Trench and camp


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Trench and camp
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Trench and camp (Camp Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla.)
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Camp Johnston trench and camp
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National War Work Council, Y.M.C.A. of the United States
Florida Times-Union
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Camp Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla
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February 20, 1918
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Ed. for Camp Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla.


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1914 - 1918   ( fast )
Military bases, American -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1918)-v. 2, no. 3 (Jan. 16, 1919).
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"Camp Johnston" appears above masthead title, <July 18-Dec. 5, 1918>.
General Note:
Published under the auspices of National War Work Council, Y.M.C.A. of the United States.
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"Printed weekly for the Y.M.C.A. by courtesy of the Florida Times-Union."
General Note:
"Army news for Army men and their home folks."

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University of Florida
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Printed Weekly for the Y. M. C. Ai by Courtesy of
Publs~ed Under Auspices THE 'ARMY NEWS

MY. .C. A. of the United States Edition for CAMP JOHNSTON, Jacksonville, Fla. THEIR HOME FOLKS

VOL. I. WEDNESDAY, MARCH-27, 1918. NO-13
"NO. 13

gR. W. A, HOBSON col. Fred L. unison Soon HOSESSHOUSE IS


"N|i the cIty. As soon as Camp Johnston o
1 hUT tal'p tohe. B.the out Commandant of Campj. rn S L IR D Y
c orhe of -heFO
hthe ciY and as such oB Scd Col.
has devoted a. large. part of axis time Johnston to Be Succeeded By Col. o tui woar th 1: be come extrem ely
popular wit officers and men alike! Charles L. Willard.
Baptist Cam p P aster and Sergt. and his friendly m anner and coute h l a .
owes and ever apparent desire to help __,_._Dr. Anna Howard Shaw Makes
arcun "1"111-1 L LI I .
.ehoe ELo larCee circle of friend d News was received by Col. Fred L. Presentation Speech Before
tO Hospital. On all sides the deepest concern over n on, who has been the command-I Ons injury was heard an ll of the
________men are hoping that nothinma, arise ing officer of Camp Johnston since work large Audience.
tO mar his recovery. At tile hospital of building th
Asa esltofan automobilt ci last night itwa 1: .....t al the camp started, that he]
As arslofaauooieacci Isti h 't a reported tha D. IWoud be transferred elsewhere on April TebatflFots os tCm
d en t a t C a m p J o h n sto n M io n d a y a fte r H o b s o n h a s b e e n in a c on s cio uhs I taz te 6 a n d th e w o ld e s e h ere T p ril | h o u s at C a m p noon Dr. W. A. Hobson, Baptist camp practically all day and, tathire ad at he would be succeeded here sEpi E. Johnston was orat Prep
pastor, and Sergeant Kehoh are both covery was now -aoped for. by Col. Charles L. Willard now quar see toh formally precofilned to the base hospital, Dr'. ob- iSergeant Kehoe is restingl as easily termaster at Camp Benami Hars n t he men yest
..."r -lob-'h Sege rd t" .,.M ario. ...te to th e terday ilth a re
Suffering frOm concussion of the 'as could be expected The bone in i e telegram receive priate exercises, the Presentation P
brain and pob ea f t h eheg as broken Just above the- did not state where e would be. sent being made by -Dr Anna Howard Sliv
skull, nd Sergeant .tehoee wIteh a bad- knee and drven into the fleshy part-4 but it Is thought that he will *be plac.e of Ne. bork an d cae y boken leg and n Iy bruises. The his le. The further extent of h s in charge of a regiment and given oveord
ca.*pysiclans stated late ast night lnuries cannot be- determinedtf this seas duty. ntnuiener- f ma de yCol.rFed L. 'Munson. One of
thasnlss complications, should arise .he ne ws'of t t...e f .
tbt~~ssct i me i developments may set in to the crowds tha ever assemgle
Dr. .oson would probably recover it cause other da rs.. on wol. bun ds that ever timhe ta mp
has- probe~ tato a n X-ray 'phot mI t' The r wich was a quartermas- at Camp Johnston, for.h hhas become a pohnston was Present for the he to obo h d o .etrmine whether tr car No. 59, was-being driven by extremely popular with both officers I
ande -ocaio an the event was one that
Dr Hobson.has a fracture of theskull' Capt.Miller and yesterday. orders were' men. Through. his, 'absolutely sqare will be remembered by all of tie 'tsl.
cr n T was a quartermaster's issued y a Ware caln g for a dealings with all. tit -consideratl6n that dies as one of the g expression ander benlle r i a tg-; ." 11 -vesaton or.zeaciet[n.'a hw o.~ fiers ado- "._ ,, greatest expressions
S'waoet. r re d the placing of the response
cabrt an ws' bileing dtrhivel y ot efu inetgto of th e idet h.s shwtohbteofcrs e o hospitality of the People of Jack-
accident,. ..f :',. or:-the cause- C t Henry J. Rath himself to everyone a n e o li to
.Iftoe,. anupd. -many .expres- sonklille t hm
u faur e hn regrets wCptere heard when it be al the afternoon the crobd
The sed-~ti r' ~ e~' pe~ie nhA nakontath a ob tranis- g-~ to arrive' and duiln, thet. .. ~
andhe w as to be terr e d, Ear In cfee ie

z'.? a 1d in work roni soon-sfte Ah
-~ so ~ ere, where he ha doe 'so "ee ge
but on e f I ing r elaato n the serenau a ryld
an' abiith nd loervicen dm t Op.wa expr is prethde .
fo '~ e mate aof.c Itim-ato basC In onin the ptingrarin M or th
lib.h tha 0h wol be liYtii tol othogaatioti of the na
Wl'fIWten h tr whee e "Vlhslbd one s g ood to a war wiok council soon after the
UiI~II~le'ora~ ade shae-,abcesi declaration of wai hnte ertr
-9 Hosee te we eartmen d ed of' war expreslesi that the Y. 11
otherwise aled While no intimation has en o and t ae Y C f ithe b e a to whgre he will be, sent an th I i.for ih h ei
~iFGLIs fiG~A'RE~ wen given overseast d ty- hat-peieto h oa hoito.ah
One of the mos.t successful and heart fom heie, it sth.;ht probable pthat 'Sheint odu e ocl asoiationw i teohi event seso f u a nd her hiwllbgve aduyIn-- was called to the conference last summem[ bci events of Camu )Us-~ .p. or it" his delsisthe was a,,,~l s so
Johnston was witnlesed whe the men oranc wit hi d. rci -oe-rteti
:of Storekeeper's Company n t~ Ce l -Munsonha seen dutY with Infan- to taken pthe war work, and wInho Is s
"-" oere Stoehepe for aC rand nio n x tr+ 'organizations, having "been olne of Iably directing some of the work, in ths
iee togeheg, fort a, gralnd1 0 reunion roasat onsiuou h e en Incity, Mrs. Barnett spoke of the spirwhich was heldIn their mess hall Sat. the roost con icusnPlie me!!nd Itual work being carried on. ura afternoon at 1 o'clock thUe Span......-Ae... .a. _,- Phl -pn an r ilam"okrxasitocda
u er he wars It was in tis bancf Mrs. William lockerr as
I ster oreectv iers gath edr n seie that... he i'eceived his earl- the chairman of. the Florida ,-oman's
troit oefsei barrcs f anra nntrad "isturaih. he has a he,- committee, council of national defense.
pitr wi wlalks be pm erdora g ',for l ,- 's love and it would Mrs. Hocker in a happy vein said that
s urewhic I always be prese -ae all surprising to see him made the Florida women were taking pr-de in
as a remembrance ti a line officer in command of an infantry the aoing for othe men in.camps in this
foT future recollect wsdecorated t egiment. Col- fr ta e FeoridmeIn ther state acsdoTlae mesi flags ci-hich .. .ad Since coining to Camp Johnston Ccl. g f the Fl li tle
American atv pm le. e 'tunson has been one of the busiest men 1 I -"Di'. Shaw's
i' pla e a l n M uennsio n mha s sen' m np e a k e r o f th e a fte r
t anpyo ereaNative pa-levsj";-%",vp nn .hisb!ho.u.Tders hWas In p1"esentirng t.le fceae ?o aftr
c overh the sides of the i ie sei..ce. p his sho .dei.ha noon Mrs Llenn refer-,d to het' as "a
wereaW i f a wild grasses fallen the responshlilti of est lisn g ctizen of the United States Dr. Anna
wars. plaei upIn the -ntables.- he and organizing the first ouarterasters YHoward hchaian menu wa'e ve p r bsththe company tralnlng camp in America and. now well o the natieol w ork.. i..tree.
undertkin i Ii nainlwmns cictre
cook s cu make ian consisted of he succeeded ii this u council of national defense. -I tho follwng: lustratedd by thelarge dremans tal,
Sie t rave been-made ion hior oAic a Shaw made a l short' striking tal

potates ad grveyLime beans, as- men who have been trained under il seilyt h cal e
potatoes an g ied oranges, al I and they can now be -found in Practi- Ini khaiwho wr in the e c c
D~~~~u tdl I'i nelr attention especilly to thenfc
aragus, celery VniE srawberry, and I call every cae In this country. tll tney"re fighting f0o1' the woen n d and lemonade. Vanllia, Str wu .@ d.-E"per.... e. / Stna give'l' tol .
chocolate brick Ice cream, fol owed Cot, u children of' the world, and st give to
with the free distribution of cigars I Col 'Willard, who succeeds the present the women of Frane the .same ploteeand cigarettes. A five-piece orchestra commandant, is one of the best known ion they want for their wives and noth" played numerous pOpular pieces -whli officers in the yuartermaster's' depal- [i's She spoke of the var years ago the men enjoyed their dinner. -I meant. He has had a 'number of years' this country, as a civilized war in whIch
Block commander, Capt. Ellis, gave training in this work and' is well qldli- the women and children suffered io d11Bte men a very interesting talk on Ifed in all respects to assume the eees honor; and reminded the men that they o a u i the mies of quartndoterse Ti duties placed upon him. At present he 'are fig hting for this protection in addiPastor of th.Frt Baptist huarCmp in this country aLu o wimers h I is quartermaster in charge of that tion Io- f nghtng for world-wide dem.wohntyn hindy and oobl ttcm asloed en th e ut eneitst mberi' who branch at Camnp Benjamiln Harrison aisd'ia.
aerionsly ~ ~ t b e Ibtofiesad men 'of Camp Johnston Inaccptngth house onl behalf of
jued 'from the men who go'out for celistreic- are satisfied with their new common- Lhe camp, 'Col. Munso id that hle-conr ics. Private chelburger gave a dnt. They are now eagerly awaiting sidered it a privilege to have heard Dr.
ters talk on things in generaland his arrival and will watch with interest Shaw spgpk MHonday night, and that he
leading to headquarters from the camp several pieces of poetry' Fr the future development of Camp. John- considered it a distinct honor to have so
leading t Rv .,.D. vitieang IrSergeant Erickson spoke of his ep d san under Isis direction, I distinguished a woman present- the house
theater. Rtev. J. D. isrtin ...... o} t to ""nderan
owas, here to assist in the reuce he hashad with h as n It is reported that Gen. Goethals, coin- 1to the camp. Cot.-Munson stated that
minister mandin office of the ouarterstet 'soon after hi's arrival at 'camp, before le
p work which Dr; Hobson was ye- regretted that he could 'not b'e wth uh cam bein was obs walk g always a e department of the entire 'United States'lad heard 'of the y. W. C. A. hostess
a! -m wha arrn. idea ........
itIng the ca t road, Th mh wame The boys all enjoyed the speech'. army, will be an early visitor at the I leouses,, he thought what an. ideal place
at beh M Jr. o on and y lht them by Lieut. M H. peh camp and his appearance is expected at that club would be for enlisted nen to urtnero ........ ..helmer ho stated that 'he Was P ane time as he has already intimated. ceet their families when the latter vi
S."Qm .1 and busedng or t the convgevyanceo of his' command and deeply felt, the Isis deterninaton to aspectt the work be- ,ited the -camp. i PHofnment one use tfh driver was -great loss in having us leave him s Ing done hers in person. Musical selections were gZen by Pl o sae ddenly, but assured us that he was Irate Ralph Roth and Mrs. Greta Ch l
Revi. Feman was an eye witness, He glad to leave- met us indivitemally and I vae rlp oth asn ire. GrtagClta
-iftut~lY nd Ien Berg of Jacksonville. Durmig the
it. Free thavet us day ou come when Ixng reception,' fro", 6 Until 9 o'clock,
eays the cai' approachedbfrom the rear hopuedu Bresnahian of Tampa were brought out tnevenitriI lclock,
bthr nd men going in the same d -Stdrekeepei's Company NoI ) 'wul a- r nt the building'frol L. Bellve.s plapoist,
rbthon car. obso an himel wragIn get together in Berlin for the to fleecnpaetrtirsid the in Private Watt, telo!'. rendered -iecwaling "The ca br she mycataerfnlrenoehe afe he f 01- more' than filled th~e bill.
i g pase me ad bfre I co ay a o e th liueant's long to 'be r's- f'Ms rfin 151ayed. and 'sane a lium- I osesoHue
worasd hand betfr o ds y th fe-oiemed emrs utn 0%r of selections and iei" beautiful The' hostessdrcn alf Ho u is
Oarlifin hi aoutthre i'hou feer- mebee rears vonice captured alm" of the men thst hotsedi'ctgalpassf
Ord t a strck obon fourfee- V could crowd into the building. She the work at Camp Johnston greeted tle
in the air. Dr. Hobsoni came down on n amlnh/'P f ~tositFl sang a number of songs that the boy guests os a oT Philadelpia
hIs head, striking the brick pavement," we ot wil lIng foi' her to stop. Fi- a lisrGnvies'o Jaes. T ...laliis
said" Sev. Freeman. 5 DA aB nally they eepruddt kee a young woman of charming personality
.."said ev. Freeman hy wr persuaded to tceepl an. n unusual executive ability
Car Caracas Off Rood. quiet for a few moments aiid Miss director of the house and throw
dobson after he had knocked him dow I u U LU din the s manner as l cent disectoiship -and tie hearty
an t him a cde ral dan was Miss Gm'ffin, Both of these ladles cooperation of all tie other hostessS,
i, !)i!,and thrown hi auosdrbedsace } 'a v'nusually beautifully trained hCapousnhOesnue s ,
ahead, the driver swerved violentlv to h ave th uslif -Ulas treatl to be not only on sess house is i
one side, apparently losing all control. voicee and tim cw 'rt tie. but one o t olte most e. tra.It was at this time that he struck Sergt St. Patrick's day pioven n ie of Ate. he 1111tSibl utone oThflste efitels hs e tm .
Kehoe, breaking his 109. most interesting events in the lieo f t e ic r t e toitel Stts
The car continued its mad career, ca- the men of the Knights of 'Columbus Bresnahan, a brother of the g'eat' e osea o, ,s. ouse com. te isu
5 '- ;'. ... reening further off the road and finally building and for the evenlto of Roge of Patrick and Ireland tha cops of brs. 'William t. ....i
"topig when It is said to have collided the best and most attractive programs 1ce on St. P a r and t h -a S Fanny Hot-l Bis H Bnett.
head-oig a telegraph pole, consider- that;---- h- ben given in camp was ren- was greatly enjoyed by all. This wa- M,' John w. Sismones rshead-on with t delegrapo pole, consheki-n dnes ofs A.Nn real treat and Father Bresnahan am. J. am, Mrs. C G .'c Mi"
Dr. obso is asto of heF rst T'Ihereoug Jackso ne s the servicesLrhanl his subject in a manner' that Robert CHaeMr..0.uChab-tesablv daagn Itrnestinee F4'ledmanu and Lieuit, ac
i~i-i' : Dr. Hobson is pastor of the First O'K eerte of,-""- ;dee .T made a deep impression on all WhOrnsn -...... ..
Baptist church of Jacksonville, and of Miss Griffin of. Providence, I., mad ai, de im. oZonne.
-" one:,ofthe most popular ministers i Miss Murphy 0! Bostof, andt fa rd im, : ..

: Page 2 __ __ ._" .....

.Col. Munson Returns to Post fargement of Camp ls

After Several Weeks' Rest Announced By Washington

by genial Capt. T. T Long, has been that Is as far as the man with a Place of
Sdvd sads for morning drill, foolish purpose gets Wooden Barracks to Take Place of
Greatly .Improved By Enforce and members f ths uni, wich n- rtuay he a t i s Tents Now in Use and Course
Vacation Camp Commander Is a eludes the office fores of man-y it the o o at.0 TSp Tents Nowi se .
o apartments of the cantonment, are as- er, headuart, "buf- th du tycrease
orIc Ing their commander if the drill fore- of the adjutant. to serve as an who t Be nr.
Ready snres.hadw service vra fer'! between teelse a h
FReady o I SFl.dowis iser hise ovwe review of the has matters requiring the attenin of
-camp C. unson said: the highst camp authority, and tha Gen. Goethals, quartermaster general
r i i t n c From the outset it was recognized .authorty' ler's office of the army, announced to Senator
pletly rmpcoved fro hslt sn change in teprsonnel The door of Capt. Spengler's o~eo h am, inucdt eao
greatly mren, m healh s thsica that various changes ien tohe pce ,i Thes odr of a a -com signed of- Duncan U. Fletcher of Florida last
M unsonke, clace, is guarded by a non ..
breakdown Col. Fred L. Munson, com-and -it Is with pride and confidence ficer who questions everyone,i'resd Thursday that Camp Johnston was o manding officer of Camp Joseph. E. that I see these various commanders less of his rank, conceringli mat." be increased in size, niore enlisted men
Johniston, is again at mhis post of duty and units leaving for duty -elsewhere. sion. A. soldier with a triflingbe he would be sent here, more .instrtors having responsibility Monday morning I am sure that they will be a credit to ter to lay before the adj is bar- would be provided, and the course of oof this responsibility Monday mhrni the quartermaster training school. I even a captain, finds his instruction would be much ewaylarged.
Col. himunson is now reivingady for the ranging have equal confidence in the ability red, i he This change is to take place Immeracing him in receivinI and arrange of the new arrivals. Between Capt. Spengler a e of diately and work is expected to start
accommodations for the new men nho "The new units contemplated for schemer also stands In stantwithe scal of diately and short time accrding to thert haveill form the next school and that the camp should prove to be aids in things, Cait. H. C. Benson, assist ant within a shor thie according to tdi-e
hae alMeady begun to arrive.ny tim splifyin in some small degree, adju tant, wo takes the brunt of thlde vicommander of the quartermaster's dao.Mno asnta n tim l fyi at ja I jtn' shoulders. vision.
l imply forced by the m dl- least, the work of the United. States An betwen at .. ad th This newstherajet
ill, he was simply forced by ste me army. I have the greatest faith in, the And between Capt.. _o ns con elation by the men of Camp Johnston, cal authorities to take a short res t men selected to be officers and in the soldier stands the enlisted s cessible who have been completely at sea for
owinghe thephyscal stra nd ne r soldiers who are composing these new pany commander, sewho is accend whossible eo h ave been completely at sea for
whume comaend on sic hea through the top, sergeant, and whose some time as to what was -to be the
commanda ofbthis, the' model units. i future of this camp. Many rumors had
sumed command of this, th e mod Working conditions in camp and at conscientious work is largely respon- it that Camp Johnston was to be camp, and he is now ready for any Jacksonville during the week were sible for the success of the camp. itedturned into an infantrycamp for the
beduties than ever and saysto hem. e els the satisfactory Again I would call at- Thus Camp Johnston is conducted draft men others that it would bebetter than his friever and says hare greatlyes ed tention to the splendidly competent on the same principles as a large icl come a concentration point, others aarthand his friendsge thre agrcation pas done management of the camp during my I mercial institution, the brain which place for thmconcentration point, other a hard with the change the Vacation as e period of enforced rest by Major James plans the bi things being shielded Ptrlace for the andmen to rest after rumors had the him Plans Daily Inpetio. Ware. from the dis raction of the common- train urneng and into recumors had theamp
C Pl. Munson plans to spend th This week Jewish men at Camp place. That brain is the colonel'sis and camp turned-into recuper, the an-p
gra erpMunon o n 1to f n ths a Johnston will be given passes to visit whether or not he has accomplished for wounded mem However, the anw e te insp ting the organizations their hom es during the Passover, or to "l" things, the cam p. itself testi- o ne m t 'from Gen. Goethals sets week in cm nsp mt thi various duties in or- attend services at the homes of Jack- fes it will be continued a quartermasder that hle may see the smoothness sonville fmales during the two first SEEN e otned saqurems
in camp at they various au s i sonville fsmalies during the two frs term's camp and this news was welcome
rothw tf mn absent 'will dano. exceed ten EW FACES SEEN AT by the men in hs branch of the servresults accomplished in the short time I N lee who havelearned to love Camp
that Camp Johnston has been in opera- per cent of the strength of any or- Johnston and Jacksonville.
tion. He wilas ocaiefuilly over the ganiiatlils KNIGHTS FC L M U h eetvii fLet o.Dl
plans form ohnston hAsf the cainroate: Washington has failed to KNG OF C L B This annonucerhent follows closely
pans for the enlvarious details in connection shed any light.on the action it is tak- and his staff of civilian experts who
and th e v various detaris n since he ing in regard to the recommendations ..were here inspecting Camp Johnston
therewith that have arisen s for second lieutenants, but the pros-- and surround ng territory with a vhoew
has been absent. etive student officers still have high By and surrounding territory with a view
hasthe paratwill be held this wai ndettiveo stl l' Secretary anion Is Succeeded By fetermining just what should be
Other ame as t11 resented hope of being assighld to Secretar done with this camp, These officials
during I thepat eekbthfisd- Next Saturday the men will be-Ousalong the t N1s h s the:ebt i- n t et tanpturadaythe wen ll1 bS mrs- E Doy. were free to admit th't Camp Johnston
vision motor supply train, whch. was terad. and pay-day will follow shrl T, Doyle. was one of, if not the best, site for *a
vsionar tr sup tain, itiona after sinn of the roll camp In the country, the health condiarmed with rifles and ammuntio tions being unquestionably the best in
belts and put through military- maneu- tosbigUqetoal h eti
vers on the headquarters par lhItill rdr:n r flr No more will the smiling face and the country and the location in all rero G DTthe peEafurOnisd the heer words of Clar . Mien spects considered ideal for camp purmusic and there were many specttaors ceery words 0 Carence an poses, Much of the credit for the
frmusic and the staffre were maunsonp who en- be seen and heard about the Knights splendid showing made by Camp Johnjoed t, very much The men made a T r .D lI ]' | f of Columbus building, that is, as a ston is due tothe untiring effortSof
fine appearance, d as this is a is no longer suh Col. Fred L. Munson, commanding offeature In the training of the men it scretaicer and Liet. Col J. Y. Porter, dtc ose -w ie aten ions e I t s ri el th at v a ra t andle L. B rotn C ol. J.eutt r. d
aed rideattntIang ds hi elt hat ra personage as that. It is now Private vision surgeon.
tae s rg imntal parade by the th~sta Clarence Manion of the ordnance de- I Drainage Work.
sm anIon soon will be re- The graduation exercises of partment Secretary Manion resigned Through the office of thecon trlcet
pealed. e ompassho branch of office last week and entered the army and quremse itwa
a od ot outweigh the nographers his place has bean taken by T. B. prior to the arrival of Col. Daly and
past week, but Several new org Capt
lions have been observed to spring up, e r n eed e r i f lm drainage of the camp would be effected
amoll a the was the detace morning. Carry, w i ng ed Car m Jackson, a before summer, This will be in line
and had ru rue The men who received dchar Secretary Manion has thme idetino with doe n cessary protection from
April draft replace uent and the S, at tecogniton of their- work in tiTn of being the first general stcre- oth the andso o Fin wi
rage company. This latter is in charge iy mser a ner e t e rM e.h
tan S lea the first the r tenogras i i s t e u e ers o te by t h ease w carrying tokI ws.
of Capt Nels Torud. a well knoin completed, have been the personnel of Columbus in the national arm and he need o drainage of a ore e
tand efficient ofnicsr. Many other e Stenographers. Company No 1 has rendered t body fithful and ficient ad eread nature can
week.____,_ a. H a .a a 1a soac t e s een the need conscientious. duty from that tim e n-, d- o e- d loa' s e ad a h i an
r o o the N an of t portent duties in -offceakin e hi .. ab greasy missed by the boy a heavy rain, an- this-alt could bi e corpyd by C. Unson o -eliminate different camps In the Northern states However, they welcome e hm into the reted with drsanage one feature
waste of all kinds, This company will and as far est as oTeas and Call- nti oed haterma nm co ds in d t abashot hs tan c hao wnrtha iet
collect all the materials heretofore fornia, al heed othee ld cai fighting quartermasters o and fotanf t rn oler nt i
classed as useless, such as old rub- The program was brief, and char- quent the K C. building due to the sandy soil of Florida whic
ber from worn-out automobile tires, acteristic of the procedure of all af- he new general secretary Mr. readily absorbs a nl water, leaving the larg tin cans, rags and things of this fairs military, and amidn atmos- Doyle has hd a ong experience in recruit to tread on the sand and with-
Pron en Y phre ..oC.ledAgokro no e of eity r -occasioned by the this character of work and the fr- in a few hoursto kick up dust where

