Translations of certain documents of title and other related papers pertaining to conveyances of real property, or inter...


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Translations of certain documents of title and other related papers pertaining to conveyances of real property, or interest therein, made to or by the Universal Interoceanic Canal Company, on the Isthmus of Panama, between the years 1881 and 1889, both inclusive
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420 leaves : col. map ; 33 cm.
Compagnie universelle du canal interocéanique de Panama
United States -- Bureau of Insular Affairs
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History -- Sources -- French Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )


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compiled under the direction of the Law Officer of the Insular Bureau, November, 1905.
Translations in English, chiefly from Spanish but with some translated from a French translation of the original Spanish. Some documents have summaries in Spanish.
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University of Florida
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oi5o. Ibf

Translations of certain Documents of Title
and other related papers pertaining to conveyances of

real property, or interest therein, made to or by the

Universal Interoceanic Canal Company, on the Isthmus of
Panama, between the years 1881 and 1889, both inclusive.

Compiled under the direction of the Law Officer
of the Insular Bureau.

ITovember, 1905.


Translations toite English Ot *ortain oouments of Title
OData to Rne-nevatiaons to 4d.e, Mt.

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GATUN. Copy of description in Spanish,

.,,Un lote de torreno1 eit#ado en el DliEtrito de Gatun,
Juriediocion ,l'e esc Departrnxento, A orillaa del Rio Cha,,'esa
y ouyos limites & Ia redoda, eon" per sl norte, I* quebrada
de las "Guaouas: por el1 f7,r, el Pio "Oatuncillot; por ol Ente,
una linen paralela & la actual del EerroCrril, I& la distsnola
de cien natros, al lado opuesto del Ohagrel; y per el Oests,
.1 referido rio Chagres.




_F.3 .


(Translation) 5001 (6)

Number forty-six. -- In the city of Colon, Sovereign State

Of Panama, United States of Colombia, on the twenty-seventh day

of the month of July, of the year one thousand eight hundred

and eighty-one, before me, Juan Barsallo, Chief Notary Public

of this Department of Colon, and the witnesses Messrs. Juan

Luis Curiel and Joseph H.Guilhoux, residents, of age, and under

no legal disqualification, there presented himself in person

Mr.Antonio Zubieta, of this vicinity and business center, of age,

whom I know, and said: That he exhibits a memorandum of agree-

ment concerning certain rural property, situated in the District

of Gatun, drawn in favor of the Universal Interooeanic Canal

Company, operating on this Isthmus of Panama, lawfully represented.

by Mr.Armando Reclus, in the capacity of Chief Agent; and he

exhibits also a power of attorney from the vndor, by which he

is authorized to execute a public deed of sale to consummate the

contract, and requests that it be drawn up in accordance with the

memorandum of agreement, which, copied verbatim, is to the

following effect: "Mr.Notary Public of the Department of Colon--

Please draw up a public writing for file am.-'ng your protocols

for the current year, recording that we, Josefa Vallarino de

Arosemena and Maria Arosemena, have sold to Mr.Armando Reolus,

in his capacity of Chief Agent of the Universal Interoceanic

Canal Company, and for the said Company, a lot of land situated

in the District of Gatun, Jusrisdiction of that Department, on

the banks of the River Chagres, bounded as follows: To the

north, by the Guacas ravine; to the south, by the River Gatun-

cillo; to the east, by a line running parallel to that of the

railroad, at a distance of one hundred meters, on the opposite


bank of the Chagres; and to the west, by the aforementioned

River Chagres. We make the sale in our own name, and in that

of our son and brother, 1r.Daniel Arosemena, and in our capacity

as heirs of Mr.Blas Arosermena Quesada, who obtained the thing

herein sold by purchase from Mr.Alberto Vazques and Mrs.Josefa

Matilde Aparioio, with the consent of her husband, Jose :Taria

Jaramillo, for the sum of five thousand pesos, which sum we have

received to our complete satisfaction. It is understood that the

sale includes all the present and future rights and rights of

action annexed to the property, the ownership of which we

transfer to the Universal Interoceanio Canal Company; among

other rights and more particularly, those of action against the

Railway Company, founded on the passage of its trains over the

property in question; the vendors reserving for themselves

only the damages that the last-named company is liable to pay

up to the date hereof. It is also understood that, in all

events and at all times, we will come forth for the eviction and

validation of the thing sold. We now have the aforementioned

property rented to Mr.Pedro Carrera; and in the event that it

should be necessary to terminate the lease, it shall be at our

charge and cost to indemnify the lessee for any damages to which

he may deem himself entitled.--You, Mr.Notary, will kindly add

the other customary clauses.-- Panama, on the thirtieth day of

the month of June, of one thousand eight hundred and eighty-one.

-- Josefa Arosernena -- Maria Arosemena. "

Covenants for Title.- Customary. ) See No.5005 Miraflores,

for full translation of a deed of conveyance.)

Vendee's formal Covenants -- Customary. And:--Third.- That

he declares that he has received the aforementioned property to

his entire satisfaction.

Conclusion. Customary.

SiiJgnattraeI of "partea Antbo.Z.grbitar-. Pi n




GA T U 6 8001

Signatures to dued. Ante. Zubieta. A. Reolus. Juan

I,. Ouriel. Joseph H.Guilhoux. a The Notary Publoc. Juan

Copy of registration fee certificate.
.Mrotary Public of the Jepartluent of Colon; We, the

underignled, Josofa Vallarino de Arosiena and Maria Arosemnena,

by these presents, confer aufficlient owner of Attorney upon

Antonio Zubieta, that, for us and In our name, he shall sgip

the ded of u& eal whioh w have made to the Universal

Interooeanio Canal Coipany of certain lunds situated in the

District of Qatun, on the b&nks of the rivr Chagres, pursuant

to a nu:.irandiun of agreement signed by us, which under this

dame dte we have delivered to the representative Of the said

Company. -To prove the aithentioity of this power of attorney,
and to the end that at any time the genuineness of oiur

signature a.-y also be pr:uved, we shall personally present

this writing to the Civil Judge of the Capital District and of

the DTpartment of Panuama. Pbanma, June the 30th, 18i1. -

Joufa V.d* Arosemena. Mari& Aroeevna.- Jose '.leroedes

laitin and Leopoldo Guillen, we certlfy:- Thit Josefa Vallarino

deAroserena &nd Maria Aroserviena& hawre delivered to us personally

this power of attorney, P.w, Jaly lot, 1881. J. .,

uitin. Z. Guillen.

Certification by flotary of copy of deed and attached

dooumont, ( Second oopy)

Certificate of rLeistration. Page 30 to 35, IO.8, Book

No.L,. Colon, Septenber 12th, 18;".1,


4a&,t "

9i; ^

. I


Copy of Description in Spanish. t5002)


.,.Por el Norte, el camino que oonduoe a la IrHuerta de
Feuillet* en sla parte quo divide *1 predio que doi en yenta
con la huerta "Tres Pozo-s y la de "Ran Runels"i por el Sur,
e* antiguo amino que oonduoia al Cerro "Anoonx# y que di-
vide el predio que se da en venta con la huerta "Juan Vae-
quez"; por el EBste, el camino que va i la "Huerta de Yeuillet"
y que pasa trash la. de lo padres Pases, hoi de lI sucesion de
Violelt y por el Oeste, Ias trancas de la huerta ya diobha do
Yeull et.



(Translation) 5002 (44)

NUMBR 0213 HDRF]D AU) RIOTJfY-ZIGHT.-- In the City of
Pnamna, Sovereign State of Panama, United States of Coloebia,
on the second day of the month of August of the year one
thousand eight hundred and eighty-one, there auppared before

me Jose BriJido )(artines, Notary Public Number One, of tie
Capital District and of the 1epartinent of Panama, ies JTosefa

Anjelina Jovane, a resident of thim oity, of age, a spinster,
to-wit, a maiden woman, whoc I certify that I know, and stated:
That she transfers under a sale and in perpetual alienation
to Ir.Armando Reolus, resident of this same city, and of age,
to-wit, a ranch.
(Here follows a statement of certain formal legal requisites
in the conveyanOe of real estate, and certification of due
oomplianoe therewith by the parties to this deed.)
The masiorandum of agreement to whioh reference has been
made ib hereunder transcribed verbatim, and is as follows:
* Mr.otary, Numiber One: Please draw up for file among the
protocols under your charge a writing which shall record that I
deed by sale and in perpetual ownership to Mr.Aniando Reclue,

in his capacity of Chief Agent of the Universal InterooeuniO
Canal Company, und who purohases in the name of this last
and in its behalf, the ranch belonging to mr and known by the
name of "luerta de Galls', which I hold it part of the inher-
itance which fell to me in the estate of my deceased grand-
father, under purchase made by him of MrGiorgior Iogdanwiohe,
on the twenty-sixth day of April of one thousand eight hundred

and twenty-eight; and its boundaries are: To the north, the
road leading to the Feuillet ranch in that part whioh divides



trie raneh whioh I am selling from the ranoh of Trea Pozoe

and thut of Ran Runnels; to the south, the old road whioh used

to lead to the hill Anoon, and which divides the ranoh which

is hereby sold from the ranoh of Juan Vasquez; to the east,

the road whioh leads to the Peulllet ranch and runs behind

the ranch of the Pases fathers, nov fonting part of the

Violet estate; and to the west, the boundary line of the

aforementioned ranch of reuillet.- That I make the sale for

the sam of four thousand and five hundred pesos, lawful

currency, which I hae reoelved to my entire satisfaction.

All tbe expenses of the conveyance and other expenses are for

account of the purohaser.-- You, Mr.Notary, will add the
clauses validating this contract and not in conflict with

the present memorandum of agreament.-,- Panama, August first,

of one thousand e'ht hundred and eighty-one *-- Josefa Anjelinak


Covenants for title and vendeet formal covenents1--

Custooary. ( See 5005, Miraflorus, for a full translation of a

deed of conveyance.)

Conolufion.-- Customary.

Signatures to dwed.-- Joaefa Anjelina JoyvaLne,-- A. Reolus.--

M. Ariador Guerrero.-- S. B, DelTflle.--' Jose S.'&.Mrtinez, Notary

Public Thumber One.

Copy of registration fee oertifloate.

Notary's oertifioa&tion of copy (fint) of deed and attached

Notary's fees.

Certification of regiatration.---Yollo 206 to 260, Book

No. I, Volume 2. Panama, Rept.l, 1881.



(Translation) 8003 (-)

TOL.ER 07E HUNDRED AND SIXTflJN. -- In the City of Panis,
Sovereign State of Paunn, United States of Colombia, on the
thirteenth day of the month of October, of the year. one
thousand eighLt hundred and eighty-one, before me, Ltis esta,"
Duran, Not ary Public N'umber Two of the Capital Dlstriot and
of the Dspartment of PtnamA, theru appeared Messrs. .Hen.ry
Raitn, GCeorge Aug-uato ioew, Marle Georgette Loew do Blanohet,
Gaston Blanohet, and Louis Verbrugghe, and tatted: That, with
the purpose of conswmating, by public writing, tho tranm-
action which, with the permianion and approval of the oourt,
has been entered Into between the parties hereto, and under
which the heirs of the late Mr.6torge ioew redeem the building
known as '"The Grand Hotel', and sell the same to the Univeraal
Interooeanic C.anal Company, they exibit a oopy of all the
ruoorda in reference thereto, issued by order of the Sudge of
the Civil Court of the Capital Diattiot aind of the Department,
autherntloated by his peoretary. As documents of this character
are sabjeet to the payment of a registration tax, the fee due
in connection with the exeoutlon of these presents has been
yaid in advance, as is evidenced by the oertifioate issued
by the general ad ninltrator of State revenues, whioh certifil
eate, in uaoordanoe with the provisions of the latter iart
of Artlole 1706 of the Civil Code, Is attached at the Oiloe
of this instrument, for recital in the copy of copies issued
Thereof to the end that the said certificate may have due
legai effect. In ooupliange with the duty imposed upon Notar-
iee by Article 2 of Law XI of the Compilation of Vritoue Laws,
I read to the parties to this deed the provisions of Articles
20, 21, and 23 of the iforesaid Law.. The documents Rttcohed
and presented by the oontraoting parties reads verbatim ai


follows "Honorable uUdge of the Civil Courts W1th a view
to having (xeouted the proper public deed, we pray that you
furnish us copy of the following papers In regard to the
prooeedinge soet on foot for t>e purpose of carrying out tht
double transaction of redemption *adA oonvenyanoe of the iU14-
ing; of the 17rand Hotel; Yirst: Of the decree lV which the
children of the late ?Sr.^orge Toew, namely, Oeorge Augusto,
Marie Georgette, and itenry Loew are deolsred to be his kauirs
)eirs; .eoondi- Of the order of the oourt appointing Ur.
oeorge A.Loew auardtan and curator Of hie slater and brother,
Iarie georgette #nd Henry, rtepeotively; Third: Of the order
i V'Aed Iy yourself authorizing the transaction above referred
to; fourth ; Of the teed signed by all of us and cotaining
the transaction submitted for your approbatlon; and Pifth:
Of the order rapproving the maid transaction. Panama, 13 Ooto-
bar, 1881. Henry Airman. -S323 Oeo.A.Loew. .t.O.Blanohet.-
Louli Verbrugghe. Oivil Court, Panama&, Ootober 13th, lZ3'.-
Let there be iaued through the :office of the seoretary, forth-
__with, and at the ost of the petitioners, a certified copy
of the docuents referred to in the above petition, -, Iss-ue
notification, JT M. Ilt. i t Lino. 7.olesndes. Beoretary.
t have notified George A.Loew. George A. LOow,** "elendes. *
I have notified Henry Zhrmuin. Tenry lhrtman. Melendex. -
I have notified Y. Ban.ohet. -G 0. Elfanohet* M, 0. 13lanoht,-
slendts. I have notified Louis i.rerbrugghe. Louis Verbrugghs,

%belendes. Civil Court. Panama, Ootober d24, 1879. maorgi A,

Loew, aooepting for himself and in the name of his brother Henry
and sister -arise reorgette, in his oapaoity as curator of
theeB la&t-nmSd parties, under benefit of inventory, the

paternal Inheritanoe in the testamentary sueeeseion of his
Zlte father, George Lnw, the Cmirt delares that the heirs



T H G RA N D H 0 T L 5003

of this iast-na zsd party :are his lawful children reorge A.
Loew, Henrjyt nd 'iurie Georgette, of the smae aforeaid4
eurname, under a lbWnftt of inventory, without prejuidice to
the rights of third parties. Issue notification. Maitin. -
Santi&go CMj-r Guerrero. Reoretary. On the asM dtet I'
notified orgs A.Loew.- fuorge A.iLoew, C,.4ar Guerrero,*-
Secretary. informed JUflto Leo&ndey. -. Julueb iaoandey.
Cajar Guerrero. Secretary. '- CiVtil Court*. Paneaa, September
22, 189,, The petitioner, oeorgo A.3ow, having lawfully
sworn to discharge well and faithfUlly the office (dutiesl) of
curator of his. lafaul brother ,in*y an.d mister Marie Qeorgette ,
is hereby appointed to the said office; and woordingly ho it
authorized to exercise the functions pertaining thereto in a
lawful runner, and. is exerpted from the obligation to tarnish
bond, for the reason that he falls. witnin the provilons of
Section 1, Artiole 517 of thie Civil Code., aer e notiflowtion.n
Martin. Santiago Cajar Guerrero. .feoretary, On the sama
di-te I notified omorge A.Loew, Coorge A.Loew. ajar auerrero,
Seoretury, I informed Julio Lecandey. rules teonadey. -
Cisjwr Guerrero. Seoretary, Civil Court. Pnwiau, October
12, f8a.- ?xamtmlned. -George' A.Loew:, having furnimhied proof
of the o6$)oity in twich he made the foregoing petition, a,
ourator of hls lawful brother .=anry of the wmwo surname, both
he and the last-named party and their lawfui sister marie
Georgette Loew da Blanchet are (being) heirs of their late
father Goorge Loew, by meonsa Of the certified copies of tho
d ocrees of September 22d and October 26 of the yea 18PI?9,
to which petttion his. tforesaid si ates A party, with the
consent of her husband, I. 0( Blanchet: Proof having likewise
been furnished, through the testimony of the witnesses Juan D.

