Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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41 i,

A:Monthly'jourixal Devoted to- SOTO-Tropical Fruit Culture iaSouth Florida.


'iiie's kindness be embalmed as some- Snow in -Philadelphia on the Ist of take seventy-five millions -of dollars
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Noah" came to spend an evening and New York so oestructive as to do im- will. be the actual cost, but the measTWWsy GorneIrlon W-heelk. we: discoursed over the history of the mense damage to vegetable crops and ure of outlay; the -slices that will b6
Said'lhe dearlittle' mother, as she Four Kings, how time rolled back its small fruits. No wonder we shivered cut.for the politicians will be in pro-that day and wished we were on portion to their pull; and some 11
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beautiful (because.unseen) beyond.. sunshine on its grassy slopes., it; he will have patronage to dispense
yoli are getting' to be the Rambler
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Irom t, e corner. you much," Then can we fall to -mention Martha We have just received the program
for as many years. There will be 105
which ls, asl too true. As, we write and Lattie and Stella and Aunt Tilda'? for the 41st annual session Of the New aldermen (and we remember when
I S aM] d-the multitudinous noises Of By happy chance the first named had York Press Association, to be held at there were but twelve) to be elected
the -r&it :ei ty of New York:we.feel come from over the ocean with 'her
the Thousand Islands the la ;t of June. every'two years.
-lost, alia1(m.gJor fhe:quiet of the lake big, bra.-svily, great-hearted German The committee on the Editorial Re- For convenience the city is to be di'slope "' e i7hu of -the'piiaey Woods,: the husband, to, revisit her childhood's sort has been invited to be present,. vided into Boroughs,-of I which there ,bi.oeof th6_iard6n1andthc. music of -home, and so, there was a merry reun- and as "one of 'em." we anticipate a will be five-Manhattan, comprising ion from far and near; merry
or-awhile it is not to yet joyful time. Where blooming islands
the island proper that now goes back,:
be; 'tbc 'dwell(-r has. become the ram- sometimes sa,, because of those who ide'at anchor on the- 'tranquil tide.
or rather takes up again the -ancient
ner is- on, wheels, over--the river we 01, have When we weire a be ardless youth of u,
the Cos 06k had passed
me the- old Dutch burghers gav e it;.
apff these bits of trav fard. the result. Yet to. cross. nineteen we had theLhonor of editing second, Broux which lies north of
+ + + the Harlem Times; we are afraid to
+++ This is what -we wrote-in Stella,'s Harlem river a theHudson1, fil f _44, Wween
many years ago,-, but it
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s4y- was -zind't ng Isliind:Sound; -'fhi' Br6i5k
pax j an( I el le; Ifties, any way.; so we sh-all not
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-ill be l"t, ilie --sh e This I write fo. Stella's sake; we
And for be. i !wpe's e(lhoes Ice; feel if were wholly an alien such and Nvbich is not to wholly lose ffiost of her iiine3"with; i p the, Gc'sy.- May her year _I111dU 12300th ftIOD9 guest" with -the bootless pen and pen- it's
And the rLL usurvof life's song identity; fourth, Queens, which,
q 6rner.:,, It i true that Unky Frank' -s' cil who will meet at Syracuse for ns
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willbe.there and. Pansy. will see thaf. Born of sunshine and of Flowers. their aamlial outing; of which we
Flushing, Jamaica, Long Island City,
her: frock. iskept.clean, but-but-she We remember Stella, in the.years hope to say something in our next is- -others; fifth, RichRavenswood and
will miss -the one to whom, she is most goneby asone- of the loveliest children sue. Our good brother Bunnell, who mond, whose southern border touches
dear, because, of: the fwee, she most re-. we ever knew; and. the years have lssecretary, was Presid .nt of the Na- New Jersey and in which there are
s6inblesAhavrcsts in the-sh been kind to her and the loveliness tional Editorial Association meeting still farms and hamlets sitftilar
1he Long.-Ago. and charm still linger; and-but this held at St. Augustine two years ago,
those that dotted the- upper end of
is not for the Little Mot] D& wiTo presented the Resort and Rome New York island in the days when we
_,:-TheNew- York city of childhood and herkiss seemied to be as sweet as when project, so strongly in his annual ad- went blackberrying in the woods
-,the-Greatei New.Yokk of today are $11e gave them at five years of age, to dress and who appointed the present where the old Harlem Fort still stand&
Ipamaed by. halfa century. And the her Uncle Willie. comiuittee the result of -whose work in Central Park.
faces, and -,the -forins that, were famil- + + + has established the Editoria at Inter It is estimated that 3,400,000 people
It was our happy privilezl- to attend 1,,I,,n.
iaT a quarter. of 6 century ago have- the limits of
the ceremonies at the Grant Tomb on have their being within
ohf'so manyj faded and fallen to dust, + +, 0
'Memorial Day, held under the auspi- The Greater New York that is to be- this -reat municipality. Could Henry Ji6r-e and there were met one who had Hudson, who, with his. companions
ces of the Grant Post G. A. It. The, son gin its- existenee on the first day of
-,not'.forgotten, and how pleasant it bought the island in 1609 for $25 but
0 the war hero was present, as was January, 1898, will be the first city of was. A cousin or two were. found who Mayor Strong, and Bishop Newman the continent and the second I in the revisit his old abiding place, how 'his
eyes would bulge out in wonder at
still remembered the wanderer, and to delivered the address, which was con- world in area and population. Think
one; -we were indebted for a very 'the siglits-and scenes before him and
cise, irnpressive and appreciative. The of '.m square. miles of. almost solid plea-,sant visit. The comfort and calm morning was unplesant from rain but blocks of buildings; an area thirty- the surging tide of humanity about ill him. A city great in virt'ues -and
of, Cousin Margaret's cosy home by noon the sky had cleared of clouds two miles long and sixteen miles wide
nbtbe: Jorgotten, and may she and and during the ceremonies the air was with deep rivers and wide bays with- vices; in weat-b- and poverty; in
pride-and hwhiliation; in education
usbalid have manybappy years warm and balmy and the sunshine in its- corporate 'limits; with 1,300
-and ignorance; in morality-and
miles of improved streets, on which
together in that future which hides thathadf6llowed the rain w-as very acAway so tenaciously wh'at it has in ceptable to the rambler who has can b6 seen all manner of edifices crime; wherein the cry of humanity goes up daily from the lips of those
-Swre for u& found.chilly weather the rule, so far, from the shanty of the squatter to the
-of -raper of -twenty stories of the who suffer, beating against the bar
in his wanderings. The tomb sky se
whica a picture may be seen in the capitalist. There will be a choice of of Eternal Jusftice; the echo of whose As fourth one who was not a coils- moan is "Be pitiful, oh Godl"
'd "re- illustration elsewhere-is massive, but 1,186 churelies of all sorts of faith, in in. save b Courtesy; who sai
not imposing; it strikes one as not which one can worship according to The "wheels" that the cosy corner
member, this is your other home
-ked being of prop-r proportions; still, as the methods of denominations, and is Using are, not bicycle wheels-oh
how can she be than for the joy- there are statues to be added and the 6,000 acres of parks where one can nol the rambler has got to be'too
her welcome and the de- I environments ornamented, the look from Nature up to Nature's God ol,
genera d and sedate for that; they are. the
: lightflil hours spent with, her and the effect inhy be different when all is I and worship just as truly, sincerely rumbling, rollicking railway wheiks
aldharminj family-that has grown up
complete, which it is thought -will be and accept-ably as if in the r.ostly, tha ide so swiftly about herl.since the days when she--- a' thin two years. At the same time, gilded, socalled sanctuarie within
wi s rails. And it wouldLl>e sheer ingra
merry maiden, and Theo.-one of- the the thought Occurs,, could not this the shadow -of whose outer walls there itude if mention were notinade of
young men of his day, and the
million dollars- of money been spent in I are starving thousands appealing those courteoi s gentlemen who eon-,
rambler,:were, girls And boys togeth-. the establishment of soi)ae Grant I vainly for aid in the struggle for trol these railwaylines aid to'whom.
Not by any words or deeds; only
erT, memorial instituton that would have bread. the rambler is ind6ted for,:-suic&,
in the, Mmber.of tenderest rec-Ollec- perpetuated his- renown and, at the The. chy is to be so vast that,. to adquielcAranspoRation from.,thelo
tions dav6i 96 by; -wMXOW Fan- I same time benefited, humanity? minister its 'aigairs 'properly, it: will L
(Contin aed:0xi:4Wp4e.)'

