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A --, .WINTER HAVEN. ,: -
-i.... "WINTE 1 HAVEN

Bovide of tiemJAdwci&td Pr.)

ixtem Canected By Cal

(Complete NEA Feature Service)

No. 254.

a _________________________________________________________________________________________________


t.". bioney, Is Their

'. :.q.... .qg h s
t qw* And
S in Their Big

, June 30-L-AP)- Arriv-
ihe American mainland
ait sunaline of the new.
tfs, Lester K. Maitland
SHegenb merger of the
b army, completed yes-
lWagthe fl-st flight over
iioean fronm thb Ameri-
gid to Hawiii.
.1-e unescorted, for tir:
looming plawea lost them
O"y darkness and rain'-f
tllirg. No money prize
1> But they received the
Efthe highest officers of
aniid navy, the congratu-
the governor of Hawaii,
opqtaneous, whole heartedI
f thp thousands who had
.rs in the rAin to greet

nts Maitlgnd and Hegen-
a d last night, happy in
$isrhment of another avia
ih, in the progress of the
ilcproud in the possession
1 telegram from the
c n the Ufited Statei
s .kilI of. Maitland a" a
o.e.nbarger as a hi%-
omy fora Story

been their

r,: ,oob;rah ave

0-; l
Prfo. OL

fe *to llato"y.

fvfn Oak-
n.- until

iBI~lljBB an,,hnng~y whe -lc lhr-.
i 1t sunbeam,
one Yes-
i Whirl-
thru" 'iee t '0o-8o et.100
-inis 'an hour, they finished the
24Omile pa.sage- over the PatLi-
f'.'..waters in 25 hours and 50 min-
4 They landed at 8:50 a. ni.,
l'aritie time (11:50 Tampa time.)
The raido beacon signal., that
-were to have guided then func-
t.oned only a part of the time; the:,'
t their course by dead reckoningl
dl by the heavens.
Record Occan.trlight
No o li....f-..arrips stretched
-Ong their course tp save them
0 s oonuld diaatree befall; their plane
wV pd hkye floated only a huort
t on the stormy wavc.s. But
*en ie by the knowledge of a
td p~4ii rplune und by their
i:,, A-._Aa ,.courage, they carried
'i4 .h'ng their eal aitnde the
W r' t't goes to brave accon-
'A- 'Their wa-s the longe..t
i-~gt on record.
ttaxidandl~et'herger %%ere
.smt hugrywhentu the3 arri.--
'imuarly 26 hours they hait
v..,great monoplane on-
j aeRleiy vigilant andl a.'-
ty had hai nothing to
for *e chicken sandwiches an-i
AD sj.lied by frienjLN had be-
% (10o0it0ned On Yaf feour.)

g Oin Oil Prices
Dk, des City Contract

hl'le recent contract for the pur-
cl e of oil and gaH.oline by the
clt 'was awarded to the CentrN-al
L"Garage at a price of fifteen ceiint.
prT .t ....on oil with gasoline at
w.. wagon price, which it .s
" three cents under the
r -pl',Clty Manager Newman
.A '.


-her-'bida offered showed a
..'.ir[ce of one and two
eirqUart on oil while the
Mi^Bf,, gasoline offers weie
i: "e, i r, P .'the tank wagon
,, Sone of the Vi41 were 20
edit 'dlsourtt on -oil, 25 per
.yoi, a : ,fJitr&Te,4f sever-
O t.i* on oil anc4 one bidder
.Orfered -gasoline at three and
g.Mier cents under the retail
y^'. .i-:---"--


[)onntoan New York %as treated to a large dowe of aromatic
smioke when tire destroyed a warehouse in which spices and alleged
illegal booze iipre stored. This spectacular photo shows firemen
bill ing i-Alsc.e from an elevated railroad and from roof ojf
nearby s0t_ r-'



.tV. An4T Girls of City
tateruad in Summer

y. siier and bronze fobs, .o0
t at the Lake Martha Beach
t^ fr tt tie Ertrardi"t %Iy.
and jIrls of tile city who lead in
at~eraports at -e eend of a sunim-
wrer's cntest, it has been an-
nouncid by the recreation depart-
meint of the city which is awarding
the medals.
The contest will be ba-ed upon
a point .ystemi, performanco-; in
intei-city water ineetz., life guard
duty atnd life saving-tests learned,



Former Grace Vanderbilt
And Husband Await
New York, JIa i 30--Pi-Henry
Garsaway Davis and his bride, who
a", yesterday s Mais .Grace
Vanilerbilt, boarddil a train atr mid-
night last night on tihe New York
Central bound for Toronto on their
It was understood that the young
couple, married without the kno'w-
ledge of thie bride's parent-, whi j
It wa -.aid desired lihei to wed an
as yet unidentified Englisihmian,
were to Cli tO Kootenay Lake, Bri-

being the factor., upon whic-h the Iuti-.Coiumnoia. however, it wa, ie-
points will he baied.' Thr buy or Porte l that Mr. and Mr.. Dasi.l
girl winning 15011 points by th6,-1 might ail for Euripe within a few
clo.e of the sunmnr tn'i-tet ab.xiot ilay:, having gone, in the meara-
Sept. 1 Il will be awardedi a g..ti tI lI, to soime secluded spot, thei-.
me'lal; for winning -:,' pint i *a to await the blewsiig( of Geneial
silver medal and a hironu.-. mncdl andi Mi.. Vanideibilt.
for inningg 100) points. It i. ; oliwn that Mr-.. D\vi. lie-
Thie pqint' azr- awrd-d n-i thle sires her parents' forgivene-, be-
following perfornanice-sF: 5 futr pi- fire departinrg on h'r hnoi:, 11lmn,
licipatitmn ;n any -vimnuing r-et: b huti. whether .,le had em.niT.- I
3 for v. inning first pla.e in any -tom ti lbieh- in New York waiz not
swimming meet; 2 for winning sec- k rnu.-i.
ond place in any .%imniniig ine.'t The heurpri.Pe niarriace of thei
2 fo'r vr r. liiur f 1 Il' r zi'ril 'l ',i Van lerbilt heire.u anid youT] D i-
10 for ;ia:-ing tih -erii- lit'c -s'ev- viH at the tity hall Tuestday wa:
ing ier-t nd,, l fifur tlhe apparently not approvcil by Geimer-
,junior life sa\hng te.:t. al andti Mrs. Vanderbilt whu hail
Thn-, .-h- hhaver ,. pointF .i t wis-held. t11' leride's brothm.r, Corr'-
latr, lWgi:th,.ir vith th L' puont liu. Vaiide-rhllt, Jr.. ,aidl that Grace
fellow ianry ah l'-nglishliiiaul.
Gordon Mrtalla, :i2; L.a luuc A- After th iP civil ceremony 'lTue.i-
broi, in, 15; D-i)n (;icv, I; T'honia- day. Mr. aid Mrt. Davi- ieiuairncdl
Co-tello., 40; (Olier Alien, .t7; in ecluion, ibul with their cnhrn-
Frank tl-ll,, 33; A.\rdidew Ferkr.. about.i Lu the latter'. pril-
33; Elmer Gri'ffin, 32; John Wa-;- enLs, hoping for somne %orl of for-
iiniund, 2s-; l.-,Itncr Willii m,- 27; givennss. None came, un.lnI o a
Carl lri .-rii, 25; J. I. Beatt fr\ iriminiutes before midni!ght, a H-t'
Mairgaret Williamn 22: foial-l oiirl cereiion3.\ n .-as lierformnied at tle
Lupinsky, 210; Il-rold Hl.ffnian, 20: church of the ranr-firuration ULit
Roheit Klramir, 17; (Crosby Grp:, tie Church Around the Corner.)
17; Ilal.] Edwaidt, 17: Urlrcw-t-..:
Thc-e points ro'eii-,iit foui TOt) O CEET NEW I' FLIES
weeks of conte.-ing.
_a________ ari.-, Jiiue 30--i.-',i--Clar reno
Chiamiberlin and Cliarle. Le'.iii'.,
Sunday School Ball Nra ,,,n t,, tP ,t,., arne
League Being Formed at Lr Bou, r Field pra." -hi,-i
b ~from11 BeriJlC, Swltzer'lanll thi. af-
A Sunday School ba.-eball league -ron
is being formed among boy- of tlhe CO'CHET BEATS 'T'ILIEN
Sunday Schools of tihe city by thir
recreation department. The ag.- Wimbledon, Eng., June .0O-i.-T'i-
limit has been placed at lb. Henri Coehet of France, in a ,rerit
The Sunday Schools mprresei:ted. uphill battle, eliminated
with those in c(har"? of orianizi- Tilden m.f United State. here today
tion, were announcedtoday' a. the from the singles uf thie Wimlinledol
Baptist, Jenkins: Pre2byterian, Sth Law, Ter-ni- championshipss .
ellenberg; Methodist, Dot;-ioi amid
a combined team of the other Sun- STORM HITS S. DAOII'TA
day Schools of the tity. Bisriark, S. D., J01-ii 21.-otPi -
It is planned to start thie lea- One man was killed and two womnin
gue's season next week. August were injured and Lhoum.i-is of ,-I.f -
Ficherl said, andti possibly more lars; of property was de-troy>?d by
than te above namnrid four teams a heavy storm which struck hei-?
will bfi.ntere1,. early today

Dorothy Mackaye Found
Guilty of Covering Up
Husband's Death
Lii.-. \nue'le-, ,June 30 -iT-li-D[i -
otiy Mla'ka'ki. .-ta ,> actlre .-, yr--
terilay wa. found guilt:, hy a jury
of eight women and. four men of
':o'-'cring up) fatt. -urrounling the
death of lier actor husbantd, Ray
l'aymiond, as a result of which Paul
Kelly, 'crcecn i>laycr. wa.i .onvicte I
of iranisladmLhjter.
Thlie jil.i', deliberat-d Ic-.- than
tllire hour..
The- dhliriatic -tage stir -tLeled
her-i-If foi tllc verdict andt her face
removed in coeivulmiv, emotional, a-
.;he tried to keep herself from col-
lapsing. Misi Mackayp was at-once
take-n to tile county jail, where she'
will be a prisoner until Saturday,
when Superior Judige Iurnell will
.ecntenLo Iter.
The actress may be sentenced to
serve from one to thiee ywrs in
San Quentin penitentiary,, where
KPau Kelly will be .
4ie' k-iftig her husband.
The verdict came as a surprise
to followers of the trial, especially
since the two alternate jurors,
Frank A. Zilgit1 and H. IL Gohe-
gen, announced before the jury re-
ported that had thoy been called
upon to deliver a verdict they
mouldl hae aciquittedI the actress.
Prosecution attorneys cliargin;
thit Mis-:, Mackayc and Dr. Kelly
entered into a con-piracy to con-
ceal the fact thliat R aymond died,
fronli the beating adnrniiitc-red by
Kelly, characterizetI the actress a-.
a "vanipire woman," '%h1 h liad
wrecked the live- of hie' husband,
Kelly and Dr. Sullihan.

