cacy has alone sustained.I
ruerediltir disease. "ili a
ilnwt ;, nd bo.pshal hfl Ch
health r -i vtt ior. The I6
nifli I'l,-'r_. loaihSiine ii
tai tq-' i.'4dlf whole. HIi
C'-jaldld jopelrfi>l) in!
ilbiidjlr itln'idpi6rd c i ii.
rtlher c.mripliunis %pi litni-p
%ecilitli: Oiil^ihf diii [hF .
i1 wire from the rck 0t1
;i-nneorted Coinijtllll'li)inis
at e1 lhI5 IIP l-13l/1
.IliTH I s fIt NO
Ue tillah olinn i"f the re..,Jr
iSrOlilatl'i/,_ L UI h)-f t td n.
This is to certify that
has bee n afti'led lor mee l.
and alltfi" I Iie i s 1 il ha
L"- Incr'1' of comp l:ainpl .
tOjIiuIsh [i Tt'% A'orie, ,
j;0'1i S....i %U iin pny/y-ti;
jldr irirljr li,'lC' I~t~U Ur
eualr 3 -.ijp Lhwrilhle jij rnr
on Iu' d, r i. rl- i i.- l
menred it- radeo, In Ih
In s J iL,.% iiuad ll sILU0
death blann[ nEt 1,t11 i. ,a.
LIIO4%4. tthe d ,eliL Iml -
.JetF., N I. h) 1nl1. I wd1
aiirii 3 trin%"qulprise mud ti
r1iI (iie w64hi h ..'..% Ii, al
"e..B site h ,\f ialnrdId 10 pei
9lI..'e er.1'l e eeks. a
Wfcth@ irmul In," li nII
In witness (. nthe trlh
hereunto afflxed rAy nti]e.
1847, _.
Mouth ofNeuse Rlxer,
TrV iewlitnwint; I ad mta
r oin Mlr Began. nho, t, '
Mi111 u n l"[O li'is tu Il q i-.|
ahi, aallAtcion 1-i lt
Badllu'lb-g. V,
:>e~ir. li. B. & D. to nd
: rig )our n.rsaparlola. Ili%
ep\|iimhBfii wij ifirt-1 Vbnbn
-.Jrt-.flJi c iih. dud Ilhp
e-tl.-r hii I w:i it,..i .O|
r[tsldis II1.0 inllal nlOIn ltl
ioi heRIa 1. C l rut ny ne
"l. AIU-"I l e llngi he il ia i
,liPa iropirrnr1. i, jiid ilot
free :rorni Lr-,u 6 111l l1 hrl
was, Midi t fli Ileal ite d
been well about three mon
been effect:,i eniic-ii h, 1l
Your ir.fuid. I
TlJ IollwhAInc. inllmntnl
tli r. s1, lui-U iid KRe\ I it
t'ongro-ghtion lf l Minls
` B. u s, MI-sh .
MeI,.%M SALd.-f-ti~ellenl
perienced, &nd rOhi nd" ili
received from a .umber ul |il
ty who have nsP'r %0o,, Qor.
doubt butthatil ii a n)0om os
:tie nljiitF iOili .riii.i- o i
.oc. are rt-.,II, i>itainer
]it teplilallor Hilnl d lt1il
,IaI.l il a; need U; ini l., m
tI ",ll A Aho are Bail1lte
quainted with the effaey
I am, gentlemen, grateft*
yours, "r
Piep red and sold, wholes
D. I, A N D1, Druggist and
corner of William, New Yor
generally throughout the U
Price $1 per bottle;
wov S 1
Cure far CoUi, C ulgA,
the tendency to mitigate
one or a part of the many
vatling in the United States

mankind. When a medical p
and found to possess the vi
es, it is an act of imperat
which we owe to our fell
made known. We have made
Sanative ia our family, and
very best of the many medi
Coughs, Colds, Inflammati
and Lungs, now in practi
quairted with Dr. Kates, a
his medical skiln, knowing
his medicines have per
Philadelphia, Oot. 20,
RANT REMEDY.-Afflicted r
disease to knit its fatal t
are certain to hurry-you
not-experience taught you
convinced you, that Consu
all whom it may encounter,
iod? Then why will you de
,li- e -r,...'.n .I r-'- IhI .
A Cold, which soon term
which soreness of the throw
mucous membrane ofthe bro
Lungs rendered open to dis
themselves to procrastina
their door!-when they w
about their health, when in a
May all who have a cold ta
rid of it as so
Dr. Duncan's Expectorant
public tested by thousands
every family throughout the
es of the Chest and Lung
this city, and that tos o
and obtain it by the half do
deoce of its wo
of the Great Medicine for
&c.,ia at 150 Sycamore a
MI y 1
The Great Remedy fo
Lungs, Affections of the
:iir,. ,j[ Weaknas of the e
Affections of the
In accordance with the p
order to how the virtues o
the following certificates h
is not our wish to trifle w
those afflicted, we sincere
no assertions of "fates state
will we hold any hope to
facts will not Warrant. The
we solicit aU enquiry (rom
we publish, and feel assure
cine well dteserving their
Of atl (tie cures that Have
certainly none equal to
which plainly shows the e
even in aurae of i
JICFROS (30., l
Messrs. Sanford & Park-Ge
that my wife, Nanlcy Dohone
state of heath for the last
fled the kill of the beat
her physicians pronounced
In the last stage" and said
all burean hopes. As a hlu
hope, I procured. Wiatar'
After using a few-bottles, I
prise, that her health wa
;now so far.estored aa to bea
lar household duties with
ience. Her rated lalpr.,,
WarTant me In the hce li' t i
'*1 01 O
Jen r~un
I, Janrri M. Humphreys
SthJ .ur saidl ount) aud Sl
narued fRnIdea Dohoney sii

the foregoing certificate
rFl the Pbhi -I Jacob Gr
nlnn,; and Si.te o3 tli a dn
the ril, part of last sea
lent ough, attended wit
ioQMelnme fever, and that I
cian for sometllre, who sai
elief. I'thenl commenced
aid Cherry, and felt alm
after lakicg three bolli"
_heihlulas I enjoyed for b
rton, undei the blessing o
@e O!f the mneoi,
Mnrthl~is. 1114
M STB r aE IFra,
1. David fJ. Sklner, a J
for 6aid county and State,
named Jacob Green subscri
foregcoi,ig renifilte, bfnor
1149. D A %ID
Tiun followal-, CommuniCa
nd fror Mr J. F' Wooster,
Wal, Ill.ion Lniinty, 1Ohi
read nd jt, d=
*iw -. Marc
John D. P rk-Dmai Sit'-H
tWe I~iver Complaint ior a
,on in F.[yna, Inbis Sltat
en rAlled., iiatl I wa .b]
entirely to my brother, an
try Wh U01l1eno1t litoulol
was gone fro'nm home abouL
cld11no relier witieiei,iana
of ny ineyri tlo try Wli-l
whict I runimenc-d using.
after uing two bottles. I
beah)l., wbhich tbscoanin[
aTmpLoMr ofl the Old com
SLy other kind. I send yo
eOF ar .L us you deem ftk
Bais.m -yved my life whe
Druggist, Norwalk,
Rild bv J 1> Park. its
Pourthand Walnui streets.
Agent ror The South and Wes
Be aildr
J. 0, Wilder & Co. trre
hinde berger, Robinson, P
Sat&btrd k Snmth, Louisv
ell, DaLyton; Whilln%& H
Rproat. irhllcothe; Naret
trials & Son. Marielta. .1.
A. L. Frazier, Sleueenitnie,
Dover. 1. W%. Bigger, Manl
Mansfield: C. P. Hellman
'aylord, Cleveland; M.'S
Fan landuatK City; J. A.
W. King, Lim.; J, A. Bunon
cor, jr., Piutsburgh: L.
frUmhboukehi. Wheeling. V
Slsion & bharpe. Mayvill
Inf.On: J. B Wilder I Co..
ry.saahvlle. Tenn., Sco.L
H. Blsaealy, St. Louis; L.
1I On. Detroit; L. BeCocer.
I.afayette; D. Craighed.l Ind
vi1|l B. Psek. V1046e406s

