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The Miami herald
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Miami herald (Miami, Fla. : 1910)
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Miami her.
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v. : ill. ; 56 cm.
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Miami, Fla
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daily[feb. 13, 1911-]
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United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami


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Also issued on microfilm by Recordak, New Orleans, La. and University Microfilms International, and Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division.
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Began Dec. 1, 1910.
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Published in multiple editions.

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University of Florida
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ftel, struck In forehead,
ind; not considered se-

Xargaret Kruise, 23, of
N. J., residing at the Rob-
Hotel, struck in head;
dered serious.
rnman was captured and
t he was Guissepi Zan-
of Hackensack, N. J.
nt-elect Roosevelt, who
ed with Mayor R. B. Gau-
n open automobile from
- had just spoken words
ng to the largest crowd
er assembled for any oc-
Miami, was whisked from
after Mayor Cermak was
a the sarie motor car
. The president-elect ac-
id by Mayor Gautier and
. Hussey, chairman of the
-e in charge of the recep-
Mr. Roosevelt, accompa-
vor Cermak to Jackson

Women screamed -men shouted,
"Stop that manl" "Lynch him-don't
let him kill Roosevelt."
Arourl the gunman, dressed in
brown, the crowd. ,mn and women,
swarmed, clutching at the hand which
still held the pistol. He disappeared be-
neath the mass of humanity which
bore him fighting to 'the ground.
Others, seeking to get to the man In
brown, blotted those who first seized
him, from sight.
Secret service men flung themselves
around the rear of the automobile, cov-
ering the president-elect's head and
shoulders with their bodies as they
shouted to the driver to leave the park.
Sirens screaming and with motorcycles
roaring ahead, clearing a path, the
Roosevelt automobile left the park.
No one was seated in the park. Some-
one shouted into the microphone for
the crowd to leave the park.
"Some one is hit"-"Get this lady to
the hospital," came through the air.
A man with white hair, blood stream-
ing from a wound in his left forehead
above his eye, leaned forward as he
walked toward the second automobile,

aospital. in which a poUceman-chauffeur sat.
spital lMr. Roosevelt sat in No one offered to assist him and he
SDr. R. C. Woodward. ,u- walked back towards the spot where
,until he was permitted, Roosevelt's automobile had been.
by Mr. Hussey and Mayor Crouched on the steps leading to the
er, to visit those who had bandshell was a woman in evening
ed. dress, bending over in pain-Mrs. Gill.
ftore 11 p. m. he was taken Quickly all of the injured were
Nourmahal, Vincent Astor's taken to the hospital in police motor
lch he arrived in Miami at cars.
remain there for the night. The crowd continued to mill about,
It said he would visit the pressing on toward the struggling mass
in this morning before de- beneath which was the man in brown.
New York. He had been Women continued to scream and chil-
Sleave on a train at 10 dren. separated from their parents, ran
night. The shooting oc- about.

bout 9:30 p. m,
n 25,000 persons had filled
uater In Bayfront park and
on the wings and back into
self to extend a welcome to
elt. -
s arrived at the park late
moon to find most of the
already taken by those who
r. All seats were taken and
tood in the aisles. Thou-
ed the seats on the fight
the open spaces as well as

From the time the shots were fired
until the man in brown was rescued
from the threatening crowd by police
and secret service men, reason was
abandoned by the cheering crowd which
within the space of five pistol shots,
was turned Into a mob.
Many persons had left the park be-
fore the shooting. They were those who
were on the outside of the record-
breaking crowd and did not hear the
shots. Many persons, thousands, knew
nothing of the attempted assassination
which had taken place while additional
thousands waited in I gaorance to cheer
their selected "leader.

vented the wounding or the aassnation of rednt-elect
Roosevelt. They held thecriminal fast for the authorities. For
this they are to be commended, as well as the vast throrig for Its
sane conduct in the confusion.
Miami regrets. Miami prays for the recovery of the wounded.
She goes forward in tears.

street towards the railway station, be-
lieving that Mr. Roosevelt and his
party followed.
L The motorcar bearing the president-
elect and Mr. Cermak proceeded in
Biscayne boulevard to N. V. Eleventh
street and then to N. W. Seventh street
and the hospital.
Dr. Gerald Raap, who was in charge
of the x-ray department at the hos-
pital, said one bullet entered Mayor
Cermak's right side "below the tip of
the scapula and traveled downward
toward the middle line and lies at
the anterior margin of the eleventh
dorsal vertebra. The injury is over the
ninth rib and there is a possibility
that the bullet may have touched the
posterior portion of the liver."'
"The condition of Mayor Cermak at
2 a. m.," said a statement, "was as fol-
lows: Pulse, 88; temperature, 98.6; res-
piration, 24. His condition is regarded
as dangerous but not Immediately
critical. The bullet evidently traversed
the diaphragm and margin of the
liver and lodged in the body of the
eleventh dorsal vertebra. Surgical In-
tervention is deemed unwise unless his
condition becomes worse."
The statement was signed:
In Charge,
Dr. Snyder said early this morning:
"Mrs. Gill and Mayor Cermak have
more than a 50-50 chance to recover."
S More than 100 telegrams and long
distance calls from all parts of the
country were received at the hospital
expressing hope for Cermak's recovery.
Among the telegrams was one from
President Hoover.
When the president-elect went to see
Mayor Cermak, the Ch1flcagoan said "I
am glad It was me instead of you."
The president-elect then visited all
other injured in the hospital except
Mrs. Gill, whose condition at the time
would not allow visitors, physicians
Early this morning they said an op-
eration performed upon Mrs. Gill was
successfil. They said the bullet en-
tered her lower right chest and lodged

upon Mayor Cermak until morning un-
less an emergency arose.
8. D. McCreary, safety director of
Miami, ordered a special detail of po-
licemen to guard the president-elect
while he was in Jackson Memorial Hos-
pital. Uniformed policemen patroled
the corridors in the hospital and ac-
companied Mr. Roosevelt on his jour-
ney back to the Nourmahal.
The shooting created an uproar.
There were shouts of "lynch him!"
"kill him!" on every hand, and peace
officers and others In the crowd seized
the gunman, who was hurried to the
Dade county jail.
Mayor Cermak and City Manager L.
L. Lee were seated in the front row
on the stand, together with William
Sydow, city service director, when
President-elect Roosevelt arrived in his
motor car. Mr. Roosevelt immediately
recognized the Chicago executive and
waved to him. "Come on down," he
called out, and smiled. Cermak said
he would wait until after the address.
When Mr Roosevelt finished his
brief talk Mayor Cermak stepped down
from the platform, shook hands with
the president-elect, and was leaning
against the car conversing with him
when the shots were fired. Mr. Lee had
hold of Mr. Cermak's arm at the time.
Cermak was struck but did not fall.
W. W. Wood, who was holding the
microphone for Mr. Roosevelt, took
hold of the other arm. Mayor Cermak
did not utter a. sound. There was a
call for an automobile and the mayor
was promptly placed in the machine
of Mr. Roosevelt and hurried away. '
In connection with the recognition
of Mayor Cermak by President-elect
Roosevelt and their personal exchange
of greetings, it will be recalled that Mr.
Cermak was mayor of Chicago last
June during the national Democratic
convention. When the now Senator Mc-
Adoo arose to deliver the California
votes to Mr. Roosevelt, pandemonium
broke loose. There were jeers and
shouting. Mayor Cermak went to the
stand and quelled the noise, declared
that every man was entitled to a hear-

A N-TOUN J. 1-1Rt1MA1K

Washington, Feb. 15. (R)
President Hoover tonight ex-
pressed shock at the news from
Miami concerning the shots fired
at the reception for President-elect
Roo evelt, and Immediately sent a
message to the president-elect say-
ing, "I rejoice that you have not
been injured."
The president had retired when
the word reached Washington, and
the White House ushers, always on
duty during the president's waking
hours, had left. The news was re-
layed to the Chief executive by
Theodore Jostin, a secretary.



Would-Be Assassin Insists He
Feels No Remorse For His
Guissepi Zangara bought the $8 re-
volver with whic'he shot five persons,
not to kill Franklin D. Roosevelt, but
to assassinate President Herbert

In the Dade County jail last night,
peering through the ha darkness at
the group of curious but grim men
looking down on him.
Out at Jackson Memorial hospital
lay five people wounded.
The little Italian Is in his cell be-
cause soft nosed bullets from his U. S.
32-callbre revolver struck them earlier
last night in Bayfront park. Mr.
Roosevelt Is in Miami because the bul-
lets which may bring death were meant
for him.
Gulssepi, defiant at first, sat quiet
and almost courteous as they ques-
tioned him. He shot at Roosevelt, he
admits freely. He is not an anarchist,
he insists. He is for the working man;
he is against presidents, and kings, and
all rich people who tread the poorer
classes under their feet.
His bulging eyes dilate in the dim
light as he speaks. His hair, dark and
curly, is awry. He sits" on a narrow
bench, nude after the officers have re-
moved his clothing to search for other
messengers of death. He weighs 105%
pounds, is 5 feet 54 inches tall-this
mite of humanity who attempted to
assassinate the coming president of
this nation. His bone-like arms are
taut, his fingers are clasped around
two slender, brown knees His face is
dark, the heavy growth of beard com-
mon to his race showing prominently.
Across his stomach Is a scar, perhaps
six inches long, the result of an opera-

help thesepns
Yesterday sifte
count of thefcom
It was then, hei
was filled with
must kill the c
cause all preslden
He says he purl
32-calibre pistol
the account. He

ad, you know."
Little U. 8,.
after reading
one of his In-

Guissepi went to Bayfront park last
night and worked his way forward.
Nothing could be learned from him
concerning the events which led up to
the shooting, But from here the police
and sheriffs forces give a detailed ac-
Guissepi stood on a bench slightly
east of the center of the bandstand.
President-elect Roosevelt was in his
motor car almost in front of the band-
stand. He had finished speaking and
was sitting down. Mayor Anton Cermak
of Chicago stepped down from the
bandstand platform to shake hands
with Mr. Roosevelt, then stepped back.
It was then that Gulssepi leaped to
the bench and started shooting. James
H. Bright .saw the Italian raise his arm,
saw the gleaming pistol and the first
flash of fire. Sheriff* Hardie also was
on the platform and saw Gulssepi start
shooting. With a deputy he leaped off
the elevation and rushed for the as-
Ten feet from Guissepi were Officers
N. A. Clark. R. H. Jackson and L. G.

tion. Crews. Clark, a bit closer than his
He answers questions readily, in his comrades, turned as the third shot was
broken English. Sheriff Dan Hardie. fired. He leaped, one hand reaching
something of a linguist; helps carry for the Italian's shooting arm and the
on the conversation in broken Italian. other for his body. But two more bul-
"Why do you want to kill?", we ask. lets went into the helpless and terri-
"Did you want to kill the policemen fled crowd on the platform before
who caught you?" Clark reached his man. The assailant
"I no care to kill police," he replies, had emptied his gun in a mad attempt

"they work for leaving. As a man I
like Meester Roosevelt. As a president
I want to keel him. I want to keel all
presidents. In Italy 10 year ago I want
to keel the king. But I cannot get to
"But you cannot kill all the rulers
Are you an anarchYA?"
"I do not belong to any society. I

Hoover, he told investigators in the am not an anarchist. Sometime I get
county Jail last night. a beeg pain in my stomach, too, and
Under persistent questioning by then I want to keel these presidents
Sleriflf Dan Hrdie, N. Vernon Haw- who oppress the working men."
thorne, state's attorney, and J. B. And on and on he talks, quietly,

to shoot down the man destined to
lead this nation during the next four
Clark and Guissepi went down to-
gether, with Jackson and Crews on top
of them. About the same time Sheriff
Hardle and his aide reached the strug-
gling heap.
Just who did take the Italian out of
the surging mob is of little Inmportahce.
The city police and sheriff rushed him
through the swirling mass of humanity
around to the west side of the band-
stand. There stood a big car,and iron-

ator, he in- seemingly not vindictive, evidently icaily enough, in it was
e for his ac- not realizing the gravity of his act. At who had been shot do
.: 'times he grows a bit bitter as be speaks ,

to shout Mc< doo down. -
As losevelt rode in his car tothe
front of the open air stage he notice
Cermak and beckoned to him. Cermak
said to me, "I want to shake his hand
and speak to him, but will wait until
he' gets through at the microphone."
(Roosevelt had not left the car, but
was handed a microphone and raised
himself to a sitting posture on the ton-
neau of the lowered touring car top.)
As Roosevelt finished speaking a roar
broke out from the Immense crowd,
and he turned to smile at the audience.
Just at that moment I took Mayor Cer.
mak by the arm and urged that he
hasten before the president-elect's
motor car got away, as there w4 but
a few minutes before his train was duo
to depart.
We stepped to the side of the motor
car. Roosevelt shouted a cheery "Hello,
there." Mayor Cermnak leaned forward
and vigorously wrung Roosevelt'sa hand
and then leaned back from the side of
the automobile, both realizing that they
had but a few moments to spend to-
The crowd began to press around the
president-elect's motor car and the
chauffeur threw it into gear. Mayor
R. B. Gautier of Miami, who waz riding
alone with Roosevelt in the rear seat,
turned his head at that moment and
I leaned forward to say, "This is Mayor

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So Far This Year
LAST MONTH, 35,659

ur, I

to as-
ng five
by C.
Lt Dade

age I


Sees c



. ... .. . -.... . I






LIInabeth Morrow. II-year-old
Miami Achool girl. who last Novem-
her Inlted PresIdent-elect I'mrank-
lIIn 1. Roo'e-elt to vlit Mlamni.-

Tihe Suprernie court yesterday ordered
the trial in C,'.ll Court of Record of a
suit filed by J Julien Southerland, at-
torriney. against the F'lrst Trust and
Sat itgs Bank for iA5 000 In fees claimed
ior t si scrtices in foreciloing mortgages
iur the estate of ParKer A. Henderson
tjr w'licii the bank was executor. Mr.
Scoutlierland's su.t rjaued the bank as
a-fenoant. TThe bank refused to accept
service and appealed to the Supreme
court to prohibit Judge A. B. Small
anid the attorney from taking further
action. The bank was represented by
the law firm of Elans., Mershon & Saw-
yer. and Mr. Boutherland and Judge
Small by Shipp, Evans & Kline.


IRealered se.T com iSla'dailf iSThe
Miami Bun Ray Research 'DhiIslon of ihe
Joseph H. Adams Foundation. Data by Dr.
O J Slepleln director The left-hand cit-
umnr Is yesterday's reading, tne rirht-hand
column is the m&aimum recorded lin any
day since November 6. 192
Heat Units Heat Units
Total between sunrl'e
and sunset 280 8 488 1
Aieratue opr minuie
for ihe day 041 a 0 61
Maximumn oer mmint
t 1I1 i 0a in 0 14 1 15
Ont heat unit win ride inc temperature
of a layer oa wat-r I degree Fahrenheit for
I ircn of walter denoh The quantillv of
heui c,.treeponds vi L 2 British thpruial unils
for e.en sQuar t foo o f surface

Sleep Like a Baby

Stop Getting Up Nights

0 K-E- Y.S


S4 N. Miami Ave. Tel. 2-710 i

nice of ,c'u to a-k nie to vi-it Miami
this v. inter and I appreciate your Invi-
tation Immensely. I wis-n that I could
accept It as I amn sure I would enjoy
a stay In your beaiitlful ritl Hoveeer.

rebnaryr 1. 1913
8am Noon 8 p m
Bfirometer Ea leiel ... 306 8 30a J0 23
Temperature ... 1 ';9 7
Reli e humianitv .. 0 5b '10
Wi'ro dTfiriori .. ... SE E1 BE
%%irnd lot r .I. 7 0 5
Slte Oi .c.ifier 'ClF.r Clear Clear
Hirhezt einitr.rArUre ..... 80
Lraaest lei pciP. .i'it . i1
Meanr imnperalre . ...... ... 76
Normal lempt r.t.lre 67
Pre..ipiia['ri', 2 I r.ur_ enr in. 8" p m 000
Total precipilt.l. r in s ce FebTrary 1,
]p.:].e . 16
D'illti'ii sincr Fenruari i nl c m he .10
1 iuia .ri :titLia nion sritce J nuarv 1,
]n,:ric' . '3
D ,li.'ierrv ire',n J.,n'ire ior,'- 265
Ar'umulrie d \c' i1i lirM eralure
lince Fr.trcary I. acertt 79
Accairila 'eo ', in -mperalt're
siace Janijary I ao ,eES .... ... 185
BighebrsIt and lowel Temperaluies OO Thils
Dale In lears
Hligbei, 81 IL,. e' 4.
Almanacr. Febuars 16. 1033
Sin 6 Mi i'
Sur r .i it It T,
Mi..on IT ; P -IS m
Moor, rist. 1- 1 a ra Febru-ry 17 I
Tides lor tpre FlorldA
a m p m s ri n, m
Th urs aay .. ...... I ; 12 21 I, ut 7 5'.
'I s...a . ....... ~.1 12i 1-2
Sntr~ar1v 11 1 0 I'i ; t0 10 ,)
Nole-Tior.' in Bi;a:asn nay tr trom tc.r.E
,t rr1re nour later i n n daL C, po Fluiioa.
aepenaf,g upCTr l"ot,-'in-r in bua
Florida' Partly cloudy. illFbhtly colder In
north portion Thursday Friday cloudy bith
rain a na slahily warmer in norn portion
Extremre northwest Florida' Parity cloudy
to clouds Tburadlay and Frida>
Western Pennylvania: Fair, warmer
rnreasire cloudiness,
We"l Viruinia' Fair. slightly warmer
Thursday. incieaSaAii clOudines, probably
followed by rain.
West Virginia Fair. slightly warmer
Thursday. Friday rain
Marslaid %iref[ia. eastern Penvnslianla-
Fair Thursday Friday increasing clouaineas
ania winnerr followed bv rain
Snith Carolina Partl cioude. colder In
sOuin and eai[ norirsin' Thuir'sday Friday
Cl.ud alnd atarner riio'Aea bt- ruin..
Nrjrin Caroina Parlly clouavl. uiiig '.l
c,-;iFr on tie ':ul'n cea.i T'hurca',rv ,rida%
ciouay ana armer [,Ii'iw'eo by riln
C-..rci Prtl'' cIoLdy colder in Fxlreme
eal and esiierxte s:utth poriOraS Tnursada.
n id 1rv iain and wirnicir
Kifil"'!' V lMn Tt-nne-.'ue' Partly iv loudv
and .,rmcr Tl'lr:a.a0.. 1folscd b% ruin
Tni'ir.,n rni_'h and a Fri.du
Lo,'I7rmn Pari *".i-'i to cloudv some-
wrlii .ai-ii r In r-,riri p-riioi. Tt.i-irsa '
Pi-i,i pirtli c(iady tO iudi'. ,'rtoauio
loeie r in,-
Aujiansi Partti i ionvy i 01,31jis nlur5a-
d air na Fraio Y arrrer Fiid y.
Temp-ra(,ira ind nr.: nail 011 reP-
DorIed OV Lnirt-, GStates edairer BSure.u
Fewaiuar J'.. 1931



at 8:15

at 2:15

Grand Stand .$1.10, including tax
Club House $2.20, including tax
Boxes for
Season.... $55.00, including tax
Boxes include seats and club house
admissions for five (5) persons.


Secretary and General Manager
DIRK VAN INGEN. Exerutlve Manager
FRANK J. BRUEN. General Director
His Famous ,lliami Band

For Reerialeoun and Denailed Inlformintlon. Phone Evergreen fMO. or Call at 8

r -

mlle 112-116


''* "5


manager with full assurance oi the co-
operation of the city council I
VOTE OF CONFIDENCE Councilman Mead requested M M iri School ( i
YfIl OF 6ONII9Reninaw and B. R. Cisco. city attorney, .M iam i S Cho I,
SIEN TO En o ,Investigate whether Mam Beach
public schools are receivlne theirhrer
ISGVE ORE S A Wn cd school taxes and tod eterTirne C
aIether an audit Is necesEar.;
An offer %as made by M Lleberling
Miami Beach Council Pledge; through John B Reid to lease at 845t Miami
Co-OperationTo City Man- a a year for live years ta olots ith a, Elizabeth Morrow. 11. pupil at Miami'
Operation To City Man- -tfoo Irontage and tne old city nail Edison Elementary school, felt that
ager In Economy Slrides in Colllns avenue, bet''en Sixth and President-elect Franklin D Roosevelt
Seventh street. with an option to buv as her pcil getIn Miami lat
Claude A Renshaw, city manager o0 the property for $7,500 It 'Las taken .- n
Miami Beach for more than seven years. inder aoaisement nigh!. It :--, she who inle.,d: him Ito
was given an unanimous vote of con- A totl3 of $1 000 was appropriated to visit here
lldence yesterday by the city council, the Miami Beach Yacht club 'for ntoe Wne-n Mi-_. Imogsne Lot. her teacher.
A resolution Introduced by Council- twentieth annual Bisca- ne bay regatta alnmen to wre
man Edgar Louis Keuling and seconded next month e c n smen to it
___________________ a lttler in '. tinef someone to NMiaml laist
by Councilman D. Richard Mead, wa a l rs o M i
adopted as follows: IHA I K n No'.'emeDr EizabeF h Jost no time In
"Whereas proposals ha\e been sub- I lI lI addre6-'ine her letter to Mr. Roosetelt,
mitted to the city council of Miami CHA W IUI 1W Uf I lMRDIJi a at Albar,1 N Y
Beach from time to time suggesting er .rn. ,he r I am
various means of electing economies im l u "Dear c rnor." she %rote. "I am
In the cost of the city government and IK httle girl 1 yeats old. I go to Miami
of otherwise relieving the burden of out ilARMEl IiR BUUIII Edison Elementary school All school
taxpayers, and children of Ma, la, are to write a
"Whereas It Is Imperative In order children of Alani, Fla,*Eare to write a
to maintain the financial integrity of Bond Is Set At .15,000 Folloui *letter to some person. inviting them to
the city at lits present high standard visit our beautiful city this winter. I
that esery possible effton be expended Hearing B ore Juice anted to hae the pleasure or Inviting
and every available means be employed Peace our pr0-_ioert-elect of our United
to effect economy and sound business
practice, George Chadwick, 20. who says he States.
"Now, therefore, be it resolved that Is a clothing salesman, and who police "I hope you will honor us with your
the city manager be authorized and in-
structed to make a complete study of say went on a spree Tuesday night. presence pin the most bEautiiul city,
the different plans that have been sug- stole a motor car and held up four fill- where tt is always June In MSiami.
gested and such other plans as shball ing stations within an hour. was held 'VWith best wishes to you, I am your
seem feasible and'to formulate a corn- on three charges of armed robbery little Democratic friend. Elizabeth Mor-
prehenslve fiscal program and to report
back to the city council for considera- yesterday and his bond was set at row, 620 N. E. Sixty-first street
lion at the earliest possible datea $15,000 following a preliminary hearing And In a few dass Elizabeth received
"And be It further resolved that a before Tnomas S Ferguson, Justice oi a reply from the executive mansion, Al-
vote of confidence be given to the city the peace. bany. It reao:

You Knot

Two large Indian-
Creek homes h a v e
recently been pur-
ty bhfflktH~J'be i
coming active. -

We lease and sell all types of
Miami Beach Property

"I sas drunk and I don't know what, "My Dear Elizroeth' It was might

happened," was Chadalck's only de-
In The meantime police sought to
learn more about the suspect.
E. W. Melchen, detective sergeant.
after questioning him, telegraphed to
several police departments for informa-
It the suspect's room In an exclu-
sive ba.vfront hotel detectives found
letters, one of wnich concluded. "and
my name now Is Cas Sino." They also
found evidence that he had used the
name of J. C. Cook

She's Happy Now;
Stops Itching of
Eczema Torture

This happy girl tells how pure.
cooling, liquid, antiseptic D D. Li
Prescription qukkly relleses tile
ItcliinF tortures of eC7nima. seal-s.
eruptions, rashes anrid other skin af-
fli.'tlon. Peri-trates the skin. sooth-
ing and healing the infilaiied tissrj'S
C(itear and stainl..-F-ortes up almost
Inurnediniely. Try' D. D. D. Preci'rip-
lii-n tod yi the mr.t irirntnae
it. hing inr tatiill. A ,.c trial t tiovle.
a, any artig stior.. Is giuirari'..-d to
pro' It--or tiln.-ny hh'ik. This f'i-
rno.,' antisepTic i- made and ,ciir-
anited bv the owners of Italian




Due to the steady increase in our
breakfast patronage, we start to-
day a New Service Counter so as
to serve you more promptly and


Serving the Thousands
in the GOOD OLD


There is nothing like Good Food
prepared in that good old-fashioned
SOLITHERN way . in the
south's finest kitchen . served
in delightful surroundings.

Then, the prices are so low they'll
amaze you. They are possible for
such quality food only because of
tremendous food purchases.

Drop in at the SOUTHERN
CAFETERIA today. You'll like
the cheery atmosphere. the food
and the people who dine around

30l3' CL '... $'.lg i' l ..... $.0a
4.1ll . H' 31 S,. ... .5 85
)il\) "11 n "i 'l'\KGnau S-lypi a H:
2hs8 .1 ... . 3.' '.1r1i% () .P yIi -.25
Hie Sell lire, a holesale Prices.
Erer, Tire Fully Guaranteed
Great Sobthern Auto Supply
436 N. U 2lth SL. Tel. "-.'A16

Knonn be bhrb dorlors a' a lrenith-tb
tner. aid. diheelnn. Heir. nerse and
nmui ulr resuljaor DirlerFeni in ltliei
hnd efforts Irom ordinary% tea or c'1f-
fee i,.b- pk 4.. `',c ill make 3! qt,.
iea .at Red rro- DrcF Store.
,talker. 'kat.eibh rnd stare Tip-Tap
i;ruorrie; and Mitall Grocter",. 4i0
IN WV. '%Pnd Ave.

Gas With Oaveen nr Novocaine for
Eltraction of TreetLh Without Palo
Single Films .. .......... $1.00
Pull Mouth .............. $5.. 00
Cor. E. Flauler and First Ave.
6 S. E. First \ve. Phone 2-2156
Sunday Dours: 5 00 lto L 00 m.


