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sA. **.





DTW corj mPi

Publha3ed by

CIlLJaoa' and Offtaers' Wives
or the Naval Staton





It doesn't take long to discover
what excellent cooks there are here in
Guantanamo Bay.
This Book is the result of wanting
to have a collection of the good recipes of
:our friends. It is fun to try out the recipes
not only because we know the people they
? belong to but also because we know they are
1*. + ,going to be good!
:. The first call for recipes was put
c out at a Ooffee held at the 00 Club, on
.U:" Tuesday, October 18th. The response was poor.
hr On October 24th we put out a call for ten
favorite recipes of all people on our list.
SThis time the response was excellent. Twelve
:NI *. days later, the Book went to the Printers.

.. ThieBook took only twelve days
., because the Committee, the typists, the proof-
Sreaders and the artists worked day and night.
Most of the hours spent on it were enjoyable.
Sa But I muet admit that there were times when
h + ++ we got so mixed up we couldn't tell a cookie
Recipe from a soup recipe.

."Happy Cooking .

Dorothy S. Ejarnahon

;&. S -I ,

To Dotty B. J, -.----
Our inspiration and organizer for
anO gOURaETu

Appetizers . . . .
Beverages (Party Fecipes).
Breads . . . .
Cakes and Frostings. . .

Candies .
Desserts .

Pies .
Poultry .
Salads, Sauces
Soups .
Vegetables .

Ind ex

* . S S
* S S S S
* S S S *
* S S S S S
* S 5 0 S
* S S S S
* S S S S S
* 5 0 5 S S S
and Drestngs
* S S S S S S
* 9 5 5 S S S



1 tsp. lime juice
5 tsp. rumn

4:|y -

Stir all ingredients gently in glass of ice
cubes to build one drink at a time. Combine
in any multiplesi with block of ice. in a
puich bowl to serve lerrf quantities. (A tip
1to the ladies cnre teaspoon of Banania .Lntreuj
'or eacn spoon of rum wall mate IriS puOncn
en tl) to your taste).

R. i CUJ

12 eggs
g Lb. srar
LombLne egib. sugar snc
low neal until Mooth.
told in fLour.

Lester 6hirret. Sat-i

taps. vanilla
| lb. flour
I vanilla and teat o0ez
Remove Irom heat and

l:ing'- it tbs. sBgar 6 egg whites
piant water i1 lbs. butter
Mix sugar and maer over heel until it boils
and makes a tnin tnreaa. Beal egg written natii
and pour sugar *ixtlure into egags. bhen it has
cooled beat in tuiterr, wlen cake as cool
enough to ice, sprinkle if well *til a 8 ituce
of J pint watec, one cup SLIple syrup and j CUp
rum. Spread vqe cinr ove r im syrup. hakes 3
standard saizc cakes 36 servings.

By Ah Leon,
Bartender for
19 years
3/4 tap. simple syrup
1 drop Angostura Bitters


S-P-B-C- I-A-L

QUICHE LORRAINE E. Sylvester Allison,

6 thick slices bacon Cayenne pepper
12 thin slices Cheddar Cheese ground nutmeg
4 eggs, lightly beaten (freshly ground)
2 cups light cream black pepper
1 tbs. flour unbaked 9" pie
Cut bacon slices in half. Cut cheese into
pieces same size as bacon. Pry bacon until
crisp, drain. Line 9 inch pie plate with un-
baked pie shell. Overlap bacon and cheese
slices to cover bottom of crust. Comhine the
eggs, cream, flour, a pinch of nutmeg, a few
grains of cayenne pepper and black pepper.
Beat well. Strain and pour over bacon and
cheese slices. Bake in a hot oven (400) for
15 minutes. Reduce heat to 3250 and bake for
30 minutes. Serves 6. To prepare Quiche
Lorrainein advance, line pastry shell with
bacon and cheese and mix the rest of the ingred-
ients together for the custard. Refrigerate
separately and let pie shell and custard mix-
ture stand at room temperature for about 30
minutes before combining and baking.
--------- -- --- -- -- -- -- ----


4 packages Bleu cheese
1 quart mayonnaise
2 tbs. tobasco

. Sylvester Allison

2 tap. salt
I tsp. pepper
light cream

Blend bleu cheese, mayonnaise, tobasco, salt
and pepper togetherin blender or with rotary
beater. Add enough light cream to gake the
consistency which you desire. About 2 cups.


S-P-B-C- I-A-L

(Manager of Navy Exchange
Food Services)


Peel and grate 6 to S potatoes, and combine them
with onion, grated, 3 eggs, well beaten, 1 cup
hot milk, 6 Tbs. melted butter and j tsp. salt,
j tsp. garlic powder. Beat the mixture well.

Pour the mixture into a well-buttered shallow
baking pan about 7 x 12 inches, and bake in a
moderate oven (350) for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


4 lbs. bread (2 loaves) 3/4 Tbs. pepper
2 c. finely chopped onions 3 Tbs. Thyme
2 c. chopped celery 1 lb. Sausage Neat
4 eggs 4 c. parSley
3 Tbs. salt

1. Toast and cube bread.
2. Saute onions and celery slowly in small amount
of water. Add to above.
3. Be sure bread mixture is now well moistened.
but not soggy.
4. Add raw eggs.
5. Mince parsley fine and add.
6. Add salt, pepper, thyme.
S 7. Break up sausage into small pieces and dis-
tribute through dressings. This is sufficient
for 22 lb. bird.


S-P- F-C- I-A-L


1 cup cream cheese I cup grated cheese -"
1 tba. horseradish teas. salt
1 thb. parsley chopped ripe olives
Nix cream cheese, horseradish, finely chopped
parsley and salt together and roll into balls.
Roll in grated cheese and refrigerate until
ready to serve. Por added color roll in 3/4 cup
finely chopped ripe olives before refrigerating.

1 lb. sifted flouw j lb. grated cheese
li tbs. malt j cup milk
5 tbs. baking powder 16 eggs beaten /
Sift dry ingredients. Add eggs, milk and beat '
until smooth. Fold in most of the cheese. Form
into bells and roll in remaining cheese. Pry
in deep fat (3235) until brown. Serves 32.

NARiNAim Club

3 tbs. vinegar top. dry mustard "-
2 large onions, sliced cup dry red wine
1 lmon 1 cup olive oil ,
5 garlic cloveas split 1 tsp. salt '\ '
freshly ground black pepper \
Line a shallow glass baking dish with some __//"
enide slices. Squeeze lemon Juice over the
-il-e, teos in the lnow rinds. Add garlic,
"Dice&, salt and pepper. Pour in vinegar,
wine and oil. Narinate for at least 3 hours,
basting frequently. This Is excellent for
Turtle Steak. Serve the marinated onions, raw,.
with the cooked steak.
- a a a a a a am a a a a a a a


Ruth Roark

I snail cream cheese j tbsp.lemon juice
Stube anchovy paste 1 tbsp, onion juice
dash of worchestershire sauce,
Serve with chips of any kind.


1 3-oz. package cream
2 tbsp. cream
1 tsp. grated onion
i tsp, chili sauce
dash of pepper

Libby Burns

4 tsp. salt
1 1/8 tsp, dry mustard
few drops Worcestershire

'0- - - - - - - - - - - - - -I !


Inexpensive &

Roa Grady
Tasty too.

1 pkg. wheat chez 1 lb. oleo (melted)
1 pkg. rice chez 4 tbsp. worcestershi
1 pkg. cheerios sauce
1 pkg. stick pretzels I tbsp.cleery salt
nuts or peanuts I tbsp. onion salt
j tbsp. garlic salt
Put in large flat bottom pan, pour sauce over all.
Stir every 15 min. for 2 hours in oven, turned
as low as possible.
. .---.--.--.-.--.--.--.-.--.--.--.---------------------------


Appetizers for Men

4 egg whites, beaten stiff
j lb.grated cheese

Nina L. Rose

salt & pepper to

bread crumbs
Add beaten egg whites to cheese, salt and pepper.


Shape into small balls. Roll in bread crumbs.
Pry in butter until golden brown all over.
Drain and serve lumediately with toothpicks.
Makes about 36 balls about 3/4 inches in diameter.
. . . . . . . . . - - .

This adds flavor to
any party"

Ros Grady

1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheese
S oz. blue cheese, crumbled
1 cup soft butter
2/3 well-drained chopped ripe olives (141 oz.can)
1 tbsp.minced chives
1/3 cup chopped nuts

Blend cheeses and butter. Stir in olives and
chives. Chill slightly for easier shaping. Form
in ball on serving dish. Chill thoroughly. Just
before serving, sprinkle with chopped nuts sad
trim with parsley. Serve with crackers.

Actually, the thanks for this recipe go to
Sara Parke:.

1 lb. chicken livers
2 or 3 hard-cooked eggs
2 tbsp. minced onion
salt & pepper to taste

2 tbsp. mayonnaise
j tap. paprika
2 tbsp. butter

Pry chicken livers in the butter. It is best t
cut chicken livers into quarters so they will
not harden while cooking. Use fork to aash the
livers very fine while still in the frying pa. a



remove any strings from the livers. (I use the
waring blender and this chops the strings so fine
that you can't find them). Put the livers in a
dish. Add minced onion. Chop eggs and add. Add
paprika, salt and pepper to taste. Mix mayonnaise
with the whole mixture. If necessary, add more
mayonnaise to make moist enough to spread. Serve
on Waverly Crackers. (They're the freshest in Gtuo,

This recipe was given to ae by my mother-in-law.
If you have a husband who likes chicken livers,
it is a sure ingredient to marital happiness:


1 large pkg. cream chi
1- 2 t tsp. curry powder
to taste:
garlic juice

Ruth Roark

1 tsp.worcestershire
2 tbup.chopped chutney

Chill and serve, with chips.


Dell Clukies

I sam. can minced clams J tsp.worcestershire saul
I carton creamed cottage 6 drops tobasco sauce
cheese I tbsp. clan juice
Sin. slice onion
tsp. salt
Drain clams, taking I tbsp. juice and putting it
in blender. AId remaining ingredients and mix at
high speed until smooth. Chill for several hours
before serving with crackers or chips.

(For 50 meatballs)

Dotty BJarnason

For SAuce:

Melt i jar grape jelly
Add I bottle ketchup
J 1 tsp. tobasco sauce
Mix well. Do not cook.

For meatballs:

2 cloves garlic (or garlic salt)
2 tibsn. dry parsley
pepper and salt
2 lbs. hamburger (use the cheaper
grade, it is juicier)
Sprinkle with water. (You may add bread and egg
if you wish. Also Parmesan cheese if you wish).

Shape the balls the size of a walnut or smaller.
Brown qeathalls don't cook too well. Heat
balls in sauce. Serve hot, with toothpicks.

('ie meatballs and sauce may be frozen).

(The grape jelly must do somethinuC)


i cup catsup
3 tbsp. lemon juice
10 or 13 drops tobasco
Stsp. salt, or
J tap. celery salt

Alice Caffee

2 tsp. worcestershire
Horseradish to taste

For crab-eat.




2 ripe medium avacadoest mashed
1/3 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
I tbsp. lemon Juice
1 tbs. grated onion
I tsp. salt
1 tap, chili powder

Combine all ingredients. Garnish with stuffed -
olive slices. Serve with crackers. Makes about
1 and 2/3 cups.
- .. . -.. a ft--------------------

"Out of this world!'

2 lbs. beef liver
3 eggs
1 small onion

salad dressing

Directions: Hard boil eggs. Broil liver medium
rare. Trim liver of skin and grind liver, eggs a*c
onion. Add salt and salad dressing until paste
consistency is reached. Chill in refrigerator
until one half hour before serving. Serve with
crackers as an apertif.


Appetizers for Men

3 eggs
3/4 cup freshly
1 tbsp. flour
i tsp. salt

crated cheese


Nina L. Rose

pepper to taste
I lh.,cal round cut
into squares
1/4 cup butter or oi

Beat eggs and mix in cheese and flour, salt
and pepper. Coat meat squares in batter and
fry. -Makes about 36. -f
- a a -- a ^-^ a^ U aa -a -. aa


Lathryn Young

akes It cups

Let 8 ounces cream cheese warm to coom temper-
ature in electric mixer bowl oc blender. Add
1 jar (5 1 ounces) refrigerated shrimp cocktail
and Juice of a lemon. Beat enough to blend.

Dip for cold shrimp
' i or Lobster

I oup mayonnaise 2 tbsp. tarragon vinegar
Stsp. dry mustard 1 tbs. finely chopped parsley
Stsp. garlic salt 1 tbs. finely chopped onion
I tsp. anchovy paste 1 tbs. finely chopped stuffed
Stsp. tobasco sauce 01a m olives
1 tbs. finely chopped t
Nix thoroughly chill several hours and serve.


Spicy shrimp you can fix
or salad*.
j cup olive or salad oil
1 tap. salt
2j tbsp. paprika
1 to 3/4 tsp. cayenne
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 cup tarragon vinegar


nMaggie Hughes

ahead for seal-starter

1/3 cup horseradish-
2 tbsp, catsup
Scup chopped green
onions and tops
3 cups cleaned.cooked or
canned shrimp 02 lbs.
in shell;
shredded lettuce


Coubine all ingredients except shrimp and
lettuce. Chill shrimp in sauce several hours.
Serve on lettuce. Makes 4 to 6 servings.
------------------- wm m


Dot McGonAigal

3 lb. bacon
1 cup chopped green onions and tops
cup mayonnaise
24 buttered 2-inch toast rounds.

Fry bacon untiJ crisp; drain and crumble. Combine
with onions and mayonnaise; blend. Spread
teaspoonful on each toast round. Heat in a 350
oven for few minutes. Yield&2 dozen.


Naggie Hughes

1 No. 2 can (2 j cup&) tomato Juice
3 tbsp. lemon juice
I tsp. sugar
Stsp. celery salt
1 tsp. worcestershire sauce

Combine all ingredients and chill. Stir before
serving. Makes 4 to 5 servings.



1 Jar sharp cheese
i stick butter or oleo
Blend until neither butter nor chabsem aovw.
Add 3/4 cup flour. Poll Int8 balls (about aisze
of walnut). Chill. Bake 450 16 ain. They begin
to brown & don't put them in until oven is 450.


&as Grady


I cup butter J tsp. salt
cup boiling water 2 eggs
About 3/4 cup sifted flour
Melt butter in boiling water In saucepan over
high heat. Add flour and salt. Cook and stir
constantly until mixture leaves side of pan In
a smooth stiff mass. Cool slightly. Add eggs
one at a time beating well with mixer. Drop
from wet teaspoon on greased coodkie sheet. Bake.
When cool, slit and fill.
- -- -- --

CUT U;UJRA Jim Dempsey

li oz02 rum
1 jigger cream (avocet)
i jigger grenadine
Sjigger pineanpl juice.

Mix with cracked ice in mixnaster.
Serve in cocktail glass.


Jim Dempsey

1 part Bacardi
Part lime juice
Part Grenadine

Mix with cracked ice in nmixnaster.

GRADY'S Ut'NCH Ros Grady
2 qts. ginger ale 6 oz.pisawpplp juice
1 qt. rye whiskey 1 box confectioners
1 qt. orange juice sugar (be sure to
canned or frozen lemon sift in)
juice, 12 oz. orange and lemon slices
We like it, and our relatives like it too;

Put everything together, put over caked ice.
Save ginger ale and add just before serving.
Use I or 2 quarts, according to taste.


PUNCH Betty Chanik
A Good Drink for Children's Parties

2 cans frozen lemonade 2 cans water
3 cans Hawaiian Punch concentrate 12 cans
Combine and serve over ice.


Muriel Friel

Nearly fill a 4 quart sauce pan with hot tap
water. Add 1 scant cup :sugar. When it comes
to a good rolling boil, add 6 tea bags. remove
from heat. When cool, remove tea bags, pour
in pitcher, refrigerate. Serve with ice, lemon
or lime wedge. Doe5 not cloud. Can be made the
day before. Is uniformly sweetened no

--- -DecLipeD for one day

Take (6 oz. glass) seven times a day (breakfast,
11 AM, lunchtime, 2 PM4, 5 PM, dinnertime, bed-
time). It will take off the pounds'
4 oss. orange Juice
3 whole eggs
1 J pt.sldm milk or non-fat dry
3 tbs. smlad oil
Beat eggs. Beat in other ingredients. Pour into
covered Jars. Fef' ligerate. Shake well before


> 2 cDE~

*4~ -





iM iheat GeL)AF
(with Wheat Germ)

cup flour
/4 cup wheat sera
tSp. baking powder
tsp. baking soda
ttp. salt

1/3 cup shortening
2/3 cup broam sugar
2 eggs (well beaten)
1 cup mashed bananuas
j cup shopped walnuts

rem shortening until light. Add eggs until
ended. Sift flour, baking powder, baking
a, salt. Slowly add flour, alternating
rith banana.


(Freezes well).

cup margarine (1 stick)
i cups sugar
tap. soda dissolved in
4 tbsp. silk (or sour milk)

Ruth Roark

li cups flour
1 tap. vanilla
4 large very ripe
bananasn (ashbed)
1 cup nuta

ake 45 minutes in loaf pan at 350 degrees.
Ice sparingly with butter icing or sprinkle
with powdered sugar.
= . .--------------------------------


Alice Caffee

I lb. graham crackers 1 cup nutmeats
lb. dates (seeded and (chopped)
chopped fine) 1 cup heavy cream
Slb. mrshmallows (chopped) (whipped)
I 1 tsp. vanilla
Crush graham crackers very fine. To half of



crumbs add dates, marshmallows and nuts.
Mix well. Then add cream and vanilla. Shape
into a roll and roll into the rest of cracker
crumbs. Roll in wax paper and chill fer
12 hours. Serve in slices with whipped
cream sweetened.


3/4 cup chopped nuts
1 cup chopped Dromedary
li tsp. baking soda
Stsp. salt
Scup shortening

Mimi Wilson

3/4 cup boiling water
2 eggs
Stsp. vanilla
1 cup sugar
li cups sifted all-
purpose flour

Combine nuts, dates, soda and salt in a mixing
bowl. Add the shortening and boiling water.
Allow this mixture to stand for 15 minutes.
Stir to blend. Beat the eggs slightly. Add
the vanilla. Stir in the sugar and the sifted
flour. Add to date mixture. Do not overuix.
Place in a greased x5x3-inch loaf pan. Bake
1 hour in a 3500 P. (moderate) oven. When
done, toothpick inserted in the center will
come out clean. Cool before removing. Loosen
sides with a spatula. For perfect slicing,
allow the loaf to cool several hours.

Easy, but good.

Scup sugar
li cups milk
li cups chopped walnuts

Betty Chanik

I egg
3 cups Bisquick

Heat oven to 3500 P. Mix first 4 ingredients.
Beat hard 30 seconds. Stir walnuts into



natter. Pour into well-greased loaf pan,
"'x5"xr. Bake 45 to 50 minutes, until
toothpick stuck into center cones out clean.
-ooi before slicing. To store, wrap in foil.


Sqt. milk
Scup cornmeal
1 tsp. baking powder

Alice Caffee

1 tap. salt
2 tbsp. sugar
3 eggs

Mix meal, sugar, baking powder and salt. Beat
eggs and add milk. Pour egg mixture into
meal mix. Bake at 350 degrees.


Preheat oven 350.

Jean Downes


2 cups flour 1/j cup snorten
1 cup sugar ing
3 tsp. baking powder 1 cup milk
I tap. salt 1 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. cirnnmOn 1 egg
Beat well. Pour into 2 cake pans (greased and
floured). Then sprinkle with topping:

Mix together:
1 cup flour
j cup sugar
2 tap, cinnamon
Mix well.

We sever tire of this one.

2 tbsp. butter

Dotty BJarnason

For the cake part, make the "Velvet Crumb Cake"



recipe on a box of Bisquick but do not use
their topping. Use this one instead:

Scup sugar
j cup flour
1/8 lb. oleo cut into

pinch salt
2 tbs. cinnamon

Put these 5 ingredients in a bowl, and rub
together with your fingers. Sprinkle on top
of the dough, and bake as directed. The
mixture on top should be lumpy....i.e.,
crumby, or crumbly, or cru-my:
- - - --- - - - - - -- -


Cake batter:
Scup shortening
1 cup sugar
2 cups flour
2/3 cup milk

Dot McGonigal

2i tap. baking powder
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
3/4 tsp. salt

Cream shortening, beat in sugar, eggs and
vanilla. Sift flour and measure. Add baking
powder, salt, sift again. Add to the beaten
mixture alternately with milk. Spread in
buttered pan.
1/3 cup flour I tbsp. cinnamon
2/3 cup sugar i cup butter
Mix flour, sugar and cinnamon. Add butter
and work into dry ingredients. Bake at 3750
for 30 minutes.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Very easy to make and so light and
delicious to the taste. About 24 to a recipe,


j cup (1 stick) butter I tbsp. sugar
1 cup water i tsp. grated
1 cup sifted flour orange rind
4 eggs i tp. grated
lemon rind
oil or shortening for deep trying.

Heat butter and water until butter has melted
and water boils. Add flour all at once.
Turn off heat and with wooden spoon stir
vigorouslyuntil mixture forms a ball. Add
eggs one at u time and then beat until batter
is smooth after each addition. Add sugar and
grated rinds and mix thoroughly. Drop by
teaspoonfuls into deep, hot fat. Sprinkle
with powdered sugar.

Makes about 2j dozen.

2 cups sifted flour
I cup granulated sugar
3 tsp. baking powder
3/4 cup milk

Dot McGonipal

I tsp. salt
I tap. nutmeg or
cup salad oil
I egg


Combine all ingredients. With fork, stir until
well-mixed. Fry teaspoonfuls of mixture at
375 until golden brown, about 3 minutes.
Drain; then roll in cinnamon-sugar mixture; or
spread top with sugar glaze.


Dotty DBiarnason

2 eggs 2j cups flour
1 cup sugar 2 tap. baking powder
3 tbspe melted butter salt
i cup lmilk vanilla
Cream shortening and sugar, then beaten

yolks. Sift flour, salt and takia powder.
Add little at a tipie wit., nilk until a stiff
batter. Add beaten whites and vanilla. ur.:p
by teaspoons int. deep fat. Drain on brown
paner. rut confectioner'6 sugar in paper
bag and shake cooled snowballs until covered
with sugar. (CaLition: do not put too much
dough on spooIA as it raises).

Makes 12 muffins.

Maggle Hughea

2 cups flour 14 cups choppeJ pitted
1 tbsp. baking powder dates
j tsp. salt 1 egg, well beaten
I tbsp. sugar 1 cup milk
Scup melted butter
Sift flour, baking powder and salt together
twice. Add sugar and dates. Toss to distrib-
ute dates evenly. Mix egg, milk and butter.
Make a "well" in dry ingredients, and pour in
the egg mixture. Stir lightly just to combine
ingredients; there will still be lumns. Fill
greased muffin pans 3/4 full. Bake in a very
hot oven, 425 for 20 to 25 minutes. Serve
warm or cool on a wire cake rack. Wrap airtight
in foil. Reheat, loosely wrapped in foil in a
slow oven 300 F. for 20 minutes.

Just skip the dinner and eat the rolls:

3/4 cup milk
Scup sugar
3 tbsp, shortening
1 tsp. salt

1 cake compressed yeast
cup lukewarm water
I egg
3i cups flour

Scald milk pour over sugar, shortening and

.all in mixin, r owl. Cool to lukewarm.
Soften /-eist in lukewarm water; ddi beaten
" rnli mix wr-ll; into -ilk mixture.
A.-1d abo-it one half of flour and beat
thorouFhly. A-d remainder of flour and mix
well. Grease too of dough slightly and cover
the bowl with wiAxed paner and a towel, held
in olace with rubber baids. Store in refrig-
erator until needed. (Overnight, or you can
make them early in the morning, for use that
night). Cut through the dough. Roll half
and shape into rolls, cloverleaf or Parker
House. Cover and let rise until double in
bulk, about 2 hours. Bake 10 minutes at
h250, maybe longer.

rthe most convenient to use of the Dread
doughs when you w3nt fresh rolls.

I 2 pkgs. ye3st (dry or
2 cups warm water
Scup sligar
4 cup shortening

1i tsp. salt
1 egg, to be beaten
62 cups sifted flour
1 tbso. softened

Dissolve yeast in warm water in large bowl.
Blend in sugar, shortening and salt. Beat
egg with fork; add to mixture. Add 2 the
flour; beat 150 strokes with wooden spoon.
Add remaining flour; beat 150 strokes or
until blended. Grease large bowl. Put
dough in bowl; lightly grease top with some
of butter. Cover; let rise in warm place
RO00-85 F.) lI hours until doubled in bulk.
Punch down, plunging fist into center. Pull
edges into center and completely turn dough



in bowl. Lightly praise top with more butter.
Covpr; refripprate at least 2 hours. (Dough
may be keot several days In refr-igeratnr.
Keeo top grp-sed 3nd b-.wl 'Ightly covered.
Use as needed). Remove dough to lightly
floured ooard; rha-e rolls and put on greased
Dans. Cover; let rise in warm place (80o-85o
F.) 1$ hours or until doubled in bulk. Set
oven at 3750 F. (moderate). Bake 20 minute@
or until golden brown. Remove from oven; turn
onto rack to cool. Brush tops with remaining
butter. Makes 3 dozen rolls.

You'll need: to start 6 hours before serving
to spend about hjO minutes in
the kitchen
to allow about 15 cents per

The kids prefer these for breakfast.