Another Extension of
The New York Tribune o
tains an account of ohi op
of the Er-t Rasd This T
hampton to Owego--a dis
through the beautiful val
and passing the towns
Owego. The ceremonies a
teresting, and there see
holiday all along the li
the road, the TWbune say
miles, on the lot of No%
on the lot of January, I
farther. From thence it
wAi ihaccelerateJ rapidly
rnus on Lake Erie Svi pri
Ohio State Medi
This body assembled in
Columbus on the 5thinst
Dr. Pliny M. Crume, of P
ed President; Drs. S. B:
ton of Miami- -- Falcon
ney l" l)e I ." nr ill, Wn
Vice Presidents; Dr. N.
Thompson of Knox, Secr
Thompson of Fran
After some further pr
Carney, of Delaware cou
scribing cases which had
Recess till 2
When the accounts of the
on the RtioGrande, were
from his chair, v wo u
first of all this busi
immediately sent for Mr
War, and orders will b
drive the Indians back,
The President does not a
American officer at Fo
ail of the Mexican Gen
refilsed him permission t
proper force, and will req
of his
Travelling P
The Sandulkian states
Ofice ears are in the cou
for the R Jl% ay line from
"Each car is to have a m
whose duties -are,4he sam
has his office, receives le
able matter, puts them in
trilmtes, receives pay for
fers in no way from a st
save that he moves fr
The Rip
whig, of B'own county,
with Mr. Jenkins, in the p
% ed journal, the Ripl
their purpose to make th
struc ive, and enterta
liberal sUbscription list
tain thei

Mr. Parrott, the U. S. Co
acquainted with Californi
teresting items. The ab
country is how the most
There is no time to thi
any thing else butiold
called to meet in Augus
ment, but he thinks it w
"In the gold district a t
right has been agreed up
the most honorable exac
ters upon new ground ha
ing out eight yards squa
Ioug as he chooses; his p
He is at liberty to dispose
sale or lease, or dr.)p 4
cality. The sense of jus
thus far prevented al
"The moral effect of a g
whole population, is 'o
sence of all law except s
the Alcaldes, hundreds of
discharged debts contra
which their creditors in
as hopeless. A man whou
operate has no difficult
large am.
Mr. Parrott has a numb
besidesgold. Bituminous
tween Monterey and San
abundance. He has a rub
also, specimens of cinn
silver, yielding 50 per cen
from 30 to 75 pe

On Saturday last we pu
of "party madness," Nor
ing from the North, we q
passed by the Anti-Slave
and made extracts from a
lips in support of the res
tion to the article we s
nant and loud in denou
than Northern Freesoile
wcxexce. In this we int
isaical spirit manifested
communion with the Liber
exclusive friends of Fre
Phillips' speech violent
the northern fanatics, t
the folly and madness of
unite with them in regard
as of only secondary im
opposition to their peculi
each party denounced the
hostility to the Union.
as a Liberty man or Free
We are right well pleas
are by various persons, th
posed to all such denunc
intelligent correspondent
These matters--assureau
not a Liberty man or Fr
Abolitionist, and he sup
two persona of the name o
the other of Boston--t
Liberty roan, the latter
who holds no communicate
We are pleased at having
this corrections Our c
prominent Liber:ty man
with ns i~n denouncing this
to the Union, both in th
He s
"Lioerty men and Frees
for the Ufnion, and again
propose no measure, sust
Constitution does not al
may be individuals, (tho
in that patty, who go fu
great ma~s of the party wi
statement. What you o

your extracts compainss
proposes to preserve freed
to repeal the laws establ
trict, both of which measu
States admit to be Constit
thase two measures in c
and Democrats, and fourth
released from all responsi
slavery; and without clai
slavery ia the states, w
shalli do nothing to sustai
shall repeal the laws her
Very well. We repea
learn that this ultra fee
Union is repudiated. The
surance that the Free Soil
Abby Kelly, Garretson,
teose of that ilk. Very
The Globe adds, that the
party are incorporated in
1848, "whoethen and there
Free Dempentcy" If that
the Pr,-sidldikial bk1ui
John ILH. Park, was
ton, New1 York, under th
Polk. Gen. Taylor appo
master in his place. Of
by ths assistant Postmas
band, and called with his
possession. Park refuse
cratic" advice, declared
a pretended one, designed
Post Officer" The Presi
right to re-move him, b
written hi
Mr. Park wrote to the P
grievances in the" true
fie advised Gen. Taylor
displace him, and enqui
dent's pleasure in the m
regarding Mr. Park's "p
to Binghompion to see int
answer the letter! Mr. C
c,:,iniol'ie appointment
red to the Departmenit,
sent a positive order to
Offieanddeliver over t
but Park still refused, b
not annex to his signatu
General!" The commit
signed by the President
but he held on to the Pos
public property in his pos
cessor access to the Off
Cooke opened a new Offic
livered to him. The old
ceives letters to forward
to do with the
The above fact& are
hilinit Republican, from
091.11 of &ho

depot for nla,.rna e,., .miI
ty, with .i Irr I .ninUIIL --I A
complete.i ,,,qi .'v h L '.'U
th i ,,ii,.- .
Ti.',."- 11, be at Ironto
". r.'-.t. ,ii~ f i ,,I ,i I* i l i
-'I lI, ,i rl,)- ,i rir-*i..I1 ,
;l.- h.,.h.". rl...l ,..
i.r r ,, ..i i.. h .It 1 1 l) ..

