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9D YEAR-No. 213.













:** :" ,.. /

gfation" Is Be-
1, Democratic
|pder Says.


e Idan Frame-up
peeler Prov-
,.He States.

SOct. 16.--n an au-
6neh ltt issued here last
*) **. Davis, democratic
li'ir 'reaudent. explained
r- charges made by him
teq f B. Lockwood. see-
heeptpublican national
,and former Attorney
*cughlerty' and reiterated
,tOna that they "collabo-
Al.effort to procure evi-
l1ght embarrass Sena-

M"iLd bh e had received
4em r Mr. Lockwood
r the charges which
candidate viade
cb -in Indiana.
nT ,ight, the can-
:i#1*t an answer to
&A *A'.," he Intimated

k" o oiterned with
*kwood may
ii1 ']f,"Mr.
.iajnt., "Even
,f sufficient
I,'l reply the
'ot notice
o1r' (it-poses
-W ia, must.
,of t o-
= lagan on
R .. .t ; efforts

4el" 4go' to former
G.Val 61'ugherty's let-
*e the Identical statement
At Texre Haute, to the ef-
:,ig of the department
a / representatives of
r :national commit-
... .ll" Loc k wood's direc-
Ilabora ote in an effort
a evidence that might
I enialor Wheeler.
S noot make the charge
] lt.4n sworn testimony of
~" ,RurnS, then diredr of
L bs S~~',o Investigation the
t of justice. whoe'testi-
the Brookhart !com-
t ". ',-telb was investigating
xt% .GCetsment that he knew
'*,and had consulted with
gently concernhig Senator
f l loaee before any indict-
Statement quoted at this
.0a tbe testimony referred to
J&eI1 d in part:
70. 'E Admiselo. Quoted.
i"'VCh&irpan Btookhart; 'Well,
wre wa it that you met Daugh-
Sa talked about this mat-
",Nr "Burns: 'I called on Mr.
.ls...JLty one night at his apart-
... ... d found Ar. Lockwood
,among a number of oth-
r hairuat: 'Yes. and then
whein you talked to him about
fis Wheeler case.'
1 'Z1j', Burns: 'Yes, we talked
b'OUt the Wheeler case.'
Tki" chairman: 'Was that be-
'...mire or after the Indictmentn"
';". .etor Wheeler: *That %as
BuMrniB'rts: 'It must have been
: "=" ..., 1 statementt continued:
"On the first day of May, 1924.
J.: Ore Ihe Borah committee, which
.la".e".a joeetigating the charges
: a~aita1 Senator Wheeler, Blair
,.. a tastfied that he had been in
==." 14.0nitaiia in March of this year,
"-': p .ured certain affidavits
i"" raing Senator Whetler, which
p 1o+Inued on Page i,,,rtc n,

Hleged Florida
;Airplane Whisky

- [mporters Jailed
Ch'ago. Oct. 16-Ten men,
L by government agents to
headed a ring importing
!po0 from Cuba to Florida by
"l .ne and then distributed it
thr hout the middle' west
vge been arrested here.
'{Havid Pinkhussohn. alleged
t4ad.of the syndicate and snid
0ihav'e been the chief'- flier on
Sjairplane route,. %i% re-
c4e on liond. of 35 ijtt last
otd others arrested 'were Ed-
'ard.F. O'Brian. alleged purt-
g4 fif Pinkhussohn: Joseph
N rzliurg. drug store owner;
"1t0 Bitter. warehouse man-
Sr;; Robert MAlquist. ware-
djpi foreman: Enil Feindt,
a;.,David Farrell, .lohn C.
ssek. *Raaynlond E. Dnalton
if Dilloi,.Carlson

Rowdies Break Up
Holy Roller Meet
With Strong Eggs
Ctompillnt has been iade to
the county solicitor's crffice that.
a meeting of the Holy Rollers atL
Durant was broken up a fev
nights ago by a crowd of bois-
terous, drunken young mnen.
who threw eggs at the congre-
gation Assistant County So-
licitor Tom Walden is conduct-
ing an Investigation.
Victims of the rowdies casn
to the solicitor to tell how the
meeting was In progress when
suddenly the air was filled with
eggs of long duraflon on earth.
The meeting adjourned hastily.
1avt'ng a sqoad' of *lhtdtxlaled
youths barricaded behind an.
empty egg case. '




Ex Premier Flays
Policies of Miac-
Donald Group.

London. Oct. 16.-(By the As-
sociated Press.--Former Premier
Baldwin opened his campaign for
parliament yesterday by address-
ing a large meeting in Queens
hall. during which he ridiculed
what he characterized as the la-
bor government's universal. pana-
cea of national ownership and na-
tional control to set things aright.
Mr. Baldwin described the la-
bor ministers as "cheap Jaceks of,
politics always full of enthusiasm
but never doing anything." He
pictured Premier MacDonald as
.ltelng overborne and helpless in
the hands of the extreme socialist
'wlng of his party and predicted
that the labor administration never
'Would accomplish anything until
it "killed this old man of the sea."
Geddes Takes Strump.
Sir Auckland Geddes, former
ambassador to the United States,
has come out.of his long political
tyirenent to deliver addreuses at
K number "of conservava .me#at.-
" 'Jthough premier Mac&b;fiaI;s
,voice. is beglinIng .to Show .the
strain of addraessing an aiverige of
20 meetings dally, he continues t.
prosecute a vigorous campaign.
Last night, the premier spoke tj
a huge gathering at Manchester.
It Is estimated 6,000 persons heard
him talk.
Lady Astor issued an address at
Plymouth In which she said she
stands for "'peace, progress, part-
nership and private enterprise."
She says the policy of th- labor
party, if it gets clear of its socialist
majority, to take over one industry
after another must brinj about in-
security and thus prav'-nt invest-
ment of new capital in British

Another Crime Is
Laid to Chapman

Chambersburg. Pa. Oct 16-
Search for the slayer of Private
Francis L Haley. of the state po-
lice. who was killed Tuesday on
the Lincoln highway, near here by
a ntian. believed to have been J.he
bandit who shortly before held up
the Abbotatown State bank. resolv-
ed itself into a systematic tranimp
by squads of state troopers and
posses front surrounding counties
of the mountainous regions, where
earlier in the day an abandoned
and partly burned automobile was
The burned tangible clue developed by the
day's activities. It had been sprin-
kled with gasoline before being
set afire. The ashes of what was
once a black handbag and several
bottles equipped with corks and
chemists' test tubes, used by yegg-
men to handle high explosives,
were found near the burned nia-
Later developments point to Ger-
ald Chapman, notorious esca-ped
bandit, as the man sought.
Attendants at a gasolJne filling
station at Abbotstown when shown
photographs of Chapman. identi-
fied himn as the driver of the car.




David Lawrence
Sums Up Tour in
Western States.


Independent Candi-
date Given 58 Elec-
toral Votes at Most.

'Copy.righy. 1924. r.' Tanmpa Tinei '
(ThiS s The first of two dis-
patches analyzlng the political sen-
timent in the states from Illinois
to the Peoifie. written after a visit
ty David Liwren,:e to virtually all
the states in that region in a trip
consuming 30 UaN', of actual in-
vestigation. I
Midwest. America. Oci 1 -
Crossing this political divide from
the, agriiuultural oeet to the in-
dustrial east, with threat weeks of
the campaign still ahead, the terri-
tory left behind may yet show
some changes here and there but
fundamentally the lines of hattie
are drawn and tbe tide of preju-
dice.or fator, the case may be.,
has eel in
SFour conclusions, however, can
he drawn at this time without
much expectation on the part of
the writer that subsequent devel-
opments in the west area will up-
set his analysis.
First, Senator Robert M. La Fol-
letie has anot been and %Ill not he
the decisive factor in the continp
election so far as.,the test is con-
Second. the electoral vote of La
Follette will be less .than that of
-Colonel Roosevelt in 1912 when ie
polled 8S electoral votes.
Third, in several states La Fol-
lette has taken away so many
democratic votes that he is in ef-
fect the ally of President Coolidge
because Coolidge pluralities seem
certal-n to result from the big de-
teetion 9f democrats to the third
'itarty tibcet.
ConTgre;ional Ctice "Unlilkely."
Fo.urth. La Follette will not get
enough votes to throw the election
into the house- of representatives
unless John W. Davis shows a
greater strength than President
Coolidge in the principal eastern
states. In that case, in all prob-
aeility the driftl in Ihe tilreclion of
Davis would insure not a dead-
lor k, but a deniocratic victory. for
the east as a whole is not spott.\
but generally of the same political
Giving John W. Davis the il51
votes of the normally democratic
states, which means Arizona, Okla-
homa, Tennessee. Kentucky and
Maryland, in addition to the 127
electoral votes obtained by Gov'-
ernor Cox in 1910 from the solid
south, the total for Davis is 178.
Now Lhere are no states in the
%est of which Davis can feel ab-
solutely sure. Nor are there any
western states, with probably two
eXceptions-Wisconsin and North
Dakota-of which La Follette can
ftel sure.
But assuming that La Follette
was to be given all the states in
which he is running second, these
would be: Iowa, Minnesota, Mon-
tana. Nebraska. VWyoming. and
they make with Wisconsin and
North Dakota only 58 electoral
votes. Adding these 5S to the 17.
for Davis. the total is 236 which
may be called the non-Coolldg,
vote. This Ilaves 2295 votes and It'
Coolidge could get all of their he
would win as 266 is the maJrrilt3 of
the electoral college of 531
What are the states which make
up that 295'
Gles C alifoinJa to G. 0. P.
Some, like California. Oregon
and Colorado. are typical of the
western strength of President Cool-
idge and some like Pennsylvania
and Massachusetts and Maine are
the rock ribbed republican aeeas.
What concerns the analyst is the
doubtful states, or, to put it In
another way, those states on whi?h
the democrats this time pin their
hopes These are: Indiana. 15.
New Jern.s, 14: New York. 45:
Ohm. 2-, and WVest Virginia. < (f
these 101 votes President ','oolldge'
must anrry all but :'9. If heh loses
those 23 to Davis the election
iContinued or, Page F,)urteeni



Clemson College. Oct. 16.-The
additional members of the more
than 500) students of Clemson col-
lace who walked out Tuesday, as
a protest against conditions in the
,oll,:pe inesa hall and suspension
of the senior president, were ex-
pected to return to the institution
today, college officials state Class
work, which has been temporarily
suspended. will be resumed today.
About half of the strikir.:g stu-
dents reported back at th insau-

It ..L..OnuittlLon .htlu it i7 t of th' Il,'i Jl stu-

dents enrolled in the college being
present at chapel.
The meeting of the b'baid ,.,f
trustees of the college will be hlield
next Monday night, ar ,ahich time.
It was stated, students intend irj
insist upon their demand-' for a
matron for the mess hall, for foul
of better quality and In larger
quantity and for the reinstatement
of all students who left. anile the
demand for reinstatement of K. F
Holohan, senior president and
football celebrity of the school.
who was suspended for one. year
on a charge of drinking, was re-
ported in have been dropped

Lipstick Indigestion
Developed Among
Germany's Flappers
Leipsic, Germany., OLt 16-
Lwpstick indigestion has devel-
,ped here among young "omen
who use rouge too freely. ac-
cording to physicians. Many of
the cotmletics. particularly the
cheeriper kinds, contain harmful
ngre.dlents. assert the doctors.
a which cause complications
% lhen they come in contact with




War in Defense Only
and Rivals Line
Up in Battle.

Cleteland, Oct 16.-(By the As-
sociated Press )-Prospects of a
clash between advocates of "war
for defense" and delegat s op. osed
to war In any form. loomed here
today as the international conven-
tion of the Disciples of Christ went
into Its third day's session.
Opposing resolutions were draft-
ed by the "defenders" and "paci-
fists'" it was learned late last night.
Under the convention rules all res-
olutions are debated in. the cm-
nottee on resolutions before being
presented to the general body.
Kirby Page.--Nretwv Yr -k. author
and writer against war, was said to
have drafted a resolution declaring
"that the church as the body ot
Christ and the beafe' of the good'
news of fatherhood and brother-
hood, should not sanction war, or
bless its weapons, but should fol-
low a more excellent way and thus
set an example for the state."
The opposing resolution was said
to hate been drawn by the Rev.
Paul W'. Marsh, of Middle wn.
Ind.. a chaplain in the army re-
serves: the Rev. B. A. Abbot. of
the Christian Evangelist. St. Louis,
and other's. cad asks that the con-
vention "go on record as opposing
war-,.-1,cept we., ouir eutstry 4-1
beinaXttacked and that we are op-
po; to war of aggression In any

Davis Arrives in
Western Illinois




Cigar Strikers in Line
for Loaves in
Ybor City.
________ &


"Outlook Very Good,"

IWhile their commninttee wa-
meeting with another represent-
ing the manufacturers this morn-
ing. hundreds of striking Tampa
cigarmakers ahd members of their

faintirles formed in a tIread line at
Seventh avenuoi and Sixtl.enlith
street and patiently waited fur the
doling out of the sngle lo,,f uf
bread which went t,> each one in
line. The bread had bebn donated
b3 Ybor City bakers for dclistribu-
tion to the strikers.
Belleies End Near.
Meanwhile it wvas reported by
Secretary A. Ramirez of thb Ci-
gjar Manufacturers' association,
that the committees had nut yet
concluded their conferences. He
made no prediction as to when the
conference woulo end nor would
he predict the outcome, other than
to say that the outlook Aas "very
good "
The comnnittees %ken, iito sea-
siOn yesterday nior-ning aud are
reported to have reached an early
agreement on rules f,,r he equtli-
zation, or nivelation cominittee,
one of the causes for the strike
The contilttees are said nonw to be
threshing out the demands of the
strikers for a 25 per cent. wage
increase and for the relnsLallment
of readers In the factories.
Some Workers Return.
The astrlke .' nlw hi its third
weeke. Some 12.010 cigar mniakers
'rWbeBtltn1led to I-: Ie, atlihuiagh
workers are said to have returned
to theit benches in of the
local factories. Slice 'he strike
was called it is tsimated that
over 1,000 of the strikers ia.e
left Tampa for other cities.
Today, however, confidence was
rising among the strikers whu ex-
nected the deadlock it be ended

Aboard Daik Train Enroute-
Chicago. Oct. 16--7John W. Davis, today or tomorrow. any r-
democratic presidential candidate. diced that all of 1e t'worlters
entered western Illinois today, would be back on their Jobs Men-
heading again for Chicago. day by the latest. Other wis tno
He was scheduled to theri. statement from either th- stik-
about 3 o'clock this afterl.,Lon and el-q' or manufacturers' committee
begin tonight :it the audiLorimti. a however. to support this prelic-
-eties of addr'-.2qs extending un- Lon
til Friday ev'..niig. when I e ex
I)ects to depart for St. Louis.
The trip funm Oulnc: u.:san Knight of Telegraph
early today. T:ier., was nn set nig legrp
program for rear platfori-i Key Called by Death
speeches along the rout.e. Those C b D a
In charge of the train 'annour.ced
th.l.t :ne alin i irpose cf thi..' rr- Washington, Oct. 16.-J.Juhn A.
rangen-eni w 13 to permit the can-
didatei to obtain as much rest as Ryan. dean of Washington tele-
possible ir, order that he might graph operators, and known .to
Fe in best physical condition for several generations of key mien
th-_ ('hicago engagements, throughout the country, is dead al

Man Pays for His
Joking With Life

Spokane W'ah,. Oct. 16.-F. \".
'Curran. paid with his life for a
joke ectcrda% Riding in an au-
tombile drmen b .C L'. Marimn.
Thr 1,ulf.i% M r i, i .ap *d''wn <.,'er
his eyes and the cdr w.nt over a
J1) foot empbankmtent, kll.1nt Cu.-
ran instantly. Martin nd *in-
other passenger in the car were
not' hurt.

West Virginia Star
Gria Artist Is Dead

Morgantown W. Vs., Oct. 16.-
Gordon McMillan. of Minneapolis.
star punter of the Wvest Virginia
university footnil] teanm. f.':io was
stricken ill eve'il dty. agJ. will
quinsy. Ipneuinorlt atf,d ohEt com-
pliatijon. .liI'.l it the ii.i-,'rsity,
infirmary early lo.Jay

Des Moines Radio
Refuses to Carry
La Follette Talk
Des Moines. Iowa. Oct. 16-
Before leaving Des Moines. Sen-
ator Robert La Follette issued
a statement in which he de-
clared that the broadcasting
station WHO. o. ,ned by the
Bankers Life Insurance com-
pany of Des Moines. refused to
hroadcasi the meetings of the
progre-.i eS lire list nighi
"I anr, Informed." he contin-
ued. "Lthat this broadcasting
station has a monopoly of the
broadcasting front this city
under a license issued by Her-
btrt Ho,'ver. huL.dominated by'
the officials of the
Telephone and Telegraph com-
pany and its affiliated corpora-
tions which owns the hastic
patents upon which the radio
indlus'r'. i- fn9ftrl- ed '

the home of his sister. Mrs. Hein-
-v T. Refldroth. at the age of 72.
He will be bur:eJ tomorrow.
St1 siea 'er Floated.
Baltimore, Oct. 16.-The Mer-
chants and Miners' steanmer Ker-
.iaw, which went aground off
Srth's point last Monday. yc.-ter-
-J1 vNa" floated r.nd r'roceEdcd to
Fialtinlore. No .,aascngerh'rs .PI'e

tihe Weather

Hi hest eaterday .... .. 79
Li .j est last night ...... .... 67
Y-ar ago ..0Highest 7 Lowest 71
Highest for OCeL 35 years ... -1
Lowest for Oct. 35 years....... 43
Tampa's hottest day (35 years rec-
jrd) June 3. 1918. degrees... 97.6
Sun rises 6:31 a m. Sets 6-00 p.m
Today's TrempermtHre. .
A M. A.M A M. P.M.
S i... 4. .. 8 S.. A9 12. .79
I 6 6.. 68 9 3 1 ..-
2.. . 0) 75 .-2



Lakehurst. N J. tlet 16.- less than the flying time because
While the % "ole v.orld marveled ll.-: ship vas at a point over the
aUt their teat the 31 members of Massachusetts coast where it
the ratty that traveled front Ger- i-ould have landed safely 78T hours
niany' to Amerin, a in the ZR-3 to- alter it leit Fi ledriclishafen.
dua. .enJ.%oed their tirst full day of The giant airship was declared
r.t c i in.e a ti Frjidri,.hshafen fit for ilniteli,,t f- tllbht today after
Suiinda. They spent the evening an In.pection wlii-.h disclosed ev-
l.,efoir ialml.l tling the story of crythi g in perfect order.
the flight in phrases that seemed The tdsak of re-leasing from the
alintust commonplace compared nianintoth craft il. hydrogen rep-
.iLh the magnitude of their c- rpsenting an oxpenditure bf II.,-
curnplishment 60,O is under "way and probably
While. they talked the.% smoked,%ill be completed today. Imniedl-
ately after the Zeppelin landed. 40
a p.leasule teat as forbidden on sermen began prparations to de-
the ship bI.caute of the danq'-r of flat the gass hgp.
an explosion. Because of the danger in con-
The Germans "ho composed the serving hydrogen the contentsB of
crew which guided the giant sir- the thirteen cells will be allowed
ship un her enupoch-making flight, to escape into the air Instead of
left the huge craft reluctantly, into tanks. When the craft la re-
They .ere fond of their craft with inflated helium will be used. A.p-
the fondness ot marines for the rrioxtnatel! 2(1 per cent of the hy-
v'esel that has lr.ought lhem rsaf.e ragen in the la.zs was vulved out
to refluce the lbuoa'Yicy of the Zep-
1 to1 port pelin In landing yesterday.
zepliWin (hliJef PIca.,VIl. iI return for its expenditures in4
LDi. Hutii Eckener, Zeppeli" ,.tic-,nec(ion With the ZR-3 the gov-"
piesidenr. v hu oniIriitide.l the nrni.-:nt collected lea than $50 In
ZP-3 orn it- ? .!lid-. iantii; .,a..te Juties ih' n the I craft landed. It
wu.'.- so ,'llhu-i.,istn about l & '- vi.- s Ca aSE't t -a a. a Gerilin nier-
comniiljhhlent -[ his .raft ihtl h f hatilman The Zeppelin was
EM.r' qsdi he. i.(lie i .t line of ,oard id il't linspe..ted h" customs.
hallth and itiroinr.ati.n iauthori-
suh cralt earr'.ing and tie-s is though It %,ete an oceai
puassenger l I-etween Germany anq ihner.
tht United Siates might be estab- The mnanifeit prei:rcd b_,y the
lished soon He said toe trip ..;.infaiider of the Zr-3 ide.,ribed
,ouldJ he made i less than 81i the Zeppelin as "in ballUast" car-
h.uis and 17 minutes. the time re- r.oing eight sacks of mall'
quir-d h.. the- ZR-3 to make the Visitors who illspeCetd the Zep-
voyae, lilin were struck b.% the luxurious
v g. ep oe equipment. -from Its latel-ooms
Dr. Eeken.t explained thatI log equalling any on the finest liners.,
anr adverse% winds had del..'ed t, its kitchen. uuextelled in any
him slightly aind added that the hotel. Other appointments Neiee
Milee blitween shore3s aaq really Icomplete.




Labor Leaders Tell of
Attorney's Brilliant

*-Vashington, ,,rt. IS, -Thie .L-
tels from union men., praising the
part taken by John W. batis In
the litigation growing 'out of the
West Virginia coal strike of 1897,
v.ere made public today through
the tlpnon r.hii:> national commit-
tee. h,,I WVilliam B. Wilson. secre-
tary ,of labor in the WiVilson cabi-
Lt.i ie-, Fl.herly, an organizer
f,,r the United Mine Workers at
tne tin'e of the strike and now S
cri-l ntiner at Saayervllle, Ill..
wrole that Mr. Davis had made
"the heat defense I ever heard" p(
35 .n.iners arrested in the Fair-
niont field.
Kramnier Powell. i)residenit lof Io-
eil 4.h33. United Mine Workers,
near Clarksburg, said that when
t.renty-sevenr of us fellos at the
Montana mine," were arrested,
Juhn W. Davis (father of the
democratic nominee) and John WVV.
Datis. Jr. volunteered to defehd
us and did defend us. free of all
The third letter frorn James H.
Moore, of Clarksburg. said John
VW. Davis had volunteered to de-
fend him and other miners arrest-
ed in the 1S97 strike. "And got
us out of trouble," it added.

Dawes Starts His
Tour East Friday

iL'lticg',. i', t. R16.-Charles G.
L.iwe., ice-pretidential republi-
can i nomine-e. tomorrow will start
on a speaking tour to the east that
will take all his time until the
week before the November elec-
During the eastern trip he will
speak in Pennsyvtania. West Vir-
ginia. Delaware. New Jersey and
New York. opening the eastern
campaign with an address in Phil-
adelphia. Tuesday evening, Oct.
21. and ending with a night meet-
ing at Rochester. N. Y., on Mon-
dny. Oct. 27. returning to Chicago
the following day.

',t: ....; .... ...... 4 m LA FOLLETTE
Wi r. therm ometer... 6',6 -1
,t hurmidity 7 APPEAR TO i
Rel humidity (Pct.> 71 50
_ Taminpa and vi- P A T
Scinity: Fair to-
night. Friday
s homers Des Moines. Iowa, Oct. 16.-(By
R / Florida: Fair the Associated Press.)--Snator
tonight except
showers in ex- Robert M. La Follette left he'e
I soulh potr- early today to carry his fight for
InEast Gi the presidency to the state of
^ ."^^----- i~ E a. t G U I t .
FrF re s h north- Minnesota. which has two farmer-
east _over north labor senators. He speaks to-
and Increasing
east and nth- night in Minneapolis and then will
r east over south swing Into South Dakota for a
I V portion probably spee.-h tomorrow ntrht in Sioux
reaching gale
force eouth of Falls.
FAIR. lailitudc 26. In Des Moines, last night., Mr
-outhi .Atlnti ,onaat:. IModerat .t,, La Follette renewed his charge
fresh nortiieast and east except
fresh to -trong east over extreme that the federal reserve board, in
south portion, conspiracy with New York and
For '4 hours to 8 am., in. 0 Chicago bankers "put Into effect a
Total this month. In. ..... 356 deflation policy four years ago
Excess since Oct 1., inches.... 1.95 which proved ruinous to American
Excess since Jan. 1, Inches.... 4.94 agriculture." The board, he de-
T.i IeperLtures.
nrfci'-n,:-, since Oct. 1 Deg... 9 dlared. "has worked hand in glove
It.pariure sin.'" Jan. 1. Deg. (' with all street to exploit the
lirom tler, sea l'e.el. a n Jit t00
v1ind miles. Direction northeast. farmer and he producer.

Tampans End Vigil
After Sleepless
....^- -

r "-tiood dei dtti- 4,tha
ths HIllsborougb riter below cEb.
daim of the TamPa Elitctric comol' y
has been averted after 48 hIours of
heroic struggle or, the part of a
large crew of worlimen. The tempor-
ary ;and bag barrier constructed by
the men yesterday held the water in
check and the placing of additional
sandbags today has pint icic'I thf
dam stru-'Lure Itli thie ne.',-s.arv
Hundreds of Tanpa residents
.tho.s. honies were altt -r near
Ihe banks of tHe river have
Abandoned their tei-leas vigll,
after preparingm to flee from their
residences at ans monirnt if th
dam should have git-it \wa.'
7rimresn kWarned.
EarIv yesterday niornlng. atell'-
ers at tie dam were alnrened to s'e
the two dirt arms, of the structure'
lc-lng slowly washed away. urnl.r
tihe constant preetrure of unuuaaltv
high water- backed up behind tie
barrier Scores of workmen and
volunteers Irntmddiately began to
construct a hastily built harrler of
sandbags while others. including
T'iIm.L pc 11 '-en,. n hurried i rir '
down both bannik of th- nrv. r :)'-
lowv the dam warning residnii, 'if
the Inpendlng ditriger and iirc ng
them itn be ready to le \r iltheir
I.r.mPas on .1 morr.i',nt ntl','
The eict ansount ', ""itrcr in
the basin behind the d.,ni ht b'en
caused by the recent ITi'r'": rain in
thi upper ".'i.:- .- f i- r Of-
f lalis of the .? lecrl. .orm|-..- i r-
dered the fl-.od tnie- n ifthe drint
dvinailted on Mondav in an efrort
to cherl, the ru,h of ',.atr Tile
pressure of tile 'ater, gain't th-
dam continued. ho'rtver. and only
quick actIon orn the prt of thr
workmr.i avoided a Prol'.ale .,.ttns'-
trophe yesterday, offi,-lals of the
electric company rElated.
Belndy for F.mergenrcy.
Constant inspection of the drtn
was kept up all last night The
dam was brilliantly lighted and a
large force of workm.n stood by
ready for any emtrgene7y.
"We believe al1 danger .' the
dam giving.away has been averte.l
and that while we '.ill kpept a
close watch, everything Is all right.'
said T. J. Hanlon. jr. manager nf
the Tanimpa Electric company.



It elected, thle Wisconsin sena-
tor said he would make banking
credit the "servant of the people
rather than its master," by provild-
ing for the organization of coop-
erative banks and the functioning
of the federal reserve board as It
was intended to function. In ad-
dition, he declared, legislation Is
needed tI conttrol Interest rates.
prevent usury and t, insaure the
use of the people's own credit by
the people on reasonable terms.
During his speech, Mr. La Fol-
lette endorsed Senator Brookhart.
of this state, who is seeking re-
election as a republican, although
he has been outspoken in his crit-
icism of both President Coolidge
and his running nntre. Charles G
Da wes,




Part of Amount .lB
By G. 0. P.t fI f
State Battlesa; ,, r


Davis' Weste644. :
ager Regre ttij' '- "
of Underwriter.,

Chicago. If'

Dixon explained the 6.5,000 y'-
ment by Brennan by saying that
at that time there was a. shortage.
of funds In the western division.
The $32.500 totab given, h.e sa&ld.
does not Include the rental oL ,e.
western headquarters here. That
is ptid by the national committee
; The funds paid by the western
headquarters go for p.,. roll and.
employment of speakers.
Chairman Borah wanted to 'know
if Dixon knen of any funds I i .
underwritten for the democratiW
"I regret to say that I do not.,"
Dixon replied.
The witness was excused.
La Follette Totals.
Chicago. Oct. 16-tBy the As-
sociated Press. I)-The La Folletter
Wheeltr national organization ham
collected a total of 8190,836 in its
presiJdentlial catipaign and expend-
ed $1556,062. John M. Nelson, cam-
paign manRger, testified today be-
fore te senate campaign funds
investigation committee.

Men Jurors Chosen
For Flapper Bandit

Philadelphia. Oct. 16.-A jlu'r
for the trial of Violet Dickeraotc
19 year old "flapper bandit,'
charged with first degree murder
in the killing of Louis Hirsch dur-
ing a. holdup In his store, has beeai
completed after the examination
of 150 veniremen. Testimony be.-
gins today. The jury Is composed
entirely of men, all women having
been excused or peremptorily nhal-
The defendant was permitted '
bring her baby, burn in prison, to
the city hall, while site fated the
court. At the conclusion of tha
long session. she and] the child
were returned to the prison. Her
father, Milton 0. Dickerson. tf
Salisbury. Md., sat near her in
She is accused jointly with':
Chas Oeffing.r of shooting Hirac,.h.
Oefftnger was convicted of firei.
degree murder.
I *1'i

Borah Decides to "
Seek Re-Election
With Republicans
Bois.. [Idaho. Oct. 1 I -
United State-s '4nitor
K Borah. of Idaho. desires to
seek re-electiun In November
,st a republican and not as a
The senator, renominated by
the republicans and also named
by Idaho progressivales, made
known his choice last night
after the state supreme court
had ruled constitutional the
'tRItute Ihnt a candid ite cannot
lihuve hi, nan'.' on il\'t Uickets.




. I



T" .
t '

, .

100,t(4Q, with J. K. Bingeltary,
pressiewt; Liee S. Day. vice-presi-
dent; Dewey A. Dye. secretary and
.le board of directors ,01m-
pries -the president and vice-preas-
bl*5t ana. 3. B. Singeltary. E. B.
Sut'i, 0. "L,. Stum, G. B. Kjnowles
js1 .Sary L. Land.
Tip cQr omptroller spoke before
the'" radentown Board of Trade
Ttlmdt.-, night In support of the
popased conatltJt ional amend-
ment prohibitilng the levying -if
pktiitp Income and inheritance lax.

it; Pate. to Stage
Armistice Carnival

(Special to The Times
8t. Petersburg, Oct 16.-A gi eat
vlir carnival to be staged in
Ta".ia' bay In celebration or At- day As being arranged by
the1t. Peteftburg Power Boat as-
0miWt tn. An entbuaiaslic meet-
ipof the members of the associ-
a9n was hpeld last night in the
club h'dusq on thl north mole.
With thle conuTes laid out on tLhe
ba, & esub hfuse tonatructed and
a jgralM of uniformly construct-
e4 pee1 boats nearing completion,
the'association is rapidly, assuming
a dominating position In -power
boat racItn1 pirates in, the south
ThB Armistice day celebration is
til be the first of many large
ow eil'tl which will be staged dur-
w h .l.e .wt~r. ..

*' SM.. 5 --dPr" re,
q f'=' q 4 ohn W. Biggar, local ar-
' chlitect, for a building for the
P-. 4Wtiat Ice Cream company, of
S TaIppa.
"Tfe building is being constructed
of hollow tile and stuc.-o, and will
cslt about $25.Ofi0

Petersburg Permits for
Half Month Total $397,100

iSpeeial to: The Times
St. Petersburg. Oct. Ilf.-Build-
ing permits Issued at the office of
the building inspector for the first
It days of October totaled $397.-
100. It is expected that several
large permits will be issued within
t the next few days for the construc-
ion of new buildings, which wili
greatly swell the total. It Is ex-
pected that the total for this
smjwith will hi- o,'er on. million

More Than Thousand
Tourists in St. Pete

i iSpecial to The Times '
St. Petersburg. Oct. 16 -While
the registration hooks ha'.e been
open only a short time. there are
up ut the presentt time I ?jO win- i
tar visitors already on the books.
On the same date last year thero
were only 594 registered.


Entirely Restored to Health
by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Mart. Texas. "I have taken Lydia
F_ Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
oto build we up as
was all run-
~down, nervous and
caiLk. l ached and
hurt all over so
a that I was often
compelled to go
uto bed, anid I had
Nto hate most of
my work done. No
medicine seemed
to help me until
one of my neigh-
bors who was tak-
ing the Vegetable Compound insisted
oin me trying a bottle o r it. The medit-
cipe helped me from the first, and the
bet of all is that I can even sew
.4ain without that awful, nervous
fling I was used to having. And I
t -id to take crying spells, with suchI
a tue feeling that I cannot explain.
N9w all that has left me. I feel so
ehierful and I have gained in weight.
i1t Rwzr and eat hearty. Oh! I wish
I rad words to express what this
m1dicin has done for me! I am a
hooekeeper and do every thing from
the sewing to the washing now and
it o_ 't hurt me. You may use my
inamny way you wish. 'I will be
iO help any suffering woman to
4 r rd of health and happiness."-
M. B.F. $BANNON. 404 Travis Ave.,

A charter for the tit-ew (.oml'jan'
capitalized at $ti6i0,000. was ,'ili
yesterday in th- office of the 'I,.
of circuit court.

Gary Masons to Give
Apprentice Degrees

kA vi.,as or entered apprnitlc .-
\\]Il be initiated Friday igb hi,
Gary Indge, No 240, F. & A. M .-..
the lodge rooms. Thirtv-sixth str-.
and Ninth avenue, Secretary R,,.
Hood announces.

A Big Even-FVew 1
Economies Fore-ue i

for making cake and cookies,


N Form Association N"TheST1,,,akensfro

BRADENTOW At Wilson School -- Ta le.
Ta UN Tr I O0cai it'I.]h.:i at retuirred fi oni
.j rIT A parerlt-teacher asotriatiln cfSt. Loui.,, where hlie has becE- to
i N th ". Woodrow W*on Junio 'th close s big ,-ontracL for Windhorst.
noon at the school. The folpwing" 'omniodiou home of Mr. anti
M, te I officers were elected. President, ir,. Gustav H.rnnig in Highland
Mi a Institution Mr.. C. o.0^ard: firer vcE-Fa016 thiouwn (open to public,
pit- president. Mrs T. fmsP,; eec- tba occasion being' a pleasant so-
Has Capital of ond vioe side ,r-. .3. L."fird; clalhel, f..r the benefit of the
$1n 00 recording secretary, Mrs. George iLutheraii church. Mui,-aln run'-
$10UU ho. Lenfest,. treasurer. Mrd. J I 'Tod b-Ei' r '%ye irenaeied Y.," 6iszS
fMrs. L. I. Anderson, president of HuLda aiid Krehe.. AIrs. Joan,
1 the State Parent-T-ao'her associa- R. Jones and Piofesor SIchlic..
,ataralntown,i Fia.. Oct. t6.-Er- tion, presided. Tasia were made The rnariage of Miss Pe i!
ggit 4.Ba=, comptroller of curren- by Protesaor &t. M. .Ray. Elizabtch Sort 1to Br-ce Lastingeil at New
cy, visited Bradentown, and after ShL.rpe and Sol FleJshmanrI. Olbh.r Hope Methodist church Sunday
n opens in r-umbers were rendered ni, the pro- nlght a haprv ecemit. The r-ide is
%i3Vag &svelopmnets In thils e- -gram. one of the sweet girl graduates at
g i'f recent dale, granted permit The lunch rronm will be on 01 .ilbe the lams Tampa high school com-
to'lManatee River Bank and Trust first topics discussed hy the assn- menLemtient. anlrid the groolsi is
o tap o Incoorporate for carry- elation treight tlepor Agent r e the F I,.
r r g banking -. & P at Ybor City.
lig rward a geneil bankg Lie uhano coded v. ith
hD m. New Lighting Plant 'gay throng of dancers who gath-
Application for brharter for the .. ered by invitation of the Odd. Fel-
ne* financial institution has been Planned for Alafia lo, lodges of the c,.t. The re-
Stae thesaecretary of state .. .. certioi ,.,initte fr the- ,.tin,.
de to the secretary of state -- which was gien fc,r- the benefit ,,f
'by Dpeey A. Dye, attorney for the n t Cuba lodge No. 38. included A. %.
Construction ofr.ectrc light-, Cubs i n
bat*, -and It is expected that the ilg plant on the Ruetkin road north Cus.cad' ii. l. Fainsworth, J .1.
enterprIae will be in operation ear- of the Alafta river will be start d Ball Ju. .eblee and Ruiz Pa-z.
at once by the South Tampa Elec- '2 Years Ago.
ly tzn January. trio company, a subsidiary of the 20 YJh an s ; h
JpSk Winn. architect of Tam- U. S Export Chemical corrporatlon. t hnmIedh andt the AMe'dAl
pq0,. 'engsl ed.ka supervising ,' fertilizer manufacturers.
The plant will furnish liht and parsonage by Re,. B. K. Thiower.
y 4MeVUt -f tbe Stone building, power for residents of that section Both Tiewlyv-ed. have .asrf frien.l-
MWn street and Manatee avenue, as well as for the chemical pliat the cliy.
and wilt cost approximately $',l't), J. S. Twomey will nJove h.
whIc' Is to be the bankls home. according to Norton P. Web-j.r. ;io- Loe i. -. ne.wv quarters In tile
.]Btaee Rlyer Bank and Trust fistant secrptary-treasurer -_' 1ie Amnerican National bank huildin,:.
co0faoAy was organized several company. Deisel engines .f :., -0---
walSago with capital .alock if horsepower c taclty' will n ii'r-
- ta11e1 In thei lntn.n|S

biscuit, pie crust,

Thursday, O(otober 1% 31g31

and the First,'Nationai' will hen r razed Sla r Is
occupy the entire space on the C a layer
ground floor of the building it Sn H tal
Fianrihi and Madison. Sent to Iospila
A addingng roo.k place ai Blooim-
ingdale. Lha .happy couple being -
James Lampp anrl Miss Bes-ie M,- rlr,, Tenn OcLt -I6-Aquil-
Lear, a daughter of Hugh % Me- la Redditr. slater of his mother,
Lfar,n The ceremouv was per- Mrs. Susie Redditt, and his sister,
formed by Rev. I A. Verinon. in Mary Luu Redditt, with an axe at
the Methodiist chmi.h their hen.- near Co.rdova several
Ditspatches iron, St.. Putersburg. days ago, wvas committed to the
Russia. rF-'eal ten ible si.aughter In I tat.e ylu'tM v' hen a plea of in-
mne -day hbattlit. belov. Mukden 3anit'. .as entered in his behalf
The Russian ca~uaity list. of c3.- in cmnrcial court yesterday.
u0t- is a hoc,,r lel[ ttihir" t, ihe Th- p lea .as rno l contested by the
ac~i c ,:,t J.J parne e fire In b ]?, prosecuting att..rne.y.
S1Hearingq- will bue held in pro-
10 Year-Ago- bate court Oct. 24 on lbthe peUtn
MN irln 1. Rains. p..pulai clerk rt' (Ireenhur' R3 -ddR tt, the father,
at the Hillsboro hotel, wa. nw_'- to test the sanity of three other
rneu to AlMiss Irerne R. Brady In childrenn of the Re-ddltt family
Ne'. YIk nIth [lie 14th irst | The children are heirs to farmn
The Gernian Lmaginatirn has and tinmbcr lands valued in the
been [ied tv the taking of Ostend bill at W50.f'f0. Reddltt asked in
,id thi-ir >-i.\ now :s not Ohly "On his p-lltlon a be p-
r.o Calais'" bur (in t:. B, ,ulog_. .. i.oinfed if they are not found sane
Last 'erinng. at the residence e"f
Mi. and Mi. yslam ot DeL.. K
street. Miss Katherine Sxweet be-
came the bride of Addison Rocbin- E NM
son. Dr.. t \V. tDuke officiatir-. SAUCE PEPlt
The young cuile wvill te.'d, on B
Morribon avenue
Commencing Is,]a luncin was
saei'ved Lur 5 cents to t i.' -:.hlar,
,.,f Lhe Hyde Park school. It is ,Jf ,
the fiist lunch room t thie Ladiez'
gqhoqI L nwcZ.s aotfitailo", if wJllch
Mrs. .fopri -mcas is president.
O Wt ( of rinst inerj; anaJT.
brnIl anitt -_ap$ ftu.atioxni. of tt(. |
year" ain "te W tveihg Ot Sacred
-earZ churlcU- of Willianm C. R-id Be Sire You Got.. ..
and -Miss --?I-e-seti4 _-rA: Mahone-, H Genuine
Rev:' '. l-Mc'ally offieiatngp The Gui
newlyweds wilt thel l Ime EVANGELINE
U0 P tlat rre st' 'eC --


At the Close of Business October 9, 1924


accommodation extended to our customers
to assist them in the conduct of their
business .............. .............. $ 8,954,916.37
STOCKS AND BONDS-In addition to our

purchases of Government Securities we
are now carrying in Stocks and Bonds,
including stock in Federal Reserve Batik
LIBERTY BOINDS-In Liberty Bonds we
now have on hand .....................
BANKING HOUSE-This represents the
amount of our investment in our modern
lire-proof ten-story office building cost-
ing over .........................
And, based on present values., worth twice
as much.
is carried at only a small percentage of
our original investment, and now is. "
property other than its Office Building
owned by the bank. and amounts to.....
OVERDRAFTS-We discourage overdrafts
at all times. However, it is sometimes
necessary in order to protect our eusto-
mer's credit, to pay their checks in excess
of 'their, balance. Therefore we no*
show overdrafts to the amount of......
BONDS LOANED ......................
sists of'cash in our vaults, and on deposit
with other banks, immediately available.
We always have an hand an amount in







To Visit

North Riverside

For a Change, Is to Live There Forever from a Choice .

Buy your homesite in a restricted, thoroughly improved
reside4ti l subdivision.

North Rwverside and

Buffalo Heights

Is Tampa's "Closest In" Real Buy Today

Watch the New Homes Going Up

Drive out Michigan Ave. west to Main St. (North Boule-
vard), two blocks beyond end of pavement you willsee.the
new homes.
For a Visit Phope 3859

City and Suburban Realty Co.

116 W. Lafayette St. At the Bridge

dividends declared and set aside to 'be
paid to stockholders ............ .. ..L .


EPOITS This represents money left
DE POSITS with us by thousands of
firnas, individuals and corporations for
..safekeeping, and that the people of this
City and community have confidence in
this institution is proven by the fact that



our deposits today $11,1 2,722.96
amount to ................. .. . .. .

TOTAL ...................... $13,204,557.54

Citizens Bank and

Trust Company

"The Big Bank at the Big Bauilding"


An Understandable

exiss of-what the law requires, and now D-- .
amounts to ........................... 2,199-,T6'-"-..W

TOTAL ... .. .. ........................ $ a,2 4,57.4


CAPJTAL STOCK-This represents money
invested in the bank by our stockholders
to do business with $100000000
now is-....................-$ 1p

Earnings of the Bank set aside by the
Directors after all expenses, taxes and
dividends 'have been paid, forming an
additional protection to depositors, now
to .......................... $86 563 21
DIVIDENDS UNPAID-- This represents

Year of our succem will
be celebrated on

Watch for tomorrow's paper


"1 H ii



,~ A


* I

* '1''
* I'.;

5. I

* '1

I ,.c.

and all sorts of good things to eat Snow'd rift


- I I -9


..ay, October 16, 1924.


bajr-l1,1, I rb a'-n'n aridvantage Ira an aniiilr:
F~~ Ir I -itI I... 1.,~ r IAe I J,' L)t r tr nrs
&fREED&., Su Alteza el Amor 1 t
Te InT C. p I r: leb-in In One R igi Film.
,nea all I,.- el hi.- 1H'
SL A iLL Xavier de Montepin. Ni rI' ,il thin ..,-- ,.1 Hom -
FlyEv ood a pliK-r in F r. N.i Nional
: j .i Iy a t-. ph | urizallon -.f 'Ilhl noman ori
TRf I AIA -Hay desaflo t"r ,,rirloando noeati, ente a Lu- the Jury." v.hicn stars a'yIl a
--0n"re 'einte hi,to, dlez de .la.-entonces, .i \o os diTera uB earn and dnich wvill h, pre-
e d'ez "Is c. O el.onas dijera at the Grand theater f.i
'." ': cada lade. y e 'qu no hay di': Curruca.-. og adoro: ,quer,'ia two dav,. starting today
'' ma que pedir. cornparlr cornirnigo la loli la Is Harry u. Hi..t. who directed tlhe
c'cted V e r d C t -Hacellr fortune c preni me lene "n Ief im, -quoted as sr. Tn.e
Ce lor fruna I ,|e el pur\'enir neipen
Foeasees r. -A i a ee-* *J'r 'neservado.. quu conL.estariais" -'r ga ,h puI raal
I .. o e. ,an ;enslbles haran lier. en Il ,ar -Cltestaria ci. en Regulda- FIrsr Nationol replied '.i.
'J= O t e r a el _p a tre~ l l e g o eluelt
... Other Cases. -Ae sab rlo--diuo la interrumpil la vtieja. deliclosarien- Frank Mayo. star (or s.,eral
,.. a. e halagada por las plaltlias, v so- years in Linlersal and nldv.yn
i-.:. dO Gacia receive n n- --Tambn In par1e 1ma e e loano por el acento de su veci- picturt:rs, appears opposil.e Mis'S
-.--.,Ad~ ac!ia received an in- -TamblAn Is pante crmica es n .ua :Zc rn, ., %uestra.. Broarret
.eriti h: ta1o inuy ed l l una ,,z cr, [ uetra, BreamSer
;:'..trfted verdict in his favor in e a e deatentla senor Fernando. e-s p.:iile ,nast:i Hobart Bossornh famed star i-t
" t~ ne tt~tc Ur" t s p~blico de =ante rei' irn tr Vh F .J.I.po n ril:
*-,Wed States district court this e, como se titula la pleza .ducit a la fa'otit' del gran tur- The ,.a W.lf. i n, ronlineril,
S Witi W In connection with the -Los Besos Mortales. Oi.
",ti, -Putes %o -eqpcinderim. no-dirn Leo --od.,. hali often graerg th-'
". si glilng activities of the Cuban -Brr...-dljo la sehola -ucil-Ps- r y e conriddi. q -de el se- ligh a's ",Ia in h rao, I hy
dler.- :Los Be ns Mlortales ,I-u,: ur -- Por de contado qiie el se- light, a% i, sla in h;9 ow r ilgnf
..felhlieur "Barcelona. The case -;titulo m Bs esieluzrnnte'... 1. en r Voinay hrontea : nJs quierp ,ill be seen as tme ,llain
"'. z0it Sat=asore Ferlita, on trial npoca ocurre ia escena" oar una ouestra (..l modo quo de- larv .,'rr. ch. sen5aion of Ovc,
joi .: with Garcia., under techni- -E.n tempo de Enrique Il senelarnarzi, tnahna su papel. Lon th Hills, has a strong par'
s.qbarles of conspiracy against --Traje del rey Enrnktue 1\. Ya' hacr- niu. bien. Le aseguri un And continuing to engage celh-
Aiteqhafger of conspiracy agats -a par que Ie estoy ir endo.. ithn. rle. until the first camera h-gan
,.'.'teovernemert continued after a ;Me entuslfl.srian esos easldosil 'Y -YI Ni cre4Lt ,4U anq ,"-Ie 10to ,i.k, First Natlronal's rosier 10r
i:.ll'StAI of t motion for an instruct- ;os tlnndrels un papel muy Iueno, pregunt :-I ar'ista a 4.1e'n Ia se- rhe Woni.n on the Jury" f'nalli
O. 4. Verdict in his behalf b% Attor- :.verdad? Un verdadetu, M lln- 1r ora 'e idier drligia signiirlcatlvas read Bessi Lc..'ve, Henry B Val-
0 ""a' ue? Dunalne joven inlr.das. thati. Roe, Sti-,art. Jean Her'h,',t.
:' t .y. K. Zewadskl. E .ael dei prtagnln pa --(reo que ,anto -n las tables Ford Sterling Ar hthr Lubin. fi-
"'":. ofrt er -,Eele, inpe del, easeun-RI PEI --ni fPi p1 eli e a ton .. . .
rrthe-. wine in the ae respondi6 Fernando.--E ,'nio fliei ii- ellis "s gusta ena- ton Heck anid Leo fthi.'. '., h at
-.* : i'y ta wei e called this morning papel del d efior clue dL, los trees le- h ho'a,' a td0s la. ',ujeres-res- -ome time or aroth-r tie .irg ,tar
k*.J i J a n as -aI ta te cin r-es riip anis. | p(ondl6 L.1,la.-y que niultlplicals adtled J. their r .lC i !iar.i-s
A."..n t trala a tre't nWuern en eseh laa declarati Jnes por anior la arte. Mary O'Hara rdapred "The vWornm-
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.'Aft4r toon. Following Ferlta's -50, y cada vez que dov unn be- Iu Ununa amlistad sincere. y .1e fe- -iomih a stage Eucceas
*e ca ,cadauna de anlmas -u i ere. Ill lto de ello p iorilue. rC,"o :,.. os --
S the case of .me H. ack- |- n hrrl debe le r lie dicFh t. ,h A.S -s -'e' ni coraz.n Flivnn Dlireled Picture Ieril.n ot
..';.;A f the Harkn. -.Audit Co and I rty interpsante' TTr-s -,sons. tie e-, I-,.- 'Jdena ;.ntinu.r sien- PIan Roman.
.t ..Mundell ,f S. PeterYburg ''nia' In ht-. a1,, hitn eh"' ol- i Enmnett Flynn. %whose o-,ri a-
--th niflSt P tor filrg 'A a rira intel- 1-s -9 .eO -4Liue i oiiiitia,.i %, nilin I i directC,i and s,--itarni" f'le r. hl,
e.' :,W d with ,onspiri, f, hrou-T' in, Into promiinen.: ino t*.
t har4b hien, y cuento i in in lii- brou' tin. into pr:m.rien .'t un Ih
le Income tax return. %ill hb nr!, mon-i u. Ten-u ef-ceinaa de F -'r,-h and B ,liaJn tlneFrs ap- niotilon picture w-orla. adtirected (h-
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terda' Antonio Bonisch. can-. saiuente en I0 oe i._ eb taI lih tir Flit trl i i, Who C anie Ba-k adapted ironi th
n:. of the schooner Barcelona. en .rr'ten en ...sue. en hI lJa nn t It
,r no artins",n A ada h',es r ll 'rn n a .......... .-ill b recalled that JUleS E,.k.?r
Alvalof S, a met- I o I P.- hllu pu.rolular in Chil irnd l'.oodmrner V-,'red hl stage sun'n-is on
*ro the c-ew. entered lea o 't' pln' a i d: ,t-, ... h1 n manu u e hok. do,, Iein roduci-a
'otl e tiocharges *o. smun%.'r% ih book. lh- I.. teing I rodu1e1
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per FL" J ll 11 e L ',, ) oni jr. Irn i t 'ipF, 0i u0 d I% r t'l a t2 rad, ]r, Iql'--
eU. They were not sentenced I "r'" i'p u ..n n--lg I - iar., Nali arnd H.nn Hull iiad
A tn Ing oulrcom of other cases In I u F ind --.--' pr'Pn-p-1 Na rt and i1 i .A Ilu hd
.'S..,pa mb connection 'ha."i 's ntir' unara Pmorhonesl-' an 'ly
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:f. e wtm.*ere taken yesterday after- llorai.s. I.lor en ,-1 teatio me en- .
::.,'ipB n the caaes of Leo Das. Ar- ',canta Cuanto mnis Ilotro. nia e'e n arr In Prneuni
I'''hil. Thomiopolous anil Victor M. Id-iviorro. ;"u-nto huhier't dadi.1 FmpIr Hands ExperIn nimmer. h PT r c of
&N'1..|, all charged wtth violations par .ser c6nmica crn inucho tal-ento %'I I the xrn tnn of Annr Tr cr. if
*-'*" t the HR rrison a nil-nai cotic a io pi':'c'-s hrill" nL i' S i urru'p-a Kilrrmr ln rh, ,r, n -,o'.? nn
X l'.,vke of A. B. Arnold, chargerdi hubie:a eguido mui -:onasejo ha ce ,,ore ,xnt s.. nrr- Iman N.-yO-rm- I
-.'' ti#'- Violation nf the motor vp, ^Ih"h tipmp" .ile hubiela tl- l.,;, ". nr, i ro e,, l ,r, sup.
bl'*' Ib Mtheft act was continued to in en a tante en lug"t 'I. Han, ,. 'i Fl-ri rnt p'r.
AleIarre reason. Helt nd Finlendo nQnga y hciel
*." :1th' l~m@ eaonI psi 'r ,.oslendo mang'as y haeienlo o,,,|on t,'.r pj,.-n-,un, r,- d.j h.< Is a wife ever Vustl sed
...-- aidas (Con Fu linda ra a siti. her- tI rn lion.i Is a wife ever justified
]B"^II t oitioso ojo, y ]a voz que tiane. ,ug- I ho ,... anadlari hor, .. '.... indeceivingherhusbandr
"..' as oin nII dinero ganarfn' Ireal and as a uo,'iti oDhh Dav and night, Eleanor's
... h ..e I Luite frncl6 lag c .( '', ,e 1 er xilo wi ,e i... r n -d soul was -wracked with
O~i qtowdea: 1 lit-naron los ojo0 de lgftuin',ar 'ie'r Iin-- amu. .
P upo ls R t I' -0Acaso oh'dald qe nil pobre dinvtreIaI shs ',.-, . ,.j. n .ec fear that her hideous
: u rupls Rejectea riu tla'-p mruri6 casi de hamnhie v tu- lady n,-mh,,i ,.r ir.i ,.,uh1 tio h.'.: I secret would be brought
-.-"* 'i 'vleron que enternqria de limos- nii,nnm -rnr an,- di r,| e'tr.ih, tOl'ht. Yet in hidiog the
n' ; ,, I n a -- re ti re l t -ti- V n o i.ib s ta m t ;, n e pa l i co n to lig h t. Y e t in h id in g th e
... Er -llmmnt In the Ballast Poir, ira c- leh'e o01 3,i trslento :. pr imt n,-ras,.n ,.o hi, ii, 10 ''arda truth she was thinking
.":a.rbdlhpts Increased to li., Thir su htnso.ura I onlvofhim-hisfaith.hislova,
U't.'-titge biest enrollment in thep - rerdad- p-?.. Pc poreri n, In Had'.ii- n, hishappiness. The desperate
11,,1!1IF ntq,pl,r Hnd ,II~ A rthnr his h pi n= h rp~ r
6:.""'hi ry of the school, nnd mai tir-nia i-den ni pr. eci..n6rnil'a de .trin r.- r..i ,hi ,-ib at ,hw measures she took to conceal
...*. e0i active s"tudentq have been lo contrario, hublera paodhld. ga'" Zmr,,,n -rh,,.,ii l,'i Tu -,,ai 4h- %ill hbar Ruilt, the sartrling corn.
i ".'d away. due to lack of room Fira N felliz .'Ferfniq e'.,n6rirlca ______plhcation that ensued, and is
l ,..,-ft ose oto dItiona .ill he nve. i ti'.rruia 1- fuese-i s c6'nicrn n o n is r
.:.*.vowill next semester how--, I n-, I..>p-ea: ~ noisrn.^ ^ ^ lW ems7n iio..e
.i, iinew school bulldent h .l" b. -PlrNa no la ,bnoeln .-ntorni ping true story that you will
the sew scool bildin ~ Il be Pri-jup no la ,'rnoaci1 -LfiorRleencrt e
Cewiteted. Tha new structur- t 1.,.'il.--rlro c6m1, Relieve nvor forget.
idem S.,In"?elrt tesici aid NI falta que h:ieo nis Ten, HoD COLDS id in the No.vmb.r
i alla r hapan principal tune deaeo de pisar !aH CabO Ls n of True Story Magazine.
S. saahool ha e out rinrpal '.. ..p wo o stn ith antiseptic And this is but one of the Te-
T.|:-V school, bag Fiet out reading -- Entonves no op rttstal-ri ca- m rnlfnuettlise
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'I ,. roe. e9w'ng much Interest In thI d viendon-a nil mirido aer -1

