Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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O k 1 I- UA, L ,, i 'Ota g _A84,00 ;' 6 O, ) ) I I 0, 8,r 5 I- I 11 .. I ;-fvi, I .: 88, 9.19edAli thel _i s f ai xx& knd Eve rg I p de- : b o dy, I e r, t;;
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Z- 11 cornwo ,4., : -, I P ,,, t ,,,;, , e :,. ..1 .1 _: 1. I ,_..- '. ,_ 11 ,- "t"
6: f- I '866 084 comf's -1 -YAL7 .A- tc'i I t, c ', 6 y_-ejffesh al'dr _'
v 0 e 1op- _e I I I I I th '' I 1, -" "" C, caning indust ry, s ev __T ,lia- .1, 1 1- ,, ". ,,,, ; I -1 _,T'
t-Of'- Pineftpplerulture .67 " ""' _", I I'll, a --tro _1,
1, 1.11
1:1 _' r ' A 1 b, ,i _- ._"-"g4i
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ast fq Ine of-the, ;_ s 1 . , suli, I.. 1ndlam River district, h an e ,.is 80.,, past_ I
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& O -r, andrthe eXCt,Qds I I '. . 111. ., 1, I Yin erest;, oste 6d by thewe6 ea f:ei(_ ;_; -L'' _,,,
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_, r _, 4 7 L '_' - Animal inippVt. s -not f If- ki*perqeporta oyer. 23,'000 pounds--o' vigia ,to, I I ,'A
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__ _ p ic product were a ike incon-, '.
One valize ,of i4 import"'o 1 1 1 1 1 6' _,bfi.oz, 111 Pap el S re,
1. MOODY 0 i1i" nds." ,, ,, ,, 41
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'j"6Lj Y Reapp) . .1 "',, _. .. parish ..... I I,- 1.
ti-i alvir t1ii I a I beheld in kindly '
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_k - , 'jh t tfi' 6, ifibie8se- i auorli- a, 6 14 ;1.9, ixi i6 u t h, e nuts I '. 1! -1, 1, -,4,
11, I 1-1, j e,, Year, au Js I I .. "I _. - I
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k _f ' ,; 1 6.wik f$I i i& : .. ''. I : : ::,:,.,] ..:_: ? no proper y: exported in U k..',will bb I -W ehiM .sliffered with' them-'lle Vijjlw-"
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"A t - '_ C 1, f L' I T I.-:1 .1, I Ili Y, A p I 1 b "I I -1 _, I I "i
n -, 1 e 1, _1 _,, I_ 1 1 1_ -- .- i,-- L I I I -1 1 ,_ T
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1 I , _. -a- Viollee 0 and, -wish ',.4,ij z -, . 1; 'I" ,
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11 I 1'," I !_:":, ,:?.4 ;7_,-; ,,,,, ., '; ,- I ,
ii ,' orls',f o'hi "(,'u'b:i theBa- I ;, ''I'll.. lai I -_ '11, : ,,, .- ",
'1 h ,A, ; I
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if I- 'y I (I _1011ha.. .1, ,. 1 _-- -;, ,- -._ ,-- armer ,there i's better 'ho'e"', I 6' -',
11 I -- _- I I -1 e 5 -. 11 I I _,,
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_"--, '. L, L, L:vi Capp es were L I I -V -,
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I vl -:, e.', W theJneVltable "survival,.w ,
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r VL ( e b6reatt ,( 19 -11- 11 I I ,h'. ., 1, ,: ,- 11 I va ,,r z qf, ,17''.7'', 1 ____7_____1 ,, 1. _" ,_ I I 1 ' L L-'-4 I ,It statistics US '1_1V 11 I- L I AS NEW 01 1. gar a pp p .&Nrocajdo pear japab,'persinliw- t e fittesit,,-'.'-thd' CoLlorad I f 4
I I .
I ,- I 'i __4 I 1 I .
', h : Q,41g U L t I bIJID-Al' l ... I ., -1 ,- , -T I , ,- ,
., ,.FANS SkE5'FL ,
I L ,alue of, $742 86t for 'the ht4 , I i o arm er 1, se 1q, -Tjl
'.-' ..: ".." I ., .T
,4'4 ,-e -i I I Mon, aim aFj p , clnnf t d 1,
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11 I .1' __ '; I L ,,, lack 6f q ., -'! : 1 W 640,Xtfjidt ciont Uls, ,,, _t
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A MI _4 iil '_ -, hl ,4.:, ..hi"',FjjW-4 'Q 'I r 0 .111, ,. t6re '- or .',growj f-, crops. lsr-O ,
1 1- ', 1IN 0 W (k'yesxl e *' ,
11" --_-, .., 11:- "r ,1.,9 -, ) "
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_4 1 ,_ _, ,- ,, .,, ro ucL ou ,Lor I , I, i' ;7 !r I ,- , ,, 11 0, ihl 1, - L, 4 1 .. I I ,, I '.
1161 i tl' "p ", K "i, ,,,, ,,-,, _6 't wbibb,' it si 'oq6ssful,: As ,.tliaf- uho-t'be remed'i C] _OX'Cep L, a t a" Cost -11, I _the,,.New 0 ". i" ,, a
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,,?,; Y, / I I 'L
cojnjjj:ere aS'L eS J.M a e ; It I -, I I ;
I- 'J I"' V; ,Times-Demooitii, .;a i6iw, 'ill estab lsh.-, he: thiaLt ii'E ,
1, , 11 , :: they promise,, tobei --.w ,
1 -4, vi 1. I Ii. t_ -, , ,, I ii-&' s-, u t - ',p e t: , ,,i
C'5' j d, "., ,,-,, __ -.1 , ; ,. I 11 I, :. i )(lucts h igh-p'
,J; i value- , , I ,_ ri C I
'-j t _,, "' i: -ai"Ofbh6 , % '' I ': -_ ; "'I.,., 1 ''
of $812"I 9ja'. ,= '* en ro.qg V Jljto CoMpeti tj 0 jj j_JQ%U en ,P$l I ; 'ItlW,9 l ( Uo,?4 i-k ett,;d, -t a es -op ery p anta ion., in, ,At l&' b 'h ' "'
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11 I ,, -- ty"', 1 1-.. e 0# ,, he P61k, equ ekptiftW 3 t b u t r oalitr ',",T
1_ -1';L' -- T''t I , n'l n I 1, -, ,
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1 11 -- _.,
11' 4t q, . ,. I I -', . .. ."", 'th6 i tR X- th b "M , ,, j I I __ I ",
'- reportedd tjaLL ere:were. ColiVention ,this,, RM1111 1 'able] e 'Y
I 4 01 :, &lid an a ,, ,,, r,
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,, ,, ,i- -:, ,' ,: 9 u ; Sot I 6q lal'tc) th' l' k serious to" t6 6ur
,- 'I _:- _-, -,' t r COM-, W -66 'P;u an tw s, bVI t i:A -1' Cpple culture, ,fo - ar L ' as to precede, all,6thex 9i6wers-" fia rmers is hu-V ;41j.",__ O.u :r "' 14
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_- L I , ,.,- ., 1, ": ,
I e ,2, In p' M, , e
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_;, ,L Aad'jl s:- w I 1. ,Pr 4 L n It itti '111Kg;11, en', .1 i, -,, -- -A
,( I 10 nblego C --j 'i. . ;,.e. I . I I _. ,. 11 1_ .." ., 4640 y, (ie satleinexit,
I _;,- acres t.
-, "' I- -", 71 -_'I f
., :, 0-1, L ; e 96 1. I I ii I - -i .. 1 il ,rs,.,un ti e Ciattl _1
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-1 1 7 ,_ 1 -, oi 11 ..... L
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,,,' 'nuluber 12IG aS'I)e'en More bene, ted, by jm," f,13--ric 11' 1 ; n ., :1 a p I ell
I L e L It It A44tjiib r, ,' 4it idh hi' -_ -d 't ,- I I I I - ep-.iR ,us riesare xib,- onger -prOfjtaV -,
,:,. : 1, '_4. .1 ,
--- --I 'M M ;1000, . It d, est rix ,6ven w reprises,, t "I
117, -and iiuii "ield it kipoleal-Ithe' Eiii4 e n. a W 'e ..... .. ,_'fb be,,'f -an m"u n '- .
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*1 16;bobC 0- .1 ,
L"I -,- j L -_ ' ,. I .
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as M ei imom..,progre6a ,11j: mar t ,.- .-, ,. ,, ', I -W, f ete; but- ow
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,, 'h4 '--' 2' 4 loid and- . ,: I .4 I ". ''. I wqriJ6'. n'OW' 'ih '_:J 865,00q AC e__ Ill ev6,ry_q1redt1om, - i' ,'. ,_ -:... _ li-enchi -A6 a; ,'t is st6ek must 'be"r-All
it i bu'lddl, I I
11 ,- -- 6reL.l U '. 4i I, -, : ? k _' ea e a 40 .,. gh,'tor ate o
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table -for, pine- sou I I prosper y on- _. i L I I L I 1 I
:, 11 ,,,, "_A, C ru I I 1 '416 id 66 bixies -ill 1,&, 0 oriiia',' S i, i' mj 43o i ourt a i '_b j, lltbu ,b46r, be ,, 7
". , !I 04 I I,, .1 I obs". ut son ,, I ore var ed ,_, ,
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PRI6 Lf ci tlturff" ] '. ette I : i 1.11 . ., 1, '__ -, -, 9 S xi t, tO 1h arktt


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s h),,,U lrj_ Jh :, "i" i ,
11 R INI PUNM O , ... I 4554i (-0, I 50 , : ; 1, "
'_ 1i _i .s_ ".. "644 L '
11 w, _W__,., f ', 7,',- , -, 1'1'; 4i I Z2 'or sley.P ,- ,Mt i ,Rl 'Im;_1 *1,11-f"I'll, "'l, ,W Nlq,,Zlq il W" qt 6w ,
Ill C Z. ,;, 'elij V as, t4 _es' ,s
-K 11 1_1 11 ny T s "'t, e I fl r -,beilulte tb:6 -in on '-otW
-I, -- -'Pi-, !,, j _, -,"-, ,1 ., y,,;npj ing lM ri I
R t" -,. I ,urigiD ji e resse .1 ff I I .,--,,,,!,,
AW 0- -,-,E*,, ,4L-large -,oyergro'wh :tr t; t 6's- 6 ' I I U sorae bf b, i 1, b P
y 1, 911 '' -, rus y, !) li I I I 11 I , which our s ngu riea_ 2qh_ ,_"-]1. I ''I
W, 4" nEj. ., -,, of the,'sm e ), ,rate pr q haN, 11
M xqm ,, yc I -6nd'-sinaI1e r,1_-bu't oger4 cones isc nee treated jst5'-wouid eus,-belieVe-i,
k k-,- Q I- .Ir_ ,_, ',_ -, I : I .. -" -i ,": _,.'F.'1_1.11 -,
t- 11 i, -Tw, "- I .1. 1, 1-1 - ,
1, Ir _, ,,, V: .1 I , .1, ,,, z, "i I I", , ,,,
qotti C L'f ,ettrIL' RUM e0a .
character, and the third n6t-only tbu I I -f" ed in -b ,
io 4 1 4;.m ij I I 9 cou , -,, _,, NoiLMAN, oiif s6 :
C, ,- I~~ I lk I i, 11 -, _' I _-rl ,2 , ",
I, I 1 "I t ,
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14 ,, ,Ojri ,,V W I be. .AoblMoi abqratqx. ,,Orl d6 a -, - L
_q -1 ,-,, I .I'd, ru ,t' 'bizidw'i f d ,"'60!L s is- 1 : Ining,130 Ions and caft no aD 'L ", '
: A
I I ., _1 ". I : -,- __ ,-. ,,, I L ',e e , I
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jr i I ,;- .i 1 1, _V I "; 41.,
W-9 b0oAl, hat'tl I _, ': 1 4, 1 ", L
,- __11 .. , .. ." , laiddow li ., ", '' I - -,
lr"; ""t- ': ,,, li ': Y ork. tit f rom 70 to' 5, ;, ,,. 1, . -- ,z 4 11 ,,-,, ,-, ",_".
If ,! i' _- -. -- ,, , :;, 1 _$_ k .1 1. 1, -r,' ,L _I -: ,'- __ _,. r ",
, ,; I -1 I 11. -1 ; P q t 0 '.. ,.,.. 11.1 i : )_ -ii I I ,, _r
,,_il 4 L '- ,,, 7, ',,- ._ ". I : -, .; 1 1. 1'1 11
,,,-;, je. 1, :0 1 C P ,ex lqil- .
6 1 4i ,, _! I obt 0 to 5 7 dexotsi; .Sibbtot "Of"k ear.' om
"Ill :-- 1. co. I '. 1 :p rpUn I 7 , ",
, put tlie m a eiz;_ ,,, .. I I , I I I I i ., "," ". ". ,I I
1.1 I 1. .. 11'' '.
'. ,, ,, I ... n. Ot .,words 'a pound, of, his, ,
', _, "I I's 1, ,. ; 1, 1 Thewoman d6iisnoit.liv ewh ,,:'
I"- f ar, ,. to and also B P 11, 1 I o would not' ,,,,, ,., ', .. y 0 I I OUab ooti;6 I I ; vay 0 it a ii New York City from I ',
_' Mt11rjFT,, :: :, ,test the e7l ereo of duringg'.' ul;t6n the I I I I I give almost-ahTthino- fOr a clear Yosy,_.-,
,,,, '- ., I ., 11 1 13 to 14 ,,dents, I I I 11-1, -_ 4 i:
; L -,,6 Z I ,- 1. I I I I I ,_ )
t '' w o, I ", 1. ,,, t_ _; ,,
1, fi bnlyba_*GS -'q 6utlty of -a o id l r. e, .8 6 h t" -. t I I .,, ., 1 th4y_ 4j_., ,c, tor77excqttbq ..peqeaaRry attention to,
,, m u, W hereik' T ki I ( .
L 11 -__L"-, j ,, -, I ve 4 ', ",
4" '09in( 4 _, 11L -1 I ,:. ',,-. . th es macesr app_ iimoiith, brl$ht I .1 , !,' ,, a ng, qe . '' ", r- 11 I
il, I I -I to J 11 alth'"- Co Pr essnes5 is- almo t i ro-, :L
Ivd,, avestigationa, 1, ,' and per act i, Id pnii,, ', ., I
L ,; I et"Ife,
1- 44, -,, k r_ I ', I I z I L ,.
I ima Ankin rega rd to, -, I ." ".h, ..a, curzen -::Pr oeSOt'b6p I I -d i, I ii ,N6- W to ., ,',' ., It T
1,- .-,- I I selectOlfrona a -pile that; ha. I e6i .Is t A I 'at ;,yaria T, 11 s reFu 'a
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ft '80iTpre6m t "in our expose'&io t 'he air", , ..., ", ,: can Saymi , ap[J oiimiib ac our a;cyWh I I of. i dispased, s6itoi oj., ',.:
,, ,,, ; -1 a .1 1. I jor I sorke 1. I I I I the blood, and'ifi6 "I ,,
11 Our ',chario- w ou. I d: be 'in 1 1 611 ywafto gain Color, ., ,,,.
I "I I i ee- 'for proflt-,' '
_L ej),Pi r I P. unde., ", 1, 1, shade I i 'i .' ---,
It Is possible a le; tby says4'p pAc so jigq .,,_. fpe _,,,
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IL , I lobnon's obata ned rl I I I 11 I manu ac thrs con,69nItyateA I Oe I h, 1 ,,, ,
8, 11;1 9: I
, eterrnlno- her(Ou .F oridh. -. s'We have en,,on blood: -impoveris e& he face .ivill bib -,,-,, .;-,
_L 0 ginally" r 8 not i b' 'f I x ', .: ;
1. 1 I :;:7h-qther, i er br-: I- A , I

11 I -, 1. I I _,, -1- 1: 11 t I _., I I I
I ,,, iiuf 6turpd se a] iij; 1, citric acid than those rst clahure O. .
'-- ,,_,, . 1, I e7--. '-hundred pounds a, itqe over a b6 1'elik tfu 1T#lOWinFr I if the:M66d is, lmd'- ,
'si 't .1, Si is W ft,, an3liked" or t 6,,'-"duiis , iui ( I :i) of, poverigh I d mric4edbyp k -1 _,
-, r ITJ th's : I' , 6 4 lis",mi h ed itiih fhl ,1;oe .1
, : more -' emon on f a ga I I 1,
,, I , I I ., I g t Y.ield hal Iron I I io p ,
,t o,.' pro, 9, .e,,exp auiti n _1 11 11 .' ,. d ., I _. __,.:
ons eacli'-,yea bl '_ I' is that I' '" I 11 ..
1_;kLL, .." ., ;.,..I & 11B 11 s,_Px0rc1seau iiiedielne.,_ ',
'. e of I 11 6 not On. Y,.' 'Of.ooncientrated. Ob n I ng 0i fOOd . I 1. i ,
bild '
q V, vo iy, In n wh) has-, a 4rove, had t e i1pea ._ joojce loontainj
J., I I "' dried .Out an ,, become ,. t' I I I U s dietfor an anae) 'ahq4Id,,,'cop sist. "
'1 ,, i _. I" I I I I 1. .) pounds o f, citric. acid and 0-
I I W( I -worth t. , in De, oxPa ",
IT i I large y of m i 9- -":zj
A, a 'at.the "culls' '.I.- 6, .- '- ubh thinner, but that this simspt6 i, ,day irk Mv York City, a] t8 cents, I I f' ilk f or 'ian6t ber2L
_L c i L N Out
1 1 ,' L ; 'f
It a j Jai
u rust thick'skln e ,' icatio:6 "d o6tibeiIirated the, : It a ir anion 't a meat"'thexflostd] t* ,
i' i L I Ile any chemical', manufaotuiring. 1 ,, 'ges '7- '
,I ,i I 11 I I I I firm 1, W.-
T : s_, e, 4 iiamarket'a6l6j,' b:, o -odu' I I I ble-kiXidsof flab, ith.W(miyof fres
n o fil ices, whio I f rsO ahows'. 'could -have, lempus --given, to it with- no 1. ., li veg-
11 j, 1, __L I I ijanspoIj etables.and '&fruif a
_,Drfk'1,4'6m rous tba ha Could IiihL, he kual The following. r)uii 4 "
ysis. -'r, I I lp t ,, breM,*hiph :'- 7
,11 _-T'_Ii L s im I 1% - .- I I ''. 1, .charge for ering .0 ,;; ailol'! I 1 I --- '
requeli inap I a- ; '. tkbulai6stizidaie gives 'the re tli I I 11 isat once dizeki6je au-A:n4ritjous, -Both-, -'
__tJn_,7 , tly'c6raprise iko,' Sult Of a I -- ,, a he same time De assured ,of jan ,, '. ,, ,
L', ,,' , -, 'if ,,h ft l au in::moder-_;,- '
"t 't I d co ee, should
Crop.,:: spine'' scienti a -wor a, uklim- 1 ab, -- tea an
L4' I epr rtj(ui of h j '' '4-7- if'' I I examination.- I All I (fl, "I k t1i ; ited supply, it'is I ,' -_ 1-1 .., --- -".i,
L;" I I 1, prob el, under
I uld be con riv d'for u utilizing this world, -over is, now done b the metric o I -1 ation, and Cocoa.should often take their I -- I
", I y ur present labor conditions that even at
__111 rQlt x "would_'be"'a '#tatl boon I t system, and this table simply foil Place. Thin barley water, flavored with
0 1 I Ows -these Eg tires there would still be a small -- -,
-,-,'_ L" L I I i 1, .". - 11 - 1; _- I ja7little le4jon LjoiiCeis an agjeeab
I the unt orm7 austoin -Pdr:, he"'.06aveiii ." : I leUetrer--'
-" -- eopta-L esp ciallyin;,th south- f i f _11payiiij to r- _th "I I 11 I , , ,--,. .. ... ;.. 1
,"-T r __ , -.,, r- -_ L - I I I" ,L 1.1.,.. 1, ,, _h. '. -'.1 .. jffiargin' f,,proflt ter ,
1 I~ I 111. - 1.14 -_ .1, ''. , 11 ja g , .- - 1 -- ,, -_-.. 1 .;,,-- ), ,7 _,_. -,
I I I I I 11 ' I I ..
: : ,i,,- : ... .,The tno'e,' however,, of e-i w o' are: unfa -t 1. -1. 1. '. 1 ,
eniq 4, ,growi D g- 'Por t 011 0 I M '. --- - 'I, ,
LL I I __, I I I I ,.,h, I Cos o express; ng and o9noentiatingths, 5
p , ,L L '. h, .- I, , - 1, I por, oo 4;666h ai
; -", -__' _, 'L ,' L ,-, 1 KYe 9 vl n - !r
,, L miller ) Itii -t is: I 7, juice. Taking however, matters as"thoy ,Noxt in inj I 1.11 .r _ .
k !-fi I ': e, 11 I I laysteuo t f di .-
', , I I,~ I ... I 1. -io. ,.. 1 :, .. 11 I I I., : 11 I .1 I '-w 4 -, '
:1 I O6 wq-ar6;jrequenQy takW t6_. L e corresponding .weight in -Ouii -MA6 it a rulolib go Ifoli a lk, every, ,
_, L, ' - z, 1 , ;. I I I Ock it;re-thn cost Of -theirult sold6ofto, the-. I .I.(-,- ., ..' .,
1, E -1 I I I I -11 I f L "... 11 I I I . I I ___- day"Wil6nevei ih ther p4mi 11;qlffle -, -,
b a ', VWic- prtnr&- or our. sup-' tavoiriiiipaiwor kYains_ ,, ., I I 1', I ,e wea ,_ .',,. 1_ -,
'' ,_ ., ,. I 1 I ...,% _, .,
11 -,L, iney tab e charges attending, its gather. a, _idlbeKln No or
,., I I ; 11 I ge tle stroll will d'
w reprise 16- pozml I Ix- -' e I bf. the three. a Ing, shipping an transportation com. I 9 : 11 .,z
It' 411- 'e nt l t iig-' 1, Tkking t e.,, average n,- bi_ :_ -, "d I '' ', I .1 - -, I I 1. i I V itisali no t'irn oitpiitlliott,69dt over- ,
ua e,-apro not to,,,; go to-, 'Ote. I ,alytfc,,A.-I,',.de prmi' Liii6ns 6f'-the "Oulls'. it biro'ed, with"iactoiy expenses I "I I ." -_ I ''.
_r .r, L- 1, I I ., V I -.11. the luttei fired.- Tbe.ul'orningisit e: besto iide f6r,,,.-.,,
:' -1
11 I I -of otirr 4per oont'iino I -W Ill ,be seen that they, contain W I 'Y ,I a kny h ,- ." I
I--- ONsllo, , I I I I ,- I _, .. per absurdit, of, attempting ,In Flo'rid ''Out- -and bgp I d ... ,
,-,-,, I ,I .,c t; 'of bittle'a oi d I 11 in 1. ot er I words; 100, going KIEL 'y; iVrtble 1 sun 12: t ,
ervjew"'7-itb F4 eil k.n h d I ,- -'
-, ,,, ,,-, ," I I _.a,'nih '_, __, __ I I I oompetiticu wi h the, 1tallan .pro uot I I x.,-..
I ,. b-i g. 4 be,('t,!6 0, 4 '
cb6oulst,- iii.,:which he urge poupdS of.16mofis of 'this 6111,119:14'atuall I ., : ,., 8 mini I 1. suii ight upon our
will be apparent at % gI6nc-s_ I I I W,- ." _q
m J ; " _' I '.
-i ill I" ihds' and', bodietel. c4hriOt e. ovei,63 tP
time t do I '"t-, da b _4 ._'a'tCL-oiiriq?&ofd f ac"tartos 6 a., quar er poun ,; ,.". -Vrita us' wo, an6 t .1 : ltina ,be, uiged that theproper thing. : t d. I _, ., ,
-1 1.- 1 r, I I I I I I '- -- ma it 14 ,mbst exjhileratibg_ an ,_ ,
,*, ii early) or.' -'I 'The" total
I_ li so uol'Fialh 6 lemons, at -the ditrid ad A. GOR7 to do, here In, Florlda'WoWd be to mauu.: I 11
;t :.( 11 I I W ;
1--, , '_:- I I I I 11 h d t i' : '- freely, an' 66u_ .1 I __ I I causes-t e blo.r. oeircu ate I ., .
tiiiie c6jjtra8tiiig- our- woful Waate, t njs'a][Inotr, Of:- rsejix ,practice. be feature' nofthe crude -citrloi acid, ,b)it I I ; :-,
I -- I it _banhIshe8'Afbt)'g9Or- sJtiA:-" d("prN,,sRl66 -;- r,.
,R, 11;1 11_ ,,, ", ,. I I I I I ,
I 11 1 1 I I 1,
t ,,, 0T,64,Tl""thrdft_ which 96nediili-._ ,,, t ". a T imately 1. I- ,.
ff 5T r --,y ,o allie P-Approx I estimate the finished drytalizedp oduct --which -is oi li:-,' ",
1- _', ., __ I I 11 I -else wili do,86 ; theiref 'l
1 in' ome, ai. all i I- "' I- ~ i. I fl, t- I wben-nothing 11, -.1 I .1 - ',s way to'u, i ize- suc thia 1: amount rzq- _e xn&nuac, ur ag, worth at who eagle from 36 to 40centa t I I 11
--U k ,,- I -- '..'.. I .., zq... 1: ''. . ., 1 I willbelseen owespebially-Pasebt
.. _ I 11
I '.
W)'u m4tl-'ria -, I ', I d t *ffl 'from: fift ,POUA P. poul I - ,A
, I on ; e-j ice ., I 19116t In W . 1. 1- I 11-1
Ij 8P i -1 "" StaA p I'(th' j ;d ; [-L'&,, !lihewrite ', Poliae.,: on .
-, "I magjp.Iigbt'iW or.tbosew aaretrynt -nin. ,.. .,
I ,,,. ,, ._ __- I T,-.,,V
6_11 1 't is is, ,Avo T U .- I ga er em .1 ,. I I
a i nd u stl;iAl queo 1, d7 ii bia ,of Tiisl v ed i' oia4i' of:'uflldIcu A' ,: its; to. determine the, prof __ ' _" -'
11 LLL 11 I -, DO notbe :contoot wit reffthi ng f reRh ,"
"culls ?., was R:xpressed, by somewhat Its of the manuf tLeture,.when the crude n t7, ,, ,
,settlement involves kno -- ., ''I I I I .air. for an hour or.t*oA ,d,%ywbilR
', I 1, ,.
'.., 1, 1 -- 'i
11 I I . ": ';,priiniti've meth great: pittria' I I'talitiji, pioduct:j I 11 -r2- i A relatQd subj ode, but, aq,, s xiiade us6' Of. Ji,4s
u er 6 ' "_ I -- I~ b -, I I liv inii', .,- 6e
'' ,I T _ ", I -- ; 1 _-, I ., 11 of. dodrs,'boit ivky6ur
11 1 -, ,I "; I ... _P
.71: 1. '! ,,
,, % :f , _wai.tak6n in t e.i3og1ter it, dislike ver, th4tthese ,rd ts _! ; .1 -_ that saf tosiy'how, d ' ; re "' i' 11 ventilated, .bofh-6" -'hi "
,, I I 1, I il "I 11. I ..'' I __1Y , :, : ,. , rooms we, ,, ve, I Y Riw "':
,F", IR I t ,, I.. I I I I I : I -1.
jLt, ', ," I 11 t":, I I
, :i .! quite moderate' ,,or
1, 7 '11 L% : ncA;r y,'if not quite, asijarge a propor- the ,, manufacture. d d 'k' _' 'fi bl% '- I "
I my. ,; eep t. a to ( of. t' q 41ii'd
1.1, _-1, "I ,., "', I W 8 0 .b6, I not a t today:.0 _- ,,tN' 1. It ,,,- 1-1 .- I __ -, '' ,- an C
I Nx e- v% co, . 4 "Ji f j I 4 btat,
,.. a 11 ,, and iii -ybni,
,' ,, 1. I ,; .. -ne d m m. 1. .1 I- 11 :,
mn.l. "" 0, 0 uce '. ould' I I woitiid J be-,db &16d as I, : I I I int: your steeping -apar men --
_, ,, -I, u I I'- , ki I ". I ", 'I., - .I.. I I - I-' 1 3_
, I drd nary. we ngi 'The
I' I L 6 ii ,, ,, ,::, -7 7", 1''. ,_ '. .. ,P*! _,_ ,. ; itbi?6fic and
,,, % - i 3iidsi'ble in I ,, M6, rtwci promineoit 'firms. sitting robni a1wi6LyR'6 110 Is bi,
I Ill: ,_ I I 1. 1 I I ,, ' I .
"j ', I '_ 1 1 d I -1 'im6unt-d' a obtained_* t J ,"__ ., -. i., ,- ,
I U. I 1% e.uslv owe llklmec OM'
li rd L t" 11' ver ',assume h t' '. ''
.1 7 _- I- 1, 1. I a -some I I w ow you,' eavet e;,,Iast' Mft ", '
'o lo 1-4 11 % -, t b I I I I -,, -,
', : X,'.'.' ; , '_ - %' 12] 6-iin ds4fou'n.%0.8'aybirdtpois; & inajiufacturing, 0 emIst ,..-,wit I I : th i 'd A--may .,,.- -7
'A' "' -sample I -- nore ,- -, -- Y'so' that
'7 : L : -1 it ,, h, L.. 11, I Jhrow qpen- ewin oi .11 -,
.- 6.uL-l :" , I" -, 6 "& ' '- '7 ' "'--- ".I
-- N ... A ,. ithI& ja 6 26 peroep acid,.4 i '62 fsith t aAi the N rl er can ay _66rougiify
4- ,, ,, 7 ,; I .1 "Of" I be I
t, -_ ,, ': :, -., : I I I 11-1 I~ 1- airt _by the time; yqh ii-- .A
I , i, iiie femonsmiea a, .
I 1 I I f
": _o ." ' ,per "Ititi 0 ,or Ba -14 I -claim ,,to, should ,establish' a actom -'- ,- "a ,'I ,'b- ',- -- ; 4
,!; ,,, -_j I I ,C.,.. I _ _-, : 1 .,I I ", r , - 1, I 11 I % I I I- I 11 turn; A-tepi -isz t ath-t,%k'eiicomfor-t ---,"'I L 5 ,
I ,,-, :; ; -at,"I'd1o- tW .100% po-undsot say ; at,.' Orlando, for, I o
,_ 1_,_, ,of :1 1, _11 the: ostenslbld .
1. P00 crs'. I L, - " idro m' : ii6 a; go6dr-oab, '
1 I cj coo -. I -_ I tably'niawarme,. i ,
,Lfj I "3:: I: '7 -.: I I I ', ..''', '.
-1 11 't o o 0 : ', ",
I 6 fiuit. ,;It ,is .. possible:. that, by special e of w6rking up pur. 11 .. I ., ., '-,,--._11
, o_ _, ,,, ,,. 1. .1 . pi TVOS . I I .wisteFlorida,,
11 afterwaxcl, wit a. I .I -18 a I-- ..I.A. I I h-, __ I I h Tu I k sh lto'wel ,
_F: -t q 'l I :. ,, -, ,.1. i ,. , ,,,, -.1
j L g7 0 4 ,". I.. %". -. .) ;: ,! ;- I pressed and machinery the total' acid'. Ij ng we. _'. ', _'., !:, L, .. - I mons Into citric, (Loi, ., Everythi 1. 1 1
I "I A', : :: I ht" -i t. - id' I I -mean f ...,;",
4 - -, so pr(iii'doliiig"thia- olirii
1, '_ I p easant
.. '- .. . 1 t4 t be, broug ur P opera Ion ,14jjc ri, nd , .
't, .; AM ) o wo ,11ouitidstO _Vill4upp d' fo I 11 ,
Al, I ,- t .
1- -,- 9 I I I 11 osejo be reA _, I I d 0648
.: ,.'' te t ,, pro
llt ,1, I _- a I ja_ alc ]A'. : I I
Ti:1 'a, -, ,L 1' I 1. I r1he hiijbdrad But I' think'' this. the-ex- This factory must ha ve material. to -tiDitltii appeilteJor b r M 0 .. ,., I
I ., I :. '- -I ..' -',! :. , 1, 4 L a s I I 111
11 - I'll I I
I I I , L 1
1. 1 4 -, I : -1 tkiime, Ilinit of'- fit duqt'7 Obtain %, tin-, workupon; heP ,2, '' I I I I I~ ., --'
-1 -, -"I "' '- d ' "'
-- I I "-, ''. I I I 1; 1, I ..T y. ,advertise to pa ere Is One pl]K"W.R, Is
I I I I y en.: _b- h '-.,O1-u1jques0 ,- _,,, I 1 11 11 .
., : , : ro Th '. ,
I JI _' I1. -10' : 1 1 : -ceiiti'abushel for, ugh .,cull 16 '', 1- -!'Rp, leas oll, asion-were resort to, wWch of " ,
-IL I I I I Mons
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,-,, -I' 1. ,:. __ 1. I ,.,.Pourq The ,
1 ,-. L, ":-M : 6 ,wouldiricrease, the cost of work- Thiswou Id be an extravagant t price.' tiol ili 6%.. aom'e, f"ral'ol 1 _: 1.1.11 1_,.- I .- I
,_ I I I juideeveiia eritili sso,,d nd boiled bl6odlesetve ,at _ .. , I - I I
I if t' ' si exprej I I I i ._' 11 "I' _L1, .. I _14 I I I :, ;,. I L,
: ,, ., ,, -.1 1, .- I I I -,
,, L 1: , do ents.: I 1,b _. wills woiih less than A C RjIt": korq ,it is useful in-al Wdsti an'y (4rm i 4, *:." 1 :, 1.4 1. -1 A6TURB _1'N VLO I
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LL '. 'E. ._ .1 , '), !O C ACM.'M --- I L MDA.. .- - ti ig want'to be' h I
1: I M 4., -_'. 1 I I -d -they are just star ir \and, I ,per aps orne of the, b st_ "JisAineture 01
- -1 Uid'ortunately in-"y e9tim&te of th I I .1 I 0, -ns .w
,, ; 11 t; t' i ,,,, 11 ''I 11 I ,. "I ',,z
k __: I 11 11 I- ; .liberal., 111dw many.lemo ould thev- I ,- 1 I 'L
-- ' stee (orAincture,'ol poreblofide ,of irou.
I sib e, pro ts : not,- I 1. ., '. __! : '6 jled _,i.'_;:- '
,,'-.: a. ,,:, 4ro, %,, -,: j fl. 'i of. citri acid iiahiif_&0 ,_-_ get'?' ',Not a len ionl ,' Pe6ple 'Woihd "' ,, _1'
i I _;- ', -%.' .pc ,I
' U ,,, ,,, -_ .is .. _. I ': .- I I
t( I A -:_;m, %, r
I I ., e i as 'i is-'Jp I wen
% -co m cq _Q co,04 lioil
r, '.1-1_1 I- . I -: gatbo r ind deliver. th aVsi fopel. -1 1. ity:.droOe :" , price.
..,.0 _. - t i l oll j?
j -, : ": 1 P4, "I I,, -. .. 'da. we are compel ed 1o coii 0m, rch a ii a il 4 i f *' P d 'aL' --
1, P.; ,, Icon I 0 ', I j I (j6mQL J I Wee- I 'Ily atef th .1 -
I I "n Tq I . Fider.t ,_ le sj&bt orFwould. ther6fore tie I D .1
-1 % :-_ Y, "
1, ': 1, co co li, his -inatter oh ie ieric6to"', 01-_"
-11 17 -.- ,, I ." 1- ;, 1, .pelied to -stop ,before it -started or- m &k e 'i 6 v usu al"d o as. , 1 4 ., "jrojj, in, ''j
: __ 1, I ... .. ,.,_-j,:,i:: ., 1-1d, ,._- "-,d_ I L '
I I I '_ i dt' _' ol 'the -proilucbs' .61 ,PQ15 ,
,- e gn, compe I ion L an An'
-- ,, '' use of th6jtali 'product. '--We ,should ,,
I - r- Qo -,i( ., S 0 _' ,,, ,;
__ I La : 7 .': ,. I ,ular tonlc,,aa can. be ma e y-, i,4 Q v, ,-"-,!
, cc ciq .- 1- I .cheap 'Italia' h 'lab or. 1, hive bem : Jm, theii'b6 -affoiaed- the. ,siii'g'u',14r- sj)ectii.6 e I I I ,_- '.,.I I I h;-,.". ,.
I jD ': I I
11 11 ? -1
,q 4 f -i t' t Lrted osteDsiblv ,to 46r'j( ingl6Ogtaingo 'eitr'%te.o-irohnn _am
1, I I -4 c6 1 , I., 77 - .. 6,wjfh :the'pj "' I -' O 1: ,- ; .1 --,
I I I 1, I
at, corresp,( I -a ac cry a ., ,
'. inae incipa man ,.
A' 0 .N 1 11.1 .1 -_ id d a I MOD ,
1: ,- 11 I " __ "_ I I ori a -pro ucV., ending to lain a-pin '0 oral):g0 ,;,it AP UR "',- !
A ,.P: Z-'._, :- : up a Waste t i WIuq ,,,
I I .-, I I 1.
I '. ( : tt 'tira i aterl -,
;_ I -, ., 1. "". .1 '?._ ,';
-X 1- tifacturers, of 6 tric, acid in, t is 0'4 -y, ltaly'foii I e- d ff i, ,-- ''
I WIM al and manurac- be shake OCMSIOPA ,Y.,I (_ IfiLt".i1ftel ,-,, -,
-! r' ._. , I I 1j'' _,
0jo I (DO Lpd -.apa.ableto -give some im btiani I Ituring. Arid -acid-, not f roin home grown i I _,, '' .. I 'L ,, ,
,', ,(a -, 1, I .1 1. 11, :,.- Qrl ,r(,Q, 47.7 ", tha doRuJE ',
Ll o k t- : 1 , 006 t ,- tit

