List of publications on wood finishing subjects


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List of publications on wood finishing subjects
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List of Publicftiuns on

August 1944

No. 1?454

Madison, Wisconsin
tl Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin



Instructions for obtaining publications ........................... 2

Wood finishing subjects listed .................................... 3

General .......................................................... 3

Painting Characteristics of wood........ .. ............................ 4

Technique of exposure testing..................................... 5

Special primers and priming procedures ............................ 6

Technique of applying paint....................................... 6

Technique of maintaining paint.................................... 7

Co:iposition of paint............................................ 8

The weathering of wood ......... .... .. .......... ......................... 9

Coatings for retarding moisture movement............ ............. 10

Paint failures when wood becomes wet.............................. 11

Painting treated wood ............................................. 12

Interior wood finishing .......................................... 12

Miscellaneous .................................................... 12

Other publication lists issued by the
forestt Products Laboratory..................................... 13

0454 -1-

I.S:R:CT: o 0, FR0 O-:TA :-I ::7- PL'ULICATIO::TS

Publications available for distribution at this Laboratory are marked
with an asterisk (*).

Sin-le technical notes, reprints, and mimeograph reports ;iy be ob-
tained free upon request from the Director, Forest Products Laboratory,
',adison, Vis. A bound volume of the technical notes only, conta*-:.i:.: the
notes listed here and notes deali-, with other subjects, in all -o0ce than
100 notes, may be purchased for $1.00. (This volume does not include the re-
prints a-id mimeograph reports mentioned in the list.) Remittance should ac-
co.)ipany your order and be made by certified check or postal money order to
the Trea-.urer of the United States.

Federal Government bulletins, circulars, and leaflets, if not available
for free distribution at this Laboratory, may be purchased at the prices in-
dicated, from the Superintendent of D:c-:N..e.its, Government Printing Office,
Washington, D. C. Send money order, draft, or cash; stars or personal checks
are not accepted.

Trade journals containing articles herein listed may often be purchased
from the publishers or may be consulted in various libraries.

The Forest Products Laboratory reserves the right to furnish only those
publications which in its judgment will jive the info -.,ation requested.
Blanket requests or requests for a large number of cpes of any individual
article will not be filled except in unusual cases.



Since 1922 the Forest Products Laboratory has been actively studying
the painting of exterior woodwork, particularly house painting, in order to
supply basic information for improving the serviceability of wood as a build-
ing material. Data are obtained from practical exposure tests at :Ladison and
other parts of the country, from laboratory tests designed to study specific
conditions of service, and from consultation with many house owners about
their painting experience. Publications of broad scope are listed under a
GETERAL heading. The first subject in house painting taken up was the PAIJT-
ING CHARACTERISTICS OF WOOD, that is, the effect of the nature of the wood on
the behavior of paint coatings. In the conduct of the work improvements were
made in the TECHNIQUE OF EXPOSUTRE TESTING. The next subject studied was
SPECIAL PRIMRS AND PRIMING PROCEDURES, particularly in the effort to improve
the durability of paint on the woods that hold paint less well. Experiments
were made from time to time on the TECHNIQUE OF APPLYING PAINT and special
attention was paid to the TECHNIQUE OF 1MAITAIJ-I:J1 PAIIIT over long periods of
years. The COMPOSITION OF PAINT is studied chiefly from the point of view of
selecting paint wisely and applying it correctly for the kind of maintenance
program and the specific conditions of service in which the house owner will
use it.

Attention has been given to the uses and limitations of paint as a
protective coating for wood under the headings: THE WETHERI'. OF WOOD and
COATINGS FOR RETARDINI MOISTURE MOVE.iET. The work under the latter heading
goes back to 1917 when studies were made of coatings for preventing the
swelling and warping of airplane propellers during shipment to France.

Information about unreasonably early PAINT FAILURES riHET00 WOOD BCO0!ES
WET is derived largely from practical observations of houses in which such
conditions have arisen, although a technique has been developed for reproduc-
ing such paint failures in the laboratory. The PAINTING OF TREATED WOOD be-
comes necessary in certain uses where preservation against decay and painting
for decoration are both required.

