The Florida metropolis

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The Florida metropolis
Metropolis Co. ( Jacksonville, Fla )
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
30.3322 x -81.6557

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pwm i Me ha of Se :, ".i nu ision aithin ao n very srt time.wo I mile loke, Oh iping thousa s fcen tons of ctrIsinrg e trouch wh
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M a n y o f t h e la k e s o f e as t e r n O r an g e L a k e M ill s L a st y e ar he r ai s ed 4 0 0 o f h ic koer y b o a t d orsre r i ng m ois th re T hl o a a t e c r u i ne ror st s
s 1 1n bo! es oftrorant a, 100a barrelsrf corn, Thee I s an a endan e o g e of lne b o eatlation.
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th4 l~ropqaad thrpnsik the wibarrels o f lettu n, 100 c ararsoels ry of ba pa-, Wluthi twoh our n lxtfe yarth dva- 'r auere, nona th l b fde
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tY perfect of crsgliand till opurity n the potatos BteS 1 own r00hade of to atoles, Lotseec ho e tw niocuythe tnfrimego and
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A0 e diffiur tto in as mo redern methods becrm ba E.~ p. K e of turnips, an0d1 Ofrit ory embacesb theoCuasds ofare Cofi onnn-ieralspigpit fa hr r
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th h lr s disti ctt titdfy to lthe beans an 6 tons Of gay ah w'
Mrs.tM.yEar Jacbs who hs lie d In at rsb n o yter can f ior th eprpoe ti~

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Mims Tunbul. Myton, enev an~s raied UO oxe of ranes,5 tos Paire Lad, hulotg

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New Tr
0 QD .13


HE' ROYAL PALM is a through solid st el.
-train. c

posed of Pullman drawing room.. sleeping cars comoal
ment observation car and free recli chai''
n t n r, c ars..
ning d1aily between -Chicagoand Jackonv" Vi
s iiie, Flon as. a,

Big Four..,

Queen Cresc'ent ute,.

Southern, Ral*lway
On the following sch4-dule In effect Sunday, November Zd, 1913t Stop-over privileges on tourist tickets at Chattanooga (Lookout Mountain), At-
lanta, Macon, and all other important cities en route.
D -ect connection in Union Station in Jacksonville for all points in Florida,
and Cuba, and at Chicago for points beyond.
Southbound Northbound variable route fares including the "Land of the Sky."
228 S. Clark St,, Chleugo. 54-50 West Adams Chlenjo.
.(a) 10:15 p.m. Lv. CHICAGO Ar. 7:25 a.m. Wabash 4200 RIandolph 7200
'Phones uto 'Phones
3:35'a.m. Lv. INDIANAPOLIS Ar. 11:59 p.m A matic 5,89-634 t
Au ornatle, 6-958
5:10 p.m. Lv. CHATTANOOGA Ar. 10:56 am' 54-56, W. Adams St., Chicag
Phones: Randolph 7200; Automatic 62-994
7:40 a.m. Ar. JACKSONVILLE W. Forsytb & Mogan Sts., Jacksonville, Fla.
Lv. 8:40 p.m. 1115bee Bul!iilng, Bay Street,
(a) Sleeping cars open to receive Passeng Ja0kxonville, Fla.
ers at 9:15 p. m.
625 Trust Co. of Georgia Building, AtIoutap Go.