1 cup flour (generous) } tsp. salt
1 tbsp. sugar tsp. vanilla
h eggs
2 cups milk
Beat egg yolks and sugar together; add flour
and milk alternately. Beat egg whites. Add.
Pour a thin layer of this batter over the
whole hot greased frying pan (takes about 1/3
cup dough). Turn pan so dough is all over
bottom. Turn as other griddle cakes. Serve
on a dinner plate, spread with butter, jelly
or pancake syrup, and roll up with a fork.
-- - - - - - - - - - - --. .

01 W&FFL5S

cups sifted flour
* HvltnflE owder

cup finely chopped

16sp. ups milk
t ,sp. st Ia lpt
s separated 5 tbsp. melted short-
ix and sift dry ingredients. Combine beaten
gg yolks, milk and shortening; add to dry in-
redients. Add chopped ham, beating until
moth. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites.
our a spoonful of batter into each section of
hot waffle iron. Bake until brown,

z-An old favorite.

L pkg. active dry yeast
Scup warm water
Scups sifted flour
qix and let stand until
:ake. Add filling.

Peggy Janes

1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. salt

as light as a sponge

-ood for lunch when you need a chane
and aren't broke. h servings.
In saucepan, blendi
1 can Campbell' s Cream cup shredded
of Chicken Soup cheddar cheese
1/ cu3p milk
Add cup ciubed cooked chicken or turkey (or
Sox, can Siianson Boned Chicken or Turkey).
eat until cheese melts; stir now and then.
Place @ooked, drained asparagus (10 oz. pkg.
frosn or 1-lb. can) on h slices toast; top
ith sauce.


It. doesn't sound so special, but just
wait until you try it. It's new and

Mix: 1 cup shredded chicken (cooked)
1 cup drained crushed pineapple
cup chopped pecans (or other nut
enough mayonnaisA to blend.

Something different for lunch.

Pile sauerkraut on top of thick slices of
pumpernickel bread. Put a slice of Swiss
cheese on top of sauerkraut, then a slice
of cooked salami, and top it with a slice
of cheddar cheese. Broil until cheese melts
and serve immediately.

A good sandwich which is different and
quick with a glass nf cold milk.

On buttered raisin bread spread peanut butter,
sliced bananas, and orange or apricot
-- - - -
A delicious and say' sandwich which
fills You unp

Sandwich bread

loced Ameaican cheese
*resh tomatoes thinly sliced

'lace byead (1 slice for each sandwich) on
broiler rack add a slice of cheese (the
same size as bread). Add slice of tomatoes
md top with strips of bacon. Broil in oven
intil cheese melts and bacon is crisp.

Grace Peioer


cup shortening
Scup sugar
1 egg
1 tp. soda
1 tap. vanilla

I tsp. baking powder
i1 cup flour
1 cup (3 ripes) bananas
(or less)

Mix flour, soda and baking powder together in
sifter. Mash bananas. Add to dry ingredients.
Add beaten egg. Add other Ingredients and mix
all at once. Bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

(This is a recipe my grandmother brought
to our country from Sweden. It was given
to iq mother who in turn handed it on to

Dissolve 1 yeast cake in j cup of lukewarm
water and to this add k cup flour. Scald 1
pint milk, add j of 1 stick of butter, cup
mpugr, tsp. salt and 15 cardamon seeds that
have been cruihedflne. Let stand until luke-
warm. Add 1 beaten egg and the yeast mixture.


Add this mixture into 3 cups of flour and
mix well. Cover bowl and lot rise about 1
hour. Add 2 more cups of flour and knead
on board that has been sprinkled with flour.
Let it rise again for another hour. Knead
on board again, then shape into a ring, buns,
loaf or whatever shapes you desire.
I usually make a loaf of bread as you would
a Jelly roll, putting beaten egg on dough
with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on and then
roll it up like a Jelly roll. Another loaf
I take 3 pieces of dough about 1ii in diameter
and 10" long and braid them. Bruish tops with
beaten egg and on the braided loaf, sprinkle
sugar and cinnamon on egg as you did on the
dough of the Jelly roll type.
For the rolls take a piece of dough 6 or 8
inches long and 1" in diameter and swrl it
around to shape. Of course, you can shape
them in any fashion. When dough is shaped,
put in greased baking pans and let rise 1
hour more. Bake 30 minutes for bread and 20
minutes for rolls at 3750. If they start
browning too quickly, turn ovea down to 350
so they will bake in the center.



Good Hot
Beat sell ......................

Sift together...................

Mix with first mixture ..........

Libby Burns

1 cup Crisco
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1 tap. baking
2 cups flour
1 tap. salt
1 tap. cinnamon
i cup milk

brain can or apples or use 6 sliced apples.

Mix all together................ i cup nut meats

Bake In greased and floured 8x12 flat pan In slol
oven (525), 45 to 60 minutes.
--------- --- -- -- -- -- -- ---


4 cups p3red apples
(cut Into eighths)
I top. cinnamon
Oaesh of nutmeg
Juice of I lemon
Scup eater

YVelm leeks

lb. butter or ules
/,4 cup sugar
3/4 cup flour
Scup chopped pecaru

Butter casserole. Add apples. Sprinkle with ci
nahon and nutmeg. Add lemon juice and water.
Send together sugar, flour, and butter until
crumbly. Add pecans. Spread over apples. Bake
40 to 45 minutes at 400. Serve warm wlth plain
whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.


2 cups flour
1 top. salt
t o. clove
top. nutmeg
1 tap. cinnamon
1 tap. baking soda

Lucille Richards

1 cup thick apple sauce
cup butter
1 cup sugar
I egg
1 cup nuts (cut)
1 cup raisins (cut)

Cream butter and sugar. Add egg and beat. Add
nuts and raisins. Sift all dry ingredients and
add to the sugar and butter mixture. Add apple
sauce. Beat well. Bake 4 mln. at 3500.

Velma Weeks


1i cups sugar
\ cup butter or oleo
2 eggs, well beaten
1 tsp. baking soda

5 tbsp. sour areaa
1 cup banana pulp
1i cups sifted flour
1 tap. vanilla
j to,. salt

Cream butter and sugar well. Add the eggsa and
beat well. Add soda which has been dissolved in
sour cream. Beat. Add banana pulp, flour, salt,
and vanilla. Bake at 375" for 55-40 min. if an
oblong pan is used. Or, bake In two 8-inch layer
pan& about 25 minutes. Frost, or serve with
whipped cream to which chopped pecans have been
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---


Betty Chanik

I lb. butter (1 cup) j lb. flour (2 cups)
lb, sharp grated cheese (2 cups)

Grate cheese and add to soft butter. Add flour
and aix. Chill in refrigerator. Roll into balls,




2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
5/4 cup cocoa

Scup melted Crisco
1 cup milk
1 cup hot coffee

Jean Downse

Preheat oven 5500
2 tsp. baklrg .oed
I tsp. baking pow

2 eggs, beaten i
1 tsp. vanilla

at the batter until it is smooth after each
Addition. Whip urtil stlff, but not drys
4 egg whites
1/8 top. malt

riold them lightly into the cake batter. Bake
the cake in a greased 9-inch tube pan in a mod-
srate oven 550 for about 1 hour. Spread the
cake with white or chocolate icing.

Beat well. Batter will be thin. Bake ,5-40 ml

Excellent quality
Boil, then chill .......... 2 medlum-size potato
Sift ...................... 2 cups augar
Beat until soft ........... 1 cup butter -(2 atl

Add the sugar gradually. Blend these ingrediel
until they are very light and creamy. Beat i11
one at a time: ........... 4 egg yolks -
Stir in ................... 1 cup grated chocw
1 cup unblanched
monde ground or
1 cup finely chopp
nut meats (optiol

Orate the chilled potatoes. There should be 1
cupful. Add them to the other ingredients.
before measuring ........ 1l cups cake flout
Resift with............... j tap. cinnamon
2 tap. any baking.
j tap. salt

Add the slfted ingredients to the butter mixt
In 5 parts alternately with thirds of.i
Scup cream or mi.


Ginny Mathi

To mike and trim this unusual cake, I recommend
the dark fruit cake of the heaviest quality.

1. To make cake. Line two 10' x 6" pans with
waxed paper. Make three 1-lb. fruitcakes.
Bake in 2 pans 1 hr., 25 min. at 5250. When
cool, cut each cake into triangular halves.
Make paper pattern of tree with 6 branches.
Trim halves to fit the pattern along cut

2. To form tree Take 2 halves of the same cake.
Press 2 rows of plastic toothpicks at short
intervals halfway into uncut long edge of one
half. Take a half in each hand and press
them together.

5. Place toothpicks down uncut long edge of both
remaining halves. Stand first part of tree
on a board. Hold upright with one hand; press
on the third, then the fourth half at right
eftile to complete the tree.
: ::: .
To make fronting
2n top of double boiler, mix 3 egg whites,
.... cup augar, li cups light corn syrup, 5 tbsp.
::tTer, tsp. salt, I tap. cream of tartar.
i .. .4

Cock over boiling water, beating constantly
with rotary beater till frosting forms Feakas.
Remove from heat; add 1 tsp. almond extract.
Continue beating till thick.

To frost cake
iPut 2 5 icing in a bo*l; tint with food
coloring to a fresh shade of green. Spread
thinly on flat surfaces of tree cake. Use
white frosting to cover the cut branches.

Tc decorate
Candy and Candle Trim: You'll need
I I b. peppermint balls
1 box plastic toothpicks
I lb. red gumdrops
I box tiny candles
1 pkg. silver candy shot
Granulated and confectioner's sugar

To make candy candle basest Dot white
frosting on tops of 15 pepFermint balls;
as icing sets, place candle or. each.

To make gumdrop ornaments: Insert tooth-
picwa in Lcttoms of 12 gumdrops for bases.
Snap 12 more toothpicks in half; insert in
bottoms of 24 gumdrops. Dip tors of these
in white icing, then granule ted sugar.
Attach 2 to each b-ise gumdrop.

To trim trees Put one candy car.dle on the
top of tree, others on aiterr 'te brancnes.
1No, aFear 4 gumdrop orndments -round top
of tree anI one on each rem.l iing branch.
Press silver candy shot trinsel-fashion int
sides. Sprinkle's sugar at t
base of the tree.

o.lliPoP trim
You'll needs:
1 box plastic toothrlcks
1 string double lollipops
1 pkj. assorted gumdrops
20 small lollirops in various
1 DOX confecti:ners sugar


To make gumdrop cluster fcr top of tree:
String 5 gumdroFe :.r. a tcothp ick for cen-
ter stem. Break 6 tcothuicks in half;
insert in flat ends of 12 gumdrops. Cluster
these on stdri :t vari'.,3 -i les.

To trim tr-e: Place gumdrop cluster on
top. Push the small single lolllpope half-
way, i-,it o3ch branch, makin-.g sure they are
parallel. Place the double lollipops across
the branches of ? cr.oslte e.sdea of the tree
only. Sprinkle confectioners sugar at the
base of tne tree.

Fruit and nut trim
You'll need:
I b. salted almonds
lb. mixed c3ndied fruit
lb. whole candied cherries
I plastic toothpick

To make
all but
pick to

trimmings: Sliver almonds. Slice
2 of the candied cherries to make
Spear 2 whole cherries on tooth-
make the decoration.

To trim tree: Scatter
candied fruit, cherry
along white branches.

almond slivers, mixed
circles at intervals

T@ fnrve all cakes: Remove one wedge at a time.
Pt M flat; cut into thin slices from inside of
tuwe to outer branches. Cake will stay moist
iobaat one week.
..... ----- -5--7- ----- ---
^**** -57-

. .. .. ... ....F ... ....

Lee Leonard


li cup boiling star
i cup pitted dates

Mix and let stand a few minutes. Stir until dati
are well broken. Beat the following until thick
1 egg
j tap. salt
1 tap. vanilla
Gradually add 1 cup sugar to egg mixture. Adds
1i cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
Beat well and then add date mixture.

Bake in flat pan at 50 for 50 minutes. While
still warm, top with spread.

1 cup dates
1 cup sugar
5/4 cup water

1 tsp. butter
1/8 tsp. salt

Cook until glossy, beat well. Add 1 cup nuts an
j tap. vanilla.

Serve cake topped with whipped cream. Very rich
but excellent in small portions for morning coff
----------------------------- - -- -- -- -- --------------


Libby Burng

A hit with all.
1 pkg. Duncan Hines or Betty 2/5 cup water
Crocker Yellow Cake Mix 4 eggs
1 box Lemon Chiffon Pie Mix 1 tap. lemon
2/5 cup Wesson Oil extract

Bake 5Mo in greased tube pan for 1 hour.
--- ------ ----- -- -- -- ----

it:. 92||-*
-1,1 q21 V


1 tap. soda
i cup shortening

I Very good dark fruit cake
Sif ...................... 2 2/5 cups brown

3eat until soft.............. 1 lb. butter
AdJ the sugar gradually. Blend these ingredient
until they are very light and creamy.
Beat In .............I....... 1 unbeaten egg yo.
Stir before measuring....... 4 cups bread flour
Reserve 1 cupful. Realift the remainder with
1 tbsp. cinnamon I tbsp. mace
I tbsp. cloves 1i top. salt (if bt
1 teap. allspice ter is unsalted)
I tbsp. nutmeg
Add the sifted ingredients to the butter mixture
alternately with............. i cup whisky
I cup wine
or ..... .........**** *** cup thlck fruit
juice (prune, apr-
cot, grape, etc.)
aash.............. ...-- --.. 2j lbs. currants
cut up........--....- .... 2 0 lb. raisins
1 lb. citron
Break coarsely............... 1 lb. pecan meats
Sprinkle these ingredients well with the reserved
cupful of flour. Beat until stiff but not drys
15 egg whites.

Fold them into the butter mixture. Fold in the
floured ingredients. Place the dough in loaf pane
lined with a layer of heavy waxed paper or with
four layers of thin waxed paper. Cover the bottom
of the oven with shallow pane filled with 1 inch
of bot water and bake the loaves in a very slow
owm (500O) from 2 to 5 hours. The pans may be
reaeyed for the last 15 minutes.

.Fqrit the loaves to cool and remove them from the
U. ... Remove the waxed paper, wrap the loaves in
i fteb Waxed paper and store the cake in tightly-
- eor.ed tin boxes. Should the cage become dry.


place it in a closed container over hot water
until it i. hot. Heat wine or grape juice (but
do not let it boll) and pour it from a small
pitcher very slowly, drop by drop, into the hot
cake. Use as much am the cake will absorb.

A very good cake for all times, especially holIdq
2 tbsp. grated orange rind 1 1/3 cup butter
2 cups pecans milk
2 pkgs. pitted dates 4 eggs (add one
4 cups flour at a time u
1 tap. baking soda beaten)
2 cups sugar
1 cup Crisco
Dash of salt

Cook lQ hour@ (slow).
Fix and let stand while baking cake. Pour mixtu
over hot cake let cool In pan.
1 cup orange Juice 2 cups sugar
2 tbsp. orange rind

2 cups flour
2 rounded top. baking powder
1 cup sugar
Scup butter

Lucille Richar,
2 eggs
Juice of 1 ora
and the rind
2/5 cup milk
Dash of salt

Sift flour baking powder and salt. Cream sugar,
butter together. Add egga6 well beaten, Juice of
orange and rind. Add the flour and milk. Bake
45 min. at 5500 for loaf cake.
------- --- -- -- -- -- -- ----


cups flour
cup sugar
Stap. baking powder

ift together. Blend in....

Dot MoGonizal

1l top. baking soda
4 tbsp. cocoa

1-8 oz. jar Miracle
Whip Salad Dreaassing
1 cup cold water
2 tap. vanilla

Bake at 5To for 50 minutes


lb. chopped pecans
lb. walnuts
1 lb. pkg. pitted chopped
5 eggs
I cup sugar

Kathryn Young

1 tbsp. sliced citron
1 cup flour
4 tap. baking powder
Dash of salt
1 tbsp. vanilla

lix date. and nuts in flour. Add augar, baking
powder, eggs (beaten separately), and remaining
ingredients. Cook in a greased tuDe pan for 1 hr.
it 550. This is better than fruit cake. It is
delicious served with whipped cream on each slice
r serving.
- - - - -


. r. 1fkgX. Confectioners
bsulsr a
LA &I~td -cake flour
:ii. : ..." : ." :

Kathryn Young

5/4 lb. butter
5 top. vanilla

m BWtttr and sugar. Add eggs and then add
low gwsdually. Add flavoring.
.ft lt - - -- - - -- - - - --


Cream.................. 6 tbsp. butter
I cup sugar
Mix in this order...... 2 beaten eggs
li cups sifted flour
I tap. baking powder
I top. malt
cup mi lk
Grated rind of one lemoi
Pour batter into a greased 15x9x2 inch baking pi
and bake in a moderate oven 5t0 for 25 minutes,

Meanwhile, mix 2 5 cup sugar with the Juice of
one lemon. Ahen cake h3es baked 25 minutes, car|
fully spoon mixture over the top ani
bake 5 minutes more.

Cut while still warm into I' squares.
- - - - - - - - - - - --.


2 cups brown sugar
2 squares chocolate
cup cold water
I egg yolk
1 cup chopped nutmeate
5i4. cup shortening

Connie DemD
2 eggs1 well beaten
I tsp. baking soda
2 cups pastry, flour
Stap. salt -
Scup buttermilk
1 tsp. vanilla

Combine i cup brown sugar, the chocolate, cold
water and egg yolk; cook In the top of a doubt|
boiler, stirring consta-tly until thick. Thed
ad; cho3Fped nuts and set aside to cool. Meanq
cream together the shortening and 1 cups broad
sugar and add beaten eggs. Sift together the.
sodu, flour, salt and dad to cake mixture.
in a moderate oven (575 ) for 50 minutes.

S- - - - - - - - - - -


Something good for

2 cups sifted all-purpose
1 tap. baking soda
Pinch of salt
1 top. cinnamon
1 tap. allspice
1 tap. nutmeg
1 tsp. cloves

Ginny Mathis
a church bazaar.

I tap. ginger
cup butter, oleo,
or shortening
1 cup sugar
2 cups strawberry,
raspberry, black-
berry, apricot or
peach jam
cup milk

Start oven at 5750 or moderate. Grease two shiny
9-inch cake pane and line bottoms *ith waped paper.
Sift flour, baking soda, sal&it and all spices to-

Now cork butter, oleo or shortening until soft.
Use hands for this operation. Work in the sugar
gradually until mixture is creamy to see and feel.
This step is most important in cake baking.) Add
unbeaten eggs all at once and beat hard. Stir in
jam. Mix flour mixture alternately with milk but
stir only until flour disappears. Don't beat. Pour
into cake pans and bake XC-55 minutes or until cake
tester comes out dry when tested in center of cake.
Cool cakes about 5 minutes. Carefully loosen aides
*14h a knife and remove from pan. Peel off waxed
paper and cool completely.

tert g .au ix 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water, dash salt
st4' itp. vinegar in a saucepan. Cook over a medium
bflt,'.stirring conatanrtly until mixture is clear.
Coi"M"s cooking (but not stirring) until syrup
jtLfg "5P on candy thermometer or until you see
it 'oligthin thread when syrup is dropped from a
'Poe '- .*'.

RMT ;i:... .

Ahile syrup cooke, beat 2 egg whites into peak,
Pour hot syrup into egg whites in a thin, thin
stream, beating constantly. Keep on beating uni
frosting holds a precise shape, then add 5/1'4 tai
vanilla extract.

To assemble cake, Spread a layer of jam between.
cake layers. Cover sides ana top with froatinf&
Work top frosting with a spatula or handle of -
tablespcon Into swirls and spoon a bit of jam ill
the little corncavlties of the swirls. r


Butter Crunchs
I -cp butter
2 tbsp. brown sugar

Paulvia Hollows

Scup sifted flou
4 cup nuts on cot

Heat oven to 4000. Mix all ingredients with h
Spread in oblong pan. Bake 15 minutes. Take
ovew and stir by hana. Save I cup for topplni


stirring occasionally, until mixture mounds slightly
when dropped from spoon. Make a meringue of egg
White and 2 tbap. sugar. Fold into gelatin cheese
mixture. Fold in whipped cream. Pour Into crust.
Sprinkle with i cup butter crunch. Refrigerate.
Serve with pineapple or berries on top.


Sift .....................
w ith .. ............ .. .

Cut In ....... .***.***.
(until like meal)
Combine.*... ... *........

ROBa Grady

2 cups flour
5 tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp. sugar
I tsp. salt
cup shortening

1 egg well beaten

fg/ cup miIx
Add to flour mixture. Bake about 5 min. in a
5Wo oven. Make topping before baking.

1 pkg. unflavored gelatin
1/5 cup sugar
I/8 tsp. salt
1 egg, separated
1/2 cup milk
i tsr. lemon juice

1 top. grated leow
I top. vanilla
12 oz. (licup) cot
2 tbsp, sugar
1 cup whipping ere

Nix gelatin, sugar, and salt in pan. Add grad
egg yolk and milk (which have been beaten toge
;Bring juet to boil over medium heat, stirring
ateflt.I Remove from heat. Stir in lemon jui
rind, and vanilla. Cool. Sieve cottage chee.
into large bowl. Stir in gelatin mixture. Oh,

' I- "ooin I
Melt together ............ 5 tbsp. shortening
1 tbsp. butter
Add and six well ......... a5/4 cup brown sugar
J 1 top. cinnamon
1 tbsp. milk
Fout this mixture into greased 8x8x2 inch pan.
Press 2 cups sliced apples into mixture. Spread
dIsoigh over apples. Serve upside down with cream
or lemon sauce.

*i'. .a M- - -
....,r ,

2 :0uires chocolate
i qp boiling water
m p i)tsortening
r ur .

Roe Grady

1 egg
Stap. salt
1 cup flour
5/4 tap. baking sod&
Scup sour milk

Dl~xing. chocolate, and water in double
-until chocolate melts, beating a little

until glossy. Add other ingredients in order gi
Mix well before adding unbeaten egg. Besat well
2 min. and bake in 5S0 oven for 30 min.


Virginia Murphy

Keep left over pieces of cake or cookies in a
covered metal box. Crumble into pieces or grind
into crumbs; combine with cooked left-over fruit
(with juice) for steamed fruit puddings. Serve
with lemon sauce.

1. Cut white, sponge or chocolate cake into
rectangles to fit refrigerator tray. LIn
tray with wax paper. Put cake together 4
layers with sweetened whipped cream. Plai
in freezing compartment and freeze 8 hrs.,
Lift out, remove paper and frost with wh
cream. Serve whole; cut into slices at
2. Arrange squares of sponge cake, spread wi.
jam or marmalade in pudding dish; top wi
boiled custard and chill for 5 hr.. Spr
with chopped almonds or mixed nuts before
5. Out angel food cake into rounds; spread
a paste of chopped figs ginger.syrup. P
a marshmallow in center of each and bake
moderate oven (5750) until marshmallow a
4. Combine broken up chocolate or angel fooc
cake with whipped cream, maWshmallows, c
nut meats and chopped candied or cooked
apple. Chill for 5 hr..B


1J cup cake flour
1 cup sugar
5 tbsp. cocoa
6 tbsp. Weason Oil
1 tbsp. vinegar

Paulvia Holloway

1 cup cold water
1 tap. baking soda
. tsp. salt
1 tap. vanilla

Sift dry ingredients into ungreased square cake
pan. Make 5 holes. Pour oil in one hole, vinegar
and water into another hole, and vanilla in the
last hole. Stir. Bake 25-5 min. at 5TO.


1 lb. (21 cups) candied
red cherries cut In pieces
1 lb. (2' cups) candied
pineapple cut in pieces
1 lb. (5 cups) golden
1 lb. (4 cups) pecans,
coarsely chopped
4 cups sifted flour

Maxine Moore

2 top. baking powder
2 cu^s butter
4 tap. lemon juice
21 cups sugar
6 lg. eggs, well-

1. Grease one 1C-inch tube pan. Set aside.
2. Mix together the prepared Fruits and nuts and
1 cup flour. Sift together the remaining
flour and baking powder. Set aside.
5. Cream together buttPr irid lemon juice until
s oftened. Add sugar 1rr.iually, creaming ur.til
fluffy after each sc.iltion.
.m Add beaten easa in thirds, beating thoroughly
after each addition.
A-6 uMitilng only until sBm.octh aCter each addition,
.: 'add dry ingredients ir fo'urths to creamed
:'."".mixture. Finally, beet only until ansmooth (Jo
S. ot over beat). Mix in fruit mixture Turn
!'" =%ter Into pan ar.res.iir, evenly.

6. Place a shallow pan contain
bottom rack of oven jurlj,.
7. &tke it 275P 4h hri. or unt
out clean when inserted in
-. .l'-:ve frou oven. Set on c
move from pan before entire
about It-R. fruit cke.


baking powder

lng 5
il a a
ool Lng
ly coo

cups water
t ime.
traw cornmes

rack. Re-
led. Makes

Lucille kichard

%s C ,VeS
tan. s81t
:an tomato soup
tsp. baking soda
cup rqlsins
cup nuts

Creniu sugar dnd butter, sift fl-.ur, baking powde
cl-nniman, nutmeg, cloves, and salt. Add baking
ol'a tc t. Jgto soup. A;:'.Pternate tomatD soup and
mry ir.grosaiente to sugar and butter rmixture. Ad
t.he roisiss and ruts. dake In loaf or square pal
for t. min. at 550.

ach. Sift
Ith nilk.
ipice layer

halcolatd Is

lark layers

Shadow Frost
l CUp@ sugo
Stbpsr. Nate
top. vanil

dry ingredients and add alternately
Divide batter Into 5 parts:
1 tbsp, strawberry jam; 1/8 tap.
each or cinnamon, cloves, all-
s pice
yer Melt 1 square chocolate and mix
aith 1 tbsp. sugar, 4 tsp. baking
soda, I tbsp. hot water. Mix
well and bake In '50 oven 25-
5C min. in three 9-Inch layer
on bottom, spice In middle and
white on top

eg i
r 2 egg whites
Fr 1'8 tap. cream tarter

jt In top of double boiler and beat until
hlace over hot water and beat 7 min., until

oaks. Spread between
s squares of chocolate
ver top letting some

yer a
th a

and on top.
tap. Spry and



. .------------------------------------------------

iciMng for romato Sacp Cake
1 pkg. crdamin cheese
11 cups confectioners sugar

I tsp. vanilla

Mix together and pul. on t..p of cike.