Other aspects of wood finishing, such as ITERIOR WOOD FIIISIO-G, al-
though falling within the field of work of the Forest Products Laboratory,
have so far been studied only in a preliminary way and practically without


Painting and finishing wood. Chapter in "Wood Handbook" of the Forest
Products Laboratory, unnumbered publication of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture. Handbook available from the Superintendent of Documents,
Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., for 35 cents, cash or
money order.
*Some books on paint and varnishes and wood finishing (a list). Tech. NTote
195. Revised ov. 1935.



General (continued)

*When andi how to paint homes a.,d farm buildings, by F. L. 3rownc. .: Prc-i-
dent's Conference on 2o:'n building & Home Ownership, Final Repor-. of CoE--
mittees, V. 7, 7L'rm & Villae Ho -, -:., p. 102. 1932.
..S..... i:.'ojgraph R962, revised 1Iay 19.3 .

Developments i., the stabilization of paint practice for wood, by ?. L. nc.
A...r. Soc. of Mech. -rs., :ra:.'sactions, ..ood Industries, 53:;3, t. i ,

Wood finishin- studies at the Forest Products Laboratory, by F. L. Browne.
Am. Paint & Varn. ::frs. Assn., Sci. Sec., Circ. 184, p. 278, June 1923.

Painting Characteristics of Wood

*Painting hardwoods in farm building, by F. L. 3rownc. Mimeo. R1291.
..Same: Painting characteristics of hardwoods. ITatl. Painters :agazie,
Sept. 1942.

A new aspect of the signboard story, by F. L. -ro'nu/. Paint, Oil A: Chm.
Review, 101(8):18, Apr. 13, 1939.

effect of extractive substances in certain woods on the durability of paint
coating, by F. L. Srow,.ne. Indus. & ESn,. Chou:. 28:416, Apr. 1, 1936.
..Same. Discussion by F. L. Browne. :"atl. Paint Bulletin, 3(2):5,
Feb. 1939.

*Behavior of house paints on different woods, by F. L. Browne. Miimeo. R1053,

*Durability of paint on longleaf and shortleaf pine, by F. L. Browne. South.
Lbrman., 146:20, Feb. 1, 1933.

Adhesion in the painting and in the gluing of wood, by F. L. 3r.-ine. indus.
& Eng. Chc,., 23:290, Mar. 1931.

The effect of resin in longleaf pine on the durability of house paint, by
F, L. ro-.-nu and C. E. Hrubesky. Indus. & ^n.. C-:.._.., 23:874, Aug. 1,1931.

Properties of wood that determine the service given by exterior paint coat-
ings, by F. L. Bro'no. FCdcration of Paint & Varnish Production Clubs,
Official Digest :-o. 95, p. 106, Apr. 1930.
..Same. Amer. Paint Jour., 14:22, Apr. 7, 1930.
..oa.u. Paint, Oil & Chem. Ruv., Mar. 20, 1930.

*Why some wood surfaces hold paint better than others, by F. L. Browne.
U. S. Dupt. Agr. Leaflet 62, Sept. 1930.



Painting Characteristics of Wood (continued)

Why wood painting research becomes a problem in forestry, by F. L. Browne,
Jour. Forestry, 28:1136, Dec. 1930.

Wood painting: a new point of view in an old field of research, by F. L.
Browne. Eng. Foundation, Popular Research Narratives, 1o. 158, Jan. 15,

The painting characteristics of different woods. Painters Magazine, 54:40,
Mar. 1927,

A technical study of wood painting practice, by F. L. Browne. Amer. Paint
Jour., 11:20, Feb. 14, 1927.
..Same. Amer. Painter & Decorator, 4:60, Mar. 1927.

The paintability of different woods, by F. L. Browne. West Coast Lbrman.,
50:157, May 1, 1926.

The painting characteristics of wood II. Results after two years exposure,
by F. L. Browne. Amer. Paint & Varnish Mfrs. Assn., Scientific Section,
Circ. 290, p. 202, Oct. 1926.