Poylo, JTul9es .eoardey, and W.Oaripbell of the "-anifeut bnerfit
which would result to their heirs of the late ceoree Loew

under the trains tion about to be oanau..,ated, sinoe, with the
proooeds from the aei they will 'b able to pay all the debts
left owing by their late father an4 t*eW will have & oapital
sum left with which to commoeno work afresh on their own
aooount; the Civil -Court of the C'itasl Diatriat and of the
":)ep6rti.-ant, in view of the proofs of which taentlon haL been

maEd and of the opinion iesuedX by the Solicitor of the
Tlepart'niant, administering Justioe in the of the State,

a,'d under authority of law, "nd in accordance with the :ro-
yvirlon of Artiole 1594 of the Civil Code, declares that
noorge A.Ioew for himself and in representation of his ward#

-rnry Toew and -fari. keorgette Loew, the latter having the
perdisBion of her husband, G&ston Mlanohst, as heirs of their
late father George Loew whose inheritance (estate) they heft
aooeted under benefit of inventory, may exercise the right of

redenrtion of the building known bby the name of The grand
.{otel, in eioordanoe with the provisions of Artiole 1594

above citelt, who are hereby granted prrmisaion to cor'oaisate
the tr animation relating to the redemption and sale of tha
aforesaid building, in uooordanos with the provisions of

Article 542 there, the ranifost advantage of the smid transac-
tion having been s-,own, which transration (in doou entary fori)

thwy shall 1-resent to the D2soho (4io) for the effeoti and
purposes of the Uat part of trh said Artiole. issuO noti-
fiOt.tion. !-altin. Aino "'alendes ertary. -
I have notified George ALoew. George A.Loaw. Helendes,-
leoretury, I hav, notified u!aris c.rgstee A Jl~nohetA "

G. mlinohet. G, !. Bla.nchet. "elendez. Feoretary. -
I have notified the Solicitor of the .nepartrAfnt. ,. lulio,

~ruR oRAVD ~!OTI32 L.

Velendez. Seoretary. Troiorhable J..dje of the Civil Court.

Purcunrt to the order isted by you on the 12th instant and

in ooiaplianos with the provisions of the last part of Artiole
542 of the Civil Code, we bet out heroinunder the bases of the
double transaction relative to the r?.:Lte of the heirs of the

lute ',,:orgo Ltoew in regurd to the (r:rd i'otel building.und the
owiers'ip of the suid buiAlding. In order to carry out the

ridepiotion with stipulations of re-sule (tQ the mndor) a*

sat forth in the jpubl;o writing No.4, datad ,Trnuary thae '7th,

18/i', teis Universal Interooe&-nio tmni oIamnay will py over
to the heirs of the aforesaid Loew th.e eia in w!ioh the fr&r.d

HIotel Yrao sold (mortg:.ged?) to "enrry Ehrhan, nwiely, .1O9, SO,

with the condition that the parties who make the rederi-.tion

shall eell the propertyy to the aforesaid oo-,ipany. Accordingly,
Henry _.hrman, by virtue of the :,rovision for re-sale (re-pur-
chase) and of the ju&ioial decree declaring the riCgt of redwrt-

tion to have .r-uaed to the heirs of the late George Toew, sells it
7 6d transfers to the said heirs, to-wit, feorge Auimsto, in his

own n-nse wid u guardian and ourator of his minor brother Henry,
andx M&rie Georgette de "lanohet, esao in her own nwAe, with
the pvrrnila;.ion and oon&ient of her hsbund, Gaston P11nohet,
f-e? said Irand Hotel building, in-oliuding in the aaIe the
ground upon w imh the said building stands, the furniture,
and all the fixture &nd appurtn-o.noes, ju"t as the building

stand to-do', receipt of whioh is acknowledged by Ororce A.
Xoev, in his o a iity as adainiistrutor of the aw.qe. Th7 ?le

is nrd4e At the azve pries at whlioh it vs aold (raortgae..4) to
'Tenry ',;, rnumely, $10,800. And as the ownership pasbes

to the fcr'-ier owner in the persons of hit aforesald helrs,
Y.u.ryr .Mhirtian it releaauMd from all further re-ponilhlity and

sIhall not 1s at *ny tine bound to vulidute tb'. sale by eviction,

H 0 T 9 L.

TH3 0 RAN ? D



Copy of Description in Sparish.*


C -)

Las dimenolonee del edifioio son las siguientes:
de frente de Rate a Oeste, veinte y tree metros sesenta senti-
mnetros (23m. 60e,)y de fondo de Norte a Sur, sincuenta metro
noventa eentimetros (50m. 90o.) Linda por el Norte, con la

plaza de I& Catedral, por el Este, con la acera occidental
de la Carrera de Narfifo, calle segunda; por el Sur con la
acera setentrlonal de la carrera do Caldas Calle qulntat y

por el Oeste con la aoera oriental de la Calle Segunda de la
Carrera de Sanastander.



T H c R A r TJ 0 T EL ooS003

nor 'by r.-ason of aryv other defeat prior or subsequent to th#
sa&id le. The di:'oncion* ar'd bounctries will be set out

further on, Over and above the 4109,800, the :'rice of the
redernrttion, thel he^rs of the l&te leorge Yoew $hall plaoe

at the di ,iositlon of ?fenry FlLhan the sum of $V?,000 to cover
the debts of the deeoeeds-e estate, 4a follows: I..iuLmont,

_$7,600. A. L. Bortevuu, $1,800. I. "ranuon, $800.00.-
:4. fTjurte, t'.e & Co., $5,000. 7. ;.nlanchu, $2,000. -
,. Calvet & (1o., $4,800. B.Andreve, $480. HI, Pochet, $200.-

L. 1'Atn & Co., $600. neorge A.Leow, ,9,980, :ir- ri.%ri&n,
.;2,440. PU.nILafebre & Co., $2,600. X'. Hoogn ('?), 41.200.W
Total, 37,000, The sale being th.4a made, or in other vords,

the rudema.1;tion being oonsur-ated by George A., ,z-.ry, und ?.x*rie

*:eorget.te I.aow, anl in pi.iritnOe of the obligation contruated,
raorge A.Toew, in his own n.e u-d an guardian a.d curator

of his aforesaid brother *-enry, and Miari*e Ceorgette Loew de
Blanohet, ith the pearaission of .-aftc.n Blarnchet, her husband,

.prrr-iinFion of the .court having firot also been obtained, sells
and transfers in full omnerahip the irand 'Hotel building to
the Universal IntoruOennio Cunal Vomlainy; wioh utle is
accepted by TXouls Verbruf-he as erersentb.tive and eoneral
attorney, by su1rogutlon, of the aforesaid oompany. The
di'einsions of the building are as follows:; In front, from

east to west, 23i. 60,; arnd in depth, from north to ,c.uth,

___Oe. 90o. It is bounded on the north by the Cathedral Square
on the o&nt, by the west saide-wlk of the Avenie of Narino,
second strt;et; on the south, by the north side-walk of the

Avenue of Cmldsa, fifth street; and on the west, by the western
aide-walk of the second street of the Avenue eof -'ntander.

The -round upon which the building rta.nds was acquired by th

father of the vendors in the follo-Awing manner: Firat: a plot

of ground bought from the creditors of the *14 oo-nieroial house

T H 0 R A D H 0 T L 5003

of N. Tra.'don & Co., under & public waiting executed Ootober
8th, lIr73, under the nuTiber 70; leoond: another plot of

ground abutting on the swmae, lying to the south of the first-
rentioned lot, and purohaaed from Ju:na Aroseona,. de Alvh.rado,
with the oeneunt of her husband, Pranoisoo Alvarado, under a

public writing numbered 20 and d<.ted February 28, 1874;
and Third: another plot of ground also lying to the south,

bought from Manuel Jose Hurt-4o, as recorded in a public
writing of March 3rd, 1874, number 36, vh.oh tforesaid title

dtueds shall be delivered to Ur.Verbrugghe at the time of

signing the deed. The building which is the s1bjeot of this

aule is oonsatructed of masonryy, wood, wrd tiles, and is in

general (for the most part) three-storied, counting as one

of the three stc-ries the one standing on a levol with the

street, that is, the ground floor; but at the front of the
hoiae there is another higher story, and on the west side,

from the entrance hall toward the south and along the entire

southern side, there is another story betw.4en the first and
tie second of the main stories, that is to say, a searies of

entresols (n'azzanines). There, are, furthermoret on the

ground floor of the building. Wells and aisterns. There %re
included in th# sale as uocessoriee or imovblea, by reason

of the use to which th-ay are destined, all the objects
h]ertunder described, to-wit: First, the vertical steam engine,

three-horse power, built by Yerran Lasohapelle, situated in
the a .artient now uoed as a kitchen; second, an hydraulic
pump built near the reservoirs, with all aooessories, buoh

IL ,ipe, fauoeta, Ota.j; third, all the reservoirs on the

different floors of the real estate bold, to-wlt; four mAde

of Iron, with a capacity of two tone *ash, another of the

wnm metal with a capacity of ton tont, and two others with



H, R A D H0 T H Xt 5003

a capacity of forty tons; foi4rth, the two stationary fire-

pumps in the aranaries, w.d the portable fire pump placed in

the court-yard with glass roof, together with all attach-
ments, suoh as faucets, pistons, attached pipes, and about

two hundred meters of rubber piping, as also the piping
now in use; fifth, the gas-lichting plant in its present
condition, including pipes, meters, chandeliers, braokets,
psaax pumps, eto.; sixth, the safe of masoryy and iron,

built in the room now occupied as an office by entry y .hrman.
The v cndee Com,&ny shall he in possession and in the enjoy-

ment of the building within two months reckoned front this
datt. Accordingly the vendors bind themselves to v.coto the

building during (within) the said term, excei-tion being. maude

of everything set forth above (sic), so that the new owner

may enjoy the diapesition of his property iL'miediatuly upon
the expiration of the termi fixed. This -,ieoe of iamovable

property sTall be turned over in its present condition.

The v*rdurs declare that this piece of irnaovable -,ro-erty
sold is insured against fire for the sum of $0 reichir.arks

that is, about A 643,750 francs, the policies and reoeipts
for ayrent of -renitum up to June 18th and JTuly 8th, 1882,

for which, he has placed (have been lackeded) in the hands of
?r.Verbrugffhe. It is agreed that the vendee Company shall

reimiburae the vendors that part of the \.rt-.ium -.aid correspond.
ing to the balance of the time from the day of the sale

to the dlte when the pruriium of the .'olioy falls due ("To

the maturity of the ,olloy"). The oompazV shall bear the
necessary expenses and costs of proceedings for the regular

transfer of the benefits of the policy$ to itself. The ibrie
of thu sale is fixed and aoce;.ted in the sum of 4206,521.73.



/Z Mr.Verbrugghe, in t*hu name of the Company which he ropre-
sents, binda himself to pay tho price agreed upon, in the

following manner: On the day on which the :,irty shall be
notified of the approval of the oourt of this double

transaction, $75,217.38; one month thereafter, 421,?39,12;

two months thereafter, that is, on the day of the delivery of
t:'e building, 421,739.13; one month aftur the delivery,

$10,879G6; two months after the delivery $32,608.69; three
months after the delivery $10,869.57,; four months afterwards
(tKft.or the delivery) #10,,69.57; five months ofter the
delivery $10,869.58; six rmonths after the delivery $10,869.87;

seven months after the delivery $10,8?9.57: a sum total
paid within thw -,eriod of nine months of 3206,521.73. In the

event that the Coiiiany shall desire to antiOipate the
payments, wiich it shall ulwaj have a rig.t to do, for the
entire amount or part of the price agreed to be paid in
instalments, it shall be oradited with an interest (discount)

at the rate of six peroentum per annum upon any sums paid

prior to the date upon whioh the maid sums fall duo. It
is understood that the company shall always hvye the right

to pay, at its election, either in ourrenoy or in drafts

drawn upon Paris at ninety days sight. In the event that
one or more payments Shtall hbe i.ibAde by draft, the Colomblan

peso shall be taken as an invraiable basis, at the rte oat
four fr-nos, aixty ce-'tlmes. The vendors reserve to theimselves

the rig1t to have delivery made to them up to the sum of
$64,347.81 before the due-dates agreed upon, by pay8ntt of
an interest or discount of seven per cent. in favor of the
Company and after notice given of one month. Pan&ama,Ootober
12th, 1831. Henry hrman-. eorge A.ITow. M G. RBlanchut.-

G. Bl31anohut. Louis verbrufghe. Civil Court. Punama, Oato-



bher I1, 1881. After proof of the ranife~t advantage of tlh
transaction of rtden;,tion and ale of the building designated

the -,rand Hotel, the maid transaction being instituted by
George A.,oew in hie own name und as guardian and curator

of his brother yenry, and by M&rie Georgette do Bl&anchet,
with the penriisaio and consent of her lawful husband,
__sGaston 31Bnchet; hAid after hearing the opinion of the public
administrator (administration); .h oourt granted the per-
miassion i l required under the provisions of Article
536 of the Civil Code. All the interoteds parties in the
transaction, in oamplianoe with thw duty imposed upon them
by the provisions of Artileo 542 Of tht said Code, haVe
presented themselvospraying that the said transaction be
ui:procvod purau5nt to the .,rovi8sons of the last part of the

Said article. Examination being mide of the bases and

conditions Of the aLid trannaotion, set out in the preceding
writing, they are adjudi.d favorable and proper for the
aforesaid heirs. Accordingly, The Civil Couirt of the Capital

District and of the Departmient of Panama, administering

justice ef the name of the State and under authority of law,
givcs it irpproval to the transaction above referred to,
under which the heirs of tho late Reorge Toaw redeem the

Grand Hotel building and sell the 9mb to the Universal
Interooeanio Canal Compary, through its representative, Louis
Verbrugghe, T Isue notification. :,.. saitin. Line
'Melendez. I have notified Henry h .rmm .- Henry ihnrman.-
'.,elendea. I have notified Goorge A.Loew. -George AXLoew. -

X ha v notified M Blanohet. -M. OL 1lanohet. llelendea, |
I have notified Louis verbrugee. Louis verbruiLghe, -
:.elenae. Secretnry. I hav notified the Departrm.ent


T H 9 G R A *D HOTEL 5005

Solicitor.- 4. C. Xullo. .lelondez.- SocrutAry. This is
/a true copy. Pfnma, October 1lth, 18I. Line Mvlendez.-

Seoretary. The vendors, eOaorge Agusto Loew, In his own

nwme und in that of his minor brother Henry, and -'arie
Georgette de Blanriohet, with the paer.ineion of her lawful

husband, deolar: F'lrst: That they hx~v not previously Bold4

.G alienated, nor pledged the rrand Hotel building which

they are hereby selling; Second: That the said building
is free of all incumibranoe, rent charge, and irortgage;
Third: That they sell the ae with all its appurtenanoes

above not out, for the sum of $206,521.73, in the form and
roanner specified in the proceedings recited herein; Fourthi
That the Just prioe for the building and its true value
ds that of $200,521.75, the sum aforesaid; and that if it

should be worth more, they rzike a donation of the excess to the

purohaser; Fifth: That they will deliver the property sold
to th' vendor on the &te hoereinbefore specified; Sixth:

T3ht in all events they will come forth for the eviction
and validation (of title) of the property r sold. The pur-

chair, IouiB vrerbrL.gghe, ho j*akea the purchase in the rnae
and in behalf of the Universal Interooeniio Can&l Conpany,
and in his am4.acity as attorney of the amea, and in the
exorcise of the powers invested in him by the mid Coap&ny,

under the power of attor-ey to which he wv aubrogated by

___ Armando Reolust, and which axist* anong the protoools of thia
notLarial office, under the number 104, d&ted September 20th

of the current year, doolarea, in his ouepaoity of purchaser
in the raea &nd in behalf of the aforesaid oonp.nyw First:
That he will carry out, on his part, the obligations arwaing

under this oontraot, paying accordingly, as representative,

T H 1 R A V 3 H 0 T X 6003

of the Conmr.ny, a thwy fall du*, the amounts hereinbefore
specified; Seoond: That to secure the p ment of the
purchase prioe, he mortgz es (to the vendor) the property

herein sold to him, with the spl.urternanoespeoified.
When T had read this instrument to the parties in interest,
b1oln all reLidents, of full age, whom I oertify that I know,
they stated tiaat they a Proved the smae, und aoined, All
in the preeno*a of the witneinaeb 6 thy deedwho were To"4

Aguitin Ar=go and "iantiago nellatorre, residents, of full
age, "ncd under no legal diqutlifio4otlon, and in the pres-
ence of heom I warn the puroh&er of his duty to furnish

a copy of this writing, within twenty das, to the offiQe
of th'e *tneral Adriniestrator of Revenues, for retistrwtion,
thi regisatr&tion fee having bbfn ppid, and they also xigni
sign with m, to which I aertify.- Klenry -%hnrLan. -czerge A.