I "tr", 'M "'T,
3 _0V rilve
ron, ,s( Iedule, rom,'t -0 11 -not" be- -he d,. he bQar'd' h f markc t ho,' 'eek _f rQ_ L :F'
13maUBut, County coniffi Is'
e-v6rhad a d lhat)iill ddd"greatly tl t c sloners'. be-0, o -Ft. Xe 'do Pebb e.,y-thingjinaginabl&, a8lities of travel from that section. meeting in the court -is n, as burnd ;eL
4 u is, jstill aliveand,., Shi PJ
oa, a',-,h -on-, at A ter.ex a at
ant ties" noyw
combinatiba' 6fl beeA I' d h 'U' 39,maitoes
0 consider fheLquest in- arge
frectedtothatend, the-i6ads InWreate4 v
-01pi).1atil Vronxour, Stato Exchlk"Mls, tri, e, y sou, rig khema tek t ey voted
standizig-theAryw-eatliter, for the',p
',XWftr p t6 la flAffigii, IraprovementA, -are the i oulsv lle and ..Nashville, thq
!Ke: the, election down, so there'*ill beno f
month. : ept 14 ir Selling or s
4p urts, Georgiai the Port Royal and, Au 'at', A le'oticin-'- thqre b '.b"g.U I n as eerva great.
I'actory 1)r1b esthe Fl6rida -:Ce'htra _P a'
ta, Etc, a. ':ties
1, and-- eninsul Abls:,q 'A
.7 deal-Of in erest'manl eats 'Attion r 00rrespOpdept: ;;o
Through 1,veptt -ule trains will bo:,.ra '6pini6n- ieems to,
h f
tioni: bull .pu 0,
ty I'LL t e Way'' 0 'a(I 014iig'3, h .6 d
Tim6s-. I.,
was 8 tU-,d -L' ui hown ug a r ay tuat., Tue t. 0 to' F or a on ast time, e rea,
that is prol ably th Mr.''John S;'Perr' h '11 y w o- _y m;t q3
.-,,Iea'f me-off a budded Lre ,Lhal; Was -4ct dthus another factor enters tnto the son why.the' call for the, 61 Yom this' place, hitc e 9 orse
-on last a ud m e' p of Florida.- withdirawti I minissioners.' Cart; aud I daughters had,
pring -a growth and pros erItX after h S two,
as u red'. 19. y the oo
f,' 'Tampa tim 9. lFifteb indictment,
inthe's fia eircum eretice, 11:1-2,inc ies _t ,Iathe F1 is t-T_ a- got -.I n, Mr. erry attempted to
_i6vj ana 1 jnc4ea wide -and- held i4itit., in an, altercatiob at Archer, bptween, ilogal Bank of Orlando case were:report- the h6rse to ride -and drfVe wh 4 w I'U u
News. Alex Colle whitei- and Jim NVilliamsi edby the grand juryof the Uni teAS Late's foot slipp6q in h6rse s fri h
noldred, Colley shot illiams twice Ono court.' 'Twelve true bills were found ell. tb-e'carf-' v
,k',:Y, h"e oaselicif city, of ed. Mr. Perry f h eel, ,a
Lambiats, vs. the
againeS Nat I Poyntz and'
;- ballfractured the arm above the elbow,', -oyni, and Nat -'r. n Ja r
.5 -Aug.ustinp, for $5,000 damhgQs,, has Ing over his headcutt ingoup ear np
and passed up and lodged in the bnckof- 0. T. Q yu, his basei, I- otherwise s6rio, usly inj uririg him
-:,.jei41'ted:In a'v'ictciry' fo the city. The _and three tr-qe 00 an
71 the neck.-, The other passed- through billsaga1nst,(..,case. -suite and-Nat POYI,2tz,,, The two4adies fell out.0. the cart"
of the piaintiff'was non d he
thelungs andlodged behi*id the about, W. O'Neal and ff. tee, char
defend p6riod of 9.1119 of them ng patu
ant to recover costs.
thi'r-ty days was granted the 'plainuff to der blade, making a dangerous' wound, ;them with violationof secfj )n 5.209 of, hdrse-then rin th rough- -the wd,6ds d
Jimls notorious for his shooting scrapes, therevisied statutes of 'the Uni Led the
'present a bill'of exceptions. -iiaolihiDg
having shot several of, his own color in which refers. to embezzlement of funds,, If reports, M, fro down- the coast:-a"
',Palatya Adv ft The -claily obipthe last few years. He had just flnishe4 misapplication of funds, and making true, the jacksofiyifle 'St Augustiaelft h'i u ts on the St. fin will put a v A41 i u
men. 0 cat s,-, rom.-poi -working out a e.' false entries..
:,,Johns, river from Palatka to "Lake
I th EaA C
reb, sery ce on e alljal' L
The Florida quarantine season com, Mr. J., E. HELrtridge el ed word.
ge,,, is,.an-t, one n red, 'bar 'T I
ay -IsL and will coutiuue untij er sty. f rom Was Lake Vorth to
a, e menoed M yeat I d hington thatthe case
ese,,... heri,'s nipib lark number
Nov- 15. All' vessels entering any of thq Df F. R.Osborne et al. versus the State of ter. This service is nodoubt, onlyLafglre, ot in eal and pay better than the shud th ralfro,
fisheries oil the same ground haye done ports In the State during this time ar, Florida has been set fora hearing In the runner of e ad which ma ',be:
pushed tI akO lVort
Ct to an inspection by I the health' arough _Irbw 'L
','for theJast two sxihje United States Supreme court the second
kfficer stationed at each port of entry. week In October, which'is ihoneixt, term Biscayne Bay during ii. 895. '-But in. C -61k
y4iriell: : 00 1 -ti I ie b as ts oil I A I he, canal a
%An especially rigid in e tion Is 'mad ourt. Mr. Harlridge's recent trip to, MeRnt me,
y ha hipped 1;400, crntes or L
of foreign vessels'frorn the furnish good service.? L. '. ana
Weit'1ndle's, Washingtowwas fourth purpose
in atoes frorix twelyn ucrt!s Lh is season-lor rly'flut'hed'to Now -Ri- w1kh
South and Central America. etc., And, of, Ling this case set forward on the calen: nea a Vq) I c Z
which heg9t '5 per craie Snap bunwi
iscay,60',mBa --ru
all places where iUfeotlous diseases exis dar, and as above stated was successfu riot fat from: B _Y
'Shipped from that. locality dut-ing the _V
DmGeorge, Macauley Is the health offlnes The suit istrou htt test the co'nstitu- Lhrpifgy apostpicturesquecou)a ryv,,,tl wlnter'brought 15 pe? crate. "Elie gu g
ost aschii, astheJamous
stationed at MiLyTiort. tionality of the Floridalaw requiring the, in Yining
crop is, argethere this- year, aud ionke
es .. a arrows, w in
Southern E, xpr ier IT hi h ai-plices
en, on :the bushes al St. Cloud a few years ago was 3 com pany to, pay
ir I has be I vinter. a moras;
llscense. Jacksonvi lie Citizen. the, Choice, bits b sceneryalo'ng tbleIt'is, a',s=iflCant.fa0t, that 1101,wifli- Swamp ornoac6gunt., Hamilton Diss,
fawaha River. The Lstbonst 4e6ffR
Weareinformed bva party'who, ar:'
standl a-,the pavic pre,% aiflng all Q vr ton and his associates took hold of Ii n'
s, developing rapidly,-.St., 'Augulgtl
rlved hero this niorni *- I I I I -- 11 It
'L e--countryduring the ,PaSL Year; there -the country aroundand now Itts a'prosi. th t the F. C.-1,
& P. passen-er train, No. 9,
1wrous village in, a sugar producing sec, south mo
,iiave been, failures in Lakew AbolittliYee y. rn iTLg
e United bound, ran into a trestle &t.about 4i3Q
litnd,-.but to Lhe contrary busiiess men tion which hhs no equal in th I a' J3 H. Portcrlwent 0
two miles north of Plant' City,, went
ha-ve been.fme from embnrrass'm -n1,,piir-' States. and. which, according, --to th4, the residence of"his tatfier,46-law W
ei through the gap-that had been burned,
cbiises. hitvp been.P43'ing Guall, it rille" Jacksonville M ropolts, wi I It this wiPtet and the baggage and express car.fol, 'A e -ierehe.lkyeia. a e; turntoyt 2,000,000 pounds'Ot sugar. Ths
And'uo cases of unusnal. disLr ss ave A en c-, e
the h ousd Mi. it al
madhihery-for ,making.thissugar-is th [owed, making a very serious,,wreek.
be6n nbted.. -Lakeland News. there V'-,and before'
best, thiq3, mone co;ild, b Eagine6r Thornton. is,.reported as hav
uy. Besidel :to answer,fl ed voil 61 n-,
tal u, Willets; of Be.auf6rl,.S 0 ing 'his log Si es'
b., ca I -_ cl, ,broken be 'd I
sugar culture on this reclaimed land ri rece v ing w' pr o a 61i in g the li he
: who is in:the city with aview of inter- is ma 3evere scalds. The baggage master and: sa ap
de of the -fluest. quality, and -two
f-,, e;s ing th'e business In rushed on 111 0 16,: K
en in..,a proposed,,- express -messengei were both hurt-'as
rops per year. ther. welc9lue o t1Sort,,!and'LMr. Al
line''(51 shjips-b tweenthi port and N"- We need more.,men and, their wives was one- passenger. The express
said Tlmei Unio n' man yester- and eb Ildren In-Kidd -caught fire and was burne was, astonished,
le Florida.- When d,-r--Orlandb: -was
r of to, Porter.
day tl at he hadmet a :numbp -busi- thegun oa
we get Reporter. t
n money livery apt, 0 low.
-Shot and-nearly'theL,
ness -rrien. who, ta ked its I would With ,Whol'elo4d weut;4
this MOj2eyLwe Will beable L to start one of Lour JUno L cortespanden ts says 'apOSELL, of ad;; it n6Cb
talid stock i'n the enterprise,-while -Others P
up new -industries a enterprises and fthat on Fri0hy morning last UL ewarm there Was,
Ti.mes-Union., 'utilize the resources 'that now go to DonsIderable excitement- in that net hL L
A slio
been 'killed. e, re ei eL our
ampa. Ti nies L Cole a -8 QiZ_' waste. We have goL)d.- chances here for borhood 'in consequence Of a'M'&n
one in eae one in: b tt, him
ing a Investment,. The income: of peo' le from' John Burrows, who-was.em I d th- I I .' I I _L ", I "I
Df _Wall
.50 000 Stock com-pany and ou p p oye on e Wn
oriieln'his shonider.
the Eastand North is. helping US to- dredgf!_bo at Alab 'idnot,
a urday bad secured $27,00OL6r the ama,. clop;ing wl 10i the balls-but_ COU
,quired amount.-, Ile has taken broaden our agriculture and build up- woman who had bee' h
%L I a rge at neight None of' fl
i- toWnS. few d ays. S
off- i.ho ',stodk, and I s under- -Our -L They are f"O earn i rig' those hood "L B urrows% is said L O_ ,d.
to:lbqL Lse I u a L Lr., orter as-not
st66d Will be the manager of -the new whom they found here to improve their a married man, and as L he expecled -his a' iML
U0. *
LL compannw ich methodB,, I I "h
-build up factories a:ud, make.
will be knowwas th,,, wife at'juno:this :week, he,,telegftph d, 'TheBalti or6' NeWS-LL ASL
In t isAo'
amp& Liv h J L L th L tL Fl.
bors. her not to come. It will beba&
-Saleaiid Transfer C- hi. prosperous their neIg e e -business L :of 86 former- resid"en Of lorjdii-wh6j
Ind hi i ft
pa e 6ple mike them welcorne; givethem for Bur'roWS' his if hi 'an'L
guaradtees_10 p6r Cent, Pe paramour is beh -unsavory\ repuL aii u
good L cheer -,and 1:i1dL them-God speed. i fe (ILI acov YLj
-brs their wh '01, _a,q, iTien
ereabouts.Aj le
0 rabelle-co ter marry, a widow with six AD is ie Irl
S6y'eieign'c6ntfrin6S to tell, ar rrespondent in Tdll&hass children and1ogored
FlorldiL an
people i ti e4L to ba s L heafj n, title,
hit aiood.ccind become gray 'L*ith w6try O m thiEr'cl
n w i on ho:fotind- Mr' -Bear sent us sa- I a a 6V hojh r' L -_ 'b
e .,Flor L Id L a L rip Gedrge'H L TP than to,'become sudd bL --no'
dUjL ng -h aLreoent,.t enly bi I a Co' to'L alifornli, r:elg6 cre.
througb -tinion and ,raddiSh -tilted. low is morning'Which
tier is-no State in theL Union on witli a _'wom n, k 6Vasin altimoiblesterda
IL L I asgrown in his t jL.
w -garde 'Center street., M_ -A; & novq
a an r.. S L -but',haiS-no been, seen-Une n t SL
-bettgroff -daythanForid d I 'C' -to none has adopted lit
TfieV Cleari demonstrate the 'biSLjafos n as hl
f 9, L L L e fadt. that plaft to save e L a Office I *'UG
out o the ree y YinL 6nV-finan-cial' 0
L' ve es proper L CLU tureL canb entered by robbers.. kn8b'o each. Mrs,'l alles 'wits in tha 0,ky;3rest
L:, strugg le n' L better condition. litivestieven during th in to fel in on th a t q I L, '-- hand DLe
-gat on h off __T safe, written in a plain. and legib e, t0 8
8 ows t at the gerieral-,rilass r measures Six but] er husband, !d ec to
h- e 0, 9 no pe fection. he- Onion' L X is a bard, bearing the f lloWin ws 116 no nce
e-pedple ere ar 'in al better condItion 0' ThiLs.rel j t'Lf 61jo -t
1nches in diameter' and wa'8 gfo, 6,from o moneyor other valuables within'Few. scovery t at lidl L' bt'umm ra
thauin mOAt.Of' the States. M the.41
seedpliihted October
F M3j and iS'()f' only bcpk'an L pa o"enter sa
chantshaV, e, failea'lh _IL L fe, fing froi 1%0 to''35-1 -an : aggreg
ilver K -var ety L L I I 1 .1 L, L , L '' ' L 4 "' "i '. L
an, i drtim- L the mammot L 't urn' x;ombintition Slow YL to right till JPX. 'at le StL,
_ --mers repor sa ea.'L air dn(I L col ect onS a" tch -baVe;,bq6
L L j'iddlah measdred forty-nfne e IQ, 'Index points to' tU _a,
Irn L boi a 0
ka' hive 'ajlLib t n d do ra, 'cashe t Baltimore ban s I
bit -2noney I ngLh 'wh ch shows the effecit Swa f W,
r. So Sa e of-,under' ps.not ng-O alles, 'had Isq6vered--to be
wanted k V6rel n a he onL kee
ays w no
ground drainage, the noot "followed the
LL su erIngL ani poverty, pausedL by th iralue to the'ayeYage robber,-I'n his' eSJ L drged-endorge&6nts ue namcf3 di-'Le
e 16r Ak it.rpine ed. 'L f,' ,hb iiveaf 'Il dij eetlonS to, 'L"t ,_, L "' (J L'
WA car.. is-one o r on er ngthem., v rnor u 06lio
ard, t hies n.'FlorJda that he -his se'6n flir, 6drsu
ecesa u :.,gardeners Who gs'suc- and th h lade]
SLMIg tprevei3tt elrbeln gL
at e _h
th PeOpLe, d b b' JdoW m
cee e A n m al bles ringhj L vegeta yboringor' elngbloWnLopon,'
-Of di-t4i db no 'res, ze t e ex ebtL
_t ilom a retur L t O'UbneoeSa f
lin in.- ba aVyL or .pkliatlbg _0 OeS 0'
",wan a pervades I 'O'L %, r f lave b6en..Jfoa
troet. Y I -,;', L", Lj?", -, i" ", d L L y endorsed, ers 'this oaul On,,,La n
Ojic'ak'a well bL, jL, L sgarden oa ,Qent re we publish oj ,,I' all f ot no
rot da, -atia 'ill': e 0 W es
or -:6, I"
tslsein:14ropf al appearan6e, isople thoseenkak d I h 1; gin
c' the above for ess be b thb ban
niuch 96 6& abroad. Jacks 6 11e t" rretlce4
t&. main attractions of that I)art'O F bich. 'ir6 known toma kemou
or 4 4d Uan-iL orge Zk
W bat

