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DeLand daily news
News Pub. Co. ( DeLand, Volusia County, Fla )
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
29.0283 x -81.3031

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A kA

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L 'yi

........ 4iALA N
4 1>AA A

ay! DELANP ................ ......, SATURDAY ....... 23, 1926...

...... View of V A Ca nty Fair Ground Wite N

41 V dAA-"* CO N A1
7 ,i i -i i -! 1 1i ix - - - - --i- - --ii 1 1 ii i
A AL -A '=A )~ -i ; \i i A
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=ii~A 111Mliliiiii
A...iA A
i iiiAAiAiAiVA
-Ai lAO ,
Ai iii ii n Y RUSH A
Ay `Kie -,44 Forced to B M 6 at C i Toi l

............... Hekoi'iiciii~ii~! 'Figure'! ofiWorld llReliginsonTotering GovimithA

WarA A
A E n oa

(By Th Am tatl Press. 44 0~AV~ jaA m-4 it AAA Air Aombs,

'Buses ;an 23 e,4 =a 3
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7~ afe and opea-io on Dec.0 AR g oy~jv f uyfrpbi

n,, A.A.,ank say an re-a AQ t ba hi e bei"
*1,qq_ e the bg that all religills, are r ..On a R rnIor Smih Win New Yok t O
latet'~~~wi hgGD1m Hotiitleen' versins ie- their plana over th bousino e15sm1~I ~~ a a
Y- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ p t 0 maIaiug ap h oeiearinalatcer create gath-ot b,,II, the grat n~ l~ast nig t e, DuigGooro Sl a n et Milicn. Ro ers heiresd o raig "oce L o, li
er aoun t he s beds~ ith and i en t a l el~n r ~ a, secon reprAOWieve On tburOZAY Ojybyn, tb*6ein occured on Aprila
ry ~ At e ~ of the agn s tot e ing oan infie. $4000000 if Sta dar Oil mo e isy visble wu ar d ofrt Americtanas~ st~eio
The't~ tooje tofa t ~ '~f~~ A t b ~ 9! zdw al b
rkssn r e hsbesn o ea h i wn turn ert )o 'Kati a 'eb p ong b srqulIof pencl ~ ~ ugt erc'
lla~~~~ibd ~ to nk r in .we p ro s r as satd t at t e news ap r his0< friend Henry pe ople to n
enILOefh Yu n weave ecied a p. 91 in rlgo, ater. Buraznkn a yse to reA counse the at his je sti moej wo l L ieo 10. wha ko f Brook yinte a. Y., il t ~ U ds y y~ u h~ g
in Ii~s, h~sitalssome o thorn her~in~ foAhiAatWnrrae n A h asn oih !b
Ln th ,e~ waI tot hIv awyasn tore dha de t %e prnptattsind t of t e fco y w as affi avit ein < su port. f s sugitf r o e f th b lesto ce sta ob tain
A eQJ1Pa1 5iA bydside Gaest
4" 11~ of~1ic n th1 f f r we L e~ e e to~ r wele e 6oone ar t init bm n w as he rd, bu a fif 'Cln separato ne an e ha de m n tha ab le,1 com in fro a N e Y ork
k lar s lt 4QtO t n~ e there becomemporta fity, tb t q iher Is th o Stay i WS denied. hi i~nfa1n gt o s on b restore t ohe m t i a tc lr e e t n lyp ,
1;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ th odlffloe h Ii --11- -A1; .h. Te aeaosdagnrlpb _4 Ihe < ~ r )__e Ih ..
......erir 10 rs reton b y n ~ gts o w~ n i, 'w s t ao o ths PT Y P
ss r g poi~y a or eti ie wl eiv. a n n w til h e e ~'~t te 9fia~ 4

ud e= <.. ...l n1no::1 ed o =h--h 4 o
Ina'I U tri ~ a 4 a p y r Iubn s tt m n a i~ h 01 W d a

1n nwi a

111t elate )111 terday Idr i rd ii ec nIy out-~i at B lmoe* < ;I~v$ prj tIinM bi vr i t wi. nii:i~tt th! e V

tbe~hatth C i ld I awn h i!: o~ dlt i i n ~r :i r i~ ilii < *tii!
magazile 'Theiotir at mau
t iiie i !!! !~ i tni badt nioiii il su etm rn n O i
e iilii: ;] ~ani ts~s w :~ i i th i !S#ii ii! el ;er lowly awg byi ciiosely~ ii:!i:i oi iithI Vi! 1 iiii old support itn on tss es fi th hre, n d tht. aiiiiioi l t we cail l T allahasse e. i i~ t9 er a tI ng, Other l a!=es were ![iti~ate 41
1 4 A si r o m t h I s a m e r e l y i i 0 t I un l e d g: e i i ~ o f 1 p r o n iiito o r o ~ i o frei !b r e o h m o c n e t ~ ~ e r h b t ~ a t

t w e e tW oJ ld t e O ni i c o n ti n ul l y a n d f t h W es f r..m.t..... .. ... ....his

I toh : Il
................ lae i so,~ o a iits ~ b l 4 ~ ~ e r o e o
....... ...,.e... .. o t t h r n e s ( b a~
Tii!i;iiiiIi$ !ii iij!iillNl~ i!i A R ~iiOR T Si i w v~iiiiii l yaii l=iillii iiii iiiiiih lili ; In p ir ilt ii =! b anilij l!iai!!it bi r nl iiiii!iil~i ii!I ili,
O N m g iStt i iQ 4 R ii~=iiiii T A R I F F ~ i *',iii Bi aikoii i t at "t e I L I M C R AA1X wi~ i~ Y 9550< ii 5 ii i!iii< biti~i eiiiiii n gi i i i i ii t nili Wiii L A I ,,ii C~ii ~ L Q i~ii i S!ii i! T h!ii

= =,==== r~tb l ....... wit vi ttua l... .he >w ii A I ii=

i.-.. i.{i,. '.,Li:;L'. .- ,." -" - -: .
S it ; ;' *
--.- ... :
i' E. iI____-. . .

T H E.. .. ........DA IL.. .. . ..

'UIVVI Slntel fI1l IN! /Dl fll AD WL CDUCT111`.-. ii iI itJ*r.. .n.t rkit. .0.naj i-Inr. i; it iq ma'tlI al)not hi Ca' tim rinw h-i.i. mayr I ntir of v.
I... PINS FAITH IN GROWTH ORANGE Cif irS ON OF BEST "'" proppl- 'an r. al b,' LNl ai; nd tho.. ght .- .eonril o, .ntioof
., 01'd1. v lll-' r ill o a in l tl viRi h nge ft I ii .. .ud i
W'-I LOC:trAL DEnELO MEN 11t:i- not wil% tit ract sit the Lninted I-jr I -lorI p vt iiat there i4 r jral nz 0 r ht
.* i a fl "f n 1 rl; "1 1 u i v ? J l V l mitJ tll A 1 L ? V I O V I .LI u U l, ; ( "] -. p ) ,' i. f i n i -i r e -. J *, i,, r, p prl ~ir l ] t- 'i r e l l,- r ^.:,, c : n b e t i l : e *, t n d l lh o u g h t - **o n e r b h i n g t h e i n s t i g ,- L n r o t r '

..I 1 0F' ft r I I if-, iT[ .-I I I 0b11, I IL, il, well I p.. i I ,) vl. wh o, ld not I ade. Itut I know "nronl. h o
f ______ fr d u t iii- ,.o will ot rwrwlwrong, wrong doing and :tA -,-e
P" '' Ii C. R. o h ,u t, ar Io ,' fir, in Il iy .'JIt', p ,rd.. I l hnu I oo. I to mn-wd that iid .m n rv rath r ate
Foot* Subdivinias Sold, Four Others Are New Le- C :smprises 72 Lots Near-the Center of the City Adjoin-'. na c." l.",'r,, i"r r ', ni. and i.. ,iI ,i doir.S ahi, n y-4:r.Tipou.i L world to1-,imr 'o i .w an oa 'e wrwij you
ing Developed' I ing Residence Section :I2' 01'1 it bo i -,.u o, .o .ier av 10 o 4 'rr'lvir. lecs in the past. than ,pciel, t. I'M tMnk difereaLly
____ ___" "_-..:. .i ,n to quut, L he citld,-n rule ant frm -rl, lnd inc.rp i, l l- p1 P.'ri. I at th'n I 4 1 at. 4..
t t a.t"l ii -huv." t.1hai i i l-. *idJ..l by it. to lli' it. rid to g ve ., Lu rnp (u ip- Ii a h re- -v
." g,r'wth of lag l\da. Vokisl wood arid It. nco. n bit i .- .,i .r:o: t c I-.L.,:, ,,i" in :. ,- ,,,,' I. e ui:,1. ..t.. L a nJ ptd ',' y ;.rmaa'-n' rc,%d( I bb lob i it Tuhblt-4. Loa e tour ,-nem:;p i w urn' puirp.. f.a" n triseyi Y a t, )'i an -eW'
. .. -. _m LatdIJ. I, wli It It ol i :t 1 ilt nil.iin, j,_iitible r,. t.tli ', *,. t .. .t ,-,_ l l' ,l. l OD : l- ( .J ll l J ht ;1',.,riir :rug Lom m-nb Eaioy n, ,. r trn gim Ian d owEar ot wli I *IC I me car .- rili
ut~O the torwll Lwill Citbi JII .1-jl LL.n ttmc.y to cii r i, ~. r T heir e ti Ino tpm w er i-ill- id3 i y u or yt g
ii'i I il- i ts:. ai r ei3 lh. .t t e ar it' !i.- tli. t r. I It i -i' lIJ ci, ..1 '..ii :' :, ,,- , . ,. t i. L : i. I -..,,.-. i I 3i-' h.a.i rTom ih, e [ i. i- iirii't I rel a::- to v .u t 'a,-ntral r .- In,'r tt l an ir-eVI un ui tral: 'tiat o ll do ahout me nn wha-
I ... l, i n the t (L".-s o lh'.Il .i l. C 3T2,'( i ij... ,, ' l i' -' i t;* i. 1i t': ." ,7, t .i rg t:l 'ri- I i,- [ t i !L, 1 r-ai E tn hard no .ot t iVe arid dn:n go- id, .u it iln r i.- a Pow er.I I w rie. tl tb (; ') d Bo unk in -r
U L, l:.aaty & DU,.."l.:,p ni,.'n( .;* 1 [.'i..-iI,i-i itln.[.-'.3% ni I L1.Jl," *.i- r.. i u.,,- ..i n ,,i, ,i ,, l I, ".HI ". ,,, !..n. .,fio l, ,j ^rl [ : Tllc'.IT road1 b,-lor lb.' h,.b" i.n ih~s tiav, and g.,-[ieration_ ,\ igh .r *,,er. lnl.;l ,.'*l>n i~r-venr i irmnd"^ u **, nl '".l .d e on man" nu
i ;i i...". Wl irb b V -t>..t,; L l'2 l' i\V -il...[. il ll .. In *.,, >l' : i!, (.',.' I,.l ,.! I ...b i,," .h ha ;, < i.idn. i ii,.. oner t ,- bll :> ,l ,ill u- hb r o olh.r Lo m tinnd. ioh -r I'O r In t- 1 (tr wr n t-- i ll u" a rJ i a0 0 0 Oid
i . R w u 'i. [ hi- i -li h .( , l ,l il ... ,L . I ,. I .it .. 1. t. ill .. ; I l inu o a ry o h nd t m irv [Il;t r aW nc c r ila.- r i .amd I id *i*t l Lig t a r'T r' i;'i -lll- m a l. e'a r raud .
*, 1 n' ti'f f M i -i. t eJt.. r '.: t r,, n r .. t .i .o l l .. 1 .'i* 1 ,,a- .. i.,t i ,, .i ., ,. ,l, t l I I r, i lt:,h I .f. I l rii.. J 1-,- ;,i i ,o l ( ci [ I': r oi h;'- n. '. ;, f,- r w h-t l e m e a ns b-- fro f i i-nd or n oui a'
.'. f- f i z o 'u-r y r j l' a g u i i ^ .[ o I H n ,. !': .j .. . ( R '" r' l1 1 i . ' . l il I .l l : l | ,' 1 1 "i li ; . -i i '. n ; [t : > I !, t > n o v t L u i ^ ., r 0 1 1 l t i g 1 a l l x h p I II In u. d, n e o 'er it l* t'iidi t r.a t i e Di. .ad y G i v e
i' Mf :im.'t..;i at a' faUr' t dih ' ,itt.r t-ly at] c- tii ii'cI [t attL tlr.-ingi-ter, a.e, .' 1-.11. Io.- -i-'i: i.. .l -,.' 1- so! o'n." i, iiti.,s ,'In. It ... > l .i L I, i .hir ' h II.n l o:,Iqil.--0i i., ..-i.ll in th ? ib e. i) ,.' .r r r i i wI I a pa '. liou
. i :'. re s ta t e h lu r ,k? r p I :1 | -I.I r i s f i ;' r',J r i l k S i 't ,. h h' Ir ; i, .1 I r' .,i'' ,'. le e .i , ,. ,. \ '.i n O fl t u ( I I , ; ; it r ,'- -. i s Ii .:. 'al ir-.- no ih nr n. v" Jl 'n b, l hili" . E ot .l.l y1ll r 1- [ 1 t:,I 11. ..1I I F i.Id 1 ,*l' t- T II1 1,. 'il i t J "h1 l l ln ^ v irn.
a., t. 'iim in it b eiddu to r_..ja nd] j tip nL jl[. l H'o lilip,. '%J: ll :iI, : ', .1 ',.:;' lI : iI- o I iI i L I ; ;l'- im ro ad!,l i-t -, ,1-id rh t I I To i -c of w]i h lhl love m eans li,"u .t T 't]h tlwho gh
". ,,! ..'. le~ae unci? l tIC U lir, 1'ad. l w hlichl J l' Seu.ell I- f.i'e.41.r .*I. t!, ,(; i,.,' .| ,- J,.'ti *, .i ,_.i ,* |.:, r.-:! i .:t.,I ..i *' !,' '** i iil.rn r a l b lH 1 ar ,', ,I.. r- w,'.i ii-.'' -hat nny* ,'oaI bud Io .t -'I="P i, hl"l':" r'u m l, h *rx f II *"E I G V A 'IT
,'' h I. .t ptii'j.nie H oornit w'l Al., I. thllh ,I I-.
'i' : i .,'ro[,er3 li ithi. .e.icilon o" iI i i ii lF t ntl' ''l i, -'', ,Iin'.-!lIi 1l ,1 ,,': iii,. '. in1 r -i'" i in tiih.-In *i l; ..!.r.' li t ionn, %a- iiae:. ["I" .. ..n.a ..n ma..le. l e I. w l

'. .11... Its activitl ,s fxlt.uil, et im pro irr.-r: il-r tl, iherr jif. |, t. ,i- I ki l tn 1 I .; (t il i H ItP .11[ II _-. '' , i .*i ir ,'ll r,' ,,!.'l H.;-Ia ,1 "' b ilil l ti rlrlo i b^ i.>rl"-irt l t --i -~i ..... - -- .- ^ ^^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^-...... .. .. . . .... .. ..
I. at first did -1710'%( ftL.

; -t est.. ad it ha-iokec I :i itl .i r.ip tI: *. il t L ht ;;: -, a0 '. ,,:n. ,, ,.. '" ) t II ;ti r. is I IIi, i iithr .'i,-, ig.- t lin bul.'l' I- mp"lt U b l m B M n
'il. n' it began to r a. thr e : *i Di-La. d til Il ii-I >1i iiiii- t. 0 i 't -1 : 4- 1 ii 1 Orw I iL ;i t no-it road- r%.- I i r at- I or i I L I l ly. r l i A I I I I, J
t'tlWl Sowl l l' i El l F.o ;r Thi rnai wh.] s- tiat tie d,-e.- I'-rit',,,. A t ?,'-, '1 ) hi 1 It',

1 : 'l i r r n i l d e v e lo pre dr \ V ,- s t v. ,dw u _. u np ~r ,,i -d : .1 l ^ =, t i ir i i "n ; , I r,.. , l iu i, ; i l h) !O t I ~': l l,. r l l'_'o ; .f- .e ." ni' lU I11 ,' 1r~i lo t n lou d -, i n t ,t' h ,.r
b"e c, v '. moe, iite 't, tit'lll.. S l e a d.-'n w h~ic ll~h J I %wl l I, Ii cii\' -IIt i .i t i 'tI t'.t -I i .1 th i .n y ro a d b u ilt th-ttt

io- ' . ,i. I H ,-,l, ti% ,. i%,t-i n f r ': i i i I ns. ta- aa|, L '. n ali
an" d-t r e and i m t g l"(fnli lt ti,: it:r', it.- i' it i O..ii. .a ,r J : .I'I.ii. -' It t. -. 1' I.'li p . ,ri ,,,'' ,, I .u,, ht i',l, t--s i b l in hn-t y
I .n itd e'n cr s't ii l !i ti rt : 1 ,' i P t . , 11 L 'n..Ii, l a .-.l I; L t a t "11 f' o1..t.' N o I i Io11. I t' ) I1I Lo r. ll' I t' m r
o Sted P.,-. Itn,.l AIthe-.o It h dv :;,1 op eL[ yom pam, tu t.I. :, I', l,-.--. ,- .. ,. t, ,,.f 1. i,:- i,, bi:.l I,,, th': ]tl tor, or L4- 1tut ,l! pla ,- ,ri/
'1stateis and 1IS platntIaft IIlt- two 5 Ii n i 10a'a' 11I 1 ~ 1~ -1 L. L > lt i n' r iim 'a' -ill har-t'-lu-m ib. I tit hF--li~

i" .' ' -. i n, .- [,* ttiof W'inir~g .h,. $., r,,ls .' Eli I ." ij. l n ^ i .,-1 ,1 .. b **".l, .l ibtl rl a l ruw lo.dlt 0d
I. II r 9t
n .; X ,;S,' el,.ti f o-n i- 1 pre-. m e.t.a un H o6it e l,.te't li ll ,.t] .. 'li, h. h lrr i .iL; lliiti d. v il-l l."a t. tOl .h laI iir i .h IL
l Pl :.',r iil.Al- -t iit. th P.I v].. .orl' LU ] o, .li ri1 ,;Iii-lto:.nti..iri L- I -"' 'r i r, [ i I 3?ri i L 11i" l.-l t*t, b oauit t wil aiy aI n' it l ': i -
'. d. o,, ug .mi th,_ir hal ,!Idil.-l lop e t ot to' i ,i i,- % II Uit t it Z-I Ia ,M tm i tr b tin a ll a' Picture Fram ing wiS ow nat [ lhF a
,,pr ,:t:-su ,hl :~me 1!, _it,..,' irS,.'l wh, e,. I, ,,,. t,-;i. X,,,;tl 1h6- ';.:, %' a vi' Ia I hr.,' rka 1. it
:, :H[,Jh hq- r_ -Lit.l; K111 r'i''- I,, 3 t v. 'I'', ,I, In- ;E. ip $ riD,i. nn. I hic._ :it t.I:,o [-. I ~l g -fIh lr l :ii
P ai I_ ...) I-I'' : -. Ir- s.'t Ml tc-nmt- I 1 !-,,- I rat. t. i I r 4- .I'' h'' tm It :, L .iI t_',- In il.- 4 Attt- road will carry. In mit' r it
,. 1 t I I li ti l '' Pltil, -.t pI a rlt ,iuil I I( tl 4 v! a ala'l, It -ll raiJl a tt i; mhtn l
.-' '-:t all i^ i i Ir l-' imin il all.' i 'i "L; lma' r t ihli-i mo t z' I.-" I Ni m.l i 'h l' -i-on tary-) a ininduril lot1i. I
i.' .-I,, jl n i:' '-ll l -' -" ~i2 I to i .n. ;ht., [(i i'! Zl, > '. I N, 'I .. h icr I,, l ,.... ,ml'l a h- ir r ,al- thlt built
*1r 'l lon ", r, I ;--iit' al .: t^ it ia ni ."%- .iti ,I..* .." s r ,
i, toe later ones Mci' t!a ne:. a dlo." n .t -t '. mp'h -.t r .Iti :i t.- t --.,'' ;- I n-. i-j* na ts i i n|
''., .- of ,the monl t'.liy ttH 1 c.i -,... I I ii~ llt.i,-,l illi r l9l11 1j, tIri Iin Iii--L:Irh. 'i- l.'i-' i lih l-. l't Ii-i:- Iim .t j1,'09 darui losl t (or ah-.- ,lii 1.
r ,i-I prsdi t 5211 ta Li" .'" l'. I'-" b" '" 'r' "i"1": "**I' '""' ..,i ,, ',i t.-'l Thea.- ,o. Specializing in PortraitureT
'... I, t,,, 'urer: C El StuiIint. e'- plaitncti i,,,, ', 3 .'i at l tiln" P1l)l)id .iti1 i i ill Ii. lanlard lhii-lln -.l doll ,-(t.i iS in.i, P t ra 11 -i tiure ,
'. 1. M,1 Sheprrl sill''i Wr,\;,..rr1-i..t .-mt-,r,'-- ,,-'. ,i l I it "t- t" ";i" .l b t.g" giad. tl.,'l t1.1 tr- i.:i-.,n th, i-,lit. e',-' or all our roadP Th. wi-lth itill --
,.' tm, 'C-, .'l i''u l i, t'Ifl,. Iat-v n l.aae rinn I i o 't' ,ti. l-it :ri at li :i .' I, ih, r!,l -',-it,,+d.iI i lhmtrl, h ,n'i la-l' ,l-r-'n ln%0d upOI l i. t rall t'-
iiiip. li'lI i.tnar l l .- *I l ( H I I .itail li-- IP,'. Ii ii- 'nl r. Fith tit i rii' .. ha. F't Iii- i' -r l'l l' t i nll h ,. a Itand -rtl r idlh I
t-., ,,,,,e later a,,, M Ilo a .., ..', Commercial PI otographym
"!" '' [e various l iilil--ioris fr-omis in Ii "i'lt:- Io"." i ')it It 'l iti I ,I tr' int' lt .'o-ri-iris., llil niles a-nrt orv C n-e a Photograph r
ir' i l ,as developail rinll pIrn -idl m til', t.' i.Mid at',aulid aIal-k:. \'iih i .1__.- -- --- -- ------------
I.. .. .. ......i ,1 _, n d a rot Ia w ,i l d to r :I. 11,(-'i i -l

U;," ; i,. lal'ktt hk ing owi nl t> ,.t-c,-i ni1 pai-s dl.-i i ftltii t-'o,.l: Anoto, law, a it -ied rn g-i' i,
-.-i '.. r ,u t Flashes o Life n .t 1 J ol b,- pIa In I t1in t-his
,Ti. ida.n titnd wii i.r ,, ,,. i p1-k ie ,Iie of O ver-NIht e res .-..iVl alo bh- a Ia ior,,i .,--- a A m atar
v R. ,,.h.-c niatton aIdro itF -i Ir. hlenl" .i.Iih i ol \t.t-- N "l ,.l i a h ov,. l V l ht i dPiid-,1 uporin il
ae i' tr-mm nt n n I: im tif V' NIu I -it I ____l-I___11-I lu. 1 l

,.,i. 3 booc. n'.ec- l ,c-h;', lnu -i,.n rii L ntl anl thIe A'-,r,tir i .m l-.l. \ 10 h 7n.ici,- I GVvN, .HT- It- ti. . iie i t, o'l .i ll and At Finniatsh inig.
IX utit altr.' half.ut eitb I v ion Nrui York ittatl ii. 4l Tonsl andog

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m. ,,- t tit'plh .: d ii ,1it Tv, Il I. i -. l,. p u i ,_'n t ,l t i i hi l **-i .. i 'n.- e i t b i..t- l'.:' ;' tl'. i i %I i .t i- ,i t 1frm :--te ]I tla' an o d th is l t t e rl 1
i t.u ld i -. '.'iliui'i. -P:t llri l, l I, mu i,,tr i:il i ,hi i-'. .... It ,, : ,ir.,.r ':-, t- itli. .- n rut to be the wi-tu r gpkn n Frall'
P''. ,' ite n-'i Set,' Ii ii .- ; i i .,' r [.:tm V Lrnnp t' l i- .- d*' -1 f,1 -rd -wl- -i iI -Pt il i 'i ,- il,tu ,I Il,. I l.. -.t.i.m,'-'n m i. ,tl a.- being ih t roli -- i.,
V a' '''-h i,'-t I II. ,h ii -i lili. ,iiht .Nthiha .1 :- .h i ,., t P v 1 tny b -It ia i our I d l uoii's ".a
it.' n J Cli sal ,i .. I. ,i ,,i ',, l, 'iiuith l e ni -l,. ,, l-r" i : Ir..'. .i-. Iu ,l.,i ,'j, in, iI 'in hxca-i o ih r p--N %I Yror% t.'t : in"t
'. 3 t b o '.k, ".t S. ,"A1 ,11; 1 i.;, .l. .roI:Ihd lll h ,.,l i i --i .. ', hI.. .-1 uill. I-i'K'm' 3 Iit-'roll y Ichouhl bt- R N I. P' o l ici .. t- i lte 'dn 1
....-. I t II itc..l .1 til 1., -)j Niiui njItir'Dt'his'l. -
vIIII)II" 01 i, (I. C-1 Ill1 IS'b6ivisionV if Pt1og1yI-:olicitedl

r. ur. tfl* ~ [tal hey'' v--- 3r'i C *t'P"a-c L R e-a 'r Ii [e- rN- v Xe s> in .* ii uu Sail liii ,1 u' ii ii -[ Lu| Fi itpii -i I l' l*ta' n n] Y 'ii w ui
tI, "r' .'n h (' i' t-;.'tl] itt.i;' t 'id' I F r ii''i .In-r.1-- y a ti. i-n_ et . ': ii t -,'_ 11 .a" i-i- birausi.S ubdivision niy olaap],?IS o lictl ed
.~d I e f 4 t%.11 l J.ll Lil. ((%'rn n I !{ If. POqil I]," I- ,- hln I,' ll-- Ll,J o'~ I li 'Il.l~l: q, IIrap rdi i -in) h l he' It op- on1 b e u

l i. ,1' ", ih '.-!o ro o. !, 'i.. ran t hel' '.e ;ir tlv in i h *- .. i hl uIin' I, ,ik- nr a I, i%, ti il ii t e nat : ,- la lg e a hii I I
1 I- ,,., I t i" f rir.ter, of V.i.-l ;l, etnun ai)'tii4 Vtim t-ti t. -'l -_a -i '.'ii'-"i'1 *'- lmhm i itu.r b. 1 rli, don-D t tihr rood- 1
0h i ll Wo '....t -,C 11 a1 At l 1 7. :'l-le I-II- l. _I : [, ll. 1111 :i-i- C ri t t i a-i u bI a. O I II' l t Is '.1
;*~~~ ...11 11'i -,,ii *, 'V. 131, F nio.- i i .%3 l- ,I v-T !Lp IA !:i i l"-l l'<'r I! ,. ii ..: 1 1. ntti :rn I L r .; l ot l in l "' *01 t hr wI% I I I

-* It '! o0 \, ',:; t" !t7 e '' ^ t ol' f, qg i''fnlu f, l" 'lr- b,.hL,, 1 bll ^ 'f, 'ili"" ... l1.1".: l....n I,1- 1.,, .-n,-tj: t,, I'or il-, r*n ., ,i'lg n1 Ih.- ',iJd J[l j
i t .I"t t tlr v l .. ,I t lt 1 . N t U ti I' -, i I ,L i -r i AIl .i ii i i i I I m nll'' l l'ti-- po l )litg LI u p
', 7 i1 1 z; ~ipI t? I o l ,, :. Cii _wti lre af &- Dir. N.I N~ o:'i! L li fI It bi I. If E,,, tai -inl il %o d bu d v s on P o o r p

i IT n t'"i. r'-i T in ii:. t t, v -a II I' at .? i ,I I .- I I: i,-il l i l' ',[I u o- trto lrp I beot-)i 1 he'-a no lb, to
a Pa rol I C -in- prr'ran ii' 'J b [ iC: ,tu ill [li i-tiL Inv-ltmllmig dat-Ig v.aiiinrmp1
...- pl.i Parr. follli r" f 7,,-1'y -1i at: II" t0a- ^ ^ 'IT '
E1, U .,h. ,, I ao ut Ptlry llti Pn hREEVE STUDIO
.^ l j.. -----._-_ ---on lt n a p w e ntt ot *-, n ,i, .. t r' r*,- u, ,,.. .,I .... ,,r I,",, !11..',- I 'i '-, ... Ile *,I I,'1 1. o fflfFd beD / w!eld'
,o,+,a ,o,,,' ^'oo,,*^ yd Eh,,w il;^^; 1:^ p ..i,,,," ,.:", .. ,-,< ,,, l,,, ,, Over Reeve and Hewa d
sot 'in rh -- Iot- ti' it ii'l'-- f T-: -' I' t f'. rt I m1-)t IF-t-' t" i larw tt io till the
c_____,d- 1 C 1 Hitnu m i -a iotal or p ti l% r I i' 1 ur10i lh ,it h tgf iiI r Iri' o pr-eu-re Ilnot.- road, I L rip
:o HdI III. Ph7oOUId
Inu-"' % a ... -i..ri ,;,,.l, he,,Ness 'i.r>+logriill J T,'',,-;,,- 4. -au e oR-l. CR- --uil

IflI_ ,,i.-OI) of the ..1 iir l o -, g t r A t h ,, ,,,,,,, ,, ,, ,,,,' o , r P, l a nrs, ,ro la
tV timirt" a ,.,OLEld setll' o ial od Si 'ii- 1 fn! a nikt ni(' .i,.iilgl,'-'$12.d -m :m 1.I2r; mtr:te- -

u: o .tI a-Y ,i all b ut _Li-i n- 'L Or IQ lliuint r i i cliI i i--I -- i RE I T U . . .
Miany Prizes w ith ha, ,,. ittmed ti tounlt:ioi i,," Rat '.'ial,,t, ilitt iiI a t -u, -- i... h*'h l a-I
Grill 1oulr wor. ai I~ ,thlinobeae,

lCa,( Ii "I ri -
P l E x8op hi bitso Dle at Oir' Tampa pie .- I o n- .' i t a ii' .,.1 ht ad ol ,n t ll1. I ,l i, rI' uf.-. d't.
BOrAN V l ipti C i-' tEr ug o L it I I ry -l cI -a ,-o-e IbF r,,utt I IIeilum.nIr

pl MISS ORPHA COLE o 't ho- tl ottltrv .1 Jlel, at l-. S '- rot- u--l t iu" O I
v' iur o lry rilniae n p p l f. vl,w innin ever y time. Oil L .^ a- rd 1 r, Jo In I^' FI1'"'- i ,- Jy l P O I I

t1_,#,t ril th i, *D !ai I-harold I'v 121 N pai
hat a boy'g can d 110 hen He he a lia..l .t / p i 'r r i ae .'4 O S. r6e, edLt i i -ni ,1 .. .
tt h a '. b e e n w e ll d e m oos t ra ii'. I c o p e l sitp aoth z ti a ,in i l !epolt t, i I l i g i-- i -- - - m W_ .-
E IaS S Whln wel I.a I ,, .r.. Ic I wln-lr iCt Nese Xork s.,. di- IO iti cl-i i "i ci Sm r il R

tli? in w e ri 1 p r I. poul <.n 1 ',ow an wOh a e[ p tho l, l, -----I I1' i'Meill I' I f wrtll,*
-, Rudolph W a of De o~ ~Ot Florida Fatr at Tampa. ite l trB Iln 0 Io c l," pla C R il t 1V.I '
In mi mN thre oe st oessful years of at Lto Sruite P i ll JBeksoii-f l .!i S1. i |T
p tiury' so-k'. If those who doubt nth e s iIa Co wlty t n.u' litlis.'- IS llt't a flifii ii :,ltC. -

*n '\ a;.th \r^.~i ttia.t) :, sv'^g-*' Y01;- Ni, l,'r,"- o *;; ;^Ar,;^ :;-:*;; T' I1 'C/ P
It't r poultry ransing pasy Fn a a l c .liih 'h sirf, d 'nc t i m( 'O'i-nlt Ni n e- B .|. i ,i rlim i- n n n foi r l< mup-rt i i' 'I I
Th ,: trwi talk Writh Rodtlph. he gSysl' b in' a' -i Ofo I' ito1 i. t i i smrm
,- rill lhie glad to tell them the Iyear he entered a pen ato frhiai a Ela,,i, no- k lr- ulai b yte h. i--,rlum
,'- ',m of his succes.. In with both raltts w Ir tedatW
iltltEarly Expergence-a (d hnni' an he hlac a oi Dutch EL ____ Ospe Forum WI h. [C O M
'.-'t~tig n he l.u 1 y arn. t bou th,- ghow P Fand wii on-. e .

,', bhar developed Into ot- t.i'akes.t-Ie best pen in the whole: Ba d Con e t'nRi e. Roads
strongest. i not the strunR- .ho -re tmat talo -on tsw tretps 'aFrl.once I E ,!l Thsoutlsn 1^ i i, an-i .I
.'e-t. member of the boy'. poultry o Ganst'lle to te Boys' Short arla mn y-' rgo ,ishi ,, BiLO ,|
M i a'' n y th e o n ty au t% g IIs I C ito a e ui I o r h__c h__i_ 11!a ti g b1 -. c;, i tti r, ,1;. .- i .- ... iT O I T
f ', .t y e a r lie le a rn e d m a t eh ,,b o u t ]l a e t n ie t h i tt r oe b a tc'hin g e g g s a O U R rD og .at h t h e_ ,_hl' r ._ FI: ._ i r,.l *i l1P,
rI--a c re oc ki- ft 1t n l "" A f i- ot m i at It. by the r fi t - Ii tith -o u .iii no Ik. .1\
hth:, r o ay hick's. n aimy as as;acussetts, as a re-, DL d Ihn-i t 1n T i I

h athed tw efty-flre hi s t on u ul ith exM 'lle'ant winnings He- ('. Bushnell, Dire .,, ,-- only ChatAI' i t hT i ,Xs -' ,:0 It N LAI
ha a t a im amouu, r 'te h entig a i t o- Brs'- i tidnu iil, or I lip -', i, i ii P l,. t. Itl ;-nh
:Irk for sate De'.td.-s ba& Bra- eitz. ol ing ab.ut jO'- H pc-nit n| -
ianiw e h a nd Ls haiis he ci n h as' F-a u r-- t In all. a' "Oil] F %I( F G!M CQC lt" (i t lint i il T V n i1tII
hanm alld Langhaim he a~achasI Solo. Bra ritcone--,y~ lie-art at Tin'~ l" PY11, :i) i, (nlu,
-while, iyaniloite-. and dark nius. ~ Xitt-iIcSr~ r M tto-; m.i-l tn i tiii-

ov"vt H Cl' ub., Spiret S ,t'ar --pagl~ed B aen. |y Mr 3, ING thot- I woi)', 1) itA 1,YUlr 1.l,- L t\
W hile Ro bdolp haw l doie the Apre ws Mara cti n -r, 'l aht additiourml i to r iit ,h- -ti _,' -,
vo h iq-hl f r oe pa o ae nts e Oertzo In theo lant, ertL to t tle ipi'ot mli-
E eui couragemelat lu his thre n t atce. itsy oI a l F lO thL oe "n9'1e t I l). AI
H- i' wo haIfsh hbeen under thde d 'in ttjens t V or \'o.usia Ii i 'y I -ali o ,).1k
rete hinor o nf Mio Orpha Cole. nmp nI Fao rk~- iti The nirl f and AN c SheE
t~~y homne demonstration agent. Brook. Stults" ,t) Thle W\histler ao on, i-an d-nt' Ihi' tta', ,t.'-YO RE T P IS IS NE F rDELA lNDSc
119~hac on'~ In Lii-' batll-i oru'rl: J5iliipe nt 't ro

during time pwast three ears; he and His Dog. Pryir. ni i the stal oPloth, Idar at'!mY)O EaLN,
'in Bhe t o%-;'o lia *ar,,'9 "lohdv th D -)r Iti
is rleadyv tgo ent-o'i l for furtthere H dn-t Ma i --y frc he hI a pe tof e i-g.. n t arindn i-in" m hr .r I
,-,' ofisisc es I or w Cit -o. who has been oiet nei"--oolleaiek I ...... CHIEF A ST --E AREnROT N HV
'i emplos-ed to dirket hays club Girandl Sacred Potporr--Joy to'- FOR SALE--One Stanley Ui~ven. CHIEF fXIE 1X U C1
'^ -- hiwork., ca soon as he t ain oppor_ the Trld-- Barnbhoise I --ad I-uxmlthi-jil r-a' A PlaneL NI. 55. In-
S&SC. S -.+ ", and i~hiB ve pirIt StarSpang'"-pled Bannr.d2la i INGani-. TH FIN OFFICE IN FLOR
S y Rudolph ha been ad t regular These till bi Fanteroprr d aitit __ey --I I I
'= a, Prepdarindant at ilub er athe popular' ndtmmrllet There will nFOR SALE--For lack of b-- .. I
st' ways. Alsc o at E ble c lii ta fain'ti,. I'm-i i m'i. l i 1 i,
,-- --Lake wel-V'lnjn each sumJJ. n wr inand e it a lwo 'e s-r 11at lii'a tam I malt;' I IA N--WOO Cl Bu I D O RO F
(-.*.I be has developed into on- has deri,'eI be, efit for h ,ry .. '' . e w e I Y U A D B
eork. AnLe one of Ahet H amps Miss FIRE ALARM. ? . - -

hes. teober oatf l out aond preparr manei- ionf t ohe ceit ine deg %;L- %%:o d starttiynoi
to F .h It e. ',, l th iiy ntrvili -, LET S MAKE IT-
i t wt rNorta Woodland boulevard, whcreoin 2 i-u tin, pDurrinmngttl.... burl- I
'. yer llr mor exhibit. t Rudolph hans praec. 'tI Moarling n M-ar-ss: iIS n'T A Topli'1
r He hane come to him--- -a entagAftirnoont 3 had s te from Ric 0 lit II1,
ttsed this has-k on his e.hwbit work flue o"arks Toons a ta froo h I mu"" bu. OP-T N I-rN da y WYVeRn
ondhis own tebtt birse hicks cnhs -l 50,000IN CAg HeP U TI AR
laipd a b y~l ed r c e tn amoun ,,'eed n i P ut C. Bu hnell kiu hen- ra nge. one l- un arl.-e ixl' i rip i v M, ..

tracts from adhit enb tuno- rs In which oe'hatei the chmlnl ey, ('oiirion & 'o. ai ry I, an h'
preparing their rds for the Oor- and a tire resulted NoD Onage ,In D i l-
RUDOLPH WHITMAN ing gold medal show. a-as dlon e- 1101', an the fir' waIl
der one of his other'an hens and :Club work wIll pa. every boy out by ,hn tilne th lelm'inut.Jn FOR SALE--Wpood cook I "
raised fifteen of them. Al first and girl who goes into t with arrtneil on rite ,enie SparkM, an ti stove, used, medium i b-
hei- fed them oatmeal and cooked the right spirit. pa-tit.les of burniing maeterial flea\
igW, with buttermilk to drink Rudolph is a student at De~nl tt i tee' thinrOiHroit the %neighoor- size, good condition, i "
Later he added scratch feed. Hhs High SchOOlvand is ARthe n of Mr. hood for a time. ald the ri,-lnlty Priced very reasonable'
father s~how.ed him bow to grow and Mrs. Wrllllam Wbhttman. was watched for any olber pnop- Callat arn
nailo maize and kaffir or a -o-erty which might have caught tire. cot at Marih Market,
udolhe d thiseat of alland ge No. 1, E. Rich Ave. L P
Rudolph ffd thaset thea chkns LANLE GIVEN CHARE HEAD OF DISMEMBERED -e-J23-3t. i n
',,nr ti ,h. tduin Trnubles OP PENITENTIARY TOCK1ROOM BODY OY MISS DIETRICH ONEOFi along when the chicks were A ated Press) FOUND IN THE WOODS pnONCE DE LEON
about eight weeks old; forehead (By The Assoclated Press)) rL E
attacked his flock. But Rudolph Atlanta, Ga, Jan. 23.-John W- (By The Aociated Pres ) SPINGS--$100 per lot,
treated hIs chicks with aulp5ur Langley, former congressman from Philadelphia. Jan. 23 -The head terms near the fa
t:m lard and effeCted a cure. Kentucky, has been placed In of Miss Anna May Dietrich, easy terms; near te ta -
Hawka, dogs, and other pest have' charge of the stock room at the whose dismembered body was mouse "Fountain of'
attacked his flock from time to Atlanta federal penLtenlary, where round In the woods near Media Youth" and a new
time. but he baa found a way of he is serving a two year sentence pA., Wedn-sday was discovered
combatting all these enemies. for conspLracy to violate tiA DIo- today beneath the ties of a twenty million dollar
- e has built ean poultry hobngse biblot law. e IS Pennsylvania railroad bridge over development. For full o -
and four coops, and has enclosed '- --- Naylors creek nen- Bywood. a Stcla s etle
fruir yards as 1 hag found need Lonaconlng. Md.-Slnce two suburb, particulars, see teele
for them when adding to, his prohibition agents aver they There were no marks on the Real Estate & Develop-
flock. He raised about 125 ohick, were served home brew in the head to Indicate how asbe had D -
tia in all, stressing quality rath. mayor's dining room by his wite been killed, ing Co., 121 N. Boule-
er than number In hblhflock. and also given the recipe,. Mayor -------- vard, DeLand, Fla.
A Real Winner W. Allen sla awaiting a hearing be- A man just will insIst upon c-bas- D ad a J
Du ng %As t1liee y7lr8 work fore a federal commissioner. ing a girl tntltil she catches him. -J23-2t.
-i... .-- A k..


eD LL -; ISouth Florida Fair beyond iu=estion what we have
Re ase Rubber; claimed for Florida. The exbit.
-: "' y] to Keep Pace with individual. city and coluty. afford
Keeps Hands Off Controversy Progress of Florida he cost edeleive way."
In the opinion of the directors.
----- Jan.-- the intere-t in the state aroused
international News Seric. i the Stvens he. Whi Tmj. Jat'. '-e-L iwhctr. Of or maintained through the South
t i. 23-Havng a. jrmed as muh n ie inleesc '' Florida Fair i the only real profit.
H..- avingo te- furll ned as nour h Ipr o tr e Inteie.c' i.tut; l ii ii 3%l t tie a se t fair is
arranuid ftor the release of manufacturer! and con-iiniers as 1 : 2' ti I ll 2 liu i111yh tiltC the fair products. From a tinan-
't, R te t month of the full n!that of producers. bti.., l'.,f 1 t llb. *- "11i 1 >?"r ..l aspect the fair is a non-profit
U4eLon 'of Britisn overseA W as Big Surplus i", 1:it -% i re ls I J'i flit uP!ou theC Ir itutiou. The sole beneathh to
Splttaatatlons, the government "Th, simple facts are that i, whi,.w l. tii lingel-y sti1 anyone .onneted with it is the
.lLmptin its hands off of the the slumnip of 11420 and the prutaL.t *1! it; [i'h iLtU'.U,- o'.t idte ut tih.u- ,a lisfaction of advanciing the Iu-
1 1. o-pveny between the Depart- ed depression thereafter, surplus ,i"tl t'l-,,ui I' iv-idt=i of terests ot Florida. asserted Mr.
SIlWt o Commerce at Washington scocl.. of rubber had i!cmnlated 0'1u-1t t Bror1 in
-' R' R"B bt rubber growers over to enormous dimensions, andti the- ii i I ii iiili iu
1*,i -Ah' NBevemou restrictilve scheme. luhlr producing ndultry wli t tie ,it-t i1 Floi ih ie -
;i -1.Amons sharebollers of the Brit- faced with runin, and it seemed a-s %ti ,', iti i',1 1 ," m tu.1. ine
c'piapalntea there are. of course. though tinaii plantations iu.-it re- I iii t u li ire Orange City
Jiparthies for the objections vert to Jungle Ihts anuililtn i,1 t "L i. ',, i it i<. i:.p atve 1-r Y
i" i'A merie an rubber users In view the work of ycah htc"h! i..: L' ,,'... i.- 4I1. ed_ ---
it)i," "'be fact that Lord Stevenson's "Tle Stev to-u1 13 .hmb e. 1ht lh gt 'i .. I1', .:PI m ii. -.k-I. .,till t Cougregation hurc
t, hima la credited with having sev- ,D-gan to ope-idie ui Nuirubr I 't-' i ` tli'it ,-' l' I hi h n Sundav sori(reg %tIll be held a
la crdre wit hundng sayr J1 1ll b1 helda
(. tbe British rubber industry 1922 In a niit-. ell, aie. ul i main. It li i "i FN' ,j-ii I'.-,d.-u(. t1l, lof.
W i.., 't al annihilation, raining a pivotal ]piter 0 0 1O f .,"I ,.i .*. '-.. i, ii- I. 'SC i ;I n- Sundan s-hool at it a m. Piutb-
l !Not only was the industry say- cents per pound tor rubber. whl,.i "- 't ', lit Worship 11 a ni, Themne "Th"
ac '...o. . rdtng to the view here. would have juti pivrn grOwi-IS a "" V tii'i t 2i. .,- 1 'i tdt ,.h-ng O Jeu.- ing life
I 'st -ontlnued production of rub- inmode.-st i roit. -dch producer., ii1 t' < ,t ,,r , 1.31 .i'o d- t1 o l in g Elarac oert of Haitted
E`l*'"wasanred, .thus making It normal produtlug capaiitv wai- as It, t tr-I, t -,I l, ,i i IIIl- ii.tte. and tla'lit EtvcningR Scong Sof-vite for manufacturers to get sessed as his standard phorlrct1n [;,--1llii ll..,'-, n.lp, Ipon . Theme "The vaav of
S. p liea. where otherwise they and the stheu.' started L. allo'.. i t,.t h ill t ,i.,h y. it il- r. :f, I it i
d, i 'dnot have afforded to pay rite 11g the export of ';> iPer .-ent ir r..ii *' .. .Ir i ..t if f.' '. IE.. 01l d. urh-
whic h would have been de- that standard. 11,, IEl-l. %' i ih ,pri nci trhhip lia m. A Thhto Even.-
Mt!,fic Wo r.hItIp a t 11 a m. At the Even-
*:.'f,' Essential Condition ,I I, -l'l j l 'I ,l i il - tlat? ing .ei vit e 7-30 p. itt Rev. Pier-
Efft of Agitation "An essential unditou of the ',l gle the tourth u' bi
"O'Ce effect of the agitation In the scheme %as that if the trie,, ro,nge. n r- tf letre. otl
t~~o r -' i .,,t p . r Ii. h~ . 'i o r a n ti
Ef.t. giain.n seta t ,lt .0 iitt~,i *. Ai. iT r .nge..irrks of itectures ott "Pgrim-.
:t. tatesagainst the rubb bbe, r lse mtaintaind at Over t" f' l thu
Sreeirlctions has been to acquaint 3I' en t tr cofie,.utv l 1. 11 i.t, At St Tiohy- LiuI--
'. rftitsh rubber users, including mo- months hthenn r ertve itI. ', An ',xtr. 5-1 pServi .e at 11 a. m
Ib r &.r owners. that they are be-moh te netape et tr-'|h.rit .,,,v-,ew
to car owners that they are was autonatically allowed in the prtl, l pn,,,t ,. h They are getting aheal with
OL as heavily hit as the Amneri. following quarter and if the price ;t t ',tt h, ilghway work a little more
t~ ~a by, thewa go errkt' aiia elll ardmore
..'.5 by the government's limlta- was maintained at uvel 35 %envi r e ;I,, n, I ii 1e a ,1 iri I
|I on rubber exportation. tht release became I per <;n. -, even dtarlToads (-f naferial be ro
Is pintpil ut'cc.evfd tollay This has been the
.4 I .''t. is pointed out In manufac- "As an emergency precaution "1 1-'FI,.,ti 1i1- i.ll ;. itrni Iro. holulp of the work Once the. r.pI
f tipg circles that there has been tie exportable percentage "aI ti dui., ri, ,I an, t I'|.- in the h'lad iup ahof li to get the Imater.iil
' Spell object of making Amer- contact hb 5 per tent if the pt FtIco :o get the materi-il
u rubber-users pay more, but averaged les. than 21 cents %hen ii,',ti n I- n ',.'t.llv iiiior l' l ron e th- around he lhtontrackor
Ie .'t the ultimate consumer has the export rate was not higher tnr .,ft, i :i ,,i ire|_ promises TO make short work of
sufferedd on both sides of Ihe At- than 61 per cent If at 65 per ;ta- f,. xte-s I V.4' P tnain all i
.'' I leD cent or over. hoi.vir. it was >o Otne of the latest arrivals iu
'In responsible quarters Secre- go back 5 per cent If the prl>:e ttfn thii it 1.1" -Outs d .li t;P Orange City is Harry Spielman.
rs o sbeprei iiie the e t,-,tir tit po slL.-ilit\"v h a p rh&e h a le
i r. iry of Commerce Hdover's plans averaged less than 3U cents. wr ,.t .t h it tnd kno ip Tii 'ho has *pi'rc.haed the barloer
... 'k building up an independent [ 'Whai happened" Durin two fair i4 ,,- ai-.nimblv nr all this at shop of F. takefeld. Alon
fo tho bber ppy for h United years after the initiation nf the '.f all t with it h has taken over -itre %A
tlea Is looked upon as a reaa Ste\nson ?he-,irn a .e pror t ver. hr- .,ord. an .ippr Ret r-atlon hall whi-h he is c--
"Capble solution of the problem aged over L1. e.tis inly in Ti tq n 'nIi In - i. rl i itud., ,i t ai. bo Gares a is-
o iose 11n of thlh 1.l-i tiW tll 11tt itg- -.lzowiU II I i ae ll sydte1
trom tbhe American view-point, onil three.iouthly period, and ac: h- rt .13 dearranpedj the lpightrnu system
Among members of the Rublier ually in titi period NMay-Jitly. 192. Flatitid U't, "Jna--l', is n and deucoralpd It prfusely for thin
r growers' association there Is a the aveiacge was less ithin 22 I g tli, .i, '0a. "y tis e-_ purpose of e-,-blishing a dancing
;f .te ing that tie high prices of cents, notwithli-anding the fatr I .h .. . ,a, ... ti N 1 l .'ad.'m: .hpre lie will have dbane.
Wtbch American manufacturers are that a large part I., thlI turplu, p. i rt r... i-i li.h n every i Tuerday and Friday
X011 11ow complaining are due to their [to(h had by that rlin- b-en at-- t, .- eP evenlngs.
'iwtlB failure to buy rubber in sorbe.d lw ear-. the tura del ent lie has engaged The Bu.l; Hv-,
I, e quanie in 1924. Hand-to-Mouth Buying i ir be giater and it-e rap I an rc.'hestra of Ste son univer.4ly
.:, Rubber Cheap In 1924 "During 1121 hanJ tlo-nitii lev. Ti,--' f-uir mu-is kpep p,- %-iih f'un tish the music and th prom-
At that time rubber could have lIng wag the ordicr of the iav in Il|i i'rt.1--q itt1 Florida it i-; IpI, iamse n to be one of tho r pnirit
i.be1 n bought verf cheaply, hut buy. Ameoritcan ndustries gerirnera ilv. NoI,, o .-. 'n T r" amusement resorts of Oranme City
ors rrfu ed to seize the opportln i- card was paid to the lact tihar ri .. Ion.ibii.. aii the r. eat Edliar J. M le, nerney. the floor
iMy to make forward conirata. rubber vas obiioubly too cheap, UI ha. oillp U Ild te rea i. I.e-i i anl arrn d
euln charges of a "world quite apart frnt the fact that con- is nor ie rnit v of he the 1Pcoratlions whi h are ver
stieeae" In rubber on the part orf traction In export t must follow dnrm*ror, alonI It the r aspo- Sttrctilt'Pe.
In d 1), 11 h tpn W. .1. Toll of Philadelphia is ali-.
,IrltBh producers and defending under the pIrotision,. of the SIP'e1 Fi'- ] or'-i t,en- eac .c. t lt..a. lie ia it ac-is I
: 6tb0 0'sevenRon scheme. I. Eric A nEoII sch: h i1c Hall A Pil'a i oliher tite arrival. Ile iq iii el' .*lrg
.!ller former chaiEmain o"f ne .hvh n roasonal)le "fihigbt in r- I .. i p it, 't ..r... ... fit thi Operations of thie Orange
Subber 'Growers' Association ani gard to its' lI"1. rr-quiren-nint or i I tC mosra City Lumber company.
sine df the leaders of the Hrltis;i rubber the recent spiitaLular rt,- -. -- .--.... ___.____. ....
S7.bber Industry, told Iniernntiona; could have been entire-ly avoilrd. pi ice -t t ----ts
1 0`'s Service today that he bellev- "The scheme teft the power or I ";tepr- %eie tak,-in b\ our gove-rn- Sidbvji Mas.--Hien.y Foril
l "'' a lack of understanding of lte regulating espol-ta entirely in Th.- mniei a few we%%-.- hack to give noW owns about 2.fifiu aerr-< of
W'bole.4Ltpation was laregly respon- hands of the buyer. nd their nt i r"er- by ninuncin n hat as a tin, own n hpr& he i; no
fhe or the present controversy, glect of ibthe market in 1t9! in- Februarv 1 pnexu ppiri t insrat planniE a Nrw'lall \lllano.
dont even now." Miller said. doubedl le.d produter- to 0s .it 11leing .,j p.-- ct n piovile, bitn ,here II has the W1ys..,'
Ci Mei any Americans, wko that American roquiireneni.s unist ;In the schente, would be raised Inn. a griet mill and several P
L i- .f .*Osy heard and read denuncia- be well provided for. hence their ;to lt per cent ihuL alloniig pro- lates. His latest purchase is a 5"
'EDii 0r rubber prices, really un- willingness to make large forward ducer.4 to export up to full normal acre farm for. hlit son. Edsol. for-
.011*1d the principles underlyinug contracts at just over the pivot Lapacity" which he paid $60,000.

Daytona Art Galleries

Persian and Chinese Rugs

Art Objects, Table Linens

To Be Sold at




January 25th. at 2 P


Attractive and Useful Souvenirs Will Be Given Away

Daytona Art Galleries

144 So. Beach Street















.4 i I



Quartet Dancing




..4 -.

* - 'I.'






S. .a .



I I .

-- - -. -----.- - --,- -, ... ... '.... ... .... ......- -... ......... -... .._.. -_ -







Colliers Won'i se"

Too chummy were colliers Seneca
and Chapman, anchored together
off' Block island. Waves drove
'em together, pounding 'em up,
as remains of Seneca, at Provi-
dence, R, I., show.

L,,nely la."d I.-Imti. I in
r,_' duvne : 'nI ai! r'>'3-'
]+ca~ll;- T ,. ..n;, h.,'- t:.,),rll
t.)irrA:' ,".'.'. i '..iii Oh
ad t.i1, ar i. '- 1- i ..v.
l..o 1, ldy '.'a' b li d
l_'ri~n';- >eT:e.i'.:''. in \.uilt

!i ," 'L-

I. "

Moscow Harvests Its Ice Crop .cl .. '!-U, all Moscuw stop.tJ iits either labors to
gather ice \jhil:. it a.l.',, a'nst di,'n v.i han ice dealer? announce a
No LMon2,ev IBusiness

1 r.. i'i,:iB'' & ., iiri, a
Si'.c:. I' . .. hiS. v.,.l? i n.,i.L;-, v.i' -n.h on uay to Chicago home,
.." .... l ..:!, 3].. ] r...'.rii v..hi. I- |oh .e hunt fiend.
Hyfb,-plane iDoes Mile in 39.5

,- *. ,-f *-. .,,"- - . .. *-- .. .- S g. .' ., i.M K lll^ --

.: ", : 4 : _' a'...

S[."-;,<, '. .' i.l,~" P~ an I!.: h.. driplane, i. shov.'n hanging Lii ner' re, ord
I -3 *m *at Long Bech, Cal.
*,__ I _.Pasrling Salled for Home
Io---,- -',--- ..--

Though he had engaged stateroom and planned to accompany his
wife, Ganna Walska, Harold McCormick stormed down gangplank
in Xew York at last moment, leaving her to sail alone on the S. S.

Emile Da.'i,.li(r. ic-tiring French
amlbn%..a'ior to United States,
rtincd fra'm New York on the
Majc-tic f'-,r hanidarrl.
Proud Father

,9500000 Gif

a..' ra l l C Li r .' '1' i iir ( b v c N. 1 -
S nC'uLTi'ed in a let>'r Io SSec.
H ':,'.'er tlith., he' hi d t a.-ide
S-' IAi.I.i>). z lo l t,,(.1 r.ndv t-, sup-
ply an arl ilitr,,] ? ,-2.0'"J1,0.1U as
the Danivl GuI,-r,',Ih'iiii Fund for
..11..--- the Proriitiii o(f Ae-ronautr,.
Ocean Too Small for These TiVr

Ocean Co'rns"mi'-'i

' }-.:.y f w '

---- ..... ...a ,
. ;, O ti3 Ta i l ,' I.r a .. . & ,A t ,acn i t .'
t' .,ii.-yl Prob.J'." the yuuTTest ocert." '
i. After cR'ru.,..r." I. J.ak )o05ab;ti'rl.
ai. S|.n.- i, "oi of -:..:nucl L. Ro.:cbghaum,'
ii, -niall ',:,a ir.Akcs ft.qiin: vo 'are ..
S,. frirn En-land Lj N(.' Yr. rl Yor ,.,
: .;.- e. 'f.'-. tAI. Yuoa"ng 1 osnb-ibm -
i; an- .Ji, g L ti on.. ,'
Eg En in Icy Waer :

.* .. :
"a" t, ;
p^ j .'


a -..5r-~ a
- arta' *4


Beautiful Prince -n s lts ana -ed pfc '
(abo(r~cI, daughter of Qtueen
Marie and King Fcrdinaiid of
Rumania. and ratd rovnlty's
loveliest daughter, is to wed (iBv Piatfle & Atlantic)
King Borik o Bulgarja, accord- Branding sentence for conspiracy to violate liquor lav as "martyrdom," ex-Congressman J. W.
ing to an un,.,Ilicial repr-t. She langiley arrived at Atlanta, Ga., to start term. L. t.- r : Langky, R. B. Williams, marsliall, J. 0. Flan-
is just 17. ncery and a guard.
of Two Sets of Tvins and Son Poisoned Her Fifth Husband

Representative Arthur M. Free of Californa is tha proud papa of congre--s. In the are t\\o
sets o. twins, and an extra son thrown in, all shown above.

" *' '~~ ~ ~ '; -I,' '' F*; ar li a & A t cin ;l a
e ..,jut ,n .er way t L
in i"r-'S ..,- n ',- tml 'I *it

bu~t ad.: ~delicac&y.. Ibis'
-), , r k, N. .,--h

bu'ry ii' r,:,.,youn-sf 'r
--A 'I lun
oen .i En,'.her way to af'
\.'n'.i:', lir ,vifd'",a"; *".ci t~n ', i>c '{
Liit r, dc,.',;iii- dc-licady. -T)>ril
ie.-.iil :i *oi r;, Bhrik,.N.. J.hgw
,->:acm .t an~ L .I ':\ frojten .S4 s.ff
bury li'.,ir, ".5 ': ounffstLr l(Bd iM',
on (r r i,'i u=',:/. .'/"*,.;) ,,;

VTac tioning r"'a
F ,El':.

(B, P..18. Brat4
"-f.- '^^ ""' "'^ '^ % tot r, ':, '
aFew escape it, the chaMn '.,
___________________ Florida. One of those nw s'"
r iia ~& A.,rit) journing there is Gen .jfi
Mr. !.aura 'Christy The late Rev. William Christy Garibaldi, grandson of th'
"II ,1 it. tL.c-.e he a:ked me to," was explanation of Mrs. Laura Italian hero of the last c .
Chuiivy, 4b. v',w ronf.'-d to killing the Rev. William Christy, 56, He is stopping at Coral AIL& .
i1 East Liv.crp-..:l, U., with poison. He was her fifth husband.
Copyright: 1926: Pacific & Atlantic PhE fc .

Dichess's Burhd LL.a o "f." Lfpdy of Shott"'

a, .
a I a

*lirTi !

. '^pl^-"'


A. M.
A. M.
t" 7?34;

at. Howry
vell, Minister.
.-At 9:45 the
ets. Graded and
Will find a eo -
Ic worship and
astor 11 A. I*.
6:30 with Mis
e leading. Topie
IeWn Neighbors.'
7:30 when thte
se1ut will havw
mu a. This witl

Norman G> Ieiler, Binghiamiton,
N. Y.
Johi Sregenfoo, 'East Green-
R. J. C (ilev, Philad'elpia.
Anton' Thrissau, Allentown. ;
Malii o'f 'theinjhred guests tak-
en. to hospital's were registered
from variots Potnsylvanla towns.
The 'cause of the fiv had not
be detl inlie norhliad aiy oa-

'ite inside of lShe I 1 was a.
mdata ft1-i t 7 when ftielaue
i'ri *The hallways ansti stair-
nays ablaze, an d aiabe to leave
itlt ron)'s igt 'vh eledand be-
Ue: ifet tso at the
wi lows waiting for 1 *tlTe1ir r1 -1
cueas. Sp( ctatotrs, could see the
oecupairt ,of rho bu ning build-
ing, and hear their cries for help.
F V hV e rested reacheA
the siewalk. without a drencihg
of water over the Iflimy gar-
mieats, which turned into Ice a
few i'inutes. Autonmohles alid
taxicabs a S were commiandeerea nud
?he guests taken to hospittals;
there Was no tlile to wait for
blankets eor clothing. I
'the Allentovwn hospitalI was
forced to call every nu-se to
itty and a call was sent out for
extra doctors and nu-seFs.
tLehian, the night clerk,
reported hearing a cry of
"Flre"' shortly after 2 a. in.,
"I spread the alarm biy rihg-
inf the fire alarm bell," he said,
"and started to arouse the guests.
In ess thfan a mlnutev, it Seieed,
thie la weev shooting tlroilgh
the elevatOr shaft, rendering the
elevatoir uelss. The next man-

Lincoln Hulley, President of Stet-
son University will lecture to the
class on the. Sunday School topics
"How Jes.. .Deals with Sinners"
(Jesus and the Samaritan woman,
John 4:1-42). All are cordially
inv.tead to attend this large class.
There were 251 present last Sun-
day. /
W- M. S.
The regular monthly Program
ineeing of the W.M. S. of F'rst
Baptist church will be held Mon-
d ay afternoon at 8 o'clock. irclA
B. will have the Programi. A

o *oiHnup tfromntPage One.)
of the organization Were very ac-
tive in the ehalf of thegusts.
Attired in fortmral dtres, the of'
fiCers'and salesmen of tLe sewe
organization were mtosaolert to see
that thee guests were hown the
proper ciurtesy. They served as
escorts to attend the visitors as
thly were shown t hraugh tlih pril
vate offices aind on tlle the. niez-;
saine floor whetr refreshmeitsj
were served, and wh'eml iatsbnell's8:
orchestra providedmusic iSe thimigi -
out the evening. More ttan 2,000
people were served at the puAch
Congrnatulatory floral gifts were
p'e6ientd to the Sewell orgtnlza-
tila from the Dreka Rly Co.,
the Hfenry Lonsfod rgtnteza-
tion, and Snummervie and rens-

(Continuetd from Pae One.)
all, we must look foi survivall only
in the spirit of the good we have
done in passing throughi<
"1 do recognize. tho existe4e p f
a, great uniN-versal poier-a- power
whichi- .we' al'lt even ll'egi'n ,to
attempt to: It mt y be a conscious
mind and it m ay.not. I don't
know. As a scientist, I should
like to know, but as man, I am
not' so vitally concerta. d.
***** .ChWrist Belie*.
"A afor Christ-well, Hoe has
been moat outrageously bielled.
H is followers * -- thave so
SgarbledA His words and conduct
that many of them no toitger ap-
ply to present life. Christ * *
Swas an infidel of his day because
he rebelled against the prevail-
ing religion and government.
"I am a lover of Christ as a
man and his works and all things
i that help humanity. Bu.-t, Pvw-
thelesse, .just as He was aa infidel
then, I am an idfldel today."

ute the flames had spread through
the hallways and cut oiff all pos-
sible escapTe through those ave-
The hotel contained 68 rooms
It was built in 1899.
been reniodelled several times.
*, -- ---o_--.
A pretty affair plaunnei by Mrs."
A. H. Woodall for -next week for
the pleasure (ofa limited number
of hter friends. iill a bridge
I lunci eo^ f~~n *. oi ~l aTuesda- w.J ihent~t lir t^e-

a ..Uu.We an

Unique Production

pLatian people agaiin indicated
their aprboval of the legitimate
drama last nightL by packing tie
Stetson a auditorium to see a stu-
dent producCon by tne Green Roormi
Plates. il feetfc, the seating g plf
bleiAhreaimacutefor a-while, au
the c ub ana gets ,nis1 hlorming
are disciissing the advisability o0
other mtethotds in handling the
The Stetson orchesstra, Donaldf
"Faulkaei, Arector. opened t.An
evening with snappy wing by
several delightful musaal uiMerSi
SThe size. ot the orchestra was re-
dueed, 5ut the muSic was up to
the hiigh standard of the or 'ant.a-
* ton:. .*
The Drama
The curtain raiser, "His Blue
Serge Si ',' was easily the miort
popular proau'ction last night. Tiae
stuiatiuns in thiis play are human
and real, anld the l.nes are ciever;y
written. M i'ss Hillis earmeaUa,
T'awpa Who Was at her best in
"Prince Chap," saved the play on
several occasions by her realistic
potrayai of a taetful young bride.
.iA Gll, Daytona, was at his best
in tihe snappy aihnated s.. enes.
"Frzl" Burt, "Spuds" Morrow,
Lami.r Newbeiry, and Chan Pojin-
son helped to make a lively scene
when the apartment family quar-
reled about the blue serge sui.
Anatole France's two-act come-
ry. "The Man Who !MNiarriea a
Dnitb Wife," has a title that is
most suggestive and real. The
story uniolds itself naturally, anUf
the situations are unsually clever,
Though difficult to be stage. .
So out-standing was the work otf
Miss Loran Goftu, junior law stu-.
dent r'om Jackisonville, in this play'l
that some of the other characters I
appeared useless in the scenes.
In panttonilne, in articulation, in
variation of expressed emotions,
nothing in the work of Miss Goffin
savors of the amateur.
"'Tubby"' Ritffles, always at his
best in character worlr, made of
the judge a livable character
whose court methods are strange
to a twentieth century audience.
In consideration oftthe fact that
'I"Spids' Morrow was cast only two
nights before dress rehearsal, the
slight pauses of this unique charac-
Ter were excusable. Thei-e was a
decided contrast between h:s two
characters In the two plays.
Bruce edge, Charlie Boal, Arval.
K Pia, P1il Cunmaitags,'CliaBi. Joni,-
son,. MirJiani Wedek'ing& w &an J~os-.


a costume play, with the strange
scenes and anti(lce properties, the
prodiwtioJh last night Was iven
more effective. It will be rememr-
bered for a long time as a m(liquS
andI unusual prodtltidon of a very
real though strange theme.
In fact, the unique way in whIch
it was staged, and tue artistic work
of Miss Gblffttin were the reOeemInT
features of the show last nilht.


Filling Statono, House

NOTICE ma'nhighway
to our Patrons ] a h D
chicken dinner 2 1-2 acres of land icludii
Sunday 12-2 $1.o( grape vineyard; wonderfulI
Week day dinners .
an* suppers *60c.
Tangerine Tea Room New, house and 3 l6ts for
D kaiedg. $2500.00.

Action Makes Moey!


1051-2 W. Ind. Ave.
Wells Bldg.
Phone 537-J'

' f tf ~ ~ r t R e d u ce''* '' '' *'

75C* *'*:;;': 5to->t

lreet toj : 'o
'ime ad.- The Adult Bible class of the
are of First Baptist church will meet Sun-
e and a day morning at 9:45 o'clock. After
g antici-i a, s6ng service of 15 minutes Dr.

ALM' Hodgen,

m by Fanny RI
promptly at

The Book Stoe

N. Boulevard and W. Wisconsin Ave.
,C. MELVIN McKAY, Minister.

At It a. m., the minister will speak. Theme:
"'The Manifestation of Chrit
At 7:30 p. m., W. D. Cunningham, who has been
a missionary in Japan for the past 30
years will speak.


Get it at Allen's


We Both Gain


DeLand Florida

Fountain Pens


S On The Min Street oflMida





Several business firms have bought building sites
far down the Boulevard. They bought them to
build on and establish their business in the BEST
LOCATION. You know the answer to that.
With our location on the Boulevard aind with per-
manent improvements of the highest type, the
value is sure and sure to increase.


Sales Manager

412 Firt National Bank




QUALITY-By supplying you, w
Foods for your table
SERVICE-By delivering prom
you want at the time you wish

S.. .* . ..*.* ..- .... .^ . . ._-... '. .- -- ^ .i a -
*|. ~A H :-. WC)OW., ***,
142 M.Boulevard P
I ;

/ For

those weak eyes use

_ _ _ -*Wat
-.. ...- *.. .,.


"Well," said the man The Busy I
who had just been Service a Pleasure. Pi
knocked down by a,
S n truck, "it ain't done
me no good."

An accident may not disable you permanently, but it will not do I
you any good. And the feeling that you have in tle knoWledge
1!,'t i'iiu ar protected by one of our accident ins ,riac puollei 1
i, wo f* ar more than the cost ot the policy. Call us up today.



Insurance Department

nd Floor Volusla County Abtrat Co. Bldg.
en lo ou ia ConyAsrc o ~




ect, A
e is c

singing at
is to preach
tile Boast.
ally invited

and yester
for the re


Athletic Goods






.r-'-' ~'--
I'--' *'--

Billy Evans
Harris Sima
Herb Harris

a- ,00ma00es 'se c.e.o es .ee-


Stetson Varsity Sets Record I Two-Sport Star Pacific Coast to Full Hous,
QunttTk I--Be Represented at Welcomc
Quintet to Take oWelcome

on Daytona Tonite Golf in Augustine S H
-r ,, 1- A R. 13 3' U t. .ugtisttlie, Fia. Jatil -
rT Ar.'.1 3 .%..'e .". Tlt.- Pacialfic Coast %&ill bte e! m-
Th stage .tgs -r spre'sentd. bor! in nunther anNti o N, i.i .l 'u
Gyinasiun m oa t Stetson tUniverslty ''i qual.v o a Ihlie renipelito,'s., at lit' r '- fl t
ir a the ecge tilt tonight between 'the tiatTisal eiito smins and dl"a ui ied-. Si '.",
Clutche McQuillan'l Hatter baa- j "..
leeer Mc uland h 's~~h gru0o (.haulpiunuilillp.; tr ,.-,jineu.. to lie rlvf in :1l1 i43 r,
eteers and the fla group or held in th-e Al.Uiza r pbol here Fer ,-nf.i Tlttna.r J
baker men representing the Day- .,'. ruary ) to 13 Vord was rel'el afh.-r it' m, at
tu ag Athletic t lub. The game today 9f Il13 We ry t wo t ieev P a- Yl rk eit gaa- oe
wirill get under way promnply at 8 ttoltv of (lit feur r i the l]ading P a Yr in :i 1tid"1
Yeter da eto beun o s aler way ronpl LatI, i .i. _,,o oea gerlokThis is the DeLand News father-Fior tle courage af ha a of fh ou notr lin i\i.r i : oad
e sterday a cfternoo cn toa. hl l t in New York Ttm es disguise. to c io v ction- whivh was for lovt tm er t "i. t oti- t ltv kha ,
Q l e nll a n o l r e re o n kl y a x a r tlu u pi -i a n d n o t h e r f a t h e r s n o n e y t h e 3 J E l e a n o r G ;: r a t ( Ief S t le, t. V b i .
Igriod of practice for the HatterWhen you read today's Car daughter deserve universal praise Refat- the 'n,'ation or thle til sUi for t 1 ir-H.
IiFA treeman No o g u atterr Wt(henfoure d totda a r. d odgma sn wheerer ll the SC- D-al i*ll Of l i ll
aketeers. No vigorous w ot; an h o t niege I rary- don't forget to for being one of a rare lot. (In the mee i tll St Augus.tcne 1-at, year. el to fotil ri h an
wals done; just an hour of basket -. vote this publication the best moneyed class I should specify. irn Ionead Far Invading le] gatiou i iit a't.ed a
tosieng, and patssing, you have read. v.ho marry for ove. love .e '-i m.-. al. r
Df pen O n Fr eeman.ia us eh t nN, n a ] Iouthing from life ever existed ra-ii ou thei 5t ,-.Lr free style -r
Depend On Freeman croe iatdi toi e i2,i l1e.n it-
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lig range artist of ti e Stets1 oni l norm al conditions publishes tailed to dazzle the girl in t -e and 9 ,L i- Ur nAing il af 'd [ti Heo mtofor m "
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the chances are tia the situation nThis edition is what news i took part in Ydi free and 1;11-.rd a;a- bitt "Sally
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la few day.n ago will be ry'rure d ao n_ papermen term a special edi. toral Lotve glititei. ti e same tr e itl hel -i
e cannot take thgame all alone .. tiorw-It is very specm al-if ah gold-Only gold Iom tlu I's pd In aleeins her t i ph year thai , t- il a.,
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f lift, -f n tg ue-rs lf dr-hIe kinn.
.-am do a world of good for the nata : ters and plenty of damage for th 3 ,D ve diain ull-h o f e .,
tlnla outfit. Freeman is t- It required a t of work to The Saturday Eening Post an. ere and wn-t linrl si holders 0t I

S m i tn g rn a n g e 3/i i ^ o o^ ^ A M n s i n s e g v p a o d l a r r %O p n l i sl . Lon e u n ,Jo .i 1O ** l l l lIi e r ;uld h aie k -i u ..;
Sg to be known wi as a long range -* compile thts big fdltion. When Ladies Home Journal announce rr il- rt t i icprtru lt Et'"rIe. Etli- Lachis and

d ae- i n Il l a ccufr a cy c o m bn al ong vId mt Pie rs 1yc-ul S tetso A udito n u ever"f r a c o a s i p n e l ir f Iy lipr~i rji ] %%n t r ^ i^ ^
de mti on. t i s e accuracy Ty u-n l b au work is required to do any. stock dividend of $70,aiilo. Til or ar. yu h r-' lh t etery Telt-en W%,1'n rlgh t
*hets Is sotite tinte-s a hit uincatnny. t% -- i thing-it is not necessary to Saturday Evening Post ti gnod .ol and t nthe I n he fatl l Sen The i 'attipionM. hicr' will

a re~~ ~ the al rr~ir u r n e ur t r m O r hea.nt m if .e u a io a l "Vlu Fa r ln A rv i ta lleovn -0a^k h r ti' ll I. o .),'.l:I' li^
Ifreeman will very likely start at - menition that it ran be a .c- reading frr anybody. The puhl o.a- fayIn ht lf,., k |urtnc the b' P tter--n Thf i ir l r A T H
g ja m kd iu th e c o n t e dit to n ig h t M e e t S ai t in W C ,rr .e n s=atl, n a l Y a hle c o m p lis h e d w it h o u t c u s s in g- t io n is to o c o n s e r v a tiv e to tita k e n t ho h el k D u ardg th t h e aA tir a IL-nl, rdo ',

F reemt a an s 0 3 ofro D a tile H atter po h avaulter.w h be tr ed a w y th t e T e T m s 'l n r h seU1l dn heu th~ .1 E e t N 2 Di t n e 7 e e i, Th io n ?r i l e w ld ^ f B
Freeman is onet of the Hatter Bpole vaulter. io bettered the tHionrls Therefore, not a man on this elvenl a dog mad ituch less a buman skethall qUintet ,ut whether II -.. Elilzaheth t leekr .- Mrs
sqluad a-ho has beent an apt student IIndoor re,:otdl at News Haven. Conn., p aper used anything other Iheiing. There is .so much diffe-r- v. as a, griller or r--,'-gr (larent i- Plukstlon. Betty' Bi.ilts'r
oylf C coach M eQ uillan F reem an ha ss the other day l l ti-mr cleared the bar than parlor language in joing e ne betw ee n T he Po st and 'rut wesv one ofrtnt b tgN v -r 1.;on t ic ta t1 its i llani l ent atB ,
been quick to comprehend lantd at 13 fet. one inch. Sherrill of t ab out his task. Our foreman. Litetray Digest4 one need only ili 'or- H o L 'itt)lji. grit lhut fa.: -

IeaPTen Dm^ enna vl,.unl5 held the o.Lan~ler eo h ^~e u. ^l P"y" et u(ob m.,,l m,, Iod 'ou.i F ir ,i,,I'l freep+l~+ u httyle liil. honorr, ^
wit into practical use the scientl. Iennsv-lnr a held the for ah. josh Connell, wil not be aOu look for a straw vote-and dlyLettide-i ttl '-- o ta t tihonr
i e a n d v e r y w o r k a b l e i n s t r u ct io n s a n tn c -h I c -s F t h o u g h D -a n B r c -w n e l l . J o w e o n te s t e t o f b e a t T h e D i ges t r aw t esaw s I .- :. a S h e I Ie t n p r -a r -
ch C o a c h M clu i l l a n I h a t h t i me I l l ino i s sta r I sa c ed it p e d l w e r t s torn t e s t re etase o f D e IA T t hO e y The, d r a w s t i l e s t r a -wlmi , , Soh e ml, i aei p
oncndi. Illinois star.raIs credl-;i, fud;-
wtch Coac h ran, hates hando t It of 13. tet. S Inon Land for at least a week-He Imotly for the republ. rlica nze st IOrEM t~ itit for i- rali sntedl: ahlt t.r
Pei ot to his array of bastr s. i H a dht r asay's he is --crazy" from wrok- P idate si t ha e ti h- r
Studies the game Ing on this edition- He is not i Ae n le No t l bui in eohd p f-orm-nt el r t t .- /
o" inprovei ent. While you are .. ... l ..l . "Dcrizy"-but it's best not to Magazine Notice ngers eet to Aori bl -; pngboa', ,ol.
watching the gaine to.lbht watch bother our foreman for the pl -ettr girl sopped In B Ti d F ,:-., at prt.- it l I 1
Chet Freeman's consistency In amtime being. fo r He p itsesto rday to -el mT B e 1onteste i- o 'Ita othr 9t.i ttl ti II,. v ri
making front and r-everse turns. Bull D~ogs L~ose b Neis' offilt eiterc to-rlm Tilii ahrt- itng ills tilt.
-ilk in g o t e an d r ee rs e Wu n i. I pl aea fe w b o o ,s. S h e s a id s h ie w a q. ,
tie does it almost. as a matter of l a n Funny Advertising !a wokin g f or a Unlverpit. 1- ,
Orad Tiers I An art in last night's News o~rar %iLli-1 a '% itI
Instinct. t"ndQ An oi lt nhs Nw ship. This is the line of c, oversaw. Event No. 1-Distence 50 feet ,ire Ni-s Ltlit Ma\ o'r or.
Smith and Marsh Ti gr read as follows: 'A Man's tion s.he gave me: I was told thad Ori It. ,lt,--. b'o unji ., ,I ni- r i IT ,t' ,et.
Snith and Marsh will probably Gned e ld n a taLsG Dumb Wife W ill Appear At yon like the ladies. I am working )ear| arid m Frii un ..i 75 -ta ,r 'i' t l 'i i and -ll5, l l. -
make up the forward combination ailae ig Stetson Auditorium Tonight" aor a el 'tr .I,, i.le 1r ir- fr-a-,.
Stetsont Audtoaun T ni ht for a scholarship and feel \izrt. Iof agf
tonigt aga [int te visitors. They pm._ -Don't all speak at once- i bT ruke i l iilllit *I "; uat
are sit alert pair e f a-rs. Te-- ot my wiea you will be glad to help me along i First Po h it g eli. dTonat-dl by h.r otu e cl.i --, ii ant Huv'e ot
It' a nL a l Hle rt pe tu tlr fro O r-r S h e w a s n o t m y w ife e d c t o n l h a .; c o n ,e c h- eI, t? I ) a m n lfb e r o f _
wdlln the praclce tluy have had I uoluA AsFolation Mi' Ai.le-rat tn'ersal
s-t h patceteyhvehdA pretty girl could sell me muost Second $4; -.te,--I sr--If Ioek-ing rerorti the- last --..tit otlhs. and
dllring the past few days should land last night with another Tell The News An t t g i ouldnmt ast n $. ol he B ,wil su 's t a h npl I Alt
he able tlo do a big part in putting stinging de-eat hanging by their If you like this edition of of anything but magazinfi- I aoizldut casting rod. South B-nd Baitl Cro rl lo furto tat -honptin Ith
over' a drubbing on the D j tona sides, losing out in a tilt last The News -tll others f you cen for fort' magazine i $ at art is a it ch ont i
etlh. night that. resembled a football o-and would rather buy the ch, In reel. n-:- Johnson, a) tona rhe- li) .art, ralstrr,-:,e et-n:. i
HC H GE O N ah l ihtla ir.< Te a.r f a p g tdon't-i t ell your troubles to ah f r h pree ty g. tn I ,to .n a
Crombie Out match slightly at ti. s. The- t n- ile editor. Personally I think ' nbrae reain shon o i- a ha The ii,.tb- V i e will to th. i wo
S eve Cromnbie one oi the rell coun W: 1-18 wih the O ran this newspaper could pass offo l s
able 'Hatter forwardso tias beeu county lads sitting on top. t- r is anewsp e Y ork eda i of the piescnt d literature. it ti ,,e ni ,il-h ,i-l P a., i ', S r ny ,' Bau |r ,ind 1.thel Lu- i.
tapt away from pradtlce during Orlando teamr ran away with the Th e Time ure those who seud pretLy i'l ,Eive N,, i 2 sn ... i Cc, Th frm itc,- e i rmthe LcI
.ran .u l a t^ .w. ,, The has Eve... .,, ,., 2rlc7 ee't | i. h r n ler i ] the world
Tte past week on account of Ill- Bulldogs In the first scor I to th office to feel my pocket. .. T] i t world's
es, lie seems to be In better lIg 25 points to the Dei aud. a. e e O erI b k oU y avey hwto u F i- Bat mboo \ ,suinia rod grate.t rha kstrlre naatorit i A,-h j.
hans Ile sfte iems in hhe- juuy cage Cholde Of Iuar Fi r -i onO-yar fEreed tiie tite Bothl no-i
- shpe at present. tind may le arits but the D .Lanl ag. savanghe Ofpr He-up moy Mt o gney to buy lo itsSotio h L 'it- mlf vto ; reti at the
I Below the Pepper Bo A sub- i r o G F
p i cce d In th e fig h t to n ig h t fo r a g r g a. o n. i i v i un c a m b a c kt A o n r- inh es I_ n_ f rm ng g ne a o ,l : n p o-- m
of camen bacf a rn out inaye mits his version of, i human fng Assoation. ifrst r-i:aes- fcor Autier ica at the1
wIlnmaL at "nt the second halfi ari outplyei- interest story or, th1e cast of ISPEED BOAT FRAoEt rorh $21 tdo ls a1r< (it i ( )r(iplo v Ir and eupcccs te rea-s r-gis;1 characteri s in the famous Her- Rrecide South' Bf rhd Blait Co ti 2
iNunamaker at center fis a do--n e Pn 13 cours to 12, f-r G ,t- clinic nte s. ON THE HALIFAX RIVER Event No. 3-Dibance 85 fce CoIatnn Red So Hov e
should be able to break up many ',Tigers h c.ona- 4eac. Jan. 23.-1ih Fiii-t , C,,,. \n F To Da-- Petter n 1926 A
a good play for the ayona cag- I Hlmr anti Piy sa- ed for the Human Interest airplane stunts, air rhewor di .- socittion i n.Jn 21 lr i n '
I- He Is showing intprovement. Bulldogs but saialed too long to plays and no' c social function SH hi. Jin a Id cat | ti da intn
a!' right. antsh i Oit will i raot be many sar Hthe ball r aollig itn DeLann r s 'a, l f Charatersnlrt atP l cha ne Itlo as add- ni n fea-.. .. Se o d & ro a_ ia ani ll l'
J h Nuing tJw- n i res. a I.. T hii!,d 1 ox *Iain Ipi d hir' h I-,;ld.y. ,,f _.aih 1e,11 %In the.
tore days hefore he will bie gu-I f'vor, each of these boy-a. hung .I John ick te fater tDaytona Beach Cha ars.
rlag at fall speed. Ile harpat had h oo- ni-at sht hgi er of Commerc Lpede impeded anplrllti iVria li d MAILf ,- I
Clr m I Lk v I o ia s:r e t for f rin on N F~ i th 14, Pu' t Pl .h I' I:1 S EW -artl la)l Bier,,n Up i F' in 11 -A I
taffllentl time tu whih tl oe- bringing the Bulldoe baet_ i ngi i ri e N i li e n ano a i-na t: fr ft il t ug i-'.i 4li L ti r ni'
rolle thoroughly acquainted wsilit theii it-vt many times Doss Wood- ] Elli ?i Mackpy d.. Ie day anti 'u lay 0r next w k A'._- &-. I- l.! P it, ia 'i l- A lire i.In LI -.gte pa K.
I. s, ,n lL r,. Fl l: g t e i fed lr .p ,t l.
Coach McQuillan's tati.. -- layed it jamu an- at Irvin Berlin ihe son-In-t the fi of a son Iii r- at Evennt No. 4--Distance 100 feetfi Litineit Nt C aln. t, tni ainpl from-ni Seats "01
Charlie Trii-bble. at guari. i,.l guard tint sicos iel I uchl-] Il. hp. ed boaiE t faces on the H |al it- \ I-t-t i n r ili 't th 't-iii -'W t
g b 1 f]ip
pleties the quintet Those who wit- ltros-nient since thl Day. tona Tlhiii Stage .t I- l ll ill. ave t oe t rom s d a n] i s t-t I. Wai I -4a I '-i'-.& Pt rni- i h f l o
nssed time defeat of tne Rollins game The e-ntire Orlando teia tur Co.. I.eLaid- ,.s;gue; Ratti-n lhr. "' (a THE
varsity by the Hatters at ilnr-r ,lay .d tin' g- ,-. They sho,%'- a- a, ittiltlgnatltit bo He w-ent proposed to make the twa days S.-c-.t.I li GolF Ilt it .a tiuntit rnt ot thre 1;i2 antp-nn -. and ;a THE
i |u f~lit a s-o :ibi. l 'r i i, k t.e t' -pnt nrtep worthy from both Pa it A -' at 't Itr- i
P fa rk M onday n ig ht w ere loud i n ii a T nie- sm ooth runnin g nia. .l ,I ih _, i- I, .le notE.oth." fo otl d .|- I ,I'B iB e& Fn r., r rc f=' 152 ,a .
ibelr praise of Trhle' deeusive chine anti s rs '- to win 11, i Cla i e I achey, the ai-on, i n- epeed anti social vle point. tntii-d IKit aeI. 'il Itl tnt infirl , ii ttt-f

thei ch a ige s iof r i dh e fAthl -i -. ii l u l tor w int [I),- Ti n e-ii % 'la i .-. .hey.r f n-
work. nhey bili-]. a a hrrte-id the wealth of his father-s The races, cill be h.,i1 hibito-. a-t. ..ilh K lis I, t K- iIt.t 6s art' j ent- ie 'hite -,,t'l t-it l t ijrit

theoyWil.- r nc l i-i- T zl- b hn-i n R.ld Sa ]pall bi ilt I -1li .i l ri t11 i rh cVyc%- a yj i:-(^ -011 a nd& Il i 1 il
Though. thle contest tonight doe, ilathp had il tit w ei-: tliotighioul thl ILr It- d i-h, tht Il -- -tlir Na,-ke. the main land I rnl ,nnsjl iiL ,I i f PIil Tl I tt t n it ,nl[
I- JroTllh ,iti l dalt -, 'i rtt-cl lif in N;t- ,-hores of th iam l i e a ,I fi th 5 FIf1inin,1i 'iul -r-4 -bin'. D U'r s ,i-- lit h rI-t tt lar- -I
not c arry as ntu lh impr i-tanc re with fii it half t lhat hi-pt th I- -Lan Iii -,-', ;,. ---i ext pI- -'-.,iew als -ona ft ahmli 'ri .
iI as an intertcolle riate till t -r nam ,I- trying to c;,th up but 11 ... -- a..-" fve .ti i( it Ite Pa0. D-i,-,ir -r f i t i u..I e-,tlutr
the Stetsotn nien n ill heI iaied in lea sas too ntiu. h r. s til rNi''it-i of ., baritender tn- briilgts an-I thet toot garden c'a 1ven NoLStater Ta It i-.' ii- 111,, t.. Ii tiult- 11-e'-- --
-iti ,iiiii A. a bt Chata, iI Distanre Only li- ti011- lirtsiU vi: i. i-- ib
tile floor to w in. and in their % Tlhe t, w t e meariu ni- ,t i it aner, d i .,i,' ti i t e n th - I A, aT'A bai- A T A I N |i i ti ti.
fort to lea(i h the de-ir- d ein lr ii. nt Btlllogi couit i iii I l- rc. II -, Lit :. 1 1t P A-,E R W S II -1. t it
oxpeeled to -eliot' a lig improre- IUl'e ald te ll- tllll l i"_ t.- .ln i i l I -n DAYTONA BEAL te ART F.I \-- m I :1 l:tl1 1i
nent In their Utgattizlatin Fi btlanmincni; Ul tihe lnln. i-l '.ii itie ---ort a rather GALLERIES OPEN MONDAY D-tn . t
titillt Inotheir 'fiein'zt 'on I nt furniai it.) \.fr te h[a hitt I 'i. I I ['-L 11. ;t A p et in l Harfs- % %t..on it ap- 1
iU 1 i h.- n o l in' hr i l l i h ,r i i io n in' h adci t t- I F I (t b *v
IIEVEIRAL CLUBS GO l ol.-i consi l_ n I T r fr m ok i rilr til \- I h 1 7.. I CI
THROUGH CHANGE IN tIlheir tea rma -. lildt-d 'hli'. I hi,- iii Ih. lk --f fI' ie l r ie- mr l r otat e t il t .. I .t. Art. Na'..- .N r 'il "1e onl Sp" ; I f- .. l ,
ci'lh' l- r Ili l,- -p ih G' e. J,)ih I 1.. .iw r'L h "l ,.i.: i u +pL' i ( t,' '\ I _l II.ti. 11 ,1
LIN E-UPS FOR SEASON utitil Iho -cond hailIt Oi thb ,' t il ..i l b.?t i strt-et. Daiyn ttiona B3earci h. Is l t ilI I t i t-1]tf-, -i Ill t i I t' i I
______ v-im' ltalttts %ori. .tiS rnit~ 1 : '- Icu! sii -'rt lurk. take plae-i- on Nionlay aftori--r no.I [-i - i- l i i tit A' .'% 11J. titt I 'll I1
VnT I ru --,t 'i --i. I 't
Chigo. Ja. fi rli pi .'hI os n'l- t i ,%t,it At l 'l itUlhared iI frinitne. n at his at 2 o' -lock whei ihel e x.s'il il a n LI .- fI"\1
Ctuit-'can League lead, i..+ for sr - ... on i htre n laik rot t rus 'bu d "a ii'. M' i I ,1 -t 'ii-

erall seasons, until \a. hinigton FIGHTS LAST NIG- HT. In hi -r ln.. hling Berlin land T .h c p.-a ,h h h il' iI i', i,- IF ti 1 ; I, h-It
rsn-, has brae oth.'- nin ilal I tNelt so n d-- I it.ta, o ar, t l in Nt-st Y1-rh from Ru ,is;a I e the building the)y nov, c-,,-upy J t i Ft !-t, I' "- t I -
change of the stinl -er in thi- juun [ v. 'M ilhigan f. I E I.In a 'l ti h-c--li t tli fat h r of Clar-asair:, a" 1 Nht a f.i-at i ate nt I utllir? '- ,'-I tI, l-lrrlRh i lng c [I n T t Ii I-l I
lor circuit oit thi- major It aguue rou l':t W illie H .irraon. N,:%% s ,.i T.i lir- fah er ofrhn declr- I7 u-in t a n li I n-it Inign -'t r t ,i,.,r i ,. it,,,i -. I [11i
Chicago. St. LotuB at' Boston h a.-t %,ir' [tal' v. Ca1,forum t t 1 I aFi Ir i el e l iaf t nio th I ft- FtII.-hi on m. N
I' l i. --1 nlll '; I l (1 B ) \ 'o, r. ,. ,, Via e x a tl ," l - l l h -. I mi nrl- i.1 ,i i Ji~ l L4f I
also base- lotin .omtruri wrhasi -, I rc-titti0l' tu-shv) I ;rIh: ia U~ til I 'II.tiC;t iH-r ons tin emn b-Itt a-~ I s 11t'i u ttIirrtt~ I ti-
a o o r r I N.g i'(,n.b v ..h .U I lt n-tinr,, r '['his wa- exactly tile a nitinhir of l,-,jtif H i i, I-TI-l I.,, Iht- 'W .. -t.n
of both major and minor lr-agu-' N Y.. bat Joe Lynt li!'-'ln'"t' i t.-' tii[ l it f Clarett-e Mack-iPersian and CLi e-- rug-- La'" I .... .
talpnts. bmie MaNnaa ,r Nil T Hue- li' i',,li., be--i it, oy ., k \Villi- s -t' .. hii" Jaa up ald ladlci I and ot hier sa ie u at l w nkr 3at- in I i I e ot(elet/ o,. m/ie, et .m ei~ n (O I
gins has r hI'--ie all hi. ,qnaI Antonio. Te\.t-' qi',il -'it -i ,t.i .),
ti acd lhit ut zo i.,-rIiti Ititiic gOy sset to stin.-', titled in tih? i t'lertiott sht.h hla-
eseept tho outfield and a fe-.' ni,-hl knot kottt ,.ei TolV. L ,,i-it- i' t.rIl 0itse mIlit fat:tir I br-en s:l,-, tetl front mite sarnloit
v-ti'ians pitchers expects to rep- 1 N- Ynrkr.l0 u Ii1,I-.. Ei, o ,iii (Jir-n e taikey. butr decided .itornierq M he world inostbl T hie a tr
i's+ent slint- members of his new Loort-e N.,s% fit:. het Phil G i tie iloltht r *ont-. Frc-tn his for theirant cbeets amid ro,-. iJ re K a ,1I
ltaff as regulars when the cur- Steiu. Pit t.hurig. 4 Fromittikst i, I inil lii naiae hf t" fot-toa-- -- -- an rue....
laineises Grait hRapid rulimit) Ro -nn li iteh, Ie
Cain rises. Gran-1 Rapid, --- lrnti,]\ Hit- o.I NItiinc- -.l,,il on Betlin but hisI Apprnrlv ther- i-- O truth il-l i T h e a t m
R tu u o r s of b e n ch in g o t : an ,. I P .e i Y rork iie fe al ,,I- J .ir ii. I i E a : l i ta ,,i - -,-,ni ,.,h it I ,-t I n u r d a r th1- .id e s p re a ,l tu it o ,.
thc.-' W a sh in g l ot settr atn i,- itt fa so r ,.1. T tled '. 1 ritn d .l all a nil G o .e ig n al w ere g4
of flashy youngster'. i lclease.-, B3a-er.tfild (';,I .:nitt.,y liii Ierhl [tit. l-anl- Rap. their c/ae lataIa-t tight g hIlodaur
as firing d ,i ss nei' and Clark 'It I R nrkf ,id. I tI 'l 'I Tilt,' R itd-Ilit i h th- 'las- Ihs Reporter. ',
Grif fith tutay toe t t tih t his aging I . i t o ser B a lie P ti aio 7 IO t,11 1 .,n v. vi l IiF,- l t, t.kL- s in T o d Ca y
star's can liardly stand the pan's -e UIt t'ld. rei.-tlairanl Betrlm in adea Thec henhi ofthe"' f.l~l aeanIZI
of another pennant battle ,- i,'n ____ _____i ft ,,,,in tt-.,it.i.ui,.eret an-i-,elai' n-tilt Itt,,itis ,et -..bif htlietttgBu k J n :esM
fronted the.m last August s hi 'l i thtemi devitledi, to s tilt-no.'ml, rag-tim,-' a s lhelhe-r hi- woumll rather Cl"I li J~k Il t lll i
P'hlladelpthia anil th':- .en'ator's see-, ball. Nlnag, r Sf-,,",l. r '=a) .;. "1 'I I -re tthn--. a- tb, hi ci ru nrr w-as t ten ate a' suit-is sovel or al ...'it. Iittoss- & [
sass-ed for the li-ad fur se-i sI':l I f Jolntr,$,. m Inihal.lan- tin -_. nh]- l t l ~t c rat,;-i~lilt- aud Jazz er.-Lake Counitv Tine- 'i ni
vlt-i-Its '[_Ihere has li-,-rn tillhc at In Uoi [u h ase. mitt', i,-'. gooIa as ..r'azi s'ighhtseer: "Nope. I it't .,t, I fl... .
putting iudily :iysr at third bas.-., the Indian.s muay lpmo,'- [t-ihn v-a- a self -niade oman--To any -oinev' I just baout~l t Iht. ,- l
Iinsteadl of Ho,-nr Pecl.-hl~augtt a utrntridablr: c-hub, h= ahll- Iu, swork it, fin'a anti for- 3tat. ue of LiAberty for $5n 0Il ]
autd displacing NMuddy Rut-I. ili.i Thi- l.,ngs-st s'.innin." .tr'.-al. 01,Itolne a-. Insing B,-rlin ill-is noti Eatitig of the Itt'e 01 lknt ld,. i J WI Ji '
al|ming catceher-. tile Vt.:; ....t a-c-t 5enr i., tihi li ie tic Itc of s-sets nnuihinair'e. I 'onstrainedJ Eve to put rn *ItieSU ,i UEIflflEU / ll I
Connie- Nipr-.k has indhales-i bitt trcit l'i,---r., but .Malu-sic-r _obb -I Thte Grir tI-:,ten' ut; is diifferetn s '\lilt e a g .' ,w i v l l a vl V .
twlO changes tot- the Athicetic... the. 'is rill lunukintg bit a r,-i,--i mail Tim'~ aJi ".hlt i, l..-:..,l iichi-r .ro tir" U_ a ad ," !
rfi-ur'n of .Ini- l-[auser ma [inrt tot htitns'lf', but the r-i.Pi-,.. ntu.i-I ('li't I-i e ,Ma It he. etit ler d tIhe hiftl.,
fielId of Wialtitr Frlench, t'ur'ner I11Tin. B[V,0h Ri--I Si's h.nt"h's,-tibel "'hiI -t.- d i-erl i- .111i *:it le e,,,- B a d mLa n d s''l .lli Tu
barendy atleii [t-scet'il nv fit..r tieli-Iitt tr I(lh-;.in, > i,+ialhs t i-act~ t i etin-l, in hic-el tc-frn' i- AUDITORIUM ________ 1,, larg___
The Si 1.,stit.. Brown ni-. st-Io the 1t,25 i,-as-on e o.:edl ".it h th"Iet S.\- its dauli tet-. For s-i-lit" .. . h ldIb
fought valla nib. when their ibirti mr-eait in the- ca-lhl. anil beas,. al.' Itie ,l~,'r i .lT tat,, lit, it'r'aion.s fo) Daytona BecI.,- 'a
place hold ,,s-. i hreate-neo, lia-.. t'.id,',l a big right haindl iil,.hier, tlie h.,r-'%" It llimb. It0'., been be.' BAE EachI -" nE''mr-,, AD E TTR TIA.l er
n-,eivhtl soot-nn .lr stei'ntn in ihii, nl. nen~l. ftlcni tlbet'r~,iiibi-'rnl i- ait'- f,-11r. trn wa-a Jw.. and his' "lD UC 1I~LtAA D D A T A TO :I te-,. A"
hic ig nluln N it hr Ot tnton. to it-e r-i clli ,- l tt '.t f. daiea tn t (a i 'alit-, I (IO |V
litehgl+ Robertsoninhln "oH"t'h li.Tl,. winter the li,.I .Sr~ a~ld,-d The daiw] lhtth-r_ s'ay'-, shr' mita.rrrini Wor~ld's Greatest Pians |MISS LOUISE DAVIS
cite ot the finest gtoup,, of bos- Ih-tzue. in play i-,-cit-I,, burr-. alotna d,,dnt ]u:. y Berlin t'f ht ImFeby-L]ati"dF'ebruarb''I
tnien iii the league if Ihliti a intitr ride Doilhey L-,r. ft tntin~ Ttul-:u Inor in It-n naiittf, if lihe had mar-I 8:15 I
aiquicit ions can hioli ,iti thi-Ii i.sihtlI ri-',] thti.-u,,,nI hotr lather seleciedl Prices, B2t 5 isLx iOFUI'lt.' ,'i~p 5 et lte'i].Ms,:D\ I
p-ace In the ma torez. '[Ii". a't-a-l' I'hi ri i c. I tli lir- -t'iinr n l b :]. or' bc," h.l .snit ~I~lI has.' a,2t-$ t $5 Pil i\ ~ is-t n K -ih ulvlti i' a
linohiitra_,. ,1 U ~ eau ,.,in w ',h- ,,,,, ,. ,a,,- aeb 1 nilv Jp-\,ill a ilwear att the [,'et Lhw'atc-i-
Iihton-'e Thinra-.. of rltttimcrc Itt IIn--------------- I.... .-,, [ rllmt--t h~lf,slt. l i for los's. tha .rt~m o tenutr ,r iill l--llao hau .--i it-- tt! it-t liiatits .ati- ae ei mM ldy.Jn-iI