t h am p y a l s o d e r e m o ter f i l d r a aimr s e h e i h t e s a s e d t e K h s s c r d J s p n e s t o f t e s e r v i e s o n a y b
d bhesy Osere Leave. knowledge of the r desponsibilities'to be quenters of the building at Camp h supposed would be a sofet and mushy
A number of captains were assigned thrust upon them in the near future, Johnston consider themselves fort -am hole the night before Nature has enout of Camp Johnston during, the the men listened attentively to Lieut. nate in secjing" his services here dewed Florida's big camp with man weak among them being S. H. Scha- Carraway, associate senior instructor a eCam o Jakson he ade an en- advantages of a health giving nature

na ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ cen ock aas hfmefni e onttorkeras ub dha eCamp nJaohn e a d nine an nthhv nt e b in n ams wi marete
Aonffer C. S. Timmoens, lNorman aLed of the Office workers' School. His able record and the Knight ere any nst 'ue nTors Leave. u
and C. B. Wckens, all to Washington, remark s were tinged with the same were unwilling to allow him to leav Recently t has been observed that
D. C.; Capt P. CaBledsoe, to Houston straight-from-th-shoulr spirit that However, he was finally prevailed Up e officers who have acted as instructors T .r and J. M. Clarke. to Cam Meade I hars marked him as man among men, On to come here ad no he ois weli in the quartermaster school have been
aryland. Various social affairs in and called forth from within a H ise o he sgood work transferred to other points, and
Jack sonville. where the captains all hearts of those receiving diplomas the tiled eo a en r. hough this it was -forecast there
have hosts of friends, attended on their admiration and reverence which has a e t Manion, th would be a radical chagt e in the mah
dearture. A dinner was tendered to characterized the-respect "of each and Knights have suffered the loss of i stu f ho e eie e
Capt Schaeffer by his fri tends at a every o h a ended the Se retary Scheepfling who los f Oa oh a uci n. e nre face of
.Jacksonville hotel. .sCoo or who hasworended hem trnfre to ,M ncapwill be changed, it .is stated
ralcole-hted sL or rwh has w edn r hi ansferred to Camp Taylor and who and this will not be amiss. Men of al
Prominent L C. A workers of I in one capacity or another. Lieut. Car- a few days ago for that place. In branches of the service soon may be
the camp also departed for other fields raway impressed the men with the se hs steate K, C. has secured Joseph observed reading along the streets of

tha sate. wa h e issedtesake for oseas duI Aactingers. Gibr d has e isured b oCaph easeve treeating from the ilseso
of labor, se a the fo era dutyl f rio r.. of their coming duties, T. Forbes of D a oterolt who will report the city with va -colored hat cords
and there was the usual shifting o graphically picturing a decisive battle at camp within the next few days. and insignias.
enlisted men within and outside of somewhere in No an's Land, Where However, there is still one familiar There is no need for an extension of

p 1sn In thi e onn ecin t a ropfo IT a KES BUSNES TOstn shells and bIss ino r nelc n
camp. In this connecio, a call for amid the bursting shells and hissing face among the secretarial force as the reservation, as there is ample space
Volunteers for the ordnance depart- monuments of modern instruments o SecretaryJ A Hickey, "Hickey
mee ntas anweed ex. clabreus Id~, theofthefoe ae itdo ey w i ev orIf at Camp -Johnston to carry on the.
mon ws answered vy a number of destruction, the commander of the field Jazz music," is still ther and work of evenl the larg est army camp
most competent soldiers. A humorous forces Is his stenographer as he is one of the best entertainers in the United States. ta a
incident of the week was the medi- the instructions to his su ordinates wCamp Johnston hs es is newstht be
cal examination of Capt Joseph E. that will direct their energies one elcome news. When it comes to put- hsitatdo ti me aire saicd
Johnston, of the medical reserve cori s way or another toward a vinon fs men in th le a thi serl hi h m ew e and news that has been
kd at hich raly "ene he ere with bells ro sic "Heb t PTognostcaea twme and again and
ad ber of clerks believed a mista command. "en" he adonished h and although several wich hal been
ad thbe paide, dume tod thtsimiolritye them, "lives and millions in material camps have tried to allure im awaN speculation as to-the timecof it startofte capai' am a value depend on your simple execu-he lOok go e ad r lJ s among both timze an arm offilate general, after whom Camp John-ilion of a shorthand' outline, a here k enough stay. him and r bt ctiens and army off. .
A -I faulty transcription of a word or five hr he il sty..

tio5 loo hoo enug on i
th e eo e s cret ar d during letters will destory in a moment the take course there wa fo m he t- I.!
houston who addres.ed a thron at years, and the devastatio of the uls andWple ave suspieln rtA lot of
t e ee S y o f cm culture P Ieparations of months and qu y 1 t Fathe r b bhrit r u I re 1tot
the Duval theater 'iday iiht At oyethu ands of yo ountren nyn i le, e ison bote siest y i ,, b s t
the same, Jean A. thouand odf aou jon n an -I'R NERAN
Frh m aene, Jorecntly c r and who will bear the blame' ..... aYone else. He Is One of the busiest l. ,..
atrenhmefant, whos recently saw action They were reminded of the reseon- wingam tago to s the svet ready and
atete front, ws e.nusiastically re- sibilities of a stenographer in civi |one, no matter who assance o anyenite e at -y, _u?.ne 1. Caier Jn1 civ =, . -- +- i on no Mate h., when or where, AT TH.E BASE HSPITA
enlived byan audience Of oCers and life, of such a man's importance to a and he is one of the best loved men
estedmnat""N. ,Cnp on citil executive when only dollarste-aotCm Jhno,
*~' d usr e- I aou t Camp Johnstn
In'the field of building construction Ped upon the proper performance of Everyone=welcomes the new in- Wednesday e i i Nath
Intb e fieo i n g cnwtrai -- dt, an the raenes of their task bers of the K. C. staff to Camp Jahn- Wdne d n o n g, rvae Nat. mutbe etined the .new garage was brought home in the realization ston and hope that they. will remain tarie an oneyed the re
beigrcted near headquarters by that all the former responsibility of here so long as soldiersna ae hre, for I lin oo o the l weresuldier-carPe terms, with material from-' civil life as again thrust upon them e a shown tre abi, ior tthee
an adjacent building which was razed. I se wngthendYwin the abehtyI I t have hd '
t en on ean w h tned" entened with te .added weight ofand are fast making friends of the Nath. gave a performance with his inThe ca. p theater wh "hreaten of the value of human lies men of the quartermaster's corps exhaustible list of card mystifiers and
really completed, and is certain+,araayhed a little slight of hand. Mystery opened ono many cas nw imen daily In their studies and has --'. was in the air for fully forty minutes
ualygthe opussed, a s certanint been assist ste sNies andasrpe ATTENTION, -EAGLES. e h a filly fory seates
open Of .e ic s a s f beam assisted by Sergt Niles Carpen- with various card and coin effects.
Wsunsgn h wea were vota ca- tor of Office Workerse Schoolu A I s house was-ofilled, every seat hetasttwstiad irur letter to all conspean con- ing Occupied by soldiers woaea
ysAating Sergts Gilbert Brown and manders has been issued by Capt. ease, recuperatin fiom their illnesses,
Wiconin, whs wa en vo t Washington A ". ie r E.. er- a
authorities and the number dy fory. ad Freeman, James .. MeCor- Spethglte 2cling attention to a letter Cards were maxe to disappear from
thatte,. --- e e fo F. sthatehe Ias received from the secre. view and appear in the most unheard
into re.i d r from Wash: m d J Nuns.tary of the Eagles lodge of Jackson- of laces. Half-dollar pieces acted like
hingt- received du g s wk eM-e villa inviting all members of that or- birds, flying.fron one lace andfound iiing t thnecessityfor strict is- -IT TAKES BUSINESS TO er to meet with the lodge on their in still another.
sa l oher rper "regular meeting nights, Wednesday of As an added feature, Nath. wound
Puttcie amps onefforts lof many reach week. The aerie rooms of the up the program by subjecting himtir hof e alute n t rd REACH THg CeNs a ar located at No. Il East self to do any effect any one desired,
clamps on efot of many oftoH
fcers b t t ponts near CA COLONEL By street. and al members of the or. A request was was made to have Nath.
their homes, whIch the order declares de' are invited to meet with the aeri deal a four-handed Poker game, dealmerely -entails needless expnse ant a p rgaede
confusion to the government. A local H a __,- -+---- ng himself the four aces, also executwrnste oenstet. .ol He who would have an interview JEWISH SABBATH SERVICES ing a cut and making a false one. And
order warns the enlisted personnel with Col. F. L. Munson, com- when this was done without trouble
agis_-"akngso" hnot".eo Vhesttion to thne eireou stisfacfagatheir variouss oicesp" when Outide mandant at Camp Johnston, must have On account of the large number of tion, to their entircan be atimag-
In front of the a good reason for it. Col. Munson is men absent from camp at this time on ited.
Ing fla Of the adquarter build- as accessible to the man with a Mat. Passover furloughs, Jewish Sabbath 'he show was a huga success and
ing, the flags of the allies are being tar which really requires the con- services will be discontinued this the boys showed thFe appreciation worked out in varl-colored stones. nandant's attention as Is the man's week, other than a special service in by continually asking for more, and Rustic fences at this part of the can- lop sereant, but for he soldier who Y. M. C. A. No. 2 on Friday evening both Mr Hill and Mr. Morrison, the tosmment have -been completed, has selfish schemes up his sleeve it at 6:15, and the regular service in the "' sen in charge of the show,
SCsnteens Extend ~ours, is as difficult to see the colonel 8:s the detention camp. The service at M.e
The canteens extended their business king of Manitoba. C.A. No, 2 will be for all the Jewish at the Base hospital.
Bif sY~nd.Capt D. T ecolnel- gater C.A. N. 2wil befor ee t Y M-claimed It to be the best show given
hours with. the sanction of Capt. D.. The colonel's quarters are near men in camp, and they are urged to Raymond exchange officer thu Ig headquarters build n i We have a Suspicion that a lot of
-affording -the' -se-olers more. time in There is no -fence-e..around the build- ___________ t hos e elow wholl~ drawtechnical
wicih to make purchases. ..-- g, and ringing the bell ,quilel Thrive by- Thrift? -:g -books from the library .only 'Wat to
ervice brings a attendant to the door. But Buy a-Saving Stamps. appear studious.


in America and overseas this unleav- teaching of this song to the soldiers taught to respect our flag, love our
THE MILITARY govern ment. camp today know the words of this and why aren't we taught to sing the

.R.C~t~C a. Vn Dren Q.M. n8 e tteew rerndn ter o d rht fam t hethneoatmaate inagS gleandh t fhtforlearr, The
RMany of the men have vailed them- great song. oInn letter is as follows: song-the flag and of our countrAy. selves of Capt. Spengler's mot gener- To Editor of Trench and Camp. Camp When I heard that Cuban egro. Coajanding O cer and Orcial S tme ous grant of a furlough of siclent Jose-h l. Johnston. sin that great song of our country.
CAMP JOHNSTON, FLA. length to permit them to spend set- Dear ir: Since the war broke out I I felt a-sane myself ard I sat
Commnnding Officer enty-two hours at their homes, and have been to several social affairs downd re t e thinking
Col. Fred L. Munson, Q. M. C. some of them are Journeying far where the National Athem was.played that t may come to the attention of
AdJutant as Boston. Cpt. Spengles kindness and at which time every one was our superior officers of this and other

Capt. Jaohn C. CSpel (Clohing but mfeust rem erith In h on askA ew ihsaoIwst nafi lghswr adt aedopdit
A aCapt. A Spenglers.i o e catul em dinmn asked to sing, and of course every camps, or to the officials of the Y. M.
Capt. a m Larger, Q. M. U. s. Jewishl oes throughout theed Easn mtand American knows that heinust stand C. A. that they may form night classes Capt. Andrew C. Larsen, Q. M. U. eMiddle West. oo e t and take off his hat, when the Na- for those who wish to learn someR. (Personnel). Those who remain n camp will e tional Athem is played no matter thing that that tey want to learn, "The
Capt. Chas. Van Duren Q. M. U. S. Permitted to spend fartyiwo hours where ahe is. At each of the affairs I Star Spangled Banner." C. rders). In the city. This is by general order must say that I have seen many and I am,
Capt. Edward P. Doyle Q.. m e .fsromi Washington. For themn entertain- many men stand without opening their A TRUE ANIER(CAN.
R. (Correspondence). ment will be provided by the citizens mons, some kept their seats until

H.- Smth, akt. BMDiddlon, C.Apl.GU..Paser will be hvied in the tons left thr n aspsiga ullz
Capt. Jackson Middleton, Q. U. S. of Jacksonville. who will take so- told that they must stand up. when
transfers and Assignments). eral hundred of these men into their and wherever they heard the National TWO ENSIGNS KILLED.
Quartermaster homes for the first two evenings Athem played or sung, those who kept Pensacola, Fla., Mar. 25.-Two e
aJor J u eAssistantsre Q. a. Corps The most unique observance' at their mouths closed were no doubt bee
Capt. Charles B. Franks (Finance) Camp Johnston, and probably in this men who were never taught it or for- were reported to have e

at. Dnnins, u.E Milleeer (Sbiut- coutrknowbeatpartsto
ec country, will be at the detention camp. got it. and no doubt the same reason killed here today when hydroplanes
Capt. Dennis McSweeney (Subsist- The men in this cam are not permit- must apply to those who kept their in which they were making practice
Cat. Nels J. Thorud (Miscellaneous) ted to avail themselves of the asses, s e t oats o flights were said to have dropped into
ExcangbOu t eriohe b someclasb
Capt. John C. Christophel (Clothing) ua nal thmsn within the oundswas to an affairitPn e i E h rc in
Capt. Asa Irwin (C. & R.) of the camp until the 31st. For them a given by some of the boys of this the bay. Officers and men were sent in
S special service will be held on Wed- camil given in one of their mess halls search of the missing machines and apt. illiam Larner (Transpor- nesday evening. Food will be brought and there seen men I myself, was one men, but nothing had been heard from
SDivision Surgeon from Jacksonville. and the men will of them who could not sing the Na- them at a late hour tonight. Naval auLt.-Col. Joseph Y. Porter. Medical partake of their Passover feast in the tional Athem word for word when all thoritie declined to give out any inCarpt. Henrye to Js .id Rath ,n- Ct EB
were asked for to do the same, I formation concerning the accident. A~ssitants the first Passover. could like others sing parts of it.
Capt. Ralph H. Hewitt, Capt. James Special services in observance of the and not through and through. I then H.. Smith, Capt. B.D. Ridlon, Capt. G. Passover will be held in the two syn- et there and was passing a building E Henson, Lieut. John M. Elderdce, agogues in Jacksonville. occupied by colored waters, and was
Lieut. Anthony Gruessner. Lieut. Addl- astonished to hear the National Athem Members of the
son Rothrock, Lieut. Clarence S. sung by a Cuban negro. who I met
Kurtz. Lieut. Hacy L. Lerner. Lieut. sometime ago and he told me tat he MASONIC FRATERNITY
Erton E. Poyner, Lieut. Nathan Rosen- S was in this. country but five months Enlisted for Overseas Will Be
tha, Lieut J. L. Meeker. Lieut. H. St. and here he could si kn th a o n- orterest y W
C. Geiger, Lleit. J. H. leull. Lieut. J. aUR for word, that I sho' k a -i
T. Watkins. Lleut.E. L. Miller, Lieut. ly know parts. I
W. F. eating, Lieut J. L. Moe. T I I do not want to criticize anyone A RAN EXPEDITIONARY
Lieupt. P. Hollngsworth Lieut. G. nor do I want to hurt the feelings FORCES LODGE SERVICE
K. Lovett. Harris, Lie.t. a I of any one, but I for one would like
o o ce to hear of some class being formed CARD
can Oc e where they are about to teach th. Printed in ngls French, Itaian
Capt. Danes : Raymond. National Athem, just to know it by
S Mess Ofcer hear so when it is played I can stand and German.
C Lewis B.Massie p and sing it, and be roud to sing
Signol Offcer In a letter to the editor of Tren t ig For Particulars Address
S e without just moving my lips for
Lieut. John Tr. McAniff and Camp one of the soldier boy shame sa.
Ordnance Officer takes occasion to criticize many civil- It has been a number of years. since SERVICE PUBLISHING CO.,
Capt. Raymond C. Keeney. ians for their failure to showthe I attended school where I sting it and 1103 Granite Building,
Assistant. Lieut. Edgar F. Gates. proper respect for angled was taught it word for word and was
iseStar p ws teubst Nod for oun and old
Headquarters GuarLd Banner and at the same time suggests prout sing it as I would be today ROCHESTER,
Capt. William F. Rock. that in Camp some one take u the If I ew It as I sought to. We are o S
SuImacry Court
Capt. Patrick J. Gorman.
Receiving Division
Capt. Henry J. Rath. Capt. E. B. Snyder, Capt. S. J Ellis, Capt. S. W.
Shaffer. Capt. Al, Mc[ahon, Capt. J.
S. 'Walker. Capt. T. Kenney.
First Divisional Mlotor Supply Train
Commander, Capt E N C. Rogers.
Adjutant, Lieut. Russel S. Cunningham. ..
Supply officer, Lieut. Geo. M. Trons'rue.
uompany Commanders-Capt. Lewis
H. Green, Capt. Lewis H. Reese. Lieut.
Milton H. Shriver, Lieut. Philip E. Kid- C
der, Lieut. Thomas D. O'Brien, Lieut.
Frank R. Garner.
Eduatioal Director.
Capt. John C. Duncan.
Assistant Director. 73
ct Jhn ... Doth. od e eo. ..1 ... ..-t .....
Director of Corres-pondence Sebool.
Capt. Thomas J. 3rmney. .
e%_ o etor"... ]:.Instructors,- Capt. Samuel Goo
man apt.. James F Brennan- CaPt
n Hp.airer Ct Aftchiel G. Bullier..
johi Hanr "Cal Matthew
Capt. Arthur Brockman, Capt
LeFinance and Aecountlng_(SbortO.
Senior instructor Capt. JNi. CShe
instructors, 'Capt John -..ll
Capt John Doniohue, Capt. William H. .Roach p. ichael Cat obertG
* Michaeb '?tl J Butler.eCapti ""
S, F. 'E. Fuhrmann,CatR
Calhoun. at'""Finnice and A clnlg-Long). .
Senior Instructor, Capt. Frank E
parker. Parker.cto.8, C apt. Basil G. StierI
SI nstr c rCat Jae llCapt. Burton E. Griswold, Capt. A
gust Kittman. i"."tion
Admiluistrn1Ja meso.u.
Senior instrctor,-Capt. s
Greene. Berg, Capt.
instructors. Capt. Elinusn Berll, ti
-William Martin, Capt. Frank ornell,
apt. Robert C. Easton, Capt. Earnest
A. Rynolds Capt. Thomas Patterson.
Senior Iastructor, Capt. Oman Freeman. ta lced
Instructors, Capt. Norman IcLeod,
Cat. Charles B. Vickens, Capt. Archis,
Jenkins, N. Grey, Capt. I X
Peter Shemonsky, Capt. Wade Simon
ton. Supplies ou cdn't feel right uishout the
Senior instructor, Capt. walter L. "OU!,
InstructorS. Capt. Lemuel P. Betty. feel
Ca t Hu o Winter. Capt. Ephraim C.t Pillips Capt. Philip E. Cantlon. Capt. r _,asO
DaidGrv. Capt lialom C. Taylor.% K ind
DaihGoej,1 Car Arse.e ve
Tracl, anndlTractor course.
Senior Instructor, Capt. Jeremiah W.
O'ahne otor Car course. i uUM"ou a
Sn Io nttor, at rCapt.eJhn p. .itchel. There is no more refreshing, nutritious and palatablesu
Capt. John P. M itchell. I re ref.shi'g

Benonmer food than the "VELVET KIND" Ice cream.

fnagoffice Wvorkers'. SchooL efodta th 'V L
senior Instrctor, C It's the best food for young and old.
Brown. -,\

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The Jewitsh nm-en at Carlin Johnstsl_ V I-J ;
are preparing, to observe.the Ptedae Polayn which begin on Wed- "
ofe thed~i pa s the &Absolutely Pue Whfsmnd D lcos
neaday, M ar 27. The passe' iS the I COlnmemoanof -,t era .a
Children of Israel fro I ..i
bondage and slavery. For eIght dys they eat the unleavened bread as did
their ancestors, for It will be recalled
gypt te ha nt time to llow h e C e (1 M
E p thy n .....PurtyIce Cream & DairY Co.
bred to rise but baked it in its uP i-ty
Drad to it . 1h camps P r
leavened eoldit. In all theca

I DANCING LESSONS; 50c L"' "- :. .