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____ _________ -Ili-) riendo ta seh'or-s \'Verud
; -qf que los cendria. pue. in --
I'ti ', b ee u h a b e r sid o c 6 r niica lo ,U I-.
Growers IId'a ..e1 featro... AliIno ear con-
e tLumhres lteras en que el carech.
. raS reeninlaza l ai or: Pesa existenda
feharil -n flu- ,a los o Ie s d anin-
0 Nalhan Mayo nd f !'nbn 1 oteato a d., enti-
i " mlentno verdadero1
ik.'3..* f.:' -T^i-r--- -niiir..,ir.A PI qr. P r ntn IKX
C-k nitntown. Oi't 0, -Man'ee 1-- --r%[ ... .-lert, Ii .-
4'r* have not nietL-d the e it- Y
Oy t upon then at the open- | io s
: r tho shipping season. declar.' Those who suffer the I
tih'athe)a Mayo. commissioner of Those who suffer the l
k*ir ture. who. w;th 'V P. GI, f- tormentandembarrass- I Black and white tells your
taute frut n o, r ,e.a-,,....,* meant of skin trouble. [ message, but color work
t'!,1'ours In Birridenlown NeSLE-t- mn fsi
.b.r I of one form or another, SHOUTS IT! One Tampan
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d Uyisrnd at'e heie.

i dlwild to Hunt Palms
S On Thaiksgiving Day
A pa.'ty" of mrnhIl,-il n tih. Iil-
C' wild- vic.: rlub cii itnk- a .,
.to A swamp on 'hink.'i ,, ing tii
i1 get palms and i-.ihFr i r- T..
the park' to b e lPhlisned -in th.-
rbui'ndas of the ih hIihlditid ri-,-
: lver Terrace I.ur,'h b hpskts .Illl
be taken. Mr \Br.nd Mr: iDjFirey
waro hi charge of hI- ttip
A movement In ha hikir's
biramd aealed In paper as in >hi
o*ountr., has been started in L.on-

I To Transform .v '
If Colorless Hair

r.-Tr-fJ mt., .f D, (cir/,,
^j- L Marrhatti, Cliwlin Al wa
.GraufEcdo( mjyl# ej ,AJr ,r -
S.'a< M A,,tia,,, Parr /
:-' MARCiH AND S '"

GoIden HairS
K Wash
C&.&Mw*a ft Mw.w



__-.- ..,

A --- ~--\A l ,e i !t
.... ___ I I E

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0 2.1 322

.... .- I


r-ni;,ti-.,' n Brl.)adv a' on -'r. than
a c'-ar i r.I played Chicago fr it\,-n-
ti- l,i-e t..-lk and in ainoth-r pit-
diiftjon Conrad NaRg' had the l -nd-
Inl g Oi- ti p t 'q4Uali%. siIi',-t.'iil -
Cpnrg- (VP.r,-r, .jid Dorr.th3
Mar kall-. haw- lbh' I-ad' in Ilie p,-
ITur -i-Ilc'r, and arm supported b%
%s rtctahbl'- east i thih ;nrludes C ;.'rni
_ha d% irk. R',lph Lev ,E. EniilI%
Fitzroy, Har'-:.' ClarR antid otnFr
.rluaily 'ell known.
Ti.- stlr:.' conccrnT a v ealihv
Ni- Yorker i. o gi--s ivwrmg anid
Iv a pro':'-ss of d-gradation b--
.ri'm-? a )ea,-h i'.>niher in the Otrieliir
Thp r,\ e nof a Iromanr aiF\.akens hi-
s-lf-rcspe't ,.erituallv. hut not un-
til a romani" st'.rv of' pathos and
action has hbf n tinfoldrd rp by
zlep Thi- pl'turn is shoving now
i[ the \'i.'tiOrV tl.:31 r for ihrpe
d.i y-
N.led %New orl Couril Rrprodnured
lor Screen.
There is a aset:e. "a big dramatic
,-:.urtr )luin trial -pisode. in the Fux
pioductimn of "It I' The La'.." no.' at the Frankllri htatre.
cthi--h w hile it takts but iniut 2')
nminut'Jt la pt,-5 before the ,ves.
Ti ':-I; ,imI' qi a niiaiivl dec.'. i' plan
anld --, 'lt r tier.
Th"b r ie .n t'.. ihi- I, lh fa.L

It's the EXTRA eggs you get
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- _"__ _"_


tIlhat the s.:ene -ho-n here sr a I E The L. T'. h d',spatchcd his art
eta-r reproduction of New York' i Ialaf and icchl,ca l men to the crim-
oirO.t hu i' and fant<.,us cruiiroonl it in.-l c ljrrs huildine to iuk-,: a -ropy
Ih crinmillnal i'.-.ur L building Di- of it
I et-or .r Gordon Ed,.-vardi. ho With it f rrousa paintings.
made "Is 1 Th, Lats." is noted its hlucj judge's ben'ih and sataing
stilckler for realign, S,, whern he prrangern-entE. it took a large staff
lound the courmr,:oni -piode in It ct" ctirpenters and jrtistc more than






Many subdivisions have so many lots that you can delay purchasing
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two weie.- to build the ast in r'-
plica TtVhen it xxas dunt Di-
rector F.drwarda spent hut tL0o da,'s
filming the aitlon for the srcent
SI'm satiTflied." he said. mve court
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s- ;'

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0 % MeLKay. One. -a PubMleban
Enrae'dr as aecond-elass main mat-
ter In the postoffice at Tampa. PrI.
i. has. a. Mullen, General Manager.
," C. C.'Worrhington, Assoolr.te Editor
SHarry C Slichter. Managing Editor
Stanley J. Dyer .........Cliv Editor
1. S. Brown, Advertising Manager
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Carrier delivery In Tampa and'
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Burrell Bldg.. New York: Tribune
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Louis; Examiner Bidg'.. S9n Fran-
cisco: Post-Intelllgencer Bldg.. Seat-
tiLe: Healey Bldg., Atlanta, OGa.

The Associated Press >B exolusive-
ly entitled to the use for republica-
tion of all news daspetchea credi-ted
io It or not otherwise credited Mn
this pappr and also the Iocal news
published therein. All rlgI'nLs of re-
publication of special dispatches
herein also reserved.

Member of A. B. C.

Circulation records open to
all. Detailed analysis In accord-
ance with requirements of Audit
Bureau of Circulation. uopn re-
quest. Fullest investtgatlo" of
methods, quality of circulation
and distribution Is invited.

-As a 0i111iam"
No question is asked more of-
ten. nor more anxiously, than Is
that Of what is the matter with
Lbhe children of today? And the
S' ropounders of this question are
ot a class which is interested,
having been led to its asking
around various corners from be-
bind which various peculiarities
and defected In the children have
jumped out to frighten them.
The old time American boys and
gtrls are a rarity. In their places
'we have bundles of nerves and
jroblemfa tor the doctors, oculists,
dentists and other specialists in
Greater numbers than havt-ever
been knows before. The norinal
boy or girl is almost a curiosity.
Luther Burbank. who has
brought about such wizardlike de-
velopments in plant life has said
something. along tlis line in his
"The Training Abt', the ;Iumaa.
Plant" which is 'oth lnierestilng
and unique. He saa'
Every child should harve mud
pies, grasshoppers, water bugs,
tadpolese, frogs, 'rmud turtles, elder
berries. wilit stravberrtes, aoorns
ChbetnutattrVetto clitb, brooks to
i' *wade in. tweI, lalii, 'woodchuckwE, .eb ut'rfls,I.arlous ant
".-'i '1 vl -- ks ,,l-d.pine oknkt
" i^-- ..erilft g ra u ." ffs1jM -M" nn .

S. ho hpis been deprived of these
.; las. been deprived of the best part
bf, f his education.
S Your grandmother and ours-
how wise those grandmothers were
'in many ways-had the sameri idea
In mind when they used to say:
"Boys and girls must be boys and
girls.'" That right of life is prac-
tically denied them these days--
It s not scientific
Common sense knows thai it is
difficult to raise children on stilts.
Yet we have provided still after
stilt upon which we place children
and tell them to walk. We have
gone daft over calories and vita-
mins, ounces and pounds, internal)
glands and animo acids, certain
height and certain weight for cer-
tain ages, and other like things
until it does appear at times that
we have run the thing into the
ground and are only reaping there-
from what we have sown. All these
are stilts, well enough to be used
In moderation, but dangerous if
the child is never allowed to come
down to ground and walk upon it.
One doesn't have to make a
long journey backward to arrive at
the day when it was not known
that children had nerves and when
the young person who wore glasses
was regarded as most unfortunate.
..r a freak. Days of Ignorance.
someone says. And that's true.
probably, but it was an ignorance
which was bliss-bliss for the chil-
dlren in that they could get out
and really be the cihildrsn wbhlch
they were, enjoying the things of
.child life and learning the valuable
lessons of childhood, and "bliss for
the parents In that they were not
forever alarmed at the outcrop-
pings of their child's nervousness.
Many a 'boy" who reads this
will remember how he valued and
pleaded for the privilege of gong
barefooted. Boys don't do that
these days. For a girl to do so is
unthought of, yet back In those
times the barefoot girl was aTmost
as common as the barefoot boy.
But things are changed, they
tell us. Indeed they are, that's
what we have been attempting to
say. Yet human nature hasn't
changed much. About all the
change we have been able to make
has been In the containers and.
frankly, we see no signs that they
have been much Improved, btirring
an exception here and there.

At any rate we are strong for
the Luther Burbank theory. We
wouldn't advise that anyone go out
end bring In snakes for the baby
to play with. The most pitiable
person on erth is the boy made to
%ear curls and be as much like a
girl as possible by a welt meaning
but wholly misguided mother. Such
an one Is an amusing anathema to
other boys and a hated thing to
himself. The next most pitiable
persons on earth are d,-ys and girls
wbo never have a show lo be real

veloping childhood Is to give clhil-
dren a throw at the normal things
of childhood- That Is what Luther
Burbank says in the lines here
quoted. And he was never more
correct in any of his sayings. A
very familiar statement of it runs:
"When I was a child, I spake as a
child, I understpol as a child. I
thought as a child.'

There are many reasons that
might be assigned for a slump in
business at this time, and some
may be inclined to dismiss the
whole matter with a shrug of the
shoulders and the somniewhat bored
accent with which they say "QOf
course, It's campaign year," Just as
if there should not be some reason
why a campaign year should be a
year of business depression.
But amont other things, the
bored and seemingly uninterested
citizen who regards campaign year
as tho only hoodoo that is casting
its shadow over the nation's busi-
ness might at least reflect on this
simple truth that a country which
has been spurred into overproduc-
Lion which cannot be relieved
through a foreign market must
necessarily suspend its activities
until a new demand is created.
More and more in this country
is being felt the need for foreign
markets, and more and more for-
eign people are finding it neces-
sary to go abroad for goods. EBitt
with all the goods we have for sale
we have made lb so difficult for
foreigners to trade with us that it
is a wonder they ever try to do so.
With prices already ,tilsh we legIs-
lated to make brtg"rw-at
least that was the t3pose,or those
responsible for the 1:6- extremely
high fariff LaWs passed in tne ilast
three years. Fortunately, it is be-
coming evident to our people tha'
prosperity in the United States Is
very largely dependent upon pros-
perity abroad.
Another thing- has been made
clear, and that is that an abund-
ance of money and billions of golo
are no insurers or guarantors of
prosperity. In tht present case
these have tended to keep prices
high-prices which were already
so high as to discourage buying
both by foreigners and our own
people. Now, according to Pro-
fessor Fisher's table, prices are
again advanoint. It isp often said
that the high wages are to be
charged with responsibility for
present conditions. ..,and lor the
prevailing high prices." That is
true only i paXrL For if high
wage mnadd "hh edinmtodity pride9
necessary high commodity prices
must have an effect on wages, If
wage-earners are not to suffer.
The country should at any rate
understand that big stocks of gold,
large per capital circulation apd
excesqlve protection do not maVe
rmpkrit*.j That Is a demronsrla-
aton whfcr was very jMJI|ieeiA-

borne in on the general conscious-
ness, and that fhe lesson will not
soon be forgotten. A country may
have too much gold, too much
money, and a great deal too much
protection. Such seems to be our
present case. We have all ihs-'
and yet prosperity lags.

Last week inquiry was made hy
those interested in the realtor'
convention in West Palm Beach if
the roads were passable between
Sebring and Okeechobee. That
was the only chance west coast
realtors had for making the trip
The answer came back that Se-
bring guaranteed passage. Then
came the torrential rains and the
graded road was washed cout in
Saturday's storm.
Sebring wasn't counting on a
storm when she made her guaran-
tee, but she didn't plead for release
on account of It Instead she set.
about making good on her promise
when it really seemed that she
couldn't. Mayor A. E. Lawrence,.
Councilmen E. 0. Douglass and W.
j. Amby, George E. Sebring, jr.,
WV. Z. Dalgety, Dr. Frank Manley
and others of the leading citizens
gathered up trucks, lools and a
force of hands and went out to the
work. There weren't any bosses
on the job, so far as relates to any
not working. All threw themselves
In as common laborers. Day-aqd
night the forces kept up the efforts
which were needed. The choice
women of Sebring put themselves
into the task by providing coffee
and food mid-day and midnight,
and at times in between, and a
route was opened up which fur-
nished the realtors the passage
front Sebring to Okeechobee which
had been guaranteed them by thc
people of Sebring.
It was a difficult job, much
more so than was first contemplat-
ed. But Sebring had made her
promise, and if she went down on
it she meant to go down trying to
keep It. No wonder she suc-
As little as one may think so.
this is but an outcropping of the
spirit which has developed Florida
into what she is. It is the spirit
which has bullded Sebring so won-
derfully. It won this time, as it
has been winning and as it will
continue to do.

Sebring has done a big, haiI
thing In a manner wholly praise.
worthy. That's the Sebring way.
She taokJes big things and works
them out.

Doesn't make any particular
difference, but we wonder if the
Dr. Bradley who speaks up for
Dr. Fosdick is the same one who
parted company with the Meth-
odist Episcopal Church South sonime
years back, upon invitation, be-
cause he didn't believe some things

boys and gfirls. iwhiob it is hard to understand how
You may present all 'be theories one can be a believer in Christ
you like, but the best way for de- without believing?

There is little danger that the
conservatism of one who says that
the present presidential campaign
has oeen the fullest of reckonings
and surmises ranging from the
amusing to the weird of any ever
known can be successfully ques-
tioned. The possi01lity of the elec-
tion of a president being thrown
ino. congress, whicn many this
year profess to see as a probabil-
ity, is- the basis for most of these.
It would seem that the entire
field had been explored. But Mark
Sullivan, one of the vei y best
known arnung the political writers
of the country, has just now come
to the fore with ant, altogether
original and highly Interesting
presentation of tne m.Itter.
He says that the democrats want
the election of a president thrown
into congress so they rtay elect
Davis provided, of course, lie is not
elected in thlle regular manner.
We are so sure that you had
never once thought of the matter
In this light that we ate giving you
just how Mark Sullivan says it is:
Wa'sshington, Oct. 12-The dem-
ocratic leaders high and low be-
ileve tuirily that if tno candidate
gets a majority at Lhe popUWar elec-
tion next month and the election
is thrown into congress, Davis will
be the next president. That is wny
the democrats have not been cast
down at periods of Lhe. campaign,
like the past tour days, when it
has been more or less conceded
that without a great change Datis
can not win a majority in the
popular elctLion next month The
democrats are sustained oy the
feeling that they have two strings
to their bow. 'T'hey want to elect
Davis if they nail But they think
that it' they fail and get enough
electors, combined with La Fol-
leue's, 1io prevent Coolidge front
having a majority-in that event,
the democrats firmly believe their
mroan will be the next president.
That belief, hope and assumption
are steadily and brightly to the
iront in the mind of every demo-.
cratic leader.
The reason tie democrats will
be almost as well satisfied to pre-
vent Coolidge front winning rests
on the following facts aUd assump-
If CooJlidge does not get a ma-
jority in November, the election
goes inLo congress. Congress there-
upon will proceed in February to
do two things: The senate will
elect a vice-president front the two
highest, that is to say, Dawes and
Bryan The lower house will pro-
ceed. tot elect a ,president from
among the three highest: Coolidge,
Davis and La Follette.
The senate, as between Dawee
and Bryan, will elect Bry'an. This
has been disputed and confessedly
the situation is complex. But I
have gone into it with sufficient
care to be convinced that Bryan
would be elected vice-president.
It is true the republicans have 51
senators as against 45 democrats
and farmer labor s-nators com-
bined. But Itl s also true that
enough of the nominally republi-
cgn senators, nuch as La Follette,
Fraster, Ladd, Brookhait ahid Nor-
risg 'wtl votp for, Bryan to elect
MiA, This' lattOr statement may
possibly .'be wrong, but I do not
think so. It Is hotly disputed and
It is a fact that some of the most
powerful among the La Follette
progressive group prefer that their
followers antorng the senators
named should vote for Dawes rath-
er than Bryan. The situation 13
further complicated by the fact
that probably one, and possibly
more than one, conservative den:-
ocratlec senator might in the's situ-
ation depart front and \..e
for Dawes. Nevertheless, I believe
upon tair i,'lstlgation that Br an
wroiilO Dn made vice-president.
Thereupon we should hate the
stare of icats out of which 'he
democrats oelie'e would arise the
election of Davis with the rielp of
republican congressmen.
This state of facts will consist
of the following: In the lower
house there would be a deadlock.
with the congressional delegations
of 20 states voting democratic, 21L
republican, 3 following La Follette
and 3 tied, so as to have no votes.
On this setup, if all the congress-
men stick i,.y their affiliations.
Lhero would be no election of 2
president for a majority of 25 out
of the 4S state delegations are re-
quired to elect.
The democratic a'sutrnpiicn is
that with this deadlock on the
presidency existing, and with the
republicans confronted by the fact
that Bryan will have been selected
vice-president by the senate, the
re-publicans will then see that If
the deadlock is perinttted t.:. con-
tinue no president will be elected,
and the presidency will pass Into
the hands of Bryan. The demo-
cratic? theory Is that the republi-
-cans, when they are confronted
with this situation, will find The
Idea of Bryan's being president so
repugnant to them tbhat enough of
them i'ii] voluntarll,'/ depart from
their party, break the deadlock
and ele.:t Davis president
This is the dentocratic assump-
tion. Most of the democratic W.d-
er! belIeve in it firmly. That is
the reason they are almost as wetl
pleased to prevent Coolidge from
winning in November as to have
Davis win They are confilent-
the hignest and lowest of them-
that if the election is thrown into
congress Davis will become [he
next president through th- process
outlined above.
Are they right in th;k assump-
tion? The necessary answer ia
that no one can foretell accurately
ahat will be the state o mind un-
der the unforeseen and (omplex
conittions that will have arisen by
next February. And yet the fact is
that snme republicans at last who
hav- looKed forward to this con-
tinge-nc,, and given ihougnt ti'
what should be done about it, are
fre:- [t:, .i' that possibly a sutfi-
dient nuhomer of republican con-
gressmen would' vote for Davis. It

would require one only a minimum
of f\ ., in each ot ine states
wrnu.E j ,Jc-igaLions are tied.
W'eir an old-time fantastic pa-
rade" to be scheduled as part of
the enteri'tainnment for the Confed-
erate Veterans when they come to
Tampa next neek for their re-
union and we to ride in it we
should take this production of
MSark Sullivan's aa & pattern after
which to fashion our costumes. It
appears to us as fantastic as that.
As we see it, tne only common
sense view of the situation is that
if the choosing of the man who is
to be the chief executive of this

nation goes to congress-either
branch of it-the result will be
such as is brought about by what
is known as the La Follette bloc,
else that the tie-up will be com-
It will be recalled that auch was
the case in the matter of the se-
lection of a chairman for the
powerful committee on interstate
commerce in the latest organiza-
tion of the senate. Numerous ef-
torts were made to organize the
committee, the La Follette bloc
objecting to Senator Cummings
because he was president pro tern
of the senate and its presiding of-
ficer because of the assumption of
the presidency by Mr. Coolidge.
The adnmlnistratiou bloc of repuo-
licans, we will call It, objected to
the next ranking committee mem-
ber because he was of the La Fol-
lette following. The democrats
presented Senator Ellison D. Smith
of South Carolina for the place
and stood by him witle the repub-
licans jockeyed and maneuvered
vainly. Ballot after ballot wa.
taken. Attempts were made to
break the deadlock by the Injec-
tion of several senators as the ot-
ferings of the contending aides for
the place. They accomplished
nothing. Finally the La Follette
forces voted for Senator Smith, as
did the democrats with the excep-
tion of a senator from Maryland.
The senator from South Carolina
was named and is serving today,
having the unique distinction of
being the onlvy democratic chair-
man of an important committee In
a senate whose majority is repub-
Most pobabli history wouid re-
peat itself somewhat along this
line, should the decision be put up
to congress.
Another thing that cones it for
emphasis along the line of thought
which Mark Sullivan has opened
up by this presentation r,f the matr-
ter is what we have come to know
as Bryanism. Spokesmen have
been many who have made bold to
say that the nomination of Gover-
nor Bryan as his running mate
would surely defeat John W
Davis. Now we are quite bluntly
and unapologetically Informed that
that nomination is to be the one
thing which will elect him under
certain conditions.
Whatever else appeals now or
hereafter in these premises there
is no disputing that the name
Bryan is a powerful factor in the
politics of the United States. and
that just what sort of factor it is
held to be ia not determined by
one's idea of Governor Bryan at
all, but by one's idea of Willlamni
Jenn;ngs Bryan.
Let it be said while we are on
this that should the congress come'
to elect John W. Davis. as Mark
Sullivan says it ma). it will ha",'
done iie thing tremendou-,l to its

When a repcllican ipellbi'f*tr
appesls to democrats 'C*,e .flypjrt
Coolidge because he is afraid La
Follette will be elected it they
don't, he is lying
What ne is afral of is that
Davis will be elected. The split In
his own party, which has been
widening ever since the steam
roller was run ,'er La Follette in
thl- Cleveland convention only to
have htm bounce up again like a
rubber bail, is steadily widening.
The republican party is now
hopelessly divided and its different
factions are led ov men who are
incapable of harnimonizing its dif-
ferences. whereas the democratic
party under th'- splendid leader-
ship of John W. Davis is soltdly
Theim is nothing iiuioir certain
than that the republicans know
that their chief opponent in this
contest is John IV. Dav;s. Ict is
equally as certain that they know
that the election of La Follette is
practically impossible, and they
ought to know that their appeal to
democrats on the score that the
election of Coolidge is the only
possible way of defeating the am-
bition of La Follette can meet nith
nothmig tut the contempt and ridi-
cule it deserves.
So many republicans are meaningg
their party that if democrats can
not be induced to take their places
Coolidge is lost. That Is the force
of their plea to men who would be
only too glad to take Co,:,lidge out
somewhere and lose hint so thor-
oughly that he would never be
found again
If the reriul.,licans feel tihat they
cannot elect Coolidge, the logic of
the situation as that if they wish
to avoid the p,-',sibility of electing
Lq .Poltette they shouldd join with
the united democracy in electing
Davis and doing away with all pos-
sibility ot having the election tied
up in congress Who wished La
Follerte upon the country as a can-
didate and a presidential possibil-
ity, anyway? They did it them-
selves. Now let them make the
best of it, or take the only sen-
sible \\ay I:-f ntendina till ,: nd- -
lion for 'hr h 11e1 .i. r-'ion-
In tti' ,_riitiiigen.'y of" ti.e elec-
tion Di5et tnr,.n'n into Inl house,
who v.'uiild .,tand th- neter chance
of election in a congress dom;nat-

ed by progreEsives and denocrats?
Certainly not Coolidge.
If every democrat sticks I,v his
party and its candidate, there will
he no deadlock in the electoral
college; there will be no contest in
congress; there will be a sweeping
democratic victory at the polls an.i
John W. Davis will be the nex:
president of the Uniited State..

Been looking for Los Angeles to
do something to show herself in
Tantpa's class, and she has come
across with some bandits holding
a banker up and robbing him of
$25,000 in broad daylight.

party organizations are on a war
footing all the time. As far as the
party machinery is concerned they
are ready, to hold an election at
any tine.
This condition of" affairs is re-
flected in the newspapers. A large
amount of space is constantly de-
voted to politics in Britain, while
over here politics practically drops
out of the newspapers between
campaign. And over there poli-
ties iq uniformly better written, by
bett.-r informed and more reapon-
iole journalistss than the ordinary
run ,' newspapers int this country

When bhe Germans. with whomn
we were at bitter war not so very
long ago. hear of the reception
which their loan met with in this
country, they will have to revamp
their idea that all the World is op-
posed to the rebuilding of Ger-
many. The reverse Is the fact. A
halting, limping, poverty-stricken
Germany is a menace to all other
nations. Sev'enty millions of In-
iLTriolus. energetlh? people in the
heart of Europe cannot long be
held in a condition of serfdom.
E\en France recognizes that fact
now, after vainly playing a policy
of coercion. Her innate desire for
her own safety led her to adopt a
policy of force to compel the pay-
minent of reparations long o,.erdue
The policy failed utterly, as she
ought to ha\e Known It would. and
France is- now ready to listen to
reason, and joins with other na-
tions in the attempt to set Ger-
mnany on her feet and range her
along with other productive na-
tions. Germany can only pay as
she produces, and to produce she
must have capital and raw mate-
rials. Her mistaken financial
policy had driven capital out of
the country', and the materials for
manufacturing were not available.
Labor was there in plenty, able

.. .. : **:

Thutisdhy, Octobe 1, 1M
. -__----- *._.. .._ ..._-._.. .. ., .. .." ,.__,

estimation of the people of the
thriving metropolis of Pr'lk I[ has
an appearance of solidi'y and
prosperity unusual n paper so
yotrng-hut Lakelind is nio r.rli-
nary town, id the young men
who. are dnlecti:; t;ie editorial and
iusineas? policies of th L.edgr-r are
net of the ordinary class either.

A political party which would
come out flat-footed on a platform
requiring that the poorest actors
should be killed off first in the
death scenes of the movies and
plays would be offering the puhlie

A foreign correspondent, itame
not given, claims to have cnm.e
into possession of the plans of the
JapLanese naval authorities in case
of war with 'the United States.
This does not mean necemsariiy
that war is imminent with our
neighbor. Most nations in time of
peace are making preparations for
possible war. We presume that
our nary has a definite plan of
actiol in case we should be
'obliged to fight Japan. That Lime
may never come, but It is Just as
well to be prepared if it does
conic. in view of Japan 9 chagrin
over our inimigratlon laws, her
plans for a possible future become
interesting. Here they ate, ac-
cording to the correspondent:
We shall declare war when all
or most of the American navy is
in the Atlantic.
We hope to have an ally in the
Atlantic, whose fleet will be mak-
ing maneuvers near the American
coast at tne time to make America
Then we strike in three dl
A squadron of eight or ter, of
our older cruisers and battle ships
will dash Into the Pacific end of
the Panamia canal and blow up
themsl\es, and as much nf the
canal and Lthe Gatun locks as pos-
A few salrul warships will con-
voy and cover tne debarl:ati.,n ot
a large occupation army on the
Philippines, buut inese ships will
Leturn imniedifaLely tu Japan, as
they cal l e sent ihC('ie Nga;ii if
All our new and powevi'ful battle
ships and cruisers will take a po-
sition a few miles east of the ha-
waisan Islands, and will commence
to menace the islands. but will not
attempt to capture them becaustac
of the mine fields and land forti-
fications and because of the order
not to give battle In tbe middle of
the Pacific.
When the American navy finally
approaches our new fleet off Ha-
waii the Japanese fleet will Im-
mediately sail for Japanese home
waters and u'y to lure the Amneri-
can warships to foilow them 1 ti<
Japanese objective is to make the
American warships chase them
through the Japanese mine fields
and about Japanese home waters
until the fuel of 'he American
ships is exhausted. When the odds
are strongly in our favot we shall
give battle.
Tha earthquake :,ompletely ,Ic-
atroyed our principal naval asie-
nal and if any of our new ships
wele seriously damaged in a battle
in nid-ocean we should probably
lose them. We would have more
chance of saving our damaged
ships Ilt a battle in )apaneqe home
It will not blie necessary tLo- keep
a31j part of the Japanese javy at
home toI protect Japant because
"e hate ample romine fields and
laud and air protection. After wc
capture the Philippines and wreckic
the Panama canal tho American
navy' must come to Jap:in to aL-
tack uis-sooner i !-tic..
'"We have much greater oil re-
serves in the Pacific than America
and we managed to preservA, ;0 per
cent of our naval loil and coal re-
iseives in the- earthquake, but that
'is not known.
We did lose several warships ir
the earthquake, but we have en-
fyTrely concealed their loss. We
never snail permit America to de-
veiop the oil fields on the north-
ern half of Saghatien Island, nvhih
we n'..'.v occupy.

\\e like to think that this is lhi
hurry-up country, and that when
it comnies to speed we lead the
world, but the announcements istat
the British general election, which
no one knew Just a bit ago was
going to happen, is to be held Oc-
toner 9' calls attention to the fact
that when it come to political
campaigns we are a pokey people.
conmparatlvely speaking.
Six weeks is about the uEutal time
devoted to getting ready for an
election over there. It takes us
over six months, at least two of
which are devoted to rather Inten-
sive work all along the line. But
politics is a larger part of he ale
of the people over there. They
maintain tneir interest In it iall the
time. day in and day out, and their

and willing to work, hut employers
closed the factory doors and turn-
ed away the workers because they
had no confidence in the future.
At last the nations called a con-
ference on reparations, and invited
the United States to take part itn
an endeavor to set Germany once
more on her feet, and make it pos-
sible for her to begin at least mak-
Ing payments to the nations she
had wronged. The Dawes plan
was the result and it won prompt
approval of all the nations con-
cerned, even Germany. It was the
greatest contribution to world
peace made since the armistice.
It involved a loan of $200,000,-
00. of which more than half was
allotted to America. The enthusi-
astic way In which the American
allontent was over-subscribed
ought to warm the German heart.
If it had oeeni 1500,000,800 it would
have been taken. All that Amer-
ica wanted to know was that Ger-
many honestly and in good faith
accepted the situation, and she
was ready to help to any extent.
Now it is for Germany to make
good. If she does that without
any of the evasions and quibblingy
which have characterized the past
her rehabilitation will he only a
matter of time.

Third parties are no new thing
i;n American history. It has been
a popular amusement of disgron-
tied politicians who have failed of
recognition by the regular parties
to organize a third party oy way
of protest. There have even been
occasion when four ,r more par-
lties were necessaryI to make room
for tne varying shades of public
opinion. If our memory serves us
correctly Lhere are at present eight
candidates for president. Of course
the majority of ihem have not
even so much as a forlorn hope of
success. Perhaps they feel thai it
is better to have tried and lost
than never to have tried Pit all.
They may be fired with the ambi-
tion to hand down to their de-
scendante the fact that 'ihev once
ran f-r president of the Unttad
Be that as it may. the fact re-
mains that of all the rhird patties
thai have plagued and puzzled the
country since 1856 only three hate
got so far as a recognition in the
electoral college, and even these
three have only lasted through a
single campaign In 185$6 the
America.3n or 'Know Nothing"
part.), legitimate predecessors of
the Ku Kluxers, declaring that
"only Americans must rule Anter-
Ica, proscribing all foreigners.
nominated MIillard Fillmore for
president. He got eight electoral
votes In 1892 times were hard
for fern.ers add the Greenback
party promised relief through on
inflation of the currency so that
debts could' be paid with "cheaper
money. It nominated Gen. James
B. Weaver, who made a vigorous
canvass and secured over a million
popular votes, but only 2B in the
electoral college. Graver Cleve-
land was elected president. In
1912 Theodore Roosevelt led the
greatest third party the country
ha% ever seen. It polled over ,.-
000t u0t votes, but got only 88 elec-
toral votes, while Taft got but g,
and Woodrow Wilson got the mest.
It wtill be seen that the third party
has seldom exerted much influ-
ence upon the election. Of the
two outii ot three instances in which
it got r'epiesentation in th: elec-
toral college, the election of a
dentocrrtic president resulted. Al-
though me circumstances of the
present vear are different from
those of former years it is fair to
suppose that the activities of the
third p0'.-r will have the same re-

This time next week Tampa 'ill
be wadtni knee deep in the sheer
Joy of entertaining the Florida
Confederate Veternns. The occu-
pation will be enough to challenge
the heights and plumb the depths
of our cordiality.
To be sure contmitlt''_ have been
appointed lqng before now to pro-
vide for the details of this occa-
sion. But we would assemble
Tampa in committee of the whole,
all the men. women and children
of Tampa in one body, as a com-
mittee for this work. Not because
we desire to relieve anyone 'it re-
sponsibility are we led to this-fir
tr,',nl it: but In order that the com-
mittee duly named and charged
w'th respon.lblllty may have all
the help and co-operation they
need and that as many of our peo-
pie as possible may have part in
the real pleasure of such a service.
By all means the veterans who
come here next week should re-
turn home t, declare the reunion
the best they ever attended. And
Tampa has it in her heart to so
care for them that they will do
just lhat.
And the bear part of It Is that
we will get more pleasure out of
this than will our guests
Yes, you are on the comnittee
of the whole. Do all you can to-
make the occasion memorable.

The Lakeland Evening Ledger
has evidently found favor in the

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The record-breaking voyage of
the ZR-3 marks oner step farther
from the memories of the World
war. When the victorious allies
met at Versailles to reckon up
the damages caused by the unpro-
voked assault of Germany on va-
rious nations and assets penalties
on Germany by way of reparation,
the United States was gtie only na-
lion making no claims. Other na-
tions told of invaded territories,
cities and towns destroyed, people
driven from their homes, a Soun-
try laid waste and brutal outrages.
and demanded that Germany must
pay. True, the United FSates had
materially assisted in bringing tihe
awful war to an end. She had
expended billions of money and
had sacrificed thousands of lives
In the common cause, but she
asked no reward. It was unpre-
cedented In the history of war. In
all previous wars the victorious
nations had recouped their losses
at tine expense of the loser. Ger-
many herself had been foremwnst
in such action. She har& always
made war a source of profit, and
with that idea in mind that she
initiated the last great war. The
United Stat.s had never made a
predatory war. and abhorred the
idea. She was satiapei i witli con-
tributing her share te, the safety of
the world, and asked nothing niore
than a peaceful and satisfactory
adjustment of international rela-
tions. Even rhat was difficult
enough to secure. In the process
the conference decreed that Ger-
many should make and Seliver to
this country a first class dirigible
balloon as a part payment toward
our expenses in the war. For this
she was to be credited with the
sum of 32 200,000. It was little
enough. God knows, but Germany
has made good. We have the
greatest dirigible in the world. It
has crossed the world and the
great ocean, and rests on Ameri-
can soil.
But itL has brought with it a
great lesson. It should convince
us that ourt national safety from
invasion nto longer rests on battle-
ships alone. The future line of
defense must be in the .air. If
Germany bad possessed such a
powerful weapon during the war
and sent it against os loaded with
bombs and poison gases the war
might have had a different end-
Ing. Will America heed the les-
son, and prepare for defense at-
tacks from the air? It rests with
us. \

The prohibition of parking on
the Lafayette street bridge would
ielleve the congestion there very
inaterialh. Ift s estimated that
keeping thp bridge and approaches
thus clear would enable it to ac-
commodate at least an increase of
30 per cent. of the number of ve-
hicles using It. Furthermore, dan-
gerous traffi'- lesms are frequently
caused by cars parked on the
bridge It should not be pesmit.-

Financing a big railroad system
must be interesting. We have just
read of the Pennsylvania borrow-
ing $40,000,000, to be paid back
when it borrows $50.00.0008, to en-
able It to pay $50.000,000 which it
owes now. It seems to be run on
the same plan the quite familiar
character aho did business with
Peter and Paul financed his at-

Those folks who have been so
much pestered over the sad eco-
nomic plight into which the south
has gotten herself by being sold
are respectfiolly referred to the la-
bor department reports which
state that industry in the south
was more industrious than in any
other section during September.

Metico will have to learn how to
take her politics internally Instead
of letting it break out in shooting
and Ktilling by the hundreds before
she will begin to fit in that niche
her president-elect set apart for
her in his Interjews in this coun-

Wouldn't it be fine itf the repub-
ilcans were as much concerned
asout preserving the oil resources,
and the timber, and honest gov-
ernment, and the prestige of the
United States in the world at large
as in preserving the constitution?

Sounds ali tight when Mr. Bryan
says that a wheel of fortune does
not Involve otre chance than a
republican campaign." but what
we want to elucidate on as who
ever heard of anybody having a
chance at a a heel of fortune?

Don't suppose the fact that a
Georgia company hba bought g $1,
000,000 office building in Washing-
ton portends that they are going
to move the office of the Imp.
Wiz. up there, even if those tun-
nels are a big inducement.

Reading that the Merchant and
Miners Transporration ship Ker-
slhaw is still stuck in the mud of
Chesapeake bay reminds up that
the political ship Republican
Chairman Butler is trying to get
along is aiso msud-stuck.

during a strike is a ntifftrtf. S.
terminaaion by a Jury is 4 n.6 f
cheese and as useful as a repyoZ
gear on an oxcart. tie
of a railroad strike Nit If bJ. t
railroad from moving unless
moves Just after tie faittA x
strikers desire It to rto1e, d
takes neither jury nor court to d
termine that.

Maybe the Washington tiMeli'
are not tunnels at all, 1b' l$ust
where the congressmen did a gipt
tors have worn the world EWMa*
putting their ears to the ground.

Little as we know of t9fi 4 -
nese language our spekft" E-
quaintance with it make ut
know that the war they 4.
In China is bad. as arn all. tr. '? .

These heads, these hieads. 'ifi
informs us that "Aged 'lAl .E*
cides Result Despondency,'0 Ai
we were fixed in the belfif iat t
result of suicide wae deha ....

Having this minute %flu
wading through a dSlBrtfatVitta
"the Ideal room," we att .
than ever impressed thit tf e, 1
room is the one which iflt -'

The bad part abotJt IeM.') ,
believing half of what StyW
is that about three-qutaieLr Lori
Half they pick to believe wouli'd u
better unbelieved. ._. h

Good evening Better cheek
closely before deciding *wft' p,
would have dope wa et ,f9 ii
job and see if you realty td f
best at it...,

That it expects Get 'fl W hit
the pipe i InlfficartI by fl* V
Chase of $10,00,000 woth l.ttl9
bonds by tie Amerftuil

Likely the deelsion- oft "ll.0
mlssloners that t1Hy cit bn'tS W
new court house mant'*
will try to patch ldp" t'i "d.quf.
seat. -: .

Just when the averages w'w
sure they were alli at work in the
laundries there cOrne the ata.
nouncernent that the saw tilersore
Idle ..

Henry must have bees *6ei .,
appreciative of that gap
Cal gave him, going lanA WWIbI-.wR
Ing his offer right off the rT Iti"
that. :

Judge Oaverly has -tth 1 *f.
the bench, but no o e h't lipit
of the bench being ot & Ia&gWt
down world traffic to briSg ablbt*-i
------,---- .---*.',. ",.:,. .
Another thing about p tO' ,,
When you come aroes t 8hi ',
line "Schooner Logt" is to. i,
you know what t2id UI d=U*,Y'.

Full maly a man has Pitt
he liked the e 1j i .... ....
undti E1 ."a
ecutive seaois. al ll'.'E
___,.'. ,'- ? i' ; !-, .

Strange, but us f34*w 'wW.
takes the trouble to Inform ...
that he doesn't ,BkeW ttw$ si
own horn alWays bDiwG t "' "K'i

After all, the conesfttfutirj f? 4
United Statesa Is not Bo o.A&# ,
need of being preserved. A is l I
being respected. P ,

Winter may "bav Itsll- 4
tages, but it does elfep a& k
from charging his Tdtzna up u
the heat.

Talking about sky Ihes jp.,4
right, but what Florida needs to
is to draw the waste lnae ,.

Tampa-a Fforida ity which
very noticeablY ffillg up with vla
iLors from distant states. *

Florida and OGi. Tech egaif t4
know that football gamet d -e'-
places for sporting flea.

Quite a considerable paot qof
unemployment in this cou-stry
on somebody's pay roll. '

'Twas so kind of Mr. Fopd 4 74^
Detroit see Prince Dtve Wi'Ill "
through his windows. "

Wonder If changing our name
Germany would make ftiat -ifnb'
loan any easier?

Lots of folks want to travel life'
highway in a low-ddwn jMv-e/."

When a flapper calls ;d4y
"ducky" look out for the Mn. "-f'

Love may find the Wfl, bat 1
still takes work to build w*yE.

Clearing politloal fields rn4uiBe
stumping' and hogt rolling.

Gossip never strikes off for fell
it will work overtime.

A Sure Way To
Ead Dandurtj

There Is one sure wty ttat mel
never tailed to remove dandruff a(
ones. and that Is to disasolve ti'

.'hl.ay,' October 16, 1924.
P ,eday. October 16, 1924.