\Staged by EDW&EDBr

S 1 d .hinof oz Charm- nBe
^wmand eMicacy Be Pemm
wth BReazultfuzl YoD iuWnne4
. Oa.DEtP.S NOW DON'T DELAY (;,f' "
thursday. Prices, $2.00, $2.50. $3.00. Plus Talc "
rders include 10 per cent for tax and encloor .Si0 ,
addressed stamped, envelope. % ,


:hens Theatre
Toda y -, I.oi
IV Ct< VT ;**
Wd-", V

Harry Carey in

-41 --

-'--'I 4~
I' -

ay's Special Bargah<,:

ed three fanitly apartment. Lot 76zla-Wa
e oak :-!haide trees. Beautiful 1awiinr
-ry. Three car garage. Servants~%^S'
real buy for .$26.OO.OO. Teims."fl

Lewis & Gaines

130 r. Boulevard
Investigate Lago Vista

lfiMj, u1 hll. l "s.., Ih ili ,.' ... .. :1 m F,.,,:- il II ... I1" r,, I 'IL v .[ 1 ....... .. .. l. l' l' \_ purcihaise hi < h,''ar. ,r io .....-.". "li,,p ,, 'rhi,_ i.,,,,i ,';iia t,,- r M ail ul'ter~s rec'eivfti now "t *.
T h el C h ..v t l n rl nll i vu h di\ r d n fll C c l 0 13id ,t 'i'. \ tl c' l LL, [It'h In Mln 1`4- % 1 Id-i I. r l l<] to ,irt uije rI_ n o w .
Lnmsctlhes of two seaei.onus of bad dips into the coffee. arnty J Wa "aeleaild" by ber rIch Phone 939. OJi t4l t)t)

'p -. *-

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lui ., ,. 2:. ,. '=

..- *.4
Wil LLiePr the Tiffany" of the t..-
e ll fes-.ln. All this same b auakytl-
/ e aittnld In1 "Sarlv," but i, Vill
Ze gfeld or.% On,. New York crltlq d-
M d -.ribi,-; it a *"everythiblng the ioo'r-i
ere Monday Iold retired business man andt.
.iJu|e~nile" kthohtrgoer could *40'h
Sfor ' mmt
t *ver h-it Of course Mr ZeJgfeld '&4,
l. er b eu i;n i h., Lo-work-ers to get t...vrq-.'-
I, ipat-ed- b-:i- ftlati diUttua together, all r af wlch .
'.*' whi-hli ll at all o t
-lendor at thc Ath mlust ccuonjL for a .share of Its pi-.*
Jan 25 iMlunday' I"LP3S Guy Bolton Is respou4b9' .
L t.,u essful Nee, fr thle book and Clifford Grey,'d
wli:ia was Lrought over from lioi
rFar out %,- aa; r don espe-ially to collaborA.J, *;t,&.s
L but ro-Ilu:tiC oL ,; conritribuited the lyrics; ,tJa'
. only ocas,,,nal Kern thought up the tun'iiftlff
,Sal1" ,wa' ,.rr. Jose'ph Urban attend to the tl"
tines in Nev York ,-ry, while it was stagedbyEdwiBrt
111 audRoyi.? thu ce.i*.
1)f theI grandil Op re A company of sevventy-five P O-')
ibt Metropolitan. lile. a special orchestra and t-
ir-lty to "Sally haggag cars of scenery, carrlq9
Z-ipfeld had conl the -ntire original New York m
if-r-cr..J olPoin '. intaet give an jnadlcatio.t4
Zeigfeld ,1f hP I'lig city proportional of ,4I.
iffd-ri tt and .- v iery outiSical comedy de luxe.
icll ]1al egte-'g l I --- 0 .
tbeen r'ntltint lt[" I t eIerylody could see as w&
I ac utnan ui eulists would have PUi
:ri-litt an, t ci Liul work for a living. B
lit ZvigfeldJ Iol:i.iu Great aches from little co .''
lablj-llad [thi- pro- grow. '

IS, One Night Only, MONDAY, JAN.25

Vie Greatest iMusica? Comedy S S m
12- A his Coantry Aas ever %r n '

'Bad Man"

r.. .htlia County'i
VOW'" ,"

Advertising Medium

|S STW ?Eiggt Pages

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.la.=1 .

A ,!: .' .



-- ----~-.-.-- - A~r--rr r. r I-awr-- A-rrqrin.. t-r -- rr~ C't




,. :. : ..
: *,"" .:' ,"
. ,j . .


<:. .

'A.'' .

i' .,,'^ '' ,

i, .' , .

:'',.;. .. '

Of course it is unnecessary to bespeak friendly interest for the
Automobile Show of to-day. No invention in all history surpasses
the Automobile for reliability and romance, practicality and

The Automobile is the greatest of all family ties. It is to the
family what reinforcement of steel is to concrete. The Automobile
keeps the family together in its pleasures. And in doing so it is
Wne of the world's greatest blessings.
With the Automobile the old and the very young are not left at
home, as they were, of necessity, in days before the motor came.
The road is no longer "too long" or "too rough" for the grand-
mother or the baby. All can go together, enjoy happiness together.
The Automobile is the great modern physician. It cures wit'&
happiness, cheerfulness. Speeding through the air and sunshine
it sweeps away fatigue, melancholy, boredom. The Automobile
is the great happiness cure-and there is none other to equal it.
Go to the great Automobile Show at the Fair and take all your
family. See the new models, the latest wonders of mechanical
genius. Only one thing has remained unchanged-the same
welcome, the same whole-hearted courtesy that has always been
a feature, will greet you again this year. Come! This is your

Volusia County

. ,. ., -... . .i .....
..n..] ,. ..:
ETWO" THE E ND AILYNEW ATRDAY, JAN. 3, -1926._.,______ s-
XAGE TWO THE DELIAIND I.,A,_ E\. -, "" ." W. -

,,,!,,.-17- ': iMA OTLOOK M I?4REW 1 Y11AM|Goat EatsL y ;
Iit -fK is,
CDAILY NEWS Vocational Education 11 | A l 0 'ONTIA- IX AV EXHIBITS AT Records of Fair '
S LETTER P--'r--;, Ehbt !
LE T MAKING TEACHERS GTJT (-iF WVCRKL-P 1!"Bupe"Bsiesofrt92 Sv ",n1 ,
TMAKING TEACHERS OT AF --I a 7iTpanion Car to the Oa.and Si.: and ki Being Pot Exhibi
OSSIP OF STAFF LcoRRENs- By Jimes J V.., s -,rni,, .4 L0 -r i Bumper Business for 1925 Shown in TCvo IAH,.
PONDENTS AT WORf-O CEN- Forecasts S iii i ----
:. T R8 POPULATION "I ,. 1,1 M l niltrv RO
. T R O POPULATON Larger Sa s ,. ,. ,i '. ...,, ..- ,. i .... i. i- t i ,,,i i,,i Cars of Evey Ph.1e 1nd, lii' l.' .i li I. Poutr -A
ARTICLE V i'' .. ji ,,o "i,- :,'" "t'.,i iii l
S_________________ The FedI.-ral Board l,,,-,,.i.ii 1" -. - ,, ,,', I ,I .f DeC -ip o011 011
*By A LT E R U.ET Z E L, a -..u l il i r, S t -- th I ". l 1 1 1 J I 1 D isp la y I i- i t n- l
itlot 'Ll, ,.iaf o l' l N ew s Sern i.e Staff toilhm1iU iml+m imr h-a hJ, u, ',, A' .lI i.J- .. l I -,l!" *, l l-, I.,I ,1, h ll i 0 r l
Si . C correspond i n ..r.. t t ..wa; ....4. L 3 "' l.r.. R ,. T. i. l .i i -, ;l r |ED ,'. 1' W" .. .t I'
**.-4 f ~ l~ .J n 23 R p ~t^.iv O1^ ^ ,"111l P dr'."1 ; .l ttlh^ It ,t ., ,, ,. ,, ,l,' I I. ,, .l , .. ,,i." l t ,n uu *.r .. ,. ,i, ., ,.n,..-_ l,-.l..~ *.r.,l i l,' :-, I" :i, /"* t"**",- -L "'l "w,,'. OI U H U K LU h^ }i ','.3 .i [ll', N, p
:*,, 01i ;'tq !O ll N e w s fLrm a1"\h'ar A .T r t:I P it g'i. VD_', I-. 10 *J l ,,'l ;, i f ', '. ,-,I ... I,.,,., ." 1" i. ,1, ,I r !,, .,rl .1 ,,,* i ,, ,- .., ;I ;, ,,. |t' ,,. "" ""'". + ,1 .. .'. .~ r ; ',i Ji *,; 1. t ---,! !., ,-i -q' g t i
Ill ; ..,, ;&'Co r r e s p o n d e U t' .. ". .t,. ia L L, ,,, 4.[i l. Ii h; *;l]i l ., .t op r t e .t
irl. i (t l -Jl it f. ,1110 1-17 I V Et~ Lht .i L]" D E C O R A T E D ',+l *

'i m' i l i t. Jan. 23.- R epresentai iv es .. ... t i i- i, inii p a m iv1iiititai __ ,_ ....
It,, '- .- DisLiti."a: to Bit I..-.I er-ied 1,- 3 ',,d -hr d,,ii,'i, I '.tbii e tI0 M-_
ol th (,i pill.! ,1 irljO w ~ :1 1. 1.uw%...t4
-,, '" '0 i iC rtL '. (' -.. + -- i.'' wa tr ur 9rn* 11 Ted ato ne ". "-,l
Lt; in -' un n C t i' n._ at t te P- ..i I i t, 1.-.5 . i. fili it..'. i -', Iliai tiiI ,*'

l ir,_ th o v .-i i. .. o 1 h-.l. e l, s[ iL-t -ar \-+ -,I; .,I".. ,..., ., ,, .*: ,. u ,. *. il.. ,,,,u r *; :,; ,, ,, . tl 1 *[*; 1 ; ; ,.*1', ', ;: \ ^ .!'- e r .,* ^ P 1 ,
it tint 'it, I ilt itII l, l

h-.T., h .. ,- i l 1. - ,, .-, l. I. I , I ,l ., .,, ..- I ',l '; -. I 'o|iE -:. Itj I,. i I't. L 'I', [Iii'.l '_ f-'- .' t
lie i~e .-, t )c r. t I -_-p r t I ti.i it L ist-
iir in t4 the 1--l ili o IM
Thit CLM,". -tr~ o Ir x l-CI
', 1..l, a j .i ep n ge a ir- -s e r s, i le fro n ,t t i i.- T .-' i i lla e.+ i. n't G" -. 'l' f h I', -1 i .- n ',, r... . 1. :, ,',I.i I .. 7.t. I. v. i .,.n ,e i- .t, t t
S P", i pr2 iig ,,r, u" ,- 0 h. 1 iw -i'l Il ,I A I,,,, ., ; i- i ..,, tI h
.: , : P ,ingb e g M 3 o ow K a' i i. 'ra r !~~ s t u ~ . ; ., i t . .i, , ,,i i ,,. - .r* ., I , _,u ,d ; ll. -' ,i P_ .-"i r * .] i , , , , , p , , , , , ^ | b c; ; l ? ". L
O;'I P 'lar t'.411 ot tLl CiL.,L! .;It.' I I I F11 !_ -,-.I.r. - t .i P I I..' I r~ '~ ,l '

iT do'I r~ieu oca:y.s-.
it- iii PItn4tre? nt
*I :, b l,. u f. O,- k Ir uti that ,,'t ." ro rt.l ^ ..1i ,r[)LI ,"h- O -I .. I ,,H .., !.: i, !. i, ',, '. ,1 h,,.r, ; .,,, .,"- i,,, -- ., | 'l.. Ii .M ,.,, .,'l,in,h r ,-,ti,. ,... i.,.i .-li, '." .. 1 . ,-l.. ,-" ,,I, ,lll*' i. ^ ihk,' illl, l *,'1 frl'iff
1 !'. ,' '" 'l'a ', ;, i o, P ^ ,_ ', ,, II ^ p [ F -,i,?, ,.,. , ; h i. "- .1 .i . -, ,. - i, 1. ,'. . l - i , ..,,n . ,, J i ,I I ,. ~h ,il, . ,h '., , , ,, ' ' ,,I '- n ~ l ,> t I , t:,' i'/, p n ,,. r d li. b rll
-'" - ' i i . .. i l liI ., , . ,.. ,, r' I d , li r .*, .,t. -,*l'' l !'' .'l r h i . I',!i, .,:I. 1 1" ||l, r :. lil]' i l '1 '11 ," I ,r- l .-. *-Ii i n-,l.ii .," '. rli] ro na j l'l e i4
,. ,t *' , 1 e It l ,i p n i r a l ,, .. _, i .ro m l~ S t at e T a i+] ,-. I ,, .' 1 ,- 1. ... ._i ." i i n. !, l,.i i [ *, 1 1, i l.. >,' ,ir i ], n' P I 1, n- ,, l s i n ,I Ji l~ i ,,.' l , ,, ,'i ,i ,t l i, ,,- i, *.I,2 ,,' n, ,..',,*"I- ., ui~l ,,' r,, i,, ,.',"i,* , ( +i h~l H'ultv ^, lnir. p :i~r ir--l

I d I -
L ,-. l 7 l : r. l.ta nee of ai^ ^ b. . I ..,,. ;I . . -0,I 1 ,".f (1, to 'Mn d.l

o r c .~ .,ie ;by p .l l,', a i' ___ i . ,_ ,_ . - **. .- : ; ,< .f . ,.,, 1 r.. ;. , -, i ', : ., I,', .- ,I h t ;, JT ', l. \ l. i. i U N E ..,'/, P, C E L U B E I I., ". | l.. i l -i =. I ,. r. t ,, ,I-H .- "p I I t?r.:t- 'o ' f F .% l 'h i t -".i ,
1. 1 -,"i k 4-; iueter .- r* ,-. t,1 ,r.i .. 1, "..1.i .1 ", r '.:., '; > I i F. '., i, I, .I 1 1 I'll', III-'I,).I :.,l ,, i,, ,. , l. n .1. 1 ,n ,, '

', t ". -, Or ft W ih ,'i II.. l, .\1.- tu ,:> r1.11u >; .. ... i .* *. ... *i' .. ," .' ,,* L- I'. *".'**1''t "'t. ',* *" " " *; 1, "; ,t** h. *'.'*I'*',*' ,l."'.'" I .,: '. i, |. '.,i I ,! A,,".O,,rIi,,,i. ,,.ih ,h ,I** ,, ,',,*," *F*,*r," ,, ",,'!*, *-l,,,,.iml,'-. lrv ll- a ,'.i,'t-r.,l b e r.

--it-It lI-r Ii I i 1 ..l... i
.. I t it I n-tll t1-.n".tn La I' ti a n I,.1

Scj p., itl Itoi ir I,

II I. I' -- lttjiili-ii pr vi e Lin-''uit I'Ia ti ii I-. ilti-t
''V lt t-~~i~ an Ni Frunl~l .''Poitcl Go t-isdt~ritcni tn I 'fill- I' IIt Iii H'i in'I- IPttCtu- i 'II t
r fiu k ,..l t pont e -ie n na l alse h o r < .I p ;. a h iln pr tal't punt l t h .t-, r.ti a I" .t t .. ,, , ,-,r t .. ,'ct ,i ,I t . iht. 'ii",, I-,h [, t t t7-" huv. d P- i 1 ,, , it1. 1 ,t t |' 1 41 t- .i h a
,'. .,.i,: .-l r p lD n sa d r o. ]e. **h. a t** **'.' O '*', ,T 1' ;r ] -,l t ,'," -_. Iiii ....i.i ..,, ,., ,,,h . i, r .. .. I . ." h i ...l,',',. H .. i 1 I- -',' .; -.1 I-.- -,-I,, - ,-,'_ t. ,.',' "" ,. '.". --,_t.d -I "I ', 'J;_ r,. ,,, ,- 'i l, , u h , ,,l,** l ll '""lt1' h ',,', Y ',n p a h n e
-1 1- d his 0 ,n tlp, k ha lt'io tL. i!. lilg d t ti c i i r i 1 I I i I, I' i t ' al it Ipi,' to l'' in it-l g le-_ld-I. 0'__
po l .t. im othe re c'ny col ntic luld d 'Dl-n 1the, Bubit o h lecI T ,! t' ", il,-i, I ,tl" .i i,. ,It- ,, ,, u ,i,' i .,l il I il""il ,i 1,, , 1i I t -Il l OI-c-- \-I Iid, i'. !|,,': 1 n I Ft,,r.t .' l Lt,, i, Pi- ,,1-.Ii 'i'tirhe i 0l

1, ant 17 d liui areul noi-r.,. i
llR -it ri lin t ngci a ,. Gr.l til till T i'-_ lt l)",i I 1 H- iI El .t'.o.t h I ", 111 ,a ,,, ti ,, ,i.l I.i r i ,, ,il I li |it i" li I It-*.u l. ,i , i., ,,i, 'i .,t ', ,, i-, ii A til in ,nii ,'" ,'. i:II fln On 11it-i I.'I 'I''l i
a -11 e t is if .. I I- Fr S r* .l1hi-1" 1 h 1` '1 fill 1, "Ii, *** *111, 00" .o I I if ,, rh I ,* i .f,,, ,l I In ,'-t1 ,i, 0, 'h 1'l vi h ".n ir,', ,,!p'hh_

I". 1. 1 0 ITa,
A I t I- ,lit.ui rliinl gl _
, 'v2 (I. .i i a ailC e. o w It I n .- ra .: T.' (" T ;." S,.-" iro!l i ....:t i- T ax [. i I. ^.,," , h ,,1 r' Hq 1 t I ; u , ,' , ,'l ,,I jl, ,,,h I ,-i,_ ', ,,;"'l ,,i , ,l n.,, i i-. ip l l. .* ^ i. .I n^ .c o t B E 'P S ,i,"t.. h, .l ,,,u ,. "1,1 ', ""'- --of hc', -h l,, Ih*'* ... ', hT"",''I ,. ,"I I ^' l h '. ft . Jl l ,- "m ak'ei ,- R i,"lt" I, : ioi ,i a I!I ,Ti h: I i l . t I" (I I 1 1 i .

1r ~ ..Spatrh 1, l. "% b

aI TH STYL DISLA OF~ THE YE- rat "it ItTn111r- I It. --i :' 0- l-2
',,, et 0!' F1l Sao o i roog es o ou 11r o o1- ". '1 ';'l Gi .l ,l.":;. i'f' 4?, '-t 11 1 1T1,1?M.I I
b. [" _. '] T,'i t i e dj t ab 1o Lr ti. Itll f -r lah ... .... . .. .." i ', 1 i ,i l~ i, I .h l ', ,. i i~ i , h ,. & l I I1 i i It o t ,i- ,r.> , ,,, l 't ,- i ilir, \ iril 111 1 h li,,itll' i h ;,, , -i~ Th- ;i ,i il ', I- ,I' ,1 -I '" r I: I li ll; ,, h l ,,* In .,13 v i ,nii>-.' r.l-" i r r'.- t "i]i ils
c cwrl en m ad P. a 1 %,'a II i Iri, I't, ,l1n-"l ,', hti,
R ub s in l x. IIR I '- h' I I -I.., I' I p I' .

7h ttris 'v 1 naiJra I I Irt~i Dcici; ic deit th tmit~' o n eI u" c
crie tr n I- '(-. :Iur .th c. -y nl -tI aL.- 1 i [i- IX I "re ieW r -10
Ii~ torhao r.t tiC- n'tr ;rctc o 1926 Airo THE IE SPO, RUABU rnrtnf fltl' I I.r
n-,a. 'd c i Iii,, ,, h "o,',, l :, cr, i .t i li -t, '-nih s n ,,I i- ,i. i, L lt of an t' ,
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cuotli .rt, .i W e.ctif i.t ,- ,- ,r[,-, and, ,i, i, f, .a u rs ,v, , ,.'," r, r ,,h t < ^ I ,,l,- ,- i-- ......... ..i... '*:- i- it- ,, i' groat -1 ,
* * " P p r ,l < h l p > 1. ^ ] , ,( ,i ',' . . ,1 ' [ f. ri . l i i ', lli-- *i. ,h1- l[. '.I .T . . .. .. .. "n -, h :,'i, nI .1. . . . ,* .,; i n ^ t..,'l,*l .I",,. .. .. ... .. . . . .. .. .. T h *,
u u :.:. .r~ i l h n . .^ ^ , , . ', ...... , 1 ... , n,- .. ,, ,., ,,,,, ,F ,_,,I ;, ,-, ,, ,,' . , , .. , ,l l n , ,|d E :c h a 1 ., nrg \, , rl, tl,,, -'.J l^' n h. *t -l. ,,n ; 1 ^^, ^e ^
"* h : l' tl ig r t ,:,a,", 'w iii Jille F. .lt,-v' >.,' .t .. ,l-,' h ,".. i, i ... h* .,, i "1 :; "; .. i' i i fi'- i -...1. I >:-' *h ^i i : :w a r", .,r ,+ ii- ,r .. .. lu .... v, ,(,,, L j ,,-<.. ,-. ,, .; ; ,.. ,J J r : ,,, ,; ^.O ,

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A.. ,i hi a a id i .:, ',,, ,, ,i: ir ,,,l S ,P O ,R I S A N ,, ...... ,,1 1, , I, I ,, ,. l ,' i , ,,I ,. ... , ,, i ,.. i, i .h l .n, ,, ,, ,- 1r.
Dt 1 .1 E.tID r j.' (I,,|| ,, fl I.; l-r' III r. ]In ,, -,i, 'u%* .- I' M 11 l. 11 "
,* ,i, dliOI*. Of 1 tb D t.iw ; l' tin p~,- i~I J t, tl d,1i li ,t, i ", ll 1 '" .,: ,.r :iiL F,.. r T he, .i pr.;ie ; or v.h i ( ..r l it- l, ln "', h,,l;. ii^, II] 1, *., ., -- --,, * :"". l *' I ,, ", [ -I '- ,. t, ill ,D- I. h; '- ^rie h ,.i ,?l \','- ,,rnK llreli l t'l'
I. -i t tiit I t m or e [,)-.,I- III I 1,I i I( I r -li.' ir I i t- [ .,4"' i i I .,i. hnil l v r h .. t
t:;, ,1 a t l ,J d h 'a u il M i- ,1.: r l l l, ,il 1. 1 ts 1- .1 11- A- ,I_ l, 1 11 11 11 1,- 1 Of' 7,,1I d - ,i l ,.. t I I _i ,. d ,,, i l l !o n i , l-, i ~ l i i ,' ,, I I I'- ~', ,
[ l' .d >i i[- v gt o f el i".i n id r, i,, 1"" n' t ,*T l l re in i t' c lp~l -tl '.ill. f I 'i ,* ir *'. -i 'li. l'. ,' '! !h i n ," i n r, .- I i. ,, v n nli'.p! i i 4 |[11, -l. d;l lel'.- I^ ,: ;i i fr.i ir iiri 11 i ,P i, [*,,| n .< r A n ..n rl" *'*" ; "-l," l ,|,. ,. -, -. ,- 1.!' 1,1rh" ie,,.,.-(-,, t,| a't -.l r\ ih -'.?i^1c, ,

l,- i,,m iii 'a i l, b ,,~ Ih.h j , v v r v , .- i c rl, r -h t,,i '* ,-I., !" '* lll **,," ..: , i I1,-, '.,11r, -. !, II } JF 'r'i r i ll l 1 i.^, h i 't- it-r: ,l, ." rll'' 1 ,i ,, I .. n ,l I ,ii ii:,'' .t i1 I ''' u l *' '' 1 ,,, ',!i h .,', , 'l [ ',, 7,| tli ',' n'^, o tlive r -
cn ii ["a- "n[,i, >,,liillerableh ni., .n Ir,.1s illl.Y r s i i' !* r. ia n _" 1 1 " llh i":. .1 i. r. iiirv u u-\,b i i.i I--- v:l,.ii ., *,11 ,n ilh. 110 ii i n,, ," ;. ,, '' ,d.,,,n 1OI1iii is pn 'u i p i lG

i-i.-i .,.n lr., "i' , 1'. .,i ,il-a' l i i .. .l- 1-. i.E tC B I O L, ,T, i H., ,,N CO UP. -E I1 Ih- I i r 7 0 1 II-1- I

i, -. p , iaC P l, h- L o .h i
t' i -;.' f r l'an-R u ia l ra Civl h, ; ', il ,ii ,; l 1.1i I- ,.t vn 1i(,, I ,- ,-* il,,t i- If,1 ,71.. ,h, h. i ^, i L ,!1 '. ll'i:" i -i*'if i ir I r ',-It i a ri, ,I I 1 ,'1- % I il il 4!:1. ," ,i, ru b I1 i-i.l1, "'

t- I- h-tli f ll
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':W -Of -i )I w-n i
a l,.. s r, 1 wio l l, ,,f-i iti p e P i,, .ik"O!.l l' '+,. c* 'lbtl ?~ t~ ,, i i , i .t,,"i.,i i;,l 1 ', ,I,," h *. -' ,**** ', *** ',,,& r.' L,l il ,, l 'i. i,, "1", 1 ,l i- 1'i h-, .', r,.. in r l .,I |i , ,1 i,. ,tlii,.'i, ,H in i i f it ir.t*,'I i' ,( ;. i^, l t ,i ,~ r ,, i ,,, .q |,' , I lll i,,,.,riO Sl.hlc ,
i ~ : n l L r. D I M F u n l ln. [-"Pol Iica 'l .' I. ti na l i'rK 'il .*;^ l | i" I; '* ; "I ; i, il l *, -, -;- h ,, / .I -,i. l.:2 l e, ,.,, I',n l .l,' I 'l >h, .' DT . ,l .,d 11 ~ i II .',i ,~lii t I, ? i ] - 2 ir .-1 -, ,* > ', i. I t, . .,, ,,;,, i .iIl i -,h, il. "," liii" i l,, .7.1 h," ],i',ir, v,',--t lnr^ 111 n11 l!. lli,"La i I.'-l 'll:q iriii~l..'~l pppl" c-m is y l r -i ipl .i l.',. i. gai! lprtai-r pan irinl ,a l+, v : ... ,, .,* l r i,'.-. ,; ,1" ,* ,'-tl l~ 11. i, I.** ,l;.. -I *** ll ,hil'lr"i i"'*' i1!1- i. "* 111* Dl"; ***I_ i'*i. ," l:*i- -*.h'. i ,,Fl. n, i, i. .n !h i~inir .1, i ii*.'il- I"l 7 i'i d-, il*.*-'l~r%- i.+u. 0 c-tb~ ^.

utTy I of%,, 'l[i= u ',- r111 q thm 111'- ,,[',l ,t i ] r .Lmir- -" ,ic [,'-it k j ,: iJ, I pji,, i.,n' Iz %. ""I .r i II
r: [ ~ i n r .-. -- ,,ie R us ia ex. ,,,11, .i d rt!,],., ,,. ,,,i.l !,r" * l '..' r i , i. ,i l .i, ~ ~r .- .~i. i..-r.I i _- ,''..l 1 ,,, "+. i ,11, ,ra l ai l "1.. i, l, i. ,-; ia\, l .. i, ,1ij he ,. .----in- --- ,1,,at irr i, le -.i
va'.. i p~li n I s vi ews othe pr .-- hn I'll" v- oi h-v"gIone! I III` nc Fun r .1 ;** llrv 'IOI..p.IYa ,r ,inr, .1;,.nu-I.innI: j.,. i r..1, ii.,_*j I Arlr, s ,.:,L .. 1,lal,,,. I. he;l I'll ;gI
ert.ilal ,- cf on-zhlerable rl.- if p i ces i { hijih,,1l.I! h.'L i I lll- It I',)l1ti ,! I"li.i., ~ l. [l~rlli . i',-,I I, -4OiU Vu. t. \'l Iq ,v,,feT -.: ,ar rr n o~i,,l n "111 01 ,Ill-Illt iI10. iiI.tli~lf 1I, ,,lll/ %~ll l ~ ll 'lil-i~iv ill ,+, ,lT ,,i ,il e"lli,
" 1,.i]. t,-nK -rc ia k t O|),;lv du rin e-Ha the sloslon of ud ie 'a i ,-l iina rval i (. lo l <> , s i ,- ilii ,'7 i-^,t ,11 I~ii.L 3 -'PI" h .i tih l ,l~l~l~lh ll~ll li,, '-,i[', :In hr;*. Ii.ii.i t i .* :.'. lu 'ilr, < i i,r i* r-1 r,,i iihi .ii i ,n f ,Iponr c r. riif, was i i.- 'l, I i~rii ii ,,--. 'i ',hI. :i, l j,,: (,I -i F~i .1 and i' Uiif are OI..
do H B r i o ne o a 3 e m n- by fiier t i Ia p o pt n" O l,'. ,:- r h i l'rl **l, ,I'i l t ior in,: , rm! i .~] ,- ir j i' id i- ll.fin ltu 1 r >:- ,jl l .!,ill I', !'-r.\ '-[ j ltlli ''.,l ie llvr in '-l~ fi, il f, !.:.i", r,,hu or ,1,-r, .*-id *':lll "i.'l) hf.i r-or 01 "ie'rI 1r ti ilil llill. i,
" ',, "i .,,Il " ,,', ---I h ...... I....... .

1.; 11111,^ THE ST LE ISP14 OF THE. Y1A .1: l. .'I^ S 1- I 111 v1 .11ho, .I.I
''"Irm[g-Rn.Ft,-3ki~n t raite. Withhin r,) I loit it c [,ilc d.-`1 th L.-'l, r iI ir n III,. Irt' i, ll '1l' Ii ",i- ',l|e' '11 ir ,)|ji '11i111 A''1,","' '!IT ld ijlI"I .,,f'.W[h W
x v ,r a r -l w ill ir e a c h it z P r e I ,_,b ik o lli'i -.r, n, .i r L.,. i1l I`i 1 l . ~ V r l t i! ,q v ', l l l t t , l n r t l l '. i i , i i l i il i l I + i r ] a,. I i l jl : 1 ,' ~ e
.. r. 1 1 1 :t';. r r'.. ;,o h,- rin-r ,i it n., t e .. I l, lit ,,f 11"l Ci tlh .e Il

u -L ^ .if ] ri '" an I F,~ l rr r. u.i fitr- 1:c~ J 1h if.-'j Io o s,:(ole on t) I Ca I. oo.! n s r .i 1 tr
'-ii'-''^ "' I r-, 1'.' 1*' W W '" 1:''**J^ E peric :hi ..In':. it I^? Pi> il y -r i s[. tj.) I Io. I' ___ I I I I I, it...
ads. I a I z l,lif people it .om ni i -a ry fo r- pIL.a at, hll :)irn o ta1 pri [ i v o g 1, rr -l 1,t iti ,-a, ,,,'.WO. I f-,, ,I.h r ,1 ",- r,. I, I '1 hi ~ ;, ,, i ,- h $ ie :ii ih ., nl 7 h ,, .-ie '< ,n t q e r~ t~
1,c: O Ei ri trade of Soviet Rus~sia. II '~ iani" -3~ ,]o [ ,l o h _r lFiv.: ,, I 7;i la el,.i l ,,ic r, n.!,, I 'tO f %'-': ll 111t ~ i. ..1 .11 '," p -, r, , III, iJ -II + A,<' i t' ,t, v n 1 ,1ird;'h l~ ~ itltt, a ~ ~ e r l
poets off th ec nty co cl ddthe recentlypl' ha concelu.,de,,d- I,, o ',Do'w n..i t, l- I, he, !. B ,,!i ,. '.',7.ui t. tthli t C.'rO p- T ,.. :ti2 ha.< 3l' bh,- `frlm p I'5 ,,_r if\, ,,; I th r-'h ur h or iI~ ,u I, WILY;e ,I a:.t~d Ila
i ,Dvinicrchal treaty during a stay, the slog~on ofd eh tl tf tl'lll.' t" of diel ha d..nev tie le if i ttl or l., itit full-] n _'IrIlt I. !Irr i+. lt l I ft .kII fC i qi~i~ .'te a t
]a-: tt Berlin to negota .? German-_ t~l.iei,. Pl'.t ,'I. w omRen." 1111 ,rt~t to I,, , i-i-I ',%itiulta. r-ind] t,. Ili, Ile. I,,]v'. x Il ,,hr,)l ifl Ix, p",; (If M, t~i4J', ~rl f.;- -.I 'l' ll'i. rfli'i.i ,iol'-O .\IeI [I ''

'k f i ,,

:~TH STYLE DiiPA OF TH YEA L 10!!111!D ... .. .

....-s ,1 1 N,., T:n :l ,csg Itde ic h
form hkv ""i clon pratic ++;'1t',> Afo T -.,5 R RUNABOU
v.? n. L II v )r .o al ,I ) sp rt..D
iq!ou ii to ex m n ia' i,,r
i '" '" '" "" "' ;' L
no a.nd .; [h C!, L. .. "

:t Yit"I- fltIf':
"' THE NEW SEDAN Al,_j,."o,'- I ,.i +i:
*...l-, ^ .; : i.O" -i-- ^ THE NEW ENCLOSED-DRIVE LIMOUSINE 'j
^^'*H ^Hl r ^k, rfc 17 1 '^ I-1 *-3 0 ^.1-THE NEW TOURING ;fip Sl
..... Visit Our Booth at the Volusia Co. Fair and- See these TH
SBeautiful Models

! Morgan -Franklin Company
-. ., *^^ :142 N. Florida Avenue
^ ^'^ *.,,....., i, ..:nH -

iNA ."" ""*:. .
?... ',,.. e.
.. ...,





Hudson Brougham



I Hudson & Essex Motor Cars
Ii Sales and Service

lI West New York Avenue


IJ'__b___________________ ___ESXCOC
I__ |_$910DEIVED__
__________________ __ESSEX COACH
t ~$910 DELIVERED -
i --=-

5, See These Beautiful Models on Display at the Volusia
County Fair January 26-27-28-29-30
^ =^I
1" 5

. ... . . .- ,F .. . .. ... . . . . .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. .... . .- --7 -...-..71-- ,7





Stars of the Dirt
Are F.nterfrl


Six Events

:,115 Woman Driver to Compete for
Purses Hung Up for Next
.. -- - --- -- --or rat Ing. ilhat ino t giippln-


unrlay. thlic finl.: day or the big
-txposiiun, and hafte attr.iceiod ii
Dreka Development Is Just Off New York Avenue and Twenty-Five Cars Were galax% of ,.peed dionis headed.i >
I lle inicinationaiill known Sig
Is To Have All Modern Improvements, Shown at the New York iii,,hdahi. holder of th[ world'.
With Restrictions. National Show it lrack eLordl or 18028s nile-
......... ....... .... . per hour. and M .itle Jan ILe .'sila
I -ihp il'irin Freni( h feminin- ace
-"1'! i'-s'1 ''. iii I" *it i II E U hoil' Ne,% N',trk N t'i"""'1 I I l I uho hias i noitC to Amierica to v-ret
'.t!'.'"'.'"i,' Ii ih [ -tl" .ii II'nllit i ll Ih i .'ri l]ili AuiotIioiii I .' u la r.i s ironic her male conm pe itots
('~' '_. ,,"..,i ui ali j- A K E R 'i-,ip.r, ,i l,. nia nL. ib,.- lai; There will ble ix event.-ix big
P IP n i- ~ n..i~k 1I ,7A 'T~ i '' IMI~ l -io "'l i n.,' %E'* -:-l ])ll" I lne- veLi t s %%IIh fortueen corta i
i)it:-ka .- & .:,i >A li:1,,.11 VOLUME CLIIMBING ,i al iiai;ci foyr aill time starters. anti po.tyibln more l-',>ur
( paiiLy. i\ ,,. ,i ti Ltliihld 1 -1I Twvi-t'. e ,i r.i 4-I- Iiiim .iale rnd D i teen cars are already ai tie fair
t'" _,I .u i .ollul .iaodard i ars. ,ignin- grounds, and neither rail embar-
Ti. i Ij, 1t r I the "_'.- ,-ar- Franklin has gieg or highway detours can pre-
trii io,,. in,, i Ii i i ...i. -,Li.ii il.. Plant Is O ne of T he Finest t.-,i i,, ili, t ,ono.i.- riiues,. -nl thlieir competingg for the juicy
ija' ovner II, .I .it '; ,i , In Florida Products .,,n, li'tfln ,li ;:cilfrI in rive etx- IpuIrseP thai have heen hung tip.
,I por- b 1 l.i,: i- ,i i lii In Flr.a Irodn ucts light's r The linif.riuitle oval is now in per.
It s ra be tli ,itr- la n.,iv h,11e- In D em and "' c- i'-,,l,. (.ar I.; :, Sport Coupe i" 'l condition. and indkiatioo- are
of n I:i', t 0 ,,l i i, t $S.w Ill,. --.-a u II it.- l lowe.;t in o e-r.all Ithat soniPe new peed records may
a nuilh,.'-r of h., li. ;r,, i].,w iindi-ir It,,. -, h. fall I. heigt'ht r-x.r 11a1I0 lpi established. At an), rate. hom e
( oInstritrll1- t1.1-T IIxten1 1- Ir .'> i 1l.-nperate efforts will be made to
Tuy r, o r inpl r', .i ,,.I i, ilti Il- iri,-f 1. t"hI- A. B C F Tankli xoen sh ir' t i -ultet r o fr litnish in front by ome of tithe
-The i ,-or[, l,. I ,- tl ti .-., i. ,l' -i ts i" i." r i [h A. i l t h r iiis l, o.n br inute, r mo;t dat-ng and expert pilots In
i lrkw t IYit 11 II 1'1, 1 1. l F lt :',,lt th!s l ,iw ls ii a t h n ioi' t ,e to bring hrotrp the world, and ihat hints at better
(nty inliI t~i : ,. t ', I',,-. ,n I Itn _. t,,111111 ll ih l 11 HOW 1 ,,,itg tilt tile 1ful.,li, ji ntri rom lIj lith f ,. ant. t m t3L as e e ee a e
itlt-t v '1ti 1h i', ,: :" ii. h Ijit4l V`=n17s" 'tIf I 'if C., I; Iit[l alt! Iv" I-,% tim:e' than has evfer been made Tbe
I~ tai iii sdditiI". fore.
It ; ond.~i i- h Z I h 1', ,"It Il. ii:, "['h-t n lt Ell a'i' t: i, t hei [reatinur o i Sig. ii-iughdalil iq already well
;-r '..1ii* ,I h'll, 1i iMI t 1,l l Ifn 1-.Nr- The Fiat nkli l U n ui]pi-' .. khi I ttP nu"n it Florida. aq he qhafitpred
-II- tilt lsiiIIliii Its edi'i -i it r flilit' n ii n
I hl t I- t i '1. 1 1, I i i 10r l all 1.a 1n i 1 ,5 It -the dirt tri t k record on the sanrz t
! , ,, rb'.tl I,- iti -MnO",r itii il 1 lhg of Da.ylontia Beach and has com pe:.
ha-' br-ri-i L ,- .g .11iJ- .1 r't-0! 1 .I nnli i t' od p il i ( i r lng Id Ii trial:.% Florida events, nearly
tI'm ere l 1 n.1 .. l I 1, 1 A it t'. I,.I Ilti t.l .i'i .- ,huv. n, in sp1c'inl i4 1l orA' I ..latwa',ys com ing fir.1 H. a I'
Tile d,.-i,-,i Mt-. i"' iIt hI' 11 "*t"-"J '~ lj tit- vt.i iu and ..>;,llt m .v]- feauu, dr -; rve his .pe.tcially built W isrfoniin
i.' .oln-i nlir,,.' s. t, tii il.,,i .lt l li ,iI-n .-i TI .larl." 1 1,-irlil. Th-.y ti'r lilt- ji-.tfanliing design tharac- Pi l i i pe iae he e an tile
}l..rli.-iin i'.,,.,. b.,t- ..,, ,, i-n ln j i l L' tl \ ll- i this t- r, b*a. is said to be it primn e condt
v' sk- ..i',:r !, i ki L.." 1 i Is C il 11 INIl I t t, W l-h--, [lo iii--- li u io n t has recently beeu over-
,ii? s ir If tr r ofNt' ;,, i e ,. il rhl l.L s I hf Il]" ta.' liOf TUh'h . hauled and rebuilt by ilaughdahl
lin i (- . p 1. L a nho is ta eeclianl- of ithe first
51.1 fin- i,)y 1.",' W l.i-.I I I.ix lir,..,I Itr,..I I Ir treat gu s- :ltouot slaying tor' calibre
Thle ]lt i. ri 1, 1 Uir ,.' f-. ill h .\ ih li.- A il.-r', ai i I lha -i i- a truly Camed(] w%; ter, botl.d n order to -win however Haugh-
be ng c.firrril 1 iii j, I. .i l ....r- I i l il i v i t, an -nd laipp-d many Art" ns T .t ,;ahn must meet the cracks who
it' 11 .lrl -ii' 1. i.rlis i1. ",-h_ I. ,- I .,ii V',-r" ilil r23.iitlg ,lt- -lat-. M" i" awarded a gorl medal have cmp, to the winter play-
Iluitry I 1. i !. li, 1 ,liiivitv I -Il in.,1rid | Is t hi table waters or thle world grounds to make expenses and who
tprui rair ii r i t,, ., I ,,I ,,iI. T hr,. i [!,ni ,t i l-ritiii ]ni i 'li a-vrL' niiil-] .I th t-. El.oi-, l.Fai'. The (tom. < oicede nothing unt.l after the
prg an i t I, ha .. t.,d I n~I (Ii ol~ if~ fi e rit'i dti. li sr I.i) furnish
i l i ] ..,i tiiu ,1 s,-laIr ,.1 i fl ti na ii .- *l judge's de.riion i- announced.
iIIn aloju I-' I i.r', 1 Tli- eh ,,i h)iej ,l a ,nid p rir-. lit. A. 1 C* tl,'t- a' r i' It their in Mmlep La Costa v,%a the iensa
b,[tiet Lit (lUtFP feWu plc0-es;(I ii on
tire pro)perit.' i- l,...lii,.- ,,,lh ti i tn,.t,-. \.tld- a lhtil :I i (t-.r in ttl e g (In a iv d.r .,a t ion o thlie automr obile race at the i, 1ii,.-, with si.ill lii 'viillg- 'i ttr l ,ni, inil i- in. .lt-, ng tlue grittuls il rirg thie filtration .Ias'-.'ona'ille fair. and will ha'e it
n a 1i ~ 1n.- v ) (in- fiIla It". t I i,~i L01 v111 ind ii.-i n g II- esenr, I ut they t-ll alu 'large gallerv here where the wo-
erind a u.ihll ,, Ii i>h vnil I t 't e s- |irisl,'.[i, r inor t have a booth arm Iliial they will tan driver in professional races
alnd a ,si: ]I,al .,"Ih jii t mIe or iurchr t-,-, i In - llnII-" f 'r,-e of' chailge a real i rare.._
'Unit No. 1 bt ing Sull hltth "Pum-keen" Pie Best Thing I [ i If n al W ler tchl ri. andl wIle ao-- 0 ---
throuah the un'reia i'aliv & Swedish Star Has Found Here aimne The-re ,iiii hardly be ra Taxidermist Meyers
* Das-eloptment Ci. ot.! u gIhroi'~h tltc M l~ -.n Au-si ai-~ii l'i.".' gr| l>-i fasvoi g-anited any Fait' 1ale Mi~ eyers
Development aitn R thal rL (oiuhan. ll ollwfi' JAn ia -Tle 1es t and the officials are glad to accent to Have a Notable
Lit L. 11fatimllion lReaht. covntpany.- Ihollywotil. .J'an. -'2.--TIle hepqt a l ip m offcil t an e glad ofr o h
and ha- bel loviL run"1 .\ .lil iia (ao Sweh .screen lip more than kind offer of the Exhibit at Fair
large num'.er ot l,.-'s are aliea y i tqar, hin, foindil about Aiiterl<.;t (ilp anv'11- .
marked as "e'iil ee-. %hat v''u t;il priinil.een pie" OI ange (Citi L in it lly ecx.
A bi- rnri u, : 1-- t..I ;itni n-li, t ITh.- rt--, hia h-t-en inl (I ,s i hil-it I i pid ly beine collecte i lin one of the laree spaceA in
oitnploved-i in .iiaili'_ .als fllitg tlll nitry e-eiteal wt- i. k lirivinr i ait lt itiloin)tedlly Ihe ine of' agricultural hall. at thile Volusia
n dil li r.'--I il .i t-.-i L'cilon',- i li- n eiivagpil ity tne Met]'o(;ohi. 11h fe'-a tre. in ilt- AgrILritltiral (tulity ailr. C. F. Mvers. of DP-
el'CIEL. (il fi '' t I L- I -.,.! iV .y ';I ik ll ti \n pl ar r il p tort-_s }Lt1.l The ton-mittee 3113 11' i- tleo Land. will have an exhibit of taxi-
at thi rnt ,t tl i' If6v. li,)pri.'nt i lii it u a.s only \\li. -in a.k.-il tile matter ili i idar e report tini i t.- (termy. The iollegilon is to he
Sin filli-id ln v.ili lt irt L 'ri' t trl t- t su.l question about netr inpre, LE-s in hitli thi- inar t-r if I olnti a large one. indeed, and will coi -
al.iitting lii-.u.. i <-ll liolh .'-ii lnii '-*isit of Ani,-iliii that li Fhe wa r,-' lecoriatjon-. and .arie'd arl les ltor pare favorably with many of the
ilun pros- idil'g i,)r a [) s i-'e., s tirt Ie tl- i a, an adl,.'cate f tie pumnp l'1, 's'ig ('ori.iderable e-cre-i v is tatl'ral hi-tory exhibits ot tile
r'iii .-'5 h i ,iiI itt-'i, i -e', ,inarl- kin ieing e-xi.i-r_ i.,d ,1 tIe tIli-ctio t (Ouitilr It .will be inmoFtly of
itall t'rotti it1 itl,'Jijll. i ,jj \Vfrk- In Sde.,in.'" ie s.iir V e all to doubt litr-'r til I real a ftpimal. an il -iirds and reptilefs na-
rif l.yiiig th - i ill bhg-1 it pe lk ,utr ke-Pni are Root only for s -nirpiso A Iheu I lih- Orange "Cily tgle to thi-. tait. but here are a
..londasy jrnl .ie i.,.iil iii I thI,' I l l fee (o Buit here I eeht pit Init poitl is optnpd f'or- ins'..peLtinn. fe % .pry rare Ilings ill Ile ailli-
ircetsl in ill..- f .i l [ll-lllttui ; -Tl pie at nd I t.-nk ittn bie dat ile| The latlfea Ti n tile (ot ire nittre hiave nial and bird 1-ne. s-Onie from Alas-
The ilPvel ich pnlo it I ait four on. i -'.- ley know llith tli teir [tiihan I(lone Vui-riel'4. aicoriling to a cnre- ka .%onie from the Rockies--quite
tlauriLe.f; norni N s e,% 't i. a',hi,, .rnd Il %% hlit eet ; c o{ o iian" front Oranpe Cily 'a few alinosit. pri-celess--and well-
!s rizadily at. s'..-ibl- O -- ______ tJ ieh intposs.ible of duplication
Tigi I,-r. Reialuthi & s-.,elo,- FamIous Orange City ANl dui ing thi. te.-tliitony hlI In tientionihig hi_ showing. Mi
p.,nI 4coOP. Fl! amouisc Orange CiaairdI mi *ed in hl, chairr. NlMo,t M,'yers. ho is gong i, great ex.
Dntrek. i-te -, ,. gi' tih Water Furnished to I of tile tine hlie ie-te.1 Ins lead penii.e in making the exhibit. said'
girls-i' ei l Witgts 011 1119tin It ln. Try m ilittainiti- h 'li 1 ll have a cnllectiott of fresh
rVs Bli'- i-.lin-i' Lr,'d. Patrons of the Fair poitinn fo- sotie hil truie- tt and !i sat Cvi-atr fish. 'ilhl a sea
"i-it ,,-- ---irt-li L l g--- '-.e hl, diffichiti i '. la.- ahonti 31) pounds, in .e.ight
t ill11",2 111 rlr-' D -I~ i lip? Il'e :J D('Id [. I r r n
ni-uit ?>,.re Tile ,,ni,311v I:i aj Orans (-1 Water oIrope i Iu -I i1dil I ,g month blat k ba-s fro
,ii ii ll- if- 1-jliit if Eil(, I ] h ..lledj i rl .d dlianotnds" by -M0111. \V\i al.t ,'1 hilu. Ii '-litnl-Ii ihlIi 'ol0 siti Lounti that weigbc-d in
iq to b- tu i~ h d atI il t- ir
Tl 'sifp ii'. ilu I a I ini-ii liir e l ) t, itiliJh d pa 'i S of Il huot hinin s frs-ii s-\,--r rit'liing s'i. Its i-oIut i". polnd'-. In the bin-
a,- h'-;u.. lie, ail' iII- si I I .- l ii ItIIla Culitny Fair r I t le Orani-:o. oI l.nnil, iro tri -vt r tfini.u;: I iti. I will lavt e a group of Quail, tllhe
I- Ilii.:k:ti I, illliit. ion Ns York ________________ _____ _________ -
L ve altU .



Triple Cities Ice Cream
Company to Soon Oc-
cupy New Building
I-ii iit,.ii ['?ut.ii .1.n i 2 s.-- it hit
ir', t,-'t I.,'i-- ., s sk- tlIrP Trriple
1intsi4 b.r, h r ..i.i i oi0ttrind.. lhr.'Ct-
-il I ri- u i I tit. ii it- C i.-i .'W I
oitu e. f'rtiht-r titn.I-i- 1 il, i t 'as
lit c-. Il.r t ill prodt I i11 oi [' S il-
hi'.' lis r C'r. ;al rnll i.'il r, [n i iil.
dthu t "
Tilel I O- la ., ;,h '] q HO I'
Tile unnldl.-a .-' lii- l] i's ]isati]r-ii
Ity A E illiit;- int ia-i the
iiio-tr n ltLd-i'l lrjiltl ill tlipe (litire
ouLt oli .l tt ni, r it ,li.: la I ge-:t, Its
I ariac.t. lit-i e .-It'llh leLirt to lake
-iare of ;-. pt-seni lh[siV svr.,loiue
rinrl Ih: pi!'no i ti! it, il'il.i txpan. '
S iit.n itt l t : 1. Ij'.l. ,iI it hr- i Millt
I .' :tIV i' ," I I,' I I.
Ior he. I s'm (i r i. 11, gi t:i[-e tI i- i i -
ii tlt tiiihd. Iu",.- ri 1, is is i reirsired
slor h i l'ii[t l i t-r', ., I rit' tl- i' u -
(tt!'. t .Ilr h i I n l,)ll ii i ai-irpa t ,.I-
,I1 1 l iii I iiff I lI.l- 11 ,o ', In Ildhol -'
dt11y 11 hi' ii i i r',,21'. ilt td eut
f .usu lhn' r It '." '(-' Ji ll 1li ILl, iJi1
1'L rnn P'l^,; ^ll ,z.ed Inll!. i-..111. +1 r, Ij.I
Joer ritn i [.itrllr 0 isi us tiisr-s. lintr
T i 1- 'r .i h u ld(I ri g u-s IIIII it .
I'o si rit ,ut-li in heIct. o[' hIollow.
I,, alil I't 'ili -il't t r-If tlet> Li0-
* [ .i l. il ;11t1 ; | t- O. rJ n piti-.1 nl at ,
.I Litr-e 'i !
A. X .E .I l.l ,l L ,t l Iin a re?-i '
i rni ut it h it s i i;it gi ii t [1 pj t 'i s ati;, '" a.g' n-' dtn began Ihe
iIn.inn [I'- f it i -5 o it' icrt' i tI-.i i ti-,
SUc'ti'-t h." l'i'on priLnOL lnaI duo s
t n I lh is ; .I .. ) 1j" ? L ,u-U c .-.
M ill RA hi "', i,.-" i l A' it,, 111,. H L ,'11
WV-lltl,-" qn11 1 W II, 1' f lliln ,.3 ill
f'' l-a ni i- s ricl.' 1 li l. 'igi/I r ir I
P it I' I l I- ',iti 1 II 'l d l ]
v.l- r IUr ir it li Lt Iu a -Id i s. ijule.
a -aincuesa.











Leave Office For Fair Grounds Every 15 Minutes

Ml~ ra
the .1
to fli


of 4i1

in d
the s
J nd
oT a
of it
1]Z -t

Wallare Reld. who built m'-morial homo In the Brent14ood Ihlls
Hollywood to help addicts e tic-ai,- he drug that kllcld hier husband.
mlllng-faceid film Idol. annomnires that heor plIn has failed. Residents
ilained they wanled no tsuch pit-e, n.--ir th,-Ir estates. and It was hnrii
nd a phslr'.an %ho would ive up hli. pnaq-t-,'e and moie out to th-
place. Now the home is being ua.d as a roadhouse.

L' ,i \' s M .'th.-,,i. S'- rp.-i .
driaJslo .slt ,1ll''- I iil, ls ;-if 1 n' ii '

I', g.Ilt- i .i .I 1 ir; ]lt l'i.[.. ,"
Advance Contemp- ,,,,t,, .,*l \ ,11 .... ,,u',033111,ix
lated D despite in- ,i.t Ir ^ 1.1ii ,,I h:-,r iprefi_ low Ir-.
creased C ost ,.h, ', .i h, li ng that IIn
, .I.)!Ilg i% ,shall l e able. to Ih l,
- -lp e~tti)i ih ,IIlild l v'.,llni e Io ju-Lify
-pile o t the diastit iL l : L' iIr pirle-inrt alt'rai. Vi'O price-.
S per t.enit iu lhe ri'Ce sof lie- 'WhVI i i'.e aiinotii-il--d the ne'.'
t.v' Januar.y I td [ ilit e i-'iul )ial-landl S.x Wuith oviri one lun-
S of mateTials gIitral l1,. I 1n11,d i tinl'sn -trl.; ni [rite I ,.7,
lg,-s afre conlemt platiid iII i n l r r '- %i kil- that
en tl-i pit' (,'f tilt- i a l I , L , l h
i"\\- hjul trjlail ,it d. l .ti din ireily
------ i e'.I atatslai l 'l- il Ii" niliitt o ir .a ilit'
noil *Boh Vhttl,-.' ,to1 a n 'LU i|. Iti,.h v. i,,.wI. i hin., dire lly li.
ania. papa a111d1 i e l! t lI,.-Ihi thr,; flje hi, Iii til i ],t ,t f IljuiElnlliit.
I1. In lile. ti. leh r gait.- hils 5. ]J u iitrt-iu.'n(t tis ,- s -epi
S are giliUqe, nih.-aqnnti', an I .,I r lnuin -dI1 hI i, -1L'rt "
ducks of the wood dtuLk aI i.l! -li. ..
ard family. Also two golden Ring Off.
es. one that r.ea-'ured 5 fe,. I i It u 11-It ii' I eleplione.
a i tf, to tip. mosuiled %,i tih i Sl,_ rigel hor hair- I s' was not
;s spread like tle eagle -i home.
silver dollar. ^]h \ riiiii tum rn, my ]ialdlonrrh
i lhe animals I have FlIjrti.'. ,t It.
mule deer, the. mtnunt-l li,'irl I lUni li,.- fingeri--hut .he gaJV?
1 iliak bear front i h it l-Iiri i L,'-. is.
he sane namnie III AlakaI. _
size fawn, he' J(-C r itk.IL -irhhal'l V Tailr r "if Alhan ia,
c alfl. co, and alligaior I n ie it ni-iniler" ui lic Ll United States
.%( I haie lie la colle-. init-r-tate i, ..oriinlF-r, e onimlsion.
of alligators., mounted aui| comei to th_ Juie, orf Iis nes.
ned sk an s n Ill's i"ILtntilv poI t usll]i the ,ii..itage ni 42
1 .ll all b he s oh i n *.. I..

i& I S

We Will Take Care of

Your Car Troubles

ni'i.ttdle-', oFr ihf. m i-f
tsr lilt- gitrage w;ill rendOr the-.
--A-t. j* i*LP l c e ti.'n hai you h2VOp" tivnn
.J^ ^ i~lai_ ^ ookinc for.
Our blacksmith department
c(.nD taLe care of the most dit-
ficult Jobs.
41 pti'ring woik and all.kindis
of iron wuork-

Maintaining as we do one of the;est
equipped repair shops in Volusia county
we are able to urn out work that other
shops must turn away, and pleases_ re-
member that our prices are always i'ea-

Stallings for Service









Stallings Garage

E. E. Adams, Mgr.
rone No. 9. 216 S. Florida Ave.

fair- -.-, uMi asinat ay'earli; no pr3claalt experience a I- --
ar a railroad itt n.____________________________________
/ j[ $ [ ] I IIIII111H il 1H III I IIIIlMi [ i j I MI 11111 Ill ll-llllilllll1l1llllllll1llllIlllllll

|We Will Have on Display;




Chrysler 58-70 and the New

i imperial 80 Also

at the

Volusia County Fair

- JAN. 26-27.28-29-30 /

| The Finest That Money Can Build




I Erwin Motor Company
P y



i illl i iiillii~lliilllilliiillli iiiii iillilllllli i i ~iiii~ ii Ri^i ^

--Somme. ..." I

I - -U a s IlL Ar 0 v Vl Vl% ev I -w


....L... ... ... 11. 11111. III I l _._llim ^ J LJ.._| _ i ,, U .^ ... --, M U,, .. ... ^..

an astounding new series of JOR-
DAN LINE EIGHTS at astounding


The greatest values
in the industry.








Distributors For Volusia County

I' '


lIIiIiiiiiiliiiIIi ii i ii iii i i i i jii ii i iiii i ii ii i i i i i i i iiii Hii ii i ijj$ i "





I ~ ~~ ~ 1, P" *' s't.'fC

^* .. .. . *
* S .IX\ .t :- ... ,. ,. .. ., .

- --" -1


It,; < --M .
IChassis Lubrication System That AL COTY, OF CHICAGO
Protects Under All Conditions
PreoervatInn of chassis life and these system-i leav';-; thie equip.
Minimum owner care are buying nient fuinish'l v.'.iih Franklin.. thie -' ..'i
considerations of Increasing Im- outstanding preti-renc, bec'aue or 01 "Il l.B g'I
*ortAnce now that motorists are its immunity 'rom w,-aher. nmud. itid. B :" ji
going cars morf aud more in the sand. grit. ,nti practieally in ...
winter season. ''be Franklin man other condition of t..rvic-e. ..,.
bas an impressive story in thi.s-
connection. oCorrespondence of Twenty , ,ES1
Franklin always has bad fewer Years Ago Returned ,'
parts than most motor cars which ... W.H. Schoonmaker. NSHOW *I B'' .ff
require lubrication with oil. WVithi Iclair, N. J. is It1rn motorist. .
Series II Ihere are only eleven IAs rX iden- ot his >iet-re, c l "- ----
pointA o nthe chassis. Simplicity. bor the- FranhilB in -en bai, 1 in ii C R sY
consequently allows us to use ih the early days. he sends us ltie I
high prressure Zerk system which yiginirl correL.ponrlence between I li .
Is applied to each oil connection the ta 1.4' anid lim.iIf in, ]r"b. 1 ilt" l 'A', "
Indi dually and flushes iout all T is inNludD-O a ,.-4tondlr'e 1 .:" Pnt
du t, grit and other des.iuct,., ;b% ,h' 1. tory to Fra kir., owe n.
fore ein matter. ,-p's t ,ha s i ,m-o. In filingg #]ut' T .". 1 '
The Franklin Zerk oquipmenl the li,,6 rimistiionniri Nil s ltoon. 'j j$
haus a possible presqurp of 2.5111, mlo-r ieporl+-,l ,ii ruil,- to ih,-
lbs. Sone conception of boi. thiu gallon or ga olirit- an, *-,"orri,, l ,, .. .

so 0- te iie a e n a h ^ ,-- --- *^' ,1 ". ^ "I i' B'' ,, ./ .. R^,e -
equipment safeguards the cham.;i ulpkee-..
Is gained uhen you recall bo%% oil -- _ABT_
Tlexas trf car ,% a draggeI THE KENNEL SHOW i
through mud and ea, exposed to THE IN. SO'1 _' o
ev'-ry e ona elvable condition 1ino n .1 i r-", D elal.. v, r -, '" '
to be rl oil iructeve. N'ert *pring bolI.r 2 fir-- ----- ii 1 ')II!
andi steering eonnectIrlrn.; n '1'~r'kl h .u.
omce p eor replaced in the a 34..,,,, 1 -.'Zp r 11 , ,i .I -l----- 2 il I, b,
miles of travel. a .,4 '- -- Ai I.. ) -i in -
It ie apparent that the water, ,e- r 1 ,r -------- 2.,1111 1 l,, .l. -
cooled car with from 25 to 51 oil 1 i ei al, Miti h ir,. -
Iog connections on the chassis r 1v-a' l 1 ' I 1 "i- l
as contrasted w ith 1.1 on It ' a P I . .. I v,- a I; n-i- -
Fran< lin. is not in a ruarliceulariy ,---- - 1111 , 1, 1 i, 1 1 1
good lOs itiOl for adoptinog a .7 Si it, h T,-i,- l-- 2 .... I ."
chassig oi ling systems whreby q, S o el T.-r i I P Ie.- I p C

", -^ ' .:. S, ,,. """ " h ' ".:- -; -.r' 'I;; ^ *^ r .
the lubricant is applied to e--ach B,, h "- -,', 2 1 e".v' .
b caring individually. The makerq 39 I ':h Teri ,-r DolwI-- 211 fl I, I'l
accordingly ha re adop stl w a t .I r"h T,' r -r lg t r "%%ba : A,,, i *2- l .,. ..... .. i h
a od ng The Byt eiu ado expt ed h )t lrkh T.rri r Bi t h 2.111, 111l1 --"* ________- 1.1111, > e I I a
It commonly called the "one 41" Da' hltiund Dfig 2.,,t l'ii Speed demon who will be one ot many noted drivers to appear at
shot" chassis lubrication system I Da,.hsn, Pi It :, ?, Volusia Cou nty Races..
"o t p3e bt f g,-,, ,. Dog : 4I - ii P,,-----.--: ----- . . .
There is more than one tOP e o 43 Best Sp oit irif Dog iiiani R.-. ; Fu.\ T-i -r
tRrdhv systems. All have the 4 lcon-ttr I To-- $1 1111
ss m- li lts lon 4 "i -t Sp B itr ilig Bii-h ".,1 liii 1, .7 n .-- ".'t I .....-i t . .i i1 .I
The greatest obstacle to ti P rl It t ft, h '- ,, I ,u-' ,, { t. I"" t
functioning of 6les lsyst heln I I- WORKI N OIit, 11 - - I ... 1 14- "l M. -I- AI t Tl, "i t
cold weaker, and that I n trhr r I... ,-ull m ii I
the equipment Is most iD Class SBCu

__,4Z_ . . .. ..' ~t('. h ..........b p i I",,~ T yi l"!litniliii.* Y .1,1,-. *'iil -,I~ Itt-.---- ,'---,-,- ----
Elven though winter oil isa u, d. 4" r f i-iii V i Do Il i - - - -
some or the p.Ir,-s are near ,h- %--j] ---. '-fl I 1 le, ,I-i.. B.c 'lI l
.. ..gine an hence. permit freer oil 4.1. Dai atit o g .... : lr z1,,..- l, -- 2- .I ,RllA'*t t
flow than pipes exposed Ito t-ul o=er I ve"m i........ ..21111 ll, 1 litz Bit, i ----- T itF tnspor-rn t harge on all
weather. With the oistarice I" I S. tt 0 1 ( lt fi, 7a?, nitri- ocit hp iioiilh- -toil.
the flow of oil trom the cemntral liWitfr 1 .% i..r --- 2111, 1 'Ili .1, DogLi~- li w rn-tionein l At Th (11"t Of;
Itnu p varying in various piapnd 4S. set- h Clilli- Bit% If Rta, k TIt'tl Tan T i-oioi tie r, iin\ r
sore oi the s hasi s bearings star. und-r I .i-r I I ff, ...---I.. .- Il, i p_.-, i ii ti
rec.The anyoil sup eot sed 4 Ott t Ile [i D hi \\th.,', D.-E,. -_it t11i1 1ln
got. an o f dartl In lu gLi 77. P"it Piit I f-ite 2 itt ii,,.i,
Regardless of tetmperature con- 51". St 111i1t-1 ho t P-~r~-- l, ~ .tiI Wl .-- itt pIAoe Ill ln..
huions there is bound to be a .A. S1 B'rIn1at Bir1- 2 fl I I 1 79 Pr l- Pit, I2 1 1 I I l. [3[or I:tl 'II,' t',
variation In theo pressure of the .. m,,e Bt,, 2,r,, 1 t_"i
va~lous lines due to the le-ngth Da flun t B i t h S2 2m -Su ln n*,-- -~n
of the line~s. Nloreover.,&one bear. t4 Gicrirtar Police DoL1.ic 1: 1i Pf-, iot, l B"" ----- 2 .... .(..;eij rn. BP, rank (heatltanr.
Iogs rqiemore gil than othos %5. Geriman I'llI P-clDg ---211 fe1, 'v f
and there- is no 'Provision for 13.Damtian------------ fill I I2 T.~S~~tI n I .-i IS.t-- iri.i
meeting the-se varying require- Dig I B - 2 o-1- It I I .It I filj l I tint't,ve of Teir-ne--
ments. There 19 no uay finally tIitt Bth --2 i 1i h D------l ,-
of knowing when one of ihep.e R- Pu rpl ne Rc, et -im t,. Ch.-% Birt. innn ------ -- 110 1 ll
pipe lines may be clogged, n kng Bth$ gi ti j S", Nrxf-'t wlat Bo". I 2 I I ji 1111,A .41j hdr l% w
the corresponding bearings, star.'- *.Best %Viirhitr Iri~~ i-ifn tIiAi ~
ed.Th sstes reexpse ~Purple Rnsertp- (lihualtua 1-o., 2 1e ci trti ii .i~i':iolitng itt hlN
a good deal of damage. Including I' English Bill 13)Och-- 2 ii I I tat f 1)A~ (tlit~l itt 1, 1t It. ; q liii ati li e piA lit'l fif -1'111 Ii.-kn ew -.
the breaking of pipes b flIn 1Egls Btl -a I~ 1 ,1 :_N, .,.It at'.[ 13intii-- 'Ii- Ro~p Le i~pt mt i in m~l,

... .. .....




Yq tp

We Can




Balloon and High Pressure Vulcanizing

is Our Specialty



atones.. 613 "S,-I'Al uI 'i-- ..-l -.. i I ,, -'.-.U I.- Urri u l 4- . v
6. Bull Terrier Bitch_ 2 ft 111 MU L Ii stI eIlla n Pou IIs l, I-
Theulchat puposoofI ( itoji -J1 m miLPtl~h- ire Sci ttlqh dli-
8The ultimate purpose of any "1 64 Snmooth Fox Terrier. 0,e BI r.h ,, td P tt e prlg ted
these systems is to preserve, and ur -n h2.10 1 0 0 Rowette i t "n i '- rt -e1L gane- l
eonslderaltep, t. fbL=,ee condition 6. S oothg Fox- Ter-- tr ioCATS ,h"a" i =t,,-q l ,r o rk in
which can affect the usefulness of Bitch x T . rClass G Ii "I ,1 ,1 ., ire 0 1 )t b___cndion 6 Sn i
____.___________-- - I '- - - - "____ - .. . .... .... ... _r"-
ii. tM ill!IIlI IIIIiiIIillI I I I IIilllllllllllM IHIIII ,1111111111111111l1111l1l1111l11Hl11l l ll1l ll1H



_-- A quality Six, in every sense of the term .. with the "S'J EIX
.--- biggest and most active 38-horseoower ever built into
Sa 6-cylinder engine. Big, because the car-weight is ,,
- right, the gear ratio is right, the balance is right. These I
Advantages keep this car "always in front" by any The Only Engine that Improves
Standard of power and speed on which you choose to with use
judge it. And the same right balance gives you an .
Added mile or more out of every gallon of fuel that 'Your own experien has proven that all poppetvalve motors
goes into your gas tank. Come. Look it over. Your own Iperen^ has prove that all popptvlv motor |
oe i ot Cwear out. Complicated and intricate valve mechanism ultimately

SThe New WILLYS FINANCE PLAN yields to the incessant demands to which it is subjected. Carbon
Sofferes credit at the lowest cost in the industry, eventually gets in its destructive work on the finest of cylinders.
/INVESTIGATE The experience of 275,000 Willys-Knight owners proves that --
- service actually improves this sleevevalve motor.- No valves to
SSIX adjust-two silently moving sleeves-and that is all-control the.
SEDA Bintake and exhaust operations. Carbon serves but to seal com- -
SSEDAN $ 8 9 5 pression hence to build up its efficiency.

SWhen the finest of poppet-valve engines are worn out, the ever-
0 v v e r l a n S i x lasting engine of your Willys-Knight is just coming into the full 'g
= rr I 1 manhood of its power. -




..- ., i ' ."




'- '\

A^L.-. ',**

ouin~p 99-1



; CF'R.O. ,'iPO
c r
-ri-i A0ox -iEOr-L
'P 16.T A1


I/ t.,T iI ,,-c /' i FT' -'-I ^ . *, ,- " ,'"
_ Ct .. _, < E = -f N ,,.| ..* . ,- .;. .....
I: ., S .
t' 'AC .I-r I - - ~-- *, ' - . .

/ uYt5' (\%" -' '-: S '"
*' J i e, ,'.' (I.T ", '- '


N-" '~*'
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BElm'Il FE T R WE NE DA ;. I. I I I I I I I- I m ai i t 1,%,m
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h- p. I.,B -- -g-z 1. i- *.ng

1i-__ T E 6o\ 'SOCV'L-- A "'- ..,..;'

i --,-l,'_____ -- -----_O Lr '---. - i' iri-d i>. initiate r. n .. :- 11l
a lpo' 61l ho' ll. m ,,,,' trom ( -i i ,l_-nI
-* a e-ip..ial failed ttil-e rNe Features to i i." 'i Ii'- '
A TiiiH ciuii Fuiin ir. 'Tne N O NTew AI -IR 1,. i, t,,rh. IIII., i 'S,,
-tiir ll P'once lle Leon.- li ni ta I I il ,1
big Mi w~i. o 1%'"I .Ii'li.-mmin li r.
sla d. in tr. 1ws. on W Md- ake Jordan Cars I,,,l l.,- h,-r er.,-.,l'l. I p
le- y, Jan. 21 It w\ill he exillt, l,,,I,-l,-r, (in. PI.. -, i. i l ,
P. aine a, ; th;, pror,'m',ed atM Pou l
iP d l~on qI~hlg on nnr-ore -P opu ar ,I"- [,j l'tpaii j d. ir ,I, in.,? pi,,i,,.
Po de Ir-oni spi ,ings on S iur- e:hl.,_- ry ,' rl.e-u|hl,
ila, Jan. 2' nimarking the opening r ______1 ,1 r.
o ia i is liiI.' hicge st sullliv!i'ton T ..- ..
t 1s* ,T ip n i.-.i --mi 'n ] ign fii o3n t .1Illiia n triii gic the i (~~n~
of north Floi lida. with the po- Th ree pt r'l,.., and sign ,li t .JIIL r lililgh the r li,.r ui, i olv
'lb exception of DlavJi-' Shores, l'i t-, ri r l Z' li inull no 'Si i ii'i"n, .i-.- uii' pl.llii ill L'-V .
at Auguis ile. The slicow alt tiho 1ii1 fi I Ill"' 1 e%1. llri- Or rh" l I'- f ,I lld %, 17 ..111iil -qll:i'e "',l t l iM0 i'
a i by v'uni'le -g oi ie t li-te ry r 't N )I Iul t'31' V.)'ljiacy ;ll;[pn .ll' l pl .' iE- .,ill FIiiS 1p l for ':P
C onsford Organi7ation. whiic ," -1'0 ,h begnii ihi rmilllh lialtningLi ati ilrniitlii't of ,I1 Jor.
4 v. ing to thie ili r. r i $2 -I rhe Joldan ..on mlll. will tli hIui'li .' i ,I lh'd.iiiuni huv
P 0 e*o develop ntl. The Sprni gs conI niLl'fP upoll he prrosi ti on rh-,'ng I' th- I'2.u u( 1 '.. j j.dle.
i named as the only one In 1he (i tihe Line Fighti. and the new ,.i'r day.
Sti bearing the name or (tIe s':ri'm, %% It 111,jitiltl III-h lowest -- -)'---
sh diseovmrerr. Juan Polce ae pr.'ee eight cyllindrr offerfinE: in the o MISSIONS
nd ror thl h" almost uuper. indut;i y. Do v -, u 1'eh-- ,. ; r .'
Beauty. 2.. The Jorilaii company,. whicilh d-l.t, l aI 1iln".t l' gU '.t li0 an ,4da -rln
0g 0Si.11 will. be m like, and n l) n I 'lJ .v,'"lcd the l ist Len %'-ars LO' rt ,r.,: hi h()-u.
l iri at'lI a. m..'the CGae S a l',i'e liitifle prodiuclion oif *ar Molt Ia uras tly. I do," was
M TFy t Cicus. with two airshlpi, of tlie better las-.. now iak.; ti? tith'e n ati er on1h.:li." re-ily.
stil g unm rrivi n -onslsirig or lpail in the inlow priced Egt.h,''vylin- Knowin, the aL'gu ,llr.'n.ativi'
tl r ri nmelmfin tirn." nose ilvpei. der t'ield producing a line of cari r-i'. h of hIi-' hcou-,. hlis wii.e .iolP
hari roll, wing-over consitc of icharacterislic Jordan qiiali,. quipklv 01i i t i ril rdnL.s t i. all
t' tiv ops side -ilips. and other asoil ntta~ning ttie riree through I i it li- nr 1oih1 -r iion bubje<'r
SthijE ., containing real thrills, markelI i'ui-rea-.'e in milunie. 'ti tit. i: rh-;, tIlI riJL .,r#--
S.h'le afternoon about 4 o'clock J Jordan ta.i-;es Lho leal an1oiin i i'h- g-'iitlt-1,1an tiliu i'lierr'-'J 1t
"D)#.1lo," a ni li who seem to cart otf better quality in the arop i d book ,e hid bh-'ii ri-aling. v.hlirh
ter l' fate enolv in I1tt of wav?, tion (i of ithe n,-w. all sm el. broall iaint-d l.l 1t-tni- in i ts ino.i ai
wkll o acrobatic, eooiistlng or viiou .edanii body. t tir im irii.i% all Ih,, .h r Iite-
wing ivalking, standiing on a plane The new series i heiLg prolu1.- 'lo.i ald 'e'-au):. of ii-i i.'tin"l
,iiJ -t loops the liop, falling off ed in two model-s for the pre-ieIt out r .jld-, c itJ.-id, 3ly di wn in
WT. a rope tied to inp ankle. Til ol-,iserv'atinn -drlan. ,o .called i :o IrtI'f. v.i]th i.hi- ioo ee'llknown
ew-: 8 i ng at end of rope to which I'ecatii oft' the advantigi ot Ih. : ciildii.-. az r> I ui-' oI th" pti. Illp
l "ie E da oil by hi. teeth. Ftanrdling nIw, all-steel lyrpe body frorn the Cliirttien v orlil ind hi, itioihLi.
-. on fi head oi a top wing. andti standlpuiint of \isin\ and s safety,r aIpii-nllty. wi'a. "\\Why i-tah the-i
run i.g across plane In full flight. while the companion iif t is sedan people ot Clristivni.y, %n h-Ij thi-)
S ALight the pilot takes off f-oom will be tlie famnu-i Playboy road- hazt- iometlhrng thdt lifc then be-.l
the eld In darkness, ascends s'er. the piptilaritv of whi.h has Ier and mnake- tlhel l-ad b-ttr.i-r
ab' 1.000 feet, at Ahich pointL long sin-e been established biy the- li tlhmn wi- Cliri-ilin- do "HRuil
the ne is illuminated with a red J,:rdain cjnipa .y. i, 1 that re-ally lh', iLI wh'pn oni.
glo that changes to green On- Reir giizine lhe peI.iz' 'h de-' ,,h,:i d"-;'nt '...
Iing_ ll higher he sets orr niag nian ,in il e I par t .if iie piihii t Th.. I'l ,'' i-.litia n u'.a i not ,ilI-
.is i flares tlhat seen to stay r'ri1.,1' :ht mIm 'glir les.'-r ,I'll ll. ti a-'. I ]u-t lil-u. Jihii'n-r i>.i
it a 3 ded. A final 'ucce-.-iion of .3.l'.,i t-r, i nii iii itad. u 1 0t niet anof''urji.-'l .ii'1 hi- ,- 1t il 1 11,.t
l.o through which .he plane i ra'N'i. i .1-tlii io a0 i p in' 'i . nl rl 'JiJding tii Iirw I
.goe na its. falling flight, mniakes c ononi\ JIorr n lin- -Lli <':, -t il rl'h i-i'Fi-'l 1' ,f L iI .'-lt, ll. ll]if,,i
Up Mhrill sho. ni-vcr b fi-'ore seen 1%' dR-.ien,.'l a .pa.-iI l edt,. aiil Iu nou,.hi an.! llgu hi, (ri m cr i',....iisi,
SI part of tihe world. l| o l .--'r min i1 a nei mm .e- ,,i I;: r.,,I i t -i o ('nilit ,iy
ar ----- o ---- Inrhhe-, h tiin,-'i-. 1- ;I v'ord m0 e;i'.' \ ill
, DAY IN WASHINGTON. TIo diliielnOiis of hs, new LIP ?c Ii-I-: sl iionif-.'
i is take in houte on navy Eight-i nlu ire a 7-1 by 4 1-. \%ii h Hail h' t Ll' eait':,"' 'ihlerian
sitqc bill. itial pr .,-i" diplacenc'llt oef 240.', l,,ll, ;e-i .i ti 1 lom,-il. Nazann.-
Mi.". l heL A ritual I)r;,ke h p E t pIl.y-l 14 _owni"aud. "1_,- ye into
'S' .J te again is occupied with jtiti' I I n I.11 llei vi'.c'ln l anl lijreai i rnl.- g.n.
court debate. Tn ,au 5,aui hr n. bli- -I o te-',s, ireaur,." h.hei'e
ings., the nid in bearine being 2* .i uiuli I ie-? S'li'II# hA-ov lic- to n 7 ""7 re
..'.. e receives agricultural ap- with 2 1A4 inch iianuee'r ar the m'ollld hi- U-c. itmil zata Ol of i1-
e ntlon hieauure. nk wi. Th- l c hnk ;liaft i-i ni e il, in i %o Itli u-iiid me r of
chineid all ime-r. Whtiegi.- 110l VAt S Pr in"" Where
'";.;, n a D r [ l'he hjrakt,., are h\ydratilic %kith ,t; arr. 1r4 ,\,iar'n it- u e
a DeLand girl rellb i 'Ime ii i' are- l'.-l 'lili< til .'' its eiinli=.iii' ,il. t i' iice
Y09U0 m a t hall t hil e ifrI -anied of. ldrui i 14 .3-S ,ile'ii' lle ide t lti.: ,:,- r!.. I- '.' Ii-.',i',1 tll m' tIi(i '" .-Alt all
In f- n i g h t b e f ol e h e II t 'l I d ,2l'u s " tll ic [ ". mm % % . ( r-.iit 's n e t a r hi l l l i lc l z a i p o n
-~~~i money^ should ^^~w- 9ri:rll
h 1 .. s or Ell-- c ,o,, ~ ddn I (I ter it
Wl n..igg to lx llete he sh ul S -i'ti- ar? ;ill h,1-ir -,-m''e annd erdILn of th, wnr]ll
Teell ;,oiIit bi Ic-Ill m hitn th," hand,;
.. In adii(plilg thi,? all -t.?el oly -hi Je i N. tion, i "r i.nli will'
-S-- ,]. '1-_ ____ t'iin th' i','i I t tri .,l ull a l lil
('h i i't ti i mh v Lti. i it] Ia. nt iI
hiand \\ li:ii i :-Si'e in la,-t tII nl.
Hi,.,i l.1 rl' i .iU-' '. thr. Virl \.r \'ar
H. Wright B. N. Wright nl \'.-'li-' ,ltt,;itinl.,tVre _
r- .c. r ,11 dll mmi' l .1 r.iht iiV_"n 1,
M. the rerC-iC u1,'n-I hlt2I.-ir ,-i : hui
I lini~ur~ e. tiii- al.1 1ii tll

; 11 upai1 Ty I iummi-sr1 iri-diherI:"* Natem'e ^<
^ 'he Wrigfht Electric "^ ++ ^*.......

