Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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A or -tAke-, & S'6t6'C6.,, Tla,., lul and August t894.;
ige L y towns in. the, so common In our towns
'even Ahoug4:.the n itid 6tiep:,
--ew,-Iine of ri ijway' oneof he la', 8 country
"stalte','surroiiiiiided bya prosperou's farm-, can write poetry,-' He Nvas closely jdon the cl6s6
should take us off from busi-d with the'el rly history,
Ing COMMUnity Was the result.-. A if Ile a Of'' Gre by'l
,Se now eN sting between quarter of a cpptury bas aud,'whereverhe, ha9'kbna1e1haS 41*4y4I
ii6 I pioneer propos to, beenloyal to her: inteust,,,'
This c6fidlu&d Ahe" = pg., ,Airs. :hold, ii raun-ionIiext month to, celeb&te look forward, limpiiij, -Tt'
W.,-E. Pabor and idrs. L -sang-us a the twenty-flf th:aiiniversary, of:, the"-set- d
thok Obiversary 'come ro,
S, U 'We
tlement and have sent out- an, in tati6itaup few songs: Miss Millie McLi3nald and th m
to all tiie orig -the 6o!- with
iiial, members Of
'Oq-r Jittle settlement, gav6instrubientalpleceFrank.G.Pabor b6 present atx-the proposed r6 oid"camp gro
s 6d 6tt very pleft' atter which the colony maiiagor shouek union onth llthofSu he. -Sombof tfiese
ot-qujte*,1&rg, an ve scattered all over the'uiiion.
ii n apple, grown on --L&,' tree'plaD CeL6
,former A roc'ent issue of the- Greeley ribane
Arzh, 1893 which fruited'',two.apples t'of' a meeting of the",
hl:seHson This was probably thefirst S60iety or Pion'e6rs of the'UnlonColo D y erza.,
ii bose of, Colorado', ., s
FJor d a apple Seen an iiys: ",On motion, the
y J) eSellt presi ent was fe'44ested to inforul Ur
Pah6r thiit he had been enrolled as a' WAA,.PLN8 lx cs'LIFORNIA.
-rL 4,
Lp Unch"'Vas"- ierv t
11 ILI] mpr ()nlp in in bcr oCthe SocikY that'- the grand
TI niapTpqr 9 p m.,; tm& aa,,soon-,as it got, e held
reunion and banquet would b Florid
--"Afio Vq Tw 8
1 1 -ighty-ti"'e ifune' 11th at island Grove Pttrk, to
rkAheilreNOrkS, a boXLQf, ,C
dr fopi" competitors in Lo
hi' he wai in viLed and he' w I Ls exflie-jift of non-residentowhers of w 0 ui qiilif pini's, notably t e j
r z s- a e e Ikir. J6661' t, off pe ed t6'read an original poem, an
8, L'ako, were, s,
,T, r 11 M01110'rative, of, the ,w6rk done by-, the lemon ip, the latter state. But WbenA 6-, ,
_d -of J '., an
uAd,Qr,tbe,mwnagement 1" -fl vf Ylorida Stan
colo dy i n'the past twenty neapple,,Is considered
ion ,(, r
it o q b Mr. Pabor will probably comolv'
"'I" %yirlg th t
s wit out 14
alone in her glo y Q(soil 'and '61imate L tj iS featuLre -known'ln jour-Ver'H of: th"e h S' welf'
eDt"W e request, as he
alism as the!po6V laureate 6, N adapted tut us At&b el d.
L, Z Upral A sj3 li ha,
-*tL, I I --W-bich he has, reft DU41 d I 'L '
UTETTo an PoeM for West In eii t n-)fic ,U
tlYe sout
stssioD th"inin1g, six- put of nine yeitrs tile tssocifttion has,
Staws she can- have no competitor.
or it ce an, 0 110to- tas, to to held sessions. Air Pabor reports that
room ripped the lic ht filn t e af
r recent issue of the Rur hu;
who aL9o took 1,i )itLl(, coloriv Settlement atTabo ,
and iced
'uq il near' midnight GELke'- 00 1. 1 "1 1 "' ':"it ""d
olaris' ng-' ndition, an- t at excellent mont y -- yrticu urn c, Lal e is in a 11 hi' d hi hl b
t tlielleiouade -were in liberal Supply t -'re ja an
the outlook..Jorl next Season is 00 journaf.published al os An I I I
eolae n rt # 'and, jres , I P 1'. I
-_Tin appt:! p4tc i-, h and cool dff I 'e and6rsduringjh e ne.-faticle., # 11,.Vs of So u tb rD, C
rials, says:
i p ture,, 6 ii 'V T
nys, s ISO wound 1 r e e t ion d- 'tPi t
-up-th6'lh d d has been ried,1n
1 tlh -, , I : ... neapp. e: cu ture
tR i 1. L 1 L _- L I I L L I . 11
-par 'Y m - I ., I L ; I : 11 11
a!s Me& ot6li As I ; n, A 'eAWOL Pkn erL
e ch, i o u n d
L" L L 'd L : L, L, 0
tb e er 8 ay. L L f 7the (Calitier a V alloyL b
W ,&jc6m6 "In, I L kL. L L 'a the settleL .9",
In tOTjjS aV :The 2 Y'
P ear s, '- 1 6,- 1- 1 ", L ".; b- ' L ,
'a-Ti -frontof e *U re, i Ole L_" a SUc '
s "no, ure wk 1;iiton th6. wri hiAlbeen, celis.
b 6jjjLof, ree ey, qLot do waSoejebral ed
ial OT the 11 j'y 4t -Ij
""e ist
s8es-w r Y, a -entle-P -P
X ,mad y s A,'& 'day withoutraim;bn e slf buirdwindle
-a .... .. 7 ., L. i 'S'Sobip -3nju
1BI t j by .the, pioneer
ul g TeStS Trefieq L. OW"LWL An'"" on timeix.L: 'j'Y.
ho at I. L. -- L 11 ;;Zt j' L j, z r .- h& 6 440A Of -way 11ai I
Was L- the w tef1that, alone in. a, p-hat
a grezit regre ;he
0 e.,eiirly, af terno6n,.
I" D' KL' bn pfLrk,, 'th e 1 re Ahose of pe '61. r ru i V. Cis doubtful,
)4T '611 'Wit
*as i1nabI6.0 9
"tip e'r' ig line of though 'b ucediw
t s jf IT s can.Le Ven e prod Alf am
iind"friends': Op:L
41 e countky- as suc our- pI-0-L atbur scor 0 ivopen. culture M411Y
'J IL tiff an in eres Ing 0
'by the pUgrlm-,Uthe rs.L L Oikornfa II e one. ryexperience began 1 n Greeley In 'OtL 'h
The, one 870
ji L,,e4yahcrs. -iu ,the North -the 'sprlugL a r. isiul most d id
the' Sbuith-. T E on k in Ffi Of "Mol gtu
t e 0 re and dessicating to JtSeffe0tsL"
other With its,
Vqr5l '11 d Ii, tbe ,When dDupledwlihthe qo1d4.r&i",of,6ur
Ida. .. I
_cialt L bacco
ter --: L -- '. L L I -- -141e-111'- -- L"', (' L 4L L ., .. L" L j'L L S 'L
fr I tero L abillithe ropts anoqh k
IT, A'4peQia lnvitatiou din the oclety W 11
*qded is re ar S; 'L L jko' 0 h d'us, to., 6e, IL toWth, Ar Qe t4jnlyrOb4ta0le8,,h4;!d
reeey.'pioneers Mao
r1dw.-Q1 V.)f' a] 9
pr exceedingly cloquent- r1r ad to-ovejelcome"L' Under, full, or. p4rtlalproj" thLth6inand
W. Pin'
Ort.,- gt.ste, w ho L L Poe L I L n We otin we -" w e Ye.. aq- section it e -bqt e L X Pe, T
I "S ; "L' L , L '- but jh6' rj y e
slowed ', by Tr, 'A fO'd -' 41 ncesb. far 4eim,, *Jpdica etii a
'Was 0 hs: b 6u' i h 'L Q;
I'' L 'b e e-, 6ity,'for-seVeral. days 'b
brM-',, Of',-FfOst, (joh afi old Colorado pl- -- -A -- I I I L .-; 11 -'*h6m t' j e, Kr
furnis ; 6f own'suopessiully, iuiis b6
p '&fan--, -aviistion proud to 1,
'-ist, iijil in receipt
r',but'Ifor,-tLe lA8t IfIve 'years a re6i- D bjected to priffic &I copciltions.t",
oo ety of the Sily: paper*' RtIL
td at n a e4n the ti4ii'4n1wd of 'the Danygre
ion of j ji
oaf" Norid III _,the-,
pilit '9 1, -th lake region contraSted Y l 'as 0 OWS' 96, k a need have no fear,
;SLPf, ,T3iiIPPiY olg*;ado, of
of the West ith ha1 bf Rocky mouaWn:NbW". field I ,of jts..sister, the
)m the of -eplheapp es
Whlph he.,Was one f the founders and (Frc
j South Strongly in favor of the latter.' kr Plbor'eame 4 fr' 'C "The P6 fcrL!jbe casion h Elolden.St&te. k paragraph -aa-t 0
gectetaryy. Om" dio" 60 ad been; Ud 0
gh one of theJounders L Of en 6iir
'rado' jt ilitY& .60' ill
da, Sev'6ral years ago, se written by r. 400rt 'L L 'L I'll I TL '.,"
,Wdland -but now resid a b f I __t is favored" Rke region where- Ing t Avon Ling,4t- a r 'Wherelhe h,4s eenc :Secretary of' 6 Y, and ormer YL.1 tO:U8jn
iig 4 th next speaker. He touched OU-ei Sftil,, in ,csta IS ing a COlOjjY6L:6 m ngL, make the p neupple
bl' fiJ" f, weli nown s d1onoie4 'en of 'We
., dL, b -t "L ' L L. 'L 'IF ' jtL the e 4 t 0 1 a t' Wh fc 1 w as Of Vit$l fi ljj ad n WhjChL_ li '
'e on ['Z e n g 4.,greai Ing i A' try andl re,,,,
ora oj n now a. esident of lorida.
'0ment W 'all-tbe- railroad : iJituatioffi, I forL L _to L 0 4110 -j
o ment L'of,.that ;, L I pr
SU O : L, "P ... ', I:L,2'. ;-.. j': ,
would 'be b t aloh"g was not possib e. Mr Paboi be
pr his poem ent t
661bies--origin&II conter4 it. t
VerSaryL ead by'Mis. Ruby
It., igp er I' I'gh.:L 8 0 h 00 1
Rof, of Fort Meade, was1h Sheppard 'of the Greb ey h
Mr.,Pabor at tonat,,Ln ;L tree
1EI6 has hon ored o i wlth' ex qellent;, in 0 and effect. A -;pesr c6iinty
Tl ,-Ar ab, sh6d' The production was onethat fully suspjbily that was, 6gt it' In 'thpresen&, at e f our bad been goinik onbehrlng
-,bY being ea 'h:lio CLI tl
D'C61 j) rj dq. L* the o ony that tainted Mr. Paloor's reputation as a poet
usual way for several f'yearviip-A
nhi.Versaries,,and we Were pldased.-to of genus and. power."
founded (he town'of Greeley- ID -the year 86 n olEtiled!io
ea-t, mexp Z 9AW j when it com
ss his preas
it re uTe in haviii%
ly, (From t e bonver EvenLug Poet)
I I I f ar
I A'11,170OZ- Alt Wfi S4 0 OM-r Sed, mia Itt L it
with ouchimr apon the reli.,-T tiI W. R Pabor. as read 6tindardi 4;nd
t "A poem by'
16 wn, Apd- the "I b tion' flht 'crop-of Ti
the reeley -, annfveisary" ce
uer :aud. e
f ,, Is d h I & t , t, I I -! I
T,14I f I -1 i li 4 bee-

161:ters/4h the t uln.caneied Art e tl-s si ano te fin te a ie.6t a
The. Drn he pnodast ih ers they ae 1 s ou s cud
al way disposed of their vina atho e
itice woud ow e 'r el adit is ad Mess1setrand'ie Lehmans saya M t at rItl crp A godclannnmlvwr e r ing tiae rag grwngo ut n bn f o h ould~~ coo Abu 0. the rie stra of sih o oean hy ncne ls m ke avey o par he gren o c h cem dteroang Sdler Hilebr oughca p o BG, on tea id1
Mr.v Bueton i e ntusasi overd syup ftieeanhllthi nua eno
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Heju isn tOiv rare oeesa on.n. ofl btte wcared et wle an wh l oveh
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fe sudy ftem14 He wi s for aet long Th$e oiso te aswr iil me mangro a itnDiio' t itrd en -md ares yD .JChistian, kudth surdugar and ric f10 ailltio ld L ue Cv in Jh.Lse adCp .W
>r sverl yars ewasdircto of The herrn h e gentytleme gare tly Thinr
ofm ed Ing Soon aftery thej closen ofr thy lat.d
dress diner twhs _,noun e. AN6au
If ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -h so eobh e oonsswl o ,d nes of ever tn wrfas sp read It

ad l o p r u n t e -d e w od e rf ul i gros w o ra n d fr o rt ro n g W P o tu will b e fed gieooo r o th' i l pop- E. BldoPa lce o iadr n lator D n in weal4 th ., Csahar f.Spne recrtryyemr.

Thism~t :.e, Aupliial waservicspwere 4hed int a hono me.
GRAPE INT VN TAPO IT. T .Cruh eesdhpano thet rom thew Fer ored AA riutuit electe, andteRevr Mose ee tt as TeFoia rnkL
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%ojil complain ta there is00 noe ristra I hapy day pondt regrtte whendin the hourk, 'Muck~imets ornd aty9,m s the veryf besiony a c e, o ve ret rm t d heir omes.CL6

g hei in yrs We conf es hatSt iKass'itee
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piuelapw~row Niagarai as the onl Irp in the ar f-tef
take ett th timely threg shppd ETSTAD
riey. havestd no coptiin an foas e COPYRIGfroTS. mount gr1w is ~a clr t smal there can be no IN .O T I P T N o
ause ofoi gluts _jnd the ovrrou-hey a
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ad. e laqi g grp ftor byade Nag- no lak l a n ek Alre.n8 r1
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ween~o seasonsre veesn ito were anTol L H U TV T
av en a refat el to te oang FR U ITS be vry.1MI~i -thioi~but: heent re yr even cane thei stason of prospertlsoer rhd vfe'r n-cha ao versityo e r m 0aths toEV g belie e at
bange mendie the grower bey able tovsell heir fri at L rft In th mean- Jr Plas r orf Profithm.Hewa
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an geerh aid pant,.,as M el of r n -horicltr sys eatcally
f~ d an ineve ihtem ngro h ntoogly It1ate san I
ThiS is th~~ej .)calae Duritththeacoure Iftr f th in- e e an b trsaving Ld14heice a~ th~~~~I ise wihu doermetubtien s
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oursr of our month of the yearia our whr Appovd un 1 105 ont trray be reare as h saiaru ay.n os.Y&
'1 0 eO t f a m e w h o w i llo s e e t oc p r o i d u c s w i t Lhc e s
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AT r ,icul a co diio of th ng ca Ion of th s wh do no think, btwo t
,fg b o l la e o e p b utP g e an t e~ri e b y T o d o' ~ 'hei w h il e Solos re d g i ul u al p p e s allfity te wrk f report w h t heda beoe h d oeit "we ty-fiv r, 11 ee com m nce b fr m h hi e of chi ken by not pr vd n th m wit,
W~~gnd'it afod esnbnao,*~ e .j om e h. Chicens propl e oecinrom rtin Iti quit:Ial~le
ciy' rter po ulr smal pisatee prbal tha he woul haebensae .gs, vegetables, preserved fru I; h os had he ra h lwn rtil
pa. buttera chee e sod lsh W all by H. B: Geo in the0 U SoAenC li a o
b o, ntps- eed in godl mesue It is a pl as r t aie o ngcic e
t of this aidmite fatbfrns hghnoe aae ihtyLu i
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beeaccomplishe by ths whos donsubroos durin then seasona
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Vplished~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~~ chtbtdfiutW~t:aig ete e mFia lIs, statigte the coops n evtd s powt te, whol thtcken
;;7 ti'' tra ha Crred, to um erof amnd i a, o f potsh slu fbuooiresg.rain that cmise n Mayth and lLecpoags n LiLs n~s
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-z,, ,Wated theispa I h ourle from whc they chckns Thh isa not aL needessearn
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e,4drjw&At ba pov~ild- n ia ae olde rasopen tageyof hois tred mon of -ude a n ev soWesl d therein,~ and all Iohe angre thousandso little chckn are: droned in wfStld hiechn it r scmoundd h ti go ln opoiesalsetr
compst' lof the coultne of thsS a Care d or th hcis wroun a ab ot whe IeI LLL
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The landa "Prtt oon". g Who's he ? "Noe ubense to oter Colonel Lewie abu7.eBes n hs h
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And y scan nor aim the words. From this s e re t m y b t haspbotad ime o g o hog h r ftevlan h a l
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-The lady was enraptured. The'
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"I wiih -to '. draw' your attention,. montderkbr bookkeepez
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Fruu Von, to fetch off her shoe and, stocking without say- apply'y"oursurpl-s cash't-6 working and fe rtiliii-ig: your' tr-"A be forei next blo'o'ming"'L
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near -gra eis i,,, ipped his, f rui t in,
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or, a Iod n Ilion, pe'eving.a chronk t
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_upon shelves: covered. ;with a e ..
usual he gets as- If' 4s,'Possibie. So
delicate moss. Each apple sintra entl When it' was dry, be examined it, and' the evileffe6t of the inistatement andfrom the:Frimch:and republished e moss, And b the with A brush covered such parts as did
'fn Natumt Food,- LondoiL] into th y hese means. cook and bull stories a- re seen -on 'eve
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A-Grand Spe ulat on.'- e preor.
their milady to. their ^neighbors; the'.4tir. Iti: r t e r -Crop'
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I-wbowhether-for thelir.own conm'. o selves as businessmen and.tilay n6tb
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What is no I w bank
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-- --- : 11. 1....% -.-. z out to be eaten? Of all thelberfect
Y. laatumn. To th relisher of_ fruit, what. iddle, of.11 e stdms,,the 'wound and the is kb' i in is the only 6
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d esuk t 6omniuni6ate any (Ddorto the
sealing wax, and after.. the. fruits. Are Professor Aenr of th
,a V1110culent pear in,,-the z month of, Y. W
placed each' in to a funnel f rult-.and is flissolved in water, A few
a- --ihaped piece periinent $tation 40 u t-April? ow could there:-,be .'nidre I I I I i tested the VA
-of.piier 'ihejthi6id,116 -come, quarters,,efan hour ,before eating the
t, speculation thiw tq- purtilikse ting corn fodder by feeding, one Jot 'of,",
elicioug fruits- at, a: nomiW through the-apiix: -of ruK;Atis.'allowed to soak in a Vail of
ibnAu umn d cows. upon: whole. bright andl- '
ite both eud.:air e 'flr'na ly' closed. es it is completely
butlay in order to sell them at -f ous w eiva, r sweet; Another :16V.,of equal: 'inilking,,
; : : 0 7to, prevent-: ingress -of, air, the thus, removed -by -asponge and the 'diflicult.
qualities hadloddor froih.the,661311.etbow,
I H'ceai-iw:spring '- and up--to the c nim
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linencement of Summer?', f tt into ii 608: half an-inch long He
uits,: as W] p
n which fkiiits The Persian fruiterers cover their r b eh plu i d ia solved.
