Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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NjJor, No'.
he 8ot6 -mov6d'.'f 0"'th :sellstDr as MIJ10 gr6WCr in
mcrolus Sava rasgpv '46 e interior, nally
ure the 6z66 t realize (1,
Riv'erj where- 'he, hnge coull to,:tiave
sf) aniards so that' no one d"Ired vent' (17 ,'
t' 'ter 9 win ti rihg t o
win,. er -0 f m "ona "re in, one season.:. I
jCr in the camp- ; hus beset'.wilih hdn- went i to quav
-year-, a the presen te o am :SO:-Gp I as
er, disease and da ng r,'&Il eir hopes foll.wini" t; t*miatic ,' t
AULY F IDA Hllsg OJRT of Sudden Wealth destroyed they iesolv-; Liale Rock,: Ark. lieSoto died May 21, much from.-thisin0ustry,: b t I do exe&to Make th I .42, and.was buried in the Misslsglppi pect to see the. thousands of act6g 6'
(The iortifirwj i d' -i iij h i' edition, m la a
th6 iemnant 'd etto aild o0i n S- ;growihg
they.. re ac ed in, Uteen daysi e n r ver,
.. r., ''1 .1 I I '' f
an PQDce de Leon, enric ec., t: a nd halr-makb"O' B ly thousaines of cat dads-a A is, nest o -11',
t1lem-a., country they could not conquer;, hagg4rd,,,gaun
Ugfl Ollt(ifP6rt6Rico,'r solv ed": t atc a.Sea'.- 6' bu III oo 6 fruits iu 'Lhe_ n
.before h vef wh ch was: th 'S I Panife dh Floride On'a
U reac n g e parish hy
eprl' -eed of--t le governorship, to incfe4se the bu, I es-Tthe gu f coast. commercial li ,hiO not yet been
rne way, o escape i dWg of v T
ls4am4,by new enterprise, a le T_7. OW It 1. bld'-__ fl- t
s ei g, w hiah they knew. not; h ; to cofi-t tvklhty, years afteit 6 mpo, s nit de- 91 &r e on he *00 ern coast, but -aml.,
lg'L6f' k lafid to the_ north ar ric to' h
or hat] they t6olo' or. mMeriAE.: paitur la- h ct lrr o m ,San 'buoar; a confident t, at Y an:4ther summer will see,
rec bus s tones an the :first I p ant 4D f Four boats; Were' exto ri iAn wbic -be t till, i greatbi" in ag- 1 tion. stated, The whi t-, ,
n. a I ]y o uAA 'rn- to In In thesurt, Z nifloeficeleftlera- ftiz.-S co, er er9tv 'seems t e
t is in a y wer6,drownedj i Kqif un d h Dat-,
arve o t r s fru ey require
ew or st Four'survivors of, thiiiii4ited expe- 'Don 1riami'da"I'unit; -for the oo n-'ques 1. home Of thi it, Th'
h t d e, 3 utyq pay f6r .""I
Om, Po r to 1 ico wit"i te, esselg 's ow -y and nrUIIY se t i ment 6 Florida. De Luna tl 'I
oil llie'z 7. -:,,I 'i q 6 r,6y'6i IS gV ejl t era,-'TH eligh I in a
way across e present-' tate -.of V as: Sailed August) 4-.- 155 -: witha i p 6ijlt 6 n th r arsji.'for the par-14a In all
a', Florida a i1thiotilkii the Mexio eof 8 13 f I failov"varle'improvino enork, aen, es es many
e, t o erna I 41ifi4fitai ofii ion 'dfjlfii rridiahs;: an-d"41lum ei; ios.:arO grownmudar attice'd 'sheds.' I
'YeferAb them inr
ssessi6n ofthe country in e a thism Y;
d' h'a i r o wQM'eh' un0r'6hfJd ren i bllt
era ney were Succor' ty aecuw
Z, read,, d d'' tomed I 4crtuile n[lowed-. theM, the as eXtra cark
6,--4n'd---was made Ajelantadc) ze lenntrymen, who ita d' al, y inva e 1 n
'tbIVA WreekeCt In ensuou 1W..:1. Ny..Wz Goodpihea u
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ptr, ot,'i i (i r -1141p, unfilw rebiiali6 cheaperAhan be '.for several
r ']a 09 lin'd'hilaily ct wo- yes, s iI't, t M1110 ell
it' u tj of t e 7 i, rit,' d h a -adventure i ls retna kable i 6ge "es ofw t ese parts. Ono6 planted,
urnitig -with bu a fragmentt of his years -'in,
ed to the f6v Si 'iis-ionlan fcas any recordedin a or. tLI theywill Truf 6t f
an the gv r4 m y or ob6,lipaLion,, f Luna t I from -the same, ro
S4 pat to ve yek rss
with Ift s" orth America. ")he 1,6r, thepicgress of :ir inkind and,' the. three' 11 of,is Janng, a a 'ni .irom; 24.
exf r tuie 6 f Not Lh, A mejtle a... bents! to 2 5 cents
I ed an bafaIlbe of the",' iv Ition were-i rowne plants vu
o d from-*hichhe:,sdbse; "e, t 0 d se age each to
qu n ki ed by t e natives or died aeo v arie, y.
a:na iiunger The: cultivation Is hardlytto be'coD7
a -results oVevery.ox
iruelo ma voyage 'The'.1iia9tr6us!
6go.k. 6il sidered, as':' uiIae'ioeinor a.: 1 i ttle
A6'*Florida, and tile following year,. 1 11 dit 6 forida:; th f. """,
j I n "to, F us! far: had not: weed-pullihk is, about ti 11 a- is4equir-4
e d to 'hea'- th ihiIken Ite belief. of 'the' kdventuro
.,?V;qva, 11c 118i Pl AJ F"S rX FLORMA. ed The:ptnbappeorop doesmot.1ater'
on-his -eturnf iicaian., ,, Spaniards in the value of' the country fere at inwit ; tbe
1 c 15f8, Franc a 'G (South rn cultivator.) or ng orop is
aray, ,ye'rnor of .'and DeSoto, who had acquired wealth comes.along, after-.the 4 6.%
ande'd- s' 6m''e- w h on.! 6ndfame in, 'Peru.,, asked = Ie 19::one of the laid by.,
ere th(j, per mission to 'The best
-,- cOajSLOf Florida, u :- cicg attacke4by take possession of FloiWaasAd6la ntado-.. Itnpwn t relished of th6.trop,,CA .rhe'-:pi to
f manyvari
Aiie,-Datives n o8IIIg -mogt Of -hislineliL so his intentions was receive w th fruits. L ere are wgreo, T' t;.but-like the banana,,,-it- wil soon
d ar
_!46tired',. bu re irne e DeX 'L, s p r In'g' enthu siasm and gentlemen -of birth and ties of 'plijles',- the natiV e'WO]atL 10,66wir 'froML th ;L I ittle:1 I,
-69 q, -Sbbrb ing:bf the,
and'Made'the enGir e circu L i t _0j, iheg l d istinctiop, caked to big Standard: same to call them, but theSugarloa L "dt eL leaves ',tL O'Coasio al ly, L eo J4,::tIji s L ]Atite TidaLhd coming even rom ortUg& L.'
,, ,Coastof t e i t s lo o strong Strawberr Red-Spanish are.theLmOSt tud
oftnd was not au ls andLas- e eon: sup wag th'e desire to go 'th, atL Men parted common L h: tbe'inarjj cts L j t vyiI be slow Lted
h' the feg jf i :,
roul ISL- li _I-' th
S IPS SaW-msnY- WI d to
-f hi t A eir es ates -to pure asp an intetmL p op e On L e With
, p6se'd, and and: ba r k,
cauueries, cawwor
11 OCCUP ;t in e expei ition, exal em Congnme
"I Villages. Th i s ex ent% being m iitgcf, th6, dl erent v a I r letieso plnes up- "d greatL JUaDtjt4les of'lt6 L c ase of the j t L
een Mon Chs, chttri-o e VOY7 Line eased by Ca deL a oaL go, m6k- as it hag proved; to be lD'Lth jt'jSL at so
a y',probabl th in
T 'r 6 jji6b, iS j6L 'i _, S,
K4 "'eLSllawifig that j featlon 0, Sfi6L
country eDdet Ing- al5p o e. appoint e de-: orange. he P P Ile a an area rabu nd &nce:'j, Couldi&odute a 91",
a' bow"-a, ne- re c n L g, fr mi Untado, e oto went- prE r: L L g -I is reatNAV61L 'S Lto oranges arge an, ofsofilwil4roduc 'Thereis a great
toLth "'Illt' JLt', wljj& h DdL Leon. I 'Conquest!_as we as co oniza on,, his; show but r6a ly not mote us I OLIS. ()Me 'f6ttj1nehf0rL j farmer-W, %
,ng the 3t,,ng. being about are quite ine t- 'R., d.
700. -T 6 A eet eon-; the"vaHous
Mi d,
for dable but rbuil sislted'of nine vessels',-,and. beides'th6 r, in&Aelidiods. hough' as In e case
f _h carrie two an c 0 S- 'jnjlo OnS,
e adenlpi"to take posse ssic-n' 6i t e' bbubitr Y" "huin-an reig t, dl 'range ppendS'Lon''eqn. i
"was made'by Tam y, borses,'La.L at- 0 0 ''Soil" eisoll" OULIfUre an r i iza on. a C
'ne an L a Jar
er a comlxsw same pines grow n L, otlda' are
',ikisbidiljr6in the Emperor; Ch6rleS :hounds. he, expe on Sa e rom superiorto,, or iI aiba. tfuit,
S L OO'L I a L 6,
hip jjay.18,,153 "d"'at an s inainlan L: ax ifie','with-, fIV6 8 men 'and and: laride
a, ng arnpa ay two ay e, L. r win- eys,, the former being Super or., n e
'71 b -d" g T' njpa Bay on the 3 h
n f lot da in Sum
rn' r COS ume
e re' as er 'ding at -ter wa s spe I n n he''v Ciiji Y' of "..Ap Pa. Oil ture'LlIas' i list begi i p in lot
t, 1528, bi6cee' once t dk on tlib, Del
iz l: ideAs about
or fn d -Rjv' e very exaggerated
'Plore'the cbuntr Igo an. ay all L' n O.Spt ngL he ex- eas erLn ,Qoas
diti V
A,, 'Th ystar ed aVL ISt 'an&_ oft' june pe, on pus e nort war L n -A t I ujn d tfi _- 'a', Lonths., corne 'o in g 'L
P ye.. gev Ta e OUS&PL Crates f'L'
"i" and S ta o an early
e n WAS re- 'Bayj Ltheir h' t
Vill Pg f fbrf h6"es ach- be UgL300 miles from. aMp'a L i harlzct ifi-the t year, d
"L, Jjldij fig. L a, _._, "- L L".L. lj vtnter clinging to, tll6ir garment S, an
d,' from wh 11, h the Aled L be ng to. t e, Lnat yes or unes: ave ,,beenL the
6r sboreIg with first har
his' n' (T ar a pest 12 e. he 6 6 eis
Ap alachiiI den
ma'e., f
'L L,
StL S e& IZ DgoundedL so ia. Dgers pring, never- r 4h 'It,
marchod- orthwe via th profits,-maybe sb i bi , , '' -e4dod8lab with game,,, and 71 e Appal h d ",to run 'fro&, 'L
and- L gold, i I th' 6 L our summercilmat is 6s, neail _per&6t
b ol er rcLa6' ea, Aiay Ville! i b 6 to' 12 6oo per acre a6coMi-ng the
.,,4 ey e chain, arid in Oct )
L",h d )ur 4
16 t as Dus w MaraBut hi y a n 0 o her con-r
..N Vecfj Zka 'ple&iful. Irdi w Mobil the vicinityof' w lch va iety;-','culture, season and
OT st ei L r' r Vh, i I 61L I I ll be ffi
1he efr h heitVy, fL inour whe6 'a battle took plticeifia di ou t, Matter, UC fid
lb 2, th 'I r4er mention d prof- I I h T h' L L n
to LL State khLt 6 ubjon -w ose
k6d 'them &D d 'but dia "Iett or ,to tu ed & tll; its conle, largely. from the'-sa e, 1,
e ns ned IDS were kil
7, T Fit
lit u 0 P le'p I '61 W; 0 r, r, .Var
e-wjgwams,- (J. t 1 0
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cottoil-tiet proper oftheQ.Southrir ground rid set oix strawherr hid brmeritate bette os neeyatsck we als pln al n wne
eat; notony pncrr ing prop oome d n t Iis ptte, srn
inteanql t -Atw ndi pre hM hunis ononr eto. This worki
i of sthe aeat u idr otiain d rIs usn thrulted wite aai untiln t r, u
ers e enry, clerly demponstrated tat o ril 1,pur p wheno the dry season~ beis
stpec to cano be cultvate nithter dy seon cliae, plate cow-t a lein te
mruatrkeed a eagae oost of: lesss as. Wein usalyplndonaserya ple 6u cents pert poundbl nfve hulbrh neanris heecos nu
er_ th i~n otie n this, crop- arc 1 ecliaeo age tr s nd ~ os1 re, mnr -h
o th. poor farmerwwhopodue s only ntinu spitao do sul RetE Th
wii bales whohic has aetk fa iyt u- iysao at ro June 15toSet
gre in th xtremeurg the rov e itinJl 1, leaejra
tiva~~~~~~~tedwo l bed vastly bette forou thrcs StAt ass t gro and aft rar d s u mo ites i yt ,fe n o efi i
otapon o hrtsapegotn vingd teoughvtoussao tI carrlo e anf, 0 rid; nd yt, litle t~h s ron y with n its or e There he food supply Flahs fromr thee river
w irt bl she.e ction inf whichl fruitss and ppyuur che s ducs an pg
er ss ct on s ls a tiular l fa-b earnfeof c tc i g
mbl e t oi thef raan of sh e ep cattl W ea e nj o th e Aliit a n d a r et willi n go u
hogs Let ahl famrsi tha se "hr ud i keism er e n it he
,iep whod al hAae hi thert m naie an 1ie Stte wete reo t sat te
lual~~~~~~~~~ struggleat incotn-asig d- maeiste ot qabeof gt e r ea sand ner is toll thArot the Unone extrem ran eo
io ofmre "hog n dhmp" bn'neauebigfrm30i ili
will ind if no plenty, an led r to 90 nmdki re rd h rb
the Ea~~fi-jasining. gse sm w o st~ h w t a stoc veyad ua there -t mo hardl per-as, o
>ri fat h div e r e. garde of t-r c ri g i e h h nehere.asa are fro og n e A
India'a,~~s as tote rais an wh r within the''t o i tre e s t sfosts eacw er butm no ivSof
tln~s~e ,cis o te p~ q orcoru be, inthr i an1lw Ay s cod mad w h it tor snow. n Th eqix e re ooe .fBt- Eo D~dI t'
G. ~ ~ ~ ~ the o rset. yioeld to f he r o uer a Ou an o d att e Nrh and thet nightsul e ar. al-~d nc
b 'Florigdan whrena are proper readustn t r -yns. cool Alsho ughanthis summe t 1 ihte isriton hri o'ti
ooner ore lorter) thev r Flo id gr w r t ou e l n h afie th e i c n eice
n ot o c c p y t h e u m iliotn gtpo si i o n x p ri e n c e d N o rt h T .aCu u e rg ni howver raresuposd t~poses fift Y sin o ut! o the fluctuaprption of Irmde s wihme. t ft xiwteDC
boa~~ke oncr e accoun ofba e exorbiten ship -s I e it m t-i i
:,~iis'r ,- i tateeaenV. arylisgfhis forutsag andvegtetabes A correspondent wrtig oheCon ateis bte ale a to xommndio an pr e om v etlema i s ays Twety-fTiermr
'em sexe sv l utiae u rt e wit th i vau .ni e ara ago move bye a the comp ain th
I' ,in e1 wa no goo mi k ro ua o 1fodder N ir v e' r bo y
m e~our Sou her States In e calledion the at
hTrpcl lrdafr otntet ,trion, Is thinkgof the ipte ntil o ffi state ~ e t"
oridaPlnt isoghu th lan ofl fridnefo-lettah ecleceo enu ie
ga.Si yeors agoin mys. soninla -fnd t fode for cattle.w e g I was then liin
of 1!6- It is~gnelllettled ~n Dvarly Ceo.nOre aval Apouthen C h ea and Iste rs aw it resources~~ate wer abu $300;d 18me mcres ed aste rncpl od o ftenn ~o uht p artlfo ca sh b, culnovted e Wllcsiotbho the ussaona e ofate foi g
Aive fori the rem iner With whnt ,nnoastfr!crainhefo
to, ~ne of the, o300 lu besw s ur- thW e csual ofantheo wae bfao ed' 1D16' oefculy n'qik
lik .ce~ahd s m r. d mank d a t ive- roo ah ue buit. eu
5 two-story a wing hasro jus been com-s on thinki al te uloos uplid o h

whh thedttrl St.n Johns-pa river fomn itst de thtteywruftendetreyo
hern bo n ay tteve s ouer Marcnut tops risne khre oIp Bombay or hi h ol -h ul e f' u
fortextiie-usep.%2 ~ ~ Th r o ni h acrkes haveh be en swt or ag el al.a goat foor h e mlan e For 5 a tim
bet, plaed 30v.feeotan apa t hetrees edrthem wentiely o rdan t t ps ;d sirddrn hig:ejd comeo intohe bearin ina three yer. emlaa xelet odrda
..e. hous is stuae about' 600 feet e.ti e hreth ml cmefrm
of the o hn ih fa llr~h in thdu e cte os eto mnths et. goTse of 15ft fee tothorve. uroud- recofiedina ar; ndalbog
ted, apls pehrs, peahes Almnetdin htte rakoem uh

tfe bands kum quat oangs Fruly t s -rint eo n Chi ast I ro used pean to Sen t myTO brj es oyetid inwe bearinge anre Ilhrt' laeslodeis Itwsacladisadgk
broadcast ~ ~ ~ m ar:te i- o t an gerine, tonaedarin, ronpatieis-, o an light-t e goly s d trawh ick t be in g htj tIa ew e
,:, I gr 1,.ichael' ltem ie edth s lo- th it ova s o i paa ua~ ly as la v coo b thatm Alh uh myrads_ oft ',
aie Japalio inedler oreluin, pltd yisvnd oudhl~hmalet t