DrA VAA A1 lI ^ A1 i ro'i 'en-iemr ~Im,-ii wih~tn,:,
II*" '*'Jhi- ri. 'in M a, = 1 P hij.I i tlly r eli

^ o-1 1" n If li e ,:- illh). w prs li ll ll Ii
God haS nra. left e in halit ip t
nI~i tiet \'. hghl 6 E lct\tItne- )

SIG N wtlu' lt*l''nietlhe Naltilve
Cp Do Vo0j re'iiember the thought
**, \ : S, e'' ill brougllt oiot in Lorf,'
e ih"Ba.ou Lrpht nf Hilory" Iot
; S i\,','k hii'h ale:aledi L lhe b',.l; ;hc-l\ps of
*':'.., ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u 3!ITTlbVI HT l CT 'M 'n" ''rarle~ii. tlhe ilimit-lit Hinta
ELEC T R IC SIG N S Illre i-,'ar'; 0111 oElo andlhrol wih
of tho n(ri1 -rfen ri -Iiir-niT of the
I" world iq that tiiy. eathi one. con.
lain I gernu of Ihi living trlith and
S rmr Lighting Plants, Electrical Con- eri.6 tomrething her and
'"'y E ,better lakes their .place and. if
Sfcting, Engines, Electric Fixtures, Wa- I rememberr. the author follows
with thle thought that religion, the
ter Sytems and Atlian'c.,e religion taking its fut flower
ter Systems and Appliances in Christidnity. has been a thing
Sof growth.
116 Nort R eard After the wonderful Bible ac-
116 North Boulevard counts of Creation anid much of
*- -~"r A a Fa different nature, there come the
DELAND, Fla. eautifuil ;tory of the lives of the
I patriari'-hj; but. of only one was
4 Tel 86 it wrItten. "he was not for Uod
|l;..S ,i= m 'took hbin."' Contintming during thie
reign of the Judges and 'the Kings,
glimpses show progress. One won-
der'a, however, at the hattier and

a Revelation in

Low Priced Transportation

A type of performance never before approaches in any low priced car
-a new smoothness of operation-new flexibility-new swiftness of
acceleration-new beauty-new comfort-these have been added to
Ats already world-famous power and economy to make the Improved.,i,"",
Chevrolet a revelation in low priced transportation.

Just take one ride in this remarkable car-and you will be amazed to
find that qualities heretofore the chief advantages of owning costlier
cars are now obtainable in a car of very low price.

The introduction of the Improved Chevrolet marks an outstanding
achievement in the automobile industry.






. 510


. 510

.. 645

. 645



- *$735


'/2Ton Trhck 395
(Chasis Onlyi

1 Ton Truck
Chaials. Only)

All Prices /. o. b. Flint, Michigan


144 E. Indiana Ave.



Chevrolet Company









>il; ,l, ..-i li,^ t, l,' . *l.'i',-,i .,,,i J ilr.,.-. 1, '.1 ,,, i -. ,,. ,,] ,;-,:.,, i!'" .. .. *i ,,!. 1 I,,, ,' od ', .-z' h. ,, "r *-" .''.' lnr,, *i tll e *^*l'ip .-rl R -i Plltl ly l iir I~ iP .i t.(ir' to f mt
hiougliI Ioves to linger on tie tfilee on rue i iehigii 11 ih- world I f,,r .. i1" inr ri." ii i ("lS. i nain pi P -acla the (.ispel t) every I onie of ls frnamily' in St. ICatherine.
age. of rTirh nnd beatlih at. tIoday noie' :.rcCh ,iai to an.IN r a 11 II (qrearu' "' eSeonil- wlfti jQorce Ont They n3mr-d 'em Faithi. Hope
4.a 0eo- ,10 I .gl a,d ,,\l (It nIl (.. Inl.,1e O d li.their il ( ,,^ h I- . i ^ ^ an, ('r,|^ I h
i1,-. d-diraiun .fi K-li ?S Iolnpon'.s hin i I whenl h,-r r lie well hI .1 ( ii f qlr i ho ]i V ,. ilia i linfl v, si ron g PI I i o Phln i t. arrival Hail they li een qui' dlrupleis.
p .lll, lOiaa . In Li P jlniniLs am l [ Iil-l" 1 l..II r -., .":u1- no lih-rinhen iiiL':,1" i i1hr wrpng- inl lk- .1i. whii-- the foiiiih priu hlv i.'Youldl have
in it.. i Cl|irii epri 'i.? in wh1.h tU,, ili'-UL,i.i',, j.',t'. -li-tt wrilt' Thil- .!,,12][t t i.Il.dI l1l.t- to ilm iig pp>ai'e i e:i h ,i L'u :n iiil hne ll I hri i' dil4d Cjia6r:ty.
Im lp i- in % ," t rp. ie tr irfd C l n %
hli : l,'nutil l as'% i r- e I iut'l l n i 'i i ll Ui isi, -.'. I':, it iIll-" leJa ,' ith ',) :r) ir tir %\'i '- M I ., ill l I' ll. i h. -' ij 1 1 "h I'lt
I it re. rn i ,llr- anid'tedlg" t e li up iip a\fI| f ojir.ln i l-ip M-iwh1lh tlll" Ithi l l- ,H ...'k I''il.lo ', E,'nglpr.l I. \\';,1" i're, (i-- ,,,. ,_f ,,. i riln, nrl l n 'tlll mual It i- n, t l)iv iI ir,-ur rlP, t rl'ou n in follo irr, en i ] 1 l i : ., ,l'' '-"l. -lI.h-ii i : haa r- i i i ilfm e L'li ll e'I' ,,n .i l e i- ,': *r' "t '" Pop ri :o 1. it' I lI ad rhetl-
i;nd 5 \':,lernt |a ,v of growIh ill in i 'n,.ini ;i o i I i.... ),ul. in i ll i1H . l i i l1-1hv [. '['n | 'i,,, ,,,1 ;tii i| -. f.i ph l9ifl m atisni, thf (h -l or ,-allpfi it ap.
| ii.'. I ]H20i rl,' 1 l. rld, b ,i ...... , "or!; ihli .u i t.-I" ll i-,. .\.In,-i'i,,- ndl L -.i n r ui ,,; I,. i ,,- I ,-,h|,| l : Il l, -' i .I Ul ',.- pe ndlioml s .ill i n l i_ ]1 w ilI, rorn
[:'. -r :l I to ,-k zo lnm in tn [h' lnl w ill- I ll, v. O F L, la,.'r, ,,| r ,n ';, I i ,1 ,. iin II.L,i a% n. iiii"II ll'lr. i h ', : 'I i| .i..,...|,|-l l it l i ',l : 1 i l ,, i qalvp. thral w it illh :i* 'IIn i al" 31 .lor-
Ill lpin ,' l dll i tin-ri'lil in. ,h11r l r'-j .' l Il i1 1 l 1'" Il 'e" '- i, lh .. _r .- ] H i i I '."l,. i l h ln i.ii P rrin'n '"

for Economical Transportation

4 T-- -

... ^J ~ f






DeLand Motor Company





Visit Our Booth at the Volusia

County Fair Jan. 26-27-28-29-30



"Ask the Man Who







t..- Vgdd ta

|.EIveftlSahI Medium




lall"* iclto

Volusia County,


- bor Shingle Not Blamed For

; Cloth Made From Human Hair

xW International News 9wervice.)
bi 't., Jan. X,-Md the bob do
f.t M4&, ag haau har-dcloth ls
ft of the aLat indt Itre8 in
c. C Hnamna hair la bolia
'Weta tato a fabric that Is now In
t demand for atReinfg heavy
j'ad tan, the weight of which
Mi0 a cloth capable of with-
tat sver y heavy Preaasre.
k the baAr that Cos8 into thb
a~ all PrtMch. one would
that la bob ad a good
do with H. Bnt most of It
a from Cblua and arrive in
".tlaled, lthy mess that must
1 .* '

be cleaned, carded and spun like
At present there is only one ac-
tory at Amiew, but ctbersa will
soon be etabllshed.
AnsoLer Dew knd of fabric a
beLing made from lbe plneaopile
fibre and I moch Ilke very tine
cambric. A yarn is producd from
the pleapole leaves whhh h gblp.
skilled textile worked convert in-
to a superane matecla.
There will probably be but one
obl et'on lt this new (lot. It
wears Ule Iron and whoever heard
of a woman who wants tb hatlind
of a frock these days? ?

Taxable Values in Florida
for 1923 and 1924 Showed an

,.' .Increase of About $53,000,000

' alhahsssse Jan. 22-Tazable
t* W s D2 Florida for 1923 and W34
ttfe~d so a rewase of appwozi.
SMW7 1.03,W,000 or 962,fWooW
*6 t'b@A the incream of the Iwo
16ta" j-tars, l1l1 and 12M_
k.n X.'. 'Daw'ne. BOLA equal,.
|?.1 'az t',. Informed (,,rvyrno"
lra W. MarOln in his annual re,.
*it jai't lasId.
'"S lIncTreae in taxable valus
1 -1935 o-r IwJ4. lbe -report
r, was in e cesa of $145.400W-
Th e Increase of values in IW...
3i. a.A 193 oIlalli4d mor than
DMAW0, OOO, as comwazed to W1.1.-
^ t eor LI21 and, 14U, rMr.
'nP-,on states.
'Mr, Dawsot's report. which un-
WaO tan at a&lWired tabulatlctio coMn-
tri a fomt the deed books and roll
l a each county. reaealed the
4it dtetepeces whic-h still ezlst
0"'smwe of the countless between
ialUatloni placed on real CO-
$ By the asses&ors In those
tte3, end the actual values
44ihi"tw by revenue stamps on the
"i'Be report also showed the aver-
i per cent basis of value fur
'i*b coUsty in the state. The
*t5L. Mr. j)awson says., was ar-
"^tirM t fcy a coMpaltton hetve4M
v...q ralb of properly pold, dis-.'wreu *i.*iapS fixed
[ itB deods and its taxel value
St the roll eboks.

a tstltaies, lb. equalizer

4 .- '
A ---....-


..r .. ... r.. .n.w.- .. .........-..-A. .Al


'.........._ ..

LegWiatos Mourn
Paning of Venerable
Senate Door-Keeper

(By The &Asoclated Press.)
TaUlshaeMea, janm. 21.-Members
of the legislature of Florida as a
wbe4e mourned tbhe deatb of W. H.
"lrele DIill" Charley, doorhkegPe
of the seraia, who was burled
here, with ihe OddFellows. Ma.-
on.i and Typographilcal Union par-
Uclipaing L a the lat rites.
Two brotherr.' of the fraterni.
ties and of the printing organizat-
ion aRctud as pall beamres at the
fita*, ul.
Mr. Cbanccy, who was. 79 ypors
old, was rewarded by the ,atat's
asolonsa as ome of the moat lovable
charamers wko had be n thrown
aIno corta-t with tbe legtslators.
lIts guardd the door of the senate
at 6ib the L. regular .Islon.
and Oite Acifal gathlbln f64.ld
last Novetmb r.
t(By Tbe Assocdated Pres i'
Caan s. Fra aJ.ain. 2.-He4on
WkIIa, Ame'cam lawn Len's

tatets. were rea-bhed by the same ins MAPIon, sadocra aDIir otU .
means of computation which were in'the Mfetrole tournament to-
used by hmbl In 19 19 1nd AI4n d day by do.aling Mrs. ;. F. Aee-
weTe checked and rechnejed, and ehllmao&nr. the former Ilie Ban.
are approximately rorrert. croft, of Betotn. 6-2. 6-.
"'1 apprvlatst then faeet," Mr. aw- --- ------ -
Bon s.aJid in his repot, "that tLtqaoa. l1,-Eddte ".bPi. IhI-
rial eWtet 'aium bare nfluttaawd ca ., lporek.d out art Wuanders.
wildely and rapidly In Flori4a tur- Buffa0le, I round.
Ing theI. li f-w yoArs, and that
during t't5 thia fluctuation hags -J----- -.
pot bIm ewoiluld, prhaps, In tAe ite ? I1 yslaWir did not begin tit.
hlitlory of the derelovnmeft of aug t-I JaUar 1 l. L9a'.
satte in lb Utoflh. but I have "l- L"4. wHlitanding theI
mad%, In arrtvtn, at ms roncles- It._.e of tC.000...OO <,-,W 1P.
Ion, as slt an allowance For tIhe e Fl wly e;t ctaoGts aetuaril} pai
condillons as it $s pooatulba in tam sBCaf 4hRaa hIs 1923, and of the
make. or as all evF-ts, aa I ta poO 815O145.0006.00 Inrease inl IRf. l0,.-
sibl lot ma to male.. '-.00 mame froms len counties cnd
'*)nr tfnratlou ha. beea-'"' Ontly ).00'3 was contributed h:-
Laned from the oaly reiatie hesou rmai .T e -ning- eount.-s.Iro
c-a known to me. from which onch"i In.these.. i. eas e a .lded r
InformAtion can btaned. a mater S20 ) has been aded
the results are sufflceeUy accur- cea e eair. 30 ere.a
"ate to be *eTeptpd by t' e ac tao ,rai .iof tha t rn 12y if".v [
as a reliable guide in fiing their '-The et that in a1.2 4 orn
ValuatlonW or l192,G. Ig @11 counties Pati] le t Imes than
It in t9.3 and that La .L-26 ten coun -
'Permit me to r.a'll yonr attea- [t (ogl|ribated St,00u00,. to the
tion briefly to sRome of the more $145.00XJ00 increase and.. that
IMporLaut risqait whieh ha.e only 40.04<.0)O wag contributed by
been obtaIaned from the work of the thO remaining 56 counties con. I
lax equallazing department In be clusivtq- shows what snb-tanflal
last three, yeas.s progress has been made by this
'*Tbd department was oroan.- department on a Pound 1-asls in
zed In August, 1921, and a preilmJ- the dIstribution of and the equall-
nary survey of the state cqild not nation., and the reduction of taxes,
be even superficlalby concluded no- and, therefore, a more just dis-
Ill January 1, IQ2.. so that the trllontlon of the tax burden.I
real work for which the eqaiiz-. "The re lmtf9 bave been aceom- C
lng department wam created by there pits-hed with a force of two mch. i

Mineralogits Are Now Able to Tell

Whether Rocks Are Male or Female

(By Internsatilonal News Servte.)
Monsvw, Jqn. "2.-Minerals
are Bestallf dIfferent|ased, and
Irem now on any quAlled minJer.
aloglit should be ble to distlan-
gulah between male al femalee
t~l*Ies, dbscJaed Mri Maoutilor,
weliw.wn RDtana biologist. la a
report to a meeting of the Physlo-
Therapeutlc aoclety there.
Dr. MasofUlor, who has spent

many years InveltgatUng the qusm'
lion, sald that the uaalogy be-
tween the sexual differentiation of
animals,. and that of plants., bad
long been known, but that hils lat-
est researches were the first to
establish the ame analogy for
* Hie work Is believed, to be a
step toward thb ultimate analySiS
of sexual characterast.ce Into pay
sico.chbemloal elements.

Specify Imported"
Game on Menus

\ei-Bauie .,"'. an aime ""{ iii ,.,,io 01 me .i:n nb ~ ~ -ue. .fp
T.ala.ha;5!e, Jan. b'.-P'ubtic
-. eating ablisaments may swrvs
tcImported game If the bclt of Zer
"s ', get Ilee that It it "imported."
Attorney, Getnerl J. F. Johos
V. Y Inoformed J.S B. 1oil, cohmmiaslo.
npr of thpo game and frb h water
fiah. in an optnlon lanIed herm.
The game Laws of Florida Lh
attorney general said. were enat-
ed "to protect. Florida game." Tre
srtaue, h e said. onl5 makes It mrS-
demoianor to sell or o',r fv'r eale
birds or animals Iroocted by t.he
actl. The Florida game lIaw. the
attorney general adds were not
enacted for the Ipurpose of pro,-
tocting llP gead ame,. "and this
prohibition only appll3e to Florida
In commenting on Attorney
Geuer l Johnson's opinion, Conom.
missioner Royall made a state.
ment filing upon the hotels and
"Ltturants of the state to specify
"imported" game wherever It is
sv'r v, in ordiv to avoid embar.
rastment for bot0 the estebffsb.
morft. and .,thqi '.partmeit. MT.
P.A)3all aL- o rtu~ateZIll.-it itte
Ifbanks of the department be ex.
preied for the splendid o-oper.
atien being shown In tho s,.rTlng
of game.
1181 st Anniversary

of Washington and

Lee University

I'Pv Tbe Aeq slatl Press.)
tGexingion. 'a -Jan 243 -P'e.-si-
Versatile and talente(l publicity director of the t J'bn, vs..I n ;,n -e.r r -
DeLand Commercial club, -who is placing the city of lon iinetr1.3.%1 t114 'he prince
DeLand and Volusia county before the eye of mil- pay re alo I h"l ..Founder's
I~ay cele-bration, bakld Pi Weah-
lions of people. Besides being a splendid writer Mr. itln i andi.- .V ,ulverseity., recent.
Whitman is a fishernian of renown. Thi.s uas Ui, t-th %par that
. .. ........ .. .. .....'uuridr' L.D ay was obw rred at
W1_-hington and hLe, the day fall-
.i' of bunI hi- eilt? (mli ier. nelra elopuloL ,t* lh state -,audrtin. Int" ni, ( l a'nra[ Roberi R. Lee',
one btenoirapber. and at ;- cot ,:(tnpio 'sligly 'oi rigid lii iprec- birthday. Th.sq year marked the
to the taxpayers nC the St;t thai l.cRi anil bu-,lnesi Ilko e-onomy 1814t anniversary of the iistitu.
rl .1o rtnf'ptrslbi bconipared tIl in the stoite govortnlntPt. and who ton. The University wae origin.
(lip rw.,ults which have been sa.ow. ,li-115ii thL every doltor spent by ally started In 1705. re-chartered
)lished tial It lb hardly worth Lon ?he oinqe. for Ahstraver purpoo.. In 1782 as Washington end L e
,idering. All of wh'rh should Ih shall ba spent as a wise and pru- University.
greatly encrptraglng to those of rent an- Isuccessful hustness mail President Henry Louts SmIth. of
us who belle,' In the endurtug would spend that dollar in his the University, preceded the talk
Democratic principle of the square ow-n bu4iness. aul that it must by Dr. T Hibbea with a short resume
deal. and who while b-Ilevlng In do the work of one hundred of the year's work.
,the sound 4tmd progressive il- cents, -President and Mrs. Hibbea Ieft


We are in a position now to

furnish all building material needs

without holding up the job.



Phone 130


DeLand, Florida


* SI,


- ~UT~ON B

Thomas Yon to

Seek Smithwick's

Seat in Congress

Tajllabaaee. Joa 3.-Thomas
Ton. of Tall*#uews, who asplrea
to gain the "t t p coueosav now
held by Cqg.iyrsBn aiItbwick.
delivered a broa4sLd a alint tme
latter in a opobb at' Rasou't
Church. a suburb of th|p place
which formally "uncorked" his
Mr. Youn flayed Congrepsman
Smlthbwck for Vbat he 40escribe
as the ,loB's negligeaqe when
alleged Implortent letslattoa was
to come up.
Tbhe first spee-h nrf the local
candidate wa attended by a iLK'd-
sized >rowd.
Mr. 'Yon. a ifaveliOg salteman.
etaled that he Intended making a
vigorous atd Initeda4ve "drive"
for votO- all ovnr the north central
and western s*etton of the SLait.
Tampa. Fl-.--Jack enault. of
4Can ,ai. knocked out (leemenme
Saa edpa ChIle. 2 rounds.

LUxiitginn dnrlig the afternooD
for (.tinclnnatI to ttLend an alumni
Profewsnr John A. Graham, of
the mod-ern language department
of the UnItertilty, headed the coui'-
mitte In charge of mnsic and
programs. This conunltee was
composed entirely of faculty mem-
,May trustees of the University
were In Lexilngton for the day.
A veteran'd luncheon was givenI
under the dltectotshl9 of IaSg
Penick. treasuter of the Unlversl-
ty. Several 5abeken were present
for the lInecbeo.

Florida Wild Life

The Brown Thrasher is a cousin
of the Mocking bird, the Depart.
meant ofG ame and Fresh Water
Fish states, The bird Is from 11
to 11.5 Inches In length. It Is rust-.
brown in color, hbs a sand-colored
breast, with flecks of brown.
The Brown Tbrasher's habits
are shr, eapeclally In the winter,
staying close to brush, or thick.
etas. With the coming of
however, It will sometimes mourl|
high limbs of more open trees
singing spring songs that rivaln
those of Its cousin, the Mocking'
Bird, In sweetness and variety.
though never so full or loud.
The Brown Thrasher nests In
thick bruht. -ines, low scrubs, and
sometimes on the ground. accord-.
Ilg to various authorities, at th:
roct of thick growth. It Is often running oveIr IhI ground
Among f.illn I,,avrs. picking ainong
1them. ia it hunti for InasctO. such
p- betll-. Invilid!nug the cucum.
IK" and Ma yettlem. It destroys
b1ll T41-r:vl. grdshoppera and
The range of the Brown Thrash-b
"r i ibhe entire state. althborugih It.'
Is foiun'd mnre abundantly in some
'.WoaUtl4q than In others, It is
more rare In open pne section
than n hammoc:k Jancl3. It is
often seen about the towns li ths',
northern (ounatles of the state. '
J. T. Cairns. Superintendent
Gen. E. Ackroyd. Judge
I. Best eihlbl Native Woods,
first, S$.00; second, $1.50.
Hest exhibit Wood Carvtng,.a
first, $3.00: second, $1.50. I
3 Best eXhlbit Cabinet Wor-k,.
first, $3.00; soow d, -tlJ.
J-- :-r


Si ''

', *<`
F- .: .-

a V lt'


DLAND DAILY NEWS -- .......INEW YORK I,.- 111r IKN.\ I p B DAY A ______-
...I.i ---,,-I ._ E .erv . t-i O ." l b... N .' - "" "_ 5I ... ............
~. ek Except Sunday SL 10 W9 3L Y '.IL!Ji w .' ; i- I______
Pic" ,Avinue. DJLafd. Florida. I''', ,e 1' 1 I O 1 A *. .S )\',.r i ,.. D V I I "P ? |

TiL _NEWS_ .UBtLSUN ,COMP\ANYI t 1 ..r.. *, .,
_,_-_+.. o*.,: Tli8a+ '"" (Th'oL i've
(IN'COR sOR A TED) By 0.0. McIntyre.N:V\.. ., \
"_ _ _ _ _ _; l|. 11 -- l UP I/^ Y
f,,,, r, i at the Pdstofft'e at DeLAnd., ---- -- *,_,' _-_,- _h,1-1_3 i^-ii, t" t i'.1 ']].- i ,," ii Ii L ii, l iIi i .---A..... -l='S'J ,r^ Y Vl
P.fHON~it 60 and 360 By WLICKEU, WANILBOLDT '''i, :i.~~ '';: Y~II~II 1 2 .1vIl. _
i- ... '* aaI.Sc ond -C lass M matter. 1." ld ', iTla tl a V..,liiL n I' .) \ ,h, h, _. ,: 1hi ,'. .n |,h, -I, . fi ,,ii ,;l,'r ntii '.I, . .r-tt -Ir, pti ni InId 1 il... I i Iiii1 'ill Ft_. r ...- .-- '
........ r OD T QT I -,c be+.l"IJ li"l~rl ';lJ t'"l tl -,rl'"' I" Di": I.o**: ,, :, ,' '*,'" ',-r ." +.* ,'311, *" r: Hici.h i. ni_,n t+_ tlil. l| h t II r-,,I I* | h, i,,, i . 1 n ,i lle 'J, .^r." *. \{C I^U ^ \""" "---" --
,.' ;.T JI 4" 12 DPI.T'INGlTON, lA~l :a rt, i- .',, T ,.h" vh h i-i ir_.,;v al: I ..,' p ,I .. :'ach ,,!, an I A ,I. .,.' .- ..
M anai'ng 'li l ar "Th| mo i,_ I Ednitr tfqIv IIo r' n.I.u ti. ',l ,L -' 1 1, , ,r l.'- -. ,l r l' p o- ;,..1 r,,,l t it,,- ,1i . 4-\_[[:.i, / IM F*.
A. B. C'OTJRTI[NOtt ON, --It,(* I II "` t'F"i l'3"n't .tu .,F I l, ,*, l '. I .. h l 1u,,i,:l 1r 1 ^'t,,-.. ii"" i," ..- "' i *" *' :rI" N.. ,. ,. / '<. < 'l
Atlvertising Ml%|nalgtil tnaglniflcl).n i iup.plunl.-n Wa~r rn'[ t,'... ' 'l, ,, .' ,, t,|jil . ,i1,, :.. 4h, ., ; t-., 1 ;i,, \ ,,| '. |1, 1. i** *'"*" "* I 'i ,'-, I' ,-r '...i hZ ^'l^ ^ ',--y ^ .- -'- .- -- J ~ M -,.lf^
ti ,-Fn-I1 41 -rEL SS L. h :r ; h 1. I .* l .*., t .J.l ., lr .. t ,,. ,, '. ,,,-ri '"I. I Iii, -.-:i I I l h iht ll . .
A.-soclate Editor. .* *n i e x ta v c al ,n ,i n.I I n Li-i i t -, ", l | ,i ,,i,,.1,. . I i./ i. m m a < *- ^ i ^ v ^--- "- -*'_"- _.._l "..A-*' -
..,' /.. .M,
E RICHARDSON, i I t"b'- "-;, /," J- *'L
+. .,, nenN ppr ub f-;vu .1 .* ..'. .... -. .-...... 1 ..... ,1,,,,..,,.\; .-; *,:; ... ....7 i",+ ....*,'- +-- +"M ^ ^' ^ 9 ^"--++Sr
i h e.l.fs A s -- --ld-lOn. J l' d not -..I r,, rtll. ;,__,,+',. -, i ii; 1 1 .I -',,i .1.... ,t '.i1 I '.- t--,i- i. '"- "" "i I i i .[ ''7 t ',' i',I I i.h,,.> ll,'I 1 i..i J .F a, -.t LS j l / .'I / ii
':.'." ,,' r A -.-ociated Dic.iliw of lFtorl +Imaa. ri It i.. le-s (`as\ [oi? t liu-.. .+ ,.',,. i,, v.h. I, i, ,1...r i,.- -, t,-i-n,: *i n ,, .. .,, I. I ,1l I h"n", t'"+, 1 *.,ll Dr,, . .<1 ,l^. & A 1 I + -" .* __; f,,, _." P _P ^ _t, r- +'',mTan i ,l^ r ,L [,l u ,;,^ ,i . '* r. }" [J i_ ,- h ;. :'J' l ,I... ,1 't- ,* "'t,',, I,;.'t, "7; ...' h,t" r. ^ i).?- ^ ".% \ \
SUSC IPT.O RATEa3t t ,1' ,'^. .ith .-. o fli+ "-' p, L "",'" h,','" i i. ,?" ? i".,i sl1, ";"' i,e" ,.U.., ,_al.'.' t ,:' ,*'' l.t*** ,,' .***'.i..i.'r" Ii 'H J, *d/ \ i],".' % .+ ./ ., .".V '^ -
R A B ^'E rT I; ATE : lT, m' r e I h l" in. .-r li- ltIl l -, v ',,, .. I.. I.. rt. .1,,, it t i -' i,. l F11 :lF, i I C .h F l .,i .l.t.. it l I I
_ _ I1 -_ IIl
-rs A aordt on All

I' I, "it'; r..r b l l..-- .- .-- -.. -..0. l li >..i n o ..l.. $. l-,.1 .',1 i ,, l l, > l i i I'.- , '. I f(i- '. 1.1: 1]... | ." ,-l i'i pt' [,-,' ll. ,1 i C ;l'l",l ,hi.I W / '(\ -^ ./ .
. . .. -oph -. -. -... .. .. ...... ... .0 i \i'.'e i %iiji i IJI. u a v.:l, uI..l~ ive ; .1 ,,1. ... ., .,, -, .,,;,l,; . "? i 1 .r, \ irl L.-.^ /^ -

On-.l---.-----t------ are u~in e sn p r. iU u ,i ....'J iai f .- i t .- t FF, ahi [,a, i,4 .. .' i; ,0,.,.,,',t-' ,.- b ,;i -' L,I .. :. ',.F. ,uiN \. i'," .
i... l N o tice a- A ll o bMtunry no- air E t a Q ihiu it ri :vl ,1 '' ,,iL 1 i i ia~d Ii 1 'Ii t, c I l t "I -,-|, I I If al .I r ''.a'l1'1 i *.,i- I' Lt "c F I-.- ? I II'' **- i'- .. . '' ''
l. -- yards of thanks. re'oiuiton? and t*-*er igi bi' 11 la e tIii,,- .. i'.1.liaLi,l a~tiiI;itifIl v iti a- *m h v i-- r lrl -^ii ta1I a'flt ii'" 't"* 'i,' *i~l*l*** tlj~I I- i-iI -Lit'II-. -~ ii"' .*.^ -^ "1'^ '-^ ^ o '-'" <:'
" --'. r -or a... .. .. n o r ni. ith :,1 i, -' .*,..:..": ,-,'.it l .' i r,- g e,',| ,' ._e. ct ..I *,h ;.,'ho i ; .n .i, , .. . ; -;'; -.- - i,;,l. ,, : ," ,. %"
i..''.. *-. The New's till charge tar l ati''B l '* E'E* II LrLr., i--~ l1." r li l.i-it tl~c, '.11l~ li-f Ft--n 'ivi, s i- r-'i ir' -l -1L. i 1. 1. i t-i r --i'. 'LI i "i I.- ii,: i' -. *^ '-J ^ V tS */ < > ~"
r llt r;.t:aE o 10 reans a line. "l i u ailu e I t i t 1 | 11 h"'.' l 1 ri.. -. H i -

D-- ------- .---T-- c i r c urhh n c, r I A 'l th t 1ltl e o r i ,,' i ; i l,,_ n t l. , e n L or, e I i, I ; A r, ,. i 't, h' iI "lue *, -i,., r t -. V Fr,-, i,, h .J', '.... .*in ,z-,,- . . ,I ,t S.-'"h
oI. AAN L & t .-.... --. r J "T

,i.'ii.- ---. 1 Oul.ii---.wl ..@nI FteArI'li'5he rt i, li r u -t i *]1 "i ) 'r, r, iL oj ,.,. I "l-n t li .I . -
N'';~~~I I liVh I. AInt.-,ra I 11 J 'h.i'J~""~ '

,J F, + ire uase f r ra u U,tml l n or. 'ihi llt3 t rr io .L t. ...t .& r ._-. ', tl,,iit'C i i.i.. t .l '1 111 l .. ga..'.i. iL_ u L- ,A
$;ip i'h a cr'it o I '.I jCi t ,i II IAII. 0 Iq

., ..'.'A r. I. The N r-,nI F.w utl h ar le l co t it r 1*h+tl E ma il +, -I r t ( '',d 1 ,f ,-= th'l' i-. LPt'.,ll,1 f r-' t. i *'. A a u -' tiul-.a- Ntiii .:

:, G,.hr-a vie e cr0ll a hne.l intHi. ? L i ea ult ruii r:. sheu-.- t L I' ihe .I ItTu i .'- ; i '* | *. . .i, ,, ', -, ,'. *- h t "r'i, I
- - ---....- - tit I, '.'ait ul I. -S_, "i, .IL ,., t V

: . , ti ra o o I,, e, a -
JLiJSiA COUN-Ti- FAIRl [! ut-i ~ ay 1 t1 i ii, ..E t mi- a t hriclu pi --- Ci ,i.' .l F,.'~i,, ii,.; ,, I""it Ii**n i C d :.i.-F.1^*' 'I |l i''i" l' *- ^ 'V
S...:,a county's 1hird a nual d nijoltY ril c a(I1 C d A 1 :' ..1 1 lr l- i .1 i. i..' r. I i. -- i r- ''' It .' ,it ,i, 'I I' qj LI-
, r:r 3 nel ,t Tu Astlant. JiKai *-*. .niai i .:. iI '.eiii .. uti'il.l. iear .i i m i rI'. ' -1 i.. .0 iri l Ie. *-' .L. -i i-i,. l, .1i ,i-- -I i -i_..._-_._ _._.. I- '* - _-_- _.--- I

c oth of tihe anno al sco, pc tnai enteTprhlrug VolIeiaus Fiir/ ?diF-; AD have precRdT'I iN anR IIIa.1 r e Itab llIL 1'J lari h bulb our- ; .1 Ir-u, IQ"FIE, .1 ;I Tit- A II LE:.F-u( I 0 TI. u Ai1- i \'a. ~ ~ A S1 t A I A
i,, .-i-sols repnta i i cllo o r e hagltsla li that a veri t (rsdla-ble ei. L.^1. l,'*" .a1 1 i .;-,a:.--I,--,I ih -.t, il Ci, .: 'it.>l co.,uty f lr in F.nrl a, llbit ill he enter l at il-_.ih- l,,. ''t '', )' ". -- ** -i"*" l, T,', q l ,I .. C.l e W
.are u stib P t.;ni Th U Id. I na' ....... j .... ....eLgA1 ,. j I C Ili. 1 PI P
1a, ,tit i, -. i'' h ,-,,t-,.i,,.uFI I FI -' illl

'uu I it-a'(,Fl :.l'f-'rit 1ldt-th-L .alt-' Fb r

inr : a o ih preiee rief ex, i tini to become one o(f, ti' e h Ieadl-g 11. .han I I a the at. I "',, Y',l .li,,i] .,i .h i,- I;i; i ;.. i, i Ir i ,,X A i3't ,lti' Iuii m l l rtJa. "t,+-'I on .in g people I F o rt

i T'e N.e:- irwillCchreLB Of Voluita county the slab. it is etVluafed tat a --- I l- e ll''' t 1- tn itc" t'.'r III I i'iiiu ir nii u -. i n -- I V e f ,i p
r. v-s., rlred industiels for luG .;or u&i CI,. hl,:os alone c--e ii, Tr-n. '*- hu --I ; ie ea gt-Lr fa '";" ; "'-. i-i I";"*, "O'.' I'* L au- 1' II La, ''I ii t* u~--a'FI ja'*"i-~e *n' a ."" atu til' ^*1" 'Il -Lah CCn h l ,-- l ~ l-e W llg a?, u tn
.,,t of 10 cents o, a .,1 G cirn a i 1, G7, be scl 1 1 e 1 -3 1 1, .r ... ... it, iJEi1

; -: '"? unoosauda 01 ncw real-.JllJfi~ii. dColilar aunlai~ll vas satE tA t I- t' nt-~ tuitli.C'i gFr-, |..ri- K i-i :i !j~.f,., i -I-- al-I,;. --,, h -,[ |,, i -11.. Ii[ ,Iiiot i,*i ya-i it 1. I-r e
.I l -l h~a ', I lcr ,in .tF o 1 I, t1, 1, C,'i. i.. 'I ,,. nt,. .' I. "like I.r i l' + l .l i I 1 ,. t l r d + : + i, "11 l J If I. a "! ,h-'[

,. .. ie Sunshie Slate wer frot tis, coun iri l h ,ore ign a I - -- i,.l ei ),. i, iai p 1 Ii. !. : e ii ICIl ti in-ti)- I ,, l

c A, v.dlle even tbo ae irvo ue- o B5 O[iis'T bulbous plant.i I ib u- E'u'. i ai .E i tiaaD Itiuwi a | I "ri t iiiut- a1 l ,Fh ra- ..., iti liC I i-uu-. i,,.aI i' a \pil Firul F' ta -it a h, Iiiii TI -lE C. r >P ,O K S M air
-----*.1- thc-maelvea thoroielglrl .*. I ported liIng the lotal uf. tI Ey iu Ir -* Ii t- -P^ iai6:''*'-uii-l 't-r^ tiua'1FIn ^ -"i***1 l'cuaral, P. i ,~1 i, l^m I ^- '^ ^ H O C R O ,) ~a ae r.
.I__,._,. I ,.~ j,. t-r, a lit-F 'U+ IF I 'nut i--O~aF .1 'LJ1L' IiistIlz.Iiok -1

l. l-i vlIA the an ion n :u. millionsns of ,., i,,. lars. Lrpcr,,-, : -, ftr,. r i E,:-. irr..rel:i C i,, >., ;., ',, ....ut ,ii .a. i ,i i .-. i,, .e a, ,* ui-. -.. t,, a.-'.. ..i /Ia h' l ,del ','- ..- ri
CI.L1'. ise 1p anc. ....... "-h.! I-, I 'r I _'I "...l

I:.i- r,i (le coun ty were IUFrii .ieia hat- .e- frrt n till3 .t..l'- A l Ikul F i -.,-. (,i. rF i ) i t., i,[ tr i ,H lit i, Ia? ,.,; Air.- Nu. it-ts go. _____ __" ___ ,__,,:..I ,- .r- ._-- ". .,i ,.
Vi dliii that the aibir-ta jar c,;- can t heae Ijnlhb he so l-',rrflitshl; 3C0:i C--Li .'a~tii l iht-IhLri Ii I1 .*i:-t< i "- ta ~ i-'s F- ii l .;i.;:^ -. u,3 i,-.i^ il[" [i, Mr-, -'.'il] yoFl li.iv I0 ->vai _ I__ t m i nrn i m i]_iii- '.11ii ri iiin ii F a lF.
tf;' .: "!i. ir fon d est e xp etr Ia ti 8. gj c wiy ri a s td rr. .h aco ld c ,ntro 1 s .- La- ;- liu L rt 't1 II ' l _" I. ., ..*'i i l ,.,' I'. .Ii l t.--i l h** lo Ft-1l1
""i t-L, .,eth l.ots ifsac riti H l rF Fe. rt i, I ra r- 1 f ,- .'.d, '..* ', t iI-,in' .-- I'i .i I" 1 i' l l t i F j

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,F. ,, '-- rf O j h ave p ec d d I ad '' est b lhe.I l r o b l ,i r;u -, -a ,. i T I, a L 't "i a.T-;., i. i " -' I. u. .- 1 TO'iil a-u IA iI a lla F t-Ot I Ft T;tT

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do llars bennu lly. The su e sor l ule o o un ty fi rms aud Ino vld uae s \I I eo ihe L it ') I.IhrrteIt---- f'. A 'i, e.'d,! T
.. . ... .....1h nK a l~ 1 i-1

the breeders of poultry has clearly have provided materials ttLhoui iu02--\Viudla LRo Bi own. ]Now Open *- ,JJ
demonstrated that poultry can De profit. With such cooperation as president of Alabama PcT'technl C I 1 LIABILII'Y
Institute, died at Auburn, Ala SPRUCE CREEK Hi7)Li.LY HIILL HEIGHTS il
rrofltaly raised tn this ooenty ad this, the Volusia County Fair ass- Born In Loudon co'unly, Va, Oct' LODGE Ml Rle
ihe industry is rapidly expandng. ation the people of Volusta 1, 1827. O Is Most Reasonable
It is liberally prea-tted that In counfF-have as institu'on thne 11907-Harry K Thaw was placed Harlt Way Between Dtaytona an. B A G U A e
the very near future poultry rais- physical value of which Is far in on trial Ina New York for the mtur New Syrna a Dixie Highway INV STM NT and U
ing in this section will be classes excess of a hundred thousand dol- der of Stanford White SPECIAL, CHICKEN, LOBSTER and I C H AUE A
1924-United States and Great AND STFAK DINNERS R
.monnl the industries rething twao I -r-its spiritual worth Inestlma- B rllan concealed a treaty design DANCING- COLLEGIAN QUICKEST PROFIT If it's insurance ItwriteA0t"
annual return of more than two ble. ed to prevent at smuggling of liquor ORCHESTRA Office Conrad Company Bldg. 118 W. N. Y. Ave.
notlo donly p 'ossssssome of ue av cyoertefifetalehigCeonryaherdttndComapasnys Mry .Felos loid
otmillIon dollarossesses lasome of lt e it is little wonder that ihousahtas Ihto the Untpiltd Statos by sea. For Reservations Phone Land Investors Co. i
btst poultry stock In the nation, such an Inst etfltlon. and that ihou- i ess by theiriattendadM at the M issiMaryaL F eelo w ss C o .
b:.~~uc an~ol h 1111111,113 andS th~attho- bter tndn a heMiss Mary L. Fellow Fo d w vetr co W e pay you for O rah S{
but among its residents are a num- sands will Insure Its further suethird annual exhibit from Jan. Prince George Hotel or142, 106 W. RICH AVENUE ,
bsr of the country's foremost to 31. Daytona .m

.. ... I iillllr ~ ~ ~ ~ ......................I p[: I ...---

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." ; ... t" ,_ II. r V
..' .-.. ... .. 1 wA GE, IF
:_ .. . '. T I M R L A N D A M 2 -t3
; .** Io. O ONSTRUCTIVE | I .(ue ,ln, W illiau S .cl.e d required tn a ppa to ,hE B l of Cam- ,. M,", ij L .AT,.N 'mni, Camp. -- -- _7 1 or o-h.- w illiam 1.ra,-, lo lost. .h i P R O F E S S IO N A L CI_,=
'..". S..'OtlVICE BY PUBLICATION, cae-d or otherwise. In the orenii_,s plaint filed. herein airain -t Io. 9I th partl71 -l lm n e IN TOB CTlft ."V COERT InP To'HE deimrin K Interest In the land h-re- Tsight at the age of six, Is the first I W
:-;: (4 week.,t in question, Lockhart R. tarriel, abov, c.ilik' cau.-w ,n befoR.*I'.' ircntirrtl, Owa-l -Wt 1tln "A,.t<'Y 'JU DICIAL CrCr I" |be~ior 6e!crfib and all unknown n s i l * ,le3. O n ,),, r ---
..-1 W C__.UIT COURT OF THE dect.-a.ed ur otherw-e In _hy prem- Monday ,he nfir- y of l.>brurar ,,, Ri In .v h.ir111ft 'r. v 1,1.O1.,U .il mf-N- blind .it ParOleor c'lllmlnBe. Only 2Cn'
'%'" ''"-'<.. ,PNT JUDICIAL CIRCUITT is9s 111 iul.o Einlra. L Carsf.'l. A. D.. '..b. hSaod co" -e being a -utll.scrfb ; .....W .- W'entrlwerth,, ;_ .... ... rv N...rr.i' f lit r lr .lnremritfore da-crlbod. years old, Mr. Ingram hag justI- W ll ^FkN <" PAY
Ab` NIL ITATE OF FLORIDA. . wtll w '.. O VMoT-ISlA CORN- IIvlll. wife nf nLorkhR.nt '-< thl,,' -n. rn Hr Bead el DaJ .a ,llaRce tel the1"I Tu p"re'ni- ,rCh'K.g.oAfod. alpiti T4). Emma ;Camp. if ahIn and if
6.': IF I CHANCE -RY deceled ,-r othprnl.-e in the rr--,l-Pe Ih- Bin l ,r r .c.,oii h]i.t. am fqil-'w-. to- inltetft., un r ." ...-- Wentiftwart, ,. I ,dead. her unhown l ir det-e. Law. ror which lie Sudied ni> feu- d1r--
$-. B W, B. Crawford, Comnplainiant, i ,iuexlio11. l-aur'i t='ll.M.aon. els. 'dn.epv, er ta l rl ., hi tfw B6. r; .rnan. Mlry .. SEernian. l0 leaitee t.r Sr Sr.,nt,', and all p. 'ruti.' er than 1 .1,01i v volumes, neatly all nffP; 991 'ot Ri. BH
...: .t p d.'e'sed or oalher tl-. In th o profn- Iie .\urtlh %-.t q L4rl-r ,rf th e erty h e nla.teP (Ml ritr.; 11,a. i t ,- L6e1,mlali ntt,. ha in or hich were read to htm n' him.'-*f
'.,l'.* /at n B. W atsn. M ary W Wa i- ir in qur.,ttinn. lI P. Fluharl d,., i ,j- t'. ', h is -i f e ; W i l li a m I . \k' r io l l .e a fd o r o l h or l e 1 , i t l i d p r r .: i i i, 3 I ) roT n n -4 . ti ,#n I 1u r t a l r rnl [ ntc f B B in. k1 0 l i t -, S a m e A r o ,, !, 1 . e ^ r v l l : -- Ot dI-e .I. ,o T
I .. . '.. Car.oil. hlt wilwe: James L. in q,.-,til.n, and al per..oii, u lio~n l.rii th'tri lan f': r.;, K tle M. (ates. his wire; Johin idhir,, initp-i-< I, thr A_,r'.7. r(v In Tlh Ter.r..r0)on d,,'rll, d hknd. he- Oapresr, hy wirc:Janhnr ,t.,: k:. t. I-- *san .I.A.. D '- *' 'i aThe L, Tn (10,, Baork .Twten- gowr Carlisle. who numyc? C i n u. m lie
'f -..-" S., lnler ter D eSa u ln.ier): LI-- ,,up=. ,on : the ,!J l ,rJup-rty i q u a ii -i r ,:tI, l,. in i e .' imn y -.,f YV a e rit' IT n i n If fel V. iit"_ i. hmdh ra~lT . r di ,li to rt.'..! r i a m o n g h is per-o n a l a ciquai u tan- n n o -I----'*-,--------r-------
*i | Trust C npany; h.arlle" H. th,,n an'd li thi.-' Lult being lu-i .> and ,ILIB o; I .",Oa (da. Un.rta cfal c t ll tn u t" j , t it the i fitP. ... ... PIntr, t lErl u. -'
H rt, Bit". M. W eart. hi- wife; n ltllel'o..l ed in S,,'u-ia L'ouil-1v Sl,,tr i.,l 1T- 0 %,.l- ,nI' I.,,,nl .ie, i h-re- llilrrlol, rr ltlias, If 1 In' the M e. rE!.ee" r-as.e d e" % ill F. i,-,' ,,r, nt-lrlv all or o the ruleri and other iS, l, a ,L., iJa 11s *.
,1. .W k e worth. Ernast 0.. Pll.-worth. ,:-rida And1 de,- rili.d ai tolo, h) % I d-.ldg,,lfle, d7 t, the n-w pa rrrn ter Ai l"rtit re M, a .... n' n,,.n ,,r ourope. rose frfnl A reliable, practical reglMtaod
":!' !I .no Parewne Mbrlol; S .-'ll.- i.. H hall 1 nublr he L Ito n qr t. J( Ugin'I 'WIl It A1 t, F*l"'".' J'l'^ "'r^nhL ,,I^ <," In PV<. nurse Eupplied on short nolUha,..
4.. If iv ri n g a n d i t d e a d t h e i r L o t Sd. ,- . 7 n ,! t h e W y l n -. .. a feal, r. l ,irr ,4 i r.n. .^ t h elf a ,l Il> r4 fr hl mi n B f n t*we r t I L IC r .t II, h i S q li d O 1 .. . I- . . ., ,, n i P t,. I 0 rO N 1 0, .c.
,. Mira d e v i s e es % r a n tp e ei a n d le g a t e e ,. ,1 1 r d o f L uA 1 :. n r .l 7 B- 1o ( t h lIy flnh ni- a W P omlo d K ce it,, o r eiAvx o- "i" T I a Jr P. 'M I f i a l l .
,, Othe lltelcai i int r- 4 ,of' Laot ahni :t'lAr; P11 Frio( I .,,. .. ,ol,,,- -,r, -.4 1l"f.. H- ri t c. d.. -a . "" ,, ,, ,: .,. ..' '| S A PR M
1'i u nd er them In ilie property d e- ,i. " a, l -L-nI l V-ii ',, 1ii ,ia -ardi n i F l<*rf ,"e. M ti ol A thmI dec e A l W in i .fr>h, . (l S Wt P l l a ft w &- t l Al '. "J ". a, 'nl. JL ' ,, r . .. .
*Irlt d t L this Order. Respondents. Y ,,u -,n'l er,'li nl -...u are requir,.d I li ;l-l ; 01- t -. o e,-efl'mb r, ,A A .. ID tl# rn".l'. *-e as,- Indln ahtI" attd asP l x-ien.1 .-
.. T complainant having attached be lind aippar tu 'the Rill Bil ti i n ,-ir 1"_0- whaOse nano" a are tluitmet. --to I r a4mitf a .itaa r-of tll e at e Sam-I Tau ar* hertlh.; I...,.... . .,, ..... ,. .' on ."
I td. k 111a 1l of Complaint In this cause laint fil,., heroin ai--"ln'l 5'i.i i n the I. ;E\L) C(omplainant uA A. DonaMN. d ~a~i . At Lta n la thlh B.ill of Cornpl.kint ill -il j.-., ' ' . .. .. %..'' '. .:.
:I" ;' sitda lt atatln there are unknown q%% .f... ... .I.J8 AN. Y and ea ch of, l~e h,-~bS B . ,vou Is V1, \h'.e "s& I .n ,'I ,he ahoir :"
.1. o i e s r n e s a d l g t e a b o v e e ln tltl~ d e a u se on o r b a r,.1 ".-i -, LI ) A N o a n a h o f w k e h l $ -,ki, ed l , V a rv i. r~ nakL ,! a a r~n t o r b, ,ef.or e ill( s t tdi5' o
. ,I II( deviseei. Krantees and leefatee ,th. Hrpt da, ,.f r,l" \ I 'i l L"ri- '-* r.f nlilt i'.cfin \'"Iu~la _,< J- .>t.jr .ril .< wrtapd >n, M~~ro u e',t. i* *"^ . W i , B W atson and M ar% W h e in g the i ti.l pr .ui ,d, of lh .h I F ,r' ;d.a bap ear ti tl< hill of iw ,m pla Wtt 7e a- e r I L L. I-naWi. d e b-ru-. Atb.Mrbdr y. A I,. 1 .---6. tha t ,I lf a flit.. ... .. , -..--
:I." i- ?' 6aist11; W W lani N. Carson a nd M A. i-,, rt and ,., ,i h. 1i | ., uIL 1-1 14 *'LtFF ,- ItI i l C 11,1?l herf-n Ca ilw t, y911 In ihi4 ,elf. % 18 I anbamnr a_. der as l .n.i FU t tN on It tlt .In inJ-_um ula.n- Ili, .. It,
.t----,'. f, ; Jams N I. ai-s and Klle 4ulr t title ito thl i.,,d ;,hn d, .-' 1 ','K & .IA,' A J ^- '. .-0 teB: John B L eS eulnler R llp- sc ib d ',i 'r- ".. ,,,i,'n~r, e < U .nda? t 't HAVy e f M u -i a ase3 er elj,*r wl-e of ,* ' '*" le-cr r. prop._r .. ,ur; r -f . ,, ,.. h, i... .. 20S 1st N __'a r I.l fur H duy f'oH I .t .,.:."
A ---. ^Kth "Tnr st Com pany; Charlea H .. The iftin, D al .' - 1. h.-.t J -'" ''. ^ rh D i PaM C*u M h,,ng ta r Inf r.,i r ,h a land herein., T r .n Dtl -an ild .\ e n< N i. h- -. tSe.llon_ Fi-,ol I m,".... %-iI, Tn.l..S ...ns.n0 O land -A e o th.l .

.. . ..?^u^ The^ Li -^-and Dak N,,%,I- i-bi, JI1- Mach A..-1 1:).. 1J^Z^.9`iL ^ paid^ ^ calls@** t. w* r, 1,'^'^(;' I^ ^^^ TONV-TLW."
.. : kt" nd -1 {r; -t te Ad de,+ltnafed a-?. the ne-w*.-l-,,l)(r in %, -I --... a sui to f rJeeno,' it~l, B It qt~ rer.d4 -r +'lP, ar,4 olu ,a d F l I.H r;Ha te A a --- hul' 1na a t as -Innw'ae iiten w~,Jen hil-r- ,(,,ell t.( t17)n n4,ui (i rll.l.+r I'rn-l (i,-'.t .. .

1,.1,- 1:nt ff and- l ae.! of W lam B , ., A, v l?; ri I .1 ; e l i tr f<- r fd la.lmit i Ifirr-i.I If F th i"^ 1 order '-;hal be ( lr[ ou l* each" E**ast *k lr l"* ,,.,-u ti~ s lB n l
f R w' o rt h. E rneqt 0 M al w or01o h a nd EIt s U rd -r i.l .'ild Ili-. pl-,,1h i Ine N O T IC E 1,,, r. ,h e co mpl, hint. 1 L .*8 b -an r orl n r an4 t. 1/ i bui I'^ .,^, ',,,h eP
(. 111rl'line ParmilnnJ Wo-ron ; and the la wpel fdr Figh --,l .... rutjve n,'= 1h N% 1..... I I'r ,',, ,1 il' .1 %I. V-1 I% t ,I.-., to th e full-,Ireirn dew m.bed ato l f 'fa "l the land-= berewnafts dle,-crilirl' Li- I[l, for, :u fnu -4b on--ru,%e l -h ; I'll. for.g ,i,,g dl ,.r,,.ed lan-6 1.,I ,-, ..-- A
i .= .dbiv having prayed for construe- ,J II" 1 L L .. .. f#h i r l f 114. 117triinel. han an, d ... .. of .. ....lf: hI,.' in- file C',)u.niy of N'L,,IU, i,~~ -.II V u '.
^ I . vce snagainst~l,^li, ,B u wtn my ho l arnd -,al f Ih ,I I ,L I .I IT IN .%NJ, f, r. ml.q F itlte. ,1'i;' -'arid being In .. r".. t a r .t nl, rh ,,l,.i ,c ,n F.lo.rida. .s- a 1, of Florida.
,.i.. ," i & Sm vie. a ,l n a d u k o i -~ .-f It P e r, A D o l~~ Dhi 1.r \ A,[ I : V "1-f ri a ,\IE ',,ll IfT I' e toII sh r~ i'u the F IJI~ o r.7 .e IN i-tH la r ofri it Da reid F irmeka" fill -,!r i% I l I4 ,- T I .'II-An C t n :. W N-. -71-d t t rLJ1 4 "ld 0, o f- .a"u--,-. A 1 .' 1- N Th e Llea n l...,t of i er, n Ie i rl,-. ., . ., ,
.. . _I"r te :? 1ore. ordered that the defend- A fl. -Io., n BILL, Th* l n-terl.N ;"'. feet ilf l~n! li t. )"ll t filed b ,".rp- in a faln,t yoi In I .(SEAL) I... de -lin... a, tite M Fo lx\s -
:"k t h ~r.( o n h i v %.,A a l 1 o JUIl(IA %": I 11. ,' 'i. i,:-I, r. ,. npl.,,m an,, te-n ttGi; fiflli tbh li ts rly tiaIt (U' ,h# AblOV-a ell'fr dP ,vmu- an or In .. . .."e,,% .: t ; "r.un ..... a %, fo fou ii c,;c

f ,1' ? %.i. I ^ H II r.h ^\, ~~- , .. fwr. 16rr-hi~y rft?,- VIiusi Ofniv Fnrf Fe t.w , . c l J -1 l--3 Cirui Court. ___ l.. uoic S en nr nh r
e and ylegatee ofvi Woni ll a o l 1.Jr -'lr -:l t" t-t '.'..3'i ,lu3 (-'n t ;r 'ilt S-. lo I,. ll ItBen fl-. 11Dt I-.1 W. .f t-%t, .r <, -' -.r .-. 'the %, -,-k--."-.. ..-" l I\ .' ,
.z'.1 A It N. .'.*r1on an d Mary ___on : __ Pklorid ; I V. li,,ir. 1 -i r .n -i.d I ". i. ur" Horq.r,-ni. 10e ), at U&laba ,Ji llr *aj>,v 3a ''_ ,,,-zir eratUi nsw ilri I t B S 1 NOTI CE L.' C,, ,-,s I% r.l a d I N otAr Pb ONic.
C.. I .s C ates And F lo i Al. t ,, (',.ates: R. L. RT sr _t1ll r. -I,,' I, L *ni i,, i.' i.,,, ill. ai..-.i p witi n o. *rec r i isn t e ic nalI I 'I Ada rl Ih J>e riP- pi r forl* h, 'he I tn . ,, .... l. .', .. .'-"c A 1-.

1--i-in aveh IE cone Ierk of~ ItI, *1ALl Cort iRnH Mu .[I', III,) ofF:;,.-T, rom..;;alr', ,'^ f,o "' Tt ~~"!D~ ^ ,3. ^ (H r-^ ru1D B^ .5.VIWihL USF LS M A E C
i ny. M t th'; Fha rle,B H H a rt a nd E lla R O l "i .1A %.'o n nTY ', T '..- i' r t n,, 0 r .lfl d1 m y h ai r di hn il h.eal *fd L in k le fgle'na i ;l a- 41I t,1l j in .- 3 ,1 l nr tom p la inan t t. (.lt 1,, ,-, r-i>. l ". ,----...---r-ot e --.-------^
_.1ie L BI ,,-o h. I. .I "., .... .. . r -' f l.- Pi. ru1 e, -.1 I' "I-_l. %..i-i 4r, i-- r - _a pher "
'' L..J'; Hattite Ada E Il'316L-rth. 1.:rn- 2.J -,-4-.?-31A-3 SI~ur,, in0,;.*rweI,,qIno ,',P- QuarterI. .1"$ I I anr~ e u rtr +$1'.I [...
i t t 0 V.K T or'th and C aroline P ar- .ui;.ia m hS W I, -nl. l A |iLtind pl I "
;' h (ortnclamig a Iter tInI p, ,io, it -1 h-e. ,r, ,,-, l ,r;~ -mu i', rh,! It Ils hl-reby l, er-:d'.thjit the-.ij,01e4 8"Oual~l-,.e u rt r t Srt,-n3 NOTICE.
. .; I. >.f.. ... .A 1-, ,s ^it &bi'tl JOR l>A e ..-a 1 ,.1-la- Cuonr rrl, ,. ."fn -ruit tile arll r i',so Ui beto-Ph f 4W T ~k4119 1q. ... ,,f -
I. .,1_.'fol~owlng property located In Vol- NOTICE. "1 Z j ti -'-l "I'I'l.' k.r 11 14'.9 Ie d'oncit a .we-k fff" ei&{(I, ) eo na.he Ra~t* it~la&tfd In I\flu-ia Count-,.' ICIL ('I1RC'UrI N' ,\%Ni) P:uR '"' 'F RT B TS I Lyk He endr
. l q d a C o u n t y -, F lo r id a t o wI t : I N ,I R 'T C' O P aR T s rSV: NT Ir .I I ., I < I ,R1 L l 1 ] "I T 'Lea n fv u n t I' l I '*a r of e I "U, .ry A I p ar,-is V L t L Y O .F L ( .I u ]D A By- ".. & J ,j P r. "O 'r L It h 'L O U I S F OL-O M AN
.Regnning at the NEl corner ,-f the I'r,'[A K.R t}I &. .JA 1Pd ,t' "t, .-_- W,.-SeI."" .J."NI. n 'al .w h r.I I _~_ O h E e'.L.T .tS\ l~-I : [' T= L) I ''IIl rlI IlI1 ~|T~~d .. a lns m ~ d a le Ie f [ v .eIm td a he n 'ar i ] S~n L :aln r o l~ ia t !l6} .?u.) ...ip.,

*^ S.90- '11' dP"-;"lrip^ idl ****..;'1-"- *-i tere-T w ir. ,, Ne,, ^ w*, P- -w ^^^ -~ ~ ^ ^ B L'stNtlB'kB dg
- .._ rihe. l 30 E. run S. 16f 01 feet. thence IN 17-i HA.N I.CeRy. I rK fi, f,.ur .on-OT uI le J'- tf.,- At Ietaud V _lu- _______n__, PIA r.l-Bf.h t is A L'rer F1`12 t or, .. -- __ l. S tire o Davit A. LVA
; '. 8 . y% ) .. I rhto .ow IT C P '- a -e -H ffor ( 41mn n clpnrd \ r 1- Da ,hi ,' ,1 I' NoT :f. o ON M cGREGO R & ER ,
N., dere'n es. I nc es W. f t oA C th nL I' BIT, ]O-I A YRe- t-I,. d .i a.I fule 4 hl, 1i a ofcrb r t..v fr IpiiW al l.k Itn ,-w --- -
I, .. r I 3inhtle? so -al r. t rbe i lnning Willia m KohanftiTCn i, I >-\ TY. eC omtt. | IA[.ffr ..lTtT 14 _'fh / "__'_______e___ty___hand a . .f ic l l. he e ald. p (hie or her -. de-
I.ll Sulri ao VhM PLl l tohenc S'nnh 1i .lre.J.. Il l .-Ha. .;., 'i"tBy' L t'KEKW T i np *n-.l r Inr.c and -.ln d "I i t ,' rpf. ,r,.,r. A.. It"'''," ."l', I aSE A'' L I .r 1 .r 1

f-** t .S r th e. 7n egre, ; I I I'n ch- F1" it L* f, I"<'b' 91. Depnl rehi ,V" -*" t *cntaln e'nufe S P^'^ orll, rizees.o-T ~ n J i- aglte, grantee-3 an all ,1 ot h f dt*r.jr hai b^ ^.-ri -; r1tonr *"(T rr a et o
i 1 V .: a o r e d i ieo n o f a1r ,e.r nn tn 1 1 W .All & fi\n- Q IOl'I. ': -rM. [- f .l h .t r IT L e e P a g e " S A M L nD t D i .c L 'Ir c & I-UL. Uiby n t I u rrf d a y o r, Ja A U ,a Ma l er., c l a i ii a rler e. I I T r ir. l i, 1 :n r i B ,-I I O

4T ln'm o r "-hrn^enE'.nE. de- Y. .ula* r,- l, *-**il"" '***d" 1J ^ -^ .*-..hI .r-Me...,',t,''L I oanl 'u. I " .^^ ^ lr t; .^ 'W g1 Geo'r ge W^^ Etyill dec a?" or other- Jece -i r 7 an -ial heirtu-,'-law, -hi A V
tl_ Firr.-sn. 30e o-t,,.,f. S Al, fe,.^. t.pointt iFil f lrtl fi led h,- ol l, Bal
<.gnnl -I... .,,if in t. ht,. . e n . .... . . .. .. ..... IJ "e']^ .i ^fr". '*eft aty "' ;']" S -% .^I..t [ -.A rf y u n O hio e "V,.t J I V^.^ C- .1 Dr Ill
*- ... ilthk, .e^he,. rf rip.-lm iouot V'Lf .,, mire i, I'o re th r-t d.- of l h ,' ,. ."" f',. ,pKt l

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of plf irud II rn o fe Orweni S' r it Lv~ fo r m hl. p .... ..- ^ ,R: N ~ ^ ^ l U & lr. n M p -'r"" f "-ie a d r -- NOTCE ------l agn-* ,,d :,1.e-%% Ill^-^ t ^ ^ ..------------ -
ernmen~tn Lot 2. ncn ip f pbeg n ing sit "I1-,,- B i ,. 6nd Da i%, '. Mi- I- .li,-l>-. -_ _ __--_ I--]oil-. w -' m > 4L Ae e S R-w ,J^ T."' NICKF.1 I" M r1" CA P. Lnt Hl '-li rf in- the %LOF en ltmi' th i Coun, fo .l~]Z .-V I HU i ,' ti'nl|. -*n ul
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.t" ,til',",outh-rlY along .gaAd road to at .I.n d. Io'u lI, Cou..nt I,.r IN i'IIk*U CO.1R.. No\IW 1 .II.'- i-^.*,n l 'I lli "l tn 11.9-l.1.n -. l. [ l rda d he n n he [IIus.\ l" V.-
.,. at of beginning: l-o begin at a li r Of e.'c, m"l .n A. I I '.-".d I I ; l :i. 1 dllA,. i,' I o pA in I N' rt"D *'(.n.,ltt ,.' rfl. rT, ,]Ir i.Th,,*n,,lT *Be.-r-ld an,. t.l F... he- = n 3 a0t of.- QL r f r theJ '. -< Phone ,.0 D, d. -
..-o I It .'Mu fe t UIuth of th N'ort1- Sql, L.[. .1h- TT L " .. .... !q 5! %Nh--*,, r ., 4i, ..I -%,- ,he le-t^1 ,-1 .r .. > r rr, arrd O J'
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.: - -o~r r e- ot ;.. of a h ,. ... "i N.. .. i J'.le Rem-vi -" Ad (lel T\' %% -1 ., F'' M','.. r tar r of t I -';..1 -. 7 I,-1 I.-, ', l A tor....-L w"
M CI'v,' ernment Io 2. ruIsn ".1..nce B~a.- r. _ru ,..r o ,.un I,.eI C r uls, 'lm l'th.r .Ntc,.'-rlb.i ,{h da t 'e [ "" [; ,' -.% 3 xr -h T .'. lr[:ia t.'td .ITr v h .'. Souh. I ,Lavie !I 1' ;-. .-:-.-7.I,] .. -;[ d O s ~ i v .
:i..'' thence, .ou~ha.a,i-rlv 7_5 feet S L. -. N.WW ,,E.L. o r.trb'reurLe D. .I L "V .... .. ="' 71 ; .t~ o d t~ h ,ulla te)- l IIL'.1"NT. [ i ir t h -e bj reilre 1%) a"rn' .Ifk V .e, n P, kr= 'a ln.ea e l [ e d I' ', ,. I, IVd* 1111. Tif pu1l wll' Nn', a I< te i' Ih-r rlQuI(INO IE O I S A E
n: ,1tR al. Mieursd n, aO 1- . .- .o
R t 1 at r~ld' Lot 2. theri-ns:, t 700 S A -to yl1ght-of- n,o, of Atl.,nle ,?so8 t 12-4-16 .. -;, i ,Hau- on 'r -a r te t day of Xr'%. T45 I- l -7 t .lasl, yr,'.s t l oill tP. itrz, %L4 - rn .t fitn-, I, lq a d -' t r,,t|- dt,:rvf ,-.1' [.r-cl.,u'e a o, hipr,, -fr,, o ~ lu iD a d S i s A~ l i
J.e Railroad ,'. ll ail I lipn,., .. .. . -- __e '_ .r .,V .rd 6 -I"t(O-'r m ,r v.. q'- et the, e- ". 'd a I'l I"
O DE O P BL A IN.^.M-l. n J.. I~pA^. -- -- ; rU-r l.- ,' ^^. R,,.,,.?hl wr... F.. Nhf abl -, .^ *n i t /,,L.Ar,,I. \olu-i; f ,:i. u ty. Vi,... -d,i J,. ,,- ah: .1,r.-u F. i_ all Sr ee
.."heile|l along raid right-of-%.d to NOTICE. 1 T ,'w I lit-ref-v I I t %"' l l b?;' r".l 11.[ of. k= r ie] .n1 ,.o p a I nt h 3191.1l Lift.r ,D. 11-'b. .- .'urt of denhl. i u .',
.. .... I i' . .... .. .. . .... .... I I I* .r .... of ........ ... h ,.,1 ., r,.ri T R A N SF E ...R J S H A R
.-...: Amlnr of beifltnning' [- ,e~~n I N -' It-I-I "Il # R1 l .-I.\1..%11l J,r- 1dI gn4-i;- ien -rww t it" rlol F.ilf t '* 4 vi ..S~ w T ece ,, E: k- -= rt, n-=v~ e 4r :lc Amtt~ I. fl r. Jl"j-.J,%1 ('Irl 1. fit' 1-1J-df 11 .n C -
thy r he^^^ridab) 71141.~f?^ ? ^3 1'11:1.'L I'7IN. %NJ.- F-11ompthand Econo421icalO pN-114he X.EI
-.... ,p l arp on the I.t dky ..I ",' e l'S tity, I LI.DA. Ik '' ',,1,', 1'.- I 'Lur o r, ul-e w--I.- [ it It-.Am].,0 a.It i" vh, .,.%,'" ". '. .ro ra -;. ip ali .hO el| tryg -
,. A. 0. I'. | 1. the sarme b-inx; Rule D.,.'. 1\ 0 1N 11:1. 1'tl' X,'l~l|.- in-, halld andl, -eaal ofOf lft J La rn - rd.. 1,I1 d... -..4 I,,:,_Peli.,', lI'l2 ...- I tI,..
BIO ECLO E MORT-r aE I-t I'P1.Irj. +\', u-s ,olit- I ',l lrit red, I L' Ia t upla in 1t1o n a nd i ,1 % ,
". a ..".I. '.l - ceis,, and c*rT^ma We( t'[ r- I"-., ..I,. ,;hll 11n^ Smit h J. V1 ' b' **I;,^Wr N '--.. n N Ill I
th 'mr I n tn h ict ca u s e a n d it I B fu rih ,r }: I ) K P W d..u r, I' 1 T%'o od bur'u t rid d a o r J a n u .l, A P 1 .' '' 3 h1,-n d . Irh ]-t 1 '+ '|,, d u rin g- tli,,-e-nt --o-]-a--- ,

^ ^ ^ *W ^3- % -S/*^ *^ ""------- Igan T ^ .^^ ^^ *^^K^ ^ I lairnot, '" "', Li ,ADES HAR
-~~~~~e a h-i fr I~ ',) Ie h ,i' I~, ',,l l t ,h n I3 O8i c I :.% 1 1' ,aY .l; I F I S 1 la ir e a t a 4 t ., f l
,de rred that Ir u co y.p thi. O rder ail' U '. %I.{ r o%% tU:E.., C" npl r annt "' ere'I.n "i . . -" lowuttk I,,u o f,.r I V lu -iaB li, C'U Tr -
i o It k ?* "*u V 1 J J CIA * IL Rf vhN 'ia Il I.'ld P. Athens Beafty Parlr and 1r N I m ". In I F. J, I.'
'' L.Va~scutha % ,e.k-i. In The [,i,[.and tFrailvn+ Brnlit..n And hli %,,.I.. E.m r ,', .1 ',r ut it 'C.url.\Volu~ra L 'our, t:. w, re ... eL,',- q ... fh ,4r,, -s ,1 ort ,Lt r-'r t,-La s Ber Fish 1IN
1 fc. b^ o/rn^ .'Wnr. I opan.. t.^ Negetin Fir-c' Rn. Intrr.% ,I ur IF^0 p(l,^ F.t hDry~ Mai-elllllg foraert .*:,iI t o
1 Rl ~ l [ K e ~ s a n ew sp a p e r ) u b l i ph e d i l ia R r i n i t, n a n d M n i.. A T 1 : .I ,1 .o F l o x id hea ilt bI L, ,. f oraii i e er a- h "ie rh ,e r ', l D C.u L ,l r L r f '. I N
v- y I., cUl8 ouint:,' ; tha t another r cope Il -pond,..nt Iir,, fl.. 1'l.I,,(n. I. Itr rla t ,da .. o r Q I. A ... U I. L V,.,U _', n
Or O rde be pp lid ,Il the tCouit- TO, F-r:,ln.'-' Bri-,.in and E'i aI: 8- A z~ : T o u .L v T -: ,a C, -- I ' x P-,% hie n - 1"g~li '"'~~ ''ia rt,. -, .: T '~'\' ='oT, P + ., ',It ,ll, . .- de" P( ; + 3'. Tea,' Nun. r~v : 14---I ,' 1,,L ni, F i h
( ami door at Deland. 'oLu ia i:uunlY. } in ,n.. I or land Nd i of St.U ,dro -" I-I[ .l,". "nd :tlir. t aw Jel l, t"ll n .P B at" .n ei, r fr <, m 1 Hll
FT I'Z d *- '*^ ^ a I 'i. Pe'lta d.'w 1;,d:, l t ,a h -0Z.J ,n ,.. .... og erm v ir .e ^,m io. .- 1,. P n .' B ~ .,SII
'l ,dl i rl. or fur '.im plau onE. Inid ua.1% mind a n. e ut r ^ ^,.? f-r -,of 'I4e I blind r r 'ml ,n "r .- Y U R,,.S T" in h T RA LA
'I[I..lZ'h esm T hia. e lilreu ito Net .rl l'IIplalhll fied lI.rr,Il ., iilt~r t'J if J. -,-, .-" -..'D qlaweI t3 . Ifl andlt "tab ard!ar and 'A!%u Ul,. . .. ... . ..n q- II .,,) ,, r .- ll 1-
lihnd and off'ch "-aI this 2nd do, I I % b 11[irlt d l h ll n ai n,r'bf o r ..... ... ... li n u,^rk- aL9 r-r.- rt e 1 r reel_. r a- Mitt winl >lnd afi,,..,n ...Nw Y. ". .. iSE'A1,| Th "l li Ie[.and llqil % .e, I- h--r-l,-" Ix ,'ll't'LTr ,'4U.RT. SI:%j|.', TIf .11.1 lim n ln ere In th l .4 e .ft-r=~n ,,efo r --ined sa nd all unk own lq- I h -- ~.t e u li ca E
eAa:'t. 7 0:e e'l. InUTI e n. e. r _.n. .a .I.. 11 n n. I It he unTno ,n htlrI til Ie .n n ofn--h ..I BlI..r- n,.r .
Ittl: t::ul|' L '~ llliu 'I "trT'%I, FUJ1f r1A ~l n ./: :!.: naf'ter dmcribod, n ll J r u s akae "ifie.' i, I.t -, In j n h e, -aldte ANInd Imll 1'. b,.r 1,r I.,r -1"1,f
,,,unty ne-k nfr C11fr,,-an w'-|- "nl ' '' a"".- -y^ a'?er n he 4. r I -. "r 't" ilter. de.-a... or ,th rr^l-" ,aid dN, r . .,ld t'o-e3'.
IN -'TI...%..'1:CF-RY.^ ^^ :^ or^ or Ivintlls' kiraliaej delti rtlftoli de.4lit I'e .1.- Pe,:^ l e,1al' l ,E A D O
.. R3 S. L. NICKE: LL. D. C < 'l', .... ,, III l ."I' a .]. ... .. ,I ,.it. ir.L F%01 IiIV SIC'u,[. Irn a.+.' ,.+ r h o n d ,l; + ; : ,,, ,,l U K & J C S N ;

\ jihc 6iinB h i e R .U~ t l quid t l i" all( rn i. Vi lu-in,. ,. I mnl. o7 .d Iop r '. Dta .? 7 ve onL 3,s Complai ant. iw la. t-c .H~ tou" I64 each or.-11 youV H fre ev 'hel u k fl n .S-A i r- cle~z-np Ter-ii SljoL1^1 MAO~ 1,. .
... II IsilrIN %inhc Tell~rt andt each ofr ;*-"<* ifo berill .e to1.. RLWnd ,t ?bee Bill of a h u o ep lT *n t< l~ r a f (*b.- S.\ W H J I1 | I k;1R';L -IT J rtriteS a r n~il 41 o-r ther JOH G.* 1.1R I NR
-7n o .ule n i be -- '- d on- Oil-, .,nil. al or JauriK y..< A~ r ,- ^i ie o a~ t. o l Fi f. g1. it [,,,.rt ir 4 a p a ,ft), TheIX 0111'V I~ 64 ar I *e S C;I n in te e im ndr? ------------- I ^ X
.l .j < -^ u..-A I. | ". I.e,, I-, .ong4. Irfenddnrit. CPn, lr' l lift d lP' agiln.-t .yo t ehn Botie" f- Ie,, it r.iI.-,-1- r-h ,,.,,lpi,,nm, nt.
Q'." R'DE R OF PUBLICATION. 1 ,,I I t 0A J, N.' 'ftI" Ltol.H VL, ongig, _aipar Ile ven A t .. .. qL a,60,e r, .,JL4 caut or- or Ir -.P 'i r K ig ifcicn lIng all't Stateu Fnd-1-1)
,ineri. ,'Jr .-..p enrt, ui. ore ldor ,en-il to_ a_" ... i r . [ t. . liur rn Ril To I 1 ,ng. al dITAT ONJ l .'" I f P-.u
C..;. t IN ,71KIP C 'I T .r1" ,'-'.lllr hE%'- in i.,.rl. ,'lr, of cr, n.r[an. Ifiledbe.ret[, r.oln~nree .LW. r *n t ,or T,. "ell. ta^T.l lai h M' l- J- L Ilia u il lil d-
: .17r 1rir, 7( C i iT.. nI>N R, S. L., NlC-E6. Ii. C.e p n l .h l. r:c i[ r.u.. Vol rla n._._ .,-. aI t h dad.the an LI T olhe Ii "r. -nurts -- - the V a No BPOO^
"+"" .... '~~~~6WT J.t; L It il, f R(II a. Rle. 1`0 In th"e;L;L Com "I a' lit tn Ih -v !{ ~nn ie

. .. ...... "';=" A (.'i R l 'SI-. ,'OUNTY, Air lo i 1.l t I ) W -X. "p1 :" oil i n "bo '" ro- t .or h i I e e once a rv. |.. .. o', ,,,-' a ,n' illf '., i... if nart til In.. O .. tor lAunhd lf J i i .nlAL k1r11.. li rLntor. and Ife o r, Kill," ..1 mento of Stat P Fsderlonl.!l
*g .lBaIa or.r.anuar?'. A. D'. lN'>?fi. 11i. I .'V b" .,rid th'u rnin. nt. I h-r .. l; '". 1 '^ -- d *"-' .' .. 1 -. t '3-:(1~ .N -In ti e*pan r t. *ta am ..e- an. .. v | ""*"' ' .>ndnt. trRO Y RTIdern FP--r-------.--rnm-n-,---'.?
.. -.4 I .)h -tor f-, Cuntltnnt e-u- t or beftore the I't day. of Feb- .b ,avd, end lbr,. ,,e ,1 ,, ittl In '", n:" ': '=e -' : e ."-al n ro,'" l, d,,ce~as or otheri-s.- TR N F Ro FL O FI T NA OI
'"I rh m ,r o pan .12-9-16-23-30 [rldr)'." I9' q ,a N' ba le bv tB lle ,b lfi[ Sfolw ,t- o the -11 "'4 Cartid ar ee, rn'rd t a le
"' ,a, L I' Hl i f .... f c h"- enni l 'l" d 'f I.;c l> A 1. ft PLll at $6M--a'l ilia forl b t oO rhlr (1. eni l.B u r-

ry C l'le,, nlo' Ci -ti aul. [,ele nr, d n..nt' R E OFr.- P1-i. L Icpl" nr d. .lnl a'X DlED nNe SECTIO" nn lth *'; . .' UB _ Co uny 6"nd Ird -atl1 |,-r.-,..,ih N ow. iii It I ... I O Wi t.- ... . to ethi n Bill of looP l h ,- t --ie-- hereinl -----K BUILDIN G .
va a hic Th Uo I M P or of Nah .. .. ... ... against ,.ou lit the above entitld Prm t nd E o mia DE L.
It L Flry ida ree claniigii n O RDtERi. OF PULIATON flln- orde "L be. pihiullallAh a FtrIDAVjJo '46%jaoat OF~r 110n(1i^ of Blralncg lnlrp-n Hi]Ai]-Ninar'rs Prompt'andl ^ou~lallh Economical T VV^ MA~l
e~g cit .Florid umto: i|IN' 4'lRt'Lr ,T'OL'nT SEVE;NTH" J31-1- n-k for four ,eol-.%m% u,)te Weeks. -ua T neen Cit. n[ liia C .1 l ws ono eoe teis a
if Da l. hi wife Ib~i I'lI I t 0 U TN. FL RI A at Ill11d o | -o n Fiordd 'li Wev[ ". feet Ir o,'t il-, flh nd a d r.e tI A IH J- heroiot
tose. .... .v ., 1,e~w oe W ----'."-- ,O'3' I-'tD Ieht -1eandA Vou-fl 1,u o H auling
tan Of S.fn L n rICKE L 6f-a dL.,.. ....f .." . .. B. L ted' N'eirthe rpt. tnr.e n ( a i S t. f ie'r,_t. r iri.a,^n_, '; r 1 (loud. &l quiet title t^o II,. folio Ed s n yOO D so d t L--
.. 'j Jonna eisuknw Elz .1 IN CHA CER. rftItil "rid dai, of Januar.% A. L. 14-19. Soutehas t ouurt&~l .. tt a fil "lrm .oreln ad W '"` d=er nail~ J as ,te ne w-]paper In wI'Dcb lu,* IQL. n e4. n P ,l er t ,r ";ulr .... ,r tis]7.Sul jt D aS "h .' .e.'a..b u l.-. n i t d er rte 'tnvofV h n
i". hi-fi an~ d ..... S~llr rL~tp avalr I. her orl-,ratn n "':,)U t~l,.r d|| c l ,r- 'Illin" ;l[, n If a"-S A1.) iTihp 1,S uh t Ia ltsS o -,d,.hal be puI'bli 6,nr It 13 i and bein Irv til Co nt ofl V ..... . ... I .. ... ... . ... . .

k -oo s rid. whb i triqanpv, a1n Is1un- nrpor I o .iar,,d'mid x i,.rSNI1 I. .i^ i^ .11-1, N Ica^ 1. .. I .^ ^ v -'o' Wf^ frf': ell L~'teellhS t I^r.; at^'*,;',: s aloe obf Plo icia; Painter Phn te ro 58451 'Fi 1N
*P~ tollo ,o Co piat pl' "].. .. ..i .-il- "tu 'n J-ha at..l-', f rC npAnn.*[*1^ hx f}i ^ d et^'" rl-1rami;a vl~rf un e"? i^t I, nrii da\ofti d ouri bed AX. worknu R an* llel'for nnd D'lv
" 1 - k l A ; : W i . . t a n d - - - I ; u n d e r [ h t i -r th e S t a t e O f F 1 47 1 1- C l e r k r r ru l t 'lu r tn." \'r lhra I I I Y r ". A Ba, T | re q d n d,. Kl l ,-'' ,tI< . 1 -
iL a' ', 'll -.. .. ... .. ....... .. I~da., Complainant. [ Florida. .' 14 rk ,tet# Lt f V-.I" ... I= ,t 6i,Tl.. o, C.ounty. ,j'lrr,,r'ta._I he of t T, e ,, ,:or -- -D el nd C di ,c C b:!