far as furnishing funds, except a that feet or so; there are clay regions, loam ally covered the entire pitce, inclulng land, on wbich. fp_
FLORIDA STATE dollars spent of expense money gions, sandy-loam regions, hammock our ]ttle house. After pasturing my Florida
Is being used at the opening of the regions, swamp regions and sand re- -A. fliZ
dipping vats where some one has put gions. A person that buys land with. horse an them I wlir get nearly $10o gets better and"bi
LIVE STOCK ASSOCIATION them In. I recommend that this asso- 'out seeing It is open to every lose that worth of beans to sell and leave mere spent herbA
enougb I,, the Patch tofatten several
elation take the matter up and decide such a variety of land makes possible. spl
hether this association Is working It pigs. The vines will be worth, much Yours t
is po itively. reckless to purchuse 0
along lines that will accomplish the
SAYS, "IMPROVE THE COW w land wthsout seeng s,me. The perso more than a "cOw-Penning" to' the Florida.' R OBI
best results, or If it would be best that does so may expect to get any la
to change and try to get better re- thing from a sand hill to EL fish pond;
sults some other way. If this asao- and I am not -so sure but that he do-
-In dellyering his annual address be- made in farming, and demonstrated by elation Can suggest and formulate serves it.
'the Corn C'ub boys of Florida. plans that are better they, shou'd do
-i6,e the Florida State !Ave Stock Asso- s A clay subsoil witha sandy loam
"This State meeting should have 30. 1 recommend that the different surface, cannot be improved upon, as
"eiAmop,, tno president, Senator C. F. representative here by the thousands committees take up such matters as one acts upon the other, I Hammock
".13arbor, made the surprising statement to take In the good information that should come before them and at this land' Is' excellent and even T h e S an C a rlo
,j il e State In "'tha t Florida has more catt le to the ill be given out here, and carry the meeting report op them In time for this ts sandy solls'can be supplied with huniasz
square na e than any, oth r news back home to their neighbors association to act on their reports, r and compete with the two above menZ-
z', and friends, "In this twentieth century there has i toned MIAMI, FLORIDA
The total valuation of these cattle "There has been a great many 0I- been, and is being, so the Sorh6 of the False Impres- 'A'mistake most often rhade"by put-
is great, he says; but by a, little Im- The best furnished house in the city, a'nd:bb
garilzations formed In the t th t ent e P chasere ls'buyffig too much land. Flor-
I L' 7,,Ind'erful developin s mad in
;,"Pr.ovement they, cah be increased In me of IV,,
were, short lived and soon dispas e.rel. 1 'n jida land produces three to four cropsl tion of being the beist located hotel in Miami,~
app d improvements that have ever sions of the State.
a hundred-fold. It W 11 not be true with this one, It I a year, Whereas in other sections only
in I been made. When we look back over I Biscayne Bay; one block from Royal
P k g first of the organization of Is here to stay. 'The live stock In- I the past' one hundred years and one crop Is produced;. so one-third to alm: ai
;oHda Live Stock Assoclatton, dustry Is too big and gr' P, onewfourth. as much land is requir". and baseball park; one block from busine;ss disti
$ 'I I tion, and the vast amount of wealth to this time; when we stop and v ew Mrs. Georgo*. 1razxior hielleve the It, -Indolence caLnnot be tolei to ehurches, station, etc. It is known asnator B rber said: a eat a ques- the progress that has been mad 1, 1. 1 -ated. 'ne.of
!rhis organization was launched the cit- I the situation in our minds and we see truth about, V orlda. Im' all 11 a must'woik In Florida aswell which it, is sure to bring to ti, it -is most homelike hotels in, the%: South. H
tw lye months ago for a great -tfiis State will not let it die, in, qplpp(
irzens of surging multitudes advancing In' need d. and sli4
ancV, noble cause. to advance and Im- I 1!e I a.Ay;:other place.2
lip inrmnnt fnr awhile. but __- -_- --_ I __ A_,

to Jackosnville, Ha.


.o,: -.-.. -.-.a,... --- ---- ,----- . ,~

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"^ *S:-.. -. --- / V
7f"';:. -- *-__ -._
.. "--- "-' -,. ..
; : ':" ."': - -- -- -" -- - ,% -


A Little

A close in suburb to the great and rap:
will soon be the greatest Southern seaport I
of the greatest Southern railroad centers d
the Panama Canal is complete and in full..
entire commercial world, and her populat,
lying as she does right north of the city ofC|
of the deep water tributary of the areat

K, '~*
.....'. ~-.

the city postoffice; only 15 minutes drive|
service at a five cent fare makes Rivervie^
)ltr,home there is nothing in Florida to suj!

You may have your flower gardens, your vegetable gardens, and yourV
goes to make life worth living. .:

A perfect chain of titles. Copy of Abstracts with deeds. These investments a

She is positively high, rolling and dry. RIVERVIEW is situated nortl qf t
... 4 umitoes' drive from the city postoffice. The finest brick and macadam.street
,HAIlid in RIVERVIEW, which will ease prices to soon advance again... Over7
Smiore new ones on hand; some 8-story houses in the bunch. RIVERVIEwhraJ
school, board of trade, a $5,000 town hall, churches, a $50,000 hotel under coast
factry and blacksmith shop, bot a4 ladtich manufacturing plant, a saw and:.
a* r:Ik-one of the bsto. Ma palU parks in the entire South, with a bR
bt.i. ouues, a aY t Oaclu.. :"I q It beautiful water fronts in the South
A.' "o. :et co..t *..... hundreds of thousands of dollars h.
is ntot too Aate. They will bIn ww|
^*' ^e '" *&.;::;/*'?^t^ ^S^^^^ j

.... .*', ** "'' . . ;

... ...4:2

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'. .a,'
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*;' *^ /**, ". "'. "\ *' : ,. .^' '..
* * *' :* '**' '* : ; ..- "*; -i ; . .. ^,i; .. : ,




*. .;.:.


