Key to the known larvæ of the mosquitoes of the United States


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Key to the known larvæ of the mosquitoes of the United States
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Dyar, Harrison G ( Harrison Gray ), 1866-1929
Government Printing Office ( Washington, D.C )
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Unitdtl Stiles lh'l)p rtm( nwa.._ ,

L. 0 HOWl' ARD. Enil..mili'.ll.l r.d Cel ,II >...i..i ,' i,
1 ;: i' 1' ^ ' -
l"" I -


1I. l arvi w itl l .m t dii.t avt a ll I lll' il.- ;iNI r h,.,1. %% il I ll.l|- l,|I' ll? I \.,1 .l ,. ,I
pilles'i ; /illitinl) a ll a t lr|.kC', f 1l 1 .L t,,i' ,,ri ti .ll A,,,-ilI,,,1 I1,', i, hi.lt1
carrierT '-iiilif.lili, \ )i Ill I It% T
L.srv r u i li It iit l i 't n iigali TtI ;l ir ll it l' iii ;. l. l.I\ i l..i ., *i,' ,' .' r .
El aii llv 1 1 Jill l 'll l Iitlln i rlll '\ l lt' 11 ,,. '-'
2. T['lie laust gn, nEI l.iE i' Il lit air u'i r, iilli \,ilt';iI I i-n Ili 11 rne ,iv 11- i '
nitlildhi' (f Ith s. gl iItlIi' 'liiinn l i'.icil" i I I 1% I,
Last, grit l ucrK H .illlt llL l n,',]l'lll Ii'll-h. llir liill'- |I, il,, 1 ,,n lIb I ,, -lhl.-.
nuni e on iiiiul-. iitr;al l tii Si"jlil. i l\ l" I ,u l
O nly ,ine cin-e','l, il I,. v, ... --f pilr'hr Iilnilui- i ll 1 .' -.
It,,I ,,/,,,,, %,illi hIti I i ltii 'II l.
3. A bdom en %'%l i lIllll i '1 l.ll,.rll li.lll nI l r 1llr IIlIl 111- l ....i'IIIl, I lll- ,I I ll l.I;I l
witli pliiiic41' hair- I
A hd. i rn ith ,hi ,o-i ti.tir- ?1,, %lir. 1iil ;i lii,.l li, .l, v nl iiil ilii ,,-f"
hairs. L.iVe'. ill Iul.ic,, trE''' .1 ',io 1,. hcrh, rI '.iuiiilh'll.I
4. Lateralc- ih iC" ll l tl eighth ' evLiiiIi ti l lTl' ,, ll i r ir .h. o .r i i ,,it i''ii lzl- ?r
tooth lIlohi el lit, ft' r ht1hi ,,r,. .i i-*, n ,/'v /' ., fidi ,., iiin-. !r('r:iLk'ri.
Lateral conm b ,i ''fl,,r lIfr 1i''' r ti'>,il f'.0ll-., rif I,' i/r. Ittle' 11 ie'-.

Lat ra C1111 %% il Ifltll/1 if f 111*'
La1it iraiIl c'ieII| ilthi ili' lt .re nearly so*. "
.5. Lateral c(iill) idli lh,. iiili, 'r l,,,'tl] -i',,| .1 .i I. ,, ,l l,/ i ,. .nt i.
Law ral (i- iiV, u itii fi,. il p'| r I .... l- l, : .1 -, /I I ,- # ,poll.ilii.
ii. ) Ienth irulll I fuI, lil i..1I, lL I .l i u .I 11, ,i- 1.-.'l itrtlii ii-'.l I ,.
prt' tiEI I 'r,. IP i '.,ni- 1 'i t?' r ii, -'ijtl' i.i 1 7
M ui lti i hirilih l, il .g iii; :aii l. ii' to it. i-i ilr.,. i- Il l, lIo 1 I:.all t ti I t'ill.
lut'iL oln Iii r"ct'c'pil' *rg;ailiit'-'Iil -I tel .il'" ,liiritic- .1
.. plaIt', ,Inl thie Zidt' 11 t lic' itghilthi .llil, cliniI:l .,,',,iii' lt. l hil. ,,rw, 'I" ri'-.
hliing in hllo% Ir -l''M ;and %;tlt'r icarr'il- I ''ti'ii ial.
.1,q,,rt, ii ,- i l,,,+ ,,1i ,, i,.,, %,I, l. ,,h r.
.A jia, l l.l ,ef '* II ill -ri't ,it i ii' iie ii .I111i i l,, iil ll.I ll ---t" i'ic 1 % 1iS(
Sin teiipl,'r.Ir plilillh'- ; I.', 'lit'ial *,]" 't'i,'.'... .
S4. l.aibiial pIl.'tt I li 'intil li 4 I I til "1, l ti l ,' t.lih r'':IIl.Lr .tmil .liku'.
i ,/',nt r.J ii,'c r'/lItli I" Ilit fIci'-. l pItle %1f till Ell'. I'sI t I's lI;i'.il l,,,tt ciiicliI *'ril.urg ,l.
I''.,,ri, l i,,r, h,,,'trwl/,i 'n, illllii.'t

