Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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sltion : A roug out 'country,:-ivh6n-' 'The Exposition,
has received- the enever lorida was to be:represente there :do segment of the' United Cates overnr L
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0 perience this exjtj6jj'_"-' L fl tem Wi jjt SayIng"
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he earVs desire-'.'the- comprehensi ve and'L
of -the bull ink L ne -"d bYL the United tates GovernnIent. jbe,
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O be OatL" con,, b r cheese,
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"W., G.,Cooper, SqLC, anL L" tiate the -r6souices of the pountryLtribu
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ary to the Platt 'System 6 L trans or
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6iectric lights,
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I.; niott:, SAYS". NM
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-:*Elliott the ieqtii,3it;e Autln5rity to see eSt SLpla-y' T
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present herewith a- out of the exhib it we have the earnestco,-operation' Col. Ellio6.
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Jrhe building, as' will be sden;"is-Id the Plai t and-SteamShip
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TRWI-1 6MA VAidlif 'righCto 'demand inadl4nne that .. ....
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Ahall ash 300 pounds in ak ea t6l Th rl J
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never '400 1) e Amu
mariythough.tbe n atter of the Use drunks of 'this per Acre inth n4w-S? LQIN frohi J666)6
iqofmfia6 recently snggerted relation of marriageto-her profession furrow under the potatoes.-, The same
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ftby gtvihg advance sheets to the life0% I'sometime's have thoidghtjoas'L cabbages and your land. *;a'very:' 1WT-PXd6PXATX XMZK,
1publJ6.- -'yet in this age of clubs and so- have :heard wom 'make o'k-u8Lic ollu- ought to be I bod ca1bage land, T3U SUGA t F4AXTATI
en: rich 01
."bieties, wfien we are all, president or sions;, 'what wa8!.Qnoe.tho htto,:bo, The best edy thAtU tzleaz
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to the center, of the 6urata of anoute grown past, that by. im-, 'it touches. Freq,ue'nt llght,6p llcmiobs
rse she sitswho rules over th6tr own V ril f"
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products of, many thousand shle the spe ak eri.s-a dear,, old,,wrinkled Noith
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We U'abor, LRer demandfQr a differ-, face,'WiW gray hai a &*h r. n ite cap and ticn to t e -director .0, this, staticin
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Heird'elnand for a different qu l to wrinkle easily and.with wrinklesbare" f' t lias: I ii ficill
'lty,6f napkin and, tabled loth,, anticipaA. o 'about seven Y pagps,. an. .1, P.,
fully c&red for, with false friz es and, Sweet
fn hor, IDquiriesa nd, those of ]her siste
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two years ago, 'hwi caused the coltiva,..'_.voide- 6-d
n. a stride, have s idthat it tne nitrogen in jb6 soil it, 6easofis: o 'a ter. tiola pf 'flax of diffe"retit- fiber- and fli 'w.itb all its de"
0 :Sys M fects'was not natie dry. and We t. we tth'r-et edtioii'6fi ifis-witb:"ifew loonies. betterradapted- than1he one designed
silverzharket, 11-tictuates wivh:her do be fo D., us, to the making. of R
mand for more or less 'of Thelower, dredgeof the East Coast
plate..;,Tne sweet. mothers and. grandin others (and
fowls, Of the air' and the fish of.- th6sea qhat meabs.the making of good hus- Cankl is now in'the creek.commonly
_.. zDd'whatsoever passeth through the bands and sons and fathers) theiAppear- known as Lake Wimer., The twa dredges
I'IJ Ihs ci the .6ea ail-these, are brought' ,an 'are lessAh&n thre6.milei
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erapprqa1,-.or -Ai6approval, and at stretch of the prif 46,'and there ils4w6d
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come to us on, authority hitherto g, I I J.,11
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;P!69suie. Ifsilie.demands quail on toast;'
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seek quail I e](. .- 1. 1 1 , 0 1, 1 1 1,
tilrinith'eir at whev; slie t" dredges rhe6t L the Maianz
l--,fwants, can yas a6ks. Ten t 'S
thousand farmo. down to the:'Bay'and- work, northward,,
o d s of-turiceys,, because they ::,v.
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Pon _fhik andL C k-, L', the south from "New vriver. The lower
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_lnuph atttmt1op In a southern agrioWt
,tbeeustonas-lof Meirie-England, .and de river and Biscayne bay, willnot offler '"AV, 13
-mraljournal, and this: any '"AV,
year its cultivamafudsthe-YUle log and the bpars head,, -;_ -_ '!
conil n g'- a n d serious, obstacle tb-tapid,::a On
'i'e'ud'Will be T6rth tion, use, andstoraire,'_afid ,c6h ration d Poid A J
T be __t ;'WhicY& bk ERLY, 'Q6il' lA' t'
W ill h"8 lhelhckin'g, -spi e o eg-. of,,:new varieties w "erve more a re are butherous:s T eams, g
..te i b&:utilized., It 4act 'itl i8Aiow0k -own son*flle Fl'
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kn6wlt,"the woman at.t.he head imes the followingii.a dable suggestions,, J
bf the i, ble ha I s a re I zin I v of th- sjg d which those about to plant will:do. well si e froth the Baytid NeW;river., 136. A
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is proVable.the near: future Will soothe
upon -her cofmrna66. 'The !Joibb CENTRA
insider and-profit by:
,:,V',butchLer, bakerf, the candlestick Eas., Coast Canal'open: to t bib.
potato is'largely, madeupof starch ra, ta
--mfili6r,,and all who go off to th fair ag T ble''_ the plant to 'yUlo?,,Advocate
-And Ifisulat "Rallfade"
obey er be if 5'hegr''ws weary in a ar, -1 .: -,
,s opo ng ana,16buiplains because, com store Ahese largely is Illeeded Jn
-p lled to go'-fr6m-store to-storeSor differ- 90od.,proppr.tion;,' Butjo',ena6le' the
beexm Ther']UH& A
Ieutl h 0es', at_ her-Wo 'plant to U66 th6 -potash I I
puru rdi 4s, by the it must
6te1iufo'i igorousgr6wth. :W'itha'dtte
A] addin' lamp, the great de- v
'she amoith'i of"nitrogen and phosphoric acid
st or6'aiises am rom it. T
10fificago, St.
furnishlber ,hbuse 'from, 'g- Plantsia.eed-a balanced food i.ation-Just. P 97
-arretto ',Qnly line 4ith rouKh filtrhan
e1hiDphave come because as much as unimalH. To plantslike the n S
Tbe -41 rs -ot;!i VI Jje t6T' New
laFgg perforthem,-or because, me' sweet potato which Deed a Wn
-an-tict' A_ d h: ben i age of potash, 'stable manure is. 'not CAVEATSTRADEMAR 31
,pa e r flipsunken wish,.
Tboukands'bf finCh. are' cuageli'ug their Trop:E, Iv balanced as the, nitro n. is4n COPYRIGLHTIIS
.- th. I CAN I ORTA'IN A' PATENT F,6r)a
ib-, "V40h4iYut endeavoiifiz 4 oxces sof the othtr'food The dar-mers
,f,f b t answer and an honest qlAnion,
v hatwillb'e h6rden ftnds.iii.thi are right in sayingthat'land made,,too W?kN .
1cVUU.9 who hhvo'had newlgrty, Yearz!
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ash,6ilk, dott6dm e potato
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ED h' h 'Parents, take. 'through
sa &00'nditi6. 'in wHich ,'if6tWiffist d;iug is reinforced wit phosp oric act' and &
app iba- FpQtldal notice In the ScIentille, American. and T", shc" finds, lierself, seiftfwffu:7 6t'gshl but ileill ; ith th-64eaVy -'I' runs are brought widely before the -public *Ith., A
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Issued weekly, elegantly illustrated, h y
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1 9 1 -, 1. I I I Bull% Kdltion, onth $1.50 ym IN
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K.1 vqte,,;q rld therefore ought a gq9d orcip.6f peas, should not Only sup7uot'ati,:vfomeifto_ yote?" is no more per-, ply humus, but also as ind6h Dit ogbii as f
-flhefit'uitu t eqdes'e n Te ty6t s M'e' thp crop needs, in the abiseifee ora p oil.
"w6men sfr6h er, 'mbr cal ablb, and in CrOP'a cOmPOst'made bUthe'iakings -of. ,
,,better health than 'some men who plow, 00 woods,' leaves and'itiold !piled up' in.
and-, therefore, opg4tfric ', all, women to the Fall, and mixed with Lime, and_ applow the question is rather whether' plie d heavilybroadcast all over theland 4!
W h s i's used''
,s 1!1 cahbot'd6 b'ed'r' "'heth6r-it is not will be, best. en thi' s& er J f
T-b e th n the furrow. 906pbabdis'p er acre, o at
otter for ,Z o C she shalll' remaiia
_itia-Rphere-wheresheLcan exert n,,bette' TuLxture of poundB, of acid phosaL
more potent influence? Artetnulq, -phaLe and pounds oX, Muri&fW of pot-War&wished thp.angular womaniwho, fash. I preleir, the MULriate to the kAinit, 1hWISR P*0
brandished 4 at him Yai- ,as you rge.percantage of po h OCR" a WW.
While she talked of "wornants .,without so hiuch salt but if liainit "is: _14
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spear, rememVer when shewent into used Lw Xlt in the leafmold com
-he wast not a post iiistead,6f
so asto:make 80 pounds
'pidkerel 'Very manyauch4omen have the 200 pounds of the -muriate. The: "I:
needed e, buC th th adMopition, e e is an- muriate costs about four times as much:
Pei to S 11
4bd' ihin to 1 e m the kainif, but you get'
me'rabe2ted, whfc is u Ou M
r -r6 y TRI US' iD HOW
",tfie:- L-
very'L"WIde' and- elLitarging- sphere
apart actual 'potash oliaaper -as you do not. 4L, s 8.41es.
whioh'w6rh fn has- have tj freight all that salt. The salt
ma Jfom publiclife ew Chq) e and JA.-'..86ok on Ca ... Curb of Pee" CO,- tg
will,-however, have no', injurious effpctl,, Ol't o 11fiefif aud lar 11& V
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man, a en rahce nt6 Jife wiid.t6ieleaseany ih8olubleLLpotA8h in.- S SESTLi t.16 Me
pub c ,and three -h ipota,
of trIfesoil, andthas In'time to 'make the- ARTIFICIALUMB wo, o- Ru talren frdm plants ixiownfln, 6 nee:
sizable __ I V
-bar Foat, $60 to,$70.'- Elastic Stooklhga Silolurkwiselyand T s6f ,Pq6rerjb, f
.,_pmash, I not coDven eat nrtart, Crutchei Fr". Cajatoguir,,, Sit a," th1q,%T-y,0bliLbb4;1O
)08 nissprIngt enma e, ,VLL ke h4chhii,6ran
to k puti ulers, 'GE0.*RJ
': ,
Rx-, T


ey begin to chwage f rom green'to'red-, roots $40:06 Planting the same,
-$5 0. r afff Db
t owu near t e roots,-and-wben th 'On e aoi with'caie audaftenii n, ifll,
A JL, tJ
brown .color0 tendsupabodtsiX 11113
'test slicess
in the ro6ts 'the fibre is in the
condition, and should thenbe harvested, 08
to give the next crop a chance to grow. Plowink per!acre ... Ar'diRecepe-by mail--j1i A I f-. .....,;-..-.; ..... i 06
The )rouhg plants begin to mak6 theii Ho .1, 11 1 -ftijly P C ked in Sp4nish
appearance the'same timeth.6 tstaifas Fertilizlnk.
6 s 1 7
J)n *-bti' ', pam:ph]W on h6 stalks apd "bL M
617 theold at& 'of'' uug- ---..... ,.. 2,0
Iks show Big a seeditid, Cutting
o6 tfeatlon of.the *p of W6. .00
j7 Dei .......... 1
jWrjtten,bV MT. 81,,B. -Wh6ii'the 666dbegins in ure, or ripen iiF io
it 'FudinAd)J, on burnilngthed6huT6-7-'
drf isiana, and published by' wdste stalks 6 b&li e of coal. ..... I e
the 11b,, becomeE coarser, and the' talks or r Is
I Ite "o
bi- sendlout little branches that make it Halings ... ................ 150,
-Ne'Wtof eanS_ The bampblef CTwre%,-ic
0' de ortidate.,An Pabor Lake
of difll6ult' 0 d alsa 25 00
0 d I
',-40nBid44ble lengthlLupoliLthe profits,,of
; output o mixe Abrb Which lowing 4n bne hoe ng is,
,5,7-4hd! Ind ustry,, statistics th,
cannot of cit
be' nb r asariable doubt lhat the. h T be. No ste a d
ne goo a, a6n consecitently, IS ndt as requ red for the, dultivation,:after t e.
be. a great
vali i The outing o :Jhe' flbrq trifling, com
41id ition to'the-iJadu8tries ramie is, started is, :Ver N
't ATL-A. TA -A,:;.
Of t ,IG
,this State.,
should' be'don'eb&i&,.?th" iAi 1 6gi : t-ared:wilh catton. culture.
is- w-Diatter of :6xlierimient.rano
I A, highly Qlas, -Southern i erg
While wie,'do not say t inl a at) rit. of, Or. L't
f ,;'the Vksureof
-carpingor, icism;,or Ii d froin -the an d -Fabiily' -Magazule..
H old the top of the stalk. in -the left The following data, comp le we must express the opinion -- t - --.
r6au recor 8' 6A J
ha'aid 'and With the right hand strip A 'we h r. d acksonville,.
thal It is, a fortune to'the tate an
tl period, gi 'the EA YEAR;lw t e ri xp I erime, nj the leaves by passing it quick y own Y v6n for
-It6,p6ople li Flo 7,
Ah lk j Ue 17
stion-,h as', Do t-e xj eri men te d a long this 0 sta o the root, and -cut off wit a mon hilamed, and E ski ng cArqtoPg a interest in ant dipatih,'
ap "ife bovq. e and t &,,t e motel', .. SafripJ6 Cop
o esten ceqts Ej'q ntramie, but tkht
hairy net wor]K,01 roots, as t ese-shbuld -Por -Prinium to' Clubi
any other. products" aiid,'diops of th e 'Within whiolicsboh Variations On I dL"' '
be e Tang
'our people .know, j iiurnedja e ly coveqd up with in anur6 I 1 1. -A- ress
41 othingj., but ih z c, -11 - '" ep forAheconiffig or
i 11 -- I t inay be expected to ke
to nsdr, er rop. op o
w ijJi inightLprO Ve of the.greatest va ue
,L to t tender part of the stalk and make the month, of Mayfor 23 years. W ARREN i
espeeianl at thist*
Ime. f XNVI
the paii1phlet above keferred-to reeds into bundles o 150.
reaping ma- Meanor normal tqmpei ture, 75 de q 'j.
p ie pip t chtnes or self binderstbe same as.rice or grPes,,in,, the,, South
Sendig-Leentg for list R(id %
0 r The Warmest month was.,that,,qf,1872
is pperi however, to say that Mr. lieAtthus bringing, the cost. f.harvest or,&' YeqLr,-81.o
eniurY' -ifi 'ef&ei16e"tb the -I g -rop-t Ahesame maximumo willi,,anaverage of 78. degrees.
o'. B U I BS
of p tlk R RAI
61ultvation of jbe plant.,haviDg passed -peniae. : It!ckn bpjpgt wit any, ,reft c ;desvmonth-,was that, of 891 ? Mid rekis, Out -61
I iu .. 46, 9temparallel in an even with an -average.of 73.1egrges., ts ex erimentalsta-ge, raferJS,, to,,L6uis,-- 149tWil I Yt
iaiaa-and.thab section, of the -!S6uth and swath The at ms are fed into the ma hehighestjqnrlp raturef was 9 de4
-not to Flori& ,, a fIrst. grees qnimay,2 j7l&78,that Chine, witlithp, small end
7-what is tr ol bpui Thej est1emp.9ratiur! ..w s4 A F!R-.',,'. IT$
ue, sianw,,w -,true WE 6 diegr
of, Florida.. T1 As wilted.siemso nnot--be decortic4ed 011, Y- M -894
Average d a te on which.first llkilling'l
andiowilaglb the. imprssIbilitv ,o I, pre l .4 7
brejrlom, allthe- frost occtired4wa-utumn-December
paritig ill green.stems bea VEC FETA P ;S $
GUL111VAT f w. L T
16iql w-so is -,the', Stalks Should, be Avprage-date on which last, 'Xilling
placed in aWetting.pit (6 cubic yards frost. o c.q uPred in spring February 17,1-1 Fot loifrofit
Theacelimatftig test And experimental q
', gtage as :'i tentt andlined,-,-Niith:-'e6 ent)a d'the CIPITATION.: sho-ul the' ottrn eU b=M*
W, ave posi.- PAR al''th
add. the best ami'm st te
ow mixture ed: 5 e a 'i the jr ionth' 4,07 inches,.
tive proof that-froin the rapidity ,pfthe- Ing pounds'flour v r ge fo z. 'authority obtaiaa"
'Milphal-, 5 6imads potash £schAr. b
growth of-raixiie; two 0 ropa akezbbtaih Average num er of days. ith- 01iof
coal (piI16 Or W11-10W coal: -is ,preferable) 'h 6 0.
b after'th".1, t ye r, annu, taiy, With' an i c 'r'-more,
Each:Vdt Will hold, about 3,000 pound' t
-Lan, average yield of 1,500 to 5,000 pouno a The .'greatest, monthly preolvi a lon.
een ms, and in about: 4our or 0
of dryrib on per aere six was -d iichisi n 180
A M the rottit 'WilLbe Jlnished, 'if.the
1,200 rkiuh or 4The'' hist 'ye8 i a crop,.. .9 h 1 fest monthly pr8cipitationi wAs, 4 TAND.8 M EMOS TIN v&.
..... ree'dware'14]- t, boifire& with 'Water; Th
froui, good, soil .proppi:ly pre d I 1i deab pi=tical I k dth
t. j- 1, fruits and vegetablIes,
dl'es'i at h ak tlod tregs, shrubs and flower
6, "o ems oanA evlibalt en:out' T ount of precipita and covers the
I I 1. he greatest am,
preparing the fiek],i,,deep plowing- is very, eally
Seiitiaj. ; ",,B e Lfor6' bedding uv. thdi'land',. Part' recorded in any 2 1.1 u fibld of hortiftillurelsystbinati
h11Y,bp6m6d,;;&nda6V up 4n. conical consecutive o r8 and t .orougbly- Ite illustrates and
to dry L'an de methods of ultiva,
st 16k bes
when dr, was ino es, ay
run- 4 or 5,furxoWs with a,,1sqppteT,-p o 1Y ban 28 and 29! ",tion, improved Varietlesand
br-half ShoYel,,,,th6ljL'USe riiiijk P OW tored:foil allbngth of tI 'Nhihout :in' 66 ; I . I I I saving do--ices,
J!8 It is,4ith6ut doubt
j ry th the flbr The. ban also, bUDS,"D WEATHER.
be d' "'ll to' 1Wt,.-rowhsln to"the vata,,when ti be; 'of bl" da,
no ln use;, Average 'num
arrow t e
amd-:*he'-n: tbttedtheivstema-will. furnish ;ko partly c oi4dy dpys,,14' c1budy' days, 8
mellow soil ceyie the tiabduvoji&lialf pe'r dent: paper: stoo
roats-,iii7veces 5 or (3 inches, long, and WIND.
wbrth Miout three 66
nts per-llound.: Ai en.
rv in the -rows d een from a
drop about one foot apa The p evai ing win a a e b Poeftfi copyandZO-Page catalog c1.,,-.,'
Lthesame:time, the -,entire liquid fur 'horti o tpplfcatim
Plant culttqal
and cover abott,,24'inaheiI; deep. o1p, FREE
the northeast.
dishes an: nt. fertilizer z -which can
excelle 1: the win'd wAs; 11kn WI 6 enin
heliigl es ye io p 1 7 0 Fulto St ,X
T t ty of
be ust d iii-dry .-'Weather.. to-'great advan-weather a warm, M -3
m, a fromthe southwest, oil aN DENVEK:
audif the q CHICAGO...... 1. Bed by dompbsting- wi
-take, or can be
-to come. up R I RMAIN "'i 10 ONANT f0fC)AR
he young plants will begin 1893 'E
'oo*- oiher sia li itire, afwa h
eight or t6n -An even. Stan A, .i i Ar 13%ureati'
Observe We th W
avoI flng p:(g manurb. LF
very. esqe j jzf 1 9
.. ...... ...
-sfraiglit roots and-even 6re, Andit ia, 1 Ole U P.
ro TV
WO eep+eno gh,158'
i fertilized after Editoz Z
glild, q4quj&be qousehold Department:.
I "'. ... -., :. I I.- %. h 'i E
a I Je' hA:nd -ey.IpXy:qut ing p owipg., ge, rees.peeiwt j:.1
-that "did not'jUoW :,Wh n d ordl t
A" 2 I I t Pede
I- I t e I~- I., J: ':
16 ofi&i e a th as larin!
inches %-Buri ,tpg-tl q,;huidy-,-or wood e work o 'I.Viorid
andl ose of our W( ri who. L-INE FROM
t1theluL arts to.' i .e L
h -x- works tIll sqX-yes. as fuel. to run Jhe engine;
kna iffilSts very impo ant;' Throw t -and3he ashes are ;mixed, wit %,e erly'andneatabdiAth; COLORAI T6. 7
cow.. or n1fic gently equ Pi
pl emises w 0 we fiv TEXABAW) THE
il back'beiid thC young, reed-do*ri,, ;other. stable man aieandspread over. th,e' --ill d 11 to h e tile bar nsand
so I t, I r ;. I
otft li oftseo a newli whitewashecl- ence%
-the W'att-t--;h1ftovIv cover wit SovrHMITHQUII
2" soil. -.,-Kennet and,, cotton seeo' medl ',fiffly ba ykr euce&,,
in d1k I d f There iA
Ving -three or four' I too espec
thT& S of o&ld a a0y soil fh t adds: so Rve CHANGE0FCAR8,"- '; are better wi
juc L es I of, the top unaSVered; Dri 1 ms: nothing a atly to.the appear. A"
:The; ioiay, loamy, sdil'--yieIlds e the.,,Jargesi an6e of a back yard as-nicely whitewiwbed
jldlfl ll'andtin'A IeW weeks, ,,tbey tae B1104rrEBT. NF:
ouiiti.offlhrb.: Th jejy-exh tiv Ofcouraewh6e,:Paiiitcan,
root wad b in rowilig ILI sh an. be a6rdied -it will be given. the. preter'ence,
iAt f the planV'exr 1 the'.Jmpor BEST, 0
ure.o p ains en IVink und
Ll!ydu Will hn.VeL .planltiljig' for j n 6 of each ; 'b
0 care -manuring or fertilizing. hovr t I'se(inis to be theitntwr
-years. IR member; deep,'plowing, is the- best to a tain it TO tex9li, Old iia!Wd
Thd"plintineof row fat
Ife of rami'6 ',,black eyed mar Seems (lut
-14' alid'it"Iff Well tblee taht factor'of. our d a i y;life,, pain t LL,
i- pbig Kfieith6 fall dtittitrk h the, rrows,. -of tb6 cpe f bo want toget
ohes free from: hooi: bei een fhe ivwg ktion,,, oil tbo6e W "d'lso
66II'-afthelea ..
anexc os e
e &iil ttiiit6 ow
to, Ad mitlight and' -moisture-. 'Thls
Ing them alider in tb.6-springj -ind also 60dl y ofd" wiii follow,. this. recipe
-t lifi odeof culture f0fqe#,% cots to'grow,
tticif6 iii Into: it-, C14390 tubTIdLa., of jilnp, add,
affords pro o e rami 'Peck
Into 'the' Soil'- thereby- endbl' e- stitobi e hot stir io'b li thet..joyy ticketrandu
oi roots in a Be en iigh
fo'atahd A severe drouth as'welf a's 'tla"en 'a': dd-hot wa ter
Rainie will L L 1 1% viethe U.Tp; I)
iertil' .
th izers. to penetrate to a' stand abGut the saine I enough t o thin;
Kree 6f, cold as s uigar. cane, or spa h Then give ev rytliffig FL good ose.' You j" j-, for fWl
ghteran vhevr
1 4ve no idep bo,* ljaucbbri 0,
e, ore,
Jai ev arythinj,'w 106or, andtb'J
age M& ,Willtqv, loum
4 .
55 11
-Y _VK, e

agipssenge rfln m ngro th g8lg~pe i 11 o rIbuine
System. TheRakyby ta-cd trol ihntecisd-d

adustr tob0i h saeo con- is fheArl m si of' th eBouh- ith X :
it was before thered Deeme tido~fAlna Ga. Theret is 01o
t i y. Iut wille take on yea onl to iltstato ofa wafbaap, m
xx ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ Hrl month ago. Thi istedi- teeyfth beve;Hl
em tbeweven tei twoindusris Ao tor neieve do. Th artcl isto

i~~l-SOa thbst have Set one, out aer Stoe -iv Cambref deto of' it mosti rm h
L ak sh s poonts Meanwhileor thosewl winter nobe
Go erors esa e, sas h t e hit a o for t the nril abeu pth u g -tni on, left lumntione, two thtn.a donifyo sci
bant qusintoeofariraux
dwssion and th;oetelcin.e, oth contry nd Wltet ul htbav added a third,,i eq aldsecir oru aei aigs
bant,~~ alestalne setesn avo caibte o their rec esF~m coite and O EIpdtr fen eor: nobl fec.t s e il s f v -bl ag xoeto t er re
f~E p ra c evenid Phan the"ton twolatd -, ast6,t l tbel Trpclbupu ls e
*fi th Naionl Au~clifti 7 ti bye the Tie s-Un ,Io ade we are I. Mnloetdca ring e th t.Ne reented heirrngthou ; mo.Vthat ever new comer who bas to l fl dm o "0!-A i ae ii n tr we kied t o'ia-ai -t
ro ru n n hi' g a d n wil so td a di e ad ei e to an ex o
z- i: -~~el n e t the Ph'rr, oi nparItO
hen Flosng raffFarme an d Fru t thae a o te Tropic l ut 11Ma ou , ''te Th e g is e fatu s f tal ala for ver
S&BCKIPTIN, 0 'PE -A XUN: ig a r el 'ald enran succe i nte at isube- of thCity: t h te, fan the farmesa d bette whc is thenle oficial organ..Grd" ofd that~otl n fact.. W e dor notb needsrt n it; bd L d e o oor d N w-e
. la~rke seveal' plants thatr wiltkntAreizna, hw as e ni te .reot Put oda ony $4sa
al plants," sotv that. someguf i beeitihacheeotwth ra
arisefromits cndemationof, te 6 advndeet f or o ld in e nn Entereeme edtoia frind A.tolce~ Ead oaeuFl
'assee i I' n ~edio of. theRor tfC'o h hon- m o~etbndn'hm
3es a ra il roa agnae sv i y ar.f th ae .nd exlepttonoer n h
-oikla aaInteT 2js town Wi na Tamp undernxou rokm n Brt eeirc r w
n ialstv win of'ti the latssem. co- P oa imh prn issues ofthtofRe- sevswths eekr; t
d o leedl out" beor the cit mbter asocliaton of antis new oner e i ual sch nwcuty edib

