Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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A Mllonthly Journal Devoted to Semi-'1ropical Fruit tCulture in South Flor ida.


e xtending the pineapple plantations, - - ----- y --*
til now. But our present condition d's**p lde us to take upth wok nc
andit Posecs. more -with the ardor we felt during
L~ our first two years 'of residence in
on ste an coonythis-lovely lake region. Next year, ete fo setleentinwith a successful crop, of the: fruit the al]-of18 as being especially which is to be our Specialty practiratingof inepplscally proven to- be a 'profitable one,
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icultivating, etc. IUp -to now, for what vh1l be available, cyr.perhaips'prc Js a _,shrubby soft-wooded. plant,
S C a I know, it- has been propaga" only gated from cuttings, a 1, hd lVis n 'il-: with large leaves and bluleh, potato
1 rom seed, but -we expect to see offer- together impossible that our native lo king'Rowers. The- ruits have- the Lis C
', not before long, plants laurel may prove ag,?od, a-ad. hardy shape- amd size of i-goo e cgg, but ire :A
Simi ;Tro ha prorpaga cuttings or from stocl to graft upon. -s far as posi- poi ited atl1othendis, andif perfectly
Pic Lrul ted from 0 1 1 '_ I ". I t:. : -To Al Califo g atts of superior varletiez, this be7 tlVe experience goes, to -make, a s.qc- rape are leanori yellow in.,6olor, beauec Qns a Southern rnia
J11 the only way of o-b-bafning truly 'cess of the Aguacate, itiwill no ailly striped with, vioi Their per#!rpc derod to-;be pr*U,*Ily bif.,
,marhetablc fruit- -i.nting in deep, rich s6il and i and, isi-Adiatof. 6 very good
Frostless,", -it is--undoubtealy a topicof pl,, nine
Several other kinds of Ationa are afly,.fertilized and watered.' Thart.. _mu kmelon, and fliey I are eaten just capital interest to investigatede what I y -1 ...
grown in the West Indies and else- feet would be the ininitnum. distance tl e same..'As already said, the p4aint 'po bilities there axe concerning the I 11
w here, some being claimed as supeL T., %,ould suggest for planting in or- is I soft-wooded and quiteJendex, but gr? 'Jor the. marketj Of truits
to countries ir oya; only of late ch ards. 1. haw no donbt. it could b6t'. tably
that briginally belong rior to the Cheri profi
warmer than ours,. theref ore common- years havea few been set out on trial Guavas, hafve been introd-med, in' grown as an aatiual in sections exly known as a ith us, -and as none have yet bloom- oijthera California quite a long time po&E d to frost -but litaiving very hot
i ng lived over--four.yebirs'. in Southern ed or fruited -that 1. know of, it "will ago, the first being- varieties of Psid-_ summers. It is quite readily propaCaliforniia and having taken a con-, be more conservative to say nothing !um pyrife I m, commonly known- as gained from cuttings. stant interest in eveTything.that has of their future possibilities. Lemon Guava. This has neverfound Another plant belonging to the
Next to the dherimoya,-and prob- ii-riob favor here, very few people Ilk- sa5meordex of the potato like the premt been tried in this line, besides thE
a bly aboveit for the importanc e it is ing -its taste, and perhaps also On ac- ceding, but much more known and personal experience I have had the rket, e
going to assume on the ma ount of its being rather tender and niore hairdy, is the Tomato Treepportunity Of having myself, I beutands the Aguamte-Persea gratis- too much infested by the black scale. Cypbonia,,ndra beteiLea-f rom soutli.
lieve to be sufficiently entitled 'too reg- sima-known also as Alligator Pear, Tlie so-called Strawberry Guava-P. Amerioa. This will make a regular ister. well -ascertained facts, and to
ofter practical suggestions that ought Avocado Pear and Afidshipinan's but- Cattleyanum-haz been planted quite small tree with somewhat fleshy stem to be of: same use to all persons inter- tRr. These fruits have a. ready sale in extensivelv and the fruit is:re I-airly, and.branche and broadx-ound leaves,,, ested in the matter. No doubt the New Yor1c and other large eastern inarketeml. as _w ll as the that is very ornaigaental when young; a proflel&,of posisibilities' is inuchtoo wide, cities; at not less than $3 to $4 per inade from it. The yellow strawberry fus;on of_?p1nk1sh flowers, followed dozen; the demand for -tliein general- guava, luc'idum,' was 'hardly "own by berries 'oval-in shape, thesi7,e:of a buth iag to address practical'aiorly exceeds the suipply, they coming to few. people two years ago, when. at-. big plum and of boautlful orange colticul-tukists I feel bound to-canifine
I I I mostly from the West Indies. teDtion was called to it -by my bon- or, ripening -during winter. These
m1self within the precincts: of'suoh
fruits onl I y, concerning which-posi- The Aguacate is a native of Mexico ored friend, Air. P. J. Bercknians, the fruits, besidets being, so attractive to and has boeen very sparingly grown president of Ithe American Pomolog- the eye, are quite wholesome and
biv,'p data have been acquired already,
and w- Ich :,y9ssess beyond contest a in Southern California for twenty ical Sw iety, in an address deldvered pl-ea&ant e-ating, especiially if stewed 'years at least. The two largest and Lyy Iiiin in Los Angeles. It is through in sugar. Occasionally they are to oldest specimens axe to be seen I be-, Hs means that it. can be said to have- be found on the market, but not as Among these I will put in *e first
lieve in Santa Barbara and Ul Monte-. been hitrodueed to California, just as much as they deserve,, considering line Cherimoya-Anona cherimolia- cito, the last being known. to have lie was, instrumental in introducing also their excellent keeping and shApby some people wronglylc alled the ripened in One season as many as-500 it, to Florida some years ago. It is ping qualities. custard- apple. This has beenknown fruits. At the rate mentioned above, taking great favor -with us and is So-me Other day in the near future
-in the country for over twenty years, thisAs an encouraging showin-, for likely to supen ede th e older known: I -hope to entertain the members of land plaut- ,ai e, to be seen in severw an orchard, planted with he 0 South
in will kind, -being larger in size, more at- the Pomological Society od ern'
-places, chiefly in the Cahnenga valley make quite good-sized trees with traotive in color and of better taiste.: California, with an account of other a;nd round Santa Bambaxa; but it is wide spreading, and rich evergreen fo- In gn neral aippeia mace P. luciduin semi-txode- fruits which have not only of lateyears that fruits have are in ith
ldaigp. The flowers terminal does not differ much from P. Cattley- yet quite obtained citizensElp wl