A help. the echatnge in organza- ,, ried in the city Wednesday,. and Idlewild Approves
tion work in his capacity as R s -s T wil spend the next two weeks in
~ ~* iIAPGE TO "' er merners and maniber~t NfbocrigY u Lakeland Friendslokngafe
1 rower memoir and member o g or t cly looking afltEr business Its Beautification
** ENY USE Of uoard ot directors whenever he matters.
Mr.ould. andhire.J.K. on.otmatters..
-' k IJNew, member.) f-t the board cted Mrs. Phillips Honoree nt Party. Southern Presbyterian meetings at Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Larson. of St.
yesterda.3 v.t-re A J. Dozier ut Mrl. F. E. Kendell and Mrs Roy Jacksonville. Petersburg, spent Wednesday in the .Members 0of the Idicwild Cimi
SD' SE OF radia. as a director froli a e Turner "ere hosteses at a birth- I-'u Raines and William King ty visiting friends. rlub met Tucsday. night at the clab
4. Tvsn I tt d d ,. sub ex- Miss Sarah Andon, of Tampa. house on Terrace and had
__ ____MARK n" S. uto .:,un-,y party and'strda afternoon a'tI hae returned to their ean1s in thrr- on Riv r:Terae Wnd rd
ha .n' ..Ie.d. R io AlMotored over and spent Tuesday
^ ,..: TK ll a RK "in Lake. Mrs. Turn-t's hom-. on W et Pat-|,-tv, after attending the+ Florida- with friend, an encouraging report from .he
J,_,lltn A.Lozcrip, adverto.mng mana- street, h,:,r, orn r. M Teeh football at Atlanta. f edrutlfica lc r. sO,, m, ,ae. ]r frien.s
r, S ~vn Ii Er h.-. Ihr -g b~autr~ii iccr CCIT mi tee. IF %% as
"' he adertisng cm lttee to iorn- TiF. L Jones. of sl.rnphc. T.n
,:i'.'' -------"wttn aid -%lan 1 tp t dealr :ales Ths hom , ornarne, -'., .Ar FTt ',dnesdav in ;h ; t ],,- F nno i ted it ann unced That propf*',; r.''
-. e.",rs, work, In metropolitan districts this mIrg fall hloF-.i. tail., ing friends and rlat ...r. He -a. an ConvF in tChT in ,,ere responding readily to this
M ust Pass ll and +:Inter. The board aF e +.l ranged in large tlon pr boutI nr.1 '.-n rou>. to St P~tprshurg. wnei, %rloT ;n, ert and holesal1 prices had
Gree F uit d me.tngo su-*,, cu las tes. The firstp, or ho -i ., enaed n unTar-Feather Trial been secured .v the committee on
All Green tru~t and assolation amarager, L tA IC-he .fierno'in vas passed ,. inimtr,, lere- s f... th. winner -easona
ga e . 1 1 ,,nual \' ,namphor tr.:es, and hibiscus plant
DtRelaors present at the ni-eting rames and dontAe-t1, Th, a f if 1. (' % n Ar hL
.:: Requirements. terda Are. L C. Ew'.r -ds, hostess sceed a daint ,...., |'h- r an at Fret-i..-k. Mld.. 0C I -Ar.- A orn,,, t,. I,.ppird .o
the board. F. C. Kramer, John A. and cak the111j1 rni-- tIh I f thur Rice as fo nd guilty a t :e Tr s and. .undS ard 1t
:2j: Tct "ro of the Florida Citrus mnily. L. W. Tiladn. J. C,,del. ir th r. 5 r m- ., in circuit aur last i ht oi fashion
.ttcjtmto yesterday voted to deny W R L,=e. W W. 'others. A Mrr. Phillips re.-,t-d mar.-. M I ond in iru 1. bast (ith t o f ashion.
"'.o ta eal d t d Fxehange H h r, h pi dDozienlr. Lee M Ha e ih ro hr nd T ev t ,.r,- Aiding and hetin in the tarr .' I. lrh' f
"at -n Ias Wnwh fal t. Ec. fLe, d penr -i.-.d A. Idndlr te. and feathering o is Dorotn .'_ s d_..i,_ o n fi- bls _l'_l-
aulthriedPe.-tor an iae Sasoir is r. pleasant afternpc... o-r.. M, .dan-. Air. and MI, c rrl F Ftn-or, and penitentir ly sentence o t fr.,in i' A L OT rO F-OLK
dir e ctp wor fau lthorie pa _f r ectokrn. Ma Phli? hcnl, V e.Ed o t d ired R-- -;,~i
OL C..Edwardsa and Chief In- W,- MaPPhillpa.,honoe-. HaMn rlr ,Aught-r, li.t d-thrda o.,a threr, months Ito. 'h yars. OW TOUF FOIK
r afleT.rold Crews to take neLoll B,:, p. l d W' C bow en. Ht mIr V ilan,. 1ho I --r- '". a ii -- it In Counsel fir Ei ke ih h i F- U, n .n
s..+.... p. a ,to p,-eent misuse oc ,he WVoman's Club Gives Ezra Holland..A. Ls-rrhn.,. or ',ua-ho. ...U.G.H.T. TO USE,.- ,E.nIP., ..e ,+ .s 0
^SibiS.. ,', .0s Woman ,o Club ,,ves ,.+^^0 ,+sd,, '+, t,,:,.,,,'nt+, ln, ADVICE INSTEAD OF
Ebed trademark when ship- Fin. 'Minn Lawrencev Hyde. [.illtt- 0 fpi nds h-i for tlh nia.f Ll leaked )it tic" Fool. iii-n,+rkiel'DVItE INST OF
eo* rsm.,Tals.tently fall to comply ,with n fit f r A t- ,rd,'l,. S T. Ph.llr,, rt W TI, i k9 filed motion Lot', nev. t,..,i. if.: AWAI/
'"th e1othlnge' eAtandard of grade Benefit a r, .for "e ... Il be argued uNon rnompletion uf GIVIN G ITf
"I)'I c< r,.. Alma Lee..'Mi='r Fl,.h Phl',lln. i ]act nj;%hr lot ihfii Wash- 1 ea g e p i r npe o i I I G I W Y
P.. P Lree ch ief org a n izer fo r the -*[" m .I,: W ill 's -,n, i l nrI | Ing ro n I h i" a hrfr a pl a'a n .is. h r ra nini 1 ,: "r I s L
Ida Citrus Exchange. tendered The Tampa Woman'p ,tue gatf i
i'lt lort to the diorco Nr T Mr : h e d oe 1 eh asi ro.e a t h
-:. iti. d that he had accomplished an entertainment yesterday to l hrPe r e-, -. Alvin Ri ,.e a lroi,-othr A.i ".
culd as a salaa utaried fter at large audience for the benefit o l Person L i -4 .rksoni tia tod:.
.' hl time and that he would he glad the Home for the ABged. Mrs. D. T Hudcon .Le ,, t. n s,.r. .%i, .spent hseit dav in ih, ,t1 or, lU.ui- r-;ice Look ihe stl3nd Il his ovn 1'
.:.' '. ('iens. president ,, the ;lub ih,- Lak lard thernhr or on. |nPs. Frorn here i. rni o "an,i t tensee today denying, accualno .i .
_a0VR rs.srte. has arr.,-d irn Th- -it ,,n di PR. v here I V.. il! h- f,.i te re. .' h3 h \ I
; announced the progiani for th.' ,vil rake chat i'. i- ati -r of mainder of the ,'eek I -sate int.sais ha t he a s
afternoon. ,.,mme ce nft,, H i, rr m : Mr E fIe .:ordrav. ^ho ha h,.n l- 'det in the assault. He k.nevV
O i Mrs. Leigler gave Ixo recit,ationq t.r,.kport N MI. rid Mr s t le hous- guest nof lir s l-te r. Mr- rrthing -f the proposed \.hue g "
enltle.d "The Lie" and "The ('los- L-t Is and daugntr rrad. the rip WX H Harrell 1il h-r hormne on -apping.* he said, until I -,-L|,h(-.v ii
H ER. Do Mrs. Dunhan goae be atobi. -hi.n 1 ,-o.k rnH m i c _ral Lart Boulr.'ird ipff .,-tPrda., h .-.r h fore it took place ana dro- n L:,i
.. two vocal snlotacconlpaned I,' I " Thp'. i in -k rh-. hrn,. I W ;nt-.r Carden. %., i, re se ll '1 i t tie n.n oI o ,u lo, is! sc n 0
M'rn. Curphs tl m L r 'f t the Sanford a ,,artntl, ei on Soui, friends and rlarit.. for come time . ..
Mira bh'd' nur *"'phrep. Mia. Lyle Gri~ffin* lo~ atn r. arid Mlr So rnu,- I Wir. I^ ITT t re\
SB owebalso gavSe a reading. *i Fr pR r i-,rd,,,e ha, moored .r,- oth c Young "Ai" Smith
n Child's Bowls I MrsFroli P,,--,rhate snotor,d fr-in, ', Suth Succ.s.'
SThe program %as concluded with K, wll spend ihe is Litr 'eason avenue to their nYw .urnle on P ri; ,
S'a one act plavlet entitled "Thurs- Ii the etl. Thh geusJ'i or her moth Hill drve. r" a Bdi comes H'
rna F Syrup" is d Evening, b% Christopher bor. ; ltre EBurd t E. -, Cas-nn m pent WssLs as inenedict
,,, .Ur a Fig Syrup As Ce.N~ h IO,, v n e', ason cp-nt :e+" erda,, in ''m
Figis M~rs. t tanle-y Price pi~aye the Ionhe nanier, rde of Di.,. Mar' rl-ee motored 'r it spnd !he
rDependable Laxative for The mar,"% pce jlaP td,'shop,,. o. ^ 'h tracuse. N. Y., Oct. -6.-Afred
ependabIe Laxative gor rouchy husband. Mrs. A. P. Push Ward will e nret-d. t larn I % Tom Marshal! h- eturn-d I E Slh. jr. son of Gov. and Mr-.
Sc hlrnthe extravag-art t c.ife. and Mrs. C. thtem she is rest,na ve,-. nip ~lv aft ...o ashl lsittre .- r-sno o.adMr
he etravagant e, and M ers. having her pdenoid' and tonsils Lakeland. aftr r. ending the last AI Smith. has been married to ".
Sick Children J. Woodruff and Mrs. -. J. Rittr r-nmo.,'ed. at thi- MNoriell Memorial few days in Washington. C bMiss Bertha Gott. of this city, Mrs.
"-": .:t';. :. ~ ~~Mr. and Air- C7 S Parker, h~V.I~a n.t.%h oug wo d
fo.r se:..' ,. were the two mothers-in-la2 i in hospital Ae-,F-al days aRE.". d S Parker hott the young womr n' -----dbo--
:;:,*?'>,.y .^ lhe ~cast. Leon ,_tIt. Rogar Ford .nd e. E. moved from 105 Cornell., street and t s, BvLOO H RO
... ^ Mrs. T. M. Shackleford. Sr an- ]Bridle., ha e reiurned r. I.skeland. are pleg.antlv located in their ne" h d t M t O n
Airs. T. M. s tacklef Sr' aVson- home, 315 Carnelia street he received '- telephone, call no- Where rih red blood flown
aounce Wilso Fi. +ee F,+.r ip ding lthe,-w days me
tl ounceot haie Mi ea o. Eh motored Wi. P. W'allace. of JTrcksonrille. tifying her rf Ihe ,airlago last Rheumatism and skin disease
T uh cuntr 'ho i a frqn visitor hre, Tuesday. unknown. Enrich your
at the (lub house this year. i.HT MLan. o rdr=on _. .'pentr Wedneadav in the Oirv look- WVhile she ;i ot r-ruain wher? blood ith organic iron and
l lill ve .m n n \lliE on h,, -,,,:. ed Ino L.akti-l i makl- I h, inP after hu-'in.-" inter tis. the ceremony took place, she bI)- banish these troubles...
c.-in F.1 Wade. of .9 wesiu
,il.pla.N at her horl, 1 t1.1 De 14 1.-, ,I Solo 11,3 anm : H- ,.iil o- c.-.n- E. M Wade. ei" Het v. 1ersble lieves it occurred in New T p R R A I I h T I
avenlJ, rei td i the K uufuira ,ii and transacted huire In te it:- City, where her daughter had been
v. %siting friends At Groi Dr-rln ntd
lip n W~ "~ Y- Moung. of. i lif o It ,. T r-f Tanmp. so-nt i i e,3 a u
Masons Give K d' irra. co-:rr We.terdat here. Tuesday In 'he -ir- tor-kine after Smith and Miss Gott met at a
ts ied friends and reltie interest of the American Leion Syracuse unlersity fraternity
Degrees to Class Nt.sM Fanne,, Marshall. of St He is commander of the state dance about a year ago. Miss Gott
eebgrees t Cls Prurg. spent Wednesdav in American Le ilon has been a resident of this city all
*- Lakeland on business. Friends of Carl Reedes. small 'on her life and is a graduate of the
I-atfln on+ buies Fred F lo r id
of Kadosh rep. Sirs. Hatiwe A. kcKsli and daugh- of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. RPedPe. will public schools and central high
t'' oun. il of Kadosh degres. p -. r Pegp-v. hae- moved fron ti.e be glad to learn that h, Is resting school. Her father, William' Gott.
resenting those from the uine- Itr,,e rfr M|. and Mrs. R. R AI- nicely after having hi adenoids is an engineer of the Twentieth
t' ITteenth through the thirtieth, were hrlitton. and now are located on and tonatl Temoved. C ntur limited
Conferred by Scottish Rite Masons Se-uth Floriaa av-nue. in fall ,.onoeation odsda,,. Wo' k Ernest T 'rell arrived in the riltv Ind. has arrived in Ihe itv t" In snake markets <,t is coultrA
-* |began at the S,?ottish Rite :athe- _e rdav from Sprasota H- Is -pend the winter He is seven foot python. are aocd for S$O'
dral at '4 O'el k th]. riornirug an rh g-ust of his mother Ml'. F B tstoppitng 0n East Magnolia 1tre i waIile those 2.5 feet command
"T. r a err-ll. it her home on Eact MI N. Morton. of A lar,'a. Oa a r- SOOT or more.
/ lasted tlhrutughout the da.. Orro- street H 0
.-A cias of! 55 took the degrp ,.' "Ir- I. M Naraltall ipturno d in her
A ijay The *')onso.aLion, nislh home Tufediv froin HendrsoPn. N
ASIA pjeszan Tuesday rnewning, wili l - -. here sie has L-en for -ole
en-mpleted tonorrosa night cchen Il'te nn her return she spent
01' addae r -ai- bej -,raf dava in .]acksolnvil1|- with Er
^,^ .:andidate are ,.a d Ihtuh the F d, Ar r.Rhode"
thirty-second de are her daughter, lItr .R
.W' Otler! A teaspoonful of Sh. ,was accompanied home h% Mrs. D
.V.Ilfi r" Syrup" now will 'F. Rliod.-s and her sma!l son, Marshall.
4 W the stomach and hor- S ho will h P end a few weeks, here
the little howe and effner Organizes Tr and Mrs. J. L Henderson. of LE 0
r y ha e a well. o O n i I e\inpton. K. Y have arrived In L 0
1d E ss Odd Fellows Lodge *cliv u- spend the wInter see-
,it?.biioiz, oonatpated or ---OT Whtle IrT Florida th"y v.'ill R
'uI i..o d ldren love its plea.s- ,,'.ur th state anrd vii tar y P a1 1L N. o m a
It never cramps or Lrganizatior, orl Selrn .i l,',dge ri31P on the easr and west coRsr 0I
itrntifna no narcotics or of Odd Fsllowvs ,i -bh Ju -bart-r 'I'his is their second winter here and A me ATED I
If members -wag perfe.,t-d Tuesday Lir;e aee touch Impressed by,, the GUARANTEE, M
a . OU. Vl-t. night at Seffner t-y I.eo Wallert ralid. growth during the pa't year B I ,,
!..'California. Fig deputy grand master, tenth district Mrs. .ar-,l Webb has returned to B ilASFACIoNI
h has directions for I. 0. 0. F.. of FIorida. and L. n het home In Tampa. after spending [SATISA lUT ONUYANTEED
i children of all ages Lester, past ground master. Mr. the past few davs v lth h-r parent.s. OR YOUR MONEY WE CL
Bottle. Mother, you Walters has already made npplla- Mr and Mrs Frank McKav. n
? atiforlia." Refuse any rinn to forr charter their hAome on East Lemon street n RE A H A "f
.-,-AdvertIsemnL. for th- SerTner lodge Moni friends hr remember hl E rmb DAP CLOTH A
- a.' Mi, inGrace McKat.
D r I'. I Stace,. rpasftn, r. th L I $
Fiat LPreab: terlan church. here ise L.c~s.a
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Oct. 30. I[ will be a fanrv ,*or- tee w'as appointed to r'.'ilAeSt' "e-
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issued sliortv. ing is npceesarv rin prnt. r"f" pu-
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No. 287.
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I'ue from incorporated banks .. .......... .l;i'i
ICa h I em . ......... ....... ...... 37 .
tash on lan o .. ....... ... ...... ;
Total ..... .... ........ . . ...... ........ .. 1S6,30,
LIABI E .i.lL E?

1''apital sr.)ct: paid in .
-urplu, rund ......... ....
LUn.-livtded l rotils i lesa expensria i
Individual aeposits subject tI.. ch-e
Saying depnslr i .............. .
riemandi ce-rtificate? if dep,.it .
'rIm cenrfilflecqt < of deposit ...
-rr fieil checks ...............
('ashler'z checks ouistanding

... ..... .- $ 15 0n.,,,,
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tnd p iid i.. . . .. ...... 1 9.1 .
ck .. ... .... 107,4 4 "
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I. WXV. N. Perr, .:ashier rf the ahove, nnived lank. dn solenirlv sa-'tir
that the ab;ote statement Is true to thle best of my lin-wlede and bellfef.
WV. N PERRY. Cashier.
Subscribed anil svorn tn hrfiorn me n this iith dat o? October. 1914
Nitar'- Puhblic.
Sus'm-riled ,nd r-.iorn to l,-forp me this t Ith day rf O,-tober, 1921.

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Phone 4233.


Thnrrav flntober 1. 10921

a &AAA A dlajL A-26 fa 0-&L-. A paAAA 4^ A I* A J Ul -MM

IWake Forest and Gator Grid Squads Arrive Here Tomorrot



DeSoto Hotel Will
Play Host to
Both Teams.


iRecord Seat Sale for
Grid Game on

STampa will take on its annual
cOllegiate aspect tomorrow night,
with the arrival of several hun-
S dred University of Florida stu-
dents, Its football team and hand
and the Wake Forest football
squad from Wake Forest, N. C.
The occasion Is the Wake For-
a et-Florida football game at Plant
field on Saturday. Both squads will
arrive at 6:15 o'clock and till go
Into camp at Lhe De Soto hotel.
They will do nothing to liven up
the town, but the Florida students
aifnd the university band will make
their presence amply felt.
Will Meet Baptist Team.
S Rev. George Hyman, of the First
Aptlet church, has made arrange-
Aients to meet the Wake Forest
fllayers at the station with auto-
mobiles decorated in the college
colors, old gold and black. In
each automobile will be a driver
Sarid a sponsor and in each will
tide three players, coaches or
ipantgiers. There will be ten au-
tomobiles. Dr. Hyman has asked
fhtt any Wake Forest alumni in
ITampa communicate with him at
c lephone No. 4043, as he wishes
to include them In the party.
A like delegation will meet the
lorida squad, although the stu-
dents and band probably will. be
hfft to their own resources as far
ai trasnlportation from the station
SS their headquarters i1 concerned.
't get enough automobiles to
transport the students would he
Record Seat Sale.
SAll lqOail records In seat sales
lave bee, broken Since the paste-
goards t 'nt on sale last Monday.
OVery parking space and every box
*,at havingg been taken. Student
Wa&nagetr Arrnte, who arrived front
dlitnesvlille last night, Intimated
S t0s mndrlottig that he might have
S:'tol, e dte llsr*'y Beats constructed
S. hft9Ah Of ttJit istifd to take
dare PgH ov ijese seats

In the event it Is definitely de-'
er'...d to construct them, which
1;M" if.w seems certain. ", .-
i .Interest in this game is keen in
E ae of Wake Forest's record this
o. ason. They have defeated the
TOhniversalty of North Carolina and
*ashington and Lee, two strong
Southern conference teams, on
consecutive Saturdays. and are
greatly feared by the Gator coach-
es, Many Tampa observers are
predicting a close game, with no
more than a single touchdown
margin either way.
Have Good Team.
The Baptists have a heavy, ag-
gressive line backed by a light but
llghtniflg-like backfield with a ver-
Stile attack that Is expected to
leep the Gators on the jump from
Lhe first whistle to the last. They
Ore not lacking In reserves, judg-
ing from the number Coach Gar-
rity has included in the squad for
this trip. Reservations for 23
players, two coaches and two man-



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More Than 700 Ex-
pected Here on

iSpecial to The Tinmes
Galnesvlllc-, Oct. 16.-Seaboard
Air Line officials have announced
that the Florida students planning
on ri-aking the Tampa trip for the
Wake Forest game ,will enjoy a
special rate of a round trip fare
for the price Of a one way ticket.
plus 25 cents, which makes the
trip fare cost only 86.34.
Gatortown gossip Indicates that
even a larger number of students
are planning on the Tampa In-
vasion than the number which
made the Atlanta trip. Over 700
Invaded the land of the Technites
and It Is highly probable that more
than this number will journey to
Band Coning.
The 55 piece Florida band will
be on hand to liven things In gen-
eral. A huge parade is being plan-
ntd to take place Saturday morn-
ing before the game.
Returning students from the
Tech game state that the Gactor
band Is far superior to the Tech
musical organization, outplaying
It In the review on Grant field pre-
ceding the game.
Students Pepped Up.
Th. Floriila student body this
bear is imbued with a school
spirit which has never before been
witnessed in Oatortown. Hundreds
Of Florida students line Fleming
field every afternoon watching
every move of their team. And
when It comes to making the
trips with the teamrn the students
are right there.
It is likely that a special train
will be ruti for the benefit of both
the Florida football team and the
accompanying fans. Besides this
train, numerous freight trains will
bring capacity loads of Florida
backers who are determined to te
on hand to witness the Gator grid
eleven band the Carollfain team a

agers have been made at the Di
Soto hotel.
Both teamsin will be at the De
Solo, due to the crowded condition
o thecity nov.'. Efforts were made
to nio avail at at least two other
local hotels, who could offer no
accommodations. The De Solo will
be football headquarters and will
be the scene of nimany events to-
morrow night and Saturday until
the scene of activity shifts to
Plant field.
The game will be called at 3
o'clock so that the conflict should
end well before stundown.

SGator Grunts

Il the recent battle with the
Golden Tornado, the Fighting Ga-
tor grid machine displayed one bad
cog In Its workings which threat-
ened for a time to spell deftea't
Five ends were used in the con-
test and not one cof them displayed
a brand oi football i p in the
sta lding cif the remaining Gat.)ir
"Spec" Llghtle) ons Meri tu
Edgar Todd. Ooseirhouiji and Dick
Rose all seu aciion In Saturday's
Lights) and Rose ixere handi-
capped by their recent injuries
and this tact may be the :ause of
their not showing up so well
Edgar Todd, substitute wingman.
probably performed in the Tmost
creditable style on the end of the
Gator line and he may begin the
Wake Forest encounter. Todd, bacel
In 1922. was a sub tackle on the
Baby Gator team. but during lact
season and this year he has been
shifted to the wing. He weighs
170 pounds and1 has developed
rapidly this year.
Too much credit can not be giv-
en to -'Horse" Smith. Gator tackle.
for his game fight against the
Techites. Smith entered the game
in bad shape, due to a leg injury
received several weeks previously,
but in spite of ihis handicap the
hefty Floridan fought every min-
ute of the scrap until the last five
minutes of play, when Bnots Davis
relieved him.
And the Tech griddeis found
ErSMith a most formidable obstacle.
Now that ihe Tech game is his-
tory, the Florida athletic officials
and coaches are pointing the Flor-
Ida gridmen to the coming inter-
sectional battles, namely. West
Point, Texas and Drake.
Texas comes first, the weseinI
grid battle being booked for the
Saturday following the W'ake For-
est game.
Rumors ate circulating around
Gatortown to the effect that the
Floiida freshmen eleven will meet
the Rollins college team within the
next few weeks.
Should the talk materialize, grid
fans Will gel a real tip as to the
strength of the highly touted Baby
Gator pigskin machine.
Tampa can claim thus far three
members of the first string; fresh-
men eleven, besides several other
sqJuad members, outnumbering any

Fox Treed After 2 1-2
Hours, But Gets
His Freedom.

Profiting from the experience
of the fist hunt, a score of horse-
men and horsewomen were led
over an exciting course last night
as the guests of the Tampa Rid-
ing and Hunt club in the second
fox hunt of the season.
Alften two and a half hours of
eager riding, Mr. Fox was finally
treed, but he is alive today. His
life was spared by the horsewo-
men who pleaded with the captain
of the hunt not to shake the sly
little gray fox from his high perch
Into the Jaws of nine raving dogs
at the foot of the tree.
Leave Fox In Tree.
They drove off the dogs by main
force and rode away, leaving the
little animal to choose his own
course after he had recovered
from the strain of the run of his
The first chase more than -
month ago ended in less than 10
minutes, compared with two and a
half hours last night. For that
reason alone the second hunt was
far more successful and each rider
expressed himself or herself as
having been well pleased with the
The fox was released front his
cage near the old brick kiln on
Lincoln avenue and the chase end-
ed at a tree near Rocky Point.
Spectators in automobiles were
able to see and hear the chase
over the entire course, and the
riders were able to enjoy the en-
tire hunt, following the dogs clqse-
The Hunting Paruly.
In th. party were Lleut.-Col.
end Mrs. H. W. Hesterly, Mr. and
Mrs. XV. K. Zewadski, Mr. and
Mrs. T. Payne Kelly, Dr. and Mrs.
Emery Hall. Jac Sheldun, Walker
Lee Huxter, Bill Crichlow, Ed-
ward C. Berriman, In addition to
a number of officers from the One
Hundred and Sixteenth field ar-
tillery. Those of the Tampa Rid-
ing and Hunt club party joined
the artillerymen at the artillery
field and proceeded to the scene
01 the chase.
In the party were automobiles
from Indianapolis and Virginia.
while many Tamnipans followed in
fMore than one hunt each month
will Be arranged, Wesley Brown,
of'the hunt club. stated this morn-
ing because of the fact that he has
not enough horses to accommodate
all those desiring to participate.
He Intimated that one would be
held every two weeks so that all
might have an opportunity to eni-
gage in this sport. Mr. Brown
sald a breakfast hunt Is being
planned and that announcement
will be made soon. although :he
date has not been definitely fixed

The New Market. Ont Oct.
IC-The Prince of Wales had a
spill during a fox hunt in his
honor at the Toronto Hunt club
yesterday, but he was unhurt
and contlued his ride.
The Earl of Dunmore, who
attended the hunt. also fell and
returned to the residencee of Sir
William Mullock. One hun-
dred ind fifty riders participat-
ed in the hunt One fox was
The prince's tumble oicurred]
shortly after the first kill when
the party made a quick burqt
after a fast traveling fox. Well
up In the van of the field, when
sweeping down a slope towards
a tfie-foot drop. the prince's
mnioun t Kildare. landed rather
hea'lhv and his rider went over
the horse's shoulder.
The princr-- waq well in front
f,,r th. kill and obtaine.1 the

other town in the state as to the
number of candidates .
The- mosi colorful plaeci on ihe
rat eleven is little Ion Walker.
brilliant field generr.l f',.r the
Coming 1.) the state unilseiity
c.bth an outstanding basketball
rep. Walker was not counted on
as a grid possibility. But the
ynoungster upset all dope and early
In the season displaced Ted Reed.
Duval celebrity, for the quasrri
back position
The Gator basketoIall rila.eis
tall respond in t he first practice
cail Wednesdav afternoon. Al-
stars are performing at the pies-
ent time on the gridiron a goodly
number of candidates Is expected
to ne oi h nd foI the ini tai vc, ork-
Coach WVhite stated ihat pre-
liminary practice would be de-
voted ic. the perfecting or the
shooting of the Gator basKeteers.
The Florida cross country run-
neas are daily working hard in
preparation fc'r the corning T"ch
cross country meei

The Cr.tor soccerr leiaii I- rapi.iy
assuming championship form,
every indication pointing to the
best teem P'er produ.ike. in Gator
As %et the Florida campus tennis
tournament has not ben finished,
however, dope indicates that Lori-
mer Witch, former state high
school champion from Du\al, will
very likelyv win the coseted Gntor
net title.

iw .- *--.--' qs.r...........
r.... . .* ,,,..., $. : ,.
.. N
." .. .. : .,." .'
"...,. .,
WC' ~ j. -


5:, o.+ + . o

Meet the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, fans. They are this minute riding a rattler
bound for Tampa to engage the Florida Alligator at Plant field in Tampa's gridiron classic
of 1924. They will be with us at 6:15 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. They are in their rel-
ative positions, left to right: Riley, re; Moran, rf; Lents, rg; Emmerson, c; Johnson, Ig;
Collier, It; Pagano, le. In the backfield, left to right, are: Armstrong, rh; Rackley, pb; K
arlesknit, fb; Greason, If.

Tars Next Game

At Winter Park

On November 6

,Special to Tie Times '
Rollins College. Winter Park,
Oct. 16-The next added attrac-
tion in whiah the Tars will per-
form Is on Nov 6. when Newberry
college of South Carolina travels
south to offer resistance against
Rollins at Winter Park field.
The foreign aggregatton, accori-
ing to report, have a team well
worthy of name and is "cracked
up" to be one of the south's finest
A large delegation of "leather
lunged" students are going 'o ac-
company them and not only arc
they to prove that Newberry's line
can stand the attack of the Tars'
Steam Roller but the brass lined
throats of the travelers are going
to broadcast to the wholp world the
reason why.
For the first time since practice
begarj this season the hoyq 'were
greeted by "Old Sol' during the- cn-
tire work-ou0 I ''ah tLuvcl- put
on Ihe fighting togs and not only
told the boys h-s, to do it Li E
showed them. Profiting t.y the
mls a' es ,.ade durIng il,. F lI'id?.
gamenie the Tars are going in hiph
gear. determinind o put Rollins
among the high scorers of th-? sea-
With Nee b-rrv's thicat and
Rollins d-termlr,s!icn pulling
ARgalnst e'ch oihir. Nov 6 promises
to h. the day of days In Winter

Will Big Train
Pitch for Nats
Another Season?

Washington, Oct. IC-The
major post season problem of
the world champion Senators-
whether Walter Johnson will be
on next season's roster-re-
mained unsolved today.
Old Barney" who has been
Washington's pitching main-
stay for 18 years and is the
dean of American league hurl-
era, announced last February
that he intended to purchase an
interest In some mlnrr club.
preferably in the Pacific Coast
league, so as to give his family
a permanent home. The fam-
Ily's off-season home is Reno,
Nev. and nown that some of the
children' are of school age, the
ace of pitching aces feels he
should settle down In the west.

Tar Topics

Rollins College, Oct. IF.-B;ll La-
'froos, lineniaan, is rapidly recovering
from Injuries receIved in the Flor-
ida game. '-Bozo" tips lhe scales
the Lime wasted on the injured list
at 14o and protmlees io) make up f:or
by displaying all that is in him
during the games to come
Hilllard, a new man at RPoilir,a
this %ear, is the Charicy PaddocK
(,f the team. Watch him g:.'
Joyce. who barks the signals s
up to form as In past years and

Walton League President

Speaks at Florida Meet

So we were pretty netr 0to the titi there will I.e no' .okers In
close rf the last legislature in those hills and the v illI go through
as we ihe agreed here"
Illinois I wired Johnson the preasi.l- They said that that wold be
dent of outr Springfield chapter done and or, Satiird.'tv morning
and I said. "Johnson. I will be in ah-ii, arrived in (.'hicago. ] qent
Springfield on the morning of the P lettei to eern memniber of the
2Ist of May." Now that %as just Illinois senate and legislature. In
about 12 da.3s before the Illinois eight days those four bills ocan.-
legislature adjourned, said. "I a law Fnd in 1 days the gover-
want you to notify ten of the denito- nor nad signed it, and that was
crat leaders, ten of the leading the last day of the Illinois legis-
Smallites iy.vuii know the party i? lature that he signed ii
divided In Illinois,) and ten of Now. 1 amn telling you this story
the leading McCornLick men. anrd to bring Out one thinr In the -:Ity
have them meet in the private din- Iof Joliet. Illinois, se have a chap-
ing room of such and such a ho- ter of about 1,20ii members. That
tel." chapter owns its own game san.?-
That was done. About 3i, came tuat;., and has gotten the farm-
and with the president and secrv- ers so awakened that iney have
tary of the Springfield chapter toluntanily mnade sanctuaries, they
there were about 42 or -3 cith have their ow.n bass hatchery
myself We had our luncheon bought and paid for hv the mem-
When the luncheon "as uoer 1 bers of that ie-gu'u. Aird they held
said, Now. gentlemen. I amn here a i'anu.t there in ielhratinn of
io get a decent fish and game code the passage of lhat bill. 1 hav,
In this state. There are four things been In banquets in nine states.
we want: We want a fish law sep- victor\ banquets, where the han-
arate; we wanl a resident license tluet was held to relebrate a ilc-
we want two hatcheries, and we tor) such as the one I ha%\P just
want a game law described Nos I guess there were
W\e wanted t,. divide ithent bh- about l m0011 or I lii) persons pres-
cause we didn't know according ent I sas toid. )uas before I start-
to the constitution 'f Illinois, ed to speak. cha' Senator Barr. of
v.[ether we could legislate in the i Illinois. wnas in the r:onit I knew
southern part. so we v.anted to di- that Senator Bair had rendered
vide it. We sat down there and hi yeoman service to pass our four
3 o'clock sc. had outlined four bills, and I said. shen I closed-
bills, known as 794. 795, '96 and --Senator Bai r o this chapter ren-
797-four separate tlill. The man dered yeoman service in this last
that was doing most of the speak-- legislature. but thie senator will
Ing. a mnian named Schoti, said, tell you that If the Izank Walton
"Now, Dilg. this is Friday. You league represented only a handful
say jou will ne back hit, Chicago otf Illinois people, no ntatte,' %habt
on Saturday. \We .will pass these I he tried to do it v.:uid hatp been
tCills, but will :.ou agiee to get a of no avail." S.-o shen I finished
letter to eery member of the Senator Barr got up 'ind this is
Illinois legislatuie and to every vs hat he said. '[ has\e been in tie
member of the Illinois senate, and Illinois senate for ."2 yeaits. Dur-
send it special delivery. so it %sill ing that time I rhave knua'n of
be on his desk on Monday morn- many fish and game bills attempi-
ing?" I said. "I \ill do it. but wal ed in this state, and they all came
a minute. 1 don't know anything to naught; but when itlls 794.
about politics, and I don't give n 795. 796 and 797 cane up. every
damn about politics, hut I do know nienher of the legislature asked
that there is such a thing as put- c.f his iieighbor: 'Are these the
ling jokers in bills, and my repute- Izaak Walton league bills? I don't
lion Is at stake here. I want the dare go back honme If 1 don't vote
,word of you gentlemen present foi tlhem.'"

Stetson Rats

Get Ready for

Lakeland High

'Special to The Times t
Coach McQuillan devoted almost
his entire time yesterday to the de-
5,-lopment of his scrubs and thos
that have riot ben coming up to
the top notch In the last few days,
considerable timn bring spent In
hitting the tackling dummy.
The team Is a little crippled this
week by the condition of se-'.,-ral
of the fellows who are suftcring;
minor injuries as a result of the
Penacola qame Anmong these 'i
"Larry" Becrnar, alar punter for
the squad. who has sprained hls
punting foot. Until this hfbcome
betiler he v.ill be forced to talko
things easy on the field. The
coaRh is hoping he will he back in
trim in order to get in good shape
for the Piedmornt game next Satur-
J. r' Barnes is suffering from a
v.ealk ankle and in nor reporting
on the field for practice. At the
clcs" of the routine practice. Coach
)tteQuillan put his scrubs through
a scrimmage. He is particularly
stressing the efforts of the members
of the "rat" team who will go up
against the- Lakeland high school
Friday afternoon.

S Ill hold do% n his old poiitinn in-
stead of Fraeliek.
Potter and Colado, xetprani'. are
shol s Ing the old fight "
F iiAm h-a h.- keeiijuAc

Middlekauf Still on
Sidelines with In-
jured Shoulder.

,Special to The Times.)
Gainesville, Oct. 16-In yester-
day's workout Tiny Chaplin. bril-
lIant fullback of the 1923 Baby Ga-
tor eleven, was holding down the
plunging job on the varqitv eleven
In scrimmage with the fresi-man
It is like]v that Chaplin "ill be-
gin the Wake Forest h.trtle Sat'.r-
day In Tampa since Ildillekauff.
regular varsity fullback, w3s .n
jured in Tuesday s practice. Even
should Mlddllet:- if rii(ov,-r It time
for the gami,, thsA Isa little doubt
but what >: ;l, liii Kill rr-llte him
for at least a goen |irt o'f the
Cha llin 'ood Pliyer
Chaplin tip 3 the s.'aIs at bI(,
pounds, charges ?ivrd. punt% arJ
iilace kicks. and is in aill around
backfield man. ![t will
fill lTlddlekauff'a pn;:vlon :i.uuld he
le called upon to do .-.
Yesterday's practice "as a replica
of Tuesday, the varsity players
scrapping the flats. who used the
Wake Forest plays and formations
The Gator yearling eleven -could do
little harm to the varsity machine
who piled up play after play on the
Expects Tough Game.
Coach Van Fleet is taking little
chance in the preparing of his
charges for the Wake Forest game.
He is working the squad this week
long past their regular practice
hour. It being after dark before
the players are sent to the showers.
The orange clad eleven is looking
better and better as each practlce
progresses and it Is verj likely that
the T'ampa fans will get a chance to
see Florida in rare formn Saturday.


Wreck Victim Succumbs
After Operation.
Bradentown Oct. 16.-Jack Clau-
sey, 54, died at the Larrabee hos-
pital before noon yesterday from
injuries sustained a few weeks ago,
when his car plunged into an un-
guarded hole In the brick pave-
ment of the Bayshore highway,
just across the line from Hillsbor-
ough county.
A. T. Helton, who was seriously
Injured' in the same accident, is
reported to be getting along well.
Both men underwent operations
yesterday morning. Clausey, who
had suffered internal Injuries and
had a limb broken in several
placeQ, died shortly after lie was
removed from the operating room.
The accident took place two
weeks ago. early in the morning.
There were four men in the car.
all employed on the Ringling
building In Sarasota. There was
no light at the dangerous hole, and
the men saw the chasm too late
to avoid it.

f u% an,,hII be oen on the inrIjur
list for the la-st week but yeater- .
day "Bill" di'pliyed his talent bhy handicapped I.y a sorn. ankle, rtn
lo..tirng the o\ t tinti- pnI tint, his ability.
agair, for gains.
--- Bob Wilson. captain of the Yquad,
Z'tlIr -vh) h,-.ldd d>vt in'.- Is playing his usual steady hall,
tnn in the back field. althuutgh and his motto 4f "let's go" has be-
the ball around the ends proving come the slogan of the team.

30.x3z FISK BLACK TOP .......
31x4 PENN. TUXEDO.......... Fits 30x3k. ...............
32x4-z HOWE HEAVY DUTY..... Fits 31x4 ...............
32x4 I FIRESTONE ............. Fits 31x4 ...............
33x6.20 MILLER BALLOONS .....Fits 21-inch rims .........
32x41, PENNSYLVANIA V C..... Fits 31x4 and 32x4'. .......
33x5 FOX TRUCKS............. Fits 31x4 and 32x4 2 ......
33x5 STAR TRUCKS........... Fits 31x4 and 33x4!,' ......
34x5 U. S. NOBBY.............. Fits 32x4 and 33x4!,.......
36x6fi H. D. Standard Makes ..............................
40x8 AJAX H. D .........................................

N F. C
g-lnac 5's-Inah 4-nrcb 4i-lneh








Team Leaves TodaY
for Journey td
Tampa. -4


qSpecial to The Timesr.) .
Wake Forest, N. C,, Oct. 1. -
After a long grinding etrimii;ne
on Gore field yesterday tht DBImlfl
Deacons went early to their little
white beds and this afternoon. wi'*
entrain for Tamrnpa to maet CliW.
Florida Gators there on &tturdat.
Today's practice was tie .laitk
the team will get before the j'ttrt
with Florida. Although the tMm
Is still sore front its game *tI& .
Washington and Lee theA tW *
plenty of'pep and ginger In to4a4'b ,,1
scrimmage. The FreShmern Arid
second teams were unable to stop 4
the tank line drives or to makeua
headway when given the otteif'J
Injured Players Able.
Reason and Jones, th, tW
players injured most in the victors
oser the Generald, were 'in the
line and are expected to start
against Florida. "They will start'
but they are not in the pink -o '
condition that they were Wihea wF
met Washington and Le" wad tlw9
verdict. I .,
Changes in the second team in-
dicate that Garrlty is butlqDinU t1P
a reserve back field for the Basat't
day contest. Reitzel, who ha
trained for the past two uf asois
for center, has been switched
the backfield and made' g6of-
gains on end runs in today's pitc.-
lice. He Is one of the fastest ftoe,
on the team and with experlenti4
should make a valuable a'ddlt6AJ.
to the reserve balckfield. ,-
Plans New Offensive.
All manner of rtnuort aoncern-
ing the style of play Otrrlty hafy
planned for the Satirday' contest
are heard and report is'that *lh6
shifting of Reltzel TO the baekltel'
and the attention paid to Ellitff-"
ton substitute quarterback,
cats an aerial attack. Anath t -"i
that Garrity has gone down to tlhz'
bottom of the bag of trickle hv'
has been gathering since Prth',::
ton days and has decided Upon an
entirely new shift for the oMi .
Garrity refuses to be quoted bn
anything. .."
Twenty-three playeril, 06sh.
Garrity, Freshman AaeeJbl.M'. > '
Caddell, Graduate M26agCa'- ..
roll and Student &,itzagft..B'0i*r
will make the trip. 2Aer.... J
Wake Forest at 2;t. Woluel tS::t
o'Mcte tqa' or*OZ .,. "
---- ^.. ------ .T g :. *. r^ ..,:-

Informations u
In Criminal Co641

Assistant County Soliditor f- W
Walden filed five information i'"
criminal court ranging frditrti'"tu '
der in the second degree to "etit,
larceny. '' '
One of the information chrgK ,,,
Eugene Bullard with klllit W i. ': --
Fisher May 15. A. T. Mter, i--
charged with reckless driving. 1..
A. Owens is under the same cmarg'
with the additional one ort belly
drunk. Arthur Segar is charged
with speeding and Warrent 'Wo-'
with petit larceny. '

N. F.C. .,$ 6
N. F. c. $13.50
FIRST $21.05
N. F. C. $17.15
N. F. C $18.50
N F C. $I8.5
FIRST $. '
N F. C. $21.0
N F c. S55.00



\\- have s,:.lrd thousands of above Lubes with fine success and they are honest VtaLlu.
'.'in a 1f.w left in new" firsts. brarling standard warranty. 'High Pressure" tires derived frtoin
"Change Overs' in following makes:
Firesiona, Flak, RoFal. (;oodlear., Miller, Nob by, Kelly, Mlehellu. RepubUe, SUtverlow, ]tse.

30x3 HARVARD $5.60


Nrntning has proven better yet
Standard Warranty.


Tr.e NEW' NOMIAIi 'IRES ale ,u unmistakable good and th. record ao gi at, that the prices&'.
L'.lw should be the Inmt .ov pay for tire-. Tnce are made of the most modern and up-to-1
deir felsurez. And thneir values set so low as to meet imoapending price cuts expected. '
Normal Glanni Glt
Cord Cord C tl
:w0 ti., (llnebers . . 7.90 Cl. X 9.7.1 :)2x4'1- ............................ Ia.h7
3As3ti s.. .. ........ . 00 q.o '. io.r" 't3%4t' ............................... 19.2
3114 .... ........... .. . 1:...-.t 314x4'. ............................... 1. .t
32s4 .................. 11.4n 133.7." :.3.4V.- .............................. . 21.
33%4 .................. .. .5i 14.% :t35S .............................. 5.6r0,
34a .. ...... ... .. . . 4.75 37 6 S. .............................. 2B.6i

ti.r.- differentt mak.s and largest stock In Tanm pa. Goods sent C. 0. D, privilege examination.
Mnnes refundpri on any goods returned in tact within a month. Mounted freak st store.

Phone 205oU. OPN ENVENINGS. 918 Plorlda, Cor. Tyler.

S Six


Prince of Wales
Again Falls Off
Too Lively Steed









I X&JURIJU Uri a was"" A I

a a Awa U V wwwwwww IF

;.October 16, 1924.




-- -Ai~ -,

^----WHKI MUS' iE OOT'i---* rJH *a
^iw r r ^--l

S1VALDES L'Avenir, Bell

SFOR BOUT Ship, to Sai


-bus Boy Anx- *
SWin in Face
Eiansas Match.

MjWILL SEE BOUT -,-~. Office Antici- P:-"
te! s Rush from ""
'Bookie Fans.
."tl0,kboxers are on the ground,
,'i|=ther Ia promised and ev-
4ais fixed for a great show .
abTw night at Benjamin field
k'lqny Valdea and Boots Ant-
Pi',4-slated to meet in a 10
ria', :ut to dAtermlne which :
,i::eet Chick Kansas for the S,-
ASrwelght championship of 5i"'" "
|(ii*th next week in the same Z",., "- -
Oint.i -came In early yesterday
S'.t. Petersburg, where on
nh ight he handed Jordan
OA1;Bid, of Macon, Ga., a lacing
i"t .umd Returns to Antwerp W
a R oe.h Trip. Craft Was First
4a"'Lrrlved a few hours later
Jta.oat from Havana and tm- Install WireleC
mwr met up training quarters --
& '. .Cuban club, where he The Belgian training ship
i:.1. sea legs after a some- L'Avenlr, foor-mast all-asteel bark,
a htrip. The little Cuban whlch arrived In Tampa on Octo-
awlee In. wh licl ur her 1 and the 45 cadets who aie In
Sa week In whh to re- school thereon, are attracting
'lIO.-. n the trip, but was In- muoh attention here at the present
1 ,. that the program would time.
'itp14altering. A Times representative visited
|-4,teen hot on the trail of the boat and was shown through-
^F-"0ine losing a decision to out the giant sailer by the office-r
S. ,lq!aI'weeks ago in the local charge Commander Julius
.*AhlW Is more than anxious
j ^i br"Valdes tomorrow night. Meulemweater, who has served on
Slee nothing but a victory the sea for 20 years, and was once
't-tVWIdea and a consequent a student on the L'Avenlr.
te' to regain his lost laurels a The ship Is owned and operated
j hter. by the B12lg"-n government and
!W6t-can tell the world we're serves to train tho young men of
I" o'":ieet Kansas next week," the country who hiave ambitlon'g
itl1i's manager, Hugh C. to become navigators. The age
,0M r .*."Tampa fans
as he has never requirement is from 17 to 22 years
-f ight as the local ring be- old, and the commander stated
,.s :lfInve with all his that the boys were from good Bel-
wthalhis ~tha hebtrainn. wl fere frmgouryears
Itt he Is Kansas' master glan famiUles. A tuition fee of
fetb more than anxious to about $200 a year is charged for
etra that fact for the ap- the training, and after four years
ufrte tha fac." on the water the cadets are com-
"'.,'Wf, Out"Day. missioned in the service of the
l tradinging at .he Roberts goenme
club, although he la Crew Numbers 82.
.^e U~on. He ia doing Besides the cadets there are 10
-,fto'ta busy tor anhour officers aboard, a number of cooks
.41* Vwith. the punching and workmen, and the entire, crew
a'Bd llbering up numbers 82. The ,rimnary object
"..'.":," : of the voyage here waV to teach
I" l isl 'at the Horse- the oadets, but a cargo nf cement
=By V4.1h 5 l ks W brought along as ballast and
S "a?reo.jainln field to- to help defray the exnensa of the
M i"ilnce several hun- trip.
S f- slordaatudents L'Avenir is 16 years old and has
.tpWnu tomorrow night, it made many trips to the United
&&t-'that a packed house States, although this is the first
Isa the bout. Local fans time it has landed at Tampa. Th?
l advised to obtain their length of the bark is 300 feet and
.. this tIs 145 feet wide. The weight of
___________ *; the ship Is 2,000 tons and It can
i ,carry a cargo of approximately
k .wI, Blemished 3,200 tons; a displacement of 5,000
f'* Skin Easily Removed tons, and draws 23 ii feet of water,
i .'^"._,.which Is considered above the av-
5lJef" broken or yellow, over-red erae for a sailing boat. The
'..Otehy complexions are de- spread of the sails measures 315.000
Omrt the fashion, it la dIl- square feet.
.-.understand why ao many
.tU to wear them. Surely When the visit was made aboard
.woman has heard of mer- the cadets were hard at work sew-
.wax. This will positively
fhhvery unsightly tint. The ing sails and doing other necessary
.re Ily takes off a bad c.m- work preparatory to sailing for
It gradually, harmlessly Antwerp on the 23rd of this month.
Werb the thin layer of surface
W with such defects as liver A load of phosphate will be taken
*at pimplea, freckles, blackheads, back to Belgium, and it is prob-
rascarded skin Is replaced by
,e3ar, white, youthful skin un- able that the ship will soon make
Altl&. Mercoltized wax, pro- another trip to this port with ce-
ftbl) at any drug store, i s ap-
p. t night like cold cream and meat,
sod Ih the morning with warm First With Wireless.
st, One ounce will produce A distinguishing feature rf the
S!vtvs t girlish complexion.- A Isth at t the
Wt~lSemfnt. L'Avenir Is that It was the first

who "ever thought or spoke a lan-
gian School Klan Talk Attributed To democracy n the
guage of democracy In their
lives. (Applause.)"
The addre:Fs concludes with a
1 Next Week Georgia Governor Printed i andressta onlades in ro-(
proposal that all foreigners corn-
ing into America be placed on pro-
Walker Refuses to tift and every other Protestant hation for a period and then, if
church. (Applause.r noit measuring up to American
Deny or Affirm "It is a far different thing when standard., be deported.
A the ti *n+'l-.^ it.+^i-r ,a gang of Catholic priests take pra-t, --" un
SAuthenticity. charge of lthe national convention Gr,%,hie r is y pr.c icaly ounknwdi
o a great political parly and gives his hair. and t'.'o hair dye tac-
SwAtlanta, Oct. 16.-What was orders to that party and to that tories are kept busy making the
Aaa c t nation that it must nominite fI coloring mirnter.
Purported to have been the ad- Catholic president, that yi slh3ill Furs whlcn probably wilil be F
dress of Gov. Clifford Walker. of not nominate a prot-esta',t t,.r Eh.- brought Er, this co.untrv from
'",, rf thul-ur,.... ire3 IncltC de [ox. nutria,
Georgia, at the klonvokation of pAes the Tr,)t. -I S.)5 ufr..Are3 a n l.
\. s<,, the Ku Klux klan In Kansas City, Allegr- Foreign Dominance. German wat-hes selling for from
.,, September 23, Is published today It i-- a far different thing, tfel- 7 cints to j2 have flooded the
In an article in the Atlanta Con. low klanasrnen, for the Catholie Englsh market.
churchc h t)o orgardze within its .vwn
slitution. limits, its own borders, a secret III ITD
-* :The newspaper says the text is bound society that votes like oe rie UL U WILL
inan at tLie behest of a for-
reprinted from the Imperial Night-eign leader, and th.ii say that th-., QUICKLY CLEAR
hawk, official organ of the klan. \viJl droxe out of America any
,'' The Nighthawk, however, does number cof Protestants ho, ase
not state that it Is the address of fit to establish for trnemselv'.'a II
the governor, but says it was de- secret and oath bound organiza- P IMPLY SKIN/
lIivered by "a prominent ctlzen." fionnthat they may, if thv, rAIll.
livered by "a Plr ient citizen. te Alk. ,Vlnt applause. i
SGovernor Walker stated that ne "Let me say with equal frank- Apply Sulphur as Told-When
","4 yha d not seen the address in thte ness and ertnestnebs thia organi- Your Skin Breaks Out.
'- '(" Nighthawk and if it was his it was zation as I understand it, has no our kn raks u.
"'" a stenographic report that was fight to make upon the foreigner Any breaking out of the skin on
r '{ made and printed without his as a foreigner. I have no olijec- face, neck, arms or body Is over- ,
'" y" M knowledge and authority. ion for a reasonable number of come quickest by applying Men-
nThe text of the address, in part, Belgians, or Swedes or Norwegians tho-Sulphur. The pimples seen
..... The tet o hasfollows and oth-r types of those northern to dry right up and go avay, de-
'For Kelligio. oloos:ani wvecltir states of Eui'.pe Ceill- clares a noted skin specialist.
F or -toellioua Freedom. ig intd-this country, If in coming Nothing has ever been found to
I want to say that this does here they Intend to make ltiu take the pla..e of sulphur as a
not mean, as our enemies wouldC per cent. Aier,cans. tApplause. i pinmple remover. It is harmless
ith Cadets in Training, have at Chat we are making a fight "I would build a steel wall and inexpensive. Just ask any
upon the Catholic church, or the against the admission of a 'ingle druggist for a small bottle of
Sailing Vessel to Catholic creed or the Catholic re- one of those southern Euopens Roles Mentho-Sulphur and use it
Vessl tfthese...._______________ like eoJd ream.-Advertlsemenr.
E uim en't. lglon. As a good Baptist, and. as
SS Equipme I trust, as a good Amerian, I Blackheads Go Quick
would shed every drop of blood in By This Simple Method RAILROAD SCHEDULES
sail boat in the world to equip it- my body in flghtirng any man who Llackne..J'-t,'ig on.s or litti.-
self with wireless, and has since would place a feather's weight in or,:.;-soft or, s ..r bard oners-.,n Arrival and Departure of Passenger
the way of a Catholic boy or girl an% piart of th" bod,, g.. quick bv a Trairn Tampa Union Station.
Installed a large radio receiving who on the, Sabbath morning simple niethod inat just dlssolhes The following schedule figures
th n. To"", do this get about iwn ulshda-nfrain n o
set. walked out of a Catholic home to ounces d.1 tigalonte Powdet froam Published as Information and not
The commae se tt go to a Catholic church to worship Nour druggist-sprinkle a little on guaranteed._
The commander stated that no in the Catholic Sunday school f)J- a hot. \set r.cloth-rub oufr th --
blackheads briskly for a few Pse- Atlantic Count Line Railroad
countries of any consequence were lowing the Catholic crerd which onds-ancd wsh off You'll wonder Arrive .From: Deoart For:
visited on the journey to America he or she learned trom a Catholic where tilhe iackneals have gone S.00 p.m.... Jax-OIcala ... Oi.0a.m.
nemother applause).p PinchlnP anrid squ tzirn, bla,'kecads l:10 pm. Gain'v'l-WaVc's 6:00 a m.
and that stops were made only at mterpp Diaereu. nt rl cn the roraes of thr skin and 8o p.m. Jax-trta-Cin. 12.l1 I
small islandsforpro- Dee Dfferees." lae them large and urslhtly-_ .
small Islands for water and pro- .Butit is a different thing, an while the imi le application of 8:00 P ni. Wash-N. Y...12:01,)im
visions. The voyage back .s ex- entirely different thing when a calonite powder and the water diN- x4.00 p.m. 4rhonotosassa xl i15 p.m
____________s____________le th. m zight ouat. leaving the 1-15 Sebrlng-Sanford ,15 p pm.
SCatholic secretary of a synmpathet- kin soft and the porcs In their al:165 p.m. Ocala-Ft. Myers aS:15 pm
DRUG EX IT c president so manipulates the natural conditlon.-Advertisement. ll:lupm... Jax-Wash. 9"3t p.m
fIfltl r I Ichicanery of politics, that he will -.- .----- 7:10 Jax-N. Y ... 9.J0p.m.
DRUG XUCIl place in the center of every na- xDaliy except Sunday.
Ilonl wr cmp a Catoli "'To an d trorn Oi'aia. Tuesday.
E KhDo war camp a Catholic Tampa-St. Petersburg Thursday andSaturday. Tuesday
church, and drive outside ot the Transportation Co. Trail connecting aLt Port Tampa
T Kborder of that camp on the back with boat for Key West and Ha-
.streets, In the back yards, on the WOilso u leaves station at 12:45 p. Ua.
alley-ways, every Presbyterian. Wilson Line Sundas and Thurda.
DRR every ethodS and every Bap- Schedule Effective May t11 Tamr.m soaern R. fr.
Arrive From: Depart For:
If Back Hurts or Bladder Is )eeted to be as straight to Ant- 1924 11:55 p.m, Fal'tto-B'd'town 0,)oam
8:19 p.m. Pal'tto-B'd'town .:tDam. A
Troubling You, Take a werp as possible. Daily except us moNte. Atlantic Coast Line City Ticket b
Little Salts. The officers and cadets were e-- Tampa ve SOfice, Hillbhoro Hotel bl
Lertained by local men at the Vic- Jackson ST. Bavbcro O-Phone 3232 CO
When your kidneys hurt and story theater Tuesday night and Wharf Wharf Seaboard Air Line Rallway
your back feels sore don't get were saluted with the Belgian na- 11:30 a. m. 10'30 a. m. Arrive From: Depart For: So
scared and proceed to load your tional anthem. Today they are be- *2:30 p.m. '4:0 p.m. 1-50 p.m.. Jax-Local Ps. 9.45 a.m.
stomach with a lot of drugs that taken oh the citrus 6 00 0.m. 7:0 . p. cal
excite the kidneys and hritetetbe 6.15 p.m Wash.-N. Y. j:0o0p.m.
excite the kidneys and Irritite the In th'" "IOB e citrus Lev t es Arrive Taimps 6.0a. .'n .i Jax-Loal. t.. :35pTm
entire urinary tr.ct. Keep your groves of Polk county by the Lak Le avborot. Pet jacksonSt." ..ashx-Loca. Y... L:-35 p.m. O
kidneys clean like you keep your Alfred chamber of commerce. The Wharf Wharf --" -
bowels clean, by flushing them citizens of that town are sending R.,0 a. m. 103n1 a. e. Tampa snd Gal. Coat Ralrond h
b11:30 a.m. 01:30 p.m. Arrive From. Denart For:
with a mild, harmless salts which their cars to Tampa for them and b 30on. m. 7:90 n. m. 10 2 Pn.St. PeLe-Jcal 64om. fr
helps to remove the body's urinous dinner wl be erved during the Schedule Subcp- tosChan. l 4p et a .-r
waste and stimulates them to their wi di te h ethoutibeNotleetphase nyaTaronrings
;nra ch t.Tefnto fday. Ut. Pete t'bo.. 10:10 am. Tarpon Springs 2:30 F.m.
normal activity. The function of day-T,, Phon 125e t '3p.m Clear.St.^ e 0 p.m.
T:ampa Phalle 12814 12"40 p.m. Clear-St. Pete :::0 p.rn.
the kidneys Is to filter the blood. Commander Muelemwester em- 32. 42.
In 24 hours they strain from It phasized the energy and Intelli- ., m teaer. Tampa Norther Rallwra
500 grains of acid and waste, so gence of the young men and said Arrive From: Depart For:
we can readily understand the vl- FAST PIIEIGHT AND ..Brooksville.. 6'00p.m
tal Importance Of keeping the kid- that the majority of them could PASSENGER SERVICE 7.40 p.m... Brookaville.. b00 a.m.
ney's active, speak fair English. 'Except Sundays and holidays. Seaboard Air Line Trieket
Drink lota of good water-you.. Office., Hllsboro Hotel
can't drink too much; also get (On the Corner) Phone 3126
from any pharmacist about four OTHINE
ounces of Jad Salts; take a table- I H ule
spoonful in a glass of water be- FOR THE TREATMENT OF Hotels, Resorts and Steamship Lines
fore breakfast each morning for
a few days and your kidney.i may F ._ ...._
then act fine. This fsmoue salts
is made from the acid of grapes In Use for Over 16 Years
and lemon juice, "omblne.1 with
lithla. and has been us?.i for )ears Your .reekles need attention T Id K o ut
ged kidneys; also to neutralize the Use Othlne-double strength-thel ou
cd Intesyste soold and time-tired guaranteed TO NEW ORLEANS BY STEAMER AND RAIL TO POINTS
acids In the system so they are treatment that ha gisena sall- BEYOND.
no longer a source of irritation, faction to millions of women, and
thus often reli'evlng bladder weak- rid yourself of these homely sprots. Scheduled to Snall romn Tampa Every Tuesday., 3 p. m.
ness. We recommend Othlne Complexion Elegant accommodations. Suites writh private bath it desired.
Jad Salts Is inexpensive: cannot Soap for fse with Othilne. Enloy the delight of a sea voyage-48 hours at sea, Tampa to
injure; makes a delightful effer- At all Druggimts and Department New Orleans.
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. J EEt V '' 'IA L IN Steamship Cuba. Sailings front Port Tampa, 2:00 p. m. Sunday and
Thursday each week For Information and reservation write:
lACk -)\ MORE_ L FlS'3a .. .W. Morris. General Agent. Port Tampa, Fla.
AK~k r I 'SHE'LL QU|T V0L),Et?. Tampa, Fla. J C } l-wI-_ REt'S "/OUR. I L. U \Vildet. General Passeng,-r Agent. Jacksonville, Fla.