Toes blioushnas 6: q ti 4 'h a ye 4 169e lbkl 41CL'U liel 0
0 (.21x6er-Pr9ducts of -the
te n
:-4bAllow the b6st"Seea''we cau-p SN
en "t t e,
z 'I gh ol t ne ies e op ,
gettg Ppb" R'we let-our 0 to
-in biir fl6lcls.
and sloping gradually .,to th t
ri t Plant of. Very. Peculiar Gro booles th pi6e( S-uf
p.qr Inculsses tte er n nw, h 1 -Jp"Ahese
t e, o e. , "i
in"FCdry'fime remove t 6m_' MLmedlatply Many Good FLirtp. viour- i Koon-t are p ace .ari pounded bv the
uti6fiA84 f rora a MUBLhe8 St"A 1- "' StarA A
:q9oI;,dty i !Taptoea, Etc.,, Made fro women,. mor -at an pest f, style 11, t1l,
hb, a isi a qd place),tbey 7111'R Bode, h
x 42U.'efit-1011 anlon't eep per 11buso keepers, rrIeh aT, 'ape.
fedly sound.'I, About 'the Wh 6f' An. lutpoSe. ItAs takeout and,,w, 1'.
th e, r I C.- I -;,11 "1 'zl' ,
rPapei prepared. by ohn A. 'ust bad them, like 'd
you. -would sweet
washe -74ate. you, perob ve IS
r d before the Florida "'.1 a'.1 -1
pc potatoes,(1 rnean the gmall one.abopt1lip Dade Co -iu, the of,.
uatyls,- so to Say, the I'duro" factor prepare ion.
3tyat, t a nuif) a', ke h d I .. I 6 1 u. lis..posse K b&tIL4gd'pIac6d ion A cloth; h itehed
kp q a ,,wal' ut -of Florida it
IS uniqu
fid -baril or twelve'da"
yshadedtprten ys -9 to It, -drains Into, a
eixalsiDg 6f.vcgetab16S_-' or Amlly, sions.' 'Itha part Of the S6ijnol6s; fln- on- a a '
a when, they, will be nicely sprouted, h ei
-a y m pracl ave est. specimens of tbe, red ra on. the prepared deer-skinwhere' r in ns. a,
...your, an, .tea y ce
d andi pl&nt-..the, wbole ens -sh or I t I time, and is -the'
eJt little gardieh"'s'lb.1dout In squares-, I d 06fitidefit. It has, 'the finest, chick n sprea Oh the;
'Potato. If the seasons. are-gbod bythe.
-World. ady- y 'it
dut and Qu cats and babies I a as to r
lusi ,ely 'by 'palmetto ieav'
i 1 .1 -the it h as ever re -A 'November y'_'t will have a. good beautiful Bisda ne' B lastly it mMces a yellow looking- our out f V
nd -. b a d Ila its ay; and f]
pa,4 an olilor potatoes. these potatoes-raised
has all to itself:that Which is to it -they
6, li .ve the.. broa What which they make bread which
11 1 6 the verybest seedthat can,' th d, -:the. wouderr
k-farmer, LiJl6d.,wfth -t a mos e Potato is to Trelan ull seem to, like thou Ii -White. peopI6 do nof
be planted the, follo wing spring. Thai
vedjabor saving;Implemduts. _Wlieell koon-ti plant, 'variously spelled koonji," Andit very- pal atable, 'Their -pro6ess is
are.: eat.11 ier, more. produ16 tive. and aid
to h a Itiv&tors and roon-iti, and pro bounced by. af ter all not ver different
nd ij ei -Sq. rifle rE6 cu from that of
Super or in every. r#spec t.
&trq-,Vs for orse; t "those 6 the manoi born," "cump.ty,"_ their white-neighb'rs.,
a md 9 an The potato and most all
&rciat, M Leaving Out.the other- su bjectg, I pro- Thisis in substph' indlan way.01'
tttlii6rSk ate: app. I ei With cehe
vegetable crops require thievery best-oulUip L-d'- the pose,. to -tell you a few -thiruzs 'about, M g as iepo e,,,, y. r.
P tur I a and thesoil can hardly be:,made too 11 akin rt d 1 ,
'takes' among the most. cumpty-11 Dade County, I Its. hom Macaulay a a c -to -the' Etlino-,
S, me f6w.years siii, e,
rich. The late Peter Henderson.said, to
It, Crops, outiowithout cultivation, the. logi-6al:Bureau at Washington. _But,,as,
grow any kind of vegetable cro
s for t lid no 1 rth- cessfull lg PS ""a- length and breadth of Dade, and ifit by
__ ising'ofvegetable some optimistic people claim that, th6
y, "you must use the r lit kind
:tqad "Wester'd;.markets "is beegming accident infringes on any other county, march of civilization is now a, quick-of fertilizer, and to put.on the land.JuO 7 it doesn't.go to stay.
6' "the lea,, ing,' Ind.vstr'es step withth6se people (and. I do not, a6ny,,
Wite as mud] a8you thought it-ndeded.
'L 'a e-faCtLIS' n L 0
Not Wn) a botanist,, I catinot- tb
e(-Lft- d- -13 argelly. ';iparb4'sIn, c!h' de- i t
ea or 01 SCrJ a the P,
then puton as much mi a and y I woul ai fre)
nd'a fi n, ant hotiial but, it has 9, s, air presm
hiLve jot about, half enougb," if this I- f things
OM like ing Ko ri-ti is diffeiept
s6 I one.enti r 1 0 -,vegetableg Arden send- I'e& jo J\, e Soil. ea a a a fern, a longiL a at ay of mak 0
w York will leave a M in ifferenee
pp te fro whichlong nar- though the d -cannot be we y.
'6U t,01jo,4raL ere now'we San owm of Florida to be their qWnLa, '-the'gr cow leaves grow.: The, Iear varies in material.
J ud ps. L Jonx A. MOORS
't L Itrigth from two or three inches to _two
ri, i1a Southern,, part of But as Joslah'AlfellL S:, wi
-7From the Flo feet. The root looks like a red-skinnbd
cularly fa byL_ L I am 11 eauideriug s6 "to continue and,
[Mate sweet potato 'but grows-like a carrot "the velloWl:,
g, a, bl uring' the Winter --SUMMER COOKERT. esd IligetL
r OM'L
Ou I 1(t no wheX a else Lin the L parsnip. "It Is six: or eight inches long abj pbd '
OUtL The !Yelldw' is ri var
How to )Prepare a Few Dishes Good for the usU Ily and ab four inches In diain'
t L esi-,Where the tenderest'vege da as YOUhaVeL SL e6n, plenty of U
Florl Do(; DaJr Se"ork. bein
like th a L tomato, I 'beans, L L L ter, It is from this root that thekoon-- 9 .
SOUP.'at Lome. Js -again L
-Chop a smalllender ti, of commerce is prepared,, The seed hL The" white re is.
q.iL L grow Lto':,Lt je
ou bersi-'et I greatest washed -and af ter*s6ttlirig', once mo
ngL, 'I price& Gas add Is core 81, aped and made up of numerous
Aurnip, four pptat two onions -water and spr d
fou arl( bLri him oil taken from the
'tea p of bhopped cabbage one-half cup -Smal ea upon
11: beautify ully colored red seed not oth_ "d L
akw L Only a":fQLwdays ago adcount'sales. 61 ryers' fast6ned, on wdodew',
,;,L -' ' d r- I of grated carrot, a few green or dried
r 'ifil r-t'y' c r a 't a b a am a s h I p p a omBar- quite an inahlong, about, one. hundred,,
aieL the L L ff&MaS L After a doupI6'of d'ays drying ibol.led, beana,' Boil Ahe cabbage Land car Lt') cone, and asit pr6trLideSL from the
r l w-,to a hica rch arit
half an hour, th a dd the other eg- ground it Is certain ly a ve* y pret one'day In thebot sufi -is of Lea a I u clehi
ol di f or $122&00, ori'an, :average of a a v r ty thing Atiis very
f 8 -it is readyto be m rketed
or 10 tahlea another half hour in suf andL might, at a short distance, I loe, misr'crat tru6,the !railroads 'generklly-'L to L L
llcient'watertomakeasoiip Whendon%-LL_' taken 1 brou-lit -in the- general L
Jor a blc)ssqat OfL some kin( ai 4';L
.,,presscomp y 0 fiirgcd$30 for f relghts. ItoTt's and'a Id to the me a
a 6 'JSqion" an -for iLdd,'cream and- seasoning, or. milk and Enough Ko6n-tI It is uld 'can beL
tter; thick -flour. or corn from one acre pay for thexlearing
athaps, the hu n with r1ce to of' OTI"ged-f r groceries or-Lother Marc an :'s Ing 8 L L UtA
"wjifL $at3 0 ip otairoh. Ari egg well, beatert, m L be dis6."The tore keepers alloWah6
t-.r,, eXpeaS' L 9, L' L L L tL t pej pound
1 "; I Li_ , I added I simply letting it scald for a Market it or'four on
-i4 efidr 10 preparing- the Koon-ti for for itl 'aad
r.nette&with L tfi mopsexpense
ty _,-L L '" L I L L mo Mont Squares, of Joasted bread L d aS'tOL b -reduced The theiik it Is neatly packed. -in OleAa bbxeS-!_i60 per orf te.L: Or, course', this, is an a to fine, flour he, .
forthick'ning-L '_,M&rkbi _Jt:L'ShOw S L granola e L"' Or b4rpls sent' to L- I T L
May be used mills in -which it is Lp pared are somePARSNIP Ali-bPbRx Sirnw-ClIt UPL k th principal market is Key-, LL 'West gh
11 eat beaull thing Ii a the apple mills of the nor
a A
P9, half L neL qu te anL Lamount'. go
OdSt;L und of 1 iesh, uncooked ,pork, or, in f&CtL6 geiatleMan herb uses L apple e to''the Baham-fo
I tmlgtters -no _Whfi t they., and if tof gall an
put it On,
the'am6uli i p6rk;'L to, boil Mill. and to Havan
fte Lts &tea to fiLie hi.
two quarts of.op dL r 13L ti, ie wh en.
lp", e -he __S__hippa. d' there. water; ha. The starc very fine and, The real:]Koon-ti inill I need not par
crape. f well prepare ough SL il
ked an hour skim off.tb.6 fat., S cularlze-as most o -ders. can im 'd "th eft L ay good...
il I" Woul if have-been nearl Tour. rea ff I lit d'
Y L 2,000,0 0 1 deal of '41 arence a qua 1 yj accor, ing
L 'Cb' th a or fou ROO(
eop eLl L he -is
n I 4.dno beans lo -i rb a &gine enough aboutAhat T It cost
-slices and add to a stew, an Ut L OL to theL care taken a its prep
_ I tq L Inch abo
rith_ 'd my. a ion t ISWhOW th 'also L $4 Horsest. steam anfl,'band
d used to bring. muchbetter Lprioe8:t
onion, Sliced, & ndbalf anhour before in mills are all used. Some of the latter, ISL no" POSSI ibl)iibhanbeof L f a qoZe JJotaLtbeS' WAS'i
and Ct up:hal n now, and -a good deal more of
ker pee the mills of L the Gods,
lik grind
ever-over--s Ullgry, suow Parboil a f ew- minutes and I add to'. the at
aveg Slowly I, Jand'here ade
t und: cftlespt the Northwith fresh veg- stew. _WhenL d-oD )s as YOUL 08,11 imagine. made. Piitiias.ywho.
tables; thicken I thegra y and season to can dig from four to five bia L r6Ls of roots, lifteli liv L 113 .. rom a Manurs, I ature ana gf'tljble& duLrin- ithe: w r ath ja'. th ' ': 'L' L L L' 11 1 1- L
:t 4 L .. 1. 1 Sai f6r;, theit
4as_ an: pour over, meat. a )fL k6on- ti'.L while wailingg
I ost- .ry kind of.,- vegetabi 1, a day., 'The t6ps arb ,cut off arid
CRjA.M3tD CARROTS .-Pare &n(I Up persons ut the toots in about two, ]ILChL trees and dkopS, 0 g'roL n,
own, n Whles ciiinatep bUL ''Or" fourL h to-_L 7, LL k L' I O&tr9tS,' put ein in a saucepan ght-barre 9 _f on' an a-ve e
6si ted in 'barrels 0 rooLs
t era-,irip'r eta' ca b tbjey L bi a _,L -,
-S ip ent" Aag6 with- ot Lug water Udd salt and 'let boil pie are then dep
Df water and left to soak. 1 2W ds%;6 starc and about
nutil'th y are'-perfectly ,,about twefveL.
4a, :'onions,- omatoegiL e tender, 'about Lan Ta a L PoUn L
at t6 L
S L, houT and a half, When the carrots are, bouts, when they a town Into the $9..a week Can n(jW b L' ro
Peb*,L squash and gotL
doneput, them in a dish where. they' Will Mill L, gToUnCt PU)p_ and strained st6, a, used:, or AundryL:LpurpbsesAS1
bers, a :bult6f th6 shlj)m, ML h ,
'L keep war while you prepare a Sauce at t1l refers
me oca le -Let one tables spoonful[ of butter a w 0 '' lid S' Caul'lpo% er follows: through- a bra a wire 1by e UIL a '611 as f r -f 6d nighypeople-,p
Ily. grown, -melt in th Cepan; add able gtarchla extracted coraL arch or:,A3erm alprowiroo
and, celeryL.Are. Vry spoon at6dL _11'.
fUl Of flour "Vith aLpint:of new, milk and 'T a runs thnn h the sievejal;6, a tanic, properly prep e be
be l6adi e4i, it Stays 18,
n, -'about three houraL t 6: for
near 8 Lbfing g&q 'LL_ wbere L snowy pow at as go6d
prices., easohWith sa and pepper and
tlindto- plant the different k nd- 0 settle. Froin-thla runs off what is cailed-' ani
ver L he carrots', This shouldL be in iic'kness or for e
f vegetables Must be.deterLMined" by the' served hot. lia rid.watfir, ahd-which. by t L hildren asarr.o Q
YOU ay, sh_hi on e
46 flnestferterlizers. ou gh t' In Dade t 18 -ai L L
d siltroundtrig. dird I L' I I j i L L LL';
'16eality an UMStanCeS 19 im prove an a arenoW: in progre s, to, se6, veget tioa' ffi 'h another.-L L it 19-a ra
W how s'plendl'dly L our a apeorJt'.w6uld b ijif8r'the _gr ,Arer o est' 11 Jd l
fUl ,a _prod S UdtL eL
the i al tlca Vater Works pump ng_ L act ::'I nior L-." YL j
g li anta- -around a koon-11, mill, -Tlie Use
16 r d a t a'p is,- oma oes; pg "sib
L S L_ f 'L 'Station', L Superintendent He drickson ja own" for'-only & few
drid beans in L Wciamber or january Li :theii 'hveied out of Ofe tan and put cars, ce a,
tnt xa6wingfy, ious
ag about forty meu. in- his-ernpiq -wal Lanx to
o a which .,is flllb up yitb Pl6rV6 edi:t6rmas
(luring a cessaion:o ex rem eco IL .1 L 1 11 ., ", .1 L In . L L h ,
_.w o ftAl Li L 1. 1 '. a L" ''' L, 'OUtL
tbe _tje .w 'The pper. ca L find
(a r: a nd' ree Sometbi gbqut-. t. -a pl E n
L IS L -left 10 6(,An Jor anaher th'
ftb 6' rotu rn of -a a -to, L_ n oa I V i, e't4e desired
mor h an, do W
U b, a urs 0.
It L, arral tbeLStar eft settieaL
)S na.s ngle being, an arg 'its In
f4s da'able, f r 'ho
I I - 8, pos
To a r-, c4ip a c it Y!, i I hope jAh e before;', that
'L' sir'oy the lab6k.ofur"yL;wee6, as It b as rM making"' i1o t4e -bottom L and When io vater Is pformation.
il neJn L tie p as eW., we --lay IJOw. StaLelh is be L I notrumen -An supplying-a-ibit', alatka.s water- Sup poured 'o tr 'a at L Of
I I I ye,
_,1OD g f dIt Wa lit tUcy
_4 d gt ewbit6. L to
ply.iwill be, Uequate-.A&any Ud, h L 9 111S YE111OW X:
I 1 1 I L rO Lin 4'dverlyin
bago best. a;
ori a, N e g as f "D,;
-si, Jetti%,L 'A L L _'f __ l5oses'. We'-ha v the idr wor s sed, ood
uOe'an '- L h ; ,, ,L.
be,-vgi, tmrW44, _obion I h6' ljy:,;eb ove. _Vjid Qq FL a.
South W i J OU LA doubt; ard' us 'i
e tbe e is, a C., _Orga
gust 15th pure w In:
id veget4blei from.Au la r 'the '.Vorld; 99,


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ffetz)14ml? few~pe of us tinder6 Mtsulie and enhnin h er n bt swl nvse*t the recoot

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crice be received.a. .n ohe drcincn psiybe th se ieard ro iethemselvends wt orznoflf
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lot~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~pt overyen on-hl ofi th covnItmnl-peeioeyrs poi n rm t uutn o aeansu neizigrl al pr.6 ke old paetl, above him. Woth T hie chare tmn ftee Suhr t
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a m elie p o r a n o f t he n e r v u t s s y s e L a b li tn t h et y o u ti gp f r isr pef f h s i D fu~n s p c u ls r e u p eJig e trrh a h f e t hed t v e i n ps e o o l tr i e o f a n w e e n d no n t r e e dn u a s r e r e bettseradcse quetly' a h o nd n p ofbtueospleor easadal ot
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e m sAo uhfth u t lng s s hhere b ae l ovtun ercome' ae frui tree soo Ife blossomingIthou
t, ur d V rli .et d r es gym rw o sepn y u peaat snaini exeth e ach d these cal b eaue He y wi hIn0
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'ma e'all Tecei es, To I"
i t, iouglit. bao r6-crs-or over -t e
e"ou 11F] e v e I e o h*, thtts'left vlerlt of air
as l, I tree "fir I t e were.pu s,
s6,,,Leraoia Grove Of tka, le., A tree" ice. 1 L e W ere, T
j to iI; stakodriYeA. n-.,it" lea rly-worMje s
60 -,! 411 Vh -b t -8 ;us no j
ut 10 4or
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mcreel rd QAComp any., Il6ldlfir I In y in pia ce', un 'Jomoljq 1 Iio r
we Spu ay tb2 '1I Lh i thi
set:jn thisv be,"We6 o ere, 11 81
til the Toots h T Mt t t
rm yi, f r hEL
bave -tiltio-to bqbome -qw, OZ A
guo "oom- the fr i I -t Otpei*Urlti -too
an.oli:Qredmin thefr: 'e' onl e" Thetrees &Wp w so a itj leaving, Von,
are set ii little hig r an groWn, in the menoe 9 hezifig the dT6P7 and I nuMore.11ke,
little. th"Ii anything elsos'rbut,
y,.outt ng all the maWre fruit r6gurdlon of ize. af sole leath
The new set trees arelooke4. fif ter.clo sqly pl- -no I w,
Bver7thing that shows,. up ump and wt won,','caught.6n and ire qen&---,
d eels In
Ve wa ere ng,-to,4be n6ithernmarke -S1
64ohwukuhti ouramy seasc a, In ill sh arp "clip caxe. ill 91ii red and j ill cy
1won Y yeeA- une-we, apply-bino pound of:,No.1, :brdse th stem in.'cut*ng,'pI&6Wg them tx y thaCaveimp6rted,
ltm6u s -; aii cousl4i tti feijilizer in, September. one pound. of &-71wel..
m-or 'ca) q f Ily inlmoks -which Qpen tit the, a the'cultu e frafts-iii-iiio
ti, rto"iiia "a": le"'01 06M "hoeing the tree qocasibnally t1frough the' bottom' they are emptiedinto bomWand Lave tried notto.have a, bobbyloxidc
W44176ing pl#o A-byAtiousandiq zobA's-6asbn i h 1 d' W
see, IM, Oe 8 takell'intothe c u ring room. A\,Q1dIeav-,. en Qavoring always-to. choose, that's
plat;, 'useOln,641tivation for e) space of, four the sun onger'th an iieoes- -best or 0 Sam
!4 v9C I g-them In -1 antha Ajleij wou say aJaet aroixind 't red letting, the mwe with 'happy.,megi b d: by
alnet", molv t an or lie 't ssry. our ng room is Win we, ave, 4 riie exan ago tla ,, Mach atteutton. -!th6 I
Orowln middiesI'! plow under In double walls, sides,-_W0 and bottom, ven erience and. observe ion.. tb k( a lilue:
ua piqdu:dtlpm -tll 'h-: the.: third, Year 'six. to eig t- -prun ng goes a-goito is, now.-Tl e-la. h tilatoi at bottom -audtOp of rocm A: judicious I' b
Moat, seri"i 0 ,BfB. ',ini ul:,"uoc s'sm p,oundsiof fertilizer are applied, tbieoa'D7, 's=ll glass- windoWj'fou 'f eceasi t t" t n
r eetf rom. floor, is,. not n ary-, o repea df
lemons'' 151'4 Jrosit 't h 4. t'. I 'ations-, H, June and'Sepi te mb nd which ban
_go pi a er.,: b6hi thermometer, lemons bud'ded ob, the-rouxn. lemon.
all, o,,.j sliro e ibbed 'bfL" Use showil he Lein peratu're.,, -We-pile'five.. ma es d-, Comes' In, 0,
uWar k '-the f1gest -tree an
eMcing- la'at, iv hoe in cu. ivati ft-the, third yeax
a- --r -. ., "t lic e- box high b "nertianthdse.tla:tar
611ims-one of t4 0 W -when rooma is. f all, we'clos6 the earingmue sop,
L,:acreagp -of tile. femon-wiss not', shape.th6t ee a li ttle,, that is, if we find, door tightly and let'in the steam, bring-' budded on sour orange- stock- that,',thi 'Z
t644. ihA e'ea. Jer bogl .,n:t any branches theatre crossing badly Or ing up the tem- erat eAo formationn -of wood growth i s tb
c"t the'',
rusr Ure. on, 10AW OW6 which 'turned back toward center of tree, we In four to six daysthe fruit is taken out on young trees as on old ones-,'aftd a
"tterime trees We prefer to have, the
Wong. -out them off- y llow or all fairly,,- started to color and com -opokioned Lhe same.
bI*noh-l6w -- and sha 6' e: Mnli:' 1, tb,
leftc st rid in -the air.48 hburs- bdore f old tren --alj tq To an g on C4 t'&ted to -the 4th6Ugjlt'l V1, ake mor per ectly ba anodal,
t oems tob6 neces-. king.
-soon as posaibie Pao f
IeIroon could'be-suctess,, fiave'the'body of the -tree protect- Our ouring-- process nf6. bearing sooner; M at
s Is"simple. Ad ti aeand 'omesi
-andthut there to nlak:6 fruit. We la s e, pi I niixg the ouringroom we I have'a small, it d che r
roiri the still oes not pay to use _a
lejm6n 7te the r unin find tbing,.'
e g shears -but little. Thigyear f ur.tace and boiler. *bl ell gives us otix brand offertilizers;,that'it is
d'ohl overL south.cen1tal -sak, we;useton tdfift.een pounds of fertilizer Bteem- If we are in a hurry 0 $or & community to have some,- one V.ho
ta-where wat6f- "larolectict-w, -ke6p'ing clean space of six feetaround fruit we keep steam day and ni lit If: Is constantly- experimenting and letting,
steams. woai seem the tree ,' -Hoe and spring tooth harZow, not; we let the steam go down, duTi Dg hishqIghbors have-behent:ot-ame. ih v'
escape foom', f"tsi 'On rainy season find om gras 10, -,he night. 7,illa: t ianc 4 or theMila'n
A am6uth side of 1.4kel Wait. It -Ift the rjLII *e plow' qDder all, grask this We use this wooesg not-bec I use we leffio R t
n to the icily;, atjrrigatiian, ..a
eilch year changpathe color' think-it is the 9- 1 but i tL
followed,ilp -best, we have b ood thin has not solved- tkem.
growinq, I which now looks In' I one'h gas, they ow: g tru r
of th6 jemolx and o the o I dark-' cessfulin its u.9e. f -as, -tire problem of, gr in' : ci s, f nim,
er -,:If insects, show up 't e trees ar, can be cuireod bv: pl clej, sm all
1-6 wt, bav o p, anl d-. meeting oveir In a as fur-- We have, irrigation arid filr.crops som p
jel8L an:d Un is ago, the-" sp.ray4 :wi In Paraflne Oil Emulsion. ation Dd r'..
d t e in the room, which does -the buBi neighbors do not have fril, tit
Elms t'hroqlgh iih 11 1h hts What'Arilit there m-ay -be thi siy I ear Is cropsLr toccarry
-- N Td l ia sa nicely. : WeF find I that it, to t4e -that on the growth of
a-Je4, eb ifng,' kept'Ibright by. using sulphur, solutrW' &ppearanoe of 1he lemons 0. oure tl I iU neces, sitaL(,,8,, I c op I tan t;.,
Thds method:is ol lo wed up. 4 a general'. by Ileat -other than they will.make attentiontobusiness evey--vorkiu-g:7 aybbed &J ew 6t ihe-m s ten4er branch- way each year,- more fertilizers being themselves, in the process of ourLng in a in the. year, that there isalarkequaritit, added aa:theArde seems to r quire un a tight room. U ,
Vain' writim, of 14mons
til t ot fooh h th ori
is es abb t the. ;Atbole bb i
growing 014-,th ;hIiage-6i,'tI19ht6rte' 11 ockl a' t are woT
lemon does ]cot -'t h.years, twenty- ve-. grown on pine land, the bamm an 8 ness -iome good theorlbs tha
or iniiiteiially from 'that 61., the 611- thirty pounds, of feitillier are:used tasKe a thinner. skinned and smoother ra ic yvery Wdi k i n,
,f,-O, a me disease,' this perhaps -may be usilig more than is j6
It' is subject Moll, gro ies;th some S st6m '
same iII660ti:hoia,, ii '.,qardivio'1 ter the fruit has been but. 48 houra, that the: growers 'wijI take,, hold: of:in7
utno bakl4esu.1to ha*fel '
&UCI the or that thereI" as 4;ntest -i t is.-,graded carefully. None- but-qx- -P. arketffiglhe.frulfs;
4owed the p an as yet,, atd We lmibw
J'somet imes'thiu ,iii ots loyed-fbrthis. mon that if not soon, 6ax
_the we cannot grew rees oft this sand unleft -perts afe emp Our aim is Raw bf the le ed
'-tfie IeIn0o even better,. than :thel Do have each box a uniform quaall-by of will d, 0 -the Florida.
-Pge. "as a 'Jemon tree,,.Wdly in eatod' same,- g ade.:, As the boxes leave, the --tbit'i in the roug'L b bumpy.,
ean'. Near y z all our bearing, fteea'a ilsent .,sCIL Y),
lelife is more ux to: 'Cll soFters, they are labeled so the w rappers, tjIngjjsTr6wth-it is sprtad' r: the,
.1 1. 'y, which. with, s do DAA e
are the sfrR
orm er and a g, ove#egleqted or do. not, gat theni'mixed) the lable fol- b ttenlae to'
bear yotin .,-T were Ae' ye aft iAd wholeState, and must. ea,,
rowp.omw ll- show the, ravage's-6tt], I I I g -hw 4 1 lows to the packer 'who can see ta a, 'o nee to saveithis, indiistry to the people
before mucli buit was taken'frona them.
ooner-pn the lprhoq., stance that the fruit is what'he ls p ck- tiat no patent insecticide-as yet
4nat*elve -yeam old before a -P&34zg
ur.grOVes are from 3.yeaxs. old 'up to Ing or not. Affect 'on'.'it whife veT-but,,We. beieve-:,
cr6p-was realized, but the severe W of
le h air y- We have nota&---yet used 6. sizer with whenjhe government agents a -EusM,4:,7',
ad sobaethi ng t with thI& At
cc I In tli(l,, win-bf the leipon, our lemons, principally for lack of room, e will be able to
gro twelve yeass the tree averaged. sevw. get down to business th,
-- per ap wv,, will'be," to but-whenweget into our new paokhug give us -a remedy. We believe that th
:packed boxes, 6ii6 tw)e wbIck was:especperlence.,' house 've will use one. out Ckex ftowing of le n' horfdawill-lbe.,
OUI ially fkie and-larga prDduQ4ng. 6,00@ I=_ 1. 1 1 1.
't',know- EaZesby the eye, which is dome quick1j,; y an. th,, t il e,
t. we 4- 11 ' i a t Q and Flurcess in every Va d,
Dtlsil' sellin Sor $70;30 n-jet. 0-jryolangm
-g -of jemoiis-anji 1 ther -ditrus truitt, and quite accuratet iy. Lemons 'wtth us oitloqk Is very encouraging for -thia,
groves -.are Of the Villa, Vir4LYio&, whivh7:
cc What littlewe. m r four'sUes.- 'We use ior 'a box 1,1,x 14, branch of the fruit buslness-' that, the' ;,
--bear at I a u 64 4 rl ier age th"- th "Sio- un
h e
qdite stre we 'do I-knOw as bosen inch heads, Emme length sides'as th e or- yield one year with another is momuniIly. Aftez the,'trees have a4dined-the,
Our. groves'aie. ango'box. Weliheboxestop a'nd'bot- f6jm ihkn the oranges andbett r"rie6s ,
6rned by -experience. P
Age, of twelve, years thby f airly Well
tolh-with paper, follow the.Itallan pl-an arem6Te
--hade th an generally.rea % good I
-a ground d the grass.ivhi4i 14
'ipartxof soil ,-very jigbt C ilored -using alairred paper, tinsel, a 'No 1:
9' somewhat, lemon grovefaverabiylilcl is
lef t to gr Q px a u." fi
owcompletesit. T no,.
ndq p pnui-Ae Floridia artiolie :, o tt tivol
etc.,-- maki aVeStMent.
pio ures, ing an a. rac,
SM th lemom, sb u e- Is, an imporkut.
ouV' t e, trees -in, anijary or look1ag package when opened-.," TheL 7 L L 'W. 0. iIRWITT.
a. denW L foliage as, well as
.ebruary iu-*ellLpte are d h' tb : SofIL L lmonwraps have our trade mark nicely
'L L t, beij*, slia d fpoM
g T' ql"K L.', e L a r 'Printed. all this pays, and tha
-6A Of t4eL gUn'L So We prane out 0117 t lle
i'6ep and' th6h: filled out L is what We! are after. The. fruit of the
dead vPoQd, me ry tw6i md- wW 'L the president,
.S 0 'an tr a va from tItfi-e'L' coMpany-Is handl 11ti ka 1_ L od principal y y one Ir.,-Dudley.W.:, dams,
Ing, an o use-lass, sprout may, come in
- otfud Jetthe,$OiIL settle L wkiall. a'good firm, BellinkLlande'r the brand of the com- rif-tbeState Hortioullturla SoOietY,';
L. t h- _L, f L to:fime.' LTo L n skinned aad vi).xy h Jacksonville, I4: will do,,,, en, w ell- re 0 'the -pan tLud every bojL war7railted to- be as e c L pIn1 J-,f- LL
lemons, requires a little Ilion y en, that shipping -oranges In L bu k 8 A,
MeS-WhlChL are budded-in sour gtbck--7 represented.,-We never use the best
thmi.we giva:tlie orange SL 0 8hippingL-sollnd"'ooliiq aTotaken up very carefully from fruit f or top layer good meffil' d- for
,y L mtmiiep', to bearing L be d6esnotLthink -it w dLd4,- "
nursery over I d 'L wi I th-we t blaIlk4B, _actly What Mon fruL L it;
tree f roML NjoWimber jjrkt to L fif beent4L All grades are, marked L eX
1." L;. to be 147 h, to L t'o 'hey areL No. at In we to ship
4' battle 6 t)IeLp Lit out. and iast' t, I I ft L te pt'is made to't L ke 1 L ., I I 'L, Ul
Of 'believes the chief difflod ty wjb d be jM".
goes al L ea d wIt 'ji'llbe and openi lnfe ioretu andpadk ancy and p t
1116r th Qjcda' JI 7- *1th a
An( mar ettng the fruit.'it not. :Jt L
ole.Lt-o tb LIeV -for 1 -has 'taken I '- .
out0vaylhambw and. &Lug d6wja off w1fat-It is 1 G
'" th 0 Admir illisi
time t woikup the- an among north
r at L
'W rqd W-'.1 loth,6ir6fUl Iv.Afti 0 e Pie Melbourne eko
1. .1 L.-" i, L I I b ern buybraaal
'L e spkillg''Wo. OTLtg 'too
t tial-' i 14 4- fl, nL
g0au likeness 0 be: ar e, a'
ce fe t nd, o rJu n t .s,, 4tt,
'dtv- do*ht L w ff his S- ''. all
SOW 7" i n bt nd becomes Imown
111L th,
lot 'tj* Vass_ g wi U [)(IS": H s h
ff Xb
ed in a rail of water. -- L W = 3 EundredLP6
--gr L alghp,, tMr(,, is bu't Jittle
rIC -- I Access lill,'Y* ao&-w L
'fy- Oil
balance, o jile
at oo u r s, 'a Ways a-d aid landed B1
vwhidb .'is left to ro't on
'th thein
4- IM