'be*eri marketed I quantity, ciusters a;nd greeni.91h, very jauoh like anum, its leaw s being somewliat us. The brief review I have madetetchilaig the very 'satisfactory price ol
those Of OUT common laurel or bay- laxger and tihiiakez; both orf them are will bring evidence, I presume,' that. ton to twenty-five cents apiece. S ll Umbellularia CaliforDdea-to which it 1\ Inarkably free from scale and simi- in the frostless sections there may-1 both: fruit aud plant aire so. little 1,,,losselyrelated. It will been bloom- lar pests. They will stand some cold: be go od profits, outside. of leMODS and known to mo-A people that I will be ing in November and c-ontdnue all and will thrive in any soil; large and oranipees, and I hope it vvJJl also lead allowed to give a rbmef description of winter, which accounts for its setting Jud y fruit can be obtaiDed, however, to the consideration of 'how importthem.- 't on
frm -ly in frostless locations. 1ti- eonly-with proper irrigation and cu ant to the development of the Te The Cherimoya is a -native of Peru Some people will eat this fruit raw, vation. Several other species err va, sources Of Southern Cadifornia wil] and probably of other parts Of South others will suggest elaiborate season- rieties of Guavas have been imported be the establishment of some institu-' Ara, rica; it is Only a small tree, ing, but the-eneral conceasus is thait quite lately, and I believe -that, I by tion In a trul suitable locality, fur-, growiug rather' in a bushy -amd with the addition of a little peppek carof ul selection and crossing, new, nished. -with adequate ineans said tospreading shape, thickly ed with and salt it will make the most excel- improved vax'ietie;s may be eveolved, tally independent f-rom polities, oval lea-ves, beautifully overl4pping lent mayonnaise to be direamt of, and from them, perhaps totally scedless where such patient work of invie"-tieach other, and which exiliale a pow- %,ery easily digestible, too- so it can end having better shipping
.1 1 1 requisites gating and :experimenting, crossing
4 rful aromatic odor; the flowers axe be specially recommended for dyspep- Mux,,Ii less spread than the guavas, and selecting, useful trees 'and plants produced right on the stems and tdc or convalescent persons. In size and apparently somewhat more ton- silia,11 .1 1 >e carriedou steadily and aysbranch, and -being od a reddish-gTeen these fruits will vary, and in shape der, is the so-called Surinn'M Oher- temnitically-,Redlands Citrograph. color, and not large, -would -be qudte too, from cibiong to pear shape, as ry, under which name several kinds qxowth of Hemp and Jute.
inconspicuous but for their delicious well as in color, ranging from deep of Eug have been introduced-E. A constant, demand for the past
fragrance, remimiling one of allspice. green 'when r ipeto very dark purple. uniflora, E, bTmiliexnais, E. pit-ga, two., I years for infor:mation regarding Fruits range from on-ahalf to several Little infOT-atdon can be Obtained E. Mitchelid. Which is the right name the best, pra ctioes for-the successful, pounds in weight, aud are rather ir- from books concerning the different I have been unable to ascertain, the, growlib. of, hem and jute has led to
regular in -shape as well as in general varietiee of Aguacate in its native few plants I have seen fruiting ap-. the issuance by the A 'cultural Degrl
appearance, some Of them being quite country or where it has grown for pearing to be identicad, save perhaps: pKtment,;of, a, report on'their culture
smooth, others more or less covered centuries. But the fact that plants in the size of the leave& Putting'; in thisppuntry. It shows that forwith tuibercles, at -times assumang the raised from seeds received from dif- aside the nomenclature, this will, me ly,, lx mp growing, Industry of look of regular, prickles. With us feren-t loealitiDs are alT adyshowang make a very attriac tive shrub, with thiai,,poi ntry. was of considera ble imflowem axe produeed from May to considerable variation in the color of glossy leaves, white flowers like the, poTta Aqejlarge'a were devoted to November and frifits will ripen from Y f i cultiy 4tiqn ot,
the stems, size and Color of leaves,' myrtle, and exceedingypi-tt rults the the, plant, and aa
Ff9bruary until late in summer. If makes One :believe that a wide range, of bivjght-scari c if' inueh:MF. ,q ons of the. fiber were
picked green, when they have attaAu-. will be found adso in the quality of varnished, -the size of a 14*i6,cherry,1 pro4uced in one year, -but last yeax ed their full size, they will ripen bet- the fruit, and probably also its de- 'but oura-rlibbedl which yj haOra than ,060 w
ter in thc fruit r(x>m wiflidn two or, gree Of -hardiness. Meanwhile I have hang down from the br ndh4 'by; p !f r: -the whole country- 'The 'three weeks, which circumstance al- been able to ascertain that there are- very slender petioles. Resides theft, extension I of the already established laws their being ahipped away to con- localities in northern Xlexico, where atbr-< Aiveness in'color, th have also: lcult.T of hemp, it'is stated, milght. siderable distance. The taste of the ALhuacates stand some degree of frost, a very pleasant taste, and 1 believet .4 ii.a substitute for the jute In fruit I will not attempt describing, and that in Mile a small fruited vari- this plant needs only"' to be more: inany 61 'the coaxoe jute MAUUfacsimply stating that out of one hun- ety called Paltita enduxes, much more known to -become a gNe-nerna ftvowite, tuies now -produced in this country, dred people who, taste it for the first cold than we -have here. That this and natich sofught also on the maiket. and thus re-eistabliah. one of the'detime, ninety-five will have more of it; fruit isbeginningto attract attention The Peping um Gairtedna-, cr aTug pr ducts of American faamis.
it has, -been compared to.custard, to on bhi.s coast is shown by the fact lense-has been introduced wveral Tlw large demand 'for India
ice-cream and even to the most deli- that not less'thaa four hundred'trees years ago, but it is far from common, encourages e -a Vt to, procarte: sorts of fish. The Cherimeyn, wffl have,
been planted.within the lmt perhaps because it will not -develop duce'iikat Aqxi in this country. For,
-7tand slight frosts,, in fact it is to be t1welve months, mostly ai;ound Santa adl 'its qualities out of the hotbest the discal yea- I r 1894 95 at i6ait 160j60 considered ashardy as the lemon, and Barbara, Los A of foothills, avd'wb ii'iof thi"11bl6r. "a were
ngeles and San Diego. places our itot ton' considered' in the I same as
Way. No doubt that in a few time 'ripened' to'; 103" ed y for Insr
years fiMee Is ported, nufacn plandfig, ting tVa&ted
fm as irriga or buidded plamU Aguaeat more than a very oTdinary awaifi

