List of publications on the seasoning of wood


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List of publications on the seasoning of wood
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List of Publications on

July 1945


No. KP446

Madison, Wisconsin
In Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin


This list includes publications that present the results of research of
the Forest Products Laboratory on experimental and applied kiln drying,
physical properties, air drying, and steam bending.


Instructions for obtaining publications ........................... 2

List of publications on the seasoning of wood:

Technical notes. ...... .............. .. ........................ 3

Mimeographs ... ............ ...... .. ........ .... ................. .... 4

Articles in trade and technical press..................... 6

Additional Government publications ...... o ......................... 17

Mi scellaneous............ ... .. ...... ....... ...... ........... 19

Partial list of books on seasoning......................... 20

Other publication lists issued by the Forest Products Laboratory.. 21




Publications available for distribution at this Laboratory are marked with
an asterisk (*).

Single technical notes, reprints, and mimeographed reports may be obtained
free upon reTquest from the Director, Forest Products Laboratory, M[alison 5,
Wisconsin. A bound volume of the technical notes only, containing the
notes listed here and notes dealing with other subjects, in all more than
100 notes, may be purchased for $1.00. (This volume does not include the
reprints and mimeographed reports mentioned in the list.) Remittance
should accompany your order in the form of certified check or postal,-
order made payable to the U. S. Treasurer. If money order is used, it
should be drawn on the Post Office at Madison, Wis.

Federal Government bulletins, circulars, and leaflets, if not available for
free distribution at this Laboratory, may be purchased at the price indi-
cated from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printiri Office,
Washington 25, D. C. Send money order, draft, or cash; stamps or personal
checks are not accepted.

Trade journals containing articles herein listed may often be purchased
from the publishers or may be consulted in various libraries.

The Forest Products Laboratory reserves the right to furnish only those
publications which in its judc-,nt will give the information requested.
lanlret requests or requests for a large number of copies of any indi-
vidual article will not be filled except in unusual cases.



Technical Notes

*-ll Method of determining moisture content of wood.
*-5 Correct moisture content of lumber.
*T_6 Government publications of general interest on wood and trees.
*D-12 Uneven coatings on wood cause warping.
*D-13 Casehardened lumber and warped products.
*F-13 Moisture content of wood at different humidities.
*F-15 Effect of time of cutting timber on its durability.
*124 Materials used in dry kiln construction.
*128 Moisture content and storage affect strength of boxes.
*140 Stresses in laminated wood construction.
*148 Care and use of the hygrometer in kiln drying.
*156 Humidlity table for wet and dry bulb hygrometer.
*166 The yellow stain on hardwood.
*175 Hardwood and softwood drying schedules.
*180 Comparative strength of air-dried and kiln-dried wood.
*181 Coatings for minimizing changes in the moisture content of wood.
*186 Coatings that prevent end checks.
*189 Differences between heartwood and sapwood.
*208 Reversible circulation internal fan kilns.
*213 Detection and relief of casehardening.
*218 Weights of various woods grown in the United States.
*219 Stickering of western softwoods for air seasoning.
*"221 Weathering and decay.
*225 Cause and prevention of blue stain in wood.
*228 Aluminum coatings for moisture proofing of wood.
*229 Comparative decay resistance of heartwood of different native
species when used under conditions that favor decay.
*233 Approximate air seasoning and kiln drying periods for inch lumber.
*234 Longitudinal shrinkage of wood,
*238 A duff hygrometer for measuring forest fire hazards.
*";39 Instrument for measuring wood equilibrium moisture content.
i jf A hundred definitions pertaining to wood and other forest products.
Shrinkage table for softwood lumber.
'24 Computed thermal conductivity, of common woods.
*251 Prevention and control of decay in dwellings.
*252 Fiber-saturation point of wood.




*192 The care of wood electrotype backing, by M. E. Dunlap. 1':.'

*475 Dryin;--' and conditioning .-hlued joints. Revised June 19:'5.

*768 The sap or moisture content of wood, by E. C. Peck. Revised 193.,

*9-,-8 Small sawmill improver:.ent, practical pointers to field agencies:
Air seasoning at small mills, by J. S. Mathewson, 1933.

*"899-9 Small sawmill improvement, practical pointers to field agencies:
A boilerless kiln, by C. J. Telford. Revised 1943.