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lads-f As~- n' n ib~roialafete.Whl fmiis reeply flli te oeno, oloetb sleet 'o hi0esWr ~yst atrchn attie 24to35 e;th mn n ulivtinrllng i te ftrnon adth wol ws Exrafiete, trng fll reh a
firng pakig, oa ad bide mk-froenduingth niht Thrsaykbeflvor" fin t etrafie, trng crop beig n, laf,.the'soi
8hoi. uldbe rih,,r,-nrih e-byferili In and i shp wrk;womn An foenon al vgettio wa coere brsk lavr;""thy hve eri'an
I iI n ,ad herinal oios n cidrninpikng orig n wth itican o uc eih a t ntisiiale f a ih re0"
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stoulafal hesesn hrogh nditi, od eahr oniue, ih rze o os, fprdcton ndonti
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MachIan raull 11 riginthtqunitwhl i s ey qit yug lnt ufeedcnsdr-th tubin-lohinte.fw t
ththv enmd i f

i he man, who- makes a business of or- nTLrNTA
elurdinrg'and uses all modern appliances FerBiht to aid him in his work practiced, follows. o.. y
-Waths en earned of jerthe best idea In spraying, care of trees, L e
marketing fruits, etc., and studies mod- s a
bliht tljouh. ktuaie ivestig-ernl Papers and books on horticulture, NA
Ad byProfssorwill, we think, find he has an industry
H. E.Van;Dm~n ,s follows: By that year in and year out will yield as Polry arm, Garden, Cemetery, 1
u.44 ~ ~ u Mot h"pa:blight, apple good returns as'any branch of agricul- Lawn, Railroad and Babbit F1
an uii:16twiblgt,: which are all tura.,e. Fencing.'4
Cailae; YThousands ofmiles inuse. .
trm caTehl he Florida Pineapple. 1Freight Paid. Prices Loso. r regre Th : alubleEas Cost ouralThe McMULLEN WOVEN WIRE FENCE CO. 4
ii htoe edrad later growing the Idian River Advocate, contains11.118ansnN.Iaket.CHAGIL. &L
brii'hslinwhchth disease was ar- ilhe following on the Florida pineap- CEoAR Ka
"db pa of winter the, p le;,ad the pineapple industry: S I EOF
f ~ ~ ~ emin dorynanHert 'tbe Florida grower* and the Florida CA T S U D I' X t 0 00
-uti wprin stwei pineapple differ from all other growers PU.BLISHED MONTHLY.
ent poisone aguin Tsee thuhb orslhsear Devoted to the culture of Cacti and '
rom the a eat" ~~~~his filds and wrap his fruit. The shed- Succulet.Sbcito,5 et eieetdcarryit c ty protects from wind and cold in win- year, saanpl coyfrsamaAf on~~e their fromt,$c ~o sun in summeran the ORD CrNTRy
wrpper protects the fruit from its neigh- CACTU CyD.HAO;PA ,
L 4, 7bin the same crate. We are told that E-iSULAR R.R.
pt; xperiment will be made by some adCnetos
aopers this year in packing, where each a a
Whoi&~~p tret.-bWill be put In a separate onase, after F'Lz o? 8
berik. 'G -te manner of beer bottles in a barrel. d-- Coap".iY
Ely~e dleas'. oe n It e cme The Impression prevails that this will-be lands
obeoethor- a most satisfactory way of handling the The Florida Trunk Line-Sotln.
e wrmr dystrat.Oranges :tso Jackwsonville, sayiul, hm eprture and -moist- The Florida pineapple has establishedadal insorhnc
arejust gh.,ir Itslp6paato. the standard of excellence. Nowhere else
itspiopgaIon n the world is better fruit produced, and OSrSYork, Chicago, St.*Louis, KassI iy
idr hots nowhere else do influences combine- to etc., etc. Only linewihh
"Te lgthas truck our produce mor exellent fruit. The 011- flVeStnents mneepr rmJc
mate, soil and methods are all perfectly NwOlas
li h ns fighting it, Bo far adapted. Add to this puick transit, which ODVelOpmnents Frrtsadohrit
e kow i't t u.andl byi Iaall factly in the sunshine before shipment, ply to
!.4~tidp~rs., L V wdaviter--cpmes, and one can begin to account.for tbp~ lack A.tO.aMODONAL
tluq r:reyfwPaces in .thee of core, the tender pulp, the delightful Address' .8 ENNTN r
whro,)hegems ae alive-- nature bouquet, and the delicious flavor of the G. D. ACKERLY' fJako
ighaeoket. back 'the dis- a bnattrioae CIENERAL PASSENCER AGENT,
eaefrl ay dvne beyond Where miefie HETROPICAL TRUNK1JINE,
6?isoa ae ea.,-Ther,e are no .The L 6ake Worth~and lower Indian river dJACKSONVILLIE, FLORIDA., R+I-A*N-S,
11 g ar s n~he~eI wood- or'bark. pineapple fields are said, by mep who
't-s: af, ad wseto cut back to ouh to knw tob h*aretad
c. l~ran d oud, ood, nd oisenest in the world, and In some of them are Ask,
ndItostngrown the ratest varieties. The. powers *- The modern san
wicajboliC have secured plants from India, Ceylon, Of.. aci pevia!'ny erms from re- the hothouses of England,'and the fieldis Tickets II ard Fanmily Meimaaiig~riengleton it froW' the. of the far south and Orient, and they.
ir: bark,- and o PAbnau ie ee o1 BOR LAKE., CM l
wooh coo hr o uccessful and profitable culture are C~Omm onl Oer'T-a
afetd-1, 1~elto: cout below found here..
Whre heeae ny igns of di ease, As time advances the Industry grows, 1il Sof humanity.
to mkesure Of h~vn i all Thn ,nd daily the fruit or the plant- are put
9 ~to some new use, thus paying the way fqr r IRD
burnall'rush, alhoug thee ca bestill more extensive culture of the-pine-VI
ng ionta~onafter .the dis- apple. .The medicinal or curative propereasd~brnchs ae rally dead: and, ties-at the pine, have been recently ds
covered, and It Is now used as a digelItor an
and a. remedy for diptheria; and as a ASVI L
.wine. champagne or syrup, -It will go6on be
manufactured extensively in this state; and, the,-7--7-_7_7--7-.
u' rcad.. The finest fiber in the world Is also .S
edtobe fairly 'stated as being made from the pinecapple Ep
eopn, o. dint snan ar for full growth pat
peife~in'f'ro. urhermore, 4 mod- p
ertly o hed'natree is 'desirable Hen sJeeth. *
In:.iintchas t avos'the economical f' e th
'gaherngof ~ecro o fruit. To keep your fowls In good, healthy'eanit is onsderd:Agoo pln t oca- tion they should have plenty of grit The
planto oca- We can furnish you 3Mica Grit, which C SR llTAI
q ioaly u o tee coat Iof..strong f6 -crushed' granite about the size of J4k o vle DE RO
sb tsapduig wr spell In winter. peas,, or grount oyster shell. Ta ) g COPYDEIGNd
Itadsi esrclo~finsects and par-. $1.oo-per. too pounlds.--oW f yW t Aonsndga as .etch andadescitoma

the ~' trunk. an Painter & po. oaiwayn ma Odaagnfir~ern aet
core h sa wlieetually bp washL- Ptn mriae WOhae Elba l00 t fc
adofbyris.Teeggs of the tent spechtap"notieIn the
upn akd races of the- applINC i TO. tesoffltqI Inatamlresteciruaino
tre.Te ppa I-bands ghtd on' RIGrB P E Lyz I scienmo soe n
ner eens o, mllvigs. THE. BES PAY EVER4 of- Thlouigh coO rs setree Addr
Cut oburne twig anthus FOR. SIMILAR SERVICE. the' MUNN & CO.
as b~ Vfte TeCsoolitan Mdagazine, edited by fouri .3,l Broadway, New