8 j~1a~~4Q9T

1 t as le'o ou in hs sa~e= vennes of he t perauf o thi chane becrf utio seetalcto aaenasn-frol :-U

of le nitd SM% W te hgh latau.cominig a man anoo pts astwo
sampes rodced fro Amrica- Sraner' tothestae ofen otie pssile o b foud; o Dt bcaue 'avehear oterswhohav witer
gray~~~~~~~~~n Jute~~~~~~~n~ hvbenpoe fles th h o infeig oth aiassm on thn atrcsyumk ahms]Ire a t e~ saeod hi

equltatheInit prdurL thy sthrug tis ig lke e-baty etle nt but caeul egahue no ea hsvlae

6-a toawrd gahLThi reommnds theeof enats p rfeton esuch wans r- ksil mny o ~erte hr n

-giesth biulhie f crbn ret, o-modaion, rete bin o b ar etithr in soil climate or helhfl fe1w in eve-ary community e ower '-'mept.:as ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t the\ 1efteli reed for the~ Ser this o~n. dso.b elfle ih o arellge o dfisps of. Th

ealdesroyrs.wit- turits nd ealh sekes. he ritr o ths cme o Foria ooinglis ofdsrbepoete -Th, losos f tisbubos lan Tisplceisin hehertofthesoe eas ao nd travel fou ehsben hneduoyC

afford ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ge1 'avr tratv obnainbs rukn etino ot Fo-aotfo w er suyn heIvn aeterlaleadtut

-Srkigy lgat sipe r ee ,a te t hi o Lak e~ r eo as combnin natural dale
Tn enralchracer i muh ese ea th h ie wt ear rs. Ga.,,t h t ins desrou codiios e,
the ladolu, b t i smalerin or,;,tem. ithn 1 ihlesfr~m the coud fnd-s a egin fee romIna-TOW PRPERIES

thee~ass h~ w s om artie-ald o whic return a p osard sitte the waese o t ep nnsl,$5

ly ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s b~rw and. dr, dIFv ce of grove of veetbl

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te play of H~~~ayle ith H e lebuft a a al fo ears ha i -hue odwl ffn up u
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tratd. lke Gadol. hi: la hs' Wihqh improve amethd fcl Bre o w ar 0 e etm nasfo ], tr 0ro osfrih
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APPLE monthly and an ATL. S, any ay,- th
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way. Who'll get the premiums?- Ad- and there-should havel been bananas,
d -ess, Publisher Pine bidthey were not yet.ripe; there was
Pabor Lake,.Fla. -but sty! are not these enough to
indicate that Christmas was -,vell
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an(] all subscribers will be marked dear-7:friend who sojourned with its
tip to inake up for lost issues. for a sea-son last winter. The colii teiits were toothsome and saccharitio
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hers and its wide circulation cannot
PABOR LAKE, DE SOTO CO., FLA. but result in great good to the towli The old year went and the ne"V.
and, its vicinity.
W. 9, PABOR, E A. PABoR, year came, in tears of farewell and
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volume;. so many of our subscribers lie had to go right back so. I didn't
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change to white that we have re- ,uz to wr I te to him where Aunt All- low price to 'a cash customer. Foi"Pineapple" Word Contest. turned to "our first love" though it lie lijed aud S map and particulars, address this ofay Tanky and he fiee oi- LAND OWNER, Room 652 We are Dot out of Ahe world, if we l s.a little more expensive. would gget it. Will he?
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ahd'small but always one to all. So general farming we recommend a Florida lands in the lovely lake reborluie Nellie's eyes; in their deptlis
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make out of the word "PINYAP- se tears and smiles together
Of_, with Mr. Page permits is to add that A leading Florida fruit grower rePLkS,"':i1sing -each letter only as he is a thoroughly reliable gentle- i1se till each inoment as it -flies in ex cently issued a statement embodyt6u asit occurs in the word? No ob-1 tatic splendor dies. Ohl my Nellie,
man and very familiar with the lig his opinion as to the best fruits,,
solete or. foreign words or proper is it wise thus to show how cupid
lands about Auburndale. 'Florida could grow as money-mak,a6uns allow6d. Words with different tries to conce iiise ar
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ers. He states that from forty years,
mea;nings only one allowed. A copy of this issue is sent to such rows that he smiling files from the
lar&st num- azare of your experience he has settled down on--VIRST:PREMIUIR for as have written us for infor 'ation, Yes? hes and pineaps lot in tho, m So in land of sleet ,in cl snow, many the opinion that peac
ber of words, a, business (luring the past two years or so, ples -will best fill the bill as money
'toW'ii'of Pabor Lake. $75. about Florida; in the.hope that it-, many yearsago, did-my. foolish fancrops. So says the Grocers' CriteriSFC6ND-A residence lot. $50. perusal may awaken renewed inter- (.ies flow. Echoes of the fancies n of New York. Read our plan for
THIRD-A magnificent steel en- est and that many new !;ubscrip- grow, out of these blue eyes that a: combined peach -and' pi le
gra -6u I of Niagara Falls, 40x16 inch- tions, under our liberal combination show, visions I alone can know as plantation on, a small scale. But We es. $10. off.ersr may be the result of this re- file raoments come and go in the axe also ready to contract for full
FoURT H-Webster's dictionary. A minder that the Pineapple still lives. land where roses blow. five or ten, acre t I a-acts on special
lie-w and illustrated edition. .$5. Send in your subscription. terms for which address lis as Colonv
FJFTH-King and Prince. The
of the Bible. 520 pages with I Taxes are now due and payable be u r (&sy C omer.,
125 illustrations. $4. tween January 1st and March 31st. Tbe Christmas number of the
SIXTH Pictorial Wonderland- after which -interest attaches. As Jotirual of Commerce, of JacksonOver 200 reproductions -Of famous we have done in the past, we have At Christin as time -we had the love- ville, Fla., profusely illustrated and
paintings and statuary. $3. notified all owners of 6-ax. colony tiest roses, geraniums and pinks oil book paper-is a splendid testi8eventh-NTapoleoii from Corsica to land and iowil lots who have heretoSt. Helena. 256 pages, 331 picture-;. fore had their interests looked after z'blooin in the garden, to say nothing niony 461tli energy of our friend J. $2.50. 1 by us, of amount due, from a list re- of the hibiscus, tacoma stans of yel IV. White, editor; and to the liberal
ETGHTH-The White House Cook c' low alder, perriwinkles, cannas, ity of the merchants of the Gateway,
eived direct from the county tax
B ook. 570 pages, fully illustrated. $2- collector's office; and there will be inoonflowers, morning glories and (!it.)'- The Journal is the only com, NINTH-Pictorial Menagerie. The no need to deal with an agency in crotalius or Florida pea; so there mercial paper in the state, is in its,
wild beasts and reptiles of the world- another town for this purpose. Tf Nvere floral adornments for the fifth year of. publication, is Only 75 Illustrated, 514 pagels. $50. any of our people wish to deal di- Christmas feast and curly headed (,erlts a year and should be taken
Chaxi Jessie came in from the regularly by every business man in
TENTH-Woman. Home, Beauty, rectly with the tax collector, we give I e's
flat woods to add the charm of he_ Florida, and be the organ of every Health. A guide for mothers and his name and address-N. M. Sauls, daughter,-;. '$1. Arcadia. Fla. happy chatter to the household cir- board of trade in ita various towns,
AT) LIBITUM-Pocket atlas of the 0 cle in the Cozy Corner cottage. N sample copy will be sent to an
reader of the, Pineapple desirous of
United States to every contestaw As Pabor Lake liem in Poll county who sends 15 or more words. more than it does in DeSoto, we feel While the aestbetic side of a Fl,,r- one, by addressing J.-W. White,
CONDTTIONS OF CONTEST-Ev- that we, have an interest in what is ida Christmas wits. thlis looked after, Publish I r, Jacksonville, Fla.
ery list must be accompanied with going on there; and also feel a. Par- the practical part was not forgotten;, ll
-Yo ( e Little INTother for that. Th- One of tbe best editorials on the.
--ents in silver or money order oil tienlarly friendly interest in a youn, trust th Cuban struggle, and the president's
Avon Park, Fla-, postoffice; which friend wbo is an applimnt for ap- traditional tLirkey, prince pie, crari will pay for one year's'subrcription p6intment as postmaster at Lake- berry sauce were there; also some message touching it We have seen, is, to, the PABOR LAKE PINEAPPLE. land. Win. F. Oren is an aQtiv, piimpkiii bread made. expressly be-. in the issue of Collier's Weekly for
The atlas wil I I be sent at once and educated and good business man op a ,t e Cosy Corner wished some Dec. 24, 189,6. It is a clear presenta1 ,l se h
,will be found of great value. Stat's- exeellent habits, wbo has the en- as. a reminder od childish Christmas tion of both sides and cOmM43U, self 'to the common sense of th 4!:
ties In it are up to date. dorsement of the leaders of his party times. There were oysters--- Florida n it would make a
COfNTEST CLOSES March 30th. Get in this section, and who will fill the grown-not as good as those from America people.
up, your list and send in: at once. S-1- position he seeks to the satisfaction Shrewsbury or along the northern splendid leadlet for wide distribution nice indeed. by the Cuban Junta or the American
cessful contestants for the ten pre- of the entire community. President- coast, but still very miums will be published I in the April ele6t McKinley will make no mistake there were red cheeked-apple,, to set friends of C uba. igsue.. if he commissions Wm. F. Oren as off the golden glory of the orauge,3
LAST WORDS- -you get 'a PINE-, postmaster at Lakeland. t hat came f rom the flat woods. six -SubWrlbe for the P neappl .