\^"gs No.I\^ 63.J^ ---


(Radio Director, Statior

'Would you go to a Gara
head ached?

No! Certainly not!


Come down and let's ta
radio situation."

Thompson Elect
102-104 W. Lafayette S
PHONE 2706





age if your

You would


alk over the


ric Co.



report of the Condition of the'

Bank of Commerce

At Tampa, Flat In the Slate of Florida at (he Close of Busineas, O0tober
9, 1924.
All other loans and discounts .............................. $1,167,889.67
uv.'erdraitts .. ................ .............................. ... 170.61
United States honds ...................... ................ . 27,442.80
State, county and municipal bonds .......................... .. 7.500.0u
Other bonds ..................................... ........... 1,000 00)
Sijcks. Federal Re.Rer 'e bank ................................ 7,2000t1,
Furniture and fixtures .............. ...................... 34,565.00
i th.r real esta -. .. ........................................ 9,185.0i)
1tue from incorporated banks ............................... 330.66 3.33
Casn Iterns ......................... ......................... 29,406.96
(C'ash on hand ......................................... ...... 54,266.73
Total ... ...............................................$1,669,310.30
Capital stock paid In ......................................... 200,000.00
Surplus fund ................... .. .......... ............. .... 40,000.0til
L'ndliide'd profl.ts e-xp'enses and taxes paid) ......... 5,979.57
Di ide-nds unpaid ...... ...... ....... .................... 12.00
Individual depr",,.-its subject to check ......................... 71S.Ol7.55
S, "ings dep-silts ... ........................................ 211,297.95
Time certificate s of df posit ................................. .22,726 12
t'erttfied checks ....... .................................... 21,961.45
Cashier's checks outstaniling ........................ 1,235.28
Due to incorporated banks ............. .................. 227.981.39
Total .. ............................................... .. $1,6
State of Ylorilda, County of Hillsborough, as:
I, E. H. Ashcraft, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly
swear that ine above statement i-. true to thlie best of mniy knowledge and
hellel. E. H1. ASHCRAFT, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this lth day of October, 1924.
tSeall M. K. LONG.
Notary Public State of Florida at Large.
Mly commission expires July 27, 1928.

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ades. Priced "t $o*
rom ... . .. .- ... ,:


9 9z4 NOI

tl 5VQ M QY'ru c

2 3 4

1 1i0 11

16 617 IS

^012 4 29



- -lp- -- --- ----


Thursday, October 16,1924. *"'..
*| '. [ .

nnr-iwnrrur PHU~NE 46IRN BUNI
MISLOIS RODGERS, ________________ TEO i i i iHME1A
--,^ = ... TIT "nT~ +i s r-T p+-..Z^ '
Editor. THE WORLD OF SOCIETY :o .-''
,.-WD41 PHOE 5884



H Bnillnst Point Church Plans Party.
S hL Aus i I ,embers c the Ball.ast Point
| ra man -Aus n Methodistr ;church are planning a

Hallow-s'en party to be given
'Wedneaday. Mr and Mrs. Samuel *iraham Thursday Pvenlng, October iO.
SCouncil of Jewish Women meets In Y. M. 1I A building, corner request the honour of your This affair will take place on the
RoBs and Nebraska avenues. 3:30 p. m. presence at the marriage of their lawn at the home of Mr R. L
STampa Woman's club gives play, entitled "Thursday Night." at daughter Howard. on First h street. at Ballast
clb house on Plant avenue 3 p.. Carolyn Elizabeth Point.
'.Local Auxiliary of American Legion holds meeting at Tampa Bay tol E h
Casino. 3"30 p.m. / Mr Ralph Gordon Austin 1.. 0. F. Lodge to Meet.
/ Mrs. James MCants entertains Wymodausis Club of Tampa Chap- n ralh fro N
- tOr, No. 11, 0. E. S., at her homr, 1817 WVatrous avenue, 3 to 5:30 p.m. Saturday, the fih-t of Novem- Tampa Lodge, No 7, 1. 0. 0. F.
Thnr adsa. ber, aMt high noon nill meet In regular session this
Miss Ena ,Sherrill entertains with bridge party at her home. 202 First. Methodit church evening at 730 ocirok in the Odd
North Delaware avenue, honoring Miss Carolyn Graham, 330 p. m. Tampa, Florida. Fellows hall, 9091 Florida avenu
Students' Activities Bureau of Tampa Art Institute holds opening FrLends have received invita- There will be talks made by past
meeting In gallery at city hall, 3:30 p. m. lions that read as above. The officers and, after the transaction
mt0 n n alratcylFriday. wedding of this popular couple of business, the degree captain will
Hillsborough County League of Women's clubs gives benefit card will be an event of muclh social drill his team.
party in club rooms at Tampa Bay casino. 3 p m. Interest.
Sgatarday. Presbyterian Auxiliary 1o Meet.
Tampa Teachers' club gives reception for new teachers at club "------- 'The Woman's Auxiliary of the
rooms in Tampa Bay casino. 8 p. m. Bnliey-Oaskll Mnrrlage. Seminole Heights Presbyterian
1__ ji _______,, ... Marae churchh will hold a business meet-
I' Mr. and Mrs. W H. *asill an- ing at 3 30 or'lock tomorrow after-
"PreSident's Day" Observed Santulght Circle Holds Meeting. n)ounce the marriage of their noon at.the church. A full attend-
Sunlight circle of Sunlight Re- daughter, Ruth. to Mr. Horace Bal- ance Is deyirebd.
at Meeting of Council bekah lodge No 65. of Port Tampa. ley, son of Mr and Mrs. C. P. ..
of Jewish Women. held Its fourth meeting last evening Bailey. riholle Club's Board to Meet
at the home of Mrs. Marlam Parley. The ceremony ias performed at The executive Board of the Cath-
The members made decorations 2 30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at 1e Woman's ec lub wilboarl hold a meet-
The Council of Jewish women met to be used at the Hallowe'en party the home of the bride, 116 West ing at 9 o'clock tomorrow mnrn-
yester4ay afternoon at the Y. M. which will be given at the I 0. 0. Elrenth avenue. Rev. Geurge Hy- g in the Social center, corner
H. A. building. The day was ob- F. hall. 909% Florida avenue, on man. of the First Baptist church, Marin and Twlgga streets All
served- at "President's Day." and Friday evening. October 31. officiating. Only a few relative Mae ard Trged tbtreets A
Mrs.'Henry Brash, president, gave Late in the evening, members of and Intimate friends Vere prest members are urged to be present.
an interesting address on the cou i- Oliver lodge No. 66, I 0. 0. F., d n h r n, ioin
il spnd Its Ideals, the response I.e- Joined the circle for a social hour, Preceding the --eremonY' %i ---lin .S ilP-Is
Lug made by Mrs. M. D. Wefsman. and refreshments were served, selections. "At Dawning" and "I
Mrs. Brash was presented smith a Visitors at this meeting Included Love You Truly," were beautifully cial eisona
beautiful basket of flowers, repre- Meadames Nella La Fe, Myrtle Ma- rendered by Miss Madeline Bittman. ,Pesonals
senting the council's colors of baue rian and Bessie Watson, of Har- v. Ith plano) acconmpanlment played -
and white. Mrs A. R. Berger mony lodge: Miss Eva Dosert and by Miss Margaret Mackintosh. Mr. and Mrs. James J. Donohue,
made the presentation. Delightful Mrs. Lenna Walters, of Poinsettia The bride worn a lovely gown of of New York cl'y, arrived last
vocal solos were rendered by Mtse. lodge; Mrs May Knight. Mrs. A. H white canton crepe, trimmed with night for a visit of about two weeks
Harry N. Sandier. ThF, program Barrett, of Grand Rapids, Mich. pearl ornaments. In Tampa. They) will be guests of
of thse day was In charge of Mrs Immediately after the wedding, Mr DLonuhue's brother-in-law and
M. D. Weisman. chairman of the l of Club. to Hold srf.l Mr. and iMrs. Bailey left for A sister. Mr. and lrs. Silverlo Per-
program committee. D4rs. Jay t' motor trip, and upon their return. nand-z. 2716 Florlda avenue. This
Wittner was hostess of the day. The Hillsborough Counity League will be at nome to their friends at Ls th'ir tirst visit south arid they
Many new members were add-d of Women's clubs LIll hold.,a ben- Sulphur Springs ar, 'e"ry favorably impressed with I
to the roster of the'counctl. elit card party at 3 o'clock tomotr- Florida and Its climate.
W 8* row afternoon in th'e new club P'
Teafes'gto tooo1" Reeptlbd. Troops at the casino Roos Needed for %eteraa. Are P. Walden. of Dallas.
The Tiampa Teachers' club will The proceeds from this affair will During the state reunion of Con- Texas, Is having a delightful visit
bold a reception at 3 o'clock Satur- be used In defraying expenses of federate Veterans, to be held in in Tampa as the guest of her broth-
day evening lin_.the new club rooms furnishing the rooms. Reservations Tampa next Tuesday, Wednesday e,. Mr. J. W. Cory. This is the
at the Tampa Bay casino for tables may be made by tele- and Thursday, will be a need for first time they have been together
''his affair, has been planned in phoning Mrs. W. F. Miller, number rooms. without meals, in as many in a number of years.
courtesy to all new teachers ift the 85-704, or Mrs. A M. Adams, num- private homes as possible ____
city, and they are especially urged her 84-978. Any family wishing to take one Mr. and Mrs A. D. Bassnett left
to attend. Members of the club 4 or more of the veterans as their this morning en route to their home
also invite superintendents, super- A. T. 0. Ftaternity Dinner, guests during the reunion, please In Jacksonville, afle'r a visit of two
visors, principals, trustees and Members of the 4. T. 0. fraternity notify asy member of the follow- weeks with the tatter's sister. Mrs
members of the board of education will have a stage dinner at the ing committee' Mrs C. W. Rodg- John C. Dekle, at 30t North F
to be their guests on this occasion. Hillsboro hotel on Saturdvay eve- er, telephone number N1-`24; Mrs. street They are making the trip
s a 6 ning. beginning at 6.45 o'clock. J T. Bowen, number A4-208. Mrs. by automobile, accomparnled bv
Baptist W. M. S. to Meet. This affair has been planned to S. L. Kline. 81-284, or Mr J. D. Miss Mary Dekle. who will return
The Hyde Pajk circle of the follow the Florida-Wake Forest Sp.ncer, 73-237. to Tampa Sunday night.
Woman's Missio6nary society. First football game. Those who will at- ..
BaptLst church, will be In charge tend are looking forward t,. the
of the regular nieeting tomorrow event v.'Ith much pleasure a -
afternoou. It is to be held in the rious talks will be made. and
aiold church building, beginning at music furnished by the university
1:80 o'clock,. orchestra. 1 -
"'The Lad. of the Kiroina" Is the 6
Interesting Japanese topic for the Rebekah Lodge to Meet.
afternbos. All meWbers and friends H-armony Rebehah lodge. No. 45. =
are utad to be MXesent, "- wllJ hold a regular meeting at 8
*' o'clock tomorrow evening in the
Vii. C. t jive Concert. Odd Fellows' hall, 909's Florida
TaMp% chapter, United Daughters avenue
of the Confederacy, will give a Ar this meeting plans will be the Tampa Bay casino made for the Hallowe'en party,
at 8, o'cock next Tuesday evening, which is to take place at the home [
This entertainment has been of on- of the members on Thura-
planned.. for the state reunion of day evening, October 80.
Confeodtftte veterans, which is to =
tAke place here Tuesday. Wednes- 1 o
day 9il" Thursday. o h biU
Th* aeral public it dlatly JUST LOOK

Te,Woa' Misioar soit =llt ...Bdr. BAX lw11^ i^S
invi toatend the (15urch on
Tue evenng 1'. Y d-d
ntii', e+ R

W hha of local det are
hos tsoaM today at 1 o'clock L a
Spanlsh luncheon at OarciLe res-
taurant,, honoring wives oE vieLt-
Ing delegates In the city attending x
the annual convention of the Plor- 1 3
Ida State Dental society.
This affair was one of unusual

IT * 1 i*
enjoyment of the guests, numrring
about twenty-five, -
Seript bDnces for Football Teams. ,
Two script dances, one on Friday
evening and the other Saturdav -
evenifig, will be held In honor of __ _" "
the University of Florida and' Wake
Forest football teams. WVHAT VANART DJ D TO ME
Both of these dances arc to take Had my Kpddygraf eaken. Had
place at the DeSoto hotel, bpgin- lots of fun and didn't cry,
ning At 9 o'clock. either. Pictures of the babies
and kiddies at
Miaslonary soie t yJy to Meet. 1EN
The. Woman's Missionary society Tanarts Reoo 210 0
of Hyde Park Methodist church, 'lr- R EM NA NT
will meet In the church parlors to'
morrow afternoon at o'clock. D A Y
A fine program has been ar- -1
ranged, the Mlary Helm circle be-
lug in charge. A full attendance
is desired
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Society's Calendar of Events

MrI H J. Stvch, of 1202 Roy
aver.u,. has returned after a visit
of five weeks with her sister, Mrs.
Blanche- Specht. of Montgomery,
Mr and MIrs. H. L Crowder. ot
this city. have been among the
gu.csts at the George Vanderbilt
horel, in Asheville, N. C.
Mrr J M Smith, Mrs Sarah Rimes
and Mrs. W. .L. Tidwell and little
Fr-tda Smith, all of Rzidsville, Ga,
are violting their slat3r. Mrq. U. 1,.
Da\iis, on Euclid avenue.
Mr and Mrs H C Rogers and
little daughter. Lillian, Mrs. ElliEon
Smith and J. M. Smith, Jr., of Reids-
ville. Ga are visiting their brother,
Mr W. P. Rogers, on Euclid ave-
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Oil Prints Especially Adapted To;

SBC Hallowe'en


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Red Yd. Black,
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1 ,

irsday7 October 16, 1924.





me1S City Chamber
l.,tears Talk on
k^; Public ty.

s City, Oct. 16. The
"sfel oft the cities of Florida
.R..=Z y responsible for the
vo-'e1 publicity concerning the
' .which is being spread
|tlghtohlt the nation, according to
SClemrnents, secretary of the
it"W chamber of commerce.
4.oIag .night addressed the
Ci T.1 meeting of the Haines
ijiLtlAamber of commerce.
..lrclFlation of these papers
fteBtlni throughout the north,
41*.UWd west, Mr. Clements as-
MS,'nld Is spreading to tho
1 tbe actvantages and attrac-
NAOf the Flamingo state.
itt;lf! Just such communities 'as
.C-'tlLy that this publicity Is
-'[" r. Clements said. "Grow-
-ovtlei Will continue to grow so
O' tjtey tell about their pro-
'1, anId the newspapers of
pri. lree assisting materially in
1, Cements also stressed the
itsfee of cooperation among
Z: eLsbers of civic organizations
Insured prosperity of cities.
ted, the establishment of
t'ffriendly rivalry be-
,. e, women's clubs, lunch-
a..a)>d chambers of com-
t'4. boards of trade. Re-
.tanizatlons act also as an
Civic organizations, ho
o6b City Is one of the most

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dg4.ef asugot'is p. Either
9.' oqi, keeps. 5eetlvy,
a.'LIon hIflS
.0r1 a quickly
.o" Sery air

_________________ I

wide awake cities In the state." he
told his audience. "On a recent T T n
Sunday night. trip from Daytona T a l
to Bartow, I found that. Hainaes______________________
City was one of the three citli-s Letter Fromna Leslie Prescottt o Ruth What shall I du Ho., can I bear
along the route which had its elec- Burke. ,t"
trip signs and window diapla. My Dear Ruth I have very little "Why should life seize up.-.n a
lighted. That In itself shows the in. d at %in r '
progressive spirit which is Instilled t ime or inclination for writing 0et- woman, and after ehrlpassion and
in your merchants and business teri, but I feel that yo.u should the gad marrige-after p -tilna
men, while the recent steady In- know i'hat is happening here. her hold in her arnims close-close-
crease in activity along real es- This mornuig mother tcailed me the on" being who has always had
tare and construction lines points int., her room and told me the doc- thb magic power to unlock h-r
to the results that this progressive tor had Informed her last evening h-art--suddenly snai'h her man
spirit is bringing back to you." that dad was dying Although I from her and throw her bodily Into
Secretary Rex Saffer of the haLd suspected that this was the the awful morass of loneliness and
Haines City organization reported case for some das I 'uould not al- despair' What will in any \ay
that during the last month 1,231 low myself to affirri it, and the an- make up for those years of com-
sha v d eng mle out 1,1 nouncement came llth the heart- panionship cemented with the j,ys
letters have been mailed out, 1,10 l .breaking shock that I imagine the and sorrows of ears?
pieces oatf literature sent awRY, and knowledge that death is creeping "Leslie Leslie, I can't let hrm go
that 122 persons had come 1to te steadily up To rob us of one we and leave me! Pray God to take
chamber of commerce office for love, always brings to everyone me wnh him. Only my body will
information. He also reported on Poor, poor mother' For ihe first be left behind, anyway. All my
local beautification progress. time in all my life I saw her this thoughts, all my spirit, all my joy
morning perfectly bewildered, ut- of living he will take with him"
terl) at a loss. She did not seem Ruth. I was absolutely overco'me
St. Pete Has 900 to be able to think. Like a rud- by" my moth. r's grief. Ther ,,as
aerless boat at sea, she seemed nothing I could say to comfort her.
Real Estate Men tossed about here and there with There was. no comfort to be given
no hope of rescue. One moment to such devastating, desperate des-
ahe would speak of something per- olatlon. I could only put my arms
ISpeclal to The Times fctily irrelevant, and the next she about her and Ilet her feel my
St. Petersburg. Oct. 16.-There seemed to realize the stark truth, physical nearness and sympathy
are at present more than 90 real in all its terrifying reality. My eyes were v'et with tears that
estate dealers and salesmen in St. "Ltslile," she said, "I cannot seem were running down my cheeks arnd
Petersburg. At least this many to think of myself without your dropping unchecked. My soos would
eeafather. You and Alice, my dear. not be silenced; but mother stood
have already taken our licenses rt have been much to me, and I do not there, her handslimply at her
the office of the city tax collector, think either of you have missed sides tearless. er face as If
At the rate applications are corn- anything that a mother should give carved marble, in her eyes all the
Ing In. the number'is expected to you. But, Leslie, some women are terror of what she was Being In
s%%ell to over 1,(000 in a short time. more wives than mothers, and I the days to conime when she nould
The city ordinance requires that have been one of those whose be alone.
every person selling real estate. whole thought, whole love, whole She frightened me. I do not kno'v
whether he be a dealer, broker or life must go out when the man that what would have happened if John
salesman, must have a license. was her husband goes." had not come to the door and said
This ordinance %as passed to pre- "But mother, I said, "don't YO*UV' dad wanted to see us.
knot% that Alice and I Will still be
vent one man from taking Out a nere with you" tsn't that little 'Is it the last. John?" asked my
license and then employing a num- comfort to you? You cannot be mother.
ber of salesmen to further his busi- ,wholly desola.. while we are alive." "" think so,' answered my hus.
ness. When there is a partnership, "Yes," she answered wearil,. "but band sorrowfully.
both partners are required to have a you have your own lives t.-- live. He held his hand to his lips as
license and also every person work- Mine Is over. I know I shall be does almost everyone in the press.
ing for 'sem. No licenses are is- left stranded and alone, a battered, ence of death. I felt my own hand
sued under firm names, beaten wreck upon life's shores, pressing against my mouth as
_____"___ ______ Leslie. what r-, ill become of me? though I, too, were trying tp stop
U. C. T. to Gather
At St. Petersburg l:

St. Petersburg Commercial
Travelers are making final plans A
for the ceremonial to be held
there Saturday. A large gathering
is. expected and a street parade
will be a feature of the program. I R'
Flags will be displayed by the mer-
Following is the scheduled pro-
gram: Registration at headquar-
ters and ladies' reception at Royal
Palm hotel at 2 p. m street pa-
rade and forming of ceremonial at
Seventh avenue and Ninth street
north at 3 p. mn.. joint Initiation a,t
Odd Fellows hall, special meeting
at Phiel theatert, shopping and
tour for ladies and card party at SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN" and INSISTI
Royal Palm parlor at 4 p. m., sup-
per served at 6 p. jn., entertain-
ment and dance at s8 p. mri. and 9 Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets vou are
p. m.. respectively, and drawing
of Chevrolet car at midnight, rnot getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved safe

bSuburbs Civic C b by millions and prescribed by physicians 24 years for
Suburbs Civic Club
Plans Weenie Rnast Colds Headache Neuralgia Lumbago

C ~. -

OtIE Members of the North Suburb
ter for Civic. club and their friends will
;espjoarue- hold a weenle roast at 9 o'clock
Ve.: lal asthma. Friday night on the recently nrc-
.' *picial and hip'hly eon- quired site of the club house, Fern
flipOuind of genuine Nor- street and Highland avenue, Presi-
lract known the world over dent Leo Walters has announced
ftd effect on membraneS. During the evening discussions
-i7d prointment by asking will be held on plans for building
S'for "214 ounces 0 tho club house and name@ will be
k i 1 full drecltons and don't; taken of volunteers for construction
iv 'else. uaco ramneed toworn on the .proposed club house..
pa 0 stte "satisfact ion or money ____________
refunded. The Pinex Co.. Coal and iron ore are mined un-
Inr .tL der the sea in Nova Scotia.


Sl MART style at-
Stracts many men
to Florsheim Shoes-
Sand dthey are not disap,
-.pointed Florsheim
Style is more than a sur-
fa fiish-it endures.
The Wales




S303 Twiggs

Florsheim Shoe Shops

808 Franklin

Notice To West Tampa

" Property Owners!

Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the
: City of WeAt Tampa will be in session on Monday,
.:the 20th day of October, 1924, at 7:30 p. m., for the
tDUlrpope of hearing complaints as to assessments, and
T.O rece itve testimony as to the value of property, real
:er personal, and to perfect, review and equalize the
,asessment of taxes for the yea; A. D. 1924.

W:': 'City Clerk.

,..Rain Toothache Neurffts Rheumatism
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
5 af eHandy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100-Druggists.
Arpkrin Is the trade mark of Bayer Manuracre of Monoeeeetlecsldester of Ssllc'yliceld

the breath of life tht vwas coming
,-old with terror
Tonmorrow; The leller continued

Rummage Sale Plans
Talked at Meeting

Plans for holding a rummage
sale next Saturday in some suit-
able location on upper Franklin
street and diEcusslon -f an off.ei
1o rent a part of the club rooms
for a couple of months featured the
meeting of the board of directors
of the Business and Professional
Women's club last night
The board approved the offer to
rent the assembly room to one oif
its members as a temporary office.
with the provision that the ron,
would be available to the club fr.,
meetings. The approval of the clul
as a whole will be sought at tr:.
night s meeting
,---- i


constantly arriving and
you will find that we al-
ways show the newest
and most desirable wear-
ables for both outer and
under wear.

Smartly Styled
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and the most charming

Silk Hose
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and many more of the
most wanted wearables.
You will always find it
pleasant as well as prof-
itable to Shop Here.

Blanche Volson's

213 Twiggs St.


E, R v I c E,
S __E R V I C E___ _ _____

-It's a Source of
Satisfaction to All

To Know ThatERS

We Use Only Real,
Genuine Studebaker Parts.

We Employ Only the Best
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We Do All Repair Work

Reasonable For Cash

You will find our employes most courteous-our
spacious display rooms comfortable-our ladies'
rest room convenient-and our service most correct
at all times.

-- P. S.. -

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in 'your garage this Christmas'."

At Any


TVe shall be
glad to show
you through
our modern,
Safety Deposit
and explain its
features of

The old way and the new

Years ago, people used large iron-
,bound chests in which to store their
valuables. That was the best protec-
tion to be had in those days. The
old strong-box of the past is re-
placed today by a burglar-proof, fire-
proof, water-proof, loss-proof vault
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tection for as little as $3 per year.

N in e ...


Safe Deposit--.

Jackson and Marion. DISTRIBUTORS. Tampa, Florida.

St. Petersburg Clear-water Lakeland Bartow Bradentown


** *




.* *, r .. .:.p ,ri
..- ..-4 :'

Thursday, October 16, 19'4 .




4 .R, %V
;' Watch Here and S
| of Clothes Ther
SAlso Missing.

Eleven slot machines, said t
.' ,. worth $100 apiece, were amoni
v'"'" loot thieves gathered in three
series here some time yeste
according to reports to the p
The slot machines were rep
1- stolen from a garage at the
C "" of C. N. Bates. 107 West Vir
-, avenue, where the machilns
S been stored since they were ha
'.- ': from the city some months a
:'.- One man was arrested smid
.. be grilled by Chief of Deter
6: lw Joe Carter todey on the theft
5 in money and a $25 gold w
taken from the H. It Ru
P pressing shop at 206 Il.,r
. street.
4'1 I VJibur Coward. 3022 Seventh
nde, reported a sneak thiet hai
S teaed his room during his at,.
101 ,Ail had taken a bult of clott

S Ministerial Association
^ At Lakeland A(



o be
; the
ft of
o' e-
d en-


Special to The Times.)
-..,. Lakeland, Oct. 16.-One of the
ost active organizations of
.. Southern college, the Ministerial
,' association, has been organized
S or the coming year and an eher-
gelo program has been outlined
fO r its activities. At the first meet-
S r lig A. Love Smith w;.-. elected
S" prealdent, W. W. 'I"i)r, vice
S-:. president, and Edwin McCalley,
*** ecrtary and treasurer. The Min-
I. '* stet-lal aspoclation Is composed of
S,q thy young maen of the school who
s: ar planning for ministerial car-
r... res In after life and the assocla-
;. ', tlon Pas In the past done some
SLJi practical work, both In the college
i?, ,. and In conducting Sunday services
"" for the prisoners in the Lakeland
r5 Dr. Olin Bogges, professor of
ii ; biblical literature and Greek at
". .A+4-K Southern wps chosen as governor
i-" of the aakoclatlon. Mr. Smith
:,., ,latated that he was looking forward
S, to a very'successful year and be-
lieved that the work of the South-
era College Ministerial association
Wild llive up to past records.

S Work on West Tampa
." ii V% v -1-



I, is.


Hillsboro Lobby Is
Being Redecorated

Redecorations in the lobby and
on the mezzanine floor of the
Hillsboro hotel are nearing cont-
pletion, Van Hainz, the artist in
charge of the work, stated this
morning. Work has been progress-
ing rapidly ever since it was start-
ed several-weeks ago and will prob-
ably be completed within a week.
Two scenes have been painted
by Van Hainz on the walls of the
lobby. Ove of these is a typical
Florida scene and the other a
mountain scene.

Clearwater Church
Plans Ready Soon

Plans for the Episcopal, Church
of the Ascension, in Clearwater.
will be completed early next week
in the offices of M. Leo Elliott, lo-
cal architect.
This church, according to Mr.
Elliott. will be unusual in treat-
ment with stones, laid in random
fashion, comprising the exterior
finish of the Gothic design build-
The church will cost around

Plans Ready Soon
for Davenport Hotel




Orientals Discard An-
cient Knife and
Go Gunning.

By 0. I1. SCOTT.
(Copyright, 1924, by Tampa Times
Chicago. Oct. 16.-Stolc orien-
tals the country over are slink-
ing, about their strange, mysterious
quarters bearing tong news that
threatens to send these Chinese
feudists into another of their dead-
ly and widespread factional wars.
Two dead here have been added
to the murdered tong members of
the east-just the first victims of
a general outbreak in Chinatowns
everywhere, If whispered warnings
and wry. understanding smiles of
prospective victims can be ac-
Hip Sing and On Leong tongs
are at war here, with Chin Jack
Lam. wealthy restaurant owner,
sought as the power behind the
battling Rumors emanating from
tong headquarters have are that
Chin Jack Lamn has recently been
deposed from leadership of the On
Leong society and is trying to
build up a control among the Hip

oricnt.ials. has assumed their .har- the gun and hLitndluining the knfe -St. Pete Property 1Lake Plarker Heights and Is 0lo-
acterlstics and gradually built hini- and hatc.:hei in his present fight- cated just north of the city limits,
self a following that gives him Inp Owners Plan White running from Iowa avenue lo
control or the tong thai Chin Jack Whatever the tactics, the slay- ri Lake Parker. The Lake Parker
Lam covets. ingi in t[he enst and midwest have WVay to New Bridge district is developing rapidly, as
Probably opium trade-rone of embittere.d the society members ____ the entire southern half of the lake
the assumed activities of tone-- aid have officials looking for fur- (Special to Thb TimesE is now surrounded by attractive
brings the clash that is spreading other outbreaks of a serious nature. St Petersblurg, Oct. 16.-A white subdivisions where two years ago
to every Chinese hangout as word Chief of Police Collins here has way sy.tein lo extnd fromm this there were nothing but swamp and
from the leaders perculates alonk warned the Chinese that they had city along Fourth street north to thickets.
grapevine routes to lieutenants better call off any general tong the Candy bridge is likely to be
over the land. This traffic Is highly 'var thit may be planned" a reality at an early date, a move k
profitable and control of it a coy- As yet the tong war has not for the Installation of the system "They Work Whil
ete, power that easily leads to flared up on the Pacific coast, but having already been started. At an
fighting. But v.-hether Sla Him and killings there are expected if the eathuairistic meeting of property
Slang HIng died because of deals tongs get I1nto general action, owners on this thoroughfare, It e bor E s
in opium probably will never be wat decided to get the construe- h --
known. They were killed before tionllr n under way as soon as theI
witnesses-Hinag died while two East HllsborOugh boulevard to the bridge is firaha.
private detectives looked on. but Chamber Elect The property owners agree to pay
not a word have police offlcla!s am r to ec their part of the expense of the
been able to work out of witnesses Board of Directors whlte way, and have organized CF
or out of Chinatown Ic-alers that the North Fourth Street Properly
might indicate the !entity of the Owners' association.
assassins or the reason for the (Special to The Tirmes.) For Constipated Bo
killings. Frank MOy, "mayor" of Plant City, Oct. 165-Election of New Subdivision Is o ipa OV
Chinatown, and Willie Let, foster ten directors of the East Hlllsbor- C ni C
"mayor." only smile and say they ough county chamber of commeninirce Opened in Lakeland Colds S r Str
know nothing, even when It Is will be announced tonight. Blank S o
hinted that rumors tell of their ballots have ..ten mailed to the (Speclal to The Times.)
chances of being added to the list members. Lakeland, Oct. 16.-A large new Dependable! No other cathartic
of victims. G. L. Whit:onilm). onv'ner of thc subdivision Is being opened just no laxaTiveacIt aes enilv on the

Victims,' Relatives Silent.
Just as in all tong wars. there
is a conspiracy of silence to thwart
the efforts of police. It even pen-
etrates to the families of the vic-
tims who. along nlth the other
Chinamen, can offer no possible
reason for the killings, nor sug-
gest who might be the slayers.
Instead of talking, the tong
members are arming throughout
the local Chinese section, only a
few short blocks from the heart
of the Chicago business district.
Police reserves have spent their
time rounding up known tong
members to relieve them of their
shooting irons-for 'tils said that
the heathen Chinese is taking to

fish market at 1';9 Bias: lsianes
street, has purchased the Sardner
Brothers grocery store. J. S. Oal-
ney, who will be associated in
business with AtM.. Whitcomb. will
cc'iduct th, grocery.
Rev. A. Fred Turner, of Tampa,
Is conducting a series of religious
meeting in the basement of the
Methodist church. The services
'ill be concluded next Sunday, ac-
cording to Rev. Haeflinger, pastor
of the church.
The Exchange Sjpply company
will start up its pint about No-
vember 1. Cra-,s and hampeis for
citrus fruits, strawberries and
vegetables will ha ana.ntifac'.ur-d.
The plant will employ a large
number of men.

north of Lakeland by T. J. Her-
ney, well known auctioneer, ho
has already developed three subur-
ban tracts surrounding Lakeland.
The latest tract will )be known as

ARE CURABLE. If you suff-r
from Leg Sores or Varicose UleTrs,
I will send you abnolurely FREE n
copy of my famous book that tells
how to be rid of these troubles for
all time by using mny remarkable
painless treatment. It is different
from anything you ev-r heard of,
and the result of over 35 years
specializing. Simply send your
name and address to Dr. H-. J.
WHITTIER, Suite 03., 421 East I1th
Street, Kansas City. Mo -Advertise-

liver and bowels as Cascorets.'
They never gripe, micken, or In-
convenience you. They positively
strengthen and regulate the bow-

The lake was draided *olt].. ":::.
that it has been lowetl6d,.aOft1'k *
feet, which has dispdsed pi'*PAtb#
swamps surrounding tlU .h.ligr ..
line. The contract has beesl 1o .0p
a 30 foot drive around tae
This drive will cover a. di l l ".r ",'
about 17 miles and when coaii' l.''
will be one of the most',*'t 4.*4 :...
scenic boulevards In th9 "ttt .'. .'
. . f ._ :.j .., .

e You Sleep"


vels, Sick Headachte

nach. Biliousness..

els, restoring natural, "egqi. *."
moven iert Cascarets" ard ,t" b :'
Iass and are used by mtillPns '
Men. Women and Chilrdrn, '
boxes, also 25 and OC50 IiaiH.x" ",
drug store.-Advertiseme.ts .,.

I[f You Are Sick, See Me at Qsat.I |
I know a way tor sick folk 1to become w96. )o,
you want to know more about m.? and my m ( qM
removing the cauise of your sickness. so Nat n "
restore perfect health? if so come to mne for u ipaM
tnalisls and I will t-il 3ou what your allmentp lar
Consultation and Spinal Analysis Free.
B5014 Franklin St., Suite 2W0 'W. F. S. Bldg., 2B'
Take EIlevnator I"
Office Hours. .10 to 12 a Wn., 2 to 6 p. Mn Sundb06 Lad

'- !"',-' : ".? "
Vw ** A ,B .

'* QC

5..- ..,

i.Y, O.ctober 16,19k .
idaY, October 16, 1924.


1 Out Our Way

|Wicis Asbury Mon-
(UWelt Unveiled
,'at Capital.
'imIngton. Oct. 16.-I-ntn."
of President Coolidge and
li t the Methodist Episcopal
Oi f this country and Cana- ,e:
y ..queatrlan statue of Fran- LIL FR:(
'.0%-, "plonehr Methodist I O
.inl America," was unveiled Ia
ter'day. I CE -
l"ent Coolidge, in an ao-
$uplWiwed the missionary. I
V the bishop in this coun-
`''"t'gely a result of the
H ilro of Asbury, his assocl-
:id O" their. religious organiza- "our country has devel-
S*A4 much freedom and eon-
s6 much to civilization."
frJiT g religion to be the
on of government in thi.'
;he president pleaded Lhat I

,! ilihs rmie tha spafm alfrlnd ekn tral
1don rather than law for
dZerclses, presided over r-y
V, John W. amilton and
i William F. McDowell, con-
.It Wo days' program In
f.poration of the "circuit
1bshop who came to this
'* in 1771 and. traveling by
k, some 6.000 miles a
.:'h4,e0hing during his life
; 10,500 sermons.
j ..,atheryn Watson Van Ness
atilore. pulled the hords
iksWlhashed the American flag
o.'6 4eut the statue while the
3 states army band played
Spangled )Banner." The
'f;.t, avcompaUided by C. Bas-
P. his secretary, arr ,ed
on the platform untilF
.ad been sounded at the
.-McDowell formally pr
06 statue to the govern- Circle Globe
behalf of which it was Col. C. 0. Sherrill, mu-
iot of buildings atid By EDNA MA.RSELAL.
New York, Ott 16-It is a
-strange spectacle being shown at
eto Tell Woods ship yards on City' Island-
all the seafaring folk young and
A Ort Tampa City old. ship's captains and cabin boys,
Developments forgetting their work to help
for ngAlain Gerhault with his last
- preparations for a round the world
: 314- .Mopipdle has been in- 'trip in a nail boat about five times
.$.:dressthe PortTampa his length
s,.of trade at its regular
..Vlee .in the Masonlo h#ll, Tales of buccaneers and pirates
4 at '1;30 o'clock bold: of ocean rovers caring not
flp has promised to speak at all for land. seeking eternally
fir to sqnd a leading mean- adventure; yarns of tirasure hun-
e|t....'gav sa ton of the Fur- terse and stories of spooks that In-
di ,Pr6pertle ,Inc., the feat land and sea-these may have
ithe bi S12..!,D,000de- been the lure that have led a
M s mleibeing t my-:Frenchman, only 32 years old, to
.. ,dedicate his life to solitary ivater

stiug tbh h ih%- ha' s r*pd tvWW l. *In fat
V Mo i'or rpw on row. they. stund in the L
hotelo.t1' "7 b uild- tie cabin of his boat-The Fir
!;nehttU 030 sOn walls, crest. Joseph Conrad, Jack Londo
M*"et l"asl in_ d other Pdgar Allen Poe and all the oth
rdtoe lbe &ae 0 dthe writers of such strange life at
6". ~ o 4 Id %ridge ad-
F artI iPa. How these adventure tales, are represented
^ t~lopaint will help Port
'asi te, eb~tre interbay
as's w*ill aL Tampa In gen-
b butHned by the speaker.
V front developments of
le company In connection N.B.
WtStport. the new Yeates
'pi in Port Tampa. near T
e properties. will make an This is
?', . t iPtnuous chain of big res-
S i'fflyriIiovemnits along old
bI*y gnd the Interbay boule- a
Si Fl *each Park and Sunset
ahitjouthern limits of Port secret,
'= 'but
hi'inl ..f Port Tampa b
| .r;W %, Give Benefit Supper well
b.i' '" "" -fashloned chicken sup-
i ,t musical program as an tell
k &attctlon will be given at
a.i t- room of the MasonIc
Pi t-Tampa, Friday night by YOU
t'' Wafrtl Missionary Society of
0',*t1 diSt church In that city.
4 o'frt, f the society state that
ift several delicious styles Jimm is
,t1- Be*veld, together with salad. imy \
10 o|i and other good things
p g onerous meal. A gen- very
a e iohl gatherings will be held
Ste6 evening. A number of much
I 9fatltres will be presented.
I a r will begin at 5:80 and interest-
** b.th4f is invited, according o tres-
4 .y I .lYtnoement. The proceeds
e suVper will be used for ed in
1) tpl'oaes.
S:. oes "Lotta
",i:1 Real Estate Me
.: ......M iles"
,". m Enters Field
TA'*. t Roblnson-MiLehell Realty #
:'*a f a new concern entering
1"' ol estate field In Tampa. The
,,t" wIieh Includes H race Rob-
Jotek B. MItchell, of St. Pet,
srk atnd associates will occupy
p oeTry offices at 7 and 8 Tam-
v company building.
3N ThXh cppaty deals In all kinds of
as ,l *ttI and has already met
1'q@pnslderabie success In its

lo,. i ew Treatment For
W on s Veins and Ulcers
iW"'ell in velns are dangerous and
bti ilt'lt. Sufferers are advised t
& wo-eunce, original bottle of
t*s4'. Oil (full strength), at
it a"al* druggist, and start to
' ithe veins and bunches Lt
v. egiahe recommend emeraldd ,
it& ,11 bottle will last a long
b usLu e it is '.er." .'uncen-
i4 a little, goes a long way.
ly.ght and morning with a
brusa as directed until the
III reduced to normal.
(t 1vylousl powerful Is
0 Oil that swollen glands
o on goltre disappear when

666 Martlii
':''"-. ;i'.' ; t o. It pret eruption for
("Mi. Grippe, Dengue, Head-
S aehs, Constipation, Phone 2914
S" .Biliousness. Tampa
I:0 ,, : 1" et speedy remedy we
t". .. know.
tL !":... ', .... .





By Williams




1-His is a queer looking boat. Only
one sail to holst upon a niast that
no~eB high into the air-almost as
high as the little boat is long, g.v-
1 ry ing the whole an eery, top heavy
SWill.Ai appearance. TIt Is only 31) feet in
=rC? O LAC ___ Ilength, with an eight foot beat.
S BEFOr-HF_ PLEASURF.. i 01114B MMsI .C And Alain? He is a smallish i.ian
with a rtop of thick blonde hair
nnd a typically gay French laugh.
| A-, p" breeze to give him a propitious His costume consists of a cheap.
11 A ttem tT o s I start. blue Jersey sweater, an old pair
And in th, meanwhile the resal- of trousers and canvas, rubber
SnS all Boat 1 s C hlpsoled shoes. His hours he spends
i mall Boa dents of Cty Island are helping puttering about his sloop making
him put the finishing touches on ready for the take .off any day.
his ship. White whiskered men _____________
the small library Alain Gerbault pull longer at thelr pipes and Coffee planting Is done without
proudly nod their heads as thev in- plowing and hanrtesting without
carries always withti him. spect the improvements on the machinery in Columbia.
He has read them since he was Firecrest Sea roving Is nothing
a chald-and loved them, and read ne for Alain. A year ago, he ar- NOWEENlNlEmENE0
them again. Perhaps they tired his riv'ed off Fort Totten pier in his
imagination and constitute a rea- little 3o foot sail boat. "H-ello,
son for the lone sea wanderings there' I'm just in from France,"
he contEmplat-s. he said. "Got a place to put this
aIoo o 7o Bed
Doesn't Ktinow or flare. One hundred and forty-five days B
Alain Oerbault does not know, it had taken him to make New
and cares .still less He only knows York from Nice. He'd been out
hbe aches to pull up anchor and' "
stIrt out on .a five year tour of the V A n, ti
world, alone, with no companion Have You AppenHicitiS
sailors to help him pull hi ship Tt, t
through storms And Don t Know It I .
He has no thought of the pirate T
gold his books tell him about. He Much so-called stomach trouble \s
has no Idea of settling on a wild, really chronic appendicitis. This can ,
uncult4vated island where he might ofttni be relieved by simple, .
sultqtoll~rn a birk, rmxed _
,find materiall for wrltlig of his"Alrtka. Mostinediclnes act ou Each silte de
own. He only wants to wander- ott lower bowel but Adlerika aec E c tSli
and in a day or two he will .unfurl on BOTH upper and lower bowAel,.
and removes all gasses and poisons. is one that will ju
his sail and start out for a cruise rigs out matter you never
of the Pacific and South Seas. thought was in your system. Ex-
Alain is only waiting for a "per- cellent for obstinate constipation, then come in tom
fect day" with the right ortofKing's Drug" Store, Franklin and
feet day" with the right rt of TwIggs.-Advertlsemnent



y best


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my place of business. My tires
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// S~best of humor. I'm too busy to A S
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I concentrate on Kelly's. When I A '
,e buy them I forget I have tires- S
take my tip, use While the special price
tion or finish. In fact it
KELLY SPRINGFIELD IRES the price of this one. C
K LLY SPRINGFIELD I S Dresser with long clear
suite may be had in you
Here's how little they cost you. at this week's special pl
-Jimmy Traveler.

Kelly Full Oversize Cords at Following 3-Piece Stiplei
.. ,- .. "cConsists of Bow End Be
1x3 Kelly Fabric ............................ $,8.75 Consists of Bow End e
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idly becoming one of the
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x5 Oversize Cord Kelly-Springfield ........... 34.80 -
ix5 Oversize Cord Kelly-Springfield ........... 36.60

STire Company

Express Paid on Mail Orders 802-808 Florida Ave.
915 Florida Ave.

Easterners Put One Over

West in Wool Marketings

By J. C. ItOYLE.

, wool nimen in the northwest received

front Gibraltar, knocked about by
the waves of the Atlantic ocean
for 101 days and nights. His sails
were IniLaLters, his bowsprit was
broken off and hig ra5t1 \1as
racked front the wild sea stormy
ie had encountered.
Wat' Tennis Sntar.
More than a third of a year Ie-
*"'re. he had disappeared front his
,aurLs along the Ritlviera-no one
.'.ew just whby or where. He was
'ne ot France's tennis stars, and
.hey missed hint at the mniatches
which were then in progress With
ihe passage of time his sRfet:.'
v. as despaired of-until he was
Iound off Fort Totrtern.
Then-"Just a whim." was how
iie explained it. "I wanted to come.
So I comp. Why should I have
bothered telling people?"
Hut France demanded that he
return and tecive' his reward
Strom the government. He went-
r-ut not for reward He went L,)
'ettle-? up sonie business affairs
S.ith his brother, so he could con-
tinue his sea travels. And as soon
is the government had given him
a nimrdal in recognition of his soli-
itary trip across the ocean, and a
rniumher of societies had done him
honor, hei returned to prepare for
the rest of his joui neysva.
S With no engine in his boat. at
the mercy of the winds, he will
,o down the coast to Bermuda.
Through the Panama Canal and off
,cross the Pacific to the Mar-
Sqiuesa Islands. They are 5,0t>i,
miles from Panama. and he'll have
no chance to take on provisions
Between the twr.. In file years,
when he has seen the world., he
lnay return t', America and then
to France-but not before, he

IT3 PAP f*P r --TT'S-'



Copyright, 1924, by Tampa Tints)
New' York, Oct. 16.-In tbe con-
tinuous poker game between the
world producers and thie manufac-
turers. the east this time has out-
guessed, out lucked, or out bluffed
the west. Prices of raw wool are
up and are still showAng an in-
clination n cre'.n B u tthe

Room Suites

Are Real Bargains
, i .- - i'-- "i '
scribed in -this advertisement is a real bargain. Perhaps there
st meet your requirements. Read the descriptions carefully
orrow and see the suites.


placed on this suite for this week is very tow, -,ie e itt1 not cheap in eidaej
is far better made than many suites selling &ir doaoe $
consists of three pieces, Bow Foot Bed, large Vsniit'y
French Plate Mirror and a spacious Chifforobe. The
'r choice of several different finishes and is a real buy 1 2
rice of ...........................................

d Suite, $145.00
d, Vanity Dresser and Chif-
, Stipled Sand, which is rap-
most popular of all the new
'or this week at only $146.00.

v Suite, $186.00
ser, Bow End Bed and Chif-
f three finishes, Wainzt,
y. A suite that will be just

4 Poster Bed Suite, $12WJ
Veneered with gewa American WainiL
of Foaur-Ptoser Bod, gh Bast Dresr u
ette. A very ttvcative suiie raid arnn =
big value at thrs wake's special prk'e.

3-Piece Walnut Suite, $190
Veneered with geauioe Amer;can Watzij
the beauttfnl raI anut L in Is very 4st
sits of Bow End Real, iarl Vp n Di r 3
Chiffaorob, A w -oas(rttbd. beaut'ifa
a rMal lxiERai at $1W .0.


Mu&m a,





L ~aig wk

Ac. Cu.4


I~. Soma

wihin 5 per cent. of the top fig-
The southwestern raisers also
did fairly well since those who
clipped early and sold early got
better prices than obtained in mid-
summer. The supply on the ranges
now in so scarce that in Texas con-
lrideprablep fiv'e mnnnthq wnonl v a


I-'.. -~







.* ., .
.. -

mills are reported to have only
small stocks on hund. This doewr
not apply to the Armerlican Woolen
conimtiany, however.
The Amnerican Woolen company,
which opened Its light weight lines
7 1-2 per cent. under the level of
the 1923 prices, has withdrawn
many numbers from the market
and has advanced the price of
nearly 100 others, the increases
ranging from 2 1-2 to as high ae
15 cents a yard. -Mill activity In
increasing steadily throughout
New England and there seemna
every prospect that American
woolen prices will soon "work u
to an even basis with those of
foreign countries.
Corn is being harvested In the
husk and kept that way until used,
in Colombia, South America.
Double-end self-propelled rail
car? are being used on many short
line railroads in this counttry.