*965 Artificial aging- of *.ood for panelin-, by C. V. Sweet ard
Rolf Thelen. 1932.

*1031 List of dry kiln manufacturers and dry kiln c:yireers in the
United States. 1945.

*1146 Electrical moisture meters for wood, by !M. E. Dunlap. Revised

*1174 Seasonin._: of beech lumber and dimension stock, by a. C. Rietz.

*1231 Moisture cond asation in barns, by L. V. 'eesdale. 19i0.

*1263 Technique of developing a dryin,: process for siall stock, by
0. y. Torgeson. 1940.

*1264 The drying rate of su-ar maple as affected by relative humidity
and air velocity, by 0. W. Torgeson. 1940.

*1265 Function and calculation of ventilation in dryin[ compartments,
by 0. %. Torgreson. 1941.

*1266 Simplifying the calculation of the q,.artity of air required in
kiln dryirin, lumber, by 0. W. Torgeson. 1941.

*1269 Why the dr.yirn- tiue of a kiln load of lumber is affected 0by air
velocity, by 0. W. Torgeson. 1941.

*1377 Fornst Products Laboratory urea-plasticized wood (uralloy).
Revised 143.

*1278 A primer on the chemical, of Douglas fir; status ,Tov.

*1360 Dry-kiiln teijperaturo schedules for aircraft luinber. :Rvioci























Suggestions and instructions for kiln operators drying aircraft
lumber, by Glenn Voorhies and W. Karl Loughborough. 1943.

Shrinkage of wood. 1941.

Moisture content of aircraft lumber. 1941.

Air-seasoning aircraft stock. Revised 1944.

Kiln-dry essentials for aircraft stock. Revised 1943.

Tests for kiln-dried aircraft lumber. Revised 1943.

Kiln-drying defects. 1941.

Conditioning and storing air-dried and kiln-dried aircraft
stock. Revised 1943.

The relief of casehardening stresses in aircraft lumber, by
E. F. Rasmussen and Glenn Voorhies. 1943.

Forest Products Laboratory wood plastics. 1941.

How to minimize condensation in unheated rooms, by L. V.
Teesdale. 1942.

Seasoning wood for ship construction, by L. V. Teesdale. 1942.

Shrinkage of wood in ship construction, by L. V. Teesdale. 1942.

Wood bending in ship building, by E. C. Peck. 1943.

Kiln schedules for black walnut gunstock blanks, by H. H. Smith
and 0. W. Torgeson. 1943.

Coatings for the prevention of end checks in logs and lumber,
by J. M. McMillen and W. Karl Loughborough. 1943.

Effect of moisture changes on the shrinking, swelling, specific
gravity, air or void space, weight, and similar properties of
wood, by J. D. MacLean. 1944.

Furnace-type lumber dry kiln, by 0. W. Torgeson. 1945.

Supplement to R1474. Furnace-type lumber dry kiln: Operation
of an experimental unit, by H. H. Smith. 1945.

Steam requirements in lumber dry kilns, by L. V, Teesdale.


Mimeographz (continued)

*1580 Heat-stabilized compressed wood (staypak), by R. i. Seborg,
M. A. Millett, and A, J. Stanm. Revised 1944,

*TP-21 Wood utilization in Puerto ?ico, by. L. V. Teesdale and J. W.
Girard. 1945.

Articles in Trade and Technical Press

*Laminating structural timbers: Some words of caution, by G, 14 M. Hunt.
South. Lbrman., Apr. 1, 1944.
..Same. Report R14449.

Speeded up kiln drying schedule for aspen boxing and crating lumber, by
K. H. Smith. Wood Products, "ar. 1944.
..Same. Kiln drying schedule for aspen boxing and crating lumber.
Barrel & Box & Packaging, Jan. 1944.

Production, seasoning.:, and shipping of balsa, by L. V. -leesdale. The
Timberman, Sept., Oct. 'ov. 1943.

*Comparative resistance to vapor transmission of various building mate-
rials, by L. V. Teesdale. Heatin:, Piping & Air Conditioning,
Dec. 1942.

*Resin-treated, laminated, compressed wood, by A, J. Stamm and R, .'.
Seborg. Published in Amer. Institute of Chemical Engrs. Journal,
June 25, 1941.
.,Same. Report R1268.

*Estimated footage reduction in kiln drying air-dried hardwoods, by
R. C. Rietz. South. Lbrmiaan., Aug. 15, 1941.