I ver il b t an iie sterol o".loa lutation bea dwrr weaia, sendis m hi oursiceeeo,
paethe twoieat Elattst Castbe and ~ i Conves.avr 4toem tvoom of railways.-he ......- -------v~hlb: -and wee ide cnh easily bei dIerte d ifr Sint.te gr .o -pple inSuth F lf
uta chane an sen eas In y yes som sa no. Th wa to
alon tbe.slp 4g, IIf fren',avi n akoh le "oIndutesl."A n Uto ter. o Tab e a the Fl:orid
nbegav an lit f iv teythn
so,-~~av bee favored fithe latr copy o g a easeoduced ThI anfl i o rel

thrl volum seemsmofor to beflSoolrdlvnearh 89,w strp
for FI mor~~~ati of value to, theape famersiand ofs u eshl ae eahy ofr these Last winterEte
growers of tht ae. dm n Ston Itts nui ot loe thbrefr lieve is. a st au The ~ ~ ~ ~ e byte thete Departm A abr a e nt of Agrl- tmadslo gronwithse ompard-o
gr, ari priae by th orderI of chesoa kandl plums Ths iners s CgsluieAsemlyuhePIE t d toothe leaes Now theyi 10
iss inue doub who~g tode thnkfo th s in intoi lefadontetp o d
: -Glii~n Kn~twery Woolverto he i to f beClssomsthe fr t Appl Fabe b ubl unh1'.
ne th 6 new Times-UsioHowlthey gladdenedne tye andtb lag rtyforee indebte to Supt. of Pub i s hsapeusnoe.po isn
'doeSescfraroyothsbiiloiabbigmoeathmdi i
ip ratepo ta ns v ol e of a8 palraes raecimt;attes.etm repisort sd given history e o s tshe tave aWvrity Corntw .tha t ill fn ncrai esui
m ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A e schol ofFord forai thpsta e ple hr solse ofl I fihhveer wihia ualcon. -adn ihuttem o we
'!Thireaer-o Ffoida the theid coul. riPam ec e, forthenbtefi o thano
d mp raten at rest -ota w sto ytto con t s;tob il

moeimpotn or e tohaonis the a Toayn ere

i i 1 1 1 i !;! p I
---- - --- ''I -1 I I I S R I I I l i I 111 11111 9 11 I I : I 16 1, I 111 11111! l ii 'l ii i l i
1 1 1 I I , i ,:
i : i -. I : 11 11
I -, I i I 1 ; , I : I t-1 I ::
9;-, 1a;7 ,,, ,;;,, % 1 r,, - I 11 f Z ,I 1-171, , I
----- -- -- I I ": -11 1 t,L ,, i
-1 1 -, I
.. I 1. I I- '- , ,J
1, -- I t ,-V, ; -',
U, !Y=w t ,,, --IIMr -d" ,r40JW--,WAS;Jhr 1 7- , --1-- I
', , I 91 -'11, e CK4 1, 001, "
M j -,!ex a 11 111-gla. ZLY8 POI. I i I
fref 4 fit !4
'tive ve -T, t 1, I 1!_1 I I I
Xopir VeFe I 4 I- i;
,q,0 1t,4OV;w:U414ve 'CoBt -- I I '] I .-- I 11
, ,P -from ef allt 6 pe4nuts,,they produce and' !,
Z ng
),",'- e e I I I -, il ,
I I "
---,A ', ,'i 614. ,ft s:, 1 -1 I -- Iiifk I I : ,
Florida fari'rs should' be, equally as' ,tin Lied ftvl 1?4?1r( jrl*, , -d .1 i-1.
'-, ,-,'%,, ", '-- I '-" ,ort", 12 .0 I 1, 09n --, -P
4- 11 j- ul 0 e; ahd '' nethird -,
it-111 I - I 1, I "
M!kt - I P. 'by aspec ai -,
)a -- -,, cents e h ' -.---,, ,, center -- -,
ivw-Uithi r gtii ac , I.- -1 I -,
,W ,tl 11 1, ".; , rising,, -. .., ,
1"'f ,,I I b., x .1. 1, I --- I I = 4IIdo pely repreSen I' -- ,
4' ,,,FlOildaii-- Wf h us,-theotunamon - --Af Frbita 'Graiid Valle 1. olqrhdo,,,we, " 4i-J dth -'--' d 1. , a, I,. ,ted-_,11 11 I y 'A. -, '- 3int aside : , ", -.' ,- -44R., -- id O.'Will also- ihe L6 iiis ille a I nd ,
', III~~ 611 as the lo- 'd Iil*6 1 ; I
1-1 I ", I I I I I .: .11, I I t e p ,ij, 8 V er. ., ; 1'11:,:11. : I..' r '. -Mly'W grdy ,as ..w id 'some experim t i of .1, eie r hi- '" .' :' Na h Ili I-, I 11
,, '- en 'ng ,(at the 1i e h ,e productsdf.t e fleldsii tho] .1 I, ,
;i-h-': h .. I-- ..,- ,;-- -: ---,
--- "O'" M -OUCAS I ., i .;, I I 1".. ., t ,
11- O at, an- iQnaIicocounut,, --we f6undeA that noy .-prospei,94 .y, 0 -iniss ,h ur s -Queo 'L' ., ',", "C alt Crop ion. ., : Pout aro inawl 1 h 7 fi
1- 6. *6 ,,,, he .tj -r s, ave.t-e. same, 6'' i ni,
aik' ,,I4 I ., 1 I I '. - -. L "'L LLb' --a- "L "' L, I I~
P411o'"doaro llqtioe,- ntry-t;owm) wi 4:.:.t alifornia ;tho;i:yegetabWg:.--thev supp y'4he-nftds, 313 an. ,t '
I, L
11, I -- I -, I 'PoU I .... ". 1, L L. t 111,0,0 attractive of he State ex
-, EA I a--numbe rietles', of grapes a f ,' L .. LL -fa L mi I 1 1 y,: A L] 3"e ,,,g r o L wer hibi L is I 'I, L -- -, L .''L - I I ,
,thav qui I r of the rarer Na and L OjIna 8 6, Jol I I 11 'It .. I L L ,L-L I ,
,- i -,- ,- I om bfith6grpworig 11, I -1
,,11,1112 1 1 I "'L : 'L ' ". i .. I 1. I! "I I I., i- 'L, .. I L' I
I I, ,sed ,,, soato- -sndi - re&ub L the L I L L ,_ 11 11
'- ly-4tropl6al pla ts 'we suPpoi Q.e L ... I .. us , L SiZb Of L L., .111 L ,- fl_ _',,,I I ", .'- 11 n
4 d Xce gly-* li ,.A e .17ii ;--" 11 ; ,
.- .". 11 jlL , 'Can e I his -ftbob.ry"b 'A sJ m ar movemefii-it L "'
Y", "PWA, I I ., I I
I I L I L .1 -d L '. .L I I o ;in p rogress
V..;, We .h ,L, h "'' '-id. L 'L j 11
I' i I "I
I$F qes royed,, are Bending.pp Chasselea ,typOs special I a eddi k hi .f SLgar e L ii, Alabam ii Land -L' _,,_,_- ; being raised --
I I w e)it re I ; L III tla; I I I 11 9 anilly f rom. I
,,, h, ts. f I., 1h 1, I I I "L LL I undis ard' L

'o t L
e1w, Is Go rom. the Toots:840W, g, Lat, bund es Weighing over two pounds each an &I _ mi '' L a , ,, L ,I I I -- I ', ', -' I "i Z" -%, ,
--, -, I -' L ; L L mark etfor h,,s. in till es on, ties
bn L -h L ,a. ,, L '- L L d, t- 6 L tfeLrof , ,,, L of the b t c in or expo'm L On : ', "
mb L b6 L .11 -1 ,'' "I
.. I over L I 11 I .- I :-- '.
11 I'd, e wholly BUCCU the bA- vines'T ree-years old, y16 ing- I . IL I L L'
-, 40 I- '- 4 -dLL L ", L Proi ucts Wi I be ,a secondary cons "ra- L I I L ,
:L,. ' -, L -- L -- "", purpose& -, -- I "" 'L
.."L L "i ft "_ L I 1 L' L -,A ., -,, n ;: L . L '& ' '' L L : ' ', L I L:.7: L
I X: .. 11 L ,' . C ali& ,,
,I - .; L -111. L ....... L iii-S " rk North. L I it L
L I h- L- I~' "" L ' 1 'I-, ' L' : -' 'hL -S ' uri rnia ,. lj as' ,.prac 'Joall ,'_ d L I L .:: I r'i-I 17 .L.' Po unL'S..'to the Y ne. This -I L tiqn.- &&rk t,,oF OLma et U e gar. en- I L .1 I .. L L -- L '..
1 -daffij 8OIIidW at. L- h - L -,
I returning;to the subject of, sandy 0i 'I with. iyigat on. , "L ,'L .' : '
'L 1. 1.11 17. ; ". -_1 I a4d;fleld, crppsoft e-; tate d ,, ing. t -her Lexhibit L-at- ; 11
-- ,, '_ '
uBroc'iLof oneo they" W J da iniaottlie, ,material of
L What I I fir! d6, here L 11, 3 11o r i: L ., '6, Lt I 1, I .- -1
tl ea0o,66' 6j' aiic[ L, th, L &L I. ha I L 'I ;'--L'
1. L : L' L L u x ., V al L, ,.
__L .. L' L ill' proVe: t e i salvation
R I I ' L .L .1 L L L L' L I fe*yearsW I ,h ,' L ., e W6rld's r paclie hdw ,
cyt 'Of Seve Oaks, the tWo,.nul! wl do'not1now; but, hope. L'to find out,, L L I I I I 6L L)11,' ,L' ' -' ; T.
hL of vhe 'Sti 4xyd thJe maw who, overlooks
L' 'L L L -' -horou
7-;, ,-- - L T ,L L L L L L .f ate oh has' 'L ". '
eryin ,JdZf. Florida I I L I re fully 1 mted, eabh.L ".jYJ,&- igfim ', I I oa;k -caivs,, *'h.i ', I 9 T Wot :'-;,L
S -- ey have been ,oa ,p 6 w t t : ,.L .1 L' ..
who deal' more espi. L L .. I I I I I ihoe will *L '' --' ,:
V" -- L I I I L L I I I I oil- ere tes' their Irnporti - ":,- L,,
I I ;' --- - '.-' ---4 i'' ec edthe.spepAmeng L ', ' ," L' L ; --C glly ili tiopteal plants, carry -Stocks 6f being gkFen. I% good, supply of water to taRke aAr a mof t'fa a L L' L : ; I .,. I ". LL' --'," "- ', --.
_,, ,,, L I I error. 7, 'L -,-":''
1, .1 i- t 4 '' L Z I L. ,, !, I '.,
it i -roo s An n L Make La'
he afit' L !' in L I .e L I n , s -er ea L' '
,th4! tnieiestid econoffllc plant, Which iUile th dirt Ab .P1 I t p ,.- L L I I '- I : ". North Caroli a c a' ,
'1 1, I 9 1, 11 I I J, ,,- L L L L I I I L L, 11 I L I LtL,' L" '".. L Ingg with, 6ultiV 3 '. L q_: . - ,L to L
1, i f-L'L exhibit eco'iid: A
J&L an L d, atibn ; arij ettl IZatl L ""' !'- , L '7 :' '!:'! only S ii 1. L,
ouldbe Wevery *ari4n in F a '., on: .Ikitl I L I 11 11 mpor. LaLice L .1; L ,; "".
"' L' n. ,.I' 1 L -L _j .ti.- , L W ing, I I I 1. . I d L t L G L.1
-, L- , ... .. .. W. l9r ... L" L ro 0 0116131
AS rul .L t _.,.,. L -, .: 1, I 1- I - .; : I ,; ;', L i that LbfL. the Unite Bta es. I overnment6,;,;,:1
A*every. conservatory, in the North.,., ,,we.,hopp, to lia4e-;some nex, yeaT. I I I -2 L'
,,,,,, , L,_" L- L T 4 0:, 13L L I L I L I I I I .1
,- L I L L ", ; 'L
1 I-- L .-, . 1: ".L I jeaoiireeL.Lmay
L- vl ., _79 derfulprioduct veness anq the The I ortance of, this I I ..;
Ao4ts alue for commercial-purpospoi 110 L a- I -'..'L
LThus far we have not ha any ,goo WI -, 'L, 8 MP- L ." -. be L L' L asp 'ihwhich7aritichoke 6 I I- L 2-:L
rl L, "' '' _,
-1 1 L '- L "' -L I ,L an e p4o, I ,
S I I L L L I L .1 iniggined-from the -fact,- 4,
L!, I !111 .. LL 1s. &lWayA a surprise ,those who I I I I I L' .1 1. I "'
on adargegc le hE0i uok-With the NiiijaIia grpealt .o it, ,;s, I duc ed L that the largest,
pe men asyet, ' ,6 I 1 1, I ,. ... L." L
te -'.j d' L b i',' L" ' '' -t ii" L "' 'L 't-.A ';' I L 'L tlie L",LL';

,, "", 'L v9'n i. k ej'. iLl I I I seine,-in the. worlff is qpp ratedLLOII L'L' -_ "'
1 our., kiao ivi dge, been at U .y :gr9," ,,aL, ''Ar L- I I .- L I I L L ,' ,'
I 6 mp I but eing succen L 1. .. C61tivat iem Ith,6'lflrgt: tlmeiiL They L L 'L ''. L I ; : ,
e, "atteii - '. IL L .0 ii L '," LL '. 'L ".! LLL,-,,'
-J -11-46bs ,Mr. Edmiston ,apdJt, is. ,s 4,itq :be iu ,I ,ei c6lle6i oodforc,'itt North-Carolina LLL Z',';': L
eci'Weit4brthy CA th ' ", ,by,, -. "I I ai L 'L I % L s eep a 'L L ' Cast 'L L' ,, -. ; '

1 T 1- I a , L 11 I I .L L .i,.
W, _L L I ';- -.!
!ol- -1, ,- the I L, I I LatL,' Jts
C 6, ,, , - , F t'. L." -C t--' are The legislature' of. Lbuisiana 7L ?- A:..
11 ,4n ,dtt e- 6.1turists of lbri, ai kr4e IoYlorid ; ln 'Lthe ln6itliern: i :, I .
L 1
,I e- I 'L I .l.". L .1 , I L es, 1-Fe o milk obws"theyL , . I L; I
I ,,-- 1, ,,--- , -, , 'L out _: L L I I ,,, I i, ... L'. L ,- Session ~ I I I L, _; ,
Ab Jj - ; al- I! ; 111 '--. '" I I 'L. L I t I-, I~ t. -,
MIiquoti;fr6m ,a recent,,,! 6iplo. part -oil 'the"-State; ..L bilando- 'Ai d eqti ' IiL ,to I-- Tho, L last Summer adop e( 0 n el
'-, : L ". i, ; I L I I .., L. f 'not superM bran L L; I I
-, .. L I .1 16t L I , , L' ''I t- ..:- J -:f'J:L
-, "L ,_,_ p4 W e '-, 4 - i .. i -, .j L 1, ', L' 11 I -L
11 L ar' vin ird. alsoIn : i -;L ii- I 't'
,'igubjeot the, o owing: % -:' 1, 'L er town there, a 6 1 g6 eso ution,.,Ins riibtlh' 6xecu ive ldiieerk,,, ,,,. -,
I 1,1; I ,; Ake pickles.many people eatLthezii r, L I L IL. h, L I I L L L L i L I
, r ree i s I a I sp, I emei of lau I L L I .. L I I
"' -,"The oampho t -1ZL may be thatme have not 6aug t on i ;O I to make, at this Exposition an e aborat ,, ,ep*+ -,4 1- ... L aw thers cook them. Buftlicir great I
lid, iig' ur ,% ,
", I L
IRI,, Jieli*ada n Japan.,.I.It-i 1, :jh LT -- L' I I I 11 I I L,
atlVe Of L -, 8 eaffilV! to 6 correct, method or the proper. 1 3,' as they exhibit, Of the Products a 80 Cell.-, %..1 11 I L L h ogi 'L I I -1 I I j 'j L
4i6i6i ag -f -wlqqkp 3ipli, f ,tl- ., L 'I'll L I 11 L L L.: 11, est valuells, for ,food L for L I I 'LL ;L
otoed rom -its, seeds, eg I izipr- .,'L! . L .LL -, L Z ., L.,L; -- of I withOU L
L L I L I I ,t goes say, ntL
"kl I I -1 -- -- I I 'L'Itrhai L L L L the 5he Statei andl N,
,SL46s6mble those nof the, Lpe-a. .1 "', ; L;- ' ' L L suv61hework of. harvesting--even I L L ., L L:_ ,
I I L I L : e 'L I I L'
'' ryL I V ill _: : .
L as L ' -, L . that a erY handsome 'L display -1w, :N Siicc ssf 611 L in this Count' "I L '!::. I I L : : lab6r of feedingAs avoidi6d, as L ,'-thelho ib6:;",L"
I L'
y grown Z: FIELD CROPS. L L I -. I 98 L LL .- L L' L ; L ,.Ll
'. L 11, f 'L' ' I- L ', L L I I "L i_ i
&I, I I n, S.,C. L I : "-, ,: "i') L :' lid brought here. 'L L : L ,,L'
-far' uokft as' ,Ofiarleigto L - 'f, L I- A) i P I L 't L I I L -' L L
'' L : wi edd them 8e Tes and .roo Up L's : ; -_ L I I .", L ", '' L L; "
mW 1 I I.., '. L, I I 'L '' L r, ".
( ,W' -- I I I I .., 11 , ";f ,r-"As long as'twe)aty "years 'ago, 'a. L i ,, L : L"' l9ybare Iftoro .' an L ey eat 6; i]iai L . . I -! L" ., h th ) r Lexhib
I I I I t 'MovementS L 'to ts ave- en -- - ,:
iM ) ,-- ", ,- .. L 'Or4AgP
,. --i ;I, 'L I .1
SP biiiiAh -,, qA 4pq grower, ..: ; ;11 - L ,.' _, . -. ,. ., . L L ,:
"$I-- -1 -- L Colts, tuine L In 11 "- L ,,, !; I,,,,,'.
,eclmelcks existed, ill'Fl6ridal,, t ey,,, Aoribe allL
y be made 'Perinsyl- L;L L', '
11 , I 'L L Ca V S-o! 4 .epp "d J 'III MinoiS,
,everyone e)SeL WasL pinched ,.b I t -i-' '; '- -j -- ; "; I ;L' L L ; I Tennessee I
,' p ,3,wereL rare, audsdnraely known. 'A -dozen' *tIdL like I I L I 1. I
N -- I I I L' if L L ;:" I I [ L ,: :
t,4,1, -yearff, a L I YL L" L "' ,, P Sur oqe,,, J-9pn% vania New- Mexico and Mas sa-chusetts',
L -go, lt was desired to find a: sh d -; L L to'ea
1L the'freeze .Wants. to'kii, ow, the -good "of All' w A is. on Z I I '.' -b I.", ,- I ,
il;,, ifre6 ald. flourish in the,&y sand' 'that wo I S- I I I.. I I -.. "! -, j'' '4 altblest 1. 1_ L I I "
; ',11, I L L r -them the cheapest and e,
-was discovered talkL gbout AiversifloatiQnil :He; Ok -L, and-Phese Statesm L pr obablyJ e-repre.E-, ,
7,,; -Jof the,,State, and it th 'i thi ", I I I -, :' L L IL I I I ''I L., I -ill'L _'11 I 11 I .1 1"', .
L ,. aJL : ," L,,- ., hog4ifood 'I 'CaA, T_&fse) L, and ',f And:. that eiite& I .1 I 1 I
-- I 616inug 'th when the vegetablei' L I L I. - 1 -- 'L I 1 :2
'f ili ,camph6r tree. filled every, requi I e IL crops are 't '. L '' '. : -'
W", -, , I L 11 I L I I L ,., -, .. wherbvbr: br&&-sows have free, access -to I 1. I L I L :
L L" '
--,' J'mblp, f :, I ,Commissioner 'of ,Min L'.
III,, A., The h6rticulturisLs of the'depaftLl grown, there 'I' a noi in 4rket or' the pi6- L ; I I ,L I Th& L es MUDU-' ',
V. 1 -4 1 I ient" th en - I rl f gft i L ' ' ' : -- .. -, I arti6h6kos'the andri1heir pigs,,,in ari, L I I 'L L I .1 11 I -?- ..... ';
,, 'began sending out quantities WdCe t6r i e t 6-in the early I I -v Jacturesi and, Akricultu]ro -f
:- '91% 1-11 L I LL 'LL .,'t L' L I I I '. L I . or Arkansaae- :adeireeslt ,1 I .1 I .L L I ll---They domot e-aftheir PI& I I '' I,
!j ',', ljof, eedlihAsto be: us'd as sh L ri 1; ably do. we h to !:L;'
,,- ,,-'-, Iiotli eJhg thought at that, thnethat thoyi sprjq attid.thatthesame -I Qa ce mn rfj '. ;'--... ,V-j_ I L has- applied for large!space in whic 'L I
1, I -, t ;-."'"L eL: 8 : ( ) C 'L ,, 7_:- ;,. I o not seem - 6- be possessed of on I I I L 1--L L' .1.1
1: al
L ",7o 1. I le. L ",1-111 ex en true o alled:,general ,field I -- .&L- L, In. d -L
:be'commercial y valuab L , i th ",- 1. L' ake a Iiber hibit of'that'SthLe, an , ..
i -' I I I L, I I a" I I 'it - .- ., cgs re' f' d. '.-' L '. L '1 6 It, oirl as L P that'a - J I
'3- a "'the ;
L'.. ,, L, L 'L I ''
thrfni few years however Crops,, I , L position maiisogem eut t at,L- I .-, i ,"Everyone" says.II6 ifg growing 1&1 h e On wri es t P; i h
Is e I I I Corn ,; ; L L ' L '. v. I L ', ;- i- ",:. _- -L_',
", 1he price of camphor frour 15,to: L I L L the year round,, and have yet to I I I L iL
1. I ., I .. I '' L n I .1 1, .- .L W e ,.. ,. L.."
, vegetables in in y section L, and. the .mar L '-, I 11 I Arkansas, display.will compare I wit!i L
", f, -- I h '. I L ,L' C
L '60 and',75 cents,.a pound-, duo large Y fto L ". ., I I- bl B7 L' .. learn.of &.diseased herd, w ereartichokes L ., th, 1. Sia L L -: I L ... L IL -.
r 11 :ket is already glttted And lia to: rem L :- -' .L L I L I 1, L L L I
eSS' L I I thowof Lo' er tes. -' -_ j L L". ""'I
,fts use in, the mp, fracture of snaoRel L I ". I L I Lf
-:L: ; ) I L 'L L -: ' '- : ,; L wereJased freely in fal. 1 IL and spring. Lil e 11 L ".
,-- poWqer, hais-chang6d. the situation, and Main 80. R 11 ... I I L I I .. I :- L 1. L The movementfor '.aixi -'exhibIt froni -- L L "
,1 L11 ,- ,Z ,ILfr ezing..solid a ,
-," 4 I _-:, -; :iL --Z. : % .L,::.L .. LL a.parsnip e nd -thawirig L I eion L ... -,
--f aniphor, L L L L I I L'
,'; t is'now proposed to use the, c B_, j itL '18' L som&i ',e ,ag6- ; '
11 I I- Ily t em California! ,*As J , ".. L L'
jj j ,_Aree or vr0dudti ea-s w ell aspipamen-tal, :_ 'y the: M ark et',' evident that ma times does-not:spoff h -S6 iti is LIL beig, L 0, _; C I -, L,
L L L -- I I I I I I I I I I IL ,cm
'L ,::, 6t-- Lf And the Chain niezice iid-, I' %
1 1 L 11 t 'L
V; Purp 08e& ., -'.,& " Lh'L- 'L, L ourfriend r(ifers to the little. wark 0 L not hecussakj( to dig th M for Spring; So. L L I I 11
I 1 ',
,. ..... .. L L- 1, I . I- I L -h e,
-10 L On.L Boards of Trade bf ;t -ai iteren cltie,'-7 '
"The trees grow rapi . I... I i tWO 1 we er': the iE 'n Z" ii. L.- , .. I- li L
y, an .._ yield i and L I I -1 1. -' Lj
i- -- 'I I L I -- L E the town hear whi hhe is focat : Turn-the'lidgs eks: af t I

