Experiments with Egyptian cotton in 1908


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Experiments with Egyptian cotton in 1908
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Kearney, Thomas H ( Thomas Henry ), 1874-1956
Peterson, William Arnold
United States -- Bureau of Plant Industry
G.P.O. ( Washington )
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    Imports and prices of Egyptian cotton in 1908
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    Spinning tests of 1907 fiber
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    Results of experiments in 1908
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  • F' iti l f I il I i lx ('hI' i. 'iia''. 'l' lo i n '] I-<

    IS ( l.iilin u li la; I a a r l ;r'<'ta a la.Ia l ;i i.( i44 *l I;i ;' a a
    ' alaaa rri l i lnl i .llinii ,/ai nil a a. Slaa aiall;>la, ('r1 r 'l' c diit i , i l il <'l
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    Ia a 'I I /4a'/4 I aa aI, , 4 I* a. 1 V Vi... 'L '

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    U .I IZ I 01 A ) PLA NT I N i I YSI:'.

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    I I A O i vrr or t h. I'

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    ,PnI-/ llC i ;tv';l" .pl t i ii \I ] 1I'iI l TI i *o:I ,, .: I

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    ( ';a l-n l t' 1 l ln l \', V; I l -- t C ( 1 ,- 1 1 ;,1 t11 i l hY i' i|; (, > I'dlta'l l t

    IMt40\- I r, i t lm p 1 tI l l is l' 'q (01 !' V' Ai J

    II'' Ittl'oI l ll TI;l \t 1 1' "11 i t ;l ; \] IwH 1l| I hI t -
    (10 ~ i th|1r'(In *' ol \r l>ri !r

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    'ltpi/a''hiveorg/detais/e xperimOOOnt

    th rerforv"' iiad l 'o lX (). Fi (% Uk. otf ithl, Bueaul it" o la t Indlutry,
    al"I two of his as-istanlo. A1es"-r-. Arr'yhc McLadlian andl Rolaohd
    leadere. to -pond several w\elks at Y"Wa and :/ acalol iAl thle< eally
    autu imn, stiyvin]L: the variations of tlls (otlto iAt ploess of accli-
    nmatization. T/ev hiad bocomeo f'ailiar with similar pthenomiena in
    (lii ( rIwe ,i t(hei invesmiiQlwatin of th e leavi or or ({ ettral AKuqeican
    variti"-, otf 1ttoln \whell introdim ed il o (ltio he lt ie Stite. I.nci-
    denitallv llte mav h de carefuiil tuIly of tlhe ly ids with pllantl
    eo* t si i that \verve plv'sent ill tlIe ac(linatizedl istoci of the g'yl)liaji
    1y I>M'.
    Tih liervi es'- of ,,.h A. JWalker. anu expert celassifier of Eigyvp-
    tian nolit iit, \\PL. se(urdtti in oroler tiha the l i et lr t til p olldidi 'iil. I e
    pro e'rly gt ad d as i ii as i (an fron t il 'll,' I s. rI Vatlker distil 'L: I i l"diieI
    six 'r 1dIlo's ill t ihe coton prodh(I u ait Sat atolt and Yitit a. i -iii i tihe
    ,*rolit ii])<)i M Y'=rc on front Iru-]l, upon l lln 'tl/. troiil -in a ld lii hn l ss-
    rd lie sl 0a"lc uplol color andi Intl i bit I, 'iVt I n ll ial I Ow' (liri el nt
    +'xaichs .\('r(+ lWM I s0'14 i" ar;uilt and gTroaS ca( wasV talken to have Ohw con-
    w{Its of (ad, A ,li( ox Nnil in f n! a' o--il)1e. In all. aliotm 12J l ales wetrv
    bltaincl. vhidil i- proposed ti, jvimlsod i i niarkM ulide l su ir .stq(ances
    n{- vill .' ive a i iriO or' the t+ A N1ii to L eitvcxt\ec ITOillI this typel
    orf woutl.l in lt]e '[ol 'rado IM ) River 'ey Ion.
    Vii] thI 's inls o I tlie ex]) "e i till- i, lin vere inA the tailn
    fa oai e i W' i vxoci'inii iiil ; ork will Ih n ci ,sary iIxhri lhe
    Se,,!. cali s; We\ l.c di'-. ilI, ife lo f riieT-+ ('nonsoir yh C i dcrabll dive ilv \ i A
    t'i t J' N I' i 1o S I i no' "a d ll l w qualitY of thei !ilnw r ajil enrIv l Ai the
    dlill'ere't h i': '- \\l (ier + experi et] \wej reW Iade, inolol in y a need
    id'11 ii i; ] I;) ; wo( i I I' I i ic-n] of Lo I oi Qi il a d ; e ini d l i t e I em.: io
    ; V ; ;- I :[ 1; IL :LIL, I I lL I~ ;] / I ii '+i 1 j t 11 '1 Ut i II I ;II IL ll
    in Aviiulii ti sir iI "F ritto l a d beo e hih iii In ll/u.e int a
    1' l y '1 y '. ?!L M I of ily i oi r Iva- Olio I ter aL L d IIe L ilIi llo (e ])e' -
    ci ;I, il i i't and ol( otI r. O iw tI o Ad Ie XU lo'i r tliat lhe
    I il; l-1 ) i'I. e workL mi'.; ia i i i l t ILI l;" ioi. a Iok lseed
    WiCi ) j oleii u' 10 A Ici ll I i ie NlN WHO -~ d l i s wi- -I i l. it i t 1w)
    :14 \Aiy in | )uola ll! we k ow L moe l. oI I ow\N to\' lo i'riI 'aw I E '_. l)1ti ll
    no it l 'WAMi', I l F vim (oii I i- -i l)(]'e is oL, I. Ii l.x|) iu'Ire re
    li .... L( i t (Alie t I l WI w ize id tl. e |Iall (q 1 n li il Si\ ll
    |;ir^-ej {d}cjind, -) 1 i i ia' Iv ilhy of tie lilp,10"r al 'e v .y seWlKive to
    dl l]'ere+iie- in meiiI v aWd in -cs of ir itLSIon. it noore nr s'eeisc
    | 11h()\\ l I I I i h t |)i!i( I't needed.
    I I I 1 ii I.' L' ii L' l. <* ul''-,(} II Nii tlie L reu Il l u\' lail- teal > sl xpi e iihi t ll
    i. ie'aecd 'bj v Q -lalencm A01cilpi; lhe v'oi ne and halue of Owle
    impon -, >of ,irvplion co (ion mll ( e In" itld tale-in l''!^ ;ii:1d by a
    r9 "m (01| 'Pi ni ngii) W-'1 madle 1l)\ mauhV I 'tll it r wi i Ill{e lilicr |ro-
    dii< ed ;il Y i ula At 1901*.
    1 tip "o'

    -XI'I'ltlMl'NTS WITH ;(PTLVN iOTTON IX 1iw0S.

    I11MPO'tiS AND P IS O". 1GY QtIIAN COTTON I 1\ >

    Sl l( it It < -I M t l l l ;|l ; l l| | I l l- [ ;l l 1 1 "
    I \ ) )1 I i 1 K Ii I II | I. 1[> i n i 1 1 o
    hli lo l i M )i i l l 1 W ;i 1 l I 10 iu l \

    'Al 1 Pl i'l l l II l I I I( i I i l r'Il,

    I i l ai i v I 1 i li r li jH -- \ ',

    lItl t1 Wrr-IwI i ih. c 10 1 1 y 1M 1 w,
    I ll ; nt aili i mio l i I a k, t ] r \m j \ i \<'

    Iil 1 t i 11"1l.i \ r. ;l I V, M W

    :li| M li l lll I l lI tI ,,lI -. 01

    I ) ii iii ii^ I .,)1I U o nl
    u l' im i i' i'-I i it. lt Ii. I i c I -
    atl l. (lit :1 i iI

    It '_. lI, 1i )I Il -' I
    WiAi t IJIM Il ) | Ii;i 11 W w d

    tV J 12t Im t Uy K ,1 at
    ItW" Wool I

    I 1 1 I V r I I
    114c i 11 i l1 i1 A m NI W *. In

    ; i 1'< 1' l

    ti n 1 'l ( l

    I it 1

    li .l ,l i

    (I* llql

    (tf FoI
    t i 1< 1/

    L O In(

    1I t i, t''I I -
    Att NO

    ill V iI I Ill

    ;.'! < ';il 1 )11 I]<

    \ v u''iI

    Ilw -1TO0K1

    AI' 1tfo II

    I I H Of Wl
    A L >-I >\

    l I oil 1

    W F2 v,

    Ili 1)i


    K I r1 '

    I l'Xi' l I.N '[' \V'WITH IA EGYPT]IIAN CO(i TTON IN 1908.

    l its ill Febrary. 190!. It should al'so 1,e noted that the prices of
    El1pt ian co ll (l quoted are tho-e of lthe averae and not of tihe be-,
    Ir'ade of ( ic Mit Aliti variety iilIporte(l in le tie I lw iIed State-. the
    latter r;aiii,'it froin I tio e1 eents higher. while tI lie .annovitch varietv
    bhij'ii I firon to (; cents molrln lln ille averao-e for Mit A.fii. If
    c(to(tt) of (ht1 E'gIyptian I(y)e is to he r'owl i In tle Sotoulhwes-i the
    production of quality colparale in value with the hie-lw- im-
    ported tl grald(e is tlie --al to hie kept -ltea I(ilv i'I view.
    The Cr1( ) of i1)s) in V'J,,l) pt is ('imated t(lt iamoil(nt tol) ltw(Ieel
    (1*'2.(I.O(0.) :mid (;:>).().000.)00 po1llnds. or ne'arlv 1(O0.000.000 pollld's
    le-ss (la 1liat of 19)07. The sm-lller viell is atll ri'tlIled chielfly to(
    unusutally lwm temperatures a1d excessive atiio.-lihc ric, tmiditv
    (d 1rilg' Ilhe e l' altm llill.


