Prickly comfrey as a forage crop


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Prickly comfrey as a forage crop
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Vinall, H. N ( Harry Nelson ), 1880-1937
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture
United States -- Bureau of Plant Industry
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it I i it l Itl- |' :a< i linl I A i I 'f W ( it N i iii ii ii l iL i -I i i [ i ", i & ld
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( i i l t t 1'cl'11 n m y and i h'l- l l of.
A lt lionl'li [nl,!hl\ roiiit \\ ;>+v n.'t\\ n !1it l i'r e m wt Il\v \ n'y r< ;ii(
in I'ainrd tot, iiic l a d In OH xl il ill ll,< t'tIil,+ S !l+ nI \An- !t. Ir\ .
;t/ l ;i>i l i ti/c \ m ;, i' -Ai< lc i';i l >l inii j t't;itir 1+ 11 in l l i ni n i i ( l\ ;i ~, ;n l',,) ;i 'h ;
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(G e(r'lll*lvt h l nll l1 :wll\ oilt er i"mi lit l'\. wi tl si'+ suti e'( H o w tii r Il>,I \ '
uiscrilx, il l > t il" ii/V l-f ivi' l iiic lne lod. of' ,oi ll i\';ii tiun fiti! [l, il l -111 ;1 1 -i i l
l';n'in s, a l w iic, \,lil'h uillq ir >riiic cr ,}> lmlml (Top 1++! ,(ii (| \\ il li
I~l7r^ vi, Iit l'l tu, ]lic:i\\ ;ipplica':l t~io l' I+'t'r ii+ c't. (t)ill\ u mli T M Kl l li tic+l li
Ods call tm t ih b'l tds of i>+ l'aLmt t iinwit lt llin111 ri t l i '- I'rV oii ( !imui ",, 1> (,\\ |) 'tiv i ll. N ti, d,, f l ti c i'o ,' lll( Ullll' lt X |l(ll'llllr l ll il ) 1 l I ill ICU ll' ; 1 1(q w
'tv iiill rit'f Ii;>\n > t ii lit 1wt (nu mm>iiii ol, I lp icklv o wri vifl '\ in t( w 'ir rI'lxrt s
.,< flar ni imotcil

k '<'.lH <+l| H l +l }l" l l l l 1:h + . | \1 K I 1 ; i 1 11
|i>rI h hli H hi' | >i t I i tilt \ I t l i t '\ .11 i' l / ri 11 1

} t t t l i n f I' lNii t. I- '. i r I l i loii j 1 .17', 1
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'li, l(ik Y tOKIR1:1


Th' se t s.ialts ,f pr 'ickiv cllifi' v reach n lheihilt o f 2 it) 4- feelt a til

O'TC(Iln (')>l i Ir- Ie,\\h:11 nl !in i!;i'nw iis 1 il texture. (Sev c 1.) 'Ilic
bri--lo-blle' fl<\\ ' ,i'le n > rlt'ro, o>red lh,.-!iv ;! in Ix,,p s,,il ,: ill rea;clh o dh pth ,(4'

* -* -

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S, ' .. .,

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S ,, ) feet. T he1 pllnt is liirdv ;ld \ ill enldure o, -.ih nrlble colhd (r

drouI i'I I. nial.ilp,,' ; vcr\ ;, I 'rowdi 11 \\ liel com d iin I i ..;ri' l'<1v H';lilh .


.Alllml, li (l!' prickly coml'Tr produces lr,' crop) se( d, only a
.iiall l lporcenlt; '(1 of 1l1i.s .eetd \ill go('rl'l ill'.te, s t il is geier:illy found
more pI' l c( ic;lle 1,, plc 1 >l ew1 llc\ s lk h division o f the roots lhsill by
I 'i r. 17 1

II 'I IK I A COM ril AS- A F( )I;A(;IJ C OP

Vx'\ \i VC.
/ * .\ (; *

S-/ ... .
-. :"** i. *- A
{: 4 !, -;- ** *s ... *j ** -;:*.

7---.. ;* '-. .* ' 1/*;
.\ I *. / ,
.*,/.:,< / . .^ *

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;^ ** T., ^ ^ *
.'i ... i ,' ,. ," "** *
\ .) Z_ t'.. I .....

