Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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1, , 1 -9 L .'.L f L ',;:-'L. 1. _. ' I L 'LL 'q L 9L z _' I I IN , ,,, :",
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rr I I I L .. L L ; 1 9 9: L I 11, -, ,
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.99 _1 I- 1 1 I t"i
_1M L 9 L L 9- ,_ 99 91 L, ,- 1. 1 of6 9, q .:: L --' L .L -,,sw ;,-. 9," ,! ::. "'; ... ': 7 ""
I : : :-, S Co iber j%59 ij :. : ; hL e ., -F la,.-,, I (L 'i
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I- I : I L L:" 9 9 ,
L' LL 'L, ., .. L 9 11 L L :1 9 9 9 9 ,L L I I I I -, ; T
9 1 '. LL L'. L . I I L I .1 .. 9 1 9 L 9 I 1 9
1- 1- _L I L 1 9 .q. :9 9'. :9L -9;.. L 9, L. 9 9 L 9 9 I I , -,-, I I , ','A
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1 L 9. L L ' .... .. 97 9 L I 1 9 9 L 9 9 -,
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'' : 1, 9 . 39 L_ L 9" '9 % -1 L 'eL I 9 9 t 'L 9 9 jqCj' m ' fi
, I ;; jq L-9 L L: "9, _. 9 19 ; 'L L j -, L h w groat a d I* old,, a's "tfieyj 4
,;. 9L __L .. ,, j,,, ,' L. L L L 9 9 I a aticn a s' -to 9 9 r e a .ers an ,s
r, , ,-' - , I q q 9 . L.- L' L L _.. L 9 9 L 9 "L L 9 -9 L I I 9 ; ." L I P S" j S J , I 1 n 11, 4 rjj* I
, I L 7 9 , 9 '9L .'- 9 9k
", I I ,e9 : I 9L9, L "- ,_ 9 L ir I I I 1 9 ,! L L'. 1i djotlj L and Sa -, 'Wou, d be.-for
I. ";, , : "', ; 9 .9 9 e :: 9 9_ 9_ 9'. L _L_ ' -L. I L I itle spark _B &_ L wCht 9L L '- L'_ L L L 9. 9, ppi L y4 : r
_- t" I I r 9 9 .. L 99 '_ 9' L 9 9 L p I L L , a f t e r
- -4-1,, T, I- "? '. L I I L :L' 9 L'9 L . .:..L' :- : .1 I 't I 1
, 9 j 9 ,' , I '
1-1 ,4 1 9 'L '1101d, how grea :a pinea piari,- antation,':7is se'Ulfe ,, -'-n'
1 i I L L :, 9 99 L
4 -, I ,' I I- T I 7 9 L I ; 9: :; : I .- 9 'L L. _. I 'A :_One ''.
I _, ", 1 I - , I I 'I' I L I L L 9 Z. :;. : I w I U I 11 ,
, 1, ,- i, , , -, I I 99.
I 9 I 1 it "",-,1- L- L fation a s'ag e s I ,
'ir I .L LL I i *i eat6 un-, safely, feel
t ,- tA LL :: 1 ,L:: 1 9 9 : , '. : ,,q: 'e I L T ) I I _b at t tj e- WoILY 4WI
'- t : j 1 99 L9 9 9" .11 99 _: : : .; L c L ._, % ,
j '4 1 9 d 'r the beneficent inflLfe 'cc of ha- k -", . 9 9 )!--Tr6ni 4 fieI d
V _ ,,;' ; I,- ', .1 I ... 9 9 9'. 9 1
I I I L L9 L" L 9 9 L n
'L f L. : .1 .9. 4 9 9 99 9 .9 .. 1. 99 L 1. I . 9 9. 0 1'1 11- I- r I
-, ';, 7 ".. L : -a =d bill'I'LL "U'l m anipu ation ., 9
t t , - L 7_ 11 : 19_ 1 __ 1; ., . 9 L L : L LL I I e P , -1 o o r, ; "
L T L11 U L L 9 '9 anice -TT A i,Ag, at ,_ext ,
', L I I I ... L:: L I - I I'L "' off ers a ch
I 9 : L -; L19 'L L I ',, ,.
'I 9 . L L 9 L 9. 9. 1 : 9 L : 9. 9 9 L q L I
9 L' L L 9 L 9 I :L : 11 % 9 '. 9 I . , W I t 9 ,_t ,- on- ,:, on- m an.
qL L 9 L I I I L I i h 9h 9 .bf9 L L t in e I Y9L -,ji9.bcr9 a I 6 strnfat zb --- xM
L ,_ , q L q 9 : L -91 'L L A I L 9 9 9 L9 L 9 L 1 9. 9 e, acc t L L ,9' - f, t! 'I
I., L; __ .9 I L L fi I ,V, I &
'. I 1 9 L L I : 9 ... L fi f s t 9 9 - ,_ 11 K
,9 :- .,L, 9... '. L g-, 9 9. 9 :"9, L L L 9 'e rg ,
9 1 L 0
9. : 99 -- !m A- rtat
For the 1, years th 6L ir ppns ll&: f o,
L, L 9 L 9 L ,, Ini m um pro
Il 'L _L_ L L L L - L' 9 LL .L L- 9 9 L L LL 99 _LLPl9 w 9 L ,, I L 1 - ,
_- , .:. . I I e_ :79 9 L Z L L ctea i S 9 9 L w j a to ,0
.. .: !--- -- -- -, e_ .. L I , : 1 9 e" L 919
_', _!..; : -1 9. L ... ., 9 : I .S I h I t b ' d& &A
I __ 11 99, .:9 : e L I 9 .,
q"9 i ,- 9 ,_ ir e
; 'L L 9 -1 91. L 1 9 1 apparent y, t en ,it hi ,
;:Z L 1 9 I L 9 L' 9 ,: L_- ,
-, ".9, I~ I ""': LLL I .1 _. I 1- 1 I .- - jnn L Th I
9 11 11 91 .1 : I.,. 1 99 9 ,,begins .fo., .. D n.e L aCe ought to be L:$ ,r ar ,: ,,:
t , - 9 1 L I L L 'L 9 19 I-P Upi 9 " L L e. L 9L 250'1)e : -- T i I
__ I 1 9 L j,
'J L" ,' L L 9 L ., 9.9 9 :9.: L'; : 1 9 7 9 9 : 9 L .1 9 L 6 r 9 L 9L 9 'I L I L, i
, 'L e : z 9 _,.: L 9 '9 , 9 90 JSqy ar enj Ko L ;t L 0 't," Pleiisant; -productive' ,
tg ,, - ,_1 , , L I I I 1. 9 :: ': L I .1 .. 9 9 9 7 9 91 h a Wia ve. 'In : T I
: I 9 9 .- I 11 I L
,,, ,,' ; I r 9 L L. L -, 9 9 z I I I ,. .9 11 'L, ,ib l -)] f,

