Barley culture in the northern Great Plains


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Barley culture in the northern Great Plains
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Carleton, Mark Alfred, 1866-1925
United States -- Bureau of Plant Industry
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry : ( Washington D.C. )
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    Development of the industry and distinct barley districts
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    Comparison of yields of different varieties in the northern Great Plains area
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    Two-rowed compared with six-rowed barley
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    Breeding better strains and maintaining pure seed
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    Use of barley
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Palholon i'!t and Phyi ol, p utl l 1 oi Bnrou. It r- rly T. ;lll\v;>.
Pathologist and Phy, oloqt mmtA A ',itatt 'ei/ 1 / t lr/aT,, Alblrt \- X\ N ds.
Laboratory oW Plant PatholoQU. Erwin P%. Sinth. I'aG h) mumt ill (ha r,.
!ii *t'lIatiio s of Dia, ve o w t Frn itt, M -'rtotl i a t0 e 'at. I olo ist in I irge.
Laborlaory ofI l'orAst Palholoi'I, Havon MNhialf. Pathlogist in1 ( barge.
TrAak ('rop Dim's "dn PlAWi / is.<',, iur'iiny. William A. Orti, Pathologist iln (iarge.
PIlAnt life l r loir m, timi*yt. \\';ltr T swinwgl Physiswmoist in I'harg',
('olton BreTdnil n lni' alijliitl rthihalI 1>. I.i'hailwl and Danirl N. .'Ihotiiake 'r Physiol slsg iln 1i ,'r-'
Tobacco lh, igation, AM rhubmi D. S-ianl,. \ightmun W. (irni'r. and rinost I. Mmthewson, in
(ha rg,.
COrn Ini .,tigAionqi ('iharI Alkali and Droutoa RIh Iaui P1lant Bri'leg Intiesfigationi., Thomas ]I- Koaniey, I'hysiologist in
1,.r,- -.
Soil 1Bacteriology and IIbt'rr Iurfcamaion, lnrws/tigatiim I. Karl F. Klrmnuan, I'hysiologist in ( harge.
BionomiC In? 'liglaiWns of Tropical anii Subtropial a Plant. (Oralor F. (ook. Bionoinist in (hargo.
Drug and Poa in (ha rg,.
Physical Labloratory!. I.yman Briggs, P'hysicist in a Brge.
Crop ITechnology und Fmh! r Iit IFA Pa l tiilioi.', Nathall A. (o0, (rop T(m ,hinoltgist in ( i i
Tmaonomic a"d t-ing'', hiii ,,topton I Fredrick V. Coaille, ItBotaistM in (harge.
Farm ir finiflau( 1nt litirgtaiv. William Spillinii. Agrirulurist i (ihargp,.
(,rain Injeitigationj Mark Alfrd Car,iton. C(erahlist in Charg'.
Arlingtonl Elperimi, ntail FTrm, lie ('. C 'Cor!it ,Horticulturist in (Charg.
I' pgtable TIxtim Gardens. William W. Tracy, 'r., Supi'rintcnidllit.
'Su1ar-Beft Iir?' iglatiisl (hamrl.'s (1. TIownsnid, I'athologist in Chargo.
lU stlrn AgriiinTlil ralt 'n, IDry-Land Agricultur,, lin, rstiliiions, E. (Chaiining ('hilcott, Agriiculturist in Charge.
ioinoloqical I'olllclions., Giis taivus 1. Braiktt, l'omiologist in Charge.
FM Id lnrctligiilon.s in Pomology. \Villiam A. Taylor and G. Hlarohlt I'owcll, IPoinologists in Charge.
ExrprimentaIl (TardlenI andTj l't.
For(lin Sdl aml Plant Intruclitioln. David Fairchild. Agricultural Explorer im I I, 1 r:.
Forage Crop fntlatlloion, (iiarhis V. lplr. Agrostologist in (Charg,'.
Se>d Laboratory, Edgar Brown, Botanist in Chargo.
Grain StlJiarii -ition, Dtlli I). Ihaiiahlan, l ixlort in Charg(
Subtropical Lalboratoryl a nl GorInf, 1Miami, lFla.. ITrnt A. Bss-,ty. I'athologist in (Cha.rgo.
Plant Introduction Garden. 'hicio Ca'., August Mayor, Exp'rt in li Ir-
South Tf.ra (Garden, Brou'ni ,l'. Trx., INdv ard 1. (;-,i', 1'ojinimologist in Charg'.
olton ('Culturie Farms and -a irn rs' Cooperatirv D mon.iilrato,) WIork. Seaman A. Kna Sp.t Spcial Agent
in ('harg.
Serd Ditributiion l Directe'd I M hiM.f o af l lr''aI', Lisle M,rn,-ion \ssimstiant in Goneral C'harge.