Ilv." !* a.--- -- ---------n Jos.l !- ii *~i a .; W. -- Brackett, frl-iall foIrk the el'd (4 l-?u n of- vmtjrtl n t~.a.M r oh r i leh r ir, nie ofln, .-ou, liel,.'lh ;an- Do1 1 r. r ct-
r ,si1 , /i" + i i -" Sohlineder if M,,e.e ei., .;( e& ri ^ rday 4nk 1- cet ltAt, ^ ^.- J'. I t--.O I. %b..n. hr,- n M,ei ta office f, "h-' , 'ii ...el h r .u+ ._. % o-e "pi- al D'~dn - ." olleltnr' for I-'1omplainamt.'I h_ .1( ritLId-UI]y
- .... . ;t nairne Is unh town: A,IA J rBract~, I. -. ,. .. -i. "- e.-Jm a '\rnatp .tah', -,k" 4H . +') .. IV ..l.-uit o'_,>,rl lid ;,wi V,'ou a <-'o n '.. ... .. .. .m I ,-. C re. : n l.,r Ia...a Ntirew .Sl| rna, 1.A [ '' l

., j~l~ p --------'I C r m htl t hKV NT h l If a l ""e Sinh- ...|, l aid10 if ll r. and TH 1'RJ .1a .'O IbT' SLariivicc thea .~ni a i~r& '. l f ,l t e-rIbe;. r% n. ) l \1 ~ ow T h.d b s~n approplia l fy .N ~ews"______r ~ / ^
t "fi ," p f.M.. -l{....... . |c ... ... I-O ; 'S -. r ~ d .- ,d .r h |: TI J. l.II I .-IP- IT sN.F ri l i. I' n Vol._la eBnly .'.B -- ; or ,1 s or .rli.e,, ,.-*l le n. re1- n -i-n "TI, r d. rd l i\' Ne h' i >rdr------------| PU L I
''Imm l.,I 4n~n,.. '++ I f deJr. hil Jnuril no i hlors d,\li.-. IJ.'-'l-t3.-. -,0 e fr .6W .4 UJdiu C B lt-er lb (Ilretile t 'o vatut. rtuu,- b." ,. ii a'-rc- ,
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I .2K IL f''..., X- 4. I,,.t "- -.;' I .... ... ,- I-h thr- order -hall 1,^, nubli-l,-d "'1 0 ST NO RAWt W
if|-, her hub bond. "h-ph. 'bri," tlrir,. .lnl' er_ gao org-iti-- BIL T QUE TT 9 l1,Vwit ,i,e' and If" d'ad. 1w r Unknuvi n. 1 .. .,, + r+ afm N+,hf :'e. '. ,: -W" Q :1 ,' +- NICKEL rt C ,( ale R w i for four co.tec,,,,ei lCU T NG
*.=;,r.'.- w h .,a~me 1,% u nlinur E. H. Herrich I %S I llf mI ,, -1f.r I, '
' a in N =l J l V"-.." r' h.i.m." ..%+... ..;. I%, nr 'tr~t -., -d- ,.^r I V II .I ( ,'; NT iD m R AM'T 1"' 19ill~p.,1 ft |, -- 'lr.,-t aI, ,lhne. f.nul Iiiiind Sei1. sea l .l of of. .
. dea-d. 1.. " ....w Lar. l. -1 1, h..r, .r ,',, nf l.. '. +' de, -|ia..- 1-11 lit -Iuhi,,,f.. I d>, 15-6 .' "., 'I V-' -- R e ,t- A. Im .1.. V i
% ': o thenBill of ilenp brtii flid he ri n inp lega l,-, 1.1 arim-o RA..III <. rl~i (xK r l.~-'.- l P r d r l i i. .. I1 e ciiltla l- *a o l i ll-'_.%ii. VoSuM f. l'utty VhiriHP A .'r o e 4-_____r f A I I

.., w n y u i h Ito. ..all'.J find"? -' ir do*."a h u k ot I N lh- 1\ ,-ni^ O T e.-id B O lr v teY m fiii s~ ,t r m ; .. "..l 16-i-ul Ciurt --I ~ '
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I + _; ql,,, her r ,rd-i=":. de,.,.-ee-. ,rgater,. or g;.-,,,ees. -:" i4,-z- ... .. .. Z-.,, q.,.t,, m N. t. L1.4T7L A '.r .o ,, ',r<[r M |c lh g P m a e t

'raii+ ing' d e'i"o .ld l and. Wlln lher.J.:r -Iam Iv Ahntt. if ah:i. and if Ituert Vl'- Kladlr. om lnd o r i ^L-Al-t "t l St't;Ikui+,.be l' i en tbt R. t' 'l(', Elf .1 9R n r :. r,,,- Cr..y hD.-. Clerk. D. C, H ll, Ur r. l. ho -,..
I fit ted.,n 04i a nd I vFm -pi |,. Inth "tilnu "- l rI f..j sxt 11, &.,.-.j, 1. r --'! i, .,M ", h ~o r, .rl \ n 1 rD\ 00Lfcl Iq. bey,#br' gi ven ibix () ourT-> *.i.[~ r.' 0111B *inplr .n Ii. I. R u ffs a DF ran y ~ ~ u ye Ve~-n ra
.... ......... .. V" i.,.. r r .. ... IF, l-:-r-i3-rl, lu i:>. Rte-tr t i ok o+rjr the CiayI nd i F ih,.ll for r'omp;alnan P
I n to t tuch. If alive, find if de~aJ hlA un-. 10" -Idn, "fl.ot .-pclt "Rowlln-hn

,11o lqln*.t -wi: it ha. a. Ira .. 1.i- -rll f.-: >1'~id Wi Ii., inb. r. (Or I;r.. rj .irri. i ilrlriTa H: '; r j- .V r. J| h .L..II l'. *-T li-t '- s -i. H I.'-1-31); T H J -. S a l .ni a -a tc a ,:
*l I nr, n u hiour-i, d.:In'ii.] Ilugat,.-. o i-[ th y -r either of thern IP A Ill ngrl. I J;" "f-all dr n ;- It-13-' ' d -rl s lte n an tOquahlnr iM-,i "dl'30"" II r e a n nV
& .1, T 7. 1 oIq', I hip' 14. ..u'l" ,, .. Anid-r.ew: .. F. .,.I,. if :11,, l, dead. the, n lheir hll". 2e% .TI OF- A1 Pi FOB it 4* 10f": In. ( .'I I" ,t.nlSeer JI-'.\ 11"-rn, f ind if d, itrr U/l ,norn heir'-" do. e,-. And all pern inf. cl ai.mingnb d e TAX DIa9un.lR
r 1 O.a \ ]' ul e r .H.ili . .. ol I'r n h. r P| ilhe,| .. them .. nd i l Ull- O F C 6'I E *;C11 1. de roef ..( ral .f L30 u ni l N OI C E O A N N U A L M E E TI N .a I
! ""!: r a,' r n .....f r...,ma "r i eh ,.. r En..Ign. ],,ted I;.', If;, %ifn. lane l, nr"nn 'ppr-Un- cl~i .ng intere,t ,n ,'I + ,' e''.:, ,a *. P .;r, Ig + n a.! r, al- a n~ In J3 rd (tf .1It 'A PLhAS ,T'koh N-PlnE th one 47 --
+R1t e~d In- U .... d. E'Ird 'n-, aln. u ,e, Lie .111,,.t -n I, trfttno.-J.+n u +J,.[+.en+n.. N k' o I f+ X re l., r,.' !lh' oill January b.t-h. A. P. 'ir,',oet+Olon for ,lI#6 pd'rJ.,F'e of pilt- .H L &BM g I
%rid In any'kind al other I'rI,-n't bv- dead. lh-.h" urkno..ii h" r d+- TO .1.,-r,-~ R udowgki. na nd Co -r No 111, A.e Dh,, It Ity W '+n-I& ,. r il tn he, tr,,n+,r,,lon of ,. .
! ....m~ nkm-- .i. ......... %% ........ . e` Ipgait.-.. ,ir ur'nrt-.... F r-,,. r" r,,.- lr t I.... .... .,a .... peit 'Ro.,i,,. 4AN, Rate th t a f 16 '.- -', 1 -_
u7li 'r I atlftn f :.r ti "de it,:, 1..;uw h, a'" PunlfcirMI e10--tlon to be held an Fe b- I o~n 'be" l-th dh% of F'ebruary P'IN'
Okt rliire 1 ercf.. .: ,nj gi~i.--. n al e ,-3 i lnn rance with i.Av-. ,R IM .e i 'Ee ru.ry Ii. 19'4. to regiii.-er, r~'ri. r ill, n o' e,lr' in tila af" orri-ln .It
AL.di pl.h j~nir f f-d,ro .crg ,,ul++In ,'odu1=1 :Inty. f1 wte, 11 Ih hoty &po t.7',n 14! otI 'r.a' lld. Ne York ,I oi,+. o,-, SAvenu B A .J RH DEY
7_ kbr~~~~~~~~~~~~~lda. on~~~~~~~~~\V~ he1idyo Feray.-if. -r "Tie-adji'h Im -ee4 ttl.-,P7 ,fW irNew York .\\e.
Ilk~m ,,. Rfi ant ........ii al 1 111
Iti. ftlrther,rpd th' ,h l ,r .aii.n, r 11 I il . I .. ,1,, .1 to~e% .Im "n~ fa J Tr.( '.'ou Ir IhSereIl Phone 5:,,; \\ WA L R
fl i f t' o f P u hlic a tll o n b e u b li- h 'd o n c e h t- ,Je hd ] i w -i'r bl lnk i ,io n hno r rl, re .q u ire d / t) a Ipp c r to h ~e F;i J o f- T
tLich veek "or fo r i-n tv -. e: i- or6a i .%p-,.l% 1dn lin rie h rin g iEyour arnv .k. 1'. ol:&e I;. IN Af I/'3nl %' 114 .1. 1".lUNl I' .1 I n4 die --el a1a.n. t you
",~~~~~~~~t.r _. [I In oiil a myl+e oficarai+uleram i V.eU' ++. N CTA CE
.Nlf"_%. -" p.x+I,,uii De an [i.-L arN ,- l. -, dhine.... ndr-I~" .-o ir.n.. if ,,i ,.r, ,- .-1,r~.r 'I,,.(lith. ; ;Iok eny -titled lru,'. A. on .. B u ld r ,,r,. I uma n a d r[
.1 .. _. l-~t _. _...A .nl -. If .,\,.a ifl dt.d.h-eun 14th n-. of t-,ua3 . In Killem~r To R-wu,.4I IA IN .M EA N & S N

Sollcltorm lor Pon|dlainant. **ni, jt ' lith._ prni,. rL, h n. I, noftr L'.-_crib-'J: \,, i l ",'l.rl.. i'rn that S T. E.. -. .AL1 To Ann\ i IF. Ilt., r- and V-,jr F: -'none rdu H.
\rv,,, yn.,rnoa, Fll.. i ., r. ,, , i' .. .,.i..,,,> ,,,t,:ri -ts und.-rp,'r hi. p?,-I. purchk r o. .onr ,., .. no er.. h.r l,u ,, r,d i ,lp '. .r Ir F R A N C IS H B E N T oh
J -\.S6-:3--,____ J-...-lh.-..Ji, ,l.,,r:. B .rn,.ir,..,g. , or Ao. dad I 1e .,h ff. tJu; .3, LI.r ....I. ,'-q... HOUSE PAINTING AND A
'.. ..h, ------ --..l .. I,, h... I,,O rv I-r.:ii-=fi'Ter \ 1 ,:, ha-, 1` led saald e. rt . r ... t lar,,<' dhi Ir- '. inBolhe, in r.A ssociate A rchitect ',
S U IT T O Q U IE T T IT L E IN . ,', ', IT ,, I r 1 ,:\ ,l: ,T H J I .,. ,l ,.ir t, c ,,,,nin e in er- ,J, ,,I ] e. hl d = n '- .... r. 1 i], .,h,1 a l,, r . c,, .. .. Ir in t. I N S I D E F I N IS.aH I N G Bic h ap -
IN C IH i-L 'IT ,'' ll. 1 1" IN .\ I 1 I 'l,\t I '. Il.T 1 .\M> F.'->ll ,..i- u -,._r lur'-' W X ,, 11nn de- p ihatlon i.r tax de li o .3Ue tn ac- I '" .. R .... I. Aor other cl hlmants under A nna H P h o n e F-6 0 IS' ,N
THE, a, T:\'F I .HT I J l'l-l,'I. I nit.- % I,.'.SI.\ ,'Ol \TV. 1.FL,.-1IL '.\.f.-;.d or oth,l rl-,. in tile pr lpe.llyl ordan. e with Ih SHal cere'itll tIe l t~r' lor ,_'oipl nilt. Sulkitor a-d W ird B. norr. l]>r huR- Fir t aiais Warr B.rluru'nl li___-_ i
RL A rT # -F F fl l; | t1 \ \ .a' lII.\ 1 \ 'i [ \ : Rh ;lR I,, r r, t it, r dA=rrlbad r1 1 a d e v u r . 0 0 L o u t l n g d e,. ,rll J 5 1 3 j O b a n d d ct h? a-. n r F. li.rrs t iec l a ss- 'v'o l' gbd d a ,- -r-,--.--.--.-
'itL.UN 'T1' IN IIAN,' I-lIY W. I- llh. C ,_'Onln nllljl. .'lii..i. ng oiht..rozl. ujd-..r K.:hJdiliin r, pr,.,ud lty .otuatd 11, \ orut c InountIL'.rug-- <'-rarw .'. if li\ing or if d,_'a.J. All pdr- teed A ddre's E .E B U R N S
John l M Br.n tl. Jr-i.- i .lS- ,.r. I I..ri oto ,l..:. .,ed or otlhl.rA ]:.e. Ill 11'," r'l.-.rda o-ilf: ORDER OF PUBLICATION flemy claim ing int.:r .lt II the Land LH U A d C .. s :
Marle Robs and It. 1.. .rilJ,.n. C'tmni- J,.lhu ".';r, t.. l. Pdi ..ijd nl.-: r-.r, r -. ),.r,.lnaftcr d.-.'rlhi.,:, all a.ltl ? :', 6, 11 37. ae'..Hl* IN Till: I'IR I'Lr T r' U T "l P:.L.1,d pn', i.e.> iniohnd in Ihr- tuft. a- G E O R G E W L U N N G en eral C ontra ctolr ii
plalnant.. T.I ,I,.I,|l \v A .ar, ,P Ir i, Ihii c.1, if .dI ri. r . 14111n1 hit..rt i-., under P". ie jbio lIni bcl ii o laed ail ike .r'Ilr. .liT Ilcalr. de-Mece-, granted : or oth,,r G E O R G E W L UN N
ill ... s. d..jt.. al 1 .114! Li.i.,IL, in,,r-.t Nillidni u,, d .'-n.ved ..... otervise, , die of 1_5ua.,ce of .,h.l ertd..ate IN A.D ,'T V"I.LI.1 \ '.'N-,,i,,i, .,d~r J. W ,e'ha%. dt- Cassadaga. Fla No. 2 Palm etto Co i i* -J
'* Al' J Lm .C B l' t .h l I ,.f ii'Id l" i 11' l n d id r en li- ,.. l ,1 ,, ..d in i.I ,U p ,T' p ,'r n h r ,.i ,i:.l i r d c r lb h t iL, e o f J aj I .. P hiFll p U .lO ,B "r y. .L O ] i n A I N ,'I I A N i .Y c .. s-c d o r oiilr E-.-e vl ldv a ll u nkritO n il d Bit t *i o f J a o* L l
CP-5,UTI .' A ) l.;n .\'].'j.' I | i h t it d- Irir- d. |N-,:, h-,iT1- d. lLi.J-h .I.,, If I!, 7 i-.w 1l If .anh ..1'rln^ ie h l b- redizee ed -A.. A la C .n]ilial rin ., ier-n, and al oll..- r PIrlk Hloin,- ---- '-. S. P 43
-N D A I T .S tf..t- or o ii,:.," ,,aini ,.. u nd. ," Jnh ,1 ,J. .id ll |'l.i> la li in tirg ..a .... ij i ,i t o Id LAX d ct w lL t u e , l e in t,:rc .l3 ill the !,ilda h i ,',.i H o u r -a 1r-12, t-o. IL *. L..Ot ".e r A li .. IF el" u 'a d e d rje
TO all panr l,.. i...; ,,,,. r,..- .. u|- r',',, d.,',:a '.. d r "thr r -.....-: unq.-r Ei.i' h Nx% S ilr. dcca-d. or tl:.rcon un tie 16Wli d i, at l,'eb u- I|ilhii t'.lh,[, lf aliie, and ,f dead, Oirr d ...:rL,J. (-ufenda,,t. i bu iL ing, see m e "
L fr "J BnJI u M i'M I, ] f I.. *. . 1 . r .|u . l. ;.' . ir n hI I . i < .AI i i 1 n . Li n 'o p r L l ,. i i t~ l r T ;. 1n h r uw w ,I hA e r d ''. l c , hi lt- Y ou s an C ,. 1i f u ir d h r e b D R S H E A R E R
I bit r .I' e In 11 '- I"' '4I'. .'-1.. .I- Al n "I ..I....,HF ] ,'. t', .-.,I, .,. ,:. r ,'. -,.,,t. if 1l is A \ntne i ... i ,,., w li ,l -liinalure awit' tif ur gre,,tcl., aliJ oi l ^ .-r.,, -1 I ,'. 1 u ti., T ,,[I hn ih s Iill '.'i Llih opractorpt --
" i t~aS'-(B, MA. Brdj'i.l. i\ii.. r Jo-u|lh i ll h laJid and ])l..ilil-... Ul ...l. .. ,land |f d.:d l] p ortl1. ilalin h-i tnl.=r- lii lli lull doi of Janucr./. l, ui' tlljiill' =ir. ,in tci' tl i,,ll ...plfn,1 hl..d Ih.:r;inl js 1i .i l cii i DR R A W H Y T E Wl,*I
'' B 'acktt. dcC asr'J or otli-r.,i.c 111 hi.' *uit. al ir- d. ie .. '. grant.'; ell+ U .1._." ,,' r N' ," ,. n>e '=-eo. .\. i. 19.'b foJi-' 71 e d1.,jric.1- vrop.:' I.t1: I ll _IJ? db" e winllt.11 cdu.-. orn or be- pltiIl dull t'rdi ldlAl AdjuslwU uLt ,*
MeI premLsees in luaeLI't,, Ro.lhcri 1,. or tli.-.r ,:L.I in ,.wi ui,,h Gam ble, d ceased c.r o vilerwi,; In lite M cGhee. deL'ed, ecL' or utl,.-r i-c. a.nild lt-r d c-. iltcd: Ju in Sa tk.. r. if Ih SA M 'AT, r. J 0 1DA. ('il aild I.u. Ten (l1). Block T nt '." I TP.. lIe r I...
I ii-rem lies in rIuesilun. M ury ,' I rml-u, -Ill unlkn ,'-'n p.:r ,,rE inI all .,'hlcr Ing, tid if dc-ad all p ,irl .:-M clilhlin i .:lcr r nr,.uit C'ourt Volu ,,, Ing, ece, sed, or cfther." le I, tI.b prI I Ittrlica ,?%I.11lllr, Iilt-rv.g in iil-: in lli Ir'atnre.-r, under Janie_, svA.,er de- =lorlda. I, eLh nd, V'uluL-. 'a.)unl,'. 'lurid,, tie in the comnpliai nt l It h- Itnl ,he[,*py %" f
". "1 Jte&.iU (ueSlon. Joseph W. Braek&Lt. hli'einafter destibcJ. dofcidnnt, reamd. or o0h-Tnrwie. in the property Bv ()i{\']S t. V DOWLI,'G, D. C. 11niina Cutup. deceased. all ptaton nd prem e! described in t i, ll r tr c t M Bil l..! PI 9 1 ':''a
".. *" U ed or oLherwLs In the premises You and each of you are hereby Ihertinafter described; Fr ank F. JI.6-Z3-3U F6-13 or patlea claltuns taLereat u-der Compliulat. as 'ollo"-., zo-T.-l. \ ._-. ---- .- .--* _...-.

!9;. 4' .- 1 ,, ,
' *+, .... .... .. . ... . i = ,. : ma ., := -.;-.++ *4+, -, *' .. o .. ,



SLive Real Estate Offerings--mRooms-Houses-Wants

Make Your Wants Known Through a Small Ad on This Page---They Bring Results




I -
IMP -r~r210.0 AV /

7 ROOMED Vt-N'; \LO., :;
ROOM 1 'I \\o C\; :.\R.AGi:
Alit inf-mi wiili baith. all I lior.
roughly 3' ciiit n aind Cormn ilr:-ly
Piirni,-heil li-LlrL'. hi-i2 iit,. .ont

S-a RiOriln i1Ci fl-'R". T'N';A*ii
+'.pro,,' n y 14 uri 1 '0 in ; PIb l1'1
l~~l' l'l%' F r. l rn, I' Ci] I t -' fP~
irl'm ll-'Allu m on1' .'vn r llmOIn-y,'

5 ROO)MI'T) .I 'L'l) I'UNGA.\
LO W o(- .ll K,-nllirl;y \'v.. ]lj,;t il
Enqi Nf-w 'nrli ,\o '-.. Parlly
'Fulni.lih d. Four (ar ia- arai.-. ',..
p' I ". 32.i (..- tinl.nd l.w'
It*( r

5 RONI'DM r \ TW\\' STORY HliU':.-
w lit o iiblot and IPu hlliing ILni.
V'llh hi .aU 4 4iil o.liii' rn %\',-. r
RirlI Ave-. rqi])iio-iip Hi-0r'J-Iitl. till..
r,'i. T;k prnnii;t :I r-I i1
, anl will oniiy a3,t ,a oy r io.

11) l ACRES .feting )i it r. onl Nn.
BlvdI. $1,0ll ii i l-r af ti-. T,-i nj.
S In Pinp 1lpirli' nn finIo Inl,-
Ave. i iuz-' ni EW.I t NI-'. 'X Iil:
A* A Pi. -. :'" ti l u I 'a,-hl pn mi-ittl
at $lt ppr inntlh.
21o E. N. Y. Av-. P'lionp 121.

FOR SALE- Furnished
bungalow, five rooms,
bath, sleeping porch, 2
screened porches, ga-
rage, on large lot 75x
150, midway between
university and public
school. Plenty large
shade trees, plants,
flowers, etc. Price $10,-
000, part cash. See
owner at 520 Sans Souci

FOR SALE Beautiful
building lot in Hill-
crest, facing North
Boulevard, corner lot
with paving and side-
-walks all paid for. $3,-
500, part cash. See own-
er, A. B. Codrington, at
News office.-J22-7t.
BEAUTIFUL Lake "Beresford in
Di-Lanl. A i-,. iin,- h iiilini; 1i.'
wih i all il umproi .-n-nrl-L iri, Loi,-
A:l'to idn Giilidl-nl ,i ,nl II)lr ,o,
ft. lenl-- Ni t -J"22-7t.

FOR SALE-Fine build-
ing lot, 80x200, 35 or-
ange and grapefruit
trees loaded with delic-
ious fruit, opposite new
camping grounds,
priced to sell. J. Zahler
Lake Helen, Fla.


Fixtures? Phone Orange
City Electric Co..-Adv.

l i


, -

! ,.;

For DeLeon Springs

Residence Lots,



Business Frontage




207 N. Blvd.

in Big Tent



FOR SAi.E-Subdciva,on ci hard i
I i *r ii-i i i- i l I liii I l. |
1 .. I ll 1. ll 4 I 1 L u- I tl l .
li n i'i1 **i. h l : |1 i,, i-',j :i I.
i'i-.i-l .l ll lj ll .l llls. 11 11 I [i. Ii I ull. l l'il
*i i lli i- '! I.- t lIt,"' ** i[i ll d n I ", 11
i='a .ll\ ->-11i in I~t ; '".n Iii t. -\ iuii
i "i '.ii \I ill ,, i .I \i jlii ,i ii ii
; l1 '.i'- ,,h ,,, il ,l .1 *i l r i 0 [i. 'li,,i l, I
.;--7.\V. .1. r'. C ,.inli tll. -, i'4.,i

FOR SALE-A large 10 room
r'. :,1 'lf l r. ",ir i l' I ;l~ I: 141"lln

FOrilhl'; i .SA LE \ -Ihlla ila 101
'I "., 1llill. I~ iil~llllli.' h' lll.,' i1>

acre grove on DeLeon
road, 5 miles from cen-
ter of DeLand. Would
accept good dwelling
house or renting prop-
erty in part payment.
What have you to offer?
Address J. M. Good,
Route 1, DeLand.
FOR SALE-Spling C3,den Av.-
li. lIt i" il Ii1r 1 Il:] 11|- .4 1l .1 'iill
il lq i l 'l l lln ," \' il l -,i .11 I]]'il'P l I,
qill 1. -,,l, 4 I. Iltl ',1 I ;'
\\ --,ll(II1i -l n.%1 J .;.' 71.


SPRIVATE Tutoring in Grammar
.",hi I Ill h Ii -', lin.,i v iw l' ',,, C I.. 1
Pli. hI .\t 1 r -1.l' .I.i7..I.-1 .I ]1

TEACHER of Piano egioneis .,
I : ,,*. ,il l','. 12 ,N i ,1 \ .,
1 ., ll, ,. M ,,l it' .M \ 'V,., -l .1 : i,i


makes. Let me sell your
used car for you Fair
week. This is your best
chance. Morgan Garage
142 N. Florida Ave.,
Phone 47-J.-J23-1t.


Two high class sales-
men for DeLand work
on a real subdivision
where action is already
the by word. Read
Agency, 118 West Ind.

WAN I i-U Non-Union painter
\'. .Jint < v. ll I. t\,lil. ,-: '- t.' 1'"
,i ti ,,-i, r ii I I. n1i ,. i-,..
I.. i tI -JI t-.; i

WANTED-Boy over 14
years old to deliver
Daily papers; must be
a willing worker. Good
pay for the right boy.
Apply Circulation Mgr.


FOR SALE-Building lot corner
I ill .. l" i, ', ilii f' '.'i ,1,,i lT ^ ii '-.
i.'. i. *' /' ,\1 I I 1" r ai, I llf n iilr-'
1 1 J1 1 "1 *i/ 'i. L i iii .'l0" li. i r ,
li.:, iri t i llin r -I];,"' .', .';l i~i S ,,i."
I'll rl, \ r', ii| ,.||. r,,e N .I
S' l' 1 i1.1 _\ i -. Li4l ,iili '- [i' | ''l lf I 'i
-.- li;-.r.

LAKE HELEN-Lots from $150 up.
(;iio il i taII l ll .- 1 ,11' -i It-% >t lit-a;p
(inn", I,-li. Tu"rriil & Hiiadley.-

FOR SALE by owviner .1 beautiful'
n'r'W ", i iiin i klilli i > 11 t'ii i ', fini nn
'[jli4 .11 \' ,, ii'. I' lIht" ,4i" [ ion ,
F .il % ,i '- 1111 ii -i -h il .\ -. 1 : 1I
%i hi. . iin 7

age Bargain-54 acres
I on Minnesota Ave.
parallel on railroad and
Pelham Square. Ad-
dress Bargain, 'care
FOR SALE-New 3 room cottage,
Iil iii -I-hi .i. ir,, ii lii llt I,
I, I, I~li I,,Ia .11 J.'.11 I 1 i ,
l.' li- P.ii I h. llil-p "
,il I~l'.i"-i'l i\ )- L :'i
FOR SALE-New Rocbond Bunrga.
l,,. l i I o,, l-ll,,. I) Ilhll. I |r, |.l, ll,-.
'14 In 4 .llhl hl rl ] ', i l I[.-. 1 I-,i n lh
I 1ll -l l 1.
tii .0 -il. i l. l l I IihI.l11- I1
Ill l I I il I' .I. I L ii- till, h ,1'"%

L',1.1 Iil't II \ ,.--- J 1:171.

COMPLETELY furnished
beautiful 5 room white
stucco bungalow, ga-
rage, nice lawn, on
south side Talton Ave.,
west of Spring Garden
Ave. A bargain by own-
er on premises.-J21-7t
,FOr SALE-Five rooms, bath.
Il =' l - |t-l i,' ]llii I lll.| il| i. II 2It il -.11 '
,,, ,- .- -.: '.' 1,1 I l l ,t A I -, *l. -i ,, I --


WANTED-A boy not unde-. 11 to
-, "I";1| .% lD r'" |,,l llIrr- : IIIUl I I'"
I i Ih I Ii 1 i i .l l .'t ill ill '.
Ui' lll ll Y' I V <' l T'lilii- i ll. '1l Nf-n', - I

WANTED-Bookkeeper; must be
.ii t l -. ., h iiil ii l.f- : v. 1 li -il l -i .i li i 1
i -i li 11 I lll I -.i l -- I l1ll i Ii
.i i .t111 IltIi I li--i i- 'i i
h ii .ili -' i i l i,' I ; i f i r I
'I l:" ."; I'* ., -idit1ri3' Il'fr- 1 -* {'"
i. ,1 i ii ". r., i l' .ll1,.4]l ,- ,I .i.1
I ,I*, I: ,I I'I,4

WANTED-- Disabled exiervice
i i -n 11 1,- il' |i.<1 I I I Ill,

I I r i-r-. .- :- ",- I.--- l -i i ii
it- 1 6 i
A %- 11.,ll 71

VI' ANTED-If you ihae an) tIping
"r i '" i' l\ rI 1 I i ll i ll 'l .
|I I I. ,\ i trP.' I .'1.lllIl ., t liii I1 T irt-'l-' Dil. l WI \\' l r;t ll
.'A ve. -11'. ll



FOR SALE-I haie some very de-
-0 .i .i- 1ii I fi i l- I 1,' in
N1 1. h1 I hl tl,'. i. 0 I 11 1 -i liili-
1.d 1 'i ",ll h l .:l | i Ul i.. Ih] )
: -ill li~i d i Mi 41oil I',l'l.tll-" >lin hl ld
Ili-a lllll A i ll 1:11 llll .i 1 l 1-.
...Ii Ii h l.i,- I i' 114). 1in [ liii l, I 'l6 I:
],1 ll .. Ill"r u i '. I- i' h lw." h .,
l..l! ,- Ii iiiild l , hi.-I .if'l *I
ilin;, ,- I k' luiA rlt ;11 lli ll- h --
J l h.I" :,' \V . I'. t'.ili'lll.-

fOR SALE-Apartment house,
Jill.w i ll I u l ril-hn.-I li l l '
.-ill-i i ilnlir ,t- d l I iln .ill-" lul lh'
ri i n, I l' i,- Nil. i ,'l .1 ill lI
.iU i illI i111 I "' 1 lllt -rhI I .iI II '11
IJ~l erol l '-i IIIll?. i'll 'ill- .1" ; \"
J C (ai i ill --Ji I -I.

FOR SALE-Acerage from $10u
l .i f liltlil |)> ,,' i ']' lil iil.% ; fl' --
(ill1 l ti.. l>" li i~liW.i i,. '(il. 14iili tl'illi
|'i- .lir l.(. Lll 1 i."- i "1-" i;
Hl-f'. H l l.-U .- M i'll 'l.l. fl I'll
.1," 12.1111 1 1- 1-11i11-i i -t ill ,- W a'lil
i'.il ll I ll- il- ih Vc l-IIIK-.' ri-'i!lll'
( I'i- I] _'it!..- J '1.7i
FOR SALE-Lot in Ttirloys
l l i-i'HJ,, A ,i ,lll, 'i' i',, I- lli
I .,'i. r \'A N .4.1 l I1 1 : 1-I1
_ni n A \ :_A_,..- 321 t.
FOR SALE-Fenring, 210 ft. of
FlR.,AnizL- n;. li lil
11I, I~lirl- *' .i Il t - 1 1 Ih II i ,' ni l
I .'lli it ii ,\ l 'l'1. il l "I 1 ', 1
alinnr.'r-,I \ ,- .-- J-21. "I


FOR SALE-A stamp col ector ha
,t 4 iIIi ( in ili 411' 1,111 1'", II il t 1
i( t .lllt l l ii i fori t ll t t-. il l" Mi l. i.i
V 01.o U 1, I l i 1y 0Ii 'l \ o III 1 1 '-I l
i IlllO torI i ,.1holl i'tiii ,ii
dI ,---P < I ;il i|> (-'oI .ll~ii'i. I'i 1i'
N,- C arIi - .l-i.i

IFOR SALE-New 9,12 Tent and
iij1. Nlo] rillli T i m ('ll'-l]i, 3',il-
*rntllh r'-iillh .%iiill,.%1 ; i'.' -^-li, --
.123 Ti.
FOR SALE Cheap-G. M. C. one
ton iru( k C.ill ai i at l W \' Mich.
ian or PhI iii- 4'u '.' J-'_1 :1

FOR SALE--Trucks-
one to 3 tons, exhibit al
Hotel McLoud, factory
representative, attrac-
tive prices, delivery at
once. Agent wanted.
James McLay, at Hotel
McLoud.-J 16-7t.
i'ratMy drIels rur eale at The New.4
Off.- rt- Flve nteni l aplire, ape
cial price, for lurper iquatillh.-a

We have clients that
want houses, one near
school, price from $7,-
000 to $10,000 and one,
any good location up to
$6,000. Would be glad
to hear from owners
only. Read Agency,
King's Drug Store, 118
W. Indiana Ave.
WANTED-'ialesmanager and 15
..lvf -li1, II. \V';l]| ,-,l IIIilllill't lI l I"l >
W>\oi\, l l | i|l< Ui-il ioiI. A III:,
Ill !.>-'l-nII I >tlliiii.i COi. l:;. N
\\Vnodill~ii i rinle --.1'l-'1 .'_

WANTED-I want to buy
5 acre orange grove in
DeLand. State loca-
tion, price and terms.
Write Box Grove, care

7 lots 60 ft. front, 4

blocks from hotel at

DeLeon Springs,

WANTED-Room in pri-
vate family, close in, by $1,200, I -2 cash,
business woman. Refer-
ences. Address 'Rooms' balance I and 2 years
care News;-J22-3t.

WANTED-Good live salespeople $3500U 9et splendid, perec t me TH F I
Ill l ..,ld .*ii,|> r:iInr n pP io t-i-cnl,.. i l';"nh',-l I" ." ""li h 1' Ii.;. | l ..Hi
ill ]r .-i I ipi lice Ini i- cT II *,,il-r liii i V I t .\ i,' -.1"--'*
lion In Ploi i~lo. .\ IIIY iam. n. i I I- S-III I I 11 -x T H EF-U LE
1111~192 il ilIl-ORGANIZATION
hli :.i I l i- Irl'. n i.Al- ilb WANTED TO TRADE-1924
S. ,ilh .ili u .'.% ll o 1' P ,i-i I" F, ,I ll. qf" d 1. 1-.11
.,. _.L A r .......y .'i,(i 4 1 ',,11 hrai-, l ,, c l -l -it 2 0 N .
New Yorl: A __ o2231 ii- fii--- 1 o ii l. .i n- 0 ld .
WANTED-3 Salesladies on fact l .,' Nl'-'--J- .l i
-u-Ilinig lriili, (i,-,in Xil orm ,ll .- -
,n.' Kii,. u.h .R-..' iWiring? Phone Orange in Big Tent
Contv. Seyp E t. Kirk-wood.1.
N. BYvd.-j21-3t. City Electric Co.-Adv. ......




Concession space for
stands, lunch counters,
can be rented now to a
limited number. This
space is just 100 yards
from the entrance to the
fair grounds. The price
is right. See


Associated With The DREKA REALTY CO.

FOR SALE Indian Silver

Ave., between Rich aind
\V\isconsin, highi and
iy ; 1 teautiftl shade;
5('x 15o feet.


a bo Iut

2-(-) feet fiomn W.
York Ave. Very
shade and fruit
5.ix5lO feet.

YORK AVE., close in
between Orange and
Saulsbury, next to cor-
ner. Shade and fruit
trees. 75x190 feet.
The above three'beauti-
t'ul building lots must be
sldd and can l)e bought
at a barp-ain. Good
tel ills.

118 VW. Indiana Ave.
WANTED-Ladies Pleasant Dig.
ihil, 'i l \\',l k a[.ri].\ r1i.-1ri%. .i E nt
|Ilu \ N n il Ii l l 4 1 '14 f I."1
Ijlihfi.. lt.13 oi'. ,hin. SIlri al
in. an ll uii .,.il' llt -It al
,Irf- .,] -tairi,,-,i t-uvt-ol,,..-.-J'-'

I By The A-.-'I-ia t-i Pivn i N .J -Eldie |p"v, It
Arinl l- .04i. L':l Wp'4". \ )\'.O W- ii a
it, %% iis ni)tl-r dri i-i ll o\'"r P .r ir.
\%ai ..l Ir-.y r iv lii roiunli.

Banish Grey Hair

Win. J.

Hair Color
.c'O fmIt lh r' I.'. Tr\ r e g rtr the (.'.lor
lu gr.i, '.-d blrI r,-.l ci' r.e1 1 LEh, E.
lr, ..ri JL ,l (.I,.* ~ ./ %r L ,.l'r ll
\V.'rlk so .O t' il ro (n "d xIll kron. i.
r~r.lun r..,.a lt i r' u-^. .: ,J (".ilr!1 .L trlnI
o r-,. ,.. .,,' N "Y tir ro Tdlttki h'r
suu,,uiin or h L--w ." Ll-- .
liu,.a n i[ ierl, '.re, iiih r,rmirn,-ii wlt i-
[-1u de Hinna lis I- 1 1' lib'-its. *T.' 5tD-
1 ill alt i.n. It v .i l a ti ,.n. 9 No. rni -
.-.k i"Or l ri.T l )li(, rfl lJd Illh
t .;;. mily ii^'dt4io i Isnlr.ris
Anyone Can Put It On
\'o ~i~>,-n- ~ci' ?i 1ii. ril utrub
I-rli N i,,.: .J --., bairir.,. Pun.
1. liP jn-ip rj ,iri. r per .hir,-nt t% vlnll l\'lt
S ir'.. ,Lr .,,r I u I i r.lL ,lih i; W..4
Wonderful for TouchingL Up
rnij put I1 ,n ,II[ fth-re i, i,
r .'ai b ' I i ri ,.]ii r
L i. LE b--i] b Th- i .*Cea
Li.rJ in be.Iull lu l' u1. n b,- u P. ow lr
i' ,,rIP i i T i,.,rii I P ir' rl lu
i "il~h .,i-t 'i. ri-'P-
'i l tt H ',..I i,.-', ir. r.lj inrl l ,-k
bl U rn ,j, j~b bi,.,l, l, D lubu1 Ill ,'"e r-ut "
-id ]J I 5') ... r i II S .'
J7 de i t'ij ur-I-i 'u iar L u l l. li' "
iirrl i 'riih c t i '-i. JI ti-al hr Oi diir-d
fl I.. u
I11 I 2 ;l rd 'I ."-. Y. T...
Men a '-i tlI ... r.'el r |T[ ii- E.ti do
Henna l a t io aii. fe.

For ,ale in Il-Land by:
W. A. Alien & Co.. Drug Store
a.t1JL riUMi'vi~rakg mIdg..
t~ .mttjij.,8llgpMlll,. P~AjftlVdli r Ikk Bldg.

primriive jewelry. hammered by the
IndlanM from ,lexican Uler dollar.
strikes a very smait note with the
new Sport co-tumles.4- It Is parLICU-
g 00 ood wiLh the tuturlittic deeliS_
,.- "n DcraShin colors.r



Summerville & GrensletI
Are Sales Managers of

A n fl i iii i i illl l i I llaii 0~1~,- l i.
Sillli., n | i '% i i..ri i 1 l lf il l-I
', l i. ,n i l .r-l [ ir [ I i l n l 11ir ti
' l I-'l I .. I' I 'l: .-i t t .- llllll 1th
i li f-- 1 \ il tl I I'.l], I.fl-t--
i M .'i ij 0 I
T i ,' .. I : 1 1 hi, i1 i j i i l i v % l l 1 )
( i n iut fi.i ii il- Pi t-A t 11.T 'i1e nill

'\" ill li- l l r'l n ,ile iil lin a llCl
T~~r '. ilr-, i.'inavi r- niinroiiice
Ill.-%, t iif-ir ii'ii i l **i i p ini n i' *I .n
ii-.i l % ill 11. ll' th nllf.i i p ih l
', 11~ ~ ~ ~ ', Ir.hllI i ,li.

i i 'i ."i- l.'i. l rihli II i 1 lri I:tI Ph
DIa- lir liDeiil D.oi- e.rtbl-ti

Atti 'liiracti ioinslii ai'it Fair
ii il ir il h .- w 1 r I ,i hI cti' r I, 11e,
aui l- i'i. i'.l, i 'i Col tnil Fair
1iii'h1t; 1i 14 tlili two wfo w ( .isuni
mier illp 9- (;rpni-il -i -oli all iof
B in li-'.i iuili, l Iion. r i-i'-ii g 'it
ll 'i; ir,. i l-' Tli,.ir .I ,.. t i ffit.- t
'i lpl i ll I li llv illa -llit [iuif-' ry

Dare Devil Doherty
Be One of Feature
Attractions at Fair

QW ile a fuw ,-- f ilh i].nrc r ftle
a f. II -f lh, \'o r1-1. ni tlny Fair
r 1 l i ri n' i t i _x nlr .' .V 'e | r ir i i t ll,< j 1 -
iin m. r l. 1\ ir illf- Vi.anl i.ii-ring.
Tin5 -. o D -i -e.iet il hiul 'r v l Ie.
illl l, "q iii 1i,..1 1 l I w o >. :ir -'r.iiii-er,
i lil i ji tCl II. i. I l- I, i l u r ili-t. p i-, e ='-
1 i-.l i h' l ir. l,.+ ii gi L' I. il ,?- Illi h..l] ,
Mli [ r li %,i y ;u li li'< lg]] lilt a .' i ii
linll. 1 i1, ,- I' 1ri i .i 'I' I I ir'
h l ll.-I lut ]it,.M liir .il I'i 1" r- .\i
tih,, V,,iu1-1.1i ni~ inti '.',nii llip v, ill
c\ f i i<. h \ I,- \ I 11, -I i l i[I ,.I 'Il l .i- Ip P u rli liln-
in l'illim- T il l- i i- li iilli
Pl. 1.11 I.Ii I ] i I", l llo I illd |i l-l'l'ilrl| lll'
irii'l.. ;#It HIll. irp .1 liliili ilif lie'
dlinl 'il=fll ll II, i h iigh, i i lii, ;
| i |l' ili I r-i Illll :ill' ilil'-illp I'l nl 0 : '1 "
1ilh. iikt- 11i1d liIn.kl w w ilh lii
i -iry lp i ll ,ilir' i l .1li I li iii- ri l
1 i iah n ho i o n....f ill,,t' Ih o t hrn1
ItK p 'rliirni'nr' lihnnwn to ,, th
.-llll lil~ lll Ii f l hi: li ld II .l' & fii illl ill
+ I~i lk eln lll "1 ,1 e ,.+iti111l.; ill +lb.1ll1
f l i,,, 411, i i ly in i i .ll]; J Il IIt h1 l
. n l lll lI.-- I ll. i; l. I W il l IIP s .11
i, i'_.' il. lv diln i iL : tlihe PaIr.
Thl? \',llI-i.I i'.i111I% [*".ill a^- 'l l ll. I, I (. i1 i 1 ll'" i li.% i r'j I I a q o r
I lie n i l l. i il li p ii (' 11 -11.4 H B V ,
P'rn lli i.. t]. 11,|>l ..i.,-] Lu ( oft,_er tle
t,,ihlo, hin -I,,r,-jI"
Bi'-I I]r d i aC.)).n Ir "r t! n rcrlal
Frtli ProoLu c '., i.lU. 1 U 1 ) econd.


Dress Making--Ladies'
Tailoring, Hemstitch-
ing and Buttons. Mrs.
Stone, Modiste, 307
Dreka Bldg. J5-lm.

Uneeda Tailoring Co.
Clothes cleaned and press-
1 I 1 1 i 1i

Picture Framing

NeA stuck. Have your pictures,
diplomas and certificates framed
Reeve Siudio, over Reeve &
Howard. 118S N. Boulevard.-
N2U0 tf.


ed, Called Io1' and l( Twelve new furnished cottagds.
delivered. UTpper Peniniula of Michigan on
Phone 329-J. NMani-tiiiile Lake. Over a mile of
P 329-Jm shore line with resort. Beautiful
H. D. Sliayler, 132 S. Blvd ifrp camp ground. Last big 5.
Ifi-hed lake, fine bathing, a place
Where yiou may bring your mother,
Appliances? Phone Or- ir ier or taugbter.
ange City Electric Co.- Hay fever uered. Address Cedar
. r Spring Resort, Curtis, Mich.
Adv. -D3iJ-l.m.

I Wanted a Home

Well built and well designed. In a good neigh-
borhood. Near good schools and stores. With
sensible restrictions and city conveniences.
Where I could bby an extra lot at a reasonable

And I Found It and

Bought It In


HIouses-$5,000 and up-Lots as low as $600

Sales Representatives:

At DeLand
Read Agency
118 West Ind. Ave

At Lake Helen
Corwin A. Fergus

General Insurance and Real Estate
Public Stenographer
Landis Building. Phone 367
_ -. ^ _ 1 ----




106 W. Rich Avenue



-- to --

220 N. Boulevard

Phone 455

For fityaker6do ?rhebns t for i
For fifty yiaon known to the Evadeu -1. IeeE 6 fu^r *ne ie





II-I. iml I m -1-Iii i I I II i -IIJ

BATAVIA LEADER, Pricp $40.00

If your dealer cannot supply you we will send, trans-
portation charges paid, upon receipt of price.
describing the entire line,

Baker Gun Company
:~~ ;. i-



W --- - I





. ._!.



. .. ." .

. ... .

-fit -'

4 lisBARrQ)EL Y

ah"^ pa publishedd by arrafltement with Mi~tro-Goidwyn-Mayer Pictures-Syndlicate


"What brings you hire?" I cried
a greeting, as 64e stepped Into the
o'" om.
* .ei^- "Are -,cu stIll for Beaugency?"
2i- -. el asked sharply, throwing back
, 'S:
"W'hy, yes," I answered, wonder-
. lng at this excitement.
"Then you have seen nothing of
't aint-Eustache and his men?"
c,.,. "Yet they must have passed this
.w ay not many hours ago." Then
*"' "osing1 his hat on the table and
i. mleaking with sudden vehemence:
"If., you have any Interest in the
lamily of Lavedan, you will return
upon the instant to Toulouse."
The mention of Lavedan was
S enoughh to quicken my pulses. Yet
IV nI the past two days I had mas-
jered resignation, and In doing
that we school ourselves to much
restraint. I turned slowly, and
purveyed the little Captain at
tentlively. His black eyes sparkled
4.nd his moustaches bristled ,ith
excitement. Clearly be had uews
of import. I turned to the land-
"Leave us, Monsieur l'Hote,"
said I sho'ttly, and when he had
? 'departed, "What of the Lavedan
.tmainlly, Castelroux?" I Inquired as
calmly as I might.
"The Chevalier de Salnt-Eus-
lache left Toulouse at Ei; o'clock
this morning for Lavedan."

.."A world o/ odd meeting

S Swtft the suspicion ot his errand
S broke upon my mind.
"He has betrayed the Vicomte?"
I half inquired, half asserted.
Castelroux nodded "He has ob-
tained a warrant fcor his apprehen-
sion from the Keel-er uof the Seals.
and is gone to execute It. In the
course of a Few days Lavedan
S will be in danger of being no more
than a name. This SaittEusdtache
is driving a brisk trade, by God,
laud some fine prizes have already
fallen to his lot. But if you add
them all together, they are not
likely to yield as much as this his
S latest expedition. Unless you In
tertene, Bardelys, the Vicomte de
lAvedan is doomed and his family
"I willU intervene," I cried. "By
God, I- will! And as for Saint-
Eustache-he was born uniter a
4 propitious star, Indeed, If he es-
S capes the gallows. He little dreams
that I am still to be reckoned whth.
- -: There, Castelroux, I will start for
I Lavedan at once."
". Already I was striding to the
door, when the Gascon called me
; "What good will that do?" he
asked. "Were it not better first
Sto return to Toulouse and obtain
a counter-warrant from the King?"
SThere was wisdom In his words
-much wisdom. But my blood
Swas afire, and I was in too hot a
haste to reason.
,"Rtturn to Toulouse?" I echoed
; coratnully. "A waste of time. Cap-
Staidt:-.o, I will go straight to Lave.
dan.,'I 4 need no counter-warrant. I
4 know' too much of this Chevalier's
affairs, and my very presence
should be enough to stay his hand,
e ise as foul a traitor as you'll
atl!d In France; but fur the moment
Vod bless him for a very oppor-
Stune knave. Gllles!" I called.
S 4,rowing wide the door. "Gilles!'

"C;EO. W MARKS. Siiu)erlnteneit.
SC. R. M. SHEI'PARI). Judge
: /. Regulations
The Fair Assor-iation will furnish
all necessary cardboard to b% used
i m mbt: I Idiiflng exhibit. 'Thiis cn:arL;-
'.'t ord may be had iy mnaklag

stayed the execution of SaiLnt-Euls-
tache's arrant even had we ar
rived earlier. But for effect-to
produce a striking coup de theatre
-we could not have come more op-
A coach stood In the quadrangle.
at the foot of the chateau steps-
down these the VicoLcte was de-
scending. with the Vicomtesse-
grim and blasphetniaunt as ever-on
one side, and his daughter, white
of face and with tigbh'n compres-
ed lips, on the other. Between
these t(o omein-bis wife aud his
child-a? dif,'rent in body as tey
were different In soul, came Lave
dan with a firm step, a good colour,
and a look of well bred, lofty In.
difference to his fate.
He disposed himself to enter the
carriage whlebh was o bear him to
prison with much the same air he
would have assumed had his destil-
nation been a royal levee.
Around the coat h we-re grouped
a score of men or Saint Eustacne's
company half soldiers, half
ploughboys-ill garbed and indiffer-
ently accoutred In dull breast-
plates and steel caps. many of
which were rusted. By iliae car-
riage door Ftood the long, lank fig-
ure of the Chevaller himself, dress-
ed with his wonted care. and per-
fumed, curled, and berlbboned be-
yond belief. His weak, boyish face
sought by scowls and by the aWop-
tion of a grini sirille to assume aii
air of martial ferocity.
Such was the grouping in the
quadrangle when my mien, with
(illes at thelr head. thundered
across the drawbridge. gi'In?
pause to those within, and draIalug
upon themselves the eyes of al1. as
they rode, two by two. under the
old-world arch of the keep lit-I the
courtyard. And liliess. who knew

our arrand, and who was as ready-

was a -iifnih.'- ,I.-i -1t thie st-v-s.
%i% hi0 t til V\I ,-i ,ii tjcrtii. atidi hi-
-yes f'rowut-d litiii ini Hilt] the
\'iconcesce looked up sidd-.nly to
scan me aitbh a l Itrest She
beheld at Iiit In ibe ic'h the gent
ileman w.hI l.,-- plav,.d so noto-
rious a part. ttn .tciar ;ag-,. In that
cahidal connected viLtn trte Di i h
esse de Bourgicne. uf nlich sh h-
ne%'-r tr-e e i, ii, 1lr, ili,. I- t lis
And thluk tt b .f h lc,-.ti rut tal.le
lth him ,I'ir ,Jry :itil U.cin un-
(onaciO,- 1 ,If' that pfl.nipnit.,ic i, fa,.t'
Such. I tn'ueD no diluat. -'a what
passed thicioigh l, ir mind at the
niomient. and. t judgi- frumt het r-x
piesilon, I suuld aur that -te ex
Sitem-nt of liheuldiiig tile Maulf-
ceiit Barde's bhad fur thsi- ui.cnie
e-llpsedl e -'. ui lii'r li tlnal't. cun-
ditlion and ti-H ilincuincnt t,c jc-vt-ra-
tion of Lavedun.
"My bsu-e:.-s is with ,u CTtI: he-
nlier." said I. '"It rc-lt.:- to y'v :-
ml-Fion here "
S ia Jaw 'fell. "Y-u ni-ic-7"
"To de-ii- yU c-ut Ilc o ila2W yovi
metn and qlit Li',t,-lcih at C 1,e.
abandonicug tLe c xec'.'.ija Ot .ocir
wrtI' ant."
lie ll.hedi nie ] a 2 hi,-1 ,-c .t hi r.eni
hate "'Yu I(on) , c, t X-.:c:n I nty w'rratlt. MoI'leli-ll ,I- Ba!die
lys. and cO% u tntilt t lE tr-,-f.,,i r :_.,1:
that a royal niandai lhii-? E-an c_
Enipt me from delierhice Mw..islchur
d.- Lavedan to the ]t--,:I ,[f tht-
Seals "
"M rcnl v v .irrajii." I in'ner-.,
souie- hat L,.11lIhd. Ihut f.aIr f' vit
alandonilng ,i-ip "i ii-ri. v .d
eoa shall a-.A tot i-l. i.;id .iis
!eealix tiIP ot Vo l] h--% d. ilt& i 0 -
upon [lie auihioriv cf '.LL MaIii,!
de B rdt-lvs. find yl' hc.Lv,- miiv
pronini e lliat His MJs t-.-t:, c.'il lcrin
Rini iTi-' at i Cnl "
In s1 inr ttat l .aill tL..,- :. icu h,
3s I utas quihi klv ,ti ...ci9.d
('Cf be ,:,-,ntinct--d)

1Pll|u ilc o ll lit ticit County Supel'in- I'rfioli i siyr .i 1 p:lii'- r nr 14-e ii
it-n enti's offirpe. i uI i lth cI,
No r-ntrv fr-c ic required for The Mapn<, ,-'Inga t iigo nt ie li,-cin n I
Department of E-ducation. e-xlili 1ic 4 1)>-iI c i iihhltecJ on 22X2-
Puipil'Is nnini, age. grE.le an i n arillioard iill airran -d .o thia"
school. mus ice plainly writleu on thie c ardi imy he i lied up
each exhibit; also 8qction andI 'ollet lioun inust ion-ti- of at I
Number. 1 least flive artlciea. -'i



Walter Johnson Congratulates Raymond Hitchcok on His

Purchase of aLot In Country

Club Harbor

"Monseign.tur," he answered, wi hted a ru''ue as ever rode with
hiastenlng to me. mle. took iII the sittiaton rt a:
"*Put back the carriage and sad- la'e Kr.owuig how mui.h I de-
sired to make a geoclir show, he
die me a horse," I commanded, whispered a order. This resulted
WhisPE-led an order. This resultedl
"And bid your fellows mount at m ithe couples dividing fat the l ate
once and await me in the court- nay. one gotin g to 'hi- i an.1 ne
yard. \We are not going to to the right., ;o in. ai they cane
Beaugency. OGlles. W3 ride north they spread themselves In a cres-
o cent. anid, drinIng rein. they faced
-to Lavedan." forward. C-onfi-on:t.g and half sur-
rounding the Chevalier's company.
-APTER VIII As each couple ari,'-ired. the cu-
CHAPTER XVIH riosity-the uneasinras, ,robably-
of Salnt-Eustaihe and h? men had
Salnt-Eustache Is Obstlnate increased. and theiilr e-xpectancy
On the occasion of my first visit wS on tiptoe to see what lord It
was went abroad with que-h rcgal
to Lavedan I had Jisregarded-or, pomp. wen I appeared Lt the gate-
rather, Pate had contrived that I way and abvan.?d at the truot lu,
should disregard Chatellerault's tie middle o thle cuadrangl-.
suggestion that I should go with all There I Irew rein and duffud IIiy
the panoply of powr- h y'ol hbat to them as they stoodl ,lit.rl
the panoply of power-lh myolniouithed arid LaijiUg one attil nl
lowers, my liveries, and my equ!- I it was iileattlit al display. a lia-
pages to compose the magnificence rode ortth\ of a tilt-ground. It nas
all France haid come to associate yet a nobl-e and impo-inig advent.
with my name. and this dazzle by and their ripli toil me that It
lias not withbitt ef.feet. The met
my brilliant lustre the lady I was looked iurieaill. at the Chevalier.
rome ,to win. As you may remem- the Ch.valier looked uneasily at
ber, I had crept into the chateau his niet. onndemole-elle. very pale,
like a thief In the night, wounded, loerd li-- eye- anid [rtea :l -di. r
bedraggled, and of miserable as- Ill yet mlre tightly:; the Vico-it-
tesse ut terrti an ,aldli if aat.-rni-h-
pt-ct. .3ec:in g to provoke compas-. 1e t: w ,i.ui t .a ednaii ,o, t ,tilt-,' -
siun railher than admiration, tied to -urprhse. gr--i'uii
Not so now that I made my aee- rue with a .?ob.-r lcon.
unrl visit. I availed myself of all Behtind the -m itn ithe .?ter, I
the splendor to which I oi.ed my cauelih or [',-i, nf el,_'.-.
tic ,'-.I .\nat.)l- 'ti. un' m i "
title of "iagnitl,-cnt.' ind rude In ad'ane of Ih i. ,- l,3 nc d 'i- ,.i
into the ricurtyarf of tbe bChateau dl erlng. no i,,liit ntili thcr thi,
de Lavedau preceded by t ,etity were, In0r.ld. Tc- beilragglied [.0?
well-mounted knaves earlng tile ''.-on iua B lli. t while aio- forh r I
gorgeous Salit-Pol liveries of scar.o y lac fuer. In ishadi7
or nmy larriiey%, no ] s had I ,-'o,.
let and gold, with the Bardeh-vs c- a dericd It I tile d,--,kitg of rny uwn
cutcheon broldered on the breasts perFc.n. Without any oif the- rll-,.
binn. and foppf, pi, that meritk tha
ixonCmb, vet was I rlad. phirm'rd.
aud srnar ed %%ith nia.a nifl. cire
,. ',.h as I'll wear h.-,t n<..( lie ,l
C sa within the p!e\ %.,lls if lthii
,-1 ,' i ic'tle in( the lifetime of any or
t those that we-n nn-w vpregsntt
Gilles Itapt fc-ro his a oL'i';e ts I
drew rein, anD- hairened to hold
my v stirrup, %%ithR a tmiirmured Ml-
seigneur." whibih title drew a fi-lsh
as,:,-ni.hme-st Into thle eyes of tihe
be I Id ers.
-v n I atl'' Id leli inrely townird
-^ X ^iSaint.Etietacihe. -ind :lci'essed liii
i| vlith sct cnndesceiilcni as I t tI tl
a groom. fr-r to impr-ss and quall
I a man of this type your best neap-
f on Is the arroga,'ie that nobler
S]-,h1t Would It-Seltt
1k^ '~A wol6i O L'dd meertiigcp this,
SaInt-Eusta(I l.' .I niiiel ,I ,,ar-
fully. "A V.'wcld of It:ai,'e o-.11
) tLus nd pc-ugi, uth] of ;trarngc-
Sti i8t!,i tnaci,,,u TuB last time we
tiere here we eiu-iod mutiIllyI as
guests of MuN iel.ii:r le Vi,'BB.c-.- at
^ Bpresent ou appear bto ufflclating
as a-a tipsuaff."
"Monsieur!" Hr. colonrtdil. and
Kbhe uttered the norl l naccetlit ,f
thi, Saint awake-ned re-entui,'nt. I lool cd
gs this, Si t.Eustacue." luto his c It. ci cldly. Inipass.t. .
as if naitlitg tni heti what he-
of their doublets-on a field or a might have to ndid. and 0o I stayed
bar azure surcharged by three lles until his glance fell anid hi-, spirit
of the field. They were armed with w frizen in hlim. He hk-nv nit.
.r i le hio w hi. w n tic l \%I S t ,)
sw-rds and musketuons, and had be feared A wrd .. i,,I, tO the
more rae air of a royal bodyguard Kiligp uight se.i him tn the whed
than of a company of attendant It was irpin "hit I piayed. Prsa
servants' ently. as his ct'- irIl-
Our coming was in a way well "Is ')vor hbusl e-a -.01h m*e Nico
ti d sleur B.2rd-b- hLe .nil at
timed. I doubt It we could have th II Iu,,s ^r;.. ,,t n. Lam,:. ,rh--






Why tiavr-l miles to invest your mone:,', when
l eight \1- _.\etill .ca ll ipur lise saile, sane rintl F.Olllm
i o:tl t-Atate iin( stment-;s ilV our D ri wing city whliere
v'.it-p .lt, Ire)bound t, in trtease.

C'om in indl let me ,Il ow you.


Phone .1!9-W

I,;-1,i iI ililAinAeA
W. Indiana Ave.

U -- .-------- --- I--



J. C. POLLEY, Manager

Exchisive Agents

Wa&.,woth, Howland & Co.

Paints and Varnishes

Complete line

Benj.imin Moore & Co.

Paints and Vainishes


Phone 215

128 Short St.


Thue House



& CO.

21 0-2! I =2 12 Conrad B-dhg, Deiand, Fla.

Offers for Sale


The chiiicf trouble with lIcre-a u.bT.,T.
C d1 ..*tii.t. lm t liii l. 1m iltl., ..... .....| W ,
,,.... '"; .n.;. n. +" .... '" **..iii.. A AM K E Y t( h
TII- %'n'l.ilU tlh..ti tllarl'ip mail A K I L J
T' h l i l: i ,,i i, lih,, iI ,i
F ll[U ]] lillni- hr \ .i- Itl I)
'"i-i' '"'t1 '"" Pull forii Di: (l 0'l or pull out of
s,.i ,. ,, 1 if ...,.ill ,,ve i ,ntui,- .t- l>-L'il'll iic cityv ot Del.i.sht'"
Si'.. i iI the, hill illeItor. by I I', *. i t 1 | i .i h ,"ii -, n .i ; 'i i' i l i ril ,.
-, il, (I I I V ~ in IV,*i 1.n (]" ni\ Ii H ni ,. I .'.. hl IM ,ll. | -.i .r ~ ,hi T l. L,,I"' t",i l il l'hi.'eii l
-- tl- l,.ll r ,T
c,,-,i hit E:l-pe .-,.!h,,i il h 1- lie i1 'cci cvlii i .1t i l, 1 n,1 n- ,- "I, ,,,i i i n.,i ,I* i .l I i t l
t.a liil i, in I,-, r'..-a li,.- Ie w 'TI itii;
.. .. .. .. .. ...... .d i- ii t d n ., h, "i t..l. l 'i r lii' Iii ,- lf .. .. lh 1't.i ll'.i n "I. 'i llI -l i i ;r;i' I
\Ti i 11i1,n.i 11 2,-ii _. in tl n t- n PF-IONE 319.L 3 210 SO. BLVD.
i. ,',.,i I' d;' A-,e 1l p O -,: p,-nlnr _- ----- -- ----------.-...*- I
*ln[Je .n i^ ^ i~il li m llet u - #^ H l o... .. .. .. .. n r M. n.i........ .... .
,..,, t.. ;, ,II. ,-", tic i -l ,i otvt

!LA'o'/l^'il~ln l~ls^n 'Kit.- rV ^ ^R LK 9
t.- lt r Ifr I % 't ht i v t'.i;-l e j Opsott"riti"d M u uarivurine
oA Iii.- till,c viv1u io i- r.I n ;on
A -, . .I l l ,, .- ,,,o w i, i s t, i ,e d, n .i l R L K N O X
!:I, ,,.,.t },,,,l- the t'n tl15 B 1,110 NI Ith
cI, C ci- 1c1- I Itlu I I-,I ie )t1nvtt or B n c i ~ ~W t
Fjil ..'l,,hiii ..... l>il ,t til .... h..1:l,,,1 171Ito.1"|NK11 D l IU Y JC ew hm ,
:ni I)lali :in l in no ln- ev iliter iy Wu-tlern MelhodiI H ,,urs Ii h 12 nit I to .
'fletee willI good work. --------- --- -------------.-



.4- -- I


nf.e ic'"olh, w;ng Propertti&s. Whh V|l

They and Contr&Il

21 Acres in beautiful Orange City, .fac-|
vt'g on 3 streets, with improvements,
IouLte, barn, electric lights, famousns
O(ranxie City water and fruit. Thi is in
idea! raci, and ready for development.

8 Acret in the City of DeLand, across
the street from DeLand's ultra fashion-
aLle stkbdi':ision. Just 3 minutes from tlhe
heart of the City. This tract should net
developer at least $50,000.00. V

(65 Acres in Orange City, next to a big

7 Acres near Orange City surrounded by
a development. --

10 Acres between Lake Helen,, .and
Orange City in midst of development.
10 Acres 1 mile North of DeLand, c16se
to highway.

24 Acres Northwest of DeLand, facing
on 2 roads, in line of development.

3 Farmnis in Jackson County. Fine frrnm-
ing Section. Two 80 acre and one 160
acre farm.

420 Acres in Putnam County, with a
State Road and a County Road running
through it, near railroad. An ideal town

460 Acres South of Orange City, a beau-
tiful tract of land, on the Dixie HighWay,
with several lakes. This is a wonderful
tract for development, and ideally situat-
ed for golf course, hotel site, homes, etc.
There is a fortune in this tract for the
right developer, a man of vision.

40 Acres South of Orange City on State
Highway Number 3. Electric lights and
famous Orange City water available.
This is a splendid subdivision site.

20 Acres near Lake Beresford. A splen-
did tract and well located. '

FOR SALE including lots staked, platt-
ed, surveyed, streets graded, etc.

Should you be interested in any of t the
above properties, get in touch with" us
immediately, and we will furnish maps,
prices, terms, etc. In addition to the
properLies mentioned above we have for
&ale an excellent selection of homes,
apartment houses and business proper-

We shall deem it a pleasure to serve you,
and without- obUigation, of course.





.1 .


L A.% . *
"ii '-'.W ,*' "* *'* .* "L -




.....H T...
.. ,. i.

1~ ,I +. ,: '



-Ous --s-oE-ttertha- "A MOM'N POP by Taylor
Hu s i No B t t a SCHOOL LESSON ,- t-- A That-Contented
/\ M l^^ <& ln K~t~rthfIi I --- k oW MAC-SEFORE I START 14PL Is% oul -HaES qPtieRWS
H u [ 9., iN.:\B A ,U. IILNT.II r. o'raE.!1 L V,,'T To _" TNM CARD- 'o'u. M'CE SH ) KNOWING THAT Y
UeLa.nd. Fla. CFrC V W'it ^oU ON" ) / IC.AM I ,J F\e M&IMUTES LATe 0
-I" .". K--, T SA'TTES . ( lAPPt- ) i IMSts'T THAT ALLEMpLOVES *.
T. T 1- I ~~~flli 31 r' Tc.Xl Jowlli I I 1.! Q'- ---- /' "^/TriS, IS W-- $I ON DUTC nY~i AT `1 O'C;LOCK SHAJ1P f. If
ItS Lumber 1. 1 .ti :, I ,,. ,d I i, o lL --lA -- is after all one of
I' i oa i ii.iii fr a gre 111 ri,--i SATISFAC
,' "Tlit .S U.iudT'nii iWPr'p a ih~nner,''l(J I. /\Qi l ~ t
[ i iiilx,.l, ortu i e t o," ti.Ih .i,]
you should insist on getting :,di..n h ,r-,, ;Ab i .7r;1 iir , |-
i-i t he tn? citi iihlo)a. Shiilb 1 E K JI
Lumber of maximini strength and'durability, i m.. iw.-,ar. .,.i A,ria. ,ail f1 1 -
di W, IL,-h It., l ll l, Ii -hernitribe.,
'That's the only kind v,,. h to ur r BUILDER OF SA
Sell. 111. t%o ,,tich.4ri I rib, B IL ERF,
We Sell. ,.,1 1,, fliv People,. f c.ii ,H i r 237 W. Howry Phone
:avid to,.wher,_, Ill Kig, 17.r. 1 -G
__IrI ,,lly 0 .' thl,' 'il S m aritan,. ..... ..
t] P: l-')'] a l "4inOnlgri-I 'so1"1of
.,ii .-.lI ,i. ,iii i. hp iIXIUa or m - DELAND MILL\\rO
BOND LUMBER COD t,'-,i,, iinl,, ,. l their Jud,, Maiiidtliur'rs uf Fiiruleq. hrl. .F. D
BCI1J[) AI.JIA!IBti'aI. CC)^ Ii,Ii'ini,ii Th,11ntljin nltir Jlh. ^______________.__________.------~ CO-------------- Ap. i' |.|R I Lihilil ail
S r.11 ir Jer in ,y-ir ,. r i M . ,on |h .T .OP. I t el\ i. hlp .
P ho ne 3 1 ,, fi'ial.- at .h-ru,,ln., bu EM7LOE WS L' ". -eC-Fo. ITH j HOP Dow MoA I iuii IorkmaIlli
hPol hi 111Uwn ,utlitnl hrto i on p .TRcTe TS L'ta OF "Y 1 A. ];, \ i TH)E I.SEr IE n. ..TTeRS AND
* * ** ** ** x I ~~~J"11itill 'il? ul"'l It#- ar- 1- *I'en' I /, ,-AE CNP ", .*ft EB h Fj0Pjr'.ns V1 Aiji-Mr>~ 'You'^ WlN O -O E
i t .,1 1 : ,II, I zt 'AWJi ll I I '* Jina r it e "C A 6 T H E R TH A .J iS L 'f 0 I lE S S.) w% j S H C D T o ) I*-1 1 --
Lumber and Building Material SE" E'""HAT" ""II." 15'""- SEC u"J;I' HEWR) T"
h' litii '-" ;iii .1to JPSII.. "Otr j .-.'. ._. ,'TM H''E r R I H E
TN T 1 r-1 C-i"Iei ..s noi-islplipt] in t]id< monni ., ~ .^T / .' / r r I.IIILfhling Pialitii P HONIN
DeLand, Florida la in i e ^ ) thot i Jernialim 9 E,.; N6
I' lilt. Ph .'0I 11.LOh o gh '
f-1til l1hn,4lh h'---ir w4 aw-ll 1-I 116 N. BOULEVARD

vi ri r~L~ii~h A Sdamaria law..~,
-,,v.i I"s, I l il. 2", ., /l ll W + r S ,

,,."W.PW-i hir' I Trri1'1 Si,.,,..,,l, ,n'L .. .v 'rm CAREFUL CARPET
W P. R OWlN ri',II r, h il,,rf r alrlh .,ew1.,h el' K .
I-'vri i U. -hI rI.,.cr I ,nd T tratr . .. ]-^------ IV CLEANER
Contractor w,-,li Sl I.\ Ii iLl l, h S.i, 1 1 E i. ( I. ;:..I. Ri-g i y
I I"-",/
I I rc-, Ira rw,, p'i,'lI'" i le Jew- "J IJ|j /I F j' i Phone 602L3. 413W. Howry Ave
BUILDER of HOMES ror, I hl .IotJrdian ruvi- twia -- s n ..... - -- -.
11-11 q', | i llil -I)l'Ji ,inl h 'Oillh >rhrougu 7 7 I I
;',r -. ;. ,'T,. I n hI11. J, rlan : 1lhu_ ... ..__.. -,.__ -'L" '._"_ -. L- ..i-- ,1-- S "26 t. ,_. W window Letter ng a Specialty |
Plans and Estimations 1i 4 i* ili "' i' "' %AI'"i "ii'"h. ""ar:.Wi oLttrin a Sp ia
Free on R request, '' I,, I iBH- h ti iitIt.i m. ocii,. s h u al
,.. oi eust t* 1,%,* in li a ,-r" [rit.. ii nen 1110, ll' li O- Arvli U1hio il Va',,] lel Ii1.-il l;fi -,11 i ii. SllI ,GN .it. I ; ,,l',I", .i SnIhG INi
S ^',., l;; ii'in Li.]| Irl"nilhl .,l1l'd,' 11, i.r-l. 1.111|,I* "n.AIr' Iill|,' I I,.h i. .l r I. [ ...1. l1 n I .I .ii,.| ,, l,. 1 .... I'J,,, l I't BAEnI R "of course" i
u a S1' ,, 1ILa,-, "1111, 1,%,%; .it NO
Boundary St. Select service Is W hat You Are h; .i s:, r ."' Ansno t,1 1 pe- Th. trendtl i r or. l i a,.t.,,.-.aI... .,i n.-it ,, . t, k. k i. .v1 '],,-i,, i,-i,.,,, i It 1 ",h. 113 S. Florida Ave.e
Sure to Find at This Cafe I ri l ., ,.r fl .ill 0 lin. d ri etei l l D i l' tlisl )ll .l. g, l.,ili ul I ,l..ii. 1, l i. o- -tnJl-r
M e a d o w L a w n T h,, ch in"e of dishes si n In that and .i 111 In i11 ",.,o 1t,,, J, us **!J t t d "i e -n J, ,.'. I, -,._ _, i- % are
-M edo1 Lan, I h P--. :rllrouit,.-011 %I- kl'1
M eadow Lat, *'i'od rato.' IPrkee will appeal tu "o TI|r "'.. ,1 wa. m,.,al .nrll. h bad disp I ed '%li '., i" t.i, 'er Ql l ii v ,lt ,-r 1,1,,ilr. 4, .h to ,-,n,. i i -........-
D .Land, Florida ,- pe.alte. al HI ltl j q ed. er iom of n l(rrfialI as a ,li,7eri ThT.-y) ,vtlt ,, tri II' hjt I, *I ey* Tht*rt. lJi :, 1iii, l-. ,, r- h r. -CHRYSLER-
.mWH ITE HO U SE CA FE i ld Sa io, \". r.... "1r i b br dult'roii u .'anh r.- Anud Jv-. i'' ,i u.. ,ll-s,. ,h ,,,I .-.l If tu,, ,,, .., "" 1 i t' 1 1,,, tlT|lg.-l roup e Phaeti-u--Sl.
WHITE HOUSE CAFE! ,e t~ il|O*"I. t ielieeiil~- 1 1,i rp
IlO lione 6i, il (lll li y i" i 1CI- I.itll | l tl' .. _I- I h llt" 1 .,h1 'il l i dr. il. 2.r15 ,.1rCi .' ,' l i I hSt I, n li I y liner S dari s iid 1our'i;p
I1 Phone tIi6 iv II i n t~~l m f -if .o~l tI' thtlI . f 0 III Iin" i] buhl 2 lfi .I,'siS'' ,,I ih,' l0.[ .thr0 ,-I, l Ill.- ellI f fl I On displ aiy
-.-..-.....- -,- Ir iii* nI ni i* iirlaigh t (s t, couldni P.'II 4a'.d. li .r 1 I! 1.. %l% i l..i-grpl, i gl ,il t : ( 'i"l aIn I'i. .ii .- onli;,: -..iw -ERWIN MOTOR CO.-
_r___'_ _ ____ 1 1."r! 'i"t'', 1; ] .!'^ Ih ll li ork is 10 t ai k .O .. i it-, Oil l i, li aflil'1 ",I., rn.' ii% >.-il; .'I I% .i er Iif ..'l 1i r.\ l; y i; 1-1141,., 24'171, 1111,,o -.'" ,.1 h, :s hl '"Ecl, ,,,adr.,, ed.,u'S,,x. R,"
I----------------pl u lfirirIle o----.--- fterer '.'" 1 ,,1" 4...ld .' 10i. Il not inI. n IM I i1 211 i.. icl", 1 i I Oli-ili hs Sir.' d ,. in Hu -ll ______________ ___ -
,lo t ...i .P.' I ,i u,., ,ri ,1 ,, o, l ",r ,, r T ,. fl u, ,u T. ,c ,,t t 1, e C. e .s , ,.-.iinnil, i i .nl% ,.. f,,ii,-,i ,, ....i, ,,,i of ( l.
CIVIL ENG INEERING AND SURVEYING 't, il,- l.t 1sh 6,1;, u ioj, ,.h.,tiim; q i W "'er ? u.I .a. th, ,l, lt r ,,,, ,,- '!h.a.l tl,,,,. ,,,. lip ,,.I ,o ,, ,,,,tii -r r ,. fi,1,,,i. o (,,."
I..r,,.l" l( lit 10.6i 1; a 11 0.ll Iru..t- 4 nner rhat ile au tu.'ulv v, Nil 0. 4 \'. 14- i'-t.-r l.,l r1! lh I t"l l', .la th" ills- A,-i|O l Ior hr ItI4. ilis' ____
.d J[ Ilr'tlr- |O b+' i tl [.I ]p.] DiOOthing things OVPr 'I|O pattilnK I,'"-'Hl e t l -ry[q'y ilJ Ih,." hmjilall, <]-l llcinc .lll Sd'.,nlr >,[ a]l .lmr,, ..
We spetilize in Subdivisions and large tra.t surveys ruA Il:,ni fLu ."- : i o giat I. It oniothe baking- n ove r s o pattingl%2i1 r, I 'll'ii]b-lr Tluimr .in i vn i ,. r atnd" .. I.,,o ia,,,, r i ,, l h,, JACO BS LUM BER &l I(Luke 24 :47 A'rts I-Si. It on the. ha. k. no jxctisirre rni'takeo;' I 1* i iuui r Til-ir m r i0 i niots 'I Il NWlY 's- A ."' Io fit. .. y A li tii ahanJA O S L M E
S Topograpr y, LandaLape englue.ering: Highway debinguqdi. I In tt lttie Gentlli, as w jl orr the hnt hlood of yvOt 01 Ili'"A.S "N.' ht. b-'l r,..I r,,, t.l.,-,"ll ,anmd' :,.I,,'CrB.SlrB R 'ut t.-
Blite prints, Vaudykeri and lultb-prints 'bilo you wait AI.I 1- 7. .1 5. 17. 1 Jesus did ll in ile t iat -,iher a lhall, kof, wln7 ki u li.i I' it;v H twent cen tury ' Building
,11 1 I1 I, I l'n i an y hfi l: t a r in a nl we ll. nt a ld h a dI ,1l ` n, ;d a I h >1 o B 'i n,. r il , 1II ,., L B ui.l d ig1.. l ,t. :,,n I ,, \ ,,. .M
VOLUSIA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. i, ,,r T 1',,,. Ii', ; ,, ,tl f. air ,, blunder,. "ik ve a ,o. .NIl .iniid, rile,. Sa,,' .' the ,,o, ,ie, ,,lth ,i .,r , ',, A I m i
,,TB R T o A rIal. .\ it a'i since "-He, pn", i : et,. Nothing oftrhil t I, ,l: rr ,,,,al or uIlU ri,.cvtng.,li.r ,.1 --I 'if hiii ,1-'r ,%ho ii i' U LITY "ER VICE
m ust needs pass thl .ough > l- e I ,I' iimll her f,, i h,, ]i1,ilei1 OIt fl.i1 o-,' il[i r'Ul,. iI .'.ll ,.- Iu II1,. li. 11 1. 11 i'r nf i';,iJ i" et.rn~il F
J. LU. M. VALEN T'lINE l, Mau .g r E nigitnerin g Du pa rttutut arna"hust n 'ee rp ass thnh n ll ,v bar or h -r wn f.o .t i en P ,- ne'l 1,r 11.1 -"- .i r il.l .1.I. 1- 1 -, l h L, I,-- I ,,- ("h .'r o ,l or i l Phone 345
Regl e cilt, led under tIe i.'lorida law P. T h, .. m otvearia." h owev e r i onil l they bar orh mh- or ownliJ b or i l- ie fu. P I i'I i.HIt1'_ % ii 0 'if lit-1 l' d I -Ih, i- 11' Ill It51. I .11 tlhrl i ht I R ..')[ 11 it
M. V LEN INE, Manigc Ei IllrinrDerrtr. T Rs-iatne motive Iilt hk'h MULl 34ii]h1r %l11l411ii titi ~iRI.a 10 111 '. 'r. 1 im 11 i. te I ~l a.n ln 4
n.t.el e honora ,a1. F- I^p .^ ^^^^c^";^"""^?^'^ .:^"^ ;:*:pf';________
Tele houo 31h1oiiglr H 1 tj ear'h at all, took me t hir ]le nl 4 wei il rhrI -ay I i r think. anl kil it, w* tVI .lit ;, i- ,1 lfe i i i, 16,. tie, gif
Iln tn SSa laria. thing rot wvlh it w'--i.'* "li heir otl n 0iihearl that Jceus savo.1-. ,I, GI-,, I Ilh l Holy Spirit To
I11 Je,' minitrv at S.vchi'r. we how many n of our A ui d I ni T r criA dl.I 1 1i pla,'. iI, Hli filr-in r .I 1r9lS I dI .1 wrarr 1r
---lia--- -, ani I nU l">trlet oI hir erlin Ie w uo ; I l(dI r I t.%.f i* cur w'aork w rk .r)or "o 'l t h e'ere u Je .u'r ,. h0.1 4 ,,,lf. of ithn Holy plril t --." I _
h,.^,| ann % nile nl h, Ith p 9r ,J.lhl t n hJsbanld.'v -.Sho n i t' 110 1 I ,y I i ,.- .l.l -,. in.. \V-l l I,.1 + which th'y that helle%, .l oil lilrt0 hou1 6uu ) u1
t ---.--,,--- -- __-L-----.---,--- -1.-.__ .;i '.^ ,,. ,..,.. ^ .ol,n,. t ... p-,.t s.d o |,o i,,.,v., ,,, hi,,, >. t ,., i,o uM.'+|' r.,,..iv",c o .^.. ,,^ T,, ,h.. D ELA N D C A D
1 r A.r I, Iniaiglne that 11ip lnitred Af ir A' s noJohtri t i. H t lawfu l for I Y i ll I:av, ho right hil1 thlui lar 'iiioii* l rtwin'\lvi .1 r nv34 i. Tt tI. DhAN D CAD]
Electric C.W ALLCORN Contracting I i- .,.-,'k ,0 p-ersoul ean elilimNl1n, lerod. "It is not ,lawful forr ias.l iv I will takehi, m hmli ,- blil. I'. ,- int d i tL o r w-l 1 rhr- SpIrar ts, I
N ot the nam e but the m ark of a service 41" .s. T I t, it Iga %Jlth e t.a 'h .pr .. hinai," ,.,i ,,. .if,,, W. h'to h..v L o.. ,a,:,t,, It,," u ,nn ,, I n a CADILLAC- OAKLAi
N ot the ni ti Iliourl Ilertwil ia Ir he er,%)lii sL-.-Ill br lll. J i tI i- il 1111 11 l hr.'' SIN. lland S
Service w which is yours 100 per c ent. Con le t :r human1, q la/. -;j, 1 1.I.-hl Jo 1 i Ir-i.-li .it, ilm i oi -4 T .. o3 __
I iiii~iihii.., ihri 3p;rilt'1, 4 In
%.,Onla n "; -,Jill! Nil ,-hlv~a r (I- ? ,. Th !,I r al irp i1n JgII l) ti hrll o n ,,IIl .-,1,,..lhc SpiritL to)
132 N F lorida ri .ll! N v O ih[ ;,1lr | o r u. 1 il rn il I.1'*. l. n It r1Ia .... .i n Uiii .I 1. I, I ,,r II I .";
1___n 4f rnfirl t I 11 nla"liiw to i"*"i*r 10*1 mr' uria or s r (olorninu a ( --dtictili'---li.. ll t Ili .1
J[------1-"o__ _111_-----t--- I -i fro m fide lity to hi"r b iglg e s a gi le ral rev|. al at S y cl > I.I. Ili ,-i .r Irllu I.1 1 I l,. ,.,l, r,i-ir i l ..1I ,,ll f4 or ,1 fIr. iOr..riJPl I A IT A R
.lllr'rn~ l l, pe.rnnitlritif ,ii ling in 1 h i,'h 1111,41 or a;l1 LitI i' Ih I -I's ] _I l V q-d s I I hI. ',, HI n,- .. rit' lst If" IIl lu 'll 1 ex i,'LJ It|1
- --- -l"' -''_i.. ..'lt___I I IIi I liii,], Ui ON'lih rr ,]i 1','. 'll i... F. ''u "" .'' i f'' u ' t:S
TH ERE IS N O PLA CE LIK E H O M E *fa. ,,r,,i,. I, I r, ,,. ,p ,,I h ,.,i,,,, 1, ,. .. ,,., . ,,:,, ,,.:,, h,:. ,'h.,,:, -,., ',, ,,,;F,., ,,,. .,I-.tI ,,, ,l"amous for F
I)t~ ,1 ,,, il, ,] Ir ,h.ll f inr III lit _',nal t le i ur, ,, ;i II hliaI,1 fih l l;, 1, n. owh T I1' 1, 11, I- I,,jg 1.1 E x c e lle n t \\ 1|"1
D o Y ou O w n Y ours?-- If N ot See IlI,, .h.,Ir l r .lll a. *h ,..., i . i i lli i ..n 7ll, f ,. ,,,l 14i N B.O ]..,i,.".'

-Contractor and Buu lE Iuil ~.i l~rii.
S. B J M RO W NING . 1' I' h F' T... In1'.' hll kI' i'P I h i,,| t .ll (11. -. ih ihr- 1 t li i -. i. 1 0 NU I I
Contracto and Buil er E P nn. and N Blvd. h; i l.. ,',; ,,;.,,'r,.] ,.., ,,,.,,, ;,3 e, r.-,, L,,,. ,, ,,, I","-,.,,-, .....;: :,.,. . ..1,., .,,'-,-.... ^ ^ ,, ,;;,,,,,; ,,,,,,,, ........
*r.lI '*1'I11 .t t,1 II v B.I 111 i i l lr r i | I l ', li .S ,,,. ,, 1, 1,, ,'' I .. ,' 1 11E & L Ii' I 1 1 "' .. .
r r I -... ...... .. ,, ,,'.: i| h l..v A !,It.i1 I i..1 .,Hh. iI.,s ., I,;I; Itll. -.i.i ...1. II..w:% 1".i : h1' IllItIi n1:ilil ',,i S A Y & I
I----- --I------- ---"I da Ou .tdo r 11nAd nu,, r.nih l- (1 ill l,'r M,.It 1 ,iin.i 1Iet .1 l i.ihP AIN II I I IllA h. T1.

CON RAC O1 AN B ILD R I LO E -SI NS pI. 'ati d.iuu11,' li"i -It I'Ii I .I "II hll I I 'I, ISTOREl
LI .. .IO ,' I ith l-- rC r -. lT O i- mi t i rIrit.. ..']. .F RC AW'. .'i I l i i ,' -1
S. J. ',,SH A LL ",'1 s,: ,,. hop,,, ,, :'| ',h,: ,le-, ...*' ,, ... ,. ., ,.,,,' ,;;... . .. ' ,:: ,,'t,.:;J ,,., .,, 7 .......... ; -. ... ..... FIR ST C LA SS W .
Contractor- Builder. ,,, Jim, h ,.'-,mi ,,ri ,h r, .-r,.,; ai et. 'hr, "1,,n ,,f ,,(,% ... '.1,,,I ..... ,,, I,, .j *,n -. ,I.... ,,- ,. I,, M ,,hr1.B
B U I L D I N G B E T T E R B U N G A L O W S I,,, ,. ,,,, 11,],|, -l,\l,, 1ia r ^,n -a r ItI- I, e ttII, -, 1,,' T ,; 1., ,it, ,h c ,- "" .: ,..- .. '11" | | .. .. .r V, 1 ;,1;:.:- .;1 - --. W-t B-,,----,-
SW New York Ave. Aand SLetton Pk., DeLand _ .r.e a"" "' ;,,;' I,,,.(1 .11 . ,B;,s .T
P'HON E1 ." I .,, i ,., , , ( r, h"l i. w, i. I 1ihJ, n iH I 1H,"R EL '.. E' ,.;T-. .11, I' -r l .'i "ll,,W -iilll, | IJi I, rrln .
,1__ __ _,, ,,'"- .- - I "*" vn .i '2 !2 .. h ,3 S .l.,- n i P111 1 11f I ,.u '..I i h111r i l" Ih ... hr I.. I ...l ] ,I ,, ",,1 ,,,,Tr h ,l,, "A H
,- d id, II ti, '-im11,tio,1 it. N ,o from l h i, nI|rrh ,|, w ilhl r, Ili % Ii,,,i.n Ili% h ,,.li i .tZ ld e r, ,1'. , .111d %lag,,,Ma l%,,3n .. .I,,1- 11 ,' ,l lJ ,-tia
\'e%%v knlow lIt rlr \ ),1t Ili 1 I1, uillI' I" .h,'IIh. I ,r I h ,aIL I]u. l ,I t ', ,1 \ -. I ,,
ti,_ la l o rk !11 % a:, no 'i ,l 'l,| Ii'i'l Is.,i l lg., I..i" I1,, .i-[ Ih., li ,l ,,1_ .' I'
Oudo Err.. ,,o,,.r Ad,,,,, ,i,,,,. ,,,.. -. i..; HEATH'S PAINT CURREY THE
N E S ERO outdoor A dv. l,. r. ah..n i rr p,.,t I ,11-'i .....r ,1,,11. ir..,,n, N,. ,1., t .
I eLa ld F lord a LO V E SIG N S I ciple i were- aW out : H euu l" n..,J. I| '* .l ...1. 1- .,I l' I "J. ST O R E _.-'I Oakland A \.
Seller thlr Irie jlv y -ii ,t 1 .. Ii 1" 1 11, 1, % I, l \ i1] l l i.,I e IIL1nhi ,,' h | ,, -'r.- I -
C'ONTI" ACTOI{ AND BUILDER EPhone 215 DoLand W,,,,, idth v s... ilh t il i H i M.I | % ...... i . ,, i. .,,i I, *, 1)el., F'la. -------Bes
L0 1i E S IG N S S U C C T O s lt' -'-' 1 .\ f' t r ^ ii 11 .- rl ill -i ,,. ] ,,1 ,, , ,. l ,. | A t r A ,
,. .i ,, IT ,, ,,., ,,!CHAS HEATH. ~ r ,^ in *lrlv o 11, i->.~.- I.l "- 1,1 .it ljnpi AI i.,pFl le O ur B est ^^',;, ^ *L*''
Interior I'in i:hing M y Specialty\ ,1rs HEATi.icii' .--n lly .I ll.,%i.. h ,it,13., 1- -" L
_--- -----BU 41 ) T ) A I T 4' w

Painting Decorating
Phone 241
224 W. Rich Ave.

138 W. New York Ave.
Home" Phone 422-W

iPractical Plasercr

Cull Me for Your Ruh
312 S. Alabama

General Contractor
Stetson Park

DeLand, Fla.

I 1I' 11 C3 UIJ1 li N 11'. S L li-dl|.L ( J I



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Full Line of Supplies
and Materials in Stock.
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IoTr. Interior Trim, Mouldings,
il tahiir Work.
Reasonably Priced
Ila Stone St. and R. R

4L l.eotrlal ContjrtlUnl
Electliea Fillures

Licensed Mtg. of Stone
Office and Yard:.
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Opew AtlJflt
)eLand, Fla, i. *

ine Foods------

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Thonfi iSi '

in L


Phone 577-J DeLand, Flo44i

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S .
'. *. i ,, '. : )
4 .*".' ^ .".


1 N 2M. L. PATTERSON 221 S. Stone St., DeLand, Fla.
120 \V. New York A\c. I-- --- -
l-'hunu .122-J f' ....
.... -.. ~ ~ CCHAS. KLINGAMAN, Manager
HORNING Choice Florida and Western Meats
IDnterior Dccoraing DELAND c alers in Live Stock and Poultry -
Dcsgn., Pamit, ig PLUMBING 144 N. Boulevard
DeLand, Florida COMPANY oto-The Best ______ __oEverything
Phone 2402 ____ _____ ________________.
r TO TRIANGLL GARAGE tPlumbers and Steam N B

P __ - .7&- 7 7 ', I- A' '"N_ .. ., ...

I i "AL"I %Or A

r J" [ II-I--'r [. P ...... ..., 1 ....-- ....... li.- ., ....... "_ .... I I I IlI I I I .. .. .. ........ IMAIIa[ 1V% V-%IAJ1.1 I* til I-......

Larger Number of Exhibitors, Increased Premium
List, More Free Attractions, New Features

Tpe l AptsFaCourty Fair, 1.0 He Ie u tha t fof la st i 'year. T he '.l
'll~~~~~ld~~ heeJ n 2ot h s en ol we-ather ],a.a been a factor . '
soe h g'tpg t e s oW a aatlb td bor Jan 26 o"3.1.halb "I ' '"d crops-s . ... blt
&led "an antertstng a nd instrlic- Sevirl and eatnsulal profrlse at asocr c.-.' ..
vos re darvelouus finer ani ]large.r exhibit tha e ever .
Adaourc e I of Volusia ('oCnty." before .
jT h l.t o u t b u rs t I u p t h e p r e ss a g e n t -A s to h ,b ;-i rlr u s ih b l t h e .' .o.. .
IN true iff a way, for the extre meo fruit will _urelN [P,3 belitr and of f+ ----
vt mI hty of the soils has been L afl e lty t ha tha t tho r n i"min F " O1f
Pmo trethan geero, ad hte as twcen t la year.hlast yar, vihich zous at eex. 1 A
toli.&nd andtse vral times a at the ar | guld hing t uskly bhe lnyl- | '' ,"
ft btroptcal Midwinter Fair at Or- cain ar hr ,il be an "".. ',. "..'" .
ied" arose a alabltth e fori beo T a ypab more xhpiboit g, m koo Tie weather , S' .CO" '"
"tre crsuhtaei)Ta p ii-Hon of fln.-'frillt. and that %%II.I: ,
at the South Flor:da Fair. too. and %r.ile. howxibto the a

Atene ii ipoe et. A bl of ilmo .h.birtii orkt ]avog e ; ------ ,- "~\ -~ll "I A m r I I K r ^LintY t---
in this,base In all tn s'anIIesF a world oftipr seletin iu ch ou ,- fron. "*!' r, --u^.
o etf'rioes have been captured C ot. he tile, lruitnand nt'02
. f1fy this state-wvide showing ha's O txhbil ,ho i f tlde roeOa*,lrteg ,a
.46iDon u\trated beyond ahe. til e prea,,lal Fll t- %%II .rI.p rf l t VolusP .Aa..t1n

HfS aead bee calle wilo The -low r S o iu eiyt re l t p ai,,' "' " 1 0' ..-ol _ ____ rulm 'r l i.l.l i ai\ .1 h v v b l ..i r t'.o
v"nture of a doubt the nbo e state, thing t o ao Fel a C especially ,
latens by the press agent. among those -;trangers ti %ji aEre
Ti~he v'olusta County Fair IS 110%w unaware of the extreme ver.;atll
jplng Into its third year. and In try of this section of Florida."
this short time for the buld1
Of 90o great 2 thing, a fine- ac Home Demonstration I has been constructed. twelve The. exhlititl-ilon ,f the County P
IM1ldlngs have been put up for a F| =)mo Den] onrldra [it, n Depnrt men,'r
berw~i during vaitlety 'of elor.1tl)[t,. i~ ho -hiefly %wirr of the glrlsl
oW the grounds decorated- Iin and womneu who ha~e hall 1%o o'r-
.O~ atractve ay T e F n i ore, years training. There willl
pd~ is i h itDt e et l misbd,, wng -irf canning and other[
d Deand.reached over the Iles,. reavures mihhch coni ide hm
at highways, and 1. atlJazent to h-d n~e h lh rgop
t. rough drainage !is, been the tounhp: l t.h r i-nn e ini H W int o f are Vohntia County F a r association, sineV ousi3 County Fair association. He Is a booster for e Volii
4traboed." so that tile ,heowing 1L4 uniform containers,. contents t. t was organized three years ago. Mr. Wood has taken an active in- and beli ,veG that the fair Is a splendid ager, y for the r.eelo :it.
ban be e ud re fruits ani vegetables of dir terest in the fair and s entitled to much credit fo r Its Success I of the county,
te pleasantest of conditions. B ,P kinds. arranged a q a, .............. .. ..... ....
Swill again be operated front tra, tl~el~v as fosi.tlle
-,,d,,,e raounoads ,I Iu1. t,, EAD EDUCATOR MOST UNIQUE SAEALSL; M NE OHR
d~ h alod iloffer tile Denonstration A.\eont.EAN SPACyAL"SOL; M
WtU~tl reduced rates:' alg, expoel. li addhlhloi 1.) the Earl W. Brown. the man actively behind the Volusia County Fail-'
Advance Information r'eteals ahove, it) make exhibhtu off ,antl A xeuiFGR INR LM FPEAOY" .,ve secretaryo, the Volusla County Fair association he ha';EVFRY BIDN ~ IET3CI
the fact that all comuibnities In shades and IhpIat,-:. sereeni, FIGUE.I REALM O PEDAGOGY been indefatigable in his efforts to make the fair the biggest and bept rE.s. B D ,.
ftl county are np and doing for nia~ie [.y) the hnt,.rhor d1,_o- atlng c county exp o.oston in the South .. He has.succeeded
Asir exhibits. The awards given clasio1, andliwt;!bsly s,,,u,, other I FAa I
, those' place have aliwlay h een ,wiioknale Iy this bian.t .ih Aour ,enjaminFranklihp Beelar, Always Optimlstic, Over- FI:o -- --.- OME tlEREOW DED K"an
,hore han generous, antR has en., last Far it %a-3.1oun d that we Keep Offspring in Sight
ikbed them,. in some ins,,nc'e-. to wudhv to uso mu,, aiore came Debt, Disease and Threatened Dis- FARMDWAY AestRAFirstSYeOrETheRr
Uve funds available for the la i, space to properly make our e exhibit aster, in Climb to Succe.s I Public Is Assured of Besti;ut of parks and the making thi's v,'tnr owing it) the growth FRS R M TTDITE URES
oli. other civic improvements. A l of deinOns-travton work aniong ine 1 Entertainment Yet
,I ln, Oea-hearted co-operation has a I women ind girls of the county. Hali a eluln a teacher'. n l to a- vla .a ra P a lew.a,,Od l In
.a been given to this Fl air front It is hop ied | Fair d C -11- i %%Ill That', the" leorhi, o "',e l. l h"Ir-, ,
ill sections of the county slid this ieake ,lp arrangements, for o l, jan n. Feaklin Beeler. DeLand Th, erlnt | ,.,|Iin, rhl Beelar
t~n up fa i avacexTh'il .. ..edcaorforth s %o Ttththem F ne ri. enPitue rienofBunihig ndPohshngTh t -tti xpsiio. umf oter
Akr. tle se hlbo t s prace hag beei p whole edu a t r t for p '39 The |"a% dll',it or ha i ;- .ul thl,,,,n,-n n, lla a-, ae
is ~~~~andI ire'hapus the Mmo tinlque i o-$ p oie ,, bak\hafopaiidthe un RTakes Place Annuat'ly at Orlando niliicvor hmIeeilnoIrm
TheFlower Show ur- [ittthe realm of_'5 no I(rol i fiithnkr rrnIrI] it, I'-\'in an ofUthil
Ct s already been called to T l h ,!: 2 | ,,r n f.r t io n B... F w thp f thr Fai t 11;- Ij Lill q in t l h a ,11 f it i.l A., ho ullre p un i t |,
'lhl meay c ount y o f r :f tairin I one v l,',i.i r ,, f l, tah,- air uf H IP fth reahn f p da go.' fr" ;, 1'' """ lh,= h'ocpr i. a be no ..... i frh. l. ae t, I m f .: -- n li. u *e. -
l-[- b te di reto rs a1 de- hepIi h,.l ,eua- ,ln" a,'eiuiL .111 hnn _,1, \OU1 Per gr, to) it L- 11 t1 lot th e e pleasure It si,-de,i.ed rn ` ,uihlm -* ,,,-, ,,,,L" jj, hltl n
B ple" a nure th o d plrel or, m a ry d \',ill- urelv tn l i., .Il a FI Ph I t.!'elf a .Iubitnitl o mi ; ,* ... r 1 1 ';" 11 the r w r, Interet. tling al l-] ur a.l ", na l1 ,' iI".1. l. l i b Ikep t ar any. '],t ,-I, l ,hI aln,- ,J 11.r- .F
terrafined to spread that repu a. '. Thk-ere wl! VIP,, ;0.c~lifillan .'o t[nele s m tos 0ar1e ia erle,l \%,lth h :.f,,r the hboot.irld lbservi: thLA condition of Iaithei i ylkj
& rnie o f lherpo~ibil,;i a bgger t r l.inn h I T lury l *" "*n Th' rem.' I ual n &hat he feature ind,.I bla h l a a t i e '"tt,mo+rrrniud,- rn l in It Ju ti .arr a nI ro -t r l pioins fu 1 .1 1r,,I 1 ,-,-,rt 1L. ,[ alIll ,! 1 e sr hr .t it,v s ,rn .- n , G ,1

Oris ndu~rv i Flo id I 1,^ ,i '|,.- F,,, In- id.a l a 1" inth11 u- ** "Io rh ro'! *" T"c~ -Il','' '* "* 0 i' -"i -' ~ l r ine Is' prO;e- tratingl nevi." l1"*,t -'r dE. ,nl-l ,, r lr ri.o ~ -,,
a t ble, ti ll e j d o ehe Fail.. ni the i r .uL- the outgn i- . ., regl kh7. i: ..r,^ l a i <>1"' h hr befnrp and pvprvo ne. s Aro- crat ing w rl d[lgJ l-.1,"n E . I3 .._-nf, for tin i v:,,- ,x.'l I h h or .. h r,, ,i .lot'
i o f |h p f l i rr l ( i f a w i nt l h e r ~ f i I n g i n ho ve l o p t h e l a tr U t t- n a r a c i p T h i Fo l i p r ,-c b i v i n A n o t. -,1 o p a r i n g f o r a n a f t e r n o o ,n l p e r f o r m A 'k e d a R I I I v IO ] 3 t \ ,ql - l() On- 0is l l L 7 ( t ~ l ~ i l W L I S ~ ,1 t t l rr. ,,I. I ; ,,n h lD ;
Poultry Exh I hbit t Ilo wrr- ,.%ing rf,- et urn. %vlgive an ter ,\ il ,l,,,every i t Le l. : ,,-jlg. n l ih ,F da%,4, and Fl,. reIf',ouhave. yon have an v rp,1 tbibo or t le %n hftil ap. aianeM, piup n. |
Ta h[s t to be the Gohl M edal P.-Ihibtt ,o r ( t..r t|. ith a. J[,- op, at uttmin I'i 1 ?. proven ,v t I"w'. r .l .'ln.. n..I v, r..nli tt'ler:. i t -I ,oo,]d idt.r .a trh w In tn Jof "hit anl s "'ve'." r.,- ae k,'n r -- ,- ,ni '., t,]n. ,
f fina pi oe the i ca, u t H -i, l. F,,,, l[L tat' ,n p an, I l J uhi. 'a, ,nl r ] tat hp l a rghed at h -,' -ll l, i l ,,tl. E ailing I v1 \1 th1 one ], g vi "t,- r hadt fo i. t.. n,[ PI au, tll ,t ,, o f,1, t, ,: t it o. ," ,,t ,l] "' ,l, S:..n .. ',r .
Assocl action of Florida [Ind ;) l of iN y, a" The Iho%, ShO l n.; Inlure -then a third -'ifa 4 -11 ga io,-, Lh I .at l **nfroni,, th, l 4 Iu ,"I l ok oe lv r ,1,.i. \ njun> gi- v fil ,, ho I I I I; iio ah a'
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frnest exhibits I e% r .P an' -1in Free Features Sidld ing i t g ,h Ih t,,l",f ],:ir .' h' i n," l .t,] l1,lda% l. -1,? ill ['. v; i ng ll~ repaired and rtppilnc,1 '[,lai-ksmntlh shop %Nss file next I Lilt ;,r- vh l .i ,,;iaioI.Ih,-.i.i it12 In31.