Majorie Alle


1 Zisleback, rolled
-eZwieback crumbs)
DjP margarire
JbpP.. sugar

Ftbs; .1 ,our

Marjorie Allen

(or Il


; top. salt
2-8 oz. pkgm.
Phila. Cream Cheese
I tap. vanilla
4 eggs
1 cup cream

'- cups spry
1 tap. salt
I tsp. v n I la
5 tsp. baking pown er

Ccmr.'.- SpFry, salt, vanilla.
Aell. Aia e&ga one at a tite

5.14 cups sugar

< cups

I :.ur

Add mugar and
and DeAt wall

Ilsad the Zwieback crumbs with the margarine and
9 tbsp. of sugar; press onto the bottort of a 9-inch
604rtm pan.

the cup ofr augar with
198 cheese softened at

|!i:,: -49-

flour, salt and
temperature. Add


the vanilla. Add the egg yolks, one at a time,
mixing well after each yolk Is added. Add the
cream and blend thoroughly. Fold in the stiffl
beaten egg whites and pour the mixture on the I
of the crumbs. Bake In a slow oven, 525P for I
or until "set" in the center. Cool before remc
the rim of the pan. Do not invert. Makes 8-IC
------------- -- -- -- -- ----


cup shortening
I cup sugar
2 egg*
2 oz. red food coloring
1 tap. vanilla
2 tap. COCOa


1 tap. salt
1 cup buttermilk
24 cups cake flour
2 tap. soda
1 tap. vinegar


1 cup butter
Cups sugar
1 egg

Marge Rice

2 cups sifted cake
j tap.- salt
1 tap. vanilla

Cream butter, add sugar slowly and cream togel
Add well-beaten egg and blend. Sift flour oni
before measuring. Sift again with salt and ag
mixture. Blend in flavoring. Use small muffj
tine pnd place one rounded tap. of batter in 4
tin. Press against sides to form shallow cups
Fill with the following chocolate almond fillJ

Add vinegar to soda but hold over a bowl because
it foams. Set aside. Cream shortening, sugar and
egg'. Make a paste of coloring and cocoa. Add
pante to mixture. Add buttermilk and salt alter-
nately with flour. Ad* vanilla. Fold in soda
and vinegar. Beat as you do any. other cake recipe.
Bake at 550 for 50 min. in two 9-inch layer pans.
Cool and cut each crosswise so you have four layer
Ba sure to use the following frosting.

) tbsp. flour
I cup milk
1 cup sugar

1 cup butter
1 top. vanilla

Chocolate Almond Filling
2 eggs
lb. finely chopped almonds
i cup sugar

I tap. salt
1 7-oz. bar a
sweee choco

Beat eggs lightly, add sugar and salt. Grind"
monde and chocolate in food chopper twice and!
to mixture. Put small amount of filling into
try cups. Bake 50-40 min. in 5250 oven or uni
cup cruet is light brown. Yields 52 cups. I
- - - - - - - - - -. - .i

Cook flour and milk until thick; then cool. Cover
while cooling. Cream sugar, butter and vanilla un-
til as fluffy as you can make it with electric mixe
Blend into flour-milk mixture; consistency of cold
oatmeal. Do not beat but blend. Frost cake and
'between each layer. Refrigerate. Serve in thin

Have your cake and eat it, too'.
(For Dieters)*

Scup margarine
w* wps brown sugar
li: top. vanilla
egp bs
i.. baking soda

Scup buttermilk
Scup wheat germ
21. cup flour
1 top. salt


Mix ingredients and drop, with a half teaspoon,
a greased baking sheet. Bake 10 minutes in a h
oven (4000). Makes 10 dozen. Thirty-three cal
- - - - - - -- - - -


Not for dieters.

Beassie liej

Pour into 5 qt.
bowl............... 1 cup evaporated milk
52 large marshamallowsa,
up or
4 cups of the minlatur
6 tbsp. orange juice or
alcoholic flavoring
Into another bowl
measure............ 8 cups Graham Cracker ci
(about 8 doz.)
Stap. cinnamon
2 tap. nutmeg
Stap. cloves
2 cups seedless raisins
( golden and 1 dark 4
1 cup chopped dates
cups broken walnuts
Cups candied fruit
Work in milk mixture with spoon, then with hand
until crumbs are moist. Make in angel cake pas
any other cake pan. If mixture becomes too crii
add a few drops evaporated milk. Cover tightly
chill 2 days before serving. Makes 4' lbs.


?K Grace Peiper
special occasions, like Christmas.

2 cup shortening 1 tap. salt
2cUp sur 1 cup buttermilk*
I cups sugar tsp. vinegar
2 eggs
5 tbsp. red food coloring 1 tap. baking soda
2 tbsp. cocoa 1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups cake flour
0oNTEr 1 cup sweet milk and I tbsp. vinegar
equals 1 cup buttermilk

Cream shortening, sugar, and eggs. Make a paste
out of food coloring and cocoa. Sift dry ingre-
dients. Add dry Ingredients and liquids and mix
well. Bake at 50 for 50 minutes.


2 cups sugar
2 cups floar
1 tap. baking acida
2 tsp. baking powder

Grace Peiper

Stsp. salt
2 eggs
1 #21 can Fruit Coctai
(drai ned)
1 cup nuts

Sift dry ingredients; add e,;g, drained cocktail
and nuts. Bake in 8x12 inch cake pan at 550 for
45 min. Serve with whipped cream or Ice cream.

S- .- 5-


4J cup butter
2/3 cup confectioner's sugar
2 eggs
2f squares unsweetened chocolate
1 tsp. vanilla

Louise MoHeal
via Dotty Bjarn

Cream butter and asuger and continue to cream
until fluffy* Add egg yolks one at a time,
beating well after each. Add chocolate (melted
and vanilla and beat well. fold in stiffly
beaten egg white.
Use on angel food or sponge cake. Split cakes
in half and spread icing between layers, on
sides and top. After cake is iced, place In
refrigerator for about twelve hours before usinj


1 egg white
3/4 cup brown sugar
3 tbsp. cold water

Kathryn Young
Da sh of salt
1 tap. vanilla

Place all ingredients except vanilla in top of
double boiler. Beat 1 minute with electric
mixer. Cook over boiling water beating until
mixture forms peaks, about 5 minutes. Pemove
from heat. Add vanilla and beat about 2 min-
utes or till spreading consistency.
A fluff 7-minute frosting with brown sugar for


3/4 cup white sugar
Big chunk butter

Phyl Patchett

3/4 cup brown sugar
f cup milk

poll all together till mixture will form a
soft bell when dropped in water. Remove from
hest and beat until thick enough to apread.

-09 TziT FPDMIG alCluldes

j oup sugar
1i tbsp. cornstarch
* cup boiling water
1i tbsp. butter

1 1-os. sqe grated un-
sweetened chocolate
Stamp. vanilla
Dash of salt

Nix sugar, cornstarch, add salt and chocolate.
Add boiling water and cook until thick. Pie-
mOve from heat. Add butter and vanilla. Spread
on cake while hot.


2 squares unsweetened chocolate
3 tbsp. shorternirig I
1/3 cup milk
2 oup@ sifted confectioner' a sugar
I/A tap. mlt
1 tap. vanilla

Melt chocolate and sortening over hot water.
l end in milk, confectioner' a sugar, salt atnd
vgalUa. Stir until smoothe and thick enough
to *Wl4. For extra ohooolatey flavor use
3 squares chocolate.
I lon stir over ice water.
stir over hot water;
. .
4 .. "": .. ".. .:
r !% ~~E :"

a lif 92"

cube oleo
Scup sugar
eat 5 minutes
r cup powdered sugar

NEVER mAybd lRIMQrHL'-i 1ffgteah%&4m% jo, f
ia.trfl' tfvofi-q Oq~fisw al S* ':t. fi 1^{.'r; c *,
Mix 1 ^ rwOi ri4wgp i.tti a %bfS3eaftbwo&--d
butter or margerlne, two tablespoons cocoa
and.....ti ta'b:gpc9orpla ^ t jtro ng.j c pffee Jl mv nr -
with vanilla to mait your taste. Wonderful
for cu. e -4p and fili I I
For larger cakes, make two batches.
-mi;l t-N- a-iA 'Ps .80-1 1 IOUBL 1-7 nI
--u ,, ** z. e7y .ool qhu-,

(A no cook icing that holds up
oeirkai'btodkt n5ta6)bba i-B-Epinu -'s; xf
-." .9i0W 1I"g 0(oooo bns ie3ta w. ,..i bb
t*hBwpcobtUBM11-16av ban edtl'i LA.1 A laee 1011 evo
4 cups sifted confectioner's anugky a riv e9a1
2 egg white
1liapn- v4la I-a- .- --.. -.-.-.- -
Stsp. cream of tartar
1-2 tv '-1P1iT 1O D DW
Few drop of food coloring if desired.
oislooudio beir&.Tit-.-a' 'j Fs LrPa
Cream butter into confectioner' a i rieth.;&l'*
pastry blender till mixture looks Hliltfmo E
meal. Then addc bieaeh ,b< i L
and cream of tartar. Beat. Add cre"w 7fT. ,'
trick is to get the frosting to sltf ,.
it holds its shape with clear cut edges.
,ieiepw to lovev : n.nemJ-or10t ".m. '1lH
- 4i-3re- ban xjl^. !T, -T p"-r r.T'n.if.
UMTT^^^r bri te d sioos !.*'* T^'. -^^
-, -;- I 'mfEcoor - "a rx a.a rIM
(Tastes good, look good, .-P., .

cup milk n e e.,'.'- ,Vl -
2 tbsp. flour .-.-..
Cook until very thick -cool.

hip until frothy
2 egg whites
1/8 tsp. salt

Add the sirup in a thin stream. Whip con-
stantly. When it is all whipped in adds
1/8 tap. creain of tartar or a few drops
of lemon Juice

stir until sugar is dissolveds
2 cups sugar
1 cup water

1 tap. vanilla.

sufficient to cover the top and iddes of two
9-4nch layers.

S.,., . .. ..

Children and adults both like these)

1 cup sugar
cup white corn arup
I can (15-oz) sweetened condensed milk
I tsp. vanilla
6 red. apples
C Combilne sugar, corn yrup, milk and vanilla
1in heavy sauce pan. Cook over low heat stirr-
ing constantly until Yrup forms a stiff bell.
S Set pen in hot water to keep mixture spread-
able. Dip apples in with 2 tined fork. Poll
in coarsely chopped nuts if desired. Place
S on buttered dish or cooky sheet. Insert wood*
en skewer in stem.

ENIGLISH TO~'E Puth Siebene
Slb. butter 1 heaping cup sugar
Boil only until starts to browning, stirring
constantly. When cooking this it may seem to
S seprate but keep stirring. May taste if it
gets too brown. Pour over nuts in pie or
omke tin. Afte, this has set a half minute,
S lay thin Hei aey chocolate bars over top.
Mhen they start to melt, spread chocolate with
I--/ V^^.^7^ j9 ,tq cover.
-j E fattening but worth it.

Hazel Hawkins
I-Ss Popped unsalted corn

1 cup sugar
1/3 cup white corn t'rup
1/3 cup water

* cup butter
3/4 tap. solt
3/4 tsp. vanilla

Add sugar, syrup, water, salt and bitter and
cook until it forms a hard ball when a few
drops are dropped in water. Remove from heat
and add vanilla. Stir and pour over pop
corn. Wet hands and shape into balls.

Peggy Janes

1 tall can evaporated milk
2 tbsp. butter
4j cup sugar
Dash of salt
1 package 12-oz semisweet chocolate pieces
3 bars 4-oz each, sweet cooking chocolate
1 pint marshmallow cream
2 cups chopped pecans

Combine milk, butter, sugar and salt. Bring
to a boil, stirring often then reduce heat
and simmer 6 minutes. Meanwhile place remain-
ing ingredients except pecans in a large
bowel. Gradually pour boiling syrup over the
chocolate marshmellow mixture and beat well,
until chocolate is melted. Stir in nuts.
Pour into buttered pans and store in a cool
place several hours to harden. Cut in square*

--------------- -- -- -- -- --



C. SS ceo0 S

",: a'.



1 green pepper
2 mall onions, sliced
2 Tbsp, butter
2 Tbsp. minute tapioca
1/8 Tsp. pepper "
j Tp. alt ' ,
1/8 Tap. cayenne

Chop pepper and onion.
tomato and corn in top

other Ingredients and cook 15 minutes. Stir
fftqintly. Serve on toast poe ts or blscuits
- -- ---- -- -

Chicken .breasts .
(Z wbole or 4 pieces),
Salt & pe~ppr
2 carrot -
1 onion (diced)

lma Weeks

1 can creams of aelez7
Da d of celery seed
j-fich pi6-equst

Cover chicken adequately with water. Add -it
and pepper, celery seed, 2 whole scraped carrot
and the onion. Cook until carrots are done.
Pemove the carrots and set aside. Continue coi
ing the remainder until chicken falls from boa
Dilute cream of celery soup with.chicken broth
til of a medium cream msauce consistency. -, Plol
buttered casserole, add cut-up chicken from
skin has been removed, and the carrots which h
been dIceU Top with a rich pie crust. Bake |
400 until &a'e. Serves A.
. ,'e "' ,. ,
(Delliiours 4veith road noodles, rice
or whipped potatoes). (Accompany with a green


ou p canned tomtoea
tomato Juice
24 cope corn
S1/3 cups hiarp cheei
cut or shredded tn
mall pieces

Saute in butter. Heat
of double boiler. Add

Alice Caffea

2 onions chopped fine 1 Tsp. mlt
:. bspp. Salad oil 1* Tsp. mgar
2 lI l.ground beef I minced cloves garlic tomtoes 1 large can tomato Julc,
Sbqup. chili powder A cane Kidney beans
..10*,.I Ga
g4||r onions, add ground beef. until brown, add
=t 4tep, chili powder mlt and next inoredien'
Vlvery slowly for 11 hours or until tender. C
*lbMk? 7 in oa ted ptto nest.

Head of cabbage (Main Didi)
(2 to 3 lb.)
1 large onion 3/4 cup wheat germ
2 Tbsp. butter 1 3/4 Tap. mlt
1 lb. ground beef j Tap. pepper
j lb. ground pork 2 cupa ooked rioe

Scald cabbage with boiling water to loosen leaves.
Separate leaves and cook about 5 minutes to oftc
pare down heavy viens. Saute onion, hopped, in
the butter. Mix together the ground beef, pork,
wheat gem, =it, pepper, and onion. Add cooked
rice and blend well. Fill each cabbage leaf with
2 or 3 Tbsp. of the meat mixture. Roll leaves,
tucking ends in. Place cabbage rolls, lapped aidr
down, in heavy roasting pan. Make muoe using 1
can condensed crea= of muuroom soup, 2* cup
toato juice, tap. calt and daei of pepper. Poul
over cabbage rolls. Cover and bake in moderate
oven, 3500 for 1* to 2 hours. lielda 16 to 18
cabbage rolls.
M . . . . . . - - -


Prepare 1 cup wild rice meeording to package
directions. Cook 4 cup chopped onion Ia j mup
butter or margarine till tender but not brown. *
Remove fronheat and stir in j cup onridched fleul
Drain one 6 o0, can (1 1/3 cups) licid watirsaomj
reserving liquid. Add enough chicken broth to I
liquid to measure 14 cups and gradually stir in
flour mixture. Add 14 cups light cream. Cookoi
stir until mixture thickens. Add wild rice, mu
rooms, 3 cups diced, cooked chicken, -* cup diced
pimento, 2 Tbsp. parsley, 1+Tsp. ialt and T
pepper. Place In 2 quart eaessrole. Bake l, d
orate oven 350P 25 to 30 minutes.(8 servings)-i

- - a- -- . -. -.
. si r *** ^d


4 lb. hamburger
3 medium oniets (chopped)
I bottle catsuap

2 Tbsp. cumin
1 Tbsp. garlic powder
4 Tbsp. chili powder

', -' .'d J
*.," idf

2 Tbsp. paprika
2 Tsp. ofaigano...
1 Tsp. chili pepper
'. i *li

I cooked chicken, turkey, pork or shrimp
large onions
to 5 stalks of celery
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
2 cans bean sprouts
Scan chow rein or chinese vegetables
/3 cup cold water
2 tbsp. cornstarch
2 tap. LaChoy sauce
1 tsp. sugar
lice onions and celery In thin slices and
saute until golden brown. Cover with water
and boil until celery and onions are soft.
Add bean sprouts, cream of murshiroom soup and
chinese vegetables. Let cook over low heat for
fifteen minutes, Add soy sauce to taste.
Add cut-up chicken, then thickening. Double
thickening recipe if not thick enough.
Serve over hot rice with chinese noodles.
Best to make in the morning and re-heat for
dinner so that Ingredients and flavor combine.

Cook hamburger and onions until hamburger I 9J
completely browned. Add catsup and dspoees an
stir. Sliner for about 2 hours. Pour into W
baking pni and cool in refrigerator. Gut it
8 or 10 bricks, wrap in foil and store in free
To' servot Place 1 brisk chili aix In. 1 cup-2S
and heat. Add 2 cans kidney beans (dnained) L



oLucille Richards

Slb. diced pork or veal
4"1 green pepper ( diced )
Mp onions ( diced )
M ( small ) sliced mushrooms
been sprouts
t pineapple ring
V tbsp. corn starch
Sroestersahire sauce
thinrese soy sauce

con't -65-


Jinie Holtzclaw

Naig* HUMS

Brown neat in mail amount of oil. Pemove.
Cook onions and green pepper in the oil until
almost done. Add mushrooms, bean sprouts after
draining the Juice from them. (Save the Juice)
Add the sliced pineapple sliced very thin and
celery. Peturn the meat to this mixture and ai
salt and pepper. Thoroughly mix the sprout jit
worcestershire, soy sauce, and corn starch and
to the mixture. Simmer for 10 minutes. Serve
over Chinese egg noodles. (Serves 5).
-----.. ... . --------

3GG FOO YOUNU ?'a r Adams

4 eggs
3/4 lb. chopped cooked chicken, shrimp, pork,
turkey or crabmeat
8 imported black Chinese dried mushrooms or 1
8 os. can button mushrooms
Slb. bean sprouts (i can, drained)
1 green onion, chopped
j stalk celery, chopped
Salt, pepper

Beat eggs slightly in mixing bowl, add other
gradients. Cover bottom of a 6 inch'sklllet.
peanut oil and heat skillet. Pour j of the
in this and cook over low heat till brown on:
side. Turn careful-- and cook until brown
side. Serve with brown sauce.
Brown sauce:
1 Tbsp. cornstarch If cups cold chic
1 Tsp. soy sauce Tap, sugar
Salt Pepper
Combine cornstarch, soy sauce, chicken bro
pepper and sugar. Cook and stir over medl
till mixture comes to a boll and thickens.
this recipe, instead of mushrooms use j 8 o
of water chestnuts, chopped. Pecipe Is fro
Shanghai Low's in San Francisco. (Serves 4):


2 cups finely shredded cooked chicken
1/3 cup peanut oil
I clove garlic, minced
1 cup diced canned water chestnuts
1 cup diced canned bamboo shoot
2 cups diced celery
ii cups sliced Chinese cabbage
j cup diced fresh mushrooms
Medium green pepper, diced
Scup thinly sliced green beans
6 scallions tshopped
1 Tbsp. salt
k Tsp. pepper
ij Tsp. sugar
2 cups chicken stock (or 2 chicken bouillon cubes
and 2 cups water)
3 Tbsp. soy sauce
2 Tbsp. cornstarch
j cup toasted almonds
Chinese fried noodles (1 can or package)
Heat oil in saucepan. Add vegetables, salt,
pepper and sugar. Add stock and mix well. Cover
and bring to boil. Stir thoroughly. Cover again
and boil for 10 minutes. Combine soy sauce, 4
Tbsp. of water and cornstarch. Add to hot vege-
table mixture and cook, stirring thoroughly till
thickened. Add chicken and cook 5 minutes longer.
aJfve with noodles and sprinkle each serving with
alJamnds. (Shrimp, beef or pork may be used In-
: tead of chicken).(Serves 4).


I :a:.


Mary adam


3/4 cup finely chopped celery
1 cup shredded cabbage
2 Tbsp. peanut oil
f cup diced shrimp, fresh cooked or canned
3/4 cup finely chopped water chestnuts
4 scallions, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
Scup diced cooked pork (ham, beef, veal, or
chicken may be used)
STsp. salt
4 Tbsp. soy sauce

Put celery and cabbage in J cup water. Bring
boil. Drain thoroughly. Heat oil in skillet,
and add shrimp and meat. Cook for 2-3 minute
stirring constantly. Add remaining ingiedlent
and cook stirring constantly till delicately
browned. Cool.

Egg Foll Skin.s

* cup sifted flour
2 Tsp. cornstarch
* Tsp. Salt

1 small egg beaten
Pinch of salt
cup peanut oil

Sift flour, cornstarch and salt together. B
in egg and sugar. Add 1 cup water slowly, b
constantly, till batter is smooth. Grease a
6 inch skillet with peanut oil. -'our 3 Tbsp
batter (for one skin) into hot skillet, tipp
spread batter all over bottom of skillet. (U
is sufficient to make 8 skins). Place over
heat and cook till batter shrinks from sIddas
pmn. Turn skin and cook 1-2 minutes on oth;
Pemove and cool.

This recipe has been given to many of r7 friends
and everyone has enjoyed it very eaqr to make.

3 chicken breasts -
cut in half
3/4 cup olive oill
1 stick oleo
Bunch parsley

1 medium onion
2 cans beef consowme
3/4 cup tomato Juice
4 cup dry sherry

Skin chicken. Dip in flour, salt and pepper.
Brown In oil and butter. Remove and put In
casserole. Add to oil: 4 Tbsp. of flour, parsley,
and onions cut fine; then consomme, tomato juice,
and sherry. Cover and cook 10-15 minutes, slowly.
Pour over chicken and cook for 3 hours uncovered
at 2750. Serve over rice.

yKD EGGS Mrs. E. M. Chanik

Line each cup of muffin pan with a slice of bacon.
Break egg into each lined cup. Salt and pepper
each egg and add a Tbsp. of milk to each egg. Bake
in moderate over (350) for 15-20 minutes.

,. different way to serve eggs for lunch, if tired
I a the usual breakfast eggs.
I. . . . . .


Mrs. MaGonizal

In boiling water 5 minutest 6 Large green
iro (stems and seeds removed). Drain, Mixt

4 ground beef
pe salt
|. pepper

1 cup dry bread crumbs
-9- 1 Tbsp. chopped onion



Add half of 104 as. can tomato soup. Stuff
peppers with meat mixture. Stand upright in amal
baking dI i. Pour over remaining soup diluted wt
j soup can of water. Bake at 350 covered, 45
minutes and uncovered 15 minutes longer.


2 cups cooked macaroni
1 cup or more of cold cooked ham or lamb,
finely chopped
l j cup milk
4 eggs beaten
j Tsp. salt, pepper, few dropped onion juice or
few pieces onion
I Tsp. mustard (prepared mustard okay)

Bake in moderate oven until firm about 40
.-..---.--..--..--.--..--.. -=..


Joan Downs

Scup salad dressing cup milk-
1 10 j oz. can condensed cream of celery som

2 cups cubed cooked ham
I 3 oz. can mushrooms (drained)
2 Tbsp. diced green pepper
2 Tbsp. chopped pimento
1 Tbsp. finely chopped onion

Heat slowly, stirring often. Serve with hot
parasleyed rice. .


1 can 8-3/4 on. creas
style corn
2 eggs
3/4 cup diluted
evaporated milk

2 Tap. baking powder
2 cups sifted flour
1 Tap. mit
j lb. boiled ham, diced
Fat for frying

Mix all ingredients except fat. Drop by heaping
tablespoons into hot deep fat (3650) and fry un-
til done (golden brown). Serve hot with apple-
sauce if desired.