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prt ion f 4 lh ( great Plains, including princt ically all of South D)akota,
all of North l)alaka excepl)t the extreme ca-sterln portion, thle Plains
are ( ()f Mnitaln, a'l,4 snall adaIcent portimos of W\yomiing alnd
Nebrask a. The dliscsioIi o4 barley culture in this article must be
nilitlerstood to apply palrtiWilarlV IY tltis sec'otnid area- tlihat Jf the
northern (ireat Plains.
In pIhl-sical ge(w'aphy ( ile northern (ireatl Plains arela differs f'romi
lthat of tlie nurlli- itenlra Stales district apl)pr)xiiia ltely aIs follows:
In thie hitter district there is mulch morue rainfall, there are c(,o-
side'ralhle areas 4f timber, andt the climate is fairly c(nl: ini the mnorth-
ern ('real Plain li-li't it tIhe tverawe annuimal rainfall is nii hli less than
i thiie oilier isltrict aIIl II eco),ies g (raduall s.imaller to 1e ardt t- le I W ,i-t.
here is v erv little Ior no timIler, aIndI the sullIIers are liot. It is
ln ',,blylv : hir,,e'lv I IIe t tliese diIffereii ces in climIate aIdI soil I ii t it I here
1is a ,',IT-I ,,ll ti iid I tilerence w\\it Ih respect to t lie ( nvaieties of barley
adaptedl to liese dill'-rent districts. FromIi tie illnvesttiatiomns alread-V
imlenitiomeL it li-s beeln (tlilte tlio lotu"Ill l deiollnstr'ate elineral t ili thle -.ix-romel har-levy are nuilli l)betterl adlaplted t tIhe
l ,u t li-ielent ral States disLrict I, X while illn tie nllt liernl (itleat lPlains the
1\ d barlx l etl mrehvs succeed ielter.


li tlie t*f ll\\iin ltable-s are shlb li thi e cli tln l r tive XYields of a
number )f *diffeireit varietie-s ol IarIhe at several different experi-
Iienlt s italin At thle te It ricullltlinl experimlenlt station at
Fr-,. N. l)akV ,- it is seen frnim tile table of Yielhs obtaiinedul as an
aveitrae If tfive-Xears- te-sIs that the -,ixL-r\ed barleys iIave dnile a
Iittleh be ler tlial the to\ I X-rowedl vaietie-s. This is in l{e(l River
';alhl ue n a- beborie stated, that ,4alhe apIlea tst le ta belnml" in tlie
oirth- tneiltrl > alte-s- distri, t as Ite-gaardis iaurhle atal~plat ion.
I'I A wl I I 1 i I lt [ s i tli /. f 1 11 I. i ll I / /t 4l I lsl lic I 1s,- \ )',I Hille v ( 1\a.)( 1 'I .
r ll*+] i ** i ] l', i 1,1 11,+ 1 t n '. / it f i i i.
A i" I 1,h q I1 4 /'11/ i ( \\

Hi 1 li/t :~~l] l,'; t l2 ir+ li I'. i ^l, i t, i Ifili li+ i l,
N7,i I I k i.

<' l l~ M ;I ... ... k4-u t;- i j .">. 7 { It 'I .> 7 I 7 !> l I+ lid S .1 .
*:M ".I ,i + l.Tii [ n h . . ",1 i- .'i' .! 4S 11 *->7 i> ,* .i4 :i -:.s.
",7I },1 +P+I lll a,., 7 +9 +l 7 I. ;

'-17 tl f ll l t i; llH i C h hrl .. .. *',' .' li *I- 7 *in 7 I I *! 17. ." :17. :1

,; I I w~jij 11102 114 I'll'- i 1 19(16 t '1 t 7 i.
It- 11 11 111 1 -. -

Ii l I l'i \l .iIl' 3- 1 i ; .1 2 1 1
2 1 M ; H 2a 1 1 2 t i
11 i 1 , II.; l- h -.. .1 2 1, I 3 t I *I I7 I 1 i 34- .
SI I , I 1 ; I II i 1-1 41 1 12

Pr4f .1.I II S w tjlq vi+r ri< lt IiI t ;ii l \iag iv iir ,rtia ,- i ir N ,IItlI
)!l) l (,i> A.\ ,rit iiltt ur l Il'\|) ritiiinvto n ot ioi, at O w n Ikri+e : |( II %>
< u(tivil< -niny" t l n, ial ctt :

