The terrapin scale (Eulecanium nigrofasciatum Pergande)

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The terrapin scale (Eulecanium nigrofasciatum Pergande)
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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bureau of Entomology. Circular ;
Sanders, James Glossbrenner
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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4 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.


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Peach -- Diseases and pests ( lcsh )
Scale insects ( lcsh )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
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Caption title.
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"Issued May 14, 1907."
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by J.G. Sanders.

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University of Florida
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CIRCULAR N-, 81 8 3 i.-'. _
United Statc.s apartmentt of Agriculture,
I ---I, I L _r Al OF ENTOMOLOGY. I ,
," ti- h U ,-- i^ l Q W K l I; u*u "(li '.' ll e i L ,i, :.i t ..
-t t"-'
,-,, , . - -* ..A -
. "" l T' Ki Kl|. S S
US DEPOSITOr" 4 . "" .. v..
--- *-" --------------* 1>1 .1.t I. I. h.-. I .

From iver, State' eant ,,f fl,- \Ii-i-il'p]i li' .r. :nal I' i i Mi"-.. n.
A rkan,,, luic.iaua. rTo x
tll..-, Milinnesota, and tlh t
Prewince of Ontario, 'IL 1-
m1ai. the t, rrapiM .alh, :-
Ilt'ell; i 'l,,rb-'d Mid uit' ,-
tic i)t't.i llt i ii LX' ilh l >;ti l

N i w ionte il'jlh v t liit tll- lh- l'-
ri-" otf .':zi it r, i i-j'-
,ty ,Ti* minarkel thun any
.ther of th,' v'-ri't .I%-. t,' i
most gv ,,radll i, illri,,li.

one. In ctll-o*'ii1ii'iii'' i4 -
wiv le ningo' ,,i"f,,, b ul j'l~i't%.,
inclticingr 111il1 ''IL d'1 imi
cultivat,'d tr.,'-, it nlla-I 1,,
coLaPidh'vr'tl :t aI:Iii!I Ella
IV,[. N hi,, ii 1n:i ,,m, ,
tr killed but nIiI IrT,,ii
'[hii- I-,'dV iil,,,'1 1":111 111.
r,'co14 'iaii.'d 1i1i1 A1h,. ilin ti,.
('t% '.i:Ill.% wu'll i'lI Ihii 1er- '."

lililI ll IViii,,r -i i.. ta' i t (".1.).
hit l it :aliiaa.: -tr i 'L- a if _
di-h hv'inii-phl'rh'-'l .v.all- 2i "

with :uiliti ii ii l' : 1W f i rr a

'i;l Soot''l i ui', ti.'l ih L"- d.1 I -. \' hr'i*.

iatIn' -n lI,:ik t' l ,a .M't Kl K i
f i' l %il l t1 i il t'IIIl lark li:tiid .urrqmurindii,,ir it, C,.nit.r. l i, li.
(.)r~u I''1:alviuaha~c~a~a- a :'uuadwhich 11i'k, tint irllv I-A .,I- imiuik.
.I- ,,.. '-4I*.



Alth,.It* l this -po.civ- wa, not de.crihed until 1.,44.," the descriher,
Mr. Th, .,dorn. Pcr( ;ind, of tlhi-, OfiUpe, had kn it wai found upont p1( ach tro't, at i illlIrlo. Mo.


Fur li1:rnY Y'arm- tlil' terraiplii -(;ilh liii, l.,.n con-idered a specific
en,,iir if Ita' 'im'ic.i ;,n1 h-o., lai lon i',oiifinnul *d l 1 ninv elitoinlulogists
aild Iti-ir- with J',',I,.. ;,,,, r.,'', (Fa,. ). till- 1i:,le,'iniiwin t peach ,'oft .f i1f r,,pt. At Ipre'vint %u kni-w it u-. i;f,.tiiig :i Itire nuiiiber
(if l,,-t I|lint-. iin.llhdiii'. n1;>11N varieti,-, of ipach 11;nd -'ultivated plum;
v;a1iri- -'l ..i,.' of will ilim, iand rliherrie,-: /',-,,/,. .,*'',,,', apple:
10:>r: iilint.e: .,,- vral -.i).ie', of C'ratit ui.-: tlilr' .)'cieC,- of nimaple, par-
I 11uil:url" I< .*,,,-,/,,,, '',,,,,, r'im tal an'l X i'-.t'rn -vcii,,iri',: 'Carolina
)0polir: iuliv,: IItieiurt' ( T i,',,, '.... 1.I: luihilii. ;ulnd ..pice bush

1'.-u HII'] IIUN.