    Small s-a, llplecs of the it2yl )tia j coil)tonl rown at Yu im in 1907 were
    sient to a consll.idle 11/1mber of ma1l1 acll l/ itullrers ill order to obltai
    tteir op)iniionl of it-s quality a:lit] alte. The results of their exalluia-
    tion at'e sllllmrizedt in Bulletin No. l -^ of tlhe Blureaiu of Plant Iln-
    (dtstry. pae-. -1i 4-. Illn order to test this cotton llOre tlhorol'hl.ll.
    samljeis of 20(t pouinds ealch were sent to t lliree of thlie Amierican mills
    which mantu(fa'itilre lar,-e qiuantities of imported EiLvptianll cottolln.
    wilth a request that pinniil, tests i1e malide. It will I(, iulteresti ui,,
    to (luote in detail from thle reports (,on tliese test, which have receuil v
    een completedd :
    Thlie firt IIll reported as follows:
    U'pon r(eeipt of ( i eh simple 4dl Arizola cottoll we iliiiil(ediately put it in process
    of, lli;iiml'a ll i l; anil li tl it n \(,I. sal isl'arl('Ict l' o(M mio ill every \av ylv: am i ill
    all of l]we vario!s opealliowls we pIrolu(ced lahmlt 2s per (-(,let of waste, llhis being
    very (clotswte It) xlx lt I( fak( e out illn ill]' reI-iaI:tr I"y" tian 'tin ot)ll.
    The cotton spils woll up) ill 110s filling'. The ;-4s walrp yan) sizes .... .
    breat ks ;i l '3:t1 lonils, witlh :i.7 turns twist per inl'ch. This is lie same twist
    tia1 \ei w se ill spilllig,; Peeler ctt'twon. (O)U IrI, re III l aIr gyptian It IIci lh sirz s (;I.10.
    relaiks :0 2SA: pIoillds, ha-vinl- T I lurns (tvist. [i'elr cotton sizes (i4.-4i. hrlca]s
    al :,. i ponillds, willh :":1.7 fllr ,S per ichw l. \\hlal we refer oIl :is a 10-s tillim/tr
    really sizes 1012.7, Ire;lks at 1: i pmuinds. witlhi 27.,7 luilrns twist pIer inch. 104s
    lilliiii inaI ( of Il 'e(hr ('1 ilo ally;f1 si/es l(04s. Ira(,:Iks ;at l p.'i p()lds, satlllo
    IIIiiilttr o4 turns (wist. as ihe ialiv*e.
    Tlhe (ot401411 l111s 1nil 1 .l ilclies staple, llayle ea e I '., inches, :a11d acco(rdill,
    (o) our sllperintelndeni is go()od for \V:Irp ya;11"11 l l noli.g I'1 'slln t os 1) 70s a dllt li
    rnll tll 1 to llts (o i il s. Thoe s: inp ilm' m l ualiities ;:Ire \ cl'Y sillilh l i o llthose pos-
    sessed hy Peeler coh toll. The \\-;tS(e is Iilot excetlssive. Ill eal a)I appearance it
    is very c'loseo 0 ) ayp ikin, boul. we think, l;aks a lillhe of' (Itl smooth anld silky

    Tills 1idl fl'lrnished a ve'. interest it" series o ft samples of rovinTu,
    artd, aid sliver from i(ll Arizona- Tow )I cottoll, and of sateenlli and
    I C ir. '1o)

    pl;ai h1 lII

    ; qiw[> i l i < n, l l 1 fil lin.(
    l'l')I M ll w ii I l lll in 61 1 ''i l >' I ly f |n il

    .\ .. \ >

    J1a~' lii 1 1 all


    II, ill
    in.. ii
    ii x I

    a U I
    IH .fl .1 an
    iii I

    ii i.1l


    T he it i ;i ' '
    I2 Ii i : I-OI tI M

    nj npai iI\\ 1111

    i hi~lllf for (ow -~i- "I

    I I wv sul1 l uI l iRa (y in i mi.- 0 rl i ", llirc li Y I. Iin ii n ii li
    0h'rdoulY faivortild n ;iv. r(^; l' (lk te <|irility Or tin, Arizouin pow i1
    0 4 01ttll. It i" l' i l'ti' > I I it hIcl :i l o l il l \ 1tlfI t l' ;I -- o i /a'lUI'; l

    T ln It i'oila'. t ti i a t Iat li; l al i lo It' ()l,< l lull 1 \ ila 'la i f .' 'w cowIt all a'
    Ai it bi Qii- l' I l a'aaia ti M \ 1 \ l iI- i I aj a il Cl 0 10 14` t1 IA l 1r1 ;A I n alO

    i v "t ;f11 N L kiAi, I r t nl,,i.


    I XI'I I:1 l1 I 111:+ I I 1SS \lT I 1 '. N l N DN I hON. \1IZ

    Alt 't11iii latall -t li'l' oin -nIltliV loiiini Auil. lli o:liiaa loithil w'di Ior
    ltih ji'xi> ai t ill 1'a lT w ;XI, l\atli il<'a lo I' ,t ( ; o ll tiln ill iP 0".
    'pi I al av d ii i i 11 a a lii Io I Ia l\ll i i O 1|I 2lil i -i '

    n;: H hlll o lot '- o t i ll- ; lllaa i ,1l -11. 1 l\I. I
    t i iait a t l pat lit I r i;Yi A m I 1
    ak ja

    1 i'lil A Mirr Per c I V l llo t,1 wv \N :_

    I *w \ n

    I: M I

    t l :- 1 \ i. *'l l l r

    aInd If be bhavior of tiewly i*poil!tem'l s4'd of ille Mit Amin anNd Jan-
    nivil t iarietis lis 'co paiil 4r14d with the ncc'limatizeld s ltoc'k.
    Tll ent'ir vldHI was flthodd ot Fev lbrwuarl 2G'i. NMos( l t' de pl&t4
    Vi: pla ied f'roin MaiTh 10 1" 1 a;nd thinned11 fro}i A )ri!'I I to 15.)
    *iml unwahi from May 1.\ tv 1 21. Mhot df theim rec(,ived live irri'nilioins
    ofter t e Is'eed was plt ill. 1 t11 tionic were wa\l {'reld' only l llrc or fo41 4 r
    lines. A Aro l m t ee t, six cil w ivatioins wevr g'iv"en oil ( lie l dill'e iit
    )loilt IThe n ilier 1and 14s of tle p111l.;,,_,. dii]eredi wid4i ly. T11
    two pilots whihi yielded ah t e11 a ll viest rate per are we1 e licked
    1'4 rl ti'ne, ilie 1l t Iii nThi haviinu lbeen 4iale S14pte41 N i l' i and

    I IN 44 i)'141 ~ ihIIli~i < 11 \ jI114'i ll liu llN i ",'}lll' i liuh N:'- I4N 1--- 44441i
    Il l ,ie la l pickilgr I)eeeililer 1.).
    At Sa4t'ion I n thi Io "l lienk or th14e 1' (ila R1iver. about 1)o0 l lils
    so thia'L t No' lP Iill.enix lie' ct ot ili w;"> pla ted o'ni a sandyv loam4 soil
    in two i 10" A!r)) it oni-limri f ikile alart. ()he lihl Va s pilantel
    MIarch 7l-2 1-0 and1m (I the (A I April A > -1 'l'l i4T e irs 16td was iearlyv new
    land. whic h Wi il bore plevio dv onilly two cropis of '.raill, whilt thle
    4(4colixd wis il'I Nlld laia \i\N4 t. old N 1 iO LiThe 1re paation was alike in both.
    the 1a1d hni vinl; lbe'1i l41=w 4,l. hlallo'Ie4 illiated diskel4 mai d har-llli '
    14ow l efl plantili r. ThI e p eilitiii;il ilTiatint was 1W ood-1
    ing 1 e, field \iarch1 It7 s a di (e therl 11a0 h 21-'2G. Sul")>eitllqe t
    i;T ''ia(ions weV e ) 44o1 s, 14v11 hll ex lep the onid irri ati4 n 4 on i se1'tilon
    of tele lirA lield, SO ltiicl was' !,y ilo ,. TAliP The cotmio wa is plmaled in
    I1o4 - &4 f t ai pl n rt, (ie ills *J. 1 feeN t aIi'a iI li h' e I ows. The l' ilNN l'- t'I
    e 'elIon s of Oiw I wo hiold NweNIe irril'I r'11nit e t o1' f1 ive lines a1 fter

    l)inll 14114 I1W n N iNllis 'oin'" A'l l 'o Ie Nle to N / '-1 IN l ra 'inftall at
    S;H al4oi w-is GA:;)' i4 ches4 or1 whi44 1h1 11> In i1he1- f'ell iln lv and 11 ,31'