War Veterans Hasten
To Get Insurance
Before Date of Closing
;'scrald '.auri' veteran.- have ai ail-
edl tlic-.nscl sc of their ld-t-wiinulte
i.llpo'rl unity to reinstate tihecir go%-
ernmiont life inur-anii-e, time Amneri-
can Lecionia radie knwi.%n toJday. The
filial lateic upon %%hith tile in.sur-
aue may be con\ crted i4 Saturda;'
it ia, beeIn pointed out.
Main.% of the veleran.i Alio are
ieiui.ating their in-uranrice an' tak-
ing ad'uinta_,e of Lthe gio'.erihmuent'
offer ti. rehi-tate their lapsed in-
.-uirnte ul|oul a fiv'c year term ba.-
i '. i'h- i rin.tatenr ent I-_rinit, thi.
Aitc'in toj i;irr liiih iii- liranc., i
;any pa t i.,1" it lie muay lde,'e, for
fise N3cnrs at ai rate ,ilv a few.
-ent- higher that hie paid dur-
in thie ,aar. At thel end Lof tlh
five year terni lie nmut hane ':oil-
%erted thil five year term "policy"
into ono of thie several regular po-
licy forms at, of Luur..e, a niomne-
what hligliher rate.
F. E. Brighain, Aiiiercain Legi)ni
I'oit,. Cnniiaidaner, or Milc.' Storir,
Nems York Life I.nsuriaii-.. Coni-
pap.m repre:vitative, will help tlie
veteran make out hiis application.
.t. Peter; buir, June :J-iuPi--
Hq-rinn A. Dann, pin-ident of the
Stitt Chamher t-f Commerce, has
riot leaid from Senator John S.
Taylor i-reaidin-; arrangements 'r
thbt debate aitlh Governor Martin
e atiive to the E',erglade. drainage
p] oram,, he :aid today. Dann re-
c( fly announced lie would accept
t e Governor's challenge li, behalf
I4 Seni trr Ta'lnr

inigesi treaty at Ihi., taiun \nuthoiit
the ron-iPtn of the United .stat,-j
thf- delfgato t,, the tripatrl;t< na-
val conference aie focu.6rin timepir
atLention n(. the problem 'of cruis-
crs. Thi-. may take on a new angle
owing to the British ci -pha.i( on
Ihe wisdinm of agreeing to the r7-
duetion in the calibre of the guns.
Experts ar- examining the feasi-
bility not only .f dividing cruis-
er.-. into two classes but also the
creation of two categoric5 of 1.,-
000U-ton crui-ers, one of which
would be armnedl uitlh eight-inch
guns as provided lby the Waslhing.
ton agreement, and the other with
six inch guti?.
Apparently the Anmericans are
not pressing too hard the argu-
ment that six-inch gUn- could eas-
ily be installed on swift merchant-
men; thus according Great Britain
an immense superiority by the
conversion of liners into auxiliary
cruisers in wartime, because auch
an argument might in the long run
ret against American national ip-
taeits;e if the Unte iae'sfffd
itself"develop a merchant marine.
British Proposal Not Accepted
There ia seemingly no intention
on the part of their American dele-


to accept
he limited

the Brilit- h pro-
future cruisb:er
to 75i.01 ton.i,

with six-inclhi guni,. Tl'h limitat-
ion would be contingent, utinder tihe
British plan, uponi an agreeminpent
concerning the number of li.,U)lJ
ton cruiser. to be allowed to Great
Britain. th United Statet, aind Ja-
A. the large cruiser.- authorized
I t. the Wa-hington treaty niould
automatically di.appesr by the ad-
option tif the British irtject i:t the
peri,.,d of their retiremrient and re-
tllacHcemnt it is believed that tIhe
Amnerican% who hasve al ,y. ,i -
.i -ted iuponi the niecc'ity uf t i lar-
(Coatinued On Page Pive.)

Game Warden to Be
Selected Tomorrow
At League Meeting

SeLecti 'lrt -f a gdii w'anleii l )
t'cprese'ii i thi- .e.iltiii tof Polk
oi'oitt' is to Ilc malle aL a neetinir
of ihe Izaai Wallittii lague bloni0r
row night at.L tli City Illhl at 8
At a ineetiiic hcld 'ul'ucday ,diglt
a coinmittee con.i.-tlig of L. I".
Ball, Max E. Viertel anid Ir. Fr.'J
C. Garner, %% i appointed to make
reconimendatit ui' ltoiorrow iWiiit
of i.everal applicants for the po-
-itLion. Their nuniatinait oa will ie
voted on by mhe Iecr.auc and the
applicant rri, eiving the higlI.E.t
numr)ber of vote-z'will be recommecn.l
ed for the position to Game Corn-
ni.-Aioner Royall.
It wa. announced today by the
League that Gaime C-imimm.-ioner
Royall will hddie.i. a cuunty-snide
meeting in Winter Haven thie ear-
ly part of July. tHi. talk will in-
clude information iclative t i tir?
clo-ing of Polk County to deer an I
turkey, it is understood.
All members of the League are
urged to attend tie r meeting to-
minorrosw night. If Winter Hav-ii
doe5 not i'ecornienld a waide:n
Iw which ri-econmendation, it hlas
been pointed out, will amount to
virtual appointment by P.'-,i alli,
then an outsider manny be given the

Byrd Nearing Goal

Last Reports Say,

No Trouble on Hop

Florida Mocking Bird ICRUISERSMAY

ocki' bird otti i de o range BE FACTOR TO

5.iinin' hi.- ong an.l touchin' highly DL F TO

IBeut-, threwni inge-s tlat'. ,.all fhe
At you hiear ingin' up on tIhe
He don't have to ,ing b.y nte, British Still Insist Upon
.Je-,t hrold.z up his liad and open, Smaller Guns
hi- thliat;
lln';,. l f., tZ2 here unit MAKE TWO CLASSES
H e ,ho n 't n ,d I n i. llin tL, a 'c oin -
,panly 1t1,; England's Plan of Six-
H-, .ir., in thi e day nd, he ,11ad h Inch Gun Won't Be
at night Cnidered
An' hi: tiiie l.- layha)."j,,yil and Considered
bright; ,. Geneva, June .30. -(AP i-.\
Sh "w" 01) |.0 nd of illU t i[ t e L t .J
prefleii il agreement to limit thL. niraxinluin
hien t ln e put o thl t L[ineI in ,iec ';'e of destroyers wai reached lo-
in'ckin' bit,. dhy at a meeting of hnavIl rxpvrts
luw.var.d Cuty. Taipa, Fla. at tile tripartite rnaval'icur,-.
The exp.rrt, also dis,'uswid l li
ACTR SuNc-W sIlion lf ritio ir. rlumber" of dr
A T E SN I I*iiryers* a, hctw'w, n ftaitrl d .Sllr,,
~ilL NOW' ete Briitain:ndl J:p;an.

Iit ihnup,,'. il to rl-r, p-i t [ hia -

utes, a thin cireceintl of sun em-
erged frnm behind tihe nirons cover
aind the pent up feeling, ,f tb-
.iervors who had been literally
holding their breaths: at this rman-
isfestati,.-n of nature's wonder,
were relieved. Tlic l oLiservr, thank-
ed their .tars at tihe lucky escape
frontm diappointm cnt for iro iiediate
ly after thp plicrroiieiiiin \as uVe-i
cluud: gathered npuain ndiii rain be-
gan to fall...
The .iipct'ator.-, afti r the la-st
hado,-,. had v'anlShed it 7:2'., gave
vent to their feeling., iin a cur-
itus w.\'a, for row. Il|).n1 of
ierople oui the lleak sl(,l.| s of the
hill- hereal.out.. .uddeily brolic in-
to %hccr,'. Then, after au iiments
pau-c, ll tv-y clinibed i-o'.wn from
the. hii 'rv-at ion prchre-s, inalny
talklig \\itli tuitontrohllable excite-
incnl; tiher,- trenmlbliir swith ti.iot-
The tnlaily I,-llI in hth lhull-
dred:'(. of thiuvi:and u.f pti.ople ,%ere
statioined, trc-N ,.,nl. ,,t0 he di.-ap-
pointod and othcr:I t,.. securee goot'd,
but imperfectt \ic-c, extended from
North \Wale- cutting diagomally a--
ro-, Eoglandrl to llart l-eiol in a
pth alPi'proxiniatcly '25 mile., Nidle.

Mrs. Robert Sands Is
Bridge Party Hostess
M1r.s. IR-Hiert San;dl ulntecrtainedl a
number of frie-nd, at a bridge par'-
ty Wednesday atternooii at her
borme' on the Villa in lionor
of her .,iser-in-law Mi-ii Lila
Sanids ,f Tuscon, Ali,.Wnia.
The living rornm and un parlor
were beautifully, decorated '.' ith
ferns and rose.s. and uAtmot dilight-
fully ancounodated five t:ibl-,s tif
At thine clo-c )f tihe- af-teriitii
Mr-. Sands. :-rved lier gpi'?est with
dainty, refr-ih- mlenit s.
The vuc-ts included: Mi-. S. C.
Smithers, Mrs. W. B. Craig, Mr-.
G. F. Sanilm on. Mrs.. E. S. Hor-
ton. Mlr.. Ernet Baker, Mr.'. T.
B. Johins, Mnr... Harry White. Mr,-.

Mis. Lawrence Martin, Mrs. A. E.
Walker, Mrs. H. A. Pollard. Mr.
C. E. Pollard, Mrs. R. H. Mooty.





Hiding of Sun Causes
Fear, Enthusiasm
And Awe

Eclipse Gives People
Of England Real Thrill

( dqlhll'wi.lI, ork.,hrt', Lri' ,
liie .ll, -mi. li--'l'n of Ihr.)usand-'
cr iwd -peclailntiir-, in the tuli.alitL.,
belt if rumorning *-.,l:,r
eclii,. .--,i :, naingnificnet ight
S0ii-h :- i, not i,-'ri ilriri s d
in Gircat Britiin in jin,.,- ,thn ii)
.'car I. Il nIany l.' Irt r di' t f Iil-
talily zone-thl, cot nlltric-. of Lan-
cnslhire, Chvshire, Durharii and Yor-
kshire--tlie -pectacle was more or
le t. mared hy the inist, and
fleeting clouds, but it vias obser-
ved in perfection her,' where a
large crowd %as a.enimbled and
M here astron'.'mical watchier., made
what v.'cre le.s-n.lhel t-. the
obsieivations they hase 'v'r been
able to take.
The thrilling scene IC tecured after
a tense race liet%%cpn the sun aind
clouds, and whi iodl caiie it was watched with a
feeling impossible to describ.. As
the light became a weird grayish
brown, the atmosphere grew cold-
er. aid a wind -wept over the
moore. The people who had been
singing light-heartedly suddenly
were struck silent with owe and
4, in the shadow. Soon the
Wondrous corona appeared for' itij
fleeting life of unparralled splen-
dor to crown the solemn spectacle.
Excites Spectalors
After -econtds which evilicd mlhi-

Mr-. Harry Hedrick, Mrs. C P. able winds.

Plane America Is Nmir
French Coast, Bulletin
At Two O'clock Reports.
-Should Arrive in Par-
Sis at 3:30
(B) t he Asaoclated Press)
Commander Byrd's great scien
lific adventure in the laboratory
of the skies was drawing to a
successful termination thia after-
noon at the monoplane America
skirted Ireland and headed for
the French Coast. It was esti-
mated that the plane aould drop ..
on to Le Bourget Field at Paris
about 3:30 o'clock, central stand-
ard time.

