Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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i_5,Ltx ails 101) fqcjl ties. b ti sby'j'founde'r of Avon Park and Way, so happi v reac Ing, its first staPon e to., Rec6rderl:-Rob'd'
Park T a' had led us 411. into :,ti n"shall entir. barf6w 'bnd touch
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the'rail ay sys exh .Ofthe Praniised, .Land,
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Mad or John' Porter, of take, Th
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-doubt prove an Impbrtant factorjn tails '
-f. ,;*6stby all'the residents:-Of fhe- i"e "tion were crySfkli ing bn the tbr_ con'Gern., and-Iis Sawmill would do
portion work th est;,an t on President. Knapp,
0 an ower, ders o f this belt of Aakes.: B ut to d,
Volk 4 oujoios, Jbr.. whe n "we,' c'an a6complish,:this we imust: all"work t notleast The Plant System seudsihei A FPLE
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Alabaina, South Carolina' Ge
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Tle began -,b Stating that one of Flo' an. buffet for theim- Y, rida, Cuba and: Nova offs, a,
there willb, 'He was followed by Rev. G. C.
Mj ,JS6 pineappe crop that'jS S UL r e of em. Prominence
r4, Ut- the original directors the South SySt
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Set that Ur onl Salvation. *as of -all
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the. fir to start in this way of t)dk.jaWab&L; avenue,
and so 0. L J. Itagood
Pab-or La e o the modest! trbmiway might not beone
lead..up to Somethin better.L L Ocala,' was: completed, and- in, a week,
si d e n tsof Wvon:.Park and at 10 f theLLgreat arteries L t- -9 n e will L
f OfL traffic, bu b' h the new e terpris 6, ready to re-'
ros y, w o'bas-just returned
the fi 'th, nearly, a --we'cduld make it an important v6in Y This L is' lie of the In hnYL
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ment waSL'gIVen Lt eventual t3r posed toknow4 wi 4- h'
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U# wooden tramway would give- plac
division of I A
found homes. 'it L h 6nCystm. orihe _!
U'ncb, P.t'ps-d6ift Kiia p nt was the ty jnjpbrtaj t L
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alle assomb or&r'and -Mr. Joseph W.: Car-so' in of Frost of all th6 peb le to Work together in pal -soon as prutte
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noiijjCo dL t. at there Wbu e at roo L was the. nex spea er. e armonyto secure early cdmple- b16' L
! _, Jew'shoft p ech sjii .th music by. had recently, he.-said, visited.Bar- ion r'L propose Deputy nited States, Marbh ls-T.-
Ball Paptared a-ifflf re
tL, -,.'th&,, 15knd. He-thert introduced- tow and while'. theie interviewedL would'drigweradminb for.ourpres- Watts and J1.
centj L fl L m114:,southiv gt of Chiplij"
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Agar 'A. Vaborwh 3LS" a repre e, Usiffess men Of h L
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a. briefaddrejS that. the:,couhtyLseat ',,of The. ban ht before _Un1Wd,,8ta,
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and, in i at v of bl g cl s of good tha too th hi h s Iwardsa ah Word' ea i g wint e e d
weefom .Bthlat Flarto e truck CtftrOie. smnfcuer esv o 2t ogtcn
worrnuraneadnen for -littl Intatkn h'turniplom

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He Had Tried it.,
ifile- fo ow and an werjng, ,qllesion ha N,,e call el here,,',,hQbeg4na
d t I .. :!:o .
o6h, il onth 7 d Ri
Tocen, issue 17L Ivor :avepuel
Is A ran
ern Cultivator: r tAild. f
the othe high oiln& the baTt.oDder '0
How am artichokes pd""d and cultivated? alone-,, I.h*mca .3
What amourI aerc?' Where.. can 11:4t abed."Notbing u-I", brmquOy interwhat price per bijibeft' Voes It pay to
feed Jor, ho go. oili ferMe rupted the barteM r. In, the. Landof the.
Y,_J Porteri Al, "But there may, 60 Bir. Please bear
a!t pay 13 ant, artichokes. for hogs?
Would to "I Ine Out. 71 have a lirop6eitiou to make
What v riety Is eat for ogO What kind of JB'INGE,
you, You want cusionI want beer'.' ......
soll6guitthem best?. How should they be planted?
Do -oil I ave to plant them: every year? What "I don't want your custom I" POX E110
kind of maDare SuI them beet? what time ."You wait a bit. You -give me a: glass
uld thoyb evIantedi.and how cultlvated?-m- g d Other Iropical lim its
of beer. Idrink it' and o out doors. an
G W. D., Roweeville,.S. 0.
Standing in front ofjoui door I hi-gan
osr, Jemp atioally Ji sl 'it they are to g-ro-an and moan and yell. : Six or
properly nianAged. Be'sure to get Je- PABORIAKE, DE SOTO CO.',. FLOR I DSO
eight pedestrians halt to fin 'out'what
rusalem',' art o h o k es as the 'Burr art'
the, trouble I yell' somemore and
oL'b I o"k e1 1I ohly, 'for table us-e.,and would, fall do wn and sq nirm rid1kick and have
utterly disappoint you. A fertile soil is a fit. In ten minutes I draw a crowd of 7
46olu tel y necessary for, a satisfactory The Pabor Lake Colon, laa& are in the heart of a magmIllaut lake region of Desoto %16 Polkone hundred people. Draw a. crowd of
0 t of a J9undes, about midway between the Atlantic Ocsauaud tle Gulf of Mexico, between tke27a yiela A loamiy. soil,, such as suits most Wd
one hundred Dotrofters in "fr 11
101 of latitude. For this colony a choice selection of about. 2,000.aeres of big Int" rbot cropsJ6, best paral, li.,liine land
saloon and what is the resiilt-ll:16 in- t
shfould- be planted i spersed with live oak, turkAy oak, and black lack oak was made In, the summer 43f 102; here arf
rows three lakes of Tariolog areas, the smallest aboat 10 a4m,11ii-exteni vz J ilis
evitaVe resultr-1 he cash result to thiit lakes.on every side of the tract; feet eaOh ,w1,ayj and, once planted, if a Salo I oD.P' largest about 800 acres; these lakes &is from,26 t I o 76 feet deep, with pure, Sweet. Whol6sol e frald
h ? atein. Theta Are no, marsh lands as they buys a gentle incline 'from the high-. ridges. dow _thil
f iiient number of, tub rs, for seed at e'
The b.artender s 64 hi head. and nu: malarial conditions. No-healtbler locatlov,-,
water's adje; conseqnently no stal nant water
'Sir," cont! nd'i
Ap I in the gkoicmd, each, tall; they will.. nued the niI vou are a be Ion nth State F1 rtant feature" them
-an e of orlda. Freed om from mosquitoes Is also an Italia
Ain:dormant all winter. and in the
"'M man of business. YOU can 800466, per troublesome Inseas make life a burden on the east coastar d along tba gult but theT are'. not eyes, ,
spring commence a new growth, and u ing be
cont. profit a mile away. Yon pres the an annoyance In the I ke regionewhere the lands surro ad thewater are gh. residence js mature-croos year after year. button and I do the rust. For one glass this section in as pleasant In summer as it is in winter; the frequent showers And 6ezs-thatbI6ivi ,1
T40:611tivation is simple, being only of Back and fourth between the ocean and the gulf make the air cool and the n'ghts wonderftilry,60hda t
,beer I guarantee you at least twent, 'lye to mound" alumber.
wubhasi to keep. down weeds and grass. I
.. -, ; . customers The Towh Slits rents on a lake about fifty acres in extent. Around this a Boulevard ibhty faef 1
lqpgs: become very' food of them, and if VaLIt wouldn't work," said the barten, ivide has been reserved which Iseventually to beset to shade trees and made a pleaeanli-laks drl
turned in on them about frostwhen der as Le turned away VillaSites; ofan acre, moreorless. havolneenlaid outwhicb will make lovely residenientracts,.Incluil
th the lake. Residence and business lots cover forty acres of the to'
eypease to grow Will', gather the crop "But whv? A crowd uI tI lare of wu mite and adjoining these are I two,, Is
two arid a halt acre blocks for residences and pineapple plantations, taking up thebaba4lid. rapidly convert it into meat. .c.
thirst d4,mdnds ager-lager is found bie isit acres: got &part for the town sit-3. The-b&lARa0 the land has been laid out Into 5, 10, 2C
The best fertilizer is well decomposed only in saloons." '90 acre tracts for groves orchaxds, plantations and gaxdens. These tracts range Ill pric from
stable manure,- or a fertilizer in which "A fellow tried that ver triek for uiT downto $10 per acre according to distance from town center and aresoldlor onetbird-cashland oaI
ance In ono,&ad two years without interest. Every acre of the co ony lands Is tillable. Lakpfronts" z phosphoric acid and potash predominate.- p last night. are held to be m or* vain able them those not having a water frontage and ars I sold In r acI6 of Icip't
Aud fifty customers rushed iin here acres more or less for from $21SO to $875. Town lots are sold st'$21 $50 and $75 aceordiagt6', 16,
The tubers should be planted in theand asked for beer?" tion. Business Iota are 25x125 feet. Villa sites $100 each. These and town lots &to payable'oile-hali
spring, either whole or out. li; balande In one year. Title to these lands Is perfect and full Warrikieo Deeds are give'
1"Nf), sir, About sixty rushtid in here. in"a" n. r,
ponsible se A number of families are already settled on the colony lands; others are ln provlug their lI
Aiiy. rem edsman will fur.. for ice--water and whipkey and brandy d
nigh themaDd give you the price per or the charge of the colony manager. More colonists will settleherethis winUrandtitbers axe.bI
for the old bilk lying in a fit, and I was itted to join our numbers and find a home where good society will be a main testats of ho cot h 'Y' bushel:at which they sell.