TAY 5c
ni South .4Anerican Tea

e Can't Re \'rong"

L---Ten Sufferer-I l'e Gunrnntreed Medicine
1 .. .14 1. 2t i ,r Poor Kidney Alction.
ri .ii, i' i, a''l Thousands or men and
Abline're Tis : .. .. '.. p 44 i,',o le n d e s ie rn
.% m rlha Nr , C.a 14n su re r sr r o m
h-.m' rll N C s poorly functioning Kideetis
Arini C A. I slid BiAdder are n ow
A'ianil: Cily. N J 4 8 5 'earning Ire refresning
B, irinI hae in Ali .. e, '; l plarure of sleeping aell
BSo.He. oaho 24 I nt all eri and are comrat-
Bosrton. M s 40. 8 0. 1'. il GetLIng Up N.ilts.
B ui r sin C .. i8 s 14 05 "' A ridity N e r v n o u v ess.
Crlitlco ill S".... t" -' t,, tifines. BacKache. Bjrn-
Cincri'rin . Tl'tIe i a ,nd Le Pains,. due In
Cr:rru- Crir.r. T A jI u fun Iliiional -Kidney In-
Dni Ct.aic. s r. E C acIlJ.!Y. oy uing atic-
ii- e .],C . 2 s' ei n CasteP ipronoIunced SiEs-teti Works
D'.:,a~e C c Ksn! 1.. 1 42 00 serinz,
Sp')l rite ,; n t a i sisti 5arrs cLrCdlatino Lhrousn the a.sS-
Fii'IIS ,'V V .. 0 5A .d ern in I minute ,. often lilng a making
F,,rc l Smith ArK .. 4 bE cnefity in 24 to 48 nours Try It under
F leri:nc. Calif ..... 1' at Ihe fI lr-plav gIjarantee It must fix yon up
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i.' nBrr4N 'c i' .. S p ckage and GePL )our money back Only
Har r i iloCt .. .. Nit 'iI 75c at drU gits -Ads
Hiron. S D ...... -1" ?6 ..
irn iri. 1 Irp,:l ra ..... R i n. ,ns
Ka.ia ... .. I .... d e r.,
Li:': Angel... C ihr .R' I ri6 A
Mteniph,'. Ti. ..... 31 .4 41 1
Modtniu Lt n ..... -2 .2 I'1
N.'h ]ll T nn ... 3 62 ] ,14
N Or.e0.r a .. La 82 0? M A
Ne, ,r:.n N. "'. .... 4d 12 08
Northii :la. VI ...... 42 02
North P N rii N b .. 12 :4 .(,(
OKlilahOITia C., Okla 21J 30 .00
Pr.o, ni'. Ar- .. ... I 3 0Fi t
Pi stiuur, n Pj ...... 4 .12 5 A
Portl''na Mtl ....... 38 .44 5
R Ilrl n N C ........ ? .52
Rouierurc. Ore .... 4. 5 .320
Roiiell N P.M. .. ... 58 .1l
St Louis,. ...... 2r 3u 'uo iDistinctive-Made froi
St PLIUI. Minn .. -" 18 ne)
Sql LaKe Ci,' Utan 30 .00
Sanm Arono T.... 4 01 AT STORES AN
sra,,i. Call 4. 4 fr c |u
Si Ste tlne. Mlcn. -10 :1 .04
Sr ,tii v .a r ...... it; 4 .61
Shetridn V. t.o... -i 2u *1,11 "25 Million Peopl
Snrefuec rl La. .. 40 .4 1 31
SpoKMane. a ..... 16 '6 n d0
ldo Ohi,', .. ii .il
V ,'.. r L ll .. 4t '6 .30
Whehlton. D. C .. 36 48 .i08
Vili -'.i. N D ...... -18 .00
vitinemucca, Na 2 .. 30 006
Y'elloin.uihe. a . 10 16 .00
Canadian Repor ts
Cilrary Alberta 4 .00
Fitler Poin.lrQ2A.eoe 2 A,:, .1I,]
Mtontreal Q',etF.. ... 24 32 111
BS it'il Currcr. S,' cK -1 1o U'l
Uhtice Ruer. Onisrio -I 20 Q
W inriptE. Marital, .-4 -.'0 --i .00
Florida Reports W
Bartow ................ ;i 8 .00
FOIL .Mirs ........... 62 84 C, WE
Port Pierce ............ 64 8f6 02
amlin s tile 8.............. i 8 O
JarnCsons ite ........... 62 8o .00
K" e s ....... .... 11 .0-1
Orlariao ................ 5b 84 on |
P 'nai olati .............. .8
Sanrora ................ 6 1 00j I
Tampa ................ 6 ? 0 1
Tic u'lIP .. . .... 64 78 00

Hour1 9 to 12 and 3 to 5. 34 W. Mailer St.

I Repaired Non-SurBrglcally f t t* 1
Dr Kirkpatrick. 701 Olympia Bld. M *

Removed wtihoul using knife or elee- 1 U
trlcit. TYou ran enjoy your vacation
or continue odr work because Ithere is
ab.eolulelv no los of lime. Elaminatllon S
and consultaion free for limped Lime. U F
4'1 FirstI National Bank Bldg.

S'The. Diaon "Treatment ispuuranlred it
reman e all dere e for Alcoholic Liouo
and the result are permanent.
6 E FLAGLER T ,' THE SIGN N' B.d After-E ifects
326 E. FLAGLER OF THE CLOCK CoTIilaEDionFNrN-T-Abolh'Ile Prnvacy
TH]E Di X.'N IRTI~t'TF. Inc.
iio N W. 1;th Are Miami, ra
_______P_________________________________ hone j.4-1S nr F. D. Felt. Mgl


crease Its roster to 1.000 roembere

rl Invited President-elect To

ro Miami Way Back In November

because of my pre.asing duties I am
afraid that It nill be Impossible Per-
haps sometime In lthe future I nmay be
able to have that pleasure Yours very
Toe letter %as dated Decemnoer 9.
And last nigit MNtr Rooevelt canite to
Her father Walter Mtoro' is Demo-
cratij, conmitte trian in precnl'6t 6 aonl
M's Morro,, was captain of that pre-
cinct's icrory orive. She i a member
of tne Womarn Demnocratic club
D. D Datis, principal of Miami Ed-
ison Elementary school, reported that
Elizabeth so excels In her studies that
she has been exen'ipted from taking ex-
aminationra required of pupils uf lower
grades. Sne Is ne\er tardy or absent
from classes, he said.



Stale Supreme Court Hear- Argu-
mients of Ril t of' Cominplrolrler
'rTo Di-liarge Liquidalot
The State Supreme court, yesterday
took under advisement, after hearing
argument the quEstion of tne author-
it; of Juoge H. F Atklnson of Circuit
court to appoint a receiver for the Dade
County Security Company alter Ernesit.
Amos, former comptroller, had accepted
the final report and aiscnarged E. MA
Porter as liquidator, the Associated
Press reported.
Suit for the recelcer was filed by Mr.
and Mrs. Platt A. Lasseter. owners of
$80000 In certificates of deposits of the
company, v ho objected to the discharge
of the liquidator and the proposed re-
organization of the company by stock-
James M. Carson aonl the law firm
of Kuirtz and Reed represented lMr.
Porter and Richard H. Hunt and toe
law firm of Burdine. Terry and Fleming
represented Mr and Mrs Laseter.

Sullf to cancel a mortgage lien lor
8500 held ny George L. Gitley. 51 S.
W. Twenty-second road. agatust the
Tuttle Garage. 35 S E Fourth street.
vas flied by Clark D Stearns and Juliant
S. Eaton, federal recelver-trustess. in
United States District court yesterday.
The mortgage was executed to the
Northern Investntent Company by the
Marion Mortgage Company, which then
transferred the property to the Trust
Company of Florida, It Is alleged In
the sult., flied through Henry K. Gib-
son, attorney.

Northern business man who desires lo
live it Miami on account of elimatle
tonditilons will pay the above award to
the person or persons who suceget an
idea or business LthatL would be profitable
and suitable for this slatale and wkose
aEggestions or ideas will be adopled.




Second Entertainmicnt In Bay-
front Park Will Feature %X ide-
Iy' Knosn Enlcrtainers
The second of a series of Bayfront
I park entertainments lor the benefit of
the unemrplo,,ed relietf lund will be
presented at 8 p. m. today, featuring
entertainers who are appearing nightly
at the Roner Plaza Hotel.
The pie.,rrr fund is expecrred to be-
conme e.rnatt,-e, May 1 and eilorts are
Deing mnac, to raise Io.0000. believed
to be Furficient to continue the work
through May and June.
Entertainers from tne Miami Beach
Hotel are John Steel, lyric tenor.
Janette Hackett. dancer, and Allan
Prior, the original "Student Prince"
in the n'usicjl show of that name.
These artists will be supported by
It other high-clans acts. The pro-
gram will be preceded by 15 minutes
of community sln-ina under the leader-
ship of Adoilph Seerth. The musical
background for the program will be
by Caesar LaMonsca and his 12-plece
The entire proceeds from the small
admission to be charged will be de-
\oted to the fund.
Tne program follows"
1 Marcn, "Call to Arms," by the
or. heotra
2 High kick enzembie bv Misses
Elinor Long. Wills Pey-ton Ruth
Copper. Marv Bell Cropper Doroths
Skinner. Betty Louge and Gene Muller.
of the Lillian Reeve' Studio of Dance
S3. "On the Road to Mandalay" by
I John Steel
4. Dance by Miss Janette Hackett
5 "Deep in Mv Heart.' from the
'"Student Prince." by Allan Prior
6. "G'.psv Eegrar Maid Dance" bv
Miss Lola Marte Rickard of Belasco
Dancing Academy
7. Solo, "Carriseima IPenni. by Miss
Rita Aprea.
8. Tap dance by George Somerville.
from Reeves Stuoto.
9. Singing the Blues," by Miss Jean
10. Waltz trio by MI'ses Elinor Long.
Wills Peyton and Ruth Cropper, from
Reeves Studio
II1. "Hot-cha, and How." by Buelah
and Tommy Griffin.
12 Acrobatic dance by Ruth Cropper
13. Tenor solo by Rsy MorrIssey.
14. Grand finale, "Hawaiian Chorus."
by pupils of the Reeves Studio of
MONTGOMERY, Feb. 15 (UPt-Bill
authorizing Alabama municipalities to
own and operate their own utility sys-
tems will oe brought to a committee
vote tn the house tomorrow, it was
decided after a hearing today.

crease ts roster to 1.000 members
necessary before the post can ask the
national convention In Chicago for the
1934 convention in Miami.

Roosevelt Restaurant
232 N. E. 2nd AVE.
RiFGU' [A | ruU-Cours' 4n c
Finest Quailni-Steaks and Chops
Linen Senrre-Home Atmosphere


Stale Inspector Etplains "For
Hire" Lnw Is I nlid
Persons who rent automobiles to
other must procure "for hire" license
tags or they will be subject to arrest.
William Davls. state lienise Inspectur.
Tallahassee, reported .esterda,.
The ruling ol Junge Paul D Barns
of Circuit Court Tuesday when he re-
leased H. B Gea[, operator o[ a rental
agency at Fifth itreet cind Euclid ave-
nue, Miami Beach, did not hold the
SLate law Invalid Testimonr' showed
that the automobile in quei.tlon had
been sold by Mr. Gear ano title nIad


Legion Post Conducts Campaign
During Showing of Film
A. L Rule. who came to Miami by
airplane to attend the opening of his
picture, "The Big Drite," at the Para-
mount Theater, was so impressed with
Miami that he has decided to establish
a residence hPre, Jim Barne,,, vice corn-
manner and chairman of the member-
ship committee uf Harvey Seeds POar.
American Legion. reported yesterday.
The post is conducting a mEmbership
campaign In connec:tton with the show-
Infg of the picture in an effort to In-

Truly wonrdlerful food, and amazing low prices! Try the HIolsum,
where quality gives price a meaning . Miami's largest, finest


C~ - --- ----



COLD PLATE-------l--18c

CHERRY PIE A LA MODE ...................B3
=041rinn. tone 11. KI&



221 East Flagler Street
"Over a llifion Meals a Ytar"


Corner S. E. First Are. and Third St.
Modern. I-st1ory. fireproof apartment
hotel. Ideal address for those who
desire to be near the renter of every-
thing. One. 2. 3 and 4-room male,
VM F. Whelan. iee Pers. A& Msr.








Competing in the



February 18-22
Sponsored By

$15,000 IN PRIZES

L -:

RENRI' L. DOHERTr, President
HARIEY S. FIRETsONE. Vlce President
ROBERT. LAW. %ite President
Horse Show Committee
lMusic By Caesar La Mllonaca and


r 1



$100 Cash


One Hundred Dollars Cash
Reward Will Be Paid To
Person or Persons Whose
-- 41' ".. .. n.. ....- -L









Passports Given Delegation In T1
Bogota; Government Claims A

Victory In Leticia Sector
BOGOTA. Colombia. Feb. 25.-The
Colombian government today delivered
the passports or the personnel 6c t the
Peruvian legation, and the COaRL of IL
arms of Peru Immediately was taken S
down from the legalion building, pre-,j. ,---
cipitating a demonstration by street 1 .E
crowds. ,
By diplomatic custom the delivery
of passports to the representatives of a
foreign nation means breaking diplo- L
Mli-' I-habele Thur-b'. -tatre on _erratlon Npeclah-[ if Ihe z:itri rlturalr hoilre ilt' iii .ts.ili n elepaiinerl..
matice relations. Tsllaha|-ee, howlng a group of IDade county women hon to tan. She is eniplla-lzine the Iriport.iiite or iilluring
Return or the passports came shortly -urplui eoelables and other home-priodued products. Her 'logani i can to hate later. In the plitUre are Mrs.
after hostilities were opened between G. K. Thompson. Mrs. Huattie, Phlppen, iMr-. I. C. Brtt n, MI-., Thurh), Mirs. L. IL.. hr and ir-. I.L. Nt ,asl'.e.-
the forces of Colombia and Peru In Photograph oy Herala Studo
the, region of Leticia on the upper
Ameazon. Since September 1. 1932. J Iand to devlare against recognition of SEI'EN ARtE I, S TL, cED
ywhen Peruvian nationals seized Letkcia. :tA Scv ehge ln To. io O M In . inteC t of huktEo
JAP N S EMlISSARY' Stock exchanges In Tokin Osaka and O VAR NYCHARGES
the two nations have been In conflict Nagoya were closed this afternoon a t Seven men of the ninety-nine who
over the border te territory. Lthe reut o a se ere kltmp in prices er a ed in Dntv Ml oores Strand
tlVd iof' the* Q ed re uol of cue iil are in rve D in daor an Stand
News from the front told of the prj ed by ndicathrn ut Inereir, Ar cad. N Miami avenue and First
capture by Colombian troops of the ,' ant-Japanese sentiment at Cene'a. street, ast wrEd k by ojIputy sheriffs en-
town of Tarapaca. a port on the Putu- tered pleas of .utyi to vagrancy
mayo rlier about 80 miles north of Tokio's _\gent At Geneva He- COLLEGE GRADUIATE charges and were seenrnced by Judge
r W P' Bluan in the Court of Crimes
Leticia. The Putumayo runs Into the ported Hoping To Ctonfer ANIONG( PRISONERS retErd&,. Th cav ,e their names as
Amazon to the east of Leticia sno J.ti Rooe elt -. J I Forehand. ordered to pay the
Tarakpaca. i costs O Cor lt *,r serve 30 days in jail:
P V KfBarn AILSOCIwTe.D Plres e I h. M rlne;d Af .rtn an IT onian IS Johrrv An-er--on. So an- costs or 30'
"Our flag floats on the bills of Tara- Ir Er "othdr emddese Baldna r, tc,-t o. Fb court or 0
opac. captured In battle by the artilen TOKIO. Feb. 15-Ymsouke Matuojii .rri'Iled ithI0ui a d die Bad i as coutoers-
whpa'irresa oprcapcilpui- Jiur'.fe.i
supported by places," said a message who has .er.eo as Japan's .ipECI.l 5.,Is'I- cr ,.. ra,,_ e mmi ee. 625 and costs
received by President Ouay o Herrera sel during tie long deoate oer tre HAVANA Fen o R, Mar- r o d', Jne lth and co ilts
from Gen. Alfred Va. sques Coh. the anhur prble at e League tnez. arau tie or 3'1 onat, Ar, n. Fi. ,,its of court.
Colombian commander in the fiid. Naton In Genea. canned tne frig nttle l Trchnol: anl pr.omntert or 1 a'., and Dey Jensen. $0 and
"Troops have been disembarked Con- Office todv ior permission to return heie as ,n engineer. vap s r arrt.ted tod. ., coct' or 90) oats
gra t .atos. ,All's well hone oonn by way of the United Srttes. ;on charge- v nich .ere taet r' ,.ealed
e where he hopes to see Franklin D. Martinez' lie. tre former Enlnna
A cabinet minister said the posses- Rooaetelt or other members of the nee Fairbanks of Boston. is a past regent
adon of Tarapaca Insured to Colombia admlnLstrailon shortly after the Inau- of the Hasaona Dalghters or toe Amer-
control of the whole Putumayo river. guraton ean resolution. He aenied that he ad
The disputed area extends from the gatn sca r uir He aii thr h
Putumayo river southward to the The request will be granted, a foreign neen engaged in political actl tries
oazof along the western border of oice spokesman said. but Mr Mt- It was learned that last nlghL and O T EL
APBr ai. on the wse n b suoka v.ill hate no official mission in this moring approx.imately 15 persons.
The governing board of the Banco the United States. He will be permitted none of theFr of prominence, were ar- RV E
Republics adopted a motion congratu- to leave Geneva as soon as the league reted, making a6 total of 35 or 40 vphr,
rating the government on the success wasembly disposes of tne Mancburlanr have been aetaned strike a roundup rf u R M EY
of military operate ons In the field and question, which Ir expected to be not persons s ,spected of opposition to the
offering "valuable resources which can later than February 25. gos ernment %as starteai Saturday.
be disposed of due to a most solid Japan has ceaed negotiations with 1|' --- I-- ----- 1.
financial s condition."ta the league regaroine Mrncinuria CREI4TOR OF "s' LIN'" S od 1 asogrr
able Lozasno. Jr. Colombian minister The Japanese go ernmient. however. ,
to Peru and son of the Colombian am- Is not hlKely to withdraw from eDne D I DE IN Eff YORK ,id', b'c.rt' crisctir
bassador to the United States. was in- league for at least a nsonth. The go"- NEW YORK. Feb 15 'A--Pat Sulli- Sira, Hra ed
structed to make a formal protest to ernment lakes tne position that such van. who t,.irned from puestism to
the Peruvian government against the withdrawal would be al lining point dra ting" and created "Felix" the cat
"attack" yesterday on the Colombian In the empire's history and before final rited today of pneumonia He was 45. S. E SECOND A ENL
flotilla "while in neutral iBrfazlllan decision Is made the council of elders Sullivan was born in Sydnev. Australia
waters, which continued In Colombian composed of tne most dcitingusheo "
waters in which the flotilla was navi- personaces of the empire. will be s int-
gating In order to accomplish its po- moned Ior consultation OFFl11(1.9- o e T O%%S S %I. tRIEA
lice mission in Colombian territory." This discus'ton will be participated SEBRING. Fas, Feb 15 ,P-Hign- The Urmey Does A'ot ComproR
The Colombian command reported in by the heads of the branches of the land country eomnnisloncr- today. cut
yesterday that Peruian planes attacked Imperial fany. by all living former I tneir ov n aaries 20 per rent A im- I ith Serice For a Price.
a Colombian warship and were driven preme is. and by such notables as Ad- lar cut aLso aas whacked irom The pal
off by Colombian planes. miral Count Heihachlro Togo. the 83- i4f other county oilh i l']
The Colombian minister at Lima was year-old hero of the Rus'o-Japanese
ordered to demand his passports and 'War: Marshal Baron Uvebara of the Tefl8ny
return home after he had lodged the army. and the venerable Prince Salon- The t'-ey is enjay
protect. Ji. sole survsior of Japan's "elder states- fiI in j~mi This Mianil institut
men." 4)1 ri g winter. The rates
LIM.4 SAYS COLOMBIAN Former heads of the army and navybe fiTed, ron tent
also will be asked to take part In the be fixed, consistent c
FLOTILLA DRIVEN OFF deliberations Not for a decade has character of equipme
.. LiA, Ppru, Feb. 15. (P--The Peru- there been a meeting of such a council. Cleanse your face every night with rates were fixed bej
vlan government claimed victory against Although the league has left the hot water and Cuadesra, SoaP, usinT
the, Colombsas In its first official door open for further attempts at con- plenty of Soap. Rinse with tepid season. They ha,
statement today, on tbe battle fought clUatton In the BSLno-Japanese dispute, water. When the skin is irritated, changed now that i
tsterday at Tarapisca 4n the disputed the foreign office announced that Ja- gently smear with Cutleaura oltl. hatv'in-a the best tour
S .ettcla, l ee. 1 C pan would make no further offer of -lent. In five 'ples athe.s ----- --
th CoonW isaus noH issueio froumr- P
,'i irplanes defeated te OolonbIanl e Japanese' wtll Issue a counter- Write for specialfolder on is so detiation frot
-fltlila alter the Colombians had declaration in response to the league the care of the skin of the stniaA. Yoi
shelled Tarapaca for 50 minutes. report on Manchuria, in which it Is
Mkanwhile a squadron of amphibian proposed to reassert the principle of Address- "Cutlicirs." Dept. 7T. maintain a policy he
ilirplanes. bound for the front, arrived Chinese sovereignty Over the province Malden, Mass. oa this cipsnimnity.
at Iquitos and was enthusiastIcally
In Its first version of ,the outbreak nwT .
of hostilities the government said: "u S The Center of Mian
"The Colombian flotilla opened with B I
artillery against Peruvian planes on a T te M C A P
reconnoltertng flight Then they
shelled the Peruvian position at Tara-X
paca for 50 minutes ,U.4 Sunshine HEAP
"The land batteries, supported by the t U .4 "u s iee
planes, answered the fire, defeating the Even the BEST Use It Freely !
attacking flotilla, which fled Into shel-
tering neutral waters. The Tarapaca
troops remained In position
"The Peruvians. through this gallant
action, obtained a declJrve victory in ~ W"OKS
this first stage of a tight which they
did not pro ke. The Colombians
early yesterday used uie ships ann tuo [n h
seaplanes "
Limna carried on business as isual r
today. :1 GLvernment __Flower
LOS ANGELES. Feb 15. sUPi-GOl- Fw
bert Roland and Barry Norton. proin.i- --- a -'-..p"--I
nent motion picture actors. were sum-
mnoned before federal immigration of- "-
ficers today for questioning as to their .
alien status Roland. a native of Mex- ",
1co. for years appeared In motion pie- '..---
tures with Norma Talnmade. Norton is -^_. '" '- 0 O
a native of Argentina. 9 '"'-- "

Miami's 1933 building permit total
reached $117,349 yesterday with the
Issuance of 16 permits aggregating
S10,475, which follow
H. 0. Hose. 8012 N E. Miami court.
aLIterat Ions, $25.
H A. Ke,. 1022 S. W Tenth street.
garage, $25
George Williams. 2041 N. W. Miami
court. roofing. $46
Gulf Refining Company, S W Six-
teenth street ann Tkent.-second a'.e-
Due. repairs. S150
Gulf Refining Company. 3501 N. W. I
Seventeenth avenue, repairs. 6150.
Gulf Refining Company, N. W. Seven-
teenth avenue ana Fif'tv-fourth street.
repairs. 6150
Southland Motor-. Inc. 220 N. E.
Thirteenth street. remodeling $80
G M Loomis. 5725 N W. Furth ave-
nue. remodeling. $100
D. F Norsfal., 1422 N E First aLe-
nue. remodellnc. *60
Sparks Theater Corporation 257 E
PFlaler street, sign. 575
R B. Budd. 3541 N. W Second street.
porte-cochere. $125
F. B. Morgan. 609 N Miami avenue.
repairs. $50
Atlantic ReflninR Company. 800 S.
Miami avenue, filling station. 59.000
Herman lbe1. 635 S. W. First street,
alteratlons, 6250
0. N. Peterson. 820 N W First ave-
nue, addition. S50
K. R. Brand, 121 S %% Teentieth
avenue, repairs, $150.

Hon 'ad' S uts[Iuw Vii [l-.sln, coated
tongue, poor sppelite. bad breat.n,
pimply skin and always tired What'-
wrong? i Chances are you're po:lsoned
bv clogge-d bonels and Irnaai\e livEr.
Take t1is famous prescription used
constantly iii place of calomel by men
and women for 20 years-Dr. Ed- I
wards eliue Tabletr. TElv are harm-
leas ,et %ery effective A co.npouind orfI
Vegetable Ingredint'. T'hey nct e.-ill
upon ihe bowels, help free the
of poison nu-ed by f.iulit elinsina-
tion and tone ur liver.
Roev oheska clear eyes and voulh-
fui nBry Tanak. a success of life.
Take Dr Elwards Olilv Tablets.
lightly. KnTow them by their olive
toor, lie, Ile and 60c. All druggists.



*ng a highly sirccrqsfjl ,iutcr season.
ion is and has bren' weflled fl all
t The Urmey are as loiw as they cat [
with the quality of food and service,
ent and convenience of location. These
'ore the hotel opened for the winter
not been increased, nor will they be
it has become known that Miami is
ist business in its history. One duty
*f'te~e 'ansi Mlfasnr is to seeitlFoldfere~
n rates anniovrerd at the beginning
w niay depend upon The Urmiey to
Ipful to lMinmi aid the winter guests

ni's Winter Activities"

ions" Swim Suit

, ion,- /

- the Sunshine Fashi



makes din
sets of re

> 64x80 cloth
and 8 napkins
72x90 cloth
and 8 napkins
72xI08 cloth
and 12 napkin

Bridge Sets

Your guests will adn
lovely linen (cream or
the exquisite hand eml
and Gigliuccio hemstit



ea I





nir'e the
r ecru),


Bathing Suit in tiny shell
pattern-will look better
on you than any swim suil
y o u ever wore. (Unless
you're wearing Sunshine
Ripple in drop stitch effect
at $5.95 or Sunshine Wave
let, a diagonal, at $7.9!
S. which have the same
pcfection of cut and fit.)