Ii + + l; \ U tI I ~l > li i l1 lI ; In il I I l !, I i - 1 T I q % X X -
t '{ + II! \X ", i it li IMOl I Itha t h I lj; It t Ile \ ml'Vll 'i ltM l+
ii \ X tltI t; \ tl ti icI l+ l1 it lliti i t lh a- I;c+ +ir i I It i a'r l- Ill
Wt' nu'itliirj li" f l i {id < llt ill Ctlo I-wlo ha.; 1 i iO "l' le;in\.i c Af' O wi,
tw li ,i\ 'i -,it'-. XI > *- llt- Ia'oIl w ;Nn I I i I ll \ \ x X \ Iri l-
t+ :ti +.+ t ; ,t i + l 'r \ j n 'ritiiic ii t ^i .it i ,i i ti+1 N +i } tr i |);i l\> >i ;i, (*\ r').+ + + > i + | i ,> iii
v'a;>r, I'90 ;nl Hun l I', liclin- m -111-ta lll \\ iri> i n 110 i 4 i;i n \ l >;iX tl
l,+", ; I', H' (I,, I'- tl l I \\ ,-l',',i,*\\ I l \ + i ,ri 't l<1- u+*l'< ;lt l \ \ rc r i |c ( l l l -i-r ,,| \ ,Il \ I*
s i'ilt- tit \Q l i I [ aT r Ni "it tI l -i l 1 \ I IltI e I 'X Il rt t l);l 1 r I --
inl t lh to nto i l ti l i ilt l M I ti ;t lh lt ;i t1 I l; -t tit i ill llli /
1 1 1:1 11 \ + ,It >ll l lI1 ,ll-. 111llI ,r l ir 11 l t llr \ ;i i :l )t;it i il l :( ,*< i k \ >
\'cl' \'-. he I11I l o I hr, I'ruln ll ->+ i -ldnaI', 1 i M la+ ri> arir-ri iW O I" l'1l
\'(>il l'vv r itll ( I l l' rl+ I Is V t, il l tO w\ 'i ;1 c d i +Ti- 'f \ i C >| > l )r i 1 1 1 l l i
nv'vral'siL' i- ,' vl, lI ;,tn "f Hi e ur,, , rtn)l i | i> l ( .i,'l \Yidl "r t!i tw M l ; -n -("C 'l>ir i-' (, :l t All -, iNK i i
fO r lle .\car, l \ l 1 Intc i ,l.iit i h r I'e,* \ l
l' i++ H I K A N 1 :,, + / + + ,+ ] + l + +,, s + +' ++ + , +

TV -I I i Il l l i ;i *l i t d ti aI V n10i ill l *r
Anihri matir Kxpri nci-ia- Wa~iiii In r W A ,' x T~r-
NI;tI*t l ')1. II t i1t- I ,i i t tl t ; -lit i ii ;I t\ i-- _
( I '. r t |'hi-- .i. ll !);l, l'hr\ l vi i l H \\ l| i i Q -w
"l i M I.)1+ 1 < I' l+ t l l ,t ` :t++;t" ',+. i+ I, '>\ l +,l + l 'if-I + I+ ,, .,.V.


i+ l + + l.(M i ii;n i;
i +. l 1 ,f i. ( >i

h .r + l l..+ \+l ii ...
+ + + + it + + I

HM\l .\ W v I A I I II


less) was 2,492. 9 r a difference (f (;72 pinlidst per acre in favor of the
two-rc)wf(d b)arlevs.
IThle variety t v ria with larlev t thie S'tate Agricultural Experi-
Iiielt Station 'at Bo'),)kilg S. D. )ak.. have been very extensive and
interesting, andl ha( (' cover(edI tIle )peri)dl frl'()ml 1)900() to 1907, inclusive.
S)ine df the Ow best varieie.iu however, were introd)(ced( much later than
thlie others. Tn 19 .0 a severe haiil-ttorm idestr)oved the entire cr()) of
all s iall grai-is before ilarvest time. It is )nly possible, therefore, to
five avx(rae yields that I1rni.h anv relial)le iniforiination for (the
peri ol (f 190-1 toi) 1907. inliilsive. Thie re-ults of tiese tests are strik-
inily in favor 1)f tile t w(-r()owe( l)arlevs.
It 1is w irth \\hile' 1() refer to te trials so e (,Xw hat in detail. There
w(X e ai' d 4r4 )(41 l1 iIill)v1 're varicti( )f iwv)-o)-roved I rlevI'Vs -r' oVii than
of te six-rle 1"' sr1-. Thle niamies-; t4 tle tenltv best two)-ro(wed(
varieties iare here given in the order o(f yield. and also tile ealies of the
live best six-r wed v arie'ties in thle order (df Nielld.