The painting characteristics of wood, by F. L. Browne. South. Lbrman.,
125:219, Dec. 8, 1926.

The painting of wood, by F. L. Browne. Save the Surface Magazine, 4:12,
Yar. 1925.

The painting characteristics of different kinds of wood, by F. L. Browne.
Amer. Paint L Varnish Mfrs. Assn., Scientific Section, Circ. 219, p. 125,
ITov. 1924.
Painting characteristics of hardwoods, by F. L. Browne. Indus. & Eng. Chem.,
27:42, Jan. 1, 1935. (Information incorporated in Mimeo. R1053.)

Technique of Exposure Testing

Discussion by F. L. Browne in symposium on correlation between accelerated
Laboratory tests and service tests on protective and decorative coatings.
Amer. Soc. Testing Materials, Special pamphlet, June 29, 1937.

*Testing house paints for durability, by F. L. Browne. Jour. Chem. Educa-
tion, 10:529, Sept. 1933.
..Same. Mimco. R1011.

Procedure used by the Forest Products Laboratory for evaluating paint service
on wood, by F. L, Browne. Amer. Soc. Testing Materials, Proceedings,
30 2:852, 1930.



Technique of Exposure Testir.- (conti:,-ed)

A principle for testing the durability of paints as protective coati:, for
wood, by F. L. 3rowne. Indus. & Er.g. Ch.e., 19:982, Sept. 1927.

A quantitative test of the durability of paints as protective coatings for
wood, by M. E. Dunlap and F. L. Browne. Drugs, Oils & Paints, p. 19,
June 1926.

Special Primers ar:d Priming Procedures

*The two-coat system of house painting, by F. L. Indus. & Enr. Chem.,
July, 1941.
..Same. Mimeo. R1259.

Special priming paints for wood, by F. L. Browne, Indus, & Eng. Che..,
27:292, Mar. 1935.

Effect of aluminum pri:i..-:: paint on the durability of house paints on wood,
by F. L. I3:one. Indus. & Eng. Chem., 26:369, Apr. 1934.

Primain'-coat reductions for painting new wood surfaces, by F. L. 3rowne for
the St. Paul Teost Fence Comnittee.

Fourth Progress Report. Ar.ur, Paint Jour., 19:7, Dec. 10, 1934.
Third Pro.-'.,ss Report. Ai.ei,' Paint -Varnish 11frs. Assn., Scientific
Section, Circ. 445.454, Nov. 1933.
..Same. Oil, Paint & Drug Reporter, 124:68, Nov. 16, 1933.
.,Same. Paint, Oil & Chem. Rev., 95:67, 'ov. 2, 1933.
Sec'r.d Progress Report. Official Digest of the Federation of Paint &
Varnish Production Clubs, Uo. 121, p. 1068, Dec. 1932.
First Pro-ress Report. Amer. Paint & Varnish iMfrs. Assn., Scientific
Section, Circ. 404:596, Dec. 1931.

Effect of priming-coat reduction and special primers upon paint service on
different woods, by F. L. Bro'nr.e. Indus. & E;i. Chem., 22:?47, Au--. 1

Technique of Applying Paint

The fad.i.. of painted surfaces, by F. L. 3:'o.c. *y. -r:-. <& M4aintenance,
33.-'j6, Sept. 1937.


r l

Technique of Applying Paint (continued)

A kind word for brush marks, by F. L* Browne. Paint, Oil & Chem. Rev.,
98(12):16, June 1936.
..Same. Canadian Paint & Varnish Magazine, 10:6, Oct. 15, 1936.

Stingy paint application often a danger, by PF, L, Browne. Natl. Painters
Magazine, 11:10, Aug. 1935.

An exposure test on repainting wood surfaces, 1st Progress Report, by F. L.
Browne, for the St. Paul Test Fence Committee. Natl. Paint Var. & Lacquer
Mifrs. Assn., Sci. Sec., Circ. 495:344, NTov. 1935.
..Same. Amer., Paint Jour., 19(53A):8, 21, Oct. 29, 1935.
..Same. Oil, Paint & Drug Reporter, 128(22):58-60, :Tov. 14, 1935.
..Same. Paint, Oil & Chem. Rev., 97(23):87-89, 136, Nov. 14, 1935.
..Same. Paint & Varnish Production Manager, 13(5):45-48, Nov. 1935.