*Drying rates of blue-stained and bright lumber, by T. C. Scheffer.
South. Lbrman. Iar. 15, 1941.

The hygroscopic and antishrink value of chemicals in relation to the
chemical seasoning: of wood, by E. C. Peck. Indus. c 'n.-;. Chcnr.
May 1941.

Molding wood to man's will, by F. J. Chamoion. Amer. Forests, Apr. l'4l.

Better furniture through improved seasoning practice, by R. C. Rietz.
Southern Turniture Mfrs. Assn., High Point, N. C. 1941.
..Same. How they're modernizing kilns to meet 1941 production
schedules. Purn, &fr., Feb. 15, 1941.

Variation in equilibriuin-moisture-content in a typical lar-e Doujlas-fir
storage shed, by R. C. Rietz. West Coast Lbrman., Dec. 1240.



Articles in Trade and Technical Press (continued)

Kiln schedule for extracting red pine seed from fresh and stored cones,
by R. C. Rietz and K1 E. Kimball. Jour. Forestry, May 1940.

*Uniformity of air distribution in a lumber dry kiln, by 0. W. Torgeson.
South. Lbrman., Apr. 15, 194C.
..Same. Report R1267.

Chemical seasoning of wood, results of recent research, by Rolt Thelen.
Canada Lbrman., Jan. 1, 1940.

*Chemical seasoning of overcup oak, by W. Karl Loughborough. South.
Lbrman., Dec. 15, 1939.
.Same. Report R1282.

Effect of five kiln temperatures on the germinative capacity of lonjeaf
pine seed, by R. C. Rietz. Jour. forestry, Dec. 1939.

Seasoning of wood., by J. S. Miathewson. Indus. Arts & Voca. Education,
Sept. 1939.

Air seasoning of eastern heulock lumber with reference to building con-
struction, byr J. S. Mathewson. Northern Hemlock c Hardwood .'frs.
Assn., Oshkosh, Wis. 1939.

*Comparative resistance to vapor transmission of commercial building
papers, by[ M. Heinig, L. V. Teesdale, and C. 2. Curran. TPPI
Papers, Series XXII, 1939.

*Coadensation problems in modern buildings, by L. V. Teesdale. Lbr.
Cooperator, MIay 1939.
.Same. Bldg. Supply News, Apr. 1939.
NTorthwest Arch., :ar.-Apr. 1939.
Ill. Soc. Archs. Monthly ul., Jzune-July 1939.
Heating & Ventilatin,, Air Conditioning, Apr. 1939.
Report R1196, 1941.

Moisture and shrinkage relationships in wood, by ?-. C. Rietz. Cold
Storage Locker Operator's Conference Proc. 1939. Copies of the
Proceed ;-L- are available from Prof. Marvin A. Schaars, Rm. 20k,
Agr. Hall, University of Wisconsin, Miadison, Wis. for 750.

Insulation and vaporproofing of cold storage buildings, by L. V. Teesdale.
Cold Storage Locker O)erator's Conference Proc. 1939. (See reference

*Condensation problems in farm. buildings, by L. V. Teesdale. Report
P1186, 1938.
..,Samae. Agricultural Engineering, Sept. 1939.

Articles in Trade hnd Technical Press (continued)

Relation of air conditionina- to sas. and door troubles, by L. '. Teesdale.
1Tatl. Assn. "oodwork Job;:ers Proc. 193:.

Influence of kiln temperatures on field -er:,ination and tree percent in
northern white pine, by R C. [Uetz. Plantin- Quarterly, Oct. 1938.

'food seasoning and moisture control, by 1lolf Tholen. Jour. Forestry,
Sept. 1938.

Shrinkae of wood in the home, by J. S. I-athewson. Wood Constr., :a; 15,

Research in conle:!isation, b *., E. ihnlap. Automatic Heat & Air Condi-
tioning, Jeb. 1933.
Same. ITeu test plant for heat and moisture transmission. Heating-
Ventilatinj, Apr. 1938.

Condensation in walls and attics, by L. V. Teesdale. Amner. Bldr. &
B31d.,. Age, Dec. 1937.

1*-ii nimi zin. sh'ri.i-ing and swelling, by A. J. Stamm and R. 1. Seborg.
Furniture Index, :Tov. 1937.
Same. R.-',ort R1166.