: oieDtiRc principliesupp found that he obtained As, mdeh;milk
Above and below with straw in their It is hardly neceasary to insist that the be conseirved in4heir,:natural con-:, from 721 pounds of out' fodder
d, corn houses, and when they fear frost fruits so treated should be kept in a dry In order to atta in the Propose 1 133 pounds of uncut fodder.. Twotons
they throw k moistaned cloth over the, pillace-1- This: is very important with otj c iti-, is necessary to support my--,, of cut would be worth -,morethan -three
DC' se-4gum, w ichwouldsoften by
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as clear and brief, As possible The country. perso ace, "04,w, uld a d e
sults of our own bxperiefidewhen- feedFor the L conversation of Uii best fruits inteiided id-be re'seivedi tiis if iait came to be examined, it would betorn at, t e o Ing by guess and not by W-elg t. We,
it-,ia tiecessary:,(I) t'.1."pirevontthe u iiidi 'pb At ds'orin the'.drawors -of, h pi i iut' cou
of contact. Id' the best:.4'o.i 1;jheir consmode h th onlytestify to..
-ofi rost, which completi6ly diBor w ere.: ey, are con-'
er ed n excellent condWOn. :.S me' liefi accodingtoburju gment,.but
gA ni% I eii-them; and (2) to cause, the, 'Ma 8 v -1 c I annow ape from wled
3onservq them in large covered boxes k,
AUT'Ing he eff ected d 11 'th Fom tlke'FL:Oit i A(MdULTURTST.
,04 -so -gra ua. at: ing.
y. rref erAbly In layers, o gained' from daily wdigh
f bran or in after'
'portion of. the fruiti,.-1twill be-vro ,. Our esteeni6a contemporaries rvpf tln
est and.most nuiritiouspa
w, m ath. R. 0 ug very, stalkig I Q
e end of May.of the follo haye,,adopted the pja talki
"Jonked till th theb'arier parts of, the', bii tt
ever may A n order to.preserve their hopef uJjy-YVhjch is, all right just as
-ing year, forwhat be. onei "d Soin, e-pe6pile, I Ong
qq*pl teily Con whioh.the oattle rii jeet.w' ewnot, out fir
fruits- more e from tact I I I I i 1- 1. 4 the truth
c m posi tion,,, al Ways succeeds cornplet them. If any is wasied-aft4r cutting, it,
:uia arlity p,'eity'rapidly, so that theut-w' wi; h ir haVe attiampled to surround
'' - I ., -.- 1 ., I andz4bibiotipaint
the hope in such bright
em. a as para n, makes good bedding,,and jL r &r IS'
'tii wth6ch material Ofi olors ha ft "ill."deceivi fLna-do-injury.,
carp-s oul e taken to nialhItain-, good: Addition to. t 6 manure'heap, hu &'4-'
collodion, aud.iixi Which, though f; our or'
them in Althodgliz ange growers 'long -at th -h d'the folt6wing conditiow- m a- R y 6 -k -in e manure, eaps
even empp t d in- pIrinciple,- miscarryfor two. re 'he to 8 e t
goo 'tly6ly! ec
-ra ure regia we stili iia,6
'too h. g h, and E6, od -pos! more to.'tbe labor of, hapdling it than'or ten' degrees' C.' sons-. costU -15 e- ili aukful.
ht Or, sbmet Ing fc
above It ch to incu be fbre,-'a of the materials is, communicated to the, would be re'quire,
fn L this manner the internal tissue Many: of our grovesJ t-is true',iare.diad
apples arid;pegrs.
4L disorganized by'the. mov 6ments all,,;and'nearly all, ifnict, all, are Alvord goe4 till fluAlie "a
rp not I should Mentiou a process applied by, &jor
a sadlya,,-injured.: Still we strainofthe-expansi n aud:: 000traqtionof the a: 'advocates g
my relative', Madame onv.a hi h she' ri. iuk t161 cdin.40dder to
AiWiids'. '' 1 1 :11: ., I 11- -. 7 I I V, that meal. -We do. n6t'kffo* ofaiiy mill thid
aBt.,years'of her life
4b )--.-A-Iocation conapletiely-dev64 of ept seqr6f. tilt tiie I they are not alldead,', and we can:alsobe
I-have -verified the nia--rveilous- results--o-f would do'this but there are mnchincs', ;
thankful-tbati we have a responsive soil
light- Ihis greatly falellitates. it thatr e T
-he obern d ace it almost to7ch aff hwgitift""'
8 which e I ff' this Process and.-shall make it my- duty'
,ical'reaction ect maturity. an I a, ni 1, Clinia a soil that *111
3 -'. (,. -,%, 11 11 f rom doibi this must arise' rum easier
to,:popularizeit amongst-my rea ers
sturziLge.wh retains d I I.. J fiving, and. a., climate in which
iel as. W43
place of ich or more thoroug digestioin,,",:ihe -t6
Madame Jouval boiled
,-,-aU the carbonfe. acid. liberat &-by the: spring .,,water, e can enjo, ealth and.beninfortable- not eateD.whencut to half-i"h is
fruit and which. for, ordinary. stora hile mixed with oharcoal in
But we Are not writing a Thank go small. as to:be sc-trb, Iy Appreciable!
-,houses- only of. f airly large. quantitkes. -Then she soaked
d' Milking.'si p e operation,
g n s rictly necessary to avert dau-. gum arabic in-the water, thus boiled so glvihg Ay aermoh- -f e* Florida editors,'
I-Oxy el I '?re,9pine, are in humor for 'this, even if -yet itis a notable -fact thkt bompara-," '
ger to thos who may enter. as to form .a thick liqui4, sufflolently, - -, i - .- i-, .,., h . I I I .- I I .1 1 ':- ;
e I I I they'adMitt" we., avemany things ti 1v ewmeii,6v6r
(d) mosphere dr rather than fluid. to be spread-with a brush upon an ve f lea;en th- do it E3uc--,,,,
to e than rul What,, wia..started
1 -Jor -vast majority o those who""
object yet without flowing,:and so ad- cessfully.
moist 1 1. 1 I I I jourijaiout tq gAy .waa. that our brother inilkcowsare lioi'detent
A h -.well. th e n : The- she -took
lie fruits' -&to, to be p a- er1ug: er o,. n
cei upon istis in ake-,amistake in talking aboat the and it iA an insult toany good
a hf' 1; d.: coated it
P e c rult, allp 6, or. pear, 44,
III por4j auchi istthat t e pressure, in 4,'gn itude- of, next season s crop,. Sonic ncompat6ndy, .,"Caref 111
'Which they exe .,it on e anoth ver caref6ily with the brush.' In order
rt up er will 0 of thenihave been so unwise as.:to say experiments have shown, that
to, properly. conduct, this olieration,- the
111,AA-cause bruise that the atop inter will tent t and sym
fiult-must'be conapletel :,daubed over, quit,
e jeLthe" y
,Thes: a general.iules of ascieB7 d one milli6n boxes. We wish It t only -obtain more milk rom.the eL
not the smallest speak upon. the' surface
tific nataire;:-now.for their practical ap_ w no as any.on Who but:rjcherMJlkL
being 'd.L Fiist Of alla half: Of as So
point J eS X L
-c-orap e b h la-reported inth I~
app e or-pear b 'I thd : knowB.'iav1h!ug at.: all: L a. Out t eLoon-' A case in es
''I L I _I dition. oLth r wwill admit. ,A f UL f theL Mississippi
: S"Mint' fruits in ust be gathered when q g.ove ann al report o Ckper,
thdn Lthis part being dry. the
jher,:c6l ou n T nit ta
the'L half, ies in the extreme southern portion me 8 to aacertafii' '
0 change five or. turned overand. other
L '6-ruatia it Of, the State;will p oduceL oranges, this the probab.6,exterit'lof the as
ys befor, r Y"Land winter, L I have seen Filepieted. e
it e Uched nd: that fwall. L In thes, counties. o arelessworkon M. I I ki n fl ;e c o w a w't re'""
u its not till they Can b e.isilyde L ceed marvelously well -with year,
pears, apf rom the.1rees. : ItL will-b borqein mind p, e industry has not been largely given'. to Man wo wee"!
sj..and plains.
that the, place V earing.gro.ves are ew46.66nditions doLnot. take: ilking Nothing:was. Baid:couoernibg; ',
At the:same tiMeL: i Milciul,, whoL 1, L ed
apd j, far bekween.L, What has 'alwa in xiew. el
ys the obJqG the end (it Ili
same.time forLall the frtiit Lot the in Paris, 26,, Rue d ties, an to' t
kaOW11 aa;t e_,L. the sa
-,that it is advisable to been,.,a b grea orangebelt.of time vis wid the s;i ni ele6d k,
game tee, an- Pal1L whom I.confidently communicated the 'L me'00S
tie 'by produce no L orauges: L this, iVe wiork-J
ff at:. different int-rvala, This, success a the State will and '01are, were g I n to another
ve a Me Jonval,,
Y6 and very fetv, if any, next year M 411L L -w h ar o as-iddiudedL Of Ltb
ri shouici be done when the w, eather L made exp.e e NIL Wofl
-'Am' nts whioh, sacceeded Lc&Ll e several,. succeeding years the, [al. kllkiar TO- ;0 tafn dZ
dry an M L.The, frilitaLsilouldL
LL wonderfully in completing the process
L b
UOtLb 'following L mannef.L. He boiled a the C)r0p;Will be light. a-of milk Tom fl Ve
e raised L which IS La very. impor-. in the
;1.,,ant,'c6nsiderati=, so-, a La OngL basket in f Watet with ch 'Ai L
inallL quantity 0 bad 1' t Ing theL-frst two weeki- vbile -No
arco V 13 a, po icy L o bear your own.
which they-dau be ..AepositedL with oar eL 'it is L I L LL L ItainedI 032 f h
reduced I to 'an b in stake has been Made p6u.Lds r6m. it e sam e c6o
1ShJghJkaervJ cea til e They should then der, a der
be nd made a inixtum6f this-powder yeai-,afteryeaf, in Florida. BL v the time. -un
plApeff. in- 2L dr '. and place to get tw L o wee
airy' -:about i:-.equal: por the 13a So In : "dro, the tre ks. Aifiemtice f 245, pS
with gamL 4rabic. ine r es and
the*6U gfr.alt begins to two ancl one-half.: j ou rids per 1da"y"'Idf
-,driedAn.dL&WaJh.thiirL flual storage. "tfonS.,.L.It iv" the proowi"Olf -,,Madame n f prin thenews
n-,pilucip e th th 'this di erence,. that- wit papers, LO-C MIL vo rigbt_;n6ifiqd
ary .ra er soineof the
ono"neCe4scoiddi I Sonval qom
fo h f h tht 0.:LpeTf66t of ruits erL 'eOML
k "'Too Modest'
should lie L elt -: hclled .1 prospect hey eep L
er- y1so ating-each' bi nixed., in water this tal -unti
guni, ara ic. %I
J! 0 On
gpee menor by'enclosinz them a in a *ith-c arcoa, whil the uublic mindis Droug, y onvin6ed
common, storage-hou'se. 4n .,his "Dic- 'the clhai coal lorm&d-ai third, element I thatGhe crop-will far exceed the demand

;~ n re ebrw aiheyedwslshdstokt oudaeatr ind Thee -i wi
fOagsfrt yier dr two, but ast yea we t seletio to esarlih ih sed ess ad imso.
ro nd wr ne in thise pat ofounit a te vaid-eyso uld be o i
whiys usac bete tha an grov we Tefc htth ri nM.Hod raea t
ANDERS, -1. fidtePiep iifiednt, many el raneS, ein falre Im
ry proitbl variety, an'feBfrtbdedtnahtaete rw re o i
had& moreof them, Wit mete n vaieruy, will be cars aSnfd acid; or Septemb
rnt yrahepidgr oer. T -he'pi, .nw thei o' h w eyery rieig s h
'V d '95)_a:pb~se4 y e n cut ryl much, t m es a larg tre, is'wl beartilg~a hevl, btw ePlre w rh$0 very prlific.And I m very eugh t o a th sev era boxes nfarm tNedJrs
6 forthcoming reet a bi pric fortT thisevarietyg-MroPtheesPAt the timert e ex i for 0 -t ce .~ e m d NDRSN-Iam inlned to ato was mae owih r ubr r uly deo that M rttv n a d h s h r ed I age e wom ith ee hi gtate wil giv Ct e 0
ate sbetntalvoum-; id o~uptO sh bareanen l The e arom a s othr. hae not chnga ro m y b d opi ion .t go by a fairyo en
nformatlo ~ ~ ~ ~ iv qultis tha Ar develope bu rprds thent andhe a terO tree f ro igtheWll t a:guspiieftb
St itrs a it ict ar n ot (j iins. myap ex- al
ill.e deelpe ton anyhin lik an.umus.quttn
entw elehee We have th
n 6_ -4 : 'the:bIf there wasdver mos soli theweice of et weeny dck~y
arple variety upon bot pinel and
okI 1 land,~w hand hen rth're futhis welius toll up dth 0i sace ndte n tar
S Hu~~i3Avyond the reach of theie litiete tubes thatb e Thei laboreD
varietyyj Ont thee othe handree ld teute t30t e
e ,als''_prttywie ubjctto ak hldan w eapple orda eigo monges ldk, plat qodit clstel. Snsoils of arl ftbe edge t1ensaahrfo, tf r .innanand whenk ripe has-m s, aeculiar r
T- n~Soth Humusui' is e the gretuesential, k het smallent
lt o e flwovorandes Wen placed along y ed dwr f ie1 Fe h
y ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n wit lne n'ti ait, h reo h out itethe o rses~utse ewdyeasrei
riecesetle do'te w en etoduar oerae s th-ea frut is aevr -natsfactory tog th a nd .iewtickenue o r n.k
be burdenedtiith comm rcia fetiizrs met e 11et~
Ther mehnis-fco retaining. moist,- kown to c
,_,J~n-(& c~ ure, thag i.FoIaw Idn t them er Pinapple orane wask tibution ofthei p lan rotsais obsetrve te doe
cr11o remain the exluiv prouc 1ad togo
,,,_U~~~~~~~~~~~~~v e~~~b h a d y r a h d t t g s w a h i s r t o a' e e rio n to e l t li e n t h a r e a d s f ru i p a a c ee y
"i~~~~~~rwr Here youe heaven in verse. Letaate inether win.. iubednl
_7 y 'shi ~ e r ,0 omembrae refrom thithry el children ng o mtyp it toe memtboren fa il livea
dersn'sioncusioomantaning the wil be ettr famer tha ther te pores
i_.'spakm, lrgey~epermenal.acis,,ndpeuliand deispirblef chrta fthe vr*ity isfomd thoe :uraluaNew. prSouhesn pieln.W hp 0lwl
-: ofrl theeie Pieapl oranges wer Yorker Childre i
hro e ry u en t t th anet, andiesso at-We Ve vmmkeeaa great hatter o'er noranic knowledge
standad'-411aroDue tort the effec ofc soil than heui mate Mr Ho ears old -f'
ed]Adhwh b eha es nopul thesuceoll;g a9:anyil6igS <
g'Ers would liet e r idhols yon twr adms n te nrout even direm
ny ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h tote ,h facte thtsiunpirAdtu eopesyu ol ihri coniton ar asbe' importanty or particlesu donentheerh;plner i#
tha Thel eec ofclmaein mak- Thenifmake, your soi ly atrt or ganicsCuntry m
saisarsH E ixs well known. Ah cifasmatrithured, tio
ri., Several o- the. ,i ri tib,-peav y poable ofiey T ampa that n Ands caued thlif e-ing d rink Of Orw- a e who, j T] ae uus..s l ad eayofther, part ofthe FIllu thvigru asl and y1~ ocan mae drac d; becom e ri osett ii tWih
special-,~A hafites ofme youre trubes It think.~k,
l they do, th tobcco Ther iB There's muc the samed trobl prvals The prosperywon
abou an orange. grw in ba par. Two-oir, oiyfrshms sr r obn bt fgm ri
-7alty tha youe do nond fin And yo alabwn'els"I sb6u
godgo th otesz ti hc 7r finding ths u. arewth, Thereis too muh ar e t ere, g not ne eihr h'
lerson, thatt' Orange LaehSR Inodrt in iyun etrpowisr ajcl o ie ey ofuth Pin es lerge. Thei hbear ofgepervince oft Cublaga hssa 'qhe~adylbs6
-'f~~~~~Thr is tim yet too makel ah basma clr 1 iiro wholethe ptfl
ver[ATea1 wouldmIlkeloclittlesofwhumusaeitheruwithbeggar weed,,cowt vith suob
th re s ro e. h uc nforton aot' Boones Early pes crbgas edalmostelnythingnmatennsashe
seen~ given the~ Umrsso tha tht wil grow 'Faved yo8o od l/ ra
experience' way wage ai pr foo r rowe r ey. Mr sh ul sw mp bahep a, w eth er is th ac Bp efare ne6 ,si i soo vea fromro thos who hav ha cu uato oft humus for;'Fdrd cgsoIwo srso e
ce s o hi oetan admie fo m wh re youbwant, be fourth o
HSevn H L ID E Ih a n um h it, ga eretdkoutandlet it h ipe mo thre te r l d ie ad oveJr ,!or a.s it; '-,7)iieoone' Ealtre s a dfnihesi monthsy'-o workra it over,- chif itn 'tha .n M rl.e or w er r eI t
ng grfes Aton er from vaorkit a o t h ean ,eadyol ill, son Wfl ye Rpl~~in se rairof my ared borke, have non.e car~rddthf yloksliAn dI-rt by a fairdiiiogy ~

r.',b the, 'Li tierty The, t woi f ri, -P n 1i a W7,
monthly at I-Per' ea D
PubiAing of a ..ingt9n,-R have, be fully.