Ask to see the new combi
nations of red-and-white
brown and -white, anc
bright blue-and-white .
as well as -the plain colors
And try on both styles .
the square front, cross
strap back (sketched) anc
the deep oval back. 34 to 42

O.'h. r S'i'iin Suils
$J.',S to $2l.98




1 S.


H ,/,t~

You are invited to hear our
Rubinstein representative's

Beauty Talk

Today at 3 p. m.
on the
Roof Auditorium

Elene Forrest has a fund of ab-
sorbing information of vital in-
terest to every woman who
values her appearance.

Today! Broadcast direct
from our Book Shop .
Enid Bur with


Author of
"Gandhi Versus
The Empire"
After his broadcast with the lapel
"mike" Dr. Haridas Muzumdar
will remain in the Book Shop to
meet you and autograph copies of
his book!

Games For Your Rumpus Room
Games For Your Rumpus Room

-May be as exciting or
quiet as you please!

Picture puzzles .. I$1 to $12.50
Backgammon .. $2.45 to $29.50
Checkers . . 35c to $10.00
Chess . $1.75 to $9.50
Roulette . $4.50 to $25.00

S1.25 to $29.50

Dominoes .

Cribbage . $1.25 to $2.50

"Horses, Horses! Crazy Over Horses"
...and you'll be crazy aboul this ex-
citing race horse game, too!

Main Store
Hours, 9 to 6

The inimitable Eddie Cantor invents
a hilarious way to "Tell It to the
Judge" in this game for four


Burdine s


""'.4' .

, 1. , . .-- . .



2,000 Prepare For Indefinite Slay
Pending Action of Deniands
For Help
SEATTLE. Feb. 15.-More than 2000 C
unemployed organized for an indefinite
mtay In the city hall todav. saying they
would not leave until their relief de-
mands were granted
A committee prepared to go to Olvm-
pia. where the state legislature i In
session, to protest abolition oft the King
county dole system and present re-
quests for Jobs, groceries, free llgnt
water and gasoline.
The crowds Jammed the county cornm-

For the Largest
Hotel or the
Smallest Hro i..

0 FBlue Plate
Fresh Always
Always Fresh
Made From lWes-
son Oil by the
Weson Oil
Dlsirlbined Dilly
Geo.Ehlenberger & Co.,Inc.
Wholesale Ditribulor. 150 N. E. lib 1St.


rmiss loners' audlrorhiim itntil they could other Communist songs. bu' they didn't their offices, having argued themselves' i
barely breathe, thin gaspeo our kihow the word- '"hoar;e last night when the demon-
speecnes Police e\ed the crowd from a dis- .trators tilrat askeo for Jobs. $1350
They sane. played pinochlile anai lance, but .Mrior John F. Dore a a
handed out sznailches to woomen and "called them ot" and several olffier' aortn of groceries per family each
children wno nad slept In the marble said: 'They aren't bothering anybody- week. gasoline for a "pilgrimage" to
corridors all nsght. Some tried to -ing there's no disturbance" Olynpia and free light and water from
the "Internationale.' "Solidarit, and The commissioners were gone from the city plant

Biltmore Horse Show
February 18th to 22nd

Two White -l

f M .-I

Hot Tips

A "blue ribbon" winner ... a stunning
cloque crepe ensemble made especial-
ly for Burdine's ... and the versatile fur-
trimmed matelasse clears the fashion
hurdle in great style for wear now in
Miami and later at home in Hoboken!

A rofl,'/ ,t is hitt I ht" h s matlanssr n-
Off-i'hsil' clrqsc ,',', /s r sPiblic irmoi'es its cuat
v-ith chalk ts'ht ou'is..ise 1.e go "brdging" . .
Isp. Si:r I,. bit/liOsllfy! Si:e 16.

$69.75 $49.75
Sw'ihr S Stllh' .4t Rsry PInaza ShAp










Funeral Services To Be I
Anglers Club of Which He
Was President
Samuel J. Masters. president of thi
Miami Anglers club and prominent I
the social and civic life of Metropolita
Miami ior the last 15 years died earl
yesterday in his home, 2300 Prairie ave
nue, Miami Beach. He had been l
24 hours, suffering from lndlpestlon
which brought on acute dilation of th
Funeral services will be conducted r,
a p. m tomorrow In the auditorium o
the Miami Anglers club of which h
had been president for the last tw
years and In which he was greatly Ir
terested. The body will lie In state i
the club auditorium from noon to
morrow until tne time of the service
The W. L. Phllbrick Funeral Home
In charge o, the arrangements.
Mr. Masters' death shocked the er
tire business community when It be
came known yesterday morning. H
came to Miami to live 15 years sag
from Baltlmore, where he had been en
gaged in the securities business. He wi
head of the Masters Security Compac
of Baltimore. whicn has branch
throughout the East and In mar
Southern cities. He was chairman o
the board ot directors of the Federa
Bond and Mortgage Company of Miam
a member of the Committee of Or
Hundred of Miami Beach: a member a
the Surt club. Miami Beach, and ha




WoW 1 dependable family remedy ." ".-..
SB-0; in OTHERS WQa-Dre and eetie as eer'. Models 14
H_ O harshly we criticiZe someone else for being Tues aThurs. Wed. & Fr. Children and grown-ups. 1.00 Vapure, (Inhalant ,eliese
careless about "B.O." (body oda, I Don't have Ol. 10 1 AM t11 .1t 10.t.1018AM I loo ho object to the late coalit). ato . . 790
kOST them saying the same thing about )oou. l' so measy to _____________ of Ihe old-lime %ariel) can lake 1.00 Beef. Wine and Iron
N offend unknowingly especially In winter when ________________ Squibb Taiteless Casitor Oil ti, item Toniucu . . 79C
Rooms are cdose, overheated. Play safe-bathe regu- without a bit of trouble. 1.00 Peptona 1i7,srem Tona) pt. 790
larly with Lifebuoy. You will know by Itspleasant, TUNE IN TONIGHT Don'l forget the name when 1.00 Cod Liver Oil
axrm<'lean, quickly.vanishngscene that LifebuoyIs WQAM ..7:30 ,o, bu- eor oil. k for Tabmets, to 1o's 7
no ordinarytoilec map. ]tsnrich, hygienic larher pu. W AM .... 7:30 you buy calor oil. A2 for A-i &n 79C
rities and deoomn.espores- effecnvely stops"B.O." WIOD ..... 11:15 Squibb's the lrlelf.. kind. 20c Borc Aid, 4Ounce - 154
Gu' complexions I B l,,a. and .I'erts Announcer tor NBC Sco tL 4sc
r / Il \ Ltdebuov's bland, creamy lather deep<.clarnses, f Iace BROADCASTING NEWS 8 or f C
il i1 dull the akin's natural R MInad ior AMI nUuBnccrIfor5
jijpores. Gently washes away clogged impurities that the 2 U o al. e O 9
^r~ ij \V beaury Leaves complex. MIAMI^.S N B1H. ITMf RE 2 beauty. Lesves complex- National Horse Show 1' A0c Sodium Bicarbonale, pd. 170
sonsexqutrstelyftrehand T. Be Held AL
clear-glowing with i TR P A PARK 25c Gi-cerin and Roe
S l ealthv radiance. Adopt TROPICAL PARK Water, o,.... . 190
heathhy radiance. Adopt .2c Castor Oil, 3 or. , 190
-i o tehytoday. February 18-22 A TO R O I L 'oLie il 7
PoA JcOrr or LsVIO R aBROTHIRS Co. '. oi" MD.rsl Niumbeer B. BEN l CULTLER C l' Oil, P "nt . 790


lo~e "wi.

8-a~ Abbott.
Continued Fromn Page I Polie Fje.'t 60 Alleged CorI nmi,. i brunetI
.Cerak of Chicag .h v- m limber
Cern k of Chicag." .th nh my arm .sill, S. rni.pjs From Lop Angeles ihi hps.I

i H'.RlinkedIinIThat ofCrak. At thalim Cit Hall N ighs
e moment, tS-o ,hri rp e^ploloHn rang O, IiN INEBSALSFt1C I Bel1l" t
m t 'w "'r enoand I lifted Try head to ee, not 30AL u .o t e 1 rei
In' LOS ANGIFLE. F. en. 15--Fighting,. Thr
feet awa a dark, short ishihi d b and-to-hand with police In a wildT r
i man holding a gleaming nickel- plated battle In city con chamber, asserted
e- revolver In his hand and in a scend C communist today hurled uspid or andB
C n o. day hurl ehotcuspidor ost n dA fellow
I thre e more shot- aid n |t swung clubs and fists. Benr
! Mr M ,,r a. b I L*Roosevelt, at the first b d not
3r o t t i chdtir The combatants broke up & meeting plenty
a .,turn his head. And it 'as no tnhil of city council and, surging out through cr re
Lothe last, was fired that he look arou ndRo city otnilandusrei og a rosans
S, quickly. as thd uch jmtst reailini that ci.",y hef rord cn d th fih.
hi ar o an attempt my hee bee, md on he Spring street steps of city hall prano
___ D n the heigh t of The conflict
h I T 1hi s life. At that moment the aUTO- I t
l han- aed ro e h d h-ie isA .o HIt Umore than 50 policemen fought about
In mobile ahnit ahead Roosetelt had his
in 60 siferbeenadmade
o- back to the ,ould-oe assassin, while 80 aseer.ed radicals
M. iCermek was facing him squarely. his The period during which demands
crbroad body standIng ect. were shouted by the radical s gave police .
~Even at he moment I did not realize I an opportunity to gather reinforce-
n- nat Cermak %a shot, although ourt amea before the actual fight s arted.
arms still ,eie linked. na
RIo 'l Ce k it r avra.en,' h i per Ingram and A. E. Henning leaped
n- I. h l ,Ier-. horrelien 'I We . bW.e d from hDenocera ic county o er the railing that asparated the
S the a rllelill 11 01 011i)iaild %iaely Imcr- rieLn..ulae a as ap nd
1V 8iiu ian n iai i eo iid P i.b commlte-e I -,ent,5r. leaped aora rid andi audience from the council floor and i a
s nou led. "Celt l-} ii,a stiot ad aeela'a
e l li. hu ie'iili IP nrda iia 'iia his other arm. Cermak, till .tat the rinpa o d In the struggllne.
Srl1 hi lle. el idltrroollll f. e h ie oae talked 'ir n ood aut ind mediL Other city lawmakers watched from Al5. .1. I. (.rniliner iof Siiaker
o1f R' I h.behind the president's motor at. ,whiclii : the sidelines I lllgoinl. C|ea-eel.le n pit llail in ihe
osl8had ^Jrust depmieo, a a ol.mene shouted T deaDozens or rooieis and several police- paint gardens. p itkthe Rnne% I'ia
had~d e il l.e c-owd ast sa-il oneltilt m tan cMns out- fif theNhi hiter me withrout boti orhd lughtel Tie a Itp..:Kn ,,, 1 allleala-Inlitir iile
been ae'te e in i'e tI end ,..or In to te chafleur of Roose elt cnr r-lfiat ill illd iiIial 0.telep1 ihhoume o M heds. cut tip R A sa ohe er t riuesl,-rci-P-acia b- 'r honua

O iikferr ;.-oh n Mia midua rea 'fc" the en lei"m- orde was on he pa uma n a rl e n e Kenot" ,per 1 Rlll I.IBl d daug l.I)nh om eld ,c t iern te watrse da ------------- cel'f) h 'or ', u's, Sr,,l.
S tr.apoltilanidaing the etire*For0.dbakeamanasa ishot dli-onlrl "ork In the South- The Tr uble alerted when Ezrr Chae ......
od per-ar, of his r-man -e irare He at-a The car jerke to a riodren top. prot- eri t.ticrs ,ll iii .lqiarler iPI alleged radic l leader. nd Attorney
a had hr-(me ii noa0 ,noft an D C. nd smab at a command teon r i."Thet ic | M p.tlljlt..1 -.Nlit Florida o .- Galiagher defied orders and sLnout aedtT
In Baltimore anred ee P reslden-eier arnd NIa%-i, ueri a l.a hll gip tI -n -home through the council microphone de-

hir.713slrs''1--or n ewsur rapi. foel off thei armcs. But ,he crow ;arked %r he uthbe PIenln eprtie iM WALL'.;BC STREET, Byai o I hLUESilet ke
r, MaSaer "a b aback. jait awe approached o heirn c Iar rsincrinli su ah h he leninn he- mandlng an Immediate hearing onA a Lr BLI

mi In S ,-Ihmm b-rk o theirac arms clun ..o r lit in lireiiiit I-at-nd1 ho me the oh rog i2^^~'M-~>thecrnif'l mirt,ophone de- lte ithrIa ,'?,ld8n ll
W. Vs%. Auilt 27 186a He m rried Ie aproas ed o I ponoarlng.-Photo f request, or An Investigation of red
Mi I Georri V p .:icinia HerrPe of Sr from he rear. anri as they didso. Hr]d Sr d t UR in squadActivities
Lotus M n. Berldie he u m-ri fr Mr,.- r onted qII pCK m i t f te torrra as ti T t a kernomn tom-
Sers leaes a da prer. R Bo. nton the wnlrlded nicalogo t s'aor. Then the bThe trouble starttiedo'redemandet CUR- OA
Roers. of Cnao And a randdauci- motor car sped a'sdy to a hpoprl eXTfoed RIO IpiSTar KILd the v sctorsifri mmediat e Invetlout s-
ter. Iris Rnaer, A ,an Recinald r. As this was gorlim on Mrs. Jna H 1tnon aT redlsquad of the police group
Masters. diad December a25. 1927' H GJC-ili, wife of p true president or tofhe haor- beeNIT LL known hombr'rd-squadt"i ThCm n E i C to d f ist rop- i Cnterandg -rel
dstRChter. pTandd-tiicher and ann-in- Ida Power ann Light Company.I m lS has bee F hombatiLg Communist ae-
low are on the way here from Chi.ago crrriel ed downn weu seps of ine bandshe t in of eah ter,
and plated in another car. She had i rIn Revile
been hot through the abdomen, and ,P-FWHITT" .'..PE Before taJrninc on the isDa at jtmp-
FLORIDA. IASONIC coiapeo hImmediateily Anotner man on, HEB.e hR hOTED 41THORing ortthat se enteenth-ete orn Wundo.
Tals yei i the banderhely tade. shot in the pcrk HE t RS NOTED .ro Tl8 Ing o theat paneof the 1how nd
CHAPLAIN ItSt h DEADhe, aru.bwheaanderedrearoundt ,icth bloode nwe nrb Banker's Hoine Demand- ROCKLEDGE. F B a. Feb. 15-An ie you're so minded, you'd brter go
streaming from his wound Another ing -15.6l1) lnnder Threat of audience lillen the hallroom of the around to the Ol'nmpla Thrater Thes
Rev. ff illo IT ns Forimer ,de Soran. aind still another man were new Indian Rier Hotel to capacity
stru Ky the thing bullets, eery one Killing Daugher here tonihi to hear Opie Read. noted have a sure cure for those dark Wall
rotor of Prrnbit-erinn Chilrh Io orwhich mude it.s mark on someone In BNT THE A"COCIAtED PRESS.] author and humorist and one of Flot- Street blues It a the happy na-t'4y
CLEARWATER F'la. Feb. 15.lpu-- the packed audience KANSAS CITY, Feb. J5-Thwarted Idaa staunchest boosters. In readings concocted reaue -lth mhich Eddie Can-
Re%. Willa B m lKie. D D. 88 1 The kilter had apparently dslharmed tI aIt. attempt to extort $15.000 from from his numerous published works,.oer, Georgie Je.-el and associates hate
died Iat h Dunedin home today He' two bullets from his revolver before R CoryM Kemper president ot the During the afternoon Mr. Read ap-.een barrnstorming down the Atlantic
had neon a resident aL Dine.ln sirc an,,-ne real:e'd .hat w.,s happening Cit.y Brk tue i tt Companyunderd peered before the students and faculty coast for the laft three weeks otr ie.
1899 and I as pa-tat of tru ePre-,bl- But then someone tlioti his arntip- thr-at at Kiling Ine banker's JI-year- of the Cocoa High school At both ap- Mlani Is t-e eltee-th town uaiahd-
terisa Chureo tihre ataeii tI24. a.,ra and till r,e aonttndted to chonT i l-n unI,,- wentifled a W. pearances. the humorist quoted fre- Ing Roannakei playen min 8 Inays Acem
Dr. W lkie# as r-odemraror cf the tric el.fover rtl.-d on hugrn but pointed K Lailit iuuL aild uaisltl" wounded quently front hiasawritltns on tne won- Ain ithe te-n-and-cail ,utotner- o I Som1
synod of Flormia in 191] 3 -ie a a 0A). datj it%--id He w' aq seized by men and ninlaet a iht-i it pu .iu .ursn,odaned b "r'a ders at Ftlorida. fi Read Is making hisI' ate It up last nid-At We. the peepul. Ila'.e
lain of the Florida grand lodge cf Nt-i -I Ivcie. dragred between the rows ot ni.0,a- entered tile rtigse. farewell tour. have been letting Moir ntouih egIito n0an
s na s for 28 years rand a,'as e t',p "Iu eS ,TS. a d t ren a pI tt. -en uan rushed T ra- de ntati d a t.,iror no t e -was m ade to our vest pockets .o lo ten i trm t w:ee -, ripe d ie t.
-I h ifteco d a ds in on hm Mrs. KcIrnper. wno eltreceu her home for Ialaghter The slrt-l'= pa(ckerl no,,.e It
grand chaplain at lte Time oI h. th h the owd ad swung n him .iner st ire her bn tda -r h eu I
death, w%%ith his blackjack alter Ltitiad red his ayIn andlstleht w proof atwe die
Born In Ednh,.iurh. Saictlaind. Dr TrI ha ril. of Dade county Dan I esinpellen a nuise to telephone to Mr. RADIO PROGRAMS doan into the OeCk it f,'.nuroodv a he.
Wilkie -r't fgadILlate tn t Lir dl. am is. an the piateurm annd a Tine Kenuper iThat his daughter was dan- clever at Eadne Cantor ,LIl so--k us Man
'erAlay c-f Edinbjrgh In law and tne i .hots rang out he plunged into the gerouaty Ill. 23@.a--WIOD. MItmi--100 with hilarity [hnt
'O T(Associated slt Natmnal Broadcast- Een it fyu don't unda-_ntsrd Je'h
minis r. :roid after tie shooter. snd with thre irs Kemnper. vetrsnine 15.000 or I ir-Compatarlv a- I Jn
J. S B Moyer. Ja.:k1onilhe Fla policeman. jerked him. erect and threw, willP. kill -Ir ] rl ttigirl." the intruder 800 A. t I-The Wits Saver NBCi. you'll gurgle witn merlinent Ana een Calln
grand ntaster of Mason ill be I aim on e trunk rack of a detectile deciflare. pointing a resolser at the 88 30--Ceeril -siNBC NCW. It some at the gags are reminiscent *h
charge *. the Maoinl fihneral rites. sn, Itomoblle which ne.a cirryinr one of banker's viLe. 900-The Peoper Pot iNBCi. Weber and Fields and some of the I
79.eka-ncti ealrte.I45---NotbLnus But the T'ruth 'NESC,, husinessremindful of Billy Watson In
Ithe wounded out of the park. The car Mrs Kemper attem pted to placate 10.00--Muesol Mu e -a ilNBC-
to. 30--Happy Jack ?NBCI, dynamic joy In the whole thing to keep ir \'
jerked away and the ofitaaers ad their her amsaitlant to gain time. Shae e- i0:tS-Clara, Lu anti Km aNCir. the Beef Trust days. there's enough
cap:l,' fell off the rack. But the crowd marked nar he must be In desperate .0 '-app easN c .y d yna -oyinhelhol h okep r-
10.ti- nr 19 .45-Sesen and de Roesetfaf' r'., you merry for two hours It's all :-or
ahead forced the a(ar to stop a moment. Iciraumasances and assured him she and IJ.00--irKzabeth Ann Baker
and they picked the assilant up. threw her husband would aid him. 1T:]I-Bitnii string tC-. bright and Informal, colorful with per- in a
1~~~~~~~~~~~1 0--UnJ ed Sitates Mairtne Band -NBC' sn~te ate hnseeyadsr hs
him back an the rack andclung to Lettin threatened to shoo the mother t.30 P. M --Natl n al arm and HmemHour onalitiesrather than scenery. and sort this.
clung -. 12.30 PBC N Ntoa amadRsHu of exciting with Benny Meroff's clown- Soake
the rear of the car as It aped out of she made a false move." He In on nsembleNBt -
the park. structed her to answer the door bell r:00- Cncert o able r n m an th rh wcNBC). y.
SThe crowd wia yelling. "Kill iml when Mr. Kemper arrived, under further :3-Syncopator inr cry of the various dancers. OccLasion-T
Kill him!' The gunmanhis threats. f8 tlre nhe killer' tFBC. ally Rabelatlisn'n I ts hurnor, the show
eating, till did not lose onloue h Ann Wilde. the nurse. 3.15-UntedS tat Navy Band (IS). nevertheless has pace and gusto with-
"Is xd wildly I, ani v a e fed to an upstairs I bedrooms w lh 3IfrotC rlies .out the naughtiness.
laI-7 d4.2-&de n a st o o i hee- O
Meutcet d affcgfcaiF b I.r toho d thr-lk
I himself oat. The crowd. after the frs-t from behind the closed door, without Ma --f itletloinaica .. pelted kidding of each other, like
In 3 M inutesBrawy"as"Te'eathsag
outburst of hysteria, Immediately be- the extortionist hearing her. I I0-AmfLe In'' d C r y .etg.
camet an fl out ofS th paI-k OF tO he etrirtn is tre ro i during the major part of the show and
also neuraglia, muscular ache. came orderly and filed out of the phrk, As the extortionst turned fro his 7e3---e-od Lane
stunned at the tragedy In America's conversation with Mrs. Kemper the 45--"Rtomance or Thoroughbred don't allow you one instant 'to think
t be c t b t pn.00 -Rudy Valnlee (NBCn Sbout your tromet A sd climax ofu
a n d p ai s to o th a ch e s search es sout hernm o st city, w which had bedecked Idoorbell rang. She opened the doo r I 00--- a til aln Henr y's Show B oat ,N BC). u l
periodical and other pains due and trimmed Itself to meet and bidI to be cofronted by two policemen. 10,00-Baron Munchausen tNBCiu.the merriment. Ed P
11 DO--Kennel Club blackface end spec. R ings some of his M
to inorganic causes. No nar- Godapeed to his task to the nex: Preal- -who said they had sreceied a call. 11 / 0-Kene Club bNrsSo wtOrolorga In the manner that mae ohi M
oc. and 25c package. dent of the United States. Standing between the police In the chest.d- i
doorwsy1ndhedrme maco th pk g 30--Concert Pianist N-31C1. he pet of the "'Follies" His baset
T *Ldoorvay and the armed man an the 45--The Gondoliers eA
stairway. Nile Kemper said n-o one had 12 DO-tGondlera rsB' that this Is something Jessel canBt doCoueti
f RPRISEH EXPRESSED I called Tie aitucers bittwinked as she 13J0 A M-Orchesis a N]aIs short-sed, for Oeorg9e. after a half
.47A0Aimsaid it Lttm saw the officers nd 535.4 'QAMi am- st
NEW YORK. Fen 15 ,-m--Col.Loin fired at them They retreated, but were (Aisoclale w ,il aCulumlnta Brnadcamt-
TH SIII qulckl, i,- iitrcec' by polce In six 7 00 A II Hl S t
Has s oflent ecrlarIsns o the motors .arsa ulmmoaned by radio. As 77 05--- Topn. --.lhem urningn lb
presideon-elect expresaed [great surpriseione gr Itipo f policemen rescued the a a 8 00--lttn, TheMDEn in.a. ..u
tonlht at news of The unsuc.-esstul at-a aIhrild. her rheo re i---Mnh'.rr a-
tempt made on Franklin D Roose,.elt' exIUomo,, v.ho had retreated Into a f0i- T aits W.)r. ss -CaBS.
mU n S~anl --Lllil Jii. J Llu Lut ,'-CB..-
LO5lfin Miami nearb' ror. arerltv he fired a bullet I a Jo-a s T-ip t N,, tCiLktsi ,CBS,.
The president-elect's mail h'as been I 1ohihed H wm ucnio s;9 JIGEnl B,
O F FA T re fan rokmale e 00---,,tdhnel,htt't'
mail or ,whan pli,:e einTered arid n iled In a boas- ta I--VISILjna an Ida Be5 l-y Allen aCBSa
threats ofa n) Nina "-he d pit-al. IS-10 s0 4 B0its
n a r0h 45--Latin.Amnrlraan Prowram
FA Thltre room where he shot him- I 00--Ut-Liiud Slates Nsa, Bannf'"CBS,.
CER 1I K I /,V I I f,// ON self, police foand a haqtlly scribbled 1 130--Parn Pletlre ,CBS,
MiM ... .y 4RNIEQIl'.Nl)s nnote 1,,,lwh rFd"' Good-by,. ,ether.,112 no-- IAPrhpi R~ror,
Mt N. %I Ralnr at Br N. y-Q1I a-ull't ,tatd iO -Pe ',',iu hunry h" 12 15 P M--Orrne'tr 'C ,-
-rile- "HaSt i~edKruschen I'os tbe apI CHICAGO. Feb. 15 a,---I ,ior Anton He ,.u a-sIdentified by police finger- I-I 30-Corn,.frt ri, '-rs,r-t ,-CBS,
I 00--Orcr,esra 'CBS'
Inhh and ratCeha nnt hIne '.ICrmak. swho wTawo-anud a at Miami print Ppprrs as W K Lattin. or ,'LI- I S0-1n -;nrmbth 'CBS'
a inund shi tfeel- mu h elir in eIn '.2no-- ,
r II epi she o'seat c, ri nirehr., -went rt Flnrida s ameek sna o tam lAiraon. arnn -had been Arrested at,2 1 I-Maim trtuan e f Naotorl HiF-
reu Kruh s Ionderfula n Leep IIh- ner with Democratic htins on Huaraistnn Kan. -on a charge of Lary CB.,
I,,n hah ;.r h tiena a a e tinbiurld 2 TO- Ameuein s Smnwiat-r aei r a.
l, for e re n many t hen., hi,[ patraonses matters triansportir Iiqalqur In .Janluary, 1931. .1 5-L.AForBer umen rnlnIalaul ra'.ie aBa
inn Kruliobrn anssereda il Purpos ICeramak Is Demcncrstir com- i li.t I -La Orrne--r umarBS-
MI niiicea infntotrlllinois 4 0 tra.u... aan us' Band CoaertBUY THIS
T tI~ rr,|-; O = l' Tr ca i-c r ahn ip cn% tram FIRENFIEN IDETECTC- a, rn.r~n
"ri -r-1-,t f Ta aiPrecentl hetra'lperoed from"m ,C ,.
K ..... a-,"...a.. I-,.cI- .-a ra It ia ril11 illnFes.a Diringk itr mint- DO\VNTO\VN FIRE ,.S n iia ,nvl-- ,. .C COc P'nt Bosof P E E
rhe nru. r tra. ,:are r., lf:1l-T u ..r a q rcnipa _ign lir m ,on ii el Hrnp DT I5R, K5ren .1a' '
1 --H %, Keltnh.....C'BS,- ,,,- u ,=n
au-a-' at rarma, a-.i w .-- b.--, I- ar--a l,,i. I tour ta froim official dutil-. '*Id-- 1t'u-OricIh- fBS- R rubbing
a r -i'-. a-au, mi .i t al--a r -i r0 mO-tKurnneiClass,
i:. -.-,_,a. r,.-s-, as, r r' i Dr Frank J,rks. Cermak tAn-i-lav ('rnavr,siv Thrioti (Cigarr't ('qu Pe 0 ,-Fi-araiAir ODe-oic
-ta-air. ns ... ........ i'-a-a-C! i r, isa dara-tar -oat the satafe r-ciprminent of 7 Dr J 0 Kan......a "Tra !,Talk
It,- '.a ,'.-." araar,-, Cr an' druc public health nf 4a-r 7.0n--Orrhrr C A alcohol
-.'--a-- ia n',,t.- . tu a--a I. a I. .--" s-a Another son-in-lla, R V Graham. i I F C Wilcox and H C Little. fire- 11 Cu1WAIcurlrfnt,,
.ia-na-aot BSut Tne Csu'iiat~ors a-lis 1fo
bt,. km anits rrty leader of the Illinnlq .ralte men otf dclt- a,s' nanke coming from a8th-F-aur C ,i i n '-CBS
-Ad,. ,enr rp a uindn casmna in Burdine's dspart- 8 30-TheOhtrMimirciHerald Buli ins
____________________________________ ment -srore white a ir dow- shopping last 9 SO-al- Stunh -ll~ CBS'
~night T]he',' called far a fire engine. 5 IS--The Etoni B~oss ,CBS'BS
Tu530--Colonel Boampnatle and Blldd CS
VRIAR, ed ,?ltaret throne a against it to ira--The Bo--,ell Sisters ,CB t
it 45---Lno Poroaru'umad e
tIR UTAMITO O.The sedaton-mto-r car at SMrs. Maria it 00--Orchestra ,CBS.,. a d an
HER.JUS A INTOF Be? IMAGINE MY a1NG Rellt. 141 S 5,, Eli=eseot street. wa-a It Jui-OrrhPuira 'CBS'
PEttING I u --BUT It' GIVES NIB AWAY GUILTY I I'LL GET d1anit-rd Sl4t-u ha1, -ar behiesed to ha e~ lmue saesu iuau.Ra-tOne Of hs
i EVERY TIME. AND SHE' S O LCBO UC enuIa0 a nt -r-ltFr
I! rtrl T,,it' d tie asrna,t~l' t. car front -FR E
ara.:_e t, -la- m !e isbtlilding ass dam-
Spant: iran., a el'tintiie,, Ignited th e= '- .s R EX ILLA N A
eric~l ,:,. u 1 ta-A iu Caia=nP,?ticam apart- , Efecru-,'e (.'otigh
/""' Inieri,_ la0 N" C rhird street. vestr-Srp 0 ie
daur r,.rra.,, sr~d -ase-i damages of .
a hr:n, Mi-31 R ezall Milk al
-Ar nt- phc-.,,pmi= batuldiny ona-nd b; ANTISEPTIC MAGNESIA
F \=,' ti'er a- emphur "Teann. at 5 in liotutrh i t ash, An Ffftlcrac An-
N, \a. S ,.rt iaih -treat. -as tyn ciP,'l- 6'rgle 'tQa- "s:e. eta-ied 30c rtil'..
when m:a tare rumned to Ii Tha _____________________
a. t~~htiilniuom i a' ri-nra ee. The damage
IS THE TASTE Reg-,arl.elOc 6cuo's~q