8PVeDty Cents Out Of pocket before. the A, postoffles, with a daily mail, Is In operation, giving as close touch with the wholalworld" A. h ,tel_der construction and a General Store is in contemplation. A School, a Church, a Public, Hai police rushed him off. If you are thir8ty
cmd Library axe looked far in the near future; for these choice reservations of lots have been in From the Florida Agriculturist. you'd better gi down-to the river ano One of the special features of tkis settlement is that It is
get a drink."-Detroit Free Press.
Feytilizer for R A Temperance Colony.
No d I oubt some of the reade ra of the, Every deed given contains a clause forever prohibiting the marlufacture or sale of intoil"fin,
AGRICULTUMST would like to sow some A Det I all of-To-Day, liquor an a hovers" upon the land so sold. This claume ie'an exact copy of that inserted In
dooils given by the Colorado Springs. (Colo.) Towin-Co. which has pasied through the hlshest:ieo.rt crop for hay this fall, and one easy to She glanced at him car6lessly, but not of that State and been affirmed mlegal.
grow. Last winter we made some ex- unkind. At present we are eighteen m.iles from a railroad point, the nearest being Bowling Groan 6W 11
Florida Southern division on the Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West Railroad;but a'DalmlervI perimetits with 'Oats, rye, and barley on "You must stav Pi this evening, Jobn; I 11 I )
alwaysy. from Avon Park to Haines City, forty miles 'north, has been projected which willpass; ,, land that was newly cleared and broken. your cooking class o3ust do without 3 ou. eougli the colony lands and it is believed will beconstructed and in operatioii before the 'eud -I
The oats and barley did not do well, but I need your services while I ill in y new t8K This will give an easy and qalck transit to trunk lines North and West and will euba in ce tho ,
the rye was a grand Success. It grew to WalkiDg-COStUme." value of every aere within thecolony hmits from one hundred to five hundred per ant. Last winter J
a height of from four toflvefeet. The 4'Butpl- ho manager projected a series at,
heads were long and well fillod with good The husband of the nei woman' fal- Pineapple Plantations
or "Mors and for non-residenta, whereby. for a fixed amount of money he guaraute & to clear t4ft plump grain and there was an abundance tered. acres of land on the town site, fence the same, plant 10,000pitteapple sUps oneach acre, carepnitivat
-of fbliage. The yield of grain was forty "---did-clid-didn't you have a dress- nd fertilize the same until the first crop on the first & re matured. Tbis'Flrat Sgries was very sue
bushels of clean grain to the acre. It form for such purposes?" essftd, resulting in belting the east tier and part of the sou b tier of tracts with planiatl6nB. Th "s l
was fort I ilized as follows: loalaRce of the south tier and all on the west side were reserved for a Second Series,: which, is how,
"Press form?".
200 pounds cotton geed meal, She from him with a glance. 3pen to.memberahlp to parties having a few hundred dollars to Invest. Fuller particulars regard)nj
bliess plantations, to which the in anager gives his personal attention. will be. given upon applicktion: 200 pounds blood and bone, "You forget yourself" it may be said here that Pineapple Culture In Florida Is In the infancy of Its development; it: W thL,, _"
100 pounds nitrate of soda, But be reinembered as he donned them, 'aly State lit the Union where they can be grownaud here only below the 28th parallel of
that the&rea 18 limited. The returns are early, coming within two, years after'planting. 6.0, th l 100,poundssul stood for "a I I
phatepotash 90per cent. unfinished as they were, and one does not have to wait five to seven years as with an oranks grove. There are Dow'jibotc,, "?
One half, bushel of seed was used. The half an hour while she. debated as to ,welvo acres set to Pineapples at Pabor Lake and it is expected that a greater aeroegs will b,
seed and fertilizer wefe scattered broad- whether they were to be -oriD this fail planted next season.
cast on thc newly broken tough sod and baggy at the knees.-Puck. There is In the near vicinity, from three to frur wiles from the town site, large bodies of land be- i
harrowed four times with a common A onging to various railway and other corporations, for which the manager of the colony tvmR.
mail. These laids can be bought In tracts of from .40 to 60 acres (or even larger bodies) atfrom 45t H"
-fourth cash. and balance In one, two, or three years, With Interest at 10 per con PN 1) harrow. The piece looked terriblv ro ugh JI Great Sermon. 110 per acre. one It %
when we--got through with it and we had annum. Some of these tracts we high pine lands, suitable for all citrus fruits and vineapplei; uth6r," ,
very slight hopes of ever reaping any rye. "Now, asannounced,11 began tbegorid are low lands adjoining a I ake of over 1,500 acresin extent and would require dralna : blit whicil 14*1
Inam, "I shall proceed to give tbirtee- sI so drained, would eh lands on which oru, rice, sweet potatoes, sugar eani ii1idii,-The seed was sown December 3, very n N ,,,,
reasons deed all kinds of farm and garden crops could be raised to great profit- A number 'or
late. Rye, oats and barley should why riding the biycle has a
be ould secure adjoining tracts and so form pleasant neighborhoods and yet bo ln close vicitiage t,,
sow-n'this month and next so as to get tendency to send (he Soul as straight to itiontoffics, store, church, and school facilities. CorrespoDdeDee on this -sub ;, I
jpct is solicited,
the full season to mature in. On land perdition as a bee goeth to a buckwheat The Manager of the Colony was for more than twenty years a resident, of Colorado und pdni,#
under thorough cultivation ten.11 lquitly connected with the founding of the towns of Greely, Colorado Springs. F I
and other successful colony settlements in Colorado,811A hence brings to this, his latest colony, (Profound silence.)
pounds nitrate of soda might be omitted terprtso, an experience of many years in the building un of towns and the gettletineuts-of edlon"11
and 100 pounds blood and bone used in- *U and active life In the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains finally affected hts'nervoca j,,rs
stead. The cost of fertilizer for an acre "And now, thirleenthly, the wheel h A 8 Ito such an extent as to necebattate a change of climate and residence at a lower attitude- he h
f present prices would be about twelve 'a tendency to divert interest in the na&dy b"R Ilm"easurablybenefited and ma sincerely recommend otitertilike afilleted. to fofl6 w
tutijample. Come and be heated.
dollars. This crop was preached Word ; to lure to distant and
raised On very A noxtblypaper called the
frivolous paths; to drag the earnest soul
poor flat woods land. Theryeshouldbe "Pabor Lake Pineap
cut just As it begins to 'ripen. J com- to the outside world. If this is not the Is now in Its second year of pu blicatios; subscription 50 cents per anumn. Esehlosike menced cutting -A hen case, will some brother or Sister donv it? asa VgCM devoted to the adv nceu
it was in bloom, ent of the colony and the dei-elopmeal
and found that stoctc did not relish it as I challenge ye to controvert, thi6 unw.] vdtwo in tka-Lalio Region of SovI orlds. Sarn Is copies *ill son t to a 7ono asofful
well is Ahey. did when nearly ri e I come truth. I Pause'fc r A reply: fr is*@. 1. . I., ..; ,
OonvsjWdsacelsbmit 6nlyaeewite:iutarnation.wiUbatarttabed All. 10' thIsmay: beof use to, Sorine oneI ff P cortgre gat ion".
pl s Rs6"scea givain *hen. reqiI .0dr6is_ ?
(There wbIs no reply I Theie-wds no
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fofulloparticularn.s Hea replied could lookDforumiles6andamilesnand a dn- t u o tittl time Ig, eIao mywyttV rvel o seol ocdoal cb aepl et T enx onn
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rest. Youd they 9rveh Knwn tha many littled loe'tattereo
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I tyrslf atti o oe eiw oo ed o tr and lemon tre in godbniin unn i e ss to localW
veu m c oetteionvitadtio adatu itwas aon'dtom hic wegteemri; T is am washe 4o r h t 44V" n o~vr tequeny ncktitha n ons ursda y onn ugter or n When- thHu a bu a orhg rssadteoag
at tr p nd ni ht of an p a d .M r L tgl d a re n ap ea an e f an "ila d" a fa rw e r o d a oth ie a d m u h be t r ei
nik-1 R "nttb- t o an ow AsIbo mth e n L eiic the widgraesW Wo te e foundethata gone time ita ndtehrsspce
fm pl awtf u d i ntr h el ~ ~ b k a e nt eh m ft erd m n a d t e oypr sa ild othMI"
-W o-wt 4lm t o itea on the tain winouth e ima oughs of r y s httheir Wl a brighegreen we aw. wheyvingv e sfmn id who ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~a weres to, folwu ihpoiini .wr h evsoaag lutr fbn-got bynd- d our t eestat lst hd ben raningAlm~tdiey ha~ird9Ve in pext to hk aroun the cene was wid inhsreponmte
a p a a c s k w th r wa pl n y o wa aead o ag tr e ,o e sweyr e a a n th es w ay w ie passeda er.,t a 'b
"p crich d ar W e wer soo ou of W t e c poa te b n n s h w e r e h d p s i l o k T i s a s
bses ek're liit of My rh aydo tn e wie o oemr de o u ilo)d flndo hc the
an kind told m e n i e s a c levr w l i g o a f A l tt e t h a k o b s w s a h m u p i s aes id top~ k dgy t hitee, yS-w ea tobedo en ti mOVr ou: of water, mock ins whichgh a t he was il turkaeyw cudme advr rd cie
Place ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ bCoerkii 6di tde'y aims ol ehdo hma hy w ollo ed the tr wea or' t hot~~~dla hnls vIs e l u s in tes gting ste -ndc badn d we e ft agth reho prairie focueay tbry recednca pngp 11ke~~~~~ gigsopdath fishosdw ometonTe neult mok~oriles ane Oou o ee proeh ane itp brogh and p areldt ulamp Hfor'epl i ght deere lodge arudwihtebnndlwdtecus f
to, be inorA eto nfdiul idialfr adwl rnewr grwig L from e e o aiislnde
to" kes dlitle -tm dinner "Iupong wa th wa ova w ad They ca iacter of ctheblgnd canetao r hnwakn
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bus att r P uroba ased sim rto ns anl nomwthing I.oco W it~ n.o besen a ll diofcret ~in pordin a of thskidotae
houa.Lav~uaqu e Ou re-t. Havin h ttl es b Kc o winlig h at a nd ratther loggy slough and r oing th o g reekrned W to M esto Mi iinLa e t L L e as Puta coffeerlet der prepard lihe tormer th e -Ao the dse h mof k ou a t now th g ro n commeerpu ed nt1 h yjeo
In as w r i i i not h e W ndI of ae c e p al e t e so m strong pine wand we s o p erttheon w e w r l
Ord& ~ ~n wein we l( dd : rie s t a d i oi l the coff ei n d nott edge ofa vey arg yo hammock. c t a me to large ope3ni,
h a i h d o ns n th s w y w e s c ee ~ "i a -. H r re f u d n t er d s rt d c m th e sou rv eo r an d t re e s I , t'A e la t e s oa c ,'U t l 2 3 tht it p a in g h u n g t e r .- a n ds pe nt t hae erT e s u r p ri en t a sd y e e t o c o m e A f e r v i o a i d b e a u ye
AS h' L'bo untr y.r When thtipfr oen i ears rern camlued o r es ind leou r ee ad ipn construction aun maneso the soctl hoag
ven,~ ~ ~ ~ coo andcJ died w o 6u .m cLh a s the onitaioe anby s'Int lv6ittmg an from r hinson we etered fthe dense m p thw as o p7h d e f g
fruit. Th ao fewn al eto ea e re d n idtifi w o s. the Iundias ha db uil pre"p th" Th s ie e o ande btt
man tho lh- oncnsqe the oTundy onn g opofth s* anolthog2 elng ts an houttig h nde acrese and 31
urc rst. T e Sea er rha etin- In stretched w oit o r. T hisi s i wer sotillgd n d esom a hadg en thly e I hin aean tr nteMrig
Retlie fora the~i waaupbdpee aetr le otd aa. e A out 500 feetnd ofths kfad gtr omakti i
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IM alo pre-ddta at.Bprtdfo b r sp is e asin fome l e Indawns fie p arad
6a oprogressrsatsi,.ive ath he'oy e~ by ad i ohair Whkh Her we saw evidnce oft thn old sugars opne wiho gr
catby oers Ad nohng betee usanthhern. a e ac.e ane thad rnu and onehi e frit Wihtr
hrea o.L '10k. C ktin g mor 11n starsl aboewh h b t h maiquiebar wen and diddonfomyartser.N es i ced i yh'O .