Loew. MT G. 3Biunchet. 1Blanohet. Touis Verbrugge. -
T. A. Arango. S. Dellatorre. Luis !a&ta nuran, Notwry
Publlo 1un=ber Tie. The General Adminiatrator of Revenes
__oertifils That kt foliosA 105 nd 104 of the B3ook of leglsatra-
Stion fee oolleotionrsa, under th nwnumber 1?7, is the follow-

ing entry: On the 13th October, X8j, Fruinoisoo Ardil&
paid In $1,897.95 as a reglatration tofe of a dtoa under
which there i1 set out in the form of a public instruw-nt
a transaction jntyred into, with the permialssion und authori-
ty of the Court,by George A.Loew, in hls o*ni name rnd as
guardian und curator of his brother Irsnry, and 'erie 'eoreutte

do Blanohat, as heirs of tho late ('worge Loew, under which
they redeem the building designated the Grand Hotol, sold

with a oovenant for re-purchase to Henry :-.hrmaa for the a m

of $109,800; and under which deed aforo-said heirb 6oil the

XX 21


THZ O0-Ar D HOTEL 6003

z&ld building to the Univareal Interoocenio .,&rial Company
for the mm of 2o6,521.7Z.. The pay'aent of the stdid

has t&&ken plao. in the foliowingr form: Vor twhe ml, $1239.I|
f.,rir the rodein.tion $659,P-F O Agpstin Clerant.- "Prar-oioo

Ardila. Aguatin Cle.ient.
This tallies with the ori(lnal and aertlficato
attaWo-,ed thereto,, to he found amrong the protooola of

oontraots and public instrument passing bofor. me during
tne current year, from which I have mae4 this third oopy,

which I isuao written on nine folios of properly saledI
pilper, at the request of Louis Verbrugghs representative

of the Universal Interoeeanio Ctmnl Comzpany, at Panana, the

19th Ootober, Ii&.
( Signed)f Louis 1ata )uran, 'otary Publio I -u-2iber Two.

Peas. Articles 2V32 of the Civil Code, section 3,

This doomnant wve registered on the 18th Oetober, 1e81,

as is recorded on folio 135 to folio 152 of Bookc 06e., volume

3. Office of the OenraXl Administrator of Revenues.
Pano=a, October 26th, InPl. Signed Auinistin Clemont.



(Translation) 5004 (21)

Number one hundred and twenty-five.-- In the City of Panama,

Sovereign ftate of Panaia, United traites of Colombia, on the

twenty-seventh day of the month of October, of the year one thou-

sand eight hundred and eighty-one, before me, Luis 'fata Duran,

Notary Public Number Two of thie Capital District and of the

Department of Punarna, there appeared Mrs.Tonasa Paredes de Ternal,

of age, a widow, whom I certify that I know, and stated: That

she transferred under a sale and in perpetual alienation to Mr.

Luis Verbr;gghe, general attorney of the Universal Interooeanic

Canal Compiany, who purchased in the name of and in behalf of

the said Company, a strip of land from a property of the vendor

known by the nane of "Tabernilla".

(Here follows a statement of certain provisions of law in

regard to conveyances of real estate, and of a due compliance

therewith by the parties to this deed. Then follows a transcript

of the me,-orandum of agreu.ent). given hereunder)

Mr.Notary "umber TWro.-- Please draw up and file among your

protocols of public instruments of the current year, one which

shall record that I, To.asa Paredes de Bernal, widow, having the

free administration of my property, have sold to Mr.Luis Ver-

brugghe, in his capacity of Wneral attorney of the Universal

Interoceanic Canal Company, in the name of this last and it its

behalf, a part of my property known by the nae of "Tabernilla".

The part of the property that I am selling is a strip of one

thousand and one hundred meters in breadth in this form: One

hundred meters calculated for the channel of the Interoceanic

Canal and five hundred meters on each slde of the said channel,



Copy of :Description in Spanish, 004, (1l)

Los referidom terrenos eetin situadon a orilla del
rio ChAgree, desde la quebrada d4 "T'Tbernillae ha-sta lI booa

Vi.eja de la quebrada do *Juana Merra'. wasi frente a Ia desem-
booadura del rio Jigante siguiendo siempre *. curse del rio
Oh4gres en una extension de dos y media Xil6metroo aproxima-
damente; demanera qua la faja vendida a 1a Covil-tf&a Universal
del Canal Interoceanico tiene la longitud do las tierras de
Tabernilla asf descritap; y per latitud, la espresada an-
ohura de mil cien rietros, Las espreeadas tierras lindan por
el Norte y el Fste Con tierrae baldfae del lote ndmnro cinco
del 1.lano mandado tener Como cdiclon Oflcia per el Gobierno
dt Colombia; por el Sur con las tierras de "wB3rbaooaea y per
el Oeste eon las del Cago quebradot, vendidae per la actual
vendedora al Sefior Pedro Silva, por eracritura pdblica otorga-
da el veinte y nueve de Diolembre de =il oohocientos seaents.
y elnco, ante el Yotario del Departaxiento de Colon, bajo el nd-
SIere treinta y viete,



Tabornilla. -2- 6004.

whatever -.1"y be the direction t'en by this last. The afore-

me.ntioned property in situated on the bank of the river Chagres,

froj.i the Tbccrnilla P'avine to the old mouth of the .TAna M&ri&
ravine, tlionrt opposite the mouth of the Jigante river, follow-

ing alQas the oourse of the Ch&gres river, for 1 distance of

two nd one-half kilometers, approxinatuly; so that the strip

sold to the Universal Interocecnio !anal Company has a length

equal to that of tho Tabernilla elt.*te above described, mnd &

breadth, as stated above, of 1,100 meters. The said estate is

%rounded on the north urd east by the uncultivated lunds of lot

?7o.5 of the 'lan directed to be reg-Jded as the official issue

by the Colornbian goverr .ent; on the south, by the lands of

Parbucta; und on the west, by the lands of the Cano Quebrado,

sold by the pr,,bont vendor to Pedro Oilva, by public writing
exco-ted t?,e twtryty-ninth day of December ofone thousand eight
hundred a"cd sixty-five, "ifore the 7-otury of the Depaurtrent of

Colon, under the minber thirty-saven. The Company binds itself

to leave for the benefit of 8rs. Puredts do -'eral, her heirs

and asnigns, a lot ieaauring three hundred meters on and alonE

one of the b ,.uks of the cuahl; hicoh lot shall have the same

brea.dth a; the strip alienated, that is, five hundred meters.

The &Aid lots shall be situated, if possible, on the slope of

arbernilla, where the-vendor has built so;.e houses. The vendee

Cor ~any rest;rves, however, a right of way over the said lot; and,

furthermore, the rilit to build thereon one or nore ways or

.ow'ns of oorviunication of whatever kind, affording easy access

to the anal. ; as also the right to build thereon one or more

buildings as rmy be neesaary in the service of the enter:-rise;

but in this last event, there shall be given to the vendor and

her suooessors an equivalent oo-4pensation of land in arV other


Tabernilla. -3- 5004.

place on the banks of the -anal. The sale is made in the sum

of five thousand pesos, payable upon simature of the proper deed.

The purchaser shall enter into actual possession of the prop-

erty as soon as he shall .o desire and request; and all pro-

ceedings and expenses that may arise in regard to indevmifioa-

tion to, or eviction of, any squatter or lessee at present on

the strip sold, shall be at the charge of the vendor. In the

event that the route of the Canal should lie in such a course

and direction that there should not be sufficient land to

complete., on one bank, the five hundred meters of the strip

sold, the Company shall take from the opposite bank an equivalent

amount of land to complete the breadth of the strip referred to.

You, ;-r.Notary, will please add the other customary clauses.

Panama, October twenty-sixth of one thousand eight hundred and

eighty-one. Tonasa Bernal."

vendor's Covenants for title. Customary.( See 5005 Miraflores,

for a full translation of a deed of conveyance.)

Vendee's Forrnal Covenants. Customary.

Payment of Purchase Price recorded in deed.

Conclusion. Customary.

Signatures ef ee e -ae. Tomasa Bernal.-

luis Verbrucfche.-Rafael Benitez O.-C. Clement.-Luis Mata Duran.

Certified copy of Registration fee certificate.

Niotaryls certification of Copy (Second) of deed and attached


Certificate of Registration. November 2, 1,81. Folio 167

to 173, Book I, Vol.3. Panama.


I W W(- SA M '- A .


L R A PFL ,0 R S.

(TrmnalatIon) 5005 (7)

UtIMBR SIXf-T-RSlS. In the city of Colon, Iaovrelp
R ecitals. State of Puana, United t;.tes of Colombia, on t'<* ;lt
dgq of the raonth of October, of the year oirhtetn hundred

&nd li~p~ty-one, before ne, Juan ..roallo, rotary Publlo
of the !fsprtient of Colon, in thut at al exorcise of my
dutiem, wnd tin witness Moar.are Jwa .tai Curiel and
Andrea Padll.a P., residents, of ae, of good repute, amd
undur no lfgsl di-quaLlifiobion, thsre tqpeired ':ra.Juna
Patulina -Ucr de Villarards, resident of the Distriot of
GCtun and of age, whom X certify thEt I know, and asid:
that she has entered into and oonoluded & oontraot of sale
cf certuin lands belonging to her, with the oo-rsent, ap-

,roval and intervention of her husband, r.Jose Fells
Vill&verde, with Hr.Louis Verbrugohe, general attorney

of the Univeraal Interocoamnic Canal Cow-any, by subroga-
tion, the principal babss of which oontraot are cot forth
in the nrworandum of eieognrent, (or draft) which she pre-

zenta, n.d whieh, oopled vzcrbatim, runa as follows:;-
Cemo.of M".Er2otmry of the flpartoent of Colon:-- Please sot forth
Agreement. awonE your protocols of public instriaents of the current

year one whioh h1all record that I, Juana Paullna Ducer

4o Villaverde, with the purmlasion of y lawIful husband,

'2r.Sose Fells Vilaverds, hare sold to Mr.Louis Verbrueeho,
general attorney by subrogation of the Universal Inter-
-Description eani C sanal CoMapny, from my property natd *rsirafloros*,

a strip of five hundred motors In breadth on loth sides
of the course to be given to th Intereo0*iri Canal, in
addition to the land needed for the teIsl proper, whioh is




Copy ot Description in Spanih,. 5005. (7)

Diohos terrenos estan uituados 4 ambas margenes del
rio Chagres, en una estenslon de dos leguos do cada lado;
deeds Is booa del rio 'Gatunolllo, hasta Is boqillla de la
quebrada t6 *C&cahual*, es deoLr, que la faj mnencionada y
que vendo A r.erpetuidad o n pleno dominlo & la referlda Con-
pfflia Universal del CEnal Interoeeanico, tione toda la Ion-
gitud dear ta on 1 curse del rio "Chagres"# y 14 ltitud
yu espresada de mil clan metros,

Mli tierras do IAirafloreB' linden en lo general,
de 14 mannra sigulente:- -or e! Mort*, con las tierras del
OParaisott. Verteneoientes al Seftor Bias Arosemena Puesada,
con tierras do Gatun del Seflor Alberte Vasquoa, y con tierras
baldias (lote numero uno del plane official); por el Este#
*on las y& eoitadas tierras del "TParaino", pur el Suro oOn Usa
tiorras de "Calle "RruJnI, de Ia Seflora Rstafana Galastio&, y
tierra. baldladel lote numero dos; .y por el Oeste, con
tierruas buIldla de los lotes uno y dos'




Rights of



OstibLited at one hundred motora; to that the MFd strip

will havoe in all, a& breadth of on thousand and One hundred
castere. 7he said estte is situated on both bUwans of the

river Chgroa, for 4 dietanoe of two l-auos on each bank;
from the mouth of the river rjCtunollo to thets mouthlut of
thi rvine of COiahual; that Is to na, that the strip
rforrrod to, which I af ,olling, in perpetuity and in full
ownership to the esaid Unitveral Interoceanalo Cial Cormanyt,
ha& the full length designated along the ooarue of the river
Ch1agrest anrd the dforastzted breadth of one thousand one
hundred meters. The Companry binds Itaelf to leave for ths
benefit of the vendor1 her hwAra and aasigns, two lots of
land of &00 mtors each, falondg the course of the Cnial, and
on each one of the b*ks of the same, which lota hall he-
a breadth to that oos'>rised in theo sale to whioh these
.rsor.ntes have reference; that is to at, 500 meters. The
place Or lao4esa were the delivery (sio,moauning probably
l'ooation) of the aftrtrrentloned lots shall be made, shall
o Ohonasn by oocouon "coord by the Oompany and t!he vendor,
or thu party rea.rasennting her interests, at points or looa-
tions suitable for the construction of buildAngs, or the
dcvolopment of a huulet or village, xid 6apeoially where

there exist to-day pastures for the arising and fttening
of battle. The Compary reserves not only the righit of

My over these lots of vound, but also the rglht to oon-
striaot theroover on. or more roads or icans of cor-unloa-
tion, of whatever kind they nay be, affording eay assess

to the r a.s all aS whatever buildlnCes Wy prove to be
neoesasary. In this laset evnt tihrs *hall be given to th)
ver-dor an-equivalent oomena&tion, in swm other plase on






Lescripti on
Vendor, s

the hanks of the '%nal, for the l.asd occupied by the
build4rn or buildings so oonatructed. And In the event
that it should be neoszary to oooupy or destroy country
vTill& or buildings constructed there by the vendor or her
lael4 asailnai, the COvn.ony hall ako oorn0penaation for the
damage aused, :in tooordanoo with the just eatimate ot
experts, it tha parties ate not bleo to reOlh an agreennt
:o0ng theinlvTos The Y r. nor Aswunos for herself, hr
neirs and &asuigna, ll rcmponaibility for any oeoeonation
that it mty be n lessees, or far-mers at presoint on =i.y part of the strip
sold. The rale is rmade for the price of eifht thoumand
and fivT hundred dollars ($.8,500.oo) pova'ble in the follow-
ins manner:-- Two thousand pesos &at the titS of signing
the proper Publie 'Witing and one thousand pesos 4t the end
of every vonth, oommenoing from next November; it 'being
understood that the last -rcflthly paywnt will be only

five hundred psoso, to oomplots the payment of the full
prior of sale.-- )y estate of '7iraflorou is bounded, in a
general way, int the following mwnert On the north, by the
'Paraisot estate, bolonging to t!r.o1ae Arosemina Qumsada,
by property in $&tun belonging tO Alberto Vasques, and
wnste lands (lot nwnumber one of the offiotvtl pin) on the
east, 'by the forawnenttiond "ParalsO' property; on the south,
by the *0Galle ruj&s' property, belonging to .2-otefana
Galaatica, nd unoultivated lands of lot maber two; and on
the wnt, by wate linds of lots nuwabers ono nd two.--
You, Mr44otary, will kindly add thb ether oustorary elaaIee.-
OGatun, Octobor 17th of ei-iteen hundred and #it1ty-oneB.-




ror himself and for his wife ruana P.d Villavwrde.-

;oc. r.Villavnrd.-- TSoula Verbrugyhe,.- harofocre, the
vendor, t'rs.,van& Paulin-. Xxoor do Vlllaverde, dltares:

covenants 'Firt:-That s'he hua not sold, alienated, or pledged
for (Oharged) the aforejiertioned property.-- !eoond.--That it
Titleetc. is free of all *noumbracce, rent charge, and rortgrage.