eople-to'devote,8o e gtt
ith,'W-,f Plore igtondent of the 641'if iatruit
T ftP-,Tna14 At ill, 4 pressure of a few"'ounces A coit
Gro er K ves the Lfflmying-atIvioq n
oriV ia p,)rooes 16i'shipping, 40 th uare:inch. EscApe valves. ate reTre ferifioe to its-ou uxe
taNug Frmt' e0i''
'th ""'t thoI rl 4ra, 'Pt it
qu Vise;Oi-iG64 of' fef g ovided,' to insured',& 60 nstAtti renew& ii6
the:. art Of, February Andiiiic- iii Qp e r ttme:'ki 6, in the carof th6.,itetilited. Air', fr6hil grader in ght- be
,a. or n was, formerly ft
ma ut, in brovikht into use, With profit by those or p ti 9 licoricei heplanti-ar
, -ii, 'I I", ; i to'si.
tomperatiiiedeair6d Al96 t6oiiiy;'off whose yards are limited '!In at -and taken.from It e ater4 jbptsj our'
lba6k ---seven years -and! Ahe ze x
I r i bV ,
in-tho ipteiva spont, much time, Bupeifl ous moiitnTe froin'th6 fruit, whereA -e planting.. maiiyfrui tiees inches 1w leiii h ihe fap root-, wol In
r % i 1 1 1 I I, I..,
a imposes e, 1, same- as-corn
IC epr" tbl to the meager.apaoe dd-td plant'.,- P1
Tli d ot:"the,
Jrbgl, f --&part inA 6
gra ted tree at Monticel o, a., annu;t in: rows h I h'
r v
p tenta or I rowfrom live t pp.
are" --oiect6d b ally bea s. a mixed crop of:-'peaches, 6 at x 0 biie 16
Mr.. Q. H. Turner, an acknowledged
similar 6 them en, 1i 'th
apples, pears and quinces; S u- t ely wi soil suitable for carn
T*U06tity. on'southern agricultural mat,..,riositiesare hownbysom.66f.the Cali- and potatoes, Vegetables can be cultf principle Consists, partly of siilves the foil owing adyloe on h
I ar 0*6 the drat t
on OfI:ajitliroug grower though. generally rated between r yearor wo.compression, ahdl fornia fruit
)Tsifui g.nti gl ,ig sweeipotatoes In.the 4 until tiib
41helowerl gOf tompe ature. b -1 $ ey content: themselves. with leaving' The tirop-bainnot be harvesie.
oolumns.of the Southexii Agriculturist; each tree 0 ult 'exolu-. expiration of three yeara, then a, smail
,subbiequent expansion of, this com produdeits w.n-fr
air.,.An. the m e6liau "Neverdig until the tubers', tie thor-- alvoly. go In the Vuddin of to es a. portion o t 6 root should be e- tin e :,
ioal oopi-' 9 s, I f h lf tli
roughly matured. To t6st.thelir zdatUr- p1dialng effeot no for the next crop.
PP, it"suifici"t foto6 be. ap- -is obtained by growing grou
I tiki k-tvio tons to the acr6isb
IiB- k 4 few: of'the tubers If the a '' ai ties oil the same bush.' The n consider.
,A Temperature may;bq raised to, over varie
1racture turns black the.potaitoes.&re not bar inonious blending of the -colors hav-. ed an aver,4ge cro% or :siy sixjODs-,Of eg." or even 240- deg.,,:A0coroij*.'.to.: the green rdot. My husband never 1, Out
y. are immatu
"tout o -the power emo ed it .I sThj, re,-and if dug., Ing ropeived proper consideration the the bru h until he harvested the crop
f h
t b si ithe chances are thatAhey result is :highly 'pleaslng.,-San DiegP and thenii'Was burned. It dies,A6wn
as a germa The eve I ryyear ; Or dr ies.up. 'I ou, can: o nly
,,,orAiving ger m I* -Willrot. audthatilghtspeetlily... Butif
p,"wh nduco. $ -1 I., I harvest the. oro
-fracture.heals 6 or, 441 p After the. raffis: corne.".,
e-dqcay.of -fruit, or other "rishable, T 9kIy-,&ndIFvof a Prawngthegau G rapg. '
1 t, 1 11 .1. 1. to ppernong My husband, theAate Isaac 1,ba' w.ho,'.
estro' 0'lelowyelloWl ail Or b wriish-yelldw, tint 'The Ide 1 11 ;
pqes'are tftus d ye" died in March, 1893, tried xtermin
sta' & a of -a sou Pernong grape v ne to el.
air is relibyed they ame, ripe, and, It will be s06 to dlg Ing itself, Y'ineans of its tendrils Is 'ate the root? as lie had too-, many'' rons
'th will kee WAS"no
' "tbo-re sultifiK : nio. tteni-., ithpropercare in the fireand the market here
p ell in.practic
w .. in theory, e,, how- very encouraging. fo this industry,..,- My,
idly 6wets"' i't's" fernberaturel lt lis as well as ctirik. X
ever, we find plenty of strong and wiry brother brought the licorice I here
cable, by a, W, concen- Never allaw the crown: of the, potatoes tendrils that try to prune by choking off from Pontifiract, Englandin the, year.
ion, of the force of compresseakir, (the par tbat reaches or projects: beyond 1876,
branches but.getgrown over, and soon
uee ao freoZing of a boaYLL eXL- thesurfatie) to become frost bitten or the Ma Y 'L
disappear from sight. Havingtoo In THIM CASTOR.BEAN AS'A FERTILIZE
Scap ng Jet. By t116 -P6 _-at -thought :to kill: twoL
_th a L U_, 164 L' b cold bitten any me vines on my arbor I
owing the ooi3apies" nor 1nL&hY1Lmanner,. It, Jsalw4aLajfeat bygirdling and L took out two strIPSL half A correspondent of the Dayt6naL W
r or, Other OL LLLLLL'
ah4in a fruit ou beg dig-btfore frost and (whe an inch wide and nearly as deep, about write8:a me length JQUrna On,-6d space, it -is claimed e prac xprxciloable) in a dry time. L apart. L
six, inches The result was th, a b an plant. He, kes th
1510-14 maintain ai em perftture 6 rbur, NeL e Moist L IjI multitude of aerial roots L &tL
v Lr, nk tbe a: In a' 'ace or and the posidon that, while W -would hardlV'
ath W e the Whole, prove p rofit4ble to grow the pI I ant- for the
Aldog 'M the hottest we L "er, ith re mo sture can rise from below. girdles'a callous mass to cover
st 'Di"cii6blation. of dzyj"'at jjji ed
I- I ho ay The only exclusive.use of the bearij- it willpaytheLl
Theys uld&10. Av6La.tigWrobf over ..and the vine in now hurt
'01TOugh the oar By c6mp r es I slon L L L to -scupperri?)ng is- to ex- :or I an I ge: g L rower to L I, 1thein., way mAnage-& cultivate t] e p Ant Or.
1AAr'U:-mhde, to part'with i I SL'MOIS gL cover. an acre
.Of courseL; w hen L
Never use.baskeisja handlib them, Lt n rbo)r,, as-itwill the-benefit ot his soll.
6r _'j St'L as water is squeez L OM,a 'LbUt at w L
L. lan't are gro n' for, Ahisr purpose,
waysuse.boxes.' -if opportunity offers. L j pruned mine the
e n y L
pot atbejL on b year by -clipping, Wha% I thoughts. Aheir fruit Y be k4hered ahdmarketw
Never L & O'M are,,, cut
504ki us has always" 'eli6v6d that L d : ,
Of the branohei When in ed and the cash re eived for same may L.L
f broken, bruise or 'ubl r H ed to b : 'banke a
S eeonoMJCAI apIdication a L full leaf,-withont any Apparent effect be counted as clead"'
IV to the anporfnljdn 6f, ::With : the, sound ones, buL it] nil
goo& :Off
o- or 14d. 1-have recently astwed The writer referred to, oveLS
UyIra, wbultfbe (hroughLth 6f threewiees,jeavWg1hree, on one arbor. _,L 6 :.who care L to,,: ex I perim e ntLj, L;,
ve dtkvi ever hauk uverAf bushe 9 in out L To..-tbos
b Were L
'35 by 129 f eet,. and if t e structure would suggest- that they choose a-hi b
he' train, in like, manner as A aatr JaCe,'L.LI f ra for th4 na'a rket, it Lis A.
squire L j Would prefer but one Vine to L L stert locality, but no&LLgo
them: up:&aL fr. Lag -dry', te, sandy
ta L beBt 16 Back or 'bair6 at
But he 0 _LtjL ury, I L
re suppliti& e.
no t 'R INIsb r American
'fng rallibad me'LL $to the wh I highs to beexpomd andAorn :."by e
a4fe. i4true re
room, Agriculturist. U
ij Ant' LAB n the basement of large win Pods. n such a PIRIC6'Lelear amay
thojealsibility.of the plan. 'L no nge tire'or
n e space for Bay L es-
re aou he took ii ea o diugs, ort ey.maybe kept n blni, "tWL
hogs Plantubod Tiew, none suoh'treea of, tjiriy L
Ads L "e to: t f Now ch
__ ra" 0 he-fa, being bornein CL L _Via
Compre88JUg app&ra B-L.-OjftL h6ity Ili b L
J aliaLTImes The nur qual size and qualities and set t eM'Sky,
--rJ elf, 11, f miudAhat theLimallerthe piles thefiaoier a ." L i L /h I L, L .1
at ering power
ery price L Of L 4, fruit.tr1ee, a but a small L thirty feet &part In. t is cl i ear'ugjUf11iIi-L'
u o f c ,&Xl es. T J$L, P An, he ooked oyefand therotten
Of %its kotn&I cost, by the time it
ell t Ing f6irt1lizers and 11gLfor neither,
Ril ejo ible tboug rea'aheSL the bearing age, No matter aLL ones, i6 I .
of them.,
usive, but it- did.,not 'nieetl L Never. their Wltt( r, covert ng on too. where the nurs y may tke L located the Nowplant around oiie of tbe-trees,,for, L"
ffiftlfieI apt4bval, of tho railroad 66M eepLLtoo W664r=: t'L
'soon orL 6re potatoes very best tret; in,,it is none: too, good: to a Space pl Lwelye' or -flfteen fee
PI Al IiL C; I
-another plan wns to perk e a,*. 10at'annually from 1eapffig: them Aoo t. L Iti to: have the le r L hundred Castor i beans, and,'tjjouL",
t- L L L L an 9, not necessary
-b 4 ,mo L nS of 4 Sin &&,' '' ;_ I L I L b results.' 0 V'thin out jjj L L
qop an:L&keL ]08t 'by n
rap i watim th :undde. aWait
9prespot a exposure lkrgest, tree, kith
101gh alNrg ,L vigorous bean otowd'IM!L(ijangb
a as they begin to
car itself' Th- d' shouldbec' eredlighQy t Lt
V I asiopeutc various objectionsi-Yerti hA!e gon throiighltheir sweat datesthat- it ha 9L been Lst unt L d; but a 1, Blow growth on the pamof -both-ijee4,
bared with to giouthly Thq B L OT Yearling is L be, ter ban-. op e that indi-L tree t6o:eloSel .. You Will at.drat observe
1146'high CoStL there g ryj &tting bnL. more 'should look L caketiiij o your Rat as:.-the -6eans begin Abeir
of. L 'L L and are 'th joLth roots of
Is to' ol th ey
fri- torcar 6.' w Lin- cover as the Weather grows! bolder until. 'YOULSho u1dL1 and spreadtheit toli&gdL the orangetree
geTa _hich .1 7 L L 3 treej.- be sure that they, are jlILsoL 'brigh ten L:Lit4L 0616i. L
sl die, u 'e-,Of lar4e quantitiewoficeL tl I m e'Lseverely bold: Weather. Be" bL ase W on begin 'JOL,
bythPL Bound and healthy and i tbatlst4ec Tile green shade Will soon begin
-t6fitjlo method's of ,using.; c 6n:Lp L eSsed the I r6 FihouI&be.BuffloJenVd'ry eaith-AbdV L e L P, Y.L en ini;o a darker hue. Tfie IoRV j jjjj.
I, '. 4 , , , L L L L : 11 L L YOU : Will observe .thatlh to is4hapel siej Condlti6n.L
Are r6lA v and'aiound. themLto, effedtually. exblude :.,Sharp b e ona g os -.%no', a,, hrger
e Y'C eapl -forked L; treewor: ranc'
he weight.of, ref rigerator ears, which Now'dbii' et the 'b aaiii entirelyIng I romone, place Will 'prove, very
ObVet yOllt 01 0613 g&, troe2L -their:
1,14rom tweiaty-tWo tti twenty, tre& oheroud, w hen:) oad6d. vvith4tUit. branchestrimmed, ba& so as, no "I",
j.-to -,L
of the : 0 jeatidnato L" n0nQVjj L color ed mau'L Was, shot have W
tendency to thro terfere too muoh with', the reo8j'a"L"'
by Venantio peach trees, L t t , k;
LU$ ei- a 8 1 dDoreapesithe cost o the- tl: killed at. North ityL'
L, all :out d ark t e't on ras ou other tree W
A ,le"d-*metim6s triple shooi
to the L- chargefor., f soon-assume a forlorn "dLforsaken -apn
-iiwul-knd 90 Cape while ate ng sweet.potatoeS.L I n
rom, the,, terminal. bxidj and to obviate L:
pprtatibnl aside-from the 'Oa .of L Mr. ,apQ.'BtLp.atp 'L Upp tg As a jfiL hs'growth'will be aligfiiL
C-- L L' 'L e trouble, that,.*il 1, ensue 3,ou can rub grow$ Any At L I ,L _1 LL I :L
IsumedAn 44,evastat nLgL:, Og p r..., apq7 took;,,aiin, 6 jl 'I be 1. L to
arge',quantity OfL Joe: _4t With 'I a g n urn yelthe surplus. L Its le
anti 0 our; thumb avea.wil soon'
e.opject L 11 _L. LL -_ I L low And fl Ali id
t4 1ils;sh9tgAn- red L.Th .1 1 L .. L : L 11 drop the ,g r L u
bud s. y
4 rt'gef-" Mr, L
P'' on the, other. Capo'Weatt 'Never aboLel)t a ft -'has been IV- The bafkLba body and brahbh
ad,- will!.' uof materially add to -the then otri h --had shrivel and. harden ano," 'Ah, I
that h Moss will Ppe4r' ;Lpob g' L L
ICU I 6d jbiodby fAbb covering the
orRqAirrela or rthin
MAY man-WAS',dead.
dinkry csrk4d be led'a QPL PT' M041., I q . -L
lkht ,6t, A n, or 'L b h handle
it perishes. lot wahtof-food. jt'lB, avifigbeen... n$taptjy- killed,'LzAb'd, hkqL.
L Tli Aure s.notan d'
e'la or 0 ng for a, makes.L L s'pi( L over rawn One .,
f 'L "'. 11 LL-,.
cont etL LL LL- 0, L"
JB tfaok&L, and the rasr., r, to "1166&
ib at by-'t h ily nj4VcdLJ# tL ;Atat 008 d
the Lly-and a oor.: eo a 'E'L I L It"L
M etii C)(l I a ujj the
66- that p 41
the road a. 'in I I I L L 1 .1 : comment, very Intel gen orlinke
0; peoullar- oc eido h; case, k8: a gOO One,
e Spacein:anorohard grower in:th tate has & tea iz sense,
jj t" AIIISA' in 8omeLreappots,,OeoUtredL" her 'dL JtSL ilinat'eatibnS
safe for, fruit In w are,,cal 'b a poor tiee in ttutlif ul
ii I I a cars, and yet r ach Its. des:- last Y0Ar-,:- .Mr,.: 0',heard,40MOLone j and the space. oooup e y are vast are ajL 6Lf' I
n orebardcos v t
Itio L,: than his. L rowing 1 eltL bat, are p ticall
n 413L patch -go ]a orange
on, in"in'Doh, better 6ond _Angarq g'LO :lieLspace occup Jed-bra
6t at k L pot d ()Ve.' SqL
birds) i L '- 'i 7 1 L L L A-11 .- I - L. abine'' ineAna
flreda,1644, of Ur YL worth Bs, uule L is can
In refrigerators,, whicli h--. bjkL
'L ate j L ;jh 'L jl j J'f - - - 77--77, L L L L L
ft in g pane., e, P E L :. L L JoundtoJurni6h'-1 e4-Soil (hand) with
exposur&,to, Pegr0, w Owas 11J0041tok CkMT f 11' L
some form o 0 eap And yet effi 0 eh
escap tl, uPMy, Capp, vowe&AievorL 01
plant food.
ho r e vetoiiL amily of jlknta am
proooss thp hot com- s ot at, ainotherman until he hadcliall About 80,000,000 pounds o licorice ar TheL wh6lo
qif1toziitheJocomotivp, orwher- linked him-,,I 'Mr?Capb feels very bad, Imported into the Vnited States annually,, capable of doing thj% tl e use of whf
-is onl ,N. matter-of choice; --The 007w,,
det[yed;,ba; 'ver the killing of -the M&D, but -thin4s. and as 'It' has bee, :d6monatr&ted th L ir'J's 0, 'he pl"t, Can a- peas 1 d oiheivinea-46 e rs stont Ollmv
ys- at-he a untjo blame ifn b6 suocessf ully
.4ssin A r6ifgh,,,, a dpr tho j -L, ', grown ii
..... ..... Y rids

tromI the culio r dane and or e M ayer om cool dqrk quarters ardtv Aater was 'seen lI the tit ha
igwhch were sent from Pennsylvathi strong pupilgh to 'take up -a 'position in _a pounds to the plant,'h alIf
--- istmramThey were only' about si xa-aIy 8ciuth wind ONiMthout linching, U kainit. The min troxible is i sna
Rdsco th geeis lyistallbu grw igh aohg--ll n he eat.Scarcely a lef drooped, and its unbalanced fertizer ad f ilii~ng t
Itoeesi, are youlr lossoms alghing? h ; wi roots;so6 much fop northern grwhhsbe lms avlu~e
Whywith tearaeach pet I tooping ? hota springing out ,from: the old. wood.' welblnesrile el n
o anqkl o ige untaf also been trying ,experiments with arid the plat increasing in size unusually
Round jour flower-bude'loved- to inger Srt of annluals and1 after roany faillike fast-W have reasigb to believe tth
Did you ever wound it roses3, haea ast succeeded this summer in hav- .Every flower lover, should have. at least. entire field-of tordatoesand potatoe~s
With~~~~~theIn thrn thatmdiroege bed of Zinnias ofte newer sort. two. of these lovely plants. The flowers, are saved lat erythe useofBr
Thogl yu d wy on woldblmecurled and twisted afntsias eyhndoe retcutsopholiemxture by one of the farmers of'Ut,
oi ~ ~ ~ ~ a 0 ny~ithbank, .and range thiough all blosso5ms, and th6oig sdhaeadFoia nti aeh ies w
nitlhr raecwuarmyuqcolors, Some are striped and pety Iwlflower abunldantly almot black rot, Which makes its, ippearpc
PYoli are ouly natuires po~lee, yf mtldanld spotted in treor .four colors th' nieyai each branch is niped as miut blckad rolse
Biiikw omna! O h I Ahe grieve Ith, inoelwer, and thereare different colored back 1 as the, blssm fad oniadacnhelae'dpats.Teese
O'ear e&a prn e 1grleth. O ne stalk.1 Condy tuft, White, tangrowth, of yongwod t hereby as'I'houtheraoofwisdom slender rland Scarlet also do very well. T had :sure.Gv odlgtadsnhnpet raei ieutltewoela
Yet a~womankhert toitenderot of them. Lark IOyura, Poppies, of water when growing,and thorough drain. vovdwihbcoeWr b
IInarele asedithuswroughtahe. Swelysium, ToixtefuaAgeraturn, Port- ag -Should it Shows ipsto toeft down lifeless' beside th lit; I11
New mar rir dnge thugh aceo icotialh and( Ihe Efeiing Piim- any tmeit the winter, do nitrlgti toteesek ppear it is h
Does anheatha~ ledet he vey Detbed by themes cis thuolar buit it In. some cool, shady, alyte fungikid
Termo~~~~roseith ovdofHavdightlones; i be oftenwl rost-proofoiner, for a few we-eks,,giving kli sBrefln i
Shall be evr beior ven the whiole iigbrtod Bu th only sufficien water "to ke itfo dryin er dietin she, t ,bl iii 1 t
H~ILD UIHA"and bloomlyeirk after. out After such a rest a plithat will Soon ibeLX thisAD station. .-grW- IfL'this diseasO is hlO o
n'6 dntva the ort a.l notL do well in For- foering riotously. ThereL Are three varie-bepeeninhfeltalet
dathywill bloom one year and then Ldis- ti69: Plumbgo Qapetsi alba 'is white, La,'
From the Flories Agrictilturbtpa front :sight. Have iWedl Peonies, and very sqt,and lovely iti its blooms.Th tipaetby plyfgheB
A uyWoma S eoaton' sgo.Lynchina, Campanias, perett- same variety in pale blue is exquisite. onemitrbeoehepatase
eing laid. aside fro usaltie ecue peienatial Poppies and Some of eaich of tbese in a large pot makes a the size, say of six inches.
ofa holonyhadImust try fort the otestat Itl ave forgotten the nameot, caanning combination. Plumbago Lar- Icaeoblight,te em
desrabe riz oferd y tirj dior anti, _ad te Jof alt the care bestowed upail pentki 1@arddto t ree and ofa plantaddf ru4ao i h
menton o or reder bo hnylovrmo Lsky alltdied. :Some. never blounteq icer dake shade of blue, and one of the shud esrydwt.tiun
flowrs cn hae thm jut by woring atal ad a few had a.ahow of bloom, but finest plantoi for window culture we have inliteecsstemonalsl them~~~~~~~~ ahiteec ih n f to tile co.4cluslon that. peren- thisshade. Allof them are as easily grownofcprcabntad au
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ w~ doI al yhueokfrafml ffv not ,repay you for the timueand as geraniamel, and far more certain to bloom
ad take boarders beslide an have. not the trulrestowed on them well in winter, and for cutting lare more de-haepodnireflenhnte
bestothaealtb; yet~l am never t so tired to IMs M, E. K. tirable.-Exchanige. daxmxueTi sdiE
dowfial. I can 10 haye something growing [''- There is not a better class of abrnbs thansutacsbignsotowhl
aondmtopease the eye. 'My, t hree the Plum bago Ifor cul ntivating in the open Bordeau .is In -the form Of k. preeip iae
boys: hblp ine an ove? to see the fruit tof our SWg Palm Blooina ground in Florida. They. soon become es- ol eonedfiti is
ithtsa tepetythnsgreet us -on:6I o ro h FlodaArclust tablished and are then perfectly indifferent have blight and-blacol roi iz theSae
.morniiingtours of inspection. The oldestboy Plaelet me kniow, through the AGRI t o heat or Ocold, and bloom profusely field to- use, the ammonia .acaL. soh oiol fertilizes and works the plates; the next lit- cu rohrwsi teSg Pal~m -ainiost the whole year through. P. Capensis thoroughly spraying, the 14,aves, h
tie10an does th weig a teYounges613, rut,VWe have two on our place anid one isoa xust hd fpl leta sstems,ixed the ground around the plang:
seve yer lrke upad kes thxe yard ha aen a strange turn, to mejin iti almost unknown among flowers. P. Capen- Ihswl aeaottiea ii
clean.groth In the cesti where the now Jeaves- sis albais exactly:Jk g vr a x the solutionaa ot woudt
owera descriptiath of oar yardt. itam n om ou, it hI formed, A light g)[eenM attIir ca pt color,mWic is areaurtyhite It is muchL blc otadfrIgh jtt
sts of onl tw tonfliots_ wit a seven- reebig a pineapple in saph although te rarer pitoftetwo. PLr enif t Othr Words the"-ammonmbs
rom osei te ete.Fisowihvna-ted, and is very solid. ,If you will as dark a blue as P. Caperisis is light t and Will Cost you the same ws whenq row. of bann pLant inthrar of th eihe n ,Jme Upon this matter wili greatly the ptantis very'd arf, mkngi fineormktwaplcins d
yar, itayoung uibrll reeerthJ0W ra edging Walks Or. beso othiershrubs An. aesm xr otfptx
kchen winglow., Then; for quick shade. .county, Fla. other sort not mentioned in ,the above arti'- fuldssion ti ugcd AD'6
whie witig fr abadsose illw ok' goPalm isdacaos htite le, is P, sanguinea, a pretty wmnter-bloorn' to Use it see bulletin 28 FloriaR "
we have arwof-castor bean beside the erIr on o h ln n g sort, producing large spites ot rosy %car- ment Station.
east lence, with~my gerautumsL against thm naohr fpat fbt mme flowers whichL last a Llong time. After Th coticlusioni allOW me to u
esside of the house Then in my frontlyard ob.thflowering the Plumbao should be cut make a careful study -of thepatclr,
along the path leading from th ae to the inboLa h sa ertisita back severely to Induce a fresh growth of friie htyu iednesg
house ~ ~ L teeiaborron each sideofrs of the female plant are fertLized wdtowicth'et rpoflwrsyour have found .it,:Luse plentyro
cole tuoses, li ies, double marigolds a 6 we cm 1 be borne *Every .foe oe nF oar dicT 4e. in a e Ican i
And vebna Ohn here- an there are vln er: produces seeds, Land no seeds id hudgo hm-E.Foa e'i been found more, profitable toi abi
o~eanders coa injsanns lare prdced by the. female Lunless a male anced.,fertiliger, whe the nature ofl
manda -and angeltupt The children JO imMIjtan0eusly. 'The mal floer ]BOMI "Id fllnsntudrto h ot
pl it nat n st gs rr in cones. consisting of scales bearing Bennett Bros., large tpat roes, 6 t 1 e
for he finest un o, wichfom an *rin tbcir inner surface. The female, of-South Florida, addressed the Lfollow-epssTaiisens/bdi Prettjy cetter ecent ybahsd f h hear in th.enrofteconf ing .00mmnication anent the Ltomiato i rvni lh ftmte
On Ab etside of the front porch isaL bal-umutFgtesep a tuft 'of blight, P. H. Rolfs, professor of biol-egpatP.HE
somvie nd n heeast id are boxe utl-litlaea h oes soyad horticulture of the Florida Ag
bn bagn bakets; filled. 'with Wanderirig L agn h dkdo noe culture college.
jew' and de pl i ae yacitli ete R ntr u 1aa1nnR Rolfs, Esq., AwrtrithOiofc
Nwtere is noth Ing extravagant about rto prtnLn Isalcvso h Dear Sr:-WeL should .esteem Lit a fa- cim h aaa k
this Lbut to one Wh haaways lIVe in anlo cnse.L Whethe r theL plant is male or vor if you Llifr usoanlte age tree produce fou ce a yeio e
grieat city whee tere are :no yarp s fior most, an*rfmaeh can determine .froin the above experiments with fungicide iii the mad; but aLlenot marketable.
folks, this is irdeed a, pleasure. LOur plants .8--4 lrlDptJ e ftmt lgtad"lc o,'h hsi isae heb
aeall young :as 'we onlyL moved onothe on..L
plc nDecemlber, btit looks a great deal bytfrula and the bei oe of a-nvrbasbtim? nho
btethnsnorwrgrsadevnPlum~bago.lcto. We 'cannot hope,to ,raise a When the fit; 8"s dey th h a
LLnow Fr a ale toy cuisoqetms vr not more said in, favor of this love. ciophr wihitsaayig 9 bearing it, is oitdw by a
Snday for or chureb, whchis an addi- l nq f ague-cultureT: .Any one may, A bre rLy a your earliest coniven- heavy knifb. Ohetoot
tionald plaue ehp a iear- wtista~cultureisoof the east- fence would greatly oblige, your obedf- tinually upin -pfrom thelid -wd
prlaeonatohow these tIngs are do- one great point In its'favor 28 its alt servants, RamoTT Bids. each bear fruiit, in turn blit ne6r ht
inndif.f.errnee td a long jo rney by.m a l P rof. R f, th or e to giv otbe ie b h If pto ptirly o ia t~ ; &
winiter-Haven, Fl godsze l of Lplumbago ca- growers the bew it'o6 the' information bunch% allo ed to matu t
Frompesi tsrolsArctrs.ent th somekwaek ago was on cttaint his answer, hakikndly fur- 1etabl[6, alsuck i ai
L othr Loe anL Annals roa i bha at h rook nished us with a copy o~f'the same. lowed to come .up thhitsrlintel ,a
InteA rtieeof'uut2t.Ietd, eey'leaf wou 1 ;rop. afer Bennett Bros. Ocoee, Orangb Co ,Fla lII great: numnbers-the rehtltin. wn E
iea a- treatise onl rose c ulture which, was' l )sngi~tand; for a couple of hkmrs in luke Dea ir:-Yulettei of Nov,.1st, re- offdtwl smalhi very goo ardt tf iin wI ol ter, I pot tdda it carefaily in. good ce dlfdefne In lear tI y- nuhe @lhiif
lieogie you my experience w7ith.-ioses a~e soil rnized, With ad ittle Lpowdereail IoIrhrI fimai t dgowa tetm t
in S LouthI Florida;. I boigh two clcyer iiOfetL san dto mnaks:tpr .tniie ob ie lkr'tnahby their "growth lhaat
(1tay Wahntnfo teNrh he aie i o ar godatdg aid, ett -blight arid black xbt, 'will say tha theleitedgia'atit
yea s ag the ) fir oem te simpl gre v-tt d00 yeaer d'a tone o lalto e'11 ri efipta ile r ear ih
butdid ifo blom bit fi te lst t awa e ver next day it _em d a fint tie lo o th fo ti t es ri rfig
yertever 8 e ar enet wiufosi Cgrw, L h tErdr1tl ee.soota uiiy ffetlzrLsade 4''4
ofemLO is abuLev fee talan andin amnho,6ed 16 9 fttWq ~
wbti nota loid sedetyfiv bTde inr on Xt and iutishin h 1 t fnt6pee'l y rpgtl tmj r
cl s~r d h t e r e al i bloomtt ev o a g r t r ht d L

