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This past weekend the Mean Guppies went to the state playoffs. In the beginning of the season I covered these young ladies during their first game, and at the time I had no idea how good they actually were. During the season these young ladies played their hearts out, and it paid off when they advanced to the regional playoff two weeks ago. After winning the region als the Mean Guppies a dvanced to the state playoffs in Plant City this past weekend. Things were looking up when they won their first game on Saturday morning 13-6. With temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees on Saturday these young ladies took on Defuniak Springs from the Talla hassee area. At the end o f the game, Defuniak Springs would advance to the next level. To the Mean Guppies I would like to say con gratulations for win ning the regionals, and e ven though you didnt advance to the nation als, we are all proud of y ou, not only are you winners but you did it with class and style. I know I speak for the whole community when I say, With all the other teams in the state, you young ladies are the only team we would want to represent us. Be proud of what you have accomplished, you, young ladies, are winners, and thank you for representing us. The Mean Guppies wanted me to give you a message. Thank you to all who supported us, and made it possible for us to go to the state playoffs. We love you.The Florida Depart ment of Health has con rmed the rst cases of state acquired chikun gunya (\chik-en-gunye) fever, one in Miami Dade County and the other in Palm Beach County. Chikungun ya is a disease spread by bites from infected Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. If a person is infected and bitten by a mosqui to, that mosquito may later spread the infection by biting another person. Chikungunya is not contagious from person-to-person, is typically not life threat ening and will likely re solve on its own. The Department has been conducting state wide monitoring for signs of any locally acquired cases of chiku ngunya. said Dr. Anna Likos, State Epidemiolo gist and Disease Control and Health Protection Director. We encour age everyone to take precautions against mosquitoes to prevent chikungunya and other mosquito-borne diseas es by draining stand ing water, covering your skin with clothing and repellent and covering doors and windows with screens. Aedes mosquitoes are day-biters which can lay eggs in very small water containers. Early detec tion of the symptoms and preventing mosqui toes from multiplying and biting will help pre vent the disease. Symptoms of chiku ngunya include sud den onset of high fever (>102F), severe joint pain, mainly in the arms and legs, head ache, muscle pain, back pain and rash. Symp toms appear on average three to seven days af ter being bitten by an infected mosquito. Most patients feel better af ter a few days or weeks, however, some people may develop long-term effects. Complications are more common in infants younger than a year old; those old er than 65; and people with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. If you experience symptoms of chikun gunya fever, consult with your health care provider immediate ly and protect yourself against further mosqui to bites. A person infect ed with chikungunya should stay indoors as much as possible until symptoms subside to prevent further trans mission. Avoiding mos quito bites while you are sick will help to protect others from getting in fected. Use mosquito netting to protect chil dren younger than two months. Chikungunya fever does not often result in death; however, some individuals may expe rience persistent joint pain. There is currently no vaccine or medica tion to prevent chikun gunya fever. DRAIN standing wa ter to stop mosquitoes from multiplying. Drain water from garbage cans, house gutters, buckets, pool covers, coolers, toys, ower pots or any oth er containers where sprinkler or rain wa ter has collected. Discard old tires, drums, bottles, cans, pots and pans, broken appliances and other items that arent being used. Empty and clean bird baths and pets water bowls at least once or twice a week. Protect boats and ve hicles from rain with tarps that dont accu mulate water. Maintain swimming pools in good condi tion and appropriate ly chlorinated. Emp ty plastic swimming pools when not in use COVER skin with clothing or repellent. Wear shoes, socks, long pants and longsleeves. Apply mosquito repel lent to bare skin and clothing. Always use repellents according to the la bel. Repellents with DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus and IR3535 are effective. COVER doors and windows with screens to keep mosquitoes out Keep mosquitoes out of your house. Re pair broken screens on windows, doors, porches, and patios. To learn more about the chikungunya virus, visit www.oridahealth. gov/diseases-and-con ditions/mosqui to-borne-diseases/chi kungunya.html. Inside A Class about Citrus Care and Maintenance will be offered at the Putnam County Extension UF/ IFAS at 111 Yelvington