'U on II I I l 4 4 44! 444l 1 44 U l of .' r lit t1ii S t 1 ii b I )ko t
'l. ,): II :- .,/i i. l -,' /**;'7" 4" n4 / .( i 'l ,. i t I '

4; I 4. 44 -i 44' 4 i; I'. .[ 44 Y ield
i>, i |p r :1i r, \ > 4 per acre'
; Hixh I: Ju.+hcls,
1.7 Sl\;t n , .'>s .v. r.i.lA .'. . ... ... .... .. *IlI 3
i:> ( hl \:> li<' .. . .. 4. l. ..... I 40, 0
h4 n h ,, 4 I 1 4'> *'7 l4. 15i ] .1..4 . .. .. .... .. ....... '
('hrv',< ili.r," [.I' I .\ r ln)-,",l .1t ii 01 " ; ., .. ... . .. .. .. 39. 0
'O (' v i r. -.. . . ri s. S I' 1 '<. I( . . 1 .
11 Is4 44 4', $1'
lli l\ 14'1i4 4i .4. 1. .4 ... 1 :11) l1 [ln ;1 4 .. 3 2I
.S ;+) n . .. . .. .. . 41 I'rPii I N (. 1 )., . 34,

44 \ 4 i.l t 4 N' 44
2 1 L 'r l r.- 4! 1. 17 ' .. .. ...... ..... 34.
_'2 1 1 .111 1 :1 . . . . .... .. } i 17 ', S . .. . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . 33 .9'

IT I 1 ,, V F ... ,, M'1 ,iI, (j< .,*i ,li' Ii s .,1 'I ; '1 X1 i t 4 tl' fio14r [ille I li l' l i ii'

\('a I P. '41 -4uli4 ~ I 1: ,I5 ,il~i'' 11 (1 1 t l )'tl'fX4 iNe'Ht i\- eldC
iii ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ /'' Ia X (41 441 lii) tli Xn l'X d X.i'(lH

114 444I8L'' \41lo tii.' v"*'i 14X eL -4I'1 j 44 .-U4I4''iII l4X el <' th
N ,,. *) r 1).'i'.' N -)" *" ;+irre.

:2, 17') N a -f ll --------
I 1.2 4 'l1-.. 1.X. [. elI X) 17- h M i(' ilt ri~ l -- .t.e. .. '.-.'... .. ... 39. 0)
1^ | ( '(HIIIiirii *-\-i\: v)\ +n i . .. . 11 i 7+ .S i n^.|ll ika .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. 2S. 3
M l llli'+,nh: N ,. ; I 1 I

The atveraIge, yield f tl( e live ))(".I tlwo)-ro e( d varieties for tle foiur-
1ar )(TriOd s'pecilied i-- .l9 bl"slhels and 1ll;It )f fl e live best six-rowed
varie(li ,s lo)r Ilhe same pel-riod is i9 .,)..' b s els,- a lill' 'r n 'eei of, .(5 buslels
in l'avo(dr l lhi I \w()-r)wcld v;arie'l i1es..
Ther'e ar re several Illii)ers of interest c())o(,er,.iii_, thlese tesls. Thliouglh
(lthe average \ield of tlhe six-r()iwd sor~s is onsihderal)l how(er than
Ilial olf lIe II, ()wo-r() (cd variet ies. lievert lielkiss I lie ()dessa variety,
rrii allv l'r, Itiss-ia, made, an av11:11 111Vield odf on)l\ on(-t h otli of 't
liisel Ies,, tlia il t1:I o1 f tile Iihle'st vieldin two()-rowed v arieity, the
SaN -ek. Minnes,,a No.( wicIm s (le hi\hest in many1
( irr :i

1;.;L xii "

Xiti l,\ri~ ix ilil I x inn ** t,' ; tll nr i l.,i K \ |< i>t li dii k im IX ir,,ii <* i

li hi. I l+ ir* l ix ii \ _'N i ll [< ii<, < I fi, t lii i) it t i i, l l ' l l -
bt lly t i t; A dik 1 til 1 jiii f a;l i l I I hi lll, I a \o l \;iA iI .I ill lL' At.