By a Graduate Lady Teacher i
Iguarantee you to danc th e st,- "' "*'- isons.-. For full particulars,..Phone ,,', a : f :, ... ...,
......... ,._

P a e T R E N C H A N D C A MP.-- - -E American Gunners Win High Praise "Smeller" Is Latest
'EM!" From French For Barrage Work

Going into battle with a superior Experience has proved that unless
nu b r of G r a s, a c pt i nthe G erm an s a e a l to pr n a bi
the American Army, a graduate.o surprise they cannot hope for success
soted in their fiendish use of gas against
tembericanGrma, a gratan
West Point, turned to his men and American soldiers and almost every
u teconceivable precaution has been tak"Steady, boys; though they out " " en to prevent the Huns from taking
:we the Americans by surprise.
number us ten to oeecalik ..." "ii'..."_.'.
................... six r eight seconds' warning
words"the .811s15 __w in the trenches can
These the last words to _'_._ _. __-.._:.:_'__-_-_- Withsixc
pass his lips, for in a few hours he th.-r-inflictedtheir merican-made masks,
died from a woun superior to all others, and completely
bth stoihee AmerianAryofnullify the effects of the poisonous
With his final breath he voiced
the spirit of the Am erican Arm y of va Up ogsa a n t t e m r c n
today, of yesterday and forever. 3s f as against the Americans
The determination to win regard- ........ .. with the rank of "Smeller," men with
less of the odds is the foundation -:....-.. ... . ."'te
:.f American character i'i : ...:. O"'< acute olfactory nerves who can be dea pended upon to detect gas at a greater distance than others whose nOsME IN .... CAMP tr- ---" ""-- -- :. "( i ils are not quite so sensitive._wt
M EN IN ALL CAM S --.J These."Smellers" are armed with
STRRD-YVALOR OF klaxton horns, rattles or whistles and
BRT RE N A OVERSE A upon detecting gas sound an immelintaciveens ~ 1j~j~ij.1~ ......s reno quite- so snse.
".*f' A -7 '- diate warning with their noise-mak
of t h e ir *.".:.. . . .. . . l ug d e v ic e A S m e lle r is s e l c te d
Thrilled and inspired by the bril- from every platoon to patrolcthe
T hrn a c h e v. . n t s ht r e n c h e s o c c u p i ed h i s b rp a c u
already in the trenches, American sO, t.........s articula
fliers in all the training camps at The ethod of laying down a basrage and Its use illustrated in the above sketches. platoon. In addition to carrying a
-. Y ,, nin restles s get At the top the method first employed by the British and French i shown. A curtain o se- m .... u his arm, h o m e a r e e a g e r a n d r e t s t o f fir e w a s t h r o w n u p o n T r e n c h o c np ie d b y G e r m a n s w h i l e B r it i s h o r F r e h t r o op- o t.s e m a k i n g d e v i u n de h a "Over There" at the earliest possible crept observed from Trench 1. When the British or French soldiers had gotten near the "Smeller" must make a report moment. A year ago these same men o u h to Trench to attack it, the barrage was lifted and .he Germans were trapped mI every hour during the day or night
now champing a the bit were pur- _their dugouts and wiped out or routed. .. s eco n f. t ted by he Is on duty as to the direction of the it was dsco ered, oweer, that Germ O lW scn ieo -tec eid
s .in g t h e q u i e t *i b lk s o f c iv il lif e a n d se f ig e w e r ed u p es i st a n e u n tin T re n c h 2 T h e c e n te r s k e tc h w in d .
th e w ar to th em w as a thin g apart. A rsates th e me t h no use d th e n aehi nd Ae... .nh Boh thepar t in o n t tor
The behavior and fighting instincts Als c ben r upt ain Tren shl e nre ne
shwbThe menavioan khk wh...le on Threbottom sketch shows Allied troops at tacking Trenchl fo hem the Gransideahrvanc. o hes mae ofdihtn od.'
sown bs the men in kaakd wile o n once. which shows the direction of the
the offensive and under incessant fire Trench are Kept underacnstantshon-fwinsmaing Itl-s- .for thmd 0aw
te to i sthe The delicacy of b a k con- wind. W whenever the wind Is found
rm cannon and machine guns and Officers in the French arm nt n ccurately placing each shell favorable for the Hun to send gas
Mans have fired the blood and stirred tr are most nt itt le in advance of its predecessor toward the American trenches gas
the men in training to such a pitch siastic in their praise of the skills as to allow the infantry to go stead- Masks are placed at "alert" on the
that they are clamoring to get into shown by American gunners co-oper-I ily forwar If the shell fire is not chest so as tobe adjusted quickly.
the pl eid n by ating with French artillerymen in ket up ctinuously the advancing The American gas mask has won
The spleni q e s. laying down barrage. in ftry en would be sep.n and high commendation from the French
t ia This is the most delicate feature of shelled by the enemy. If the shells and British officers. It Is far more
won.orThe m the highet adireane modern e b not accurately Placed, they might effective than any used by our Allies,
t h e fo m th e -h ig h e st a d m ir t io n -~n w a r fa r e b u t th e A m e r ic a n a r e n o ~ h i f n r o C l l h u h m r i p e i v o
of French poilus fighting near em gunners acquitted themselves like wreak havoc among the infantry for- although more simple n construe, and the Warmest congratulations veterans and their work was most es making the charge. -. tion. The facepiece of the mask is!
from the French high command. favorably compared with that of the Although the barrage begins at a made of rubberized cotton fabric,;;
Every cable dispatch telling of Am- French gunners who have had more safe distance ahead of the advancing which is held in place by an elastic'
fro n z,- I v~t ... -xer hd-melsae inatry the. nube -, b- ad C elludoid or glass eyepiees
e r ic a n s p a r tic ip a tin g in. a n e n g a g e th a n th r e e y e a r s e x p e r in e n nr t h n u o f y a r d s b e b a n d e llu d o l o g l s ec ment contains superlative praise quo- Barrage or curtain of fire means a twen the on-rushing soldiers and the inserted in the fabric allow the solted from official French. communica continual h il of bursting shlls in bursting shells is steadily decreased lier to see. A canister filled with see-' tions. For more than three years.and v which no living creature can survive, until at times it is less than fifty ret Chemicals is carried in a small.
a half these communications have and which-serves as a screen for ad- yards. During recent weeks. French knapsack and connected with a flex-, paid condign tribute to the heroic dancing troops. Some Idea of he 1n- infantry has advanced upon German bible tube which goes into the soldier's
quate. drpig'n bl lr. egt rece ihtecraill Of fire Only mouth. A node clamp forces the so1lexploding 100 yrdste barraee has a separate tas k as terthegas-laden atmosphere
.ahead 'of the trench ccupied 'bymso-e signed to it, and the distance each The gas defense service of the
theerring tthe American- troopsdiers of the Allied armies. The com shell is to be fired, as well as the an- merican army is divided into three .. . . . . .. ... . c a n a r m y m a n d i i e hinthol th e I e l a h n ..
thied o cl 'communica s h. c- and to go over the top Is given and gle at which-it is to be aimed, is work branches: one foi furnishi masks
expressions as: "They 'the soldier rush the ed out before the operation begins. another for teaching their use an
gave proof of energy and morale be- meantime the gunners keep advanc- The inar ad e on a another fr general repairs and rer oar qu rai Of co r geT h o e -a In thara eantr advan.....on a schedule 3 e
"ey showed a ing the barrage nearer and-nearer tofigured out with -the gunners, placement of the canisters when the
-po the German trenches When the In- The American gunners' successful chemicals lose their strength. o'andam brav~uer";uTheir cour- antyhaS reached a spot near enough first attempt at laying down barrage geoscamwawage the uns, who have been convinced the French officers and Fifty French War Crosses were compelled to seek shelter in their gunners that the khaki-clad soldiers W weather Forecasters
awarded tq American heroes who dis- dugouts, the barrage is lifted from Will be able to handle this delicate ,
played unsurpassed valor and bravery the first German trench and concen- and important work by themselves. Heln to W n War
In repulsing eleven raids by Germans. trated on a second line of trenches to much sooner than was imagined they p t
The grim determination with which head off re-enforcements. could master its intricacies.
Americans fought against superior
numbers and expelled Germans who could master its ilayingea
had gained a temporary foothold in most important part in the operations
their sector left the French soldiers AT THE SIGN OF THE RED TRIANGLE along the French fighting line. Ohalmost speechless with amazement. servatlon-stations are located at short
TH REDral TRINGL gthe ng liheChanne
A dispat-h describing the repulsing of a want much on religion when I was back at home, to the Alps and frequent bulletins are
a raid contained this sentence: ""Almost entirely surrounded, the Am- And very little Gospel truth got underneath my dome, issued. The contents of these bulleericans did not dreim for an instant The church folks didn't miss me much when I went Overseas, tins Often determine the course of acof surrendering and their efforts to Ald the 'trousers u
extricate them wee so dr- wa'nt bagged none at the knees, wanders.
plaing the teney w ue"aing ds But when I hunted for a place to read the-news and write,- ed of changing conditions in temperas l in g e s n e m wi tis h o u t le a v in g a Bhur ite y m st b e t n o m
single prisoner in his hands." The A game to pass the time away, a bit of fux at night, ture, humidity and the velocity of the

thril ed th F ren h the raide s T h o firs I d dn't av ey uch t e R ewindsnleat, Idifferent atlevelst lalls, ofl o hichc routing of a raiding party of forty A/ll this and more I found at hand, just for asking, mine, arinsitdifere nt esitn the gunhic
Germans by one American soldier who Th' fir Sign. are considered in sighting the guns
inflicted severe losses on the raiders for distant targets. One morning, in
thrilled the French poilu as did the early days of the war, the EngAnd ead'wit a estkindof ood po Is, lish batteries were ordered to resume
the hold raids made by General Per-. I found the' chaps who run the place the best kind of good sports, ltrin batteae rane oeffev the aftershing's men on German t~enches. And ready, 'ith aword of cheer when we felt out of sorts, firing at a range effective the after
noon before. The elevation Of the
For when a .man at dead of night hands out a good hot drink W guns was not changed, but atmosARMED WITH "VERY LIGHT" And smiles, just like he wanted to, it makes a feller think. pheric conditions had varied, so instead of falling on the enemy, the

American officers sent out with re- Well, when we'd had that sort of thing in camp and up the line,
Land fter ark ae armd wit rock got o fet as f it as h in C~shallsp tealiedshllstlndedrnitieBritih enreches
connoitering parties into No Man's heel as if i was the sort of stuff for ,nine, I Winter operations are Planned, it
Land after dark are armed with rock-when et pistols.These weapons discharge And when oar dead and wounded chuns lay 'round like fallen trees freezing weather, which will make a cartridge whose bullet instead of A feller couldn't help sometimes but'get down on. his knees, the sodden roads hard enough to bear
bein led cosiss ofillminaivethe weight of the guns, may be ex.
powder. The bullets are called "very I haven't any quarrel with religion of that sort,
light" because when exploded they I o the ito th e n
rise high in the air and cast a bril- And I can fellership the man who thows him ef a sport, of air conditions up to a height of
liant glow, which is a signal to the And near as I-an nke it out, the old Y. M. C... 20,000 feet is vital,, and the old style
American and French gunners that na practicing the Christian Faith the right and proer way of gas attack depended on the directhe reconnoitering party has been at- tio. of the ind.ions a wao
tacked by superior numbers and a Its Founder was a C Introduced by Germans when the
barrage is needed for protection. Carpenter, His helpers fisher-men, inodu a b WinGe orns he Aes
TO TACHsmpE CRFTSCOMAl~nPeole ikedto ont andlisen o Hwind was blowing towards the Allies And common people liked to conse and listen to Him then, lines and recently used against AmerTO TEACH SIMPLE canFTS And if you're looking far Him now I have no question but ican troops.
Work of "reconstructing" wounded You'll find Him working so'Mewhere near the Red Triangle Hut. It is important to keep weather reouttensite es w betcarredr g ports from reaching the enemy. Once
at meri n odi ls twearrued n -D. E. F1. the London papers announced that air
at thea tnime otaf t stwu tho mge conditions for Zeppelins. promised
will be given medical treatment andThey neglected to add, how-he ie brh-oo-m-W REALIT .N .ever that elaborate plans were being
a same tim e tooma wTNEW COFFE POT made at home, so the big airships
m O t fthe 10,000,000 men subject American soldiers have found a met a hot reception on the raid whict brooms, scrub brushes floor mops, to Crj for military service under the new use for the "tin helmets" issued followed.
waste paper 'baskets and 'other sup- selective service act, only 5,870 failed to them. When their coffee gets cold lies used. in great quaij ties by the."to register on June 5. Most of these they pour It into the helmet and hold
Federalregistered later, It oND THIS PAPER HOME T,



miu ground Ias the best of them. He should be pleased with the work
u au tIs fast. a sure man on fly bils and andaipec iae the "rovement whih
Pirate O hit a good ma on grounders. He knows has. been made to beautify the reserve
g~ ame from A to Z and is a good t1.on camp. All such work not only dds,
. fighter. lie Is always in the *but it Inproves the Sanitary condition -Pr
game fighting and tie boysin the the camp end aids the health officers In
B ut W iin Through Err "" housla d Ibe a ai of t nwhg ad that ,il be The u t
cam hudP ru that Nick' is their work.

**0t' -andS~rg Iirte to beos boi of he I The ... .. ...good tatlibte engineer-hi
tteam. Fred is very popular, not.. ine piece of work will never be fully
h e pt ohis own company, but about appreciated, but th health of the men
Caton fanned: Mollwitz secured his camp and his gentlemanly conducthas Will now .be better taken care of and they Camp Team Puts Up a Very Credita& second hit and scored Smith. Ioll It always made a deep impression 0n will be abis to indulge in good outdoor
going to second on the throw in. those who know him. We can but r eherclorh is so esni tohi
ble Exhibition and Surprises -Carey out, Dailey to Harding. (Camp diet the best of success to him, bothctirblin Tih -od u ensigl srt pi
Johnston), Rehoi flew out to King; In the service and in his ball playing. an-i- the mosquito breeding swamp is a the Fans. Laloss t, Stumpf to Molwita; Al Nick halls from, Texas and is now a -thing of the Past and a field -worthy aniy
Woods..hit onethrough -third f vate in prov Ional fire company, college campus In the country adorns
_________ on-b aS eh knc. Harding advanced Al Not1heIl spot and gives a fine viewv towards
with a blow to left, but "Happy" was r the beautiful St. Johns river. The spot Is
Before a record- breaking crowd, the catight by a throw: from Smith to Basebl Schdul W !ow igh and dry duetogdenier
Camp Johnston Baseball team played JMollwtz, and the game was over. The tngon the Scel to 1 ge'ood e-h ithe Plttsburgh Pirates a close game box score follows'. B PotneTw eka th i Iucyad 'ililenbetem o
the latter part of the week, and lost PITTSBURGH AB R H PO A E B_e Pspnethd T W es doin ta hi w erble tie mciet o
by the score of 3 to 0. The game was Caton, ss ......... ..4 0 1 1 1 0 Ase indes t-oConnie Mabk and shower.w o o
a seven-inning affair. and w as the Mollwit, l ... 4 0 2 10 2 0 Hugo Bedeck o the two major Tie work is tise reult of the efforts of
forerunner Of another exhibition Carey f..........4 01. .0 league clubs no practicing in ack-Frank otoLieut Ocker and Private
which was to be played against Con1- Sten ie r.. ....... 0 sonvlle, th na Johnston baseball 'Jrs-i nor uet. Lieut. Ocke ishad
n.e Mack's Athletics. However, rain Cuthaw, b b 3TO 0 0 2 0 0 league will not be opened -until the c are of allwork dealing a it h engineerinterfered with the second game, and King, if.... 3 0 0 0 0 0 f s ek In April. The athletic di- l n Neet assisted. Frank Gorton
all bets were off after the second in- Stumpf, lb ........2 1 0 0 2 C rectors of -the league deem It but sered tie d-tcisof men, ta purehasnng oftet shchduled seen-inCam on-ig C so, ........1 0 0 0 2 0 re eight that this should be.doiue as the In- of the clay, trucks, drags, etc., and it
battle with Mack's Pets. Jacobs, p .. ... 0 1 0 0 2 0 managers of the Philadelphia and the is du h cornd e e
The first game was a very Pretty -Areher 0 0 0 0 0 Pittsburgh clubs are under a heavy three that tile -work h s gone along so
exhibition of the great American Hamilton, ^........ 0 0 0 0 1 0 expense during theirt taInn" s period snlo rehtr b
-gabe, and but for a few slips on -the --- -- -- --and theyr have been v-' kind in the To Ilc praise cannot be giv-en to

.t f infield, Joe Dailey might Totals.. ...........27 3 4 21 12 0 matter of entertain ng .e soldiers, as these men for their good work. It is the
haebn igho well as being so kind to play several hope of the divisional athletic director to
Cam Johnston lads. Considering that CA 0 A i games at cm p, the athletic- directors entaic e srtas al as.. os.ibl ad
tese men had not beentogethe before Hrorganf s...........3 0 0 u2 1 thought it best to postpone the carep oter th first frelI is completed, lie will
thi game, it Speaks wvell for the call- Whalen, ..... .... 0 1 4 1 1 schedule until after the departure of 'go to rk on tera au ane
ber of talent which is in Camp John- Nicholson, f. 1 2 0 0 the big fellos.t balifeld -Winhicln ,lil, be situated. within the
stone. It is true that: most of the men Rehor, C. 0 1 4 1 0 This cancellation gives the company track. It is his desire to have thee bali
were out *of practice for a few days, LaRoss, ift........... 3 0 0 2 0 0 1 teams a better opportunity to Schedule fields antr the tick close 'by, so tiat the
but the maoi'iti of them who played W oods, b .. 3 C 1 2 0 0 their geameds end the men will be able pemen ill the ..... n d matr
in the big gamne were not, owing to rg, lb ........... 0 2 8 0 1 ts th use of all bail fields any'l Ibe tagter moe n mtts
dutes. If sufficient practice can be M.illet,. .. .. 1 0 ichol- time therf wiyh bere centralll t ed
0e 0t0l0n0btim t hey wsish qAlra thereth It Is withe a t deal of pleasure that
hliis uiesrtht-the camp Brock: i-f ......0 0 0 0 0 0 1 several coril.-anv games scheduled and the mer who. had the constructing pat
team will compare favorably with any Dailey, -p....o..... .2 0 0 0 1 1 1with the Storekeepers and Checkers . -o t e.1 a n the- irhn hads. loo back
United States armly team in the co ffi amtting for supremacy, and the two .6I'ad apprlie e P...i a task It has been
try. Totals-...------- .. 4... 2. 0 r Ifraries kicking horns on Tues- Ito finish tle field, The cutting down -of
The breaks were against the soldier --Batted for Jacobs in sevenths. nie ldNc sonle great baseball I Scrub Pnies sn d tile moing of soil was a
boys, and several times there were op- Score byx Innings- will be played. *In ordet- to avoid con- very difficult task In Itself, when It is
portunites to score but the punch Pittsburgh.. ...... ..0020 1_3 ficts in scheduled ganes, the grounds considered that tere wei-e some mighty
wasrlacking, and the men ware Camp Johnston'-- .n ot o-should be secured ahead of time, so big fills. to 'be made In the swarep- land.
stranded on the sacks. The fielding of hit, Nichol- that tiere will be no hitch in the mat- Hoec tlhe task is partly done, tie bail
the camp team was of the highest or- son. Sacrifice hit, Stuipf. Stolen bases ter of playing games Consult Frank field 's oady and te men in charge cals
-der; while several slips -were made Smith.' Nicholson, First base on bails' I Gortois Or Lew Riess at the Y. M. C. Justis feel proud of their -work aisd the te weeecsbdutthehefc off Jacobs 2, Off Dailey 1. Hit by' A, administration bilding, phone 213. Wrexualdetth clsoldiesrs can acid with real delight; "a-eli
that the men lacked practice. The hit- Pitcher, Stengle. Struck out, by Ca le- It was thought possible that the nth oda fail e cn
ting was mild but Capt. Fred ichol- e t es inter-block games -would be a counter' A e
son nicked ouie fo three sacks, butennis and Lewis t attraction to the big leage te or on
was stranded on the' third cushion, and L and aen tem t t e of g e