Repainting old paint-thirsty surfaces, by F. L. Browne. Paint, Oil & Chem.
Rev., 97:11, May 16, 1935.

How man, coats of paint? by F. L, Browne. Ry. Eng. & maintenancee, 31(4):241,
Apr. 1935.

The spreading rates of outside white house paints on different woods, by
F. L. Browne. Drugs, Oils & Paints, 42:230, Dec. 1926; 42:268, Jan. 1927.
..Same. Painters Magazine, 54:10, Jan. 1927.

Technique of Maintaining Paint

Painting your house, by F. L. Browne. Amer. Forests, 45:261, May 1939.

*What can be done to make paint maintenance more successful, by F. L. Browne.
Amer. Paint Jour., 22(22):22, Mar. 7, 1938; (23):21, Mar. 14, 1938.
Mimeo. R1198.
..Same. Paint, Oil & Chem. Rev., 100(8):9, Apr. 14, 1938.
..Same. Drugs, Oils & Paints, 53(7):251, July 1938. See also (9):317,
Sept. 1938.
..Same. South. Lbrman., 158(1988):51, Feb. 1, 1939.
..Same. Under title "Some painting problems and the answers." iTatl. Real
Estate Jour., 40(10):36, Sept. 1939.

Effect of climatic differences on paint behavior, by F. L. Browne. Pacific
Purchaser, 20(2):13, Feb. 1938.

*Have you a paint uairitenance program? by F. L. Browne. Amer. Home, 17:41,
Apr. 1937.
..Same. The prograL of paint maintenance for the frame house. Mimeo.R1127.



Technique of Maintaining Paint (continued)

Paint in-- problems --what they are today, by F. L. 3ro:.-:,e. Railway -
Maintena.ce, 33:104, Feb. 1937.
.Same. Pulp & Paper lfa azine of Ca.rida, 38(5):346, Apr. i3-7.
..Same. F;.int for bL.ildinL. and structural uses. Railway Age, 101 (19):
686, :.ov. 7, 1936.

The house paint problem -- let's stop passing the buck, by F. L, 3rowne.
Paint, Oil & CLe.:.. Rev., 99(4):9-12, Feb. 18, 1937.

Some facts about house paint complaints, by F. L. 3rowne. 'lood Construction,
23(5):5, Mar. 1, 1937.
..SaLe. South. Lbr'ian-, l,'54(1942):5, I-ar. 1, 1937.
..,Same. Pacific Retail Lbrman.j 4(1-2), June 1937.

A case of hail stone damage to paint, by F. L. 3rowne. Paint, Oil ( CheL.
Rev., 98(21):36, Oct. 15, 1936.

What painters can do to prevent paint complaints, by F. L. Browne. Iatl.
Pair.ters '.-azir.e, 3:10, Mar.; 10, Apr.; 18, .a,; 16, June 1936.

What paint salesmen can do to prevent paint complaints, by F. L. 3-r-wne.
Paint, Oil Chem:. Rev., 97:10, Auj-. 8, 1935.
..Same. Oil, Paint & Drug R.eporter, 50(ll):472-74, ITov. 1935.
..Same. Can. Paint -. Varnish M1agazine, 9:6, Sept.; 6, Oct. 1935.

A trouble-shooter's view of the C:aj:ble in house paint, by F. L. Browne.
Paint, Oil & Che:,. Rev., 97(21):28, Oct. 17, 1935.

*Repaintir.:- paint-r.e:lected frame houses, by . Browne. I:atl. Painters
1.a:,-., 2:15, Apr.; 14, I-ay; 6, June 1935. Mimeo. R1135.

Paintir.g exterior woodwork, by F. L. Browne. Pac. Purchaser, 16:18, Feb.1934.

Farm buildi:,gs should be repainted before wood weathering begins, U. S. Dept.
Agr. Yearbook, p. 196, 1932.