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see/. t hese rool cul 1 nif;- i;i\ beeitlier crow1r cutli sI(fia. 2, B) or
Iran sv I I l Isi('lIte ol i fi t tlhe lw ver taproIoi s (li l. 2, (', ; l thev nIiV b)e
( liite m ll, tht thile 1111111ber sculled h'1om(l Ii sinh(rle plx t wiN]ll be
'onsi deratble even i'll olie (,ear. Thiley 're planted inl rowls. us1allY
Ibt i feet pt :ea l1l Ich i way, or : I'eetl between the rows and I11 to 2
feet a tpart ill tle rto thie dliilcc depelte ending, on the fertility of the
oil. W hell firsl la ted, ile riti sets fris1' 8iven f(t b
thoro i'll cult valtiolt. T] I sets, I 1a: 1e t'IIroII cro )wIn cu t tI I' I USIIallv
bloom tI lie first vear', wlhile It ose ] I( a e ll'rol police, 44 lle 1 t a;liproots will
no0t bloomi il,- at rlle til Ite I sewco d seaso .

('ulli, tiva n shI) would bte c()ntitueId a'ter each cut I i I,.-. [lntil lle planltst
;ille lal'OV en>iou hll 1(o sihazde dhe "round, and a fl ight 1op-di.--i,.. of
1,ititm11,re s oi, tii/ ld e 'ivel tlhe field lifter each cutl tilln if la'7 e andil f're-
(lqiet cri4 )s are to beI (' extpectlel. The tt1isx snlild alwavtls be liade
before seeId li'tl Irilled. FIroil threill e to s'ix ('ops ;i Year may be o tb-
tainedl ll, tili( i roo(it *il field t ptlhiio i t lalt st from l ie telln tio
t \vei It veol' wilth lit replatitiiu', retu niiL aI Yield oti 10 tol 4l0 ton
01, -I-eeil I'eed per acre eaei Vear.

It is as a soilin crop f]or dairy cws talti comlifreyv has proved (of
lIlWos1t vy I I:'. I Dr'. D HenrI Folster, of. CIlifton(d Sprl'lin(s, N. YV. ,llas beeInoI
it ti p l lti,, the i1 st ent usiastic advocate of, co'rllifey fVor this I)Im-
p)os." )octor Fot() e toprI-1d essed his fieht' wilh IIIaIlIIlI Ire aIftevlr eIch
c'littillIg ailild cult ivateu t orfIt'lor ill yi l ie In tli 'I way lie (\ iliiled to IIhivef
s citIe I t vlieIi f 5( li o ls 8Ier ilcl' re ill five cuttil l i s. According to
lis stl lte el t lin to al' it re'edily, and ili( ler crop equaled it
ini Ip ,,t At tlie New Yor'k, A\ 'ricuiiltiriil E'xpl uncti~wi Staltion dlair-\ cow\s at
first riliwe it)e (eait l'rTlv l comllflre C(o11 meal \\,as. (hell sprinil ed
o)ver tlie coelllfiev iu the nm1!/'r", but it was knocked ot" tl'ad licked
)I I fo tli e( bottmi ol' tlhe t'ed boxes. As I last elsolrle, sail was
sc:lltered over thle comlnt'reyv and1 the anililil s< w ,re llitl.s Induced to et.ll
it. They (o ll became i'mo d ol it ;1a1nd altelrw\vald?- ;iate it readilY wit]h-

|+xp(eriieln swe \\ e carried o)tn :at lihe Ne\w Y, rlk A.-ricultiral Experi-
1te11t SlAtiolm i1 \\ ili'h two lots: 4df liofs, z)ivlelr/rinll (;A poullids each,
were 1,ed (t'ilhree week's aill thle comtrev flie,\- would vat, in uhddi-
++ l!''il rl Ncvi "'),'k AV!ricullluir:>l IKxlpcrinicnli S l m lullclin 2'2, i t ., Ne\ Y rk" g \ ricihll Iri l ,K riii dt 1hit m. pp. 2!)2 29)'7
I ti.. 17 I

PK *CKL j ro ) 'I ': Av I :*' I"A;< H

Sion t 'it ItlI I it

was noi t duc tI !a


+I I l l + I + ] +

M ,1\ i l' |> ,

\\ 1 I l l 11
l+ l n~i IT,*I':


i it : 1 ; 'I I n 1I1
frrv. Il, lir n ':-, :