ail pr..[ r .-IT nr.I i. I 0 -io
= .1 i.i I.l.]r.i-[" [. ,; im ri-
.I pli: n~uh-f ,- I" ,1 'lle^
m ..t ~r i..,,,.I d ,r,. h'tli --]
",,', *l l, a d .i ,- c hI 1 "i
.,,,I ,p ,- -I .,..l i, 1 li t w
W, I iI l" l *t' l l i
Secretary Ohio hro
may 2
T1V1DBKND No. IT..-The
Brookville Turnpike C
semi annual dividend of fo
office of the Cotec-ain and
of June next.
Dunlap, May 4, 18491
V&e., for 8ale.--Byvtrtueo
eery Court at Ctarksville,
of Sellers& Lawrence, vs. C
I will on MONDAY, the 9
Webster Furnace, in Mont
sell to-'the highest bidder,
eeu and twenty-four month
Lands attached thereto, co
upon which are situated v
the laud being also heavily
at the same time, all the
used about the Furnace,
Capitalists and others wi
banks of Iron Ore, and to t^nr
of iron, would .find it to .Uri
The purchaser will be re
two securities, and a lien
for the payment of
H.,T. OL
m.ay 15 42 m
*"BOWBL8.--This disease
ticularly among the labor
and is frequently attended
ten death. DR. KATES, ov
tween Fourth and Fifth, C
long time given his attenti
diseases, and has cured th
pliea his own instrument
and comfort, and at the sa
els or protruding part wit
How important is it therefo
ed to b
HaRNIA CURRn.--I have t
With little relef, until last"H Dr. KatOs',
treatment. 1 called at his
Doctor's treatment, r ltd ob
which has omplfcel/ cured
Truss for six weeks.
Cincinnati, 0., April ai,
Dt. KeaThs-Sir: You may
ing a "Double Truss" from
dou applied and assured me
months. Since, I have not b
fore send eond you these li
lng oou that the Truss hts
myself cured, as there Is
more. In fact I can dispense
without any symptoms of
Yours truly, GE
Hamilton Co
4 CeRN o R TUn-h,-aThes
Veen under the treatment o
and have during this time,
struments for the cure of
spying to those suffering w
myself entirely curedc by
trusses are made to fit
Cincinnati, January 1,
'naI"Cou is hereby giveu t
yu aplie ,1.-, a n setitiod w
missioners o1 Hamilton Cou
location, and establishing
cing at the Ten mile stone,
thence running eastwardly
SoIwth eatwardly until It
and Reading road at or nea
the farm of D
*Mysel enirel curedby

OBIE!jHI"'TOWN 8HlP.--In p
..ll,..r.s .:."' an Act ,,r il, r G
,I i'l'l"i, passed M,,,ci I.
with sundry acts passed s
sale of said Lands I will
door of the Court House,
on the second tay of July
the followin- Frrjit .,i I o
i'l.l', l\ l.I h .."I NVr i ".l il [ il
I|...I. o.,"il. ci, (trl ih
money and interest due th
on the oTiginal saLe
L T ',i. ? '.,,UIn' T a
interest ........
Lot No. 3, cont'n
amount principal dueh
a Interest.....ea
Lot No. 4, ,:,ntl
&tfaounT ;ilIr,'! la'
Interest ........
Lot No. 5, cont'n
amount principal due
I nteresti........
ot l! o. 8, cont'n
amount principal d
Interest. ......
Lot No. 7, cont'n
amount principal dut[
1Interest ......
Lot No. 8, cont'n
amount principal due .
Interest .......

P %. i an. h ln r ,l . .
l ,'-i pa se lIL<':'
sale f:..aid Lands, I will

h. I terest.......
Lot No. 14, cont
(pill.1. .11-1.1;i.d .p1l

eat remaining due andunet
each of the above Lot
] -e . AH,-
.in1terest .....

DR. ;l lUI"It" 1
atPriLLi, she ilreat
(eliarp-i. I qipalr b
In us" Interest] i .......l.(

Lo t No. I T5,. u
pli ol 6,itci lr.i rls

ir'., ronil.-itr, Ile Lir O
amount pr[ incipl dueI Jr

r'l.l, nllrt 'Jlt-nt| erllle. ;...
lot..I r lr.-. .l iii o
S,.Jc tillii] I va ]i,' n..i. i .
1 \ i' l h . L n . K .i n . .
ilhf n'nj'lie Ol .~l[V IihL \
i ui Lo ut lo 8, i c n Ii ii
amun prI;,h[incipa 'l dun

'," "* If'\ uisihl" an..] r,) 't1
I n .,i ~eit l ( I[c. rU m i I] .
teen perfectly ;.
Western R11 r. l I
DR, BB:KNB', Dear Sir .Tbo
\ i'i ih,"l-r. "V ,t .c. ni n~ic'
>..j 'Ir-..... l I Pilrc_ . t
dure and I u- n wlil-l i n
ieacinh lfr. o'fihes ab'o (Lo'
l['.:.i1k andl .-.rial.arillli,
a'-:O, *ml5 before [ h'-l i
1siP 'U's S Li OrP, <11 h i-,ah I
Drr nilIt ,h_[ i:,,llr,1he re
iil) Mi. i.,.1,?u I lIt 'i rir i O
f.l L i." .'i.IIIr .t'rri e.I O.
" ,I" -AS'h "e I nI u o
--1111.%.i i tl i irl ras a1* p

%Wllh ttF realpsr t
\V!a],i lree. Flrt
lir. l'lu) liili's ejllo^
.'ri .,In *In, i Iini (s.Ii
&in t,yi r.fcnS
nr. B ,i~i Fr, me[
,.*fhnil,'d ffiih }{tt',l(atl-i,-
dirilc, i IiOl,)[-rcblie. I h[
t ni~lns in [in hI'nrT)U LinUi
.'t',:.r~l~d imere]. a tlcntiio
l iihie t ,*inIIY' '1 !. irjiniv
u f,." ':.' ':,' '-.. .i f i i

tloeaihi tit, 1 bin-xidar
nealth ,in, tlth mLr-Istem
I d1 A .),, r. ll 11hy IIthe
L-W' I t-III-e, Bi i med,
C,.'11l | r "In C Itdl1a[C t
hrill-lb intl i iU ra(cl-iir
Conflder,- I OIthose who hr
Pr R ar iirt i, tIin I t g r
t.'ing Able h ililirl ynu
ALru, r ..f Nelli PDo(hk ad
6 cjmlid e Cir III' ti he a
eaM4, I.', an iin ttrprpia .
seah.i-i., iand'ia-, so it
r.rr bumillxsb hail thI ilU
bell ,m, all Pateni M l,
hrihowe that myny rnothe
1. nl %%, ui l \ iehlt boefit
riifdicanc, an.I I am fullt
,jvrreve,- otlher ine(dicill
nelqniurr Iluil IL i i1 \l
and [ wvr, ad bevrlll[ reco
yours, ie
For sale, wholesale, a
Hall. Cliic
Alto, for lsle by the n
fn4 "Dow ginyon?

R l. rit 17 nal ()!o ,\hK *<-lP
S A R S A P A I I L L A -Cu red- .. ,.I
W ~lf1"^ ,;..:..^...^ rl'i-tionofhs
Atlll Tlre n lrl ] zj, .orpbis.t pli
Medicine big the World. ''in "
This Eltra..t1S pumtIp In quarl b.tlfs: it i sIs tii,
cheaper, ptleaaaet, and wai.Tre,l nte npedior to alty
sold. It cuies without v, nIains uTcri.i i, ckelurg
ordebilitatine the P aievl..
The grut be iiiy snil uporionty of ih faruapa>r Ili l
ovr all othei oio|itcines is, tLhat wtie it eradlct!e
disease, it invigoratemthe tiot. It ig, ,fne ol't'e ver
Ever known ; it ,toidy purildt; the wholesestenl, and 1,
strengthens the per-sjn, but it crieot Mew, p'r
b61od; a power pos-essfd i-y no other n
in this lie, the grand *eciet ofit i ',.m ft! u s --
It hus performed withlu Ic lastftive ears. moret
go while you are about it gel 1
HM.liOW curq of Severe ceawi of igeas d
15,000 were consideredt incurih'e. It 1biqa oed the
live of n,, e than ,0.r d c ,lte,'!t ,,ri,,,hte two p
[lead ."--Ph~e no
10.000 cases of onieriil ebility and the F n,.-
Iva..t of lNerv-oav Energy. This volwr
Ur. Tuwnsend's araparilla iuvigiiite. tlt e whoe studn
System permanently. To thuge who have lost tteii which
mUScular energy hy the effects f medicine or iudiscre.
tioncommitted1 Il yo lh., fthe excessive indulgeoC 0 o,
the passions, and broughton a general physic
tration of the nervous system, lasoitutue. want
biVon, fainting sensations, premature decay a
clile, hastening lowsrds that fiaul disease, (oamp
iuL .. Cdl-, -'r'.rly restored by thsple
fr, le Si.,i.. 'i- farsnperorto ny
In igorating Cordials .
Astrenews and invlgorales tie system, gives activity
E .- i. .. vii l, 1 It. N.T I:
to the limbs, strength to the muscular system, in6a most
extraordinary degree. wu
Consunaptlon Cured. facturingestebl
Cleonse and strengthen. Consumption can be cured
Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Complaint, Colds, Ca--
tarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Soreness in wo
nect with raill, n. % iO
the Chest. Hectic Flush, Night Sweats. Difficult or Pro.
luse Expectoration, Pain in the Side, &c., have been a
na nle c u re d c o l