I I _'..',!!:;0 ' 9 L: L : : L .L 9 f6 t years m ore; en L I __'j t 't I'Iril;
-1 -, -- 11 N I 9_ : L _9 L L L LL 1 9 the les s 9 th an fL is ine 1) an a ip
I, k- ,,, -- w , L L V
9 9 ta _p a, I __ 9 LL 9 9
47P P I "
.. ,x , , I 9 .LL L : :9 9 9 91. L :, L, I". L' ;t busan a L -f-- I ,
, , e, 9 L 9 h d plants t 6 million; G A ii, 6h i ,; -' F lbiii -. -9 -a ,
. L 9 over in I ,
L' T", -, , I - L ,, -- _ U L
-, 1 9 9 99 1 9 9 I I 6 ihad iA d 7 _,, I I L 9 9 . g ,e
",-'- ,', LT L ,_ I L , L .- 9 9- L 9 9 L I 9 9' L I L: L I ,_ '
11 :, 9 9L' L L _. 99 I L L L9 I I I L' ,,,, I ,, r
,,-_, ) % , I 1 9 L L wliile, as to fru : -:, ,'_-,'<,-__ ," ,%; -' L,- -,.I t' Aheii8q appl s, L, ,
L 1 9 1 , T 1,Z -,
I 11 9 L I I I- I a : L L I 1 9 : : L9 ':' L L L : : 1, _L .
I L- 9 L 9 9 L:' : L I s : ,
L, ,,, L I : 9 9 L L L '9 : I _: bat seem o few' in' rium L, I
9 'ber afte "% _' '
-, ,-. -,-,L, i I L L L I r I L I I ,- L' I __
L -:2:_:7jf I L 19 L L 9 9 9 L 9 1 , ,
.11 _, L - , : , I 1, L L L L _' "'; L9' L '_ ' d 1 9' ' L L L I , j
=t f I 9 L L I I L f
Z L 9 L L so, lo n L L I I _-.. __ __ ' 9 ' I L LL ; g, a perjo I '.I -1 1_ '"_ -1, ,, z , -,, -, 1
--, -' L I 7 ta ib oft'LSUrPr L I 9, 5 9 1
"', ,, - L r - LL L I I 1 9 ; 9 L : 9 . 9 .- L 9 9 .. 9 9 t.991 99, 9 _L L L'L il 9 - I L -" k" I'
't ,
,,,, -- -, ", I I L L I LL, 9 -m e, im por a 'L _' -LZ r "I
9 9 L L L 9 I n c e LW qb
,, r ,- I " L 9 com j
I I I I L 9 Z : : ' L la l 9 L L .- 9 "" L 91 q i :1 -1- I ,
1 9 L I I ,
L , ' I I I __ 9 L" 9 I L L F, : : ;L L _'. com 6S 6, ,iq L L -1 I I -- ,
I L 9 9 I . 9 0 L Wj t LL
t- -P_', ,' -- - ,,c 6 I 1 9 .9 L I -,-. _L th e n tim bc r'b e 6 h .9 L "L L ";" I L I I ,
_-,, ., -1 L L I L L:' 'L
,11 L L' I L 9 LL L 1 7 -: L L 9 _', L,_, 9 I
,,, ,, ', 'k -, 4 I I I 9 9 L , ; 'L 9z, L L 9' . 9 ; , I :
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im '. I I : L : : .9 ,: 9 L L 1. 9 9 9 .. 9- q ,. L 1 9 , , ,
-, ; , 9. red at 01JI' j'tLbreeL Cont.S .9
I- 11 i ) , ,,, __ -, - t - 9 9 7 % : 9 9 L L a v a I u e fi I
A L, Ll.'v I 11 I I ; 7 L g u L- __ ,
1 r , r, -1 9 9 9L9.': .. I 9 : : % 99 .L ,9 L ;
,; 9 L .L : L 9 9 9 : : : _Z ,,,, ,
1, "" ; ,_ _; 'I I L 9 ; I I 1, L L : ,
;, _- -, 7 I I I W : . g ;. :, L L : 9;L : L 9 9;
L L L-9 L L ; . L .. 11 : 91
"I I 9 L I I 9 .. -1 I L 9 9 . I I L '. . L 1 cach, '- 6f over 0 ana,- d L' : L' '' -, L,
1 211 I L L % a L .L ; L ,, ,
L. 9 LL 9 L q ' L :
',", , ' L , ' ,g Lj 'L I : 9 1 _,q ". L 9. I ' L L I I 1 9 19 4 9 :, L
L , L L .9 : L : L:99 q :99 b L 9 _' "Z Z-, LL L : 9 '.' L L 9 L 9 L % : d -b ,"
-,, ,1,, !-_ -1, I 1 I . : -- -' .'. .'' L' I IU C yelrs :'& z _pi eappl' 'be .I4xI'2d feet, ri ,,
2, ,4 ,,, _ q L L L'9 9 . L I 'L 9L _' th' rop of preceding' 9 e I - ;p
I L , , '. L 9 L 9 d L 'L: 9 1, ,
1 11111 I g .I L av&', eeir- o rn g, a L' It t o t al c -, a ,9 9. ddox an, M atthiiiii's",o ace coV! ,,'
L",, M a, 3 ,
9, 9 1 1 11 r G 0 0 I 9 1 9 .. 4 9, .L 9, 9 ,L (d 'L i ,o L i 9 u 1. t 9 1 ",
' I 9 L ., L 9 9 9. '9' L 1 9 o v e
9 9 fi L 9 a r i , 9 L L 9 , I , ,, : I
LL L '
_"' r_ ' L, 'TW R O, S Wrf L'
j '] ,_[$_,:", !' L little::;. during .. s are i t blq $7 L9,
", I ,. -, a 1 t ,, L 9 I i : _L 9L q 9 1] ,'
t: q 'L h 'L '. 1 ; 9 L' 1 1 ered' contain : '1
I 9 i
', ,4 ar -Th ILS L -n so e yto Inecl -403 ,
L 9 9 L L: 19 ,.L. I L 9 1 1 L ]t t qqanq h e 1 itte L 9, Li] Pines ,,
,, 9 ', .. I 9 P '6 L 9 L- L 9 I L ,9tritpjiSirrg a 99 L ,f t
; .. 9 !: 9 L 9 9 ,9 o c
: _. _, L' 77 _'__; -' we c ardI3 I -Y the i J 9L 1) I a g i' g ','i o
, I L9 ticking -powers L 0 403 a]?P eSLav
!, ,,, 9 _1 V t, ; I j. 4 1 s io repr 1 9 e I L ,_! ,, ?
-1 - iplil N E'A' f P L E S '-.. L f fo fh aL I .t C _,- j t L 9 ' L Tj 6 f "Out L : I ey L ., -Sibility'.-: .Lon -6 a cra e, T , ;OhYf(A, T
T,, -- f _7 , I L: 'rje Las L a' 9LPOS, L L e tlj c Ut 'tJS L' L 9 L 1,
L L L L L .
9.. . _. -_ 9Z L L L L L P I L L. .
"I , I I _, If T I 9 L ' 9 L, 99 11 6'a J p 1 e ; 9 L '
_9 L 9 CO 0 L 9 9 9 L 1 9 0 20
..... I --- , - 11 r .-L' L'Suc-1cer Of 1 'c,
urse L':'has,, 1_ ,rem ann aceto add th f as t1ML e is _erage price f' '_ centsa"pi(;' 9 , 9 t L , !,
jR 9 L" L' L k , L, 9 '9 I I I
-L" ,; L 9 L j 9 L % L L '
P1 oney , 9 z 8 eL
-A, I tWY -,of TheIr Jite U, gv ,M Tjt L L .t ; 9' LL 9 i A911 Rv
I I L s al , 9 9 9 L L L6 r in 'r' o.6o fbr the lot. Th ie ,w.a, '
; I
I _p oduql 9 ) :. the L origi L LL o
,, ,4 LL br -intb _n- begin w it ) an I I- I I I 9 .. L ,," 9 L L ,: na r ,
I .. 9" 'L L ', L, 9 9 ._ 9 9 .- -H _9 L, L .9 L M , ,
L' , T I , 'f P; j 999 L, 999 ,99 W ", L, 6 ca "* .
-t. 'Vt jf lf ': 11i -$s 1 4) S' 11
d1t b 6iff sold-b6sid(cs -th '68 1 ,",
.. 1 .: : ..99 9 . .' L, L I L I L' ,. 9 I , ,, L 9 9 9 f M I f1w 1 Y
.L, V,; 19 ., 9 'om _,c 9 I I I I
'. g aWdl 'B 'b L - 9 ,9
r_ , '_BYLL TY1],_,UDIT6 ; 'LL '. IL L 0 f: m a fs' a en 'ar-er
11 ] ", L L L th, 0 L "q '. _' L_ L i hq, n L L a L r e he r 6 .a t b 969oh f L q , 'L 9- b ndlng $353.6o_- ,
: :- : 9 . I - ..- 9 cludds:' only one those- and e t 'L .1 L tkls : in L SIX, years a ' L 9 LS apiece, r I
I 1 9 L I I aWS Lt L bulafej L :f L L f L 9 9 LL L 9 L I S_ S9 L 9 9 9 ,
,'- "'Great .' i'anaJ of, th 6 L- Rphd: five. slips; he ,su6ke_ Wo Ly Tptal.gro Ireceig 9 fro
LiPI'D rs com e:inio ja L f t in r ears o such aL I ,this bed',r ',
.L $ 9 9 L "9 9$ , L 9 L 9 runh
sians 11 i S aL 'far L Cry fro L 1 6 ,p I a nta L i L 6 L, 9 1 9 L 6 ing foot
T .. 9 M Ltbe past; be;iring one year arlier'than L the : wo -. L Or~ L 3. 2.per
L, P, , ,; 9 9_ ,_ f - 9 -- '. L 1 9 9 1 9. A uld .match theeighth 434,20 11
9 L
1 L 9 L '
-Great is the pineapple. L o 9 the Flo r- JuL L L 9, 9 fh6long way. L %T 1
_L 9 _; L' 9 -S li PS' in figuring, this'fact must be year, L the pyramid and bethe bet. L 9 1 99 ,.h e $Lj re s were 9
'V -- 9 in L L , 9 1 11 '
L L & P -borne-in mind.
ida pepiiis'u a JS. a cry, of, -t r6sL For initance, t L L L 9. 9 L .
-he L k dly given usby 9 -.9 L -.;,Cody,
L .9 hi :L y tj o Lter off1by tbe 'difference in.nlumber
F'L L -ho : _9' 'In aLtt
L '
en t.!::-S)ur purpos&,in't s-11study" I Slip :of tbe9 second a ., and I 9 L Ld fi L L 9L in like ratio'. inYeS tigated the -:,.., er.- '-,
'L 9 L 9 : I L a n d : r' 6 L : .
9L L ... 1 9 L 9 L - pro u c ion L :1.
is to pr L Ove tills assertion trqo 9 uck r of. the third"yed : fruit in. W L 9 L 9 Tr opical L 9 9 9 9 L L '9L 9,9'. .9 I .
09 S C r : L L L q
L L'L ,. 1. I I 9 e hav6 not the space to figure, ... L 9, 9 1' L '. 9, 9' 'L I L ,
9. 9 1 9 9 1 9 L L' 9 : L 9 ,. The a Ove Lre e i s t' o q p L L ',f
": The 'reproductive POWO: of the -the same-season. 91 : L ca easily be L done b, ,i. 11
I L 9 : 61, : L' L I P_ I L 9 this ,out) but it n', 1, L s o ,the. ,
_. L 9 9 9. I L I 9
L 999 9 o L L I L . L 9 V ; L t L L ;P L9 L L, L -'q ;_ "
p!n apple is ,r.emarwa L I From 9 The I-PineapLp e pyramid" tells by aLnYL ne:-:.,ifif6refted.' c arie ies uc a SLa e grown ,
. I 1 9 L 9 1 1 u ter
otr observation of its Ow th of L L L 9' L 9 9 .9 L. L. 9 9 . ,- 7 9 : L L L I I
0 9 L dur the story the, app! LS;'Lthe other -- I L _.: 9 L''
under lattice'veriijg 'abont, ,
_- ,ing the three years w e-.bave':.b6en shows the grc)*tli of-siickers and L 'yr L Applet, .3110ols. -811P8. .9 L .. : 9 9
U' 9 .L 9 L L L j :
I I .. 99 9 9 9 I L L I I 9 9 d Orlando and elsewhere in the-StatiE% ,,-:
9 9L I L 99 L
in ithe lake region ofS 6ulh Flor- ,slips, while the table of figures in I L L .9 2 L 9 5 9 9 L .. .1
I L qeennd . . . . L . . . I 1 9L 91 9 '_ 'L
id plant, Tblrd.. .... 9 2 4 L. 10 ' 9
-- a, -we conclude tb i .eiIch ' ffirce columns shows how each is L '_ 9 18, 45 The pinea-pples,,growh at Pdl or
L I I I L 9 L9 1 .9 9 9 9 LL F ourth ;.. I .. . . .1 I
,properly nourished and 6 fed for bro ght ab O' t L 9 9. 9 L 1 9 1 L Firth. ., :. ._",L L .L. . I I I 9 L L s 9 9 M L "I L ake an L dL V' -fL9 i 'ih&'
I L ,I u u I 1 9 9 SiXth 9 ,.'9 L ICInI are grown 1 I .1 L L: L L I 9 L, :, loi 202 506 : : q L : L L I ,YL q .1 ; 9. 1 I
9 L . . . . L
9wi give one aR ple; 7 tWo S uc 6rs The L area of groun L d.'requ ired -for -L;eveutb. L .:. ... ; ........ '_ L342 L 9 9 L 9 K4 d, 1171W 9 : I 'of .. Re d L L Sf I ''
ig1htb'_- .;. .....-.,i.. 1,189 2 07R 5 6r L 9 9L I e L anish va
and five slips ddcli year,. after reach- th progeny of''t is One plan i : , ,9 , L , rie and 25 I "
e h t, L a 'i 4,11M 8XG 20.440 tyL $ L o Per th ,.,,: _. .,. .1 ... L- I
ing (in 'two years :from planting) .first only two fe6t square, -at theend 'rentb..' ....... ........ L. 14A21 28, 4 9 2 70 R0bL L. cl re Js saved I in %' 1
L I ... L L 9 9 L '
3 '9 91 9 L _1, ' I 9 9 ,q LL 'I_- El ho.. -.:..":. ... 1. 48LM2 97.8W 219,4141L lattice work LF of ill.exeept',am 1 ''
969L j 13E*9 9:18, 839 81fi -1
11, t h f_-,4 , #, & W o Ave o n:ear y tweiity , w eIf"t 4 ; o ., ; ;. L I I L 9 L ,9, L. L 1,
-_ I '14 ,K AW PII- h'. -167 .: L 1,
, I _,"- we, ve years L ISL I I I
I f r;e e a n & JoUfL suckers .four acres, allowing, ioooo to the ,. 9 teurL Plani I
1' I % 9 L L 1 19 L .9 & & ff, H -:.!, '''L : ai;i i I
L 9 .- Pia m I '109010
1, I I I I I 1, j L L L 9 9 'I[
I.And as;jiigh, as nine -,s.' ipsi.,.-so th acre. -, W ith ;stickers ' and. Slips 9 1 9 , .L tL ,9 -1 9 9 L L I . 9 I the nd In I
.1 I ,t 9 'PS L TABLEL OF REPRODUCTION, ar kit,4 pje T -, ', 1;1 1
I L 1 9 L . I I 9 9 j ; ., ;,, w 1,', -,,,
L6 L 9 S _tOL expense. 'L is depends ''. L : I _, L '' I r-_ i9 '6 ,-of the. ,9,db 9L h' L ' 9 f 9 .% 9 _f". , , , 1, t 11
I I L', ,
W6 -' -oneand fiv6 ther enough, if the owner d Thi 9 L 9 99 1 'I L ,
:- L* ,- , 4 __ -9, 99 9 L I L I jL _' 9 I L 91 1 I ,I
9 9 9 S ,es ",;" Tl "4 f'
,,- seemg,,.a,- ta ir average-" ays as-, further increase his 11pafcb .L ", fq -1 I LS 9 : ,, I
-, I 7 ' a1w 9 9 ; to of L .9 one. is own abor, there L L.9 9'.% I I -,;, ., -1
_' 9 9 9 - L 99 L L L Or 0 for utilize, except L -;
-,s4m ing t'h,-6-6 f '!- r d. f6itil- ily ,theLCOS't PlNECAP-PLE vj &NTATio ki 1Qs, ,6 .. careL an t forty m ore acres. -cLontinuing .t -_'_";j- L IL I ... .- ',, ,,, I,_ ,,
OU L L 9 L L ,':';
L' 'L 9 19 1 9 t L L: L'! I I I I ,, '& af 6ri V i.jh6jrj "" I ra : L ':-L 9 j I - r,
1, 1, , AneseL- o- pine-. af the 1be.,p antingL tiqk6 when, L L _4L,
9 9 1 9 9 L .. 9 L 9 ,
I -1 -.- ,,,' 1, L ur 1. sarne ratio, w h4 .;wouldthe L elp wio u la Lbe 4 ne I ed. 9 L .L L L L Non L 9 I 7 , ,_" ,
I- ,, 9 'L' f IL 9 9 9 1 1:l e reg I d e nt -0-wrvers.- I A ojis66-,,i4 f
,,,app1c_,pyrarnid' L -WDuld_1:_tU L M ble:to result' be 'atL' the 'endL O twenty 9'99. _-_ L. L d After jeng For 9 I L ,
Ll 1 9 4 9 ' 1,
'- L I I I ., 9 9 LL 9 . % 9 1 9 L I , L 9 L 9 '- L I ', I
I pieces, , . 9 9 49 9 1 L L I LU 9 L a fu I 11 L 'acre Lp antation is inadej One-m an. 9 9 L 9.9 L ,,5. - I S 951971 ,, L, I L :', :
, 9 ,L L years? It w6 1 dL bewilder L L 9. 9 9 9 jo i L I L I I
L I L L L L" 9 L .9 I 9 9 .k
L' 9 L L P 9 9 9 9 9 it L. gjVi L W L 1, ,
!:, ",q :,L t 0 Ing' n- L easi V- ca e L 1
"L .. I r. : t. L 19 L .ca 9 L L e ari ; now prepared tO.c6ntiact-,,4,,
1, L 9 fledged tatis ician asay n th .11 ) 9 rig' Lif L 9 '9 I
,r I : ,_ L I I- . L Ui An LL 9 -be a m o nth y b L u tivation WIt L r L 'Lt eL -4
1, L 9 fo h 1 nting and
L% 9 1 99 q need I i h -care of pihe-L ,,,3,
I % 1 9'. 9 L L : 9 : 9 I of a rur4 ist in the Flori ,woods. jli6 '' L* 1