Byrd And Companions
Hope to Learn of Best
N'.' Yor1li, JLIuC 30--1P)-j-ic'n-
al I.E. Bir,' f3lyin, tc- tub-, the
nill.ioplaiie Amc'ieR' wat. on it.'. way
to Fraiif-1 torl;,i ,n the fir.-l 'cfien-
lific liOeNitimP in non-.. toIp ean
Sl'i iflil,
T i4- -iclnali.-t-'viilor' wvn.) ninl-
lidi thei .mcii n were ti.olid.uclig,
l* thepy fie%%, i clinical] e':p rimpntst
v huh lico.,Ti :'. tu airl the advance-
nfuirt of ttonnincr'ia] fl. irig in the-
a'to i': ,line and a they exper-
ini-en l, radio',.-il to their friends
ashore thlicir progre..a, oheib.vations
and greet ing.-an accomplishment
in itself new- to oceanic aviation.
Learns Nature's Secrets
That other, may fly in if'ety
Jater on, Byr'd and hi.i threc comn-
panions faced the dangers of un-
'harted winds tu wrOst the secrets
of thr' elements out of the region-i
where storms aro bre wed.
The purpose of the flight, over
an air trail already blazed by two
plan,:..- primarily interested in
,peed and distance, was the study
of atmospherics condition.i over the
ocean at different altitude:.
It was planned to attempt to
formulate some broad general rules
by which aviators may he able tQ
subjugate the winds to a condition
of servitude, and to make allies out
of storms which at present are the
airmen'a principal enemies.
P. ,'thiark ejghjt hDurs. after tOw
'taikwff Commander Byrd him e80'
'indicated that the purpo.-e of the
flight already was being achieved.
A message from the America pick-
ed up at Halifax concluded: "We
think we are gCetting onme scienti-
fic data."
lie did not say what thii. data
va.a, or of u hat practical use lie
believed it could be put to, but
from the hopeful tone of the mes-
.,ago it wa, gue.-ed that Byrd, a
nwde.,t and conse'rvatic uian, had.
nailde important disctuerie-s which
might be expected to haie direct
effetL on flying of the future.
Weather Ideal for Stud)
The Ameiica flew during tihe day
through \ieathpr which was fitting
subject for scientific experimenta-
tion. Tliere were large patches of
foe' to be pa.,.-ed through. in place-
the wind was unfavorable, and in
other ways opportunity wa, offer-
ed to .utudy: condition. nat present
iiinimical t flyinlm.
'1 he sciencee of cominitlnicationi
reached new heights during the day
a., Byrd kept in almost constantt
'omniuuication with lhip and shore,
by radio. Not only lid lie write
li., own progre-. report and delivLr
it back to )lt starting point a. li
v'rote, but lie z-clt mcf-.ages to
iricnids iand iongratnultioiia to fol-
low aviators.
bi a ,nessage pickeil up at Hali-
fax, Byrd sent bert Aishes to the
arminy aviators -ho yesterday com-
plete, the zion-stop flight tu Ha-
waii and. conveyed a greeting to
Fliyd Bennett, the original pilot
of the America, v ho im reco.crin'
in a lhos.pital from injurie- ufferel,
in d t,-.t flight a hen the Iplane fir.-t
wa. built.
Tle nie.zage telling of the Am-
erica's position and condition be-1
gan coming in to Ruosevelt field
almost immediately after the take-
off arod were still being received
at ficquent intervals eight hours
later as the plane left the Nova
Scot'a coa.-t and ll endei out .icr,-s
thi, bi'ean.
\Vor en ,Mr-,. Mile-, 1". .'torrm, Mr-.
C. \V. Acklhy and Mr;. '. C. Mor-
ris and Mrs. laruId Lteeiing Of
Aubi4rndale. .


Fair tonight and Friday. local |
thundershowers, gentle to var-






New York,, June :30 -(Pi-Conl-
nianider Byrd and his crew of three
u.n tilhe in i uoplane America, lihav
seen neither land nor sea since 3.
o'clock ye.-terday afternoon, he said
in a adlio rnss-age received at ti eI
Rorieevelt Field hangar toda;.y. The
mne.-,age, signed by Byrd, paid tri.-
bute to his three companions and
reported "everything completely
covered with fog."

Liner Hears Signal
London, June 30 -('P)-The liner
Berlin reports that at 4:20 a. in.
eastern daylight saving time, she
heard tlhe automatic signal of Coni
mander Byrd's plane distinctly.
The position of the plane as given
by the radio direction finder on
the .hip. is about 850 miles duo.
west of Land'. End. England An-I
about 300 miles south of Byrd'a
plotted course.

The-appioximinate position of the .
America as reported by the liner
Berlin indicates that Byrd picked '
u# speed during the night and t'hIA'"-
'iA the time the signals were heard,
lid had covered roughly one hund-
red miles an hour for. 23 hours.
Baring. any u'towardl incidents,
and bad weather, this would bring
the plane down at LeBourgl Field
Paris. at 5 o'clock thi.. afirnoonr,
ea-stern daylight limne. .
lni,.evelt Field, N. Y., June :30
-itAP-A wirelesN. nie-ag, from
Commander Byrd received h.v Gro-
vcr Whalen at 11:05 Pastern day-
light time read as follov..: "We
hope to sight land at the end of
hour. Crew feeling fine aft.'r
strenuous trip, Byrd."
Thie message was picked up Ih,'
thie Quesant radio station iM Fian-
ce aund relayed by the S. S. TuscA-
loosa C(ity to the Radio Corpora-
tion of America anid tllionee sent to feld.

Headed for French Coast
Lands End, Eing., Juneip 30-./Pi.A'I-
A radio message frroin the liner
Frauce, intercepted here, says "15
Greenwich mean time (11 a. m.
eastern daylight time) latitude-
60.06 north, lojigitutde, 7.57 we-t,
bearing of the plane 236 isouth-
,A-t end). The ship'. course was
270 (due west end I. (The posi-
tion given by the Fratice is west
northwest of Landls End and south
aest of Cobb, fornirly Queenstown
Ireland. The bearing of the plane-
shovi.. Byrd pas-ed below Irelanri1
at thi' lu'iir given and' was heading
for there of Francie.

Junior Tennis Play
To Start Saturday:
Entries Still Open

A ui ullur lenii", tournament for
b'N 15, 'car's of age inclusive will
lie started Saturday morning on
the court of the Hlaven Hotel un-
ider the direction of the recreatii.t
depart ment.
To date eight entries have been
assured for thelc firnt round of plav
and others are expected to entire
beL.cfnre play sLartzs. Saturday.
Thic pairings madre amoig tliri.-..
,so far entered, follow:
Joe Williams versus Jolnii Wil-
iiii., Chester Miller vei us Harry
Dye, Harold Hoffman verIIsus Carl
Dreece, Jake Zorin versus Joe BrciJL

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Brown wer4
Lakeland vi.itor- \,-tIr na'. .,

m .K ,. .,:..:,. ..:: .. .. .* :. :. .. .* .*.*
f .Wryi^ ^a~a ily -Chiel
": . Established September 15, 1924.
Rublshad Daily at Winter Haven, Florida, by
SFlorida Chief Publishing Co., Inc.
C. hef Building, Corner Third and Pine Sts.
1 Lee ................................................................Editor
RUI.SELL N. HAAS ........................Associate Editor
THAt G. HALLINAN .................. Mana Mng Editor

Entered a SwoTpd-class mail matter ,ep.e'ber 16,
192 at ti Postoffiee at Winter Ha If rfTi .
under the Act of March'Std l, 879.

S Sst1urd e World, 1916; AWIITInle Neoa 1917;
ntt: PeinCar Patript, 1$17 e 1A NZ 191;
-*inter Rave; 6 -
.4e Associated PlwvqIy entitled to the
use for. publtation ef a'LB disatcehes credited
to o-.ot sotrw ri epn".h "paper and also
the'ipcal news pubhfsl ierefn.
K 4," right of ci 4' of i pecial dispatches
hevqin are aUQ r;4
I;. '* i s$Jtli~i~fl RATES
O Y ear ........ ... .... ................................... 7
FSIx Mothnb ....; ................ ............... ....... 4.00
,. Three l t ......... ....................................... 2.25
*:o' One W oi ,t '................................................ .76
S One Week by.Cp lrr in t ........ ........................ 15


JudgngMg frdm the way Secretary Jar-
dine's plAh f6r unifying the marketing ef-
'. forts of'tbe Pi]6rida shippers of citrus fruit
Shas beea'recei. td it will be a success.
There is nothing specially new in Sec-
retary J.ardine's plan but hlie put it forth at
exactly. the right time and in the right
manner to win generous acceptance. The
Plan is simply for a clearing house which
^;. shall have power to regulate shipments and
:;. see thait 'they are made in an orderly man-
ner. Some one 0ith power to say, when the
New York market will absorb 15 cars and
pay a reasonable price for them, that no
fruit beyond that amount shall be shipped
to. New Vork until the market is cleared
y^: again. Heretofore the course has been
L when New York needed 15 cars to ship 30
i. or 45. Thie "result was confusion. loss of
".K' nwiley and grief to the shipper and grpw-
o,* er auad gopd only to the consumer and little
Good to him for there is no permanent
good in a deal-that means loss to ope side.
Enough adverse elements were repre-
sqed at "the. mnideting with Secretary Jar-
dipe so t-hat if they all stick, the plan is
S almost sure to be a success. All of the four
,or five lig shippera were represented and
probably 60 to 70 per ceot of the fruit
grown in Florida was present by its dele-
..i gates.
'"' Many bther economic bp'sides those
onaretin, g can be; ffecta4, itf e p1q1
09;Ma~et nif
J"-"' b qopes a greqt s Vccs '1t 1li bi4 poaaible
tG'adertis~q Florida frif iti'i muni bigger
way and thus sell a great qea-l more of it.
Foreign markets can beopened. Research
into by product lines can be carried on.
Standard packs and grades can be had.
Better methods for the growers can be in-
troduced. .
All in all the Jardine Plan deserves
the wholehearted support of every grower,
every shipper and every Floridian.
-Lake Wales Highlander.


These are interesting figures reported
by the National Association of Manufac-
turers. the result of, a natiou-wide survey.
SThe industries of the nation are now
operating and will continue to operate for
the next three months, on the remarkably
high basis of more than 81 percent of their
maximum employment capacity.
Nineteen percent of these plants are
no.w running at their full employment ca-
pacity, and 29 percent are operating with
90 per cent of their maximum forces.
Translating this into terms of normal good
business, it is estimated that 90 percent
of the plants are today on a substantial
employment basis and operating on a high
production scale.
The Association sent questionnaires
to 3,000 members of its organization in
pivotal sections from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, for an instantaneous reflex of the
employment situation. The questionnaire
went to companies with payrolls ranging
from as small as a dozen hands to corn-
panies with 40,000 employes. Replies were
received from 2,203 companies, and these
reported that the number of employes re-
quired in plants to maintain maximum ca-
paeity, was 1,509,920, an average of 685
pf" company; and that they now have un-
der employment 1.227,325 or an average
of:,557 per company. This survey encom-
paises all industry and even includes many
seasonal industries that are now at their
lowest production scale. As compared with
employment at the same time last year,
1 his shows an actual falliA off of less
than three percent, in spife of reports
spread by the perennial pessimists.
Analyzing the reports that have come
from all sections of the county, the asso-
ciation believes, the whole nation can be
happy in the employment and business
outlook for the summer and early fall.
iW-hen the manufacturing industries of the

untry are employing 81 percent of the
maximum number of persons they could
ssibly put. to work, that certainly is a
althy situation. NaturIlly, some-concerns
e'not doing as well as they-woutrfd- like.
t if specific anal.vyses were made of those
erticular instances we would fisa' that the
ssimism is based more on.wha.t tley had
Dped to profit rather than don what might
Considered a reasonable and- substan-
ai profit. We are now\ at the logical time
r a seasonal slump in production and em-
oymnent, but there has been no slump-
ly a falling off of less than three per-
nt. Another healthy thing is. that there
a continued reduction in consumer prices-
rhich encourages more buying and steady
stribution of cash. Eight months ago, t.he
rvey showed that there would be at
ght shading off. and the presrnt study
is borne this out, but this is nothing more
an a natural continuation of the orderly
adijulstment that means' stability, and a
ser relation between\ production and
-Tampa Trribune.


Miatnmi paper would liki. tn correct lhce
exl)pression used by all t'rilte SOLthr'n0r1,
to-wit: "You all." But a .jib lik.o that
would be about as easy as flying to the
moon. The expressioti, "y'tt'all." is brecd in
the bone. It is likely a softer and mor',
correct conception or the "you-uns" origi-
nating in the Carolina mountains "befo'
de wah" and passed on down tl'line 1i,
Florida. It is a musical expression, soft and
iruhl Southern. Let it alone.-Timei.-Union.

