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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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thirty bunches of fruit Of fine quality Delaware or Herbemont begins it) and as these lines are done I an on Topic although the bunches were somewhat turn dark they have to be protected to take'thein in.-^^^^ 'crowded and consequently did not to save them.-C. P. Russell in Florida But I wont look o h eo
n rps ripen as evenlyas we could wish. Agriculturist. orange. trees or grape vinesfoa
o a aI.haebenable to learn Last winter I- cut it back to three ;stray fruit, not just at preet
from-,redingthe agrcltural papers buds and tied it to a post seven feet The Guitra, as a n all Around Fruit. No, I'll go poking around h OfFl~td fr e yaror from per- high, and now there are over fif ty Hvn aspr moet odyguava bush and I1 wont get dsp
-,soa~l obervtio, te European bunobes of grapes -on the vine. The thought I would write a line to an old' pointed either. So don't forgeth it ea a not been suc- bunches do Dot average as large as friend. gaa o sa l-on r
cessull. rise he etleast in Mid-: last year, neither are they crowded, In these days of tobacco, pineapple. hard to beat.-B. M. Eampton in lr
die r Soth Fori ar M. DuBois, in which laitter fact I cannot account and orange, what has become of the ida Agriculturist.
papr ea 'bfoe he American for. I expect. some very nice fruit good old gav'a? .
y esa infrom this vine in July. I have a Con- I just wish to say a word about Cultivation of Peaches.
i87& ao o utichev's place- cord and a Delaware, both grafted on thsms-sflfruit. The guava as Drn h is he er
thB- y smfiethe Norton Virginia and both do an all-round fruit is hard to beat, orchard, says D. H. Watson,, inFam
Hmugadmuch better than on their own roots, and to all newveomers let me say to and Ranch, it should be thorogl Chseagoigi he. opent air, but thyhv-o aesc hnm don't fail to plant this fruit. cultivated all through 'the
,have hear enal growth as the Hamburg. But then, dear edito-r, you known su er Do' stp.
from he Bron t mr be supposed I have a vine of the Rogers No.1 or and I know that there are guavas and weather; trees need frequent strrn
hehs'et hsce tohimself. Goethe' which is several years old. It guavas, just as there are many other o h olmr ndywah
Fron:t~h_,e7firt'setlement b f has 'grown under unfavorable cir- varieties of fruit* io ..f th i oikis wtirre tha
pm4trances- bute has ,eighty blunches. '90 *e,
wa h idof- grapes on it now. It never had th6ach one has thest/Yuo the tees er in0,Ufft
6 wiewsset 'a full bunch, however. If, it the' ~t land know what a differ- After cult Jiv4
mad-foin,,atle raes i Florida. would do that I should prize it more, ,ence dte is in Apples, some not fit begin a litt e-6 i he ani d Euroean erieies ere im ortedthan anyf vine in the yard as it hass to e andro -others allmost too, good. cease earlier in the fall, but thesi l n iearssti everal of th sc eiiu lao.Ti rp And it is just so with g-uavas. You should be stirred frequently drn
Saebi.nne of-the for-, you will, remember is a hybrid be- may all laugh and intimate that the tesrn n umr s
6iga.,~areti hve seeded on the tween the vitis vinifera and 'vitis old ma ssmwat antiquated and important is i t to stir the s jBP.1 et ou'arooedcutting: of a. the Herbemont grape in a heavy too big-for him, aud. that his suspend- summer. In a large orchardthsi Blak 'ambrg irae and for three lawn of St. .Augustine grass which ers are twisted a few more times than sometimes impossible, for we sm ye st aItnto I bears a 'full crop every year. I1 cut fashion demands, to say nothing seasons get so much rain inz un
' -:,"w hw, ut t iaeno' growth to, them w ell back every winter iaud about a possibility of hay~seed in his that the grass and weeds will. gtsc
spek,,of.It~oul ru up thrTee or, train them to posts, There is no bet- hair, when he says open and above a start that wve cannot clean th1 r four fee eah yer bt did ndt in-, ter -rape than this to make a little board that the guava as an all-round chard -with the proper impleme:is e
in.dimetr o ny visible ex .Wine for the stomach's sake, or for fruit is hard to beat. You may sing fore the ground becomes hard. n
tent. n te srin of1894 I 'sawed the housewife to make jelly, and if of peace .hes, pines.and oranges, they. der, such circumstances I prefrt OR thift NotonVirginia vine. they are kept from the birds until are all good, and I would ot be with- cease cultivation and use -amng Andgratedin he amburg'. The they are thoroughly ripe they make out them. by any means; I 4.he gua- machine, letting 'the grass andwed
-itone ndgrew wonder- a good table grape, especially for va stasrih with US.' has its rot on the ground in the orehard
full fat. hre inhes from the those who like~sometbing a little tart. season it is true, like the _i thers, but After the second year I would -ee 2a in' stockitTe ereotws oudnth that season lasts more or less all the again use a turning .plow in a r
blosome an tbre rew and ma- woods in Warren county, Ga., and year' round. Peaches, pines and! chard or cultivate very deep. Tung
turd abunh o grpesthat weighed: first cultivated in 1800. It Is the onges I have. had and will Soox plows- tear up and destroy too mn ,.tre~fortF1of a oud after I had opinion of some vintners that this have again; but the guava, ive have, roots, and are often an absolute piced ut biry-fve rapes to give, vine originally came froin France and in abundance all the summer till Jan-. jury. I prefer to cultivate shlo roo fo: fie est Te inine made that it belongs to the pineau class of nary the n a. few most every day in: with a cultivator like Planet jr.,o tha yara gowh as and west of grapes. the week the rest of the season. shovel or dise harrow. I pee
ia erlyorqute ft fet. I showed! I have a- souppe-rnong vine whose Fb. r preserving, canning, drying or. Clark's Cutaway Dise harrow t n
ithtfitoM.W. S3. Hart, of trunk is three-or four inches through, for jelly they havn eulanthnimlenIhvevrusdn
Hawk Pak. e -cknwledged it a and which has borne several bushele they don't need so much care as the chard. The Aeme harrow does ie
g~~~vt~ ~ nuist u a o faith in of fruit each year for some years, but other fruit. Plant, them, give them n work when. the soil is dry andloe if fuure le houhtit would die. not realizing when I set it out how, little fertilizer, more the better, as, With either of these harrows o.eca
bcadneeamutto-much. Tii, much room- it needed, it became in withl everything else that we growwr enar rhadbt
thouhth hewy n ls Dcmber I trans- and you Will have fruit. Should the oeadahl rtodyt
1 :Hrn n.stsvrlbunches of planted it to a place where it has freeze comb and cut them to thealn n owoka rhr
fut ;ttefutddnot do well sufficient room to spread itself, cut- grou-nd,don't worry, they will sonbe atrariadfeunl
an. n hefllan wner one-half of fing the top'back to about- eight feet up again and have more fruit on thaA lywahr
e'vine ied an I hoght Mr. Hart in diameter. This spring is has come ever.
Ta s riht-i hi srmse. I cut off out and is making a splendid growth Don't be too hasty and say yott A bill has been introducedWthy al f te oherhalf leaving ,ind quite a lot of blossoms. The don't, like th~m, it might be you have Florida legislature providing
Zoriiifieebus o.-te. branches of, top, knot woodpeckers- carried off never eaten a really good one, for appropriation to test somne)6ys
heN yersgotand during the some of the fruit last year, the -first there aesm as fine as silk, n utido rvnigra.T
w1Dte. fdsprnggye it several time I h'ave-noticed.-that this fruit' others, whew! don't-mention them, is not yet 'a lai, andpo4l
pou s ppt~si'.Tn1896, it made w',a8 eaten %by birds., I leave My Ni- and that puts me in mind, I know of will. be. .,The. legislatos 'have not'l ne'T., w d d, there were bigaftasj uncovered,. but as soon as -aA few that will fill the. bill at nriesn to- investi!ate.

