Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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en ltoethr, heA~prlisue is fuly comie it within pleasure." So says the seeds if anyhsfieIwl ae up to th tandard~ set by its able Gate City Chroicle of Sanford. Well, pleasr enmiigte oese ed~itor. Published by The Review cf as o that congress, we followed the for anther~ tra re of cagfte R~evie Co., Ntew QYork, N. Y. ainnoucement in the Mar'ch Chronicl~e wil sed me a sel addrss stap that such congress would be hl~d in ed envlope.
Tetown of Manate, over on Ma4rch anid then went to Texas and II heei endors edta oM.
th et coast has one official for faled to see the notice of~ post~pone- Editor give it a tial, whilch I msr PAORLKE D OT o. F, % oe th~an~ were ever~st before and ly irregularly perhaps, until that con- AlilledgevilleG.
tee elected a miayor, clrk assessor, congress does come off and then we September 3d 86
W E. ABORI,, PABR, mrshal andthreealdermen The willibe on hand with our special issue. L. Normand, Esq., Maksill L.
EiosadPbihr. year previous only twelve votes~ were D'ear Sir:-Ylii fao ofAgs
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VOL V. AP~m, NO, 4 adsinend h~ias fo t edn r ytmsprominent 'featuires present- oneen otethradhsmt-rd
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wis, w suges th wrtin toW.for thea'picking; and then how we to' Fabor Lake is at Minueota Park, totdh fctsithcaesfraB. ran, Red loc, acksonvile, sall rvel in ale berypdigas three miles northi; practically its ree- t dn asedi
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Te Ho{rticultual Society's. Annual Mar~ch has 'been given 'us' by. Observer We'sid lst nont tht the fis'or 1896, jus~t received from the print- Porter and we 'present the following tiseason an oet0 b ucs
hal o'Mrc gve s o aifal;e er, is an invaluable hand-booli; It sumnmary'from 'it. Mean teinperature. i cannowadd t te lst alfddn't contains a ful report of the 1ast an- 78.8; 'maimumi 93. on the 18th; misn ndin
eiter.Theto peciitaionwas nul meting; a' tabular list of the mum 45. on the 27th; totfal precipita-~ Frint GrowrwieQhth a ih
excly.6 fanic.ieefctuo fruits of Foida, sh~owing the relative tion .36 incjhes;"num~ber of clear days, x~ r
~ep aataiiy kt~tif~et aieis10; partly cloudy,, 17; cloudy, 4; pre- fruits;frmwihisiemae" It s lai tatthee retwo moths to the several sections 'of the state, vaillug' wind, southeast. Mean max- ,crydeiouprsv.Th lo
when in lorda, duth previlswith ful desritio an~d account' of imum 85.2; minimnn 63.6. We hope in etrhsbe eevdfo r
Marh nd prl;at a tie, to when eciluding over 100. varieiis of to be able to 'give tis monthly sumu- N'ormandwhalosnusapce7 moitr isgeatl nedd Trees cit fruis overJQ.0 varieties of de- mary regularly hereafter. of seed:
setn ri ntese mnths arelike- sciuu'fruits, y oe'' 50 var Editor ofth Pieppp
ly~~~ ~ ~ ~ tols evly ftoial fruits. Itis a compendium Tr~,1 C e~cDear Sr- msryt erta
of latetpractice alnd best methds MeL 1(5I Pyu 1ine
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association- ththss a ece or prospeciv planters, a~s wel as I see inyour isue of euryl18th trenie endso l e rwhwe
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ourfrendJ.S.Sanders is edtr.Ioering x$1.00~ as imemb4ership fee of Florida. Now this iprbably to 'prdc friseale.1uayo
isinth sap oatelehon cAonver- for 1896. Said fee an be sent direct that the sed wasplane to-ae syu edr hv aldt rwti
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where I can push, a boat ii To all now one dollar for a two
a among years gabacription PXNEAFTLE we offer chpjce of
tilem feeling sure that thv are as y of tbe following:
well cared for by the grez mother PICTURES, IN COLORS
as they deserve to W. 1 bave never 0 0 6 OF THE WORLDIS FmIEL
Flamping the Ggrden. Retail value one dollar such. 1 06 Sour selection and
sliared the Japaut!sQ enthusiarpin for send your clollstr at once. The I I set of six and PINF,
There are few real gardeners who b, 1 $ 1 u I
_)tc IP LE tweyean for SC59. Thu Iffer Is so6d to use Vby little water gardens in ch wor4 Content,
Will net agree with F. Schuyler Math- tile plants all look balf-st4rved and
ews Ift sayltig that the chief beauty miser4ble,, YQt if one can afford the,
of the garden should li- in Its flower
e.,ztrava:gance of 4 fc!untaiu with a DIS$TO N PURC HASE
eolors, and plant forins rather than Nvide basill a great many beautiful
I'A tht simpe and symmetry of As beds (4,000,000 ACRES.).