.- 1. I L L I L'; IL I to- RUPP Y J -e L, IJIA kinj 'L, ,
L. .1 L ha,4' ge I Lt"! ,'p. ilidir' c'amph6r At an ear yage. .i, very :7. ,,--i '' W L l --
, -, L -ofthe everyone'), in blossoms fall. -1 t L 16 LtjL L .. q tie _,
L'-,-'t Jew f ,tfi At ,L ii, L e the Uh el L ,L
,., ;-'-Part of thein-trunks, braitchesil Wigs, JLn'Y- -- . aot L '' ". -;. L', I hogs L I : L'' L -.I.. .
il gj e. L ''. .. L .. I., t- -, I I '. I mpa ha been-formed. which Will
,,,, I I 1 13 L L I I A g ny L S L L' L L 'L
,,,' ,, and leaves-is saturated 4th it .--The. 8 otjon.L iSLraising vegetab]L e L it i S any time t e groundis not frozen until I iL "', L L , L "'LL L:
--1 '' I usi for obtaInIng'JkAw ,L L -.,. -L.L 11 I ha I ,th I e in arket, is _glL u I te I d. L C , _11 L w again. then the L instaU-,exhibits. in: a.bui d1nLg Of -thei -old-w ,,,,
k ".' -,Apparat simple. I I I I .. L L - ,.
Act uroklj ibgtt' L t'' I ,they Come ,p a d grp IL .1
I I '. I I I L I .1 I M 6 L_, .,
"," L In, is i e L -, .It 'L JjgL "- z -The fresh lea-ves,,ancftwi ar&phoppeLd' I ion 1. of ardhitectur6, L'
1 a )) L L 'hogs have, beenjooting eno g -: d will I .'-j L
41'- I I .. I I gig_ L L Of'course when vegetables are ,raised u ]I: ad I L cn "' of: _,h ,. L
r', Water an Piled, : A. '"! "'indhey: ,that they inj urd the pasturelittle or, none. L There expected, that thISL 'Will' 'be .j L I L I
L .1 I L "
iS,.pUt-0;V6r' crop1t is necessary ifd L "_-.',"'
1 4 of thatched Araw & L I I I L h 4 ro
', Sort, of roof I I I L L I L hanclsbm" 6'sit 'bu ings on.: t e ig -1"d&
'-' ihe' kettle and-tt it am ailo L wed-L toL-eSL Should be placed in the market early;L is no better food to.buifd up 181'rgehealthy I., 11 'L,"'k "LL ",: ', ,- I T)i6Sb dth rjinsiiwgysYsteMLWI ma eL 'L
, L,- L '. ,;; i, S 11' t,- i I thibis keinerally understood but: it must 'frainesi with'plenty, of bone L L i n ,Z".
-, 7 -.oamphii wi& 1 1 le., .1 I .. I I I .
, ,
cape through ,.it. -The, ., 1 L 4. L' ,
4 limes on t 0 straw, L '' A L off L L 'L li'- j,6-bl YGL L Oe, handsome : -exhibits, on th6:! ,:
,; IS Ser ped. be remember lie garden. L as The :-wffl no yL W tu ,11,t t;nL:& : of j ; Lf. L '. ".
,. &11 LL red L that t, I I I L L :L
'L L g r I .1 1
I L '- ", L.; fL'-_i-, a d Saved. ,.:L : ': . ... -[ I L' t L is i L '' L' I '. n t the:r6quest 0 t&A Co
tL -'-;i-L -)', I ua tityL rfinporta I 5 on to flnL f the L I'L 8 -' . - I .. i, ,P?':'-L "

11 lkn tp! .. L - I them.' 'As'!& M ProdubingjoA o o L- L li. I I '
'- '-B kilful pruning 4 Iaid6 n, m L. I .11L 1, -- 11 .,. --' ',,I -- ",
!- , TS ,h L ,, '. . 'L. . I IL L f---L ,' !I supervuglngL arC
jai be bUtLinL t ese: 1', L -f L -L L.
'm'6ved .91707e'r; is So ,Bituated that lie, Cannot perhaps I 'has ew equals, 'L : P94yi ; 4e I I I 's iteot.o' ,the
1 -- of leaves and, br L :f L- ;
f- I ano es ca re I L L C(Iuc- ,, '' f L' h I I ''L .11. R : : : :', -.,- Exposition has prepared, I p ants or-an, 'L% '
,- L rom Lwitjjoiit inl-- L I S, Ve I L L ''
, '_ a tree ryy dr vegetables, or t e early:market, times Of cheap Por4L it is too eXpen: L :. L I L L .
C"Vie e. uring, p e I .
1, : I its 4 its health I.. L L I I I L I L . 11 I '. L L ., L exhibitionbuildliag. classical irvits Ligtyle L'..
; either appearance .or L east grow them for his family .,tb usemorethan in the,41nishing process,. I lie Can atJ L I L I L I I I I I ,iL L L L L L L "I i
I 11.1
,." t L I I 'ell
L",#, smqll quantity of chrOphor, in ade I I and imposing in its prdport ons anid'-J .- L
I -1 .1 and::they wili. go: a long Way toward' ana- one of the'e poorest to grow, a ho L -,., L-.
as an experiment from, Florida treds;has' L L L ( g : this, L I I .1 ,,,,, .- .,
I 'tt L Is safarthit 6trficture wift V I V ,. . .
% I-, recently been sent to Mr William Saun- bridging the hungry. gap. Besides the wf th- or L a elnpt to -keep it inL health. OL n -."': lf'L L I I L I one 0 -, "- L.
'.' -!' - I I L L L L -- I I n the" ,grouncls..k,'
I h n
ders, the horticulturist of ; 6 ainadultureAsdorn' f L,
,-, the depait- truck grown for'immediate use he can good land, With th 's 6st ;
L L f ":.' '. L "' I L
I I The the. ."
-'- :, ment A large number young cam- -, L L occasions a L -400 to I i0M I t Southern-L" .pr6l gaL - growand lay r 'future" ardchoilies 14ill rbiduce.froni an dt: the 6 ;."
.phor plants ate now be ted .1 I . L L IL L I., bUSlIei 'L, '- --,.'-d. L '' ,,. j- aai!W iffi-ibit Will L '
Lin Ja 'I 1 7, L good. supply.of sweet and Irish potatoes, o1heacre,,an ,Are used as eed
lt ; L 1, / L : ' .L I I I ., L. I 'LL' i. "L LL '' L . L ,, i ...? I III 'y j of the Cce" Jo '
fom sced obtained pa:6.' I L I U hi
,, I I L L ' 1 b e
,,, ,L . I .,.,. .1 I I ,p.., du .. L L ':- -1 I., I Z: 1: L: : onions and mauy'similiar crops., I : lnfal af terplailting in. spring, ro Q- L I LL : .' ,'L- L L Q. ., "'n"",,"' L'
I I I I LL ..L. : p I L L
IL ,L I I I j" ' L .:- L '. L i "" .."
i," I L I I I romf p imes as much : as : I L 11 . I I , I .; -- L".
-. ., L(n L, -_ L - , I I I T to ten L I L .1 -'
",- L I L .As to tbe .general f arm crops In our ngLf q 9 I I ." .1 L L, 1:
4' ".i'L I L 'L L e "' L odn:-fte. On 'L' 1
1_ IL I& .1 .. I I L' -- .. b ,'V' -b' bi tlis '
L, TnREz a !r r
L can be produced of 'corn ontheisame L L
I I I I L'
:11' L! L I I I I .1 I L L Lt L, ,L ,, ,
, L L M 1 - ', , I opinion thev offer a greater treasure o I uin, L I I L, moving ral wi
L ' L % : I : L f, I I lis "thin'etiliteeii' onths Ili
,-Z _,;' L I :
I I I L lancL,.-D severe droughts they Con. 1- -, ,
1 I '. % I relief than the garden. L We L I L I I I 9 L L I ., :, L 9 ., e as
I I L L I I 11
,L - do not I tinue g win I I h d'di Chi o%' Th 11 t -'
ro g and -keep green and.thritty' the ne ghbor oo L ,'', ,,,
' '- 1: L - I..
1-1 I IUALIFORWI& GRAP S6 ,- : I L L .1 I .L L L 11 . I I f ,, i L ,, I
I I I Claim that on the average land _of the L I L L. I" 4 1 1 L I :%' I 1 11 I 11. L 1 .L 1, I L ; ,Until tiVe.:L 'Th need p wanting but' Occurred a e.w ( ays ,ago. on a L'PUIIM'an' ,_ ey L ;- .'!. .' '' -4- h h L.-,L
". I I I L'- 1. I- angebelt alman Can employ "'help"atL 'L L L I L 1 L th, i
.1 I .or I I I L ,_ af ter hild was-:
L'' I I 'little or no culture 'Affe Lthia L' ' L, L ", I
1: ,. L, L L -- L - L' L: I and s = ,N w ioi, ,,, e, L L 0 .
By THEL ED 11 once, I L I ,L. I 111 I
'I ', I I I -. ., r ,..:: I M R.. I i L I the L fancy prices heretofore prevalent, ,fl., : 'I L- L L b planted iii lih n 6ra; Cisco; hecoach 'was side- ,
___ -- L L I L. I 11 and make &success, financially, of' Lthe, -. -L,'-L I -1. .c 0 -S _L I I 11 iing! Crqt i t I ,. ali r tracked in: the. city ver saturday wght' '
:, I I ," L I I -as po a oes ,on y sm L I I ..
1 I I .11 _L I I I L o r sp I I I L I '
I . L .1 I
1 I I~ L 'IeSire Lto6 .L i Undertaliing. L But as. his occupatiozibf 1 L I , 1 ,, '
W th, 4w know whether CZl_ LL I land every eye or piece of eye will and L Sunday, so that L ,the another would
'- L L L L ,- L, I 9 1LO W I L .' , ,'' I 1. ,
', 4 ..' It L .Ii L i]IL br;Luge culture Will not be eiry pressing, L .1 ;- L '. ave tOL In .& PUrWL of M ,
;0 44 Aio rnix ii: Pes'L WI :.SUCCeed South I I and on -hall feet not' h I be
-diil' L ,, it its,:demaudsLon hijL time forL' a few 'PlsntL'U-rP,*S three e 1 1 I L. I L I 'L t6a 'j) ' h.' e L ,
4 L
-- Ibcfdii g6itand uiider'..wh&tL con ions L L -1., ; 1. L .1 L was generous V A n Y e passen1, L -, .I I S L ,,g6nSL fi- &part, eight6eh inches in the'row', Pl6w 'L 'i. 0 so L ", -1 1 ,

I ow
priso-nM, --",o bo [ 4-- tli6ix do,
gt, AL"evi -out,
&-16 6fal!i-, Oil- ,oabi
77 a -0 -0 oum
bbn erE4 -,the h t speak?"' An VIE
i r, -WaS Be '1Xo"g Be, gneu ank in"
or "That, hour, t ory of that hour,.:' or
f ,tew yeais for, mapslang h a 'in epi ki
0" h more th 0 ce ll 0 8
9,5' 70rv nO- 'ter. -That was the coi:npiomise effected.' formy ruined wn,
thaeroBe in his hid t,'
r VIP-ey take the whole kmg
% '' Z mpetf had said only that be But, thexe v t, t bert
Louis bi _yerp, imes ,When Heral t',
"did- It r6uidmb]6r, but he 'o"Id not be-'- ypry'quiet anA'6alm, and h b in New. York
FWni mo 4'i night, ni 'frteoi&l 6spept. qurs,.
116 e bebad b6 mmitted the crime' Rob~ in wato ing" o ways of t a. pigeon "for the night a
sf6vi-:dark hoursloe in? bery?' He shrugged 'hii'sboulders at, and he Was. doing ibis one day When the, L0 UE.
31jiynot4h6;daxkn09a hide It frommyfa4e? that. ]E[6insisted that, his lk*yer-should Jidler came 'to'hirn and Eaid: 41M.. c6n
on cannot miss that inn.
-pot, r ply tolihe inkltlj j "arid: ig]i: ::'verse,,.youAre free. The governor as,, 'Oliall "-eot otherwayfar Xhis _1S.. in-ot 6 "prob] 6m.story.
ers at night suggestion but Off five yearAlrobi our sente be.
Y, p
But the Neither does it dis 0 uSs-& dvn 6 es' ,,v
080 W Shown f Ji" "new,
ho,ha 6 gone'woref v4dence 'had' Oat Then be..was,_.. told that.:. people l were
)Thdn ok' dia advahtages 'o aving
ftjstT,_ftnQck oi cAD when,,JtL4tTb f lgli t tb 0 -ini'n l7ni g S' 3 i t witbontw- 6 da1hbn :ApA,, ihe
I 'ft tb4 tW
ii our mi_' 'd
47hPY not k4,PJ" 5 fftabding at the dook
J Members of theparty e do little chemist and his- wife "Otheig,
ound"In t I
findLeoMfort" travasore and weak? and1bis'very money had been f more important-m but be Would not a true, a 8.
-a shall find tho aux L. -go, 'And it coiideipi: a-g6od
Ok labor, yo 61L't. ''There, Was Only Louis' to me d a
-for nie nd all'who e4? :Louis PO e ettben'i andle Stepped -intothe i an
mrd;ifiAt ihdy 11gd!pldjed-,oafds 16 Id "' I' t d vii ibb nex. porn-,
Yeo, bosfor all who oome. a2 o wor a one a w%
-Now They would, never jaqve me'
York L Am-ger?." Fohsibly _' ows: could tot re- ed out, upon edger.- 'look f th
in Wit. though he knew t40Y b 3 icg a -had
Th, em d town. Was no one% stir- London oaunty.,counbil. come. jp#;
ed. in :the pla kbe 6i few ye4is:earlier tban'-it di j
Ry it'd Tbejudgej himself, oh %Jrging;thei rip' do,, but suddeill there i exister
_U liuri Sai 1. i6 al I I , Y b "' h E 'The,
SEIGNE _R because e saw er Fit. the in I
at,, -be'pever before saw.a,: Ooqd before him- A I : I pire.
prigbneroco -'andoutwar yl ones a prison gates all night, t da e waskng.- 25, and' It
t n:
1,i His ohief occupation in tbedaytipe. but I warnedthe that 'they must not and t, a band: in entreaty very he
m :pnd bur6ih-l h6d ".1allbri On i
.*dsrtostapd on1'_tb'e'bencbbj4he small losesikht 6f'the the taking Said. aking voice, are as
1Arred Widow, and, Watch the geous, VWhum-ap, life, whereby a Woman was &e atlastl" Pcener (if the ballk Th-emanllro 6 from,
t d arlhod ,:across th
3"de, a wd b woman w his -sea an w 0 'Prow_pn,,, he roof and iiithe eavoslof. the bQS71 'dow and a child fatberlo" _:He remomber6d 6r, _j ho,
e arks the i ha E -toward
"d .so.. with. the fe r inade -th b
d locked at hini so(ai iou I'
In nx E3 y and sorrA
pita1,,9popoflit&,,_ For f1ve years -he had -judge. sentenced 4he, Toung Seignour to -roWfully in the courtroom. 'He loo He ppsaed seve b t he did
-ked w9pop, _P
013 -this, and -1tWAS. p. cmg, thing- xig ien
th andthen_-1bp not h H bad -'no 'intention of
ygars.ln'. PrIson,.. selft dther -kindly now,'yet be was dazed pass er.
his w.bole during'that"Aime which I P stopping', "S
'shakenjgpd, pale, lefttM.courtroona hur- :too, with his new advent to freedom till less of Speaking..
'bad obarm for bi C, Yet, when he:saw her, hestoppedo-,,
U1- F1VerY,.P1aPgeO riedly, 'for Louis, onverse a father had and the good earth.
weather and Beason was registered there be6n bis'frieud from boyhoodL and When she stop d he spo 0.
did you op )o meet meI,',, he
I do not.r i h0Sal
p amly, as if be con d see the Surface' his ock: -Sente- ce 6ahuly 166k- 1 -nenib& what
th bigitlib judge Isquhrely ill the ia- They sat-down together, at ac little',"'
'of the -world," ih tbe-sum'' er es es Eorry, you to replied.
-y o a great fire n -,the judgws bow ., csildf tbat'is no rea on. :table.- A, waiter- 6rotight themL',a,,oup, fsequied, o be cath, a ed 0 blAok coffee 4hlg y,
-1 I '! WWI- luriledito the jxtryand said, "Gen- ana a and Hoda.
o na-, foT, t, 'air rose up once committed a crime, I I !she
a_ quivering bo He:dran
""from, them, an b )lis nevq9r aiight7 tlem'eni -you hav.eruined, Y life" X. 'On whispered,, with sbrinkingbitterness.
t 6 pige( They 611 bd at again., 1. cannot r6-kn and I. don't know, who YOU
don't, ow, I.: "That's bad, ".he Said. "Were
ed'on them save in tho2efirly morning 6' 'kil member. what thbysaid'.
an., -You have esSeii, and
fig a
1A ,'the 6vein J i h f' i,;i n i punished?" A man on theesta-e coin ol,
ng. l s over t b.peak. 0 it-4ke the peina ty suppose rwo- She shook" her head iind
U se6h,"th, A w Will Y46 feel t&' tituib an served
Hong. A v,6 manpntn().,Proj qenadof ainte OpM;OS oent,. vI hen e,
kht 16, bear1te ed and was.buriad awal,.,.-,
brano c cbme's-out?. Yoii'velnowh me more or!; 7bat's worse, be added.
t tg ". : u .1 d -_ Then-.Sh4i
-Digeons"'bu e eaves un- I essAbose 2b yeiks, an6youlvdSaid,'With said ','Wellj Ar(
-V619btOf "I lot some. one. else take my crime on coin
got -that I Upon him andbe punished fo
dor the f d b0i h'OVW ow, e ge anllvi it,." she
projecting rob were:: #y didrthlsmis6rabld things 1 d 'do ku
e es r6stedwhoh"he on't-know said, an agony in I I I... d- '', '."rL ow
ro Rnd_Ltb rel hi her eyes,
butitl;iat-one of yuu Aid:it, but' Why wits thoatr be: Said,, i 0iin r Why LSpoko to y6a,
-tiredbfthohardblue Sky and the glare- you are g at! WY, soppe
I safe,. and take y; -6f, my Lot I I "' t' owd' here'. I am
-tbox6of. HQcouI4,41so gee.the top of ton years her intend I aim not 'One a or
'he Aid Per ormer in the 'Come y c,
pi 'up'- an' to tur eA from-:thomapd a j
tal barred d.
#9 Acs Life.'
13: Abd'the other?!' ker.
.yn,,bPt,, anything, within,.-.for '80 0 Sawa Woman looking at- himfroti
of, i Sh 3':' iare& athhm. '.'Thei wbyl'a corner With -'a was :alo e in'the-*6fldo,',"she e,
But now and theth 6,, Ild --expreSslom- A:t the m d 4 1 II :bdve told;: I do not know.
ment he saw no more than an excited, A bitter' Peilaps I ihought.,, you, looked, out of
dries. '60-mm-g' thr' smile crept to, his lips,.and
heard bitter .. I oughone bewildered face, but afterward this fAoe' hi plaoe-w 4iere._'t
cipon window in-Ahe Burnmeri, time,, and is eyes were all afire, for a strange'
-114,-hii-06'been'hereeveryeveniDg or
he listened, to-thein, growfednter-and bame 6nd'vent before him,: flashing in thoughtibame to him. Then he shut his f
lzilwitpbitt6look On 0 t
and out o&,"dark places in, a mocking: eyes, -'and when' he open f
th' ed them again.
fadnter, f toaJow, moun
P '.9y:gan.. er. way.. As he went ;f3rom- the discovery was in t em- 26 Sort of h
copr409m,_another, made. her "Lr *..'Why did you comeF
in' 'win ter 't'h a';'rcof,'Was coVered.- or, woman.. now," be SMA. -, I", him i:a. spitp of 66 ,guards. It w you lookini" !IDo you expect me 0 UdSwor that
Iffoll 9 a blanket snow,,.wbi-ch -remember: I Waked and Sd
o 0 hemlst'B T-wii Wbomas the father qubkon in this,',P dii _ndi4,
was the iittl a4ii p&js14r;ou
4obk6&hko:'A %bawl impabied,' It W o y 6 a, r s at me that Dightl
4h *46re bad been his'father shougekdepdr, -of your child?" he 6 k' by thesepeo
ito"and ra'Sifu% -win s ed eagerly.
7Z I, am Sorr
dovvs were Bp ehd 'with: frost., 'Wid' I)een &dseht when bo Rist' "'Jean Vigot"' sherbplied. "Holeft' Y."Of''coursemot. It w onld
ahnost, as,.gAy d hi: 6 thbworld. resepi'lil a, performance eby':,'The 1 id
'pigeons' were tho.same- ene % Is eyes"6p me to staxve.
; ..My Pocr 1topy I My poor boy III she Il am innocent of his death" he saii d .,pen.dent:Tbeiiter.'A.boibtyI '11SUPPOS 0 ing:,QU-tbeJedgJ'Pks of ill f sq':had ;be 'tE if n do'tter -goo: qnt:; yo
40,T1 crowding, 4n the @holvts of the lead hifrimanaoled.hands. quietly,-and gladly.
She nodded. HeVas silent for a mo-.
fle, s6died' them witho mU6b, but b ; ..,)Fie kissed her on the, cheek n no
.word, and fi' iried on 'into his prison, ment. No; Stay. an a ... eyolih4p- '?
em more. His piJs on Was Less a'
j on- b6 auSe oftb6in I'M n ifi6 loni g' and.the good world was shut out.' In "'The child, still lives?" be asked. ar Y.
'h iefised to'ieeiJlv-61tbrs; evenJ S I'Air YOU: miserable
-6aiS-bf expiation prispri.. e he nodded again. "Well, let it be so,'
IlVe 616rbid himself
e little. s wi e_ owe me live years,
than: with 6 M6dallion All I "chemist" 16 added. "But you III-am not sure.P
OUC -th . 4s
wpx d the Lett I reputation. Did yon. ev
an ors, and a ost e jiny.
deng;of the piisoworanydf; his com- go&d Fatb& Fibre, d4ye& It
toc :hejroffi8ed 'to'aadeptand, reitd He: "I: wish, tow God I could give them Wbat?".
W'th Oe former hewasyespeotful ;had no contact, wished no contaak, with; back, 7' she cried, tears streaming down
r,-, I t6rads And fields;' h
h them no ouble at, all. ;the, outer world, but lived:, his, bard, her obeek& "It Was for my child, he.
Jh t
gave he, sew, -the birds' a
e,, 'WiWiholajierhphad lonely life. -by, himself moorlands t
no Mg 133 COM-r :silent, brooding, was so young
W'. studious,,4dr now books were t him, "It can't be helped now'," he said I sing-in the -bodgerows;' the battle "in
t1oll, 10 r ., td d h 0 a4
ey eye GrIMMa So an e Ifie
_11 ba'd-M'i1hdbrbd whoh wi d. an& inM yleasmip. .An e wrote do, but never and be turned. away- from her.
i6 a'ny soul ou; tside'O It I fH&A loved toifeel
4ith ,drini 6-o Wild e prison. This life "Won, arms. es, ovel
an&mad that he you forgive ine?" she asked'
'bad ppioinembrancei.-absolutely pone, 7 -bad p6thing' iodo *iibAe'* bitterly- the.w.ind. fowitg, y face; I loved, 4,A'he.meant thatit' to. am ell the scent of heather; 11 loved
you give me back buse five'
blob: Jean -Vigot *bidh,: he' came, an .."Won't t the.,
-sliduldt'ot. years?" be replied metiningly. to hear the_ iong,,.4f, the-,' t
ifo He.remembeied that they MoUn aln
1-p t:biij t ]N ,t h
P1 h *"h- ': SO D6ifdOtWPrisbp6r was llielhat!the.' "If the child did not need me, -1 Streams. poetiol
'aye cards. far b3to, t 6. nig t;
-Pat they. had quarreled, then made warders. protected m I from visitors, would give my life,' she answered. "I
as never but- once or twice owe t er haggard,
e1, P(3 8Ud,:he:,W o you. hunted
a6e again; that the ot erg ad 1 hade, fiat is all. Did;7you t'Vei' Ov6 a
face made him sorril
1@"ft;1h;aVthey had begun-p aying car s wqo atand, Abeu he He, too,
i, an g' against d,' then all *as dlentered his pr fered. thing?"'
Arliakffi' heard' i is"Yes
iblurred 9 v w Id dissipated ei br%'A *ague, -rdcollectiot 'yout I "It's all right,,." he answered: gently.
at.-1b-e,!had"vdi all 'th& m obey -Vigot e he a ma ure, quiet, Take care of your. child." "Who?":
'0 "No 0330--i- Inbam oply, 4'dog.4 0
d I bt,6d Fiv e ears 4 a ay fr her
d ad -it 'Then; csm7e a Y And% again he',move W om- a 1012 11,
Poo e dobetlibi Woik'of. 20. 'He'll !the life, and-,went 'down, the little hill, with a
k. He w ked fin4 two officers o: VE)d "But he is
law Be -hot a part of, cloud gone:from his face that had rested
th b id h I and- & .,body Of oftheq yet be Was "of:cOureb.",
Jean- Vigoto starkand_ A nor yetwas, beA part of! the world there fiveyearR. Once be turned around
adful, i few Woman but er th'. Wh
eet Aw And. the faceof the: 0_woman was gonei OV 0: y 'of course?.1
'; I d bipl'
f ecause'you ove'
h at. him so stran I the prison flying
V&p thbd111664u A.ilodk Of pigeons were
t thei' ands'llpon' 90 Y ln
courtro6m. ih itunte then,- -He off, his bat, to them. Then h I acigarette. 0 YO
lim 1he3 Abd6i: ihem,:6ff.,' "When they d' The man I "Di
lieve in', 13
it again, he-,w-oUld h 6,aghttbew sothat at' la, it,6cams 'a par is' went through.the town loolring neither.
-to the real life, Which was, li e& largely at the: to right nor-left and came. tr) his own.
d6th-had, it not, 4 been: for hii dead 16bg4go J a n
window *b&6'he"lodked" o, at lthe, onset, wher6tho summer morning was,, who aid .,,a I I., A.4
E.. bosp ita open Q&US0: I don't, know What coLubs"*fter
Ong rj srm -mddt Idge6ns 6 n' of the L ialr6ady entering a, wind 'or-for PE6108 :--Tor
ind zb "She was, sorry for me, be said many ugh he had looked P findth6 1 dbAtht I so long, f
Converse, ea y 'ap'' e ad n something else-sometbIng,
to the firm, friendly pressure. was sorry for, time to 'hiihSelf., He losed and dark- The ittle chemists
]a Lj ion bad left no 'to,,' iu d himself, and he was shaken'with Uiisery,_ wife metbimin-the doorway, She could 80111e hiugto -love.
up rhe ften I that be rocked r uld be, but,,he "'YoU aro uct,,a,.b a
h inig oiand fro as be. 'inotspeal no co 'kissed
iear im ar L110 triaJ,- bAd li eg & d6newhep b'd t
sa on b' 'aidei h b"' her AS be had
Then he 'T