have&sei~~ ~ te proise of shoi nth
0 Th ai oe Jou rnal publi s coun o h Pineppl e duigh

in Oi te new1rf y eul up to itprese yea. The fis aeo0h promise Alogt eno magzin cr i eiel fecig' h giesalit fatraton s ntret l bs ofg tre o liea e cntsi ing~~~ ~ ~ adpoiigadosT e La y ro 'pienlosrin copy pei cado it yde therJour Pineapl f~rthe abkng Addes ithsbcmeafda it hsem for pe Fla.a

one Tbhe Ji~ornalr is pushe by gee an C o, heceerated.Th o ~Phiad elphuiaino o r an1 Wietraordinary rmiu;1
scin ad tey ew dea emn supteeb varieties sid to be woth AMUR iPbs~ a e er~ie
The Ohen ojurt hee.ifr an catalog e rae, 15. usrito

ehavebee gretynterse e- inadesasaoe

ZohBra.isn~ the arice haeaper n hi

Fo No-RsidntOwnrs Seso reigos inii ora -whos me-, Br 'Far Amua fo 87e

PROFIT~~ INPNAPE.1908 aet h ol sta sinei e factleadi tcnb

We hve choice ry arepeac

To all now subscribers seudlux one dollar for atwb PINEAPPLE PLANTATIONS. 'k
As it subscription to the PINEAPPLEwe offer cholce of
any of the following:
ncw.prepared to con-, For., PICTURES, IN COLORS 0 0 0tFactjqr:the,, p nd care of Tickets -0 Q 0 OF THE WORLDS FAIR,
_plantations f o tl & one: dollar each. Make your set
-0 e. r' non- To Retail vi ection add
send your do"r. at obee, The full set of six :and PI N F, owners of lands in the PABORLAKE., APeLB two years for $2.60. This offer is good to use In
Col, word contest.
a any. Our estimate
sb s6d.upon. cost of land(either
5. 6i 16 acre as value e quals Ott ez
; be Tawas ints, of i rest---,/ of
arp ,_ ac( ordi g to location and C
closeness to town center) the clear:, e ': e all t es lismesof m4aultict"t wbilte efty.
Ing f on acr of re stumps woo Ac-slmiles of the hom MOW$ 00,11W
and 9 underbrush; breaking up' of t W e c is b.;1 4' 91j, A .B J,
14prodaW InIm"n Water 0010M
1 pds;, clearing of roots and raking ONVIL L E I The Peristyle loproduced in is' colors
gk6drid, fenc lng:, one acre, price of Size of eacb, picture
cc of
an is s ri pping and planting; fer- a n'd tWe The grand water entmo
this wonderful -land, on beavY Plate paper
io x 26 lacbes ea th
guarded'on either ha by
iiiiziin"g two times. each in two dnrd
tates and Territories, and surY6ars; two (or d3ore if requir6d) mounted by-an artistic group of statuary representing Columbus making his entry to thewbite
cultivation each season; and City. The Peristyle is formed by forty-eight noble columns, twenty-four on each side of.the
central arch, representing the States of the-Union and the territories. The columns are over X W sixty ft. high, the width of the colonnade being about the same, while the entire len is a.34 fti riiitendence by the: ffianag6r T 1
Mg'a:ssista nt. Entire cost $70o in 2 Generat View from Colonnade
1ja me nts uritij! turth I r notice as This magnificent picture, with its manv artistic bridges, numerous Secure
follows., The ])Ape canals, banked by walls of apgarently solid marble, suggests a glimpse
of Venice, the foreground em races the South canal. On the right is Stcure4 caught a-glimpse. of- Agricultural... Hall, at the left is the striking Set contact is made .................... $150 handsome easterrf entrance to Machinery Hall. The column rising
1897 ........ ............ .: .......... .9oo
December 1 1897 ...... ........... ..... ..... 7g Ta fronithe'weit end of the Grand Basinisnobleand impressive. Cross- ot
89 ing both the south and north canals are tbe graceful arches and
Ap ri 1 1. 1 7 j:lInlte4 bridges, thronged, withthe visitors to this wonderous drearidand. Sig
?Decemhe' 1. li98
A pril 1; 18W ...................... ........ 50
I S y. number Oo n rance to Transportation Building wbile
Ftirthet particulars with plats of 3
for our T B il ing was a courage(
Ily reserved e ti,,Pe color scligme of the 7 ransportation u d MS
tracts sp ia ither on ic in
Nol h experiments the midst of the snow white palaces.. Its gorgeous
entrance was known as the golden doorg
towl Site, of' 'close to depo site' Gay, I lavish sculptural
decorations and series of recessed arches in Pded the admira don
on ap- of the world. It is a piciure that will be preserved for all tim-.
-6eriter of town etc., etc and
plication. Address, SOU6
L i ne"' 4 Court of, Honor foi rtsit3i
W. E. PABOR, f A ri lly. deis its tit e. In the foreground rises the Republic a colossal
6ugh gf P ted and showing the (and country.
ic emblems. of libertj In the back
tf. 'he odd the fit Adininistiation irig wit its s e rZicius, seen
Colony Manager'. M ' Buildi i h i uperb dome, on th
6e Man f.clu, kling, while at the left extends the graceful lines of the tural
p ,CE 0 0,NE' Ask
ftftlt 6411 F10i Tft F 5 Admin" i'st 't""',,Iqining,& M ctrical Buildin
for The Administration Builclhq; was a perfect dream of beauty, and was the keystone of all
the rbagnificent structures which surrounded it. The apex of the superb dome Ives 75 feet Tickets from the ground. It appears in the center of this spperb reproduction in colors, while on the
.-A.m0pportunity to Get the Pif)e- Ij Building 6ax4 o' feet in size, and at the left the Electricity Buildifig
via 6-6 1 K. W wr3 Vich contailied Mthe marvellous invention's.of our modern wizards.
capple, the WeeklY Florida Citi6 Art Palace and
zeh and Wdmar)kind To- Write,,,, th.q : ;,Genc!ral Passenger
worb ofwrt to cm. ji national triumis,
gqthe r at -a Greatly Re-, Agent for information.. I I P 1 :1 I La 66h
-befllsbr 11-merican 15omes 9 Presented in ji" vjqvIml
duced'Rate. W. B. CM 11 G. D. ACKERLY, can omes This is the last of i the series
66ii'l Supi. Ge3i'l Passenger Agt and a picture replete- with exquisiti coloring. T in tne sky of azure blue apkaito;
t1of the world's best critics, considered this
be slowly moving.over the famous pslace. itler4can
structui c the ne filus uUra of all the arch I conceptions of later times and of the skill' The Florida Citizen is now one of was found the true combination of rare beauty and aVailability.
-the, most complete newspamrs in the JA0X8'zP'!0#V LLE of human liands. In it
It Is Now the Opportohft (if Time:
United -States, outside of the great ff
', e., 1, I to secure a set of these magnificent colored plcttfi s, and as the suppi is limited, our
inefro Iit n centers.. It's types are drawn soon, as the color plates have been destroyedand no more can be securedat,_! i, I any price.
on one of Hoe'F; PLORIMA CENTRAL AND PENINct tirey by machinery, and Its
I-rg'_1, pres._ Sten-m a''nd electric'
power both are used, aaid telegraph
,zvjres are carried directly into the DISSTO N PUR HASE
Iiie best of inaterial-is e'm-'
offil e. I,- ACRES.)
pj ed ii everydepartmentand most: 1)
Of _ihe mem be s of the force axe old C 4aiid e cperienced alists. The
:r. : 1 1 1 14 m-? l ? BAVANNAI L kiq N D F011 S R L E 9
news. of the world 1B obtained from
thei _kssoci ted Press, and that of thuSLfe fron:i: represmenta way
tives statione(I
40 Ale4qqnlks, $loom
inlpo rtant town. The greaL.F. 41"
ca is taken to obtain 66rr ct LANDS SUITABLE FOR CITRUS AND OTHER FRUITS,. GENits 'and to avoid fal and sen'sia, CKSONVILLE ERAIL FARMING.
o aLALg- W
ru-mors.; Pa culars. of'low, P Atk%
criminalities and other imatter unlit, GUL F Large Tracts! for Turocihtine and Colonies.
for household reading ai I -e excluded. CEDAR KEY 1111
oil Address for Maps, Diagrams and all information about Lands in any part
In ] olitics the paper is soundly dem- f the State
Z E X .1 C 0
ocr; iic, following the principles laid T81T. I W. B. GRANT,
d6wn by Andrew Jackson, and refus "d
ii nd itself to temporary crazem 3 REED BLOCK, JACKSONVILLE, FLO
and schemes, for private advantage
Tlie''Dailv Citizen Claims to have of f h
litirge- circulation than any N
othe PoRil
daily south of Atlanta and east of an
N6w Orilean&. fENIN The _Monthly South Florida Home is
and Connection a paper that should be in every house-, l ands
The subscription price of th' KEY
1 1. 1 BID.&- hold,,aindthe price isonly 20 ceauts. 4
We ld Air, 14,01" F156
Citizen is $1 a yeax. We wi4 year, but in order tointroduce it in oranges
supply thePineapple, the Citizen and large number of new -homes at once Womankind togeth6r for one dollar. The FloT!da Trunk Line-Short line R
we will send it in clubs of five to ten' IRSSorts
speciioaen copy of either the'
Daily or the Weekly Citizen can be I JacksoDyilJe, Savannah,. Atlanta at ten cents a year; and a free copy investment
and 11, poitits north including New 0,e' year to t(be club-radser. The ad6 tained by :sending a pc staj card to York' Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, c1less
this -office, or to that of the Citize n" I of every suhscriber will be iU,7' development
etc.! ete. Only line with through Pull- serted in our "Mailing List" frft of, iA. Jacksonville. man sleepers. from- Jacksonville tu charge, which will bring each one lots A ttra ti6ns
Womankind is one of the mosi New Orlean of papers, magazines, etc., for neairly
charming, f the'monthly journal For rates and, other information ap- a ,ear. A Tiy one., call get up a club. G. D. ACKERLY,
,published in. the direct interest of ply to Send Ik)6tal for sample copy and get
women; is a 16-page paper,, illustra, A 0. MACDONALD, G. P. A. ul) aclub at once. Address, Young G. i
ted; regular price is 50 egnts per an- N., T ETROPICALTRUNK LINE,
S'. PENNINGTON, Traf. Manager, Ice Publisher, Glenoak, Hillsboro,
Jackson JACKSONVILLt, FLoillok.
U11m4 ville, Fla, Co., Fla.

