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Closer up
Bell, Don, 1909?- ( Editor )
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Palm Beach, Fla
MARAH <Mar. 2, 1962>
Time for Truth Press, Inc., <Sept. 21, 1956>
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"Dedicated to the Christian national point of view," <Mar. 16, 1962>.
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Some issues of Don Bell reports included with subscription.
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Year 18, no. 5 (Mar. 2, 1962).

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I know all the ANSWERS -
It's the QUESTIONS that bother me.
sign in a local drug store.

With the United Nations General Assembly busy
handing out membership cards to any African
tribe populous enough to afford the luxury of a
"foreign minister," no one can be sure, at any
given moment while the Assembly remains in
session, just how many "sovereign nations" now
have surrendered that sovereignty to the world
government. As we write this letter, there are
98 members of the UN. As you read this letter,
there may be more. U.S. News & World Report.
at its press time (to meet deadline for its Oct. 3
issue) had to settle for the number 96. Otherwise
its opening remarks (page 44) are reasonably
factual and commendably objective:
"The United Nations, now riding the crest of a
wave, is inspiring talk that it may be on the way
to becoming a real world government.
"Yet a close look at the U.N. as now constituted
raises many questions, provides few answers.
"The U.N. Security Council, once the governing
body, has had its power wrecked by 90 Soviet
vetoes. What is left to direct the U.N. is the
"In the Assembly, each of 96 members has one
vote-no more, no less.
( "The United States, paying the bulk of U.N.
bills, and having 180 million people, has but one
vote-just as does Gabon with 417,000 people,
one of 14 new nations just admitted to the U.NJ

I "The Soviet Union, however, also votes two of
its provinces, Ukraine and Belorussia, plus its
six Communist colonies, for a total of nine votes.
I "The Assembly lacks checks and balances, has
no eligibility test, 'age' requirement, educational
test or financial test. Nonpaying members vote.
It is 'one member, one vote.'
"Power blocs now formed within the Assembly
give the 'Western bloc' 27 votes, the Communists
bloc 11 votes. But nations of the African, Asian

and Latin-American 'blocs' together, most ot'
them poor, have 58 members, 58 votes.
"'Poor nations' it is feared, may gang up on
'rich nations'-notably the U.S.-demanding big J
development programs, aid, in return for votes.")
(End of quotation.)
This last quoted paragraph suggests what really
goes on at these circus-type UN Assembly meets.
The United States has persuaded all its Western
"allies" to give up their colonies, and turn them
over to the U.N. They're still colonies, but of
the U.N., not of Britain, France, Belgium, the
Netherlands. In this way, the U.N. must assume
full, active, governmental operations; must be-
come a world government in fact.
For the colonies there's this big difference in
status, however: as individual states in a world
federation of states, they each have a vote.: The
state of Mali, for example, has just as much to
say about how the world is run as does the big I
United States of America. But, since Mali hasi
no industry, employment, food or clothing, it is I
most happy to trade its vote for a social security
payment. "

So, now, the "cold war" has developed into a
vote-buyer's race between the USSR and the USA. /
Uncle Sam has become a low-level ward-heeler
politician, busily rounding up voters, trading /
foreign aid promises for voter pledges.

In our mad design to create a worldwide special
democracy (as opposed to USSR's communist
democracy, which in the final analysis is the
same thing) we are willing to transfer our so-
vereignty to a world government, and' then try to
influence the policies of that world government
through bribes and vote-buying and this with
money we no longer have!

t So serious has become our plight because of our
mad desire to "buy" the friendship of all states
and thus maintain a majority vote in this UN
monstrosity, that the world's bankers were, this

.S.. .,..... :L .. __..."

past week, called to an extraordinary and hush-
hush meeting at Washington, D.C. What has been
going on at that meeting is not being reported;
save for such items as pressure being put on the
government of Western Germany (which isn't even
a member of the U.N.) to make more of its citi-
zens' hard-earned money available for a world-
wide foreign aid scheme. And Robert Anderson's
amazing admission that we haven't really been
suffering a recession; it was just an inventory
taking on the part of big business.

And, as B. Baruch begins talking about the big
bust of 1929 (in which he made millions) and
bow the conditions then compare with the con-
ditions now (all of which started an as yet un-
confirmed rumor that Barney has transferred most
of his ill-gotten gains to foreign banks) all of
this annoyingly balanced alongside the fact that
both Kennedy and Nixon admit that they are
going to spend more money than ever before (and
even Gabriel Heatter shudders as he speaks of a
coming 100 billion dollar Federal budget).