[> II'- 111 t, c"r, A K T I i l lt ; t I atV I I Iit a I l I I n 1 -1 i I i i I I tz
Itttr !i l, t iiill ti ll b unr uk t ;> ll l li )iI.nt ip ,i In i I ItI' oI :tl 1> r1 '1 I %.d
Q tI l, l live h

111u ill-1 lit l!' l ti lh'ililk*.; ii > I t N l liii i 1 i 1\ 1 i
ilini t I I ili- t ei a t ;irit \ >ii 4i i ilni i il Ii t ii i 'Xt i ii tii i li t ni -i M r.
1 ). Gi Filli x A ii iliatl I l A i\'ii ll l xxlr ;r i 1& i I ir.i ii i k It I '. ii Iw iluln,

ti lii [II, '.k t l i I;lN l lXX l i X ll ii ti(X I l l lr < i)- I I|>I'- +Xl 1lH Ii l i >1 1 ti
tr yll\ il itvi llt h 'l i .' n li h tllt ; t .dl i I in N 1 I tIi I ll 'll I I x
llii (i ii I i' ,i k ,W il 'ii pl i X iii I i l\ l t I; i i 1,1 IlV .k i ; li -i >It li
it1 l/ \t 1 i t l tilt 111 t, l l ;l l0 1 \il0 I hi i i AInt I Wi l i Alll ',I r I 'ir, 1
las' -r('l, c, l wi thim in K ew t ilit ,IM- i i_ 0 l 4 the fi e ,Q

In1 1 i iriali f >i i, ia fiTi t);iI rlr\ I i l a t t lh i ile I );i j l u l
-iiA [ i t t XXI Il ij I tit r lit c I I ;('-I l m" i the l IIIl I II r I I t Nl i l i) ,
iU,--r - t Ilh u l 'i ricil i Ic. i <\ r, i- \- '\ ll ii j'-i, t
l i t lld i i ti t o I' I- o t i Ib"I .\ 1i t iw rif ,nilo' Cr1o l t'-' l, ,,t i l t r i l l'r~iii
Sti'cden, \ 'i IK. ^iiv- -~ii r\ A d. N' lin e uc -il
in thew~c I( -t- unt il th i N eariit' 'm .'). Vicl \ rioirit c- ;a- d in-'e \-uild
l I -(1' ( i )I' .' iih [))rc \ h i ig 1" ininll' )'ii N ino. lt'-fnia l\ ;in 1 i r (< ]11 jA r-i iz .
n nllli i llr'tli r |d o wili hu t oit(, iii1 lh li -r 'n\ ed l-h \;I ricl tc' duiln'IIL
IN oar M;n^ I A a.o' ind Ii na.IH)'^ ve yrold-l mm<* ^'- +i;i Not. Vl,


n ll rrrli \4';ir ltt lr 'i', it;Ii n i,'ia'ri I ;i i a to -i o ii'v rA I 1k li\ ;i N 1 q 1w't \x\ (w n1
tw ,ri r-i' .m I cil & il >i\ r< a wl,\ >inl(\'\-, ;tl, l M o ior Inn l i III tl i i i- + n--
>ioin a,. ,1 1 l i rrlltl\ l liicl'Ml- t >1 1 '-r I \I, INN ;i" -ca -c 4 )| b:l (,I I l~ llkiiI, I n lliatl lii I\n \' ainld ill' rrll- i'l't't ll il tx'tt iarl Iiel !l 1 ,e -I \ b t e,'r +, *i I w ; to a rwt A-. It, l 0 4 1-
Coutl ilrV thlle "I- '+'i', Cl Vari it't If'- ] |;1 \'C I,' l: {ll l'bl \w i r. Ilki:- 1~- lir
thotl bl lit l ,\ I,, lllZ W ii l l i ,'; t he It \ -I*i\ b+,< .>\ ri | ':tl>' \'- l Iw o v
/lt i l otj',+' iljl \ hi l j 'l L 'l l n i ,t+i ll ; t li Mi ] I W ". l l1 <*'"O r-. ;1t1i
ilmict\ tlverefl',irr nIl)t hirl ;i t 'i a ,itia h li 1 in il- Iti in r\ i- "111v
r, 'C Itl l v i lcl' + l lt ', 1 l >i l' i l | t l tl111\ (* t'1 ;,;> 1 1' l H +t l ;ltl \ l >;l l'! + \ i l'K '-
r cti, I tly,'i~+ af t nr I he I I o in" in t A I V- 10 ,t ['t+' + It 4 Mall I In,, l A Arow

t! 1-i' i t i lo lllj- "It l, l, \ l.f tWho r l A thp I' |i l- t lr i li \ |;-
lcce i :;i> rlrtail!'n i T. i I ti lti no > l ii ;.ll, > 1l the i M t ',', 01'n i' l ,
iffl erl ll ttl airt ; i( I |>l l'- l rl ( l ir 1 A IN inl l wl | r \ ; |i -I f o l 11o,

