DHLG, Notes for DHLG on Possible Library Hackathon, Library Lab Event, Library Studio Event, SobekCM Camp, or Similar St...


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DHLG, Notes for DHLG on Possible Library Hackathon, Library Lab Event, Library Studio Event, SobekCM Camp, or Similar Style Event ( List of ideas including DPLA, SobekPH, SobekCM, OHPi, and other tools)
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Taylor, Laurie N.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Digital Humanities Library Group
Digital Scholarship
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N OTES TOWARDS DISCUSS ING A POSSIBLE : L IBRARY H ACKATHON L IBRARY L ABS S OBEK CM C AMP O R S IMILAR E VENT This document covers brief n otes towards discussing a possible library hackathon, library lab s SobekCM C amp, or similar event The event could also be framed as a Florida DH+Libraries Hackathon (focusing on SobekCM and OHPi) a collaboration with DPLA ( community representatives : involved/reps/community reps meet the reps ), or many other ways. The event could be used as part of the process to develop and support outreach and relationship building with programmers and others with technical expertise in the area inc luding students, student groups, and othe rs who may be part of the Digital Humanities Studio community, delegates (if the delegate model is implemented), and collaborator community members for the DH Studio community. The notes here are for discussion as applicable Example Projects/Programs for Hackathoning Tools building from/off of UFDC, dLOC, and other SobekCM hosted collections : SobekPH: SobekCM data feeds: sobekcm/harvesting DPLA : o For developers: o App library: SobekCM: GitHub: Web Application Google Code: SourceForge: SobekCM, other tools: METS Editor : MARC Library: clibrary/ Usage Stats Reader : http://ufdc.ufl. edu/ software/statsreader SMaRT : software/smart Related Tools: O H Pi (in collaboration with USF creator of OHPi, Richard Bernardy if he is available to participate ) : o talInitiativesServices/OHPi


o Areas of interest for tools/integration and requests : Translation (technical resources 300% more popular in Spanish than English) SobekCM requests: o JWPlayer: o SobekCM+FedoraCommons o OHPi and BOB (USF oral history program tools) o Expanded dataset support o FITS extractor: Tesseract OCR integration /service (and/or others) : for alternate workflows that can accept this rate of OCR accuracy ocr/