Third:- That ahl tells t e p;roarty under the conditions
above sot forth for the .un of ic-;t thousand and five

hundred poasof, ao hBs bean eoxflaincd in the :.n*iorandun

ou f 4tq'uotrzt .7-)ourth:- That thke junt prioe of the property
and its true value L6 that of the Wforenntloned sum of
tlptii thousand fiv hundred pasos; ani that if It is worth

more, she 'tken the vandov Coraitny .& Iapreent of the OOfes.--

Fifth:- That from this dtte she rol nqui hes, odes, ad
gCivQs over the ownership tend poasesanion of thu property A
delivers it to the said Corrany with the oonsoquent rigCht

of aoti-nn, Sixth:- That in all uvints she will oono forth
for the eviotion 4%:d validation of th.e thing oold.--"r.Touis
Verbru,tghe, in repreoentatilon Of the rirhts of action and

?ther rights, and -aith the glnaral power ,,f attorney which

by subrofgation he h&s ain hit poanasnton, In like manner

Vendee's 4deolreB-- First:- That the Unlversal Intaroosanlo Cnal
formal co-T Coapany will fulfil, on its part, the obligations rMised
under this oontraot, paying in oo@IPcian!of, in the proper

iniut&, the *o= of eight thoumard and fite hundred
peos, as above stipulated, until tho spe6ofied prioe hafll

o eonplstt*ly atwortizA and p&add off in full.-- 7eoond:-
That he lijkeo&se aoepts tr sale ma. to0 the af4retaentioned

Comwpany with &1 the obligations imposed., navirg nothing
to allege or olai. malrst, thea validity of thi instruient.--

Conclusion. And h&vIg read all thjG oonents of this, writing to the
parties tI Interest, they deolart" that they acoorded t





thO aotwn their approval, w r tgn, all. in tho irasonoae of

t e wiltnssam to th da,<;d aforevjanttonod, with met, to ettloh
Payment of_ oartify ", It ta mcdo of reoord thut there h)a been

Registra- preosented prior hruato the vouoher ahcwing atilafaotion
tion fee. oa the re.l.tration fee satabliahed law, which authuntil

docunvnt, in uccordarnga with the .rclsiona of Art. two
thousand raven hundred and uix of the Oivil Code of the
rMteto, will )i found attaohod at thu olone of this writ in,

(deed), nO -that, at the prcpur tiltm, It-*nay ba due effeoti
txnd tchuv 4ottracting pc.rtie6 hmo bron, revdinded of their

obligation to -An warnoLat4d, on izal cclOnI ieasuod, the
'/ '

fbOt of' registration in theo :ropcr offlos, within twenty
da, of t'/c exeo-tion of tho d&t-ci.) ?b.rai PW.tiuta (,f1q)dc
9tavrerds-- ^tns Y.Yiliaae-r~c .-lcAouis Vwrbrwjghe-etAan I,.

Curl.el *-A.Pudil. I's.* The rotary i'uLblio, .t~n ?mUtimlloaa
/ :- .,ua&n tarualle, ?rot*ary PtUblio at the ;e-.airturent of Colon,
Registrati Qn
Fee Cert s paid into this ofirloe r the Coll1cotr of Ravenuma the
Fee Cert if-i
icate sU of fifty-one poses, as ragistratlon feB of o.n dtd of
icate.. ,
7 sale, whioh ?:rrsTutasla Paulin& Thtor do Villverde is ewt

-* vwiOto In favor of tho Isnivormral Tnterootm-nic clansL

COow,, of a mrip of lnd in the wAr^florc&" property,

/ to tth r grantor an4d uituated on the1 bMiks of the
!river Cliag rs, for the aum of eirht thottand and fin hUm-

drid pesos,-.- Iopartmient of AdrAnlistrsution of Xo-rn'ue*.ws
SColon, Octoabr twerty-first of o*litOen hndrad and sIzhtrIf-
nO.--tho AdrdnlitratTr--.. J. Vllal .,-I5torlflns&ttep--
Sbesi4s tho lnA-- for those lots of land--eale .wm&a to--

Certification / This gonpordc with the original, w% crtifieote at-
of Notary._. tpohed thereto, filed teeng ths Protocols of oontraots at



:tirfelores.^ sa B5005

public inotrnientg, paying before me during the o rront
year, from Whioh have made tks second oKpy, which I

isoue on tiv* folios of duly ota'4ed (staled) paper, a t the
reuaot of Mr.Lomis cvarbroigfCb, at Colon, on the rfiftsnth

4uy of r;ov*,.'br ot one thousand el# t hundred. t.nd elrhtty-

on. ,-
7n otary Public
(ricned) Juan 3lraallo.
(PlourJ Ih)

Certificate .1up&rt.d'lt&l Ainiatration of Revanue@. --Coln,"'ofln-
'bor iit~h, 1^1.i- )liur, Int ?hs %err. istrared or %~Id dktaso
under -the nurwt1hr nlneten, of t'; 'hook of lagistrations

ThBter 'fone
ThI Adrinittrartor (Col:iactor)
('t,'ncd) :A. 3. VlIu",Ci.oa.





Copy of Description n Spanish, S006. (10)

Dichxom terrenos estan sltuados & armbas marjeneu
del rio Chagres, en una estenoion de dos liguas do oada lado:
lot de "Pa1omfatia'*# de6de 'oalematlas nuevo*f g maS claro,
desde iun arbol de CHaftafitola que queda la I&argen izquieria
del rio, frente A otro arbol do higueron del lado opuesto,
"Juan Gallegos";
finalizando aguas arriba en la quebrida nombrada los do Ahorca-
lagarto, dsdeeds dicha quebrada de "Juan Gallegos", hasta lao
de "Aguas negras". La faja nriencionada, y que vendo A per-.e-
tuidad y en pleno dominie A I& referida Comi.aftia Universal
del Canal InterooeRmnico, tiene toda la lonjitud descrita en

el eurse dal rio Chagres, y una latitud de ill o-en metro,
4 sean quiVnientos metros 4 cada lade del Can .1, mas el cauoe
de estes

Mie referidas tierras lindan; de Palomatia*",
con la de"Palohorqueta#, "-atlas* y "Ahorcalagarto"; por eQ
Xoroeste y Sudeste, respeotivalente; y per los deras puntos,
con tierras baldfas del lote numero tree; y las de "Ahorc da-
gartom# con las renclonadas de 'Palomati.s" hacia el Noroestf
y las do "VamovavmosO, y "PeSas Rlancas', wArribas, *Abajo* y
"enmedio*; per el Sudatest, y por los demas puntos, eon &las
menclonadas tierres baldiae del lote numero tree# del piano
reconocido como ediclon ofilcial por 1 oblerno de I& Union.



(Translation) 5006 (10)

Number sixty-fire.-- In the City of Colon, Sovereign

State of Panama, United States of Colonbia, on the 22d day of

the month of October, 1881, before me, Juan Barsallo, chief

Notary Public of the Department of Colon, in the actual exer-
cise of my duties, and the witnesses M.essrs Juan Curiel and
Andres Padilla P.,residents, of age, of good repute, and under
no legal disqualification, there appeared Mrs.Carmen Macias de

Ramos, resident of the District of oatun, of age and a widow,
whom I certify that I know, and stated: That she has entered

into and concluded a contract of purchase and sale of certain
land belonging to her, to-wit, of a strip of land forming part

of the Palomatias and Ahorcalagarto properties, situated on the

banklof the river Chagres, with Mr.Luis Verbrugghe, general

attorney of the Universal Interoceanoic Canal Company, by sub-

rogation, the fundamLental bases of which aforementioned contract
will be found set forth in the memorandum which she exhibits,
which, copied verbatim, is of the following tenor;--" Mr.Notary

of the Department of Colon.-- Please draw up and file among

your protocols of public instruments of the current year, one

which shall record that I, 9armen Macias de Ramos, have sold to

Mr.Louis Verbrugghe, attorney by subrogation of the Universal

Interoeeanic Canal Company, from my properties known as

wPalomatias" and "Ahoroalagarto," a strip of five hundred meters
in breadth on each bank of the channel of the Interooeanio Canal,
in addition to the land needed for the Canal proper, which is

estimated at one hundred meters, Said estates are situated on

both banks of the river Chagres, for a distance of two leagues

on each side. The Palomiatias property runs from Palomatiam
Tuevo, or more specifically, from a purging cassia-tree


Palomatiss an4 Ahoroalagarto. -8- 5006

(oanafistola) which stands on the left bank of the river, oppo-

Bite a large fig-tree (higueron) on the other bank, terminating
up-streata at the ravine known as Juan Gallegos; the Ahorcalagarto

property runs from the said ravine of Juan Gallegos to the

Aguas Negras ravines. The aforementioned strip that I am

selling in perpetuity and in full ownership to the said Univer-

sal Interoceanic canal Company rune the entire length designa-

ted along the course of the Chagres river and has a breadth of

1,100 meters, that is, 500 meters on each side of the anal,

in addition to the channel of the same. The Company binds itself

to leave for the benefit of the vemdazr1 her heirs and assigns,
a lot of ground measuring five hundred meters along the channel

of the Canal and en one of the banks of the same; which lot

shall have a breadth equal to that oomprised in the sale to
which this memorandum agreement has reference, that is to say,

500 meters. The vendee Company reserves the right to designate
the place where the vendor or her assigns may occupy &.nd possess

the aforementioned lot, Furthermore, the Compare reserves not

only a right of way over this lot of ground, but also the right

to construct thereover one or more vays or means of comunnloa-

tion, of whatever kind they may be, affording easy access to

the oanal, as well as whatever buildings may prove to be
necessary. In this last event there shall be given to the on-

dor an equivalent compensation at some other point on the banks

of the canal for the land occupied by the building or buildings

so constructed. It is hereby made of record that upon the

lands in question there are certain lessees who pay rent yearly,

with whom there exist no written agreements, nor is any fixed

term stipulated. The vendor disclaims all responsibility in
regard to the said lesseeS. The sale is made in the sumn of


?tlonTtlauant Ahi'orotdal&rto. .-8 5008

.-;4,000.oo, pa &ble in th'i mhnnar; $X,000 upon siatt:re of
the propur (bd; $1,000 on the S$1t.Goter ,c,000 on the
50th iiovurberj nd $1,000 on the flet 7oor.:br, &all of the
ourrant year, r eXfcrui21vtTonad rrorortios ure boun&.d us
follows: Tho y.lor:ptis propertyy, by the prqprtieQ of Pa1o
Uorp*eta, 'atiam, and Ahorcniagarto, on tohe north-west .nd

ioith-eaat, r4">'ot-rivoly' {wA.oW)t &nc at the othkr cblrdinal
point., by unouiltivtod lands of lot number threat. And the
,Vnorcoa-lgrto provsrtyf, by the cnfuref12nt ioned Palo:-nu liBs Frof-c
ty on the north-weet, nd the !%on-vw-os, IPon&A Plbnoai, Arribs,

Aba&o, J nd %yn mdio, on the couth-eat; and &t -th other points
of the oo0.0-t3a, by the aforo.'rln!onod unoultimted lands of
lot mrtber three, of the Tlan Iflwn o a ti of titsOi&! h*o b

the gowerMnt of the Union. -- Yout, 1r.iotary, will Qlease add
t-.v other oustosrj, oltumes.-- $t.tun, ootoebr 17th, 1p{1. --
Y&r;Afn >aoln 4, Vtwikoe*
Y'encdors Covnknte ftor Title. Custoary ( 8see 5C-050$

:'IraflorB, for a full trwil&ttlon of a 4ced Of ofn 'v0y, na,)
VendoeS* ? aovunWets. h"ntory,
Cono\usion. Kmstoatry.
5icnrtt rOof cor tr.Otrizc .*h.rtlas. C(ritfm :eitosts do ?

Lo-i-gs 'orbrtausetv.- Juan L. Curiel.-A. Padilla P.-Juan Barsallo.

Cop'y of i.sgistratlon feu o0rt floatO.
Notary'a aertiftoution of oopy of dee ad a-.ttohed docer.nt.
-oond oofY.
Cartifloate Of Reogictration.- Colon, 4ovonbhor 22d, 1 t4.
Folio 8: to 92, tznber B7, Dook 1.

Tr.- rs,'t

i I00


Col~y of Description in Spaniseh. 500* (4)

too diohos terrenoe de "Gatun5 estin itmitados de
la mraners siguientel por el Norte y el ]ate# el rio Chdgres;

per ol Stur lo terrenos de "9-raflorese, y !.or el Oeste 1t
*quebra-da prieta%,

.*..,A1 Sur jor tuna line& quo ra-tieno do Ae Xa doaem-
booadura do iX quebrada "CeibaV, hdcia *I Norte, hanta enoon-
trar tn epaquefto puerto del rio C, Ir-reat enfrents de I& que-

brad *w'uana Saballto-Chlquito'. De ahl, *I denllnde sigum
la marjen izquierda del rio Chdgres hasta un punto fijo, mar-

cado con el ndaro uno, cerca del pueblo de Gatn, aEste
punto oe determine del modo sigiientet formando un Angulo do
olen gra.idoe divisionn oentesiaal) con li prolongscion de la
line R B cionto diez y sltes R B clento dies y oche de la
poligonal (pollgcno) del ferrocarril en una extension de

ciento dies y site metros cincuenta oontnmetrose y de R B
cientg diez y echo se sigue hasts llegar a& punto D, roe-

eorriendo una dstancila de oiento cincuenta metro. De este
dtimc ;unto y haciendo un Lngulo eienate trointa y cuatro
grades, cinoo se toma una ditacala de dosoientoa veinte y
6cho metro hacia el Sur para encontrar el punto don: de
aquf, eas deelr de la extremildad de I& lines uno dos y for-
mando otre Angulo de oiento ochenta grade setenta y tree
hMola el Sudoeteo# so eiguen oionto veinte y siete metros -'ara

llegar al punto tree; de eate punto, forande ngulo de el-
onto cinouenta y nueve grade diez sobre Il line& dca-trese

se reoorre una er-tension de clento treinta metros y ne olega
al punt ouatro, en la marjen liquierf del rio Chigrea, Do
aquf el deslinde *lgue invariable }er today Is marjon isquierda
del Chegree hasts la booa de I& quebrada Celba'" punto de





(Translation.) 5007 (4)

Number seven. In the City of Panama, Sovereign State

of Panama, United States of Colombia, on the 14th January, 1882,

before me, Luis ]iata Duran, Notary Public "umber Two of the

Capital District and of the Department of Panama, there appeared

Irs. Sahara Abraham de Correoso, resident, of age, married, whom

I know, and stated: That, with the consent of her husband,
IMr.Buenaventura Correoso, whom I also know, she had transferred,

under a true sale and in perpetual ownership, to the Universal

Interoceanic Canal Company, represented in this State by its

chief agent and general attorney, Mr.Armando Reclus, a lot of

land, forming part of the Gatun property, belonging to the vendor.

(Here follows a statement of certain legal requisites pro-

vided in conveyances, and complied with by the parties to this


The memor.ndum of agreement referred to, copied verbatim,

is as follows: "Mr.Notary Number Two.- Please draw up, for file

among your protocols of public instruments of the current year,

one which shall record that I, Sahara Abraham de Correoso, with

the consent of my lawful husband, Mr.Buenaventura Correoso, and

as owner of the property known by the name of "Gatun", have sold

to the Universal Interoceanic Canal Company, represented in

this State by its chief agent and general attorney, :7r.Armando

Reclus, a lot of three hundred hectares in area. I have made

the sale for the sum of $8,000, which sum -I declare that I

have received to my entire satisfaction. The said property of

Gatun is bounded as follows: To the north and east, by the

river Chagres; to the south, by the lMiraflores property; and to

the west, by the Quebrada Prieta (Black GuloW.). Among the obli-

gations of the vendee company shall be that of compensating the


G A T U I -2- 8007

farmers or squatters belo',gingf to whatever class, established

there at the present time and within the boundaries of the lot

which I am selling, and whom it Eay be nooesBary to deprive of

the simple or naked pon.-esion, or mere holding of the land,

which they are occupying with dwelling houses and plantations.