Very A166i of T (ertlli er. j

13U 114ejrll ',asSjE:tant.- -differen t Part some a7ku-fbg- JhBiih -h a:Vy 6p li
ri 'k,
Msa',i d not reolui potash-, 17
in" yvaerits, tintil, ,,'c v oes roianything- be- The-p6a,,reqI4
"' h6r'-4iOtice,- 64U ld VS; yond.phosphorio acid in oursandy '8oils to keep it 'frora flyingg", turning yellow
41FO, -91 "t e, I nyone h gro before itmatures.
wh6:has from t e d up
South qt-- a' Oh
1 j 4 NosH
ro s t r,-,, y % L
75, ed thQz"ttar-i4ast, now',fbat any, th,-a favorable Aeasbn tbgllsh peas
75P cio that l and
p s In starch as4oassavai willLproold6e 00 bushels,.'pbr,' Iacr6,
froin- 1, t c *5,a Thb, Flo
50, must have potash;:. nd plenty or it.- 1 Ah el all 'the way" rj
$ Tinni t Line
'to The latterprice is, secured, only to JmkqonviHe;',89,*aunah Atlanta and
like toplkntcassa:viv, succeed a-cq n',
vo in
'rer the eafliestAbipmen s.'
crop thatjj agbecii', wejj:.!cult tvateol a4 - Sti Louis,' KA:usas' ate
IqUintbe Plahts.4oboV
n I i berels stroll
fertiliz'eol. a 'd f th 'North- deorjla 'the etc. oDly liu@ "through-,
tber partica ars- with'- plafL'of- ggrow -Iat,, e:Utitudeof wit h
ba*L, Lines fa! Imall
of crAbgrass,,purslaberor c6w V mence prepare, n fat SlEepers from jacksonvIllb .", to X6w
rftc ,4-specjally:,feSqrv e'd elthe'r, on- .1 1- L ' I L t
Crop" t. : s :1.
'crop Orkan
following theL cor n I ho uld' 'be th jA about.'january,:L1, Al*ays
-c --to--depot, Sit
lose '- L e 0 L
2 ithe'land hom
ed under *hen.g e66tober I nL '01 aa' a
f1own etc, etc.,.otu appliam p1?ou", titu'le): tb L e' an d -we4j- t4e 'bre L ak, I t- up broadcast'. L
4 eatIOD.SS faltowjrig spring 1 6ploW t 'O-Taiid! ln'thd Ldt 'R ...... L '_ li L L ays and the op6n
"A -90. jng-"fj t Le"jiijjc Lt L, P ''I L
-tt VS 6et"L ge e ght
part'gr Alarch or,"b6ginn -:three apm Ui
c6lo-n, '41
Or: ten wa2b lb of,--well rotted
Apt at the, garri esca ering: roaa- ads table'
Ca a oUt' thi 6e'z'-hundt6d:..:-potin S ZO manu ; and-600 pounds :of commercial NAY
Y fi/ 1".a L'
iS ,e
rs 'T e f[MefilL murlate tapb, _week or-two 'fertilizer to the acre putting it only'
la r, r Un five jooth L Cover this kth 6 fura; 'dqltfv&tOr"Las. e- pr
deep as. : possibly ef th .
an 'rQw8 a n4.) 0 tA CA tand 'full y teii'LdayS L be :
t j3AVU YOtJ REAT) Cd()rj jL$L 1f0VEj,$?
t,, to L
this -plowing.. T ves the,,. fare plan D --Use two bushetar seed
j'L and; it goon warmsi, u teady, for.., t ei the acre: growers iof experience find that
planting pf the.seed. We, cannot plant Landreth'sExtra Early 18 best. c6ld:sofl, as it:would Soo n rot, 'They. 66 earliest, -the, heaviest
:and for this reason it is very.difficult to bearers, and the most -reliable.
it oVer to
kj' :k8ep -the seed 0 the winter. Use a broad shovel-plaw open the.
alWa 8 UP in short beds for planting,.Land ina w..
YLS G!I t 'My
:Pi ecesaf three or four i"beSL as wide as-nossible soas to have-a biq:44
jr X Z 0
Ing a ire, I a flat SurfkCeL the a h6n'
EEOL have at least.thrc6 eves or Jot
sy sprouts, 'Op 'eaph plec I be sped is put in it, ght to oover. a widthL
;O U L ': L''. . ."
PER about thebegi-nn otsix inches,,at 4east. When growing.
ofE in g OfLMarc.h the Same.
-A" Z
J.FENIM t etter- are, L
iway as1;bedj sweet l;otatoes; on a modern I they support each, a her
ately' warMLhot-bed inLa Waiin laeation'L so easily laid.dowir by high nds ?.A-:and b theend of April the.. Sprouts WillL or burnt by hot suiis, aswh en 'they: are.
For rai*. .s and
L W inches. above the ground. :j I nL narro drill., In covering qm: try ther information apply ,
then Ikyoff,-my land ran I r feet apar 'L Leach toh L ave a 'broad flat bed I also, 'L u s I ng a A-0. MoDONNIML, G. P'L A, N.-S, P N(41qm Traf. Manaae)r,
Vd ay, tter'ing ,.in Ah furrow, about small plowto.cover withi.and do,7nov L 1 L L ... I. 11 I - .. E '.g
"faurhundredT)6qnAs of fertilizer, rich disturb or move the seed n yer n. I L6, -- f n It'is best generally to make two
fo","' P6 SOL -plant
Yes I ap S I in phospi horicao Lid and' pqtash (about a L
01IR ag st.dur" the third week 1 1 13 L Th' T NO L110
the y'are L -i N 0 cqqal percentage'L both). This with ings, the fit ing jL
worth reading
mur e of pOL Decem eror L jus ef Ch riStML a nd -JachsanviUe
"Then surel ypti wa ,,It- W. alreadyd b t'b ore Sj: a L Extends- Sonthward froni,
Reachizi 11th Set Of fiV6" Pr- 1, week in Janu 7
JLn e I n'L makestbe sail. WellLcharg qd withLpotaSh the see not the first ary,
t d arg , I I :L
L bo e SptoUta:jr bed just, They, requ I rebutlit I le cilltivatio'n,.L two
book page SU L e d:l lift th 'Orn the HJ'Heoth RojoM the
as n, tbeirplaces workitigsbeing suffiLdiento When
1 a i t h 6 g r a p I i p 4 p 6 r w i t h AheyLareandL86t them I about THE ORANGE 6ROVES
j'ILE PINEAPPLF.'] L Ok Iii the fleldi coveringithena little deeper three inches high, hoe th, In j USL L to PUl- On L E L M is,
-- !' L I 1 11 .. I I i j I I L L T]3EL COCOANUT
ON :than. the bed, By plaiting verize the 8 L OijL and keep dowri weed s Pi
only I .. I L L I I iTIONS
E., 01,tAli.L --Thi.nk-ofit! TKEI PINF
iny thiBL: way I-Lhardly eVer and giv e one-good plowing before they TM-PH9411 TE XaNEB,. L
,eS. anpe and
2-269 oi h f 9 -2 LCL '18 S aV a I n
p a 1 L Ij to TUB UGiR PLANTATIONS._j- lose ahillotit, whereas b Outtiiig.the bloom, but.never work them Unless the
nea atUF6 jor - I ly ' 'L.
om I jr in. th L;fl lot weather is,: wirm and spring like. If
seed cane and :planting it. e ........
rightLaWay. the white antis liable4ofake. ey are -worked, during a cold spell the, 1FAX045 ;VZGETAUE J'AXN$ -O'F, n'*RIDA TWO I qif ONE.
:it' all at least that has been my,, :e Sperl ground w ul& 'be Open and loose and let We ffe'r, jL for, the year -:18,96;.;;L it,.wouldL reach theroom
jjXcewithit and I have,. been.. -growing. the I I 'I L ,, I ?
OMANYSN%,Ojournal f6rwornen; : YOU and injpre or kill them ent 'for, fAd
cassava for the last eigfitL,,y arsi. irely
and honiei so.uthern.L edition and They will stand a heavy L frost or a.light CO
will:observe tha I-donot use any, nitro
'Cents' \,..& K;W.)
th 6'P I N F AiiPLE one year for 50 enous, reitiliz aSLj fO 'n;1 that freezeb6fareL :they bloom but mot after.
iL n off I t renev i 'b- g daL erat all, U
h S er-,o L- ng,u h e ssava ':plant L, t,
akeS quitea good,-Citizen, f"L
'b 'As well as. to new L Ones
3,1 Scrl ers deal of nitrogen, free fromL the atiMOS-L
W OMAN KINDL IS- truly a L o anl
y here and. anyone staying its foliage 41A C
f e's e as ours-'and c) willunderstand.thatlitisso; and!:myrex- ADOPTI.I.NG FLOR11DA 1137,T]RODS.
r6 toi pages morf y.- Foui perlence goes to' prave that giving it
.,pages. reading matter
N, nitrogen is throwingaway money. My While no oountr produce
f L on any
in one year- orL IY' '50- -reason for using inuriaie the source oran geg equ al. to thoso of Florida, ML
f 0,
-Now is the tirrie in your places send to
L, send gives me market very good sub LtE
of potash is, that the mutate
tL an of
ODS -A fIrMLj in L Aw.
i i bs c L ill at statutes. a lettefL to
rip -more solid too -withou
FAP-M-.NBWS L the Ne York Fruit, Trade Journal,
stringiness we get-in cassavaL grown on CAU
r e err' Ais e XCe len t 0 L a "Two, cars of Mexican oranges
f: J edi p or so and if keeps better when: fer- L 89'y Lx(a. .
iO pages have made Lheir appearance ago
monthly farinjon al L tilted with muriate. LI used to fake
will but, aS- *dL this'week, One carload 8611ingLfor
J, pub I ished, at:Sprirtg field k init for my potash, .leave UMIff" P
:W cl It. A,61,",,
I I th he X., fr U I t 18
AANK a I 'L ThU being packed in
e sen ins ea -9 IND. tanalv n efleld all winter;. and: only PeIr
found t 'at' e' :t; Eiregula tioii,:,Florid&.box, imported to it as weL,want ILI, s 6A
kailift' did no L t "wo roin,- &tiger PUN
hssata: e'itilized M f Me.. The piIck
this year, are .174
u a es reopived drom. M eX L I ca
keep as well as fer 1 ized witli in 9
and' the fruit e 1
Xiateii'more of rotting!. henc6,my rea-' very attractive, Is w 1
ab ava' g adopting::th raurlat6' At ter "pac k ed. Th6.11frUjtLj$ sweet- a pecullareLoa va plant"'li 12 its- I brother the plants begin to, grow, well ,they -do it of the, The verdiab the
t h -not want to be;oisiurbp
e, C Star elighti d6epi. cu-ltiOatirlg blit the land 'h t Of-the trade-in' Chicago is that inL jjm
I L as to tie keip L lAr op LL
it th L -soon eral ap ea, 'a these or.;
rmL san y so at has been very clean and olear'oi,*66dsi and wery; p r nee and texture
ih6-plifim'wiltshade th round If we
deeply. p owe and t e got opened up g anges are nearer like the Mediterranean
cultivate deep eyootstqcdee
into it. L Of all it setqth' L P jruit than is'any other orange coming. FiAv
a et L e air and sun get.
t andLwe cannot get U aoodLaorop'jj8.LWith .L ":L _I
he 'root 6j_ the outh- cassava I 'etiftf, atjoh &Id; L of The Florida crop
very -shjLllb*' v Into this inarket
',.']n6SL, LaifjifL L it , t L" )'
qL at the top for theqUantity it yjeld& oj6gava Is of the:, e UIL' 'this- n&y no reach- 10(, boxis For MapI5 and Folders Addms,
sfghts:bne-i3afi.'ff6e, agthe Plant. i.son:e-of sayithe Citizen, a very SMaJIL q L iantity per acteri being so ric 11 Ile, starch' G 'D ACKERLY, Geifl Pass. Aot
t! theLMOSt rbeautiful'-.1n. nature,, f .5
consti6tes'bneorf'the comDared with the output o 000,ODO
bes stock-leiMS
root being -onepf, Ahe-best resourceg,,Vt
LL; '' j- il 64. iiioth6, MRTL
W6 ave. is PAT ble. 10j, boxes Ineveryone n tith
1' g.: jhe ZfIoW Bhc ld grb'W, allrL t _e d,
cows, Inore" 13 Sva
feed to in I ass h6 bin :show Wconsfderabi, qev ra
bo b e' FlorlU
Correspondent i j! u&44towe r
ye4rj;L ZPUSt 6p8a, will AT
of, uiflk and the quality as well. tx&to n r el-it t6 do Its beaC the oll 'has 0 bi ------- take its accustomed Place in the orange
r'e a 7' YO is' -w 4 -A d, Ad a
umus, nd of a warm 'nati, eL market..' Meanwhile Mexico, Jamale
': : L I L he ng is very,;, th6,-Bahama I s,,And- aaU I (IoTA or V
lpeajii a.- pr6fltab Ot er places
6r-iertilizo'r ,-ii 150 ry, "On 60 CV86 jr, UftVwIIIh -iY-' "Rol6ptil0lojida9 m -0 tb od 6 fsh1PpIji'