ON T, 0 A
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seabrd, h~c tody, i oN

Nnh enir Nqt n.w~
V. N O 1 0
nO deadteatninoNh,"
25 toNtosndsusNvr
N>- NA' /N~ON AN!kNNN0~ >NO O0 ~N 0 >N
111C4O Noae as sh -isNNNON>N onO the NbanNks
Nier and Nnl 5N~ 12~N,~ Ne from
vile, WNiO.o NanN wihafn mtr a

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tdo~arjor of th ivestor and bauilhoefr
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U14:andon te dep-atertriutar, t th St.Johs Rier;o!N
Akrough~~~~~~~~~ RIEVE.Sm fteltea tet r o en

41Z a-2,

s e ksHured a fl,ctoyq to,,eit next yea a -,who desire exp t9it uit Ili, tb*,,
df It Ds io6: = ,rue4ceXero
Intolli6kht, rotation, of'CFOP86 10 a
iakoll I nr,
W ON 1011 may addresa, t follovoed with
tInA d C e, There are tlacWau
or Z
cost 6fgKwihg9and 'a t, tm, formerly, S 166 rdig,
ile' the, e crops a: year, w Vail .',,'early`
Winter crop WaS all that was thought MANY .1ND(r(T 'M:rNTS The 139muer nty. and shippe45 North i
''tening pattle, bogs .rid sheep constant-: OU,'
and the retail prices of pos4ible. Marion county was set oft from a:rule, I they have .Al
t al'br grealter ad-
keep u n u The lack of a plan't to work up the Alachua in 1843. IXa., extent from.north returns for the cap
Vance, 9 the r he. only TO SOUTHERN SETTLERS to mouth is.thirty-eight miles, 97W froni Vested.
Fort Lauderdale crop4As i thing that prevents
east to West, fifty-f Stock 'ft
RT, TO has at hand." kn'Inexhaustible fish an Immense'acreage of sugarcane from our miles. lt con -
RPPP13 from the o an, the river &Ad being.1cultivated, and farmers through- I tains 1,043,840 acrcs of land, ombraced, Nibxt to farming,
the lake, and in'a ition considerable out the'distirict I;ok for rd to 'ore in forty-five townships. The no hern lteresta the hom"ee
'titt, rd 9 wa having No inland city In Florida to in In connection withthe buying, hand- boundary,.is 20 degrees, '4he greatest extent
quan are shipped to less fortu- this tack supplied in the, very near tu- y- of 15 minutes.
favorable' situated for a, great 'and ling and shippping these enormous Marion is appropriately termed t 'interested In the rni
of other Ststes. ture., constant
CL D, Dozens'of varieties of salt and fresh Allz the citrus and, -tropical fruits ly expanding "mmercial fu- harvests phasing through local chan- "Banner" county .-of Furldu. It h atotes, neither d4i
t re than Ocala, the county me a*
water fish, Including the snapper, g;own along the East Coast do well u at and nels. -e of lurn!
metropolis of Marlon, county. higher hills, richer lands and in MELnufactui
Busluenx Strength. 'a'sweet-bearing" orange of phosphate, but it
Spanish mackeral, baracuda, ponipano, here, with the grapefruit, orange, avo I gwrl old and oTe
y other county in the I Upon making his lic
Laudeirolale Harbo 9 r Com- blue fish, mullet, several kinds of bass, cado and' pineapple easily taking th 6 r In the midst of an exceptional'y We have a modern upto-date tele- the raising of stock
Ves than D
tarpon, almost Inexhaustible oun-
Job agricultural reglQn, and at the phone system, water works and fire de, State. As a purely agricultural c Florida Is today' Pe
1-'VIidiiig...a'h4irhor at Fort Lau- trout. catfish, flounder, porgie lead, vhle the akes it Junction of five Important railroads, partment and excellent police protec- tY, In the Yield of cotton, "ns,
a-Q&k'ng.flsh'are in the markets daily, variety of other fruits in h it Would seem that the city's Present tiop; goodhotel accommodations. peas potatoes, sugar c c orn- raising States o
and 'the industry In' the aggregate gives sible to hs(Ye fresh fruitAn t e nallr- in I.
and I this prosperity,, arguing from the most con- Our retalljsf ores are modern and up- sne,,'syrup. and
-44jriy Awws that the work can employmonfAilabout three hundred aAd ketseveii day in the, year, other products per,,acre, it has 'long Were this statement
Aity mcn, while abQt seventy power is. a so' ue of the various garden servative basis, is bound to Increase. to'date lnz6very wf.tY, and the percent- the understanding t
Iiod enjoyed the reputation if oxcelllrlgal'-
i vegetables. in p of the8teadil'y, to a point which will make age, of out of town shopping is compar other count e also one of t stock and better at(
%oats in. addition to numerous skiffs the muck 'land r
Of:90t",4 Is progressing fit and the It not only one of 1 8. It Is he Ida than in any 01
and row boats are kept busy transport- Everglades river bottom, ba- the wealthiest cities atively small.
justlioes theg compan In Ing.tbe fishermen and their catch, .".n.s the best quality are grown per capital in Florida, but one of the" flooneseekers coming to Ocala will richest in deposits of phosphate, kaolin, statement could be r
I of MoSt populous, as 'well. find that they are enabl I to supply ochre, brick-clay, etc., and the opdra- F[Orida Is
of the -completion of Persons living along the rivers and th little or no fertilizer, and their e( n Hard- tions in phosphate and lime today ex- ridicule.
Wbik to 4 rotjq -where the hitrbor, canals in the 'Glades need only keep I cultivation is each year becoming a luereame In Laud Value. their every want. The Mario accept her opportun
j*,u,00d, jt- haindhnjr irkex. winter'O a line or two '-set to catch -all the fish I much more Important feature of the The value of I'lorida 'and increased ware Company, one ofthe largest con- ceed those of all :other counties corn- beginning to comma
in the ten years succeeding 1900, 153 cerns oflits'kind in the State, are in Wiled. the great packerSto
docks they need ,frixit-growing Industry. Per cent, 9 and considering the steaAy a position to supply the farmer with The population of Marion count y 1s this rem Dect.
fox I Ives been secure& Oysters a*nd clam's'are found in abun-' The Everglades of Florida.
*Mple for some years d4ne increase. In, the population in our State the most modern, Implements With politan one. There are a great To the libinesee4ei
in the inlets and sounds along The Evergtades are Fort Lauderdale's we feel, conservative in litch to cultivate an up-to-date farrr. many native FlorldlAns;wltbin her bor-
the coast, and JuEt recently consid- I our ostimate.i w the tourist, those
'l x4w iver h" for years been looked enable Interest has been aroused In back yard, and comprls. over threp that the iext tcn years will gee even I For many Years they have studied the ders,. who rank among the most en home location, the