    4 0 1 ;IS'4( IN 01 I M I l':l) AND A.1 i 4' 1 "I.1 M 441I M U 'M 1 SI:I).

    il 1 | e '\io -, 4 l iicat 1io' attel iiion \' -- a Mlle to the i r Nl" 'r-
    W' ill:11ii1,' o} m_'\'|) n1 o toi ir-t Imow in tli e So21lh -le i
    R(A "e^ a-n co 1mpaed 0i 11) the ro- all l :ale -.ev' ral years orf acliniati-
    M, inii. In llA s seed o[' (lie ori Altli aidl >ala ovitAl varieties ob-
    tmiWed Wl l ,v 1,,.. E*pi" mml- !}]awillnled alon ':-ide /lie acchliinalized
    -io kl<. whliiei W 1, derivedl 0r iin ally froml lli(' A it A ili v",il'it'y. ltll
    whti l blad l ee! i a" m\ ri -ir \{'x Pull- ill ilic Southwest. This ex|)eri-
    l 'lnt ft rnllihed additiinm I envidec e ol t he i(lieipo tat e or rimliiat iza-

    Mr. 1E. WW ulltlsoi, slpornioil i il iit i>a f(l nriin on t11c 1}iiimu Ihuin n Ilesei-
    vOiitll, Illvola ell ]>y MIe ()lli<' l' I'lo lilt Ii'e history inve-sti itions in c-o,
    )t|iqriiijii \\J h (li& Ih livli Ollih<, o)' Mlieo IeDqi:uirln'll or the In erioc lhila ill-
    nilcli~llc chiarg olt' "lie \vorl ;it Saci:ilon. T in (1;i) liei't kei i ore lakl ,1 f'roiim
    li is idehiill t nil Io lo, n Ioll( , work,
    I'mlillfl in 1m"n llioion (of P1' lanil t idii ry. ]>|. :!.s },
    [ I'ir. "2!'1


    l (K ill. t li' 'V l iy 111i|) i'l i I' l441 j!l ill (I M' /411 Vtl < I flte io l ', lll- 4 .a-
    ( "., 4'dl Imo)tli vi 1,l, I and ( lliiill\ A Ill wn' l I4' il.

    1 I 1 1 1 V \ \ B I I I (|1I H 0 \ 1 III ll l I I l 1 I 1 r I A NO N .

    ('1)i-i le'iiw1 l4: Idi'v -.I 11 I i' 44 i4epe ;lllll n )I ai l'ln p 1 1i 114--4 lLf 1i1
    plants. a- "ell a, ill tIn' (!woll ( f n I' l ie ,i'. v "r thia if n'e-ledl ii, the
    ditf'fe ill lh) hlitih- \\w e e Ihe ci ( lloi wa- f own ill 190'-. :illhi)ifl h (he
    :lii' 'ne t"i4ie al -Olo-k4 :('of A ,W l pl4' '4i 4d \\I;I- eiver vwhvl e' II-ed'. 'I I'si
    (Ii vvIr-it v wai' (hnl4li4 1 4-- [liill\ (di1 to the widil(lI v I l1u'4,il 4l:ii,- A),
    lih tiiliI (M ai' i 1 40 t(oJo iln 1). t1 li, 4il l l4 i[t )[ ['j;iratiton of4 1li'
    l;and.l, aiiill *Iii'll 4 4i li)m l- )of i 1'iw'li1i l ani d 1 tillit'4' pn ct(' iced il
    t ,n V i (lr onll lo) hilitic-, I 'i olf it howe\V tvt. i- | 'ol() ;l >! atti lilti(ilil(,
    to (liiferenei'- il cli inate ; il -o)il.
    1 A parti i i hirl4 s1 1ini '.'-1 \ow n, ;1 a ii ll )lt4ili4 1 i4i'de at (()i-
    O WiS 'lhi, l.';l IlIHI ). (';il. A ll tlie ilanl hi. in i&- ()li -I( iih-a- rl Ilol.
    tlj"', l 'li 1 4 11 fl li O in ;I ll l iiia' I >t( (dt -loI o ll I prodLuced at 11 1ili:a
    ili I iT ii.. I :Il l t:1 14 m-ol)llil4. indlingy l'r(m tlh witli fXew h i':!i41'i-, -iili1arl
    t(o liat of |>laiiln Trown at V lila fOwn mie id' o llth lht- ()r' ni w v iifi
    xlrt cd -ee'. I:d1 ivid al ai at1o1 -iipr11c d (o a1 1 to) 11 n41 4a1 1alil
    j4441'l(4(1 >'-'4'4 III4Ii~i4III:Il \X:1iii:1i4414 X\:I-.-. iil4[41'4'---'4'1 4 4( : r+4'lii:il'l ;li!It'
    d ir Ill] thl j)laId 1''-(1'iilil1i + 4 1li e c ti' i' li m uc'lI 1ii( '( clo)sel*\ tlihan
    hi 11 an tliher h 'ality\. Thi-s s--dl +wai- jh tin'i hWte (Apr'il _'71 't t
    loon ni iarl' -o) lalw I- a11 o wil'r Ioe'ili(ti s. X"Ime p' 1h it-iinal ailio lint Q'
    dli'versity ;[iieall ai'el U d li' whe Sll(e liale o ll w plhint- Nva- very
    diflere('nt. Nor (()iil( it 14 l, arned lh41il lOlnth4e i4 r tniiti/ o4 tlX I d olt
    wilii 1reip')ct t(o ii'i4'a n;ii d oili her 1i''i ll ral d,' lail-, \41 a- in l i1 llY w\ay

    S"(li I)x+liai, r mlcal es tliat -Iecvial precaurtion- "o -(q'c re lc( al
    :adjuils 't ii' 1I;iv m a y I 4ijiiin'4 iii t:eli 41' t1if 1 il'nlip'Il l 11'l'iep't, \X Il
    Ite'\-v w e X ic'' ['.'41_ lti4 l '4)4 O)4 i is- l1() Ihe 2'frowX l ill i4lllii 1l 4 t l4t4 4e e'4 e4 ral
    ad;il)tatio4n 1(4l4e' 14214i4 -it, 'IN'i''I l \ :-ix 44Yearl- (df a''liniit iall/ ion1 and1
    -'('e tion) i llt' So4ll 414 '-i.

    1 I 14n-

    .A l10t 1 nif a4 l ut >'.414ti io)l4II o4f il)ei'. o4' 1 A _w \l i4 A i'ail l;le'-, waX -
    |") oi d I11 1 iiN 4\[l tii t i ll I ilI 4'li ld- a\ '1 iin a and1 1 "lt1 1 l ,l-.
    '11",e lo-1 v'ivid ol ahiin"i al Y noa wva- a) tlhe twle "f A',l. is i mnin
    14'14'l 411 41414,'41il jwm 1 '1 Illal XXII-' kpIIw 11I 1:14 44 P! [444
    44! '-4 1 44411l,)l41 or1 40|1 p',)iId o1"| I4 lil 14 '1 [ i4 c e .. i. 144. 4lii11 1 A Ii 1 414ii
    [ale-. a- wl- i iii[4 nre witll [4lm1ti4 l l v 2 An\)4'i 4i i4n l1:ial- 114o in theil' I-
    \i'lllii1 tg p )l it Po -('T. '1'le' ti11'e ii i- p 'arl y\ d11e' 144 1O t" s \ 'c (
    S tlli4l-l14 i1l

    1 T 4144l- < i' I ; i> 1 I1 1 1" 4', 41 "1 II 4- 44 4 '" 4 l .
    44I- lh+ ""444I '14 1 '4 .' "r 11" K IM "You "U e A-,
    1 4 '-4t s 44l n", n f th 4I
    7706",( ('Ii' W1i -, 2

    Ir.x j, i, i' ; Nt i. I-\ 'S j \\ l' t l 1l A ,i ) i i i \ ( A> l'r i .N I N I, -l' .


    causilig ai1 estimated loss of from .-) to >. per cent of the total crop.
    It is probable that t]i yields also suffered froin the less favorable
    autuinili temliper'atires of '.i's. the month of ()ctober especially hay-
    iIgf been ilotablv ('cooler than in 1907. In 1908 the earliest kiiiiiLi
    frost occurred in the Yumia Valley Novenmber' 25, while in 1907 a
    killilig frost was iiot experienlced until )ecembiiier 19." Inalbility to
    obtaiii water for irrigation at critical periods ill the growth of the
    plant", likewise alfected the yields advers'el 'v.
    The total yield froit the 19I(' acres growit at Sacaton was 5,001)
    poliids, or 10 Americt'an bales; hlience. an average of slightly Illore
    tiha onlee-half bale per acre. This yield was unexpectedly low. but
    a variety of callses c niljined to produce tlie result. Thie chief of
    tlese, were: (1) A hIea 'vy raim just after onle of the fields was planted
    and tlie presence of tlie root-rot fuingus and of root lice, which in-
    jured the stand( to some extent. (2) Insufficieiit moisture in the soil.
    solle l)parts of the fields having been kept too dry throughout the
    summer. (3) A windl1 a(nd rail storm onl Selptemiiber 8, which caused
    i1much of tlie ri'pe (otton to be lost. (4) Anl unusuallvy early killing
    frost, imost of thle leaves on thle cotton plants having been killed on
    October 21. when tlie telmpileratllure fell to 28 F.'' At least one-half
    of the(' crop was lost as a result of these various circumstances.
    (Of lie total allmioulllt of filler produced at Sacaton, 45.6 per cent
    was obtained il lile tirst pikii 35.7 per cent in the second, and
    18.7 peor cent in tle third. Since nearly v half of the total crop was
    harvested at thle first picking, while onl the different plots at Yluma
    in 1907 only froni 17.5) to 32 per cenit of the total yield was obtained