'W_ _V)19;1*1tE A -PPLY
nil ark nil., I~
ad V -NT, 11 TER

pineapple planttoaal' AT E 10N.3 TH E P.
IT, N. om er v jiat you are g'ettin '4
0 1800 6116 ur Niirser k,,- estigateandknow,
tb TyqFe'btyring y.o d .t 9.
are now prep4 to a e ar _nn;png difa ,G,.yycr an P. or t
046a1111v u0se-of florid'a
contra6ts 'se, THE-POMONA NU
'A in't
s OF. pon-, -. Ll FLA arethe.mogtlixtelnsive he St an o All, ome Grown $ c k. eacheS PlumsPcars;'.
t1NEA: 'PL,1E PLANTATION JapaiiP r iinraonso, Gr on=', Utsuria
NOTE GUARANTEEDANALYSIS si Pigs, MuIberries, Api#ots, Alm
:Anges and Lemons nb.T
season,%:,: e 3(olatura.., ......... A- tbjO per cent
.......... ...... 44 to 6 per cent ORANGE and K.
Am:evArcoavinc6d h.TphoicAeld-.....4, .... 0. 5 fj
er 75. varieties of Ros
Potash (actual) ......... 6't hwn And tadde and. raised rn
1thi' i Isltlr_ : .0 so p:rr Ce,.It ov es all field gr mental Tree6
ls s tobe' TAV eadfng 14fidu Maknealuni Sulphate' Lime
Soda, Vegetable F160; or, NO BETTER STOCK. NO CHEAPER. NONE so 'LAkCE.
T, '-, rri this se'di6li'df'Florid L and:prO-, pule Uatter ........... ...... a p!rinienial
65_to, o per cent ose intending to plant Orch rds to visit ii y Nurse'ry And nx
ade exclusively.-froin Wight Cotton Seed' Grounds. WrTtNor Catitlogueand, aiiy information wante r- pose.,to ,con'tillue,"glv, special Meal, Nitrate 4or 130da,. Blpodj ouo,_ Dissolved Phosgbtftj lne Ground Tobac6a Stems and, CR FFINC 'PROf
W M 1-,:,:-, 'L
tt t!i 't 8 Jfi F elenny. F]a
personal- a en 9 4s develop- Potash.
'ni e tbO LAV L n CottonLSeed Meal, Qwund-Tobaomcb Stems
fit-,-,,Now--that 0 ark eon8tautly oil hand; alooAgNoultural Chemiea'S of &JlLktndj3.
tr way a bekillnto'nia e.progCinrespondelice .80 d. AIL X
feSS and w e a re L assure t a y
next spring LIX POX SOIL L
t Dnibrj It JACK 'j 'da L
p,,.I some L 8 .0 r -T
'' '' L"L, i r G OWH Or ee
800 Acres Nu florfos, L 8 1 y4mr., 50. 00 leet lit
-railxoad n,
p 0" i 6'ther Ba.r ow- or
Rain6SACityj we have sorneehco-tir3P<>3M EM -ft..XA
agreement t6 continue ik 'nL
Fru s & 1P
'w 6 'Lemon and Seedi S C!" 6., F
this'spec 'T' dUStry we ha e CA pe F it
ia In VL taken ra ru 6S rap ru
1. '_ L I F O R :, L' L.,
np, as eb nfig tie safestthe most All trees grown on stock in Florida that: was not Injured by freeZe. L. BUda fromi fl I o: Gleet' ,
proriiisin"IL and' pro ltab F L O R I D A -tralglit And well grown. Also choice Abbaka and 0()Ideli 4"Co- Pfile ap le o11psjo -to 20 jnclw .'
Satisfaction guurunteed Correspondence solicited, or call L I lesson
rUl S.' L Our Nursery products-haye been hilly and Batscmi- ropicat, f t The isfactortlyteatedin FlorldaLduring the.paBt 37
'yearSLLan'd patr6r&g -Bteaully increased. The 'd GIM L H.,W ]RIGHT Oil
-Qf, last' wAtite PUtL 40t yo ur L deify J.V up to the aii&
Stock for f"Land.LWint
usuai high stnndara Young thrlftyahd no old 6ra PLUMS Wnd PjR
a. Sc s ays, pInpm iubbisb_ JilAN: sl"MoNs, Oru'VIV6 Z FNTAh PEARS PEACrits, Fids, 611A] ES 7 DIVARF
,qp a :TK e e of tea ro e W 11GROWN' OR FRUITS, etc.. etc,
OSC: Am6ngoconomictrees we offbr, AuHmA 'CAFE-A degrees_ nay;; even a, seoorid,,d JUST,
I oi a plo Tncs ToMAT ALI.W 'T,..
-'000 LLj), C &NNAMON:
e-SaMeLIC *ilLh6t 25, Z'WiL AMPHOR
of, h' _Y 'Medic
SnAbzT tUs, including 10,1100 GiztvifLB& and destroy. t
he- heart:of the.%p -ant. ft, HORSNIA, PAIAIS, llos-rs budded nnd-out own V E rootH, (IREENROUsL PLANTS'
a or her f6o
cc a& je i YouC 66,00 ClTaijs TOFOLATA And L A _R
0 'jje tL two H ER, IT9
isuph, 6al' ffiity bef 110.t) lorida. At 1j' -,h.,dke plants. Catalogues free.,
d No agenfe. Address
any rate We 4eeL:ftssdre he p
earliness o -earing, e amoun I j Berckmans, NNW -N rserk
fj t CA- flp ALL
,,ptdduc'ed, pev acre,, its. repro ucing -B OGUE IL89 9
ewariou es atio 60 L
o which 'EfilaxgedIrewrItten, new illustr as pages; 50 engravings
t, mod ypographle art; latest,;,
t C t he' -d'o in e s I c econ- +P-A-N-8,- ;practice andbeat methods Of en7tUre. In o6t j' seen 616 f ... .... L.
R t experience in orchard and maik6
e w,and 61d.L,,LL
ith e lead rjljt',bf: k
'of Sonth,:Fllotidal- in th a e region LTU
The modern stan(17.
iwe invi e r cores THIS T ATE ORTIC pondence from RAE
p t' ki L, ..t t LQ ard Family _M6.dL- Wb1ch1s Sent freeupon applIcutio., describ.. .,or SOO. varldtles f. fruits '-slid ornamoniais L,
ies- see ug; e: juvesimen of for FLOR10A and ow r:South'. including
f6w L'htfhd 'edo:ddllars with th; jdyoe
e cine: Cures the,
tsuma o Trifolia ardy oc
i'agsuranc'e thatevery. human Ieffort a Ha, angeon H
b a L OLjnake: l1chL'
invest' COMMOn L everyday.
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L see w i'll
pp16 L ST MARY
c- -al-f- a%:., rriil!ion:. pinea S FLORIDA.:. L:
ais- h .1 L' I I L W rMDE
grdwi I and.- abodtL,: the' L to'
ing, on L wn : Z
site of. ;Pabbvtake; with a: can
to 'Iftj; IZ
_g factory,,- LL .1. e- the grades LANT 'S YS TEM
-not of firsf, quiali tL a time when itiS nbLtL6aniiing.,,t6iiiatoes; sweet
potatoes'.Lbeansa d her v geta
n ot _W
at aL 'fact florid r
b:lS. Th stich. Cry is in
the'MearhAu o shad
fife we have n Ow
ilbt a, site -forL::it has been 0, H LA N D:0
The., Great Through: Car. Une
iiese- rv. ed in the very center -of the
-1 already be inni 'ro :,All Pojn ta
antation, g ng to J:
th6,_t6wn sit& on 1hree: sides
Iffer and
Xe -,I;eC6nte Pears 'kngel. Wald.,
ke Photoiraphs eento and Bidwell Peach Troe$' FKelssy, Botan
orEal' H Y Sn T-* I
b and Saf.HumaPlumsLoquat, Niagara, Delaware, ; NO RT H EAST W E
Wbitc Diamond and Ives' Seedling Vines. Roee thelargest and fluestLplAnfS over off
b'' Bred. EQ1 ILI SOPERB; S
-a e y pr -epared a in Florida. A general line of:,Citrns; Trees and E
P I n cap pie Suckers.
t es, %. Pab jL Lake uf in r6sting.poi to
f3e 0 L My new catalogue la.full t Ilts man Buffet 'Sleeping ars
_rIes, pic ur 0 Thomasville, Montgom N in
__ASL 0 OWS.' Lomisville, -Cineilihati,' jit6ksonVilIe,-,Saimnnstfi, C aileston,, Rich- 4
hOWIng Mori
j, P EX cir TREE,,,, S Orl'ando. FjaL d' ngton Baltim6f6; ladelphia, Xor
Wo: o L h
ar 'growt .L'66TTAdE, -Qriginal ers "DireC L connection'at L Port Tampa with the, ele itnt PC,
on the biftks of Pans L For rare aawell'as old Trrapica Fruits an d '4i
'oinagment&I L Treea_ Shini)beryL ffiea. Palms IsT, j. -,viEw 'Qp: NSY' L
Ei rerns, Aquatics, PjueSppb g, ]3AIIAGOS
frondiig theLcottage. LL __L. Stock safely Bbipped, anywhere. _u Serle
ostabl[BbedluP 88. Send ;tamp for new
N,5 L :PABOR with', pic of: the P.I nt. Stia hip,
L I A0, flic itill',6%talopue, *hfeh tells all about this sub" AS Lines. for
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SMoorT Cayenne Pineapples. _THlE, TCOO:thIbuisan Recently Irinted a_ orewn
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E SOT;GO., Fla.contgaima teresut fteyas for publicatiolitin "the Pru 0VL '
2893ari. I94. in hortiute if you so desire.--I shil
EdioAu 0hihe THE October ibsue of the South- which we have looked -over with 'pleasure in sendingyou occainl
-o sns aae.ern States had afinely written read- great'interest, though the greater notes rr
Ibr ofsFlorida s loltolaiaedIng advertisemient of Tampa cover- part,: of. :each pamphlet isgiven adapted to the-extrerhe St
aroa 7oatn ang ,three p -eemanating from over, to, experiments with yeea- --"y W1'dmati its enterpising Board'of Trade. blesrate than fruit This frulit :Mas -oy 9
-introduced liere -froi the ERInON. o R NNM. .ESPIE th j~reictins o Pro. 1VARTIN. 13ENSON contributes a-deadgoso n t
Hicks, we'look forward hopefully very .intekesti ng paper on "West. ou s. growth,'~ app inial, and belog us to passing through the win'ter'with- IniJntirns o h atise'oth eoftiy Tef
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p i t s ? ~c m e f r o m f r le a 1 e m ldo ndr e t fi e r
AFTER three years of effort a to the shbres- of the main l and and an eyfrgat eni t e.
certain measure of success has teKyofFriasim gansstrong. aroma of appneapple whn