ji' d loy, r
'4ko o t 1) j L- n al T [I,- l all L I e a
6m,,T i c,, pro per t v.
: , -i", e-, , Ll" e -. bl)u 4 PC) M',-d V' W I o
Gnit t -P ar, in
el Ic -'1111 i 1, 1, -S ,Wljl Uv
th6r -words thc-'
COUnted-aiin n g, t Ie' Slicce6s Ll Y g-tov heree i's a nice i ece 'd ia6d oiaWhich is. o'
-"A--Tr esln, floijila
sh rU 1JS Ci f F10 l'i(JR, If an), of oil r re lci- s. 0
1 8 So it S, g 10 L1 I S 31eSS,
an We' 'ifthe owner.o alwa sA e vul
belia, r ii-pestris,, a native of -ha ve succeeded, .w*" 'fit' 14he ie 'I '1 0 0 i I; It tI t
ers d ustrious.I P 1 q
an exceedin ly-b,"ki Lif ui and oijo ((J (C 101'iD i lie e
hope -,they' 'Will*- rep0t, thejact to- this 1, "d woiiis', ar An Spends- 'I t I Ip en y'of; inonoy
green. shrub; and a-,perfect 'sucoesg, A h k. il Unt -of, Cr donjestie'Ai i t q
ort a, growing-we in-Ahe poor sandy depkttrz ent --isa. plant.. yoyt 4 ny,, f or ibe nei L j -0 ft ears ihfs wij)' -W,
-C in un o4ble 6 g r ow be a.valu b Id '14ef hold'
a i-'Pieceatropert hence
soll'and-* 1 d lis, -oc-" , ". V' I I I I I- ally-i a
thstKiidl-nig'. rout Afid
odoi, of its foliage -hld. loral' will ibicipas Leisges's' me'iit -its pros- ddiet ,t
uni. y';,,, e 6 oir -on ,, I q ., at y eouii li pg
f *U4 I t, a i4anp in- 7
tiveva no; -741isitis
r All Ill ustry is taxed.
flower A T-,:,4re 7rogy!: .w if oil.
te) a pap.), rifera (Fatsla b apyr era)
whitq -tubular or f unnel-shaped, and fec, Thcre women 0 d' ""re
The, thrives to,.per Lion, andILs flno, -Tha.assessor does not take Anto -con-, I I I ,., ., 11 1
m spend' their.oilitire
fragrant. ey appear in summer And, alappearanbe in -e itivery valuabief6i urii
C. Al, sideration the'fa6t that d ing:, the-ten,
contihile al effects.' : Attoordink. I to stove, yet are att v I lug
producing tropic -or- fif teen -years. n evening between the
Wa slit n ktont, notice, At-togetber in al o n nor po rbuinf-ma erii.
tQ M E1 H. H -art-, of Federal- planting of the, treas "and thd ttme it Is. 'ep re
d" uou -a' may,- say. 4,ltej I
bed witih, Wo-ao P ndruiis and A b S 'it delights in iinoist, li&lrs ad t -1d revenuee: that
I -- I I I y PPO estimatedtliey may yie
a- en the nsigbt kitAen-Mlist e 0 1 Lie I
ii, iu;,my ;g ki d 6 h: in A4 ; e- -Southwestern, -ILI 'a 8 reat plant to sore :the
r ay be a blizzard, a dro.uth,
or ibexery xtas
91 subordwat6g,,f C)fja
y spots by he kitchen' door.' 'When ill' swarm of insects andmany otherthings
small plant--of abdut filhoriii6h6s frx height, a womaiCso.-higbly'd
bloom it is superb, andevenone stops to,-. ihat will sweep tY6,,-grqve from-the face. se -on sponsibiliti s as wi o, mot b er and hoM
bl bmea th6- entire "' -from oariy- a4mitelwl A native of the Island, of hf t e f
he earth. Xo ,, he presumes that
nd keeper; -'an d, b LAO under
June to ate in ep em or. here A' -t a
if the man: is in6usLrious and works hard
d' 'ad'aliIiister;affaffs in every e-t Washingion -it is 'perfectly a A .
ataonly growswell hk and the elemo ts are kind and the in6ctg in Ardisia crenul V
-locations. in ment3 -prove-bey6hd her iiwlIpted:' Florida, the part will
deepshade and -rich soil, The sameAl considerate, the giove, will be Valuable
AbelWgrows to aheight-oi froin ,flve$61 -of Skimm I ia genera y is of the 4-ver l
true ragrans. AucubaJ11- at some future time, and.,tipon t is pre as't
feet f) hi
d whe covered. with -1ts When s Is gives",t beponica did no Andy soil donAn I t t And2the s umption lie pioceedscharming flowers J Js.a, very, beautiful into t O-baii s fQ trusty servant, ls
In ii heavier soil all.over-,.,t
1genial., h-, This ls.oneportllon--OfAl e -assessmentbecause s 4- as,
'is t ion always --sought -by S,- oo gr-at a rogI, r 4p,
southern States it 113urisl es',admrrably.l la ha -be'reformed:,
t t Oi6uld:
,huinprous -b" d- hi'lh-. I I .- ;I I- .", da, h id
iummin it s ,w c -,are
'n Vushes, verydonse an A ndc i reu to ma e 6i hergO-Ij
L"'. ,' I s another Part thit'should receive I nf- h : eon ne
)4SiIY.6hgA#edJri searching Ae 9mAII -a more 61nekit iC ndChWO to gl'iDd "Ollft'
of fine form, in the public gardens at mediate attention isthe equalization of
insects out of, the flower-tubes. There three meals w day, w ash ,.swF.eP, ii()W'
Washington, Di C.,,where it is perfectly values. Each county in'the State conEtpub, -and- a newer t e oorball, KAVlDg- s
are other-very-'brilamental gpecies that h "a
hardy., tributes direct to the : State -a oertain,oil b FI h r d6b1zliters,'if she' has, abysl e grown- in- orida. Abelia Y'to
Ben'thamia fragifera; a native of NO- number of mills upon the -assessed value
rosy-))urple fl 6 Wets in tain comp.iny api t tile 1A of4
the-- naturalorder of uFAllproperty., This millage:varitisof
-paul belonging to I B 7-1Cornacew i tiea. -in t ir r" tPer ppR"
ary olijstors, a,.Daiive tot Mex ed, -is
s a-very fine evergreen shrub., coursebut In -all cages it Aassessed alike Pitali be' r,
rightt, ,per a ron o' noU,bea f 1 ghi b but very b t
Th e whiti flowers i6 '' 'L:
resemble those.. of the against every county. The, Assessment _-:%
.,So vq.thatshe.,conw .-i or, 4 Qr yq
toi o6tiin.1,- k eratai-; red
4rawbtiry,.krid thelanceolatele ves are of properties made;by count notstate
her dig' to,
V e 'of' Obina -into e uletivjr;
And A." trl,- iu
jmpwhat doway andrather rough. MY offIcials andit Is done without system..
P th rop'ity in" t. cook A bt e s tea -or,,, ix, an of I
'Alibdostan -'*ith poe -S-ollow, ji euil)i
lants were 'raised from seeds, which For instance, e.p'' e One-coun yz
': ith h- 9 on S J".
flqiyi rs, Will p: robaply All grow'-well in -owil an at t
as one-half its valiae, in,, w I;I
came from thei celebrated garden ofimr mAy:b Bested jit:
at P.
or, d rit%t at sh
Thomas H 'nbury, of LaMo Ala, It
x, pup! n a c) alY. ,another at one-third and still amot er at
POPOR'll Ei Aentioin,b- wg-,ec.t.
-This beivitilul Shrub which giows in its- one-quarter. The' i s 4L vefy h i)x cl result of this is that,
som-e ornamental"ttee when And what blialli 1- say -,of, I h hread"
jy.-g16 vz I n nativeilitabitat!in moist loamy soitdid-not t county, wher' the
cafer'l 'Oft th-itself'it is apt. 'he. e property is assessed-' inners: I Ja out la de --there are I til I o -I i
grow in the'saridy soil-of Flotida. at one-half its 6146 Davs more than its
row a'.'SUr*, I' an& of women w,
-glDgo rorm" of no,
--beauty whate 6rexcept hen in, flower. Cryptolepis long! flora, a pretty shiub share of State tax.. We know of -maay W I I i ,. -1
endeBt- )t -on a
I t k- )oAen counties in the State, where th I I I %
ma es-a.prei;ty-trde near 'the, hous e., --with-whitre, fragrant flowers, is t e Va ual- broad -16r-their- awl y, Ijut'.' of I I
,he, .el _ de daily f, a
74oiYoa e And r. f or Florida, being killed bythe ill -tion, of property bas. be ed reduced 'b- weak W,016811 s,
Jlo unidkilf nty commissione s
Ab slight f rost.' Cou r for the 'op, DIY
w6r ballsj.,which appearing 'o ibaud&:
purpose of evadingthe payme t,
avowed n -can o an -'-d 11 -yot
--throughout-springsummeta d autumn jr6ach th' atshe III If 0 we VOL.
of as much of the State tax as possi eASSESSMENT REFORMS; 112111dalhat, wit oifkeieep!4 itiuitii ('6P,
fiagant., I h av e' s e e n bl' J h h
whi ch this y I ear, amounts to five
reesO -a r-say kite enrubtjne)-A16",1
hei t -of Aifteen o,-sixteen-. and
feet with a head'-of tW'Cnty ,"Ref orins'! is the dernier !resort of the J half mi. IS;
twerlty :Stiength will. be"Aa Jhat Del e
eet in diaYrieter, -inor h polltican during the, campaign season Even.A blindman can see tl ie injuqjioe, is she nov wize toreh-4,
twq -not e- t a iWill bo'well do"jai6,
e Igote the logger uty o-- Ethott er, 0 !j
-,saven-,ove igfitYea s,61a. It, the- tr6e I e- H praie ofthe reforms, he W'ill inatig of. this system. 'The% bdard of county, di-i 'i 'b
ilderful changes lie w ill COMM. where tb.,e !capable of perf orming it uti
eivessome! ,ca -an j t urate, anA he wo' issioners iii a count
'a a le ertili'zpr,, a6tof'briii
;b ed Val
.have seenL ttlig, ring- about in,-,ma.tters of legislation u8 of property. issayU 000,- It,
lug'In t 0 ut. tjuw fnu 6
grow essay ificbnbei, Jr
rn as r I ro uld She be- bitL tj Saj
1;1, soulthwegt6, 'Tex ,-!a in fecting the Interests of his beloved con- 000,'can reduce the assessment to $%000- more wildug -wo. t I oe
abitati.ns of: man. The-.'-native These anti-election refor s 000 thus avoidink.the'payment, of S it ( ft ay sp'elilt hf*
known but the first plants barelyy see the. light-of day--they are kax aggregating $10,0.00;, This de5 clen*- In oii il i ii
,,.qoultitry- own ho -ne, Ieven in. for in en
,Were introduced ti oultiv otheredt under the weigh f course be'' made,'good by oth r aiiinz. fur fhe little )onw -that cluster
ati n Jrom San t of- 'Other. Will,0.
-Matters of r oitance counties W,
greater Eound her, than'
OMIDUO political imp
A reform.of.this port on f the lav is., up i,6:w-onroW-,
when the reformer-mounts the steps lead- o
dacia ju it librissin;'
also needed 7-and a- radical reform",
:Abyssiaiala h c A b:'.dt e'L Ing-to the legislative halls.. oo., us and mud
0 -11mming Ir rt trudgo hoilue through 'Is] h' alud'-,
be madb'l 1, L'
eight:,of refoxrris again- calls to, Pr visim should )ythe next th , ,,
say-9ttains a- h I I P I I -at, e Mdxket, on t 0
t,,w nd, a natter the, AGRICULWRIST has 'legislature for aSt&te board of equilafiv-e to thirty feet, Find is a Very mi 1ut, ipel*ll-4p6 'i ., ,h&' children,
o I I I I I flit wba
fineornanijetibal'tree --, iary'In iriany times discussed-m7are form of our nation, with, authoiity to revise aDe
sonl is.Jitierall-y,c ita as t e have 'held all, 24uali.ze'. the assessment_ books,,6f ttie
qvered' 'with NY It System,.
d' -the ta e. u gh a o, fa ult',b f ai y6ho
-.1lower. balls- which are most eliqr along that the present system of assess- -Several. counties of S t 'bmetimes, IbrtJ
!'Jouslyiragraiit. It gro-ws Well in sandy iperty- and especially young un but'Misfortline, She Must belhe pro vid6r
d .0i.. musteveii'ma
dil a ndis-much planted- as, abi orna- pro active orange -groves operated as a -The Lignity-of Housekeeping.
mentai-Aree -As' far north 'as Aqgusta, -tax on indvstr .'This isof cou And sh goies ilobly. to woil .
The ]Tebrew-'and Roman;
Iin, con y ne no -'slur'T cast'Ga,' "The orib, bj section to it thatc trary tothe fundemefital principles he,' ng and do-es'ir,
ofpur government uld Yaj riot consider t calli he, tea
We sho Se the: o ping d6foga tor to the' i n hot
UTged-, ies iri A e,, incination to,&. f holitsekep dig., pp
prevents -a revenue nec esssary'to maintain the'gov y
sprea of braDic es;, :to N by, should've? Some
'head. a-M, ernment by a tax laid
nipAct Just now experi- On- property,, not recent writsr8 se'em to. think the Am' ori
dusty. "How singularly il ,pjlro -Au'it
meirting, With' other, speci es of- A6adia,"- on in p ri JS
can woman herself stoolping- t
socially with 'A, TAkeJor instancethe Man who ow n' he street. cu horss I, I
deourreiis' A Aeai F, fromt
a latgetract -urtimpio-yed pedestaIjif she goes into the .?' '7-ta -A ongifolia, k 'umata,' A. -of he bigh, on Me
Mel- -1And- aiad; k i nd pdriorw13
det Jls of her house eep nk
Those siiecies grow o lqngias he "Why SO,)-',
d6es n thi g with it the of h4 domestic dutieswith her oOu
x-; o, a few in I'
bLitI haver. land Is assessed at, a mirial, SLIM. '13 Vell they're eSt. vel.entos
no -ut 'hands Some -ev6ngoj
fair so far its, to
-ever seen"the ln ''in 1 ori a. f6bably as soon as he Is evaded with a spi r it
-P say the.A merican, woman' will nofkee
en 'as Soo
Is nosoil of terprise, As he expend n
t Qo genW toj 6 r wants S' ho I protest against.classibg all -I
Aeourrens is growing flnel' with us, labor and money, on-theland the v alua- Pao
y a.lot together. There is but one class
XAck:..Pm going int;6 --onbigh and poor pine land, $Mer -It has'had tion and asses it iila 'gely in'or8A$ed, :that ignores snch-,d6ti6S-thd.4iVoloUFJ brlslues Tom, u He, may,., perhaps
nocare:,41latever-b t has h ve plA tedy6ling-:
growa.very -butterflies oU fashion.- "And' they,,
know an
,rapidly find is a beautif I w t cringe trees -on,, this lADA' and -while. it.: idoa, Y..
t'stoop ). frona: they- would-. be N b
yminktrees 'Yield, n &I
-:- .4-,Ed, -Y total D e p t,.) lbizzia stiptilata t es iothih&- to the
el6*at6d'by the'chan e., come ,out
o a source, of very.,
ry, D6,''Ornft1nen'tal-Aree P1 e
i aldto be a anter-'and'areAri-faict "'e' r
6-1 rg el ;Ao'deplo o thel -r 66 pro
gr At expense o .at lbbg- -'peiio-d:tho' tbut1tinfoiturf6tely. j very teAder. iM
jnabi ity to attend tohomedu ies; w aili ernrne t -, I I 1-. (1-, ; ,
,Lubbek t tJ e li ,rdior ds at ori&v tc)
procee t q-kobian xeariog an
eve, d ulibg her'.
'on the n s 4n iisfl", -y I Ticreas"r,
Isla Citriodora ; atifl looking weIIA6 th
-A, Py 'e l b- e na)' a" F lly 1-eD r Yj tin ""the
'lSs6ssment,6f the -property., B
a at beiniz. fNad
-base u qnl
-credse e n-VOr' d 'no In j