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veniltin ndha th bilff d dfy>an hd egtale ofdifeen knd wteCyrn e fond ohr r "cepn: 'ate a ~(17& e Ifvrtre of the breeze fro m aee aarter it bew growing. Hreh wa hee wild ornge fthgrvsw eab 1ook Grve and no onwa th wors fo the chne grv bu jus ho muc re a it coerd in our retun weds fentodote
aves' wa i g W e w ere ag ee bl sOI W u r itpr is on ais w er w er eu a be t as e tain Th tree goorelaeth lode in atr day bratofn h ttd pat a vd nl en lne y t eI wl e i e er th re n wae wo.
forthby te wihprvisin had amp-edy with in edia n a fromn the lante tre s mothers ept rewsn e
Rama e w h t ~ ~ l r r e n w et a t a b e e n a b e k a t w s c o d i h l W e n ic d h t n t e ner of a cl m c a a f o 0 e t
Des ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ice andp see then am coveiece ofo frrfeeoudbt-arete ndtefrhe oddelcnb '"Iaro wre bae: ad t. ll vigoarande stew panr a coffent bolr awayr f r o tis te s mlet r e youasng coursei itisso e i ell was only poraio but tated
,.T& er rothadte-g ar bseles fao. n- Fro Camp Parsons we reached xtreesmt e alling forige ha ilng)eee n wse ios Allen's ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ o Place abou noonh havie gdnian thprununmprpigthkrvejsihevsnraref
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THE DIC '13dMNr. ai ost constant supply 0 on,,%nstead of ping; Wi thi had 6aen h
-Rose. in.. Flori exqpi v e,.sorts as: AMPXICPM, 91 Y. oi.i W -d b the, time t:V re aninch or arrived in June. Th e
Roses need:. a: liftl& 'extra a-ttention In B a Bride, Cornelia -Cook, Catherine two In epg ple shivering in their overcoats dn(l,
the son, in tdit6r, Iease, excil
-preparation 0 Duchess of Albany; tol: e.. 0 ,,'Yon se me or 06- 1 d*td .-PU 04 overcoats them6plves",
klorfdi in the pying all t d- wii
order, to gr6w 111.-. Successfully, Nearly La n c I e; Marie, '.Guill6t- M Neil, thisspace in te Ing you o a -no pAfor their o
every. dwelling, I is l6cmed,'ou., pine land" 0, r de la MWm I i on etc, one plant,, whed itcould be so much better.. We.btealk'upthe land Ili Deq'er
ich,- in mostcases. is o k 'i t 1i feii 16
f a'light; Sandy Tun is n' t -jh' dby, those Who have sometbi e pretty, eepi a c e e o e month of roses" here in Ing mor
n4ture n, the degr i .-.
very Aficie t in humui. if ribe' But -square. it each check We plat sever
6e that itis throughout the.No. th, 'than.mere experiments-,,to" dew roses are set out in such soil withow its be ave less roses, and. poorer ones. d.ur- my.Hyd1rangea has been such
We h -a Stately. shov6lful.1s'.of oow-4ot, maDure,',Wh1o
ing properly prepared-in nine cases out of ing, the 'warmest months of the -year. :bea utif#L Plant during the. i entire spring, 6ughi to be well rotted,, though I" BIN
n:. they will' makelittle. gk6wth,;gr d e n- d f,
't. adually When pio Verlyattende totheyar pru e that .1 could no onger resist the temptation, Sad go resu tg ro usingit perf
sta ve and 'finally. die. .-I There, are a e k. % f an rth, (at
w in.Oc tober, cuttingback- everything but a to spea o it; d Mr...,-.Ellswo resh.- Ili one platch last'y ar 71 Ais6d
no tableexcpptionshowever. TheoldBen- few strong, healthy young shoots, liberally this late, day july' 3J has many more 'ton seed and guano; any good 'brZ:4
-pina the Pink Daily (Bour u in
RospAgrip d the r ult i thanks than even the day I received itfro ill
gaU I 1ertiliied,'an es s'a prof Sion of cotton guafio.w Iiswer;4 use ootto
bod,): the :- CNrokee and. Macartn.ey or perfect buds and flowers during the winter d. eali nit
his hands, over tw6 yearsago. see in kai and- phoq ,hate.
Chickasaw Roses' and at least two or three and spring mon It is one of my best, is about sixt n in- nit
ths unless An'un:timely frost ee or nitrate isespeoially important.
unknown soiti,;not only bold their own but interferes, 'New a' d tender gr th is con cb es in height with Several- branches and make the fruit sw Lit,'' h-a I nd I""
flourish and bloom with the greatest I ax- stantly being pushed out and is of course many of its rich, dark' green leaves would meated. 1piltaliandfulof the seed
u.riauce and without the slightest attention.- quite su; ceptible to, frost. The greatest measure four inches in length and probably each side of the hill, a. ew, laches f roi
most varieties d onot, succeedin dra;vbacks'to rose culture in Florida are thr ee across.. A- fine anicle of blo o il;;,th I -bi! i I et
the':poor, light, soil in its natural state', many poor soil, drouth,, atcertain seasons, and crowns it, each separate flowered about.the along for .'about, 't ree. eet an
persons jump to the, conclusion* that roses occasional untimely frosts, The lack of size ofa quarter. It has been in blo in the Whole wlthiw6 furrowsAhrowmoyE So
are a failure here anyway, and consequently fertility can be easily supplied, and for this for fully a month; some. petals are snowy it. Just betore pl-auittng I threw lip iW
many yards are- never graced'by the charm. well rotted cow manure white, some blotched with, pale:, green, but, mo 6 furrowsi maki4-i foUr_,fUr o!"'L
is undoubtedly r WOL
Ing presence of, the "Queen of Flowers," best, and horse manure next best. Fre. as yet not one has withered. bed as for cotton, knocked the t dp c
Butbyproperly enriching the soil with quent watering will offset the effects of dry Ifindfrom' 'my experience that it re- the ridge off with- a coitton4boiiA
either stablefiianurecgininercial. fertilizers weather and the.bushes may be easily and quires plenty of water and rich soil, and, Weaim to plant here about-,the-ili
Ormuck, or a' judicious combination of all,
quickly prot6cted against all ordinary shade during the warmest hours of the day-. of March, The proper way is, -to put i the most beau tiful roses maybe raiseAfti frosts. insect ene Whether it will continue in w I d ;'Ii %ier -t r '
miLes are.,few, and nine el OIPg is- three seed1s, then t ree days Ii
perfectionand plen'tr If clay is added Ut I dis- more, then tlir L pe more, e a L ob g
out of every ten failures may, undoubtedly uncertain, b will not be easi Tiantilli,
the soil-to make it beaVer-so mucb'tbe re L' e last 41olfi
be traced to poverty of the soil, the grow couraged, even should it again droop.-, few Inches moved f ro
better and More IaStugft_ will be. L ltCQStS ers forgetting or not being aware that the MiNluic G..LMILLs. I the lineof L the gua no The entire Ian
-exciep.t.. labor to fix the soil sd- that ;i glutton in spite of her queenly St. Thomas, Fla.