777-7 liht -- And the tia p alas noroten- hi 4 G-W EXxs'6A R9
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b d ose nfo' ha the Who tesp iddbihtiiii otg atifii es h ae as
aig gad on am wekad amMnt tdter ied ttO the egetabl crpofF o uridtwic e d as lar
*Ia _d live,~a a or dilb xed t iaHoe havled gheenmdefin-i tiyer at. e neo n rpi entmsa
hed, n. Midsw dete terpade ofe wh iic wactioen ag: tewt o pout stelso h
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ang $% en la ure liret peaurepoweer oh phoph r in 1kel that ithin amonthll there -tae uin hrei FRIda A g NlUne oftr i
us'd -6 color 1 o the deils roetune without' the xctin aer~ aebc afo t onscue yted.P ca el ulo ne
4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a Of the 88' rf fO ifB6 i ,srcino h sys c. lager amot a ndifrain.Sn o t of h avng Th eeesut wer Iioe to be gen ratl i wpoabyea. e nex e r. an ey JA E M .I;,_~s t ulgh mWnRii n al ir
-;ItiWes fatli nae .w fo gl, a ll edosp horpooes substanes qm? prict s iny e upeman et o O ri
!- -iio biealyd.Teep rim toe i LpOvr100 arese of lathi earrisn h ave beeno nird rae

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.Ro 1 us an. .oss~ th prp- u. or the ma ket fTe c oetiinset in the FenAu icP eapsam :~~~~1 6&iD 13 mid.t ,Rft8 sn esi h lo I meoI shul notg koleto Do denda67' thinek4 e at cofiguspriono i t ~he groun aclane *f voldetheirsoan. sifel ropsaLoE wIht l ls andSlls bottes
cX," ," t,~ e Mwoee 6 oerehexpesentotola r ayse ancd aftrt s id th ree iade msot ono h h eR ~ o ER B o .
A- ed me and woma he ae gh. o aiod lib is i o s 'in bi rk- hf Fon country.He peopl havef met disaster 11~ne havngben tppd f, iaEnn te abs~ n6 div rhough .l eelAnB itah a oinehm th istb i tdn aie# Iii d ~ayatola ep a ossb oeaiyrpie"Msotn
Ave 66 magat liv me IF have of'h l ol ro h etI ha wudoehlmterstersuao Olf tran B descendhfromesomepanthropoidalorape wtiIdemporarRNIAconveistence here. h anl. ,cod-0 1 3 e n twd 1 thn that Asitoory Afrcan muonke Paor le, esot County isit desrpioiaiddvrillto mts al els, wokn th mb BaoncraOOKNlEE.E K Was~~~~vto nh 'aesUio' .sstnalaousbemhegbbnth areN --- Pice naplcto
is46 ellL yobiuldlv can tli itra and lv nfuthvencl eeae the three essetia waoints:
*1546jFA ix ff~ en4iee e ahc dthneaen' a the a r y n koebe s hason ben
4~~~~~~ ikb i 1 k n ugtneyh snt h s e at ap blti s as ne is ben't for c okn at e ak will sedyueh '
oidfed tHE aidk o lbwothe eaene dtosnot de e d hi hads. oli s ihito e ca ot edlygtth o e, n ya n til o
-2o e gords anhe grmeatidm oors ba to abranch.t Be sesi arfifth slib which ns gatfth ed pr er The tupe ow inys er:ornm n u ii
andgaedatth mn i Th tr yi o noe mietbl cro tuFlrid to inte astek l argegem play at b ig g d n c~e es a t .a do eater. i If con ed tth at sude aI le fi s c vrd s lsl h t t e c nl ,y1 u vr
Ing to ikke lie be niful lies egg anded devur s l ints le s ler. Unfeonacotely so mes rase wlbep aedwt th smli
twic a- e att ijfor youced Vayhsi t i adengei, akn whillspte ou onA th tv, u h n ocs Stms.a e. Ad offilras ung, "f s he wlifspd. er thim lihtlys oiorous, ahs,on the~ hoige ieb t ween oodut mtea lesnd at L RI A H MEhtePtr
,y o n o e n o d t i n i m r o e f o t h e o t h e s e ne r e ,r o1 t h f r e Tohoe w i s n H S ho ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t suroun nt This. isnfroelacotrwohdhnsw els ed r St whollad nevr be
,k~ge,',d thigs b haves. W might nveor have bien Whe tm a hen chippe wth af knie, Sad deentFlsteaki y e ali t iso thimeo tho --od taeoroii rmteodrther thans proerl cokdwllnt ed ob S h eyo hvespken frm hene oe, utwerell kow. pond The sitea shul b e ouan(t ti
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'o mefe you cannott understand bute liteaot h atclas e eath l ninhtik A pro o
mean fo a oa -lk me- Yor Times oulitomed dao cookieg stea inthiw on
nIi -lk ao -p a as youi wa wl al os invariabl cook t tooan
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sherin coul nomeiond. tha as fa sn B6on h Ftrltanriatin should ekotAMBYLEC

-- --- ------ ----- --- --- ----- 1111111 1111:1 ------ -1 i I m y i i i
1 1 1
V :; IM F ,;
1 I i- 11 1111 : I ,I
I pil ",
IN f-w 4i ,S i jl- "I IV I I
- Z -: 71- i I- ,I I ', ",
I ,4: ,,, -, I W- -M- 11"E
IT111TI-I -,, I.-- 1-- N "' ,- ,-, --l-1, -11 l,' -, ,,- ,,. 1,11 -,
r ,-O, ,MI-r -7 Iiiil 11 ,--,i,, -1,i--- kt, t T, ,,-, '-' il, -- --- "
,-*'I-i- ,14 -1-1 -,- -- -,Z - -ii iI,'%%- I1,11"-- -1 ,"( t, -'I''," I aw 1* mctto anci- i o d4h-_bp- -tuharvest.-the4b', -- -- 11 I i i o I I ',q l .,
1, '11, "; "t I V, &ad 4 -, ,tuxhed in I I I -- ,4 ... 11'1 I 'I "I i ; Ap
I--,-,,,- -- 2.,,L 11111V
I ,
; 4 6'tZ lvoad-,'-are 11J, oes ,not',pay7to"g a- ,
R ,h, -I' ll --kob ; I 11"i
7i w hummock
VppKitod b -- as d Sol f lt' d ther 4 jlyt pre ': t "' "' '-: r : I I'll ,
I A I s 11 I B I ; I;
,:b I f C'm
'N, I J I I I ,- 1,
-, .1 wi" "I
,4 "' "
I 1- 1 ,,, y L s -'. 1. .... .. I ,
i '. 1 :1, I i 11
F l,"7 ,ip -sup , i .- i 'e :t le ,
, , eTly ertntondent o:f sub-ex-' 'Piue q, if ,t e fertilizers -'are'- suitabTy- eept fQr se6d-purpose ,,- 0
th a
g-, ,-* -- A,,yrm I I , I --., --.. I "". - I I 11 ,
i i I :, plqi I At'' Fort Myers and appliep. A large part-oftheland in Lee Chufas are considered P -- i.w I 11 1 &, I I e : i's I '' ,K ZI Plb" T, ,ji% t , -'y'tork.;raisers- scibns, buds ,etc., the "
L J'I -, i I L--,;, "-. blighed',i 7'--tl 'e'-8tate experimental, Da& And Monyoe qcquties, including in bb:6v South the most, profitable orop, --loWed'i8 act from forty' Ili .-An I"',
j ,Ii ,' : -, I ..
- r I J 1. I . .- '' :.- -1 I ,
I I .... 1 -. h L4,' '---," "ti6i L,'Ii-d-ev6ted to pineapple .. I yp-!: on 1W5 Gulf 46d'Atlaniic ihat 6an: be grown fo- i ., 1". 01i I 1, I ,th- ,
a. I ; : I : & 7'kej; r 6tte'ning. 1:1 t t -Z,: , e,:' ,
:< .. Zi.., '- . I , 1. .,; 11 J ,- , I r. n rea ing -grow ing .t 8
, I I I ., ,. . ,, I.,
.- : I , -1 1 -, I ., I ..., I.." L 1, I- ,- Go grow ,p tiRs successfully. ,,, : -: .,
,' ,-, ,, ", in,- i r ,lbfroductor-y, Mr, Washbu. asto, wlll -: ., I ''. '7'" "' V ,timemust',i 'i -i
-;, ,- , j3o , 1. I - I .. ,- : '. , - P %, 'A .,: -11 .1'.. ,. I I Z 111, e 1, : '; I' L L be,
many I i- - ,, I I : a slightly s orter --, J
1 ,-4yo, medeiay In printing.this bull In e6tions of : hese oqqnties._ ,,, us and if uSUallV in this, case au
I" .. 11 I -- ., .- o6istderable inqtL iry h as : been in ade: .I - I I I I", ,
, '
good I I i now I I I . Cie. ,,
"' ,'btin enables me to say.-'th6t -the experiq,' anid-for-pnescan be bought I I I
1, utlyeffective,'. W ' -,','
1. I I I i a- to'cultivatio' of- ; ipeclally; .. ,... .. .. h ry froo-s I
-- :,, a n-. peanuts ei .. q4 i nurse
a 'though -1 1 are nown. to e infected with, an, fuju-rt-l ,
, '',f- ence at Fort Myers, -In, the :,dl 46trous : f6r.46,00 an acre, in more ao-. I ih gp .lgli. I -'. I Z 1i b ...
I I I .1. 11 I I I variety which seems.wbe 11 I ,-1, I -, I I --. ,- i
,ce -, ,. "., . -1 6 Itj IS We '.After fUinigat ng',ag I
have, just i th J hi :
--,-qwlnWr through, whloli W cessible'locatiens... e pr. .- is:- I&er! : ,1, ingtigAlie, taf- 3t, .' 11 I
the paos-pqg at,
_-i,' L, e, - -'. 1 L --t l Pi -'.n, i III
%a -been, most ene'ouragin 4 I ". -- S.tatel Qua'1 111 11
-- ,, -,,paag6d bi _g. n 8, e geuerous fortili,2tation. ,- -- ., , '' ,.. I Above: to ie6LIntiiei for I i
,. I 4n, quarantineL
" -- i I -%,- L"4i J 'l.t 11'f .1 11 I gro-" ia' . ,. -, : ..:_. , I .. I I -11 ': 1,
Ili ', e young pine whiPh'had'-been Bet in izers 'gjSplied sii uld iriblude " '"' "' .. : - I
I .1. -. . uxo.'4 :-. ,; I I I k I may -be ,
he et I til T4, !Q t eanuts-can'. be, con7, -. I" '9o 'that ,they
11 -- -.. ,, evera W ee a I
_','-, I 1 1 ;. gqu, -1 the ro.u hlyl'i'
L ; 'thL, ground-'but a, few week ,, or Ahe: threeprincipal plaht foods; nitro' I -- ;, 11 I ".
"L i -- L', is. I I I ,idie&wIth- two obje6ts..irivi is iod later and .tre'at4 a
4 Oust t .1 OV79 first peg,' , -, ," th-t' s -was not sed' i y I po ish- -and, phosphoric A-6id I I I ;1 ., , , --- ; ,,, .- I 1.
ee or four- monih ,These.,., Ithe"nuts ,an a secon.dtimb-if, necesgary...- 1-1
I 1 I ,,
I I ., 11 I- .. 1 I 1
z' "'i,' ,--, --- ,- I . -, 1 - I d 6cond, for the follape. r; I I
i I .1 Fia I ti 'it a''diffloult process- I
L, ,!,:iijuied. The pines a year or, mora old b .' cured,-froin- stable inan-. : .- 6i g -gh I I I I
foodstcan: e'sd I J- g on Is n(
i, L I L I L. 1- I 11 -11 i '- Z .. ..... z-.- -- 1,- .. I T h pari is, a sm all uprightgrow '. %:, .. .. . 4 I -: ,. -. I11 d Well-rotte4 .', : ,, ., I, It '. I, I t I. .. and ifce If baud 4 ,
.- -,w6rqJnjured'- about 33 pe r-qepLt.,Ah dk6l.,' poultry. manure-lan not dApgerqqsJn
,1. a of I ten . and .- 'k i ; i li.: 21 I Ang var e r,'with rather, small'podsl ,Ali I : -- 1prM I I 1 ,
iLpjan is being. so frozen as to ., ,muc a I nd co' ".- I ed-iWifh re. 'In, the Soviiil years e*1-' i , --, .- I tl in6rgial feriiii2 61!8 CPM ,of' ,Which- are .6rn ,ed:., ].,oar tb6 : t ap. root I .1 ... Qw 1. rlcig i. I

', '
I Lzl;,--. I ,
'-' cay. The other two-thirds of: theoj lbnied in pro-perpropotions. ., -- I tensivo;use ,of; ,,this; as 4, h ,6aiiforj" -- .1 ,. I ., 41
,, ,: L L I 1 -4 1 1 I I -- ;, ; ., 11 S a adhereA6 thoplant -when 11 'vosied., I "I ,
pines are looking, 1: ., I -, -- '' , ;, '. I I Ij
P1 -1 it6d. eighiben'by eightee 'I- I -. I I -, I -i6 ,ori64 -to,'ha e,,,be L "'
well, arenow-blo6thijig C' Ines p an noon(i has r'been, I I
-' 1, I I I I ., r I I 1; -I-r: -', -- ;', ,. -,zv, wi-,- i -.. 7.. 1 ke.nut&lare sinaUer,.1hey are . 7 -.. -I .- I
-- iand promise a- good crop iu,'95.'It 'Young hes grow wel ,, Are Oasi y.-cultivated 6 bqti I 11 1. injured.',.' mi; - ,,,-' -, :, I L
_4 I L - I 11 .... I ,I,' I ". q '' ,er 7qualit ',than the ,:co m on or I If -3 'I, 4' 'Itic L I I ." 1, I' 1- ". : -' ,"'I
.- 'I 1. I I y 1: I I in : I .1 ( b
, .n ordinary pineapple a "ed and yield Uijo, crops, ; When- I fed iii I I 1. The, fus6d--po assittrii- cyanide ,a out
1- p nes, n-'a pan 'ginia'
I L iA& of thre 'b' i'n cli trips caii6 through '' i I help,, to,.-. .support, -and, -1 11 I Vir generally ,used. in com". 58.p6r.cei it pufity)'whibli,16 usediln 'furn,-I4 "
- ,, ,, I -.1 this--way,'ticy, I I fecti I I ... L I
-- I '', I ,, . merce, And: As con oner's- stock .for .- i '- 11 ,;h i ,
''iL In.- very- fine con'di tioii. ;- : ', : shadeeacboth6r..: ..:. .; 11.11 I .1 I igation;'is usua y ,s: ,jpped in 0 pounds I
11, I L I I - ,i: ., I 'i I
11 I' di bring a,'higher price. i
I I I I use at4n. es,
I- h li 5. Mlilc hod -pines, in locations where. '. .- I I .1 I 1. i 1 , I tin- cans t 'can be obtained from
-,I Spe&king.of f6rtiliz6r9.fott eplaut e, -1 I I I I This maturesz-'quick y and can be. .1 I : :,;- ,, ,,- 4. I "I I I I ak eight&g 'i PhiladelphiA, ,
_the I I Powe El,
1 'gay$ pluearple is a .veracious feeder. light frosts occasionally o(;i3ur,, are te Ori
i-11 f-: 1 11 planted as'la as July 15, in F1 da,, is' de ,p is -1
Mt more liable to injury in winter. : Pa. ,It a adly o on an.d in Idi, ii, I ,heavy f I eiti living I I 1 ro. I I I I ., I J ; -1 I ': I ban, "
t requ res_ .. '. I I une, .15 to ,July I in ,statesfurther
1. 11 I I 11 I I I I I I ling it ,the fingers,
11 6. Great bake is needed in.. I I I I o e ed I
,:',- h h ric acid aDdpotash ate'a I 11 I- .Using I I I ,., I : ., I J I -1 I
-gen, p osp ,q I I -, -.. , ,- I I I North. ;1 I .1 -or, small 1ong6 should--",
I ave- I : 1. . ru
-'L14 ,iequlre& in generous amon nts.:; Perho -,Jnuc'k,"d allcqmpostp-: to Ii .; th ,,, rj i ,. ;. I &'rvos e: a ,w t h, ,-, 11 i' -, 'T,,
.. aps .:; 1. 1', ,,, -- .,_, e ,musVbe, -h punish,
, V 'form entbd I ,. 1. I I I be usi .,. -4 -i6te, .ni L 6d 1. -1 1% he: ,,, - I I I I ;:!. y a limit gMOuDt; r
fell. I e y-jdnompqsed and; "I .1 I ,
L" tbe w ing i nanures 'A r ,:, b6gj .tho. dqglil -, I -1 I I~- I. .- 'SOO13:iagiTiIP6;:if-plahtl d,,,foi.,a'n, early-orop 6 1 4 '
1, I thewxe V '. t 1 1 1. I -ki iid'-iq,. inju riou a I ," .. -, I '. I- 11 i l,'of. b "dling necessary the hands'Inay ,
sourcesfrorn which- to obtain- ,, ermen a1i6D o ,any I they.wi6 6t ,,'-very -,quickly after ma- I %:,
L I ""' ts I - 1, 2, ,., :. , 1. I'' '' . w ell:- I ,,n ot .- I I I I I h 1: '' t' 8 i , ' -i;
-Poultry-, manure,., 8 a, e-. 'd I ov ed:with cloth
' L Ili ,' t j' 7. Suckers and a] f th 'd Wit 1P 1
,.L4 qu remen ., .. I 11 I I -- lips: 0 r I ; , tdiltJrif;lefV1n- egroun .1 -I s i to prevent ''
l r -1 I a '. I 1, I .1 t6, ,,-,,,,,, ,, Im be m aterial, -'
-. trimmed in -at I PI t em, 6,- ji 1,
- : , r44 nu t e; blood 4 ,bdnej- bone' Ly Way,. I an th -. ,. I ntact: with, tha,
,,guano : . -1 .1 1, -.. :-, .1. us y p it' is -_mu -1m6re:i3a6i1 .. I , ., I I fUnIi
I.- I I 1. I I I :: I., -;-; .1 y cm On opening' the cat or _,r
: ,I meal, -cottonseed'm eat, acid phosplibte, without 7 pqlling, off., any., -jeaves,, ai ad i 1 r d I I 1. I 11 boit' after -. I
gu cuied' iiy as beg-gar I 1; 11 I .", I I,
,:,-I- '' .. 11 _ay '- I as, easi y --,,be :klIow6d,, to, Ve' '
I I- I I I I ,ting,,it-m ust. .
- ', 4 Sq _and well rotted jtjiouticutuiugoff the.% lower- -end. I weed, or, Cr -' --#' 6 ,g ,. lphateof I potash, 1. w I ab-grass. gr wn.. for the -rj,,.,, 11 '' I 11
- ,!-, ', I r -.11'.. -.. -; I .1 ,- -: I 1, d F ;' h --' I
,' t lid b pla with.the'lower I' ., I -, I I som. Iv; Z1.
-i- z 4 ,read
-, -Ifiuek- -Tfcompos susedlits ou e 6a V-e sp, % e ha be ore t e ol)erator enters. 1, I iw i.kll 1. -1 ur ,-only,, the.tops may b' d-" Ii ,, r,

, I P-Nlow
,, ; .1, , qw- 1, I~; :- .. -. P in e.! eseut'conditions. n -lotro 96il'tr : I 1. "! :, Zl.,' wou -for ;-'assimi atlog .. '. und 'And t I I amiied. -sain : V* x.t, .1
.I 'I " i it d'- Dd, rc dy::' ' ,; : ,i .. Out - I --, T z I .
-ro e .. I I .giving the e results as cow peas. ..
11 - -- I I ; Ida mao,;youngttees and scions 4
- -, i'' -', 't de i 11 ' A ion. Will 1 firmly. on ,the -:loaves,, aiid around'.. he, I I I I I ), I ", --' ,,,, 11
.1 compos pn rgong ormepat I I I --t Grojind where thi 'crop is made should -, .
1. -- 11
1, il 11.1 1- '. Hor --of kei- West, li" -, f 11- ,' are being imported from'Culifornia'and, "'
- idQstrbythe- feed ; i I ds :- stalk:, 'Captain r I I epowe "-'i a','Ae;b '',bf"-6ii,"'to eight ', I ., - -- ,..
-1 1, ,",-",,-,, - 11 ''I 11 other regibus it'is-.verr; -necessary', that', "
" 4;: f' j o.wning-a large pineaj)ple firm, 0iiolieVP ;v :1 , I 1.h ) : 11
touch sil, ine ies an h d' A Is strictpm
I k OUWAIPK -, lea or, ,.vegew, e, -, ,,, arrow ., own'iIntil It lauti6n b6takefito preventJh e -1
% I 1, i ii .. ...... I I Th ' d- Islands "-t6ll li - ' I.. I I , .- I