In the lot which I am selling to the said Universal Interoceanio Coripany there is not comprised the site (area) of the

present village of Gatun; and for the purposes of greater clear-

ness/, there are set forth hereurder the exact boundaries of

the aforementioned lot: On the south, by a line which, starting

fror.m the routh of the Ceiba ravine, runs towards the north,

until it mreets a small port (dwr) of the river Chagres, opposite

the Juana Gabalito Chiquito ravine. From there, the boundary

line follows the left bank of the Chagres river to a fixed point,

marked with the number one, neur the town of -atun. This point

is determined in the following manner: Forring an angle of one

hundred degrees (cunt:sina1l division) with the prolongation

of the line R 8 one hundred and seventeenS: R S one hundred and

eighteen of the (SAo) (polygon (i__c)) of the railroad

for a distance of one hundred w-d seventeen meters and fifty

centimeters; and from R S one hundred i.rd eiZ;'.teen, continue

until the point D is raachsd, covering a ditarncc of one hundred

and fifty meters. 'ro', this last point, and making &n .angle of

one hundred and thirty four degrees, five, proceed a distance of

two hundred and twenty-eight meters towards the south to meet

point two; hence, that is to say, from the extremity of line

one-two, and forming another angle of one hundred and eighty

degrees, seventy-three, toward the south-west, proceed one hun-

dred and twenty seven meters to ruach point three; from this

point, forming an angle of one hundred and fifty nine degrees,

G A T U N .3. 5007

ten, on the line two-three, proceed a distance of one hundred

and thirty meters, reaching point four, on the left bank of the

river Chagres. lence, the boundary line runs, without departure,

along the left bank of the Chagres to the mouth of Ceiba ravine,

the point of outset. The lot thus described comprises, as has

been stated, an area of three hundred hectares. Any error that

may result from the scienrtific rectification made in the de-iaroa-

tions and mbaaureuoints described aha 1 not be to the prejudice

either of me as vendor, or of the company as vendee; and in the

event of a difference of quantity, there shall be a reciprocal

rigit to proper compensation, which hall place in one of two

ways, either in land or in money, taking as a basis the price of

the sale to determine that of each hectare. I, as vendor, reserve

an easerient of right of :.ray for the rest of my property, in the

event of its being severed (split) by the Canal, or by any

deviation of rivers or streaks; and in the same wy, I grant a

like easement to the vendee company and to its successors to

have free access to the lot purchased, traversing the rest of

the property not comprised in this sale. In the price of the

sale there is included any compensation that may be due for the

permission which I hereby grant to the vendee company to con-

struct and exploit one or more ways of oomnunication, of whatever

kind, over the rest of the Gatun property that belongs to me,

which may be traversed in all directions by the said raeans of

oorr.unication. And the vendee coimiany binds itself in the same

way to grant to me and to my wife free passage on the railways

that it may construct or which it may acquire in any way.

Accompanying this minute are two plans which you, Mr.Notary,

will please sign with your rubric (paraph) leaving one attached

to the mer.iorandum of agreement, and attaching the other to the

first copy that you issue of the deed, in which you will insert


0 A TU -4- 5007

all the cuntomiry legal olauues.--Panama, 14th January, 1882,
Sahara A, do Correoso.--i, Correoso.
Vendorts covenants for title, Custo.atry. (See 5005,
Mirafloress, for a full translation of a doed of conveyance*)

Vendeets formal oovexn&nts. Customrary.
Conclusion. Custownsry
sniTnaxtures to deed. S.h:xa A. do Correoso Correo-
so, A, Reclus. Rodolfo Aguilera. Jos6 M. Villamil C, -
Luise M&ta DurAn,
CertIfled copy of registration fee oertlficate*
Iotary's oertifloation of oopy Of deed and attached
docurient. firstt Co:y)
Ftaterient of Notary's fees.
Certifleate of regsatr.tion. Wolio 3 to 39, Book I#
Pnama, 19th J;anuary, 1l82.


PALO H 0 ,.Ui T A ud AT I A S

( '.r~Zn .us (t ion) 0008 (9)

,unbor eighteen.-- In the City of Pxr..' Sovereign State

of Panama, United States of Colo-bia, on the *8th February, 1382,

before' ie, ,LuISa 'ata .uran, Votary Public iumbher Two of the
"tapital District and of the r)epartmir.t of Panama, th re ay'peared

lr.Tiberlo .anchez, renIdent of the State of cr.oa, of age, and

now temporarily in this city, and stlaod: That, in his crApa city
of attorney and rapr.- nc'rtatiye of the heirs of the late
'fr. ?edurioo 'r.P.yrne, he has transferred, under a true sale and

in perpetual ownership, to the Universal Interoeezinio Crnal

Company, repr-.eented in this State by its chief agent and
gener:&l attorney, t.r.Arnando peclu, a *trip cut out of the

properties kno'vmas "Palo rorq- eta" and "7atias", both situa-

ted on both banks of the River Chaf^es (nic.).

(o!ere follow a statement of oert.tin legal provisions in

regCard to oonveyaroes of real property, a oertlfioation of duo

compliance therewith by the parties to this contract.)

The memorandnum of agreement tlludd to, and the d1cu-:Lnt9
thuroin referred to, copied vrbatin, are as follows: r ."'otary

hunbar Two:- Please draw up tr, file anong your protocols of

public instruments of the irre-t year, ore setting forth: That

I, Tiberio f-n.ohez, resident of the Pt,.Ate of -jauoa .rd at
present temporarily in this city, tnd lawful representative of

the heirs of the late 'r.Fedtnrico G.7yrne, have sold to the

Universal Interooe.adio Cp.nal Com,,a.ny, represented in this State
by its chief agent and general attorney, "r.Armando Reolus, frcm
the estates called "Palo HIorqucta'" and "Mti&s", situated on

both bunka of the River Chagres, & strip of one thousand one


Pao Horueta and ratias -2- 5008

hundred meters of nesan breadth, along the entire length of the
projected course of the canal across the a said estates, or in
whatever^diryotion the -rnnl Company may need the said strip.

The area of the strip that I an selling to the said Co;pany is
two hundred awd fifty hectares; and if, to make up the said
area, it should hbe nooeieAry to give a greater breadth to the

strip sold, it in Lrced thht this mriAy be done. The prioe of
the sale is twe-ty pesos for eioh hoctare, that is, five thoucnnd

pesos for the vhol strip, whioh amount I deolare that I huve
received to my complete saatisfcotion. It is also agreed that

the Universal Interoocnic Canal Conpiany asioaes the responsi-

bility of ind-:mnifioation for any dange suffered by any farmers
or squatters on the sUid properties; but I, ,B vendor, deolae

in the n-ae of ny principles that, with none of the said farmers

or squatterB does there exist any written or oral contract of

lease for a daterrinute period. At the se price per hectare
that I am to-day selling to the oovTiany the strip in question,
I bind myself to sell to the sBne, one or more paroels of erourd

that it nay need within the boundaries of the properties of
my principals. The Co;-pfany shall not be bound to prove its

need of the lot# or lots mentioned, provided they are for the
service of the canal. It is also agreed that I reserve

for vy prinolpals und their successors an ease .ent of right of
way over the strip sold for the benefit of the rest. of the
j-roperty; wnd in the arie manner the vondoe company and its

suioooessora shall have a like right of vay giving easy access to

the lot boaght, travorbing the rest of the lands that are not

erbraoed in the sale. Any roads which may be opened in either
of the properties shall be for the coriuon use of both parties.
The estates ttioh form the subject of this contract of smle are



Copy of Description In S)anilshs

5008. (9).

Los terrenos materia do esate contrato do compra-
venta lindan en lo general d i modo sigulente: por *I Norte,
con terrenos baldios del lote f"laero trees del !lano mruidado
tenor como edition official Ior al Gobierno de la Union; ror
*I Este las tiorras do OPalo-Matiafie pot el sur las niEaa
tierras y las baldias mnencionadaB, y ,or el Oeste, eatas l-
tins ,7



Palo Hor queta and "atias. -3- 5008

bounded in general as follows: To the north, by the untultiva-
ted lands of lot No.5 of the surveyy ordered to be regarded an the

official issue by the Government of the Union; to the east#

by the Palo Matias property; to the south, by the same property

and the aforementioned uncultivuted lcnde; and to the west,

by the suile uncultivated lands. The properties tbus bounded were

sold to !eqsra:. onaiin W.DLnson & Co. by "ra.7.uisi. de la Rosa

and her husband, !'niol ,oorge, an is recorded bV a public deed
oxeouted the 31st October, 1859, before A public scori-vner of
the -anton of Panaria, Mr.Jose de los -antos Correooo. Of the said

firm,one of the .tribers was Yr.Byrne, who succeeded the oornpany

as owner of the properties. As I stated at tIhe beginning, I make

the sale in the name, and i repreaoritative, of the hoirs of

Mr.Federlco G.Byrne, to-wit: ?-rs.Generina Pioon, surviving

spouse; An& '.aria, married to FAuardo ITolguin; Puulina, married

to Mr.l.rnesto Holcuin; "'aria Josefa, married to "r.Jacinto

Gonzaoluz; Elifa, my viife; and the sons :uan and yed&:rioo Dyrne.

In the deed, :'r.Totary, you will pleae insert, besides the

oustomary clauses, the following : First, the fifth clause of

the will signed V 'Mr.ol'yrne, to vfiare it say, 'some property

situated on the banks of the River Chagres, in the State of

Pa-'ua'; rs oond, the record of my marrie4g with Mra.:lifsa Byrne;

third, the powr grn.ted to me by the children of the late

Mr.3yrne; and fourth, the power executed in my favor by the

surviving spouse, -rs.Genarino Pioon, of all of which I herewith

produce certified copies. yr.Reclus, as general agent, signs this

agreement with me. Pan'ra, 5th february, l"82.--T.FJa-ohez.--

A. Reolus.

(.tere follow transcriptions of the four doouununts liat

referred to.)


PhM HOR2U3STA and KMTIAS. 8008

"Fifth; I deaoltre &a my property the house used by
La as a residence, atarilng in the main plaza (square) of
this city, which to-day belong to ry aforesaid wife as a
dower which I lv .ve ettled upon her, as is recorded in *
public dead exeoutea in this city before the )otary Publia
i Turibr One,, Mdrood Ayala, on thi 24th of April, 1851;, tho
value of which, with all the f-rniture and appurttinnances
I direct shall be delivered to ny aforesaid wife-, to whoe

I wish to donate the mite. Purthermore I declare as my
property another house standing also in an angle of thu ame

plaza: certain lIarde situated on the banks of the river
Chagros in the 'tIM4e of ?anwia (sic) -- In the Distriot of
Call, Sovereign 5tate of Cauoa, Unfited States of Colombila,

on the 30th August, i878, before me, MNnuel Santiago Vergars,
Second vsotary of the Ci.rcuit of Cali, and the witnesses,

N:-oir Ria-cos and. Nicanor Jerwiist, residents of t is

dimtriet, of full age, who, being duly sworn, declared that
they know Tiberlo Stcnoho and lizs Byrne, married in

awoordonoe with the rites of the Apostolic Roman Catholio
religion, reuidents of this district, of full age, and

having the neeetxry qualifioations required bhy law of
parties oontrcoting civlI marriage- the contraoting parties

Tiberio Sanchez and lisa B3yrne being present, they stated:
That of their om froe will and spontaneously they deasirdd
to units in present and Indissolubl1 matrizony, for the putr-

pose of living together, helping each other, suocor/one

another being faitl`ful each to eh, k nd bearing the burdens
of matrimony in cornon, the husband being under a special
duty to protect the wife, fwnd the wife to obey the hushand.



They wre informed of the rights and obligations aoquire4
and Contracted by them under this union. The undersigned
Notary exaridned eaah .,f the parties to the oere-mony in
regard to hiLa and her oonsent, reapeotivell, and they
declared in a clear. and audible voice their desire to unite
in cOlVil mutrimony. Having obtained aff-irmative answers
from the parties, the Notary, in the name of the SoveIreign
State of Caue and under authority of law, duolares the
r rriage oontr&ot between Tibdrio Sunohes eind Xliau B3yrne
co1SUnlumnt94, with the aforesaid witnesses in my preaeno, .
Tiberio Sanohez. Elisa Byrne, 2ga. :i,'rciso Riasoso.-
(witnesn),-TJicanor Tferwist .-(witnes) .- Nanuel -atiago Verg-.ra,
reco,"d otary. This taUllies with.the origlnta in anll its

parts, in testimony of which I issue this copy in Call on
the lst Y^eoomnber, V81l. Silverio 8.0rejueji a -Iotary Numb1er

One".- u1waer 259. In the District of Cail, Sovereijgn
State of Cauoc, United States of Colombia, on the 13th Deoem-
ber, 1881, before m*, Onamldo 1oarpetta, NIotary Publie Nwmdber

Two of this Circuit, end the witnesaaes railio Buenrventara
and Adrlano Montehaer-moso, residents of the sve oirckit,
of full aIge, ot good credit, and under no legal disqualifica-
tion, there appoared J-an du&ardo and Pederloo Arturo 3yrn,
in their own right, JaointO GOonzales, as represen'tative of
his lawful *ife, 'laria Jooefa 3jrne, and Hanr- Aolguin, as

C neral Attorney of his brothers Arnesto and Fvluardo Holguin,
lawful huhbands of Pa&ulin and Am Byrne (respectively),

Sis recorded in the powers of attorneyy whioh, aopied
verbatim, read as follows: Number 205.- In the Distriet of

Call, Soverelagn StRte of Cauca, United St;.tes of Colombia,
en October lot, 18Sl, before me, OsTaldo Soarpetta, Totury
number Two of this Circuit, and the witness Pernando G.


.'Ioolta and Polidoro Valleoil3, residents of the oune

circuit, of full age, of oood credit, and under no legal

disquiallfio&tion, there appeared -:rneeto Holguin, resident

of this oity, of full age, whom I Inow, and stated: That he
confers u full ,nd general power of attorney, with free

administration, u;.on his brot.hier Enrique Holruin, u rsiduint

of this city and of fIll age, so tiht, In his ntne, re. reent-

ing his own pierson, rights of action .nd other r.tIbta, Wl%

following in every o&ne his instriotions, he shall enter into,

.either orally or in writing directly by himself or through the

intervention of a third :.ernon every kind of oontruot, tranBs-

action, and settlement of whatsoever nature; to execute and

accept de'-ds.; to collect and receive all sums of money or any

other things which May be owing to his princii-al; to rnign
in d;ie course the recoaipt for rai.Vy'nt when requested of him

and proper to b-. given, aoceptinl and rucuiving thobe 'wiih

fa.vor the rights of the grantor to accert, with benefit of

Inve'-'tory or without the srue, 4all &a ignwmnts under a universal

tit2tl, oorresponding to hiz principal, with power to repudi-

ute (decline) the same if he should so deem ilroper; to
accept hnd decline al;ziEnr,. ntS 3mide to his princlpal under a
singular title; to accept gifts inttr-Yvivos made to his

principal; to place limitations upon the ownership (property)

over things vested in his principal, creating in favor of

th.rd parties fideiooai8 iHS, riffits of usufrtuot, %e or tenan-

oy, and eaoe.,ients; to subrogate to this power of attorney

one or iany persons, with the restrictions that he My deem

proper;to reprresent him before all the ootrts &nd trib-inals,

j= both National and ftat*, instituting, prosecuting, and

temilnating *411 uits, 0nees, und proceedings In wich the



,rauntor shall 1e directly or indirectly a party; to doiit
when he shi.i deum it advantagoAm from ations or prooeed-

ingo pending, with power to close the uwe by oompniromioe,
following in thib regard his instriotieio4 to sell at public
auction property in litigation for account of tie credits

clidmed by him in the nw-.:e of his p'rinoipal, to receive the
Xro ertieB aold ut public auction, rioeiving the amount or
thing which is the bubjeot of the ouit; and finally, to do
in oourt or outLidv the sae whatever his principal would do,
since the lower of attorney whiioh he needs for that purpose

is oo-farrred upon and granted to him bj tIhese presents.
The gra tor was warned of the obligation he is under to oauae

this instru.-nnt to be registered within the legal term. The

registration fee hasa been paid, an is evidenced by the

certificate which is attached hereto in original, and which,
copied, reOdr &as follows: Office of the Admriniltrhtor of
7'unlciuia Revenueas. ^ali, Se ,te,,iber 30th, 1al. Amesto

Holguin paid. 1,00 as registration fee corresponding to the
general power of attorney which the said rtrty vYsts in
jinrique 'Holguin. Carlos eghdo C. Rrnesto Holuin. -
Thu.3s it is recorded by en-ry NO.M8 at folio 2S8 of the pro;e.-r

book, This is & oopy. Carlos Delgado C. Th7/ ign,
with the aforesaid WitnesBeos, in my presence, Jrnmeto Hol-

guin. (Witness) Fernando G.-Ioolta. (Witness) Polidoro
Vallooill&. Osvaldo Soarpetta; -. utatry Number Two.- This

is a co yi I iieue the first oorpy written onte legal cap

pages, and I deliver the euSame to Enrique Holguiln. Cali,
October 4th, 1881. Osvmldo Soarpetta, Notary 'unher Two.-

Registration office of the Circuit. Cali, October 5th,18 1.