ghl,Ojro am the bes placeon million acres .1 the t garden and. A greater percentage of increase, The; agricultural conditions of Marlon terprising of her cltizeris,, and there honest investment,
the cultivatior) of oysters, which prom rlchr nd have selected a stock Which are as many from otler States in tile
o tk' at joaat .-of 'Florid fr a Imes to become an Important industry. farm.lando in the world, which truly in,',arm crops for this same I county a returns: Come to C
"a hged. time was 10s per cent, and When the conti I ns evyrry implement necessary Lo South oi- North, who have come tor the
r''W1h e, atture, has .so ar" Florida; we can
of buildirugl and The ]Fort Landcre. z 131striet as a ellnstitu" t e "Americaii Tropics y
day In ffolvalitag's &ffe ed, to tfieLfarmer In', -the cultivation of Florida lands. State and who have selected this courk-, cultural de,elpprnefi
Winter #,epori. Florida are known to the, world thel McLaughlin & Tolar are recognized ty as the most favorable location 'in 'farmers, cult
nan e axo. at the minimum- the year, more luxuriantly than An the
While there are no big, fashionable, farn property of Ocala,'s largest furniture es- Florida.
bL'flo* of water from New 'River lVallcy of.the Nlle-like in EL Northern value of, will Increase stock, hog's, poultry
k i*rbor clean. extravagant, winter resort hotels In hothouEo, and In greater abuiidan'ce tablIshmerits, and as th the came of the Marl.. county has long been, not ol
We e 15 our in value In a greater proportion than 11 graded cattle 'than
3 '611 -0 P'e rty." ware Company, they- hav, ites" 4 _ja y other section of
he for the.improvernent Is being this district, there Is no place on the than any one, who haA not seen it, will that of Florlda's:city pr Marion Hard as being amoig the weatl u
d by Ahe owners of land in the East Coast of Florida wpich affords a enwate. of the State. Marion, Toun y a I ask Is to come let
J believe. tbe South I the line of furniture. as a whole greater. naturej advaritages.'I vince you; then you
14uderdale district, many large more congenial place for people who The, Pesuranee- that Ahe Everglade.q Ocala I'm' a city n 11
of 'co tlnu"`1'- sun- Whether, it be furniture for an expen- It is in the development of these great We are doin
9witerp taking stock to the extent Wish to get"away from the disagreeable will be drained is attested by.the hun- shine and onr climate Am unexce'l ol g our b-
Ive home or fourth mw4est farmer, n sent comers, help you t
atural advantages whlchanepre
Per" acre. of their hold- changes of winter weather in the dreds of truckers whio are already pro.,;- in any part of the United $iateA, I t who is' Just starting to cultivate the In every part of the count
North. Many people of wealth and pering there, and by the report of the Is such that with the r y that, start you right, stay
opej I it 9 hij of the Glades 1br agri- distinction, who care nothing for the Ichness of the land. They have furniture which, IN Marion's great. wealth consists. in maysucceed. A satj
Everglades Engineering, Commission, soil the fa)rmer hits here the., rarest
,Tb especially suitable for their needs. no other portion of the state are the home seeker is hap]
urp'.a$ brolught us face to face with gold lace on the porter's uniform or which consists of three world farnous advantages offered Vy nature: Our, 1,,inancial Institutions. resources and natural advanta
plro16jn of transportation, the pres- the hazelnut size diamond in the jelerk'st draI73age engineers, who, after eight -summers are not as severe as ttiel #es No best citizen-an aw
'A046euts Are taxing the daqiers scarf,, are Ilearning to come to* Fort friontlis of careful Investigation, 'In' the. are on the c6"t, and our wint The banks of Ocala rank along the great. In the productiveness Of her andstate, We,,W'eb
,J I ers are strongest in tjie 'State, and their offi- No I], the wealth of her great pine for- stand by you---THSI
,tbA, Jjljritt and When one considers Lauderdale to, spend thelr'winters. This repdrt-say, "The Vveriplade drs. nage. Is; much as the lover of ease and 'sun- cers are numbo&'d among Rom e of the