Road, East Palatka Satur day, July 26 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Citrus care, nutrition, diseases and varieties for our zone will be discussed. Registration and a $5 fee is required for fact sheets and light refreshments and may be paid at the door. Space is limited so call to reserve a seat today. For more information, call 386-3290318 or email: petch@u.edu. The Wildlife Tree turns your local library into a zoo! Bring your safari gear and get ready for wildlife like youve never seen before. Wildlife Tree, Inc. provides educational and entertaining live animal programs. The rst of these events begins at the Palatka Library Headquarters on Tuesday, July 29 at 10 a.m., then at the Bostwick Branch Library at 3 p.m., the Melrose Branch Library gets will be on Wednesday, July 30 at 10 a.m., and then Interlachen Branch Library at 2 p.m. On Thursday, July 31, Crescent City Branch Library will begin at 3 p.m. For more information on the Wildlife Tree program, call 386-329-0126. Special to theCourier Journal The Florida Department of Environmental Protections Ravine Gardens State Park will host Ranger-led Wagon Tours on Saturday, July 26 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Enjoy a guided wagon tour around the beautiful ravine at Ravine Gardens State Park, located at 1600 Twigg St., Palatka. Tours last approximately 35 minutes and will start from the front of the Roy E. Campbell Civic Center. Each tour is limited to 20 participants. The tours are free with park entry fees and for annual pass holders. Park entry fees are $5 per vehicle for 2 8 people, $4 for single occupant vehicles, and $2 for pedestrians and bicyclists. Please register at www. guidedwagontour.eventbrite.com. For more infor mation, call the park at 386-329-3721. For more about Ravine Gardens State Park or Florida State Parks, visit www.FloridaStateParks.org. Citrus Care and MaintenanceChurch...................A5 Community............A3Crossword................B4Faces & Places......B1 Opinion..................A2Public Notices.B4-B5 Way Back When....A4 Fishing 101 The Historical Society of Interlachen will be hosting a Candidate Forum on Thursday, July 24th,2014 from 6-8 pm at the Historic Interlachen Hall (corner of Commonwealth & Atlantic Avenues) in Interlachen. This is a non-partisan event created so voters may hear directly from the candidates, and focuses on those political races which can be decided in the August primary election. Candidates for County Commission District 4, and School Board candidates for Districts 2,4 & 5 have been invited to attend. This event is free and open to anyone wishing to meet these candidates. For further information contact Jean Russell at 386-684-0103. Indoor Yard Sale Candidate Forum Ranger-led Wagon Tours The Florida Department of Environmental Protections Dunns Creek State Park and the Friends of Dunns Creek State Park will host a Fishing 101 with a Ranger class on Friday, July 18 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Ranger John will teach the basics of freshwater shing in scenic Dunns Creek. Participants should bring a shing pole and tackle; bait will be supplied. Participants must meet shing license requirements prior to attending the program. The park is located south of a sharp bend in the St. Johns River, and boasts more than 6,200 acres of natural communities! Participants will meet at the front entrance of the park, which is under construction. Then, visitors will travel to the creek by car; four-wheel-drive is not necessary. The program is free for participants. The park entrance is located at 320 Sisco Rd. off highway 17 near Pomona Park. Registration is required. Register by visiting www.freshwatershingworkshop. eventbrite.com. For more information, please call 386-329-3721 or email RavineGardensStatePark@ gmail.com. The Crescent City Womens Club is hosting their 5th annual indoor yard sale. This two day event is on Thursday and Friday, July 24-25. Come buy or sale! Everyone is sure to nd a treasure. Bakery goods and lunch will be available. Tables are $15 to rent for both days. For more information please contact Shayne at 386-698-2305. Wildlife Tree Putnam CountyFirst cases of Chikungunya fever confirmed Travis Roberts Staff WriterTree glorious TreesPhoto by Travis Roberts The Mean Guppies advanced to the regional playoffs in Plant City. Great job Guppies! Welcome home Mean Guppies Putnam Countys Favorite Weekly Community Newspaper 50 Photos by Mike Jones Approximately 140 trees are being planted in Crescent City along Summit Street. Magnolias, Palms, Oaks, Cypress, Maples and Oak Willows will give shade on the side walk from Winn Dixie to County Road 308. While Crape Myrtles will beautiful the center medians through the heart of Crescent City. The Gainesville Landscape Contractors hope to be finished sometime in August. Photo special to the Courier Journal Aedes aegypti, commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito (left) and Aedes albopictus commonly known as the Asian tiger mosquito (right) have been linked to the spread of Chikununya fever in Florida.


