Guton 7th Day Street (1940s)


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Guton 7th Day Street (1940s)
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A view looking from Polly Berg Hill to Government House Steps, in the opposite direction of present-day traffic. British and American cars mix in St. Thomas Street, named after the construction of the first modest Seventh Day Adventist Church. In the foreground, is the "man-hole" sewer cover, into which a workman was lowered to clear the refuse from the gutter waters. On both sides of the street the inadvertent of gutters to accommodate cars, is evident. The white building on the right, suggests a glass show-window model of the Millner Family Fabric Store (now L.C. Millner's). The concrete guttering depicts how new building materials in this case, preformed units were mass produced in the Public Works Yard, and quickly "tied" together as a system. Streets are becoming crowded with automobiles, and youngsters will be forced to abandon the use of these open spaces as playgrounds. The two closest light-poles are now replacing the steel towers in the background.

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