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I n gc tory he e h o ff i erf s PI f i %,iloII v ItT l i i h l.- rd-il di r .t ii' i i W ,1-1S1Iii.' ,f|Il',ntT.1 i iit1 I, .ili Iii I, h , ".,ri Ii i n ',.i ,l ,ll '" el l t ill,.o l d lnll IIl1,. h r| | i; re w a rd Io .l n .. uh, I i t ti."',,h ,d d 11 rr,,- j,,, i n.. i,,,' \ [ .I.Ihii. ,,I-- a i, ,. .,I,- i iF iui -
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u,.l 'It zL. a I v L ia hLa 81ti. 11 ;. V'.Li :


Largest Circulation
in I
Volusia County
















The President

The Executive Secretary

The Vico President

C'pt. W.. idmier and D iving Beauti%= i \ i Via -
1:, ",.. . .d^. .
My' " "N '^ J YV ^

'- TH'1, DELA\ND DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, JAN., 23,. 192b6______________,_

J l~ Lw:.

In Step

DeLan and

i ', k I It i t I bI- itn'l ', ,fi ,rt l h l, I 1, !lI, 1.
AROUSED SMALL TOWN WHEN HE '\h;...;.. :... -I' ;
111. l r l, I t,1 E h ll i n I11 I',t I lI i Ar I..".: .
| RANG LOUDLY FOR THE BELL BOY fal ..... *; .... "' '" I:li: III, + *+
*a,_"li e% ll F.' 'hin E.Ii, ril I1 I .l, I ,Ili,1tl., if^ i -
.1 AI ler di 11' hi l B." hIl',,r I- f., l, ... [ot ,,I I,,,.P 1i 1 '1.1 fh _*-,
I + ".I! r I ,, I i I I II I LI ,, -_' .V i .
I'l l' l IIt I~, I, t I 1l 3'ltl' % I'- I.,
L '''. ll-d i u, ,S' .1 F- hO t 'l '. l-i h h hlia l 0? '' clill', 11 :1 1 1 1, ) i l r ]. i l 1 -, r ",l . i i l ,, 1, Ii i 1 ill t| i' l- -Ill,
I I., In,_ l" l l i ( m 1 111 1- 1 1 -1. r 1. .11 1.'. I- I I- ; l',
II,%ini a Il i l le In I I II- In r I,, In ~ ^ if ( 1110 c '1 P iri .' df. .- r r '~ in ,..... P-,. , ,,,, ,, i ,i .,111 1 1 rI [ ,
I. i-I h o r a ';M -Ill 0 :1%1 1 1' L I, ,i' l it.g i ~ I I I irI ii l i 'l ] !,' I II i| .,IL Ii L I -. .n ,i IIi, r, '1 1, 1 r. I -
.* ir lo ll .>'O tk' ,' ? r-"11 i i n s- i |i.. i i, in d It l -, i ll? .. I i I.I ,.. to h r.kii 4 a h, ,1 u- 'ii it [lIl .. .'1' [fil' a.n J" .r.. Ihf 1 i.'1
Si. Z. d l t l[ a t i b If I JlIP C il>-[ I .- ., I et I 111.1 1- In., I -tl tl n ("" ,1 ,, ii ,,J, Ill, hI ., I ,Ii ""
l. l it l r d I Iul It '- a, i i 'l- l ] li r i l 1 l I:' i 1'1 l i I l( .'l l i I, .i ,, 1 ,, .h i. ,I,,i r ,II I .Ut, .,ji
| , i| ,- 11 0, h ,t" 1.. i I ,,"F i r h, \ l-l l, IaII iie l l [ l .t- 1.- 11 Ih i Il 1 1 I . i . it I l
:i''+"l Ot %'. I -I'EO \vl ien It e i .'1:1 11 It riil ,-. n.?1111 i ril1 i 1 l I1 I k- rcha :,, l la,. i la I r I',ilIIlr Ii li i I..i ii t ili m.. .; -
ti, l.1) tl.I 1, 11 A i C ,-l ip t t.l I C'l. AI 'I- -L 1- 1 ,+- ~ "',I .qI,, _, l h ll li,+ t -;h,-+. Ii -, ,.' ,,Ar ,JL I i,
,,i." ';','J i. li t- d, 0 a n ',l r in 1- ,I c.' i ii -'H i !* 1 i I fi e 'l '. "! [ -* + i -ll i' p ii.-j .11 ni \- i i .. ", I,,, ,. l i" I, h ,,, ,, '. 1 i .- ^i i'i -I"1 ,_
1.-11L2 wmii e. hc Id a oiRnf. it t.h I - *) - fli 14n i i .- ]] ii 1:." in r n ii" ii Liii il
I it P T II- Jim P I [.KI Olniinr Ia *FLORIDA FACTS n Il,: t I %n-i aind Jr'l.'n lt -'*' I-l ,~ ~ I.I neln %. n |. -i n .
p li,+ il Ip Ii tli i ti II I,1-ll,11 0nr,,P "II ,,h\' -'I Nn il I. l ll II"I V ', I, i .. I I I i. it- 1-1 1 11
"~i ri,-p I' 0 1. 'i to h nt c. v ,,t h it- O|i.ll I T i ,l ;I ,Ia ba t lli.l '.-l dl 1h-, at"l h. t i iin li',u ,l r'.In "h, ,, n1- I'iik liarll.: 'S i ,. -
p orf k I'p', l + i m oi'i' g \' i' lli:-fl- or | in e.c-la id w i [ I I- I Ei' k ', T:' -l'l. .il 1i % ill gai,' i l ;l l (1n 1 7 l-. Il.'. i' ..1 111 ,1.f' I -' i t I l2. .1111 M ill
1'7 1'3lill.)l t' ) 1. IPtl-i ,i ,, -l, -!i'. l iII,, ;' p i o"l u tiu, t .-' ,iiiiiii E& l i -r li i 'i a ll\ iil, I i t ":I i.. II i .ii i. ., I i I i
[ 7 I t lj v, vt l p > i l i ,i l l lt i -'f l ii, ... . . I . ,1 1 l.r- 1 ..h1 It lr .i.i. i lifii Ih li |I Io; f
irlS:,,"; "]'i lu 1 l ln I n ,il.. ,Jil'i Ir F L O III A- ; Til m III ,1 i t I'lal d In ll*-i,, ...i l ,.in ,I I" .- ,i '
* .II|. .11, pr,' ir l I i f. : ti l l i ] 1 i i ? .... ...l I n I .- .I .l 'i 1 ,i,11- tnl ,.i, -t r,'i ip., I L
T !!1, a ,I IIv N vr I l.lhod 1 n I.- I ',I I it: -, I r 1 ,I l 'la in I'l i ,-i . 1 'i 'l I h 0 1.'n 101 1 '1" ll l n It iri t ii- ]iil,,n i,, i, -n .i .1 tl ', I .. ..111 1 1 ,1w .
n I t r. 1t- 1i ,(i+ , .1 117.1 1 1 ',]- 1, 1 n P i 1-1.1 111 1 i t- . f i 1 1 a r I
-",'ll iftt > li,= l.- tJ o ,I ll'.1V11 .- nl l i ,, n- a u tll l ,,f1i in l l l l" '.fh ,'' 4 111) ,1 1.. IN '. iPii h1h i1.- 1 i .1 I .. . Ii 1
o h. i .l +, w r i l i h ill ++ t im ii .hj r i. i' iil fJ I, i. l 'L-, l. n iil tl' l ,l l ' l ,t' 'l '> .i) i i h'ln ill iil fi, n i"l j Tit / ,i I, .'",11 i"- ,u i ., ii i
* "lia' i ,l .\ (o ,' III.' r i i,-I l l l il h 'l- I- III i l' l. I' '. i iwii i .- i -' %. ,i I III1', I: l i n .. 1.
f[ i- vl-l J i l li t) fill bi g l ioiii ,'d ;ll o ,- I t iiriii i lll ilo n ii I i 1l i In i iin' -6 1l.i .1.1 r ,i
IP,.hitt nipi thnd h~ h~i l', h. iiu ~lit I h i'lu .'l Oi-, Illll. \ lllu : ii a1. ra'i-l ll T o i.i~ -- r i. i-.! :. ii ln"i, l, I *l< pi..l i n.l ih I,l I.:,, 1
l'lII- .' I i o tli l Il l I- li l ] l l i l l = i ll p l I 1 I' 1"11 l, 1 11. 1 f -' P~l .i -I r ,P I I,',i- 1 1
tira.'. ,:u l' to t h e- ,js.-if In ,"'il ',? ni c li. ',i ,,lll,-, d.-i l .il i~d liii \'ii : il\ -ii. ,l ii lt- i hi i .' : h;' ,* I -' ; 1': I l i l ,11 i~n -, *, l l-,1 1 r l i r i n 1 111, n ii I'1,,~
*l ].nri nill(i tl" l. ;l" 1~ '. '1 .l!ill ,,I ,li 'l. v n i I 1, ,,i, _1 i 1 P,
Ih Iolw [h w ho- i'l i t n hall n i',l il f Ii i i i .ii li ,1or inii in 92 ( il I.,1' (; i W .I I11 1, i ll -,l' i]'l"
A r al .1. r m ,l I r i I'f I.f'l l I tI P l'-. 1 '12 I.1 i' l-1 1 w l l ,.. $4111 0 1111 1,111111 1, ',,1i- i i I ,,11. .1h ,-
Ol'l,'iagu it ii~t i -I"-, ,dinjP(I~'ll .1101,.i 10 On.- Ilil"hllh.-li 1'Iof lll+ lilllar ,11.1 I" I.-i,!ii i I nd il
t~h~ llgll, 11(I w.,I'e 1 illl l .i"'I"[i'ida I,- lIttllhlusl :1 .t q ratir. iln TO}lWiI I, ,,III, 1,~, 1'141:.71;-.i~~l h111,n, l ,Ii,, ,,, ,,1 ,
f I 'it I, br'j a ,- Jgn d )t i h,. t nIn ci" I I- x 0: 1' 1.i~ llill' I I, 'l l -- 1 2:,' 2,! ", I - L fill 111 4.11-" ,'1-.,11 ,, Ihir 1,- 1 .1 I1"11, 11.-1 1 h ,! 1.1a
. '+.-" hat i ~ ght. aI Iitillp :i1.1 nllI il- l u in i, I ltp i 'nv il'i. ou VP l' II,- .anip 1,'I1 _, It' 111~ -h1, 1 1 j 1,,, Ii, I, ,,I ,I' I ,, I' I
nIglfit.L thbe whole I o ,v n :-, 1 w-, It i-n.- i.. untlIt ,1 m I' Q Pi',(-% ll it-i :I- hr',id :;j in fit imi jI fJl iit i~il, 1,,-. :j L' ,, ,' 1. ,- -1 it, ? I '..:.,
ed -,h-.', the vio],:nt iI' ginglI nr (hf, .' i'lll OI-Irr lnl !~.'J 4ii 1,1111,

Cash Is King








We Sell Lots and Lots of Lots



207 N. Blvd.


De Land, Fla.

Florida Progress


ELAND and Volusia County institutions are

growing in size aind importance

far beyond the

confines of city and county.
As they grow banking facilities must develop
with them.
That this-bank has kept step in the steady
march of progress is evidenced by its 100 per
cent increase both in deposits and resources
during the- past year.




The First National Bank

of DeLand

Oldest and Largest National Bank in Volusia County




III om .

q l d- I ""





SI crLbeI, c 7i

O-" can' miss seigPla qaewe o tedVkh onyFi.Ti e uiesadrs
kj~~ ^ **i J 8
; C:....*i*Ji -

"~ ~~~.. .....O .. ..

E" id~Tentp sectinlesutacrs XTh Atato c W eastln 'jto- poieth. H pfaire gronds
Health Still "s W -de O-en at

IAP It Staei oito odn pot nt
1* I

V -1

T HE first unit was tremendously oversubscribed, chiefly by Del-and people, but the second unit offers you
as good or better opportunity for profit, though large pro'i~s daily are being taken in the original offeriing.
Y OU can't rniss seeing Pelham Square when you attend \ol,.,da County Fair. This new 15usiness and res-

pidenti~l section lies just across the Atlantic Coast Line L-'Jht-ofway opposite the fair grounds.

!Its Strategic Position A Golden Opportunity

Pelham Square lies nearly in the heart Pelham Square offers an unparalleled .
IR opportunity for profit.
I of DeLand's city lmiis and is the city's gate-
I way by railroad, by river and by highway. Within a short time beautiful boule-
S. vaitds, plazas, parks and drives will wind
SDeLad's founders half a cnury ago, through and over its wooded hills and golfers
.,,I ; .v ..." .,, purposely established-themselves at a point wil be c i "ore! on the f w of its
H:,',.'' removed from the railway and the deep port golf course.
; ; .-!,.:.. on the St. Johns rivet. The city now is grow- The business district, with the railway ,
a g o b ing swiftly toward those two priceless assets, ttuon as lts nucleus, will be amodel of elits '
,, : ::-. ".,.; ^ *'" -" *' kind,.fully restricted and beautifully planned i
OU c l .Treyan't miss sengw Peihar Square whnaonadtn \rsad CountyFi. T horise hnew ous nesshiand res

,.. .enter o\ ericokea by fine homes and beauti- Wviii represent a sum equal to a comfortable-
afl boulevards bnd parkways, private fortune. pd

^ Visit PeLhamn Square booth at the fair and obtain tre alracl've souvenirss that will be given away. You should
i have the reservation plan explained to weu. an


S115 East Indiana Ave. DeLand, Florida
SBoulevard office-1i41 North Boulevard
H .p



B s^. *'<. .
.'."',"ir,..n A ,r ,:T ..
'.^.., l:.... < .., ,,.\


4 I


Cream of



Offered for Sale for First Time

25 acres fronting 550 feet on the lake and containing 4-room cottage,
T0x0. bamn; part of the famous Bateson orange grove, all old trees. This Lo:.c'ers Eay Clare avenue, to be opened north and south.
ipari n rights and water privileges.


2CC feet fronting on Lake \Winnremissett, being situated bctwccn the
'om,'?site .f CQavton Codrington and tihe Bateson grove. Has a depth of

175 fcet.

lie moAt attractive location in DeLand or vicinity.

15 acres, corner of New York and St. Augustine avenues, fronts
(.60 feet on New York avenue and 990 feet on St. Augustine avenue.
Overlooks the lake.

For prices and terms, see

The J.

C. Sewell Realty

& Development Co.


?.flp,- Moii( il [onrj i TiflC Fr t
f.Y SPS at 'I Lp k rin t, ,,nil

SI(UNNTV T r~M Q W) ('TDTC 'Dlf ored m an identical stdn procliass
J`J6HNNY J. JONES. 1925 CITRUS CROP., jI.r 1. .roo ,thisIs ,I hat i bi
....__ __.__ __ . pa ik 'ng p lan' -o n taFni th m st m si \
-nDI1~ A 'lnern irc~l~nprl ~Iantith tnJ
4..4' .B I.' 'A I. E'ErEI ur A V l I I r p r ar ai pll ..rI .i
q~ l-nx nT fruit irasifront I',@
TO LOCAL OWNERS' rti. aithintEia 1 I

,.,ci~ ~ andn c :;;' _.,1^; ';,, I, f;i]:w^ ?^:^ -ZO 'S
sold -in u.m" , A a .n i fr i a niarki h I
.. :iprl' r, ,Ih .; t ht 11o. ,,r ,', ,if t'| I" i l a lr'"H
A l *+ *'" "" 1''"" i 11: p r tl' uran. g,.r.,r :lre . -to,l -,.i r
W DeLand Is One of the"I ar eohj.( 1, a ,duII.,lu, g'r,.
I v t h.a t 1 h -M o di sr. fi al ,: nll' I It.
Largest Markets Komid T hlong/ha I' : l, i f'h
.. in Florida ',.Ijc, their lno ,o,,,v i e .i :1 Y V "1
1-1 1 hedl Lih [ ,if,'n'lrm ai I l[h. n 1 A 7,
," F AI. 'Ff-g.regalml favi,',rding It ,, Ir
:L"i'. "'="^ ^BLUE GOOSE FAM OUS 'rt,, ,-. ,. ,. ,,,,

.;" "-". .I" -.. *." *"." .. . 111 'h- H' .,1 FLOP I DA.. FACt S .,!,r hi L~~ :,1r
Sp c m ns Wr'ec'd":,* *"1* 1 *\in- '- "n ;,,,. ',' mai,,:0-, pa*k troi a:,- '
by . a 0 ,-Holds High Honors on lghe New AnnIoIs L In v rl. i.' .
York Auction. for a n M r r-bapm sn -'..xilal n-

of~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~Sao Neadi'"* '* '" "'" "'i-~ 'n-r.>^- r(idmu ^lrw Cbaiipmn expaiiiu if 1; all ometws -o
'.,Season 1 1,rg nizatlou vwlrh rll ,rlll 1
'I "tions hIt s Ie-l to pack but 10 per 4
Lill, .1. ,.]Lft 1.iCFUrs fruit crop, n, I I-ni of the Filorda crop. througn
S'I I ]|, | \.rk.ed., w|i] ll brpidng at least I I lcal affiliated ilpa -nl., and
S i")o g et these to the big center: pf
$1 ,. .ii -oVu hr populit'n it the right time and o
,'t furvlu rigg ,i i h, estimate In t-he prop,'r condition
'"3 L F Cr OfWeman i-,f tre 'oiulo a l Th's Iq elI made possible by the
I u { I-. t'vnlthat c te lrgest local FI 1ti,-b1 the parent tompniny ma ni.
1l idi a l: "t Ii, l- l.:l n m> I i S r ,f 'lc a nq Ii f th e .i i llin "
];lthUUgh t (, 3' l-ld 0 l l". t .'-o roi- Fr;.r W ihl, n I h fruit arriv .

..i-r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i illi .,lr uh11n n11 nol, Ih Pn.lca ifr~u Lns It I~ e ll i U v i w- I v-I h)' iufrirlp i frP A ? Tan Ihip I.ifn ~~
II l i i n n l l > ]kA I i ut luli iL' lla c.anIm t ,i ', T W l i t e .bo r n h ,,Q, 'It. ,- i I I t
'if l. '. ii. ' l'l aiitni r n* 1hll-.. ii Irrnl n: ia r rket ng plan II nI a i'f. l ,d I-| |l L.
.Ii it it,, Iruit l'illh- he tri P n Iho .atenlr; th l ",\'It lilt RTw ,
tln- l[,i 1;ii 'l'r, ,[l r 'hu prnl ,:I ,e r-Lld, r al r., ll r l r s ip lel ,i 1 ,l i- t., 1.-n
i r .j 'i i l 1 ,1r th is n u tr( ig h } s ,o r ,=,:ak es h ", f '1 ll
S ILSI.1 tlg I~ii~d iiiI~i i n i h a ci-rn njidr.
-ki f ...' Lill- ill h k-, fa l e i o .i h -l g t h. -.g ll r i im i li. -
', .1t s LI.rIIi% tnn r l ie f r "g-' ilr I p,4 I ru44,. ,,
I.,,H i thi' v..e.ionI Il. gI'q'i ,-,i lb. organtizatton art ii.t-',l Inflhi=,
,lld s r I-+',~, 'r' of lthe leading Am erl.Ran rail
w l- .'"Y's, wlJi'h C~l~,%( only [Iluf, Gk r i
Aler.,;iy ,n1 hibh as $11134$ i I Irt 011II h-r -P lli nt"L4 antd d tin q l,
,t-|1[ A IUITJi 1Cr irI lnrgeqt and m e i
VP 0V--- h ls befti mpoud (n ith A N, ., i' A.npl .:n Lo'v. u,'h
Y, I l n il ,-l'for orli C, griv9'01 0, 11 oer'.. o. J i. at '
0'l1',ht here 'It h i t ,le Sti ohn [ierq e l ro'P I'a ni inn -it A,\
Als i ,:L. a ,.a kb -u',', ,in e t ,, l t N '. C a n d fb p I o tl, l Ille vt' All
I4)Iill lot oL111411 1 tl1,. q1.l', ,t rage.. ti Na-b llh,. Tionn
'.JiC',Ih t it t lo.,i,'f, ,1hI rh lh o un, i' O' f t i ovi. tiltL' E
6.1i.- iIch fi p I he iisr' of01 lhlmt -l- "
'.1,hit's l-ivor ili.lrii'I brand.: ,' i w ilint o In pay ft f d' I iI 1Y
I t IIi i t tI'tetn anld gt fl. lI the i I
g, e 1ral maitag- er Joh ln1y J .Jones .,l l, ,',W,-o ld ,t- I ,,, I,,,.-- 1,.;lc -. "il l--1
-,, ,,-leCA ,E ,ositioni ti. ohliEb t -OY'
E : 11,,, .t frr-n I ktl .Hld Not lIv6 r.,I a41 r. .ii, Ilerling a rm H
.,11 i1 ,,-. ,I LTUQ fruit grroui l,1 t1r, l ,,ne In P, ntlf l a. then rl
I', i i u- a r k e tf -d b e r e i y n 1P1,a1n sa r.r',' lienh l l .
Ilei-r P70 3lmhinhr from Ch'cagn i -
i, I ,,i,,II. r -, I'll- V.l,t,,,., ',,,'.- r i ;4 ,'r,ijar ,.I n on, a l _untilIhe tS L A H
1 1 [, Ip ,-1,, )1 h 1 110the A ni-r ,.,n ro I Ro,-i -a
VNB A BE' SHOP W N i'L I I -411 4 4rIi.Lt Aflir r(J1dP -11.4,f L Vil pPilto li p upeha re pin t .1l bPSYLVAN SHORES0
..I n.I 1,,I , .I, I 1 ,- ,i r1. .u1t I to.' dl .-.i-' l i. h In hlving servedI at that
AT VOLUSIA FAIR"l l'h,' f..._l I, l..l "thatianI CII. ll IS CENI RAL I
1 -- I t i I ~ [ I' .J l 1 l -T I ,T]I H (G r o vw .
i I,,I. ,1I ,i I - r IIl. hi n 3 .111,1 It V Ill hp It &i,',ii, t FLOR DA FACTS,
Specimens W ere Secured All-.. U....., .X\i.ti..r 4._.YA .. -.,l. P r- GOLDEN ,'Ix'rNI'
b y M L P a t t e r s o n .. u. .. .. l .., h- .. , to i l ,',i i l I.' n lo x I'l id. I I h a .ll mu i I ir -
of,,14 ll-h, 1.' i- ,I .'- 1l. IiIi ii ,, r flIntII .lisor-. ire r-i euq u i in rii o lla lftul, .l th +x
o,..,__ _. '_i i I ,iC C o,l. -.%Iir. .( A iti'h11 1 a u-r. i r T 'te n o u tn h er, Ir I rn t l e D e v c 'o p m e n t w a s F o r
"" .. : 1. I. "I" .. II...,'-",! Ill ,lli- Lill I.. ...' l i%[ jz.L L g ,I 1 |I 11k(. n r ntlIly U s e d a s C h ~ u -
A,').-I I [ 1J 1 l tl h g ".11V .-P 'It o1i 1'0 i.- ;iro l n lkoiinkrwx L.-r. I lU ed'C-u
A\ r. '" .i .... ,.'"'' I --, ,r, ,, ~.n ,,.,,, ..i n il ''r-i I l--.r: 'b x 'I- )f ra uge s Freqquenti) Flot I. a in rn, hlumi,.. I tauqua G rounl
iil I, lt- f.,jlih n I.- I," i h 'I I,,, N.-i al 1. I I ',/ I/l~t~ll ,* .' 'In.ii 3as.orrtd. onth 11.1 hd13 t-1 1owt' fthixull I eUtlll lnpir .
,,i , I I .i-= V ",I I ." ll. >,,, ,, -I) W3.I l. hnll ,l ,l, II .'lll n I) C r ',r ,nr l iM ee. It hal ]b 'th litlA t', lure Of ;Ia % it. ..I in ( the 1 nf lio |It t I"Ia ., --
[ "Yi l ,oI, L 'r l l lI I nAlu lni vni ll tfll H r r I v a t t h i n j n, F io r i l l.i h a , lo r e g orin d r n o a d ] F ntd r r ll ir r :. V- ial- -h
,,h i' -- u1r I I -, r.I -I i 'if- II lm l ll ln thI I Itin I hJ .tC-4%tIV tPii r..'i l 'i'1 l ai tJ I ..l 1any1Rlna rIll t Ihe thhJe rlan.. i'llh (i ir f MI ',. r F .
iii I V I111'-1hrr-onIiIt iii I lI -ri~ rn I hr ,d inF. 111 .,nd 111Itiri. I'l-In ;on I :'i i. 1 bu1ding noHitd; at ilgrorlan, Ilmark Iif ii
'. I ,I ll ], !,l .D~ -+,Un,.: GFiglaphi, ,A.TigI2ilI@ I he 1 f h.l.41111 -1T he rqi -i" 13,'-CMl'Al wi~llll a I yigarl r I L:Tt-l t .l lh
tI ll hih' IlI fhli h I I i'-:k -'Il lhofI.i 0, %h i 131,.11 1 nr1 ii m . With sbear ooetF and Inla.n,J d ,ateih r il'
1li1'1. e in it Iin |loT.i I ,.-I'ni y'I"IIe ,e arrilk r i,' t. i .lllarr-T. of Tl 'le e a l'p ..o i r'l : 'y ni A tI'tl ront .9 Fin rida ha s 1.fOO m l Ti,,l, :
Ino rot Foia a 0.)nml~ ln t',IIrP~ll af ,~t1.11,,
wih.' ,,1 til. ;fill1I h- ti 1lAc-at' ,urious Ih~n", In I I'.' et b ulll w aerP r rontlgoV. suffiplr-ni for 1,. I an '.1 h,,rel ,,ll at x111 ll r I '
it- Eti I, ,,,,, Ii r illn ,pl-I .I ,hil l i, ,.kIn .- Irotn'n g Ibl i t qia pr-;mPr i nv I'of 1"- II'Hill homni" bordering water and am p r li Ir, (IrI
,r I IrII II r r .,.. .,t rl h ,,i,-, 1 ,-, i'iti-n'ii I "14b -etf T 1"Ib ,t la ti i t!hAir and r i le p-ar" maIlin a pr a pr i latlff r 5i e 6 ,1 )1141:'lilI.Ul.Ipiree
t l hC 1 , h i ,ll p i I I I t 1 1 Ii r l i l i n, i i iJI ,')iu \ Ih e .? I ,-.I. 8 a t - n e li l lh r c ~' r ,p r n b r f o r p b n 4 i t h Lt h is s p l e n d i d I oi a L u o lr e r .3 I il ] 1 i a ,
Ii' ,.jtia "it iII 11 1" '.%[it. [ i, l~l il Iii \'oolL1A (",,UnIay Fan ,his counlr) homes. la.iot-i' Ii d Il % fill- h l lh

1 i ','-' I l I'r 1' 11,- ,I '1 1" i ,
, l |i li,. I 1-il ri ,'l .- I- Il I .i I LI
- nl .. l I t i, "r i T i "1 11- <-ln I

I ~ ~ ~ nI -Isut,.?I i r.-41
i I 111' 1 r. l .irh ri .n I ipr o
.-]I ,,,, n i .l, I rh .,'l R ** ,' Ifhl rh ,'.. I I'
I nI i I r 'i ,| I' l ,i
"1 l' , ',[,,~ .] ii ,,' | D e (

i- 4.', I I I !, I,' k i.,I
. ),. .:,|, .i. -' rI li I I I , 1ir.
.rr[ ,hih r .hi I lhiflt] :+ i -i ,1 in I

S ,ril ,, I I I r, | , I | 1 f
* "'J'HI'I" 11 ih i lll 4 I l\ In S 1.
' .*'l,1 ii i 'i 11i,lt- ;, li f l H i- r r a i .
i .I',I I r ~ l .[ ..'liJ.- .*' 1. ;i .1 I'.r mh l.- ;
n II' ]I ,' '- II ,1 r '-. n 'l l 1.1" II im il u rR l '
['F dlJlI ;. I l "-i i. | 1l -;! n..[ly r.nt'
,*,I l l,', lii ,, r l, i- i i q iil i h a- .. II I ,
H l '' *I I'I Jl ll -] r1 .
1 r,. .1"' I,,Ffiif lir ir'..-i n iii for
:' I. .11 .l i Ii n -n I' '" <,I11 ri lhJ in gi.
\\,,i" +, h hr" ii l |~ r -,l',,;, l' nlt l-i |iro '
rrr ilII/; ir..i.|l[ iiai i~.i IiL ir r a '* I
'i '-' ,: "r ., I. inII .r I I 'e I ii *r i T-Io 1iL^1'. ,
.* hr'n : -i.' 1 ,r I,, / 11 ii ,'." H
''" l '" ] lii'n ill ,,'I InI r |,'-l n il ii i
I III 11 l H 1 : '*~ i ,,' -, |] i'l l l I I lli l {i ] ( i *
' 1 :, 11 i ] 'f i: i n ^ f ;





Do your letters get ldst
in your files? ,
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WHEN you want Ar' i"mpotant
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CO., Inc.










$150.00 to $200.00

Per Acre

Only 2 Miles From the Big

Ponce DeLeon Springs Development

and Surrounded By DeLeon Springs Heights Addition


King Drug Store


118 W. Indiana Ave.




lri Il,
in1h '.
r i "Ii.
i n .,e
", '.lll-l

111,11111 jj.

I 'i~~f
"rC'., : ,)":'='^ 1 .

*ftir ....


" .




I.. .

o* U

,." .

A '.








"Golden Triangle"

(Mt. Dora-Tavares-Eustis)

More money is being expended upon

improvements in Sylvan Shores than

upon any other development of its

size in Florida.

Contracts for every improvement

have been lef, and every dollar need-

ed to complete the project is in bank.

Improvements include: Ornamental

white wav upon every street; 66-foot

boulevard; 50 and 60 foot sheet

asphalt streets; 6 inch

water mains;








promenade around lake; cement

sidewalks and paiks.


Arrange With Read Agency

For Free Bus Trip





S, SATURDAY, JAN..3 1926 PAGflVt
G ,of $5,0 a0 a year can be counted
givent to the fernery. Half an acre
in a fercter Is re cko ne n as a
2ean ied uner-;nto okakigfter, 'h,.
I thing else to trci c up bi- ti"i e
Demand Exceeds Supply and Fortunes AOe Being Tha i A c return., ALLrAST RECORD ,
aTsum au $5i,0 ray be doubled,
Made by Those Engaged in Production i t, he ikepttial but it ii a fa:ti .
__________ nevertheless. An aire will support Fame of Exposition Ha'
I 4u uu. plants and eacth healthy'
Fernis. fruit auid .towers are t < About 4,i.UtiI plant.- aeol apnt' ,,n produce on@ frond per Spread to Coerners of ;
produrltc ,icb are spreading th. the a re f *Itwed i4 edt i torh ,or 4U.U, ronds a year the State
fL-ame of Northern Volusla county planted in the early spring about srih at present market prices
throughout ih- Unllied 1t1al.s. M. Match In s-ed bl *-d I The noil lq. 2 ,ents e-h. or $9.0,1i). Allowing O U ?
lhe la.t rhr,, e Ihe fern ral- -i t iloiuughl e a ,tiitt r .xpense of fertlizer and I IS BEST IN THE SOUT14
Ig i t has i u s ei p ati ou td :'jout Q c *" .sif Ing and dusting, .'03r or con i --
otIng a~ind Ustlr, % o[baq cth e l !"' Ie ,aplni tJ n'l s ileic . L dh r si pJiaIqlNr)r, : 1e} gt ttl#i :in O tOi;i;t
oao as on- 1 otthe rnio- 'aplt and al 14 b- Iapart it 'iallu% tunrol.. tanners for ibipping and aitli I a Program Is the Finest Yet Giveni
profitable crops raised i me urtade b. la.ini a >e dge siapett liberal estimate for unheatIl l and Attractions ,
.tate. I heran InA .. anil! ,au. ,lo llii1 ithei seed bed and pres"Ing pldnt.- shhlh die and intiu-t be r- Numerous
rm o re as a n p- riju t-n lt a n d it i u t.1 to ul ,l l'a lrio A lte r ti e N uove ,r ruer- i. still a a id e ir .-
hapr a., a hubby than angiytrniin, -.el lha'+ ub. iot In hs fur gin or emergentcies to perinit The altenriante at LIe Ihird-;
el-e but thin a i..huri lin tie. I rows t it L .U erel ith sttacklng of a profit at the rate of $5.ii. ain ial Volusia County ) Fair, to 1
enjgdl in n, tern., "..I, u' d hsbqunan atre. WVhile it tosts about -. held qt DeLatil January 26 to3;,
found thiai tile :7.uI.I retail f 'orl-i.s waterit iilone top o tile utO an acre to equip a ferneiy. i, e-xpected to break all prev1oit-
In Tile United Statp, oitered a piote.tive c-verini until the ceetl many' have start-rd one ai a sid'- rei, il-, and ihat is going some
a.arket Thr ni re than ihe rouilta ia-d i;hp. iT u'e andi appeare- ah line to a citrus grove. ahill noili Por lart year. 3.1.00)0 l'rdon
ruil,-. The fern ha lade nIootdn. The cuxeing i- hen llre- Ing down and a dollar %hen they paid admis-iuIn Io the Fair anti
anieat tilel.pyh .. .etl,,y i gd and hly ,re oil redrullyr andl got ui rThere1 i a ease in Nut t, he attendance oin Friday of Flar
and vhilk tle -pp'y l- rfil rery mlighi e .rked. preierably i couy a man over -k ,is the largest nut
intreasei1. It has not %vt uct'..d l-t.It ithe finger-. or ithi a ,et. 70 earx of age. aio stated a hir of person whi ever paid a '
ead in keepein up *.nh Lie de. 11ight tikt. The p'ant-. are really [ernery on a smniall -cale. ith an mn.ssioin toi an exposition on
ai ln to be itnoed irt ti thelt-" '.,ed b l- invesitlent in material of leis 1inge dai in tihe liistory of tIb
Ral.tng fern'.l in Nur~hern Vo .in,] otutu o t h ail i'er'r .% a1l.ou. Lha $2, Ihi.$ sum being pent -Ie,,gon i
itI'IR I! (.i is rupar th ,i nep-ir A trl'"'tt. fln, a,= trt I on nails. The hbalanc7e 1it material They act all iherv. They eAl I--I ,, rdlpari tlvtre lln,. p ive U Tll tey o t.od ilf all [hnrbt. The(yod l anii s
i.,r no glas houU.-.. at..: r,4lLIir.d ilYl'r. I I r a t i, l o aot u h oo, l e t u ,',ubi, ]e,. i Fords,rI l
al~ot it)raiot he ;-ed in.-t1% Iruh eveurtir ol fineiI'es.sab. oi and -. n foot front ever'
Thloe DFdxet] in Hiie iudusil 3 'ltr,raLy or u ANL' 01 or wlt;iln in the furln o1 poleq slab,;, andJ 'a* alia ', toot from e"ei
reie, te tlhinr pla,.ti a- gIlet.i a iout it y.i ot the sed .lg brush. Se'er' fenier- In the dir.-.t nil Not waq .only Voluml
ho.u- b.c'au.- the .!-Ilton luwher iant,, -h terl ian l na l F'tage4s ai.a to ih- see from he -unty r.preeeltted,. but asi
structure.. whitii aftond shade Ifro about one fron, =a ninth and per. road tlonnelltieg DeLand ,lt 111i urrouundiig .ounties
the sun and prute..tion trout the te it frond-, be ,ihppel fter Pierson ot the tae ighd ay ht te
I abto -it 1 mouths ,n plattiug te Palatka nhich are in a ruttiiueu. [T reason twas thet tire wot.
I wind. -_ere ,oine of hie -anxe i f allek the) h e Pal. hall gon- out that the Fair .wliO.
rurpo .-, which a grenehou..e ung te uter te ae ,een tar form but are more alabie at o b% b tha h.t oute Fair hel.:
would do ill tuore" orthern at. aio t Ont the ied bed tise' than guld tinez. %%beu the .ma nll to ii-the h-sr eourttt' fair held
w'-de, To u rldd i.e ferrireuno rtherna arc set in arc I'0 1) to '1 tIn nLaes, O a i O ter.d that y-ear in the entire South. AQ.
'o ia .count) require. a taplital a part Fer3ll t iv to hbe fertilized in relation to the return yielded t a ..,.s
Ofabout$3000anh(.-arery three iiorthT. aioul ritithe fern froti. This 3ar. it Volusia couittt
in'esimeui of ahoin tl o00 an t o o th l'(e.-quartpr 0 ori a ton lro ll no av nire prosperous than ever before.
acre. most of thls -.urn icing for oLer.hon aar eo( a very i the nitiber of w:nlcT iourls{
Iuhcr and labor. The land to the acre- bt,ng required. of atn Pa trgr aIth tfl-nitirher of w:nterouristj
lufirst horouhl tlerI and work. i need .,praIng or dusting expre-. station but it it real larger. with the fair better adve,.
first thorougbly- Llearord and work. at rt ^ e bu'ly %% [h itin1unierable : LROMO 1 ^. ti ^. ag ppo ll
a "bno, oneglt.,= ef~k b ihi, uerbeatm with a large approplatiq#~
pCl as If Lor a gigntic flowel bed I bile.; driving alon; side tihe ship- fort tr. attractions. with numoi&
'auli iS tli n en,-') litlb-el- Aall high enough to per iook land. Lh.-' llitan naime fur with a irate or Io, of Iern's. or u,[,tir ihei is ev'eryv reason
rult of a flat roof ot rough lulr- land tOn %htI.h hardwood ha- Palmettio leav,-. or fruit tor ,,hip- to bliehe that the attendance wit.
;),.r slats b-ing linihl .ix to seen stood. I;most suiable for ralsig ment to the north In tih eourse L3o t I.i.r1i. It may evenrea c
"Teet abo'e the ground. The roof *erns Ferns are nor -. lale to of a few a inures oi the shipping 7,i5i, rI
',,-t,, are nalid tO alluw for uluar dr.ser_-e or attack from i L'ett a' pluatforni Ithe writer ollserved con So n .(iessit ll- has .the 'olusif
t,,r, .hade protectiiijl Polst about might be suposel front their worit signments of fruit anl,' ferns htu Counity Fair Ileen conducted, th
4 to 12 feet apart support '., ene t begin hFie Red Spid.-r, prinripallYv ferns being made to. aIreadv tihere is a demand thl
roof. While each fernery owner wih p ant lice. fornis antil cater New York. hiladelphia. Ro'tun. i t Shall bpe conveltted Into hII
i to.llow,4- out his own fanty in the pillers ranking ni.t iIt order. Pirop. t ot Loui-viLle Pitt.ibur.r
lay of la:ln oout hil fernery to er care in dusting or N.ark. Chlcago. .Baltinmore and ,' btielorl State an ir the oibge
*be ilItided Into .eclton.n s.ix feet hose'er combalt all .-i. evIl. ,, any ith.r plaf.F Generidllhv el h ita aettiul r L a rt.y o thh tie
i ,ide.1 ,aittn a toot wa'k betwePOen a1nd thio4 feho )atlr _l i t, i rlii are :hlliped to utnrilei takers. ia ,ipl ,lt le- i TThere are ret
I Tbi'. permit of easy B,- atieurion ti th,.-r 'rirnf-,1P- lin'erior dercoraro,r a ti fl.ornsi.. I.- k a -tfite fair should
..-- to peah hf. f tronit the nalk Lelte "hat I- probably t1h- ar;?-. rt ail or wholeialp Onto( e te f.rni h,.],|,nre of tbh mos logical
i\h(II thih lsforti of gpriinrl plat r.rtLrn oin capiil irltOi n ed of i growers e-.tiablihe-; a ,,nit evo n etI i,,. ienifr:>I oslol of c
f..~i~eijlb.. .-t.t tiportngJt. inFlI lia i-glog ii' enrti-ni location of E
i, fri),,wed nhe. p,-I, i upportucg tt w irn FIoridj n ihe probl,-nl i. tio keep thlie ijemisanJ lai ,a which make- it accessib%.
iI- roof are in lh r of a i While iinc-rie-i on d large, ,(I-.c i forh I fern Irotnld supplie.J ito the [euple of practlrcally thi
itfd aidd -erve also to support have been tried they hate u1.;' Thr: inid -try n hil: ,It ll ni ii. n-itr. -,1.. ' ,.l\erhlai Irrigation )sterinq htent. yi-lded the same high return as fan ii a particularly healthy oif- ---
-it, h are u-ed In ran.vy frneries ithoii- operated on a smallh.r st'ale ant is of mJrre than ii-ual in s-iquintlt ,i iti en ale aLtive tU
ot.rhr.aIl hliowper pipes liaie n in- where there are tnsloan re- .:1 reI. leret lo ilI- to1nien lie. au.,ei iih hili. f. tir-r iniiti-.ttry. aat(hing i h
yet been Ins allel water being nii i. t'l lauthent l( att-d l.y tar. work i-i light and agr-eahle. and t p'ani-. i-otLing ihe fronds an i.
I piptd intu the fernery with :tand- fully kept records. here tile is done unde-r protetcon Ironr the gpen'-raill regarding the care ('.
pirli.: ; t v'ariois lportionu where initial Ilnvt .istment h a- been r. iun Wi [h i lh e-\-eplion of "at I't.i nrie I3hi-i r sideline in thO'
Imltkel s are fill -il or hose at. turnl.d in full In .me yetr ar'.s opera- Prin Ihe? plani- where there is Itn-i in.--'. i rlallineaL
int-hbd slid Ihe a a'-ring done in I1on not a pipe or ioterlipatl irrigaliOtt N itor li uhn-ih cotuniy of w'hifc.
Ihlils v A,i, .tat-d before the A sell equlpp i ii ndi l ir-,'lr.iii'ti .,..,i eni. an.l atiter ha., tIO h.- ar. I'irr-niii i'. illn print.ipal centre t4
mrihii.l ry is. .till in ir- Iofancy fernery i, t hefor ,, valua- I a Ithe rler iii buckr.-. Lh- r,' ir ii' t roJiat l a ihritin": t uiI unity of 50)0 po4-
air]d tio.e enpiced in it bate u c.- rare il[ $|iH.ii.i i lt acre. I, at I bor ronn i-,Lpted a I li a -oi hl, l;iiing both an assc iatlotl
'.t Itadil iine In all ( to ifuly I all an ttnrerason:th le pri. e a.liL-t Rl fernierv oipii'p t,? cailledI grpen if ritru s pa'.king hitu'es and ai
nindentlizet- t ii r feriif rie.. s.- lon.idered miat a lahor ILturn hn sn-p l ,tv b,.en er-ected (d in- i rilep.-nitltnt litue. r-


This month we complete ten years of business in Volusia County. Such an anniversary
naturally finds us thinking of the past and planningg for the future.
In these ten years we have seen a splendid growth in the county and a great develol)- .
ment of its resources. WVe are pleased indeed to see the evidence of this pros- . ,-
perity and-'progress graphically presented to the public, by the splendid exhibits of
the Volusia County Fair.

Through these exhibits, we believe that a visitor to the Fair must be impressed with a
feeling of acquaintance with the people who are building the county. The citi-
zens of DeLand and Volusia County' have been famed always for their pride in
their homes. It is good to live among a home loving people.

We feel a great satisfaction in having som e part in making the homes of Volusia more
attractive and pleasant places in which to live.

We have a sincere appreciation for the generous patronage given us in the last. We
shall make every effort to continue giving you service and satisfaction.



Mt. Dora, Fla.

DcLand Representative-Rcad'Agencv, King Drug Store


Business, 56-Residence, :36-J


Mount Dora, Florida





Shores Co.


........ -wm' -NNt-..M..i.... THE DELAND DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, JAN. 23, 1926

SJ i SENSATION OF HER SEX ,[.. ,1",1 ,.....",,,: ,,,, SOUREST OF SOULS -- I -" ... .111 .
hs',. '*: ,. n- I. ilni-nii tl fat iii. i ,r J I n~LI ln .iillL
I m ---- I I.l I- k,, w i, L'i.TLi rJ ,.. A11T ELATBrIi It
r 'Ini..,...n r. 1 .p1. ua n1%1tr 1111 IL l IUi Da l
l: 'l r Inil .] 'rr h .i- I. :a n I l I I EO
1 ,, ,,, .,,,, ,,. Ji En3 JOY PLAZA i ,-,.+ i
r., '1 11 -ef Ilcll t.t l -'..I II ai l. i 'T
/ .". i-'I i.. I.l.-. 1 H.-,I,, Life Has Many Diversions, I (
I" *e i W" .'. .But None Just I
RA 1 1 i.. I. , I ,I1- i 1 ..I f i l.'i Like This i.

.. I I W J11. IT i ,,, .. (4 ,i .,, ,' . 4Ir 11 , 4. I.. 1 I ,I I I I.. .a
.h. ... ,i,,, II ", II| s Ii I. I. 'I "1 ln '*. l "ILL N*iL I I I J i V
4*4 4Ldji M A RK ET P "3- "U U
r '.. ...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I%%.+ i'lr; .+''',-.::,'l',_.,, ,h + ,,., n ....... ",..,1 .,'. itt,. -1 L OK IGT1]ITU

E. J A . if"* ,* : ,tt, 'im ". [.l l M I II I .. I. l l, ., I h I r' W'" n o r oi
-.I'4fl. I4,14. l4i lw* 'tll
.ot s.oe a t11 i ll ii h ,'.1 'll h i.iil Ill, 11. n 11--.. hi- I44 l .. l I

the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Worn' Vo a h m in a t a e d ia ~ .J a a C s a "1" ill I- llli ,iiiii. I -. it' *'I *"" p. -" I, 1 I lo '.*If )I IId. I )1,1.
',her i1 r4 :4, by-i SBhfni : i i or i I I
^irS ii -V ....^ n^E+ Lk '''; .... +","; ...... '. ....... ... .....i: M raiaio hc ARKh blt t eetaETe P RO Bttmeth EryM are ogv
." ..-'01. -,, I, j..n I' *iX I 1 I 14i1,4n NoIe' Such No 'e'. 'T H F A C E nc
.-1.1 ,ri;4r-w O co l
.. ,1 1' '". invi... 1 4' j'i I [ I .'l 111 1 ) ,- i ,.ll %4 ,,1 1 .0 11m 111' dI 1', 11,1 -I '. ",I ,'-ll ,,Ii t I .. il

q. 'I.. i 4 I It.i. i iURl lL G w lt I III
LA COSTA ti.ll I I.jl %%iit. e, Specialized Sle .nll .ce o ,h
ML E. OA LA1' COSTA Ill' lit- to4.Ii11- nri14,4nta d a
Teae uthndray ... I- ln -. , ,i" le growers of Florida the greatest prof its on invest. .*" a a
N e o i t o s a e n w u d ra.o b i g t 'h V ol.i C o nt Fai .hI nlJ~l gil I |I '. 4 .n ll, I Ihl + I ,., Itl '- i I!,+ I-.II I I ; .. +

Woman champion auto race drive. Mile. Joan .La Costa. r. r I l... I' T H
Mis L Cstaisno inFlria ad s onsdein ofer iadeto-1'.11 orGrowers of Florida oranges, tangerines and grapefruit want toslIhruha
hir by Secretary Earle Brown to br-n-j her fleet machine liere for the 4 *1rJ I.(.444. 411 4414 I 1,14 4.
sp e .,ote t ..... Saur. a.o '..a-,3 w 1.5 -,,h I lt ,.1iir a i1- ''f i 111 .11, .1 1-Ih, , litr, l
s..e conte on Stiu rday afternoon. J ry wh.n 15 cra Ill ,11141.411-,-1 :nl lll'. 4,-l1.1 .,4 ,,I [m I .I,,I;,i' o rgniza tn whichih as'th abilitd t o sl ct at ti-icrigt' tim the r y market to ga e
An erican pilots will cla. h In a i x even program 1Efforts are being -iLiil Pa 1 i ,,. ,II .1 i. 44 4I. 11 .*i |> .iit. ,n.,l,..r ,^ ,, '^L 1 ,d" ,'a ,l a *1 tn-; N o n+.e '11 l S l,, lih~ f^ i Nole.. "
made to match her with one of ie professional drivers entered in th e Ie ca ''lr 111e nc r M a rIh lli.a, OU
ev nt s .. 11. 4 R.. -1 yo. -) 'I '.1 ''in y ur particular variety of fruit the bes option. "
l l .I |, ,. 1, .1 ,-n ,l *.iL + nl"I ; I1.'r)l Itr 0 1 1, h. ,, II~ i i' I, 4. ilt h .. 1,.1.
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U~~nl Yo ni, ,feehr uair'n N.,'eraed Out::2]3i etheno'r Se rdvice an andW Want YouRIA BRUsTGOWRIness

Miller Block, N. W. Corner Boulevard and New York Avenue. Phone 474 o

H Daytona Office, Phone 867-J George Printz, Sec'y.
_ D. Chrisman, Representative, 222 S. Beach St. DeLand, Florida
3 4 ,,,1

aiir and Volusia Co.
its home sites and
rsonally invite you


Jas. A. Allen, Pies. and Mgr. C. L. All en Vice-Pies. R. H. Boyd, Sec.-Treas.


j an. 26-27'28-29-30
The Riaiest At Volusia" County

hogany and Enamel Suites
Vifinished with the Famous

.________________ A*f, ''*'** '" .''*''''"'' C
For months we have been busy selecting dining room sets of real character
and beauty of design and a lastingMuality-of service. Improve your dining
room with new furniture, and watch how appetites react to its appeal. The
pieces you will find here will chari vyour eye in the store-and be twice as at-
tractive when you live with them inyoui" own home.

Fiber, Reed, OvYerstuffed.and Cane-
End Furniture

UI _ll~ l1/jEALC U viJ

First on your list of New Year's resolutions-fix up your home. Replace
your worn living room suite. Let new bedroom furniture grace your
home. The separate pieces or matched suites you desire are to be found
here in profusion-displaying, ract good taste min design, ,which they
will immediately convey to the rooms they adorn. Their prices will prove
a pleasant surprise. .

n s a bedc

Beautiful Porch Fuynture

Add Another Roomwith Porch Shades

A Wonderful Hoosier Cabinet

s and ranges
For Comfort-Q Wool M.t.ree... and Bo Springs
A ll S izes' '...

J. F. Allen Furniture Co.
,The Homeof DependSable Goods Since 1882
Oldest Furniture House in Volusia County


Porch Shades

Day Phone No. 62; Night Phone No. 228-

F rom -.
couch to a.
flvll sie
level bed.





of the
Flowers and
Volusia County
'LA* ",

Horse Races
: Auto Races
Free Vaudeville

JANUARY 26-30, 1926

The Officers and Directors

of tlpe




invite you
to come
and bring the
to this


Clean, Moral and

Instructive Exposition

Entertainment For All in a spacious, prettily decorated Fair grounds.

Special Rates on all railroads and special busses from this and adjoining

An Event
of the
very first

on a real
Fair grounds
in a modern
way. All roads
lead in.


Johnny J.
new acts
new faces


Greer's Rodeo
High Jumping
Daredevil Doherty
Billy Rand's
Canine Revue
Fearless Flyers




-.- r,-




1. ,

IKII-.-W. -1 1-6 11 1 -A; .


'--C .~,
I. '- *. ' '

iX.; Mk- 1%

o .s County's.
S Best
verti b s .Medium












eA Agent Seeks to Describe the Wonders to Be .
Shown During "Five Eventful Days"
IlB y FRANK WHITMAN advertising chemr,:-s tht lool:i1
The Fa;r Is tn e Thing igreat.-to the p .omulgaturs--all, in
'have shot big game In the far the service of the Vltuoa l )unty
kbern portion of this continent Fair, posicrvely the arost niar
r, was chased by a bear on velnu exhibition i i the. prodrliLts --
the Woods on the first day an.] industries of the winbderland
Srer stood on a pair of skies. I of the trophn "-excuico please,
it In a sleeping bag with it was great-to start
eter poor benighted tntt for Gonre 'rrn the r ', rnet'is t tir e
I weeks with the tbermome- Eutshh language-ri-wn with 'er! a
'flirting with 52 below. Soared I wa pandering to ir h uriou, and
1 skies when I know one drop ex! table side of rIan. aid oman-..
itd kill me and listened to a anr the i id Get a gate," wao
w from the pilot saying "She's to1ld me, whith meant l ring the
hjttin' rigbt!" By way of varl attendance. Did thosienow-rne fitrle nows-
in battled the waves of the papers othi; and i otherl- r artist of t 'p
r and Atlantic in a sea ski f Florida cooperate wNth oi? Thev
sprawled, coreksacrewed. Sun- ld indeed, fri itnds of u die. to ah.. u
Ld. with an occasional denon fullest I supntu- iii of thrieI i
Aexitence--and with a bu 1 rn for they USt have thought t i .. ati "-- .
.dventurers I cro d t he iEver tls line oft charter I r w ais hating PONCE DE LEON SPRINGo5 WERE
fiss by dead reckoning wi1th them was tire' last rnitblrig of a
glaole guides. All this ly way diseased uind, tie last of a longu d er
Mowing that I have had mYland more or le ioni.rabe press' lONCErlD FOR 5O NEGRO W N
Ills of various kinds in various career. Tlite' eie with me to the
Res and at different elevations] death and I thank them for it
e I thrill-proof? I thought so, Maybe some or the lbas, will be Site of Great Development Was Battle Ground
-ave any of you ever been a doing thiis thing lthemselve sonie
Ia agent for a fair? Such fairs day--f hope not-Out I (air help for Centuries
gwe hold In Florida that are 'emr a lot Iy good adlvi(.--whhr i
Riblnation of circus. auto and I hrope I (ar hand then beforr- Thit .1I)Leon iiprings. nire if at iulhirrt ,- h~id cranlin-l them-t rlld
te-racing, hot dogs. "he eats they star t Ft wtiul hlie kinder a ulevr-iopnient- that'its protlini- in tie vitiif ri.-:L'prinant
alive." taffy boothsng.blar'n to shoot lhear l I think. tea s state will r.vai that of Coral shorily after the massacre aliove
fireworks, yapping dogs ItII As I say I Wa, selling lIre i aop- Gablef. was once sold for ftitv nlatroned, MI-. Thoujnls Stark-,
tkennel show chatter of a rfew ulace the \'olusta tiountv Fair-- negro women, Is tli statment cor- purchased all( if Lbete grant,. pav-
jismand chickens, "Get your frolu Palatka to Oak Hill, front tamned In a circular issued by the ltIg thetefor fiff. negro woaren
fts, lay-dc-a-es an' genu lin. ('irtirrado tin Leectrne. anti tire DeLeon Sprgs Comuany, i:n 1 884 Mr Starke rebuilt the niill in 184".
this most astounding, death highway and bridges fairly shriek- The circular. yellowed with a-e. antd addcd much marhinery. rut,-
lenfyingo.? I say, have you? I et ,"',.,lub.ia Comilzty" Fa r. Florida's was recently turned over to Thie 1n irc thr-e lotion Witll". two patl"
(;yoIreIatst Event Five Eentful News for comment. 't is a re- of Front-itlB3uhr stones for grind
ial kick out of life! A.d blindly Day-. My selling ,ni;y not have markable document, printed acir,- ing torn. etr.. all of whir-h r'as
.Is ented and blindly I grappled teen as good as I think it is but ding to the fashion of the t mre, I iun by the great undershot water
-a monster Into whose maw-I i ,lid rite best thing any press and"in a style suggestive of Met- whet-i. Siniray fect in diam
anied aesmslefsuggestive of Mst-ffwhe l, sn II_,-tn arge volt ndiam.
aed reams of typewrtten stuff. aaent cati do-I sold myself! I eri England. The hype used for'elri. under w-hhi tie large vohnre
finest product of the lithogra- went stark. staring. raving Fair display has long been obsolete IIInof i-narir if tIe l Spring vas ton.
Sr's art I placed In The band:; cr:izr' On one Of MY fhi~l"IFHIiitis Anireican print shops. [uthrted. Mir Stirke enjo.%ed twc-nr%
theb bill postersI interviewed on the St. Johns. that niLgh ty Regarding the exchange of this years of gruat prosperity, and the
" even planned -In brotherly river that has for itj origin the valuable property for human flesh products of the land and the mill
r-.witb ,men whose lroath smel- ruyitei ou,, Everglades and flows the c-it'-c-unlalr 1spyu ''Dutrng the were shipped direct ironm the great
q Ot the product of corn meal its beautiful way north to the sea. successive occupancy Uo Lngllsh Spring He amassed wealth rapid-
I.olaases. Illstened to.perfect (Continued t)n Page TTxo.) and Spgniwr-l.4n,..".ee, the ly. aid ftir--e tate war was


Two Big Attractions In

Volusia County

The Volusia County Fair on These Days, Jan. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30


Every Day=

Buick Sales nd Service

Machine Shop


Wm. Goldenberg, Pres. Wallie Adler, Treas.,

Matthew Schon, V-Pres.-Sec.

Phones, 1095-1096 DAYTONA, FLORIDA 115-117-119 Magnolia Ave.

.':'.. -..

furnishing substariial aid to thel Gaeo. W. Marks
Confederate cause when Col. Noble Committees
was dispalihed with Unlou troops Volusia County s Finance
from Si Augustine to investigate S. A. Wood F. N. Conrad
the matter. The result was the ,i I'" S. D. Jordan Dr. Lincoln 1ulley
koinplete demoliiou of every- Fair Officers -s- '. 'o Gw. Marks D. B- Tuteo
tliing huti the bianie of the old ,;Building and- Grous"
t 0ill. Lhe atel wheel anid the W uildiarp en dr.G.o 1 Ds e'*
cire and arches. All theW. J. Carpenter J.G.Drea
chimney and arches. All the Psident Hon. S A Wood T. A. Brown E. W. Brbwn
hcul-', and fences were burned. Pice Pres.- -n.. Howard 0.. Putm Puli
anti the mill aa.; sa.ked The Pice Pres. ln. Howard G Putnam Publicity
Buhr shines were rolled into the Vice Pres. --Hon. Fred N. Conrad Dr. Lincoln Huley V.W.,Guld
spring. Two large iron wheels lie Sec.-Manager .... -Earl W. rowv i w. A. Birch T. W. Scott
on the east batik of the pool with Treasurer ---------.R. G Beunett T.E. Fitzgerald Frank W.itfnan
a sweet gumi trTe of large proporti- Directors -. r- f Nettie Wilcox C. A. AliUson
on growing ihruuglh them Since S A. 0oou. 'liatainin C. C. Codrington
then li the lau has not been culti- Howard G. PUtlnam J. J Peterson '' Transportation
vateIl by ithe. owners, but the "Old E. W. Brown WnV. PaIg.?tt G. A. Dreka S. D. ordan
Field'. as it is familiarly called J. G Dreka Mrs. Leo Alshimer E Pw .
rnsistirn- of about 3i00 acres south A B. Prevail Ben D Thurby Amusements and. Attraction
1-f th, SSpriie. has heen leased an- Mi.E H A. Paul Nle er Amusements and Attraction
NI r-3..H.Burgeas
nually i. the skiers thereboutts F j Burden Fred N Conrad alMyrR.iH. Brown Dr. A. nJ. Burgess
until the present year, and it has J. BuE Lrdenimo Fred N Conrad Chas. L. Allen Curtis Lindstrom
untl he reentyer, ndit asS. E Lenmtion R. G; BeneettPerGenr
proved a garden pol tin them. and F. N. Burt Geo. W. Mark J' Peter Gessn arer
indeeri the fe:rtilltv of the soil (an R .1. Kepler. Jr. J. P. Mace P. Judges and Awards
only be rLopared to that of the S. D. Jordau Glenn A. Tyler T. A. Brown Brownrpha Cole
Nile rvti,,n, iui Egypt, for now, E. W. Brown
after tentuiiries of cropping. with- Premium List
noithina piut back large crops of teft the intrepid Spaniards burild -'G. W. Marks S. P. Johnston
tomatoes. corn. potatoes are pro- their gold and treasure near ithe C. C. CodriagLon
Ou(rf ainnuially. Greal Sprinp andi nade a flash Membership
C-on'. rnini t ir histoi ihe I .for lib'ett.. The-y beramen diI '- F. J Niver G. W Marks '
Spring. prior ro its sale i0 Mr. tded and the poritiun That weh t J Dreka C. L. Allen
Thin-ai, Sit,rke. the circular says s. ouilihwarlr wa niasatredw withinn F. W. Taylor E. W Brown
"Tli"h Indians finally rallied iii a few rodsE or wIer'e ntow i Tire ',hS. B. Moorehead T. J. McRey-
great numbers and drove the Nurris Grove. and tilose who "tent nolds, Jr.
English front tneir etruuehold. northward were oinpelled to and Concessions
masacreing tile most of them; a and fight near where Mr Williami J. G F. B. Nordman E W. Brown"
few escaped anti reached St. Aug- Mincey now resides. in Voliusla Agriculture
ustlne where ihev were forced to region. wher-p their place of burial -Glenn A. Tyler leo. N. Rigbi .
swear allegiance to Spain in order is still to he seen Only a handful ri-A.SL. Crayne A. B. Prevailtt
to eav-- ihew scalps This was in lived to real h St Augustine aid Horticulture
1873. when Fluirida was redede bark to ti-ll tile tale of the exteririnat H.G. Pulrinam R. J. Kepler. Jr..
io Spain. and during tire twenty ion of the settlement. Eveiythinir F. L. Alexander T A. Brown
years the Enalish liad DeLpon was destroyed andl the tourli did I 'A. C.Haynes
qprin,- tile-' made greater progress ih- perfect ",ork Ag.ain were thi' IFlo riculture
ditan thie Spaniard; had in tile 27ui Indiani in pu4session of their J. N. Howe, Jr. Eugene Pierson
w-ars pre\;ous Ths Spanirj,'ri .hie-en liunting grounds and .,re flB 'T. T. Tomlison Arthur N Hull
then having regained pijsesslon, springs, ani ihey Iremained iU ros. J A. Ernsberger Ernest Meyer
and profited by the example set session innill den Za, iI Ta h-lor, N Police .
by the Einglish a much larger area who iii April 1163 was ( outreville E. L. Mickle
was put under cultivatinn. A new in chief or' the Ui. S. Army InI- ---S, E. Stone ,.
mill was .-onstriteild east of the Florida supeitedling Geupral J.-s- Johni H Wolfe W'm i. C. Eubans
.ilnnry att nearer to itie great d teasP ietbLive Stock
rini and narer to te great sip. ind aifterwards President of I. L. Mnosbv S C. Archibald Dr. F. C. Wilson Dr. W. A. Brunson
Spring. A large inn wase hrectei ltonited States. ca tte n till the, Mrs. John Mtartin F.B. NordmanJ. R. Tanner Clarence Bousfield "
upon the suninat. where the. tiree St. Jonns River with In; littt 11k L. Shear R. B F. Rope- T. A. Brown F. A. Hammrriond
great li'e oaks ,taud and a stock Ifleet. and entered tire chain of Eue Pi.rsh r G. C. er .k Mr. L. Hamod .er
adsle built upon the sumnilt east of three lakes, then callert Long Lake. Rugene Pirson Gei. B Mrs.l Biu. L. D. Drewry.
it tat leads to the Spring. the headline RobinsonPoultry
Thtat repeated attacks ofo the the lakes, Tirn forces h W. D. Heebuer C. C. Codrington W. A. Bure-h C. D. Case
"Tbo rolleiied attacks of the Tn. and1 sorre of th lkesTleorce 5 -^ T -^ \, J- ? c8
dians were sucre-.sfull. repilsel disembarked and inade ai large en. CN M. Randall F'. J. Alexndler J. S. Shoesnlth H. E. Bales
for nearly fifty years. during which camrpment. sending the hoats l-b-k W. P. Wilkinsun Fred Carnell Kennel Show
time much hard fighting was done. and is now covered with .econrd R. Dennis Craig Clarence Taylor F. S. Sama'.'
Just prior to the Seminole War. In for stores The ground chr,,en Executive Committee Fine Arts .
1335, when lajor Dade's command was just north of DeLeon Springs, S A. Wood Howard G. Putuaint W. J. Carpenter C. H. Stockwell
was slaughtered, the Indians were growth of oaks. presenting a most F. N. Conrad E. W. Browu H. D. Fluhart I. H. Leese .
vilctorio i a d fter- asrt"fron- charming allisaca ." R.G. Bennett J. G. Drekal (Colnlnll OB Page 8i.) ,
___________. __ n t r 1 *

Voia Cotmt
Volusia County,

v.-.a -T'--"T -- YT-....... 7 It% ,-% TV."F nT iXT I 4 'A II I IAI Mr IT A


ii ,ii,,.
. ,. .. .. .... ,,. T...
R+fes^WQ ......' ;- -- THE DELAND DAILY NE ',, ,..-',.it_ ___Y, A .; 1926
:^ ."*';- ------ . __ .. .. L ----'J-^----* --*--------'--' '""""7"^-.-. ---,'' ------ *--------------------- ...LO.. .. .. ..,- ; --T I~l
l:: f T H ;.LLU 0OF THE. P'AIR 1-. 1111-, lip lla pdilrujue Th --re- *it,;^ *1- /''7( l--- ,V.<.-/ 'fr.'T -' T' /^\ ^A' / T --*
"' --' ... --,*ii n. ~ s i o p o e s l a '- 1 .L,,*/ /.. / V. .i/ ,/ .. . .. . . - +-- i .. .... A T ... 1 o* :' ^ l. ,. il *'r "i . L
'.o++ .on., ,,. or, l ,s+g tha M A N -T H E CR EA TO R....
(Continued Front Paitf- On-.j. hev;il,--,rinP: vnri.t ,f \o qg.lal, V '- 1. ..
po'jf' the most aw,,.In.piring | i n. in ], tn, ihose e hln'r. i .lin itl |.'sH r'!W ",;..,,. i^. .i. ch,',-'l- H iP. yiS.
:; i-; ,o .- gnin. pp,, -asp- tl.e blil- n, 'nri,-iil ,nii,, iriph| '" m :- - '""" 1." p" '""H'
*- ,"('" 1y ll Aq I waq iavi' g. on I I-h-m hl, F.l.,r a,. In, li-. .... .. +ll !
-:, of my flqhtng tripq, I hold a fne1,,, - a 1 '1 rl -lit Slimnilaily of a l,.ctute by l)r..\l V|exander .
pni;dernutl bass in Llly handsi while ft-r.-ni qnrt nf astvprilmlnE- 11,r ^ ' l l i t. h h. ifile ,itflhHP W .I
I d r r a c t a te f hl i h o o k at a n d f' i kio A i ul u : l l i i,- 1-, 1 w h i iIs ,i K . . .- lt l e a t i o n ,t l D _) i l c t' 'r t ; i i i lfhil l Dl '1 Fh 3 B
liui.: "nl-lh. -lie ,Olu 9o0119 11) If ,! ,lie ii. hut lh''i Ii alreiada flon".
F a ,'" I am ruiLn e wire y m,. A a n m l alfo.iltpiv '-.-,l, I'nr r pIfl .': -I I'.t..Ia" -. 1 %1. :' 1..,inpl'l1. I 1 | ,.].'-'-1 ,n ,ii ,-I,.- iii i, t:',.iii- -. ., : l, irii i lp f' t 1''I
I .alY, W 1i1 he i'inpre'ltedl in thr hoi'P lin T lia uni i I liL-rill\' l''l"ii i .1 "il+ c 11.11r l l how in till. PX .>'ll r;,llv nu l fan ink ii.4 ' *W 4 *. "+ '" "+' I.' i ,. . i 1 >,l .4111111ri n ,a li ,,t ,h"' hiihi: .i. ,1 , i ; ,, .'rtlri H if eu
'- i'fi;ti n r,1 fn~tlnnlillK frtn"'ir, |>lf i d ic' :,ilinnf. 11,i othlifr ,i)illiltip- >ii ^^ ,8 .... -* ...'+. .. I' i ,.: n -,, ^i h'i l .in n ili,. Ih <- alu.- h at i l ,lri n r. 111 i,, ni pirc;, I i,/ ,,,h i ,i . 1 im. I'h it,( i;lll' i .lat ri~ ft'lt.{.
f,"~+f~. ,"p~ ii l'iin Vl I'll ,iw etir Ihla ,'.1+: Iiul fl?'iI" sm,' rlked nt lnf.--hlill nil ht Illii noil iilhrtOiihlinllr fiil ia n i n. ,' ^ ' ^% 6;'^ ^ ^ I ? *"''"' 1 !*l lhi lii,,' '.p% l 4n .] i I I i ..-.'i-n '+ ) II .... T,. q -, n rii. I ||" I (~lSt. ,I ilrtr'+ i d'c
ip tj`L,,:; ,i I, It w~ia 1 :,11 I I h ,+, 'h', hd -1 1 '~~li ' hld ~ ''~ :
hnv,., hpp-u im an~inine. iluc.m ah,,olnlr.lyv. W hat hielli.f n'in Sf,,: ,, .,d ,.*.i ,Jn^ h, j^ ',- 'i,,,,Llh,.l..''I"i ."i" > thr."" :rll"i "' "1 '*" ** -*' 'I I1 i "] ,.|, ii. *+I ;L r ilirttl n il i;
-i.. l l "f h.+ i." inirl>- W l n ["ill o, llt "***" Il'I 1l'li ""r .1I,
f . ,,o,.i i.hp ,,,le fng iA of Fl .rl ,. .oi i .. i,. ll ,.. ,. .na p w, .. I a I} I I, .... :1 [it I, ,,,(,I,,,,,,.,. ,..,,.,111.... .1,,
Pie-i .11 plqnn n f Por .1 Fair. I Pa r ;I lvfril lsh pnrpn.IIeI. %%( I i.. I IF .l
-.,v l'd d paItned, f)' auech aI rltai-S o[ ""l ql':,inc |,-s ,iio1n o f lu n l.I~ l+ pr i ,"~l. ^ '(P Q ' % 'P ]f : S'- t,,*& ff lE ^ lh- f ,i i t.ul ir,,. \-, .ltitLh h >iiu. ;: 'h', "i \I"I :. i'in,' 11 .11,Ih ,,, ;,: ,) hjl I, m i,",I ..4 l'"tlP'''.I |,,i'n,,i |.|, Florid
filr' sn rk l LI in -- u .iiiiIel11,,l lilt- ,ioll u'tetid,'6'I 11 \lIi:,.hpl flyl i tt ; .. 111 ihi-;t.l I" .d 11 Jh~
(lfe{:iil thati m ue'f he 1111w ii d heTii11(ir i n t w rhly |.'' P^lt i.,* *< ]ii){ I|R],,/ Wlll-[h ^ @ 8i ~ ~ i T3Ri' "iii 1' 'r^''?." .nfJ.' liil,,.. i niillh..Li .11:..' i il" I.Il .!lKr .'.,tr.h!,l!'-.* .
1 1 L h 1h M. Z,- ,. ,. I, .:ll l% I
rD" .yhiiin ,pe i u ite Ini, l nredi pqliriliiag --Ii i + glhin'- *^ q,4 '"a<-i S' ,^, i.ll^ gj ^ B'T Ie h ii[,,Hr ill) P in crnit h.,uic h " "*ll" '" .'* i .ill'. i-v.t, o I', n [ r~r, +
if~ hI'," pride I lh l llrt l. In l i Alh; l s11 1. 11 ,,~,.l fh nl Iiff 1 _."lir.t~ l~ :-:'; 1'+
t v .,Pr kno%% ililr ranifflc.itiom it l1o'" litive It -unletis nil adiii'ratili A J S ^ *8 ^6 -' a -'" ,ro lit Two I ahinii t inr nif i isitir il" 'r"uli'-llll. il- '* i t.iici ? in iB
i.'il i, itHy lhat niutyt I>> penftratld..- for worthy deeds is ikvad Iit tho m m thian ih hlimil iin l Tlhe inidl of Florida, w,,.. a ltifhliv h au,y lliel., 1. il l.',' Biaae..)
i:,:,Vr.t|. delved into plastered liver. iear't, of nearby Florldl peopl e ini "1 .... ... I....... .... Il d lie lI 't|
'.1, Fhtliod. puin l.e printed! Have YouT i may come 1o the Fiir tiiiili ..... it .- _"_l------h ,f hm.p c Q n e,' a liio *;nht p. ID he;,l.o, 1 iinm Ihe Hi- .'ui id1" de hl '. y -
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~aril Iou'-elllor They' niahie mnal .A~hllu wanted it) 1.l,. itl,'+- l " l.i i: e lP le I,. y.
l .1 tiMd. diHt lihutI I liuna 1i1) high Pxpeotitahi sauit hai,p hioui ........ . .- .ilia[ l.a.on. anti
I .n edI har. ,rui lled. This Ii a. i .hle ren ni, i l-i E 1 1 1p, 17 M1',ll111t I' ], il ed hi,4 he Lif I. I-plt u, ,&,as and hul h nlstn- a hand that. t1 Ill1,er bnin >l.ille j'j. l t,! H ..*i.' ,. K s
1,411" iin her. andlt lraw v,-ilr ,on 1 for Voltsil as |i t s 11n iitliien ... [H A L V A I Wi | rlhii WthoI ttl Itl .e pIh.,. hi id Iiol-..- [rl,,1 ,.otlill:,_n Tn. )h, n...,l hulhlU and vA lll., **,, ro ,,.Jli 11 5. L .
-nnclu0.ions. f Ior Phunrda. I mahlnlam, that The MRS. ALVA C. W ILLIAMS IN RIIS t1.e -ld 01 ',.l, m d li IS t I.tin.':, "rt.r ltie .d]l ,.i, At-,\,I ;LIil f 1'.5
*f., i"ng aside s +non 'm i. anton- T .,r m i .Jll \* I]111'11,1 1}I- nan on e had O the w ,,rhl i" lll tn *".it 'h St:" I^ ;, %h Ican "rui, :, beli fi- option U 0 .e .
h, ''y e u p h o n i 1 1 h y r a i l l a n d t h a n a n ly nt h e r m ai l i s d o i n g i ,. i i i N, H l t ,I- 'l\' r 1 I,+ ' e n II t h u I r y a n d g o e s o u t w i t h t [ I I n l o v e w lh io ll e St ii rltC uz .i a ,r. 1 1i
li-th;er nialf'easances of The I.,res. Lt Leti,: ta ,deonf n( I, IaI{,m h (l'rL .\elt+ +~~' e g o n. t ia'ls, u he Is w a uis mor i n tfaye il [le,',n ,Injl in.a l ",rou \1, ....$ 7,, ,.0, FO q ., t
agl fbr., this Fair Is really' t) b~e spl(.ulleni W)illi, without which h it tir- n"v El, [1,',. tl ',lt an~d iite 'lf n oe e -u ho hl ~le I u a e -I I Ihe ntt. lpe h, ,gl :rob_ S =+lu; it
.Cuse~thiug (lifferent, for It IQ --tag- ha miburger stake Would flat il itiar, I,. pr .,enf tho= phY vitallyy ,ironk ,:- anlni;,:. hl .-11111O11 ~l -h,.r t +e ( a lu nqn m e r
*deed, Is hut one t .f 118 aleleles Ili Shortly Over Year Ago Was Student at Beelar School, "' ..... :l I, ,,, a.ti He IL;- I la n
the'%eiitabI "w'rflal ralli,'e'd ine \'o-l fin[ t W e i i+ ch ild l h e p l~a ys %ki l r .l, ti(. lo e hlit ire t'i~ glin t H e~ iu- ;aL .. T!l u ,+ lal b tt,~ k
enat.ously, without ativ ,eCFptiOtb Now Is Large Operator V,, I 11 ylkh past fInh 1 '10 1,e P, t r |, tI vi r,_- I
lusla Countv. Trhey will all + ,M Vlla t PLILh l nli s bTc s nim ehl Ihln&v Iliw Tholt= lid in 51,1 -Ai'ant ed t ol pr, I l nl'-,), pr m u s {ae ._
04q to ;is ainis anti pur'po-,es. 3P tty ji. -ihin- Ptih-ni.1| _LIl,' o Ii h lt l'i 'wi l[
p-rarring of all iort I- abA'.otitc-l/ here atthe Fair stillretidy rnfr~h Ili(--- &I,, ^ pr" ~ mi ld'' 1 ,' .'*"' 1 le of^ 11 -1at In, tif Iihis por i; wh t li l- e u d o ~o .. H ..n Ilii. r, r x m
taboo. The gro ulILds lie h ,rn enlil^rator.q. Ti.-. wlll be, Li_ "[ '. r, 01 thf .U..T^; t( Mr ;- ,1,.*..T i, .r1, *, t:l. the.ii: ,i > ll lI I l.if ,tiJ, of tihe of I Ir t, hlf 'lAt wh)t lHm Hi. --n
t .me q r i f i e d w it h a < i e o tr n l i a i l b o w i n a e' u l l y d o e o r t ,. l A I ^ r \ V l l i an i . l o a 0 1 : L i t . '., -:t h u. i .', I- 'a'u' A w o fhe l 1` 17.f[.' 1-,t s h o w n i n u l lt ir t. n ,,, a b o l u e l M i l l Ct \h% P, ,ik t, i c *e d r ,1r 1 '- .1 w j i e r O p ti o n 'i ortE fh
ef|"i~t+ und l,,ok a.: im p,:+ iiie. ;._ b't"'h-. by. lhe I-fo In III[ imii 'i^ hn i ,,.- Le,,dlnl ,,nd 1, 4]i in u e-i t' iu 'I r,+ ,_ ',, ;'.* [' , 1* ., -,', , *J il "[.h ,-,t lll lln hii-eJ~ ll'P;* *' e *l -.. ea i {ni.-'..; *"l l""rtt. ]'irllllI dln['a M ta |
a O e r sa T hate yon ... n sdq%%- ,.,).n a g.v> such a allie ni l |i (,c i..,,.i ,-.. .*-|i. l..' .- ""* .. .. ** *I ** *' ,. ;^ ,, ,,,,m ,,,i,, '."i-l ;' *, n \I l d r.,n, i,,rldi< pi n^ cr, ^ -. l,.v ,i( 1 iurvi In hBhs 'i. rr. hL
n I ihlng:+ have beppb IriinluilU l llp if) thf county by so d1olnr. ,, 1d 11, 1- 1- 11-. Tl-,an .1 .e .a 1.,1 ||., -lh" .f,i h, L', .,-+1 l N.. Pi tlt I rIIII ll C 11 V ht- .'all IL- 1 1 't l n A Ctldli'{- Schwab e'-. *, '.'' il. ,
'" 11 aIno and out. frpsllly-painllPd. ":. A mn uzelm ent P I" turel ;i ..I l1.i1 d! lh\' I ."lsr P r, at, 1,1 ..| -.. :!,, 1 1 ... ., i, , ,a '1.1,,i ,,r p i' ie heNr, lo ,1u .,l 11 1 iF i -t,)l -I .ll. l1 ,I hc n
  • S hibllion booths ireared vitli great, 1 Thi.s i haslea'l an h fItrK(tHi\P SS hio l. .-, o l le .;' 'hi,.-(.: iI:.'.- n I pill \V,]|,.,.,, Inu" ", ,1 .' i || l il i, ._,l,, h rp INlill F ht. in i loanr|, The h- i dll' a,,,1 .. *"i in liOrlc[, a-iii l- -I | r. T el l .a'eon un uil ySi_
    "+' .. c i W ,it iueoratlvf-,,ay. T w f.- exh lll, bUt 'o havf, rellxarhn rJ iian ^ ; ,h lh h h ,,.,l ; ,, ., I "[, , h.'l h I. i ,o, rrl. Th, hlr, i,,. .? i.+* -,ul|,(. ., n..?[,ih? pa.,. ri-,^ I" "'0 ,*'-"l i*' J",Ile *it[ rrp, rii t I 1." the Teere r.a a
    t; '7.* -I 111 a ,lendid crnnt iti ,,, ide Il inKg i ) o ploas O both yon rnia. t: ,,, m ake r' '1 la tlie ,l- d .'-i J i ,- !,I *. I I,, 1 ' *"'J' '" ,,-u ,, i i,,i ,. ,* "*'," i" \V',," ll1m ] i l ;,n,1 ht. anhii ,r -i. ill h ',. llln ll i w,, -,,ill ,i11 t l,+l..lie _,+3a 2+, ,",* r:,*'* 01 arable ln.
    w-r'lkl laid. blo n iin, 1, t L n1. t, inh old. In the wa of ,e l 11119 -1 t l lhe n r t ll, i h, .. ,,." '" |(1>,1,1, "0- I o 1 ,11 rf t roainn hi "Them 111, >0 r.-% i i t l l i
    seen hbere and there, th ie ,,fal o r varinus ]i lnl. .i nlh B.- i~hEtr nI T h '1 e-n- ,cs nl MI'$ i""11 h,* r .i", . 1. I "- .i.lit T:' h I h. . l.., 10. _i thr, r |h l -,hr. i ht l' < IIttIP inii| Ill P% I -, ,h. I'S'.*1 IN, Iiltr nitn I11- I,1.t-lq,
    features Pitt, ed In lB spe.-,. to- raet -, horse raef' plniy rI <'.-, Wi. rif n1 h aphall d tl'."nal. ha ,al.-i.ll. In .-!,., ', . I. , I W \\tilliam-,. Ia,, ir v ii^ eel *ur l 'I )' T'.i " "'I"" ar jp" "" lljd telle !.',{I,{11+11.o1n" II."
    c.itiot)- aid [lhe real objecti ii. w lldltnn lp on "ai will u wa, l'l nnt-l ."o" l l'la in tnrn ,,,,, : .,, , .. l,,,il . '. ... tl,,,,..,_. i.,l I,,i..,n.l, ;]l + ,^l .n ie ll l hrh nn,.Pr Thl-rehhri norr ill. hlm I;,II'o:, )lie lNnd hqOe relliti.e A4IK
    Falr--the show.'ng ,at VL.t !tna cl 1,,i,. evenly Ihy. ?o iprll r' c[Ihe m'..i I *-,r'.eI 115 ~a,'.t-l'r" P "' .';~l~l-, ,> ~l aa.f,- .!i!r. lii1. .1.. ^ ^,, ,, ,,,, g .e ,~..lll-- -11 h ^ ^ ^ ,rae li i.l licp .1 i.l-n ,)H(I id ,s greater it] aea ll -4ia
    _' Cnintv'?. resoiirfe --^w ldp opft' I notlfd 'peed Ikinga of the, a ;.'t, X ..-wnun. ,'; hlin ns ii .s, i.} (l,,r. ,-, lar,',:l, t,.-'.,,i.,- t,, ;,.- -J!. ,, ,. D,,1, h,, have I, r, ;. ,: ,,,i e.j ,,- hl.= n' ,1^ eal ,,hf _-' tI,,nL-I \ ,tli hil fllu ,-'- t*, I~ l "'ls dailf !.;.n th- "tr'ite- Counctrtleut an .
    r,+-,rlvy to hand--atn, tih hol'- worldl. Th'a w ill huvce all 11h6 ted IL" 1 |0 .il" v1',"'e ,'uh lil ," q, "" .-'." ',,'*",. r !,..h i. ',, .. I r, *",n ri, ^ l ..lay .7. :,,'I TI+ Ii',- .,t.,t1 ine l":h ;' 'on i r I. "~?i :y -' -'a a r n l w q o l i a
    '* --rf eti hinge to vw hi,-h ,..,)u w ill b, thrills Otl ile boil of [[i lien In ,.r<' *,.'a+, -. an, l h lfi na ,., t' r nh; I ,.r 'i.. ,'lrrb i.: i'" ,,. .'. r, :-', ,.,', --. '' ilitl'.!n '-i .1 H\I-ii ,. , :,'i,.J.:' he, ,11,i n,t lil.,h '!\\'lhrh rirliB],r '.tl t .l,-'d ,m1 his, v'' + e,+ : '"a, r<. f ihtl., i uck st'il w lljte J
    p;it' .i10 t, ring your fatmi ly ,unl tOt Fair-' 'r~ e- ds I Is a true *?enter dally wi[! he helr eature., n owng i "1,1' and I,-ra ot Ih, \\ Ih 1"_ M r V llan, -'', ;1 ri,1.1 [n.. i;,l:, 1i,. I1il ;,['. h-. '.1111 it]' plh.'l wds that h,+ I'.h l Jl,, It hl.-+ been proven 1111' 1Jmee
    /' t ihri>ent provided l a i n enieP~lull lap tor rieath, a riytn?" adl a il~g H oll.e. ],hal hotld B& welL P,.- thii' ,,1 ;, ,1.11 ih l ,,1. ,1, 'n- n1,,' |i.'' :, 1 ,' ,1",,'1 II. i i,,W,', |...rp-' -.------- -- laih'nad +1 bi1rlie tra .k ill'.+L.',Jl of n ;.haJ *TI al'"' rf "[1. '1U .] '' "'"rkt"

    _*-(nriitie, and o.n,^ day at i~ll I-'aii act'. (.dneatedl plgs., Ira ned hor ,-B.+, 01 (IIP Mt~rnc-" n l' Ih, l pe.le- (.ii i r,. o n- ',i~ i-J| h,' .:-, n:," ,,- .,t,, '[ \' 1 n ,, |I1,-!..'I.I '.r [+i. nalh i.- "T'il ,,nlv ,.',+n>.hin, float M I., ilo ible ti.iik ',, l'rciuc.l .I l i u o 6.00il worl i
    wi',| 1Inll whet your appc-nle [or high lum plne hitres, a real rod+:o do. P'h14 r<';;lized IIlc-.i real ,-.*ai,- n,.t ,.,,;' l.t I.. I mld 11 ," .1 i. ,n ,11 roJI ;i -ar... I~liineF'" \\ il!lair hia- nt.c iTon c iU'-+L like Ir' E uh'a ll a ln a e f n l kic o n lf.1 i rnit' l i, la-l',' .!..| 111 ..n' i. .i+r- ^ r ,,, i, |,[ [ l] r-ll' p- exd th; iiaiimei ur firuai iloo ,lt'erl, ,Jai 1'tllu iq1]. in1 hoii id,, amivh; hin'gl ..1",. a}I, il'"' '*h,.- '' ""u I" ih B n
    "op o b m i~ Cr I) I~ l 3 e l" 1.I1 '_K ""I, ih L~ [ l ia .-3 dn'l) 11-. "I .,'llr -l lOli .' M id II lr"at Li tll h J h l~ ~ n h',l +11{ +i+- a 't { .i-" }u n l e r~s

    h,? lpr+eented .s.onitbltig dit'ferenit Abe Qohld tein. I arn onni m entl. - -- - - -- .......,!. [...i-i ,t' ; l,,-,l,- 3 ;P"_*1.. h '* : t ] i -i".r~ \Ii]i .',l]'- \Villi'n r'- (or wi.rhil wvu ^tro'n lh>.r h'rothr, Th<-;.. rnation l,)daiy thaii .arP liell'Ini' ir-, ,, I.' i -+:," D"h] hul.' ilth+ro al tebI oP,
    "[i ,.+,-ioit] ediikatlion anif I a li n1ot -llng f fow of Ihe free latilarllnn evllliiful lillyp"' ihit..lri?, l.t.i-'. .*',tlr~- ".'*n h" I ..,,i I,+ i.. i~t',,iiiiiie'nl M Ihli tii'. .-' r{ (.'. l:lhal.'B a1 ai< i--sfu~l el le ir2clit LI ,.llihhf-irl .II, chr' .S I e .-* 1ilh i] ;,,.re. ,11. Fle,,ida land pc hC int ton optint's'h7 whrn 1 Il Ow --t er. will be Innro. niui li How To Come \a ,. .',- v i t r, .>.-.I LD Ill._ 'i,, I,,i,._ :n,,i n ihi l -, '.'lih. Iti. .- .tc op^,.'for ul 1(1. lilli. Va. For i seiirl _. 1 wat ritllnR r- 1-l, ly ilun 1p11.ed kin.gls of t6.lunil ann I1 a1iI
    {I tl t ihe? elntire fi,.-, ']?.v n f the m ore-. At n!th! Ihe fireworks-- It n111 i),. po-.,ilb]c n ,n.11; .1 ilih .- y'LV" 'l -'", .l *i'- i,.'- ,' ,It ,' r I .ii ,,,. \pt- .l _1,1 ". I ,J -DPUII! $1111? wepl; witlh her nn nl iruiii inl the I,+ast ;ind[ rill l .,'tr. 'I v al* .v
    Fnirh v'l~l not pall o~n ali',nne-' i. ", "nt(*.r.h '+ilenwi, !i :,!' T~it- -La 'c- Lihl 11 I ni l .1 tc. o ".'r ''li.K tb i~l'' il^ fliT' t .+ h, *1'' *~. 'h ,i '1- h, r r<-dl ,. t-r' ]''J .-In'.'" Ire fulfl-i inlli t he m |lln I~le fc n iiu i.a~ ,il was ihll ..*ilaiiilill; [. +.t .0llr ioiida .qhippen ZI0
    *-i-n. ibilht'es .]". lh h,:,].l] [!,. "nil.'"-. [n~liai < Fj r t, ..Ihr din ,li..]'- liih\v''i.'.> .'. i..n.'- 11 h," h, :I. '- I;!r i .i-,'t .ii : ,,, ..,- M ,. \, Ih\' ll n.i~ tinL- i ini- .' l,-" .,Id .,iii-,n M i \\'1lllij ni liu-;, "'Sx ni.'nl]i' t,> J~iin .--[v[1, ill ll .11", ""11 g l"> t Sin ic 'ruili andl 33.0tlJ.
    .t1>-.tifr,oi ng pei~lal Ih,11:., tu{l. :' i h-,l fh i r .. tin rr e. "n, prpr "Tlhii P ,'-f .il!N I, nnhl -i ]* I,- il',r-. 'l -1 ]1I '. iiil \' .'ILlI .IL" !.' I Ir I1. ,11 I.tL+. .11. .. i il. tll lP il; l P i I]1 ,', iIK~ltla '-11 I~lra>l'l v+-. itiJc I ||n) 1n 1" lenda '. ',;6 liOtl- to Ju'fll in1 '.1 ,"' : ^' i oIrtt .. ast yelor [,'ogg~
    r ? ;.< otiet],,ifiK f h-+,'f ):itJI tllhli, "lbh.ln PR rney' LJ, tiPliii fro the past m1onli [ Jlive |Ii, "*p~t:,"k P ',IIS." a1",''v [uSId, Sfn'irnol,? .urd I- ,k, ("t ,inli .. <,',l r|h.. l;r,.,i l-h~u-.e ['> 'i, ,,nl L! i;ii.,- ht~m h ; 'thi 11 ,n .hii h .1 I' i ni ng I hlln ilc- prseoia~l jr. ,\ ll, .-,o I urgce rill {,1" you, w hio "",,? l-h ttI *^"t'to* eP -Pet A0l cei^
    r,,- l ') ed the pronreiM or bulldkig ,lone.,n f%% '! "Th raih'l.l .Th' will hav.e.. p-, i.,I A\ :iii, .a,,,l ., li ll' r.e In li. r ;,i, i- .,l1,'i,,i.,,l 4.-1, ,- .. r iLh 'l H traii rniiqliig 2111 fee on hiv.. l'htltil a-lIa a r,_ viit. a II, I i I" ;n.ule. $ .1'.i ie01 lL
    -f, ralp hil it. for ihe differ.rn 1 t ri l T liI' hl e be' d u o, f Then In -` ert_1 r1t.fn. Ii i. ii: j -,l, i f t ,P, 11, .ir I .1 ... ] l l h1f ii,, ,I1 -h i'x.tepL,-I lliur.h,-'\V n!\ i,-sflt. d )id p ,hi ei !. ill, h" ;,.., 1 ,quier i'n -j.?lrn l tll.k P., .I.> Il lll, hi en .sl+ tel,-)eriillro I I
    ult, iief unll I Ii.a tr w a.f, m Ao:'i- dally .wilhuni J J f. ate s. M ul1 r, I ,f .'ri'L i, I1,. F \ l I i :,, li,'n l,' t, 1anti.1 I h. r l 'll" :i : ''*, iiliprov.', '.]1ru billdlng a nd, ,, t,.TIt oiher aiou t il Til]l the '.i y a, 93,- .lunp 3. l ,qlt. '
    crn tbu.i.ialtie aa+ day' u{(,->'fi.i-d ,'i l ,>> i-,ti .j r ~ ,t r -]..',.r.l I il, |i,, "il ,.x iiiin '. ', '. ... ,I ,1.1 I> ,' ri,!,. .i..h:"l \ ,..i ..h' t Ihh n ,i ,,ln :hi.-i l'nMil ale rm ole ra-..iy oh ".ln ,'n d i ruI~l olr\']what i.A ' r -hi co m m h te e i f 'on ., t h e r i i t e r e n ti ,c -.- t a tm o n g n h l t l i t h( l e D u i i i p m i ~a d l i d .. t r e e t R v ,.- r \ i t h i g - i i h ~ ; i n I \ < a-- I ti i l :: ,* *."i il, , + .- , t. i i ,r ti~ ln h , hl p .It lM ~ u u p h ..I L e p l y n g r u -d e d ,w t i dl a l o r ai l l l lln-.:e tt.i dleni eni- of "',,*li, ]
    ]IRtl'r'if lha e h .et worl'ilni c-'r- Vetli. r, m ere f.hil atl'a girl. who tivply e ,,-\rr l ilng w ill [l"r illil.n i. jn S ii \ L, ll.',"m I) ,,. ,~n ii, ,,i ,,1 ii,," ..'i,,..", ilihas,:", ,! ,11 ] h,r .l | ilr.- whi ilichl reli l,?h.?, linilili of |(art ireat, .- llti llelil. ,nil taprniJ \,';--f +;1g,? i" .. rainl'al ~~ll {o .*ea gg -
    1 ,af.t / and In pr oov na iurfd -w:vl or deth.- al 'e inlO ; fivo a cet of pinipI
    ''., 'PThig to .excel teach ollher' Thli3 n',i,?)" So mne *'-lUn~ i '! yOU iul'L lI..av,. linm i-.'l" [lhe tinie v,iu r,..lirn irL ,1 l'lh:ihii. I~l ," .ri i,.,rnl. .,i; "", !,.-l i *u .+n d' ,, irLiil.nnii In' -[iiii-iiii' a i ir iir"d lf inom .m ie llir heuriup r 'irrU[ lif _leS ae _. __ ._ _____
    ..L:rit,..,J L iVah'y m erf mn? a l'+ nt d al I b \\f:, i 1 ':1 ',J r '+ ^le h'bt w ere il'.'re l nt'lir- of lI, gl.i las.:; .a:'nti.euii,,t( i .er. thi, F-air--in i'' i~ i i '.! fh, ,,i ..... t ,[ i 1 il.. .. ., +' I *i. .: .' ,~ I,' ha a-r ie lh. ll i.l...~', r.l .:~tl.e o** fi*e 'iii. 1>'Lq I 'olf T h,',r,. ale- .*l xi?-pillf "ioa,,-o. |;lee lik r> k ylu)u tnn Flirid -l, in I.,,:, *, ,| in :,i I '',,d f~ mr ,r .' ,
    *J.. hii~h,-,|laah .4ttl& L v. r 'p .And( wllh the M idwny v~ p .i eas,+,m -- Dnn't lei h'iitro 10 ,psk \iilr I'lrii ,' 'i. I~h m A .,'rlii 11', .,ii It,,']' "..,_ ,-, ., ,iii ,.'i tni vi.-i' i, 'lh \' ile ,,tn [i/il mn I-t nhdin s +11" ,,,i aim- geniu, p o[, ; ii ,,-,iir+. nud nnr-' of Ihesb l a g 1i
    :r p-tf a su,'P r i ('thi lo ntyx nf V'oltu laI rni you w,,iidrr tihni I , ,s o m e L hi i n g t o sl l o w ; V h e l l i t A l h o u l d ; i tt i e n =i I h I .n i t o n a l l fi v e t i n l] If i v o r I , 1 .1 1 ,. , , , I 1 .,' } "i il'l < > h1 1 In l I l .l ; ,.r i , ,,.ll" ",I I ,"l i l h h h,- i n ; f l f la l f '. il h li f 'r i ( n i i i i i i .r n li l t i i l i~l Ii lnr p ] f. t ll ii | h , m| I 'S

    + n o 'n t? r,-_n 1
    -i A\ if, .1% rt1 1111 1.^ i|i .l ,lihn ht I1-1eLihet~

    !; + Ii 1 U L| A 1/


    : |', 'if "__.._c7' --m O A T S We invite you

    il Th Neo inspect~t orurBetrKid
    ivill 1r ... yu dpp e r- e 1,11. l --l a rexc dlled"Sp orts .
    ll7 13cetd oleh~- diferntoes Goldt en I am ol e 1I.ast \Vilivp [oi- %korl tya-db outboar m otor~r Th r rito *H'g hfae he v i-
    Tit ot dr~to niIaintciga F lasf helreatrcion; e nflily"Itslfe Ki 2r. Le., icI -aine"l1I100( .LIapn a ut- l phe a Vohsiate Co.nln To".,lt
    Phtteetrf%( l~ ftemr-Actial a n~ttitecfiessity- it"l ).lobe -nrT. i-i'-3-f. '-1-1 -n" Fir Jan s26-h27-28-2 tami9-3 as ad -1

    .t ,p Headqu ar s F ' 1 10 I orll (inuS tile t % tB

    it stand the strain tarts with a T ouchll kinds t 1

    |; Meraco Speedsters 'lt( y IB

    A. twater-Kent Atwater-Kentt "",
    Radios Radios

    i_ I'Talton's SportShop |

    = I H. S. TALTON, Proprietor ,

    i Phone 590-J 106 South Boulevard, DeLand.