rose is ingoontiqueslor fffteehLday6'.--,lD ,thJ
roses, wiii gr8-. as Well and attain as high a lineage. WAi:Tiit N. PIKE, way- plantw enough ai6,provided" tq, spal
Ogree of perfection bere-aS anywhereelse. The Romance of a Rose a few for the but W6r1n8L'ahd-J
f ro
en" A -nd -, ki
In soi So: pre ared such well known sorts. Ili,
YOR TOB FLONAT Dim"T EXT There is a romantic story told in Conas Catherine Merinet, Isabella Sprunt, La Hydr ea Thom pgg. nection with the namirfg of the Marechial back three daysi whereas.,if all of h
France and 'Safrano attain a hei ang iel
ght and e-LWoUId
seeds, were. Put, JiIL at =06".W -T
Width of lijuch as The -lover with but Iittl' N Rose. which, ought to be true if 'it
eight feet,,and bend w
a L isn't. This lovely and fashionable rose thrown ack. teh.d1ays o tw w6ek, C, g of must often deny'himself manyof the be u- aroUL
tfnd'er a: om6ined wei lit. buds and blos-., Firs b, I run ndAhem *ith a 8WA e
ties of nature:Wbi6h his soul longs for; yet was named in honor of the hero L of the _Id 'L L
Not allroses-howeVer, flourish here on there are many whoeasily procure flowers, Franco Austrian war, and the story alluded ks I W 6u cotton t en weed aud stir7tli
wn roots; no matter bow ca fully, only to neglect them as - general, was returningfrom: th S ene L 'of are largelin 4bs to fallwdown, th, the L, soil may be prepared for them L But if fade or:the pride in the L possession of a e c
t .: he :a re budded:or grafted o I n some strong- novelty is, forgotten, The true lover of his victories in theL War between France out. to, one -plant to.Ltlie hill., Vve, at rn"t eep',.upAhe cultivation So sS, to"ke6
irgL floriculture insists that any Pjant Lthat i and-Austria-he received from a peasant,, k LL L 11 1 - I I I .1
rpw va riety Which does L do, well here S ed .. L 111U
'who wished tohonor the hero, a basketful fresh itirn o: e .:Lahes;dot'the vJiie they succeed perfectly. A notable example worth 'possessing is worth attention Land e LL
is of beautiful roses. One. of the st S Lhap alk th time, throwing it'd], with a,'tUr
N isette Rose,. Marechal care. em
e,%Voll-known 0 h IL
] 61 -Owits- own foots it is inclined to be One is often well repaid for atience, in pening to haveroots clinging to it, the Gen- L L L L I L: I he furr
L Soft L Z2,y L
eral took it to a florist in Paris, Lin whose thrown on. the ALI ndbf 'a"vi
4 poor grower anywhere, and: here 'tL IS this, as well as other mundane affairs.' ILlt, oUtL
d Y( )UIL lit LLWL: t
Hydian- ce re it remained until it becamea thriving an I -your," handsj-'o
UsUallya total- failure L grown in thatway. Over two years ago 4 blooming
L ya florist bush covered with blossoms. Niel L Ahen.' even tak hold and id ouV6
"BiIi'-when budded of grafted on so estrong- gea, Thos. Hogg, was given me -b A,'arour
in took the plant as a gift to Emp I ess Eugen ie. 'th6, way, no. 'Inafter care L fully i
growing stock it is. a perfect saccess in who remarked that ne had no demand for
WLben th& L e L She expressed great admiration for the ex- done you jure Lft. 'The. m
every Way. stock iSLa congenial it. I gladly, acc ptedboping to repay, in
fi "L something more substantial than ban ; quisite flowers and on learning that the rose. very sensitive;:ii peeds supbbrt,- It
cbe--L-li e t e Cherokee for, instance-this
was nameless. said signifi I are.not-thrown ouvin
exquisite rose will run like L a grapevine, I was really very proud of it, for I had long canty: "Then I- mero.uS.
OW wanted a Hydrangea, 6ven of the more will name it;itsballLbe the Marechal Niel,"' L ire'cons.,for:.-nc
completely emb ering the longest piazza,
Soon, c I lamb ering to the ridgepole Of a two- common kind. But this had been my only and at the samei moment she bestowed upon shouldinot b.6 kept 'tL little.tfael or L a weed now':and thefivill, t.eL' ,vbt-,
story building and pro&cing bushels of its 'one. the astonished, General L the jeweled baton
which betokened hispromotion to the high aqceptabI6,td the Tihe AS-,aW anohorp..)gE matchless fowers. Tite buds 'Lare.often of It hadtwo large panicles o snowy b Oi L
iMinense size andLthe flowers -slow to de- soms, resembling the I'snow balls" 6f our Office of Marechal of France. We are un- mg ves Lt 6 1.
disprove the above lia a solid'shippiing, melon cap veIQ L but L they. are very grandmothers' gaL dens: and I think flower able toeitber confirm o ableof
persistent, repretty story of the naming Of this fmon, Ing the longjourney. L. oAgo.LJ Tor
'maining in good form-for a long timeoften lovers will ea lily understand my dissapoint-until they -act I ually Wear out,'% It flowers ment-almost sorrow-when the pot fell rose. But the part played: by the peasant are others for home use more cris'p,
Mo L L' less L e -originated tender.
re 6r every month, and ther one day, soon after ought it'bome, and is doubtless fiction, for the, rose
With PL We have sh ppedL most Y on
rarely a day in theyeaY that buds or open one branch broke off. The other remained radel, of France; in I:N4t a dd Was -first L''
-country Lin th guru nl6atLthoughL the L year we ti
49yers.may notbe gathered from a good- in full bloom for several weeks, growing first flowered L in this L, 'L e
LitS Most teen L car oa S Sto all odir4hil"Nil
sieedv ine, bu prolific Season of for. a long time, more and ore beautiful 'merof 1866.' Will the great Marshal's
110, L fate be that of General Jac eight on abarjo
queminot's ? ad t60hloago 6 A
reiing is, February, March -and April every day. 'J
When i t produces its buds bythe hundreds. I When it withered, I- clipped it off, hop "Who is there now knows aught Of L his o tory- LastLyear sold _m'y crop, ,
una L 1, L 'L L
What is there left of him bei a name, L L gro wh chL]S'Lthe inost satisfactd'
0 ses, ing and fully expecting it to put forth buds IL L I L. 11 L 1 1, L 1 , i,
Thehardy- roses of the North-M s t I
L e -are here and, flowers again; but no, it had exhausted Of him who shared In Napoleon's glory, wsy, The profits, wereL, no excess e
Hybrid Pirpetuals and Climbers And dreanitthat hiRLowordbad wonliwfalme? el,
almost wholly supplanted by L the Teas, Hy- it-If, seemingly, with the one effort. It L L but melons area Ong may aheadbfcbt
Ahthe late of a man is past diw*rrdngl
un. -:Therailroad eopI4 have .pramlge '(
brid Teas, Pplyanthas, Bourbons, Chinese dwindled, every leaf.witb.ered. after a time, Little did J9A,*qUeminot suppos%,
:orLBengols and Noisette or Everblooming and, -one by one, fell off. L For several At Austerlitz or at 51o8cow'shmming, to give lis loir6r rates, and- If thevA6' (
Climb which are perfectly hardV in this months my Hydra gea seemed devoid of
erS, 'That his fame would rest in the hehrt of a rose." there wil probablyLbe, fif ty'.to&_-SIX&A
mild climate and bloom almost continually life, a mere worthless stickL a few inches y loads sent. out froln1his 'Stiflonr', i0k
ly;L f Spring' 'JtL 113 my fl, rin. be'llef t i, M
theyear. around. -While the Moss Roses L in hight on I oreven the branches died.
railroads will give Ufi'aL IIttle!betwk'ra
gir6w fairly well here they very rarely pro Still, I watered it,- occasionallyL (not know- FRom Tim XLORMA AGRICULTURNT.
OS Melon Uture in Noith noriCla. within a years, a thousand ca?)oA
duce a bl som and are riot worth the spilce ing how to properly, care for it, was afraid
they oc I cupy or the.attention they reqnire. to give too'much water, andi probably, did. The system of melon growing', here:ls ayear w beshipPed out 7of the- Sea betvieen th 'L.(3h4beiawhatohle' if",," i
-give nough) 'booing- it would sprout. substantially the same as that of Georm The climate is too mild to give tho Hybrid not. A
gi L li L i0ola
Perpetuals the r which, ihey require, and from the root a,, j pst over: the ne.' We: donot prew c
ns'they must be planted At'last there showed Ja tiny green speck tend-to compete with'.ILSouth,1Florida; with a few, exceptio fu
ev6 y year, to 'flower s uccess lly-,- Ann ajnere sign of .life. How I Watched it, their.. melons,- Are over and gone before Marith ALN He not 0 4,
U Mi digging wi a Yej.:L I PO naid 0 1 -us
de, Di ibach General Jac and coaxed it into L growth" L ours areLready, 'T t erq4 9 )yinz gT ually. n
L q e n
4aAaMeL Char es o aul Neyron and hair aboatit,,giv1ing,-It.La drdughtLn6w, a good future.forf t n ustry ere as denoe'begins to sho Pe Pr
tiob It I L
a' othe s we,,, .-a m9Z occasional: and tbeq 6f liquid.maputdj. ,tbeia r6 po. ting our: me OnIJL 'in general far S. S, reported:lie'
fl & bute the great ma gej _N Chios, -itn6 b
owerq t e-yea go,,Milwaul ee and $t. Paul mon4, t6mak6l
grew apace, and early Si spring S ,64- "bo aseaily, theyLWantthem inany conv6ii jority-6f Hybrid-,P6rpetual4'are a failure' ASL
US t_ yeal- Wou I 'Seem a eat of grace. --, o
em ent F -m6w -c6irage,'aud b -c
h "I -I b, - ,
tbj' Cl 'L a comm
a Jbat'- "in'
ui 1ortJi';"' e i d k efit
ohkAp-,sig'h for- fli M egar eng Al01AW e a ,;aveSip

ha no bf gra a i mis tesiedst brem erm .tei perlhale asnotr arefe difute Ifi rl belev or
coa it neof lofa'ssucsfrgetrv.qetytrwe pntem resi n nepiewl be'o contry~ent te-til ~ rqur auea as t grwsine t su p r bofuseion- l schantties asr tolauset and conl 100-pondwe hogs.i pebbcoe
etc' over u ainod a. '. .neun los to th groer Buhwl Inmy ote ariceIs;
a~~~~~~~~~ t heTBcoprbbynvrbthcsewth ct' much to; lern Prhps. *
article Gmim sel usi i te uited Sttesthat the de- tied by aheaforfrmradtd i rigt ak iigi aimeice. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e m dsofrecomnuaewtth onya sokto r hskiroven so,, It Whe Ieto the A t i sooer prouo an bds irto em inim for bes crpbrw nh a e Tooim e h.gpoulrluthv np 6ye~inducemlick tome hf oe geeatin ye woiklth e lria hsthe croanenot ai n its favo as am food pro bue evera prediate ~ ~ ~ an soladthalmt it rdc asfie duat: for margand beast fits inutrtniefudteseyustso ,r e.o aa sr ti cl a sd r o itnl b eu g wi e w o l d a nde f a t n n r p r o a r el e v e g r e a t e re t e i s lom l t e
rid~prepai the t Oni1 ubannSumall tra or n jthry ctountry than the sw.e f a to whilun etite in i t witrooecdd that wiudties' b n aneo
fo q p wll ot su p s eh l rd r d c i h sa d c nt n wi nds ie t v oie

h e p re m -I and b e ter su te f r ig a se spo eciall frc h i If ou r f sar m es w oudr e su am co o e y l v h a
'O f is dlig w r a p e ra i L a e w h as a n e xe, ch n a e t o t o c as av t oe a w arr a nt it e n hues as f i t l b l sib l e a .w t he y geabt M Ge fFoia' ore fo ra t twelve wuen have n ut oha the maufatur fo, ayet pisi ae Btraue asnen itog w

that meet af th atq e in asg frigt rats n greatablefso a or everyuatininast ceigt a d proise fo t hinigoigges(1.