t ttfeJ4turo hig in store, It Is atag- Winter we have a considerable number most feasible at a cost of $3.50 pe-, shine seeks shrewdest and best posted 'finan ests, her rich deposits of phosphate arid information, addre
tortiliage of this port in of residents who spent last winter at aere." Industrial, Pent Icial men in the South. These banks the superiority of her climate, Marion, Secretary Board of I
1W year m` VrUj itirl,,into the mtIllons. the more fashionable resort cities along Five-sixthr, of all this wonderfully have done much In placir
10 Many large concernA, engaged in, the ig.Ocala in the takes her. position at the top, and is "Who was th(, flr
g6tjon,.of Fort Lauderdale' at the coast, and to the last one, they rich farm'and truck- land 8 ssible, c forefront of the large cities of the to rfmaln there. Not only is Marion
acce manufacture of Iumber, rates, furni Ill ssed' with excellent farriling lands, ,
lit"of two' main canals running unite in saying they are getting far ly through Fort Laud e "Can't say. Hdv
A ut 11 f I da 1 e,, b , ture, ice, sash, doors, blinds, lime and Statc,:, and are a strong factor- in 'the k to-be Boston Tr&nacript.
jKli th, d more enjoyment out of this winter. but the best ranges foi mto
c Glades an fifteen miles afp- chan- 'Other lines, have given Ocala consid-
an Railroads and Ulghwayx. r1leans o s two main dra'lerr uplift ng oi the community.
bl of the- EWIaboro canal with itels, which serve also as trRnsporta- erable prestige, but there is no reft- The Commercial Bank of Ocala JS an found In the State are within her b6r-
'14d Water 4/ay connecting with this Our abundance of soft little rock, I ion canals, and via New River, pass could iiotl'avall herself Institution which has developed the ders, arid her magnificent lakes and "Pa, what's w 407
t1V1'kej,'jhjj..1pjaco truly the gate- .which hardens when exposed Ao the through Fort Lauderdale, as a Gateway son why she idea of practical co-operationby lend- rivers make her an Ideal spot. Wba tit, "['don't know.
of the jkiergla'des. air\ gives us elter-sive hard surfaced I to the Atlantic Ocean. of the advantages offerod in this line ing every assistance to the cause of can be Impressed UP011 the rni0s,. of he names of all
e outgpik commerce :is, at present in bringing to us sucb'other concerns
roads at minimum cost. These canals also form the only wa- Marion county production. All lines of the homeseeker 48 that Marion is rich parts."-juvolige,
ed b ofie, hundred and seventy- We have theFlorida. East Coast Rail- terway, across Florida from the Atlan'. es are necessary for the packing, ehfpm Progress and development are repre- In natural resources; and there are op-
I I ping and preserving of our fruits and
4voqver b6*ts delivering the freight' e of portunitieki here, and good ones, too, "Boy, ybit/bitight b
rjad and our deep water, and abundanQe tic, Ocean through the Everglades, Lake vege tables, a:s we offer to the farmer Berited by the directors. This is on invest on.Y to
o water frontage has attracted the at- Okeechobee and Caloosahatchee River one of the the finest banks Inther city, and is for, those who desire. to beg fto' ma poet
IW41b, quit.ounalp and waterways run- richest surrounding coun- e
tintign to all across-State railroad to the Gulf of Mexico, through which quipped to meet the demands of the small capital and to combine it with a Please, alr,,fathoit
'jejb'routh, the Glades, all leading to promoters, and the new Tampa, Atlan- I regular lines of boats, carrying United tries of any city In the South. There- banking public. No other Individual determination and a willingness to Life,
water at 'Fort Lauderdale, vege- tic and Gulf Railroads are planning to! States malls, are now passing, fore, offering special advantages for bank throughout Central Florida has a work and bulld in this favored local-
apd,'frolt can be -put on the rnak Fort Lauderdal, th eastern ter- Your old school geography wa,; Industries of this character. more brilliarnt outlook than the Corn- lty, a home, where they can live in "Why aid she rai better sh,Pe by all water minus of their line. wrong They are not impelietrablo Phosphate Interests. mercial Bank of Ocala, and none has a comfort and rear a family in a healthy -1 understand tba