Composition of Paint

Open letter, "It needs more than a formula," by F. L. Browne. Paint Indus.
:a:.., p. 79, Mar. 1940.

Open letter, '7ori.ula label-.. ;," : F. L. 3ro-,!.e. Ilatl. Paint Jour.,::ay, 1939.

Classification of house paints as a guide to the st'-id3. of formulation, by
F. L. Browne. Offi. Digest, Federa, Paint & Yarn. Produc. Clubs, -To. 172,
18, Jan. 1938. Drugs, Oils & Paints, 53(3):92, Mar. 1938.



Composition of Paint (continued)

*A proposed system of classification for house paints, by F. L. Browne.
Indus. & Eng. Chem., 29(9):1018, Sept. 1937.
..Same. Amer. Paint Jour., 22(l):20, Oct. 11; (2):32, Oct. 18, 1937.
..Same. Can. Paint & Var. Mag.,12(4):16, Apr. 15, 1938. M4imeo. R1124.
Discussion by B. D. Buckminster, Amer. Paint Jour., 22(ZA):7, Oct. 6,
1937. Reply by F. L. Browne, 100(13)24, June 23, 1938; Fed. Paint & Var.
Produc. Clubs, Official Digest (l77):298, June 1938. Discussion by F. L.
Browne, Natl. Paint Bulletin, 3(5):8, May 1939. Editorial comment, Paint
Industry Magazine, 55(l):9, Jan. 1940; reply by F. L. Browne, 55(3):79,
Mar. 1940.

Discussion of W. W. Kittelberger's paper on "Influence of Variations in Wood
Graining Angle upon the Accelerated Weathering Testing of Exterior House
Paints," by F; L. Browne. A.S.T.M. Bulletin, -:To, 107, p. 34, Dec. 1940.

Buy paint for a planned maintenance program, by F. L. Browne. Pacific
Purchaser, 19(2):15, Feb. 1937.

Effect of change from linoxyn gel to xerogel on the behavior of paint, by
F. L. Browne. Colloid Symposium Monograph for June 1934, V. 11, p. 211,
The Williams & Wilkins Co., 1935.

Paint thinners I. Effect of different paint thinners on the durability of
house paints in outdoor exposure tests, by F. L. Browne. Indus. & Eng.
Chem., 23:868, Aug. 1931.

Paint thinners II. Results of accelerated weathering tests of white house
paints reduced with different types of thinners, by H. K. Salzberg, F. L.
Browne, and I. H. Odell. Indus. & Eng. Chem., 23:1214, Nov. 1931.

Drying of exterior paints under various conditions and over different woods,
by F. L. Browne. Indus. & Eng. Chem., 22:400, Apr. 1930.

The right paint for your job, by F. L. Browne. Successful Farming, iMay 1941.

*Classification of house and barn paints, as recommended by the United States
Department of Agriculture, by F, L. Browne. U. S. Dept. Agr. Tech. Bul.
804. 1942.

The Weathering of Wood

*feathering and decay. Tech. Note 221.

Why wooden buildings need paint protection, by F. L. Browne. Factory,
p. 655, Oct. 1927.



The '.--eath.erinir- of '-"od (continued)

Armour plating wood, by F. Ls Brorne. Save the Surface .'::aazine, p. 5,
Sept. 1927.

neglected places, by 7. L. Browne. Save the Surface :a:'--azine, p. 4, June

How to prevent decay when building of .-ood, by F. L. Zro-.mne, Factory, 36:2-K-,
May 1926.

Faint and first sta.:es in the weatherin.: of wood, b-.- L. Browne, Auer.
Paint & Varnish 1Mfrs. Assn., Scientific Section, Circ. 238, p. 289, June
The role of paint and varnish in wood conservation, by F. L. Browne Aer.
Paint Jour., 9:56, Aug. 24, 1925.
..Same. Drugs, Oils & Paints, Aug. 1925.
..Samne. A-er. Painter & Decorator, 2:58, Oct. 1925.

Weathering and decay of wood, by F. L. Browne. Save the Surface a.agazi- i.e,
5:1, June 1925.