1'T1' rip rir 1ntai hrru,' im ''., |ii'., 'c.ii r oial.' ',itil r'. Bi dlc,.-,' ., "l '.,l T himi a s ', 11ii
of this Biureauli I, fa'-',ili llt 'rl r- Il re. I '- Ii a-.' il -.i r.i I,'ll. v 1113 i. ri, Iii ti'' I' h ll aor14 -
I *. em iployed In lthaltpuElit'ii tlioll nre i'fn ice i-"' ,tt'-

(I. Antenne with tuft outwardly placed, in a notch, the apical part of antenna
hl-nder; air tube long, over three times as long as wide--..-...--------- 10
A.ntefnn.' with the tuft at or before the middle, the apical part not more
slender; air tube usuall shorter than three times its idtlih 17
10. Lateral comb of the eighth segment a patch of spines- _..- ... 11
Lateral comb of the eighth segment a row of bars .-------- ....... 16
mouth brush
head hairs,
"-<::: f, \ antennal tuft

\ \/.-"antenna
I-- -- *. .-I--^
............... . y//

fi vi thoracic
S.. .. ... .. -.,"- _ha ir tu fts

4~4; .

,2nd -...... .-. -_ <
S3rd --- ----- ---lateral abdom.
4th .. t----- -------- ,--. .::: hairs
: 5th .. .. .................. subdorsal
E 6th,. i --------- --* abd. hairs

S -"" .:.<--lateral comb
8 t to ---- -- --- 4-. v -

,.'th. "r -air tub6e
anal se-L- A:. -
>: ::x; ,.":

ventral brush .... ,,cen
analdls "' 4^ 'dorsal tufts

Flo;. l.-Diagram of a mosquito lI a, (Culexsalinariu ), wNith names of the parts relerreil
to in the key (original).

11. Anal .-,i.-..nt with a row of hairs ;ld,'ng the ventral line to hIase; an early
spring species -..--------...------.------------ Ciiulierlht dfliri Coquillett.
Anal v-giuont without any tufts in front of the ventral brush ------ 12
12. Air tube with four paired tufts posteriorly outwardly, the subapical one
moved sideways out of line-----------..------------------- ..---...-- 13
Air tube with four to ten paired tufts al,,ung ii}t. 1)nstlrior line in a straight
row, none di-iljLic-d. -..- -- --. ---- - -.....-- ...... .-----...........-- 15