This initial'volu 6. conta SA, dli
Cawchism e 41.14 1,v 0" onstratibriof of 1 ay an May: 20 21.'. Baridttl
ni' B Ohfcag6, *rAing or
History Re eate e,.,, at bfish out ros., o
'British m :o inanceinthe' Far. er-and' ruit GroWor reports:: o.UiPAiwi%,Editor and ]Nblisher.r: tj crairmer and F;! Mi
I states a-lid a few oongs for.polit- lows- the- damage 'do n'e on the
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Business iosb.refovins by Gen. T. H. Randall., 1, Ith to the 14thwas 'imm6n6e,: and ":out' BrotherPabor e, Appiplavs' 'Wseems z to b6zohceoded 'that alfalfa--ileAmberof F14rids'Preso Assaidatio4sinliaw single 'copies .10 cents, Agents, ar the prospective crop
whb-tiheNational Amodai e severely there:*" will, grow in Floridaj even in. the san-1
whuted-in every. state. Address. above. still 'enough left toj.'give a fair .,%mount soils aloAg* -the 816jaig M6 sffiqres I f
_t4tIll"hed _1di)nL tbbr on, the iftbi day'61 ,I
foz ageneraI iaud:iuo-scir6ity:, so the veired'qUe8b'011 Of forge i' so C1
Jorii- Orr the ,-nfghts of, the.
ly ae tipsy coinpositiowand;a, oareles 16oked Und9r, extreme care an '.pain6tatoing
PER oof Yea er co wo 21st an6ihei'-fieeio-cram 'gnd(com-- i1fitia w it I g row, a i yw I hef6L-a feyv
'a r.: B, 6t, C"'t d OeS' niot
piapin appeaT, -in ; the title1in :of pleated, ther'nih in many orch ida and: m nibs'br' a ea
rt6itw $11per Incti each inoortl0n. ur Hygienic artoicle in the June issues gargens., i 'All: tender' :vegetables were, prove that It"will live: and?, grow : the
_,]Catered at tbA -8i P v as ;th6 no I rrect aii tt'b th I ground. Chotries 'we're rui tied:' second year,..aud become a trustworthy
pistiiifloe, abor IAkai FU. as.. :p!jjLpjej especially pdprofltable.sourqeo fora- 'failfa
f gei At
T )ms! were.,cut off j andthe
ULY oa I d1thr main: strawber y.blo( WIt
spelding-was rr e oug4 the in--Flo'fiolal in6t tb b'e-compar ed H'
vest of Ohio practically wiped 4. I.,
V 91' a tiole. Thep p r word is bad en to e oug grapes..N guinea grass, cowpeas, pearl tnillet .,ftudGLAIL Juiy; 15. lw:all conse fence. '!We did 8 61it, andthe 'Ohio ina New York"grape, 'for pine lahd an
not suppo e, some othor: plantsbel' again scorched. ;IF1r'6i'n' cuttings 1 .1 . k
para grass for.hAmmoc sv, 41
It was!'possible;tdmake it worseI But from the'dispMohes Aiid;bittersreceived pe r uyand we sum i IS
A' the f. t. aiid the;,p,, pliave acconilplished' upthe ,situatio6 today, about a
rig"st_ 1thi&ye&r_, '83 "Usual; tI ,. follows: The fruit crops, of t I e whole. our PaTagraph was based.on.what w a
t it We, hope our friend'Richards will
upper :h
W61iki, iilvloae no h ifig by It. Mississippi, andMissourI vall Ys had Been published and rOm aVlog J11,
forgiveus fe
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I ., ; spected -, fields- growing.neat :st.-Aigus
ing !of t.
Ai. I I io I ara-,
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tine ; -After readingB e s, p
-With us ea rly An' The; Tallahassban, is publishing: in ingraph, we wrote to a f riend at St, An'
j h 6A.. of a I Efforts are-beingmade toward 9 success,
Yr uie I" 'They's rn "ItI way a. e AmIments all the I wiof a general na- gu5tine for further informattoiji espe -,
; I -: ; ful pineapple, culture -in California; but
LjinI -- I i", -; idie passed at the last session.. Througli.
VI dally' oia, the point,6f age
Boy, f!aViiiess: of ripOn ng. 'AlieV.doJiot meet _ofthe...alfalft
th I Is in ethooi they-wi, gfainaw e ciru- hid e6u .A Tb ii i)'
h' ere. e O'OW
p9tc es--we
men i ue :o f th e Rd ral Pat
on : "'g-hout the en'ti t. L recont isi
latt n hrdu- re ta e,
ovember,1894) i rig -16 the re-d
for w ng. py:-'.
IletIrr w4gum, ithesubjoac.
tore it is 'possi nian haste follo I
'0', I "' L , 1. No or t 6 acts to appear
-ida : k# OultiI Station, is
'IM 4 4 - ;- ST., Auausrmic FLA.
n 0 8 e: jm I'The:story
Ai& khiin. 'NoI I ih e. toI of pin6appje. cultureA-nthe I
-to- Notqs., open is again r ng MR. W. E. 'PA BOi
i6ilble. Fifty ;0I paid betw on no' x yived.,iiia eport corrit
late :I All Sin:w-ln repl to. your,,,uote
'A the joI 6f June :*III secure all ih j from San Diqo-which !0e -it s y the aIfa1fa,'pjttch---',
the Fort iMyet pities grown in the, C jon v,
Ii th they can ble: s6cdr6d alleyare, fqr 'of the 4th, wi say
pp% w ia ,jjjanted'in'botob'er, 180 the rst
sale on the. f ruit stands in that. city.,,
through any other aouroe. Send to the
7777" stray, bpeqtmen.may have- foiind i wa Crop cut in April,489 ixorovs.were
eab, 'hIlahAs9pe,
( L Pe pawpaw% ftp 'that ear.'-Last win er. e-"coj
to a fruit stand, but, f We y t ; th
-piiiea, grxpeNr smuh -killed t t th 31 .
pples, M, tw'iee.
will not vouch, .,-The.f act is, we have, not patli,4 I o e gro d"
--Mfee-, ., years., from That we afo noCklo:ue In the v iews-:ex.
pth ti: i es, it came up at oned and
;,borrie,s within row,. pinqg in
thetropial to
;Wooda"Is not kdi i sfiih ibg, afterait' pressW in the article on the the. open it ip ay,,IiI 'bi;lg and green w Pn.t eroI,. was, not olI elsewhereprinfed the, fol- another greent ing abo There have
QeJI tIii41rZIe7o ura :So, ut.
ever, be, pqspibl ,to. grow them in limited
...... jowingextr&cts, taken from,, o2,4.,,and qeen wo crops' cut this thd, second seaang quati1itieamnq iroeqt
F and7ruit Orower ol May -18 pa;qa,
the., warmer 'the i"'f a, ,*6e J 11
artificial, conditions." I3p wenpod not BOY, ...'ago, was unu ua y i
to peactf-'a few A.
wrlttenbyDr4, Ji Cuzner, ,of Gilmorej f
earjbatjnt e re w s- Ij, hay, et q
for tIJI i e- Fla; -jgco e . I I 11 -, q : 1. 1 I 1 1 % Y [ I , '-i ...... .
Golo*kco Maguire, Mt., I ag er s, in manager,
Atic'tching this variety en .-.., 1,00range culture from, the beginning
IW '.e pect'from present' InI
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Union! For'-which, lcoti Brother
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notice.: Theissue. containeA'i24'pa
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asoftheopen Iii ;,A ( '..
it-jis.the itstria 'i 4erever there is, in our opinion, 11 y- ve or 0
Court,, a religip pliiloioolcal :- kly, Frorn the"above we see, I;! re. "o-in to
iih, Chibago,;,The' author, published in the South and. is:a. wonder- ninet per cent "Ot a: st ix& W livIng change Our -views on the subpot.!
ful plo of' journs is cen erprise. lants the'Whoile'len gthof the','bdit'iII goo d' f o r 't w o y e
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Tbrth f'y Vaie, uAvanddmlide'along this ye a i bui he-is greatly 6jacoura I go 'd- 49 1 t o ; sEv FN Q u tt ings I exp 1 on tie I d by Mi., TI
line in th South., TiiiB' issue of the ularnate destiny 0 e pineapp e'ti;
f4c,;15, Soin ploi for ihbrly Gem ass;
dusty. It, Wduld seein', linni this: that or 16iii At'the' outiio1e,,arp,, as :many as
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': in cotton industrieseverywhere.'. the report, 'hereto ore'qti0stiOned,'tfiaf oan be obtained us
iho'platit4tion]3 tI India rt*lf1.1n.Floii
river *ie e da.,
ith thA)Onve6 nd Rio Grianderoad j
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-',and --s1xocI6eci The Month.of Roses;wE so celebrated by
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6 ,Jho Gulf road ruisi a sp"fal edition of Ameribaii,
iiiii of truth in it I Is' tChi
dev an rose gro ving.
-F' P"O 'to
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A'dthis (St.- Augustine oorABD 0 IlI
and: most attrctive number of ithe kind: (WIjLt PSIM Bea4cilk Tr6pj 4 6
Editor, William ;K" Pgb6r, of, Pa bor
aw; us 1 rom ev6r.,Jssued. A,:beautiful supplement, Laice, FlaF,'interesOngaccount of' ThePabor,. Lake Pn4RAPPLE for 'M4yi-,,1,,
11thograp'lledineleven oolOrajilustrat. was an excellent compendium, pt- ifse,
:'be ;k III 'Ing his recent visit to-Is 1 "' _rul
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oneof-ttiI and znost; po"lar of the: infoim ftlioo: regarding, pogsiwlitic 4.-, ,
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Copy Of this' s iorb nurtberiisent fr -her ibis dity or 'JAckgon.vUle
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8 Financ'fal Scho' it' 6ri and =y
JAxpLm is -largely devoted to :the Atlanta 26th of-August.: It has a piotture of a- by Conkey Co.., Q41cagg, fli.,'and' word for it, you will not% ket ii 6
Its trbnt,;page: contaidW a; Bostongirl'inall her glory on b
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,tjosition grounds, Brother P oe666D!, w6'tak
Review of Reviews for JulyJu, addi-. the sub soil, Presuma ': in searchof, is e n I lneral bly
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Ir' ept **;].Q. rme'a I e t I e W o e soil' oi," e dig",
everyreader; : 15-is ",Mexico as the Cra7 pe
SAFE VVVELVE. e N h' I"' f
dle.of Man's Primitive Conditions be- tince and leave t-ere wh I y,4eathe r prophet, ev ra 0 1-0- Ing an account of explorations in Yuca- cayed,.mi o s f roots from jj e give '0
Ou'' e, 2 -&- file 66r0s interpreta- a il edleto that of; 6
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-for'od opiniori 6' abierning e 4heelbairow'ontlie' Libor Question",
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that Prof. PIODge6n claims to have dis- I," f cit,
outlook for the fabure-at any rate; for i Is the titleof thelatest issue of the Re- I ing, that g ves -as per e
fhe7next- -few winterEL, W- covered, we must look to the New drainage, as a well planted and. mat ukej
do not, be, legion of Science Library, and is No. 13,
,.Jieve Florida "will bave..,another: afoh. P
'r, oVA.gertes 'being. published bi-monthly World as. the point from which ci tliza- pea'crop, Louisiana: lanterof cold, for '.many-- yearp-.or
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ex. 0 icago. The SAW Grass Section of thdS ii 13 Ur-1
,:. f d the Egyptian records pioveto be.of
present place -on -the Aecliptib e up- o, papers pr nted roln tim6, an, r,
-willbe about 12 years fro toUmeilm the:.Open Court -and other a later eraAhan that of Ma a, meaning,
then, other condittons-which we "fir o primitive land.,! A. 0. 'Russ ,'of Cfncintfitit Well
had--tbe'6iue t uf Is Pap&s dbvoted'mainly to, the t- r
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be suoh'as' to r6atiy rn6qify',the. Cold'ill'. a orques ion by, one w 0 p: 119 Va rR y"
,TIM BOOK DF THE F.UM. Ame as he seni r,. member, of thelatitude" rica,
The-abovewill interest, qu!,,PJnea- 1 Osten' 61d;ft 11p Ifforg.i'4
P, e tatiously,-parades in Print by,
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Ne -can -get, eleveni-consecutLye crops,, idiidl&:at ,Ae&b, and..valuable record of. the Columbian jig, oqnperusin t
Pineapples on'the saxp ,Oa. attpn -.we- pizet hty.qt-rthp inotives that, Exposition has reached our. tabl6., ItAs" purchase I d, what 141n6wn -ag !,JJI San
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av6 attempted it, and failed. But it sold does not show. : A brief descriptive b. Mr, Russell's puro as keW allcot,,
6,ur-raitio d) nterpriA6 h 6eif:qui6t: evidence bf ro sketchLig given as follows "Dujjn L i '
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large ha's begun, to, rec I ze t. at la-, term of:the fair, two see 'ti to Ab6VVIT2
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newmiachinery or 6 e construction of r the direction:, of Arthur Q 9 Jac S.
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tion of the two classes: whose L terests: fulld'Witb which 'the -StaW collectionS9 -9 .1 ind' q u al I ty,
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Five inor6, parts will complete Ban-' it t6LtheSetjaSfJIdiJ,5rij j &, tjjb,6f
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The Open Oourt;Publishing 'Co-, OfLthe tS
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y.papqT8, IibAry:::IOThe Philosophy 'of Ancient goes
L time by it will take itSLPIaCe 'tiiLlit"
nable 'the mentiretraevto bw. Arafn6d.
'fap p- r's ] qoo.rd en L Souvenir L with
Mbtsb1y,,MaDu re ndia' ,ain& '.'Buddhism and OL
Christian L LeratureL as- a Histori
tifjo 'AM eCICAn Emd, Harver's Weekly, tu'
The j6 _' 9, L" biish6d a '$I arf
z a p er P;u t p by the
oil r ,.;and stiperintende4t, as or muc an 8 to ''t-4
Bancroft Publishing Co., Auditorium.
6;BurleighLJi& ink ]low qomplete4, 1 LIn- the, Sul -Cosmopolitan Rud e6astian. L. When 'r4dlaimed jbig 'FAA
y Yard., Building, Chica 0, Ill.
S new f ki tbry igprepared, to ttirp out. body of. q land will,-be: !equal
Xipling, ndian' StoryL L to Which L
wood 4x8 rails, atk-q machiniary t "6r,
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adds charming Illustrations;' W k' landi'L6f fn r"f;&'
a! o he, e reclaimed' mi:
at avery r apid, Mrs;
BurtonHarri'on, makes a 'serious. nder-cow. eas,
the' work an-tlie 'Original 04qs: And Th' system of. Plowing u p The en ire 78,600' converted
study, of -New York society i6the 1"Myth: I,, the FtnUsV b eve Will! IJ6: ordeti-sviertile as the
f &S t a's PoSiibleL'Joi itjs h.1 iptention" nto a Vegetabl(
g .9 L lot. the Fouri Hundred" ',and: Kate rie lands Of t L
lie **s
abandoned Sooner L or at b' ra,
_have the road inqpp rat ioii before one L. 0 9L richest 1 9
L", 9, Wiggim ontrlbutega4toryof f ii bu, iva.ors Q noti 'jinderst. Russell'wfll,'Ukd Steps at to q"Ure;.,"
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UNINKIMINEREM MW IN F.M M I, -11- -- 1- -'. ,,, T -1
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'C ;r '- ", -- I Ca ,- --. 1 tion being affordad''by'th ,Alg, roopg,,, ,
-- -Fruntlapi" ',
!,,, W- ,m !'- --! ferredto,,will be feau 4 (01ijy) at aa J. : ,., 11-- 1. I
I' K I I iated-time, 2 At' j6i 'tial- I ,- -, - i -,,etc.- ,, ,th ,,' ,,
j : ,. '- ,, L er, -Trabaral -:. ,, ,- OUS th cps, Uers,,
,- K : ,-&, -, - -- -r" 6,er : :,,a:
pl'i= YORTHCOACING AN- precoDUngtheannual-inee ug.- ,' ,, , ,- 14 7, '. -. I 'o '911 '
"7 : ,, I-,-T.+, -- , I a Cqnetltutlon and y-la a ..
I I I , w I :- ...: i geologi;al-as'well as,-the topogra jp1il "al--: .
,,'< T'R3rf0I1T-.-WHA71 A AUDUBERSHIP : ":' Th "Soblet f ,' '.. 1, __ 1 : -.1 I c I 0 "
-*';,iA,,1W[1i t-, .; 1 :'- P, 7 !iFWi. -'- ; 4- , I ; "" Le-infiile]110 '- '
r ,. of 6111
V "'r Lt", Core. : 1, .. .1 00PAftions; may. Ve -a
,- ,,,, l jAiMjrj"k8 0STA I List of ,. I ;. "..'',
-A-19D, UOW, To 1W. rr- -.& The Soefety. year IS: co-extenalve withthe cal- , I :: tt ,, "
I- - ; ,,, Coni mi 6111B.
I.. I 11 '. I I -- 1 ..''. I I jr 4
,*,6-: I" I :-, : % T]3[g,: end4.year. The -Annual membership fee Is therew- -- mpon th& f liZt.
-1 10, OF .1W0lBMAT19X- 1 QK ,- .- nal. frequency ,o nin troke.'
!J '- I? 11 -f ch' 61 List of Yembem Honorary, Lifeand Ann I I 11 -r
.1 .1 -1ore dIie'on the Istday 6fJa nary a as year- 7.-Txe4atoiy Note. . I Ac I ad.y ,
,..:,., I .11,11, .. I I I cord in g .to .. .the .i
-' -C5'-'1,8*Wj&TA1IUY.-: I 1, . I .1 . a4thoiity lre
:- 7; - -, % .6, ojj 3phi.
r- .1 I I I : A
.1 .. : I N To iAY'A:T THE'AlkETWOB Many - he U
*1 -11 X&t b,-M ,td. hinj , I --: !-- I I I I 1 8. Ust of Members In Attendance., I .. quofedif:1 repreaentS4 fre eDey of ,
", 1, I Aj,,-,lbu ,- . : follow fhe, commendable! prm.bice.. of paying at 9, Minutes. .. .. 4 .
t r 11 -1 (Giving, all -the events and trans. lightning stroke in "a '6balk formation, 2;, '
-I,-' Tb6 preparatipb, af. the su1hj6jj6ed: in- the annual meeting the'foe for the ensuing year, I actions of the toasting In order of their I I .., I ".
7 I I thusavolding theliossibility of lite. being over- ': 11 I I 11 I present. -the Iia fo
fo'rlnatloia as, tkv the Societyi its induc I I ,occurrance. but omittink papers.' djs ub- will, -re Sility, _rniarl, 7
..- ,. '' ,
r, 1j, I .. 11, looked, And, saving. themselves. and the. '- -h iin 6i,-aind ,and'22 I
r- he ."'. I 11.1 -. ,,, , '- ,- ..., .;" -- -'slona and -, reporta, w foh appeikr ,der or o ay,,-, -0 f . I for-loam.
-, jppt& ,tomeinbers, its fort pmlnktle ', I .. Society I ,,, I f 1 '. I
'L ...... L' I Pnubceae Cal :, ', :1 1 1.1 , 1 I I,.-- .., 1
1. I ; topical ,heads in thp body og,. the irolame.) W1
n- I -1 ih: x :,a t ti t
, 1. "I I ary:correspon ,, an : I -, I egark. o- rees,, lie 6ak is ui t
", '4n rt, eto has been Suggested by., umerw,, I : I :,,:, , : 1. ,!
I I .
,. .11 , I I ,- ,ib . a.OfWelcdme6iidRe blon86. -, 'e h 1' :, : I ., ,. 1. , , .frequently, -1he ,'jej t-j
r 4 oips"ftrquiiieLs -c l-,L:trabb:t hiS,'IlifbrmatiOiI : , ---A: tj-fe llieIxtberaw --Preside at .'a Annual AddreAs. : and, the 1. I 1'equent
11 '- _, rr , I I P ,,, ., 11 '
,,r 11 L 1L. . I I I orf., ' L L 'I,
lwijl' fijjd Place" Land Aherefom ide'61i- becoinealife inemberbypay-:' 12.'Se&etary's-A.11"alR p I ly;LStiuck ,'The 191U68" are-somethIng 4
L .1 L .1 I . LAny person can , L . I I L -1 ,
3niatidw, Ah yourLCorjljjnSL I I L L'..:Z. 11, , L g; (oi reialttliigj L, 'LILL k eL S jh' j- -- -r ', r
L ". ., : "L L 11 _$109 :the Secretary. .Thisis- U.'TreAsurer's.Annual Report... ': I % L Lli e, if on represent L e :, req4q Qy, for
- _- ,_,,r L "L I I 11 L I L I I L 'L ., I 4
I... I L' ZLI I L I L L' L
,!, -, j r ,-'L Lr L L 'LMAw!v .L L' -,Ene only requirement. L L' '- 1 .14.: Exec'utive Comm Ittae'B Annual ,Repqrt' L ,the beechtree'LL15 fdrLpines L oth '
r-" A. H -imx I old ,_ L I I I I- I .- I L pr trees
I L ,.L, 11 nee, and axe :j6.,FI I I I
ire members do no pay annu Leager
O-Uda jjJtjjj&j .L L '. orida Freezes--The Greater, and
'-se 'Sjjf,6'L-HoAz I I generally averagedatL nd -; 54 for 7 ,.