    For fllurther ('oiil;a prison oft tilhe temperature at Yuima inll thle autumns oif t19107
    and 1 90iN it miay be iiotedi that tlie absolute iiiiiilina at thle main \Veatherl Bureau
    station ait Ynia, wvliichli is sitilatel on coinsider'ahly iitghelr land thlm wheri'e
    tlie (ottol 'I was r1oWII, were as follows:
    1907. 190N.
    October (on Itlie 29th), 7.:;F. October (on the 19th). :;'' F.
    Novembilier (on liei' 21st), 34 F. November (onil the 29th). 30 F.
    IDecemiber (on the 19th), 34 F. I)December (on the 21st), 34 F.
    At tlie sublistation illn IlIhe Yiii'ia Vale, where tle ciolditioiis are sinliillar t
    those ot thle exlierimelntal cotton farm. the absolute minimum for October, 1908,
    wa;s 30" F. on tie 2911 tli. and fm- Noveiler it wis 2l' F. on tlhe 29th.
    I'l-. monthly mieali temperatures iat thle main station were as follows:
    1907. 1940.
    September .-------.. s2.2' F. September---------- S2. F.
    October_ .. 72.7 F. October--------------- 6S.3 F.
    November ----- (i2.(i F. Novetmber- . ... 0i2.3 F.
    D)ecenmber .------ l 4" F. De) ember- e..... 53.1 F.
    b'lle i, i ninihilii tei lle t: llre on tle l, silme nillit at Plihoeiix was .41 F., while
    llie absolute iniiniinuii 'i'eorded for tlie li1oilth of (h'tober at Plhoenlix is :,i" F.
    [ ('ir. ". 1

    I XI'KI lIT+I I -' \S W ITH t M I'FiAX N I (t 1 IN IN tIlIS.

    at ithe li -t lickit ng. il i c ar that the lateTr I Ii i ir' |(i' tIII. im of i e
    My' at satalti wa- far Wow wha it WlWIld have 1eei in aI Io
    Ina! season.
    T'Ihe ai i w pr_ eita,+- of lHit i1 the -u cott imi at; S-iv on were
    f l- flllomw^ lo the- -cvera! 16v '- : I 164 (l 1 2s.2: -crond 1%

    lii I tI t v, thatV tl ii+ -" \,\t;t iht: ~it"u- + 1lh. l wv- hai,'~lt.. a.. .. l< ">" -t \a nl lug+I
    i_'. "'.I : t lltI i'kitn '. D. -,Oi 'lI, ;iv\h rth h i 'for t lile, t'll t hli t' [I> ;th
    PTs Ccn~c((t.
    lot M l, l' W+. 1ll111 tHU'R.l'

    ." iith'"i \iu ('r ,id tie +-li.t rm d l- \ M r. t '.lhlli A. \Val vrlti 11 i l-ilt v-t
    t; htlitil lia t *ri ai t O nna 1 a111d1 ; lS:ic iml ( t It -. tilt-. :I- 1 ltlow- :

    -eh,-'teh1 Sitoll It ,, at Ia inlch it 1iii Om. hht h i- hihtir atkv t
    2. Sl t Ilo 1 ti t > I l i 1 i lis.+
    :,. S l > .1<+ I il lhl -.
    4. S( a idh 11 1 ,, I iin c s.
    A. Sllh IA I" h"4 4.'Ili
    I ;. Sa t l|i I t If, i- th1( 1'. dil'l -.

    T iC iHtr iitI'a of tlh l tt l IatI ; i t" \ ,"Al iti v,,c,

    I' '. I'r r rr iif I r r+.1' ' ,r r ,' f i,
    +' ,I i t l,; ,.(1 III I . + "

    Mi lic t l lct t htl tlie I'm l ,ie_'lr-t irt':Iih-. which wen, ;ltn at Saic (to). ;are oills.;tralli\t'ly well rvclrct, cdat l ait DY rina is otiHrilItm
    Mev S AYl 0)t tlli falt thlit In( u+rades
    w;a, picked froli thIn lM'ust rows in (In' t he i tdlam- 'I iiia" inr''r\. nw inch
    was lohated a( Y1"nia. This timo "WINc (d <>A a ull t wais grown 11 in lS Theli lhe-t (ilr at Sacalomi
    W 1-- ollaine'(l at tli n (hir l kli n oiii" of tlh+ plId at h'- ltd he'mr ;ind ti l re
    in the Fields to ftnrimli -'eId for t( h lie IlMiS l])lantiig-.
    ()i thie whole l lie INS) lil was s- owha\ infte iolr him bI'tlt to
    *lhat piroduce'd at 'YUlna il 1!9)T. 1'l1Irv wv o-. howev + viden o' 1, a
    . ., 1 1I 1 einleh'nC'V to a Ahtclmiliiol (of t lhe hq ith of coU'wllo linIer i j l '>-
    landl :1, well ;is il lg lypltiau varieties; ill tlhe ('olorad ll i ivor re;io iti
    Mi Ni.. SM ich ;a rem-nlt thiritgi, a n-'lh seaso-l( n so ld not (* Ii-e dis-
    , rnra'_'. iH- ill mI lel- llie tenl hW" l- v W f Iind to pCt -l-. Ill I''.Vl\ t it
    ia- lheelt notcd r thiat il ore ~-cional veal'- tlhe tiller lprot well in lar're
    d >'.ll-ic' ; ind even (hr'l-rit houl li th e o *_(I 1 'i, >\\ i2"ar a i- th"ihdIO v
    inferior il It'll -th I and other (i ;t1itil-. :;tin l thle r'ni-c- ol' tlh inl'eri-
    ori tl 1' o)v I") rlmlail- ii\alw o)h\')io i-.
    It to ir.*-i

    XiHRIiMENTs xVITti EGIn'TIAN co(TTON IN 1t00H.

    While a lenIt t I of 1P incie- ill imported Mit Afifi cotton is re-
    I'arded as s'atisflactory. it is believed to be de-irable to p)rodiuce a
    loner staple inII the Southwet. That there is reasonable hope of
    acCoImIplilhinlg- thil may Ie ihnferred froil the |fact that on llhe 110
    Provi-ional -election" of individual planl- madh in Ithe breedin "
    nlulserv at 11llnma the ax' i i 'e leIgill of st:lple xxas 1:': inches.
    As r'e0'rd*s oIliter (tmlities. the strenAth and fi enesss were generallyll y
    Isatis-f:lctorY. ''The color was- in tlie iii ail somewhatt lighter than in
    007. luster \VI- a ,elleiaIlly deficienlt. It wa, oblerveld that the liber
    inII newly opeed ioll ,- i-, salisf:ctoryv iI tills respect, hut the gloss
    s-oIo disappelars-, proabldy bIecause of expos'.lIr'e i tlhe extremely dry411
    air of tile lreion. Tihe ,2raIdial deterioration in tIle silky feeling of
    tlwe fiber i's proialm y dlue to thle -ame cause. It 1ma therefore be
    foulnd dlesirable to pick (lhie cottoa1s soon .)l as I)p0ossible after the bolls
    oenI. This xvwill larely hdepelnd Itpolln \vllhether thle price is sufficiently
    enlllha111ced to warrant Ihel(' ilc'reas'ed exlpellse of t(e 1' o'e Itmeros'-
    pickig,,-_." It would dohultle-ss aid in Ipreser)vixig thile llustel' and silla-
    Ilss of tlie filer to sltore it both bIefore ad a tIer l" -itlin^ in a-s cool
    a oom a1- catll e hae t ald1 if )lf prectaltiolls alIe '1 --(, 1to Imolistell alti-
    ticially t, e aitl hlhos liere of the .-to110ooi111.
    Both at Y'tIillia and ISacattoll the fiber froill lie third pici.._, I was
    invariably sllperior itn lengthIl anld flineless a:111d peerally in stiti- -il1
    to tlhat from tlhe tirist ;ad second picking's. As a ruhle. tile second
    pickid II'n yielded better fiber than lithe first., This is probably vdue. at
    least iII partm to tile fact that thie bolls of tile first crop oplen t(I *ihdi-
    out Septetlltber :d 11111ch of tlie ripe cottoII remlaills exposed for a
    cosih'derablet period to tlhe very dr(y. hot air of tiat monthii. iThe
    fourth piickin,'g at Yunmia (made DecI)ttlmlber 23) Yielded very l,,i-
    and silky but weak iand wastv fiber. Tills was probably furniished in
    ,.t part by unripe frost-iopened bolls-.

    I'IA N '1 '>I ; I) I NXI, WV I;!K.