the best for. this. ru _, espec ,e -en, ,- ousan., a me e -smooth. roots And t h a Ou &,b6 inti6ductiou;of injurious;, pests and I ,
-mold, ar& fli T '' i r a' h 1, I -J
11 --- .1111, ha I , I I - ;1".-', I P, would ur I e ,ever. -krbwer ,introdui
Aally if I I I' to s::,-abandobed,' ;."t I'm -ling, f th - : ; , 'i: ,;' :: I '..
14 thore is agood-.fouBdat on, pre ,the,,, r, in o e ved., -, I , I I -remo ". 1 I I I cing :,
-1 , 1. I ., ,;, -- '- ..: .,; ;z, _: i re ps to u .7 1i
ea -way o ', e)rti I izers I uld-not haye-tli6mi -trim: "I -b, -1 n, h -, it ,,,caie -- .
'e I .1 i I .- I I -, I I I 1- I A, p ossi. le ,
I dh reinpviii d i can
nt I 'ofifig a f i -and = And wo I I- I .1 I p pq I I I I I 1,
11 : -: : :, 11 1- 1 I -, I gA great ,, shojild I ,- -1 I h : :, .-T ' "I
'in .11 -., I I It done to I If" V ,; '. I 1--S. V iiBHR;
1' s ure-. !- r.not ing.-as,-his'expe-, -bei Eekerc!so&;:to ,iinvent,-breAkta ; --. ., I
Oi .1 I~ ., ,. - .1 I.. I -.-,. I I I I I I I g '. e .1.1 '' .
I" -, .- ;. I I -a ,. 1 1 q '. I : ,
i 1 : I ,. .1 I I -1 V ; I -- I
r C r,,bette'r w4tho, 't I., U I : 1. I I i.x-: -:11, I I ; , : .,
", 1. UlTIVATION. ; '- ,-. 1, ,:J i.oupe ,iat I : I : 1. nd-,the-kbmel., '. ,, I , ,,, ,.,, ,, skinA:rou - ..!, ,,-,' -,, I 11 I ,- ial'A ,V ,
-Cleg nreu , iia : sc I 11 1, : I rJ[ common I Id ;-,be Eustis- Ina- --. .-'. '"., ,-1_ ', r,
I itivati.n1s :besti wit uffle: z -- 'h I -v6ri6ties,!' sbOti I ,
11 I I 1- 1 I ,.I ; I I 11 I 11 I '. ... I .11 i ,- ';, - !T 1,
, 'cut .the feeder I 1. I ,: I I ": --. ". -" I
i h6e' being careful .not to,, ''I - I I nted three by three feet, but withthe .. :, :,-% ;-. I
... I : : si Mobs Avd Feamits p A. -I ,- I I
I all : ",% '- 1,
toots. 11 I .1 : -, foundone to wo inche I -- an'" h e And a half-by tHie Th6 White BiLg bn-Ne*g rputa-, -, ,
,ht6iP'are t J I ia suni-,
:. I I -, .
-.L -lil- L .1 A number of inquiries have come ,Vo, I --I Y'. --b"..';1 -, .1 W Jt6i i]6,!Wi, mv]6A t:' ,f, ., i 11
T" 1. I ... I 1. ,
i clew the -surface...'' Mulchim is Adis I -1 ,. :, cient,. it eing b6t, tb 41ave ro a three
-1 I .- I I the,, RuRAIisqo this past- month-, and, if L i -. ,, 1, "; '. , -.w-' ,,,, -_ , Your 0 1 muni6 tiion 4 A "
: I I ee- ; I I '"'.. ; I I I I., .. pril, 18th ln-L -4
advantage., for while the.lnulohed; plants I l I t.apart, to all for "horse O.iiltivatipq. -, I -., .. I 1, ;
,, 1 "" .. I h : ,Qw I I i I I I 11 1-1
.,: ., - has been thoug it best to .answer, them -, "I .1 I quir ng in rpgard -to the'wb te buk whiph L
-L I -- .1 .. ;,%, es, p4 .. L" I ,.1.
I. .are green, aidthiifty. they areztoo 'sus-' I I 1, -1$qo, -, ) eqovered -three inch , L
I or ngolia
- : ''. 1. -1 2 1 ,a, plioulld I I I I ,
1. inthis:..department.! ,,,,., 7 i -: ,L 11 L I 'frost-: ,Ifplan I ed, in I I -., 11 -, I I 1, 11 I I ,. .affectsthe ne*,growth of the
L -ceptlb e'to I I :, I -placed:,in each hill,, I z,
L I I I I ., wollpiij -- I ,two seeds ,the ,sqq -1 I I h 1. "h'. I i I .
I I 1 1
1. I I I -, I I I e"' f .IUWNJ S. I ,- 1. rPceiyed...:,.:ItakpAt.t at"t e'Arisect j
IS' inches the 1, I 11 I I I I ,4 1 1
"' ,yeiizoa rich soil ..18 'by 1, I I 11 I 1". -,. '.--- : 66ing firmed or: rolled after coyer ug., to .. 11 I I I
j , I I I : I i 'A n
Plant's Will to:ot: each- oth I -a One: Of O I 11 h feared: Is Apsyl)4 whicii. I ; d ,hore''
,L 'pri. an pre- ur,:s0scribom asaways, The cidpahould:lie frequently culti'vite& I ..,
: I I xt6fit a-ttackifig1he new sprouts I ,
'Ili vent-the f it : .., f I d with:- parships, :rand:wants :to "to: i -- .1 ,. "I -. to some e -ruit loni::1alling oyertooget al e keep ,down weeds and grass. Ex .
I 11 I I
I I N.; I ... '. "'the '.PUsYciiii;-'-;".t is.-i t at aeemg 0 ,
11 L Z .: ,:: I 'Perime as pi u tel
i, -1 sun-burned -- ,.I" ; know how to -b6 sii&6essful mith them. rit h QVed- that level c IIA 11
11L ''Ll ;' I I - 11 I I ,, ;, ; I 1. I 4 over. the
11 i !, -,; -., 7.7 11 I I , -- ; 1, I ., be g'eneially' wtd6apt a StAte
:' 'It is:probably t, e has, pToduced the ps -- -- - i I
hep I 04 ogse 6k6tVeraevlethe;s :1 h. ,most difficult vge b t, results in the ..
', ,W p Lan ,, I %- -1 _-: I I I., i, : I V. .. L::, -, .- :. b6t.aftei.eir6tul e'xamingil; I '
"L ') standimore erect I .iaudbecome-A, partial -.table, to raise... in, Ihe ,South that O "I I - I : 11 - h'--. "- "i M cannotL
', -i I ". I I I : ; I I I~- rqpl - I V': '' I !- l ,- ,. : I i : d ey'seii kialy aff6-c't the -V
4 I I~ determine t, at
11, , ther6 is : and.. success As: b ,?no, i ., I -- ". -id.;,h- ., I I ,
2 sh9de. for'the tiditduring. a part ofthe :1 I'll 1. I I I y, !, I !;;.As:'soon as:the :nuts .,-have, na matured ,the w .: be -,
--k, -.. :;$ r,,, , - ,., -if ineaus : certain- 'to' the.".most .1 I I 1 ;Re growth. hOU 1 ey 41gund -to
,; ; ex : I I h i ,, ,, , '. 4 I I
, ay, *hie is an,'.advantago. ,::, set .'' I .1. I -whole' plAnt'should be 'taken up:ian)d D i U I L
-- I I I I 11 I I I ryJ4 =will flndther
I i P.rien ced and,. careful. 'The ground, : 7 I -do : '" n 'L
- -616'se-fogetherthey. on y--require cultivar 1, -----, I 1 ,--;- .- .. I dured:and' the nuts picked off by hand I I ,
1. I I I 11 I 1. I ; wash spray.ora I e .ejltuiiiouleffict
-should he well manured gad cultivated, I *tne Where the' cro
fing, the B rst year7, aS:theplaDts monopo- I 11 I-, .1 '4t,'.a cdnven ent ti I _p. !ive:remedieg. ; i .."""'... ":t 'i :. 1:, :., I I I I ,
.. I ,- I " .
I eep other ve*etA- and tho seed s6wn. in drills 18,inches, 'I','' :, I L, I
I his, een growntor fattening ogs tb 1, I .; . -- ,
Iiie the. ground',And. k' . -. I h
.1 L _, Ji, '- see cove re W the dept o I I 11nd tli 6rdIfi6iy 'plant: ouse a no
I., -61',, apart, and d d h f, .1 I .. I -1 - ey : f'-, I 't T
ito : turned in, a.ndleft to harvest the: ,,, I 1
., 11, Own w en one year, d. I find, ....
11-111 I I I I I two d! -balf t h "' h i 1 I uncommon ow. ihe-- new; -ten er, 'g" th. -, .1. too that pines Are just as large from- .. an one ci t ree inc es on. crop.=A I Q.'Hastings .in Florida Rural- I .11 I ,. L %
.;. 1-. .. "", ".. I ,- ek lands .one-h Alf I .. I : I and In some, c
1, ,,, 'i- sandy,,sbila On ILI'; I at I .1 ., P SoaAa is dtii4. ,60 nsLidei-, ', ,
-: .: I I .. ,,, I I I I' I ,
antisset 18. inches by IS inches as those I ;L' I I I ...
-' ,". .- L '' .111.. I. I I .. this depth is sufficient., Vhe .soil should able damage.. 'If trees. Are hvfull,:v gbri, ,,-.- f
rom p 9,utsi- -e I I I ,.1 I s6t-four feet achzwav. '' 11 10 mu
it d after it seldom amoun.ts r ch., Vherestn ,
': I .. I I be thoroughly rolled or ,: rine rujuipting with --()yanid6 of Polmh. : ,
"I I h h fartherr '' I I
':4 wouldplantoloser rat er ,t an. I ., - I ,
1- ., I 11 1 *Iy .kd1tor'F1oi1d&,Agem1turin: I : wash I Is also ve y fats l .W .hla p4DSL"4 I'' '
I 1, -seed is, p wanted J germinat6s a ( I r
I ith : th e pi I .. :_ -...11., ; z , I I
ap ait. ,* ineapp 0 as with I 11 .11 .. I I ': j : ::"Ili a., -WEBBm, ,
., - .11 I I I and, apparently t4e cooierethe Soil; the letter of April 15th to : Mr.7 -1 I .1
. ; -- 1. :1 I 1: 1
.: '- e' the'leas Aijur- 11 -The -. ..,best ger-- Edward in I I I I ; I I.. I ;
I'll I jyth#i 01a I I ,
9 I geriii n : published I 11
J, ,- 1 ati3n W ter, whl li- Was ii pooial Agent-. ,
.1 M T y. to t e better the
iii -o: )[n 6 iti ug I step I 1. I :, I I ._ . 1 .. 111 '. *Itlge .eb tter. u _vati I p. ,j
ty, was .1 ,,-:
., I I.. I minataonof parships in this vidini 264 of the AGRICULTURIST for, I ", I
topi of the' leaves. f s b6ndin 1. I I I .1 : oru&.:retro 1. '. -,
il I .1 '. g, them ; At' '' Febriddry freeze 1, : L
.on I I ininiedi_ ely.after-the- April 24, 1 noticO that.,the, directions-,, ...:.: :.! , ,,, 11 I ,., r
I I'' .,.down.does no great amount of,' harm;., 1. I - 7 ... ''.. I~- . -* I I I 1. I I I
-1 : 11. I .of this ycar., Sow, them ax 'the.,Opolest givea. for fu mi gation, are no t complete- Keroend irritating' iu&
,-; f ew- a Is always L.., .. I.- 1, I I forthit ,
:: I :: i- 6 ng .1 I I I is e -iT"r -'--, It 's iki a loa aid i t(i ", jo
, ,,: L L Z_' I ELY I L L I .1 season of the year, .in Florida -and .Gulf 'They -should be as follows For every, reason Is object enable In .
to tear It loose, andinj ure.the stalk. In: states.' ,&a I soon Las se ed' I li",L;'kern inated I L 100 cubi I b -feet of space in the box or'car 116, not I hing better. 1 an 'C-U4e pe .. I .. .1. L th 't- t-- "
1 tillZ L L' -Weum
7, - fi ti --A-plat; 1-mix'the for ers. I L '' , ,, I
tflU j fa, like s6wIng,' the I I, I ul, ,jA th' : '' L': I US 0 e too8tt I -"!'
--' I L milfiygtio sho d.. L e Same L ga, usid, take L:one: ounceJadv.) qf.-.fuSe&- to- '6 n th I L, Should tbe "id" 'I-, L.
.*0j-gffi1'g0W-Lover thepjqm I : L :LL -- -' 'L L L L th '. '- ,rl 4
1, ", -, .- 11 for carrots. .1 I ' :L LL ,potassft m oyanidejoi:I6 fluidounce of' get- I on eirfe0t1t:*IlLd6,iho hatin ',
o L 'L '. 1.
-:.' .L ORtS ;:broado"t, ,. And 11 t the dew L And . ,' r I L L LL ces Lis, 1, DI f , '' i
L L CM 'FAB' L ,
.. 'L .. I I . .. I 11 I- i 'L sulpharic acid, and two fluid oun Of d
I an really a It ment L or. sores of the'
,: .,, rij dissolve and down. I L L L , Va cabl& ground 7nni .Lto, grow- -water., The water and sulphurio acid I I- is ajjoLeXeollent', j ,,
"; 1, iiiii "L ' L. I I iihis:is a I L feet. and legs.. I I;for ,
11 1 1.1 L L'
.L, L for ho- I I I I I L4 'Wattloa, ', ,J
1 I 'Tn Ofinclu"Ig L Mr. L I We'. a I hbUrn writes.: g or p.oul try feed. G tindshould L should be placed iv an eartiien. jar in: injuries 0 the bc[ftf)L ;J'n t ,-,
1 . L L 11 L .
", IL L., I I L L '' ', L I I fo r L .. 11 1 I I I
., be., prepared in the S .pe I ai I an emulsioti -,*Itb SOLPGTIft ,-':':,:1.'L: . My expeflence ,convinces: '1116' that ameLWay- As the order named audthejar then placed will 4orm' I It
.LL I L l I of L L LL L I I I 11 I' l- I I I T he ,the 9 'L I'Ll I:~ ,I' ,
i- IL I',
excellent. pIneSLL Can be nuts An harrowed %dow n the box or car to-be fumigated; I if &44IL Pa 1 A In, L eve ,,After., I 'LL &me as wI kiercaenf-,Tand
.. I I L L L .1 11 .1 IL I 11- 1 L 11 P I ,,, L I 1 1 I L -,
wn.inthis I I t Lt JhL (trill tWL fef, L . ,_It Lid' . h W ,
't grp section, If good on tiva Ian hem a O .t potassium pyanido" Lwhich Js asOlidt b I
I I I L I- I I p owing I I I Of crude oar o cae be t ren''ad
1, 11 11 d I I I- I L' L I 1 1 11 L I 11
L L '' L L, LL L I I L .. 1. L
,L-: -tion and Abundant~ fertilization are &part an _one fo(it-apaTt in:L-the fl' rill, should nowbe c&refully.drqppe L n .A th'-'enitiNon ,,AM :beLL '' r fb e"' b"ji L L I L- I L I a I ...- LL: ,ij-,
I ,. .. L; I I L I 1. .1 ,%L. 11 I I~~ -1 I .1 L L o n p o f
1 '. L I L I L I L., I I '- I "' t "r
L -16*eh" I '.I I
.L. know 'that L pines have been planting udwo,,OrLthree ohufas'.in eRoh chemical action takes place and. Lhejly- -th i1try"lidtisoL -,,
I -- .. L 1, - I I I L I L I L. '. L'_. .1 I L ,. rl6medles for li6 6-ln e pot
'. I L, - L I.. fu fl L ,' I L L 11 I I ,L I I 'L I L I 'L I I t ; r
11 fi a -VL .-sucam y grown some L distance n6rt r thre6L inchm These drocyan J L 6fr"iS, 1)e:L_6M, -%,
L -IL tha L LI I 1- I ,
t:. 1,& 6 1 1 h LL I- .1 I "T L' L r ., 1 .r, '- 'j i irr
L._ of here. L t Is altogether preiiable: -cul e L Insecticide.: L fte ', gag IS., , -:i t r
I I Uld, Ave clean to ,. .. ,..: LL, "' 1i

chi&61-, Ic acidigax. fumes give I that I CU I _,r',:, :!

:,I !! ' ' , '1111 11 11'''! I I ,I 11 : 11 I ; I i
i: i ,I 1 M N
.1 j, I I I :: I T ,, ,,Z 19 1
I ,I ,!;!" ,-,%%- ,, ,- p ,W "I-iiv YIW-I-M WI NIIIM T ,Tlm 11
FIVI-i -- R .. I ',: --, -- 1 ,4 ,14
i, ,, .-- 1; I ,
T -i -- ,
-1 11 1, ,, -,, :, r_ ,---'-- Xr r- ,, ,--,-, - : ", ,
I , ,', '1 ..... 1111117 ,
"' :%- ---' ,- ,,, -; -, ,,
,Zz , Q ,'U ',,, -1 ,,,,,,- ,,, ,-, ,' -, ,',',' 'T
11 -r ,- ,:a' 11XXIK-TTN A ,T% -i ,- -_- I
"I I -, L 12 I 1, W I I ,
.", ,,,
I I ,
71'', ', c I ..- ---- 11 11 I 1--t,
----- ---- I 1. I -, -11 I-, 1---,,
; ; ', I,--- -, I I I I 1-11 '--, 4- ,:- 'l-,---l" -- III. ,; '",
'-- 4 ,-- ,'. -- ". .. ... 1,-'-.---- ,- 1'-. -, '
-- - .. 1- 1 ".., , 1 -A I ,

I -1 i I "
m os -,just & streak for a .. ., I I I ., -, -', ,;:', 1. Y'i: 11, ; ,
I t black' center. -, 1. : I 1, ",
,. 11 I "', - I I . 1, I : ,, ,,
1, I e
"j"..-T ...... I , I "
I'aw that I was ion the wrong, track. , I,- , , ,,. -: ;
: -,,, I ;
:- 1 .: "
I read everything I k Docame Across !; .. ,. 11
but v p ,.
.. I I ". I
...... lft- "I 1 i' i' ,' 11' ,
-" - -:l - %Z: 1, 11, 1. I I I 1 .11 : I : - I 1111 1: ", 1,
I : I I :, .4 7, 1
h1ar y of- I the- 186 oe flit ed' : ;,: e :,:: 11 ;:::
I- -7 1 11 ei n I ; -, r 11 ..: I --- -.1 C I
- : - I I - I 11 1. I..., .. ... .- ::. : ..
r t", dly ib:66
t-11 1 I- .- -, .1. dvi I I 11 ,- .
Sel i g L _gbt an I :.-ay ers -- .1 I I I I ,; I I I I I .1. .
? I I So" 1 -took' I pu eta , ,:.
1, 1 i It ,- % .1. r 1, 1 11 :, I "..."
my-case , -,.,rqy Aarg ;g ", : ,- ."; I 1 --'%-,
I I 1, I : :, -- "
-"- e that there is no, JOS. lible I I I I :]., ::, ; -,
I -1 I I I I I I I I -, : -1 I % ; I
"--- -- I- '. .. 1 -.. and% started in,. an&fr h mating I i- ',!: .. : -. i I thi, I I : j'' e or' q ersln &, I 11 I I- ., I" 1:
-- : 'U M of the --u z :: I , '.11 ;.
-, --4uti V se eating ,tba-4cak I I I .
,, I.,
11- I n .1 I ."
I ; 1. 1:- 11 ,. -.1
'-- -h indica ., gbt siie a d: niver'lbgt trackof egg pro- ;I, :. f, : -:- ., -- ,:. -1 I I I ',
L' e n sl a f I :1 I I I I I I 1.11 I I :!.
I'll L O k of," -,- I ''I., w ., I I I I I :1 I ; Lj "." ,,I' .1
-ut therd--ai ,lJ"L , t ; I - I I I
I dudiion. :T lxe I d' 'I, : I . : - I ... I --.:.;
1, ,.t "6nthkt h i -,, ich .li6 o.'a rq.-O.rob,4WY n . gra, ua v) go the: o en ,. 1:, : I ..
.1- 1. I I P I :I- I I ; :, : ,e I I I I I .1 '. z 1, I
g,,,,,- ;- -,I, ,' I I I . b., 064teM- y v I ery c ose ea ch year' ,': I .- ,
1. b ing I I VM N GE; -LE-1 A 4 jf' ;''. ''I
I- ? i4e, -0,04 J e cutt .. --.. ..
,v ,L > e ' I''.. ..
1--, - : - *,era. 1, sayprcbablyi: or ", 6 -1 I I I 1 I VQ.Yiz:. ::-Y.F ;.:,,- z -.
"' -,-;, ;" ii nd d t! '- i h f J ::b lood I ,,, I 1, I I I 1. %, 1- z- I I ,
,an fiot get lig too muo oreIgn .. I ..., I I .. -,
-- d of always work I I I I I "'
0, _, Tu 0 oe Il ex6ep.,.' .:
-" ,, 1', L ,1, - I 1. I I 1. Introduced. 1 1 ,-;always want the new I .1 --PIN E.4PPLE, PON ELO BAN A W '. : ,
I 'A V a I I I I I I .9 I I I 1
-4 t Ong t6 re n ot rare : -.-.:..: ., :: , ,,,, 1. I I I I : %,.: 11
I blood neutrallzod before it goes I : I
L, I 1.11 I , t I I I I I 11 I I I I I I I '. -,
kt' ,,,, t"'4 -, fv t- nnder81od&'-by: this, that 1 I In G.''My- 1, , I I I I I --. I I ,. L I
,b e, I I 1.
-,t,- -11 I- 1. I 11, and Othe-J tropical Yruits, I -1 1,
Iil'ii cl e hese rules roln observations- strgln'. lihin I k tbat Is where 'the'gecret I : 1- I -.. I ., .. V , z
,'L,, 6reedin ,; th e e. :K e6p ; 1. ;. ; I 4 :: I ;:, ; ::. , I " "L -: : i"
: -W yandott I I -, 11 11 1
", 1, I I .
l m I Ile in

, .,- li los I ,
f,,---- 4 ,Ongln) Wn -floe ks ihd-]frommy own I .9 11 .1 '.1 I I I ,, I 1, I 1. 11, -'
1-- 1,1;,,, I
-- , I : ,--;. I -': your. blood o ely::relAed. -There'iis 11),T BOR LAK E D E OTO,- (10. I'S
'kaon'a ex'Pef I .: :. -,. I I 11. I I I I - 14 --:,"
, ,, 'pe 1 I I ) 9 FLOR ID, ":.X% 11 11 I---- 11 'J.- It 1 9 1 ,% 11 .
I.. more trou JIe4u: -too:. niua new I .1 I .. ,
-1, I 1151 g tting- I I -1. I ,
1 1 z I 1 I : I I 'i
k- ',',,1,,'f',The*-' "' -active lie as, i I the flook are I I I I - .. I I ,, I I I I I 1. I ,
j-, ; t"" pqa -- , ,Th I hat not getting-6b&igh- that is, I I 1. .
-1 I I '
-- I Jho: at lay ska e. en, w o bld3d t , ,,,, , e I "'. I 11 % '. ".
P-,, ,, usuallyy I . I 1: i : .. ,., : ?- ., ", ,,-'e
L,1,, t b e h h I I I I I I 1.11 .1
11 1 1 I I I I I I I I -.' J .L :.
'41 "I 1i 1 - , - -- you are making a busin ewvof it-not: I I I i I ,., 1. ,
I I I : 11 ;. .[" top'd' eady to run out of the house ln If . i I I I !- . 1 ,
': I I I 1
Sr 11 I-, I I .1 I ..
1-1-1- -,, ,, '- I I '' breeding : :hiphazara. 7 By all means I I I 1. ;. ., '.
--'- j thei-mornfug Rs soon as the. & 9 I rhe Pabor Lake Colon- leagdo are In the heart of ,a magnill at lake i Wit M196bo, i 1114441k '..,"'L ",
"L ,_ ''I -'-'L'- I I'~ I oor opens, never'niate to extremes, woul d-, be my ce regloic
'- L :audflles th I 1, ,, jeR, &bon t I mtdwa between the AtIal I tic I Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. between the 2711, liath"L. -L :
at feed aslfgbe were starv L .
.. 'L I IS L ".
eS Of L' I k' I I I- Wiff produod the advice. L L I I -I oflatitude, LFO".th"SCO'Oijyacbolceselect&onloiaboUtL2,600aer r", ; ?,
L I I L I I I I I L L I I 1. 11 I I L, I L I 11 I I , g V ue He ter-' ",-
k '-! ,,'Yliig, As the ,one that - L I I I I I
L .L I 1 L L
., ,b .11, 1:ha, O k L 'L'' S- n ,-d with live oak. turkey oak'. and black jack oak was made in the summer Of IS ;"T" ,-, .' :"
Uo L I L I a" .
' "' 1 " ,i-eom m only- .L h ve r 11 L' L I L '. 'L." .L .: "
I -, ',' most eggs I" a en,,wi els this-se that were 'L, 01, 0 L I L --, I 'j--.6,
,, ,,,- L .1 P.. a oL L' 0 tract; lakes -areas, In = 'thd L,
, 1-1 I fufly.L. - , :b, -, 'L .. I .,UH very side ofth- of YaTfo ig the a allefft aboutio acres in exte
L6n e L L L L'' 11,; -, .. b .. -1:
1* L S I I I . ii" ,,,
P' :- ndt-stala 4 ouDd in th in, Aereating la ed : r t Wit Out A Splaali :arged about Soff acrtn; these lakes are from 25 to 75 feet deep, with pure, -swee -1 w olei4 ft* b
,1 L- L L. I I I :1, I I L I I I
f L I go d O ,.-,; L 1, -,
-",--' ,l h6r.-Inorning f ed, but zwill be, ,see b d ,, and, thigh L black. with those, water. : Tkere are no marmh lands aa tliHy,"44 IL ientie I ,h 'rid L- I U1&6 '
V", I ,- -;P 'er_ LOP.-O - L L I- -1 I -- L .1 I I I I nelineL from iWe. big 11 L ... ..
'', . _; '- L, ,- 1. -) 1. .11 ,. I I Ill"
"', --, 4LL I -I DL, L L I ter's edge, co'nnqu waterand no malarial conditiofis.' No healthier, 94L,"' L'
I I IL whitb streaks the 'Lf gthe'r&I thi k a L L'. L I ,, 1. L L I L 'L
,, ,, ay- rqm: the house f oraging for food I n - ws 'In L S"I'lly"'OLS"Fnant I L. L 1.
'i '. I -,'- J- ,7 L -1 L. i can found the Sfaie of Florida- Freed Om from-moilquitoesIs .Iao an bx ortant usi, Illft fteme -,!
", L
q PgS afi's e'.k069L gre 6 Ldeial.of '-N -L this fellow 1. L I I -- -", _1 I t L - bw With' & t iija L L -r ,,-;; 7 Si4" i ,"-'i heia 'that fit I I
_ __ L ... L ." ,
L'LLL.., ;,' ; d -, I I L _, L b-L i L "' I I ILL: troublesomoinseets make life burden ontheeasico"ta'A alongthegalf.'ba they arir 4veu'L I "I
__ -, '! I L I 1. I I I L. ar, 4bjL j''jjjW$2 9 In % I
'- I _iSL ,the OnLe who ift :find r: have ensan pullets-wit' cearcutoen- an minoyance In t I he! ke regions Where the lands suirroundln lhe: 7aier 6 I I L *- AbOut, "an -W he
., il- - I L L. I 11 ,, I 11
',' I L thin see L ji I ,
,--- ,wav into the garden if s1h eL Clan possibly ters of inedium size ,that I have 'mated Uou in ple amant in Summer am it it to winter; thefrequent showeriand thebreezillum owa, ' 1, L 1, ,
1. . I L .
-. LL L L I L .1 I L -kL-d fourth between the ocean and the guif ake the air cool and the nghte woude4W -ims .:. !,
-- evihere. L.L,.,L L, I L I With him. It I did nofknow this blood, b L I I I I I ,
w I I .L 'L ; ., L - .L., I . L I 11 1. L I L I : L L L 1. :1 I "I" r ,
--' I I L L cive to Sound slumber. 1 I I -, ,
L" ,V L L L 'L I 061i i i L ".
,,,,, ,& large diiinbL.1s,,a.LS'gn'of:a gbodla er. shoUld expect some very light birdef but '
-- , I L L L L I . The Town Mite resta on j96 lake about fifty- aerm in exUnt. Aroundthis -Boul ,
-- - - 11 I eyard :% eat
,, t 14 this 44 mean' -aA0ge.,oonib. ,for .the : the hav arrived'at that. point *here wld li" Ue u res rved A I 11 9-apant No drive , I ."
& I I I
Q' ,,, I r k ''. which I eT4 tualljy to beAae to shade. trees and 3n ads a pil '
,,, -- ';tke'e&qhe belon O" Y Sifms'ofau'ac 'moreo I out, which will inake I ' -: '
to It h'cq Invaria- they will produce, their. like to a very W& r r less.- have beeii lati ovely residence t i 41111116illklug' - -- '
L" - I I I I 4 I" ,; ,
-- 'I I
,Z, -_ ; Lbl eghorn, hen L that Ihu t1e,..- th Inkv.--, Residence And business lots cover forty 4" ofthe town, alte and:adjoininglih,'"' on, 0- .' .
I I 'tML it large I arge ex tent. Inotto of, allin the -0 1. .
Y'r 1_ 1, % ,:: -., .. I ,,, 1. ,- 'A I t-ions, taking uptbv ce 0 .1".'',
'; r jtln c gill ' tiers of two and a balf acre blocks for residencox a plueavpls plant bodilli I "I .1
I -in it for ... the : -1 I I I I
1, b thatT droops .1 down over one buiiineu'tbat are r,
I fancy 1, -till-
ry't ,, -- __-__ : I., I~. ,- I the 160 acres set apartforAhe town site. ThebaloAlcoo the land has bon laid out:bA6 j, 2%
'- I I I '. I 1- 1 '' sq ,,,
---eye,*411-6 ',fonnd to I be' a good layer. in they may,. d is, "absolute 11 I I I"" ',,"j'4,L ", eri ve- ts' s' Tbes tracts ange I' pri filim i ,
40scretrac forgroves, orchaMal.plaxtatIoDo and garden_. 9 r u 's I :- goo --ay:er'1 of I b 0 ": I am I e 'do tt; *10 : per,
4, '-'Tlfeiomb of i d 11" i h = on t detail Afraid:w, : acreauor dl t6dlst ,amb -, ,o rig _,t at I a. ng anes from town center au are @old for one.thlrd d b9l ,- ,,
eL ii* .I [c, -. , I' ha' h hazard breeder 11 11 00010 1. d' tW"b '"' "'' r '' : : ",
,, Teti all'the tim she is I g,:arl, 'as Soon ye''toomany ap I ..... .rslw,,h6 one@ In one, "d t*o, y6krswi thout Interest; Every'acre of th U Ian a IS a 16. Lakwftlita
,, r L ,-, I I 1 I -1 I 1, I I I i :1 ,-':
v znd co n ars: -e than those not having a Yrater.frostage and ate: sold in tir" 4 tl h ; ,, ,
t - ai it- becomes pule or d "a' "fy inake, it b arder for hones holdt;p:he more yamatiJI I
; - r I rk-colored, you I I . '- inorsiorless for, from 250 o,$376, Town lots 6resold at $26, $00 atld $70 ae ., cor din g' t% 160 , I '.. '
I -, I 1. 11 I ,.
i6 she has cease ,. a bree era. !'-- : l''O 'I ry- I.- ..
-"',r-,,-nty be su d to Jay' .: ;663160 -.d merican ou t ''I I r
I S it ,: ''.. -,
",--'' '- r : : ,;. ,. ; tlon Business, ota are 25xI25 feet. ,Villa sitem $100 eaah zThese and townlote are payable 41101 ,. ., ,
. I I I z : : I I
1 I I I man. I .11 I I : Title to tbeie lantili JA pgrfect and full Warriintee, Deeds a I re I giVaL L 2, 1v
q, '-"--' 'The goodlayer i's rathernarrow across. .- :- I ., -1 11 I 11 I in cash, balance In.oneyeat ,, -'. ,- L: I I ; A nuL L .1 I th j L Jij6lj no.' LI
r , I r 11 , r 'Lin t L 1. -., L L I 1, L-.' I I I I I I mber oI4&mIlieM:ara&lr9&dy settled onthe colony Ian&;-other0L&reJmPro.iug- r L I L ,:
',!, ,' Ahe shoulder and wide he ,,. 6'. witb 1 . I I L I L J_ d', ,L
I L L I : ' L, L' BruSa eM, Orn, L L L tjih rj 'L Ij. '--0 I
t1o L Y' L - J deitheeba rgeaftkocoloixvmanaket. More colonists will settle here this winter and an' _- e
1 I L I I L 'L 'L L 'L dL fi a I .. jl'b6 a in jh .. .,
," tbe.rear of her ,deep "d4ow. He"r' I -1 L L' I I I I- L' I , of
- .1. .L L L b IL L o ia those non- ritsato J6 1 in L unabors an 11 home where gOOdL SoCiety, !eat ra e Led"y .. L,
lit 'L Jerusafem c r is one of ,sur n wi aln L L "''
stofitee, WIthL I -,:,
1 ieathem are'gloss: 7 d, her eyes L rg L L L . ..., L I L L X ro dally ma% fs1A operation'. giving maLclosetoneb With the ;A, L I I : .,
--"" -1 L 1, "f a L s coharine -sorghum L well : adapted 6, all is in L I I I
IS full df-life and, action. L I Is under construction and, a General Store on. XSchoOI,-& Church, & Publ L ,;
A and She L L I 1 I L eointemplatt
-j r I I L I I . j 'L
3- % JLthea, __ '' the LWeSt. wherd the rainfall is ,ad aryL I ka*e been ZjVA L '_ .-1 ben P6SSeSSeS L eIndioationsthereAs" par's of 1, f L L I L _jj6r an? looked for JnAhe; fortkese choice reservatIolim OfLIote 8-- I I ii'lighi,-daually not exceeding L 20 ip0heS, ,OAe of I the speeW L leatu L s L of thin s I ettlem I nt is that it 10 .1 L L L L L I I I ,, L :L:, I : L L. L. I L ".'L -,-
'L :::1 1,
- I I I L I I.- .