n o t n lu u c e d d nn F l o e i a u ~u n a bs o m e d ue t hxe r sc w l I m y t h e r t a ti l hhe i e i
ifs Itn theh prbbl esriur at ates ithe entire.
eutal inth tu or ~sorcs npodcs res Uziio. t Fraci Fautc. I o a larcn twP erhas; roinxe
we~~~~~~~~~~Csaa wit varied that maniy stnbeideehvelsenod hn i should beeoembrk Pineapplefs c ma n eadr no snn4sn uaz th potrse m antel sold oe h
nianyp- other arei nowes ofeigidc. F b og-elt mtuIaeofMcrOytlGis
to mnulieide:an ,r mesluen t e ny teho m atoe to Florida The artice in r thre r Aemouvru t Pur Fetlie Co., .Dea hslie ndbakig t psth fie th cliae iBpem e 4,btmaerwsyom in o ultr sup lisani 'iuetsth *nt ,ofc o r kno ie nd h ofrd. G W ,EDY VmnuaIt iht e rny intersting anodi ha d onl ol -Wn ke e t o th doutat- wos tl
A int theo~ii shmoa DamPw .'icve uessa what suts ha e oromke hiaymo f antnhene otr t
Mror cor and vegefirtabrlesave been what do thet pigr need, was opo fid utF.Bs rt, te podued n Lke ouny tis eartha ifhst couls grown in th iste o cliat but ~ ~ sleepne:i w i n g evertbefore. The Farm rid of -the ut auil aevprofio. Employmen cr ito Wom, es,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~a nal- are san a fai wa to beoeslfuprt yeprec a osrati o ld ThLdesovey-.rid r sfu ofdnc tn ris re ilg and tei aepedet, now ceth ftning emt rv o httey could ad elpim Pa., de s i ctry womey wor h t e l ss f t eir oraige oro is. Y et we ot bufo m a t and o I s t r ihive T
4 whigeliave a m aj rit oftre th m dfo i e u a e a su c s n a o d u o a p er for wo eom e A o l la y o p a d
the pol n toie s opprtnitbes grwe arte plase d m cf a n suoes by e givingetat e actyo ow,.o e
we thin to- seeN Cu he m anuall inr ango e eo one yeuntr ol the wes wo ld be en oublaent mnoe by reesal ofe tm
'o m to 6 c o n a d th g e era e n o ess th at att nd s a en o try age ai T h d i ce g e n i nndg n t ~ t l a
ti it moe oh t m uay s eg o n th equrial siroe e clen .Iucan lgo o st a st wi t r n e ie ne hpan wto c o hodnr..-be Flnorid andp perap wuch graegrftad a n ear ld n will dr er20 pound-oiruain hlhsmei
o wp hes e ou no l beoeightof. Itiwiltpa and paytan well.' Ifs Iwasteongp~r l usanf~ thtea b e repeatedl demonstrated gon ne th a nted .w a i teeste I n thi obas dd es ad e'E
seoppor tha rice canto beassuccessfull gro rownqueasi I aoud rote rol, yo u buala,3 othSvnhSre
[ l atil on e h r e n oter t ae s, anodc a etefar knowma eter Iv r am~b m noZoh r att oit hs a
Asw lrd,.caes. prft andd bein asplarieofodtebsies and wou ltld, If they, knewn 2 t n o w b e t r e i s f a r l e s f s o fr r i l o f r m y l c a l a r g e c o u l oeg o nnta p r f ts o u r B a y P r e yg h t
mi s, anatto n rce I n regazr t o my owneperencte Icidh-u lih r f ais
b e w o t h e l t h o ue i g m uh o f t h a i n L a e noep r e l b r ;ft umro he w t t i e s u r a los i a d p h a ., e r b e n g
tres hchcmbak cut sl dpedt rauin oa saday feo n strc, mealwhchat b vrcry n udedDlas(10

go'sotftlusyAou hepe n bee mpo ted annu ally. Can cill h r ich be genfee once fadywmet a o-Fit olrs (5000)t thee nezf
., al few an res nal exttuse. for this If therers sible to getess it alsev giv them sal angwnt -i eoolds( 2
in searc eve wacllasberesnweble e n acoaenWile theasav to wrprfet i t hidite Dlas(1
thatpt. Fn Lne exist s heath exhey dheoe m o h v n thou e and t Dolas (ossble t m k Thee wstatim inm, the hitr ofe-te e thi atie for fodb tad Ih co u an turce teprn utb lil
I e 'a~ulith~pkriiie an powron f Floraen' afarmg le oun te fo he would no eoet Mye opinu fo th s ckimofephotraphe befor sem
1f coto wa grown Inrl as maoiyobo sthttf osbcmesutd id loetretocn
3 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~h arer ato theases thnrpwshueomntiebfr aknfo h o sa eea oU 2edotad o etm s fro r b by oesv t. overs ougnoat th e St. thoin n I ahnkd phe owrm a e veusryi aes Eey;udaB oi
Ednknga tree .T riAvi er ih a y tuccedr dai nd',ktkat asttr ind wan fhom wtrm opennt onos no clean~fh bh P

..... ....... ..... .
,V PIRWAx MIP, R '- W ,,
-"- a 86 jt t6-Agaii, til --d k '-d'-produc6,fline indijjAtj &,j -6 as Apeb-phpkef e,- PegV-Iiiilbpe
au Tn ar, 4n Xill e so-greftt, 91, 'Ofre
heavy' Crops. -- Is not' 'this- enough','to ple, vir- will, not know thait the freezeof f6r- imi. g
Inake it the mineral 1895temp6rarily chilled our energies iind the'value p d uC ts 'o i4 IS,
pp a!ent that all pro per,,a
em6hts:au "t me to co me, for a moMent,-ma e.,va t Ink, We )Ver6-, thk
el, flid'ient for all 1 d t.landAs pleniltul s4ellkg' feitl
are, abitridaht in ',this land'? -The old ruin4' atiil' i gt It can he -had, At, r6asona'
lind ad eno It' b rne androtte If soil- s the bagi
wood ,u then Theppini6n has'been adva"n'd
o n itt a sup ply I t h 6, is i k unty, rejoice; : i6ir "t h A t orida.s ratio o 2'
e. mineral e m n ruly should arion co FI r $2' per c C-db*
166t'of giiadaon-sl -make 10,600,o f car cl ft
to ro a -o n an as h' iottepresent-as-niuch enuine Tr6sp&r1ft
p On,' -there is not another County int elbtate ;,I 9
Th rels no'soll. without the Active or where the's talks 'were' either -burned or that hA ;as a we I r ratios in otherSt
a is. many fertile acres of. laudA' lo ates, f or,
&aid elements, of the atmosphere com-. left t6 rot upQh tlieilaridi -reason that F ori lans,.
as.wehave. and soil;, that ,III ond use the, mone
wit 't e solids or base of thdsGil.. W6:Ar6
..bihe h told that. there is but very little sl to the well directed obtaifie u b is of their, 6
mostgeneroil. y ef, dtr om the prod ow
Th"-far We all Agree. We-Ji ewise -all of any, of the mineral'elet&ints in either r d IQ buy t
orts oftk6liusVandman -7, Ian b ts, f obber-StAte,
t _eproduc 0
agre6'hat -th6 Active acid el
is no, us T
eimeP a corn or" cotton,;'Otiside, of the stalk his 'iii part, may. be true.,L but i
ho 6, while the base orJ the fifteen There eof or ink hard' times :ieSine "
or PS Of y late'
arelat ure y twen ; ians- haveL .'A lesson ly,.a
cro d bewailingour late losses; this rn a we L th
are,- f
i6lid e-lemen are in earth Corn, cot n- or oats grow upon this
L, 'to a are no, M Prbouce or
4L Lw, raising,
underat d that heat expand d aVe:notL ifeatation of weakness will not'aid us, in
'alsf) an L LL 8 all, land, h exhausted these mineral own consumption. t distrisied coadjdoi s. W
in become our pr en e hat,
11fto, up the:p4 tioleSL of these, active ele ele ents? What then hag
of, L we have to',do is'to"get ri'earer to nature ments romtheearth when reed'from them?