preythp us s yfwnki wth~ out'thr Pori peevngktl and Sa te.Soth ISora Horne you oooin after it yoref No boi rlwy ni -tikan jellye like.F
M~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~ar Mills andS Mrs materho aodeemybte nyT peev s iho doesol eo asndls Pomelo een en toiat hve dwkee toth
te tii e an bettera wy to I oedi~obv esnlspr prl odnclr
eL~ t ged 'W U p On t b eingd ne you w a ad d aasthee roug le s bael a king pl toff i BY T HgE al AND NUor6SRIE h.
eve t in the sbetyuw liwst ywheesh an d ihu gte r oute r in Halsve ind que t hean 1stte. Ioth s o a staih (ae-riwt
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lu'a qllarter o 'a cup of..batf er vritb the oint thin'slic s a id',soak ov& 'nig parts of;t
T -tips ofihe, ilugo4.. .,using.-,- ool4,salted ) .ater keeping them, well un: The sainpm
'or-, 11 -And 4"
_aA ifl lor"an, exp
ei ove: Aerth6 Tut intOldemater, erts in tobacco-ology,
'ace rdi ng: Ao' Ahe flo-ur. The,:dou h -h6ur when they wllllte ,crls B for lared'by them 'to 5,
dr F nd best han
sbouldbestiff':onough1o, be. kniead.6& fryingdrain and' 1.
_--7777771 y'w tth A towe e as
mix thoiresdukequtows.,Xtiry. to Knead a half minute I li ix -Pat aficl roll Dip:ij i A battef made-asjolloWs-.' One Pei' leaf which takes 325'of, L' therBL" t
huge lei waidug;
'61 Oialf. B.Inoh thi k, put Into la i teaspoonful, of baking-poWder and yr notdue
Pntla but"r, r salt. 1-th n a. u 0 rg mighapound ThIsAs
PIA imall s6. Of 4ctr qy -are
little LONO, 1JARROW STRXPS A trifte over w cup of pastry flour.,mixed leaf ih
Moisten -well thel miumd bread crumbs, stuff it and roll a little to make It like a round with one egg. and two-thirds of'a cup of 6.0ze-but tothinnes$,
now; ud b6st and bakd It'. akeln.4-hotoven tmi Her bun A A I f
6 stick. R eigh nutes. milk gild seasoned with salt and, po] sa In e 0 661iv6uiei
Wb&t an appe lng-o ddluOsJro6 oui U6 be,
s. b be: made in superyls
oven d ay 9. biscuit was built under her. pe"''
which arexiober2thati- the ordtuary,'rule. Use tlie sor?"ps of bteadl %ftek. -cutting Iono an on, plans, of her own, t was,,
NowAo pnxn kln pl6e ihli.6 9m
the julrim and appls The" same mle:win make a koodaliort-, Out, the circles .1or a -bread 'omelet, or a pronduriodA oody, an rexlierpm
Set the trultcake in the pantry- -we must make Cake. bread pudding. tobacco wahl the *6d ej rm' of Q;
46 Wain, one, too.,!_ Luncheon chicken Is a, rule for ;usi4g -A nice. way to serve'fruit fQr'bieak- txta
ArId',eomo cooldes for the cb1ld11 fm-,'10b#,P0dAk cold chicken, meat allowingtwo oWpfuls, ast is illustrated by baked, peaches bu.t In Addition i:olier lai m work- MTS.,
heart8 and sugared overf-;- '
outindoe&ndus 9-both. dark.and light the rule can be Applied, as well to pears Pallng.taa arst-plass'' portrait painter, Rnn &WRY) see, little Beadef mother has so'much,
or -apples, Peel! six peaches, Cut in and music I aj i;' A most pleasing c, o n v e sationalist And h9stess and ls'de voied',',
Make one and 4 half Cups of sauce by halves and remove thestones By dipm
weep the to iPred some to
ig,-materthe me 'al
inelting end an a half tablespoonfuls ping a peach in- boill'i Peel 4' Cup., rcl
Wood to tarrx:. I and in Leesb, g C I A
need. e:e 0 OIUQI will slip. off -readily. Fill each Cavity 7::ow the eggg I Pjo are: rising (,vre'N a, of butter, a4d. a slip
with a level teasponful of sugar, one
oaribt-cut in dice and &bit, of bay leaf- Milf'36"poonful of butter, a slight grat- T" 4,809AII BVG
Nftxt the sugax.tban the
Addone-am'd one-half. hig of nuimeg And wfew drops of lemon fry five IntRu es
alfting, weighing, stirring.' '- I I I a !, .
Making cakes aid, pudding. 'neetl".-f& tha.-h1gii tablespoonfuls of. flour And Opp. a n a Juice-, Bake twenty minutes on, the cen- 'Replying, to', A, request from, a correshalf tre grate of the oven,.' Serye'on'circular
ondefit for a',,reinedy., 0; e, so
store. cups of o token stock which may pieces of buttered toast. These peaches
go,,tct artb6 "rmon?" Wby,. the tn be obtained by boilingthe bones of the may be served also as a d ssert, and may soia" bug-the Me ara hiI&ris;.1,tb,6 ennips andpqtatoes'. chicken. Season with salt and pepper have an addition of whipped cream, tomoloKist of- the department agri-1li the 4, Y must,.131 that and stiain Gook ihe:chickeit dice with [We have Bever before -heiid.of baked. culture says,
le ppachini, and4ould like to hear from any "T
the'Batioell-for: ten Ininutes:Iii, A dout he- duly. remedy -tha asr een 'rlgd'4
nn,6'(dtba 14 "t'd, d who.hav%.ahd as to thpii success.]
sa : nee at DR e Rer with. apy suooe$s4v,1o. '. Jar'.3he bu
an I d Vavy thicken ed bol Turn -the, chicken intot butAn d the coffee -urn set atA4*Ug-4AEe onew, tend platter' and cover with. buttered from, the trees in the early. morni n or,
BW d
obligedto stay, crumbs, usinga:cup anda half of crack- on cold days, when theyammore o-r less
That when eggs are scarce,. Cake can
Thena the houge to put to rights, too; morning er crumbsand one-quarter pull of melted torpid.
be made from the whites and a custard
bripgs.,io mucA.diaorder butteri in ere ,A, 'almi arb g
With the mttdnF of *be stable and the wbilitio' fro the yolks.
housewives dear. 'Make: nests in the top of the crumb's m gives trouble to crahgie ro, en 1 31 1
If to church I'geti Cih otibers.:1111 have restily no Thatthe whites of four eggs,, one oupm
.0 : drop aneg 'Cover with plan has ee6 irl4 wt success. t
time. ful of fine granulated sugar, one-half, w
Thanksgiving comqs.but crumbs again and set the whole on the has, beefi Jinggestied to. use a net ith a,,
vile In I. y Cupful of butter, two oupfula of pastry, -b ag r d1l
_-ooooa Housakeoinsir, centregrate in the oven to bake until' double bag, th-e inside shorte I
flo&, oneuaspdionful of baking powder,
-whit morepointed than the Ou T, an Open,
tha es of the eggs are firm,.
one teaspoonful 'of flavoring, will make
The. dato,:pudding is made as follows, below-, This arrat igement. acts as a trap
Apple a sheef of Cake.
-'_A ' aseut,,,, with Add one-half-cup of melted butter oaptu*ingthe, bugs, e, weeu tbe
Thattile yolki of iour eggs, one scant
the 6atiniiiIj- m;ky be.,Ijiade of fresh, mej oup:of, milk: and one cup of, molasses and outer bak When the.;. net is f
qua;rt of milk, one cupful'of sugar,, asAt
ngredien whip li. theyLare destroyed, by I 'dip h ii ,
low UDC60-ked sweAt app pared', Add to this the dry ., r 2,, 4
and, avoring, wi i nake 6, nice baked
Into wbu6ket o wAterl. with 46 rose _0
-sliced amdcoVere i,)fth aw"-t crea are..three oapa of Aour mlmu '& stable i 11 .
ight spri nkljugL of sugar being added. spoonful three tablespooonfuls 451 baking top.
The wife is the key of the house. This insect liss.'a-aused'
powderf-one-hfilf le I V6,1 teaspoon f oj:.eaoh j neRsiness
ortune orL hisworst is 4, -orange.gro
Bg well man were dii'riilg th
df:0alt, clo e allspim and nutm among
tW6 ?)jed and. then sifted. to AddLto three moutba snd,1as Per
Oman-. am es, -'but never
ge, I n ew L juartergLef.& pound of He that-hath:wife and chlldren, wants d
I h Sh ta L bjjj-Bev d.' 68tjonS.; the batter L three i done somLe reine so
aug S. e qu not buSimeS S. L L ge 91 11
out Led by t edepa rtmeDt of a Lure,
d tea that have bie6u atoned griou
Shb':' Is int6josef an :sympathetic'. -but In L I Lhi 'L ABOL't en kilf- J'
rolled;in the. Bful of There cameL noth' the sack of catL the ihi ni Ing- tL,
She is, so, soft: of, pieces a tAblespoo 116
.:,.teVer 'L.' pres n f L 'L
but what was in it Ing be good as. at as..,it goes, but jtii
VO Ce a'b ence M&YL rved.,, ,
U %one'in-an:audi flour. rese
now"b6ube -I Practical" L,
ap L Miss Varmer,, the principal Of L the' 'An!empty 'purse and a In, L 08pedJULly
ch. JAL T -IL'.-Li
learher ee he is dean, kind and
school, put this puddin Into a melon in ake a in An Wise but too 1 rge- he pro ng or
'b her dress, her mann.ori
ng.L es to ma, 6 e ug
be well buttered Houseke6pi re 'th b
.... :her tepand her speech, 'Sbels retstful. IoOuld which shoul jarring th
lie; and th# cover tiedon securely. off strikes ua as.being'LAJIAORV 4s dallgP;T,
S St6am.',LWO hours,. Use the What a Wom Florida. tr66LAS to t e. Can Do in olis to the
E andbia bia
sugared. in p efekence t6 the molasses pldipr
Defid Milton QaP
bool of BL' dates. County, &b o ut half way between' tuning
Os_ Th Proag1j.":
Mr., bdito, of tL3
cooking lc ingvnih a wine sauce, and Pensacola lives a. wouian who has
]I g L U e Serve this pudd South ern I Agriculturist of M Dt-gom'e""',
to ave ionthe.. above named
8Ubject a few weeks ago, and. as the bill Beat- the yokes of two, eggs until light, more jriV to the a quare inch thau-the Ala writes fbiloWs to,, a F i add one-half oup of powdered sugar. BeAt verbial. Florida sand'
In L 0'r pro ange zara hilaris,76
0 Be, I th each of we grower aboutAhe Be
the. whites. of two eggs unt I stiff, add 00 reewiioldierL.bu g:"
L i It '11a ence
M a. Ing mm d imr_ g- L L L of frame,
eL we be i6ve it will prove "Make a kind 80melthin'k4lke.
Fidri ALWOM one-half Cup of Powdered Sugar. L L CoinL':, proving the place Some L Out years ago, 3
L an nverWd umbre. la, an snterest to onia and'a .1 d 'et, Cot a
the two mixtures an& add a quarter w e6l b0row. u whe ei
look at it fr road it- looks h R the
lie menus insisted of f hot"
p fk And twoltablesP00117 welling :P1 'CeL utL AV.jng a Slit
of a On. 0 1111 like An Ordinary a L b go und'ei'the tree, 1h the
CK A.ML 0 L ut
Ir SALLMON SOUP. e to din it tree to C 0 M e uLpagainat"
fUjS Ofw brell a
L BKBAD CHEON CrftcKEN. Wine. up the hillL and you -will be astonished At
STICKS. 6. the wheel the'bVrow. :At s'
A neW L way :of,: Using -L cold, boiled -o un up"J,
D jUDDING WjT]j SAUCE. th util ty, everything the trees, auIl'th' bugs wfil -fall Jntothd 4,
with u 'JIL 'fi L )I to the
L. ATE I potatoes: is L presented in tbe. ,rule t. aI a Dg
CffARTRR'U8E OTA )ES.' L, L thing is arrangec te t' BihIbrell
T( L for Chartreuse potatoes., ;Qut tb 6 cold to colav 6 u ence and LL each L in p I Dq es -OV,
k y"I I H ive
BAKED I*Mi FRIEDEGO PLANT. IfAli inch water,, and,
potatoes in slices onequarter, a -with the Other. tit wAter ,k c6Atj0j,,'
Sal an, oil y, Ash, and at fl rat' metrically kerosene, oij."L L EMpty the soldier
thick. Trim Lthe edges sym
ern- L and t L Ai thet 91*000L fair held in:, PensacO116 into the, pj rjL 'an 1he
thoug jtLdoea mot se a suitable flsh -half of illem w4h ero qene w
hen season one %186L the in I at .1 oncei nb th i v ery
L, Mrs. L Paling took the first Pri"I 8 e
on uICe PTat,.to's,'soup. I Take the. fish from Vie can salt" oni
L f L P veyouroraiim.
AkeA'prize-.Tbe nt- An 'YOWC&B.886
sweepst tobacooWailpla
4nd Use L one- alf. 6 it. L our. boiling geth r in pairs, dip in batter fryln deep
d herse And' .,L
water. over, I an ji j .wjlj remove the ed, out, cure, andpao eLL .y INA]IeLwindow Of M,'-Dyrendd f
fat then draiu : and spriplile.L L with L It _''Slatgn' L;
alroost, witfi6u as 06- She then ools... dl store on'Pen'1 8"yjv' il
Now -rub the through may, be L, L '. 11 "', 4
chopped parsleyi The pot I Moo j L h th'I ington, D, -4
6, n ow L tb ru_ &VetU4yL ?Wslhg
I aquart of milkwith a, pened'a Cigar fadto a d1g:' L L
11 01 ve.. BOA 4 L out w little thicker And; zsImglO,, pieces, p1ga
t sbme'd the; flnbat,. ri m exhibition a miniatiire meda ]p In
61166 df'dnion And 1 yfrT1sP41Ib it of bay f led. L Ing On Ads L 'of
r marble L LL Senator John Mot~
jeaf most excellent, flavoring L To out gap, of Alabama. The sculptore-.6i",
an onion without handling. it
Aeseaadn -a 16 not L w ritten as an L a dver tiseerndVo I le work_;. WhibbL IkZ
wit f rk andAurn L L This the, wondefful litt 96hen pot Overdone. much pierce it h L o 'td,
Rp egkiigi, Ikeness of'Alab'am a s!96
e. in na back the skin. fr6mthe, root Lend, thenout mpnt, butwead vse, eu era L some,
t6r L is who'
thicken it with two'tablespO ou scambia ay L o gars, LTh Joshua DAvis
R-each 0 a Vmhi gton, and who'isbry uo,_Ifi e
slice off, turwback -the:! skin and thof d '1?!Dp the I _- I Li. 'i,61 M L j .'' I I I L '0
t6i and: flour, a I ttle Salt:au e oses, I can t be ea ulptoor by profession, but ia-: ne
but onion willkeeDfOr,61ongAime.'
:Pet L to g6tLL L Lion to,
.3poked.L got er., A tew drops of o L BOB ilce press jm-aqdI the- tobacco raisedon 'Vest kn Wn P-61IBian bar co
o6ari tW PjaCe, flB6 oidp
To fh6 South. Mr. Davis'd6ea
Bread. e' from baklng, w-. thecut sld OfLthconklu against
sticks mhd po s.of corn, potatoes, at leisure houts'while- ofi, -thior6i "'-an
e, 'are It Y'aS 6y..ar6L usualL '"Pt this pqAputs, yelte.4-bleNj Lin.. act his -truly arti8tlcfi4onim has- Pi6vq'k
t: L' f use. 9 ,n
Mi]et6gethmands purpose; L: foi.i.,inyt I ais6d in a d )re- 'than "one excellent-. datio
Illade4ith ye a 'SL 0 p r&ls M(
_,twice two, and a half cups of p 611 in soda w4t, from'his cleve
U I'll,
oegrgt Ke on El
-A ai""IA 6d All ion of At
d' a i Bill
.that, had be m previously shifted twoafld: Egg pl gn 'not u0dlarg6l l -it iif A u p c,-S6mi0AeBds x S.
ova .8 late 'vife'
Qw Or fried in batter; in deep, sent a, par'oel 6, anVi6es-h
-ehalf, tedspoomfuls-of bakillg _Pwyd be fat or sauted. Nillg or her toba a
,.- fid,-one hiIfteaspb6a3i'I Wo, rk A Southeill'tdcipel 48 follows:Pare;cilt the Woild,'s Fair',- -where t9bsidc 61r6n!l'1-, e atlod(fin 'r

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With the advent coldWe&the
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'inessOL I I L "I Jt
bu A'Ahe streets metto
vs. a morpactivit In a berry- have been. purchased this
1 and' Iong the-, Wharves The quarantine of, Jacks6h vi I .....
_pOtA to o' 'Be -ed, to'
q: Iri4h too pon-tbe 1 a6on ofpeiiiAbola closed eoa the,46th.1,wh4uh. will, -be ork;:
-Putuairi has been iDst.i and nag ort. a -thi co mon
Akeg ieukh aiid' I h tim 1 00, persons realize. that ,
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th re I V f !--ai Oor 6h
ed 10 manufacture top 00 li* 6n a superior e a dry a r eman em6
4 cent, -a ker in honor of 'the. comir*
"40 0-00'to-k,000 bri: me On the first of :the: mofiw the hun era, .
lit' r d tournament known as "The CH16V nt to the Woods and'suodeeded In bag:''.:"*hioh laa htl ,comlillment to Ohlif 'uhig a- great many partrtdges. When
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eeu sold The Great Throukb
h so m e- very startling
Ca;Mpbbll, whose. iha6dsome features t ey returned tate-pornqy Ibert Wright purcliase t .,e Port Tamps and
a orn' the iiialde each' box. intents were.made
plauP -forhis clie rit, Mr Frazier the. d" 116, ov a to the great distah a a,
aren't en t Ile DA60 h6li I", Whav is.said. :to be,, n oould.-aen xhot audbring Washington 'Phila' TIE
,c iela Manager. coum do] MC:. ,
ete orange And the ma nnerin which
the largest :and most compl, down a, bird
ti '901 1)3441lfcturi.z hiiie, Imlore -Now 14
h S, 0 the dog. handled hlms lf and plunge-id
'ple ofthe est coast Are, now p,6bkIhg ObAe in the- tate. ranges innate
are 61 'a ilitothe enj yment of thefi at LouisviRe nc
froT. vac t d fromthe wagon, c dane hunt of
size :V season I wasp. phenomenal. Indianap'
"to Mobile, A. S.,M 'of tbe for r vrappe. d and pac ked' b 'the' 01ji
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steam. The only tb!64 laAing is bayOri, Another murder has been committed and leago
states that they,arek61ngTorward',,,:,
r 'pITY and- : a-,& Aii man can convert the n to n the pbospbato rekioD, I about five miles Pallwau Buffet cars 6h I atiiki6i* .
time and-auperler 46rTico. clog
Money qwt, e. appt his stake a made. rom the town of High springs, at Sit'n- Quiqk
0 ry, ropnections n-ade at JacksonviIII, for ail
men ',phos ate mind. :This ti in e, as ;
n ab6la ha 6 ne- I d, a doinpanion, 8 ii s ITortb IC"t _ind'Wb t, and at -Fort
w e q tric:1 ligh i _e, e n arg aw ph 'rim
_h, a d a] pa witli Plant lktiaip3hip Lipe for. 1 ry
:!01 casing the lBa' a! a nearo. has met bis:dtat u
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cat Havana.JAmilen' A St.
nation, 'to t, with I s: diaent. They about a di4e;repce of 6 merits. Tom Will t" 'Jr. *.hatoPe city" and a. so to lhe, a ser ou aq were Ri P.
6hik lB. SW(
es .where'dotible an",' w en. xu: the lama and b0th colored, NT
Rtly faCilitate t eL V, _I tge W&yd We e engaged n t e game 7 of "kbi". evident.
4iight Lwlll gre ea 'V middle of the ann F1
The two entered into a dispute wherein C.L D. OWENS wiw DLviiisow,
struck and filled the sail as the boat ca- Z. MU. Gem. raik:
'n, preened and capsized her. They were the paltry sum of 5 cents was involved WILBUR MOCOY.L 'L. R. T. PjkTT
'48 J po 11 -supper n to.ali6- Tr&*. JU L
C eroan too Agt*
t fourteen hours in. the water and drifted, The' parties separated ach with the L Dly. Pw
inthe dark :robm a L g
""ampa" vowed Intention of t'ak n I the otherli
L nearly to the: int of the -island before
I Uslied oujLAoA_!mjCJ6- hiS.ea L_ PO
,the' atter'r fFbot8 'fired they L Ile upon the first Opportunity. W11
succeeded in getting ashore.
-capd, Thret wdk6 L him,
Illams shot Walters from ambush On Sunaf ter a chase DavidLH He Of$ L L
son of Samuel Hope It" :LL i L '' L': 1,
day night. An Inquest was held, and
inspector Of Aneldte'L hd e 2joo S a e, -orange
governMent W48 jury returned a verdictin coord&ng'e trees for sale very reaSonabl"'L.
Oo A ii Boyd, introduodd, an9rdit drowned At Port audsoareoently. HeL Tfii
Unc M& with the above facts. 'Williams eadupedi d orange in h
th. isthebOst all roun
'in the Jacksonvill council w1itch. 'with Mr. Lever,, Were UPL eocaStoyster SL'
but a diligent -ar6h bas beeid inatituW
0 as a 'keeper
in Be tateL It has n equa
-passed on its first-,readi L- d, rew-L L g, o fe I ov r b both 'She 'i# Belleary and Marsha and is also.-very te; ge ing rlpe,,Jn".Ld th_ to bim: y L
K ANtrO to,' 'the M Mitt aws: aa were rown :but he failed to s611S__,, for
6behee of "High L Springs. The refugee A it or May, ffietef6i&
krasp'the'zn. .L Hi8ank In twenty, cet.ot PT
b6 In f ng In this vicin- fanc pri jhaf L, fi
17 ivlea;'repeal Ing, the ord tan is. thought L tobe : fiid 'd rm
ts to w er. Th body N not yet'L'fotind He -ty..
'glovecoilbps take pfaQe: Within the very I UICYL orange.
"was a that Might oung 9 years y L L'
it exce ent y kespe6tfull
An accident have had a L
manufacturer 6fL old' His parents are prostrat6d. His JbhnKI n (fig,. La large m serious term' nation occurred on the R. T L E W
brother James is, postmaster At Tarjpon
as- a, 'large t I r1ty- at
,Philadelphia,-lWho,'-h ...Dayton&. Something was RaymondiP k C
WrOng'wth t e 9 itator so it was ATIRD
,4,) Ord -__J rove, com ng' n oL, ng .9
in e wi Rath tOU2 In
,4,,Sparr,, fro h' h "'h er. 6, 000 A very he&VyLrain fell at Evins dux ed. out of the water a d the engine
it th s sowell pliega- I of topped Mr. Merrill and the eDit
_Rxes 1 ru which time about tWeIve inches
iirdn;ibd Ora
ent ake industry water covered the lands andelght, Inches Tfe
1 4dwith his v in char ,,of,it went out to lovestiga e.
it Mr.
a has udded'LeIg XIA ikofl' y
hteen!ACm %to of this amoUnt fell during Friday night.' Belore tpublilng Merril Asked
esent All of the.pondB and lakes.are ful to the, J a bsen 11 be' bad outi ff the at am GALIM "
FrLuit Trees, NUt.,Tret&
The brim and arm Work Of kinds baS Receiving an a rmative answer, th 11 1 d'
brida: Special bt rapeS
Wine, aisinAnd Ta
16th dela S m cabbAge beds-were The ever
Gorom'd January- yed. began -to
o e, k valve, how
heNeWL Afneri a ape.
It willleavel ew bfk at 4-30 p;,M.Lj'and, L completely submerged L and much dam- Was probably not illy closed, And. some % tJJE PIF
Arrive in, Jacksj IIeL L -DO"' LM&"Y t!: 8.'40 L done the english f MUStL have L likedd: n for When the rge_ Coll CtJ6 0i
eL riln 11 L tw L n r t hich bave'been w AV a -turn to. Ital. tan and Span
Y_ ashed up. The:gat4- get at the undey. PLIVESL:
day, -making. t 9 e it iiight
erl Oranges Also has b it 0 ag-B and I[,
eight hours an ten. Minutes. This Ja g.' een del&yqdL sudden y begaR to revolve. mr, ral
Forconipliite Ust Bond for4ir NeW Cstalbgn &
7 oonsidcrab1JJAster_.tim6 than was made L Untilthe coldwinds and bright.ounphine 'Merrill jumped' into lh6' water and es
at wiiiter.' came to L dry And blow away the water osped in jury, butLilfe other mas Wasnot CAU FRNtA '_fUrRSERy9 e
tL L 9. j L 9L, ""9 -_ fromoff of the sobby.lands., CFjJL
to Ing so fortunate. ree 9 the teeth of'the
The swee. :po hr L r4 1 9L :
& "L crop 19 PrOMI I es, Alamiedk.C
b truck 'h- log,. br '0, R Rana
in lu 9 n L bi. a tint itator im on t e yag OCK,
this season R E. Ygill, One Of the pioneer
r LB9 'It h 8 L adly_ Di, Wallace
and%,qualit ,:: Thi e u 4 hotelmenof theState Of "Floridabas the flesh very I As
that about all just Arrived from, the Nort at once ana c1resadd his woundaL Jff P A B;
eeD brought, Ibout in h andlBbi, Jack
and he s ems to -be doirig very well tbis
ic r a LL -h' a ve q ee la'elecluded from, SOUVIIle.L p L other varied Captain.-Vaillis 'the roprietor morning.
Y ontraptor
thefarni eX06pt.t e_ ed am "which is.".of a Boating hotel probablyL th e most Mat WB- L' ack'-.
"anexceedin ne-ta dpo Wellr ith:
ato as unique thing of the kind in c 'W 8 fIn9 )f k Pabot Late Tehto:: con
'-AS a fine The:fio, tiDg, hbteli will,' ,*a maual, be
ui er 8 f I-A d -201"iod
a 'This was -found- *ithin 'forty mile o an s,
Thi-follo located nbarL Jupiter, on_ th Indian jg;,sk, Priq-ea Qn F ppll 0
Wing 'p6gtoffices in Florida- VllleL ,AndJ:think isadarge
iver.;, 4n its. culinary -depur t ment a epo,t L f Mr ]8 a
'have J)eenrdJscoD inueg ppleton,,.Put- T d 0 This was
peciaLty ig':madq (if -sea'food. w
-.count'v-, 'ijaiil' i6 ;Ridg6w6od Bevis, aptain 'talien Out) ashe& and ipressed- in this
'T4 jdbkson rboiiu YLL ma;1 0 Vaill. take Means Of Butplyi'lig clqth, and 'OUL can see how and'
idgeg Creek; in' t neddiL'. plean-looking it'is" tl 6 86eoi
b c o u r nt, y m F in eT men was
19 to n foed to arge cont gen ng white a ,Ir,,
ani Ptoo,9 W alt At I n color, E n d with a flifte
ill ML9 couf1ty7LM'ail to It'L though it indight be 'iaid ih At' rbsemble,4_4 bid L Oe of. White
away; i antv e arion people
66U grain. It
itchton L : *hota Bense ,euoug toLobooi Xnolasses,,.c
Ferrypass,' Escambia nty, 9 andy.: 1,'There 'Litre onlytwo
re:' .-other deposits. that. JL j uow of In L this
ail to Eicamb Vaill a"A, hd@t not sorely fix need,6i
n Ile IS
L thinking power State," continued: Mr. tac'o'
E H y
and and' 9 'a L Keuk% and the"6ther
-The Sout ern a eS Tim- 9 L L a
"b& Yr is an; jindiiBlir f osby,. of iaolijoniille, This dbpdsltzh as larggas either 61 tho
r., CompaD- corpora, ion, Greenlea :& LL
which', Lord ROs6berryj_,. Englalid's, 9 had stblW fro m t hop, a few d A- -believe.larger. The. Florida kaolin
ago' er cent., purer than the Chinese.arrr lbeftto SN"d W1kt6 N&M
-4 lnae M ini L a id' r, la ho der, It ld h' d V d w"'Potch K= la=
a. stock diamonds all toLthe value 9 T I iL 'mixed with a d and Plums. Loqual NI" a, Deiawam
W 8 9 is pl L Wldta D14mosd imad 1*e4 goeodll"' Grape yllm,
fouk-.Of the fargest,'mi a around, 61 UyOK The theft, a from the trunk when fIrst'hilixed. It aced on _k I
of J. L H. R0664 the largest and-J!"at plant, r ,"r oftM
i0sides vast tracts of e timber _'Crosb ,.Lwhlle be Was at the olll*d trough, 'which has :short t IJj' V),; rfda. A 'gea*r*l-U",efL..0Jtft1J tr "a
13, L W 'ok
nailed at shortLinterval ater'la I. PfatappleSikokars. and. t,'emplcysbundredSL f Hot 1 St Denis 9'in eW York, October
my new titaiovo,. Is 61 1 iimisithig polrktb
oij poured UW1 it. Theolay te
daily c Colj,9 9 9 9 : e J 6 ts
99 0 99 rog y L a gone L 6CL : L %ad 4iform Wo%, fti 9 d for tt,
ijoityL of th f urmillo WJJIL -'Mr.' 0 b h'A sarid: is eL
led LL by Lth o eatpi.fi6nd
lu9 L J tAtl L. Lt 6, the fs'lla
"",probably reach 0001eet. L of in er. L wltkseVeral p'sokageso an inpor the pro*'L8.bairidd:6v
0 utb: In the, e 86 L pro rktb a vat'be
tur6per 6 A eri o Jewe 6 L YondL: 9 L L use for
li L L y, 9L. 'Oee d e 9 d w6 9 1 with ia)#Vik hayrlhg 6nly the'flDer grades of ciodIcery And China- 011 iki
, ., ,ca; and Other-pitrts oft eLworld'are ver 'h
a., a t ar commoner and NO Headq 0,
1 -, 1, 1 I I I Lye'ar Lt d t 9 'eR9 cheap r
b w e. But is so
i r e,-and are no easing. Th uniria c S on
y' here thatthe finest of ressed' brick
located in b, his"habit to deposit the jevVels co'uld'be, 'made of it her r e nidch bhe For ram, aA'WO& old "Tr&piw, Ir" and
ain, ce of, the ompxny is I een aper
sa I c I oa 'and-ihe g6neriil ImanAger iWL:91n the hofel safe, -but L took legg oaie than in Philadelphia, ,'fhis 'depogit is, aquatl6c 'bahibooi, 4t& iw-'-fta,6i
iiiently located oneat railto