olderA HARTI FLORIDA waV e thnea oix
tht rerely npoftble and useless. by any periodical in, the world.As write Ou KN WEn yuwe
Th tee aestrvdrn out, and show IT IS PREPARED TO PAY ELAND-! (oy0 Washtgtot o thir
bu po, ma, cagy growth. Ma- SONMLY IPOR ASSISTANCE REN..' for an NattO a genn
nue ierly n pue severely and DEED. It wishes the services of Tickets li*ND foror p
otti~sths semngyworn trees will one-reliable man or. woman in every gnual descritv ane themslved, town, village,. country district, or: via- t e 49 reisd It o= 0p"n o if.manufacturing establishment in ever g tnn a
agmaue care all import- State. All that is. required Of anT Wrtah eea asne d by the lot tr
an-yft-a~ochrd Aman-canihot ex- one is reliability, -earnestness ane Agent for informati on.. gist and pln lvr
work No Matter onwa tePlants and re o
do Work yuare engaged. it Will pay W.B.C0FFIN,,. G.9D.ICXERLY, aE'no
,,Dnthesitate. to, give- yo oeaieit hsofre'1 Supt. Gentl PassenigerM oLret
dt o nA, JACKSONiio" apbiitil.n -1.E1

'exceeding in, violence any similar oc- prov e a 'great blessing. At the same
curreAce in'20 years visited that be-au- time it will need to be iron clad in at ay
tiful country town and after it was its: requirements and environ its cash
over "the streets were covered with with all the safe guards that prudence Cheap Excursion:Rateig.
ball stores several inches in depth." can suggest. The rate, of interest To Various Points via, the Plant
We remember having, a flower garden will be below six per cent and loans System of. Raliways and Steamruined there July 3d, 1&71, in the see- made on a 50 pe valuation. of the ships.
ond year of the Greeley Colony. property. Writing about this the New T 6 Nashville, Tenn., on account of,
York Financial Times says, "There is -nessee Centennia I I and'InternaIt is rather a late day for the Avon no doubt but that this plon is by far tional exposition. May ist to NovemPark Idea to "turn on the search the bes, that has yet been proposed her., Ist. Dates of saleof tickets, limit
light," when one remembers that its
for improving the financial conditiOll and rates to be announced later, present "editor and publisher" has of the country." To Wilmingtoia; N. -C., one fare for
been such for three or four years and
the round trip from all points no the,
was, by announcement, in full control The Pope has written a poem on Plant system of 'railways, account'of.:of its-columils.
In His present course of the secret of long living. It consists the Soifthern- Baptist convention.
action, in view of this fact is 11, of eighty verses, is of course written Tickets to be sold May 3d to 7th in-'..
suspicious of motdves other than. the in Latin and we hope will be, trans- I limited to return withi '
PABOR -LAZE, DE SOTO C.O., FL.4. gen( ral welfare of the :comm-anity lated into English; in it be praises the teen days from date of sale. An exover which he held the veil of silence virtues of frugality and the evil ef- tention. of the return limit of fifteen W. E PARoR, E A. P,&moR, so long. feets of gluttony; eggs, fresh milk,
Editors and Publishers. additional days irnay be obtained by
fruits and "honey, that. celestial gift" depositing the, return I Vcket with In a recent issue of the Farmer and are commended
Member of Florida- Pr;ess Association; affil- as against chicken agent.. at, Wilmington pr*or' to May,
iatedwith the National Association. Fruit Grower, Mr. J. B. Beach makes lamb and beef; he says "ripe fruits: 15th., (Circular 1082).
the remarkable stateinent that at Or- according to thedr season, especially Published on the 15th day of each month. To M obile, Ala., One fare, 'for. the,1
lando, "plants will bloom and set tender apples, which, with their pink round trip, from all points on the
fruit in four 111011ths after planting." tints brighten the banquet;" he must Plant system of railways, account Su SUBSCRIPTIOAr -5oc PER' AiVNUAf. lZemarkable indeed, if true. This is me-aut pineapples, for are not they preme Council' Catholic Knights of