One can't help recalling that of all the sweet
pipedreams of the one-worlders, at least a start
has been made-and put into operation-on every
phase of the over-all program, save one: a world
currency. And one can't help wondering what is
being suggested as the great economic panacea
by those World Bank members huddling near the
Dumbarton Oaks rendezvous where all this awful
mess of pottage first started simmering in 1944.

j John Kennedy says we have a rendezvous with
destiny, and that we stand on the brink of the
"New Frontier" (Madison Avenue term for the
Global Welfare State which we are asked to fi-

Richard Nixon says "our goals are .the same, but
our methods are different."

At the Administration level, our course has been
set, the Ship of State will not change course, no
matter who is elected Captain in November. And
no matter what we say, or whom we elect, we
are committed, in advance, to do whatever
the United Nations tells us to do. There is no
point in debating our foreign policy; because our
foreign policy is no longer determined by us, but
is determined by the United Nations. And there's
little point in debating our domestic policies, for
they now are determined by our foreign policies.
(It was the influential Wall Street Journal--not
Closer-Up-which first said, "the United States
is no longer master of its own foreign policy."
This was WSJ's comment following a statement
by President Eisenhower to the effect that we

would adopt no Middle East policy because, said
the President of the United States, "These|
things should be done in the United Nations. And
we are prepared to go along with any decision
of that kind.")

So much for our Administration. No matter who
becomes our next President, and no matter what
he may wish to change; he will not be permitted
to alter our slavish allegience to the U.N.

As for our Federal Judiciary, the situation was
adequately understated by Governor Almond of
Virginia, when he told the Southern Governors
Conference on Sept. 28, at Hot Springs, Ark.:
"the transgressions and lack of judicial restraint
being exercised by the Supreme Court" must be
met by a "rational approach.... We can never
overthrow the federal government nor do we
desire to. We must approach this problem from a
standpoint of sanity."

Our Administrative and Judicial Branches being
past redemption; there remains -


For the past month, Closer-Up has been urging .
concentration upon our Federal Legislative
Branch of Government. If there is political sal-
vation still possible for our present treasonable
government (treason against the Constitution and
against the people), it lies with our Senate and
House of Representatives. Particularly with the
Senate, for that senior body has the power to
curb administrative and judicial treason and;
to revoke treasonable treaties and acts now
said to be the "law of the land." (Inciden tally,
our Closer-Up of Sept. 2, has been reprinted
three times. Senators are being peppered with
tne "open letter" contained'in that issue).

Our statement that we must concentrate on the
Senate, for therein lies our only political hope;
has brought some important comment.

A trusted Washington observer writes: "Glad you
emphasize Congress' importance, but fear it is
too late, since the White House completely dic-
tates and dominates it. Even if we get good men
in, they are powerless or, are so flattered by
the President or promised a judgeship or some
(administrative) post for the rest of their lives,
that they fear to vote contrary to what the White
House wishes regardless of party. Retaliation
by the executive is swift and hard if they oppose
- the White House lobby is the biggest here ex-
cept the 'social lobby' and the wives make
Their husbands stand in with the White House and
Cabinet for fear of not being invited to parties.
It is pathetic, but true."

t, From a correspondent near the "scene of the
conspiracy" comes the story which concerns one
of our most loyal Senators. His voting record has
long been a "thorn in the flesh" to the administ-
ration. As a result, the administration is out to
"retire him or ruin him." He has been offered a
federal judgeship if he refuses to run next time
he comes up for re-election. He has no way of
knowing whether such a promise would, or could,
be kept. BUT, if he insists on running for re-
election, then he is told he will be defeated (the
White House will arrange it, he is told), and the
law practice to which he might retire will be nil.
So, threaten the conspirators, how is he going to
support his family if he refuses to "play ball"
with the administration?