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n reuath~ e tuk u n mr aetepivlg fuigth lr lc er than haven thshen ,!o th-rckld8 icr
Th H e ntiurte am Gu ay fin ba.... e- hAa PI 'h teni _'mite _ands eC l
ballbuJoe Daedeserves spocalth tenterso thennoitry claers. block teamswigt plae- til after is lomkeeamsthec nat Polhastnti thleti
Te ir team plth ae fine bannises Plyers, the Athletic and Pittsburgh cubs aabou d will be abu the-e on theo

mentionig for gae.t nnsih baller hnd et. a.. u, othm o riteimy uen rery esration an NJ lle seenou the nlen tin th
aello ft ae aile of m h istkid spei leave Jacksonville, They need all the, y wside

hit~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~l the seodblmicedf sn r e h o seur eest d dozn penieshtoe), can 'get. Johenaston- ileranthttseytopyi
Pitched, He held the Pittsburgh boys tennis and who wish toeplay the gae and every little bit helps, 'Besides, the eia u f a
to one less hit than the camp team havthe privilege of using te Flor- fbtock -imen can
ared he struck: out one morehatrth e to himseIti hst
---ea ter h Guardun---ays- ws chairman of the tennis oitae that h d a r re
Nicholson s ti'ee-bae knock and- the members of- the country club, The eLightweight a i -e is becondev g e popular
CRehor's. steady catching are also worth use of the grounds' has been granted of a she camin ca e seythe men ittin
mentioning. The game -by innings is the soldiers and it is upto them -to Private Jimmy Nugent formerly o- rton n es en the estn
-s foloso tkeos adnbtae of this -kind offer Lieutenant Nave's Carpenter Company the old inflated horsehide. This Is be
First Innine (Pittcsburgh) -Caton when they have the time. is considered the -most popular lght pl rin tse n aith game toay tie
hit the second -ball pitched for a sin- Mr. Berg -has secured -two- dozen weight boxer !in Camp-Johnston, Jim- cieS rheasonimtha ouit is e soplay, itd
t .Moliwit was handled by tennis rackets awhch he has sent to nie hails from the big city of lights

leto etrade N but a trw iet c h s or bing catwod o~ e on tha xo im number ofrt itn
"Rabbit" morgan, who took care of Lew Riess of the Y. ur. C. A. These cnd noises-ti h s for f eing- s eas to tle han thn ,berofin ll
his skyscraper Carey flew out to Al reakets have no strings but it i one of the noisy. kind. He is from on It as ywer thne an the "buer"
Woods, and Caton after trotting to- planned to distribute these rackets York city it is rue but Jim keeps that plae ao a
ward second base four times in at- when restrung so that the men can to himself.r It is his actions which As this is the principle that 'the athletic
tempted hit and run plays, was have the use of them, It is a great nakes him the well lited lad that le directors are striving-for, it can 'be justly
stranded on the initial sack fo Sten- favor that the country club is grant- is. He is. first of -all a fine type of called the new Amerian g oe gle it to Dailey. who threw him out Ing the soldiers and they surely ap- slr 'ald gentleman and h is a This game which was thought only
rspreate their kind thoughts. The wo rker. an indoor game is now -beconming -popular
(Camt Jofnsionrs-t.rgan fleww out rackets are but another expression of Private-Nugent las been detailed as eci day. In France the men use it more to max Carey Whalen skied to Sten- their thoughts for the khaki clad Assistant: to Lieutenant ocker In con-ta inrthis ctry fo th roh
gle, Nicholson pickled one on the boys and both of these favors are ex- strutting the field for the Camp and that they are limied in the matter of a o tr o a tree appreciated both by the the- so well has he. done his. work that playing space and as they cal play this
left stranded When Rehor -was thrown tic directors and the soldiers. Lieut. Ocker has nothing but words 01 genie on a sixty or thirty- footcoti
out, Stumpf to mollwitZ. If any one wishes any further advise commendation for-his assistant. He is I easy to -see why this s becoming so
Second Inning fplttsburgh)-Cut- regarding the playing of tennis, kind-- on the job the first thing in the moin- roular. Anotiier thing il its favor Is the Shaw flew out to Nick: Red Whalen ly call on Athletic Drector Lew Riess Ing and from then until the last bugle fact that It art be 'played almost any
at-the Y. M. C. A. headquarters and before supper he works as hard as he tioe it ls lary popular aboua dusk for ere of n 's grun: ean tose he will gladly give aiy information knows how. Witen he is called up hon to after the men h f eaten tieir supper r out at fsr(Camp rJohnstossLa possible. The only thing the country box, Jim is always there with a smile they greb the !ball and not and go to it Ross looked at three of them float by; Club desires of the soldiers is that they and a pleasant "yes", He loves to box with zest. Al Woods whiffed at- three, Harding wea' tennis shoes or some soft shoes and In all his bouts he has made them -Gen Pershing thinks so much of this secured a lit through Cutshaw but that have no heels and are rubber hot- all step lively to get the best of him, game that lie has cabled--for litte a few
wastosed ut ryig o mke stal oms -He does not go Into the boxing game nets and volley calls and the American waofssed omith tito msae a telt-n' to beat a man or knock him out, but Athletic instructors across -the big Pond
Tfisecrd, Inning to ttsbh- ti he Is In the game for the sport Of are 'volley ballizlng" tile army.groud ut to Hring Car ii the thing. As he expressed It,- "I If there are- any companies within 'the
kiouled Bo to Harding: Caton was li Wil l p ke the exercise" and that is the only calni that have not volley ball net and
hanled hou-bgah tho Har enga wast oa Captain Camp Team reason hat Jim boxes, outside of his ball near them, notify Lew Riess, Y. M
handldthroutegam hn n )e ileurda accommodating the boxing fans who like C. A. athletic director at headquarters
out to Smith: Dailey hit to Cutshaw, Fred Nicholson the popular guide to see him enter the roped arena. Jim- and lie will see -to it that yo
wo thew hai e outto fir: H ua rand tutor of the Block K team has, mie has never been in the professional plied. r s
flew tore C hsiw ou tfrs:Hra been appointed Captain of th Camp game for the simple reason that he has-flehw toe uta. a bigoss heamp aohn ... .....
Fourth Inningl (Pittsburgh) -Mol- Johnston baseball team This selec-a bigear and dent lik to b a
wstis to N are-c hit to center tion has met with the popular approv- man up. He is a true type of soldie 62 HerS BIG er c
foaonbase knock; Stengle was hit al of all the men and the team une and ver -op a ie Be wit 5 hLD s i T5.aCd
oc Daily ptgo on: arey his guidance should give a good at ou' Jimmie Nugent wa s rel y w rth
starte uto n e o fun n arugh count of itself. n engineering coin-any in Neavr York XET.
stofftedsack to Horgun wan cut Fred is now connected With the city and le helped build the great ac- I
of shfew outk tole L o (Crap John- Fireman's Company in Bloclt K. hai'- aqueduct for the big city. He knows his Flgt'ing& from a standpolitof Points Sha stnf len -it ao on them sohe- Ing finished his course ins the clerical business and he knows how to box 'thle chauffeurs were vi-clorlos scoring
-strings Wan wiashown out t st'e school, He Is now ready to do mo2,, an if he wanted to go to it and make 62 points. Butchers -No, 2 were second.
stinhosoend waked, w ou and ifer t; than his bit when called upon and is a living out, of the1 boxing game, ewt p oit.Cekr ih1 n
sicocon sakeads Jacobsere toe awaiting further orders from the high -could safely say that he would be wStorek5eepo ithekr wih8.n
sIollwitz; Wroods flew out to Stengo Catni sl r among the best, The work he le The events were as follows:
seon sack La s comad Fifty-yard dash: Witter, Zellers, ButchFolift Inning fle t t obugh)teon Cat Nicholson is a ball Player of done on the new athletic field 'will be it-addah ilr ele',Bth
Fifth Inning (Pittsburgh)-Tringl wide experience, He has seen service a pleasant memory to himself and to ers No. 1, six seconds; Pettit, chauffeurs gtartner KHrding ootind with the Charlotte club of the men in camp and when Jm goes (second); Smith, butchers, (third).
gorunder. Kinx was given credit for lina Association: and was with Kidacross he can be proud of the fa Kid ars he canhi beipo o f thde act we Ose
hit my some scorers, but it was an Elberfleld at Chattanooga in the that he did his bit on this side and we ndred-yard dash: Winner. Jeniunfortunate boot, which had to be southern Association. Last year ha feel sure that he will do more than sen, chauffeurs; time, 11.1; Smith,
....utchers, second; McCarthy, chauffeurs. charged against "Happy." Joe Dailey was with the Detroit Tigers of the his bit across the water, third.
picked up Stumpf's grounder, but made American League and Hughle Jen- Eight hundred and eighty-yard dash:
a wild peg to first. This put two men nings thought so much of his ability Camp Ball Diamond Lidelkay, chauffeurs, winner; -time, two
on who should have been easy outs. that he was l'Icked to make a regular mt Be Used minutes forty-seven and fourfifts
Smith was taken care of, Horgan to berth this coming season. However. Ready seconds; Masthsky, checkers, second;
Harding, King and Stumpf advancing Fred thought he could do his country Smith, chaufferus; third.
to third. respectively. Jacobs walked more good by being in the service The new camp baseball diamond which Two hundred and twenty.-yard dash: S.
filling the sacks. Caton hit to "Red" and enlisted in the quartermaster's has been 'bult under the direction of H. Anderson, storekeepers, winner: time. Whalen, who made a beautiful pick-- corps. Bobby Veach and Heilman feel Division.l Athletic Director Frank Gsr- twonty-six and one-tenth seconds; Petupj throwing King out at the plate. a little more at ease over their oal- ton is now reedy and will receive its tit, chauffeurs, second; 'Nabors, Butchers Mollwitz cracked one to center. scor- tion with the Detroit club, for Fred, christinlng today when the Philadelphia No. 2. third. ing Stumpf and Jacobs. Care ended no doubt would have made them "Athletics play against the camp team. Emergency car relay race: Winners,
the- inning by grounding to Whalen. step some to beat him out of a Job. This fine piece of engineering is the Chauffeuers; second, Butchers No
who tossed him out at first. (Camp He has also played with the Texas work of Ji.eut. Ocker and his assistant, 2; third, butchers. Johnston), Harding out, Jacobs to League and after Hughle- Jennings "Jimmie" Nugent. the popular ligntweight Four hundred and forty-ward dash:
Hollwitz; Miller walked. but was had given him the "double 0", Fred was boxer of the camp. Winner, Lieut. Cowles, Chauffeurs No.
caught asleep off the sack and was shipped to St. Paul In the. American The present field is ideally located and 1; time, sixty-five seconds: second,
run down. Cutshaw to mollwitz; Dailey Association and it was from .here he is a permanent fixture. It is out of the Lowenstein, Butchers X'o. 2; third, Cresfouled out to mollwitz. ended his tour of the leagues. A few direct building line of the future and Its sup, checkers.
Sixth Inning (Pittsburgh) -Horgan more and Nick would haveseen them selection was due to -Frank Gorton and Standing broad jump: Wheeler, ChaufJuggled Stengle's grounded, putting all. However, if he comes back, we Capt. Thomas Kenney, athletic officer of feurs, winner, 9 feet and 6 inches: Fair. hih on first. Cutshaw flied out to Al can rest assured that he will be some- the camp. When the proposition was flint Butchers, 9 feet, 41-2' inches; a-Mggard. Woods: King whiffed the balmy azone: where in the big show fbr President considered the location of the field gave -chauffeurs 9 feet 1 inch. Stumpf's high fly was taken'care of Navin, of the Tigers, thinks so much greet concern due to the fact that all Putting the shot: Patton, Checkers,
by "Swede" LaRoss. (Camp Johnston), of his ability that -he has written available spaces were either in. the way winner, thirty-four feet. one and o1eHorgan flew out to Caton: Whalen several nice letters to Fred expres. of contemplated building -programs or half inches; Hill, Chauffeurs, second: tried to knock Jacobs down and was sing the hope that he would be with wore In the drill grounds which the sol- Mahler, Butchers, third thrown out at first; Nicholson skied him after the big battle is won. diers have been using. The -present spot CRuning broad jump: Winner, Jensen,
out to Carey. From a scc-nd baseman to an out- was one which was very unsightly and Chauffeurs IS feet 2 inches; second, Fair.
Seventh Inninx (Plttsburgh) -Hard- fielder Is Nebolson's experIence, Its an eye sore, but due to the hard work on butchers: third, Iorris, Checkers.
lng booted Smith's grounder: Archer first started as an infielder, but vas the part of the aibo, mentioned men, the Football punt: Pavey, winer, 47 yards" batting for Jacobs, fanned at three of soon shifted to the *outer gardens on held is now a 'beautiful Playground and I Juter, checkers, 46; Eios, Butchers. 4. Joel's fast ones. Smith stole second, account of his hitting ability and his adds iuch to the attractiveness of thesnaking the first stolen base on Rehor; -graceful fielding. Ie cal cover as camp, The authorities In charge of 'the Additional Sports on Pag4 'Eight.


while at drill, close obedience .to
TRENCH and CAMP military laws and rules and no shirk- 0ctal Activities at "Y" Bu"t s for the Week
ing. The army is no place for a
slacker or shirker and every man1
Application for second class i.ll must realize and understand that on
privilege filed with postmaster at Jack- taon DATE No. 24or 1. Ne. 05~ or 2. No. 206 or 3.
son1ville, la. Jan. 12stmaster him depends the future of this coun-sovle l. a.1 11.try as well as -the preservation of, ... ""
Published by the 1'. N. C. X fbr the liberty, freedom, happiness and self-; WEDNESDAY r ebr, L Motion Pictures.
men in Camp Joulnston. government. The man who realizes Leitugh ; ot
these things will be the man who, THURSDAY :.Cncert, Concert by
Csmp Johnston, Jacksonville; Fla., will be heard from in France and the' Movies. 7 p. m. GoodnMusic. School Musical Arts
January 5, 1918, man who will nake the beat soldier. p G u
Never miss a drill when it Is prevent- FR1DAY Good 'Musical. -Movies 7 p. in. Dr..Lyon Speaks.
JOHN M. NELSON. 1 able, respect your officers, obey them.
to the letter, do not question their S
Suhiscrpton Rutes. authority or their orders and above! S-TURDAY Stunt Nlght. Stunt Night. MotionPictures.
Trench and Camp will be sent to any everything keep yourself physically Sunday School, p. n.
address upon payment of the following and mentally fit for duty. "Think vic-' :30, Sunday School, Sunday School, 9:30
sub on t eDr. Summers.
One story; speak victor, work victory, ISUNDAY Dr. *vic 0,19:30. Dr, Marsh, 1-:45.
subscripon t t s k 10:45, Dr. Martin, 10:45. Sect. Critchett,
Six Months................... I Sect Stevens, Sect Hall, 7 p. m. 7 p. m.
One Year............ 10-________ 7 .i, __________or ar GIVING STIMULANT MONDAY 7 p c.. s
For advertising rate write Editor, I Motion Picture Entertainment. Stunt Night.
Trench and Camp From the attitude of the men in. 7 p. m.
or i
Advertising. .Manager of the Florida Camp Johnston it is evident that the; TUESDAY. Concert Motloh Pictures Concert
Times-Union. Jacksonville, Fla. German drive has had a different effect on. the American soldier from!
Administration Building. what was expected. When the news! Remount-Thursday night Dr. Lyon will speak. Special music.
Camp Generai Secretary reached Camp Johnston an entirely, Detention Camp-Jewish services Friday, 7:15. Secretary Hall speaks SunDR. L. E. McNAIR. differentlspect seemed to settle 6ver, day afternoon 3.30.
Camp Educational Secretary the camp and men who a few days! Hospital Station-Thursday night services held by Dr. L. E. McNair.
J. B. Mahaffey. ago were laughing and joking and! Sunday night, 7:30, Lieut. Harris will speak.
Campi Physlial Director caring but little whether they stayed!
L. .RIESS. here or were sent to France have
Camp Business Secretary suddenly become arouse. On al
JN O. S. TALOR. will form opinions even before a bat' o'clock. Dr. Scarboough is a brilCamp Si SecRa sides can be heard expressions of un-, tle has begun in reality. Even now you Ilant speaker and one who always
Ca. oc ecetary rest and a desire to get over there' .ar forming and- expressing opinions ,carries a message that will reach the
camp Palu~ity Secretary aud Editor and become active in the service a t t ut e e of the bg; arts of his hearers He is a great."
Cm. .;Sctt drive and in this You-are making a big patriot and believes in urging the
JOHN o. NELSON. Men who have been listless have mistake. -Th headlines -always look imon of America to fight as real r'atWarehouse tager been seen. out on the drill field scary and 'from them -you-will get the riotic men. In his sermon at the DuALBERT S. WILSON. in their study rooms and elsewhere' conclusion that we are losing when! val theater last Sunday Dr. Scrr
I s nt tthe case. 'We may be fall- I borough carried the house by stormGENERAL BUILDING STAFFS. working harder than ever and aliUlegbknbutweaenoton ales whenohe said tht evene If t Gr
BuiJlng No. 204. ill ck ar osing Battles when he said, thatenifheGr
BuildingB Secretag N. J. -Dean with one determination, to do their are not won in a day or in a week It mans should pierce the British lines.
Buldn Ser atr wy take JnaDean
Religious Secretary J. Bunyan Stevens. bitand do it properly. Thedrive has! wil tkmany days and in fact sev- they would then face a line of real
Physca Sertay rn .ors oo tmln.oral weeks before t-he outcome can be Americans and' a. line htat had never
'sicl Sereta ,' rankG. Mrris bee a simultol d. Keep your head and trust* the rest' been broken, and, that would never be Social Secretary, George F. Thrall. TS truenof this camp is true the fighting forces. Don't jump at broken so tong as real Americans
Social Secretary, H. Iin g. Wfhathes te nth a hasty conclusion. 'lived His message to the soldier
Building No. 205. of all others. The entire American Mothers of America wil be glad to boys Thursday night will deal with
B liding Secretary, S. C. Brock. nation is now wide awake to the fact: know tbe message N. Picard is giving the present great world's crisis and a
Physical Secretary, J. S Brengl. that we are facing our test and every- Americans, in the name of the moth- large crowd Is expected to hear him.
Pscal Secetary, C. H. tne. .one ils of France, that they will welSla Secretary 'CH.oeStAnmeeri aone bs confident that our boys oaift I .. w collie ..a boys as if they w.e r
Social Secretary. Knox H. Broom. do so with honor. The American line their sons. He assures them that ev-
B u i N 2. S-- .. has never been known to bend and er possible -measure will be taken by n
Buldingl Secetary. Paul Phillips. France tile-French and Aierican governments ROOKIE -WRITES
Religious Secreta G. A. Critchett. It never will. England and geer, o take care of the boys to
Physical Secretary, C. H. MacDonald. have literally fought themselves out. -the fullest possible extent.
Social Secretar lurray E. Hill. Their men have exhausted their Cheerful Letter. A LETTER TO MA
Social Secretary, J. Paul Phillips.Healso temhrsfAeic
Building No. 210. strength and Germany realizes this. e calls en the mothers of erica -'
Bl li~o. ... *....v o^ ... ... .... towrite very often to their -boysBuilding Secretary, D. B. Eames. So strong is this realization that they not any kind of letters, but cheerful 1 Can p Johnstong. Fla, Ma'ch 24, 1918
Hospital Staion. are trying to make their heaviest and letters, and advises them not to send Deal a: ell Ma believe me thee
Secretary, David T. Morrison. hardest fight before our troops can money, every dollar of which repre- military rules.dent- suit yore boy at all
S" reach the scene. They did not ox- sets a dollar's worth of trouble to and If it hadn't been for them I would
reeish Boar forne Telfar Workotex the men in France. have nieftole'6of the prettiest girls you
. Reih nedi f lWelfeapresentative peet the stubborn resistance that has 'Keep on smiling," he repeats and ever saw but orders is orders and
S-,been given them by the forces under onte out that the men ofFrace-j when they e ame then we got tor d u
-S .olq~bs8 gls-Betdin Hag' nd ealzin tht i wa no orthe women of France -are able to go 'what they say or -else we will be soery
-9___ Colmbu aai~n~g 49Adraizn hti a o rhead In this Wiar, ready to go ahead for 'It; Now -You understand Stea tains
AssstntSerdtrls . H ci~7.JO-suh laghtr s- a qt4h b wllbnc ause. -that we -want to do it cause its just
chaplain- Rev. Father Tletesuccess and as it has notwhave to accept, they "keen on oe
Chaulain -e, tt.e -roven so they will soon:.rise up i ." when I saw oneupf In-frenesi s'ays Pic-a- a
thIf d e wl peace ring "We are rigt. says a Plcard, "and what ever I saw on. the other--side of.
thDeirAdemandsof .. peace. Realizing bdtn right we cannot be beaten. We the street and-Ma she looked at me and
MRCH 27, 1918. this the kaiser is fighting for his know that whatever the length of the smiled and Ma I just knew she was
SEDcNESDw, n. ,. H sees the en o his kny- w ar, Gr a isr1 Th question stuck on me cause thats the way all
Crown He sees the end of his do-n 'Hown-' is the war going to of them girls down to the big meeting
lsTh qusonis 'Are we the done when they saw me and you know
THE GERMAN DRIVE his worst before Uncle Sam's boys men, the women, the children,oing h at a bitime I had dwnt
ste in al w shoold'do In bringing victorious Well I creased on the same side of the
listep In. mate wa us as quickly as possible?' street that she was on-ut
The long heralded German drive No matter what the end may be Theree isno other way to wii this war. walking a little fast and I had a hard
on the opposing Allied armies has this drive has been the needed stlmu-i but to fight it. The harder we ftght: time catohun up with her. Finally I got begun and in the early part of the taut for our boys. It-has made them the shorter it will he." even with her and Just as I went to
attac s the repo tsere ei m to or d r mas met Cites F figures. say hello to her som e darn fool in a attacks the reports received seem toI more determined, more serious and V. Ploard gives encouraging figures, great big house by the side of the road indicate that they are proving suc- filled them with a new spirit and am-, as to the strewn th of the allies, Eng- begun to play the StarSpangled Band
r e owevr, b i land h.- 000, o}0mni e ryoe n ~n n~= ,.
cessful to a small degree. Ho bition They are now more eager lan, has l, of wi men in Francer The nor tdorgh thein had st andth
it would seem that the drive they than ever and when they do get start- o'the0c are itrain ng. vera 100,00e gom to th iun t and u t he are making is not worth the sacri- ed there will be no stopping them British women are employed in mun- girl didnt do nothing but walk right on
nd is small ution factories In France they have and turn round and laff at me. That ice, for the distance gaied issm l until the stars and Stripes float over I an arm of -49F, 1h so-2ma e m o a ha a n Ik o
and the number o, men they are Berlin and the kaiser joins in, Sing- rallied' ryo ,2,0Fec s t-,md es a hthdtIkoe
lng diers and behind these ;men are 500,000 better I would have run after her but
losing is appalling, even to their ing "My Country tis of thee, sweet French women making guns and shells. when that man quit playing she was l The French army disposes of 350.000 clean one and I ouldt do nothin but
most bitter enemf-sr They may con- land of liberty s shells, of different calibers daily. In cuss that feller.You know ?a we got
thne Allid linefor a time but soon I t914, at the outbreak of the War. the, to stop when they play the Star
the aerage number of shells fired each Spangled Banner, no matter what we