1:1. Air tube over lii lie. as T.,., as widI, nearly straight, hiliout matrkel
i.ipi.rin-i ; Ii,. ig in fresl wat er t llaic ii i b:irrt l-, It-c.
('uih' IltutriHH t 'f?|i l' 11-1
Air tube less than ti times as long ai ; ide, l.l| 1i111I rIther I i | IIllI after
the middle, soni what fusiftorIn in shape II
I1. Air tube Iit, ti nes as lang as w ide, its pecten of 1' teetht; subdarrl ha irs ,f
third and fr1li, abdomnilial snegmentt dlelh. Itlt dtc dmettltic
f1i i '.,initi ) / 'l I 1P o Sint s I Inn IIU .
Air tube four times as loas as w ide, its peeten ,f thIe thIird and fouIIrth abdlutliinil.tI Mgmnut ilt 'etg .. i' l.-i i1 d1tcrtt tic
i mi, iln ii .. (' .le ft,, ... I 1id 'Ht ll t II I I
I',. .r tube -lightil\ expaindedt at tip. Summter -m.iii,, . The miult
d( es not hil ,-r ( 'le / r ritcnf1 \ ilk..
.Air tube I ,InTIl tapered to tip. ILi' il- in plertrialin't pools all -iutmtir.
f ii tI h r alu I 'i C -, l ll,-ll.
I. Bllar' f comb in a perfect in a cft it *,_nl.i rnw; skin not-itht. lil" in., as fully
Ir' i larva in permttanent pools .,. ,,o .i.i.c.. imla u *rtr (',,nii1.l
HB;ir. f eolnib in an iirrgilai rowm; skin ntitntely iil..-
Mcwchloititr're.r e rTitit"H! I,'. t and Knab.
17. kir tube *iringly nitl.ltrI ; anal -*..',i ni witl a ctitinous i11-. pierced 'h, a
row of tufts .i,,tg thle ventral line i
Air tuibe not iIIll.i,.II ; antal -griii m, t i id t ,,l. or, if so, with-ut tufts i, ,
the ventral line .. '
1. Antenna' 1 .,I and pironiinent I I I
Annne les derate ,,il. Ii 4 ,.,igii rapidly in rain puddles.
(Grobh/mif jaci ice' i 's Tlheobald.
I1. L.iiiral, ronmb of the twii'ilh ,, ,, ilt of six or seven nearly equal teeth.
I..v,.l,,Itjing rapidly in rain p)uddles ,IaJino1,oma snIiIIt L)ar andl Kniab.
Lateral comb of the eighth segnittlt of ih, teeth, the 1,' ailt low c+er
ones small .... .. Inthimn ime r-ilier s ('. 1,ii I. 1
-1). Antenna tiilmit.l and bent. il.itiihll i, ,,.ii,,g in rain puddles.
('rabhcccium tliscoblr ('..|',ill ti
Antenna not markedly in+llair.1 or bent....... 21
'. I rnail with a lateral prominent itIlgh whicl receives a process on the nlan-
dible In crab holes on the Florida coast. )im ocerite s cat))er I I.., ,I.1
I Ih.tI without such an'-. 2'
22 lr. id with thick club-like hairs en us 'ranuota ?tie.I
II,.ad, with tir, usual Ili,. hairs only ... ... 23
I: ir tube without pecten; several ehlitinous plates on the abdloninal -.
uA ent. In I'lllH trees and rain barrels-_l' i,,, 1t, 'it' .i i'c f, r (I .i i' t I.
Air tube with pecten ; abdotttinal -,.;, without any I',l,.'- before the
air tube .. . .......... 24
'i. Air tube I,,,illl.-li;tp.,I the outer half linear.
T11 nimrl Ii/t. l,,i, f, rturbnn+ \ .ill r.
A ir tube i, l.i il\t i tapered ------. ... ...... ..... .............. 25
2'". Aitr tithe w ith a row of hairs h'.-iii, the pecten, the pair of ttifts at base of
I IIl t' .. ... ... ... . .... . .. .. .. .. ... . .. .. . ... . . .. . . ... ... ,
Air lithe without a row of hairs ; the tuft at or 1,- ,imI thie niiddhl of the

I I'l'-r, tit i part) t thlie true t iwaiom o, India but c r (ti>e nimitin ,I1 'ir vpcewes appears to be C*'ar -o-te x ,itN cI!.'
iI ,i&i,-wn M tirtru (tin ipartl)
S.lltl .ir jli i fwfI1 ti zu.
r'li r ie i'n-,'t- differentiated by inlI ute etiarater t )lily oiie it+ it ae' i at all 'e!tinii aiit Ir
,i,-Nfti',, iis li,' O Uten 1-Satklen