101 II;i.IK ( !Y I 'li + iT: \i TiIF. N(Hu1TI IFIRN (HEI AT PLAINS.

agricultural s-tanldpoilit. A\s there eeim t t lie ,(wd arguiments from
tI le cmilmercial Itaniltdllit li'r lie prodution (Il f either clas of Ibar-
levs there is apl1p;ireIIl; no I, g(Iitl reaoim whliv the li'falmler hliuhld not
cuihivate llie tart iUlcillr arley wxhichl giVes himII tile best acre Yieldls,
ailit in ilthe ,e/io i Itlie itlielrnl greatt Pl'lains there is nIo lue-stion
ut inat th ils .la-- is lie twxo -ri, ,ed barlevs.

Melti lia's hieei iniladh ot the s-llperiol prodil'l ivneli-s of tihe
I hio -,ii x I v e S wed is barlevs' amIil 4 tlie Nh11e1soita N(). (;l pn)-
duced it tlie MIhiniesot a Lxperiiient S ,ta ionII, lie foIr'lier bemii two-x
rx'weid va'ietie-s al tlie latter re relesenltil, llie six-rr leow el 2 oIp.
lroili he re'ilt,, shlovwii tI he bt, )Iainl i v oitlier bal'hes-, there is n11t
lthe dlitlcI hd ,i lIt t e i siu Iepe iIr iehls ,f thes li e l(hlilih x hI redl liar-
lev, are due e tirel' to their thorttkhi lieedlin'. tlhe', li1 r1 o'i,,-
ilated f'rom l tock 11) n better tlian that oI' th oint iarx soirt's.
Since 41liiiii irecenl t vear-s a pala e part ol' tlie attelit ii f tie a(ri-
cultural experimillent -tatiio lia-s been 'given to aI laptatin trials fi'
nai Ix vareti ie'-e, olil tu1ichti li Ime ais vet leelin gi('ve t lbiree li e lpI're
laiHrle v Ivpees iIn tlI- ecuili r. In SontIi l)alota thlie work has until
re'centlx leeun aliiomst entitrelv a study iof IIIan llY variielis inl aiapt:ttion
ti'al-. lThe xw k of tlie Mtiieota Agrieiult liral Lxperiitillmt S ta-
tion l1ia already eleni mieitiomedl. At lle State s-taItiti at Far'"o.
N. I)ak., a I'tat dial of tin'e lia hs been ixi'li to biartley selection, and
tx-io verx, ,,, pedlieei1i''a xlietie-s iavx been deelol)pedl at lhatt stl-
tion: T'le Maii-leirii (Manciuiria N. l)ak. LExperineit Sta-
tio No. ,S71. a s.ix\ oi\el variety, ail the ": laisui ;+,' N. l)al.
;\hie'riiiient 1atiitn i No\ 1T2. a tvo-rioveidl variety. A iiiii1heri o1
othli e pri'e v lpes' which 1) linot v'et appear tIi have diveellpeil into
salisl'ati, ti stxtraii-., tremadx liot dsl riltiitiom a'1.e eii' laniled l iv
tins expert metni t t ata ioln.
The s. jlict o,| Hettii,_ itliii-xel seed is L,,' thle t'reatest imlportance
a ,ld -linili ailwaxs 'uxuV' enariefuil atiltentiml. The'l fai'ille cIi nit,
< >1 co ,!ll+" ` do,4 aei+curate, 1reed inZ\ acco)rdil'kr1 t h lie l ibel Itm s em-
lioIxed ti l e 'xpe'rimen't statiii)s, t t li e a' tl largely tiiail taii tll,'
oiil;ilt ol' (lie strai or vx;rietx li(e al'ea1x iv-ii-.raesse. v keeping, il fairlI
piurlie'. ell 'h'a :el aiid raiId dl. antd oicasiinallx *eh'ctinl e tlhe best-
pilali lfiii tlIe huel ldi tfo tlring a -iiall seedl plhit. I i-s ,-splcially
ilpoirltanlit ito \Iop' t'xxi wo rimwed Halexty alsol itel seplia'ate fn Iron
six-ix eil lairhlex. It is l-tel tile o tuo ,rix llhee lxx( l.kilsl, even oni
tlI' saiie ii 'aril. Nainx far 'llll-s otver a: lar'e airela 'limoild tilunite ill
r't x ieg strictlv lx i i kiindl (I' harli, alter tein..' fairl, yix sure that they
LavI ele lie iii' on-I "at i-sfao tirx