, .,,not m uch danger In. pic)cing her for a IP- L fli L, h L L ,L ' LL z Z L ., I 11 'L .. '- L I .. I 1. I L L :, -1 ;.. I
I 11 L ,- L Snall w erelth e Sao L L I 1. L I L Y L', I. I L., L: Z L:'- 'L
and L L em on I : ... : L
,- breeder'-aB 'she Will L- aj mbt7,, always he wtll u y rive 1, A%*; 061,
6b- I I , L L. prance. , I ,
L I 1 1 I _ 'L L : L I : I I 'L L L-
-, I I Riery diiitd given contains P. clause forever prohibiting the inanialaocturs or 'Sale _of Inta4I@jjjl6 'L I '
11 L ari n6L;br-amber varieties Will fail 1or ,o I L I L I L. L L L I g '
erL W ill I f I I I I L .. 1. : soL13
11 '&.1, , id eggs-produoe L I L I I _, I -1 I up .1
fic, at I d by-- h I I L -_, L I 11 I liquors as a beverage on tke land old. This clause to an exact copy Of. tb t hisertid':Iilk-t& ", "i L'
te --fe'riile and the chi i -- .L .". L L I d' ;,, ._ 'L laokLLL 0 L LMO sture Jerusalem corn 'IS L I I ., . 11 gh bt 4siit , 'L L "
cks strorig an LVIg- I I I ch Libe Lde6dogi*imi-by,**.Col()radoSprinpi (Colo.) TownCo.4hi -0 lt-:, 1 I L L ZSL I I I I bs paa8ed throu eolllirta' '_ .
X L :. L L I L L; I LL
L or its fodder: and eed of *at Stste I L 1: L I L :: L .,
aluabl both f L ,jL .';,
-, brous- -C. Q Gale in va, in ,, ewe. 1, I L L L L L and been affirined as legal. L L I I I I I L '
L L .1 '
,_ ' -L : L 7 I I L I I I : an a -w he n W an ted in-drillg and cultivated LAt present j we L are I ,. eeell. "I 40 'a L %- 7; :
I L : L-. L .L I L L . eighteen mfle fr6m, a ir ilrosdplotnt, the nearest being Bowling
.1, L : :: -, I e .. '' L L I ,- L ,rid & , L I 1 1 '' % 'L' ., '- L
I -1, d _L ,: ;,
I I -- - 'L I L L to a 'Mod6rate :'extent, Lit makes VOv Flo Southern division on the JacksonTille, T&mps and Key,'Woot Railroad; but a Daluil- 'Uet#rL : L
11 -L :. --- 'L 'L 'L, L I I : I I I I I L I ; L f .- I L L L "";L,;
- ,- '..., L L L ', I 1 I railway fr6m AVon Park to RalueB C14 forty mil m north L has, bee h 1PARD, L.,
.L' 'r dk ., X L I L 'for :all kin& 11 I projected,, .Whip N, L
K a LL valuable hay for roughage I L ,'
I I e. L' "' 4"
--- -', -" I ,7L.-.,, L ting i: L --L .L, L .1 1, 1 1. L L .- theLC616 ''
-- I --- LL' ; L I .. : I -j L .I ,th' L L through UY 16"s and It IS believed vhl constructed and in operation before thp of :
L L dfLS bok. ere is no ddubtlt atit; Gan U94. ThIAwUj give L I L I L I II il
I h th- ,
_- us easy and quick transit to trunk lines North and West and Wi on j. .,% ';,
_Jtjls uC)W-tI- L 'the. :poultrymanL 11 I I .,W e L'.
: ,th at I I I L I L -1
1 1 me"'. .1 I TL OfftabIV, to at L cat L .L L&J*Tdister, L, "
L L L L I, bd &d pr eers and milk Value OfLeVei'V aers within the colony UmIts from one hundred to five hundred o6nt. %
I.. I I I I ..
:' 4I I I be obli -d't6'.b -to his bUsi"i L, eL, a IVe L 'L I L L tj L a, 1 11 a- L ,n Lall SLOW" 6fL L I Peir .
, -, , I ge L I L' rho -- aw projected I L I., 1. , ";
n6se L L', "" L 6 13 We a work stock parts of I I I I I I I I., I '' :
1- "Loom ' - L'IS .' I I L 1:
, if the Ing season ., ta., be f , ,L I ,' Lb J, I I I L , I I .1 ,
.1 r I , , 1, ,L_ d' -Texas : n CoMbinatlon W11 Our Or I I : : L' Pineapple PlantationS L :L L. I L _,'L;,
"I - .! The:majin L L : I ,
?i ,".' iofitableon gs area ma .e .. L I I I -1* two L ",
r T I L I a m n I to ele
for wMers and for onrs treats, whereby, for a fixed mount of, o ey. h6gutsrsuteed L
1-1 I h L I L, flve podfids:of 'cottonseed m 66.1 p r' day n L : --,
-' t e piogety in : full L L 'I L ,- I I L I L L LL, acres of land on thei town Site, fe nL h 'L _' L':
In his 30ind's dy6m 'L I mthename, plant10,006pineapplemilpmonem acreeare." 1,
,, I I I it P 1 1 L I I I I L
11 will in 00 dkyschan e the ate _r from '. L'
L : I I I 11 L I I I er I P. rist series no ;;*' jub. ., .p- L peare L r-,- perfection I ; I L rdLi I I I L and fertItt" the same until the first op on the first & in matured, This
1, : 11 feathers a'*ste .- L At L 86 Lt fjiiLgtjs Least t I 11 L I I .1 .
.'-1 L L.Lf' ,, 't. I" LL, L ii'Ar bel ter amd part of the mouth tier of tradm with jil ., L, 0 y tdi tio' ns I to ftt. Nine o 12 cessful resulting
-dne, a ay'L Own I 11 I autattop a The
I L 'Would be impossibleL ,,, -, L Or .1 I I I -be
I I -' f, ,,,,, L -- 'I L ,, aSee L of tfibSouthiiGr mud all onih6 went side were reserved for a Second z Series, which. $1, So* I t
I- I I L- of" cottonseed may"LL 'us 0 to kal I to L i I t" Invest L LL :, .
'- ase rule to, go by In mating pqu try,, as e w ith Je'rusal' in 60 L open membership to portion h&Tlnga low hundreddollwv 0
1 1 I '' L-.1 I I -., L. Ly ,, '' L L L '' Fuller.particulars rep or&uk'L
-I L U will &Iw = e rn instead of SttentIOUL L I I "to ",L "
"',, 'our'birds are nota'like. & : :' L arn, L ' ., I theseplautations, to Which the manager gives his Dersoxal Will ,)a given upon app I( 11 I
I- I :L L - L, 0 L' ,. ays above Ount : of cottoLnseed meal. L I I L 'L L L :
11 read WiJ at. old t* stake ,a bird I I I It may be said here that Plaeapple.Culture In Florida- Is In I of its do ]O#Wqi* it is the L 'LL
an im er say L 1. .L I I L I I IL I L
,,, 7 .. I 1, I I I L M flal fa can also be relied upon as a Val- only State in thollnion w" hey pan begrown. and here onl3'below the Seth parMlel'of IF11 do ,- for a Sire, 611tt'ne'ate Lthe L.,standard re I I L a g Within t L 1!
I I )]ant LifZ' proper] o tkst th areas limited. The retiree axe esirly, camin
,re L I I Len L. I .11 I uable -forig6 L L, ,., ,y ,handled L 0 I I L I L L wo years otter planting. 00 ft&t L L
4 : qu butsi ith take the females andL I I I I '' . L I a So With t 'L,
M L'L -,-.,L, ' : the'first-yeat, care beiiiL taken to secure one 40" not have to' Wait tire to "ran y L eir an orange grove. There, are now..abQu .:,:, I ,
I I I L .
,' i I do theLLsame I N, Ow. L If wg had perfect 1. L I b bL I I twelve &am set to pineapples at Pabor Lake and it Is expected ths"ta grSaW aerenge fM be :1 L I "' ',
-, I L h' ; good tap root growt efore the hot
L I birds tjYgtRrt-wit you could L all start L I -. I I I IL, L : :'.
j'- L L L, Cl .. merL L L L 3i 1_ p anted velt season I I I I I I I I ;1. -,"LL Z
.- I d L' ry weather' of suni begins. e !Jliere is In the ne&rLvtdnIt7' from tkree to 1cmir wiles from the town site, large lyodiM:of. 1wd 1W
an --ra se prize' winners. The informa- & -Clover -8 L' touring to TS r 1, can Like dl"84j L "-"L : .:,
I- .I'LL L I". I L IlcfUL Olwor Bokh railway and o r corl eratloilm, for which the manager: of the tolony Is 11 ,
L; theyoun f" ierLthirsits for is how I Is I Kr 11 I .I ing di c&SbeL I L L
tjqal 9 10-, ., ., I LL L. L Lf 'L I L I bought it tr of from 40 to 640 acres 1 I ,
I a very valuable orage-:01ant. It is a '". Theallk'.i (or even larger bodies),Stiij OM 46to."
three Years, with Interest at 10 per I , -cawl'take the fowls I have and, 'bring. SJQ per SCM one-tourth cash and balance In one, two. or 10 vei ..
L: .1 I . biennial and will reseed L tiself eVery two aanwa. .some, of the" tracts are high, pine lands, Suitable, for L&H Citrus Irt]ItA aud L in jno L L% . '.'
L them DU &Lhigher p*llti and as near per- Th I 0,c-SSfU ly I L I I P WPP r,
I ., L L I I S d dr 1141& 1. L:".
6X sa so dZ661n#d, wo j W I _L :'.' years. is can be grazed u e I we low lands atljptning a I ake of over IrM acres In extext sad woul requfi e af but- M L,
-- feetion. -1 ow the liver Laced Wyan- to: S ''I e L - ,,If Ira, Will not jib I L. I I L 11.
L I 11 Z ": to L . L ()in tent, WhileL a a i d very i1ch lands ox Which corx rice, Sweet potato", Answ ftw SO[ In ,
'-' .' dotted are not. the-easiest fowls Lbreed . LLj k L I I I L .1 I I I 1 deed an kin": L I I I 'f -,.,-.
-- 'haV L L 'L. L I z t)en L raZ, rig. L It makc s &L Coarser h L of firm "d garden ernpe could be raised to great profit, A:,Ullulb" L 4' ft. amil.iio ': I
X_ i in them Ufi]f6rm inL L size. a n I d , L L-L I I IL , I ay 1 'eoidd emu" "Joint I ng tracts and So form pleasant selghborkoodo and yet be fn. Oo Tit ago to L' '11-1
d e L me, do
-- 1 I 11 I - L -- I- I 1 L I 4L than alfalfa and IS: not SOL Well liked by I L I I I .. I..
Markings, 'But-1-thinktbereis so much L. 1. I I postollics. store, eburcfi, and school factlitt". Correspondence on this subject Is soli8tetf. -,.L r
-- I X L : % 11 11 I Stock, but when cattle or horses are ac- The L ,twenty years 06, refdout of 4wo I L. I L,,
-satisfaction do I I I Xau W'r OfLthe Colony wag formers than r"O d = "-L
e 6 L I I L I I L L I L AU-1
derived when: ,you can, hav I L,
6dily.-T. nently eannected with tkeL founding of the 0 springs, rprt
11 IL ustomed to it they eat it. re I I towns of -Grftly, Colorad I L 130111no, .1.. I "
1", them pioduce-,high L Score?& It makes L 11 I L I 1, 'j .L ':
- -1 I I L I I 'L L and other succeasm colony wttUments IsL Colorado axd home. brIBaBL to this' his 1&bPStL 061 ,
1 ', '_ LL , '"' L" H. Connell DireaorTexasExperimental L I 1) of towns L th!D 84dej nnts -'- ,
PY Lao. e-h' done go L L 11 I ". g ,, '- an- expbrienes of many years In A building ii 'and oft A; :1.- ""
oneL feel h h as: meeting 'L terprift,
r L L ,- -, 'L LL ':. ..'.. I I .. ta tlon L _- I L. JI 11 11
Lj f' t' :L 'L ' L ,- L Sta6ionl C011 fige -the Roe am Ift tb, Affected h1i -grea I L I ,_ L L '' I long and wtive lift In the -high @JtttndO Of -kY MOUBUA a aryous a L "'
., lff&rtll ,. _prafse,7. L I L 11: : 11 ., ,, I --:", r I.
_,- : LZ-"7 .. .L -L I L :- 'L to such an extent to neceeelti.ta a chaiage of Climate and residence at a lower altitude; he, *ft'.J L. 11
L, L' I I L I '
_, , If&wLfor the benefl t, of. some novice I :: : : PotatilesTay Well L L L I Y bo"L'tii ss aintly benefiW aad Can alneWdy reso L I vAlated to 10 L., '* '
L read L a" --" so- Pe I L" ''S :'::
1. .. 1. L I 1. 1. I : .11, L L I L L .1 I ~ 1. % j 7 .: : .,L 3 ,
L 11 ', L '_ I I I L L I I L I I.,
*ha- ,xnav see, this I Will give 'VOU a L &ir -A. L. ]Bennett has gathered 66 oxmimple. : oons I Sao& bo healed. I I I L 1. 11 :, ., 1 I '
: :: : : 1 %
IL L I L ai L .1 '' L 4'alied the L I 1. I L L I . I L .. L 3 ,I
&L 611n L,4 A noatw paw I L' I I I I I L , 3 L I I ,
sketch 6, pep, I bred ln line for, Leight. rels of' Early L Rose. pomtoes Lfr L ,. I in PAO, L I I I I - I L;- ... ,, 1 !1, 1: I 'L- Lj O' L I L L L I L. f, Le I I I I I I 'L I 1. I -,Lakd P in eiapple" 1. L- I I I L L., LL 1. ,;-. L -1
io&M L received I 1. L' . 11 L L-; Voll
an ,,,g ve everv detaiI4 Vushele 0 see&. H6 ha as L I 6uL I I I
L I that YOUL .1 Its seem 50ftnts per a, mullft; 311%:, t L L L I fits L"
50k =4
-ban jlve yon. an outline L 1 L 'in 7OW to id year o f publl Atlox- submarlpril MY;- ;jhte'd I .j.