111 kir

ra, onb_ of PTosper 7
f T h e town- idati I n Cl I a n people C)r 1' ey eitt re AUVP
sqour what Key, West 0 tW.eeh 'J,90 ro-m the mi
I Ies i ('ePnf Is-'
_FLA the' --,*,I 'be readL',Y re0
0 T Go e ed Iiiiii., 06 of, I ti fith
,;,,DE, SOT he -Salw ars, p -con ersa ,
:94ws *, 0 ftl e Sh6 was. pro a y X,.--Fhig er,,2n,- i
bI '-hid in pinea
Tilli gisteb aili"Y-1 I ple -, I'll
rid P Wlier. I se ta' ve bf'it Is vatch the,:In ia
tor a: 4s of I ate ; been raubh' Impro 6 road may.,well ..,tion tit
V- d,. The' t asi- CO wi a,r
- E-A.'PAuoB, RDS u6sii'Mahigei,' ._pilhting some flne articles on Florida As, be'calle4 ih-e -liCelestial Railroad" f rom, River Adko6ate a few ays -a
ter t ic gods of most eniph:16cally th' t
3" 4 State -for farmers and frult-growers. tb '-stations named af -he '-,6 ld,
-4-, IbmberWTto Pi A400el4tt6ik; *fflilimte a
:ex eT
'I'OUR Piyegyai way, to I s c a), n e
d ay- 0i Pali f 't, 't at us to,'
a g 04 many years
per capita debt of Colotado is RY 0
occupy e lxeNtp ge, gve way thi, $206,,. -that of Florida, $40., Will you rLinujhg to, Key.,West that is entirely
RIPTXON 606. -,A A I 1YUM 011th WB!ts of Trf'Lvel in.Fkr, and F or,. St and help lift the -burden I or go Out Of lie question."."
Eft 13
eign. Land%" burden to be raised
where there is no
is, duty you owe y9ur f amfly in Ouh rose garden. hitely recei ved the gi nore'eholce everblooffi
on f t of, R',dozen or
11 tqLr t tho PoStGfflCe af ZL
FnE best descrip, tfve Narticle a' the 'in tter?" So says 'the Ramph, df
v&na of"any -We have yetseen, lyritte b Ing roses froxii4ile'newrose nursny oi
ni a J"ly,25486al y Pueblo,,Col.,. and the pithy paragraph
ditorsi who took in the Cuba trip, is -a
------- ------------- -Alfred, F. Con'Ardj of West Grove, P
has in it a whole volume of, sug46sdoiiis' 71
':ift 'th h,
:tho. 0' ark Idda of April i S. t N rn gr M s6s:
ne the Avoh P to tes
o Colorado farme ;I and fruit grower or o n ro In'sout ern'
18th, by Editor I ue. sand. rof ssor aiiakefitheMinl
charge, and welo 6--to be :io
TAE Jacksbhville: Metropolis' sap;Tnt: h next Son., ll -March and April, dry weather good, epdrtof. t eni"Fred'T. Myeirs aod J W. Malone, are,
y a r n roo s, we,
ever, ow, i. the' re on thef ow
was the longest in South t lgee uo
suggested as, success6rs to.Congressman
Flor T, ka d. reason, 411Y they th6uld' not,
idA, 4eBartow-Informant-thii) grow t ni
Mallory inthe First Fiori a isLrict,
Polk'County has severely suffered inthe beauty and give pleasure to the dwellers
C w h
rops from the drouth- ich leads, us to enquire if it will take on the Slopes of Pansy L
two men to ill] this one man's place? If.
friend Conard, t aukS.
so ngr ssluan', Mailor should fe6l
-TnE PaIrrietco rlftut is nidAo. be rich'
highly compllm.6nted.1' And, again, Why TH isg e o77the Ranch a horticultin tannic; Reid. The flat woods'of Flor- shouldn't 'Con- gressman Mallory be his R lsiklat,,Puebfe, QoIO-)
'r, 1, journal pub]
ida are ribli lo,'palmetto plants, The ow, Successor? W'I-thd 11
for April 4Jib, announces-t e rt 6w
one thing 19Cking to. make a successful -a.
IS oapitill of its acr, omplished editress rom a flq .0
TnE editor of "Our Rural Home"'de- she has' occupie fdr a out 6 -,ye4r)s;',
APPLBS'in April. So says the Si;arhe, Partment in the Flor d mariner, in an and erintentiontosettle4tPal
Tel article on "Getting-Ready for Summer" bringing.her.printingoutfit,.with heifor,
XKG egrvph.. -It reports one ineasuring
thir says, among other things, "fortunately. the uF,pose6fprh1UDg the-PiNr-k
tQeu, inch6s in circumfierence. it
PINEAPPI19L aaa Y p arldw j jjtnltuiii6ti f0rths %' the house flies are not;the nuisance here- when it cliters, in Octbbi rj s, ir jear_thus,- seenis. -pbssible that other apples
...................... any States.
th sx pin apples will irow inFlorid a. they're in in. There is a of public atiOD, at Which wil tl e
) ,IKKAP LkIQI U .1 ...... -bittle Mother in the editor's: home gin issu asa eekly We
Dear e an p9gew
-The RINEAFK;N zii d Aniolean 6ardi'mimig, that eightspiou di'd',p I iGurnall IF-Lhe. ta Gorda Her- Who rises,to question the truth of tlae' are glad to know' that., Mr, and 'Mrs.,
statement, she finds them far w6rsemore Child have decide to see -a hew ome ,one Year r 1"j12 d k' h'
-ald stAys. long in F orida, he.,will learn.
_, T.J e PiN KAPLr,&ndtbree I coraplote.'stdrles, 61, iste I nt and troublesome than she ever ',in the-Sunny South wh h
-1 -tho Ay in G ikir.Libr;7 ,,u. "jaeu, 16'ronly at lie has no need to "0 to'the ants Pers ore-, t, e Storms: o.
b :&0., for the alltS ,vjlj_ suiejy co 8 to knew them: In the North and West Winter do notcome eh e aiof ; s U ,
50 CUT[ In
Tho PYNtAPTILIS and the Now Ye iner is so tempered -by the sea An' 'gulf
ii ,,paBy and im; little and big, red and blAck.
0 neverreache's to.ibree, dtEund4k '$3 50 "Tnis Is the sorrowful story told when breez s that it
"Tim Pl rR- :P- i i "d':il e'Weelly i-rezs; 76.cents',' 'TRn.,S6uthern Cultivator re d the. h h a,
Th el Ili ii xX Ti, L& add tlia, Florld a Citizen. (of Jack- cenilyhad Ahe twilight-1 ails'an monkeys walk grees above 100- t atJ ey are famiq
'HOI)VIlle'. Fl 6iild gtve jen6 l a two page article headed."In 13eulah' together holding each others tails, with ia the Valle _bf the Arkhni; S.IAP
about hogS. L Professor Garner' has dis red" ou' repiut, in another r par, of this issue, L ]n .
LL :,-Ynutton.abd -ye&rL, or 0 YL Lnxl whicli wa.s all We ......
.......... 41,00 alwit s had an idea that 13 eulahla'ndha& language. and now, alas When men 'Good
bne i6& ;_Hajrl60jjij Family
very:,'different type of iinh bitants find We cantalk they will find a method, ii, r
M-Agadne-6ney0ar. find wat-grand njagailne., m. ake as w I rk. Another link in the 'A wRiTER. i armerlafid
to the
V I t,4 i ids in a Grower
jLL tj _' gnticeht llluBtratlon ;:coloriid illii on PineappleCu ture says, e
llower60,iiti6blons ortraltsetc., TgE edl'tor of the key. West ':] _quator7 missi'lig chain of race evolution., An ir-,'
-m na ons,1 1P Pin f I roin
i mL akIng It rexcelle truly says th -reverent exchange suggests that "the priin of good i apple andS
_pO nm- :Democrat at, "the members
jl'; J ree:,'r er acre and the Of een en $150, to _$300.p _AoubtL
price of Godey alone foreign missionary flielilL hasbi
the FloridaLpreSS will ne erforget the I I 1 .1 m ,in
lArged in an uuexppcted' L abner by much'if any really L gdo a ds Of L, th is*
PrNF;ALPrns an
d FLORML .-FAIWER AN1)'.F3uix -receptioiatendered them by the citizens co
for Price of the Fr ult, 0 1 rower Of'KeyWe6t," eventhough some of the Prof.-Garner's discbveries," a goodI uld b t
........ 60, cou rtisl eS vani shed in flame and smoke., under 0 per aPre.,, H aISOL;aSA(
'that "an "re Of firl elass -piueapplej -,
A STATEMENT 18 112:a e by the Mel -in
beholde-the light 6i &Y land h reg
'ry _Goode of e gion qoutEden, Where" he;,.,
month of fiW A jCORRRSI ONDENT of, -the bo,,,e Timeri that a Mr. John
is located. is worth
An wears' an Emerald all hgr'life, Democrat, writing, from 'Floridai says: that town; "has broughtinto the State L IL' ;j,-_gd j 1,"
L L I I L I / L ;f 11, "the have inAbe lake-regi on L'' tL
Sball be, a I ;an Wi q. is full of orangegroves and J US
d about 3,500 varieties of- plants.", This than lies on In d i I an
thebuslnessseejiis to be thoroughly over- better I and _ive
seems incredible, --evenin vlewlcd the Itibars andL at L jti t T11 TIIE'PRICB al
demand', done. OP E T I BNI
now -I This caDnot'be said of the pine- finite Vari
ety of fruits and flowers that jf
in this f.avore a e" -look -anx- capable of prbducin St.
I. ekeeli d I k region., appleindifstry, which has hardly, begun shall
grow in' Florida. We L L h Thdian,"-'
to be d veloppd. finally pin _plesLas any a
iously for the fulfillii ent of the promise L L t
River andL, b t e ill, where 9ii
4 brought a vaiiety'of seeds -from. e rL St
t e Soil, made
to see ff theywill h by the ed itor-Of the Ti es that in
u a', THE Melb6urne Times is a new expo- ive in e lolij'audlilot
a future 'Issue lie Will give list. if
-F orida .' bi COU L L'
nent of the Indian Uver, be'compelled to, endure unto d
section, c6n -comes'out right, it 'Will beat
S. I O'L LIS6L &b and discoinforts by reasonD.1' 0 Wh r
'duct d 'by, & 0 IV -BroL
thle catalogue's of Re'asoner apd R,' uitowiIJich a6o
Tnm huck e erry, -ci-Qpin this section, edited Florida Facts, of St.'Fraii IS: L (IL'al judihous moq iJ- s 1,
DLlinyt an I the rest of the'laursery
-,was a light obe, OwiDg to the destruction We welcome the'TiMeS to -PI A UA den; M61bourne.and 11 elfi !all
men of the State,
Of the bushes by ihe numerous, fireP in' exchange list, and wish itspubli lier the River country.,
':,the Woods. -fullest measure of success.
LATE -I n the fall of 1892 we set out a 0 fate f rOML Pol n s-in L northern ii dl
tbe Tiluesi- ne it newsy. daiISr' THE Chemical Bank of New, York few hu diled L pineapple L Plants' Suckers.. -Western 1 rlyf to ();erLsh6wiDg f L .. 11 1 ties inL e
-h" art able organ 'with aicapital of $800,000, hasLa, surplus They are ruit and this L j ilj lo Ala n see
the- ubllc, and the- publishers. Of $6,,000,000. Th& ir t National Bank summer the.' dwellers in the, cottage on qrgla ,JsA e an
-a half million the.slopesof Pansy Lake -will en' .the byLthe Southeru PASS or L Kssociatlon
it' of theLsamecity on n capital '303
has surplus of five million Wewouder llflrst fruits". of our labor. There is One., of railroad 'agents. : The, Tainba Ti in 6B,
koi6-iiEn report fecundity is wor- very justly, is, indignant that, lorida
a yjeld-OfL 140 barrels !Lwhat nd, of Tertllizer" these banks I)Iant grodrid use to make their Ldollarg Lg Ye such L g tl,)YL 'of being plac d record. I t is L left- out
of egg -plants from an icre of oqd e should; be,
the i
tU L buch ii 'rate
-'_Tj;iqymette -,him14 per barrel. About re fruiting a'magnificerit lIllie, it isgrowingL
: I I I I
two it around t mm6i months w61)ld,.d
odas in p es. -suckers -he su
Can e 2, e in e of "
_ddi of good. :'We areL On th
tfiw Amer! Canners' Journaf diii base 'and iii tion 'has
ihe'-F armer an f ),wnl6ts arodrid thsbase of Frui t couraE ent.o i ore capital' cro jtSL rowlf.L 0 theFii-trayeI,:and- fare$ -are hig ag_K
:d, r o wer, L -account of the, 'C Llba, trip in pineapp I e, cl nii r i eSL'oh t "d 0,1b t I f i t C 6tCr_6d;L
JAL heir k ound We 6 n:be even on also"Wre FarTnerg _ahq_,fruIt,,h, L
.tb 1, w
tejlL'yOJj rig' ibo Llatt e"Cl iio v q 11I& 6$l6Jit:' the th lionLRI ( 'rplantatioijs,-,.I IdS O1N11,,1 an e F forid'a, ttileV 17
jtOjjRjLm6 6L,_ f t e 'L "
lie, Ilties.L 'is Js'L ii'pi, Th i ;wp L tQ'doaper OLC 'a ) j
ec es an'& toasts of, eed o 'n e'r 46 tji, se. Rs'Litno
6u I y I think t, 'e ei i tors os y-,wr e u.6 R 1 I e indii f n jo. ell& it-, Nor jhL An t 1 e, t "t P I r 11 tima e, beileff'
Z ter th'ati. they alk 'A b% th t, r over d b h I t' f s I ti fic i,, U, its v ry In, fV o IOWL oNV;.j)jnj appe8-grO 'low iates on transpoktati,
iSsGdrt ud La goo 6 8,

'thq ligibb: will, S" e Ve] 0" y P
a $ QI all 'he fashion 0
Jih i n, th e LrL C r -Uri
t; ded Oy
an as far! -00 Or A r .t ere As, as Onei
OREIGN oses., re p
as vRsdtff,
ti i4add
ii: Rlsa a 11. e a S
cathedra es se re
uil In aside rom the a io
D" so Vgry the it in (16ride, said' piotected-b, A
4r Wyv ay' 18, of course, 'the, .&,vernor's
rcad pa, acep
no !an a ra. F
-..f ainlandX.
-f u 69, ke'lk
goes, 011112r Seas, o en. itari4surroxiiided by tro pie ad r. ittre flaz. *e:trusf,
he mqria -"in lbe, Owogand h a s n 6a li l'y'fb, e, new civi i
93 yes;:tAhe.4IfflOWtie9 Pa. Ing an. r itA, Itt
way'aie-411 surmount able, eyes &ie tem jle.o'r ch ap e-I erecked tdtlieIneJn8iLw
rOgziland le, a, Of churches theprinct- T v etabl we
is Jh" Iku n7 tried to Henry k. Flagler as the Genii of Polumbu he 6k es in- re of-.
of the' !D te h has but al are the cathedral; the Merced al kinds, r a
j,6ui the j' ian'd a4d:: one.' 'enth Century, w 6 p t he u's u we'a 0 11 f a.
Seas to "Roe 2 Over :1 _to wifi ii)-,ana 161, Out of the 'realm of Church, -theBelm -Moliasteryi'the Santa ffiil'lar with. Tomatoes and egg plauts, I in a, 411,blul Lat escarro a,,
espan a ag" hiip qs ibld it enters,,ihto the reaInT of J ata I least 200 years ago.. were very sinalt go Were potato t
thanchdrelies cabbages, Gauliflower celery,
Thoie,4re more theatres -,pepper
Cuban' qu6s onion0,16eks.etc.,allsho h'
which shows- tha s gredevotees s we' t at
We 6, 1 to the, gardeners are o owing. year -a ter
1. h.0, thaLdt W111 be so. 'That or pleasure as Well-as of.religion. In La; f it'li"': lesser the d ""t it When t he toui 'Plazv, d To aiin the same rut, using'seed Which
e aY.isno far4latai ros are held the world famous ye
1: flights in; which: the hig lsdetieriorating and thal
le'lldo-i"of lib(TWAhe kiea6ivoLk-, its trorh,,the Nor th: will, glide:.'along' the bi l h 963lety t uliey I a re wh-. IY
ckles c, TheJa kht ofthe' guiltless f the kno
sha gegdom.',:buf t III. ba;n k' 01 the I udiau -River past PaIni people delight. stbull fl 0. w dd-geof n e a. ie7
-ad-: :Bei6, doWn to Biscayne Os, season: occurred the. Sunday-'precediDg ties;
in Ahei. A&d Bay, or
icans go -in to Ahis f a Card'i Sound to Ke Iargo,, skim "over- our. visit, so, we I missed seeing- what is Could but A M-er the mn amerabl6',,key that sit1n -beauty ca led-the, most in vored a tran oriiiation,
interesting sight in Ha nl, ,what
ut oil the bognin of -Barnes' Soun and the vari a, Bu t -vie cannot say'that we were would occur. -soil
Ono 10 aylor lffts '! A
BILY.of 'lorida- and rest 'at: last in the. Sorry. it is prover
Walls, Qn, the' Js's0'WeIIkno'wn that bial. It
-S Ffi1 he, tram s o'Q Pat' Y, w- has been well said an area of 65,00Osquare;
"La.g.uroim ,klm J()Yovet]bJ s :spare,
doe, -Th4' writer spent most -hi t
miles equivalent to.,,neafly._ 4- '66,'000,
Ah( Cuban P atriot t a the firm in the island of Key West. time"in tlie market Of these there acres, the-greaterpart of ichl"kh(.,
hede ng an& long. But are three. The Cristina is the oldest, 'flrpt quality for cultivation' aud'a 1 g'reat-_11,"'G.0me when, tz)s'sed wid the Colon the newest-while the Ta- erportion-ofwhich stillreffiaing
Opp And when that day shall come, m ay.
is the largest a nd finest -We
'r )no re the to every
or'see once, 1 tivated, offers _kffimigrant fo cl"d4ban 6nd'$panIard vIJ'--m 6et, n
and may th God .0 ar6 inclined to hink It. he 'largest and of labor &,,v it ''field to exert his ff6rts
d(Wherio grows thq-,tree of Paradise, 4,
falon of Viotoiy on e.w 86( k finest we have ever seen and. we have: With the prospect of A brilliant rewAf
,' 7 - L L I '_. .. __ we 'trust- will ta.'e
k" been In -those of: th a cities in al s
-*h6,flght for ho'me ar4lnkti e'p nolp I r, of ihis parhg'raph I, -I'
Ve' kindly, tothe oil onthe',slopes of Pansy, But tb write
d furth tbAt
the-,United: Siates er this im e' e'
Lai from ooast'to coast. to a d m n airea,
The infinite variety of fru e -capableof raising eve I ry vari I e I y of tropiand meats issuer rising.,. thin a calfruitsiwfil remainih the condition,
WES 'is One 0, 4. e ls f6i tvbere '--The fardaii'd And thefor6lp I nd are Many
-11.11 t a ei in one,- resp'ot- only. They, aie- 'were very dear, as rule, fruits only it now. is iri, as ong, hs it remains under R, 0 the government-, of Spain
'king's of -agmgt m6tr6pol q_ ai h4n, isi O'the sea. were chaa;v. The -Jln si of Castilian Our visit.,.
s 'grairted it,. Melons oost cnly 10 cents Spanish money;. brief as it was _more-than ever convince
Did Colu bu a El on the islandof which is 8 cents of 6urN us that, Cuba; sbou d be ong to the
(1'ridF, wtll eqiiA.I.At. 'ia atw rn S.. 4 n aR American e&' n.,
rival d and Cuba, Oct. :28,.1492 It'issowrit. en-in money commanded 20 per cent. premium United States, that s, r the tourist,-the I the millions it mig t
e, S e r a wilit Veriflnema gos, ..costw uldbe money welfspent;,t att e
r, er ome.-, It'is now history and I in Havana in a cathe dral. whilowe wern'there, 11
e r f ceytain s6amship lines, whosefoundmtions were laid in 1.6.0there 'twofora niokle; large marnmee sapota; island is, indeed What it lids',often, been., yau ich his:4Lshea Ii 5, called, the X yof the Gulf -ai n the -sen'
1 Ong 6 It in wh _e, laid in two varieties. oblong and 'round, d
I d'' .0,
eie yt e w. hq to O'k i th6r6'I auary, 179 n the 16 f t side oentseaoh. A a tinel of the'Mis 11 dd 6
L ie h e El iliq'Irs dozengu 'vas for a-nj ckle
two cm. a national oin command
It'in'the 16arl to 6herlmoya Oi 'J I standp t ILI,
L-4he Apkl tri tokey.west and Havana,' of th cathedra urists WfIl amadca app es,
or' I e miserable kocornnw utiom: a f -seeaslab;:-on whichis-a relief bustof.the nickle; the Ayooada, ea'r Was just ap- I 'g as it does the entrance to tlie xutfof, 1i ",great 'discoverer, with' 'aa ifiscrip'tion. in hearing in marketand so commanded 5 Mexico and- the water co.rhmunibation
herded p-is'se igers aid 'its reaoh %of f 61 th
--W Nb tho editors. .Jts agent contiacted. SpariishWhiqh is translated as follows, "nts,'each; the Surinam Oherry you between Xorth and,. Souili America'Ohl remains' and I m'age of the great could get allthe way from a, d a
46iak6 us from. an, i turiii s tb anta ozen to. should be P Aandplrc6l of th-Amer,
i0,6rda aTid Lhen7 7c mpe q us all-to gq Columbus, a thousand ages thou will be twenty of fo a nickle while the- very o&fi Union.r, Maythe day spe I edfly Come j
T_ preservedin this urn, and in theremem- largest pawpaws-and,' we saw some when oyer the Queen of the, kiitlllos
46,Tampa and pay-extra, round
Wa e: ugi,
biance of'dur nation," ,eighteen inohes'l ong-soldfor 20 cents, shall'float the stars,4nd stri es.,'
0 1 -, I -,
sil ver dollars fartr e privi ege f losing. _p
Sapodifia plunis looking for' :aU the,
,way co-. h n e c b Ion and 4
The.GOat Colu world' like, ruseet a plea were to be had We Would have liked to liavb speht-:
Ii ne, ex1ra hotel'.,'--bills',"over, unday at mbust Greatbecause
halfa dozen for IQ cents. Within int6rproter-a month 16 Cuba
wherelobail rains -were not run,: uc ces.sf III.' There were other discoverers I I I I I.. I
I I S 11 ., 4 visiting the interior. 4antaliyas,.In.the
w OJ
W -, the 'sh'ip's._48er praise: for h; se' feet trod the new worldd' centiirie _b lianas saw w in ai' ly of I0 f Y
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lp rer Variety, very gmall bul -with it reno tied minEral.spring6
, To, -the steamsh_ --company's agent or
thl,, Do '.Uxlde!r the frowning wallsof ElMoro very nice,. Pineapples were thelle of Pinesj'where precious woods.
abound, Pdortcr Principe, e prince 1.
-we, I gli de into the harborof Hav ana and market, though we found them onthe th- 'pal,
JeDdiiiq7a, broken contract.., tables 'f the Hotel.Pasa I e everyday; but tow C
)'- -, ". _,_ --, , :. a 0 n of the ffiteri6r; Santiago de uba,',
L7 for three day we were -in a "f6rei n
land A rrarty of, over a hundred, witl they.were somewhatstringy and nothing 500 miles f rom Havana at- the axtre How,' lo dly,*e wer,,,,cei.ved and, be said tl
-, d -, I ier-preter, it m ay [,at it like as jificy'and delicious asthosewe eastern end of the island where the fines(but onein,
entertarne byAbe people of Key West!' have eaten in Florid -Theyarebrought coffee, and- suga r plantation I
was-somewhatcliffic It to get about and a. ns are coated,
-we] me.. The
koya was,,t eir cd relsfiom.the% and the, agricul t at dfstI&ts
11 to secure such, information as was d& '16-in bar interior:of the,, is- UT -But
-t&ougli'the',streets, will ong b
e re- with, its land, are.smallinsize-and sold'for 10 il 'wh
9i red:_ 0 f tb q: city i .. I n this world an ave ixisti at e
ma;gnifi.een't banquet -market
250,QOOinhabitants it may be said that. cents in the Cocoanuts. were' wants?.
rein aah-In mempry lta' joy.fotevb v ell rotectedits'elf I ag ainst a. undant at a le apiec e. ar ap-Spain ha'g
LW Xarpe,: -.we sawi we. wore conquere tif, ples inned'and gree company with Our brethren of,'
Cub'an uiirising by fc;rts and. for ca- both purple sh 13,were. So, in
eto e: the island city W4s something there the Florida State Press4ssociatioti, and,
ilfe i r abundant at w.o for 5' cents;
tions by"ahd from which the city could
_R ar:0 ;ime:_ new of, itin'ai dim, indi seemed to: be hardly indifference 'in a lot of utsiderswho h 1 -1
be redUced to ashes in a-few hours., ad wise y eel),
Noiw, we haye _be6i i in 6 lose the ba dge I of / a me minct wa j. _; es point the: taste of the, two and we,'note. in our permitted to wear,
There are. 650 guns whose inuzzi
-umcll to i't ani -,. I I ' tropic aI.c af alo ue:that but one IIts people 'aard -we'feel sailed out of the land,, look
inward. 9 gritty' ber, we
hat' henceforth 1W ar,6 no 'longer harbor,,watched 'once more theiiin'set
gi exibo, 4ni by
er, but.friend's.'
Guide books gay Havana "Is tially 4 ia in the Gulf of M_ *a
opolitan," but-we do not agreewith These, -we think were all t h1a-fruits We fro& our editorial
cosm of .Tampa, returned
cringonie thing,!' saw-and sa o e thanever thanking, G a,
we.bavewritteb.- the uide books On his amplisd- -in the market. All outing -mr
.9 point, ',M ne y- I I "': , I I :- I I ,
al strarige,,allrequi ring the taste o iber y.
' ,biven t at,.alrJhiDgR4iIL cometoft. nine one-b'undredths are Spanish, There that we lived in, a Ian fl
-up to, a capafirstJ46ughi It, Would seern'to sug-, 'is but one AmoricAn. store in the city and, to be cultivated nd, yet all
'gesuthe child crying f I Qrthe moon; but its _p 'ble of being, here in this fi- Of th-e meeting of the State Press, Asroprietor ed, fl f ty per con I ., I ; I I
knows What skill- aildenergy. vored lake region 'of Florida; as, indeed association there is bqt% little 'to report.
higher priced to: our people whoi got in to
'andi n 6d' A' 4s, inthe some of them a I re I alf ad' growing, and There was, but one real buei g session,
e nd perh' his store than did the native store keepers. Y, nes
utfre 'f m t 6- maifil e held attey* st orxihe'in-,l
and' to the' These, aLte 11 be we trust In 'tim& the o 0 11.
.,near I r, w f I all of them wil
ere, uni orm y courteous.,:
jrwri ad- key s.,tha t 'skirt" the sea, oasewill. 'to ug and -when -theyf oun 'out what one I 190,01e-i"80 DOt'--g6to farbr foreign lands, Ing of the 9th atl Which' address o,
_Wante wouldgo outzof thoik'*a." fruits, many of -which Welcome were ma e' at '0 on de vqrm,
9peed the railway tkiitt to ih' very'verge for these tropical d ati Ii
o. be
1,0 f the s ttait that se&rates the, last key -of gejvi will-, not beak shipgie We managed ed, the annua .,-a
to bring A 6W, b&8il Wjih 6ad and the fle skates to, the
over,,. ti of 6s,64., hind ',
'f &m -Key Wes It i, a ne".1 haf., thttty,
hp tadb twid., -Miles,,, 1611, gi As'lirie us obe; t4stezd ',b d pooplo at),Natiprial -Jitlles' on,, falls' resting g'on trestleg- su.p., Ix P, looted
-", L ., goo
w ii i ;Wft6 --_;T'n hecente'. mean NY a;Va6a.th6,,pIectiog -of
d, o
the, N higt1'('of, bf ?ark,' -YAC 6 ,eve
'the oity'iS2 '6 rati ry, 6 fInd inthemar lia an) ia'