Good I Even without the ham.
-------------------------- -- -- -- -- -----


* cup thinly sliced onion
2 Tbsp. melted butter
l-8oa, can tomato sauce
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. Lea & Perrins
Scup bread crumbs,

Del2 Clukie

3 Tbsp, flour
Scup water
1 Tsp. vinegar
1 Tbsp. chili powder
1 Tsp. salt
2 cups chopped ham
1 cup cooked kidney

Saute onion in butter until golden yellow. Blend
flour into butter onion mixture. Add other in-
gredlents except ham, beans and crumbs. Cook and
stir until boiling and thickened. Pemove from
beat and add ham and beans. Pour into greased
a lj qt. casserole, cover with crumbs and bake in
eon 350 for 20-25 minutes. ( 4-5 servings).
. T



4 Tbsp. Butter 4 Tbsp. flour
2 Tsp. dry mustard 2 cups milk

Prepare as a cream sauce, cooking gently until
thick about 10 minutes. Add to cream sauce and
keep hot In double boiler:

2 cups cooked ham 2 Tbsp, chopped parsley
2 Tbsp. Lea & Perrins 3 Tbsp. chopped pimento
sauce Salt & pepper to taste.
Serve over boiled rice, noodles or potato

S. .- e. ----------- .


6 potatoes
1 green pepper

Jinie Holtzclau,

1 lb. raw smoked ham
3 cups milk

Cover bottom of an oiled baking dish with slice
raw potatoes. Sprinkle with flour. Add inch
square pieces of ham, repeat until dish is full
Pour in as much milk as the disk will bold. BI
(350C-400P) until potatoes are tender. (1-14 hi
. - --.---------


Muriel Friel m

Grease pan with bacon or pork fat. Mix canned
chopped beef with maed potatoes in separate
Brown one large onion in hot pen. Add onion t
hash mix, put hash in pan, smooth down flat, a
milk (about one pint-for large skillet). Put
low flame, simmer until milk is totally gone.

121xS'x2c baking dish 1 pkg. lasagna cooked
1 can (No. 2) Italian in 3 qts. boiling
style tomatoes water
2 cans (6 om.) tomato 1f Tsp, oregano
paste 1 Tsp. onion salt
STsp. black pepper cup olive or salad oil
1 cup onions, minced 1 lb. ground round steak
1 Tsp. salt 3/4 lb. Flootta cheese
lb. Wotarella cheese 3/4 cup Parmesan cheese
finely sliced
Simer tomatoes, tomato paste, salt oregano, pep-
per and onion salt in uncovered sauce pan. Put oil
in skillet. When hot, saute finely minced onion
and garlic until lightly brown. Add ground meat
and salt to onion mixture. Cook until crumbly and
red color has gone. Add to tomato sauoe. Sinner
2-2 hrs. or until thickened. Cover bottom of
baking dish with 1/3 of the sauce. Alternate
noodles with 4 or Foicotta cheese, 4 of the Mon-
arella cheese and 1/3 of the Parmesan. Pepeat,
siding with sauce on top. Bake until bubbly.Let
Utand about 15 minutes before serving. Serves 6-8.
If Nosarella cheese isn't available, substitute
idss cheese. Cottage cheese can be substituted
for dRicotta cheese.

.1 lIb. lasagna
a spaghetti sauce
"jth muihrooms
SDVe garlic
ftbsp, chopped pepper
:4o fry, salt & pepper
S(1 pkg) Mosarella

Phyllis Patuhett

1 can tomato paste
1 lb. (or more) ham-
1-2 onions (depends on
4 eggs
1 lb. Plootta cheese
(or American Cheese)

Dell Clukles

LtW&* Hgltmalaw

Dash nutmeg

Salt & pepper


Pro, 1cGoninh

Boll lasaqua as per diTections on box. Saute,
chopped onions and peppers. Add garlic, chopped
fine. Aid meat and brown. Add tomato paste and
spaghetti sauce. Cook together 15 minutes. Mij
filling of granted Fomano, Cottage cheese, eggs,
Mozzarella, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Drain lam
then spread thin layer of meat sauce, then lasB
then cheese filling, sauce, lasaqua, filling,,
etc., ending with meat sauce. Sprinkle well 4
grated Pabnrmesan cheese. Bake in oven 350 for
60 minutes until bubbly. Use 9" x 13" pan. S
8. For 16, double recipe and use two pans.


j lb. macaroni
3 or 4 slices of
American cheese (cut
in strips)

Grace Ward

Scup canned milk
cup water
1 cup of whole milk
2 eggs

Cook macaroni and cheese as per directions ol
package. (do not over-cook). Drain then mi
together milk, water and eggs (slightly beat
Arrange macaroni and cheese in layers. Spri
each layer with salt and pepper.. Cover with
and egg mixture making sure macaroni Is comma
covered. It may be necessary to add adiltloi
milk to cover macaroni depending on size of.
role used. Top this mixture with cheese sl
Cover with foil punctured to allow steam to.
Cook 30 40 minutes at 375 until firm but
dry. Foil may be removed the last few minu.


4 cups hot cooked 2 Tbsp. butter
macaroni Top, milt
if cup cut up sharp Tap. pepper
cheese (J" cubes -
1/3 lb.)

Combine and pour overt 2 eggs beaten and
3 cups milk. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake at
350 until golden brown on top (40-50 minutes).

MINO P.CAN MAU I I-hh12LHolitzcaw

1* lb. ground round 2 medium onions
steak (shrimp or 1 green pepper
chicken) 1 stalk celery
2 mall cloves garlic 1 No, 2 can tomatoes
1 can tomato paste cup water
1 slice white bacon, minced
2 cups cooked rice

Preheat oven to 350 . Saute meat, onions, pepper,
celery and garlic until golden brown. Salt to
taste. Combine all ingredients in a greased
casserole and bake one hour. (serves 6 8).
- . . . . . . . .


Mrs. E. M. Chat, I

ftUbine 4 oz. can Underwood deviled ham, with,
ma can tomato sauce 1 Tbsp. minced onion
.&ap. oregano 2 Tbsp. grated Panreun

n on8 toasted muffin halves, add cheese
i os and broil.

If you're hungry for pizza but In a hurry).


Brown f lb. Italian sausage, drain.
1 Tbsp. crushed oregano
1 clove garlic, minced.

On greased baking sheet, flatten 10 refrigerated
biscuits to 4" circles with floured custard cup
leave rim. Fill with tomato paste and sausage.
Sprinkle with 1 cup shredded sharp processed
American cheese, j cup Parmesan cheese, grated.
Bake at 425 about 10 minutes.


2 sliced medium onions
1 clove garlic
2 Tbsp, salad oil
1-10 3/4 oz* can beef gravy
3-8 oz. cans tomato sauce
1-3 oz. can whole mushrooms, undrained
2 Tbsp. minced parsley
1-3 lb. loin of pork, cut from bone in a slic
3/4 Tsp, salt
j Tsp. pepper
2 Tbsp. salad oil
2 cups raw regular or processed white rice
3 or 4 onions
3 seeded green peppers, cut into eights
T sp. salt.

Day before: In skdllet, saute 2 onions and
in 2 Tbsp. oil until golden; discard garlic
gravy, next J Ingredients, simmer uncovered I
Sprinkle pork with 3/4 Tsp. salt and pepper;
in skillet in 2 Tbsp. oil until brown all od
move pork. To drippings in pan, add a littt
sauce; stir to dissolve meat particles; add
of sauce.

In 3 qt. casserole, arrange half of pork slicoes;
top with rice combines with half of sauce. Add
half of remaining onions, rest of pork, cover
with rest of onions, then peppers. Sprinkle with
j Tsp. salt. Pour on rest of sauce. Refrigerate.

About 1-3/4 hr. before serving, start heating
oven to 350. Bake casserole, covered, 1-1/2 hrs.,
or until hot. Makes 8 servings. (For company



Mrs. B. Ruth

Melt 2 Tbsp. butter Chop- 1 mall onion

1 carrot (fine)
2 sprigs parsley
Combines 2 cans consmme, 2 cans water
Cook li cups wild rice until rice absorbs water
(about 40 minutes). Line 2 2j qt. shallow
casserole (grease) and put 21 cups turkey in
bottom. Mix together f can creme of chicken soup
with 2 Tbsp. each sherry, melted margarine, parme-
san cheese, j Tsp, salt, Tsp. pepper, dash
cayenne. Put oysters on top with 1 Tbsp. chill
sauce on each and j strip bacon on top of each.
Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

i PMa132e Mice
3 Tbsp. butter 2 Medium onions, Iminced
I"ap rice 2 cans consomme
o4Up mall peas drained 1 cup mushrooms
lbs. (approx.) ground beef, browned

onions in butter, add rice, stir until well
SPour in consomme and cook 30 minutes. Stir
a and mushrooms. Mix in meat when ready to
Serve with grated cheese if desired.


Saute 1 lb. pound sausage meat (or link sausage).
Saute 1 lb. mushrooms, 2 large onions in sausage
fat. Add sausage. Cook 2 cups, thoroughly waahe
wild rice in salted boiling water, 10-12 minutes,
drain, mix In sauce pan J cup flour with J cup
heavy cream, until smooth. Add 2J cups condemn
chicken broth and cook until thidkened. Season
with 1 Tsp. accent, 1 big pinch of oregano, thyi
and marjoram, 1 Tbsp. salt, 1 Tap. pepper. Com-
bine all ingredients and add a dash of tobasco.
Put in casserole. Bake 25-30 minutes at 3500.

This dish takes time to make but is excellent.
Wonderful with wild or tame duck.
.-..---.--.--..--..--.--.. --..


2 lbs. g ound beef 1 can of green peas
2 medium onions i cup uncooked rice
6 carrots, medium, 1 large can tomatoes
cooked 4 potatoes

Cover bottom of casserole with layer of ground
beef. Season to taste. Add diced onion, layer o
diced carrots, layer of sliced potatoes, layer of
drained peas, layer of rice. Cover with remainlinr
ground beef and onions. Season to taste. Cover
with tomatoes. Bake at 350 for 1 hour. (Serves
6 to 8). Many delicious substitutes can be made.



1 lb. bulk pork sausage
1/3 cup milk
2 slightly beaten eggs
3/4 cup fine cracker

GInnv Math.

1 cup diced process
American cheese
* cup chopped onion

Mix all ing edients thoroughly. Shape in loa
and place on shallow pan. Bake in moderate oy
350 about 1 hr. and 15 min. Place on platte
Garnish with jelly filled peach quarters.
(Makes 6 to 8 servings).

Good for cool days. A delicious, cheeay loa



1 cup uncooked rice
1 cup whole kernel corn, drained
Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Pour over 1 can tomato sauce and i cup of water
Scup each finely chopped onion and green pepper
Pour over second can tomato sauce and i cup of
wter. 3/4 lb. ground beef (uncooked). Cover
meat with 4 strips of bacon, cover and bake at
35Pe for I hour. Remove cover and bake 30 more


:pkg. (8 oz.) wide noodles
0n0 (7 oz.) tuna fih
IPkg. Lipton's onion
SOup mix
Ent commercial sour

P buttered cracker

1 cup Calif. dip
1- cup milk
1 Tsp. salt
1/8 Tsp, pepper
2 Tbsp. butter

Stir onion soup mix Just as it came from package
into sour cream. Cook noodles according to
directions on package, drain noodles, add tuna
fish, butter, salt and pepper. Whip California
dip with rotary beater and slowly stir In milk.
Add this sauce to tuna fish noodle mix. Pour in-
to ij qt. casserole und sprinkle with cracker
crumbs. Cover and bake 30 minutes at 350.
(serves 6 to 8).

. . -. -. -. -. -. -. .- .- .- .- .-


Mimi Wilson

2 cups wide noodles, uncooked
3 cups medium white sauce (made with 6 Tbsp.
each fat and flour, 3 cups milk, seasoning)
2 cups flaked tuna
2 cups grated cheese (preferably Cheddar)
2 hard boiled eggscoarsely chopped
1 8 oz. can mushrooms, sliced
j green pepper, chopped
2 Tbsp. pimento, chopped
6 stuffed olives, coarsely chopped

Cook noodles in boiling salted water until tend
Drain and rinse with cold water. Add li cups
cheese to white sauce, stirring until cheese 1i
melted. Combine noodles, tuna, cheese sauce,
mushrooms, green pepper, pimento, and olives.
well. Turn into greased casserole, sprinkle
remaining t cup cheese. Bake at 350P about 30O
minutes. (Serves 8).


Brown In skillet:
1 lb. ground beef
2 or 3 mod. onions (chopped)
Salt & pepper

Add to meat mixture when ready and simmer 15
to 20 minutes

1 med. can tomatoes or (1 large)
1 can kidney beans
1 can tomato sauce
Stsp. chili powder

2 cups uncooked macaroni
1 cup grated cheese or moze.

Cook macaroni in usual way. Add to mixture,
put in casserole, sprinkle with cheese and
bake 375 for j hour or more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- -- --

MX 1 can chill con oame with 2 cups whole
kernel corn, 1 cup water and sliced ripe
olivels. Alternate chili mixture with corn
Alps In greased casserole. Bake in 3500 oven
Tr 30 minutes.

M"-- - - -. . . .

;: (Another hamburger stretcher)

1 ground beef l
012 kidney beano & liquid

j tap. pepper
2 tbsp. fat
1 can #2 drained green beans
1 8-os can tomato sauce
1 cup thinly sliced onions

Brown meat and onion in fat. Add remaining
ingredients. Season to taste. Even add chill
powder if desired. Heat. Pour in csaserole
and top with Pich Biscuit Dough.

(Serves 5 or 6)

1 cup flour
1i tsp. baking powder
j tsp. salt

Puth Siabens

Scup sortening
1 egg
Scup i-ilk

pepper on each layer. Bake 1 hour or more.
Bread or cracker crumbs may be sprinkled on
top dot with a little butter.

-------------- -

Scup minced onion 1 can tomato sauce
Scup salad oil I can tomatoes
1 lb chuck beet ground tap. salt
2 minced cloves garlilo tap. pepper
1 can mushrooms t tap. sugar

Slner onion in oil for 5 minutes. Add beef
and garlic, cook and stir until meat to
crmbly and brown Add mushrooms with liquid
and tomato sauce. Force tomatoes through a
seve. Add next 3 ingredients. Cover and
simmer 1 hour. Green pepper maybe added.

Cu% shortening into dry ingredients. Stir 11
egg and milk Found up on lightly floured
board. Knead lightly about 15 times. loll
out to fit top of casserole. Bake in hot oM
425 for 30 to 35 minutes. J

(-qal Good!)

Doris I


rovn in skillet over slow heat:
, lb. ground round
1 large onion chopped
:J tap. salt pepper

1 layer of sliced onions
1 layer of sliced raw potatoes
1 layer uncooked rice (about 1/3 cup)
1 layer hamburger slightlyy browned in sk
1 layer chopped celery
1 can red kidney beans (juice & all)
1 or 2 cans tomato soup poured ovei (ad
little water to prevent getting too dry

Arrange in cider siven, sprinkle salt and

k large can tomatoes
k can tomato sauce
0LIp. chili powder

tap. augar
1 cup kidney beans or
2 depending on size

r all for about J hour. Add a little
if too thick.

-. . . . . . . .


Doris Berg

(Another hamburger stretcher- but

Place thick layer of sliced raw potatoes in
well buttered casserole Sprinkle 1/3 cup
rice (precook rice outs baking time.) Add
a layer of hamburger 14 lbs. (may use
ham). Add a thick layer of onions, layer of
carrots, layer of green onions. Ppur over
all this 1 quart canned tomatoes to which add
1 tsp. salt and 1 tap. sugsr. Sprinkle with
pepper and bake 2-24 hours at 350. With preo
cooked rice baking time is about 14 hours.
May be varied a great deal and still tastes

Frank's Favorij e

I onion, chopped
1 gre'n Peprper. chopped
butter or ole,
Af cLp tomatoes

1 lb. ground beef

m13aLaual Pkg-spaghetti
Brown onion andgeen Pepper in fat, add I1 cup
tomatoes. Brown meat separately with salt and
pepper and add to above mixture,
Cook spaghetti and combine al in casserole.
Sprinkle bread cruusontp ad dot i bute
Bake 45 min. at 3500 p a.d dot W"th butter.

B a m n -- 3 5 0 0 .

LhEESE f-NpTD:! Rom ra
Mtfoo My Yother-ln-Lan)
li cups milk buttered toast
2 cups soft bread crumbs (about 4 slices)
3 eggs, beaten
li cups cheese small cubes
1 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp, paprika
1/S tsp, pepper dot with butter

Bake layersof first buttered toast cubes,
next cheese cubes. 2 layers each. Pour the
milk, seasoning mixture over this. Bake in
oven aboit 1 hour or until brown and dry,,
inside. A


31 ^:^"^'Ee Parr^....
icup chopped green Pepper I lbeshrimp@cooked &
3 tbsp. Minced onion cle ked r
Scup butter or oleo cleaned, or 2
3 tbap. flour -C I oz@cans.
StP. palt C.Pkg'pre-ccooked rice
jth of peppeal 1 cups water
lash of Pepper ta.s t
Mlo. 2 can (23 cups) 3 tsp. salt
S tomatoes
cup grat Aer.cheese
Spa green pepper and Onions in butter till
Pr but not brown. end uin flourttl
ePPer. Add tomato and cook u t sal
nen Add cheese; unt,,a tl mixture
I naAd heetse. sbtir untjil melted. Add
h oi rice, Water an salt
ePaa1 and cook as directed On Package.
ahi. over hot rice. Makes 4 p6 Servings,
: .......... -------------- -,


Aftrae P~rr,


52\4(~ :~'

cream..066............... 3/4 cup butter
Add...........*.*........ tbsp. granulated sugal
Blend with............... tap. salt
2 cups flour
pat mixture into a greased loaf pan. Bake M 75 f
I min. or until lightly brown. Uhil this bakes
Beat.................... 5 egg yolks
Add..................... 2j cups brown sugar
Stsp. salt
Blend well
Add.........9........... 1 cup nut meats
V3/ cup@ coconut
Fold in beaten egg whites. Pour over baked mixture
and bake again for 25-50 min. Cut in 1' squares.
Dust with powdered sugar. Eat one square and quit
That's will-p.ower'. My mother-in-law 1 ot in a hurrj
one tired night and tossaed everything in at one
time. She got bar cookies. too. and they were good
,often do that for variety.


:. 1 lb. chopped dates
I1 cup nut meats
| Cook dates, sugar, and
SChopped nuts and cool.
c ueap shortening
;i:|.eups brown sugar
A tp. vanilla

Ruth Siebens
cup sugar
1 cup water
water until thick. Add

baking soda
baking powder
flour (approx.)

well and roll out to about no thick or less.
k thinner they are, the prettier the finished
ie). Spread on the date-nut mixture. Roll
br cinnamon rolls. Chill 4 hrs. or overnight.
B. and bake on floured cookie sheet in )60 oven
t Bin. These won't keep-My mother's cookie
ra al.wa. empty!


h eqt~A0W,'

Ruth MabhnM



,resm: 1 cup sehortening A o: 1.1 cut. rlour
I cup irown su.Br 1 tBf. salt
I up Ahite sugar I tsp. soda

A.d: 2 beaten eg~ Aj.: 5 cups uqui k
I tnp. vjni Ila o'it eql
1 : up coconut.,mm

lay ze mLQJv into rolls ind refrlgerted then
sliced off. I a little e-tra flour for aoftg4
cookies.. Bake -it 5.C" for 10 I? min. I
think of Latmerl cookies gs tasteleass but theae
"edible." jI


Cindy Erich

1 cuo vanLlta wafer crumbs
1 cup poA jered sugar
li tbsp. ehite corn S/rup
1 cup finely -hoLpe, pecana
2 tosp. cocoa
i cun rum, brandy or bourban

Combine all ingredients and form into balls
1 in diameter. Before serin. roll In powo
sugar. About 5 dozen balls.
-- ------ -- -- -- -- --


Betty Chi

Beat 2/5 cups butter until creamy; add 3/4
sugar arad beat well. Adu 1 tbsp. Aater, i
vanilla and 2 cups oatmeal, uncooked. Bi1.
chill. Shape into small bills; roll in COi
Store in refrigerator. Makes 5 dozen.
A quick treat for your sweet tooth.
S- - - - - - - - - --

DAE .OOKI ES aloe Allen

A cup butter oro sugar
C:uo whitee sugar ro*n ugar
2 cups flour
tap. C IS t top, baking soda
1 pkg. dates (chopped) tp lemon flavoring

Cream butter and sugar aad eggs and flavoring
Sift together flour, soda and salt. Add dates*
ar,d with the creamed mixture. Drop Tro
a tap. on gre.-ae. -ookiF sheet. Bake at 4COo for
15 minutes. M4k 4 dozen cookies.


Cream AUllen~ri g a d
e cup g s.orter;ng add 1 cup sugar anr, 2
beaten eiga; add 1 cup siftso rlour, dash of eslt,
id tp. vanilla. Fold in 1 pkg. chopped dates
Sad j cup chopped nuts. aake j hr. at 3500i
9 inch square on. Cut in squares, which may each
Al rolled in conreti.oner., sugar#
i: .-.. . . . .


, 1 egg lightly. Add 1 cup supar and continue
Sbeatin,- li ghtly.
SI cup sour :ream (not comercia sour crea)
I: ugar.lev I tsp soda Add to eggs and
P~ sugar.
pinch of malt, 1 t&p. vanilla

greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle a little
Stop of each cookie. Bake at 50 about
Still cookies",@
Thes a""re s orco .. Jut --el-- gnnn


!elaoi gAl.I.e

PY-l Patchott



1 cup pecans (chopped very fine)
2 tbsp. sugar
Scup butter or marga rine
1 top. vanilla
1 cup eirtej flour
pinch of salt
Confectioners' sugar

Start your oven Ft 57!P. Chop, grate or grindt
pecans fine. Mix nuts, sugar, butter or margw
vanilla, salt in bowl. *ork.mixture thorough.
until it hola s together. nicely.. Pinch off bi

of dough and roll into balls the size of' e a
Bake on ungreased baking sheet 20 minuteS,
warm pecan balls generously with uonV6etionsrI
Godfor Coffees T6!
sugar. Makes 18 20. Good
to adu four LChristmas cookie collection.i
-... _- -_ --_ _- -- . .


Scup shortening
1 cup sugar
Scup MolaBsses
I egg
2 top. asking powder

Jean DoN

2 cups sifted flour
tsp. cloves
top. ginger "
1 ts cinnamon
tsp. salt "

"iUL R ice

Mix together thoroughly -
cup soft shortening (half butter)
Scup brown sugar
1 egg yolk
j tsp. vanilla
Sift together and stir in -
1 cup sifted general purpose fl~w
tip. gait Chill
Roll into 1 balls. Dip in slightly beaten eu
.hites. Roll in finely chopped nuts (I cup).
place about 1 apart on ungreased baking sheet,
Bake 5 min. Remoye fro, oven. Quickly press
thumb gently on top of each cookie. Return to
oven ana bake 8 minutes longer. Cool.
plsce in the thumbprint a bit of' chopped candied
fruit, sparkling jelly or tinted confectioners'
sugar icing.
Variation Instead of rolling cookie in chopped
iUts use chopped cocoanut. Temp. 750. Tim -
he 5 minutes, then 8 minutes. Amount Abot,
I dozen I' cookies.
- - - - --



Nina L. Rose
1 cup bread crumbs
1 top. vanilla

Melt shortening in a 5 or qt. sauc'pan
heat. Remoie from hea. allow to cool.
Then add sugar, molasses and eggs Beat I
Sift togetrier flour, Boas, cloves, gingei
and salt. Aod trksee to first mixture. I
and chill thoroughlY. For2 in one-inch N
roll in granulated sugar na place on g%
sheets 2 inches apart. Bake In modern '1j,
oven 57m5O. 8 to 10 minutes.
Makes aoout 4 dozen cookies. j
- - - - -- - - - -

LI togeLher, bake on a greased and floured
I sheet in a 750o oven about 12 minutes til
1 brown. Drop from teaspoon.
Uons: 1. add cup chopped nuts
2. add cup coconut
E add cup of chopped dates or
raisins. If mixture sees too
dry or eggs are small, then use
two eggs.

I- - - ---- -- ----- ---

!ary Rice



2 cups sifted flour
1 pkg. of instant pudding
Scup cooking oil
1 egg

Combine ingredients. Form into balls the size
of a large marble; place on ungreased cookie she
Bake at &0 until lightly brown.
--- ------ -- -- -- -- -- ---


1j cups granulated sugar
5 tap. cocoa
dash of salt
Scup milk

Virginia Murphy

1 tap. vanilla
j lb. m-rgarine

Boil for exactly I minutes. Add: 5 cups Oat
(2tick), j cup walnuts.
Drop on to wax piper. Let harden Ready to


Your don'tt keep tiese in the
* CUD hnh - ._ I-^ I

CUr -sh o tnj i ng
1 cup granulited sugar
2 eggs
i top. salt

Cream shortening and sugar until light and luf,
Add beaten egg, and sifted dry ingredi s Ad
Y-Iills and m,,,ix wellte yIngredients, Add,
vbaingls a s mic well. Spread the batter onto a
baking sheet a thinly possible and frost with
Sano rlo in 1 Remove lumps from I Cup on
sugar anj foj into I atirry beatn eg ontt.
Spread onto Cookie batter, sprinkle ith g cup
chopped nuts and bike in a moderate tven (I2 o
- minutes. Lut in squares. akes 2O to 2.

I -- --. -- t

a Cups Pastry or cake
I tsp. baking Powder
top. V@nllia

I cup butter or M-irgarine
Cup 1ugr trne 1 tap. l Powder
-salt (piPnch) u tpe vnglla
g," 1 tbsp. water nutmeg
I' eggs 2 cups flour or more a.
35.2 g needed to stiffen
ke 5250. More like cake.
: ........... ..........

Virginia "urphy

Mix- 1 cup shortening
2 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
Add- cup sour milk
Stir in-
5 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tap. soja
Add- 11 cup nuts
2 cups cut up sates, candied fruit
Chill for I hour.

Bake on lightly gre-eed sheet 4CC0. 10



Ra-rla Biar...--


a An ULUM i3


.Libby %urn.