0 &-Advertismg r I ates i $1 per inch per mont even more than hot house culture. He pink tinted? Finally, he adds "wine also s ays, in the same article th-at it America. Tickets. to-be soid May 9th
from the Abaran hills, which exhiler- to 13th, inclusive, limited to return J ntered. at the postoffice at Pe.bor Lake, "will cost $3,000" to protect an acre Ates the -spirit and keeps away trou- May 18th. Pla.iassecondelass:nlailniatterjuty25,'93.
Of pines from frost by the use Of ble." We wonder, if the Pppe ever To Warsaw, Ind., one fare for the,
rosin. One pail burns t wo hours, and tasted the juice of the I scuppernong? round trip, from allpoints on the
VOL V-, JuwRl NO 6 fifty'are yequirea on an -acre. It seems
to us, there must be something wron Rlant system railw s, account of'
INVALIDS SEEKING MILDER CLI- General Assembly' Presbyte'rian;
Revw: of -Reviews for June is somewhere in both these statements. MATES 'church. Tickets to be sold May i
up to its usual standard of merit, and
A Dew 'bug?' has invaded .,,ae coun- Should go by routes -where they will to 20th, inclusive, limited to return-. ,-[is, really; and truly., the busy 'man's ot be subject to sudden and severe June '6th.
and u
inag-azine. try. It seems to prefer city life changes of temperature. For this reacame from India to New York in a To.Charlotte, N. C one fare for the
For-thev illustration of New York consignment. of coriander seeds.- In- son the Southern Pacific Railway is round trip, from, all I points -.on the,
tlje favorite winter route to theI Pascenes, gi ,eia in, this issue we are J Ln- teresting accounts of'it bave appe-ared cific Plant system of railways, account, of
d I e bted to Bro, B. B. Herbert, of.the in the New York papers. IL is called Coast nod the Southvve st. the General Assembly, of the Presby,,.
Throu-b trains and splendid service
.,National Printer Journahst, Chicago., by various names, the Bombay. bug, terian church of theluniied States..
to-California, New. -Mexico, Arizona,
the India bed bug, etc. Along South Tickets to be. sold May, 17th to
-he La I dies' Home. Journal for June Texas and Mexico, via New Orleans, inclusive, limited to.return Juua 616th.
street these tiny bugs can be seen orIf you are thinking of -oink anywhere
Comes -to, us, Jaden. with good things namenting the goods. displayed in To Knoxville, Tenn., one'far''e," for,
form v offiaDkind. The Little Mother sho They seem to have for -our health or for pl I asure, write, the round trip, from all points mi'the
and 'Niisy could hardly do wit hout come to sta inclosing, ten cents in stamps, and we Plant. system, of railways, -a I countt': Of
y but we hope -they will will be glad to send you some delightits,-iuonthlyvisits.;, not -et down to Florida. Look out for Summer School Y. M. C. A. Tichets"- ',
ful descriptive literature. S. F. B. I ':;,
the coriander se eds and the Bomha.y to be sold J Line 16th to f9th, inclusive",
Plorlda's legislators have gone to bu, Morse, General Passenger and Ticket limited I d to return June 30th.,
their several homes; their legislation A.-ent, New Orleans. tf.
To Chattanooga, Tenn., one fare, for,,
will be a stink in the nostrils ofthe Elsewhere iiii this issue -will be the round trip, from all points on the
masses of the, people and, the. "stolen found the adv extisement of the Enter- Bits of Travel. -ways, acco unt of
letter" episode a state disgrace. prise MaDUSaCturing CO., of Philadel- (Continued from Ist page.) -:B. Y. Po
pbia, manufacturers of so many im U. Tickets to be sold July 13th, 14th
Mr. Flagler, with his usual enter-. I fields of Florida to the store paved
p ements for housekeepers and spec- and 15th, limited to return July',21st.
prise, ias secured a hotel site. at Nas- thorouglif ares of 'the great city. Think
ialties that are labor saving in the A-u extention of the return limit to
sau and. a subsidy -for a steamer line. home. Tolin ow all.abouttliese every of it; one day at 8:30 in, the morning August 15th may be obt ailled b I y de-'
The, East. Coast- magnate evidently reader of the Pineapple s bould send in Jacksonvile, Fla., and at 2 p. m. positing return tickets with
made himself' a favorite, with the.Ba- the next day, in. New York.
four cents in stamps and get in return Chattanooga prior to July 19th.
ham7a: legislators. descriptive., catalogue; and, better
I .1 Q H. G- Hayeraft, Trav. P. A., Tampai
To B. W. Wrenn, traffic maiiager.of
stdlF'u. copy of a 50-cent cook book
d. i
-is it, now gre railways,- R.,L. Todd, Div. P.'A., Jacksojiville.',
e. u y on pineapples,., the at Plant System of
tariff bi I -called the EnterprisiDg Housekeeper, F.X. Jolly, Div. Pass. Agt., Tampa.
tands in'th a 30 per-cent that took Lis, to Charleston; to J. R.
containing suggestions for breakfast, H. C. McFadden, A. G. P. A., Savanincrease.- on crated and 150 to 300 per Kerley, gereral, manager of the At-; .1 ", 1'.. 1- luncheon and supper; by Helen L. nah1110t on. bulk'appleg.-accorcung to. size. lantia Coast line, that brought us to
For: this we. may th A t; -,Pi-neqpple Jo linson. Mention'our little pink pa- Richmond; to 'C. A. Taylor, traffic B. W. Wrenn, Passenger Traffic
I I % per when you write. Manager, Savannah, Ga. if.
Growers' Association manager of the Richmond, Fredricksbur-, and Potomac railway, by which
Last 111011th'the Florida state troops 0 A New Peach.
We note with pleasure, th e rumor we reached Wasbington; to Geo. W.
'r has left held 'an encampment at Tallahassee, There will be offered this fall
that brother Bittinger- vho Boydof the Pennsylvania RMIroadCo., y,t I e Oca la Banner for newspaper work an, exp6nse to the tax-payers of over whose magnificently I ballasted The Griffing Bros. Co., of the Pomona
at A I shville, N. C., isjo.'return to F16r- the state of $12,000. Some of their acts Nurseries, at Maeclenny, Fla., a nlew,,
showed that it does not follow that, track we glided so swiftly and S&fely ida and idke_ a position on to the banks of the Hudson; to- lilies peach, called the Mascotte, said to be
to be a soldier is alsoto be a, gentle-the best peach for both market,.--,
weekly to be s ted at 'his old camp- mar, on such occasions. One of -their and to the kindly and ever-, I -rteoi. A;' -.
-, j, 16 e use ever introduced. It vVill b
ing ground. J. D. Ackerly, of our own home.rraulittle "amusements" was to beat an iptrodiiq#4 for -the, first time by thiW
way, the rambler 'tenders thankg
it is said that each acre bf pineap- old man with a raw hide whip, take enterpriziTfg firm, and, our readers
those magic bits of pasteboard so --lear
ples t at Orlando, repreFebts an his team away from him and drive to who intend 'i ;'Plant peach trees this
sef ou to the editorial heart.
[eavin- the
expenditure 'of $2,500. Thist, as the encampment with it, I (To be continued.) fall and winter, should get lull,.par-a I gains I t _$600 to $700 in open air culture. old man to follow on foot to get it ticulars. The, Pomona Nurseries also
back Shame on such doin-s. That
in our laki region. r -Those whocan--df- 0 carry in stock a complete. line 4 fndr
AGENTS--$25 to $50 per week eas
ford it can indulge in shedded plantn.- raw hide whip should have been used Y! rtrees, ornamentals and roses adap ed--tions inr'.Gentral Florida.; -those. with vigorously on tbe, shoulders of such a You work right around home. A to the lower south. CatAlogues 4ill
limited means caiico me to S r outh.Flor- 'Set of rowdies. 'The state-is disgraced brand new thing. Write to us Quick! be sent on-application. Local '1geUtS,1by such actions. You will be surprised at how easy it
ida and get as good per cent for mon wanted in every,. locality.
ey filvegted. can be done.. Send us your address
If that r one. hundred million doll anyway. It will be to your interest Wh6 can th1t,
of Some 1,,Pi,,
Write today. Ad SS
'h;d mpany to -be organized to loan moh- to investigate. Ire
tt "People's", 3941 Market St., Philadel- -Protect your Idef qv%-irisy bringgawealth.::
t- comes to I storms' I Colo- 6 r, c Wanted An Idea
r a -'c a x ii b e a he e oi the country. ey 'on farm lands comes into Florida 'Write JOHN WEDDER RX A Go- t Attor-,::1
sto: 0 for one of its,--flelds of-actiqnlit will phia, Pa.r 4t. nbyal tVasbfngton, D. C.. for their Sift pr!w offer,--y And t of two hundred Jnventions wanUNI.

Some: ~Of effb Pit fItretS~ nNwYr.

esritono um~rapan. Kismmeisn eprietbt hefllwngfowPofsorMssys et.lngae ale tao o ess
,Meighf~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8,, fa8. pd.-6t ucesbyn hh e ndep ocuigrmrs

es eogrv Cocod orboohe

Deawr An Nigr aee th sort to ,o ices hecop aspane aot-twOnw anl~ron o sipig adth fis ya~t sae.Ct ak0o
(b L-a-th,'fCued ea, ekslae tanmstofte obco heDlaar s henos~poitbl idlewre Te ams hotee
es tgn rietefutn
8~~~ ~ ~ ~ fo 0ilc rudhradntihtnig h ee 0n ou etgaergon h ofu (c Aeag, 1 iuhs.fcttat-hesasnha ee nnul-'on ea in elth othsUo sotstedoert tes0ew !s n
Width! Son lef(),1 oI2ice. d a otne~oke odtu

y, s et ppard t ay etetandwealowe t- doo, he ola0
1,Vdth oflef .b);5,6 6inces 1oTan togro atonshigl, utilhav nversprye thre.copleelyshlteing th frit.We
206rae.,with of'urd. ea, no,,fte hvig bentopedfo ar stifie tat om srt f or