People will understand l,hJt behind all
this hullabaloo about the Everglades drain-
age is political ambition. There is tn be a
governorship to let one of thest days and
a senatorship is in the offing. One can
throw a brick like that and rest assured
that he isn't aiming it at ahy particular
target and yet hit any number of targets.
For statesmen are all reducible to the low-
est common denominator-.which is self.
All of them are full of self, as are all the
rest of us.-Lakeland Ledger.
Absolutely true, and the worst feat-
ure of the case is that business interests
must often suffer while the politicians
struggle to attain their selfish ends. Right
now the lives of Moorehaven citizens are
menaced day after day while the only pro-
gram for their permanent safety is k j
held up for fear someone might gan ap
itical advantage. The people of Moprehav-
en made a wonderful come-back after the
flood and deserve a better fate than to be-
.come a shutfle-eock of politicians. The
worst feature of the dilemma seems to be
'that the politicians and wcfld-be politic-
'iant always get busy right af the'V'me bus-
ingss interests need a steady' hand at the
helm. At the present ime when Florida is
struggling to recover from the effects of
the binder boys and their methods, % lien
business men are working night and day
to straighten out the tangled web of their
affairs there is scarcely a tornn or city
within the state that isn't in the throes ,if
a political scrap. Right at the time when a
solid front should be presented agitators
always get busy because their only hope of
success depends upon public dissatisfac-
tion. Florida will regain her normal .titate
much quicker, if every community will for-
get the waters that have gone over tlhe
dam, correct imperfect conditions, pay up
her debts as fast as she can than she will
if she attempts to correct the situation by
adopting the falacies of every Iea-nut poli-
tician, who happens to have' a healthy
throat and a superfluity of hot air.


Let's have smaller money, houls ,an
exchange. Huh! Ours is too small aJiread.v.

The fellow that toots his own hurn
too lustily is liable to blov.w a gIol many
discordant notes.

Doe MacKenzie says "That sumotimes
the badness we see in other men i- .imply
the blind spot in our own eye." It will be
remembered that Doc was a member of
the late lamented legislature and came in
for his share of criticism. As MacKenzie
was a mighty good man in the place he
was probably thinking of what hlie had
been accused of and of his accuser:-.

If Senator Fletcher thinks a joint de-
bate with Governor Martin on such a vital
and timely question as the Everglades
drainage project would "only furnish
amusement to a curious crowd" then he
doesn't give his average constituent credit
for much intelligence.-Iva Clough John-
son in Leesburg Commercial.

* 11~4 I; 5' flA'

EV t F O D'- 3I '"' _- ^r -i. 7 (r "I 44 w .-I -

Dry Dive



\ '" _,_

There's little splash iihen Helen
Mt-an meetI the iater from .i
high springboard. Helen, .ou know
is the champ of dining champs.
and iq here pictured practicing at
Green ith. Cono. for the forthcom
ing aquatic title nimeet at Miassape.
qua. Loat ildanid.

G1ow em Quick

this way! .,
t Only ocne thing has
made Pritts the
the mc. st popular
growing maih in
the i ,i d--it gives
tile na%:imum
Sr.4,.,wilh <.f muscle,
itone and featihtr i.n lth least food.
kemeinr',:rlhlti Praius is the only
inar'h uarad Iccd as t., quality of
inp.ridieras g aid unil;,imity of for-
nula. PAnd tilnIt s ITr sources of
ar!imj[ pr,..tin and l.ur sources of
i : l'e. .'lc r.i. tn' ei[i mike it a
Prrfr-t c"'mh'lt.- riiotn in itself.
IJ iii'', t!-;t e is fr1., .i dust, char-
III',, !-:. " are the reasons
11 1tst wi:n -.ICCts f.-.r youl

C Mashw
Guaranteed an- for Sale by
5th & Laurel
Phone 272 We Deliver

' ...

19 Counties Behind

In Naming Industrial

Enumerators for July i
Tallalhassee, June 28-l/P)-Tho
cunty commissioners of' nineteeii
counties had failed to name their
agricultural and industrial enum-
erators up to the final week of
June, although the enumeration i;
;theduled to start on July 1. ac-
cording to official. of the bureau
of immigration.
Bay, Brevardi, Citrus, Collier,
Dade, DeSoto, Flagler, Gadsden,

n',nsB r i- B ^ ^ K'

Mrs. Tucker Agin

Remember back in 1923 when Mrb.
S .usan 0. Tucker. (lien 57 married
JBurton 0. Tucker, 16 at Union Hill
,U^ .N. J.? Well she is non reported
cantemplaling the adoption of A4qs-
tyn Granvilte, 19-year old Ne"
/' Yorker .Granville's picture at the
r.^ a, u a a -lpq)Iionit with Mrs. Tucker and her
3 0o1,111 huikband at the lop .........

Henniry, 'Lake, Lee, Levy, Monroe, tion in the compniilation for tlhe
Okaloosa, Osceola, Palm Bea.'h, -tate.
Pinellas, St. Luci. and Taylor coun- Warninv wa. .ent out fronm the
ties weie those whiuh ha'di not narn-
ed, tiir' enumerators. bureau that more ari- e exer-
ei .eI in r-porlint the various, item.;n
All of tie othcut i,-r Iuni,- 't' 1 uf the ;iaricultural and manufac-
state had nanied t.hir enuneila- tui inl tcnsu-:e. Some errors wete
tor.;, arnid were r-ady to pro, P-.l' madlr in the lpret,. iu. enumeiationul
wij. i tIli peliitn-ration, it was a-t.t- which resulted in a wide diver-
ell. I. geliO', in Imauny in'tar, ee-, of tahu'-
UpjardIs of $4;0,000, oro latiun-.
available with which to nnipen- After ll report- of the enumnir-
sate the eniimeriators, andI the im- ator are r-cei\ed at the bureau,
migration b hreau officials *ikul thie v.orl of cuompilin each in I.ul-
tlha those countie." which were letin fornmf will begin, with the. t,-
miksing from the li-t, make son',-- talks to follow a., soon as they can
provision at once for xepre;erita- he put it shape for publication.

- a~w ThMfl44~ ~~#$*2



MBI L fXopo t "' '.,:A."
w^ ,m. ":^
811-12 BOY7 . a
Office Phoe 101x I I '
stuaenc flone 38s 4,.
.. ^ i . : i :; '..'. '

Member. Of i"htbr
HWS31at Uqzq'l nt b
Engineering Mo al) 4'
Civil an4 Consulting .U
2nd Floor, Rickworth' ,
Winter Hav ]n, n4.:"'
F. 0. 21oz 746
A. 0 NEwoAa. '-t'
400 TayIlor Br g. *


*, ,*.- i 3.i.

Inwo~atlop concerning; tl 'M,
KtLot.s may be A*#. ?f^^Hmy
adPreeal*Q k^

-C'-- -H


V9. 0. X. =W=
AlaMRsam DPPag11 Ai WrIOipeap
1012 Uputh 3rd I
W22T1 4ATV3 y, 3rA.


3r. TooelmY. wt ya"
Oiteophitli mad AbrAs vi ZS
O o hlareatzf tv

i i
mi~tral A v3eutiQ

Canal Point-Lake Okeech
is 136 mile. in circumAferen `1
the speedometer of an'q .:
is to be taken 4s the o? |
tance, according top County
.-ioner Howard Sharp. T4. ...
with J. T. Picket, residents..
nqer, in an inspection of'
glades roads and connections
the speedometer of hejr car,
drove around the lake fi"i,
starting point. Thle cqr re,
126 miles from start to fflish.

If you hbve Rroyqty t4a
you want to sell aud yiS
quick action, siiell 4' *t ..1
tion. We can hav your
money for you in a week or
ten days after you place it
with up. Call at our of4ce,
Taimpafch ArcadWor.ek
Br~oherri. '

suffiaasn '^

Winter Have9mr.
FlorfncVM ..,
Train Sehadtle.
14)5V AM 1^
For *Iq
1:27 PM Jax. New To]*t V
1-45 AMI Jaet. rOW to2.;^g
2:4 AMM
4"41 PM..
L O gat a.n -. ..

*'." '


THE WJIfIR AVi j74!4t1.-


Creelman Ice Crea m Co.

We have sold our entire ice cream business
CO., who will continue to operate the bus-

incss on the same high standard we have
m intained.

We wish tq bespeak for them the same con-
sideration the people of Winter Haven and
vicinity have shown us, and to thank you
for your patronage.

Creelman Ice Cream Co.

Runkle Bidg. and Linger-Nichols Arcade




ggsyyy?^ >.'. -'^^ .
A tacL t Y Ti*S

". L
;oy Tory Til, o qlrnt ".ri
Ovqr gRAqi9qopig

90-2 voy' i-ier

flal-s Se7Bmr *1if. ;"

nMi i WHMlll "I i fi I llilI IIl



^-^- ID...^ ^ A- T^.. 1

,T lip.

ifm ITllhS

SDoubt After
"Figuring But
*dy Is Hero
.:!:ipcher, recreation di-
."W mond ball score-
-i*writer's cramp yester-
.ii trying to score ilhe
I1 game between the
'jib and the Chamber .f
l .the library grounds.
ffrts before going to
afternoon, Scorekeeper
i1l. was endeavoring to
A number of runs
-i146 victorious Exchange
range Club, headed by
Xl Kernel Lindy in hi:k
,1ska, hopped around the
.se with little regard
0o nents' feelings. Thib
age, who is a nut
ball, crabbed at uni-
.la good deal, pitched a
and concluded his
:iA.Idaze of glory by smack
i'yia; e run" with five or
'.ibause .(or so the Chant-
0*us5 thought). A bullk-
'W' floated into the
iC,:..tates the final score
i d game was 16 to )
SiihC Exchangites. Whe.
''s true or not remain.;
Some one, President
i[1.' :he C. of C. declared,
#;P verify that set of fig-

,s pOn, the slender,
-li .-Chamber secretary,
l.:&e. logical momnient
i-t didn't arriveye, be
clti ganue himself.
na mark4od by sev-
., by thee xciangec
t labhappened fici-


1 I' I"t h'rce-bag-
easily would have been or five-base blow had,
pfaWaring the proscribed ice
. '"rhis rise in temperature
!..ommercc'club's status, guve
$ & minute or two that nwy
scoree would be tiedi. It
ithi' hope was fable.
* lqre or less exeluivive .I1-
S\with, Jay Stull,. ire.Aidcitl
'.4'111 ClanmnlIr of Commerce
a. s second place favorites'
i gqme, hlie verv gen-
stpreSed satisfactiniin .at
E ioia1dc Iy the bell team
..reffiiiation, after the:ri
t'00atieu workout as hai'l
rhesed rather widely.) H4:
hj~Modconfidencc that the
ibe'ubte, to defend the'-,
4acesasully (he didn't say
ln accepting the chal-
any anil all other civ-
h the city think
iesday afternoon the Ma-
:ix by Sam Page who
n, center field yesterday
'hamberites, will play th?
kge qlub. The next day, '-.r
,.' to be: exact, the Chain-
ra meet the Rotarians.