vater plantis may grow comfortably
and beifflers. 1, for one, wish that in it. ur if there is an old-fashioned
instead of writing 'this artiel-3 I running pump pqur4ig into a stoup D R
tafg-ht place In the hands of evry one S A L E
trough tbe water liliei may be very
of my t eadeivl his delightfully praetl'- happy here, and the overflow keep
ual and arUstle little book ealled 4 11ite aliyk other beau jfql bog plants.
B*autiful Flower 40, Ac $100
Gaiden.11 It I con- FQr marking out the borders of
tairis 13o iii-any plans for grouping beds an(( helping to keep the grass at 34 ANDS SUITABLE FOR CITRUS AND OTHER FRUITS,. G E I N- -,flowers tastofully., for bringing beau- bity I have never found anything so ERAL FARMING.
ty out of ugliness, and fav using the b
seirvicea le or up0strusive in -ppearhobsely, means at hand in every home. ance as-ordinary bricks, or the aquar- Large Traoft for Twpentine and Colenios.
I should not agree with him, ish grey stones' so common about a Address for Maps, Diagrams and all information about Lands in any par
thougli, In his selection of $2 worth doory'ard, Only prim angles are pos- 61 thq State
of annuals. Leaving out amaranthus, Sible whexA plank aDd. bQards are used,
balsam, oajVmdula, eschscholtzia, and and these wil 1 decay in 4, few years. W. B. GRANTF
zinnia, I would sulatitute alyssum, \Yhere shells are plentiful they make 3 REED BLOCK, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.'
cosinos, calliopsis, pansies and ver- a beautiful border for beds, if tlie
belins. I denat think, either, that I
dw*er, grqish opes are iisQd.----Goldfghould bbobge tb plant my garden en- eu MoRielits.
t4kxAy with a OeNv to Its picturesque L'"'Ibx famous points of
aVe, its Idir. Mathews recommends. Brooder E gperienee,
This:'Plivolves -too m"y flaunting c06 :a of six exAmsittly-colored IM lpilcom, inganifictut. W
6", odd and abrt pt angles and con- Our experience is that brooder being ftc-awflell of The law" olew"Alsvinfeil
oliickeips die., from tbree causes chiefly, Ily 340111 & 11(ty. lRotofted In "M Water 0010M
geqiwnt barder 'edges that one must 9 -1 I I 11
to7wit; dysentery, leg-weakuess and
f4ht fhe grass'about. I wo ild rathor i The Peristyle
have, m6lm pL rtty and daintiness in over--orowding. The first we have sizo, of eaeb Ficiinre lRevroguced In is 09164
tkbv 61rckr of my blossoms, More of the loarpe(I to prevent by first getting the 19 -k -24 Toebts this wonderful drearrilApd, OR beavy plaft raper
bropder gooc.1 and warm befQr( put- tuarded on either ha nd by t he e! 11V1:Y1
restful feeli*, 4given in the bioad tatcs and Territories. and Mjrting the chickens in it-say N to 9$ mounted by an artistic group of stat u4 y repr( senting Columbus making his entry to the White
tvoultrient of 1hTighsh gardens, -aifd- City. The Peristyle is formed by fort v-eig ht noble columns, twerity4oiir on eaclat side of th 7
degres, and keeping it in that neigli- central aro 3 a 'the-Union and the t stores. Th colum
leas weedingi _prqsen(Jpg the $tates of 'ern ns are Q
sixty-ft.big tole widthof the colonnade heing about the sain iletheentirel n Tvvu things are apt -to tire one in borhood for the first five days, This cwh P'th is 234ver.7