tothan y rail sbipment. Fort Lauderdale is the only town and stagnant swamps, but broad, we --over7 --fwonderfu'ly rich more astute group of directors. At tho find, invigonating climate. In thij; 3vay, 4abtt of corlng ho
itee $rval a ;bal I f days to New York prairies stretching a;s far as the eye phospilate beds in the county maZpresent time its deposits aggregate there Is everything to offer the home-
on the East Coast with water trans- cago Rec4rd-Herald
passerikers and mer- can reach, sixty miles wide and ninetv Ocale. a sort of exchange for transac-i ernsiderably over half a million dol-
portation to Gulf points, and the only seeker. Good desirable tracts of land
one with boats running into the Ever-, miles long, and were formerly -overIJ lionm, connected with the phopbate lars. Dr. J. C. Boozer la.preaidetit and comparatively 'Jje say,,; he's bo
may be obtained, at, a
kiatjie.dyla Statement. glades, Lake Okeechobee and across by constantly flowing, fresh soft wa- industry. In this respect the city has George J. Blitch is cashier. small cost. his wife that he's
ter, as fresh as ever fell from Heaven, continually added to its prestige, and The other banks of Ocala are
t eA:practl 8 of sixteen years the State. the Truck Farming. ity.
mg In the Fort I Which Is now being rapidly removed. the business offices of several of the First National Banl( and the Munroe &' While ther is a great deal to he -Ail I can say is
'fr&nk to admit that this Farming and Fruit'Growl The Everglades, as a farming ancl, largest hard-rock phosphate concerns Charabliss Bank. said In reference to general farming poor dressef."-Tow
is derilng proposition, have no parallel.
irnpo'rtant 1 Par in the world are located here. Titles to Land. the best
ved in, and I have tried At the present the most and while this. COUTVtY offers
State this industry In the Fort Lauderdale Dim- Those who came to see them go away A Rich Surrounding Country. One of the most important institu- facilities of any count: in the State "Did the 'doctor s4
*I, 'tj I New York do trict Is that of farming and fruit- and marvel at'what they have seen. Among Florida's greatest shipping tions in Ocala IN the Florrida Abstract for this industry, there are other you had?" I
the Rocky Mountains, and which is the You can see them only by passing to points for agricultural prcduce, Ocala and Title Company, whose record of, branches of farming which must be "Yes; I think he
K think t)org Iiany healthier coun- growing- This district, them through Fort Lauderdale, of occupies a leading Position. Thousands titles aFe the most complete in Marion taken into COnsldera tlon, and which Brad street's.P-Wasl
In" I meworl I d than that found right nearest agriculture district to the Fort Lauderdale has a population of acres of, water county. They were compiled after
In -the Fort' Lauderdale district. Gulf Stream, includes a very wide va- a bout 3,000 drawn from nearly every snap melons, cantaloupos, long and careful research, an(3 infor form alarge and cortlprebensive part of
riety of Bolls', each adapted to some one beans, cucumbers and other early he resources of Marion county. The I Jesm-Miss Schr(
Motal W&terWay. or more of the numerous fruits and State In the Union-all live wires- garden truck are harvested in the im- tion which this company, has Is of growing of vegetables for the North- abroad to finish h,
0, to perfection in in 1910 it was one hundred and twerTtY. mediate vicinityof the Brick City every the, most valuable, Thjl ern markets is one of the greatest in-'Ition.
a great intend water route, black sand, Fort Lauderdale has e'ectric lights, 'season, practically a;'l of the busluemp have ma careful surve3 s d
this climate. White sand, waterworks, qewei* system, telephone every fool ustrie$ In thisState, and there Is not Tess-Where did a
bC III now being constructed, and .,pepper and salt" land (a muck soil, of ground In the. county,
to re ch from Maine to Key whigh carries with it a small quantity system, ice plant.
14 Fort Lauderdale churches: Baptist,
of sand) muck, marl and hammock land
) ,Uet on is, becked by the At along the coast and the river bottom, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic,