On this date the preceding title wBas inesribe in the book of

registration NQ., at folio 25, under the entry 164. -

.a- 49

PALO HORQUTA and ,.T.A. 5008

R)eelntrar, Ale.Jandro Otero. No,206. in the district Of
alli, Sotvereign rtate of utioa, United Stutes of Colonbia,
on the 1st of Ootober,, 1B8a, before me, Oavkldo Soar-etta,
Notary No .2 of this Oiroult, and the witnesses Yaeriando G.
:icolta and Poldoro Vulleeilla, residents of the oawe oirouit,
of full age, of good credit, &and under no loSl disqualifieo-
tion, there appeiAred Ernesto Holguin, u resident of this city,
of full ago, whom I know, and &tatedz That t-'e gw.:eral powers
vcated in hlt 1 by iduardo Holguin and Ana Byrne de Holguin,

under a public writings Ax exec. before the Roperr Nlotary, under date August 28, 1s79, and
July 2d, 18S1, u-der the numbers 555 and '?p3 (respectively),
so that, representing their own persons, rights of motion
and other rights, *iewt he shall be empowered to tre nter into,
either orally or in writing, by himself or by the intervention
of a third 7arty, all. kihdsOf oontraots, trnsaotions, and
G*,.t 9emntt, of whatsoever nature; to sign and accept deeds;
to So lest and revive any and all suneI of money or asry other

things due to his prnoio>aiS to give in due course reoai- ti
for payment reqliasted of him when proper to be given, ace.-ting
anrd receiving those which favor the rights of the grar-tors;
to acoept, with benefit of inventory or without thd amme,
all as igrnaents under a universal title heloncing to his

principals, with power to reject the aaw if he so deems
proper; to acoet a4n reject assign,-wrte maded to the gra;itors
under a eingular title; to aooept donations intervivos mfade
to the frf-torS; to place restriotioni upon the ownership

of things belonging to his principals, creating in favor of
third partiso fLdticoorlfidsa, rights of uaufruot, use or ten-

anoy, and Qaseiont5 to subrogate to these powers one or iany


PALO MOR%'J 2A and MATIAS 5008

persons with, rostriotions that he may 00i proper; to repro-

sent his i-rInoip,>ls in all the courts and tribunals, both
Trationial and State, instituting, prosecuting, and oonsucinatin,

all suits, causes, and proceedings in which the grantors mwa
be parties, directly or indirectly; to withdraw, when he deeuas
proper, all suits and irocoedinges ,rnding, with power to close
the Ba se by settlement (ooaroipis*), following his Instrucot-
ions; to sellx at public auotion property in litigation for
aooount of credits clui,-.od by hia in the nwie of the gru:tor,
to reoeiVe goods sold at public & i.otion, anoe ting the amount
and thing which is the subject of the sit; a,-.d finally,

to do, either in court or out of court) everyth ng which his

principulm would do --they. aubatitute everything and for

everything in their brother Flnrique Holguin, a resident of
this city and of full age. The gra',tor was warned of his
duty to have this Inatruxment reFgistered within the legal term. -
Registratian fee has been paid, as it evidenoed by the aertif-

icats, ori Jnal of which ie uttachod hereto, anrid which, copied,

reads as follows: Office of the Administrator of "unioipal
Revenues: Cait, Septumber SOth, 18A1. Roberto Silva V.

has paid $1,00 as fee for the registration of the subroga-
tion which Erftest Holguin kaes of fnirlquw Holguin to the
general power at whioh Bduardo Kolguin and Ana Byrne *on-
ferred upon the first-n&med party. Carlos Delgado C. ..

Roberto Silva V. Thus is it recorded under entry No. 879
at folio 287 of the -'roper book. This is a ooy.y. Carlos
Delgjdo 0. They oign, in oon.ny" with the uforoaaid witness-

es, in My prdseeno. Xrneato Holguin.- Witness, rernardo G.
Mlioolta.- Witness, Polidoro Valleoilla.- OsaMide 0Searpatta.-


P2AL H0 .RSTA and :,ATIAS 5008

rotary !uxnller Two. This is a ooe.y: I ia.ue the first copy

written on two legal 0ap pages and I furnish the smne to
Enrique Holguin. Cull, October 4th, 1861. Oaw.!do Searpetta,

NTotary Tumbeir Two.- Recistration Offieo of the cirouit. -
-ali, October 6th, 1I81. On thie date the ;rdeoeding title
wase insaerlbed in the book of registration No.2, at rtgv 25,
under the entry 15588, The Rvgietr:;r, Alejandro Otero, -

Al residents of this city, of full age, whom I know, and
stated: (Apparently so:ie pasBage or paBsaeus have been omitted
between t)e wvords"AleJ.. -dro Otero" and "all reidoc-ts*) That

they oonfor a .;eoial power of attorney, with the legal

ebllgations, upon Tiberlo ranohea, a resident of this city,
wid of full ge, aILthorizine him in their, rue-rusenting
their persons, rlitis of action and othsr rights, to sell,

rent or in any other way -nbr;otlate thet liund whiih, on the

banks of the river .hagres, in the Sovereign State of Panama,
United states of Colombia, the grantors own, anid which they
acquired by inheritance from Federio^TIyrne, as is recorded

in the liquidation 1prooeedlnLcB had at the tiie of the decrease

of the party last nwaed, and which roomedings were a.,prrved
by the Circuit Court of C&ali, s4 the date of !lrch 9th, 1877.

They empower their attorr.ey to receive the aim ofmioney for
which he ell the aforesaid land, whether s whole or a part
of the awid land, empowering him to rriortgege or rent the swe

for any t erm he deems proper; and in a word, to d* in ragurd
to this buainerm everything which the grzmtore would do,
aooapting thts rights znd obligations ariting out of the at

or asts performed by their r.ndatary. 7hey further empower
their attorney to suhrogete to this power of attorney one or

many personB, with any restrietions he aay deem proper.

Paulina and H.fria Zoseoa iByrne, in proof of the consent


PAJ& 1.ORQmTA ,nd ATIAS 8008

whioh will be given by their lawful huusb snd4 rr-.eto Holguin

and ,Tacinto Tonsalea, for the execution of this power, they
mign thit ,resent deed. 7he grnu.tore are reminded of the duty
which thoy =re und4sr to have this Instruaent registered within

the legal term. -The registration fee has beon paid, as is
evidenced by the oaertifioate original of which is attached
hereto, and which, oopled, reude as follows: Office of the
Administrator of ur.nlci:&l Revenues. CLal, Doer-ber 10th,

1l1l. Oavaldo Soarpetta.paid five hundred mills, as registra-
tion fee for the sp-ecial rower of attorney which J%.tan X.Vyrne,
Pederioo A.Byrne, Jacointo Gonzalez, and Enrigue Holguin, as
attorney in fact of his brothers .duardo and tnnest Holeuln,
und Ana Ma"ria 3yrne, confer upon Tiberio flanohes. CarloA
.telgado C. Osvaldo Soar-etta. Thus it in recorded under

the entry To. 994, at folio 325 of the proper book. This is
a copy. carlos nelgado C. They sign, with the aforesaid
witnesses, in my precenoe. a fnrique Holguin. Federioo A.Myrne

Juan B.Byrne. Jiointo Gonzalea. Paulina Holguin. -

LarAia Jossefa Gonzales. Witness, EaIlio ?3,ucnayrntu.rr.-
Witness, Adriano Y4ontehernoeo. Osvaldo r1oarpetta. 7otary
Ium Iber Two. This is a copy; I iteuv the first copy written

on four folios of legal cap, and I furnish the saume to
Federloo ranohes.- Cali, necerber 14th, 181. osvraldo So6er-
petta, Notary ?To.2. The Offioe of Reeistration and Annota-
tion of the Circuit. Call, necember 15th, 181. On this

date the preceding title vas inscribed in the book of rpgistra"
tions No.2, &t folio 530 and over, under the entry 192. The
Registrar, Alejandro Otero. Su:nicipal Building, "Iali, fectm-

bor 16th, 1881. The undersigned oerti ss: That Aleoandro
%nmorano, AgusBin Teleche, Libonio Orejuel., Osvoaldo Soari.etta,
and Aleja.-dro Oterc are at present and respectively occupying i



the positions of Judge of the Circuit and Seoret-ry, }Totarie a

Public of this Circuit, and lnegiatrar and Connentator(lAnota-
dor') of Public I'ostnriwant, and that the-preaeding sielgnatures

and paraphs are genuine. Benjimrmin l'unez. The secretary. -
,Tulio C.Gona&lez Z. 'To. 906. In the District of Popayan,
0overeii rvt~te of Cuuoa, United Stttes of Colortbin, en the

12th 7.Toanbeer, 1-81, bcforo me, Vicento .oaquera, liotary
Publio of the Cirouit of Popayan, sand the undereicned witness-
ea to the deod, rebidente of the eamid circuit, of full ag,
of good credit, und under no legal diaqualifliation, there
appeared Oenerinu Picon do Byrne, a resident of this oity,
a widow, und of full bge, whom I know, and statedl That she

oriefora her spoolil power of attorney, with a provision for
subrogution, x.pon 'Tiberio I'naohI a resident of Cali, bind of
full 6e4, emp;owering him, in reprfedu.tation of her person,
her right of action and other rights, to sell, rent, or
exchange a right of action or other right of ownership which

the grantor holds as her own in a piece of land named Paleo
Horqueta, which forms a part of thie lwds of Chagres, in the
Sovereign Stute of Panama, the right, to which reference is
here moe, having been acquired by the grartor by inheritance
from her husband, pederico G.?yrne. That she also ewpowers
her attorney to execute apd sign, in her navi, the deed or
deeds arising out or the exercise of this power of attorney.
The registration fet imposed by the Atute hea been paid, a

is evidenced by the certificate issued by theAdrninistrator
of Public Revenues, original of which is attached hereto and
reads aa follows; No. 472. Office of the Administrator
of i(unioipal Revenues. Oenerina Picon A* Byrne has paid

-3- 54

PALO HORQ2UTA and :^.ATIA8 5008

flVe hundred rllls &s registration fee of the aiecial power
of attorney whitoh aha confers upon Ttberlo eSlncheu, a ruAidcnt

of all1, empowerin, hl.i to sell the rights which Bhc hat in
oertain linds situated on the fhagres, Sovereign State of

7anarm.- Popayan, 'Tovenmber 12th, 1AI, ?rancisco Ilurtado,
The grwitor having been apprised of the duty Imposed upon

hae to have these presents registered in the proper office,
he signs the mame, with the witnesses designated, in my
presence. -, t;erlnai i1yrne. Witness, Joee ls .Pena.
Witness, Vte.Romero M. Vicente mcequera, Notary Public. -
I issue tlie first copy written on one shoot of 1e-e-oap
f r the attorney In fact. Popayan, iNTovoiber 12, IAP1. a
Vicento ?!osquera, Not1ary Public. These presents were insacribo
in the Book of registrations No.2, entry 177, folio 18. -
Popayan, llovember 15th, 18I81. The Registrar, Mrcos Figuera. 1
LrUniolpai Building, Popayan, November 15th, 1831. The

undersigned certifies: That Vicente .osqueran and -uroos Piguev.i.
are at present and respeotively exerclaing the functions of
the offices of N7otkry Public of this Circuit, and Registrar

and Conmentator ("Anotudor") of PubiiocIXtratnt8; and that

the foregoing sicgnat tires and paruphs fre genuine. Igno V.

Martinet. M. Ba&loazr. Secretary. The secretary of the
Government of the Sovereign State of ,,auo6, oertifiee;
That Irnacio V.Mtrtines and Joae ''aria 3aloazar are at prltuaent
and respectively discharging the offices of chief (inft) of
this -M.unioip&lity and necrethry, and that the igntitroas
with which they authorize the foregoing certificate are genuine.
Popayan, iovember 16th, 18I. W. Jordan. Jose Vasquae

Corboda. Vice-Conniul of Hie British :aJesty (oFer ?ritish
;N1jesty) in BlAenaventur& and a resident of the said place,



certifies: Tha.t -4enJtmin Nubs and W.Jordan are at pr.'sent
bnd nreotively dtnchurging the ofrioes, the firat, with his
Soretary, 3uli* C,3., of Munloplld Chief of this plcree,

and th. seooe-d, that of 'eoretiry of the Govermruent; and

thut the girnatures and parapha are genuine. At Cali,
Deoerlmer 17th, 1P81. Vaques Corboa. The secretary. -
x-duardo U.Vabq:uz."- *Mr.Tiberio t-ohez, &e varidor in beh-lf
of, himself 4nd of his principals, dealzre: Yirst:. That o hat

not sold, &lienated, nor pledged tho lan4 which they hereby
sell to the Universal Interooianic Canal Company; eoond:
That they sell the sama free of all 1ncixbrLnoe, rent charge,
and mortgage; 7Thrd: That they sell the same with all its
appurtenanoes f,'r + :, X.i, of $5,000, which amount he aoknowl-
udgeA receipt of to i-$' entire satisf6Ation; Fourth: That the

Sust prioe s"d true value of the lot of ground sold is the
fforeafaid unm of 45,000, and that if it should be worth more,
he makes to the vendee a donation of the excess; 'ifth:
That from this date he dellvero to the vendee the lands sold,
with the coQ1UqL&nist rights, of action; u.nd Sixth: that in ll
events he wkll oome forth for the eviction and validation

(of title) or tho trip of land sold. Ar'.:ido Reclue, a

resident, of full age, "Wiom I know, deolaras: That as Superior
Agent and -eneral Atto6rney of the Universal Interoon.-riq rm,.nal
ComTany, he accepts In the name and in behalf of the mid

Company, the sale made to him, &a also thV donation of the
excesa in the event that there should be any; that he will

fulfil, on his iart, the ob-.igations imposed upon him under
this contract, in te awe ianner ,*a he hap paid the value n

priae of the ogle made to him. And hvinr read this instru-
t.;ent to the rarties in interest, t.hey s i:ted they b,;roved, etc.( Conolusion of deed isin cist,-+.-.ry terr .)


PAM HOR5A and '.ATI AS 5008

Signut:jres to ded, TLberio raurohes. A. i-eclus. -

I. M. Alzaariora. -Ramon Esoobar. Luim M#attt DVran.
Copy of rugistriztion foe oertifloate.
Notaryt's cartifoation of oopy secondd) of deed und
at atohed dooumirn t.
Registration certificate. Folio 110 to 129, Book I,
Vol. 1. ?an&D?, ?Pebru&ry 13, 1.12.



vrm aa crisuorossad Fre-oh Translatlon 5000
of the original in SIanish

By these Iresents it is wade of record thtf, between
Us, Hudeci?:do ?Pspinoea :d Agustin tarsallo, of the one

part, and P.A.-Akurtado, oo:;iisiond by the Canal Comij.any

to na:e purclises of lands, (of the other pIart), it has

bean determined wid agrcod up-on as follows:

P.udeoindo lopinosa cand Agustin 3airaallo, ownre of the

property naued T7an r'rande, situated on the 1. riks of the

River Chagres, from the corfluenoe of the GCo rseoo to the

confluence of the Carabull, bind themselves to sell to thI

C'Tnal Coimpany a tract of land 1,100 ,iLetors broad and an long

as the smid Co:.pany mmy need, at the rate of 1,500 peso5

for eaoh mile in length. Fructions of a mile shal fbe

paid for ro tanto at the Bi-.e rate.
Rudecindo Bpslnosa and Avstin ,ar-sallo reserve tht

right of access to the C0anal,

This contract salal be submitteod to the Superlor Agent

of the omain for his a roal.

P. A. uirtado acce-.-ts the wonditiona above met out.
::uade in duplicate u.-d eiened by tli two contracting

parties, at Gorgona, 27 October, 131"l.
signede) Rudecindo Thspinosa.
-.xnriined and ap.roved.-
rSuprior Agent of th Interoceanio
Cbnal Cor.,-any,.
(.i'i:.ed) p'p, Iouis rerbrt.,ghe.