Timber saving by painting and preservation, by F. L. Browne. Amer. Lbrman.,
No. 2582:59, Nov. 8, 1924.
..Same. Amer. Paint Jour., 9:3, Nov. 17, 1924.

Coatings for Retarding Moisture Movement

*Effectiveness of paints as protective coatings for wood, by F. L. Browne.
M'.imeo. R974, revised Apr. 1936.
..Sa.e. Effectiveness of paints in retarding moisture absorption by, wood.
Indus. a Eng. Chem., 25:835, Aug. 1933.
..Saae. Paints as protective coatings for wood. Indus. & '. Chex..
28:798, July 1936.

*Degree of protection afforded wood against moisture by paint coati:.,-c, by
F. L. Browne. Paint, Oil & Chem. Rev., 95:9, Sept. 7, 1933,

*Aluminum for moisture proofing wood. Tech. "ote 228. Rev. Aug.1940.

*Coatings that prevent end checks. Tech. 1'Tote 186. Revised Aug. 1943,

*Coatin,-s for zmini izing changes in the moisture content of wood. Tecr.. .ote
181. Revised 1933.

*Unever, coatings on wood cLuse warping. Tech. iHote D-12.



Coatings for Retarding Moisture Movement (continued)

*Effectiveness of moisture-excluding coatings on wood, by G. M. Hunt. U. S.
Dept. Agr. Circ. 128, 1930.

Protecting wood from moisture, by M. E. Dunlap. Indus. & Eng, Chem.,
18:1230, Dec. 1926.
..Same. 'Scientific Amer., 136:200, Mar. 1927.

The value of paint primers in protecting wood, by M. E. Dunlap. Mechanical
1ng., 48:1457, Dec. 1926.

Efficiency of aluminum leaf covering on airplane propellers, by A. C. Knauss.
Scientific Amer. Monthly, 1:124, Feb. 1920.

Moisture resistant finishes for airplane woods, by M. E. Dunlap. iatl.
Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Report 85. 1920. Out of print.

Effect of number of coats upon the moisture resistance of spar varnish, by
C. A. Harrison and M. E. Dunlap. U. S. Air Service, Eng. Div., Tech.
Orders 6, p. 30, Mar. 1919.

*Study of temperature and moisture content in wood aircraft wings in different
climates, by F. L. Browne, L. E. Downs, D. F. Laughnan, and A. C. Schwebs.
Mimeo. 1597, Feb. 1944.

*Moisture excluding effectiveness and weight of aircraft finishes on papreg
and on plywood, by F. L. Browne and A. C. Schwebs. ::i:Lieo, 1598, May 1944.

Paint Fai lures When food Becomes Wet

Window conditioning urged to halt condensation effects, by F. L. Browne.
Amer. Builder, 60(8):56, 94, Aug. 1938.
..Same. Miss. Valley Lbrman., 69(43):30, Oct. 28, 1938.
..Same. Amer. Lbrman., (3138):60, Nov. 5, 1938.

*Condensation problems in modern buildings, by L. V. Teesdale. Mimeo. 31l96,
revised a'a', 1941.
..Same. i:orthwest Architect, Mar.-Apr. 1939.
..Saime. Domestic E.,ineering, Apr. 1939.
..Same. ]Building Supply iNews, Apr. 1939.

*Some causes of blistering and peeling of paint on house siding, by F. L.
Browne. Amer. Paint & Varnish :.'rs. Assn., Scientific Sec., Cir. 317,
p. 480, Oct. 1927.
..Same. M4imeo. R6, revised 1933.
Digest entitled "Some causes and cures for painting troubles." Natl. Real
Estate Jour., 40(ll):42, Oct. 1939.



Paint Failures 1hen %rood Becomes "et (continued)

Comparative resistance to vapor tra:-sission of various building materialsls ,
by L. V. Teesdale. Heatir.:, Piping & Air Conditioning 14(l2):736-742,
Dec. 1942.

Painting Treated Wood

Durability of paint on wood treated with zinc chloride, by 3. L. 1rowne.
A-er. '*ood-Preservers' Assn., Proceedings, p. 410, 1934.
..SacLe. Railway Eng. & ::ai :tenance, 30:81, Feb. 1934.