I I No -- Ihere's no taste but lOn HnwTnrJton..7
_" ui ""' iI a real e-aslor nil jual ihe earms. I2r Corn Solvent, 1y lyrc1
While seienliIis of Ihe Sq'Uihb 25c LaxariveColdTabaletsaa' 1903
Lahnralories hate fnsund a way 50c Chertry Bark Cough
klto take ,he ,..,e and odor ou, p.............. 39C
yatorr! How quickly we notice or ea-alot oil. the process leae-s B9c Cod Liver Oil Emulsion
.. .0 OT ERS.... reme ... ... "~IAC

urdina to many authorities.
e 80'o aof lthe people oif tnrla\
e ;a'id slomua h. I hi' b-i aiie .-,)
.i food'. ri-ntra, nri [ lhe nmodlern
dre liud [.i)rliung I.ud-.
Lii-uiallv' nakes iltl f frll in
I a'hai nauie "tis "biltiIni-
and n mo.Lt Ir uiie-nil ll;, in
it' i h Ritpain.; hdthat -ine aboultl
ty nunites alter eating. So you
easaIl lell it you ha-.e it.
N1ow Quickly and
Easily Corrected
nu do have acid stnmarh, dnn't
-a about il. You can correct it
avery simple manner. Jusl do
i. It ll n aoi.-e your acid
ed stoma-h!i almost immediate-
'ou will feel like another person.
A KE-2 teaspoonfuls of
ips' Milk of Magnesia with a
s of water every morning when
et up. Take atother teIPsoon-

What This Does
Thai's all vouij do. But you do it
regularly, EV'LRY DAY. so long as
you hae any symptoms of distress.
'-his a Ul to neutrahlize the atom-
ach a'id, that loater your "upset"'
stonia hi. that in, ite headaches and
that feeling of lassitude and lost
Try it. Rpuiltq aill amaze you.
Your head %ill be clear. You'll for-
get %ou ha\ e a stomach.
BUT-be careful that vnu get
REAL milk of magnesia when you
buy: genuine PH1ILLIPS' Milk of
Magnesia. See that the name
"Phllips" is slamped clearly oon
the label.
Phillips' Milk of Mag.
nest Tablets are now
on sale at drug stores
everywhere. Each tiny
tablet Is the equivalent
Sof easpoonful of Gen-
. *;in B.Taii.,.dl i 1Ua L -

Lher before you go to -

ilk of Magnesia
rahzei Food anla Tor... AiJe a lfew
Minutes aller tLaknng.

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liii 1:1 41

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Cold Cream
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ia .00
p a
:,,... . ,, ;,,: :, ,.-, *,,, ., .'






Almost Instant Relief This W'ay



TAKE-2 teaspoonfubs of Phillips' Milk of Magnesia in a glass of
water every morning when you get up. Take another teaspoonful
thirty minutes after eating. And another before you go to bed.

A --

of anxious nonappearance. lie dlminutlie stlature of both Cantor
eE rromni The ing; as a dii-K I and JCE'Eel
ate of tne "Unlicd St.,trE Ad- Eddie rolls hiT ball-bearing eyes, the
A oolilers whirl Jesel sings an old
IE plea for nore &erntimenti mrrad HungArian folk song In Yiddish or
tiack eriolii] conl-iocer killing in .)mniethln the horns Lootle arnd the
Lth those four dancer? girls.t rip rtrum, rrunp-and eseribocdi feel
ers, two blondesaand a pair of; ThilJm h hu'-- ld merbodh eels
te-gractous. _miling preitv T hat mIbe he should make the bes
youngsters who Ran spin their nf eacn dan Lsulehq and gayety are
Ith Tiller precision and Arabir' a important as read tneee days,
nrchanTment. Thpir 'Doll. in
istlet siitre-tO tIhet raaslnbs n rTun nx
Bearcdsley In que'r beaut\' T in prroarnidr.,e. 9.1il be given to-
are two othet e.,traoroinar. dan"- dy matinee and eteninc.-E. H.
ri-a plrl-Rnd-fello#% ream. Hal- ,
rn Krnlcht a vthirl of lim zrir,- IORRIG l\'FRS I CL B 4
Iohv Bixiley. a personable youn: lr T RGST
'vith rubber-jointed ie5-q REQiIRE[) TO REGISTER
n.i Merofr and his orchestra cr'r HAVANA Cuba. Feh 15 iFi-For-
of good harmnnies-their ran- elaneis resident in Cuiba who do not
ntiiln or "Nl.Tht and Dr," '3.i rerlter with the government. before
m-but their comedy is a bi, February 28 are hable to fines of 5
at time- C'llett[ Ryan. a '- i to 530. the interior secretary warned
Amazon. tf uisful emphasis ior tnrida



Nine Chances in Ten hIt's "Acid Stomach"
How You Can Easily Correct It

to lighten the burdens of those with- Morors plants were opened to cash the In the *tll and unable toobtaoin money of citizens crossed the state line to F4RIIER :ONFFSSES perate linanclal plight The money was got to have some mone I'm deeper-
out lunds He confloent the state's checks of all employes Regular bank vere taKinm holidays in ihe hotels get cabsh. recovered. Mnioell. married ana the ate. I IIp,1A it back 'hen times get
banks would reopen, rene el itn tellers %eLe hired to stalf the ,:sn u ticie elicredit was good Some One effect of the bank holiday was T RBBER B K father of five children, has experienced coo "
Airength and astaojliiy, po.iuly before exchranes GuEaids were on duty t.'i hotel bo igni railroad ticket- for to draw long-boardea funds out of GARDEN CITY. Karn.- Fro 15 ,P'- 'eserel ciop failureE Ricently lure- -I'
ine expiration of the staled holiday. Lird Cotl holdups. giesit- ant charged mte cot Gon the hiding. Merchants reported receiln Ross C undl 51 a Kerny cuiv closure action w brought against nisHOV
General Motors Corporation set up an Court fee< and fine acere suspend.d ill t1.-jr payment when money is again i many of theold-large bia wh T er. as ite ca k and farm machineraY. The Irsi Nan MacMIllan aitlt. Boston
Iayofte -sizre large bills as "well wheat farmer,. ua% quoted' o\ Sherl!iff \"?Me ork and farm machinery. TheI Mrs .Nan MancMillan, artist. Boston.,
emereency banking system all is :n for tho-e without ca.h Paymernt of ta a' aliable as bills of large denOmination which R 5 Tprn illier as conii'ntinar a. ne bank was rtobed yesterday by an un- rdas. kiii hate an exhibit of velve.
Eleven cash diaburcing: station, scat- bills was al-o heir up BarnK In Etrte. surrolndirt Michl- had been hidden away for months or roboed toe Gar.nn Civ Narior,,ni Bank i masked ,an. who etid the conents waJll hanginrgs at ine Dallas Park Hotel
tered at pnints contenlent to General I Horels reported many visitors trapped ginn did a heaiy buslnes, as hundreds years. yestprdnv of $1 t8 because o, a ds-I of a counter drawer after saing. I've lobby from 10 a m In 10 p ni today.
I*. I I I I



Improsements At Field Where
Brooklyn Team Will Train

Also Auliorized
The city commisslion yesterday au-
thorized improvements at the moor-
ing mast in Opa-Locka In conjunction
with improvements by the navy; and
improvements at Miami field, where:
the Brooklyn Dodgers. National League
baseball team, will begin training next
Improvements at the airship base
will be made In conjunction with the
navy's Installation of bathing and sani-
tary facilities for officers and crew of
the Akron and other airships. The
navy has called for bids for the Instal-
lation of facilities which Include a
well and a building to be used as a
mess hall.
The commission approved purchase
of concrete blocks and tile to be used
In the work. The blocks, valued at
*120. will be taken in payment or taxes.
Tile, valued at $140, will be paid for
with a $40 credit on t ixes. and $100 In
L. L Lee. city manager, was author-
lead to spend $2335 lor the Installa-
tion of a hot water system for shower
baths at the baseball park, N. W
Third street and Sixteenth avenue.
and 6197.40 for labor and material-
for painting the metal framework of
the grandstand
Mayor Gautier was authorized to
proclaim Henry L Doherty day on
March 10 in appreciation of his activi-
tlie here
S-An application of 0 W. Romer for
a position as city photographer was
taken under consideration.

CHARLESTON, 8. C.. Feb. 15. Wl-
Arthur H. Higgins of Miami. Fla., and
the North American Construction Comn-
pany, Jacksonville. la., today offered
the lowest bids for Improvements to
the naval dirigible airport at Opa-
LokL., Ma.
The btds, each containing six Items,
were opened at the Charleston naiy
yard. They will be sent to Washing-
ton where the contract award will be
made. Seven bids were entered for
the project, the approximate cost of
Which is *20.000.
The work will Include digging of a
well at the base, construction of a
building for shower baths and loung-
ing facililtles for airship crews, re-
planting of the base and Installation
Of facilities for landing the airships.



Virtually A& Banks Expected To
Reopb*'x.9ay For Limiled

a..d ), ",".wwi o~
;efrlm* -
DET IT. Mtch.. Feb. 15-Besump-
tlon g business throughout the state
on a nearly normal basis was expected
for tomorrow, the third day of the
i eight-lay banking holiday declared by
Governor William A. Comstock.
Banki of the state reported a swell-
in. stream of cash was pouring In. ready
to use In the channels of trade.
iLetrolt banks made 825.000.000 avail-
able to depositors and were prepared to
continue nearly all normal banking
functions except for limitations on the
deposit and withdrawal of .money.
The banking holiday has been de-
clared to relieve a strained situation
which came to a crisis Monday night
in one of Detroit's largest banks.
But virtually every bank In the state
was expected to open tomorrow for
transaction of at least a limited amount
of business. Large motor concerns, the
backbone of Michigan Industry, were
pawing out their payrolls In cash or ar-
ranging to cash pay checks. Heavy
gold and oash shipments poured Into
the state.
Some bankers expressed the opinion
that more ready cash than since the
flood-time of prosperity would soon
be passing across the counters of gro-
ry17 stores, meet markets, and other
establishmnents In the normal course of
The crisis was generally relieved by
action of Governor Comstock in an-
Bouncing he would leave to the discre-
tion of bankers strict enforcement of
his eight-day holiday proclamation.
Many banks throughout the state
Immediately prepared to resume their
customary functions. It was expected
that possibly 100 of the state's 540
banks would open tomorrow.
In the upper Michigan peninsula. 40
banks under Jurisdiction of the ninth
federal reserve district have ignored the
closure order. Other scattered banks
did not hear of the proclamation and
continued to do business. One small
neighborhood Institution remained open
In Detroit and challenged depositors to
Exhaust Its resources. Depositors re-
fused to accept the challenge and with-
drawals were exceeded by deposits.
Detroit banks and most of the oth-
ers In the state decided to allow with-
drawal of 5 per cent of funds on de-
posit to meet emergency demands. They
also were ready to make change for
persons caught with bills of large de-
nomination. A number of banks cashed
checks on Institutions outside the state.
Borne accepted deposits, which were
placed in vaults to be credited when
the holiday Is over.
Little evidence of panic or undue
hardship due to the banking crisis was
observable In Detroit. where the diffi-
cultles of the Union Guardian Trust
Company Impelled the governor to Is-
sue his unprecedented proclamation.
Department stores, milk companies,
food retailers, coal yards, public utili-
ties and all essential services arranged
to continue business on a credit, basis.
Many accepted checks. Cash was sup-
plied by the city to continue welfare
activities on the accustomed basis. Ar-
rangements were made for emergence
adla to families trapped by the bank
holiday, without money or means of
getting food and fuel.
Governor Comatock left the state I
capitol at Lansing to come to Detroit
where almost continuous conferences
have been held since the situation be-
came critical over the week-end
Arrangements were made with life
Insurance companies to prevent policies
from lapsing due to inability of the
holders to pay premiums
One of the Detroit city bond Issues
went Into technical default when the
city was unable to free Its cash on de-
posit In closed banks.'
Governor Comstock was pleased over
the reception of his action
"The bankers are doing a good Jon
of It." he said 'And the people them-
aelves are proving the real heroes of
the situation by accepting the hard-
ships Impelled by the closing of the
Sban kE"
He pleaded that common sense be
u sd by all that coceessions be made
'.' .:;.


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It I 1 o..tsnare. A =neh l- ra ,


all for .................. .......

Men's Shirts

2 $*| VIf
For I

Gfnuinpe broadcloth, with 7- /''' -
hutton fronts, full cut. white,
tan, green and blue. 79c '

Men's New Ties


A special purchase of hand-
tailored new -spring colors
and patterns in silk-tipped.
full-length ties. 79c values.

Shirts and Shorts

6 I

3 broadcloth shorts. with f S
panel .seats. and 3 cotton
ribbed undershirts. all for $1.
Regular 25c Values

Outing Jugs

Cork insulated, earthenware
inner container, aluminum
cap. Keeps heat or cold in.
$ 1. v9

Men's Whipcord Pants
Kegiular $1.19 values. T'hee are exceptionally %ell made
pans mlth reinforced seams in-uring lone a ear. *
Lifetime pockets. i-oz, Ahipcord. Sixes 30 to 44 -...............

Broadcloth Pajamas
Men's coat and slip-over styles in fast colors.
Pre-shrunk genuine broadcloth.
Values to 1.9 . .........................................

Boys' Wash Longies

Some linens, while and cream striped, plain greys,
blues and tans. Sires 9 to I.
Values to $1.49.................................

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One lot only, including linen checks, crash, khaki.
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Boys' Dress Blouses
Regular stule, of fine broadcloths, some button-on.
Fal color". Pearl butlons:
4 I . . . . . .

2For $

(O'Nite Cases End Tables
,;-ich Fahriko"d"o"er a These are sturdy atiractise
sturdy wood frame. Lined. little tables with genuine
with pocket in lid. Special w alnut tops and turned legs

Suit Cases
21-inch. fiber quit cases t.n
with straps. in black and ";
brown .......SPECIAL |

16-In. Hat Boxes
Square. Fabrikoid covered I
boxes with good locks,
wood frame. Black only.. 1

Coffee Tables
Unfinished hard ood.
smoothly sanded coffee
tables. Block and bolt con-?
struction. A $1.49 value...

Card Tables
Sturdy folding type within.
heavy fiber top and center
wood brace. Assorted col-T
ors ......................

Baby Swings Utility Shelves
Cretonne. back rest swings Four shelves. 9'15 inches.
uilh foot rest and beads. 4 .2 inches high. Mortised
Safe for baby. Reg. $1.39 construction. Unfinished
%alue. .........SPECIAL hardwood. $1.39 valuess ...
N ...:., ,io D ic Bed Pillows

magda, 1 iline l ,at. t
In either mahogany or wnl- .
nut finish. 'onienient siye I
A $1.49 value ............

Store Hours: 8:30-5:30
Saturday: 8:30-9:00

All new sanitary feaihrr
pillnos. Good grade A C A
licking ...... .. .......

Biscayne Blvd. at
Thirteenth St.