lave carried this question to- some bon" oranges were duetoo this circum- anges of India (our King) and China orticulturc length, for, according to this defini- stance." mandarins are'varletles and the sweet-,
tion of a species, the-citrus fa nlly Galles o himself confesses, "I do not early-ripening Suntaxa; oranges-, of Nomenclature Report. would be a'species headed by the cit Imow,-indeed, of any writer oragri in
India, so "ething like Tangerines, the
Annual-Reportof ttie Xomenciature Coin- ron- (Citrus Medica), -which is de- culturist who has spoken of the sweet type of the Mandarin proper Gallesio
.1ttee read before'the Florida State B orticulLuralSoAety by E. S. Rubbard, chuirman. scended from the wild, unediffile; but aDge as the mother species capable rusAurantium Sinense fo Gallesioand sweet-odored, fingeredcitro u, and of orf perpetuating.and reproducing it- cultivated in the Pbillipines, and that Mr. President and members of the
wh:ich species oraD-es, lemons, cit-, self f eed." Ferraiis, writing in the Chinese ca
-rom. rried large, quantities
Florida State Horticultural Society. 0
rons, pomelos, etc., would be varieties 1646, was aware that ,weet oranges to Manilla, while Rumphius says "The
-rhe nomenclature committee be- and the named individuals sub-varle- come true. to se ed in China 'and the Chinese in their own count have'
liev&s the time has arrived for this soties. Phillipines but counselled grafting to very elgant round oranges of the secciety to align itself with This would certainly be a simp'le correct, this defect in the orange trees ond variety, which- are smaller thau, tanical.a.ndhorticultural progress and arran-eineiltand justifiable by the of -Europe. In fact, it- took several the common kind. These they prewe Will preface the deductions drawn historical and morphological evidence. cen turi s of I grafting the sweet or I serve whole in sugar, by Tnnkiiag,.
regai-ding the systematic classificaof the primary members of the fam ange hybrids to fix the type sufficient- fissures in thi ,m, and flattening them,
tion of cit rus quoting from ily, but the c itrus hybrids and crosses ly for them to come true to, seed, and into the form of large discs. In these the preface and presa commentA on have in a marked degree theproperty it was not till the frost of 1709 de- little or no bitterness can be detected. Britton and Browns "Illustrated Flora of breeding true to type after I a few stroyed all the orange trees at Finale They fill jars with them and exporr of the northern United States" which
generations of selective, propagation, on the Riviera in Liguria, a short dis- them to other place z. The is founded on Engler 'and Prantl's I andalthoughwe may sympaAize with ta-nce west of Genoa, that some of the Chinese also send these same oranges,
','Natural Plant: Families," "a work the ambition of botanists to gain rep- neglected stocks.were found to pro- wholly, dry, wrapped in paper, to which represents. more nearly than station by discovering and naming duce sweet orankes. I can say from -other countries." I saw in the Slamany other single work -the new species of plants, yet this prac- my o
wn experience that the seed of ase exhibit at the Columbian' Expoel,matured convictions of, systemat- fice, in the citrus especially, in the good bitter sweets 'produce sour or- tion. several jars of mandarin oranges, ists respecting the course of early days of systematic botany, pro- anges. In 1718 the grandfather of Ku mquats, etc., preserved in thick
-preface declares that "The nineteenth usion which even Gat
duced a. conf Gallesio planted a great number of half-crystalized syrup in glass jars,
centary. closes with the almost.unan- lesio, owing to his having experience orange tres at Finale which fortu- but none o I f the European type of der of nature is an order of evoluton
1, the main only with the citron- nately escaped the freezes during the China oranges preserved in this manimous scientific judgment that tbeor- lime hybrids, was not able to wholly century, even the "murderous- freeze" ner. ahd development."... clear up. He considered the citrus of 1763, until 1782, when they were This clas of oranges moved 'West.
Mr. President-I]m:iiaent citricul- divided into -four species, the citrou, frozen to the stumps, Gallesio says frolu'Southern China and 300 years, tourists, among whom I, may men- -the lem on, the sweet'orange, and the further, "Cut close to the earth, they ago were little kDown in India. Donation Rev. L man Phelps and Mr. sour orange, but as he did not have grew in the spring vigorously, and, via says, "Ifthis type of orange were 'E.:H. Hart before the freeze of 1895 and was not able topropagate the the sprouts known to be fre e wt-i e obtainable on the western coast of I had probably fruited and studied pomelos and Citrus Nobills, families raised without being grafted. Unfor- dia atthe time that the Arabs took larger collection of.citrus fruits for he did not include them with nor ree- -tunately, a large number perished by from there the Seville (131-arade)_ orlouger.periods than any other or., ii-e ognize their influence on his Euro- -hey would probathe frost of 1799, yet several stalks auge further west
growers in this state, and the theorieg peau species. escaped and each of them yielded in bly also have taken it, although the
We hold'regarding the evolution --of 1SO6 as many as 3,000 oranges.."
He discovered historically that the Seville orange is. perbnps one of the
Ahe edible citrus a re well known, hav7, citron was known several centuries Gallesio lists ei-ht varieties of or- hardiest known varieties. If it -were ingbeen, discussed -both in the horti- before Christ that the Arabs ac- anges: First, the type, or Portugal easily obtainable in China or elsecirltural press of this state and before orange. The China orange. where, at the time the
quired the sour or Bigarade orange in Second
.:this society, but liefore -we consider the ninth century, that lemons appear-, Third, the red fruited orange. Fourth, troduced C. Auvantlum Sinense into thd ecific clasgification of citrus the dwarf sweet, frulted )rango. Fifth, Portugal, they would -probably bav
Sp ed in the twelfth century and sweet
jruits.thatthis com ittee deem need, oranges about the middle of the fil- the Olive-sbaped oran-e- Si-- th, the introduced this also." He also calls attention we will Iiresent s.we of tb e teentli century, or before Vas-co De dbu lc-flowered orange. Seventh, the attention to. the fact that it was but :views noW held. re^dSg the arbl- Gama around the Cape of Godd 11 6pe sweet orange with edible skin.' recently introduced in Eur I ope when,
1_,trary ystems-of plant classification. and'opened the way to India. The ob- Eighth,,the Pompelraous. Risso and Poltean published. their
It hits been customs y, i a the past to servations 'of Bonavia, and others The las, four varieties iian ed are monograph, which was in 1818: or J6110-12vibe D60'andollean. order begin- show the wild or fingered citron and. discarded as being essentiad varieties-,' seven years later than Gallesio. iiiii g wjfh the I butter cups and com- the 'wild lime to be unedible fruits, of oranges. -The fifth or olive-shaped lZisso describes two loose skinned p ositae and ending withthe chibmoss- and morphological evidence shows the orailge is evidently a varictY of Kum- oranges, Bigaradier ChiDois, which e sl tui in the raodern. works 'I have' citron of comiperce and its related quat, and similar ones are described had acid 'and slightly bitterjuice and h ained the s stems begin with the limes and lemons and the Bigarade as growing in Malaysia. The sixth was usedfor candying in August, and.,
ferns and wind, Up with the compos- or sour orange to be hybrids of these is a, sort of navel and shoaLl be ela-- Bigardiet a fertile de myrte Which itae, n their evident evolutionary: or-. wild species. There is sufficient his- ed with the sweet Sevilles. Tbc Bonaviu 'Considers was the mandarin der, I and therefore"'the division into torical data to show the, dates and seventh is a citroned- orange with or ng'e. 'fam-illes or geneva," or "tbe grouping rapidly of the spread of the citron thick skin. or an orange citron, and Bbuavia..makes two groups oftbe of. species" axe:'.'necessarily more or and sour orange from Persia and Ara- the eighth, citrus decumana, or loose skinned oranges, first the Sunless rbitrary and depend on the bia to Europe, but there are no ree- pomelo, will receive attention further tara and second the Keonla and manjud-ment of scientific experts." 'The ords of the nii-ration of the lemon on. The Portugal or St. Alichael.or- clarins. arbitraxy: rulesdefiningpecies? have and orange. anges, the China or sweet Seville, and The unatara, which resemble and
-been criticizedd as follows- "The, the Malta blood oran-es are too well
it is much more re-asonable there- pToba ; bly include our tangerines, -he
remarks as to the flexibility of .-rOUPS fOi7e, to conclude that they are pro- kiiowa as distinctive varieties to -need describes as follows: "A small, slenre evideutly not intended to appply gressive hybrids of the citron and ful-tho,; comment. We will therefore der tree with slender lauceolate
to, species I for the attitude towards ,our orange, formed in Europe, than consider the fourth variety named by leaves, soinetimes as small as those specles seems to imply that, the au- that they were imported, overland Gallesio and recommended by your of thelcommon myrtle, and with a
thors hold that assemblage to real from the Indies, for the lemons and committee to be placed in the alpha- very distinct strong scent; flowers
-.1entity in nature... Now, as a matter of limes of Europe differed materially "eti:,il list the dwarf sweet fruited small, the main crop of which comes. fact, the species itself is, just as much 'from fruit, of the same class found in orange of China, of which Gallesio in February or March, and the after, grouping of forms, and is just as had no personal knowledge-and which or Dumrez, crop in June or July, durthose oiMtrles, and the China or
much -a idatter of expert judgment, as, sweet Seville orange differed materi- is pros7umably the China mandarin. lug the rains; fi uit vpries in rihape, the genus is, and while they would ally from the acid Portugal oranges As the Catalogue Committee was from the- flat oblate-globose to the,
'hold the genus to be a, mere arbitrary with which they were compared when directed by the resolution that form- pyriform, sometimes quite smooth, class, made for the convellience of first. introduced into Europe. Bona- ed it to follow the lines of the Amer- at others sub-Warty. The color -varies discription, they would adopt a la says, "Therefore,: taking the want ican Pomological Society's classifica- f ,Oiu oranke-yellow to lobster-red; it wholly dlKerent attitude towards ,lie of an indigenous name in India for tion, the mandarin varieties form a is mcstly baggy, with a loose skiii-species group, and they deflue it is this type of orange (Portugal) and its special section in the catalogue sub- sometimes so loose that the pulp ball "composed of all the individuzi of a varieties, itwonld appear that when miUed to this society, and this see- wabbles. inside it; the white paithy
-kind capable of continuous success- the Arabs carried the Seville (Big aT_' tion ha-s received our sTecial atten- pnrt between the rind and the pulp'
propagation among themselves," ade) from western India further west tlOn. is frequently almost 'absent, and the,
a Phrase that will apply to varieties, and finally into Spain, this sweet vari- It appears that Rumphius was the large oil cells of the rind can be easor genera, or families, just as ivell as' ty, (the China) liad notyet reached first European to give thorough de- ily dissected into balloon-shaped vesito that other expedient the species. western India, or at all events those scriptions and drawings of the citrus cles; the color of -the pulp is of tea
-lie def elago, his -much deeper than that of the blood-,
.The fact Is, whatever t nial- parts of, India then'. knovVn to the fruits of the IN[alay Archip tion of a, species may be, in practice Arabs." Amd -De Condolle says, "It, work having been published in 1750, less kinds of, the Portugal, type. The it is merely an arbitrary assemblage obable, and that the oranges he described as flavor varies from very sweet to a
of:forms which can be. easily de that the oranges imported later from Aurantium Sinense were not the Cit- mixture of sweetness and subaciftity scribed and 'recognized." China by the Portugese vere only of r Aurantium Sinense of C (which most of them have) and to. a,.
There is undoubtedly more conni- bett er quality than those already and other Europeans, but on the con- pure acid. The. center of the puip is we and the ca is I
sion in the classifications of botany known in Europe, and. that the com- trary re mandarin class of oranges mostlyhollow rpe ooseW
than in anyof the sciences, and. we mon, expression,"Portugal" and "Lis-. of which Citrus Nobilisthe Reoula or- dttemt., The see, ,are green, W ell