"How. heavy black walnut timbers were successfully kiln-dried without
damage or distortion, by 1E. D. Tiema,,-. '-Iood Frodicts, Oct. 1937.
..Samae. pochal dryin,; of heavy stock. Hardwood Record, lTov. 1937.

*A wide-ranr-e vacuuin-tube resistance bride, by I. I. Davies. Instruments,
Oct. 1937.

*Chemical seasoning of Dou;las fir, by -. Karl LouIhborough. "lest Coast
Lbrman., Sept. 1937.
..3Sa:c. barrel & 3ox & P;tckayes, Dec. 1937.

Kiln temperature for northern white pine cones, by ".. C. Rietz. Jour.
Forestry, Sept. 1937.

*Seasoning transverse tree sections without checking, by R. C. Rietz.
Jour. Forestry, 'iar. 1937.
..Same. Indus, Ed-.cation l-a, -azne, Ja:-.. 1937.
The sea:oni: of' tra:.-v.:rse tree sections, by 7. C. Peck.
Revised 1945. Report R1l-7.

Kiln temperatures for jack line cons, by A:. C. .Aietz. Jour. Forestry,
Doc. 1937.

.4 4b6

Articles in Trade and Technical Press (continued)

*Controlling moisture changes in lumber in closed storage sheds, by J. S.
Mathewson. Timberman, Feb. 1937.
.Same. Report R1140.
Automatically controlling lumber storage conditions. Canadian
Woodworker & hurn. Mfg., Mar. 1937.
Electrically controlling lumber storage conditions. Elect.
:Tews & Eni. May 15, 1937.
Moisture fluctuation in stored lumber can be electrically
controlled. Hardwood Record, Jan. 1937.

*iTew moisture indicator for wood, by M. E. Dunlap. Instruments, Oct. 1936.

*Minimizing wood shrinkage and swelling: Treating with synthetic resin-
forming materials, by A. J. Staumm and R. M. Seborg. Indus. & En7.
Chem., Oct. 1936.
..Same. Report R1110.

*Effect of attic wood floor on temperatures and fuel-oil consumption in a
frame dwelling, by J. S. Mathewson. Domestic Eng., Oct. 1936.
..Same. Report R1130.

Chemical seasoning of wood, by W. Karl Loughborough. Furn. llfg., Oct.
15, 1936.
..Same. Hardwood Record, Oct. 1936.
South. Lbrman., Sept. 15, 1936.
West Coast Lbrman., Oct. 1936.
Timberman, Sept. 1936.
New process for chemical seasoning wood found satisfactory.
Wood Products, Sept. 1936.
New chemical seasoning of wood helps overcome chucking
defects. Cross Tie Bulletin, Sept. 1936.
Barrel & Box & Packages, Sept. 1936.
Chemical pre-treatment speeds seasoning of large items and
avoids degrade. Amer. Lbrman., May 8, 1937.

*An internal-fan kiln for drying seed cones, by R. C. Rietz. Jour. of
Forestry, May 1936.
..Same. Report R1102.

Wood moisture balance, by R. C. Rietz. Farn. :-fg., Apr. 1936.
..Same. Hardwood Record, Apr. 1936.
:.emphis Lbrman., Apr. 1936.

To prevent warp in shed door (letter), by W. Karl Loughborough. Amer.
Lbrman., Aug. 31, 1935.



Articles in Trade and 'eciinical Pre.s (continued)

*Effect of storage on the moisture content of lumber, by J. S. :athewson.
-:a-'dwood Record, July 193.3.
*.Sa..e. Report R1071.
Timberman, Aug. 1935.
South. Lbrinar. Aug. 1, 1935.
Limber storage: Survey shows effect on moisture content of
lumber when covered and piled in the open. Wood1 Products,
July 1935.
How the moisture content of lumber is affected by storage
methods. Furn. Mfr. July 1935.

*:lew building; demonstrates modern wood construction, by L. V. Teesdale.
2nd., Apr. 11, 1935.

*Swellinz of wood (a technical discussion of the phenomenon), by A, J.
Stamm. Indus. c Tn,. Chej. Apr. 1935.
..Same. Report R1061.

Successful kiln drying of oak barrel staves, by H. D. Tiemann. Barrel &
Box & Packages, Jan. 1935.
..Same. Kiln drying beer barrel staves. Brewery Age, Jan. 1935.
Natl, Coopers' Jour., 'Iar. 1935.