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Sunday u sexomonihs mate onl r tr60 companies in the lower of holds them back. private industry s forced by the For a lne happy spirits flown. to the county Jail. learns violence .ere er will vote tomorrow at 3 p m on I Japan: 'Gen out or Manchukuo."
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The associated Press is eaetaazvew entitled even graver consequences. not explain why. But we can en- Public officers in the majority They think it cowardly to reveal. Officer Clark clamped handcuffs on ventlons. rather than by legislatures. Japan says to China: ;Ge. out ol
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of.a groupl of doitspache b s an the the unfortunates: to givr and ness our state departments which For those we've left behind we .Vearn possession of the city officers a snall. against the return of the saloon.
group ofnd.r b in t share and employ; and pray that have recently appeared in the And. o h. hyse "s'a wy steel-colored barrel. a curved handle of Senator Robinson of Arxansas. the threat.
16______ "'state, was in a delicate financial sthehe m y n poor public prints. Under what was But once to death we grow resigned hllng steel and ak ood In he Decralc floor leader, led the h Presently the world will know what
statu s. E efforts w ere m ade to In t e t m m a co e w e th p o r ub i p in s U d r w at as T he dletd w e ne ver leave behind. cham ber w ere the fi ve vem pt y shells. theora li floort leader, led the fighthe
I TODA ducethe largest depositorsuo ub-shall not be with us always. theoretically known as an econ- C ior th(se changes In the measure, but I ta a
dcthlagsdeoiostsu-The,, follow us where'er ve go mute evidence that Gul6se'pl's itaes- cptltdo nte bneta eaon o ] rbb}ntb uh
IN TODA S NES ordinate their claims temporarily only administration for four years, we take them with us everywhere. w oh r capitulated on another change that he w aoon tho wortt
FTER a short and pleasant voy- so the institution could tide over BOY SCOUT WEEK they dragged enough out of the There is no place on earth we know Great h crowds surrounded o theirs seeking 10 bring the Blaine
A shotEtreasury to make up the greatest But 51 our lovely dead are there,, though most of them were measure into conformity with the Dem- R HEARST. from Le Angea
T From home the living journey far. there to eee the preidient-elect board
age for rest and recreation, the difficulty. Some agreed, and THOSE khaki-clad young men budget m Florida's history. Con- Ooe train E scheduled to take him North ocratlc platform wanted. .is "1 not lortunate that
Franklin D. Roosevelt landed in one or two evidently refused Their you saw directing tiaffic in fronted with a new deal, in which tCoPYrlht 1033. Edgar A. Guest) from the F E. C station nearby. When To '.lmplliy lhe controversy." he we are not in the League or Nations?
Miami last evening. Ready to start insistence upon drawing out their Biscayne boulevard and through- tey were given the choiceews of the sooont nv spread through withdrew an amendment which would Ife I ere on 1 e, to settle p he
North to assume the duties of millions would have closed the out, the downtown sections f ,eanng house or quitting, most T TL BENNY'Sdo,% Nn d throught housahnds have removed also a pron lqnuoended bs e Ormntal on, a elves."
the presidency. Miami prepared bank, started runs on other bank,. Miami the other day were police- of them came out with statements LITTLE Be NOTBOOK rep, Aas rus hed Ihrourthouse mase, to protect div FtetEs front liquor im- Oi st n r
thoroughly for his visit. Traffic and brought about financial chaos men. They had all the authority of remarkable savings. At least By LEh little hindrance howeter. ani portatronr After the balloting and ae oure border d 0 E roe %neru-
mac hlr~cnon th strets Oer an wrecage, pstpi in i-if pipp fficr.; n thu, *By LEE PIPE ta en into the o theovoAer o e heof the jailwereooertorryh were. he mrnfnaroutbilionsand w'are emet
was hailea on the streets over and wreckage. vested in the peace officers o th0is one quit. saying he couldn't econo- Do-An below rumors flea everIvhere "
Which his party would pass. All Time might heal the precarious Icommunitlv. Had you committed i m~ze TTHFRE was 3 fellows iate lor school Offwiers. eai.'er to help. ftlshlng to leaie premcte tha't th~e rKpear as* t now Ing the price o! that trip now.
the police and the secret service situation. The governor acted an Infraction of the traffic lasi The same ituation Ls found In toav, beng me and Leroy Shoo'ter nothing undone shicn nilght clear up Etands wouldd command the two-third--
Th"in iuto sfudi od. en eadLr5So~e the or pre\Ent further irou- majority necEs. ary lor adoption -VR OD Inestdnwhtw
were on duty. In response to our promptly, as was necessary. Now an'y one of them could have ar-: our local governments. MoS L of and shorty Judve. and Miss Kitty made ble. maue sirrEt.S on eiispiclon, Nil of He also expressd the opmnon the 'W
invitation Mr. Roosevelt kindly .Michigan must strive to get along rested you and taken you to jail., our officials actually believe they us al 1go up and stand in front or her them probably or' no aid. Aa far a House uould accept the measure a
consented to speak a few words of for a week without banks, al- And probably would. are economizing. while at the same desk, saying. Now this la too bad, 3 of could be learned after hours of ques- now drawn. It it does not do so at this interest that ctvllzation or "culture"
greeting at Bayfront park, where though arrangements are being For those 'Boy S t a re p erm- young aalsal in pne morning. the record cloning. Guissepi alone was responsible session, he said. it will require only a in the Nits valley Is older then that ot
tighgr me maintaining a scale of ex- for punktuany LUI be shattered to for the shoting. He alone planned and few da;s for the ne, congress aB the China
one of the largest throngs in our made to care for the hard-pressed forming this week all the duties pendture that would have been bits at this rate. I'm going to make executed the maneuver Intended 10 coming extra i.-in to dn it l life or ., wltla
history had gathered. The talk. small depositors, their elders usually perform in the 'branded as yrossly profligate 10 ou all remai one hour after school take Mr. Roosevelt's lire Tne drys v ere making no predictions,
branded as grossly profigate 10 unlcEs any of you happens to hate a The county 9allhouse was a bedlam. A rep,cpitulaton of the three roll kingsM relT[sna, taxes, eogineersad
the smile, cheers. Then the sudden The idea is to save the banking conduct of community affairs. years ago. Our private affairs abslltttel ynecesserry reason for being 2a dozens Or officers from the Eherifi-' calls had during the Senates eight and armie, begins where there lea con-
shots. Aimed at the next presi- structure in the state, which Is This is their week. They have sat have been pared under the cold late, she said. office and police headquarters crowdeJ a halt-hour see-6ion showed, stan, rehable water supply
dent. Aimed at the heart of the suffering badly from the Indus- in the seats of the mighty, and ure of necessity. The public has Verno'nolte on ot a Hranwthorne. stty o a attorney. Se- pbN.The mon of Sen *tor Blaine Ie-
ftmerel. Leroy Sbooster said. Vro Ha to e.saesatre.e- uol oo osier his n tevle fteNlI en
nation. Aimed at 125,000,000 peo- trial collapse. It was a wise move who can say they have not done not yet demanded economy In What. do you mean to say you had eret service men were everywhere. plain- repeal resolution. approved 58 to 23. pota, where the Tigrto and Eu-
ple. Tumult. Shock. Sorrow. on the part of the governor, if as well as their mentors. public affairs as they some day to attend a funerel [htis morning? Miss clothes en r Nand Re- Robcnoent from Noe Yorkas and C-aranetedrs, amendmaeo te prong trdcp
the holiday will prevent the forced In the near tomorrows they will Kitty Eatd. and Leroy Faid, Well I Re- the cow nmhod of ratliCalotil rve ,e
be te buines andprofssioal m Y.didn't exactly, attend It but I had to porters. cameramen and stenographers adopted 45 to 15sol
FORTUNATELY Mr. Roosevelt es- closings of any banks and avert be the business and professional The public officials who are wait for the carriages to go passed on crowded through the narrow aisles. "he Arkansas senator's amendment soll. plus water end therefore a regular
caped. Unfortunately every panicky runs. Banks In many leaders of this community. They i making names for themselves in acount o It being bad luck t0 run Ad~far bac~k Ia corner of th'e reat to strike out the section eivinA con- supply in aoo. ccouldn hfae Jelsur, scu
edr fti comniy Tetwee !main narrmge for thmele iunn Jal---down a long corridor and through g'ress power with the states to bar the betwir trherm carriage aod atr te h-
bullet found a victim. Wounding other states might have been are in training for the task. In Tallahassee are the two who are I dont know about It being bad luck a big ron-or door. along another co- loon. approved 3 to 2 m raonsc o ed'
the famous Mayor Cermak of Chl- saved through speedy action by training lor citizenship. Prepar- actually effecting saving that oth- but at least it a a mark of respect. was riclor and through another sheet steel In cities and fixed abodes, instead on
cago, Mrs. Joe H. Gill, prominent officials closing the doors against ;g to take their rightful places, ers said could not be made. Local ^,ta long uneful Mtz Kittysaid. and 'door-b~oIa:k here st^SOuepl Zanaa.^^^^ "' ........ ....... M eternal "m'^ nigrsiong l lerb w
cao.Ms.Je ilpomnetofiias lsigth dos gintLeroy said. Mawii Find she Eald. I Fa5' staring Out at the sheriff, the -secret Ihe would try to get Dr. Kati Mieyer.2htNe 11atoIsodryto
Miamian, and three others, asaults "of depositors while ac-, in the world of affairs as soon as, public officials will do well to fol- were there ver m.ny car es? sem e the stt' sttornev. Mayor head o the Cook county 1Chlcagol noD- thousand iars than that or [he Yellow
Within a few econds the vwctims umlating funds to care lor de- the slot'b, moving cycle of the : lowthe slowly moving cycle of the low a similar course. If prosper- Well. there woas 3. Leroy said. and Gautier. by the way, narrowly es- ry tlal e reachn to ouhern Machur
were on the way to the hospital, mands. i years will permit. Ity returns to this country soon, Miss Kitty said. Excuse overnrled m hy caped one of the butlers..,, a stomach speilut hnelped add Mongoha, lamprant.
Iare you late. Benny.? Have yoiA anab He is the center of interest In e~eryI Cermak In pre% ous illneize-s.
accompanied by Mr. RooseMvelt. The Michigan development willh, i a v e pardonable the pathway of public officers will alute necesrrv reason? r b-e sold corner of the world. as rhe nsit there '
Like a true soldier, the president- again turn attention to the ques-: pride in the 800 or more Boy be cleared, at least temporarily, Yes mam. I was %xawkln- along 'he naked in is cell Even as we talk To .4.- F IRLA ) PPREDICTS T
elect remained to await the out- tion of chain banks, which some ScouLs tho are acquiring pose in 6f embarrassing public inquiry. curbstone and seeing how !ew Times I him from London comes a call to w. FP
Iou d fa ll o ff in a b lo c k I sa id a n d P ,o:, T h e N e w 6 C h r o n i ele wa n t i H a r i s H a h n C l e T~ l .
come of the wounded. Postponed financiers have approved as a their social intercourse. learning If prosperity does not turn the si. o really and why did tou In to learn the particulars ,it is 6 30 NEW YORK. Feb. 15. ,.Pi-informed p P Ct, would-be holdup
his departure. The madman. means of preventing failures. The, the value of good manners In their: corner, watch out for a manifes- haft to do tbat ? Thursday morning when they call. tonight of the attempted assassination
beaten, was in custody. And all Detroit Guardian Company is a daily lives. and discovering the, tation of public indignation that Because I started. I said, Fnd she and ascertain if Mr Roosevelt re Is in Miam. Jaes A Parley. chairman marork o t annoy
said. And was It saoailutely neceaserry sale. From all over the world c'me of the Democ:ratic national committee. Ing.
America this morning reads of chain system. Its affiliates in: importance of good sportsman-. will make the hair curl on many ,o start? and I said. No mar, but once anxious queries. The White House said Mr. Roosevelt, will now probably, He 1atd to Wang Sang, at peaoeta
what happened in Miami last other cities may be independently s'hip. truthfulness and a sense of Ian official scalp. I'd started I had to finish. c9U18. state houses call; for the presl- have to retrain from makig so many his laundry: "st1ck them upr Wang
night. Startled at this threat strong and liquid; yet they might right In all their contacts with Excus overruled. and how about dent-elect has been in line of fire. public appearances."
against the life of the United be pulled down by the closing of each other and the world in gen- DEATH IN THE RING andM Shorty ay sae somebody Ig'y a bit bewildered and uncertain, the Miami shootings. other than to say Costely. "'ae yOU a u
States in a crisis. It happened to the parent institution. A large era. NE physician said Ernie aed me t do them a favor. attempts wu answers,. to he believed Mr. Roosevelt would con- IL Catr ddn'. Wong h m
b e t h e f a t e f M i a m i I t m i g h t b a n k i t h u n f o r t u a t e i n v e s t -A f e w m o r e p a r t lc u le rs I y u ll d t a lk w it h t h e m e n o u t s id e b ig c e ll t in u e o n to N e w Y o r k a t o n c e t h e e e a t o I n J i ; W l g a U
be the fate of Miami. It mInght bank with unfortunate invest- "A good turn each day" is the 0 It^ you'l do f ^ ^ r^^S ^ bus] nhsludy
occur anywhere. To guard our ments and under pressure is no task which the Boy Scouts have natural causes after his baqtle Shorty said. 16 wes some kid. He had Hardie, attempting to Introduce the ex- MESSAGE FROM CUBA
country, we must protect with our better than a small bank. Further, set for themselves. The manly wit Primo Carera in Madison a football and he could kick it all rite ecutive of this city. "He Is the mayor TT ngtonal transportstlon commtt
-----,,. t^- --u lgfellows who represent the organl- but he wan all alone so he couldn't \-a.A tenwnGu p SEN TO1 ROO-EL T
dtt-w Ay'~ayhl h&S e-i at -P M1n6 seem tax undrtJd Sh MA' X T 1r p.trsut I ,nl
--. -usums deposited by a few persons zai n Miami are preparing i not natural for a fighter trouble. so he asked me to kick It back Hardle speaks in Italian. chado tonight sent the folowing
ONE of the greatest loads of or Interests. That created an- themselves for the performance to collapse and pass away follow-iawhile. Oulssepl understands: a half smile blegram to President-elect Roosevelt Kmade ite report. I
the other danger, as the demand by of many good deeds for their com- nHe is being overruled the maddest of wouad over his face. byb. ayts.p" be sa. **
thene adinstatin s b- nga fstc atc, tagd orthe y-Inbroken English. "E~l may-or. How "Delshcdbyatmtuo
Ing carried by James Farley, Dem- these for immediate payment munity when they take over the edification of thousands of tans [ do you do" ,your life, which i imagine the deed oris nd oto se that nere
ocratic national chairman, back in might smash a weakened estab- reins and begin directing its af- who how' for slaughter. C M U IA ON WbaD strange madness seized him no an insane person. Beg to convey to w irt
New York from his Miami visit. lishment, leaving the little fel- I fairs in the years to come. The prMankpndh aoved corn- Ceven wa st chance youy hesares congatulations upon a
Here and there and everywhere low out on the limb. least Miamians of today can do bat of one sort or another. It is .... could escape. He doesn't appear to be "Kindest personal regards, wha banking houewotd control
htdatcmasms e!I oecuaete nterI Are We Intelligent? aman fired With Insane zeal to rid 'OERARDO MACHADO. railrod fteeuurali n
the job-hunters pursue him. In dr i en e them n ther Ione explanation for war. The past, Editor The Herald. We Americans. the world of rulers; there was no boast. "President of the Republic o( Cuba Syt o
person and by mail. Answeringtrenghen e enre Pmade heroes out of their soldiers.! Individually and as a nation, In the In., no dramatics, no flare of zealous for
peronan b mil.AnwemgecnoI c structure is generallyahrnetacus.- oanhlgbttegvrnntoth
these applicants, satisfying them I economic s Gladiators in the old Roman days. past have been lured by the phantasy adherence toya cause. SHOLTZ KEEPS !, TOUCH United States?
reonzdoeoiossol ef being all suffielent to ourselves and Guis~sepl Zangera. native or Italy. Queto o :HwwudI et
with promises, or rejecting them recognized. Depositors should be United States bureaus have the bull fight in Spain. and the E`bued %lth the laeatclea ae a'od's cown here from Hackertack. N J b- ff ITH ROOSEV'ELT P ARTY hae the post ow Wce m t bnv t
pleasantly ls.a man-size industry. assured of safety by one method 1 found out how far frogs and fleas American ring scraps are all a chosen people Insoar as eartr,'s riches cause he had a pain This somach, JACKSONVILLE. Fla. Feb 16. some *n va oanza
For which Mr Farley IS well Ior another. That would restore; can Jump. but have not yet seas- part of the desire to satisfy the are concerned We have been so en- suddenly felt an itnconirollabie desire 1Tnursaa%, i'.-C.ov. Dale Sholiz. vno tior,, Inuustrlounly Issuing stocks and
adapted, confidence, bring out millions now urged the keeping facilities of the ibrutc demand for blood and battle grossed with making money and with toi shoot the Predent-elect of These came here tcnwht to join The Roo.e- Donrisparest It?
in hiding and do much toward .eeking of the Eubstance of wp.,lh that Unhed Bratis. iel part% toni,-rror kept n constant 'hat chancee do you think thee
-n hiding, taxpayers. Prize fights are common in the we ha.e miqecl entirely the real And n.w he sit m th tail whlle with the ltm]uito,:.r n Miami would be o sendinE a letter from Plor=
A. NOTHER worry off our minds, recovery. United States but not permitted in worth whilee tr,,rs of life We ha- 'he r world d E&aps witit relhef hi,-,li.'.,,ng the shootng in Ba front i*l t, 1ea.le (or 3 cents or 10 ceouk
reached oWit for rhe aub-:'tbncc and qu,-- cwm lt asT poor. p l either, under private oji nera"rp?
William C. Bullitt is back in SPECIAL SESSIONS e"ed only in grspine the shadow. Tre opernor said Sheiltf Dan Har.,
America. Accused of acting as an IUNFORTUNATES ALWAYS IR ROOSEVELT is quoted as 1 tie. or serious injuries are few and It Is> true that we as a nation hate IRRS. ROOSEl El.1' TOLl) die. of Dane (oUnrv. told hin the -Ern- I
unofficial enoit AS of our N- I fnr between It is not a pleasantercd rri:,erillv faster Ihwn fr man -t ne not a pesn poee arZangirh of h Cny
unofficial envoy in dealing w .ith ECAU5E of our persistent con- saying that the special ses- enhihemng snort and yetInation in history We hae certe1.I OF 1114111 .I00" N- rJ.nad ban Gthathep%% aa l lr
foreign enz~k naios All news Lr, him. he anda eni. sprt ranrodd yet Ita n NE lYter F, 1--
foreign nations. All news l0 him. Siderie and optimism, because sion oif congrr.s v. %licll is to be |. : ,. s .howni a trf-mnincao,:.i w power of mental- NEW YORK Feo 15 i,--Mr nirh~tr at rl',e Paters-.:n. 1 J hre,:K- !vertion, he automuoe, or prevenNung
'it 1, not excessivlely dangerous.1m ao Lrranlns atcual nt h ,tr jl)
Denied charges. Just visiting and we have stressed the present suG- called at ann early daA oudlit tOI : ''' d. tv along crtain hnfa. particularly I Frankun D. Rosofil bn-'ted Into the I.,rs unioi. !anal cons'ru,:t on or use, might do
1 "h Gentlemen parlcipate And even the way of wre ne ares nature a" fl daI roouh of lh', Rw sefelt n..aiiL.'',o or, Ease Ha fialu he oe.f Iniormfd both Mavor well to avtls? railroads to Improve thetr
gathering material for a book. On rcesful and busy season. The be able to enact all the necessary l ... more abindant Eupoly of the necessi- Siixiv-ifin -tr~et tonight uhile C Irl e Anor c-rn;^. o. Cni..., and Mrs methane
statesmanship. W'haL a lot of trou- Herald has been slightly taken to laws to solve the present pruo-| ie"t are thriled by te e f ife i1,11 iure In one raw confidential .oscpl l 1 . Nothins could sa\e the stage coach.
ble to write a book. It doesn't seem ] task by the local labor organ, al-1 less o( government lthin 30 "" v-a -wo menknock coidi |)r,:.auce We have shoptn also secretary.a, ttmlklnw tc reporter_- ser.:,.. W'onimon Notrne can Wie railroads unless they
possible. With the hundreds of Jach other around the squared Iour prdiFiu. efftilene, in the mae ;a0o1 the Miami shOotin_. Tne cwer.rnor had Intended Trav.eling: Keep lp to date. They might Investl-
possible. With the hundreds of though we are not mentioned by days. iRfec production Of OOLh ie nece-itles Bilii *V-1hats It nil about. At to Wwshinhlon %th tre Roii pari ra t
volumes pouring from the presess name. It seems to think that in Of course it oupht, but it will c ithe lu*xuries of life, yeg v.e hale even asked when she saw the group but he said touriht his plans %ere in- just raisedd Irom London to Blrmtng-
'i__ pointing to the self-evident we not Mr .Roosevelt is too v.'ell The death. of Schaaf will bring. become by the concentration of this Her dauhter. Mrs. Anna Curtis Dall. definite. He said he v.ould ren',ln here ham. 13 mles. at 65 miles an hour.
*'n g 'n. r 'l IS .0 /oen -tnos lor reforms as usual mnttv tbe- world greatest mer- toileed h'er ito the room anxlou.lly un6l irtormed CI RoosevIn t ptenos I ThaI trip of 113 miles cost ior fuel
,CENATE goes into huddle over are overlooking the mass of versed ini national hi. tory and too .... hsn *f 'cnant and producer, and are. therefore When Howe explained that Mr. He .-,ad he vaa^ due in Washirgton ',one doJiar and twenty cents. That, you
S prohibition. Votes to consider misery, that we are forgetting the familiar with the methods of con- Al 'e r physical examinations, he mcim. reared and the most ciilikea Rooiec-t was unhurt, _r, Roo~meelt iiaa% for a conicrenre wity the Recon- I re
gress to do more than1hope thatosad. New Yor stat nation' on earth todd\', Sat on the edge of her chair, and said 1struction Financle Corporation and in thehrdphdBitsrirodo-
the Blaine repeal resolution. In- thousands of unemployed in ur gress to do more tan hope tat r ba t %%'a hae been so self-centered phew. that' great I New York Souurrav night. where le ls pan
wors -ha h-r pressed - ... aymv t ae ht
tended to end one consti utional 'midst. There is no such lnten- a 30-day session will oe sufIIcient h.-, ~ ch f we haev< failed to reah]^e our fault of When she noticed reporters, in the, scheduled to make en address. HoiehahrdpsedAmerican rail-=
amendment that was supposed to tion. 10 . ..pis th phylssirc"J"al conflict. Sucn efforts bemn; alir'.ether one-sidred We bare room. she smtled graclou-l,.. and s.aid. -- --!road companies
reform the country.Bu dint^.t That the trams,< ships, strpeets which he strive.p alay fo"ow an "'accident" of thi~s been entire-ly unbalanced. We have no: "You'\e Fot to e.-pect these tnluci "* E\.GO ER? \/1 S UI/Ttt --
reomkecutyintdd'. Ta h ran, npsreswihh tie.. Probably nothing rmuch k^pt pae mentrallv with hat 13 nec- Mrs Roos.evclt put in a call for her! c-. ..
Drys will fight change. While the stores, hotels, restaurants, thea- There have been. very few hort will com ou of- it *'B u ^. p sn ^0bcontente peorle c\ly hap'e num o\d lonedistonc She; alikn n! HCE BY HOT G M DA S B Hcebrtd newa-
country wishes all filibusterers! and tees are crowded: that there is special sessions of congress. The -*"eolO I yaacnetdpol e ae|mwln itneSesi eW- NEW YORK. Feb. lo ,---Of the 1 7 ''th orthday, health good, nigwm
orators would dry up. Give Amer- much activity can be noted by any Sprintgfield Republican has been proeutiono^f Ca ra. He was cme p\.lell ad entlyadl- sa. esemdvryo adtl her depl sh::e to learn .c^ '*Jr r^ ar thtn-- ,
l ca n eed ed resu lts. N ot talk w ho open their eyes. M iam i is d iggin g inlto past cong ression a l i ht n leg ally H e fo gh air ttn 'ct i v, arp d enatron wt n w a t re- thatd tf m e va.o ery~ a c alm nd otu In er a ^ sioul h p en.d Jo y e a trn ^n th an ; I e etsO~ r~ l
----enJoying one of its best seasons history and finds that where sev- prsumab" I wgas^ not lghl faultsut;nii '~pe c~in ht re-tiha. eondnlo,r hera wudIa. e fo n, Gouerno happn.rel ,as noy t If t.n -ha, "'
Toa we,.- see millions tOfelmoftorit ourp iipt "INANCE. Senate committee told in years in the realm of tourist- eral presidents immediately after schaa (oul no stn u against ,a;*' pi e stt e. "on-e ve beore our She toeld a o[ th R-" ow..eet perv-tot neo[ M.,:, Cem a a ndre-3. the mith volc ",e n pbetighv
--Of one transaction in which throng"es The profits are not inauguration, have called extra- hi mr napowrf.ul blows. It wap eyes*.ll** -"ve "ebeoe our ind rP Srhpe~l a tspronaly abhout lhe Rnctdent andv ,f,^o McrCersa an eoh blo. Ieep nearl poerungl 5 lungsgo
Insull family made a "paper great, because the prices are ordinary se&$1ons o[ cotngress,, jus unfortunate. our fmnanctal structure coiiap-inp. oui sent a wire to her two sons. Frankhin. i.well v.ou mu~t expand your lungs and
profit," of $25,000,000. Get rich down. There ls a cheerful as- with the same hope thai their, Howeer. the fan wh .le ie'rmnInca. our hunomdfuc e se *la g .re tand soon. woarettedn Gorton Maf-=Pl.1- -l l lan opl eran ""mIr bot everybody a
quic.K Honestly. Or otherwise. But p iewreInorti a in the i. ehberatons would be sotened "faor when Schaaf fell ought to' 1r, atin ,n the thrall af paral .si6. \Vhv There w&as iome deboat about wheth- O/F 7' R. I< REC.ILLED "I'Bi.t tak. the trouble to breathe prop-
get rich. That was the American But li~ew ise in our city, as In the sessions wiere extended Ior be a. hamed, a little subdued in t hen can ,e ri~httuiiyv say e are an er the president-elect s mother. Mrs ...r',. m n r *
=s p i r i t S o m e w h a t t o n e d d o w n a l l c L t ie s a n d t o w n s t h e r e a r e m a n : m o n t h s ,p tn t i t LS e a s y t o S l o h I l ] 7 t F t t t t t e t M a i r o s t l n l y d c d d t a t of t h e a t t e m pt^1 t o t a k t rE Y e~e hD o l~~e t T h e n-, i D C "rE O R G E B E R N ARD SH A W w hov~ h a l l --
now. Thinking a little less of the siknes and suffering, unemploy- In 1897 President MtKinley sld hnesand h ow for gore. It isl wouNw "V"l~ ~fl-Mal rldbe best nt toy take th chance^ GOREBRNR SA,,h a
"clever" fellows who accumulated men and hunger. It hasever called a special session of con- not so nice to be ;hdn dore RnOe^r0^: ^r^- tt his- f"fth^o-"sn "ho U adon~kehAp~n
fortunes in figures. By tricks, been so, even ln the height of gress to begin on Match 15. That pore. DOCKS AND DECKS nr9t nd ,ep.t n ,\ don, nere n.^1 M=, uee W1 on O.:,o0. I l? pere nda nol. o n tne st ea mshi lh n eeh
hese high financiers run away. property, session settled the free silver e __ ___UC SA D EC S broke the IPesssa,s.eni,.v a I could ,^^ tt'=l cooclgL I an't for r- t^e Honpko^ nu Shanghi, aye
After the wreck. Now we must Jesus said: "*For 3e have the quetion, but tt did not adjourn .. ICr T,.-, r -,'.l ,,rtM~a! i ti do here. Mr Roo \'er^ w enton Mo, me ttcer. dn oteBul,* a^ 'ahs h:,
clear the debris. To permit the re- poor always with you And until July. 24 President Taft, 1909, Great progress is stnll belng ac- ar Ne Y..,K .m.r, urld i,,t.:,a., t Ihe cvwit h r preparations to take a late 0 ei nyd orcegae ead
Sumtioni of traffic.' Moses. "For the poor- shall never al called a special sesftOnl to be- compl'^ed. A process has been.; - lP, MO^rMNTs tra for Ithaca. N. Y here she1 ,s e pr3n at^" th ie"'e^r "oniyn,^ Iq *only,5 per !uentl rotn*he rv'wor d'sBepopula-ada
Trump.rtron C^rafficn Cap J F '\ei .=h ai ;dl' "I.OJr tn ar n[ si a_.31n il,. fnrr A^^^ ^ ^^er ^ ^ " e
SrCIAbakstaonps command thee. saying. Thou shalt tariff. That session did not end garli1c. The atmosphere is being ,a, nadrr itat ,: atsnlle r ,hto~,e Nor, :lM-^ pull lit-, t, he ^ th.n. happen"/ ^ 31 ,;* ^ One tentn oi one per cent In eal
[ICIA ban k siut io 5e1ases, open thine hand wide unto thy until August 5. In 1913 Presidlent lerdor prosperity, n,:p ~~V"'^H Baitore p a nd Carolhna Lmn. 'rt poler u" ard. which ha been et- a'ddress He adben tru,' I the Shaw amzs rassmany b,
Millins o dolars pur i. hrthprto th noo andto tv Wilnn 'nnnnnpri cnInt' pe --r.-- CLH Sa* C nder" /rl,=lgbt rirrorr, edininontdo theR[oenetthom To peMitwion raas of dla s ml porIn roster, to thy po0, an o thy ",,Jlson announced a special ses- Ppa,,t; R, o p," 3."* ,"" un "eipa docK snce Mr. R,--,o_-e,.el was nomlrnated w,, am saying *Ru.ssi i. the only country'
To permta withrawal of, sml needy, in thy land." sion to begin on April 7. That Lips5 and nose are beauty Sac- to ,,)aurleid. mnrae "ro" tt utreptomnoirTf ^p T.hat has a rehlaon and practices It. In-
percentage of deposits where And so we appeal to our people session did not end until the fo1-1tars, announces a Columbia pro- ss .,rcr^. tr M~lrchari, and Users -- oETO ) I O eiierntossol td sa