You Have Met
k by Kept Streat

1 4. U
; "_. !,UV 1.J. L.
"|t r luu^ '^t --
LiL ^;x

WE !NtS A s
i", 'G 'YOFF.
i': =, ",eG, ' *" .'tT O

,. ...;

Indian Heavyweight,
George Lamson, Will
Meet Schade Friday

Tampa, June 30- (Special)-
George Lanimon, Cherokee Indian
heavyweight o ho last Friday night
knocked out Billy Sehaile witli a
single punch, this week will face
an avenger. He will meet Tomni
Sayers, Shade's stableniate, in th.e
main bout of the weekly fight card
at Benjamin Field.
Joe Woodman, manager of
Schade, returned to New York with
his defeated heavyweight in a rath-
er disgruntled frame of mind, in-
asmuch as the defeat robbed
Schade of a $5,000 purse in a
match with Johnny Risko on the
coming Dempsey-Sharkey card. So
Woodman called on another 200-
pound mauler of his, Tomni Sayer:,
and obtained the match for th;s
weok-which already ha- all the
ear marks of a grudge affair.
In the ten-round semi-final, Hen-
ry Dewanker, sensational yvounr
French featherweight, will face
Jimmy Watts, Georgian who
knocked out Jimmy Darcey in sape"
tacular fashion two weeks ago. All
foes have been floored by Dewan-
ker since his arrival here, and
Watts will attempt to break the
winning streak of one of the hard-
est-hitting little men ever to ap-
pear in the artillery arena. WaLts
himself claims a winning sreaj,
having won 32 bout, in succession.



Now Yorkers Win Title
After 13 Yars; Beat
Out Westerners
Pough keep.;ie, N. Y. June 30,
--t/l-Dowh through thlie closing
p Jslof',A Raperitt fought race
,, Af' jQik,, yotith won a
bfttt" fxdnw'bawn and experience.
ltwas tb youth of little old New
.,rk that triumphed and last night
CphiMuibib'a. lung diown-tr,,dden, is
the geli or the intercollegiate
ocean for the first time ini 13 years
after a thrilling coineLiack as
college rising lii.-ti.o y ever has
kmio', n.
10.0000 On Hand
1 while rprord-brcaeking itrowd
i.f nim re thai IN)0,i,).) spc(iatorn
looked un in aslonis.hed a.fiiliiration
L'oluinlbia'-, talwvart young varsity
crew single handed ropulsed the
doauubble-barrelled challenge of the
far wet, ru%%ed ti li hi:rt if thei
Naval acadmc-y'., favorite., aidI rnc-
ed through an car splitting din
of itriumphnit noise to win tlit in-
tereollegiitce ro\Ming clinnipioi-hip
of .Amcrica.
In a heartL throbbing ani] un-
expected fmiih atth. tlie lotiric
Poughlikeepsie regatta has svitneS-
sod in nimari,, a day. these New Yor-
kers rowed C.'alifornia'-, powerful
Golden Bear.- into .,ubmisioin.
then had thf.e couratganil stamina
to stand off a 'pect.aeular closing
bid for victory liy \ashinirton. the
chatnpions and win by a fetw f.( less than a boat length.

Bradenton- The local chamber
of Comiirceu has joined other or-
ganizations of the state to fight
for a higher protective tariff on
vegetable:. .'.hipped into the United
States from foreign countries. It
was decided at ai meeting of thi
trade body to start active car.1-
paigning at unce to that end. U-n.
fair competition i- claintd.

What wa. the first tic game
ever played in baseball ?- ,IF.
The Knickerbocker and Gothar,
clubs of New York played a 12-12
tie, 12 innings, in 1851.
What major league club did Sam
Herrmann of Bethany College fin-
ally sign with?-TJK.
Hermann will report to the
AjJ.nijat )I S rmt.-?ri roundd June





____ American League
Or So Tommy Loughran, New .rk W. L."'
*M- f XL iC%16v York **** 21) ** *s -
The Gent Who Drew Washington ............ 1 2J
With Gene Says. Chicago .............3.. :32
Philadelphia ....... 37 31
New York, .lunic 30, -Supposing Dctr-it .......... .... ....3: 30
Dempsey and Tunney fight again, ICleveland .............31 37
then what? 'St. Louis .............27 3;7
That question is causing a lot of Boston ........15 50
childsih chatter in and about the ____
cauliflower marts as all this Dcnip- National League
sey-Tunney Sharkey busince' goes V. L.
on. Pittsburgh ..... .......3.. 241
Seeing as how Gene has made t. Loui. 3:'
it a mode to be intellectual, one 'Chicago ............ 27
"' L nicago .... .... .. t* 27 -
finds it neces.-sary to go to ani in- Ne York ...........33 33
telUgent man for an intelligent Brooklyn ............. 31 35
answer. Boston ..... ... ..... . 32
Said source happens tu be Tom- Philadelphia .........21 3i;>
my Loughran, who, incidently is Cincinnati ........ ...25 -13
a "live" news font since he stowed ____
away a choice. hit of Cambert Florida Stale League
in the person of Willie Stribling W. L.
This clean cut, smart. cooking Orland ...............: 2
young man, who belong, tu the aota
iSara~sots ............:1152
new school that is crowding out anpa ..... .. ,5 2U
I STampa d .... ..... ...... . "33 2U
the old "pug-ugly" pans of the Sanford ...............3.3. 33
past, can discus. boxing with you St. Ptersburg ....... 32 tu
as keenly and impersonally asa pro liai..............8 4i

lessor analyzing chemistry.
"How about Dempsey versus
Tunney again?" I queried.
He looked at me quietly for a mo-
menct. Then came this interesting
reply with the emphasis a; indi-
"I dislike making any mniore pre-
diction.. I led a lot of my friends
wrong on that fight. I don't want
to) do it again. I can't help but be-
lieve though, if Demp.,ey is in even
the condition lie was in training at
Atlantic City, he can whip any
man alive.
Remember all this is from the
man who fought Tunney to a draw
-s.omec papers give him the de-
cision-in eight rounds in 1922 at
Philadelphia. lie was only 19 years
old then. lie i-s 21 now and has
beaten Mike MeTigue and Jack Dc-
lanky, among others. He iL the out-
s.tanding c'ntcndcrs fur the light-
lica'vy eight championship. I
"LDemip-py," say's thi., debriiair
young fellow sho %ear, con..erva-1
tive brown golf suitl. "I've ale a.i
contended and still comitenid, i.s the
grealc:.t fightIr that e~er lived.
"I don't know what '.'asz the rnat-
tcr with Denmp.,ey at Philadelphia.
Then he grinned and turned a%%-
in. a- a parting .-hot.
"G-1- Im' ,.traighit. I'm nioL pre-
dicLting no". IDeep djsvn in inly
heart I think, and ['m telling you,
Jack Deinip-cyv tan %hip an, niail
alive-and that include's (GeinC Tin-

Richard Dix Takes
Role of A Boxer in
His "Knockout Reilly"'

Richard Dix, he of the winnin'-z
-mile, may be -cen in hi-. latesc
vchiIcle, "Knuckout Reilly" whiciie
lie come., to the Grand Theatre 0i
Friday. Though the title -uggc.-i,
the story of a prize' fighlitcr andl hi..
habit,-, thlie pugilis-tic atmo.plh ire
merely 'elves as a background.
True, lii-hardl portray., the role (.f
a boxer, andt true as such lie box-
c-., but in the fight upon aliich
hinges the heavyweight title, Rich-
ardI win, not because of his physi-
cal piowc.-., but because ocf a grimn
deteimnination, because of .iomn-
thing which had occurred in hiisL
arlihr career,, something which h
niaJde Iini, not the stronger phy.i-
cally, but the greater mniorally.
And then again, in back of thi,
.',miething there was a someon,.
A .-uomeonc who had been tru,:- blue-
to him, hald tuck to him during
tso hard year at prison, a sonie-
one v.hlio had always loved him, a
omenione who hadl whispered onie-
tliing in hi i-ear, and that .-omeone
wa.- Mary Brian. No'.w if that
someone you knewv., were Mary
Brian, wouldn't wou fight? AAk
Pikhard, he'll tell you.

College Dean: Do you know who I
I am?
Student Motorist: No, .ir, but if
you can remember your addre:-:s I
T'lT take yoiu hoie"-Answepis.

Southern League
W. L. Pet.
Birmingham ........ 26 ..;5
New Orleans .... .... 1;1 31 .558
Atlanta ...... .... .....1 35 .527
M obile .... .... ........ 37 3J7 .50(
Memnphis .. .3 .. ...... ;i .48i
Little Ruck ......... 30 15 .100
Chattanougi .... .... 2A 52 .351"

Yesterday's Games

American League
Philadelphia 8: Washliingtoin .
3Bo-.tbn 2; New York 8.
St. Louis 3; Detroit '.0.
Cleveland 0-8O; Chiiagto, -5-.

National league
Pit t..burgh 9 ;; t. i.nui- I .
Brooklyv 1; I'liiladnllhiti ..
C('hirag. .2; Cincin'l.ti I. i i( iii-
Nr'% York- lBU.iuii. \v. ; 'l,"

I-lorida Slate League
.aii',ril 7;' Mliaiwi 3.
.Sara-lia 1; Sl. I'.'toir:biirg J.
Tautim, L;; OrlniiJi 6.

Ameriean .\'%, %ociali'ni
I-.41 isglille 7: C1,11hn11,1u- ".
Kan-a:. (-'iv 3; M neilap.,.l 7.
St. PL;,ul 1.1; M alw aula ge 7.
Tolcd.. 17; Indi;n lap.,li- ,;.

Southern L.cague
L\t Mobil, ( 0; M,'mplhi-k 1.
Birniiighain I:,.t-i 7.
Little Rock 3; Nt>. Ork-ai '.

Inlernaliunal League
Jersey City 8-2; l: ei- ng r.-;_-.
(First gamn. 11 innings--'''id '7
inniiings hy :la(recinleit I
Nwark 8; italimjr,' I.
Syracue 1: Bul'ffalu 1.
Rochlc-.tcr 1; Tirunti' ::

Tomorrow's games

Florida State Leavie
St. Pete at Sara-otU.
Miami at Orlando.
Other gain, not schdull.

A merican League
Chicago at St. L,.,uik.
Detroit nt Cleveland.
Philadelphia at Wathliington.
Bost'n at N,_w York.

National League
Brooklyn at Philade]lphlhi.
New York at Be-ton.
Cincinnati at Pitthurgh.
Other ganme not .-lheduled.
International League
Roche--ter at Toronto. td(ilt'l.
Syracuse at Buffalo.
Jersey City at Reatdinig.
Other game nut ichedulcd.
Southern League
Birmiinghamn atI Atlanta.
Little Rock at Chattaniioua.
McAnphi; at N ih'.']llc.
New Orleans at Mubiltl

Si Sites Grocery Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Co.
%W. D. Ryals' Grocery The Fruitlands Co. Florida Chief Publishing Co. ^
I D. M. Delk and Son, Grocery Lake Silv'er Terrace, Real Es- Haven Floral Company .
City Market
*: Florence Grocery tae John H. Steinert, Jeweler
.- Bourn, The Grocer LW en D. Gerke, Real Estate
.' Roel's Quality Market De Witt E. Taylor, Real Estate The Van Fleet Spraying Co.
- o 4, 9 . . . 4 . , . . @,o




The Most Fooled Man
939 Is The Man Who

Fools Himself!


I -- particularly when it comes to paying his
) Ibills. Bad credit is like backyard gossip- it .3.
travels fast-and it is magnified as it goes along. *
94 Therefore the man who fools himself by not pay-

ing his bills promptly when due-is hurting
|himself far more than he can hurt his creditors. .9.