Tra,-slation correct:
The Chief of the bureau of the Dfo-.*in.
(r igned) Paul C1&atagnfofl,


J A i G RAN D B.

Yroi.- a Translation into French 5010
of Vio original in Spaniseh.

BY thLOse proaonts it i made of rooecord that, as between

us, Florr:.tina Rodri;tuea, owner Of the estate nwied Ji-tan

r:rande, 3ltuated on the banks of the River T'hagres, from t)B

confluence of the River Pisoo to the cor-fluenoe of the River

Juan Crandq wid bounded as set out in the deed, binds .her-

seof to tra:aefer by ele to the Cnal Comwnpany a tr:--.ot of land

nmeas-itring 1,1 00 z..eters in breadth and of :,oh length as

eaiall be needed, at tVe- rate of 1,500 peaos ier mile of

length. Fraotlons of a nile aiall be paid for pro tanto

at the sv: -a.te,

?lorontina TRodri,-ues reserveoi the right of aooes to

thse an.aal.

This eoo.traot shall be submitted to the Superior Agent

of the DoEain.,

F.A.' Hrtatdo acoets the above cordAttons,

-4. de in duplicate and signed by the two contracting

-,arties, at 5orgona, 29 October, 1 '1.

For Florevtina P.odrliues, w'io doca not lvknow how to6 sign
(Si::,8ed) Ezoaquiel lierrera.
WItneTs: (Vic:ed) T. L. Ayorza. .-itness: (Si-:;d) Pedro

A. Barrio.
E:.-awrined and a;rroved:
superior Acont of- the Carntl Cori-,'.y
(rA;:ncd) p.p. LouiS Vtrbruc;;he.

Tra',slation correott
Chief of the bureau u of thl Do ainm.
(Vi.zned) P&ul Chatagnon.

_S AN T? A C R Z.

From a Translation into ?renioh 5011
of te Oririnal, in C-fanish,

Between the underolirned, Tose Ricard ::iuidarrat in his

own name, and LouiB Vorbric'-Ihe, in his Oarauolty as Superior

Agent and attorney in fact cf thu Universal Intorooebr.ic
Cnaml Coza:.aiy, it has bean agreed aid determined as follows;

i.- :one o Rlocrdo ':udarra transfers by sale to the ttnivers&l
Interooeanlo canal Conpa :y, for the tsu of 1,700 pesons,

tract of land 1,000 meters euvare, that is, 100 hectaree in

area, forcing part of tl-e estate of ".ata Crux, situated on

the richt bank of the CTiares, the zaid tract to be soeleaoted

by Mr.Verbr;,crhe, or eo:..e ot-'er lawul representative of
the said Com;puny, in the vicinity of the .5nta Crus Wll, on

the ban!':c of the Ca&gros, the dsn;:arcation r. id of

tie sa-e to be Irde on the er.-und bL, the said Coom.p&ny,

2.- 2'ir .-. T, ,'udarra grants gratuitously to the Corsany

th-e r'k-t to construct, on the "anta Cru property, a double*

track railroad and a carriage road contiCuous- thereto, oecure-

ly fonood off, to prevent any possible injuries to the said
"'(*arras cattle by the en.giner. and care, a.:d leaving .

ar:te,.:ay so as to perr-it access to the :'hc.gree. There is also
granted to the Conuany the rigi.t to run a harrietr or wall

over the c-anta "ruz Hill1
3.- In the event that the present oontrLote should not be

perfected for any reason whatioevor, the concession referred

to in the foregoin section shall be withou-t any effect,
4.- 7The road referred to in th0 second aeotion hereof
hall etart fro+ & bridge tcoih the Company is g, in.,; to build

near the Villaee of .:T.tacO'vin, Lwd shall have a length auffi-

Olent to roach the slopes of the Zanta Cruz ill1


XA'T T A CR U Z 5011

5,- L, Verbr-c::he aoce;tS, in the nw-ae of the InteroooetiO

Canal Com:pany, the sale of the strip of land in question, st

to j'rice above speoifie, as also the conoeacion wet out

in t;he second section hereof, with tie conditio?,p therein

t ipulated.

6,- afterr signature of this docltUlent, the vendee COzcpany

S'.all miale selection, throuCh ito acent or la'-tful reprc2Bnta-

tiyo, as Soon as pos-aible, of the traot of land sold, so that

Its brou-tdarius n.ay be set ou-t, in accordance with the law,

in the notarial deed w:,4oh it will be` nooe.-:ary to execute to

perfect the sale.

I.- It is hereby nado of record that the vendor, J, R.

"udarra, as Just received to-day the 'A1,700, purchude prioe

of the land sold.

.a-oocuted in at Panaria, 21 )eom:.iber, V-?1.

(Ui.7msd) J. R "-tida'rra. ( Loui. ^erbr'.-:

TrLtnalation oorreot%
Chief. of the Bureau of Doziain.
(Si;ned) Paul Chataunon*


'D 0 1'Z 1 0 L IDADO.

Iron a oristorossod Translation into 5012.
Fre -ch of the Orii-,ral in panishi.

Between the ur.derni-ned, :ose 4e1 Ronario .'elendea, In

hie own nre, of the one part, and Ar:-and Treolus, in thl
Oapaoity of Suporior Agent and attorney in fAt of the Univer-

sal InterocoAnio Caunal Comrany, Of tiu other part, it has
been detcnined and agreed an follows:

I,- Mr."tlondes binds hit-asolf to transfer by eale, to
the aforeeaid Corm any, a strip of land running the entire
length of his rcperty of rohio foldado and haTin;- a z:izximar

br..-adth of 1,100 'otcro, Thie trip shall be selected in the

direction of the projected course of the canal, n-d is intend.
ed to contain the bed of the Cairal and its accesrorie.s.
2.- The Compary shall pay 16 pesos per hootare for the

5.- T',u nuoesari -rocoeedingeo nd ez. cnses for the. disn

missal of tVie tenanits or qau&ttors outablished on t3he strip

sold, ar; also any dancges dwa1 to thoQ0 Ehall >* at the oGurge

of the vo Cdor,
4.- The two oontraoting parties rosoryVe the r5cht of pasage

over the land old uand thV residue of the property of 1-r.
,',ulondez, with the exooptior of tho trench of the, the

,,e of whieh slAl be subject to the terms of the eonoession

of the Governrsnt of Colotia.

JE;xecuted at Pwaiaa, January 1, 1S-12,

Note,-* The voedor nakles reservation, on trhe banks of the
'manl, of four parcels of land, each of 150 meters in length,

two on each bank. In tht phrase "bank of the canalw is not
included the strip neoeen.ary for the works of defence of the

-2 62

B 0 I I 0 S 0 D A D 0 5012,

trunch wnd for wharves tad app-roaches,
(zried) Uooe del UlMeltudez. (Flizned) Aeolis'-4,

Reccoivo4 in -;.art, .xxccgnt, 500 iOCOs. Panrwri&, Ybruary ^i
C:ss, (''inad) Jono del tR,Melandez,

Translation correots
Chief of thO bureau of lDoG.aln
(:.iCned) Pil ].hatw ;".on,



6-0i /.

i 2m^REA

Copy of 7)esori-tion in Spanish. 5014. (# )

La mltad del terreno A quo eata venta to refiere,
queda comrrendida *en U, S1g tente doearceolon: rprtiendo do
Wi requeao puente en la lineup del ferrocarril, .obre una
clenaga 6 I'antano, y siguiendo este hacta el ftn# en direc-
0lon de Este A Oe:sts; de ali, ina lXinet recta liaJInaria
en la misma direcoion perpendicular A 1s Aele mencionado
ferrooarrill hunta enoontrar el brazo do nar que oe encuentrm
I Oeste, T&a line en cuosticn p-'te, oomo se ha dieho, del
final del pantatno, y p!Vsa por entire lIS dos Colinas que hay
al Oeste, incllnandoee Ialgo sobre la netentrionral, do manerk
que corte mu falda erildional, La part doe terreno cuya
posesion vendo a Ila mencionada CoM3,Ai, queza al N'corte do
tod el* lots do terreno que se encuentra claraimente dealinda-
do en *l riano que el Gobierno de Cclombia ha riandado tender
oomo sdiolon oficial, Ic:vantado por los comislonados Tomas
Harrlson y Blas Arosemena QuesB-da, reeervrandoae el vendedor
la parte Fue qued a B. Sur*. Limita per consiguiaento, la
part que hoy vendo i la Connfiia Universal del Canal Intero-
oeanloo! por el Note*, *on la linoa del ferrocarri!; i"Or el
Norte, con tnrronos pantanooon del lote numero primero del
aitado !lanog, adjudlodos A la Comr.afiia del Ferrocarril; por
el Oeste# oon el brazo do mar de quo as ha heoho merit; y
por el Sur, oon la otra part del misio terreno que no queda

incluida en I& vonta&.



(Translation) 5014 (2)

Number sixteen. In the City of Colon, Sovereign State

of Panama, United Statesa-of Colombia, on the 23rd February, 1882,

before ms, Juan Barsallo, chief notary public of the Department

of Colon, in the present exercise of my official duties, and the

witnesses Messrs Alfredo Benjamin Leinadier and Gregorio Villa,

residents, of age, of good repute, and under no legal disquali-

fication, there appeared Messrs Tomas Rodney Cowan and Jose E.

Dias: the first, a resident of this city; and the second, a

resident of Panama; both of age, whom I know, and stated:

That, by virtue of the authority vested in both by their respect-

ive principals, Mr.Juan Stevenson, on the one part, and the

Universal Interoceanic Canal Company, on the other, r presented

by its chief agent, Mr.Armando Reclus, they proffered and exhib-

ited a memorandum of agreement, with a view to drawing up, in

accordance with its general terms, a proper deed of purchase

and sale, which memorandum the undersigned Notary has before

him being as follows, copied verbatim: Mr.Notary Publio of

the Department.- Please draw up, for file among your protocols

of public instruments of the current year, one setting forth

that I, Tomas R.Cowan, in my capacity of attorney for my brother,

Juan Stevenson, have sold to the Universal Interooeanio Canal

Company, one-half of the rights of possession which the said

Juan Stevenson has to a lot of land situated over against the

property of Monkey Hill, in the vicinity of this city. The one-

half of the land to which this sale has reference (but see below)

lies within the following boundS: Setting out from a little

bridge on the railroad, over a marsh or swamp, and following

this last to its termination, in the direction of east to mst;

I K E R A -2 014

thence, an imaginary straight line, in the s&;uie direction, per-

pendioular to that of the Ifokrerentioned railroad, to the arm

of the sea lying to the west. The line in question starts,

as above stated, from the torination of the awaep, ,.-d pasNes

between the two hills lying to the west, verging aorie%'hat towards

the northern hill, so trat it cuts its ..southern slope. The
portion of land the po-nesi;ion of whioh I am selling to te

aforementioned company, lies to the north of all that lot of

land which is clearly marked off in the ;.laJwhioh the Govern-
ment of Colombi& has directed to be held as the official isoue,
made by the ooEiis:i oncrs Tor.:,a garrison and Bias Arosemena

queBsatda, the verdor resa--rvng to himself that part Which lies

to the south. The portion which I am to-day selling to the

Universal Interooe:rio Cranal Company is, therefore, bounded as
follows: to the east, by the line of the railvway; to the north,

by narshy lands of the lot numbered one of the aforementioned
plan and. wlJudioatud to the Railway Company; to tie vest, by the

qrm of the sea of whioh ,e-tion has bain made; and to the south,

by the other portion of the same property which is not included

in this sale. The price at which I have sold the rir-hts of
possession to the portion of land above described, is $1,00,

which Bum I decluje that I have received to my entire scitisfac-

tion, including in the bane the value of any claim or inder.nifi-

cation to which I may be entitled by reason of the use which the
vendut Comptny haa ru-de of a portion of the aforemrntioned

property. The Comnany binds itself to pay me a further sum of

1,500oo aS soon as I can furnish to its lawful representative a

good title of full ownership (ih fee sim-ple) to the aforenen-

tioned property; titles which I declare in good faith that my

3- 65

I; x It R B A N 5014

aforesaid brother and principal, Mr.Juan SteveneOn, has, and
which I am unable to place my hands on at the moment. The

ComparV binds itself, in like manner, to give me notice in
thio event thtt it should find it neoesuary to devote to some
special use the Iand ul.on which stands a tomb reared to the
memory of one of my anoetors, so that I may remove it to
so:ie other Spot and its reri ains, the w?:ltWBBe& of tran.s-

portation being at the oharge of the auid Compafny. Thie oon-

traet is accepted, in the nrwie of the oft-aforoarentioned
Company, by Xr.Jose E.Diau, dulj aithorixed thereto by the
ohief agent, Mr.Ariando Reolus. You, 'Ur.1otary, will add
the other ouetonary clauses. Colon, 22d rFebruary, lnn2.-

P. R. Cowan. rose E.Dfiae.
Vendor's covenants for title. Ciustomary, except that

No.4 is omitted. (For a full translation of a deed of oon-
vyance, seo 5005, "Hirafloran".)
Vendeets for:.ial oovenante. Customary.

Conclusion. CuAstonary.

Signatiires.oft semtrfotine pa4rti-S.- JT.R.Oowen.- :ose
z.Diua. A. B. Leinadier. Gegorlo Vill&a.- Juan TBraallo.
Copy of regiatruation fee oaertificute.
Copy of powtr of attorney by A.Reolus to Joe. E.ias,B

&a follovi: "*!r.Notary of the Oepartient of Colon.-By these

presents I oofer a apeoitl power of attorney upon .Tose B.

Dias, authorizing him, in the nawe of the Univereal Interooesni-
IO anall Company, of which I am fiuperior Agent and Oeneorul

Attorney, to purohiase for the eaid Company and in its
name certain lands situated in the aforeMaid Department.

By virtue of this authority with which I have invested ?7r.D3ia,
he will be empowered to pay the price of the sale and to sign

the corresponding d-ed, as also to Oompromise with the owner


I- K R A 5014

of the aforesai&d 1ands T. R. Cowan, certain olimm-1 whYi0h h

has against the Company. In order thtut this proour tion

slall be invited with all poa-.ible solemnity, even although

the laws of the State do not require it, I shall peraonully

present this writing to the !Totatry N u nber Two of the ,'pital

listrlot in order thkt he may certify thereto. Ptnwna, Pob-
ruwy 20th, lIat2, A. Reolua. ul Mata Duran, Notary

Public Zoaber Two, of the Capittl District and of the nepart-

merit of Panama, I ogrtify: That the present power of attorney

has been delivered to me rersen.lly to-day by "r.Aramdo

Reolus, whom I certify that I know. Panamau, Vebruwy 2Oth,

181,2. Luti fflata Duran, N1otary Public 1tuiiber Two.
Notary's oertifioation of copy of dead (second) t&iA

.ttaohed documents.

Certificoate of registration. Colon, March 1, IX2.

Folio 3 to 9, Book I, Volume 2.


(Translation) 5015 (16)

NTumber fifty-seven, In the City of Panama, Sovereign

State of Panama, United States of Colombia, on the 2nd -lay,

1882, before me, Luis 7ata Duran, Notary Public, Number Two,

of the capital District and of the Departrment of Panama, there

appeared Dr. Mateo Iturralde. resident, of age, whom I certify

that I know, and stated: That he,as the owner of one-half

of the property known as Barro Colorado Abajo, has ivn under

a sale to the Universal Interoceanic Canal Company a lot of 75

hectares in area; that he has made the sale for the sum of

$1,500 lawful currency, that is, at the rate of twenty pesos

per hectare; and that,for greater cert&inty,he has drawn up a

memorandum of agreement to serve as a basis for this writing.

(Here follows a statement of certain provisions of law

in regard to conveyance of real estate, with a certification

of due compliance therewith by the parties to this deed. )

The memorandum of agreement above referred to copied verbatim,

is as follows: Mr. Notary Public lumber Two of the Capital

District and of the Department:- Please draw up, for file

among your protocols of public instruments of the current year,

one setting forth that I, Mateo Iturralde, in my own name,

and as the owner of one-half of the property known as Barro

Colorado Abajo, by purchase made of Antomio Arosemena, as is

recorded tyr public writing No. 246, executed the 26th December,

1861, before the Notary Mr.Jose Brijido martinez, have sold

to the Universal Interoceanic Canal Company, out of the afore-

mentioned property of Barro Colorado Abajo, a lot of 75 hectares



Copy of Description in Spanish.