necessary. N~ow there is need to tospotteCmuiyCetlwn eebr hnterg-fessor. Weil,. well, that is certainly J ...... P,..;c......... freuil-ht fur Jacksor,- CERMAK'S DAPHE OTPADB I,'SE tnadsernd n.ueustmao a-
ea to support the Com m unity C he st lowing D ecem ber, w hen the regu-1 m* and- hPierl l 1, M n c -DH T E R PO ST POnE D B Y flU iSEr k. pier l, nan-
^nn/hJ^ h^ sesio" e~ed Presdenta d^oer-y. It requires university d--k. 3OM^ BY iIPni\ The reception planned by the Artists --
allay fear, to prevent a disastrous and every other movement that is lar session opened. President a -hcvr. I eursu iest ~ P:elm ZA, I -~ner COMING B| AIRPL.-NE and Wrierc lubti o r pl anndb.te Cantrtists
run on the banks when they are engaged in the alleviation of hu- Harding in 1921 called a special tan to noticesuch things. err CapAt .,rT Bln1. Parn- N
()Cr an dr,t/dc 10 P M Helcen Cernri, a Ktnla,"; dau.h- ls igt va oto e v O og t a l oloe e t n w
p man distress. We urge direct aid session for April 11, which did not Z3 Prviwir . rlereh'nts4' nd Muiners a;t .apy
for the needy, personal assistance end until November 23. Then An Englishman predict the Tr'We.tonom . nu e oa Bae rrR oa htel here ro
next war will be brief. That is en- JaK~or, %lle pier 1. IMunicipal clocks. p rnr ofi the shoutin lenv Haornt Atatptark'A ma adsl oe oiso
'OLOMBIA breaks diplomatic re- for the neighbor who is in want. came President Hoover with a etrt dae.DeptU l a-. said she woul la i or Atlanta at 2 15 A
c u a i g a th n w wo ha e SS W~ien. Baltimore and Carolina Line. a mn, and take an American Air wva.,s LER E 9E!; E G 4 Ds g e t e c\ lp d a t a n t e
"- lations with Peru. Both coun- We ask that Miamlans be given call for a special session for April tcoagn as then we won't have Cearts, C H aunde areoa fur -A a SECRET Awa I ICE Q RDn
tre li ic oy araap c a~ ni, e. Per- 3. H Municplder .r lch, f3 plane TO Mi1ami She said she hai ite.m no cesi""Ico l aep
tries claim victory at Tarapaca. employment whenever possible. 15, and that congress did not ad-to conserve on sugar Jacone. pr 3 munnpat ddock. 3l ahe sist
Whp i comDeunicated Tlth another sister at DOi:BLED FOR HO01 ER S5o In th, rddle or any volume, come
Which sounds like a tonic. They We do not believe that crowds and journ until November 22. SS w d th work o r Aserv. pid.Manior. Lnesh cap. c m la ya WASH[NOTON. Feb 15 ,L,--The se- back
Havana A ier v passnvelpan docs frih frn m irdwar ale Isf hiacc manle by r ets e ie WAS IN TON. F 1~eb 15 ?.- Thecte safe
will need It. Before they finish business and gayety can drown Probably not one of those ex- 3,0 n chinewil do thereor k of Htn will ier "oda. sevc Mn5 buv.ii; Aet ead boos.
with their present unhealthy ex- out the sound of shots fired by traordlnary sessions of congrekn itters, but It Will Depaiturel Tc i -t c c o t h o Preider nt Hooter Gmmedi- f e rak
never answer the questions grand- r Fred Apry ras en;,'r' ana frE,,.rr, It.-I. ateh' wi.a- doubled tonlghlt upo:n receipt
ercises, the discouraged into their own was confronted with as numerous oh d wh knitting. De'a'nor'^'r ? Mrc, doc". 5 P M. nDR. JIRKA- TO FLY of v.ord here c-1 apparent attempt to THROUGH RTH .O"ES
bodies to end their futile struggle and important problems as willE mPa4n.c.rChd&-MaIcrm J ne.n p,.r Ca IRE F^ ILNOI ass.s.sinate PT-ident-elect Roosevelt S R ,,A TL.4DGE
.HICAGO yesterday dedicated with fate. be brought before the special sePa lmlie mra Ciro. iSPRINGFIELD. IlI. Feb 15 ,-P,- D.". aroundthe horned d Huardose naoromen a N s Tam e oar- yed
v world's largest post office If we had the power and the de- sion to be called by President result in more attention to the Ljre h Cp ^ tl n Frn. SP .IrF s. I ll n pe rs on-der e r .aed ths alno Plaza Iotel tati s had Chl l aot1
^n~i~ tifi nn in ,1 ,1. inep V~er nd mede- -10n o be alled by P eside t i-^ l in ore ttenton t0 the r,"j, r..e lije Capr C A i c i /'r, Frn Franl ir J o -in-la.vsndnpeio--awreandcreped te Ro-ev Paza H tel hat se cilItno
e.t~ h [r- rn B 3e/ re I* h riai d[,. ay-'
railroad tracks. America is not and create universal prosperity And the probabilities. also, are Departureq "tomorrow sen tof ' of motorer daon wthe thl
LfWrI SS P n nee. Clydf-Mllory Line. Cap t me rts to charter an airplane for an mediately upon hearing of the events sound mo es and her own dsLnterest.
quitting. She is preparing for big- and happiness. We would rule! that the coming session will last', A penny saved is not necessarily. v Do. right tor N orien. pier Immediate night to Miam. Fla where In Miami. acted to supplement the de- She
unt 2. Munic,p., clock!. ,i m tal on 'lt tt eeeuie m ni n
ger and better business, brighter out sickness and establish health, until well into the autumn of the' a penny earned. It may be a s. Ge.r~eina.,F[more a c [ tall on duty at the executive mans ion. Be-tch home 10 attend the opwn ouetnh-
; Line. Inc. Cept C A. PLAchen. fir-htqfh Dr. Jirka Is director of thel tllniswt "We will take every possible pre- formac frde a t r11 0 Oql ",
days ahead. We would banish ignorance and year. penny lost. fo so ,P Mui.. 'o ,k'. department of publaLc healtHe psold r ution" Jerad., JeamO l. ,

*: .~ i' . . *- .. ..;;.:










--- _ 'Cuban-American Fiesta

S O C I E T Y WVill BenefitRefugees
"_______ :-------------------- -- Dr. Edwin I. lolon Nill Direct
National Hos Show homes of man' of the winterr colonistE I r r o
national Horse who hae nox resernatlorns Proram of Enlerl.i.nitnt
FolloiAng the show Sunoay afternoon Next \Ieek
ti S"allnthere will be' A tea on the terrace of C
Important the clb, and Februar, 22 toe soc'. Cuban ii lil add ,;hentic at
-festivities will be cliaxed with a Hor.e utphere othe tile, =Amrc Iet_
Show ball h ittt 0 viii be given a tie Miami Bill-
Famou Personalilies of Hunt and Aong early arrials for the show Al'ne Cii-ory chpb on f tbruar 24.n-
Polo World Arriving For who will be een with their thorough- aCua program of entertain-
bred mounts are Miss Margot ,iassee. ment will be presented under the dl-
rc-ction of Dr. Ed0win 1 Tolan, founder
Fouir-Day Event of New Rochelle, N. V. and Orange of the .Htaana Symphony orchestra.
raking a foremost place on the week- Park. Florida; Mrs. A. C. Tnompson. Ol d a ilude Lts an s a Mrgarlta
Elm hurst, Ill and M rs D W V. Boice Am a og. e n e ns of th ru a. E
end metl calendar. the Miami BIltmore of Princeton N. J. who will show ber Arango. exponents of the rumn. E
National Horse Show which opens at famous hunt team, Mickey, Helen of Mendez Capote. HiIda Salazsar. dancer;
the Tropical Park race track Saturday Troy and Secret Violeta Jimirtnez. pianist: Josaquim Rod-
night will be accompanied by a round Colonel Pitzhugh Lee. a grandson or riguez, baritone. Pot Otau San Mar-
ot entertaining during the four days of Gen Rubel t E Lee. v ho is atatlor,.en ti and Conchr1a Espinsa.
I Procreoa uf the entertainn'tent, which
its duration. Many famous personali- ot Fort McPherson. Atlanta, wa amont._ a benefit. wii be devoted to the
Sties of the bunt and polo world already early arri als for the show, being a I. Eds of Cuban retesb Ind Miami sc-
are arrlting at the Miami Btitmore member of the'ittre in charge of
Hotel to remain throughout ttWe show. plans and also one of the J,idges. In a cording to lta Sproule Baker cha.,.ir-
Hotel to remain throughout tre show. Oeo re. o n nan Patron' will be Miuan'mian and
Preceding the opening of the show Sat- group from Forke t Gn e lho are LieGa. Cito n resini l bi Min mla
urd niht her wil b a umbr o twill take psi t in lie ,hoe- are Liner. unonarp esalgI lrn
urday night there will be a number of rs Water Bu iie Lieut. W Dr. Carlos de !a Torre. former preal-
dinner parties both at the Miami ill=I anlt M 'hI ui d Le ,- t denim. or Havana Ltniveiaity, Is president
m=%e Country club and at pmate amr Bradley. Lieut J K. Baker. Capt o tne Cuban suce. of Wrih Gen.
O A. Shulbert, H-arr' Knigrt and h
'"Thomas Herren. Mario G Menocal. former president of
4 ---- p$- A.S. Thompsoen. .of Padutah. K\ ,Cuba. and Dr. D. Mendez Capote former
A. '. Thomson ofe~ t Pareah Xoayprsdns
whose stables are famous In the Bilt SI'S pre. ele. are honorary presidents.
one of Other officers of the society are Dr.
Grass state, and who wil be o I Alu
HERE'S A SALE EVENT ,hau~ trereiiold ^0 P. Conchso* coronel CelealnO
HERE'S A SALE EVENT the Judges for the show, arrived 5eatrr- Aio F.C
YOU WILL NEVER day. Among Ihose wno hare made box B .*
reservations for the show during the *
FORGET last few asvs are Col. Henry L. Doneriv. 1. 1'. O'Connor Is Host
D R E S S E~~S president of the Florida Year-Round T. O .
DS C i Clubs; Charles A MicCillough. Miami To.) -o"'I-/ an" Friends
Beach and Chicago. Dr. T. M. Cassicc. Spring flowers aid spring fashlons
S Garden City. L. I Aloert LaaK'r. NCw doninared tile Fcene at the presenta-
-4 ^ I'I Yolk Robeit Law Purt Chester N V. ilor, of trie re ,ue international at the
0h0llrv. N J iMr. arid Mr? Hariey 8 'Ahtll- ir'' pairtlies aere elienl Enlter-
$' Flui ie. Aki on Ohic Cleninrt Crii 1 I iw., rie T. V 0 inij.r WAitsinr-
-- Frank Adair of Ata,,a ran Crl B.,Ir rl,. D C. cai linwt ol tie tnirid
of New York Sratps Snipping Board %hise guests
4 "ete Mr and Mrsi. Clharle-, Harv.ood of
MRH I AMB I1 HONOIR.D New Yoik and Edward J 8. Donovan of
RegS. irs C Robert Lanrb vas honored Wasl'ingtoo
R,'p recently with F party gisen 0o' Mrs L lion. Francis S McGarvey of New
$5 Maynard Smith and Mirs. C B. Briun Turk entertained Mrs. E C Cliffoid.
at the former's home In Shore Cre-i Mrs L C. Brerens, Miss Grace Clifford
Value Invited were Mrs. Adolph Thiale. Mi's and Hon John T. Cahill.l, all of New
a Cbarlotte Libonati. Miss Mary and Mis.a York. Ed C. Crawford of Oshkoah, Wis.,
1 Frances Kendrlck. Mrq Elinor Lee. Miss was host., to David J. White and Oon-
Ada McClurg, Mflss Erna Dwark. Miss ham H. Whitney of Boston and Wll-
Tralv a. amUle| Eugena Macha. Mrs Jesse P. Montz. Hlam E. Poelock.
colletion of bekutl- Mrs. J. W. Page. MJis Nina Whitney, Another party Included Mr. and Mri.
fel on'e and two- Mrs. Gertrude Davrs. Mrs. Harold Dare WaJter Johnsotn of Chicago. Mias Kath-
lie*@ madel, kIn I and Mrs. Ruth Walker. ryn Wood. Roanoke, Va: Prank W.
Gura nted washd "Easerv. Oak Park, Ill.: Missa Elizabeth
dusraancd w a 1
sllks and glnahams. Douglas. Asheille, N. C: W. H Mans-
In e n t i field. New Brunswick. N. J Charles
moedl In Junior aises 8 to i4. Mos Coughs rhy tr,,ecAisJCwsad
Iieludad in thli evenl-a two-plece AIlOSI Hershev entertained airs J Cowlea and
ol li Juor 1. 8 t 14. u" *lereiena Eames of New York. Mrs.
UALANCF or STOCK REDUCED Demand Lromil ion Par'ker Busn had as hrr guests Mr. and
IN PROPORTIiON SitM, C wrtuimmond Jones
Don't let them get a strangle hold. Mr. and Mirs Frederick W Jones en-
SE W E L -Fight germs quickly. Creomidsion corn- terained Mir and Mrs B Lathain.
J EW L bhines tbe 7 best helps known to modern Dr ana MrS. Cnarles E Paiu'-iacl J C
DRESS SHOP science. Powerful but harmless. Pieaseant .angdell of Jackson. Mit-. was host
SHALCYON ARCADE In lake. No narcotic.. Yourdrulgist will nteritauing Misa Giace Haidy rand Mr.
.212 N.4i refrfAd your money if any oough or cold mjnd Mrs. T A Busby of Birmingham.
2 145 E. Flager St. lived by Creomulsion. I adv.i ams eintrlained Mir and Mrs. Frank
scoff. Mr and Mrs Anfred Anderson.
Dr sna Mirs. W 0. Sanchez., Mir. ana
SiM Yrs Harry Lidb.ri Mrs E Everson
*rB fand 01 L. Patterson
WNl Y O U At7^ Otners attending were Mir and Mrs
.J. W. Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. De Forest
W i n T^ ', w, ~ Keyes Mrs J Gordon. Chicago: Mrs. J.
M A L TH S SGorov Mrs. 0 R Mioulin, Mis LIllian
M A I T H IS Hirshfield, Miss Ethel Hirhftleld, Mrs.
M A L I M. Mendelson. Mrs. Charles Cohen, Mr.
and Mrs. Clllrf Smith, Mrs. Catherine
Colson. Robert Leeds. Atlanta' Dr. and
FO R M" Mrs. Charles L. Gesell, Jr. Brooklyn,
N. Y: Dr. Norman Fisher. Toledo; Miss
l Helen Farber. Rochester. N. Y.: Mr. and
Mrs. H. Weiner, Toledo, and H. F Me-
__,, Guire.
,Wg R ISC". __ ----BestKnwn Way -
S "-- .-' Sti 91, 441 "D rot 14th a8lr-- York Cll .f,
Pae i w. es m NBM l r kdal. Al.F ja. To Clear and
.-," -,P. STe.Y Du." (E s --,iash ., / rhiten the Skin
/ ..---"---." ------------... No more worry with a dull. dark.
S Al-l- --.-- -,-.._ / oun-litly ,-ori.piexic.n. Try Nitinola
Blc.r hirq:- ''ienrn. teltped and trusted a
C m~', n -... ..... .. ..................f.....r..... ~5rcj'to r na genera- C
L -J- --------- ----- - llun for whi-tening.
,a l rinfg and aniootlh-
Sg Itht skin to ra-
ILEASE clip this coupcn for your dog 1-iaSO,. ....1- W u..ji
.... Let him see how much fun it is HOWTOCAREFORi ... t.i.
S,,,a|NDFEEDit i. sir,.:, u-
toD gnaw on this real dog food, that looks pi .-

nIr -. I, -II, g iI.hA;,
,I 'I l e- c,, ii ,D
i -d i .' 'in sri a -r
ri % l,^ t*" 1.r I".
| u .,. r. vi, I| ,.' ..N l .ap
jP .. i .UJ ,t,.I l,,.....l h",
l i ',l, In IIi ri.'Io hh-i'.-

I 'Ir, a ll 11 1,
f f i,,.r I r f,,, <* I In '
-, II / ~ a a 1 l~ ,.f k .['.. '.- ,*l ,ln
l-'lt r, I,,IIB I 'I, ,I, .'.rtlv ","." t, fl, ap"-
I .[r l" F, ri, l r, l:., ",I'hf a il ii~g M itilr.','
h r K g'lLi i.trilf. n ef'. :r' I'a.'i k'ige.--

and tastes lake a real bone. He will enjoy
the good, dean beef meat in itL
Yon want him to keep his happy frisky
vigor, don't you? Then watch what he eats.
Protect his health wilh Milk-Bone, for
dirty years the favorite of thousands of
loving masters. And when the sample is
e, remember there's more at yaw
dealer's. Ask him when you shop.


m a W i nm~lmn

At Tea This Afternoon

New York \'isitor Entertaining
Friends With Parly At Beach
Cabana Club
Earle Alexander of New York'will en-
tertain vith a tea in the patio of the
Beach Cabana club this afternoon. An
orchestra will plas for dancing on the
improvised floor overlooking the ocean.
Among those Invited are Mir and
Mrs. Haves R. Browning. Mr. and Mrs.
John Bullen, Mrs. Mary Bullen, Mr.
and Mirs. Edward S. Knapp. Mir. ann
Mrs D C. Eltlood. Mr. and Mrs. Allan
Ryan. i.Mr. and Mirs. John Rutherford,
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Oilman, Mr
and Mrs. Robert, W. Gifford, Mr. and
Mrs. Horatio Gilbert, Mir and Mirs
Gould Shaw. Mr and Mrs N. Lambert.
Mr. and Mrs. Sharp Ezelle, Mr. and
Mrs Otto Mleren'an Mir and Mrs. Wal-
ter Wickes, Mr. and IMrs. William Hal-
sled Vander Poet
Mr and Mrs. K C G. Bllings. Dr.
ana Mrs. Duncan Owens, Mr. and Mirs
Charles Burkett, Jr, Mr. and Mrs. Ell-
son Boggs, Mr. and Mrs. J Miller, Mr.
and Mrs. Alfred Danis, Mr, and Mrs.
EIbrldge S. Boyd. Mrs. Kenneth M.
Murchison, .irs. George Brittarj, Mrs.
A. R. Dowling, Mrs. Edith GOreene Weed,
Mrs. Martha Johnson. Virginia Sim-
monds. Miss Julle Simmonda, Mias
Aurelle Murchlson, Miss Betty Battlle,
Robert Davis, Dudley Lawrence, Page
Francis. Joseph Lynch. Malcolm Whit-
aker, Frederick Britian and Halsted
B. Vander Poel

Slhadou'Ilain, P.-T. .4.
Obsp'rreu Frand'rs Day
l M. Ca D A ,,, ..h 'nth ge 'o A ".ultinders' day alpaot reptado hb
J a hirs. Eeima Page. vas feature of tlue
4Hote' fte founders day ob.erv'anoe at Shadow-
lawn. School Tueada%. Sirs Homer
Graham explained Tile function of the
citizens' library comn'ilee.
MAirs. W. W. S0helihng. caeterta chair-
man, announced that next Tuesday will
be all Florida products day In the
cafeteria. AMrs. W. D. Thurmond. house
Col. sad M s. Caring Dinkler of Atlanta, who me the guests or. Walter and grounds clialrinan, raportad 125
Cbtandler# a Moistl veladeds, atea pletmed latss hrI theg arden of the Pan- treus and shrubs donated and planted
coal Hotel. where sissy waseranertsisd aat a beach, eatasta huneheon on In the school grounds.
Tuesday. Golonel DIpMl utw o Is eleutve bead of ti Dinkier ciialn of Vera Smith Ingley presented the fol-
eats ieH o The Dlslers Jlowing program. Reading, "Encourage-

--- --- Is~~l r qU thaee of ao~ TLlulee Ginilia The, MIiB Bemr
igtthe*,I te i'Of M repoia T S pia ar ande meant" and Coquette Conquered"
WaAse the aoe e o t Nuine In Al tog by HAlexander by Miss Pauline Olde; vocal elect ions.
S~:tudlo. "Lullaby Aria from Joyceland" i God-
dardi and "L'Amour Toujour t'Amour"
uunch e n4 u PFrumli and "Snitin' Thru" by Miss
Lon, he nade P errc r og Dorothy Lee. ascctmpanied by Mrs
ivren On Terree Joyc e Buchanan; reading, "Between
Spcaos~Two Love0s' i T. A Dale% and'I mn
S pe ta ors At R"ace of a Little Girt' or, Miss BernIce
M1rs. Henry L. Doherty Among Bea,ers
rhoe e Enlertainilig Metropolitan Opeta Slar and C. T Carby of Washington. D. C. were
With the advOace of the winter se- N= aband Hosts T To Nola.le at lricheon together.
Sson, the vine-shaded terrace of the At Luncheon t ir and irs Wi'll Sharpe Kitnier
Mnami N Btmore Hotel I. the daily ren- and Dr and MArs. W D Jack were doanl
aezaous tor gay Luncneon parties. Grace Moore, Meticpollan Opera for the afternoon from Palm Beaco
Yesterday's groups Included M star, and her husbsd. Signor valentine hand occupied the Kilmer ah,..
"Je. n Thaver of Philaoelphia viewed
Henty L. Doheity. whose guesah were Parera, we;e hosts at a luncheon in'the races front toe Widener box w'In
Mr and Sirs H P Wilson of Washing- the clubhouse dining room at Hialein i P. A. B Wilenir II &H. Alvinlntyre.
ton and New York and Marcel A. Park yesterday. Their guests Included qeicrelarv to President-elect Franklin
Ooitschl. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Melghan George1 Rooseselt. and Eaward Donovan of
Mrs. r M.sT Comerford of o Mranton.Aan sMig Cer- the inaugural committee. Washington.,
Pa.. entertained Mrs. Louis DeOroff. Ade and Mr. and Mrs Fred Zlmmer- were among the visitors In the boxes.
Miss De Norma DeGroff and Miss Muriel man of New York
Comerford. all of Scranton. John Sanford of New York enter-
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sarazen enter- tained at luncheon his son-In-law and
gained Lester Rice of New York and daughter,. Mr and Mrs. Sidney Legen-
Paris. Capt. Thomas W. Herren of Fort dre, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albert Mc-
Ogletuhorpe. Ga., had as his guests Capt. KIM of New York sod Benjamin Fun-
HarrjKnlght andLieut. W. J. Bradley ney of South Carolina. Mrs. Legendre
of Fort Oglethorpe. wore a whlta sports frock In wide wale
tertained Mrs. Oeorge Dowling of New and white rough straw handed In red
York and Mrs. D. V..Bolce ofPrince- groagraln, .G .
Other luncheon guests were J. C. cut-out design was worn with white
Stanton. Montreal. Canada: A. L. John- accessories. Mrs. McKim. who races
son. Jacksonville: Leo Wallerstein. R. horaee of her own. Is a sister of George
W. Phillips of New York; Mr. and Mrn. H. "Pete" Botwick. widely known anta.-
T. E. Brantff, Oklahoma City. Okla.: teur steeplechase rider, who Is In Eng- f
Mrs. E. W. Hopping. Mrs. E 8 Knapp. land now and expects to compete In
Jr., R. A. Grannise, all of New York; Mr. the Grand National Steeplechase at
ansod Mrs Charles B Shaw. Bernice and Liverpool. (For a Limnit
Charles Shbaw, Jr., ot Dallas. Texas. Mm. Ramon Cantarrana. re Sail-
ing Bauruch, Mirs. Russell Johson. all
of New York, and Mrs Julio Sancnez
o, ... o.... .,/\ Spe
Personal M mention together Cub, were t luncheonA
b_____ Alrs Edward Luther Mrsr P H Keav-
Mr and Mrs Albeit J. B~iler have Ieny, Mrs. W. L Sheafer c.f Pott'.ille.
.as rlir guestr at ileii hone in CoconutI Pa. and Miss IsaioEIl Srlc.r of Wil-
Grot Mr ann Mirs Paull J Cnalloner Iminglon, Del, fornien a luncheon G IF
of New York who hase been visiting group.
in St AuusLtinre. Furt Laudaroaie and Mrs. Daniel Lane of Bosron had as i
O0iriiuo .oid ill spend two veeks here her luncheon guests Mir and Mr' Wll-
btlEore aornc io PineULursi. N C Mir aUni lar F Bartholonmew' of Bo .t.'-n Mrs .
Mr- Biller g-ae a aniall luillheon at' Latue'sa white roucri crepe fiO.:K as
the Bath club \esterdav In their honor. worn with a green and unrie s.-arf.
---- laced through the neck of the rown.
Mir and Mirs C H Storms and family and tied In a bow in front A notable -
end Mir arnd iMrs D T Dawsaon of Rli- feature of Mirs Laneq roun crepe en-
erdala on Hudson, N. J., are at tle semble In white was It- green and w hire
Dallas Park Hotel. searf colifr. laced rhroiiuh 'the frock
at the neck and tied in front in a yVothirinr
W J Cahll of Colinmbiui. Ohio. Is' large soft bow. i'Suai r 5a
here for an Incefinite stav and may Mr and Mr" Karl W Corbv and Mr' P'eotm

remain prrrrarnPentl. He is aT 31" N
IN Fir.t street.
Capt John Londergrii. retired and
Mrs Londergan. of Flishing. N Y are
stopping at the Virginian apaitntent!.
1027 Collins avenue. Miami Beach.
Lierit John J. Bulmian of New York
is in MIfRtl oni a vacationn
Dr and Mirs Thomas Youngman have
arii,,a from Ventnor Clty. ,N. J. aind
are grSels at tie Ntenelia aparnrenis
in CorJ Gables Dr Youngman is pres-
dent of toe First National Bank of
Mi aind Mis WIllUant J Cot'way hase
irtli td tru1in RO._Ki:lie Cente, L I I
cn iteI ..,perciini' tre reitiaaincer or the
. tirer at tru Ri ii a Pila.a, fa Xlihi
Prieqiiest vlsliots to Milainil are Miss
Inez aJid Mit., Bern June. v ho re.0lt
ha.e rtu.ined frumn Domlnicaji College
in Nc, Orlepan- to be with their par-
ernt Dr rird Sir E MS. Jones at the
Hotel AlIa Palm Beai:n. Tney formerly
resided her-
Mrs H SLtari Gairett has recovered
fron injuries rLce-%cied in an accident
three weeks sgo
Mil" Muriel GOodson and Miss Nellie
Svnt-,netiv will co to WeFt Palm Besach
todav To attend the funeral of Mifss
Goocldon s grandfather, aamnes Griffin.
Mr and Mr' Jamnies S McClosky of
Portland MSi i'a'.e Iessed home ih
N E Seientieth street uor tne remain-
d'"r of the winter aind have as their
pi,. S Mrs Etiward McKIl. of .-.irh I
Orange. N. J. who arnited on the Ss
Beikshire fromn Baltimore Tuesday.
Misi Harriet Guthrie of Jacksonmill
Is ,i-iintg her sunt. Miss Nannie \W.
G.ttrie. at Elie Fink apartments

1 4uss ._
N0 t0


They eat the S
bait . and 1
die! Harmless in pelqt
and fovl.. Cnors hut a lew cenl' each.

How Does
an Actress

iMalinee and night.
two perlormannes.
that her menstrual
flow iiat ils height.
An actre-s o often
must submit losuch
an inron\ enien.e.
but do, s nlit suller
the t;iial p'itn.
T\lidol blur ks all
possibility o'f any
nmenstrual pain. for
hours a L a tille.
Taken inu ,duan'e,
you will n..t hate
one uncontlrlable
moment. If the pains have begun.
they are slopped in seen minutes!
No woman need be a n'art\r In her
mnnthly periods. One Mldll tablet
will convince you. It can't hoirm y-u,
for it is not a narcnoi,. All drugstores.
Simply ask for Midol.

To End a Cough
In a Hurry, Mix

This at Home
BSavi 2. No Cooking! So Euy!