crowned our pioneering wok t from a foreign land, which. have, ripe. Indeed odrfo would have been greater had those taen root. on th ocbaeorltefuit' that it will fill a hl. on whose. promises-but that is rocks and stretches -of sand and builditig with its delightful another story, as Kipling would transformed them into. forests of scent. Fine..preserves aremaq,. say. -dense and luxuriant vegetation." from them. which are. superioj
ny 'that I have ever tasted..
T1iE Article drn ihe new fruit, NINE Out, of ten of OUrCOrre- %.One vine-will'! prToduce e 6:gg Casabnan, wll~iterst ll ov-spondents ask us.,if .our. section i rutfrawoe aiy ersofstane rodct ote oiloie in which general crops can be clim a tante.ndaloe and it should have agood trial next grown. Our answer must always on-esn n tis a sight fi seasnin~orid. MrNormand 'be in the negative. It is esseu~tbrmebrdosele sends 2o seeds for 5,o cents.- tal ieplecuty n n colored fruit dangling amo
must come expecting to wait two sme oig .I lne
soow P nw..THERE have been efforts in past .years at least before returnscm to a wall its :tendrils%4will catbho
--.years to settle the country about in.ol9 o ae c onsdrn hth er with remarkable tenacity-and hn
it ti .ssewecls te renCoeSpigs, with a farm- itwudntb odpa os-on to a bare wall., It willclm
tid-yeAr of our'little paper,_more :ing .com nmunity that were not cur'e farming land within a99reason- up to .the toyS of a fou.or 6fi,.vesor ri fixed than eVer in our faith.condwt uces ti ob able 'distance., for this class Of im- -building. -Planted. alogt
in ia,. an, especially in :its. hoped-that the new coloymoe migrants.tcgtpeets euiu f
IaeRgi0n,, wherefhe 'PINEAP-: ment will have better, fortune'. INJzlayte ersnaie The. seeds should Pl
home~~~ed is1btd to of the United. States, -will early in the srn.U
dat isuin seli-ontlyn THE citizens of St. Augustine assemble in St. Augustine for their iweltsarthe,ee to ft er and, at,-the same prc f are preparing a royal series of en-- eleventh annual. session.: Every:npt -and ,set-out,:in theoe en 0-Its: per annum.:, The.great tertainments for the members of state association Will ansiver to the ground w'hen danger o6f Irth i ijrifty, of subscriptions expire, the National Editorial Association 1roll-call. After business meetings over. It requires, a long se'asont wihthis.'-jssue, and. we shall.feel at -the annual meeting to be, held therewl be an itineraryoi h efc n ie all. its. fruits.: lyecuae norefrsi anuary. The State Press As- State,, 'covering perhaps a week. begins to.color .up,:aud .ripe e
ot subscrbrswl be proin'pt sociation has been invited to par- Then the editors will go home and from the ist of August -,till.wy
mseding.-us ithe small sum'i asked :tic-ipate. .wieup FlIorida, ain89thyafter frost.. A0light~frost,6e doe .,
J. hilte 9I .nalilng.the ctilture o6fdi California 'after a two weeks' hurt the vine and friit; iin thfll _iepples the6special..feature of THE latest bulletin from the tour of-'the -Golden State. we but only.seems.,to- hastenr n,
ic aperiph fuuew ope t Flcirida) Agricultural Experiment -teth r;ihefueeh tohope they will consider-.ourSte telast crop..
bind its field of influencee for. Station has for its subject the S an as to its s ,oil culturea well as The keeping,,qualit~y.of the fut"
-n tha wil-lioefll x ose scale. These bulletins will be- from a climatic and tourist point is surpiig. LastN em
plied in our next- issue., To those sent free 'to any address -in Florida of vie1w.. Florida as a far ming picked 'samples. and :kept te th o,,na ur neyed With "us since upon 'application to -the Director saemyemstngbtiissound until januaryfollatiing. n-1
-w,_egan stlits publication of- the of the Experiment Station, %Lake alsorue -order, to test its'shippin~g.guante
,ite. pink -paper," as Well as to- City, Fla. n idistu oaia a
bo av jine u~b th wysent. several specimens, to disai h'eder our tianks for their pa- Wasnwtrsi Pensy 1778 O~ 60ics! points. .I..first wrote-to Dran
_,rn ge_, and hope th~atno one-will vania, sandstorms in Minnesota _k cischi, botanist 7 or tlie :Sober
.fe-caled. upon t part company and Iowa and prairie fires in Col- cassabanazma-The New Emst Indian Fruit. Acclimatiz Ing.Association ,st. We have learned d'tocher- orado, in October laying waste Editor Pabor Lake PINEiAPPLE: Barbara, sid to be the besit uhr i~,akindly regard for all our 6 b- vast areas, destroying millions of ,DEAR SIR-Your inquiry foin ity of the botany of. the farEs' ers, apart frota the fin-ancial. dollars worth of crops, is, it any formation, about the: Cassabariana who wrote:
of the -matter; so many are wonder that. the nature-harrassed received'. I.-. have no doubt -bui "Your, favor df, Npo tal 26 ize _intijipersonal friendship, farmers ahd fruit -growers of the that this: hoiticItltural wonder will received, as also, your, osng ethiby, wliich is.9 exrem I g Irati- West and North are looking ward grow and thrive in Solith Florida markablelfruit.: No16 doubt itb6 an wehopeto dd mny he he avenof esteven better than with us here iri longs tcithe scubcurbiae
to the list. a~~~~~~~~~~~~nd -Port of Prosperity? Cmto enrlLuiaasiteqiesaand from wa b rf u
Ra-d over, the announcements the Sunny South-to Florida7--to logsao1t efc llisfut be an annual }V }ave
m:e: in th.ibihr)Dpr-Plo ae. It seems to6 me, thatin -your tropiL seen nor,.heard of jsidil a-t iisb
ndseec -heefrom the cal climate this itre will be peren- fore,anitmyelyprr
.etareading .matter that Will go SouttraAFRI CA, -in addition to its xa n rdc risfo~eltbenvly eAegl
Wit.the PINEAPPLE for the coming. gold :boom Of 20oo0 ounces' per to .ya.Hr e treat it -as, art have, a:,photo take and als yefmonth, seems likely to have a fruit anab tmtyothfrisrepnigtoshow natifiali'sigiau
li-HRE :edeth the third volume. boom also. Iti-laimns to, be another not. fully matured beforei cold color. whnperfectly. .ripe.: e southern California in climate and wahrstin.There are coi, have reere he qeto
my in .le--rtproductiveness. Extensive, plant- flicting reports as to ho the seed highest authority ozi 79tcuita
ar noI a l h tm. pgs of large and small 'fruits, are was introduced here. in Louisiana.: ceae,'.. Prof, 8:N'ani t
: ..:being made in that countryfor the A 'ayclaims to1 haefound a seed will inform youi of 'the resufn ',
i is not htlway~s safe to. rely upon London, and, New York inarkets, in coffe,. which she.patdan due timie.
prmses,, ee in-tair Florida. -The fruit Will be transported in. the. the-resultivWas a sturpi2se to. herself 1. thetiwrote to~t Dr(D &i~'!O-"
refrigerattit thijis the -and egbr:Teaw~fteNew9 Orl whe repliei
E 8 W bSeen disap- Australian mea .tady:h -ivo'driititao pea ld The boaial b

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There~ plate to th acre, andtt I .,i
is-givn.,in- Aoter.p t woul b wis fort s-e t ]a~~eae to makeh an orof
'had ~ ~ ~ it th.plau' W e ;'ola'v nut. s'nd o

tl~ Firs ino the field is daobtli pa w
wi~~fl of themn t ver aforms 6n)
fruitsp, vaite a0 1
ve ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ablt to thehscoig~i diversifiha hedi fnda e-R Flor idi whc ictlhe'e n a new
a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ al needsj innd hisbttr efforte, eod, n od d s

comwe i-6agls who d Sysbrt froien ato ciuu aneiceln

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corr, wll sav intend ou nws

A..v nsth of o dsa of c rmn i o ale ;in s s wad forat ve s i rc ,
eo stay eith reddi ownish or now in- ther lowe Sout
aob rn t s e a qt a. halfc a ol experiments ua d o mah-~ e
..d~ ea el tgongr e erarts nurti o ducte r ke efec oryfp og e s ie
se-lha in a ne of wel- anr e e rmne tudet and nbe 20%~pane kst xesot e aig fu t o ro in andcree eiv is f r, the
al i is Th t de r he K la its toe olinngthe

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p~~~~o aemaurthe r GeSth ary _tou
COSY~~~~o referenceTAG, and n'e ou ffo i
W~~~~hv been1NP S sparevi, d to
descriptionsac accuate
which ~ ~~~~~~ on and fl'asbe a fin iuu and andceltheou rfc Did~~~~~~~tu topr~'a~sn6 thef objct re ho h is
' 'liti~notierandierroodY Ts OM- COYCCTAGtr us re ritn and rnre-a3.",
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de. at-the nhA their fres pl.a-er he stave ttl la wlt has Qnttts forn