evv give the nasturtium pi6per
tre-atmen't, although it WillgT0w%:a11o_ be, Tam 0 Of'10
bloona-,im.,er sort of treatment.
Three Curious Plants.:
-f The wdter has-a' bed of these fl vvers
Thiep of most, an gerous o veg- A serlesof. six eMidttly colon4 11il PWor* Aoki L
every, summe-'r.that is the envy of all
-ve, p a bel"alac-si Iles, of, the fat"Oss oftnAlls rxInted,
_e'Uitli I ut in the world are the yand :iier..- especial pride, and by lobnA. Rev. IRV
'tre&' of &ustralia the
admiratioh.",. form"""
gTapple plauti, of South rhe PeAst-yle,
'The bed, is 'dVal in shape, ten by $ize of tub Fil 4,1
a, aridthe "vegetable python" of The grand water, rp#anceof,
twenty feet-, raised to a foot in height 19 X 6 es this Wonderful dreairiland,
guardtanon either hand tbj
New, ZealanId.: in the cei it6r;, is planted in May, tatc,_ d Territories, 2,ysur-,
ThIe c nriibal tree" grows up in the
MTg lus cut,, to' th
about, the 15th, with the common red mounted byan artistic group of statuary representing Colut bu '
ape n_ A uge. pi e, n City. The Peristyle isformed by forty-eight noble coluninsnXcti!y-four on
4 _ueappl a'd at- -sent
q variety ofnastni-tium, about fourteen centr I arch, representing the States of the Union .iml-tht -te Lorips.' The C Iuinnsa ,
fains Ah6ight of eleven. feet. It has si7tya. Mgb, the width ofthe colonnade beingabout th' I f IletlieentirelengLIIISii34 t-"
eries.: bf.,, broad board I -like leaves, inche I s apart, all over the bed; two
2 G nera.-1 View froni, Colonnade
f seed iii, each place, two inches deep.
Im !Ying.dn a ringe at the apex', Ut This magnificent picture, with its: j any numarous
which forcibly brings to: mind the 0- n a month the blooms appear, and canals, banked by walls of apgarently solid marble, jsU gestsagjunpsc
fromznoW Oil until'the very hardest of of Venice, the foreground em races The South carkan On the right is
4l:American agave- and c -iirapse of kgricultaral 'Pall, at the left isfjie. str kicg
hugd t a g
frost, this bed is a mass of color, such some eastern enrance to Machinerv Hall. The column rishig
tliiese .board-like leaves,. from ten to from the west end of the-Grand Basin is noble and, impre&sive. CrCssas no other flower produces. ing both the south and north CT
i elve sinaller specimens anals are the! igra reful
This bed is in the center of a beauti- ]EIMIted bridges, thronged withthe visitors tothi;3 wcnder3us dreaailaud, andfroin flftiaen:to twenty feet in the
ful lawn 'and gets the hot sun, from number 3 Golden Entrance to Transportation Buildi WN
larger, hang to the ground, and are
nbie.o'clock in the morning un il five
asa It o for our The olor scheme oftbe Transportation buildirnz was a eouragecij ., .4
iy strong, enoug t bear the
in the evening, and it is no exaggera- artistic experiment in the midst of the snow white palace-. ltsgorgrousov
ejg 6f. a.. miali "of 140 pounds or entran e was known as the g Men doorway. Its lavish. bcuipL I
decorations and series of recessed archescom'manded the. admirado tion to: sdy it prodaces thousands of
,::.inore_ Inthe ancient times this tree of the world. It is a picture that will be preserveci for all thr-c..
flowers. As the season advances, the
was worship&d by' the. native savagflowers change color,, become variega- 4 Court of Honoi for Peiistylr 0.
es'under.the name of the "devil tree," A grand -picture fully deserving its tit e. In the foregr6 d I ii es thc lZcpublic a colo4j,
ted and of varioi-Ls shades of red. figure with arms uplifted and showing the emblems of liberty.,6 rid country. inthe.baA, :
the interesting ceremony ground is the magnificent Administration Building with its suiierb dbuie, on the right is seeWz
I fl The treatment is simple. but' hard.
being, saen ce, of one, of 'their the Manufacturers' Building, while at the left extends the graceftirllabs.of the AgriculturalPiel, tvery morning, orat least every Building.
nulInber to. -its all too,:'ready embrace.
oliter morning, all the-faded blossoms., Administration, Minin & Electrical BUildi
T, e.victimo. e s acrfficed was driven -5 9 PIZ4. 0, _. .. , , , 1 The Administration Building was a perf et dream of beauty, and was the. keystone of fill-1,
h I es"bf:the tree to th LLn d leaves; Do not allow them to the -magnificent structures which surrounded it. The apex of the superb dome wits 27 fcct
-seed, and water pro -use. y ever ni from the ground. It appears in'the center of this superb roproduction in colors, while th
j4dthp'hasta-4t the so-called "pistils Mining Build ink 7c x 50 fe tirl si7e, a, t fe
t wc see the i and left the Electricity Building
bed had barrels of water, daily
ot.1fibe nl,6 sier were touched, ., the This w ich contained the, marvellous inventions of our modern Nvizards.
From the garden hose,
to,& ther iike 4 trap, 6 Art Palace and
:fly Toward.the middle of the summer WorRs of ji" to, cm. Rai r ium lt
would ""life out of the intruder.
there will come a lull in the blossom- Lagoon
in this way the tree would hold its beffisb Americafi Tiomes Presented IN jlrt Pume",
sh ing, but it is only for two weeks, Victim, until every particle of fl7e the last of the aerie
when, lo, they -have renewed' their and a picture replete with exquisite coloring. The clouds in the sk of 7 u 1
s c d
be slowly moving over the famou palace. Many of the world's best critic onsi ed is
pple plant' is a prostrate youth and arent.At again. To-ward, structure the ze I's idf;, a of all the architectural conceptions of later thiii of e
The 4t +ft of human hands!,,. it was found the-true combination of rare beauty and, v ila I t
1), grg-w-ing in Soutb. Africa. its the end of the suiumer we get a, little
vv s, are puip'le and shaped like dilatory about pickiug, anu many It is Now the Opportunity of a ife",