MillIons of housewives bare found
That, by mixing their own r,,iigb m'd,-
Vine, they get a purer, mor, effuciirp
remedyv. They uae a recipe whib'hh u1r0t
abouIt oJnefourin as mcith as rradv-
made medicine, but which re-ally has no
equal for breaking up obaunate coigbhs.
From any drugei-t. ge:t 2.1 ouin.i,
of Ptr-s. Pour thiis into a upit brlttl"',
and add grainulated sugar syrup to till
up the pint. The syrup iq easily made'
with 2 cups sugar and one cup waIrr,
stirred a few moment R until di,,lr,,l.
No cooking needed. It's no tr'ubhle- at
all. and makes the mo'L eff,'live-
remedy that morePv wouldd buy. Kpee.i
perfectly, and hIbldrf-n Ionre It taste.
Its quick a-tion in loosrenin ri,"
phbtem. clearing the air paEar'. snD.I
soothing away the inflammat i.n. ha
caii'.d it to be used in more home
than any other Pinex is a highly cnnc'ntratCd comr.
pound of Norway Pine, fammnus fnr i-
ealing effect on throat membrnps, r. r
is guaranteed to give prompt relief or
money xnfunaded.

-AamusnmL II

Akolms^o --"

RE A &

"- ', i r.,

Club andn A ux ilianr v Mrs. V. E. Elsfeller, Mrs. Thomas
.I aJones. Mrs. W. Hayes, Miss Lucy Allen,
Will Give Minstrel' Mrs. J E Parrish. Mrs. W. P. Herman.
_ Mrs. Clyde Corein. Mrs. Erling E.
nha l No B e in T Hel iF Avar'. Mrs. James Wellbacher, Mrs. J.
ehearsals Now Being Hleld ForH: as-e, Mrs. J. 0 Stelnhauser, Mrs.
Benefit Entertainment E P. Frye. Mrs Lester Keene, Mrs.
W e o Co u c l Paul Mueller, Mrs A L. Bussell. Mlsa
Women of Cocoplurn Womans club: ,
and member of Lindlev De Garmo el Trenrel Miss A Croft nd
Amerlran Legion auxiliary will give a Miss Mary Croft.
minstrel show on February 23 at the
Cocoplum Womans chin "The cast. is RECEPTION FOR PLA\I RIGHT
composed of women of both organiza- Waiter Prichard Eaton. dramalle
lion The show will oe a benefit an1 critic and playwright, will be a guests
will be followed by a comedy. Miss, a "The Romancers," Civic Theater per-
Zilda Elisfeller will direct the perform- I formance tonight After the final cur-
ance. tain a reception will take place in order
In the cast will be Mrs J. J Miller. that guests might have the privilege of
Mrs C. Et nesi Snvder Mrs Thaggart. mee'lne Mr. Eaton Refreshmenits will
Mrs W J. Shelly. Mrs E L. Thompson. be served.

Do this for

Your Child in


SHow to rid any boy or girl of
sluggishness or constipation and
build a big appetite.

S The trouble with children who will not
eat is usually stasis The symptoms are
S/ a tongue that's alwvavs coated. bad
," breath, pnor color, dull e\es that are
often a bilious yellow No appetite, no
ambition-even for play. Hard In gel
S to sleep, hard to wake in the morning.
R l" r onrlition. It gi\e hli',lles; ynolngler's ihq
appetite and energies or a young animal
They eat!I They gainlI They keep well

S The California Treatment
conquers Sluggishness

lc ondilion that keeps children from eat-
inmg. But the trouble is in the lower bowel
| -he colon. California fig syrup is the
Only "medicine" needed lo stff late the
colon muscles. The very next day, your
child is eating better and feeling better.
Keep on with the fig syrup a few days
and you will see amazing improvement
;in appetite, color, weight and spirits.
Any drugstore has the real California
fig strup, all bottled, with directions.
Nature never made a nicer actLng or
'," nicer tasting laxative. (It is purely
vegetable) Remember California fig
syrup uhen sickne-ss, a colnid or any upset
::. has clogged a child's bowels.

BaiEn then it's something to gine childrenr
some sinns will try to substitute.
So be sure the bottle sail


if t


'd Time




ft (Half the Regular $2.90 Jar)
) With Every Dollar Purchase of

P a s t e
SK'F Pasteurized


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2_ Kleenex Tisueis .....17c 5Cc \Voodburv's Cold Cr. .34c
1Oc LuX Soap 12 for ..... 79c 30c W.'itch Hazel, pints . .24c


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In Greater Miami

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In Dainty Purse-Size Flacon. 2
Formerly $1.00. Special ............ JC





k : , ; , '

lhe yachl Nournimahal. tipproaic-hiig larnil harbor. I [toii sabot e .tIlilt f n .iltty p'eedtl'( toil ile port iJi'tt. lI
orcupant- seeking a pre-arrihal gllnipe of Mr. ltooevirlt. The presidi-nt-elect ha been ienitinlg a brief hItliin
crul-e ihrii gh nasters o"t lhe lerld. nalt heftore gellilt it elu to the dilties of tlihe prre-ltlent. -Pnri.-jtoraphi oy
Ml.ariil Be-ch Ne'.s Service taken Iro-r tie Good,,ear blintp PuIllan.

A portion of the crowd which gathered early In the evening to hear President-elect Rtoierelt'i speech In Ba.-
front park Is shown above. Thousands thMin whed to get tilthin ete-lhot during the speech were forced to tirn
hack because the park %as filled with early-comers. The photograph above ws' taken shortly after dark.-Pho-
tograph by Herald Studio.
"Am was supporting him." Wood id, elect. -ie sjd: 'Yes, and I would be
tethird shot was fired." glad If I had killed the president-elect.'
GUNMANhomas Armour. 901 S. W. Twenty- "'Don't you like our president.-elect?'
ninthoavenue. carpenter, In t. eth he. was aked.
K ninth avenue. carpenter. in the third "'I hike Roosevelt personally, but I
row of seats, standing on the seat. don't like pTesidents.' he replied.
TING IN PA K said he noticed that two swarthy-faced "- Why don't you like presidents?'
men pushing through towards the he was asked
I "'Rich men send their cnlldren to
Continued from Page 1 president-elect. shoving aside people school and vhen I was a young man
and josiuint.a se-ral women who com- rich men'B sons uaent to Echool 'hille I
silenced. The tide was turned to Roose- plannedd Inoiznantly. worked in a brick factory In Italy and
Veil and his nomJnatLon loliowxed. I As Mr. Roosehelt finished his speech. o burned "nm'e"f indicaim g his bared
H. 0. Shaw sat among the spectators and the cantk men asked hin to turn Etomach
'ear the front and witnessed the shoot "Then we asked him when he got
earthefroniand give them a smile for a picture- the idea to kill the president-elect and
Ing. He said the would-be assassin ap-
parently aimed at Mr. Roosevelt heirshhch was done--ir. Armour noticed he said-
that some person quickly pushed his one of these nen iathding mnmeoiaieiy "'About two da~s ago. I bought a
m u wth be result hat the shotsli cents and saw that the
frm those just ab The auoto in front of hin, up on another seat. president-clect w96 coming to Miami
flew among those just aboIe the auto- leveling a nickel-plated gun directly at So yestcEoa,' I 'tnt to a place In Mtiianil
mobile. 'the pre-manr-slet's head. -asenue ti-t nad a big ft,,o and said
A B 'illis. another member of the iorue in ii ad purhn a
executive committee, was about to de- "He fired before I could grab hIA "donev to Loan and purchase- a gun
liver to Roosevelt a 2412-foot tel'grasm arm." Mir Arnnor said. tien I grabbed He tnen %,is asked if he iould shoot
of welcome bearing the signatures crf e
28017 persons, when the shots were his arm at itie eLbow' and pushed it the .shertuf or a prince oifit-er and e j-
and0 threens. more shot ripped weF d: 'No. the are poor working people
fired. t up the shots hre f sts but I WOUld be glad if I'd killed a presi- lenihpts of the press are shnssn abose In conference t:th Preident-eiect Franklin D. tott.'-elt -horlh afier
Ar the time the shots were tred. !into the air. There were four shots cent "- his orrial in Miami harbor aboard Vine-t Aistor's vach I Nourniahal. At the end of the table, behind Mir. RnoP-
members of the official reception party fired altogether, to the best of my He said inat 10 years ago he In- tell. is sealed Vincent Astor, his host on the cruise, and standing at Mir. Alsron left In Prof. Ra mond toilest. one
grouped around President -elect Hoo-e-
round Presideinteldectd ~ recollection. The next Thing, a police tended to kill the king oa Italy but of Sir. Roosesell's sdsisorq. The cake on the table bore the Inseription; "To Ihe best shipmate thli Tub ever had."
velt's automobile Included Henmv L didn't get a chance"
Doherty. Joseph E. Widener. Frank B. officer made a running jump toward us Mrs. Willts a cCrary, 1060 N. W.
Shutts, Walter S. Hammons and Joe H over the front rows of seats and Second street. said
Gill. The bullet which struck Mayor knocked us down by his rush. The "I ''as standing about 15 feet from 'Don't,' as I jerked his arm to the I room in a N. Miami avenue rooming
Cermak had to pass through this group, man wsas struggling with me. trying to the president -elsect's motor car and he right. The second shot then was fired, further questioning.PL AfAIS HO Y l
andn all members of the party regarded get away. I was having a hard time. had Just finished his speech and sat Before the other two shots were fired The man, according to Policeman W. PA N O
,their escape from harm as little short and some woman was helping to hold down In the car and I thought the A. Clark. dined wtrh the would-be
of miraculous. him." automobile was slowly moving off when Mr. Armour also seized the man's assassin at 7 p. m. and had known-
-MfdS~h5n....~ ..OUI 9 a~~n lnt-n M..~XI1L --- D1udnl21asdaecOo hrep5-ATJ ULJ UL1LUU UIIUU DViU ia tt atM OMYLUj)[)j ~ lil

Cr oomeoftr 01'C 0 uOUUT) 21Kin 121at 11' "Iloneirrnall 111denyl a deafened cy threeps g1n onu spiie eaa mHUnB niteu?~yi UBII frl' ilI I mUITUI
Democratic executive committee, was I got up and in the confusion, with tol shots fired by a man who was stand- upward. Then -two more ahots were since December. He also Is an Ital- l iiI n nr
standing by the automobile, beside everyone mixed up trying to beat him JIng on a bench a few feet behind me. fired." Ian. police said.
Mayor Cermak, when the first shot was and kick him, I thought they were Then men rushed at him and in a few Robert Gore, Florida publisher, said The suspect expressed surprise at 1 P I
fired. Wood, who had been assigned killing the man as he quit struggling, seconds they bad him on the ground, he heard the man exclaim: Zangara's act, told police that the Coninued Irom Page i
by the committee to seat and care for Several more policemen came and I had About an hour and a half before the "Well. I got Cermak." man had never discussed any such
the comfort of the mayor during the an Idea of walking out of It altogether, president-elect made his speech I no- Roosevelt, waved his hand to the plans with him. He said Zangara had Italian, the gunman related that he
program, said that Roosevelt turned, but several people pointed me out as ticed the man who fired the shot push- croad to show that he was all right told him he was a building con- was bor In Italy and that he came to
smiled and said, "hello. Tony," a.s the man who had 'saved the president' ing his way through the crowd trying as his motor car started away. tractor. wbi country In 19 3 He Inaisted he
the first shot was fired. Cermak. he so they took me on up to the stage to get to the front and when refused A crowd estimated at times at 500 Police said they found that the would- this country n 1923 He Insisted e
said. was struck by the second shot. and made some pictures. Then I went he stepped in back of me and it made persons milled around police head- be ass.asi bad been residing in an at- had no religion, that he oaid not be-
Sover to police headquarters with some him mao. He was accompanied bv an- quarters and the courthouse during the tic bedroom on the third floor of a hle'e in God and that he was not a
AT ALLOOOD T.-,FRUJG STOREj officers and made my statement." other man v.hen trying to pu:n nis ,ay night and eMen until early this morning roonlog house at 126 N E Fiftn street member of any pc.itihal parr or group.
'.S,_ I L G. CresA.s. policeman who took the through the crowd Les tsIa an hour following the where they found amronc this personal .He b tterly itol o ro his .;ther
'^-' revolver from the would-be assassin t Mr W. F. Cro.s 1069 N W Second shooting, telephone calls from London. effects. newspaper clippilri, c rf tori e s "ei 0 i is air
said: "The presidenrt-elect had finished street. said. Envlano. Toronto. Canada. Los Angeles telling of plans of R.-se'.elt arriail took him trnm school as a south and1
SI his speecn ann the motor had al- "\Whrii te pre.loent-elect stood ti up and a dozen otnrer cities were received here. Lieur S W L m.nic ri.n. ied forced him to work. resuItlng In a
11 ready been started to move off. lHe to make r-i4 Epeecn. so many stood up on 'he police tlehrpnone board by Ted The searchers, reported hP ae.BI- fonuna permanent Ir)l.Ir\ from rhhch he sul-
S was changing hi_ position from the in front of rr.e I couldn't see. so I stood Ostob'. opeiat.i Zanara's cltlzen.nhip papers IfiI on rt oftiId n h pih och he s-
,n back of l-ve open car to the seat when upon on,- of the benches. and thiq man1 The Herald kas besieged by telephone September 11t l2l9. and nank books on 'fer to thi, da'. Bc,.'u'se he had not
r nid Reedy oI Rklifsic heard shois and looked to the ricnt stoeO 'p ath ni- sod the bench sl- calls frot dlstan points newspapers banks in Patern-n. N J. the ofl at en.ctlion. be
andNertis sufferers ,and apelect Blood and lo.:ated the mitn with a smokin nio-r folded up sn.-l I looked asiotirud land Indi' calling to obtain Infor- learned rie ocatit i r-f htickl:,ing. I
Punier. M ale l"n Blood Rich and revohrir. llt firti. standing In the and sav ne had a pistol and he began matl-n a. t,o what had happened i, I He couldl n'-r f-.pi.n n-, income. in-
Healthy. Buld, Strength and V,9or. second ro,' of se i.F ar the end shootIng to ,aro rie prestoenr-elecr t Bavir-.nt p.,rk. the condition of Ma'or ) OTHER it PI-(.T -H n l tlr p" .n ,r net non
e Alayi EWihrt, . WhySafe.? "N B Clark. R H Jackson. ryt fel- grabbed ,l .1. hin which h l-,id tne plO! Cermai: End any anLd all possible de- -]Ri ng n Pll h ht i ro a B r-r'. r l- I
5-1it 0 o oic;Panatsl yme ir!,op,;e i I -IirRacie- al RE HELD R) POL ICE he had earned ana a brirkl;,er. at-
i-,.,,. t0. ., t ....i low off'c re ans m',self Jumped oper and p ed p in te air ann l Cn lg te hosting. II t"-'- nr tlle hoorng.
.__. __ the seats and onto inre man. crushing for help. and 'Tomrn Aim nur i.raooed nis Jams A Farlte chairman of the A SL'spectl who 1 .allesid to rt .toe tnoun he han i' our r-f a", r '-rl
him to toe ground Persons In the rand. tand i.e eld ir tup in the air s.-I Democratlc naTional committee, tale- m- 6e the threat IhIr tie Lui1.uC,- -.fUl Ithree 'ears He '1d he hed n' mtrp
crowd started to sattck him I seized lhPe coitIn'L siltor fAny rtoe B% that I ph ned Frano B Shurt. publisher of aalt iipt ito a .ssinatre Prea-iernt-ele.:t than 200F at it,' ra ce dir l rhe
XRthSI N e gn from the ground". v'here It hban tn'ime si-ine men 'tre choKinc nim The Heraid at Toe Herald oflice short- R'se'le't oul"d ne f'ilic-'rd tp lrst three an's t"iliat he had been
E X C U R S 1 N been knocked by our impact aRamit Ed Riclolf 85. N % Foitv-'ixrn Sirret. Iv after the A-ocirlted Press flahed arrristed in the crowd itAti leaiined 1' Miami for 4'1' ,% e k
I F o r e ars. h e P.a lo h e p lo tte o in k illl
ROUND TRIP hlm We then rescued him from the sa I irle n rEs ci trne attempted aasassina.- snout the blocK in whi.,h i'he Pre-id-ni .- I For searn he cain hle ptt e o klle
cro'd anol placr-c him on the trink i as standing acalnat the ririt tear ltion to tni nation at 9 45 p. mn. Mr elect s prn, ate car imas hein in readiness e king ofItah oit that he never
.7 5O.TAMPA rack of the a'cret service automobile fender of Le motor car Roose-clt wa., Failey %s. vi;iblv agitated and was Jor na s departure ha he opportune r,
S' ST. PETERSBURG hat had also been loaded with person slttiln in He nad flinhea talking an'ji eacer for all detailsmaiash taken IntoCiicrdv by gun hn he,d 1, eight, he
Po.nt.RSB RG ho had been shot Toe motor car had j ust firisheo rh..king hanais h ili Theodcore Joslih secretary to Presi- Deteclles 0 J Da, is anrd T C San- lid, he boi.-ht in a Nor" Miami se-
And Other West Coast Points proceeded to Jackson Memorial hospital ma mn sho had haned h-im a paper dent Hoover. telephoned Mr Shutts at tarta ino said he attfnlprrtd to e-.:'pe I ue pa.n Eh,-,p tthpe- da,, .a,10 aith the
r5 .,ON PARK. with Sheriff Hardie Jack'on Clark. the which hle signed. Roeelr was se[r. The Her,lo office shortly after nld- a the'.' led him to hEcdquartei, lessI i ntentlr' ',Mf li i t,, ,.,hinnto to,
WINTER HlVE'. S-EBRBINO prisoner and myself clinging to the rear ting back in his seat l',en I heard night this mn-i rdci to get details of the than a block a'sa, A wion,.in v ho srtl. a.saslinate Pd-ilden Hooctr When he
t''EST LAKE WALES. bumper, three report In rapid surc.:.clon that traced',". sain he was calling for Presi- she vas his v'lfe alo vwas Tak'n into learned thlroitn n.a.c:3prprr rtlles
Eer"Arriving at the hospital the Injured I thought was the backftirir. oi police dent Hooter. Tne callers wanted fur- custody when she c.,me to ne.adquarter that Preldent-elec.t Roos'Eveir was
"r were taken in and the prisoner put motorclcle4 At the fourth report I their aerifliatlon of press association to Inquire about him coming to Miami. he changed his mind
id d id Into another automobile. On the way turned and looked oer my left shoul- stories and additional detaIls. and remained, plotting wliast he Oid
Friday and Saturday ,o county jail the prisoner was asked der althout moving out of my tracks The Wva.shineton Herald was CROWD IS CO.1IIEDED He Insisted that no one eno ed
Affordlng an Ideal Week-End Trip. if he Intended to kill the president- and saw one or possibly two. I can't an extra edition at 10 p. m., the same h poted hto on e. a
Return limit Monday folloswing recall which. spurts of fire come out of time The Miami Herald's first extra was FOR 11 IlNT.4l1NIG; ORDER him or prompted him to no It and that
dnte of sale. the gun which was aimed directly at being di'trlbuted to the crowded streets George Hussey Issued the folly long he ad not discussed hi a plan with
CONSULT AGENTS the bacK of Roosevelft's head The man In Mihmd. The crty editor of The Wash- s nt cha n c ep- a e Heasfat'hnr a rriedpher
ba^ that. was dcin the shooting was stand- ington Herald telephoned The Miami ta,:,ement: "As chairman ln ofthr conm ic-nd th at he has a f.r a sep-moher
CLIQUrII --I TABI.S -!- .B1 lnv on hisE tiptoes and han his arm Herald for additional details to be used roerly v ay in wrthih the cr,'d hand- Idthn_ a er ____________Intl
Neuralgia lu T1o minutes. Malaria.In outistretiched ober the crowd. At the In a second c-,ra in Washington lea thmseit.ies an c.-c,-per-arieo witn us.
S a aCbecksh CkColder first day. Headaehen or end or the fifth or sixth shot the presi- John T Bush. rhalrman of the coun- and the efficiency cf the ri.'- r1 t-
WLket3 day%. dent slumped doe n in his seat to ,:d.-:e tv DerrocrrinL committee, said: rnt Our re,-eptlonri nnitr 1e feels .
Ihs. sitel, D..6104 666 SALVE for HEAD COLDS sa' more pc.ssible bullets He p.aled "Th Dcrr-nocratc party of Dade co n- that The public in eentr.l 'sIh a -rF,
Ph, .-8811---61Q4 ^ Most Speedy Remedies Kno'wn pBelie'in more shots mipht be tired.f tv serlouily rcrets the unfortunate oc- s' h ts tari ur oie 'tount lr t .
., -- J"umped between the tuould-be I e in toe BV'ront park last night. Msor CermaK dire." to th hr-pital i
and tne presideni-elect which placed Iand tour jo int *caretln our standard %
me ricti in back or toe president-ele'r bearer I laddcned bv the assassins b':- s. s the mr.- t ismp\rtnit tohur 'i n do '
TheAIcat shot paed between tvi.c;d: let Let me thank all the good people Kil
and the prezident-elert's and buried it-forrtile'orderl. manner in-which the'.K il th e-C.ause
,Ielf in 'rue gicuno in front ? e the prest. I t -ctd durin' this terrific strain snr ci
moenr-elers motor tcr iEall ve thank ,o nGod that Goernor L"- -"- -rou e
"I saw Ma.or Crimk rof Ciictol R-Roosevelt was sa'%dd Irom the hands of O f k in rouble
mold,ng tiq nnFid. whi,:h _wasileencn Pf u c hP [ou s-f 4. Ir The tremendouls
I- proful from a bhaulet wi he end H i crowd a' nune the ceremonies attests Ir. Tj rni. u r .n
s' %-- A, s ,caeri ar.ound Th,. hp. him to the ponr.hla rt of ourmincomln pre' -aRnundinr Ihe' no" tkr1r,,. In '' i he'
I ^^^Inrt^^ ^^^l ^M^^ tna automobile Aith the prscident- denrt arid 'rhi rnfidence ll brain a r ,zls e'" It hals I .ra ca,.
aI ^ W ^^ ^ ^elect soadL the cIlr Fpeul I saw aI our 1t1tn u-ta. ki tn its rightful, pros-
epercior Guy' C. Proctor. gran thi asrnm perotls and happ,; tte." c urg a etrm. At Iel it Fcot. Fczemn.
Teirer. Itch and dttt oi n'.i aW FDoin
of the wo-.ld-be h AEA TAS-in. At rnat in-Sal, nF ,T,,.obleflhhe and ii 'its.l. r,t,
tan't tnre pN Wi lcemPn rabbrd theC C I OF ar 4 .Z..t s r- f-el a o r.a he nc I cO.rl
touild-hb r and placilno him ot Inx seosatirrn: -it1 a lt" -Lta ',ci .
the trunk rack of the secret service car. HEI.I) FOR Qt E'STIOAING -mac-It at li5 r el%-,,r-kn his h,'tieuiI
A s which sa directIl, in back of the A n. m crbed. by police a ciar if \ff-l'r v .h ,In d. ..-ri- -f
Absolutely %kn.atfo n rio-
Ronseoelt aLitomobile: they sped .aw: mmker n trr- A onnlon of the would-he' ,',s r. h .n e l from ny i vllltet anil i II
Firzhuch Lee driver m fthe pClafie s11 tpsaIn va a% rrrested early today in h IS o i .i r., nnne nrha. 1--.Afd
nonchangeoobile in which i.r. Rooseselt t 'non
no change ~riding.ei,thn I R 4h
lity "~~~~"The pre-ident-elecr w,,a stting In /$ .
nl U CCua I ~the back of th-e car Arn had ju.;r fin- i
nIshed hi speech when I heard the fir1t r ILNLK OD. OOSIP !- ELT
Ehot I pulled straivhm t ahead and cmaded___________
a left turn to get the president-electvSolv
_________________________________________ out of range I would hase kept Figo Wle Wielcome Our
but the preslat.nt-elect asked ime to
Stop and take Cermak in the car Theyi
1 IUL C'erman. in and secret Service men
!climbed cn the car which I dro~ssa-,
last as poaiole to the hospital'" Franklin D. Roosevelt
Maric-t F Fountain. 5i' N \t' F~tt
first ZTrret. sal 1w"I v~az a.tarndinu mnSailing from New York for Ihe Grand National
BEAUTY IN LAWNS AND FLOWERS front of the man with the zun and -,v -March 24 ..... 4s- k our local travel agent. ORDER OF AHEPA
ear wsas burned hb powder A woran Also. ChamplairsMar. Ifth;LafasetIe, liar 18th.
F HereIasvourbheot asmuroneroftlot-coat lawsoand rdenheautl! isoroitha grabeai tne mar .' at ani d .:rcn',d
scientific plant food. Cntmplele. balanced-clean. odorlep.e. Order enough tf or oc -tmerced frioc auo i ,rmed 7't Common St.. Siaa :
ever-ything sou srow. Get ti at sour law.n and garden auppli dealer' sn th, e to me se'cral shots went tip in tnee n
thrifty i00- b., 50-lb. and 25-tb. bug. s. product or Swift ,a (ompan.. ,air -NewOrlenn., I n.U,
Gu" Pr"'-ior 28 cf Tanpa Fir. 'I
FL;'rHORIZED DEALFR vSIGORO DAI ER wUas. etandinc neoi to the man itenAI E
Etoe hot, vera hired ,IOld,.nornty iMIAMII AGENTS ALL STEAMSHIP LINES
SONTUT EDN SEEDfl an'rn t,,In o,,nuanl i until tipn-irr shot
SOUTHERU SEED -ILDSON"111 ",,s fired I thcuhr That ... a- -I
N IrP CO. PURIN A Nfc,,%rn in ,.- :,io .'n A Thm-n I
Free rn I!ti-e preTide nse-ei. A- tu- ; .,ne'i1 330 East Flagler Street MIAMI CHAPTER NO. 14
201 S, MIAMl I A.VENUE 27-ifmP. Flatter -t. Pbnne .l toecro tineciMit ',ttrs --- 7"-t'e,',c'I' Chq', ('t c
is 117.5_W._FloaterSt. Phone_7.9111_-1Iseized the man's right arm and criedI_________--- ____________________

Aboard the lintant A-luor yatii Nourmahal, lhe presidenl-elect flashes
Ihe family smilet tipon mpmtrl- or the reception comminilttee who boarded to
welcome him to Miami. Sealed beslde him Is Joseph E. Widener. ehairmnm
of the board of the Miami Jockey club. Standing, In conversation wtll
Mr. Roosevelt. Is Frank B. .hutis. Henry L. Poherty, nil inagnate oand Miatd
developer. Is standing, hat In hand, behind Mr. Widenler.-Photograph b,




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Park View Hotel Dining Roomn Now Open


Courtesies of Park Vlew and Greal Southern hotels extended io parties whi attend
Riverside Miiltarv eArademv drFiji at I p. min. on S unda, s Dinner at noo n and In
the evening a Sundas feature or ihe Prb View Militarv band concert In Hardins
Cirrle. Sunds evening concert in hotel lobb). Musicales in charge of Mrs., Harry
('Cooku%. weil-knon NNew York entertainer.'