-Oretary F] 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 40- A
'L ' L' ' L L Inlull and regular standing for llfe- L I I 'L Z L: I 11 I . 1. L .. I L i I I Freezes in Florida for a Can ry and !L, $)Cj6ty ': I I I L L tu I Moaf '
", '--- LL':,L L I 'L --- L I I I L L L I I I L oak& Trees -struck. are
, I L';L% L Z : ' L L L %, L' L i LIF33 ]ffZM]Sj&a XjF L 6ZCURHS 71 In M anity from I : Half, (Paper.) I I I I - I generally :,
fi)oa St M ary,., Fi6rj I L q I I L I.. L I I L 'L , L L I I L I I L L. I I I th eL jL "' -,- ,-,.' on the' ,,_,
I 11, Aa- .,, .1. I L I ..L. I hearing In mind the kee tUg'up' qf L yearlyZ dUee.. '16. L A I those L c hearing or
-4 L. ''I'LL 11 1p L L. tter iho'Great Freeio- -The Oraiige Groves I I
Z I -1 .-L I ''
L"L , '' ' & ,. L I I I 1 I
1 '- -'ftj'jtjP ' r; "- L, -;,,, : . L_ I I pernianent place on the Lite Roll, In Ahe Main-,. f 'L .11 o I r.) L L': e ge fore
., "' -d"'''L'" LL'' L' L ai d HoW To TreatThem. L(Pap d of sts, and inleii t: La
.1 I I I L I L I razing
InMae]Ut.' '". L L Penhip List, aa publislib III t eL A.niuIal flB6orta. L l I 'Co L '- -f
9 19 , ,TL "L L giVI. L I 7 *:The Orapgp Groves of the Wi t Sot-The I ro met ,
46- :, '! r "C"At'4' 1 I.L.' ' f M''j6-t6-20LL: res' S .': L L L L. 'L L _- L' Lk hatatialL. 'A L L I 1 _66:"
I I I he Batisfactlo 11 on n an orse-. I L --'95,a Lot I I I ,L : eet).
7 -,in ir rida-Nursory-- 11 ., 11 L' I aperL): 1
,yve_ orgaijized -the Flo L Winferof1894 millts'Effects. (P bd struck L ab6U L '
-, r I tbo-mootlrigs, lent And support to. 6 worthy, Institutt I I L L -The L trunk. appears, to. .1 I
1 I on. .L 48. Th F '68 of 18947 ,66. L and The L I -L, ,,
%!= L I I L IF Effect on: 'O' I I
Ws a o ji. T ninwestin L wh L I I ., three tijorfea as ft L en. a L a the : bodghs, .'An d ,
;,ji& a. o gO.O L- L .- y-not takea life membership T.. : L : Z I the Or engeIndugtry. (Discussion.) 11 I I I I L.' I L,
rdflthatltiw as :. I I .: I., L I LL I L .L -, L I .. 1. I ",
of L %1 L I L L .1 I 11 .,.; L J 'L tb J*tdou tta oeoA I L I I I L, I -116 w the gen6rallyLthestrok' e L Seems' to. t ,t '
'' dAtoftlff. JW W the Flor- I I I L I I I L, L I I I ., I I 19'LAesueeltating.the Orange Groveo I L I raVe, L O ,
I ldp, 43arKeryw I _"Ho'ejapa I L leaned an ;. InVite_1 L I Lady L I L L ; .' L- I L- .. Shotild'; ,iL rej j L '- I I I -1 I I '- f : h, ,
en'o Atembers. I I I ,Proize'D Trees -. a 7 ,, a., (Dis- u Ailree out 6 'a vn'
,., L I L I I I . I I I ..the gro nd. O nly:i' j L L I I .,z:
I L e I e L .L
4!- tlputt6 qenltil 64bg of the State-toL join in The SocletyL "a many lady memberaj, numbers I cuselon.) I I 8 -- : ':":
fl S, or ,, L dred cases did it juni#to other-tr06'. '
1' L oral toy. oi whom a I at e"lIL meeting. 20.- The Aest Varieties of Oranges for General : L L --.
I the formation of a State' 11orticult .Poe re in atteadamee I L I I L I L I L I L L ; L_".,
-1 I L I .
'T- ,'"' ' inpliAed' J. 1480 jlthe joint ao- STATUSOFLADY MUKHRES-TTI View Of Many I I Culture. Lightning does ,sometimes -Latiike: 7
-tign"oftbe, Florida -Nurserymen's' Association, re 1--Theleshbiui of the Froexe---7the L Ingle or I I "L' .. ". "...
.. L. ., L 11 L Iw i6e 4nL Lg ]In j .. 'W e' -i ,I L I n6e to t1uB-:ottm3:,.ff: ,. -6- I the, a e '.',- ,,, Inquiries r. 6eeiLVed in role : -- Divided Stenia Cro'wn: raftbw, : tbW :- -1 L 1. 'p ace L ,
in, Yxiiit Growera' 4saoclatdou L IL .- AeLtoL Speel al Ta" *tc.' forL LL' L L.,.. ,L L h L - L; '-, Lho L ve r, I
isdlej! j, eapEdal , , L 11-L : Sju- 6,
p-, j o 0 Al' L L ly L b , L ,- ) ," L L I I di a the effedta f Ii t i 'actioil,
I I OA O L6 '. _' I .; L .L ;. Z r L o ig ning's
-:- ju'd6iiI4 -h. -rileultnrfots. In 1$ the Florida 'L ctisklon, L :,_ L' ' : : ; : 1. I L. I
Be ftecimpa g wpm pro: attending the aik- I L L I I ,
', a L-a I L Iedj- L' ,de. -. L 22.,Compar ive-Rardine" I o ,,Dlffere L t Citrus I I I L Y S L V,,,e i" I" -' LL I L-.. L ,
stato,,.:U.rtip' a' k 'o6 nn jinestj g. it at a
T" ,ei entertalnOd th' shoald'Ve Adfiltha as '. I .1 I -eapediall e e Cases,-s & Most.tempted .- '
1. L L L L L J'
U 'L,
1 twfltr'Bec? Rd j P Be" of the America I 11 i b L ,n )L , :6ft
yardal on 61ring to Ave enikelves. of the cotirtAslosi ex- L Stocks. (Disenasto , L .. 1. to remark that there Is en but, little
-I.,- -, 1 "T oca. L L ,&L I L ". -',, taiii'96 Wanted. (D L'
Poino cgicajSOCI 4, E t la In 1 92 we begau Ionded memberai should take out regular mcm- 23- Better L Weathe, W4 I L I I g,_ L .-- '11 I L '"Solon.), ': L: 'L I ' L L'] L I left. for the 'lig4tnJn 6 strike, S;gaiu
-9, I I I -- ,
0 inw, b6j @, there being Lno diatifiet3onaSL
tbe- meguIuf iIVJieiitidn 4 iar proceeding L L I 'to Be 3:111 1 Atory to of L .1 ,L 11 L I .1 : - '
I I -At the Sub-Tr Labior _RBSUI IS:' k L. Z h ce, "L
_] .4g ol"o rn !! e reports of di6olssloils. We embership- When continuous X opfeal L ,,No good reason. wn
'k L ... L the requisites of in I I I I I : L :_ .
I -- L I )f ,ata lj)Viaj meniberehip Lie not desired. t I hero '16 I f ) I objec L t I I I on : I the YeEir'BLWork, In the Investigation.of 1that has once'beefiL. str -not-'be'
,, -ai7 L I I IL I I a L' &
about to take up the, work ( L I L L' L '' L I L: -U11 411- 111 1i ,L' - -- L Me L L I L I I Diseases and Insects,,, (PaRar.) _k i : L 'an ,- our-Ird t6.. In' the wor s of PresIden Adatua,' Lto the mber hi o terminating with a single - ,L ' L ,, L struc aga n. There LL L Ca Sea on L ,
I 1, 86d t h L L -- .Z ',I"-. ':; 'L I" L 26. joint Meeting L foi'1896-T e, xas and'Plorlda 1L. I I t. i -L'., L ;' I I,,, "". efLpi6yiifi6' t'ECt Horijietijtiu & 8 -' aS-L Ly or" ", I I -. j I I I '- .
I I 11 L-- IL .a I I L 11 L 1: L. L L' I record oup r. Ing:, e:Bis ti -:- - : ser
-L v- 6wubiwnxjjubcrOinf1uen66 and.usef : I I ". L L L I L State m6rticulfuivaj, sod6tlea. (Report') : L L L I Po , : I., 11 ". "
L I ta r' L L I L L L 11
L afaww, gr'- L L I I I L I -- I , I~.
-, 4 ,nqn ii,, t ,eRge of soven.years it is th -peer .1. a L I a I
gi Iq 11 L Extr oplea and.BackNumber,' , 26. Legialative'Appropri tton. -(Hepp" ) ': L' A:g% JjjljtIjJjng :6ft6n I : fifflS.fil disciftni- 11 i -1-1 1V ... L, .1 L I I I L L L ', L "'L uo, .. L .1 'L I 'L . b L L 27,:T tio -LL -- r'L I , ,' ,,
L of Similar 8(w Otleg In anv taw in iiho ,, nip he InTeStIgatIoD of. Legisla uLDesigued to -- , ''
'T ,- j-, b,, L' : jF6rs6ni-not,'mamb6jdL can docure-t, a published L' L L I L, , ,% I 6-k.,b u I dingL
from .4 ddrei 11 .1 L tt n as and pate y upon tree, rock jt':wlll
life Diseas L, 'L ..
I I UJVAVV mrz4t sovent an- L .Prevent the Introduc o I L '' ", ,
--Ul I L onsyear,%proy"Ided the editt - :- --. I-. L ,of, L L L _]ittl6 L C.e1 1 I %- - 'LL I I.: ,. L L.. report for any. previ oly I lusecto. ,( epo it I I Tfi k 'L but, eren L ,
6 1, Deb jnk ;--: , ; L L I I I R -1, I a e I di 1. sometimes
L: .)' L L I g h L I L L' I L 1.
n L : : of same is not, ex4austed; by paying ,.the Laieni-, j Pa whe th t 6es 're: hi h' L I
4, I L 1 28 TropicaFFraft8 on the East Coast. A .
I I' 4 , ., I I L I I I I L L pet.) er r eVA an, adj di n --,
I -- d j I -ff'or bprehlp fee (of $1) for.that year. Extra copies IL .. L 1, I I 11 I I
I .Vkv 1, EW FP"ou f'o b@ prq,)u 0 to ,I -1 - _,2 L. , I ' 2 'Li tateh ,,, -; erg L 0: L L' I 29 L Tropical Fruits-The Past PresouCand Put- I I.- ;" '
j ij 6i6illt'sobf.t .1whi h, ieaEur4'*tbj6Lnumw: and back.111103b I reports will be furnished .- L L 11 I I I I Ing buildings., I : I LJ'L "' L L': .
I L', 'j L "'L _, L L, L :, d "L, b e L Lj L L L L '''
I L -, L L L .
Iljp oncc of Its L Isom Ora W use Use L are pat for L.t f I . ,,, "L '' L' ". '- L, I , to 4j a
borl of- ItA. JROffq)ere, hyL thol ite b d LeUribiftj L are (it Tropical Fruit ,Cult e, in Florida. L ';" .

)_ L I naL :tiees-, ,
h- __ _, L- I (Paper, L. 1 LL, ; f It is not )udicipus der, 11
I the prominent horticiflturiat&, L ' _6 he MeIdn.-'(PaljBrj "' I 1. L I i "or"_Ai, ,
t I I ar as ,,woll AS for t e: year oF ,YearsA6i-,wh]cb L ". :; P I .uj 'J ,U 'e 6f j', L' '- "L ., L ".. ", L '' 'L , -jhe 'Ldo
eqiij p,,, X L I L ilo., Tin .during thunderstorms,,
'-, -, a6- -, ZZ*aarZ estis weaqb! ,- 4, L 1. L,.f I L '' L I I L I I L '--', I
t ating4ii Atm work, or-by tho rosulte It b ,r 4, at-60,eent ." L -1., I., 1&1 f Pl6ri I L -f
L'.' L L L L LL L L : I L L -th ttle 6 L L - L L' I L - : aAd 4 fti dbv. -' 1. a ,,
]par cip, ;em- L' .L : I I I 1 h'Peaches bf ,L'cJO Ich
() f0f6 OSt 61 L L -barns -'
%J' g%',"d", & --A ''th I L -1 L J, L I SO va f r nea r inineys
S 'L S n m ong L L L L I I I I I I I :: : L '"
I I 1. I ., L
The For hcoj lng RL L .L L "L -(] Jjoor') ': , I I 11
-B 1) 1, L L I 11 _,' "L 1 I I I I I L 'L
f kjiia ud',gOOI4tfi '6jfiTtbfB ,][to I I L ort IL an 'a. 0 Ahe other h And
L.L I I I I da .L ''% 11branyeountry, BOB- L L eport. I d, fire-piac6 L, -: ,, -,
"I I L ,,, Peaches and 'Plums,: In South F1 ": '
": I L'' 'L $12
-010AWaro'.rema.kablejor thotrTstnit alnedinterost; L The pubit.h ed report of .the LLeighth aiauua1 1 - L(Lpapor.) IL I L I Z I I 11 L ., I I I :. I I I .there is noi:muoh sense ln going to bed' '---,
I ,z - - p ra c .". I I .Lt L, . '. ", L j I L_ ". ''L ' '.' L, L, %- :.% L%, ; :J L 'L, 1'- I I ; L I LL I 1,
T 2, _thp 7yeqj qtI4 al and ecjeadfle oubserVe the meeting L'' I 'i4",'' LL I ) 'L L t I
'r v 33. L Pear Culture. (Paper. I I r onW
-1 - ate L, oftho Socle y(at acksow ]'Is, Mk L L L I p .tryink.L insulate SLSeJfLin feather I
11 tical- lto dlHeusslous, always i)oi d,,-d ,anl-, SBad ,9,_l 5' I' --,- L" ttLk 11"66 a L' L 0 .. jj 'L L A n -]
I '11, I a;UY'ajtr--, 89 ) now n .prepaxa ofi *1 But 34 Pears. L (DIBeliefid n')L L :L L 11 I L tio , Lmiltolt, fie'ver'@M t or dull, annu aetak -' LL L* L 'L I 11 I ,beds. L.Arna ar leLS:ot steel,- also, do'' ot
P b 85.7 The 6alif -Privet: as an Ornamental
L. I..", L -freeto &Ululty.pafd Inom era ,andcan be Lob ornia; L I L L I
-, 4" The, Aoel I AIL L L I L L L' ha e the pow ,r tqAttiract-lilzht.i. ,' 'as :
]a go, And- uctinislasti6 nttondanc* : I- : any one remitting L$ ,j" membership, : Hboge, Plant, (Paper.) L ". : L I ,
talixel.bYL L L L : I L
'-",Li itm,,e to,,WblebWiiEiieE4BIon ofeach'L M I oeting L IS, fBQ;Lto L I 1, 6. 4jinaiaenta j, PI ' L L L .1 I .. : ,iit is L "..'bt def imjne' the
1, I I L I I L' tAeL secreteA7. L L L I I 1 I wanting. (Paper.) -I I ,- L bopularlyL.: butj. I 1_ -, .1 'L

I . I 'L - L LL A ale' '' L ISO, i' % ; I ';L
-IgkvA ap,, affo d L. for 1nter-L 37 d P_ , L I L -Ex. -- 1, ,- .111,
F ,8,,rare opportUDI ty L L = 0 voLVIAN *ML.CONTAIN --- 4 full report of E68 an alms. (1) U 012.) L ]p4thofAJschargq
I- ac, IL -1 L I I I .1 t, I L' L L AtIN; FrUltBL1 L I I ., ". , - : L
change I d the forMing:,qf L quaint- selon.' L I L I 1. I : 'L .1 I ZL.: .' I --,,, I of ldoa8 an I the recentexcep, ons, ly. Interesting W J A '8, OurN a (Palier.)
-'; -- tAbalaX list of th I 1, L. _: I I ; -,
"I Fl -t eInterefit of b a : oqca;Iiiiion '. no (PAPOT.) j : L L. I L ,. ,.
anceB. ,h I a fruits, of lNorldoi,: Showing tile L W. Per L zf, ,
In L I L -1 tilizers and Fertilizer Inappotiob.' I I ', ' L I L' ; _-'
'' ho i ft._Ajjjqej "2 ajj 7 affb d foLmjSS.t eSp_,annUaj L I., '' .L I L' ' I -;: L I I., L, ,,, L .L'
; L.'_ I I W ust1j.L ', ,ti-Te tid 'a d In eff L :
, rela ,ycif th& different yA I I :L "
I I I- I aptabilit I .... - riptides to 4o.jusects a Be cides. (Paper.) ; I A Xe bd I-
I I I ,.
"_ ML Oc '"Youe mindful .Lot ,tho..materlal the L L or I sections of ,the S L t I &to. Giving the 4I.Arr-gation.L. (Paper.) I L L I L L I L -. , 1_ .L L L 1. 'L, LL L' I
, L la ter L' I I : .. ., . L' .. 'L
p beat L '.1 .L I L L L _L: L I L
,-- opiyarity, otthe State ,Kill A"d':tYem9f- . t' d ti I I I 1. Fiorida's- tobacco IfInteirests lia -, "-, ki.10L ItL- *;t ' I lat'66 an L .prac ce for practical growers, eer'lo (Report.) L I 'a' L' ' L lI', -f I
L L 42. N o gy I I L L I LL, L ,
"I Bet --Edltor1a1fr,;m V].,idii A 1727 -. 8 L: for ".L
,,,',jr,,.,t, -'' L ," L--L ':L I U I I I deoMptiousof vaxletleB And method proo R olutl'us of Thanks. (Report.) L L % idei ertised,', And[ 'il ez, ct -1
L 11 :L : I 11 I I- L I .1 I Be 0 1 :W Y L L I L I 1 I ''
.11'' I I bectlve:plan ::. L ,tfi Lt 310 L L aA :. ,
T'r -11 ,- ,. .- :, ters and comprising (in connection,, 44 Catalogue. (See notice above.) -known a fifi6rgr es.jD ,cigar leaf--'
4 f, ; % .. ,.,r,, 1 L --:'- L "' I L I L I L I L 11 : L I 1
L_ _1 L L with proviouBropprts) a reagableoutAne, of.our I I I L ,
L L I L L I 1 I 1 L I .
,,,., 0 0 W T L JIMeinber. Z L L. -1 : L L
I -114 0, Bc p -a: ,, L L I 'L L L .bo 4a
11 ,,- -r .. '. L- ; th for 11116to in 'L. wrappers; can be pr I 1
f - ', :, L I L horticultural eso L fruit can I
I L LL J# "'' '' grower.