-saiil L)On r j
(h 0 rn ure
r i r a, bYthe)Ese cutj: o-yoWni
W., e ljiroetcirsA ]l be-el, 6ted:fro
D, V s d fty to
-H. Qp7,0Re co,-a n
4 cia tion "
aaso ceel an
SCC)T,.,, '- ', 3
,'-bramg6bro T'. Y r. V, f he- R -meetings of the st6cuol4iW-th l
:of ir cto
OUNG ; 3 7, ', C
9P. in. gs o I : unt therobf.
tuvoln: d Sy,-L. sw full -&cop
W-) Lli RIZ 'be beld'At Such time I s, as
Ja d,,of,,D
ARTI 'LE V eir Oi cretjoh, may,. do e ine.,
777 or a- maiii 461176..Zc
The-board of -directors and alli, other prei4ide'nt may' all a meetin o th Bo
-,Together for officers Shall bold tbeir:reapective ( ffloes, of Directors at'anylime or place :Upon
for' one, year, or until their Successors the written rcq6eSt of four or more inem- Tbe c o mp I en'. sa lo I of -offic 6rL Frotestlon Their Corisdtu mploieea and a,
, I gqn.13 "'M
elected And qualify 'whole -, ; 't
tlo a, and By-Lawa.- Oall have been e ed- bersibereof., A mAjority'.i Vthe oy
be, ,fl- 'd me
DY hi iu'tbe te a q4oruni to Drose
:-VaCO OY w leh knay occur 'boards al conatitt
lvect6ra, except t eBoard, V
d-dr in aiiy office Shall
The C06studiiii n. be flIled, as e9ute business..
ursi Whose compeuga 1-6 1 1, b,
providedby tb e by-laws. A TICLU V11.
dQrporators hereby-, Y %t 0 R6666,"
b h ion
mselives, And 'forin a-, bod I q ARTICLE Y11. Tbo Board of Directors sha.Whavo ken- 4,
,laalsd6iate the TICLE XV
The hlgh at amouiLt of indebtedness to exaj a Pervisi6n-,andeontrol of th buI- AR
corporate. under' and- by"' virtue, 'qf tb Tho folf'' bo tb'
3 ; IL" 16 Lfd, WhielL.Lthe aaSoCiationmay4t aByLtiMb nessoftbeassocl6tion;Ahe slikil have owing Sfiall eL or&r
14.w of tio StateI r; foriee
subject i elf Shall not be: extending' the 'the sole power of creating U,3,n ess at. all MeOtiD'gS' (it, tlie,'Stb
Cor And dom ts 4DYL indebted
6overinggeneral' porlitions, L 61 its '' L- f I -.-ILI I I 88 _OfL
t, .1 1 Ut L capital' stock. L ne tbo' association; they'% sh all iholdOrs or 136ard oTDifkOt6rs, f 6 wW
0 0 lowing 0 jecta,-purposes
_, -L- L f, ARTICLE V111. make-jind carry out all,'coutracts Of the, lng otL LS- O
d poweraLo gAideorpoiAtion to
L principal p ace of-businesi; of the, association' alp T'Lag6utg
Lli : L L I I I I L I associa a a I 'b a Iocated at Jae] Son- general make all-ar. 2:,, vports of cohimifiees arid c;MQ4
f _t 11:, 'ba L I and-Aaborers and'Mg
name o e association sba L dLorAtiCi j ,, 'oj-_,L
villeiinDuval L ty, Flori0a; tin t the kangements ort OPI, Imunieatit
f b r6secution of the aw coR
Fruit and'Vegetable Growr L I ahL 'L., _L ", i"
j. L L Sy St USineSS" L.
SSI (iorlL M e L,4.
-e a6lit h branch cffi&s soejatlous busirl spjh geDeraitbe O.Tb
atutherpoinfG-withifi or without the L of Directors sba' IL-d' ii eet an ex L cute all Now business.,,
State as its business may require orL its sn'ch measures ag'dre best calculated to 6, Miscel Anemia busliI Th buishiess" of the, association AudL
": h '_ L'L 'L L rs
e. Which' jtL L l3oard of Dix(oto- may elec t. promote the interests of thestockbolders. ARLICLID XV
powers, shall exercise
ARTICLE ]X. the "C'
are as follCi WS, towit- Lts general pow- ARTICLE VIII, The official. Seal of r or
The Board of DirectLlrs of- tbea9S',c aSue shall be.i'iliai #4out i Size o
88 1 L L' L L 11 1 L I - ethp Auty of Abo- Eisen -ve
h -M-preac ibed-by the '6h fiL Ual ItLsball bF 1 d L ", ''t '.L ea
f, 'L L ion Shall"beL u
a irecto dollar, containing en
genera awL,,( or! a relal ive o cor- L Comm ittedof't b BiaTdL' of D re to
ri ibg. by the-stockholdbrA, Aud f his n 0, JOWO "L 11' -id
"Pora Ons., L_ tw,,purpblie an 0 lea examine all'acnou taclaiqis w3d bills- margin as-._ he 1, oi
f -he Board of D1rPcto al4hnl1 be vmpow4,red "d Vegetable GrqWors' ssocia'Q,
dftnlib the ilktereafaL o A L against the sasociationand to an dit the L
to 9t6ct from, their owii number a Presi- and a:crossih L e center of 'dial. thbRd t-and vegetable of L thLe S tate t same, andno money, shall, be, paid by the
den and a V Le-.Plre.rOdHizrand they Mall val..- "Comorate
o1116H& by, o iainiug for ita members Treasurer f xcent on tbeir'sipro, ZZ
&Ifio be emnowereq to eloot; a S xretury, 1,27,
-thebost iiinclc eavest a Ippinj ARTICLE IX.' ARTICLE
t f G6n laumizi4r and Treasurer
tramspo station L and a Seal N T c General Manager all actL'-unde
sb The se-by4aws MAY At-any tinie 6 ,
by; any And a To means or, theLsupervision and control of tile-B d altered or amen'ded- by a-va
d, _tO-.iL' pealed,
me Q 8 p omote the interest of L the ARTH LE 1. of Directors,, and 'fbrovpth assuch
producers. t shall'bave poiker.Lto adopt E aeb local uuionsball be entitledto a- 'General Manager-the Board of -Directors, a inI of, lt e.-stock'.of t he
eLexclusi*e 'ce member' may- p tiLn.
h rtificate of stock, imued to such L rosecute And carry on The genera
t ay be
-a members and to-pro. ect itself L As M de iguated by it, signed by business of the association. it Pra
b SEcom): That o fa e
AI I imem ere jn tjje Use of Ahe saine.- the President and LSeeretary, for the ARTICLE X.epleorpos iblbjLthiblruit a:D e 0
It shull have power do any AWL all Shares bold by bimor.that may, be issued Tbe-Presid a sociation'shall he assool on, 0
Which in a to him. at! sh so
oft all b
ay. be nem t"
qary to -secur reside at all:meErtings of'tlie st6ekhold
-TjuRb;: that:. tlb f 'or
prices to the producers of Florida A Ire ICLIL 11, era and atall directors' meeti I) gs; 1 t Ah all
from the different'! uniolls
Tran4ers of stock Shall be made Ob1Y be his duty. to Sign thejecord8 of the as- ge
tricted to a ceftain'pdiceuia
ARTICLE 111L.L On tjloL books of the In per- a() cla
lion, sign certificat es of stock And d' bi'y i h B 6 6z d
: this, to b6'L&itermme
e t).T -- I -1
n e c6pital'stockof the son- or by attorney in the presence of real estate i'
S at.,Lt eL egjnnll)g 0 the;
of th ute all 46 d coriv ink: ': h b
GXII I I D rector
tary of the a J)ju -L ' d ",'
association shall be twent -qve( 25,000) 1 hO Pros d-ant or 8ecre seo cclatiou and all other'L. L
owned b 'the LASS g season, an maybe 6h t
III and, 'it L shall have the, CjatiorI Only on approval the i]iat eXjL
umentHol writing h
:tba, _gam L encies 6tt a occasloi
10 any, board ofDirector8 andthesurrouder of lati rsona
on's L property, or pe
to- indreliI socl real'L
.- L' b I .1 1 L L I - ,
ainount; in Ike :method prescribed. y previous certificates gad the payment Lof he L shall-, perform such other 'duties On
'the L Aws -'of Florida.' "Thel. shares of ",indebtedness due the Association,. aml shall be issued by t e Board4
usually pertain'to tholUffice of ]?resident.
ii shall-be ton L (jj6) &IlArs oachand Direc ors to thtid different 16W union
tj e alamo'ahajl be, "paid ARTWLE XT. itlon
eLrequi 0 eirArpasurer iioOt
issued- Each share c6 L f "I be f tb
OfL sW k Shall' repreSQnt la the absell 0 PreSident the
portion t6,Lt e amount of, product; %
an non-assessible', Said shares of stock one vote atany Meet'ng 0 V
the associa- c Pres' shalf
d, V1 e7 didn't pvrfoi Ia t be.'d ul ies sbippe, V, h]I j theSe 13 am
Qnlyto.tbLe,,mombgltLof Votesaballb c"t-bythe repre- and tLeXilie-Presides, the, tion...
10 cAj-IinjCljj i as prescribed. abov( be two Cell t And" -ea jfi lslii
gated by gad L union, tentative or, represent natives present of- al
dent sh lairoexereise uchcktherpov trs
.1 i It, shall b6 obligatory, u 10 'tie per shall fiffix bi-eaCh
Pon: and re- the cal unions respectively. : fruit. L' L L L b.- 'LL "
"d A cal iihioutopurchase' And du as tb 11. lar of D;rt ctorp I "Lonel'of
f t, Y may cooler upon, hi
-one, B are o a oc b member desig- stamP
to' The annual meeting of the association ART L X
t 'd b Ailo
Da o -loreach. n-mem era or -frai, UL Oc 'Ia ktep a full r(co-d FYFTa.: That.,the 6ifibers 61 thig,a
shall be held at -a Florida, or such The Secretary ShI111 Ahereof -61 f1ve'or over belonging to such jofL theL'Proc I edinks ()f all AI ckboldlerW -a'
other place as may biy d re6L to iPjj h ej jj
designated by the ociati6n shall
oca -union, an ib,
& slieli. loca shall SLon:the SeCon
Bdardof Director dTaesday meetings and OfL uIlL director.' Meetings;L an& vegetables by e -route esij
cons of p 0
era n ac ally engaged L in Ma I y in each year. Speci il meetings shall atte d to the giViTI a L,(, Ab o Gene L ral;' la ewiiic 4
7in t e pro auction of fruit or -vegetables publishing by L Me I
L -Of the stockholders may behold at such of all notlees and rvliorts- lim: er, the laws roval of th iinin it fi ;8iA
State of L L 'of L I I 1 11, L e executive ct
i in the -Florida- Ten pbr-cent. OL of Flol *Ld&
Ones and pla es as tha Board of Direc., I r, qwred r, tie mad-O by lhezia Board of Directofs, aud'fh
aai L:c itjal'st6ckof WOO hasb6en.
,torB may order, and A Special mooting Rociation- be sball k ovi propvr bo( kA'6f of Directors 'thr6uajjLitS L r i _In. L MW Mon
pad: I fui- ey" of the United
shall also, be called at.- any timely the account and book fir I he ger'L shall s6iect in as"n n Of 6
Presidiin7t of the association whenever bo shall OgD, %A jthL I he Pr*-,i,d eW, kets a, may-be denied adv b
requested by ton or inore local uni -of Ftock ho *41-all keeljV Agents of undoubted responsibility ;4v
The association ab Contifine, request to b- iri writing.. Not ons; allcertificates
-1 1 1. L I - I io, of books ol Account uecuhsary.fOr ri'('017(31119 Shall jAn iar:bonds to.i., he aps6cia6o
r1od'offlfty:(60)yoArs. If 0 Shall
pe- shall -by h biifiiDesS, OftbOBSB 6Cii6liODLL and.-that; they shall-recommend,'And.,ii
such, meeti.ngSL be'given publicaAMTI( MR V;L a DeWFPAP L 'perform such otberduties as usually Per~ Viso the 'L t
inom era in, a ip. only-lt th
Tho OML lion of the So mein er-of the L -b L L Lcars of the association- through
County oi Marion and.al8o in OHOLof the L tain to the bfffcb of S secretary It-: shRll-: ho sea'in tfi6ae'citi& but no.prohijAW]
-whom its, business shall, be conducted ual meelhig of the 'Sjjal[, tho' j ,,j
1L loading papers of Jw ksonville format T be his duty, at the suil b pult-upoD
shal 0 president, vide-prosident, a klibldemto present 6 full written', H -of Any memb
least two wepkp, onee each, week, before liberty _,qr of
general manager a, secretdry-, a tr whiehL
such inleeting; notice shall also be afatement-of The affairs of the corpora- ciatior, as i is-,ard8 e,6 gn ef's. .er'and a board of- directors to Consist of L po SbSSion of, the,
m"ilPdlQP8ch union at least two tion And shall be in
thirteen persons, Thelaames of the, per-, no ear
",eeks befora'Said njoptin-Lr. seal of the association.
gofis -who shall act asthe officers of said :VVfiy ''Anny '6utel 6
association until the first'61ection on L the ARTIGLE T. not tintfhg-yourLnhe ks?
Th Tre"wer shall recgiv a, and have
in May, :[L895 L I
Ther-9: shall'be aboard of tb irte a dI7,
TueI ' :L 'bills Amy (rouge dus i 'are as stod f.Lall-inon ys,, rvc6ivable
towiti rectors We& d the' regular:. unual. cu :is decoration
credits and general assets of the a9SOClaPresident. 0 agso
F. Q Bukrum meeCDA 6 f the atockh6lders bfth
-he sbal A ffigiiof
ele d6il sball LI6 by bal. tion; 06P'Sitthe mollie.YS and
W.-H. REYNomm, Vice-President. clatiolland which c
S &Jkg .'as f'hig amI L g a To PIdns has-,
audaball 1:; in charge' r ap -, as jwguc r, batk,,or I d
8116hlL afj I
M. E. yL an4,Gen'l Mgr. 0,
board of directors:. may eak of.. u6k al( last
R,3 jp E T p
pointed by Ahe Pre8i inj; officer. TheA LE XANDI rod6urer. do
A Posits to What ls l
anam jh a persons who. ahaff tellers 6h IlLreceive an count the b;ill6t4 belut eL 1) tj Ile oI 6
> natltut4L the ard-6 itectors-.o 6f6oW-an e II r'A; At'SuC dod he a ion; --hesb1a:,.-,,S1jgA a.4.chvaka'or the'
_of njonLSS2 gr twenty miua1t('S,.'W
pay ou. mon
tlile Bosxd,4. -PAYUI(
tion until SAW datqam as -, .z I L 1 .1 1. L -:- -' L., .. ". Z L , :, L Lr r4
i porrorueiS o Vo lip hers sj ed" -Ohiq
Pircefov M'dvbo'lllle d bV au OLotion,,

Miinna~andshetoaficensed Bapisomeit a c'0 men ca eak. Norter q4 meowocXi
grapelnt fruit an ieteailidatr -00ara r
risen~~~is tote~~el th bhdv fEyta e o 50
taqhits oA m Sa ggg to di od onn eWol I Th flotin hoel stae'afrh od .0pra
oi on eq pce twlv hIre oftepeiu hich wasm nk astsme Ter natte Aubu
01 1 t tes hivin beef used intestWgs haefSsh ok i foa zdm oe offe th ownern -plVoe, who hafl pr o ArsinNre
chaeda iettacd of ladt fromui';
B~~ntrodTEDw boy~a in th8er15,.SFI
8 iee 'o oi~ _,crriedJuEtrr isohe ndw s ld

0 bh _- uas nhot e' e Sh r s a
alon -~ ei e .--t L ucieP Rivere itn in Il r d n e b i

n b On of the fe inesthopes h n h at ,e e
oS to has jdstbeend compestse e nr bye E. J
oodUse t ) 4 b Iecovered aiidO th it o pley & Coa1aesfkeadstreP f
a as take vb m ito :ratning, Aftel sa in oe ine a
t ~ ~ Aq in hoogy6 h lourt cpaourHe haIn y bee lumber fo tei on eesthy il
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2 g h A@b ic w wek Ig.-Gre Cov v coplted aubstntil affairt awn Fre Schol r gq g keep seet-fie mloe at. work inl the
In~~a clarwu uplri me piceoflndneuth
the, -enh. Leage a lst an th compnyel to milsd o the M.Fnest Lehaing Buiesors ond
ying the hots i e k the. .r Wisu dicvrdw lc- p e lad withe se Tey havtfth ot
nh h~yeyge 0 achs i hegh Blackbteriaes lauch ,h fa iIa Elie to tl h in counties
3ap ''bwi as 0 ow;coing i an pomie o "e A ad ri r, -i da regen tha has tinit or fyrt
f_'h.6 8 d t the ajWim anlbel bdn t atlei of a odaity Hes last be6i engge fornt moth depein the owrring on horst year;,and laete ine ohe .ed win make EinLTHERt-6
shng wl oute s, 8e ceecnsdef3ablt e lt hnean th 2hloe pat ofi th Atasa da
Titatistifima recei, mteniokerag Parker item ines Times- Witlioohe Rie.Mltgetand 341otui-di~~~~~~ ~deo $35 per Ge-Uis.crTuee,.r lo omotdwt
chlrse idmi; pTe, agriitr a rep07tn of aptheat Stat thseneprsn co pay rae:b
odurred~~~~ in ith andt rasiI fe bette bred ofr milc Thr shpet of00 phspat rookht
)tlig.,~ There wee Jwsi oesn, -ut lotslefthyp z thaIs prt urn th grtairenonh
larg Toa a1fe0 ehes 5vrae Mos ofo theo oftibya aeinrae o ieal
soaldmlhdoaae eterps. o rla ?teaa e crnge foa'-im-nf), srug r ta82 tthet terln o th e vane A liie trade $5rngJ0ur0. esesa
Sveed ie Paes- uantty f mik~s btaied fo t Ese srive conaeig4,tone rmSuh C N R C O
4 ew ,,'V a d r wi n g m os( S re orX co w oi r s hn o t e a b r in m t hm e s C aro i n a a n 95 t o ns f ro ml F l orid a;n le IF)o n r i

...-- ehaslsstano g heen I oe ine his 9 o0tns .f o el Floria; an fodrhg rod 10raO d~t e gis wtiroth tw o t A nil grve Thls se a on g o moned ac tl eses ariebrnig
th Jgesae t 7,880 b xes Fivnded car sold sineou wh59 h tons from Flia andme 5 a22 tnsC IVN PG.
&d6 wer grigso ninse ten t hev bul ftee crpu ipsed inpti hat fne yea r as roflonsi derabred
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assesbaed thaoi i .t$ 5 l fi.e ofl.Lebr nn a t rec la r o m ess
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a~dn Miror anetniv,..ouhr otiutr.
Mr.~apls Therg inventor of. thisgl-r rocess
nicludn t ath~ atio en areay Th J ksnvll 1\auatrn Dru is Fe"u _h ha ha th processes fren/d t,; Ireand an om an r reei n lag nu be p"enId an prpoe to sel th rih car ond-as atra 'ng tb
distance of ohree Onf ooer from aloeth Saend s tom u factu e t cyonon Tratls mathe
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es.e A trun lie ullteuhe n hi i e iti f u t e h a gs t e TVompetd. bmmerEsort.o
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disuniceod IQ onCyltu E ii uies odes& o,50 000,000.ofrge San 1,- R N REIGe
s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~n Whncoqre tistttini nerii cte0 0 u Prugl:0000-Prbt eit libig d mrit thehup01 R y, 9 O Oti@ l~dda abl asmph


P,0013, Nt '11'--Wf teicl a-l a Ing', OW the oth-6 N7b tills tree and- azb froin iti icight on
rod(z aiboijt-:thirty or Q Ttyl, th'o of my "owll
ha -,wo 'd r. that the Poets of ih yr6q ,a 4 Miles Into tho f'oniantle and beauti ul cene bethe itnteriw Louisiana, Pkqsing IQ, NY equest, at ey-walt'j,: As, the "Me
broug ong 4 --ness lil e thp silen
'kl- retches of deuse j"g e or me. W le' I cli[ul ed th'e tr O'POI,M.
horror of the situationgre,,v.alm35f
Cr'Q-singbpg' '9-w6144 w#b 6 chdrusof vigoroiis protesfs from d' t 6' In 0 "4s -k
Those.pleaBant rttral an urable, It' se emc d
-Uhploy d t1to-Pen ea he delay
4tidshallOw,6reeks, full of the d dly, tlie,'otb6r-boys;-wIib rcsented-t el:, nat'4119,,w0re, a a' gave tiose in r;occ Aul6hsan v 'fitialyc6,iii6.tbth'eshqres In,,
0? oats have b6bix dro*ded -ouitoi u r a
7 the s pl ,er, ''for' which tb.oi pp
no 15 Iig in s 11 S e C
till f6iuis'wiit1. ii
Of the lake that was to b .. th ei scierie of tites 9 'm I -I,
a Were clamoriii -but,
our sport. It. as famousplace for, they finally gav, luct-nat consent P
qih'e weary plo*ms r m ra aball pl'd 'his bt t!amb nill Ven t, n iy a
weary 'ay;, Wild Turkeys, for t4ey',cong.Tegated 'on' Sudd'hly, While I was, enjoying, my bj dnig
the stpotes.of this. lake in graatJl6cks,. 1111 of
-like, affatt-;-al Jooke: trin3L, and t e- qx tile nd le .st!JT and tired,
-q isite, boauty df, 9V. got
,X. f t e. an scene, ear a chorus p s louts and ecame, a,
.. ....... partly,,-1, Elipp -Ih d b- lubt,)r to k6
Th6 Oiver 8' .9,s(%, or 'hold and Bn ally,'intuicrablu
oatterlhgtiesee'do a 6 no o".. partly the mAny-varlAiesol, laughter,, and, to'jhy-: is ulay-,and I
njxt, bearlng trees, which gre saw thedanoa' fl Ing va idly towards was eavitil, d,- eat b( ,
0 is done by Y P l Itrain
For thopt4l 'liice'a eo or w ir* a
13 n the r1cli'soil, of th 'a
Uria; tly.1 "this semil a-shore. The boysbad determined y',,swe at,' coyere-,",x
-tropical reg on. It Was hot ,pal jokeon rue by leav-. wasAlle, agony I 'was
enOug'11 now to play a practi
the -the xd6W0r,.,uqed to swl lexustfng to make us think we Were In, the tr6p ipg me alone 14 Vie tree while-they, I
-in. the shod'i fien we 11nally succeeded in'strug- cooked and ate.their supper Of luscious thin 'in onap,
ics, w k Y. C onions had deserted,
A 11ii ed m. ail now;whaoka th 0 mulesiba't do the- -have gone t6,,s o"
I king thrqugh., tbe'-tang fad mass of turkey and boe6ak6i-ight befor my Work instea1l they must
wbw t we e an, not ; bedsai d u'nderbrush and stood onthe eyes.. with a
more dlsoern swam yadge of the broad expanse of They knew I Would be made ra Bl tih ,re,,,, ,;; ii i,'6tie',6i,'
,Th4,lcb il 6y had,&y ylbl bd to a Patent-righi usl 4ung lhota -sigbt in af 'thoi sand .df-th,
atagpint water. 0 7 ry by ptalizing,
concern. oun an olddugont stuckfast In Ili, spite s-iielt 'a t -w9s..a;n -all,71l'ik
Wa, f a of,,,my romalitic teud'encies-, .o4e and'
J!"he Jolly hrashei with iAS 11511, upon the old. a s my ack mud, and all of Ila and they the thou lit fjny, ride;to th6 'nearest-'Iiollse, ul ;,fi7fI
% arn', oor, : ., -.. ,
crow d ; ed Into-it.' This made it sink so hungry torments., In vain. I-yelled for miles up thi 31ougbavou; ""'Hich elli-P, Re,- tho;, has'16 t the try, for Ulness
o9un deep 'in, the water that I arred out in them to c6me' back ibthe lake-a ,tha 6r therfi e n (I.
Is o'er; I got only fresh In
With mother hewssi pushed, aside, and. foi6ed to 'S I people -at tbat house OVV ued-a skily,
al : arm when slight. movement-tilted, bl;.Ists of laughter for M' y' pfullis.
the waY, it so far that it dipped, -7aior6n,,oue desisted and watched tljem 'as tbc7 were great,
Fci mbehanlsm, -Mill,4nd dry, that, -rules the side. 'The other boys laughed at me landed take o sp tho"'rillo, but1wi
land t64ai.- ut several big turkeys and, splendid o s 'with'
for being afraid of a wetting, and when go up on the dry bank, leaving tile be dead, mangled and r euded limb'i
The loorn and s plnn Ing- wheel, which maidens 1 told Lhem it was alligators that I was canoe, as they thought, safely.-stuck in limb long before tho e people 6oul:d
'use, to ply with art, jtfr id Of they', laughed all the'llarder. th mud.. to. !11
a J -e Alid ohl whaVa dea dl-' -11
iia e wong, and naught'has",eorne th fill- tbetj '"-Yoii-sur6y.d6n'te 1)6ctto find:alli h
x h y were-scattered in, all di- --T eeud asco
oneopmtiopar.t a
Ratorsswi Ing- aronnd this-time
Stun -realism rulas the ageir6in,6radla'td, -the f reaction, gathering sticks for tho'boh little I could feel
grave-. thoyear, do youV asked one.'. "Why, fire, a shrill scream cut' into the still from the 'Upper branch; Ahe ay
Thero',s, nothing' 1 6fi, concerning which the it'! 'i inter, mah,' and I doubt'if you night air and the dark. b6d wild- &train could not be -endure( :R
'Po(Als muse may- rive ,,:: could find asIngle'gator on the whole cat sprang' through the, air Jroin out longer;
is don"y steam surface of the lake., They are hiber-o 'of the shadowy woods an 'Gradually'tbe bodily'pain. be c a' -m
cep arlylelferytaA W-day d landed Vio1. h ie I t, , 11 --1
or orE natiha'deep own inthe ri ud at this plenty full in the middle'of the boat; kr as 0 a (egre6
-as-a, poatls ;themi%.-hris'growa too prao. time nf the year," With such an impetus'given it the horror of the.death b6f6ra'ine,
f rse. -That's all righM' said I, 1 youma I tho'light scrio' I I
th ybe ter Of awbile I in us I ,
canoe shot out into- the deep wa
erever w a may .,urn ere's- na,4gb t but 1. 1, f) e TJ I
willing 0 -take Ahe chances of that the lake. As soon, as ihe wildcat all by eas Ing yself ',.right
:An even.poetry-. like, ma- but 1, am'not going to risk myself in found itcelf'sii r -Jaws of, the
chino. 'e'ah the a1]J d b me
mi I the water just becau. lga, sprang )iu t6rmr to one side of-the I I ea grew- n%
on, W-a rm 4 In XWes E had' t6
SL tors'6ught to be buried in the mud; so boat,,bringing to pass the very thing it fascination that]
youhave%,all.g9t to sit quietly or put me, I and vigurous efrort to basf it Jr- '1;4
was seeking, to avoid., The rbund-bottomed craft instantly turned bottom I came ae twugh,,and'ke ,,
Y- HORRORb Ott b k- 'h
'All VIGIt -OF I I 1"'N'
'This: sobered them.- somewhat, and' upward, spilling out bdth wildcat-And Ing, -each time finding-my powers 01
soon, we Were too much engrossed sistancenaore '., and more Weak6'&
-in the turkey&,
-Surroibidbdl "by ng to.thiiik "t b6rd d' ---ihlendidsport, we Were havii mV was near he erlan -of "41
Then, followed, what, 8 oppe
of alligators. tjieu,-,for' the most':-espei7at
heart from 'beating and froze the very
The lake was plentifully sprinkled Would never seek such a death I a,,34
with ,tiny., s Ted'. islands from
ubmeri A fearful screana from the Wild cat befo e me.
Tlib Terrific xperl6niceer:A Tovuhir, ffin
which grew masses of gigantic grassi an the next 'instant a lcmq, 'bI k Tile alligators seeni6d to
a ife pp lElunter -- ,'A I Tine Stoyy' a ae
e which was as keen-edged k1nd,6f d1aboliQ6lJhsighi
-of''Adventure:Aft 'the, ach blade of snout', thrust itself above the Water
Sul J$oUth. as a sword and twice as. long. Anyone opened and shut once "its pDnde was ne arj6r -the g thered X; et
warily coming Into coutact With one and, all c rbw tip 6 oser to t1w ti-I A
jaws; there was a glea in of doul ld rows
Sitting at my study- w these clumps of grass would be fe4:v jotber I tried to pr4y,,but
indow one o -cruel-106h ing teeth 'and in-, ar,
lully hacked and cut by the iweti edged second the Wildcat h4d disappeared I think. A--.Wild -unrea'soning,,it fti an col&liiend, 4 planter %
yseiz -me,.an Is in
mighty U suddenly a YZ
6, hadbeen' h' ter in those blades. under the water., ad pent i ,
atom an a on
We ent ed one of these i' I hole :lake -Ive-i3N
-.-.d o ness commonly, er s all The next minuto the 'W the Jim_ Tileays-- f uninixbd.hap i -J s. by gth 1 .6 vuls
we slnoked cutting a broad path for our canoe'and seemed alive' with tkb horrible black -Of next lnsta Tl
.'arid watchod-hi eflonde. the scattering cleared a little: space, -in the center snouts and cruel,-klitt6ring eyes of. in- MThoid'.rclaxing, s qhored by plantiug,-a ppl slipping. Jn.aperfe6t renz DfJe ,
hakes' of an embryo ArlowstbrM,'the Where We an a n1imerable alligators, all. S\,6mming
had -seen n4wejity. yeam firmly in the soft, mud and, tying the and struggdn 11 li-otho struggled, ob, howl d
antiLti ai, -dugout to it... Then we were ready se
on before the w ssion of the dead bodies of the that li b but In- VVLai 'I'L,
liddcovered JNMy tenAhous na for sport,-'and soon wellad our hands 'turkeys wi uld no closeo I ter
a acres, fee t sli e o
-wbi--h--tvVo- a were' 16 est" lake 'full. r raliq
th or awbile we wer
r-rd r F e -fascinated by- 7,
The turkeys Jlew ba:ck the awful sight and tll snapping of, involu I ere
ayou- --'ncl -he had, many'a tlirlll -an-l forth 10rc
Over, the feeding place to. their powerful jaws in the still night -screamItwas an a 1, Far do*. t
escapes to telljol his hunting, days. So, ailothor, sometimes as, many as 4alf a' air was dreadful tolhear. swer h c:11,
-;vhen ha ramarked that the approach- dozen tog ether. -But sudden -flash e d.:into cam6 the fai t o: bif,'*.s &tit kl
,regulai:, beat o bars
ing snowstorin ieininded: him of As -they passed over one heads'or my mind,'making me so weak Nvith the- JOwilIg it thl
night'a, experi -near us,' wb'blazed away, letting them terro-f'of it that, Lalmost fell off the wele0l sbundl
listened withInterest Wfille-he told th6' 116, where theV dropped. on the surface cypress limb on which 1, was standing. B I "too laitetlt o.latef
of the lake to be picked up later We fulflx I was.illj ly com- -.Down, down wen cls
-kept up s ch 6 rapid, firing' that our pani d Aly'h iiri-om on shoie hdridreds of ya s through the branche,
As' you know, a.-snowsform in' th-Is :arms soon got tire and our guns so 1 i ; our boat gone o e,
d t th middleof still with, agoniz
a ay .1. ; .. '1 A
part 6f.thebalmy southIs a great and heated that we had' u -lake, and er'l 19sing col.lsblousnes it,
to pause freq' ent the no means whatev or
rare e i6itt; and.whe ,,siter an. interv'41,' li to allow, the toco 1. me to get t grPVr- kepn -.r, than'"166P
in "0 o shore. I.could not swim,- every sense,
a: overlen' years without a single Evening was drav ing' near,' and by, firs p oi- an iIistalit hop'er.rais6a mo-th ,
Ila 'the t lace, buteveu a good.
"Snbwfl-ake, we awoke one mor I ning tO the. time we- :had ali ofthe, skile ; its my cl6theg c ukht
'find the. eartli"carpeted, with a soft, -:fidating birds it was too, dark -to see, enter the' water with. all those, mo,-' .branch audIbaard, tlie
wii1te mantle the delight. o he OQnK, and our dugout bad -'Rboutias heavy a sters, around'ready to devour him. oars andsaw theb! f,
people, knew It ru load as it c throughthe water by'gt;rong .'an A
lio, b6u'd, .: t a ould safely carry. Clearly I wonld have td stay at 'least
Via covering Was scarcely' more than I'think, we must h Live had about all night in the tree a ud maybe I Ing 417111sand heard", the blesse'd',,LAi
4r of frie 6es, stoki irg
two, or t ee f4aches' n depth, but'in Or sixiy'tprkeys,, AbbUt this time the rt, of the next day, unless he ndl.y vc
-,up good pa co IP
-0ombi 'plac6 the 'wind had, blown moon rose full and splendid, glorifying encouragement to
should happen to sooner.
small drifts; -aud-we reveled In snow-t the whole scene wltli'-its unearthly, broke andin a, R"h EstruchAhbl
I trust MYself to keep- awake until
balling and.rolling cach other about In beauty, 6pd., the w A. fearfullTainsh6kii:ro-u h
wholesurface 'of'thO help should come?
At,: -We were, Young b6yathen and, just lake was almost us bright t s day. If I doz or an iustaut it -,vas car- and :Iu hgs-as the..great ja;v ,L o
edf I'd"
ight- in- -and;- shift: I felt a' grin Ing
:a't the,'age-to take'a lie in del We decided to &oss the lake and Aftip death) for tlie slencler cypress limb
.--,,hutiti'ng;iiidspo tsof. alI kfnds,,no ,to P precarious foot'6amp oh'the op osite shore, makinig a barely aqorded mo,'LL crunching ot, till -the -bone I s ; u A
Work off Ahe exhilaration bf the keen huke'bonfire' to, the bears wbilea, horrif)i6 dia soun ae a, ik'
ears as'- V a 1. a ea ion 'were
pailtbers 'hd wil tile t.
morning air-hothinjr. w.6 Id do s6,wel deats that U In- t I ,
-ed a, looked, cautiously
shuddei s, 1 ground -to atoms 1
As-6'wild turkey',.huht. tested the, swMilps and jungles of the, 'down and stox half a dozen-black knobs nd
lon g, dr awilmouVfee'l uu ptf
Alter breakfast, half% dbien% of u's interior of touis ian and:- to roast flin Of
p ,tudlng fVom-'the isilveryi'yater of
90 On oui, antiquated. ttest Pain; -a-ad Ikuevy'no-more"
rut le-loaders 66 f th
Ir me o e, a turkeys.- for our the like adct occasio ally eacight th6
1-6pene, my .ey( s anc oup -"Ip
and, with a p., enti u supr as I f,
iuppei. But, al' 1 'that supple'r-was
Y'6110W gleam Of one of' those widk6(,4 11
and- shot, 'We set out. T4 destined never ta be. eaten, -snakelike lit i'e eyes. as it*as'turne l;, 5" a httleled in th jniadl -6
t'rop'm ful
ull'o f gam 6 of- A, lkla'ds. ,-,About the i dle'i of the I ObIno in-ap p -impatleife fo '-tha, gr.ea of ots
W were, all mid ake was it, atent a
-7,, W mbllnied dil 01, braes'soon c whfch; thotig'h-about sup ped,-s
-, :-1 k- 1 ; I So y S eppIll
us toth e rivei h ts 9thwas uncler v"ater, "still i I .,. w, t to'-, Jand,4
rl o Mjj a t liriga worse y;,comp iilWe crossed in it :flatboat, 7.,a AII6 66r 11 enough tool' er a t p .1Q11L i -Irlen I a itte ,Yne V
rent of the Mississippi is Jar too polver -view fro LIS topmost.branLhes,-' As' IC I r, noi, e 0
1, 1 1 ;, I -- I'll-, 111-111- oidd-neither hea
ful 46 r, any y il a to a t wm' p t t o 6 1 in" it on y ou, k'n o w I al w a y s w a s, I, a til er -ob e t i C al- I i L I all,