J hi Led
'ba k:on the farm so many hawing 0 am
e r se We -also. understand that- '0 'take up the'wor
DOL horse three InchL plowing and the Cast Aside years ag I o, when ihose seeking Leo D co un ty.' L a 'f ukuTe L as A. L chewing to cold a ondeiaaes anddrives these lc 6rticles
exposing of the soil- to the hot summer lands for or i b'
't OE L to Make A] I
theLparth- We alSOLLunderstand that' L ange groves were aoco growinacenter is ded e y prom
an w nter ra us, leavesthe mineral elem
4 ertility if left bare land holders wealthy by' purcha Ing heir Th6 exTeriMent8L m#,
ur soilslose t eir L, ments'fu the subsoil in.their reverted'
Geor'ge W: ax6n,:oue 0 'a
an un ]owed during hot Wpather L, We surp usacres. a 1 1. I- L, 0 pr
state. How will itb6 brought back? b", ""I
to LL L COM ing t6w]ALS.melll .,on is-,-Tj
&ISCLuriderstand thatour soils r6cupera sowed it in bats last spring, and as Getting back to flrst principles
ng three miles
St:10 e:z city, -ha' e al
duri inter. We understand also soon as the oats Were, out, I turned muning with nature with a hoe in hand : -. 11 1 L L '
M L I I I ., ; ready been mefitioneO these column
that .1 'g our crops ivith fine earth een to
keep over the soil as deep as two good mules or following the J arrow -betw p w -fields and b ave''beon,'Wisitei
R them thrifty,' and the lack of. this Could pull a steel plow, harrowed it and handles will -bring the smokehouse and His. at
ItW b
Mulch causes them to, turn yellow and tant L' by varioug-tobaoco men
p ed the poorest of it in -peas; the home in fritndly- relations, L and a wel fail. We understand likewise, tha mr- Alled stomach.wrting. byhonest toil f roM perienice-in-hand lingLthe-,.weedi, and-,-tli
best-of it, about thirty Acres; I plowedU'ali't Y. bf,,'t L pod-,
on C -heavier than own in,
ear I e, ba
is. one-third 'L -he f th 11 bring contentment and rest
t L same way or plautiDg in Irish pota L Wi OL
e air; L because, it settles. 'In toes n UgUst.LL,'L as life L, instaijce. p 6nounce be equal io-.ap
6o Mon pur A u to well asthe Ordinary Comforts Of Q
e t e pota es are 'Obd
n we a,. causing-, what U6edinLany arnWin..
w p aceseven dug, the whole of the land will be o-w many.'have been a Stninger to e
nowjft as "damp air We, also pI d f I or ye I a I rs. sections of th country,,.1,It1htLs lSceife ,
s deep as. before, harrowed and sown in 'timated to be worth:all 1. the'wayJroin
nderataud tb:atJf:wecheck the- course :d clov'er. Remember it isthe shade in 6he languAge of the, 11B zzatd, Ba':
of aii_.:Or water, the heavier particles :t 50.cen SLLpefPOU
and not the warts 'on the roOt8L of L the ,u
'sink - We understand too that these clover I autocrat" it is a conditiono not a theory Xr; Saxon is highly gratified wftb h i
L' am after. I wish to gather car that confronts" th6 People of Marton L'So _farL
particles of L carbonlc L aoil are held in -ab( iv.conversution, i
bonic acid and nitric acid'.6friorn- the a t- L -ih L ose ho it&tL a"Lf ILd L marked
auspension by heat and- the agitation of county and w will approach the the wr ew ays Ago, re
-0011ing L mosphere. To disso the minerals cou'dition with the: common sense-that 'The., only.'L'furtl;Ier,.,exp rfin6n 1, to .- Tb
.the athiosphere. The -a or- checkandtorm, a plant food In the soil, And p. 'T
ing.of the atmosphere causes these acids wrests victory out of defeat, Can in the madeis the marketingbf, e -e ro I
not iri tbe air for the leaves. The land
to sink in,,tfieL oomfor ringshim Iaugh at All d6ne,,a haveplain L, facts and fl,"
_e arth.- f the earth's sur where the potatoes have grown, Will
h eface Is hea ed up by the sun's direct ibov6 where the theme's of, the world and in any of the ures from wbiel I armers of, t ii
show up results next year, i
-rays thead,.particles of caibonic acid absurdities.-Oc&la Banner county can'L dm.w).h- eir'own L UCLJ(jJJH
the.Peas grew, notwithstanding the peas
I ana satisfied to wh resalt,,A
:4,willzflbat along, like clouds'OuLaholt day will have w L arts'o'u their L i I ots (the Vin eS L The cultivati on of the! ban : ana in 'L -that,
0 Ot be. V
Conti nuiDg,'he,:sAid "he hsf
until-some cool or shaded spot Lis reached having been Mown Off). ur every day Southeastern Flori d a L Lb as 12 b ei.
:when, they, slnk to the earth. The L 0 L L s andLZetired:l;,,O,.Oi',-.Pbd n(is to t f'i',
crops do not take in any food through tempted on a large.scale, n account of ;4h
L of fa Acre. -on viationiof' 'L-,.-,, 'P
higher and denser the shade, the more much oilftieg. ,,, 5
their leaves, and we have just as the lack transportation
of the at L t L -declares, from L plan Ing,: to i itrvesting
aMd slower will the wind pass through to do with the gases in h' Plorld'
Ole L' osphere When e a East Coast railway has. not a himL iu6)reihahz,$5J01 abr e
and the o.o r th6 earth will become. as the soil. We Must bring them shall be completed to Biscayne Bay, -figures'th at. IT -h d;, sells f(?
I- I I". I L W el' L, L, I I and he
now live- in what Is termed the','rich gether.-Jeff D. b r in Southern bringing, the keys and other sections in
11 ents a ppun& (a '-,low 6sblniat6)
woods Arkansas; The timber wa's Cultivator. that part of the !State into direct COM- L
g ineis Of; 4166 1", 0, e.
Immense.: There are black oak stumps be a clear the a reL
munication with the markets-the:CUlLt'- L A,
L L $2.000 on:-his 'twenty
now ad the farm five and six feet in dia- Quality of. Soil Tolls, vation of the banana in that loc&lity -will J
meterfLand they'Lare -extremely thick on The disastrous freeze has Compelled L become :,general. -Jacksonvi. lle Citizen. X -d Ao Tsto
the land. There are 480 acreff n culti many of the orange growers of certain demonstrating' _the farmerp t e pra
riorida'sR L
vation. The oldest and mugh the poor- sections of the State, -where soil is light roductiveness. L
Farmers who-think Of.Mig thL
estlias been cleared probably twenty andL needs fertilizers to make vegetable rating t to, 1, -'Ii &,
L L, L Money'Loropi. but er. y, ,t
yea 11rs., L A q the tiffibe was either and wood growth, to seek other sections L this State need not fear that the soil. will time of PlAntlnganot er he exi"-pec I
burned or left to, rot on. the L land. On of the State inoreJavorably endowed b ive a bQuatif ul.y etd. -,A bulletin re-, to, comple raiigim. riis whereby a
L Pq air 'L
be 2W acres of this land where every nature with rich humus to create the, cently, issued by the Agriculturafl)e- ;,can guarantee to them a ready' hiarl
thing Lthat could be handled by, saw or products Deeded for the maintenance OfL partment At Washinguon disc loses the LiJgM hiam A.j L homeL f6k
ax was hauled. off for timber or to Little man. fact that Floridkranks third among the tobacco produced, as a 6 oi L n
1 as it'is Cill,
It Is here in Mar iow count highly States of the Union inthe :aridbrought
Rock for firewood, and the brush even value pefLaore
stovewood 0 -this immene favored by rich e of farm products., usetts Jeads
-hammocks and v ry Massach
jungleand forest, very little was burned productive soils,, formerly covered, with the list, the LVal up, of Its products, being The idea that.,-the impruh6rs
or allowed to rot on the'land. Some of mixed timber, oak,' hickory and' pine, L $16 per acre; Rhodelsland- ranks seco di V O)i ugLL"
fessioDal Igne are exi FJ re y4
this land is. undulating enough, to shed that inhabitants of leas favored portiODS' per acre; and Floridaland NL w
acquainted with, 'at
the water,, some the water. stands on. of the State, are found seeking new Jefsey--tle for third place, their farm uause they, reverse the. tinth, rif
Where the land sheds the wale the soil homes and plantations to begin farm. products being valued, at $12 per acre, Qppprla methAl' by danchig a I vJ
is very black, and the corn is wonderful Ing, Other States.rank as follows: Maine, $7; :,destroyed at i6ine 'Of ifietr olub t&44lbO,
rightLaround these Immense stumps of During the past Week not less 1h New H mpshire, ft Ver M Out'L $1(); Con- L A libusewiferolgh
oakb, scaly bark,, hickor and red gum half a dozen such persons' have come nectiout, $11' Ne- York, $1.0; Pennsvl- perlimct!9 -of observ=i s.