Mr. Nlatbews* bjabka.- his 'continual refers to the hover, The miter fee4- Z 044teral View from Colonnade
ing box is, of course, much cooler, This magnificent picture, with its manv artistic bridges, riui4jerous
lAvapiag u pon "colex- harytiony" and lbaVe 'canali, banked by walls of apEarently solid ippapble, suggests -a glimpse The
tbv vonventiopillism with which he Get ting chi-illed when first caken from of Venice, the forqground em rac s the South canal. Ort the right is
Stqr4d, = a glunr)se of AgriCLIItural "Hall, at the left is 'the str g
at even J qwer% These things the im<,ubator first starts the dysell, axe castcra cnrancc to -Machiner
*01 y fisJl, The column rising,
4*ide, I (IQ not 'know, of book upon tery, when the brooder is too cool. from the west end of the Gmnd.l asin is noble aud impressive. Cross-'
ing both the south and north canals are the gwac6ful arches and
if started right, crushed charcoal Eipfited bridg44.%throngedwith_ tbe visitors to this w nderoua drearniand.
gVttjpffing- thqt. J c(s pleasod and help- In, 'I
ell rR, ap j-uiic]A G week. will prevent the rmber;
l4fe as his "B.e4uii three times a Golden Entrance to Transportation Building wbile
uj Flo-eg OardoiR, 90bu The color scheme of the Transportation BtlUding-was a courageous 7, .4learn to eat the charcoal, and to. like artis6q experiment in. the, midst of the s n hite palaces. It gorgeous
J)R ay ,apgipg -tbe borders aAid plots e4aer$. entrance wasknown as the g oldcn do'n'wrway. 1t3 lavish S"pturall last
to Ide, I oo muob of i t _qqo-tioAsau4serieaofreccss(2d archs comi;naj ded the, admiration.
_r our gq riq we tj j ij t ofthewQrld. It is a picture that will be preserved for all time.
t-he gk5pAkrqt, ,,. pffwt of eaclA Que mid Overcrowding is, of course, easily emedied, by having enough brood- 4, Court Of Honor for Peristyie.
tQq little of the effect ,)f the wliple.
A grand picture fully, deserving its tit 4?- In the foreground rises the Republic 'a colossal This bed of popples will he. a b auti- r to separate the --chickens into figure with- arms uplifted and gbciwng the emblemp; of liberty and counimy. in- e bac W er-, 144t how flocks- of ihirty or forty. More than gound is the., in 'ficcvtA4jAjAjstraktqa5uilding with its superb do the t is see
f'RI, iw fill! Aqv e Matnufacif rs' Building, while at'the left extends the acdul the -' ric
iAuch Tncp-e ] ,e ki the latter number 'do not usually do likifiding,, sa,
,ell together; the smaller the num- 1B i.
-ojild 11;3- LleqjA bLad lp ape(j it where Adm inistration, Mining & Bectrical B
that gr, jp of evp 'r -1 -rger 'the percent of thrifty 5
,Xg]V,,,en as 4 bsck be the a The Admiaistration DuRding was a perfect dre4m of beauty, and was the keystone o
chickens. the magnificent structures which surrounded it. The apex of the supcrb dOMP'W"S 275 feet
grquipci wo.4.10 fling Q wt eac-li scarlet from the ground. It appears in the center of this superb.xeproduc*n in, colors, wbilt Qn tbe:Wi 0 s & c.see the Mining ]RuildirK 70DX- 50 feet in sizc, and at the left the Electri
:e e, The Ne believe leg weakness is caused clwe city Bnilding
pe h llyht ck ritained the marvellous I riverifibris of our modern wizarda.