Dej15,ar Waterways Association,
Unt6d and the great empire of the Everglades Episcopal, Christian Science.
&Toiz.4tion of Governors, behind us, provide lands suitable for I Fort Lauderdale Lodges: Royal Arch.
t'Mr* congressmen, big ship- A tlantic Beach' H otel
4, R"Itthrs, C, all along the any agricultural purpose a that may M"onic. Eastern Star, Odd Fellow N'
6A business ed. Knights of Pythias, Royal Order I
m en, legitimately be olesir
seaboard. andbeadedr as presl- In the past, winter vegetables have Moose, W. 0. W., Rebekah, Woodmen's (OPEN ENTIRE YEAR)
fiy CongresSrIlan J. Hampton been the big important crop, and thero Circle.
fi, of PIbadelrihl- is scarcely a Vegetable grown in the Fort Lauderdale has two banks and
ie'st a2lbual convention they whole United States which does not a building and loan association, two
resollAlOn recommending to here grow to perfection in both quality newspapers, a theater, bottling works,
ted Staisg Congress, 'the taking and now vegetables are boat -shops, cooperate and crate-mak-
and quan
ant 4,
tR tity'
Florida 'N Coast Canal, constantly being introduced from for- Ing plants.
front Fernandina to Key eign countries. Fort Lauderdale Public Schools.
it a part of the 'The shipments from the The Fort Lauderdale Public Schools
t way. derdale ollotriet last winter a I aggregate will ratik with those of any town In
t by Fort Tdu- about one million Packages (c-tes the United tates being carefully grad-
our s crop will ed under the supervisi of a Principal
exceKt by coming nto and hampers), and this year on
g us a mhlP Ca-11al probably be great6ir., who has done four yeal of success-
of Irish potatoes, fill work in
tte, Guat, of Mexico by our docks, the production one of the best soboo e
an both sides of the At the Everglades bid fair to rival mome of the State of Indiana. The corps of
Al 'Parts of the earth will of the most noted potato growing spoi- teachers are among the best that can
Our, do,5r Without an effort from tions. be secured anywhere. The primary and
ht Intermediate departments -are in charge
While corn is scarcely ever thoug
at Port LOU er dale. I tile of young ladies who have achieved
of as a Southern 1,-Iorida crop, n
in the the Nassau success and high grade certificates in
bK2111119 on the beaches Fort Lauderdale district, Those teaching high
district can be en corn is proving to be an excellent sum- Northern States.
d mixty-five days mer crop, and yields[ running as higj sehOol and special subJects have de-
'hurldred an I grees from Universities in Ohio, In-
-t yetjr. on account of the as forty bushels per acre are
ream, diana and Michigan. The senool work
Ity of the Gulf t tbe tem an excellent roastink-ear
does not v)ary over corn, and the shipments this fall have is of such a standard -as will receive
rafth fill! credit in the public schoos and -----------
during the different me*- met with- such flattering receptions in
year,' There are miles of the high-class hotels over the country universities of any State in the
etacji,;.Ij&nd in this district that that a much I ger acreage -I a expect- Union.
ur both winter and sum-
jonlem and In the last few years
as become very
V,(r of property It PALATKA AND PUTNAM
resident Purposes-
ea east winds make the beach as
6" months
itje 4uring the mummer OUNTY LEADERS IN
perfact clima
At4r, moriths. rivers. etc.,jrkes, sounds to the ENERAL FORW ARDNESS
jjnt6 ',Or' are Ziacent
knd,.a flord good harbors, and
port in the Way of fishng and 0 drink in the soft breezes of the most beautiful of A few of the attractions of the hotel itself are
The lure, of thobeach tka, the terminus of the Georgia soils range from white sand to loair,
cs jastenw itself upon all 3ad, Is the muck and. clay. Shell, mounds arE Florida; beaches, amid the pleasures of vai -of- cafes and tea rooms; a beautiful rotunda; a spacious'
thS'Aro Ith Its entranc- Southern & Florida Railri I found near Palatka and the deposits T
qc0orLe in conta,1,1 'o-tv seat ot, Putnam county and has are, used for the building of good door Sports, and with the utmost that modern hotel bath houses that open.-outhe beach; a conAplete livery