I h01er -Mallnwm--Tlhe %%or Broneved. Fro-l B-Il'sL-oil,,.
Ch lr.1848. Pax'ianiento
atmosphericc ilDturbance---Ozone---t holera The Philadelphia American thus alludes to the
mplelUe, ul Of I,,flnii,:ni feeling which, in this country,
A 1pe, fil for Cholera, in both the mildest and usually succeeds the heat and excitement of the
severest forms of the disease, is announced author- great Presidential contests. It says, it is
iIaiivtl as having been discovered bv a practicing "A kind of Sabbath-day calm, inwhichthe world mogp
.....v c has-be"en .. r B sits dow n in reat, if not in gratitude for a m om ent's ith,. l ,%Ir.
phys tctan ot C hmcago, III. t s spe emhc na s been peace and pleasure, knowing well tha t after a short
adopted in their practice by two of the most emi- time, all must start up again to encounter t o
.,,, ", r j TT and strike, the excitements and bitter animosities of a .,
nentphysicians of Illinois,-Drs. Blarey and Her- new week of i .i. i, ,-iiention. tts the day of
rick, known in Medical literature as well as prac- mistice to d.,, ,--,, da when the part
.... .... a.sheathes, or ought to sheathe, his sw ord-- the day curre 1, . r,
tice,-who certify to its efficacy. We have before when the sentinel idles, and may, if h
us a letter from Dr. Herrick to the Chicago Jour- his post,--the day when rival camps are disposed to
nal, i which the history of thisediscovery, and these harthand soandalmost r
philosophy of its application, are duly set forth.- .,morrowu'. '%
.. .,, .. .. .. and protract, the day of' tobe,. --n,,t-,pof',,sphorusteni yist-a
'We shall probably publish it to-morrow. Thedis- be generous, be just, be ,, .n.....1.. ..i, forget f
covered is Dr. Bird, oft I e receipeis as while that there are factions-enemies-pasaions-
folo politics,.en-in- our world of the republic?" I h ,. I ,
"Cholera Specific-One part of pulverised char- One of the exceptions to this general rule--this I
":" Ch r c-One p o pulvered era of gaood and honest feeling-and Perhaps the 'J rt
coal to Iour parts of sulphur. One dose of four t r o go we n( t
grains uniformly checks premonitory symptoms most prominent one in the history os our aepubhic i. ..i,
ah as pan, slightTdiarrhcea,&c. Thesamedose -succeeded the election of Mr. Jefferson by the -,,If -1 t.
repeated every three or four hours, ameliorates the House of Representatives. Another exception, :rt,-
.a.ent's condition at once, and when sed, in a .ta. .. .. r i
few ours, entirely dissipates Cholera symptoms." surpassing
Kr Through inadvertance in making up the lowed the election of Mr. Sefferson, succeeded the d ,'h..'tlr t
-- r- ............. %%
form of yesterday's Gazette, the foregoing article election of John Quincy Adams, als
was omitted: We give it now, in connection with Bef.ore he was yet inauguraed
the matter to which it refers. were formed, to put him uown. Mr. Van Buren, time,
From the Cleveland Herald. ad his premonitory Cambreleng, went on a mis- the ma
NEWLY DISCOVERED CURE FOR CHOLERA. sion through the South, and soon it was ostenta- s ....
Dr. Bird, of Chicago, has discovered a specific tiously proclaimed that "the combinationsUweres
cure for Cholera. It is simple and cheap, and said completed," and the war had begun! The fiendish n
to be effective in the more advanced as well as re- declaration of Col. Richlard M. Johnson, was pub-
centcases. Drs. Herrick and Blaney, Professors of ,. ni .t.rgen a nx
the Chicago M medical College, and four other physi- i. trat aPn
claps, are said to le using it with perfect success, Cabinet "were as pure as the Angels at the right u
and, as far as tested, astonishing results have been, hand of God, the Administration should be put ad
exernenced,-evenin the worststagesofcoolapse. T cs .... Ad the minute
Simple as are the specifics used in combating this dw"" T h.e crusade against r.
scourge~iti efficaeyw as only arrived0at after careful ministration, at this litle generally admitted t
chemical analysis of atmospheric air. The annexed one of the best the country ever had, was corm-
letter will give our readers the mtnutieoftthe dis- .. card w, a y n, i
covery. We take it from the Chicago Journal, n. ,ce a
which paper says that "the excitement andrecklesnessoattack, which dig al, a
the discovery has been heightened by the success private character, truth andjustice. Its fiendishp
it has met with, in cases where almost every eiti- pu.pose, and the extraordinary means resorted. to
zen has witnessed or experienced its effects, in the .... and however large
premonitory symptoms of the Cholera." to Yct i, w ere exactly suited to the above dec
Dear Sir:--In compliance with the wishes of my laration ot one of their distinguished leaders. No e
friend, Dr.J.H.Bird, I have made the following one can forget the unprincipled, varied
brief synopsis of a lctterfrom him, sent to me tor ta -O M 1 an r
sant attacks upon Mvessrs. Cly n om no
publication in the North-western Medical and Sur- forina .s. a for .
gical Journal, which, together with the few addi- only upon their pohttcal course, but aii upon bl
tional remarks which I have made, you will please their character as private citizens, as honest and
publish, in order that the members of the medical u .... p m.. These virulent and incessant at- Wh
profession, and the -,lb ic-' I,, rhill.. may have tne I ".- .,. l uded
means of atine t nii il,. 1 ;, I,, 1 to be derived tackP p t i g t P
meansI. 01 biesnng .11 h.- ... ii1.. _ln~ t eune lwy11u
from what is supposed to be a newly discovered and upright statesmen, and Gen. Jackson and his cess
remedy for the Cholera. Cabinet, at the end offour years, took the places, so phur
The facts stated in the letter referred to above, a bhnirous ac
are brieflyr as (ltajo well filled by Mr. Adams and hls Cabin What
-- as toos . lt.seast .. cu
About six mouths since, Dr. Bird nnd myself benefit resulted trom this change, to the peopleof not li
were led into a conversation on the effect of atmes- the country, we leave to the publicjudgment a to
pheric influencesmproducigepidemcs, from read- [ pen of the impartial Historian. Evti
ing an article from a German chemist in one of our c .. ..... l ............
peiiodicalsin which it was contended thatinfluen- There are many strong points of resemblance sma!
za depended upon the presence of ozmne, and that between the virulence and charact of the assaults
the seventy and number ot attacks as shown y .asto h irected against Gen .alor andhis onsituti