,, A L' : I I Every; Fraii Grower ShouldHave It. ", U an those wn 'in Florida; -but ,
;L, persou:,ran b caqnbamember ,by paying Affordto be without it. L (See contents below.) I I I I L gio I I :
I .1 jh L S oc L L ,. ,7 L I., L- I L -(qr rem Ittl I 3L e L r This lathe .L I 'j' t, L a' L L L the "at
in'; a; note to oorrespondents, in oUthb coarser varieties
,, ."L" -1 ,Z- 'L SM % : : L' Catalogue of the Fruits ofL Florl".
,, j I 1 L I .
nl)r I eqblrem ent. '''' L I ,, I I I ''.. I . 111. L I L L I L I L Lk L 1.
L..;. L I : L. 11 g to the "cajalogue, pub 11 Shad for the T aber, theL'well known horticulturist, ;for manufacture 'into, chewing, tobacco, T ,
-, T ja'liililfl ltee'alei;" re '6o annual dues1for Ri3forriD I L I .1. I L, I .1 j6L I ,. I I 1, LI 4L "LL :,. I first time In tl& report, a recent editorial In the Bayg:, "The few imperfect horticultural-: 'see S L have beenneklec d,. : L .-', ;- -1
I the, ,r.: ,L" L ,":7 L:" ;- .. : L. I I I ,. 1, I I I I M L : L L I ;L L I L ,". I ,
I L I jj, ,, ,, L L I ', L ; '.L 11 I :, ,.LL L I ,
_Y BB, L DAVED a,_Uleas Florida Farmer and Prult Grower says*. :, 'works applicable to ,this Section are: out L' IL I IL ", L 1,
-Io ,*,9LI CDY;U;BP1Y,; .. j L, I ,- ".Throughout thecountry, whereverfruit grow.' : I No good 'reason eppe&roL w- ,...,,,
, I I .1 I ". For, some y'6ars I was at A JOBS 1 L
ot O ao roqaoffte d, theAnitial so Isapplied1to 'L -tL ; '" -- of date. 00
11 I -. L L' bjp :bajjImd :Ing has- become an In us ry of -Impoirtamee, the I 'L
,.,0' Z w 13lbSteL I d' I L I Idustry shou:idnot b .. prog table 'L ,"'
th ,.cdrreat 'year the members' L ,h ': c'- Cat in- I . 1: 4 '.
11 L 1 - ci: It can b6npp libril6ultural, s ele in piled a, -what to' re ndre6 of L L, L' I .1 -1 "
jho cwjthi jf d6klred; b&wev lied z I I tISSL aVe, oL .. L L L' I 1. I 'M'rL_ "L W S 'L L L L L
1, Lr,_, hich ca"'L L I I logueo:ol the fruits grown, sboWing;L by their arm ": for ,W GeorgeL axonL Piealdtut of the ;:
I toauyprielouR year.juW the.member- L IL L 1. ,quirers horticultural orks. The: i L "

I I g9ment and marking,, the, relptiye ,, adapta. r I 1. al City Bank,: "(jOjj6 of Tal I sh aar L' '
2- 4 jh4ll Ogi,",wlth the _76ai'towh1oft the payment. .ran I I I I IL reports of -the Florida .State Hortioultu- ; Capit 1- I ,, L I I 'I,
4" a pllce. This' IS 11 I L q '' d I to 154). L bjUty of t varieties ,,- the, moveralseett I IL I I I 1. 1. t., ., .-iL I.. L S, T as
-1 mllionaly one, n order lie L L ons; r' I So fetyL f terpris ng. L 't' ,
d'L L L L d a c now published annually,: ,seeB moo .en L 2en
,_ ; tl o Ljjgh, tage, Such Oatalogues Tieing revse, every. year and I I '- I I I IL
procoe of re io rs. n Fft L :r6portAL of @Ug t'S thbaCCOLeXt6jj_,
onto p B idp ,S 'in" I published In connection h the the contain the best information obtainable br h fro in, Tilgi of&," '
,-L-_ Where r1i.memb EitJ4 to begin with a .p I L L I I L L I Is I I'L f t" L L ''L ' L"
1. A CLO L 'L' hip Is do- ,proceedings of the socdetlej3, Theseo eataloguee; upon 6urL: horticulture. I have I no :and plr*ntk or y acres o "plug" 0bac-' ,
1 ", prervions year, I . L uttimons members L 1. LL I I L 'L I I L I I L L ci.,i "
at jorm. an invaluable guide to.tiia-pjantor aria on_ .hesitancy An recommending them ,to' 7 c top: is ,
Sanwa 148 for .L ; u I b I 0 Ye L are should L I I 40b L The, proappm L- Or'strev I ,-. L I.. eseqa I L :able-even a noMeo to select wiWeertaluty. I L. I I inLL 1 promising. e area -;' :iFaiL I NO' one:Antereate& I .The I e stays,
tw paid *e are g correspondent. I L I : = I
L : j "j"L" '., ", , :, :! ., % L I -]lore In Florida r"Ing ts u n der .61 L I LO, South L L .. L I L." L I ,1- L' I I L L OIL L 'fruit growing inL 6i jset out nine weeks4ko; measured: tweti-,---,
L I .... I I I 1 .
; ". L ,the w can
-1 -1. T. ., .': L L: ; -' L, L '' --7 1. 11 : conditions so peculiar that result& obtalnbd Be- I I L -tn L ,on L Tjd '' iXt; i , ,
L L L oy' Ity fOULL ,,
L' L '- L 11 I I :' wliero have little Value; in aVoid rapoajiiiig OF' Ad be with utthem, he report I inches I ktii "'S ea 11 "'
-' _ThiBi Ajannal Fee. I., .1 I L I .1 afford, O _T L I '1-1 -'
--- L L_ : OSL L'S I ,, L; L or" ,
e at .;
t I ,,, I 1. .., L I I -1 L . I and over the same mistake, andtli, Onule7jjerl- of-the:Ja StLL meetin'g-ls now in prepAra- width and the yiel Is dotlina.14?d "' '4
11 ilia menibership4ea I L 9 $1. _(The I ltdjt l L .L d to knbW:L_. hat L 'fi '_ , I I . L 1 60 6, L 11- ",
Tt % L ments, we nee ot Ora Working in L L h : L-'.M ,
arm L L 1 L ion,-afid :Will be sent free to &nYOjleLre-- -11 poun-dsto. t- e aerle..,,: : r., Saxo'C',,
:L LLO' t L I I .1 L 1, b j e ti 4,
:, $1 paid &@ a requisite oftnembershIp, covers theL the same Ileld have accomplished. far as Va- I 1 I lffil 1
L L L l I 1. 1 L I L 'L I . I a th'at one of:the prinoltA o
-L :. L I I -1 -a catalogue of-thiS kin ,
: iftr fft yesr.).'.,..1:L 'rietW are concerned, L d knitting $1 as a membership fee to A ,, H.r S a L I I t _, L '' I -' 'L
.1 L 114'
"'L .. aid give no such knowledge in a Leo else. and Manville, Secretary, Glen St. L Mary making this.experimen isrto.,,eneburage
,- 1 1, daf.ailw reliable form; And theselection of varletleB Salted L Flori ."' -1
11 al entities the sermon paying I L L, L da, ., diversified farming iii Leonbounty,.aud ,
same'to tliaptkbl][Aed L report of th6annual meet,7 ta one's requirements "fee L I &t the L foundation of I L : I L I L I L I I I L Ji I LL I -, r'll
I ,, hljh L L gT0*jns.L 11 .1 I I I I I I I- L I L I 16 opea to see many, p ant,6ra jrrowitig ,%- Ibg beld i In j uccem in fruit L' : L I .L L I
be Ar for W L -the payment L 16 P L I I L .. L L I I L I jn: th L ' '
I L .- L I I L I L &1 -ne.t-s chewi i'tobacco ,
"The Florid,% State Horticultural Society has , ,,, 1. : I I L n -- ', 'L - ': "',
made, provided the edition for, that year is not L I .1 Proteoti;ll from L L cL L L :, I -- -4 ,
E ihaa&to& "I L f. pa ' L go I -undertaken the cataloguing of the fruits of this I L I W g' : L' LL' I ,-, L
1, ,. 4 : before I ,the report. to I L .1 I I L I L_ I L, %- P 0 %. -, ".". I :, 7g C
11 Iltite. T .1 I .L I 1. bears I -1 -
One interesting 139113t which & I I 'L kL' ,- .L ;' ,
I pjoSii the name and Catalogue will: save. oar horticultural !. .
addrewof tho-person so I : L L, L F 681#6 ih6g ,-.6stablishi -d for54 ,-
I -. ; aS-pPb,: lid L I -., I L 6e L a, L I L jn terpriS
peybg appaa ro II1k +&e Hat of members, 'O ,,timers' many, a a ep, ,and will cause Lto b6 shown 'by statistical, studies of '
I& I I I I I- I L I'L _up -his L L L. __ LI I I ,, L ,
I :L voleo L L purpose L of pro!dng the capiltiWi4a, -'
report'L 11,pal L ef6re(bj, at)'th L' ew co L mer'- 1. L L audL. bleas the ""
'jabod't, tha,, Id III S the A. L L to I h debr'm ed liability L ..- -. ., L', ,, I 1 -- c
L. L I th 'L L" L 'orUbnItnraI'S cfSty.. It Will mark, liglitniDgstrblod I L a It e L L. L; L Oil olild-clima:te y
L H L I I. of 'Florida's a bre I a.
aIjnt, armeeuug it oeffares e pirtyllego4 And the-Florlds I I i in thiaL L t* 4 *
L' , % L '' 'L I I incident kly settled, commlont I aii, ,ii, i , I 1,
.1 be' act 1 "Importwit epoch in barpomologi 43[progrOBS'i'L L L 1. L L "L LL- 1.1, ; ",'', 'LL 'L, '- jL "t, I ..- _eU Oiir 4'. I I '
I I I I L h B'i L I ,:'
-mera 6 6
oburt" A.a rs In an Ion *Ith ssddL 'L I I t L L JtL lh ay I :
F 46tlak, L v L, I I .itte j L L ... I '
I ,and Its under I a kin'" LL I es. L. ,-be said, n gepers; ; ,L ;, .',, ,;-.-: "I 'L ',, ,
And in %dvanee of g a dina ,. r or congratula .. .- L' 'h': L .,.,. iT fly i Lii ': ,,,:;L ', ; L, ,, : L_ I 1
if paidsuffIdentl, jjoc jo tbe et,3, and I., ,P. e,,_ % 1 6 S' -1 :77 ,
I .
o- Ineerb I 6 Oi ',oj- the I th6"'jiSk L, in't country I L, ,
",'. 4 ng, the person paying will r6cdv L e, In L tlu fjjjj 'g ....... I,% I I I
I I L' L L I I I L 4%

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ven by-V ru 1-bufthe re-L- A* We"JILI do our best, J'L )0 P,,,LLL
1 -1 big hoss onto us, but haxd to suit 1; On it %in big letters was: pjan, fully r Cent,. 0 the tiM
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e, L ... ....; .........
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in 'gLOA af, b'6okL It JOHN = G; m L a L c :,prcVeM ed
'luck 1)'UC 6 "day it, cabib is a s e L r an h6l'dbre Life ai.% inb.ldi' IV rotary cUttI h*
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But plain aLpoor
Lll'outhat'lft e ga this Waste. Land at the -samo',,fime pro,'ft Lake Valley
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'he I& v L V L a' che'eseboXL hoops is, 6100)nmou'LaWam
j hanoe of onr life,' said t L eii.wo detailed the t P,
ti' L MS to POSSeSS L
we ,phtys it.' There's *Ong, an When the. en ire congr ga on, elm oth re thub see
do, the :Jast V.E S "it jdidL eV :: 8 watch anLwatch 'every night till L Me L to gh
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an tlloSe er j' L "And for
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I big re Jy- jnent.L:.AI'= goin to'read a obapter. i out, All the, :trouble wo to6IL." r
L, anlent L thrown into ong vats fIlled with Water,,
09"se; pm lpoutpf aganIBL6f p6ker t I"ain,t
org bej6a'y a hishere.,Test Times-Herald.:
'd beenPcOVJ ShLL L -irtitab a where they -arei led from 12 to 20:-,
par line require
din no claim for it,,"cause'i hours. Bd to ften the
orin an d LV
an p perva, XQI R OF ae- SPEM EE
I'M "'- '' Loj ,' the game: an accordill to Hoy 'I , I-era ( ys. The town s d:a h je. , L I I I L L 1. timber;.orcook At,:m' the. bperationis'
Jt wai3 a' preacher. here, he'd do it, but ; : 1) k L I., 6
The 9 Make- 6"'.r, Xnea an called varies acoordibir the, size of
11 -bim an tried to Geese. th timb
-I- 1- him, v is y an 'hig- -_ t- L L -, L -, -there bein: -noL-aech-Oh_-this-- range nd 0utfly the OL er a L nd the L s6aaoit-,-, 'Large logs
9 nj j, o
V, ong hi h' k --,Hour I
as E6. ped kjay myk, 'of all he 'At ds the Anier,. require
t migr 04 bir to Ito cooked longer, than Small
as Otod hopii'- or -.ab o t.t e the
wa 4 d'So he rea I ap
wa" f S oneE, Vhe
Mall is "only'.human, an,, "It Id,,pigeon and black duck are well, particular
aa e ane the log
in 6ne night to *pUlch4 'notL UnCOMMon
st, Up tOWArL frozen. ;;:It is
Vi&,)Zi* M1h st A the front as rl gaid long.'and 4o find the,,
.-resurrection, an- everybody took, it. in th
ight .,-The speed of., epigeons Meter Of A,1OgStillf1W5QW
fInWi.teat a tray full f 1$ 00 L wk- L might Of CO Be L Was the rapid of ter, L 10h urs
mi y, owly,,kfor that
ri i the -of bo'lingww ., can only-be estimated While that of
be established b. ExperienCeL is 'the 11)est guide-iu this
eM SO'*0 L u s can 6bservaflol
.0 &'k J&1" ".11ke L L
-ROB p t, of the busin*, and to know when ,
E ye arsa the writer and a
-camp -to hear1roin any one underLthe head of the L thorL
-do the slam L Up tifictriefid measured off on 6f the. timbens roughly cooked and not--,
Lhe'd init, 11 ore e V ]I isL L of thina ., qo of tfIe ptder. ge Sh o erdo e one, the gs acquired
1hib deia dir3hall,,', a ar western river. aLlihe exactly thr e
t e 13jil6S long, each took a station at only by constaiit observation- Whenh game unanimous. spys Jinx Hamilton, 'this thinglWeighs f -the 7 ,n, y boiled tjB L jogs Rf
'Gentlemen,' he Opposite en ds 0 0. object suflloientl .. i, &Iil the VatSaro-d laid in
''f I t he 1 Of course as keeper of
aa 1esoni ( SSUre, L Be &VI W as to L note-by means-of preconcerted grapple IML oil
pr Ah ex1anceball of the, Then
seleb6; j, comP ryKr.4 beap barkL isrenjove(I
-TTM Z' signalsL the time a flock of, wild ducks Akids, where the
-k iiIL
tli i need WaSL t ssin-g a log is lifted by A.crane. and. swung
Act U 6 00 pa 6r d6wn the river,'
my friend, "'Jiild hi s werp
h V "these titds to be a ons to placein the, iiia&ijie, Where it is held
nSert' it V a L ear the stati
variabWai d u in an clearly LL
P Sop 4, L in a borizontal positloh, b' h ks
want I During three %hours on the, morning Y'c TIC or
d th
19u a bright 0 dogs a certber it st,06 wed', o L, Mwhileho h- el" d.
AMowin there 1i L J;jBa.'' L I ad of etober day, observations L L..
L L lboted L 0 passing the
don'.t.reekon OV near, foy&t were L In thip',positb 'ihe log revolves lke
W6"V *eaknesA6s as j do *6 ; A 'di Spb tipg a roll a ps iinti Th
-,Vil got. stations'of nine different flocks. Upon in ap ng press. e .
B corl)se new ,,rulesj,40 4e,,PlAyed*loh9 was: ton
ur, a L OBS:
an if w fW, t t S ,o comparing watches It d:that knife WhI6 now, I f nl I , il e cutting As, Very
,4snVbVhj h enjoyed
"So wo Y-Ilied j]m Ah-PrOnch the average time WaSL 2 ]MiLUUtes and: 42 'heavy and JA !bo ted 16 a heavyhea
his nqtioe.wa perhaps his greatest fault. 'led J16 LL c 'L an I L agel to(, f rwa j xdan e- AhoI'slow'a 'L L 'L 'seconds, thus showing the speed. per e'al ''M I
Paul tojo to the S ta F His-giTin SW47"to, ,Ois _Pq, yesterday L. 66%;r9jleSL MZ L by SotBWS
box for e6i416 Of nig- ': J.; Fhour. to be; or one ileinL64 L toward the re o ving Og, In'
pri axi cause! of; hlSL.'13,2dn I L I L I I d L "' ,
conwlAo djgl d grave.. I secondii bow uniform was the IndRt'approyeL inachilies the, knife,
.1 PS L I'Lligpe hell. f,' as 0 SW
gatheredd his fatbq
ia th, 'Ibeir; flight. a, differendLe Was 1. '1 . found 0 an en or sci ing a a
Dal& get
ifo g thar an Stz up With
on korw d Tbis refioes th6
ie Ai peop'leL ve,, secoudS L between, th gr
UP a worefidin -he blitchinoon d- ts the c'nttl
wile from town. In order to maMe, a fu and the 10"t interValo'of time. t
IWOULId L, w L L f oft? ng
Haral suck Q;s you nood distance Almost, As :numerous flooks OfL ild glese, 0 9 unsound and shaky heartiad'logs.
