Puerto Rican woods and their utilization


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Puerto Rican woods and their utilization
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Flick, Frances J
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A Bibliography
March 1951 I L PO.-_
U -S. DEPOI(."""

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No. I 1793

Madison 5, Wisconsin
In Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin


A Bibliography



Prepared at the request of the Tropical Forest Experiment Station of the U. S.
Forest Service, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, this bibliography attempts to list
bticl:ground references contributing to a better understanding of available
Puerto Ric:in woods and their uses. The time-span covered by the references is
roughly 1900-1,50. Historical material, trade statistics, and botanical des-
cription largely are omitted, although these aspects may be followed up by
examnining reference lists included in items cited in the bibliography.

A study of available information points out that little work has been done on
Puerto Rican woods. Such a study also confirms statements of L. V. Teesdale
and J. W. Girard of the U. S. Forest Service in their 1945 reconnaisance
report, Wood Utilization in Puerto Rico, to the effect that there are no
existing reliable statistics on the forest resource, growth, drain, produc-
tion, or products require'nc-nts of the Island as a whole. A large volume of
rough and finished timber products consumed in Puerto Rico are imported, al-
though yields from existing forest cover have continuing, if unmeasured,
economic L-'rmortance. Better utilization of island-produced and imported
timber products is a concern of the Tropical Forest Experiment Station staff,
as well as of others interested in improving Puerto Rico's general economy.

Most refenr nces in the bibliography were collected by Eloise Gerry, Forest
Fro iucts Technologist, in connection with her work on foreign woods in the
Division of Silvicultural Relations, U. S. Forest Products Laboratory.
Furthi-r checking of sources, and preparation of the list for reproduction,
were done by Frances J. Flick, bibliographer, from the staff of the U. S.
Department of AMriculturc Library.

The bibliegriphy is divided into three sections: I, Puerto Rican Woods and
their Utilization (General); II, References Relative to Wood Protection and
PrLs. rv'ation; III, Other References with Possible Application to the Puerto
Rican Situation. Sections II and III do not represent intensive search in
the subjects involved. The material is included as supplementary information
for uses of the bibliography.

Gcn:ral arrangement within the sections is alphabetical by author. Due to
the small num-ber of references, it has not been thought necessary to index
subjects covered. Unless othervTise indicated, call numbers at the end of each
citation are those of U. S. Depairtrnit of Agriculture libraries.

A primary source of refcr...nccs, heavily drawn upon, was a typewritten list,
References on the Woods of Puerto Rico, compiled in 19h8 by the Tropical
For. st ExperimLint Station.

No. R1793 (March 1951)



Other sources consulted are as follows:

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Bibliographies attached to included references.
Files in the Forest Products Laboratory.



A Bibliography

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h West

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Other References with Possible Application to the Puerto Rican Situation

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