cherry ,a in 1r, -. ,nius as shown by th i rect against .en. T mayor and hs consti
amount ,-A ih-i,. il it, .,in,.,.-rh,-r Tak- advisers, and in the efforts to arrange comb
ing lo,-. I -,I,. ,iin :..iI. r.. c %,,r, v. ,h. iact that tiors" to put them down, and those which so
cholera is generally preceded by influenzas, as tictly marked tl.e course successfully pursued t
shown by its history, we were led to the conclusion e a s to mai ed as t
that both diseases might be dependant upon the Put down the administration of Mr.A
same influence, modified in degree according to the American people desire, and would much enjoy a
greater or less quantity of this deleterious agent period of quiet, but this is denied them. And, t
present in the atmosphere at the time. The next continues the American-
step in the investigation was to determine what the-neighb ohd ofeb8
agent would counteract the inlence, and destroy "There never was an Eden without its serpent;
S dleterious properties of ozone. The a-ccura t howl away the stillness of summer moonlight; and
chemical knowledge of Dr. B. enabled him to sug- tiesandinstigate to fresh passionsand needless at
gest at once the well known substance of sulphur, flicts. Locofocoism is true to its nature; and though bhiei
as possessing the propertyof acting uponit in such just crushed todefeat by the overwhelming weight of blu
a manner as to neutralize its influence. :t. r, i.i 1 ...i.. 1,,fl h ; .1c11, ;i 1.P opl ,... ,1 d.-ace, or
In searching for facts to support this conclusion, "'1' ..... I,*, ,,.,,, = Already its
it was found that ............ an prevailed in the i.', n."Ir i n ', j r h.".r .t for a renewal of hos- season
vicinity of sulphur sprin O1, or in situations where iti, pol' ticiianl-by all theo 0tr 87e s,. Oe q
this substance abounds;hence the conclusion, that attacks, which compel the most forbearing to arm
sulphur might be, and probably was the antidote self-defence. The war of parties is, in fact, ren
for cholera. The Locofoco press has recommended it, by onslaughts "h-,,;,hllo ,,th
In one of our recent Medical Journals, an article oi the coarsest, basest, and most unjustifiable charac-
appeanr. d rn ll. ii..or .)f detecting ozone ter, upon an. Administration which has scarcely yet i
in "thermens ofde organized thle machine, andcertainly, not yet assu-wti
t h c i,, , l ,h , , p i ,-, tth e m e a n s o f d e -p. w er, o f g o v e r n men t h ege ne r a l ou.r
termining whether or not it was present at the very 'proscription'haben-sounded for sometime
time the cholera was beginning to make its appear- .-kv .|.; ,I s,)b ..-.. .1i. -;,->,,e-,ei- ]",
ance am ongst u". .. v I~- r ".......A,.. .. f-atth..... .11.1. ,,. i ,.
Dr. Bird's experiments, as well as those made "-' .1--1 it" i', I, ;. : i. r
subsequently by .iai ",lf and by Drs. Bird, Blaney, critic readers of the Washington Union, the Pennsyl-
a yself ram day to day, since that time, show sionedel
th a t o z o n e is p re se n t in o u r a tm o sp h e re a nd th a t cru e l i r "nd at, Y., r t r e h e o u id o g
the amount is in proportion 1t the severity of the something .,,.1.1 m,, ;,-,er
disease front time to time. About a week since, wickedness. "Cruel General T 'lor! who brav
Dr. Bird determined to try the effects of sulphur censare of a Locofoco government and Congress by
upon himself' i." ,..'-',r irr,,l,,,1,t as nearly all have extending the hand of mercy to the women
.. ........ ren of, MJonererf let no sor,,h"wh oon i
b een m ore i ,r I I .l ,I|| .m es sy sen stations, U n w o rth Gen er el fa s p r ... ...
si-ht pains,&, l,.-" organs. The-re- principles!whoneverif )hs wholelife,in waror being .
st was entirely ,. so much so that peace, was charged with breaking his word--or for- in t
Dr. Bird came i,.,,-ir1ll to my office, and re- getting it; who promised the American people, on the m
quested me as a t,". i.l., test its efficacy in my memorable march to Matamoros, should the enemy
practice, but to say nothing to others in I -I to meet him, 'in whatever fr..r .: ht". f:i 'I,-and,
the irngredients used until facts should I,. its so atPalo Alto and La Pali... nv.,iii,. 11.,1 the fi
~~~~~~~~ -.1-1nnmeeta adsovr ,, e-the never-to-be-forgotten rt-..l ,I,
.blic"nnouncemWnt as a discovery l. ar; and, nmthe same way, phat
Ecial effect resulting from its use(m my practice ofth Angostura shouldproveabetteroutpost aga cti
was such as to convince me at once of itsutilitv in the assaults of Santa Anna tha
the class of eases described above. During the tcrey, and thare, accordingly, redeemed his word I
last few days, Dre. E," Iii:l, hl-y and myself' have the inexpressibly splendid and important victory a
continued to use, i n, iirill simple remedy to BuenaVistal How, indeed, must not the American a
theexcrluion of'I.v..lall ,--i,,, ..S in all cases with wJj tnVere ,,,|l ,
cholera symptom-. ] hp ,...-I, has been wonder- orally excite'in every'ma nd'o'n^
ful. All the premonitory symptoms such as pain, But what do Locofoco demagogues care about thii- p
a sense of fullness, unnatural movements, slight know about this? A man cannot realize that which naare
diarrhea, &c., have uniformly yielded at once to ai he does not feel. The slanderer never dreams of ask- p
single dose of three to four grains of sulphur. Ing what the world thinks about hm,
Ti cas here (tth rc 1 I".. ...,O n e he h soe to make itthink of hie Intended victim
ling" have been resent and if.^ i ;.i A ti--al "The general charge of prosrpoa nwoud o
lingnav nen peseii, nu n 1. i .i i so ferociously by the Locofoco journal* agais
these symp torus have existed in conjunction, the the Administration is,ueo rilrntabvnmedss ever p i ts own m ndactture, pofessr of r
use of surphnir, in the alxve named doses every .......u.,.lu.i,i n.- ;.',. mendacityy these professors

three or four hour, has had the ellect to ameliorate I ..- ..i t, entered on *Proscription'
the patients condition, once, and when used in a ...l -..i .. -," .u r ., ,I,.,- i...' -,pir ,
few hour s, to dissipate entirely choleric symptoms. ', "r ,I' s z** .. I,"I-'1- r I ~ -
So far ,s its efficacy thas been te,4ted in the worst 1 fr I Il 'Iii t I1i,,.,",e 'r: l ;' r-
stages of collapse, tuost satisfactory results have wrathful, as fur,,"., ;1, ,.- ,:,,,
been obtained. In two or three cases of he kind famished prairie wolves driven from 'theirprey, Pro
the effect of the remedy has been to bring hack pulse scription. indeed! What a slogan for Loc
to the wrist, restore warmth to the surface, and -i,,P1. N ,,ms the flying pickpocket or shop.