(1 always use this with Teriyaki)
[ place peeled banana on a double thickleea of
aluminum foil, dot with butter, sprinkle light-
l y with brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.
sprinkle on a generous tablespoon of Spanish Sherr1
(either a nutty amontillado or sweet amoroso),
W'rap tightly mnd barbecue for about six minutes.
you can also bake them in a casserole without
r_ 0the foil for 15 minutes at 3750.

'Ice Box Dessert
k Nae graham cracker crust in l1M pie pan.
cre- together:
2 beaten eggs
1I large pkg.Phila.Cream Cheese
1 tap. vanilla
j cup sugar
f t g 1t smooth and spread over crust. Bake 30 min..
1 37501 After this is cool sprinkle with cinn-
s lightly. Spread a can of sweetened, thick-
-blueberries (pie filling) over top, Chill.
it; in i 8IS wedges and serve topped with whipped cream.

S<5ENARS Mina L. Rose
Ua Pears halved, peeled and cored.
pears can be substituted. 2 halves per
/ sauce 3 to 4 hours before using. Place
Sigerator so flavors uiagle. To make the
,ly add all ingredients, except cream,
B PFold cream in last. (Con't on next


Swell beaten 1 tap. grated lemon peel
I cP powdered sugar 2 tbsp. rum
S pmelted titter 1 cup whipping
t\P" ne whipped

fa rsi des rt is as good as an
;.boraFte concoction I know.

lip until stiff:
i cup heavy cream
jest until soft:
3(3 :oz.) packages soft cram cheese (white)
3 tbsp. cream
1/8 tsp. salt
P0 the cheese into the whipped cream. Place<
these ingredients in a wet mold or in individ-
gl molds. Chill the cheese thoroughly. Un-
Vld it. Serve it with:
fresh hulled strawberries, raspberries or
other fresh fruit.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - -
!!'- ------(1 gallon) *_

Large can pineapple, I tasp. salt
peach or strawberry 3 tbsp, flour

Hat milk six sugar and flour. lnd add t
Vaten eggs. then add mixture to hot .milk
0nil thickened. If not sweet enough add
-"- --- --------- --


Nina L. Eq

ass. Dip in lem Juice and them in batter.,
to fry.
Separate 4 eggs. Beat yolks until thick add
* cup flour and i tap. salt beat smooth, then
add stiffly beaten eggwhites by folding into
yolk mixture.
pick the banana slices up one at a time and
gently slide into batter and then into hot
butter or margerine. Turn over almost immed.
Lately, then fry until golden brown on both
sides. Drain on paper towel and serve in any
of the following ways.
1. Roll in powdered augar and sprinkle with
cinnamon and nutmeg.
2. Make fruit sauce of currant Jelly.
3. Make a rum sauce to pour over and serve with
frozen strawberries.
This can also be used as a vegetable to go with
barbequed chicken. After cooking salt slightly.
--- --


Dell Clukies

:eggs 2 tap, grated lemon rind
cup Sugar 8 os. pkg. Cream cheese
fip lemon juice 6 4-inch tart shells
eggs in top of double boiler until thick
fluffy continue beating and gradually
sugar, Juice and rind. Cook over hot water
ii custard is thick and smooth. Cool.
n cheese at room temp. and gradually blend
Custard mixture. Pill shells. Top with
f hino cherry or dab of whipped cream.

(Quick 'n UEasy)

Mimi Wilson

peel and slice into halves slightly green


orange Juice (& drop of lemon Juice)
whiPPing cream

1lt mairshlallow1 in orange juice in double
boiler. Cool. When bei ig to thickel ad
jar of cream whipped. Serve in sherbert glass-
es. Garnish with che rrY.'
. . . ** .... . .. -cawJ



1 cup rice

6 cinnamon stic.

veinwea ik*


\cup butter (or Io) 2 tb0P. Cream
cup sutar lit cups diced pineaPPIe
I egg beaten 2" cups ram cracked
PnhQ ltcrumbs
Pinch ,k 01tlld bo* cup chOpped pecans 1*
Cream bu tt and sugar. Add egg, salt and ctC4e
Cea Add pineapple. Line oblong pan wit
Beat well. Ad iePII thial
wa-e par Cover bottom of pan inch th
waxed paper umbs. Spread mixture over crumbs andA
prinkl with 6 tbsp. pineapple juice qd tJ
cover with w&ed%3
pecafns. Top with crumbs. Corve with wahied.
paper and chill 24 hours. Serve with whiP
c re am.- -


1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
I cup millk!Oa 13 a
2 tbsp. lemon juice *
Dash s&a. T Su~
Dash heareba whipped with i cup Ou
1 cup heavy Ceme ts together (ce
Mix first four ingredient ethe (mi
Will look slightly cutdled, so don't b
Freeze until mushy. Remove from reezer
well. Vold in sweetened whipped cream*.
to I quart refrigerator tray and freeze f
severalOhours. o overnight. Makes I qua'
----------u- or-----

S.------ I tap. whole cloves K,;:
I cup sugar j cup raisins
I tsp. salt Ground cinnamon
1 piece chopped ginger
place rice in water for two hours. Grate cocoa.
nut and add about S cups hot water to get 6 cups
cocoanut milk. Add ginger, cloves, cinnamon
sticks, salt and rice tl 5 cups cocoanut milk and
cook at low heat. When rice is tender and almost
dry, add 1 cup cocoanut milk, sugar, raisins.
Stir well and continue cooking over very low heat.
When rice is almost dry remove from heat. Pour
in a platter and sprinkle with cinnamon. Let it
cool before eating.

(Serves 6)
I cup unsweetened pineapple juice
Sciip orange juice
J5bh of salt
aarshiallows quartered
:p heavy cream (whipped)
vanilla wafers.
||ine fruit juices and salt. Heat. Add
allows and stir until melted. Chill until
tly thickened. Fold in cream. Alternate
gs of mixture and wafers in pan using wafers
*jtto. and top. Chill over night. Cut in
es. Can be made the day before.

S - -101-

Bessie Mer Y r



-- (90 Calories)

1 envelope unflavored gelatin
it cups cold water (divided)
4 tap. (non-caloric liquid sweetening to uhat
corresponds in dry sweetening)
1/3 cup instant non-rat dry milk (non-caloric
of ooursel)
1 tsp. grated lemon rind
Scup lemon Juice
cup water
3 bananas
Sprinkle gelatin in cup cold wete' to softens
(part or the 1* CUps water). Place over hot
water to dissolve. remove from the heat. Add
other ingredients except milk. While mixture
is chilling, sprinkle milk over 1/3 cup water
(part o the a cups) in bowel. Beat until
stif (8 minutes). Beat gelatin mixture until
it holds sape. Fold Milk and bananas into 1.

CO-- S(70 Caloiles)

1 envelope unflavored gelatin
Scup cold water
1l cups boiling water "
2 tbsp. instant or frozen coffee
j cup sugar
2 cups milk
Stsp. vanilla
Few grains salt
Sprinkle gelatin over cold water to aoftas

ps powdered sugar alt
butter 4. or

Mgar and butter together.

Ruth Sieban

5 egg yolks

Beat augar,


Pour in boiling water and instant or tro
coffee. Add remaining ingredients and
Pour into refrie o t znnf *d stir.
Pourbint ha- -r rrotor trays and freeze until
serbert has a finm outer rim but a soft m
center. (Takes about 2 h ours) Tranfer tou
large bowl. beat until mixture to fluffy lit
in color and Mooth. R esturn to trys light
freeze 1 hour longer or until firm. Serve .

Us pie crust mix (tvo crust recipe). For
into a bell. Flatten to f inch thickae nj
Kov ir iIr^^, uo e"-
ooth edges. Can be used In piza paIn, oae
or pie pans. Poll out on floured suace to
a circle one inch larger than Pizza Pan. Fit
into pan looselyr. F% .~ a pz" z pen'.11 Ftt
iontko pan loose. Pluto edges. Prick with
fork. Bake at 4500 for 8 to1 minut uni
golden brown. Cool. 10 minutes untl
ake cream cheese fIIng combine 1 8-ao
aeckage cream cheese and cup agur miin
Mtl blended and eggs,-, Oxn at
time, beating after each addition. t it
::tbap. lemon JStir ^c- ,,lt;' .. ^ In
tbs. lmonJuIce. Turn filling Into baked
o. Bake at 35 for 10 to 12 minutes.
Spread any kind of preserves on top.



butter, eggs very wqe. Poll graham cracker
crumbs to cover bottom of 8 x 88 pan.
f pint whipped cream. Fold in 2 cups drained
pineapple. Over layer of crumbs put sugar,
eggs and butter mixture. Layer over this the
whipped clean and pineapple mixture. Re-
frigerate'for 24 hours.


Virrinia M~urphy

4 egg yolks beaten
1 cup onatshed pineapple & Juloe
Scup sugar
1 package Lemon Jello
4 egg whites beaten stiffly
Scup sugar

Sprinkle gelatin old
Add boiling Water cold Water to en.
ugg- lemonn and
juloe s. Sti r t h n . lem o^ n s _fte
until thiok a8 ,u,_ .O-ly Cool I refz14e
With arot bea ten egg88 white -f tor
vi~rotary beater unwtil froth7*e j ba
color. Beat egg wh.t rti a n bie t e
Into: ... on until it-. stands i-n :,
ft in the tanger, O mixture Pa
quart mold gently and P ue.
Ci. hll Ine. o or 6 sherbert glasseou
rm in rfrte6" r0 for one hour or until
firm but still Spongy Serves 6.
--- -es 6.

Mix yolko, pineapple and sager; cook until
thick. Remove from stove, add Jello; stir
until dissolved. Cool custard. Fold stiffly
beaten egg whites into cooled custard. Pour
over graham cracker or cookie crust. Place
into refrigerator. Can be served with a mnee
amount (or large) of Oweetened whipped crwa.;.
with a cherry in the middle.
. . . . .-. --e- - -- A


(47 Calories)

1 envelope unflavored gelatin
f cup cold water
1 cup boiling water
I cup sugar
1 top. lemon juice fresh frozen or car
1/3 cup frozen tangerine concentrate
1 egg white




Ruth Roark
Weight-Watchera Luncheon
Main Dish

I can #1 crabmeat
Scup butter (approx.)
Shard cooked eggs
juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp.dry mustard

1 tsp,black pepper
I tsp. salt
J tap. vinegar


v" A Good Spanish Dish

I lba. shrimp
SIb. onion
4 igeen peppers
Strlic buds
riflb to taste

Paulvia Holloway

i cup rum
vinegar and pepper to taste
1 bottle hacetunaa (olives)
1 bottle beer
2 Mall cans tomato sauce

garlic, peppers etc. in oil. Add vinegar
iatc., then shrimp, and last the beer. Cook for
6ainutes. Serve with rice, plantanos and
-'m- L ad-


Bernadette Hein

ilk i cup butter (or oleo)
i Cut fine 2 eggs beaten
'flour 2 cups cooked fish (like
: Haddock, etc)
lk and onion I hour and strain. Cream butter
kW and add tomIlk. Add eggs and cook ntil
mI -C7-

Cream yolks of eggs, add apices, then finely
chopped egg white. Fold in crabmeat and put in
shells and dot with butter. Add I water
on top of each before putting in oven. 3500
until brown and bubbly.
-a m a -------------------- -

41-- I

LOSTE and So Good

1/3 cup butter o0 oleor
2 tbsp.flou"
11 .cup liht* cream
3 beaten egg yolks ( c
i 5oz. can lobter ( cup)

3- 4 tbsp.shezY (COON
2 tsp.lemon juice
toast points

Melt butter in chafing dish or skillet. Blend in
for r;du-lY s~ti r in creaM. Cook slowlY, stiR
rnl on sttr.Y, till sauce thi-kens. Stir smallI
amount 0of t miIt,1re into egg yolks return to4
hot myti* iook stirring constantly till thia
about 5 min. Add lobster; heat. Add Cooking sheti
and lemon juice. Salt tO Aaste. Sprinkle with I
paprika. ierve on tqa4t pOints .akes _4 se-vi-
- a - - - t a -t-
P~t Aomr


.jash shrimps in cld Miter in which alt and
taking soda hive been dissolved. Drain, pull off
I.-a but not shells. Place shrirps in dish and
snrnklewith pepper. Make sauce of hoy sien
jeniig, a Chinese flavoring, sugar, tsp. salt
and vinegar. Gn-halr tsp. garlic salt, mixed
with 2 tbs. bouillon may he used instead of hoy
si-n jeung. Chop the scallions into I" lengths
and mince garli. and ginger. Heat 2 tbs. peanut
oil in a frving pan. fry shrimips 1 minute on each
siJe. snrinkle witn J tsp. salt, and add scallion
ginger, garlic, and sauce. Fry and stir, and then
add a mixture of cornstarch dissolved in water and
soy sauce. Braise shrimps 2 minutes more. Serves 4

This ancient Qiinese recipe is from Doreen Feng'e
The JOy of Chinese Cooking.


Serves 4

1 well beaten egg
1 cup ice water

I cup flour
4 +c-a..- a

Sift soda and flour. Add egg and sti in watde
Then flour combine lightly. t aR ee
hnIP ( Sn dry) in pea~ut or vegetable RA
shr imp As ow: sn.trIc, inlM ph" B e a
TIh batter wil ll ot stici c ess -hrP i -


er s-love 4.a 1r
1 it. shrimps with ..els i clove garliC
Xen ISau~W^^ ce a tbs. PeA^^ut0.,
3 t0. boy si"n jeS sauce tbs. pepauperdI
2 tap. siiBgar w tsp. pepp sa
t tsp'. salt 'c
Stt1s. vinegar 1 tsp. corrst
6 s;callions tsP. soy
I piece ginget ;o i

,'4 cups cooked rice, cold 1 egg,slightly beate
.,.a tbs. oil 3/4 tsp.salt
.'J cups chopped cooked shrimps, k tsp.pepper
. fresh or canned 2 tbs.aoy sauce
|h 2 scallionschopped

at oil in deep frying pan. Add shrimps and
k for a'out 1 min, stirring constantly. Add
i salt and pepper, and cook still stirring
il egg and 5hrinns are well mixed. (Diced
#td chicken, pork or ham may be used instead
limps). Add rice and soy sauce and cook,
;ing frequently, 4 or 5 minutes or until rice
roughly heated through. Garnish with
4 scallions.
-- - - -



. L

Ruth Aoark

Mary AdM

thick. Alternate layers of cooked fish and wik
*jztue. asw it to taste), with
*e! (5wth1c r Cker u-tmbs* Moitisenwi
oet ith Bake at 3250 20 miln or until I
mele Del"ious Fsh" with left overs.
" %Delicious I -- - - -


1 red 5"pp r utty ff
1 package of poultCy *tuffiSo
I package of Lipton Onion Soup
I tap. curry powder
4 slices of bacon
2 cups of water .

Salt and Pepper fish instudeing acodn tlc di
baking dish. Prepare tteffsni acu-,t- t d
ions and fill cavitY of fish With Mjxture.
lemon slices and bacon on fish. Combine s0f O
lurrond sl es and potbc in bottom of baking di
-r- d vrterp is brown very t:
Bake At 3500 Until fishisbOI n vryt

over with tomatoes, add worcestershirei"
olive oil, vinegar and potatoes. Bake ila M
oven (4000) 15 -in.. add mushroomu and gf
min. longer or until fish and potatoes aut;,
tender. (Serves 6). .

HAR CHOW FON (Shrimp ftied Rice) ..
^""" Marjorie All~f
4 cups boiled rice, cold cup sliced
1 onion, chopped cup sliced watig..
3 tbs. oil chestaiut
3 eggs, beaten cup watercress ,,.:,
I lb.raw shrimp 2 tbp. soy sauce .
i tsp, sugar .
peat 1 tbs. oil and fry eggs on both sides. Re ..
pove egg and shred. Heat rest of oil and browvN
"ion and rice. Add shrimp, stirring while
hooking until they turn pink. Add rest of ingred-
iknts and stir well until thoroughly heated, about
.0 g minutes. Serve topped with shredded egg.
mluovo 4m


24 cops cooked tlM

1 tsp. sugar tbs. worce-tersn
2 1/b tswh. salt f cup olive oil
/g tsp Salt tbt. vinegar
dash of pepper 2 cups uncooked P61
I clove garlic us"
1 red pepper pod
1 onion Sprinkle fish With
Brown sugar in pla n. pSpr en fish it S0
pepper* place garlic and pep fise in w1t
onion fine.* Place Aon

Serves 8

chopped green pepper
Chopped onion
chopped celery
Fcenked lobster meat,
In pieces
k salt

Ann Springer

1/8 tsp. pepper
1 tsp.worcestershire
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup buttered bread

all ingredients except crumbs; place in
ial baking shells. Sprinkle with buttered
ad bake in moderate oven (35o0O) 30 min.



S p 4TUP F~D K*sP er e

2 cans shrimp .
j cup chopped Mionn
cup chopped green peppv e
, cop .npp.d parsley
2 cloves glie, finelY
chopped ted
1/3 CuP horteni' melted
acu -A toma toes

TY-fin K.CTP
2 whole bay leaf
li tsP.os1t
sP. pepper
tipoCrushed thyme
2/3 cup water
3 tb butter, welted
3/4 cup dry bread Crw

r. cup cunm "epPer nparsley an I
Dran srims 'ook Onions. pe ggpper n.t in half 1.
galCin oil until tenl~t Cto, PAzti hl

&e twiSf and szco out pup. WuN a

p i"lt e e + -' . h O
ate.i cold water CO w- d d t
tOow, efifnS water and Chopped e ggplan-t to .

,- n 1, nes "
^ 3st heI Cook and aI d 0 rumba
mixture. ad shiP. CIi e butter and rmS
nill rte3 wit laeSof5t mixture and
crad d I s;c ins oak fl pan d im'L n a little

,,, els itpa od
r eat40 Lin. of until

S"-- |
wa nte Bk ato to^

I can family size tuna
chopped onion
4 me4.S~ hopped sweetpike
43e.Ge cuCrae Cheddar cheese
citp grated Sauce to wets about 5 oz.
CowbifiS~~~ aba Jggd~ and fill about
,drop in tinfoil. May be r~efnSrted 35&cv~a
to use, Then' Place in P1ebete 20350 mVan
beat until cheese melt~s bo t b0-0 iS
fiScrsted. Ilicious f or ker or
snacks -Or fo lunch@

TUNA ~3BU~! Phyl PatchoOg


2 tbs. butter
2 tbs. flour
I tomato peeled and cut
2 tbs. chopped pepper

Phyl Patclett
Ji cup milk
I can tunma fish
salt and pepper

Melt butter in saucepan. Add chopped pepper and
tomato. Cook 3 minutes. Add flour and aix well.
Add milk and stir smooth. Add flaked tuna. Cook
10 min. Serve on toast. Makes 4 luncheon or
supper servinia.

Serves 6
1 looz. can condensed mushroom soup
ICup milk 1 7-oz can tunaflaked
tsp.alt 3 cups cooked rice
I tsp. curry powder 1/8 tap, paprika

i..Lend the soup and milk and fold in the salts
tlrry, tuna and rice. Pour into greased one
;aat casserole. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake
S a moderate oven 350 about 30 minutes.

i| is excellent for a party and can be prepared
I ahead of tire.

OF SOLE with Tomto Herb Dreal
Bessie Meroer
:8 wann skillet lightly with butter. Then
mute 3 tbsp. finely minced onion and 2
finely chopped green pepper until tender.
hIn Juice of I lime, 2 tbsp. tomato paste,
I .E. (Con-.)


Kathryn Young


1 cup 1oW-ca1lorIG iAYOUMou118 and (if you
like)q a few capers, Season wIth top. oregano
and a pinch of Oavory. place 4 fre- i (or frozen)
sole fillets on a broil@r pen, sprinkle with
lime Juice, Malt mnd cracked pepper and broilt).
until just heated through (about 5 minute ).
Serve topped with sauce and remainder In a
separate bowl (makes 4 Servings) .. ...




a tbsp flout
3/4 cup eat or mush-
room stock
salt aud pepper
1 Cup toUttoes, 1 Cup

Serves 4
Ctma o shoulder into pieces, Brown meat
Cut seat in fht. Place Tn casseroley Add

,lour to remainingC fat 'n a and c tik until tik
br w d A" d mfe at stock kc and co k u t l hi -
broned, otoa et add seasofliflh tomatoes
ad Pr Cover e ats eo" nd bake in
ended. Pou o ver c(0 ssero1ho* sp.rinkl with
and Osh"oos' SO.. F, I hour.- prn
looderate oven (3J e
chopped parsley@ ...


1 Rabbit
1 Quart Vinegar
2 tbsp salt
I tbsp Pickling spices
1 tbsp peppercorns
2 large onions, sliced

2 tbsp fat
2 tbsp flout
1 cup cold water
1 tap cinnamon
I tap allspice

Cut rabbit into serving portions, Place in a
crock and cover with vinegar combined Witha
salt, spice,, Peppercorns and one onlon. Let
stand in a cool place for 24 hour. Dranlo cover
with boiling water .and im: t tender, ando
strain broth. Nblt fat in a frying pan blend in
flour and add water, stirring constantly. Cook
until thickened. Add rabbit, trained broth,
cinnamon, allspice and remaining onion and sibrot r
1 hour. -ann onon and ier
Serves 6
- - - - --- ---- -- ------------_ __


Connie Dempsey

resed Rabbits (remove all fat)
b salt pork, cut in I cubes
IP Pure olive oil
I of 1 bunch celery, chopped
Oves garlic, sliced
Slack pepper

bbits into serving pieces, dry thoroughly
ab with salt and Peppe.s. pour oil into
"n1 or large iron. skille- and e1
flame. When oil is hots and Plal over
g arlic. ito- -- s .ualt Pork
Sarl, eve the garlic when well
.When ork i crisp, turn up flame. and
I bro rabbits on all ides, then tur-


2 Lbs lamb shoulder
2 tap chopped onion
2 tbsp bacon fat


flame back to low. Sprinkle rabbits with
ores o, add the celery tops and let socain-
until tender (about 45 D) Stir Occasio
ally with large spoon, being careful not to
pierce the meat. erves 6 to 8
------------------- .
----------------------- --

BaD VEAL C--nr

Brown In egg and breuc.
S e oil on top of t.crumb
Place Cutlet in baking dish
Cover with awL" chees di t
Bake^ 4 1i. cheese and t4t su
-A -,0 man, at 350 o ""to auce
-~.; ..... .... -

---- - --irr
6 Veal Cutlets, jin. thick
Salt and pepthc
I Cup fine bread Crumbs
2ae199, slightly beates

Season cutlets Wih 'alt an Pepper.Diin
fine bread crumbs
to crumb- s; then Into Dp-- into
fione bed C b the into egga And again in-.
t crv me s .Slaute slowly in fat until well
Serve .allowing 13 minute for each Side.
r ttomato Sauce.

Ser-ves 6j

IML cunpr n """-----

-e-o a rief
reatSo and bread veal Cutlet
Place the rred e in lp i h
ll Cover seat With s in a large
hettig 1 80t_ a goodly amount of
h ett sauce. h the meat Pieces ar-
D at h t hi n ck ) C o v e r m e a t w i t h .1 i c e
th th ck) ozarella cheese Bai th 3500ed
retti. eese is melcted. SeCre with
et" Uesame sauce,- ith 5Paghetti
i ...i.h spaghetti.




Ann S-SEi


AJ..--_ *


Serve dry re d cbLesti
Start meal with sst P ts re.ast wdith sptwo o -,
wine (cold). Fini'h OW iko g s t O
bisque torttOSL 'fo tse t
b le u ch ee ks s c g 5 Ck II5 .d b iea d y.
- a - a m a m m - - - -

BAl I GRh-

Slb. groud pork

1 sodIM onion (anoe)

8haPe above Ingredie~5 nt, etbl.a
Plac. In a 2 qt. casserole .o oe rt
following gravy, Cover with the

l top -it
da dh *a11pine
oup fine ot
broad or croakr

1 cup hot milk
I can orem of mUshroom Soup
1 cuP water
1/8 tip Pepper
Stap alt
tap Ballaird meat muce
Bke in 350 oven hra

1 b-. ground round or chuck
Milt and Pepper
Poraley flakes
4,onion Ndloed)

Cup Orvl---
IMilk and cracker ar g I t o p e ua h
j hour,. bup, Lt sta
mNat with salts, Ppper
Ad Jd the su .' poraley flakes and
"a'ry to use the whole Y. not b
~fl* hd~the soup Mixture (It Maye t b
Us e amountt. Form into
bull8. Cook in hot fat= Rnve to
DI*o Use tooth piok- a_; .e ao
with hot barbecue .u.ooasrround. rn4and
Saam'tod Crackers, e


oan oramf of
Scele7Y soup
Cup milk
SCLUD 0,1" l ...



Serves 6

egee abll served a

x r l. Ito sat is seved
ticull'y way SitVe

sailt c- ,

ILL21ture .,r
6f sll,--
of water

t beef
2 eSS -ra -k s
I cu cap ststed clee
I- smalt to tss
pepper -e


Cc of

.- white wet sae

nstfe bttu .4
,atties. bheo s n tak
anoto-i; her rot for travy pto
PV tT it t al iv Oil- of clOPpe it
oin, put it Places folel
pote ang fmIry Until 5ts
l -.ittle e 6 a. .... aste e-Pat
as& v- n 5ad tostOdd a little "-K
brown-. -s"-
nt I it sisel- .-- l thicta'seat balls- Cu, t
ce_ stwi~ m Us Coonver : -

it cm,,,--- e button. i
Ad eog VSd s seat b site
tBo toClinthh c
et a1 efd O sa5uc e at0ott m O

Spaghetti cOOve na agp511
place som nuogsli's
-ef O*td rqe wth ba

--- Gcolda

-EDI"-Swedish seat batS Ll aflz
nof the best 'a --id Joe dIT-S1
one OacIre V _.I Guni ne
Respects Battca1LOfls
Mobie- Ci15"tructio"
Bay, Cuba. en-

1 lb chuck, ground
A lb ground pork
3 tbsp flour
1/8 tsp pepper
1 cup water
3/4 cup light cream
li tap salt
2 tbsp butter

I. In 2 tbsp hot butter in large skillet, saute
onion until golden. Meanwhile, in large mixing
bowl, beat egg; add milk, crumbs and let stand
5 minutes. add Ii tap salt, 2 tsp sugar, all-
spice, nutmeg, mat and onion. Blend well with
fork. In same skillet heat 2 tbsp butter. Roll
out small ball i" to 3/4" in diameter. Drop same
ball into skillet, brown well on all sides, re-
saove to warn casserole. Repeat with all mat
balls and until all are brownmed.