10 2 11% 1 111 ,11 1 '11111 11 11

oiuafpeils. 1 the'opin f J"
T w ion, o t he 4 ek d -the'
gricultu xe In this m
-new SiNer party, thatihey a bdu i The bouse,661niaitteelon,
e d(to _w9rld
WfI lf: they nit,6. Th; 6yifyr ppe hasreport d a substitute for Mr. Molh- hammer'oran a, 11 g
0 a e*ne di -iimn -Y,-, T- t 0 urs Wai
gold 0 h's bill to protect -the lorti. alt' omblna ion, coiisisdrlk 'of flle dbid- tOS chthat tonglae. TtIs.youy'Aob ne it,
Inant factors of- t s belo g& ?ypuandistheonly.-one ori, bic
Sirjm SAxDiwBow has a pair of silk the.-two old parties re-, iii a;estsof the'Statgof 10rida.
Ia er the name: are, po I Je. -Your n Igbborsl,
ot kwgsem brolder'ed with tar a!5 IT, power, eltheru. d art -as f6li6wN.. -xes De b
repufficans-or: democratai 1 6 cA State board othortioulture Shall -be Onguiesf MAY ne(,d-watchin Ibliti at'
d IS St $100. a o, keep ir ur fiar el-is-16'wabcb
the silver forces. divided.,.. It is only: formed w ic .,,.shall consist. 'f three the business,'division of thefriends of silver b designated as follows: The your o7n.
FALI ves to fly In'th,6'N6e
that the gold ele ept,,oap.-lippeto maini, commikon6r of, agricultiur i- Australik1as a Oslofll e named k'T lkihg
lhe nw*e14,ibui I
-0 weap F. Qtamat oln ld of,
ta U ItS $Iip jil
'derbv, witN ;e d, to 1 J
h b .4q ..-gn _moogat,.ofAbe
Iia& 06at'and a's lk hat with a sac Stated: 86aieolie -ciiiobvered in.khe vicinity
a arge stone upo&wlrich ,had been;'iiainted
xi. And :ouememberi; who Shall
KmDRicK 'BANGS has a: skull ONALD- Wealthy'o6ntraotor the word Me'6 er_" It required
a the,01seases of _111 I ts
be";an e;kppTt,,, on all oobsideruble ,strerigtb,.Ao
WhIc4heAd, s]belonged to a man who of lf 4ribaiilt, Minniil W HFisller "this,
late Florida, sballbe-aPii. and when it.voas do
edo-&khIng, at one of, John-ay's 19hes. maaag6rof th' Dxtlath Iiii'd lie. the, commau
J'A poiated]::" the i: governor.on the recom turn mebaak abdHet M 10,01 86meone else
Railroad, and t Bowman of: Grand
i6ileniiiiion. of the:.Florjda.Stat6.Horti-;r, n'the un or
FRIMIOICK Dir GiovANm is signing Raii rede liink r, havve just
. I cultural Society-.. rpember thus ap- Stone.
'a' 6eoii room suit for Mrs. G-e6rgq Jay turhed.from Venezuela, :where they, obpoinited, shall, hold,. his Qfflce for two Polce r6of. stiouI'd be: gi: aztt eyed -in. early falj' 'OpploKit original elabOx4j. of tainted, &concession of lan&at th6rmouth.
rs,,or;q di 1hao O.Aiid saved f
litill his. Suqoassor shal be ii d 1 10
of theOrinooo running 25 wiles-sou'th, p rie in, h- Y"'t.
A, Spool t .1, Va er,
-poiDted. itui ot I e, too quay o t
'infffrobi 15 to-50 Miles 6ud-West. It is %boiledbWJ'Ad hi)uirland a, litt 6 li(Mley added'.
"The State.boardof horticultureshail
ug RoClikLiS a clever
-kE in'I-.: lm:aerals, h liewood
m A: ogally' to meet at east-0320e: At
4o c dainiy Indian in sketch6 -every year le 4iglefor
El: are," -A O'c4e Woods. :Thisconcessionla in any f oral -of Sore
s I I I icapitol, it a 6d by the
-,am9Pg & isth glily prized souie'nif ill; cent timeappoini
er of the territory In dispute, be'- 'DI"' ii
rame ru. liverth ", isi 'mad,s "With -eq al
p A 11110' 1"
owile(t by her friends. resideii:t of the board, to f les
twe6n.7,6n6iuelaaiad.Gip-otBr,...-.. parts of strainedXABpbeAT and 3ui
1, "1 ivA I And regulations to prevent the introduetion and spread of injurious insects and Take a teaspoonful 'before each inlehlan 1 oa_;ii aypr na going to bed.\' Dotb* for several days.L
dorii.gia, diseases Among fruit trees
f1dentWolvrk,,ds one of Ahe best GEDnGE,,L. Slioup, who has just been 11 1 .
vegetables' or bther.-piantsgrpwn for ohn, I us n,.Aays-.o coo. ery-'G6okelji
6,M- inciistsin'-'Got aim,' but never re- elected, US LUD1 ted StatP8 Senntortrom, A i ]edge o Me Tee
Qms. born I n Armstrotig ... count e6fflorfdaand for the k f d04: and 'of 0
pla3w ablid billiaol-ri. Idaho,"wasaim ai cure, an"A and of !Hdlel) and bf, IL646k'jfl ,-And of 1he
ucgtioii thither preveritioD,
-P iii74836 All the ed tre extirm
queenof. Sheba; Itmeanwthe, kiiowledge
k t d' h I nation of insect pests, fungus diseases
i6LL has a sil petticoat -re6elv.e was. t at. afford cl_ at avill& of all herb U and spices'
a and:oth ladies of' !81
her bytheQueqp, .e- scho6_ He served, -inf the, irl r I er ma fruits, fruit treE
hfL4*wgFen4q1 L L 11 .. I I I L L I 6tcL and of all I= sweet in fields
The rules and re
ItAs embroi re ,wi leglS]atUt- es, dL '' 1 9 AD
del d. e, was a de)ega e n congress audgroves all 1SaVOTVLiAmeat,. Jt means
as, framed L shall L on the z4ppybval
"t L Itio, ii us 2
kb1dFaNd silver between the floulices-', L an was made erritoilAl governor'- y carefulness ,audV1Vent'V6l1C88 anL4- W1111n
offioial7till& for '9
f the govertiorbecome neS5 and readiness of appli4nee. t means
_;P on.. 6L eag aja
arLr s,.
PIt3 TE(508L."" I i (1: o nd the.T 1S:Wr Ing'S' o-- e:usedas herein- hen
flrst 0 9,, YeAr, L the economy o your. gran in
L govern rof, the state of-Idaho.. A, 'fL'
bQoY,6,n, American inusic. She tMuks -:U, La er, esidnated b e -var ous county Bolen ce o :t 6 mod
WaSnextL bh66enL nftedStates' '86riator h" LL"", "i'L L'' t LL_,-' Si ajl f_ erw (,mi9k it mean
thetipgro ditties are marv.ols pt nielody, or,ticultural hapec ors It further much tes ing and' -no .-w
L IS OW nII4-as goVernor s gueah, n ci6d6 t it'y a
'L 'L State board 6f horti- English: L u'bIn the weird -munotomy'Lof 't'-JL be he dutyp the thoro L'g. ne8s:. aD1dF,,hcb
new ce U. 01's
:6Ult Arabian hospitality nd fl
Indi'Vi re t6L.I.render,,decislons, in special
appeal bases (Bee L s6dtion 1,4), where L the that you aretobeperf ; v on L I
'jVvAi, o he Bell T ep d: g ivers..,
A- h1:nez_, am IT IS state hdubitable'iii 'hctlty ni y rd 6rtiou ttirml'inspectors
pld es t ion,
paWy of New York is.about'to A t ovorIi that the gon.J orge;.Curzon, il eL to e
:;"' L '1 -1
ati6us in Chicagolwith a b;tpita1stockof o j4ho, eved the d eto 81 hw .4 1
o1rd. Pars ale llas'achi
L certaininfeste trees or fra J tL1
'I S.'Clarksmiand GeorgeL road, distinction 6fLWi all,& th6.heajt d brea cru tes EJz
No, ow. decisions should -be final. L when in. the L all s writes EJz
4" Crockeraresaid to be hiteres j ea of kiig Lei execation of. the ru es all regulations Boll SCOVil inLLMdi(; Ii6mie Jotirdal;;' 60H
b ei!6 of internal ea iIL "liii lk they,
------ tional f ame, hfI the by I olorumbs a,6-'mneh i
,as _::,,; -"' .. %: .. ; !-- adopted by, the, tate. board. of horticul, absorb To eoch,
T, h su to be-maryied a womanimo _hli L ge
"4' I --t, . _': flancee'sfather ture Any- question arises In regard to t Yp at of,(,,Turnbs allDw
lotbria ,thg no m aiiia
aidQueen ent Woeggs. L eason with salt and not p pper
qWea M s 6xpeoted,-Lor desired:c)n ,thi ld"Aty o Any_ injurious. disease this
Archbishop or Cantehury when askdd:if -d- P, Place alternate layers of c eese and Lbrea
h e" Crumbs
ed by ti e- secretary, Of th aL
occasion of his Unio the MU -mI shall be deci ih e ggs ark
In -to leave the dL'a L';'T h L L'! ., L: % L, :. , I ILI is, L ",L
JlIeViEbed bi 'L '-Oihey?- 7ii6uii, 's: ghter.L e ao lp! r. t Lfi,'
Oiirzoii State. board of. hortioultureL or ohief bake boa fteen imiiaUte, -L',Sey'VeUELSWII, L" ',
the r Lis rein ark ablef,, both ecause.of
Cc emop-y'-L as thedish ia tak6u flio&fbe oven L' ()Ut
...... tuarantineo cer.L,,.. :L'
d. f, 'thffiL slices of ree
iWmodesty. slid of! itararity., 'Tbe.'mebaberg o. the State boar _by A th ;IfiicheS L
-L _o;stij' thei, ,w
horticulture shall serve without com_; square, I heap m. with;igrab d, cheese,,
StpAwati Jackson.'. who aqw.: lives.; at
dP h
taking care not to japread twlthlnayi eight
N. 'L has recently u Q pensaVoni the position., being honoral;y,,
C ll arlotte, nas travel of inch of tbe.--edges.0 esquateS, I no one In Orauge TbeL necessary expenses, Such Plae'L
k7en the editorship o, a pxoini 'L:: Jat*lL fhJS year" e them A it emin
nty. has engageolAn IcheL Cultivation of lug expenses, stationery, -postage, nibliftly 'Ri ')t- L quic k oven.
Mg Y: L; Ave
rioo:to any LeXtent thodoh, 11 incur.edin theLexecutiono theirAutles
11 Va. f :LL ii)%: slice, d
own Small exper menta p 4 es With shall beLcertifled to by the president.and MASHF6;T-uRxin,6-LFare;iPraI an
'bon third AS,iaux, the pois- ys". he Qrlando.: Re- secretary, of the'Lboard. and be paid out iatoea W '4'Co Id
Tim appeal of inle.6n great.L success, in :L of6ar 'L )hen,
any po d o lig adl
eralr. MenlberS'L, Of, ,![IPT fAM I yl, L -port6r. of th State agricultural funds;
ofi Fof sev The. al r, Salt aDda-Julnp of butter the size of
-m& moiithsj:.,Mr.. George;R .'Maov -peppei L ';
wA f was senterldbil tbddaih'-Ij1'LEtasse1s' or so L L secretary of the State board of horticild A 'I ".f
,OfL this] 0ty, after'hdv1hg,,deAfdiI strMfed wa nut, wi b cream qs in n i as I ed
vetrryuary 3d rejo,6ted, B ture and chief.gaaranifne, officer shall tosS. MMb A. S yve'h jina,
Doew fthe.. adapt9bil ty. 9,nDUM
the Belglan law her. sente ill beOom7 L Or: h1lMSe b,-,. allowed to expelid $800,per
L L a t 't
MtMd, to penal L in thls;sect 6. he;pi 'fl- r leri7cal aid and incidental expjenseSL UX"iY B
Servitude for:life. table
ed cereal, h'as per aining
:'L' in at y been inducing others to engage, th'the '.-It shall be the duty of any person On In '86 poAlon of the- Tfiterliob u I nur-U n iv I L 1 1. -p L ... L",""", ; I L' J L " LL L'. L I .- 11 ." I I .,
ersal-.] ,Olt. .00 of Mar. # in if
Ow ng 6 t-' 0 now States' li&h V
Ohio,,. his brought Buitin the Court N e the first knowledge of th.e.existence of s(.ries deyoted-,to Trifb iata 9 ek, ddt,
owle ,,Ap, anyraite, insect e4t, fabgUSL disease, or m; i at ba W ere.put Iii'm-k6odly nu
a M I L L I . p L ... , lLL L 1 11, 'L .1 L. I I
$i,' LL. ""'. I I I acres whiclildre beingplanted Inrice,411 other contagious malady, L affecting bers ast-fill. In rebitIddin'It'th s'
eat fo '4300,000.,for the rbyaliic al;-the county and others who 06afeniplate'"L' L
plants cultivated for profit that are lia- onesolitarylive bu was ound tlfoa-had. Isl1j;WL to bedue.on bolt looks used by t, e
wanting it in vary rig quaAl IPJO' will ble to:,spread or be transported to unip 'L I 7ed through,
GoWrnfaentiu-PU*Olie,*OrkBiLprincipally:i had1l6Lpr6teotionaiidL yet h
"04 9R' : : : fected gro. es, Orchards fields, or other the tWo :wl' L te ?re zes,
imd harbor Imjprdvements swell, the acreage t b w id as
v n r e 'an was
8, YS it-fS no
Mr. .,Macy,: L h,
toaAate, .,to premises; forthwith to giv 15 ,
e notice of, the much alive as w lniaert d 'wWle'
-plant 111 June and JulyL and-thut i1filact existence of : the same to. the county year: did orailige treeg n -,he, c jy
'ItWDOD, who aL: b6_t'.mOUthj'i li'
ARD EUGiDkE 'LCIC th6ie:are ei s e
q,-Year Ins board Lot agricultural inspectors of., the Y'14 IS th n t d
In a dryL to in HousWn' were "ad W th g;biint
o er whi hftq, re -at t e see nto- t P" gXo Ad : L LL .1
goods L L 11, -0 .. L., , 'a counting., *hIch-such, pests exist hnd Trifoliata f
.14. 1 .. L I I stodk in this":yfcin ty'
exa4 a A ee a- cooking an for they then getret e benefit. of; the:en
any resident owner, or agent of nonnmxesi-, reeze
'eaffite V&1 L L L I ., showed 'ho.evidefice -' h 'ad
lied sit $1, 0,MIO. HeL IS. L. the tire rainy season: and! mature Jni;0ctober.L
L dent owner, of such property on which t
t it of Leg-rande: Lookwoood M i had, any elfect,,except:'s, e x reme
Viragos Mae I hgo y s pure asing'a'fifib'Mill And known by said
U. such Pests tips (if the '.very:: lasCL the growtfi , f
W Ybfk'iv 1871, leaving owner Or Agent to.eXist there, andsaid of any citrus ifriti t
n tiring J -'s 189C Budg
-severalmi it in.operatio li PPMR9 _Ilm badd6d,
Owner or agent shall fail for -the'. space
Met. obtrifoli down so.thiif;
'from the
yS of', L '' -1,4,
of ten da fIrStL knowledge few inches ofearth canine tornedAto
54simW6.4g.oniex ibitioii I Auburnj3 3S
the existence o t e itforesal-It malaft are Safe dt4 still' lower.'degree,0
(li-inches-In girth' BERNHA T' ia beginning, to tore:p6jt- the rd of horti- mper6ture than visited this ,'sep ofnv :-TV
'th;-:Wei'g ing hree- s ow a alight,_ ndidatiow-t _inspe o tors 11 the ::CO1nniy '111L,
S on
ultura 0 at year.:
g lip sen W h %te ArOePih to
ounAes- Il L'', ,,i' t" 'L L L- e which said malady of p antseristssh
'riderooms or permanent, exii forid of tra
Boaxd of 1 veltng, but it is., hard I ow to redeemed guilty of*mlsdemeanorand- buy About ia
'itibittoii ag'an, Ill iion of wb4t,,an, or-,. get lie r to I eave P a r i, a it d she Is, said is, UPODLthe convict ieff thereof A,
do -, heiy she Z

. .. .. .........
77 if
B rime-, to 'r i 'turke
hd5;5rffFl-_fii 2 ring W 189 ,Vd eighteefi, br6edin 41;4
-jitfi - fts 'heiis 'which hatched ab6ut 1 0. T___ itin ,iu joung
'turkeys. Then the, troubWcom meiicecL'
fbe;,floo- and
Th6yh d "swelled beads" and various
remove thedtwt 4y beating first otb-er ailments and died, and until. by
tlv--ori the
n, MOT gen the 'first of November we.,bad -onl inChtster, t
on tbp floor and twelCinto ent -six voun t -, y left. Tbiswas Lurn the tw u rke.
po ssible 'partg th at have 'y
,-wear -wfl '4b, ffUt lve tbel -ather discouragilpgbIlt.we deterrriih667
prel ation to d
'01TVtli thefoll Ing iir Modd igq LSho
owi 0 etter hex year -15 now'g-s-ed
pound -of white CnstiljiS S About this tIme.A4e_-Rhpde IajAn&
2-, _77 7:77 1- tulce-etlier ,one- e2(periment station- 6sue he Te org rwo mj one C mos 'A 3-,
by:.alFthe' __tT
'np and'6 1, _turv y 7
yA sing g:vlnk exb-erienb
bfjnue -an olv bi d-i 4
& n Introducing wM tur ev 00
in one -I n ines''
-Ilte,'r -h 411ar ts Si
,.t ena 0 -of
_their .liock Bronze turjfcey.&
nts-- 9j
w4 We, hhvf1L :,, I f9und'that by usi
bu -th -og ab wjI)tt6W3 caD
one-quarwrWlld, blood in him, wit I pure, -"K yOUEk-DRALzR TO:8HOW YOU THIS, GU.
Eve thitt, is -Ni 7dsti and, Best in- e Arms DO~ we
k jurhe f in 9- peatinx
y as 'possi ble. ifo118ekeeper l3r9n'e hens,,the, you F i
inad Ah
kilidg, of. uiution are. e:by e r6s, weie much hsrdfe r".
e e ispanw Sur morevigan" f#'REPEATING ARM'%; W,1nCheStar.AV NOS Ven, CO
f by I Pt_ orous. and, --free 'from d i se asile "t I i any
ft iiar- Sex d sV6sta 8
re ea or dross, This' seemed I C VVIth Your
as_pos8i-.,._t oer seitm 400 6 0 0 2 n n nn A:: 'n-n A
e; foLn p, 161"r 'a ajil d we:, in i dJo trythis dross.
i-hnd,'brigbtforvvitji aflaiineldoth and n4ii i hook,
Vt,4 ne, ary to wabli, After:Jwme; t,roub1b we succ6ed d 'An
44 P j i(Lwatei-fo,-vihIch -2
qRe _cuar. F
d 6atof."d, var0 ne r On Zie.
11 wild blo a and t -quarters IRI
He 'a&-rais6d in PeDnsylvania- where u c Ao r, 14
'id baWasbed before ey wild ys are In existanc
-varnish- not till
9 U
e4 ad, 44,- 14 'CXP4tTj Ce Wit
cross with t e dom6stioated, Bronze.b Pp
beeff obtained. We- i him! fit. tho fall bfch, vithout'Tfrotrcticn, stan,13 thC Int-, f"
id rihinorotller thin cur tail] s3 'should be go
lit Pi, Jittl rjjr6j iij nj: ao d and by sprih9 he bAd,,ddvelopedInto, a P
ried .14, IP, 6
da of t bird -with lots ofjire -! in, him. e. 1,0 0 dre to,
1r,() n WO De 1 W, 15, .P -M It lhFjj n,
S", is, T,
iioft-'*at r ioL vihici t, D fill had sixteen ftnev piie blooded ens, ali
,w er (I od-_Have, buttlirce of:whi.chse Atvq U M S. PtA R'S
aking in a tub cold water,, K A
thitee-yca ,an I M mly rjKad tht oudaY In the infomati-,ff6rd, 1. G-16d tb. a broodlqf Young tur ys The yvAsther b
itte an&. u is
through, b been m I ore u f td I r
could hardlyy ave
c #! P a f-pur ns are to be washed avor-,V P Lfai '0yb1easW4P,:'b ci t
0- V^ R'
-,tobe'ichanged. Use, no I a ..wenty-two donse I. Ve cl me, 6o.pao, t g o)y
theekp fafledto ti, S., t 5 M IS IE
ain ce.t t ,Wlth
i-days Mailyo it
'k46 nfiiyofmtaich in the 'G.L. T dltic. (-l.rftd d r-twitte. th ... h,, d
spread h4tch on.. acco u i it;of-.the excessive moi f)"-f th, catalo", of big,
inbe'. xmg out and bla'a she 'i. u re but npanaged' to get- about I
.1tfh'0*6brL straightening out f ll the edges
m yljiung. onm.-. The weather was AP R -3
Jddw6 6 KU SERtE
j ly:everyf wolor,1117ee-inebes .sqvery
ht badt at a goo x d d
qany ie rolm all the 1xp0s1
ure w -got
lu tiseycaij lbe cleansedfrom dust, hen very young,. but. after they
th ae
t b ..wee or t. o old we'lost very few y,, loth, wruug: out of sait o; e, a
'Ti, ingf, vyj
iey1itcLthiS pre eji -their turning,. Amil howiave 118 f the largest,- hea th
colored, their, fading. The NURSERY SEMNTS
w8, d 3t.young turkeys-In the
an pure'
(I b4e, with a small handf Iu douiitry,, :anor on we., tou
tf, ?L L qboul diary seas
f IV issolv
bd in a pailfuh troba y_ Is4:a la '-' -' ti '' : : '"' , , "
bavbrw rger percent age R E :
delicious putiding is creamand orange A -,.birds- batc ea,' but::we.-'reg4rd A
;hb W E"E D
itd'- g.. 'To'makei stir onepint o thic
present result as.very qqd: and attrib.. FT E -cream Wiffi three,'yolk q of eggs an (1 7 j,
u 'oqr-success largely otheintroduc-gar.,', Put a ]aye -ordp*fq),r Fall and, flaWddl
ri &,fabl" olifuL,of, 8u Tqbpqk:- ularvarletiesof Hrm
'tiowofhardy:v1ld :blood int the1lock adapted to this secttom ,
Mt cturiabsa-tha bottom6fa pudding,
The young for, thefIrs 6 ra t 6 T *ff J o
and -,coyer with t -two or thrf e rull w, 0" ,
a. iree s were fed, three times a-day th
and 'Taln- 0 f I ted
germe r n si San ord a wpot
'promb ., Bake half an hour-, Wi a
Q, f4pr top, with taftay, scraps from tlie. ouge, c:orn bread &lid ge
-or cover with a meringpepoe. cuTdIed mi k,. Villw',Fran halem
and tlie latter o t e
; 1. 1 .,: :, WAtofqr prices anddeqcrIptIoA-ta.
h ofeggs. _time o
ii corn meal ana "animal meal _W
ble sa H WK deorjej 7
It has always its'41ses, m at 'and bones ground).,, In, Wo
0 the cools an d
6, me-maker, ForIli 761-0 old birds-were-let out o
if is itivaittable. '(;dlor0PrX' t .:allowed F or a NU RSE R [ES-: OF E
8' to'wander in t e fields.
insW bi 'Are likely fitill n
week or two they came 'hbme at'higfithed'dahbe "set" with sait and watek.': To.
to befed, but they ate very littl& Aft er, IRA I-AL
unch 4f cut, flow'
pr erve, a ul : they w rd not 01 A PI;'11
y e ed a 'all,. "IM 0 -DA -OR
,ib the first of J f FLO RU No
ommoq, table salt, qud..,, ey
and ass q. a fresh lived endiely upon grasshoppers and
Select &strains of-Choioest TwIetles of Citrus FruM Tress a Speglalt a "ce'
e p6qid Complote. Prompt attend rreeponden earl laded. other bugs and w at t ey pie e up in all flibea., Our stock Is la -ton to 6o
'They did very litt e damage DUNCAN. Manager. Dunedin, Fla
Ion th a slice of le ithAhe 4e Ad& and Prrc&1Asi,'aAdreas, rL.
on in the kyest, to alty 6rop-',,'About the flr4t of 0 o er, y
."tiori,ou e po, fulofrum o CannotAfford t;oTlant a ffrolve,-Untii You H&V8,Xonxu1tPVV#Q*14r,, A
they egsn,,,comi It f a 11 t-tl6;
ve e toran 6fternoori at home.: epan, b ng oine jr
11 6afted' sina I cakes arid k f grain at nig t,,,.,w en:,,t ey wer,.
If fhe refresh jaients, need ed :whole corn wid' some w4eat, but, they
e fashionable function..
pieterre av been',fed! SUHSET HILL"'INU
: d the corn, and h _P
p and sthu atul, "W )rIncipally'6n'that during thefall. A'
Ca eased by. rubbing them.-W'Ith water
'T Whleb gives a 1181; ofthe Mosi PROPiTAkAt VARIETMO for bbsine", k! fbr
little before I ,
f t6,' h a' banksgjving, some ofour'
d quantity ot, Ainmonid is 1;, v on li', tfinif' ,rlc6s Wic oi4o1-bb@LARdEBT8TOO1f1Ok0M WTARENW, TIP
GO obl l w I ii d 'over twe' I t ake y a d e arry
young, g ers eg e .7N L' -. '., L ,
,added TIES. 1ake !"roftd .:.pounds e ad )L:W._RMG3_0Un8et M14 col
JV erefse fvi the
ivr'Aiinutes' dumb:6elL,,ex
mornIng and Will fit' cut. uctlon of wild blood does,
eff tive in the ev hibg
not L 9 j6jn to reduceL the size of:the L bi ras ii 6nl&rs and.r6und oul anpiutar coILL. L 77 Y01 1
t InfactL k'
viti' s -wore quicklythan anyiorm:df to any exten our tur eys are
arger & an everL pair of'
be ore and a'
51te Ing let. EA 0
I t rats f,(,M_ nalik them I too the, prize for RT
Jjjj'' tb-j, , jU
,P o, preveri i g e r ap-L' 'younk- D
8r o rize., tur k f L L, tern L York jjjL
kpe rahcc,,satiirate arag4i it good, strong .ys at the, wes NeWL
,Aoa 6n6,kpper Solution anA'LStUff it ijiL the L 'fair this&II. Using Wild stock on Brohze; in L September L and 0 ctob r and s V6 alli at iffg shippidg*-rat-tiole. Raut ake-Leiglly' L disco L L ed 0 ttjjk6j8,j6.j jig e jJjGH]k L jRkkT IS BAREof g8 d'r and
,h, ura eally not crdssobreedi Get th ST PRICF,;VVHILE T11JI M
Vorl me,, a goott MUUS.f je tneLbeSt LmeAhf j, of the Brob Zbare diripbtly desoehd(-(1,.f iipply your 6.UjpluSL Cagb to b I efore next blo omilig,
wild n sndL o ro s with tbisok- noWLfo also iiM mosrall of the,&tber
'house of h t - Trees and'blids
eyL se comes 'afoun4,.:
isJq9t in trod ucing new,, Yjg6, leadhig.vatieties -of. OraAge, Lemon d Grape' Mttrceli, SlAe G eap.
jtL_ to L .. ...
succ Turkey REds L & 'L '-drous-blood in the domesti6atedbrebd: L Wri fe m61d.
r pric" PL prices
e turkeys show' h L'
that',', tu rkeys wei more All our youri t e'perfect.
making 's:and iridescent bronze:ti i'ge to, C Tropkat -N -r
6ther-classes bf- poultry, Seml
A B00. (A
'fe&,_YearS _ago, ,some, th6 Pfiimage.__ ; n American '1- T

I 1 1 I 1 11 I I I I I :I" II 1 111 1 I II I Il 15 111, P IIIII& I 1 II I
''I IBM 1 '11 160 ,I I I I I I
I I I 11 IN 77 ;
; I I I I 1 I I I 1 1 i
1, 1''. :_ ,- ,_il I 1 11 I
11 ,-_4, 1 r 1 ,,i,:,,- A l B 1- I I
__ -- ,t zmr I V ,
ww ____, l- I FVM M i, _i _---, _- I I
--- --- -,
,,,, ,- -I-i,-t 'j", ", _I_ I ,- -M ,'-, ,; 5 ,
r -_177 W7777t -I' I ,,, ,_ V ,7 1'
11 , 7, !--I,, -, V 5 11 Z11
__,,l --- ,,-,, ,,,,,, ,, -,:,,,' 1-- '-!, i_-i-,__' I 1 1_7 t,; ,, F ,, t --- ,__ 'r, 1, -,,: ;", -- _1 11_'Z,4r -VF
__ I I I 77
-, l, 'i !
,, !i I ., l'l,,,, (', 4 G -S I ,, ,, ,, I I- i_,'_'4 r i ;, -4 I I" I __T_ k_ 1', ___', -, ,, _! ,
,(, lt-4 J ,, il ,V % ,i t" ItA," Q 'v 63;w1l:41 ,, _' I I I
I I I I I ,- ,' ,_ ,- ; ,,, .'i -6'i,
,T ,llql T I 11 __ -_ 11 I ;i ___ I _, L, :w- l", 11 I ,,,
;, I 17- I I - I _- I I I I I , -, I-,-,i -A , ", I I- V T I -1- I I
I '_ -_- : _. r, i ,, I(N I I -_ -i "I - -1 ,, ,I- -p 5I-- -,i I 1, ,!. l,,., 1", I ,, I -_ -1 -