*-ow plastering affects the moisture content of structural and finish
woodwork, by L. V. Teesdale. Hiss. Valley Lbrman., Oct. 20, 1933.
S. Sa:2e. Amer. Lbruan., Dec. 22, 1934.
Report R1274.

'-ood in packin, plant coolers, by J. S. !.athewson. The ITatl. Provisioner,
June 9, 1934.
..Same. To prevent buckling of wood in cooling rooms. Butchers'
Packers' Gazette, June 1, 1934.

*'food subflooring unjustly blamed for moisture pick'.p in finish flooring,
by L. V. Teesdale. Miss. Valley Lbrman., May 11, 1934.
.. Same. Report R1043.

The kiln drying of refractory woods, by H. D. Tiemann. Proc. Yifth
Pacific Sci. Congress, 1933.

*Properly dried staves essential to good barrels, by '%. X. Louhborough.
Klodern Brewery, Mar. 1934.
..Same. Report R1080.

"*'iln drying rreer. oak for beer barrels, by W. A. Loughborough. The
'Tooden Barrel, Aug. 1933.
Samec. Report I1010.
extractt) ::iln drying beer staves and heading-, :Iatl. Coopers'
Journal, Oct. 1934.



Articles in Trade and Technical Press (continued)

*House framing lumber should be kiln dried, by L. V. Teesdale. South.
Lbrman., July 1933. Report R1009.

*Hygrometric instruments "say when" to lay wood floors over concrete sub-
floors, by M. E. Dunlap. Instruments, Feb. 1933.

*Effect of heating wet wood on its subsequent dimensions, by Arthur
Koehler. Proc. of the Amer. Wood-Preservers' Assn., 1933.

Recent tests of chemical treatments for preventing deterioration in stored
logs, by R. M. Lindgren, T. C, Scheffer, and A. D. Chapman. South.
Lbrman., Sept. 1, 1932.

*Casehardening and the extraction of water from green wood, by H. D.
Tiemann. South. Lbrman., Aug. 1, 1932.
..Same. Furn. Index, Nov. 1932.

*Seasoning dimension stock, by 0. W. Torgeson. Pt. 1--Wood Working
Indus., June 1932; Pt. 2--Furniture Index, Nov. 1932. Report R1242.

*A sensitive wood element hygrostat, by W. K. Loughborough and R. C.
Rietz. Instruments, June 1932.

Moisture control of wood in service and in storage, by E. C. Peck. Wood
Products, May 1932.
..Same. Wood Working Industries, May 1932.

Why good millwork sometimes gives trouble after installation, by L. V.
Teesdale. Wood Working Industries, Apr. 1932.

*Excessive dry-kiln temperatures cost heavily in degrade, by W. K.
Loughborough, W. L. Greenhill, and Ian Langlands. Wood Working
Industries, Mar. 1932.
..Same. South Lbrman., Apr. 15, 1932.
High kiln temperature costs heavily in degrade. Furn. Mfr.,
Apr. 1932.

*The care of wood clubs, by E. C. Peck. Amer. Golfer, Feb. 1932.

*Simplified diagrams will aid in dry kiln operations, by R. C. Bietz.
Barrel & Box & Packages, May 1932.
..Same. Simplified relative humidity and equilibrium moisture-content
diagrams. Wood Working Industries, Jan. 1932.
Two diagrams to help kiln operators. Furniture Mfr., Jan. 1932.


Articles in Trade and 2r-chi'-inl Press continuedd)

*Late ob!erv'ttionn on an old subject, by WX K. LouKhborouh. Ii..
7_"l:1ey Lbr:.. Jan. 8, 1932.
..S:_..e. Ioisture pic'-.m in dry lumber. Wood Wor'-:i:-; Industri.-s.
ohb. 1932.
'vn ;r'" Oct. 1932.
',' t. ,. I'
South. Lbrman., Feb. 1, 1932.
".7cst Coast Lbr.-an. Feb. 1932.

Doors made from lumber of different moisturee values, by J. D. C,.no. "kod
^ori.i; TIndustries, ?(: 1932.
...... "'oo, doors have different moisture values, tests sho-.. 1Iiss.
Valley ..:.., Jan. 1, 1932.

*Is your woodwor,, safe fro n moisture changes? b' `. J. :i!osloe. SmalI
"-ome, Jan. 1932.