    ":ztr *tz-uij** -- -. -I -

    ,Sbws Steady

    This SAtwol is condrict'Il entirely
    ih ,the Itadvidual ihstrlction plan.
    Ich eae I. diagnosed and meth-
    od's prbes'tvIed which are libenlt
    ufnwitn tb the istvidliatl titdsnt.
    hb mbthods' are drigihal atd have
    been perfected throughh years of
    stddy ahd experience. By these
    otrt;jlO .methods twice as mittich
    An be:acnomnpllibbd asbY the or-
    diarr Itl4thods. A'4je right wutrd
    at the right time" is the motto for
    M#W lblruettidax ai ik ftsre tuffWtc-
    tieiatitban Wir's lecture. The
    tine to inistruct the studentt i
    when he wants to know. then he
    will gais the iast ctoim eager-
    ly. -1
    The 'sRchbolsn ate especially
    a adapted to tourist students who
    may have thetr teachers map olt?
    their courses Jnti.- as they wotikd
    ptfatte .thepi if"they remained in
    their home school, and .bring their
    Iook's with then arid. continue
    their courses here without. change
    S of books."- This has been found
    t. work qttriliwbly and ituAinist
    are thus enabled 'to resume their
    prbppr places.ln their classes up-
    on retqrqipg home. Tourist stu-
    dents are' taken for-any length of
    tittip in any grade through the
    gs'ainfar ucbo!l. ,(tie high school
    aqdi the hue eps.olegqp or IQt vari-
    oqs speCial cotti res. which are ar.
    Tangegd to', suIt' te individual stn-
    Perhaps: the- most -wopderful fea-
    ttre of'this avhb%!is lr. Beelar's
    'perpf BltC~tlon a the si-.
    44 ts. o',is-lsa, -mA.e possible ty
    tjie ouMwli m~~i*&W'of'*individual
    s4tshaetn' wberli y Ivery. (jw
    worqp qre r.qtlred. -This makes
    it ineceqsr-,bO ItOw8er. shbt the in-
    structor.'bp torouphly versed in
    a' ide rape.o sujects atnd have-bae
    0th*.:dl.,' :l'!ftvSs e"d. It 1he
    been -ioqund'. an, easy task for one
    : teaetler toitfIts'. l trnct'50 or 60
    *et11ippta p etqy ,lbe. When as-
    sliktdats' a're employed- it iso
    for. the' lurpoe .,of asslistpg the
    stiudeitstlo prepare their lesasiis.
    aftbr which the stfiddnt's. work-- Is
    vdtrnd '.Itfarc" tr'. c~ fr. 5 w.periba:
    ally.- ,4
    The-schoo14,a-ivery- thorough in
    i ts cotirBSp, ,^
    low 90,' and &tUilen.ts find; it:very
    easy tol iake .their grades aove
    gM,.aid '.ome students s44om tall
    below'100. Methods of'testing, or
    recitation, and we migilt say every
    *operation otf conduct-
    ed oil original, plans which have
    heeb caiefull' studieddout so as to
    make the-cobrtes nmost.-practical,
    most thoroUgh. most' progressive,
    and molat rajid.. .
    The school was started without
    cAliltal and has required great
    energy and persdverance to over-
    come adverse circumstances 0nd
    static olni'ionua, of those who can
    only sanction methodss by- which
    hoky bleahed, or-.wnre.-Bippoed te
    learn. All of thesehowever have
    been overcome and the school has
    succeeded beyond its *proprietor's
    most sanguine expectations, solely
    upon Its meitHs. The school has
    turned away during the year Just
    passed more students than it has
    aeetumodated, it bll tMued down
    mere positions for steuceraphers
    s beokkeepe-a thlua It has filled.

    Jn our tusine-s-tepartamnt, we
    ass the heat systems. Our Book-
    keeping System Is the cream of a
    life time. of one of our- most fa-
    mous business educators. Our
    Typewti'Ltg Sstenpa olids the
    world's. reebrd. The lessons you
    learn frs'ja a .ur-actsil are the
    lessens thate-all world champions
    hbave learned from. No other sys-
    tem has ever produced a world
    champion. Likewise our Short-

    The Beelar Private

    A School For Earnest &








    Unruly and Abnormal Students I

    We Employ no Solicitors. Students Must Come on Their C

    Their Own Free Will and Accord

    K ii ' .

    has no ad so that you may know that
    brings such a school exists, and to save
    Lld has you the regrets which are sure to I
    follow, if you do not flnd out about
    us. This ad will not appear again,
    therefore please save it for future
    Delays are sometimes fatal. IC
    you wish to graduate at pur ext I
    coMmencement, you should get
    started right away. Callo'pn us and
    ..... ,, make arrangements., .. ^ I

    i i a


    I .l ,l IWI i W
    IffPlon"WR. ~mffil .UII


    ... .....



    Our School
    was started without a dollar, has asked no favo
    never pulled the public in any soit of way, employs
    licitors, does not pose as a benevolent institution,
    endowments, pays taxes, pays its bills promptly,
    many people to DeLand at all seasons of the year, a
    succeeded against great odds,

    Solely on its Merits

    't . ,*


    i* *," r .-

    *- -v r - '' 1.- ;
    N. 23, 1926 _. ... w--- ---

    -'Large Extensions


    hand System is the BEST in ex-
    Istence ald holds the world's rec-
    oords. "When God wants to make
    an oak Iree, he takes a tlotsand.,
    S ch o l years. but when he makes a squasht
    he makes it in six weeks." It hh'a
    taken over a hundred years to 1
    complete this system of Sbort-
    thand. It is not the work of onres
    man. but of a society of the be4t U
    -reporters in the world. It does 0 O
    per cent of the world's work atd
    all other systems put together
    compare with this system j'qt
    about as a peanut stand complre9
    with a big Department Store. tour
    many studenuN have proven! by
    their bhniness experience that this
    gystenm is the BEST. They 'are
    uniformly seccessftl.
    ~~RE.CENT /i

    There has recently been added
    '*' to the equipment a number of the
    B~l' atest Underwood and Remington M
    ""K Typewriters; alase aa up-to-date
    Multigraph and I Rotospeed, and
    the latest model of'the Buroughs
    iBookkeeping and Banking ma-
    ceiie, with electric drive, at the
    price of $1,060, a Burrough calcu-
    sitor, ntRdialton Bookkeeping Mba-
    cdine. Many new books have also
    been ai4de4 together with book
    cases and othe? furniture. The
    school now possesses six'leading
    -un 1Encyclopaedias and many Diction-
    Stu d e t aries and other reference books.
    Is 14le lunch detriment has been
    added a three oven Electric Fire-
    less Cooker, a number of Toast-
    '-^ Nl" ^ T A w'ers, percolators and other con-
    veniences, Including an Electric
    BE IELA R Refrlgerator at a cost ot about
    3$09. This brings our lunch de-
    partment up to the top notch and
    far above that possessed by., most
    sehaols. -*.<
    The walls of the room have Been
    ;H SIHI O3 L D ever Boarded, the windows
    screened on the outside for the en-
    I tire length, the whole Interior'
    d woodwork redecorated at a cost of
    several hundred dollars, so that we
    now have a most comfortable and
    pleasant room, correct from every
    point of view. More improvements
    r COURSES'- are contemplated for the near. fu-
    ture.I 4-
    The management iasplanning tlo
    expand the school in the near fu-.
    ture, so that a larger number may
    [O be accommodated. The prospects
    O N for a successful expansion are
    very bright.
    $300,000 o
    The school needs $300,iOO for
    expansion, but please do not give
    N ot T k it to us just now. We want to
    earn it, we want only a chance and
    we will earn this 300.00 and will
    earn as much for you at the same
    time. We have several schemes
    urder way amn the prospects are
    )wn-riatv and o. .really vary bright= or e .pansion.
    )wn Iitiative and of FIND OUT ABOUT US

    ,In years past students have come
    to us saying that they did not
    know about our school Ia time,
    or until they had madq arrange.
    mBets elsewhere and have regret-
    ted very much that we had Dot
    made ourselves known.
    It bas been our policy heretofore
    lo let the work talk for the school,
    rs, has'- It has done it admirably, but now
    rno sO- we are giving you this full page I

    .....j a.5aa~y.i', .,<. ... \. : *.... .- ,.....,j

    AG. FOUR-
    fliOE FOUR





    Msssive Oak-Lined Driveway- Stetson Home Estates

    DeLand, Florida, Jan. 16, 1926.:

    Dear t Fiends:

    DeLand has been aptly named "THE ATHENS OF FLOR-
    IDA" for within its confines some Forty years ago was founded
    The JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY now International in
    fame and at present housed in eighteen modem buildings.
    THE JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY possesses a well
    invested endowment of over $1,023,000.00 in addition to thirty-
    one acres of land in the heart of DeLand which together with the
    buildings and equipment are now worth over $1,000,000.00 be-,
    sides a Cainegie Endowed Library containing over thirty thou-

    sand volumes.

    The enrollment for the school year is well over eight hun-
    dred students who conmTe not only from all parts of the United
    States but from thle South and West as well, Cuba, Mexico and
    thle Wet Indies.

    The Southern Association of Colleges in 1913 gave THE
    JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY credit-for maintaining the'
    highest standards in the entire South.
    D)eLand's Public School System is recognized as one of
    the best in Florida. The. regular eight-year grammar course is
    offered, and in addition a modern HIGH SCHOOL fits students
    to enter any college or university.
    Enrollment for the school year 1925-1926 totals 1680
    puplil:-, anl increase of foity per cent over last year.



    C. S


    Developers a

    Temporary Quarters, FOUNTAIN BI

    ... .,;
    ~ 'W~


    We extend you a cordial welcome to DeLand. The
    people of Volusia County particularly, occupy warm
    places in our hearts and in the hearts of all DeLand
    people. We want you to know we are happy to number
    you among our friends and acquaintances and that we
    Share always glad top see you in our City. We hope you
    will have a good time while with us, so much so that
    you will not want to leave, and that when you do leave
    you will look forward to the time when you will re-
    [=' i . , . ,| -

    Orange Grove-Stetson Home Estates

    To reach the Fair grounds from DeLand's uptown section, you
    travel along West New York Avenue. Just six blocks from the
    First National Bank, on the South side of New York Avenue you
    wil see the prettiest, and the best residential property on the
    market in or near DeLand. Viz. Stetson Home Estates. Guaran-
    teed improvements in this property include -

    'T -Hard Surfaced Streets
    2-.Cement Sidewalks
    3-Concrete Curbing
    4-Electric Light Lines
    5-Water Mains and Pipe Lines
    6-Parked Streets between curbing and Sidewalk set to Tropical
    Plants and Washingtonian Palms
    7-A beautiful Electric White Way throughout the Stetson Home
    Estates to be lighted for a period of two years at the expense
    of the developers "The J. C. Sewell Realty & Development Co.
    f 8-Sewell Park, located in the center of "The Stetson Home Es-
    tates, containing Fifteen Acres, a gift of J. C. Sewell to the
    city of DeLand for a Municipal Park. Like other parts of
    Stetson Home Estates, Sewell Park is covered with a miagni-
    ficent forest of shade trees and when the N\oil;: now
    under way is completed this park will be one of thl beauty
    spots of Florida.




    **. .1

    j ,

    . 'a b_ "


    R I^lB r^ ^ B 1 We invite you to make our offices at 110 North Boule-
    .21. B1 vaid your headquarters while in DeLand. We have a
    working organization of twenty-five men, each having
    a car. These representatives aie at your service, to
    I IB show you DeLand or anything you want to see. You are
    B I' 1 h at liberty to use ou' rest rooms, writing room, tele-
    *a .[ | Hphones and anything else we have. We want to hell)
    '- _IE you to have a good time.



    ..... . .-.,.

    DuLand, Fkli., Jan. 16) 192,. ..,

    Dear Friends:

    The home-estate of the late lamented JOHN B. STET-
    SON theifounder of the University which bears his name togeth-
    *.te er with the beautiful grounds covered with ORANGE GROVES, T Hmse
    :, massive LIVE OAKS, tall stately PINE TREES and BROAD The John B. Stetson Homestead
    ..... LEAFED PALMS is now being divided and offered to the public
    .... for choice home sites.
    SW We believe that the particular appeal uf DeLand lies in its i.. ______________ __________"--_
    le: extreme desirability as a home place.
    I ,.* .Let us suggest to YOU that before locating in Floiida, .
    "either.,as a peimanrent resident or for the winter only. you visit '
    DeLand in conjunction with other cities you have in mind and -
    compare the healthful living conditions, climate, uplifting moral LOCATION.N
    influence, educational facilities, banking facilities, hotel accom-
    :, modations, approximity to the finest of bathing beaches and the
    many other advantages and attractions you 'are looking for. STETSON HOME ESTATES IS SITUATED IN THE
    CITY LIMITS OF DELAND, on West New York Avenue,
    ' We feel that such a comparison cannot but result in favor five minutes drive from the business section, Post office,
    4 of DeLand. Schools and Churches, a short distance from the Railroad
    Station, St. Johns River and Lake Beresford. Its accessi-
    DeLand today has many miles o f BROAD PAVED ability to the heart of the business section as well as to main
    STREETS shaded with massive fifty year old oaks, lined with transportation lines touching DeLand both by water and
    beautiful expensive homes, rail together with its natural beauty make it the most de-
    ; siral)le location in DeLand for exclusive home-sites.
    the finest in the state of Florida, THE COLLEGE ARMS HOTEL 4 ..,. '
    S'" AND THE HOTEL PUTNAM besides some thirty smaller hotels ..t
    and rooming houses.
    *Pr i and Terms
    .::-' ,* DeLand has two fine Bank buildings one National Bank P ces and erms :
    *^ and one State bank with depositss o(f over $S,5(J.,U00O.UO an increase
    in deposits of sixty three per cent during the past year. Desirable building lots can today be purchased in Stet-
    son Home Estates at a cost of from $2750.00 to $7150.00
    REMEMBER THIS, THAT IN BUYING PROPERTY IN prices depending upon location and size of lot.
    DELAND YOU ARE NOT BUYING PROMISE. WVE ALREAID)Y The terms are most reasonable, One-Fourth cash,
    HAVE A WELL BUILT TOWN AND IN STETSON HOME balance payable monthly, quarterly or Semi-Annually at
    'ESTATES YOU ARE NOW OFFERED THE MOST DESIR- purchaser's option, so reasonable in fact that you should
    ABLE BEAUTIFUL LOCATION IN THE ENTIRE CITY. -not miss this opportunity to invest in DeLand Stetson Home

    RA "Y&k1 (i '. .
    REALTY;! o,~
    ;,: v. .. -.*.

    5ENT Co.
    U mve Sales Agents

    W129 North Boulevard, DeLAND, FLORIDA,
    o r r IB r Jkf^ ,_____ -- ^^ I H ^ *^ *^-* ^ w ^ ^ ^^^* ^ ^' ,>. -^^ - _* ---- __-.__ ->-_ ^^^^^^^^^_^_^ _^^^^^^_^^^^^^^,.^^,^^^^^_^
    ,'",..'": Tall Stately Pine6-Stetson Home Estates I
    ." ,. ,. .

    : *e :

    U? **

    * ,


    .." ..... ".1.
    O.,l ia ,'I ,- %qi t m rl ed ill -1 '.' ,dill ,' :-' 4
    J.7-- ..atisr
    IJI .M 1i atlulli ihrllllt % hI-h I jlipill~ IIm,'ke Iaeu al"(do' p -In.ot-, ". a ."r. --"6 .i"al i",,.

    I. ,l i -.l-, ,ii i,' ,, , ,ilia- l lb ,, ,'i ,,l, ,a,, ,iaas
    d l- [1,..01 i 'I i' 1'1'114, 1 !I l-% Illr- "
    I '... + .1. 4 .
    ,ihlA rl, alhaiA if lI. i (all it iil I. i.b t' ,,,,ill.ii l n ,i l iA l lrl' I i ihfi i .. I .la IZ 111,i.-- I ,ilsi -- ."--- 'i" 11r.. I I Z, iL , -l i
    ... ,i'. ii i ,l ,,, ,,ii,,, ,i ,,,p , , ,,,I ,, ,,.,, ,,, .. n 1., Ira. c, i .. ... I ,n ,l "fl --. ..-. . "
    h WiLf-r him 'A'nir~ I .IC ct~*.(.I
    tI. .. .I.,, ,,, ,,,. ,:,,,'" ,,i,..o., ,, ,, o, Hi S,,e NTTN. JO N ES EXP O.I TION
    1I 1 h1 L l i l w I1 "11 I ,-,I Ii . ,-" iiitiu' l n l i I h-'i il 'li i'-I-i cno'

    ------..,i ~ e .i .l n .^ iii .i .. ,w a ,h ., <' ,.pi ,.,,,,,t ,.ii ,,,,N .,,.:,p o ,,i, li.,. i,. ,..P I I r .al ., ..J ,,m .T Il -hil i P I a- n i2'll %V',11P W .A Z pIla1., |i.' w o -i t.,lo nl 111 %v. '1p1i p i r- .i i- i .... -,, 'nal
    rao. la [nfla it i. 1, rI- ..L ,l.l | ., da] N n ,i ,. i ..***i Ji i 'l III' .':I"

    W id e,. O r an za io '' ..'' ila l -h b lh li ll ru t* *\- r ii i.. br n" i-.l "J'h h r-l" '|' .'l lu r.iI ;I1.- IIBK l hii t |,fi 1 ln ;|,i, ,,, n ,. 11 i ,,11 in ,, iiin ..> ii.. |;.~e^ -< w ..l~ h Lt
    ri l ,.- l A1'. 1A I i ii ll '-il0l1i -, i0i 1."."i i ll a l h o.i I ii i | 'l Iph I t I.. |. : - ] D I,<
    -- i td i l l f lt i '' 0 '1111111 -1'. i'Il 'l l t i lla a llin ." -1h I IalI al i ,lt I la i i IiiUfa L I A, I,, -ii'i
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    aonnoetted with theol Ikinsn A IlI 'A v "I Ifl- 4 ll1 hIi., I'IlI' t_ .l T lrII "ian nY J aP

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    ONE OF THE FUN HOUSES XVITH JOHNNY J. JONES EXPOSITION ( .... "I ~l i ,,ill H'ANDSOlM E tr HOM ES A"J" 'l... .... .... .."

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    era l li ii it i T, i', a ,,., ,, ,, i ,, ,. ,l lIlN BELLARICA DELAN

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    eVolus ia up C ou nty 1- l fa'onie ei n ildI iiiH"- '' i". lka rkr ir Al a 1' t'a''u ~i a, tug i n a hii dl-.e eli nan d I'.r i a Ifra'tiil'- lu iea i- ot' lila-lu .11 a|.i ll .)?i ..e c. il U i,% t j d ie A I a i I. ,. i 1n 1 i,.,rr I,. 1 .1 i i' 'iaa iarle .i m ti loif ia H AlI Ifi ii ;i al Ilflit iq i:llilf^I I

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    FEA TUR ESn I7 I e CA R DINA L PR INCI PLES f n ;i. %..1) ,. li : ar, ,'i l.r...0 1 < ,ll lf i ,11,, ;, .,, *41 t,.1Il,,, .. .. .. I ... ma bt < -o o ni l 0p n t,- J

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    pTwo Hundred and Fifty W omen Bonded I ntoCounty-i rehea li i tbeatl ih u On tr a.,' in ni althing A nm ,i ',.r I. ,k- l. h,- Ill,' ,.,et I ,l., | ,l .I.a 1. .a. '.a ... .- h l il Do e i A
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    .tt' i p and manyleth n i h; Illl 'I l li Ifh n-." ,l" thilt sd o i oPil. rirnb 'ral d Ill i,,arltd' l(,r-i -n -.h. rtn1" ;irl- 111f11 it ,, l.1,i ., all I, a ... .1, -I ,. I ad "l,'-I-lan iIE+ ,'rai'h. , .al h I ". tII-' it i|I al ltha- b
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    Vh l u clan y o un t y H o rn e l Dr- h n t h .r B o, A n ,u k ,' .. .l- h .v;l ai. h ^ :.e sti'e r he p l a n oa n h-l'l1e r.- eV ba l w ,ar d ,l ,>lr,- i ,,I' i t. r l w .. '.-i o , i n a s -7. aI ..,',, s ,. n 1,, l ;I l l :,, a | l,:i he h ui- ;,",*"?"do

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    t bw u ldred an iil'it%i v`o n n Ilt isiP 011111 F thelil- ri 12 1 i it C itt (C-,I ( Vit- r laao\'n oraI hi I hybrhrim -hau nn Ji-fl i. ttr t (iue in apple. :11 -i therfl --I hmule l pn ii l l tra rruil n .len i tll I l .- ,, l ,a..'I.a ,!] ., ll, tiii. r l lTt-l- otf,,_ ide wA k' Vi- e Lndu-B rie
    halve band(ed |hernsie.\ M-3 to-4l1 ; ~1 tl, ~ tlife of ama.ryllJ:.3is ,al'(J14 fIi~l ..e s le ae he elnde, thle), str|' t? fronti [l le to little fi1! ,dlan h- f ol O i,- IHI I,,, :,H, lie":hh .6l ,: !1 ,n \1O1 h~ "il C J.Bilol i
    VO[ (,JII yhwidCouty a lfalotne The LIlnitjJ e w,' .n' t''l he..P variouIF. A 1.1rbe 4"' (It the tOubs are work for,' and hatt become a ,habit w +ith ing-A In Ihe-,i_. ineetina,"pla'n -, [or [',l, i..r .il',,hmdl-- .', 'I ,,haldi]ng h ,un ,es ihei'P_ if. N~q, ]dar P;l o~~ +
    called fthp \ol1i C uny n n', oe d,intinstrationn irpanizalinn-, ing out,,, definlnitltnic.i t e .Th y ,] h lt nbtk-Loipelnin h w r l.nmtid ,, .fli l.r -, .I1, i.'Alti,.t;r .Ir P ; eica d eri o d':
    B Lu~enl.u. {i ver- I fo e- t ife-. ntlopl the plg iall i their own. 1 om munitle-4. rill h po ib ] 'i of h, .n ,, e on t tia r r ,_ v d the. pcjs ,lbfli,,,,,e ,of ." rT 'r-ni,..ote al ful nstr, ilrifir .T. arare re, eiT% r "J
    "Tbis 'nrganizathon i,. iad nP of,"-alile Line .4 c-',l i-',d tl% h ,-,ligli'hn he.aut,lyine park, nr.,,I:..,Iher put-r In Irtil~ti. the g uiava may 1be There are ro I'isne, nont noi tll u .+t,,,+l n ,, ;,[ ,L ='.'' l .- ~ ,,e v r trc .P te+n .
    clulb% located in Hifhdvh il"l-L. r"y .I (hlh', fre .tuding'ill anirh I l.. ". ;,&ill I,- le vpuefl F dalon 'thlI n dI _," t a nle P ol I e l 'rUiI it)xh ro ilt e ,t t' i h ,l r... iml. I qlt~lE I "1. i~h uld:r lli p rT . r. S~ k s lw V "i.
    t en a l Be a t'h N e w S i ylN 'll[l S a ll; .0 0 ~. T iele y in e t i qi a r t~ r ly i ."u In d illm t h e b e a n ~t fi (a t i o n o f th e l t .o o Ill e -.e r n g t h i s f r u it h o n io th i n t l : t ind n r in g le a d le r h ip .i f p , it, -'I1, 1 ( a I Ii ,,- II,- nI h rWt'fiif .vll o r t h is c it y. H R it h ~s nR i Hw: +
    R u in s, + O a k H il l. I~ a k e H e le n ,M-o n a n d l o nlqla l e I _.- lll t a t h ie v e d a n d l ho llt: d t l rrin g Lh l e tlll g y e a r (C e ll h ,Ulr e a t l tf o l k s h]a v e d ev e lo p e d f o u ill, h e g ir b& ., t s t u ll_'Tlit o e d e n mo n 1 I~ e i d.l l i i -l O l-rl, ,1 1-,1,1n l ri .l~ ,u ~ o ei e Rc igi[ '. ,i
    ---t d, Do eo S ri g=. nd Ra-dI I- 'Llq< ,thv inelh,', al odpred. Tit;, er o nl operaiimn ha., been n'e ..t e A' o t, t T .I~k =t&lf n,:,~t m .t .h n h:, &'" b-' htp~ n r 't r:%%.1.,r1,'- r rl.t[ t IIrPo e,.rra. Jh ( an r R T '
    boervillie. The preside t.+ lenhte tsl ., e roC thPo w k (e\e, rtl [le I. ttit tih ino lunnei.:l yISl ','tl" cr w ed p o rf ile pi-perm oi w.urr,;,u.-,|iel,_f P i i..... t,, lihar stIel in f h ,otnec, here." qaid 1 .MB~ e "-
    ... .. . .--- -- ,- ,-5





    For Municipal Improvements to be spent at once at Ocala, the result of an election. This nust' also add to the value of


    Which presents a very busy sight with about 50 new homes under process of construction, not iy spectulatoirs, b ll1 by home builders.



    N. Boulevard

    So Why Not See for

    N T. ROSA

    DeLand, Fla.

    Phone 598-W

    ,- _iL I*I II- Aill l l IJIl-l !ll laI! I=i! !!ll l .iI. i!lll. _ll lll-_ -lll lll lll lll li iIi i
    ',." I-- -, ,. + -. : . . . . . . ... .. . .. .. 't +.I -.-

    '1-.~~~ -

    = i i... . ... ... .. .



    .... . .. .. . = m +i




    -~i-.r-~;- A t,'bThCtj~ECj
    I, <14' ~ *~. I ..:''.'I'I.II'm '. '7'l''V.'' 'itifi lV'IflTTfl1'ThTfIflh1TfPh1ipTIUTflTlflTNTfT~ITTITThiii
    -. h. -, ..--..

    &Sertes of

    - ^>ortraitsl
    l- Jtlslt rtative

    =-0f V o daoridas
    ==--wost unique

    r- rolect L/

    S "wo. 1:

    ?Y^ o'wer.^




    ^/^1, })hearitifut
    book f thwejty
    pa e illu st ro tedc
    uitu)b lr-anwinj s ncf
    pbotora/'is, is no-tu
    cciatlahle. Senc[ o1"
    call /or a0 copyc-

    * *immw lm U EUVEmI flhflmEm i
    A northern man, l)romninent in educa-
    Stional circles, recently purchased a lot in
    Daytona Highlands (Lot 10 in Block 71, to
    be exact). Being asked by a friend why he
    bought it, lie Ceplied: "Because the beauti-
    ful view of the golf course, which had been
    pointed out to me on the map, is already
    there. I thought what I saw."
    This man, who, by the way, paid cash
    for his lot on which he declared his inten-
    tion of making his future home, sounded the
    keynote of Daytona Highlands' phenomenal
    success. From the first, it has been the
    policy of the Daytona Highlands CompanyL
    to sell only developed property, and de-
    velopment has been carried on as fast as
    men, money and machinery could economi-
    cally bring it about. Sales have mounted
    steadily upward, unaffected by the general
    jnaiket. Investors have taken comfort as
    well as profits from their holdings in the
    Highlands, because, once their )purchases
    were made, they were free from care and
    anxiety concerning them. No watching
    the market to "sell at the right time"; no
    fear of being left with "something on their
    hands"; no wondering if their profits were
    assured. Many have invested again and
    again, realizing that here is the place to
    buy-Ifor sound values, assured profits and
    fi eedom from worry.

    'A *h I'FA~Id
    -t 't g.

    Floidcvts Subirb of Hills nsd Lakek
    Executive Office, 162 S. Beach St. '

    h uona Beach,


    i .
    '- .
    4. / i <*

    l'i'* rnilt- i'..rv,'ali, and.n i i.'riipllnieiii.irr Tolir ri th'n (h,.,.ti-r ,- i3'[I.y l ',ln .i h
    0 I '11i' l .r t -i--
    %W,.M II <'('L AI. I 11 5 hll.i hl an.i ..\v,... Agpil ,, I DI .ivhnlll [llihhlnIl.l'-


    ii I *LL~1iL .2 '"'s' .WI:IIIHu44IIhkh.L~hD,~~.kA ~t?'~ iii:iL7HiljiVTTj ~ I I ''H I -



    / .

    I < ",. I

    , 9




    t A






    . i.

    A m








    ,n r vr .
    **,** J **l 41" .;
    ''* ^ i o

    :*! n*.
    I -


    ere is no resisting thoughts of Florida sunshine, of green golf courses, opal seas,
    re skies, silver sands! Here, indeed, is the land of eternal summer. When
    w and slush and sleet are chilling folks to the marrow in the north, Florida has
    ease of life, the charm, of a south sea isle. It is the world's most fascinating
    ter playground, set in a tropical wonderland.

    Florida breezes bear the scent of the palms, of the ocean and of night-blooming
    nine-all beneath a heaven of deep dark blue, of countless stars and a great
    idrous moon.

    ne strains of syncopated music. Happy couples dancing under the palms and
    gay lanterns; youth and merriment, friendliness and hospitality everywhere;-
    wonder folks ate flocking to Florida, "where summer spends the winter!"

    We offer you our 40 years experience e in Real Estate in selecting a suitab le and profitable investment in DeL and.

    Our listings consist of some of the best homes and lots in the city of DeLand.

    J. W. Bousfield and Associates

    Come to the Fair and convince yourself Landis Bldg.
    of DeLand Stability I 14 West Indiana


    4 p.
    L 1;



    E. B. DAUM

    4 4
    ~a. *.L~.: 4 4






    Call at our office
    Fair Week



    - I


    ttngje Conty',



    Lawe Circulatio






    tm ed Aggregation of
    Amnusements to Play
    9 at the Fair

    r..niuvaled in the Realm of Outdoor
    i, Amusements. Says
    V..f "Hired Boy"
    ,g? i iAusement devotees ot this sec-
    -'. M owe a debt of gratitude to
    : fair association for again biav
    lW-.U licensed the Jbhnny J. Jones
    -o'0or amusement feature of the
    |:',26 Volusia County Fair. "I II
    f it; rlsaes to b)e a week of real
    'i fn and amusement for the
    S le of Volusla County vicinity."
    B',i1 Edward R. Salter today.
    "1 0, The claim made by Mr. Salter.
    1,04, ;nagar or the publicity depart-
    . ent, that Johnny J. Jones Ex-
    si." '3altlon "is the greatest In the
    EY3orld', is undoubtedly nearer the
    O" ',th than the claim set forth by
    i.. llar out of doors attractions
    ch have visited this city.
    Lchere Is one thing which is
    .,ttotandingly noticeable V bout
    Sny J, Jones Exposition, and
    information is worthy of first
    *, tion", stated Mr, Salter, "that
    iong the host of attractions
    K ich form the great amusement
    I reaction. tlere Os absolutely
    ot one to which the slightest oh-
    t4'' Otn can be taken". The pro
    atan provided are clean and
    tusome, novel and mysterious
    Positively devoid of any aug.
    r1 !iion of vulgarity, and in many
    I dancess provide both interesting
    r t ittnment as well as educati.
    l1 enLertainment. Other at
    long are merely gloom dis.
    are, full of fun and fromn an
    le and happy diversion from
    Anxieties of every day care.'"
    continuing Mr. Salter said:
    SJ. Jones, being in a class
    If. very naturally must be
    911..J 'all new Ideas and in-




    K"*.. ,4 .'. .. -'
    .,, .' .' ., ,, .

    n:ivalionsi, nil lie makes one pas--
    tlttlar announcement tliat causes
    much discutsion atnd dissent in
    the amuse n tic-rit world, but will
    meet with warm approval from
    the press and public. and that
    far-reaching idea Is the barring of
    all monstrosities from being ex
    hitited with his organizations.
    While Jones is daring in his as-
    sumption, still that ;q the basis of
    his great success, for he is the
    only out.dor amusement manaa-
    ger who has never tolerated vulgar
    girl shows, forty-nine camps, and
    gambling with his Exposition. Oufr
    slogan has hefn a family amuse.
    ment institution, juilt upon a
    foutrlationa 1l decency and clean-
    linhes that is as solid as the Rock
    of Gibraltar. What thie Ringling
    Brothers, Barnum antil Bailey Big
    Show means to thi admirers of
    clean. circu.,es. sn the Johnny J.
    Jones Exposition hears similar re-
    lation for al! ie'ortee.. of the out-
    door amiusenments."
    Johnny J. Jones Exposition is
    a real Flr.d: product with head-
    qtuaiters at Orlaud.o wh,-re Irr

    To members of the Fair Associ-
    ation and Exhibitors and Patrons:
    The First Fair held in January
    1924 for the first time displayed
    to an amazed citizenship the versa.
    utility of their country's agriculture
    and the high standard of Poultr3.
    Live Stock and other branches
    Jones is a heavy real estate opera-
    tor. Every particle of parapher-
    nalia utilized In building the John-
    ny J. Jones Exposition is purchased
    in this state and during the two
    nmon'ths the show is ar. -wlier
    quarters over 200 men are com-
    stan;ly kept epmployed building new
    shows, wdgibs., etc., and repairing
    the old effects.



    Four Bands Scheduled to
    Be in Attendance
    at Event

    Johnny J. Jones Promises Many
    New Attractions in His
    UM..- 06-..

    midway now
    The Volusia county fair draws
    near anid all preparations are near.
    .ig completion. From last report
    .... there will be four bands in attend-
    S ^,;.,'.3.'"' ante. the fine New Smyrna Muni-
    .^''' ipial band having volunteered its
    S' senic-es for Thursday. Jan 28, and
    .'?. ,. ".^ l.L will give concerts featured by two
    vocal soloists. As promised the
    ES EXPOSITION Johhuy J. Jones Midway will have
    some new features. AmonUg them
    is the AtlanticqClty water circus.
    o:f Farm industry mentioned. The the fathomless oceans Fary Nynm-
    SeLondI Fair held in 1925 assumed phs ten in number introdb(ctng
    far greater proportions, new build- unique aquatic sports, diving Veu-
    ings have been constructed and uses and marvelous mermaids.
    new departments organized until The charming ladies talk, sing ant
    the Fair of 1925 took on the aspect dance as Neptune's daughters In
    of a State Fair. a riot of gay festivity. The feature
    The Fair of 1926 will open with part of the entertainment in an
    Exhibits in several new buildings exact reproduction of the New
    including a Floral Hall and the York Hippodrone' sensation, the
    grounds have been created into a diving girls remaining under water
    beautiful park of natural loveli- for indefinite periods. The beautl-
    ness. ful Beatrice Kayle a young and
    Then too, the race track is magnificently formed girl closes
    now in excellent condition and the the performance by making a 100
    fireproof grandstand is not the toot dive from a ladder into a tank
    only seating as bleachers with a oft water only five feet deep. Every
    capacity of several thousand have member of the company Is a high
    heeni ordered. diver, and two men, captains Wild-
    The Fair plant proper now con- emir and Bostard, are both holders
    sists of 12 nioiel buildings desig- 01of anl medals.
    ned by d specialist in Fair archi- Virginia Lee a little 12-year-old
    teilure. Mnre are to be added in- school girl. %ill go up a ladder for
    eluding men'u atid woman's Rest a high dive. you must remember
    Rooms with the be.-it of sanitary that she is under going a course in
    facilities. All streets and walks divng and every dive she make',
    have been paved and the entire is just a part of her education.
    grounds landscaped and hundreds The little Mlqs hopes before the
    of lights added to the lllumlnatiou 'end of the season to be able to
    sytem l n W Sx) make a dive from the top of the
    ,(Coinwtinued On 9* ^ix.) 70 foot ladder into five feet of

    I vra~ -

    I Florida Fruits Direct

    | from Growers to

    :. Consumer

    ,.The Winnemrnissett Park Co. make a specialty of fancy packed boxes of citrus fruit
    direct from our own groves to consumer.

    S^All fruit shipped is grown and packed on our own orchard in this way we can

    - control the quality and the handling.

    I;. '. .

    Syou paid for. We probably would find this costly if we did not ship first class fruit.

    |, ..We have the different varieties grown and can fill all orders in their different sea-

    7 Any inquiries for prices will be given prompt attention.



    I .1

    Special Days at Volusia Fair

    Children's Day-Garden Club Day
    Lake County Day
    Farmers and Fruit Growers
    Seminole County Day
    Governor's Day ---Indian River Country Day
    Hon. John W. Martin. Gov. of Fla.,
    Guest of Honor
    Fletcher Day --------- Halifax Countly Day
    Hon. Duncan U. Fletcher, Guest of Honor
    Tourist's Day -----------North Volusia Day

    water. This is her first year in
    tho diving business. i.reating themni in other form than
    Hawaii. the isl of tn romanLce. r1hose h. n in this room of cun-
    over which our Uncle Sam exer- ningly shaped mirrors fitted up
    o With ]beatltfUl lighting eff,-cts. In
    cises a protectorate. Is represent. Laighlandit Is laid that laughs
    ed by one of the features of the "augh and it i sad that laughs
    Johnny J. Jones Midway, coming ar'o ad inistlred faster than a
    to Volusia County Fair, Jan. 26.:31, 'lock ticks offt the seconds. anid
    at DeLand. The national dunce it Is all clean and wholesome
    of the Hawaiins, the "Hula," Is amusem-nt.
    pretty well known In tils country, "We Got It" is another upto-
    but has seldom been seen as pre. date "'l'hun Phactory," with many
    sented by the true natives. It is rnew and noel eff.icts and mecha
    Srowu in this performance, along ni'al idiihce., created for laughter
    with the plaintive and crooning only .It Is (lean and harmless as
    melodies, accompanied by fasci- allI really humorous things must
    nating melodies on the Hawaiian be. The "Squintorium" Is a most
    guitars. -ujoyabl g ort of penny clrcu,.s
    Hawaii lies In the "South Seas,."' where fortunes are told, bag
    and has long been known as an punching is Indulged In. electricity
    Isle of wonderful nights. flowers, is tested, etc. and the price is
    and beaches of transcendent beaut only one penny for each indul.
    ty. A lifelike reproduction of its gence.
    people and their habits and cus- o-- --
    toms is shown in Oene Naudran'q Front the state there were ship-
    Village, and there is a large com- ped laot %ear $3,875,000 of cucum-
    pany of true natives, conlstiuig of' bcrs; $3.1i0I1,n00 of snap beans;
    male and female singers, danger. letu-, $1,222.000: potatoes. $2.-
    and instrumentalists. A truly 85.1u t ,44, war-
    worth-while performance and well 5.,,;io tomatoes, $3,445,000; war-
    worth seeing, If you should be ermnielons, $6.941.000; celery, $S,-
    coming to the Fair. 250,000: strawberries. $5,735,000;
    In "Laughland" a person with a Then additional millions in limes,
    sense of humors Is shown what he pineapples, avocados, mangoes,
    or she might look like if the fates kumquats, peaches, pecans, ch'-
    had not been kinder to them by bage, cantaloupes, eggplant, peas,
    -- I ^ - >^ _I-->I---IIII- --- --I





    Athens and Dreka


    "Home of Universal Pictures"

    Service-Satisfactio n-Courtesy-Prevails

    I. L. KENNEDY, Manager

    oilm------- -

    ' *." '* ii .;
    .-..*-- ... '. *, I,

    -' "............&~ ':~h* ~ ~ ~.L g.jei


    Winnemi ssett



    TY FAIR"!.,




    Several Crops Can Be
    Grown Each Year on
    Same Soil

    Tourists Create Market for Eggs,
    Butter, Fruits and
    By T. A. BRbWN.
    County Farm Adviser for Volusia
    We often hear the statement
    that. "the best crop harvested it.
    Volusia county is the touris'-'"
    Provided that those tourists find
    what they want when they get
    We hear and see a lot of attract
    ions pointed out to the thousands
    of visitors who come to us in in-
    creasing numbers every year. We
    like to meet the genial seekers
    of pleasure and health. We try
    to tell them of the wonderful
    beach, the fishing, hunting, boat-
    ing. and motoring, band various
    kinds of entertainment, and always
    of the mildness of the climate. No
    writer has yet fouad space to
    enumerate all of the good points
    that should be mentioned,.
    1 will try to -take up just one
    point, one that has been somewhat
    neglected and begin the ques-
    tion How are all of these folks
    fed? And how will their increas-
    ing numbers years hence?
    Napoleon said, that "an army
    traveled on its .stomach," and we
    know that in ithis case Napolo6rt"'
    knew what be was talking about'., ,-\'
    We also .know that these hordes ,I
    of visitors would not visit us veryl.;
    long if they were not properly fed'
    Therefore -we believe that when
    we can send the visitors back
    to their northern homes spreading ..
    the news that. in Volusia coun- :
    ty, one can have an abundance of
    (Colntinued Un Fag' Twou .j '

    IF 7

    , I '. '

    .N.N .. '\; .'* ." '

    TH-EDELAND DAILY NEWS. SATURDAY. JAN. 23. 1926 ..... .'L

    .C. -.: '7 4 -
    T E M NIl WkJO FAinRM HParliMt tl.liniiiir0HIniicimmibellnol THE MAN WHO FARMSile. y ,,I,,t,;' lili, ,O,. ,it' aii nit
    ha % T -t,'d ilod lit e iij ,h i .t, i & Ut' f ani tr c 1o; a a %, rage 4 j tia, -oil l rnc im nli' PO te
    P I r .- these iowa- 'ire heine cut Uil iint acre farm In th!, .ecrion and .ee the quality is tuhst le
    5 .= | i ,-nt inn-il Frcni Paar- Onir ,llv lot's anid si.h-dl Mided Bit ,lteithetd the yorn iel tamih ican thie count" mrire high elm
    ., [* ^ '| rr.-"l1 (rtunlt. ectatihle.. ninlk. s-g.5_. while % e ee tlii- lit ii done %%e Leat it C;oiig Iad: fromi town ;a gerin? .are proiucer the
    -" proulii. anil nieats. ielieeld to van also rementler that thnulsandi, fe% miles into the -'latwools." ether place in the world
    .heir doors ]ijust a few hlourr 'ron ol aars at-of netwl atallable farmi where rhey itar e ln .nroparly alaifacx (;punrry .prdur
    the farl't,. every dav in the year, .Land were recently put on ne drained icr us see whack we cnn share of thi? crop mnd .i
    *i t laft Wil i h'.i.- 0111 Ithe markl+.i to -nee.L the .nrgeni de do, with a fortny-acre farm i i air (or an'i against this
    S ver% best at. irtisitn Ihai can hbe mand for thir lan tof property Split the- larnt in two andt tal:ke try, a compared with otbh
    liro , dl.3 |)r.odtii>. "l. Formerly the "Hurninock" lands hall for the main crop fiiehl. Have we anil is a thorough inve-L
    TW ?e 3 A l3 Whon lice nreraton l set parlltne the Ialifax rier have |i onditoit to plant in Irish will let the u
    *I i V r "'ouct tot- the01 Somth to get away from been the main source of auIpply of potatoes late in December. Nine- deeii ngg
    I T l i winterr ..nill'n hilasrs. i.o they (rits anl vegetables Somne 250 tyv da).s will nature this (rI)p Another phase of artnin
    T h -a e0iii u u louli inti for a ,anii hao where rarnim ha,.e heen ouleraied here if' bringing hiarver-, late in March or shotlil ie mentioned in t
    Silovy can -Oin themselves' Not the dark rIclh loam %oil that was early April. An average yield if etaFie.e cia'. is that of
    TSN Y L ad les D ept-" li. IkIelv. winless there Is %lOundant orilnall.y coverall with dense 4 i a1rrelsi u ew potatoes cone flaaers and bulbe. .A sli
    Sefoiod noarh3. So with the hutnan forets of hardwood There aries- on thie nimnrlet just ai the time 'been t mle within ,lte pa
    innd nwerlls coul bet hae human atI
    s,. now biri'ds,'" they like the sLn, iI" wells could be had almost an3 that northern people beg n to1 yeas along this *iIne a1
    d AiN T H O N Yad iesIep1m en t htir tieh, also lilce' good foidl and where and Londilions were ideal tire of old potatoes and ready there are over 4.00,0Q0
    SA Ilthey ea>not be efpecleU to stay tar crop production, to pay a good price for new ones narcissus alone growing in
    Sulong without it. neither it It net'e- But .in a comuiry lihe this con- After the potatoes arp dug. re beilds lil ies and many i
    '-,rar. Cot' tenr -to do wltltt atgtnt progress changes, the map ,o .ork the rows andilant at once .atn in 'ertain seetirsus ibh
    -' fo 1 )ii fi thiL cIliniate not ortl3 ine towh.3. but the aur- in .corn wholh lilb threr o-r fot' i]e autifullinese are rown.
    'i" .. tie cti t)e(of the Floridua m .tinluI, ply two years ago 3ieamed a.- puimt JAto the sil il late July. Many oilier flowers are ra
    Cotusnel 1.)if toheelet t-ruigcuny.Wle'thelosup- ovcg nur intmetJildltertefimyero
    t \,r- finl ihat right here Jn our 'auate for the population Ibit tarm- Turn lth r landl egjin iAnil ,Ow -.mall quanlilles and oena
    i3 .\oVuluela coumii.'. agricultural ers. now scramble toi keep paiue cowpeas in August and irake a shIabbery is toning to he
    M i t'ralut were -mnde b\3 ,Ibe King of i with the tienvaod. Lay guorli crop ol legunme hay in Ot industry.
    S5 taaii. t..lid while 4IlLtle wa known' int aelde tie possible boomn pro. other Ha i. the ground ready fur \\ need many more I'
    B e a se of 011lt'ropM1 that could be prodihaed .Portions that may develipe in our tht De-eei'ber planting a'Jrtato's \Ve have type oflap soil I
    hen-. we are .tqo tfitat sugar qlane. LO "ns. the gredial normal In. adopted to growing aaign
    colion until jntdi.go ware produced grease must lie ruet bv an ibpux \Ve have rtentioned the ,.orn thing for which lr
    a i in Large gu.ntiAies (onr roacercee of people who are willing to t111 crop igoS into the hilo. letorde wr nd. And we .lave a 'il
    tich th li t ld would We qan yet the soil. to wailli ows. rait- chick.- trom all over trie United States for nearly everything that
    N! liI old oleagiae .4pd 1i1e0d1 .wheoe ena and peddle vegetables, show it- that where tarkit pt- eon irodtce. ho it will 'bt
    ,r E I~lDJ *W !r ps wete ,raised until-Ihe Seni- No longer ate tlle little tarms gramr is wounded on the dairy herdi. liat our opportunities are
    In our 'to Wear cton we are carre Itidat ,nt ,on the ar .a.lh In tile hamrmook fstle to prndluce. that prosperity follows according utnlimted.
    Sd to Se c t carrying an drHve toe selUers ut or.killed the vnlne-of natoes. vegetable, ly, and with the demand or mill; I i not like going int
    =ath t d th y lhem.rt h titlteountry went bck .htberries and nils that I n r produce one d danry production there i entirely new coutry toga r T r- t, ie w sate or an year aundatly to y's te .a' ever rason hy we hol co- arm prame a ia
    = 6ShhAt'afltVSU~flntic in styleoanu firmI the -coufltry's 'fore- tit the WLIld slate for tuany y-ears. abundantly to nilintly's table and, every reason wAhy we should con,-Fri prnlesal afl
    s mak -ers However. no iniintr.. where ioll t,) ihte icitlns of tihe hoel-. No ite cowti ued farming here. ation h.' n rstablil
    "-IJO.. most maes j atil elktate condlition-' are fo fa- lowpger will the pix hundred cowq Thereloji w i have iory are the pioneer work ha bean
    tvoable call signil Jll Ior lnqg. o w bieing InI-Itd lk ert-iupply the [arms Ii, thi-i se-tion thatThe a y does nat have
    gS' S',and after thr- (iLvil War, little set- increased demand tor the niece a-s many as twenty uows which I.s idly by the mve nr six
    151u recive tie [i nititelnt- H .1w,-r. ai0, estaliaheti. sary rn Uk at any pi ice. No longer as it sholl i, ,il,.e ieip silo and ee,-ry nity -bp pro
    IOur M ellin r Section rece esas rtpte 5 Sqtierntoir-, lioiw4lie oi' ti- naluir will the small flocks of.leghorns the v,>at round i'aaiute nakes an emloyed the whole year
    Ives atnviyntt u ged. l Oilvantae. tfin andti started ADD-T A BROWN STOHY- -_ ideal cnnibitinationn or hottllntli-ala The market ore i our do
    SL = .m:nil fiariri add orarie- grove-,. undI reil tunrnish [lie increasing tie- priadtictlon. and Ihe silo may be do not hart to depend qn
    v < emy newest eacnweek. T rhi' n.'rthlirnpr.s who wanteip 11) It l OnanI or 'fresh egg. hrrilr- anind filledi a oftln i runs e-plt troil a year syslBem. Soci
    acS* '.:: i.i-.r lit whlo ,hd 11o01 want tin con- roas.iers that these town-people provided ilie crop- are- planned l pdtational advantages ai
    I Iend Cillit ite rugged rlinmate ol the seem to like sn well. nnr fan the for nIlairi iy ait tle r:ght Iite. I iablibhed on a hiRh plan
    S'rsetere ---- t .l / w asea etxtiiwit by hoat. on foot anti McDonalds silo.` feed enough I'ef We know of onp farmer il thi creation i' at hand ton .
    IsP ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ( nrat.ffl~nll m n~b o n After seeing the rent- tol senisfy, the appetite% thatI -rave conty w'ofledli itI-c
    -= O~~ur -Coset DeparAment Is in charge of ";' ,ex er ,I,,.e +e. h e, ,,n,+.,o,=e .,,h' oeu,',tf w,,o filledl, ,,,.41111 L6'"I -.-=-o- -
    U nL.Jt C I~n..etper't M t ,,u f tltO, le otl piuittation rn l'-it -teef right front ie iarm Ihi- eas.n wiltI cor front the To form an' idlea of the i
    *-O ai'e r 4 1w fau L i.a 1t and e-aniiininy the soil there sea So" we are opening up n new ard s-tame field. One crop planted in Florida it is as far trqnt
    .orseiere wan we eaire only me Oest maKes corsits ill- %.t poshibilitie. on ihi, conrn 'iioii To. i.- entipire,. tha i now April was pUiT in tite s-lo it July vni no ,e' West as it i,
    t11 r.3 soiled down anti setn l: available to Lbose whio cant to The field was planted again i/Jaclsonville to New York
    and accessories Ilit-it, lri-nd. 'With the advent ot -toy here the year around and en-j Augawt apd put in the silo in Sinct 1S4o Florida has
    an Accssoies Florida Cast Coast railroad ijoy iroduing t rop.- twelve mouths late Novemher. Thil field had steady growLh. In all that
    .,55i and ihe East Coa.-t chnal sy-. in thle year to feed th?-e folks produ-ed a fine trop of potatoes, up to the Federal Census c
    term thi country has settlled- wliho are so hus-y building cities. prevIous. to the t'irst -'T,.. T>JjInto one of per'manpnt prosperity and at the same time- send our and cill aeain lie inl potato, tlis iacre-as- *in popflltion pf t
    Our Underwear seci on is one of the largest and arid. coienimfn,. pnrio, of these fr,'., loodd ,o the season. in What other itdil c.n lire I,.,,e, Stale, ,,h an a
    I ur Un er a s o is oe of la It an',. ,arly iealized that thi! north e a time ot year when north this he diiplicateild? o lit) per tent In 1930
    most 'complete in the vicinity. would e one i the aorl.-d's alegi- ern fleld- al-e fI'lnzei and the Thus, far we have mentiioned on- ill lead the Union in pa
    e ,, ,r ,,. te' v, i e ,-s p,+l roundsnd. and ,,i, Flori,- od,. nor ,, n fai er holes up lip ,e a IV ,alf 01 ,he ,o,'.. uppo 'e weI crease again.
    systeint )I hotels and entertain- hear to eat what he liad piroduited luy off' another ten acre. for a The population of F.brid
    111 me@t1. bi hbroLiht us coilntless the titmmer Ibefore building rite and permanent paq- increased att average of tot
    -- ,/a e i e f t E visitor Many have ,een (ie ad- Let us not go intt fairy tale-, t. Plant the isr to le- sevn-ehlls per oeat en:
    'W ,W ar"e giving viea m value. Out m.lercnanaise is vantage of year around livlitg on at-out whait the farnter can ido in pedeza. tarpet gruss and Bahia The- United States has ina
    JBS i I .1 'iE5 dnltiollS helr mnd hape Atatied and lliii. sei-iton. bil look at honle of graqs. which will 'urni..h y%,r. tBo ani Pour-fifths ,er cent
    *' r.JXeas a--- priced i umade hionie- here. the ulual evidence thiat is liefrore rounndt grazing Scatter a [ew do has een growing twi
    LL. 5Tri tltti^jf Hoiwebrer. The main effort hac us. where tlon and tisee iopni of hard fruit ihe i or i f-ew sra-b ql fa-t anihe 1'-3 of the .
    cobeen made to build towins and eii. food i re harvested (ro! the Fantu until th.y a lar e enough of tate and osly in 108l
    Jterrain tOUi and winter 'i.-torl Lielts in the same year. where the -furniih sialde trees bc-re aud. shnw six to ten iIes ha he
    They*, ej.*y.^ irac~n here a 1^tw y anti little effor t hais len niade poultry t1uti outside every tday in protection for the ows a, well aates.
    1They enjoy tra ing here. Wee deavor constantly ,, hilI llp wonderful hack the 3 ear. where the dairy oow 1s tnriit for the market and table. Florida i1 as larte as New
    .(olntr) put in thle barn only to eat her Let u-; plant enough water oak to Masaal..usetts ant Rhode
    to nr m re than an ordinary service. ur sae- 'eopl ho .Oid .qe- tht hand itin und slilage aud be milked and make the pliu.e beautiful four an combinel. Theae states
    i" '*0 d Vi i M^. wiin, onil the tall ot agricultune. Them turned out to pasitie. and least ,ld a population of '14,
    p re Luteous and efficient. anI tl cleared lani andt panted How Much nicer to do thores Nothing ha ee said about have a population of 200,iO
    p i earc l OO reous. Wln e 'itil. ?., ----i sr.."e "- lod .i h9rvestin the clad in ordinary clohhv.i lntlhare our cin,'u- f,'ult_, Sufitie it to Flori ra had 96ft.3(>6. Plof LL
    ME .". i'iil' of i_ labors. '- <,a" h..vingto lu i, around 111, ovi.- ,vy That Volusia County produce i uoLb.lori rowdtfi. _.
    S. .. ..1 Ve realize 1.hai llth \,%,;i\ have slioes .it111 mltcn.iz. .nil thaw n t about i e twentieth of the en- With a population as1
    e wt.-u.h fas-er Thanie ;,utPup aied cnt tHe ie Ir l the tire litru-, ropl nf Florida. gee- European coultrieaI ?bo'rl
    Sa-- -ound recently in one of 0 0'1t,,v W\e awfo n i-lz- Idh I Iaterin Iroh. 2 rl o' i-iert vaie- u origi- Ftppot a hiopulatl on of 40A
    the showrooms in New York City. We're going to post .
    it in our department. It reads: .0
    S' n 1 **

    ". ,,,Whether you come to see -

    =Or come to sell .- I

    I wbethr you come .to buy Home Seekers
    SO r were just passing by, r ,

    __ You are always heartily welcome." WOULD YOU WANT A BEAUTIFUL LOT ON

    Thaf's just the .way we eel. We know you will ROUNDING COUNTRY WITH BUE LAKES
    like the pleasant atmosphere here. We try to make S MING AON WTH TREE I
    Everyone feel that we're glad they've come to see us, SHIMMERING AMONG THE TREES IN THE
    and to have them feel glad that they have come. We DISTANCE; A LITTLE POND TO KEEP
    try to conduct our business on the basis of service as DCKS IN AND HAVE YOUR CHILDREN
    = e onddhyRtay
    -- pounde',, Rory: = PLAY'tN WHEN YOUR lTTLE OOZY HOME I

    = '." Service before self; '- S' ] -. IS BUILT; JUST THE PLACE YOU HAVE

    JE Heprf .its.wost who se, es best." .

    =| 532-3W or 1. CALL AT STEELE & MIKELL.

    _-* 'E4 You Come to Daytona Beach -~ | OUR SELIUNG AGENTS, OR SEE US AT 216


    I Miller w.vest-ent


    o un-
    Ajt y
    ers. -
    1 ,in

    - Corporton
    - -With Antony-BaldiCo. -- Beach and Magnolia Sts.

    S." 2nd -Floor '13"' V Daytona, Fla. "* |

    iI ... I '-"
    "ell i .9'..l.. _:U...,..... . .. .., .., :... .

    ~ it'.


    Buys a lot 50x 14 5, all improvements


    ,;,' A subdivision of home sites on Spring Garden Avenue

    5 minutes from the busiest corner in


    on high, rolling pine land

    SMap shows proximity of Bellarica to Stetson Home Estates, Forest Hills and De-

    Land's other high class developments

    ***** 1, A P L J ^__
    'Iii1. i; nlewhF'd VA~.T oz-I I"* p
    '" rlm*-,-- ,---3 ^-- :H-gef___t. ^ i-. * TV ^- J
    1)1D C>* .O A T 10N Or I, ,W U N A
    .."13 E, B..LIAIU CA .^"- J:U''faT T
    't PAI JAVI ----
    .d. 8 ...l n C
    C LA V8D r rLo_ iDR1 --jjjj-iiiLii^if a



    LY 1 I-l1jjes~r~'

    *i Our streets are now sh~elled--
    'ur water system is installed-

    *? Our electric and telephone serv ice is contracted for--
    mOuu sidewalks will soon 1e bu tilt.
    "" ..~

    Homes Are in Process of


    P: urchasers at the present low price are s ure of a handsome profit. .....

    ::.-.I:PAIGE & JAR VIS

    \_-f^1- L-^1|L==1)' L-1- F1 IIr

    ,' s DeAan di Fa. o s o

    eTep~Tb'ne.319"J '202 So. Woodland' B'oulevard
    1:Const ruction
    | oe reticin in- eac deed in kei g;= with- th ig lasreie tiaetini
    whc Rel_ ric__is located
    "V- drchser at theJ"'

    1:P IC R. JARV ^ ?[IR*"

    Highlands Car Advertises State

    Datona Beach. Jan. 2:1.- SpecIal Messrs. Morgan and Tandy were
    to the to ad- connected with the largest motion
    vertise all Florid. awhile advertis- picture house andti exchange com-
    ing Daytona Beachi anI il. derelop- pany in the world, and appreciat-
    mnent, Daytona itlilladtk. Flor. lug the value of ,pi ture publictlty.
    ida's .Suburb of iill-, anl, Lak., t they have- equipped (the car with
    the Daytona Hihlilii.I i omrnpany, tile mniost pertect motion picture
    of whioh George S. Morgan i-l i'iet pint eoeri used for advertising
    vice president andi C. E. Tanly purpouie,. Tihe, have arranged, al-
    natlonal sales director', i, endingg so. to send tro trjainloads of in-
    to all states ea -it fHit li Mis-,.sippii vetor.ts to Fliritla eachI month.
    river what is de'lar-td t Ir t titl e e ix : delnol-iitrai-.r-. with years of
    inost completely t-,inippedl Pullinan experience, are aboard tihe car,
    car eier devoted tI :txhibitiot pur- frimni whiirlich advertising matter of
    poses. 'Coniinctiw-ealths lil:e Cali- a most appe-aling type is.being dis-
    fornia and great railroad t vsteus tlributed.
    have resorted to trhi; eiecItrive I -tcision of the. Daytona tH'igh-
    mniethod of advertising state anti land comnipanyv to dedicate this tar
    sections, but it is b'-lieved that to Florida's development followed
    IthIs i t[lie fir-t time their' plan it.., employment, last summer, of
    has been euniulite-d I). 1 single de- [Ir Alexander Kair, former edu-
    tvelopment company without aid in tattion secretary of tihe American
    tihe matter of expent,-.. Cit r% bureau. a Olfticial orator"
    Thie car. in ahichi are di-l|ia3ed -if the Halifax Cotntr of Florrida.
    roidtlict-; andi ii( tures iron1 every of tllii h Da'Iytona Beach is tlie ni-
    section of the state, is now travers- tiopollt, indu the frequent loan or
    ing Indliana and will cII -Ss-cros Its -'r'VIt.5i..- to other conmmnunitles
    Illinois alter thit tour through the in all parts oi the state.
    Hoos.ier sltat end, Then other ".Wt adlvertine our section and
    fields will be enieredi. Daytiona Highlandi by advertising
    Motion pi-tir.r-s, presenting Fi,.riila. Ithe greatest state in the
    sec-n- t'frum etery' --ction of Ihle Unii,"n eprresseq the attitude
    staie, are being shovwti in tbe Iiii-li inspireti the officials or
    ear. also in thp lealeug' the."tetrs of tte Lia\tona Hlighilands company to
    tI itii at- 1 ,itwniti vi'it rd Prior adopt Ihe;,-e petilarly' elfecilve
    to entering thie it-"el-,r'ntt-nt lield alx-rti-iiirg iiet-hodi'.



    That tlle regular stIiam-.ihip
    lines are e':.f patidIing t hir it- lnt-
    ness to keep s.rep .% itli tt- iitsn-
    portatrion protlil-kni-, i.L evieil It
    frirl ti0 'ILry I'h-ea clipptdl fr.'mni
    the hIldaiq rial I IIlx tXOf Colhinlll.
    C,.. It iJ iiii-rei-si tg to noIl-
    that OlIe MercliantI-, & Miners.
    Tran-porlaithili Catompany Ilave
    named one of Iheir niw freight
    %e -el, "Volusij \VWIetler tlt91
    is beCausPe they appreciated fhe
    business from ti, county or rath-
    er that they hlad a hard titne to


    pick out n name starting within
    "V 'v' i nt explained.
    Followinia is 1[Ip artit-le:
    Wati-r transportaIion facilities
    at Jj,.kotjrile iihve been inrea.-
    edt during tlif-e year V125 to an ex
    ttli unlooketl tor at thie close of
    thie \a-dr 1924. andt plans are being
    anil have been made for an even
    renter expaamlon during the yearr
    Although the year has seen tie
    de sruction of several ships of
    large tonnage regularly




    The House of John H. Wolf & Co.-

    S 210-211-212 Conrad Bldg., DeLand, Florida.

    The Following Properties Wich They Own and Control '

    21 Acres in beautiful Orange City, facing on 3 streets, with improvements, house,
    barn, electric lights, famous Orange City water and fruit. This is an ideal tract, and
    ready for development.
    8 Acres in the City of DeLand, across the streets from DeLand's ultra fashionable
    subdivision. Just 3 minutes from the heart of the City. This tract should net de"
    veloper at least $50,000.00.
    65 Acres in Orange City, next to a big de velopment.
    7 Acres near Orange City surrounded by a development.
    10 Acres between Lake Helen and Oran ge City in midst of development.
    10 Acres I mile North of DeLand, close t o highway. ..
    24 Acres Northwest of DeLand, facing o n 2 roads, in line of development.
    3 Farms in Jackson County. Fine farmin g Section. Two 80 acre and one 160 acre

    420 Acres in Putnam County, with a State Road and a County

    Road running

    through it, near railroad. An ideal town site.
    460 Acres South of Orange City, a beautiful tract of land, on the Dixie Highway,
    with several lakes. This is a wonderful tra ct for development, and ideally situated
    for golf course, hotel site, homes, etc. Th ere is a fortune in this tract for the right de-
    veloper, a man of vision.
    40 Acres South of Orange City on State Highway Number 3. Electric lights and
    famous Orange City water available. This is a splendid subdivision site.
    20 Acres near Lake Beresford. A splendid tract and well located.
    TWO COMPLETE SUBDIVISIONS FOR SALE including lots staked, platt-
    ed, surveyed, streets graded, etc.
    Should you be interested in any of the alove properties, get in touch with us im-
    mediately, and we will furnish maps, prices, terms, etc., In addition to the proper-
    ties mentioned above we have for sale an excellent selection of Homes, apartment
    houses and business properties.
    We shall deem it a pleasure to serve you, and without obligation, of course. 'F


    I, .. ,THAT'S ALU :
    .- > "_t _._.__-41ai---i i j ........ i- -

    'it a
    4 14'.li

    a u*~~.it1r

    in andil our of Jacksonville. these
    have been replaced and plans
    ire being made for replacing the
    present vessels with ships of
    even greater tonnage.
    A number of fine freight ves-
    el.s and pa-.senger vessiels are
    under (onstruition to be used in
    itle servicee between Jacksonville
    and points to I ie north.
    Thp Clyde qleanitship Cnompany
    during Ilie last few month hasa
    spent t4.iltO.Oiui lor improvements
    in its service between Florida
    and Northern points, and during
    the romnting year intends to spend
    $11t.mi01):1, making ant outlay or
    $21,00uuo00. Plans are being
    made to decrease the sailing lime
    between Jack.onville and New
    Direct service between Jackson-
    ville and New York will be in-
    augurated Nwith two hips. to) Crot
    appi oxiniat-ly 2,5uu.u00 eachti,
    with a passenger capacity of
    4S0. These ships will cut tire sili-
    ing time betv.een Jacksoni,.ille
    and Ntw York to about erty-
    eight hours. Pal-ssengers leai 1i1
    Newt York at noon Saturday will
    lipe in Jackorvrille c-arly Mlonday
    morning CotLirracts have ht-en
    let for the construction oft a e%..
    sel to bie a sister ship to tthe
    Chierokee andi Seninole. now In
    ?ervlt(e. andi the Molirnak now un-
    der construction, and winch will
    be placed in service early in
    Two additioiua'i vessels have
    been construed to p iv between
    New York and Miamni in tile serv-
    ice of the Cl.'de Line. They vIllI
    ie ot twenty l;ilOts speed ant
    will i- rduce the sailing time be-
    tween tie two cities to about
    fifty hours Tire total cost of
    these slips will be approximately
    $5,ui00,011i antid it is expected' thai
    they will be in service by De-
    cember. 1926.
    The Clyde Line expects it
    spend about $500.6i.11i in expauling
    tlie terminal facilitic-s in Florida
    and northern points to accontmo.
    date the increased tonuage.
    During the year tile Merchants
    and Miners Transportation Com-
    pany began Coistt.iuctit in of three
    new freight and passenger steanm-
    ers to lbe used in service between
    Florida and pots to the norti.
    The company has alo bought
    three United States shipping
    board steamers to he used tn
    freight .service only. The three
    freight vessels will lie recundi-
    tioncd anti placed int service
    during January and February.
    The vessels will he called the Up-
    shliure. Volusia and Wyomring. art-
    r counllties in state,, -erved bv
    the line. and following the ustial
    rusitom of the company in nanm-
    ing its iships in alphabetical
    Freight service by water he
    ween Jacksonville and, Daytona
    JaolB wUl begin January 4.
    when two steel self prop-lled
    bargeF arrive here front Char-
    leston. F. T. Plowman. general
    manager of tilne Florida East

    .. .- :

    Coast _N4agation Company, Day-
    tona Beach, concern, left one'.
    afternoon last week for Charles-
    ton to bring the barges back.
    They were built in Charleston
    and will be called Daytona Beach
    Nos. 1 and 2.
    Two ste- l barges are being
    built in the plant for the Gibbs
    Gas Engine Company for the
    East Coast Barge line. and a tug-
    hioa tor lh. concern is being
    built in Charleston. With a cap-
    ital stock of $50i0.000, the new
    conrerq wans incorporated under
    the law's of the state of Florida
    in October. The barges will be
    used in tarrying freight between
    Jacksonville and Miami.
    The year 1.4i25 showed substan-
    tial increases over 1924 In the
    matter, of shipping. A total of
    277 more ships arrived -during
    the liis;t seven months of the
    .'ar than during the same period
    during 1921. the increase in ship
    tliinael being 371,'101 tons, ac-
    cording to F. NM Holbrook sta.t-
    icician ofit the Jacksonville Cham-
    h.r of Coimmerce. The last few
    imonitlh- ui 1925 are? expected to
    ex'-,-ied those of 1924 when the
    final check is made
    TIe arrivals and departures
    ior tihe tirsr seven months of
    tihe var 1424 totalled 1.27"2 ves-
    srk nof 2.371.175 tons, and for the
    same period' of 1925 the arrivals
    andi departures amounted to 1,-
    541 \es-el. or .3,253.276 net
    ton,. Thik shows a total in-
    crease for the first seven months
    of 1925 over the same period of
    124. of 277 vessels and 374,101
    tOI i.
    Both on lithe Gulf' and the AT-
    lantic there are elongated keys,
    all habitable, which practically
    trehles thei- water frontage along
    these great bodies of water.
    Florida has the advantage of the
    rniglty gulf stream, the mightiest
    riv.r onu earth, ninety miles wide
    qnri a half mile deep.
    Florida ha-s 33.00ul lakes, from
    the second largest lake fully wjth-
    in the (.onfines of the United
    Stte. i.) lakes an acre in extent
    -cle-ar. spring-fed bodies of water
    teemiug with fish.
    Hundreds of springs are In evi-
    dence from those flowing a gal-
    lon a minute to those that nrow
    a billion gallons a day.
    Artesian flows of water can be
    had in mozt every part of the
    staLe. vomie geysering twenty rees
    in ile air
    Florida has 1.250,000) people ac-
    cording to the State Census awen
    in 1925
    The northern boundary of Flor-
    idla is further .south than tne
    Southern Ioundary of California.
    Climatic data averages for a
    period of 33 years: maximum tem-
    perature. SOn.5; minimum, 63.3;
    1ain in surplus and undivided
    profits in one year. $4.636.096.824.
    Thi is shout $l.)00,000 a day
    increase in deposits.

    r .'
    .~ .~
    ~. L.

    * ~
    * .







    From Ponce De Leon Springs -- Glenwood

    ONE LC


    ,4. "

    ''" We have Sold over Twelve Thousand

    Lots in the

    months-Every lot Sold has had A Substantial




    in Value-

    1 4 nor


    ... Many of them have increased 20 tone. The same opportunity .is
    here today.

    BOrange Dale



    West Highlands

    Hamilton Heights









    * ".'" :. " :


    -o DeLand -.. Lake Helen oe


    I %

    * A

    .A- .

    And Alii


    - 4

    ...* : .:


    kN 'U
    Erb x
    I "A', L.'
    ....& -h I*- t I


    -- Uaa-~a ..,~


    *1 i





    " Pay




    ,City -- Blue Springs to Lake Monroe Will Soon Become a Great City


    530-NO MORE TO PAY

    Be fair to yourself-Take a ride in this Pig Swell Wagon. See Every-
    thing We Have Make your selections, 12 Different ideally Located

    Subdivisions to Select From


    Euclid Heights
    Low Prices Two Years to Pay

    Leona Park


    ~ 4,


    11' ...' *'*. *-, ..^ ^
    ' ^ "1" ^ *r */ 4 '^
    k._a A.,,
    "M' . ,, Br4 o ,"


    Shady Rest








    ida Cities





    V. ~.





    .. '' '* o - *
    .? .'- -.
    ,.., . .. .. ,, .,


    C. ...------l-----------------------------------------------------------------. ---I------------,*--- -- ----- -- --^

    ? 77,s,'11AGGE F




    N n., .

    e forieaK
    essed ca
    I be pro
    ;the offl

    Our City


    Strong stock companies
    ur own adjuster. Pro ptpayment

    on to te anll matters pertaining to the care
    e of the and comfort; pleasure and business
    tibits are of visitors to the Fair.
    serve as Advertising
    3rrespond- Exhibitors will not be permitted
    to attract or advertise by singing
    noved un- or playing, except in the music
    Last day department, at the direction of the
    bits No individual advertising per
    wvll take mitted in the general or Cooni-j
    pwafr.for ty ,exhibits.
    stock and Sales
    after thetr No article can be sold or remov
    t on the ed from exhibits untlll 7:30 p. m
    responsi- of Jan. 30. Orders may be take
    lay occur during Fair and purchasers show
    ing receipt will be admitted free
    to the grounds after 10:00 p. m
    WILL BE and following day.
    7 FAIR Judges
    IHIHT The Judges appointed by thi
    Ice Volusia County Fair Assoeiattoio
    Assigned will report to the superifntenldent
    perintend- Ai charge of the departments'In
    tile right, which they are to serve.
    all fail to No person who i ain exhihithy

    Size 61x175. Pr
    4, Lots Froning
    Price $4,0000
    3 Lots Frontini
    $1,000.00 each.

    Real Estate

    Wh ..e.. buying or. ielli, conu us.
    . bu or co_ *',t :

    Hon Agency

    c .

    Phone 242

    vhich the superintendent in (1c

    1. or articles in which he has an In-
    X- terest.
    a When animals or articles are
    if not deemed wort Iy, Ju-idges.will
    Refuse to award premiums,.

    N. Boulevard

    Phone 455






    .-A .;*. * '. . .* .4


    J. S. ROGERS


    which is truly

    jus as the Volusia County Fair aid in
    which from a material view-point is the basis ofl
    feeling that we are helping the development of: Yielus ,m
    through means of our home-building pro gram.

    .. 7 ** ; . ''* ,; 'ir ;.. : -.

    VacantProperty: Some of the'best
    lots in DeLand-both as regards
    prce and location. ,

    is open

    Rooms 3,4, 5
    Office Phone 51

    Fountain Bldg.
    Home Phone 98-W

    Miller Bldg.

    Home Buildes-ea s, ers
    Room 6. Phone 608-J.


    V olusia7 C ounty -' and' D eT i d'tl--' S :

    For.~ 'ThB^^P'"'WS^fBW^^^

    .,"A FLORIDA

    ,..- - v'
    ": '~.. ."


    mN .E .JF'AC STS. ABOUT e'"-' "- 1 .di wini, isips.. "'"""H i P 1it. :'"ni "111"- JOHNNY J. JIIIONES
    1 nt nRD ANNUAL FAIR o mothere 'lnrtngn!"tm o; '- oleiJ
    "'lininD ANNIUAL FAIR ehal'ge.ny (. t i'elaRp or other Infringpmei- o; I ,J .|-nih
    I---- fthe t iile'- IP r bip-aith Of Ilh.i. r.-a t. .I *lI.n-I ri-nilnig p-,pate lo' roi SA. Y S
    (Coiiinued irtoti Page SIx Uit, reported. will be proinlfI .. triall liirni,-s- JlSt IAYs HONESTY. I
    A 2 nltlE telephone will be at the i temled in. EIxhjhin'i i,iket. $1 i.0 for th '
    s rvit -,^ p ao : I Prit"[- Aamilsion 1 Stalls For Rent TH R F T POIr I
    A rsi roor is loaded oiin 'the For earh adult----- - $ 50i i tli amount f space ma'
    ground- for the ronveniv-nce of ( Childneri nntler '12 year tof see. or I,\ rented for ienintraiion rl'-
    ladies eale ally. o ver G ..----- .---------- - 'r. I.,,,,ei. prit vidol Ihe -re i roorin lar'
    A check room will lie provided. IGeneral night adin"".ion-------.. 2:li, .',, pe i mining ,uot. b tu 11. Carnival King Expla
    where, for a small consideration. Exhibitor's tit ket. good for five dert-'ry or nuits-ily ni.m, other His Success s
    Iunrles. wearing apparel, etc.. tmay days -...--------------.-----1 on ihan iianufarturer. or bolicilor s Sucess as
    fie checated 60c extra, charge for admiisslon tor an. be pernmitteid in the li ltl- Showmran
    'Aulomobile busses' -ill, run ti of automobile, ingv or on gny part of the grotundq.
    and fom rnthe grounds, limited In Passes rlte, thrlharns lloi-ri tl .oci t CP'M S TO THE Fi
    price to the lowest possible fare Passes will be issued to only sioan. COMES TO THE FA
    a1Ke cars niaiked "0 cilal Fair authorized offkials and workers In Automobile Parking Place OnI -

    SA Special Discount of
    ASpecial discount of

    10 Per 'Cent

    Will be given foi first five lots sold


    SUNJDALE is located on corner of North Orange and West



    SUNIDALE homesites have'NOW a II city conveniences.
    ' Prices 'ange $900:00 and up.


    A five room Spanish Type Home in SUNJDALE j ust completed-nicely
    '4urnisked. Priced special for few days at $8,000.00. Terms 1-4 cash.
    'louse arid 30"acres at Lake Helen Priced special for five days at $5,000.
    '12 cash and easy terms on -balance.


    Acreage-Subdivisions -City Property
    -110 East Indiana Ave.


    Has Always Followed Teach
    of His Mother
    (By Johonny J. Jones.)
    Nobotly .) I li inigtin- ills I
    I hat- to Stl out luo' me.
    N-% e ditor lia; ,tlkril Ou
    -ay3 -%nivlhiniL t) i its rear
    l uontI the oiol timne carn
    ldia, bui I'm golng to begin
    lpar or the request. \We lis-,
    .-ueh an .r1:- -I ani ancet)
    ilu ai lihuughi lth -r h in. I
    ol 13y a it-t iniers inningg y
    -ini,.- lit ,i.53 on ih,. old I
    inll-Iti iu lls i-Cir:s-a' a n cl 1
    of cl im inilt in rz il- bu.i n --8F
    lit-'I' St la id I hJtiAt ws're I
    n1 Ihi m.'lt ih', (lianges that I

    laIli'lfI plae-. in the .-hort 1 lidr'- rlue From Ringlings
    sif Int it i..1- ,''l1'1-iti 1i nt r" ym yl faLilti ,- .' 1 a e-nt' ]
    I t-ouslil a hard l.-.tI to con i iirer,e and nin) ,itl' oi'ilhi.rr hall
    liniet- li)bi L v Lhat I ln on 11ly ever in.-till, ii in L I- lii- oil
    41, s-Ir- 'it :f(.l--. maxims ot hlioir- IV I- ilt,- ti i i
    W writing for ileW fl11ir-rl i1 nIt0 poliO y." -nvl iir-li i i ihh'. ,til'i
    i1N \o ho ," Edl. Sullt-r. PIil- lo[ ed tor that ldeali- Oltl po l. % lio I.I.- \'vin
    that [l'itlilul inin -onletinir- ieplr i'ter i li-on th;.o .. ld, I hd', a
    ,rn0-roHt occul.ation and as I ,- in (lerishtnr_ her ott iulj l'.' i i V
    ?c'-.tii i) Fnjoy it I n .-ver i.1 rniembei'd her diI'ar to'aehlns.
    I' i t-is-. .-rolh- Isi him abolt I tiol; ok imy -us iom RirSliii'-
    rling i tl ii artic-IP anI hi- in. Bt:other,: t 1e circus laulte lor
    -,-in-pquar d,-ealingQ' and ltit lat.
    Grounds Jat, A. I',lhr y ot artirihint ,,
    Therp II. lie-ben provlida l spacp ailr-y r, riti'ii tllo ii l-e. to0 itar for whictili to L '! ? I IJ 1 ,rt1i "' 1 Ili
    there i- a fixes cbarg lof .51 0 centi; Iki(le Isulis a l 1 it ri .i iii -
    per lday Space a'te tnumtlere'd tia" t iut Ia"IiI I.i'- '1' "'Itr
    nnd resern edtil i rotlation acc-ntri- "'3 nD -1i ( i 11. I tQ[. "Is IIvi 11
    ing io sale of same Poli e Dro- "i1` .i' b'--t I ,i r ':illv |
    lt ioni ;'. pr, \' ded I0 1 "- e- .',-^ ,* =
    "" I lUrIIuId ir i ii -i r Iht. -u. ii%.o Ii-.i.-ini t
    Protests as tnh',iry yl-,i '' I sul'-
    Exhiliritor. of animnl. imachliler. l uItiechintile -locl: fill ollit I 1i11.1
    in roiionii ur other exhibitAs liable ag ,.irs i I-." il. (-. I t ;ill-r',
    to oetasion atid entis. shall gtiarl |hal it alI Iieul't-,t i ur tih:r I
    heir exhili. .snia nproe,.t ihe pub-. couls n.,t I -. InJInII,- Is- ,,I,
    It( fI om in.ljury ,or dlamnage and shall ids sa of 0 tiI e-siu;.-t .r,. l ht ir
    indennif- the E ,xpo'iition frlom dnnl tl Lo.-tn t lni ,hutiltjli... ,1I -..n,.lul
    sgainr all claitus. dpInillds. c it-. ug h .-w .. al-i 1oin0"1 I lai
    chatige- and expenses wliich i it hIl t'i s% i, I -dlii-Ii and c -11.-
    tiasV inc-ut. ul'ier 01 I e put io I)to i-eed ill t 1 il .otji,. ai-i:iro'.i
    rea-ron f i the ii-gligs'li e of the I.,-gP (that. I im lig '-hu -.l in
    exlhilor to piopprly -Llard the ex. c-linitatie i lih- ,.rubliti, (co'icrt
    Inlil or pIO et [lthe rip lhblAcl lhire- .loni 1 I v..ou d l I l l br 'ti .i
    f'I nr0nIn [ reS.-tul in running r, Ai'ni\,tl
    No slaim foi inihirv o a in s pt ston v.-ithout lII- finatir iIl nili tlii
    shall ev.-r be asserted nor suil In- 'v.A;- r-I-iedr lnroil ihIt. Vulat I
    Ftliuteid or maintained against the o orr,-nial dInn, it .rriiltnir-Il :..!1. -
    Fair Asocilation its officers or rld "(co.Wr hi llr-,v. ; ;tii I' il II'-i
    agents, bh or on behalf of a y11%!r'Lit th-j. 'u,,i| niion t Ih.i j iu-1. .
    [rI-I ,onts i t'rni._ or tor rptora rtio n,"i'. CiC? sion1 I u'l.- :1 i inw .11 tlt I,
    their age eit rep..-re initati'es. aerv- poini ot ,.,- lir-nin 1 b!. (uniILn-' w I
    .lltt" or nipioye% hatlne ti(.-pne ihp -amnir- -IOs luii-01
    privilege to exhibit on the FaIr Bui l .ii.-t t. ti iir hjiil br-, i
    groiinds or occupy any space there, hid hehinid 11- clous. ltor I n',i,
    in. moons. ii wouil teafIp.ti' ir t'iinm

    - -----., -I







    Year after year we have a display at the Volusia County Fair in order that we may become better acquainted with the people of this vicinity. We

    invite you to make our Booth Your Headquarters while at the Fair.