Thi flh \ iiui, trlui m iti tti, l -If till,...lei,. In, h nty'Itl,,,.i-r-'. or ;h\,, > v o may have
Il'(. NJ. tO ;l q'olll(oI 11lnl it'l'Oll .. 1r.
1I, i..,' i. I/, i1 'i --N 'ui i_ ii-plht ri' .il, -m i.alI t i, li :1 I :,.-' inim .. ,-xliibiting
liltiri ,I lIll, ~1,iiy r 1A i.i li.irini t-r- ,,1 lli.- lil*'rr iii'_ i',,ri 'i ,-- i l ri a o-\t, th iLolgh
-It,,,A 'I li,.tt I' 1 ., t :ij ;i tl'htr i'di *('-itii'i until lIy the
jlg ~j^ & L .01liii111 -liv- L- |i].in duinl \ t'\-w'i 1-Ti-ra-ittai cdnIqr Fredil
r ., -1,.iriil'ht'l -] .- i 'i-i- l't-,I x'nrc-, ,l"v ,i tIt i .l:t --' ft-cretinmi of %ax
lit I i -:il' ..t r* -a lili il,. IN. civ- I liy 1 n-il ii.. inll a -'olui ion
(Af l',tt .q-?~ il i i \,lrixi, I ll. I,im i- I.-ft oIulv t,,-hrle-.,, excepting
E ftl i,. iii'ii cl titini.,'l airal I-iln-- :iil a i narr,,w clilinizel area
W O 1r ,ull ing tlit- i,,,-. .\ntt-n i., ( lipg. ., ,i t',il-i,,-i.i i' -is
Q4W I ni1I .7
!I_,L, )-nt-, -,- ,'-,III ,, \I II ', ,h,,' a i-i, I:[lly -Ij,-I I a I,-ell.l ,-jII- i|l, is
y i., - T.-riri 'inl ..', I n.1A ilL I Mzn, t,, 4,., anm -I t,>,, -th,.r; ne-xt in *ir-1-.r ,.f' h'n .rt]i
..... .... ,. i -t-, 't.' il l- .inI 1 in triler. T Ih,- att' niin.' .xlhilm it tlhe 'ri i-
.. I1 I -i ii i1. 11.1r\ Ul,.' f-,taxy %.%- u il \ ,li''l-,l' lilij -Ii litly longer thIan
I r' 1 *i r t.a -I]-, lt-.iriti' ;i I:l r,,l ion._, kn-'.ihe, t.lar-al dijitulhs a8ni a pair
V .. l-I.i. ,-'\litI t-,I tiv.''tal ,'liiti '-. Thn'i.. arni.' irre:zular rim -if
: nI II i.. I, ll-, '.. I 'ri t,-1iiit v l ir l- it tl ,. -ii r.,i'nlar -]i ini a lig. 3h ) a n a lifo
:i irz.'iii ,, Iflit l, .. T h,- Iin-,li:n ,i,]ir,ir 'il rnr i f. e t. r, Ip I. i,- t andi about
'i0 iiii, l.,,i tlrt>t- t i ,-' llit' It-i l tl ',, l tht\ -Ii ,rtir -ir ne-: m ainirginal iinies
* li-. : -I.l,. r, e''ui-li' taii .. xi,' ft I,,ar, \\ ii'ili :fi l-'i, ol\ t'ro -ile'I at the
ll l l 'lil l r l n,'l l tl l l ,,,. inll
Ti-. -li-i .ii'it-liitng ini, r,-i ', ,i-al rha a.-tia :ri'a ti, ,t t.lii- spet i,- i- theli irregular single
, ,1 ,1,,h ,l,. ],,n,l-,l,,i-;> r.,%% 4,t ,,l 1 t1, 40 I, l w, -ihtH-c niical ;il-| i la..- f fig. 3. ci api|earing
l... ,,,r'-~, t. xttiliQ iL' f i, a It.r litii na il lube- ti, n i arlv ;il it' e tll' -urking nio lth-
:iart-. Tit-, l ,r'-- art- u-uiially 'juite t- it-ent in :t in| trlit.l -pci itmn anl serve to
- ar.i tli- -pi- i % i ,- -iIr.-lI It'i, .Ill al hti-r-. Thu- thick anal plate- ti ig. 3. 1'i are
llit. i,.iiii tti, al, -',nit- lie at l,. -i-r 1iroal, \\illi tiw- p''teritor lateral inargin
.1,rn.i lI ,,iiil ih, k[h ,. l l.:u-lh paith- hi-ar- tun. minute apical ani tIwo -utbapial

li -'T ,

I;,1l. 1",', l s., I 'i\. l.,E t., V..S l ,-plI. .\ 'r'. lip - 1.i--"' .l.