Iatoitance of moisture content chan,;s in joists of dwellin.- ', y C.
Peck. E*iss. Valley Lbrman. Oct. 30, 1931.
..SaLme. "'ood Working Industries, Oct. 1931.
"*ood Products, 'lar. 1932.

Dryin,. millwork to meet local moisture and humidity conditions, by 2. C.
Peck. '.ood workingg Invlustries, ,;ct. 1931.

*dam)ing of maple and birch dimension stock, by 0. '. Toreson. Hardwood
Record, Sept. 1931.
.. Same. Proper sawing allowances for warp in zaaple and birch dimensions.
M1emphis Lbrma._ Kar. 1932.
Dimension stock; warping of maple and birch cut-up material.
A-aer. Lbriaan., Sept. 12, 1932.

*imaensilon stock: Careful piling; for air seasoning minimizes loss, by
A. 0. 3cnson. A-ier. Lbrman., July 4, 1931.
Same. Pilinj dimension stock for air sea:oni!.. South. Lbr.-ai. ,
-lov. 15, 1930.

*Piling southern yellow pine lumber for air seasonin.-, by J. S. Mathew.son.
South. Lbrman., Jul- 15, 1931. Report R1425.

*Longitudinal shrinka,:e of wood, by Arthur Koehler. Amer. Soc. of 'Lech.
_n._rs., Tr;insaction.s, "rood Industries, A.r. 1931.
..Same. Report R1093.

How to make a wood hygroscope or moisture percent indicator, by H. D.
Tiemannr,. South. Lbrman., Jan. 15, 1931.
Same. Lumber '"or'-er, Ja c. 1931.

*Lon.,-it-.dinral shrinkage of redwood, by Arthur Koehler and R. ?. Luxfor;.
Ti itermna., Ja.-n, 1931. 2eiuort R1297.



Articles in Trade and.Technical Press (continued)

*Co.rrer.sion wood cause of bowing and twisting, by 14. Y. Pillow. Wood
!,orkin, Industries, Nov. 1930.

*Storage and handling of lumber by manufacturers and distributors: Pt. 1,
3Supplying seasoned lumber to the distrib--.tor; Pt. 2, Retaining proper
moisture content during distribution, by L. V. Teesdale. Miss. Valley
Lbrman., July 25, Sept. 5, Oct. 10, and Nov. 28, 1930.
..,Same. Report R981.

Stresses ;mn: their relation to kiln drying, by W,. K. Loughborough.
South. Lbrmaan., Nov. 15, 1930.
..Same. Lumber Worker, Nov. 15, 1930.

*Ventilation in a dry kiln, by W. Y.. Loughboroujh. South. Lbrman., Oct.
15, 1930.
.Samie. Wood Products, Dec. 1931.
Wood Working Industries, July 1931. Report R1205.

Getting down to brass tacks in kiln drying, by W. K. Loughborough.
Memphis Lbrman., Sept.-Oct.-Nov. 1930.

DetermininL; moisture content in wood, by 0. G. Suits and M. E. Dunlap.
Iurn. Mfr., Aug. 1930.

*-1n electrical conductivity method for determining the moisture content
of wood, by A, J. Stammr. Indus. & 2n:. Chem., July 15, 1930.
.. Same. 1ecport R1023.

*Dimension changes in millwork clue to varying atmospheric conditions,
by J, S. Mathewson, Wood WorkinLj Industries, June 1930.
.Same. Report R958.
Proper care of millwork. The Constructor. Nov. 1930.

*The "blinker"; an instrument for determining moisture content of wood,
by C. G. Suits and 14. E. Dunlap. Auer. Lbrman., July 5, 1930.
..Same. South. Lbrman., July 1, 1930.
Wood Construction, July 1, 1930.
Lumber Trade Jour., July 15, 1930.
"Blinker" lumber moisture meter. Timberman, July 1930.
Determination of the moisture content of wood by electrical
means. Gen. Electrical Review, Dec. 1931.
Laboratory develops rapid moisture; indicator. Barrel & Box
& Packages, July 1930.
New instrument for rapid moisture-control determinations in
wood. Instruments, Aug. 1930.

*Depression of the wet bulb for control of the dry kiln, by H. D. Tiemann.
Hardwood Record, Mar, 1930.
..Snmc. South Lbrman., 7eb. 15, 1930.
Improving the control of dry kilns. 'urn. Mfr,, Apr. 1930.