7 -,7
_A' iij i* jorage- p ant-, vb&t Weather t, are is iTi the th
-ca led sadali4ei gre
ch I and D]Ctbi signs r dj :
isbeing, intO)duoed' ot wbi "'the,
haV(- some. dot4ilc4-, aopount in.our text: se4, oAthorc, e ll ;4-number. to bekr:6itremeIs::of. This,"the r. ader ot the vlpWy,
PA 13 OR EA 'DE SOT -,1,18 7not, aff The, tbdnail!,*l11 remember, wAs.6he, quepti
eat and bold ebtedby dfautb 04 pui-,b
'as k efiniA are y on t4o when it oxysthat the kiijg 6 -sonie counbry in, the,4, ,
EdIt9r and Publish& 0 4
what Florfdawants:t day ial.:notso.xnuch East;, li ti ld"11i 6 ;. pain fer, at, wo
'powerf 41, capitalist, bu t,,, the. fiian- on4hpouter wall$ ,of,: is palace, 'ha
n-- the
Mr. CA. B Qhe 6rpiii d.. 1 F1 the who works with his hands,,the man who f alleh m.'t a aerand-go e w er no
mamb ., origine'toir of the uowcelebrated-floone'a is: the -a' e -0 0
with td ie Nati n vA &aqoo1&t10R. bdne and III w. f thenati n,,the, palht is' d d d "f
nee e'; aig on urther,,iiiivelstliiarly opange, advises UP that he has tbl.state and the pillar of. gation it turned. -- odt':, t at' the,- h aple
-Publtahed nloatb'LTZ -th.loib deW 6"Iiah : 00 bu d4tr6e'a xe, 'f 'b ; I - I -. I I Y,.0 ady or t 1naFkPt his. lopajity.. The $6uth eds meii who, valuter hid eeg: calling- o er-to lookc",
,ason and the price as een-ap WiL fe or'. forep.ts and o:ultivate her t o q a Window at one o the palace: re ed as h m within the,
r, t"sv9wRrPTVN Mc; -POR ANNVM i c to bring, t '0 -lands aud e wJ Lon y.Oo those things ho- f;1 a
and o-- '-Jost a ono-his eq91libriAW-A, I dvortisrinig tat _rbi6h 'of; 4117--even editors.. Wr te im wh6n the forests and the 1 nds, are.his' um.aod his li fa,
forprioes. "Where Isthe weekly a o
and the product of hiSlabor makes him.:
-) ntered at th MAPPLI IS, a questionAhat is
posibf[ICO it Pal6or.t ke. VIA. the, dolunins of the F1 And s contented and happy. The
Thi'tter, Jtils* Recoatly to ;r is -we enough in his way,,but probably bei
or i ii isti, ; il,
ida-_Farmoi aud'Fruilt Grower, there ha's ngaskedbyagoo, maDyo,,.
the time has' come when the 'actual: Its subscribers, andthe writer, who has'
n been an animated' discussion: a t6
se e real need, He is the only -edite and public ed this,1ittlii
'why itle,' to th d pink,
pineapDleiiI, set. in the:summer and" fall
e onthl for the'
instrument thrat will..mak' 'the South rn' -P 3 ears,
? nd or
w )LiPL' A-Nkk 1 6X A.'rim, of 1892j atAvon Park A :Pab Lxl o, rich'and strong' and
g,_ now is the time to the explanat'Oh-wh chL _f6llbwS
-have not fruit d; to any extent., In olar
secure him. accepted ti I suo time must.e apse7be-,,,
-TU is-illot pleasain next issue we will. reproduoe.the article
_'tjk ult; 6i L Aii it-may be added that the railroads --fore new Arrangements can be ma e:--pro-miseialwa:then-jor-110 66r that provoked the discussion and give
of 'the' S&uthL th
are e only organized
fulfill Ikour thp -Lpith of the replies that have fallen 9Wn UII4,ble'tOL agency that is strong enough to begin Last February, Mrs. N. CI_ Chi
under Our notice. t PU
last issuewe i unounoLed 4,lj&t.' wlth Vol.,:. L the work." publishing the Ranch, 'a eb]6 06104
mwould "begin: th e ,L.j Palle, of a It di(I. not ke long for foreign grow rado, asked if we would -contract--with,
ta The followi ng is called by' th Womah'S L t
?This wo L OM L elled' pro cc
its-and vegetables. to disoern her to, get ont:the,*eekly 'pAper.
ph l% p L Column 6f Bostwl Mass:1. ( in:una E;we'r_ L.
emo &I them ed toLbegin withA'L1.,I p
c0our,;ex v o the duty gave 0 6,
!Or tRe',_ pre'sept", to postpoxi fL able argunient"in favor: of Woman Suf'the-U I nited S tates.,Cab- vided she, brought er press printa up market in frage. It is contained in a letter to a An(
treme mortification -and r In an L .1 L f
b&; re ro Lin ngLoUtfltandher amiyo p er-boys_,
e the explanation New f, Ro tterdain :already L can, be friend from Mrs, McCullochi called the to Florida as she desired W
r!" found I,, the York markets., Bebrill Ian t young lawyer" 'of Illinois. rado and.conce e jky -forethe. Wilson L bill became a law- the j(). Florida LL. Th16 PrOPO,
"MYL boy baby will have every door of &-flip
O Ifsub lbers ol Vc ,;ten_ AlIty Of Cents per head' kept &11 white' sition, as made, cov6redL au P e r .
Per ew we
:L usefulness opened to him, while your
cabblge out, nowlts reinoval lets them- week for printing 500 cop es ol an elglit '
d6rour '61ogyfoLr.pre ent.'iiaabL'ityL. to girl baby wilifind them slimmed in her L
ap of, page --eekly,.paper d
in' to the delight, no 'doubt, every an Jnk-,-Ito-be f u r-SeL &11 COUPOIIL face, simply because sheoannot vote.
ourpromt To sub- L L e L d, As
democratic.. vegetabI grower on Long this wu in the. direotLjijjeof
Pcrib cho ice 'L o 6i f 'h If the cause of equal suffrake-In which es .11
ers We Loffef L' f thero It 'o, q gladly
la'and, in New Jersey and In the vicini- out wish jor the jlitilte WL
we h ve been a believer and for which
jag.; mon y iperS, Agreeing to
fdjloW in did
ad Pon ty. ofthe great markets of Boston, New cep ted' the L proposition ne, L
we have been a constant advocate-oak re er
-York.and Philadelphia. aohLPabi;r Lake Septemb
to oftrf'oWnf for year, 95: .... .
iRresent no argument One more
10-page:-. womanly' truthful than this, itLIsjn a sorry-plight.
We acknowledge with thanks, the re- Colo."' J11
A letter,'dated at Hollyj e;
of: th 'ISL there any profession, any trade, any n
j9urnal; 0 9 oQipt of the Report e f
O_ 2nd;. anjiounced the. as ,en-ro,11te,
business, not open to--the, Woman, of" t or,
he United tatea,
Amx cAN 9 P9 a 0 t Florida- -nine in all, with 100 borsc ;
t day? Is not.the law one of the highest
ed: IA Ohio; o'f griculture-Mr. Win, A. Tay_ The next letter was dated, Julesburg,-,,,,,
and best paying professions, and here
0I r rinted in pam hlet form fro'
r,_ P L I of lIyLSa Texasi'August 20thitold o .,de ay
as, 8dmevdi#ensfi dqn for. taking in -w6 have amember it -virtba Yjng L I _"
eL ortbf t e 00 ary.of Agricu shan't-;. 'b' ii
OL L , L, iL L IL 'L roads, but saying'j_ to
S !,in it!' h'er r-v
that though. she gir baby
On or 1893. It has nine plates of ne'w
t f&od? in setting up the, PXNEAPPLE in season
be JV6 se will re- f U SP colored after nL 86 door slimmed in he
andpromising r it
n6tLjh IL for the first week in tob'er L, as we o u gh t
e inistry the'llighest-or ajL east
Ind ture, in it, and we notice with pleasure to be in Pabor Lake at le "t' mi.; rly:
high as any prokesion-and are there
'liegt6d. f Boone!s early or- th UT-"
that one of these is o first weekin S Otembe'
'ery O&S6,L ? c rASLTREL 0
not *oikenLpreachers Are there not
Objumend' W anges, introduced 6y C. A.' Boone, of FIT IS SMPPED A % it de
ke -physicians, editors, ed' U oaton,, TO, PUNTA 90np
.0 lando, wb 0 advertise 'hite
r se ment can be layed could you give us n
on; L L .1 1 lore. time?
"c, O Tl: 4 are cts, inventors professors, politi
found jkL our columns, We',also note a have been troubled greatly bythe dlay ,
biansL III fact;,
can afford _119AB js there any trade orprboo
neW peari growing in- Georgia, that iL ts, On L account' of get; I L ., 11 in our movefi en
mtfit of our own (w.- h bt grow with alled, !he Magno feSPion IlLwhiah they are nbt representope to L Inig
Oti ting out the paper but, by'delaying the,
6d? The' argument of ra Iloch
and feel Sur e o iginal tL ee is said to have
able to LdOL.E4 keXt iia. Th. L issue till.Obtober 15th We ou It
isnotL"Oneof (to be
the ol verest," despite the
)3een received in a I I I I o "" -L,
box of Japanese pear able to nianage it.,"
e Worn
year),must 004 1 an a Column assertion. Equal.'salf- 7
stocks In California in 1889. It might
hati' e intended itjo,, be a n III on the
prove a worthy zompanion to LeCobte, f rage will bue its Lfl' if 'S 6oeSSUp All this was satisfactory h
iaqt:thatjti right t an
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hi it,, erk ers;
or! tW 1fl t was
been shipped, the announcement
:,A el and be given the right. to -aid the
kj L .0, 71)&jb up.L subsonp writer in the Times-Union predio s
e f & severe winter, basing. it 66, the, fact Onactment Lof 7the laws they are held pterubak. 15W'issub of th
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that,&u early.frost -Novemliper ni g b 15 would- introdo ce the'
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tifies the prediction alysis of L 0 L its
weekly, pot L subscribe
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ktye Winters-- there,;,wereLS ONE. -000
5 Copies L: were. prinLtedL. for distribu
Well expfalli a.udisf& ne on our part 'which aR early fr6st:oamei. 28th, tL
W TheL, L PINhAPPLE: and WOMANIC DI tion 611 over the coun ry.
he earlies t, 'if, the year 1892,: and Nov.
d'a misrepresentation. on tlie pire of
hose, monthly, for theprice of the first. WO 7
th 29th the latest, :in 1879." During t
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new,, by experion6ei they aare or:
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An Mr-Ackiio T spoken word die43 6 h: the Iiirii,'but fal in tWebtY7 is
aSthbf6,- lo! after 'a few. days bu ,one'bf the wanyplahs :.- b our, ou a t r t e open.
-e the answerl p a e no rl tinlt Outfit erly Go adval theJU16i;st6 bf. his ro' d th 6: vilirit tte h; or d sui v I Ives. 'How :kreat W re it: t1 'r this. the busli -w6iU I d
andof the.State, -and it. is but:kmatter the n 'therefore, of !o6llre uponthe be bewildering in: its bloom..- N
nk, lledke thts-,, valuable par the' 1" to. trace on y u theih is"ah allamai -w
of j -9tioe to al writer,,_ hose,, egre at,,,
"oil tai tender paelikie olden chai
of Florlaa,44 ofei deep, work -which lies. outstde. thlb .:rouili of ts, :pure, t ol velvety flowers'
IS dew upon A marke St to th,
ce 6 hue; but, had''the' 6ditor been his departmerIt Weoi help adding .,the ug lits, that shall be as th d' contra e. ZrAinson of'
dealingn with ajiian, inatead,- f I woman, that We halvia'alwaysfoim I -M n Acker' the roses', f, Iling *'ater to -the their talLand st ately net glibor. -A:,, foi to ba friendly to", all colofiy' movements thirsty, traveller, May the Cosy Corner the tea ro6es-but. th6rel we :had7. bet ,,,... 4t-wouldhave been so tlaicklyblud that br I ph, and such on T I haProfessici h6has hrize
11-i I il ly, to y ung and ter stop.
abd that thel Avon Park settlem efits'have Off Sti w
','uld alten a knife to Cut, it.
-jaw -were.. made' had his rbgaxd ando0iiOperitiou Jn every e. flo4erlgarden, IoDg
Whatever I ard remarks
doubtless the Good ..Lord (who. ina4e tegitimate w to write us an: article about' it and,', wl"
NOW begibs4he seas h h Nvt
on of the Hibiscus opb, e IL take the h
and so kh I her composition) hin. we, avei
-will forgi Sabdariff 9. otherwise know as Jamaica thrown out that it is time he. kept ]its:,
Iiidiah so rel. Tho'blossoin buds began promise.
It"was going:tol le" SO_ ni ur 0S to show the last week in October and
qe, another.
ado amily.pleasantly'setitled here; soon.will begin, undeftliebaieful eye Of 'The study of'tropical 'plaii'tg'ana,6i,
11 C_ 76
the'(16'ri'little h -&,series oJ exper
h, assured a ItyingJar, growth, is ever -hew,- strangei;. ascina
I listen wid U46"Itords hear. onts as to pies, jams, Jell 7
V ",ohe year, at least, and a sure owDenhip 1],ag., er,,e:is.a Cal ifi'poiiit .
"Still in yol -corner rest; marmalai sauce; all these thl new tr ip to Cubalast, April, we brought back
of ten acres oflal front lands at the B tit be an eve'r weli guest
ending. qf4 the yllill services; and for Usi comer, from far India, is said to be various fruit. seeds and among, them' was
good for. Soon we shall know and will. a few m" ungo seeds of the: variety thought qekly paiy.i:el;ellI of-the
1. To t 6 sity:icorrespic ents_,k4own -tell our Cos Corner, readers if all that to b ithe: 816 4 n'
w0i ul chirt1qte and J, lovely Jakes a or. The f ruit itself-was
nkii i,.wJbio-h4ve;.ssn uE6,w
and U low Ithi has been SaidAn its praise be true or, Q thought to plant the
Ahe possibilitiei Ili pineapple oul-ii: very fine: and so w
:the lal month, _04'sage the false
,' .,tureltherear6 herein this laud, of &I-. seeds with others, that one ddy.illillie might
Coy orter I vrb oh'-the dreabay
'Mbstlperpletuftl suremil surely, even say with. pride to visitors, Here.-is;s,
orner' was tremw
ourrea r w : I., I _., ill sym pkti lize *Itb us a iii Dweller wove. his pleasant. fai 4iid The fate of the Cosy C mango from seed brought fridin't1iii isle'
gave, glimpses Of he nie I I f 41i t h e new bfing In the balance (though, all the'let Well We did pl, ,,,, 'excuse t 6 of Cuba."
'delay, insteiAd'of ai do'' a6ttbe,
atid, will-'be Iodk6d f6i. InJuture issues ters received ini ad said fitinub it), when Ma hldiDg back thebalf.dbllaA of silver and then waited; Weeks, a nibnth t ;sed-a I nd btal*ays welcom6i We send many the following was reb ived:- and th ey I ga ve
(Mostly in stainps) w.kiph have been roll- po Sign -fit first, a dilithanks. SiL&DY Si:DB,:ARGYLE PAR I I I I I ; I
ing in Upon ;as daily. for the lai 4. gent watering Was kept up ;then;'. as no"
it iR so pleasant to.fe ., Dm*vimit, CoLo., Oct. 15,18
1241ikit the writer's I t le yellow, sari
green Shoot h-1
I wish yoii to oontinuethe Cosy 06r ;ose'abOT ci:iii.
word is not wholly, lost', ti III e Said hive failed tb ',germina oi,
_- Did'they like, It:. herel- Well they ner in the w6ekly'lasi of-yrnir paper.
somewhere, far or near, It is welcome,,, I a'not here lonj eho A Fill G., PA:SoR and so. the min. vision of:al beautifuY,'
00 to fln Out- To the ollI solace, because the vil That'settled it. Such awish from the tree' f rom foreign I lands faded' slo vky_' we think theliqrseman, did not-beak6se er IS on the s6uset slope of life; to the
ounted to a a -rainy.86a mile d stfh"
th lack of'pasture, oerathek,,--bedal BetijamihWthe flock, am way. The Son ea.
inging cheer, _%e h it of
Oung, perchance, brk b 6sy bos o ra o t III
comman The Awleller
*he grass that grows-here in labund h li the nothing Stirred the
Puse the eart o t e writer isVogl 9 Co.
-isr ot the s raer only, wishes 1 he.,,could comply. so sand in wliioh the seed lay;, month a ter
Gime as '-thit it Coloral if
enoughto sympathize with and enjoy
-.,'Th(3n too, we heard atauffled. -vi easily with!&11 the wishes of all, the boys month slipped by and: the x1ainy -sbp,'
cr Ahe society "of'4hose. who Stand In the,
that we had frili amd'thitt belo4ing to' him and the dear little passed aiiiiial Tlien in Nbvemberi
onoei there 't1irshld,,f the wider life that comes,
was ice so',thick -that the, h d' ther. Is 4 an n w With four dal
party 'a tO Whom youth merges into trave manhood. 'no, hot I a, sts, ely pl
:break it with-. lit Is fo, ot. But then, this- 9 plebill, gloss Jeaves. It was. only by adSo ho e continue Nowis the winter of our sweet con- uidbnt'thkLt we noticed it. Then the
same party has seen, and, battled with. our work sendin -te our journalistic shall he'
n made much like summer by' Flor- boys "be -for ot rs as eight
snal-es in th6,'night-. and, had: a bruised lop out U p6n the turbulent tid gah to search
e of time.
ida skies. It is the time of Thanksg1v- seeds had d,
beel planted an 161, just".
Caput in tbl6.,mornfng,' and can hardly'...60 rMay it safely s-itl away and, reach,'. that Ing and snows. in the North, of Thanks- ready toppop above.the Sandy Sqr'fa L ce,
credited'witi veracity when set against harbor where all 6126's hapiiy
hope L sak giving and roses in th6 South, with just -wereA 6
ix more, "We are ey
the evidences o e tro tb:eftst
PICaL act as a ton. one L to'
enough of cold 9' nights to L be in ay and at L lasthave
r6its like,4he,:L mango. and the, guava iL tLLL
L o to the system and, 0 giv&L'Sli slee
growing 111211.6 own and hl n Ig L ZS Is' hbors gilltS L L 1. P waked up
garden There,. were !Florida, last -rid a
as only n an give.'
Month, _thL L 11: ': L 'L ItwsSLS"lonRj long Sleepii:, x mon tha
at could well, have been6purqd
114o In theLsilence, It the-sindLin Lthe dai
in such portions. of the State ag they vis- floUSL
WeL have pjaii L t 'of, the L glomera and Lthen Nat rewh i p f,
ilds family, has gone Ill --it is ered in. th
So -the Ch L Y ed One a 2L.oyoloEfe trom the West U el 6
n .... .. ta, or olusi of the East Inlif ies and- eacbthat, the time 6f- "the at bi
opening, or a sprinter: J a yging r A
and=1there, is a f dies; othe tornado, 'the h de a very flne
Ut L t Queensland th at. As ma Sotg:of
Witil had come, that the theLicookingl:.
0 fi at Pabor Lake. coast of Yucatan. Up and down the
1 4 L I 1, t
grow t w..&S'Set out in Junli as -btrd melted through thje moot ghti, -th, at
W 1@, ABOR. East cast; the: i firstftvag dkrove and
te branches 'heii fr2m e bin:And"Lthe were 1 Lj'
e v ry the ro wren e:pine
gardien, while on the Gulf:00ast th eoth :" L 'L .
bun L"L I fo In
pt with resistless Jorce devastating. gr and -the birth :hou the; M go
,.LoI kARMS'A" III swe fi it is an
'Indii the d eaten eit er raw
of. th ''Or jm had7 dawned. gtleet
as it went.- On eithenaide e State ai
stewec1aadt efoliageiEf used fodd th6L UeLof the lori nL arny,
Its railio6d 'system, where the si orm caused grea damagel Put erL bl o nd. thebe L
Florida be? East coast and the for Cal of.ithle.Amerj C aniEX- of :the iaket regiolis' :&nd, 'Vh4: can'
oLu'l outh central Like region-no harm Caine to
'' I L 8; _rj ;
N t'ell u% whatwa8L"itLth ed ih -the
feac has Special -de Ileld or grove. otiJ urseri h wever says that in
or g&rden- There waa i9S' 9 L L. I ILI L Li:. : L ' '
'V n lok'dilt -is ofLrnore va3ue as a decoral beg M those dark. ryghL seeds ai
less to developing, the wind And there was rain -but the, o e t.
ive IiIan hastome.,this..4unlight e:al
Poutiguo s to:.their terif L was but th echoes of aiii*.tempest else
DL pJdL ey% and
settlers L ra Aranspor-, 'where, and th other only rais6d thb to be present delig. L
grda Central ridge, running lakels a little higher and was me n L The flower lolve'r would, go in raptures L some day a feast to the pa ai 'What
C, to Lake Okecho- over avii 13 L :of Madeira noW cinemas s OrL or whosb LWML the _L mai t oubli, th L'. a t made-,
out.k.from-1 issimmev welci TrUlyL we have Old herilis
.bbejL I oc"ied, -but It is holDed- _6LLahd of bloom above ope of the parlor windows, t: a'sen Ink Deiftbadtr. who
rema na LUn tage in this fair section of th '. I '' ft, W LL L kL' "; '' % .'
Neanwhiie, we of the Flo*ers d n o the gable end of the news, o ysal t grows and
ake', Ad -- t Sac rolling year
'L egion elcomeLever effort made L roof.- rom a little tuber planted. 'A jih h' *ill gr&w larger,
to adtand e, the tion L The p L r ofessor %is wstchingL' WIWI -year orsoai there. shot u veri or, and Isiirgqr andi it 'NaLtUL
Settling up Of L our SeC p se re's bounty, will
Ace rdL eight ender vines; then, for the heig t 'bliarfruit. L hl'theiiimysteri
0 0 'full need'Lof :ere asing interest t b eds 0 L Sgn
and'ar" real t f chry h ,one day, L'.
Already he ha u toned Oi eet areL wholly bare of, in bilieI4
praise td the we rk being done by raiil- t hemums. Lb rth' a- not With ua ,a one,, uofficials$ to this, end, Especially Dulcibelle and blue-e I yed Ne 11, L tli&t UOL leavesi- thel look like b own 9 1 'things 1hat Meiiw ie; our
a 6 ti L vei n the immigration, line has'been% blossoms are to be taken With out'ihig' 'ropes;lii et, t&DLg1'bdL.Snd.,'twiSted :,A hian.L picv! s itor ls a ret OLLbe' to US
h L e'L L "d'106L
are ere' n dred Or, more v nes interlac kLsS' constantsourole o pleasure., and
,f, G.: D, A ily, the Wide awake, ot' post 'jiO iriar atd
L 'b' QL- su8pbhded-_ L ron itilie eaves; frorh every to for gn land
1 rafn- engeragent of %the winkles galore in ellie's bower,'? and.
St 11,their. Iolet-or white bloomsfull joint A. s on er spray e oa e an odor '
Tampa & Key We Sysnle faS 9 a beautiful? 'In flo*erl loreill. they ksmd )f bloom as sprun-g ifildLaltipgather 68 ii, -L ward teth-th L!Tfo icii, Tru:Uk it a qrs of, Sebai
that. s our- n 'L e are I st ailkoiI L q 'tend or 11 r. W. w ihl t. -Dped'a'- pilebeen called- r L e rel 2r L e Sion 6&tivei- A L" m ai6.'a.dh Limi g p ici u G- tian have bought and equi
as je' r nd h ,-v,6 J u8t start ot eao n
.;.connection. 96eeptly Jib h cdo' Sprin !I hg up. in, unexpected coul le photograp bid or t at our 'art
armsL' tud laoles they Are fall of sweet sugg ere. here to,,
', 'foldliir ,enotied, "tlokdia, iF estions ig rrieod in the 'North
wLtch -is 4,0ort of djre6tory Qf -atild eeijtle' fgpciesi all 'the, Yo4 qatic4,#zd, VrIsQn 'i onJ' 1. .1 'Will, litilist Bf