II. Into fat left in skillet, stir flour, I tsp
sugar, 1i tsp salt, peppers Slowly add water and
Stream. Stir until thickened. If desired, return
mat ball to gravy or sauce. For a red sauce add
I cup of Catsup. Serve Hot.
W --ii'--"-
1 '------------i--m---i-------eimuhmID~ -

^ ground round steak
9P. flour
t Pepper
IP Peanut oil
Chicken bouillon or
S4d chicken broth

Maer Adams
4 slices canned
pineapple, cut in
small pieces
3 tbsp. cornstarch
I tbsp. soy sauce
Stsp. monosodium

2 tbsp butter
1L/3 cup minced onion
1 egg
Scup milk
Scup fresh bread crumbs
it tap salt
2 tsp sugar
Stsp allspice
tic nutmeg


& cup pineapple juice
Scup sugar

Shape ground round steak into 16 small balls.
Combine egs5 flour, salt and pepper to make a
smooth batter. Heat peanut oil in a large
skillet. Dip meat balls in batter and fry in
hot oil till brom on all sides.. Remove eat
balls and keep warm. Pour out all b t one
tablespoon fat fromq skillet. Add j cup chicken,
bouillon, green pepper and pineapple pieces.
Canr and cook over medium heat for lOdnutes.
blend remaining ingredients and add to skillet,'
Cook stirring constantly. till mixture comes tOW
a boil and is thickened, Return meat balls totI
sauce and heat. Serve with hot, boiled rice.
Serves 4. 1
---. . . -

Ann Spr


I tbsp. fat
4 tbsp. flout
1 cuD milk
2 cups finely ground
cooked meat
2 tsp. lemon juice*

Stap. salt"
1/8 tsp, pepper
1 tap. minced parmj
fine dry bread cA
1 egg

Melt fat, add flour and blend. Add ilk. sadi
until very thick, stirring constantly. Add:
lemon juice, seasonings and parsley. Chil"
oughly. Form into cylinders, pyramids oc
Dip into crumbs, then into slightly beaten
mixed with 2 tbsp, water and into crumbs.
Chill. Pry in hot deep fat (3850) until
*Omit lemon juice and add 1 tbsp. winceid


2 lg, green peppers
cut in small pieces
| cup vinegar

Muril. .Frie
V189 any k IAd -., ,
,leave n "t. of beef
l. oltt. Pultr.
"lour, br the- -"
rOw*0 t a drippings
dasn of nor at& add hot
to d soytAauce, with a
t mo o th ne ss and desir ed


Dredge Muiej1
i Id d ed bee a-I
aluam n,, P eat; add to 3 _-" ard flour
onionE,, dtch oven Ctt aIa a ora; 0 f
bunth cape cunann t envy~~a large
Ssalt rots cut U,
ma01 20 dared Pure n sao
can of bab- y 1 0au r wirll a c S ia mme
Potatoes and aa -- Srve I thick 3er
-fresh bos Add

?Or ROAjy un0
3- 6 Pb.M riel j
iotta. eye round C
Wit a hin lay r o 'a ve butcher ) o to
itS ae t and tr. it (te it
o n w j j C o r' e -u r a n d b ro w n, o n a l l s t l e i t
Coot 'n covere 81uSide
Add 1i cup8 redn dch0on ~top of es
water j I e P ofn ivet
I tbsp. cider P can D te o t.
DUerd garlic viegr, 5atwnmto s
I large 0--0, 2 j4r- oPar. d.,,, aouceo
IF I hou rs C- t up In 26n _a cut an ----
Cr d ravy wizj thi appro2
an q-ct. Add approx'mate.
hbaul d b COOked tbe d de e more vat.,
h.-efrigerated c"- OF fr - P@"y dish_ -
to knife d 61tf011,ine fork 'reCedaw@ Cooled
ethis. A.,d"d pi rales S-an a good
thw in 2ut tViboard
'm f* mnu.5 Pilea fork l" an tM o
e of to Ic o
abov before serving g. tting gravy
't roast

I tsp, salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
1 carrot, sliced

poll A lbS. cm w do
^^cons We
flour. gro. in 2 tbBP n r
S~~oea 3u:^ et 1g
tomatoes a0110 ad 3i seaCva
S i ^i hours or e
Sdt her l Idd 2 Onionsh is
and &hen. ."^ potatoBs qu.
out in half 9 sotabtoe.
Coot untilT for last 10 IN
O'-. OOe-...-
4-6 ,mrvi_ --


L garlic olove 500I oaW
Start heat' 8 t 3 s-i Bale
entire f TO5. i djillow ra to fa yo"I 00,
place roato ln frogm a to senat. t OU

r a -y@ -.. ------

Slice the beef rump into four equal Slices. in
a large skillet or Dutch oven heat the olj., Add

from PaG* Add muahrooms and saute briefly.
Remove mushrooms Add onions and cook until
brown, allowing onions to pick up pan drippi--g
Stir in the flour; gradually blend in the wi
and water, stirring conatantly until smoothh.
Return m at and mu shro to p an with tomatoes.
garlic, parsley, salt, Pepper aod sliced carrot.
Cover and simmer gently for .2 hours or more,
until meat is tender.
Serves 4
--- - - - - - - - -- -

1 lb. hamburger or ground pork
I tsp. salt
I onion, chor)ped fine
i cup evaporated *ilk
e meat balls of above ingredient and bake
1 ".1-5 for j hour.

vU oz. can pineapple
Cup vinegar
.Cup sugar
IF- soy sauce
hp water
P. cornstarch

1i tbsp. butter
I large Pepper
2 tomatoes
3 cups rice
celery and green
onions, if desired

FeG sauce pan mix Juice fro pineapple,
art sugar, fro PineaBpple.
S ar and OY ace. When hot, make
Of Water and cornstarch and add. Stir


. .. in chunks Add to
until thick. C.It vegetables sn 1ueating until
sauce and heat thus-. e eatalln on rice
vegetables are soft. Serve eatb-ll on rice
and pour over sauce.


1 lb. ground beef
2 tbsP flour
Scan cups) condesed oniOl soup

CaD A4-- gri P1""itp .
5 buns, toasted stirring to
Brow a heavy skillet, string to .
Bow seat lumP Sprinkle flour Over n eat
-- -cr a te s ea t C . .e at A dd o n io n s
stir until well mixed with meL Ad slightly thuickd
cook until thoroghlY heatc d In slghtWlyintg
serve on hOt buns or toast. E --ug e relish.g,-
light ,,diches. Garnish with Pil e

1NEApp 3j.RS Barbara Burch
4servi 5s
or 2 mashed CloVes o Cl
IVCS garlic (options,,) Itbgoul
'd3 tbsP. ssalad oil 2 1
3 tbsP. soy sauce 2tbap.UiflCs
2 tbsp. Catchu.p tpmol5
tip. black pepper
; Tos t lightly with salt, pepper, onin
"sodium glutamate Shape 2into ur lg
ties. Let stand i, a 0t
B oil on one side.
Mem... ile, let 4 drained Cne pineaptle
sa4in s ame sauce. when turningI Patties 0
pianda l i complete broiling. Allow 8-12 .w
pieple; o'eo
turning once- Serve Patties on piael9PP .i


make egg JES-S

I lb.chuck. gOU
Stbs minced onion
ii taP.salt
- OZ.c tomato Sauce
1 cup fresh bread crumbs
1 tbs- cornstarch

tbsm*ralm sugar
1 cup sherry
1 tbs.vinglr,
1 tlp. Prepared t
I long Cube; mustard
Smeat-extracta. tap.
/4 p hot Vater "

Start heat-ing oven to 3500. W,
beat e gg ; add m ea t "toO, sWit h f o rk b l i gh
tomato sauce 9 O=o, &sat, -can
ShmapeIto 4auc crwmb,. Combine lightly but vl
Sh.e n ovaj loaves Place in shall- Ziu
.Bake 40 man ." aen..- --
dish Bae 4 ma Pou~r of f most Of bakice g
Meanwhile, stir onsac juices,
in rest cornstarch with bro sugar st
uitloof tom tO sauce, sherry, i ar mst
o cube, hot water- _oo cook@ v i-a
thickened Pou oPe meat lv, e _star
often, 30 leave nsS a b ast
a --- I n
i:N LA R -- - -
L~an wrDo_ . . ..ipa

CUPS bread crumbs
green pepper


1 tbsp. sat
2 tbep..ustard
1/4 cup milk
i cup catsup
2 PkgsCcbeese s
D---l Uf.1p

Sea.t eggs S/ght" .... .np
egs slightly mix in meat, te
a.ions and Peppers. then cru mb
Add horseradishstnu e
~4dd hoseradis sal, ustardo milk & catp
F (Cont.) a*o, "l c1aup.
i -129-



3. Divide neat into 3 equal parts. Shape one
part cover with S overlapping cheese slices.
Spread on second part cover with 6 slices
and spread on last part of meat.

4. Bake 50 riin, at 3500 FPiw minutes before
end crumble 2 cheese slices over top.

3. When done, let stand 15 minutes before aerv1in


cup catsu

WoyL Patchett

3 lbs. hamburg (or round ground)
2 eggs,
4 5 slices bread, broken into small pieces
1 tsp. poultry seasoning
salt and pepper
2 small onions chopped
2 tbs. green pepper, chopped fine
milk to moisten should be not dry but not
soggy if too soggy, add more bread:
can tomatoes.

Mix all together; pile and push into gqod ail
loaf pan; arrange drained pieces of topato1
top; bake in 350 pVen about one hour, but
usually take li hourswithout burning. Tui
heat down and will go to If cocktails tak4
than you planned.
--.-..I-- -- -- -- -- -- ---

a saEa. -S-
I*^ .r..,fls ---

3 teak
or Use o

stuffing recijape.

-wwrere -- 6rU~ffn *=Ter
-. -t k about Dot.

-B- R^.L - -


I cIove garlic
1 tbsp, fat
3 lbs.lean short
3 medium onions


Barbara I

1 tspe paprika
i tsp.chili powder
1 tbs. brown siqax
1 cup beef stock

ine -r LUtter
dry coarse
M diced
* diced

1/2 sliced ;j
Cup of -_ Steak
"oo and a table S tock
d Over I.,
--l-uw L-


read crumbs sad $@Sonpn r -head lean trina.
and toll Jelly-I-- tie wit" clean s ..g
Brown in a little fat I- large r. vegetable StOc-e
Duth ee".Add the 1/2 :Cm0 af yeel htour;
Dutch ook in--od.f,* oveen 3500 for b ut .
covet cook in moude-te _og o3 until seat is
tns.Slice "I'veWW with Savery GtaSvT
uncovers .oot ~eromt SaOrY r
tender.Sie u

MItSS 4 6.e
_____- ____ Sn of ve|- ,
Stir remaining r 'Lqjid rom 12 Pot. cn ech Cup
St'le nto liquid of mseat pan. For oh p
Stablintd s .. thicken with I tbsv. Of
of liquid, 01eUus't 30h .ate Vith two tubA -
f lourtI into a matilotI ps~lte Satmson toP tastefal
add to stock and ..

-- eaL~.Jones

iM SinKi

1-in 2 lbs. round
Ipund 2 tte. Seasoned floun or t 2 cons
steak. oWin po in 2

2, tr ^ --""
tomato sauce# a. we 'l
1/3 cup onion I ceet?
3, tlove garlic.v sut a s all W0c
2 tbsP. each br@ 5goad ODC
*hire sauce
2 tAsp, pepted uustA:d
2 tbs. la Juc over low heat
pout overt steak. Cover O ov lo heat
hourS. Baste now and thn .

I piece of ginger Size of thumb,
or 1 tbsp. dry ground ginger
3 buds of garlic
a Sall onion
I jigger of whiskey
1 tbsp. o f granulated sugar
Pepper to taste.
Combine above into sauce and soak meat. RMOve
seat after 24 hours (or 48) ad Oil before cooking
-.. . . ft. e M
A man can do It better lethl.

i" steak# (we use good chuck, It is so much
less in price)
arinate or 8 hours, turn 2 3 times, in the
2 clues garlic (minced)
1 ts. chopped ginger
1 onion, minced
3/4 cup of soy sauce
t cup water
_Reove and drain fOr one hour before broiling,
-- - - - -- -- - - - m m

1 cup soy sauce
Scup wter
11 tbp. sugar
.garlic bud

Jackie -iwrpen
I tap. ginger powder
2 lb.. rib eye or eye
of the round


Steak for people, no bone oC fat. Soake
for 24 hoursI 9x.4S h00ts. Turn frequentl'
for 24 hour *$ "*"
sau c e Ys a c
--- 1 cup soy sauce

hr b eye or eye of the round into chunks.
bIne ingredient r and marinate overnight.
u s angr die t b all over medium hot coal &,
:tIng frequently with marinade ...
I -155-


Ruth ROM


2 lbs. flank steak
2 tomatoes
2 green peppers
2 tbs.aalad oil
I clove garlic
I tsp.salt
dash pepper

Ruth Manning

t tap.ground ginger
Scup saoy sauce
1 Ib.can bean sprouts
1tb. cornstarch
I cup water
2 cups rice

Cut steak in t'.in strips across grain. Cut
tomatoes and peppers in chunks. Heat oil in
skillet. Add beef. garlic, salt. pepper and
ginger. Fry over high heat until brown. Add
soy sauce. Cover and cook slowly 5 min. Add
tomatoes, peppers and drained bean sprouts.
Bring to boil and cover and cook 5 min.
hake paste of water and cornstarch, add to mix
and cook until thick. Serve with rice.

LARDED MEAT ( Camrne Mochada)
Carmen Zell
1-2-3 lbs eye of the round j cup tomato sauce
I lb. ham (Boliche) cup pitted olive
L lb. salt pork I chopped clove gar
1 chopped onion I tbs. salt
1 tbsp.minced capers Itb. vinegar
1 cup hot water
i cup fat
6 pared halved potatoes

Rub all sides of the meat with salt, and gar|
and add vinegar. Cut ham and salt port into
strips. Mix with onion, capers and olives i
a fine sharp knife make an incision thromub
center of the meat and lard it with ham,
pork and vegetables. Fry meat and brown eoo

Left 0-1 t -
Good ha.. f

-ma -mm

cup a I
2 u-b Cu bs,

~ - -* *<

-s1 -
'/~~~ -. -^^S

31 5

Sand prinl lightly with celery seed
peppers t la d bate 45 siD, to I hI. in 35o,
Cove. tCehtly anrOdSlYS and add mote water if
ovens chc rerod'cly@also be---
necessary, Brea.ded pork chopS may alma be
ntceBary. --*0 ....
fixed in this manner.
(Baked stuffed potatoes or bed ya make
nice accompaniment)* -. ..

I lb. lean, tener beef
2 tbs. Segetable oil
1 chopped onion
2. cups French cut green
beans (rAW or frozen)
S-, sliced celery

jean Downes

I tbs. cornstarch
I tis. soy sauce
2/4 cup liquid(juice
fro mushroom and
L cOm mushrooms

brw C fn oil. Add onion. be*
Cu beer in C tr t minutes, Stir. Mix cormStIMU
candyso cook 4 to liquid. Add to skillet with
and say sace WiSti c'oting until liquid is shiny.-
C ehoots. Stirl Cbans are tender. Garnish ith.
..- ^H.^..

;~~~ -.;.:^ -*r *"- -""- - -i
piento ( ve 4) .. (see with c.
_._ Tim 01eks

I,- *.^ - - -;; 4
S thin sttips, ab ut 1/" t.bic in leaslong.
Usiq; a forkt toss the ses. ft
Heat 2 bs. butter in a large sstkrit quntki
. i . .. .,",.f i tti P ( "3"
atd brow' handful of beef tp qi
a1 sindeo. Re.. from the skillet and dr-_-
all sides. Repe,-at until a.l1 beef is broI
paper tie melt mother tbs, btter
.. ~ meskillet, mel

saute f uhtgin ij CuP Capsgely,
peeled onion cup diced re.e "NIfwp:r 2.-
a.l.l a~Lcl ut_ ; .'-j,

'H", J tndl^.;^q Ld"' "ulqaMBl 44Bte^
^*"^""load: t t
Add 2 C~p4 q""
atl 6 .10 can tV Mf IM
Iaat. reflcje1. bro th, 3 tape chtflg b,,, .

^ ~ ~ s -;r SrS^^< ""
W 4j tls qeg, 6 -m -ee, Oregano. -' .
j.t AlISA f0 lff .. b- r and b- wtsumjw i bta-, ,, I
Add browned beef strip., aLe tti6, CO N I, o't
low heat for about 3Coo b ouie kinj Over
tender, flor a bout 3/4nhour t &tj.J a.f
tender. Fifteen minutes be*,en., add
two 1-lb, cans kidney bea-e, S erwrovinas,, add
hot rice. Weu. 1

M~riJA~ -I *.tg ? I ;q'i' I myk 'A Aa,-
j~~o l ci I. l iA. 1 ,.=

f ig ~ rj "LflOI
__0 S 6- 4.LOc
24 .~ .n m 91zt a ga sbs tiffs'I~.)
I lb. Ound r8 teak *dihb-b... sw n ;" .
1 b. i ou nak inch thick (I usually
j~i v~ q *ragJ10 byeoftaAe sq:jr-~372~
4 cut 01 M "n a tof "ak L gjp,. ,nj d ttir
tbs. flour nde a aw t
*+iup- Pepper- ... .. can Ondensed - *ou

re 61'0 tI%,O, ca au O~' ,z.
L( tftn ft e1

*-',a! n. 0oo. Z7
m......, E1l"us6 en
""l' . .. . .



3 lb. beef, cut in iln.cubes
3 tbs. cooking oil
tap* pepper
2 tsp.uPt
2 tbe.6oy sauce in l'
3 cups celry; ct
3 La. soions, cut 'n

2 aps boiling wtael
or beef btoCk
Scsn or 2 cups fr
bean sptUtse
rinsed 4zalI'o
3 tbs. cornstarch

I ts .1 it id Peppe ad
Rest oil@ Add beef cubes al aStir in e an
e min, stirring Consatatl .n
3 Co --,o. 4t 0T t- -T n *aan sa cepa n
sucee peWVe ie". bO lin watet. Br._
teey onions osgs q boe ntliY 10 mn d
ol and cook stiing fggeqUt LZ mCm.At
boil an 5 coo- 3 e. Add beef. NJ omat
bean spcoutpe wt.A to bat it3 Cook. sti,
till thickened.. Serve 't ahti

Ti 5a recipe used at House of Mn 9 s
~6Thisisan j C1 d i he Hous of Chan
rehstaurans an _.included 1II tn -

oo kbo, to No-- G
~ ~ ~ ~~~~~wt ---- ---- --

4 plaes5 dry breed
1 lb. ground beef
2 0999
cup g!ratedROD
u -.f Dapper

via Dotty EMBI l
2 t~b.. ohP ~
Solove PT
or olZf
tebee op1 malt
1tap. roll;

Go, wat. er 2 3 minutes then -
Sa rd in C Rd With reas .
Mat ._Ut' 8 Mo bdLne bread "tb
out yo_ a into ballsan" bal in Pal
,ante s"a- to "11M I8
(This is very for pt p aere l
a5 o - f o r s t ue eip e p p e . .
.. --. . .

2 lbs, ground mest
1 tbsp shortening
2 tap. ohip i powder
2 tbsp. sugar
1 pint water
31/. oup ketahup
1 large onion
2 tbsp, dry aUgtard
1 tbsp. salt

Nelt shortenag in lJay
frYing Pn, add meat, and
brown, Drain off girese,
Add watar and other Ingred.
lent. and eimaer 30 aim.,
stirring oeeasionally.
Serve with halumburger buns,

WM RM R ABBaFWiagBR PAnIsa BES 32ron

1 Tbe grund beef
1 top. sit
j tip. pepper
1 tbsp, sbortening
2 tbsp. brown gler

3 tbsp, vinegar
j tsp. dry mustard
2 tbsp. srrup from pin
apple aohunks
1 mUp pineapple obunks
or tidbits

Combine meat with slt and pepper and form into
8 small patties or balls, Brown on all sides in
hot shortening. Mix brown sugar witb vinegar,
suoti.a and pineapple ourup and pour over meat,
rrange drained pineapple over meat, over and
iner for 30 minutes. Serves


p. PItohett

i-6 pork chops 1/2 cup hot water
1 tbsp. sOlt
1 can tomato / top. red pepper
. green pepper uncoked rioe
1 onion cup unoaed
1 tbsp. fat w1 waLed
Rest fat in frying pan and brown chops Lay
them in caserol man with slt and pepper.
No. fn onions and peppers, cut small enough tc
otake away raw t ; distribute evenly over
chops. Spring rice over chops; pour over
chopat. Soep rinse frying pa.n with hot water and
pour over all. Cover cloely and bk hour
in medium oven. .

For the sauae 2 tbp.
mix 1 can oonoUD*u* cup bro gar 2 tbsp.
soy sauce, tap. garlic mlt, and tsp.
ginger, marilnate ribs in this for about an
hour or a little loss. Bake (with ribs ele-
vated) at 350 for about j hour.
Drain fat -Put ribs down in pan and cover
Du and bake for about 2 hours at 350. :i
Always serve with boiled rice.
~- -- ------ - - - --

Brown pork chops. Remove from can and add 1
chopped onion to drippings. Saute. Add 1 WA~
of chicken soup, 1/2 can of water. Let cn Wi
to boil. Pat pork chops and odons In o
dish. Pour oup over them. B 3. for
- - - --. .- . . .

1 lbs. sparerbs, out in 4a ma
lj cups sIwaJU Casy sauce)
I talks green onion,21 cut fine
4 large cloven garlic, minced Very i2
jtasp black Pepper 0Yfn
1 tbsp. sugar
cp top. tog& ir ra
pWagon olt ribs1 are very loan.
Combine ingredients and "arinate 2 hours.
reuel over lOi coa'ls,,dtl done, basting
..., -- -..-ea-. ......... -


5 lbs. sp arri bs U lb. Per p ar = .)
4 Tb. mlnoed onion
1 oup tomatoes purem
3A cup* wter
4 tbap vlaear
3 tbsp. fOrVhOfterahir mOnc
1 tp. saltoe
1 top. papria
1 tap. ohll powder
tap. pepper
tap. cinnamon
Ca. shn g al lngre die nts above and heat to
g Raduce heat and s1i--er for 20 minute- .
l .sp a r e r i b s o u t si d e a n d u e s au c e t o b as t e the ov. and pour suc. over them
* -a aa -- ---



lbs. spereribs
cup light nolaSss
cup catchup
cup chopped onions
I minced clove garlic
3 whole cloves
4 diced narrow stripe
orange rind
juice of i orange
1 tbsp. vinegar
i hn. salad oil

I tp.prepared mustard
top. salt
tap. popper
1 tbsp. A. 1 seuoe
Stsp. Worcestershlre
tap. taba8OO
1 tbsp. butter

325sparerib iP"-^ n r.
Start heating oven to 3250. p spareribs in -
Star-lo open pan; cover with waxed paper or alm-,
u, sloil opn hr,- Pour off fat; roast
inu foil; roast Ale
1.eenvhlle, rike sauces Combine solasmes and rs
Shr. long aer. oe
of ingredients; boll 5 n, pour off eaesel :
from ribsOer ribs with arubs unoreds

; r. n rib- *d pIs nO6
1.,~~ wen h at q to ei, or- unti.*.l they are
beste ing oanen g....-: azed.
tender; very bo ,,- 4:-
I T o__ ,th n ors, out spreribs into
es-. ,k,, 3 -ervings.

4 pork chops
2 large potatoes (alosd

Ludi~ls AR
1 large onion 4
oed thin
1 can sumbioa

Brown porkchoPS in a little oil on top of l
PIhes in baking dish. Add a 1
Place 2 pork Ch op' onsOnt, 2 zore P91
of potatoes and layer of.. a onions s 0
chops and layer o _.f pOttOs 1 oi a. 10
all with mudITOOM up. Ba.e-..
. - - -
- " " -142-

4 Pork chopa
I onion
3 cups of bolling water
3 bouipro cubes
1 CUp rice

Filth NJ

Stamp. MaJor
2 top* alit
. tsp. Pepper
. alloog tomatoes
4 rina..


Po' chops. Vey W
OVP z 60 Gofd.