say., further that- :Llt ji wit, aftericon.81 Aali- A he knife Ouleg in contact with the
thL ame i2eighborst'ff:c" It 9"YeS"the Proces- *,-B '' s in the s
I Y tilbbe
urn i,:W, oihe L
slou a eL W Spleau an OVg, Up* L L I an to. so .,fir r, the, inequalities o thelo are
too ef S-' q bood observations were al taken to test
't jhak6L jfun al we have, in honor of the deaa their st Shoin off, L, and
r1ou coulduc er =POs=d 'hourly- speA Two points twenty- L L, gradually the lot be,it'LiA Your:lb k'L L 'd mar his cashin -aad L one-third mile trt Were Se- co es round aud'yfe4ls an
avtL a, yar business' e ofin-p iyffilng agreed Upon, 1 b' ledt d b I h Were d'b hr ken sheet of lgraber, like the iiiwi kl
e'lit. smooth right Off JL L '. ;' 0 of conneote 0 1 Y
twest: L to YOU 'a This BMT. "t el L, i W d in identifying Wg of La ;roll of, _jnlOtE This lh,54 of,
the noel. W got a box engrave all', ffl.s6te. egaph.' e sucoeede
]3ujM W 7jour ouj'of Se eu ,flooks-wfiioh wood is i off in obnviBnient
the postmaster Stu V passed en
ck u !Mr. Postmaster, SaYLS, Bums b6ih, pa&sLd th',fourL lengths, which am passed nud
;= iqoU0po se& 'He" over uring e days:,
t'doorse-ftin the hilarity'
it ed & j ;bd' W B Lcn i kn if
the Ile ow ocef4
day Promptat, 0 er e mean IV
th e w6kli. 'Ph es th at -cut them-- into -tin otm-'
for 3 o'clock, ead game sport rom *Ay- back; our
,,f 1hei drop of 'the hat 0 camp I et, go -'All ly Api6ed was foulld"to' A"fradil(iji over widths corresponding with the i
'th ...A, protracted wT 0004MIS y _dbpth of
dd "e in a body'to put 1 0& ild goose a& M L n _1c the box
h t He Was Out In compounded drinks ofAbe frontier had' If the(box6s
o9ed to be the swifbmt of' all water
begun, to, W-11" on biur fililcr a 'Supp "bUt'Llthis 'mebtsbow Sthatle-, am n
ls, ,iaribehind- 41,--Wii'd--,' duclL--61


rl ,qe Owpi ratively few a lgihle 4'
-le contv 8 566,480 letters,
xos axe fgif- t-ogothor- irt the--I)arger Me Bib ins
&J 'most product is dfied 810,697 wo ds, 81,175' verses, 'A
apters: and 6 boo"; o opg, pte al;b
and apmanufactur- I est; ch 71"
-shipped th the choose
-119t rb6it d
g, counter -the, boxes, am om-.' is the" -h, -Pealin the tho an
1, L .. It
p 6to&- ",The boxesin the finished state niddl6chapter.js the.117thP 1=.thil
bulky, or economical handling middle verse is the eighth the i 18th 1 1116; lli th
n If
freight car _%e ',longest, nai:66. is in t e
Ot Pon
b6xeg _. 46th,bhaptei. of Isaiah. The word
Wre an complete,
"'.9y1jile r; 000 can be carried.if. ahij;)ped in e:0B.4XGX-- LAVOX -X AXG9'seventh chapter I6f Isaiah and the nine'tb ild, book 'of. PINE.4PPLE, POXELO
e r- antT which are not vpu teenth '.'chapter o e seco
-enobgh'-for h6o we xi foi the cover: Xii:Igis are i like the lbr gb t ver 6-t-is the i
a narrow band that goes, iiinth of tho'eighth % chapt.erof Esth r; cyid Other lropipal_17,rai,
"Aiand. and for th
theb6ttoul'of tl 6 bo) Th be We Shortest thethirty-fiftlyof: the, elli _'
- - w - Weqty ii both'.AS regards depth enth ohap ter of,, John., 'The t -f 8 tj
-4,L'An i- diameter. rThe most commonfiaw verse Of th -:SevQnth chapter of 0 LO
d_ 'a'l bheego Of One 'of the ion, 4w
from 60: to, 65' the'Only ef t6 collect
whicjicontaind letterAn'the al ha
Such a, box is, 10 iw&es deep y PZ
-inches in diameter .1 is bet 'Th6tVoid"Lord;," or 'its equi*w-,
-of cheese most in dem&hd'.f6r lent, "Jehovah," occurs 7,698 ti mes in
rho Pitbor Lake 061onv lands are In the h@art of a mignifivent lake region of
,--,,,export, The size for home Consumption the. Old, Test monk ortobetaoroexacti, n, ties, sibon't, m!id botWeen th4 Atiastid ocean land ike'Gult of exleo, bOtweWr t, el f
lo'ninell. r smaller and i;Dquiros the Word ra:4,868 times' 046
ru t04 ocen 10 oflatitude. For this colony a choice selection of &bont 2 .6001 i0cresoi,'
6 inches d6o%:fiut ifif"the -Land the word 'Jehovah" 5;84bL? times .,.yd wIthIJve.4Pftir,.WrkPy oak, and blackjack oak
R= 0 -diameter M the other The word "God I? oes no omur in, Lke ill of tketrict; takes of vari6las arose, the acrewin ex e '" a th,
ki r. ft' Irouis, Ropublio.: :",trgeit'about W acres; tgo 1,1, "t Ires
nds ofAimber ars used. fo. mithe a akes:are from 26 to 75 feet deep, with. pure,. aweet, wboln
thobOX ,bfi elln W Tj'. 6Lnj6fah thoy have &'Kentle Igh $0 th ,,
"form j the heads Of ir. th
ere: a ti tio"
VSe "*Ceptod, Ulate- -the 00 g forward. bo la, chAse; waters edje; cohseqliontly, 110 stagnant Watsr &D no malArial condl Wns;
t,.sl y t tOL take'L. Some t' Jn4qlqpudj theSta ,o
res aid orlda.:, am rommosq0toes'loalorb
ea Of the Soil the 'L oug I,
'incli "C LLL 'i .;L Tpphleaorne In sects Lip lake I [to -a burden on the east coast, a6i. dalqu g thegulf, b# "grarr O" level,
it'd to: ib sym pathet' OL fr'eDd.,: an you. go e an annoyance Ill t a regions where theLl&uds surrouu dlng tbe, watep: am- jjj
118bing Or something like that?,$ b
jo sbaky, the eboolib or shakes running thissectiou ill ns we"ant In slimmer as Itig in -inter;,tbe-froquent showersand i ebr,1 6 4
'iaxoiieiid the l6g andfollowing" !66. graG "W 611 ',' replied Mr.. Weary' "'I'm go-., ',back-And fourth-betweenthe ocean and the si
ilfwak the Lr cool and the i ahteweinAt d u-,
nildless Ing'duck hii ti 'g pretty ''be
'OfthOL'timber. Such)tinabE n n 8
tho'hoops were saw Rd, btft n, the "Where?' The Town q1te v Ste on alakeabout fiftyLacres in extent. :Around.thip Bqqpyl vd
Much p 1:1 F, street My wifef--hag -seen it 16 ambeeD reserved which Inevell &II;T tq bosetto obade treellandinadoS nalt *U drive.
process of it cau. be turned 41U
to good accounL -The bulk of -66'e ni not that Lbave toligo -duck of I- a bon n 8 acie, nriiii-4 or I ic have been] laid out, which will maie 1 4iy
b, purs J.Vof,: 4 Washiiigton StRr... the'la @, iResi-d'imte and6nolnen lots cover r rty acres of the town slw and a Join
a -jib 0 tacre. 1#ocks [for replden ss and pineapple p lantafLion iij takdbX, wo and 91
,set apart for, he ow T a 0 L tbe4and has been laid out,
thl t m site. b balaisce
Th6'westbrqa peninsula (if- ont DrNvF-R CHICAd '40 a to 'tatiolhaiinti -garde -Tb eae tracts r," 0 P, r i, a fl Wn $ 1, 0
mi I acre r groyba. orchard a. p an'
north of Lake 141rio contained:oiie Of to $10L iL'0b4,4d bal
014XN,(fE-0F'0A R8 rding to distan6a from. town center and are sold fo 6 o't r
th - . down per-acre'acco Ie
'pilio.hirg( st-trActsof elm timberon e I a "Ziery' acre of the co ony an ;&nee in Oneall Interest.
:,p r9
06&hieut_ it I ted i ,
has been greatly dep
-a held to be morevaiuable than those not ilairing a water froutagli tults t,
Logs are taken *250'.W;$875 T soold ajL$215. #Wano jf7p wO,[Tif;
ou, in W3n- oi, o ar
J'( Inca PSL j -Are 25k12 I Jilots'
swam m frozen 'and are n, B uts 5ifeet. vi
when the I'IT L L los.A. These and tow b
:i'leir t e railways or on'the lake ear; Title to these do to perfect and in
ore. The-bulk ':them _71-iL-Pr-o-vM4 th ir t wea ul,
of are taken fu
ch rge
we In11 u ,c._ t
o mills b: water' in tow, of powerful, nu 3 b ,
ad '.
lL of
M tug _NCW UNE F FiOi
lwhole;,40110_44 hot J
F. 777 +6,
They M491firientlyo.qui0pe
of the
T xAs AND -r-ki: d' 0 l6ig bliVe eon 0'&deShe-- Zo stib 3 led,NVhy is MT.,s-6fi4 _SoLsadw.hou through ve 1,1,J4,17
'SOUTH I 011T ;) L
sings? tra ns,
EN C o
40- N T -ean I h,
I suppose he waoiltsAd. be-ih UNANGE.OFCARS Jk*ar]lr: do4lf gi aU c6utaing ae unsfor a piolilbiting the:'Manufaetnie! 6 h 4ale JW1tti63dft thL
liathy with his audiquee. -New Y6r 0' Ole
so sold. tlal]s"OL
liq &n.4beveravetu ofi ka laud This Ain Ift th r
oe q a C lo. which has,
give byfih*Colqrado.SprJngs. (Colo.) Tow pp sedth qught4qb Jqavurt,
, '. , 1-.,
le L n
I'QUIOKEs-r TIMF. :i2HANOE 0ftbafStat1P and bee ft iiir
'Cason ]Rig" :L 11 L I 11 1 ;L'1 0- ., 'L " .
BEST SERVJOE: t J In the nee. refi e Dg OW tb
Pe "n Ilght6en miles from &'raproad po
ench 6urts aXeL eon b4 'df* the Jacks vili T & DkffifiOssow
,' 'ductyd -with More L 6111onythah opr TO XaS, L rallwayfrobvAvow Park nea, Clity, for j miles 1i orth, -to a:: b4n p r0jected r ..w. Mi
o nl they m o ocoaSio I I 11111y, en,]iVe L ned by Uttialans, Plolida 4nd- 'ALL sandltta "Iteved W111 beconatruated:app 1nol)erqqn, b6fAejb,, 'Joad 0)Y, 0 thro _he'coldnylauli th1 *4. t to trunk lines ;gqrth
amusing incident t&L not "TIG We
Stiattli rn and ','Soutberii- This will give no "Ay andquick tra
-easte' -- ; L 1: -L
in U bi J1 'L of6 d f4Yd-JW et st win f-B,
Maitro Gas IS' vOcatO Toulist Points. 1 6 of si*ery, acre wit n 6 c ny limits from one hundred to fivo hun r' fit. L.
0? h6WL do L i id"' a Po t r fie manager pribj6atid, sort" of
Teailouso It ad' og" J' ;'
AS' Ver Y' fq. 4DD.
of ivhi h ho 4&- 6day he-, Pineapple Plantations
to r tak- for oettleraand for non-residentai whereby, fora- tJi is L dogJ7 leh.:W a& Sea thatyour ticket reads: m An if ed amount of money eegqaran, tq cl( W W,
aJJ- od ALZ sc?" 01 land onthe town sltlil f Aaq the ISM4 plant loioofp ae&ppleLellp, oneach acreLcarorrJMv&ti'.
mid m or into court, wi h "Via the U. P. DEN., ER (JULF RAILWAY
L. L L I L I
hj nj. H 'Soat6d AZ '0' OfL a a dL tortipge, Pjp, same until the first crop on the first acre matur T 1#3 Ira ww" *y
cw at ne "' L .. ni 1117-- ;k, L", I tb ,(
end th Itt, IL -tier of trfikts wl I$lnPntt tllJ'1lLL Tb ,
if I of the south
'ratesi routes, tickets qtc cossful. reau bill in the east Lt er.and part 1 4, btn6h WSignJ4' j6 the counsel and: be- F- full Inforinnation retarding _JJartL ",
11 t. 'L, ' L I I I balance of the nouth tier and &UL01i the west sllde wire reserved for h, Socon Gin RjOch Ja in"
gan, an, argU ffl coil an your, aliarest agent, or address,
open having a low hundred doliara to Invest, AVdID k
M -tr "hada j g]i pit&edL to;tIons L to I W Ch I io'ida
"I a aselionve 'EL L. WINCHELL, Gen; Pass!r Agent, bho'sept" hl tile manager gives his imrsonalattentlou, v, Oven upo4appliG via
voice, and as ho ed tli li' ft ma Culture i iiin:iL tb,
:DENVER, 00I PAAPJ be said here that PiseApple nF r he W&ROY of fi'dove
e warm up W1 18
ea h6 raised it; 1, 2 who, ifia r 0" h4 giki"" nly below t'ti?
P1 0 ,6 a Jorld jon' e. 6nly 1114ta In a Un 6 re D'd hi"Ls
it. 0 d fhjj tlie6ria is:IJvnIte&:! The returso-Are early within t*o Una
could stan L n onger; He Stood up
'noihayo te Wedt #We to SOYL
on the bench and: howled--w-wbW I We* I 'RION BD one do-8 any*" &A with an orange eoyAL
wow I' acresset-to Pinopppleal at PaborLske and It expected tbat,'&,: !
with 7our rame and address written thereon In,, p 4
Maitre uve moderated his voice
to feur, ix;flos from the t wn:idk hr 'hodiaso
cuffed whereupon Gold or Silver, 15 or 26 cents, L each. Worth' -the T ore In. In 6 near Tt"Ity, from three 0
hJngJ L' j Li UW and other aoiperatlozs, for Which tba In anaga, dt!- thlw;
rr oney. CHAS. A. MINERART, be bonghj, t2,6&eta offroM 40 640
o in ence. The lawyer
;erbsi'ded flit utis Tf" a _Ido' te Acrals
And I by and by, forgetting 8t Cfaliforml a, F4, $10 qqrLabjee onawfoui th malt d.0 a
an &I nee in',ons, 'two.,or, thres years, with In tiarest at 10 pfc V& 5 6i binisc'L Ifis earn eSS'Lraised his una. "'Someof the" tract are blgk
es Piall a a ds, suitable for'
hi 'h L tch, and a iowillands iidjolnf tL _L aerao in sitin"
voice once', more to 'a a p, g a '&ks of over t an would requ" drainaot bate. WWb
W4412 So W 11110 iery rich !"#@ 4in whtck:oorm ries, sweet p4
OUd tone.4'" Scott Acosta,: & 3 C vld
Scott, 1 ifuda! 6ff Crrll s be,
VVow I _wPw f wqw, W:, howled the dead arm could great _'pronti;_ 4.,ilyiber, p 1WJJ6o_',I 3 Cq70' viofijv '
-Aittle dog once more. 00(6i and' sj Jj tol
ARCHITECTS, Could wire adjoining tricto and. so ferin pleasant neighbi
t, mo PoStuffita, StqI* OP 04, and school faicifttll '%', rrespon ones on this subje, is "o 6jW.
the lawyer- stopped ort,
turn The'Maziager of the Colony was for were than twonte, yisltrsi. rlimdiiif'or 06163kno il,
ed tothe dog, afidLoyed.him severe y. WOW
,ALt2& he ;litod W W= 'CdJ6r&doLsprh1ga' Tor%
Seo here Sall alolidt 00 bf ;QJbip;hfa
ken ililto
"this'eftn't gc. Are eiparfin"t, many
on -;LL jj' jcfi Th 'nortga, Hom a I I -I"." _ya r J&L t' &a Ufldllx: UP jl eManto 01POIC,
terpt taphom ftx
thiHeaso, you"Abetteidlo it Albne; but if Jjj I TRA Afj*r)JLLy
long and'active Ly
am than you ve got th eep Sti 111 AN TEB A
JQ such an *Xtint as to njoftiftl6toLft eltaugs of &mate.load rsslden i &'I
After 11hat Azor. held his,:Lpeace. 10 C linseessurab y bovnifiW and em rqsmi snct to! fol,ents'per-Copyi
,") Outhlwe6rupani be
u r-ri.
00 !P4e',(;r)* 4
'"ftborLake Plnf apple.L"_ L:
He :wss lomon e wisest
--Wby Bta ln I I
In Iti jdwnd:ykw of.pubBeatJ
in no* Ion "baeriplian woonto W
MfM my and the "Wopmel
the ady"cement 61 the colo
Fla p&gns,.,eov,6tadtp
ck chv'illi.' it of,
6 141tar a in th# Lls)6WRigi6lk Janth F 60pies Wilt be sen
W al se -him. -LoAdou Tit-]Bits.
'Original HeAd quarters
11vited. conly i6eniitol 4
ell as oil] Tropi Cor ftpoiiiiiii4a is I W*ri*lLtIa Ik'0iM b"VniabolL
For isirs V pal 17YnIts, and, ,agwared.
00 Lip] -a& Ad&*w
140A 14ver an(I 0_1
ental-Treesi Shtnbbery,,, Vlfies, Palms
vory, 1XV W, or i wtwu P4111od Fern K; t
15,4fAerlq- _4
d fbr" he 'ane

RMI ,R 2,m T-I
Ofi V flu W Ff

donk ya, How, then,,do foiks get about
emned, &he, present'LSystern froin 6ne-pari,,to another? T WH
he4la:tiv6s d
oxtih-g, children. -Makijik-T th6m- ow ots -Dumley, spend '11is,
rs I e n' 0 aSSeSLL W as A Winner -OTPe he f it I'TO: 'hat legacy?"
TfieY-arel. Bwlt'Vot'-foot 'and, IL
-ipr6ditcUv-e u rry-even. 'Well h
in coriceited ho uk do prizo 'a A o, summers At ihe Reaside, ht
f making 'the big.: parcels pullieWheads and shoulders.' "W i- A e. falngy Val 1,
T- sleepy -ill 4intoks I I k, be Springa at
of life 8 q Ili New toi.
he whfte Seftle' -Misw4ndy
rs are not equal:to
t o i terpoon."the"ener9V W1 119h's hd 1113 at Nicikava
t 'UZY ADD JUDeS.;. She. had:de sleeves,
Jgue, owinR to heat and ri6kwo -m4u
,4ye been swred'.,;6 meet tbe trials of' low fever'. For them, I I hen, the only w ay ob her, dress cut laik watalimilli0
0, ravefls'in a palanquin, a kind of Cincinnati Tribune.jouthful days,
joh, or chatr -borne by four: po rs.,
Not markable.:.: Th practical Queptioli-""I f m kJt, is,
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quirer as lea iia bow many. mysterious :disappearances, AgoqTpoIinpa!4 to,h, a promising i
"JIhi1Wftd lreiil W'them*hen they wish a m&t.' 1(;i6 I there'are,?
the average height of the,Euro 1114 i"111 who ben eloctkd o
PeAD has t tb
WILD WAS five feet n Ine1nolies,- in 1826 1( Mi. McSpratt Ob, I dunno. Most of Legi atqye and, ,.was a ou to'starc I
five feet vqldc 0, and.,a rac io t 1.16 ar iod.-:New York Weekly_ 0 60-pit,
-n To a b are m r arf the
Wiao3@VK y he best,
an at Present lt is 6 e Ine .UiOS aff ecting,
feet three, and dressed womanAn America is an open duties.: that.
-one halt inches. fh Ap
This ..suggeata ata, question. In England Sarah Bernhar'4 it. public wel are wi come up orrcon'
-,regular and gradual decline staking 66W6 thetod
61(fierat io, to *hich.yon
has that honor Not oven JsexceptI0II' "YOU-CaDAlW&ySgJIeF_AS y?
T.Lplxoe.i, Calculation from the46 :Inade ifi1avorof.1ha-Princes s of Wa I e's, fVsbell I give I y I on t I hrf o -guesses, re- .9 Oen"6166t6d -An corrupt, esigpT, showath' attbisrat tti4 ,*erageMtLIL
at qtis:to, Bernhardt, by the,.way that',we marked Si n Dlck ng xnep will Seek' t6-In fiueDc'e:y )ur vote.
hey w I I tryto ; ri eyou ir anal The I y
have become dwarf of,15 labhes in
are: in&bted 'for'the graceful tea go*n, "I clon t he e e I helmet by the ..... : I I I 1 1. will offer you Be yo.aFpan
-A 'Moliere waist. t 'is her w 'k alon 033,
the ful on ey,
I It's true,, thnukh. It's bonnd to be
ai them,,, m.y.. o -an rOmenibe.
g_ fig D8t b -derful taste in dress which, ma es her Sixteen. twenty-six orsixty, ash n y
;PRqFS8oR BARNARD: is,: crediie'd 'with. -W 'that t 'e reputati o r n of the family.. whose,"
handsome, for : she hasn't -, a pretty ton, Post. h
the' opinion that the telescope _of the., feature, but sh eLIS voted beautiful just -name yoii bear find the.bdinor o the disialure will b (if. the mflocting-type- the a in 6. It is her original and at the, fiet y on represent are at stake."
case ]a Fol"t"
to sti fdrmed.