stop the profitse diarrhea and vornithIng. In truth, nil. ..i,_,-1-plunder as he runs. 'Proscrip
I-,. % ., ..... .. -., een at te mometowhenweighe
l, i f, : obLtniu- l so f a~ r, have be e n such a s to down' L With Al.. ... ..ahe ve the he m m n he e gewealt an pi l g of r sc p i
1.. ..... i ," lhave admini red it, nnd 'lr.... ;,.,.
iairri.-; ,l 1- *-i r." -w that if any remedy deserves b oing t e,. 1 1 1u ntity
the appellation, thii is the specific fo r cholera. a ois,,,. ,-;,::In.. ...... ,.,., ... .. ,
It hiavhtg been determined 1to m ake this public -- I o, _- .,i.. 1.1,. .,., ,., i r,- ,,
statement, it in expected in return that no hasty -11 111P ,
conclusions will be made. ,'mh-rusroragainstwha t hav the sole right oatitheoffic ther
coui~on inD ma, 'n ~igimn>nic ad the Whigs, though forming somewhat mr Itpa o
appearsto be a proposition to accomplish ,inch by than one-half of th o
ver -Fimple mean. Locoaocoissi has had the country in Its I
though the eisults.iso far as obtained, io quarter of a
short time, and bya few individuals, eem to justify as a robber wouldwith the robber cry
our conclusions, iris hoped that physicinatswill con- a.thespoils ever upon its lips; and o
tinue to depend on what they consider the most effi- aonenwho
, eient practice, in bad cases of cholera, until they un lae orvauen rea tiimm
eAillhave tested the matter themselves, nind formed sa ogbei h anso oooo; ae sn ot
be-1,, .*.i~n~l.-i.. .,r~i1,nhl... iinh,, anyIoterItossitovetboagreIttissuppotedsitre ar, inr-oi
rem.~~~~~~~ ,,,n d,,..,. .il.,-,:i.,' ,,> ill', i..t,,-,il ,ir...., ,hio n u g u b-s .., ., , .,.
i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ airti iany cane unienn oauf ingh symptomng when kid;o i, ....r. ,,,, oe, ,
It~~ ,, ist ruggeste by, IDr. Bird,, tha a cmbnaionher'
of~~~~~~""t power. ,.-'oal ,,ne part tofour, su-phur ona cotcs cpaecnr
has ~~~~~ ~ ~ ~t tpme ,.top, .ake ,he remedyu ,..reI efficient, trI,,-l which hvbeni-r,,'.,..
Kd~~~~~,.' ,N W.p~ Medh.rx~. .and ..d.lp]. ru/' Jr. **."*in'!oiimesfouns a-ll .tr.
,. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , y,:, i. lh ir. s., ,-, ., to be hPscppton thlflWe teeitn taeo ,,- .1 ntrv
| ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,t A,,- ,eia fr,.n. in ths City. [ bto whmwoh-,;.; eesd-fI eeeritneoewr .,,

Qzonp ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ [ from. r..iTin. Zet,.rf v,.l r7,,a,-t ,, Th-tI, iso"a ,, 1,^n', .. i ,',.on.i.,
Jzone, ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i tro, He, i.ILr ,ei.chjt vol. -0,,b parti, orlorooga ~ ~ inok- ., . .. ,.
la ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,I~,,,, fomei ill theli byhdcopslinteae mart ,of thes .,,Iii,' to" .-,p,^nii fni

~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ lr o.~n .\ .,,ii ltlr *n, J:,re i, i^,~il,~~r~ u hti b rti e lunceeio ond certamn sactadsas and phnsphorc phod, dsry.
it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ('Il A'l(] 'er Lall proori,,ft vprofehro pr
,~3oa. Whhog ,nom us; tha.we.av, ir
^ be~testiritaie of thtsrum owhich, will ,.t |/O~~dle ,,Io nh~me a e.te,,,,,ve
tect ~~~~~~wzci prouce prebnc in infnnel smar quntis ,in~ ,,rt .a Tmwhnfn J^w,,"-:ur
of starch, and solution ofiod]ide of potassium forms oher eoooco^aie gives th dreet ;,s Whfttes e in- luen
an ozonometer lar exceeding in delicacy the most to T*~is a*'d to t* Locfocsfotynire tnuad/x
accurate galvanometer or t,,,-,-"rrn, il,i^..nose. The S0 hwasth case as. toe numbers.In aar nd,,:
smallest ouantitv of free Ozonefvnol ntescwstec~ 8t ubr.I aayadI';,

........ .... .. ..... ... .. . rank, the. disparity between the tw p r
proportion of a hundred thousandth) when neither till- wider, Almost every high office had been -,,n
galvanometer nor eudiometer shows any change in gvll b w r. olto ocfo. l n r r
lhe air, will be rendered manifest by the discolora- pointed Wi an d eef esti
pointed'a"Whig-and a carefulestimateof
tion produced by the free iodine. naobntof al friend hytef topartes, go thh.
As the presence of Ozone irn theoairis due to its the"toofosa" "Jenjyed by te s, gsve
electrical decomposition, it is necessarily influenceddeoLocofocos lwlenty-fve d ella r y y
b *ts htricalensiondollars. No one will have the effrontery t y
by itseelctrical teio.
If the prevalence of influenza and cholera, be that this dit
owing to Ozone, the vapors of sulphur, or sulphu- twee" the two parties, either as it regard
rous gases, must be protective against it. This is number of offices, or he olumets of office
confirmed by, while it explains the immunity of, IfGen Taylor, theretree, is t Pr et oft
whole engaged in, or living near sulphr-works, wepeople. he should make a)l effort to equalize e.
ehe, public employment among different classes. In h, t -,,

Lw..> tte of Credit. this work he ha3 moved slowly, but he will, we r- i
Law---l**ttel of have no doubt, continue to go onward in the good f
A case of coni,.derable rmportance to cho of t r m
candile community, has lately been decided in the work, regardiss f c ,amor f s ath
Marion Circuit Court, Indiana, after a protracted opposcdl tadis admintrao men whow a nd
trial of near two weeks. The suitwas brought hy upon1i for t eef-the spoi s
the, tateBank oflndiandv.Hamilton&Williams, The people ofthe country-the masses-became "^;^
set ro.un l-,d)),i tl,,t-arkrnj: igM0. ,dd,,,JIlf. ,-
and this was the case made: dissatisfied with the Polk dynasty, and decreed i
"The defendants on the 6th of March. 1844, its dismissal, Can it be said that any very salu- :ar,, nlwI
wrote, and delivered to the agent of a commercial tary change will havebeen effected by
firm at Detroit, a Iter ds tion of Gen. Taylor, if he continue Col. Polk's I
lhe Branch, at this place, of the State Bank, strong- ,
ly recommending the Detroit firm as worthy of 0'arny of office-holderi" That any good to tle
-t, ,J\< country can result from the change of the h upd of En
letter waq delivered by the agent to tile the administrative force, if all the suboi nates in Mtc e
said Cashier, and rome three or four days after the command, over every division f thepubil 'e .
delivery ofthe letter, the plaintiffdiscounted twelve
drnftsdrawn by the Detroit firm, on one James are left to pursue their course as heretofore! The havear
Hoyland,-Wall street, New York, for one thousand people of the country expect changes to be made. as wellas t
ter of the In.rince. We dsArr, 6,.[Ih: ,t. .
dollars each. A few days after the discount was They supported Gen. Taylor and eh-cfd him