    The Home of


    We are distributors for the Pui ina Feeds in
    Checkerboard bags, and recommend them
    to you for their uniform quality at all times
    regardless of the price or scarcity of any of
    the materials composing the mixtures.

    For results, feed PURINA
    checkerboard bags.

    CHOWS, in


    Going after his Chow


    The Farmers Supply


    We have the distinction of being the largest farmers
    Supply House in Volusia County, caitrying at all
    times a complete stock of Farmers Needs.











    .:. 40"' -,



    fratts p;ma


    We carry a full line of Piratts Stock Powd-
    irs and remedies. No matter what your
    wants are, we can supply them.

    Poultry Supplies

    When in need of Poultry Suplies come to
    Bauman Brothers for the Best, A complete
    stock at all times.



    EWS, SATURDAY. JAN. 23, 1926 .P... ,A-C- aI
    I.t.:I,., .h i- i r'- ', ih 1,., .iI ii I|',-, 1ie li 'ijir I; ]I||''|I|l'-t iit tii iinr i ID fls such a original a l hiit .I iU49 .' 4
    i oriIl :jisit. aL.l It .il,, Ii', t l .. I '.ulid a tenl-. tu b'- a L.*, i- I hlLi: i1 liuit 'dlear p aren't, cabarets, hula hula dabittc g girls.
    1i.- iii l- pL'T-, [i,'"ii-. i,- I oi tie dear old mothlei 1.v ', '- i 'iiurial in til etc. I mean real showb e oper-
    I I I.!" 1it l;, 1.if ,`ne hIn ,- ]b- 'tnhnn,.. b,- Iit-, a: II ul H.-lu!:,. CI !1...,ir,. r"r>in ly. Canr Ih atlaslng real shows of -m erit. talk-
    q0 i-~. r:, p''ireti luos. l hr l i:' ,. i, .,rni.'.l -:lni na;n. be iit'heLt ciean ers thai are educated. who talk .
    Youthful Tribulatior 's i It look 2I. : l i;' ,Ll, Lhlr- demand ol 'like _entlemen. and lopk the
    I liut iet nlag b., i. it, .-it.. ;ib .Reaping lie Revvard I fl, iii' -rnsr-.t going public!" .art, ticket sellers nelt and '
    S .f-tr. I ill sri li.,i Lii, ( iil ,-'la:, I aml r-'-arin thi" I .'. I' I |'Tl- i.:i:. '.ui ihas been argueil clean. Concessions thai ire. at- .
    S Jlay- iIn tliti- outldoui Ftlc'.I bust of ir.lion 1,1' l.oti.lieh t'L Ie t .d.I.. arI% i I.j .,1 I :U ii .n,. miany Utmu-s solutelyv legitimate al iith .no so-
    ne., .tvt.r t illed ,tilh h tufny 1 t I t i ,ll I o lza ,. o li. 's,' ,, j ,IM, ',,i i'- I-. 'ill c. v ,im n manager at calleil ""itills" and hating clerks, (
    tri al', aitt ir'tbulution', as ih.' lhit i it oiiiil.- ,ei y es-otl it r 1,, l, I' i e ril- t on.- way andi that arl ladles ands gantileman.
    .ins ,",~ ollher hbeginner,. asml ti, UL- I)n mal-= th? -h taieiPelu urItI o l o a.,- decided I He other Hildr; dwnried and operated by
    ilal-i 01 hudlting to enabil.- m,- In < on niiie. but now til,. ro-pu \V:.. *' I Im ian by absolutely clean appearing meta who are
    to movP- from town to tov.'n litor ,1i .lloYhIL13 .1. .Jont- Emsoei I.. it tli.- ulli-..i i- ut- of the cour.teotw to ladie- and dhtildren.
    would will ievr-l' ndags- and cl-, 1 ii'ri im qt.ii 'ialUpI ii n h.-. , i 1' 1 ,o'-Pit v. ithtli girl slioas iC'intlu pied onl PaP e f1A )
    uiill s i' otllii I.ubli;ilhll. ______ ________-
    IR .. ..I i.- l, t. 'iil -_ --1ii .- -- - -- .. *
    lact, and thai I- Ili.. .I-rl-iiiiilza-
    tion at tilo-- 'ltllat c1 1 iv I c. ti t-r
    ings lo do on'- IlItit r. iiht inil Fili
    v as to I t liI nl'41 :i I I J ,11 i ,-il,
    l tr J o li nn .1. n i,- : | I I tll h l
    b'eaon ItIi i'o, ,i i-'' ini
    Inf i. I, uldl-.
    Th f- (n, i' 1ll' II nir t I|r 01 i'-a
    lu I .1111 ii .tii -, 'i i -it ii i I Ihl-
    i'. h r h ni'.t I i,,I- pi .l I1. i *I r n I i-I
    OnlI- tuI., i' I ll rI h I Il-l I' I I t l ,ll'
    s ine dUi I ll i Ih- h- iU : lilt :I I .1 lilt
    it nilt nl'"- tih o u g h .il i o l i r'i t in it-ii- Ar.,"ii ..
    ) t, .- n o t ,- t k i n g; i l h r l i -h I ,I
    f'"i\ N il) 11111 1 t' 1" l r I II,0,' ,1.,
    H i ll u s e il n i l ,d l t ,.-i. \, i w ti I ii i l 'l .
    "o\vI:-:- Ill a i .t Il -l 1 0" i 1i.l 1 l '-
    1 in i' in.niuI r.Il Ul.'.. itl . ill
    han thI,ehe '.ailIit- it, Ih.. |> iO| .lo' l =_il",
    tell tis q -ol- lozin .L ;'i .
    h.l.' Oi-.1111y "


    *" ^




    price is only $45,0.X Gi

    trees, shrubbery, 3"ar ga
    Howry Ayenue. A real
    crate it.

    D100 up to $10,000, let mi

    bath, den, breakfast nook
    with all new walnut and
    paved streets, all assessed
    Terms. Look this over.







    Volu4 Couiity


    GENUINE THRILL Six Handsome Residences Already Under Construc- Space Has Been
    '. tion. Streets Are Being Paved in the Stri
    06t That Coutryng
    u That Country Af- Uni t-r si rac-,-Pernsyhlania lu ia courny. Another is being
    fords Will Be ,d Amei ua an H. V.w built l or0V,. E.Beckwith, pre@!- 'olusia
    O f e e r h ..s i c i n o p n e d1_ nt o1 the M a rine N a tio na l B a n k ,.o u i ou t x
    S Offered Prahl tonstiuction company de- o ,f E,'i. Penn.. who pald the de- South Florida Fair.
    _-_____'t-lopuaent, ih fundamentally edi. velopers the high compliment of starting Feb. 2. will hI
    'Fr-HTLY ,D 1 S P L A Y cat-d to home builders. authorizing them to select the site cuses to make for lack c
    D Locat, I six blocl a down Auelia aid erect his winter home, al- sorto
    a en1u e fr or the iHotel Colleg e though lie has nev er % isl ted D e-
    {set Pieces Included in Arms. tao blocks from Stetson Land. Mr. Beckwith heads the con a showing it every wa)
    Pyrotechnical Ex. -lniversity, graced by niaj-.stIc .struction company's home bank. satile Volusr County."
    position oaks and to-\mi ng lines. \%ith an The development ifas restricted bition space in the Stri
    ___"_______ onrinienve at if- front door. it is one, and all homPs erected on tha e ag 4uxl5 feet has be
    free attractions a ub-irfisrion of that raro b-.'aULJtirorth side~oof Pennsylmanta sievrehIng'or1rrIrtefoa
    6I1 of the big freeaattractionst at-IIIhaplit-al to the permauent nue will conform toSpanish. Moor the commit e frE. o],
    zlbe DoLuasa County Fair. to be thar Inter rirsident who depaselt Ish and Mediterranean architecture ronsis ph o lE. r
    ' ra a yd, i w ll in ean retrai timchonv r son m-eu and all those south of Peunsyl- arown, Or dha ro .
    we will be the nightly fire-in ,e dwel l *in nat c onsis t 'vauna avenue will be English, and F. Bi I'obdma i.
    K alplay. ts, onlormv-ni consistofn- Colonial. Dutch and Modern. The boh
    lotsonly dl or whsh are to b, The beauty of University Ter- green and whire, Deist
    ns o dollars orth of laced on the market during the
    wi;holel will be burned. andreent year rat e has not yet been fully realix gronp.a'T
    p $ eo-s exhibition will alone ud, owing to the fact that the group, "T1
    streets lilleeabunedandolthe onehetmrkncraceo a t
    a trip to the exposition The- ,imros'ement. w'ill include 5- str*-s leading to the entrance moat arti
    t price of admission. oot iterint sht-_rilt ks, ontlrete have been torn ilt. This condi- This group l. tie work
    paved tret-r. 50 au.] 6l le.t wide, Lion is to be soon remedied, as Ganiere, lntruetor of st
    rockets, aerial bombs, cost- with ample parkages, whieh are to the city has promised to begin Stetson universily, DeL:
    pieces. will combine to give bi- beautiiicd, a boulevard light- pouring cuncr.e on Awelia ave- rttdel of a figure of
    .7rll which comes from the Ing -ysteem the same as thf down- nu ,ithinrl 1 days and the cor- Lincin. has been accep
    nation of color and noise, and town distriLt and city water. Re. pany's contractors have promised Lincoln Me% oral ,ssu
    in bold the throngs enthralled ing within the corporate li it., the to begin the construction of Penn- Volusla County will h
    'IthJng ehle could do. ruunilripality will extend pollc andI sy3lania avenue within a similar ry its exhibit about 15
    M6 the pr nt fail-. the manage- tire protection. The cost of the period, the South Florida Fa
    " itaa cs ured the best that intro'o,-meutb, it i!, stated, will The Prahl Construction company rangements will he mat
    country affords and assures be $950 per lot. perihables snippd daily
    hs only recently begun develop pr~al
    public that Its high antlcipa- Essentially a construction coul-,mnts in Florida, but Is already thingsg of the county wIl
    m for this form of entertain- arany. the de-eloperc will improve well I nnwn In New York and -uoh as \egetal~les, ft
    Swill be realized. many of the lots before they are Pennsylvania, where It has operat- products, and a wordei
    ireaors sold. and already Mix handsome' led largely. It has the endorsement tion of 1lowets Thert
    let free attractions will provide rt-Ii-d ncs are being erec-ted on not only of Its home banks but be a sihowine ,if lie w
    Pgram that will rival any ever the property. These range in piree of those in DeLaud. Home Deronstration D
    wa In Floi-da for a nominal from $15.tii',0, to $1.5,01. and ono, The (omrlany also owns a tract. of cods o f canll neds a
    We, ande tola help tobriakng th e dnsa.Ji "t ls Ill be oc-cupied within the neir .40iiiacres adjoining Univer-sity Ter. ooq fI
    lafneut urbto ayorecrd-breakiigteWednesdayJan27th.ClassKf by Prof Uoige W. ar: lce, w itvIlldeelop next Zinnia-....-.-..........1.00 .50 Ribbon Foliage Plants L .6(0 Ribbon ty will al.o le represent
    Containers tot' cut %lower willl Group A- -uberous and Bulbous s.uperinteadent of education for Vu-Il year. iCaillarda 1.00 .50 Ribbon Palms-----------1.00 .50 Ribbon hibits of the work oa the
    be furnlsh.I b3 the V. C F. As-I Plants--Not less Than I nree And other var- Ferns ....... Girls' Cehib. e
    ,. LANTS ANI FLOWERS sociation. Large or' spei-al coo. Spikes G rouies .............. 100 .5u Ribbon And other var-
    r'P-emium List trainers rauot be fur nrlhd by ith.- F ETAr I upB-Roses-Not Less Than Oleandter 1......1) .10 11 RibbonaGroup E-Perennials-_rom 1-ive itles .................... 1.00 .50 Ribbon building used fo,' that
    Prmu ittiesrutb un.e ytiFE~jI Three Blooms or /russes Allamnia ....11 U) )Rbb~ ~~on ru-" --the Tampaai, to
    "o days, Jan. 27th and 28th exhibic,'. No exhibit may- be re 1st 2nd 3rd Bush or Clnbing 1Hytrangea l ti 50 Ribbon to Ten bulKs Group -Arrangements ___ __._-
    ees VluslaCount Gardn mov,1 duingBush or Climbing HLydrangea.......I.till0 $.50 Rbbbon....he"besthebest asef
    o during thHe coniriuair.-P ot Lily. $1.01) $.50 Ribbon Hybrid Tra ...1) .50 Ribbon Lantana lii o.., Ribbon Dianlhus .......... 1.00 .50 Ribbon e b s o. . .
    the thow expt b) r-,rrui.sion ol Aniary Ills........ 1.00 .50 Ribbon Tea 1 1)i 50 Ribbon Bougainmillea ... I.ii .50 Ribbon Salmia ............ 1.0L .50 Ribbon Flowe.Mrs ..... ..... 5.0o 3.i.0 I r Imoot attractive booth i
    Amateur the officer in change. Irl' ............ 0)1) .50 Ribbon H3briI Perrftual I it) .5(0 Ribbon Plumbago.... o.jin .54 Ribbon Verbena .... 00 1.0 .50 Ribbon The best basket of prore-sonal tlor-ist.
    'LLIPSCOMB, Superintendent All exhibits riruet b, p l,'.,-I Carna ............... 1.00 .50 Ribbon Polyatnthus.... tOb 5u; Ribbon nd other ar- -eranium-...........-1.0 .5 Ribbon Flowers ...........O0 3.00 1.00 Group Sweepatal
    entries In this department marked with exhibitor'siani,-, a. Gladiolus...........1.00 .50 Ribbon \o d other' .at'- sies.............1.G .50 Ribbon Voles.............1.00 .50 Ribbon te best arrange. ]n each of the above
    bo In place not later-than [derse and \ariety. Dahlia ................ 1.00 50 Ribbon ipties not named 1.00 .54) Ribbon Group D-Annuals---From Five to And other var- ment of Pot Plants 6.00 3.00 1.0t grQups a special prtze
    j Plants by 1:00-P. N. Tues- Premiums offr-rcd ml not be Oxalls ....1.......100 .50 Ribbon Group U--lowering bnrubs and Ten Stalks letles ................... 1.00 .50 Ribbon Group H.-Spelal for Profeaonal will be aiard- for the
    S", Jan. 261h. awarded urnle.'s taxhtbits are rw.- .And other var- Vines-Not Less Than Two Sprays Sunflower-1.00 .50 Ribbon Group F-Potted Plants Florists men and a certificate
    ,l) .CtL flowers by 8:00 A. NI. Isidered suffci.-rntly meritoriou "lieties not named 1 00 .50 Ribbon Hisc Lss.TT RonS p etunia----------1.00 .50 RibbonGlowprng Pats1.00 .0 R onAs lerip tsor ewgn .
    .-Hbscu... 150 Ribbon Petunia 50 Ribbon Flowering Plants 1.00 .50 Ribbon 1 A slver trophy Is offered for the I will be gh

    der .

    ibnit at the
    iat Tampa.
    ave no ea;
    if the rilht-
    rt to nmaic
    y for "jrA
    SAn exhr-
    eder Bafld-
    en allotted
    jsia,. whioh
    wn. T.A. *.
    . D. Case
    oratedd In
    ind colori,
    a litfe-ize
    ill make a
    of George
    (ulpture at
    and, whose
    ted by tht
    clation. .
    are to car-
    0 riile 3 to
    ir. so gr-
    de to have
    The sold
    be sbown,
    rult. Held
    rul collec-
    * will al.'o .
    ork iof the
    .nd hottled
    usia Cour
    nted by ex-
    Boys' anu
    .ade in.the
    purpose at

    aged by a
    or M3.Or
    best 6pecl-
    of merit

    Swill move tc



    Lwthon Hardware Company


    AE,,,The History of

    OUR Entire Stock is on SALE SALE

    o our new location at 214 N. Blvd., Feb. Ist, and must reduce present stock for new. |


    Furnishings Complete in Every Detail -

    CHINA AND GLASSWARE--.Highest Quality -z



    &RE See Our Demonstration of RED STAR STOVES ] fR
    now. 0 =

    From the cellar to garrett

    r of Boulevard and New York Avenue represents'our hardware stock. -


    . *&'?".a






    "Iti is Ulyde M. PangiRorn, first,upside down flier nd member of the GatG Flyinn circus who wi!i
    la.nd. a* t4ie fajr.. rounds Luyrinj the Volusia Qount/ *air with Pence De Leon. initial aearceh 'r '?r
    the. fountain of youth in Floridp. as hi$ nassenqer. The C.ates Flyinn ri-CUs will be one of the attrau-c.
    tiong at the fair. HlF:NY _' L.''NFORU

    I,:"Did you hi,-a.y 4a1fcuhlty wvbenI A p epr.y head is alwa.3 full o;
    gOli were in Paris i ggltig& people na'l'Le%.
    to understand you?" The peraoq r .tb a strong waib-
    ;" MNo, except when I told thetn i bone rsouny ha', weak worih
    as waiting for change.hi I nuse Il
    %=as waiting for change.' In us(tlec

    bull ;. ', Ol'l'v iC ''. i t r,' ire rtC ; L Iil 1J|2 r I 1 11'i' I, O,, A i
    I got ill- L. p :,- ',l l&."Y ia., inr 'l3.1
    .M ll ll. i fl. e i, I I'.rdi hr,,:-h il
    TO" i iL ITO IV I u- '..ther otr o ',v i All ,I 1i ".' i^ ,
    F n. Ih y .ill [ 1 -.. 1 ,.i v ,.,r,. 1- i, 1. 1b:, '

    ____________ ____On_ vRC V

    Our Thir

    County Fair


    G. W. Fisher Drug Coa

    I'00 South Boulevard


    L -"- -.

    W~* t

    Famous Quartet Has Been Indefinitely Retained. Fly-
    ing Circus to Bring Porice Pe Lfon.
    One o' liv u,-'r Upi gLo tI'd -l: iT c, Lr4Qti Siprjns
    i. .t I hI IInr jI-ibli(. i. aniptnl I ,I Th] De- l n i.t: P-r, t .Or '!.h 'itl
    (I v!' '" .iutim. Il-r'lnfla lif- b'-,n i' gn i jnunif-r the ntinalE F-mvn i1 i 1
    iioliOll 1 L ,:, Ihi. !tpHe ij ( L o .i Jf&ii '; '. i .Q .-1 4 'OI, '.ill 4 tl: .-V Ilb .
    Ilord 04I. (i t l. z ,iLliIi. Tin'- .u il t i. of, th J 1Q4i' l9, jc':)-, qpIIn l
    I,. t',, Ia- not hi --r, s[>jar"< I i at Pon-'- It.'' t bon `11li'i011 I'l .i
    S I lK J u u' bIg Pw i, D, .14,:o 11%ill drift tl hi.-,
    In t helll WtUylf ,'aL 'J'.- cnr-twli n ~f old rrJ~titzLOUw, tr I:p1. tlu tl~otid.f
    publl 1^^ ^ .0, ^ ^ **p
    SIn [i .t,% le.,, fI E nt n ; I ,nib iUL aft ttqOpL&b, b hivta.
    ,..ii... it l.-it,-', t 'licuj in iii,. bL- .au .al i J t' ir.l. s 0m1.4 'ilf b ifc\ S
    t'"1 : ni lau 'lb-. v l r ,,ui-t.:j,,u m u llri P; .t '-t bi: 410,10`1 : 4 oiptp I
    I.- t -w..i .,ilO imn -r C -U i.i '. l, g 1P t o id l tljp. ,lQ b 9 P ie
    -1 :tt i 'B E .:) t, o f:t blt r
    c'blit;f. i,,i, u h," i...i 01 ida*, -. r,' iir i,"r; oa.jf i ..u bltrll^ OD.,,_ I
    I' r, -' i ti. -'loi i!d. ,' t in '"i' 141tr, 4i t b I
    I ] .' ,', i I i o ' : .al : 'i | :a ,rn'ii i-
    naJ f'"r* J* i2blbir 1 irlp ilt (u0 110;. ofl.
    rl 'l f'w J t~l ' iJ"tl l r i- l t l ,7,t i ,h L' v l' l Q ( i U i Illid, L .1, 1, ,
    e ,... r. I. >< IE a. ,rLoLU lt ,41. a .1 ',. hudbli<-. d 0w V .rria t
    I.' II tit.ag4 a jt unLajIaI iloft ,' .iu 111 e t %411u. l hlpg s-n, we kl'i, t ,
    lt'- h i, lbi ri.,il [ "'ll I n I 1I
    L.1 I ": i ." f. N h... 0."1 .-' .. .yr -. ol
    Th ;, i"ui n l ib uJ'Aak:IJ o oktaiocd to :- a ih'f ^ r
    hI IV l a ,u y ti th' LiA.ulord of rga tl a l 'n itr ., AdN t .leat wipl
    i4tiofl, enert ajngi' g nightly atl do thrii, 4et, t
    ,ie Ponce De LU-orn ales uoii'c-'. ;tunte LU- ai.l.rti'ts t huR ..eda
    :,n'i: arous tiD-'.--s at tie iauJrC- iConti g pd, on, ptae ,izriaT


    TO I

    M. EARL, CA R, Prep,




    PHONE. 268-4

    OQriwental Iron Works

    - --~




    We re
    for The





    - -- z-,~ -
    - .- --- -






    I I

    .r-, ,,
    '- .1, / ',.
    . -1 .. .. ;_ : --.
    .- . .

    -'.- I,

    ,',,\ "-*'-
    *... . . / -


    - -
    C -~ -
    I -' -,

    Ybou'lt enjoy Stiling's Ice Cream for it
    contains the finest ingredients obtain-
    able and made by men of years of ex-



    It costs no more to buy the




    Refreshing as a Breeze from the Sea-




    V -., .,







    .; ', v .. ., ,

    *- A-'

    I Bicycles

    4 ,,,






    r 111


    C T. KRUSE

    flone 1It.7



    Motor Cohine ad
    Motor Co,

    . J


    . p

    :5 -



    i Generator





    Armature Rewinding


    Russell Electric

    . *,.


    Corner Florida and Short St.


    W( "rjnlin led f!l'11u l ]:. g. I 'u'l
    oif ,itl-"r' who % ill be at ithe
    wlgiig -i on *la 'l'-Ide do\vrn ,
    Paribo iorn," oni- 0 i thr % oill'-
    Sllut.t idnlOus IliUit avaioi rill
    " do hi- .-.lutl" .tInd Dlia alo, thl '
    dIar'.-d-il ol the- air, % ill hold
    bh't-aihloes hulindredls of pectaluir-
    % hilt- hi'- i ill.] on the wings ot the
    11 n min achili-, an-Ii does iiis aerial
    al' obatics
    Thii -ircui sill also be li-te
    luriiin th- V'olu-ia Count. Fai'r.
    T:ii. -26.3i andl v. ill lud ai thi,-
    Fair ground-. bringing Pourice Ln-
    L-on a itl ihinl to s.lhow him what
    crl-at proglr'' Lha% beet made in
    ilii, county since his first venlur-
    l'- tour cin:rtirtier s ago.
    I )thu-r torims ol entertainment
    and amusement will be introduced
    'ium IT li-t, to time. for Henry C
    lonsfoid. he-ad of the oruganlzatitin
    tlilich bear-r his name ha- statild
    I liqi li has only begun to miake
    ilnloun, the hm.-auty 5pol which li.
    liI.; Itii hi;- lieart .an-I stll into
    pt-rfecil rig.
    While many young women are
    I nt ,inItniit tw i th .nvilhinp ls..q

    ilian a -arerr. the telephone oper-
    atori are si -i tied with what
    \,u mnipht iall a 'calling"
    Few how will chinnge nat cr-ollege
    :IQ I0,n- .1- IhPe laniiihi le- u ii- ltllnl
    lt- k-pr irp rlit r prices.

    POULTRY DEPARTMENT M .11.1i-..n Sqir,- (;.,i,l.-t P,,oltrI hik hui t invite 1 lo d n
    iiFourthi Anna" Polr'Shw ,7. Expre,-i tharge, muuit he fully
    The Federaton of Volusia County Entry Fees pirepaidl ani a Ihe clo-ie of the
    uThe Federation of Volusoit County i. i,|l, intc -ill ie- ill -h,', -h all ,rleoinienq will Ibe rellirln-
    Poultry Assodiation ii,; ,-\,.,.,r [., i*.;lii',ir r-I ol ih-eir owi ner. oi O r the -saTle
    E X'. Brown. Pr.-idleiht. VieLanl wl, ,, I i;l-. 'iI, r ia, I e l l ,li-l)Iny ,'h e i)v which they were received
    .1. .. ShR --e,nmlti. Vice-Pr.-.. New ',nil. Til in, lmi- all cooping.
    rS evri eta ry a, l ul, l -, :i,, i, l iya ,:e- ,.harge,. 'r cept hirdg for exhibit only. on
    iplial P CAle ,; ei1eLarv a il hFZ],' p,, .1. ..---------------- r, [l.V all irtnsportatioln churges.
    Trpavu rl' De-LrdP l? n ----------------------- -- 2--, Thie gen.-ral pre_ of the
    T A Br,,wn. "Coulty A .illp, Ti kei t ',.', Dii k ; line s iacon will be awarded by
    Affiliated. Organizations..------------.,, comparison Display prize.q will be
    Affn iatedve Organizations d P h .n- --. nJ-,. .l --- -----.- awardedI ly pnltsi as provided by
    In ian ~iiver Pnlr I ---------i ---------.. r the AIi-iLaI Pouitlry Association
    mtot. A-isoriatio)n Pli i-i p.' r .iii'- .---------- '- followl"c'
    Hallfi-x Poultry Assocr at;on. IltI:,ilt i.,.] I lve,- .-- - -2, Pe- --l'irst prize counts 12
    W.e V'olu-;a .ioui,.'y ani Pet All en ri- s ,hould.l be minad ot., poi nt.; : e,-'ond. S points:tLird. 6
    Stock A -'oci-littoni. 'i...nk, iliriililt hd 1 the Ai,-,oi- t. points; folrlh. 4 poInts; and fifth
    OstenO Buoster'- (.Chil'l n t dtlclr.-.-.. i'). XV Br ,owl. poin j. r nts ;
    S-an-,ula Falnier", Muiiil B ri.ifil Sr.-c.r:.i y V jlii,,a ou iv F, ,r ,ll -Fiis prize d. 3 points;
    A- viocIat on. DeL.trid. IPla tiOIi point,.;third. 3 Ioints;
    Show Management l---,111.1- li R.l,'ulatinn .... urth. 2 points. aud fifth, one
    Siperinteient'-H E nat \ll .iat -n prize-. I.nlh point. Whitebirds handicapped one
    Daytona Bea th, and C. D rruij l ', -,l, .-e t..t ,. are open point ea h.
    Cae. Delpnda l F lor Iid '.--l .d-r Tlhl . ecillon of thejudges aft.
    Secretary. E. Or.1Iheu nrith Day-. 2 'lTl.- i,,v. ll bh heil und-r e" being ratiflei by the Asso'ia-
    noun. 1i,- ule r ilit.- Aneintan Poultry tvion. -all he final. No protest will
    Judges A.- ,, i itt r ,:." whi th Ahi- ,A o,.5a. be enlierlained unless the sai;e is
    F. J. lar-.liall-All varietieS Ih -l i- a ii l,-li ,.-'. Tli riilp.. .ill made in writing ,tld accomnriani tl.
    Plynirnoilh Ro-ks. Blark Ciants. All I"flly. Iib% itm $ 1 0 i I proc-tht isqus-
    Engli-ili al,,l M[1-littriranean breen l4 1,,- .111 `010,0 ilv' ae-M- tainted, tle ion-,'*. .will be rpflrnd-
    Pet anil Oriental Gamep,. All Dittr,. L il tJI, ..i.tir, on lai k-i i fu'rni'li- .
    Polbh and Misciellaneoui ,.. Iv h . A-,,.,ation. Entr lee 10 All exhlbit,i.s desirming to di.
    All Turkey-. nli1t't le r-,-' il fi iill 1 tlhe tin, PO? nf their speil-'mens but unable
    Mr.. H.'A. Pauil-Boys'and Girls,' ,,i;hikung tl,- -ijI-tiy. No ex,-ept- to attend the sow. ma.y g.'ive Itheir
    Club Work. in ltuno thi. uile. price on the entry blank t' be ,old
    F J. Gormican-AII Asiatic., all 4 Enri..-- (li.-e, Jau- by the show man iger. If sold. the
    Waterfoul. Guiueas ani v r,. l0'e; fill amount of such sales ill he
    S. D. Hardaway--AII varieties of r, Bird? will bt cooped singly. I remitted to the exhibitor nt the
    Wyandottes. all Pigeons and Rah. All -p'' itii. he lIindedl close ot the shoy No confliSIii.i3n
    hits. i; Tn- A-ior i.itionr will not be a ill be charged on such sale-.
    J. P. Eutenzn-All Rhode [landi rfprdil l,? luti3 any lo-; i hat may It. The term ".petlImen' applirs
    Redls. Bh.keye. Javas. .Doiin.1 i ,1 bir ill ii- ,I-it irv .-ry exhihbilI to anylving for whit.h a pr'iitium
    que. All Rode Iland Whit-i I ihe ,i..' iri- 1 0l 1i l, 1on. Exlibih is offered The lerm. "Cock." n
    Gi'h-i ot l-onir-D. Lin-iln Oir. imi ii-,3- i t nip. n.Iy their ('jntinited in PPage Sixi



    Real Estate






    See the Fair and See us before and

    after the fair.

    Let us show you Ponce DeLeon Estates
    with proposed Golf Course, mile
    South of DeLeon Springs
    bounded by County f
    and State Road



    PHONE 1'23.


    ................iuj .Li ri ~ J ~~J ~I


    Your Grocer For



    Every ingredient used in the making of wheat-

    a'Laxa Bread is of the best quality: whole

    'wheat, yeast, milk, honey, salt and lard.

    Wheat-a-Laxa is highly recommended by

    physicians as a food which supplies all the nu-

    trients-a natural grain laxative.

    Ask your grocer for A. B. C. Bakery Products-Butter-Nut and Butter
    Split Bread; French' and Rye Bread; Rolls, Pies and Cakes-Made in
    Daytona's most modern and sanitary Bakery, of quality ingredients.





    PHONE 79

    Scenic Pwnfing Sfudio, Johnny J. Jones Exposition Winter Quarters, Orlando, Fla.


    . I




    I P



    2he fountain of youth and profit

    The biggest opportunity

    in Volusia County

    You are sure of a big profit at Ponce de Leon

    Springs, in our opinion, because nowhere

    else in the world is there so much that so

    many people want .

    Greatest natural beauty in Florida.
    Most refreshing climate in the State.
    Warm days and cool nights.
    -. H igh .-*
    High, rolling, wooded land.
    Springs flowing 40,000 gallons a min-
    ute into Spring Garden Lake.
    Swimming, said by Olympic swimmers
    to be "the best ever experienced."
    Canoeing, boating, sailing, motor-boat.
    ing and hunting.
    Wonderful bass fishing.
    Only 40 minutes drive to surf bathing,

    and the finest motor racing beach in
    the world; beautiful drives in every
    Fully-equipped playgrounds, with
    burros and Shetland ponies for the

    Beautiful bridle paths, over rolling hills
    and through woods of palms, magnolias
    and oaks, draped with Spanish moss.
    Golf course under construction.
    Main Atlantic Coast Line and' Dixie
    Highway transportation.
    Location in the heart of fruit belt
    assures fresh fruit and vegetable,.
    Reasonable living costs; good markets
    Development improvements to include
    sidewalks, paving, water; electricity
    already there.
    Building restrictions insure artistic de-
    velopment and permanency.
    Prices reasonable. Every assurance of
    an increase i value.

    Read these facts. Then, it your dwod ,
    judgment tell your pocketboo k
    what to do' ,

    I iii'jine,
    Ponce de Leon Springs Mouild-n |
    i f .-', ,-
    ^' -a' w ^ .'~ f' ^ ^ -^ ^ .-. .. .. .. ."*-- '' A w' ^ y....^-^

    . .. ."...

    I, V .:
    Deland, Florida
    1 am interested in your pre-reservation oppoqttne' r,
    at Ponce de Leon Springs. I want the facts. ue ..,"
    them, along with a copy of your flew botik'?.- ,V
    shown here.
    ., ..-; "^

    Addre..- -...'
    "' ' f '" -


    '~: j~>.S~
    .5! V....



    ihe fountain of youth and profit

    Come to the




    and see the opportunities

    of Volusia County

    ~&'~ .~&. -

    K + .+::+.% i-+ ., : ,,m + ,. .., ,,-,


    To you who live in the county, it is unnecessary to give glowing
    descriptions of its beauties and climate, or figures to prove its
    value as an investment. To you who have but visited the county,
    again there is little need for colorful words to describe its lovely
    ,setting and climate. But, to you who come to Volusia County
    for the first time, we urge that you stay long enough to drive
    about the county, to see .its natural beauties and enjoy its invig-
    orating climate. Be sure to visit Ponce de Leon Springs,I the
    greatest natural wonder of Florida, and enjoy all that Ponce cdr
    Leon. Springs has to offer you in recreation and relaxation.
    To all of you, we offer a most cordial invitation, not only to visit
    and enjoy Ponce de Leon Springs, but also to watch the day-by,
    day improvement and development of this most wonderful in
    vestment opportunity.
    Come in, while you are in Deland and let us tell you about oui
    plans-and particularly about your opportunities!

    Henry C. Lonsford
    Ponce de Leon Springs Building, Deland, Florida



    January 23rd
    for that's the day of the opening sale

    Pre-reservation prices
    until 6 p.m:
    S""n. .

    first choice!







    )r i1c
    in t:
    y city
    . do



    I /

    3 Inch
    Table Grip,

    .. Amy

    , White
    n in p

    interested in whether a
    ,e, we invite you tolk

    I for Fair Week: 5 acres.n& city-
    ision, '$5,000.00, terms.

    & SMITH



    The northern popularity of the NE.W
    Se sweet uJuice Extracor is growing by
    I and bounds. Ov5prmium orders a
    da are now being filled through this office.
    Every one of these machines.we place in
    the. homes of northern consumers literally
    churns dollars for Florida' Citrus Exchange
    growers. This is just one of the dozens of'im-
    porfpnt things the Exch isdoing for the
    devyopment of Floridas greatest industry.
    ..This beautiful and efficient machine is


    L1N4,~~VU~eFI .J)iiILUie JUl !U1id11 D OUaHU H I4Z
    .the time used by the .inary glass hand ex,-"
    Think of'it! Not only is the New Seal-
    vsweet Juice Extractor a great time and labor
    saver, but it quickly pays for itself in'greater
    cjuwe recovery.'
    You cannot' afford &tbe without this ma-
    chian. Its extracting coneis so devised that it is
    equally efficient on all citrus fruits. Send. in-
    your order today. 4A


    TAMPA, F


    ,. A I



    ..? ,., ,,, .,,...,:* i..,,.. ... -.. ,.... .... ., ..... *'f '.^*ay,1.' k.
    :,: ..: --, _- :- -----;, ..---..- -.--....- .-,-.......


    PAGti SI

    *'a"in..a. a,...a'a..,,a,.a,..a a. -, .. a a' a~ -- -
    - ~ ,~a.a aa a .a.a.m... ~ a~a -

    a, a ,, . . .. ..t i ,,, ,a

    e.a. a.eeeoe.ea~a~4


    %With DeLand Since














    I Fact Bmuding Material of all kinds

    It is far better too buy the

    Best in Building Ma-

    terialand rest assured that you have a B'uilding

    that will Stand &or years

    to come.

    We have a modern equipped Planing Mill
    which enables us to give you the Best in Mill

    Work. We

    solicit your patronage.











    To visit our plant during Fair week, and see for yourself an up'to-date and

    modern equipped planing mill.

    If you are contemplating building we,

    will be glad to advise with you. Don't forget to visit us.

    LUMDI .ER.

    WELL B8
    GAO Te





    . 4..LL... ""_ ....a.4..a..nm ,a)ala., la ,l-l.,a a. ai. .l aia .lll4.' I ' 'h '..ll' l l 'a'.a.a la., pi n64.,| ala||.4 l4 4'
    ..a.. i oaIil go naoeoeii oaia...aua,l.a. ...,la,.i e..maI.4..e ~i..a `.a.a.a J.,.Iaa.a.a..a.. .- a ,I .a,.a .. ia.ip.a...a...i..a ~ i|, i a aoi., a noo44i4all~l

    ., .. ,
    i ..


    We 'CarEs A




    ..A ~
    4 .4.


    I. I






    A .*



    do ftOW-





    la -
    ^ :
    ir -
    fkf, *
    ?, ** * *
    '* ' *'.
    ' .1
    ^ '
    '.^ '
    ^," ?
    ^ *
    1 '*

    1; '.
    y- .
    *... : *;
    * ''*' : '
    I .-^. .

    fe *
    "I r
    ^ l'
    * '""*
    ; i

    ,: ,. l
    '* /* '


    .'- s
    ,:'-:? "
    * ::*< ''
    "V .
    ^ * .
    \;f: *

    ;, .
    I- '.
    .'-, J i
    I'"'1 ^

    ^ *
    ! ^'*'*^*.
    ^ l ^
    h*', "'

    *^ 1 *
    J -^ .1 ^
    ^ :' !
    i' "- '
    );* '.;
    '. '*.*v'l '
    ^-*;.. *
    *.- *'
    ,.-'_f *
    i :' ..';
    i-.'(; '* *
    'M' *
    k' -
    ''''.': '*

    ; 'i .
    >*. ..' *-*
    *, '*" *'
    . .i- **'
    "., **
    I;1- -
    tr' 1
    Y-i '
    , ."** !l '

    v ,

    :/- '* '" '
    ?" * i
    r. *
    *:* * .<
    ^" *
    s< : '
    i- '**t''

    r-1 *
    ;**' ** *
    ;. *, .,

    HIS IS A DE LUXE edition of all the best things of Florida. Scour the
    state as you will you will never find more charming homesites, more in-
    vestment opportunities, more soil production in proportion to popula-
    tion, more highways, more natural wonders, more play places, or more
    likeable people than in this district of DeLand. It is seat of real culture with
    educational advantages internationally famous, too.

    Why not cast your lot in with a city of Florida about which the term

    "bubble" has never been used; where values are based on actual soil produc-

    tion in fruits, vegetables, bulbs, farm crops, poultry?

    Does the fact that this city has a steady population that has quadrupled

    in the past six years interest you? Two banks that have on deposit over $8,-

    500,000.00 certainly invite your attention, also. If this is not actual proof of

    the stability of DeLand The Commercial Club has pertinent data on any or

    all things of the district. Write, or make your desires known in person and get

    real, courteous service.






    V ISITORS to DeLand, whether for the purpose of attending the Fair or
    "just passing" are welcome at the Commercial Club. No matter what
    information you desire we will do our best for you, in the way of road
    information, railroad or steamboat time tables, list of rooms and apart-
    ments available in DeLand, list of churches, schools, Stetson College data-
    what will you have?

    We ask you to look around at the fine paving and other modern things
    of this city and pay particular attention to the marvelous oaks that cloak the
    city in protective way. They were planted for shade purposes fifty years ago,
    so DeLand has a half-century start on most of the new places in Florida that
    are making a bid for recognition.

    These towering trees typify the spirit of the city, which is toward the
    solider things-things that endure and make for the spiritual and mental
    welfare of mankind. We have plenty of wholesome amusements, also, and a
    fine system of highways. Many wonder places near.


    i ,



















    ?,,. <
    fc--' "*
    Sr. : '"
    ;?'. '* .! ,
    '- ,/ : '
    *> **.'il?'-. *'

    r; ** *;.
    ' '*.*-*

    1 ^
    ; **'1

    U,. ,
    .,..' f

    : . ii, .: ,,i
    1, il *. ,- ,'.': "* t" ,,:>.*.'.;'< *^


    4ir-;. L :-=

    i erieiug Medium ,Yo~u Pou~t i!


    I|i, Partial View of Volusia County Fair Grounds

    |- ,- the B S

    -- --- _ L.--- ______

    X_,_ ________--- -
    S E _F-------- T E- M-O- -

    The picture reveals something of the magnitude of the grounds where the third annual Volusia county fair will be held, Jan-
    fuary 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30. To the left is shown the Educational and Poultry building. To the right of this is Live Stock building
    and Kennel club. The Automobile building is at the extreme eight. To the f ront of this picture at the left is shown tents housing
    the Boy Scouts and the police, and to the bright the Negro building... s --f
    ~~~~.......................:.___...-........__ .,,.,..,.,..

    A-.... ..-._-.-- ..

    OUR [FIRM 3rErl
    TThe Jo pitreeeas Noetingo h antdther e Toond Larete hrgenna Vousaont r Too li Smallan

    : an Kennelclub. Th AutomWi thbidigi a t for e of x80 emenrwehar ablte oto puhi woctrk toa tearlyf completow n venty pleasngnt
    th By cut adth plie ad othe build ter Ougro bidratmng wllstif y u sere desir for a.. pe ec house.

    i~ iii ~ i~~ii~~i i~i i~i Hi~ iii~i~i~~iii~ii~i~~i~~i~~i~iii~~iiii~it~ii~ii~i ~ i~ii~~i~~ii~~ii IllH iillllllililU~ llllso ell]fl
    i ;." ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ I 0=-.- .... .. "- -,.'
    40dM W 0 s-.,'%-i ."... ''", ."l"


    SContractor and Builder

    ri DeLand, Florida :1
    HHIIlIIIIIMIIIII i~i~ii~ iii~~i~i~i~i~~i~ ii~ii~ i H~i i~ii~i i~i i~~i~~i~ i~i~ii~i ii~~iiii~~i~~iiii~iii~~i~i~ii~i i-
    ,...,i" :_: :

    I,. -; '...
    1&%.V:-: .. ,; .. *

    t I
    v. *> *,', M..m_._,,

    ,.K;,^ -' _._L_ --.
    r u 38. Second rt box Wter
    ,Sweet t ,ranges ------- 1,00
    39. Best b69 'verblarIng
    Oranges --..--------- 2 0
    HORTICULTURE 40. Second best box Ever bear-
    S- log Oranges -------- 1.00
    : l-.'J'd 'F 41. 'Bet -box 'Norris Early
    1OVARD G. P AMR'. J. AL. Seedless Oranges ------- 2.ti
    r .',EA'ANDEBR,:.'J.tMlP .IS r., .42. ;wcond bt hrrx Norris
    s uperintendents Early Seedless Oranges l.Oll
    r W. HIATT. H. G. CLAYTON, 43. Best box ,wieet Seville
    Judges Oranges -------------- 2.00
    CITRUS UITA ~ .14 Second beat bqx .'weot
    S CITRUSSeville Oranges ------- 1.00
    -. Orange's
    1. Pest box Parson Brown TANGERINES
    S Orange-s .-------------$2.00 45. Best box Daicy Tanger-
    2 SPcond best Parson ines .......-......... 2.1w
    S Bro)wn Oranges ------ 1.00 46. Second h-st box DanQy
    3. B. B ,t box I-IHomosassa Tangarine ----------- 101)
    S Oranges ------------ 2 1O 47. Best bqx .WlJUow-Tangarl
    1. Second box .omueiaana ti es ................. 2.,1
    S Oranges ------------ 1 00 48. Scond best tox Willow
    .:5. Lox Pineapple Tangariles ---------- 1.00
    Oranges -...-----.------ 2 0 4. -Best box Cleopatra Tan
    -ij Sc.rond best box -Pine- -grines -------------- 2.010
    apple Oranges ---------. 1.00 Second best box Cleo-
    =-. Bi -t box .Valencia patra Tanparines ------ 1li
    Oranges ..---.---------- 2.001)
    S -8. Second best box Valincia LEMONS
    S Oranges --------------l..00 51. .Rest box Ponderosa
    9 Be-st box Lue Gim n Gong Lemods ------------ 2.00
    Oranges ------------- 2.00 52. Second beat bffx Ponder
    5". Second bet box Lius Gim osa Lemobs -----------..... 1.00
    = -'Gong Oranges -------- 1.00 53. Best box Villa Franca
    3l Be-st box Hart's Late r Lemons ------------- 2.u0
    ;- (Tardiff Orangest ---- 200 54. Second ,best box Vilia
    ,2. Seond best box Hurt's Franca Lemons ------- 1.')
    Late (Tardiff) Oranges 1.0U $5. 'Vest box Bough Lemons 2 ub
    .33 Best box King Oranges- .2.00 .6. secondd 'best box Rough
    34 Second beat tox King Lemons -------------. l:0u
    S Oranges --------------.1.0 57. Best box .,KJennedy Le-
    5?. Best -box mrtterprile ,mans --------..-------....- 0
    = ,seedles9i Oranges --- 240 48. "-Secand best box Kennedy
    3i;. Second bi-st box EuLnter- Lemons------- 1.00
    Sprise(seedless) Oranges lI0Ins. Best box Sicily Lemons- 2.o0
    r7. Best box Jaffa Oranges- 2.00 0o. Second best box SicIly
    -S. Second best box Jaffa Lemons -----------.. 1.00
    S Oranges ----------- .:00
    21 Best box Mediterranean LIMES
    S Sweet Oranges ------- -2.0. 61. 'nest box Tahiti Limes_. 2 .,
    5. Second best box Mediter I 62. Second best box Tahiti
    ranean Sweet .Oranges 1.00 Lnies ---------------.... l1111
    5I Best box Temple Or- 63 Best box Key Limes -__ 2.u
    S auges --------------- 2.00 64. Second best box Key
    32 Second best bbx. T'emplr Limes -----------.---- 100
    Oranges ------------ 1.00 65. Best box Persian Limes- 2.00
    32.., Best box Indian .River S. 'Second best box Persian
    SOranges .------------- 2.,00 L'mes -----.---------.......ou 1.00
    4. Second bpot -box l.a n, 1R US
    River Ornges -------1.00 OT.HR CITRUS
    S5. Best box -'Spriae Navql i 67. Qbst box Tangelos -- 20O
    Oranges I--------- 2.00 68. Second beat box Tan-
    S6. S.-cond beat.'bdx Surpride gelos -----...------------.. 0.100
    Navel Oranas_ -------1.00 L 69. Beat box Citrons --..-----. 2 ,
    t. Best box Washington 70 Second best box Citron-- 1. i',
    Navel Oranges ------- 2.001) 71. 'Best box elemondtlns -- 2.u)il
    3S. Seiod besL bo Washing- 72. Second best box Caleminon-
    toull Navel'braanges --- l.) ,drins ----------..---...--- 1.0i
    39. Best box Ruby, Blood I.1RUI
    "- Oranges .-.---. ---- 2.00 GRAPEFRUIT
    ). Second best box Ruby 73. Best box Connor's Grape-
    Blood Oranges ---------. l.O fruit ---------------- 2 fii,
    .31. Best box St. Michael 74. Second best box Connor's
    S. Blood Oranges -------- 2.00 Prolific Grapefi-u4t .L.o0
    2. Sie-ond best box St. 75. Best box Duncan Grape-
    S Michael Blood Oranges 1.00 fruit-- ----- 2.00
    3'. Best box Egyptian Blood 76. Second best box .'D l"unan
    Oranges ------------ 2.00 Grapefruit ----------- 1.00
    4I. Second best box Egyptian 77. Best box Hall's Silver
    S Blood Orangs ------- 1.00 Cluster Grapefruit -___ 2 ri,
    35. Best box Seedling Or- 78. Second best box Hall's Sil-
    "" anges ..------------- 2.00 ..ver -OClatter G3tapeftrult- 1.0
    '6. Second best box Seedling .7. UBest -box -Marsh Seedless
    Oranges ------------- 1.00 Grapefruit ---------- 2.0u
    -37. Best box Bitter Sweet SO. 'Second Ibest box (Marsh
    -. Oranges ------------ 2.001 Seedless Grapefruit ... 1.00o

    .q% TWfT. AM ThATTY.' NPWq SATTTRT)AYV JAN 23 11926

    .L ... ...JL.JL.r1L J t-, "--** -. .... _- -" ----7-- . . .,- .
    J. ~ ~ ~ IN yb Jot-1 iL .-JtJ, L.-.'-W&J t .i. v J..

    o]ie indiv.dual Diploma
    and -----------------;.. ir,
    4. RSecd beet exhibit
    Citrus Fruit? by one
    individual- .--------- 5 i",
    See "Special Prrnitim" f'or
    intdlvl(ual premiujws.
    BPsi exhib i Pr.-can -- -$2(00

    The Big Chief 104.



    S .
    7. 1

    89 1
    [I 91


    ; 94.

    9 7.


    S27 Sep ond best exhl.,ibi
    P ecla n s .- --. .--------- 1.0
    .2. Best exhibit Japanese

    SP( onil b)pst ex-.ibinI
    H-i. -r. Nas t . .... -- N5(1
    6. B. at exhibit Walnut, .. 1tll
    7. Bprs t 2 quartis Large
    G Ila 'a------------- 2 Oil
    1-. Second b es. 2 quart ,
    Large G av n s -------... ---I...... lii
    fl. Be-st 4 (1tiarLa Cattle
    G'uavas ....... .-- ..1. '--- 2 06,
    10. Spcind beat 4 quart,, Cat.
    te uavas ------...-------1... i
    11. Best 3 Papayas -------- 11)
    S:12. Second best 3 PT.pavas -L.ul
    S13 Be-3't Hart'p Cho:ce Bana-
    Hii.-K' I" LONSFORD na, ----------------- .2( i
    oper of .-Ponr.- Du_. .Leon14 S.crnd best Hart's Choice
    loring ,nd b o th.eoln. Banarn, ..--..---------.........
    1 B 'Rest Orinoco Bananas.? 2,11
    ,izGat, bditll' n tidtl_ ]i-i ,. Second best Orinoco
    Bananas '-, ....--------1.10
    Be,.t biox 1 Carth Grape. 17. B-str Cavendish Bananac. 2 i01
    fruit -----------...---... 1. SeronI best exhibit Ca.-
    Second blt Mt Mie (nrth'., oirsh Bananas --------i1 (i
    Gtapf'rult --- 1 6. 19 B-st Surinam Cherre.- 2.11 i
    Gre 1 n21.1 Second best Surina m
    Best bI --- P,_i.t1.r Grape_ Cherries-.------------- Ion
    tlt- ....-2., 21 Rs-t 2 quarts Loquats.. 29I'l.
    SBt..nd I et box Fost;er I 22. S.econdai Inst 2 quarts
    ralie'ruit ----------..-.... 1.011' Lquats ---------------e 0

    K u mquaI .. . .. 1 i .n tsai -- -- -- E ac fitm a box Ttiupli p(;Trape- 23. Besi exhibit balf dorpn
    :ulit -- --------------... 2.01) fruitin uPitiea p p I e
    S.:-'ond I best box Triumph Plant ---------------3 il.. ln
    urailrrul----------- ........... 1 24 Be- t exhibit Pineapples.
    Br.i --- xcr-i-'-- i ;,'-----.01-e n the.. -- n---
    ru,----------- -2. 25. Second best exhibit P;ne
    S,-u-nd b-st box txc-Isrinr apples, dozn..------------gill
    Grapefruit.------------ A i 26. Best exhibit Fui in pr..
    Be.-o.t ox Seedling Grape_ servation--------------(l.3
    trut ..-----------------2.. ,0027. Best 2 quartsi Stiawher-
    Secntd I.e.'.it iox Si.edlin
    Graefruit------------.11111 28. Second best 2 quarts
    Best bu P Red Ormond Strawberries 2n--------- il
    Grapefruit,-------------1)1- 29. Best exhibit Chestnutt__ 1,)11
    Second i,.st box Red Or.- II-
    mount Grapefruit.-------I Liu KENNEL HOW
    Kennel Show Will ie Held Thurs.
    KUMQUATS day and Friday. January 29-30.
    Best brinxNt,c~smi Kum. Veterinarian In Attendance-
    quat- ----.-------------1.A0 Dogs Must .Be In Place by
    Second bi t box Naciaui 9 A. M.-Entry Fee 50
    Kuniquats ..-----------I I. ) Cents For Each Animal
    B._,r ilox 1larumi Karo- Clarence Taylor Supt
    quo ..s.----------------2.00 Dog. must be entered and rlar-
    Srconij lest box i laruni ed on o xhibition nt later th.ntn
    umq t, ..------------- 1.l)q 9 a. m".. or they will not he _cail.
    SPECIAL.Isidered in the awartld. Ribbons to
    SPECIL Ififth plt.'..
    Spe ,-al Diplonria' best 1ffh P RT NG D , er Grapefruit. SPORT1NG DOGS
    Spetal Diplomas Or- Clama A
    aug-s. 0 Prern. 1st 2nd
    .. v, ." I '' a.'o hNOAt .,

    i-w' (. li ai uipioiu u stD' 1? 81
    CIu,-r.-,r t.angerine'.
    Spe,-ial Diplomas hecst
    p&< kel boxs G 'refit'it.
    Special Diplopias Ibest
    paic-dl box Orane-. Diplomnas y t
    pa e.dc-J box Tang-rit-J-.
    ret i-xhtirt Citru3 FriJit



    rprige prize
    Pointer Dog. over 1
    year ------------$2 1,0 11,1)
    Pointer .Bcich. ouvr
    1 year ----------- 2.0l 1 0U
    Pointer Dog. undtr''
    1 year---------- 2.00 1.01
    (Continued on Page Six)



    The pIture shows the favorite musical entertainers of DeLapd.
    the Ponce De Leon ZJrpngs quartet, tornmerly the Indiana Male quar
    tet. famous for their broadcasting from the Edgewater -Beach Hotel,
    at Chicago. They were brought here by Henry C. Lonsford Organi-
    zationri for an indefinate stay and have warbled their way into the
    hearts ot all hearers. Their nightly concerts at the Fonce De Leon
    Springs offices are much enjoyed. -

    .e a .e,.e ,, a- 'a~e..p .m.~ ier

    j I
    I I


    I i
    I Aa
    S Auto Painting and Trimming



    Corner Alabama and Voorhis

    NICK r& ORDR

    Wiring, Fixture


    Finest :Fixtue Showroom in q6ori4a






    DeLand, Florida


    SPhone200 144 West New York Avg.
    I '

    Red Star Grain


    * .


    H. H. GATE

    and Feed

    SIWhile at the Fair

    Don't Fail to hear the New Brunsmwick


    The First Puirely Electrical Reproducing instrument known.

    |Also the New


    The new set designed for Florida Reception.

    Daily and Nightly Demonstratios

    DeLand Piano & Music Co.

    A Agricultural Building

    ..... ... i,, "' i








    II. I* '. r I T I- I rllcI"________________, _I,_.. I-i U. I.. '- .... L 1-J I -- ,







    DeLand, Florida, January 15, 1926.
    I have been observing with much' interest the de-
    velopment of your subdivision, known as "University
    Terrace," and desire to.c6ngratulate you upon the won-
    derful progress being made.
    The location is ideal. Nature has given you a per-
    fect setting, and, under your supervision, University
    Terrace will' appeal to and attract the discriminating
    ' homd-seeker. Your close proximity to John B. Stetson
    S University, being only two blocks from that wonderful
    , institution of -learning with its many imposing build-
    ings, and being within fifteen minutes' walk to the
    heart of our business section, should make your en-
    terprise the success it deserves.
    To your development we can point with pride
    S and it should be a source of satisfaction to prospective
    purchasers to know that they are dealing with reliable
    men-men who possess business ability and integrity
    of a high order. ,
    ., We wish you evety success in all your endeavors
    and can truthfully say that you deserve to succeed
    beyond your expectations.
    Very respectfully,
    SAW[C S. A. WOOD, President.

    DeLand, Fla.
    December Fifteenth
    The H. W. Prahl Construction Corp.,
    S We wish to congratulate you on the splendid de-
    velopment of University Terrace.
    The natural lay of the land in this section is ideal,
    and as you have spared no expense in your efforts to
    make this one of the most exclusive, high-class resi-
    dential sections of the city, which is-undoubtedly an
    invaluable precedent to establish. We are glad to

    lend our endorsement and wish yc
    in carrying out your plans.

    Very truly your;
    (Signed) I





    IN THE



    College Arms Hotel and two -from Stetson Universit y Cam
    corner of Pennsylvania ahd Amelia Avenues-Just 1320 feel

    We have reserved one hundred 'lots xupoti which we are going!
    completion. What happens to property values when a mill
    are created? Draw your own conclusion and see this actually)

    Fair Visi

    Are invited to stop at our Iooth.

    Each afternoon'at 3:30 we will ha'


    PHONE 47(

    J. C. M. VALENTINE, 'Coinsulting Engineer
    Decdftber 15, 4925.
    The H. W. Prahl Construction tCo.,
    DeLand, Florida.
    I have just returned from an inspection of your
    subdivision "University Termece" and I wish to cotin-
    gratulate you upon having developed the highest class
    subdivision in this part of the country. This sounds
    like'pretty high praise, but my position as County Sur-
    veyor enablesome to have a very intimate knowledge
    of all developments in the County, and I know of none
    more desirable than yours.
    The topography of the ground being gently rolling
    lends itself to the landscape scheme which you have

    u unlimited success followed out. A
    DeLand is fortunate in having such a subdivision.
    s,' Very sincerely,
    Vice President. County Surveydr, Volusia Co., Fla. i



    D'S BUSINESS DISTRICT, six blocks from the
    pus--our office and Main Entrance being at the
    L east of North Boulevard.

    g to erect homes. Seven homes are now nearing
    ion dollars worth of permanent improvements'
    T under way.


    ve cars leaving the looth for a visit to the property.




    uW nl1'i 1l1 ... .... 1IuIII


    1111 1 111 N.W ill

    LIV!,TTl-!!,!)l vlllI,Ill




    ~ 7

    * =
    I -


    I ~ I
    a -







    -.4t I
    A semi-circle of scenic charm, undulating acres of entrancing aspect,
    eye-satisfying vistas of unexpected splendor, varied phases of natures
    rarest moods!
    So unusual is this gem of the h ills of DcLand, aind ro rich in all the
    elements that satisfy the .insistent urge in every hvman for the "ileal"
    home spot, that each visitor, sees so mething in Country Club Estates
    that reminds him of the prettiest su burbs "b.:-ck home." I
    Suprise follows surprise as one enters th2 property, and driving to
    the crest of the first ridge, beholds a picture ro unexpected, and so dif-
    ferent, that for a moment sheer astonishment impels him to say "I've
    never seen anything like this in Florida before."


    . : ,

    - o.

    Today's Achi evements







    Present Value Established

    Unquestionably all this means, that in Country Club Estates you al-
    ready have a solid foundation of re al investment value, in addition to
    the unparalleled natural charm that invests your home site with that
    pride of ownership even more important than the dollars and cents
    S. In Country Club Estate you wi 11 have JUST THE KIND of home
    site you have always visualizd-jus t the garden spot under the genial
    Florida sun that you have dreamed o f. Country Club Estates has all this
    -and more-because its fenders a re home and community builders,
    actuated by a compelling desre to inm ake of this the most inviting and
    highly residential section in,this part of the State.


    ,ft I.
    Iii, "~


    *, ..1

    . vm




    * .

    ' A

    Proceeding over the wide, winding drives, he sees before him the greens
    and fairways of the famous Count ry Club Golf Course-"18 holes of
    the sportiest golf in the state of Flor ida"-in the opinion of one of the
    foremost exponents of the game. No t projected or planned-but IN.
    In the center, atop one of the numerous hills that dot this charming
    development, is the well known Dc Land Country Club, mecca of better
    class sport lovers and fountain hea d of -ocial and cultural effort in a
    community noted for its civic achie ment, beloved for its embracing-wel-
    come to the newcomers and renow ned in educational circles ,as the
    Athens of Florida.

    L ?

    - *A.

    JF 9

    A. 4THE D A D I N< E W S 4"4, 44

    44 444""4444 -.... "" . 4 44 4 i: 4 ,4- 44 1' ; : .... =j 'i :;
    44 ,4 14"- --

    1i -, '1 1

    Q ........ ........ ...7

    tha fi your, pocetbok Chic vil sies guneou size hom .. lobs i '.
    4 o. 44< ,1 / .4,..-44444 .4' ;; ,, .

    toC 4 -h i er
    ?iid, 4nse 4 4 -tl. e 4 ,. < 4:4 .....~44 j,,'., -,-

, is gro in in.. tha diretion Orng City.............isway

    WayA betee :the. two Th ....l siniso io

    W y C u tyor Club Estatew|L~l s ;
    4 4," "" ; ,. J N < "' .. . 44 4 44 4
    :% /.i?;,!' 4

    't," typ of' Home Co mnt eneprs..' Pi C.
    ti44! A rolig hilly teran a pitreso

    .jvfc livng cnevd cra d, and to. bejt Rar Spcltv po... s' -
    .. - .... -,,- '," 4, i 4i
    e 4 1 ,- i4-
    ,411!cl c n u i b .. .. ....
    4-~~~~~~~ ~~~~ pru oftertw4n od hersaeIelHm ie

    4in a: constantl bige an 4-ete De-44
    44~~Bs Wae in State-~- ,-,
    4 4 grats hoeo4civmn isi
    04 thehhl of the4 "Ahn of Flrd Resricion
    0elopment~4 thtwl4moy L h eu
    44e and adatae thtmkpteidaIpoeet
    rida4 4 4 4m44 4,
    4~I Lin Inetmn Trend4 4444
    444444Adjoins City~ Limits4

    a4 F ai 1-''i'o 44 R&44 111 s- fil-sfi-0 ^fv

    i"*li f'~ l~rnnfd 'fromn 11e iTwd)':
    S. 4. hInter Bitch. un- n
    y. er 1 year ----- 2.06 1.1,10
    "' Inrers. Best Pair 4.0) 2.00
    ; S, ',f. tilInters, Best Bitch
    d Littere)-------3.00 1.50
    PdeOwing Prizes apply to Eng-
    z.,trtSh' sh 3ordon. Llefilyn. and
    .2. :Bea Hter Dog, over --
    7 ea r ------------ 2.00 1.00 *
    =8. Writer Bitch, over
    yea. --------- 2.00 1.0 ,
    9. %Otter Dog. under
    . year ---------- 2.06 1.1.0
    loddtter Bitch, und.-r
    year -----------2.n0 1.00
    't. letter Pair ------- 4.00 2.0 i
    _-.J Satter Bitch and
    ltiter ----------- 3_.00 I.1. .
    ,.iS 'Irf6hound Dog, over
    S LTRYa R Eoi----------- 200 1 ro t
    - '_3 .4, V i zxhou nd Bi t .""iflte F. d ner w
    ...-Over I year - 2.00 1.00
    15. Sot2hound Dog. ub-abl r p a
    ;d*r. Ir t year A. a 0ea Roo0. a- / " "eet B'l
    V.',=ho.nd B ."'.b.

    2.i e c a wa r n s "rla s ".. Ba.' Lu ch 'p "h "d"ii.- 'i o i, "'o -b. rai'e B .pinp nih n io i fni.ti'
    ;= over I year --- 2.00 1.-00
    A-7i. VPffzound Pair ____- 4.00 2.0Q)
    :.7T8. orhtound Bitch atnd .
    : Mi.,tter _. -.------------ "3.0. 1.5
    S" 1. Pa ivhound Pack (5
    Wr more) P--------i 0.0 5- 40 2Bi.
    .-0 .. 00-'"."" 1"0
    -. 13agle Hound Dog 200 10.).. .. .-= ----- ....... ... .f
    .-11. Beagle Hound Bitch 2.00 1 0 '
    AJ2. b ,,yhound D og --- 2.n0) 1I ou
    3. O veyhound Bitch 2.00 1.00 A lo.* cabin road t,- tJ-.-. murtic Buffalo. N Y.. where lie had lung in thi sei_ -t-- of F lorida .
    -#.Rlussian Nrolfhoufld Il appearance iti tnoldern Ii int:_I' resided. although a tnatin Dun. The iiter,:,r le- iation. are to
    0 og- ----------- 200 1.00 ever dota I is now being f- re ted Canada. be novel, and thle illinmiaation ., ti.)
    Bt5. ,----ian Wolfhound at Retnados th nrv it V lid- Sic entering butns 6 he Suplid I- four alligator chami
    'Dlitch .. .... .0 1.00 .. : .. I doir- ,_ susp..nileJ i om th. -ulirng
    ".X6. l31 odhound Dog 2.0 1.00 %wayv b etw cen r)a1t na an l DeLan. 'i Ba. l .o(I hias.f s hown. .n a i lit t lie pla i- ,,)0 t IT ,_ t u tv g. "
    -7.. .ltbodhound Bitch 2.00 1.00 by W F B hac l, local i-rIden ,. to plc e.* and both of his placed appearan e a d fi u I ) li hing-b .
    8, cker Spanlal Dig 2.00 1 '0 and will be coral eL, within 1.-4 Ii- built Sup a lare an' proI a pparonD aIRS- tri LaTin Y .
    Cn., ker 9 P a n le I,\1r~ a e ha It noon c.irLie i rilreway %% ill
    - im. ht T.0 |1.0 I d Redht Tohe bee coni i t d 3S LiU main PaT
    Wit -.--- D g- h 2.T00 1.00 1 a l;h T!l i n road ho Ibet wll oc cupy Ltnce io tihe road liouse and -pac..
    S er Spaniel Dog 2."0 e -ia Il!. c r- tract and will set back wil be re.hevt- iur uthe larkng
    .31. 'Weter Spaniel Bltrh 2.0d1 1.1.11
    _J1. "Sae 2 The new r'otd-l h111.e. a tlan- I F-1, th-et front the hijhay. It Of 10)t0 aUtiotiulbles.
    'iULTRY PRE5IUM for Ind ha, no oet l -en select-.wi'll bpe elt n" .ted solely f e ogs, The service rs to fealtire .cii uk_
    :S ajh:Prizes and Claiflc-tions ed va.; designedl by Ml Babcock, hoah .in"tr0-r Tuid '.teMor. .nd en and 8teak dlu nera with o ,fa ecial
    Slilldies: Five or more in class-- who ior many y,.ar, ha- accept- will be 5. 'e-t wide and 12S f(et rdrders and private parties The
    lrst. 3.00: Second, 200: Third. ably erved the public as aeatr- long It will contain six private k-ntc Ain i be large and onveni.
    *1.00. r and who s the |I iipritor of ifdiing rooms. 21i ta-les a land e r ontl ranged and ihe road hiute
    Ribbons to seventh, providing the Tangerine Tea Room. at floor. 3x50 feet. and 10 bed roo e nit.,Ir Ne i ownefgera
    -.he cias warrants. Drela's. and Babbs Lunch. oppo. The aince irlor is to be raised plant and l-ntric light elant.
    TwBesoo on ithin entr claniek tath
    . Two or more In class-FIrst, site the ost office. He came to and surrounded by a ratlg tuak of Daytona Beaeh and DeLand it
    -Z.00; 4Second. $1.00: Third, rib, DeLand two monilis ago fr-out g it in this particular tgmlique will seek to serme both
    "--',- s. __ ____

    S ue ieo more tt clas-I -oi'f _________ __3. Al entre__poitivelclo_
    l P : Fe or m Pigeons Po dF fr best r oh hiblt of Light.
    First, '6.00; Second, $4.)0: Third, A regular prizes will he allrawed TPaios o ,rfeeh Brahna.t L
    - 2.00; R ibbons. Two or more in l Two or more pairs of each va. ra a .
    lu a'*s $400: Second. .200: Pit (ames all bre-a completing ai iiety t) constitute amld exhibit Each Sweepstakes
    ,Frd ribbons. Pens ay be one variety. iriety-First. 2 )u: Second. F$1.00 est bird in show ---------- $10.00
    -sed 'of oil] and yoilng or both. Gold Specials flist pen in show ------------15.
    ________________________ - Gli secilsoffre byth Bst coik in show ----------5.4 11)
    S " kGold- specials offered by the Best en in show .------- 5.1.11
    .-.. ...... .. .. .. ... ,.Merchants Bank and Truist Corn- Best o ker in show 5.0
    pany, Daytona: Best cockerel Jn show- 5.011
    $50 n g l o te b a x ii BestBe-qt pullet in shte ------ 5.11)
    |$5.00 in gold for the best exhibit Boys' and Girls' Club Premiums-
    5of ONlediterranean breeds, 10 or Trios Only
    Sni-re it exhibit. First. $3.0il; Second, $1 5r1;
    $ 5:00 in gold for the best S. C. Third, $1.00, In elach breed.
    White Leghorn Ccrerel in show.
    S $5.00 in gold for best S. C. Rhode 'BOYS' AND GIRLS' PbULTRY
    Island Red Coc.kerel in show. CLUB EXHIBIT
    $500 in -gold for best. e. Mil. Miqs Orpha F. Cole, Superintendent
    SnoArca Cockerel in show. 1. Each exhibitor must be a bona
    $5.00 in gold for best exhibit of fOde member of a Volnsia County
    SP igeons in show. Poultry Club at time of making en-
    D R U G .-o ,^ >,, ^ ,,Gold specials offered by the Vo- try. Nil specimens au.Et be prop
    ]usia County Bank of DeLand: l erty or the member making the
    SC $5u in gold best bexili of exhibit.
    .,-"uakq. 2. 1 "el'otries hnu-t be miall'q odtn
    i$5.01) in gold best exhibit of tur- on Poultry entry blanks flnrnished
    keys. P 9 r1sW for the purpose by the Associa.
    .5.00 in gold best ekhbblt ofj uion-
    Courteous Service cavoa,. .3. All entrees positively (lose
    oauu in gold best exhibit of January 25. 1926 All entries
    Bantams. should be addressed to Superin.
    $5.00 it] gold best exhibit of tendent of Sho, Voltsia County
    PRESCRIPTIONS Pheasants and rare birds. Fair. DeLand. Florida.
    P Gold specials offered by the First 4. All birds should be shipped to
    National Bank of' DeLand: De.aal. marlked "'Poultry Club "
    S $5.0,1 it, gold for the best exhibit Birds inust reach DeLand not later
    C of American breed-s, 10 or more in than rl.ndav. January 25.; 1926.
    exhibit. 5. Each bird must be branded
    $ 15.00 in gold for best exhibit a d the number of leg brand prop
    11 8 W INDIANA A\E English breeds. 11) or more in ex erly entered on the entry blank
    8 I hibit. Classes are provided for trios only.
    ,15 00) in gold best exhibit White No singles and pens are to be ex
    $5.1)u in gold for best exhibit 6. No entry fee is charged for
    Asiatic breeds, 11) or more in ex- birds exhibited by members of
    hibit. clubs.
    $5.00 to -gold for best exhibit of 7. Only club members who ex-
    game (hickens. bibit (ai (onupete for prizes.
    il, m ,O , -i9 ,B ,, ,q .. . DE. W. Brown of DeLand, offers
    .. ... .. ...4% a Standard of Perfection (leather EXHIBIT OF MA.aKET EGGS
    t---- --"-- rsi. H. A. Paul. Judge.
    ''eqt dozen white shell eggs.
    Sist, $3.0u 2nd, $1.0u.
    Best dozen hru'n shell eggs,
    "st, $3.04); 2Ind, $1.01.
    4 0-


    I '"Show Beautiful" Presents
    i ,Galaxy of Pretty

    _______Feminity TERM S:
    AmongC the feature attractions of
    ithe Johnny .1. Jones Shows, cort.
    Soing to tlhe V' Vlua CountY Fair.
    Jan 262.0, is the Oriental Circu-. $10 DOWN THEN $10 PER MONTH FOR 125 LOTS
    This has been ,Justly call tTd tthe
    'how eaul ft ." and is pr'esentedl
    according to the prolific press
    agent. "la lieterogenous galaxy en- $50 DOWN, Then $10 Per Month for 25 LOTS on the BRIC
    .n setble of lhaudnohely formed girl; R
    Fwho a sist in SSM'sterious illusion
    acts and who also prove that tab- RESERVATION SALE NOW ON.
    =- '' ar leaux dart can he pre entee In
    mostt classical forn V- Whatever
    Shat means the entertainment pro-
    vided is niosi entertaining and pre-
    i senlil w itl new sueierv and e ec .
    t rical effects, aud the femaleecaon. S p REhs
    FOR THE STUDENT t pin ieent rf tis tonal ,s ,s
    t e atjui.1tt.:.h'anti gorpeou.).y gov,:t.:
    feature of Gniman's great sensa.
    F OR THE PROFESSIONAL MAN 9 ,ot. -"The Fountain of Youth.'
    said to be tlie greatest illusion
    SFOR THE LABORING MAN o the do r There are fifteoen
    Spice in the company. anoeng them
    FBten beautiful girls

    SThis Exclusive Shop Will Appeal. in new things this sea Down Stairs Sales Office in the Pollyanna Confectionery, Next to Fountain's
    KNOX HATS, EXAC-SIZEmCAPS ) originated bycN.eF. Maynes, known
    KNOX HATS, EXAC-SIZE CAPS nationll ,for his "Dragon" andC
    Over the Falls," two of the big-Clothing Store. Phone 88.
    "All styles adjustable at its best" ge-,t sen-ations, ever presented in
    thle realms of 4nio' playing un-.
    ,letn cnas. The "Caterpillar" will Open day and evenings. See the sins.
    -M.EWS'~P S O j have its premier presentation here
    ,1-MErf SHOP"!this season. It is an "Ocean Wa'e"
    9 arrangement built, close to the ON PROPERTY AND AT OUR SALES
    W7 W.7 WA~TTS, Prop. 9ith comfort. The little cars roll R
    -~W WA TS Prop. ~~j~ ground and the .30 cars seat three
    9"iti a gentle grade up and down and
    move in the circle. Then comes
    the surprise, for gradually a c-an-
    14 0 # 8 0 111 ),1IRA 11111 I1, -1 1 1 12, I I !i

    S. SA.T,,5.91A. JAN. *3. 1926

    VRs tunnel appears that completely
    covers the cars and the pas.efl-
    germ are secluded while the ride
    goes merrily on. Just as gently
    the tunpnel disappears and the
    *ride" i finished safe, sane and
    mprry. "It is laid to be a big hit.
    Another act. full of thrills. Is
    that of Hazel Watkins and Ruth
    ).\relier. who' ride in autos and
    motorcycles on a perfectly straight
    -.Call. performing feats of daring
    never before attempted by the fe-
    male sex. There are fiye associ-
    ates, including lChampton -Craw-
    lord. who performs "miraculous
    feats of daring," according to the
    press agent. This act must be
    good or it wouldn't create the sen-
    4.1tion it does.
    Florida raises one-ihird of the
    world's supply of fresh tomatoes.
    O)f field crops we have sweer
    potatoes. corn, oats, peanuts, cow
    peas. velvet beans, rice, hay, sug-
    ar cane land syrup), ,tobacco.
    ppecans. sea Island cotton. The
    total ,a3]ue'. these crops and live
    stoi:k is cl)e unto $350.000.000.
    Tnle li45 tock, dairy and poul-
    try products, of Flb'ida increased
    irom 1912 to 1925, 198 per centt.
    Poulmry alone is -yielding over-$11.-,
    0O0.0110 annually.
    FlorRla has -2,5S2 '1ltnufactufll
    plants producingg I213:000,000 .tn.
    Total value of farms and farm
    buildings 1925. $30.321.268; an in-
    c-rease of 100 per cent. since 1q20.

    The United State,; crop expert;
    places Florilda's corn crop for
    1925 at 1.5oh.001ii bushels, cotton
    at 36.0 n1i hal-s. troha c-to. 6.24ii.. '|
    pOund ,i; peanuts at 65.,S--.-i,,u
    Florlidna growr f'edl ,:rps C-'pr)
    month of tie 3 ar- it has q o-n
    sort of fruit e,:ery montli of iht-
    year it -nas vegeialhlepa for t.
    ble every month oi thI -ea,.-
    Within iet, y,-ais Florida will fi-
    the dairy center of the Inriltd

    Visitr; to the V'oliialu C '",tin y
    fair this year will ri -e liai-ve no
    worry about pani kitic their (itiltlnio
    bile- Th e- tr ao c r, es -) ,i )lot in It u
    E. T. Prritt. ]bntg jlat easi ,-dl
    the inilroad have. riepn leased tir
    askingg purposes, and are now'
    being put into shape- that will
    afford vijaors an a'l, ,pd coneni
    ence The low spots liale lpiien
    filled in, and] the field cleare..' fit
    all brush, ihe parking spa-er
    hive been drawn out with chalk
    so tlrat every vidItor may clearly'
    find Bhi fAce. The carsi place-d
    there Will b guarded 1hy tIo men.t
    both night and da aniid everyone
    can feel caf- iliat their car v Ill
    be -protecled. A charge of 50
    eents is made for parking -l thr
    sanle price a-' must be paid to take
    a cat irto the fair grounds
    'This space is in ,b-arge of an ex-
    pert traffic man, whu two yeas
    ago. had parklne rights at the In-
    diana State fair at Indianapolis.

    Don't Take a Chance

    ,'Take-GREEN'S TAXI

    DeLand's Largest Cab Co.

    Truck Transfer

    Day or




    . , , .I ".!

    Royal Oak




    teLand, Fla.





    We .dfer you to:

    Sidewalks and cu&e -on ie S"tt
    Home 'Etates, sidewalkss and concite,

    paving e South ivd. Gardks, 'a -m

    Pelham Sque.

    Phone 545- W 426 W. New Yor


    W est New York Park

    on West New York Avenue, only a short' walk west of the railroad and depot.

    A brand new subdivision near'Pelham Square and just south of the fair grounds.

    150 big lots at prices and terms that wil 1 astonish you and now being developed.





    more """ less


    Telephone 11.


    U, -


    I 1Ueft l




    At Close of Business Decemiber 31, 1925
    ,Loansand~ is oun -t --- -- ----------------- $3,4 -21 8.4
    Stocks and Bonds-------------------------- 641,010.60
    'veydreaftst',- ---- ---------------- -- I -- 633.25
    '^ Ba in se-, :we s ----------------- 8.^ 8, ,578.N94
    Claims and Other Resources ------- -------------- 1,000.00
    ,Cash and pue'.Lfrm Banks -------------------- 925,377.97
    T'otal-----------------------.- $5,126,769.18

    Surplus----------------------------------- 40,000.00
    Undivided Profits --------------------------- 104,415.00
    Deposits -------------------------------- 4,782,354.18
    Total -----------------------. $5,126,769.18







    Ba*, T' Mt

    J, Fla.


    R. H BOYD,Cashier.
    E. L. MICKLE, As.
    R. G. BENNETT, Ass


    ./ ,.

    ''T H E.

    C ou ntI^"'Ip^P^^"^^ly


    The Vastness of Volusia County Resources

    The Variety of Volusia County Products

    The Fertility of Volusia County Soil

    Will Be Strikingly Demonstrated by the
    Exhibits at the. Volusia County Fair

    Add the beauties of Volusia county sunshine, the geniality of Volusia county climate, the hospitality of Volusia county folks and you have found
    the ideal place to dwell.

    Real estate values in DeLand and vicinity have just begun to climb to their proper pinnacle. Get in on the ground floor, for-


    For acreage, lots, apartments, residences, see




    R ealtor


    Chas. Benton

    R. E. Roberts, Jr.

    C. E. Perry
    N.,,B. Killmer
    W. F. Rasco

    G. 0. (Buddy) Rasco

    Victor T. Lofberg
    D. E. Mine
    Chas. S. Donnelly

    Telephone 525-J

    P. 0. Box 250

    (Dixie' Highway) Official AAA Station, DeLand, Florida.

    A.'.2 ~ .2


    - a . kr r = = " r "

    7 ph County's
    F est
    eGrtiahig Medium




    Largest !Circulat

    Vo m4 Count
    ,Volttsia Count:

    ~Ti~u~tYi't'iD A~ --A ~ ~iifT ~ AA~T~rfe fA~A'TT1~V~5t~T ~hTnF.I -

    ;q.ui~.i J. 1.~J.L'~ LI JLU .l?1 .L r rLUL~AJ

    I raJa.L 1-,I V JLJ I.k-,.i J. LJLUIN1 1 i, .1 A. OR UKliM 1 1 J..Ll. AJlf'IN. Z30, iu,0




    Sh _owing Is of Educational
    ;,' Value and Great
    I. Interest
    -All Sections Will Be Well
    -&Fhe wealth and variety of Vo-
    610W1a county products will be strik-
    bigly demonstrated at the Volusia
    LCOunty fair by. the various com-
    amietty exhibits, which will be as-
    gi bled In agriculture hall.
    VY-Vractically every section of the
    Cotqaty will be represented, and the
    pWiplays will consist of every prod-
    Ait grown In the county-and tne
    WBmber Is nearer legion ?nan ita
    o 5ajeral public suspects-as %%ell
    J'J g the various commodities into
    RIch the raw is converted by
    00 process of manufacture.
    1* 'Volusla Is the leading citrus fruit
    i county of Florida, its various
    S\ finds of oranges, tangerines.
    .6%pe fruit and other fruit of the
    3. oves being known the world
    f. ur. They have gone out year art
    ei year to win a place for them-
    Sln enA ndorv Av mre that rather


    Orange City Community


    Named As Exclusive Agents For DeLand, Sanford
    A" .A.' ..

    time in order that he might open a
    development of genuine met.ri H SiillTDA
    Other officer to the CountryOR CH S
    Club Development company are J.
    B. Kahn, deoeluper of Kahnway AIV
    Heights aud a mau widely known DAILY C
    for hiq husine-si integrity. and
    Jack Cantor. lornierly of MIlanmi,
    one (of the lrIigeit and mo1t sutc- New England
    resafni d developp ,-,rs in the stire
    Edwin Harburger is the general Are Heard a
    manager. tona Highl
    Country Club Harbor is situated
    between the 'Halifax River and
    Ridgewood Avenue. Daytona. far- [i.ylOiij Bea>h. J.
    Ing both. and ih as s It main en- latCSil n111 .ti attrarlct
    trance WilJder Itoulevard, 15m feet V,-,lunia Cunity i:, th
    in %illih and emibellishedl with or Davtona i Hl_-hlanid-
    naintPnll parkagp,-,. a main arcti ,' whlit '-4 '.-ell.l/no
    mid l nilinii;.,r of ilowwg [uClntaln' MNassae huns-ti ianII P
    Thr. property. i.s onl'. 7 bloin'i qfroni :i" v ilt '.-y'5s M.'intai
    the Casino Burgovne. at Daion;a, chliestra
    and i. reac'hil by Be-iali stic-( The orchestra i,
    Rlgeiaod A-r-nue. Panlmetto av- coLicert[2 at ti0O main
    enue and tlie Dixie Highliwa\. :%on'trpany. 162 tL-ntihi
    The Halit'a Ix Rtiver frontage I" d ni1 dlo IS pi [jying
    being filled in with the \iw of r ii.'1S- whliii% was op01
    preserving thle enaeural le t,, Iy .' day, Jani. 21. at the sa
    the water frrunt ,ndl the landsa.-p-, the- new nlne-heolP
    artist ihas been particular to iuit whs mniade ie.ady for
    i7e the beautiful natural foillarv he ii-ed for dances. tU
    that ovetI-f4 the devplprjient. An o- tial fiti Iions at tl
    exlenrsle vatlit tiasin is being Beesidps having hri
    -onstirucied at the foot of Wilder grains lioni radio
    Bouileiard. and a smaller harbor S.pringfiell andi BosJ
    for the use of canones and other I-Iihe-Itr a has played I.
    light craft farther out dance and college clu
    The levelopnment is ihe clisept- rhi.etits and before
    in of any at Datona o f large proI. ian an(l Kiawanis el
    portions and ii directly within the rClut New Enatlaud. I
    trend of the c(It's growth south- thr'e seasons the o
    ward along the Halifax. played at Mountain F
    A building program extending In- The member. of til


    at Day-
    itn. 2.1-.The
    ion to i reach
    e seven-piece
    ori. hest ra.
    n throughout
    Ni-w" EgklAiid
    in Park or-
    Z i VI 1i! dA I'It dn y
    lt OI..-s of the
    Beach street,
    at the (lub-
    'iied Wednes-
    inp time that
    golf course
    play. 'It will
    'as and other
    me clubhouse.
    oadcast pro-
    stations in
    on. I he or-
    iefore many
    b5 in Mass.a-
    Elks, Rotar-
    ubs through
    For the last
    orchestra has
    he orchestra


    One of the Attractions

    ..--'-----,*,.,.,;.-.,', (7 .. -
    %, *., '.;< -;" 'r *5
    ," ""


    Winnemissett Park Company Has National Clientele.
    Delivery Guaranteed


    The Winnenmissettt Park Company
    has always adverti-ed that it will
    guarantee deliveries, and in doing
    this even under the nimont trying
    circunmstLances, it has won the
    confidence of its patrons which
    Is the rea&l secret onf t, ,t, ce i-s. tho present year lue to
    the express emihargo. it tin, L been
    c',nipelled to m)ake second ship-
    mnlnt- In nanv wlheipro
    thile df.liv':. o t;ie fruit '.a.- so
    long ilpla l-I that it ai 'i.,-d in
    poor tonditihoi. It halis iojn.- this
    chei-rfully, amnd in a t nuitljer o1
    cas-s utl'd r,, haw_.- J lt'i, i 'r.- tiled
    even befole comlnt Vt ,.'d, .n-
    It r I t
    Trie 3palrun Of' Ithpi i iililnin ay
    grow earlyv in nutni|.r. Nut ]'L0r,"
    do the uld oils1 t ct-taini hut
    throuc l i t lir-Ir r'- i ,itnII ch'nl, I iCn s
    neyw ones are actutied To iltlit-
    rate tlti- ri,,nt. 1li im 1- l ib [lr',:- n
    D1 1i! h t 'in 'il- '.%,a- ',, i I IJ 'orCm
    W. R P.t[enger. than at Cairo,' EgypL
    for the tihlpnient o[ i-'tl to a
    to a t'riitid in thte Sil.-it-
    Slhipmet aIre- maa.l.- r l pa.rt
    of tli .-ur-ir y a ld ;rn, ln i ,1 for.
    eign ( OtUintr.e ali.hij-t n Ii.f litii
    ar' rare because I.f thie red tape
    inii lvced. On, shipmc n tn tilhe
    British Legation at C.,ponhaligen
    ai rived in p ct i- conjaitiuiJii.
    During the three 'wv-el.-;, pr,?ced-
    Ing tie? Clriisltti:a- liihdaw, the
    ruionyptnv ay m'l. 1672 nlid linl
    f.ti;pnmeritt. It aIcerlt-, t ,rdcL' in
    large rm -mall quantty.
    The packing plant :it t,'Land i4
    of inmosit nindern [Vne anil v.a- er:-

    ' rlt has become known have been % to many millions of dollars has their ages ranging frn 21 to -- r uit i- pr :
    r acclaimed for their superiority. ---- been announced for South Beachii years, are: Jerry Falvey. violinist Foin grower to conisamc.r is qublthy ,of its proLducts, pack only hy t te t. ,:tructic.i .t an aIlittor
    this department alonefl, the The Bielbyhv-Shearer Really Cornm -Street by Samuel Cummings and and leader; Aldor Graveline plan. the selling plan of the Winuemis. the L.irus fruit grown in Its own 7 feet. to tk,. care t,
    ... Inmunty exhibits will be of un- pany has been appointed as Pxci, others, but has been temporarily Isr and arranger; Patrick Brogan. 5s-t Park Company, .whiOi opera. rn.,.s Its curitoimners are there- t lisn-.
    u-ellin nts for Country layed by the freight embargo. banjo, Raymond Longtime and ates retail stores at DeLand. Day fot, ma,:urel of receiving each p ia i rer t frot ionr
    Educational interest and sie elin agents Country e operated for free tansporatton Amnong those wito tave already Francis \'elr.ome. sa-aphones; tona Beach and St Augu.tine. har -htipnents identical with Il p. Ba ai .S
    aClub Harbor the $10,0.0,) Day- of prospects from the entire ten- acquired ohavesites at Country Jack Yelh]. trumpet. ull Lenthat has groves aI patklg plants at ihor.- of the Fire edtng Ieer and 1he rape fttt uarkeing pVibltm
    another industry that is forging tona Beach development, for De- ritory covered to tie Halifax rir r Clqu' iaor arhmeites at Country ok Yeadlin. and East tPalt ka. ani the gramv flavor and perfectiona an ,1t, ofr ilre reiblur
    t.: ly to the front is the growing Land. Sanford and Eustis. accord- property, CIaor are m the momt Dad ad East Vala| l y ngro. trh i t.iS v ruithanp
    l b and there will om in to announce nt oda prontinent residents nf Daytnnn Watch Your Step which las popuilanizedil lioth it- And in.idntlv. Jasper fruits are np their glape fruit tre-- it is en
    Sblbdisa and t here will be se e in to announcement today. Country Club Harbor, lhich Beach. who prnpise to build there Of all the sad surprises laser brand of :itri'. fruiia and pa, ked pi,ei,-ially as to quality r g i, Iln
    i endid display of these ^That the firm. which entered the has its principal sales and execu- Biell)y & Shearer are also plan There's nothing to compare its si.rupuloui methods to an ex. rahier that to colnr. hat the publi- i wilt t na
    ': be ferneries, also, will be rep real estate field but a little more live offices on S. Beach street, nin- a development near the Bleb- With treading. in the dtarkueS, tent suftficiePUt to take care of its The Company has three groves prfitaie prices tnr rut d li'er-
    ilented. as well as the preserving than a month ago should have been Daytona. Is one of the few proper- iy home. one of the show places On a step that isn't other, annual production oi 300110 1) hoxes. rie of 65 aci-res ai DeLand. one of
    it ^ats. a to form such a strong conner- lis in Vohuia eountg which have of Poland \', inity whih wil e The bu ine.s is owned L.y A E 35 a, res on the DeLeon ruad and ein proptly and in Vl>id ,uuntltonv.e
    .,,. otlon pictures will serve to In- lion, is considered a distantI corn- not banged hands from the time uamed Violetwood. Th wYou can ls1,w an Eas i) college. Kepltr. in i harg of sal-a an d R. a e od f 65 acrs at East Palatka.
    2~~~Dt5.~~~~ ae onsformeuc a dstrong conne- ntieshinge hoatdsi c roun [tie thichhae ,UDeanied vii intyo. Khc ilb o a euda s e epler-. it; charge of ,,Ales. ai, R. one of &5 acres at East Palatha.
    ,. Heta the visitor to the fair witb pliment to its members. C. MI. Biel- they passed from the posseslon The firm does a general roker ut yOU cant keep from drink. J. Kepler J. in cge pack- T t i the most recently V i1 gnrally l., lit ly ar
    ltbe beauties of the county, hy and A M. Shearer, both of of the Spanish crown more than a ave business and ha offices at th ing inc ani prodltctton, hrothers, btli a, quire,. It is1 beautifully sjtia- going and husbands gt-u-rally lose
    ..-.Jhe communities tbar will be whom are the leading men of this century ago until the present Ced. Inglehart 'Inn on New York av- ,o, whon we-r engaged in nir- tell in a horesboe bend of the whe te e ui, n:l
    iffresented include: city and section. ed by Spain to Farquaha Beth .U e e e
    : Daytona. Orionlude Po t anode etontk ae t ed by Spain to Farquahar Bett. tank. came to PoLand more- than a year chanitising It was launched here St John's river
    O on a ort I o take care of its une. they were retained by hte Mr. Bieblv is one of the hesr agn and at once took prominent sx years ago and has expanded To buIld up a business of su.h No, te e. h did
    4* afnge, with a joint exhibit: Sam- growing clientele. it was also an- Bethune heirs until soll to C. M. known of VoIusia county residenurs, rank among the business men. Be- rapidly. The company plans to proportions has roqulred not only you steel the purset
    mult, Lake Helen. Orange City, nounced that a largely augmented Wilder, president of the Country having resided hbere all his life. foro entering business for himself opt-n three additional retail stor,-.s. hard work upon the part of the Pniaoner: To he hbnoo-.t wth
    "f Pierson and' Seville. sales force would be employed by Club Development company, who and has a host of friends. Mr. he was connected with a local de- The Winuemkosett Park Corn- owners but also the maintenance you judge, It was vry slk and
    The rivalry will he keen. the firm and that motor cars would reserved them until the present Shearer. a native of Pennsylvania, v'eloper. pany, in order to maintain the of the highest ethical standards. thought the change w,.,lid io me
    iip": _______' _____o__ ______-'___ -- _________- ____-__________ good. ,+i
    __ ._ I _- I- I- -J . . ..-. .. . .
    ,,I 111111111.1111111111111111111111111 !II!1111!1111111111 111!1 kk H II I IIIIillil!l lillllilllilllllllilllllllllllll II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII u lI III IIIIIIIl Y.l~ l

    '5, 5

    I.- -


    *" L "!::t',

    .... ". ,,.. .