Whether you call them lake flies, bay flies, muckleheads, blind mos quitoes, chizzywinks, or sandflies they are all insects in the same family known as Midges. Walk outside your door, at dusk, pretty much anywhere here in Putnam County and you will be greeted with a cloud of these mixed with an array of other twilight fliers, in concentrations anywhere from sparse to pea soup! Only to wake up the next day to sidewalks and driveways littered with their remains. They are found on every land mass outside of permanently arid deserts and frigid zones. They closely resemble mosquitoes, and are emerging in large numbers in areas of the county that are near chan nels, creeks and large bodies of water. These insects pose no threat to pets or people and are an important part of the food chain for local and migratory waterfowl. Male midges form large swarms when temperature, humidity, and light conditions are right for their species. Different species swarm under different environmental conditions and usually only during a specific time of the day. When more than one type of midge is present in a neighborhood, there may be the appearance of having swarms all of the time. Although midges do not bite, they often occur in large numbers and can be annoying. Dicrotendipes modestus Larvae can occur in brackish water, are commonly found on the sur face of aquatic vegetation and among or on vegetation found on rocks, and logs and feed on algae. Adults of the species have been considered pests due to large emergences. Chironomus decorus Larvae, also known as blood worms, are filter feeders that construct mud tubes on the bottoms of lakes, ponds and streams. This midge can produce up to five generations per year in warmer climates and has been found breeding in sewage oxidation ponds. Chironomus plumosus This is the largest midge in North America and is found throughout the continent. Larvae, commonly known as blood worms, are usually reddish in color and are found in the muddy bottoms of large rivers, gravel pits and eutrophic lakes. Adults occur year round but are most abundant during late spring to early summer. Orthocladius mallochi Larvae of the Orthocladiinae prefer the cold waters of lakes, rivers and streams and live on or in plants. The number of generations per year is not clear since this midge has been confused with similar look ing species in the past. What Can Be Done? These insects are highly attracted to lights and Bug Zappers. The following suggestions may help minimize their annoying presence: these insects. midges from entering your home. There might be a situation where you would use brighter lights in a non-occupied area to attract them away from houses or where people are active outdoors. Only repellents specifically labelled for midges will give any protection, so be sure to check! Government Watch A2 City of Crescent CityCity Commission Meeting, August 14, 7 p.m.CRA Board Meeting, August 14, 7 p.m.Planning & Zoning Meeting, August 14, 6 p.m.City Hall, 3 North Summit Street. Meets 2nd Thurs of the month. 386-698-2525 www.CrescentCity-FL.com Town Council of WelakaTown Council Meeting, August 12, 6:30 p.m.Code Enforcement Meeting, Tuesday, August 12, 5 p.m. Zoning Board Meeting, Tuesday, August 12, 5:30 p.m.Town Hall, Fourth Ave. Meets 2nd Tues of the month. 386-467-9800. www.Welaka-FL.govTown Council of Pomona Park Town Council Meeting, August 12, 6 p.m.Beautification Committee Meeting, August 12, 5:30 p.m.Town Hall Council Chambers, 1775 US Hwy 17 S.TownClerk@PomonaPark.com Meets 2nd Tues of the month. 386-649-4902 www.PomonaPark.comPutnam County Board of County CommissionersAugust 12, 9 a.m. Regular MeetingMeets second and fourth Tuesday in the Commission chambers, 2509 Crill Ave, Suite 100, Palatka. 386-329-0205Putnam County School Board August 5, 3:30 p.m. Regular MeetingMeets the first and third Tuesday in the school board meeting room, Campbell Administration Building, 200 S. Seventh St., Palatka. 