    At Yuma thle work of selectioll inII tlie t breeding IInrsery, which was
    plate1ld witll seed from tlie verly Iest I plants sel'tetI in 1907. was
    continmled as iii iprevijolus Y'eaii'. Tile object of this work is of course
    o increase tlhe productivity andl tihe hin'lth, stren 'th, fineness, and
    otlher qjialitie. of tli lint, that it' tle indslt:'ry becomes established

    "A\ furt1lh a1 V;1II ;11:|iL .' 1f l'il*'olll ll lpi(,'ii X llhi b tle H I'* tii'' i'hlcleani ',ess, (f
    tlho fiber, sill<'o 4list w wild l|;>v\' less op0 i)mt'ulllitl 1v to) ';n l mllil tle ill it ailnd tlhere
    w ,idhl ho less 11 sh, lh 1 \vlves of tile bolls mild the ii)vollhcr'll hnicis heiii h'ss
    dlr ;1l1l 1wrillie \\hell thle piciking is dolle, .Moleover. thle<*n. would lie ;I sialller
    kiss of[" secd .o4 till fl'till ] thle OIK-I i olls l11 n ro-4111/i of w\ ildlslfw. ils.
    6\At S.;t':1IIill ;1I of' the hirsi g ielwr';l inkld in w\ s plidced by Mr. \V'a el" ill his
    fourllh -,I' id'. xx hile p:11't of lihe second ;tt11( all oftl the third went into his lilind

    I Cir. 2! 1

    I \X! 'i :aMi N Irs \tI lI I 1 I'TIAN O I N I N I N iM .

    w ill he a \: \ i Ial dc '
    'IAN r> 11- tin I a mi er v. eac ,t, aii i`l Vro= ;i a i t- elt t tl l tl:at
    tf il!u T, -t olw d It e ided |(T i l o(h laova r tall ile O tlie'. I to ith 1 ti
    ; im l a r f It' ex t i oI Viia &i M' a i I I I\ i, 111:1 1~ a tl tlt ( 'e I-t- \f ea, I iri I K
    IN x ila e d I a, lrvi ld \ or lant i I i Ittl i 1l, ii nl i i% ti4.10 2 t1 11 I'tiIm ) )
    and i d l I (pala a 4 A ll o l mi t IJ I, tl l 1i t i ti I N 1 1
    (rilli.-n rl c l ril) phi)to (m e ,o1+ "r ic>(> t \\t [ li;itlt i (i nc. a t'i i l;Ii lilaa aia i t' a1-i ] a)'(>iu iLiii('tL< I tl att ) ii )\ ii(, "l( I ac oi] li l"
    !l"l- h lu a. -dlkv. illllf.-m llM te til>,r ;1li1> ;11 a>n a (>ll r llp r lll' ir lc;il \ ll 1wi
    M ClAli> i t \') I 1;! !! l ilt; t' of tll I, llk sm' 'l l I'lli -w m ot>\ l 4,1' tlt, tIl t
    lim -N x ill It, aa;nl>' ta\ li i.. m a e -prii i a. ;1 r l I4 0i l ilift ia t i rtl l iv ,
    Iatx \xxlitl]i all)t/ .a s -l l' l lli I i nila i lla l lila it lir tili;a l ut \\xill It' iAi
    A t' i-*VA" 1 :I- i tld t i t: I ---itlit \ il w i ;i 'ix x- l t t ittimr a li-tri ilaa iia l 1 ta
    f~ 11 alat-a
    in :>i. 1 ll prot\ i-ittia.il .at'll.i it olt itit liv ilia i I )ilani l.,a wt a t- ii;!ili ;it-
    i l11 a i l It l -,, tli I 1 ">( I 4 M A 1 li li \t ill ie rii i m traa t Ia|l:nta ini lia
    lti't--liii.g i -t-a'.i' 111a i T -e ltitnIl'M iicia tt will ie gi e ti to pln itt-
    Kl nit rlt \v- lt;1 \ ii i i lia'l> "a |i) i'o I itt I lli 'h i Icy,' i. e.. 111 A li w 'li l lit
    laiattal t 'I iior. iit;!2'aa tlt aoo I )l;llts rirvd. The Inal\!rlt;t xLt x l-alaila Qx
    lialtr m, i a l ltti -cI -l t aio lt- \ a-i tlt- 1I x iil i .. A ttia tti o'i 10 ialtt i ill
    hniiii l'lIt l +M l \lili m' ((o, i s m m emtii~ ttltt \vr\" v ; t I ;is r (o,'". .
    Silnc e l l(li co -t \ ii-ho\ d cotia a l'l ilcle \ ;il'l;itiol ;il aa iaaatoll as a xxi
    al;rt'd \v l l(! l w1ith\il that min I -K;ili n *lt o 1t | l or '"40 ;at Y\ iinni. it wm;i
    ion. lu mrc t dh.^lr;lll( to lll;dlr llllllla'FlSc!l- ).i'l tic i s ol i> o|1m t4 i' Ix'-l indi-
    \idli;il t)lainl Sl S;il;it ken i il t hI. lie -t0tl lolia \V o laali 'V ill IW pIl;ilal 'tl
    llt6 n' in iait ta lllVv this o : oll ll lti- pllii l -6t-rtw xt +- aa'l' \\ ailli
    ai xview to tlil Iii a :iii a ai a i ttii]t|)ro\ t a st'raI in ort i ii-a I 'vtt'r at ;ija l alit lot al t I tiiditio s 1ti ni that l ia rt of ti-' (iil;i \alhlev. In :;i tliiot i t ,)
    tlhom -W'!c )ii -Von m rw l inii mlled points tli;iat wer ;il)lo\v th", a;\ ;lm'yin
    ni 01ld ;ind (|inalitV of lint w\ nmixed iof+clier for tWn' Igtll'cral pilanit
    aii) iin lWtK.
    TI o 1I..a Ip t- hI Itii a t- x to I u ) tix ( tI i l iiid it xx ill e t c-airt- :a v
    to |roli ci ,c<,oilitili" i- hlt'ctioii 'Ko 1 or 'cd. lIii('t-i\VV nIrcSdiinM W ,
    m*uirefil vho'ni l io r will imroithlv lifi\,
    to lwe I a rt oM N it Si her lhy ron l'm miiiciitnlt insiititiioi, or Ill: A I'cwv (4t'
    ilt Ie i t'il i r ihe t icli i lna t 'ilitxv w\"i) i nt.ake iia specialty tof Iltn pr iitlli
    (sio or -lilp rior -m' l. Hnl eve'(ry' I mTriiicl v'iil |)iA;I (elml'ltit extidi. awli l &Ong so call ipro!,i.illv av\oid 2+oid ,tl' I hi- ()\,I)
    faia n ml'a i atii t4 f 'or *x verai l vatt- rI s I a ;at t liaa ix All l atlx s a n' I-n;rv i~ to,
    ..'0 tlir!.Wui llth thl ld before (lie lirAt pilingii and mark with ra;g +- om
    in il tt ii t -et!r \% i av lite- i int ltim t li\t t laaiiaa ;t i a :i t o a a t iJ t i l ity
    of ilkt ,e r T'lia'e a I iIl llt'h i latn !iel-e| ;i d c t ,ia 'aalt e xt ia raat lt and i ela -me l
    kept aplat lfii lithe general crop fo next ycarl pil aiiini'.


    PI.ANT IN; ])ISTAN('E.

    Experiments were made at Yuma to determinee thie effect upon the
    Xield ;li(1 qual(1 ity of thile fiber of different planting d(listances. The
    dlista!i.es tested were: (1) Ther usual Egyptian distance, 2', feet be-
    I\ween thlie 'rows alid(l 1( inches between the hills; (2) 4l feet between
    Ilie rows and 2 feet between the hills: (3:) 5 feet between thie rows
    aim 2, feet between tlie hill: (4) ; feet b)etweenli thle rows anid :
    ieet between the hils, (lithe last distancee being that followed in all the
    other p)lanit ings ait Yuma. ()wing to variation in thle soil moisture
    inl tlie different plots, Idue to imperfect leveling, differences of tex-
    Irec. anld tlie a('ccidelntal escape of irriigatingi wxaterl iln SOine cas-es, no
    satisfactory conc('hlusions could be drawn from these exp)eri'ielts.
    olme lplotis or portions of plots were too wet and others too dry
    d(urilng muc'h of tlie summer to permit of a fair comparison. Ap-
    parently tlie yields were as heavy where thlie wider plantini_ distances
    werV. '-C'I a: where tlie rows and hills were closest together.


    Frt thllr expl)erimentiieii isi necessary before any definite reconmien-
    da(11tion can lbe male as to how to manage thlie irrigation of Egyp-
    tian cotton o(in thlie different soils of the region. Experiments with
    flirrow irigiation were made at Sa'Icaton. and( Mr. E. W. Iiu((idson
    reports that the results were satisfactory. His method consisted of
    " lolwing a furriow onil each side of each row and allowing,. tile water
    to rInti through until tlie groinid between tlie f1'urrows Vwas -atrated(."
    Mr. uidson further states : This appears to 1e a n r.,t improvement
    over flooding, because the entire surface does not cemenilit t'iL',llli''."