Articles in Trade and Technical Press (continued)

*Distribution of moisture in virgin redwood trees, by R. F. Luxford.
Timberman, Feb. 1930.
.. a..e. Distribution and amount of moisture in virgin redwood trees.
Jour. of Forestry, May 1930.
:.'oisture distribution in virgin redwood trees. West Coast
Lbrman., Sept. 1930.

*Determinin: grain direction in wood, by H. D. Tiemann. Furn. Mfr.,
Mar. 1930.
..Same. How does the grain run? Wood working g Indus., Feb. 1930.

*End coatings for logs and lumber, by L. V. Teesdale. Amer. Paint Jour.,
Feb. 17, 1930.
..Samae. South. Lbran., Jan. 15, 1930.
Amer. Soc. of 1,ech. *ngrs., Transactions, Sept.-Dec. 1929.

*The effect of partial seasoning on the strength of wood, by T. R. C.
Wilson, T. A. Carlson, and R. Y. Luxford. Proc. of the Amer. Wood-
Pres. Assn., 1930.
..Same. Report R1024.

*Storage of kiln-dried lumber, by L. V. Teesdale, Four-L-Lumber '.ews,
Jan. 1, 1930.
..Same. South Lbrman., Dec. 15, 1929.
Timberman, Dec. 1929.
Proper storage of kiln-dried lumber reduces moisture content
changes. Wood Working Indus., Jan. 1930.

Structure of woods with reference to porosity and relative shrinkagee, by
H. D. Tiemann. Barrel & Box, June 1929.

Experiments on the determination of moisture in wood by laboratory
methods, by "rnaist Bateman and Edward 3eclin-er. Amer. Wood-
Preservers' Assn. Proc., 1929.

*A look into the future on the control of blue stain, by C. A. Richards.
South. Lbrman., Dec. 22, 1928.

Forest products expert replies to man:,- questions sent by cooperage manu-
facturers, by H. D. Tiemann. Barrel & 3ox, Dec. 1928.

;oisturc content of softwood lumber shipped from western mills in the
summer, by E. C. Peck. Amer. Lbrma:i., Oct. 20, 1928.
,.Samu. Timbu'rman, Jar.. 1929.

Degrade in air seasoning: wide Douglas fir coi.-,on boards, by H. 1I.
Johnson. Timberman, Oct, 1928,



Articles in Trade and Technical Press (continued)

Shrinkage of boards of Douglas fir, western yellow pine, and the southern
pines, by E. C. Peck. Amer. Lbrman., July 14, 1928.
..Same. Sash-Door-Finish, Aug. 1928.
West Coast Lbrman., July 15, 1928.

*orniado-resistant construction of buildings possible by venting, by
L. V. Teesdale. South. Lbrman., July 7, 1928.
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Articles in Trade and technicall Press (continued)

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Use more stickers and save lumber; warping and end checkin- may be
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Articles in Trade and Technical Press (continued)

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atmosphere, by Arthur Xoehler. Amer. Lbrman., July 12, 1919.
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suitable for lumber? Pt. 2, Results of experiments in drying blue
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Oct. 1913.

Additional Government Publications

*Kiln design and development of schedules for extracting seed from cones,
3y R. C. Rietz. U. S. Dept. Agr. Tech. Bull. 773, 1941.

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1940. 20o.

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with data for its use in design and specifications, by Forest Products
Laboratory. U. S. Dept. Agr. unnumbered publication. 1935. Revised
1940. 500.

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'lood-liquid relations, by L. F. Hawley. U. S. Dept. Agr. Tech. Bull.
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Additional Government PubliciLtions (continued)

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Kiln dr rin. of southern yellow pine lumber, by L. V. Teesdale. U. S.
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Distributors' edition, 1928. 100.
Fabricators' edition, 1928. 10.
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Out of print.

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Bull. 676. 1919. Out of print.


Additional Government Publications (continued)

*Theory of drying and its application to the new humidity-regulated and
recirculating dry kiln, by H. D. Tiemann. U. S. Dept. Agr. Dept.
Bull. 509. 1917.

Timber storage conditions in the eastern and southern states with refer-
ence to decay problems, by C. J. Humphrey. U. S. Dept. Agr. Dept
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Seasoning and preservative treatment of hemlock and tamarack crossties,
by W. F. Sherfesee. U. S. Forest Serv. Circ. 132. 1908. Out of

Strength of wood as influenced by moisture, by H. D. Tiemann. U. S.
?orest Serv. Circ. 108. 1907. Out of print.