H | |They lose only money. He loses their good op- .
I ,, |inion and eventually his own self-respect. I

' ,^ IB IMost people appreciate this and therefore--- $_
tf -pay up and keep their credit good.. I

Winter Haven




Siclair ardare FLirni- K. Colman Grocery Snell National Bank
V~ tirc Co. oFirst State Bankl
13 alfour BrIothers, Akn io Drug Store American National Baiik
99X l. IV. Hardware Co. 99
'i N. IV. Hart Furniture Co. Inc. 11c .11 G lln Store McNillul) & llamiltonf
SWVinter Haveen-Mather Furni- Duaborn Paint Shop Don tRegister
lure Co. %Walker & King
? tU~Co. Eel'anl-s ien Shop. JoIIt & Taylor
'v I

00 Frederick & knder-1on nuierlin & Wi niberly
3 Hoine Builders Supply Co. &

SeN'i1 MEMBE-RS-O WiNter Haven MercantileC Co.,AT
7 0,1 inl H h are DruVGhocl Diamonell Battery Service
S Wilfoter Haven Pla' ning ill. A. D tr r
S Villa Lumber & Supply Co. ryrv Dna Goods int i n Motor :Co.
\ValkSeric Stationg

.^ Lake Alfred Supply & Mfg. Sllively-Giddillg. CoI1SLIuctiOlI Daniels Service Station
Lur Co. Co. Johnston Tire Seri'k .-
K tl rvinae Heok Stuccol Co. Morrison Tire Service X

:: LUnited Concrete Products Co. Mile F'. orm Ins. Jis Sevc tain
A~ul~ C -PIa.i-atT^ hitsAt Spl oy
SeylnourCraig C. WinL e L Havin CoerIlcanieCo,"

I Ioliaw Electric Co. L. F.rJaiiyrtt, Glos. Citers Ato Suotlr ho.e
u) lyIrSeietaJ. T. Stalling, Ins.
La eJ. A. SlIann Plyufbing Co. ilaskins and Bailey, Inn. Tinaley Service Station ::
.9 Winter Haven Plu.osbinTg Co. J. Hanle', Inter Haven Storae (marage 4
Joe Bassing Plumbing Co. A. S. Tharpe, Ins Dr. Esther Inat

:$ Eureka Plumbing Co. Dr. R .r Gilbert :
SHaven-VillaC.l, ContrInct ..
Inixie Ui-oh tsrv Cou A. B. Coke u leal Estate
Ih, Runkles Groeriy JCo.. JHanley Real Estate W
.A. Citizen I Supply Co. Haskins & Bailey Real Estate Seeyv Feed Store **


K_ 1,7

Tg e aoe r of u tia t hey req t
eltd4o mte there murders osartra of their pl an' three

Oich Sacco and Vanzetti were Wahngton, J[une -

mitilvii e mte rs .F oints;o which conelfor the to b rgrwill not fybac to th ~Ui
a States and p in wh
er...... oew tri whie w r ed m reached Ha ii w be l
WLIM O TH AR Rihard Dix p 'Mn by the Mas~sachuet suprw ther frj ine-and flying la
. . t A o P a r k .. .. -u w a r d e p a r tm e n t d e c id e d y e t e r dye
GRN HATR -"Lreof te NighClb witil Viola Dn.The murder of~a paymaster and
hi FRJJ)A dI in South Brintree, of Assista-ntSertyDaion

Mr.~~~~ ~ ~ ~ and Mrs. A. Ha Leoar FRDYarefnry v
ExhneClblnh eo etn at Rosar Grillati:3 pw. m hc ac n aztiwr

1 t heirPas
...... Tamp viitr yetrdy the anone et sa
WILLAMSO THAR iertSui"wt lao Bad ovce curdo pi 5
I hat Teylf wra feutd u by ter it o reg
Mr. .... M s .. ... T. than1 wrri afr t

GRANDVtean THETR r-i ; r Returnr Engagemen of~nC~i ....u.pil"wJly1)1 utwr o snec
Tm stuetd .ay mu need in the A eoi
Paxi.,or enl aryWobes--

of tehem lon drawn ou eocednh
Mr.- a ms Wil find SATURDAY a-a

ainmatio appeals for a neraw tia.S
Alice an Mxc.laen StnVrd r s.aiaeto Napier th)acliM~eo.dnr ciiiswl easpi

wdt... also a rlaughter of M at no THEATRE;- At eReestover,
A, Z, CFp fxtomlitarn trens po rtan n on in
r Doster, l y te only teri wfor Whita Eehn Sl by S found tt he D arcfed h ld a hr
Naespitelen. wher they wil ero 10g a. M.lia toa 83 oftlMi..rm rn ,etee

. wa future h dee. to X a ..... w t ... .. lt to

ter wil tvisit t i -' s peoind b i___.. wo ""'en s... kvas gran tem re

"ga ,o wih e r$ ? ,eveafftrdedror' aoontt hb can e*J.. . on th peaIa n r f G ~ ...... R "DU; SP
for thme artime.rle ~esu i

':".,, e,.,'j.";,,, h am s|s d: fo at6 rto r ch I e".Id adee.brn anard : il.... re : ,o"fa
'M.< e k t m w tile o y. chil an are Ior ahi.... aorri m prouedure a- f.
a. n W o a o th a o m a for e R.h admise eL ye r, fo te..e of tile .... Saxth toSflytt... .a ."
Sthetional ca leaamber f ine the submtted to Entrtns Mothers
oode end. Chreagin Mr.e Lin olow ho-.ingricreteinclduding Tl Streandardsmef.rdt
illbo r- etonI ui m nseo fe aps endr aesnip inforrai y thea r th9g Hopn

Crsocb tm r hor ... bc t n T r o t ee. c w etoapprovtil! ta tt
a Hv en t c i w and anterided a theon s ereorc coenot Up et gt. e. -ry othe fo of on e)
ah hoptal Ha'eug at1'teor-aa rme7
heidm having pef her som wamt oand Sive Avnu wat theo nati +d r Tusaymrnn wrcek comes loft methan t omei plae i-IT F I
eon ofteda theroo ohe thpe Veerns ove yetra net the rffirswultst

rdl' ....... ... C a o ti e fm on s acoro. r fo n plate er gre.tig.rhan h they....
LEAVoS re-tRtr e Ov -I area E .te. mso:anr..... Church, gave ...... party;, for- four ol te w e u tfd, h tralie h as eoe
byeimohr an girl dmtil m s underwe igharg 'om the Iipth of th payent etc.boze xtee
..Mr, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ an Mrs 01l oer acem Eahmmbr fth ls er,,wa icvee. Te eetssaan ere enNthn ey nmtonlwitradatrideyl apbead m auatto
paie y is are Dkea asi h he on rr someone r fouh d in rgestnumber weeo it he a they're outgod rins Au dan uo osrgt OnI they appard as hy t ei,
rrDrtyKie ev oa ymohr n h a iesontet,, upos o he tonsils andapa ti adeois whseig ac o rknen' ovral an 1e nl
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sogwn edns evt Fen e the g re4
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otft Mothehers.o
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The following program was pre- Anrntd insto Norh. of eiC. Here Aote Sites "Iof elzd h ra fa NIESOKO
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rkuWinter Wintn' Have Veteo Sons now. rei tier conty aree wer thee o Pa tC mon~-
bhey hn il, CeM ~ eA h ild aust artie setectiong a f witheir reteat As Sproeue ia WarVete apinfr mntslae. ae awy

Asheville N. C. sen cop e by Mrs De- many t s e a 'on ilrowhr nd i the Wontistiper ceav aen Chmue t f opindeol e"ion dt reesW i l ih
Tienne. ters. Commerce, rntinra asrie icu ngoes i o e, s hcowAng prie.;,et.ttldn,, hr wsn iefrdtie
UNDVRGOP OPRAlO Pi ran S elin, Miss Kathrne aTIhe wotes forgathehooks ioms ~Ievtio in tei awt fo -pr enitab, coprhesie it. a.-L's and ec nomaintefrte oenrC ID E
Unde-rwood an tests are toi e ed rm rae turned om cheuld anes Iins thu allwdn availtio toef of Haai andUL1? th oqo
MrsJ. D Nage, r., ho las Radig, M:,;Besse. altWn. Coss oom tomrrowmsren-amp ste, ilevided within of hetileamyhounds nayofntreai,-
Tecosin nos bera "Motrhter" ntw il be noi ind tolfo nsJo a o w ante rerat, -if s po
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aladvnrtantiy earlyte in. tile Week in- a hdehu ciaea uterinentsowaipsoronedyes tlan- tal tede peroetoitngs foa whrc the.
a-sn to wor ofeie heeseacmaidb r.M .Lm ts, kid itoWsnthere Havnd workd at and nearest toe reach; ff trnser hed mate thog Augu 'tgh 10orero
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can bysi litl Af B 1 I t t is prpoe d s o prova- i d o. Su- it- e aia ot' ept'I ~ a f u p os s el
girls thelp aei haose in uhrg gaofi ( theaelhAlo tin ihol rec meonrt cule o hur (Yp4 er e ca i
rubiler rBR E H L EAV Miss- s,'lCar ikatiktescolcilrnta teRud abelnsnntetopclpr., fo efr uus iteth 9',frse y'btiganre refV V
F, TODA Froom of~ Lhs it p at l h eoer tan annui efai tile la n itds a tts a gwerll nuterI rl,e a fon thelaio ase. as Pal on t th etw youmps wietheoniantonu orpain wihBldg.~
MUSIC ~s04UV)- he cates to awere under thedi Rand lhast eeno'cild with etwo tabes forSngnsac eWpar ivet en eine rin Fore the asa rosbeasonh th hov siinl'faer-wpprmni
r Iu~ e o af Msor ofy Machive Wint~er Hae schoN wo bsntfzrles dpendentsy, asci al., for
4 inr thai bes r-s who served in- thatr war t buidin ofrtin aa begi hote suitn. Still hu gy although
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selves ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I isbl tobale es vhe a-I bt vdhe--~$1a aue~pit o
i4,es oda fo Cam lil they were. anyo forkfu FOR-p T'Nt S FcoarslI ofm threey inl h Engineerlo
tlie ~ > Yes r Scoo Capi .C ika tik ma-ny of whic owere vay stndadofm the s h ed teniss aft creda ornsoon thousns b nualy rierwlfviiostdeptondat
Where ~ ~ ~ -m shg asl wel assitn in,~ and oai ailSetn r-d cougrt la t ,eart~ e thesvs These Vetaerans hotweyen from
tru-e-sai shet- of prs- fah-e $5t $50ain eachfctry month- innovrn
torofmuic(lrig hes~ni Wric hlothe Bc ean were Ba-ted in a ton a old it 'a t y hea it p omis th m50 penrsion heck whd iveh i ust Menr; Sporc t& $5nser etc. -tc.
camp season. and ~~the fis oesHrbaugI Bpabbd, tcheo sane order to zaa a rcahgetrsatei the 'Uion.r of e th toasan -Thv h oo ob fayv u
Miss ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h Abewneth heaue bad an the Earyelenien Waltm-an, andnmesetrs mon thi, Vterni ns se appo- .Jcr icopsila o h ucs f
gtuest~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (lrn aprorit andt week, sha-d" nowod a-rBvste cuto phyeeisicio- dan d p a dequaii othebasenk Ine ar il li prjtt
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"WHITE ~ ~ ~ ~ gme w iIe play HATSAE sn Robon Pakr Minr Niv' meicld prfession the hormptt al fromtile vncerye fir tiyea goeis ),I Sac n V net
~ace'ved.a- of a- a o Wimledon ala say tha it's evice nt s horn of i I percenatiepaLat~t~it h
eises, Carkason, Randall, Wan- an th -omn of anzthe omn ~is n Th quc"'epn t am ahrsritIas1 tI k I U
Th l~desofSt Puls pico efr"ad, 'Hoall tnd Miss Kc ather",e toe folwtemakalad Otekatn ol aff ,orde d, t vile ~lwn ithes Ge- ta Month' Respit1
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Satrda, bg lig a 10o'cockas avo,,;for ed a atractiv bonra-tuat thle or ty mp igoft theatl able ela omY and whr ha pf

ing. ~ ~ ~ ~ ni u- p ilswr evd--Cnnb Muth acompaishmaert. Thipso vih e eran tatbnea City, low irji oatVnetwoecnitonfrW ieKdFotSrpSadl ihmltr el
They willsell parties of apar- Dr. W T. Simpsn's name ais #abot10 acres shudb oae ire a a coso eea hieKdOe rn adl ihmltr rhg o
el o ew m n n cideC ia e sSt g diavratyo ite nte a-i eatflciaeadsf 1cnietw spstoe et -htRi usrp, li, ihmltr'h(s
all~~~ doae by mebr-fte on etray i a h frtcetytrpclfrwntrcrfi Im fo h ek-fJl 0t W ieCl li oeSotOxod, lc o-tn-in
and ners to --a 111 Wae Snk On Stap -te neetm tral iiayo
1,n1Qhr1- fnnlK At Rr piip -im -v oftedcosteeadwre hfo h as _g 0 oenr Avo drs hel

".,"'."*f f ". .3 '- *

*-.-.-- ~---.--.'.- A -.