scent bond aIs tpis her e al e j uines,. Awa
_n gru,%e n ot tpo asditle wa is u gh there. CEo N TR. ,
aap cof duTelourth sp iteipe ad ubth swhite a re
Iiatinct- and red pulpedi vorieties and he saysR RAcLROAD.

de-cie i olw : "h e e frut ered w Th i o r ie * T e pli s PolrAammareC meeyev muifeen cht white, more jistecyl d wetptaneisawealodn Bbi
unles the como onet ItAashadlNTncng
vh h w h n v r r c g i e l m s o t o a ny it sd s Some ~ smal er es in t e r T o s nGA e s a ceao u .r e .o 1oevr othe r rind; ofThers hith i theis have aot smallthe McULNWVNWRFECCOos

-te eMisgnealy ie e icmst- nly ind aupe smallti ane othe A s .r7 Jy re A .an nt> n-"I fruit ftis kaid of tree anfis o rt.vv
-usall~emrgiae tepicpropd- pi.henmenoon e smstaly mn et wihin Tckt (f""' upe e butver thos fr m B n awe c1hs0ri ot
ed Bri-. of such fui, owin The te place ORID CENTRAL, Farm .irwa Z
AN~~heLt rix- rti h g ie n u h w el goem iat, and prode t rn gia n R ir a and Ra bi *R readder~ aha if an perfr, u lss t ect o fruit, but hy veyhare-y FeENINSULAR R.R.
LS~~~~~ A7msa is lyle contain. spcil um el. n ndonecios.EYES.a
Ovieon, of issBor ha ti l o tavia ere arme pmullelons ln wthi sVn r yol
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~1,ih coin-. prefrred Low. h ritp hs h FoiaTukLieSot1x Natieson' an ge exceLipedr inr sizex a r a' hewa;ter ofg g
J:.1u nitec o eeigatral o-e seing btf-rs ipei thrae ad smf. and thmnl oit ot ncuigT r the hung in the house they keepN goodFENCEfor York Chiag,StLoiKna iy keiro' aaegn otfse on Th y me. Ifth oldthroe s senem uncotl.eonlriewihtrug at

itfraln imp i orte n florter apte-lies flr ore both. Fo-aedndohrifomto p tre il i seeenr ol es i t donias aystheere aroe detouan in all, 1pl tOF of ~~ o Che Apeie of rh ciru grwo in- In-vkovll.O ADOAD .P
diap ind attibte ihem tot the ric Ep I N.1 S. PENINT, Trf.Mnar
sweeL ~ ~ thi soi asal od rpe. nd abuhindt h e a d hisr or s f akovle
-1 efurhersays "T e m nda ies p op- ph certain loais Vicel ersaith ei ikes4

isa otaly ditict rage mightv wa reulht tro mbcen .Tur e f sunts Pad A E.NpofIei i : i. t-.e he am tht is clld ing of d s ch anceu hyridiin in the Sattouthce
-'..'ardira eule e yte Isex pr oils, leriake expoueadcl TDugT e.m er standangas. s hieytat t-l osa ree ande eil ofrut a ut cursor y r,bu fo SO h ma ty it ad ee v~rnshe. lat 16A ygu co mmaittee taists p eo has Ticketsctons
t ae fo te lr.Abdn of been aid t h ow r ptheico soty thtI .-AT1 L11
He cals dtautaniu oanghie among itue fruit desr a
_,::snese Hs-escipi o i nc systeeati divTve claifiction Writ thelaT n Generalor Passnge

ta~~~ and that will roun outnt nohe society's eaaNge tf reno mai n

-bi li s -, ~~ ~ lo isd lo u D e C n o l u d r t e a n d p le o s th em in e e s a m erY o k h c a o t o u s i n s s C t nbam madarn, ive .Lo Ofr bird'-eyear" Iew ositio there tr s occu- Gen eup.. Gee1tsene Anylnewtgtruh ul

heese Hen aCeth noi -arUS GUID
us b t, ev n thi, he ay ides o heen a oayr fhei arn god, health cn di- h ,ly t coficid6~'edi tWt isds3ipdn o .seieon f yho tuldhavepl ntyo gitn We- FUBLISHED l MONTHLY.AL ,G.P.A irteen enhd sttr bos he 4o eoe to the cultur ofamct and N. .PE I GT TRADRMaar .,
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es ~ ~ ~ es on reoa.a f tefaIIw li be of Malan o heom ai ery oflo u e t Thutwn village, conryth ditote or aEro Family Md'oefl r manufe aviest a ctrn Uetabih eti vr citv aaou ~l
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thize of, onere is reia ilty earnestness and F LOAddress, y bu e s 1 th d
on yrityq m~d ramges. wor. Prsno te sre toethe is cs coam t lvery Planty n III ~ ~ ~ i i ?ecaue~m i ea s work yo ncs are ega gd iusr ntue will pa foDrAKRYodr yo oexnn it hs fe, EEA PASSNCE AGNT humaity.MffO t
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indebted for the use of t1tis cut to the to the fact that he has a few contracts The oth6r-EtdjoiA g ,plo":.t ] i &nt Florida Agriculturist, to which the he wishes to make for the growing a Florida f arm on the Plant System,
Pineapple tenders thanks. of what is fast becoming leading with growing trees, pji4eapples frolln'.
industry in his locality. If you.wish the- St. Petersburg Pilie-apple', ComThe editor of the Avon, Park Idea is to visit that land of frm*tp and flowers, pany's pinery, bananas from Manaa hustler after local items, but he explore the mysteries of "Pansy gar- tee county, and other tropical: plants
somehow failed to hear of a recent.big- den," recline in the "Cosy Corner," from various Gulf sections of Florcrop of watermelons on an acre and rest at "Welcome Inn" write Col. W. ida. Near the edge of the walk ofa half of ground in the corporate lim- E. Pabor, Pabor Lake, Fla., who will this tropical farmlappear in large leti s of he town. After fertilizing with give yon all information regarding ters of sod and shell, "The Plant Systhree barrels of Mape's fertilizer and the same." Which is all 0. K. except tem."
hoeing twice a week through the sea- the "Col." part. We are a plain citison, the crop was--exactly three mel- zen, without a title or liaDdle to our RootVitality.
ons; that must have cost the raisers name. In watching the condition and prog
in time, labor and money, at least $5 ress of the pineapple plantations- that
01"_C. each. Profit, nit! Sing a song of mel- The publishers propose to send a were set out in 1803, we observed that
s, I growing i rks five months, their vitality seemed to be impaired
111 n the sand; come and copy of Word and W6
make vour fortun in Avon Park's from June to October inclusive, to by the big freeze to an extent that we
PA.Wk LAkEl :-DE S070. CO., FLA. happy land, new subscribers only as a trial order, could not understand. The older
for 25 cents, and in addition thereto, plantings seemed to be unable to reW. E. P-AffOR, E A. PABOIR, We acknowledge the receipt of the give each trial subscriber free, a copy cover, While the few tracts set,'out in
Edi tors and Publishers. report of the viticultural work dtit- of a title book of 64 pages, which con- 18q4 were not, so badly affected. This