The painting of treated wood, by 1,. -S. Dunlap. Indu:. & 'z... Chem.,
18:1091, Oct. 1926.

Interior '-ood -inishing

*Selection, installation, finish, and maintenance of wood floors for dwell.i;,
by R. K. Helphenstine, Jr. U. S. Dept. Agr. Circ. 489, 1938. (This circu-
lar contains a discussion of finishing floors by F. L. _-rowne.)

*-Tood finis'Iing, a glance ahead, by F. L. Browne. Mech. Tngr., 48:1286,
1.ov. 1926.
..Same. Music Trade Indicator, Dec. 11, 1926.
..Same. Furniture Mfr., 93:65, Jan. 1927.
..Same. Railway I:ech. Engr., 101,277, 1927.
.,Same. Automotive Mfr.,, P. 9, Ja.. 1927.
.Saae. Automobile Trimmer & Painter, 6:45, M;ar. 1927.

i scellaneous

*`o:.e books on wood (a list). M1iieo. R399, revised `'ay 1943.

*''ood's technological co.inf-of-aF:e, by F. J. Champion. !im.eo. R1442. 1Y43.
..Same. 'food comes of a.e. The Scientific lo:.-A.thly, Vol. LVIII, p. 195-
206. 7':arch 1944.

*A hundred definitions pertainin:.- to wood and other forest products. -c.
ote 240. Oct. 1932.

.The Forest Products Laboratory: a brief account of its work and ai:s. T". S.
Dept. A-r, .:isc. Pub, 306. 1938.





The following lists of publications which deal with the other investi-
gative projects of the Forest Products Laboratory are obtainable upon request:

Boxing and Crating Strength and serviceability of shipping containers,
methods of packing.

Building Construction Subjects -- Partial list of Government publications of
interest to architects, engineers, builders, and retail lumbermen.

Chemistry of Wood and Derived Products -- Chemical properties and uses of
wood and chemical wood products, such as turpentine, alcohol, and
acetic acid.

Glue and Plywood -- Development of waterproof glues, preparation and applica-
tion of various glues, plywood manufacturing g problems.

Growth, Structure, and Identification of Wood -- Structure and identification
of wood; the effect of cellular structure of wood on its strength,
shrinkage, permeability, and other properties; the influence of en-,
vironaental factors, such as light, soil, moisture, and fire, on the
quality of wood produced; and secretions of economic value produced
by trees and their exploitation.

Fungus Defects in Forest Products (Pathology in cooperation with the Bureau
of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering) -- Heart rots
of trees; decay, molds, and stains in timber, in buildings, and in
wood products; antiseptic properties of wood preservatives.

Logging, Manufacture, and Utilization of Timber, Lumber, and Other Wood
Products -- Methods and practices in the lumber-producing and wood-
consuming industries; standard lumber grades, sizes, and nomenclature;
production and use of small dimension stock; specifications for small
wooden products; uses for little-used species and commercial woods,
and low-grade and wood waste surveys.

Mechanical Properties of Timber -- Strength of timber and factors affectixig
strength; design of wooden articles or parts where strength or re-
sistance to exterilJl forces is of importance.





Pulp and Paper -- Suitability of various woods for pulp and paper; funda-
mental principles underlying, the pulpin- and blea.'.ii processes;
methods of technical control of these processes; relation of the
chemical and physical properties of pulps and the relation of these
properties to the paper-.-akin.- qualities of the pulps; waste in the
industry,, for example, decay in wood and pulp, utilization of barl:,
wh:iite water losses, etc.

Seasoning of Wood -- Experimental and applied kiln dr:'-Ir. *, physical proper-
ties, air, steam bending.

Use of Wood in Aircraft Construction -- Strength, selection, and character
of aircraft wood and plywood; fabrication and assembly probleLs;
methods of calculatin.. the stre.,_-th of -'ooden parts; structure of
wood in relation to its properties and identification.

V'ood Preservation -- Preservative materials and methods of application;
durability and service records of treated and untreated wood in
various forms.

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