and then the real test Will come, day by the French was 14,000. are doin and so I lost my il that
nnathnteeatetUllIot. |e |Picard states the pleasing fact time but If ever I do Ketch up with Battles over there are not won in a lHll tha the n r of losses incurred, Jher she will have to pay for laffin at
can accomplished te isn thm i ssing an prsners in the French' ine that way. They done commenced
day but ai'mt 'have been reduced from five and to talk bot sending me to France Ma
can be accomplish,-d, so there e-i noII~ arMY| 'hav ........... redudr i... I don't know what to do ca....
everything to I~iiiI' '' INone-half men out of every hundred in 1anidIdo'knw hatoocus
nedfou r ade r and w evwil cmert outo U IU UI LIIthe first six months of the war, to one while I wants to go I don't want to
v ic rs a e l l c m ofa tL and one-etiSrter men out of every hun- take no chances on them Subermatri aaedI. a n the first six months of 1917. rlnes hut I will toil you more boot that
victorious. The Allies cannot i d n e s iist" admonishes /next weok cause I got to stop now
"Don't be a p,o ,-o comnJumin athat),coclsios s a.|'fN |:fH|IMPicard "It never do~es any good. cause mr. Y. 11.C. A. dn
Jumpng t haty onPIsiosAi At Pla'be the Sort Of anl optimist mncned to close his house.
fault with the American people and JEA -A. PICARD But don't "' evrOs any oots I cue. Yre SCoy.......
we are too apt to look 'at the head- 0 sits down anyth ng, 't's Use toreRhey,
lines of the papers and not read fur-1 come out all right. but say, it is go- I
ther, From these opinions are formed, Ing to turn out all right-because I'MO1OR S U uurnuwi
andrFrm these opinions are aythe T iges People of America Not to sn oln to make it so,'" sSUP COMPANY
and these opinions are Usually the ""am ,f rL U [

worst we can hold. We should not, Worry Ovel Big Drive. It is to every man. every wojudge too quickly but give ample Bi .1 nd all of the children, twents' .mnln
timteo o fornmatson ou __f ,.I urs a day to think victory HOLD S SPLENDID REIREAT
copeefraiI .k .itrt .ok" vitr andl
tspea vie Thahi the kind O
the defense and for the complete 'Think Victory, speak victory W for wor k fr vhot isn
course to be taken and in the end victory and pray victory and victor' optimism Which will win the war.
1 ilao to our armies." declaredI About Germniss. -n ofnthe most impressive and
everything will show that our army, Lieut. Jean A. Picard, of theells oFrehneogroht of Ger I beautifulidrlls ththasnbeensien at
authorities have taken the right army in his address to the men of R tb l of thnce Bsmarck's days, and J ton was the final battalion
course. CrreJhvnesrto last lyee ots onftbe of how his father, who fought in the retreat given by the First Regular DiHi d l bt be i dive th ery hs st te war of 1s70, felt that the victory tO vision Motor Supply Train last Friday
Howymnever, his drive s -hI b drie iat eel-man thermen te "W-many at that time was bound t evening on the parade grounds in front
an added stimulant to the soldiers, for it ml take days and days to teo d u by n or mke een Hoes Hou.T
'ivimatb th ia ucm ilb faybfollowedubyaefotormkd

he goes over He must be~~b ofpr~ay idn "s~ ~a e$ on d ,o~ao'"ivbd'hAl. Picar of s a the ssHusThias final apof America, and especially to those I a t the big u conquest later on. t he o iadI organizeon appeared on the feld led
w o. Pthe artset tordays was a lad, his fa r took bin, on hi, by t ep Johnston -band and with
com re.s i man that son evg eI cmpet diucra thepat twe dspatktn knees nd said:. "Little boy, you Wvll Capt h Norman C. Rogers as the offiwills here. havei e tb soldier, because your cer In charge and with each of the six
to the officers in M C. A. building a sbe beaten." j ones under command of their
thetrnch'N 1 riayaftrnon ndto-heme men and women of this gen-. o ff O1cre and the exhibition that
ready to take his place in e n of that section of the camp in the same theygave was one of the finest that
Every man must be at his best when building at .6:0 o'clock In the evening oat i te al ieds cn our kae hg e we-'aproperp
e oers ve He must e proerly' At 7:45 o'clock he addressed the meo ntt oaur bos o Pi ur, nes ha Ts bnges athe n r fis aphet ge mut t e panroelat Building No. i. and Saturdav evn- o y, sa our -ys Wt e r eard"an peere of hsdacisan t d id trained and instiled so that he can Ing he spoke to the men in Building oys o o o e thei i th a s o the am fa el
obey orders and do What is expected No 2. Th ageadtrim e e oew wa iwnttoel the,'oltparanceo ths ivirsin ateaepubny
filld -beoy d their capacity vet or a b e a hch they

War yres wil wa intrrute ty hu moh was supisn totoewor inse
of him. There must be no falter who apvlre eager to hoar what this ea Yeau w oil baletwr went ou errtheng pessd i croning, no lagging back because Of not wounded officer had to say end even p t.ter-y h ws uprising those inle its

n ~v ide houhte f peasue ad[ LeutPicad Sturdy nght urlikep~orecs annta s..yngle bitch being in condition oto seasoned. When the doers and windows were crowded er-wn a u t tf o mever the rad with clen
an~~~~~~~~~ ore sgvno h ateil OWith men, When he arose to speak the I -ocre omrtewr ftemn
anordr i g riven herefield en literall shook the rafters of the' noutniester Capt. Rogers and the other officers apmust be obeyed -and the man who is: building with their welcome and f-re- DR. 1. R. SCARBOROtUGH lp eared on horseback and they did credp repare d thobee il better mansad iuny durinthe oumrseaofhis ad- -eirit to -the officers of the camp as theIr
prpre o by0il0eth8a appnlause. th cors of hi TO S L IR wok was as perfect asl through they
whoha benbet taiedheeIt dress he -wa inerrupted by thunder- SE K TO SO DIR were only performing their daily rouIs the duty of every American soldier Formiang hasxty Conclusioas. tn n o sn ossisedo

-as did our people at the beginni of conducting a-rea revival in the city retreat that they had ever witnessed t shan to begin by learning to obey or- the var You will scan the head ns of Jacksonb. o reach at Y. e. and the impression thatsIt madeowillbe

ders, strict attendance and attentionand jump to a hasty conclusion. You 0C. A. No. 1, Thursday evening at 6:30 a lasting one with all spectators.,

IThe splendid degree teams fom i James Orma Brown, of Tulsa, Okla Paul DeLisle Mazyck, of Columbia, iFOURTi CLA S IN Florida Consistory, No. 2. conferred 1 Ralph Elton Barton. of Colfax. Ia. S. C.
I Leonard Hinkley Costello, of Hobart, Jean Jacob Oppenheini, of .'jorth the work in its usual high class form 0la. 'Manchester, Ind.
MASONRY FROM CAMP and the lessons were taught the men. Lieut. Charles Louis Carpenter. of Cant. Daniel Royal Raymond, of
_in a manner that they wil take them Denvor, Col. Jacksonville. Fia.
through the remainder of their lives. Capt. John Gilbert DeM-th, of At-1 Oscar Lee Snyder, of Martinsburg. Tuefort cas i ScttshRie a-The work of the eighteenth. twenty- lanta. Ga. I W. Va.
The fourth clTe fi dn S cottish wee. Capt. Charles Benton Franke, of Felix Simmons. of Madill, Okla.
Tor th hass en ottis e a first and thirty-first-degrees were ex- obert Ernest Steen, of. Florence,
sonry that has been organized at Cams emplifled before the members and Crawford. Neb.oIRobertgErnestlSteen, ofssFlorence. Jonston was given the beautiful an those' of the other degrees were cor- John B benjamin King Gammili L is.
impressive degrees of this order Sat- municated. The officers of the class Birmingham. Ala. Lieut. Lowell Hafner Tuttle, of Oal
urday and Sunday and twenty-three I elected were Cvpt. T. T. Long, presi- 'Byron Ray Gantt. of Alameda Ca. Park. Ill. officers and men from the camp and dent secretary Capt D R Raymond" Capt. John Hafner, of Mt. Pleasant, Lieut. Reginald Erbin Townsend. of
one man from the navy composed th treasurer, Capt. C. D. Franke; orator S.. C. Reimichali, Miss.
class. In honor of the lone representa- Capt J Can Joseph Jackson. of Orlando. Fla. I Felix Hannon Treadwayfl of Birtive of the navy the members of the J. G. DeMuth. Clement Ha on Wombi Apopka,
class voted to give the class the name The members of the class were: l osCa t. Thomas Theron Long of Hal-inmtgam Ala. of "The Army and Navy Class", and by Harold Martin Bucker, of Winthop. J e Clea.n Hatn Wf ri e naa
such It will be known In the future. Ga. o M Harry Rubin, of Washington, D..0.



Have You Seen the New Gillettes
Specially Designed for the Fighting Man?

THESE models were designed by members 'of the I Gillette Organization who have seen servIce with
E. the Colors and know what the soldier is up against
] Hundreds of officers and men are buying them-the
) ~ U. S. Service Set in metal case, and the new Khaki' covered sets for Uncle Sam's soldiers and officers.
The Gillette is the one razor for the man who is doing things-the one razor with world-wide use and reputation.
When a man wants new Blades he can get them at any Post Exchange or Y. M. C. A. Hut here in America or Overseas.
Our Paris Office carries stocks-is constantly supplying the American Expeditionary Forces, Gillette
-_- ?' .Safety Razors and Blades on sale everywhere in
Fiance, England, Italy and the Eastern battle fronts. . .

Only One Razor Measures Up

to The Soldier's Needs

THE first thing a man learns in the Service is the meaning of the word "Attention !"
Snap, precision-doing things on the jump-clean and right the first time.
Everything in his life brings him to the Gillette. There are more Gillettes in the
packs and pockets of Uncle Sam's Boys than of all other razors put together.

And this holds good for all the Allied Armies sunburned or wind-sore skin.
and Navies on all the battle fronts of Europe There's the simplicity of it. Its freedom from
and the East, from the first gun fired in the strops, hones, clutter and mess. The saving of
World War. time and motion. Blades always sharp, always
It's not alone the quality of the Gillette Shave ready. No strops or hones to clutter up the kit.
-the Gillette service whether the water is hot Everything a man needs for his shaving comor cold-the way it has solved thousands of plete in one compact little unit that tucks away
times every shaving problem that any man can in his kit or his pocket-and No Stropping, No
put up to it--its soothing, bracing effect on the Honing.



son, center field; Rehor, -catcher: La
CH UFEU S INvesny. first base; Brok rght feld;
urr flV 32,303, 304. 305 and 306, have organ- Connie's Pets Will Entertain the
ized a baseball league, and a regular
schedule of games will be played be- Soldier Boys.
tween these organizations. The league
has the sanction of the commanding
officer of the block, and the schedule C
Great Interest in Contest Shown By must carried out. However. if a Coe ck a he juv nedLieut. Lockhart and Men Plan Big
mst Is taken to town or leaves baseball club wil play the Camp John.
camp on legitimate business, the game ston team this afternoon at 2:30. This Things.
Men Under Capt. Ellis which would be cancelled as a result Is the first of a series of ames which
of this absence, will have to be played will be played between the Athletics
off within a reasonable time, If it i and the Pittsubrgh clubs on the resnot played off within a specified time, ervatioy Divisional Athletic Director
ot pIye of gihi n spcyie nihtietigefh
With the hearty cooperation of Capt. the game is forfeited to the other Gorton has arranged a schedule of I At the Monday night meeting of the
Ellis and his staff of lieutenants, team. g -h big leaguers and ev- Athletic Association of the Auxiliary ReAthletic Director Jack Brengle of "Y' Sergt. Sweeney has worked hard for ery Wednesday-there will be a game mount Station, plans for the systematic No. 2, pulled off a big track meet for this organization, and it is through on the reservation until the major organization of athletics was given carethe boys from E. Block last Saturday such men as him that Block E is gain- leaguers finish their training. This ful consideration and the committee in on the rifle range. There were fully ing such prominence in thletics. The w offset the Block League games charge of athletics plan to organize
100 soldier boys looking on and enthus- schedule for the week of March 21 is give the men a chance to get teams in all branches of sport. However,
iasm was high due to some companies as follows: a line on the two clubs before they they will specialize on a -few sports at
harm their own ja bands and tinl MondayM depart for "over there." the start as they are hard worked and
cars ia racket mazzkers The t Conda01 v 2 -B Connie has a new club, but it is not have very little time, but when the new
aomn- Co. 101 vs 100, Field I-A., at 1 m. to be laughed at. Give him. a fw daylight saving plan goes into effect they
as a great success and was due to the Co. 303 vs 104, Field I-A, at 3 : steady pitchers and he will make them hope to have more tie to devote to assistance of Captain Ellis, Command- Co. 305 vs 306, Field 3-A, at 1 p m. all go some to win. George Burns is sports. Ing Block E. and his able host 'of lteul- Tuesday, March 26tenants. Co. 301 vs 306, on Field 3-A, at 1 M. Just the man to take Stuffy McInnis' As Major Couch. commanding officer of
ten ansd Co. 301 vs 306. on Field 3-A, at 1 p. m place on the initial sack. "Red" Shan. the remount believes in athletics and
Company spirit was augmented by the Co. 302 vs 351, on Field 3-B, at-I p. m. non has the earmarks of a second Col- Liept. Lockhart is a devotee of the great manner in which the lieutenants backed Co. 304 vs 301, on Field 3-B, at 1 p in. lins and-if he holds up half as well in outdoors it is certain that the men from their men, while the company athletic Wednesday, March 27- hitting as he does in fielding, then, across the tracks will be hoard from
directors. Sergeants Sweney, -Hodgson, Co. 101 vs 304. on Field 3-A, at 8 p. n. there will be no calamity howling coon. Owing to their large building proNalan, -Patterson with the aid of the Co. 302 vs 305, on Field 3-A, at 1 P. Iin from Mr. Mack. Dugan, the Holy Cross gram and other work, the men have had acting block athletic chairman Sergeant Co. 303 vs 305, on Field 3-B, at 1 p. m. star on short, is a wonderful fielder little time, but it is hoped that they will Burns, saw to it that the men were Thursday. March 28- and his boss made the remark the have aniple opportunity to partake of
there ready to compete. Co. 101 vs 301, on Field 1-A, at 3 p. m. other day that he was the most fin- sports *o the future.
Great excitement prevailed throughout Co. 3012 vs 305. on Field 3-A, at 1 P. M. ished fielder that he has seen in years. Righ'row the athletic -committee deem the meet as some spectacular events Co. 304 vs 306, on Field 3-B, at 1 P. I. This is s9ayin a heap, for Connie h-, ihioLs to devote their time to volley were pulled off.eThe newlyformer chauf- Friday March 29- seen quite a few of them in his day.. ball and baseball. This week they will
fers company proved the "dark horses' Co. 30l vs 305, on Field 3-B, at 1 p. m. At. third is Larry Gardner. who comes ended -v-r to lay out a volley bail court and they outclassed all other organiza- Co. 302 vs 304, on Field 3-A, at 3 P. m. from the Red Sox. This lad looks r rd a ball dianiond. When thess two play lions wltlJn';the block. Through the of- Co. 301 vs 306. on Field 3-A, at 1 p. m. mighty sweet on this corner of the fAcds are prepared games between the
forts...of..WifieeserreandepJensenmetheytwemanforts of scoeler ard Jensen they mn- field and it might be well to say here different organizations will be played and
gfers 62 points. The battle for second ftTORE E tin the Chana- that h1 e is the best third baseman that before tlean a schedule wil be worked
ple as 2pinteresting. It wa fough en 'Mac has had in years. Baker was a ~ gashdl ilb wre
placeEKEEPERSA HECKE ha but Frank would trot st so 'every organization within tile
teen two Butchers units and Unit ' ake orf his a o Larry in fl- station will be included. There are four
w to toutake offohis hatoto different organizations in this division
1 managed to squeeze through by one Ing, for he can whip them across from th
point margin, scoring 25 points, while e any position, The outfield is as good, if the remount, the field remount quadrons,
Unit No. !I scored 2. The Checkers anid L AGAIN not better, than last year. Jaieson the won companies and the pack rai
Storekeepers -vere somewhat handicap- from Washington, good old "Rube" tram these four divisions, should be
ped due to the fact that they had -iany during coming from the farm In bet- fo nd sore very fine athletic talent. 'The
transfers of men during the week, but erm ealth than he has bee in years ben are all ilmeresied in the different
they were game enough to aid in the Another unsuccessful attempt to win a anhaute tnte to bee i his, trancheo of sport nd en Saturday it is an u it cotne to be wit ..... o,.q,, lde lanned to have a 'baseball game asa
big event and helped make it a success. game of baseball from the Checkers was boss again; Clarence "Tilly" Walke- for n -haer of o e b games. Lieut. LockThe officials for the meet were Lieuts. made by the Storekeepers Friday after- fso sSimsons, Griffin, Towns and Reiser, the noon. Both teams entered the 'field of cured from Boston, give a corking out- hart 'wishes all nen who are interested latter acting as starter part of tle time. operations at 3 p. in., ably assisted by field, if these men can hit, look-out for la sport to advise him, and he will ensuoceeding Private Gold. Captain Ellis a jazz band and a crowd of loyal sup- this sot of outergardeners. deavor to work out with his committee.
lieutenants porters. Competition was heightened -by IIanager Mack remarked the other some systematic organization for the
Kelleher and Sapp were in charge of the i the presence of the commanding officers day t he has the best lookingatteam phtyng of all branches of sport. field events. Lieutenant McCourt was the of both companies, Lieut. Griffin of the that he has had since 1914. He is she Private E. J. Riley was appointed boxofficial announcer, Lieutenant Whnberg Checkers and Lieut. Fotshheimer of the on pitchers, but if he gets some aid ing instructor and he will first of all
I o to Iwork nut Aihaortnietahn
wAs official recorder and Promoter Storekeepers. Lieut. Griffin is there, from the twirlers he is not going with about ten men, teaching
Brengle from "" No. 9, was official when It comes to getting support out of linger long in the subway. We are them h s style of hosing and these men timer, his rioters. pulling for the popular Connie and we will in turn instruct other men, so that
The Checkers succeeded -in repulsing wish him the best of luck in the world, within a reasonable time all men in the their opponents after a hard fought except in the game this afternoon and remount will be taught something of the battle of. three hours, the Storekeepers whenever we play them. a nly art. Boxing will not bo given much
"HANK" GOW Y HELPS reiring In good order. Passes to the The soldier boys will have an op- time later, but Private Riley will encity will not be asked for b the Store- opportunity to see the Athletics in wh at deanr to have his assistants ready so TAKEagua BRENCHES keepers in the near future. as the walk- will in all probability be their regu-that wl'ss the athletic committee wishes ain distance is too great. The Checkers lar lineup for the season and Manager to put on a big boxing program, thee tae this means of extending to the Mack promises to use all of his regu- men will be -ready to assist. Storekepers their heartfelt sympathy lars against the camp team. The line- The athletic committee of the remouint' and hope that they will be Daid soion and up as given out by him indicates that station is made up -0f tpe followingr mhen: .
play them some more balh The casual- he will do so and all of the stars are Libut'""aThes IF. Lckhart, -general mTan-t-iHrry ("Hank") Gowdy, former ties of the day amounted to ten rune there. ager of sports, Private F. S. -Hgan,"catcher of the Boston National League for the Checkers and four for the Store- Capt. Nicholson late last night had resident; Private E. J. -Riley, vice presibaseball team, and the -Bve world keepers not, selected all of his men, as he was dent; Private A. -. Schroeder, secretary,
series of 1914 when the Braes won en must be made of the battery uncertain as to whether he would and Private Fred Prewitt, treasurer.
four straight games. today. s of the Checkers, Hodgson behind the bat start Dailey, Siple or Morgan against
of another type. major and Lefkovitz on the mound. and their the big league boys. Dailey will urob- Thrive by Thrift!
Gow-dy 'who was the first n worthy swatters. Morris and -Mahan, ably receive the call if his arm is in Buy War-Savings Stamps.
league baseball player to enlist in the who are right there with the goods. good condition, but if not, then either
service of the United States govern Burns and Geary of the Storekeepers Siple or Morgan will open. Martin will merit to fight the Hurts. has had i played good ball. be held in reserve to be used if. the Athletics in Zone Number. 2.
baptism of fire on the French front Following is the lineup of the two occasion demands, but If either of the and he proved as capable under the teams: three first mentioned should be going Due to the unsettled conditions resultboar o f the Gern guns a Checkers-ileDonald. third base; Hodg. good there 'will be no need for re- ing from so many men being moved, It
A news cable containing informa- son, catcher; Mahan, center field; -Morris lief.
"on cnering ca e cent n Inr b first base; Lefkovitz, pitcher: Gumprecht Another problem facing Capt. Nick has been impossible to work on anything +'on concering the recent edaid by shortstop; Loftus, left field: Jeppson and Directors Gorton and Riess is who Zlke a -systematic schedule. Howaperico troops which resulted in the right field; Keltz, second base. to play on first. Three men have been ever, Zone Ndmmer 2 has not
capture of German trenches on the Storekeepers-Geary, shortstop; Burns working out there and each appears beet idle. Under Physical DiLuneville front, says a former famous first base; Daly right field; Gasklil, left to be able to fill the bill in approved rector Jack Brengle, events that could American baseball catcher was among field; Caroline, catcher: Consavage style. Harding, Vovesny and LanD have be held under the circumstances has the United States raiders. The party 1 a h paeo e
th nited SOhio troops. Gowy en- -catcher; Crookshank, pitcher; Donnelly all shown unusual ability and ft Will taken the piece of regular schedules. consisted of second base; Suggs. third base; Branch' be the last moment before the selee- Block E held ;ts 'big field day Saturday
listed with an Ohio regiment, center field. tion is made. morning. This was featured by the spec.
ler wre caed fr foman ong the Struck out: By Leficovitz 12. by Crook- The two teams will line up in the tacular debut of the newly formed Ohio contingent. So many granted to shank 5. Hits: Off Lefkovitz 1. off Crook- following batting order: chauffeurs company int the realm of
o "oet top" tha wanees- ts Athletics-Jameison, right field: camp athletics. The Fire House Quoit
r shank 10 Umpire, Yong of ePnttneurgh opp, left field; Gardner, third base, League is still in existence, with the
coGmBurns first base; Walker. center field: Fire House Number Three vs Ordinance
aand Gowdy was among Dogn, short stop; Shannon, second game still hanging fire.
he d a base; Cady, MeAvoy, Perkins, catch- The feature of the weeks 'baseball was
bThe deals of the raid are faml-ar ers; Meyers, Grigg and Fay, pitch- the checkEr-storekeeper game played last
to newspaper readers. In broad day- ers. Friday atterneon. tn this event garbage
light the Americans entered the Ger- There was a young man called the Camp Johnston-Horgan, short stop can Jazz weas Introduced into the bleachman trenches from which they were "Grizzly Bear" 'halen, second base; Nicholson. center ers.
forced to withdraw later by the en- He was slim of build and had yellow field; Reher, catcher; LaRoss, left Among the events for the coming week
emy barrage, but they returned to hair. field; Harding, Lang or Vovesny. first 's the field day Saturday morning on the
their task and captured nearly two He came to Camp Johnston without a base; Woods, second base; Meyers or citle rang 'between units one and two miles of front line positions from the care. Flint, right field ;Dailey, Siple, Mor- of rho outchers. This promises to be both
Huns and retained them. But Mike Snyder showed him he wasn't gan or 'Martin, pitcher. spectacular and record breaking as the
Gowdy's enlistment in the Ohio Na- there. units Interested are old rivals for athtional Guard as a private set an et- letic honors. Second to none is the meet
ample for baseball players throughout The bout was six rounds but it lasted Rain Halts Game With to be held 'Saturday afternoon between
the country and many of them follow- but two. tie chauffeurs winners of blo- k E meet,
ed his footsteps, the Boston and De- -Mfike swung his left and the grizzling Mack's Athletics in Second. ,d workers five, winners of block
andl lefit ander thee grinners of3 meet.
troit Americans sending large quotas was through. F3 meet. Both are confident of victory
into the service. He could turn Flp Flops and make a big The fgame between the Camp Johnston and have assured themselves that the
For five years Gowdy was the catch- bluff. base team and Connie Mack's trophy cup is already their own.
Ing bulwark of the Boston Braves and But to knock out Mike Snyder he hadn't Athletics was called at the end of the Within doors shuffle board and 101 his conscientious and expert work be- the stuff. second inning due to Jupe Pluvius but- continue to hold sway. There has been
hind the bat marked him as a leader il.' ting in and spoiling what was to be the soeie dis.ute 'between Y. M. C. A. secrein his chosen profession. In the world Early in the bout it was easily seen, second game of a doubleheader played tary Mahaffey and camp pastor, Dr. series of 19-14 Gowdy caught all the That the "Grizzly Bear" wouldn't fight in South Jacksonville the last of the Summers, as to -who is the -best shuffle games for his team and. was the bat.. clean. week. board ,player and'Dr. Summers seem to
ting hero of the series. He is more So he got what he needed, but not near The game started with the big have the 'better of the dispute.
than six feet tall and weighs close to -enough. leaguers batting first. In the first inning
190 pounds. He sacrificed a salary Of j And he found that 'Mike Snyder was Jamieson, for the Athletics, secured a Serve and Save.
$6,000 a year to defend his country. pretty damn tough. one-base knock but was left stranded Buy War-Savings Stamps!
IIII. on the initial sack. Oldring flew out to
I could make this muc longer, hut -it's Nicholson; Gardner flew out to Brock,
time for retreat. who made a sensational catch out of
F ORt THE WELTERWEIGHT That's a thing In the army you- cannot misjudged fly; Burns flew out to "Reda Medicos PlayExciting Game.
beat. Whalen. In the last part of the first
amPaNmglun AMPI tried it once and Oh! Hully Gee. Horgan-was out, weary to Burns; Wrhal- In the opening game of the, series beOur Lieutenant gave me one weak of en fouled out to Perkins; Nicholson tween the three camp infirmaries InfirmO -I I struck out. cry No. 1 defeated Infirmary No. 3 in a
-Ralph S. Hurd. Ihi the second inning the "A's" started close game on Monday by score of 9-S. _ -- their heavy artillery to work. Walker The fame was full of thrills and hugely
Joe GornLaO boxing Promoter for the hit one on the trade mark between La. enjoyed by the fans for the doctors and
camp hasnat.Lched all Cre S he Ross and Nicholson for two sacks, fast embryo does played as if their life decamp, has matilery Charley Sheppard tfeldin holding him on second. Dugan ended on the game. This is the forerunof the coast r te many to firuArLaI uHAIRMAN struck out; hannon secured ners of other games to 'be played between
cmpaenydonTf the student aookt Lg blow and scored "Tilly" W11alker with the camp infirmaries and the series
company on Thursday night at the K. the first run of the fracas. Perkins "was promise to be full of keep Interest.
of C. The bout will be for six rounds "out, Woods tae Heft was the star of the game. Be.
to a decision. JToe has -secured one ofI outWod to Vovesmsy; Geary" after -Hfewstesa ftegis e
thei e layers to refere the Wllia F Cavanagh o Blo L having three and two on him, knocked sides -pitching a good game, he drove in
the big league ballplyr to refere th la m F. Cvn agh Of Bok onL o h field scoring Shannon, tlhrne men with his home run In the
bout and the fistic fans can rest assured i has been recently appointed block ath- Geary going fted on hanon, the men awillsahisahome n he that this will be "some" event,. letic director by Capt. Kenny. .In Cay- Jamyiesn to second on the thrown-in, eighth imnlng and practically ended 'sostilJamieson secured another hit for the itles. This drive tied up the fracas and
-Sheppard is one of the best ex-light- anagh he has a man who Is awake to "A's," scoring Shannon, Geary 'was in the ninth, Capt. Hewitt came through weights from the'Big City and has much the conditions and needs of his block, forced out on Rube Oldring's hit to Hor- with a double after one man had walked experience in the boxing came. Mike and is Jumping Into his new work gan. For the Soldiers, Rehor fanned; and put the game on ice. Solomon was
Snyder hails from Chicago and is con- with vim, which will spell success foe La Ross secured a one-base knock; the star for Infirmery No. 3, both in the sidered the best welterwight in camp. the athletic activities in Block I. Woods flew out to Shannon and Voves. field and at the 'bat. He was in the game The bouts will start at 7:30 and Joe He proposes to render a daily report ny flew to Walker. Score, 2-0, end of every minute and put up a fine article of
has promised to have several other in- to the zone athletic director, which second inning. ball. The score by innings:
teresting bouts on the card. Including Iwill cover all competitive games, such The line-up: Athletics: Jamieson, right RH4
such fighters as Jinsosle Nugent, Phil as baseball, playground ball, volley field; Oldring, left field; Gardner third Infirmary No. 1. ..... 110 200 041-9 7 5 Donovan, Victor Lawson and others, ball. Through this n0edlum a complete base; Burns, first base; Walker, center Infirmary 'No. ..... 22 200 000-8 5 9
-. record can be kept of all inter-coin- field; Dugan, shortshort; Shannon, Patterlec--Infirmary No. 1, Hefte and
Spend hut Stead Wisely, panv contests which vill be used second base; Perkins, catcher; Geary, La Chance. Infirmary No. 3, "ragnon,
Save, and Save Earnestly! weekly for publication In the.Trench pitcher. Aros -and Solomon. Umpires, Godfrey
Brry"7ai'-Savings Stamps," and Camp.-----------------. '-_ Camp Johnstmn: "-brgan. shortstop: and- Mot';:-. ..----rria-e