Memb& -of FioridaTress Association; affil- ing seasons 1887-93, beingpart 6 f the tains select, chapters of a work by seemed to prevail all through the sand iated;with the National Association. report of the Regents of the Univer- Rev. IT] 11. Hicks, which is to be the hill section and we feared it was a loPilblithed: On the 15th day of each month. sity of Calif ornia-College of Agridul- crowning work of his life. This is a al climatic result of conoitions that ture. It is a pamphlet of nearly 600 rare opportunity for any one to study did Dot seem-according to newspaper St7BSC to red and white wine, the storm forecasts throughout the reports--to exist on the east coast.
R_1pjq0,V 50c pER AzVNUM. page,;, devoted
raisin and table grapes, with notes on coming season, besides the many oth- But a recent visit as far south as
04_-'Ad7erti3ingr ates, $1 lserinch-per month miscellaneous subjects, by Director er good things in Word and Works of Fort Lauderdale, and conversations Hilgard. It contains a vast am-ount of interest to each member of the family. had with some of the pineapple growEntered- atthe postoffice at Pabor, Lake,
94&., 0:8!sec.,oftd iass mail n7att6rjuly251193 valuable .,information on types and' The regular price of this little book ers has convinced us- that the same revarieties of grapes and the Pineapple alone is 25 cents. Send 25 cents and Sult followed the freeze there as'A did' acknowledges receipt of book, with your address, to Word' and Works in our section; only the growers
thank& Pub. Co., 2201 Locust Street, St. Louis, there, who are mainly residents, made
MO. new plantations instead of endeavor-,
Owing to "hard times" we have not A party in Washington city is ad- ing, as we did, to resuscitate the old
beenable, of.late, to get out.littl I pa- Colorado has abolished the death ones.
vertising 320 acres of land in Polk penalty for murder and, after ninety We know of one instance where a
per "on time"-but we hope to do bet- county "near the tramway which ru us ter in the-near future. from A-von Park to Haines City." days have elapsed, there will be no thirty-six acre plantation, that was
more hanging in the Centennial in prime condition when we saw it iia
How we who are the line of this
'ftaxch and A state. This radical change in the 1893, had dwindled down-to tenacres.
pril are two most de phantom" tramway would like to see
flight ul months in Florida- for the, it materialize. He also says the land nal laws will wake com I inent pro Of 'course the big crop coming on thiB
touris t and pleasure -seeker; but ilot ',,is near -hur"hes, schools and all the and con throughout the entire Union.. year on the east coast is from the new
for the fruit grower, owing to"lack, of evidences of inodern civilization, and Gov. Adams, in signing the bill gave plantings of 1895, set after the freeze.
rain. then locates the tract between lakes his reasons for it as follows: "In the Many of the old tracts were a I ban-,
first place, the legislature passed it;
"Walk in the water and Pierce.." So doned or the plants, as th ey came.up-,
At:the recent meeting of the State and in the second place I am in symnear and yet so far. When the buyer 9truggling for a new existencei were
Horticultural 8odety -Mr. G. L. Ta- to pathy with the bill. I do not believe taken off when they reached a.suitaof this tract-if it sold- wants
Was.; el ected president and H. G. in hanging people. The operation of ble' size and planted on oth6 land
ride on the tramway he will need no r.
Hastings secrefary. No'better' choice this Act Will, in my opi n lead to a
ticket-not even a tie pass. We feel impelled to the
forlg4tfie'r OA16&6ould ha- e been inade. better e)eeciltion of the laws against that, had this been'done more generience rftd: is a the felonious king of life. With the
Mn Taber s,: experi t ally in our section better results
About the middle of March we g o a'
inaln 'of sound gment. Air. Has- hitent a ct in force, it is kv
judg out the dozen or so of tubers of the d6ath pbnIg ould have'. followed. But it would,
tinjKs is young; active, enth-usiastic frequently very difficult to sedare con- have been I experimental, as ar as
anA* a worthy successor to Mr. Dioscorus. Gautemala we had s aved for viction in trials for marder." So Colseed and planted them in same spot, knowledge :of pine culture had thus
Mainville, whose--ill health compelled oi adb j6l'ns -Maihe and Wlsoong'
aloug the trellis they Were it last in ]n far gone and knowledge comes, somehiih to decli re-61ection. having -no hanging law- upon its Statyear; in digging trench we dug up- times, too late.
ule books. We see it stated t
the old tubex-szof last year, just start- hat the crop will
6wiiag to the fact that the virieyards _;*- 4" - ..
ing sprouts; here was a discovery and arge in size as well as in num
of, -a. -part of. California. are being, de- Florida at!t-h;e ExpdrAtion. be. h
one We Will tal6e advantage of another Exhibit of the Plant System of bers on the ea st coast; but, our ob stroyed by phylloxera, A bulletin has seasoil. The' old tubers now had Staple Products from this State. ervation of the plantations do not.
beeiiTmK*hed by th6C61leg6 of Agri- roots al I round 'them, thick as Tl1e lie=f lead us to believe it.
_fhosie-,Who ,. _vf-6-jualdn Centen-nial, _rx-posi-9 Populist PeppeFs whiskers, if the tion at Nashville opened under favor0. T their,, ravaged pictures we have seen of the ex-sen- able au6 1 pieces President Mcl"nley Wfio Should Come to Florida.
Aidywrdi. A,- is &LtAledResiAdnt
ator from Kansas are true to life. touching the button which set the The youngto make a start in life;
Yln*91- t1keir selectidn, adaptation and,
This potato that grows on a vine af- Wheels in motion. This exposition for land and living are cheap and a MkthuY P.
ter the fashion of a lima bean, is promises to equal -or surpass the At- few years of active, intelligent labor Haynes, Ph. B.,
quite a 'novelty and may yet be proven laiith one zaid Will be well Worth see- on the part of a young man will (or,,
fo be of economic value. ing. should) put him in possession of.a
Phe editor.,of: the PinedWe is giv- Florid I a is represented at the ex- hice farm and -ome.
iftg, the & ater part of his fthYtfo the
Defeat sometimes notably brings
gibjeft for the' establish 4 "of an positon by the Plant System, with The middle aged, with growing up
out hit,.bold relief the innate great
Edito.HalRegort and Home ffiVlbrida, ess of the man who has sought a headquaxters in the I Agricultural children to prpvide for. Here there are
the location of Which will shortly be high but not an undeserved honor at Biiilding where are shown staple opportunities not. to be found in the
dhd6d It will give the: Ideation the hands of his fellow men, products crf Florida's growth-sugar, large cities in theWay of procuring
annou and fail- - tobacco, grairs, fruits, etc.,,all ihat which Adam Smith sayt I s the
g6l, eted 61 Wit d wid
e, ri y an e adver- e dto win it. In defeat, W. D. Chipley rice,
elsing' tfidt $100,000'in money could of Which tire arranged in attractive basis of all wealth-land. And- trees
has more honor than those who comnot bringA6 it. : Ii tlie rladhen, Enter- fcwth. grow while men sleep.
peted with him for the senatorial
prise atielr&e4bbill-he dr-c in close com- toga., His course since the election A I new and novel feature is also in- The old, who begin to feel nervous I
petition, each, with offers that have has been -one noble a nature as trodfleed by the Plant System in the exhaustion and prostration; here, in park, between the Transportation the balmy air of the-piney Woods' vwlld;k of; at least $25, 000., will endear him to the people of Florand A-gricultuva:1 Buildings, which among the clear lakes of pure, sweet.
W,6 piesen I t on- -o I ur first page a pic- ida regard less of party.- He woulq is something in -the way of landscape water there is a rest that can behave honored the state rather than Z I
ture of: -the officeni of the U. S. De- gardening that has never been equal- found nowhere else for this cla4ss of
been honofed had he been sent to
partment of Agriculture officiating-in Washing-ton to represent us ed at any exposition yet held in Amer- sufferers. We know this from aur
I kri. G. R ica for appropriateness and beauty, own experience., W.ho turnsthe
oridli Abbard is sta- sixtY
tionedat Ceesoent GUY, Jepartineut Says a recent issue of the "Rays" One plot represents a bit of the famed corner is no longer young or -Middle
of Entopiology; Mr. _T. H A1611, DWI- published at Milton, Vt. "We are in 'Pampa Bay Hotel Park, with mon- aged; but a few months of residence
gist an d Hoiticultutist, at.talie. City-, receipt of the "Pineapple," Bro. Pa- ster Palms, rare plants, flowers, and makes one think he is not old but-As Me ngle4hd, Webtef, assistant bor's excellent monthly, published in shady, Walks. A large flagpole on a growing young again .
I osts I.SWI I I
Phy6iblogists a'hd Phti6rdgigft, .Sub- the interests of the frulit'it is named mound of earth in the center of this So young, middle aged 'or old, come.
tropical Laboratory, Eu after and inciftutly to i We are all attenfion Eden floats- the Plant System flag. to Florida.