;i r i t i n >i 1 **
\l'itittll '+ it}+

\ :is ,.1 ) [t't (+ ti

ledI cl Ni \ nit1

ria lit a i
lutt ti n i 1' I
I tilt h ,i t ,
Itiwr IIAI tf

Tr li, I
*< i n i n ; i>

I0,+ ,+t h vo I*,.
1 I tlu'1 l >
-*I i :i -
; 1 t ; 1 ] >f ++)t ;

1 1 i[ l I i >

1 |) ll t iw li ill Il'ti \ P i
](* IV c 0"4q l Awd 0- ; l ott11>
111I,'< ll h U l l'h t<> 11 1'Cv
?, \, 'j'+ li l tIQ tdl ie ] iwI ,

I II t 9 |:" x '-l I t- in
in I I ll lll 1 i l t,+r

tithe Iw W wrel ",t -witl \\a:" l, t w t t,1diI wd + IV12
It i i> ITl< i, l -. iii> ; [i IN tl i- t.

ii li, t' (t iin l l 'jt" Wi i Jtt ] W t I ii l i r tiln


I4U'L:;ritlini r 11'' l '- Iit irk i Il ,iv tnifmr \. l1' N c )w, k A ul rin\ i nll1 i I
Experimtll Slilalioi r'!v',o ;i- a, 1' -: M()iir t rind- ihmiidicnic HilM it
is ot Ito, N i t c h* e itli l r lim \ or vin-il.mi l i ii'-, I I li il iit I,
('iii(" l(o t lin/ tit ;i >tilnii cr+oj)+. I l<]'. iu-o [)r it :- !' be t ii '-r l i, .. '*o Inc
, XtlTiit for >ll+"-l ;tn1 i It to I i t to li 1ii 1t N I it I il, ;l I -t u r i m ti l I t i l.


VIroiii II to l It Ioi [ t it'l il tl I | tr o'ti Nin, rut iT x ilm l 1i \ t ii
Ntlw l 'lW, i or \ +tit'!iill it il tl.\ ) r ,in S iii I (o 1S\ l1to \ I I
" Ml 't;llio>lw ` to 17 L t oi tn' w ulo l !i ("h ',1 iO l >mtl'd in 'l ;I .' ;ol i :'; .
tons b, tv x> \\ i-coii-ii -i ;i l ioin.i

IiM ;dr\ Y&lltI t (lt Il1it \\i-t in-m 4 \A i'iW+illii ,i Kxp i Nc Sl itt i1
t'etiX [lt't 1; vi h l l t r t ). 17t ti lltl -d ol coinl r,'\ t, 1 ic ncr <'.c li i[> r t I
71N.)7 |)im id- id r"d clov F i' I ;' le l' iii .- ,\ I iili A ++'i 'K'il tl iir til l x~''.\ iinrii't t lt.i t ii ii tr p o rlt -- l n>
'rim',t iut), i s,''.m i ii!. W k w i tllund I 10 p ino ,++!1 t1'i m rv: l ")rt H+it, I t
\ 411 iwd [ iX -4r o diLs<-l de Nin li i n I 1 o |r(o JO IN llori, itid
tvw cIlva o |)r ;i ~ n 'i| \>' f w :

ii, I-

lIt1 \'~

cc. a I cr t
11m ; ir \ it
.t I \\ .l l c ;l

" I \ -i I

\ i ItIl
lil lt\ \\t

in inl'!

I tIlti tt+i
tt'J~ l

1I 1 I


"A i ll-

I't1lKll.' ('..11M1 ;1 A\ r A \I"o-'KACI ]I(U)P.

Li K lf o n Cv wa
coK K i (II. (" I .

'o a 2t P lms
H 2: A 2 53. II
{'tid iii:;I. 2 1,7. 0'
N i .o;; n-l/<' I', ,,- ... .. i I W, 1 !l)7.t 90 ( l().0
ro el .i . ...... . .. .. 119. 2 .
T oi h l ( ,,l-i i- l Ih II;I T ..... .. I0!i. 9 1 i l 271. s
T ola} ) ricn m au n-.'1 .] . . ... . . ...... ]1t.,5>(10.( 1 1,0(10.0 14.;iOU.Ut

These li"un's indicate tliat although tihe vield of 0'rTei 111m1ater is
-raler il rickl omley, lIe real food valll ( is likely to h1e hes:ls t1an
lthiat of Ile commonly IIv ow for"w C0age (rops.