Effect of moisture upon the strength and stiffness of wood, by H. D.
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Timber: Elementary discussion of characteristics and properties of woods
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*Woodls role in today's world, by C. P. Winslow. Amer. Lbrman., July 10,

*'ood in the national economy, by C. F. Winslow. ITov. 1944. Report



Partial List of Books on Seasoninn (available from publishers)

Kiln drying of lumber, prepared in the extension Division of the University
of 'wisconsin, by Arthur Xoehler and. Rolf Thelen. (Indus. -du.-. Ser.).
Tew York City, :'.c'ra'--Hill Book Co., 1926. $3.00.

Lessons in kiln drying, by H. D. Tiemann. Southern Lumberman, Ilashville,
Tenn. 193?-. $2.00.

manual of the timbers of the world; their characteristics and uses, by
A. L. Howard (to which is appended an account by S. Fitzgerald, of
the artificial seasoning of timber). liew York City, IMacmillan Co.
Rev. ed. 1934. $12.00.

Practical kiln drying, by 13. U. Kettle. Grand Rapids, i1dch., Periodical
Publishing Co., 1923. $3.00.

Properties and. uses of wood, prepared in the Extension Division of the
University of ''isconsin, by Arthur :oehler. (Indus. Zduc. Ser.).
iTe'.-i York City, ;-:cGraw-Hill 3ook Co., 1924. $3.50.

Wood tuchnolo-y: constitution, properties and uses, by H. D. Tiemann.
:Tew York, Pitman Publishing Corp., 1942. $3.50. (Chapters 9 to 13
discuss seasoning.)




The following lists of publications which deal with the other investiga-
tive projects of the Forest Products Laboratory are obtainable upon request:

Boxing and Crating -- Strength and serviceability of shipping containers,
methods of packing.

building Construction Subjects -- Partial list of Government p-ublications
of interest to architects, engineers, builders, and retail lumbermen.

Chemistry of Wood and Derived Products -- Chemical properties and uses of
wood and chemical wood products, such as turpentine, alcohol, and
acetic acid.

Fungus Defects in Forest Products (Pathology in cooperation with the Bureau
of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering) -- Heart rots
of trees; decay, molds, and stains in timber, in buildings, and in
wood products; antiseptic properties of wood preservatives.

Glue and Plywood -- Development of waterproof glues, preparation and appli-
cation of various glues, plywood manufacturing problems.

Growth, Structure, and Identification of Wood -- Structure and identifi-
cation of wood; the effect of cellular structure of wood on its
strength, shrinkage, permeability, and other properties; the in-
fluence of environmental factors, such as light, soil, moisture, and
fire, on the quality of wood produced; and secretions of economic
value produced by trees and their exploitation.

Logging, Manufacturing, and Utilization of Timber, Lumber, and Other Wood
Products -- Methods and practices in the lumber-producing and wood-
consuming industries; standard lumber grades, sizes, and nomenclature;
production and use of small dimension stock; specifications for small
wood products; uses for little-used species and commercial woods; and
low-grade and wood waste surveys.

Mechanical Properties of Timber -- Strength of timber and factors affecting
strength; design of wooden articles or parts where strcrngth or re-
sistance to external forces is of importance.


WCS'^S PR0O:3:S IA30:A"ORY (continued)

Pulp and Paper -- Suitability of various woods for pulp and paper; funda-
mental principles underlying the pulping and bleaching processes;
methods of technical control of these processes; relation of the
che,-,ical and physical properties of pulps and the relation of these
properties to the paper making_ qualities of the pulps; waste in the
industry-, for exa;.pl, decay in wood and pulp, utilization of bark,
white water losses, etc.

Use of wood in Aircraft Construction -- Strength, selection, and character
of aircraft wood and plywood; fabrication and assembly problems;
methods of calculating the stre,'ith of wooden parts; structure of
wood in relation to its properties and identification.

Wood Pinishing Subjects -- Effect of coatings in preventing- moisture ab-
sorption; painting characteristics of different woods and weathering
of wood.

Wood Preservation -- Preservative materials and methods of application;
durability and service records of treated and untreated wood in
various for-s.




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