When SournessA Pain and
Bloating Follow Every Meal
No matter about diets, soealalt
food programs or the dozen or more
medicines you have tried withoj.
success. If you really want tanm-
achb comfort-quilek, certain and
lasting relief from the usual ataer-
eating distress-just make Utla
simple NEVERP. FAILING test to-
For only a few cents get from
any good druggist a little pure
Slsurated Magnesia-then. Imme-
diately after your next heavy meal,
take two teaspoonfuls of the pow-
der or four of the tables and drink
a glass of warm or not Iced water.
T'is Is a simple, pleasant and in-
exppnslve test that may be abso-
luelyd depended upon to prove Ite
value In less than five minutes and,
in most instances, relief corners a-
mot instantly.
Biurated Uag-neqia is a pleasant.
harmless, non-laxative form of old-
fashioned Magnesia that, when
taken after meals .cleanses. s'Wet-
ens and neutralizes the d&ngeyrdum
stomach acids that cause S6 pvr
cent. of stomach ailments. Be uren
and get BISURATED Magnesia a4
your druggist's today !-Advertise-

grnaoers In most instances sold clipped this fall and rushed to
their clips well below the top and market to take advantage of the
only the exceptions and those who high prices
shipped their wool on conslan- Little Wool Held...
meant obtained advantageous fig-
ures. The profits in most instances Cooperative pools are reliahly re-
went to the dealers who juggled ported to have little wool on hand
wool bales successfully between since most producers were Induced
American and European markets, to sell early and get what they
Here is what happened in the could. It Is estimated only 12.,0)u,-
wool market. During the war fine 000 of the 13,000,000 pounds still
territory wool sold on a scoured Is held in pools while the entire
basis nt $1 94 a pound. In 1920 clip for the year Is estimated
the average price in the Boston around 200.000,iJuO pounds.
market had dropped to $1.66. That amount Is far front suffi-
Then came a slump which sent cient to supply the American de-
this grade down to 82 cents in ntand. In spite of this fact. how-
the fall of 1921. Since 1922 it has ever, Boston Is still the cheapest
sold above $1, touching $1 53 In wool market in the world and
May last year. In June of this America has shipped millions of
'er another drop carried it to pounds of wool abroad to takead-
$1.28, but "It has now advanced vantage of the differential exist-
again to about $1.50. Half blood Ing between American and foreign
territory wools which sold around markets.
$1.15 to $1.18 clean basis during It probably will be found that
this year's depression, are now a world shortage exists and prices
commanding $1.30 to $1.35; three- give every Indication of firmness
eighths blood woola whtch were 90 and further advance, provided the
tIn 9S cents a pound In June are demand for goods this fall and
now worth $1.20 to $1.25, and winter is as high as conditions
Quarter bloods have advanced in promise. Growers throughout the
the same period front 75 6 to 78 country have been loud in charges
cents to $1 and $1.05. Pulled of manipulation of the market.
wools at Chicago have shown sim- They declare that much of the
ilar price increases, complaint of the woolen textile
But most growers sold during men over conditions was for thu
the June slump or soon thereafter, purpose of depressing raw wool
B:' that time it was reported fully prices, and that some of the larger
u per cent. of the 1924 clip had mills which bought wool cheap.
been sold. Ordinarily 25 to 30 sold It at a big profit instead of
per cent. of the clip is sold on turning it Into cloth.
consignment, and probably only Investigation, however, indicates
25 per cent. of the growers gained that the mills profited little from
the advantage of the prices now such transactions.
obtaining. The northwestern sheep The manufacturers apparently
men perhat1 were as fortunate as were as uncertain as the growers,
any. It is estimated that nearly 75 as to price movements, and many
per cent. of the Washington, Ore- of them held off from the filling
gon and Idaho clips were sold at of their requirements until the
high figures and the same may be probable demand for goods had
said of Montana, although few been established. Nearly all woolen


aCity.... 72
i .BCO ....
Marie.... -

t ..... .. 86
I.e ....... -
........... 7
>n *>.... .*.. 72
....... .. 70 -
,ca ...... -
Florida Stations.
>1 ...... -
.......... 80
....... 82
Ie .... .. 74
t: ........ SO
....,....... 80
..... .... SO
.......... 79
......... 78


New tires, new paint.




rs on
on on


Adapted !by Edmund Goulding

-Added Attrationm-


this one.

Looks and runs like new.,

Ford Coupe
The price will interest
you. "

In good mechanical cqn-
dition and well worth
the money we are ask-
ing for it:

Essex Coupe
128 3 Model in first-class

Hanson Six To


Dodge- Touring i
\ running condil

.. .A Notable iook
A Great Play



wn as

ed to


you of

, .: .":,: . '

Icday, October 16, 1924.



iN V~aliy mcmssage
($N ?kOVING- /_V
l..t.% r HBut when ye pray. use not vain
rNIS Nepetitions-Mat6.7.
ruIz vu The heathen prayed that way,
S.i'.'the Master here int imated.
~i'- *I Candidates, in their speeches.
1itpa Dealer Says are also prone to repetition.
discriminationn Well, there seems.toh be a lot of
?r r n on interest in the election now.
41n Evidence. But the most of it. unfortunate-
*:;.: ______ y Is taken by the candidates.
r:l% of average Tampans are Still, there really is a great
F' .;I&tSit more cultivated, said movement on to get out a big
. :Tar, of the Tarr Furnit vote.
..4air, or the Tarr Fur-niture

y, today.
T.' W|ie are giving more
B to harmony and attrac-
titlishlnges than they ever did
?! i .7'4" mid Mr. Tarr, glvlng two
$6Mi^ why this has come about.
I4a magazines and moving pi.-
''"tut re responsible to a large ex-
n tu9ti"ae said. "They hav edu-
s4u,;hobe people to discriminate
"I4$ip.pgood and bad tastes. The
i who las planning a home
:if lhhe Ladles' Home Journal,
A An&d Garden, or other mag-
tif. which carry articles on in-
".! coratlon and her choice is
W'fip d by her reading.
Moving pictures .'low
u ee.anes of beautiful intv;iors
49*bent ideas that are adopted
F: tman or womrat, who is
a. home. They 'have prob-
Sl ner Ma more to mould public
'i ti.'a any other oje InStitu-
trarr says that more pc pie
.' te services of the interior
r r totl: 'than In fo 'n<.
I. have their own ideas-
tV i :p.;ood ones-but they do not
tfV- el. fr inexperience and want
Si Ufb G rafor to carry out their
I'n detail.
e15 ^* Ct"'overings of various shades
or taupe, which, with
U. 'wall. form a neutral back-
;r.fI t '-for the color scheme'!
twlti out in bright draperies and
t .tLjadbs are the favorite choice
',ft'iwMAoorator varied by the oc-
l~q a Use of rich Oriental rugs.
O4l^*tablesa and unusual bits of
a or accessories are used
S 4' note of individuality to
1 I*t widen..
is taking to soda foun-
:@, although there were only
f 7.."three in that city blx years
'!-f.rare to be found now in
ant storesB, lea rooms, dairies

Unless election day is very rainy
the sum total will be great.
Note how the drys and retorru-
ers in New York are exerting
themselves mightily.
Their aim is to get enough up-
staters out to keep the genial Al in
2nd place.
If they) can but induce the farm-
era to turn out en masse the dems
will be swamped.
That's where young Teddy's hope
lies. He must come down to the
Bronx with a whopper majority.
Speaking of Theodore, he Is per-
haps the homeliest candidate of
the whole big league personnel.
Seeing him in the news film
t'other night, a female movie talk-
er who sat hard by this colyum
That the elder Roosevelt had
nothing on the young colonel in
the way of awfulness of physiog-
nomy. No Indeed.
She also ventured the adden-
dum. that she never thought a
man could be as homely as the
gubernatorial hopeful seemed to
Which of course hasn't anything
to do with the result of the elec-
tion. we wot. Women who vote
have sense enough to judge a man
by something more than his map
Issues are going to be a factor
in the feminine vote this year,
sure enough Still, the great ma-
jority of women will hardly take
as much interest in party 'issues
as they do in party lines.
Hist' There is a pun concealed
in the above paragraph. We ven-
ture this info. lest perchance same
should get by some of the folks
unappreciated. And there'll be no
more politics for today.
New York city's real estate will
be assessed at a valuation of 12.-
(ii'i mlllion courtt 'emt dollars


next year, for taxation. This is more
than half the amount of the na-
tional debt. ('an you beat it" No,
but ie're trying to
Jim Jeffries, one time heavy-
weight champ, will make his movie
debut in a Larry Semon comedy
called "Kid Speed." Thus old Jeff,
though playing the part of a vil-
lage blacksmith, will enter the
lightweight dl.'ilon of the films,
as It were.
A Nebraska farmer kept his
horse tied in ihe barn f'or six years
because it had once run away and
dragged him across a plowed field.
When the S. P. C. A. fellows got
hep to the case the animal was
found to weigh only 1,000 pounds,
though It had the frame of a 1,600
lb. hora. Whatcha gonna do with
that guy, Satay?
A new idea in child training is
never to ijnculcate a feeling of fear
In the litle feller. The "don't do
this and don't do that" stuff put
over by the parent should be ac-
comnipanied by an explanation that
serves to Implant a sense of cau-
tion rather than of fear. Away
with the bogey-man; Instruction's
the thing.

mayhap, but meantimre-such
shudders, such shocks!
A wornan shot her husband the
other day because he persisted in
eating dry crackers in bed. Why
will men thus arouse the demon
anger in the female breast? Some
males retire with sand on dloggies,
Nea York's tallest man, who
stands 6 feet nine in th'e prover-
bial socks, is being sued for di-
vorce by his wife of 17 years
standing. She namps a co-respon-
dent. Naughty big boy.
Well. the last sheik film that
struck town showed that they are
indeed pretty much all alike, save
that some have more disgusting
body dance features than ethers.
Still, that scene which pictured
the old Roman aqueduct towering
above the sands in all its ancient
majesty was not to Ie sneezed at.
Pretty good.
A laborer who killed a man says
he was hypnotized. Now call in
the alienists and use some long
green to color the defensgl What?
Note how the girls enjoy the
window displays of fall styles. It's
a wrong jane that has no yearning.
Opportunity knocks but once
they say. Quite in contrast to bor-
rowing neighbors, you'll agree.
Andtht-suns1rasnabe_ c.irs.t

And that sounds reasonable, 'ne does tell the girls that eat-
don't you think' Many's the name- ing vegetables makes one thin.
less fear In neurotic adults that Note the skinny elephant.
might be traced hack to childhood
and its frights. Fears are terrible After all the worst trouble with
things and lead to depression and the rising generation is their get-
unfitness for enjoyment. Far Ic-t- ling up mornings.
tar to help the young idea to dope o
things out Show Your caller t0 a chair, lest
thg I perchance she picks one with wob-
Because a stranger cursed him bly legs.
for saving him from drowning, a These here, now, paragraphs
Frenchman allowed the fellow to seen, Lt bt getting shorter'n
stay under when he jumped in the
water a second time. Probably Makes us feel kinda supersti-
most men would do just that thing tious. Looks as though
when similarly provoked. The lack
of gratitude In people is hard to They mean to peter out.
Morrison avenue, west of Lis- C. A. W.
bon, looked like a Venetian canal
the other day after the last big R
downpour. As far as the eye
could reach from Henderson the
newly graded lane was filled to the
curb brim with good old soft H20.

age plan. Folks can hardly nwake -Cildren.
a mistake buying sand west of The Age
Howard. or east ,.if it either RichMilk, Malted Grain e-t.lnpowdei
rornunakerThe Food-Drink for All Ageis.
What gets the colyum goat is. DigesIble-NoCoohig A light Lunch
why the county dads made the always at hand. Alo In Tablet form.
short route smooth almost to the -M Th
highway and then weakened The or"ol ,*t otain,
neglected stretch is to be bricked, W Avoid Imitations Uubstitutr"


4' 4,'I
i' vt',t.etjia

t ,,"~t.r..1 - -

... ."

., .
' a


ySomething 4ew! t

Now you can have

Bot Biscuits at any honr

9 for 15 cents
Fr h v tery ,day from ryY"Gra


: -.'. '

* *' *

.-^ '.,clean; white glaseiie bags,
t.'he warmth (and freshneua

HOW-fat'this-old wdrld
does'niovel Yesterday one
had to fuss and fume over
a hot oven',to produce the
light, tasty biscuits; that
add so.mucl to any meaL

Today yo-u have .Holsutn
Tea Biscuits ready for
your table!

JiistfilipT the big, genejdfoui
panful of1 19 biscuits into
the oven for, five nqinutew
and out they come-crisp,
flay and emailV tle finest

foodj ybiuha*'tastedxt in
many a day.

Holaum.Tea: Biscuits-a'
dainty enogbh fotthe after
'ernoon teajtablep.satisfy-
ing enough for ,the family
dinner; tablc:jThey tro
rich, 'light 'and slightly
sweet. l9Aforl15 cents
makes them economical
as well 'as delicious.

Onrkr,HOLSUMT-aTe BicsiW
oday. You'll .ever bother
Making biscpia Iasaim.



'Holsum ovens linge-,

X ~ee Baking Company

SS -- W- f& ,- -' S- --A





--s'7,- eC"N -C"*? ke "N--M




-^1 }





Ar-- .4 w--- -t Aw,-- % 192mm -%

% 101111MAINNINIF - %Ilftolffmm 11119901 -









/Act Paves Way for
Coolidge Commis-
sion, Is Claim.

S. Washington, Oct. Ifr-With-
drawal by Henry Ford, of his offer
qR tfr Muscle Shoals clears the way,
Appresentative Kearns, republican.
SOhio, declared today after a visit
Sto the white house, for disposition
the plant through a commission
oth. suggested by President Coolidge

!K r 1his message to congress last
3 311cem ler.
'Mr. Kearns sald he had assur-
ance that the president's attitude
in this respect was unchanged and
that therefore he would seek an
appointment of a commission by
congress as soon as it convenes In
S Deeemb 4r.
Such a commission, Mr. Kearns
maid, should be composed prefer-
ably of members of the house mil-
it.,ry affairs committee and the
Senate agriculture committee as
;:: suggested by the president. He
'i: discussed the Muscle Shoals ques-
S. tion today at the white house with
S C. Bascom Slemp, secretary to the
president, who was said to have
announced the president's attitude
an the Muscle Shoals question had
inot been changed by recent devel-
opments and that he still favored
appointment of the commission.
Pleased at Withdrawal.
"I am graltifled to notice," said
rP, Kearns, who was a member of
tie house military affairs commit-
tee when it investigated the Mus-
cwe Shoals offer two years ago,
"that Henry Ford has at last
N. lfhdrawn his so-called 'offer' for
ecle Shoals. This Is entirely in
o4 public interest. Some of us
c e known for a long time that
acceptance ef Mr. Ford's pro-
ala would have involved an
rmous -waste of public money,
Giving away of a great natural
ource of the south to a billion-
ire and .would have worked a
aat hardship upon all the tax-
yers of the country.
A "Mr. Ford's withdrawal from
u.scle Shoals means that the
.rmer now has a real chance of
ltting cheai fertilizer and that
Enormous cheap Wmter power
Muascl Shoals will be,distrib-
.. d equitably all over the south
the people thereof, to whom It
longsa. That prospect would have
'm, nearer today than it Is if Mr.
..'a B.lled 'offer' had not
n* Ss9ith'e Way so long- I haMppoii
iar 1 ve been the first man in pub-
life to have pointed out these
5 ngs. and it Is especially gratify-
t note that Mr. Ford, In with-
hatwlng. now supports the recom-
aendation In Mr. Coolidge'8 mes-
ig'e to congress that a small com-
lasalon should be authorized to
aork put the future of Muscle
oals." i


HENDERSON-Dr. R. P. Hender-
)n, 69. retired dentist and prom-
leNtl Tampan, who died yesterday
rning at 9 o'clock at his home,
4 South Willow avenue, is sur-
ved by two sons, Lieut. H P. Hen-
Orson. Jr., of the U. S. navy, and
apt. C. W. Henderson. of the U S.
y, besides his wife, Mrs R. P.
enderson. Both sons left Callfor-
a, where they are stationed, last
Ilght and are expected to reach
ere Tuesday, when it Is expected
lneral services will be held. Ar-
ngements are In charge of B
nrlon Reed, mortician.

"HAWKINS-Mrs. S. P. Hawkins.
3, died yesterday morning at the
eme of her parents, Mr and Mrs.
F. Grace, 108 Fielding avenue.
sides her parents, she is survived
her husband, a sister, Miss Mary
ace, and a brother, T. F. Grace.
'Funeral services were held this
morning at Sacred Heart church.
ilrlal was In Myrtle Hill cemetery.

I ,,- l I~ .

SPersonal Mention

i Judge and Mrs. Julian Hazard
id Mr. and Mrs. Charlie No. le
aent the past week-end In Orlanido
the guests of William Hargrave
miller at his attractive home there
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Buzbee pnd
ughter. Loralne. accompanied by
esir ioung niece, Miss Essie Baker.
I Miami, have arrived for a visit
1th with Mr. Puzbee's mother, Mrs.
L. Buzbee.- at her home on Pen-
eton aven' ns.
i.liss Martha Mugge. accompanied
other brother, August Mugg-.have
Turned hone after an extended
Jp which included a visit with
sPends in Chicago. St Louis and
9incinnati, Ohio.
'Mrs. Clyde Perry and two young
4 lldren, Tom and Rosalie Perry,
Ire spending a few weeks with
a.latives In Tennessee
"'Mrs. H. A. Curtis. of St. Pleters-
brg. Is spending several days with
r daughter, Mrs. J M. Moore. be-
re returning to her home. Mrs.
urtis has Just returned -from an
Attended trip to points of Interest
* the New England states
I Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Dennis and
alldren have returned home from
Ihjwanee, Tenn., where they have
*njoyed a visit of several weeks.
"-Mr. sad Mrs. L. C. Seaton have
turnedd home, after sending the
liitst six weeks In North Carolina.
Sn route home they stopped over In
homasville. Ga. and In Jackson-
Aille for a short visit with friends.

SN'Mlisses Bessie and Louise Ch.les
id Helen and Anna Addison will
Irrlve home Saturday morning tom
e State College for Wnmen at
fllahassee, to attend the Unler-
v of Florida and Wake For:-st
*lege football game to be played
pre Saturday afternoon.
.,Mr". A. C.' Clewlsi has returned
home after spending several weeks
i Ithaca. N. Y.. as the guest nof
Wr .daughter and son-in-law. Mr.
Cd Mrs. George B. Howell.
r'Air mall service between Fair-
Ubnks and McGrath. Alaska. has
rt the d041 team trail from 15 days
'ltour Imours
6 ^ri


Stock Quotations


Open Noon
Allied Ch. and Dye ... 70A, ....
American Can ........ 1267b 12bt
Am. Car and Fdry ....1621 .
American inter. ...... 23t 24"
American Loco. ...... 7'ii
Amer. Smelt, and Rfg. 75 7?5s
American Sugar ...... 42 ....
American Tel. and Tel..125% ...
American Tob. ........ 161 ....
American Woolen .... 55%6 ....
Am. Z., Ld and Sm.... 7 ....
Anaconda Copper .... 351t, ....
Atchison ...............104 1044
Atl. Coast Line ....... 131, .
Baldwin Loco ........117Tt 116%
Baltimore and Ohio .. 59% 59 .*
Bethlehem Steel ...... 43
'Calllf. Petroleum ..... 21 1 fi4
Canadian Pacific ...... 146% ....
Central Leather ...... 13' ....
Cerro de Pasco ....... 46 ....
CITandler Motors .. .... 30% ....
Chespeake and Ohio... 82 ....
Chi. and N. W. ........ 58% 58%
Chi., till. and Pt. P. pfd. 12 ....
Chl., R. I. and Pac.... 304 30ae
Chile Copper .......... 31'i ....
Coca Cola ............. 74% ....
Colorado F. and jron.. 37~A 3S%
Congoleum ... ....... 45 ....
Consolidated Gas ..... 685% 68%
Corn Products, new .. 3,6% 34 4
Cosden Oil ............ 244 24a
Crucible Steel ......... 544 54t
Cuba Cane Sug. pfd... 58% 59
Dav lson Chemical ..... 44 43FL
DuPont de Nemours. . 125 ....
Erie ... .............. 26 26t4
Famous Players-Lasky, b0% 79T7
General Asphalt ......3 's9 ....
General Electric ......244 243 '
General Motors ....... 66% ....
Great Northern. pfd ... 60 ....
Gulf Slates St. ...... 69 68%
Houston Oil .......... 69 Ii 697/
Illinois Central .......10414 104%
International Harv. ... 59 ....
Int. 5ier. Mar., pfd.... 84 ...
Int. Tel. and Tel ..... 82 .. .
In\lncible Oil ... ..... 13 ..
Kell. -Spring. Tire .. .. 2
Kennecutt L'opper .... 45 Ima
Mack Truck .......... 91'z 2 '0.
Marland tll ......... 4 34%-
Maxwell Motors A .. .. it
Middle States till ...... 1ts
Mu., Kan. and Tex .. .. 14 ...
Mo. Pacific, prd ... 53, .....
National Le-ad ..... . -*9 49%
N. I'ileans. '". and M. 1i164
N Y. tC'entral .... ... .10414 i 04.'
N. Y.. N. H. and H It.. ....
Norfolk and Western ..1'"22 12-
Northern l'aclfic . . bl 5'. 1
Pacific Oil ............ 48 48%
Pan Am. Pet. B ..... eu4 5i'51
Penns.ilvania .. ...... 4. ....
Producers and Ret. ... !57' .....
Pure Oil ....... ...... 2 & .. ..
Reading .. .......... 38% ...
Hep. Iron and Steel ... 43, 4''a
Reynolds Tob. B ..... 7% ..
S. A L ............. 14 ....
Sears-iloebuck ........ .104 .....
Sinclair Oil ... ... 16 .....
Sloss, Shef. S. and I.... f .....
Southern Pacific ...... 9;"1'
Southern Ry. ........... 63 .....
Southern Rv.. pfd.... ". .
Stid. Oil of tal. ........ .- r.1.
Std Oil of N. J ....... .3 -. .
Studebaker Corp. ..... l,' 3S4
Texas Co ......... ... 40-'m 404,
Texas and Pa.-ltio .. . I .....
Tobacco Prorlt- Gs '1 ..... t)ll . 4 ....
Uninn Pnelfic ... ... 4 ....
United Drug ... ... q .2 t ....
U. S. Cast lion Pipe.. lt .....
U. S. Ind. Alcohol . . 69'i
U. S. Rubber ..... ... a. 24
U. S. Steel ......... .1054 10i
I'tah Copper .... ...... 7t1 .....
Westinghouse Electric 62 ....
IV'IlI s-Overland .. ... 7' .
Woolworth ............ .101s 10',
Liverpool Cabhl? Mhil'-day quiet
net 16 to 18 lo';.er. Spot c, tton clul. t,
.s tna .M'T," I3.83d; thale'.
5.000. Amn. 2.000.
New York. Oct. 16-Cables b-t-
ter. Gulf storm reported 500 milef
south of Alabama and moving north
with Increasing intensity. floods
market Irregular and moderate.
There was a perslqtent trade de-
mand yesterday and exports were
hbig being over 1?5.000 whales In 48
hours The demand for manu-
factured product still poor. al-

though woolens continue to rise.
Hedge selling not evident In any
volume. Speculation for an ad-
vance has been discouraged by con-
tinued warm weather. Advigo sule
on bulges.

Simultaneously with the publica-
tion of the disappointing earnings
statement of Republic Iron we ale
favored with the announcement
that several of the United .itaLuei'
Steel subsidiaries are Increasing
operations and are now at 70 per
cent capacity Another one of o.r
basis Industriea, Petroleum-mas
finally turned the corner and its
outlook considerably brightened.
The enormous demand from abroad
for our agricultural products at
steadily mounting prices returns
the producer to something ap-
proaching his war time prosperit.s.
Consider these things together with
the soundness underlying general
business, then read the last para-
graph of Mr. Hughes' speech last
night and If you remember It when
you vote you will help to maintain
the country's prosperity. The
market should have a further rally

Journal of Commnerce-Mexico to
modlfy oil taxes In favor of Inland
projects, to encourage capital to
develop new fields In the interior.
Commercial bodies in Phlladel-
phia to insist Reading be left as
Independent system. Pennsylvania
R. R. may oppose giving Lehigh to
New York Central.
Cuba reports sugar sales at 41tc
c I. f.
Sugar tariff data will be delayed.
France decides to recognize
Wall Street Journal-Burns Bros
now operating at a0 per cent capa-
i.erman bonds sell at $27.50 prem-
ju ,56, $601)i.00,i) subscriptions.
N," York Central purchase" 100.-
000 Ions rails.
Ne" York. Oct. d16.-Bank of Eng-
land rate unchanged at 4 per cent
Buckey- Pipe declared regular
quarterly dividend of 1.00.
Imperial Bank of india advances
discount rate to 6 per cent.
American Sheet & Tin Plate will
start ten mills this week.
DomeStic crude oil production
week ended October 11 averaged
1.984.000 barrels dally against 2.-
010.460 previous week.
Standard Oil of N. J. completes
well In Panuco district with Initial
oil production of 20,000 barrels.
Federal court sustains rights of
Radio corporation and Westing-
house Electric to Fessenden and
Armstrong patents
Freight traffic on class one roads
in August was 9.7 per cent below
August, 1923.
Sprlngr price schedule of Fire-
stone Tire and Rubber shows re-
ductions ranging from 3 to 6 per
cent. others to follow.
Allotments on American portion
German external loan will be made
today, average allotment estimated
at 20 per cent.
French international loan Ito meet
budget deficit and extra ordinary
expenditures between 2.500.000.000
and 3.000.00,0.00 francs will bear 5
per cent. be issued at par and re-
pnyable in 10 years at 50 per cent
Ave-rage 20 Industrials 10) 11, up
20 rails 5 66. up .54.
Wheat has recovered Its loss of
last week In practically two c vs.
with the fundamentals of the
world's situation stronger than e''-r
and with foreigners buying wliht-rat
as fast as offered. Those In close
touch with the foreign litn'ition
may European requlrem.-nist ar.' so
large they are expected to buy con-
sltantly. Argentine cabl's "lv the
weather is dry and cold and un-
favor.-bl, for the groi. nlg crop if
wheat and with further rains re-
quired 'n mranv sp-ctlonr.



Washington, Oct. 16.-I/n air The route would lie through
mall service linking the capitals Havana, thence westward to rfua-

of the six Central American re-
publics and Cuba with the nuited
States is being discussed by the
Latin-American governntents with
American officials. The proposal
has advanced to the stage where
American officials have been des-
ignated to go over the ground and
pass on the feasibility of the
scheme. These officials will con-
,duct preliminary negotiations with
the Central American governments
atd upon their return to the Unit-
ed States a decision will be made.
After a discussion with diplo-
matic representatives of the gov-
ernments the poatoffice depart-
ment has named oseph Alagee, Il-
lumination engineer of the United
State-. Air Mall service, and Vin-
cent Burke, of the postoftfice In-
spectors corps, to make the pre-
liminary Investigation. They will
leave next week for Panama and
then visit each of the Central
American capitals. The route of
the proposed services has been
tentatively marked out.

Two Persons Killed
As Auto Overturns

Sylacauga, Ala., Oct. 16-J. E.
Vann, 80, camp superintendent of
the Alabama-'Wisconsin Lumber
company, and his 12-year-old
daughter, Ila May. were instantly
killed, his wife perhaps fatally in-
jured and Miss Dora Mosely of
Equality, Ala., atnd Miss Marjorle
Willingham, of Rockford, Ala.,
painfully bruised when Vann's au-
tomrnobile turned over near here
The party was coming to a fair
here when the car left the road
at a curve and plunged over a 15-
foot embankment. The child was
burled about 30 feet against a'
tree. The three injured persons
were rushed to a hospital here.
Miss Mosely and Miss Willingham
are teachers in the Waco school.
Vann came here several years
ago from Haslln, Texas. to become
connected with the lumber "com-

Magdalene Club Meets
To Work on Clubhouse

The Lake Magdalene Country
club is meeting today to work on
the club house now under con-
struction there, n
Airships flying between London
and Cologne carry 300 passengers
each way a month.

temala City. The distance from
Key West to Guatemala City
would be about 950 miles. Front
there, the planes would head
southwest through Teuclgalpa,
Managua City, San ose, Costa Rico
and front there to Panama, a dis-
tance of approximately 700 miles
more. The route would be about
2,000 miles.
Mall by steamer to some Cen-
tral American ports is poor and
officials are anxious to improve
their facilities. American offi-
cials profess to see In the new air
service an opening also for ex-
tending American trade and pro-
moting friendly relations in gen-
eral. There would be a shorten-
ing of the time for transit of let-
ters over the present means of
The time between the countries
or. the west coast of South Ameri-
ca also could be considerably cut
down by despatching between
those countries and Panama by
steamer and between Panama anrd
the nUtted States by air manal.

France Thinks Net

Star One of Best

Paris, Oct. 16.-for thl first
time in the history of 'awrFtenni,.
Frnace expect's to be able to bonst
during the comlr.g ieaisoi of a
player ranked among the first five
in the world.
Rene Lacoste Is not only the
unanimous choice of the sporting
writers for the position uf rank-
ing player of France for 1924, but
the scribes all agree that he
should come imfnediately after
Williant Tilden, Vincent Richards
and William Johnston, of America,
and J. 0. Anderson, of Australia.
In the world tennis ranking.

| Daily Statistics _

Salta Filed.
John Eliwood matsoft vs. Anna
Mlatson; bill for divorce.
31. Alderman vs. Laura Alderman:
bill for divorce.
Jennie S. ',oslyne vs. George Gos-
lyne; bill for divorce.
Ella P. 'Vriesenga vs. John R
Vrlesenga; bill for divorce.
Marri-ge Lleenes.
John H. Early, 65, and Minnie
Hood, 66.
Lloyd M. Jerrigan, 25, and Min-
nie Smith, 21.
Avelino Torres, 23, and Carmen
Abaya, 11. 0


tContinued from Page One )
would he thrown into the house of
rehresentativ'es, because even if all
the "9 went to Davis the.y wouldn't
be enough with his 17S to make
the necessary 21;R. If he lost them
to La FoIIette. It would still mean
a deadlock because no one of the
three candidates would have a ma-
All this would seem to indicate a
close result, but it must not be for-
gotten that. at the outset of this
despatch, the writer assumed for
purposes of analysis that La Fol-
lette might get a nmaximuntm of 5S
votes in the west. That was the
general opinion in the east when
this correspondent began his tour.
It was not found to be truefon ac-
tual investigation.
For the 53 votes are imaginary
and while the popular vote for La
Follette will be large, this writer
would not be surprised if the Wis-
consin senator carried only Wis-
consin and North Dakota and
these states by a close, squeeze.
So the situation nould appear to
be 178 votes for Davis plus about
30 for La Follette. making 2-,S
non-Coolidge votes reasonably cer-
tain. This leaves 323 possible vote!
for President Coolidge.
Now the president can lose 56
votes and still win. Will he? The
answer is not to be found in the
west, but in the east. The writer
expects between now and the first
of November to visit Kentucky.
Indiana, Ohio. WVet Virginia,
Maryland. Delaware. New Jersey.
New York. Conneiticut. Rhode
Ilanni and Maqssichupetts, %' here
the democrat. must get their vete,
to 1'i At the citl ,f th-" Lour, an
analysis of the eastern states will
appear in these columns.



tContinued from Page One )
he turned over to the department
of justice."
Testimony taken from the sen-
ate investigating committee's hear-
ings inserted by Mr. Davis in his
statement shows that Mr. Coan
testified that he had been em-
ployed to go to Montana and had
named George B. Lockmood as his
employer. Mr. Coan also Identi-
fied Mr. Lockwood as "secretary
of the republican national com-
mittee" and told the committee
Coan's Testimony Cited.
'Yes, I was sent out to Mon-
tana to investigate some of these
stories about t.Senator Wheeler.
Wheeler had been attacking the
administration and everybody in
public life here and nobody seemed
to he willing to get up and answer
him, and what he had, been do-
ing.' "
The Davis statement concluded:
"'This ts the proof, and surely it
is proof enough, that the depart-
ment of Justice and the republican
national committee were both out
to 'get' Wheeler and that the offi-
cial organization of the reptiblican
party shared the view of the at-
torney general as to using legal
process for partisan purposes. It
is but another evidence of the Ionv
standard of official morals that
has prevailed in WVashingtoo since
the fourth of March, 1921,. under
republican rule."



Greater Tampa Federation
Appoints Committee.

Road improvements and bridges
over the Hllaborough river in the
ackson Heights, Belmont Hei;htLS
and Strathmnore section were the
main subjects discussed last nigh'
by the Greater aTmnpa l.'ederatlon
of Civic Clubs at Its meeting in th-
cfty hall.
A committee, compose-d of Ed
Blackburn, S. E. Wilson, and L.
WV. Crompton, wais appolttici to
act on this matter in conjunction
with like committees from the
three civic clubs in the' affected
The improvements favored by
the federation are the paving of
Thirtieth street, from Buffalo
avenue to the river, repaying of
Twenty-second street, from Buf-
falo avenue to the river; repaving
of Osborne avenue, from Livlngs-
ton street to the outskirts: repair-
ing of the bridge near Twienti-
second street, which was dam-
aged by the dynamiting of the
flqod gates at the Tampa Electric
company dam, and erection of a
bridge at Fortieth street.
The federation's committee and
the committees from the three
civic clubs, the Jackson Heights,
Belmont Heights and Strathmore
Civic clubs, are to recommend the
boundary lines of the proposed
district to be bonded for these im-
Other matters discussed Includ-
ed sanitary needs in the newly an-
nexed territory.
A. J. Wlese, vice-president of
the federation, acted as chairman
In the absence of President E. 0i

Assistant Solicitor
Fined for Parking

Police court toaay presented the
unusual scene of a county solicitor
facing a judge and pleading
"'guilty" when Tom Walden. as-
sistant county solicitor, was fined
$1 by Municipal Judge C Edmund
Worth on a charge of parking an
automobile for more than a hour
an da half on a restricted down-
town street.
Walden said he had been busy
with witnesses in his office and had
not had time to move his automo-
bile. The court said he was sorry
and Imposed the fine. Numerous
other offenders on various traffic
charges fared little better and paid
fines during the morning ranging
from $1 to $5.

Realtors Are Due
Tomorrow From

West Palm Beach

The motorcade of Tarnpa real-
tors which left here last Monday
to attend the state convention of'
real estate hoardi? in \West Palm
Beach is expected to return somne
time tomorrow. The convention
closed last night.
The return trio wall be made
over the same route taken Monday
via the Conners highway to Okee-
chobee and Sebring The roaI
across the prairie between Sebrlmln
and Okeechobee was put into con-
dition by Sebring residents in or-
der to enable the realtor.s to cross
the state. Other roads from th-
west to the past coasts v.'ere ir-.
passable because of the heq'.y

Moors of Morocco use charcoal f-6i
fuel purposes and the European
and Moroccan Jes there burn char-
coal and wood

Too Late To Classify
Motor boat for sale chi. p for
rash Applv River Heights Boat
Lu Li -I l'xkA tIJ-'-ie-rrman FT'-
lie" dog 8 months old, without
collar, answers to names of Frank.
teva.'rd $5')' tor return to J E
Wall. Knight &t Wall Co, or 2824
Central avenue
l-'L.tAi. \,ANL) ANt'C oreaismakinr
for misses and small ''omen, also
embroidery dresses and millinery
Phone- 25.4
,%U.'iAN t1 KcEp house and tak-
care of 10 months old baby; a
g(oc d home to right party Phone
'2-;23 after 6 .I'
.aLe.LiLr i iti n' .At-12 irindowa. $4
lir \. ek C ill 4-tIV furnl__
C"UIR. Ht-.' Ni'.el5 furnished
r,`om witn prNivar' family. All
*.:or 'enlenCri Cil1 55c 6 Su%'anet
Seminole Heights Ph-n.: 4026. Mr
I-L 1zi.LahiL)-2 rtoni apartment.
Eitpling porch Irei W Palm
A y___ |_
A I.>I>JILPLN "-apartinint home. '
rooms and sleeping porch each
apartment On Cardy St for $5.0im
cash, balance good terms.
PHONE 4465.

his new 6-room bungalow on Os-
horn" Ave for $65,0 cash, balance
$25 per month

PHONE 4465.

A HEtAL HOME on Bay St.; 10
rooms and bath- all modern Im-
provements, garage. cic ; $,t.Ono
cash. balance easy terms.
for information.

Here's a great pick-up at $S00 per
acre. land already cleared and
ready for immediate sale in lots,
adjoins tracts already subdivided'
and sold or now being sold. Will
make 101 lots! which should sell
for an average of more per lot than
the per acre price. Quick action


401 Tampa St

Phone 4772

Snlendid location South Boule-
vard; large lot. Building ha. four
fl'e-roorra apartments and Is in
splendid repair: recently repainted
throughout Year around income
and with rapid advance of valu"s
In this section. it will make an a&'-
tractive investme-nt Only $30,000
and most attractive terms.

2nd Floor Sti.vasll Blde. Phone 3269
E. V. PLANE, Sales blgr.
We make a .pecinaity of high
class apartm-nts and resid-nces. If
you want to rent your's, Its'. It with
us. Call or phone

Phone 4941 311 Franklin St

The demand for property in Tam-
pa. a't reasonable prices. is greater
than th supply We have demands
for Inconte earning property If
sou have any, list with us.

Phone 49!1 311 Franklin St

On one cf the best streets we
have a n-w 6-r,'om home hardwood
floors, tinted walls, built-In feat-
ures: all modern conveniences. A
real huy for f6.500: $1,000 cash, bal-
ance 3 years.
rl Tamra St. Phone 3057.
Nice home with every con,.en-
ience.. consisting of 5 rr,..-n. i and
sleepIng porch, new double garae..
goro d n',-tment. Nice., large lot I
Price $5.5i0: $7t0 cash; $t5 per mo
,?14 Tamnina S Phoine' i57.
In Seminole H'ights, Purity Springit
waster and all moide-rn impro\-- -
merts.t will sacrifice for quick sale.
Price $3.4ti: $810 c ash. balance $4)'
per month, including interest.
See us at once.
614 Tampa St. Phone 3)57.
on Idlewild. $3.100: $500 cash. bal-
ance like rent This home has all
modern conveniences, and on shady
street. This Is a real buy. See us
at once
614 Tampa St. Phone 3057.



r I

Thursday, October l, -IDlZ.-

There-ll j3e One Grand Smash up If Someone Isn't Careful -

1 ''* '' "' ' !!: **f

": ***:'' " "'"l^ : !^

,y^H .. w ^^^ ^ ~ ^ '1^ ^r^ r ... '.


D lPyENSJ DENTAL j Ioa Phillips Celebrates Eightieth
V ': H"ER Birthday at Church.

S IO N Jarynes He-lry Phillips celebrat-
.. .ed his eighth birthday elast night
'" 'Gr "dat e' . I by conducting the services at the
_-rad ate Wok Tampa Heights Methodist church.
r d trg as Real ', The service was attended by a
; ". -' ' ", :' large num ber of M r. Phillips'
S'" Necessity. : '- iends thls city and other South
.,I. lra da points.
'" excuse for the nan Among the speakers of bhe even-
.'. i t no excuse for in he ma n o- ing were Rev. G. S. Roberts, pastor
an.'yc.'t'O. i all n n lie ",f the church; Rev. Robert White,
!'Wdf't".' q; dlelared Dr. L. A. Bize
wS declared Dr. L A. Size ', .,t Bartow, who recently elebrat-d
," -;;j, 'lnlt of The Citizens Bank and...
S' t of t Citizns Bank and C. his eighry-third birthday, and Is
.-'-"..a qotpany, this morning In an ',f', an old friend of 11 MrPhillips; Rev.
Aall on the value of post J' L. Yeats, Frank Robson, teach-
.;..:r.. ldite work before about 1Uu E'. r of the Younge.' Men's Sunday
'-,. .Wtlt and guests here for the I school class. Mr. L. H. Jone'.,
^'.Otitt annual meeting of the teacher of the Older ilen's Bible
i.; lotfdla State Dental society at the rla-s, and Hollis Pernberlon. All
4:1, 4 liaboro hotel. were high In their praise of Mr.
?m'e-'.'- '"onventlon opened this Phillis.
Mr. Jones annotuncd ti Mi Mr
i*t and will continue through Phillips had g1r tilted irnr the
;iturday. Dentists are here from M Olier Men s Bible claa-. Mr. Pen'-
,-'a.-- 'iery pa rt of this state and Goor- berton then reportr.d that the
". Dr. Bl.e'sI. address featured Younger Nlens class had voted
I SIr Phillips In as its "kid" naem-
,.'" thee tiorning program, which In- i.: rEA.'ES ..i ti- l',v f'iaf bev
.: -.ilt e'glstratoa and other pre-I (J ',' tvef Carl-I '. special musical program was
0 .1-1-0. 15 th.: ,I.JCr ,.,[ The lel M tc lr.og ns o
:'i,lsi.y convention work and se'v- t s t -:e g1 tTe- 1 Mr Lincoln. organist for
T*ntecnical pa s rirthlada' .'a1t- ,_ f-ar tidey-. the St. Andrew's Episcopal church,
Sechcal papers. Jg Ra'.e' ,'..s ,.,rn Sart- play,ed se. eral solos; MIss Frances
S'.. Lands Ideals. aotra. (.'ctobcr lI. 1-;;. ih- eld-tt| Kennedy sang a solo, and Mrs.
,it B lue h hih idlil- i Mr and Mlr I' L PLeav'?s. iaauLiey Knight and' Mrs. C. L.
Dr .. Bize lauded the high Wdeals ,crowing up ir, h1 nut,. count. he Morr..w sang duets.
o ot:ttqdental profession and urged recev'd his earl' lu,:tin in th- Foll.wving the services, all ad-
'.t)tt the society mernmbera enlarge public <,h.,-:l., lat&:r atindinat Mtos.- jr.urnEd to the basement of the
-.- Ath' lzftbbrshlp of their society sewsy' Busin-.s cil-i.. In It") lite building, where refreshments were
q nlld itinue their efforts to main- i "as graduaitld fro' f AI S r IIsn .ini- served by the Epworth League of
,iltheir profession at the high- .-elsl\ st h thw d.riiio of the church. A large birthday cake
'Ar k- tastaidards. He briefly spoke lo're'a Lt'.e
,' tfrldrdt. He briefly sPo'e Il tL'L dJtng tr..m ii-. .,oiol 'with 90 lighted candles was pre-
"k., Lb,.;tlsib:'ork accomplished among Mr 1ea.,'B we. r a-mit-1 i. t i.: iar' saented to Mr. Phillips, and he
-r: ...At5jifiltra through their national and began his pri ] -.-:t il cae., mi snuffed them all in but three
hskEres.organization and of how Lrade on In 191. r" -,; I blows. He also received numerous
? . ".: g//llml~on o mem ers it ponct+d elr-,ult jud,J .,ft i ,, "
c';.1.: pn cu11a eap0blatlon of roembers with ay ihe g..vrrnt.r. rc.n -r.g ion rne other gifts.
ai.{." ;"a .. heb r had proved an Inspira- bEnch until July 1. IL'21 .-h, n lie .
tbW'::. t A, In keeping alive the high fornimed his ,re st ai t l.r'IP R ClrNT"F
in q'allp" E)ucina ns- r, olIlnc,? In] f1ig N D e K l 'r '99
0. -^'i.t..': l -r of business the bankers L-.rad.:rit,,v.r. n- Sric 'd r-a, cit- atio I U l ..l l
"'. ati for themselves, ney ':r s-n.: year? an-I I..r---.r ni.l I r ri T. 1 A-,
:.:T.wd,' ty y osra f work as a prac- th ct f : t'r "-', i, the n VOTERS ,WANTED
tAci. 'g phyiaclan, Dr. Size said, had .Ju- I' '.:- iiiiia i'..'
}.'?." "" S a him first hand information ship In tLhei Mascni' ii, I i -.1-1 V', I..t Slackers Won't Be Urged to
." *j'..'"" of 'apai, a c u .- 'n i=r. ,lur i' P.;rots
W-.4. of quack dentlitry. He ,ir-nurrich. :,.,,-A Polls by Legion.
i '..'".. irt q tll Florida dentists to make in a th- n-,.ri a .. his .itn,,.i..rn u.n-,
':: ',l,"tMot of their advantages .by Th [.tir,'. Mf- r a I.all, l.i ato
'..i':" ', j an1d keeping In tOUC hiahe ehur.h hbatl,,a .... '.n,,,ix-dI
e January 1. 1'k. w.ith ol arechip t tbn't, -rs ',f the U. S S. Tampa
:"!.4:K'* 'the most advanced Ideas of ,,f 21. -on pr,..v and- r has tacher- Port. No 6, American Le-gion. will
Snin. prbfaslon. 9hI ti a cI .if thit, I rnak, a drive to get citizens to the
S' Pa tlhall Presides. I In 1ti', itlge IP-,'.es ni-jrri:l' np.,il :,t the Nvrnamber Feleei ons
N; l's MI nn i-i a The.,' h I Is, ..,' li,:k-r ,'oters" are wanted.
Pfsaident Dr. H. B. Pattishall of -ala. h-W V ,a' denied last night ai a met-
.,"a- idEd last night at a -iEt-
J: ; tiloivUIlle, called the meeting to ing of th pcsr. at the casino. Tbh
cr.. 40 -er nd was followed by the in- Bi e'' H Lpost vord to get posters front na-
t' c wpdqiCon by Rev. J, C. Trims pas- Belmont Heights tlorn-i l hPadquarters calling the pub-
t:o' tairt# Presbyterian church here. B r Dy R'Ucll l g at triIton to the duuty or vot-
:.'-. Commissioner B,. L. Lowry. I U U Iuiing L' t ie. Thc- junior board of trade
Sthe viilors tTa i C b Ste sill aid in putting up thi posters
's.-W comd as Club House Sie Tanps at future gala c.l'bra-
4:.. paaOn behalf of the city and Dr. j __ [i,-,n. di! present niore uniform
&'. a"..' Wbitealde, Tampa, made the i de.:-,'rati.'ns through order- of local
.' 'dl of welGcore for the Tampa Yli f 'ani D- ofr i' a I r.ri-hann- and others for uniform
''';. .'dedta The response was made n FI i,,d fia*c and side," alk sockete. it
':.". bit rl-. Qaorge D.t'Young. St. Au- I ..nt ,.,n JrinkinF 'AEriLI- anII Thar- t'wa re -ertL-d bv Phllp ,. Murphy.
-..".;* ^ '.' I tatit streer fart a 0lua1 hou, e slite ch-,'ir ,rtn n Orf ahie flag conimittee.
g :: .A" '.t ber of 'thltcal papers i nas made l,. the i.lnrnt HeIgLht.s rh s' ;erge n J. R, Calhoun. of
tae h red dfl~tk te ater I clra s -iu-cba eetng he a pion patrol, reported ahat the
a ;":le;: be rekd duAi th.h after- I CI; cluu 1[ .- r-,flar jneting ,drill team is fast rounding into
d'*A'"t thon,!lt evening. -esb isti. Fni-t I ) vha,- The -omplete patrol Is to
Jf. th. b, n-[il of ,0 moermhnri There are
thi, + oWi Ttmp, datipta at a A rC ,ro,', t1 n.It rrv tr- "acanc-s not-.T.a
'iW 'emple and Sat- Markets atttndCd the nim-eting and j ,: Huskilson. vlc.-.,-onimander
rff '. n oon-wtll be glV'ain over declared ittt th -.otce .. -rtd ng-roes of the Armiptice
d rl^'S0?re-^tl Liac th; coier 1 +s J eL.+' ..
..',1 -, .- ,,..:.+ ,cra, ,,,n p!an3 and sntd an
r V il hng at, re-nt tl-. *t_'i'-I r..-ii taip,-.rt nt announcement would be
S-.t ltifl a abeen arraigged for .e
to n the fir, fit,-Or t,f klt- pt,, pop-d I m.,e ahb ut the holld:n. hortly
k% '.ft',. and gauemt of thmp visitors uid i R.',onding 10 en appeal from
i a invitees of Tmpa den- buil in :, Stt- Adjutant Hon ard Rowiton. Pa-
A t t nS.n'elt wives a rp p ,ointe a latk $ ts ,--oniributed to the
:.;,' '" .', ,"'"- ... nlal J A eit h.' v r a appointed .
'1 A. C 1anal,, wer1 Fl lrida ChildrEn's Homne at Jack-
t o enPs. tinichit vith A J. \V, x ,r.,, .
i.dia- cu'." .- t. "nd R et -arr ,:.f the Strathinct re Re[rf aJ-ni rnls and mrnusir- were
';..'r , les from aI ,.nl I %'ir1i, to tr.h pa-ingr fiturr,,ihed Isst night by the canteen
S isadovr to Speak n;of 'rc--nl... c.,.l .itd ThirtieCi ri ,.ntinittp of the Red Cross.
:etrte- p .'; eK" ai.. ttli .t,,e-r, Th" American Legion auxiliary
.:..ord c-. . .. ,o__r, tie i Iu-l, nr'lai a tcrtJd' vilii gi,.e a dance to the post at
-or* V. *i ri -d the nst regular meeting, No'. i t
A,'. fr. at 'Mrs. L B Sly. mission. ti Thth -ith t tit e. l t,-- ie riiing i.a- an, unced.
ir"s' .:i3' ftt Ecouador. South Anrer. of the Tv". c.--....'ri.,, street ------- _
ri II.,&.; will conductct the services at bridge. I
0...'1. Tk&mpe. City mission. 142., ast. ii,,ht z me-. aina iaA hel. a "Color Organ" Will
W*-aa hh.lnkln street, tonight at 8:3)0 th h.ein cf \v !' M.Iphur. at
.. Th will also tell of san.m of Thirty--ronl Stre ,and Nortood Blend Lighting and
t iheir *sperle ices in South A niteri- avcnue, I-,te;tl -'I at ine rgul.,
vt" iste Music at Playhouse
IV' '6'.l Chartter No. 0.95S. : ....r' ai-tiri,-t Ae,.-
- .-i ' tl.,' I system Of t-olo'ed i- c-
':" "epori of i"ndi on ,(I lI, e l hts. ,hic.h AIIll change to
Hepor of Odlon harm',nize ulith musical numtbrs
SThe, N l C B I Tq nd Al..-.... iffects. Is being installed
, Bank of ampa ndlI Rialto theatre on upper
The Natina" City Fr,.nhlin s htrht
[a "'e SJL fTa lo. In the Stte or Florida. nt tie 4h. ,OI 1!l,> o. tne. ,vhPr 10 This theatre, rhich i9 being erect-
'* " lr- ,] I, co-mpny o, Tampa men,
:..R.C '. Voq to1 he a musical crridy pla.\-
!.RES0.CES | house 'xclusiv'eI An All-4eam)n.
'" i Loans and discounts including iedise''-,.r-te 1 i- i -'' higli-'ldari-,d -ompany hais be'n I
."' 2. Overdrafts. unsecured .........i. -" 1 aged,'l and one of the latest New
:. "' 4. I. ove meat seceurlilea osnBedi YorK surci ssE is banked for the
p. Detpoaled to secure clictulatlon tLU Z. bonds I tret tresntatlon.
o;'.par value ..... ... ... % 1.(.)..niuded in the lighting- equip-
h" .b Al other United States government securis more han electric
S Including prentunis. if an.% mor than 1,0iaf, electric
i.'IncludT g pOal f a ... ..... .... I".' '. ,.'. |light hiulbs which., in addition to
i I other 6onds. stocks, securities. etc. . . -' -.;;,' in raidar.c lighting: s.ste-m wvil
,r -t"" is C. ai-iy" lie mr, -st modern of illuninat-
i, Furniture ana tixtircs
LI Lawful reserve ubth Federil ne-er'.- lO-' ,.' rng .'!tu is 'Th- lighting rystein
9 with Federal R se;e ban an .- ,r c,:,lI. c,,,n .71 t the .age I said to b c the first
JI. 0" h In vault and amount due ir.,rn n.tlti,.n.l I.aiks . 1:... 'i of its kind Ever us-d in tha south.
11. Amount due from sstau osanki. har.nker arnil rrui t r :. u n in.ludire nr, arrange m- m-nt for
.;nIes .nse In the united State. to'ib r rhan ir,:lui.:- In i tli-nlian colors and th- most in-
-'- : Items S. S and ,i .... ... . '.,111. i1 rp -na lights, now' In iuse in the
::. 12. cha tge o tor claring hbuns- ..%. 1Z -' la hou-s,
2 Total of Itenis '. Ii, 1 1 aind i- In. -i h. V|t a boua nsi i
M*""' tlpdellaneous cash avets tnad ii'. t"'i ah, th- iia,rc .r which i, taearing
^i .e.". l ption fund with i, S. ,iai u,-u i In,i d ,,.c m ,. : I,-on,apk t,ain. ,s cape, ted to ie ready
Iteasourer ... .. .. .. ..i00 it f.:r .-i'-nnlaz ,=l'cv in No\emt-er. ac-
'16. 4I. Other assets, ,t any .- j u7'. ',, ,ordinc to A S Metaner manager
'':=" '" T otal .. .. .. .. .. f ta 5b i I' l
1- $1' Cs.'ia.i.l stock paid in" ,.... ...... S &i'u"t j'Of 'it
5 fatluafund .. .* U. ; *....... I'',, Optimist Luncheon
a*' If9 UndivIded profits ;a.-..* *- i Ortm s L nho '. .. a neaerved for intureit and a-tt- ....' "-
2.accrued............. .. -" ?.25",
:": b Reserved for deitrecltieuoh .",L,, ;h 5. i., ', i .,' Ta- TamFny ,ptim -istt club held its
:.?"' C Less current xpe-nte.-c, int-recur an]J ta t m' 3 t .;i' '.'i,. a i.51; i, aeklv luncheon today :,t the
30 CIrculating nott'5 outsariding [ii iaic I itllobo liontl at n hbar tane plans
'" 1 ' "!1. Amqunt due 1o Federal Reserve hanii i.lelerre cra.lii., 1i Jii'.i' 7.t discuss ed for the regular
*i. Amount due to national banks ... .. .. *i ". -,,: T-T
3L Amount due to slat. bank., bank,.-r1 a.ini trist cO'tp,,anies m. tine next Thur-sday. The club
in the United States and n i r._tgn o u-irinif-c (oilier I aill net an the et enIng in saead of
*than included In Pte -3 21 r* M-i .- lu7 71' tr n,,on i:n 'hi' occasion, and vlll
2" Certified checks outlttcran.uln_ it.t-l ,' he. saictda l arnuflic at Hautau's
lB. Gtshier's checks outstanding I.'. a' .- siiura-m t. a lhire this nte'-t-lng will
Total ijf Items 21. 2"2. 2,3 :.4 ndI 2 .$2'?1.,ij ",.i ,.- i. -Id
*'' Dimamed depaslli (other than bank ilerposl.Si sunhjecl in A, that rime t.lar.s v.will be taken
r, sMerve cdepoeits payn-lte ',.iih .',m la'i. 'i f,:.r ladiesB' ni 'bt ,r th, near
3 16. .'ialdual deposits subject I-:, chelel ',, 7; l7S tc f r dth.n
i+. I S t. te, county or other mnnmcepai .srp.,:a:- ti ecu,-.'-i 1.u'' A
S.fledge of assets of this banlk i:,r tiur-,e Liond 1 a,?,]-, *<-_ fit. L A Size anddreass.d th.
;..... Total of demand dc-pc--lits tluet r lrai.i -:l'J- al i idsv's mctat int and no
:.* bank deposltsa suhject to rcestr- e i'her apea'i al bui'irnps' wa' Taknr,
," **Item s 25 and 2 . p ai '" i t: " l,:
---------' -Tiae depuatta subject to deserve ipavable .sfrmr Li1 dajis ----
B' c subject to dsas ,.r more not,,.e. Bai ila.tsl ng, s
Z2 S."(tiflcates of deposit 1(,thcr than f,',o nionat lb..rr.-,'ven.' -*',2 -i, a 1; alK Clearngs
*'!..- ft g ) .otlt. Oitintv nr nther nuinlcI&a l de ,tn~asis .e.? edrt., a bv I y T A