Ili R Ill
P :
I M0'
tramp or ll ut V qv
tay in ellsi, a IOU more!n- a woel kill
,o his g
0" "'Well, bI timeAhe folkal jgieno ',
unai)l' blde
tin' inl qomp nyj an
myou ongerthat which 15'' (it MY any istopstrea 4
wants me to work, "-N. Y, Weekl
(TheIJE Rkergrowk, pallez) 4 i
aI love wit our daughter."
-6 Weii m
knIcer breathelsfteelyl;I
Now -the b zbkm-I aa' d yo
AIM "I'Vne a 13
-y6tivilo have dropped IA.
"Arli aim
.YVU you never m,,. DimplOtol MY *'ifehas beel in
'the hou Se-fortwo (I Ys, waa', I told., her. Kir, Unever ft Pho Pa 't ketL 0Ut___5'he Must go
"be in- I a_ is the p9_nIt, A tild hot It
't "Sw ere.
"'Itmakeinuch diflexlene6 whom Ings.,
n J1.113.
R x 1 evotjon t cral "
M hat oheap-suit flityof Antz.
%6rgule rWa, he mur all- to, im'
YOI mine?" If iV k., ago 9040. The formic 6old of ants is said
"Harold,' she- part to. them an, agrees. P avor.
p An
intiheemancipAtlon enthinologist recall cts -ol iself and
sex Dealer (benevol -Mei11_ frIeDl
:"i- Z00 uEdevotion'to the 04)1" 991*M, you dake do adv "Here I ve told AMY, undei the s6al Of bOY'Compan obsrelis ed
'-mia to insist 'UI)QU W at may, to YOU, knows e ,wid dorl pity w izar and
de, clod ing I' hiA oUdrushed ants' mli d
tII16 aVgiir Uty," the strictest conlaence that, Char es
-'see apun6 U -time'
ik 44 t shoWL orr6sponden
ps4jt prOposed to Me, and the Mean thing has water;.,:au
-N. Y. a a t of Insect
NcIt)]Li 'you s ay-ea!n h _pqi ed goots. really told nj o e Ibol it I t: _Pljegeude L Life i' b
0 0 LL *4 1 man, w o. is in,$ 6 b abit
protested. I I L,, , Lk , j ,
WeU ol b
Blue 'of ea ngLL erge tom.rotton
"Modesty forbade mel she L L 4, ; I L d,'
frame the% ginal 19pow ori --G PAi9-=MTHDAT. wood. notber man trUme
A to litt 0 re
now n ills L, ete- 've got 0 go toL th L
that youL' have spoken t ere no BrQnchO.
jc jght L ants a, pleasant acid taste of apieee
L' iniprbpriety iii my oi& d da nce down at Deadman"n
r_ fng an f m e i .;w, I L I _- L
A ijl Do not, ask me-it'l w! yours; Gul(jh. -pie eaten in'the.dark.
FwillpormityoultoAo mikit0J FivoLnu
,,Br6noho 'Pi.-EMW of 01 M
-the Motiu-J. lite r- eac es.
"tain D ho7mkedIuawtogetibim st.01,
::The first'Florida pe
UAD DONE BXST TO, 4,91 th killed and 'Wu'red be- were many
of the mail bitter f1i Maslow
j ;'Hij JJJW LLt&e jjjil j The editor. of theLL
Florida 'L bispatchi
--Yol we h th' L,
Chimgo commenting, on. e same; says: that" a
sentenced to thirty- jdays' oonftementL pound.ol of nifl Of'soda-Applied
cA,,* dietot.bread. and, water. : to each free 'and followed up'with freE ken ] M e! sy ona poor, qniel OWq Lulture would have made
an' make t. ban PL e L L thwretch, J th, 'L
L. eMtP pr"en gkbl 6l e
The bro 'slp lit V t:I'Lee- t go e "I 'Th L L f Crost;'
tho '!7.
-ver Isaily v.arieti many
y es deter's
r ftom expending much m labor
&ji EgatbVvi PJ&in* nAxeir tree%: b ai fiber I E oney Or
1)6, Bumey'(moodily _l Jcnow only is still
two Men whom, I Lo"L afterL alt dange of frogt,45 Lol tohelp,
'really Call: I MYL
the trees and the fruit very'Linaterially
ving them a little nitrate jngj
mif islovere I L al Intel t beY 'h Ile' ay
ijilij says If"Y gjVj
ay I ol
And manis naliiiilie 9T : aI On,
kx. De Bussel us each fifty oentaI we mustn't lose itl1i
THE ORA XG]ff: *A]Etl"T.
-oo h Life.
Me heaved sorrowftl al;h,
e P rX"I'lil T on 'o. e., ma
=t t L I I I I L he conditioni f th' Orange
A weepful-tear h ; rk6t"
MB ko jar jLij f tfi
Ve ha jdd6' n 90w;bbr
0 %ijiLthe L ger a es o e pountty.wals asAM all hw presents kept
_--omaha Wort& fLiloWaLL atLthe 01680 OfL bm neiss aturday
he--What Mah
-rrt Valls
Nimw Youx.-A during th eek
)30t: yPI f%*t
he L y;,most o the ftuitvaAL, green;
Y. Ledger. very av
hich caused lowprices:,and a' rather
of ]n
JIMIN Fuihlil r .' derrLoralized condition the Arke t,
lmo Th t
the a Is e'L Woo Tliq OUtS, e- pr oe -was 2 per box Ut
"-You were playing, th?'
thp Was L eXoeptjon.4;. ,apd prices,
Sinall Boy__jim.
$j.,85 '
'Jim who?" r an from. if.40 to wit a probKlo St,'
1 1, 1 ; :.. l- L .' L I., I I able average o r rai ght: lines.
[11* OhjjL equal
ercyl Tbere's 1w tell h6 BALTimoRE.---Supply f I Ull oz the
'! and I don'twan YOU go tC' Vjth hinj 41i. ta
demand; market.rather weak.
until I find Cjut Z It $1.,2 PeL
tions fro 0 to $1.75
father is prize. lighted
L hij jEjtl r too gree all C
Zh i, ' 'L L
'no le 1s] ow 'Mr.
't, Jjm_,4ad Vellied help d hIMSelf: L m an d t P., pr
0 Cos.
n 1_tled."----Good Nqy i&:
gu vhen he couldnt Ancl bb, Al*viiag, L
*,Qgh _F'llogende B*ttel CnICAGO.-Market fairly strojag,_ re
ceipts liberal. Sales age L I rom Syh* rjtten,4 beaJMl' &V er
rson hasw _j6ally'
w.,b I h ip: b L % RE ffiA if6ki& UG Aj. L ft5l), and L -fi rs t Cl ass fruit in
tiful poeiu __Ongeop od jU;MIJL ji L -brought
:some cases
Pape 1 sti I more
175 Mityl, St, toth rAuge , "'I"
.'Cosclusko Ill yj ADRLPHIA'.---Me a ot o1we
do lusko M "'h
Urp Y lady, some improvement Au L ing-:- the' latter
to'have. exi
part of the week Th proved I en'tng Her:-Why is the ji leaving Iftisi, tQL bottle r : qua f ity -of 'fruit
tale, S Id attributed
nt, he'aaufoompoaeL. Mn 01 16he: 8ho--Bepause' she said le Could _0 rl 668 ran ge L fro M l 20 bi box.
lh' anl fl,
'_,Cau Aalk Frend tt4llan;, r e Make: mom mone W p,
aiats, and, ;4pc moil 0
usI American. liosTON railges 1.75 Satsumm$l .50
to 2-5 al
ni ap Wortha,,quarterrof a, 0 'h b
;j oTes;. onions
million Talent is fio naim for- KNOP"313 OUT IN ONE ROUNP, %l 42.50.LL
she has positive x 'Woe
L 4. L
In Texas Siftinb:
r J. W 'Pears', 't, L
on 6 r '6,ca; a re, urn6d
The o mar,
Usel,'of ill
from an ex endeCL;tr pt rol gh.,j U
'Winks-Volh th% vi,# w o., m glI a
his name "J. 'S,''Smith" on the hotel the-_other, d jb 6 time,,Mr
is To 91; d M j M o U r
[3 lljJ111I told.mle torile him ll h
8 1 y s e peop e t t ere trd% ,
eLS a -.sen ol pj!O 88SM' king f bomingtc
"U" th .1, if anq fte sa
-Binks ---- Oli blie, 'h thi
nal If lather was- in I rida,
'of Latin at ft"vai'd I ji I, h thin Herm, tl
ought to sat sfy I m. guess e kn'
'Winks- And ;,w :tlijSLjjijjjj' OWI
inany, in his trav6ls,*ho Were anxious
signs A q n
himself Napo Oil acqu n
al t tl Mslei ei -With all informa_ _L
Quin us Curtiusl-Jelalo TWF Y FrV es of 6e 6;r ll-' t i onobtahlable. On his 'way h6b Ao'
P t., 1, of Ca, 'VaSCoV ied
Binks,--Oh, he's a PTe Y(MkL *oig.
ofto rm nz:th Ars e ti w
IS 0 0.11 bet een
dist.-Soinervi latage, all
Q joumat d Kenge, are noNrbompleted.
h The bou nd for Florida filled with peo l I th
Sett6r-Hollo, Bully the me, -Life1gXrobleni Sulv L 7 as cost $100,000 a mile.
t" T I ter? Tootha6he I I I I dng y ppi7ate
Yon L, : ie Will be twenty-three miles long it I I' "L
Tim W. ot's tha all L a d ill, 6 'to r
X;Q say 'Tribillto 13A6, 'a Chi- n w Colin 0 the imrnbnse o:'Pectedl iiiY64n' the, Sttl 4ii
0 I, P L I I ,
ways:above the -falls-,wit4,the seii, AGe

4arg'e us a 9 Una
mah s -arm, anasirilnnin lig 8 met 0 a
straight up some, tree trunk to Which ie Ics. 'eld r 11 ,waywork from e, en s
-durijig c r
clings: dg h, tly, by fine an its aerial. ,vania Ste IWQrks e
roo lets ,' Cut, off this! S M at a h ,,the largest of 'ibe'ye ar Octo er' 0
L t r I ad,'Argentinfe
Lda 'Agricultarl8t. AST year us rs, as
Oojji a --to "Put of ralls.was,27,,Q O tqns, t I
four or fiv4 feet from1he grqi. bd, ac-e t I r t,"
-cotdink R epublid: exported 878,011 8, 0
Th Trum t Oreep, er.- 3'
Te jh e t I : month's tonnage in f our p n No
.,to height' you wis h:; the arB ': 3
Um- ear,
j ,,, igbonAal radic'ans, or th6,, .,tr i 'poli enineat to, urdpe.,
Ohrubi 4, 4 diiefU4y'.,. dig -it up" saving S. ber-,ira, 17,3,0 t
Js 46t' 00,
n old plant,'but -as ME GLAI) it is' saiidl 1as onRod, as lnafiy, of he rootsasposs out-, 3"700 men e pros."",
shdid be, JHs, le splea te-ted Pon I su
:u Tea 9; or,
ble. C9DRIderable difficulty may be, ex- f N&ember fa vors the railway' ,i'-,
ficieut to keep'him e' ploye, wo-yp
combining mor'9-1- 'd t
,per enqe in detao ing".the" sie f roni 4 rAnq s.,,,
,-qu little than'wa of ten find I4,9ne p ant ,ut it or more
the tree, tr nk b accom- THE pave of .,Robert Br
Itiaextremely hardy, requiring aio bro-, I iplished w 9 in
-,ith some,:,aharp Ihstrument.,' Ax Indian oarl et,.' weighing thrle6, Westminster -AbboYt 'viii slio-Aly be tectiop,,in this the-ber I tons aud made by the prisoners in the,
!---31 ,, hen replanting, settle sftqv deeper I I i h b,6
11-Tometer of bL t 4 W 1:, 1 I ". I Agra Jail for-Queon Victoria, has just, 4 tiful plece of Ital
ten reaQ es egreesbP4 Wthan It grow naturally: he. Boil h. the English
Aramp t ian alabaster" euved, wit'
d been received at Windsor Castle.
;about itmell leaving. aj),asin-shaped e 'rese and tho "
There is a vi an my homei e
whefe,4n, old plant onao Stood. it, is a on-ATOUnd-'tbb, steM to it may be ALU 111ium horseshoes are already in tarret Browning -has Urnish6di; he deessili watered: if necessary, mulch'well :use in the United Stat es as well 68 Si ilit in F,
'in gn., -whichAs -bei ng -i or-L
V ,k Lpr6bubly-flfteen feet. square, whi& I .11. I I .., I I -1 1 1
y ith I some -other litter Europe, and &-Chicago manufacturer f tii t aAd the
covered wi of h or -is once., The- hL. me of e poe
ts t is va
They sre-gowing' in, the sod set a stiff 81446 to w hich tie thei no'vi turning out large numbers of them date of his -birth 'and 'a' th the
riety. stem until, it has only soxip, n the -alabaster. A
on-,,.'thi become fully, enough every day:,
no care or pro I ecti tion, 0,
twMs 'd OxR of the great manufacturers of
rooted to withstand, winds..- I i en myrnawas
p- removed Mr, E. &' Hewitt, of W&W.S,
(19-urish jii5 the thistl%-, I,
out numerous shoots thle whole length: of, household f urnit I Ure in Grand Rapids, ;at Yalaha and'shl -h h' -f'-t
.-Bomeof them,,tb niy. gar en, Vut. do not L pt6d'theguiv'as e ad
the Stem, but all I except, tboseat and. 'Mich. employs a woman as chief de ; t'
se6 that they appreol ate. L the goo 'L L ;put up in:hoh1oy. 1H*fneth6dA
d 7soil L ipten ireiy,
h inear thetop should be rubbed off, and" signor of axtistio furniture and pa s 4er
and can much more than t e gr&Vefly new to thd-pe e d atnis Lt at the
',I a short'L tIme.1t.L 0 8 eo a handsome sajarLy.. L alod_ 1 -' i
s61lthey were in. Indeed, thatiaone of eL P guavaa b n".;t S; L anner is the
ULL. 'L L the roijabie
WSL The late fa and *inter months, FoE. his part it L, securing new' rpwn- in Y6 Suate,
uties, ofthe plant; it.gjrp 44'
the L P' ts .'are, dormant,
while is. the
stm6sc g Anilb-Japanese treaty Viscount Aoki,, Mr. 11e*1tt, 0, g ted., wi this,
rcUm pro do the tralfisplantin
The Vit egrOWAL extremely fast, and LEd. Floral 1) ept.] the London envoy, has been decorated I section and expe 'btSL to r e 't' urn mext L se J,,
iiiii cling. to, any thing it c an reach with the L higheat Japanese order andL son and bring a a -r f
FroiqAh9,, Flor1O% Airoculturl"t. use In -packin
Bt6n or, Wood ThiBL: fPliagc-, IS, had his pension increased. ? which hewill L' giguavas. .,.
a Ut i ful very dark ito'glossy,,and be7 ATIoWU to L of
FivE and one halt ns of diainon''da,' Burglars-entered the f eight depot as to, ocnipletaly 'After eight- Ye L L
VSL bAttliUK Wltk Flor $150,000,
,-iDgIso abundant id valued at f k6m '000 to $200,000,L, he Flor'id"onthern I ailkoadlat:Bartow'
th 'vine: a s sand a sun, and
It blaopas-near yall summer, i OW, have been taken from the fam ouk, tnd blow o wf
L '- f( L fl. L, '\ L; the iron. sa e yna
b6 couragemeats n ower an a rub cult end of each branch L gVlng 'level$.- L South Africa, diamond mite ind t6okt e rom all-Ahe
'tuxe on 1 o
and L' g ci L _$5
y'!O]0W trumpet-S, aped mirea Since their discovery In 1871. constatin abdut, 0 and rsome papers,
Ing-to A a.,that &L 6 W 4ollaS, Spent in and "abb,
each flowe St 'M 'two toe th j t' belongingto the lroad _It the ,'
MM. OIJPELANT then6VeliSt' has us rai
-i, 'Jnche'B'long, andl m Though a same, amount o : money,'two _Pxi L rses, an
d 'hitherto done -for lost her last surviving soL.1
_Wheft in aji_ Some priva ; e a beongin t o e-,
full bloom. T46Y ij fliain Perfect a chronic invalid I he': held the pl 06LLOf ih-'
1: '. I -:'. L L jjh h
time sthey hayea 'pLoculiat waxy. n( "', L L" L Austr- a a agent, Mr. J. orrey. 'It'is not'known 'I'
PIP h I I I years ago -librarian I at Wi2dsor 'Utle,, and'.
or raVines when whkVtim'e'6f the nikbt -the breaking WaS
texture, which will withstand- aJIL iffeot, rem6inber t e Ollies sub t for 'ib
!Aimply covere ':Lover with lath, (half *ro 6 Spectator and other lit The j ar broke every afie 'of glms
'i th"). 1, 1'% L I L in:Lthe.building. The per
10 Sun and rain. h, err rS, 'p9trators, "in
ne wishes o -k e form of, ispaoe a, very Soon were, made Y Pape
t eePL1t1nL't cight
-If 'toL b'b L 'o i border t i -ap,
e orn hings of beauty instead of A rary of 500, volu -atoleL-a',Iong rope
aw'depingshrub,'it an be So trained. lib mes, including, proach the% build-ing'L
haye adopted the'! &Me manu cri t of the Tenth and,
feet high e esot% from the Bartow !COMPaDy,'
Set a strong stake eig t or to plan L a,.oorclon around the hoUSO.
nd train tbe Vine to ;ItL 'When it. ha asanadjUnottObnyhouse Eleventh, and some withmonderful min7i and ",made
to I "v e on t e go' th' Side L made ejL one W L hole side of the safe -Wawshattered'.
h U _La 611 le tures of the Pourteenth centurjes; was
,reached a few iD6hes.- a ve i h P L iD1110filbditch is' b for the
.8L : DOLDeaDS L in No d1S7Will Lal 0 in discov ed a Fianciscan
the sta Re, pinch 0 ends.. Thi ld by unsightly addit! b,-' recently L er burglars. trade 'hasyet,.
and, to r m a' bush L'.- i Whi'O ve e 6' to cloister near Relti, Italy. I covered. I
cause it to brano Y h IL ha 'b D able raise'easily, L
all, f h, 'L
mass, falling-611 ;udes. Lo t e Stake.- Owerrs, bulbs, shrubs, ferns, creepers tiii Empress of Germany 16 very Pop- ,01overm
It can be pinched hao Sa 0 ten e rose Ular with her husband's subjects. She,
apan-, over -(Lqqmd striata) has
-long' but f I simply.'made',a frame-work! of 2x4, not 0 ton is not ofily.a, W Manly woman-L in.every
4pdf3,gr6w too VfO SU06640fo Y L.' prown at tho,
necessary to do so many -times, as t In- 1ne rough IuMber and then used the L but,% she is in, addition a mode
new brand&LS L L leftL a 6r*rimehV', stition iind
aces the L among I e i Usual house lath "hausfrau," 'which. the German. ad_ endWiij rion' tor"
hi, j L' ' fk a Lour feet long., f is *r6ngly- iecoM=:- 1%, ova
b ell a _'the W t Ou it wWL
others, makinga Lt a 'L UM r a Id h' mires more than be Ad rat -Vm4v 86ilk ;*t-,the' Lfftiti
'screen. It IS'&:' OVeY'LS'g .that, I have exactly one-half of the sun's Tnz Turkish Government h" ordered' Stiff lay EWl'
'L 'LL, I I I L Vj* L ft' J O;en= 0j.L. osph
L ab CtSLof
bloo'M. L If one has dead, tr ei it, a 11 rays. Solomon: in L Jerusalem g
This seems out the rightLpro-. the aquedu
time 'd verWaW ad
beutilimd in this the dort!qp: as the plotnts L do not grow at al, to b put In rap 'L They'will bring, mly. on A iw
L fouj
Vine Will n L n o theOit
the tree is rotted awaY Ibe L havebeenable or4isemany ro
Water t e tains
Pr-ea" d t luxurian ap
cuttings to tUnnel'L
support itself as the stenis often at -such a' good size that they of Arroul. A 4 OCO yards long. POW.1moe ug out ihe seawm T e
f L L., t
a eos tL L The
R466L;666 L L '16Wij j jted"jt the rj,66 of libo
L, the size of one's Wri8t LLtW pg aroun, ar% now, P anted out and doing well. vill, be built at. Lof t
each other in. &,peculiar manner, -form. The,, size Lof my greenhouse (with w rking o der iu 12 poundspw-ftm* im 66 ered
L WMW Or :]!o (W- L, e
ing a living rope, L W jo even the heavy glass) is about- sixteen feet rsquare, and -the.tiln6LOf Chr st.
dMa1ronri i! A' d
-oen A poun "an
W ipd and snow iof: winter canno tear :did Dot cost for. lumbe more than $2. ecome mollified! in
PAyn has evide tl b" 'thell
n Y m
erS try L b66 'hfd'f o9t
down. of CA-, all
oth ftnd they will save tbpm- I,,; egard toAmeri d hasreconsid-, d be so*n In -iffib
The root8 arq,,veTy argei L' U red'h6r express being what selves m ny'a d eed 'a'd' e' to spring ater- 4
dug"L L n' inanv a disapPoii1tMe:],,t. .1 t -is need I eSS L-L
is called a tap-joot.LL'. once,, .:L Up L I -recent tb*,PAnt a L L
stay from this, OounttyA-" n a, L, 4 verytend". Apa
L" ..L, 'L'L', h L n .
old iant, and was amazed to see L th Bay thAt good Sol L _i 4,L*04"TqrA mo
P -'I'and water are nec- P2 ist clay npil,',but
ett o a L f riend in Chicago..s e sa 9:.
L three Linches in eoBaryL adjuncts.. L -7 iffl. *G11on*mo8t=Y" PxoeP Pnft'aan ,
Toot. Jt was t or t a;
III h certainly look torward with hope .,.was brolicen elf, "and L I tb-dvw wit, f on
et the women gettbeir husba6dS-,toL to returning to. America to see AU4 out!!
I in
eng I -pl a- haus 'Drbug
mpmured- matter in hand and they WiIlL rd'in I re nted dear-friendaLt ere again.t'
for a tibie, but t S&'7iouSlY TheXbrth
4, pa -b h' 'LL no
PA IS L fti
rdly, expecting it Would grow, ut soon flnd that t 6 'DR 8 JThe
yard :will soon begin imwsxiwrites that, hereaf ter'It S on ays., ikbffl to
it, did,:and is to look brightLand that the wife 00 -will, his:intention to. jive up a great '. deal of '- 'to produos, *104n
the west side of abarn, Wit- qYery pFgs-, 'look, brighter.. hiS ple'DoLfortoplaying, inLpUblio n ",wd,,out Wlkaer
'Peet of sucoetm- xe h ange.
EActlythe Sinj 1 6 :",d' ea c be and' devQteLmore 'time toL Composing. Plants,- -its dying )Nduteir-aud4p
recodimende thii
[We' have im to lead ing its note to.tertil* tbo,*14
L shoul adopted for'. riiaiug- the vege7 plapician has advised h
which is a native of our tranquil life 1. and for 0-th L e eXoiLteL
mtwblet fot bou 136hold U8ejLL Gi.V6nL shade, 7more the nitrogen 9 powu P11)
for cultivation in Ji'loridi gardens d .k L L biOLL' Will P'6veilt L I cUllar *0 the PUJJ O:, famfly of
813 d xnlxture .of in u ok, sta itiniire ment.of -travel which r hIsL
repeatedly tiwr fallacy, f plo.4m Japan alo-rbr at, the,,heM bt
d J &- L d in-,&merioa for'along tim 6
I'L I I supp y o wA er-,.an appearance, L L dkP.W
t e wi dd-spread iaea in the out atfsltL ' '- L, I .1 L I lo
-.rine ( b eLwe"Could t h L '"A 06
1 t t'a -meet ng.o the
that it is the poison US L OX Co"' Of th'' I
ables at y Season eyear. "'L
V6L 00 v w negro-n L min e Voi i
Y t=ned 'at to groW p
dendroo.) We'ha held at kill ie I a d' ;L our
an' o d ttwe al
d lQy- t is F -W. Killj ngawo th, W" L n th maklng, '. -7
most COM Orar, 6OOu V, F) a,
dintrati an on- : L 'L I I her.Aegro,-Xat i1orn'sby,
vi ne, nd s the a speech. Anot t L
to 1 11 h his repor
der -of all visitot&: 1 rom ondOn J ee d hiLS reni6ilfci; 'and ordered ......
ob te
have also inAhe Past, g fi direq- nounOOSL -',dfEugeneEspereance s tLd n 1 81 hxof k, -8 91 thp statelit WM a
death n Od 00 lpor eant bt
09&gs d 'a
,h s, plant as weep OL -'d4iornsby:-rn9,de,.-a Junge at him with, its,*alue, vvhtl;) iTother *Conntl" tho amesftqnt,
ti6ns for growing T Oudi wh wasb6rn'LlnL New Yorkand an.
but" Years 01 tbi,6 ,t d- J11 WAS &B low aA 20 per Nnt. It the tax'w6aO
ally the, same A$, was 11 age.. He was a severing
ing shrub substanti b( &"kill 'Imaged tot couuty purpoarA this IneqXiJ
N ,W I th valuation would makf,:,u6 dMeren '' t
'the JngUlarL' yeIV.., D',' e, e t6' 00gi-ven in'the above ar io e., here Is an- stersoD of CoL lector Kil reth 0 L'' lt m-enti 'at, 4
-h:)*ev6r by, which the same Yor and"a nephew of Gen. 1 e iX' An- 'Iknsby escape 18,,,thought that 'OotbTAet w4er th6 T&lu&tiop IX'90 are
way A i I I I' I t hybre, 1C
_aob L I I I jot't
s,: may be 'In quickly' at- RUB. Oudin was a singer6f note on both:: Killing's"Vorth-vvill die, and Sheriii Smlt h tU 00
ontihebt and a composer O t, Tor,; only yuper Oimt.41i the' h6ofiimock6 in-ay belound, 6 f- many and RiB Aepu ies arc
0 n8W