5015. (16)

TAindan por el Norte, Rate y Oeete oon tierras

baldian del lote maroado con el ndmero ouatro en el piano

levantado Tor los comisionadoo Thomas Harrisson y Blas Arose-

mena Quesada, mandado tener como edicion official por el Go-

bierno de Colombia; y por el Sur con tierras de Barro-C1l-


Barro Colorado Abajo.

in area. It is understood th.t' the said lot rr&y be chosen

by the &toremertioned co:-wvny at onie or more points on the agid
property in the region of tho projected oour.e of the oa.'l,

that is to Say, thut the aria, (strlp) that I wrs selling nay

have at 8o0ne points a .-:rrter or lets brt.idth, ?P, :,Idin4C
upon the needs of the entt-T-Prise. In addl.ton to the right of

ownership which is transferred to the oomipany under this sal4,

the vest(or agrees sqyui to -rLjnt to thte sne the right to durip

earth t>oav"-ted at auch pluaue w it .hall d-c: fit, provided

that this operation shall not "o?,ibly d4iage the said plaoes,

in wuoh mwner as to rcrdtor them unfit for cultivation w4. 00

building. The oornpany nmay furthorore constrtuct wvs or itane

of oownunioation of whEtroeyr I:ind upon any part of the afore-

.7irtioned property of iarro Color-kiu Abajo, without further

burden thiun that of C ting gratuitoaum -.a over the said

ways to the wndor Lud his successors. The pvxroh o price of the

suid 75 heotarea is $1,500,1;,ful Colowbian currenoy,0alculated

at the rate of twenty pesoa per hecttre; wliioh aiount I deolare

that I have received to 7,y retire e sat Jzf-ction. I bind Ryseolf

to Bell at the aac rate to the onpany any other lots that the

cormpcnj may noed in the future upon the ea property, whether

tilled or untilled, ptai-rg only "t: v"Iue of the plantations

Sor oer.aj under a fAir e;tiaate 1U,' ex:-,rts, in the went that

the parties haroto cannot reaoh un uriv:-.g:nt by the--selveu.

'*:. '-ore-,entioned lands of 3arro AbaJo have,in general

an area of 894 hoetzr,.Bs IL!d ar. it:Auted on the banks of the

river ChaLreB. They are bounded on the north-oast and west

by wvst)o l.nds of lot nuLber-d four on the survey r1Ade by the

CoiTriisioners Thora -rarrison and Y-laua Arosenena Qeooada, direct-

ed to be held us the official edition by the Govyrn,-r t of

Colombia; and on the tiouth by the T-arro Colorado ArribaN The



Barro Colorado Abajo. -3- 5015.

aforementioned property Barro Colorado Abajo belongs to the

vendor under a purchase made of a part of the same from the

lawful owner Antonia Arosemena, as has already been stated

at the commencement of this writing. When the company shall

have definitively selected the lot or lots which shall con-

stitute the aforesaid area of 75 hectares a special plan

shall be made, showing the demarcations and boundaries, which,

together with a proper explanatory statement, shall be approved

and signed by the vendor and the representative of the vendee

company. But this shall not hinder the company from commencing

immediately the work of exploration, excavation, and construction.

The vendor declares that he has not entered into any written

contract with any settler, squatter or farmer, and he undertakes

to eject immediately any sch who by sufferance- alone or without

his consent may have established themselves at any point along

the projected course of the canal over an area of 1100 meters

You. Mr.Totary, will insert the other customary clauses 'the

expenses of registration and filing among the notarial protocols

being at my charge. Mr.Armando Reclus will accept the sale

in the name of the Universal Interoocanioc Canal Company, in his

capacity as chief agent of the saue and general attorney.

Panama, 28th April, 1882. Mateo Iturralde.

Vendor's covenants for title. Customary (For a full

translation of a deed of conveyance, see 5005, Miraflores.)

Vendee's formal covenants. Customary.

Conclusion. Customary.

Signatures o. i p1aaia. 'Tuteo Iturralde.

A. Reclus.-Jose del R. Melendez.-Buenava. Asprilla.-Luis

Copy of registration fee certificate. (Mata Duran.

Notary's certification of oopy ofdeed ahd attached docu-
ment. (Second Copy)

Certificate of Registration. Folio 73 to 78. Book I.,
Vol. 2. Panama, May 6, 1882.


(Translation) 5016 (17)

.,umber thirty-two. In the city of Colon, Sovereign

State of Panama, United States of Colombia, on the 16th Tay,

1882, before me, Juan Barsallo, chief notary public of the

Department of Colon, and the witnos.-js n&aed hereunder, there

appeared Tr.Jose Arroyo, resident of the district of .i,-navieta,

of age, whom I oertify that I know, and stated: That as
attorney for Messrs.Juan Sallazar and .:aria ulojia AbragV,

he wished to execute a public deed of sale of certain lands

in favor of the Universal Interocanioc Canal Company; and to

this end he exhibited a trieriorandum of agreement with proper

powers, which are attached to the instrument. The said

memorandum transcribed verbatimreads as follows.- 2'r. Notary

Public of the Department of Colon:- Please draw up, for file

among your rrotocols of public instruments of the current

year, one which shall set forth that I, Jose Arroyo, in Lny

capacity as special attorney of "Mrs. Maria Eulojia Abr&go

and M'r.Juan SalJazar tenants in coonion with M aoae .'Tateo

Iturralde and Segunda Rodriguez of the property of Barro

Colorado Abajo, by inheritance from their mother, Mrs.:.

.arta Aresomena, have sold to the Universal Interoceanic Canal

Company a lot of land of 75 hectares in area, on that part of

the property which beloncb to miny principals as tenants in

orrioion with Me"s.a.-Iateo Iturralde and Segunda Rodri-uez.,of

the aforeraentioned lands. It is understood that the said lot

may be selected by the said company at one or more points

on the said land in the region of the projected oosrse of the

canal; that is to say, that the area (lot) that my principals

B A R R 0

A TS A .70-




Cop:y of Desorirtlon in Szuntish,



Las mencionadas tierras de "Borro Colorado
Abajo", tienen en Ronnra3 -;na extension do oohoolentaa no-
venta y ouatro hecotiraa, y lindant Al Norte, con lon terre.

no* denominados "Ahora LTagarto", y "Oiohio 1oldado ean au
mayar part, y hiila el estremo oriental, con tierras aldlad
del lotse rm.rcado con el numero eu;-tro en el !'lano runn'ado
tener oomo ,diclon official por l1 Gobierno de I& Union, Ie-
vantado por los codJionados Thurvm-.'s a-rison y PIas Ors Aro-
seme:a 'ucseada; Ior el rF.t,e, con lav misnas tierras baldian,

y oon lan denominadas "Barro Colorado Arri'ba"; -or el Sur lan
mismas tterrzB do "Barro ColorAdo*; y lor el Oeste,

las dlohas tlerras baldlas del lots numero cuatro,


/~z~x^'p 2

Barro Colorado Abkjo. -2- 8016.

aro selling may have at soe po ints a greater or a less breadth,

det-nding upon the needs of the ertcrprise. Beu3idu the right

of ownership which is transferred to the oom,*ny under this

salejthe vendors bind themselves to grunt to the ame the right

to dump tM earth axoavated at &ny pliaoes that it r y dcewm

proper, provided that such operation shall not sensibly dw-ge

the smid places, in ouch ;a;.nnor &a to render them unfit for

cultivation or building purposes. The company mAy furthermore

oonatruot wyis or means of maiunioation of whatsoever kind

over any part of the auid property of Barro Colorado Abajo,

without further burden t;lrn that of granting rTttuitilouS paSjage

to the vendors kud their '.i:ccoe:.-sore over the said vwrs. The '

price of sale is 1,500lmfiul Colombiln ourrenoyaoaloulated

upon a bauii of twenty peCos per heotar'e; whioh wiiount I deolare

that I hae received to my LItire satisfaotion. Iir principals

bind the-*selves to aell at the sL-iu rfte to the oomirny' any

other lots that the company *&.y need in the future upon the

s, property, whether tilled or untilledpaying only the vtlue

of their pl rrtations or crops, under affair estimate by expert,

in the event that the pbrtiez hereto are unable to reach an

[treeii-.ent by themselves. The norr-!entioned property of

parro Colorado Abajo has in ,vneral an area of 694 hectares and

is bounded as follows: On the north by the properties naned

Ahorcalacrto and Bohio Soldadofor the most part, and towards
the eastern extremity by wauste land of lot ntunbered four on

the survey directed to be held as the official edition by the

Government of the Union made by the Commissioners Thonas Har-

rinon and Blas Aroereena Quesada; on the east by the awne waste

lands, and by the property niied Burro Colorado Arriba; on the

south, uleo by the Darro Colorado Arriba property; and on the-
wast, by the aforesaid waste lands of lot nurvbered four. '-Tien

the company shall have definitively selected the lot or lots



which hall oonst.tute the aforesaid area (parcel) of 75
heotares, there shall bie mIade a apeoial plan with denaroa-

tionS hand boundaries, which, with a suitable explanatory
statement, shall t approved and aigned by the vendors and
thie representative of the vendee Company. But this shall

not hinder the oompany from oor:riencing iwinediately the work
of exploration, excavation, and construction. In the nwas
of my prinolpals I aasu;ic responsibillty for the ejeotrent

of any aottlers or squatters upon the said property in the

region of the projected course of the canal, any oorrespond-

iner indeTinifioation bein, at the charge of the Tendors.
You, r,1.otary, will insert the other cuinto'-.ary olausee and

thie two attached powers. You are hereby informed that Mr.
Sully Guixinard will aocent the sale in the naue of the Univer-

sal Interooeunio Mzpg Canal Company as its lawful rupre-
serint&ative in the City of Colon. Ptrarna, Ath :Tay, l.'2.-
.Toae Arroyo.

Vendor's oovenants for title. Custoriary (Por a full
tr i alation of a ty1,ieal deed of conveyanoe,see O005, "UTIrtflores)

Vondevs ferrwai oovernnts.- Cuctoi.ury.
Copy of power by Ar.ando Reolus to iSully Guicnard, knd

piurs relating thereto, the power being as follows;-

0 The aaid Power of Attorney (that in favor of Sully Guignard

for the Universal Intoroocesnio Cunal Company) copied verbatim,

read follows.- No.35.- In the City of Panama, Sovereign
State of Panama, United -tates of Colombia, on the 15th maroh,

I1A2, before me, TLui Mata Nuran, rotary Publi No .Two of the

Capital l)istriot and of the Department of Panama, and the
witnesses .)an Antonio Diiat and lose Trinida4 ITernundet, of

full age, in good Standing,( worthy of oredenoe), not under
any legal disqubalfatO10t, there appeared Armando Reolus, a

resident, of full age, whoM I know, and stated: That in his



capacity of Superior Agent and Caneral Attorney of the

Universal Interooeanio Canal Company, he confers a power of

attorney upon Sully CuiEnard, delegating to him all the
powers necessary to represent the aforesaid Comiany in the

City Of Colon, empoowerine him in consequence to appear

there in suit, to confer judicial and special powers, to
oolleot anid give receipt, to buy and sell in the nnme of the
said Comrapany, to sign deeds, discharges (quit-olaimsi) eta.,
complying in every case with his instructions.--
Asa docwuenit8 of this oh)trboter are aubjeot to the payv:ent

of u registration fee, the proper fee for the xuo-,tion

of thief irntrument has been paid in advfioce, as is evidenced

by the vertifioate of the general &dministrator of Stute

revenues, which eertificte ia uttuohed at the oloae hereof

for insertion in the oop-y or oolile issued hereof and for

its Roperr legal effects. The erentor declares that he

appiroveu and confirms whatever his attorney may do by virtue

of this power, excepting the rights 4nd obligations reUIlt-

ing from the %ot or acts perfor-Led by his agent. Tfe sgns
with the witnesses above deasicnated, in my presence, to which

I certify. A. Reolus. I. A. Diaz. :one T.Iternandea.-
Luie (ata Duran, ?Totary Public TIrMiber Two.
Oonolusion. Customnr7, with this add1tion,-'The oon-

traoting parties, in the presence of Uhe witne!Bbs to the cded,

state that the difference to be observed in the boundaries

eiven, coneiata in that certain of ihem are gmnral, aooording

to the aforei-ientioned official plan, and the others partioular,

according to the title deeds".
SiGnatures to the deed.- Jose nrroyo.- S. ruirnL-rd. -

L. Isa &ob. Jtmes Chas.Lynch. Juan 9reallio.

Certified oopy of registration fee certificate.


Copies of powers by Maria iulogia Abrego and Juan
."laaar to Zose Arroyo, aund papers relating thereto; the
powers being as follows;-

"aria. fulogia Abrego, a native and a resident of the
%iwtriot of Gorgona, of full age, and having the free admin-
istration of her property, confers her special power of
attorney, sufficient, broad, and as full as. may be neoesmary,
in favor of Toas Arroyo, a nr.tiv of Chagres, and a resident
of -uenavista, who acoerts the sr4 and signs in witness of
his aooeptanos, so that, reprve8ntin# my person, rights of
action and other rights, ho shall alienate in favor of the
Universal Interoceanic Canal Company the portion or part of
the portion oorrespondinC to me in my cauaoity of co-owner
of the lands duignated Barro Colorado Abajo, situuted in
the jurisdiotlon of the Distriot of Ruenavista, on both banks
of the river Chaerem, which lf.nda bIlon.- to 0 in oommon with
regundu Rodriguez und Nrteo Iturrelde, und trw bounded us
follows: On the north, by the lands of .unavlstbq on the
south, by the lands of Eliaeo do Leon, or, of the Panaua
Railroad Company; on the east and 'ast, by waste lunds. In
*onoeq:-uenae, the aaid mr.Arroyo is hereby a .thorized under
this proouaration to adjust dufinitirvely the price of the Mal,
to receive the money and to sign the pIroper iu.moranduwa of
agreement lnd deed, escouring for my benefit the best guaranties
possible, it being understood that I shall apr.roVe and ab'de
by everything that my attorney does within the Boope(limits)
of his cormiasision. Furthermore, r.Arroyo will receive a8
a fee a& sum equivalent to twenty per oent. of the total sum

for whioh the aforesaid Sule is made. In witness of all of
which We sign these presents, at Panamia, on the 30th ?Jaroh,
1882. 7Xaria Eulogia Abrego.- Jose Arroyo.
C';4i^ 44..<" f"j gr 1z"'Cz to <,7-^ -




#Tuan Salazar, of full age, native of Gorgona, and
resident of Cruces, having the free administration of his

property, oonfers his s;.eolal power of attorney, full, auf-
fioient, and as ample as may be neouesary, in favor of Jone
Arroyo, a native of Thagres, and a resident of RuLeni.vistt,
who aooepte the maine &nd signs in witneBa of him vooeptanoe,
SO that, rtprdeenting my poreon, rights of action and other
rights, he hall rent or alienseto, in whole or in part, to
the Universal Interooeanio Canal Company, or to mny other

aooiety or indivdiBal that he may deem r-roper, the portion

or ptrt of the portion which belongs to me in my capacity as
oo-owner of the lande designated Barro Colorado Abajo, sit-

uated in the Jurisdiction of the Distriot of Tuonavista,

which lands belong to me in ooion with my sister 1.1aria

Nulogia Abrego, Fgeund. Rodrigies, und Mateo Iturralde, 9eah

one of these last two n&raed being owners of a one-third

part of all of the lnda. The said lwnds are bounded on tho

north by the lands Of 3,.enavlsta; on the .iouth, by lands

belonging to the Panaria Railroad Company, or, to Aliaeo de

TOn; on the east and west by waste lands, respectively, on

both banks of the river Chagres. In oonsequence, 77r.Arroyo
is authorized to ajuot and arrange definitively the prioe of,

the lease or sale, to receive the uoney, to siMn the Proper

meiaorandum of agreertent and deed, proetiring for i.y bQenfit

the best guaranties possible; it being understood that I shall

approve and abide by and confirm everything done by my attor-

ney within the scope (limits) of the ooviiazion whioh I oonfer

upon him by these presents. Furthermore, ,.r.Arrcyo shall ear
as a fee for hib services &a SUm equiTalent to twenty per oent.
of the avituimt in wthioh the aforesaid sale or lease is i.,ade.

It is hereby provided, furthermore, that if for any reason

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