.. ledge of assets' of this ijani ca- .r suritn\ h-:.n l t-1 t;i Here Jump Again
.thie time deposits .. M V......... i7.t-'a. ____
U 1OtlM ',vJngs deposits .. . ... ^'i7 16
S T Otal of lime depr-sits sut.lec ii i. resee n lern',-
S 32, 33, 34 and . . t',.,,fj,, ;,S Bank clearings today exceeded
36lla. ialttd States deposits (other ihar p.-stal sating.- ) ii, thP for tre corresponding dayi
P eluding war loan deposit a.ccount- ar.d d-ptjtcs a,' last y-ar by $168,451.53. They
f UBl1ted States disbursing o iLtictr . ,, i...iii.... w rS $7.315 41 greater than yes-
4 '0. Notes and bills rediscounted. in.-u .li-t a-,: ,'.. eae Eirdav's total.
other banks and foreign buas of ,=xchanrge r.r di,'r.rav total.
sold with Indorsera-n0t of thiq hni ;,,, i, | Last Monday. with clearings to-
44. Liabilities other than th,.e a tot"- cai-d ... 2.7I .761 t1ahnl $1 177,090 53, was the high-
Total( t t it one-day record in the history
.l a tToal . ..... r f"c .'. 'of Tampa banks. i
Stat6 of Florida. County ot Hillsooroigh. .s. C.:Imiparatjve figures announce.]
I, Chas. B. Galloway. cashier of the ab-,e, naraciJ t dar-k ,Ii solemnlyv by thIe Tampa Clearing House as-
sWeAr that the aoove statement i true t" ace i-e c-f rn,'ay kno'ipedge and s i,ciration ptre:
i Mf. H-'HA.\? B G LLOW.AY, 'q.zhler. I Today ............... $625,831.02
S Subscribed and wurn ito rtefor nc. 11ies liath day c-f r-.:t.,b a. tilr. r Yesterday- ........... 1 .516.6.1
(Seal M .ANCHEZ. Last year- ............ 457.379.49
.. i Notar. Pi.blic [(fi tbr hStt.- if Fl.,i i.ia at Large, ----- --
"'" MT ,.l-l a'ni-i4 l,:,n a. prr-- NIM,\ I 192' Home Ice-mak-rs that freeze a
Co tt-A,.test: at.,,3 pound block irn n minutes
L..'IfMiKAY. ABE MAAS, ]i'I. IN .JEFFEiWSf 'N, D:ir.-l.,jra. 1i''- ben perfected. *

ay, Otb 1,

,,i ..ay, October 16, 1924,

q 9


Sea and Harbor

In or Expected Today
SS. Ossabaw (Am. I
Departures '
SS. Winding Gulf iAm
Sb Cuta I Am )
Arrival Dates
Cuba tAm.) White, A C. L. terim-
inals. Havana via. Key Weal. pas-
sengers, mniall and merchandise
Sunday P. & 0. S. S. Co.
Dio (Ant ). Mason, municipal term-
inals, Vlgo, ballast, to load lum-
ber. about Oct. 18. Tamnpa Inter-
Ocean 3. S. Co., operator.
Everglades (Am.) Edward Borden.
Collier dock, Key Weast via Ever-
glade and Fort Myers. general
cargo, Saturday. Fla. R. R. & Nav.
Harald (Ger.) Blocks warehouse.
Hamburg. fertilizer materials.
nbuut Saturday. Philip Shore,
Lolan (Span.) Bercelona. ballast, tO
load phosphate, about Oet. 11.
Ophla (Am I A. C. L terminals, hal-
last to load phosphate for 01ia-
gow. middle October. Trosdal.
Plant & LaFonta, operators
Philip Shore. agent
Maddalena uidero (Ital ) itrainicip il
terminals. ballsat to load phos-
phate and lumber, middle Ocrto-
ber. N. Odero & Co. Philip Shjre.
Agwldale tAm I Clifford. Mallory-
Gulf terminals. Mobile, general
cargo. Saturday. Mallory S. S Co
E:oden Swe'ed i Seaooard elevator.
ballast, to lo ad 8,500 tons phos-
phata (or Germany. Oct. 26
Carlton (Anm Swann terntlnals.
Venice, Ueet pulp. OCct 26. United
Ourlf S. S. Co operator. Lykes
Bros. S S Co.. agents
Commercial Courier iAnt.) White-
horn. A C. L terminals, ballast
to load 3.UOO tons phosphate for
Wllnmington. middle October.
Moore .. McCormack Co Philip
Shore, agent.
WV M. Tupper IAm i. Counnr. Sea-
board elevator, Miami, ballast, to
load phosphate for New Orleais.
Oct. ?0. Gulf & Sauthern S. S. Co.
Major Wheeler (Am.) Lord, A. C. L.
terminals, Porto Rico. passengers
and general cargo, to load 4,300
ton3 phosphate for Baltimore, Oct.
28. Baltimore S. S. Co.
Ruth (Am ) A. C. I. terminals, bal-
last, to load 4.800 tons phosphate
for Warners. N. J Oct. 1, A. H.
Bull & Co.
Tampa (Am ) Stanton. Mallory-
Gulf terminals, New Orleans, pas-
sengers and general cargo, Mon-
day, Gulf and Southern &. S. Co.
I W. Riggs (Am ) RoberLs. Royal
Palm Line dock. Fort Myers, gen-
eral cargo. Wedn-sdav Fort
Myers S S. Co.
Texaco No. 172 (Amn.) Brennen,
Texas terminals, Port Neches.
asphalt, in two of tug South
American, Oct 1, Texas Co.
Elizabeth Freeman (Am.) Tappe. A.
C' L. terminals. Baltimore, paving
brick late October.
Corlnthia (Hond P. Ralph Powery,
Clenfuepos. ballast, to load lum-
ber, middle October Gulf Ship
General Leon Jurado (Anm ) Farrell.
1llocks warehouse. La Vela d6
Coro, Venezuela, .1,700 tons goat
Jennie Wllson (Hond. aux.). Ben-
son Bodden, Collier dock, Ruatan.
passengers and general cargo,
middle October.
Frances L. Tausslg (Am I Block's
warehouse; Le Vela de Cora. goat
manure. Late september.
John Francis Stuard (Am ) A. C. L.
terminals, Havens, ballast to load
l.800 ions phosphate for Gulfport
early October.
Racer (Hond.) Collier dock. Ruatan.
coconuts, about Oct 20. Poage &
Co., agents.
Ships in Harbor
Shielcahinny (Ain.) R W. Stanton.
Seaboard elevator loading 3 "00
tons phosphate. to load lumber at
municipal terminals.
LAvenir SRel aux.) From Antwerp,
at Swann terminals, unloading ce-
ment. Visitors allowed to Inspect
ship next Sunday, 2 p m n -.
p. min
tarlshial iAm.) Tampa Do: k- Co.
Mobile. Ballast.
tilna (Hond.; Pouchie. Tampa 11l
& Eng. Co estuar, plant for ever
Lyd;a McClellan Baxter (Ainm Fick.
A. C. L. terminals discharging
paving brick for J. G. Yeats &
Ltonie 0. Louise (Br.) M. I Kirk-
connell, Roux Askew Dantzler
docat dischrcr'lng guano cargo.
Kirkconnetl Bros.
Vatruna ltBr- i..,,en Tampa Dock
Co., for re-palr"a

William Melhourn,- tBr i Ed%%ard H
Foster. Bahamas-Cuban dock
loading lunir'-r, Praga : & 1o.
Admiral B-attv iBr I .1 B. Morton,
Swann t-rminal ? discharging conutE. Poagi. & Co, agents.
Sch. Lady Mlarion in for rf.pairt-
Charl'r H MacDon ll .'Am. A 'I
L tern,nal.
B A Pr.GE.'
Semper Fidflis (Am.i McGail. riin
pa coal dock, Morbile, gravel, ii
tow of tug Jim Sad Gulf Barge
& Towing Co. Tanmpra Coal Co,
Card-enna (An 1) J J. Hand.F Rtoux-
Askew Drantzler dock loadir, ror Cuba Philip Shorte.
Reliable (Am.n, Guintrisoti .'apin
terminale, dredging 27 foot ulian
ncl. Seaboard Dredging Co
SaiTors' Guide
Sun ri'eas 31 a. inm. sun -e'.s h it1
p m.
Moun rise 9 08 r, ni moon Bet.
5.30 p nm
High tide 4 1II a. ni 1I.T % rj,.
1,i 34 a. in high tide 5.2A 1' m lorw
tide lI .i.21 p ni
tuba Passenerrm.
Fas orger., .311 the S S Clra. a r-
riving Yjastrrdak w"-re: He-an r.>
Tainmpa, first class. Mr' H 1 I. Wi-
s.,n C M Young and mith:r. .1,s.
R. uarez. .jose N. Rivero PEernardtdoi
Jorge, Jos N Lzan.:-. and se c- ond
lass. Ktey West ti, Tampa trst
class, H Ledir. J J McNair. C,
H. C'-ro. E J. 'TIv-ed-l and wif.. -rnd
son. Mise A. Jon-s.a Mrs. C N. Fm th
and dlaugehter. Mis E RP L.--,s an-d
'on, H. Abrahamni. H. J. L.-'.e. S L
Helnes Mrs. C. I Harris .nd
daughter. M. Knight. Mrs. H A.
Poppey. A F. Bachart. A Valdi.s.
W. N. Hodgern. F A .Joins and
wife. Mrs. M Car.tensin and
daughter and son. N. W. Crane. ?
W. Rock. W. I Peak. P. HIicks Mrs
L. Wagner and son. Mrs. C Hatr-
InKs and dauehl-r. H. Mulhoijepr
and v' ife, tim s N. C Hall. C. W
Edwards and wif.. H A. Stroud.
Mrs C. Rentz. J i Meatrs. and 1l62
second class.


Fourteen Students Meet
High Requirements.

Honor roll student; of 'he ,dr,..
school v.-re announ.'edI yesterday
by Prof. J. T. Hoffman, for the first
school month
Those meeting scholarships re-
quiremerAs tri merit the honor roll
are Esth-r Trres. Marjorie Chap-
man. FTra Cpirarno. Cltla Lewi%,
Nellie lW'ldon, Walter Hewer, Philip
Rumore. Aurra Cate-nlleiro. Stile-
Paddock. Domeni,- Guinta, HazelI
Swymer. Rehecca Evons. Avelin Va-
lentl and Jimmie Gusita.
The following are honor roll rr--
quirements: Perfect attendance .
no D's or E's on report, not more-
tban thrioe Cs. and B In deportmtnt
and effort.
Special library privileges are
graral..d to honor roll students




The old-time mixture of Sage
Tea and Sulphur for darkening
gray. streaked and faded hair Is
grandmother's recipe, and folks
.are again u'ing it to keep their
hair a good even color, which is
quite sensible, as we are living in
an age when a youthful appear-
ance is of the greatest advantage.
Nowadays though, we don't
have the troublesome task of gath-
ering the sage and the smussy mix-
ing at home. All drug stores sell
the ready-to-use product, irm-
proved by the addition ,of olier In-
gredients. called "W:,-eth's Sage
and Sulphur Compround," It l3
-ery popular because nobody .an
discover it lhas been applied. Sim-
Sply mnoaisten y%'Lr comb or a soft
Shrush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one
small strand at a time. By morn-
ing the gray hair disappears., haut
what delights th-3 ladies with
WXyeth's Sage andi Sulphur Com-
pound, is that. besides bho.autifully
darkening the hair after a few ap-
plications. it aio pl -,ducesc hat
soft lustre and apr.Earanpe of
abundance which i- co artrac-tlve
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We Please

The Most


Modern Dental Methods

Minimize Unpleasantness

It is truly wonderful the ease with which crown-
ing and filling teeth is done today. Modern and ad-
vanced methods are in every instance employed for
the comfort of the patient, with the result that better
and more artistic dental work is produced. Consult
us for the better kind of dental work. at the following
low prices:

Poicelain. $1 60 to $2 0)
rold, $3.00 to 35 00
Amalgam. l1.10.
Cement. 50-c to t$1 00.

1~t'O 1t1K
Single Gold Crowns, $5 0r,
Crown and Bridge Work
S5 00 per tooth
Porcelain Crt-own 'n t(ii

PLATES. $lO.00, $1..O5 $15.00. $20.00
Ornly ine best teeth and rubber being ijt-l Tnev fin. they
-'ai i~t) .
We will refund railroad fare when work amounts .) 126
Work started and completed same day.
Teeth extracted absolutely without pain b% r.iir mr,.lfrn and
pe.u'en methods.
W'e repair plates, $1 00, nr, more. no i-.
fle do work that plesses

Union Painless Dentists
&14 Franklin St.. Bank of Comnmerce Bidg
Exlperleneed Lady Arendanti.
HMoire Week days. 8:30 to 6 Sundaa a. tn L
Later by appointment
PHONE 4381.

Taliaferro Washing-
ton Wedding Occurs
in New York

C-f i ,de oci?-l ihtereit a. . tih, n
wedding of Misia Mary WVaehington.
daughter of Mir and Mrs. Robrert L
Washington, r and Mr I
Thomas C Tamiafrro. ir, cf 'his
eit., whicli took piii'e at 4'31
o'clock yesterday> aft[rn_-.on in Ne .
York City.
The hall room iia the FVhtrm-,n
Square hoatl x.-' lhe scene ot this
i.cautiful event, v.mtnes;ed by nuna- friends and relatives of the
v,,une couple. The floral decora-
ii.-nsa i w-re indeed ela r-.rt-tie, carr;,'-
ing out a color scheme of pink.
- hie and grit-n a diid quintti'- ,*.f
-Jhrys.anthemumns -r- Ei fe t tc I -,'
The bridesmaids we-rt lAlia i ti-
,itrd Taliterro. of Ta'na)a. lsita ar f
thb- groom and MiNst Mary Monfittt,
of Jamaica. L I : Mrs Robert L
Washirpngton. jr sait,. r-in-la"r a-f
the bride. wvas nation of honoi.
while Miss Marianna Kinchley, of
Tampa. was maid of honor.
The bride's attlndanlt wore Ic-,e-
ly dresses of pink c repe-de-chic.
with bronin chenille trimmings
Their bec.--nming hats were of lroa'rn
tull-. as were also 'htir erac-ful
P.,nrfe, aria they aore brown satin
slIpp -r3.
Edward PEndlcton Ta|haferro. III
of Tampa. 'a-s bNest man, while the
grooinmsmien were Harry Kinchley.
if Tamna; R.-.bert L WasHinrgton.
ir. of Detroit, and Samuel AV H.:s-
sael, of N-w Yorki
The bride eriered :rn the arm nf
lher father. She was ownedd it a
Lanvin model of white satin heavily
* mhroldercd niith pearls. Her
skirt was short and the sl'e-v.'a
ot her gown tiere trimmed with
ronge po;nt lare which had been
vorn by her mother at her wied-
aing A vi] rof lace and full waq
caught In cap --ffeet on her head,

SPEECH Who's Who
-, L.;..:* n



This, the ntedleal men assert.' I-
flicates that her apparent sub-
normal mentality at the time of
her operation was t result rather
than a cause of h-.r diet.


For Immediate Acceptance

70 Acres

Beautiful Lakefront Property


I am offering this beautiful tract of 70 acres, with more
than 2,100 feet frontage on large deep water lake, having
fine sandy beach suitable for.bathing, boating and plenty
of fish. for immediate acceptance only.
I have just sold 30 acres adjoining this and fronting on
the same lake for $200 per acre. The tract I am now offer-



ing is still more desirable, because of so much more lake
frontage, yet because of financial reasons, I will make this

If accepted immediately, this 70 acres can be had for
only $135 per acre, a price that represents $65 per acre
profit for you within 90 days, or you can subdivide this
Into 21-' and 5-acre lake front tracts and sell for much more.

It is located just off Nebraska Avenue, only 30 minutes
drive from Tampa, and if you want to get this, don't wait
until tomorrow to investigate. Can give good terms. For

Phone Owner 3657

University of Florida


Wake Forest

Your Only Chance to See the "Famous Fighting Gators"


Plant Field

Oct. 18

3 P.M.


General Admission $1.50


and she carrlad a tiouquept of lilies
of the valle:. and white orchids.
The impressive ,ceremon. was
nr-rf:rmred h.vby Father ,sha rl, Ab-
bit o-f Sr L-o M..nast,-r San
Antrire... Fla
F.Allwing an elaboratee wedding
Aupper. tht- brid, and grcomni l-ft f.:,r
H-ot fr.prings. Va. ACtor Thank_-
mi\ing th-' n ill return to Tinampa
to niak- tlileir home on Souih Or.-
lpan avenue.

Abnormal Diet Held
Cause of Weak Mind

Sagiriniw. MiIh., Oct. 16.-Mary
Doe, thle 15 year old girl in whose
itomnach last mnionth surgeons
found 1,500 n'etallic objects in-
cluding coins. metii washers
i:,fety pins. crucifixes. chains.
br,)o".-hs and bells, wia discharged
last night froti the honspltal. Her
ph:., leiang -.9i si,- i; t.or upleti'l.
reco' ered.
Iritellihg. ,e test- t ,:, which the
eirl has been Fuljected, showed.
according to her physir'ans, that
,@he ie of wholly I'nrinal nientaiitv.



P- rftct home
,*l.%,ing and tint-
ing IS guaran-
Sreefd with Dia-
Siond Dys. JJust
clip In cold wa-
ter t :. t int .oft.
(_ r icate shade?.
i rt boll tc. dye
rich, p.rmnneac
trl"rs -Each 15-
S- n t package
I i .ontiins dire.c-
a, ins -n Eii .llle
an w,,.man van
dye ur t1Wt lln-
geril, silks, rib-
nipne, s k i r t s,
va i f [ l rirea.S,. coa t,. F tockings.
sw-iatre-rs, draieirlei. ,. overings.
rian ings. P\e r\'vihinR g nc'v
Buy iiarn.'.nd [ie"''-no oiher
kit-d"-and tIll :.our druggist
whether th- materials you Wish to
,:olor Is wnr,t nr silk. ir whsethr it
Is linfn. action ..r nl fd goods.-
.\.j e rr iasi-rm nt.

What will this

test tell you?

W ILL it may danger . fail-
ure ahead? Will it show
you that your lons of ambition.
your loss of energy, of vitality, is o P
due to Anemia ... blood starva- ,,
Unless the rich, red blood cornea .
rushing back immediately after
you have firmly pressed the flesh
between hand and thumb, it il a '
werriing signal . It means lack
of vitahzing, energizing, strength-
building blood. ,,
For thirty-twoyearsphysiclani .. .
have prescribed Glde's Pepto-
Mangan. Its rich iron and man-
genese content is the sore way
and the safe way to regain health. ''
You rdruggisthas Gu delt Pepto.
Mangan in either liquid or tablet


Tonic and Blood Enriher ,



Jack Daw's Adventures
tniry, h r inl 'oehrnn. Drawninp by L. Ut. Reitner.

-boots and Her Ludcdies
A0'%A A~t 'YOU r-EELIMW ( H.JFIt
STH ,s,'tf'IN',,G> TIouGHT' 9O-SOR -
M 'DROP 'j A.jD SEZ- I1 \ 3uC s
S.' TH IK.. i' A OUT


Teaching an Old Dog


WE. WtrlE-I
THE CoM \o -

.PR ?

! i '

J no U >Kld I.di ph 1 l. n p l e i n ll t" ll-" i '1 -* ir.. --- heoi I a I.,-. cl.__wa_-_-h, ) a - v, 11 .11 1 BY
% lea d uo f t~he. K ]' L t' It, ft t. 'n :tri ghrn f I,,,- r I E, r.t }', tx,
bh L Ierg, ,n -itrr0,lv r.. n rn ;,d a n .1 ,,i .-..l riil~p i ri I" n'r ..... .. in ... . *'* "*o E M m n f ro,
spae MoI-n n Pop An Embarrassing Moment fo- Pop
IinI' U .P' B '-
y Tylo

After him '. the huni,'r And Ihe two hor w %veill Iralriel
Ii- boar hunting !,anll ,I ,ri ard It all hap i. rled S. q, -llI that Jack
hardly r'aliz-d a hat he v:,i hiir i : 'P- ri aidv Ito h ,:.v .' .,nr _sppar' M
shou'ed the hunitr Xn'd th p T;,,IK t n' up arid h'ld thr r"'int ,f hi. A
.p. r i'.,r ir.d. i . _-._ .. .. ..
S' r $Salesmnan S$ain

KI.[,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~t.,. tii r^.., ":.r r .^n.-ripn ,~4-r''):,fi-^/=^ T^i'o~* :-jo T :- :o So H
I WRNT -10 hng _iT ,0L F

G z- FI N 'o OL'qE

.I ,

horrs E trd rli ng ,n ni l the llil np.J, T h h runl hld i.-d r '
b. ck a bit it, v ',,I11, k t han ... r '. 0 i 1-. 1 r*' ...r f .. i.1. jdd -nlv" the
hoar slow .ed, dn'. nri ar.d lack r' ?d righ iII. up .- hi. I i d Contlinuid 1 --*

-Evere-t True_ __ _= By Condo.' "1-"

U-aca cOP -roePACCO0 M- \/c--R%ir FlqMrlm-Lj- '!
&J' '<-o '-(ou P&f'ItT IN THIS -D4C-UT(-floUs
INTU^C<3e.FN4Ce < _

Freckles and His Friends

3 '14 : =,r
I P'. ,' I ;- .' ..
Lp_ U 1- ~ ^ .. ....?F i' ... .. ,, ;
"'ir-". .-c ir -' --~ r v -. ', *t \
-j~.... -- .^ _- -* -.- / ,, tr
7;,". < l'.-:. -'- ^ .- '\'.
,- -'r "' /
"' --" r -- i-"~ '

It Took a Whole Year to

He'd Do Nothing

P' / PC, 'T A "- I / l
.l' j .;-14 ,;.,t
'\ D O i S i ,T O i... , r '^ | *- L I
',, ''" 714 ->..7i;', C'.-. T _. .' *

~:-{ ~

- .'c ~
S; I 'ilII I -I" ) . / '
*t .

k-_ -_ -^ '^_ :.'.,-__.

The Old Home Town

HE Indian rhinoceros
Is quite a queer old fellow.

He -fiso- he counr
ir H~s'ad)a sta ts to bell
His skin"-i great ayers.

And a rather re sh brgov
In circuses and s.' e sows
H. Has t s e l

By Stanley.

i H--.. -----. .E pO-TOn= u~~ .WAEN \MJE PASS ) *- *
____ _-rME pLST oFFricE) DIESO
rw 1 -- o-f -roMGHTI? I OTey M i 7MTrEK Oil( 'S


TH" Wl'V ARENON,1,t-


OTEY WALKEIR. SHE-iFF -- N. m ,0s .,vtmc

A Q <," .T- C' u p
I ". W p a' >*

-~ ~ m~z=1 -.- WA, UA VICL Inc.
Find Out B -Sa
By Swan

- --. ~ ._ _. -- .
By Blo~ser ,


I -

0, B' 15O ,tL PO -_
tJL--- t .- I

1 ^cI

r -
e- ,
f, "

.i- l -i..ii.. .... .. -- -I. LU FV1l~i 'wr -!,
"'W- 01MIA 99RICE-t-
Our Boarding HouseBy Ahe,:

.. .... . . ,B y A h er:, "

***:. :-. .- :w r:
. .': .. :

Thursday, October 16, 192C. ..I"

By Martin .,
* /*., *HIOL? M E. "S T1T, .. ;
. "(S',-, ROY 'SSOR ) -.'-----P

'- -. .

K -

.--- -


S, "c:ober "6, i4.
tnicay (1ober tO,ncA

"i i ,Ai "A DAiLI liMidS



^ion.e-'"..- 46. O5
A Me 4605


) Phone 4605
S. _______]_________

lv gates

oi 12c per Word
ike third 1% @ a word
1ieM this 4e a word
:* ;: WORD.

1)p Like This 2c

-:.1 arrw wlasti your disertse-
e.g-St j pi-sated In regular
g "thlip).v the number of
IjStS.' '1%, then by the ntilm-
-840's you wish 1 it-. be

"' C 4.0 Masertlons for the pr're
:s''. ^ -i|-''
S*'. .li lil ildouni b, the mouth
"slflaIr, Where emly one or
-* t Words ara ordered in large
Ifal.-4har5ge5 .will be made by

L W:'$ ..%= ei will be responsible
i* h Correct insertion only.

;" Pihoe Your Ads
.., 4605

ft ill be given courteoue
." .u; tiiOn. and ths ad wil be
em and 1 meimorandum Itf
N;,. r. api i if the telephone
.'*':' 'eW iij eratffra are. tior-
: t t.rillar with yates and
"v dS2igo5s and any informsa-
tis 7OU wtvil will ha promptly

i'*J Slietl must be received

1 5y 10:30 A. M.
S.- to ie-propefly culaasifi-ed
', th dame day.
-4 -ti ]&Lt er latr 7aU .
$fl"..i b-Ja. ,-wAIt j* iA'serned In
T i;ite-to Clsify, .unless re-
th.t it be carried over
".ae)l f(ftcaMtn. the

St~.* tta.tda i ,i you
4,--.-- *lIp3' v otrolliatIon in
S5Z:/ '23iB ,TA31N0 'rER ftTOn
tif ft" ether TAMLPA pipr.
'* ^ 'e'-'t <,'.. ,, i


A d'B. eerlficat-'s of title
Mie twai urance. Hilllsborooif
&. Igaftry Co., 50S Florida
'^e e-479.--


: IM1[ , : i... .... ..----
S O"' '"TICE

; :"-' 4t bo- prnODUC, CO.,HA
T p S.
T't 3 :'*' 8 -SWB OD.__

17 t o,-ol?-B. Ps. I"a
i,0 AM .C .D- .
.ALS TO ,-fC+3IP

4~l 423.9.

-l - B 1 U3 SICK
t ' runs lIe new
u: ft e 4801

t, Plant, 32. c.

1,1 ~C !
.... 1,' tll v Ch it olsl Touring
".".' fl t ~k&ri t TourTliag
.". "'; "B : vrotat Tourlng
":. s w.~ r*4 Drive Ford truek.
"' is .1 ''MSTlt our ng car.
" "52S .'1 T jl Tburing car.
in".- rdMl r$"ouring a .
SC' '- I l COnitolet Coupe
," I f14 Chevrtolea Roadster
S. ,i4tulrn Beauty Six Sedan
,.. t' ,~r~.t -are j. 2 in A-t cor d-
T.. rtbs f ,'A t e rraSied
Si tTHT. OtflfVlOLET. INC.
'"i4 f _W.ktu ), Phone 2060
. -. .*
*;.. ': .f 'Vwa-?^ ........... . -- --
nice ,unl.ta 1914 Ford
$250 c ash 340d

s0gtrLe bra-in conr-itlotio
W: A, nue. 403R."I

t e .. e ti ely recoftinditioned; lot of
.yaxltsl nearly new tires. Priced
1*h#t; easy terms.
A: .* INC.
P:.,is 461.
W'st' aLi iytt nd Morgan Sie.

': ' Mtjwell Sedan
i o "WdenV I Sport$*ifUe Specear i
.,,,i-lt. t Touring
.'' 'C 'Sp S~ie.

i dIfttD MOTOR Co.
ltk.dts the Good Maxwell and
14 ; efrlior Chrysler 6.

"9tSJfOne p~k P rd single.
xIn first class condi-
".. atifed stratlTt 8 gray. Phone
:: iSr Csl for Mr Ireland.

Briging Up Father




221B 7th Ave. Phone 511191.

1921 ESSEX touring. New paint,
new top and a perfect motor.
1375. Accept Ford a5* part. George
Dil. 40e'3 Nebraska. Phone 72-.i91..

Fully equipped with extra tires,
bumpers, etc. Will sacrifice to
sell for cash. Phone 71-701.

FOR SALE-I Packard single atu-
tomoblle In first-class condition.
Painted stra:'gTf 8 gray. Phone
4657. Call for Mir Ireland.
t:OuD LITTLE Ford truck. Runs
pond $40. Dill. 4003 Nebraska Ave.

This car Is In excellent shape
Good tires Priced right. Terms.
Phone 4091.
I.nfvE'ette and Moregan St
1 HAV'k a good late model FIrnrd
.175 cash If bought this w-ek
140q Flrida Ave

TO $1.75 SEE

] 7iil Fh'A KL 1,:'t Ni'.
P[-ION F T:"r)

Practically new car. WTll1 trade
'or real estate and gffive or rake
difference. Eros.

Phone 4601.


*OT BEING able to drive new 1904
Chevrolet sedan, will sell eh.sp.
11R0 Florida Ave.
?2124 OVERLAND sedan. everything
like new. eqoulty for cash. oalanco
terms Owner, Phone 74-188 or 1016
Lake avenue.
\'E.KLA.NJ HEDAN rot sale. Will
sacrtflde and give ood termitt.
19-F.. care Ti]mes

.S-.assengir Sedan. Like new. Will
trade for real estate. Eros

Phone 4601.

PLATING--Nickle-P'.atlng automo-
biles Allen Prating Works, 109
Franklin St.. Tar-ros.
1:',3 HUDSON sport model. A-I
condition and it will travel fast
ETf. Dill. 4(03 N ebraska A te
30x30 $2.50:; 3x3%., $3.00; ,32x4.
fl.; 48Jix4. $4.00; S2x1'1 $4.50, 34x
41,. $5.0, 33x5, $550; tlubes and
lintings, Bo.
Guaranteed Vulcanizing
ll01 Tamnpa St Phone 72-51t


Cor air cars. We repair all makes
dt batteries. get and msgltleto.
Expert Aufomobile Electlriclans.
901 Florida Ave. Phione 4*64.
PHOFE 2222.

Longest life; lowest price. Guar-
anteed 13 months.
Rebuilt Batteries $8.50 a-nd Up.
All makes of batteries, starters.
generators and Ignition repaired.
Phone 3 -44.
'121 fir. Central Ave., Tampa Fla

Starrers, Generators and Ignition
Will Serve You Well.
Adjoining Snow Park Filling
Station. Phone "549


cost less per month of service.
Backed by real service.
last longer and give complete sat-
1717 Frnklln St. Phone 2477.


IS years Experlence. Let us treat RENTS APARTMENTS
bathe or board .our dog or cat. In I PHONE 3659.
fact an thing for th. health or___________________________
comfort of your sniall animals. K-tR SAL-i-Un account i.t illness.
Phone 81-_3. Residence phone $10,000 yearly business at halt
conne.-tion. price, or will take partner w'iti
TO-SPTT \T ability to manage. s$1,0O cash
H OSPITAL necessary Call C P. .hootl Beer
14f'8 Grand Central. Taimpa Fla. 03o, between S anld a o'clock. Phone
I .i. 1l09 113 W. 7th Ave.

? .Q t TTERIES -I---FOR RENT--Furnished three-ro'mr
U.... SL. 1 t DRESSM.AKING. apartment, private family, cheip.
We repair batteries, generators.I ne block north of uffal avenue
starter, magnetos and igiinen N~ebraska. cast of Nebraska one
starter, magnetos and ignition. ELITE DRESSMAKING PARLOR blo'k on Aton avenue and McCord
SEMINOLE HEIGHTS Desilgning. remodeling. hemstitch- street.
.., 5c a yard (thread extra) Chlldren's i.'uji HIINT--3u monthly furnished
GAlRAGEi clothes a specially. 310 Krausa apartment Purity water. Oarage.
SAnd Auto Electric Service Sta. Bldg orer Maas. Haberdasher. Phone 74-810.
5206 Florida Ave. Phone !'i 1-S54 Phone 3?77.a I n
I ............. ____ _I_ i ji }< LN' --bVurnIsnvh rooms
S -= = ANITEDE,--I ,.,E l-lilh n's apartm,'nts. All conveniences
dre Smo nr. ,lr-ese a spe- *i, in. Call after 5.30 p. m. tllO E.
SAUTO FLLING Z SrrATIOrrNS. ,illyS' Als., I i. i ,"n t< Ave'
A T F S-TIONS... .. [l;',nd nie.d l and n, itril: 0.--:'ing '-it ,,i apartment wilt sleeping
IFOR- ---- .--..n--H--.--,,,,--1fdi .,'..irl'. ." .. -'I "Iporch and garage and single
FOR. SA .E--H. and l.l .irg Si.- -titlunir P. I acc,-r,.llng to rin h lkitchenette. 931
lion. B ad liealrh , .-. ll ,mi un'4'- 1t ' l. .. a airln i'nnth .
Books ien to lv ii- i"\"a c ,- r, i-, i %, G'i,-%ntVe me a tranh A v-.
*~~~, Me," .'"P,^" trial L,' ;' 1, Ukc HeN r-Kuf.honable [-..%%,n
lasti... ........ ,'o"N I. r ir-. C IM-,- ,, lF t [reel.N_. i u I-;iN r --leasonable li--wn
last Poyinr' l....n, | ," stairs furnished apnrtment. 3
.. ... -'.1i--t..==- .',--- -org ;m nd ITh. lih W Ho's A' e
'-------------,. A NT -l J-L- ['l,,lr, >i',, fdn.-s' sf-a-ng - -- _, -- nii c "
-n d .s ri, ,1.. v,. ri, i;E .\ -t.o1-rr aUrni-h1eN
S tAUTO RADIT I i.n. q40 a2rtrn. l near T-ihihtL Hd Ho-
________- ~ ~ 034 !2 I N..rth B St
TAMPA 1.1l"i, RAIt1IA.11 %lOF.Ksi--I.iLRtk Nltt.N uriim furnisned
MJanuiii.-'ur'.r of EDUCATIONAL. apartmentnt All eonu ni.!nres.
Aut R.,qiaRi~rq -,nn NMulfi DUC.TIFN11 I, atPaint Are
We 1. -- ir FOR for couple,
Fenders. .odI-- t ,r i.-' T-.nl5 iit% ENS 017-ICR TRAINING or 4 chumming adults, nice and
Pln" nI '-", 'CHOOL. .'can. private, bath. hot ;nd cold
---- Frr VYoung Women. water 2015 Dekle A.%..'. Ph-,.ne
SH14 SoutlI R.ome Avenue. 44-811
AI iT .''ecielizes In complete stenogra. l., i ENT--'Iwo two '.,ii part-
Ht-T ~phll course Miss Jane E. Owens, ments all conveniences i06 Con-
----i,', *ncl pal. Phone 73-132. siant. Plitne 73-949.
CAT n porin- >r rent i- RIVATE SCHOOL T 191 FLOR- -t Itt-i it1iNT-3 turnis-hedi rooms for
I AVE. TIIUCH TH "light houseicceplntg. c oratio
F o' 'i -p >* > IDA A VE. 1 -THR- I. HL T Tnl 1- '_ OA '
Firid.i *iTJ .-'I RADES. BY MRS NIMAL.LIE YOUNG Phone 84-441.
.- WEBB PHONE :'-715 I- L-ANij.--HlJM lignt li.usekeeplng
------------- apartment, also bed room, near
TS qa-o__.8.Co LCOLLEE 102 North B St.
CO i|P rTl Hor tulire Plant, $262 College Bldu. ore, .ntrai1. RE U HTS- Nicely furnised- 2-
SoQVh.-,n W. a. Co. L M. Hellon. Pre Established 33 _,,roo) apartment. $7 per week.'N -- -ms. 3c per rlt vers i il 72-128.
l'.,", Si todao kfi'r 3c perE rol OUR REPUTATION IS ESTAB- -EIG3T--'00 East Park Ave. and
lIefa re-gislr pr.ce. Econom- LISHED. LET US HELP YOU. WE HE ret furnAshed apart-
.0|,Dusu Store.. SECURE POSITIONS FOR GRAD- M.Transtreets. furnished apart
FOR SALE-SmtII growing bult. UATES. mpntsa. Garage.
sesa located in Plant City; good THREE rooms and sleeping porch.
for 520 to $3 per' week net. Small _, furnished. Ground floor, gas.
apttai required to handle. Address lights and phone. Close In. Phone
Times Brunch office, 312 E Ros., 21,.
street. Laketani. Fla-- T2fO-ROOM ut'nln.lid apartment.
GROCERY market in Hyde Park c4 Wp(rA eek Corne. r ,rh 9trtt
1't.211'0 weekly husineas. 5-year 4as T R Milpeue avenu,, i'c'ween Lake
lease If you n-ant a real tir.po- "ind "7th Av-r
u lon letI us si.w and explain tu o mna rrrcsfi ,< Ipir&.a -Hlii. Frni,
you. Busines-s n ''e t,m ent A g.-nc y. hoflflwjnl)A 11ilkiynll l-lusek eepIng
9104 Floarida Ave R:,om .. Phone' i Ms i-ru-n fotr light housekeeping.
4226..F hr.n 71-027
GROCERy market do,,ing s,, ..PrL$ TWO rooms, kitchenette, gas: all
yearly busintzs; Florida avn-pue c.,nvenlences; garage. Vicinity
Rent l4a3 monthly. Living rooms Freemont and North A St. Phone
'lt1n lea e. Retiring, reason for 9.10.
ic-M lle se. r. a- ^ s' n fo R1 -91 --- ^ 0. ^ -- A ^ t l
se lt~g. us iness Inveetnien __________________
Agent q. 904 Florida .ve. RooIiT, 292. Just like a relief map. Eery I Ott 4 room apartme nto. niCely fur-
Phone 422.. "ihed. 4)71 I- Oak Ave.
LOOK If ow ant out or in husl- ad stands out in its proper LTN1l'RNIS IHED apartment.
ness, talk to the Bulsine r Iny classiflcation-every classlft- Pihone 3I6cle. 20 .th Ave
vestment Agir-ney. 901 Florida Av. ...... .. I______

room 29. Pfone 4226.
REPAJRINGO Is our furniture
getting to look old and worn?
il'v.t It refinished: make it look
like new: chair caning, upholster-
fig and repalrlnL.; ice boxes and
refrigerators repaired. Tampa Fur.
alture Hospital, 904 Ashley Street.
Phone 2q74.
100OING house, 6 rooms furnished
. neat and clean: good location 'fli
.Iarkan street
Residence property
Phone ?942
prlceesand worli call 2477. Penn
Electric Ahoe Hlospital. 303 Harrl-
s.n street
SUITCA.SES from 11 25 to $35. Re-
pairing factory price. Tampa
Peni'nsular Trunk Factory. 1531
Franhli St
CodlIge Bldg. Or. Central.
M.. M. Hatton, Pres. Established 38


Contracting and Repairing
tiXtUrea and Supplies.
All Work Guaranteed.
t183 7th Av-enue. Phone 61l-07

J. M. DUDLEY, Prop.
Only exclusive wall paper company.
384 E. Harrison St. Phone 71-970.
Heating, sewaglng. Reasonable
prices, high-grade woik. Let us
estimate your job.
905 7th Ave. Phone 53-70S or 3:'J
MO'INi and hauling. Phone 4471

cation in its proper order.

Read Them for Profit.

Use Themn for Results.

PHONE 4605

Yamp aiBOy Times


J AONEYV TO LOAN on improved
city properly at prevailing ratea
Beckwith & Warren Co.. First Na-
tlionil Pank Bldg.
i 'lON-l' 'Li L'_.AN un close-In L'am-
Spa real estate. Loans running 2
-ir 3 years Interest paabte semi-
tnnuslly First Saving's & Trusi
Co. r.12 Franklin St.,

'II1A.RANTEED 8 pelr cent first
mortgagee for sale. Loans ne-
gotiated on well located real estate
Tiwiegs aend Tnmpn Sis
Phone 3886-2685.

MONEY to loat at currant rats orn
approved "ecurlty. Cunnitngham
rneestment Co., No. 604,s Franklin
tiuNl- sU i..uIAt'. i.', Ut1SIItABl.E
l.arga or srma!l sums
fp'ntsnpe 3V11



'FOR RENT---room bungalow on
/6an Mlgtuel street in Palma Cela
Park. $40 per month or will sell it
.in Pasy terms. Phone 2839.
F,'R RENT-1-roomn house at Sul-
phur Springs. Garage, electric
lights and good well. $18 per month
Adults preferred. No weekly rate
Phone 53-209


SOiregon attracLtive unfur-
nished borne, 2 bed iome
2 sleeping porches, living
room, dining room. kitchen,
garage. strictly modern ..-10"u1
72i Fielding Ave.. possession
Dec 1, unlurnished, 8 rooms.
double garage, every con-
venience ................. . jo 0'f
'7iT Pierce St cottage 5 rooms
and bath ........ ........ 35 0
207 Cedar At.-. 4 rooms. .1
sleeping porches, 2 baths.
garage, u-nfurnlshed ... If))1)
2*% Cedar Ave., upper unfur-
nished apartmennt, 4 rooms.
sleeping porch, bath, splen-
did condition .... . .. 4 00i
0lSia W. Francis uppel, untul -
nlfbed apartment. 6 rooms
and bath ........ . 10 00
Nor'h B. St.. furnished 5-room
bungalow ........ .. .. ;0.0'
Second Ave.. Just off Barshore
furnihed bu-.gelow . .. 75 .in
Poronis 2-15 Giddens Bldg.
Phone 3159.


OR l- IENI--Ni.eli turnlishei ruuam.
all cnonv ni. ncS -,nI garage .. 411
S,',itih Ne 'i. rort.-
ill- N -IS I I',Eti n". rom .'in tiif
,.' lviring roin. dining rooini and
kitchen; lights Rwater and hleiat fur-
nished. i.niinr.le H.lghts. near t:ar
llne. TF, a ir'r-nth Phr-ne t12
FURNISHEDD front ruorri. s?. ond
flo.-i Southern exp-osur-. thre.-
large indi,:.,.' Srginle prison 210
E. Oak A.'e Phone 7.-603 after 5
p ,. '.r jSunda.,v
NICELY ui nirsed bed room. counle
or one or twn gentlemen. Alan
room and sleeping porch Phone
74-438. -

BATH. 903 1-2 MARION.,

ziNN.LE rt 5 :'.-tI-52.& Phone 2446
R05 Fnrst
TWOV large c,:rner rooms and sleip-
ing porch ClhSt in. l'6 Lee
Phone 71-591
t'WO LAi.;E i 'mand klitrhnete
nicely furnlsht-d. 4n7i2 E Oak
A"e. 0.ara ge.

BOARE;D-C'.nfurv a t, Ile rooms with
g. r- nl m,.-iIl-. on .ar line. Reason-
al-l- Ci', l-L, on Phone 72-705.

The Edbgewatcr

g., '. r,--,ni with Ind, Lduil
s -"c- in itllset, congenial sur-
rr--i.ldings Als,' well furni-hed
r o-rms. Rates reasonable 33JI Hyd&
Park Ave Phone 4432


I ELUE DIRE) electric clothes washer.

ELUE BIRD electric clothes washer,
good condition, $S0 cash. Ballard
Furnlture Co, 1920 7th Ave. Phone
EVERY hospital. chie, caf-terla.
lio-tel anid akery ahouid have a
Hrh.bart electric mixer. Price ind
terms now put thin in r lach 'ilf ill.
Write for c.,itl',.uiie and p-iccs.
W'rlte C 0. Bail. ['S.r., Hotel. Tam-
FOR SALE-ClIaver. 575. Good as
nen. Addr-qs P 0. Box 761.
PFuH SALE-lUsed pool table". cheap.
.Arpitv I -01 -. care LA Ri-i; size Hoosier kitclren cabi-
net In good condition. $25. for Im-
nM.dlat, sale. Apply 39-18 Arlington
Ave. or phone 7?2-8i2.
iPlc'-:LY furnished looms Year
'round rates to home people. 909
Mari.-n Phoi..' 211ii
'aLEEPIN'.; ROOM--! v/indows, $4
per we'ek Call 1-189
k U it.l I L' it itt'l t-'.ALI ttLi' 1,1- I'am pa
rFurniture Hospital: furniture, Ice
boxes arnl trunks repaired. 9C4
.ahlr Sr.. Phnn- 'YT7
' U -.N lTukI L,--W,. uuy and sell
new and second-hand furniture
of all kinds. Kcho" Furniture &
Transfer Co. 2219 7th Aved. Phone
FURNITUHL:-we ou). sell ajd ex-
change furniture of nil kinds.
The Tampa Trading Co.. 1209 Flor-
Idq Ave. Phnr., 272s.
ONE SET Communitv sllver Never
been used Pric- $11 Call at
cicarstand Ray \'VIew h",,tel.
-'INKHIAM'S Vegetablte Compound.
R7e. Economicnal fliru' Sore
it-AD F'iti Pi il --I'l-inles Want
Ad P Ile for rppuIis


.ROOi.M -,nd b-.ird irn privaLe iamll..
Phon- 91-313 .. Buy now before prices advance.

GARAGE for rent. Call 72-413.

PHONE 3659.


FURNITURE--Bargains: 45 lb. cot-
ton mattresse-s. $8.95; National
vprlngs, $4.95. Just 10 minutes' ride
front high prices. We can save you
mon e
1920 7th Ave. Phone 51-210.


Lumber, Millwork, Sash,
Doors, Etc.

Get Our Prices.

121o N. Rome.

Phone 81-421.

S L'TITS--JuncaI-o ior si ior-inade
and misfit asuiti and pants at a
.acrifice Tie _lobe Clothing &
rTailorinr Co. tin; Franklln st
AIlice rurnitule a.J rquipntent
Exceptional values in desks.
chairs, files and safes Unusually
low prices on both medium and
high grade qualities.

Opposite Union Depot. Phone 296&

BEMSTITCHIN!---b cents per yard. PUTNAM if_.1- J ior Z2C. Econow-
thread extra, pleatlng. Boom S, teal Drua.
over Tibbetta' Corner. Janice Thai- TRUCK 3OD'Y-Fits Ford' or Dodge,
ton, successor to Antoinette Hig- $1tIo 00. Roll-top desk and chair,
ginbotham. 52'; coat $50 209 Cas9. Phone 4726.

HEMSTITChiNG, Picoting. -ill r/oik
guraranted thread furnished, 1il
*hades, prcinompt aiterilon to nr'i
orders 0 Falk's Dept. Store, third


FOR SALE-I1 fine Jersey cows,
all just fresh Will sell or
more 6104 Nebraska Ave., or
IhOlh 92-650.
FOR SALE--'se dark red horse .
i.eight 1 36:0 or 1.106' pounds Call
at 1217 East Harrison or phone


Wl\>i driistrs. 2 illenen tables, 1
Ied outlet and blankets. 602 Mel-
10-16 Florlda Ave. Phone 3939
*ARDEROBE trunks from
$30.00 TO $95.00.
Trunks. Suitcases. Bags, etc.. re-
osired. Tampa Peninsular Trunk
Factory. .1533 Franklin Sr.
Franklin Slt buys. sells and ex-
changes new and second hand fur-
niture Call on me before you sell
your furniture Phone 3648

11!1 USED FI"UN 1' URE
BICYCLE found on Riveri.w rw nurd
M-:.nday night. Oct. F. Ovwner call 1112 an]i 1l914l r. Central ave
0i .-2, Souit N-hraska \v- \'ery lovy prices llni#-d Friirnliture
I-sad Mstt Co. Phone 95-7152.

F0i Nr-fltalo.- Ol, y-llW taq No
71, Apply DeSoto Beauty Parlor. Hot, I
LOST-Tv.o Airdal- dogs. male anria
female, on October Iu Findrr
nlase- phnnp 3Gil2 or 2977.
LOSTl-Dark orown coat between
Safety Ha.rbor and iarv. Has
Woodman button: a0so Initials T. .1.
Clark. Return to Times. oeilce. e-
,.-a rd
LOST-Gold iar pin tvith diamond
and pearls Please phone '2- 126
R.vnar,- f eA,.flTeu

Buy your wood earlv from Epps
Wood Yard Oak and pine wood.
Prompt deliver, tI0: South Oregon.
Phone 84-M65


ALL kinds .r luggage repaired at
Tampa Peninsular Trunk Fac-
for% 1531 Franklin Ci

. ". ..... ---. "...- % ANT second hand occult books
LUb'l-loid braided bracelet whl nd list and prices. Address 114-
small dian,,nds Pnone 1-i B. Times.
R ew- rd. -

DICrINSj ANY lnf--riirmaon leading to the
DI l'91S recovery of a ll'-er colored pointer
RENTS HOUSES. PHONE 3659 bitch will ie palJ for ly- Dr. W. P.
Link, 515 Jackson street.



Repairing. upholstering, cabinet APARTMENT. lower floor, 4 rooms. BEDR
making, refinishing and restoring bath and sleeping porah. at 1010 ';rai
ak re fi n ish in g a ndt restoring g ih a ven ue. ,', P h o ne 11-.2' 4
antiques.haFOR I
COMPANY Phone 4504. pTW,(
987 Tampa St Phone 32-4. List y-our apartment with us for rettt
MR. PROPERTY OWNER qick antion.,nr-2
DOES YOUR ROOF LEAK' WE APARTMENT room and kitchenette. --
CAN MAKE YOlTR OLD ROOF close In. Running waterr and FOR
LEAK PROOF. LET US LOOK IT gas 210 E. Oak Ave. Phone 72-603 gle
OVER. WORK _GUARANTEED: 1) after 5 p. m or Sundayr- curral
73-746. 101', 23RD AVE. wi, Fil}d,
IHUNT & PALMER nBa-saVniiC Maan'or FOR
I For high err-de reno tling, D1 LEON ST. AT PLANT AVE. Head
{phone 3787. 944 Zack St roi
G'ATE CITY I.ATTRESS ) very attractively furnishedapart- t.;AF
P T F ES Iment str.-:tly modern. Phone 2794.' FAMt
91 09. Franklin St. Si.,uthern WV. S. Co. P'.