- -


Fry 6 8 pork chop,
1 loaf of dry bread broken Into p
2 onions chopped fine Piece
sit and Pepper to taste
2 eggs
3/A cup of milk, m need re
2 top. eage (Iu
I cup celery
ix the above ingredients with 3/s- 1 cup of
Pllk. Place pork chops in with 3/-1 and
Vr with dressing, n ... Sdenf d~sh and
Rader wt d Pour drippings fr.,
pork chops ovr the dressing. Bake until



Heat electric skillet to 360 and breen Pop
on beth aides. Cut 4 blre. onon D pe
piece.. remove cho. a se oea t a
Pour water 4to pah, and set oeat b. 2,--. end
diceda onto Pan, add bouillon -c"bes
Top-- withon and apce,4^_-.'Ao Ve ric
dicd Oionandspiea.Place cahps on lee.
Top w sth slices of onj-on, tomato n gie.
peppOer Add more wert- onte, and Creen
Cook 45 minutes. w 1; necssezy. -o er
-. oer


tsalf 6e


Bakm 350 1 hour aie de
Blow .po chops quickly on o-e
Sift together cut m Powdrl
SSett to C4 l usP. Blend in flour
--,ep- Cri r,-, &1 U n _..U

3pdd gr -r I8^ Tory thick
d rdua Y 2/3l c o ,.d.---
bati irifng 0ons0tafntl uny v e ei .
heat fro heat. Blend in 2 Unbeaten eggs'
Coo ogvefrLom heat, beating bard, until Very
C 'oo ever low best,.$_
Ithik P.360' f rom beat. rgsa he8
thc- 1/3 cup grated parea ec
Add... 2 tbt. radiOn
2 tsp. gal1
pr Blend thorougly
i prec p~epr.o the choPs to cover
entire top of each. g wit
p-pr k ..

s MOl( CdOSs g.Me a 6

kernel 0orn

Stsp. pPepper

tA tbsp. minced
3/4 top. sage
1 tbs. grated oitOil
1 cup diced apples
1 egg

Stbs. ilk
Fat bone side of each chop. '
ut a pk on the ts and dI we811 S
combine next cin Sxtur". Blown Ohope Is
each chop w'th ror nd bake in hopder
.savn add a little Watel unti b tender.
(3500) )- t 1 hr. or until
oven(OD" .

TRINIDAD', 44 OR --:1 M -
Good for Buftft Dinner
But also good for Just
the family
8 pork chops (stripped) Chineso cabbage, 7
oniOna 3 medium brach..
ooer* i_ --r s n^^ ^el
OslY, 4 branches been sprouts. I can
garlic, .3 bad, chopped bamboo shoots, 1 can
green pepper j large muuhrooms medium, 1 can
Fine sa noodle. (boiled), 1 box

Brown pork in big pot until brown (the meat
?ould be In pieces about l inches long, and
A wide). Add chopped garlic and brown. Then
add onions, cele ry, green pepper, bnioo shoots,
suahrooms, Chinese cabbage atoms, and cook
otil vegetables are tender. Then add the
Chinese cabbage leaves and bean sprouts. Cook
3 minutes. Then add cooked noodles and mix well,
Season with malt, may muce and accent. to taste.
(All vegetable sliced). e


i md. onion, thinly asle
IRtbap. butter or oleo
iei cream of mushroom
lep milk

of pepper

CInAd Briks

ad 1 tap. Worohest-
ertAi re muoe
I cup cubed,
cooked, pork
1 cup cubed, cooked
cup cooked peas

skillet, cook onion until lightly browned.
Sin soup, milk, and Worchesterahire amuce.
reIaning ingredients. Cook over low heat
* 10 minutes or until flavors blend and



sauce 1. thickened. Stir now and then.

CH I NEE I A' tbOo oy uc
-- 4----------------

GqlE ~ag OKBrarae BBUrC
l tbsp. Mtbrown achickgar en broth
1tsp. salt chicken broth
1i tbsp. hony make auce Use
Combine all ingredients tomaesceUe
eombiner po. .inr shoulder roast, and let it
either pork 101nor Ia hours tunng
soak in thi auce at leas tt and
soakuentlh. --ac- in roaster and bake in sod-
frequently. (0) Baste oten and add a
orata oen _- aoc. ionally to prevent
.t and sour flavor i. de-
sM arching. If ff '." _- Allow 30 td 35
sired, add 3 tbsp. vinegar.* l~ 3 d3
minutes per pound -o te.--- -- -- -- ------
_+-- -------

CHi SIN (Roast PorkL

Tu.h Foark

Port tenderloin or lean Pork losit" WAriflat
at least 6 hours, tnoccadonal]1-
4 tbs. rounds brown sugar fre
3 -5 tbsp. soy sauce, as pro ol d
tbsp. pepper j tbsp. garlic powder
tbsp. Chinese spice powder
4ix together and spread on pork. jfter ma
and during cookig of roast 3250 ad '
of brown sugar a little at a time.
-------- -- -- -- -- - -

Hos HJwA


-" mabs.Heat I-
cups pork, cut into matll unbes. Heat 2'b
otel in skillet, tos or

f ry u n t i l w e l l b ro w n ed A d d 2 S od i u m a no
out In quarters and 1 green Pepper iut into
thin stripe. Add both vegeta s to POrk n
cook until limp. Now add 8 / to pork nd
Pineapple, 3 tbsp. vinegr, 2 tb-p- cn rse
and 1 tsp. Salt. Mix 1 tb p .P soy r suo
with I t s CUPS water -bo. cornstarch
i 1 cup water .Soothly and sti intoh
m ixt ure. Bring to boiling point, n
heat to dimer tafr about I hou her reoc e
lonaljly. fOevm/. -ur.-Stir ocOae.
o -M MY ena be as-ve on
ric orDoo6e and serves 6.)
--- - - - -

1 egg beaten
2/3 cup flour
f tap. malt
1 lb. pork shoulder, out
In P cubes
2 mall green poppers, cm
in strips P wide
1 cups drained canned
pineapple chunks

cup brown ugar
3/4 mUp vinegar
2 tbsp.nm.aaBes
2 amalI tomatoes out
In mall Pieces
It 3 tbs, cornitarch
2 OcUps cooking oil

Combine egg, flour, alt, d
mae thin matter 0dd .lt..d tbs. water to
ix till well oatedd pork cubes to better and
:ii till well coated. Fry in hot cooking oil
till nicely browned. Drain well and keep hot.
Imbine green Pepper, Pineapple brow or
[inegar, # cup water and molases. rigt a
it stirring constantly Add s mte s Crin to .
a cornstarch and i cup water, add to hot
nag Ios'n l tOm toe e. Com-
fUce. Cook, stir ing constantly d till
"akered. Add pork and Oonstantlt till
ee d p and cook 5 minutes longer.

- ------------ - -


cup vinegar
cup cat sP
I 9-) .caPn scored

C i nervi pieces. Combine m r,
Cut ribs In mrlg.. 4 vinegars ca mpg
corntarch, B*.t and stir ina uce.
pineapple and juice and soY' 1"Ce-
cooI until Sligbtly tbiokene about 5
cool Atl .>n __* &rrange layer
minutest sti ring constantly* Cover withlayer
of spareribs In roositnfg pen* oer t pne-
apple mixtu .; add another layer or ribs an
top with rest of SSv.. kOo
r ... ,, nsted of the "preriba
Pork chops Inay be used e d o f t e . ..:
- - - - -


Dotty Bjarran I .

3 tbs. batter trip)
1/3 cup green peppers (Out I- thin strips)
1/c3 iiaU'~ (sliced)
flour 1/3 iGnto (cut in
3 tbs. thin strips)
1/3 cup milk 2up. cubed cooked W
1%2 cup r. yolk slightly beaten 4
2 tbsp. SherrY

mlt btter in heavy skillet. Adu green pl
and nutterOOI'~. Sme over low heat until
Blend in flour. Add milk gr4u-&ly l
coendlnY'" til smooth and thickefed. A
constantly Und just before e .

3 Ibs. spareribs
3 tbsp. brown IMgr
2 tbsp. cornstarch
1 tbsp. sBlt
1 tbso. 30y sauce


sttr ittle ^S^ ^
stir a litt1. of the mix. into beaten eg
Yolk add to hot *ixture. Add tnerrg.
Veod Ro t use U) leftt-over La-
0oo for I nche an.

SfI^10 Li..Errrr

3j lbs. pork ihAoulder 3 tbsp brown gar
i tap. mait 3 tbp. cown stUgar.
1 tbap. fat or Siad oil t g-P" ingetrh
3A cup water t o p. ground ginger
/4n (20 tate p*npe- cup cider vinegar
can (20 OR-) Pineapple 2 ts y~o
chunks t s y .uoe
(green pepper) MdiuB Onion
Trim off excess fatrhs tae
regular park chops cutu .- Cut len mavt into

) rout loan Meet int
i'in.liess Cut Bl1098 Into strips 2 Ixa.long.
Sprinkle with 8it. Brow in fat in diletl
Add water. Cover. Simer 1 hr. Drain Pineappe.
odd brown s ug. Pineapple Jue and 3/4 CP water.
Add rownagas ginger, COO1fltarchp vinegar
and soy amuce. Pour over meat. Cook until ali08..
ly gthwickne Cut green Peppers into strips
lengtwise the Onion in thin crosswse aleas,
'id to meat Add 1 c.up pineapple chunk* Bring
Sa bi.Cook erve with hot rice.



1 egg
1 cup diced apples
3/4 cup augar
j cup flour

Mix all ingredients and
ct 350 for 40 minutes.

e -- --- ----- --------------------


2 tbsp. grated lime rind
1/3 cup lime juice
6 eggs
green food coloring

MLii Wilon
1 cup granulated
1 pint heavy cream

Combine lime rind, juice, egg yolks and sugar
in double boiler. Cook over hot water, stirr-
ing until slightly thickened. Cool. Beat
egg whites stiff but not dry. Fold whites,
cream, few drops of coloring into cooled yolk
mixture. Pour into prepared 100 graham cracker
or vanilla wafer crust. Sprinkle vfth orumbs
lightly. Freeze until firm. Serves 8.


Alice Carffee

18 crackers
.j cups sugar

1/3 cup butter melted
I tbsp. warm water

1i crackers very fine. Add sugar to rolled
ckers. Mix very good, stir In water. Press


Grace Pajima
1 tsp. baking powder
Pinch of salt
cup nute
Stsp. vanilla

bake in small pie pan


1 lemon
1 egg
2 tbsp. flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup molassues
1 pint cold water

3 eggs
3 4oups granulated sugar
3 cup hortening
Cups milk
cups flour
3 top. baking powder

Bottom Grate lemon and add the egg, flour,
and brown suger. Beat well, and add molaaaes.
Beat again, and add cold water. Beat once
more, and spread mixture into five pastry
lined pie tins.

Top Combine ingredients well in the order
named. When thoroughly mixed, spread over
bottom part and bake at 3500 for 45 minutes.


I icup wcup miIn doubts
iler. 0Cool.OWhIP 3. cap cream and fold into."
rel 30a Wip1 OUP Cra"

martlvflCool. Addtp. Add l pour ,ntto
pieLied l... iwture id caracker and bu~te

"" lCr wth graham arS.n., add melted
Imi %t re a 't pie tin and cil
suteVfl pores.I Garnis With crushe grahami
eabours5jer sce~hiflo cherries
SO- Gra more
crckr or ----- --rnit..

MarJorie Allen

Soak 1 tbsp. gelatin in f cup cold water.
Scald 2 cups light cream in double boiler.
Bat 2 egg yolks pinch alt k cup sugar
rod add to cream slowly. Cook till smooth and
thick about 10 minutes Femove from heat
lmd add gelatin. Cool till thick. Beat egg
dibtes add 6 tbsp. sugar and add to cooled
ifxture. Add 1 to 4 tbsp. rum. Pour in pie
I*ell and cool.

a nAzLee Leonaer
together 2 eggs, 1 cup dark KaTo qrrup,


te11.for 5 pIe tin*
nbaked Pa-^


1 top. vanilla, 1 cup ager, 2 tbsp. melted
butter, 1 cup pecan and 18 tap. alt. (If
sited pecans are used, omit the salt) .
Pour into unbaked pie shell Bake 15 minute.
at 400 then 30 to 35 minutes at 3500.

PECAN PIE Bernadett Hyin
(Recipe from University of Arkanma)

4 cup sugar
3 whole eggs
i cup crushed pecansa
1 cup corn qFrup

* top. vanilla
1 tbsp. butter
Pinch of salt

Combine sugar, yrup and slightly beaten eggas.
Add vanilla, butter, salt and pecana. Pour
into unbaked pie shell and bake at 400 for
10 minutes. Then 350 until knife comes out

PeannsanVa la DUtfl
1 cup table molasses
2 cups brown sugar
1 unbeaten egg
2 cups hot water
1 top. baking soda

Connie Denepsr

3 cups flour
1 cup bown sugar
s cup shoertening

Line 3 large pie tins with poetry. Mix fil
ingredients in a bowl until they become a
aqrup; pour it over uncooked pastry. Top-
combine all ingredients until crumbly. CO
with the crumbs and bake at 375 for 45 mix

. K Hi

l b Vantlla Were
Cup butter or olga
2 cup. Powdered tgar
Small bottle cherries

pi n ktip in cream
1U broken P.
(dranelduo PIa .
(If doA4__

Crus wax1er, put haIf of the reb
Of 9 x 230 n Cre0abatte4r bartto
sgr and org eam ber, dd Powdertd
time and b,,all. '-.ldd th 'one at
tha Mitur well after each addtone
fOe Oter -"theWae Oflab. n .tea
Smooth ou With a W-ar crhib o n z a aout
nuts, Pt__.I 013oon Wha-"" ,n the pan,
nuta _ner PP.I and cher-a, P orm togeer'd
and Pour .eerb r and e a
spriana In.,_i rat over top and e a t
standVr or 24 hours, serves, 12 tot 5
2to 15,

- -- -- -

cup sifted flour
top. mait

- - - - -

S^ dough ---YO Tryr7 together.
. on flowed board to n thick.
in e bake 4500 or i5 iutea,

cup sugr

2 tbsp. cornhtr
1 CUp 3ilk



24 cups pumpkin (mased)
11 top. cinnamon

1 tap. ginger
* top. cloves

i 1. Beat eggs, igar, oornstaroh, pUmpkin,
S milk and spices.
2. Pour mixture in top of double boiler,
Place over boiling water, oook, stirring
constantly until mixture is very thick.
3. Pour into baked cheese crust and plaoe
under broiler to brown lightly.
! /.. Cool Top with whipped area.
S Canned pumpkin may be used in place of above
S recipe.


l. cup sugar
if cup raisins
3 eggs
3 tbsp. vinegar

eFor a ery d tle e Hein
@For a Terr siMple pie'

Stsp. melted batter or
1i tsp. cinnamon
Stsp cloves
tsp. nutmeg

Soak raisins j hour. Drain well. Mix to-
gether exoet egg. Beat whole eggs til ve6
light. Then stir into mixture. Pour into
unbaked 10' pie shell. Bake at 4000 30 to 4
_---------------------- ~ -





3 lb. frying chicken 2 tbsp. flour
salt &pepper to taste 2 tbsp. curry
4 cup shortening (part butter) powder
I medium onion li cup chicken
i cup celery, minced stock
1 medium mpPle salt & pepper
Use cut-up chicken. Roll each piece in flour.
Season with salt and pepper. Melt the short-
ening in frying pan. Cook pieces of chicken
in fat slowly until golden browm, removing it
from the frying pan as it bcows. Dice onion,
celery, and apple, adding to fat. Cook until
light brown and add flour and curry powder.
Cook for one(l) minute and add chicken stock.
Season with salt and pepper. Cook until thick.
Replace chicken and simmeruntil tender, about
30 to 40 minutes. Serve with plain boiled
rice and curry accompaniments, e.g.: pineapple,
(in chunks), shredded cocoanut, chutney,
tomato wedges, salted almonds, crisp bacon bits1
chopped hard-cooked eggs, grated orange rind, i
sliced avocado, raisins.
. m . .- . . .- . - --. . .

About 6 servings

Carmen Zell

4 lb. Hen 21 cups stewed tomato
i cup flour I can tomato paste
3/4 sup sLiced onion 1 bay leaf
3 tbsp. salad oil i tsp.thyme
Scup thin strip green tap: oregano
pepper tapsalt
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Cut chicken into serving pieces. Wash and

dredge with Pr!Qk e with malt _nd
thicken sauce I 4*ee::- Peppr,.
flour &o' each feceeaaryo ,,. Ofo to
flequrl fnat c cup liquid .'o I to h
r sti Oreo. of cold wa end flour 0e
J tair r low beat ...t e' add to Wit ha n
salt if desired, unti thIckened sauce and
Add more
N~eat f"t in heavy skIlet, bo.
and in skillet add Onion and
soft an Ic add more oil ifs Pepper
Spate "d s,,ty brown.. -f need. cook
f _easoning _eA toantil
and --Owgr ,8 a baXoV.ed chi--e "nd toato
Simmer heat I hIu e o Co
chicken tender. Thbi t 2 Over
m ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ or 0 m ..-e is-_ -Dor Un.til
Chicken La ckea sauce asab e
S -.

| -- .- -
S kI n A nd s p l i t h ee ,
Per each P I tc et iC u b ter-i- a
skillet Piee R.., be .. 8. talt fad tep
chicken br ea-t1 i d b ro c p bt I- a I
breastsr and brovAadd a tb h
over the chicken tR o f* o ck, the t ,
/Place to a--.aen Remove .' n tb sherry_
Plac f, a hallow baking dish. O Skillet
021 adnb -'m a slow bckver with alt..
lb. mu.,, or until tenda Oven about 3000
00dtl tlicede r To the skillet-a-
Blendin 2 tbsp. fl0 'a saute Add
luhams l nd simrv add ute un til dt r
*',r stir, ." Chd e ,,n cder.
:foron dith ft- const icken
andrU'.hed, t-rap tmcto'ant1y. until thickened

crushed, 2 tb sp fresh chas eI5ke" , .
tap, Salt hond -Chle..
ifet 15 and.~ 1/8 top, _

,ckjaes fro lobster tails bydir..
tefa -- Re "oveswtefro bellotto n--
"bzed Piececk Pak e dir.
R:ov mcat Add t- .hell bnd cut Into
Pes dteoter meat to the


sauce along with 3 ripe tomatoes cored and quar-
tered. Simmer the sauce 5-8 minutes until tomat-
oes and lobster are just heated through. Serve
chicken bret on a large platter topped with
the sauced arrainf g tomatoes and lobster eat
attractively to double as a garnish.
. . . n . e P l Me .o .s .e .m . .

very simple.

Buy enough chicken (1 use less, breasts, thighs)
for as many people a- you plan to serve. Rub
pieces with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Ar-
range in shallow baking pan or pans, skin up.
Sprinkle with dried onion flakes; dust with
flour, dot with butter or margarine. Pour over
milk, making sure each piece is wet, and allow
enough milk in pan so it shows between pieces. :
Bake in moderate (350-3250) oven, 40-60 min.
(depending on amount in pan). Chicken should be
bromed and crispy me top abd very moist and
tender from the milk underneath.
- .-.-.-.-.-
--i i m i e .b

Phyl Patchet


osi^S. chicken br..t a.
Co.bin I cup raw rice d cup cut bod
4-'O. Ccan Sliced I Chaen brothM
Parsley. 3/. tap 2.. gpa C~s--
thYNO in Chicke pv I Tan. d h/ opped
P.rsle", 3i ts, salt and 1/8 tap, curry O/
Into 2 toc.. pa neat to boiling and turn
baking dish lined with. f "dl
Add chick--" fold and Seal wrap, Paper
at 350." COmbine 3 tbos- trap. barm5 mlade
ultps. JUice and dash of rmalde ,
cloves, Spread on cut Side Onof Powdered c
Peac he s (halves1.-);gl e O 6 dr ai n~ed Clin
uncovered 1 .0 arrange around chicken Bake
uncovere 10-15 minutes more.
-a'l~D - ------ - a a s - e -

1 cup sifted flour
I tp. silt
* tap. Pepper
2 eggs
i cup beer

Barbara Dc

2 tlpas, Belted butter
2 lb. frying chicken
Pat for deep frying

Jean Dowues 1

I frying chicken, cut up
I c. flour and i cup sugar, mixed together
Salt to taste juice of 2 lemons
Barbeque seasoning 1/2 cup melted butter

1. Dredge chicken in flour ad sugar mixture;
2. Place in Mbroiler on rack outer surface d
3. Turn when slightly broem.
4. Brush with melted butter@
5. Sprinkle with lemon juice Bad then a litt
sugar A u nti
6. Broil until well btrowed.
7. Sprinkle with salt and barbeque seasonal!
a -e-i-- - - - --

Sift the flour, salt and Pepper into a bowl,
Bat the eggs and beer together and add to the
flour IMIXIng Until Smooth. Stri0h utr
Dip the chicken Into Stir in bthr butte
Pieces thoroughly.n the battery conatnd chieo
we (1) hour. --n on a pan and chill
'hat the fat to 3600 0 Pry the chicken until
350ne Arrange On a bakingShtadbkei
350 -oven 35 minutes, or utilheet ndea ke in



DinM How:

3 whole chicken breasts remove from bone and
cut into cubes (Small). Sautein 3 tbsp. short-
ening 2 large green peppers (cut in J in.alices).
When that is done, add 1 cup bamboo shoots and
1 cup celery in 1" pieces (vegetables should be
cut diagonally, except peppers). Pry chicken A
quickly, after removing vegetables 4 5 sin. ;
Add 8-10 green onions and tops. Salt. garlic
powder | cup (or more) sherry or rice mine -
aloys sauce w/2 tbsp. cornstarCh, 1 tbsp. brawn
sugar Add vegetables and serve oven noodles. I

Different. Delicious!
GUaranteed a Kiss from your
Husband: .

1 31b. ready-to-cook
broiler-fryer, cut up
Seasoned flour*
1 cup butter, margarine
of bacon fat
1 cup catchup
J cup sherry
1/3 cup water
2 tbsp. fresh, frozen
or canned lemon juice

1 minced ued.omi
1 tbsp. Worcesti
2 tbsp. melted
butter or oMI
I tbsp.broui -
sugar .

*Coat chicken with Seasoned Plours For eT
2 lb. chicken, in paper bag. combine 1/4 cO
flour. 1 tsp. paprika. 3/4 top. salt. 1/8 *
pepper. Drop in chicken, 2 or 3 pieces at_
time; shake until coated. (if there is tf
let dry on cake rack 4 hour before frying)i



A 2
.:-. .

leftover flour for gravy,

1 hot butter in large c
until golden oa al S ld.5, et@ 0aute chicken
caam*e0oe Start heat. asove o,
-Same Skillet co ,;"S orven to 32e .p
gradient. tbinle catchup, r Z
gredints_ bring to boll; P, and re ch inc
Bake covered, it hours, or uOr chicken
make 4 serving or util for
-- m ." . =. -;"rl~ e


1 4-lb. duckling
2 tbp. *alt I ed.ized en
Sbs, cooking oil or rat Pepper. cleaned
11 cups duck broth ecand Cut in SULk
2 cups ( No. 2 can) pine. Pie. c"s
.4raine~r..d b te, cornstarch
tppl S Ch11dkiera 1/8 tape Pepper
,j tp. gnge t Clean and quartPineapple Juice
with antiad 6ter duckling, 11 Place sa ucp

n a large, heavy kill.
Place (brained ./lto beat 2 tbs. oil
Plae daind duckling quarters1 in okrl fand
Cook gently (about IS min turte r... and
tIe c bunks Add lj Cups 7duck broth
1d cook c .hk ginger and green pepper o C pine.
minutes o M Coer
.ve duck fod keep r.., Oper moderate, beat.
,dk and kp .Combine cornstarch
-lto Soye:'_sauice and Pineapple juice and Src
'lat Pineapple aM broth mixture. Stir until
ickened_ Return duck to sauce o ant
6r Ug'.lY about 10 nuto #e Cover madh ho t
iled rice, Sererve witue.
.. zc. erves 4 to 3. areWt hot

-16,.-" ..

. ft . M . M

An East Indian Dish
For Gi orou Buf fet

Marge Rice

3 tbsp. butter or margarie
li cups finely chopped tart apples
SCUD chopped onions
2 tbsp. enriched flour
2 2j tsp. curry powder
2 cups milk
2 3 cups coarsely diced chicken or turkey
4 cups chow mein noodles (heated)
Heat butter in skillet or chafing dish. Add
apples andonions. Cook until tender, not brow.
Stir in flour and curry powder. Slowly stir i..:
milk. Cook. stirring constantly, until mixture .
thickens. Add salt and turkey; beat through. .
Top with sliced ripe olives,. Serve over crisp. ,
chow mein noodles or hot rice. Offer curry
condiments- chopped hard-cooked eggs, chutney1,.
chopped salted peanuts, flaked cocoanut. Mals
6 7 servings.,
. . .- . . . .m .m .m .m .m .



-4 :
1: -h:

:i :

Buth Siebona

1 Whole chicken cut in pl e,. Se&aon to test
Fry chicken in hot fat. Add all at onoe the
siser until chicken Is alost tenders .:
1 mall onion pimeto -..I:
j can of tomato patA bp*b.rd'
1 mall pepper 1 tap. ,ltVl
olives 1/8 tpep
bay leaf 2 oups ric.e
and enough water to cover. Cook at lowb
until rice i. tender. (Pollo con pueto I|
have stwd chicken served an the rioe -
oooked together.