tr I ees, yielding double- what the land within our borders and, located, One vania, $9.75, Delaware, $9; Maryland, I Pne of theii, bum,64 told "At a recent m4i
cleared ten years sooner, where All' the man came from Savannah; an exteDsive $6.50: District of Columbia, $3.50: Vir- ifig that,.Iduring 'a olflid, Upon ho w. w V rL for L eat was burned and the ashes lef tL u L pon and.successfultruck grower for. years, ginia, $5; North, Carolina,. $7; So L uth, L woman, she bad,,,been snrpri"(c
amount of., i, rk..Ldotiei ittiough ti-e w6"i
LZ the land. Doubtless there was more- and after looking all over the State, 107 Caroliffa,, $10; G orgia'L $q;, had asmali baby, WI th no Giii e io,
mineral elements of plarit food carr led cated At Orange Lake, where he will em- Indiana, V; Illinois, $7.50;.Midhigan, $8off in L the destruction of this timber tb an barkin Yis old busine L as. Washington, $7; MinnesotaL yon L
$7; Iowa,,. "But don't LL find
10,LGW cro p I of corn or cotton L would -take' t L dr party L -rentedL aLI60 &Cre ham. L $6.33;. Missouri, $6; North Dakota, $5;, keep- the 'bany:, hot),
from' the land,- Where L th : e L stalksw6re Mock plant L tion near Flemi ng on, which zSouth D akota, $4; Nebraska, $4,50; day?," I askeA. : !,Vh 60, riot at ai,41 1;1
ifther btirried-or left to rot on the ground he will devote to cultivating cotton, Kansaj 114.A; Kentucky, $6;-Tehnessee, the reply, ,minute, And 4,"'A Sho*'y6U."! L Then she daubed[ eacb-, a, ,Aa
8hade this land SO Lit' Will become Cool earn. and peas. $6;L Alabama,$7.50; MJ1ssirsippil.0;Texa8, inofam '01
MOiL, %tiny fingers
at, and comes
u -the surface lie Three. 'other Parties uspacted Long $5; Oklah,,maj f6.50; -through'a lit I tie I r i p ln"d-, ,,J)JJJOW Pu4
green. Ungli plaut 'Montina,,$5.50; ine take the green, out Swamp's ,fertile aoxes-Land will -y6ming', $5; Colorado, rf "' b
eat 6r, w le L'
EX0690i e hose ''a Nfexico, ftiriz Utah,
an& 1 ia&Vp :lighter- L '1117.40;New I Ona, I
'8L it, v suri-, the'r- ouiehold goods in t nee fingers; win lateiy Al Temafnd6rkil
t water- leaves this famous L, fields & L wrin g a I iveflho6d L $8; Nevada i4 Idaho, 5 564asliingtotii eri- k tr
or 9 agnan t, wor y ng to Yebiove--thf
ok I ijifiter, even whereLnd Crop is from. Jta responsive. gaill If a e jjb ':, soi p rly .50; Qngai'h $6P 60; Cilifornia,' eather a err to, 6ach-di
PIL t th aML in- ttifn.,
anted. Give this land proper drainage tickled',wi h a hoe.. The-States tb at I d Florida, and many
'-He sita there and Velig4bt
-eirabun "ce a OL h i L"' L It'~ L "' 14,
utko'off.,thisL qqp .... d, These are ill" stra-Pps showing..w id of those that rank belo !are thickly til ia fitt;le bead' ddpf oterJV -" 'V-su a by deep way the' tide
Water, and vroteCt from the d, tron, PopulAted,,,aud- in them fafMIDg IS Well
turning under in the f u t6 ,c tbh the present indicatio ve y P ars Tom 'now,' established,- Of allithe-Si tes,010TWO.U ,hb 4aki, ij gWill 4Jgliing g ases, which shade, the 'soil, i6nil Marion s.,pr uptive industries alqngthe th'&

l ''I 2 11 111
7- ,ba; The i u'ry In 0 eotherl--and t iiI- Oea]t ned ',the,- ,
a large -pzafi table cro he the case: f M C, Scott' of th h ly' less
he, Jzea 5.11 N., poorI landsin Florida,'oncelse6ded'6, RcksonvilliB-,-.tht--'eir trea urer of Duval,, velo6ityof the fall. he, n Yos:screabis
ith embezzlement re tbvl but.
grab- nd- Florida elover,. will turn, = ; Iiar pA... w w -scarcely, aqdible.
r kr"' Nehkr"-6f'Keuka hadI d'ha er 'A b
ton s e acr eo (nat of. not. gu ty. -one ofbii
to th f as.goci aR. ere
tor'runn ling on, pears -:f Or quite awhilie h
ever went in It is equal to ployees, w 6 went to A rPRO & mow. h T
-Arrangements.are being
y, als a e rice on 'nor ern -he received as a out.- n. s
K,-04t. teed, fin., ii id of th ha Which brings no*' $30 a made for put only iblury
ting out'a large.acreage of
head whic h did n o 1 nj -,to the sk
,.-- hfir 'hammock folpty" near kp It A% ,Indeed,. better. Horses and -n, the work of
An the Plant City sectio
li will s He is no w at, work; -mo'n" 'szago,
1,41,C ocin b6-.rdidy--to out.- cattle:, devour t more. eagerly and it fe w th
setting out being now under hea(kways
,i l ncmpany, -to I anuf lasts longer, or I ad ctor, While, touribg,.t t4ectiob, a A:7..
"ture patent- n-other words, it goes
arther. This is said after careful. iax- The:McDonald grapefruit (pomelo) one A
dic-lues- in Jacksonville. "a bi en, f the misfortune to fall-Into of hese,,;, '
ned, with-'G"5 Willie. erimenter-by weight and moneyyal6e., tree, the largest and most prolific of, Any wells, and remained -at 'the. bottom I for
tree in. the State,- shows.. signs,&gain, of nearly twenty-f our hours -before rescue&
Considerable, complaint Is made at yigorous growth and promise of fruit. whomSat sent t-o'his
vA pumpkin,- vin M -a b .persons 4ho shipped pears This tree grows at Plant City, and its badly t;rui s d
d' I ted 14 3jf6 E.. Plerce's. back this 'season that the return :would mot size and yield have been the, wonder Of but, -as not seriously Injurid,
f q d last spring-,anii o overing I about one- co I vdrexpress. TIfeydothiswithoutinthe, southern counties for years. The much-talke&pf -pier to -he conat
n-eighth of au %,Ore" Of. g7r9undremarks the vestigating the- cause. This year. the
-been pre- structedb H.-MYlagler-9ttake"Worth
Ciear'Water Press,, is said, to be bearing piears-were a month -behind th:e usual A Dumberof persons.have T 1 -1 1 I ,
Says the Citizen, will soon become-a4e-1
ring seed beds' and. sowing. eg plants
btje s tfidri,!lw P shipping timei nd cable -suddenly in pa 9 ality.,, The contract foriteconstructionp
1 0 0 ihisweek.- From present indications, :1 1 R
-The gang of thieves who have bem mpetitibn with 'Noiib' Florida and has been let to Captain I G. Ros oU
- ; eiperating around Silver Springs Park, Gfprila. Pears shipped before they there will be ten times' the acreage this city, and work on it, will be cornt !,ciflittelbroke liatdthe--reaidenci of .1r.., h4.4 ttilly.,matured- this-y b ghl planted-in tomatoes, eggplants and cab- menced as so T
YV 1 I I I 1 1- 1 -- -- I par ro.u. on aspossible.,': I he pierB Thomsena, few.days:ago, and, stole good, prices. They ran as high'as $5- bages for the Northern markets as ever will extend into., the ocean 1 OQO feet, er barrel at first, This Is the. way to,, efore.-Juno Sun. if W-earibg apparel',and where the water has, a depthof twentyship 61 fruit. As soon: as, they get
'7"eaddle.- wing to the factthat the water sup-. 'three feet. The pier will be fifteen feet
Mr. Thox"ent was away from- 13,
hfee-fourtha ,grown,,.comynenoe ship, t ... ...
T';'L home a-t the tline'. ply winich-at firstwas thought sufficient, wide, leading, out to the enlarged end
-wait until. the, returns but which Th.
proved, i"dequate when
orge Roll"Wo nvicted. of -hig.hway. lpin PoI not which will be 30.k75 feet'in area. is
but continue o sh p every
come..In,, t I tested, the ice factory was diilayed sevtbeMaroli- term 1894 -of 'the will be Wei ghted down With stone, of
four days the very: beat you 'have, and, eral days in, f urnishing the trade. A som -u'
minal Court. of' Record for Orange which 30,000 tong will, be se
the prices will be satisfactory.
:c6unty-i and siinterioed toI years in pipe was attached to the artesian Well The piling with which th& Dier 'Will -be
neartherailroad depot.however which built will be of pine alId will be' at hard 1abor has been. Messrs. -John and Herbert J- creo-,,.-,gkant6A,'a Aill-an dfr eepardon, Qrlando St. An k drew'i 3 B am ply made, up the, deficiency and early soted. .The co"truction of the pier-will
yesterday morning thedeliyerv wagons be under -the -vision of W; W.
ena twenty-foot boat' super
'called Gospel Ship No.
Were serving f' to customers as all, Howe, the constructing engineer of the' Part of thd timbeief6r.the new dock 1, and now have commenced Gospel Ship,
Introduction of -the home product,- Jacksonville- Terminal company. Tne' nd, a4d, No. 2,-.a forty-fpot boat. have se' ---,at, Georgiana. is ton t e.grou
Punta Gorda 'Herald. pier will be bui It directly in the I ear of.
WeI wifigonier. afe, receiving Q ati4dsjiom ,varjtous parts.of,'
citr d don : 11 1- 1 .. 1. .1 ;
iron'.rodb4nd,"bolts orderedto: b6, -the Vnited, tates, to deyelop theIr con- The other day little Bobbie :Barnett the Royal Poinciana hotel, adjoini
usedin its construction., It is rumored The- son Of the late -Rev. A. A. Barnett,, of the Casitio and the Palm BI Inc.- Jt
seerated home mission, anterprise.