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"T, Plorlda should now make 6 great e'ffore,. take a step forward,.gnd, eipe'riment not
Ito er cro'p hat is vii I stly, in Ore pl
h -P
sto the best crop t t.oan: 0. 'raised to, -fitable than -crovo .
ibor my NOW
I bring, money in W th6 $tAte Befote.the hOm e see ersi-and. it is::,:grat, ying, to
'freeze Is 0 e MUO
s 6 Febr d0y, the-oramlo'gr rs: te tLhat'notwithstanaing: -th
were troubled With the pioblem.6faver Aalked-ofllsetbabk" to the State people : Lind,
ILI theL 1 s
iproduction, ",but"that hais, b -801vbd% whowish homes where.they can enjoy
fL hgt to produce' nlLng.
-iaudnomr tbe:t blem c Afo
aL delightful climatei.are: still Aur i
take'the- ges, confronts their faces Florid6wa year B.INGE j70
the f axiners thi llsti .te.:,,' n. some thei traln4p d,,Oon
of' coming by PJeY.E44PPL E'-'L P "E.L XAA
S is prl I,
the Southern tatesi tobacco .ou ure, s ligoolonies I or Whom Jan has; beeh
of 07 00Z,& Y7,
4g larg6Lj)ropprtIqns and takin L" puroh L A1&lf-crqp these peop ZL'L Y , I -. I 7
9- -a
0L P
Abe place-o ic L otton.; L I L ainds 'in'L Flor- are woithyeryLmuoh :-. more. to the State
Jda. plaat6 a average LLabo than a full crop of tourists, and,-Yve are OTOL Co'! LL", 'FL
UtL ' 'h' t t1i ARIDA,
as dd t e crop Lthis ear
LL L hil 'L:Other Stalea 6 say t at PABOR 1 AN DE -S
4100 pqr ac ej w, e: An e un'US ilallyLl r
to promises to b ge.
farmers are *6lis&iiSijed raise bale
Cotto %d
nionL n L
wo, acres f .1a d,, worth
about 'An a re L li:-tobac pIauted,
'Cattle inlouth Florida.
An F lori. acre janted lamde a in the heart of a ma Rile 71pni, 1
The Pabor Lake Colony gallleon*, alie. ngtoi, of:
in cottolli in,: any state in. the Union. The business far 1) 'of Mi doun ties,' L About midway between the Atlaut ic Ocean, and:tbe.Gulf of Xexle% be L t7rntb4Mh and 28a
t,: O'aJn, it16 f or m&r. -parallel of latitude. For thin colonyavb6tee selection og.about 2,000 acres of.blgh pine'land, :interbeL made profit: Sthat of fattening ca
spersod withlive oak, turkey oak,,and blackjack oakwas madein.06 "nimer of IM, There able:iJI.Flo'Ida, istheLgrowing of sugar ket, has been neglected almost entirely J6 AOL L -extent and tho
lakegio'n every side of the tract; lakes of various areas, the imalle" about, roe in
as 11 e'.", In" faot,.:there Is not 'another- in Florida; says the Citizen. The reaSOD laxgediaboat 800 acres; these lakes are from 25 to 75 feet deep, with pure, sweet.
Wholesome freet
vale in'- South:,,which -h 8 two. L field generally given, that,, FloridacoTtlld not water. There are no marsh lands ab, they have a gentle Incline from !the high ridges down totho
food -ler'wedge; nostagmant w ter and no. malarlai conditions 'No healthier loeatloj'r',
k a wa L 8 L LL _a L sLIs
-. rQpsfha Pay, aft: much. per: acrd as produce the L necessarTstoc i, 'L I d ln:,the Stat4 of, Florid Freedom fro
an bo foun M'Moequitoe so an Important feature, thesq,
or da, oaneand tobacco, alid them is: been diimpprove uring. b ,
dL d' th pas year life a on
trou 1 some Insects make burden on the east coastAmdaj f -but they, are'not ovep--,
everyindication no that th grow n g b the abiin! ant,,L.graiii .aRdL y. Ot6pSL an an a Urr high.
noy'"ce Inibe liii regf6ns Wiez the'land n ounaing the'Lwater. firs -A rMdeb iii"
oftoibac6Q will belaigely Increased next. harvested al o"r 'the State, he few this section: ns.pleasant In,-sum r a ItLIA in winter; the frequent nbo eia an d the br"zo that blow$
fouith bet*eenL
be d L the:ocean and the gu I make the AfiLedol And the n'ghts wonderfully coialni-,rl
ag Fjdt dairyifaimst at JJaV6 bee6'-:e9i'"i1s
,par. RIC tdils' 'in theTrodite
Ive, sound &lumber.
-ifon of' these. she has do e L im the St to. ve ;pro*od:remunera ive, 'L b L 'rests on a lake about fIf ty Acres In: extent, Around this A I o avW, IhIrty
morejn p u -on and.the busijiesb Wide has been reserved which Is eyentuall;v to be met tosbade trees and inade a plemant, lal,-O_ drive
espec'all An- tfij's u; :fmCC6ASf, I i I I 1 n
Jmmedlate Section L fo Villa Bites of an acre, more oi less, have been laid out, whicli,,will malre'lo+eIy, ie,,ddenre tracts fact A i
the Isis. Reeldenee, and business lots cover-forO "A of the i6wu idto-anerioJoining these are- twQ-In this line resultai have- bee accom.- reasonexists Why these important in- nd pin6ap antationsy t 9king up the balfibco 6l
16h ar sinip ders of-two and a halt acre bloclis for reslden ax a pin PI
118hed v 1v dazzl ndqd Beef, alaBee L i 'L ,
g nd, dustries should not be. exta 0 L the land: haaLbeenjaidolit Into 5,10 20,aU4
h he 6he 190 acres @eib &part for the town kite. Theb
-Oug 'In 8 Ome ins an e the resul dream, milk, b ter and 0 ese are 10 acre tracts.for Kr6yosi orchaYds, plaittatioi is and gardens. -These tiacts r An g o.:In price froffl-*6141-"',!
faV, to Slo,
h, down per acre according-to distance from to" center'and ";,a ohebdrd cauh and but.
were drable,. 't L e Pplendi& shIppedL'I to F orida in large quantities old fox
pccess'w tLu'ded- many, is froinstates th at I bannot'L L L' ce In one aud1wo years without interest. Every acre of the 8 tj I& LH6'fioui
produce t eseL
Oe as bold to be more valuable than those not havin U, fr
In the way of vegetib e L articles of foo d cheaplyk L a4.; We c g a wa r on age And Are sold in tracts of ton-,
.cient evidence, an Itcres more or less forfromL ldlt6 Town lots are sold at $25, $50,and 75 ae Irdiug to
L L."L 0, Ptr, U $875. ch
gro ing bythos h a e proper The capabilities of Florida fia'. this line tion. Business lots'ar, 25x125 feet. Villa Bites sloo ea These andtown Iota are payaifl6vne-hall
L' f L ' '' L L I I I I L I I I I I L I ; w " I
:.There are or n S n L j tite tire shown in -A; letter written to the incuebbalancelhoneyear. Title totbese land perfect and In arranteo Deeds are given.i'
so L Man acturers' Record by Mr. E. T AL L - L e L I I P, Uf L L number of famillesLare already I settled onih L eolouy L lande;otheri are improving th lr
gamie and..p4 mptio,. and I ar as the L oionymauager. More col'onisti wIlVsettIeihnr6 this Whitgr and Othur4'iafs
der the charge of tke
United cerf: Vi to Jolwour uwalb6n And find a borne wbdje'g6oL L I L' iL
States i$-_qb 1 11 L ied, Florida has MoCart otAnko" Who FIS manager 'L jed -- I'- 'L L fnatUr f
'L L d society wii :be.a:isaln 9 -Alle, colqny., ,,
will e is making gyeat.suoces I of L ;Loo f .11, M"Lil, I.Llu opnj&tiou, tv k L
almost a monopoly, of eac -files,' t a'd L ma 8 UqLclofletouch with'the Whole. world.,' ej
f jheL. St Will posto LLL aLLd
'L. n the J jjn n and' eneral Store is In con mplatlon. AL c oo SL chureb, a. put) to Hs.]Ftv
S weral yearsyet,- e ore Scand via S at White- City ei-Loonstr ctl L"
,;,nd Library are looked for in-thensar future;.for the choice reservations of been -uiade T 'i
ieliimmiinse Orange crops of -east r. McCarty' wfites as
pro, uce at it 16
'10*a 44 thespedal.featuren of. this- settlement to th
apt;- but it i&by, pp. means certain follows:.
P- to L
A Temperance Colony.'
lat ther6 -*Lill be less money the'
at to diversify its indus't'riesJs the Every'deed gimi contains A clause forever probibitingLthe inanufact ro or.L'Leals of iutoxicatil
oWer6,frpmoranges'inthe future than safe Oliey for,; Floildians to pursue is liquor as a beverage upon-theland So sold. This u o that, lnsertiid ln'
e L L
hL. ngs. L (Coldi) ed, I
I li'l t e qtUreLthan inthp past. Where setiled thorou"hl L d(;4io given by the Colorado spri Town Co.' Thlch haspa 'troughtlieb con
g y. e must"produce
e growers have lieret6fore received 10 our own: sta,17 &I that-State and been affirmed as legal.
e oods and breadstuffs. r
kt present we are eighteen miles from a a ro dpol tthe nearlDit.VeingBo ifn'g Green,' ni CAU! L, 6fItLOUtofAhe pri for' Prominent among the. neceisitio$
cen 'p- ce paid L are' le, ri" gLouthern division on the Jackson rilli, Tamp a and Key West Rallrba -Dalmlermotof >
or anges hey will -,These railWay-from. Avon Park to Hain rt
now beef, milk: butter and es City' fo Miles u jM'L has, been, projected, wbjcl will pass,
L"L 'djeat. more,:th an L L cent of it, and alonStjtut a L I rgeL Part 0 t food of -d d In,
L _per e a -hmugh tho'coio I y Ian o and It 18,belleved will be constructed am operation before the epd
Thiowill give useasyland We;i d ill enha'noe" thA,77
ex SeSLwM:b6Lmore than paid, but of mankind. L: All' these a prodo o 1894.1 L quick trAnalt to.trunk InesNorthaffd Ala
_peiq L re 'the f hundxedt6 Ave Mn4red:.
I~; -L'. L 'NL -h L ralue of everr Acre within the colony limits from one P r ceut.- La" WIntag"
Ahe increase. at the orange: the cow In someLform.' It1ollows, th ree the mamager projected of
gore age has been reduced, by the hand fore, tha. wein SouthL Florida mus I t culPineapple. Plaptati
.,to L 'I- basisit should [or a6ftlors and formon-residents, *herebyL. for a fted AMo'n t'.ofm6noy he guaranteed to -cl' ar 1h'
ence, a pay ng tivate a. q oser acquain ance with this
Florida. caii ploduce too animal of iforrn scres of land on the town site, fence the.samo, plant 10.000 pi k neup pie ell ps 6-3u6&0
Fir atro; is,
un usd Iness. That on the 11rt ",iaiatUredL orles
mid fortill"the same until the first crop art of JbeL j6 L r. L f Me WaA Very gua i
many' things to.d6vote attention Ao one thieBbould have been neglectedso long seful, resulting In belting the east tier and tie; 0 tracts
'an. extent as will glut, the. is surprising. We have a:oOUDtry- Le I p nth vylth plantations,
in *Rlahce of the month tier' and all on the wefft;side were reoerved for 66: em, 4
Sh&"L'o an prod 4 c e m. ore L Or7 Second Bari which is 'nmi '
]Park which: no shelter is needed Auring Ahe apen to membership to D"ex having a feiw hundred dollars tolUTO 0*,' Fuller partleulare regaxdf4,T,0
eq fibres than the :_ Un
aug r 6hase pIantatdo hich the manager civeo his imrsomal attointion, will be given upon a application, 4
Augm, tpbaoLco and entire yea in which the range is Pneap
at e Culture I FI T",
V4ited. States..uses, and can grow more limited, and which the law guaran- ft may be said bore th PI n orlda isin the Inf6gey of its development; It 11,
anly State In the Union where they can be grown. Aidhere enly belo*Ltb"Sth parallel Lof iatituda Ri yeget4bleSL than th e county can tees protection to the cattle business., n WoY
who! so that tueares Is limited.. The returns are early sarB after
af.: She can do all this and'StillL Stock and range cattle are ark ably one does not have to Wait to Seven Y firfi as with -an orange There are novir,
welve acresset to Pineapples at Pabar Lake andft Is a $ro b,
kve xl "fod t s tor acreage will
millions of acres-of land to Spare cheap and. require-only grading, up to
pr6dubts. We have: been ane planted next season'
6' enh e their valtie largely, This is ILI on, 6in tie to" eltii
There 1, inthe near.vicinity, from thr tafeur H Ir digabodf of, Ian be
e..b6neAts of diversity, and the corriplis
thL -very easilyL an(I ChesplyL hed onging to various rallway'and Other nor orations, 11 lormblchAhe )nrulger ""of:' the C016nyLlis
eginnin t LL .-p
P jqgt, g to realize what Thejnti oduction of a few cholce:Lmales, jqan, These laidscan be bough in tracts of from tO to.640,ftrex Orovan largerbodlom) al rip
eau coo beof,,and milk, prodAping strai-ns 110 per acre, one-fourth cash and balateb In' one, two, orthree is&es', With Interest'st 10 per, nt. poi
mpliqlieAln the, orange belt of-good,
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knlaum. r SomoL of theme tracts are high. pin# lands, suitable lot allelfing Irnito andplusappl ber T '-of Flor a. In lactf the, f aTmers of this would wo re*o ution JnAhe appearr low
are lands adjoining &1&k0Lofover1,500;ac as 0; bntT- I'
in'exteut require dr
teotloji: are 0- the eve of a most pros er ance and value, of ota es, .15u tuT
our cattle within 'a orhen so drained, wouldbe very. rich lauds om.wbtbh tw can ,,ftufi
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OuS, few years. This hiiS been:LL,,dohe. with &!number,. of ja raill ,
gratifyin L A in 'close Tjclu
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-Wd -d'.'.'.g tracts ad
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THE wrNTM 91FAS01W. State Low r Brevard county has thou- ""on so dratuea, Would "e Tery r'c