110 er t' secure a set of these magnifibent lored pictures, and as the: siippl JG* -our
as seeds, will, form, j ,Lnd as many as ten 0 r off
the. Euglisli foxgio'y'e'. Its fruit It will be. withdrawn soon, As the color cpolates have been destroyed, andno me-c can i ,ik -ed
quarts were made into appetizing any price.
f( rinid tble hoo", wylp It by clinging
jAckles thae year; and as. inany more
tozany,-is conveyed to-.situaight have been made. The fanc ,
iiorls '-,Vj1ex&,its s e p May. A d, sul ta bl e Tu
67i:g wth.-Sir4olin Lub- "'aney, f nasturtiums were tried iri
c6iiditioias f 0,
this bed one year, and
b 6ek s ays ;iv has 1,vownto kill e -was an AN, T FRUIT TREES
immense mass of foliag but few FOR
flowers. For ten years I have raised
The -vegetab c, py Oil which is HIGRE5T
chis common -flower by the,,side of a, ROFIT AND PLEAS U R E
he 6lusia
huge bed of coleus, that cost me eight
fig, is the. strarip-jer of trpes 'The
to get planted, and, the nas- THE POMONA N RSERY 71,
s66ds::"oV"the "jehisla, being p:rovideil' U
;1114 ,-: ull. ",, :" ..- iurtiums have luriiished,,,the most MACCLENNY, FLOMDA. OWE rllcli s
It d very pi64sant to: the
.1 -a-p p an
ure and at no expense, except
ttqpi(pafbirds 'W'fileli feed thereon, are WIE will tell you what to plant, and
he work. HOW to plant -it.,. We, have,,
carrie trom ree'to tree And'deposit- in stock a full line of ever ingneeded in
But the flow6rsare not a matter of
4, oji the branches.- Here germina- I I I I THE CARDEN OR'-( PREPAID,
luo-h- they are and need ?RCHARD.
like babies,
tfo'n -begins. The jetay' stem slowly Peaches; Plums,; Peaka.-Persifurrions, Flgs
1: -e-ular care and ttfteution to attain Mulberries, Orauges:aact Ro4i*'- leadem.
: 0 -while the roots: flow, ?as
rises upwar
tteir full growth and hio6st perf6
i were, tb t: until the soll
on. -_Suceess- with Flowers. Mocclenny, Florida.
h'd they.
reac e Aere dnd' ,ihere
bid'n"Ch, thRDging their course accord- DRY Mlf4ELNERY STO RE.
in I e it efibit :oi any obstrucei The commer ial traveler, says the Chi- 0
tfolis m a W' 'ith.. 'Meanwhile from cago Record, tells this story.of Milligan's
th 0 .'s e ro o tlets leaf es have' first trip tothe state of.Kansas: Staltdard Seed and 'Plavtb tiql "'L ranch 1_ 9p c. ontaltzk aft that's No
, ., i, d Milligan had hea d all abc ut Kansas [Good.
been iieve pe w ic sliftig 441j a ,s Reliabl
I hi h 'While pu and prohibition. Ile didn't drink, but,
th6i.nselv e s'ilirough thip, c' opy above like, 'every other man, he wondered if he
0 an ne pab cet 6ither Wonderful BranchiIi
Would bd able-to get a drink, provided, of
gef into the light, and enormlo"Usf bourse, that he v ahted one-which he TH E G U UD E '4ng Aster, New Japan Hornin9
accelerate their' growth. Now a:metal: ,idn't, as I have said Qlor or Fansy ChoAce'Inixed. for
"Well, he was'ridfpg on t 6 trai and'Your Q i Two ackpis 25e_,t1ireepoCckets8Oe_ Full
mor h' takes-place! For
osis the hitb- they'd been in Kansas about a halfhour, It pr qe 45 6ts.
when the train reached, CoultereA s8ft aerial r6ols begin to harden Junction.
.1 q _., _.. 11 1 7. It had to stop there to change engines, Vick's Illustrated Montlily Magazine which tells,
and spread wider and wider, throwing ana;Milllgan got out and walked up and how to grow Plants, Fl6wers and Vegetables, and, is'Zp
down the platform, sizing up the town.
out s)de branches, which flow into and it was the first -prohibition town' he'd to date on these subje is, for 3 months, the Guide =4.
4 i t 11 vvith each.,other until the ever seen.
amagama e v
A- fellow with a suit of olv-e' One packet of Seeds- (named abo e).for 25 ceij ,
wh6 6 tr e trunk I is bound in, a series sLanding on the platform. Mi Iligan went up to him and said: "This is Kansas, Every Person sen4,mg, an Order. as, above 17M ro
of eg ilar living hoops., From this a, t it?" mve a, OMIXM
8n if i a: str Liggl e of life and .'Right you are,' this fellow says. good for 50 tents", worth of Geodi.
"Prohibition Kansas?"
dq,4th!7)36twee'n :the. forest giant and "Yes,' this fellow says., When ordering state where you saw this: adv. and we will send a packet'of
7 olice
th "Couldn't 'get. a drink here, I sup- Ch Floiver Seeds frbea
e entwining clusia. Like an athlete
tree tries to, expand and burst fto "Do you want a drink?''
"No, but I just wonderedif I could get JAMES VICK'S SONS, ROCHESTER,
,171e tters pausilig the bark to bulge be-, one in case I did want it.'
iliterlaciiig bu succe' "Say, cemo here.' The fellowled Mill"
e6n every t
I w "
gan up to the end of the platfor here
freedom are-not.f6r the captive they could see along the -main street of
tr ee, 'f the inonster clusia has made the to .......
or "He sa h: 'Do you see that
vvn s t"
its bandil' 'very Rumerous and wide.- iwo-story bui di4E ;about two blocks
To all: new, ffubac ers sending one doHar or *t**
Not allowed, expansion,. the tr ee mon down ht re-thui,,*hite one with the fancy years subscilptlon t:6-thiv PINBAPPLO 6fre leholeo*',
anyor the following:
and dies, and the strangl r is! ':Yes,, Says milligAn,,'I see it." 7
'An&'rlght'ac.res9 fr it,' this fellow Isoon expanded into a great bush, al-. ays, 1,jE d.low-kind ofombuildin' with a 0, Q i0iF THE WORLDS FAIR.
wifiddwL'In'the 6ide of it,' RetO ialno one doll r eooh.' Mrikeyour selection and
yips .as larke as the mass of, brauebes _11well.' says ',this fellow, t'hat low -and PINF,2 f 1 11 '1 send your'licillar at orim I be Itill set of six
and foliage.. it h as effaced. It'is- truly building Is a millinery store. That's the AP LE twoXmrs for This offerjti good to:"bj _,
dyiii th,. world of vegetati only place in town: where yuc, can get adrink.'
'a -T,