-164. e j


ImiZSIN (OR IXaria.i Nr141
t in tr an as5a o8
bread, or roU @ (or buy 3-day.t or befdover
athj P urpo s.)* Pre ss out a s m a dh mo istur

Add this broad to a large bo wl 02nta l 2 raw
eggo I large ijoed onion that bas been ota

1prs into Pattj.B; fry.- Bither use
eettOble. or a s ois. for
hadIorfitPut. Oft bd
haat.dt b le boiler o"n u frying . .
Can also be out OP and uoed wit Pn, or I ney 02-
chi.ken, either fried or heated tureyyO
..- .......- ,, d in gravy.
aI en em m am


1 can #2 crushed pineapple
6 cups fresh cranberries
2 envelopes knox unflavored gelatin
2 cups suqar
2 cups tokay grapes
1/8 tap, salt
X i Drain pineapple, reserve syrup. Soften gelatin
S ,, : in I cup syrup. Wash and stem 6 cups fresh cran-
* ".!' 4berries. Add 31 cups boiling water and 2 cups
v A sugar. Cook cranberries gently for 10 minutes
T ; or until they burst. Puree while hot, (through
| .f^ strainer). Add 1/8 tsp, salt and softened gel-
c atin. Stir until dissolved. Chill until mixture
is thick but not set. Fold in drained pineapple
and two cups tokay grapes cut in balf and seeded.
i!Ii t DrePour in moLd and chill. Serve with avocado dress-

l / Beat 3 tbs, light cream with 2 three ounce pkgs.
r L// of r cream cheese. Gradually add 3 tbs. lemon juice.
2 tbs, vinegar, i tsp. salt ad 1/8 tsp. dry
muvstard. Lastly fold in 3/4 cup mashed or puree
This is excellent for Buffets with turkey or
chicken. The dressing is tart and the men
.91 especially like it.

DEVILED EMS Warjorie Allen

6 hard-cooked eggs, halved lengthwise
!I clip mayonnaise or salad dressing
I t ts3. vinegar
1 tsp, prepared mustard
E tsp. salt
NC h pepper


Remove egg yolks; mWsh sad combine with raining
ingredients. Refill egg whites, using pastry
tube if desired. (For plump stuffed eggs, refill
only 8 of the whites, chop eztru for salad gtr-
nish next day.) Chill. Taim with thin strips of


Hazel Hawkins

small pkg. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
tbs@ cream
tbs. lemon Juice
can fruit cocktail (drained)
tbs. salad dressing
cup whipped cream

Mix all ingredients and freeze without stirring.
Slice and serve on lettuce leaf.
(Serves 4 to 6)


Jean Dome$i

Fill salad bowl with 6 cups crisp greens torn
into pieces. Top with 3 well-drained cups of
fruit any kind. Sprinkle with j tap. salt.
Add 2 tbs. salad oil. Toss. Dribble with I t
honey and 4 tbs. apple cider vinegar. Toss
again. ..Serves 6.


Mary Sprad3

i qv
IiiiT"^^" p..,
w ith rq nu p d r a i n e d f roi m P e a- .. C h
W"o I. Pour thdnt 2 Q dart
Arrange 15 Pea si"al. io .. t 1to2 a, .111 Cnt
Until .et Fou ,a In batti in. ol nd
chlaI. 1N~iax soft cheese and rAtn~o wIn
malnJjtn peath ae.oe that have been bopz an
aith t rmmlng golatl.n Fold In -I.pped
until lt a
R.o set glat In Mold, Chil

Sg Yolks. aughttY b- t
tbs. sugar ton
2 tbs. lemon juies
Stbs. pineapple J'ulo.
1 tbs. butte,
pinch of aIlt
2 cups RoYa1 Anne Cher. (i t
2 cups Pnsapple i (Pittd)
SPorange (out into 0 Peoio e)

1cup Orsma (iihIPP-d)


Place first 6 IngrI ieno t o
and cook until thickened, 1 o ouhlebol
Cool. Fold in fruits, 0 atr~n d 000,,,p Jo
ara-o Cover with wax Paper anad ..iu .or.
kcuri6Z eo u ae and w-hI"uPPed
It deadjads a shloed bonar~ way be added
Just before nvi, ng. for 24
Ki. 's nc oro deosort bridgm
h1 0^"s-l ^

S 2 pkgs. lemon Jello
1 1 cups boiling water
S 1 lorge can sliced peaches
2 pkgs. cream cheese
cup mayonnaise
,cup heavy cream whipped
! Dissolve gelatin in water. Mix 1 cup gels


P the fa pl0 half a hard -- -
psto le.--tlaa_. Make cooked egg,-.
i1 a- e -Y- Color ti _e .- and mom ndth
re fo o d .o h e s n o n
It edr OaroteCtorig W heh ir'th
.lzW Fasio thehl.On lips
flat and le Of b -- .ne t ..
01m. "L Ass that be the -o-ay" t to mae --:M
seaer, Let C bad4e mink 'X
~ ~ ~ mi a al -"v I
down tb f sliced stuffed Olives be
d e front of the toa to, tIm aser.
~~~-169- ..o U ~

BZ A~fl qW

... .-... or the ares. For the skrt, u90


ague UIJU.....
lettuce leaf and under the leaf us Chicken, ora .
or tuna Salad. For the feet use block olives.
These salads are not too much trouble if the
eggs and the salads are made up early in the day. 4

2 envelopes unflavored gelatin .
1 can tomato soup
2 3 oa. pkgs. c'rea1m choose X
2 tbs. A-1 saucO
1 cup mayonnaise :
1 cup finely chopped cley7
2 tbs. finely chopped onion,
* tsp. slt
dash of pepper d :i
2 61 oz. cans chunk tuna drained
Dissolve gelatin in Cold water. Heat soup in4
double boiler. Add cheese, stir until mct I
using rotary beater, add mayonnali, dissolved1.
gelatin and A-1 Sauce. Blend mixture thoai
cool. Add celery, onion, alt, pepper and
Nix well. Pour into mold and chill until vT.
firm. --

Squares cuumber, table sizse, sliced .thik
inch or more. Put these in strong brine (
=alt to 9 qts. cold water) for 3 days. D
put in clear water for 3 days. Drain a:'."
water daily. Drain, siuer slowly 3 bhur
weak vinegar (1 part vinegar, 1 part vWa
alm esie of mall walnut or one tap.
alum. Drain, put in jar. (cont.)

Meka yrup of A tbs. Mager, 3 Pts. na.
celery sd9 1 am, e11'pioe go.o 1,aok
ocinmon. Boll togeth-edrW I aso er k
aa dmay eat up oad pur ove fMoerz .
three days.
Theme plikles can th be kept In Cak
Wr-P or pickled in -_sap inejeri
..... ....rrUP In jars,

Mix to geth er a tb S d r s l- g,
Add the k ab h '"*ll,.out 4 tbs
BEAN ^^p -- -

Wgu fandl I tbsf, vngr

V4ob ppe to] to hi Alitl
I cupan ktdn bean ( ed)
2 uaps boiled es (dhopped)

2 tba waoppe aee pcked)

P ppep. en P e
2/ quvarterd our onio-- o-)1"
onion out in a- pl.e ., an d beoekt m4 in hasp..

Mix* together g2 tb lad drey.

anned mlk a mad71-a,
Add the above :lngrsdien, o this litt. ne"
chdpped eeleiy may .als- be adde. ilt
-... --- ----- -"- -ec- -

2 cups string beans (Oookae)
cups red beans (cooked )
2 cupe a bean. (okd
3/4 up magr
ma ol1
1 tip. pepper.
ha. all togetherr lightjy.


Serves 6
Cook 1 pound string beans. Drain them. Saute
4 slies of beacon in skillet. Pemove the boon
and minnoe it Add to the drippings in the
skllett cup mild vinegar, 1/8 tap. paprika.
Add the minced bacon. Heat these ingredients.
Add ialt if needed. Combine the dressing with
the beans. Aney my be served hot or they my
be chilled and served later.

Very good slad fora cold supper or picnic.


Marinate the following and place in refrigerator
1 oan green beans
1 can yellow been
1 can kidne beans
1 mall green pepper
1 mal1 onion
3/4 cup egarg
1 tsp. malt
Stop. pepper
i /3 cup salad oil
2/3 cup vinegar
Pour off liquid before erring and serve am i
lettuce leaves. Perfect tor Gitmo where th i
Ingredients for tossed salads are difflalt l.,.
OOme F amn dollous Lm
-"-- -----



h Oupa finely shredded
cabbage (about 3A lb. )
l arg carrots, shredded
green Pepper cut In
small pieces
St..p chopped onion
Scup chopped cucmber


p. T'. H


3 tbsp. sad oil
3 thap. vinegar
celery need
2 top. isgar
1 tdp. salt
i tp. dry mustard
1/8 top. Pppoer

Place all ingredient in large

ih1u-Mu-elad bta oel to

J p nea Cabbage grated, mixed ith slt,
pepper, mayonnai.. and mdisjtuij can a
pineapple. grated

. Friel l

Large head cabba gLe jh t.op
Large he shredded or thinly allced
add chopped onions gr-ee, th.y sugard
elery need, tsp. mustard seedw t. "a
olts, Pepper, vinegar, oil, --parsloyo oss.a
. . . .. .M. . .r e T O S. . .

MM ra-rin

serve.a four.

6 large carrots
h green onions

icrP arots and cut each Into four tick.
lima tops of onions to about 3 inches. Cover

[ ~-17-





vegetables with saltpd water and boil until
tender. Chill and serve with oil and vinegar
and black pepper to taste.


rake large dark green cucumbers; cut in half
S lengthwise. Use small, round scoop and scoop
S out cucumber balls. Use these as a separate
dish with colored picks or in a tossed salad.
Now scoop out rest of cucumber. Fill with
shrimp, lobster or crabmeat salad. Insert a
small flag (for appropriate holiday) in the bi
and use green pepper strips for the rowboat
S seats. Serve on lettuce leaf or on large
serving tray. Make a sailboat regatta, using
a Q-stick and paper sails.


Peel cucumber. Run h-tined fork deep into
cucumber from end to end, until you have
serrated whole cucumber. Slice into thin
rounds. Edges will be decoratively fluted.


POPATO SALAD W7 72H n4 YOQJ415 Iu .j

BoU ie^ated eter
(bgas golf balls) in Pe~a
soon as they are their j Pota
into areCookd. acket
into large bel Add e
onion ( t. Add Ie 000 slicetn
pepr P--le, 2 Blvd diced
mryonPisep Season with sal cel
Ifl~yoflaise 2 p. Ol~ive brine,' P e
sect Iientoes :oialed .
Se t Oned, v haPrrey
I . led gg s
PO rA 71(

ro cold Slce Murel i ,
pepper pa- Ptes add diced-
4-7ar r r Celeru, oni-Coe on to n
S - egar _Pper, tap.
Oliv r ... 113s -;, oil ts.


Peel 3 cucumbers. Cut in thin slices; salt
heavily layer after layer in refrigerator di
Cover; refrigerate. Next day press out all
liquid possible. Add:
cup water 1 tsp. salt
Scup cider vinegar pepper
li tsp. pickling spice 1 large onion
i tsp. sugar into riS
Let marinate for 2 days. q


o Cold diced Muriel Friel

^a^ ^ti ed .c- '! ^
pepper, Parsley, gre1
bacon Pieces ossJ s, Peppe.o, Cgr
fa Shaken up ith an emul,,or O V ea
-~ on, p h4 ot
..... n equal Part o i
"1 E EG Vnegar,
Bo eggs Muriei

rk.hari-s ., llwl yrri
f IItm~v ylkslspeel, u
finelY diced celery, salttobwICuinhl
I sOlive brine. Fill' Peper p a
fork. Garnish whith sOljV isq
W p ent.oes- e up
0- peppers.




Muriel Friel


Muriel Friel

- - - - - - - - -

Muriel Friel.

Mrs. S immons

cup lemon juice
1 tsp. salt
2 cups grated
cur .ber

Place gelatin in bowl; heat pineapple JuicF to
boiling and add to gelatin. Stir to dissolve
gelatin. Add lemon juice and salt; mix well.
Chill until mixture begins to set. Add cucum-
ber; pour into 1i qt. ring mold. Chill until
firm .
-im - - - - -

Delicious with rankfurters'

Boil 6 medium potatoes in their jacKets. Peel
i and slice thinly. Fry slowly in skillet, then
: drains
6 slices bacon
: Saute in bacon fat until golden brown'
Bn3/h cup chopped onion
Blend tbsp. flour 1/? tsp. celery si
1 2 tbsp. sugar Dash of pepper
lI tsp. salt
Cook over low heat, stirring until smooth and
I bubbly. Remove from heat. Stir ins
iA: 3/1 cup water i
1/3 cup vinegar
Bring to boil, stirring constantly. Boil o=W4
minute. Stir in potatoes and bacon. eovM
from heat, cover.
- - - - -- - -t -

EFF'S roMAro SALAD Ru th
Sounds horrible but good with an I..:
or fowl especially good at uffets.

Bring to a simmer only; do not boil,

S#2? can tOmatoea
Stsp. salt
Cool and add-

1 box cherry Jella
2 tsp. horseradish

2 tsp. chopped celery
2 tsp, minced onion

Pour into mold or molds and refrigerate until
firm. Serve on lettuce and garnish with
mayor=a jBe.

STUFFED roMA -----
or crackers, a8sre ihe

6 medium tomatoes
2cups cubed cooked chicken 1 tb chopped
Scup diced celery onion
2 tbsp, chopped Pimento salt and Pepper
mayonnaise to
1 tsp. lemon Juice
Quarter tomatoes Stuff with mixture and chill.
Put on letuc leaves. Garnish with ollveq.
--- - -
Iflf^J~~m F1..- -

Hazel Hawkins

cup elbow nma...

can Luna chopped sweet pickles
hard-cooked egg dash or celery seed
(chopped) 3 tbsp. salad dressing
.or mynas
ok macaroni in salted boiling water. Dryaine
d blanch in cold watpr in c colander. Add alli
Iredients except salad dressinder. Add al
'ssing irith about 6 tbsp. cal.' hkIp salad
legar and 2 tb.p. sugar (more may be added






i package lime-flavor
1 cup unsweetened
pineapple juice


to taste). Whip with the other ingredients.
A little chopped onion nay be added.

Serves 6.
1 tbsp. unflavored gelatin
, cup cold water
l cups cottage cheese
1 tsp. salt

Mii Wilson

. tap. paprika
1i cups chopped
cup chopped nuta'
cup myonnaise

Soften the gelatin in cold water. Place over
boiling water and stir until gelatin is .
dissolved. Cool slightly and add to cottage .
cheese. Season with salt and paprika. Add :
cucuimber, nuts and mayonnaise and mix lightlyV. R
Pour into individual molds or a large mold
which has been rinsed in cold water. Chill r' i
until firm.

--Wers in Coron-a-d-o aif. we u4e to
eat our eight of this version of the
tossed salad made by Jack at La Avelida "
3 "oT heads chilled black pepper
crisp Romaine 1 tbsp. olive
2 handfuls crisp croutons 6 os. salad oA:il
6 tbsp. garlic oil 6 heaping t*, J#
salt to taste Romanello o
(or Parmesna.
Break egg over salad. ueese 6 half 1M
over eggs. Toss from b-Ltom. For garli
mash one clove garlic in a crock and f'
1 pt. plain salad oil. Keep at roan t .
Lasts indefinitely.
----------------- . . .

2 cup. cleaned Ocoked
r p (It lbs. in shell)
Cup Italian or garlic
d reamsing
1 capped celery
3 hard cooked um'g

rfQOnnase or -lad
* to1p cup)
Do 0O Pepper

Chill srp several hour in talan dres.
stirring ooaaioneV .Shorty before serving
and osnbinn Care i Ocelery --o a
ra r n aeh, to d i e g iia ego
withJui lemn wdge and sprig of

Scup rlv rice cook and
A. Cool
S1 4 os. can rtB-
Sgreen Pepper, chopped

Mix the above and add the
Juice of lemon
S and Ppper to te
LE and Pepper to tat

1all onion (Chopped)
cup cauliflover
6 stuffed oliv.s
(or hlaok) sliced
folwing dressing,
Daeh of tabetco muce
foUP or .onnej as

1 cp o

*W I'"ABwRfl SA.AD
cup8 uncooked 0oanberrne
"retiD-hkdnned orange
red a pp:Le s



1 cup chopped oeler7
1 package sweetened Lemon flavored gelatin
i eupa hot water
t cups sugar
j cup chopped nut a

Combine gelatin and water; oool. Chop cran-
berries, apple, orange with food chopper. Add
sugar, nuts and celelry. Combine all with
gelatin mixture. Pour into 8 individual molds. .
Chill until firm.

...................-----------------... --

CFANKRF!j ZLWU SA2 Grnace inz a

. lb. oranberries
3/4 mAuP gar
1 pkg. red Jello
2 chopped apples
chopped 0oele7

heoe. Add 1 p 014 milk.
when Jolla is ocol.

Add fruit

- - - - - - - - - -
n -

1 grated orange rind
1 mall can oruibed pj

Grind cranberries. Add sugar and let stasd
Add all ingredients to oool Jello. Any or
several ingredients my be omitted. &ez r4-
may be reduced.

-..------------ --- 1
. . .. .. .. . .
m i m mmmm i i mmGO V .

1 package line Jeoll
1 3-os. package oream cheese
1 cup milk
1 can fruit cocktail

Cream Jello and oream chooee. Heat 1 i
cocktail juicoe (add water boe make 1 q
boiling Juice on Jollo to dissolve Jeo


Ada Atrter

1 large onion, chopped 2 tbsp, prepared mustard
1 or 2 cloves garlic 1 large catsup
green pepper chopped 1 tbsp. worcestershire
cup celery chopped sauce
1 cup oil cup lemon juice
3 tbsp. vinegar 1 cup water
3/h cup brown sugar at
black pepper
Cook onions, garlic and green pepper in oil
10 minutes. Add rest of the ingredients and
sinmer for h5 minutes.

Wonderful for ribs, weiners, or eat loaf.

Scup chopped onion
Stbsp. sugar
1/8f tsp. pepper
* cup catsup

3 tbsp. vinegar :
1 top. worcestershire:iy:i.
sauce .

Mix together and cook over low heat for 5 min
-M-------- -- M---------------

Alice Caffee

L steaks.

cube of butter
small bottle of worcestershire 'sauce
1 tsp. garlic salt or more to taste
Several dashes of Lea and Perrin sauce
Bring above ingredients to boil. Remove 1f'
heal and put on steak.
- - -- -**-- -- -- - -- --


CUp catsup
Stopp. a*t
ah Pepper
Combine "a--
- -- .^'5t^dd a.
-a^a ""

dsh dry Muatard
thsp. lani- Juc
*cup* swe rls
h r cooke, .i
-uch-eped fiee
cLt vell*

Combine Iaaag
:; OUL 2 tbsp, A"itw
*UMatsrd, ts, Jtee, A goo Whito6
122 the L c u4p' oil~ ila
022~ ~~ th taep; o. suta.ite
0n the blended sC and alttl tup2 dz7
01 the 1ie .3/ Over, tr Whie G l-taar
rt -'-er. --0o"te.. "" eP^
as toeen op the or the or
~'7Piuein 11ter fori : 5 the *r ofd turdn
Ua.. bened0 blender '._ _e o ,,
c a Pured/ u rea"O he without
r o i l I n to-t heu ,e o i-el a n d g r ed'
has ber sOP the bldae4 erO Sdhe
byun ad-. a- a- aa- -- a
I4A 8Tf M rsI h l Canh Md



beFor Pruj~Sla Pe ~
6 tbop, honey 4WAMM
3 tbap, lo m .s
Itop. #round Juice

Combine Mid chill
'" itssm '""-------
LOUIS J,---.-. .
WO~d: fu~j W. br,
IU Cup Xaw... It bz o en ebne

Tanv but mild enough for children to enjoy.

cup onion, finely chopped 1/8 tap. cayenne
2 tbsp. brown sugar pepper
1 tbsp. paprika 2 tbsp. worceater-
1 tap. salt shire sauce
1 tsp. dry mustard cup vinegar
} top. chili powder 1 cup tomato juice
11 icup ca toup
Scup water
S Mix and simer 15 minutes. Marinate chicken in
S sauce at least overnight, Makes 2 cups sauce
double recipe for 5 lbs. chicken or more,
- -- -- -- -- -- - - - - - -

Lucille Richards'. :.

2 tbsp. worcester.-i
shire sauce ::
1 tbsp. sugar ..
Salt and pepper Y
1 pound ground '
1 pound box :

SALID M1' O P"U xr

- up catsup
t top, salt

cJ Cup bft"
o* Pap rika
t at? onion

Place aill ig .4a e cLwoe of Sga
bended. Add' Be*at At tdfun 419ebd w 0..
the whole clove of Uatli Wll
Stand for about 10 miuute, ofo galic0
If stronger garlic gd d C.
... tine befreau t ebut abould be beaten
c b ..ake. ab r 3j cup.

..O. b lue cJ Z*-, a- s
., 4 M.- -a"* OIa f 1. l3a1a a._.
cup salad oil to p*afuLJn e
Sop-. salt dub .alic jUce

I a.. .p sou. 4...
Nahchee.* 810eu an oil, et~ua~

Sm!... oo. Add Senit beating

ad and conup---o-O-.
can tonato cop3tp inl hpe
S cups: .salad oil a
~ jtop. salt dahopped~sal
3/ 5 cup vin a. on
13 cup sug (more LIf t tap mustad
se bl ender. ,r
I tore In or shake PePaprt ka
A re- .-erato- ous. y In quart ja,
loe ,Well each time be.

Serves about 5 people.
1 large can tomatoes
2 cans tomato sauce or
1 smiLI green pepper
2 medium-sized onions
1 mnll clove of garlic
1 SmUll can sliced mushrooms

Heat toMtoes, sauce, sugar, worcestershire
salt and pepper. Add the onions and green pq
finely diced, and garlic. Add mushrooms antji
neat. Cook over fast heat for 30 minutes, U
simmer for an hour. Serve over spaghetti. o
. . . . . . . . -





cup finely chopped 3/4 lbogrouad chuck
S5onion 3/4 lb.grouLd pork
--I clove gric, i.nced 1/3 cup raw rice
2 tbsp, alad ol 2 tap. sltt
I can (4 02.) tomato i tap. pepper
sauce I e. slightly beaten
03 qts. boiling water I tbs. chopped "iat
8a beef-bouillon cubes leaves
In large saucepan, saute oniLoas and garlic in
hot oil until golden* Add remaining broth im-
i gredients; heat to boiling.
Hi VYIn medium bowl$ combine meatball ingredients.
S Shape 1-inch mwatballo, drop into boiling
.. broth. Cover; reduce heat, and sinner 30 min-
11 tON TOP SOUP Mary Adw

Serves 4
SPirst prepare tewon tons. Won Ton FillU:
J T 1 lbefinely ground pork 1 *b, soy sauce
I egg beaten itp. sa*l*t
& tape pepper.
S 3Mix pork and remaining ingredients smoothly to-
A gether. This is filling for Nms too skina.
s:h Won Ton Skin:
H 2 cups f lour I larg1 egg

:.iR Sift flour and salt in mixing bowl. Beat egg
lM .} 'f lightly and stir into flour. Add 1/3 cup water
"K ...aa few drops at a time, iJinag until dough iA
a *: right for rollins. Turn dough out onto lightly
':.K ,! H floured board; knead until smooth, turning and
H"folding over several times. Cover with clean
St owel; let stand -0 minutes Roll out paper thin


m0 cut in 2-inch squMares.

In center of each square place a small amount
of the filling. Fold each square in triangle
shape;Press edges together but leave point of
triangle open a little.

20 raw won tons
6 cups chicken a stock

2 tb8. chopped scalliemf
2 tbs. soy sauce

S Place won tons a few at a time in one quart of
boiling salted water and cook till they float
to the surface; remove with slotted spoon; draiu
Heat. stock. Place morn tom in bowls; sprinkle A'
scallions; add a little soy sauce to each boil
J, pour hot stock over won tons. ,.
S -. --- ------------------.

Dell Clukien ::4m:


I Med. onion i cup celery
I or. pepper 4 tbep. butter
2 leeks
Dice the first four ingredients and saute in
butter. Add 3 tbap. flour.
Scald 8 large clams in 2j cups water. Mince I
clam and gradually add the Juice to the v
table mixture. Bring to boil. Add 3 C 4W
potatoes and simmer 15-20 ain. Add I smlll
tomato solids and the following spiceos .'.
4 tbsp. catsup pinch marjoram t
pinch black pepper pinch thyme '
pinch cayenne I tbsp. chopped
salt to taste
Bring to boil, add the minced clas and and
m . . . e. e s . . . . .


I can corn chopped te
I &MailJ Onon Chopped

Pry 3 Strips of baco ct Water. of
Piece Of salt pok)u Cookt l a S
it ^ h : **-*. ct.. __
--pt clamesa until)a COolk all mU
c let ' -aredieots, en.
about Me auS tendte rb. Tuffm le
"u Wh add clam COok

!!L ~ a2 """"- --
F is t, S oup cook- -
3 >We ilk*th-&& a~ Dert*Ltaa
leI for mnch a
J cr IS ra 4 8 ar"Iot

Add -o* trips of bac Copp
SMoPPd: C cup Celery

And Coo&. # -O. pe e
In a separate Pt
sauce, ta "th make a cups o d an
ou -"hav -fish (I Add
ake 1or 2 cups of f Ced and
fou have efovr from Your baked Or boiled
.h) Add a ittley accent sax t, to t
.Sprinkle With parsl &efor al
l s et tas
SEA S m e e m pu

I Can tomatoes
i cup celery
clam Juice and
Squa r,.,_-

.CUP white 117,1;; mor
tacp meter
up aPepper

lb. fish
i lb. op
lb. lobster
J can button tabshro0*
II: can tomatoes oo
i can tomato Sauce.


Serves 5-6

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