Y, the imag -father,
moT-tjLTue e I doing r0plie& tho, y O
JTJ S of'a gfeat' T6 y Do. ifik. t anArid rence'tb,
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::popularLLo inion will
object _gJASSL or len&L h' P -: L L.,
iaeans of a.largp gL act me?,,
DL err face. She ays that they--Ldetr h inquired.L will they bly offerL
I he thinks probably !be oo -. -L'h L ''' I L'' 'L' ,
it wil t Ift
beau y o her eyes, el
e all -know,' U 'Ttibu
striicted, after the model of-L.the great "Ldon't he answered, thor glit
acting scopes Whob, tber&L I] 6, and, th r, fUlly4L W64ild: you, call a 11
looks to-.wear- anything flashy.LL next L'the u -Washington, e Utt'Uj'1tDeHcatey.
king for:Lth6ir exhibitiq4,... at.L the mpireL a great man
ace. By the *ayL Bernhardt never, llmjste ," said RegiDa1d.d6,Bn6me-tO
Ifjsnot that optic-' PoLst.
of the century I, owned a air ot cbxsets.-Lohd n Queen. h6,mu ; st, e a
ManUf,'Lt ho'looked fta 'if L b
tans c&nno dre, ses up toLT
-b j the
IT, 0
feet in d e Llarg r- e A- t 4 W 19-r!nng- -onse. professor a" YOUL
Iehs the more difflonit. it" IS to; got L 8; thtithoL6 ? L 'a sbFLVo RpaTe
BoaTder-% e out there
"*.hat 'Ao VL
ti not I I m4ge frOm t To* I Jig the IM: A, PlaysiclAx, o orurnefiting Upo n ypu h
to the, 'Soffiobody beating-a carpet
inors.or the prev&lenc6 of deafness aid that the af-' %Land) husband No; t's Jones 4J L 'I id'
ill n In a greater, or I degree was twL at his board b JIL and iny WJ fe didn't.say.. Wantedaeb
TONE jS B, JRBJ)6r- Var ety o o8i 'I'L , L L "' ,
IS L. I wilut
women -pa- jn, -Detroit Free e( t e price of aF,1have. T'h' ,pri
in VerSa "B'mong D-L I "
-ofadarle grecn colorand av ng, tjeat. d6e PTIC OiA
quartz 'S I '- L Avebein 10 cents an
ng IT
a I A 'outs' ;tboL
nutp blood-red speck semlw.- t "d About-. de Ir jak.bein'
0 _for' M C&Jj & and
L i" A Soothlng rocesK..
allied, throughout wh e sname., !6idedth at jh e use Lo f s trong.81ilts 12 the L are p
'fl f is 0139
There isa tradition that atthe cruci xion L b6tt candidates am going- merely took the liberf, of.'F'u 'istit u'I JTng ":L;
"Pine! ing L 0 Of- h shionAblei 'T
the blood which followeqthe. Bpear th rust L 8 g 0- 0 With L LL It,.' "'to Scratc L said, L imberwheels to Ti I f
wom:a4, had ometl ln t d
greeja L 'I L at t
D S er L y ]1g
L P Trubne. case h.e*as,.,poRALve '..that such
"Why ?,,
IS L CIrCum_ 't,
foot of the CrOSSL and-froWthi WaS, t I was affer.a I.ziervoOs;
igi L L -T '. I I L he fac.tvfor
ang.L I the 'antto soothe hi's itelf tofollice.
-stance the- n mid- of n
var e y-spr, a aCk : abo'Dt six weeks -L:diiratio 0 e i)rsw
d 6 ut L 1. t P I I., L I L I I 1 11 1 L _L. L _: .:, LL 1 L L,
he dark tick. jnis6p
-re were Sup, t t1lat 0,
-thr ich is patient seem Q- e.
f C'L J org prices a
"ed to represent the',blood o hrist -keptup 'Only by ConStahtl bux
Y- yjbgLber tauran,
A11'd thl&Stolle thei-tfibuglIt 'toLpossess. you patmnize?.
Gotnz.nlm 'One.B er.
-nom I her vinaistrette, which was kept "t"L
Jamson---TaEver hIng iseheap, vxcep
nd I L .1 *jrtues. ongly fille L ReJefferEon: (iingerin
Wag pa Thom L ga razqr)-,
eahly, and str d, that 'she n Ing tb6 waifere.---New Ycrk Viqjetdv
of, Ulml Liketo know -whar yogqt dat full
ticed that the bearing 0 ar beca e
I s L, a; general I mpressi OTILL that defective. ...The .111hess occurred la f .13 So go Pat I T.n A o4ton Con".
'I, Oi6a ugagun),
h U awl L ; L I I I t
_hmidIty 6 I I ibe air ter, I a 0 6 summer', butte deafness remains with, L L "Y' tbotL
4oods than tell, yo' fool Digger I
inthel:'o]*h fields.- This Is ou increase. Another case: well,- au- 76ra -won'L
I eda pisto, at your beiiil?'..
"'Pimtradicted, howeverL by L the. result of theliticat6d was:,of permanent and Be-, Pack.
Oomplarinant es.. our OnOr.
1'observationw reophtly. vere d ea ness a Ing from an inhalation
Justice-:-And the PH s6ner: i S on I v 1 a fit
many It: was: found. -there that the: of:ether. Evidence of 3[rallur e'
to over five feet in heighti'while' ut-are,a ethr?" X fee lie
humidity, boihr6l iiv ,PL a d absolute, th6 pAtientL failing do' L t; t
D 8 more thansi )ng_ J13
was lightly, the' open, hanin "Yes lie haeult made a single referthis a prisoner, is isd uallyin ITAL mAhy-L
'the w6odslan eq g 0 ce Solar to-day to the score of yester- a
1AXL girls do .3 Ur chare d. Call tb ext Boet d",
the in in I d L I e case
11g;8DU in theL aftern(low. Americamyouiig L women aov0r: think of day's game. -'Judge.
As Eveningtranscript.
-' to tbe temp-fitureof the air',ainong the, doin L t,
e g. LL They ht the Same me7leave tintrees, KVASL tL hinki w dAaem impor- As Usual.
t jj6 morning -an d in &.LM 1"t. For, instance-an JUllan bride per- L
-open L inL LL' in ore, St. Peter=Are they all here
Opeqtj:y DI e best irctI 'The radu -who gives V1(
kiid-d ' TI j ad
egree in the af ternoon. Does makes Gattriel-All b Ne ' .. L L L L W
:hot own- outfit. As-the regular tion trbus, IgoldoM.LknQwn to. contri 'n thing'
do) phis.
T 'L tarn illar -obi L eo t, tlie En lisfi 6 lgelaToonsits- of six Aozens -of everything. With L e So
St. Peter -WIL-at s the matter
or 't I each, piec'' M Edison bas rev4ir. enable,
sparrow mas according to -a, r intended to last 25 years, an( e thein? n
the d6oartmeni in tJj0-,, of u,d'e,r, X.ea,r Jo e m roi. ere and Gdbri6l-I Couldn't wake Philadelphia to in a hinA wbo.' w6n t th ro w
0' at fril ,the,tA;Skds..obv.i6usly not 0 ge L burnt matches oh, the, fioor
ducLed iiii the U tj d States by- led a lighc and'. New 'Vork had t t-her hailp out
-ha vp n ev6r i4een
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rs en 0 L iklyn- 'Th re WereL L Ithclassi tude pbcul jai; to pawn.- Jud T
airs, but.the -did no D- tIon ey-39kb ihei7rL:6WiJ time --for. the -cla '*Oman
fight P., t thrive., I tbehloomer bl
(*M L a QU L go"
J 1952 more were introduced. ThoyL -were L work, oc up Ing at least '.t"woL, years in Tidies a b -7
-lot loose'it ille Narrows- and in Green getting, the, t oussqau LLL in Sh The Wbat It Didifor.Ellan. average man as snowshoes Won be f o tfL":
Ing:L: or, of tain L PFIten't a Chico"
_; Vood'jfi f$53.'LL ';7
They, inii tIlJIi6d te;*ist' meanwhile:;-tralh theirL future hus-L 7The PTopriet coLr gir
binds." ;The'latt' noted,-. L are-use- medicine recently received the fo"OW'DgL Flirtation -dever Wwins qtilto so
'num ere: introduced, et bh it
e L 10 It:
'58at.porl as I t does when t. one 6f. the ariass
-atL Portlaadi in,, 18 full qontAbuilng the dresses, letter, postmarked Sing Sing
-,"a L in BIT' .,L _.In 6haWIS ja, fact ej L --This, williet yu no wot ynre.. has just found out tbit
&g8jn-&n ode Island R thing but the body Dear Sir
W6reL SarallpariliaLhas dun-fur mebefore takin ton wasn
1860 twe ve birds turned loose in and' house The native an
Madison SqUare ---"f 18 4- girlfwfi6 regards oustoruLddesL not learn it I 'did'not like w'urk had that tired fee-w The man 1hatLbarnii softly 1ohimself, 14
'to SjTig If a at6r it," L
in Ceii tr9l Pa tk- the Piano.: n an -end mot bear tli"IteL 0 w "w [I ild
iitey were introd.UOM f ..he ;w at "W" fitiould m6t
"t free are le is n' w tumonth6 LL since I taken, -yure'L 8
&iict In I ace6nipliShments f wper L priced. if his office vornpauons ;W i;h a;i;POTISL 't mL Ailytbat at, bum.
whd 6&rii1 eir, IIVfd#! by'L eveiy And
T quiie -but bottles and i,,wark ould Stay
-'she 6ultivates the dohiest o arts in e L UM trn 7"
if is one of the Few
fiance of Line -principles perharis.I.. . TTTOM, H'TA RA
vwt Islabd.oi .kada r, 'tfi iournalisO4 i 0 bat 13 W I
4t, L '.. -- L Il,
'e, 'In"Ltlie- 'j-ftirgot net in tbigig wo.,, -ol F1 Iher, -nee J jeii fhb: I
thc Bout -east O t- a Ner
-, kiicli j.-aDa,'eventn z e-madipulation,'I

Iii Wllla o llre stEU' IIINoampa, has f5xeoutpd in-Indi6 1nk the
Harris,' last
'611"te '6fChie-f-A4 J., _04c
CM Aofajid
election ,, andha s place Ai,.All sigtie, up roes
JaO I by tb_ -h 'han'- 6iinty ii AeIA Mins ka or;..Lake Desoto 0 'Co
ry J&b&iug elected At e re o9mmIttet, in A verT,_ d'
anufactim ring pal 1 tl t and. C4 itd: and,,.. ence
M, a ii,. q upper, ilgh h La'nds,
mlen, will be enga ge JE) Vlce applicati FRUIT TREES
aps6clation. 8 on NUT' TREES
'te ri e--Cltizen. iftA13abbook, extin-,
If rp 81 Vadgi ,, and, in the 4,
VIL6 Wile; 991SIh 6111 Table Grapes,
eased theball' littl
PrY rgecrowd wItn guis. or and QJ 'apparatus.. A, e XUM AM AN
A erkall_- Gh
ol own e FLOWER$- -The Ifew M ap
-ioa b -1 o "Pats' and Lesnisi"._ I' _d
AVR ,P_ ay Y Rer Lovbly are the,, na ve
So 1 oo r turn ti w9d'Flowe of Alas-, '.,wM3E3130 3EmX3EE93E1L4-_3E3.'
triaia, 660H.of tb6so variegated a rs
e'other day- at Palablia.:: r e I g in a re alarin are illustrated dud -5gulfito cent Indigen omi floWerH can be' he j r per A large,'66ilection of-, VX6 el
25 in favor, of- the "Fats." Still lower are other fire implements, package ; 12 different v tw1utlee $2.50; 2,6, $4.60;, 50. OtIVE91 Italian aad Spauloal vaii6ti6s.
$8.06, freR by malk tO., ODY part -America. ORANGE AND LEKONTRkES Alie.w a h' of
-A truck 't and ar(-und hole ie"o
armer at.Centier HUl._0 ose, of ab 6*E, A owers, 24x2o inch, in For Complete List, send for omr New CaWogiioB
of Iri 14 #wend ofwhioh is epresen- :over a dozen colors 50c 6&ch;
4 4 1 01' barrel 8, sh potAtoeg from. fllxe d PICTURES
lovely eet of f1V all different,.eolonles, $2.
eni t6tion- ot the new: ball m9il. Small =Oim(under *1), stam = .. 0ALIFORNIV
'wb Is ofseedo. He dipped th P13 -P NU,,RSM M ,,
ot 0. order, Address 1. 1. PATRICK, Nil
-6r, Hend P es A ameda Cal".
Fk, 3 aAet,', and received In payment'& 13' Iwalu, New SouthWaleu, Australia.- JOHN ROCKj Manager.
wiqapnp n,
'en. : % "'o
oaiJtiesville" h aye 'returned from' a visit
-R_ 3 ,N6ber of Keuka, has'been ship- 7 HE, O DELL
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month to
WbAts 1w ose itt 6 a on: wi s- rp
and New York with sxtlsfactory
Aie victim recently of a most. deplorabl o e, fW rit e'r,,
hie'-first I 'I
'turhi,, considering this *i6,'.
aocideiit. : AAr Watts and. the little bo
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y 0 will' i bu- ODELL TYPE
W i 13 vineyArd is ojit _h n .. I W .
-h dbeen u, ting.and were r6turn- RITE R with 78 characters, and
1,qagVell'ashiB peac home. The child waswalkiiig-along $ l5 for the ELLwarranted to do bette work than any machine behind Its'fai i h
bet, w o carrici & s otgun
V f,Tho,,,Sdinmor orma i 11 hiirged .with-litfR6-sho-t.,-,-.Th-e 'It combi nes Simplicity with Durability, Speed, Keiffer an "fil o
baJB A_ pres6nt.-attendadoe of Peento.' h Tr 8, e
gun was In some manner discharged, And oxiger without cost of
and Satsuma:Plu Loqnat, Niagara, Delaware,
_3 y largestof any in tiid state: arri T)4 whole load repairs than, any other-machine. Haa no ink- Widt" a
DI roond n I-ves' SeedlinK Grape Vibtm,
0 -rI1Aon tob6thor'tbe operator. It fa' neat, sub- Itosea, -the largest and fiae8t pl&ntg. ever
The-plans for the new dormitory at t e inits b dy, And has since lin-aered be-: g, T, offe 6
stautial, nickel-plated, perfect, and adapt,-d to in.71orida. A.generajllne r et 4n d
*11-INornial have, been completed; and show' tween life and death. Mr. Swearingen all kinds of type writing. Like a printing Pineapple Sucke6.
press- My now catalogue to fun of iutereBtlng polutB Aspiendidbuilding witli.&1roint'ofeighty says the obild.iS still alivebut that re It produces sharp, clean leirible manuscript; and infor ation d1o
e m an r
and'proportiona e depth. -r_ Twoor ten copies can be made, AV one Writing.
Is noliopeofitsrecovery. JAMES MOTU
Anyintelligent person can become an, operator
picnic at F rook Orl r*dd,.-Fi a
alling'C in two days.
--i"t week Was a big i4l Xore is'devel6ping Concerning 'the-, ill- Reliable Age I n I ts. an Salesmen wanted.
-Efta.Moodyjof.Ho1li '- ; .1 1, .
ng-. present, ., ..: _- 9 Indumnbutsto Dealers.
ropi,, Several counties b, i ness and death of
loped' e t' R6r, Pamphlet mts, t, P1
Ldmirably and r paren s, giving -.11ndorsem4
f ter6 Jt li" deve -that
throng acWd.f Pm a
Bed off p eaeantly There believed- her Ad be, bewitched-,and they addreB thej da y pas
0 13 co."i
i- was-no speaking, :there were secured the services- of A. witch. doctor -D E LTY P E WIRIT:
358--Zlii4l- Dearborn ft. CHICAGO, ILL. d 50, 'several distinguished 'orAt4rs pres- 6 to) a, theni w'ho..hadput the spell o D n, n s
their child. The -persons t ey now bd- nd -Rece
A 'ive.: b
The'* pear crop, Ahroug Obli velo-have bewitched t Piants,.:carefully .p do d, S
joOllt Suwannee Shoals is'ver ,r large blil, NTHEMUM&'
'entirely. innocent.! Such: superstition as CRYSA MOSS. Ad&ess'...
by. iikiod'of :this,,ha;salw&y& been:, prominenp araong C -And Crysauthemums. On6
ver the treeEr:wlth: t of the iftnest and largest Collections In the United
a we Ahe ignorant class of negroes,. but neveyl Si,,Q yoa cam get better and'larger plants
jbitilyretqrding the groWth'Of the fruit Abefore b",suchbeen.the case with white fromme than,,you can elsewhere., Plants axeizi P AB -C
t and three-ia,-h pots, the cuttirigH being
a din many instances.killIng theentlr6 people- I Thepartles Accused of this act i itVon from plautw groWn in the, open air, bouce UrQ.Struuger_'A!ad more vigorous In every wa r
Aree or most a abor a e
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then: they would-b6 if f oreed'in a not-h6use And:
Ais een ad; ised -m.makemuch :finer .axdlarger blooms. Send
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r 8; M P R- E E: R C 6 itirn'bus, Ga. TM 0
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b0cbes,'aud-just nowAs A rem Send-10 cents for list and a T
Under the arbbr- shows..a; -m-ass; .-The schooner Pearl fronk:: l jscayne magazine for sly.ear, also
1 urned 0 West Palm Bestch, hav oi
;0f, gi pes H6 h" flne:06no-ord and ay r t rar.,GALIFO! Cl
and plants. Addrc .s, of Doors," San A' highly- s t
jnd_,,of 4rish: Ingmad the., keys after Jruit. Soall
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bella. He also has a meyF.. Diego. a. 'Fa
ato" it growa- rig V, a. ong.. t rough Pineapples.,are, now, oeirig, shipped -in
Bummer alonili ar. 0 large quantities, bulk of1them'goin&,
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if it k those Eastern 4nrket via Kev Wes rA- in March. 0 414
steamer Liiues are brifiging. extm r s
camm6t visit; the Eagt'.Ooast dinaril t
1 or some time :to'- 'come- ro is b6i Manager
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to, West :Palm,- Beach nearly s
disastrous free-zesi.somesell.ingas high for List. Address ,
every d ayfor t he extensigii of the: Jackm As $2 p Mills
er peck crate. 06her fruits o9 aw H1, HU
_J..Yille, ;9t, 'Augustine.. and ':Indian, -the keys;such as sugar apples, all4rator
-"-Ri' er Railroad,-And froin- that point: to J. V AR R EN -,Lf W 18",
V pears. andmangoeg, will soon bemovi 9 74 T
Miam,1,.,0nBfscavne, Bay.- Coubtrymen TRACTOR AND BUILDER,
iiilarge:q -tities. Banaua s.onthe keys stiq0tal 443a
f. ; iac s6nvillo tol'-Lalt e Worth are. are very_,so&rce..andof inferior qa iy,,
-busy cutting' ti sj which are being piled owing to theslight frost during the more,
at different points_-along the railroad, to severe bold further north, the baiiana
Avon Park,.Fla. ol w w;ll _, 'you
t6 the',southern end of the plants being very susceptible o cold. e i send -hc-'88"ilim lwa
..d ir is6ii lal!AingAlle extension Home; one year 'd
insert your namein our- MaiUng, List reoAli accident that might have if charge,
proved which :will brirg, you hqnq;eg of
0 0-ida newspapers, maM
fatal was narrowlyAverted, by the pres- ampk c6pies' f 'Fl'ri
tempors,rily omm once of mind, of. Cond' tor Mast on &cdlars etc'.-, a'nd if yofi Wanf 'to fiii lo
uc ers vl i
5 mandi Ag the'-barrAcks:at ST.z Augustine cote in Ioriila you veryeasily;,ded
-the South:Beach Railroad last week..
baskixidix consented tollhave the Third where to, go and how to.get the ao
TheArain was of itsregular the small'i 11
Artillery band give: a will be. pleAsed wi f
n put-door-, concert pyestmeov
trips, z and was just 'round in gtlie curve i, Stiunp taken. -Addr6s OTTH; A'nfgbtb clock. 10 ct,
Friday eglpning At 81 o' 7 ,'
FLORIDA HO IE, St. Petetsbrari"Pa" Jeadi g ioAnstasia Station,_ when Mr
The concertsAilbe; barracks were disMastersji'who ng on the rear-was stand!
time.,agp own-ing to:, 11119 A
end. of the.'traiu;,as' it was backing,!