young, woman who ponsecrates her :Firuit(froweris Malke Money.
useftM spare time I to improving F ruit, a
herself in the READ
harmonioug combination of colors, be- Can't afford to be.with on t -it. The Great
Monthly which helps, F-rvJt Growers to make,
What to Bat. romes so expert in the selection of and feathers and in thetying
Aiim,,, excellent, sauce to ser've with of bows, etc., that she is soon a favor- Dun1dirk, N.Y. ONLY 25 CENTS
kl-meat is made from g -ated horse- ite with customers' and indispensable SArIPLE FREE, Embraceg For a trial yes r. P tage stamps I nken. Ad1 Monthly Grape Belt. OB
',,the yolk ofan egg and whip- ;50 cts. per year. dress rRUtT,.DvnkJrk, N. Y.
to her employers. Caroli ne Herschel,
py i .creain. Squeeze ev ry particle
distinguished as singer, mathematical
vinegar'from tlii66 tablespoonfuls r, won her More money ta te.i aerts than in 100 acres in- ordi nary crop
'0 liorse calculator and astronome Japan Chestnuts. also pay larg 11,com '.
j-Z;e radish, and mix thoroug CoBt small,, compare
well-merited claims to genious
ly -vqth',Lhe'yplk. of an, eki and a half :pla n t with inco ae, which is auuurL1 and sure Sen4 for Fact in aTjut
through her indomitable Will and perteaspoonful -of salt sbe I to
kcld six table
sistent effort. Being the 'youngest
fipuo6616,of whipped' t_',ream and mix THE TEXAS PECAN& SEED, 0
child and f1fth daughter, her mothe
er v b A -a sm ih dish by it- FORT WORTH TEXAS.
did not care to have her intellect
put:on a platter w'ith cold
or trained beyond the sphere of domestic
jtkeatarpoultry, arranging the slices
and household duties; so she prepared
abb Lit it witha border of parsley.
Ineals, waited at table, did needle Q
-Itice, and cheese & d very good with
work and knitting, and her education
roast.beef., They are cooked in much
was secured in stolen half hours when Fruits and-'Plants for Florida
4 'ne, way. as we, commonly preshe could escape from the imperative 0,Spja r e inaccaroilland cheese. Boil the
0 1, -, duties of the day..
rice until' tender in salted water, This is. an age of specialists; the Our Nursery produ(tts have been. fully and Hatisfactorily tested in Florida diIrling the past
pluLLin.a baking dish .29 years. and patrouag, steadily increased. The stock for winter and Hpriiig delivery is up
world, has, use for specialists. tothe usual high stundard. Young, thriftv and no old rubbish. JopLiii I himH. Oriental
alf,6rnate. layers- of 'rice an d grated Pears, Peaclies of itew Florida sorts, Figs, Graops, D warf 1)6o grown OraDK,343,8mall fruits,
We have not all the same opportu- etc. AmoDg economic trees we offer Aberia Caffra or Kei Apple, Tree Tomato, Tallow Tree,
cheese.,. The layers of cheese should 16000 pot grown Oamphor,10,000 Grevillea Hoventa, Palms. Roses ibudded on tbeiT own
not be 'more thin a sprinkling sea- alty for development, but we can con- r ots), Evergreerts, Greenhouse plants, 50,000 Citrus Trifollata. Catio6gbes 'free. No secrate the trusts committed to us to agents. Address sb vd with m salt and a little b itter;
the service of Almighty God.
'coyer ;.With, sweet milk, sprin kle with
ti-he!."bioad crumbs and brown.- P. J. BERCKMANS, rruitla 9 d Nurseries, Augusta Ga.
Le' der. Shirt. Waists. 7
The shirt waist has proven a boon
Our Purpose. to the women of Florida and its popu- 1882 15 YEARS ESTABLISKtD 1897
Ho w few" of' us ever stop to analyze larity is attested by a sight at the
oarselVe-s.- It may surprise us to stop- women, for 99 per .cent. will be seeii
and-: r ead the following bit of good wearing them. How to keep them THE CLEN ST." M ARY NURSERY CON
r( Ad ing' take n1rom an exchange: looldng nicely Where there is no lauiiy-'the most miserable lif -where the pocketbook does not
,Jlrobabl in e of dry or
filch we,,'have an"y'.conception is the permit of the shirts going away from:
In our own orchards weve tested a
life d6v64"of'purpose, aimless, drag- home, is a question that puzzles many. great many varieties. Some of thern
g a-. Weary. dawdling existence from The Savannah TTews helps them out we've discarded as worthless;. some of
them we find to be valuable. Our handP: bli- in-desire, ani by givingthe, following advice: some illustrated 65 page.catalogue gives
day, I day., fe'6. mated
you the information that has cost us a, b' n "After washing in warm suds and
) 4ker'mme 8 or and inspired The g e at deal of time, and a great deal of
by ojl; igh t: stai of hope. dryingit, make your starch in a quart learn.
Pioneer Nurseriers
We--4e6ehtly read of. three young yf -water. Thick cambric blouses In addition to our large Florida and
Golf Coast trade, we ship extensively to
ve S, 'over.- whom the vapor of extreme should only be starched at the collar of other countries. We sold o- er $1,000.00
'Ae,, had, s6ttled;:. on -sigl).e d-for and ..cuffs and down the front hem worth of trees last year to one man in
las si tii a M e x1c o
ker County If you, want
wleAi h dAd' 'Vp t f 'th noid6ter- To the stareb.,should be added'half FRUIT TREES FOR SOUTHERN
_,' jiiijiedeff6A towardthe.attainmerd of a teaspoon of gum arabic dissolved in Florida. PLANTING
e b bart;' desire;'.an6ther sighed for water with a little borax. Wring the an furnish the best trees of tile best
friends.talove and:cherish her, while shirt dry out of the rinsing water and varieties, free frona insects, and guaran, : % 9 I .. 9 1 I I I teed.true to name. Correspondence solicown life -Was so warped, narrow hold it by the back of th:e neck. ited. Catalogue free.
an(] selfish tha:t it 'could not yield the Gather up collar, cuffs And front hem
16vijig se vice that the and work in the starch, After which
t, 7 _C y ry
; ffecdon of those about her; the third wring these parts hr a towel and rub Ilen St. Iar N rse Co'
lon.ged for.soinething to long for!, All thoroughly; roll up tightly and leave
three s ur : r o I nded by-varied. blessings, the- for half an blour, at the end Of G, L. TAB E R, President', GLEN ST. MARY,
f. Jy' luxuriating in the sunshine of Which they are ready for ironing. In air A, H, MANVILLE, Secretary. FLORIDA.
God's goo'dI'les S, a 9 nd yet failing to find the case of ginghams or any half
tl,-e scciei ota-liappy life-the posses- transparent material dip the entire
s T of a resolute' purpose, whereby. shirt into hot starch and wring it be IF
W 6 n i ay. exp, T e ss the laudable desilre to tween a, towel. Two tablespoonfuls of
live f6 s -6 -met ing, to "'be a he ro in raw starch into a quart. of boiling wath e A Obie purpose measures ter with a dish of giiin arabic, form M EANS
the strength of our desire, and enables the fIroper thickness. Use, the starch ERFE N
us .i 6 concentrate our forces, and mass as hot as possible, and when the shirt
-A iem' '4n their Attack upon' a given is wrung dry, clap it between the
point. hands until it. is tboroughly cleared WHEN APPUED TO
Iniensit9y pf purpose alsogiv'es uni- of the starch. It must then be ironed
ard consistency to' our characters, as quickly-as possible.
d that wea-re not driven hither and "Select the oldest, smoothest and
&Aer u ed up on the restless cleanest iron you can find, polish it
wave., virtue of our light- well with a wax cloth and te9t the
ness, nor: carried about at the pleas- beat of it with a piece of white paper
::ure-of every capriciouswh2d. of fancy. before beginning to iron. First the Pronounced by Experts ihe Standard of' the World. 4'-, elebrated. writer lids said that yoke, then the collar, inside and out- Ask your dealer for WINCHESTER make of CUP or
re, ttlrless is not attained :Vy an occas- side, then the back, and last of all, Ammunition andtake no other.
V0;1__f4Ohg flight but by short flights the sieeves and cuffs. A shirt board FREE:--Our now Illustrated. Catalogue
direction'oft repeated. TO and -a sleeve board are very helpful WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO., Now Haven,
:-e flights requires courage, and, indeed, the latter is a necessity. V ei ra nc6,iDd.ustiy and consecra- Ave
It should be hall an inch thick
ol. 9 talent in a given direction. A inches -wide'and graduated so that it
woman, a: queens- may At any sleeve. This should be
vvare store. used her- leisure moments cove-red all over with flannel and
iii, I p suing 'a -course of study upon again covered all overwith white mus- FOR
Ja china, keeping herself lin, sew
Ire and -89T
g ed on firmly. When the sleeve
ffie-Aable -until,_by intelligent applica- fingers and hang the shirt up to'dry. The BEST SEEDS that.GrOWI
info rin 6 d as to the appointments of is ironed, stroke the- gathers with the B Hundreds of illasftations -'remarkable Novelties, pain" from natnm It Is known as