    1DSince 1878 -

    Fair Week F air Week Special

    Special iF rSWonderful Bargain ,-I

    W EE SILK =

    ^ a .* 1UNDERWEAR --=
    a~T ^^Z^ B r L' r' = '^''<.**-
    Colors: Peach, Pink, y:f i .-

    Orchid, Green and
    [iAJ HJanuary 26th to 30th is Fair Week and a very busy week it is but visitors to O, n' t _
    f llHDeLand and the Fair should by all means take the time for a visit to our store where White. ,.
    .11yH ) you will find the largest and most up to th e minute stock of dependable merchan- Gowns, 10.00 value, Spec .... 7.48

    ; f i iS dise in this section of the state. In the various departments you will find complete owns value,.pec .. -
    I LJI1 ~ lines of Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, Men's Clothes and Furnishings, Men, Women owns 75 value pec 4
    ' Envelope Chemise:
    S, and Children's Shoes, Piece Goods, Toilet Articles and Notions, Hosiery, House Envelope Chemise:
    ' JFurnishings, Luggage, Crockery, Glassware, Linens and many other items of inter- Reg. Price 7.50, Spec................ 4.98
    Sest. Reg. Price 5.00, Spec ........... 2.98
    Mid Winter Clearance Sale FAIR WEEK=-
    (iu Q .--------------n~li^^FAIR VEK
    of Men's Suits Big Wkec HOIR
    These suits comprise the Three Fair S W eek Acials HOSIE
    balance of our Fall stock, Cr
    are hand tailored and of the 42 Pc. China Sets Crocheted Spreads Cotton Blankets Sport Hose in good
    best wool. 60x76 variety colors
    Suits formerly 28.00, now 21.00 Foul Patterns 81x90 New Stock
    Suits formerly 30.00, now 22.50 F P Wu A wonderful camp Reg. 1.5Oseller
    Suits formerly 35.00, now 26.25 blanket J---<:
    Suits formerly 40.00, now 30.00 Reg. 15.00 value Real value 3.75 Special 1.25
    Suits formerly 45.00, now 33.75 Reg. Price 2.50 S a
    Suits formerly 50.00, now 37.50 We carry a full lin of the famous Ipswich
    Call and be convinced. Only $9.95 Special $2.15 Now$1.85 brand hose at 1.00 pair

    DELAND G. A. Dreka and Company FLORIDA






    'AT^E TWO..


    *, 5 '...:

    : .

    ,.*' .

    Dare-Devi] Doherty at The Fair

    'remium List

    '. Posters.-Section II
    . Posters on C ori Club Weak.
    * PAIter on Canning Club Work.
    5. Br-.t set of Poslers jlJUistr-al-
    =ine the regular work in Sani-
    9ta3n Hygiene diid Pysio-
    - logy. .Tle Li.t o0t pictures)
    i. Oi-t posier an amy other awE'-
    1I.r [;'T-e cut oat pictures.
    " Nature Study-Section III
    _-3.-Mounted -collection of wild
    '1. ,toiti.ited colkl-tion of native
    1vn.ji'l w.ith bark and names
    3. '.iinted collection of native
    -i-i-'nl-. harks. vic Of mndicin
    -a! .iltu?. Give names and use.'..
    J. i,.LiJl note blik--out)ervail' li
    -1 .ur local bird!
    Agriculture-Section IV
    ; Ow'lin orf Insect.i injurious to
    Ilin, ido crop Name. State-
    Smi ntit i- fl'ee and remedy.
    1 Oitlin,? of insects friendly to
    F'ilica rops. Name and use
    i'hat. showing \'oJuuia Courn
    Li:-" rirudu t'..
    lE-.t tarni and model bome
    .1 |) It9.
    S. [t-;r work done by class to
    S-ilipljEment class work
    C-. 1P- t agricultural note book.
    S History-Sevtlon V
    E. B,--t pioneer sturles of Florida
    3 I.'--t pioneer stories of \'olusla
    I :',iJ tll.rV.
    -. Itpc-|l on Ancient History.
    -'ipie on Amiurican history.
    5. Papi-r on Florida history.
    MapE--Seftion Vi
    j '--'-,t ilap ot sclmnool dist ricts
    givinge schools, railroads. iuaa;
    SrnidJ., lakes. etc.
    l-I-t,, Volusia rotivly mar.
    ir'mis- ng school districti. rail.
    rial-. h hnoolii. streitiis, lakes. roadl9 and towns.
    R. Pest map of United States.
    5. llc-t map of Europe. ihowinfi
    ;.,rth i political dlviions bhefori-
    ;a.111 atier the- world var. f Set
    ot 1 t6o maps:)
    Writing-Section VII
    S,'--t copy from each grade
    "'rhoi]ng the most improve-
    nlt it.
    2. Fourth ;Grad,'. Time limit 2i
    inuinuic-. Copy on uniform pa-
    liar[-r., rthe poeem on page 1.9 of
    :'Wbe'ler'r Second Reader).
    Joli: LT,,i- pen and ink in all
    h [ aliove).
    Spelling-Section VIIIl
    I. B-i exhibit of spilliag pads
    o nr p-pe's.
    Firih anti Sixthi' Grades. Fifty
    ; rv,-.t, a Florida ci ild 'ihotulil
    Know. .I
    3. -it.-ith and Eighth grades.
    SFilly words a Floiida child
    S"ioiiulJ know.
    ; Arithmetic-Section IX
    i. Bi--it set of dev'ices for inlro-
    Slu,-iti t l:.rtinnt.-rs to remember
    work i y teacher
    B Rt'-it set rif papers given aq
    e reular cla work Second
    SBE t i'T> ohk facp on cardiboarnd
    i iDh nioveable hauds Thilrnl
    .'Ii--t ,\xldti(l of work. Fourth,
    SFifth. sixth Grades.
    I.-Lt Pxhiblt nf work. Se-ventt
    Sanil Eihthl Gradrlei

    I| IV 1 IU


    YOU don't catch the modern mother slaving over a washboard these hot summer
    days-no sir! She's doing much more important work--building up the health of
    her children, giving them a founda- our driver calls for the bundle. Reg-
    tion of character that only her corn- ularly it comes back, washed beau-
    panionship can impart, tifully clean, daintily ironed, ready
    to use or wear! If you desire this
    And the washing?-Why, we take safe, sanitary, economical service,
    care of that. Regularly every week call 347.

    DeLand Steam Laundry


    6. c,-.t HigO S hbool e':iiHIt. Li kIP' JO f._-J.l. R-IJ b.-_.iri a ll li -[ [
    English-Sextion X r -N Y I' that JO BS hiac bi; :uLinJ,.--d into both a
    1. B&ist If,-1 uf pj:) pCC, .tJrpl'-iT -ut. ,ll, a r :'[l l .duraIiol.
    ing wmork i, thle e--;t blnoks 7? E7B iAT E* !' 1'. '.... ,'_y 1-'t I-t d
    (,rbdea, Foitrth, Filth. SrMtti. ,,ER U."".nT F S b ]go 0v 1ii. 1-i uluff
    Sevoath. Eightl. .\lI,'i: I. tag j1Dl. v ,t'.
    2 Blest Ielettr written to Saua __h______ *.il a., i,,,n- i' .*l i"- lLI I.,
    flaus. iTo lhe written .4utIol o I Ii i i hi-
    fore th (I-itft l O1ne of Lea.dng Elec- *i ...... 2,O, .. eofj. ,; s",L,
    8. B. story about LIUL i-(Li-r.f trical Contractors in T'-il.\ ,'. in. inr. ,;i..
    on pag x!r, of W hiieler'E Sc 1c*- b :[lo t t i J t 't r I i c T 0 I1
    ord R-aiAr Third Giade. Volusia County i.Ji ,I., ... : r llio-r rjo t, lt
    4 i)Jplay ol coLf positior v.wor -- ?.,Ii.,ifni
    aD iI note bouk Nofk ,j f, ? *rJI- ,, ,ij Klii." ,i |jh l,.i ih ll," i ,: hILih h, dill v I]li
    S hlot)1 J '. ad a, 'j I I- :.,ut. I.:I In .- it rl.r I l'l ah ,-I I, nd t' Ill"'
    6cienca- Section X X J Ijinl D.>j.1jillIy l J;I.I: ( 1 J 1":' .htacI-li u l iic u -.U l I1"
    Beat g ntiersal lis- I l a,,v.. [9tr 'l -.0, l' ldl' i r .'- of t-i' I l .. i - i !,. ..
    nieni-,. note hnokh-:. ,lr ;niri -. (err l-'lc ,.l ri.ldLr,. I. I" c \ ,l h ,. h , l '
    For H igh hou, !. -, f,! a-. fi-: ro t l.[i i- '. I h t I. "b- ni, ,:iI tl, l. n th ,|,u ,t,

    ].l_"le In d~ t or H etl'-., r" lli.'-iil [h I I lli l .a lIi-( ',lI' ii l t,,l t'o iconl 1-1)10'l.l-
    1. lie ;,i h cIe "n ce-Sec on" ti t L ,I,. T *.inl,.. lnt.. SI .-'I0 ,,a1.l .
    D2 m-eI -f loh! lll, ll U 1. h :',*. iI. ,w otilllir 0Io ill..
    ..3. B1tlo q. 100' "r.&4
    -I GenD .'.I .S j, .i~ n ..'u.,lru .n-' Io >l .lh, r- F'l., '. l[.1' L ,n^o' OI [IU ZI^ I
    If S -no ,l -% .f'- In '-.f U t Inlo I11,t l- [ Leon)
    General W ork- Section ?;Il )d' ,1\f I1-111 .' ,,".' -,1 ;. '. .,
    1. PooTolio f is stpape'rp from of D.rPC1l'.oo .- ti ir-n l ,t-lri [-int. lIiltl ij iE ,-; d, al il
    r il I line.l uOff ork Hie ti' I)Lr1L( ,-. i,' lI pl a rIia ,l .M r t, i i rl. (-0 n z Hu.-
    Sch[ool.. I [h.- anl;t. h ,il'' i ci. :,b t J i .or ".SH ,- wl ,-
    Domestic Science- Section XIII 1 h1' % -- : 1.1 1r.l l _,r'Viu ,,1I 'lf- .- .-- Pll -,
    Io vi. l't~ti%,'r y T r, Prathi
    S [,a[ C' ail-,d sj( !,;e. 111. :tl,jn 0 .11-01i-l[on
    LU .,- r a k'. r.(;jtC, i I I n i i h l ll r l.'Ot ., l o O. O n l ,i ..,-

    (i Loaf if H .me.MaIe Breal. Iuol.,ularJ u-i t llha tit- ,,ouih' o -
    7. On- haI .rzi ''n" 1i0iW--iy 'i iI i: >O H T SIMS SAYS
    8. Onehalf ilozen HnomeMad-e -.. -- A. 1TM S S A
    Rolls. r; T u .i.;- oyit il l k lypr ;s.
    9 On pound ofr rr- ndi LieL irv 'table, In o-c i a I n ,bul) ailr (-an 't eeirrfp yo r
    In1 nip pound or C(rysailized J -".'li, ial-+ h-tiel in viUi' pocket v.when >1:-i.'
    Fihil. Mechanical Drawing-Section XVI h)i g a ift. on them
    11. P1-. any kind. 1 tJ.--,iral d ispla1..
    12 Loas of .Kr l' Specal- -Section XV Ni i],i'-,# s u having i Tal-
    Dome-tic Art- SecDti n XIV 1 .rll- ii *tt ir w wrk ,-,ni i ,.,u ian wikh ;.-ou idn't
    1. M p.d hin iadr- arid hand Li ia l, ul l i no-. Viiimlli HIIE Ill- I--ul Or a lll-hlltg y u di_-
    l lla e nlpohtgown. Sioul\'11 it'u a jailn lrrpc e wot i, flTh
    2 ('hih|' gariminlt Premiums i. tiar'ihewo..T-
    Lirr:-s. i.Da.-iiue giSade R .. .i li hot in win el
    4. Teddies. hand anM machine 1 (C;i n-ral -xhlii' o- a one ea, hi- z touhli i slmnler.
    itiade .-" "hoo*l. 1,i' Id;
    1 P epro n. D ianyr -,h linll il h -irtlit | al lig n i io j -o arotl la |
    12 T hr -pas i -o ll ntid l \ epir Iaii-, e itin-l.,1 ,-.ill_,ll" i- 3 4 nr I i, Iu.,il rC, l u r.o A lsh.
    and mii trm- nule li ~ctc~iI lM 1 ll1 iii W,\.eiilfllti,ili rlaitn'-i hii
    Land 3n-l r*1a -1l!n inlIei-,.l-h1=r Ih .il Cl lie
    8 Combination underwear ltlt. 5t, l'i-rlrd ,A.(lhlit of '3 O~i Y-u l, 1, I, ri:e [0 ', d i u o P Ol. r
    9. Emnbroi,l--ro,1 pici e, li^ai,. -. ihnr,|. i i. II l,' n tn .oiiut luol.
    M anual Training--Section XV iiit ; yirl i f t j jl I ni i:i l111 -l- I. ..... .. .
    1 Piano if -nch i rn mahogany. I,.- l--PtLrpie ri'ilion IIild Il.i S. .-'ilf *-S a vdai ,.,l to tliP
    1. Book (ase In llack e preNA. 7 VWainrg .0-l ri-hhoit. in rin.I Ii11iI I'h,'ir,- lh ,,. i _ildI lni a l Trp
    1~~~~vl TIli-itnp inirewi.hijlil

    T -.le l. m p i. n ed.I ;u lid.| ii..r 2- -P i ,, h- "lii i jll .tiil ,II ,It' *1.1 nu 1 niii"ale Ii- joint
    4 C.e'll tehesn. i F l ien n l in t riliijc._t in ci i .a *.ll* I h.,.' old ite nmol t er-in-erin
    2 Clo iior l omipi in hl., l cr v pv'arti i, h i lli--- I lt l'l,,_n a U I U 'l ill ,h
    .. . .. . . ......... ..., ... .. ... . ........... . .... ...

    Opposite the Postoffice







    a "Tailholt" on


    means real estat* success as it does no other

    line of business. We are equipped in all ways

    to further your interests-we can show you

    the opportunities of this section and they are

    investment opportunities of the unusual sort.

    Our advice and our information is free and

    our office ie centrally located. Your desires

    will be treated confidentially and we do not

    use "high pressure" methods, but we CAN

    make you real estate profits.


    Your Bread on

    the Waters

    is all right if the little fishes don't gobble it

    up. A very good expedient is to look before

    you buy and do your buying through a firm

    that has a thorough knowledge of this sece

    tion based on past growth and real fore-

    sight, into the future. We will act as broker

    for you; tell you the truth about things and

    give you the most dependable service. Call

    on us during the Fair, or afterwards, and look

    into our buys. We can make money for you.



    - -. I -
    -: -- C



    -~ 4-














    by Experts





    DeLand's Lake Front

    This Seautiful subdivision is located on beautiful Lake Winnemissett, two and half miles from the business
    heart of DeLand.

    Activity around Winnemissett has just started. Lago Vista offers the opportunity for a beautiful homesite on a
    clear water lake front or an investment that will appreciate in value. ,. ,


    Improvements on Lago Vista have been in progress for a number of weeks and are now far advanced. These
    improvements consist of hard streets, cement walks, electricity, water, shrubbery, beautification of lake front
    and canoe trail. The lake front when dredging is completed will have a desirable bathing beach. The State
    Legislature has authorized the construction of an 18-foot concrete boulevard around Lake Winnemissett,
    which will greatly enhance the value of property in Lago Vista.


    When buying Lago Vista, purchasers are buying property intrinsically valuable and due for a big increase
    in value because of its limited quantity.



    130 N. BOULEVARD



    PRICES RANGE FROM $500 to $4,000
    TERMS One-third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months

    r4 -~

    PHONE 537-W


    Ill-.I .I- II- .I

    .... ... .. - . . .. .. . . . . .. . . . . . .

    PAGE THRtE'i


    Mrs. William Johns Hark-
    ness Was the First and
    Only Chairman
    The School of Mi-sions was or.
    ganized in De-Landi in 191ti by
    the Missionary Federation. At lihat
    time Mrs. Williamn Johns Hark-
    ne=i ;ias chairitan ot th o01'
    ganizalion anti still liold-, that
    office. MNr-. fLeep McCrory wa
    sec rotary froro ilir funding ol
    thlie Missions until lit' dr-atlh fLci'r
    year later. The? tirst spfion of
    tlie School of Mission-; was h'i!
    three years afti'r ii- foundling.
    v.ith ian attenildanc'- i t7i.I t t-i.
    The organization i, ariilitid
    with missionary soui--ties from
    sx local churches luclItindg thei
    PIrihoJist Mehtiui-t
    F.piscopal South. Baptisl. Pri-s
    byt':.rian, Christian andi Epis,'oltnl
    (fttier-rs now pr'-sidlin in ih,-
    c'hbool are Mrs. J. WV Harl;n.s-i,
    chairmann of progrl;;i: Mrs. S. TM.
    CI'alli1t-r. i Lorri-o pondJn f s-c retry:
    M r.-, ('. II. Lce.-l;. flr-[ ]<:?-

    I _r-AW..

    Many Handsome Homes
    and Business Structures
    Show Skill

    T'rhe armr.ily building at [lieP Xi-i
    lu) a iol-ntil ft:ilr gioutiisl ii % h-rI
    thl ihird annitl] (oliosil oil (if Ilit'
    ri-'nilri-n of 'Vei l n ii'. V l'lnia t ill
    I.' hell. Jtinu irv 2 1i; 31i. linuliu ,
    : a n nt i r iiltllt i- I t- I1 J. Nordtlill ii
    tI-Land '.in -ti ui.-oct -y ti htu i they
    ir,, le e ci c t 0t-
    iMr. :"r, niri 11 i..,iitraci ior nt o
    IP rfe i"x[peri i [,C atllj i>'t tint 1 -1i1
    f ic _nt.ey. ha i bpi an a inot.:iiJ iII
    i lf6lld.iit gitllf- rl i.'ilg le it-ri
    eI his 1a J,, unIvr tih whitielv
    1 nowrwi Bc',er. Uf Seattle'. Wash-
    Ilie hi i)ent Ihe-i- l'i Ih i P-L I
    tbiea ' andtl urin; thiat ij rl-- 1
    tina 9 iV, ij1'..., Li- 1_ontl t.:. ,I ll"-1
    FI-l'l jtiuu I-.f soitil oP l Ihe t ni l
    h'n)ll ou)d tifi,3t pril,-ittn -ii.-u; l. iiu
    dig ti rti ith- c I'. andI s _iti nl
    Ait4lrs the Nnrlniani-htil' litllI
    ingat'e .ht-3 A. Wood bun-
    -'aluw:,! on Ea,- I II dge: Cadila'.
    zaiaige. o NNor''h Il,-,I"Iifl : '.11 I

    pl site-at: NTi rloT i milh. .Iii'- -i S, IIII -- _._. .._________ __ - -- ne-ls li '.,-,imlltit l ii-lu i: .
    onnl vicF.prr'it-i fntn : Ml z C. L; . ..inJ.h I fndia- a d Aiilh:inrl;i .replt.. WI il
    FF.s-I. trta-urr: 51l'. J. V. -nRIs7i 1FR FOf 48 flElARS j ,11' 't.t VP.t,-' tl,,p ti), ,,,l ",t- Iii I ,t'.lr, a Ahene k,
    Mr. t Fun tat nritr fIj~jq~ ~i~f~ I ~ ,IIIII~OLL stir m'1i'ag- rsul-Ii.- at.Ar herm Pu'a
    Smock. historian: Mrs, n F d d ,tnitonglilm it th th ,I The Ciuntv ('luh lL, Iiou.-.
    Craig. re .cordititg C- pa.y. anI. l i 1 6i 1 rI&, ia I ti le eFp I-it % 1 "F R 8allyv nIu h iL.(t X T DutIa, I (,at, tlla;i .
    Mrs. \\W F. H dlt ai- lr<. 3n1r c 1 itulie- iLr it, need?. 'bii he
    Mi'*. Ni,..,,l' ...M LARGEST STORE IN VOLUSIA COUNTY ;Otri'i Rapid 'ptupie Attractite .Pui, ti,,,
    Car..r M s. l "al ip. 11. i.Jifl ~ i[,l+ p '+t~e. Attac i fe tbg Alia9 Furnlture I',',,. Mid
    S %\ F' Nitlt-.r MMaio Dadr and ,oice, wer, e upne'it O epteo the LieZ the erection ofi l the fair ground
    NIr.'. 1. F. Craie. iIrr-sidenlS ot 1- r-. hidlts
    1 .3 i ,0 u s n hit s i o nin r y S o rc ie t ie s Iti r .i l i -ill 1 tI a r g ii i ,li 'V l l e wl it. C n ? _iest g i t 'l ,
    During the %artIJ, -.'sl.n.; II.-- Busines3 Established When DeLand Was Only a .,tIMoi-,ti-itlit i, tit ji he fin aie iii- l,.ti-ili,, i'.- 1.1' 1,i,, 1it
    S.-hiool of Ni.-'in lida hell. V village. G great Expansion gi ioQi, ,ir., i,, I a I ,t it,. i.,, ,',ii,,,,II
    r'lany Internai onlly I,.no nti ra : \ ll'OII' a .haia i.Li -', ,hieh MRf' N ortian i td- h !il 1
    r-s te idr din W C ("41t1 ast1'al0111.11gM.which, Mt I- No rtitan Ira hr. n
    FSha't c dres~rithe [itLa rid]
    I' i ha e adirest 'tl ahrt. SLird it sA gall y 1. o -. r f ii i' r .ioha' of i.rthe adlv.r-ti11 ng awarifd, as he has b -n bu.-v
    -,;,,- mhliei A,,ione tlir-lni nr Mr': rhifl-:t'-i. n-tv f-am k li~ toa th. n H fo detr 'n -l~ .la )';" io n tlJ w t- v l in e le (ci.-,n t .
    -En s 'iclr and.l hi s s bret i oone.tedl'It"' t 111$overain e he aI'lll- ti ri' th .'IIiII ,'
    J"-ah ody'. Bnr-tcrl. MT e Ih-bittI Thir- wit, l i-i lil- .-lii tt-.l ,n lIPa pr rogress. It ,tas r i p iyeas of pro -. irijJeril\
    t la -rr "lt .l ii, Oliet .llt i R ot hl-. ) ,li it.. i .:lt 1it .l- lir t 11 ll lt.L nl t, li e eLand a lj ,tit hit' ,- D r .ka s I [or the, ,l a .-t l ye a s F
    IN, -v. Yorh: MIt. i. 'Fd SSitilltt .Iti. i Il artsI tlir- Iti,).tl lion any iothelt e cl. yit sinilt r size ti-part ont i tIatl i nt.lude F J
    n o. N o % M, rl ; Dr I-v i'1 .i i ttir a n ntll'r tir i lientil ,ht' a tit iiu._i, irtl l in I-ii h 'ti ii (' ii.ttihih i mr iifinj'-r tIhii' .- '--- - o- - Nd '+ i hrl I I)r it 1 t ,,.li, that ri. te i rlnii, -i i patinagp of tieka'- arinLmcrit; F. i'odi, ni.m ia-ager The hirlie-r we .soar ip .smaller
    Htarin i F lijti. 'il. it h .l |,, ].,. 4N t,ri .- if l-,ii, |-,ut even I e.n l iOiflil to l i i i t-nt: N isN N. II Stack aple:ii to iitose I, t'canut:
    Iarll Rt:Ittii ttlt i r, ,Ji, r tiiliip,, tit;t t[lj- .tilt 0 1i a lltn v, i is 15 favorite hiU'v-, in _ltdige [" Idi'-.' itIdl.V- ly.
    of the f1 jimity Si tool (ol Princt, j k..I 11 1 l, 11,1 s ti fa orte fy
    of lhp 3linit r inol ui l'h Prm'p.. i.pi, i i.' B,-1 ,"1 h, ip g pla.e w li it anv roi.i-i' t- to i-ai Mis H l'tn.Jlt of Ltt- i-n ti a i tl l,.t t h, I- ,-lllttL anilLv. 1hA *a f1.1a1 1h th ,-*ge 01 piere good-; Sifh'. L, \ T he w t i.
    p ,,n u r i I r 1l ,-vn i l l p U lt i l l 0 1 I a t. p-rt liti o f D a y t o n a Birml hn d "' T i e 1 1 a u1 1 -IiW h o 'mv r 1 1 1 1 -3 t i p r i t- 1t '
    and Pault rtanaiiot'i.I1 t tn1A, ihr1 .ltd lh Il .,b ll tliltilh t v)liine The tor'e is thortoug i ly de.part- t'.ir.'ri' i ,.liatar or nittiiv-e anti
    ianti Pau l i tti j ft i -it c-1 :u Nt.%I Xit ginia .iohtusoli. Lyei diffi. u'tls never 'e.s ye .
    Jj.,an -e 'PBilly u.-lt ,,ihll-ii--- i g" itol thi' liunr. Jin nltZlt d a and O ll lti o in ght i of lio-iil i ttnd gloa es: far.
    ---- --, *'t-d, -,* thouan~l"" nft dollai'*J .w l hghi' a np3" nell v,?utllaled ---". ^ **-- v na lcri u .n na
    hitiJl-lng Ht N ew York .A\enlU,, a,~ li st O Dtti Iunnl. 1 larI llgC7 e' Ofe ne,7+ti utin t~lta
    FRISCO ROAD TERMINAL I)i.-ki' w.N- f-l.[lblii01^' h, G Nih Boulevard. Tine huild tit-" Ii ladler' vortiplili ani-li attnlssnitli
    AT PENSACOLA W ILL A Drekin' u IS7:-.. tini lit.- II it-. 1, ,itor.ei in height with Imlbe_ pushed.
    BE IMPROVED SOON nainrs ,iIs alive lphad Jlthough ic t tir flo Ie .Mcd
    --i- t1,.i; IIl Lt-iil-d nfll,,' t tiltei t-.r h h o I ./nv imi e a good ti e o sa E l a horou.hlre do n.;
    I I-f.. dolpullaoserstt.rring OutrRsgoodrhsll. The tugoatatNew York .1iILnu,=_ an' 1Jtp,1]. isicniaf'gthof

    RiBy ThR AsDTXaled Ire- I 'li ..f i- .jii iit it. NT lb anu .a. Te.hg fhiiiO an i __ na dep-enal upon tour ahitune-iorj'. h
    AT.NAOAWL A.i lirsh il l7'..hti lit. .4ii_ '

    -,un-a,.nla. J11n. 21-V- < h Prei rill .. .. fl .mniiodou.n .aseaenii contain a after aUtill ti l up a buiff a man li1 1n you.
    ..pnt B S. HuttliMnson. f thp Fri- Irki. il llaiic p iun 0i aal'lh iline of ni .,ani P, inl ur ro ,sirnihle over wit. -
    ,-,1 railroadl. wit h-dilln trt o ;il ', Ie t.liiin i .prticrl a fin r'_er.\ c ltin, The fellow tnliO i a-rki, hgod t hm otI
    . I TfhU aulhorizeJ htie iteln nt l Whi-il G. A l int-ka i iie- uto De ne ded )i tthe fani,'Iy xcfiptfl "rn TThe ihtiioe efta e z 'r On g nao IT.ocko a8 itl ortuh the piri> oe r .1
    IILV tlM it at a an earl. v date power- I.antI iii l).,n hit h;bitle _.I i 1-arIeer r e \. W hen thft soore iiscontiht- halt. i en by a gnd example. -heap wat, h.
    tl.l .'l'tis, of ,,,'uld he rin tilf tw rks I i'- t w,"'-re 'i'r ti a Iit. sc ittered t i n il u btie m n crf on talic n, tlli-iem -- --
    i 'mpro-ivnp ilie .c -o pany's ler. iioume ,ahefre now se oandn a o. d- i i i|i anl i.n il i W hat rin- i 1 1 ii o iiv iJ.i r i I n f'ml ra i n l i
    lnihials a, I t i. pl -.-.- The i-r nniin ern American c .ty of mole tll vniume of' $175.im0 in th'il ,'s & part- v, t: o i 11,11 suiddto l[ i,.-- n hlug. has h31. 1d opoiatilo ain,l1 Il' ,kf
    ,,l t''tIPt arquiredl hy the Frisco li eg,U heoulti. There was no rail- Xaone. tinh woatit'
    thitmiqt-h tih pit'tilitSI o1 f the Nluiile road nearer than Jacksonville He This \olilme ha .ini. e 11 eoJ The rCi-oTn ev.hl'-love_ is blind i Bcpfore tailing a iJtili ai lair H,-
    Fhoals. Birruingliait and Penacola began in a "mall nay. as a master ,,.ore ihain ifsel hy HiLe lit" re 1e. o ii) I tt it will ni'ot te its tinl road. 'Vic'e Priesildent Hutchlinson uf ru uise and as the population business done Iby other ilpajrt tellilion_..
    ind a party of officials are making wa aiugmniented by natural pro. I ntP, It's .' wise fallier that know
    Sto.rr of the coi mpanv'. llnesi in i c a--e- a Inl h a slow but stea. y Duringr e S.plptembrr and October I more than hisi son timinks hie knows. Viitorict tthat h t. me iiihoti hay.
    this sei''inn. influx of setilerp, hbe ought tuo'. incI to ie fought and won arc' nol;t

    (By ltirrinatioual News Service
    San Francitco. Jan. 21.-Is young
    Ameit t I irina of war?
    Merchant i o lreadi planning for
    n>xt I'h'l-,nias. i e a new sign in
    lli- nott.eahle ahf- nce ljst Chrlst-
    ittas miuiinrg -t the o\noden sol.
    rileri. the tin tldivi-rs. and the other
    ioldiery 'if the old iIays'?
    Tbi- itl u iii ,\ i-' alit.,p-_tde tilt-
    3.ocki-ktr.- 9 of yi'c, arnd likewise
    thie tin hitii- andi Noah's art and
    iher ',inili:iTr iLilY "of ears gone
    .v. hil i t hi| rteeinr no q.i lditri.
    '.li-i ii- o--i t .t1 ot thte picture
    tilie to An, t-ri a ttirii n of ii ar."
    iet l.i ..- rih-. lt-.l nf one of the
    l lt a "' liti ti.i in:, hoiju',s in tie
    iV'' -'. Ioi at-_l in I rt ii .. He aoin
    tinn ls:


    PHONE 604-W

    mere was lite aeemana tor the
    military playthings without which
    no small boy's Christmas gifts tere
    once considered Lomplete.-They've
    just gone out of style, like thA.
    soldier games the kids once
    "Perhaps the war is too close to
    ilie present generation for parent's
    to want to see their sons indulging
    in the fanfare of glory that glosses
    the misery and sorrow that close
    (ontract with war gives.
    "Thore are plenty of soldiers and
    tire like manufactured in (.ernimany
    still. and also in Japan. There are
    a number of 'American concerns-
    including at least two In California
    -whoi have trind to popularize Ilys
    of this sort. hut without suc(eqs."



    (By The Associated Pres.),.'
    New Orleans. Jan. 21.-Membtrig'
    of the commission council w"
    agreed today that a primary elec-
    tilon to select a successorjaiafth:e.
    late Martin Behinman. as --tI
    New Orleans. would lie' held Ieb-'
    25. If a second primary is netea'.,
    sary It will he held March 2. The-..
    general election will be called lfb-
    March 12. Tno factions of tI
    council, which bad been deadloekt
    since the laIe mhyor's death, ha
    finally r-ached an agreement.
    Coniniissiaoner Arthur O'Keefl
    acting mayor. Is the candidate
    thp old regular group'of the dern
    ScratlO party.3




    140 E. INDIANA

    En ||||lllllllli l i lllllllllllim lilllllillilll~lllllllllllllllllll~llll~llllll~lllllllllllllH lllillnllil llllllllllll~l!!II!H!I~~i)II 1111111!iilllllllllllll^llll~ lllllln ll l~ llu ~ ~li i' l l! ll l lllllllll l lllllll ll~ lll lllllH ll ll l lli~ lllllli ln lll

    = It''s Always Fair Weather

    __ For The Investor Who Chooses Carefully The MEDIUM For Investment

    -- -

    =- %, E L -0i(-

    Una A __h nt IMM-. IT in L __ci
    -. -- ---- -A
    ________ "-- '~-7"__' . ..3- S '

    ss a an sea.siw-a.w- -mi- w... ......-

    - uti A Uwumbos Clflflr INVRS2TMRNT OPPORTUNITIES in Local

    KRUM &K K% "ilIMPWW Vi V lll ii IIiWii% i & ~4 V%4 WSift %I gla I W

    I. Real Estate Awaiting Discriminating I


    S212 North Woodland Blvd. DeLAND, FLORIDA


    Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach(3), NewSmyina, New Smyrna Beach, Pal

    SDeLand, Sanford, Orlando, Lakeland, Brooksville, Tampa, St. Petersburg.


    iI iii 1111 111111 11111 1111111 III 11111111 li ii IIIIIiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1iiiii 1111111111i II111111III111111i II1111i 11111iIIi 111111i1111HIillllili11111ilililllli11111i111iiiiiiinhiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIflhIIIIII11111iII!111111i1111



    Phone 146

    I i Beach, Miami, Miami Beach,


    - -'. A




    Equipment at the Fair










    tt .~
    If rha.'~

    ORTICULTURE and Agricul-
    Sture have reached a high plane
    in this County, with Millions of
    Dollars worth of Fruit and vege-
    tables being raised and shipped to
    the great markets of the country,
    when the major portion of the Unit-
    ed States is dormant and the highest
    market prices are paid for Florida
    SDairies and Cattle and Hog
    anches are being established in
    various sections of the County and
    poultry yards are increasing con-
    stantly. Drainage Districts are be-
    ing inaugurated and this will add
    several hundred thousand acres to
    the available cultivatable land of
    Volusia county, which promises to
    become one of the richest in the.
    Splendid examples and samples
    of all of these products will be seen
    at the Volusia County Fair in De-
    Land next week and everybody
    within motoring distance of De-
    Land should make it a point to spend
    at least one day at the Fair. It will
    be highly entertaining, intensely in-
    teresting and rich in information
    that should prove valuable to every
    While in the city attending the
    Fair visitors are invited to use the
    auditorium and rest rooms of the
    Old Methodist Church, on East Rich
    Avenue, just off the Boulevard,
    where our offices are located. This
    is central and you can rest here in
    Enjoy 6ur entertainment Monday
    evening in the church auditorium.
    Visit Orange Crest and receive
    FREE a box of fruit packed and
    labeled ready for shipment. This
    will please "your friend in the North
    and yoU will enjoy the view from
    the elevation of this Beautiful Prop-

    ILLIONS of Dollars are being
    expended by Big Syndicates
    and Development Corporations
    and Individuals in and around De-
    Land this year. Townsites are
    springing up in very direction-sub-
    urban sections are being improved
    in a high class manner and Buildings
    are going up at an astonishing rate.
    Everywhere you drive you see evi-
    dences of Progress and Prosperity.
    The DeLand of yesterday has gone
    Sand in its place is being built a
    great City that will soon reach a
    population of 100,000.
    DeLand is verging into the Big
    City Class and the spirit of enthus-
    iasm that is being evinced by the
    local business men as well as by the
    outside capitalists who are pouring
    their millions into stupendous de-
    velopments near the city augurs well
    for the future success and prosperity
    of DeLand.
    Every dollar that is expended in
    developing the surrounding sections
    adds to the value of city property.
    Coral Gables and Hollywood have
    increased the values in Miami a
    thousand per cent. Ponce De Leon
    Springs, Stetson Home Estates,
    Country Club Estates, Pelham
    Square, Lago Vista, University Ter-
    race and several other developments
    surrounding DeLand will enhance
    the values in the city a thousand per
    cent in a very short time.
    ORANGE CREST is the last
    CLOSE IN subdivision and its strate-
    gic location on Michigan avenue,
    three blocks from the Stetson Uni-
    versity and six blocks from the busi-
    ness center makes it one of the most
    desirable residence sections, where
    values will jump more rapidly than
    any other residence property, espe--
    cially as it is the highest point in De-
    Land and has from two to ten or-
    ange and grapefruit trees on each
    lot, with all improvements and
    prices that can never again be dupli-

    Will be given in the
    auditorium of the Old
    Methodist C h u r ch,
    Monday Evening at

    tures will

    A FREE
    BOX OF


    Will be given to
    Every Person visiting
    Beautiful ORANGE
    CREST next week.
    Orange and Grape-
    fruit Trees on Every


    Six Exceedingly Attractive Spanish Bungalows are j ust being completed on Kentucky Avenue, near Mich-
    igan, in the block adjoining ORANGE CREST, as shown above.


    On Kentucky Avenue
    Near Michigan Ave.
    Drive out any time.


    109 East Rich Ave.
    (Old Methodist

    Church Building
    Telephone 439-W


    .1~ -


    it .- : ; ... ---.^, ,. .. 4,
    Is 5 feet 6 inches in Diameter-I1 6 feet in Circumference and has
    a spread of 88 feet. It is located in the Center of ORANGE
    CREST and all visitors to the Fair are invited to see it.


    be on




    I : -
    ,,- . - -

    in in a Small Way 18 Years Ago and During 1925
    S Sold $2,000,000 of Realty and Wrote
    $2,500,000 Insurance
    V. W'. Gould Agency is the the firm began with nothing and
    (t'I exclusive real estate brok- last yer exceeded the 12.,.100.1ju:"
    ) Touse in DeLand. mark. Its inistrau,.e buIisiness also
    IW[ ietn -it 7il tUild haq now at-
    enit %~ai establlsd1 e tpired~ a volume Wt .2.5uu.viju ,eri
    y V. W Gould the o1 yothera
    I 'aelate dealer here also ba.dledI 31f1
    u turv stuck and organs. The angpjic-y des a general bus.
    T 1is seniority is- not only a Ue' s',ling aInrwee. btLslne.,l
    Vk 10at~e of pride to thie agen..y hut ipr.,-r.-r:n imrro+"d :iand unimnv.
    s'o""a commercial of ii edl. homusltes and homes and writ .
    ', p.. operations. for the investing tour- mg SL. kind, of* insur:,ni(.C. The
    '1t1itas heard so mruch of Florida org.tiiizi tlnr i com ,;o-ed oul a per.
    "laid sharks" that he naturally sonnetl of eiblt, aunt ii r.-ted as
    ]W l 1a to place hIm huisines with orn. c(' the nior ffit e cient in Volusia
    *: a established concern. Cuu' t,'..
    b.' .i Gould. a native uof Saginaw When ihe sgenc was young. Dc-
    J1." ,olh has been a resident cf De- Lhndl was a municipality of per
    L'" ad for the pa-st 3S years. His haps 2.000) souls and was ju-t hb.
    1A." fi runs in cycles of 1,. -or beI giuning its i:liailb into nietropol
    a.lS years of age %wh+n he bepn Itani-m. R-al e,-tate values have'
    V ]is'busine-is care-er. was iu the iucrea.,ed at least leinfold sincr,
    "" t li business for I. rears IIIand foil Mr would d mtatt-. and in s ic).- .l--
    Q be.past IS year-3 lihas been siplliug cilic instanc'ca miurh more. atLe -nd insniranetc The Gould ugeni y was launchlied
    .e brokerage buitsineMs done b): ar IL' pi-e lent,. vili thie First


    L20 acres, 2 1-2 miles from center of Haines City,
    cated on Hinson avenue, half way between
    ., m. Candler $10,000,000 subdivision and new
    Sr'oss state highway. On paved road and has two
    ;Peautiful deep water lakes covering about 30
    res, is nicely wooded'and is below the market

    | $1000 AN ACRE
    Oi with easy terms.
    4 aines City tract of 40 acres, located about 1 1-4
    Smiles from center of town west, in city limits
    tween Bryson's Country Club Estates and City
    venter, practically adjoining his development.
    IVas small lake frontage, 550 orange, grapefruit
    66:d tangerine trees. A big buy at
    $1000 PER ACRE
    Terms easy.

    IW. E. BLAKE
    r l Magnolia Avenue, Daytona. Phone 1527







    NEWS, SATURDAY, JAN. 23, 1926-

    Belgian Midgets at the Fair

    modeling Ciarki & Ttiriey's e7ua
    house at Pelham Square.
    the Russell Re.lty Company
    conducts a general real t-nae
    brokheraige busites at lh-'r or-
    fices in the Miller building in a,*
    dition to their Iillins .,ctiv[;e,..
    and they are- in a pi)-.itior i to know
    real value-. in either va.Iinr ITr T.
    proved property
    Nice thing about winter is th|
    weather is mo'astly too bad to play
    All working ant.i nn rishini make
    lite not wirth living.
    On With The Trial
    A hisand in d An if, .j t on [th-
    sarrif.- )ury iu T-nn.--.;eF-
    Tlie rmurdeei laugptied
    He knew he'd get :i nw trial.
    for tlie twel',e taust ae>,.
    Those girls who want to get
    married the orst kind ur a way
    itght ti y eloping.

    - I

    Champion Jumping Hora

    ** A... i ^. _.-+ .^^..,. .. .^ +. ,

    To be seen at the Volusia county Fair

    FAM00u KcRte-H
    ,*. .*^ ^ "aai^ ; .' ., . ,,:sS^ ^ tl
    '..-'._, ...-HEALTH
    L-_ J. C. POLLEY, Manager

    National Bank as it, net door HAMEf UL TDli with Veventyfive feet frontage and
    neighbor, mouel away aind -then HOUMEIS UIl Dl one lundlrd and forty-five feet In
    .ame hark to ilie old stand. derth. piovididg anille room for
    Although bus eaeed in lk E REALTY ""an.d shrubbery. These homes I v Ag
    ing after his, brokerage and insur RUSaSLL AL ave n modern improvements. Ce- c usve Agents
    ance business Mr. G(uuld has foiind 'itt t.. walk, .and drives grading. &
    timp for mati, otltr things ai ______ aldn -_hrubbery serve to beautify
    is one of the leading men o tlt o of House.h xerr.
    _ily and county. Group of Spanish Houses T -,homne in this colony Wadsworth, Howland & Co.
    HI.? ha. served as a m.enbr ird Has Been Constructed 'l,. .N-d iinie.'tatfiy upon coe.
    / plh-tin to Dr. tHarr.% B. Bruner of
    tb,- VoIusa Coutoy school hboardi at Pine Heights '.',nti (',t. P4 iho has been a Paints and Varnishes
    ior the pa.t 14 years iand as it-: ______,,,. ,ti.' it-,ent of DeLanl for a
    piesident for the past lii ',ears n
    dtiing whi cih period practically all Thie Ri.sl1l Realt. Coanl,,aori, or n r nt yenrs. The secondC mplt li
    the hands-ime school buildings D-Land. nome buil1,];i anda raltila, iut been conileted. It complete line
    that now stand have been etectE.d; e-tj',t- hroke-r. ae riilring ifaorr. Iiii tv, 1 oo i.bungalow, of Span.
    organized the Dc-Land. Retil Estatr atticpii ogi e.wi Ii their- ornrii 'i-it rn,i.on type of architecture.
    ordl,%zed the D a.Land Real hs ae i, n plo e_,ithtiar :n. thn ,pn ptio h. front aud a Benjamin Moore & Co
    its president ever -in e; w as f r- Th atl, ln '.; itb ilding orp- I. porch in the rear. The
    f raiot,- o i t S, ,pteriier. cI a? -rg :iving roomn has artistic archl-
    mnerly a menibcr of the rity ,oun. ,hout i th v lc,' B+ b:-n, tIerei 1 d The room is sixteen ts an Va iss
    ofl. tI., affiliatd i with and a trustee inL 1 n, | li Iv to obtain .-et which, and thle beamed ceiling ain
    of the Firti Metheodist church, i -Ctn lli % n. a. rh v iinlalid with c-ornice work and
    ( huildatl_ ntitifrial .. ,h,:y lindlu,-? plaster. The entrance Iow-
    a member of the Knights of. P. he ',tonil,,I.ed Lituniber of hornis e'ie later. The entranCe tow
    thias and the tOdd Fello%%s: is a t ,h I. and ..ev. lovg appa ve this hime an
    member of the Commercial luh enal r- Spanir l ea n ompleton hane n.eis to rice. e this om A
    andi one of its diri:ttors; has iheen A Xt Pine i ti, i is. iho in nt1l- in this- group Is of AZII
    a*,, oe o.,,,r,,r;.: ,o, ;"^ he` ,,e"l,, _*s ^ ; ; ,*; WALL PAPER, PAINTS AND VARNISHES
    a director of the FirstNationalJtPe ,,panl-h denign.-Althohgh the ar-
    Bank since it a orgatizd in KentuckyAvee e hiter-c has used enough of his own WALL PAPER, PAINTS AND VARNISHES
    Ban dirnct fte Fit a rst at tonal V.. ed n %J Nentu4ouq Aven t N ie *ig A
    1,11.1; is the di,,tril:t representative en Wstcousin Vni Michigan A. rretrts tn 'ffect an original de.
    of the C.entral Florida (listritt. Bc anutty... the ru zrl a lR-alp ,"' v oPn. .. i. itir- lici[t veer greatly front
    S,'ou-i of0 Ameri,.a: ia a nl*mber of[* n a rnp i of ldn*. Aztee Si-antish precedent. Thls
    the tiouutv beard of lie Y M C '-h hi-e=. ,_-icg i ,,h bit- d e rf- I.Ji)'I. ui1l he i.,., pleated in about
    fu0. l ,,l .In,. T,. col ny. ,I ,it ,h,,I e ,, ., h S
    A.; is president of the Atheno ,u,., u ,11i -- i. i h' li ndl-Thlr ..1.,1nd I 12 Short St2
    Realty coparny. a holding corpo n:o-t ,euttofl.&,tlons o l)eLnd Thn-olS ,pal',na ish 1n0 construct. honle 215 or St.
    ration. i.s.,.lretnry of the Putna l .Th. Wio sin avn.. nie approu(h !t.. n a Spar hb i l.hungalow for Clar-
    -Hotl komrpany: ii secreiray ot the lined with giant live oak it6ew f. Pra; n : l tet a. aud a
    Florida Bulb Company, a .concern the tall, stately pines wbiti.h sur Sp'ani-h bungalow for William nW.
    that is helping to develop a new round the homes tlake a beautiuul SrSrrman oa North Adell Avenue.
    and profitable industry, and is a s-tI'ig -T b'Vt '.wavs a brPa7. "Lastfall this company built (he
    aPd pavilion and boat landing at Blue
    progre-,.ive nitizv-n uf the highett at Pine Heights. The bomes wbich Lake Tertace for -Clark & Turley.
    ty ie. _r., be-tg erLit.ed are h)Uill on olott
    __________________ _________and t ,eyv have ju+,t finished re.
    it. [ ...


    |, Listed in our office, from the East to the West Coast and in every corner of the
    SState of Florida. Including large and small acreage tracts fronting the Atlantic
    SOcean. Prices ranging from

    i $10 Per Acre Up

    t We have some very choice acreage near Bunnell, Fla., especially adapted for cit-
    I rus fruits and dairy farming-and other tracts close in, ripe for subdivision. All
    , in the drainage district. This priced from

    $35 Per Acre Up

    .1 OWNERS
    , Have listed with us their homes for sale in Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Or-
    " mond. Prices ranging from

    $1,500 And Up

    A We Specialize

    In resales of lots and have at all times many wonderful bargains that are bound
    Sto show wonderful and positive profits.

    J. F. FRASER & CO.
    . 609 Main Street Peninsular Station Daytona Beach

    \\~\ ji


    .I:. *+ = .:cr yj i^ '^***"



    We carry the largest and
    most complete stock of
    Jewelry in Volusia coun-
    to come in and look over
    our stock.

    si, W5, 70

    & SON




    F. N. DeHUY




    *. i i&((y^l |/ l~l l^t i ij i lW rivii lE ................

    iWill Sell All or Part


    -~ -.

    10 Miles Higffway


    A TION--

    Subdivision, Townsite, Blocks, Lots
    Small Tracts for Low Priced Lots or
    Farms; Holding Investment

    All in Progressive Volusia County' Six to eight miles west of Daytona
    Beach, Holly Hill, Rio Vista and Ormond city limits. A few minutes on the
    new highway to the finest beaches in the world, Elevation forty-three feet
    (43) above sea level. Well located for a townsite. Property is located between
    the Little Haw and Middle fHaw Creeks, unusual soil with clay sub soil and ex-
    tending into the famous Hastings potato district on the north and intothe
    wonderful citrus belt of De Leon Springs just north of DeLand. the County
    Seat ofVolusia County.
    Shortest route across state-100 foot right of way-18foot best concrete sur-
    face. Intersects all routes north and south. Follows old original Spanish
    Trail. Millions willtravel this needed scenic Shortcut '

    Estimate the Value of this Property the day the
    Highway is Opened
    *,,, TO THE NORTH:-The famous Hastings Potato District,
    V IR O N M E worth up to$1,000.00 peracre. TO THE EAST:-Extensive de
    velopment program anticipatedby recent purchaser including
    , sidewalks, water, lights, etc., making solid activity too and into Daytoha Beach andOrmond. TO THE SOUTH:-
    at activity at De Leon S prings-$300,000 appropriated to build new State Highway from DeLand to Ocala Road, run-
    I miles through Ormond Manor Properties and Prettyman's Farms adjoining at$150.00 per acre. TO THE WEST:-7
    SSprings Citrus Land--$500 to $3,000 per acre, including Florida's finest orange packing plant.
    Brokers and Syndicates! Get Busy, Its Hot, Priced to Sell Now!
    Get Your Map-Full Informat ion, Prices and Terms at Once

    JAMES 0. CRAIG, Exclusive Agent



    .l MM p % W% 1 1

    I I

    New^ ***
    A mmm"ID-


    7A YA' w "







    Unexcelled Products of Volusia County Soil Will Be on Display ii


    ni Agricultural Hall

    All These Products Can Be Profit ably Grown in the Fertlie Soil of




    Adjacent to the Fair Grounds, Within


    the City Limits of DeLand

    Rich, Loamy Soil; Fertile as the Valley of the Nile.

    Good Roads, Water T transportation on St.

    Johns River;

    Borders on A. C. L. Railroad



    Farms $2,500.


    Homesites $250

    L. P. CAL VERT

    113 North Woodland Boulevard, DeLand, Florida

    Phone 584-W



    Phone 565-J

    dvhiesi CoMety's
    SAdvertising Medium

    -Ti-- h-tPages


    - L.-FT 1-T-1 A -Ws T A







    Largmt Circai
    Yolusia County, 3

    LA NT 4
    ----...i. ..*


    BOB WHITE FRUIT T he Founde~~ ~ ~~~~~~r aoed in the Strawn groves near-I ''..! ,.. .o .- ._,. .:" .. ,.,
    Ii. ._____l
    BOB'WHITE FRUIT.TheFwhound urggregate 475 acres.
    B B H EoddnhSao ren Extreni, care ii taken in pick. ;, .... "' -
    LONG FA E FOR irig,_.uitlU~ladhanrl~lhgeng epeWhh special r iv iiibotl .:.- -"-." ".... '-.. ..*' s." ,
    Ninarndese o wadl ing and,
    e'uiinent res~v aemploydiiim bo thi
    I_ under the uperv'siJn of experts. *A
    A rre C ~~a. y n t ,," alf=.i h,, for .,.hi pltunt it isq
    Oranges Are Carefully, (',Ln- ,,ti shining. i. ; rr. ., are
    partly closed by paraineto pre- ,'
    Assorted for Color ,.. deierh.ratiou, and itj,3 gra-
    and Merit did both as to slze and color.
    Much of the mach:uery uled In
    the plant is th,1 invention of Mr.
    PLANT IS A MODEL traw,,, who wit dsetermin to-
    attain Ib s i-leal if ex,.elleu ,-..
    Th- p~a.kling plant of todayi
    The work of the late Theodore th.'. .,-onn,1I luilt by Mr Stirawu. '1:.,.i.ri.* 'l,1. Ut [ 'lot la' rodel ciii us packing hio use at DeLeoniSprings.
    Strawn-to give to the world a 1..2 firsi \,as dv.-troyed by fireI "_____ ___________ modelcitruspacking_____e
    better orange than it ba'; known al itn flve year , was erec-
    before-goes on. His model citrus ted at a coot of $75,0tuu, and could [or I'g]~ll iuitrs,-,," Th. bild. ,hil.' is finished with red floor 6.1)0i box',s, and arebeing loaded'
    fruit packing plant. at De Leon. not he replaced for le-A than $12.5.- ng is 7s le i 1.iiart-i] 14,-, fl -e nanitl Lit are also the loading Intocaso tepraeSrwf
    Springs. finest in Florlda and said riu, duc- to the advanced LoIt of lo0g and has a sawL tj'jth roof Ut m d unloading platform, and all siding and hurried out to the dim.
    by Californians to even tie superi- mat."rial and labor. coppor allay t -l The it alls a,e outs.!de steps and approaches, crin- inating consumer. Every box
    or to the plants of that state, is The pist is 'onstru(ted entire. the san,. tuniiru,_tlon. n%'rr lingg the complete absence of carries the high ,deals,- vhivh
    be'ng operated by the Tineodore ly of Trucon steel, wire glass lu, third ,-of all ilali p.. i.,ag tntIcrete iuteL The first carload made Theodore Strawn the rnarer
    Strewn Estate, which consists of and ennrr.'ie and there Is hot a wlr,- pr -in Thit i,- iiu-,,t a ,f or.'g .s as shipped [ro m the packer ,f Florida. for tha Strew n
    Mrs. Strewn and the four sons, ,,tick o.r tinier in the building. r.orner 0f th1e hiildti that i_ ii, plant on December 26. 1921. Esta
    Robert Strawn, Chester Stravtn. THEODORE STRAWlllreproderapIt brightly light-d understh e is
    Theodore Strawn and Gordon uiaaeineryv i3 driven by electricity Hinged wi1ou -, a abun- h odernde which he huild,-d ant fretermin-
    ,Strawn.'den rIt grown and p3ked in generated in a power plant 21) ane uf fre-h Ir -Th e n.'tr.l
    "Bob White" oranges, made farme the commonwealth.ns feet a h also i e [Ioplno th .. .. .t tu . on,. Bub White oranges are being en frui the sternest apjlicatiO,
    th _omnweah.____-etaay _wi__ alo-_ue__o__tth n t tr u packed tills ;,ear to the extent of of the Golden Rule.
    ous, by Theodore Sti-awo. are still I Brorn in Illinioi. Theodore Stwil P- ___tisYeat_ th_"ent_____th
    procurable by those epicures who came to Florida to become in-
    will have only the best. They terest.d in growing oranges some
    still stand for that degree of ex-.18 years ago. He had been a suc- 4. .*., .. .
    don Strawn, Chester St.rawn, R'ober Sttawn and Theodore cellence that has given the brand cessful practicing attorney and '-_".i 4"' A" "%.' '' .
    i[m'awn, Jr., rons of the late Theo dory Strawn. a particular place in the sun. TheY acquired considerable real estate ..:-,_f, *.. ,-.. v.
    Represent not only the highest holdings back in his home town ng"'' '.4k i .""
    '. a. -possible perfection In culture but of Ottwa. Hid mother spent a.p
    also in handling, packing and ship- number of winters Ru Florida aid .. ,
    * The four sons of the late Theodore Strawn, ping. Back of them is the repu- be accompanied her as a -oV on
    station of a packing house that is many of her trips south with the
    master fruit grower and.packer of Florida, haVe pick- entted to the distinction of being result that several years later he I
    haepc- aldan institution, decided to locate in th's hewv land 1i'
    Id up; the tasks which he laid down when summoned After the death tof Toeoddtre of opportunity. I
    death and will continue to 'perpetuate the fame of Strawn. his wife- and four sous Mr. Str'awu flrlt started by pur- ..
    took up the .work that be had been (hasJng two or three orange grove.
    cmeldto Is)y down in thbe es. Gradually his interest in, bge
    Bob White" brand of citrus fruits. They are now compete in
    prime of life. There was no fi. citrus fruit industry grew. Beig
    full charge of the groves and plant, which are own- na-ia ne.esy for ther doig of a prIatc turn of mind ,.e
    so. for they are well endowed with began experiments to improve the 1:,L~
    3d by the Theodore Strawn Estate. Theodore Strawn the goods of this world. It wasy methods of e pim n the fru It
    more than national r as a grower pride in that which he bad which he realized were crude and
    a e n o r tio a a we wrought. a sense of service, that unsatisfactory. Like most pione-l
    an-hpe fctus fruit, and his plant is con- caused them to carry on. lirs. Mr. i Stralnas at flist laugh-. .
    a model. Its reputation for quality products 1,05 ,.ounti (ont-,ues 'to clirry perievers.d. and the result Is that ----i
    beingamaid ie d n h sthe l.anner that 'it has won the Strawnliplant stands as a mon-
    ,1 through the di.tributlont of "Bob ,minent to him today and is the ,,
    "itat into the handling and marketing of each indi- white" oranges, most in demand last word in the parking world. .
    and commanding larger prices Oranges which are atked, in Waxing Oranges to Seal the Pores Inspectors Packing the Oranges in the Babe White Plant of
    vidual orange as during his life time. than y other brand of the iol- this modern plant are exclusIt IY Strawn T




    A few lots left in the first section that you can buy at $800 for lot 50x145 feet hard surfaced streets, lights,
    sidewalks and water-good homes surrounding, reasonable restrictions, a section that is growing fast. Number
    of good homes now under construction. Drive out East Ne wYork Ave. to Hill or Massachusetts, go south to
    Voorhis Ave., you are then in Euclid Heights. See for yourself what we are offering you for the price asked..
    The price will advance to $1,000 a lot on remaining unsold lots in first section Feb. 10 Oth.




    Owners & Developers
    Sales Agent




    :~3~ ;',".-






    in ~e

    '*IJ -.... . . . . .

    SATURDAY. JANUARY 23, 1926.

    ------------=--w--- W - '~'--~ .f~A~- fl - ~r-... -- -. i* -- - - -

    'I Ir I t I :. ;f Ali.A...I+an l
    t.^^fiflHB BHarA t'll g y' ir .i tn FIVE F 'ARLE$SS FLIERS WILL 1,' .'-. ."_
    tbril th i ,ll ,.. .! rA .rri.i] hl. roB g l thei fil I. ., .b
    lirL, hy ithe t,4h. any therfe I'rrnBE EM NTU RES
    '- arl l tfi" i" l I'i lit.) 1hniluPel uln, '-n aB,:-E l . A I a, Itt i V.J%
    ) Poa I,' tl %1 r;1 1 af I:'P dif ll 'r 'nL ,,
    Vt nlr-r,.' i.,"V I. a or;tI.DtC If) _... ..a_-I__"I
    1i 1:. i t hittittiJl,| anr, t ti,- . l| 1 i re.,l ti-rli., lt h -r ii '' \.,ii t o .i iv -j. i-a U h it,-u lr i fok d hl,]'lle
    L a. I: i i i i Ih *I`.'h eh a i i i. ( .l t w.iJ J k rl i ll i .4 n l.:i h l r. htet tie i r1t'. i t -.IN lx-k, T h 4
    .1'.t:.. t.oo tier b h na ian r F lieh :'jut ',n i UA I, ) t-6 it f ,I- U m' Ii:l I .I
    ..d t. .11 tt hi+.n i itt- *l [ ? ,tn'2.LO 'lli[ter:, Nt l ."1~ C,,oI' a iia'. a ..,t,1 +-l ,';.:
    li -'rlIt .1,ln. (i ,- R! .?lnLgi .rorltll s JP I 0il -it wIi,0 A l l ..i t r i t- r r .I1 1 in 1 17
    ,.' P',~~. t h. ', mo qtirled in ihandling a ath t sti ppiis nr il l, ; ,; lr A ]. 1,,n l,\it r hl .-" 'it', hi-, ] 11 t lt s8 e'
    roda n.!rilan re-l with a woth Ioirit Bi ilo, i. I t *II>ljiJ ik F rd -I' Ia t 14 il m ny a nh SlL.' hli nti
    "' .i Ll e -t i .ui bi % t t m t W l l t r n t r n(tt , 'i Plu t n nti le'dM' iN \ t. o l i e I' i i ll i t i r in r &
    U 4 i... lii A ti rteWit whu- ls J w titi .i 'stoI t Irt-li tii v "The IFlying Fishere t ,qid 1 in be
    . ,; i, tiol=n *ir dl .'a .pi ac.I ihL-.' h Cr CId i.I l!i .o[
    .. oJenl r. ,jllOw A, i AJti a r t. 411 lldl ,, t ..'Lt ; itA ip o ofa the tirt ,Alf tLs kind tit time
    W ,J ..l : J.. ho h r ot'a t, t y f 'r u n t g ul0 d t,. ,- r ,0a i : nL ., t a r t i n g t h i s Nia t .f
    n] tlk..'r a dsta 'e ~ i .veuehr I wl :Atlt at uiti ,-n p t r.1h-,1 rci'iiniy T ror ir Fs401Ai-
    lit t" ti" 16,, a ',o th ela I o fit' i h .r [12e lint. appa irathii. to Qht i. thing tile yOU z) l .boy ir gil ar g; '
    .'. i th -11 "ts h A.1t- il'tL ,LY 6 Wil rl'l Ii.'it; (.joJl I 'i-. lh hang t L. i e hIi h ilding exertl S S. It tC

    iu,.'.i .lh\ .r*v.'.: O'F r'n-ine n nauire, r' 1.-.r. "f^ --^ H ,ht^i&4. rlL th t'*"tn
    0),' u'1 rt e ',tt 'p a s., altig.h r t l hmeal ,.lo irawi .lt tie ll ip
    .I t Ita t U pi [ Li t'o I -IP a' t had- in a ilare'levi' .. l tanginj to the bar. ant;
    b on it l aovvbtagi.a al a.lii I n p ithk. rant ma n 1 plar cornI iAt tln,, r -l things ht ti t iII lp -
    h-YeILIih:d it ove n Into- pl t f le r h.jN ifb, l ahhr. \I .n ,-, af:orn.

    i. r a d i m i ~ i t l y a ti h g au ; i ,l n isr t r a in e d l oIR E T Opi- l
    WHY IS A x FIS sHERMAN' et i hl. ,' J.t thee plH,,e eMsaulI tg leap tNr l4 pe ,-, .or lallia i trained." i:: J' AR EI TO
    t.tilt+,? lh u ig belu.we8 undel r to h- caught '' otlOlheir mt-tr'e-- In anlswelr c'g ht qItie.ti"n alm r,1 .sUer ItJLS ,
    _____filld01143._nt,'tit o f.yd Io idonl.1he said, I hae- Drawina---e..,on I
    tB F M C R Y .i. .a it' h vietiM the o au rd tlt t i If m fal)s-- .was laidh tip ,r three I. P rIi tea tl rc an' P, aI I ti W l
    CheI water it Ilk.. alnOi' .ck awol bN-. ii likee m-rLa j:rt l Ir-i-, it I' AM \with a broken atn Or\, GradeA.

    wa~s p.,trlaying h ith mar cjLnu utow i-ei t-*l itt,' '*, the im~t.I bt-rt if mA LAd lijiut I5 1 ty-l nl'a.t i~lzuirn-Firsi
    i- t he 'ea it lhe i.n str g t0 it.t- w e n qPf r i f] I P IU m ple b rL0 ad : itau e-.
    I' -. g ;'ars a go y'.w hen Pra tnk at o -n e t h P tI I fI il t l0l : P ,, I Ito nittt cl i F ILt 1 to ir'tl ,'w ay w hi le I u, n g it willhei tin.t't'ti 1 it h usA tI lle utt ,o t jple nl, .netu'd;l d .
    'I, was pla;,'ing ,ith nlarb, nI e l-,. Lli'OIIl Ii I)-, ,.Va '- har '%I,, in n.I t I t fq [ .--[ to" Ind hinl! if i ill be bo h l .Pl l j([ 11 W .I ,..ho w.itch LL.,;. A t.",ll Into [he o h ? P':jjt !t 'fohiltntt -- Firtl an-1 .] _
    i. t.I ops. flying k ite.s aid pl I giving iti e appeara .n e ,? r oui..- enLi-riLailng. yourt t I tt,' will I o 1 utli-A.iJly injure the performer- at i--.
    .., t I h )b.peg a lover of auture t l.rg t l.. ih- I1i.t1, "LauI II Dtiring tho Ca.ting ('o.test at %% .11 _penit in w trit -r iitg tt. rh'-t, mi,-, he )r 't.he fell right WetU- -
    S i- outoor sport by the namne id antIs i t. tI It il, ,- ii rt;/ Fair many o h r '
    \. Vn W lton while making tone one _"I tI e)I ev- r,'t I, ,ok,- o ikI it i I: it 'l't 7 i,.:t.-4t ,v Ii l participate (I i lg otntmteUthel, h'iitr iru ti n i i'tghar-e taugh F ;.',ttl,4 ,dt Ii quit'.- a fer'

    *f, \c.:i lalis Rt-tembe tirt [neti angflni ougte rh.ele' u'(ht
    hni.g. t'i, lieA through the t n.ti tgb t 1rl at il-i .a .i' l ', l; tl r ite ki it v i(hl they t,, an .ll adI fLt-v 2.41 -it 3, A Ln3, Ar is Ui rried.i and ba a irm i ,t t ,14 rei-"al h1 m,,. Mr1

    lift m roe e t inate men. wl) a .n pole t it h [ li ve nt b a .l a i a; to in turn e- n L l*ii IIspiai t h iig i tn f i ft
    Sto aop, n the itcd- ur. of in win thrill tb, ILwainug I ,-i t rit.kl.: it a ittal. ,t rI get wath a 'rtt. ]fri, i Ilo r nG na Sltand tharining wife and litte baI y'a'-hi- ti 'li" itute a ta 6f th :..'.
    cted to his attend .- u i k sJL tLhifling aInli J,.1- 11 pg plug at tdriotlc listaneei from e o expect you tt lbe le ste [airl Thel'.e w h other members tnr .,r-ltf 'ant t ita l nr, retinedl. 1lea-
    e,4 L .iiig .ttracted I lf, i' n t ti'e illert to I. IH t.-= ,.'. d, ,1'iv.rlt. li,,,. 1- ;) ti hL-f- .,j|'I fe.t .111i F )L' '(.111 [' Disg [Joi f h In Life ro12.," 'a Jtg il a t D~ r -lJ P)~
    : .tnl lh weer I1 itl? eitls andi to tr to n take i" tr-.am1 ntie awL.
    1 .. rL .. th ;, he, ga~z d 2-i!i [ I, i 3L", it ,, t.'. "
    :!.'-tr k c tn., !."g 711"it w'it ii li a wng the sport 3rId at tfie ? .mt-
    '1 j ..t...-the %: gaitHi :: .- lnlte pore iit.a irjHARLA

    V.Cll a -rZ [e veryLQ LI' Ebron ril 'uc e -li I ree Sifc ln and Oft-\ t ? '
    S -. Ii ikt. rthe open andI ie-psatI C.ose I tu
    ;, ii .! 2v-- .. -, xp-rlnienlnla ig uaLure.
    Sit, f al il apling a ited a thread As boat ,owe (onci roet example of" \
    .I Id be--nt a pin. tixtd onl ti e Lthe i brneiit, ti be ehad t ttremucih
    :biLt and after tieiag Q. smalt tLhis ncrt, uNr examllte, a manlWhI'O
    oP on it to act as a saiker ramn fol old agE .s Frank: WhIttnwI
    ii,-i.ped n it over and Into the na: lto enjt, bentig a heavn weight
    l-n,'aitd immediately a fih .gial- i t.iuih a Earl Brown. to ke-p nill
    *: ,n sezuda watIowet4t he-fly. ir of pep an Uncle l ob "a,r. hatsra F \t
    i ;i ltie line ojut of the water' i tokeep ,iheertul anid agreeable
    I -'ided tbe first., fi sh whioht el ite Frainki Harrel u nd B,_i aL. e D N i
    1 r. r, tp o n"I bie hank i i r. good natrd like Vlaytut oin tl.
    Tis; thrilled him he font t on (h are p< t I le Iu, a tie' -I the matil \\ ONLY I
    atti,,Lstci Ott ,ti in,, a,. ift ;itt .,HARLAN, ONLY SOJN OF HENRY A. DEL
    ; 1 i. ,,llgi i e i uich ia jpi.. t Ihenefits, to hay n [,h ring ,of ti--
    91 -- It attracted the attenl'ion up t hey n joy f rom weh ---
    pleasure,_ they enjoy ''J *ut'h
    ud tint has become so popu.- pastime.
    11 it;t' today the sport is enjoyed WItl the modern tievice-l; Lt
    a -i large percent- of raie angPing, one Ls relieved of, titha
    .l.ple oit tihe world, monotonous waiiting when flihingA
    i reat improvements have been. wl a -Iotig- pole with live bait anall-
    b ade in the tackle use4l in alltifn. a bobber, waiting for the &th in .
    "-t.LLJA 'rotjs and level, wiadibg hut. you nip alld take your bait.
    t ,.I !Ilk casting lines. while a.. wit-h the casting rod. level
    141qil are very strong and such a winvding 'reel, sill f lne and anti.-r
    A; no thicker than th e"ordlnry ila! miu ow. one seats hImsetrn
    ir:-ad %%ill Ili as muuck as difteen In. a boat a,,aOd moves alo,.g sl9.wlv
    I -, nrwt'.,ive potzn4 dead weight., some Ofty to seventh 'five reet front
    used in conjnuncetlgn with a the shore, castiLag ito, eacb. oookl
    den minnow oa which Lsfasat- or likely place for a fish to he I
    t 1,' several chluster hooks. are lytng, a caqt evecy few Veet, hreakn-I
    fi t.,:; atch the war)n hfle rwthe nmunoznnv (i f lun writing ; inf L -
    If. rl~wnow tLilg 11a, t l'-ODll he reelI ot~he. wrni r jds hunlt th,: fl,4rI .n-I
    Pil fill aij ofithntoserodf vtolllt 13110.yotr bait- --------
    -s'rmni aln r-e n]i ltead (if ithematti- at La~ wt
    P water, ,around beds of Illy and as each casatis madei in a new "" -- -
    cd s ;irou n il tfallen tr -ees a n d iu l place, su rh cast a re n ia il- w ith ..!
    where the lish are want tol the eQt-jspecne ofr a %trite, rite
    -o)on i s the artificial rain- tin ei patit I-'k e .pt a telJru kevei- -- -j
    w tt 1,-s the ,,waterthe reel ;-, up to a ,ich ,ht-It ,at,, .,. tin,- : i t)D E LA N D










    i- **,



    For Real Investments

    It Will Pay You to


    Here's a Good One:

    A Tract of 3,105 Acres

    This is extra fine fertile land, part of
    suitable for citrus growing or general
    farm purposes, part excellent truck land,
    Sa large part is high and dry. In this vicin-
    ifty, are some of the very best citrus
    groves in the state of Florida. This tract
    has beautiful lake frontage. Tract con-
    tains 15 acres of old bearinf orange
    grove, a part is cleared and fenced and
    SLhe balance is in wild land.

    Located five miles from DeLand, 3
    miles from DeLeon Springs on the
    SDaughtery-Clifton Highway. $350,000
    Authorized by the legislature to hard sur-
    face this road which when completed
    Sshortens the distance to Jacksonville 25

    - Th
    sale i
    be ar

    ,e price of this property for quick
    is $150 per acre suitable terms can

    Knight Agency

    S111 W. Indiana Phone 538-\


    Phone 92.


    +. BeI. piece color, work-Third Famous Poil.
    aLnd Fourth. Grades. Telegraph -----
    ,. Be-t pI-ee object drawiug- -- car.
    Iif i(h.-ilth anind Seventh Grades. vault.
    C. PesL piece at' nature-Seventh North -'----. Eighth Grnd-es. Soutth
    S.tnriltitg-- -%Seventh and Eigh- --l.e.
    rh Gr'ij --- .
    '. L', l.Iu--'ighih and l h I gh
    9. Ornamental etterinug-Ehghlii 3 A pny-,hiAn -;anays th' Chalgeq
    and High Schoo. Iton isi ai a xceUllent cure or rbeu
    10. Cartoun-Eiglit nd [IIi ii in. AAso. we s9w ttrpe. tiet
    S. hoiEr, Ii oldJ ijhioo otl 'avy of titring a cor
    bv .'tli oi f the tuoe is as el
    '12. (,ord-il .ldi-lfh in waier i color t'e.fivei -,a eveL'



    ry of


    .." .:"; .
    : ...,+ :;-: ?-:. <.+''; :

    Residence 456-W


    City Water, Electric Lights, Concrete Walks Now In-NOT-Going to Be!

    City Water, Electric Lights, Concrete Side Walks Now IN-NOT-Going to Be!
    50-Ft. Building Lots-$500.00 and Up.


    H. C. TILLSON, Realtor




    . I



    p is ineeu
    it is that
    )ur Agency
    * in the col


    ing, sometimes, considerable amounts of money and
    no one has ever lost a dollar in the handling of any
    As we look back over the years o, business ac-
    tivity this confidence that we enjoy ani the service
    that we have been able to render bulk larger with us
    than the momentary profits.
    We have tried to deserve success, not only by
    strict application to business and by rendering efficient
    service to our customers but also by trying to be a fac-
    tor in the growth of our community. We have tried
    to help every worthy movement for the improvement
    of our City, feeling that it is a ,duty that every
    citizen and every business man owes his town and
    knowing too that what helps the community as a whole
    also helps the individuals who compose it.
    WN ile~we feel that we have done considerable in
    the past we hope te do still more in the future. As
    our City grows and values increase we .will take on
    larger responsibilities and greater activities. We, too,
    will have to grow. Our hope is that we may acquit
    ourselves with credit and continue to meet the issues
    successfully and with satisfaction to those with whom
    and for-whom We doe business. *

    L. Betterton.
    terton formerly had
    ie kommerciai School
    Military Academy
    Ile, Georgia. Desiring
    in Florida, arrange-
    made with him last
    take charge of the
    de.partmento nf the

    In our loan department we
    have rendered a service for
    many years to those who have
    funds for investment as well as
    to those, who have need to bor-
    row. As the town has grown,
    money has been needed for a de-
    velopment of properties and it
    is the source of great satisfaction
    to know that during all the years
    that we have been engaged in
    that branch of the business hav-
    ing placed a large aggregate
    amount of money during that
    time we have never lost a dollar
    for any client.
    Money has been sent us from
    the north by parties we have
    never met and loaned upon prop-
    erties they have never seen and
    to people they do not know with
    entire satisfaction to all parties
    concerned. It is needless to say
    that this branch of our business
    has our most careful attention as
    Swe fully appreciate the responsi-
    bility that is placed upon us.

    Success that we have attain
    .zing this we have endea,
    Ioard we are governed b
    t tion. As business people
    i der a Code of Ethics self
    their it means a commissi

    wounded upon
    throughout to
    Ethics of the
    ged in a busi-
    sed and of our
    us or whether

    .W. GOULD

    >34 3 33 >3 333 3 4444 333>333 3 4 3>3>333 > ~ 4
    V,3 > ~ ~ 334~33 ~ ~ 4 44

    33> F O U R T H D E A N D3AI L N E S 3ID A J A N A R Y 22 .
    ~~~~>:~ 1926>34 3 f ~ 333

    33 >33333 3333 4
    RELT COMPANY333333 3

    3 3433> 33 3 333,.ANNOUNCE3 33
    The Aponmn 33f3 thi firm
    as De n Representatives for

    3333~CUNR CLUB33 33HARBOR 33 3
    Dayt3na 33~ eeomet"ntw"

    The 333>3o

    >3>3~~~~~3it Im r 3 3 3 4> 3

    333>3;~~i the' entire developments 33133s3to
    >3 >toroug faresare t be. 't* e14rna
    3most modema1 of strer 3 3

    In4 aditon thr is3 tob
    of al kinds From oendt
    shlee yachtin habo will3~1>
    ~~o th UeVutph1er coveiec of 333
    ladn an slp, >33 333und

    3>333j3~uit bl JR3>> 313

    ~All of4 COUNTRY CLUB
    sensibl 33tice as tobidn
    44>3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ule is;> absluel protect i44> j3 >4 3333>4333 3 3 3 3 3 333333434 333 3
    43i ho e. By 33 poes .s
    esalihd a3 3333ntyw
    tasteif ar blnedwthprfc
    To433 33he prtctte oe

    owA 3-1, x AV A
    3~OU M 33333 > 3> 44
    4"YroA&4 3>Ac .0.d4/
    3> 3 3 33333 3 3 33 33 3434 3333> >3 33 333 34IBM3

    (71 ----


    TT-T rlPT A TM" rnATr K MlIXr'to flfTTfAtr TA VTT A'rr nn -..

    -._ -IPlEAI, FJANIUARIY ,V 1926 . .


    *!* ..

    rti.ub aTh or

    'tC CRn a 'D Pa t

    Lilt/w IC
    ad% 9d'P-

    *11 '1.
    i'e etwsev'

    %tHff7 I

    .I'-. ,.

    iq qt

    : , I) *- *

    ': "..
    ' :;,',,
    :: **: ,

    "I..t ",
    ,: ./ '

    *. HARBJI,,-a commission has been established which will see to
    adequate zoning of the various shops and stores, so that there
    will be no jarring note in the residential districts.
    S Water, electricity, sewers, will be planned and co-ordinated
    by this commission. A ,-

    Its Location--A Money Builder
    In location, Country Club Harbor is unexcelled. Consider
    the strategic realty value of having your investment situated
    actually "within town" at the world-famed Daytona Beach.
    A location just seven blocks south of Daytona's largest
    bank and yet, selling at subdivision pi ices. City lots at sub-
    division prices. It seems almost incredible.
    Yet a glance at the plat will soon convince you of its truth.
    On this plat you can see that the entire eastern end of the prop-
    erty fronts on the Dixie Highway-a fact that gives COUNTRY
    CLUB HARBOR an inestimable advertising value to the great-
    er number of tourists that must pass along this "Main Street"
    of Florida. 4
    Add to these evidences of splendid location, the fact that,
    for 4,000 feet, nearly a mile, the properties of COUNTRY
    CLUB HARBOR front on the beautiful Halifax River-4,000
    feet of waterfront property on one of the most beautiful rivers
    in Florida!
    ... F,_Beach Street,. Palmetto and Ridgewood Avenues run di-
    rectly through the property, giving every lot easy and minute-
    saving access to the center of the town.

    ,' ' = '*"s ,
    ' I '* " ir




    J~ ~j4~
    44. ~


    r *- '4 .~





    . ;.,;.!


    i .f5

    . '***
    ".- i,

    ,i. :..U






    A^ ,

    * I .:/; ':..


    a-l a


    - ..,.,

    S____________SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 19236. _____ ______ __________

    ,______..____.. I.

    ?.'feLanid' lake ftro iL v.-I] it. out East New York Avenlie. on-e i i I .\ r ]n. iiili k)rr ..'- a li! '.k.. t]l,. puii-'.iiL's' l' .-il lj'. it' ilike-
    tn is a correct and poetic ilk: u. Li-i, i. i ih,, I n l idt ;t '-iill ,- |. Ol.ils, t \1'iiii>niit4 i I :r Iho.iiu, rlioliin, and ht liing,
    Jjptlon aof Logu Vista. tl,'-Silin tI lsnteeti,. .eatI[, on li i.? ILid trim D,.-L.inl ,-, I l'h La-., \'i, i.r s-uthiiig; Cl.hih ta',
    l''tha pines back -;i Lil:e V'in- 'Ileiin cfrmpleted Lago 'Virta il i N,.:\ Sniin ia ali-u DeLandi t L uil ;. ,i Ii ldlli'i-i Jis h i iri liif a.,e-r i
    .mIsBetlt. a hean i'il hc.i'i v ot hiiv,- bha-d -trO].p,| 'rri 'erc di l Helen. !E I i i hl'-i .ii 'ii I.) all ili- pri.
    Vtter 31.2 -1ile.- in 1icicl) 11frl'n na \vs w lk pi=, *i .'l vdtl. .li ll \i.i _- L.. i i li t -' ) Ii rr-
    .il u4 r n aulling 7Tit .'l r' s i-ry rv ,n -lieets mil the lakie li'rnt! inler in .'i t'f r '- ;jl I ti flr I 1 ,; ,)p l iii i t, 11, i' ]'i.i.
    eii iln +;.nl!.tlti s'i1 T re i drC d ing .d' thef -,-- ',1 of i I,': IlTri la h-,gi3letuI i er.. T i-t- r.l-. ilrd^ ,111iii .Irs'l \'.is iL -
    lhe ifvea]opin.--ni ,4 o.I-e; It h lake wil;1eavp a first (lass natilh- L-i1- \ ilil ti,_';Sc i. lu he-li r-tir one I., lh-e iii ,i<.r
    Lstli Coast ht iv.:-ii-c,.i. hII .1111 tog beach and will greatly il l i -i ,l Ijv d rIIII L 'i._ iiut. .ili. 1!. i
    'wIa & a Galnes are- ilie lit;e the lake front lut-. The-.e i iIpr." f'e ti wi't i isli lIi l)in 1It.; cI i 'I'l- L.f'" l\ i i' t;u i lul'ob. r-.
    *p itte t veIuurents. already far advanced liltt l- islu n- on!:. .ni.'.',r- b ..iitly t'oTlliil.l. i, in'li',, e')i 'i
    1 Vi-sta ii I iioi ll,.0tpo [ir- ,f *- I ** h"- nf i Ie pro nrr I sad t.I.a I ir p .c..r- n i iim h-s '!a- ,j
    thqirn slipro cut o beautiful \ A be Irthed i tar l, ill i.i ,ir, r t, i, i n .' *
    :l~~~ 2',='aLly tO he tripufanDot,,,ioII',ic. 'l JIIp
    'iSS. tt two .an I one-haii r jnl' u \Viin rirmni..ittti[ it h ., li t th ilitt-e of t L-" 'i-t.. Thil r.ul_ T hls,:- P L-'v i, ,-il l ,'i,%.- Gain-
    s!TiiiI Iejiie i ja~k. . 111 .1 i h.- m 't( .I ,. s~
    iplfl ]eLa, a lt. L.iI.s, \\'lnniuuis;. l-.-I iar ot ail jroliii'itI DeLaiJ hot il 'I.ard 13 ilo-,tiii.e, to hec.,r.- a uit, e j is-.. tPj L I-'' 't LeP .i. it
    hi% largect\ lake w ithini tilh a iro u ,o -h1 r.j.-r be.'nlit'il ir i- rite, onp vwith 'lie ruoii-ing Il tix Cahiie- '. v hic tili ,- on S, :,
    iy or DeLaitl and t i hEhP higli frd I y, a spring anti ik cle .r watir Thil. 1i-JleloO .ent tlP.OW(l-S ul 3t \Vo,:.JlI'l P nl.,l '.ra'tI .c-\llnp '.ii,,
    .,ge between the Atlantic Ocean It ofiler, all the advantag.-+, Of1 .i Ints. aml t fllnt- IIi !A l:, f? r ,_ m-gin two Innith.. aEo and ha .
    4:l4 the Pitlresque St. Wolin, watel front development, incllidl- t r l -pet hi i order that, all lot hrb pn el iati-lactorv, it i-
    liter, To reach LaUD %'i-ta, dr i ing barhing, hoating. fishing andl rtnllrz,' mta, kiie adhanta-., oif lahniuouncedi.

    Plak & Turley Developement Proves Popular With
    Investing Public
    .-etting a hew precedent for lot i than .T3i),fi)i wiwrth of property
    !bfqCliplions heti.e eien blLe I Tlh c ots were dslispos;ed it to esier.
    i,'t. were available, anil a record vaeion holders on the opening day.
    Op. lijs sec.iOu onf the Slate aq re- whih wai Janiar.v 20 A parade.
    irds actual sales in tihe opening band (oil,'ert anui i ini(hpon i'srveid
    :,:L tel'velognnent. Clark & Trur'ey to noit, h 'hili a 1-ll,-.1diid per aon..
    .if oiek formally placed the firi" teature-d thie lay. Souveuir-s were
    , ft P9llhamn Square on the diktrihuied to those attending. Thie
    pWrka. program c.--tered i1 Pelhani
    "The lots in the first unit were stiuale clith lioiuio..
    ,erabscrilied to the extent of Pnlhaim Square is heina devPlop
    .,0 on a total of a t little inorp ed hl iClark & Tiiil-y ac u nFr
    -._ - - - - - -

    iltjines' and ex5clu..ive re-iilental
    -e-tuion aidja.ent to thle AtlantlitIC
    (-'oast Line p .'iPnger -tjtiaiju The
    I pconrji unir will Ihe oibffer-d iindosr
    lh l iz ervailin %sti ni. ii lI r--
    p,'-rtel. within a .,hoit 1iii-w. T'ie
    over,,uibscriptions in the fitit uilt
    11is\' been returned 1to i.lisa -prInlie-
    resErvfitirO i in oldl 'rs. thoiigh iiainy'
    Ijnive ins-isteil on keeping their
    checks pohtedt for parly enttiy In
    the next lupit
    Broad streeits and boulevardcl will
    mara i lie lte!opinenl ,if Pelihami
    Square, act.ordiiigto ll plan- reLorl-
    ed 1. (iClark & 'Tiil:y tOthir inl
    proveme111 1 ,is i! iniiurill a g1rair
    course thatL will be ready for play
    iiexi taU l I an d pan. LiI lie iiail-
    t.rineld b h civic- hl iil.i-s rhat v'ill *"e
    q7s feet lo!op .1il-il 1', 1 -.1 i w1-&
    The pairl. ill' ,.najll,-l ili. r.ilr,-',i,
    unld take_ in ihe Friiil l n,',e tts',:l

    at the ili. pll. i ;i a ; ariking area.
    I T liee ifri olr'iI.l jiIl ciity ti II? -opera?.
    IIIC in 11 14 ilevejo im i-Ir a lra ii- o taill.
    hi.atiuii nli. Mhliich are i-siinu, ror-
    W d!' l [l i-li Ii lil- slipci'vi-iOn of T .
    1E. Bdri-.. t'al-jit f ianil-cape gar-
    Claim k<& Tinil,-'.' liave a'nnounc,_il
    i tI c;.' n i! '.Ii' ho- i licit I 1j it e f
    during tie f:sir it. tho-l e calljini at
    thlie. Pi-lih:-.ii S.lUare hootli [..It"Pra-
    iire i '-. I ip i-.'-t t' if [' Lan,' anil r,'"
    r',.liioli '4 ,I ,?. ilhll "(ti ltri w lt71
    pi'.tires, il-o. m ill h._ l ivTi '. i-.
    O ll 1114 rI.'.'ii-e nt .A U-t'r.Iluan tir
    Sil' H 3arr'.' l., riii tl. i? ltiijlii'
    Sl.tI ti ,% i,.l '\ i-Tiled : I rnuall
    * phl, e and I r-rni.n lo- 1. tlh,? IriDvor
    tl e ii,- l-i. i i ilt- i0 nI i ilf .i.l.
    i I S, r'i. -nic .i 1".-s ri ciP
    lilt i r ,;vr,, gi i',j iln but i ii- n'-l li
    i ":- It L I l* -. l', l t ]



    - Rentals

    - Loans


    -- - - .il, ,lI... .. ... ni, e., .s. ,sl- .se,,l.ine.:,,s ,,s!lll,


    Harper Realty and Trust Co.


    Phone 435

    I W. Indiana Ave.




    O0 LO,



    South Clara Highlands
    Located Between California gnd Clara Ave.
    on Beresford and Winnemessett
    This Beautiful Property is only 6 Blocks South of New York Ave and as you all know one Block west of South Boulevard.
    No Property has been offered at Auction as close to the Business Section as South Clara Highlands in a number of Years.





    SATURDAY FEB. 13 __________


    L. M. THOMAS




    IIIllHlilffi lit ,





    -~ i7~



    - - I


    A. N. OTIS
    G. M. GREy 'INER, ^,

    S. A. WOOD




    A Savings D
    quarterly on his s
    value of Savings.
    - A Safety De

    fectly safe and iin

    We will be-glad to
    to serve you.

    4 -



    I-. i

    "The Subdivision Beautiful"

    Needs No Apologies

    A Drive or Walk Though The Park
    Will Convince You

    C. L. HEATH




    H. C. BAUMAN





    The Finest Tract for Subdivision in




    Seville Pines


    Will Sell as a Whole or in Blocks

    Apply at This Office




    110 West New York Ave.


    f ',.,: ,. : *.
    . ...1... .
    .. i.;..... ...

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .*.' -*<.***!

    Sunny Pines


    r* * .. -

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