Coki Bay Milkman (1930s)


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Coki Bay Milkman (1930s)
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Dressed typically in a light-colored shirt, dark trousers and cap, this milkman is prepared for the manual chores of his profession. He sits on his donkey or "beast of burden," in front of his home. "Coki Bay is a small hamlet at Coki Point Beach, complete with a still existing family cemetery. Residents of Coki Bay were fishermen, or goat and cattle herders. Milk was a staple dairy product, and the milkman had a day-long route of customers. The boxes rigged on either side of the animal contain milk bottles, and their empty returns. The house deserves special mention because of its architectural features. The thatched rood with its conical shape is a retention of West African tradition. Raised above the ground on stilts to prevent dampness and cold, the house dampness and cold, the house boasts at least two windows with wooden shutters. The dark areas of the front panelling is flattened tin panels, perhaps salvaged from a grocer's biscuit tin container. It was highly prized as sheeting for weather-proofing.

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