.... .. ........
nt T P11 ffr of e. is a,
,Von V0
e ce Ing
pr d the I w od
:_ I as,,,
araoter'sk ich of, 01mes A a es necessa'T eirh, _f NgLUE'S, LETTER TO RMS #RLNGLZ' I - - i_ '111
cws, ''th 5.91 8, Ir" eby ale o e :d apartment (if w ass Me that
leading articles of the month compiled the trees are 28-feet apart,' I
wiltten4brtl e P) 68pple.) AcLAUS:1, I I I : tain 55,ti66s, and' t Pu
p -hat P, a
from the real
0" ey;Ou cominiK,
in of m Ftgaz'nedom 00 ou '08 Christmas is coming; ar 968 pounds of fruit per tree wo d yleld
A) 0]bki jk my sweetheart back t' nearly 40 paRQ8i aft6ri-which periodicals e, so), fil
U see your little Nellie? Duldi
ta ktu the lak9e and orange gmve witlithe 20000 pounds of jruit', Thus, for, an
you Can't CIO re is no snOw
Th4 inside whore upo the turtle doyea') Review.of Revi a a' the world I me, *here tlle Aere of land yielding, -say 2,50 boxes, of
I I I I ,.W; lw :. &it ar dy Side,
-Wtere flook the quall'tho8a etl1l,. sweet itayn,'. q .; id if only we were back to Sh.a
jej,, : and all there is, in it jof; importapbe ringea. from 55 trees; we require a litthe favors In, gr" : ': I we would be sure to get our stockings
ere, b 16 o m _2,T! -. ''. I tle more
y* pEp mottg hfi I lie &.paho, raw a, '6eforeth6mftid than one and, a half,_pounds f
eT D:, gtimtl id full and fullerer!,df::pr6ity. thin fi6m
'k apdlxi we 10 rrh a o ily'questiot
bit b4d 'led A'hAs,, )otagh per. ree. th n
at 4irt the lImpid iak fs': t atamouilt'ok
uon, 'okd& be to:!! ipb as alreadyift
uable'as aoonc nbC.'Jinuit -a yo
,,,Sef*U-0ly8iD fils. one Artli'tube. to lay.a-wakb and sleep with one eye oppilt the soil And Aya
'm nis ier-9r:an a n ci liablbt6'"6h tree?, Jf
t- Dy oped 9 to an editor, J
but will surelyshutmy eyes If: you Will -it it is Asw : An I to Iautumnwild while its price thin the,.reach is, &w of time 'Money,
10 F, I I a and bring,.-'ArLdbrmR.iny verbakktome; .; 00111 mea pretty' picture
stor apply more,, if itiis not there' no Amount,
of AIL JSA -book
and some Candy and a- doll that will of other fertilizers cAn give you a g d,
-1,'1,Ws'vovtab@d the stars thro' Mace Now. York. .00
trembling i . .1
o; talk, and obut its eyes, an& set down; e ,x
crop of perN u t,
And this prond mouuroltalowly throu h ofed,
And-mand 6 A; pretty blue and white
The So tbern ek of cloudless blue; I t I Gie'ely usad to:say: :11The.W&y- to resl4me
V, : _C
frock on. Big, whiskere n-... Where'tragraDt blossoms met b d-please pri &1-1 o I rep I urno." T tie -via
speo a payment s y
who. hwis he amo from wan j Aer man, don't. print this w'hisky7 --Wlll
rrespon ence to find otdthe nadds 'd..'Ybur soil lnthi 5
Rd ssthe orange groTt
down poro- would maka it a cradle' and: Aunty Lide
respect sth ndout .':WhatisyourExsome bed clothes and.1think.there would
periment station doing 'dovn 'there to'
winds, whose malo4 be found room- for, it in the Qoqy Corbalmy Io0e I thiff quest p to: ate?
"emmol%6woeterfartome'' ion-,Wide'.opeiiu
as loudly-owe 'HUOIKLEBEFity HoLLow, ner" where I am so happy all day long' Analyze your Is'an&Aind.- Put about it
Avon Park, Pla., Nov., 10, 94. j except when the tiny red
sil nts, come atones, like s6jem b ; er
,'Ahd whbn'wltb wailing vojm& Blihs 'kdi r PINi&PPLIM: and dd 't longer eav t to: the f tf
lizer agents to tell you -what you need.
Z if It were not for the ants that keep
,,Tbro'foatlery pines. theii alowly dies, a ,-.,dear
en no si 86b I ove, below, ch w to.get rid of them. Pleas While the text of thim discourse w
,A -Th ta :)ng oraw I ink upohiaspanta (and petticoats aa S&jIta:, Cl g
Hupor-hunianwo'" &us, d n't: for at,' 'me wlielq: ire
!Well, Iny Nancy till) FIGri- -CMstm Comes;
4+ "-Mlilg with, weot emsl' joy 6ndlb as Cilently th remark' Incidentally, t At the
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nd :'troe, g Owth
99me.ainotintof fruit and
0oun At. an. in' this World could
oh,'w1nda, alld brim#t6 zat- : t,
also lrequiras'44,43.poiinds of ph6soboric
wjngs, from wtorin't d a,, he infinitely small thaitone
ReN, I ., i I I Potash f r Orafige'
-Ul;, wyour mid and 36.60 pounds of nitrogen;, the
ea can scarce see t am crawl on the table,
',My tru ,-lovewbo, no time nor 40 h
I I I I I A red-hot Controversy 19 goin on in
k, OD f Lf' 'r- ' 9 nitrogenbeink the amount g ven. for the
ver from my tl o Wall, or, the plates or III the 'cup Flo _L I.. I L : I _. I.. I -_ 'L -1
astenhArno fertilizing or fillit'only.rida about the need, of
n his homeward _W'0,7, Nwhere U a A
I :, t1i ea theree. SWAl]oWed %up nqe tre JOD13 of
Slnk.lih'btsoar8 the oldenL &.Ts.: eswith larke rat otaSh WeL adsip p t that
0 with t, a aboy6'ftur
That ha$,boe nrmured L,* W., b y rj Ohl the. Ants,. the ants, the arita what L L
W' their hL The October 27Lth: issue OfL the "ck8dii-. Las a basis, it wil be oompairatively.,vasy
That thro'Ah I 'drive, am from hauntag 13
dL ville Farmer contal 8 &L Commullboa ion for any L orange L growe
L fi id a
Oh, bring OM m th E "Tiny tt L I I
him home to lo Ings o reddish hue, 'making
:housewives fee from Hon. Dudley W. Adams, denying learn, soon and at &InLal 6L
jL b L th at th y think the need of otash an L d, clat. I min 40ilL, s a L L I ee L d not
o lue g, needs of his 0 go
'40ell, if, I know just what I Was- coming th that
$t. ThomaajF a,: -require -kr Ing ih ,theL, da rk L L
at but Very littleis d, and, that, Lon
to,, ere I started see what would OP
lit-leisgeberally-foundinLthe soil. He, We recommend- that gjoW6f8,: Who are NOVEMBER XA6'AZ' L grow. in Floridee, I just kinder reckon A,, e
es that. An' Qrange 'tree wLeighing iia d6ubt common Cate.. with a Exper- L ;thjtjL I'd put mylo6t down flat and said gh,.g :2,600: p L' L IL '', ', LL ,
The obow, of Wei OUnds'L Contains to' firient Stj
dbjautyL;' .H b 1'1 j KWOJ n to
1190 gufsh (I by, go, but mindl tay
transfixed by famous artl 'r sts, Which Is tiejjind.,i wood-but',half a pbund'OfpMas and And dA a ayoes lbf't
U, Solomon's advice was good alleges thatthiamay be sup with- 6014, th4r.: orchardsL.-T
now -takinz nlq Ce' at tlie 'A understood, ants would
: I I L I L L. 11 L LL out the great eklienw. usually Incurred, 86irteit'and.-oheapes way' to ,Asoer Uain,.
,F iie-Arts irL Nfw York,.hasbeen Antioi, L Sfjj6L dome L S'L
Copmopolit have: tOL he, had:,he lived L JjIL fortiliZ
a that: taiA in -,buying eraL Con,_ ,Whatl is requ red 'to' b6L:LLttCne; then, theL
P e b t RFa I Ine"lij "Floridee. See?
y lie -b V HOXI HUCKLEB=My. tatning..potash. only thingL temai'lijilk do it-, Calf-L'
Its November ig&ue, in an a
noth, t
*'j '-A Ooffln- With Illustrations' fL AL or corresponded, takes: the fornia Fruit Girower.
Our gtation- IS'
4 around in the same paper that the main exylbr ment, L'' W4 t'ng
empre, beau u ace& The--'G ,e'q
'L requirement of Floridaorange trees a L g' -an '.On orofHistoryL'!'.'L shas,,gi p tbioL for d-ata, We presdine."
potKs unate fabt that, Flor I t, Pqri in e n't
kfiin n ao,, according L to 't'
Object the roni ti6 o re r '6j'
Agnes Sore whoJn'h d- he d Keck, CfL BartoV, the orange.' trees are si&tion js L Of Very IjttI6 belj6jlt to the
,uanCPL t L1.111
under :!ID always callingLfor potash,- people o 'the State.]
of F ranbe Arldg-Vjj t'97h e. A SLAFE INVESTMENT.
Out Florida friends-should remember
-Al-t4chbol Of Amer at'
West [j- (S it ismerely -a question, -of An
'North T6rr C ;L 'L I WeevLffi in Peas,
I Jry, DiIthern States.)
Theories may do to write About, but the peas or bean 9 are stored 6 -Var,",
Mi, Pies," adildtb.6 st profitable industry yet. de- f&' to' of obamiL L' L'
fs 6f+th6 Am6ri6an The mo
Id t r ng c Vjnter toLbe Pl"to(l
Mont, veloped in Florida .16 the growing of Co gIL at ry
Library iloe W g seapp jes, The or ngeL, bot L wood
eL ifjh not be ignored they becomoLl
Commopol tan 6, ne and'as the area Within wh
M- Ubtof0 'bb are
COD, en .1 l: "", 'L ey n be gro)" is limited inea a &nd'fiUItLreqtiIres a certain a 0 f A similar nature to: the ones whi
...... potash for ts proper g
ands are growing 'more valuable every I rowth and matur, found in cOrn :,%nd other graiii. While
Y; Land in. the Absence of that u c :t
ith tbe issueof..0otpP(!r,'W. meril- Jear. The L Pabor Lak Colony at Pabor h in peas an d b6an&Lare of difCity) I L.' 0 a Iltiful;and healthful L k : bothfruit-ku Wood ail L to-pr openly: e-, feren tL species sciotitioa y Jrom- the
Welve it6j: 6xi -. No W -at to ill intent, and
-plotedits fLrst t month, steoce 116kidn of South.Florid& owns landsouit_ v.elop.L:. potash no fruit. Now, eevil6in corn,-y
ly h
there is enough potash natural the -purposes, they are't a 8am6sL
underthe,;new, hiiagoM t. Thw-bo able for eappieL culture whi8'hL.It.IS in o r' as
t1joi Ad6ptl'.1a f, pin UOL
0"ionvas traotSot Bol it' nee, not b a'pI; a art y;. t6ir destr
Celebrated by. 1) O sell' acres and- u e. Live Are conceria;,L& 4_ L. Ing III P,
appr but if- otherwise,, itL Must be: go applied
a newly designed I aif oprlik6 ubver YL Ma
1, 7 ; j iL T as
d 4 8 t "J.11-1.ft I I war he abor Lake Col6n' k f f' IV
aild'also by "t 6"ju. ro u tion o' a'de'_ or a lessoneUcrop o ru, and d -the Spe. Cie 'whiobL Workill 1 11 L our'COW
a dpeciali of planting aud caring, for woo
'th jtj tit) f gr h. SSarly itvery shitila r tc i U-1c,
partjneptw h e WQmans pineapple fa'iins for n -residents. This owt will, nece result. It than, peas -I this,- and A. a
ea becomes argeyaqueationofhow uoh the peas.are infested Wit weevils whenis hea, inif,,'will be promises W become a popular raethod of L M
potas is required. our, Florid -are gathered -Th e
found-, a nv68tM6ntL returnE, Are: enormous L a the the 11610.
11ing, CateLof' plantSL I friends hAd been diligent reader I Conti tboi groWtb :" d 'pro6-!.
gard ixiprdportion to the amount invested a. of the weevi a fila
recipesfor 1 e.:'ooo ngi ;Of th C&lif6rnjaLFruitLGroWer,-A8 thelr4nter- ag*te the hen::Ls re -audin
er&kie no crop failures the
g- t bi -6fo. The 0tiblislibm' 'will" 11, M Could ha manyL Cases- bythe
-ve, e a es, SW iness Is About As 6afe a est. clearly de ands,_.they spring o ens,
nd suraLas anyenoopy ree. k own more' about this aubjelot L16jIg theL
-,send &stec n pass Will be, destroyed'
'thing to be found
j ago, than a pears to L a Case pres ]UUj MDT,:pOR L MU!M.
The November Lailies Vip journal! be :ih
opom; ALL- HE CdUj[,D." ent. There is uo'ocoasion for
is-b i 'any loss by
Wseoto t 1 1
or, A th From t6 most reliable, d atw-an alyses these J he s mp e reMeqy
(Colorado,.Farmetj' af fruit, and leaveii,- n&r giverilast month for th _]I weeV,18, IS
bo"tof;,and"Its, announcements foith 1 W. EIL,
OurL'old friend, PabQr,,of the reaction: of, ProfossJ r K ,W,:,411kard of '.also A)ppljoiibleto
"i"!ofIjtctrary tt -are ;
actions published At
Pabor. the nlv rsfty & b6troinedy is Imply is: Pour a &=6,11 V
so great that only 'ftts 's' i''n'did el id
ruli- 0 CoUjIt3%'L LL the
!DeSo Flor a, ispublishing.a L f6l)
Owing. weht Lamountof, J
able 'to'L b[sulphj& of carbon over h
tion oanjustify its manAgers'- in in h6L 8' a
ra -c ass Monthly, 16 L pages, ',0]1' 'Pink t n ra nNsted, peas. T Is Is best done, by
";.'_ ".L., a '', L uil
them. The J ournal',Is' iubli'R'h6d by' the. L L arid, p
Lf 1, 1, bin In,
-of Philadel h1a;LL paper.4ii 'Aias been doini'All he dou d to 42.28.pomids of potaili, Ilviddd as o p ai j the Peas' Aw boi or a kr'ain b Curtis Publishing Co.,
build !I abor Lake. We_ belL, L rhidL b1sulphid
to L D;760 'the umes of, the
oyp 'a 1OW6. FlosIljL
per. m. er L or L one' (follai f hj-,
-,for'10 cen ito 'L do' f 86 qL a hf1h L e
its znado qu success ou, 0 t 8 v6ij- 39.5CPOL be o' d' s in' Chas
un 6 'pd a u ,possible. dt
per year. ag L e1- L 4 'of -Will
th : Qqtab- L 2'. Un"
en). a means woodi sm till amount of the blsulphide ,' b
'The November Review of views has is ing quite a village where there was 10,y6p, etc.,- necessary to proOube the Leeoed'lii thetreatme
lem eia't of, L articles,'-upon, no popu on before his, goli ag down W;600 pounds of fruit, contain' potash the p aas, sothat the-c6st of tnAtnIontV
'P 14D 8; eina
W044' progress We s 6ouj'4 48, 6' 'd
thdm W 5 'Xr, Pabor success -48 follO v 5.

___.__________- -------- ------ -,4"
,, ;:
"_ M I I,-,-,1_1 _FP, N113j 1: i
"., 0 ,I -:, ff ':
II ( kA -1
"t;,"'I", ,,' ',- -4 ,, IM ,
-0 ,-,-_,_- -7_ *-, -, ,, ,4),- M "- 2; r, -,fl -4 z-I- V$ 0109111"_ _,__'' 7PEI WF .,- ____- I .. _- -- __
,, , P ,,,- ll,"",- -,,---,,,,, ,,,,,ql ll,,''",- ,,,-,,-- ---, -, 1 ,,I: I'll, _, ',' -, 1111
, ','i ,,,,,, """ iif''" ,-" a ,, ,x 'll, ,-,_ ,_-_ ,,'- _1 : ,, 1, I
,I N "-,21 I _, "I e _,.
,, I I I 11, ,
K ''I :' , ,,s wfth.ahimal m, ea1,
u 'Qal a I ''', ; i ,
-oorn' at -1 -i ,,, 11 I." I 1
, I rll S
::: I, ,', "I I ] 1', ,? 1 III, I
I __ I I I I
41 Th V' 11' -iW 'To h' '_ ' be aw_ iien braiiequ'ai part eed on 11 1 points 6 1 ', I "I
.. _, lluqL lip b I "I ,!, '
"" I ,
,- ,,
...... Y ,O or kl , ' ,
f, 11 I , , 1: 1, I 11
W ut fewpairs A 6 f 'sixte n h ,
"I __! Pr I --, A 'pon 1 6f , t 1 -1 I I n vhe 'F R I I 1'1 i
'Ilk -I- 'a ens. I I i I "I
6 Y Xe f I hi mixture, toa 6c o I I I I 5
1,4 V--I' ,-";, A .. , III 1 I .
9rAI srua, i I __, ,_, I I I -11
",", .i stud-of' birds, Is k6pp. See that youkeep plenty of grit and ebar- I I _e. i. I F I
.1 ,- ", 11 I e:... 1, I I ,, "I,-,
I L '.., -1 e-4
J',I,,T 4-6 'n p p e r S 6ry ofr the' se any *coal wherethe hensoan help, themselves %,:. ,-I i fowl 'hou I -:, '_ I 'I .. C, I
,, -1 L I I : -, S eV en a k s a f, ,;,,I
V, ,:. 0 -F -1 -q
g,,, ,q d, -, k,. :: ... I I I I:~ -_ ,
8 U 6 _.. I . 14., :...I,, :. I d I I I I I ... I 1 ,,, '',
49o_ 6 the barn Or'L ble, .or any Kd pdre water. %- , I ,:: I : I
, I I I ,,, I ., - ,: i ,,-,... 1". I ,,, ,,, I . I ,
,,, '4 L ', I 4 I I 11 I : . ..
1E ,, I I I e : , , , I
F 3 be made to lil our, warm clim ate, we ; are more : : 'i
., ,tb',qr lii verllenti"p ace can .: I I a 'Alos complete stooX -of I" I,
L, I I ,, -Offers tbe 1 ,rg6xt 8, S.d.- i
';' '. I~
.... _ -, I
I - '
74 'p ii -,. ;;!J than under. feq , -1 I i
4,'L#Qjgood,, s rviloq, for -' he ase-of, igeo 5. ,, to over feed 1:4. __ ., ., -1 I I I ", .. _., .- :" : Bplba to be found In'tlis SoUtli.
,- I'T ' ' 4 1, ' L ' I I I I ; ,, ,. ..... , . ., ., I ,. : : : 3 '. : % : .. I "' ,
,'Ii, ,ThqIoft- shou d have a floor and a low 7: - ,.. --, .,.. -t.-V_.. ,A w ]DN:.:..", 1. -, ,-, _._. I '171', . ., ,
I : I I I :, e 1- ; : : -, I I i '.. I q ,9 9 I I I I I ,
,- _,-- ,,, I- 1 , 1. , 1. I' .", .1 11, ", I- 11 ,. : ,, I I I -'d 1 9 7 1 : 9 9 -5 ; I It
;,,' Jiioat mestlnk bo* s, Ialeed Ilopper' . 9 1 91 I I 4 -PALM 9 : 9 RIKAD b I , , I I
I A;17 7 7 ' 9' 9. -9 9 9 9 I 9 9 .a : .9 .. -.9, , e.. , L'
farmers I I 1 9 ".. % ORNA ,I
'M *,, drinking fountain In wilater, or at all ", ,, IF pid Fanciers. 91 % d;X(jE(1iD'. XM TAi ;' '.'
D L I I 9 : 9 9' ,
1 ,...9 1 1.9 A ,
.1 99, 9 9 I -,
I 9 _9 -9 99 1 1 ,: 9 9 : L ,_, L,
',-Aiibea if'tM bird's are not given their,,libm. z ..Qf,. 9the,9grOat bulk of :those who raise 9 9, 1 1; gAICT"l," : -:.-- )
4 -- 9 9. 9 9 -, 9 1 9 9 9 9 19 1 9. qq Nitta '... L 9 9 .91 9 .. 9
i I 9 I I '. -:
O ty,, they, In -large,.or, sm a .num era,, ., 9.. 9 -: - 19 1, I 1. ., . I 9 . . . 9 1,
,should'be supplied with a P84 11' b 99 9' . . 9 9 1 9 1 9 : - .- I
L:,, '] _4 9 %. 9 11 11 : .. ... ,. .. r, J$A AA 6 0 1 -71 1 ,_ : . : .. .... 9 : % 1.9 91 E S "
% 9 .9 .- 99 9 q ,:
_V,-gravel or .. gat, Ilme and bone.-TheT, N,rmexO OUllie X nAe& 11 9 % , 99 9 : 9 9
,I, 1,9 ,. .1 9 .1 199.9 9 9 9 U 9 :9 .; .": I .- . I I 11 I
,& , , I L, 'I, L i 1. 9., Rt1d. ell "d almost* of 00 soutliers",
I 4 9 S r ii .iyt Altat'lli ida
,,4 ustralian.', L L I I I a. decided," m4jofit Y. The. i 9 , bi. 2 5 --or ceiijM" -,
II,- 11 1 , I 71 LL '. 9 1_1 stat&.Mwldl sss llull 08,60 6. planU f
'i_ 1 I fa:coteta:areIu-,6ompirIson' butih&la dlUl -_ 9 .: 9 _; 9 I .. 9. q I 11 ,