'mALLUKat-Ailhiani Ole'-- M-, ila
Inr. i9'1 Mtidio3n ST
.IllVINt and Hlulln- Phone 444:1

u _INISHEID apartment, close in, gnlL,
rni-- location. 2i)8 E Seventh Phun
."e:. 3i:9e. Cle.'el

:-Furnished rooms to rent.
and cold running water. Ap-
Hautau'c Restaurant. Hyde
Ave. and Lafayette St.
OOM and kltehenette. 1906
nd Central. Phon- g4-433
REN'I'-Ntc-ly tfurnished sleep-
rooms or one room and
-nettE_. Phone E5-720.
RENT-Furnlshed rooms, 209
De aware.

RENT-Ligh t housekeepiing
ins, 34 to 88 per wiek Phone
6 or call at 2405 Stwnrt St.
RENT-I large bed room, sin-
beds: 2 sleeping porches. well
ned, 2 and 3 beds each: I sin-
room, board If desired. 106
Ing Ae. Phone 72-957
RENT-Two nicely furnished
ge rooms and garage 715
person Ave. Phone 74-257
1NY 7Z-895.
RENT-Nice furnished room. I
rate famn4ly. One or two
emen. Hot and cold water.
e 74-480 or call Sunday. 1105
and St.


I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ML IN _________l_^^^_^_ Y --__^-- -- _-^^_-i-^--

taught. Original models -.- n dis-
pin). Remodelling a special
311 Krause Bldig-. over Maas


BARGAINS Royata, Rcmingtons,
Smiths. Coronas, 52U to $75. Un-
derwoods, Sblpman Ward Agercy
$3 down. $6 month. Rentals $4
mnntli. C. C. Scott. Typewriter Spe-
cialist, 2817 Florida ave.. Tampa
Phone 4085.
BARGAIN in Indian blr.y:le. Prac-
ti-allv nrw Phon, 71-9S4
BOltAX added' -u t, e dough makes
ike cream cones tough, and anis-
Lure proof Carnation cones.. Tam-
pa's best, thoae goody goody augar
coneq, are neither tougn nor mois-
ture proof, henca do not contain
borax. C. Reoos. manufacturer. Phone
COMPLETE Hom-llt plant, $262.
Southern W S. Co.
COMPLETI: Hrmelite plant, $262
Southern W. S Co.

By George McManus


14 19 Indian Powerplus. 325 each
1 9'2 Indlan Chief.
1 123 Indian Chief
2 1)22 Harley Da.Idgon with side
l 1923 Harley Davldson.
All in good running condition.
Cash or terms.
217 Franklin Sr. Tampa, Fla.


Is .d Brunsicks. $45. $601 $45,
375 and t$95. l'olumblas. $20. $25,.
$45. 3.5 and $,5i; Victrolas, $35 and
$4r: Paths. $21) and $2,; one Star
at $i5: one Carusola at $95. All
guaranteed in good order, on terms
of $5 down and $l to $2 week. Six
fre records.
1014 Franklin St.
ED. 1. LO't-'hZ. tuner and rebuilder
of fine pianos. Phone 74-044. 3611
Tampa street .
COL-UMBIA Graphonola for sale.
Phone 74-406.

I I I .

Fred 3oUflB dls

Don't heat-go ahead and eat.'
107 No. Boulevard. Phone 74-411

A BEAUTIFUTL 6-room bungalow;
2 doors from Nebraska Ave., with
gas. lights arId water; all built-in
features, fireplace, etc., good
garage. Price $1,000 cash and
7.94 irnmis to uilt. Phone 71-984
A WELL Ic-cated lot in Southland.
joining Beach Park property.
Lot 53xI36. Will sacrifice for 15,0.
Past t"-rms. Phone 84-159.
Beautiful home In New Subitli
BeautrtIrE 7T.B- Te-rmi-
Two nice new buasalows near
Memorial Highway. Must see to
appreciate. One a corner., $11.000
for both. Only $.2,500 down and $10
a month Can rent one for that.
Lovely lot In Bon Air on a corner.
All ImprovemeTils: 82.200. Terms.
112 So. Howvard Ave Phone 54-2g8.

Ten lotsla nar Virginila
Park, five facie-g on paved
street, size 55x139, includ-
ing four corners, $7,500. for
the ten; easy terms.

?01I Krause Bldg Phone 92r0.

Now Is your chance to get a lot
In a high class subdivision that Is
reasonably restricted. We will sell
you a lot and lend you ihe money
to build you a home Lots $276 to
$EO( You can get lots with small
payment down-i10 and $10 per
month. Every lot will have water
and lights. Get yours before they
are all sold, as they are going fast.
Phone 91-599. Sulphur Sprin%
Park e lot 50xl00. Must sacrifice tar
41,00; $250 cash, baLance $10 per
month. Phone 54-42S.

at low prices in best parts of city.
Only small In'-estments needed to
111 Franklin St. Phone 4504


Subdivision Tract

10 acres on Gray Street just north of
Memorial Highway. Adjoining land held
at $3,000 an acre, and across street from
tract already sold off in lots.

Exceptional buy at $1,600 an acre;
$7,000 cash required.

Jones-Blank Realty Co., Inc.


Phone 3892-3872.

-. v---- -

202 Madison Street.


I 1




A real home for your baby. not
an Institution, but a home with the
lov, and care of an experlendM.
mother. I have also hospital trale
Ing for infants' nurse, positively
school children taken. Call and _.
our little family. Phone 92-603
5710) Suwanee A,,. j.
CIl.Uil aIrt I i ,c at Ei.conomical IDrs
ANY Information leading to the
recovery of a i'er colored point.
tr bitch will be paid for by Dr. W.
P. Link. 511, Jackson St
MiLI-IICIED Cocoanut Oil Sham-
po,. 3Re. Fronomical nrug Store,

At all d4gg stores--S35c Only.
Be sure end see that big letter A
is on each bottle.
PEPSINOL for Indigestion, 87c.
Eononml'al Drug Store.
Underground 'J'reasiirer'
How end where to find them.
Particular,; free Model Co., Dept.
,,7, Conto Bidg.. Chicago. Ill.


Ship us your consignments 't
produce, poultry and fresh agf.
Prompt returns. Walter Nieder4
Wholeale Prodtic-e. Trnrpn. Fla t'
F>;R SALE-12 5 months old'Rhode
Island pullet-s and .ockerel, for
$1%. Phone 92-3(0. Florida Ave.
and Tennessee. Green bungaLew
near river.
FOR SALE-Laying White Leghorq
pullets, heavy layers. $1.50 each
Satisfaction guaranteed. Diamond
Pouliry Farm. Americus. Ga.
of vegetables, produce, poultry
and fresh eggs Prrmpt returns
guaranteed Croft Produce Co.
5il Scott St Phone 41ES3.

. I





s^^.^ ^ ,,* .* .- ..^ w

Eighteen THE TAMPA DAILY TIMES Thursday, October 16, 1924. l

Phone 4605 The Times is Tampa's Leading Classified Medium - First With News --_First in Homes Phone 4605 ..
'*t .; .... "


Between Plait St. bridge and Daviq
bridge, on DeLeon- Owner's home
on first floor, 2 apartments on sec.
ond floor, now earning $95 a meo
Desirable location for 4 or 6i
aoartnment house. Large 'vFrandahs.
beautiful oaks Price $l2.600: terms.
Phone 4973. Gas Bldg
FOR SALE. (th.ap, Palmetto Beach
property wlidin one block of pro-
posed sea wall. Phr'ne 53-2"-6.
Beat buy in Tanira. 4-apartment
house on a corner lot, cloae In Hyde
:Park, mth a rental income of about
$150 per month. %%ill sell It 'o'"'
$12.500, on grod terms. The lot
alone is worth the money' Phone

Bayshore lot, 9fi feel on the Bay-
shore and 164 deep. at $180 per
Ironic foot. Phone ? '9
House a-.r', 7 rnccm.n, hsith ca-
rage and ser'.ants' quarter; si.:ep-
nlog porch, cjt-_eins In all roomn.
Front and back porches screened
lilrdwnod floors F'replaces, mod-
ern. $7 ,l) -cash. balance terms
Phone 4 h.i

2 1-2 Acre Tra t i5
,Cy]press 31

IEay Trm).
I Large, apart nt sit r'.'-lI In
-Cated on Beach pla>e $2;.ni)i

Pick up ar spic,'ial rrt ie for "i
f.w days ? lots on Walton Si onr.
lot off Nebrasks.

,Very good buys ,'n FuJllr
Fig Bis.

a nd

309 Franklin Sireer.
SPhone 39g7.

Five rooms, sleeping porch.
'breakfast nook. bath, gas. hot aind
-s--s Lold -v t.H1ahj nlj_e jot gsod
garage. Has all
"and li just one lot west nf Nibras-
Ita Ave. Price W I.S E., $1.000 cash
Balance like rent Phone 7?-142.
A new f-room Duilt h .'olonlai
bungalow. Modern in -.r' respeci
and w-ell bull'. ].c..'aied rn Osborne
'Ave., half blo,k off Nebraska A'.e
car line within frur blocks r,'
school. Ohi) $65)t .ash $4" per
month. If ir -rested act quick
Owner leaving (itv. must sell.
J. T * A1LF
w'. t h
rhone" 41F1. Hi I s.'. alI-N-I in Rllg

A h mrn- .,n Sur.,ti EDr1'
beautifully Iterrie d rd
flowered la r n i c'hl" aRrd
luxunanil. tt f rnlsh4wd fiom.
top 0to be.,l'nni. abs,,lurIIv
malehle.'s in appoiirtmert'
, 1 fliture- erd iuJrnlShli'ja
are- the h-sr',.' 'aRn
i.\. All riad. ilr ,imm--
diare r.-'CupSrnif Dorn l r
this lip our ab"h luir
ldt'al I R a hnn-e Mal iR ,
seen by R ppoinntme'I 'all
at once.
.,$15,7 5i)


PHONE 26S.'i.


BEALTTIFUL. f ive-room home in
protninert .tr-t ill S. minole
Heights. $5.500(. ;00 ctilt, balance
t-a.," 1ll honnp ?-37-'
bSAHUAIN. bN priner. Bungalow.
5 rooms i and sleeping iorch.
garage. lights. Ptc Pri.,e. S2,[,00:
tSlla down: halane-. trims to suit.
This axtceptionl hirenian v. ill I't
only a few dqyn longer. eS R
". k-hf,:rd ,1-1 Franllirn .'t. Phon.'
25 'if1i



AT $3,50i, WITH TERMS.


Five rooms., sleeping poi-lh. break-
fast nook, hardwood floors: mrod-
ern. Lar'e lot. beautiful lawn; on
PRran-h A'e $..500 '-sh balan,-_
'Ii, monnh Phnf- 44.V"..

Modern '-ioonr bingal. n', off
Vantpn Etreet close To BBuffalo'
I l -'.,l r ersn ar eqiss terniE
i." -' Flrlda A r 'hire -:i ,

(1ii .. U 'l T"!'e.idrj r c'. er iH
',,, n ', a ll irutrt e n c -r I t I''
grtira g,. b' aTi. I hI l ni'e. Pri.:
$'i0hi. $2,oi'i ,.a h ant d balan-e '.n
good terms.
Rnnn, .s ren-do.

8-ren iroonming house on iFrant -
lin s'ieei. net' furniture cheap ,'ent
5325, terms
I I1 -room riOming hoiise. Grand
"Tenirsl iu-xcelleIt furniture I'.est i-
taltcin, a iinin -.r tker. 5-iu. ha-lf
Franklin ntreer cigar anr. drink
stand 'ilh living i,.om. onl' $10u
Hvde ['ark iun'.h nd Ic' crearn
'itand at $ti0.

Phone 4152

t.-00u F'Io !da .A e.

LARGAIN--F'ur sale, a -beautiful
bungalow in Suburu EB.autitul. on
ic.uth Edison avenue Part l.ea'.in_
Iai n; will accept part cash. blialan,:-
on terms. For int'rrn-,ation Pbane
I- R -r 6.
bt..JAIN-36.5U) husa niproe'd 5-
acre Nebraska A'."- frontage
Phrne 74-sin.

Bn.AN' nev. "-intrm hutigalnt'. .A
bargain pi ,,e at 1, i1; '$r.5') *.ash
1 block :.f car limn : wo ,-,f izl',ool.
S'e rhis today.' --r"'oni bungalow
nn car line. S.en-,'nolo- Hrigh?9. rt.ii0;
150i) cash. Call 92-1l1 i.

high and dr -. ithi nlentV of shade.
i2 lock 'n:.t .f Fl,,rda .\\ on
south St.. Pi,, ',-. h $5T ,as.h. $15 1
ner month ,J H In-ds'. "'1 _'a ]
Phone l';2h
1 TAiRI-AiN r-r..oiii -aprimi-ni
o'j JN.u"f" I-r ni z Phon- 74-

An east frott cOrui-r lot )n
Maryland aernue %hich I1 he-
mig paved. and one bl.,'k irom
Gand'., ,..iie~'lard. 56ixlit.. for
s.iU.I, half cash Th. neXt
!i-.t to rmie o, r c er tsr IS50 The-ae
'ire onl a short dtiancv from
the Las'hobr,' i 'ola.rid a.nd are.
priced %-raRl hundred dollars
under adjoining Iclts.


cornerr Nebraska Ave and Buffalo
Will 91 for a few dayst onl,. at
$12.000" half cash. talan,'e V and 2
vear'. P F Bvrrs. 4-11t Nthiaaka

BAY (C'IRCLE L(O)T $4.ii.))
For a ft-'x da .% am offering a
fin.- lot in Ba v -'ircle. on Is-
land. f.:.r only $4.61111i Yr.iu can'l
beat it an. %here n ait the pr-,e. All
imnpr)'.,-m- ru 'uaraii11.'eId .4 k aii. -
..ns aiau [Dan,' i l-'tland Pthor,e

BARi;AIN-- 7.".'i'il ri..s 1 Sulnhur
Snrn "', rl'.r I its. i "li s 'e-t hlu h
ibluff I 'orttl. l-.ulkl-. Phon- 74.-'.1
BEA.iTIFUL mnd- rIn r .- mI.-r,,,',t.
and beth hungaloI,' .-sdtin,-
tIirni-h':d in. r, inhrul i r.. '' lircuplh-
Out. t~r. ia .in-tied p-i. 1,
O u t. F R r w:p la ,: ttcr,-'r^ ed p.',r:li L -
.ai:d an i- nel.ri I'i,'' .i lltn ',t ri
lin- hrV.l:r Ad R .dj.I ir tri 1hin pro[-
,rt' 'i have iA fin.- r.uilding io1t
i"'iI! sli retiree tr.-.pertiy l., r $A .i.
v'.'lth =niqll drown pL:.'m -n. or drinv
parit 't-' Gordnr A L'.ir.gsi-.rin. Sul-
iuhui r t.r nG .

'e hi a erE- i.r & .:,1',
v ith ; h l.ri't. ont.,ilciin. i .'ll~in,
I,.,r in : I| a rn'r, h. [,.-r o n1
ji.'oo. S1I,2;'i c sh. oalance els'.

,1r,,-,k .f SOlrihur S nrlin
r w--t, ine o i la .' d I t.- ri irl
st UT' htul!dine !a r .P l,,n ?,:\"
I F2 a r r a rI g d t o' r r '.r .' a Pc r t -
r,1 nt' nleni\ o .slla~le- irri,.
l nd othe-r h shrr l.,b--r P I ic-,
T,75i Terms.

C"iop n t .lii i sPento i-
hi, e a ne' 7 -rr.,,-.;, irig," ln
'hat we thlrm < is -n nf h i,.i'
hi,, in Tanilp fr 1 ';r,. 7;r..
,?ah i I p Imrl r 11

i'r, rnpr l,.ti prl,-O $I, fili. trrnis

Ph -riK *441 I ,17 Tah',p', l
Our iA'i 5 r. .{ iustf'

iOne block fr.-.-ni H,.mnaid and
Sranrr pn r i -js. hate t'.sn

an estat' in N'w' York Was
a pprai'sl on the r.--ners'
death a ni 2.,u0i.u0l It con-
Eis.i'd .rI '.'arlois r, ar.,elF *,f
real 'ta,'-e rn Manhattan
I. larid In linr f',.r en.hance-
lii r, L.
Th, rrnperii .- willed ro
the ownei ai son s. ho was
.u-riri ri, i-'e rt, it? income.
He Pmply left mile estate a3
i had bhen left to him .


easi. froti lorr i;txl2z f-eer each f1 a 'e di' ago tile so.n died
Over a no.n-resl,-nrt and I arid tie t.alep held intact by
ti.'l e to ~lei FFr, inn'irdia'e I
sale. r,,-,ih lot's $ SiO ca.S h h.i t I ta wor. h around $2n.-
I lilt.)i B Rv he Ing left. I.' the
PACKWOOD AND ,,ci!.cs .'.i tnte this proper-
iLEVELAN-I i yl had enr.hancd 1t.' imers.
T |,is ,_ornr l,',t or,- ,.l', t. I
Ir'.t'i ';rarid C 1-t'i al itd 'e i n- Th'qi'l i ivto ".hat an ie-
s'ide lot ndIoning A t'ai hoie enl nifa time In md the growih
or a rg rInat-nt hobotsh tie oth o ,.f in i 'er i g.- mnA ,ii.:an
f $4 2 I-. 1 2 1, a" I il d ,, f',I 'osal estate
balance in 1 -I ;and I ear I i
APARTMENT OUSE SITE Tmpa i in the limelight
This lot C60xl2- f-'-. on D0or- n tI,- nLjclenis of f r ae
ri-on Al.,. Pa%..-d street, sidc-Ia
-alk. curbin etc all incl-1 Etae d pmen in in
In th- oDri. t r1 $ ). SI. I.t. I I" ,. odav. Real e n rIie
,a.l,. balan'.e in crn an. T i.', anNwhere around Tampa is a
L. nr, II are investmen' rv.hli- the' e
CALL. --R SEE I are fortune i.j Ile mid- hr b
E(-'KW] IH & WARREN :''
REALTORS Th. in esimnlenis which
ESTABLISHED 1 v ,I"'ill lead .ou to fonttune aie
FJir,. Nati.o.n l -ank Bl. ad' ert.,ed in ihi ectlor,.
Ptnon ;?';) dm l%'--read therm y ind ._ u one

Lampa tay Times

C'I.-) E-[Y 11YDE PARK __________

I ..1i lr.I .. 'alJahbl pric.p. FOP SA\LE
e-rt,riI ', oD Delaware w ,r., ; %inter Parik ubdi'ision
". e nut. ju-r itf f rand -enntral ir, i 1 ;l 3 l, a
S Has a i otiSage o I, rooms. i,,al ,n e 5'x. :irrhl' H-nrii7.k a Fur-
catIh and si1eping por'-h: all mod- lture 'Sto.i Balla t Point Phone
-rrn on'% iIr.,,--'e 7 TI, i II eI s. ;. ; 4
a.ilking di'.tan.:.' and Is croiIng .r, -
-.alu- rapidl, Pi ',' 37.1 $1110 )F. O ) R -n.LE-i *-oott ..odir. io I0L,I
cash balance in '-?. 3r mt rigage v",t rt9.rae. #'.r. -ll located. 91ut,
f Grand '"eni'raI. Howard. Bli
.WEEKS &g WILDDER .O. -diret-_ from wn.: r Phonw
i-C)OR StALE--T 'o Ir I..aitM .In St.
; it nir s'+,.hangs Rile fet3' Harorr. t .Si ). half cash,
Ph'e 'I.2I Pt.-.n Haekr.,,'.. 4721.
iFOR SALE-C--',rrer lot [0o1 apart-
m,-nt site irilui l "'I l Ninth
FOr rri-1t.
... ... .1 1 1 h ic. ...- iIS 111ii1'i I.

---I "---"---'--- n .%., nl | in. ,:l,:, I,'$ 4:rrs. bi un 0t:l'l v. ri.r
A $. 5ii- A EAR [N5(-,E! ; ". f,: s .'.' drv.;n. hlalncl lio
A $i.111. A Y EAR INOME-r InEuror rinr ,.,l rakR -o.od lot a' -rt

ON A $4,21" INVESTMENT ; N' .1',,i Bank Bidg Phone 74.' ( t-Oi S.ALE-Net, 5.-roon, oung.low
i_'ENTR. \ AVE. ,,n- siell pavneneit has ilghtn
Here s A F nr.- chance t. i e. ure : '. r.i AV. r. Ii.. ana cai'. Pricer $2.20 11itI
perruantrr.' income \>V ii a small,, Ar 1Ni 'r, t 2 l _:nini E [rAe'i
cash pa 'meni Trhis I 2t-r.onI '-"R'oomn hoiE iin oar lit- L el:- i. h
House, arid J.)l sJ p. Pn I p.:rclhe., trl, 1 ighin. Pur,. S pli a Rnig. .. itS,.- --A ut h r. cuilu h om ne s r
which cian he connil'.irvd ,ito cont. bath. Etc. Thi 9 good ,r.e.t- 4 ., tinr, ,Alt r.,uthnon, corner
llete family apart .n'hini b-re. i _IS------ menr at 2 "n illi.. it I-rn. i. .. i 'tr- % ilnd f '.n.n i -adlac
a six-ca( r ga,-g._. 'This I %. InriI, i EV .lfN 'j y o 1,,, for sals halt t.urchas r. lin l.l 11 I a 4 iS r r" '.s-,
w a lk lng d la hi.e an dt h a li l, ni O k I ,lo.-k .e,'iin N .- ra s k a F a i?-s o u th - . - .-.
from 2 <-ar tinps and 4 r l..I i i s,.- I ,.n i,- $ '.i-rtnt $$u0 dotrn Ad- WVATK IN S "' I1 I. ,r<. .-.. itr-- un- r ibt t IneF,.
Hill-borough high .-hool Er.1 S lit' I, hi',s r r -iin l l ',iu
'rn'' I rt r '~r' ic.!'I ds- d t i Fa-c hrii' :c'.nm-tru-
BURT DON HUNTER -.-Pan P'..n . ..- a, Hard.
I S.\VARESE i ...rfOOI trr,'in,1ti E x',nr
.r 1dvr rr oio n e ri. ri.En r $ 1 "' 2 W IN hi r
27 Warner Bldg. ."lo.e in acreage ah Mlhe-l. i '14 o:,r .5.' i, .
Phone .11. Phone 2942 'r app rinrm' t r.


U/e~9tfS Mx> Gw im OF- e-\uNb- "fvlv^ -s
\^ -W^ SU~tS 5C-0!\> W- I^A CMR~F^ -
Abb^SW u VS0 IS UKT L\E< rn&,Mc To
A. CROVb OF o0i.. T^ AMID NNtro.
CLktIMNo AI'A,\S C%"T A& M 4 B %WV M \A U _WEW iCNWg'X4E P E "ERIE
N% ,3\V)%Drz TO IHEIit Amb elAPY
'EYVEWM'OUI NW01 W"A "r, GOTlt ?RLb4


'^^ _0r-E W ;-\ JEw PC> Wrt .^T {^^ s
. .... .. POWC \ bw. q I

\ f ,' tJ MA \ i \E\i-\. ..- I T4 / I

\ it<'QW mT"Pf \ MEkM VOOPFTVLK--A.- .- W-RE

$4.500 cashS.

"'i.2 -'2 Citizens B'nk Bldg
Phon- 3;7..,

Henderaon Ave bargain. 113 feet
or, Henderzoc Av.e, Jus[ onf Neblais-
ka. with good houses on ,r. An
Ideal Irc,,ation for ators. will sell
ir at a bargain as the owner is
laying ra-wn and wants 1to ell be-
fore h' tea','s Phon-- 4i39.


S ri.It i-op. f. ,r T2nfl.i)0ft' n An' reason.
Ihl- terms. -i w .ll -,schanga for Rnt
. laes if Tamua .pt.:.pel .' I'ld m5
hi .., u thhis
Lak tfrontage ne-ir P.i', '.uL
IcIntn in an3 sli- irnact ( n ".'-'r easy
I eri.,s,.
I Pht'n, 9' 96 31612 Franklin Sr.

W' h have a ti-markable i-u i;n a
home right orn -ar line. JISt be'cond
TanioA Hei-hr. j'ne house it-elf
.ontiuld rinT hr built for less ltian
5,.50--all in first class condition:
Sroomi batha Rid tvo screened
norcliee on larg- lot about 70x13
Price mor fte'' dc, u.n I 31 'lhi
Tl- e r In

Four I.-room' apartmnntiq. lise T. ). SEAL REALTY "'0. I
n. ali r iltted ji1U. balance 'morn-
;afe. 4' 1" T.,ifa reSi i Phon'- 4 1'
Tr.o \'irpgin;a Park lois. on a I
,-nrvi- r 'I' r -.rr, l h llnlh arr -i ,, t Hill -- -

Lights. \iatcr, bath, huill-in frat-
lires. plastered, -it.. A nice mi-d-
trni honime.
7 fxtra ]oit rear Highh s.-bo.l
u1 U0). 32 20i ,asn. l.:,h In,: I and
2 'ears
l01". Ncbraka A.-." Phor..' 7t1-54

Ncte C-room house nn Highland
A .-. Alt lood rrn rs ar car line
Prnc. $4.fill; 3E.llii cs'.li; i)alance slt
per inonih
Nice 6- rnoot. house iin r '.-niral
A.\e all modern. 7't", r.alane-
OIn Gra'y 5i ni's :-ronm h liitl.
'11 modern. Prce 33 ". '. tfif6 i .'a1h6
l.aleane '$3i p.r month
A. B. NIXON. -.I.
Pcel i-.liIIe In'ira ni e.
p Buildirig i ntnilrat i.y.
Pnonre .2-48. I "itlphiir -prig '

S -i r.nna.'. inIch could be closed
aIdding ] i "'em to depth. Pricefor
.nini.-diai- ,dal-, '. $ ii). 1-3 caab.
I)n Hi-iChis. '., block east of..No-
.itiska. IA t' suuth on large lot,.
'.41x37. all-., in rear. we offer 'a
leauiLlul home, .i rooms and bath. -"
. ip.d 'wli-i g. sn throughout, hot and 'R'e
'oid water, nk-a linoleum In kiteb- Di
tr. and ,islli. ptw,' fringed shades,
breauiihil l' -n and shrubbery, with
large- .oak ,n frrii. double garage .
rLh i n .-n.'t flo,.r and gas. Priced
> ry it.'. ar $6 5111i $1.500 cash.
Alight tC-c' .i $1 itili from responal-
J)IJi r,.arr .,'
in W%srt 'n.I-,oa. close to car line, .Ai
r,,w ,I..t iiMn and 12th Sts., 7 Bil-
t'sl 1111 m. ith concretee a0 d I 1
irai', hiout A i-3l buy aat .50';
+'.iiii ca-ri

Phone .3i1'. 2,)'7 Krause B"ig. *',.
..ACI'IF'h'E ror iillick sal-.?, I of tHe
t'I lota r in,--.-ni'] unit o if Beach
Paik. f.'.'.iifi i-t't.. Pbone- Owie; er,'
- :, ,

$il, $1 'i"nl '.'"t. 'alance p.r NORIKIERN S I A hi-S CO. '
:ent month: rier ,enr interest. 'tanipa--Si a-sotale 'ROOM BUNGALOW ON
SIX ishl: located renilat house% .,"t-r "'ubhitt Phone 71-1";. I .
.on er line and paved street A-l. KEEP PRICES SANE SOUTH FREMONT P-YSJ ('IANS'X
.') I Iii. tli a -orner Eas terms ,-, s ,itr lrs ".'iij itesi and strangers I F:a.t front. tla ter, d. lini..c (iPPO-RT..'TN -Tr : .0If
ti,,*, .,id d'or t dnr.e th-m wa. ail's fle plal. e Mod.'rn thrr.u'h- .. -rr r-- 'i i 4 i y
G. ,\. PIERCE ,,th hrn rents. Price $3.5--. 11,1, 0:ash' ral -- t
Sonic .n'cs tments in Flrida are n ri"., ,years Phono.- S-.24. Peti--ri buir. Florida. beautifully ,p..
fooni tF.r w' F S Ridgg ood. sr nie are had. This 'ill ap- n- ,-ir_ o e turni.htd ro, for 20 patilitht, :
Phones 4;14 ard Il'.'I% iboth I c, subdi isi ,lo t, aiI-.,'. iful l alt w'ell establiSahea.
Phones 4;]4 and ;-.r- lfi plyl hoth to suhdlvieion Iots, and+ -- rAITF T-H t ----'- "* ?,' -tan h,ed arge lot ll 0'"1 "'1- 0
'o untr[ land Th.- .right scleclion SEMINOLF. HEIGHTS -'ii hraieil. tinge lo 120s]50. OD
------------ -- I ',. ii[ tnk 0 .O'u big i"tone.- the Fit'- ro,)omt ai-d srping rnri'h i ,- -r Ii'r r.i 'l% It n plcturesq "-
IT'S M IGHTY PLEASAN F rong .,,ili Iose carage, hullr-ir. ri-adr-. n is and Irnljlnroii.jinau Will easaafly ner1 0.'-1-4
\inz i~n ,',-.ur owl', honp and I i tt IR .,,UARrNTY- .,'r. an e hu'' aeil built $4 lii' l':il" .'.a t trimT litlii" a -t- .'. bona fide p.rof'o- .,'
0.- -.ti ',e, t*-ll nan9 d strict examW'-e'to
-u.,L m I through aIlle Nor I. rn i, c l. .,un ad .1 saf .llr.l m '.
a'- one of th on rnot atrracti'e e ma e .'l t Nouoth-jru itOU uit. an -n.a
I.urnge o'. a in Seminole. Fiie rooms, pr'i's o$io.i tn -v w110.00UoD U cash. .. "
...aksnook.b -r bahl h 'iah. paying int, the deai our full PHONE ".720 HE Lpc.- i;i" 3ltO cash
r^ak ia s r n o o k b u h b a t h h R j h I n i r o i d o
^ "^o.il0^ flxSu 9, and^ -^-omm-*rirrn. N^ .'NRIAEt
tiul fixtures and 'all dieorhi-,n,'' r,,a t o rof orit feinto pOguaranty Ca Fi,.,rlda and M', F.VW. iOLBATH
:arage hilb concrete dri', lot In Ut.I''4 'l lh ruar Mn '-,. Us rant'.'.
5 a1 I. Entr on 'I c nd hrijbguare n t'.. We espectail's WP-arc ohs-n.
;ixl34 fi onure house.e.een'ed notem I h. irft I1 good land in'.'estmnnt h'A-be \ 4 _.Li.E-SMALL TR.\7%"I
Prce $6.0. r0 H). lladrm. FPn,',n. .e ubdi'- sons ma, suoside, but WILL MAKE u LOTS, iNe-; .,-, 'EN 'I, AVENUE
IBid. ,Mr Hlarasd ", -r .rt. Bd.OCK FROM IIEM-, bdiL HI'H- rST. PE1T EMSRU7G. FLA. '.
id.WAV. 17 nefi PHINi-' N t..'
-i-lul- S.3LE-.t-rotni bungalow. Lot _-_- ------ ,-
If''. ] 'ii lit, SpilI g n aier ..F
IF YO 1 WAN I' 10 E1.1. i P',, .- 92.445.
nul'r properrlet c see r..- a n. -e .ni
Ha'..- 'ash busr; for t siiIll apart-
ni..n' houses 2 l[mily iIousvq and .IEFFERSO'N \A Ni AREW __
l tnr IOS i.-st nof rin ,e also liat T I 1 F .R T
,..-r rl pr.'.p, r ti.-s o -x-nang. SIREETS I SEMINOLF. E EIGHTS
10HN -i. Bl.EW I 'itr,,er ..iLllv1,4 I.,,i I. Bl,,,.k PAIA l. PLAA4 PAARK BUNGALOW..'"
2, r Mane-t .i4A,,e4. hli I-a vanihe'Idhiiv 1.LOTS
PHONE 4113l' l. Th i n e old I ,r, ,.ni, a.l nue ii room and -,j
,~- -'-gall_ on H l i 1i itf ,id ..p 4 rr Ih -.1set.p ,.r i eoplarne i''ping porb..h Prin.e s .
HIGH LAND AXVE Ihet eprl it,.'". it ., rtrj trnI -, the finest ,r, .... h-e IS4 uijlI. ;'". .. ash, and balance at ':,',
SBUNGALOW ated lots i t a. i.'ia l1 i nornin
B[TN5 ALOW Price V1.500. Park subdi'.iii,.... 'I-e hI".' t. =.
Modern 5 rooms nealy furnished "I Pri'e .0. I nno Ne' Sihu,'h Be,.iifi. A RCADF INVESTMENT CO.
tbrouuehaui including $'ilift PIla'.'Indclosetto rhh, 21iuo ho.- P.o Im No. 7.
Piano has d,.uhle Rarage, al :goes OOPER-RENS LEY I'0. 0 nd clOse i- hc I- PrNo .
fo 1.iu' btp~LOT 9 OF BLOCK I $1.'250 !.
r-r e 5.5(,: a .nltt)cash. ta1aniu.iPh-one 2`5.. Lc'r it 6, BLiCiK I" $1.t1, p SUTITPHUR SPRINGS 'fl
'r l har 'e to ., O this ', it. :i 'k Ciiizenl- B lank Bid_-. LOT I1 '.I-' BL)l'_ls I $1 15, ,,od,. .., !is 9, 8 block ?3.
T ""t"" El? Iart P'
S I ha. 3 e,.erai home3ns in all 1 '[ I" OF BLOi.k I I 1 1 5.i.i. "
parts of 'the :its., .,Oih rrl- ' nd ., will gt iin-ral ter1 ,i-unr.rhir. tamh
terois anr' rIghtI. i r, tPuntf t .P '1-
properies. grle. oe "..-an m tnds N EBRR ASK A A V1 1 we l if t ,- Ii, .n' ,e li'.ted
poultry and trn.?klng liirt' Has- N- ',hrp hH k KAf. property I in ert. '1' .'r ppint- 'J't1 M REAL I, TY (t'0 .
ntin' nit' oropnrief. for exchange -'rcasing in laln. e'ry da'. I hab'e jll- Iran'klEIn Phnne 4504. t %.
Stores . in ilingp quarters in .1 ON FS'B- .AN K REA..NTY "
T W. I;LASS OF ,a-r racing _i Nbr.rsk-", just north MA E'AE
'T r ro Sulphur Sprit!gs. ,Ill sell ir R t (, CO.. INIC. SWAN.\ AV\EM.TE N-,U
, ;. . \S IN I T '.MEN' C I -'(I'O P argair piice arid -asv terms e Also rr. 1- l..'. .icn i t,6,1 lo6, oeaied, ""t
- 1',. Franklin Sr Phon.- 4t50t ? stores on Buffalo A'. jiustl ,ff 11EAL',t-iRS i, R t -i I..-r aliue on this 'A .
"---- ------------------ -- Neb, aska I rrick oullding In W i"- -t, utii rli..Fii.,,ii hfare will' equal or.
I"M P ROP IR'V t'nipa .aiind ." nice corners on Se -ntiiue i'q2 1"- -iirpas. s rI- -sponding I icticallonla oB
(INC OME PROPERTY ,n ', i. r i-r aonabi price i t 1-nltnr,al ; ii g .-h a : $3.,0u for thi ''t
NEBRASKA AVENUE PI.,,.r-_'.'_____________ :;, Madro.n -ti-i' ihr-e ,rr,h n.alf cah balance 1, 2. *It
',lu- on N..:'hraska ,r- I.eadli SH.\ARPE & P-TTS .."o
ir,.ueas..i-, W e hae "pi.%r.did propr NEBRASKA AVE. LOTS ?114 Nsir..r _F.IL Phone 4944. 7
-it i' tilai sil p', 1 ,, per ," i on ,,i.".xlin F..-1' I-RONT CNi: .( 1'._-__.-i AEIG TS -
Drezni tr.-' 0, $1 2J101.i In e' Pt. ip.NER LOT NEAR EVELYN A M PA HEIGHTS
ga51 it-hi ant-d ',.,J .i Ill proitv "I'!'. H WINIRFIL %iHAD- _____ _____ _____ ________ trand bungalow' in Tampa
-,:i f l 1\SH" I' S'.," OtN RM5 IHIS iS ti- Hl-ieiht A All l.aest iniprov'emenis;
A. E. T A NDERSCI PHN'N -t. 4-rononi oriage. large sieping iri:|i-din>, gas. lights and water;
rFE.iLTOR aor.n, gtr-.-" .2-blocks from N-- a\inrt; in and paid for Only $6.00n
"nd Fl.Jor S,"wall Bldg br-ska A.-. 'ar line I bloik friom or -. i, ',tni; AI-o neI- bungalow.
Phone 3"'77 SA VA .ESE isa'. .d srre-' I[' t 2. l"l tnii i< 'r ( axuca sire-t iiist off Nebraski''. '
Pe g or Bs e'spr .phi balianrr --a'. rn.-IItrhl t paI i s rand ai.Sipt ng porch, gara e
E V PLANE, Salee s Ugr for B siness prop r.. ments Add -as ,, .rB-i, B. c I.-s and all lai-sr .mpr '.'ementis and on .


P. ZI Real Buys at Bargain Prices

( POW O W\S CV4I \ WW "I p-'! 1923 Essex Coach ..............$... 775 7
BKM E M \ b"-I N W o4A VSOU* 1923 Hudson Coach ................. 1050 3

*,,/* '""" *'. 's v i 0- 1 4 v4 S L. W\.L1.. JN CONOVIDK'r ka P'.~tJ.ul SVi^MPC^ v 1r.v~ t'^ NO^ vnp1 f.' i
SBFVI-vL CVN.AA\4"' VV, B "ry ?..