WM J I OWE. Mlanacer Holliwood. Florida



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Don't Miss It-All This Week
44 S. E. FIRST ST. (Opposite R: Burdine's)
10:30 A. M. 2:310 P. M. 7:30 P. M.
No Collection. Girls Uinder 18 Nat Admitted

. .. C^ '-


Prepared by Noted Chef....


rald Studio.









' p








Mrs. Adams Entertains

Coral Gables Chapter

Mrs. Charles Henry LeSueur and
Mrs. Leslie Lide Elected Con-
ference Delegates
Mrs. Earle Adams was hostess to the
Coral Gables Chapter, Daughters of tne
American Revolution. th-. week at her
home in Espanola drive. The dining
table was centered with an artLstically
arranged low bowl of gladioli, forget-
mie-nots and white blossom which
emphasized the red. white and blue
color scheme used throughout the re-
ception rooms. Tall red tapers were
placed at either end. Each guest was
presented a tiny American flag.
Mrs. Charles Henry LeSueur and Mrs.
Lesll Lide were elected delegates to the
statj conference In St. Petersburg In
Marei. Alternates chosen Include Mrs.
Charles B. Stearns, Mrs. Arthur Coding-
ton and Mrs Dan Quilllan.
Mrs. Opal Euard Motter gave a talk
on history, reading from Winston
Churchlll's "Richard Carrel." Mrs. L. A.
Jones, regent I' Everglades chapter,
talked on St. Dietaff's day and short
talks Were given by Mrs. Guy V. Wit-
llatmas, second state vice regent: Mrs.
W. L. Freeland, state parliamnentaTian;
Mrs. W. L. Caler, state magazine chair-
man: Mrs. LeSueur and Mrs Henry J.
Mrs. C. B. McAllister, chairman of
the musical program, presented Mrs.
Earl Rosser In a group of songs, accon-
panied by Mrs. John C. Sullivan. Mrs

A Special Grouping

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Otto J. Sleplein and Mrs. Jones poured
and assisting In the dining room were
Mrs. Dunlap 8. Carrlngton. Mrs. Le-
Sueur, Mrs J. H Cheatham and Mrs.
Ensemble I'ill Present
Chamber .Music Program

MNliami Conservatory Group \Vill
Appear At Recilal Hall
Music losers are Invited to a cham-
ber mu'ic recital tonlqht in recital hall
to be gnien by the ensemble class of
Walter Grossman of the University of
Miami Conservatory.
Following Is the program: "Trio in
D M4nor" iMoltor: "Allegro Agatato and
Scherzo" i(Mendelashon). by Lewis Eley
violin. Leonard Rose. cello, and Mildred
Greenberg. piano:; "Sonata In A Minor,
Op. 36" IfIrot and second movements)
iGrlegl, by Leonard Rose, cello, and
Evelyn Plagman-Jones, piano: "Re-
quiem" for three cello and piano (Pop-
per), by Leonard Rose, Walter Gross-
man and Cecile Hurst. cellos. Laurene
Evans at the piano: "Religl.dso." violin
cello quartet iGoltermanni, by Leonard
Rose. Cecile Hursr, Walter Grossman
and Richard Oates: "Trio In A Minor."
theme and variations (Tachaikousky).
by Charlene Steamrns Gould. violin, Wal-
cer Grossmon. cello, and Evelyn Plag-
man-Jones. piano
** *

R. B. Burdine Is hlst
Honoring E. B. Beichlpr
R B. Burdine entertained whit a
dinner party In Aubv's Lagoon. Miami
Beach supper club. Tuesday night in
honor of E 0. Belchler, presioeit of
FrIlldaire Corporation. Dayton, Ohio.
Others In the party were E. B. Donald-
son of New York. Hil.ver McDonald,
Miss Grace Beauchette. Miss Betty
Bailey. Miss Peggle Burns. New York
and Mrs. Louis Chadwick of New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Winchell gate a
dinner party and Carl Maxwell enter-
tained a group

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w w-. i
A grsupp of 'itltr- pictuIrI at the Beach Cabana (lb Intclude-. mand-
Ine. Mrs. H. F. Leoinardi. Albert liielon of ta-thlngton. D. C. Mr. PFraink
Denton of PlIttlbureh. Sitllng, MT. E 1% heeler of Kan-a-. Mcr. Albert Denoni
of 1a thit glon. and F'rank Denltn rf l'itt',birgh. Fr.ank min1ti4i i pre-l-
dent of the Mellon ronk .f l'itl',hrirgh and a nimPtier of the -ltiirliiut hoard.

Riverside Junior Cudets
Share Honors .4t Party
The Hollywood Beach Hotel enter-
tained Its Junior guests and Junior
cadets of Riverside Military Academy
with a Valentine pany at the hotel
this week. Mliss Eileen 0 Kane. social
director, was In charge. Balloons and
valentines were given as favors. Assist-
ing Miss O'Kane in entertaining were
Mrs. Ben Holmes. Mrs. Harry A. Dame,
Mrs. J. J. Mullaly. Mrs Nell Martin
Bauknight and Capt. C. R Taylor. In
behalf of the Junior canets. Cadet Capt
William Pawley presented Miss O'Kane
with a box or candy.
Those attending were Joan Jos(phel-
ofl', Carol Josephelofil. Betty Warner.
Elaine Greensfaw. Joan Blumenthal.
Sally Bowmaill. Su;anne Bowrna1ll,
Madelon Pennick, JJcqueline Pennick.
Jane Schlosser. Joan Schlscser. Judy
Rosenbaum. Claire Zemrsay. Rosalie
Zemsay, Carol KeEnan, Lucille Beaver,
Lotilse Beaver. Lellle Curtis. Peggy
Linarer, Helen Moore. Patrlcia Brarndt.
Nancy Wagner. Mae Mather. Jean
Mather. Fells Wach-tetter, Etnel
Pcaro and Hair.' Har'is Sonny W Vat-
soin. Edward MarKiE. Benia mm Heller.
EoaArd Burke. Milton Cirarn'ian. Billy
Blumenthal. Jimmy Ro'enbaum and
the cadets.


The third of a series of morning
musicales sponsored by Mis Bertha
Foster at the Roney Plaza Hotel, will
be given at II a. m. on February 23.
Eva Gordon Horabesky wll be pre-

- -Juniors of the Miami Chapter of
the American Association of University
-- Women, Mrs. Roy Schneider. chairman,
will serve as ushers at the WhJie Tem-
ple tonight when Miss Dora Barker of
the American Library Association will
address citizens of Miami on municIpal
Mrs. Schneider will be assisted by
Miss Annie Lane Coall, Miss Henrietta
Graham, Mrs. L K Kunz. Miss Evelyn
Lyle. MrN S',dnsv' Welntraub. Miss
Margaret Pace. Irs E. M McKenzle,
i Mrs Walter Pierce and Dr Gall Fryer.
S. P Rmoincau a illl oe the speaker lor
the evening. Mu-ical rnumibr r- 'sill oe
given by NIA SaSra Braiken, ilnii-t.
accompanied by Harry D.sle, and Mi:s
Mabel Bruinson nccnp.irianied b,, Ce-'il
Wrinkle. Mrs S. S MN:Carhiill president
of Dade Cuunt', F Paeration O1 W.'.:nin's
( Iibs, ali" pietice

Delta Gamma Alumnae sill hase a
luncheon at I p. tri. Saturday. at toe
MicAlllsier H:-Tel 0 Rer,.t.ion n'iV be
made with fir; Leonard Tnomson at,
the norel. Vi-iting Deita"Gammas are


Marriage of Miss Mars Poore to Wirth
M. Manrioe. Si -lIephen's Church. Co-
rnnut ("rose. I, :,i a. min.
Mount Olivet Order of Beitiludes,
7 4tn pi m. Blca'tne lemile.
Emunah Chapter 1;'. 0. F 5 8 p. in .
Scottish Rite temple. Katherine E. Me-
Kav. sorLbv matrnn of Grand chapter of
Floridca to be presdtl.t midnight banquet
and reception to follow at Hcldelaerg
Dames of Malta giving annual recep-
tion at Bisraine temple. 8 p. m for
members and families; cards and re-
Miami Mu'ic club. i n 30 a. m.. Angier's
Belh David Sisterhood, .I p. m Tal-
mud Torah.
Htierside Garden club spon'orin iodar
to HBirh M. Matheson estate., 1i., Duj4-
las road. Coconut Grose. Ili a. m. to
4 a m.
F. 0. P to G I. A. 8 p. m., lIth
Mrs. Smaller Dai'. IliI N. W. I. lrtv-
fourth street.
Silver Palm Club. R N. A meeting
wilh Mrs. J. H Burkholder. .!;I N. W.
Thirtlleth street. covered dish luncheon.
Art division of Miami Beach WVoman's
clue. meeting uilh iMrs. J. B. Moos, iftil
Pine Tree drive. fIn in m
Ca ll-on Camp R. N. %.. meeting at
Bu' Itee club. p. min
Review t nman' Bo nefil A.' ela-
&ion meeting at Odd Fellons ball. 8
p m
l.,mri Barjih harier 0 o mpsl-
Ino In Ma-onic hall. Linceln and Alton
roads. 8 p mn
Blisavne Park Woman' chilb of North
Miami and invlied unet-' having c'-\
errd di-h suipper. Norlh Miami cilt
hill 1 ir p mn
North Miami Garden club neelinu
With Mrs. Charles ToirF; 'imp-nn at
Lemon Ci(' III a m hpi.nic luncheon.
ihiourkeecr, duClub oherting fort,-
'erond anncvrarsAr, 3 p. m at club-
Slir' A F. Sanderson. publicity chbair-
min. in P..T A. he.dQiuarler.
tiemann' Cliv club. cserutiie board
mectint, I 10) p. m.; membership meet-
Inc p min

Great Improvement In
Weak, Nervous Condition
Believed Due to CARDUI
I i n' r .,j- ar, rItn d.n r.,'
", r l'JA. I :-ri ,I i 'i^ ii 'rn o.t', 11 h r ,, i-

hr. i [ I-- .,. .,rI ir' ) '-.i \ r."
P. ; .. j1 h -< i l'" it r .'. ft i 1 : ,1 ,, G .i
hr' i n nI . l ll .11 i' [1 ', t. l. I. i. 1
1 h I i ..I rI r, -, i. i n r.
*[,I i ,,t fi -i n. 1, It ,r[ lii p tlr .\ [ I [ I
r.h- .r r ,r r [ .'.,hr,n,rrj l i iie ai l
tIl I lirl ...t t i,-- rr i\, hi. .h.,-- ar,-, .*
I i l i[tII P '- ,- II l h' ,"n .: ih l. ,ii i
'When snmnrlr,' ,-L'hp e n,'l -rilnr -re
d iif t. ,q 'i .,, ;'. r i r .I. .i n ..n l l. Ir*',
akP LAR-LL'I. ,.lid at drug otores.-
Ad v.

Entertain .4At Lituncheon
Fop-r irs. Gelston Morris

Mrs. Elliott Sliepard and Mrs
Elmer Challan Honor Sister
Mrs. Elliott F. Shepard and her is-
ter, Mrs. Elmer E. Chattan, gave
luncheon for 20 guests yesterday a
the former's home. La Herradella
Miaml'Beach, In honor of their stister
Mrs. Gelsiton Bailey Morris of Briar
cliff Manor. N. Y., who will lear
Miami on February 21 for Nev Yori
and will sail from there on Februar
25 for Genoa, Italy
liss' Olga Thonina
ff'eds Marvin ,ir Irthir
The marriage of Miss Ol-a Thorna
to Marvin McArthur tooK place at 5-3
p. m. Sunday at the residence of Di
J. L. White. pastor of the First Baptis
Church. hlio officiated at the cere
money. Miss Bobby McArthur was tht
bride's only attendant and James Gass
cowen was best man.
Members of the two famillef attended
the ceremony and supper whicn fol
]* *
On account of ine oeath of Samue
Jay Masters yesterday tne Miami An
glers club dance, which was to hay
been given at the clubhouse tomorrow
night, has been postponed. Mr. Master
was president of the club and will
Mrs. Masters was host at the weekl

Mana-Zucca Enlerlains WORTHY CRA.D TRON
For Mrs. Michel Gobert

Dr. G. IT. Lutz Gives Illuctraled i
Lecture On Astronomy At I
Mazica Hall
Mana-Zucca entertained last night at
her home, Mazica Hall, for her sslater.I ,"
Mrs MIchel Gobert of New York. who Is
visiting her. She presented Dr G. H '"
Lutz, astronomer. In an Illustrated lec- "
Among her guests were Dr and Mrs.
J Raymond Graves. Mr. and Mrs Ver- l
non Seaver, Mr. and Mrs. 0 F New- '
burger, Mr. and Mrs R. Black. Capt 1 M f
and Mrs. Clark D. Stearns. Mr. and Mrs.
F. Grey. Mr. and Mrs. 0 Nilkon, Mr '
Albert Pick and Miss Dorothy Pick. Mrs. "
William Nelson Burratt. Mr. and Mrs. J I"',
S Grover Morrow. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie i
Lilnton, Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas, Wal- J
ter Charmbury, Mr. and Mrs. Dale ,
James, Miss Gertrude Chambers, Mr. I
and Mrs. S. Squires, Mr. and Mrs. Philip
Lessermnnann. Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. iMrs. Katherinie E. ilcKiJv, wnorli,
Gleason, Mr. and Mrs. J. Kalllnl, Mr. grand matron of the grand chapter
and Mrs. F. Hancock. Mr and Mrs. of Florida, Order of Eastern Star,
Homner Dickson. Mrs. G. Jeffrles and %\U make her first official visit to
Mr. and Mrs. B. Wieder. Emunah chapter 175, 0. E. S., at 8
ip. m. today In the Scottlsh Rite
Founder's Day Observed temple. While in Miami she will
.. i make official il.lts to the chapters
BY Orange Glade School here and In the viilnityv.
Founder's day was observed with a
candle-lighting ceremony this week by Schwartz, Misa Ida Safer and Miss Ha
the Orange Glade school Parent-Teach- I net Kantor Mrs Ed Mlerlln and M
er Association, honoring the memories Bessia Welnerkoff, cocnalrmen of t
of Mrs. Alice BLrney and Mrs. Phoebe social ser.'ice coarnmittee. will spot
A. Hearst. founders of the National a public benefit bride at the Cot
Congress Mrs W C Hiaceleans sanitr munlty Center on Ftbruary 22
'A Birthday," accompanied by Mrs R.
- 3 Walters Mrs J. A Campbell. dil c [
trict representative of the Florida P- IFAN r lr
T A, gave a talk on the responsmblll-'b ilE AN OE
ies of mothers and the home to the BE4A ('TICI4AN
S child and his teachers. A birthday cake '
was served. 11 ikill be IIn Miami demonstrating the
I .. .... Jean Noel Comneticrs. Announcing
Mrs. Otto Gluhr. president, an- M onda' where -be mas be seen.
Snounced an educational picture to be AT T APR
shown In the school auditorium from 2 WATCH THE PAPERS
Sto 3 p. m. today. Proceeds will be used .-.
a in the P-T. A. work, L i
Lt *
a, Junior. Jewish Women LOVESk ISns
Make Plans For Frolic
e Final plans were completed for the
k midwinter frollc to be given ar. the "
y Miami Beach Golf and Country club 1
Saturday by the Junior Council of 4H
Jewish Women at the board meetings ii
Tuesday night at the Ponce de Leon .
Hotel. Joe Aaronson's "Hurricanes" -
will play for dancing, and entertain-. -
/ment will be proviLded Arrangements
0 are In charge of Miss Charlotte Kohin,
. general cbshairman. aslssted by Miss Ruth H




Retain Your Beauty
With MAlercolized Wax

Just a 11it Mero.-li-d \s.rt pfit-
ted Into your skin esery nignt will
rlalce it smooth o yiun arid hb-aUli-
faul Mercolized Wax absorb- tho scur-
face skin in nrnUii,r It r,-
nr"'.eR dry rough kin. fre, kl-s. i-' n
and all disci:olr.ratiorn The und-r,
skin thin re\ealed Is '<"is[. n.,:,i-', ,rrd
youthful Merr', il d s \,C- ,x br i ri-,!
out your hidden beauty. To reduce
sirlnklem and other age sIgnq u '
(i-fly one ounce Pr.-vderedri axnhte,
dissolved In rne-half pin'r, witn
Mhazel. At drug stores and beauty

Schnmann.RlacDowell morning at the school She based her
?ESCHlu II- l. tl talk on the Bible and quoted several
E Program Is Presented pa-sages as authority In talking on the
facts of life In regard to children. A
General discussion followed, hen moth-
Musical Seleclions Heard By ers presented Eome of their own per-
Tu a Moi Cu ~ sonal problems and remedies The final
Tuesday Morning lClub Imeeting will take place at 3:15 p. m.
Miss Margaret Brooks talked on March 1. wriren 'Pe Peeee" will be the
Schumann and MacDowell at the meet- subject. Tne meeting Is being conducted
I Jng of t he Tuesday Morning Muslcale in the afternoon so the teachers will
club. I be able to attend
A program of music from the %orks *
of these composers follciea Y ent- EN [ERT tIN AT St PPEr.
book.i. nmde by hand by Miss Brooks. i Mr. and Mrs.. Maurice R Cotton en-
MIs; Dorothv Newell MNime Elsa Fair- teitailned last night st the second of
child and Miss Louaise Fairchilao. were a series of bullet suppers given la
ditributicd bonor of their nouse guests, Col. and
At the meeting of the club on Feb. I Mrs Samuel L. Slover, of Norfolk, Va
ruary 28 Mrs. S W. PerRuson. mezzo -
soprano, will give a recital.
... :: .
Miramtar Association
*Con duets Studs' Class
AMrs. Elsie Skinner. parent education
chairman of the study, group of the
SMiramar School Parent-Teacher Asso- 4
elation. talked at a meeting yesterday


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Rescued Bishop Relates Slory of
Tragedy In Storm Off
Alaskan Coast
DUTCH HARBOR. Alaska, Feb. 15
Bishop Antonin Pokrovsky was res-
cued last night by the bureau of fish-
eries ship Penguin, and told a pitiful
story of how 13 persons on the ship-

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wrecked trading vessel Umnak Native
died, by freezing and drowning
The distinguished Alaskan prelate
of the Russian Orthodox Church was
found by natives Monday frostbitten
and suffering front long exposure after
the anipareck January 24.
Oniv three others of the 16 aboard
the Umnak Native survived, and they
struggled to a village after days of
suffering and hunger.
When toe storm struck the Aleutian
islands. the Umnak Native broke her
moorings and the disabled engines were
unable to drive her to shelter. Mrs
SianKuis. wife of the captain, her in-
fant child and the Rev. Michael Tutla-
koss. prieFst at Umnak. perished in the
Aases. tre bishop related.
The others reached shore almost
naked, without food or fresh water.
Three men started for Umnak village.
The others wandered hopelessly about
the beach, salvaging what little food
and clothing drifted ashore from the
wreck. Separated and without shel-
ter, the captain and the crew died at
various points on the rocky shore.
NEW YORK, Feb. 15. ,i)-Federal
Judge Henry W. Gooddard upheld today
the authority of the directors of J C.
Penney & Co. to retire $7,500,000 in pre-
ferred stock as a means of employing
part of the corporation's $20,000,000
surplus. The jurist denied the motion
of George L. Rusby. a minority stock-
holder. tor a temporary Injunction re-
straining the directors action.

Flrrniaii -lame Cronnln or Chidcago hnt re-iila 0ft Ihe winter's woir't
mild snap a< he too K lime u0111 for a lip of tollte llile hi'. engine corn-
pan% battled an apartment house fire hen ihe mercury stood at 19 below
zero.-A.soarialed Prems Photo.

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ONl OlI TOI N Omft EDand that 'the'y are ot entitled to earn-
On( lnga nt mereIto preserve present struc-
CON OLIAION OF tures If overcapitalized
Smith did not recommend Imme-
n 1 I O D nnirndiate changes in rules. of rate making
AThe committee adoed to it emer-
AIL RO FAVO agency recommendations the suegetlitn
that "adequate security" for Reoc.n-
Sstructlon Finance Corporation loin-
NPw Era In '1 ransporlation Is does not nece.sarily mean "market-
,nvisa-d By Comnttee That able collateral," although In common
nvisagd By Comm ee ha with Smith, it say' no reason for
Coolidge Headed broadening the legal lending powers of
IBm THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.I the corporation
In its more general recommendation',
NEW YORK, Feb. 16.-A new era In the committee salad tne existing meh-
transportation with regulation concen- atitsm of the intrstiatE commerce cornm-
trating on Insuring the most efficient mission was inadequate, and urged "re-
service at, i,he low'e.t competitive cost organization without expansion or in-
is envisaged In the report of the na- Icreased expense." while Smith P\-
tlonal t.ransportFitilon committee, pub- pressed the view that the commission
llshed last night should he abolished, and leplacea b:. n
This report, the result of more than federal department of transportation
four months of work. most of which under one man. or a bureau In the dc-
was under the direction of the late partment of commerce.
Calvin Coolidoe. has been anxiously
awaited .by large Investors In the na- .4MB.SS.DOR TO GI'E
tion's t20.000.000,000 railroad system, BS O T GI
who invited Iormatlon of the commit- VIEWS TO ROOSEVELT
tee to seek solutions for the vexed SOUTHAMPTON, Env, Feb 15. (UPI
transportation problem. Another conference soon between Presi-
The committee's cornclusions-based dent-elect Roosevelt and ine Britlin
on one of the most thorough surveys ambassador, Sir Ronald Lindsay. on war
that has ever been made of the na- debts. was predicted tonight by Sr
tlon's transport facilities by a disin- John Smon. foreign secretary. Sir
terested, nonpartisan body-find the John, speaking at a political rail here
outlook for the roads "'ar from hope- said: "Sir Ronald is now In full'poe-
less," but as.ert that rates cannot be session of the government's views. He
based on obsolete capital structures, nor will. I understand, have tn opportunjv
can competing formal of transportation soon after he has reached New YorK of i
be handicapped for the benefit of the again seeing Mr. Roosevelt."
railroads. _________
The committee urges sweeping con-
solldatlon ofr the roads on a regional .4V4NNU.4L JUMPING FROG
basis to eliminate vast and wasteful JUBILEE CALLED OFF
duplication of facilities and services ann A C S F 1 '
that thee groupings be enforced by Business cotoiSOn v ch.Febaud o
governmental a,:tion pro cedu r y.
looking eventually to a single national cancellation of this ,'esr's annual jump-
systemsing frog Jubilee The Boosters' cldu
Sst nr, u a-nich has sponioied the contest tha'
As an of ier1 ar, v meaIuie facilisa-'drew amphibian contestania fhornall
ion of reorparzation" a here neces- oI r the Uuited States and even Eu-
sary to reduce una'LeldlN and'uneco.rope. met last night and decided condi-
nomic capital structures. Is urged, by tkojz. did nor. warrant continuance of
revision of bankruptcy procedure,.N thna r did nor, w tontminunc tof
hirnr,,ina ..t [ ,d n the ifeatu~re at this ghost mining town.

Ubroadening of u& elendin~/lg pow'ers of
the Reconstruction Finance Corpora-
tion Is found necessary, although the
committee points out that "adequate
security" for ioans does not necessarily
mean "marketable collateral."
Railroad managements are taken to
task for not, using, rather than seek-
ing to combat, such competing forms
of transportation as trucks and air-
planes, anid are severely criticized for
seeking government aid without having
first co-operated to eliminate wasteful
competition and otherwise haing
taken advantage of all possible econo-
The report of the committee Is
signed b., Bernard M Baruch. viho as
vice CLalrnoan suticceeded to the chair-
manship on the dean of former Presi-
dent Coolidge: by Clark Howell and
Alexander Legii-e
Former Coyv. Alired E Smith, while
expliirnirng that re was In suostantial
agreement With tire greater part of the
report issued a supplemental memo-
Smith differed in the other meinm-
bers of the con'iiiitce somewhat in his
reconintendations for emergency action
Both agreed that the recapture claus.
should be repealed, retroactively, and
both agreed mtat reorganization should
be facilitated, but Smith speciti'lcallv
proposed that a special debtor relief act
should be passed with a special pro-
vision for railroads, its operation to be
definitely declared to end on January
1. 1935.
The committee recommended prompt
revision of the statutory rule of rate
making, asserUng that the old theory
of trying to base rate on "fair re-
turn" on appraised values should be
Jtusked.- afd adding "we seea no -easo
why the rate making rule should not
say in plain English that the railroads
are entitled to make a reasonable profit
based on costa of efficient operation,


AKRON, Ohio, Feb. 15 i..-The first
trial lighr of the navy's new dirigible
the U S 8 Macon nas oeen tentatively
set for Marcn 21. Capt. Alger H Dres-
el, vito v ill be -Kxipper of the ship, said
on his arrival In Akron tof'ay. When
the trial Ilights are completed the M'-
con will be flown to the navy air baaP
at Sinnyvale, Calif., Captain Dresel
said. Time of this delivery to the west
coast depends nn the number and
lener.h of the trial fllih'-s. but Ilkel',
will he in Ma',. he handed.

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