FLse AND nA3EALL worthy of the Russian Major League OR R As, would suffer more than thi.
ANU UAtUALL Clu'bs. OFFICE WORKERS HAVE oounntiokers .. from1l a surGerman ." vtc:,ory--a ..tll
nA This is but the first of a series ofo German p,.ace.
g.n(.s between the baracks and more EAELL What the Germans mean by a
C hibitions will be given in the future. BIG FAR DANCE peace," a "German peace," aS
|| | It rs toutt that Jess Willard will hire r 'etly expressed by Gen. von LieG DONATED TO M thc -perfoimers for his circus. The cas- bert, a leading Prussian conservative.
ualties ran high; one dislocated collar For us there is but one principle to
bone, ,no twisted rib, several bad ankles Saturday evening, March 23, is a night be followed, and w_ recognize no othand numerous bruised (butter) fingers, that will long be remembered by a great er. We hold that might Is right. We J, T. M'Coy of Philadelphia Aids cl as three umpires, many boys in Camp Johnston, and es- must know neither sentiment, humanpcially by the men of Office Vorkers' ity, consideration, nor compassion. We
-ECompanies 1, 2 and 3 for the great and must have Belgium and the North of flflfl r~lI sufficient reason that It was the climax France. France must he made to pay
WR SAVING SOCIETY of their preparations for the dance that until she is bled white.. We must have
woule probably for the last time bring a strong peace.
them together.. For two months or more Mr. Gompers spoke well for Am.e.they have worked hard, studying the In- can labor when he said: J. T. McCoy of Philadelphia made a triest details -and requirements of "The republic of the United States
handsCamp quartermaster work, and drilling In the is not perfect, it has the impe'fecJohnston this week when he presented- exacting formations Uncle Sam pre- tions of the human-but is the best
a large American fIag to the camp scribes for the physical construction of country on the face of the earth. and
to be used on a pole that will be Thirty war savings stamp represent" his soldiers. War is just what Sherman those who do not love it enough to
erected on the new basebll field. In ties met at Building No. 38, Block E, described it, and sometimes we wonder work for it to fight for It, to die for addition to the flag, he presented the Monday night, to discuss plans for car- from the reports we receive of the it. are not worthy of the privilege of
camp with $500 worth of athlic at, to dics conflfIt, arv no
goods adthis0 w trn o r t ying on t e sale of thrift stamps and mighty grimness of this -great conflict living In It.
tDirectorFrank ortufor use among I war savings stamps In this camp. A what Serman hight have called it If he ."I say to the kaiser. I say to the director n Gorton I great many changes in the personnel of bad lived today, but under the circum- Germans, in the name of the -American
tm. cthe committee had taken pacwe so It was stances ve must take the word of oth- labor movement: You can't talk peace Mr. McCoy has a son in Camp John- necessary to reorganize. it was unani- ers and prepare accordingly. This task with the Ameriean workers; you can't
Stan and some time ago he visited him re
here. Needing the son very badly to mously voted that a society called the of preparations been. ours for some talk peace with us; you can't talk to help him straighten up some business '-amp -hnston War Savings Society three months,we entered Camp Johnston us at al now. Either you smash your matters, he secured a two weeks' fur- should be formed. Private Earl C. and formed Into three organizations that kaiser autocracy or we will smash it
lough for him and as an expression of Young of Officer Workers' Company No. with one exception aie the pioneers of
his appreciation he asked Capt Spat- 7was elected president and Private Jos- the post. The woikingmen of America have
gler to suggest some way In which he eP I. Pltchford of Supply Company No. Our personnel is represented in men tremendous interest to serve, a vital could help the men of the camp. Capt. 310, was made secretary. Each war say- from me suny clime of Hawaii, from cause to defend, a work of surpassing Spengler, knowing the need for athi ings stamp representative is a member the sand swept prairie lands of Texas, importance to accomplish. What is
letic goods, suggested this and when of the society, from the barren coasts of aine and vital to them is vital to America and
the Philadeelphia Athletics arrived in Re~ports showed that the interest in from the fieecy glacier lands of Alaska t the world. That they see their duty Jacksonville for spring practice Mr. rm stamps and war savings stamps and the days surrounding Christmas ana and the great mass of them -are perMcCoy came with them. After his ar- continues to fold and the convenient the holidays were lonesome and long and forming it with unimpeachable loyalrival he asked Connie Mack to Pur' way that the men may obtain them is brought out in all of Vs the spirit that ty is a cause for congratulation t the
chase him $20 worth of athletic appreciated by the repeated investments. is paramount in the characteristic Amer- nation and to the world.
plies. This the leader of the Athletic.s Many men who say they have not saved lean. We were then as we are now many did, but 11r. McCoy was not satisfiled before in their lives a single dollar miles away from the ties that bind us to
with the pile so he ordered'it dou- Proudly show their war savings stamp home, nd we know. and abprecate the BIG EVENING GIVEN
bled He the presented the flag for Certificates often with four or five efforts expended by our friends of Jackthe -athletic field and it will fly frona spaces filled. All this not done sonville who have so loyally made the
its mast for the lrt.tme this afto" entirely because of selfish reasons but days spent In their midst as happy as FOR REMOUNT BOYS
noon. : the fact that it helps Uncle Sam a lit- they have been.
This action on 'Mr. McCoy's part is tie more. The work for most of us here is comone of the most generous that -has 'Each representative carries around hi4 plete and the call for transfer "over
been shown to the soldiers and he supply of these stamps to the different there" is but a matter of days, but never
could not have given anything tha barracks where his company is located will we forget the occasion of our "fan- The boys of the Remont Depot enwas more welcome than the baseball and explains to the men individually Iy reunion" of Saturday night -when we
outfit, as it will furnish aseme t this safe and convenient way to lay were so royally entertained through the ioyed one of the best piogiams that ha and -leasre for a large number -of aside a few dollars for after the war medium of the dance. Tireless prepara- been given in Camp Friday night W.'11
men. The sincere thanks of the men This work that these men are doing is tons were made by the Committee on
of Camp Johnston are tendered to Mr of inestimable value both the men and arrangements, and through the coopera- a number of ladies and gentlemen fro;"
McCoy. the camp. ion of the women's auxiliary entertain- the Springfield Presbyterian church
+ At the meeting last evening it was tnt committee, Jacksonville ommision Jacksonville gave an entertainment ac
voted unanimously to make Thursday, o training camp activities nothing was the Y. M. C. A. tent. This program wa3 BR:EN'G:LE INTR0:DOES March 23, thrift day in Camp Johnston. left undone to make the night a memorA NEW GAME. Thrift day in 'February was very suc- able event. We thank the ladies who one that' was thoroughly enjoyed by al
cest A and it meant a great deal more worked so zealously with us in the plans of the boys and each number was r:Jack Brengle, athletic director at t ien than the mere- savin of for the occasion and who were able to
M. C. A. -No. 2, has introduced a t money. With every man in camp Sack be there and we thank those ladies i ar and tid
indoor game to the soldiers. It Is called of the movement t is hoped-a fine re- also who assisted' us and who weren't the large crowd that fied the buildin.4 "101 and is simple, yet gives the port may be given. there, and we thank the daughters of and crowded all around the outside ol
satisfan needie t n ies e The following men attended the meet- our good people in Jacksonville who I the tent
satisfaction needed th make E sulta- lng last evening and organized the Cam] danced with us and made us feel truly na e of pie
ble indoor pastime. Tihe game is ar- Johnston War Savings Society. happy once again. The meanting of the! The program rey 'wasi of painranged on a backboard on which are Private Don 'Blair, Office -'Workers' words "I thank you," is of universal ty of variety consisting of readings,
Placed hooks. These hooks are num.- Company No. 7; Sergeant Walter -Haynes, scope, it expresses in part What we want tols, bintru.nRos olySn ansoaof SPnd bered, and the object of the game is Training School INc. 2; Private Joseph to convey and we should -be pleased tot by . o Lynn, pt o
to throw plain ordinary rubber jar 1. Pitchford, Supply Company No. 310; say it to each and every on as our ap. church, who opened the program V wit
rings.,over the hooks. The first player Private osiarvin 1G. Paund, -Supply Con- preciation. We thank our company cor- an invitation to the men of the Remoun.
making a hundred and one points wins pany No. 309; Sergeant John Kloes, -Mo- manders, Captain Brown and Lieutenants i Depot to visit that church when In th-s the match. The game, though simple, tor Truck No. 423; Private, first class, Ferrell, Kibler, Tomason and Carraway city. He expressed the pleasure that 411.
is full of interest, and it has -many Nathan Brown, 302 Butchery Company; for the assistance they rendered before, ab'e the members o this church o h adherents, and "_Y" No. 2 is quite busy Private Claude -L. Watkins, Provisional the evening of the dance and for theii' to enteratan. the soldi r oys, both with .the men playing- this new game l"Niotor Car Company No, L.; Private presence in instilling the spirit and stat- o .. hro
Which Brengfe has introduced. Nua oor ar a ure of holders has een 'a great one In ful was as flows: Words of tree-Br pgle is making some more of 36; Private .John Ford, General Repair and often the stern hand of military ing, Di'. Lynn.
thes for the other' -".T-:huts, Company; Sergeant. -. W. -Hlitabrand, law has played Its part but it has been Solo, Land of the Sky Blue Water,
and pa> Soon as they are flnislhe4- all Service Company No. 1; Sergeant P. L. a great one and often the stein hand Miss 'abel Bowler
the Peu. Will have a chance to. t'y out, Gembel, Storekeepers Company No. 1; of military law I-^ played its part but Reading, Old Ace-Mrs. Charles .
-""-"""'tf hesv pastime. Gties of, this so -t Sergeant R..,B Klein Army Reservq Ma- it has been imbued with the parental Paxton.
are needed, because" they take!..Jittle trial Company; Private 'Louis E.Spig- tenderness -that has created within our Piano solo, 'Miss Eugenia Harris.
room and cater to the Wishes of the ler, Clerical Company No. 1; private hearts the reverence and respect which- Vocal solo, Dr. Breitenbucher with cClmen on dreary days and at nights. As William E. Raches, 103 Butchery Coin- we have for them now and will cherish., lo obligate by M rs. Breitenbucher and
space is limited within the buildings, pany; Private Fred A. Klingman. Check. always. We thank the members of the Mirs. F. M. Womack, accompanyist.
and as this game takes but little room ers No. 1; Private Vrwin J. Ellenbogen. refreshment committee, Sergeants Houck Reading, Miss Randolph Harris.
it is a game that will -win many fol- 101 Butchery Company; Private George and Boone, for the sweets that filled -Slo, Mrs. -Frank East.
lowers. It is quite popular at building M. Davis, 301 -Butchery Company; Ser- the punch bowl and the festive board Solo, Miss Mabel Bowler.
No. 205, and, it Is sure to win popu- geant H. F. -Pierce, Labor Company No. surrounding it. Out appreciation of theirI At the close of the program Secretary larity at the other buildings when in- 1; Sergeant John J. .Sheeley, First Pro- efforts was evidenced by the path worn 'Eames asked the boys'whether or not trodueed. visional Base Spare Park Depot; Piivate In Partaking of the fountain of youth' Dr. -Lynn and his party should be asked
1 J. A. Rhea, Bakery Company Io. 357; so carefully replenished. They tell ts to visit the Remount again, and the anGrad Arnr Baseball. Private George H. Hilliard. Shoemakers that sometimes the way to a man's swer he received was praise enough for
S l Company No. 1; Private William J. heart is through his stomach, and we the entertainers. They gave their promIn -a wild -and -ygame of baseball, ampbell, Trainig Schol No. 3; Private can offer our hearts now as before to Ise to visit the station again at an early that birdaed o l h mve when he, Joseph B. Foley, Stenographers Company them for their efforts on past occasions date and the boys are eagerly looking
that bordered on the marvelous when the No. 1; Private H. N. Gilman, 306th and in the event which is now a pleas- forward to this promised visit.
mnatt~r Of runs is concerned, Barracks D Butchery Company; 'Private Joe Silver ant memory. We thank the members of 30 trimmed Barracks D 34 by the score of man, Steam Fireman Company No. 1; the Camp Johnston band for the music something around 75-43. -As no accurate Private Perry 'F. Frownfelder, Office rendered. The symphony of their efforts count was kept of the runs, it took a ~orkers' Company No. I; Private is a by-word with eevry soldier in Camp council to add them up and they all Charles C. Bryant, Officers' Workers Johnston and to many others In various agreed that the score was something like o. 2. sections of the -United States where they
the above. Seemingly impossible catches A committee was formed to take have played, and their music Is
were made and seemingly easy catches charge of the publicity Work of the so- to our good friends In Jacksonville.
were niado, whirh all added to the at5 ciety. namely Sergeant Walter Haynes, Music stirs the soul and brings out the I
tiatsveness of the -farce, Owing to mill- Private Henry C. Kranz, Private Henry goodness burning within, and our aippr- f
tary secrcy, the names of the players N Gilman, Private A. B. Bernd, and elation of them Is filled with that goodcannot be divulged until after the war, Sergeant Raphael "S. Klein. ness. The dance of Office Workers' Com- I K
but suffice it to say it represented talent panies 1, 2 and was something that
'will live forev- in the memory of the
personnel of the companies and as an
REDGROSSTOSTAGEeverlasting reflection of the thanks we TELEPHONE BELL 161.
friends within and without Camp Joseph Y WILL FIND

The iviilitary Carnival alid Ball, under This Is labor's war. No element ofI the auspices of the Duval County the people of this country, or of other WITH US.
Guards, and directed by the wives, mothand Other ers and daughters of the Members gives ... .
every promise of being a patriotic sueThe date of this eventIs next I onday S l ,W r o k
nigght, and the place, Duval county armory. It is for a most worthy cause viz:
In The Local Chapter of the American Red
Cross, and each enlists the support and
interest of the soldiers of Camp John- Ater Your Interest Too
Stan, many of whom have already exarnd pressed their intentidi to be present on
this joyous occasion. There will be
numerous features that will interest all
Service P i s who attend and some of these are being
eapecialy prepared for the enlisted men We don't want your money unless you are satisat the camp.
Mrs. John L. Doggett, the general fled you are getting value received. Stop in our
chairman, desires through the Trench
anI Camp to express the thanks of the
I Sterling Silver, 10 and 14k ladies handling the affair, to Col. Mun- SHOP when don town if oniy to look about, sake
,soc and other officers at the camp for
their proffer of cooperation which they yourself at home, fill your fountain pen at our
Gold. value most highly,
The Military Carnival and Ball promises to draw the largest crowd of people well, ask ss questions of any kind, at any time.
that has ever marked a similar occasion
Military Watches, Etc. in Jacksonville's history. We are at your service.
Some of the special features consists
of dancing, attractive booths representlng the allied, nation. In every depart- We carry the best stock in town of SAFETY
meant the patriotic sprit will be manifest
and the mammoth auditorium will be
attractively and appropriately decoratedRZOS FUTAN-P S, MLAY
Wir'r.Athi th e colors of Our country and the -BOOKS, COM1FORT KITS, SOUVENIRS,
cuntries fighting with us to vanish from
Jewelers for 2Years.A committee of prominent women who 28wYeasto the front in war activities Is now
at work' preparing novel and most en- Camp Johnston
joya.ble surprises for the soldiers at STATIONERY
135 W. Bay SL Camp Johnston. ETbON ed
A most cordial welcome awaits the men With Embossed
at the camp by'the ladies who are dIlrect- With
Ing this Important coming event. 50C
--yServe and Save. special
BUy War-Savings Stamps!