2'6. Lower head tuft ith three ling hairs, the upper multiple. In permanent
water, with a northern distribiiiin ---- Culiseta aiuobrinus Felt.
Lower and upper head tufts alike, multiple-----.--------. --- ...... 27
27. Basal pecten teeth of the air tube with one branch. In pools, barrels, etc.,
with western distribution -..---.....---..- 71,i oiIir, inc.;drn Thomison.
Basal pecten teeth of air tube with several branches. In pools, % itli eastern
and southern distribution ..-------.-..... Culiseta consobrN i 11 De)svwidy.
28. Air tube with several hair tufts .------------------------.....--- 29
Air tube with only one pair of tufts ----------------..----.............. 30
29. Air tube long; anal si-gnrent with a complete ring. Living in pools and
rain barrels .--------------. --------- ---- ---..- Culex restut,ti Tlieobald.
Air tube short; anal segment not fully ringed. An early spring species.
Ochlerotatus tir, ihrus I) ar.1
30. Air tube with the hair tuft within the pecten ------------ :31
Air tube with the hair tuft be% ontd the pecten .. .... -.... 33
31. Anal segin-nl ringed with a horny plate -------------------- -.. ..... ... :32
Anal -r.gment not riiipg'l. In pot holes in rocks.
Ochlerotatus atrop'i Ipu s Coquillett.
32. Lateral comb of the eighth segment a few scales in a row. In swamps. %ith
a southern distribution Ad----------- A es tormentor Dyar and Knab.'
Lateral comb of the eighth segment a large patch of scales.
Ochlerotatus bimaculaf .i Coquillett.
33. Pecten of thle air tube with detached teeth outwardly ------.- 3J
Pecten of the air tube with all the teeth evenly spaced 38
34. Air tube four times as long as wide; lateral comb of the eighth segment a
patch of scales three rows deep. An early spring species.
Ochlerotatti, iuft hii Felt.
Air tube three times as long as wide or less; lateral comb of the eighth
segment of few scales ----------------------------------------...-...- 35
35. Antennae enlarged basally; tuft rather beyond the middle. An early spring
species---------------------------------- Ochlerotatus t'oifer Coquillett.
Antennme moderate only; the tuft before the middle -------------..- -- 36
:3.. The two rows of the pecten of the air tube approximate behind; dorsal plate
of anal segment a saddle only. An early ;pi ing species.
Ochlerotatus itnpiwp r Walker.
The two rows of pecten well sepnirat-d; dorsal plate more ih:in half encir-
cling the anal segment----------------------------------------- - 37
37. Tuft of the tube before the outer third; anal gills blunt. In rain puddles.
Ochlerotawus O'r,', 1P i.% Theobald.
Tuftof tube lpv.yild the outer third; anal processes pointed. In rain puddles.
Ae;des fbi,.q I )slen-S.icken.
38. Comib scales few, in a single or irri-giilarly single row -------. ........ 39
Comb scales more numerous to many, in a patch ------_... --- --- 43:
39. Anal v-guii(il ringed by the plate ------------------------- .40
Anal segment not completely ringed by the plate ------.--- ----...... 42
40. Anal gills moderate, normal------------------------- ----- 41
Anal gills very l,,ll with stout central trachea. In pools, not coming t) the
surface; distribution southern----------- Ochlerotatus dujreci (C'qnt tlillett.
41. Pecten of air tube running about one-third; anal -,gineiint not longer than
wide. An ,.il1Y spring species-------------- (rlii rotutri pinettr Kirb'.
Pecten of air tube running about mii.-l,.ilf; anal segment Iimigr it:ihn % ide.
Aides a(tlenticns D:i-r anil Knab.:
I Oeh he-vtt I is ciuerhbreattlis.
2 Ochlbrotatus serrotus (in part).

1'. K.:i, of the cov l' of ii,' eighth . , ii ..otl, hlinll roiilde In
Iv.,,Ih\ trees and rain ltrers T hi, d.du. tri.,t,.tu ".
1 '.Il.*- o.f nlllb sole shalted with trii. l th Tie ... ... .r ... iptlito.