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sands 6[!aores OfLt ec L oidest pasturag
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ter season the, -.L Northern tourists., nature. Th territory, adj ad6nt to White j6-jUehaU otent L to u6ee68,jJts:'
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m8ofn he Orange ;..crogwould L not City on the At. L Lucie river is of this tia4y ban tmmoasurablyL benefited "d cau, sin ar*ly d Hko allife
;%beLl&rge the vegetable, crop would. oh raoter. :'In thi's -Laoinity,.: which. re- L ja;aplj. GDjnoaudbe-he6l6d.'
ail' 'jop of .:tbtrI8tS L could al quireiso.-much paper cajisd
chemical fertilizer,,: the
wayibe depended upom -manure produced by I --hai "L Pabor Lake
oatt e s ali!Leg-ea t of" aub"ption N cents -per auhiw- tac -Isk- Jcbn
The"Pearrhas. been. express hat'be- ;, peoia ya, uej:and:3ha-"ca 'ilk 10'..bow Is it-a Wond YOrLol publIcatica,
-two pages, derfoted tDtbe an cemett of thb Colony and flin sidfi vi b into
Oun 9 supp y of nativeg
ha ng no orange crop isseason rass a owis
roe off etfflity' Is notto,-,b T- -TT
a1sQ haVe a short tourist crop.- dear
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c,- -however, ths, lue' T eL ,O"euoa Is lAvItbd, 012 Ta ble
rifer,,ls, FUCed 'Tas a field-' of tthybpt

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'16T walgO. Large, rich to I bred PI aids are
"Wej ,ja k also in'] avor.
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No holks' will be WrD,,,a8,1 y1ery thing Is in
6,1ctblog btit oputberand bijbbW short bodice style,-#* the :sUk *Mstsl I are
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sleeve'sLare.aEr :large if inot larger.. than
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-'gei of if,,, sfewaLbout, double, shape.
c 1;ir Mo.del 1803 Shot-Gun 'is n w'used
imaby of-tho, fashionable ele 0
eyes'areo made
I 'inot m a from shoul
ko"inot such treatment Is crulil in sections, with trimmedsea by-all d tra Shot-0- s1n; der.16 wrist. The seams may be pressed the,'niogt advance P
pdyetbi keeps storing up fusi, flat and stitched on., -both s16,, with gilk.
II'L e'a where the ti,5bI;,'c t
B. & A. spool eat 00telfs.
or machine twist is R fi
ga e's 1 es,
silk V A& ift 'h 16 Sh6f
f6I tile stitching
If soft thick material. is useds Asiatic* ASK YOUR DE]ALEP.T0. SHOW YOU THIS GUN.,
twi i will alio*:better than the finer silks dung is N6vest and' Best in'. Repeating
oilow, still and find hoe'' E that Arms. as -well as
'There Bball I ver
and is especially, suitable 'for stitching on.-Annhuniii6n arie, made.. by
] elp, sure help. kin& bf the
skirts. The %seams may be covered ;with WINCOSTER REP, few. Hiiven'. co"
EATING AkAS 'CO., Winchester Ave., B,
braid or passementerie or p1pings of Bilki: VIMJ)Ed en'ce th the- be*iizts_,Iof duty.... gives end'a Postal CCU- s for our112-page Mustrated Catalogue'
'T in, orLVLO'Vet, with a machine, stitebirtg
n love is lacking-and peace .,3at'
_i te q everi ,w e '. U., .1- -1111 : I U
one-side,,may-be used.
thlng ffianl h ary AL
For this purpose And to finisir the, edges
tvefrnore.. d Con
qj eto'jLA Very pretty an
]WOE 6y.Ilk' rZRI I :PIE 0 -A-,I,%Q
Wd on And v= elilt piping Is t-heN..Vi
aT HE, 0 N LY -WAY -TO GET WHAT:YOU WANT.ooiir on', In prevsii
8 9. general
rr hee o'L eXpressL a Oranges, on Tri Oelestial..Figg
re as formerly, haviugLaii;jn keadqn6rters: for Poar.,Trees :L Sat6iiru
k -, ' - -oio ktli6: ", "
Charn 19,11 and Oue Ti -Now, Full of Fruit. Everboarl M
ar torlIning.of "Fibre will.:. e -Year Dg Ulberries f6
P onse d LIU'; L I I 9 .. I L .. L IL ,
It erta Peach Trees by the Thousand
med. Pigs and 'on E lb
Y)grioraU t about inoney.."He knows d f' C
,Ko';,norp of money than a I w om an, L is alm L OSLt L Machine stitching, bands of velvet ribbon, Sen OrLln cresting catalogue. THE OLD ILELIABLEL ARCAI)IA NURSERIES, J. H. GIRARDENU, Prop.,- MOnWC6, Fla :-,
m 'Oroverb- The absurd stLstpm -arc per --or, braid, are used around tile sikirt; a band
2etubdly told 01 woman's total 'of velvet or fur, oLr a pofflng of silk may trim OMAJU. 0,L-DENVER C141 CAG
"t MmlskiArid- e of e. lower edge, or the seams maybe ebver d I L .2
'CLU 1140 6HANdE_011F',dARS -7
*ith braid, passementerie, or bias straps.-of
Q'effi are doubt ess I believed, says arp r a 4.
both edges. JULF,
the material stitched down on
01397;sr." hat as current a eg agoin-re .L I __ L L.
current now, aricifa "Itn"t Bilk;, satin, or. velvet may be used-instead M U 'll
Ofkelyto Aairrcredit as it was tbeo_'Lkeif of jheL dress material for the straps q I Z
&to -hat extraordinaryLehanjoaL and 44WAresses afe notArimmed the- LO W ER S
,'wburari has undergone in thi3 oenitir iu f1MQ.Lyhe-JaSt7half 6est pro ,
, t i axficularly.- She may- Ave' ThevelvetpipingN.V.B.I e Y EC ETA LB LES
-- h n th fe: 'tee Lmr FR
afinanclal simpleton in e Temo 'tion for the edge of the sk.rf.
R..:E R rTlea r6L or: profit. bOLORAO0 To
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iWhere sbeis'41iolly uninformed on, th TEXAS AN6,TH t
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Orin Mon JYL 'j8 'am;
': How' tb Ikke Dii4y Tno*Po1l&--6.. 'the best and most reliable
herlack- of informati6p Ise SOUTH WITHOU;rL
h rity ob4-timble I I I I
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Tih iilaugh at her, d(Aets,," is much-- their SHORTEST LINE
haidkerchlefJor. -Is gen ernan On L P.
, customom in 64 )er t hings. Man get, knowl 't ,
would be av- A
-of pvactical affairs consiant ex ... ... from rk-Iqllower. : : 'L BEST SER,10EL
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that wonia A does'not L ar e: .
'that, It isIbefad-Ab niitke-sudh.elegant on,;,. To Te kas,; 01 L a rie L Aco
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itS'Vft U e'itS Te, : Yst,_:netlzally
Ations, its purcha (Pig po'%V 1 je I is, Iij her dainty collect on: of handker6 dth6iouglijy, South astern and Soutbern,
to Jearn, and hi S' mail
:WelihAs tier-quick IdegCrIbGP 72AUtIlOCt,, Of IJdj& L L' Tourist Points.
8VejyLap ttoLta e pride inth:efilmyex "d
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way of makinL tbei-n is to get, linen
See that your ticket reads: L
aoy sort Of fi'lancial edticatlon-tha -nof ou ireL not abl to buy such
"Cambric, _and if y e P eLop le 1 1:
:a grat'l?'arid "Vlathe.U. P. DENVEP & GU ILL
k 'j'ofitecl by, it? often she show : LL
expefi e material,,get the French cambrlc, fhtt
.Z6ompichem jorr.of monetary matter ,us well, Th pa*
orflue linen lawn. UutLthcm outthe maual; For full Information regarding rat4 ro LGS;'0Ck b,
as det ails of b aled,
usit eEs, that aro'geh oni L 81.00 a Tl ar (24 numbers).
1, r '- 'I I -I near qf ajent. o?'ssfdmw
andmake a narrow hem. aud hemstitch, rEO on yodr
h b. T or-brother.L he jq"'uj
r PT us 'and
jaboye; theater, and embroider your initial L Sps men'L copy Land. Moage catal VD. As tsti4iding'c6ntfaiy belief, a n intelligent, b6rtIdjjI,
ellecomer-WIth., Very fine Coitoj flo Be., L, tiral flooks'FREF on-& it R. L. WINCRELL, Gen. aBs' ge3i
it' L St ',C DE V%
wheivsfie'cbmes to learn WhatL Lee GOLORAD IL "
arid another. Way. is to hem a narrow hem L pier,., C-ar U oil N .
'orny,'meA 'a If-is frequentlysaid bk th d' embroider, a tiny vine of" fo et me.
roth rsexthat she'afin
mots" Above the hem
-foisslthey can maketwo- Jn i IS this:bya W 4 L
young girl mAking ode'whldh she'
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a cllrawn herse and th e delicateenibroid-, 60L p1by:
i avy a, h mbrind b" 'dis Ve ed :that L L M
was exquisite. Such. La onelLbough T H Ebis'wife can buy morowith'a small amount, It
wroild have.-Coat her several dollar ngi,
. ofmouey than lie oa)),andhe sin the habit L.,]' WL
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,to h h. looked like French vrork, And was made,' 11 m i- F Eym!n
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Orr briCL, T riter, Alen
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i,4c would g dr( erand SSYL 0'
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mothers, 6rilu wait und 'your" daughters g rij
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are grown women and -taught by, h us- 'L L I the' L 'bleyole, wwh we scnd them onapprVval. M
Nothing a4ds more to-tire, d4jn.tinen, of,4 SINCL CASE ODELL) work done unj;JIL rhe picycle, arrives an(I proves
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rying o hem I In
' youthfull days, and then wben shp J ena lock'Woll- It combines SIMPRcItYL with Durability. SDeed. boys, rIS np ly
p9rtant., 0, ave must be well
T h a 1 0 1 Ease of Pperatio eari longer without' cost ot, m rf, they
will be tt'oractica nano er. ended. rite for paqlcdlari3. .:L
muc 0 hem course ves., Ira' no Ink'
litb beef -, R. 0 hc
work -rep4 th r- a chlb 0
ACME CYCLE' C0r1PANY' iMake a wbite lather of ivory soapand ra tOL neat, anb_ L
ribbon, Indther1be opera or.
uter; iasenostarc :or blUeIng, adapb d Ltb ELKHAPT- IND.:
What, t6' and whit staatial,-tdckel-Vlabid. 'perf ct. and
damp'Lpat them on your miTror, t0L dry,.: ali kinds oftypq-,v#tIpk. LUkq u, printing press L k
odgh,, 116 d r1eir d,,,a nly in abook. it pr9apeos. sharp, Cleall, legible manuserl
U When dry, fold eve
:I ems- coucerning Tuhidria le wqortencoplescaabe ma e a one wr ting.
V 6,; F
e I n-glean"ed"and'vp be g ven 6ry L ny Its'
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fi,L indus ha beendeveloped *'L
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oror s ,.rea ers w ol in We 460
or e oonverrien c Ap
g at A distance from fashion the pine forests around..Pensaool iL The ,Fxllable-Agefits's.Ao Saleemen anted. Special. I although livL=
,_,able Jik4, to, foil L forests. abound in wild :.smIlax L. an LoV q;w"L Inducements to Dealers, Devoted w the -L' L
cell 'erH 07: the L prevailing L, yor. Pamphlet gIV g. Inder ments, wte. D' alopment'of ':FloridA Ahd'thi:ji
enci r L L Se Interests ofthe reople '4'
green vinewhic cles.the trunks of
iterlas Which MUcIrL 0(),:bU't..iS urafJourria 6, swa -j,'
:"Eiorue of'( em the trees very much likeL baulb
0 DELL Y tE ; W A I TE R
_us d for dresses OnL areLruo of. much fln"- texture., L' Many oarload St,"._L C C,^ earties late
h', L fL H COJILL, A03110
a liiirn ICA
heavysorge, OUCIeCot rijadAn ixed 'b thissmlliix jra vereIbent y been a. lj peo, Vrrla"tunyl
7A avo ago And MARKET G&RI)EP1140" PO"TR-F,
8 in to XewL York,. BItimore, Chic 'K RA_1811id"
"bresses and hats differjin c 1lokfkdh,.Ahos6 I IL I 1 1 L L '. I jL .. 1, S13RICUL"
thj r ,. qrthern._Uoints or, decor&ting 6iiny of the Va110116
ihe',ps4'fcw -seasbng. Wol lfk6t: hkfi OMEN 1, with. t Tm TwREDA Acrot,
purposes" and t -has found ready sale. 11
j tberWin ter goods Are In dark
The decorations for the famou's ti.b
W U? 9 Do R8 W 'I
of Andit G S16 ISC RI PTIO
the heiress, -SINGL, ',C0PIP R