_6 0
piney woods laadand hwveiiever been-..
fertilized. 11. B. Bates.,

ay, 13umbles.

dheap, Excursion kdtdA:Mr
To Various Points via ilie Plaiit
System of Raliways and SteamShips.
To Nashville, Tenn ; on -a ecoulit of
th Tennessee Centennial and'International exposition. May'lst to Xovem
ber Ist. Dates of sale of tickets, YiEtilt
and rates to be announced later.
To Wilmington, N. C., one fare for
the round trip f'rom all points no the
Plant system of railways accoiint of
1 the Southern Baptist 7coAlventioh.
Tickets to be Sold May 3d to 7th, inIchisive, limited to return Within fffte;e.n days from date of tale. An- ektention of the return H of fifteeii
additional days ma y be obtained by
Idepositing the return 0,cket with
9 nt at Wilmington pr:or to May
j5th. '(Circular 1082).
To Mob le, Ala., one fare for the
'round trip, from all points on the
Plant system of railways, account Sit
tffa* 110h6totce g Tfom the sea gives habit of growth. Yw o o f them have ipreme Council Catholic KnIghts of immunity from fog. But these ree- shown remarkable vigor and hardi- America. Tickets to be Soid May 9th,
1 aifotllier iifory. Philadelphia: uess, never having exhibited the 'to 13th inclusive, limited to return
izeweditedzwith 2 days with fod and slightest eff ect froin the, succession of 'Nf.y 18th. "_obsm*et' oo6 q4l dt A.ieot. Park" 1biirg-with 58. Nbrfbl
pit It Va., with freezes of '94 and '95, but with the To Wa- aw, Ind., one fare for the
-fr -pb-ft. ;2b wid Tllyndh'burg with 35. Hatteras, gardenias retained all their beauty tround trip, from all points on the
.IMS ,us: lo,_A PAI.w.eaffier' re
-the, pj e- Ne. C;, with de*m Chgrlbtte Z; "& and bright1less amid the general deso- Plant system- railways, account of
Vailb -racteri oogai Tenn., wit! 4b, fit'
each have f GlIatt- tm lation. General Assembly Presbyteriau
ret2xftT gltowth'an&'OXR 3ed mil(shl'-vil-le, Fla., wi1b two afd, JwIN6&V1116-1 _17th
''. I I They are now pyramids about four- bhurch. Tickets to be sold May
di -ihg( oil fru-it. The following -,which is just abiout the samd'digttince. o 20th, in'usive, limited to return
Opp teen feet in height with bases equal cl
Su= MV' itlgft' Mo&h- I tempera-- 1POm the cohKt aA Dctamff!* iM,
1; !I to height. June 6th.
On the- Pacific coast -we flA& *6h
oTi the Pntfh; 22 aM Tos A mg,61es "th The difference in appearance is To Charlotte, N. C., one fare for the
mihimvm':5 on-:lltli I&H and 25th. Dl ekb Wit W1 in re pronounced when putting put round trip, from- all' poinis on the.
Total pie6ip#ttdd-pn 2.17 ih ffi6s on th6i 62. Thi) also showg thift Southern, 0
'Otli'and, PNtE. Number of clear dayslCafifornia is not a good pla 6e f6r' new 'foliage,, that of one being so Plant system of railways, account.of pailfty, -616-ady, 1. Pre People- who are afraid of fog. light in color as to give it more of a the General Assembly of the Presbyyellow than green hue, while its com- terian church of the United Sta teg. On the AtJAAtle cdasV theto_; w a
vaiAng ,Wtiidzl ddtW. tt, is to be hoped panion has foliage of a reddish Tickets to be sold May 17th to,,21st.
th.,tAg witi'Oiing,-ugt'hefiisthtft grud-nat decre"le of fog, fr&6f Ekst-Pbft Mel, with 30- days- to Jtpit&," hue bordering upon purple.. The tree inclusive, limited to return Jime 10th. needed as v;- as somff ;
ifta, with light foliage is fruiting for the To Knoxville, Tenn. -one'fare for
,-. ,cesiation of the drying- WIqlds that Fla,, with 0. Betwdbn these we have:
Boston 25, Norfolk 20; Gharlestou 1C. third time, bearing berries which are the round trip, from all points on the two. This graxIiial a black when ripe and which when of Plant system of railways, account of er -places by full size and green have the c--nter Summer School Y. M. C. A- Tickets
ease is modified in sbrae
filled with seemingly. pure to be sold June 16th to 19tli, inclusive,
local causes as examples, New Lou- camphor
11ii yoaf idskm 61 A-p-1 21, -page "4, Aofi; e6hn,, ha.6 90, days and' Now York and -when eatmen produces its effect. limited to return June 30th,
:.Js.on aAicI6,on: the "Climate'of Flor i4b. This is the greatest numuer df The other trees have never fruited, To Chattanooga, Tenn., one fare for.
ida,'!' 1h: which -the wri-ter: Very justly -qny sthtion, in the United 'Stateg. yhe all have dense foli age, strong with the round trip, from all points on the
Ises IJ&Tama Very oossl Gu camphor.
pral y 's .1 ,If coast shows the safde- thi ng in Plant system of railways account of
represents other _pa rts of tbe, state. I favok of Florida; Gdlvegton 17- Mobile I do not know how much, if" any, the International Convention B. Y. P.
The writer, thereof evidently knows 16, Pensacola 15, Tampa four and Key: would be the difference in the com- V. Tickets to be sold July 13th, 14th
..too nall h.- As, it was -saiddf a writer West three.
mercial value of the two, both being And 15th, limited to return July 21st., on."llineapple Culture" re tly, e We 10bxn furiber that no part of, hardy, thrifty and of dense foliage, An extention od the return limit to kudws a great deal that is -Aot rue.." 15th may be obtained by deHe thinks tfiat I DeLan d is I located in the United States except tb arld re. but the other, of which I will now positing return tickets with agent at gious of the west and jiorthwest i speak, has made not more than oneJust the right J ldee, fo af coast fourth the growth of its comp il'hV says, "We Chattanooga prior to July -19th.
ve as exempt from fog as the E onions,
are just far.enough -'Vemd' d from f S, H. G. Hayeraft, Trav. P. A., Tampa.
0 outh Florida. although the- only one fertilized,
both the oceah -and: gtff--H& tobe via- R. L. Todd, Div. P. A., Jacksonville.
ited by fogs so c haracte ristic of lo- When we remember that fog is vis- was frozen so as to shed its leaves
IP will be to quite an, extent in '95 and F. M. Jolly, Div. Pass. Agt., Tampa.,
calm 6s near t1he, coasEw Til another Jb atmor9pheric moisture, it
seen that it is ut a part'o f the goi-,_,about one-third of its wood was H. C. McFadden, A. G. P. A r Savan 06ce-he, Speaks of the "too constant iiah.
oral question of humidity, the di8cus- killed. The new foliage differs fqgs of the coast.1 h a*,e -nothing to say against De Sion of which must be reserved to al-in color froin either of the others, B. W. Wrenn, Passenger. Traffic hue and *anager, Savannah, Ga._ tf.
future time.-Jas. if. White in Vloridu
hand, and the weather bureau rIecords being of a light reddish
Agriculturist. very pretty and delicate, yet strong in
happily furnish the mathrial for the A New Peach.
vifidication of this coast region. Pre- camphor. The I re -%vill ba offered this fall by
vi Louis to 1891 the fog record wafr very These factssuggest the wisdom of The Griffing Bros. Co., of the Pomona
I- __ I I Three Variedes of the Camphor2
unsatisfactory. Days- of fog were re- seeking further knowledge before &,rseries, at Macclenny, Fla.' a new
Tree. putting out more trees, which I know peach, called the Mascotte,
. :,,corded the, same as cloudy days; sev- aid to be
en-tenths of the day or more was nee- Comparing statements regarding, of no better way to obtain than to the best peach for both market' essary to constitute a foggy day. As the habits of these trees, particularly appeal to your valuable and practical Home use ever introduced. It will be arestilt, the records show very little those pertaining to the effect of the, paper, hoping that the able iniinage- it1troduced for the fi rst time by this fog in the United States. Beginning freeze of '95, has suggested this query.. ment and intelligent contributors etaterprizing firm, and our readeks
1891 a day- with fog was one in In the spring of
With '92 three of these will generously give the needful in- who intend to plant peach trees thib
wbich fog prevailed for at least an trees were received from the general formation. &11 and winter, should got full ptw- 14 1 qiF..aiad dense enough to obsdure department of agriculture and set in These hardy trees made a wonder- ticulars. The Pomofia Nurseries al 96
objects 1,000 feet distant. a row parallel'with the beach, all hav ful growth oit wood last year and carry in stock a complete lihe of fttdt
Such- a record for 18911 have before in, like conditions. In appearance when the faliage is removed is quick- t er es, ornamentals and roses adapted.
nch as to cause ob- ly rei,16Wed.
me. The lauguage qubted above they differ som No int(5cts tr&able U the lower south.
would indicate that its author imagin- servers to doubt their being of the thom 'and doubtless the growth could boe sent on appllea-60n. tocal ago-Au
o4thht fog Was the child of the sea- same class, while no: two are alike in be'mudh accelerated as these are on wanted in every -1664inty.,