BA CKMA1. I N V I III T1 K \o l; IT10 N I' I P


14 ; ind, 114 i itl- uct\ i t1 tl1h iv 4l rlill m hn\4 Ian vo ni, ll) ,1 ti't r lli-

l p l i o I t 1 o l 1 4 4'41 4a4 l'4 ln IorIIll i4 I I ll II 14 4l l \\I' I 41 li 44
lil"It th ile ll ; i -\ 41. 41 ; 11 41i4'c llr I 1 11b,*i 11- 4 1 1t i, If t i i, t too 1" l l1o k

n"" Quo' n44 fv" p 1iu," 'I I in44 111 IMWI 1 1410 4141 l AW
diti14 'I "j, ill\ IN O wn' 14 ,,,\1 '' -,<' (o'rl ,rilplc- ottf a, 44 11 -
111a1 Hiatit, l t' Il n 1he dnvrvvh lI l thile I1 l'> l pla ., l4 o1li r, l ] ii
|, ,t tinn i luc ;irea 4i lli, ( S+-,at thleiW e lin, h i a r,,nipairalix:t\ ,l\ lo'\
i ln al rain I fall l It I- l4 lt ', r 1 4 iII I I4| t i ii ; t 5,1 it" >,1 1 v | \1t i l .
t r the' v'i vn"ii n .t n4"4 4 i i-o.tu r il thi "d1. I'li- i- 1 > a1,, ; ; \ -
t ll( ain v'ull) )1 i'l h' 1 ) I ll > i l l' 44!4 1 11 ll 1 14' c u ltIV4 tt 1 il tl ; t1 r i4 i,1lll
,4 l41 ) l,' 11 u ''-. A ;a ri it i'S 1 iilpi it ill ii l 111i4 ;I I t10l ;i ll |i '.
lli Iw_ l .l' ritt l^ L'1'il i-. l i, li l I,+ g' A lii'n tiw lo t t>r 'f inj -i ^i- 'i l i i ||'
t here llil; \ I Inal' -iiH+ l ll i irl<'l,,A I t nl'r l l-i llvt t h a t n\ >lli l l', lnlomt ilfic timl olli ,lf n llhlp'rct ,i e A fte'rI h l+ e |it >l bi g iii 1 ,tlo '. it i- :> 1 ini"
I'a te i 4rt i n ll t4 1, 1t -I iii l l i t -1i t;> l ll .t i-lr u m44 'IQ I I '
'it l i S 1' 41 4 4111! l ll- [41 1 >I ;> I1 It1 ;1 1td lilt r 14il-l l ll a i 4 ll 1" 6 %; ,
anil 111 > 4't Itii I 44 i1i111 >4l 1 lid any; I m r 4 l.l 4 Ir'/l i 41 \ l i
th14 i4' n if l (i' l von ;l 'l l. Inll thll4' ;l41 l lttl' nt-v 1 4 a n 1 4\4' 1 lW lt t I -
i iii 114i l 't '\c<' li I ; 'iv I l twlti i n, in 1 li4 1>' 1 >44 i 4 i (W iv i 11 t1i! -,
it li < !01 ii l hanidl thliat tlir r' Il. ,f 4 l >;rlev aim! ,li +lrr -M al Y'n nii
(Tl' st+' : lflcr c ori'l lrcl .,n i)-' ~ ii | r i l t > l\ l 'lit,, i tli~i i l i 1 c il i;tit iii | ( \ ;
c r1 t' >) : 1 I i i 1 lfllI,. c .tln lF ; I D l) ;tiiI ) l i ii l t Ill ., i n l l ) 1
cu lk i to 1 n qt krlj |.. ,, lil ;i, < l I n it l i-]oii
T h, 1rat e 4 04'ii114' ) i 10 t \ i+ll i'll i 1 li,4 l 114 H ts \I" lll 4 0 i [) 'll( l
tipliri 11 hon thloc iy aidi [ii rtic"Inrly upion th al io n W I i| r:i 4 O W 1.i
T hiel'e i- 1 ll, 4-14 q l'li l that t4ilt4 -h1 ,lil4 11 (' AI,,4 i \\4 he (i ib 1" P i A
lI1 111c bet ter ;. H( Ii t IIl 4 i4i4 i l' 41 "14 i ;tii i- ,l'l :iink' ,I i n Si 4 \4 ; \ 41, l
tl 1 ilin i' t1li44 t4414 ni 1 1 'I114- t '4Iiu l4l4 4 t h ie i tll i 4 i l \ h n1!4,4
- ci ||'all i th 1 ille4 at r4'14l 141|i41 I44 1 the4 4 t411 it i &l M i 4, I'4
thle \\+illt"!