'IV t 7; ,- 5 TIT
eW 7-7-77-7
's 06 ,kheW before the -Oeclr ot onorablU-P
t 10 T al f an
an le,5 lp- Jaerld' '-I 'es-pea bg ore o 0 S a anv 1
1-abo ti
al litit'if i'Can1Pr6fG-S ol a DowiafWl. '6ver
tbap he:,,decided'to nif6l'su' 6ri Ili' ay '6i- ar-,
--quiet yand got a d wife at -' 8pe men c q
nii-his r ous-a soxiiew A'
01i S"
with hi-- Alelitiall, I QV
Ud by. the, lies oi An. -Aleut an, 18 a d' days band
eu ft'l 11 my- MaIden'to')LIOrk0to' 'Ui4 Wife "d -H
story sho t, e. re urDe W tbe- s and 'a d Mi
u n ARGvs, opiAiWa kK6'R.,!
-me,'tbat he, and his Com- KEAR
dbav6i 6d to; fotgetthe Woman I whara-1
Wluilee g (3 a tV ii. it 4itorwsr d es ed to rrotec 4
d OD toward in, -had Pi6nAsed- to' love, and chdrigh,,
ortun lie
ately-haq n I I I '
In-aL '; w o, ying at tfie darl,' 6A th
Son skiff. hal als of dea
was The histo of the, Z
iswor a last, ears, r i
oli- E d jil! longip g for a parting -ry
in -03' '14 a n 0 my, ,ears bi h d States sp6c al, tl 66SIirYj jenibrace b6fpre ,Isiie 'died. ibee iso i.Aany tines tbld; s ays the
116AM- that: It a ems I
at 164 and,, 6,r Sea igl nds jn;,
Fo -,V0t1Jn',ftfIe shot: of reac
1n:g -W t 6t in
?" tha--sec islands as they, are Sometimes called, formed him- that his wife was d6a(r;
time. ay anything about her. There is,,
was a closq qbSel-Qr, Of tile customs Of 6at She died with bis#n4me on her how'ver:an Item of historyc'onnected tb6 y' vho'vlas an: i ine and relates m ute- lips,- a-Ad that herlast I intelligible utterqi.tely: af ed atAb e. ; I ally i ance was a hope that, he with this famous vessel, which, so- far,
e as' I 6stlll Fill w,6uld
tl St L I I :: m" 't as am-awa el has n ever appeared in
oUIS Repvb ic hei. -better land.
's -in the print.
:-Iln the. far away, PribylovAslands
6ugh,tbe tilly,, glit- He read the 'letter and fell to the A timber of yeays -a go while. stop-,
there is a, little-con-vent 'devoted to a Fully two months
tbLii ibraftj.- Thealligator-- I I unconscious I g in a little m.alitain tow h Ili (je
'pam6less Xelig ion sdid Afaj4 Wettler jafthful :,in hf-nl fr6fa PI A, with C
d--ilidkily 'f r 11- f Of using saved
uic it' many 1 became acquainte hief ,
ton.' "IthasonlyoneloccupantwiOm dying of 'brain fever. Whein he was
6 Ing'o ISJMW8 Engineer A.: Gebhardbdter,. of the lm
t the'natives call Kohatlm, the Aleuti" well enough to return home he mar.
iup ,i6rdsh6d Me peril German navy. He 'recalled to,
nim She warships noinv sible divin- riedbis Aleutian sweetheart. K61latka,
ity, and- has I noltheoretical doctritieE;, her S ter leave the I nds. me. that when the Kearsarge fought
f wer- is i refused to sla
as, hal of- my, ribs 8 'off. Cherbburg aifch
the Alabama or
one of b t she t lies her peolA6 that if t D ilig the epidemic Of 13MAIlpox, J-'th 6 j gea end of U eae beY Ur ns had b I een 'placed on both side s,
IjEvc I nint0-111y'.1uh, Anjur- live honestly and rKieve the Sick and eat dep, 6pulatp I d t e islands chai.
gs, which.'n, ly of the Rearsarge in- order to- better
f tiiem i- sejarQ that'sl have Vnf rtuilate they will be rewarded a few., years ago, she was, one, of the e oiler anden-ines 6mthe
,Years.a-oovhe n the islandswere cry few who did not takethe- dis I ease, protect, ill b fr
S666 veie d F f c) iA I 6f te,
iatiu ainf3 i I n both the.,.prqperty Of, Faissia, a nussiLlu, t ti' at the "enly's fire.,
p although she was cons an y -A Ion g, time af ter the battle will
t ;trader, cqtlae 'to.tb6 island -to,,exqhange -bedside of the siiffereir The.simple the en,
tJISme 'his Kearsarge was lyq th
ierchandibo fok sealskins andih' ng off e A zores,
-,natives say-that the.Great. Spirit re- islands, the. anchor chains which'had rihous iiresga W le it WhIS, rAlver, gray, fox. fell 14 tl ai She
-fused-t6-sp6ll hex,-b ewity,,, done 'such -sery ce wero,,, eliver6d
Wtliat -1 -may,'die at any mo- love h miht sbine i is an angel oflight-among goq.d
belleof tile island, and in, the due -to the Aleu- over to the care of the'-United, States
St. Louis.Republic.- I th 7i land teach the road consul at Fayal. They remained in
60urse of time the, d
Emigr t 'were marrle tian heaven, where seal& are-plenty ancl,
xader and bi$ dusky wife in d the consular store house until idly',
The, 11 a 6 it is never cold."
0 ls-,rtvr b& over
1) -n the islaq!d'and,many voyages, etwee
a ion mpv(-ment iri.Paraguayb LADY BAKER. At this -time, just at the, outbreak 6f
RuSsiaix P ts but one'day they were
crhmenvof-Paraquay has' or the Franco-German War, the German
phtdroni their sh'ip, to one of th er Pe
given w ooden frigate Arcona'arrived al Fa .
"IlAr a.d Rather XtOli2aut* Bftx
nerdai omp huts, -to, the. Africa xi Zirpiorer..
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Z-a ew' bousand meiV 6 --tlidt connec- to G6rffiiiny at. once..
.6us 'i ii t ,give flier children to h se re h'f6r material in the .. store
hii, er, tio],. with wh earned for him the In a a
S, a Seri. ma ter. outh parents he feebly assented. When'the Ill will. and'disfavor of his so-vereig
has, therefore,,'passed a vil house 'of 'kr. Dabney, the Vniied, States.'
-n funeral of his wife was taking place At the time when Sir. Samuel started o ancho aing'
t a A lind er which those he t I oo died, andthe-two little orphans- out on his eventful journey, up, the, consi ll lie found-th Id 'r eb
Of ': immediately se m.
the Rearsak e and
cult'j-gate an aezvery 9,
were reinov4Zd'to the home ol, their Rijer.Nile which-:was to win for him them.. 6ed on the
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'the i land Arconal
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B 'here--', are-41sadvall tag" WE6 readyland, r
Neither''had been to- school, a y willing to restrict hiffiselfAo the soknew nothipgr of theolitside world, exi clety of the.dusky beauties of the S -adve I
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musi- homewardvoyE ge, e in,profit. I
a cOYM- bood, fancies. Aliont Allis time, -the. cians that performed nightly in n ES service and the" chain ii pt, on"
Jffi A 46ir Snbj6cts-,' to'. cul'tivat6 thi s, jjuited -St je s. purchased Alaska and beizlah: oafe'-chantuLut at Calro to ac- 'the c ps6 -of theWar,
he salkeotfts oil t an o s. nt a young pro essor fro oneof compa1T Min, on his, trip. The girl
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universities to, the: -lia'ppened, unlike A i majority. of her d at Kiel a,,-, a, ir n. They,
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OF E ROPEAW 'RULERS. companioDs, to be-awomau:of.singli-, and Several itidenta
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-WKI 0 0 nAn them.'
nir tives.. ,SecrCring V*,Attth andstatistics pedition and Jn: tli. .exploratioxl, con ', -The log book '6f the, Xeir8argP ddo
16,do ot. i
84 bi s, 'which he was sent in, a few days tributing. greatly to t athereof.. not sb:o* thitthe ellains wpie'disposed
nlllncrous-flnely7priiited t -1 n his hands, and th
ime, hung heavi 'On. Baker's' miurn' uorthwest
t y o of as,1 hate:stated., 'No mention what
F es, ,ppme' in eresting'-facts a's to the 'the young, savant undertook the t doi u t -his nad6.'of-the.d!Sp6sW6n 6"'
''soviereigp's.. -The of.imsfructing the beautiful but'lilitor- fair compaii preceded him, aul- lhem.:, h I ds of- the
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IA 6f all i L3 th his; te'sisiers. Fiihatli a was aia'ap't PIL (1p artm nt i3ontain nothi g"oua c when he rea(ched-"Cairo, he found that. gtgja
"e, Next, comes, the grand duhe 4uaffin eagerly from the Yierian -all England was ringing wlth,,tha
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spring., but her slstet although quite splendid conduct Of-the-ladYwhOm' -ill fw6ts remain,--nevertifeless and
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-g.randduk(2 as:briglit, seeined to be much more in- the newspapers and"th6'public deslj- .'noW eiliat -Ahe old 1 ip-, as-gqUe--It1
M'-Qudeii Vicloria ie restea hl her tutor than she, was', in his'-wife-, I
twas too late6 for' would -: ni Iii -il .. pr everiy7,
he'r grammar ot arithmetic., The at- Baker: to' explal a, ,t I hat;t See g y oppr t. at.
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returned e paid his de pAett'Of gr6tij- 4' Ah
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tat erlandsjig,'ailoL lette -ing him return h6me, jfig; L eLwestern co
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6S his at 0 L, eatll,._ diately L Suin] m4n. Q was
Spain I V, he:pbint f a mon d to Mlid ca e
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Onges It 9b happened t tit orCe of the Alaska vithLhis Wife, and after. h 'time had to t e er, turweeating shad
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:P "Commercial 66jbpanylg sc fooners, was -the Prili "Ljl Nvno-,trets
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day.-The ybidng professor. reso ute iiiii to kn an tapping-lilift on tb& her, p a e- ac -Ni
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11 -ivith srwOrd', "exelal. spq t ., L L ,
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,01,d- nbdvg, 'of axe4vcimar-'Eiseii A- in- I!"
refuge tobrii* his Aleutian swi btheart Sir ue T qii6ell Was
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f- IngtontoCluvehtnd T-eek'sBit(I Boy, 3ir. Blifk1nol First Baby, Skinner)s Diary, by Bill i 'i ,, and four other, 1 _1 ., I r -- ,-. r '. ,
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G _1 L'' -ffi L r I'll ,.4 I 1. c !ML!s ._ _" L L _:'L, "L_- I %pid;htl ,L'Jbjja jJ V !L I .- d 'a L ... 4,; , : atfM M-Rwt qf; -,,
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L I -1. 'L L L." L LLr. 7 L r L L 'L L 14 Is. % -: ",' -, r KE PINEAPPI E
_, ,, L I '7 L L A r PRbS "Ir
L L, I I -theAfruit, ill sell. for more nloney,'every, time. L I L R
'' L I L L - I L r r L r L L Bi- I.", Tffl ,,, % 5
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;_ r )hjy:th'6 -B eA I,- r L I I r I I "' L L'', ,T11E S*UGAP. PLANTA I ONS _" 11
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Nij6l I ,T andr VILLA FRANCA-rare -two bes I r 41 I '."-.,-L., "' "". r "" ,+,
,; r. I I L L ;, if I I I L
:: r I I '-L : VAMQ'X r VEG$TAB*LE FARMS ,OF- .
]L 11. vaxietie : SOA'Tor- &'Ogo of,'ch6ice:ya'rletieg -Of I rtesr to rr ; L,: .--_
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1: '. r:, r r HAWKINS,,& SONS, GeorgetoWDL 1. 1"Ift! I . I _' '1
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L I I IL I I I ,11 L L ,. _r I _,; 1 k ,, ,
.L g ,4,1 1 : "" P L 7 ,,, "'. L .L 11 ,
L I L L I L .' 1, L LL A MEV. ,w
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'L''. L L ; r _., : 7,, I r __ \" 'L.r(les, comprisil) I L, 6711 -_I 11 "-, I L r, L r
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ar nteed'tr ew_ L j _k J&tirh -L L _- I r. _- L r L-' And tfb'c
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act, so
sgrved and land remi4injor'a'Lsma 4
orange, ot:
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tropiga frult.
the La h d of i6 8 P In 0. s 1)
d-i o- s tt: ai,
e BA IRte as Nayeifibdi
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are a 5.
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0 0 time
-e can ave voptradts ', "so
Tt IN F, ld nt
f ramed as tos6oure Vlanti ng this r,
in which 6vebt 66see6nd payment 41W 1,iB l NA N f.,
-PROPER OWNERS :'Ar b e e6 fre.d atA id time, ofI)IM41,1119.
3 thing-in connect on"with tli ospl'
;-040 Other r -Ze CtI, fruits P A BOR L A, K E"
PP P f thebest; succ ,ss
itlantati=3 will be 0
tulpine culture, and- the, full realization
FLORIDA. cipiated,:
to-the ownerof the'piofltanti
FLOW DA h' t. It is,
: DA SOTO": co willbe the aim. of t e manag
to h ve thie,,Pm3on L, xii:.
SECOND Sr ,RIES*.: his ambition a
knoWn bota Insia a6d,' 6utide-the .
j, To this end lilis,-cloaa er'sonid
Wepresent belo* our% plans for the,
magnIfidatif lak--feglon -of'DeSoto nd'Pllk
&Mls ore I r tbe heir 'f-a SIipervislola will be given4o, all the deA-W'&,? botyvtleu. the beetim td'thEi.GultofNIeLlico,,betv F-efll) 6,,7fll.itnG2,qtl, season Of 1803-4-5 and Invite special attu do, I I ailou t.2; 000 atneothIghpiWitholid, luter- tention-1 to t I he enterprise. as be ing, one Iter vhen required'.
th-li oal torkpyoak;-aud blaak Jack oakwsaniadu futile, Hunjuntir of I I1010 al perfectly 'safe'and very profitable. An Address,
61 do of I he t acll' lilies. of var][6 uB a r6a a th a Bm a Ilk st a bout 10 a e!res'la extent aitfl-i la, 'W E.-PABOR,
........ ..... investment in a PUMAPI-LE PI:Ai4TATION
to -75 feet doep : wjtb- lini'll,, sweet, 'wholpsomie it viih Pabor -Lake, DeSoto Co ", Fla
arR tr I ands a6th( have a gentle In 11 no ir6 m tile bigh ridge's d ow it to h, A.,r ] A:BoR L A is the safest, kind that
r)tly;noBtagbantw teraug no manorial conditions. No healthier lovatitoi can be made,
-eoro oquo 1 11 1 1
j. oxastis ta'x:tr Flarlda, .Freeidoiit froTa, mosquitoes Is also an lrnportautleatu" ; "tip'tia The first seies- started I
ake life a bnrde on the owlt 695t;.ud n-lougtile gil.1 but the.y ar" wit. even r ast, winter & C I PABOR,
b0,k-iir loll s wb are th q I" d a mur olbrh ding 06'Ityater.- are' It igh: A rogidenee in xnd under which about 125,000 pineap-,' W 11, H, ples ha*c.been planted on-the eastsideof'
the lr q 6 ent.ahbwera -and i heI. iret zoi atillows .1 1 a site abor Lake,
il -o'ea and tile galtalfukt, tile at and 13, onliti- &n.4 about the:'tdw
........... 'a JI t il r 1.4 The: a :of P 0' tracida.,
haV'1ngproven so succes9fulthemanaijte--st. on 8, Iake about fifty acres in exteu .. Around this a Boulevard tlilrly Ivel, GO,.,- R- ORIDA
ger has decided to begin, a new series, FALOR L DAOTO
a TeB rvod.N hlch 1- 6 veut;ually to be-set to alto do.treea and in ado a plea, ant lake drive.
or havink-reserve7d.all the 2-j acre tracts on
a Bete, m6ra A have&4a'Tald 661 i4ich 4111 mskelovel, I ealdbace tmets. feel og
sum 41fd 111181 fibmlotfi cover, forty acrea of tbotown site and adjoining -e: two the west line, of the. town for-this purI I I I I a"i:13 Cleared rind Fenced.,
-6;! alrn&4 blocks jjWe i It he balance of pose. The laudis well suited, b6ing high,
Het'stpart forte townsita.- 3Nb4b&Iau(, 1:6, and hasUeotu laid out Into, 5.10, 20 and, crn,,Ao-p11o.jkIbP1
andr GIIIDg,',*Ith lake., protection all, t, 4.i gr6ves, oreh&PdS. pj"Mtakwl i6A-guvdeha pilce from stio
peracre accordIn K, to djla ,iAuc 'feoin- towrl"ciinteraud, I aiesold'tor onObtra ceBh and bal.: I sides. T he ft t, Sys, em
d- Contraots will be mgde. to cover- Every aersorAlle lony -lands ietillablo, Lnkefrontal
able t ose-not h av h ng a and are eoldlni tracts -of, ten oars fromthe date:of planr a qz j I froal t2GO to' $87ij,0 IotAaraWd.'dt'*45 $fittand'$75 loanLingland at theend of which time the
Ifiesa lotAAre 25x]125 f ej.. sibo each.:" ThaRoi and town lots are, payableone-half
0 se Is i n I dal B- per act a I d if -rrkuieeDtrode are given. -owner will have twqacres in pifieap A, bileyea-r", Title to till a to -wa; ple
hav bo its first
and heir Wacps un- one acreof whichwill e r I ne
6elt kY di'tbea 'louy W -ana"others. are irk- 0 rknagor. mote colonists % til attle- hexf)-t.bis'wlixter ger the clos- 'o F A D IV". S. K &I -R Y,
a)3oT4pwher,4gbod,06deryzwtil, eatrialuleekturaOf the coloni. -will be
t, car servedd to carryout the
It'll if.dallv-inall -is Ili overatlon. givingpe close touch with the whole world.' A hotel
action Bind Gerieral Stordleincontilifiplation. A a Ubureb, a Puttl c'Hall. terms of the contract, which covers cost, Passienge Deparir erit.d, a r t re;'ifor.theae choice reatu V&lllona -of lots have been mado. clearin- ihe sam and fencing,
ro loolH for'in ih a#4 la'u of lands,
Mae i,'6 'Sp6eial fe roe df-this settlement Is tbat itie proper fertilization, cultivation and
Ter eharfde'lb 'l 9upeiintendence up to the, time the first:
4 6 x1ven colitaind p alalaswtore;er pr6hibfilug or sale Ut Intoxicating,
on ti el nd-sofi6l Tbl ousella an Xaet:cojy of' 1hu.- i if served Jnt rop ripens.. 75, ah 'bi) s 0) he The Thro gl nisr: betweenogj! tkb5 tho-c (CD 0.) To" Co. Wbich ha PHaBe&fh Top th I ousana Pineapples will --be Port; Tampa and
ol rEido-5prI11919. "I rough the higheAt'a urtA
,'& K and been 4 1 I -1 11 , ., planted on each, acre. Thelse- I t a modV Are eighteen mlles fro a rbalroa d.-point, tile nem:rest betair l3owdug Green an' f.h 3
I In a orate egitiiinate,: )16uld-:net the owDer-fllve W aS ,ipgton I hiladelohik
di'lalon oD the Jaoksollvile, Taippa and J ey,'Woat Railroad; hata Dmfinlermotor,
P rk to, Had neabltyjjtiiiy mi lei noHh bee beeitprojected., % hich wffi pileg cents eaohl,, or $500 per acre at the end ot N6,* Yoik
Wth col-fly lands lluil it is Wiwved jlilbaactnBtructed and 1xvlaperatiou li foro i he d' of the s6c6ud year, $1.000 at the ond. of the
7 Rd quiA tr vek to trunk ffii s Nokh and h Loilisville, 'Ci ,Cinmiiff
Tbfg will g(vo U8 Ba4w,'ap, and, will- elibanee the, third year, at jv ich time the secondc
tat. -Laat'WInter -101di
withinthe colony iiiiliu from, ilhe h"dredto five hundred 4 -in 'bearing, and nl IndianaPOIS
lier 1. : an ally
acre will, be
m4 gerprojertqd ser,
thereafter and Chi'
a-likb amount Cap
7Z -'. 1 I r Z A the,
'g 3.0014-Plantati6ns.
nar, The, expense, covering price 0
46jj .'A au'd-f.ilion-,realdents; wherellvlot-Aft'od "ount ()Vmodey beg anteedto clear t o Prillaiqn Boffet, call,-,.. li iIir6. h; trs6ns,
j4 -OtLC 'land' clearing, fenCillg, cost Of' 84Sv Q u ic k I thirie ild Close
j own site;-fe ce tbe.emake, pj' an 't 10;000 P neapp e slips onow-li, acre careJcultiva superior seryico,
Jortiltzo.thwss mo unt'll thajlir 6, Dp'oWt6 first 'a(xil matured. 'This FliB gortes weavery uc-' IiIanting, fdrtiii'ii!ng;. cultivati'n'g-alld ('() ll;, foi7 Z I.
Points NortW Kastand W4"t, atid -at
'*an tiRg Ili belting t ternnd li' g'rt of thb Bouth' I'ltr-af tr'a(:tg with, plaute.6ons. The rbo,
1& I I care lpf, the plantatrioU wi 11 be 111 Tampa with Plant steairn.5bip Lilie-for roy
W6w eriitb tier and all'cin iWe'west old -0 war ree6rV0-for'a Sectind' Serles, wbich ia bowtp" r L' ik 11 1- 1 11 nrti- I 'as follows. 7NVe,,t, Irlaviilitta, Jamaica,- M0 6ile, st" Petex-- w
rj, S. b hip to parties havilig-a; few, padres dollars.toinvest. Fuller p culara iegardtilk Payments
burg and Matiatee Wyer Poll'
fathihm, to whi(-b the anagar Klves lil sl)orional '16 gtvenllponapplicatb-u Mk SIVning of contract ..... ......... .............
w e- June li, ISM: ..... 1.... .......... SOD 41. B.: R UNT JB R. 8;6 6PIC,
&yba'snld here tliat mnai pl culitzriai. ribrlibi'lhl in ihe julatid.r ofits, day!Wopinapt; it is, tile On or b0ore rruiaeil
Oil or before Decoa ber 15,1894..'. ... im, 1, -Ul
,.ftat;6 lii-the-'Uniou rrhare they begr?*D and. ere only bel.ow tt e:"tb paraliel.of latitude, uno bet ejunoiiiuoG D. OINVI N,'S W M DLVIDSON
are early coining I lihintwo years aft -r planting r or
(l so that: Gin, TeW(. Mgr."
Total .................. ........................ Gen. Pass. A.-t.
as, with an orang a gr ove. There. are now abou -.1WILBUR jVcCOY, R
rvq oo rewsettd plue es*)?Aboi L&ke'qnd-ItiQ expected thata greater acreage wlllb Warrantee deed :for Ahe a d (valuil Div. Pa s., Agt.,:, Axt
$125) will' bo3 given wh-4 oond payWo,6 In-thenekr Adfitty, from three tob ux n1leafrom the town Bite, large Ia'ud':be-; ad
ottse ii6r orations., for:which themanager. of..tho colony (a snies-,
From the above It *I on that, M
he'"'la -1 8 Can be bc nkbt fa tiaZt;8 ofi om 46 i6 646 acres or even larger bodies) aMmul. $6 jo a3ance lacine; two, or at 10 Pere
-re., one r, an t. Perourth cash and,.b ofthree ye %rs-from the tIme of'
tbeH all-citrus it
atracts-aire Igh p, -uite and pin papples;,6 thers inning, the oi imer of.
ands joltilirgala a 6f over 1,500'acres in extent and x vbuld-jj which station
gn I iredrainage;'bat of tWic" aoj6SL' Will OV.e -received
rich lands on which coin,-,rlee, Sweet RotatUb8,,Bugar 'Ca4a, 'an d ill -h
Inds of farm to b a- hr
a'id-i; i6wcr pa -raised -gre'utpro 'A num at. OrL family 'his%, money, back again 'wj h simil
in pleasau elgliborbooda.and YetL be n al o8o I, Becin-fo a d olaingir cta ,srnd Led for I s'proAt'oij the ln'Vestment, and Ilore, cliure _at I y
chdol fact] Corr Bp6udence on H L,
ea;fg, ' 1 L Is, solicited. wnich fol e or_to 6L X ve'a plantation from
manager of It ie Go By was or met "S 'L s.d I Colorado' and itromf.
tile jo'L years; atala, annual expenseof not
t collueeted with 11-fid gLdf tooms of Greely, Colorad a; Fort 'Collins, "trulta
more L than $150Ljor fertilitlitlon, C' Lec"Inte Pe
') cees0lll co) 0111 ygetti rnanlts JA tojoriid6.andhen br gs to tills, his olqny an- d U xdme and are. Iva'd
ute tLL
f L Cc _L 0 To-ento Bud Bidwell Peach'Troew. Kel
ex orlence, 6644 years fnthe building up of tov nsj nd the settlements Q colonies. iivation an per u U Rey, Buta
t 01 0 1 In tbahlghajjibU o 61the"A'oelly broilpCaInEr Ild'ally afIiect d hie norvon K,,j3 atq,,L I b1,Lrec4vLdea6 L arid sat8ilina, PIWOR, LvIqU8t, Nisgam. Delaw'ae
JL one'a at m 006 Wj I L h year --WbIte Djayn6nd nnd Ives Reedlin# Grape \1111, a
a a t as to n"af.01 _%t6LB, ebange Of climate-and re d" 6L Ittwor, alti, ads: 11'a bag aj_ Ile largeRt anti MjjQkt planLiJ5
to- follow ji Where parties &sfu i I ,r 20, acres t A not.L ever (AtHred
ande at line of CltrUeLtroai Bit
a's nc0r0,Y.recqMln6d othe h: d L'
a Is
M 6m o-and b c Plne-appli Suckers. :, L-"
thd i tl tead of the J a re trat s 1M-, 'L My ne-Wee1alog" "tut4reatt agpQifit
all fjlS th
OA eL S c for t purpose, e in ana -for
gerwill, ."d in;orloation, sellii,
Pabor Lake: Pincapple %elec iheL best s d, tiraot'at the time _A.Mt8, L r IL
L, TL Dr andOL
jrrlttsl Zdayear subseirlption. 66'cotits.per Lamm1m. rachissue contains six. Of contract and lde.,'the, addition
a C, st or tb
vaticeirient of t 6 colony and, A 'doN Oppment. Lot 84mf.Tro lcail fr, and,-, over., the 8Ubseqgeiit.,'S j lu lti attllj6 will lie t 1180 e UA
Ition-of- serit to-anyone rbqueat;l TI 0-rigina adq 0 ers
ments.L ieie e n t
t radts Lt I For 88 Walla, ",io
Is JaVits e_6fotul. ti, t wl Id Tropical
a on w.11%beturn alled, All, iliteg 'joBB,.,carefj1 y W f. 'Y' i '.0. L eot L t, 2 1 00, ; an lake- Orn siiAbbery,'71nox, balwa. lei Y11i,
ht iaTODOPJA ire'd L 'A rpo Maer6,
d;j d rnboo4, Ate., eto- et qia
L'I AM "a PAL8 0 kii. M A n a ge r a 0 r E Lo- '0 'Ofty r on 1 itac td at$250 I&MV Qh4,pod everywhere." Nurbarl" "t4ibIM6d
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,,, r ,,- _(V "And'u N.-, L a i re ninet years 0 d ywH, _t .,
fl, ", _gj' -'in 4_1 I , L" I nie, -' w tl8h NfL O-D'iy'- -'i A, I I (", y L, '_ ;ent', Of t I I an adistinct 5.-, ,
IIK"- ol e trip was, I ---, 1. I.:. ': I .. I I I ] -" ; ,'. :, L 2' -7 ", ",
___ ,_ I memou behilad, But', the' his.toriall of ., O I 11 ,UL r ORAM UIO 11 'e _,
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-- KeyW estoii I . 11 1, I I 1 1- I -The-w6nd-ff 1 eiimAfe of ,SoutI?1VJ ,
,6sentation,- t I -- I I .- .,
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,1_ ' d -Jn_:i'l fu'4 r il -- -, 2e , 11 !- I : 4 !'I .., I
11 1, "id" elatioivtot e
,- -,,, "'' I to-day'ls'plaolDg upon re cor % I ,. 11, In L'D tt '? JV
t Art P'L 0 f I 1. I- I I I .- I a'Is a ye, ,.
d' ver wAtef' t 6in fitlid6,tlje Foft Co a C brier: -, I '. ',
'-splen id sit . _&iiii, 6f t I I I I I 11 ,:" 'in the 6old and 'fr'07eiCTorth--,i0wr5a
I I 1
1, L I I P I -Pendleton arld 'of a- I es I I Marvel__ 1, I 01.0, I I 1. r3ow el3joITIng _,
I The -Pineapple, published at- Pabor I 11
coo r to resident the balmybree 61 ,!
OusWhite Cityt io'lflil Ve son whieh-alonq- .1 I I I I I -- I
I I 'Lake,- Florid ,,,,, .y,;;, W..J ,. Pkb'o..: ,-bfd, , , -I','- 'r t, , "I - , ", -- ,,,,,, ,,, I ,, -, '_- ,
Alaa Nolne sit Qr_ lilkstand"to .Se4retary L rl & life time.-, ." ,., , ,,,
'A. ,I I_ t, e Mein eMLO s aii event'l: In, t he y e%rg ., 4, d i. ai I ___.,-.,',; I sta ion, I ... .. ;L '-"- '_'- 4 ,',4 "I.-, Y, , I w t , 1. T, --'--" 'L ' I t -- ,, ,w a' 11 I I I I I LI-1 I.,
'- p y4r, 1, "',tlil i'b i f tSe 'tisso' 3' I I tm d and t f n o 1- I ora, P; 1181,al. -th T' I 0 t
''I _, , , , -tb icoru there 40,-,ilb- dou I 7, , r ue v I, ip o .1 ; -,
t' "' _- ', I I e e r, I , 11 ,;,,: ,I ., I ... ; iis portion of e State 'is u
_' &Ls ight-'tohen- of -reg.u lar -1 6 i wf 1.
lnciatiol) Laq I I I- I an d. very.'Welcome "visitor t th t I 1111W
,,,,,t- L 1 -_ I 0T ,4JVDSeQ1,_ tions as -grea L' as. magni I.. .. I I I e: -1husias ic, sojourners, iv io-,NAve4qup ,
AX. ,.-- Z .- t ai properor kon, fl-.1 , - ,", ;, , I- -111
"' L" __ ; I I I I I :- I : ., I I ru 0 what hag often been state 3', ,J '
F ai kPn_ 9 t cIT $erVioeq.' '- , '_ ', .- Oouxier'g,, chargee tabli ; T h e I? n e _. ',',,be t d' A
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-* "'., I cl _t d-_ 'i h d 0 e oes'D J enjoy the deljgjit ) 'III
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ll 't r _'.'- 1.1-, . ,,det;Ml,_ for th ,e o OrSw : CIL climate until he ge f4j,
i Je ,ho'A t e pleasure 'of-.h&- tt : r. il ,7, 6 -!- t "' ", of- tfi e'-C eiiti' i-o. -- I vinc*lt . L _ml lan.jalr to in it ll the Jndus rialxesouroes I I IF, ,F16rida-thfs is the onl ,"iLifl "? 111,
OJU I : "I V ,
11 11 u _. ; ern, o LL _, -,
11 '114 1 I . a ,. ---",- _._ 11
us,-T "6A. 6 ., v. r, 1 ,, .. ' lake of or two days in ,Aypna,, I I ... -; W, lorj& givind soecialatw ", ,_- i L: ,
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,, , I 1. I ..:%., 1. i el 11 ., e i fro "' ,
'r' andi -Jfp ciss -b e; 16 exe - , I I '. ".1", eTSOU
_T I I I 4 '7 1 , .-p s4uff ring, In 1, grift e2-bAye
or ... f ,'h ,. H, I- i ,.t- , .-' d, ; ey e ,',T.
,, E i f mer PrPsvRrit-.o -t ie ,A s#- - 1, ,!,tS ) I growing
lt i;P pica rui
''O n n, i tic 11 I had a,'I- v"an J -41
"I 11 "Ill -, 1 -1 ; 1 ,an ,,
T. antl, 12 f A dblut- T6 I I I t experience, b