spring, for when done. in the flall, To all new'submalbers sendlig.'one dollar for a two
years sabscription-to -the PIN8APFLZw9,,6ffsr' ch6lee:ol, t6nculkre. 'UDles well mulched, the frosi '-will any. of the fol lowing:'
throw out and destroy the roots.- pl= RES, IN C6LaRS 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 61F THE WORIMItS, IFATI Prairie Farmer.
Clematis Flammula. Retail valuo oue dollar each., Make your "lection aud:,
send your dollar at once, Tjie full oet of Wx and PIN& Th e above. named clematis of Mavrn Sh rubs for Ornament. AP LE tyroy ears for#21.50. Tbisolffer usel
a classof vines which are somewhat word contest.
Beware of the Japanese lantern
disappointing for a year ortwo after plant. Last year's experience leads
plantlng, because they die back partme to believe it will prove a trouble- DISSTO N PURCHASE
ly or wholly to the ground for several'
,Reasons. As t-his is not always looked some weed,, h I ard to destroy, aDd not (4,0 0,0,060'ACRES.)
so very ornamental either. The crimfor, many are disappointed, supposing the vines dead, and many a plant son spirea is a very desirable plant of
very small size, but a beautiful coin- S R L S
has been dug up and.thrown away
pact habit, with clu,,4ters of lighi
as being lifeless that would have
crimson flowers produced all summer,
come along all when spring returned.
especially if old flower heads are 401- ACRES $loom
Clematise-9, especially the flanimula,
lose their youngest growth in Winter. clipped off. I think for a border it
could easily be kept cut back to six LANDS SUITABLE FOR CITRUS AND OTHER FRUITS, GEN-.
.The flammula disappears entirely to ERAL FARMING.
the ground the first season; with the or eight inches in height, With ab I I 1 1, .
return of spring it starts anew, and if great breadth, and be continuously Large Tracts for Turpentine and Colenios.
in bloom. The small leaves are also
it -makes four or five feet of growth it handsomely variegated, more or les,,, Address for Maps, Diagrams and-'all information about Lands in anv
will again die back in winter, but nof, Qf the State par
with white. Spirea bumalda. is experhaps, to quite the extent it did
actly' of the 'same habit as the crim-, W. B. GRANT,
before, Perhaps, a foot of wood will
son, except that the flowers -are a 8 REED BLOCK, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.he left above ground. At the seasons shade li bter. In leaf and habit "the
goby and the vine gets stronger the plants seem exactly alike. B imalda
dying back gets less, and the-trellis,
is older, and cheaper, but each is verv
or whatever the vine is on, is covered
meritorious. E, Y. Teas in Americau' Cbe famon points of, Inter"t #.-of 04.4
with live wood. Clematises are now
great favorites, and are to be foUnd R SIVICS Of SIX tMISIMY MOM Hrf flauret,
in all collections, but require to be ,1jROM FROST TO I iOWERS." belaa fac-situnts of tin fmoNs aligival$ VallitC4
tended 'pAtiently at first. The wood Tw3olin R. Rev. Reprofta its Tmteii igAter 0010MI
of many of theni is so very-slender
Both ire snch desirable Objective The Peristyle
that it is liable to more accid'en ts 1. points for a Winter trip that its per- Size of tao PI rt The grand watir entrance of
than vines with stouter -wood -which is haps hard for you to decide where 19 X 26 Iticbes this wonderful dr la d oil NAVY plate paper a
carded on either hand by
more, easily seen. The Jhckmanni, to go. tates and Territorie-s, and surmounted by an artistic group of statuary representing Columbus making his entry to the White the- one -with large purplish blue LET US HELP YOU TO City. The Peristyle is formed by forty-eight noble cwumns, twenty-four. on each side of, the
central arch representing the States of the mon and the territories. The c lumns fl.ower, very often gets overlooked A DFCISION. U are oversixty it. hiX the width of the colonnade being about the same, while the entireo and broken off, hoed off. or lost iS234ft- _A trip via New Orleans and the
through soine such misfortune the Southern Pacific to either Mexico or we 2 General View from Colonnade
This magnificent picture, with its manv artistic bridges, numerous Semi, first year 'or two after planting.- the Pacific Coast is ODe YOU Will bilge CanaX banked by walig of apparently solid marble, suggests a glimpse
Prairie Farmer. of Venice, the foreground embraces the South canal. I On the right is
i-,ever forget. caught a glimpse, of Agricultural Hallat the left is the striking S ef
IT'S A TRANSJTION FROM handsome eastern entram-P t Machi,,cry Hall. The column risin9
from the'west end of the Grand Basin is noble and' impressive.. Cross- of The Iris -Family. FROST TO FLOWERS both the south and north canals are the graceful arches and
Irises, or, flags,-to call them by their And the Service is so luxurious that ges, thronged with.the visitors to this wcnderous dreamland.. SIX
common name, have always been fa- people who have tested "Sunset btr 3 Golden Enkit e tolrans- ation BUil(fing lublit
vorite garden plants. -L'uey a re Limited" call it incomparable. for our The color scheme of the Transportation Buildin S My 2!,-known in a great Inany countries,. IF YOU ARE THINEING O-h artistic experiment in the midst of the snowwhite palaces. Its gorgeous
rS entrance was kn awn as the golden doorway. Its.lavish sculptlWm decorations and series of recessed arches commanded the admiratioI last, as representatives grow wild' in 001NG, WRITE US. theworld. It is a picture that will be preserved for all time.
nearly all of them. In our own coun- We have a book entitled "Through
try there are several species, but Storylaud to Stinset seas," a hand 4 Court of Honor for Peristyle
A grand Picture fully. des6rving its tit-e. In the foreground 'rises the Republic a colossal 0f
therels but one iR Pennsylvania, the some volume of 205 pages, fully il- fil-,e with arms Uplifted and shcwing the emblems, of libertyand country. In the back";
ground is the magnificent Administration Building ith its superb dome, on the right is seen common.flag of our.Iswamps, Iris ver- lustrated, which we will send on re- the Manufacturers' Building, while atthe leftextewnds the graceful lines of the Agricultural 77
sicolor, blue lilac colored. Every year ceipt of 10 cents in stamps to cover
seems to add new ones to the list of postage. We also have a delightful 5 Administration, mining & Electrical Building
The Administration Building was a perfect dreamof beautyand wasthe'keysthneofan: culiivated kinds. The best of recent little guide to Mexico; Which we the magnificent structures which surrounded it. The. apex of the superb dome was 275 feet
additions are the Japanese sorts. Will- send. on receipt of 4 cents to from the ground. It appears in the center of this superb reproduction in colors, while on the right we see the Mining Building 700x 50 feet in size, a d at the left the Electricity Building 'Tbesie are valuable both for the great cover cost of mailing. which contained the marvellous inventions of our modem wizards. 7
variety of color and their lateness of YOU REALLY OUGHT TO Art Palace and
blooming. Since'their introduction it READ THEM BOTH. Worlis of Art to N national criumob
is: possible'. ta iris flowers'from Shall. we put you down for a copy? bellisb jimericall fjolne$ Lagoon Presented in Art PicWt.;
early April until Dear the close of If so, br if you want, any pecial in- This is the last of the series
and a picture replete with exquisite coloring. The clouds in the sky of azure blue appear to July, or full three months in. the, formation, it will be cheerfully fur- be slowly moving over'the famous palace. Many of the world's best critics considered this
and nislied by addressing, -structure thenepiusuitraofait the architectural conceptions of later times and of the skill
year, by planting early, medium Of human hands. in it was found the true combination of raxe beau and availability.
late blooming sorts. Iris verDa and S. P. B. MORSE,
It. is Now the Opportunity of a Life Time cristata are early;' then the inany ,eneral Passenger and Ticket Agent, to secure a set of these magnificent colored pictures, and as the supply I ig limited, our offer
German sorts follow. Later comes New Orleans.. will be. withdrawn soon, as the color plates have been destroyed and no'more can be secured at,:
the yellow blooming one fr I om Eu- any price.
Last week, at the meeting iii Orhiurope; followed with our native latedo of the State Horticultural society,
blooming ones, and lastly the Japa- 0 6 TA c]
the secretary reported that, the entire P10M a IN] .1-3 1]
nese iris referred to above, which is
membership of the society had :n- 8tandaxd Seed and Plant
known as Kampferi. The species Catalogue. Contains au thatos Now "d
creased from 248 in 1893 to 377 in 1896, Good. Always Reliable.
florentina is nearly white, and, being
a gain which it has lield. Diirin- the
of large size, -is conspipouo and -beau- One packet either Wonderffl Branchsame time the soeiet TWE GUIDEJ Ing Aster, New Japan Morning
tiful. The common yellow one is
steadily increased from last year. Glory or Pansy Choice nAxed for
also large and showy. In the Jap a- reaching $682.50, the greatest'in the and Your Qoice Two packets 25c., thr e, packets See. Full
nese there. are manycolors-perhaps retail price 45 cts.
history of the organization. Also
as many as a. dozen distinct kinds. that there are fully paid up 377 mem- Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine which tells
Some are of the deepest purple, and how to grow Plants, Flowers and Vegetables, and i
bers, -five more than the largest mem- -, is up
there are all shades between this and to date on these subjects, for 3 monthsj the -Guide and
bership the society has ever bftd at a
white. Irises-like a deep, fine, ood corresponding time of the year, the One packet of Seeds (named above) for 25 cents.
soil.' Deepness gives moisture_ of
*hich the I y are very'fon& The foli- nearest approach to it being at last EvorY Person senaing an Oraer as abovo wffi.receivo a =P=
age is stronger nnd the flowe I rs larger year's meeting, when the membership gooa fdr 50 cents"worth of Seedi
was 172.
when the ground is in the condition Vhea ordering state where you saw this adv. and we will. send a pack of
Choice-Flower Seeds' 1yee.
the like. Where -there is room f
.y Who can think
irisee to spread so of some simple
that :no disturobl- JAMES
thing to patent?
a nce of the rootoccurs they flourish Protect &,Our Ideas thM may bring yout wealth.
Write J HN WIZD15FRB AN & CO., Fawnt Attorthe. best.' Planting should bedonean, ne3rsjVashington, D. C., for their $1,8DD Ve offerl ow ns a
of two hundred inventions wan VE