tiilhe Detroit linin faildfoalag out ,, > Itlas ir-
Thrt.,ri Dwere. accepted by f oyland on presents- make it certain that changes shodd hbe made-t~t oril -. f
tion, but were protested for non-payment at ma- the public business should b
tufity,, and have never been paid.1-L .
triden wand ne der be pait. and capable hands, in order that, through their failed-mes- n
Evidence was introduced bv the plaintiff to exmnain and agenc,,, __,. <-tiedms
disprove, and by the df it- d,,,t1 on u nr,,tain, the exmiuations and agency, the eiaet cond tion of ment
verity ofthe letter., 1, hnnh: a|-,i proved, the Government, and the vst and varied
th.i t-1-ar! they wrote the letter, the Detrrot tirn committed tO its care, shou
had been i tvorably recommended toothem," cmitdt t aesol eacran
"Indge Peaslee, charged thejury in substance as wid known. Thepeople have determined that M lions | o
followsF account s shou be settled up, and that a -new set of when w d I ra e

"Deceit is the foundation of this action. False- 'books should be pwed. Who complains of the which r
hoodnd frad ,innerat cncu-r to sta i fri hichi ., Pr-- hii n [raci. abdic
hooddfr u ust onurtosstin it. If the cour e of the President in carrying out this deter-
defendants, when they wrote the lettenethrinto? To e u e :dc-hL.r,
m ~ Al o be fals, th mination? Noolne but rh.: [at, .*.ffic-h~Lad
but if, on the cont rary, when they wrote the letter, those who, through their instrumentality, have long
they adsome interraton as to thematterstherel controlled the affairs often country, at great
in statd and bei ed them to be trneo and were prftt-hmevs lotwic hyae ~ I vr18
.ot riescdyn & profit to themselves-a profit which they are afraid ,co~
no ir~ecd by any fraule
lhr.. ar. not liab]-. So far as the letter ofthe de- isabtut tobe goven toothers.
f-rnlinn- relateato the commercial character end .. .. yr.p j
sinnting ,,fil, r. u f recommended, it must be re -' -n-y, ; 6 1" 11 914
or anexressonofthiopinion Cholera In Lexington. Li-lir,]. ar
andrnotd.t-, asstatse, onasiirrownknowledg.,, IOn the* authority of the Board of Health, the an o d
n tVerdict and judgment fir defendant.-. Lexington Olmerver of Wednesday last states that spirit
that city continued remarkably healthy, and that Th
Bridrin- the Connecticut River.-The I[.-e-.I- not a case of cholera had occurred there, Nocas* p,'n~ion,
in" of-,_mnn.-ci].-,thn-. bv decisive vote, repeal- of violence had appeared at the Lunatic .\.l In t ihi
led AN clau-f. in tie .:lharlFr ofthe New York and sic To .a.-!. i ho Id athr hoai
Boflte Railroad Company which authorized them ice thepreviousSaturdaynight. Several of its rurr,.a
1o h l b U h u brtii,- a.t._ the Connecticut river, at inmates were still sick, and would probably di b ol .
Middleo.)wn. TI. Milledmajority in both Houses the remote effects of the disease.
Ior [II repeel wa- 39, A which the Courant regards inigtiiL). ih,, iorn Rep
an "'emphatic ,and dAerved acknowledgmentof a -- I .FntraIl-,&v af)rdo,
[irine;plI-,ao:nlcd long before our day, that after a ',,hdri at .11'mphis --._Tr B,.ard of Health r
cilv hs Trown ulond he bainksofa river, with un-. portimx dtarhl'fron' -hIhra t
nbetrui led access to Ihe sea, its wealth and resour- The.30th. We hlive itardl ol" nf. nEw cases sI-nce
cee may not be cni off by thecharter of tny corpr- their report, nnd b,,lieve t- he ciry li nearly free
stiln or power." fro -he

B. H.
The Solicitor of the T
anything to do ihutvr
chwrfges connected with
have lately been publi
copied the charge, from
give him the benefit o
made the charge against M
or make t
One Simp
Archibald Prentice, an
year visited and travel
States, and who has public
try since his return home
the Ohio, he was soon str
ences, presented in the ap
free and the slave sides o
observation is a very co
mouths of all (,bsr % iIna ,.t
sage up or down the Ohio
itself, more or less cons
ways. ,One of them is j
by A Simple Fact related t
"At the Mills of Mr. Da
mond, Clermont county, O
ufactured the past year,
23,612 barrels (1,063,90
the same time there have
attached to the Mills, 1
estimated value of this
Gibson's enterprise and
W hisky,.............
Hogs,. ............
This is a very handsome
much to Mr. Gibson's cr
business. But it is only
many of a like nature wh
Ohio river presents eve
some such fact startles
side. There, however, it
general condition of thi
While, under the bracing i
people on the northern side
verting the riches of thei
preservable wealth, the pe
to a very great extent, ar
raise from their broad ac
bly clothing and feeding
porting their own family
idleness imposed upon
Just now, we cannot ca
of the country immediate
mond: but we hazard little
able fact, that every mor
the smoke and steam of
been visible, a gang or
the broad fields, nnder t
labor unwillingly among
the corn, without a feeling
interest in
Such things could not b
eye: they attract the a

Canadian Polities-
The letter in this day's
correspondent, closes the
us of the leading events
and led to the late vible
population of Montreal.
prevailing sentiment of
tants of Canada may be c
ted by feelings of loya
tachment to the mother-c
the present, remaining tn
if the Home Government sa
bill" which virtually re
at the very foundation of
tutions, they are determ
with their southern neig
to a measure which is des
it wears the gui
We are not surprised at
between. the English an
L.-,-er C ,rEd:,'i Th li
.no-, ,ld, r.a lr ,I
Plans. The French have
nists. In Louisiana, o
exceedingly favorable cir
vanced much beyond their
#o observer can fail to m
there is, in everything wh
tion, between the Frenc
on the Mississippi. This
in Canada where the. hab
tenacity to the remains o
was fastened upon the fai
ada by his ancestors. The
adventurous spirit of th
are cruelly .hh. kled f
policy of a ,.. % l h .)
drive their ploughs upo
forefathers committed th

A short time ago we c
Star, a statement to the
year Locusts might be loo
tions of Eastern Ohio a
and Virginia, where th
1832, seventeen years a
before that time, in 181
the opinion of persons wh
of this
Already the suggestion
Pittsburgh Gazette of the
insect has appeared in t
bers. The ground, it says
gardens, is perforated w
which they have emerged
the trees, ]ences, &c., a
which they have shed.
they are found in imme
grown and v
The usual destruction o
immense on the uppearanc
course look
Some of our exchange pa
to "Colonel Marshall, T
gress in the Louieville D
Mr. Marshall is the W~hg
'The Locofoces and Free
seems, are following the