-Tells the plain truth abou
URP iWe BiST SEEDS that Growl
Hundreds of III renifirkabliS Wovelties, painted f ature. Itis known as
-Who Leading Ame can Seed Catalogue." 46r ailed FRFID to all.

Mom mousy in ten acres than in 100 acres in ordlEary CTO Xtiestunts also pay large Income. Cst small at M Japan compared
with Income, which is sunned and sure Send for Facts In a Nut
she I to

FOR. SALE OR TO LET. expqess W1417111 TO
pobs, the purchmer payi
The Welcome Inn, at Pabor Lake, obwgcs. Primula Obeoniea, S-tirobiPla,, wlll be sold on reiLsouabte terms, lanthes, the handsomest. foliage plant THE -PO ONA VURSERY
desired, at to d MACCLENNY, FLORIDA.
f ,abE winter blooming Begoniasless t;b an cost -of construction. Or Roya I I Hybiscus, 50 cents each. WE will tell you what to plitut, and
i HOW to plant it. . We have
-will be reuted, unfurniglied, on long ROSE GARDENi' in stock a full line of everything needed in
Address W. E. 3t- Keuk-a, Fla. PRE PAID THE GARDEN, OR ORCHARD.
Peaches, Plums, Pears. Pere Fig%
Pabor, :Cofiiny 1.1ranaiger- tf 'Nulberries, oranges aaa nos lmders.
Who can think
of some simple
Wanted-An Id thing to patent? THE PQMONA NURSERY,
Write .11; _.the lmay b nyou twe.ith. Macclenny,.Florlda.
,_Im N & Co at1r, Attor5 T oarlment. Id gum,'D. 0.. for their simb cr offer
an t, of. t"
For One Dolldr we will send.the CACTUS GUIDFle and Wourankind for one FRUfT TREES FORFLORIOR'.
:ye, at and a -set of: Coop I r sNovcls, in Plums (over so varieties, wickson, Red June, Ha I Is, White 11 Kelsey, 1 8 n- I kin&
five volumesj 2,269 pages in all, print- Devoted to the culture of Cacti and Peaches (Sneed, Trlumpl ,;Suber. oiver 70,,vafletles), Fears Kaki, Nato Grapes
ce Orangin, Lemons, Pomeloe, Kniniqu0s, Roseq,,Ptc. Over a0O.varlettes of Fruits and'
.91, ulents. Subscription, 50 cents a Ornamentals;
type, book page'size an I I j
I yeax, sample copyfor stamp.
boqnd in heavy lithograph' paper I I
I Satsuma on Trifoliat''aHardy'
r Tins : offer 1s, made, to renewmg a CACTUS GUIDE, SHARONJIq
wi y as:,,to new subscribers. tf.
To: -Orange, on;Hardy Stock,
all :new subscribers and to al
x0newing ones for' the year 1897. w R-I-P-A-N-S
wi -on receipt of the regulav A handsome, 65-pake Cutulogne for 189"7, wl h over 50 engravings. Gives &daptability of varieties to F&tions, with necurate d6serlptlonimi; recent experience irk orebard ill send and market with varjetto new aucl o
sllbscription price, 50 7cerifts, the Pine-' ld, with full wiltural iLfiarMatlon,, Thig
for ofie Themodern stand.Two. 50,eent papers for the price of ard Family Medion e. tf.
FOR SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS cine: Cures the Investigation into the requirements of Florida orchards.
Experience and experinientiug in growing Florida fmits will send the Pineapple and that -day 1 11 1
splejAid monthly, The Ladies' Home > common ev'ery v PA R S Extensive propayationof tree's for Florida planting. ,
Compinion, which is fast becoming ills of humanity.
a powerful rival to its Philadelphia Is
ediopetitor, in -the realm of tl e home T WE V ary*,.urserv Xompalny
circle. tf. Z, G. L. TABER, Presidew, GLENST MARY,

Florida Bureau of Information and MARLI A.. H. MA NVI L L E,, Secretary FLORUPA.
Circular Distributing Agency. Hon.:W.1Bryafl"S Book 300 Acres in Nurseries. J th_ year. 50.000 feet under
All who are interebted in furthering the sale glass.
Frank G. Pabor & Co., of Mom W. J. Bryan's book, abould correspond
immediately with the
publishers. Thework
"ill contain
We -have opened am office at Pabor n,,.d P lantAN ACCOUNT OF HIS F ru 1* S
Lake, DeSoto Co., for the addressing CAMPAIGN TOUR
and distribution of circulars of all HIS BIOGRAPHY,
kind's but particularly for colonies HIS MOST IMPORTANT
and fruit enterprises in Florida. Our SPEECHES:
Nsts cover over 10,000 names of en-, CAMPAIGN OF 1996. Our
quirers regarding this state as -a plac REVfEV OF THE X rsery products. have been fully and satisfactorily teated, In Vlor.
POLITICAL SITUATION. Idaduring the pi A 3.7 years, and pat riinziie t mtl llieres's6& The itoA for investment or settlement. Per- P,* ACENTS WANTED *a y
.jri.Br an has an- for fall andwinterdeliver
,sonal letters giving general informa nounced his intention of ._h.] f of a] I y: is up to % he "douid high 0"
royaltic s to fn rt 1i H r! ng i lie cause o r bimetallism. thrifty and no Old rubbish. J Pilln", and ,,
as to localities written -to inquir, There aroialr-ly i di-tiensof- cuormoussale. span
ers who enclo-se a fee of one doUar. Address W. B. CONREY COMPANI, Publishers Pears, ac es of. Aa awts, PI Grapes, DiV16I)pot,
341-351I)earborn St..CHICAGO anges, small fruits, ate. Among econ a grown
Sample copies of state papers sent oni .., .- : .1 -I r M, tkeibs 'we 6lier
a, : Kei App % -Tree Tomato,, 1 allqiw Tree 25,000 pot grown (lamphor iiiiia clis.
,recelpt of postage stamps, to cover' 50, YEAR
EXPERIENCE. r atuon shfi#e. Uees,' 1, qli4dlng 10,000 GfeviHea And Horenle Palv* Romes
postage. We have also a full list of! I I'll I .
budde4 and, pin "Ir,,own 0, er N,:Greenhotiee Plan* "NO"
Florida farmers and fruit growers for'' 1700 ]Rv green
.iiur&ery- men 's u-se for catalognes', e.te. Citrus Trifleliata and I AmPor. Privet the 4wo bdFA hedge plantipi; cat&
For terms address as al ove. t7f. 'free. No agents. A