    'Tih- way in which Egyptian cotton plants develop) is llar'ely infiu-
    eniced by the time of planting andi by tihe amount (of irrig'iat ion they
    receive. Mr. 0. F. Cook points out Ithat tli effect of exteriial condi-
    tions upon tlie yield is increased by tlie fact that thlie cotton l)lant has
    two distinct kinds of branches. Tile fertility of i(the plant depends
    ill great measilre ipol the early development of thle spel'ial fruiting
    Expleriiienits were l(iade at Yuinla to determine the eli.'t of plant-
    ilig at dift'ereint dates ( during the i spring. The result showed clearly
    that phlanlin ig as ealyV as lie weatheil permits gives thie hst results.
    IiiSome fai'iier's lplainted Eg'yptian coltonl in the (i Colorado River r'egioll
    il 1901- a; late as April 2) to Jlium' 1. Without exceptiioin tliee(' late-
    plaint'ed fields lprodu(ce(d i crop of bolls (on (ithe upper part of thie plants
    [ Cir. 221J

    oiilvd 'N. giving r i l);ildl\ n t I"" or than Ion -m hired l t) "nvlif 1A i0
    Yield tlhat \ViAllhl Iave heem W A R had planting Ih'(>H doht !lt :1 l,

    ltiriih tii W hen ie :il xxsee il\ i im in A lt e fthat pratii ally t hi :11 i
    dIevelopmentq of Ila, plant, takes place dijirinj (lhe hotto-'t p);rl oft lln
    summe11jr there i, ai rapid~, weedv e-rowthl of tinc main11 -tel ul) and ofhel
    lari' 'i te' ile Imraiticle-. T1Ins so ll -imel [ eilV Ill\, f111 r a to of
    lti friiuiti,, Ii tin ile- Il the lotI er part nf the ll ii|l; t. In otlhter o v-i ,.
    altll W olostiinedl.
    The re-sult- oltaii'l ii S Ot Imakei tevl itt eti h ael t hll tI'Ili[l bite lttni
    pIlants- arc l t x r- Ivlv e iii t sitive to ll tn t iit ii n l i l moi-l rI t ;iml llihi t
    tile Yi teld a ild | ali it of t hl e t i ir di eiiiiud l ir;it ely ivti)on tit, \\;I:i\ irri
    a l Itiot i all agtt it l Excstiiv ait )li action of N ater 1 :i iini--' 1 irliv
    st ii iiis ol' V r l ,ift -ie i l\ it tile MiMtItii li 1s lxte nt ]laiin c lati i k t it-a -
    tiic plitil- t o1 "li, -lp iitso ;i hl ll. slil llite til'f'h 1 ftite A'Mri lt. A
    s|)arinl. ti- o' 1 \it-.ai" \v i riii" lltc lirst IA ,riod 'ol dhev nlop ent it ili'-
    i tel' ir x,'lo\\tli ol' tl -' low Ter fil 'iriititi ir livAii l -. l il liin A mi i-
    1 i'tliiiMt4ii lli dtt\\;iuh l t r tl in 'owtl li. settini g' only ai, few sm atll iloll-.
    \vhI'li ofitei op ntt I attiiit tilreltl d produce shortlil weakii I ecoa'l- liler.
    Dniriii-.2 tile lltlW w it iart ofi l lix mui i lmnni'. "-hl tie 'l rottion k in li Wl-
    mnit and thlu bIoll, vtit>-s1ting. a t)o -pariir._ use of water chelcks thle
    rowtith of thie wlitt I )l-ni t and partlixlairlv cauteii iiinj riy tnv liiix rt
    Vit, ilei dev llo)itiitriit odf loll on the ulpplr peirt of tli l' Illt:1It.
    iThe shoil o- umildi cerli oiii lie alt owt ti t til i di i Ieiat' dr lile
    wiltini 1 ) wh ,i a l rtin;ill\ i takei place dit- iiiii t e Ii ottest pIrt a t- o liehl
    dtliV Ilheet+ 'il- iie-.i o- and lll( ii rtlie |)l are slow to recover tlli ri
    fri'-hi appearance as rruI'itt :1q miliil aue i ces Tiet:I prod lil;liants tr e s t i i li"i inj d l itv a cessation ofit development tint l" I lc
    If mloistulire i li ie -"il. l towed h i ali-e sudden sti lieu lte to Irowlli
    casiied hy ;i eat vy iliilit A 'stead V, ev en develop ei t il l' 4 lile
    pltela. especialll ler the oll, t hti in to for .ni is th li ieal to Ie iept
    in View.
    CTIO)sSINI; WITH O)TIlll \ \ IIR '1T'l .

    Thi e 'atck of niforimit- riditie Itlt ei plients aniu tHilir inanit'.te d
    it l!9 s \\wi- firlther arcelituated 1)v lie p eence oft' ni meroil, vlJ rid-
    with l'Idland varieties. It 1!) > a d lam l T7 seveial plots 0!" Q milan
    cottons were g brownn alib i,.i_'de thle e.\|)erinentlal lielh olf Egypt i;in
    cottoll at Y ium i i tllorer to test their prodli+ l i seess a dll'l m o. mil
    aidlptability t h tle region in c'low moiiv[)ario tli ilh hlie linfier. The
    belief was amiterallyv cirrti t at i(hat (line amon;l m l i Iot reeder- liial
    tht(l percentage of hybrids lpodued udlel" tliese conditions would 1be
    I O'ir. 291

    KXIlIV Ni MI EN +l'S W IT H Al; l 1`1 \N ( Itlt N I N I N I" ,.


    too siiia ll to be of pract ical important Ice. It has been fould, however,
    that the conditions at YInmi are excei)tionially favorable to the carry-
    ing of pollen from onle plant to another, the cotton flowers beil,'Ir
    visited by several species of bumblebees and other IHymenop)tera in
    large numbers. As a result, in 1907 and again in l'o, i numerous
    lihvl)rids a;l))eared allilong the Egypvtian plants.
    TI ic elimination of this hybrid element from thle acclimatized
    Egyptlian stock is one of thle most serious problems in colilnnection
    with thie experimental work. Fortunately some of thlie best selectionslIS
    appear to have largely escaped contamination and are behaving in
    a very uniform manner. These will be relied upon as the basis of
    pure strains. Otherwise. acclimatization of freshly imported seed
    muiist be resorted to. and with this possible continienIcy in view car'e-
    fully isolated plant ings of new seed of the leading Egyptian varieties
    will b)e ma(le at Yunma this year.
    The practical lesson to be drawn from thle occurrence of these
    lhbrids is that growing any other type. and especially Upland. in
    the proximity of commercial cultures of Egylptian cotton is bound to
    result in disaster to tle latter. Thie presence of Upland varieties
    in thle neiIhlborloo(I will nauke it impossible to secure pure seed of
    Eyl ptian cotton. While tlie fiber of the first generation hybrids
    is often excellent, it differs from Egyptian cotton in length, color,
    and texture, and hence when mixed with the latter lowers the uni-
    formity of thie proiiuct. The commercial value of Egyptian cotton
    largely depends iupolln its uniform ity, aInd this is ,e of the chief
    reasons why it is so highly prized Iby spinners. Fulrtihermiore, thlie
    fiber of hYbi'ids of later generations is usually very inferior to that
    producel by first-generatioll plants.


    The only disease ias thappeared in tile Egypt ian cotton in 190S
    were a few small spots Iat Sacatol. d(ie to the root-rot fithingu (() o-
    ;.in uiu n 'u0,orl1) and a miild attack of damiinpig-oil. caused by fungi
    of tlie gienis Ihlizoctoll0iiim. which apl)lp 'ead early in April on thlie
    seedlings at Yiuma and Sacaton.
    loot-rot is well known in irrigated districts ill lie Southwest as
    the disease which causes bare spots in alfalfa fields. As it also
    attacks cotton,. badly infected alfalfa fields should not be planted to
    the latter crop. \lost of the plans in thle spots at Sacatol died late
    ill thlie l cr-ol. after they lad ivi: ad ire lealli their full grox'ilh aid( pro-
    (due(I 11,ian\v bolls. Mr. Ilitdson stIl-tat thal the spot' di(dl not appear
    to iicre'ase in size luring thlie pIeriod of growth of the cotton crop.
    [Cir. 291

    I V I' ll "l; N

    i).4j4 KHI d"li 1'4

    T V++ J\+ +\. 1 () 0t1+ ullgilt -,+!I t
    it1 + v :uid d d I1 -1 < *l I" i m I t 1 i .
    111111* d 1 I

    .11 A

    , ti ttV;11> fl~iI lll h> M ,' ,it, -, l l
    lI II A ) I (* I q w I m '.'l. tl 1
    44'| )l4u 1 11 441 I 1. l r ii4!i ]' II :

    <+H 'l> ; r lo l l l I l ie t 1 ;t 'r 'r i l l l l i
    "fi Al M' t ll ni 1; >i 1 I 1 D < I
    -M \ A o lni | ill, 11111 l

    i) t \\ It 1 t +111 ;'I. 41 > 1 \I 4.14I I;ln

    + iiic ii t o (l)i + + + + i >i -( ii i i^i ; H i ,' I II l r

    )nrt~lllc<'] l l-+,tll+ H<> 1rot l ll-rl + ir
    l o''I' l > uII 1 1 44 10

    < Ii 1 i nh141 4lv1 1'< 4- i

    ph il i 111|lir ll-l l l- -r Ilb si dv 11
    | r it l. A 4 1 a I I I T;