Ube di turbances created by tbe.ragtag
looked along -the track and.saw. a colored
'and b6btiil, big; And litt e boys Anman. lying.with hl heard Across one of
ot trial will be nia4e..
therails. Therewasno signal young,
here, is considerable x'ftmeni' the, engineer to :stop so: as e s Meb"
amonp-tbj_- colored.people of Suwannee rushed to, the brakes and with all the T R U S S E S p
to dlg W
Shoals' n Account of charges made -by strength at'b is com mand, pulled them -Approval. 50 Styles;: tnextt in Vrt Vay=cnt f !Go I
An: Mlllffr-, She declarm: that sbe down and yelled to the man, A ..The nqgrg. Boo! entand CuWof workdoneunt41,11te bic";pajly.ef 1 1,,
has bein-1cunjuredV.b'v ArOlilt ce; rn Rjotui.'MAILED FREE, satisfact.ory.."
wap'sound fisle6p 'but the noises-- Awoke
wb6; hai c us6& Ali, him, and he had just ti in e to -roll,.' BEST LEG.
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'T, M I I I 'L ." , ,. : ;, I ,, ,
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'T L I . '. !:, : '; :
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1' I I- I I I 1; T I i" , : I 11 q, f -, I I -,
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, 4, IF -" -, tj ';F ,',;, .1 I I !k ,. '- _: ,; r I I % I I ,, 11 -- -1.1 XY
1- I I I i ; I S ti ,,. f .. 0 k C., I ,e 11
I ,,',+L -, ". L" -, ,-,,, L I -,,. th -- :1 .: ,: , ', Z .,, -,-. ; ,' ,, ? 'I .1 I 11 . I I I I . I Z -- '- ,_ ,- I -, LL
I I I , I I., 'I, ii, .''. .i 11.1 - '. .. ', .1 I I I I 1 7 1 I I L,
ci f I I r- I I IF,
-('Qh lf C, 1 'Of L' I le ,.-, I 1, .1 1i
-Pl l ... . I .
,,: ; !.- -'L':'", -- 1 4way aj 0, ers- ., .-- : I.. I 'GreafFear t; .,, -- --'r ROLA 1 17T. ,
11 -,- ', 0 4 1V-eev -,-Ib M .t' I .- .1-. ''. i : , "' -- A bounty. 1, I %. -- I I 1, y ';, ,, ,, I ,,, 1, I
-,- I .7
1 I I ., 1. .. '.
& I L ,;j 'r. ,
', 'J 'ITw A very:neddssavy treoaution. It6. t We P lic Cbrr6gpohden:V::iof. I .. ,,, I j , ,
i4i lthis country and K .z 1. .. a .. A ens alw Ahe "; i !;, -, ,, ,
t, -, I I I I .1 1, I .a ,. 11 11 I 1 I ULTURST ; --, k I The AGaup has had o ,,
i8'-Iarge. -,The farmers Wh'eu n9b'g- the gas I I 81 ,to 6ep 1 1 -fi ') .. 11 --1 ,- I I",
all re, Ja'cksonvIlY6 Citizenunder- date of JuJY I.,- , ., -,
,0 e I I 11 7 11 1, il I I I )
L J tqk 1, 11, 1, 11, '-- L 'I
-hkv un' I aoa from the j:;u,'gd h. L jj, you ,j Wite I .1 I i
1, % 1. I I I 1 7 1 1. V" f ,i. "., e 0 a W t t c urirg, ) ,,- ,
'L e-beeii--very- fortunate-Alils-year in, la4r 1 .! .: 1, g', .v 1-1 !, ,1119 'lip, IV! '10 ,:- : -; ;, i;), ': , : ,,; , ,r ,, ab e to, ay of tb It L
." r ,,xi .;; :, I III, I ''. .. t .- ,- .11
:' L -a 1,
', L ; I I 11 I... & ii ' , ,,,,,
,,,' , 6!aos, 'hayinq recalled ,little :8,reAresting thei grai)6, j,as' tlie.,g" .1s, In-, :,:Th6firt tcaiload"f:& ra. -t ej)resenlt. Ims ewyearsan -en eavorcd (o,' -11iii
,, ,ver,,; I I 10 I , A- ,--' f,-.---j', I 1 I ,- -I I I I I.- I see or splits 6m: C eylbrf vlierle'i ri- j 5,' land I I j, V j , nV t I -11, -,,
A llij, .)iq 41 '1hat A' u, I I Ili istercla ,
: I s Iflaiumable- explosions will, tak6 place season was s ipp d-froin, hore! y, 68' k 4 ( 5 -i li i s rl j : o o t i;
I 1, T" a,- 11.1 I I .. d I uqqess
11 11 , S .1
-.magnificent ob crop made, some pre intheyns6nc6pf fire Fofany kiud-' I I motr *., Nd :- ; 41", .,. ', li,- it ",
rn c 11 i ri '. '1 I 'an another willjollo-W ,to 1. I I lir J,- I 11 ,
"I;,_' ., r I I I I I . J .t is- glad-. to ifkite -t-hit,'thq
it be taken ty say It If I t -,q hve -Pla tel! IslIl go r 'k 'he succeed
ti ft ld select s 64 :.wee ,the-sbippietIg;,ivi.1Pbe iW its- ig giIIG 1',, ;
'- : I -e 0 tr02 C', 11 I 11 I -1 I I Ff: rA I -1 .
1, ". t. g, - I b I.. ', ias iAk"e6 1
Cau II Varlety'V .'-, orn thbsb uc)i Oil i; e : ut 6' gtil ,Ll tqrO "',
.,,'- 01 ,-,WA X ; M c 0 -, fz ,p I I I 1, I I ,,eb'6etiian of W i says e OU Ii I- I A a city thu descr-tb'es :. :: 7"" t 1 'i, ; : i il I,;',",
I r I k : ,- ,
,; ,'- 'R i.',Lyle iof -this city,. boughtF soin' ; WliiCh-form s, tigh tl Aud well over the a Visit -t' I ib I ;O :the ma, t ,er,.,As -A o>Y0 I u, -0, e T
11- I 1 I I C I I ,,pb kr : 0 ,. '
nxade hls ee'k the : I) ''.. Ila- _,
Lf 1'. e ge4-,Carp.,tbj&jseason-fr, top ofithe ear. ,,Such corn is 11I.6 ait at,- Chat& alo j tb .. L,, P m s te)jcgra frojii lft e -Of the."Lauisvjl]6 11 -i. ,, -- I
e I I : I I :,
C)m i, ,F , 1.- I 11 I jollo : -, 1. I I 1 ,7, L I 1 14.
Laji j L I
.4, gQntl .q acke Ah s;,'howev rI-1s-iio ,exemp ifi: a I JkF. L Of: jondated-1 11V, 10t4 I
_at Mo I L t i 'L', -- I "
tice11o,.-Aud.-' I I L e t t L R: thi g L -, -, I L
L I L - : : 'L 'L : L -- ---- ' ' L , 1 -,
be X-epepl, 1L L, L. I I I I nd..:N0hvf1le : i1road: L nor
1. .1 I L I I I I 1 1 L I L IV!L , ", '. 66L .. I I ,, 11 : e,,Tlie.agri% ax a, "
,F I .1 it. H I -. lturf I,,depa tbje itxppoyt
'th6:,absen of6ther ,yarietles..,L1. I L" I L' -.1111. 1,1. -1 howhe manap d .W ,- L 'L , i;: il"';". ,, I., L, 1.1 1, rj,-- -. ,
,, '(11 y L P Payg..-:" I I L 4
-F L I I ' L i, us --' f I 1. I jVe Y JMPO fL&nt OX '*L I
I _L I 111 ,. :. .,,, LL .,L L ted Ltlj'e bj ,, I ,. I ,.. L, .I. '. '" L L .t ,Q' t L
4 .11,61w. ,Th - ,.L,,,_ ome a el,,,. 6 4 ,- e o 'TL' ni perim qn 1) r o g r es,4 I fi
,,, -th Y#4 v e rgent oni& h-V ,L .1 inete6n-iufleia' 0 L uILT- '. r -,
h ";. -- I !, 1. : .:: A- shbrttrip'of; I "I,
'La , ,sup I eof-cafbon -0 L. '. I.. 1 _,' "L . '," I .-,, L I L,. I I I gb- ip" -V Qrjq, JP F4t Lq -1 ,
I I 1, I I iall, ih ' tqh I h '. -L. 1),t, S ,Ltp, r.,Lise hhe ,w L ,, ,
rep1Ie&ktti jj/ lj '- f h id L faiiii 'e;, 7. b t,
at 'IJ abed iaumbe r 0 III ,',' L- ""L I te tte & msemqn P)enough4b,*bt 'ui L ,V'
,. ." '-' ,.,]," , j"- L ,: L6 -,''." j-- ,. ;, L ; ., L in: "A:f ien, _1j, '
%- ", '', I I 'L, a fujit, so, h igh I y Valued, e'L"L
11 _, L L
Tpe L '. i (iiidqntl d eAo.: euse' inier n6W lif6.'iht&V cse,,*ho- w e
k o bottless of bi-sulph de of xaibofa -w I h L dfL, F' :,
IL L adl.died of, L .. -_,n ..
L' L L It is..qs6 Ch6 .11 , ,,,
L'. kpk" ., Ile &L 0 1, 1. ', ,,L, ,VV"'; nIa 111. I r I wl a in_ a-do pc ', ,4
t- -ft 's u tooppen -"
o e d ,!Orgr#d ,,10 bav the cro ,,bi 14 1 ia-'- 1! Lpge. .f6ve ,',
Iiiamonghis a rn, as-;b: ho ui4d" I..., "I L 11 : ,. ,'" ", 'L r ybd
9, I .1
I I L I I 4
"' 4 ' r L ; I ; L ,' L L L L I L L L
'L I .1 ,,, L '' I 11 I .. L ,, ., tjo L -It is rich in the ak jve. prjIl ejpes1; L I ffloienT quantities _,, .
4, "tbiskeptL it, __ :,tb jISjnk"it.jnL:In8jI .- L i L ;_ .,reetrom the weevil.; L 3 '. I Iteve:or disbelieve that Chris vowild turn I ffe_ J"h, "
L l .". 1". L LL 'L '; ". ,,, ::,.,: :LL I I I L I L q cr-& 'C,8 tj'r- L ul, .
_' 4 lj V -- , -. I 11
rFj ; L . I I J,.to 6 6 ; s.ining.rdore ca in
I 41ne ip 'QLr4 h ., 2 Wator'into. wine and Stones L,'L L regd- : ff, 1. ,. ''
-, -- 1 ,.r 'th g1YeQ L L L,;;.: ,"; L,& ..W ." L I I L L I .1 "L ', -1
'14is" L I .b -1 L L L L , follo*e'rs do cc ep. berries I Tt. also contains. ,
] .-. :jij, p 'J" 'd 'ffi6r '' L I : ut.we cannot eny
'L I I I L ; I d h I I f;
,,, -Bulletin 28 o e oiusi L L tigU L ,6a L' his
.L I I L I L ,
'by .L I , L f, L I - )'- 'fj "" : ",
1. L 11 ,--,, %, 1. 1. I a. option ot tlI'e ale'Live prlncij le 7,-,
L 71 .. I : The 1. following L' da a' CoMpiled r6M L are Converting the pineL forest into, pe f ;-.4 -,, ., ,. -"'.L,,. j 'L F tFmen Station which s ays.' L L I . .. .. L L .L i 0 0 ,,, I ,
,: tTL 'I I L Lt ou L to: 4L,:,L L- .f ,I t, Paste' 'L I 'L I L L ,. I I 1. I I L 1.1 .1 I L 1. L, I rua- 6, rro 6I i t is in rjst u
I 1- 1 fl ,-'.,.L ,.;;. L L.':
st Oj.,"o .L ,L ve a)id palmetto roots in ; IfVVe s. j L "
e ruction ra n insectsi. weather bureau'reo6rds at gro I I I _L
IL L, '' 4 % ) 'L 'L h : V' I I L I I I, "L' I I 1. L. L..' ; ,! pe a or inva ME; a I i d pe ns o Wea ,
p, a--_ b ii ,Jfshedlby- d given: for .the ,L J: L -
-, X and rnic* may- 4 ,,aqqol v:x lej oover t, rye L potatoes d I I .. ,:. . ..", L:"-,it I I L ,.. I L I I I r-O L L L L L : ,- 4 ,- 4 '' ' "L shL6 val-11 : d tion. I %e rK n 1] tL 1 S A I)o Verft1l ""' "
', Ards ges L L "".'', h- "' 'L I" 'L, ,
1, -tlfeapplicati6uof bijulphidg, carbon niontliLlihmed" and uUprove.ofi 6 The fine fields of Corn L and orch
'L I L L: L I 'for aI6,C 61., '- "L
-1 L 4- r .1 I 1 L terest in anticipa6n the I L I L L 'L 6Y4 ,h arItid&e ,. .,W ith the aid of, F
to the:v gln 'itake yo Ur corii-crib.CO14-- :and- III L L I g more bending with pears g reeti n:g the L -- '. 'LL L L L.. j L' L*
'- L I "n I I -,F I I I I I 1. LL I t L L I j, L I d iniet t ,,
I L t e kola tit Afr cans rn L e F'
xcite the belfeft hat'LG64 8 ;. 'fi:' .. ....
TativPly, ,tig I L beF 'or -tar- important meteorological elements, and every bAnd- e "", .! Li pa lit With blin L .1 L
F7,1 11 $ L.' I ...... ', _j h :, -'_th. 'L L' b., h -,.- L L L I I IL I .L L L .L .. 1. It L d d, L I- b "' geLWI In: W IC -81joh. variations at L to L the Marc, es ap- ,O various work wjfhout r
pap er--'-,Slfuc t eLoorn an&a;pOly the Q e, ran . -.- _iya 4to
k Ii I I., couri try has ,last reached I J. r "' jl
L, 'L L 1. I .1 L 'L' ., I I 1. t L ,n e t
IL L L L L -' Eflpn., U6
f, by _,Lthe_ f at i L I serves-Lin '118 ain ",- "
L jamerial. Bisulphide Lof, carbon eva o mayte expected'to: keep fpr1the coming:;Oulf of Mexi Enn L.1k I L.. I I 'L L, I L'
.. r- I . CO, I .1. I I .1 L LT -- -, "'
4, 4 ery,4ui6kly-, ,a I f : ,th % ggs Which is 'I noDth of I Augu st. Mouth of Augustl ' 'L, L 1, . .Without food. L -he, English consul- 'at,,
L, e . L L I or Route. 1: I L I I 'L 1 I
.- L 11 I I I ,. I I L 'IF
1 t I I ii L I I 11 L 11 L .: B abia ,
-i t L I L I :reported thaIt kols. enables f ,ni,[",
-- sin s'. 8 23 years: L 1. .: titalie n .. L :L 'L L il 'L L t
Iiifich- .h"vieri diffu ingL'itself to Twenty years :ago the ar mel I I
, I 1. J I 'L L I L I L negroes to,-oarryfeaB 'Y. aLburden ,or i"'
-4 every part of the orjj) ". L q I ,, L L1. tH EjijATUP d .1 1
.1 It, L I uld crop, the pinesfrom .!these 'Lsan L:" I 'L 11
': 'L L 1 '7 L I I wo I I nearly boinp s. The Florida
h b "L ,, L, L'
I~ I ; '' L as, JB , by eightShon I
I E I atA wit t is gas ,carriedon Mean or norms, I temperaWre, 82 de bedsand then ignom their-title to v 'L I r I
'L I, 't I ... L .. e I L k experimeDt tion be success- ,
1 1 L 11 1
I aXatjon L thereon. Th L L .ifjtsprpdV6
41 1 1 future t e natives I I I 1. L L
1, Qothber- ,as .yearlprove co n cjii- ,grees. I I L I I f ulwouldbe-of marked I L ..... .. 11 F ,
r L I ;1 i y. I L j L _. L .. L j L LL 'L -, L 'L L ya ,uefts it is onjyt ":I I effic ei I these expert I I L th : thit of T878' would assure yowthat. -the 'lands, were I I L I I L", I 1, 1 ,
., ,he! waqui est, m on. :LW L
,sive I I I .. L .. T I as I __ I I I aa'L I .Ih- usef ulin a. green. strafea-iI.d-J" ift I t td
r, I a e ,- ,- Ii 4, L" 't I Ln t worth fencing, this:was-na L arm- IL ., ' r ,-'
,, ,,,-me -soug t to: ge L -further infOP- with an average of,84 degrees. OL I I L ,, 'L ,:'. L :"
_Lj ''_I, L. I L L 'L I ,.import..,, , I .. L:" I i F ,
I~~ ------- 0d's o apP Y- The7 codes I It inon V izig cotintry."- The had)' neher. :sawed' L 'L I L .1. -' '. I "' ",
on regar& 6g the' Ei6fh -1889j' ly 1. L I -- F,: 1 ,Inatf L L f I L I I..: 11 11 I I LA,
L 4 f .;., L I 'L
Ing t a8i' Ind FiQ, 44i With I Colonel Harvey's I I I -,-JF F
,, _" % L, .. de:l kes Ob L .: L -' I~, I ,, -Y
a '
'I -6 _a 'r I 1 % L LeCon e L 11 I ., I L I 4 ,,- -,
-1 I 'L L I PfLt I I L froj ,jji eyo. ,), .rage of 79 degrees; I 1. I .
I 'L"' L" "' L 11," where- the trees are break4n Z :, 1 1175
-t L 64 tremli6ra'ture was,100A 0 .. L I L J ,
'r I Y llii( r li!6 prot cted by 'the e I
-'-'r- The'llikh I I I ,-'
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