FLORIDA GROWNPLANTS. TRADE MARKS, P.J. Bvckmans, Truitlad, *ur.&9rj*esi;DESIONSP
Sanseviera 20 cents, Otaheita, or- COPYRIGHTS &a. AUGusrA.'' GA.
eme a sketch nDd df crfptlnotn may
aiig e U: ,cents, Night Blooming Cereus q tok e In, free,,,hpth Inve on is
lax, 16131ts, proba : atentntilc ronimunications fftrictl
ge 2.5 C StPoibilauthes 20 cents, confiden oldo t agency forsecuring patentl Fru It Qrowers Make-Mon
Hemp 26
Bowstring cents, Crinuira
In in -,We have a W"hington office. ;rovvers
rite en through Munn & Co. receive ul
0 al tio0inthe
Kirk-ii, largest bulbs w cents, Crim- 0 Can't afford to be without It, 'The Or"t..,
Son Rambler, two years old and all SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 0 Monthly which helps Fruit Grow&A toiniake
beautifUllY' illustrated, larMt circuration of
ldnds of lawge bu4ded roses .50 -cents, momey.
-1 1 I "" -4 UN till,
go.-it On 11-ul 641e!-21Z; %,
uiail_ The following plants K'9?!.f. T NTS "At frM Ad" A N.Ly, 9
all 'blooming aize, hiippwed only. in 'MUNN"A: 'CO. 8Ar1PLI3 PRES,_' d"
y r.. 70 taken-4A
(0444,44 go, ,Fqr ato 1reas Vim .7.