    <; !'i I' + i ;.+ i t l -. A + + ,i in l + | ir r + i iL
    11 44C l 4 44 'l ;l^(I' I 4 '. 'J 4I;;:]'*

    vI'14 \'+ iil l ll V i A Ill *
    - 1+I p+ + ;4 i 4 1 i
    d!!41v 41! n1. Hi t.1I.\' o Ki
    1110 12 "hic dwA

    t) w it y I l .
    I l I+ i

    +' +++ it+ .+.> 41,

    ; ;1 1 H4

    I l .'` ; I w 4 p 1 +

    P H 421 104
    1 1111 1 0. -,
    I i- fILo ,

    l 4 1 ]; | f i l
    *; l 4144 44 ;1

    1 I V 1l l t IN o

    I 4t 5"m
    1' + i ii
    1' ,t, r {tt i + + ; in ,


    1 + 4 +
    1+ .41I Jl

    (u;ial'>lt( '1 law exi 4 t ill- Arizona. lll1nIt holh l 1-1t e'atr tin i a.l'ricillur1:1
    eXpeiW'elt 1 l litll sllpl'ected till1 f11 11 'a1t44 V I l cotton stt eed k owVI t0)
    ha\1e` 1 4' li lw ...!4lit 1i 1 1o the Terri Io ry.

    \1,K A IJ t I ;1:SI ,,T .\N(T .,

    In (1 1 t rloll of 1ne of lieI' t(ld l ti Sa atoi ll thenl, \vwats s mucl h alkali
    IlI-(eillIt H IIt -,oil I 1> to ] 1preveIt ;l n 11 I;Il oh 1 t aineI d. e xl i nlI atmlionI
    odf IIie(, -il[ a o'1-llad thi e l -ctlt ,1 ld plianit- o i t c4ri ( 'here 41how d that ;I
    0'o1Wd 1 l wti. i o 11l4 i 'i(ll lio(le aid- ;111 I4 11r (|11 iy 1l (4ii' r can ])' )I'ro-
    ' ilulli It j414'4li48 1 thatl's hi-lltait i1di"idhal2 l-1 in 4llic 1.'r-l'- of flronm

    11ail~ hf I 1 e)4'! 44 111 1 v hu e- 144 'i414'1 I 4414141614 4111 11-II h :111TIci11cie (4 1ro
    ' lil l 1 nper enlt o 1() i l altl il I 1Ill- I-lI 11 :i fe1 t (If tlir C ilit. Thie'
    |)-'('|))l)(' at1' al4t1414ilt X 14'ti4 lili <-IiloC l I. o (' a4iii'ia4 4 alt. Ibviut w ill
    1(, 1i dcl i lr Iel-l il Ii ll p a :11d sl -od liu l bic laote plr ciielt- the
    I iv:p f o l :11k;il: I. t It i> 1 11 ()1t cml'V 1 ill -4t41 l-lii l izoal l at 'Ind 1wltll-
    ii (-',l 'lI I f-': il' 11 T li- 1) iidi4 At1-' aX c1( 1-idh railed tl4 iih'AI l .'1 f(4' al1ali
    ()n lih pa 4 t o' tih Y Ip ti: clmt l p lt, sillce1 it s well klwl th-.at.
    salliw' sowil ill i'h ID1 d w ),'lil, 'id f'o i-'tl l-, t ite r

    E'41Ih111 Ir 144(12* -4:2-411" 141 1:1I11 2 111 to ll~~h1 h
    allalli a tmo e ni mii'ios to 1110-1 r. Iop lilalt- tlIatl ti c the I* )c ill which
    solit4I sI ti- t\14 d.,ii'. 81 'No4\ p alits I w, Iat Saia. ltoil' ill plh'c(-'s
    wliere tlhe aver' e almolllt (d, alka/li i lle l lrsh t :i 'eoe o4f soil wir as
    lii li as 1.7 per ce.1t.
    WVliIl, iv Ilililt illdtividlual plati(il.- l a pr)odlc ;i s l l a:iilmount od
    fai I oI v pooI tilt'i"r I'1 lI l t e lvl' 'l Iof t, I-( I I I I I II t I 'I to 1 per ce. 1 of
    alkali, it i s npAo);ablIe lhIat Ila d coIII iil i inl i o si dhrabl; v les han II1 l11 -
    hlalf of 1 per celt.l lil e 1 -( 'lec d ill olde ( o i nll a tihlilln" like ;i
    full 4, ilstald ilnd thie best quality (d' ti11er. The :10 11 limit o(' safty
    r'eniailns to he deterniinled.
    A pplar-elltv E'l-yptiai (ol()to iV- lMwl \ al I(,l-. risW1talnt to alkali
    liiali lthe U'plilld valrletie-, Ail iim minore iif l'olil:iliol is lieeded (o
    Hllit poilt ni o).
    Exaliini tl(l mi f 4 lie lb lk lber ,btined fro tli e pw iortion of ( hth
    field where alkali waVs plrmelien it i o tmice:alde q( antitItY showed that Itli
    staple wvasi decdedltlY shorter lhim ek l-ew\\ ire a St oii. lliil" 1
    to 1 1 d'iinc es i I /I t I le h r'st :t Iickini s aI( I i\ (o 1: i esII i ll tiw
    thirdI: IeIn)ce(. a\li\.,ira i')i!,.I', Iiea;l' oI t qr i IIt-e m e i ht 1h iclIhl shorter(' thlan
    hle liher I1'Mow ii on s il 011 0 1111111,- Ii q app ciable nto it!()1111t ;If alkali.
    Tlire:I also see.medw( Io Ibe ;I I cI I( 'v 1e :Ic to a 'realr Ihlevelopqmlentl oI filzz
    onI (lie -',eeds >d" ]Ki:'Vpianil c ltoil iln allvali -.oi[.

    ", /< h ,,'/ i l c s/ 1t"0 h c b,, vi.i/.\ o,,,'r < <'. i ,,tl/';, d. El-ylptia:u coiltOl
    reiiirey ~ a loiii: on iow atilintillrin ai h'ill crop. The parlt of( lhe
    '.ited Sia hes Wlie froe, pre'-'e ll idiations-, (li the r latcst success
    14'ir. 2t 'I

    SXAPE1liM KNTS \\ ITli -6(,VPTl.1\ C(*"TTTON IN liwlls.

    I'M IEW \l 1,\ I W I I I I

    :A o I i I l il 'il ( i I I t I I i' ): I 1 1:t 1 i

    ww lY oi du ri i P, I\N10 I
    'lrrl W oo lll.llll l r \| l Wh n -- K l MllL l < l r Ill w ru A -\an
    !I \ IT er' 1: 1") 1 ; w to k _'ni \ I r v ' -H 0l l *I I F! ;
    falt a r ina i iiIP ion y ,
    I-' t ;i th kI i \ iiiwd I i iO Wl 11 1 I 1' i i :l
    Sll- ,it l t\ col cou I 1 ; -It l\r IT [ l H" l l ;
    ,\.1 I II / V \ l t" r O n, t, t ir \ l l*
    i t + i. 1 i f U li f t, l'/i *. i n + li + i t I i + f+ t 4 ]i+ ....[ \ :1 1 ++ 1 1 1 r

    ; n '+nn'l t+ 11 I t~i11

    price ]i IrI I

    ill ( 1 I ;l l'm It

    tha II 1
    Il ) llil \ ;lii l-i
    l i i iF l' XX I'o r I [ l i

    1 I l~nl o I llH rr : 11 I I liiic 1I 111 ic *\1r |ic

    S l'. | -l iii i )l i ii Ip1 11 I H |i t l- ;I
    t I t+ l I,++ II\ 4 \I II+ 1 1 l + + I + + + + t +
    $ 1 ii I i+Ft t tl It I ~ ll I++' I III 1+l '+~ -

    T h li )f i iy eral i 1 i w ce--ai r I d 1 il l1 |
    7 I+ r I i il\ l 1"I I l ii li :I I'M I' i i F 1 1i
    Icl- l i Vii 1 l I l l l|';1 ( I ,11'1i l (] il tj i i lM 16