WIN ......,

t-Cbhjpf Chtpifjed AJsertiD
)eeplies to A vertisements addressed i care of The CHIEF will be hel-d it this of-
*orone week 6ty. '
C~l~i~p 4 ; Hqst So Poid In Advance
"":S Pg yo9rAdvtrtiseiieuts in, COUNT the NUMBER OF WORDS, Mulqtiply
tfi~eiber of TNSERTLONS you wis' the 4d run and remit in Coin or Stamps.
jDrnauip cbhtre of 25c is made on each Advertiqement. We cannot take or
SAeri'tiseieantu over the telephone. Please do not ask us to do so.

No Classifieds Charged


,Ton Ch.sis $300.001
;r Zaven Chevrolet tco.,
,e n .
6 .Tuan. Truwk, practi-
$..7...................... $ 7 00
ir Sc nriy Chev'rol-t

Vitt Ton Truck
^,b ........... ........ 0ti
i eononmy Chevrolet C.-j
t *TOo Truck; $400.00
ftnmond Jone., Lak.-

We Ton Truck, Heru-
.'Dump Body .. $100.00
Lsaoael! Chevrolet, Ar-

%ar-gains in passenger

:ATE any of the above
i4. Ivey., Haven Hotel,
f'l 253-3t

A 1 from 11 a. mi. It
M l sell one pint -htrr-
','h each pint of Van-
at 256c. Both for 30c.
fitp, Carijen Ana-.le
;->. 253-2t
l...a'babysva cir; I ctreain


FOR SALE- Cheap. Six -onm
house in Villa Heights $50P cash
balance on *? x- terms. Write Box
1S553 Care Chief Office. 24i7-6t-od


FOR RENT-Upper duplex, fur-
nisheil, 5 rooms, bath, two ceren-.1
pornhes, sleeping porch, garage
-pace, use of laundry. GIii prike
to year tenant. Alr'. Clark, 117
Oak St., West. 253-3t
FOR RENT- Permanent renter
wane'.d for cottage. Four ilooris
and bath, furnished and lake view
and lake breeze. Cheap ient to
right party. See M. M. Lee. Chief
office. i f


LOST IN TOWN-Publix Th'zti"-
Chec-k Book No. 11500-C; of n.-)
value to anyone other than owner;
kindly 1eave at Chief uoft'i(e. 254-5t

Cruisers May Prove

SFactor In Smoothihg

Naval Arms Problem

k "Ceppp for qui.-k (Continued from Page One)
4 E. -Lake ave, Win- -
25,-2 r 'ru-ersl. a-, best suited to Amer-
Sa______________ a nati',munal requirement, wil iot
Fresh home-nad- tie their hands by any cormmit-
l b. Mrs. W. 1. ment, even if it would only ma-
Rgram St., corner terilize two decades ha-nce.
263-1 (:ibhon Denies Argument
----: Hugh S. Gibson, head of the
Rood uiiecdl electric. ,
uael electric American delegation yesterday re-
es .: Price very rea- s
West qvkrd St, pudianed a statement published b:,
0 253-it a Gene-ya newspaper -that in his
recent conver'atinn w;th Viscount
;OiED.J'TfOplIS Ishii, of Japanhe- wielded "the big
#X' O.................$200 stick" after the manner of Rooze-
cmle-lA ........... $100elt, and that the interview -was
M-file .. S... .. i'-r Jent onr -.. .
C l o6 e ... ..... "p"
fight ...... ......$45i y operation with V'iscount
msole ....... $5.50 Ishii said Mr. Gibson, "wete imark-
i ........ ....... $75 ed by simple friendliness. Nothing.
r dIi,- .... ........$150 occurred which could be construed

son Records 30c

Ocfor 25c.
*Wg liAnts at half price.
b)fl MUSIC CO.
, Jeade, Third Street
) 1R. Red pullpt'
-ths old all laying 6i
MO!T4-lets 3 months old
*W.. Prank Fuller, Win-
~A~.g#i4 ale Highway:

as a threat or a mnanifestation of
bqd temper. Viscount Ishii's atti-
tude was marked by habitual dis-
tinguished courtesy, nnd I hiape you
will give me credit ffor nc:t res-
orting to such bungle methods as
The interview in question was
that in which the head a-f the Jap-
ane.-e delegation referred to the
possibility of Japan siding with the
British in discussion the question
of capital ships.

SHer Way Tq Fame

.. .'4 .


A 1
ad -

~-:w -

~~49s~; --

a-a-- ---a Ia, --


if ..:*

:iar old Hiulda Fornell'couldn't say "Merry Christ,,as' in En-
l."ia aritived in America from Sweden on Christmas eve four
It'kit "w she is the schoolgirl sapelKg champion of the stale
p,,i. This charming picture of her was laken in Washington,
1^^ .^*


MISS Marian MeCutchron will
teach a cla.-As of beginne-rs in ex-
pie.--ion for half pi ice during the
summerr month'. Phone 291. Green.

If -ontemplating change or need to
be permanently located we havw
}hu-ts and apartment- furnished
or unfu!nihi;hud. Close iq or in the
suburbs ind at attractive hates.
Thr COPELAND Model "215" a'.
the lo'we-t priced dependable Elec-
tric Refrigerator on the markqzt.
23 models and -.izes. 14 sizes to
fit owners urefe-nt ice boxes. W,
will I') elaI I to ',e))d you bqoklet
and ftulthrr detail tar 'you cac see
tlh.-m at the
Nuw Pustal Bldg., Third St.

Herman Dann Will

Meet Gpvernor as An

'Ordinary' Citizen

Jacas,,nville, Junce 30. --(Special
I-In a letter to M. MI. Lee, edit-
-.r If the \W;nlei Havten Daily
Clhic-f, Pie.-idhnit Ilei:man .1. Dann
of the Flnrida State Chamber of
Commerce, detaill, hi.s position with
reference 'to the proposed debate
with Guverrinr John \V. Martin. Mr.
Dann's letter to the Winti lha-
ven editor is as flclliws:

"My dkar Mr. L,.
YoU have, in ain editoirial which
appeared in the Winter Ilaven
Daily Chief on Mo-nday, June 27th,
exactly interpreted my attitude, rn
this editorial you say:
Nowthat GpC'rnnr JArtjn hpa
challenged H-erman A. Dann to a
public debate on the Drainage
question and the sale of the Drain-
age bond-s we hope to the lat-
ter accept the challenge as an in-
dividual but rot as president of
the State Chamber of Commerce.
His contention that the business
men of Florida, as a cla.-s, should
not be for!cd to wear muzles; that
popular government is the imost
successful %hen the public is in-
formed c,-ncerning the various ec-
onomic problems that face it, is
correct and h.-s elucidations in the
important Drainage matter would
undoubtedly be beneficial to the
State of Florida. While the Cham-
ber of Commerce should be divorce


wM W ,q HAWi- 'P.AR Cfl

from politics his position as Eresi- 'yI' for th- for-closur- of a r'n-
". g g a g.- ,rr on t hat rtc in land ait ,iat. l i l
dent should in nn nay aI)amper himn in IhI- ,ourt.v cf p-ol. and Srat-" ci'l Ou OUl. {
from expressine- hi6 individual IlFr-d a.,.'e'rbd a. '.-' l rBlock D nf
ideas, a.; nne if the leadicu busip- i i.,.ari n(i, nn.l raik. ,-a'crdirnc
I 10 pOla iLh.-iPoi dulli r-,-..rdi;d i n ^ F l B
ess men of the state, th- pull. *...,i l-- i1f Polic i'acnt\
l,' Ir l'Ir i 1'i nit B ., pati .
have tried to makL it very iv iii rI- Crn r.-..cI .,' C',. l ard*'R"
plain that I am vnicing only my ..nI i a' ,Id t[lo, t L' cid Io lc, -
11-la.1 5rI a11,I h1 t, ,",,InI. no hr. Nrlh- 4 l l-
personal views. I have also $ried -,di-rI aiI.. r' -id d La-Is FIt. HOH
.n1; w O 1h.- 'outhv.', L-r.'.rI,':.f
to make it very plain that the il m h,,aiih. i.l 't-r w ,\nd u arv 0
he rh--) ,(I' il t-ci F tebounder ..-, 0
State Chaniber ofl Conmmerce-nei- In' o a fln f.,l' . ti, .1nd. a.. "RL
other its members nor its directors Ii 'idf h-' Ln.k-' Hoe-arc ant .--n Rt
lhi 1 N l' ihrio c I .r -1,'1- ,1 h. cil i c-
- has taken any position regarding N'nrih.-rit. NY t.,t na ilir" i, t <'.f l \\.
our Everglades problem. Member. 'sa La it .Lorc .%e r,,Il, I., I,.It-k, ..
Ho~xdrd'. bl- ll.I,-tT, :ul~, l h -'
of the State Chamber speaking for ,'-:. nlont, ..nkr- ',Inwnird i ul.'- A
themselves, as 1 have spoken for '-i.. wini.r H-l:atn rjailfv chr. r t"
myself. have welcomed public dis. a; nnPBp. r ,. i.-,--i'ral .- i..uJa,.n
nI- ii h.d I11[n h't ('iv nf \\'ini-r iHR.
cussion and the general public has ',n .11. rc unty F'loi-a. i.- hi.- n rp-r-
ty d- m-ln.,l'a 114 LII nr-u. ,rap,.- ,n
become increasingly insistent upon wnjth ihis --rl, i r.i rhltl-,lainn .iil '"
ascpertaining the facts. I am glad In.-l,uuli-h,,r- a ,.it' k in f,.rwt/
-x-k-r], .A iq,]...; Af' -q .'],
that you agree with inie that nivy n- sr. -r a r ,i4,'. 14., tar, i i hi. i-.-.
SI- r..,, i lIJ r- -.*i 1 h 'I- i Cd Cil
position ans President of the Flor- rint 01 A igurt.A. P. .'7 i
I.. i li { -ii ant- nr to. h -it] ul arid lori
ida State Chamber .f ComImerceI i i a,,"ld i-wt ,E Hura i'n-. I',k -Ik l 'l' "--
dues not nece-_.arily condernn me ..l.I- ni.-- .. i i-hi h "''ah d LI '
to eternal silence concerning all rQt.l.'i f, .-1.
matters of public interest.. t iel. .LEh "C-,n.I. ',11, [,j
". uI i i lto ,ar -iris1 11
It has beten r iitEnti,-c to em- M '. u,, r ,.-m,,rr /.
phasize pe-rsons or personalities. I I r l,I| i mn-p. f a 'nnir'lninoci.
. . .. .. . I i:,." -;-1 / ..

do not believe in tne beneit s ri.--
ing out. of an informed public np-
inion and I welcome the comrmenits
and ulggestions3, not only of editors
bit of all other business men Fin-
cerely concerned in the develop-
ment problem.; uf their late. I do
not believe that any man for any
reason what-oever -hould be ham-
perej or hindered in his right to
seek information at the hands of
tho-e entrusted with the publics
Your'- incerely,
Herman A. Dann.

WViy all the heavy thought.
I'm trying to make up my mnin I
whether to be popular tonitg;ht .."
act like a lady.-Life.
Suites 207 to 210 Beymer Buildin;.
Practice In All Courta.