I Iio~ A IlIiit,
1i.. Anal .,.,-i'i',,,l ringed !,' the plate II
Anal ,liiiri1 not C..mplletely ringed h\y tih |l;l' h')
44. r\ir tube o Ier twice as ln i dh. il- lc'ten of l' to A2"2 tI th 1'
Air tlu e twice as long t' tid r Ih"s, iti " h-i I t+. i is'et 4H
1.'. '.ai.- of the cmlb Qtilh tlh central .liiulnn -l.otrtci tiht the hiov of tlih
scale; pecten of the ai tube of e'li;ll tcItIh Ii
.cail.- of tlhe comb l ilh central spiiinumlh af lon as thc Ihol o the l caih;
,.-l,.iI of the air tubeII I. ,'. r Ii-tIat-ii *I
16. Air tube two and "pU...i. lf times aii l e. dil ; c,'tt sc II'h Atlantic coast salt-imuarhl. moqito l I. t irltf" '.lhiitcu" W k, i.
Air tnbe, three I uints as I a- Itil'; IIttnb Iali lir* t I rain I,. ll I-
it \t a So 47. Air itbe pecte1n 1 l'ii to 'I t',. t tnIi'lI ?.I thIi tube ; I ,1eral cmb 2.I scales in nearly tlhie e s Il- hi tr t'tlu (tH ift t < (' .Ii. Iit 1
Air tube pectet not reachingt, tihe toiddhlc .r th' tube; c.'nhl. 1f IV ah
in two iIperfec t ro s An cIrI l I.-' [>01 ,I i.e i
(Irhl rotqttut curtroid# Felt.
is, te:ki,- of the comb feathered ion the side-, w ith centril ti l Irn.
A 'ilr.d itfoi nPtu lxlyar ;nid Knab.+
Sutlh- of the comb evenly feitheied ; tno cent-al itlh.r it P
ill. Air tube one and one-half tinw- a- .. a" wide ; A-t lctw t iee '' p Ii ellip-
tical. In -,Ill'lh- .,, the Atlanltis]C alIard I h lrri. t 1ii mn.,u I .I'
Air tube tw ice as, as w ide ; pelctn teeth al i*.rw ( tlli|1tical. An e arly
+liring 1W I lb 11b yolqt+' t*(/< ' i tn an' + in*srJl eekl.
'0. Air tube tfi'illr times a ni'W at O wide; t+iracl n; Ia.r in;-. A I ei rlA
mlpring species b )hh", fmtcht Pelth amnd Young.
Air tube three times as I.ti,' as w ide or Ie. -- 71
"1. Anal plate small; ,ill- \',i l.11;, s.k like, spotted.
Anal plate over half .l i'i i, the ., ut ; anal gills molderate or -iall "2
"'_. .>,lu, scales tapered, a single mIedian spinulc st"I.ti r r 1ii., tlian thl,
rest . .. .. .. ..
wt .iin scales Id riiitlh rounded, the edii n slin hie r. -, ..,'. i,, the others n *+.
"i-h. I*thi o the hair tufts on the front of the head mltiitple 5-
Tl.. lower head tuft single or double (rarely three ...
,1. "iiI.l,, prothoracic hairs -i,.-l In ici, i.i. pooI.
trl l thi i it/t a irin Inrm,.+ ; ( ,, i'. .1 .' If
"uhiblir-:i prothoracic hairs rinlilrh .
I"'. V.iklv colored ; tufts of ventral brush l ort-steimmed. IIn pl.1.11. I- near
the sea along the Atlantic coas-t .... Iihirr aa /t tn (..,'*, i.
Ilnarkl cohlro d; tufts of thle ventral brush !..,. -i-. i I A1 n earl> .l-p itg
species in the Northwest hh crott a' paill a. (' t t
"*i,. Lower head hair double (or triple) '
l.-mer head hair .inigl ... ....

twA ( rdA ttnt*lu ",,.fi, rmtt IlI parr.
*' kchlli'ntat+sln +tirni'ruit+' lii'
i+ Iniprsrf

"7. Comb scales %iilI lateral spindles as long as the apical one. Ani early pring
species .------ ---- ----- - ---... l A i, .f,'j l. var and Knab.'
'iiii. scales with the lateral spinules \e,'r short. Anl e.arlv spring species.
Ochlerotatuii pri tlins 4I irossbeck.
,. Apical spinuile of the comb scale sharp and distinct An early species in lthe
N irthwest .----.------------------------------ Ochlero,,il, .1 1irii.% I y r.
A licaul spinule of comb scale not sharply distinct. An eat ly spring species
in the N,,tl.ti --.--..---.---------..------- Ochlerotatus stubcantans Fell.
59. Anal 1ill-0 moderately long. An early' spring species in thlie Nirtlheasl.
Ochlerotatus lazttrepsi Kelt.
Anal gill. very short, bud-shaped. The P'jcific coast salt-marsh i,,,,squitu.
Acdes qwylei Dyar uanil Knmb.2

Lepidoplatys syjuae.iIffr (ill part).
Ochldcrotatus atit jitttttus

Seret(fr'y of .1 rii t Ii tf rt.

WASHINGTON, D. C., April 27, 1906.



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3 1262 09216 494

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