Live Oak, was rolling on the floor with has been rumored -for some time: thai: that prepa ratloR&. are.-, being -make to small boat is used for mission work 6n
- ,inov e the pos I toffide I ba I ck to Son th Georz- the bay I theseco I nd wil I cruise aloiig'the:- a large ballof-lead weighing some ounces the pier will be used as a land.
ing I place,
Peopi6, at;1116'north If. REM.' 0. E. Smith, a noted In his mouth,.When, bysome mishap, he- for large vessels, but nothing definite
-be glad to have t resna n wh?,re it is. pr6acher of Marlboro, Mass:, and_ Rev. let it slip in to his throat.. Raising him- ban, be I arned.with rega rd to this. So- se resent known, the pierwi 11,
Mr. H. Parker, -wh J. A, Cargilei of Stevenson, Ala., a great, If.t a sitting posture, as. he endeavored 'far as at
o hag charge of the I ;, d I I I : .,
Edgerton '-"place about a mile West Of 'debater and Southern evangelist, will to clear his throat, the lead passed below, built by Mr.,Flagler, simply as an atalac .
his palate, where it lodged for some tion 'or guests of. the Royal Poinbianki,
-'Georgiana, A an excitingenAcoun ter- -join, the Aleet in-'December,' and holl Ith a sixJoitiVro ten ime. But before it could be ascertained and the Inn for fishing purposes.-Til.,:
,y last w, their gospel meetinga in a large
ttler one'da eek.
it, d This is a Worthy enterprise and should what the trouble was or action c juld be tusville Advocate. .i He had been hunting and.16ricou pre -taken to remove it, I the. weight being so
a ew
the 'sriitce a-1 --feei- from awiy re eive the -encouragement of allperso s' The Times-UnIon gave a report f
ew. enici e, 0 n I
k o believe in : great, it passed into his stomach. A days since, that nine tarpon 4,d been'-.
11 evangelizing the world, j h
V_54w b e i D wee t Ti a siiake'g -biet n the wov,
goodheartymeal of rice, potatoesand. c ts a t.
aughtbythe Tennessee touria
sprung upon,. him, and embedded its S
0 1. 'Ab I I.,
ooreof Suw pee counvYi, fried chicken. was administered as sOO1I Andrews Bay. That 'nu ber ha4' -'at,
fabgsiniI8'-cIotNng-,t' He flbLlly sluc-.. 'ha' -State-ponvict agon.t., as possibleand it is reported thatno evil
bippri a present writing, been augin6hted to si"
ceeded in, killing the snake, X7,
which was a Hla,du- -lo.okinto.all appltca- consequences b ave followed.
ty ; ill Ve to
teen. Mr. Aden has gained much i;iracMonster ofits: n Gover
tiqns- for pardons, report upon all, norMitchell has recentlymade
tical informati n from his many years',,.
The F16rid it. Southein depot at Haw. charges preferred against the lessees of the followingelvil appointments: R. H-. porting with -tile taxpoa, Ele stated.
Ab the- fid Wilson of Roberts, to be inspector of timoria-was,'burglarizedz 'one':-night last cppvicts a report 'to the proper: that his father caught the first tarpon
he- ber-aDd lumber In and for -the county of sippi: it
week., ,: -T safe, was-taken but.,and tbi4y-flve years,,at Mis'sts'' C
then, burst op'eb7 ith, fish' Iate'B;; $11 il.n., Asarule, the.F1001a 'tourist,, season: E scambia; W. H. Tucker,.of Judson, to that was eve r c aught by In aii and has h before Janu be justice of the peace for the tenth disbills.wen stolpu. A lot of -tickets, were if oeo not ,open muc the scales of the fish yet, :which. are .asary. trict of Levy county; Frank H. Davis, of
,,'.1eftat where' the safer 'was This year it will'oommence much. e-4.rlter brilliant, aJds Mr.:Alle n, -as the scales'Thonotosassa, to be notary public for
by two".41green- because of the Cotton States, an Inter" 'nailed on the post here from' the fish I
I the State at large; G. E. Walker, of Bar.
-They left no clew Five hun- national Exposition in Atlanta, which have just caught". He says that 'the:
diedtf0kets"Wer.01ound ina; barn fifty 'will begin this monthand continue until tow, -to be supervisor of registration for Gulf of Hexico is the home of the'tar: .. -yards-fromth -depot Polk county; Lucius C. Eldred, of An- pon. They arefound7in the Carribean"
. ....... 'the first of the year. Thousands of North- kona, to be I justiceof the peace tor dis-A, meeting; o ern people Who will attend the exl osi tion sea, around, Key West and as far,
f,- the citizens, of Green trict No. 1-8, Brevard county; George F.
1- Cove 19prings a I Clay was held will visit Florida before going home.Reg as Tampa during the winter, M'on:ths'
county McD.nell, of Bronson, to be justice of s ril and Maythp
alar visitors will come South earlier than In the month .,ot Ap y
":recen't y to take into consideration the the peace for district No. 11, Levy
question ti:,oif settling h; colon y from the usual, see The exposition, and then pro- start northward, coming into St, At I L"
ceed to their favorite winter resorts' In county; 18"c W. Rogers, of Bronson, to drews Bvi and, toward autumn make, north*est onlinds in-the-immediatelvi- be justice of the peace for district No. 2
"di Glr64if'0I -The this State. In countless ways the At- their way to Mobile bay and. thendo-,,'
town and Levy county; H. 0. Picket, of Callahan, southward to Yuo
'Exp6 atan, to.resum Aheir.
uwell xepresentedby- parties lanta sition will be it benefit:to e
County,'wer to, be justice of the peace for district No. winter qqarters Th6y'are found In all'.
-largel* intekested .Anuynber subscribed Florida. 5i; Nassau county.
parts of St. Andrews bay. In the e
'land Key West was thrown
aicI tl e. b.olonya't very. low prices. nto great ex- yen
and seve ral thousand acres have already cheiiientb.Y a Mysterious fire which Oc A 3ove! -accident occarred in the High come-near
curred at the residence OF. Henry T S und in groups..'
been contracted for. pringsphosPhaLe region recently In the shore, and are fo
erman, on Angel stre t,- last week, this district there are many natural Their presence May be known when.,',
Le bournel .of Gainesville, has The Jnmates of the house d I id not they come up-to breathe. Mr. Allen:,
the Aampion, I I Qg of thisvi I cinity. Itia wells, some of which are seventy feet in has- In his employ a resident.". negraj I
discover the fire until it had made depth.',' When cob venipntly located, they
a small dog, and has a gre-at manial some headway. The first. persons to en are used to supply the employees of the Hawk, Massalino,, wholn, he' says, has,,
killing 4chickens.' Saturday night ter, the burn ing roorIi deolire there was a phosphate mines. A few days ago a no equal In skill as a helper In capture ? :
tie -animal l n 9 e-1 :way broke out of it&
rlM, stfqug mell:of gunpowder, and that it h' te ngtl esilvety soiledtai on.''I' '..
sad negro employed at Dutton's phosp a
kenb4i crossed 'the street, to a
was on fire In several diff nt Places.' -inine, which is'under. the superintend-- The first shipment -of fth.forthis se aneighbor's yard. This neighbor- had
But for. the prompt aid of neighbors and ney of N.A. Col a I 'd
Ii on, was. sent for son was made Wed nes- ay, W en
twenti4*6 %fine Leghorn bhickens, and
the wcirOmen in,'the D, Balz Cigar-Fac- bucket of Water. he pipe is loca the dog succeeded in, illin& ted barrels left for, the fisli market.: Thiii
K twenty-one tory, the house Would probably -have near theL Well, which Is about forty feet a':fi:rst rsI beg, I L nniligL I.L Arand :,the, fish :in-,
f them andiidding tLh6oiher of its tail.
g_ Ork W In es
been a loss. As it was,,.the loss will., The begro did not stkypro Is ea kreatdea
Ills one- night 11 cost his In probably net $500.: The L general, Alippo" i j"C6 6oriii6tly In the dark;and stumbled
ich is abb jL three prices for, LLe Well., 'He ws L extensive througb-ilie entire season thamJtlorf
wh L
6-t at-gunpowderwas thr Wn into 11 t"Is L estimated,
a harl6d down the ever beforr6tli(,LwWdowIIan& side of the hirly f average
r:the f1pIciri thy distanoe e of t 20 barrels pert Ifat 'that the c ur fai n wa L A, guited,,-Vy a L: L jpfa
'is an aseertainedi" orldiv, eLmata 'a
V So Un I1L:h laiid-ing qn b,, rock edge, duringthe, seyen Or ei bt months
r,,;, pawdoutbly, I s4sount any uthern Sfa creant-who, had -made, some, threats about atc t Isqu are. In -m aki ng the de will; be
Jfi makfb 'h d -a, ew yews one
ay-, an against Mx ,,Jerman'i L It scent he "V as ) noc e ro nta doydil-l
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Mr.'ls Thlliat such aao factorytis in; Line aber padsm ofite tn the boetcjt
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itti ofc:,-i, ao ras rs evdi the very centerui of the t oard~i Air Liesehii.Tetod cl plntiin already beginning t6o hihi s bsrIce op i
ctelt thea town sitena ontresdsrrln ief he ~ dhwt
'Ehiteia shlabfdflld'l qro
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better tieft~~~ii se in its. constrctior ,Theie postste~nes 6n
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Son, m~~a~yEb 'pcannieg fatoie throughout dOETYBIDN
tha n4 in a lSouth Florid was sil bosh.e Wieape
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usear thee argumentfine tha candtrpge reeei~v'od..tb~at'*goods cansin bea sl to b er profi_ o.h it E WAe BETTLERS RATEr
potatoes,~~On ctbe 2nd,.an and ond the. uirst Tues-.f *rl pie
boen solec ~ ~ ~ ~ ha fres te lce hre b- ha fruts a atren tras- dninay of r ea h a om month o -o therat, uni fur is's e.,ilsnes,.sesio s: f: he Na- po rtationch rew i ww thin thae advise, onExwayitickFests l behi will
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out~ ofe plc oadtaeheJc-ad fo o nt r e ond t e princi als at nt l reere in point inry Floridr ot a rate ofe onRnd n
so vil Ti e-U.n]ane o one-half ens pe r miecounin sort ?
thi am in e, fre na ecennnt o ssuear lin mileage.w il h ~i .A con Naioa Eric.amptnent G, A.chares ae sohigl tha it ould roth lapnt Syisem w ri sel ikts i
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CONCRNIN CANING CTOIES.thfrom meorciad. iets wf noest tai, b e~ apaa A
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