9 I I 1 9 ,q ., '.
1 ' L 9 . .99 I I Story "Ift- I P "I",
.re 16dr 'R- ili; I 'k 9 9 "9 : .9 L I
I I em LaYiug : 9 9 9,pf e merican poulttymbreeders. 1 ut I 1 9 1 1, : 99' ,q
9 .. 9 Ili I ,
__ your iiein- seia to it that. b 9 1 9 Oland :or,,oir 8 ace Illustrate&6848"Iojj 9 ket oar pr10".'.'N f6ra_ Wad z, ,
j '; La'nswer is no, t 9 ii
oth aft-useful, and eaoh is ,indebted;to, 9 an 9 99 9 9 : 9 19 1 1 9 :: , ,,,
.1 9 9 91 9 9 9 1 9 ,ym r orders., Ple Menti6n papio.' Addr : 9 9_9 9 : -,
n- th o : 9 91 9 e" ,,,y do: The old, hens sholtild"'have-2 6' thilt, moke 'b'r 'less, for % his success' I % 9 9 ', I 9 1 9 ,
14 Jdff'L I ,
9 1,
4 1 'W In,'W a pleas ant br&noh'of Ahe national 9 . : 9 , 9, 1 9 9. -1.9-NOM -46yen 0 ,
ished their, new-dress 4 be-!- Adi 7 : N. dk I9 __, __ --- -_
9 I I .- 9 ,, 1 -7-777----
I 1 9 I ,. 1 19, 19 .9 iq 9 9 L 99 .. 9 I
ei, rjght d.wn_ I "t f I I bi ., 11
', ,_ t btiainess,, ,and it is ,"rural economy,. ,: he ano er s am 9 1 I I
,, ;,: I ., 9 t 9-9. -,. i ., t 9_9 9 9 9 I 9.9 1 e .
9 -9 ; i
I 9 ,
yburplace, to, ,see Ahatthey: 94 6 9 9, ira. : tiouo-to, own or producethe biggest the : "S T A R L Y 0 *,_] ,
!N ,,, I 99 If 9 9 I I 9 9 : . I I
-d e L 9 I 1. 9 1 9 I ,:: .; I ".
that the aio ,.frb 'fro- jArT in'j, 9 11nest,;.the oboicest- pluiried, ,the- most, 91-. 19 1 1 9 91 I 9 19. 9" 1, 1, 9 9 1 1 y 9 9 9 9 : 9 : : i I ,4 I
,, i : 1, , i u'. s : i ou: I f I 9 .- -; 9 . ,9 9 1-b! rds 9 orllidbestlayeis _and Market y' fr i in September a. 9 d giave'all losses attending sbipping :
I I 9, 1 9 1 1 I I :, ,.
,_ -.nOT, procure ten I I r,, 9 su. 4. symmetrical I I ,our Tait I ,nd;,, ": I
- L I
I pe fruit,' n 1 -9
-,:I" i 9 qrij, ,- J1 I uId L dl 4qhms o cbxbolrie 9 9 91 1 9 Gef the HIGHEST PRICE WHILE. THE: MIKIZIKET IS BARE of good ri 'Ij
L, ,, p b, ,wl;l, t amd,, hecan, twujou_ Iiowmady se'rrationshis 1 9 9 ., 1 9 1.
,,- I I L I I 1 99 : , ,, v, ;.., 9 9 1 : y our. I '
X,, I '. 9 , 9 9 9 h t Irm', before nekt bk)0 D'
fifil 'a MucIjea0htjMe as L'you Use Only, ',,,,,:, oks.,com Lould h e, 1ow app 9 9,
L i 99 1, z 1 9. 9 9 9, fL orite qo ' a4 i ly your surplus-cas owor.irigand fertiliting, 1, , ,- , ,.9 .: j 'L,,
1i 9 r gh, '' '' '. 9 I ri ow I hdveimost All: -61'. e ot e I'll
-, L t 6 om 9 se; son. comes, around,:.. Trees aiid b 9 id 9 L fbi Q ., .I .Iso L ,lh; 71
fi,' I , , U il&, dowtie:, 9 ii L. .- I ae -, t ,, 9 iiL 9 -_ 'L 9L : :
1 111 LLA L I L -9 9. :
1 I I he, fo wls Wyt 0;, egs,' & 11idejAktiona t -e :: rue'- p &-c I f _L Lq. : ,, :
L 9 LL 1 , 'L L L 9 9 L L i -Grape FruitTre or sale c e P..
,, over a wooden bowl or urge pan Land h 6Xa t tint leading var e es, of Orange, Lemon and es: a 1. 9 9 .. LL.
L a oxild exhibit, what the 0 of I I 1 9 .9 '1
9 9. 9 L L L 9 9 9 L : L ,: .1
9, L h I 9 L 9 L .: I I 'L
Write me for prices and prices, ., 9 L L "t' ,
1 -'and rubaLl t e, : aTbolized'.sulp ur In the the ear-lobe should be,, and many other q L L 9 I L I 1 9 9 9 9 L I LL _. L L "9 LL L L.L 9 :L I
that L , -9, thij L 9 L L hL 9 I 9 ]It L 9", L I .L 'L ,.'I _N()*L LL e6- L facts interesting Land valuable'to t ose C L I i I L, 'U'r ,
: ," thers 4 ,yqu can, ,., .. 9 hLL 9-- ,L 9 L 9 9 L j .9
or(y 9 g 9 9 ,vith whom, or Jot *hom, 'he 'I A BOONE A , i. ropica ,Ser*s
-', yo& hotiseOr roosting PlIkoe HL L .- a 1. L ) ge OM L9 T 9. 9 9 1 ; 9 'L: 1!, 11
L_ L 9 L L 9 9 9, 1 L 9
1', j4 ,-, : I 'L 9 L L ., L 14 1 1 1 1 1 9 L 19.. L 99 L I 1
L L : L ,
,Y 19 car ,eq'-hl1a with 'an 61d rufj :qhokeri riiSing' It Is' tho1anoier, too,. : : ; :V :L' ; L 9L :,:t ..
L .9 L 9 'L L L M M o ll L' ,, ,J f L: : "
I I L L 9 9 '!
, '' ha eyerycrack an 9 d cr6vic, :L1wijbL:k'er6- 'wh_0L.e:chanoesAhe dultivatiou of 'AheseL 9 9 L 9 9 _', 'L.':;9 L : ", .. I - L9 L I
,-, 7 1 I I '. , 1. L 99 L I L 9 L 9 L 9 '9 L ,
-, 'L 99 e l] SL to M 9 L 9 L 9 L L 9 9 , ," L L I , 9, ',. 9 ,
9 L '
', _I-'sene,, and see that heLJOQStLLpoles..are new, Varieties, who Lh akeup the L.S tL6 14L 9 L 9 9 N 'L L 9 L 9, 9 :9 L ." 9 'L 1 1
"L L 1 9 L L 9 9 L L 9, 9 ,9 9 9 9 L 9 9 9 91
'A L, L LI L 9 J dL , L tq 'L 9 9 L": '. I
Sbtt L 0.9m., e y e L , les- _W ,
9 L, 9L : 9 9 L ..
,,, t the end, d ,,,a wee 9, us ,ittr onjLof the, show roqmL St r le L _9 11.9 _4 9 1
1, I L L L I L, 1 9 L I .. 9 L 9 9 I L a 0 9' 'jo .' L 'L L L
cIL .. , 9 ayS eX ; gi.6ta I A L tL. 91 g t L Cost f9L u L 9L 9 9 1, L. L I L -9 L, 9 I 1 91 !'P e6 p t L 9 1 1 1 .9 .9 L L , I
-th fowls again, then 916;. 06 few Ld 9 8 a 9 e ray. n he 0 6 r numer-, 9 9 L 'Q L
I I L L" do -9 9 ; L I L 9 9 ,jh L 9"Ld L 9 L L 9 : L 99 M .E. TT 9' L iet6r,, W iersdajj6L
9 L I OnS, 9 9 I .. I L L L .
I- mine_ for, lice, If t ,.fi L L 9 Ib Iti bo Q&r- 7 L I I .9 9 9 1 _'L I I 11 I LL, ,
y Oil 0 49'9 no an y ': 90, 'Ane.fowl ,e 't 11W L '9
r_: 4 I I I . 9 1 1 _LL 9 9 L 9,] in g 11 .LI I do, -L L 9 9 q I our nurseries over 100 OW ,O 'anae au'd L benign; ,tr ,es"-compri s _1
-, , but in all pro hT ri, , ', i eSLaa 0 hi L .We have .in 99 t, 'L
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-1, -1 14 1 L L-L 9 L 9L : Pro fruit has sold in gortherii-markets at 414,!&9 box. I L guaralateed true to nain ,
qjnj.thea claag'spedito a ,- W ', L 69,," L 9 "' L _13 ,,, I
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J*L' -vVeek,_ afid it is safe to give at.least thr 6 Audi high- eu ot the, 9 and*ts _P 9. rite f, r P@0 &I B rgaips onfargeorders_ L "_-. 3 --,,- ,
Lq 9 L .'h L' L ,9 9, 9 LL I L L 'L 'd 'L L L L L L 9 9 L. I % % p r1c 0 s. : .
t, I , I *, , d L L 9 '- L' L L 9 1 9 L 9 L 9 9 L- 99 9 '.9 ': 7 99
tbe .ugh i.S o _k 9 L .;
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L 91 9. 1_. L L L 1 9 I I 9 9 9 1 -9 L : 9 -, L L -99 9 , L L, 9 9,
I , : 1, 99 9 L L L L 9'L LL 9 1 9 L L L 9 9 L I 11 9 L ., 9 9 L : 9. 9 L L 9 L ,
L I t eD receive regular - LL I L L L 19- ' L_ , _ L"
tryL L 9 .. 9 L : ,
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-1-S ul phur if the 9 h p 9 LL L 9 1. : 'T H E ; q 9J L I .
:: J 9 17, L 1 9 q 1 9 9 : But tha fa rm er grows Is oul 9 1 L ,
L L I 9" 9 I ,I
nthl 4 duSLings; you,' will. keep, free L 9 L L 9 I I 'B E L E l 11[ _'
9 1 W 9 L L I 1, L L 9 L 9 -G
mo y 9 n 9 9 other objects irvveii He 'aims to ob- .9.. LC .. R
from them. ,.Aemove Ahe dld-n jjt-f0r,,AgI6,,,gnd_ L I' C- A '. 9 L 9 1 : I I I . 1 4 ':I
," :kaa-, 9 9 L @L -b_ L I 4 :gooT',Woig fl L 9.' %m I pro 1 0 .9 'L, 9LL , L '7 ; L' ; .. L _. L
t I f 'L '_ L 9' cll _'( ,q 'wh 'j6;,b "Y I L L .L L L 'L 9
is 9 _, O L R 1 DA 1 -9 ; :L " ,] '9 L I i 11
ou L 9 9 9 9 IF STAT E" ,9: 9 :' ': ;_ .' ;L" _"L 9 ,, "- '
L, 9 I ; '' _. .L q. _,:;
,,: rie romt e at r. ; q '' L
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L stook, Iaud lookit"to'geteral "Utility fIft, 9 L :' -,
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J* L 9. L L L 9 L , I L I 9 L: n ._ ,
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:, and'L ,E
L, 91 9, a -; I L L _9 9 9 L I 9 L 9 I I -, _,11,
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ga sing e or
I L .
the-carb6IIzed-jjIphurj C L, 9 L I : .L 9 . 9 : 19
,_ hQhwra, with i ,or L rd' L I I R L ., M L L
L --I 9 1 ; L 1 1 1 si ,
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f9L 9 L I 9L doublis'combs whiteL L I'D 9' z L-L ,
iL 9', 1 9 1 9 9 7 or, Velf6w ear-lobeis, "' 9 I ff:
dging p Ace, 9 vermin and 9 9 9 L L I L L aUnLoojor9 9 U E)q L 9 L 9 9 L : L '. 9, : : I I A - 19
I 9 :,
"' there i's the 10 I P _. ,
t 'L ,9 9 q 9 9 9 L L ' 9 L 9 feathered or to feather rd L Ifinbs, L L L 7 L L . 9 .9
ILt 7 L 9. 11 L I I L 9 L L L '- I L." I ". L L , i.. 9, 1 9- L '_ L 'Zr,-' L' 9
J111-tip with fresh u a OrIal. 9 Mak" L 6 L I I L 9 L I L L. 9E= G le L 9 L 9 9. . L I I- I
L 9 9. 9 1 9 1 9 1 L .,, 9 -, ,- ; 9 9 1.
L' I L 9 9 ef! m ,4 : 9 1 L J 4 9_ '.
ovhrilliant. p) I L t9o
9L 9L L umage,:creats orL bald L 9 9 .. . 9 L I 9 9 I I 11

L 'L L L L 9 L L L99 9 9 L 99 L f __J L L_ L O R :q_ L
tlri3 to_ see ill ,eyery. poultry-.,,IaAper I L 9 'L, I h Has a full Falculty 9 L 1 le 9 P L CLON T AND BUILDERj ".
L 9 .L laftads. ,Sothat is flocks.are healthy., 19 r4 $SOTS
.2 1 9 1 : : L L -, L 9 9E ' L 9 L I L : - 9 1 L. .L 9.
a 4 M( 6", adL ejtisernent& for, : JjSL L I L L L 9 9 ,,, ,
doien, or lrL L I 9 L S t roing "Ld vigor good feederm.:'Land Good equiprn lltirtLsboratofi6 'and' S OPS L L. L L _. L L L _;,,
: Q c6n ta L ., L ) L -9 A 9 L 9 L L L 9 9LL L _L
;, 4 'per poun 9, , L 9 1 L 9 9L h a 9 6, ontent.L 9 L L9 9L I
Death to A ji0e, t:, I L. L9 9 a . I -9 ayers, I AtL Gives Fiv Full. Courses:'of Instruction.
1 9 1. 1 9 .. 9' 1 dL e He: flu6 th 9 L 9 9 I 9 olrreapon end Sblicite 1 9 : L L. -,
: I 'L 9 L , '. 9 L 9 9 g po
'', qllar ' L L t 9L99 L 9 9 T= AGRIC ULTIJRALi THE MECRAMCAL, :4' L "' L L' 1 L ; L 9" 4 ,
11 with'the, b v 99, 1 9 L 9L --'91 L L I ,
toutest, ibe 9 HE L 9 L9 '9-L L L '.
All of tIl!34q ,h;Am4 Lugs.' 'LL' L 9 9 9 li ssl (*ly to select, the 8 ,a,- .T q 1, I ,_ 9 9 ,]p L 9 I ,,- ',-,
1 -q.;-'L-,L' -49 0 P.- he,, L 9 9 1 THE LATIN SCIENTIFIC,, T WOBUN 9 9 1 I
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BVjj1tBlljl", 9 9 9 _L L I ".. %9' L ,
inscription. I I 'b _MPSL Moat, L tone cal., and 9 7 L 9 L L 19 J A Voll L Vjj P l -,I
'L 'L rally-'sy amett I the THE L 9 :9 1 .1,19 L, _" L __ '
6yddUt&u6f 9 9L 9 9 *&Lj6grad I ':'.. :: '... ..-q.,q,9L' 9 9 I -,
receive patronage or th 9 L I a v ptoductto repro L 9 i I _.. .. L .: 9 -I
L the .1 9 L L L L irl L -_ -_ -_ LL q : 9' L I Pay bardlLest of .his y6 rl Grarils-degmej-0fL ', S. and '. __ -,. i :_ 9; L ', I L
19L.. ." ', L "! .
' I
9 : 9, 1 Z : 'L. : j106 't eM
L -, L courses. YoungL men boar& FPD,10 np I
-1 'I full W S,,OF THL -9
printer's bill. 9 L d h 'in successor 4 witjaLsfaisfac- Z R OCKIES1 ;'j REE!,,, I' ,4 L - 9 L in niess hall for L $J6 ..per- month. V' ''L
% L that L ;tLh6 p_0w .9 -9 1 9 9 L 9 I oung '* 4We have no doubt: LL ders,. tory results I I L L L L L ,$ L 1 9 1 .1
"L 9 99 9, L. r, his marketing:purposes. L ., I L I 'J L., L 9;
fo' oar with f2rriffiesAn'towri, 16 to I I L L-: )Pcj_. 9 jjjj*t !3 IM
99 L 9 b I 11 .::, a LL 1 '
L,', L 9 9 ,_ L ,, I 9 I w om en, d L 1, 9 L I -- 1
jL L li L9 L 'N 9 t I I tio 9 nc ar t L 9L, 9 0 Y. L ,, 4;
,,',- are:death to iiee, bu,,no sure di atjithan L 9L q 9 L I 'L :I'L,
I 9 : 9 9 L L T e gher priced, higher classed birds, $ I 5 Lper mouth. h ged residuits t,,, 1. 9, L L
L 9 beginSL 9 ,
I th c, ion, of sAIphurq au ,c&khcjiC L theL I I ,,, vm Rocky 9. MoUnW n' ,Globe alustrates 4 -','-,
orribinat L of Florida. Next term LOCTOBER2. ' ', L ,; L,_ 9 I
I I I L L 'L 9 1 99 !9 . which his friend', fancier, turns out L 9 1 1 9 L_ 9 1 d fLC011"rY Ill Aft %',, Beut Paper Jr)
11 -ac id, while you'pay 2L5' CentS.for the one 'h L ,V'jil 9 himei n L full Information ,,, es he ,
,3 .For Catalogue,. giyi 91 : L. 9 9 L "rativea.
oihc 9 9 9, 99 e a f of, from time W time, L L L g 9 9 L W ent, Brl full of stories, IdHtorv, anecdotc4i- ',
al cents for L th r.; Bqt ;we 9 I I OL - 1 9 L I I wnteto : I .L .1 L : L L 9 ,, L 9 L L L_ L e ja 11JUn& 2L L L 9 d Will for 4I mend their greut ,,',
9L L 9 L' L 9 9 9 juLl inited4urnb4alt6or as-witb his 6W11 9 P ,' L "L 9 '
It IL L L 9L L L9 9 ed9 99 f '. .. L 99 9 9 L L L' 9 L lt pcr, one yew and a magEiticent mineral speel
_LL. a; L L LL' 9 L I L L t e ,f Ci 9 9 1 9 9' O.,CLUTE .,resident L. 9 OWs : d ,_j
,started ou 9 t o g 9 ive. YOLU L .9 1 re L in,, y. or f d 9 9 2 L 9 9 T Oncablnetof 16 .gera"; BaLloll opall p
I I L' 9 L 9 '. 99 99 :' ow ls' j Ud loioiiSly L an th us an er. 9 9 L L9 I 9 9 L .. 1, ,
I your non-jaying hiqnP.., The meather.ija 9 9 9 L ,- L 1 9 L' L 'Wood, Pink Touriuallne,, Jasper, AEurlto, Got(]
9 9 ,
9 L L L L.ak'o Qity:;: V 1,4
'L I .. I -99 9 . L 9 L- L proves, his ally afid'helpffiliet, so far. L L L 9 , Ore Apazou Stone, Silver Ore, Pink Satin Sp
91. L L L 9 L L 9 L 9L
ftSelltlyLecol er .L, L --- 9 9L .1 I 1 9 L L ; , 9 : 9 Coppo Orpj ,,White Satin Spar, Pc '
6061, ju5t ple L h' e inYlorida. L 9L -i 9 1 9 'I t
I L 9 9 L I 'L L W 9 P L rem at pou try'-keepers 1 9 Pet
LIa-- 11; Ieaithy ; 9 .... L" Z L L- h L:, L A180' L ark tii ; I L 9 L 9 Aeoiats 16r! M- -L. 5 rifled Wood, 'QUarti, '_6]0tdte, 4 A a h a-h e7i ',,I
.. and'your fo)N' 'L. 9 9 Lve ;brijh who-9 are, ncLtL thoj 99 Wndatonce. TldalbabaqKatn--,
_. L a L 9. L I f '9ACT I gelli L' z 'C
gh J& I L awS, 9 rL& Y,6L ar;
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I L -9 9 AaMije o I;
d. .9 9. 9' ou: L AAR 'r
L fi 1 9 9 riciers, li ort : ,11 !'Jd eLT70 -MOUNTAIN GLOB-B -Bd. Jos. !
red "combs "in 'are L as' appy as' I&fk- 9 9 I L 9 L I 9 L 9 SU' L L &D U r a I 9 ", ; ' Z L i :; L L I I : 1 L I 11
ls t : Of: 1 Denver,,, ol 9L ",
.0 I 0. '%L L .'L: I I I 't
_, L L : re ro 9 L I L !
L , jt at_ the fancy, in re&lity. The. rearing, ek
Pt L 9 ,9 9 t, 9 I L .L. ate CALIFOR91k BUL -.: __._1_1 d
I 1 9 9 B I ,9 9L 9.L 'q -- -9,
and readyy_ 9- y the: giie d d-p6uf, andpja4t ,- -.Los Angeles, Cal- L 9
,M' e 9 Qti LYON & COBBE, 'L. I
( '_& L L 9 hWiiink9ajid tlIs46M inht1Tj bloo Is :9 1 1 9 L 9 9 1 9 L I 9 1 1, 1
9", 1, L 9 : ., L L ,2 L I 9 i ,
9 L 9 I _'
-wib a bail of, ,;ee -and have beeubu the 1. .
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L 9 LL
.L 1 9 9 L '9 .9 9' '.
"LL 9 : t q L LL , 9 1 9 ._ 'G UARANT 7 D ",-'
b L, 9 9 'L 0. : 9 9 ,costly. li 4nei ers br',nnot recelv -POSITION I E ,,
uy per aPS4 ; 9 h L L'. L 9 9 9 9 Z 'L 1
-lookout, all d- :pInCe L noon. li 6u, L" !'L - j LL, L I L .
".Year- '-.' : L -1
for the outlakj ey are 9 , 5 L 9 L i
I Y'L obliged 9, L.L I tj .1 .9L to under,'Tq4SQ.aL d .4 iio.i, "-L6., AiF G p4et,7 7
_Jf- oi4. feed three ti mes, 'a' de L it io all 9 LL 99 99 L' ,9 9 9 9 L 9' 9 L 9 L L9' -,
1 9 9 9 9 9 .9, L to u3L 46L f SiLL, for 13 9 L C r catalogue will explain wh ,We can afford 1 , ,
, 11 I .. L I ,L9 L ak r0m .: fanoier th el lrcula _, ,,
rongbut, when night '09mes. andyQu .,I 9 1 L 9L L 9 9L L_ I I L'
_, L% L fidn of m on ey .within' the ,olasg makes I L ,
TheL7S. hem va Draughon's Priottoal Business Coflegei,.z,
L, 9 b .' L L 9 L 9 1 9 9 9 1 L 9, 4 I',
1 to gather, the OJZ ,YOU59;00ule 9 1 L '. 1 9. L I LL L 9 .1 9 L ',I
g ai'L ,',' 'L 9, .
9_ Ich L 9L L' 9 L L L

tL ,, ,9, 9 L L 9, L L them, as a 0 1 aSS' nel t L r pij ro'r tor- r er. L 9 L 9 L L 9 : b d 'D 1. t : L 9 L I , Writojor catalogue,? ,,I
:.. L ': I 9. L I 9 , 99 h 9 L 9 L' ' 9 L 9 9 9 : NASHV II LE, T EN 'L
b6ckLwith anempty baslRe L"' L:'L 6 '9 _t 9 8 L Pay, t 9: Lq A 1XI 'FIRMER. : L 9 ' L:_ Boilk-keeplilgi, ,ShorOartd ,a', _' ,9 L ,_ L.. ;.. tj 'L ,' L'. ,Outsider e'bills In the ,end., :The L L.' L ' L L 9 -9 L L 9 1 9 9 L 9 9 na6slll 'Ljah Tsls
-have i ate 1 ings, correo' Y" t A L L .ikeperaL_ 're ii bt 999 L 9 91 1 9 9 L ial, L 9 M he intft jt of
ff r L: L L L i ra y, W spe A more money in tl ,_ I
'L. L L '9 L 9 in &S6 of Poultry. tie M 9. L .L Industr : mPL1OT1BntPepRrtmnnt than half the nusin6sb, ,,
fan rs,,. ,The 'Gre it Pat