14 7

i S iUtiliti op
ou rn es ma
916, .... Building Jacksonville, Flor d:

Eq'0pn an prahing Utilities in S tehCties, GivingTe
tIs Up-wdat and Modern On an Economical Basis,

T IS dy of specializatio rand in making the most
te purchasing power of a lalrged, nu er of plants
N~o thrn Utilitie~s Company of% Florida has given to th
section one of the greatest organizations that has ever bee
finnce cooperate in any part of, the ,South,
Recgniingthe great interest in Florida and the trend of the movement towards this tr
tory ~ fo eeoment, The Southern Utilities Company has organized one of the stronger
copanies' in, America and ample ,capital for the, development and maintenance of utilti
in his State andi section. They have been particularly interested in buying or building ice plan
itric lighting plants, gas plnts and waterworks and already cover a score of cities, and have
investment in Florida amounting to millions of dollars.
it he pan of T S hern Utilities Company not only to build and' ope+i
oublic utilities, bu t also to take overhand operate plants. They have, In all the cities. where t
.-bv omnced to orate, built foir the future as well as for the present.PlnsheNhe

-o,~~~ op Plnt thy :ave.pi.
chaed avebeen put up to tb hihs P it of efficiency. Those they have built are mdl'
en en o ,syt.o eand all they operate are upto-date and d,
y: V dalv t-1g.1v Florida towns anid citi es, as ~high-class u~
tie as.ay, ateintheUnon an i that respect Flrida is ahead of most of the Southern Stats
r f hs- omp any in the State.
pI~-t~that are now bein imrvdadbought up to a high state of efficerc
V taSanfrd an.amBe~h anid the extension of electric plants atBr

This record of growth was largely responsible for the Soujthern Utilities Cm
'Ian'zn -ooeate in, Florida:
(C mple fomManufacturers' Record, Feb. 22, 1912.)
pnv Thk Prnvin, of Vat Benefit to Many .... 1880 R.e
TQW/ns++-Th9U II:d of DollarsSpen.. ________ 518 3,256 1
Lanain 'cr. s....947.64.1,14... .. 1,1,5 ,0,0J

andiia4 a +, qie u aer" the IlsI dealersI who expect to take en- /I + o ++: +_ :I +' ..' "++
Are expendng about $10,000 th~is year se u tned f idr4itr tig ins
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