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Analysis of the Potential for Material Recycling in the Florida Department of Transportation Work Program
Gerszuny, Dario
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Gainesville, Fla
University of Florida
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Undergraduate Honors Thesis


Subjects / Keywords:
Asphalt pavements ( jstor )
Concretes ( jstor )
Construction industries ( jstor )
Recycling ( jstor )
Transportation ( jstor )
Waste materials ( jstor )
Waste paper ( jstor )


This thesis examines the current practices as well as the potential for recycling waste material in the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Work Program. The State of Florida generates large amounts of waste material that can potentially be salvaged for reincorporation into new and existing projects alike. In this thesis, the work items that generate these waste materials were identified and classified in order to get an idea of the State’s transportation construction industry. A strong emphasis was placed in concrete and asphalt pavement waste. The Introduction section provides background information on the state of the infrastructure along with the environmental and monetary implications that these waste materials can have on FDOT projects. The paper then proceeds to indicate the Department’s current practices for salvaging and reusing these waste materials, and provides the specifications and guidelines for their use. A Methodology section explains the processes used to dentify, sort, and classify the information obtained from the FDOT Work Program. The Results and Findings section summarizes the discoveries and includes tables and graphs for the reader’s convenience. The paper concludes with an overview of the findings and provides suggestions for the continued and increased usage of waste materials in FDOT projects.

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