This story receives support from a statement
published by Wickliffe B. Vennard. author of The
Federal Reserve Hoax, which we quote:
"Evidently lives were threatened to cause
Senators Byrd, Malone and Jenner to declare
publicly that they would not run for re-election."
(We've admittedly taken this statement out of
context. Vennard had reference to their refusal
to have anything to do with an investigation of
the Federal Reserve System; and his pamphlet
What Is Your Answer? should be read to get the
contextual implication of his statement (Meador
Publishing Co., 324 Newbury St., Boston, 404):

A great American Patriot-a retired General
Whose knowledge of the conspiracy and whose
efforts for America over the past half century
has won him the respect of all patriots-had the
following additional information to offer:

"Several months ago we had a very large dinner
here of the Georgia States Rights Council. The
Governor and both Senators attended and spoke.
In the course of his remarks, Senator Russell
said this: In the Senate of the United States,
there are approximately 20 Senators adhering to
their oath of office and striving to serve loyally
even though it may cost them their positions or
their lives. The others, he said, are serving
under some strong influence or under the power
of a minority group. He added and the same
situation exists in the House. Certainly Senator
Russell should know, for he has been a member
of the Congress for a quarter of a century. I wrote
this report to a member of the House in whom I
have full confidence. He replied at once that he
agreed with Senator Russell 100%."

In another paragraph, our correspondent added
this remarkably perceptive observation:

' "In my opinion, the trouble with the.United
States is fundamental. It -is. like examining a

great building wherein the very foundation had
been proven to be defective. It is a great mistake
to view our Republic as a nation of great forests,
rich agricultural fields, and richer mines. Instead,
we are a human organization of 180 millions of
people and every brick in the structure is a
human being and we will stand or fall according
to the character and virility yes, and the breed,
of the men and women on Main Street. We are
breeding our manpower down fast and no nation
in history has remained a first class power after
I doing so."
Paraphrasing the above statement; we might add
that our Republican Governmental form will stand
or fall according to the character and virility andj
breeding of the men we send to Capitol Hill!

And if only 20 of those men have the character A
required to take an oath and then keep it, is ourt
destruction not near?

In a brilliant historical report, Edith Essig traced
the trail of terror and fear which surrounds our
Nation's Capitol from the time of Lincoln's
assassination down to the present. Here are some
quotations (we haven't the space for the entire
"When, in the summer of 1959, I visited the old
Ford Theatre and examined the relics pertaining
to Abraham Lincoln's last hours on earth I was
tremendously impressed with the sense of par-
ticipating in a drama in which that historic
tragedy was the curtain-raiser. Informed patriots
know, of course, that the events from that day
to this are a continuous performance, and that
the international moneychangers who plotted that
assassination are still the villains of the piece.

"...In the present-day sequel, ninety-five years
later, the heavy hand of dictatorship, censorship
and intimidation is on Washington, D.C. The
threat of retaliation, blackmail, ridicule and
smear, and the fear of sudden death stalk the
very halls of Congress. Ghosts in the form of
unanswered questions haunt the place. The ghost
of James Forrestal, wartime Secretary of the
Navy and first United States Secretary of De-
fense, who learned too much about Zionist in-
trigue in the Middle East: did he commit suicide
by leaping from the sixteenth floor of Bethesda
Naval Hospital or was he pushed? The ghost of
General George S. Patton, who was held back
from entering Berlin to permit Soviet troops to
take the city and whowas quoted as saying, "
have a little black book and when I get back t
the U.S.A. I'm going ,to blow the hell out
everything!": was the collision between a truck

ann ais m

accident? 4

"The ghost of Senator Robert A. Taft ... Yei,
the atmosphere of Washington, D.C., reeking wibh
the poison of over a quarter-century of pro-Soviet
treason, is that of the same city on April 15,
1865 when, as expressed by the news reporter of
that day, assassination., had been inaugurated'
via the pistol and the bowie knife. The pistol
served to eliminate Senator Huey P.. Long .
tLouisiana in the early days of the New Deal
takeover: and -it served in two murderous attempts