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I,, tici a t!valent in tbe -N14M ft,
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nd a 2ffe membetjf ih 'matotti ',: 6'i ,. a e regbh6d the I .r 1. 1. I I 11 I 11 , I ,
I I I 11 bro I I I d. ,
., I I ma;ti n regO irim t lazg ,, number of, suir r or,
Editorial A sociatiofi-,- an'd'aUgto- - I _. 1 ,,, ', 0 he bome pf, fiis-fidop-, A nif, el qysA ,,
tial ., 1 .. I F, and a glaDce Ov r 1. I I .. r1l,
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,--ii ,- i :- ,,,, , ,Pwn _t"Ie, M 11 ost. o oiom,-,sb -far""Aftie T
L an 0 4g ,0wingt9l I., if _', f" "tI, ;_ , d , t", I I I I -- its o, ac- ., U013,2,: The March -j 6tnber Jsbf uripsaa 1. m _1 I ,*t I, I I -pro usey,'i ustrated ,pages e4 s ,:us, o,, , as'- been able to'le rn, ll'w e Y r ,
"' L he -could nOt'.g n wim ug: "th _, I., ,. _f' -11, .- a!4 Y" ., int est, -a D d V _-b reagonof:1 he su L _1 1, -11"'commo nations I '' 11 -t J r, , ,
., -, - I .. I I,;_ zed'thu wQnderfut benefltoF_-,
.. ea 0ye genera remrkso', Mer tbinw ,., f I 1, _,our %t,
'- I I .1 - I y -;, charact6r-o its c6 n tell I 9. --- qL hose -, ,_ , -,
,'6 h on r trip ,J L f I i, 15, period I rious.e - 1" ,
iA4e boOk,_ -, 1. but followed'," I f Y I I I I I ", - -_, ,
1. '' L I It- -day ate A ( isvorthyo t 6 6&a$1011 I I J_ b limatf ,,,,, ,
on, an of er,, 8hi -, -, -:1, I I -- "I '. I I, .". I wh 6 are I I I -, --
I 111' 1: -1
_' -of the"'bld I I I '. ,I I _- : I .1 , I,, tblnkitj&' of, t1lelsoui h- IH rid Iis'a. ,,,
p s one t a i ., ;_ I .
.11 t IELt a .pdssjbl Must t cl '' Te w; ,
I I 11 -_- -.- ,- I of the tourists who ,Vipi ,sr, IN I
guard"" :ofL the _possible,!fuluie home- shbnld.send-for a - L 1, --,
-,' edit6,rlal r I I I I I , I I I I ; I, now- cbdi'
ate'rrtlty,,, o f, text 'and paper are,6f I diiri'i k-,the,,--wjatG. -- ,iii6z;th
C61, Elllott jS', 13 'the ii s't',e'ven Jor
.. I I I iin d x .' Ir I -, -111,
I LplofjdrC- - ., _-, --- ;' ' t ; of this:,able_ 16 'celleut rgtateig als -, 'd '' ie sbit 1,
_el, d I 'Ill-] h I 8 mpie"o .opy I ,
"I I 11". 9 es", the'c eap, popular ed1tiou';_ wh9 the ... -' I I I I a A'gob gu dime. : 1 ,
11 - I I I ,
M' yali'wliok'Do'w-h im; and'hy' : -, exponent of the' resotiroes-and advan- cause, tlip either is-warm ar
none-.' ,three other editions arej limited as to I I I il -I ",
I I I I . in Jiiter, they imagine that-it',mdsi-.
more so than by the writer Of thJSLpara7,, tries ot Florida., I- -_ j I hi i",
I L :, ...". ". ;- ', ". I,, i, 4 ,_,T W
Lfi _, krrowb' him slnce 'th .Duinber, oup can onlyco4jebturq. Tllerel 'hoLland--intole W ,
.- 3 ,,, , ', i -1 I z I ra ejn:,SPV Q ", __ ,: z l N'- I
kriip ,- whol-,has e $M -.- .- I "Ill I
.1 L -, '. "'.aiM 11, J must be 'U'vastdifference between a I -, I turr&,( onel6siob;bi
't, , NFORU*i46N )Viix CAN,-BERELI(ED. :A n I I- s ,, ",U, ,
1 :, z, ", : . 1. I I.- I~ ', ", ,
atWwil EditOrl L ee Ing ILe 1-11. .1 -_- .1 '' 1 "I"'' '' -1 ,
.1. : ,- I ., I :1 UFO
., , I N 'i, A '. cl' -_ r --'N -6* edi -, I I I
I11 d III 1886) .khia a,41 Won. "', I ..- 1 : , % I Ot evUyiutage to the Sta'te ,derl, "
, I I _7 -, I
I % '- I : I I 1 -,-, -Li' ncibn&ti. I ,;
w- i_ ' )Je C Ohdu'ct'edl the delt f .-,..)?aktlljl 1h, the:mAin, iSA6,vo o' 11 'he'jadlefi I -w i
t T ,.Tuebloi ,Got, I ., , I ci % r e Ane trees is ac aygeb, ,,
I ,,, '' e. It
-1, I - ll , . -1 I t e ' .
11: ,. .te
ld - 1,1,.;_,_ n I -k 1 'ber, O. ;, r6alt y. tourists who com6,,he _U
,Lgatl()Jl 6uhh- ftom that me'.6ti. t .' .. 1- 1, L, Concluding, , We'm ake-no 'exc'usesfor pregenting.on-_ f z LT I
.g e, ,Eleatriea ,: department, its',' ,,, ' I ''I''. I I I I
.- .,_, ; !. 4 & ie
,a to i- 'i"Flo, a -and rep o ift th 7,- or r tli' r ailmentlibyt," INJ .
,- ? I .. Upoll, a- I I
I - b i '-' 1i "' h ; 4- flist rpAge 'the st o 'questions and an-, 11 11 I~
- \ __,___'_.. 1 ."-t;Ii- pageg_ egilniiig ,t e'o apter.on it , f tl I
I 1. .V__1 -, 1 I I ulbJ s4mic ozone at- is-isti A"
"_ I ,_'T
1-1 ,
Arifeicts-,of-the reetw')6f that memory e ldult -_ ,' F' -' i- Tii 'sw exude from flic piDef6' e- fs;" -,Itiid"- ,
", ,, f f I 11. 1 kite and. .orestrT. ere I areseveu, that Mr. abor oj 6 V
1-t I .. 1. erg ". manage' of: the I ;,
I I .1 I ,. I .
(-'I' L' &YS tr, 11 I 'as und 4ii FL M,
'-winer, on it d lp-i -,c; h! 1:' 11 ,, F" Fr ' h 'ed Theli es, 6t
_' -1 I-_ ,, IL "", I fdl pagej ustrat ong, giving the rank- Pabor LtOim 'Colony in-.. llbrlda gij es1n oubtedly skv I 1_tl-, _".
.. , I
6'L' I I :"L no one knows betie itban E & I i, i ' ;
,' t46'SLat'e-:4Ld_, I I .. -1, Jiwstatuethe diibul hle66 towm the I nswer to. nquir es. ince We h' e- 6- thousandss, enabling them to re urn -,
I ., av I I i ,,,
e 1. I I I 1. 11 . I I I -, .- I ,, ,- 1, 1,0 1i
-,., (A.Elliott -the Vene'flt, Floridiii eriv their ,.friends and bw iness, 'as, t 1 01Y
L L nil ing, 'past e I I --,_ ,
L, L ', I d ' rak'e e, ,
;,".. ": , Dleqtrlcity b I Tit ,. to 6ideat57gci lo, FlorlAa weilnd: tliat',tW; tb y-"d- b'e n-i tised fr nil:th de'ad, ", '? I I I, Ilt .& - ,e __,
_: I -.,- ,, -- ,
A 10 In th 67-., repor t'sen ttWeve , t te_. 'Ilk, "
vt_ tural building,,-group., 0 us.7 are -m- V f d ; "" ...... :_ ay o Our. rierids an peigntiors, ; , , ,, I
,; f, I el 11 ,1 6i 4 6ui I I .1 I r , ,.- I I ' _. ', LL
-1 '-- )y Afiat.; ',C:Om ; h I '' , _. 1 trtie "li oreville det opoli s",-,re, ih o ur iqn I i tee, -- ralian-plantsj-rnaia biAtjdinii aIiid h f, I I S ,,
viem ,. w o are o ,& mind ,to make a change I I
-" .., ,-,.- ,- ., _. .11 11 -C r
I .... I 1, -, '''' ", 1, ,I S. I t, __ T h,
11 I ena or I 41- ,
re gji&.to1-kn ,eb' V I j c e f N4th ai,
ow thgt, -asialn::, 6x' bfflol, G' serva rY- -,also, and .quite a -majorl -1,
; rj, 1 0: bf-II411,taken frcrin ould, ob to t I I ''I Flojda %IILA '', ,
_1 I I -_ '' I h _- I ., ., '11 ) ,,
., I I 1 1
yea r's:'ctel-git oii,46 the ., ,. y' are persons saying his trip to I I
-mem'b:er of this , '-ng a mild- q imate. therefor6jilfor been a moA plf
Ir I I I U eyery :Qt I -asant one but t u,
." L -1 I -1 I net -page has:three. orfour seeki I ,- ', I 'i ill ,
meeting at Asburyr Par k" e, ghQllia-4 ; -1 :, -1 "I ', I : 'J", , : , ,I" , ;_ ; I "I
1 si i-tions. _.' '', 1. Id ff Nvasresturinr him t'" )) oalt ,-,-- ,- I
". ; 11 .. ,-V_ 11 11 I I I I I - 'matio.P.1g;tager koug, _,a er, andtin.-t --.u.-th I.. _16f 11 I . 1, I I i .": 1 I I t e 'al 1 61 h Pr , I,.---].,- im'with, iis to help .. mee n IS the I -cone, psion of t e ig an, I or:me _"ve. : n ce, I k
,h wi .., e hit. 12 e 11' ,adyertisenleAt .. ha; odn - -YA wjlo efme 1)51
-, _l) -;T L_2
11.1 I "I I I I ,,, 1_ 1- I- P --bpneb ial c M 4,T
,L_ ? r,'6ur',St.fe- Als Tiillone 7and', ig I -, 1:6 ''I I' 10 I 11 I' -, i ,f _- i n I .i ,d, -: I JeeLaton I L the -o ']Y' Nf ,
ce it -,._ _'.__ ". '______., I rticuturejind pens,,that ,te 6j int esae.o co 0 y an s,, nor
1. 1. 1 pt ,,- I I .1 .1 I .1 hv.aling k;J1im ut0.,.1 N (')f;1 n r_ Y
I i .
power' f id ec, ive 'devoted.16-1 e ; ining and Metal n g ,. re to prin t arfiele,
power. jal : t i" he otLers lia le.,,b6017
% I _- -- -,"'. ,, "' Y ar6 'we i d i thousands of
1. I I I I giving but I ,
:: I *' , I., I brought to Fldri ialandraisedjAT Lbw *
1 , I :, 11 lpiifty7aine illustrations In, add'i tion" to' it simplyag. a ina1ter.df informatjbll' hat .1 ,,, ,1, g -,
I I I 11 ,%, I 1 I I :I
_ , 1 I Ly, -,
,. I of Slekiiiig,,: io r D e "
a-the .1orti- -h *ai ,,, ""
"',Ii'8z-]tWd 'aiidfnM 6,lifid:,wi. ,;,. eir tbiee.fuil,,pigeiplateg. a dot 1 ., h -4 ---t, ."". L, I
1_ t 4r, I 1. '.pan be relied upon, o, as, eqt.7, e e %66d ',
1 I- ,
; i I ,111
V hel!, "nY% pe,00'risin the L'ate Wh,-,
1 I
I ,
S'L ,- I 11 I trL text';:Vel* "" R ' A' Il ate of-_ Flori'dii..Jdr ie, 'Ji v6g ,prolonged b 1 "'
-,wh hores 'washed, w I armwaters' dultur6 "V fores I I .Sol an C IMB ,' I : I e
,wC n- : ,ed i IL cl "I'll,
_, I -- '- I ad [heii Ih
1. 1 I I ;,. \ _ ,, '' I ,, I I ,7
'ot the gulf, r .1 i I' ... .
now-ba :wmemory;..1iiii, oAnddAobe orit!0al, we woul say that, ,t*oy Past- nd i.. tlibrough1j.satig I (4 I p I ess i 11,Va
41 I I 1, I &rs. I I I 11 I I I iere. ,ome who were I I
the me P,?a_ tuie ,Set e i': J ';- , -with that IS ate I t 11 I I oY1JAg vigorous, h ,
I eel his, been inadem re, re now enj ehA "Y--ri
" -, _, ". , "-I-.,-- I ,-:,., pio, J ' f- L I 11.111".L'U t,
,dIPry, is li k I a the tli e 'f6reist. tr I ., "I', ,,- ,,, -balmy i66 I an cl' I I
I ;,., z' I~, 6b t e fitlits 6 .t ,eor' __ tt e'd I \ __ I- , :;- "hey ',
,:rAJlery-ofthapast;, 6ver-whi-W the'drjm prominent h h "i h chard; - ,,- -- .. I.. , ., , ,',t -iye the -b 11 es I I '_ ep_,_ .
.- ;
,- ... I -1 Sunshine 6 r -,"'- LI 4 I
,- I _:, r I edit for A, -1 I ,,, Z
-s* ;I,,',,,6f, ihe iunr: ge -4nd vh "' I the;.te-xt -,a d, f6j 7 ,, A-BECKON : IN4 .1 Dw ,. I _'oil- Of' -t-- 3 HAX _. e Sunset Of -aeScri"ti -na Ive 11 11 ". I ,_,;: : :,. I ,
7, L L, I 1, 11," 1, I 1 .,',.' ''. .1 ,- I ,,, ,' ,,, e, I _,; i
,., ,_ ," I _-,-_-,,' .,i_1' -1 '' I __- --p'er s u iqftib'r *i 11 -li h ger - and (the. 'el w d" .-eme y ,Jatar6stih The RaiA,' ,,6 i6, Ca, I I , !, ,,, -. ;z _- - ,
9,.i I I I 11 ',
p etu al 11 ". 1, I I I I 11 1, I
-gn On s is ekti ' I I I ". - '2 , I ,', ." ,I _- :- \ L _' -_ I 1, I." I I 1 I I ,._, "
,. grav ,- t f n I '-Tn ourexoha -whiollsaysuch-k' Z. I ., "f
t6noer 6 uppy, momen s Gr- I Dgcs, and -_,'_ ;_1
,es h, to 1b -_ : ( F,, 11_1 ,,, .. t", , 11 I I : 1 I 1, I ', The'Book .6f. t! e_ ai is I e 'com i 1v
, ov er xestr F or a-- byje -spaeb,, we,'were .1 I 16 1h I .1
1_1 : I i t6 -,, iii, ilty-flve ,part - h s;.ud,,66iix llineiit i- -c s of Our.deDart-' ,: t,,:, '_: _L
;, ,:., 1, 4, eau 1part I 1 I I I '
I I I I I I.- 1- 1 ,, '', I I I I 1. -< il .1 11, I I 1-1
of that band, .of J t t, .t L 17
I I or 0 'i ,- ,: -, -, 11
_., '10, W ea, erg of W1161h ll s forty, pages,"malilng 'a I vp wme. of ure f th-er Ad ds ,and., ... "- 1,.,'.'': -, ,..: I
"on e I'll ,, I 1 I ''. 1, I 1. .1 '- ,
Teinnyson Wrote 'tliat zj- -". , I -11 I I t . ", M L" -,, "' I , -- -
."'. 11 I I I lbi6g- ".- ,,, ,,T7." P. L '. , --, -_ ,
'P ri ." ., ., I -;" I .. ",
., w6 we ex end heart t- tii:alaks.. 4y 1 11 '
c" ;" - :,_. ." 1. ges. I
I I.. t. , -, "". , I I
1, :: j ., ,.,-1-.'. I., i 6-66 ,,, ppii ce per aie if. T, fQ, ; 'i lii -,- -T he thrlfty I L or'i, I 'f bright 4a.other- "' _7 __-, ,
Qame iiiito A lab:d' I W.'als lli&n "
I I -_ .pari d rn(intiily... ,Voj.fujthier_ pa 11 by pub iS
'.I- I &Igsue '. keiCean su 6e ell" I loriaz-,
_ait;e pn'oo/ylt" 4 I , I'- ''
I I I "
ny,, .Ing notices of trust ,. 11 I 1,
,, 1-111, I .1 i -, , 4116 at ,ohdonbp' .. eWa 4 sh -rii sai s is -, " .- i , I .1 L 1 R E
., Tft' "i<se ea' ivVa ei t lilarsaddresi -, ". 1 4j4r6 "In I"t -'I. I 11 2
IC .11 I I 1' _1- _UL _,,]U '.f ,& 'o ,
11 a6t I ,,, I ", I ." I -;i ,
,Where round'th'6 c he languld alrdid' L'
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