Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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11, -,, , -- I -- 1 I't I Reliable, A:zents and'"eameix* i*., SpooK,,-,
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'Y twee)) b-nday,
business, is t D'D'
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_d' y, open gor
_-YL._ jjj "to by sina I xefrigerat6r-boxeg at df-t 'is Weell-5b usffels, o strawberries CVjC ] Vamphlk 'giv, g:-,
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th6-hopi tiy'b
circle, recen e,zl cgqn,4p Phil delphia,, at 50cents per
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jaffa.': 'T I E, a 216 1;l1l colonly, "I"ilip tq it
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4vOR t d" i a _b*tween'tho tl Ilk 0 cola 61,me3d6o;
0; or, &bofx -colony & choke* a4e 'll
cqpy. parallel of latitude, For,61a 00-D'Ai of *h plailillaW '-U
l I I lilper5ed with live oak, turkey oak,'and black'Jack oik wiliieini e-iii-thesimm",
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lalr on Qver eld of fle"trad; I6,kea Of v&r1dum are",',thia ffmalle8t about Station -Director A.-, J;:-Mitchell, of- &
largeatlliboutWacii4j,6 '1i5kaxAxe-iLio-25to 1 75 1 d"p, itith pfim zwillel val a- -as- -Weather'Bureau Service '-has bean -fBlli Y Of eiW
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water are a"ii jaudi as tkey'hai a gentle incline from'tho'htgh rilips,'AfNi
jun 4he publication of a Weekli Cli- water's odx ; eon"4nently no4tia"ant water
%n b* found In tile Stf ree ru, ultl
matic and, ur'8p'-Rii which will bi ofY1oi1djjL.. ]F &) - d
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1:112 S;ever% :tim over' much as $760 are- realized from a
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_(B"b dard._ Qone, owa.) at lastseason he realized 111500 .y.qI4
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wii'ter, Florida' lo ers attractive d-'u e*-g ass an ,-an
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but- just,--such, "' H as one Z r -to Fl'or )-noril C I
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em a n s,, 1 cp co a, ij, s e ,-arfe p o7 In duce, all, sorts ofgardien vegetables, "TOMil
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Aft 4%eiquantii es."I't ar e L ri- in abundance, and we, w6fe a sisu're'dr
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