I -- ---.--- .- --- K . .LJ.C.. uy cwim y Ju.. -
on the life of Rep. Louis T. McFadden of Penn- ....
sylvania following his exposure of the political- "Headlines of the year 1953 give glimpses of
economic planning of the New Deal 'Brain Trust' the tragedy of Robert A. Taft: 'Van Fleet Bitter
as a plot to overthrow our Constitutional form of Over Stalemated Korean War, Says They Had The
government.... .. Enemy Defeated In Summer Of 1951 ...Congress
SIn Uproar Over Van Fleet's Charges ... Taft
"If-from the moment he took the oath of office, Wants A Quiz On Korean War...Eden Tells US. S '
administered by Chief Justice Vinson, and began. It Must Continue Partial War In Korea-Concedes -
his administration with the magnanimous support It's "A Thankless Job... Taft Urges Every Effort%
of his rival for the Republican nomination, the; To Get A Settlement Of Major Far Eastern Prob-.
new Senate Majority Leader Robert Taft-EisenK, lems Before Agreeing To A Truce In Korea....
bower ever felt the impulse to defy the edicts of .
the mysterious powers-that-be, no doubt he gave. "May 27: Forget The U.N., Says Taft, Urges U.S.I
the matter further thought and cannily held hisg Tob Act'Alone On Truce. May 29: Eisenhower
tongue. The powers-that-be have at all times a' Splits With Taft. Opposes 'Go It Alone' Plan,
reserve, often rated a conservative, with whom to; June 10: Stricken Taft Quits As Senate Floor
replace the one who becomes 'fed up' and shows' Leader. July 31: Senator Taft Dead, Nation
symptoms of performing as an independent thin-. Mourns. .
ker. Before the year was out Taft was gone, Chief, -,, _/i.
Justice Vinson was gone. McCarthy is gone.... /More than one crusading publication has asked:
'Did Senator Taft sign his death warrant when he
"The scene took place, as.rlaptedby Time Maga-J-. said, "'e' ona- -:P
zine' f Apri6, 1953, in th'e late afternoon of-a in Korea"?'
day marked by bitter words directed by Bohlen- "Were these-in effect-the famous last .words of
ea' t"e ths-nhfc-h famous last wrd sofspoe'
supporters at Senator McCarthy. .On the previous
SMr. Republican'? .. "" : 'J
day, says Time, 'two U.S. Senators strode into a 'r Reulia' ..
S"Perhaps there is good reason for the fact -that
State Department. Office, seated themselves at a e presidential candidates of 1960 jump:atte '
ata the presidential candidates. of 19.60 jump: at; the'
table and began poring over a 30-page.document. crack of the. international whip." (end ooe);..
Ohio's Robert A. Taft and Alabama's John Spark- ca . itraon. wi (e. o qo
man had come over.from Capitol Hill to go If this is a Cold War, and not yet a Ht-.War, then ,.
through the FBI report on Charles E. (Chip)l our, front-line troops are not the men-,in uniform,-
Bohlen,'nominee for Ambassador to Russia.... i but the men we send to Washington to 'reresent'.
Time-:.continues,:under the heading As Ambassa- us-We, the People. In timesoHotWarw.hen a Confirmed: '..The argument ..roled on soldier violates his :oath and betrays his: trust, .
until it. was too late to vote that day: Bob Taft :-_he is liable to execution-by firing squad. ,
had announced that .he. didn't want a vote: after, .Should it'be different :in: Cold War?.: The.fateof 4
5 p.m. because h6e had to be at home ;at 530 for our, nation, isstill at stakemWefii. freedom'e;
a.tea .in :honor-of :Mamie: Eisenhower., At the or .die '1an slavery; depena'dingP ' o 'nhw e u
"Tafts~'dbrick.Victoian house in town, ldiers, faon.:efeld ,of.bafle:
uae.who: ha~d;been :snaping. another oyet- Fistwe m ^telctme.wo lae loe ^of :'
the Bohe .cs .....i- and', 'ip~ped Ej.-'- country. above:love.ofrIifAg A dysecodA' :
z.. .. J" 4" -I 6
"- .. "'ct.ei: &.i-o'
-hin wa 6s: a .........s "`A --4 ,.c.Lt, ,a.o"i"r-"n:,;"on. ... *'.,'f if,.&.B:t- -,- ye., +. ,.,e.l,in vnn -.,.- -.
or-'s eA'u.tnoe idiothy. S id vrazr v" IN '

d E Syear

..,~ eart'ox 2..P...'"..
-,4 ht.4, s;: .':..':. ..
e.* : ,-i--"\. ,n
'*^.ff*- (. ***fj, i -''--^*s,:^*y.:'.< -14*i -**<:61h n*a n1- *T' r"*'1 C L cYf- ~ L- cVG de :it,^lrl^L~~^l'Cll ^f~llk M ir ...
S;.fgIM el p;&stbT 6e;-.,C N.* 2, "A

'.'Writers who have so painstakingly checked the
hour-by-hour movements of the principals :in .the
tragedy on the day Lincoln was shot wbild"'find,.
a fascinating field of investigation in the run: :.of.'
the news out ofWashington in the year 1953.
Why, they might speculate, had Senator Taft, who
strode (according to Time) into a State Depart,"
Seat office late in March and played golf with.:
President Eisenhower in Augusta, Georgia,4lat
Sin April, become a broken man, hobbling on

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