oistnc of eyea inalmst ainys lmthe, andess wIll r abeoto -r- -.
e, pr bea th fr ant spot ao n to the mot d sRT E T EAAEDN & S E D C .

acquiredby Somenehas aed, or as reiped w-pgm---e

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Ourrin Nirrery pqicklt haved bie fahl andn aaisacorl beste in Flria urngth ps
e;i thih roes bfpe ti grat e pine a led, e cufs ugr dippeears andY paroag staiyicesdTescEitradsrN eiyt o p aceg Perb scto one spoonful, bute adoeo or toteanlbhsan rd YughrF a tool yer.bith geJspan lmps OI aentA
*h sam co sse c o u an is S rP Les PPe es fe Pl olsrtFa Gra el d r es FoT gro n r es smal frute
aruitm ishag ataits twon cpfls swee il, wamtw o egg so et. Amor yecooirere.frAeraOfr rKlApeTe oao alw re bagch ricpe fte oat '.hich eCrem but, su arow y oksoof. Tegg otp vrres rehuepat,5,0 irsTiolt.Ctlge reN j s~~tci~ e xE I c h u c ,f o r g la i, f i an d e ro cer ; a d d se m i k tin a e sy u a n d agents m oeAd dresss th n I 1 cr s I o d n ry c o and, rplae te a wth s qistad- his wl ae ytoies andithok p .rJ. BER I(pANn Fruitnd a rseaylrie AuusCo t a, Gomae
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pa~dadc segg.v ead utter, suga andl yep olk an wit Inoe Ahic II V nu an Vr VMdfr at I u the rigial hapeau for canning of egs inaloet aill veyli ht addl It the ~ ~ ~ nis sucht as the reti epe ea m, n prainappl e and t whis- H AS P C N E D C s.,t deash fr ettould bhe bae oago rt.Bk ihTWO
qui~ i sillan d giac heris unde crust.
ulaton hi~hcanot e flerui is d Pineappleske- Tae n c up ul
inanenm- Sgae-one half cupedful buttcier wo Our on"earldtes f8ASM fied asd the ex-y eggs oneire hafbpuyilto p
maytc~ -xein.Thfruire ful of fieplour oe hepn7esonu1i ulbomi heNreyBw r
euifr m hich has o oempe of ic tata hooughl mieds FL t DECRPTV P erlnsfoe 'ad e rnw oo. ulse Shipment be Alsol soeoowetfok
o rc e s orsh t h e ofe s o d a d e a -r C A A L G U .h lik p i e p l F o t e fi st t m eivt o e r s w
blemisnhake of Baly kn.I shudb P in laeCrseand Prebte enOn cu f REE OurNrej .ilnhave m-nI(lyan aicoryted SATUM Blrd uitJDWoD
iborlagh rie -b t i t leaiv- gthed ay e,gatped pineacp l seretena-n arngesedl nresd h tokf, itr n pigdeieyt p o v ry rea ., inota e Te h ips oe t onaste, uand rmix d with th Io r t hewhiteig ta drd ou g tad $1.00d pr h 100 a yuml Ori$8t00
etared withhe ex- ofoid ants eggs whichs ha been beate toow arnesalris
Comnue too00 froth cep aino 000 rv ti e d foria la e s thn de $1.0 woth ofn
bet orcamn i- hesagble pltoic Cra Il uet s eer,, alyls agregg ~ t vrres ehueplns that0 bud s Tioit.Ct~lg reN
The fritto~e reaedshould ibe pwies are me trble to ak frthn sortd -v~it~gra ie hszbeend They geelly ae times take. Bhutc eJ E C, Futln usre uut a ti iisz t-hc cothas op iftone bae wantso to p lea stemnokGe.ta y N r e y C m a y
-shQ~~~udul baetelte e o duth- justagive he ane nepeted pie for asltlijr otefonui t one dine, naweir peasu re il spayG.T B RPeieonG E T A Y
pears ,0 jtcst wheaeflypae n cor thg.ea rule, Buar gand hous- tul rag re thel so qatr water keeperg can fgnd tgtier forl ve iehoca-d H AVLE Sceay LR or'pe~erlng.. O e fruit sc as stonlly ad pnt pl miss the t ese

orages pieaples.t. hl e b adi nr Ao ver good frtime tBake *T D -C T) W0
ct'n'sie;pusfics, plumris, whiler cthebekatdsesaebigFCI
et.egr ue w o e.T e whuilei the ishapl an, sprink e h e with fal H NA~ J DT plaed n asiglelayron and pne- tseuparli ne and pu hot wter, toroeyarodtes fSTUI >meter.~~O TheO T pies arerc inth5toetobkead)h
cl~d shtb r olvn pur dish7egs wile fcpud tolk havtalos upthe~i fruit isoo wahe thmslvs Ifrer they arrsir ie-% ofthe..o r uice iny thuie, pan and alolittle cleapng wteras edul t n, 17 mm rsd i -aes -wih thas ovecr teamo theytar e h readhy toibed PronouncedIP byV E xet ther Standarof n the W r orld, ok bee Ibrogh toa o ud ap pearThi wiphe ou, and he p evil en dpon, l byAs yoLUS RE deale forer WIN HE TE makem fC norSm e e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ hpet comne theo time the disees arSutaatomuntocadtaen.ohr
Ltcr~ e thipupad ocs oin t te the pod es CnaAooTpaeLndenoyUEE O rnwIusatdC alge
ie ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ o tyru ares thee knwldg of6 thyatta h ICETR EETN R SC. e a en, s Ot.
:an t6 atr, raned whmitop best- th in foyr grtd ine ppls don e -e

toPLthoroNgh- You work righ aroun home As.Pieo 'oer in ut e onute with suga brand ewgthing. Writbeenbae to QikaA RN U L ,tn proes You will0 be surprised at hower eas i
vte edlcay s- era mnties. can bedn.SedurouodiestTlshh.lintuhabu-
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to~ ~ ~ flaky ph ri~ h arti "Peopes" 3941in Mafrke t., Philae- M ATVIL BU E,& COrear ., PHIAD LPHA, PA