R. i. Hwitaker
At&ml BI4iE. IBrtW. 14.I.
JI..Qtilal AtteHtion Otivea to *a-
xnlatilou of Abatracts

a. unummerlin
a. L. Corner rd Floor.
Beymer Building.
VWrnxm MO.*.tP- flterl
,.s.I 4-fkV.4tf. r~, 'lwilk -_
Wlatqr avan Blldlnj and Joap
e an doing business under the
laws of the State of Plorida,
Margerafet G. Hayman, and W. P.
KaYman, her husband; Winter
Haven Planlnf Mills, a Florida
orpqratio>; Lai A. Sptrber and
: Sipsrber; Ier husband.
3111 to lorocclose Mortgage
Slatil of 1l I-cidi
I't-. Anna k. Sr- c,'1-i in-l H. .pc h-
'I her liL'aabind 141 'la.,r', Ii. ',
V in, lhr,"-, Ma,..
You. il ," ..aid Anna A. N Sp.-i'ht, an.
3,'; II Shpe-lb ra-r hulLan-ii l lit**
hl-r,'. ard-r- -,to aiad I _pllrira -l lr. ir-
p-ar in Ilh r'i-itrT at ih- t ',)uii Hr.n p
ir M-arln't. Pnlk C'our:.. ln-'.ii'l. a n
I", t.r-f'.re the iii'- dc '. if AlIu I.
.A. D I '-:. in th Fihll[ o l'a I 'n pliii11
flh U h,-irin agairs-, tr'.i -.Ti '. -i-
a drlcr- piro t. nl i-s,.- ill ii -n iil
aif ti t pl't-red gh ini-l I'itl.
And .via. Ii alo'. i-iil d
Anna A. Sporber and you .S.itif -
le h-i hu.,and r,' li-r.'i\ -a' r-n
n1 lt( .& that l i : i l l.aI ira, ni l I
I ih .orrip flanin t aliu flhu l il a au-in-il

LelJ. itl, do, M *1 a Jamtes
j r-O wa,' IfNtor qf the iat
14 Teotqaf t -of Qeorgi K.
029,.v~ceaae, Complainants,
victor &., Sh.t.zocbk a&d Modelle
Rotinroq&, humS 4 l !*ift t ai
31L. q.Iclliger, lefeaftauts.
MO 7'0A9C fO Nt)Lzoat5B
Notl" of" Sleca "amter'a Sale
Notice ts h,-r,-by gv',n chit ii-
unicrtrlgnid A Sui um-,rlac. a, .tip-.
Li31 Niast-.r in i'liani:er'. ]pur'uanir t'-
the fin-'l dff.r-.- of d"ar--.-Ia, c'. datla a
i- 24lh lal of' NIfav. A. D. 1427
and rIndi red by thef Hon-iable 14. ''
l' tLim- ay. Jud'e of ha-I 'l'-" cii ,'r.uic
in 0d forPr Polk 'nunty. Firirdac im
ill' ulit.- V r '.li l actl,. il -n 11the.'
Icc1a.1 [lidt' ira JiulI A. D 192:
I1.-. llnine P--ing ri.- llii day o*f -a-d
ninth uand n Iacgal sal-- 'itB be-w.-i
I 1,- lha t ii l' U 1 r l,-n ,-'t'i- It A. M.
and t a, I,'h-k I .n i c [fc r c rnd n '-
pa fr- t'"cr sri l. .n-i --]1 at puh! caiul -
a r., o I h- Ih ipgh---t a-rd I ,1sr ,idd-i
f-,l la I a t t hI1." Soil lh f 'ntri ili, r
"r o h." Ci'r,'illhou.- u at I.l ,'r.w. Paillc
'.a)Ini. rai l i, a.,llb, iraig dp-
-a nrh ial r t- ma,. a. I'--uc '
l.-,r Nhnrlc ,r Nrm- I) in 11nl. k
"I! \,,.-an Srl hdi .a',,ri ,n I IIe
i' i;, *,I' All.lllalr lilA I'llk li', ll v
I'lnridi. a; r', i')rd d- in h'" a'lI-, k'-
nol' .- al R2rtia., Floir dj
Waln-i. nay ,a-,d &- S-'p .i-nl Mlo-
ipr i I -'ina -ryv. hli-a 21ail, dai uf
MIla, A 1) 1 74 .
A. Sl.I MAM I II";
Spe ial Maste-r in f'IIhancp.ry.
WAI.tEF:F- S l.INi;
-i-cl] ai..r'- faur r',,rriplain'anl.
aaclin a- ti .-
,u Court of Comty ;udjg. of Polk
* County, Florlda
Ia7 re Estate of Middleton G. Bain.
T taill ,0 1 1 il or- l.Pf'ri e ii[.i allla-
airPi-i .ill, il l i'rnar nsa lisl ing (lajiic.-
,.i I"nr nrl aiifun.-t 1.iad I:, tile
aaiaai ij i I i o t ;' *-ra tarU IIr eLh
n-',ti al-il dil- r. .ii.l] r .- h r, 'a'- il a l.,
"1I 011i" uh'r l-I an- j-ra- liiL't t"- 'Ir
ant ..l" - .r a. m i % hut g ag ln.In t Ih-
PVita l .\M tIalil .rion i-'. iniran dera...-
rd. l'tl n [ 'olk Poaanlv. i-'lridri. tn
il '--nuilt Jud'gF- a',f P-'ik rciunt.%.
J-'liC-rdJ aUL ic.- ll'il ir [Ic ,-ii r-
hi,"la t l liar cf-. lI.')rida. w IIc ilin
Iwet'l reratlhI frnMn ,]l'a nf rir-I
ruhlI Icblin hir,'rrf '.%IhI h a- .lun-
:,a%,n, A,. Ii cc"?

lO 11I %r2 .1 M 17. Ill
1ol- I hpi eb.t gii i C iKati
] 'a-'tirlrl \'inIrI" I-lav in Fl .
.Ilunr ) fi'-.culs.-t-I'l-l-6.-Au n.-t
S. 1ea lq.o O'26*
NOTPol !of Serial No. 023071
Bep&rtment o1. the rlteror "Untaed
States &ap4 Qelic .
(L aines. ale'. "'lbTii .ifavw ji. 19?7.
Notcic- I hcreb, ic,/lvc that iKatrl
It. Nortn. l ..aaigs'ne ot V'Inir IJ.
S'yliuhi cf a,'l- rnrh- VaiIa ',ountv
ofr Polk. Saiel of -lorira has l'l,"l
in thtr a'Iflr-' hr-i applh-ci alion 1.o en-
Li r ,andale uh' prlt', i.-ion-s of S'-i,
- i'G and *"ai7, nf Lh .Itv.-,ised Sta-
itla" a -f lha" I'rited 'SiIalp. l ot h
See'. -'" TrP. :S S Rang'. 26 E. all1 Anv anal all ricc-on.- ; laiming
a4v-ri.-ly lh I l ndsi d.Acrtied. 04'
de-ing 10 to ohi., t li.- dL-a I f or th"
inili'-r-hil ch aina tli ol lipr i d., or lor
an? other ret -on in 'hir di.-poaal it
apTh'arait. .ahoutLI II I a lrIIar u'flf-
dcu'l r ,c ptile.-t in iha- office oRc
or h-f'fore the Itnh dia *f J IJuly
l a:;.
RH. gast icr
S I.. -LOl.I.ANri', urriw, rIa.
Ai %I o App
J.In6 4 iu-14i ilty.


1U' 1 ,I '-.,* -

,*t -" .,':

'-;"" , I ,' '* '?'"r F t r _

RrG u pATorr CUZ. \NE'\JE. /HAD A U TLE.-" -SJ-.

By Ahem

,^^s oW MY PqS-1tRY t BEWARE oTl:i' rk -1vAt& W1-Ai-
A,\P C6LLABC!A! 'vOt4 M/E 0O. 11,ii A"-4 / AM' -TiE'REP.F
o --,.E OA'N, I AS,,K IOLA S'AGE'. '
.,COFFERS -f L.A36 -HA-A OFF, 4i _,f p R. Sp.-rP.

(O WoLSak r1 ipzlwfl r\ .rl i s^^
,[%EA AISh, F
A, -nrc

You'd Think So

By Small


3. -.
ra .t.. ..



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r" '. A. .
1 AW-rt? ;

U. S. Public Health ervice and tehreec g n imph d injection of ty- ..... sign arld .... "a.
Florida State Board of Health Ph d serumives protection foruklrd are thbest no
HEALTH ND SANIATION how that in 7 Southern state three years, those not already pro- lag traffic, It is the. strange in
W.. there are repored over 1 cases teted should take advantage. our midst who appeciates
ADANU and in Florida towns and cities this protective treatment. a nd road markers. The ci zens w o
there is sufficient number of ty Whether you plan to spend thete
PREVoNTING TYPHOID pending the summer month out of phfid cases to emphasize the need summer out of Po Couny o railihic ano hon tlcur av th
By W. Mf. Bevis M. D. the state. of greatest precaution during the main at home you should e boa liwick nid h an t rae tho an ds
Th e warning note a ni- A large number of person from coming- months. Since the fly and family phy, ician ando have him da ors ng t twiho anhe rsin:
esty o prventing typhoid, ~Montreal wvill visit the U.S. dur- unsanitary conditions that permit 'maka the fmily safe against ty-aditne omn tohs ttfo
ioty i s F im lenn for in its spriea thee shouldan t at breat buoo asdalesinnog anyd ta
so P. Fam Luke~nd lug summer caann ndmany fl-breeding are the greatestt fac- Iphoid' without d1ay. ,h is ietera akr i P
should be serioly 1 o nsid ere b r,, , hoel ad rereation hav, our first attention, especially .NO AN..R county that marks all the state and
every family. The Montreal out- camps, we a r do First Stew: I'm afraid mub wife county highways plainly i th
break this early in the year is vi- and among these m~ay be some car- tect'on of water and milk supplies is goin' to have her face~ lifted, county that shows enterprise an
tally i rant from tle stand- riers that unless unusual care is and constant laboratory ex hnina- Second Stew:h Aw, nonshensr, helps the newcomer and the tour- I
nt of public health, both on ac- taken, may bing this drefaed di- ti was of excret of persons eandi- t, don't worry. Who'd evcr isc as well as the local resident tl
count of continued 'travel to Plani- stease to homes in Florida. But ref- *ng' food, to find careers, ar want to steal a face like that'- who no not always know all the b
d ads many of out citizens rence to morbidity reports f the paramount imp ortanc. Since the Judge. turns in the new roadways.



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randite, whic is.. the 4 rne~ de Ol;tead: :
two cols and where all the stre oAir Tor Dof Nation # ,-d

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lcrl eeyamudrte su whos auspices the tour will be items will not last through the first day-don't be disappointed-Be there early.
t aMthe Wald m announced last night.
dliver adon ColonelLindbh wllfly thel~ OPEN FReAYemOMeLY AT 10e
...... ar taxi :rreh turn out Sprt of St. Louis', in wich he OPEN F D P AT 10 A. I
running til New Yorik to Pari Ill
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wherehe tmnthe t oLLA DAY i
Prsweea fao-rTer s dI

...... 18x3 DOLLAR DY 8 ....U u...... lee. E e Sl E: c

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ybir ~ ~ ~ idri toae, tow burk cight is athreW ME'SHA
ca ......... Taba ..... and.. anyone. who.. Size. 36x72 and come in veryo attr ctiv Cork tine Blac in": "" r ".......... :tion si

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the patented shoulder to holr azen stop- Many ait Shadw'
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well as pr.cti.." cold temperature 2. holt 1 hours. al i
-bodJust what you want for the Fourth 1.CI-IIL N ,l PA Y Sa
goe aHEM tN Qnn Sol BotaSoreyWTePARSOe,
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