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Digital Humanities Library Group (DHLG at UF) Example Training Program (April 2014) and Digital Humanities Projects: Special and Area Studies Collections
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Meeting materials and resources
Taylor, Laurie N.
Alteri, Suzan
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Digital Humanities Library Group : Notes for Discussion on a Training Program Focused on a Digital Project in Collaboration with a Curator in SASC 1 One possibility is to have trainings grouped within several training units to give people a framework to discuss what is wanted in concrete terms (how many classes over what time period, what types of For in stance, if the training is done in units, would it be useful to allow participants to earn a certificate/badge/etc. for completing each unit. Example Units and Trainings Unit 1: Orientation to Special & Area Studies Collections (with Archives) and Digita l Collections 1. Training : Special & Area Studies Collections Orientation o Orientation: curators as core partners and developing collaborative goals that support curatorial needs and all other project participants; concerns and orientation to reviewing, resear ching, and other aspects of using materials 2. Training: Curator Talk on Digital & Physical Collections o Example: Baldwin, 3. Training: Collection Level Description Introduction to EADs o 4. Training: Defining Roles and Supporting Collaboration with Project Charters o Project Charters for Library Liaison Project Teams : & Unit 2: Digital Project Planning, Digitization, and Product ion Management 1. Training : Digital Project Planning and Management a. Digital Collection Project Planning, p roject proposal form: b. Planning and Managing Digital Projects : c. Copyright Concerns for Digital Collections: Individual Materials, Collections and Transformative Works, Orphan Works; Rights Statements d. Digital Preservation: 2. Training: Digitization for Access and Preservation a. Digitization with the dLOC Manual: b. Metadata Guide (with core elements): 1


c. File naming: d. Using a Flatbed scanner: Unit 2 A: Alternate/ Additional Topics in Digitization & Digital Production Training: Selection, Scanning and Submittal of Government D ocuments o Digitization, o Metadata Theory and Specifications o Imaging Specifications o Structural Metadata and Quality Control Tool o Archiving and Preservation See example trainings/presentations from the dLOC Advanced Training Institute: See example guides for use in additional trainings: Unit 3: Curator Tools (4 training series, available as webinars) Training s lides and videos: 1. Training: Introduction to SobekCM's Capabilities 2. Training: Submitting and Editing Resource Files and Metadata 3. Training: SobekCM Quality Control Tool and Seri al Hierarchy Unit 4: Next Steps with Digital Collections 1. Training: SobekCM Curator Tools and Outreach o 2. Training: Bridging the IR+ Digital Library Gap o 3. Training: Exhibits o Actively Engaging Academic & Scholarly Communities in Library Exhibits : o Planning and Mounting Exhibits: 4. Training: Digital Collections (dLOC) in Library Instruction: o 0001 5. Training: Writing/Editing Wikipedia: Promotion and Outreach using Search Engine Optimization o 6. Training: Collaboratively Developing Intellectual Infrastructure with dLOC o 7. Training: Enhancing Metadata and Creating Context o