'* ..n,,.>-. -,. I r ., .,n' t'oii {rilw vt * h+, t in' nin r .'*, a .ttl+xnit o f h tll" t ir' -i i|
titill A.l r r.i
I I. I I I

l,1,1.,.r.*1-:0 ,,-.,Ii \,' ,l_-ll1 I. T h" Ii,,' +in tri'lh'M+ rHt tt il +; hat+frta l i i i f.... + l lat *( i lli,+
I'ln I.... i- r .. r. ,ith -, I uk lm rkltu tlll It 'Ai aroI t-,-rII h1 IIII-
"Illl,- "lI"" |"~ -ln,,lhl ll>t hII' (*,mlll'Ulnl('< withl I'.Ii,:+/:.,. 1,+,,l IHill++,, mfff
I l' i,-,. 1. -; ii,.ll tlrs C d u ii rk reul, *luiij ,..i e++if whM l lIsi.,
,,,', Inp ,Iil i,:,n,\ 2,,,, to :'.,Mi) por,> with i }tmtl*'..p +r.. +d l itw... (.,i, irlii._.
t',11 th 1,:l l l l.,Il'.- t( t in+ H l tt'1'H l` IIl;ll "_\ ,' tit- -)ii ':l III 11 !| iH( -
:I'r ll'r Irl llln l iln -l'll ill Il, .,..thl. !,. r. "-i ',i lv M tl '' ly .lu.,1 than th tlH l I X_' l, ll
..pini'-. TI,,.- lilt,.r HjH'c+ics wn" ir-i rf+rrded fi.,i,, thic ['lite t+ l+Stub
in N.vii. ,,r. 1s"1 \. wui'n it wa'..,nt tolthI (tIi ..i fri (t +hliiiitei. P!I..
on |)Iiin l i,_'.- I"IIrIM i+s it+. .,i._i,,ji.,l h, mw. wln-tic it lttniit hasve
l,,u'n; ,.\|,,, t,',l in it1he t+ ited S ista -rrt stock ,r n1l l ,,._.-

I- V' I C
'' St''^, '1 ,r '
"~ ~ -A'

1\: illxr >
sr. .3

\V,.r\ ~,in:tll. ]+,mitirein four-wii],_.,.,I lli,. ,)f th" ._., ,,,,- t-, ... |'iI ,,_.,t.
t':,i l il< 'j: i, li'l;.. are our *.,.:it"-f | 'ntcfaietor-, Ii thl' eontru'l II( lilti
-, iih. -i,.,. I.

['if~l iii,' l~ :tl,'l\ l~i riiii iI f t',r i "lie ,:,L, ,htu scale cv and whiMi at the samte timue c'itrotl.u the
[n':11'i li'f-tiii I. i- worthle's fin ti,'.itiuir, the terrapin +cale. Nuiieru-'
,\pX'riIil1-nt- i, tlh. u-.e ," thit lime-sulphur wash :i.".iil-i this seale on
:uL'i,,l'- h,,-t I1:LIIn- havt' produtred ,,,I*i i,.',:,tive l,'-Iiilt-.
i ir "

3 1262 09216 4473
Kerosene emulsion has proved to be the most effective remedy for
the control 4f this pest. This emulsion, when properly made accord-
i,,g to the formula below, can be sprayed with safety on any tree dur-
il g the dormant period-in winter or early spring before the buds
,pi.n -at a trvngth of 2C0 to '.k per cent. A nozzle throwing a fine
1p1a.V should be u.ieil. Care.bhouild alw:iays be exercised to prevent the
liquid from running down the trunk of the tree and collecting about
the ri,,,- as the. il, which will be retained by the soil around the roots
for an indefinite peril. might seriously injure or kill the tree.
KEROSENE :Ml It 1|1'N.
Stock solution ((,.* i,.r ,. .n 1 ,l
Kerosene (coal-oil, lamp-oil) ...................... .. ....... ...... -gallons_.. 2
W hale-oil or laundry soap (or 1 quart soft ;iil I .............. ........... pounds 4
W ater ............................................................... gallon.. 1
Dissolve the soap in boiling water, /#, r, ,,1.,', t r"m, ti, dre, add the
kerosene immediately and tliP roti ughlv ,agit:ate the niixtutre until creamy
solution is obtained. This can bi l dne Ib pouring tlhe mixture into
the tank of a spray-pump and piminping the liquid through the nozzle
back into the tank. This is a stock 'Ouluition whichli mut be diluted
before u-ing. In order to make a 2, perc cent imilion. add'to each
gallon of the stock solution about 24 gallonms of water and agitate thlior-
.etlily before ii-ing. For a 25 per cent -olhtitiin addl ti each gallon of
the stock solution 11 gallons of watrr miid agitate thoroughly. This
str ng Ih will kill a large, percentage of the lhibernating females, with-
out injury to the trees.
If a gii,1 naphtha soapecan be obtained tlhe lprep)aration of the emul-
sion will be simplified. It will be uni.ce-.-,ary to heat the solution,
since the kerosene will combine readily w ith the naphtha and soap and
form a pi.rfec t. .il,l, milky-white emiul-ion when til- mixture is thor-
,ugh'lly agitatedd. If naphtha soap i. u-ed, dihible tihe amount called
for 1. the formula, and emulsify in :-oft ('tin) water.


VASIHING;TON, D. C., .jlr/1 3, 1.9.
[Cir. -m,

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