? -----pAqre. A bl"k and tapl le Awe attachr
46d to the machine, one end of the rop
made fast to a tree or stump on shore,
hor f" ned to a ti oqat, -which
t bz ot te
Swine. in Florida.. runs in an opppsite direction from
In his aAndai repott Director Clute, that of the rake, and a patch of hya0 tht.. Florida Experiment -Station, oqt4s 40,ftt wide and 200 feet long
_Xof(tV,@py for h and %am b4a 41 on shore at one
how raising n Iblorida. He says. haul, two men being stationed 'on
'All, bi eeds of' sw ine seem to do shore to'-free the device of its burden.
We I in Florida when kept up and Prof. Goverdalc QAserts th_9A he: ca,4
iodked.d1tei'r, and food for swine can remove,2,500 !iquare feet an hour with
be soeasily grown, and the climate his machine, with an ordinary tijg'is ffi that-- hbg growing on boat and several mcn. 1 vd. I imm
A largp scale may beas. profitable a,% diately apply for a caveat. In the
any.. branch oi farming. The native meantime, berng, a chemist, he -will
fgz r-ba6k," oft6ia spoken of with concoct a liquid for destroying 1he
4?ohtehipfi, Js -*pMh1 of mu ch hyacinths after they have -been _7
respeoh tation., is 11, glit ashore,, go as tp pre ,i ,t disanclso:aczive in -pdstling for' ease from their -natural decay.
itseltk thaVaR, fieldsmust be. careful-: FOR SALEOR TO LET. less than cost of con truction. Or,
The fertiliii f ih _s w grass lands
ly. fenced. against it, which is probably said to be The Welcom Inn, at -PUbor Lake, will be rented, unfurnished, on long:,"-.,,'
h o in Majaptee gpA
q re,,aPPA _)-46 -f46 4ty are Fla-, will be sold on reaponable terms, time at low, rental. Address W. E.
equal t9, the, best la4dp apsas. The
-be -at
.wh" has en.4 .gXpdupou it, % B
..... corn p Pabor, Colony Manager. tf.
lanted -on this Manatee land 'in monthly payments, if desired, at a razorbacle,-butcheredl fresh from
e,- an owk.,4 -will yield sixt s -to the Acre.
th Jiapig never re eived _y biis)iel
..,v P Clover and vegetables Oe 41so majong
a cent's worth of care, gives pork of
a rapid growth on the same land.
a flav6r that cajanot be surpassed. All
th rk After a stubborn contipst, L #rep4 ures flek q m n o. ,er go
A Beautiful and 15ealthy Locatim.
compares wit)i -it. A. corss of a boar some dead lock the Florida legisla- 7
impiov d breeds' ture last-Yriday succeeded in electon a 'razor back' sow gives pigs ba ing a United 15tates senator. Steplipik
which the mother's satani .4c -is i r auliflower, Irish potatoes, to-.
_e Mallaq -ig the w-1 or W Auburndale is on the main line of cele y,
tly allt :ATIO railroad, between Sanford a d Tam- matoes, squash, strawberries and
gTea rediiced without ]#ib preq ly tl4ez cqgtest was -b aAwe n
injuring their abiliay to take car -two miles e latter others are good. We have net returns
e of Chipley. Call was finally taken down pa, forty from th
themselves or making the pork elss and J. N. C. Stockton substituted. plapp, and has the best of co section for last season, showing $500 to $ 006
deliciou& the station: f aiqm. p t The battle between Stockton. and wi h all principal cites of the north per pere on st.rawberries; $3.0 per
Chipley ued for a'long time. and west. crate on squash, etc. Here.., the place
-take, City, I have: had for three years a contin' is
fine herd of Durod or Red Jersey The anti-Chi ley men finally held a From within a few miles of this for any good farmer or trucker to:
wnfch have t -water,$ flow in six diff c ound
swine won, the adinira- caucus and decided -upon Mr. Mallory. town he erent take a small tra t of gr and;
-tion: of, all: whohaVe 'seen them. They Airectio4s, and into both the ocean make satisfactory returns from his:
n e -h al are easil y The garrisoia, prop6rty at Tampa and gulf dirept.
have bee utirely' e thy, Our high elevation, crops, and live in peace and comfort,
y ii, the.
has been in litigatign fpf WA4y yqara
confined sufficient active, are gives this, region perfect drainage, a where he ca work ever day 1
but the end has-bgpli Maqhed lia the,
prolifil aiid. with -bur method of feed- pure air and the best of health. year.
-urts dur-'
in al-i United States and other co The climate here'is uiadoubtpdly as., Our land are cheap and among
g give pwic- of.a, su erior qu i y.
We haV6 ied- thein inainiy on peanuts, ing the, pwst month or two, and that fin a can be fo na in the -world. est in the state, and.we wan more
ch iia:sl ". cassava and 'sweet p of atoes, property is clear. The bay froRt on: People suffering from consum I tion, settlers, -whom we will welcome as the south is one of the. most, beautif
suplbraented with! catjarr4, rheumatism and ma y other, neighbors and friends.
co 1 ke. niess ha,11, 'a' d portions of the city, and most likely it disea cure, We have good churches, scl ools,
m corn. There _$! s are almost certain of
7 will settle up rapidly now with a de- if they
has bee A. some.,deinaiid -in the state will come here to live in-time, stores, railroad and postal accommocsirable class of citizens, who will an forbteelding stodk, -which I have sup- ,A this climate will add years to, dations,'and a good class of settl6k
plied as far as possible at a price just 11'alce qjibstantial improvements. lives tbat cannot longer stand the from all sections of the United States.,
sufficient to cover the cos rigors.of a -northern climate. Note the following list of first classl-
It of grow- Arrangements are to be made at
om anin s Our winter temperature averages, properties at prices it is hard to real-;:,
All:,pers-p -,to wh ial once for digging the dro of eanaigre
about seventy-two degrees; our sum- ize they can be sold for: have been sent have expressed much root now in the ground at Orlando.
gratification at -the quality. A good The harvesting of the root will solve, mer, eiihty. degrees. Business lots in town,'55x110 feet,
deal of work has been done in testing the pro I blem of the production of can- Our high fertile. lands, large deep, each $50.00.
the comparative value of peanuts lakes, an'd good railroad transporta- One acre residence lot, well located,
aigre at a profit inFlorida, and for tion make this section a most desira, $50.00.
Ph*T4, -Q P a4v4, ; ,W-eet PQta Qes 4 1_ this reason will be watched 'with a
coFn for swine. This work ble place for the growing of early Four -room house, three-fourths;
-_Qf il#tr u Ahwt uvmv egetables for the northern markets, acre lot well set to fruit, $250.00.
be An:
__ a iaqrerlar o nQWgTQ-1VW, aqV.- 0Aa-ndo. A v pcoat..t I", T which' industry pays large profits.. Eight acres land, two room house,.
o growing Every month in the year the farmer: 100 rods.from depot, $300.00.
fo0a 14 r sw' t6iasive scale
-ap.,ex wit-bgait pelle, t a'n have some crop growing, either Five acre lots one-half mile from
at' c4p rate dud eg bei
04M0 on mmek Ut.4(1 wwhkv wv dV for home use or market, as also ripe station, best fruit and vegetable land
pt* PJ1 0W b)ur r
in feeding tli 9 fruit in variety. Almost everything a per acre, $20.00.
01TOP Voqud of Vy, -#n# T909- Qkl family needs to live on can be grown Forty acre lots, some of our besf
_be th,
co an 3 is fed .1 _pAy -'s muoj l4n, :4$_ _*c P1451ts. $160.00.
do4 pr the 'Inst -two or thre w9pk. W St# right here, so living is cheap, strawberry and farming land,
9POW'iug-, aild P)rQmW# to 94RW, t" 'a Fuel -costs nothing; lumber is cheap Eighty acres, one mile from vprg rm
road station, a beautiful tract, f or
to uw& Pr, or two IpAm- Wkile Q41ke and houses inexpensive.
sul* 0 Ws WeA, ,w4p4 f3ir hgr- p r
feq tqd, wflj 41ppeg tops, 11AF4 14901YdW Our fruits and vegetables are al- $500.00.
off, And the i 41 4P mostlimitless in variety-too many to, C. I. Pago,
RITA attempt to name. To grow for profit, Auburndale, Fla.
Prof. gq yq-gdaje qf: p 04
haq, invented t with
w4jeU, b e p To pay off a balance due.,Qu a p r
JdAnq rb ie -)a-_ uth nui of # ymL -, ___$P4qe, gage of the abo ,e prQpj ,kty, this
witkIgpinparativelylittle expense. He
amount, at 10 per cent interept, is LANTFRUIT T EES
haki 4Vpstructed a model for a power, wanted for two or- more years b r the 1 .1 I R
-rap- fpupposed to be f1fty- feet long, undersigned. The building. is =Iy
w4ose points. of mech4nis M- 4YO Pss I CA- two ye,%rs old and will carry an insu-r- HIGHEST
tially as foR9wi3: A row of iro A hoc ROFIT AND PLEASURE QUAUTY,
qi s a4ce of froTA $10,00Q_ tp $1,500. Eilglit wn- 0
or prongs are placed about six inches lots in the center of the town of Paapart and two feet deep on an air- y icll THE POMONA flURSERY
bor Lake go with the property
-fifty feet -long,, at either APACCLENNY, FLORIDA WIEST CES
tigbt float will be improved with shrubb,, ry,
p4d-of which and passing through an trees, etc. Title, perfect as we hilye gg Wlrl tell you Whit to plant, and
owy to plant it. We have FREIGHT
,nehion protruding above and
i1von. ista and abstract that proves it' No sa-fer in tock a full line of everything. needed in
below the float several feet; on the lo For further pay- THE IDARJ)EN OR ORCHARD.lower end of the stquehion is- attach- ticu s, address Cldrl D. Knapp, aIf- h
ed an iron two-wheel carriage to facil- torney at law, Avon Park-, Fla., or tUe
hate the motion ofthe rake when it -undersigned at Pabor Lake. T+FE PQMQKA. NURSERY,
strik s the bottom coMing towards William E. and Emma B. Pabor, Macclanny, Florida.