Pt: lc:Ii; eekly at tile National Camps and Cantonments for the soldiers of the
National Headquarters: THE MOUN ORDERLY
Room 504, Pulitzer Building
Now York City
JOHN SW T BB d oC PE is not a Common Orderly. Everything about him. manner and habits, Chcrman of Advisory Bod of Co-oper atng publishers. 1 savors of Something Greater. There are Great Men, there are Greater
Cami, and Location Newspaper Pubisher "EL e.adthr r hs WoRd oss
Camp Leaurelnrd. Alexandria, La ..... New Orleans Times Picayune .......... D. M Men and there are Those Who Ride Horses.
Canmp Bowie, Fort Worth. Texas Fort Worth Star Telegram ........ Amen C. Carter The Mounted Orderly is the superlative form of the word Orderly as
Camp Cody. Doming, N. Hex. Paso Herald...................... H. D. Sister used in the American army. When he is afoot he might be mistaken for
Camp Custer. Battle Creek. Mich. Batl Creek Enquirer-News A. Miller
Camp stenr, attyere Ma ........oton Globe ...... I-.........arles H. l. lr an ordinary person, for nothing is so lowly and inept, among objects, than
Camp Aees yer. Mass....... o ......... ...... ..C alsH Taylor, Jr.
Camp Dix. Wrightstown. N. J ......... Trenton Times ................... James Kerney a horseman unmounted. He has a look in his eye, though, knock-kneed.
Camp Dodge, Des Moines. Iowa ........ Dee Moines Register ...............Gardner Cowles and bandy-legged as he might be, that is above the Things of This World.
Camp Doniphan. Fort Silt, Okla.......Oklahoma City Oklahoman .......... E. Gaylord
Camp Forrest, Chickamauga. Ga ...... Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times ............ H. C. Adler He looks into a Country not Visible to the lay unequestrian eye. He sees
Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, Cal ........ San Francisco Bulletin -............ A. Crothers things that are withheld from those who walk. He dreams, afoot, of being
Camp Funoton. Fort Riley. Kau ....... Topeka State Journal ........ Frank P. MacLennan mounted. That means all of paradise and adjoining suburbs to a horseman.
Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga .......... Atanta" Constitution ............... Clark Howell
Camp Grant. Rockford. Il ............ The Chicago Daily New.......Victor F. Lawson And when he swings astride his mount and feels the good McClellan
Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte Observer ................. W. P. Sullivan underneath him, what gold of the Incas could buy from him his job. No
Camp Hancock. Augusta, Ga.........Augusta Herald ................... Bowdre Phinisy chauffeur can appreciate his feeling. The pedestrian hasat feelings which
Camp Jackson, Columbia, S. C ........ Columbia State ...................... W. W. Ball
Camp Johnston. Jacksonville. Fla ...... acksonvlle Tlmes-Unlon .......... W. A. Elliott compare.
Camp Kearny, LInda Vista. Cal ....... Le Angeles Times ................ Harry Chandler The Mounted Orderly, too, sees Great Men Close-up. The king may be
Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va .......... Richmond News Leader ....... John Stewart Bryan nothing to his valet and even a colonel has no terrors for the Mounted
Camp Lewls, American Lakes. Wash..Tacoma Tribune ....................... F. S.Baker
Camp Logan. Houston, Texas .......... Houston Post .................... (ough J. Palmer Orderly. He absorbs the importance of his contacts, until he is the eaCamp MacArthur, Waco, Texas ........ Waco Morning News ............ Charles B. Marsh bodiment of colonels and generals on horse. His red sleeve band is a
Camp McClellan. Anniston. Ala ....... Birmingham (Ala.) News .............. E. P., Glass badge he would change for no other. It means distinction, power to pass
Camp Meade. Admiral, Md ............ Wsl., D. C.. Evening Star ....... Fleming Newbold
Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark .......... Arkansas Democrat ........... up the earth-crawling walkers who clutter the earth, everything worth.
Camp Selor, Greenville. S. C .......... Greenville Daily News...-- ............ B. H. Peace having. Would the Mounted Orderly change his badge? Not any more
Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg, Miss ....... New Orleans Item ....... ......Jamaes M. Thomson readily than the far-famed leopard would change his well known spati.
Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Ala ..... Montgomery Advertiser.............. rl Alien
Camp achary Taylor. Louisvllec Ky .Lousvlle CourIer Journal. Bruce Maldeman And he couldn't if he would.
Camp Travis. San Antonio. Texas, Sa Antonio Light..............Charles S. Dieh
Kelly Field and Camp Stanley..
Camp Upton, Yaphahik. L. I:, N. Y. ...New York World....................... Don C. Seltz
Pu', shed under he e auspices of the National War Work Council P. C. A. o the
CampWhelner M acon ce Ga.........aona elerph................ And ersonM A E CA U LI A T
United ;ates. with the ce-operation of the above named publishers and papers.
Distributed free to the soldiers in the National Camps and Cantonments. Civilian AN T I NG A M CITY HA S
xubseltiylon rates on applicaton.
(Editor of the Camp Meade edition of Trench and Camp)
In the words of Colonel Starbottle, West Virginia, and half of Kentucky
of Kentucky, "Germany has whittled had been set up as a separate govern- If anyone posing as. a prophet a more. Miles and miles of wires have Russia down to a wishbone." Poland, ment here in the United States. year ago had predicted that "Some- been run and strung through the
But this does not take into account where in Maryland" there would streets of the city. And spun on
which Germany seized and now holds, Bessarabian Russia, with its 92,069 spring up a city from nowhere, which poles,! like a spider web of mammoth is 43,804 square miles. Next to Po- square miles. This slice of fertile ter- would rank second to the municipal- size, are the telegraph wires also land, on the north, lies Lithuania and ritory is equal to the other half of Ken- ity bearing the name of Lord Balti- keeping in close touch with the rest
the Baltic provinces, the scene of out- tucky, half of Tennessee, and all of more, surpassing the long list of cities of the world.
rages that are even worse than those North Carolina. already scattered across the fair ex- And such buildings! With the finin Belgium and Poland. This terri- The Turks, too, have not been idle. panse of the state named in honor of est of plumbing and sanitary arrangetory is 86,965 square miles. Their little pickings of 16,932 square Queen Mary, he might have been meats,, electrically lighted from. a
That means, in terms of our states, miles seem insignificant beside these hunted down by the department of mammoth power plant, many heated
that Germany has done what would great depredations. But the govern- public safety and sentenced to intern- by hot-water systems, with plenty-of be the same as if she had organized meat of Kars and the districts of Kara- ment for life on some lone island at hot and cold water showers, in addiMaine and Massahcusetts into a sep- bagh and Batum which the Turks took the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. tion to the roomy barracks and invitarate government and then seized all mean more loss to Russia, than we Monument to Constructing Genius Ing mess halls, it is beyond the conof New York and two-thirds of Penn- would suffer if Mexico controlled the Nevertheless, here is Camp Meade, ception of the average civilian to apsylvania for herself, mountain passes and the Rio Grande half way between Washington and preciate the splendid way in which
This is not all, for the Ukraine, that crossings on the Mexican border. Baltimore, planned and built with the the transients in this new city are
great granary of Southwest Russia, In the face of such colossal losses, most modern housing, sanitary, con- housed and cared for.
inluding Volhynia, has been recog- there is only one thing for the Allies munication and highway facilities and Standing out shoulders high above nized as a separate republic, which is to do, and that is to beat Germany and constructed along the latest ad most the test of the buildings is located on as if Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, destroy Prussianism! approved engineering and mechan- the crest of a hill about the cenfreof
ical lines. It stands as a tribute to camp the observatory tower, marking.. FRANCE, THE MOTHER OF EUROPEAN' DEMOCRACY the .best- effort of 'human brain'ad the headquarters' of MaI. -Mal.
brawn in city building, commander of the Seventy-ninttD-Di4
One hundred and forty years ago would presently arouse their own Here is laid out a municipality coy- vision. Topping off the tower is the
French soldiers crossed the sea to downtrodden subjects. But their en- ering an area five miles wide and sev- staff from which Old Glory floats make this land of ours safe for democ- slaved soldiery was no match for the en miles long upon a reservation with gracefully on the breeze.
free soldiers of France. The armies a few more miles to spare. With It might be stated here than Gen.
racy. It was, thanks largely to them of the Revolution,' fighting over the sewerage lines using miles of piping Kuhn recently, returned from France that we secured our independence. We same fields where France fights today, and masonry in construction, with where he was sent early in December might perhaps have turned the trick drove back the Germans, delivered concrete streets covering nearly sixty by the War Department to study firat without them, but we needed their France and presently carried their' miles if placed end to end, acres of hand the problems of the modern help sorely and they gave it in the standards deep into the country of the woodland and thousands of feet of war game. During his absence Brig.! generous spirit in which the French- enemy. To the oppressed peoples of timber being cut and cleared, is proof Gen. W. J. Nicholson was acting diman knows how to give-asking noth- Austria and Prussia they came not as evident of the American's bustle vision commander. ing and gaining nothing except the foes but as deliverers. For their vic- when he gets down to business on a Fifteen Recreational Buildings
satisfaction of striking a good blow in tories meant the overthrow of the old big job. The religious and recreative needs
a righteous cause. In the same gener- cruel autocracies and the establish- Railroad construction, bringing in of the soldiers are cFed for by the ous spirit our American soldiers are ment of a new political order based three railroad lines, over forty miles y. M. C. A. and the Knights of Cofighting in France. Through them at upon the sovereignty of the people. of newly laid tracks and yards hand- lumbus. Including the big auditorlast we have a chance to repay an old Unfortunately-the uniform success ling hundreds of cars of traffic daily, ium, which seats 3,500, the former debt of gratitude to the French peo- of the French armies led them by de- is a small thing today compared to ple. For the cause Of France and the grees to forget the principles for which what a gigantic task it would have organization has twelve buildings in cause of democracy are one today, as they fought, and to attach undue im- been considered by the pioneers on operation, with a staff of seventy they were in the days of Washington portance to military glory and con- the plains in the early days of Union men, while the latter has three buildand Lafayette. quest for its own sake. It was that Pacific construction ings.
It ws tat aciic cnstucton.Each unit or regiment has its own
Ever since then France has been one fact principally which enabled that And then a little country postoffice, hospital, and-medical and dentalstaff of the foremost champions of the dem- greatest of military adventurers, Na- Admiral, which only about 999 people In addition a large base hospital, with oratic spirit in Europe. Lafayette poleon Bonaparte, to turn the valor of ever heard of, suddenly being changed I carried back the sword which'he had the French to his own purposes. The into a busy hive of activity by moving an organization of over 400 including moig50 Red Cross nurses, takes care of the
used so well in America to strike down armies of democracy became convert- its location into the camp and larger need os nh e tan are fe despotism in his own land. He put ed into the armies of the emperor and quarters, necessitating the services of from any serious illness. himself at the head of a French Revo- their aims became rather imperialistic forty postal clerks and handling 75,- F any serius les. lution, and sought to win for France than democratic. In consequence they 000 pieces of first-class matter daily, Flanking the busy beehive on either'
-side are' the rows of large warehouses
what he had helped to win for Amer- lost the moral advantage of their ear- besides 600 to 800 pieces of parcel where the Quartermaster Corps has ica. No doubt his efforts were stimu- lier fighting, and aroused among their post packages, money orders, special food late by the fact that 14 had learned opponents a national spirit which prov- delivery letters and registered mail fo, clothing and all other supplies in America not only that despotism ed in the end too strong for them. It But a fire department of a half a And for the sake of cleanliness w could be overthrown but also that de- was true that, where Napoleon con- dozen engines and numerous other mocracy could be made to work. The quered, Lis government was far more pieces of apparatus? How ludicrous must not overlook the laundering esprogramme of the French Revolution- liberal than the government he over- it might have seemed a feW months tabiishment. Here Is a big building programe ofwhich handles over 500,000 pieces of isis was indeed much like our own, and threw, but it was equally true that the ago. Yet here it is, ready and doing laundry. It has 300 employes in their Declaration of Rights embodied Gerinan and the Spaniard did not wish service. service. It takes care
the same principles of government by to be made into Frenchmen even on Twetty-five Hello Girls work as most all the laundries of the
the people Which were set forth in such terms. The consequence was Tvnyfv el il oka otalteludiso h
our Declratin ofwInpedee. thatNn poleonte as final cshedc Fr Is there a telephone in camp? Well, National Capital combined, or the
our Declaration of Independence. that Napoleon was finally crushed For the second largest exchange in the three or four largest in Baltimore.
While much which the revolution- all his genius and all his efficiency he stat s'ae in almre.
isis in France did was bad and much had lost sight of the fundamental fact State, with real truly girly telephone Yes, Camp Meade is a marked exwhich they btilded perished,' the ideals that the only stable foundation for gov- operators; is right in the heart of the ample of the efficiency and consideraof liberty, equality and fraternity ernment is the consent of the ov- city. While it has but twenty-five tion of the War Department, particuwhich they proclaimed have ever since erned. operators on the switchboards, it larly under such conditions and. cirbeen the political watchwords of the Yet he did much for France. He handles daily the second largest num- cumstances as are involved in such a French people. In these words, more- gave her an administrative system ber of calls, ranking next to Balti- great emergency as the present one. over, 'they not only defined 'their own which has survived to the present day.
position but they set up a standard to He gave her a code of laws whichcom- FREE POSTAGE FOR SOLDIERS ARMORED AUTO HAS FAILED
which the growing liberal spirit in Eu- bined admirably the principle of pub- Captain A.' C. Townsend, Quarter- No more armored automobiles or rope at large could rally. France led lic order with the principle of private master's Reserve Corps, serving as machine gun motorcycles will be made continental Europe in the march to- liberty, and furnished the pattern for mail censor for .the American troops for the American Army because they wards democracy. The other coun- most of the legal systems of modern going to France is anxious that every tries more or less readily followed. Europe. He gave her also a splendid soldier remember that as soon as he would be of little use on the EuroFrance had no soonerestablishad her tradition of military prowess, and steps aboard the outgoing transport pean front, where the fighting is done own democracy than she had to face proved to her what she is proving his mail need bear no stamps. All let- over ground criss-crossed with trenchthe .combined armies of Prussia and again today, that the French soldier is ters and cards sent by soldiers to es and pitted with shell holes, it is Austria. The despots who ruled those as fine a fighting man as there is in their relatives and friends after now understood. lands rightly feared that unless free- the world. reaching the transport or arriving Only the tank can operate over
dom were stamped out in France it CONYERS READ. "Over There" will be handled free of such a surface. Despatch bearers on
cost to the man in khaki. Captain motor-cycles rendered good service
ROOKIES' MISTAKE SEND IT HOME Townsend says this is not generally during the Pershing campaign in
Newly. drafted men arriving at There is an ever-increasing demand understood and that ninety, per cent Mexico and much had been expected
"some of the camps, mistook the brig- for Trench and Camp. Save your of the mail dropped into bags at his of the armored automobile, but neithadie:,generals'.Iiags.'on the-front of 'copies by sending them home. Your embarkation port.-by soldiers bore un- er has. proved of great valDi e automobiles for servide flags. relatives will hij;thipier. necesry postage.: ..'..'" .. i4Fra~ce.: -