grove is a patch of 750 Egyptian- apple tre-e is now five feet high Queen pineapples looking well; we ought to bear soon. There is one,,are testing this tender variety to see Mvacado nearly six feet high,: very if they will grow well in the open fine condition, this also ought to; give air in this locality.. This, far they fruit 'next season.
seem ae vigorous as the Red.Spanis b. Cozy Corner Garden.-FDur POMeOrchard.-Twenty Ap- granates, six olives, California;., seven
ples, five varieties; twenty lemons, Sn-rinam cherries, four. Italian 100 plums, eleven varieties; .: two gr apes, four gua vas, nine pawpias prunes, ten kaki, iseven figs, ten: mul- five pecans, row or raspberry strdw-..-In -ries, live varieties.
er berry plants.
The apples- in k-e slow growth; The guavas are fine large bushes lemons. were newly planted last win- all new growth since the freeze and.
V I ter. but have grown finely as indeed gave some fruit last summer. Olives,
ma be said of all the new citrus eberries, p rnegranates doing well.
s set out. As to plums, weare p 'g, pla
tree mvpams youn uted last summer
grently, disappointed, not in growth, from seed. Pecans doing nothlnga but in fruiting. 11hey grow rapidly, We hope to sample the ber
COSY CORNER COTTAGE. blossom freely, but so far-and some strawberry the coming season.
of the trees axe four years old-have Pam;y's Garden.--LSeventy-flve phie-.: borne ba.rdly any fruit. We shall apples, four banamas, two' anonaa,' newly. set one year ago. These are give Mein a good meal of potash ear- one each of lemon, orange, pomelo,orticulture. in fair condition. ly in the season and if they fall us in citron, fig, 'p plurr
Northeasit Patch-East of c9ttage 1807, the axe-will be laid at theroots Peach, apple, -mulberry, kaki. The New Home in Florida. fund land slo ng down to the lake.
pi of trees that only number the These pineapples are from the
'BY THE EDITOR Two amonas, five camphor, five cin- roUnd. The Itald set fruit early in crowns of fruit that ripened in the
0 amon, five No. 11 mango, -five. star the spring that all fell off, but we fall
years or so, ago, in October of 1894, were set out and not
184 we gave a lengthy axticle de- apples, two cod!fee, nine. kola nut, five 'are advised that they will do:this injured I greatly by the freeze and rose' apple, three loquat, two tea
seriptive of the building up of a new while young, but get- 6ver it; so we vlll probably fruit the- coming seahome in: Florlda. Later ,.came the plants, four oli'Nes. from California, look fo r some 'simmons next sea-son. son, atleast some may. The other
blizzards 'from Dakota,' and swept two carobtwolkico, two roseapple, Mulb,,ris all gave fruit.
fr ults are all doing well; on t-he.cit-.
away in a night all tender tropic veg- two ced-rat, from Depa tment of Ag- Arbor Pa-tch-2,10010. pineapples, ron (this came' from Sicily) the I re, etation uljoft the surfaae of the soil. agriculture, fifteen, kaki or Japan perfour kuniquats, ten Kei apple, two were two or three blossoms last
The labor of two, years of tolling was silumons, fifteen Orinoco or hors, Otalielte orange, two sour, Rangpur spring-, but no fruit set, the tree belost and for awhile it was uncertain banana, one hundred and fifty dwarf linls, four Uiah grapes, eight scup- -old enough.
anything, would. re I cover; eavendish. ing hardly
pernong, one East Indian fig, one Brief as we have made the foregobut':bj'A:pril '95, the pineapple Ion- The two coffee trees, three of the mbb -nd comments, we find the
p i er tree, six aTr0 wr00t -clumps, ing lists
tations were showing thatthe roots star apple and all of, the kola, nuts I wo poinegranates. arti je lengthier than we intended,
'of the,,greater per:-cent of the plants died Two of the camphor bushes -rhis patch, of pi 6 apples was hurt so at'
ne that little more can be added,
had more or less, of vit adit I a. I ud, with stand --A I x feethigh, the cinnamon vrst ofall by the:.freeze,; original- this -time. We- leave the' reader to proper care could. be saved; so also ne I arly four feet. Olives are loroking ly there were, 3,000 and not MUCh imagine the pleasure t e dweller ln -. :
.,the tender flro ic plants scattered very- vigorous and thrifty.. The man- nore than two thirds of those thai, the Cozy' Corner Cottage takes in'f$] over the home.,place began to. send '00 stand seven feet high; these surroundings- of- his I n I w hom I e
sni-vived look as if they would fruit the
up new shoots ; the guavas in I arigo es, were raised from seed of fruit sent the coming I season. The scupper. in Florida. bsnana4s and sirnilax fruits rapidly us direct from Jamaica, and all five 11on-s ve us fruit this season, and
put on: new-. growth. The summer-, wexe uninjured by the. freeze though An Easy Way to Force Flowers.
the little mother boasts of somefine
.season closed with a fair outlook and thirty or more of similar kind were preserves she made fror4 them. The If
you wish flowers for decoratioi
the.winter of last ye qx gave as but lost. The horse bananas do. not ,,,t Indian fig is the largest bush tpon holidays, birthdays and other one or two severely cold spells, once amount to much, but the dwarf cav- on the place, being u1ne feet high qcasions, the date of. which, is fixed
touching freezing point and doing endish, set on the border of the lake and with a circumference of hVelit ii advance, plan for them in advance.sorhe damage to pineapples in places have made fine gTowth, and one feet; but-as. yet, it has borne no easy -way to dot this is to use iht,,