, "_ __ -,: ,- ,ll', Z_: -- ,77" I 1;- I r I I I I . 11 I I .. f i ', "_ ,
I 7- I ,4 ,lv I I -1 -,'
- I I ', " -, , ",
I ,'* o I I T I I I -_ I , ,
.1 __ -, I I ", i, ,' -1 I -, I I -1 :,, ,- ,
_, _, !,f :,; ;4, i! 1: I,; I ;
L, ,. -1 ... .;, -_., ,: ', -1 .. "I ,il. 4 4 ::,; I I , : ':111; .1 _1 I I I ,_ 1 ,, ,
,,., ___ _"' _,
t ,. I- : 7 I "
; , ., ., -, .: ,, ,
, I , , 1. -., I-, ,' : .. _. I -- , ,
1, l I , ., ._, -_- -,, , ,- l -, ,_ 1. I i- ll I __ I ,, : : I I I
I _ .; .. r ., I 1. : 1. 1. 1. 1. I 11
: i I I : 16'.- V I ,: I I .1 ,: ,. -.,.., I I
11 I ., I I I ll l
-_ I I ,, ... : I-, I : il ,, li 1,
., I -_ - I I I I ;, % I 11 I , ; %- I ,
: I . .,_ . 4 A ", I ; ; ; : . j I f, .. .j ''. I I I 4 T. ,
11 , - , I d ... 7 , ; -. ,- I ,,:, : : : .- ,, .- ,-- l _-", , ,
I , I , , -, , , ". 1, ... r- I 1. ,,, ,.: .: : _. : ; ". , ; 4 ',
- i" .. ,., ., - ..; ;:,,, I .., 1. I ., J I I , I I ,, ,
, I I I - '' I I ? , . ...... .. , '. N _ 11 ,: 5 I t, I I 11
I I k : , , ., , 'I, , : ,;
'I" ,_ ,-,' 7 ) ,_ I I ;: 7 : : ,.'.: ', _- 1 i ,!, "I I' 1
*_1 -,p p r -"; 1, ,_ I ., I I I 1 I-. ., I ,, : %, i rOq L-4 J? k I '; .;11V. \ I : I I : : ,
,, '. & I 1,
I , , v, :, - .- R , :, .1 I .1 1 !7 ,'/ I I I . .... 11 : -1 : : ,_ -, I'
'_1 ,' 1 .- ; I ::
,., , I I : I I ,: i:, _.: ,,, --, -,
N ", ,-- ,, -, l ; _-, : 1, .. I I I I ; I I
,_ I [" _,-f I '. I I : : ": ,.. I ', i I ,
:1 ,- 44 J ,J:, X : : to, I c l -, , '
i : ., : , ,- I I : I ,;: _:, I i 11 11 -1 ,J ,
I i '. ": , I 1 :, I I .1 I I I 11
-l", .., _. : ?, __.1:::-_ -- 1 I I i 1 ,, -:- I I 1, I -1 I I I I I I 11 ,_ l - 1.
I I I I ., ... 1: ... .1 I I I I ,. I I ".
, ,: ,, ', I 71 1 I I '. I J. ,' I : , I I I I 11 -1 -: ,,. : ,, I I ,,
-. 4
1 I / _V1 I I i
1 - 1, e:- .p I .. 1-1 I I I I i ,- I I I I '1 : I 1 ,: -1 ,
I I ,,,- ,. .-- ,,c- ., .: , . I I : I I : I I I : I -1 : o': : -, I 11 I I I i .... 1, ,
11 : 11
I I I I : :, ,1 1 I I .1 I I I I I P _. I . I 11 I 1. I -1 Z. .1 I I 4 "Ill I I I I
11 I I.. : I I I I I I I I I I
I I I I I I .1 I .: , r ; : ;, ,. ., ,, , ." I i ,
-,. .i : ,-, ,, -, ; .. ,., . ...- ." ,. ; ,5 I I "
'k, ., 7[7- lc 11 I
VL - :, 1
,III I i ., I :, ,: :: I il l
I I ., '_ 1 k ': el 6 2 1 i I 9 I C). 14- ,I to -" ,, t, ,. ': .._ ., I ; __, ". .. I
I 1,. '.
_V 1. . t --, ,- -_ _1 11 .
4 = -T---"-.W- __ia!: '. I ,. I -i-i
I 11111111"111 : ,- I ... .. _1 -- -, ,, ,., 4", .. % I 11 ,,, I ,
"C .. ,, , ....M.. -, - , I '
,, k .t ,; I : I - , ,.,N 1. .1 I .... --I,:- ,,
l ,_ r, wl sj 7"T ,!.. ___JI I t __ I '.I .......... "
': lk ".41" ,, ,, 4 '.- 'W'. r I .. I k I I I 1, ... 4C.,I
I I , , I c-,,, 406 ,
I -, ., I I - 1 707. -, I) ,; '? ( z I I I
.-m ol I 11 .4 ^ _. I ",. J .
-9 .- = J _-.4'. J, no-& *V= .N - -; ..e" .., e
,I 4*-- _i; _;, - 11 I ,,-- "., I I I,- I I I I ,
: I .1
I ,
r _,::t "I .. 11
't, ,,:. .L,. .
I ,6 -" .11 0 1, ,_ ;
E -i.41z#1 1 I I ,. I.,
i -, I I I .- I .",.""."I .,; ,, ,."
IIk i __ 7:.-, 1 -7 ,
-1 ; : ,
__ I,- P "t"' _v, ,, .", ".
_s I -1 1 4
__ (I _r I, : ,
I- -- -- ---- -- -11, I I , .. 42 -!- I I "N : ,I : ,
,Z:, ---e. ,l ,
-11 JIX ,-- I 11 ,- _. %:.,., F .- ,", ''
I 1, .1 ''I'll I w_, J!'J ...
iol_ .. I o ,;-,
-!.7 ... .. ., /: -, ,, I',-1 ;0W ; , __ I I I IK 111 I I - .: : '':: 1_1 ., ". I _____ .. I "le :w _, 11 '. 11 . . . ;3 Z= : ,_ !, .. .,;- : --) -- I
I .i 1 ,,, - _. -1 . ..... ..., ... 11 rJ _' I ,
__ I I , -,:' ., '
11 I Z9 I r. -- 1, ; V I "
11- r I D i I I- '% ,
-, I I ,- Ik A.i ,._ I I I..- I I 1 :;7 .. I I .o!m! '. ", '- 'A. I _VI I I 1 ,: 4' 1 ,
12 1, :_r-,Tk. Iwr .iw,.r -y.') "," ; ; I n 1
I 1, i J I 1
>e - -i I ..! t L_ I I I ,
I 1, ; I I q I, n 6 q ,, 4 11 .1 : I I I I I I I I l"
-7 -_;,,, ', % 7% r; t QJJ ; .11 Y 14-11.- _-1 -, : %.V ,,4, I % 1-1
-1 t, 1. Al. :. - I,
t ___ I .. -_ I ,L- ... ... ,
)h- .a_- I .1L a I-," ,
,,, -1 ,.A I I /% I t ,, ... 0!. 7 ,
w ... I ,,, :-_, ,
. . . . . 1, ,. .IV C I ';,
--I--- ., -? I .V'.; ." I I _, 14 _.;11 I ., - ,, ; -L 11 i',,
,;. I I .1 I 1 4 ,- .. I J-1 _- I 1 I 11,
L .. .. I I
1, .. I _',
1:- I ,. '... , .04'A 11 I k __ I / I
I I I I I '.." ,, I I I
. : 11 I
. - I I P I 1. I .11 V 11
ft I t I I I ''. I I I I I : .. I I - "I,
11 1; .. ,_ :
;., : ,sr ,
4-i", -b I I I A I ,- .
I :, .1 t "N.. - 1 -; J :I; ", , 1 .11 -z. ,, 1: _J,
al -111I 1 r I- : .):_7 -10. .. I I- L ,
I ,. z -: - .1 -_ ,, 4
1, 1 .& , -1 I I 7 7 ;I;, , ., .. I .4!, -_' -1, ., .. ,, 11 _. ;- I, : i
I . I 11 . 1, I I ..
:.:_ I _.- I .( -_ I-,. - e I - l _L '
I 1:. I __ I I 1. .. ; .11 1 ,
:,. I I .. - I ; I I I I :, :: .j , :,
1- -1 .. I T _. -101C 1: : ; -- I I _,
4 I 4, I I I I 1. .... ., I I I I .; I I I I I -li ., _( 11 , I *_.1 T "
".,;; I 1.1 ;i I I 1. ,,, 1;
.". 11 11 1. I I x ,i_ -% .. .. ,.. 11 :. I I I : I I N ., I .. ( '. I ,.
." 1% I 11 % L I.,
: 11 I I
I I J -- I 11 I f _U I I 11, : '. I I -It'" ,, : 11 71
11. % I I I ,7 1 1 % 1 % '. -1,
-1 _; 1 I I I :. I : r "
, I .F A : i I I I : I I I I :. , I ',
1. I I I I -- I 11 I 4 A
0 -1W _7 I 1 I .1 I i I ,.. ..
I I I V % I I I I., . , I I C I I I .1, I I 1% I
-. I . : I I , -,: ... \ i, , I AN90h, : I I : I : ,.. 1 I '. -, '- 1 1
:z .. _. ,: ';.; I ,, _,, .
1. I '', : I .: : %, lii .. I I I I I 1, , I ,
I ., ; :" ,: ", 1. -, 11 ,- I I 1. I _: :1, I
'. -_ -, d I I ,1
, ., ; I '.. I I I I I I I I ,, .,., ,
I r 1 - : .. . L ..... ..... ., I ; . -_ --- - I : I .1., I .1 ,I,, l
I., :, - - 'L'
_:4.- I I I I I I I
--.:,.-'_:_ : ; ._, .., -NR BUILDING., 0
-- 1. 1. 1. I :1 % I _11 - - .: I -, I I- I . I . A l I I I I I I I : ; :1 - 4 , L ,ile I :GENERAL VIEW OF_ ATDANTA, EXPOSITION. GROUNDS'A ': ',.,-,, '-: . I -- 11 ,
1. 1. I . -, I I I .1 -_
I I ,., . I I I I 11 I "
.1 ., I I I I I I I I I I : I , 1 1 .., ..."11, I 1. I I I I 1,11 I I I I I
.. I I
1 M kXA-rioN-A L EXFOSITYOX ,_ 1 -1 I 11 % I I I I -?' f I he Expositi6ii L Corn' L
.- 11 I ., -the dbik The. Na-v Department' The exhibit tli0J4V1tAti6n1_o_. ,.., ." ... ,
11 '. ,.. -_-. -: Thomas;, Jeffersdii i4iz din , ,,_ L
I I 1
I :_ ,::_,_ I I .. I __ I 1. .- I- 9 : -- y .- I '_ ,, t, ,r4
., ". __ I -M&
1, On., which he wrote: the Decla ationj ofthe United States NliVy Department -pany and,proposesto k an--exhibi ,
9 0 I I 1 I I I- 1. I I ,
1 I I I I 11 I l l "
Continued fromp -. .I -1 I
I I I .. t f
.,::, , I I ., .;, - I .. ,
1 1 .. I I papers notes,,etc. The, m ost, compl4te. wftl .be very complete: .Large -modefs in k6o-pink With. tile AmporaDO(- ," t il (- 4, ,
4 I 1 I - I..:, I I I'- I 11 I : .. I 11
jh I J ,., 0 1 -, 7, I 1, epu b ic
_. I rS 6f 'from P. I. 1,
ejted 1. .. I of Ah .Aigne '' 11
at many of them4 11 be ,repre sk' -oi. .piqtueg -the: Vniany of the ships of .6iir naVy, 11 %,- ; -, ,;-,, - i I .... 7 ,_ rl I,- -_ I 2 .- .. '..., I -, 1,, '-, n _% __ ])6c aratign will. be 8 own. Fta'nkIhVs;1 the beginuingof- thb. cen. turyto the pre 1 -1 I _1i I -11' "
I The Argenti e- ep bl _L
by State, buildings a d.exhl is. h I I I
,. 1. ., :, n It u c us ero el _4 1111 1
Object- of -the 11 ., ., The fact writings, Peel's portrait of' Washington,, seat'timb will ,be' ',ejthibited Vogethdr Chr' _bl grttw from ijews I
ixpositioR.- I I I 1 igtmas ;;a 'ca f "',
, .1 I 11 I., I I ... I I ., ,- -, 1,
4grj ,, P ri r ki .- vit ,forelK#.pq4e 8 trea;-t With- some- models of 7shipg,,of: earlier, Ay esA.,AnnOunC6d; :VnttL ,t 'e ril4e, p t n !' I,,
tbat the- .iliLantI xPA4, .. '-_.1_--_- I 1_m_.__- I .1. _A 1. r b; 'A -' i
,- - I : _. I I _, L .... C L 11 I I I I., 1; I I,'-" L,.L, I ..... . ,4 "
1. -..,., _",,_.,, y L ,. a -RPP ;, I- .g op4k -_ a L ,"Y,'.
-, --' L e_ 'of territor bor'- he %,ongress;-Lb d. J -11 I 1 11
-1 ties."for 'the punhas pekio& These mbdelI !Will enabl6_1 .: ,;",$;5"6,6
cultural, mineral and manufaCtuiing,'re-7 L L L ''.1 L L I 7 '' ,_ ,tLL T _LL 7. L L L L _- _j, L k ,- _-ii, .,6.- L L,
I L e Wi I 8 6j, L' '' '' L liang S-in L, t kL Id L_ L ( G _i,
L I J d forei ,16, L L he.-de- OL Ma eX Jt tie ;
sources were not adequately represented rt sRau, e-ne th ,the heads of ,_ ,gn ped at see, the c 0 L I '
- I I I I I 1, I 11 I I I I ; ..... LL -- L ,iI 11 1 I L I '
', attheWorlds_. oiunibia pow r ludingje Uen.from. Napoleon Signp A iniardentS OfL Men of-war States An I ti '''E ----- I -,
-1 ,0 n, Exposition,. I , inp L I L IL I .. L Land IL I 11 L 11 L, d nterna o : ral, position. i' ,l
I 1'.'''L' :,- L- I 'L 'L I I t,, L 'L '' Ll 'I'M
f1L0 enterprise,.. 6 6 ... .... t, --1 .. I --- 11 1 I L '-, 'L , L -.' .,:__ led to the incept b iis Bonaparte- And Many other. interest ingi .from the tiMeLof:the ,SpaWsh. Ar inAnda L. Iarak.ay.-4 he, minister ,of Fbrelgti,,,, .
11 h I display L I IL 'L -"'t
I ra a gar, f join' L or, aragqay 'Ag'st.ted that th "
w uments: will be ed f T f Trafa g _,h_hich nas t object of fostering: g ,Q. ": '. L, 1: 11 I I I I -, . I I'~ I _1 11
.. 11-, I 'L L' L. i, L I L I I I L' ,;_ '' 'L "" L 'L'L
-- L .7 Cum'ents' orld am ' 'a- L I I .11 L
._b L I I bl"CL ivill be,'represente --the trade rel&tio eI e-. 'L d t of w Wide, L f e, jo,"our. war of 1812', thence to the.-woo en d ,
Null _L L- 'I n8: Already _' 'L I I L L'. I
I I the, L L -- L ",'re L L s I uc Y1 iffe ation roclaniatj 'L on. L -frigatesLlhat bombarded Sbbas ': (i '' _-l_ , ,
11 has t e I 11 I steam I L L to lx pu , iie 41]e e khib it I
L wee the Sou n Stat-es' andolthe L I L I uatema a... A _P;Ctl e6 '_ with I
L ubllcS of Mexico and Ceiitial'Aiidgo li, 1 e -.,-Ewan dilation L Pk 'CIA-Mation" and: pol, th e monitors of our Llate War; until I
-ht I L I L, I I Will be-, the .temi, village
I L I I- I I I I L _dS t6' L ,' at ] L t I I I MQ "IlutLS, ,6,j, -IIi'L I ,
,, I a $ L L j we reach: 1he huge ironclad I I
Ainerica; aiso t -e promotion otcommer the sealof the U 'it L L L 'L ,. as ,. L -1 uatema a. and ,Carib In-"
: : I L- 6 ii -&,- --11,. ,__,r--;, I I "' , .' r' I .. I_ 11 L .. I '. I L -1 1, .j L, 'L I 1.
': :i Z _! Monsters : thI resent day. % ; 'L L, ing" exquigite"
o al Inter o se etweenA esestates And InterioY Depq. tm' eht-The'.ex of
L L L L P I I 11 dianI carvers mAk
1 I L, I 1 1 I I L ' L 1,
1. ", ; - I .11 L' L I.,
7 - 'L L i ,It Will ffi : tl IiI I I Itlie L' Vl j-lfke surface A '
,'e. ,, z z .of 'thb Interior L &6 artii" The W ar Depar ent --'The exhibit carv ngs the Ivor on' Z
por H bfEurop : I I 'L I 11 I L 'L - 1,
L I 1. I I .1 L L I I "I L ,
I _LL L- 'L I I L LL L Offido'L the Bnreau; f _,, ,' W L ,_ -4 tfi : l ,
The:Site -7 The Exposition site is Pied- L elude the -'Patent' o 6 the ,ar Departmebt will be: 6ne4'61 GuetAmkiA.-nut : e :'Musical' 'Stones ,
i L Z' L' 1 L L L I i I 'f, L 0 lndia]JL% O I I .1 L LL I Jil addit I id n: to 1 a L, "a I .1 IL I L- I .. .a4di other I ,
Mont PArki, located t the Educati 'n the ffice and -the' gteilt historic L in terest. I I use like'the Xy,14 hon.6_ in l
we Mies rom I I I L L' 'r,-,
.1 _1L -7, Gl -lb ldJLSU itL ,Lb ', _.- 'a ,'' 'L -_ _. I ,-',,Lt.L ,,, I '' L I
11 L _-' , ., L.
ore tlia L 0, : ..... .. ': ,,,
I L" L _[ ]k, L; f nif L L teres ing features L L L -1 ,I "'
I- Ce liter oitl'je Ldit- '. &I ia. fvey.. L The latter exhib I exhi it on a mo ern war equip- ; L -1-1-A
"Y L L ,n I L ; ,, .L'LLLL e '' -I,, -_ .... ... b, I~ __ .... LL ... I _- 1 ,_ t d f L -' wilYbe v ryL I I I harneter i cents there will be'exhibM ns 'of i Chili. _'Early ifiLpebi u-s;ky,, the' Clint a fi , "
S300,000haiC already 0e#-expeudeqJn L -e eabora ean 0 a 0 1 0 arms
I I ,
is L I I .. L I t L' a L .. "" ",
L-L''.. I LL I I I I.. ', '' 'L, ," L te n d 11 I I L I I I .. L I I I I ., L '' "' .' ., 1, _., L ,,!_' ,
he' f, ... ed j a. lay As ,never -, before the and Accoutrements used 15y,. tne ulte R I--,
Congress. ' A_ .. I
ightening-the Pic uresq1de f& 0I AP L appropi'i ted' 10 000 Jor,',a 1'L , 'L I 11, I L of, a t' L L ,," a ,L, !,L 3
the b64 ,- 82 006 000 will WonderfUlL eologC
:, ape, an L E a I wealth: tb e- Sta es armies from the beginning' of its exhibit,_ an _,pre -P
lands d t 3 'L I L I I . I I I L pF4tjons :'for' _it,,Ai6 4,,
,L_ J 'L-' L' L 1 L I I 1; I L L I I L ,
iu L _' '' L L I I L L I I I L ',L : L- ,- ';"
&J. L .W Make edmont region Andthez whole. South.: istdr I I .' "
be expended tlieFair. Pi -, ,
I I ., .. L I .1
Y. I I I L L 11 i:L. underway.:.: L ., L
'. L' .
I ab _iiiblW ,, ,,,
.. .L I I I I . ., I L I I I he"offi6ja
ed constructk L El oi ate ex ,will alIgo'be ,. I -ag ---wT
b I IL . 'L ':-brought lacceptanc4.of '
I es niand lakes have -, ,. I ,, Minerals, -In the Exposition building ,: Hp dur L L ;, ,. '" -_,, r Gr Ei I 11 I L. I L' "' 1, ,, _L U, L S I j6rL' I ,'
IL ";L I L ,Lth L _f .1 L L I ',
I..''. tj L L, e 'bUIL ronxalloverthe hited tfite6 ahd'the' 'a e'y 6: t y and 'Mi the Hohdu i f
,L,,LL L, and, with few excep ons'L I I- I'dings L I 1. I : ted toL es r ning rm hag been rece ved, Rud'in or L I L L. .. L .& theSo I aivi, 7 L 'L, I L I I :.L "' t--, .' ,,;,. L L, L ,I 1,
I _, Will hAVe:'!' L_ National )13106n 601I
Va r, frontage." -exhibit-froML the Yellowstone 11 z I sion-of 'economic .KeolcI will ,be &&tioij'_ from tfie- EXP( ., i,
', L' te '' 'L'L L L.'. L l-., I L I L" I i''. I ]& ,' ,J
L 11
L .- lakes I el I ectrio I A L a nolies an&gondolas -Will Pirk. Mill begin gii arly beautiful, '- -shown.: Minerals' rocks and L ores 'will Is I ion I e r in. L thatLL do L Antry I 18 to t ,,, I
L I I I I. I . I I 9 I I '
I L LL .- I I I I I I L I I 1L.'' I L I 1, . L I - I I., I_ L ", ,- .' L 1, I 1 11, 1 v
I -0. to ,t eir, exhibitt willbe n8tall6d Jn, W,4
:: ply, affording -:An. agreeable -mlode - i Exhibit of the U.L S.'FishLCommission.. be 'displayed. with reference., hL -that.the '- ,,, I L ," I
L I L '. t _T .1 L 11 ". .- I L L I I I 1, I IL, I L ,- .1 L -L ,'L- h .L ,W I ::, ,
exhibit of-,the Fish Com 4; -,
&D' L, rom 0 grou 'd I L d -a lustiate m abogany, 0113e.L '' .,.., """
it 1 lie part LDf:thd A 6 oT e mission, practical uses, in so Is I -:"'_ "z
tr I I L I I .. 'L.. -, -_ -,
.1 L L L, I L I I _1! 4 ., I I I 1 1 I 1 L I 11_ I I ,4 1
,.L% :%J i L ojhL er. ,_ L 1. I I I al, Atlanta will be one of the Moat C0M_ L parUcularly-the geological 'resources of, .Nidaragua. 'Some' months ,a "I h ' wo t 6 ,
,,L L L. ,, , I '_ "L _, 'L LL L- :1 L .1 L- L I -", ", l,
.L Gk verniuent 'EX_ 'L Plefi. iiiii _i stiu &aiu I h 0 uthern' L jjaeh L 11 United Rates ,, "' in t I g res in t e- the -S L governm ,, L -a-,
The ,L: a - ,L ians. en bfNicaragua ,form lly,_* ,
:, ' ,, L L I _ I ,, z L '- I., L -1
T e Li U A L L ''. ' on L to take'
V Bulldfiik. _,.L its, tanke L WiltL : I L I _- L 11 ,part ihthi I,'
: hi ujj e&L St tells Go veriiment Go em inent .. I L ceptedthe;i ititl, I i ;,,-,'
"" "ill'. J L L. 'L L_- I L ]I L ."L I .,L I s 'L_ I I r :: LL : . ; L 1. -1 L - 11 -, I'l. L, ,L'
exh I IL, -' III I u t L I L'. R positi _' :. i: -V L, L
ibit e housed in a anasomd oeoupy upwar( --fo bob -, 4 are fee. L. L I I l
: I I JUGN )EXH 1 I X 0114i",.- ;z- : -l *,
'. 'L .... .. , L L I L . 0 1, L I I I L I I 4 .. .1 F O P - I lL L L : : ". L _, I ''
'bali I 11 1. I I 1, ,"-" -,
0ingL ,desip The L, arium mill be ,arranged, in L a I I I I L L I L I '. '.'4;' L- I I_ I I I I ",
I qd ,by thegovernment. .1
:. L I 1. - i ., 'LL: : . , ,L: '' ''" I .11 L L
-, I ,, L : 't, t,
esqUL I A I h L L I : L, .', .' ",
-1 woltitect, >w I e mc" 'grotto, with the isles ,light6dfrom the ., ..T rough the State, depotriment of the I : I : ATR IM TX. I -, ,,
11 .1 ;L' ., 'L 1, L L ' 1 L 'L L L '' L % L 1 L 1 11 I LL I I .,-: :' L : _.11 I I L ,
I ld gn lias been -6nlargedz, *atet,,Vro diioingLa :peewiarly bea tiful L: -, -L:.,. I The oil L U United Statesl invitations Were. .Sent t6 I I L :, I ,l ,* .
I L L 'd 'L, L: L
' L . I L L ; I .'' I .ILI . CoU n tL L 'L n L L '_L', L - X; '-p
_'". 'L L by the g" t 04 of anL ann ex.* 1,40x8d. feetv effect. L I I-, I I I L L I I I all'foreign ries of importance, ', Co iitiitAiiouel
'L 1, I I L L -, I I 1. L, L L L' L TheStateLeihibits-Affill DB 1z "i
.'. -' 0 -Build L The Forestry' Exhibit.-The I forestry a '. 6 L M Mj68ion_L' '' _' -L ,' I I I L' " tA t -_ I -In ter60 61i I .
: I which will givalb, Government'. I f number have accepted. L) and iy
_1 IL L, I -1 L I L -1 1. I .1 I ,, L' b -, '- 'L tile Ce L L of theM ost impor. n I .1
L' '
--"'- '--I----U'-iif-'65-00" -qtitre XKibifio-bi_ Fa ie &L j l -a- n d i t F,
a Ou L _-_ -) ave een sen L' 'L
'L or-Sreg 0 I L "i ers' to_ atrarand
fa w 11. I features ot the great F _,
": I 'L L I I I AM tb A.' L io L I ,air. .Pr6minetil
." L .. L L 'ff" L The gover nmentL exhibit will be 't I ,. IL L an L LLC 0 p , .States. d, MLX I and I jh L ,
.1 L Lbe he most domplete.L d m rehen-L Sou .mer an an e ioo L among
11 L ._ I L 11, 11 I L 1_ 1, L esewill'be the Geo g4,exhibft L
_" I L _' 'L I I .- I I I L I 1. I
L L- fbftiou L6. ,h & of I I I .L
_, - &"anged y A'I"n."FISSIon L d6MI)oged of sivielexh ', t e orit o the S jith A PQMmissioner-general for Europe has InAalledii s handsome J, 1,
... -_ I : _, f, I buildifig ineAr',',...,g
..- ; L I L 'L' f, ; ; L 'd! L ,,, '- L I I I 1. I I I _- ", 1 -, I I I ,, ,- L k '6fL b'L i jLln ", ,tr
L -- & _,s6le dt6d h depAr VeT gat ere A I ,"ou front 'L ...Appointed L With headquarter t t -Nearby i WIW. v
.1 I 31denien" ego, I e 6kethek. The Chief een I len
L 'L I d 'Ll L L ,,. I I I .q' he JU I i ance.- I -1 L I, )
I.. __'.nj6ntbb0&jUIe Ofthe!rl IsPec. i a I I 1, C the, I 1, I don-., Under his direction experienced ,L LLL ofL F1 , I _i;
1_ _, L.. '" L -;- - 'In national Bureau ,of Forestry will I L I 'L I anotiliet orida, coverj[ug ,allkr6 i
11 ... L jL -;;'j, c'har e f tl iS L IL;' ijjL' hicli will L I a commission L ers will visit the. manuf"turm I _ei' LLl' ,",'

I L,. L;' I s stems peuetrAtlng1he pb6l "