I -- -11,
-,- ---- ------.------.------ --I.--,.--- -- -- ---,.---- .
I 11 11 : ; 1. .. .-.-- 11 "., -, ,7 7 ',-ll I III' illll::I ,l I ; Vzm ,"I'll, --, ," 7 1
; 11. 11 jt? "-a , -,E I T-- ,- l i: -, F -, 7 -1,- I I ", -, --- ,'
!I jillliiiil &- 111 l,;11 'I" ',:-- 1 ,,,-,,,, -,- ..
F w ;Ro i, 11 -,
: ... ,,- 2 1 1 z'il ,, -1 1 4 .
,I,, ,- , 1 -, l-,'' 11. -l--- ,,, 'k, T
11111 ,,; , - "ll -- I : I 11 IF" ,- ln-, I
F I -,,J:" -" l ,f, ,'I,"- ,,
.1 - I 1,1- r ,- ,,i 1,
,., I I 11111lt C ,,,
11, "I A' ""R NTR 1"t 1,
,,L I ': , ) ',,,., T, l, ,
1 0i z I ", 1 l ;-- ,.,, ", ', '-, r I I ,t 1 '11
1V ,4., "' i '- -- l ,,
-- ", -, : , -1
-lt -, I I I I -e I I ,
1, , "" '' l- - 11 I 11 1-11 "A -,,l, "T,-'', I 1, 1, ,, I T 1 6, 1 ,,
:,- : I I ,- I ,, i',
"T" ,-, ,,',,' 4'-,,t- , z ,-P ;"- ,-, 1, ,,, I
l l 'L' ,' L,fL' ",', L-"I ,,", : L'', I I I I '::L" ,,, ,,- ,
,? -', L, '', ,-:- -44L 0 11f ja I -,
, ,- ,, ,l -. 11 I '-l 18 "'. - .. I i 7L _- "' ,,'' ,Z,
r, 7!l ,-, -,-tl,, :- L -- '4 : : : ,:, , I a;, , ; ., . ;, ,: ..-J-- '' -' --: "
11 ; I ;:6 , ", .. -'- ,,,
'I.' -1 1. ,,, 5- , ,, ,
"l 11V 'I, Rd Pe U ". .. I ..". 4 ,. ,, ., ,;, I ,,, -" I nint "lar- Ralh adil , :- I """..,.
L'., 1 .1 I.. I I t, 1 :_.,
"; I I -: : ,... I 1: j ",
1. I 1, ., :, I t. ,, I : :, Z, .: ' '- ;
L 1 I : : ,. ,:
;, -1 "! tt , -1 I I ,,,,, j I ;. . ,. 111 1,_,
k -, I Ill I I I I I I 1:- : ., ,: I -.: .: 1 1. .; ; : - I -- I T,
: , ,,,, l ,,,,, -,. l I I 1.1 1 I ; I _,
L L ,,, ,Ix I ,z I
11 I I I 1. :. : I n t I 11 1: I I I I I
,,, L, , I . I I ", : : ,4 Land f li,4 z I ". z ,,, ,, 1. I
.. .1 I I 1 : 1, ::., ,-? ,
,-, ,l, -. L'- ,': L I I -The FloriU Trunk Lit" hort Linw ,, , -, I 1, .1 ". .--. '. -1 I I I ,., 1', -"-' I :,- ,
I-, I L to JaCkBonVille, ": -, zl : , I : L I.: -.- ; -,:, , , ,, , -L- 1:V"" I I , : : : I I I . I , ::. 1. .: I I l, ,,, ,
,- 1, I I L liew" nah, Atlanta and : :.1 1. I I I I I I ., I I I 11 I I I : : : 1,
-:, L I all pointA Nott lueluding Now Tork, :,, 11.11. ,, LEXPt ,, X JXG 6, I I
I L I I 01? IX G I ',
,, ': : Chicago, St. Louis, K4n w Clty, etc I ,, I k I .. 11 I % I I P : I ,, L.- I .I- I I I : I I I I I ,-l 1: ,"
l, .. I I I 1 I : --- I'- -11-1
,"e,L 1, LL .. I 1, I I late. Only line with Jbrqugh Pullman ', 11 I I I .1 I I I L
,,,, ,- 1, .".1 I I .. "I I .. -- P ":13A .V 14N .9 -.
j i I I I- T Jackl onviUe to New % I h I I . ., :"., '. I I
"', t - $ke'pe'r-s' from .9 ': '' I.~ J ,
: I " I I 1 I'~ "., I.. I
L I 1 :7'' -, -.. "... I ,- _;-1 L -1
,, L I I '. I _: I
L L I ,, .1 ., L' ,
,, , : ; Ill -1 ', "00pan I I I ': i I : 1. -O ik 1;. -.,. ,U
1 -1 L : I Ll I '. % :- ., z z , '. e ...... , I I.. I 1 T '. ,- L ,
""' I 1, 1, ,- -.. : -!,:,; :.. ": : O n
.1- l: ' L' I 11. : .4 gropm a Ju I
%, Y ,,, ,,, .1. ,: ,;r
1, I -1 L, I;- E- L"MM :, norviaw I I I ; I : ., I .
, 1 I I I I z,., .; ,7_ % ... 1: 1, , ." ,
I ,. I I .1, I I , I ,., ,; ;,- ), I :. : I I . I : . 1z , 11 41 ..... 1. I L 1, L
1 1 'L I 1. I I I I I ; I ,
i %. .11 I I L L .,
I I ,
I I .- I ,
-,, L I 11 P -- A R IP A "' "
"L ,,, 'L L I'll I : ,, O 9) , '', ,
'T ,L ll -", I I -- .1", 11 i 0 -',L' I I I .. .1 .. i 11 I A B O R 1 A K ,E s D E '8 0
'l',", :-' lL- ., I I - 1 : I 1 .11 ,
L ; Isy" I .- I I 1. 11 1, : I
,,,, L I ..' '..- 1 1 ": iz: I :1 : I : I : 1. %, 1, I
f ;.. .:., -.%. : z: J- I -.--z
-- I '. I I ".. I., : , : ., ,,,
",, %' I i :, '' 11,
', , I I 1, :, ,4- -:.:." -,,;,
1- -. I I - I 9 .i i :" I . 1. I I I : I -. Ti I ', z : I 1: I I I I:- :e .. .,
I 11 ... '11 I I .. :: I :, I . I - z 11 I .. 1 1 I -, I I- .. 11. %: : .. ..
',- :1 : I
I %, I I I I I 11 I I I .
11 ...... ,, ., I ,:. I I I ;, : I,.,',, 11 1, I .. -,
I ., .,
', I I .. I I -- df. -,
'411l".. i I I 11 1:1 I 1, I I 11 I I .. '- ;,,'f .::-- --
'' , I I I I nc- 2.6. .-,. I-Pbe Pabor-Lak* C, cest
-- - I olozkT I&mds are Ix the hoaxt of.& mal
11 I I ;-- 1. I lake region ofD686to audp lk,'
,,,, L -, 1, ,; ... -- I r -- .1 11 %A .1 I L, r
, L I j I I I ,,, t 11 abbut inii 286"C JP '. I .. I I ,- .Mexico, between
]Kr., Ja ,Hard sense, traveling. agent, I -- : ,: I Ties lwai botween no itian'tte Ocitan and n'e Gnitof i'tlia 7th" o ,
,j ,- Fu I ", L I & I I I 1, .11 I I I i al I ., 14. b" I P,,,,_,i,,_r r'-- "
"" r, I :,:' tolotlatitude. For t1diMcoiony acholcoa oct4ou o a out 2,000 acres of high 13d r14tit6r- l7 'f J r du i4g ge# i 6.1. -1
U' i izer, a ti .... 11 - Oak .- .1 I k .. I., I I I If- I I
-- a I th it ik'
r ; rh L , % ed wi ve o i urk" -made in tbe.suminer.of 1994, TbeTo are
t I "k jac oak waa
: 0 ugh,, I -, .,
.,- 1% i t "It ip I I I I
-V',,- I I n every. side of the: t"d; it
-' ffi tlW 1M 'furiat,6d1uuiI. P 1. : -i be 6 ,:takes 6f-Tarievo areas, thikolualle about Is acres litextest aad the
Z, n I I I I I I .1 I 11 I -- -.--+' '- 1, 4 target shout WO-acreo; these.lakee are from 26 to 76 lost desp,; with, -pure, sweet, vbolosomo ticA- l
,- -, -' r I I I I : water. There a r 9 no marsh lands as tk-y ha;ig it gentle hielln6 ir m ilxe hig-LrIdgon I dowb to th e,, !
li I - 7 j ' L;';O'. !! it. i, :- , r
I ''. .. .. - 4 1', I I I I I 'waot er's ed I I I tl I I ,- '. I 18AW -C I it-16 att ,
-" .1 . 1. I., ge; consequen y no stogiiant *at4r d ond no. 'Nohealthler loc o ,,., -.. 1 44 .: a" 40: IMs, 1,
1*, ; r_ r , I :.: i. , 4 canbetmindin theState of Florida,. Freedom froal mosquitoes Is ale antsoportanifesture; these r '
00 V'- I. -1. Nj
-j 4 -l -', O -airenot even'
- 1, I troublesome Insectwumake Iffe a burden on the east coast and along the gulf, bat they,
", -1: I I 0 A
-,$, ,- r .......... Iz
j:', .r 11 11 -t !r : I % 11 1, 7 5" 1 an "noyance-In the whers the lands Surrounding the water are high, A residence In
I '' I I
I I 1. -- '--j- I I .1 lt wf tsr;.# sail O' I if,
Uc l - I ; -1 L 1 , I title Section in as pleasant is oubibmer betrequeibtah6 wer' dAh breez6t atblows., ,
"' ' I ,, S4aig .. ,- ,, .. -h galtFult6kethez air co' ' 'tii '.. fu Coll du
L -- I -j", r 1 j 'r 'La,
,g 1 i L 0 b6ok 4 fourth b6l w ocesu and i ade r By' ",;'
-, ,-', L I I -- 1,- I P16U(17 !81nATbtMWO
AI 4 ., 3 .r-"z i dre to goaml : -1 '. I -- I I I
r -1 .: ,,, ',. ,.. ': .! 1 % : .: : .: , '., " . -, -1 1, ,,- , '- ', 1
11 ;' " L I -- '. ojambik
'L l ", 1- I 1 I ,
L r r I j ". : Its rests on a lmkeabout:Afty attrw i I iiextent. Ar on lid t I h s a 0, evard t felst'L I l
,& :, l 11 ,O.f 'L- t', N 1 4 ; '. W Tho Towu 9 I -B ul ; -, li -.,1 I I i Y , ,. ,
I I ; I., I V ."
R, ,- -, : I I ,:, z i,'.. ,-, I illyto be setto slinde.troeS and, m ude &.plpaqani lake drive.,
L) I I I width" beenreservedwhich In events .
,,V- L L, I .1 I VW., I I : -Vt I U& S item of an so r e, mo I o or lea .havibe '19A out I litch will me k' Io-velN'r4w&l 'ta ,
L' I a en d ,1W 0 facing
Arl 11' I "I lk, 1
,q- 1 -- -- 4 ,,r I I ', I 0 .11 ,4 1 ns kaig.' ltsal&ice and busin4sa"lots ob4ir forty: acres of the ioweette and adjoining ib ar's two I
I M I I I I I 1.
j-,_ "_k-: T "I , I I labi6liona, taking Up hu ,- -' r "
for roiideuiees and pineapple p balanceot_'.
11,,,-7 -- 0 I'M 0. 4 lorm- Vers of two d s. hillactre blocYs I I
,J- I %V Z.A. u :
"OK" theist acres not aps.rt, for tho town ORA; :.The bal" oe o the laud. h'ai beea, laid out into 5, 10, 20an & Ll I
1, 1. .1 I
'I,- lr I m r I I- 1 I 1 4, L I v4s; I tatioilli aid gird;ns. Tbese tra cta ran go In ,pri ce from 450' '.
11 I 1.
Y "' , L 4 I ,,k*,--"', r 19 z":,W ks-- ,nd other infur aafipin,- . P, ly 40 acre t1re'a forgo Orch" "' P ; .: : 1. j ,
-_ 4 I I I '. .,
,,;. , I 11,
downte $10pok acire according. todistandA from town ceiil r.abd7ariD sold foroine third caeb and al- r
", I Q,.,. ,- A.., 0 MOD6y2jiiii, I q p A. ,d i- I ,- tl ';-i 4 1 I - I I~ Lako tron I ta '.
." L $ L, I - _i .1 ;,i .,8, *-1. 11 ; Z.% Lk i I & I XM IUM I 6 years *1 out Int6res very W e otoo colony langs I tillable, -$ T : :auco In one an W I I I J!
T ,,',- I jf.. & INV 0# I I d L- I I -home not having a'vf ater fron 6 and Are -Sol in tracts ror ,ten P,
," I I 1. 1A I I k 1 I I .1 .held t I I t4 , ,
', 4 , t I .. a" be more YeAustble tba,*t
X , I 1 -4, l', - I .. I I I -1 . I I .1
'I ? 1 -1,71 1 1 1 . --, I I --7- acres more or less for,60m w o. 0,1113 I ,Sec rdiug to loca-'- ,:
,lt"L --: ' l ,, r I ,,, .,:: '. ., 1 75. .Town lots are. sold at $25 $56andVF6. I .. ,,, "
l I r- C '- ,: ,:. 1', : .11 ,- .:- :- .1 I I ,:.. I I I I 1. 1-1 .. I I '
'r I r '. 101 I I , ; I I 1. tion., Baalba is.jota i;42UM feet., .ViNa attes $160 iach. Thitse and tovin:iotaare- payable oue7half7 I
'I L I I ,,, k I 1 I
I .
[ ,, ', :, , perfectan full'Warion I utee ,
4'- , L ";% L
kl- -1 a In cAah, I in One Near., Tltle'fa th6ao lauds IS Deeds'ara given.
-1, I I L . 1 I bga- , - .1 ,- --- L I ... --I hi- V 601'6 1- Tralk 0 ,k tau'Jober of families are alresi4yeattled onthe col6nN;Iandie, others ate Impr-pilng their Dimes UU- ,,
^ l -, t l r I t ---- I~~ 1. 1, I I . I I 11 ,,
i a r ,.
1 Y udaugg6r more cqlbhlata WUlEsettle.h k-,i6iiimifilt r:(6ii others are In' - -EIMM 'Bouthward fro= 'ibis rmsl. -, .der the charge of this Onto "I I I I
,4;- "," r r I 1. r I I I IL'
'I .: I Rll aV -the Fronft ent, -16atarao the colony ,
'f L I ,- L T 44 ,all
11 I r I I.. '- '
Beilfig, a ly
,M_- :'k ,- L ' ihn 4 1W 4 qu lc, -aqting[ L L .- ': 11 I -' I .:I e, whole ; ojjd, A 4 h6t i 1 r,
L ,',
: -611uz h, R PUbj[C 'Hs lj ,
,, r tblibL, tAuk IIOL61 eiied"TgripMad Iallz, ", I- n sample can of' now .Aa Hogth R*t d, the, mat. I .
1 1, Jng out sma Simon Pure,, L I ..., L L r "' L f lots have. been made,
roots of J t oi &dE GIto it.
l: hq s] riDjcled it, around the ;;j 6AURMW L I -1 L I I I Lr,
4'r ' L '" L - I 3a g L : ',r I i L ,, 'L 4 ,,,
_*L t ': 11 1 L 1, L 11 . L-' ,.: , ,r I I ,, ,
I .- .1 I L ,", .1 .L ' VRR COC9 0 IL L' 'L 1,
"- V J, L #. L L ,.. %,, :: L: ,:, PINW - I L' -; LL" r rk-'-- ,"' -,",, T- L I I ,T" VLE ILANTATIONS or I IUtoXIcatjng,,,'- ,
p r L I I : L: "' J ft L" L 'L. L = .1of lL
mm 11m ) ,-, ". L ----- L I., I I _, IL
,, ,,, I I 1 'L TIM j Bft iTli Xr t 1. 1.11 I I "I 1. L'' .. I LL ... is 6jaiijJ6 IS ... I I 1 12 sorted lit ti e
7 1, ... Z, : I :
-- r, -- , , ". Y.,: .L41M Ar L_ .liquors &SLLAbevorMe upon the land'aa Sold, LTb .L I L, I L U.X Laot-UU"YL LL _., r
4l- I ' i mvsl -' J* ,- , -:T*$ BVFG*] GS48 ljjvg 'b tb. jaujor ao SpAnga. (Colb.)L Town L(' O"wbith has passed Illbroughthe highest curti,
, 'r I .' L 1 1 : 'L %_..:r
V L : 1. IM 'th &t: t r be6jr, I
-r I .L I I 1:L, L L L I % TRDPIOA3 ft VM Bk T :1 &A[rmsdLLaSj. eff&l-,- L"';,-; ,I L: '. r 'L L L :,
7 ," , L I I L L L L, I L of ate and 'L 11 L I
,,, L ,, '' I '1 L I- I &nil ...... L L .., 'L L, r ..;** 'L I L I I I L I hab" tLba ", _',I,'L;, I I I I
",_" L l 4, 1 , "; L' L 13 r L -j- Vid TAW *ARM 'L ; ': I At L present ,we are Sigh 11 miles from a railroad p6j atpL I Gen f -1
'-, : I I I Ajj6#' A. 'L r. I I I ,. ,. ,, .k- -'L
L- I., 9 or xoj r klor L. I 'West
," L, 11 -' LL : : : LL -_' ,, r
l--, L L, . 1" aPT An L I I L 1. '-fM thorRd'TI@IOn oil the ekaon'TilloiLT A Itallroad; but RLDalmlermotor -' :
L t _'L ', L I 1 I I I I I I I I 1,
, ., 3 I ,. r L' I L g -L
-- 4 4 t ... ; I r L IL .r',,:L. : - I I ", L ,", r L I fro Avon Tark .td7E[idue City. forty inIleRLnortkL he be u .piqjectud, 4hIch will Pasji l:,
Zl- I fW I _,,, r,( r :'- L rallw" : in L .. 4 of, '
L t., iiojrb6te aa in oparitt ,
1: : L'.1 AtRIS 11 "t". 1c, through tii4: 61 -6
L I ; L L :-, I ay, i anil j jj d Ve
11 ... L%' .' L r L ; I it IS holie -wlu 'be co on before The ,end
I 0" IL L L :"
lt 'L L : 'L j:' I I L 11 : 0 1 1 L L' L -- L 11
r ., 'i. .1 0 P, ,., L T.. L no "or an(f qaItk trgbjdtt6 t d-W' ati d w t& L L
tl -g A -- nA&- I 11 . I J "'
-11 I 1 L ,.' L 11 I 'L. .L I I 1'kr L TbAswilli've I r L I L L I 'L I ..k lin ort :. III oub8nce L I
-1 .' : -1. L 4.1 I I 1. 1, I r to A, djjji ,
L 'L I libiito tMML
-,,., V, 4 1 I O no hlVlidid dred:Per CeDt 'L Last winter' '
,", t I L I I I .1. ,. I ,;5VftrCN
-- L I % ; L., I at I eT v acre-within the Colon'y L L.. , : 'L L I r I I I t ._-A 11 As Q L or, I I .11 f L L , .' ." .L ..- I I L ,.- L I I -1
, 4 L I 'L N garlog .Le L L L :: : L L L I I L L 1 ,
L I L Z 'L I L I I
.k, , r ,_ ; -A,, I 1. LJ CB L % L, rho B " gr1pr9lectgd 86 L' I 'L : '" I j L L L '' L ". ," r.
I .r I 1. : L I L L : : L,]!'L,:
... L. L Wf' L' I ..
,!, ,, t; I.. I I I L L
L ,,rl 'L -- &. I .1 . 1, Pineapp an Ations "' L '' L"' L: L r
r, f I I L, : 7 -,Ie 01
,- L I ,
-, 11
'-- ,:: Lr'V, 'i ;': (I I I 0. L L for sotlers. and forson-reddomtm, wherebyf tot a Aled amount fij moneyL it guaranteed to cle&r two ,
R I- -- 'I'll ,; ", I I 1-41! -1 LL
,- I ., ,, :L.' .1 .1. ul 11 L L I 11 - I h, , L '064 L
I I 11 0 L UL , ,
L, I I 1-T :, I 1. I .. I e kcrea'ar land on the townitte, tense t 9 Same' Plant-10i L Pjnel plile slijA-oifea.6 aem care, cultive!te, ,
1L r L: 11 r 11 .. L L -L ;L ,- I 1, I ., L and fertilij6L lbo L S jtil ne Ajat Crop'On' th q'jft t-'" L t; 8arion was very jiu , ,
':' ,l L",, r L 'L ;"iL ; . 11 -Ia L re matured. L ThJ8FIrs c:,11 1
.:, ,. . -- L .- )ND ', tri I L 1, L 'L ... L th .'' ', L 61 jr -L I ,
1, L I I I I I I I L
f .. _L
lill ;, "'t P* L ActS'Lwj pla l IA6 j:L jb
,, , I I L L part Lot a st)'ath' tier I tata
_ I , I r I . :' L L L -f 1, lb , TokA L L cesdul;-*SgbdUng.jnLbeIttng no "at tier itad L L I 11 11 T
,, I 4 , t.. '. L %P- L nOW
, !, -,L- ..' : % :;: ; -: .L 11 j. L L' Z .. I old a stere reserved for,
l-- I :.1 I btdamos of the south tler." d all Oj'theL West LeL' sCond. jaAa% Which is-, -!r_ "'
'' L.: ,l L L P, r' L L L L ; f .
I L -fr A I Ia I -, Fuiisipaitic.lars a ,zl,
.. L' L', -- I I I opoli to membersht to partial a, ow hundred -dollars to vest re ar Ing ,,
11 L L I 'L JL
, 1 L ' ", L r f L plaiiiattLong, i56 which --
, I 4 ,., 1. 1. : .1 _no Z L L _at L ' L L I r
1 ,,, 1, I '. I ..".1 r L L L 6he"_ manager ves Stt6jjtjojj Wi]I'Lbe given Up 0 11 86P plica. tl a;
, r 1; I L L rrr I L 'L L'' L L s j)ersoxal
i, '. L' ., ,., ,,N . I -L I th 'L 't hs', L. i f Mija L 6p l4'
,LJL (t a, be said hore at PiReapple Cut 11io in, FloAd, a dwrel mint; Itill ih I ':
"- 1r, I ,*I 1!, n cy, L: 1. .1 r. 1, L I jh, L kh L *1 "ILLE I 11 L I L r L L
-' ,,,, ;- l -- -_ L : I Wh j4tlt (16 _L L',
Y' ", , : 4 I ,- J ', L I .41 L ". ... L L I I I 0. ., ,+,, C t : L only Stitt ft'jji the Unjoi ore they c",begrovrib; re Y ,
l -aad;X6 out below, e. parallel of
; l, : I I .1 .,
-,, r .,,,, t L :,, I ,. I L L -- 0 i I earl 06]binj;L within.tnto Negri'afte ,
1 L .. I L L I SOL that tje" fe'lligited. .The returns we rp)auttDg,:Qo that") ,
L L, l , ,, I I t. e t L r ,L . L, , j L ,:, .. L L "., "
I I L'. t, ,. r ,, LL 0 L I .1 I L
"'% _, , r, 1. I L L '. .1 z : onet doas- but have to IVAJ t Avg' 0 BeVenLyesra:.. with ,O orange grove T we are Dow- sb6u ,,- ,',-',
I- l L I r .1 11 I I L I L 'a a L ,'' ';' ,L'
, , -,, ',',:: 7,, 4 I L ,' L::: I . I ,,q "I'll UU iigappiigj& iab6 jt 6aj ar t 1
I , I r .. .1 :, r twelve aC sif j 6j jj rg&tpr'.,L",cr()g'V
f -: ,1' L V.11 .. I r" r Lake and, it' ta: i3tpects jVjflr- .: r &K;"L, L - I r, .. IL '' L -J
t r 11?, ',,, Had the narrowest escap T_ L' r L L ,L I I I : L r ,,,,
P o his i a. L U,., lantid L : : L L Z : : L .r, : L : ,
i:.. .. nextL"ason. I "L 'L : I ., L ., I LL I L L L L ', ,
, *, L I Y- M..d. N,
I., I n .b. I , There to Lin th' near vicinity. fro M tho"townLat* ,-,
V- 7 L :" 'Z L fro larks bodies of land ,b4-
I l; I I L' .. a in feur notion
'L L I ""a""' L r ,- -, 'L 'L L' '' ' t' 'L,, L L ,. 'L L 'L,

I I ,. j -, ti ht lithe manager ef, the c ojonj is 'Saje 4
I I , '.L, -- I lj. = ,', -. ix L.,. I I L -- 1, 'L ricte of from L' I I

r : r : f L I onglaistoL ratrious railway (1.0 her corpora 0".. for w c 1'I I I -,.r I . I 11 I r'L ,... .. .... L .4 L, M as, L 1. I licb6tig t lji'tr L fto "ree..(or oven larjor bodies) athom,415to ',P
11 *-4 I L L L
. ': : I W I '. F., 0,dj'K' L I 1 L L anCeLIBL () ii t" years; with idtereat at L10 per Ce6tr '-
", B- d ft .,r
-' I h cash aid.bal i nei;,two. o W ',rL

r '. -. I 11 14 L L L ,,M *- ,.r' L' I L %, ., T hese lj.jL(jg.C_&u _40 ta". . 'L
; I L, I ", L:,,,L L $10,jigracro one-fourt 'I ih-1;11
L' L ': .., : r, I
Q q, -o Sonis 6tt ojg"t QjsLgraL .
C $ ; , .b
: ... . . L ",ti. : I Jj( I fhlkaun! I 'ior bit 616no fruits and plaeapp on; ot orR
', L r L PUNT I L litilt Plta 1046'es'nitabis' .
or' "; '
I 1 PUNT :- .. ) I I L I L i L L r '
L,-' I r %Z I L LL I I IL 1, L 'L L
-" I
L I 01. . I I I ;, I It require dralj[&A\ L- but whf6h -1, 't
t, ,-, 1 I '' L I lands &djotnliig a, i k@ Lot over ., acres int"ext6a azd'wVuld
11,-r, : V AIE I li :I- 11%..., L ,are to* I .L
,," l'- ,. I 'L. h oris, ar e",.,,..d -ib.L,,!',"' '
I I I W % ? I -"r j rich lands afk wbic
-1 I I I I I I:. 9, -whim diralnai 6til is ., 1, c rice.,sweat potatolos, (tug '
, 1. 1. I L I I i 1 . So L .. ; L , 'L. LL L';,' .' L L L r -, : 4 . 1. 11 -1 L ,- ., I ., ,' r "' L, 11 i gar an creitte: L could -be raise grow .; profit A number lot r femil
-- "i
jj ?[ 'P ice r'!' '
la -I I I 110 "'';
,7 L r LL,, ': .. d ' r L I L dead all kinds of farm and I I L 'L I 11 r-
U, Lib -'Lj a t. .1 V "
l I R I adjbibin
-, d 91M ." M I ,'L j r
.,, ' '.L" L L L Oil
1 !'' "' L L 'L L L could re j traocts.and 46 form ple'"&v. aft bor ,eo a azd yet be in close -Ticluage 'to ,, ,
11 :'- r L I ,,.... '.. L '- L" r .L." ::' V I .. L L L L .".., ,, I I' L ,'!,! l,
,L '. L L ., % M .; jL postelit L L fauffitleV4"Correopon -, I

0 1,. oboe OuLtida 0 L I 1*1

"' "- ,_LL, ; :11 LL' I I L 'L A s-; L 1, 68, , L ", '. L 1. I L'. a' I subject Is Bull t" I I 't
: ,- ,-, L .L, 'L 101 ". I _itors,:4*nrch 'and Mhool J jL ", i r r ,- ,,,
. .1 L L t* 'L L I L The Me naprof tho Uolony.LWeAL for more than twou I I 1 ent of 061oradc ftnd proa t': L lr
'- L _' I , I : L L. '' .' %. L I n6 f6un4in L, % L, ,,,, ,, L_ L L. I Lt L"M I : .L : r L L j'ro-, ,h, j -. L LL, -31"r8a. r" I
I L # I jr co" ted ',ilth
1 i T . I L-L'. ,, I ,. 4 i 'Frulti ,? ,,,
'r %'t owns of Greely 0 lorad" rings. Fort Collins,

6 g v 1 n g-- -t ja e in,
60 -A
8f, It',-A, no 1
OrOr t et 't IiOmldw
refq one es no all gV
94o hundred hens' PAR,,E Dpioperly'dared fol;: P R
1, E, AR Ei'
D -, rpat.dealh s bce n'6 aid of 'late &bout
a. v ill glve more profit than, flyO hupdrbd ; --To book ordered for.. Fall-, ndiW P er de4
e grpat va ue of fresh market bones, ,very., for th4k'.IollowliigpopularvaTieldoi3 ofC1trusFrvIts, ,1,
not half so well attendedlib. :806pad to tbI8 90,CV0113
peirly- 0 qt up for P6 ultry food'. While From the time the oblokil'ar F t 0, vatiefiels,41 'ft' Tobrdiff Boone s, Early,, ,,
r', iFil - I I 1 8 4 0held ,
ing abuutifo r some;-reas6ii Why this U" I r
they should tiekept
C Y4 an
dl ould valdable,'I came upou j]
IS h ()M 0]IS
tion: ysio 'hi6h, is' standard Tilla. F gy w And kreea food dt not
authority, and 'from -this learned that mu!ch- corit.- pridow"d deeOrlptlon to
I .1 11 1 1 1 : 1 11 I 1 1. 1 1 I , : ,, :1, :',; , -F
W.iffe ent parts of ordinary., in arkiV W W.: HAW KINS & SONS,,GeorgetoWn
'r qSCbhtain Lin .. n I first, commenced to keep poul
abundance the'llngredi,
try in:, Iortda -I was told that any ts-wh je b m ak e up the grawing'OhIck.'! kind N :U RSERIE,$.OF THE';:,
Of a, hous'Owould.dbi:th6tii And they must-' e -subst4niow
'Ais ,-aim6si t4 :fdpntical r, owl
have pbnty 6 ai nd no. m att
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-is of the'coin pl i ete egk, theopen the: hous eWASjt:,Waa:&ll the bett6i Our '0
4ut aft6r1te year f. iiperlence I have. M IL F fU M D
R D-theyot ana the t
been, ciolnvi ced that it is just as essential,
-, ..,7! Fqrth er than this and' A. F1 I
A016ttml strain of in bid I e stvarietl I eo of,01tirtis TrtiltTreesaSpoda& r. liviidin Vb d for to eep your, pou t f th, dra 69; all tAee. Our stuck is Is
ftry oil 0 rge and coinplet
hich Dalton bring t Is, ., I .... %, Prompt attention to corregpondence"- .For Catalogueor s6ves Out of it. th6 and PrI Listaddreej,
tant fact w f Jii eep our ce- 'A. L.ADUNCAN.,Manager. Durfecith 'FI(h.
meat, gristle, fats blood. and it "' 'to k
closer thehouse. the bettm;, Have, the6fL Which go W. M U'P the' You Canjidt Affardl-io P a CoAsultiid,.
:ventilation'neU :thelopj'so that all, the Grim Tntii Y ou
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the, fo wl. This fact, 1hust .1 n jht
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with the'. Ind We .JHIL "ER
reader,: ....,,, :,
d es, tally in diaf Your tills 4 ;21J,1 rifj; n6ti;q nigh: tilat,4 gi V n ood con- wes an p eo 7a
will Step 'And' you, caj j,, Which giveaza ll t bithe for i6h4. 'We Will
laylinj make, lKQATrRqFITABIZ VA#IETISS for blislness. Send
-V -to take k on hardUm 6 prl6b -'W6'6ariy one bi the LAR&Slit -TiOiKS.IN TRE'
4, tain.Intr cent of phosphates; u must ajso themlay, and they' are likely UNITED STATES. .'R. W PIERCE, Sunset 11:111,11,ake County, I k" -1. -". I~", I
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wheLliur these different ahem- cold, whic.h.b
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assimilated 'b h h ' t 11 1 LO R ID A
anty o pure WORT& 1. k 'L EA
who IS :in Ad a tiglit, but. giy6 them pI f
Dalt6u, inqi6putab.
"It a r rom. to f th f Prov e In V idd
-well known 'thA norgAn the p o a roo id
say S, t, ld rod, A4- th6 Inest N. ;st6
)me thepiin. rainy weather
although they' .'4ff6rd the, 89
iq Ihat.whenjt TaIns In the day they can Pot theW b ole S outh and Especially for the Gult coaft Cotiutr r', u6 etlei"Vi6t, p romlBe Well; material for vegetation, are
n, cpBsary 1111 iOd:old vaxietiee that have 1,roven 4 succ6swai 6 bqlnqed in, our Bit, gl4e",ou'la chance topfficient for-the nourish t, h..,vfou' Y,81ike every nit' experiment for,-yourtielf or only plant t4istedvarletles..
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botter.than crosses-, And offer A e LaroMt I I Rt an d 'T6 4t MOA6 C(116AICD' V6r 'I ered b n o' 4eaches ,tn'ori- I J by the'actl- ii:of t -iullw Pure breeds. are qnrskry ol
on tried rOnt:ikind&; 4 pan Plurn Japan Persimmons, Gr s, FigW,, Mulberries, Southern, Apples, Pears, April
an el, 00UPrVtme:3,,,Peaans, Walnuts Chestn t uAlmonds Hardy. Oranges and Lpnpns. Ornam
d' I- t im 1W en
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Lha t ni 'ket bo T1*eG Shrubs.etc-anAlastba otJeastRbSES',,bf.*ldch e'b4ye'over;75,varledesr nes prodaoe.'woiia1qr-. out itoor grown and inost kinds grafted and budded
oi p c 0 _P:eZ bi4 Our new :&Wogue deftribing-lu.&U ij ever 4 A
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Knowledge is power,, iii arm Jng. :L The L ''L The I lymonth Rock StL Bro) And" W.Ef -h &R X E,
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ow' e IPK g a6d ings to be held
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Th r, me toniperiiture,for the, month, I bid yon be quiet and, rest; meutsaudjo m4ke th6 'Jeecr IOf-up Ju tho'orar!ge tree yon derj'- .
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