    M iill l ll An, [ ;tli, ll'ar'I F -i l ,i A m t if r I'Ii. VIp i l jl'l lli-. I- iill li no c th ii
    nilit(ll>rl); il~iic<'t l 1\ III> irn'nlcl \;iTliit oa /l lic+ (Ifi t.tie
    ,I h. I / i, it 1i ii N ( > l ll i l l, 1 ll >l i i li| 1"1 '' i\\ Ii ill ;l
    l1o w1 il It v ti t t' rl t/ll' t' ie l+ pl |; l lli I t\ ll)' i- l ,, Iw lt i iI Fll l .i
    lt I|) l ut' i lc lIllh X-Xl '1 ll liill in tlIe : iilllh e lli Il F lu l r- I' l\' 1 1 i i' t
    toil )tO I \very i \\ii]1 rea liiyi \wiithit i" 1' I''ro\v tll \vhf my l 'le In1
    tle l Qc lu l xirlioni 1 ;nii t el .n h i- ai [ i l~i, it ri rail 111n i h ,, I ,. I,>
    t 1 Hill r. ( I l i"r !i >, li /' i tl X2 ill t ju1 l VN uif'i 1 ">v rI li- it (-i i ll' ti li ir
    (Il tsli ;en ig while cvlori' I Io lll A'iu 4 tll t I. i\ilu'un l N ti il l l I 'lm
    fonliil'v limit n \lv w iir one <|lailil\ 01 pni'l iiiinc- tllr |>riri' ii,1
    I'or n I i ianl ltll i. tli'' tllt iT Iu i i 'iii .;iin.\t l-c % li tI hi I;ir I< f l/zv
    t<>h 1 < t' (lir i l ii il +e- rl ;it *i i i i 'i l i ll .fill I i 11;, i \1 iu l
    n+ltin ilv "rt rnitl"Rtql- (4){il ll it i aIt l mt hel; l ui m v vin+X ly of k '" 1= 11i{il
    t'olltonl -hlio ll t (*(* t o it \|jll t o o V 4'+d idli ;- 11 rlltli lo, ill a ni ri,
    vivinl *) V.
    1 / ,ii I + M A t,,iili <, .......... 11 m w ill 1ri" ve ;A l llllr l-vc :0<1v\';l iniapc
    to a ml l(>cotlilv l"[rMoll,+iiri _>" tOl1- li.j i-lchia-- lilm'i if Im m\ 1'r IWi'ii i ,l
    id l it Ii'\ til, lf o I |oc; l lh l \'ll Ill e l lr l' > t p od ll el. I ilv m in -- thatit I ) l 1>;rt
    o 'i l. lil ll+ toli lo l ;n n 11 1) ,I l l n 'f 11 )4 1 I 'llr ll. l rilt :l' -" Itllcl + I&lf l lNil li i I 'll tlp;Vi l lt l lj l/q" iq l +m ;ll ritg | l lr 'il ;l w I-n ul iit

    l l;li- ia l 'l), w l Cii4 +i ro"M I l/t+m l0 A ll t il th -l : O l tw nl |l' 0\vd. a- i+ | in,1 \ Cl i'

    l l], p r'c l'fl+erewi+ 1>\ 1 \ li2` 1 ( i Ill l-ellera l l |l l ;l',+I :
    ttio- 1>;i ll ir ic l li-tri- t-.
    ,4i 7:Ir

    I' 111 + ;l l\ i / I

    + i I)l f l;l11 I II
    I4 ; i + 4 + t +

    1X 1'R1\Ill N IS \V\I[T EIGYPTIAN COl'TiON IN 19]1}.

    lA,' or'il .- Pl bli" opinlion.
    hliiould hl e eI licated ini e \ver' po-sibhle' wa\ as ii to he iileiraililitv oif
    adlialing Epyptian cotton as ;ia "- bnza romy. Itt viev {of IhN
    s'ari''cit\y an liJiQli price iof lalmr in tihe 'Soult i\-v t. farimer-s s hoild
    pro1ei4dI vvy (utio sly i pI ilaniing itoni. A vier'y ill alra will Ive
    Miilliciiilt to (each ie wouhe groweiI-r how ii\ lli cotloni ilihaves in liis
    l alicait ihowv lie 1u1-1 imri li' alld cuiltivate it to -*eclile a : uiul yield
    aiil satisfy tl ry\ in lityv o' liber. and l \ha ite pirop i ectl s are for ret-
    tiii lali! er aicroage pi lked at i're imii v cost. I'rllt'ills if trail-
    mItirat l li1n 'a l, niarIii tinl -i iill re iiinii to In world Wi It is pro/-
    all, that e\vei i' all ti lie-.e pro lle ilare "c-ati-sfactmrilv x-omle'1 til6 indi-
    vidolal farinier linld avi\oid e\tensive e jil;tliitins-. A few' are('s onI eachli
    farm. wlhlhi lichte fa owinl>"s nxVl faiiiilv can (ire 'l' anid pick. if lice--
    si;rv, aw'ill i) n cli >a f-rh i \-'stn ei{nt.
    Itf Egyp vian etti ati m fin a pI- ;m anion1' thltn ag'rivultnlt inoi t'drivs
    (d t lie Southwoxest. ih will le as a nIiineV croip) frontI \\hiichli -Iltre but
    iiiimieratv point ima he expecledl. Its -a-letv lies in its noit teine a
    perisbliejdh |)idnti w li p0 i nIn leinin thd tolihe market as smoo as it
    is hai "ested, rv'{u rdless of vilrkml lolditioni.
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    iilLn' t'rce i call pirll-i'h-i i (le i Itelhiiie'v needed for i iel 111 ill ind :l i!)riu
    ll6<' eott ,. w41 it k o1 ( li 4 1 l0t l fom i r catl individual
    ruim"Ir to do.
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    Pre-(1 (e (o'f Killer tile >e
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    cll'or to --ron'w I'2e '\ laini ottol. c{ i1s cilti ildtA Aiilol take e mvy Irl iaulkion to pIr v iii tli il introui ilm Im
    olI' tlie-c |)e't.-. '1n The WlI'e p, l an wi ill to) exclude h id 'oroi rdI all meed
    m/iaiied im t{ allie- \Killo di.-c'ase call not Ie definitely vine rtll ildi I)isin let ion ol (lire seed
    mal* v keep out tlhe w d. utt cain ot pneoent llie ilinroulmlion of

    d A1''I -RY.

    Duri '(li e vh e p i!r INS. (l.l million lpoind- of Eg-\t)(iaii cotton Were
    impotted into thle U'niiied Staels- The average\ e prci' e paid for tllis
    oitoi ol (li e Blostol marel ill 190S was1 IS.07 cents per pound, as
    it'il, W) I

    \ PI'I 1 I Al N I

    co lit'' \\ ,l lHAe lIn i Il;lion I'oi \i IM ,'1 | I I

    111It, 1!+ 7 !? \\ <'1 'C l l l~i |i( 1 > \ t l l,'i' .\ l l l 'l : l l- l ll ,
    lo 6 1 ldrect>' i I '. l-t 1m 1 in tl l. Ifi lr pt %\ -
    (I tiv. I I lr1 O I) I I MI
    ti n timIi I'r ll 1 | > 1 .
    A dIa l t.+)im pl it ljv+o+tld}\ l,+ ( th e I) t cik l
    itnip +'lded( fin'til l' g +t

    In l S w m l, I m u i In1{ I+IH W cull

    ( ';lil I'x lB i .

    (111") t Vpf ,,+ + | +2
    AN~i tyl,, ofI

    t~ i It4 -c n '

    ) { It+I u t

    N rI 'l I v w li r if

    ' ll IlI \l I AI ~

    i i" lD Il "i ) + +
    +I i
    I I I h ,I h

    I r ui I -

    * t l it i
    li n O nel c n'II A 11 1 ,(li

    I- ill nhh Hy A -oi (>r n l
    Tlk W K A H- th I "11L'i111'*'

    I >n l- o I i c '':i

    I H It il ,
    I\' e l I'I^ '-I i l" i l lt t:
    1 >;iIf-, I H 'I' ; c it'c' ,+i n ;i +( i
    iin ;;i. A+\ i l:n'tion i li+

    for 1, A- cw' t 1; 'I)
    Th: e r \\ ; I- ; '
    Iam INA 11 i K

    I- T 1"



    ;I i i 1 :1 .

    1 IT|V 10 ml 1
    A++t ++ W an Ai
    a w ) +,, +

    AAK- ult

    lo 'f :A \ 1)
    ell YL1)" 11 f

    I k I 1

    *t I l[i.' li !>1. *

    I !I In.'l 1,

    l iu ml lp
    . l i lf l.

    1 I ': 1m I ll'
    IIlp HM O I

    ( : >l I. ; In


    BItween t ltih timts when thn Iblls hav hewun 10 ftjn and (Ithe firt
    crop ripens, water slhould never In, withheld so longi that tlhe develop-
    nwt of' the plant i, severely chlecke. A stnlcv. ev(mc iTomth is the
    idhal to l e kepi in1 view.
    In the Coloadlo liver I reVgiot i'yplinil cotton livhyridiz/es- very
    ralilv \iy ili IjdIm, ar vlliel is. Tlie iliher hiin'e I, tilhe hInhilii );l tns.
    Alllio ul-li uiiiinallv of exellpild (Inality. ,ill's ill le11 tlh, color. and
    (i xii re I r i 8 ll it t Of tl e 10111 I.i 3-1 1iil lt lanii t n d t ll 1 it ji res the
    1iltor iii \ o l' el product.

    W~w~ Ot the ywii
    A p, -il land 21"d (In litt (if Ehiapi )o.l (al In& IIe
    Vx~pected on land contai ll n' es W th n oiie ia l 1f Ip r cent Of alkali
    in lli lq :; Ieel- oiM (d l he woil. altnhhion li exceptwioniallv resistant ildivil-
    ual plainio will Ip'oId e a fWilj Vali y of' liloer in tlhe plesence of onie-

    iSrm/ rt in if I. A .I//'/////*

    11\-AS.IlI I (N ( ). I ( '. l l ih" I/G. IR'llA:

    SIII I IIIII I0I89 I9481 III
    3 1262 08928 9481