fge. mWer4 CAkLtqxs. but fro-jai tbe by bottom heat in brooders. It is alost impossible to avoid it -entirely in Art, Palace and
frQAkt pfflMch aia(l wl pdows, thicy Nyil l in Works -of Art loccm- If l1aflonal Zrimpb:i.-- i
'heated brooder. We find that
convetely hide the bed of asters near a Tamp- bellf8b Illnerican Lagoon
t" 4"tead of wattering gladiGh co'vering the bottom of the hover inThis is the last ofthe seiin
in a thin, straggrmg raw- aiiong, the side with sand to the depth of an inch and a picture replete with exquisite coloring. Thacloud$iixttiesky cfazu e bl
walk, rquelh better had they been OT Ynore reduces leg-weaknesR to a be slowly moving over the famo4s palace. Many of the world's best critics co. ep
structure'the ne j6hes- satxaofall the architecturak conceptions of later times anck of the SlWt l massed 'In a thick, -splendid clump, riYMimum among, our chickens. The ofhul=nhan" in il was. found the true combination of rare beauty and availabilityt
with oool: 'white can-dytuft or agera- per cent is not over, eight- in a bun- It IsNow the Opportunity of, a W e Time
tum is a border to tone down the ef- dvLed. Whe re bottom beat- 4s used 'ex W secure a set of these, magnificcit, colored pictures. and as the supply is, lifritted our offer.
will be withdrawn soon, as ihe color plates have been ftscroyed, and noiiiore can be ; C feqt of tlAeis brilliant Aower_$piJce_;3 clusively, and -ille chleli s r0osU price.
Every garden shqAld have some cool beated board, it becomes "Idemic and
little -nook under, d tree, or behind a very fatal at times. The chicks are
building, with a careless little path us:nally ten daysto two weeks old be-,' leading the Way and here we expect fore, they take it. Their joizits swell :$tandard Seed aw'S.Tew WK
and 'Plant Catalogue, Co;utaltW
to find. a tub- of white, water lilies, I at the 'knee :and ankle, and their toes :Good. Always ReliabXQ.
beds of pansies, violets and mignon- tld r a in and urook under when bade pKket either Wonderful Branch.
ette. Ij-qt, I would like to warn the, Iv affectied. We havE, had them to re- THE GUIDE Ing Aster, Now Japan NornIng
amateur that "water gardening" cover when removed :frarn a bottoin- Glory or Pausy, Ckoke mIxed for
wit"Rt natural adaptations,' the heated brooder to a si&e-wheated one, aRd YOUr GbOiGg Two a,,,,, 25c., three packets 80c. Full
retail price 45 cts.
proper eontrivamees and a farge stock wber 6- sand or earth was -used on the
of enthusiasm is apt to be a snare and bottom. Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine which tells
how to grow Plants, Flowers and Vegetables, and, is
a delixsipik, To keepthe tubs or tarilm When the chiokens are three or four UP
to date on these subjects, for S mcmths tbe Gl1ide and
well filled with fresh and healtWul weeks old they should have, a small One packet of Seeds (named above) for 25. cenbs.
water is, somewhat. tedious, and irk- run, where they can reach Mother
some., YoW.pal. LitteA or pug is swe Eartt. 1fconfiried too long they be- Zvory Fema s.ending an Order as a ovo. wM reodve a =P=
to get ia and drown; mosquitoes f kxkd came s1imted' V i growth R. B. Geer, good for 50 cents" wmth of-W L
it a congenial 'haunt; it any case of in Texas Farm, and Rarich. VIlten'ordering state where vou saw this adv. d we will send a VACINg Of'
Chi)ice, Fkower See 'in
fever occurs near It 'is sure to be the i- T ds fr, e.
effect of 11that. taA of stagnant wa- R, N
ter." No one loiges water lilies bettqx, ft nted-An Idaath, some =0 MES VIC"'S SONS, HOCHESTE
than 1, yet I would rather see tlxem 'WWWV A&V. t' RN & CO. Pwnt Attor
growi in still, 'sunny -river pools, :nZi*4tn
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Aar delightfu book for thef b"childthen

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no ofrmyfxd In ceranlosncl- edee avi a e ssible.ypamnta f'dsrda b~ iie ths adral mk ir, eat, hiedti mha be easy mAnd er, ___________sols arl~qnve nape oniatn thuefu 2n 7a-h
pens, ciive d acoished. T e dd
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