At the Wisconsin A-ricultural Experiment Station 11 equal areas of
ced clover and conmifivev were planted in 1SS7. T'l comlfrev was N top-
dre'ssed iiea\vilx xxvit I -Istalle manure. Yiehls of both IWel' determined
I lie ,ecomld vear, the clitinl)s ein mI;lde' witt ) sc The red
clover returned b Ioins of trveen feedl to tie acre ill lhree ('tlins,
and tl coi fre' (;l', I o-s. SamplesI1- \'re taken of tie clittings of
litl(i er()j)s a itl lie di l Iatlll determlined(l. "lhe r(edI clover pto-
duced 2:) per cent IImore O)f' to ta r v natter and 25 p' ee(i llmore
protein in thliree ctll;ilg- lia tlie coinlfrex did ill folir. A more
ilmporlltanit difflerlence etwxeeln Ill two crops is ill tlie lesser cost of
planilini" auild laive-l iil' he led clover I alld its greater palatabilitv to
stock. It Ixwuldll seem ll I at Iprickl ,v (cl I'Ie eall lil t llcompete with
Ire(d cloves aa (oriap e crot fmr tlie ,elleiral flailuie'.


In Michij-lian '' comt'rev xws a 'l, side Lv side l itlh ensilage corn,
and hew trials "itluht- e(i'ihliaieallx tlhat in Ihle soil and climate
existing at tIhe lMicllian Itatlolim corn is tai supeliorw isa a aforiage (rop
to 'oIIifry."

The older plan imi of io m/il'eY,, at tlie New York l &.A cricultlural
LExperimenllt Statlo(ll d(t.u'ilg IS"S9 -ave \a [i(l of I I tol's of greeii
mailetr pe'r acre. Alfalfa idilrili liel same period Yielded limore than
H; hills of <"reenl matter per acre.


(,oil'rex lhas v iel l,'ee r in at the Nort Ii Crodliia A ri'uill ural Ex)pe'ri-
mieill Statioi since IS99)).' It rew well ll ht xas injured bv Iboth c'ater-
pillrs amnld a 'lniolls disease which reduced the cli'p l o xtwo ol three
ll<[)< t, \Vi-coiisil> A\'ricullundl l ;xperimlnw l S!talio ISS1 !. pp. 2), 7 ;n ld 11.
1) I' l!nllc in Ii<4iii(iii .\ic \-ricul tllr;al I':xpcritw'i nl stlil ion. pp. *3I alld 1 1.
'' Iiulhrl in 7:;'. N

%Inlo Inn, i W 11
II al l r l 11tll\ 1

r I "1 a 1 O ut


o 1\\ Wil2 l H N a
'm iay fn ;A
, tll/ it, lir

-O I?1 a ||T :I a l- iI
ai+ t l ) I I 'a 1 :

a I ala aU1l l l I a> r

"i 1. a- ia aq
.+ ri i,[+ n.l' roi 'r',\

l r. ,,a a l 1 i +
t++ < t( \ [;, 'I ) ill 'l a a

l' aI 'l iaa\ aJ 'a'a ill
-.laa\\ a-+Italll I,
lira ;i',' [>( icfi l

it li f l l' f i+a + `

'a W A aH I" dwI l

I . l al <' 11 ;Il Ia'r w A I I'l imi l
+ I a Ia a l aI ,I +
i ,n ,f i. I r l ~r+, \ u+ i:Iif I I i iIc u 'i |,

poundi,. Id i l'p n -[> i] >t' ,d wqdowk, N iuk I ; l 1

'a f I 'a+ t a 111-- .11l +,, + -a+ +
-Ohl a I,! at,.al a- Ill \ I"HA

i) US o
aTop- q

l+. l .;U.k in
I'd,,', ill.IT
1.;ld\1 1 a1

a l it a Il t I

;t lr< >l llp 'l

. + i l l l +l 1
a i i 1
a; l II

a -<' a \(" 'a a ,

rc ... N I | )< > | .
a~ + I \ I. ')

a0 i a07, I,:i0

+\l rr ; l. +l'; l> l'+-i.o
al 4 Ia l ha

x\i aI a' al'alf w

I'-a I [ d ia

f. al \ Tala>I

,l \ t I \\"a W 1 ).a \ ,
Na' t lii r I "i a i ua li

W -\ S111 \ ; <' ( \ I ). ( .. /.+i + r it l

Ti 'ka I

c+ t t aIH < '
ar I "A s t
t l,+ t hird+,
p h l l t '-' l+'r
I hr iml
16 l~>I

" il ( 4 -- 1 U I l

h KI

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