tj6ni.tb her buRsiness, she'became. the If, these directions are. followed,. the 'The Leading'. Ame lean Seed Catsiogne.- "-Xafled FREE tolsw
9 eemployein, a large
ing.s. yauaw store'.
shirt will. look as- well as if sent to an W. ATLEE BUR.PEE;& CO., PHILAD.ELP PA'
a 9 millinery, establishment, _: e expensive laundress."

ory, but. what I have done myself and
ncu re persua ed others to do who have found
-the practice the correct thing.
Iegume growing is the key to prosperGxeeia Xanuring. ity in the south, and the practice of applying the cheaper forms of plant food to
.Our northern friends. lay great stress
-the plowing under of green crops legumes is the key to success in getttng them to do. their full duty for' ug. The
h as clover as.a mean
.:sue for the Im- bigger the growth of peas you can get on
provemertt -of the land, and many people your land, the bigger t I e crops that fol- -P
have been m1sled in the south by. these
rite -lows. But never plow them under green.
w rs into supposing that the same
-The Southern Ruralist.
practle6s'will beof value in the south. It
li: well'known to all' the readers of farm Insect and Other Friends.
,paperbthat the writer has, in season and
*ut of seasoD insisted upon the great ne- The common wasp, dirt-dauber, yelcessity for the restoration to our worn low jacket, hornet, etc., are the best
zoils of the humus or vegetable matter friends of the tobacco _grower. I have
that they have been deprived of by our
course'of Improvident culture. estimated that one red wasp would
earn.fifteen cents daily in a tobacdo
A soll, particularly a sandy soil, thaf is
ar'r ve patch. care
en of vegetable matter, will not gi By all means foster and
the samae: results, from, the use of com- for them, but do not trust them to
mercial %'feitill ;ers :as one abounding In takeall the worms Off, You must imlaumus-.wlU. It behooves the southern
cultivator, then, to consider carefully itate th e early bird, and catch the worm FOR SALE OR TO LET. less than' cost of construction. Or
before the moon sun arives him to The Welcome Inn, at Pabor Lake, how he. can best restore the exhausted will be rented, unfurnished, on., 9
humus and thus bring up the productive a hiding place. I have learned not to Fla., will be sold on reasonable terms, time art low rental. 'Address. 'E.,
Capacity of his land. We have Said that use torch fires at night to. destroy 11 monthly payments, if desired, at Pabor, Colony Manager, _0.
Some of.Lour. -southern friends have been
inoth, as more of our friends than
rhisled by the writings of northern men enemies may be destroyed thereby.
into -Supposing that the same practices
p revall'th6re can be L Used In the LWere it not for our friends among
WANTED.-$500. aDee of from 1,000 to $1,500. bt
sout.h,. L and L Many to their sorrow have the insects, birds, toads, etc., -we lot L s in the center of th
crops, e town of Patried the plowing under of green would have no crops often. But there t
only to 111fid that -the result in a sandy To pay OJT a balance due on tt Mor :bor Lake go witli the property, which
are more that be for us than against
soil -and warMLeIimate isdamaging in- gage of the above property, thir 'will be lInproved with shrubber
ste ad'of benefiCial., Now, we wish to say us- We- must. learn -who are our- -percent luterer e e as we Lt e
amount, at 10 trees, etc. Title p rf ct h -that we don't believe in green manuring friends and cultivate their acquaint- 0 af6r'L
wanted for two or more years by the 'Land abstract that p:e veo it. X N S's it understood In the north; and we ance, not make war upon them. Be- dersigned. The building ir, only loan cou L d be made. For furt I h I r pttr L
.have always-wafned ourfriends against
_1L, I -:L L t-' Llin RL L sides those cited above I -Will intro- inSUr_ tiCUI WML E L Pabor.
thb L practIce: ven. a northern CH-L two years old and wilL carry an ars, address
duce to the gTower more of the eneand on the clay soils where the
mies of the horned worm. One is a
originated, We do not think the r
tions. They put in eight acres, and the States government to p epare a ,bu!-, plowing under of green crops -in the steel-colored fly, (Ichneumon) little t
"height of summer is the best we- cando green, broad leaved plants have been letin on tobacco culture in Suina raj,:
larger than the house-fly, which de- I I I I I I :
for our lands. the- admiration of all -who have seen 'which he has agreed to do, and 'Will
1 1. g.'', Of posits its eggs in-Ahe back of the
In. Ae grp*Lin leguminous plants them. it about three month&,
worm, causing the worin's death, and out
for the Improvement. of thesoll it is well "What fertilizer, d d you use?" has Itwill contain ab 20 0 words,
known that the benefit to the soll comes the production of a new brood of flies been a regular query by the visitors, and will treat f h
I a rgel y fro in th e fixation of nitrogen in of the history 6 t e
to prey on other worms. The niock- L I 1 8 L..,
the. land- tbr6ugh of the root and they marvelled when told that : cultivation of tobacco in Unlatra,,,ing bird, the sparrow and some other
microbes, and that work Is not clone none was Used on the crop. When the touching on: the particulars QfL: te]aJ7,
birds, domestic, fowls, toads, blizzard,
In theLi of, -the plant's celery was planted, a good allowance porature,, ra d
gr owth, but as'lt-matures. If, -then, we etc.,' are-our very good friends in the of fertilizer was distributed broadcast L SUltS on the diff
Cut ShL erent estates the plant is.doing.for war against insects. Toads are esover the land, but none has since been island' It distilb-dtedby L US Lwhen it is less,-tban: half done, and pecially valuable' as they work at wl e
bury the whole 'In the soil, we.not only applied. -department. Mr: Mulder says-thathiS
night when the sly eut-worm comes
run the imminent. risk of souring. the The experts who have visited the seed-beds at Yhland, Clay Conn y-Out to Cut Off L the plants. It would L land but we lose what the plant would
L farm, and there have been many, pro- are in fine condiiion, and be'expec w,
have done L for us hadwe allowed it to pay to offer the boys a price for every
com pl I et I e its -growtli. Then, too, we do toad they will bring you, then turn claim the crop to be extraofdinarily to begin' setting the plants- -in, About'LA
n Qt L gf,
't the amount of humus we would fine, and predict that an average of ten days. He anticipates great Sue_,
the toads loose in the tobacco patch, h" gotten from the full growth. So
L; 1. -. d L Ducks are also destructive, to cut- 1,000 pounds will be gathered from ev- cess in the -use of S-uiiaatrla tobacco,
we W0141 L not use the term green ma- ery acre. The leaves are all well Plorida.-Citizen.
it is4fiisleading to Inex- worms, as they sometimes dig them
per (I LL I ators. Use, the leguiui- out. There is also a slender gTeen rounded and have escaped the ravages of the -worms which generally perfor- Tobacco Chflture Now.
S -forL.-the restoration of the anthus uiveus), about an
cricket, (Oec 6
s by all:m I cans' since through their ate the leaves. -A few years agoLthe region of 8 uth,
I inewhat a
nch -long, resembling so Florida, says the Jacksonville 3let 9p
S.W p- you caii get the needed vegetabl On each acre there are 14,000 plants
m6;tter. in the soil more cheaply than in green grasshopper, but more slender, and twelve leaves will be gathered Oils, was one vast orange grove. 'Th6l any, other manner, but let the legumes which, being more carnivorous than
-me and swept aw
from every plant on the-first cutting. cold weather ca L ay:
(IQ they can for you bLeforeL YOU Plow herbivorous, feed largely on larvae tfi-. I On the second cutting there will not the' beautiful and profitable trees.
em un er and never plow ,them under and moth eggs, and though like some Ceo L f
'ft 'i hc& eather. leaves cut. Besides Now that section is a toba ar
n -W be quite so many
or C other of our friends they take a chew
sout hern field ow pea is the r cut- and it promises to be more remunera-gran dest Lo A 1 11. legumes L for the south, Of tobacco occasionally, they pay well the eight acres are now ready fo is UQ L'
d 'L -is L ting. the Neylands are preparing to tive than orange growing. It
an IfL it allowed to get perfectly ma- for it by their valuable serviceswed to I ll L e L on the land noih- put in two acres for a summer crop. packing houses that we Once L hear So
ture- afi.d allo Florida Experiment Station Bulletin.
Ing all much about being constructed, but to..,,:..
bu't gO6d:WJII come from plowing It For the fall crop they have rilade
31nder; but doL not let any green manufe, arrangements to plant twelve acres, bacco houses to prepare the leaf.foi,
en L th L s I ia I at,: wh I o never gr I w crops In his Tobacco Farm in East Tampa.
and expect to make this one of. their market. It is said that where there, Is life, per uade you to Sacrifice the pea: The model truck farm of J, H. Ney- 11 there is a way, and this seeMS :",L,.
crop,. and at the same time run, the risk land & Sons on the eastern borders of
of -doing Serious damage I to your, land b On their main field, to the right of to be true of Florida. If they ea 11't
Y this city is the scene of unusual activ- have one crop they can another. The,
plowing them under'green. the rock road, they have just er ected
111L no WayL canL YOU .better start the ity today, the occasion being the cut--L LLL tlngL of a barn 32x72 feet, in whichthe crop, soil yields bountifully, and the year','
development: of the productive' powers the, tobacco crop which has
of' exhausted land than by growing- Cow will Ze stored. A force of Cuban ex- 1897 is going to prove. a successf-dr one.
L grown vvitb such fine promise upon
peas 04 ItLL for the purpose Of L PI rs. Mi ch 0f:theL,
perts began the cutting this morning, to the tobacco gTowe owing the, rich and well cultivated acres. JIL
thein under, and nowhere will the coin- and will manipulate the crop until it'tobacco, it is asserted, wi prove. tb,6.'
m r cJal, fertilizers. pay you When the agitation of tobacco culL better than is completely cured and ready for the equal to that heretofore IMP91u,- ,
an his same' ea crop, for on Ah' veai ture was attracting widespread inter- !f
market. roin Cuba, In fact, many of the. na7-you can use only the cheapei forms'Of est in this state, the Neylands, with a
Mineral fertilizers JnL the shape of n.cid A haJ acre of ground is now'being' tives of that island are now enga&4-1
view of usingevery moment of the
phosphate and pOta-9h, and mus enable covered with prepared sheeting, and 1. in the culture of the plant ine the, L
the peas to use more rLitrogen and to season in productive crops, decided beneath this a patch of tobacco will sOutberncounties of this state. 1 leave more fixed In the soil. Then, If the that it would be a good, idea for them e.6 L
be planted. This will be an experi- Calamities, come and calamiti go,:
growth IS Lto be plowed under-whan ma.- to Use the'idle period of their lands
tre, the greater the growth you can get, ment to protect the plants from the but the resources of Florida go on for-m: ,
in tobacco growing. According to tin USC01 X:7
the larger the amount of humus you can these plaus they put in a seed bed of ben g-raiDs and from the insects 6ver,'and a set-back does not;C
get -into the land., The phosphoric acid which deposit their eggs from whence age other efforts Ao. retrieve
and potash will not get away from you, Vuelta Abajo tobacco seed, and as the damaging -worms proceed. This We should be, if we are not, a-h ppy L-1' are there to help th-i succeeding crop soon as they would gather the celery
a nd YOU w L III find that the fertilizer op- experiment will be watched with con- people when there are so many
from an acre they would at once. re- erable interest.L--Tampa Tim". tunities to be
piled to the pe" will give you better m- sid appilyLpremit6&L
turns in the sale crop following than If it Set Lit with young tobacco plants.
had been applied. dfrectly to L1113 Sale They began the process of trans- Tobacco Publication. Mice are fond of music; m th!,6 1-',
crop. This, as I have for years Insisted, planting on March 19th, and the crop: Mr. E. Mudder, lately -from Suma- -fact induced -a madbiiist -in
Is the true way to build up our Aands by 1. 1 r 19(!S,
has been coming on beautifftlly, sur- tra'has been requested by the agi7i- I Belgiuin-to, Construct witbL a
feeding IlberdUy the Crop that feed.,j'tbe
soil. I aint not writing from inerp -the-] passing their most sanguiife expecta- c141-tural department of the UnitedL music-box attachinent.