,' Q00t li, 0 AS N N M E
W'.! --------- ^ ^:c~lte --, Ii"I1 M~ CA ^ b^ tfl~ I l
i .,' A1s % (B OII
~~~LI~ I&4V-WilI VAMB.ATb-C'iii ______


1923 Buick ........................ "775
1922 Studehaker Light Six Sport...... :575
1923 Star .......................... 300
1921 Ford Coupe ................... 150
1916 Hudson. 7-pass................ 150
1924 Ford Touring ... ............. 385
1924 Blue Bird Overland ............ 700
1921 Chevrolet Coupe ............... 685

Beman Beckwith Co.

"Since 1910"


Madison and Marion St.
Back of Elks' Club




S1 'tJ',l!;
i llr 7 1~r qer;A ii

t .. ,..._ .. .


l et" cIi, t,/nlUnllia di','e '. ,-I 5eli s I .Ieut'i i.i prop-li,'i,. H rash,, i, t ip't 5 25 no t e'nth-ea liIr
i l ri .lrr: P.n :,,,a ndi t .crTag,. or busrn-e talk r,' the t Hou'e t lreir e: room' s. Lath '.,id va- than rn'.. i 1-[I located, c loe s, o ,
in Inr r P.' i .1 t and 4.7'ii Bitnen in' tim-nt Agn. :, '04 rage. en,'k-n yard LareI.- iir. |I- Grahan iihtl There is no mortl-
Iach. r a '. ai __ _ _ _ _ _ __ an and rrange- tr LIe I full tr.'- I i. faci'e ,itn thit pr'operty-- 25 month ."
C. I lr- nn Adaiil A '.e and l t, or, Pain,' .e f,1i Florida A-. Ro .om 2. [hn- 4n .* t ,i r,. -str4il t,"ni t An unu a
.. . ... .nr, -lla .xl# S --'ill e"sI. halarr, k- tralgh't Ila %'n I ItS An lun ln a ]d .
barking hi. i. Ba 37.0 h tot. oniz"-,st A5 . ... t Pit ...1"
,king u r at- 7 t0n 70dalie A' t i e'.i "'., ., ., l.,It LOT ON DAVIS ISLAND ..,t ii'rhit PhoeI- "and i i up a Th- lt I;r e.r% de sirahl, '',-a-d SEMINOLE HLG-H I .- TAMPA-EST COAST REALTY rO'. '"
and n.d ,,,,- up [) '(a-h[t basrn H n P Ial kiCnh.n 11 t.hw A)pr POsit Offief. Phone 3130.-
, c 5 ',-H-re are oni Irga>ns Mou ., i ..... i,-,i; r! i ,. Io i-i nd loo -i l,.I ";' r-* tl.1. : l ji-lN- A ;l(ri,\\ -
should lok x.e r w iht -ut dela' .aiot r i' .r i. ui. tI ..u '". >..i r ltak ,rnl r.itll n"'.'n-r pi .'' '". [i.. Dil
MrS\VAIN REALTY ('C. iim O.... ,i: n,. Foi la., I F rcn, ,,',or,' .. l,rg p,,r,-l. i....d0-, ROOM'TN'1 H VG OUSE-BERT
-" ~, .. | M e, Pi. ..h, .O n B Au" m.-... ru ,id h,,,ll.. ide' P i-\R ( A IN ;..' ,.l ,Fi ,n,1 alanct Ii t H . .. I .,.
,ni. .;:, ..1 .., ,..... r0or,,n" F "c- ; ",. BUY IN THE HEIGATS : ."
[JAIS SI.ND .CIM 'I ointr loti-,X16 -,ti.mtesi
A.Vl ISIS.LAND LO(TS ..... ictx, ,, '.'ho,. ate.e"., R-1 \R(ADE INVESTMEN] I'" :.. ...'. ? ,f nom. .3 baths, .1
.' i,-,, ,rr,: n, .1- . r .R ,r,,,6 ,-,r n.e .re 5, R, ,' ,, '. l7r,,i, n r'.r,., -, arranged for pIlx
,n, .,, $ .D ,,, -,i, W I. 0 'r .,rONFi- ,r n.. :. ut ent ,ri. i ,Bar intr, .. ,,I "nences, one
B [XBY RE\I.lY i-' M' i,,-.N,- ..,. p\-l ,i.l-' it PIr ,:r A i?! H',n' touring .'P ,'i. PALMIA 'El.IA LOTS i-.ock [r,."i two 'ar lines-only
Phor, 1,il i Ii l tr Lit. 1. I -*- l .r i.- I, t tt 5 lull ,m a R-'r ai in Palmn 'lio" nei lolt. inti', ii'i' ,r, -o rm. r 1 c0 ''llash and
Plaon- ".n,'i ', ri. l I-.,Foi. l.,tl.i. s'j > t..\ J.t. l\ >i.\ iii i, l* 1 rendition W ill ,.n block olf Bay tin Bay houl-'dari 'i, a ,- n ,'r,.e ,?d ,'n,' c eni- ni y. Stly .
Par~ain ,i, ,i ,,..- Io'l I rad-r foir -',t .c e'qIual "'.itUe and clos,- to bay: % ll sll sell the ri. 'i l "',
E___________________________ MINO)LE HEVII-IT.''-. L'- :)x or $1 3inf on eas'.' trfrms. Al] e.-,r
!. A .- PL'- I i"" .I-'RIN';S 'inoth.-r iln highl reinr;ctd nul' Fr [ot ,r TinpTii H ihpnts .'in id".'i | d'.. BR EA ITTIE
D ISLA N D .OT i. rE!: r Er. . 'i' l. E t' di. .'iy.ri is h lur, l '. blocks from auai in.,n. i .1,,:, llo 1,3,:1 2 Phbn- '
t'HI-RcH A;i ,"-]-i..,'EL. P'ilCt: Nebraka .\ll u r'..-n-'..t ________n' _______TOt_ "_
P i'k t,, pe .,uid ru fr'.it ,r H II" S.,,, .Is, .... H I 1 -; u ,: .sh. halan, e ib- I.-TEUART. COLLINS & CO ..
Pail flet ,K I per front i '. iI N' Ee. I 1ii 0Y,,,I'1 Luc a' [IlDg Phone. 2 49. .
,...u'd ,"k- i. 1riAht rnov.. 1'. et 1i 3V E :! 1: 11N ii hi i''..nina i3-1 on -,, ,-1st Ilahnd HN ETN RALTY PcoN 92-1
Ih hii'- i t '-la' i Itrop- 1W N A E .. TI R i '
-rt il ramirnpa i'.,r onLhv i"i p.-r H-L'SES repr,,iI.E Phor,.- 3 ., SWANN .AVE. ACoREAGai. s '
ir,'rit hlir /hmnih .,f" ,1 Phone a.ndre rnir,E pa ntn., t-rd .t.. Pn,-.n- ` R- r1,30H .04: also Garrison ;.,r
t;j-h.- "1 .' ,, i.t.r. F'ani.Cir, .\.k f or *..* ii-t.- .tt' Coiner R E A L B .A I 'AdIN S ,,., s ai, ,.ra ',ahles Apartm ent ..
,--------r H isrn. h r. g,. __ r il P -n '--i h .)t P h rni. 7 lu iii ;. .
lO ,r' N F: E t u rna ri rolri i B aur .itii n-'.' r. .,-.'. nr, t. i -
drinkks and itaid l'lobiiir-.i'0 HOMES (IiF .1 H1 1 Flxict-n l.ungai.-.. Will .r,.-r about 1iEMINOLE HE IGHITS
..:.r lesi-a' n -c.'t I t i r W.'.rit E PEFTTP C \'LA ,. I.AKE FRONT HOMES L".i(I, to duplh-at- it. Onl t,'SP.h.' F,. ron.'-. keeping porch,
9stLcai ('all 'i-'' t Eas'f' t r n,, "if ",]d r i .'i- r'n '.'nn r.t-akt'-st neokup.t da garage.
ii, H'i- Park. W St H id P.;rI. F',in t.n ihe .ui;isla L' 'aed tunn counr of d aorb r.n. r-.- dit .'-. t..mifi 1,50- eat): ash;
_uburb B.autlfui Ne w .jburb Hirghv ha.e ib acres running Ir., on tla,.-
EXQUISITE NEW HO ME Reautr'ui. '1ksi-ps H-i tl-s and .S.en- i. l ,. I. 'tle t i lake. tin ren i -
,r le Height' ran ing in price ., ,, ...r..n bungal.:" '. Ith tusinec..- i.t rr, ..r.. i .HiO r 'H5 .'.N -H I, SLOr.S
.n n . ~" r ,..II I'ren t ri n 3 Il l o lh oral ,., i r.o ,l-,nae*- .' n' hbsrd 'i% ,od llo.-,rs and adjusun ril il ,. n ri riJt alu-. 'o l-o s '
,,npl-li',' urrih.'d Tarlna's rim -' ersl d-'.iral.le ailarint il lait,- i'reened Il ing por..h The for 12 aan trrn .ris. and 5 tor.-r. .'e r Fl"nrlds .ilid Madison. .
r, r. .alu-i' be, gi.-.n ,tn 111.1 Tnrl1- house sites. '.|It lo.,ar.'d lots In lnd is pracitiall. aill .ije'ured and fortun- r.r om-on'. C'an h- nlqdr 4VV'.- ar- nnO ti r enings.

N Ir. Sanr .ndre%, Bungaloiw City. There l- 8 good garage, harn. rentalE J.
p a b a 4 ~ a b rg inej .' r id g t, P s l n ,a ( "- is. l ete a B o a ; a c t-c '. in g n u b e g in n in g to h e a r I z yo rs'i'),n r4 trtgrt. t n ,- s E M I N O L E H E I 4 4H T S '
"i'AM .1MI REALTY 'o'. V.r',ginia Piark and Beach Park sub- rlhick,:n runs and h:,uL-(s. A die- PTNGALiW
s.1lia 4'-r-,r,kl,n Si Ph.e.r, 17,nl ,'i-ls,onr AI. ,. er l r -ll I..cated lighli ti t,'.*nr"r'' lhomli int a go'.orl I.- T'.,, rii-.- n.i, fii e lroo' ,,.i ,s
_______________________ O[ rlo t l'. in lrh" llrlt r ,.C.I." l
Iots In, hii- rAt int ..f ha- is ,atloiFi- on' -i-i t cash rnly Sti r3i-. d, n t'.alan.3r, 14-1 r ,,f ;.,,:,,:,to I Lo iit n, 20 Price-'
a-ind I.-rt nti sh i ou o i' I OU d - i'U-.1UNTRY Hi'ME DE LLLXE. mtonilt $i ti. ll Ji ,1a' .nid hslance at
Lic- i s-ll dirr. ii, and 1 [ .ouri T a-'res froniling ron hard rr'td, ,1- a ,nonih i....,si:ed close to car l 'i
[()UiR LO ( I S propV r IIh m.- rInnni g rIn nae t.., I.;ige lake. Notning T v"r. nio r' rl hot.-Jo I ;q', dn" n: rd ,:hodl n h.,
X P i ud;viIn l M\XWEL]. ('. Gi LI [.I\G .'rl,.,k.d hri'e rthat goes to make baian,:t 61r pnr monrh ',.
V .'i Pinc sualb l.'iai~n I.i '' mc Ri 'hi- r. d e s-i l'.Iiii. Almost every known \ I F I V FiT iiNr
16. 7. i Ilocik 10. ) .u$3.,, i1 6 )>r. W :rn l" Rid. Ph ;' .riei ,:,t I ruli t, flowers and sh elrui- Becauli ul modern -'wn,- Meli-'ar, Ar'. IN E E. r M ElNi O..
aiih oa ii-. i ardi e .?i. .I el). A beauiiful grove ,-,f 400) hunpalo F., F. ronn- L.ora I .f 'et1 1.' R iorn No. 7. __ ,7.
"urtr oe. n ',stly taigerihes A gnd East Lake A'-. .. ;o innl, ,, i i and ,

TAMI1AMI RhFALTY ''0 1 e g\ for lIghts and l yourself SAFE INVESTMENTT .<.
T.MI\ I : .\~ r "' ;.-kr All nriloes.%r\ r, urbuild lngs
'11 I l-',",nitlini ,i ih.'.n 1,,, HILI.S AVF C'ORNFR 'nrd j+ei'thinqg ;n Ne.. I condli n
"1Th, h.rrse Is ni.el. furnished There DIL.S\AVER & I'OPEI.AND In Suhurr. Beautiiul .proper) :In "
I.C)T l(il.'xi ,A r i completed outfit of farm ,tools i-Lt hlo.:k frim nat witlh fine view
--H -l -- n r nd nr-, .r ':pra.ei'. alti "i anon ?t',O ',-i" I.aif ..eof. ot ,alcr % '-li ndud i cornerr' w ith '
11 # I [ l(TH [ D R ..1.1 i, a ll ..... r . teIh a. I. lil "|iH Phn no I.rj II :| .|.: r .r..r.r .. hi ") %.Fn l a'].

pl-tober 16, 1924.
ilBJ-'Octbe "6:."24. '


*pe 4605

I Many Real Bargains Are Offered For Sale On These Pages-Find Yours

] Phone 4605

-I .1' I

-ra 6-rorm bungalow and
I:. n Semioele Heights: one
ear line. PrIcA $3.7DA ;
payment. balance like
t time on the market
Ssi'Been to be appreciated.
iln, 6-room bungalow In
i g. lhts, on car line, the
%on the Heights. $500 down
,mothb, including interest.
*S Insurance.
' VM. L. Kessler, with
3-" n i. 316M franklinn St
well-built bungalow. 5
rgill sleeping porch, large
lide porches, garage,
si.' t, shelled street, lock to
.' 00Q'; $1,000 down, $50

M., 2 sleeping porches 15
oi range trees, furnltur",
5,'.Ol0 down, $35 month If
B Phone 73-122.
t Iee lots In Oakeller qubdi-
Ql|ilT block from Hills avenue.
M eals and palms,' high and
e for the two.
aliutLfullt located lots, one
on CaroliLnu avenue, just
t blocks from Bay Shore
Ieth unobstructed view ut
S 3i.3,750, en easy terms.
u:Wic ge, east front lots; near
'.nd the Bay Shore drive.
W are right In the llne ic
iland there Is more devPlop-
his particular section than
6 Tampa, and every one
..1 $q or *SHOULD know what it
Sown lots on or near the
We "For a few days only,
h' y these lots at $2,000
easLy terms.
Real Estate.
t.Phone 2?17

%6 bungalow, airplane sleep-
pi.' an attractive home: a
S'. .buy: owner out of town
t <.".. to sell.
.10:,000--I.500 CASH
."' i l balance.

urei-, IoBVIN & CO.

a,.Wa St. Phone 3u40
: ? 'o: ;" .., "' '_

'.bi' gstl d surface street and
466*l m lOCISed In this fine
i'i,..'vision. Small cash pay-
;" .elLt. erms. See us at one.
: ... D.. t ROSENTHAL. INC.

206 5Lalpyette StreeL.
Phole 4278.
M. : "
".6 f

a odlttle 2-
-,'*** *'.i f bou'a reis a good lIIIl"
lt one block from Ne-
nle'Ttla On a large lot
1 hch li all fenced. $250
Iaanflllaat to cult buyer.
l me ulm sized rooms, hard-
f.Ocors, running water, garage.
S i-h e, wash house, dandy
_4d aun holse. This Is bout
oaks to the school. Price
p. ..Good terms.
4Igff est an& just one block
lWa. ters. Tis I1 on three
'hich are fenced aind have all
of ltrus traes. There Is a
1woll located on one of the
'. l-tillt 4 uin Hillaboriugh
|0684e torsi,@.
p'f E 40-ACTIE TR,4CT
X, jj 1h and dry. nicely 1o-
*tel( p1ar Neorashi Avenue. There
5" 4. good 6-room house on this. a
: W. sleeping porch Can be pick-
u, for 5260 an acre on nite


i4x you up. If you wnrt
gf liskt hktye it. If you wsnt
Wi htAe that It you A'ant
b'!tMl-roperty, I have that. If
.'Vswpt an apartment elte. I can
i C1o PIA with that also. if it's
R-1 'oa Ur* looking for, I h t,,e
"tf them. If It's a close in
have them also, and .f ;t's Just
nelt s tTetment on very easyv
7[,latn, I have Iota galore. Give
tant I wi'll do the rest.
*' .A.. a 27 Warner Bldg
14 5., Phones 92-433J
b, ranch Office:
*-..,. -.L I Nluipvfbr 8prlnge.
V'W. i a MrD-Lots suitable for
u."'altim priced homes and apart-
".:a.nta3 noUte sites. Address 116-R,


$75n DOW'N buys brand no w bunega-
lon' 6 room-, in Hyde Park, rear
Grand CeMntral Ave on large lot
Price only $4.51t0. Balance like reinl
For appolntruent write Box 109-F,
care Times.

Lights, gts. Purity Springs wa-
ter. $ait3 i, $'.i,) cash
I block off bay. rooms. aleen-
ing porch, all conveniences. $7,6)i).,
$1,500 cash
Two lots or South Albany. 3.0no.,
SI.OuO cosh.
Two lols on Mohawk, 2,fin0i, $l.Aiu

PHONE 92-213.

160 feet facing the avenue by
100 feet deep with three huIses,
with a rental of 152 per month, and
is In the right location ior business
houses. A. real bargain. For prices
and terms apply to
zuiiphur Spring-
Ph'ne' -'

Howard Avenue lot Just north of
monument, 62xl30. unrestricted.
Nr.rth A str-it. 'a si cof Linc.joir.
5.4xl1tt $1 Uill.: ', cash
Henderson Bnulieard, near Es-
trella. large li-i, .i,600. about 5700
Bungalow Pnrk Avenue. between
Sirmornal Highl-'ay and Clevelrinnd
Street. hign terraced I-.t. $1.bf5t,
$3-10 cash. bilarn.-e 1-2-3 years. This
is six blocks east of Henderson
Boulevard and i- Inc cheapest lot
in the section ,nrid btc terms
Roosevelt .\nui.t', right at North
A Street, $1t,1.iu $.I10 c ?sh
414 4V Lafayetti St Phone St-]n,
411 W Lafayrette St. Opp Tamnpa
Bay Hotel.
I'hone 81-25t


, ACRES-Rivir- front home: 8-
room liou, rmiodern, lust an ideiil
home platcc, .uriety of iroll.. 2 acrt's
garden land. 4 mnilts Tamnpa .-It:/
hall. This is a home bar-.
gain. 5 iFj 1 i6., '$"..,1i)I.i- rash, also
about 10'1-acT>e iuridI %ision:, r ier
front; In-side i-ily limits; hest buy
in Tampa. Seieral big grove bar-
gains close in. Two little poultry
farms :in lakes If %ou are inter
eased in buying property, comn atu
to ilh- 01ve Hote.l Ste Ira L. Cox
30 ACIRES ,ith itu acr'sa In large
bearing orarng- trec 10Ii.UiO hx'-
on trees. 41 acrei r.eautilul tini-er
park, two slrrings, i nile rler
front; vould mak- high class surb-
division or lai-gi h.-.-l Site lust
out r.-f ci .' i IImitt of Tu-npa. $S jr.O0,
1 cash i'.. a i-rick block in YL-or
Citv. I tr f'.- L r-n 7;th and 95 i-,t
back tIo pa v.ei l llk "2-str.ry build-
ing, $5.5.(1,f0. t2u cash Ira L Cox.
Hotel .hit-
III. ACLi-LS, IF'razler's Beai'h, this is
the finest lo-,alion close toTampa.
I haec Just had n letter tronri Mr
Frazier. gluing rie t.O daIsa to sell
the property at $1t"iriJ per acre. I
cash. balantc- 'i years Understand.,
this Is ,n- rmile la f'onnt this Is
tirne finest big hotel site around
Tampa. and a parailise f','r the idle
rich. Close i., Bf--ach Park .tAnd
Rocky Point golf lif,,lS., -ith a .at-r
front The price nia3 seem hinli.
but It is cheap t, the one That is
able to buy ;Jn.i dev-iop. Ira L.
Cox Hote-l (illve

,,-,4li.t _=Itl-rUVE AND FARM
Well located, p'racticallv in th
edge of Brandn. to hig
school. churches. riott sirr-s. -Eet
1il acres fcn'cd and culti\atced.
acres in hearing fruit trees. old
story house, barn and chicken
houses Non-resldeni owner irius
ralse edsme inonev. and sao s sell for
,1,2i50, tertns. An exc-llent noul
cry farm location I1lt.2)
Call or send todilay for ne. book
leit Largest Orange Tre In the
World, and fall lHit ..-f groves an
Opp P. 0 "-Since Before the War.
Phone 313-0.
7 acres, wiLthi 6 acres in fine v,-un
gr-,.-.. Just e..ming Inr.:, be-aring
fine location, c-n ciaerd road, -," Ii
beautiful let,'w ,f ,--ne of the fines
lakes in this se'tion. ah.,uu one acr
in edge -it lake-. hathina doci
modern 5-rrmin hunpalov n-wlth hath
t'-llet. telephone, tc. ]I-al clost
in home, gr-,.e. and poultry ranch
location quick sale at t7'.5r'. tpeni
Csll or lend todav for new boot,
lit Largest Or.ange Tree in th
NVr.rld, and fall lit r.c-f rov\s an
Opp P 0 "Sinee Peft,.re the War
Phone 1110,).
twe hav- a good buy In a,-ragea
well |:.,:ated. price reasonable: ca
give terms. If Intterst-d it IlI
pay to investigate this.
Phone 84-545. 'or Ballast Poin
Boulevard and Susq:iuehanna Ave




near Safety Harbor, L.? mile water
fllt; Franklin St. Phnne 4604

On Memorial highway opposite
Gray Giables and Bon Air. 2 miles
from bu-iness district and 2 blocks
front city limits. This is the cloa-
Pet in undeveloped on Me-
morlal highway, All surrounding
drl,.riopments including the building
if eight fine horomtes across the
.tret, make it unqut-stionab] the
ni',.-t desirable tract for subdivision
around Tampa. We hace this prop-
e'rty platted and can -hi.. you how
It v, ill net you anproxirmately
$20il6',il .., oil a %'.i y sirall inv'st-
m.nrn t.',.r a 'err short period

Adjoining Virginia Park an ine
':,uth, gas, water. 'electrcitl' and
tel-puhonc service brought up to
l.'.orindar3 line-, \i]th li,,ea d electric
liIhicd str-ets runrinig into the
propti-rty,, lrine adjacent, a
wonderful tract for ininiediate sun-
dlvH:i 'ri
Terrm-,. lit retlea ie ,-'IA Rses on of these tra,:ts.

201 Krause Bidsg. Phone S2L6.

Gradly and Azeele stre-ets $1,000
per acre
'11 Franklin ?t. Phone 4604.
'IORY SITE-3 acres, ialhking
dLaistaince ito t'o car lines, on hard
road largt- eio 0etifry 9-room coun-
try hornet; excrll-nt water; large
r,:-rches. jar'n, shade trets. All in
tilp-ttoit snrape: cliar titlc ; $10,000
cash or term Address O0wner. R.
,. Br-x I13, Jacksonville. Fla.
I-.Rll SALE-Prettiest place in Flor-
ida. 21- acres. 5-room house, all
improved, going to -,.l Arkansas
.r Dueo W. H Hursr. Rlerview.

We hace several tracts ripe for
high class sut-divlshion. For terms
arEd prices see us at once

Sulphur Springs.
Phone 9Sl-599.

NEBRASKA AVE. ascrags. lf acres.
5 In grove. 660 f-It oft Nebraska
Al- on psa-d road. 4.,Flrn, 12 uua)
rash Fine home in Hy1de Park.
furnished: close to Platt St. bridge
U10 acres on S'ventit Ave. at bar-
gaIn P.cady for subdivision. Lot.
corner Swarm and Rome, 100x1ti;
$6,500, I cI,5JO cash. ,Cornpr lot.
Bru,:e and Morrison, $2.500. Phone
3822. H. D. Bassell, with Cox, Ho-
tel Olive.
NEAR NEBRASKA Ave., cioae trI,
a fine 6-room bungalow, all mod-
ern. with gas. lights and water.
bath and toilet, good garage. pave-
m-nt and sidewalks. $7,50 cash and
$S8.0, at $40 per month. Phone
nwner. 71-984.

Near Nebraska Ave and facing
railroad only 2t1 miles from Sul-
phur Springs: good location to b-
subdivided in acre tracts. v, hlch
could be sold at one,: i$?50 per ne-re
with ierms to qult purchaser.


Sulphur Springs.
Phone 91-599.

Small and large Groves
Phone 2942.




head Singer, $10; drop head, all
attachments, $10: Free machine.
like new, $40: White Rotary, like
new. $.0. Wa have all makes, must
sell. Expert sewing machine re-
1920 7th Ave Phone 51-28*.


CLEAR LOT near Gandy Bridge
and fiiLity in Beach Park lot for
first payment on well I-ocared hb:rne.
If nrot inflated nod y1ui don't want
ejsh Phrrie r-.,.-n.r, 259rn
I .:-roller can- mill 1 -12-H P
kcr,:?En. ri oratsle engine. Will sell

5,2U-22 (Citizns Balnk Bldg.
Phone 3775.
i-O '1'RAijE-it-acre farm, 3 miles
north of Dover. 6 acres in bearing
gr,'.-ve wilth a g6.,d house and barn
and sltout 3 cowes. one mnule and
about 8u clieck-ns and s'-me Rood
stra'Alerry lasd facing grtoed
roads wlil.-h ar- t be ehellied sooon
and lee tlan ".,ne-fourth c-f a rnil.
off asphalt pared road, will ir.i-d
for _icy property Phone 1i239.
HA\'VE 'a lot in Orange county to
trade for Ford Coupe- Phone
HAVE first mortgage of $3.000 se-
cuted b'.' real e iati e per cent.
Interest. pavahle 1.ooh in one year
anid $:,iuu in two years. Will trid-
a-, fl'st payment on home P. 0
Boxi 2321.
WILF. TRADE or sell from one to
Cl]ACen lots in West Pine,. $70,0
each; *t.0 cash, $lu per month, or
tri eleven fnr ;l,hMOr; 5--Z cash:
};5 per menth. ThPbais far hlo,-
'i Ilu,' nA ncr. !1 S outhern Bldg.
Plhri n 4 s, I.'


PIVER'S Face Powders, 85c Eco-
r,*niiTRl Drug Store.
WANTED-Ladles In this locally
In embroider linens for us at
home during their leisure moment
Write at once "FASHION EM-
BROIDERIES" 363, Lima, Ohio.


Packing House News and ,uni-
land. Florida's rVagazine. need- a
high class mar, to assist In securing
and preparing adertising copy for
their clients. Thia is an excellent
c-pp-.riunilv for a man of good
character and habits, with good ad-
dress and Inlrlatlve and tonstrucr-
ice ability. Call at 815 Warrner
builiiig and ask for Mr. Dirr.

ELECTRII'ITY taught by Xesprt.I
Earn while cou learn at home.
Electrical book and proof:f lesonsriq
frt-e Satisfaction guaranteed and
pOFLtlion sec-ured Write to Chief
Engineer Cooke, 2144 LaA runce Ave ,
1-h Ica o R_______,__
EXPEPIENlCE[' bookeeper wants
prossitlun. best references. Call
J. C Strickland. T. M. C., A.
EXPERIENCED dry good and shoe
salesman and window dresses:
good wages for right party Ref-
eren-.:e r.iutred Manuel Lelbovitz,
1 I SI S-enth Ave
iCjfOL WHITE Chef Aants position
Best of references. Address
lin-A. Tim-.s.
SALESMAN with ability and per-
sonality can make good connsc-
ti;.--,n Ith ground floor realty con-
cern, doing large business. Apply
717 .rRnd Central Ave

WANTED American hoys with
h-lieela. Apply 604 Franklin
.t ic'et.
WANTED-Experienced tale-
b,,died mruen for sawmill, luni-
ber- yard and planing mill wbrk.
Wages $2.25 per day. Apply
r-ridy for work. Council Lumtn-
ber Cilnitjaiv. Inc.. Council. Ga.
On G. S & F. Railway.
WANTED-Experienced, able-
bodied men for railroad and









PHONE ,.11,9.


AGENTS wanted to sell Everwear
Neckwear. o\<-r 100 per cent.
profit. good hc.iiday pr.-.position
Fisher Knitting Co.. 1043 Jefferscn
Ave. Buffalo. N. Y.
COMPLETE Homellte Plant, 1262.
Southern W. S Co.
\'ANTED-'Oftir'e Irl ,h... is thor-
oughiv conitrient and can us(
lyuec'riter. A)plt5 Bradford &" C,.
R.o-m Southern B ip-i
to reprrsfnt detective agencies in
the United States arid Europe. Fre"
rparticulars Opvrator" Information
Slur-au, P 0 Box 1361. Dept. 28.
,t Petersburg, Fla


Women's Christian associallon. A
Free !ervi'e to Help Girls. Phone
4568. 6C1 Tviggs St. Tampa. Fla.
A woman would like day house
cleaning, 25c per hour. A position
Is wanted by a ateno-bookkteper
erxferlenced. A %altress arnts
work. A' -pleit and store clerk
wants position. A beginner In 'ants r-oeitIon.
Sewing hb the day Is wanted by
POSITION WANTED as all-rournd
beauty r.perator ,r short hours.
Burnham student. Phone 73-12.
Yt'UNG. MAN. ?3 years ,:cf age. Ro-
man Catihr.i graduate of N Y
IJrniverslty and Uni-,n College, cylth
degrees of B1 and M. A, form-r
high school teacher, wants work ii
any kind. B. R Ston-, Y. MT C A
ri.ESS 116 M TIMES.


r. erbead skidder Inggiug .opera-|

room-n n-rr car line t rrtI n, t,,i on ."
Over 24,Outi. Will pay 651i0 cash and I1n-S
d $10 p-r ninth Muot be from owner Secitinn Gang litbor ...... $'-2.25
and \,rth the money. Addra-s
). ItI,. S care Tine-9 Steel (Gang lbor ........ 2.40
I ,eant lisings Prinia C'eia and Mud Sill Gong labor . . 2.65
Virginia Park lots for sale. Hava
buyers v.a citing if price iA right. Skidder labor .......... 2 51)
g JOHN B. BLEW Top Loaders............ 3,.00
1h ,Phrn,, 4138 R 21rl Matgnolia Ave. Orotund Loaders ....... 2.75
rt WANTED APARTM'T SITE Riggitig Crew labor, $2.50, 3.00
k. In iifeet or more Bay frontage Head igger.......... 5,00
h. Will desl dire.-t lth owner. Mall
- full description and price to Batck Riggers .......... 4.00
h JACK HATES LoaSawyers: $1.00 per ]f 1ip
Hilllsboro Hotl. L $1-00 r M
k WVANTDD to buy-7-room house or tO 4 M ft. and $1 25 per M for
l-I bungalow State location, pri'e all nrver 4 M1 ft. cut same lpdnv.
and beat terms. Must hase pos -
3. ae-iorn No-v. P 0 Box 11'-6 Apply ready for work to:

1,000 stocky, thrifty plant, for WANTED JOB ON FARMI-Can
Irn m.-diate delivery S~e th-wm grow anything Is to he grown in
growing and judge of quality the south. Can furnish besk of ref-
yourself. Phone i4-17I6, or write f-rences. Address G. B Watford,
J. P. Daves, P.O.Box 29015., Tampa. Lr. nchhurg, S. 0 R F D. No 1.


WANT five to 44) acres unlnipro\,d
land Price and tltle. must hb
good 114-F. care Times.
WANTED to rent one unfurnisned
upstairs ruonm permanent. Terms
54 per month. Phone 71-227.
W\,ANT TO RENT 5-room cota;:
in ,-.r cl,-,r to Tampa. P .)I":
92-Is. \'rit. 6308 i-ntral Ave.


nr.orning Journal; write for ad-
vertlvnlng rates nnd Inrformation
AI.MOCST everybody In South Caro-
lina reads "Thrt State." Your ad-
vertisement In the Classified Col-
umns of tibs paper will bring phe-
nomenal results. Rates i'm, per lini issue, cash viitlli order; mini
muni Charge. 30c.
ALABAMA lontgomery. rh
Montgomery Times. Want ads
fents ocr es-nrd
IEXPERIENCE-D hardiA are, home
furnishings and paint man de
sires position with a retall concern
south Flnrlda town. References
Address Hardware, care Times.

I a I I

--------------.,,----I.. I -,- .

FLPORIDA. O.I-PLANFO-OrIi ndo Agawam Street-Width. 26'; ap- the north line of sections 33. 34. 35fi
Mlornin: Sentinel large-t clasi- ptximaee length, ,tr. approxi- and 36, range 1N east, township Si'
flail tiu~itir.s Rate iC a word. mini- Duae sq. .ds.. 210..; surface. 2' south and along north line of sea-
mum nit. 2 'ah iita order asphalt block, bslas.. 4"' rock; curb,
GEl-,RGIIA. SAVANNAH- -tvannah I onerete curt, and gutt-r tion 31. range 'I0 east, township 2 l
ioi- .. c l Eraeburn Str-et-Wldth, 2i'. ap. srunth, to the Intersection of tci.
eMorn, 'c,. Neard _r er. line. rpr'.xIma length. 175 ; approximate Rivervlew road, total length of the
ev-rv ,-rd anl dr,,i t-ure -trn.n d sq.. .,js 3S surfac,.2, -" asphalt road is approximately five afl
GE-,RI.:I A- .Gti'srA-fL-i- Atguata n-,-'., it iiasr. 4" rock. curl)., concrete three-quarters miles.
Chrnonhi-j : rc pnlirhre Tinitniunni curb and gutter.
3fh rn kir Mhaitill, Slr nt--1idr, 20'a. au..- GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF
,LINt- 'i-- ,fli Np~t~ cZ'ivs[,rix.,iliiite lenih, It.O'. approximate ROADS.
I-rrAl Ili-n-ls. plIa-r 3 our 'ane 0.1 y'ds, Om surroac. 24 asphalt Road No. 1 shall be paved wltv
ad irn the Ilnls pState: R. gstr:ant .i',:K" 4"i rck. curb, concrete either vitrlified brick, with asphalt
ad In the Illino- s tat2 R-g'tn r;ncutt-dip pu gittI-ir
di', rsti,.-av 2 -.i n-r v..rd ArcIa .'a 'tr' t-Wi-lth i -,p- filler or with asphalt blocks, or
WEST VIRGINIA. cLARKSBIJR-- proximate. l.nth. 161i', approximate with bituminous concrete three
The Clarkeburg Exponent; Ic per sq. 3d S..5. "urfare. 2_"" aspnolt inches thick, all types to abe on 6
word, rltinimum 3r.c block, hase. 4 rock; curl), concrete four-inch compacted Flurlda lini
.... .. u nu-- curl- an- wt- i rock base with a 4"xlt" concrete
TEXAS ALe r.lGais-i he ialves- Lumb A "enue-Wid, "Lt.24 ap- curb. The width of the road shall
ion Neics: Ic per word week ir'ri.;ite l-n.t. S 1-. approxi- ue 12 feet wlth a tirtsiroa wyI an,
;ti",.... 216 PPr0''-- be 822 feetwitth a turntng wyee al.
da.: '..c pi-r "v-rd Sundays, iminl- n mate i'1. vdc.- 5,'t3: surface '
MnUm '0 words "i l r'n i lo. t' ick. curto, .on- parking apace at the DeSoto Part
INDIANA. ..ICHMONDN-I'ne Rtich- -crete curb and gutrer. end. The necesary sa rface dralh-
mor.d Item. the Erra.e-st classil- En.crson Strrt--Width. 24': aFp- age to be provided together wilt
fd mnleditun i of astern Indiana and r"roximale I-ngtili. l,37iY- afipi'coi- sach protective carblnglas required
c,'c trn Ohio. (tireir farm sec- itat- .i. vil.- ,.i.; suriar.:_. 2" at any point on the road.
nn Ic p,-r aordJ. c-al with Amiesic-l t-m:s. n, curb, con- Road No. 2 shall be paved with
cop.' cn.-rtp .:uE c an- gutt-r
,_,tuar .'Aetnue-W-idth. 2 4% an- either viirifiedl brick with asphalt.
MAINE Waterville, Waterville pirr.xiinatcr lingtn, t4n0 ; apl.roxi.matp filler onr with asphalt blocks or with
Morning Sentinel; Ih.-usands 1 of:.u ,ds. I."tI turf ace?. '" .A\nilIeslt, bitunlinous concrete three inches
Maine people aic interested in ',c6t. 6" rocK. c:urb. concrete :curb thick, all types to be on a four-Indlh
Florida property, reach them and gutter compacted Florida lime rock basic
through ihe Scntriel Rato card on ICr.,Is Street-Widili. 24, P" with a 4' xl'" concrete clrb. Thel
apphcatc'. ,riximat.c leag-tn, Ieu'. ail.r.,xintcr-e vidth rte
NEsW" "'-,I'--I'ranu counit- h, q. yds, 42,.. sreriice- 2' Amiet. odthOf the road -hall bo twonty-
e R -- r 5 nnf 1"' o'iInv hSr i -e ... r-,.,k. .r,. ..cnrecte curl) four feet.
ivfr t "0: rn ad,'ol in nher n cutter BRIDGES.
tanks A -lafli:d ad" uIn the SchJller Streel-Width, 24'. Tp-
Mid ll I,.. n [, til- H=r,.l Mil,3h Ir ,l ,atr Ingin I .t ~i =l.l,roi." Then Er'ds a and cultrts to bu
i--tt 'jit' er i Shil, r. Nitratei, 1 rgtnlrutti:lok rnlyli Xi.
toi n N Y will i trlr,- ,il. I; results 0ae 5 q .'lls l 1 ;ii0,. ."' placed along all of sa.d roads wher-
OH i u. XENI--Makr e 3j.ut- .ale, Aitiie. he tas,.. n' rc,:k, curli, c.n- ever necessary shall be of reli-
thiough the X-:nl .a"nzett.., Xf.nla crte -curb and gi.tter. forced concrete with a roadway ti
Ohio. Rl.h.- agricultural district North Dindee Stre et-W-idth. 24'. not less than 25 feet. except thiltA
Want ads I,- per .,)rdl. Write for arpr',p,"ximaer I ,c h. 294",. aiir-jcxi- the width i ethe bridge or bridge
dm lp rhtre n-ate i-j. ,ds '51. surface. A nle-n t-
site; base, V" rock; carb, concrete required b the war department h.
TO RE.-CH the prosperous orange curt. and gutter the Hlllsborough bay causeway
and fern growers ct, Volusca Longfelloa Aernue-Width. 21'. shall have a roadway of 32 feet, a l
county Fir;-a. ad'ertlie in the approximate lengirh. 2.70'. appr.-.xi- one sixfoot sidewalk, the type ant
DeLarnd Dailva News. Classified mnate siq ds 7.140: surfa,--e. -" style of this bridge or bridges to he
rate Ic per oTi Mlinimum 25c, .Anitesit, lbass. ," rocki. -curb, con- governed ou. the requirements of
a-sh .- stanips citit -..-rer. crete curb and gutter.
I Segn.-d1 CHA.. T FRIEND the- tar department. All neceB-
TO HRE:A.-_'H pr,:,-'.prou- firners ad- Artesi- Chairman. lighting to be provided for, tor
,'erti.irnig in Thi Sanford fPlor- W Rn WATKINS. Clerk. gEther with protective planting or
Id'J 1irraid. 10c r-,r line. Sample B-,. t' L MO'_TT. D PC. sprigging, at an estimated cost dit
cor. sfit ir.n r- rqnl:-si Notice of Sreiall Eleerlton. 760,0a0 )u, to he paid for by lth
THE Cu'I-LtiIfiUS it;. i LEDGiER Is Notice is hereby given that spe- s.auance and, sale of bonds of saj1
t.-'l I.. auJ',rtlicilg nMedium in i Ia. electi,,n will be held on (he _19th districts Said notice shall bh
'o.uth,'-ti ; lI ets the re- da of October, 1424 in the follow- punished in Tha Tampa Daily
suit- Tr' it out. In& described territory in HII.- Times.4
THE IIDLNV-'h L XPRES' Deii-l'. ,orrugh tni,. Florida. to- it- The pooling place places) within
C ohlorado,, I year, in the honi,-S sa.li1orid -
of [,r'net Wa.Vnt ad rat. I, per "B- ginrnlig at to'. northeast cor-- -11 territory shall be the follw-
woid C'a wh r.ith order neti section i, ranr-ge .tr enit, iown- ing. DeSoto Park Pavilion. T, h
TO P.EA,"I- nrlriuc rn i r ad- ship ;: s-,utlh, the.r,,:e eest along irnpeglorc to nold said election shas
v,.rttSuig n;r. 'Tr .-anrord uFlor- toer, nc-riIhto- of c.?tion thirty (9)., ne itha following: M. Bell, cler%;
Ida) Si-rldaI f," pr lineI. Sample range 20 east, to'asi ip 2m south ,.Mrs RC. Jackson. J Wanen Wils
cope sent ,cn r-,cest. and secthin,s ,. 21; 27 and ".. range Io. Z. Phillips, Inspectore.
THE p0&NVLt L.I-'vt.LS.-, 1t east, towsllhip 2v south, thence The frorm of ballot shall be sub,
Coloradc., Ia year" in the hornet v. st on said north se-ctlion line ex- stantali- as follows:
of Denstr. Want ad rates I. pur tended until it interrsects celth Ithe BALLOT.
word. Calsh Tvith order, east line if stic-an 17, range 19 SPECIAL ELECTION.
S east. township 2" ansouth, Ilying in the Make a cross mark (X) before thNp
,trv 'atcts of Hillsboriigluh ca thence answer of your choice.
Smallest .Newsboy iorEh along caid 'ast line of seilin Shall the territory described a
17, range 1l east. t.t nahip 29 south, the petiti-n filed wilh tile Board at
Wins Brave Fight to a point 120 fe-i north of' inter- Couty Commissioners on Seprem-
section iof isn. cc(rL-r line of Fifth her 5, 'j24. be constituted Into q
.Vith Perverse Fate aenue arid the east section line of special Road and Bridge Distrtic
s.ctlon 1i. range 1 east. toecnship and the permanent roads an$
29 south, then.:a 'ast aL.-ng said bridges described therein be cod.
frl,ate ti nearly overtook the line, lying parallel to Fifth avenue structed at an eatlmated coat @f
sitalli-sr itieorny i the triud o and 120 t eit north of center line of $750,000 00. to he paid for by thp
said Fifth avenue, through section Issuanci, and sale of special Rona
the L:afayette street bridge today. I, range 13 east., toe nahip 24 south, and Bridgo District bonds'
Ea,1rly 11orning peuiestrlan.i had anrid into sectlr, 1?. range 19 rast, Yes.
a full siee ot the urthin's valIaut tvwnahip 29 south. to the center line Shall the territory described ia
stiug-le- i ldestiri.v. .,f 16th street, the same being the the peiltion filed with the Board ot
'Tlit Iiliirnuiti%, ? lpeCinti of north and south center line of tec- County Commissioners On Septem-
,ou- Artr-ca aith a euplpr. f tion i18. thence s.:.uth along said ber 5 1924, be constituted Into &
lup, 'S ri, ,l'--ne ar-m, ctunibled center line of Fifteenth street special Road and Bridge Dlstrict
and f ii Un the %.,odEtin- -LJ.I rlled through section Is, and into- section and the permanent roads anq
SI oi range is eair, township tweni- bridges described therein be coil
?silt-eilk in the middle ,f the- dian. t.-nine i- u1I south, In the intercec- structed, ar an estimated cost of
A ltv'.n -fli'.e cdiit piece he ulia tloin of this line with the. center $750,000.00. to be paid for by th'
oetni bhulding tightly in his fist ea- line of the U S ship channel, thence issuance and sale of special Roat
cal)t- hri _ra.- p ind wvent spinning southwesterly along said ship chin- and Bridge Distrlct bonds?
ate, hae-,i lpervere-.I en.,ugh lon nel through section 19 and continu- No.
a ining flight iti the lllbor- ing along said ship channel to t-e- tSeall C. T. FRIEND.
S smi flight I th Hllur- nd H,,oRker s Pint thence south- Chairmian. ,a,- of, t-courinty COnlc
.,u-'n ii',:r. easterly across Hillsoorough bay at mslasioners. 6
pra'.1"'llLg on his bae- k:llfrea the an angle of 46 degrees to the east- Attest: '. .R. WATKINS,
yo)oui iilUihe5 man .dliveJd like a ern shores of said bay, thence along Clerk Circuit Court
ron-t:c. tratighrt for the rail. He tu lon tide line south and southeflat-
slal.l.,el a palin- dov.r oni the coin erlyto the Alartariver, thence up and
whIl cite laTter c-as only inches along the north shore line, at low
Pcile of d a I river, through sectlans .
ae.iv ironm the ouotit- edge. -2. 23 and 24, ranga 19 east, town-
anlit the quarte-r saved, his ship 30, and section 19, range 20
kne s skinned, his lace Plushed oand east. township 30 south, to the .ast
his ,-:.' I gl-'..'ing, the smallest line of section 19, range 20 east
ne,-;l,. -i; ie the world regained his township 30 south, thence north and trotted c.ff. along said wevet line of sections
Te ni,:nt ws.loe-d. I., 18.. 7 and 6, range 20 east, town-
The ancidc-nt wns shlod.sip 3u south. and sections 31 and
Stnc us,- f electi,' turnf, a- '*30, range 2ij east, township 29 south
.cui i.-.-rti-,,,-nno'. being irn-1ui,., n to the northeast corner of section'
South Antirica l1larns to pro-duc 310.- ji. range "0 east, townshlp 29
lt ip iij t..rn uf Et--i .'nd luiinated Iron soitih, same being the point of be-
Ia yar" or, a patented Sv.'eJish pr- ginnling, all being In Hillaborough
Scess. county. Florida.
igiCia.nevh- 640 The purpose of said election is to Install a
SluarBgha.i. China, now ha- ,,640 determine whether or not sUCIl Ler- Install a
teleph--ne. an Increa.e of 'u., dllen
: within t- last %ear, and the en- rltory shall be constituted .into a y
S ire sa t.-ni Ima) be changed to. auto- special road and bridge district, and V n..
nati,, r,'ithin the next tinr-c 3ears. the following roads and bridges nt VA
,- u -- constructed, viz W after System
N-arly Iautonir-bilts made ROAD' NO. I
- in Fian-c, in seven months this year BAYSHORE 10 DE TO PRK or Water Softener
war. r' lipp'd c. oth-r countries. Beginning at t'ne Intersection of in Your Honie
S- -- the centi-r lines of Twenty-secnn.l
_I--- ~--, i street and Edge-o,,d avenue, thence Fla. Engineering Sales Co.
LEGAL NOTICES. northeast and easterly along the 1153 Franklin St. Phone 2238.
| west shore iof Hlllsborough bay to 1 5S. h 2
-_ ------- ~ -- ~-_ -- L'eSoto Park. ending at the Inst
Notice to Contraclors. l.oundar% i)f said park, the road to '
Selrd rs dsv will be r -i.,i.'ed by be built In accordance with the ...
tlh,. Eiard itf Courtlv CornmiSsi-liiers. plat 'f the ci .,,f Tampa, total The m*a who punt-rjE "g
Tainia. Florida, at their ofti un- length of road is pproximatel Cleain in
s til 11 a. ni. Frldai. .icLobett 31. Cnleslag in South
for having the follIning ltisl.d 4 800 feel. Florida.k
- str--t, 1ih the ,'.0unt) ot Hillsb.Ir- ROAD NO. 2. Atear
Ougni, Fin iide. Pa, n-nEtotr.nthis H IL LSB,.)RMUI-' RO1 AD Y tBeAYda.0 -E
ouer.,Floiid. Pi~mni 101trna HLL 5BO i~iJ BAY-BAYSSHORE- Esi1. B K\ y^ ^
wr-ik m.ltid9- niade In i..criflicatl HI'.IE 0 ROAD
o f in d ,:-r. .t- ..l-n s a g a in sl t l e a be niniig RI V E R V It" -OA D
oft.1' Sijo fluga. D-ei
pr.rpcrte Beginning at the Intersection of ..y 24-ar PHone
-kA crin tted check .or i..,idr. bond 2.-nd street and Edgew ,ood avenu,- 4er e o r s in
fir toe catun ,,t [iite Ut must a, and extending southeasierl, at an r .. 1 B-x
rp n eacrn b-id Mlak- r:l-,,:ck i', Yn- angle of approximately 3i) degr ee
I to h:T.- Fn rien-td. Cratr I is 1,Uth of east to the interseectlon
The du,-t: bful coiriraC tot \ill L ,e,'
Tre,,rnr' -, f'.' t.a surctv bond fo ,ith Ihe east and west section line -- OTEOPAT
reiurd .gveatoa aI ctt fbeteceen srange ISOSTEOPATV
50 p,,r -nt .-i' e rl n e ethween sections i- and 33, range
aworit' l.. e done. 19 eadst. township 2:" south, thence Ilmes Rt
r-'ecitltiVor nr, ad f.trii or lV.t continuingg east approzimatelv along GL Florian we. ho
may LI- L- called at til. ,itice 'Of the _____
Ci.tirn ty Engineer, '_.curt House. '
T> r,'h s eer.d r teenn SEPTIC SEWAGE TANKS
Tautips. Flia
tv e., reje:Ct ci.r, ,.r ill -I.,,c
Sk--t- :r- Stre~t--\Vndtni ri,,: ar,
prr,.r, ieeigcr.. ]l.i', tup-[riiiatS. Approved b' Stesi Board of Health
"2 sq. ia-, reck, s ,1nac- c..nsrle- Manufactured and Installed by
hli.c ,t i ",- i-- u I rfok "- cil- rn'phacr

eur,,r? 2t.L or ,r-p. Tampa Sanitary Septic Tank Co
e .-, an .-r, --W,l, h. "0: a m p a an ry e a- ^ n K o.
t r --I ciii l it -= qrit-u-. 2" a ";, C..onsult oa PIumhelr.
phaeli I,1i,,i.. b-'ts ,. rck ; curb. Florida and Boffla o. Phone 74-780
or...r.-I.- ,.ir. an-i gutter Paone T- 0






1 I.



I Thursday, October 16,. 192 i;T
. . .. ....--.,

House Furnishings
Third Floor


Madame, if you are in the market for a rug, or a
lamp, or blankets, or chinaware, perhaps, or any-

here Friday



Manor Tapestry Rugs. in light and
dark background and stencilled
6 ft. by 9 ft........... $14.95
71 ft. by 9 ft ......... $18.50
9 ft. by 12 ft........... $22.50

Axminster Rugs in background
of blue. rose and taupe.
9 ft. by 12 ft........... $29.95

Velvet Rugs, in a large assort-
ient, including latest patterns.
9 ft. by 12 ft. . . ... $47.50
Extra heavy Axminter Rugs. in
all the new patterns: complete as-
9 ft. by 12 ft........... $49.95
Wilton Rugs. seamless, in back-
grounds of rose. taupe, blue and
tan. Latest patterns ...$89.95
Small rugs ti match.


AVl wool blankets, extra full sizes,
in pink. lavender, tan and
blue ................... $14.95
Extra heavy, all wool California
lamb's wool blankets in the same
colors ........ ......... $17.50
Cotton double blankets in gray
and tan ... ............ -$2.98

cottonn double blankets in plaid.
pink and blue ........... $3.98
English wool blankets in light and
dark gray ............... $4.50
Wool mixed plaid blankets in pink.
tan, gray ............... $6.98
Cotton comforters of pure white
cotton, hea'v covered .... .$3.98

All-Wool Blanket, 66x80. in rose, blue,
lavender, tan and Scottish red ...............

Choice Breakfast

32-piece breakfast sets. attractive
patterns, the set .. ..... $6.50
52-piece dinner set, in three pat-
tern styles, the set . . ..$9.95
52-piece Haviland China in three
pattern styles, the set.. ,$24.95
52-piece English-ware in rosebud
patterns, the set ........$24.95
100-piece English-ware set in rose-
bud patterns.

Also colored glassware, mahogany
serving trays, meat choppers, odd
cups and saucers and plates.
trunks, traveling bags, ladies' hat


Lamps of All


Floor lamps (and shade) in rose.
blue and tan ...$19.95 to $24.95

Bridge lamps land shade) in same
colors ................ .$12.50

'Fable lamps (and shade) in rose.
blue and tan .... $2.50 to $9.95

Matting shirtwaist boxes, rcdar
chests, smoking stands . and
a large assortment of children'%



Fampas Fastest aTroaing Store/

Franklin, Polk and Tampa Streets.

I Hi,.-- l. t in% r,'n'de i- a r-, ble
fir-ni ie.,ritz Porch Curtains.
Tarpaulins and Sails
On.. ablin,- hibl.:. < -, th, jrliarrjah
Use Times Classified Ads for Quick Result r h o l L, -f 7
Use Times Classified Ads fot Quick Results ,,, ,,,.,




Chill Tonic

....___.,'___________________I'E are p-|.pr)on.itle -tnd r-.
WEST TAMPA ICE """I'i PPhilne "us forRO "
i-Ilf' on paintin .-iap(. r,g
CREAM PARLOR !I de:-. ,.,,.,,iatrg
tAnionlo M. Cabrela. rrop )
TIN Main iw'n *n*i
FAMILY TRADE ""ALTT ProgressivePaintingCo.
4AI . RIt i .P E (.IA L T lr 'A N A A
FI t'.-'A M .\.J ,
Phone 61-372 Phone 2522.
Uve this phone ro call 220 Magnolia.
TAMPA DAILY TIMES C[lice anw l'-Iplay Room
OFFICE _________
e -- 12""

2526 PHONE



409 Tyler SIree
S* We Sell Service
: > i-v'.Il a li-im;-'- In "ile~r "ri
Sr'lr l'rm h-r ni-i -- t F e '3r.J ar'.-
Dr. J. M. Grantham t-,-n,.,,..,, n ,i.e.,.-e % e
.-1.,n---r,,t 6. 'ri- it Fe- -lhEr de of
513'1 ,Franklin Street. -:ol' u t*rry--r i-I-, ig-ee 'tiand- O
P79h St. and 61h Awe.
Phone 51-219

SROAD CURVES Port Tampa City
ROAD CURVES ptrmc. i
SPaving Is Under
BUILT WRONG, Estimated Cost

1` ri- i.r' i r." r1 h .-i air.-e, r ilkd
SAYS BETTIS .. he 0 lai t pang
in ,o rk Ih Iiipao & Cir ,t -.A= ',pini,
----- t'r which F...'alin, dlu. -,n l- L' itlh-
E n g i neer Declares L.t.nh Sta.,,nrn,, c' linn nrt f hr -
t' la n',Ir,{* i're not -,nt out hv MMr,
Elevations Should :Iaujia ,r.;,.,,- .., ,,r. r ,,r,.
B e- U sed. ,,, n . n ,-r. prrpart .h t, p....
Be Use I- ull aininnr in .-ath
'Th, a r:a _-',r .:t ,:.f the rpa, ng
at.- utu 4 ,1 I'1 fr..C [r,:.t r" 'h i Hi
1: l F' F i,- l h-, pniPn r l.,' i:, th, h -srtmi-t-. i Ihhch %va D
lii -u'r ,l% ir ,- ., ,ii d-'r lt thafl e ,t p -r f,.,,,l .A hi. li' i r' 0 ,
man., ..:,i.T.Im;,l1],- ac.,iaw-ri- ihicl charged on Dirop-ert-. ahuling on
Slat'- i-D~urr,.J .t .-u r ,,- in i t, r,- .-t v., hi,:l i&o rn, r r h ai ,
t 'o dL ,n l ni- % n.dn ti oul' ,l -r, l,= lad.
]i-,- r,,urr.' f i o 11 ii. ut in dr' of thv Six Of Ii .' ,i-i ,li."al lh' :.ur, h-
,'ur\-.- lJJ i'-c l l~rol,-rlv lf,.atK d falrt, o f Til.,T .it, vc r ';' -d "." 11h
11.-. ,ir d th-, 'orr -sira a, tite .tunc:- vitr-fl d I.ri. k 111 ihf rr- ,-r, en- D
Ir.n -4 ii, Hillbor,-duall "il Polkl ir'.-. 'n'-ludirl iniz tii t L r. l
* nluniv r:.iJs. .i h-r i -atr. T arp iwo n hirh, ,_ pit i t tI, t in .irl) C
i1hi : I.l- ulrn; .- r'J >il.:re many h ,oul tad runnil. tl'roucl Pn'rt
., id ,nr, hi' ,',*- ijrred- ?-,)nie of Tarnwa fr.-n,, Tanpe i ro n .andv
ihf-t "I. r- uitinir- ri 'fRaljtlic9 hrilgp. On this %Lre ,:t r .:i.t
1If ith-, c .j idp of ea.rh or liesp r,.Vs cn--trhird of Int" .h er, wliil.
iti/l. lP'i rlf-I"t(-d tin fet-[. cars properly ownir-r pady tin.rhrd& On
*-'.-uld tuli then, i'h 5aAt.y at & & theirr stre,i- thr r., nrs of atuttlrL a.
-jP-.:d ') "I' i t i hiiill,: an hr.ur-- prop r-ri v pa ith. .:ont o 01
rtaIIhih.u h 0n o ar 6ht,uld turn a ,.orn.-r paving n'--..An,-r % ho did n.,t P ,-
:it Fu lIi high r-.4d "' &ai Mr .:ash on or bh-for.t- t-, i 1ti rtet rri h
Rlit.- II -r,,klr of numro us -,Ill have to pay -igl-,r prr rcnt an-
o th-rr ,.l- 9whw.'h ,re laid p,-r nual interest on fHie ,- -'smq.-ntF
rt:ctil.- [iar. and 'ono- of then v ith All bri'pfir ri o% hiev-r aa -'.- '-,d
S l!ope rlnw rard on th- ouctdl iutl pa, p :, r I'-a-- i I -,n 11 -r i, r. if
fronm the -'roi'.'r He al-.' eihibitld the paitlwe I-,sr f1-, I '-ar 1ighi
Ihe writing n1' high aLlth',rii ie ..,n per" r -nr l|t-rt .nill be add-d on D
rrad c'-.nntruc'ir,n in tupportt .t his Il d-'l rr-d pat'.in,,n and i ill b.
*on t-ritin ri. -: .,mr,.undr-d P.ynn-ri- -or pron-
--------------pal rand in Hrt-'t 11 ill h., du- em, -
-annu.aIly D
Clews to Character
13y J. 0. Aernethy 6a
Trhe ound Reaaoner.
'r -r ,r.. r1Ir r ', t ei' t Iruth
i ]l-ni..' .-\;.n rair.ln, -' '-r do n-ma
-11, ,[r ]. al -,r.lion hr.-h rv put
I.,rrlh r'.,. lai k In rl ih r~a~o lninL , , a
r. al ki.r.rI IPa ,,i a -o n,1ni.. IN explained In wonderful Book C
.....,..r 1ur .-, rv.hi, ith.- sent free to U11 Expeclant Mothers
I'. rlr h 'tr, I. 1.1 trrr the .rI -
- ili ,.r ,auseo I" ilt- which 'I a.A- rAKEii the months of expect-
ri.d. "rh,,..- itII it~sii laige IVl ana M easier, freer from ten-
d i.l ii ll.- !rr.'d-ra. nII rirn,-l 5, lion and pain; and make the
rnd ,i nil:e lorlf- They demand birth of your chid a happy event, free
i-r,,r b01 f[rr.-i helo,.' np hut anoth,.r from any fear or apprehension, by
.v- I tafusing "Nother's Friend." the ex.ter.-
S.. marlou- nalli applied remedy for expectant
r.,rhalan-,ez their loe or, demion- mothers., kow and used by three
-rtal.le irutha and loic reaTon ai.d generations of mothers.
,n.- n .]ti's tr ici ar- I-s. t I -.u,'h Use "Mother'l Friend" as our
'rind; h.'!au lth-i\ 'Irae n:.[i th, mothers and grandmothers did. Start
'r:-int l a I 'l,-r ir. v.on|._-r.rh-nd today, and meanwhile write to Brad-
h-m field Regrularor n.. B-A 17. Atlanta.
Tr 3 D r p pr, hgh qu lity, Ga.. for wir,- frtee booklet (sent
Shroud. v, .ellh ,-'.l r n odi to. in plain ercn. ,:,:> eontainlng infor-
i nation every epreetmnt mother should
t.-h...h r , a lich. and .-.n, .have. "MtPother's Friend" is sold by
-r,.:. o.,1ld a i,h s ,ulln -rf tlie ili good drug stores-evenr ,lt-ihere.
-n .'r -.f- t -' til-pr fore ead. hie
r-: a c-rn,ng'-.e i- n ill be -" thr' -
hicheat '.rd-r Th,- naal -ien i
,.--rrirularlv depiflable- Flat lOSed
pprmons n .'tr ar ,rIo-,,Iasua r ason-i Your Family Doctor N
re for lh.- lark iuila r' ..rf brain -Jil L C Or
c.,n.t th nr\ou? a:,it-m iq rirg1e 5i 1,01-'1 PROTECTION. Be loys.
o him. but do not let this ]oyalt ."
cauce ,ou qrjntlnued 'ufferln'.
Preidn of Rllins There Is a I lace where loyalty .n
President of Rollins .-ve-n yc.ur best friend mus tL
Plans New Building break. In the trearmen: of
IA, cte eilmrents your family .'ro-
tor canno-.It be [uroas-stjd. In I
the treatment or Chroni? dis.
-Sp.cial to Trhe- "i Tc,i eams. I SURPASS EVEN HIs
Rolhns o1llesg'. Winner Pal k ABIILTY,. for it i o to thrc par.
1'"lr lit -I su, number I V'.,lIJA'- ticular ailments triat I have do-
1R of lth- Rollins College Bulltin Loted the better part of my life.
ir Ini.t off the prc-s and gies5 ?ide- and I !lO1rL.1 know how te
lighil -.n the cl.'cron -f PrFsldent.i MASTER them.
W "_ We,rr andI plirr, of ihre ne" speelalize I sucrh jli
adiiinistratiorn 'ss ma yoar Inamlly
Aecordini to the Bulleiin it -M v r'fotr dOe not sch t-
-erherrd rlnr rilc prerjdcri s plan trea and In nsch dlei-
'.-r the. roming year %i.ill In.lud- aost Itable to fall yes.
P'rmonl Iloblorna o-aftlle g'eonl
,he .rrelorn o. a, l-,-lt e ireeati pu 7 N-ERIV'4tI. 1 BLOOD and
',-'-dKd huNldirin en ilp canip '. l(I D I S E A S iE S,
..,intinu-,iion ,-f tll- Ciort to 0n- I BL4DDER AND KInl.
,r<-a., ht_ ,n-c,.n,- produ.irg en- NEI allmnent PIl.E
dowvmen in t at least $l.61,,O1.006 and mad all RECTAL DIS-
rnmp pla.,,ne of the operation .,.f tht w EAIS. and oil 8PF-
irnisitution on a atrictly caln .h I'l'IAI. DISEA-FA of
New Simmons Home CnsutaioIstfree and ,.rcT-
Nears Completion I. oonfdeni,,.
Dr. R. J. Dickerson
The residence of hMis Jo.-Aph THlE PECI1LIST
Simmons. p:lnn-, by, I. vt. Big- oomnl 2. 31 Pettevray Building
I ten Ht- HI lt eo n Hat-1
;i:r. is ab.,ut half eoipleted in or. Forirldao Ave and TwIggi St.
PI-'niaa tia Park The wall Hrur 9 t'. 1?. I lo and 7 to n:
..-St sl, $ ..,,. Sundnir'. 4 to .? Only.

A Body Builder for
Pale, Delicate IT'S POANT Tl !
C h ild ren ,11- 1 rI n

You'll find plenty of styles that
young men recognize at once as be-
ing the "real thing." And they are
all backed up with Giddens' Quality.

Knox $7

Mallory $5

Stetson $7

Henry Giddens

Clothing Company
Franklin at Lafayette Street.

Or I f qikgc-t I'7I

special i n
r t .t i ', It'
nmeans o giv'e
),.. S jl the pe,..ple o"
4L Tampa a n d
vnicnity [ h
% .r, igh efl L
class of den-
tal work 21 a
r e asao unable

Teelh Tha i Pt *nd stayB Purt.
$1i up
Porcelaln Filllings 2.S.00
"llIer Vlillngss .. .. .$1.00
I.rn8n3. .. II u p
Pninless L:' Irnlirtlonq $1.00
NV,. tu! ith- 1,'i mnateri'il munp,.
.all b1-' i II or phon- for
a i...r"?irenl'n
Telephone 71-667
)ffit'es 102-4-6 Frrllia Bldg.
Corner Franklin and lTilg|m
(bier E-D %,IlI's


Concrete Mir. ...
"Mix a Minute."

We carry a complete line of these .
splendid machines in stock at all _
times. Real Service in every way ib
yours at -

I. W. Phillips & Co.


-ever since then-both
Small and
Large Jobs
have received the best
all mention when left
v, ith u .
Rinaldi Printing
H _- -RINALDI Prop
III Lafayette SI. Tampa, Flu.

Red Top


Day and Night
309 Twiggs St.

im i 1, ta ,t].I w iIh be, L
Imaterl a I
I-till aet Teeth *12.5O to $20
Porcelain Fillings
as l as . .. .. .... .1
Sliver Amnlnigum FillingBs
u loI Is -n . . . .$1
Extractlon Without Pain $1
Opp. Strand Theatre
2nd Floor -
*'i I'2 T |w B 1s 1i. Phone SS14.

1; 3818




M liI. c PtI l' K IN uJ IuiPPLui
Union Transfer Company. Phone 240.
BIagacge Transfer. Phone 3601. .' '

Wall Paper and Paints. Wholesale and RetailIL
112 Fortune Sireel. Phome Il'


Monroe Electric
L Company
1' 1.1", ";"- .T,"i' T"i V "
ZO8 Can. St. Phone "1l
S Next to the Red 0oos0 _B]ta

Mattress Renovating
All wprk guarante-,d. Express
rPaid on out-or-town orders.
City orders returned smine day
if necessary.
Phone 81-261 202 Rome Ave.



B. Marion Reed
Funeral Chapel
Now Located Tnmpa nod Tyler
Tamng., Fla.

- . t:'

"Nuf Sed." 4
Tampa Armature WoI
illoors and Graeratovi Ua-.r>"U|
203 TamDa Sl. Tq3.

806 Franklin St. :
S"JUSL a good 'place to eat.'.
"Next to home." ,.
Noonday lunch from 11:10 '1
Real coffee with Vure Cr'0S



Society Brand Clothes

thing in house furnishings---drop up
or Saturday!


f:"* r

Get Smart Style and Get

Giddens' Quality Back of it!

a I i--


"= I"I

++" :i

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