tn \\ 1411 14114 I.4444 4 11'11.1 1 I 14 4 44
( \ a l l I ll in q >|. ltJ j l \,w r ia l all l li,,l l(> ,,( o l l I ,,+ _r ,i I l ,rr Th
4tiall 1 ,il I l -vl 41 l 4 li4 l 1 i4 4 l l-i ;l l li l4 .., ln h I, c 1 t ,H
l l'"- 4i :' il I ll\' ;l1l il i t 1 1i | fil i 1 1, .' *C ll l4 I 101t '> 1 l':.1 I, + (jt .i
I lnc1, '1+ I i i ll\ \ ', t it I'r [)l'<' i I Il if\ il i o ,t l
[Iln wlt'lirml vmi i e |l i, 1" tc -o!1 ( <-|i M -oo t \ i rt n in t | t; i c nrfli l \i i l i ic Ili)
Freterahle~l, ,, itl l- ,the -arl m "+ clll a 11 ", ol+ *.\ ]1e+ it hn~tq: l ,!++ 1, <,,on, r ,, fn
;i (1 l,1 ir i a1 lbi; l lt W' ier a; l [tht 'on lko !or th lt, l lnllt I \ t Klol v .
W h tein tiiM M ., M14l ',t' d lN itc ii- Ilal Iimte, it i- !ih ilr\ (t-v ,1 ark.
.tol" i }l t w ial o,+\' Ill, lit', ovo I "+'t ph, t M e,, t -tin!,thl wint ic N M I A,t ; l-
14.ii lt -4n pi ac'l t .t pthe i\n y -tio4li I; , ;. i it l ;i,
nllakvt- Il'+lll t,, QW161 i tjnn nr : +t,
I I ,r i ; Ix' I ,i I I, 11 "I o\\ I+ v " |l m Kq ,
Av It ,, 1-,+ I h I ,, . o li >\\ H1 "IT


Iv,,iding 1 ll(ho ncqilv ,If m, invi hiin again before h thev wont lnadoil fir thra-shing.
I am aissurd lial h 1'. i of ihis early ,1. i,,- which r illy;ia|pr,,nachl h'd a I .I.'.-.-
ui1IInitc'r fellow, gave a1 marked improvement t on h(flio 1x sno ;smi's ,iui, .
Thle -olII barley may Io cbllivu l >l wi tli a lihrl, w tlo (vialt advan-
t tlhis i. (ldoie alter rains. The loss of mioistlflre due to lihe foriiatioii
of a Crills is liis porevelenle.
If po1 ssible, mHrlev should nlot be allowed to1 he dlisc,,oloredl y ex-
pousre 1co \vet weather. Discoloration dlepreciates its vahle for co(1-
enial prpses. ThIle c'lopl) should l e harvested as soon as it is
fully rilpe. If lbrhley is well sacked promptly after sliocl.:ii., tlie
clo0r will be l)preserved, butll a sh;ioit exp)oslre ili the slhock is fre-
ilenltlv fatal to ite good colol of the kernel.


BarhleI tas rec nI Iv acquired a steadier and ,stoIiner demiad and
is Iliig Iiiii'e Zeiieally used evev year. 11 is gu'.' i,,' ili favor for
feed(ling to stock. especially f1or lior ft'eedting. Barley-fed bacon is Coln-
sidere(l to be of much better (quality than that produced from corn.
This c-op l as rece ,en tlv bee more riemunierative to lhie acire than
either wheat or liax. 11 is a crop) thatl Ills in with othler small graills
to good adl tvan:age at tile harvest andl thrashing seasoti because of its
ear lv matlunrilv, Plrofessor Shepperdn is of the opinion that "barley
a, a trail foi. stall-l'feedlin live stock in Norlth l)a1hota seems destined
to till the place ccupied by corn in Sta;les farther soutlih. Feedinju
trial-s \ itl li orses, cattle, slhieel, and lios aI this s--tatio leIIiomIst rate
its value in le Iil rational of each of thliese claise.s of li\e s-,ctk."

Applroved :
vIIM s Ii. (l.SN,

W ASIIN(;T \, C'., A yi'n'l '!, l '.HS.


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