ihassee, had on-exhibit all kirids of 'the'treed1nattd,ari irtidc-, M~fll -, 1
St Ol. wites, also'.pear cidbr"and, fite frug.frr -wth Eist ide; h
,apple,, juice. J. S'. 'Bakndof is probably,^adapied. to" Flora wtihFf o 62 edtr, r Wewaitcka, lsohada ixce ol-soil; ,i'n this we were, especiallIdasl lectio ofwns ei ier. -and, terested. as we. hav two. or three' taii the sgt'ft6IViw
mberry wine. Th-itnCn yugtesgoing onor60 ter a.L
Th sot i ee be onig.Cmpn hdan asiortment. place.. Mr. Wign idy. gav-O." His cout
give to, thee Ct- oal tno of candgoods, and.G, A., Dan-, its' a couple 'of ,fhe fruit, wih' mbereds
tentoa xp tat ey,, of; Chipley, mnade,.a nodivel Show e6gg-shaped and, of the regular 1%at.:
wera malyEpso dev. hetdeat of vegetables in large. glass jars tomato color,,and also, %as full o
annto Ariu IHotcu-that Was unique in'-character as seed as the parent type.,
tue sben 9 itretWell as conmprehensive-in varieties. ,Squth Carohina, Arkan~sas apd
which mnay be orecdse- for no SuaI aead yusibeahoAaaa l a rdtbed
deaiedrenio al a i-shown. plays in the' Agricultural building
trsigdpr,'Cudtetwo. display from that of Arkansas: being e Ispecial1 TE tS L INES E-J UNL--C,
AtoteEp isftisFl orida have been concentrated noticeable by its apple Collection e'~~ nber isduea asicr
ntytcmltehbtone building, the State would have of Which there Were perhaps tv, inadir~able Takgiving num-.
bu a esi ymc been the, gainer by the more favor, hundred varieties. South Caro, b,', and is espcal engraginge 'n
41an e Si tbe'r,muround, able: impeso that could -be lina had sixth spciens -of hard utainigt2 vr
displays an ev save a- made. wods, and a glass case containexcledt th
tedne h sgnrl Some of the 'Southerni States -tea f rom the famous tea farmn at sksgiving-' P.n1 diversiono
Ath at theeoeiontpt made ncrexhibits,'in the Agricul- Summerville. There was also Member hoshod
ronizit an asytsidepub.tural building, or in any of their grain pavilion. h ut hgCm
licha nt comee armsides tob own. Those that did made a very The' Government building ispn, Pilae 61bi;e dollar- -per'inaethe walls. Th~resident's creial soigpehaps the best ,patronized of any ya; ten snt e .
day,, of course, 'Shoe a large at- Louisiana's display-'was mainly on the grounds,, 1,l various de
tenanc an At -peialayfrom the Experimental- Station. partments being as 'fine as thosVEeO for NO ,ernof "Thrursday of-h0 week-will Thr .ee71 varieties of Corn, 51 shown at the Columbian Exposi be as as its 1 dhgartice sd dobtes b ab: ;-utta-of sweet potatos 75.o sugar cane,, tion. The pomological s ectic iomt~s. regular eartmntn
in th geeal ce itI is. 60.of cotton, 15o Of Irish potatoes, was carefully looked over, and we, pbeaper ,n afo a~r, h is, 13fr
1"d~~~ Id?~9if inrasd 38 -of. cowpeas, besides, rice ,and found Florida well to the- front I and its valuwoldea
tererunning e areme other so 1 pro ducts. -The fibre de- the -wax models of tropical. fruits' inepreted by Po. anklland'and
by receiptsth lat John II, within
hdisPlay fro mFoida wasis0n merous portrait 11u' iiistrationl'
twoa~ buldng; the -Plant T ubehyiroisey
Sytm' h n md and ''I iustriationfs, l-vno unless thia, here, Polk coub y .ehibit w-as yn T eve of Review-s
-ery, prominent, an y go.New Yok peranu
Maish ofL Lkelanrnd ea good-showmngof trees an~ian's pDin- CH'osmor 1",aftet n b
apple plants and< -bnnas.were s~ne.(which w. anotA acon
quite prominent. Th was born fo)6 several ,o< o
ifnFr eade an:omeland, c~es the PH ,-,P 'Eand isw-'
Toiefr1x:a aso Cm, naot,'Only >t fntrto
Cote, and th a eed ,vu but by r fu assc
twegity or more fet igh an i ps yb tse
at least. twlIn diameter. er C en~a hie,
atits base shwmoustrate stugling to i the Int
tesrength of sil of the Oen, a- Weely aou ofa p
cou ty.. An orange treWith hun Weaecf Aes
drdsof Oranges on istoodin.qhe 1hch lis ,M
foregrotin 8of thle dspa,,placard- rSlatest eff ot- a fid so)se-,1
ed i"polk County's Ehbit'"; but tb:b.somewh ato filled.'
this, particular treer 'vr grew in ROSELAWN, HOUS E ON1 TOW/ LIEI AO \KE FCA, vr. alker is.h, if he is~
Pkcuty .soil,' bu~are from agrssive,. amda. 6rgetic as i
Man -ate el.county; Thr. Is a Ide- 'parimerit was particularly. notice- There. were .specimnts of sap-i OP tinisI.c.-He as inaid<
ctio about this, dacoes not- able,, showing jute, henip, Cottoidlaavcope, loquat,, pose- mgificent succ s4th his fiagcomimend itself, tc.toe who think and ramie, of which last there were. granate, manigoes, pawpaw, guia -a, and. prove-a montIl Polk -county: go deogh to go innumerable fabrics rnaifcue vswIld ad Japa pesmmons e the da.onf,0 cn l$12
upon its actualmert. We hunted from it uc asuhlsterinig Ikumquats, citrons, oningesi leth- paoUtsseda Fis owvil cnfor' some6 stuff fro 'nFotProof as goods, 'netting, lace, silk, JImn oils, limes,: pothoeloes, and at least trions aenesmtc being th'e nearest p ouiow ens, etc. There Was also a fineta dozian varieties' ofpeaches. L nth .it s f n
section,- and final yfud Hamp- collectio of. tobacco and' forage specimens ivere. plainly- labeled, lcvaue; then hen, ctoJ ton-'s Otaheite Yar .ehbit and a plant., The one (tor )novelty in showing th~e county from vWhichisse is on 4''Som.e: Sculatibbs'; ; Rple Que-r..Ktelhis department wa(wa a hycm.We must -not forget to -Rpi Transit," ul imiustraid'."
which had his -car oit tied be- labeled -'Air Tuber, Dioscoria make special mention of noble, per year; io.cns per 'cpy hidthe plant,: wil iront Iwas Guatemala,! said to grow well in specimens of Porto Rico and Rip' :I tok, Ne W, The3
one-,announcing iwsgrown by Louisiana, bearing ar, edible tuber' ley Queen pineapples fromn Bre- lipotad Publi l ~ ol Mr..:: In man At WneHaven. ort. its branches, tasting, wher vard county that had the ho nor 0 Callirighis attention t hssingular cooked,,somewhat. like a Is benIi as y hmelethe SOUTHEN- 1PTES 1rQ
statement, he ver pomptly ,del potato. 'W wulhke to touch upo e, a Th P. I r
stroyed the -card an laced the California had a building of its, the Negro' buld an icn aocs;,and Capili-e of its M :blame on Col. Ell11 I is not fr own not half full and also adslytn, hcweem iyi the i y" occu4pies ovrhrtyia
th rter tos e or ti the Agrictiltural -biiiling. ,It, dtistrial .and educational line.,They iti opioiuslyi dandk
-,..was,.but hbad we otnticed it-- like Florida,. was as :a.home di- showed a remarkable advanpea.n. ery tl sectio sy em ,
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