of Wisconsin and Conre
dispatch from Albany t
says that the twvo parties
Genera] Conveutions, ag
union ticket" fo
Horatio Needham, of B
Daniel Roberts, Jr., of
ant Go
Joseph Poland, of Mont

Lake DL
The Cleveland Herald l

Amazon, from that por
with flour and corn, was
the reef of rocks opposite
had reached Cleveland
schooner Merchant was
Barques, and had lo

State Medic
The annual election of o
Medical Society, took
Wednesday last, with
President--Prof. R. D.
Vice Presidents-D
Dr. E.
Dr. J. L.
Dr. W. W.
Dr. R.
Treasurer-Dr. G
?,* ,,. ,,i- Committ
"['liotnpon,, G. W. H. L
The Enyquirer is grieve
Gen. Taylor and his Cab
in its estimation, bad ap
Why so think you, read
been bestowed upon men
Whig party all the good th
do it, while younger Whi
equallycompetent, and "
anti .,- rgi,!1" "Contin
years to come, and Locofo
Ohio asone of her own, as
rise to-morrow." That
one day! Do you really
measures as make brighter
success! Th
A "Strike" a
The journeymen brickla
struck for higher wages
under large contracts for
stroyed by the late fire,
lic, through a committee
R. Williams, W. 0. Sha
In their appeal, they state
to their journeymen is
more than is given in an
r,.pt, pcrhsal,, a few of
Th, they consider a fai
are willing to continue
ever, demand $3 perda), ,
.tS' first becau-c- they r-
unjust." andl rt% L "lor t
the coiiemplnad imnproc
Lherelorr call upon all
tracts, to aid ihem in rei,
journeymen, by extending
riod within which they a
eorplete their

Nzw YORK. Ap
Dr. Townsend:-l verily b
iilla has been the
my life. l Have for several
became worse and worse. A
titles of blood, had night
militated and reduced, an
have only used your Sarsapar
has a wonderful change
now able to walk all over
and my cough ha3 left me.
I am thankful fo
Your obedient servant
R hesumtti
This is onily one of more
Rheumatism that Dr. Townq
ad. The most severe and ch
icated by its extra
Juimes Cummings, Esq.. -on
Lunatic Asylum. Black well
spoken of in the
Dr. Townsend-Dear Sir:-I
uine~years with the Rheuin
time I coul d not eat, slee
,distressing pains and my l
I have used four hotUles ol
have done me more than one
good. I em so much better
lived. You are at liberty t
the afflicted. Yo
The First Men
We insert below the certif
Esq., formerly Sheriffof
late ofthe War Deparemen
Van Zandt, ofthe bank Dep
j mai so base as to believe th
lend their names to suppo
would send forth a frivolo
No Fluid or medicine ha
so nearly resembles the gas
conl] Ing food, and strou
tion, as this preparation of
c'ures every case of Dyspeps
ic. Ifany doubt thit aasse
tlmony of some of the most
United States, who hav
Brtoonlyn, MXi
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-
was attacked with a disease
stomach. rhe mucous me
thatalmost every article o
a nausea, or irritation, that
that I could retain food. I
tirely to the use of cocoa,
ed to to throw off. I can
sensation I1suff, red; it ap
roof of my mouth to the lo
ulcerated. alid I was appre
dyspepsia in Its worst form
with bronchitis. The di
that it produced a rupture
was confined for several wee
weai and wearied by the l
I fortunately saw your ad
several names I knew to be
titled to confidence. I re
Zandt, of Albany, for a n
health. From these facts I
cure one bottle of your val
ralta. In justice to you, I f
I esteem it an invaluable m
I have detcibed. It has
strength. I have used but fo
cacy, after using one or two
days to take It, and soon f
the disease was not entirely
certain cure for dyspepsia
and chest; It Is soothing, a
composing the stomnach end
in future, to keep a bottle
my, family. With g
Mr. Van K eeck wEs former
Albany City ana county a
apartment at
LBi-l. llk i'l. 0,1h
Loart i ,l [I- I [-- [I 1 1. 4
hol fu iineA ,.I1 m.t,,h .
hearttu:-i. aa,- d .! ,-
ind for It(. .,. |* IH l I L.W..
retain but a small portion
usual remedies, but they ha
removing tl!e cpnt.ldiii.
cnaithsa since, tu .it" ),ir E
I must say with little confi
two bottles, I found my a
heartburn entirely removed
commend the use of it to th
as I have ble.l. I.
.. W. Vx
Liver Co
The following Is fiorn a re
positive evidence that Dr.
he most eifective remedy
disease. Dr.Thwitifu i, ,
W. Thwing, Exchangi l-r.e
necessary, will vouch for the
tificate. There is o mistake,
of cases of disease are cont
of this min
tW YORK, Sep
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-I
of justice, to publicly 3ckp
have i) j.ved fir-;, ;",1- .',
iu ?own ibout i' L.t.r >Ir &
inilitaLed state. My disease
of the liver and stomach,
iumptios: I wos so reduced
bope (of rego."- I ItIe., .6
the ere(-ts c of i f Idlo'.1,
I entertaitc .. r,:!u i' .
1 had taken I th,"J i,,r(ire Ib
recover erad ,e11 n, ti i l l- ni
n o w wy a .i r i t l 1,
friends c t-riy ic m ile. 1 i
city. yc, .ii t IY(, r..e ,1i it.
will extend the use of
p N, L
The following is the tes
honored and respected Cath
letter was addressed lo Dr.
sicia n ip 1ntreal, who
Dr. Picault-Dear Sir; Lou
the enclosed !etter and de
to you-the has to my knowle
eased hauds anid arms for
able to' do tiny I. bur, but i"
and fully cured by the eis ,.
..'t L, ;i~re 1d :ts .
-', [.Lr lii l r~i. 'eLD'r Ir ..
',.* f,,'. ll l n reinlrkI-i Lc
-ri. urli d V
C,. A" P
~Curate of
MoKTnlAL Oct
Dr. PicaUlt--Dear Sir: Ic
jn.L r ir ll I ,'^L L[ u I ,, ,i
i (n. T^'u r : ff Ti uri lt
| r a '.',l" i" ,r ll rii
.,j l- -.3 -*.i .I, iLtr Invh. -l
tti':kD, i I ..,,fr lIInL1; 0irh
woliehifr, r d i>1-r,.tedi I,.,
:.r[ ,>1 *-i-,I, .,nc. '.,' wa
l'..,'id'- ;ii-i.p' .i ,Le
*.l][,ic In, ir tth .!~*l; t
,uOn er!;.,]) T lVtd .An i
111 virtues .r'J 1 reouiaielr

This certificate colnelunii
,.arllla has perfect control
eases of the tilo d Three
-,a unpre
PT. I,..t,, fhd--['n,,r iL
orut lOii iitieL tt' .u' O 111
,Je Si.t,;['Uirj 'j L~ie use >..
lete ;if 1i:'. l "ti' yi~erti
hliy t.our brlette Il ru,,s
,r;'ell niill de[
Y-u.a, ip~,>e::rllj.,
106 Wooet
Otflulon of O I
Dr T.jw iie.,l1 ali ..-t i
't yil.i-lii I[L .itrer
r>'j;4 e LtL .itl;ll Ltit w
l ttia|n'a .uflinr.i' '*~B,.J
e Ov tf he ro valusr, le rt
6 P. PUt,

P. 9 Eilii

Owling L; ,'ir 7Te: uC 5C
I'jw..rj'|, "a J-9rapan laa
on =r.u our A ta. hiave
'anr la I& Erl.]Ect1. Ellrlra.
NItick. o.,c Tn-r gene'rl|T
:.o tld r a r ,.l -m verlsemmre .a ithe ale onl
.110,1OU.3 b
Pt n.flf-el O ,fca. I'36 Full
R.: Hellr..: a t CO A gi
Rons, 1 ,u tiri Sc;ond
Hmnte. IrrugnsiT. Biltlm.-r
*V n,' l & I V l ". ,1 I na nr
"ou th P f I v' ip- t, 1bAl i n y ;
DrLdggl" tleI ,d M ,r~ h rtli
.bd Sitei sWen Indie
Role At.enri oi "
147 ilibLnt, t 'ri
I Pg iaibaldasb'
PLm s~nilde reftir
d <