while. other patches were whollyun- bunch of fruit is showing.. But we frLdt. As a bit of shrubbery it is a ow,-ers of hardy shrubs. For in+injured. Why', this was so we cam do not thinkbamana culture here in success. The rubber tree is a new -tance,.you wish flowers on Washing-.
give, up, reason able explanation, as all the sand hill region will 'be a com- sprout froin the root of the one kill- ;,,'s birthday. In the last. week of were treated alike, with the same mercial success, ed down by the freeze and has since 1;mvary cut some long stems; of the
,.fertilization: and cultivation. South Orchard-Five pecans, four then made a growth of three feet. mmoil Forsythia. Fill a tall, vase
Now that a second two years has almonds, four Japan chestnuts, two The other trees named in this patch .,-itl i iv ; ater and place the dry and
Japan wadnuts,. twenty Saitsuma or- -re all young plantings and have eafless stems in the water
-since the climatic, visitation, a Keep
we have thought it migh t inter est ages, 100 peaches, twenty varieties made fair growth the last season. them in a waryn room and 'when the.
five each; sixty pears, -Keifer and Le
all who desire to know the conill- The. Utab grapes should have given ;)uds begin to swell place the vase
tion 'of the New Home at this time Gonte; twelve apricots, ten Japan fruit but did not. and all in a s unny window. Occapears, five varieties; ten Chinese -West of cot- sionally take the vase to the sink and
t6-1te-11 the story again, giving lists quince, 250-California grape vines. I Texas Garden Patch. 'of what are growing here and their tage and sloping to the lake. Three sprinkle the steins with water. Lf
condition. It will be a truthful state- Of the foregoingit may be said avaeado pears, three Satsumas, four the I flowei s appear to come out 'too, ment that any visItor can verify. that the grapes have not done well ,, o. 11 mango, two Talrita lime, one rapid13, and aheadof time, k4ep them
There are ten plats, having for but we shall give them one more cape chestnut, five sapodilla plums, in a cooler-but not cold-place., if
year of trial; pecans make very slow one rose apple, five anonas, eight they appear to be behind time in.the their cegiter the Cosy Corner cottage
and their -north boundexy Pansy growth, so with almonds, chestnu ts guavas, flour tamaxinds, two horse last' week, place them in a warmer and -walnuts. In.this orchard are our radish trees, one anocardium, two place to burry them forward. Once lake, as shown in the 'llustra)t'on oldest peach trees, set. in the spring Rang-peer lime, one calabass tree, a week add ten drops of household heregiven. Weadd such brief comof 1893. Some of thetrees, as men- two cocoa, two tomato tree, eleven ammonia to the water, or terf drops
merits as may -seem necessary. The
area of the, entire plats is not over tioned in a paragraph elsewhere figs, 25 bananas. to it quart of water. A number of the
.1. 1: were in full bloom the middle of No- early flowering shrubs can be forced.
ten acres. This patch is so denominated be
vember. The a ricots, -Japan pears xas into bloom inthis way, but require
cause, there is a garden of Te
:South,. East Patch-4,000 pineap- and Chinese quirices are young tre-es, grown. -n., -type a longer time to bring 'the flow6rs
shrubbery of northei
plesi three seedling lemonsi ten cin- planted one year ago and have made on -Ainerietan Agriculturist.
its soutb- line, containing D"t- out.
nappri, forty camphor, fifty guavas, fair growth. We- have'about conclud- i,,, Syingas, Lilacs,, Aioss roses, Ilve olives, ten citron, ten lemons, ten ed that 'young trees spend their first fZose of Sharon, etc., few of which 0 can think
oranges. Wanted-An Idea % me ILMPIO
s eason in the sand hills in making seem -to takekindly to F loirida sand. Protect jour ldea, the thing to patent?
The:' pd D Uay bring YOU Wealth.
Des give good promise of roots. All the plants numedard growing Write J HN WED FaB N & 00 Patent Alter11"11, WaablnVon, D. C., for their iir Vifor
the coming summer; guavas. rig;
fruiting Southwest Grove.-Forty oranges nicely, but nearly all, are you and Ust of two hundred Inventionx W,
axe. young plants set in July; the. in six varieties, twenty-five pomeloes there were a few guawls, however, f our. last named.are trees from Sicily, lia two varieties, alternating wItb of the wh i te winte variety. and they mikin'g, slow growth; -cinnamon and bhese:are sixty-five peach tr6o Wal- were exceedingly choice, the boys Do you want to move to & milder cUmate? I ild
gT0VVM wr2te fur information concerning DoUnds FlOridm,
amp&or g rLic.ely. I may be -do and -Ovied-o;.,the former showed a tell us. We were noot at home In Great health regOrt, fineM 011MAU on the con'lof acentet of the great orange growing regj n; cheAp,
addeA here, that these were wholly few blooms early- in NovOiifber and fruiti'ng time. The two tomato trees
, 1, 1 1 1 q lands; good opening- fo b1T%1nftA6 mAnufazturiag,
'uninjured bythe freeze.. 'fruit -,hdd get on them when last died, but we have oAe in a tub.atamd- fruit kr6wing, etc. 'No pioneer life. Poputai;ian of
East town 3 0001 paved stress wktlr MAIN eltric lights,
Orichard.-Shrty-fouF Japan ed at; tiee*i ar all' ung the cit- ing six feet high an'd lookin fine; ice. stetson Vniversity, pub -hoo
cburche% od gpdoty. Address, 130A.RD 8
'persimmons, in six vaa4eiie's, and ruB trees, reiplacing those- that were also some young.plauts grown from TRAIM,
jd -four pe"hes :-in five varieties, e. k1on-'-:ja*d f this seedi The: cocoa also Aied. Thti rides