Jacksonville who accompanied them be awarded by the treasury departon the trip. Music and other forms ment an honor flag.
MONDAYTHRSAY enjoyment were indulged In all The flag vill be 36 inches wide and iaps
during the return and.. everyene:voted 54 inches' long. The body of the flag
this a delightful outing. The soldi- will be white with a broad red bore are deeply appreciative of -the der. and three broad blue vertical Govt. Insurance
C many- kindnesses shown them by the. stripes denoting the third loan. The O G t__i: MASNJ0TEPLETH S--Y"people f Palatka Wh10 seetme .. to flags... which will be of the same qual-"
nnau tire of entertaining the soldier boys ity as the flags of the navy, are al- It is getting along toward April 12, and'itIs *certain that their hospitality ready being manufactured and nIll be which means that the final respite will be enjoyed rany tim es by f eight to fly
en from Camp Johnston. them is won. Though awarded by delinquent American soldiers
_treasury department, they will be dis- to insure their lives with the governtributed by the Liberty Loan com- ment Is about to. expire.
....The Scottis Rite bodies of Jackson- LYON mittee of the different districts.
ville announce to the soldiers. of Camp. -.I L There will also be a national honor No government has ever been as
Johnston, s nd other Scottish -RiteMa- S Dflag for eaoh state, to be flown- at generous to its soldiers as the--United
sons as well, that the annual Monday- SPN ING WEEK the state capitol, with the name of States. A precedent was established
Thursday ceremonies of the bodies wiAll each town winning flag inscribed upon when the American government debe held at the Masonic temple, Scot- it. There will also be preserved in
tish Rite roons, Thursday-night next AT T CAMP the United Statea treasury a national cided to insure the lives of- its fightand all members of the Scottish -Rite honor fla:, with the record of each Ing men-men whom private Insurbodies, from any consistory- are urged state recorded on it.
and invited to be present. These beau- Stars, to be placed on the flag of ance companies would not touch with
tiful and impressiVe dererionies will each city cr town doubling Its quota, a forty-foot pole.
take place- at 8 o'clocl at night and Piominent Evangelist Who Has Been Will be ilso awarded, and an addition- Although a. soldier may rot have those attending are urged to be pres- al star foe" each time the quota Is anything in the world but the, thirty
ent promptly at that hour. to France Speaking to doubled. the names per he is drawing from Uncle Sam, he
A splendid nrogram has been ar- An hunor roil. containing
ranged for the occasion and will be: as of all subscribers, but not the amount can Iemmediately create an estate of
follows: Introduction, Miller H. DancY, Soldiers. of the individual subscriptions, will be $10,000 by taking out a policy,-with
32nd degree, wise master; Government kept :n each community. A window
reeEdcaton R.B.Ruterord33d- card, bearing a representation of eh the government. This $10,000 Is
of-Our Country, A. Y. Milam,- 32nd de-
degree honorary' Supreme Council and Dr. ilford yon of Wynon Lake honor flag. -ill be given each sub- payable to his mother, wife, children
d Sovereign Grand Commander, c, Mi fd, one of the most prominent evan- scriber to the loan, to display at the or other relatives in case he does not
!Hammatt, 33rd degree honorary; Our gelists in America; Is now conducting a home or place of business. ,ome back. If he returns totally disDeparted. W. S. Russell, 32nd degree; series of evangelistic meetings at Camp One, two, three, four abled it Is payable to him..'
Stars and Stripes. Marcus Endel, 32nd Johnston. speaking at one of the F.M. K Only a small percentage of the Goldegree; Influence for Good and Teach- C. Ai buildings each evening. Dr. Lyon Five, s n dt gersor
Ings of Scottish Rite Masonry, H. B. has just returned from France. where ve six, seven, eight, diers in the training camps failed to
7Iinium, 32nd degree; Invocation, Rev. he has speit the past few months In Have a chair and wait- and wait! take out insurance before February J. T. Boone, 32nd degree. Following the work over there, and his messages He sure is a busy man. 12, the originaltime limit set by the
the speeches a brief colation will be to the men have been filled with- advice ",'a had a little lamb, government, but there are still some
bold and all members of the bodies and counsel gathered from his experi- Whfch tale you've oft heard tell; men who have failed to avail temfrom whatever. Jurisdiction are Invited ences with the soldiers. All we get is pork and beans; sle o he oenet' gnity.
,to iePresent Dr. Lyon was for seven weeks camp selves of the government's generosity.
-ecretary at one of the largest points Ain't It too bad? it is better to rejoice than regret.
r- a- from the American standpoint in France. Private Joe Lat says he lies for- If you haven't insured your life for
I:-lllrrll,,.tilT C SP:EAKS 'While here he was the.only Y secretary gotten how to rollan umbrella.
UE111 FIJDH -P i jin, that vicinity and his- opportunity for all you can afford-which ought to
studying conditions among the troops -emeo. to Capt. Berney: Pipe to he be. all the government will allow-. .. was unusually good. From that camp he cleaned at 8 a. m. daily you haven't been as square to the
T lD VTD went to others, spending the remainder .. ___._ -o haetben squrtot
SIlMflll of his time in evangelistic work and he folks back home as you could have
T UPL is employing his Information gained L4O0, MY BOY, WHERE been. If you don't want to take a
___________ among the camps in France. in bringing .. DUTY CALLS
the soldiers here a message that will .AL tormenting thought like that 3,000
In response to a request from--Capt. help them to meet the things that they miles across the ocean with you, IN-E. Norman C. Rogers.. of the- First are to encounter in that section. Go. my boy, and heaven bless you! SURE BEFORE APRIL 12.
-Regular Motor Supply Train, Lieut. Monday evening Dr. Lyon addressed I have read each precious line SURE BEFOR ..
Jean A Pickard, the French army of- an audience that filled the large audi- Of your heart's responsive throbbing
ficei-who has been visiting Camp John- torium of building No. 3 and his words To a higher call than 'mine. Domino Shortage Averted
ston during the past week;made a were received with marked respect and I God has-spoken--you have heard B
- special talk to the men of that or- attention by all present. He reached And though tears these eyes bedim When U. S. Cork Bobs Up to
ganization last Saturday morning. The the hearts of his hearers In a manner Your affection for Youi mother Pinch Hit for German Wood
-. address of Lieut. Picard dealt with the that caused many to pledge their lives Shall not mar your love for Him.
-many problems that this organization to Christ and to begin now to live the
would face when they reached France lives that He would have them lead. For Could I bid you stay from fondness Once again American ingenuity has
and of the great value the motor sup- this occasion Dr. Lyon spoke on the sub- When the over ruling hand come to the rescue of American sol- ply train was to the army in its work ject, the Biggest Battle of the War. This Marks .your path to duty clearly diers about to be deprived of amuseover there. This was the only private Dr. Lyon said was not a battle fought For the safety of your land? ment. A threatened shortage in domlappearance of Lieut. Picard at Camp on the fields of France alone, but in ev- No! 'tis yours to be a patriot,
Johnston and the motor supply boys ery camp and cantonment, as well as in And 'tie mine to be as true; noes has been promptly met and all
%gave-him close attention and frequent- the daily life of the men. and was none Go. my boy, where duty calls you the indications are that the 20,00)
ly applauded his utterances. other than the fight against sin and the And my, heart shall follow you! sets needed for soldiers in khaki at
Sunday morning Secretary J. B:. Ma- things that cause men to lose their souls.
haffey, of the Y. M C. A., vas asked He made a strong appeal at the close of Go in faith and feel protection home and "Over'There" will be sup. to preach a special sermon to theseI his sermon and a: large number of sol- In a power, supreme, divine: plied at the desired time.
lmen and this he gladly agreed to do. dies came forward, some to renew their Should, a bullet nierce your body The ,shortage. was due to the inThe men were drawn up in company Christian lives and others to begin them it will also enter mine, creased demand for dominoes by the,
formation and Secretar' Mahaffey and this service was Productive of great Do I think of this in sorrow?
talked- to the min a sermon thatgood. ; Does my love and fears renew? devotees of "Muggins," and to the:
,,-.geached every, man. present. -He was Tuesday evening building No. 2 was the I Do I tremble at the prospect? fact that the sets used In America for-'
.given. -special attention by th:officers scene of the meeting and again Dr. Lyon No, my son, no more than you. merly came from Germany, whose exand mfien aSnd all appreciated his kind- wds greeted with a large audience. The ports to this country hav no been'
h to-them. - " .; meeting here was equally as good as Dear to me is every pathwav p s this cor haetbeen
.."., .. - the one at No. & He spoke on. the same IWhere your precious feet have trod. very extensive for some three years IS aTrlE tl n : '~'>-/subject and the. niessage -was weHl--re- But-I.givew ou fondly, freely, and~a half. .
ceived by all the men present. % I. To my country and my God. When the threatened shortage was
Tonight Dr. Lyon will soeak at build. You and I shall never falter
lug No. 2 at 7 o'clock and in this 'serv- In the work we have to do: reported in the camps, the Y. M. C. A.
LUfO ice he will be assisted by Mr. Barthol- Go, my boy, where duty cblls you sent out an S O-S for help. A prompt BOYSomew, one of the best singers in this And'my eartshall ollowYou answercame from the employes of
TO SOLDIER country who reached Cam Johnston yu ane Amero the mploye of
yesterday to spend some time in teach- I shall pray for you-how often- the Armstrong Cork Company, Laning singing to the men. Thursday night With the "waking hour of morn. caster, Pa., who volunteered .to stay Dr. Lyon and Mr. Bartholomew will ap- Through the labors of my household after hours to make dominoes for the pear at the remount deDot and Fri day And when night is coming on.
Wagon Companies 301 and- 302 night at building No. 3 again. It is If a mother's prayers can keen you, soldiers. The demonoes are being
hoped that they will be greeted by large "made of scrap cork carpet donated by
Enjoy Pleasant 'Outing. numbers of men at each of these meet- 1God wllsurel ringe you ack the company, which also had a special
iigs as Dr. Lyon has a message that Again to happiness and her machine made to stamp out the
should be heard by all.
The -little city of Palatka continues S o e... .'"He.bit I I will never doubt the goodness blocks from double nothing to double
to uphold its reputation for hospital- d'st" That has kept you until now, six. The new cork dominoes are betity to the soldier boys of Camp Johns- That has kept the evil' from your ter than the old wooden ones from
ton and Sunday they entertained the Help wan..ted:- One c. .. Heart, the shadow from your brow. Germany, according to soldiers who
members of Wagon Companies 301 and Apply to present Incumbent. have used them.
302. These two companies visited that You In the path you must pursue,
little city for an all day outing and T N RES Go, my boy, where duty calls You This is the second tragedy averted
from all reports the Inhabitans did TLLING NCHMAN'S RANK And my heart shall follow you. In the amusement world. It was only
not fltomake tervisit a laata few weeks ago that a checker shortonefal to their a pleasant Insignia of Army Men Is Worn onl If my boy were less a hero, aew wed a g t thect ht
The trip to Palatka was made by Less the man in thought and deed, age occurred owing to the fact that
the companies on the city of Augusta, the Sleeve. I had less to give my country the supply from Germany had been
that was chartered for the occasion,-- In her trying houi' of need: cut off. This situation was met by
the start being made from the landing Insignia of rank in the French army And I feel a pride in knowing the use of old-fashioned, checked linat camp at 8:45 o'clock In the morn- is wTorn on. the lower part of the That to serve this cause ilivine
ing and the boat returned to camp sleeve, and for a second lieutenant or From the heartstone goes no brave, oleum and oil cloth.
about 11 o'clock at night. Both coin- sergeant consists of a gold strike Heart- than that which goes from
anles were fully represented as prac- about two inches long. The lieuten- mine. TAKE -S CRAR]E OF CANTEENS
tically ever member of the organi- ant's strife is parallel to the edge of
zations made the trip,. both officers the cuff, and the sergeant's is set at I have loved you from the hour At the request of General Pershand men. a n a gle with the edge of the cuff. That my lips first pressed Your. ijg,. the Y. M. C. A. has taken charge
Arriving at Palatka at 1:30 in the A corporal wears two diagonal cloth brow of all the American canteens in
afternoon fully 2.000 people were stripes. and a sergeant-inajor (cor- Ever tenderly, but never
found awaiting the soldiers at the responding somewhat to our first ser- I Quite as tenderly as now: France and has sent Herbert L. Pratt,
wharf. The residents of the city cheer- geant) two diagonal gold stripes. All I have is His who gave it, vice-president of the Standard Oil
ed the soldiers and the soldiers cheer- A -second lieutenant Wears one gold Whatsoe'er He bids me do: Company "Over There" to reorganize
ed back. As soon as the gang plank stripe: a first lieutenant wears two' Go mv boy, where duty calls you the canteen service. Prices will be
was lowered soldiers began to stream gold stripes; a captain wears -three And my heart shall follow you, fed ate s me at ail te
over the support and soon all the men gold stripes: a major wears four gold fixed so as to be the same at an the
were ready for whatever Palatka held stripes; a lieutenant-colonel wears I shall miss you in the springtime, canteens and everything soldiers want in store. With the Boy Scouts in the three gold and two silver stripes: a When the orchard is in bloom, to buy will be placed on sale. Alex
lead a parade was formed and the colonel wears five gold stripes. A bri. When the smiling face of nature N. McFayden, of Detroit, general sup;
men marched from' the landing to the gadier-general wears two stars, a ma. Bathes its beauty in perfume:
Woman's club where a heavy of jor-general wears three stars, a mar- When the birds are sweetly singing erintendent of a chain of 165 five and!
Beautiful young ladies served the shal of France wears six stars. (Mar- By the door and on the wing, ten cent stores will be director genmen with a delightful lunch. shn.1 Joffre is the only marshal since I shall think of you who always eral of canteens In France. Sales!
Following the luncheon the members 1070.)
of the two organizations and their A chevron Is worn on the uTpper Used to pause and hear them sing. amounting to $4,000,000 were madet
civilian hosts went to the baseball part of the right sleeve for every Long will seem the waninug hours at the 350 Y. M. C. A. canteens !nl.
field where a spirited and hotly con- wound received in action. Chevrons Through the drowsy summer day France during the month of Decemtested game was held. The game on the left sleeve, the first indicates t m x to dangers 'Fer. Several hundred additional canproved one of the best ever staged in one year on the front, each succeed- On ay oyr efi away. he I berlded. i
Palatka, the team from 301 finally ln one indicates six months addi- B my spirit sll n murmur teens will be provided,
managing to win by the score of 3 tional on the front. Hence five chev- u g my spa ter aldims my Uie
to I. The game was featured by a rons indicate service at the front since ThOtgh a tea e m my vie_ D
number of sensational catches among ths beginning of the war. i-Go, my boy. where duty calls you DON'T CAR]Y OFF THE SHIP.
them bein- one by Sergi. Eddie Hack- The cord worn from the left shoul- And my heart shall follow you. Souvenir gatherers among the;
ett of Wagon Co. 301, who speared a der to the middle of the chest Is
line drive over second base with his called the "fourragers." It is worn by- You will come and see your mother- American troops already sent to bare hands. Later in the game Sergt. all members of a unit mentioned twice Come and kiss her as you say; France have done so much damage to'
Hackett met with an injury that nec- in army orders (green and red.) From her lips receive the blessing the transports that orders have been
essitated his having to be carried from The "Croix de Guerre," or war cross, That shall cheer you on your way;
the field but when his side returned is given for gallantry in action. A From her fond embrace go forward Issued by the War Department to
to the field he gamely stuck through bronze star' on the ribbon indicates a To resist your country's foe commanding officers to see that the to the end. subsequent mention in regimental or- With the comforting assurance practice is discontinued. Not content
The baseball game was followed by ders, a silver star a sub.eeent men- That your mother bade you go. with carving their names in conspieua tug of war between the two coni- tion In division orders, a gold star in
panies in which Wagon Co. No. 301 corps orders. a palm leaf mention in Now may heaven protect and bless ous places, thus defacing the wood
again proved victorious. This event orders published- to the whole army. you, work, soldiers are said to have pockproved just as interesting for the An enlisted man. candidate for a Holy angels guard Your way. eted all the napkins, '-nives, forks,
spectators as did the baseball game commission. is distinsruished by a Keep your spirit from temptation an other pable articles
and the crowd was about equally dl- chevron of gold braid on the lower I AKnd your feet from going astray. spoons d
vided between the two organizations part of the sleeve.-Army and Navy To your mother ever faithful, they could lay their hands on as sonwith the citizens pulling for each Journal. To. your country ever true, venire of their journey across the Atteam. Following this the companies And my heart shall follow you. lantic.
marched to the- courthouse and stood THE LIBERTY LOAN Go, my boy, where duty calls you laurie,_._retreat the people being deeply imitressea with. this beautiful soldier HONOR FLAG. Our French lessons: SEND THEM HOME
ceremony. Avez-vous solf? Send all your copies of Trench and
The return trip was started from A new and distinctive feature will Bon! Continues, mon enfant!
Palatka at 6 o'clock in the evening be Introduced In the third Liberty Camp to the home folks, They will i
and during the trip down the river a -Loan campaign,,and every city or town Capt Ba t so sure th appreciate them ae well, as you
delightful picnic lunch was ser,ved.the in the country whIeh;subscibes. more Capt. Sallee Is the most handsome man .... ,-,.
s soldiers and their lady friends from than its quota cf'Libefty' bnds will at Camp Johnston..


for the great work to be done, not only make an effort to find out if there is
-here but on the lield of action. Withf the any' fraud in their organizations in A auxiliary Rem mount Depot at theoretical schooling as a basis the connection with the war risk allotment
students are receiving very good practi- By order of
Cal experln~e every day. MAJOR WARE.
Capt. R C. Faulty Is chief veterinarian J, H. SPENGLER.
tnd director of the Veterinary Corps at Captain, Q. M. R. C., Adjutant.
thC Auxiliary Remount Depot. He is I b a
assisted by (Lieuts. Conrad, Hoffman and Better than money because they
Stephens, Komas and Second Lieuts earn nmoney; bu y a x'mn*',
Horses Must Be Cared for as Their club has been formed as well as an Harrison and Kiff. These officers consti- Sfamp today.
aathleti association. tute the teaching staff. -V
Corral a Busy Place. Thus in brief Is the duty, objects an,V
Place Cannot Be Taken Entirely The casual observer in the remount, formation of the Auxiliary. Remount Dq; WHY THE SOLDIER
will see a corral where heavy wagons pot and the men in this Important branch By Machinery. are parked, and decide that here Is the realize that on them will rest largely NEEDS HIS MONEY.
answer to the question of -how the food the work of supplying many of the needs and munitions will reach the boys In the of the-different branches of the army trenches, but if better Informed he would when they reach France. Every man is Clyde 3forgan Writes. Home and That the -horse is as important a fac- learn that in another corral, are a host ready to do his part and with a spirit Tells ieena.on
tor in the present war as in all past of small mules playing In the sunshine, that never knows giving up, they will wars, and that it is impossible to replace and a company of. soldiers practicing certainly give good account of them- o'Olr PAY."
him entirely with machines of any ind. loading wooden "mules," and that here selves when hey reach the front. Tie true, oumr thirty dollars
has been proven conclusively. -He is al- is the real solution of the problem. Cm each month the first,
ways ready for duty and can be counted The pack train is under the command But aSatO having money
on in Iemergencies in which machinery of Capt. Charles P: Daly, well known L T FALSE .
wthisitherant ha tpuxlarys hoeie a dl exptrains he PENALT FOR F L EORJ we *are very much reversed.
with its intricate parts sometimes fal, for his long service, and expertness in Now to those who don't know
an hs ste esnthat the A uxiliary handling ilitary -pack trains. tP~e be- N
Remount Depot No. 333, at Camp Joseph lieves there is a "best way" to do every FRAUDIN INSURANCE I tell the reason why
E. Johnston. thing from splicing ropes, to caring for That a soldier's always broke-.
One of the main ideas to be carried in the animals, and the instruction began It's the things he has to buy.
mind by the men of the auxiliary re- with the recruits very best imitation of mount, and one that is stressed by the the captains deftness in manipulation of 'T~he attention of all men In Camp I Insurance costs him little: officers In command, is that for pack the various strands. However, practice Johnston is called to a number of pro- I In dollars it's just seven. services the horse or- mule is absolutely makes perfect, and- every packer -has viains governing the war risk In- But -then comes your laundry. necessary, particularly -in traversing spent his moments of rest with his bac' surance law, governing false statements Which is four, and makes evene. rough country and this -helps cause the -'against the wall, a scowl of perplexity and claims in securing fane o The barber gets two dollars man of this detachment to love their by members of insured families who
aimules. These men become as much 'at- make false claims as to the same. The For the cuttinZ of my hair,
tached to their pets as a man does to order on this point is as follows: It must be kept very short
his dog and they will lay down their Reference War Risk Insurance icw. To pass the inspection fair.
lives for their horses just as quickly as The following sections from the war
for a comrade. risk insurance law, "approved October Then comes the Liberty bond.
'Recegnized By Governmsent. 6,- 1917, Is published for the -informa- -Every month it costs me five
The government realizing t-he necessity tion and guidance of this command: I'm very glad it's not more.
of the horse and the mule to warfare, See. 25. That -whoever in any claim If it was I. couldn't survive.
has saved no expense in providing for family allowance, compensation or ..
equipment and- facilities -bandy to the insurance, or in any document required There's our toilette articles. .
horse markets, preferably in the South P by this act or by regulation made by For it we'll allow but two.
ern state, for the -training of man In this act, makes any statement of a 'That brings it up, to twenty.; .
handling these animals and In preparing material fact knowing it to be false,. I hope It i, clear to you.
and traiifliii the animals to carry their be 'It' of perjury and shall be .
burden ad perform the other duties In- punished by a fine of not more than Ak dollar a: month for stampscumbent upon them in warfare. The- $i,000, or by imprisonment for not And mrnedicine costs us one,
sturdy animal soon learns and knows more than two years, Or both. Then two more for the mess fund
wha Ishadle watsalmstas eadly. '- Sec. 26. That if any person entitled Yet expenses are not done.
as the .man; sometimes often and bet- to payment of family allowance or
ter. compensation under this act, whose A dollar for our reading,
The word remount Implies its oeanin- right to such payment under this act And which 'isn't very much.
-carsre -ced munth sh'y and bwhonever| ceases upon the happening of any con- We spend another dollar
cos. are called mounts and whenever tingency thereafter fraudulently ac- -For a change eats and such.
anything occurs that cripples or in any "" ': cepts any such payment, he shall beway Incapacitates a horse for service punished by a fine of not more than Our pressing costs a dollar.
another is immediately called from the 0 ..-.Ohri5 s $2,000. oby mpsomntfrot On Sunday we have to dress.
reserve supply; this horse Is called a re- t 2,0 or by m prison n m nt for not O n S da we h e to r s .
resetOrve giully thoe ios ce ate more than -one year, or both. Our trousers must show a 'rease
mnt.r-rigin aly -th e l iouns fr he Sec. 206. That family allowances to And If not, it means arrest.
training of these r'emounts was called a -membeis of Class B shall be granted ; V, .
on his sweaty face, and a combination only if and while the member is de- i I go to town twice a month.
of knof--on the rope in -his hands that pendent in whole or in part on the en- A dollar's what it costs me, closely resembles the famed Gordian listed man, and then only if and while And to tell the very truth, ;Knot of the ancients. However, these de- the enlisted man makes a monthly al- I think the world has lost me. tails of packing do not reach as far Into lotment of his pay for such member I higher mathematics as they did. of members equal to thte amount of Nov I ye got two dola's t
U-ually the motor trucks and wagons the monthly family allowalice as here- In my little monthly bower,
/ arc able to supply the artillery men back inabove specified. But then a fellow dies
of the lines where the ground is smooth, The provisions of this law will be And I spend two bucks a fo f ers.
*but leve the narrow trofiches for the published n uopany, commanders ik
little mule. their organizations. The penalty for. DOW be a Spender.
Capt. Daly is'very popular among the fraud should especially be expl alned. Be a Saver!
embryo packers, and all declare that Company commanders should also Buy War-Savings Stamps!
when the war is over they will add to
their sacred personal valuables, a book
h is about to have published; of reminnescences of his day of packing In the
- wild -Southwest. Y :
:.-_. ..... 1 to.._ The Veterinary CorP.
Extreme Care aild consideration Is given KE;IIM S P L T OL
-p .- torthe army horses and mules, as weli
as the soldiers when they are.sick or _______________ __.______--_--:ailing. In order for these animals to recelve first class aid, in time. of need Auto............-Y15 B SECURE TICKETS .
there is provided hospital barns of the Bell Phone.. EARL. BOX OFFICE.
remount depot. As time passed, the de- latest design. These barns are kept as Matinees daily, 3 p. inU.n I0 a. m.:10 p..m.
pot has evolved until now it includes -clean and sanitary as the best of places. Orchestra, 25c; Balcony, 745 snd 91--First Show
the training of all horses and mules for 'The cai'e of the animals and surround- 5c and e0e.
the wagon trains, pack trains, officers ings is handled by a special branch of Sunday and Holiday L Night Prices, 40e0, 35c.
mounts and to.some extent the Cavalry. service -called the 'Veterinary Corp's. It Matinees. Seats Reserved, This depot is the seat of much activity Is Interesting to note the compar son of Night Prices. 15AA D
and much work and training is being the care of sick animals, and the sick accomplished. Several hundred mules. are soldiers.
In training for the pack train service 'The veterinary hospitals all run on and wagon service at Auxiliary -Remount the same order as any well ordered iesDepot No. 333, at this camp, and many pital. The corrals are inspected each day THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND
horses are getting their first training for sick animals. These animals when
as well. This takes tintiring patience on found ailing are reported and received at COMPLETE CHANGE OF BILL SUNDAY AND THURSDAY ATINEES,
the part of all men handling them, as the hospital. Their case Is diagnosed The Second Show (9:15 p. in.) is Becoming the AFTER DINNER FAD for
all things are attained by kindness and and they then are sent to the department Theater Parties.
not abuse. in -which their particular disease is cared
Many Provoking Incidents, for. They are identified by their germs, We Are Offering a Bill of Clean and Clever Entertainers Marked Throughout
Many are the provoking incidents in sex, col and brands. The numbers of by Refinement and Taste.
the day that tries the patience and the coral, squadron, or service stable, is kindness of the trainers, but in the end also recorded, With the symptoms of the these two virtues will wil out -Where disease. CHARACTER COMbrital force would not and so the men After the annals are received they at Camp Johnston have adopted this arc placed in clean, comfortable stalls, N R I HE W O : EYCUL
method. Several men have been found and given rations and medicine accordat the depot here who have a natural in' to their ailments. When the animal trend for handling horses and mules, is-on the road to recovery, it is placed CHARACTER COMEDY
and In cases of unusual stubbonness on in the convalescent pasture utnil it gains the part of these animals it is only neces- sufficient strength to Carry on its daily sary to call these men into the stockade, Nork. It is. then giee idshr SIMI I C E L & N-ISRU ETLSS
and they always win out, but only lar to the soldier from the hospital. At through kindness and patience and no the Auxiliary Remount Depot, first other methods. clqss hospital stables are provided nui- IN THEIR COMEDY SKIT
Recently there has been added to the bering eight in all. In connection with DI R
Auxiliary Remount Depot here a coin- each of the four sections is a convales- JUU N. P. UIJINU L 3 G. M."
pary of cavalrymen who have just re- cent pasture, a supply house and a
turned from pack and cavalry service operating rooii. W
along the border of Mexico and they This branch of service at Camp John.......ny inte.... ing ae otl bu stone is as a newly formed bud ready to THER L L E SINGER WITH A
their experiences down there.. However, blossom out into rapid maturity. All of -URPRISE strange to say they never fail to mention the. government aid and attention for M I R TUL L E SURPRISE
their trusty animals In each of these the rapid development of this department stories for they love these animals just is given so as to'be ready at any and all as they love their Comrade and each times for the -continuous inflow of horses. Sien.ubio Troupe
received his Just dues. They are now and mules. Six People in a W ind O i
proving invaluable in training the new The Veterinary Corps is being formed 0 u bio Tru pe of Dancing and Gymnastics
nien at the depot In their work and have as fast as possible in order to prepare proven their ability in more ways than the men for the oncoming work. A
one. school has been organized where lectures
The remount station here is composed on diseases, wounds, etc.j preparatory of 160 acres of ground and every acre
is throbbing with activity. The work
carried on is of quite a diversified
character and along with all of it comes
the comfort of man and animal. Every
thing is done to make life comfortable
for both. Tile men have adequate quar- LIU=
ters, well arranged and many conven. LAST TIM E
lnces. The sanitary, arl'angerents are
perfect and the food" Is wholesome and TOUA L
enjoyable. Medical attention for the men is furnished and the animals have doctors who know every trick and turn In
veterinary circles.
cared for in every respect is shown by
the fact that pernalent buildings have
been provided for both mail and antmnals. emanent 'electric" lights, paving,
sewerage, water supply and everything A KIM BALL YOUNG
that goes with the cantonment is provided the men here. The animals need AND HER OWN COMPANY
have no fear as to their food for supplies sufficient for their needs for sometime is stoi'ed in the large barns that Ihave bern erected. "
the moral welfare of the, nien is being r W W
administered to by the Y. M. C. A, a
tent having been erected for them temporarily and arrangements are n~ow being
-nent hut for this branch of the wort. AND A GOOD FIGHTER.
furnished by a Victrola, piano, an', ALSO A TRAVELOGUE. IES .AND Sec
several of tile men have formed an oichestra. Many games are indulged in
-for recr-eation andh-already a checker