386-329-0545. DISCLAIMER: Views expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of the Putnam County Courier Journal or its advertisers. The Putnam County Courier Journal does not knowingly publish false information and may not be held liable for the views of readers exercising their right to free expression.OPINION Facebook Chat Im not real sure Facebook is a good marketing tool but I know that other websites ar e great mar keting tools. J ill Goodman Seville We asked our Facebook friends:Do you feel Facebook and other social media are effective media and marketing tools?I feel that social media is the new wave or shall we say the next generation. Like any thing new there are always those that are not sure of new thing. Yet if you think of facebook as it was intended and the title states, Social Me dia. Where better to fined t he best car, the best doc tor, the good fishing hole, w here the best yards sales are, how a restaurant was, so on and so on. Every one, sense the dawn of time, has ask those we love these simple question. So Facebook is that place for all friends and family to share what they like or dislike. My question then, isnt that advertisement in its rawest form. Gerald Sheffield Wasilla, Alaska On my like pages for Crescent City I have The Curiosity Shop, Three Bananas, Swip-Swap and The Rotary Club. Brett Peterson Crescent CityFrom Me to YouLetters to the Editor A Lake Street Publishing Company Newspaper POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To Putnam County Courier Journal 330 N. Summit Street Crescent City, FL 32112USPS No. 451-140 2014 Lake Street Publishing Co. Published Every Wednesday by Lake Street Publishing Company, Inc. Periodicals Postage Paid at Crescent City, Florida.General: pccjnews@gmail.com Classified Ads: classifieds@cjnewsfl.com Display Ads: ads@cjnewsfl.com Juliette Laurie Editor / Publisher Mike Jones General Manager / Ad Sales Laura Berardi Production Assistant Skip Sasscer Distribution Rose Delaney Community Photographer Beth Carter Staff Writer Travis Roberts Staff WriterTammy Sanchez Staff Writer One Year Florida Subscription $24 (incl. tax)One Year Out-Of-State $28 Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Monday through FridayAdvertising Deadline: 5 pm Friday Classified Deadline: 10 am Monday Editorial Deadline: Noon FridayPhone: 386-698-1644 Fax: 386-698-1994 Putnam County On line: www.cjnewsfl.com Thats How I See ItA. Nonymous Juliette Laurie Editor/Publisher We are a, Nation of Cowards! Those are the words Eric Holder used to describe you and me. That strikes me as funny since a few of you have described me in those very words. Holder stated, and I quote, though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and we I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. Holder seems to forget who elected this president to ofce, not once, but twice. Holder is a man whose job it is to make things right; yet he does nothing, just like the worthless president that appointed him. Oh yes, I called the President, and Holder worthless, and while Im at it let me call them both cowards, and criminals. While the world is going to hell in a hand basket, the President holds fundraisers, and we pay for it. The night of Benghazi, Obama was preparing for a fundraiser the next day in Las Vegas. While in Texas he refused to visit the boarder, but not to worry he did make it to his fundraiser. A Russian missile hits an airliner with American people on it, and what does the President do? He gets a hamburger and then heads to his fundraiser. To date Obama has held almost 400 fundraisers. If we break that number down it come to 5.5 per month, 66 per year. Eric Holder on the other hand was busy doing nothing; he gets away with selling the Mexican cartel guns that were used to kill Ameri can Citizens, and what has happened to him? Absolutely nothing! Congress nds Holder in contempt, and what is done to him? Abso lutely nothing! He is supposed to investigate the IRS, and what has he done? Absolutely nothing, except call you and I cowards, and racists. In the rst paragraph I asked the question, whos to blame? The answer is you! On Friday, July 4, Mrs. Peggy Trice sat on her front porch for hours, waiting on people to sign a petition to have Obama do something about releasing Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican Prison, so she could send it to Washington. Only eight people showed up! Ive gone over a list of excuses in my head, to justify why people wouldnt show up to sign Mrs. Rices petition, Maybe you couldnt nd her house, maybe you were too chicken, maybe you just dont care, maybe you have just given up, but no matter what the reason, only eight people showed up, in a community of over 1,500 people. Over 500,000 signatures were delivered to the White House de manding that Obama get involved with the Tahmooressi situation, and what did the President do, you guessed it, another fundraiser. The law states, that if a petition is delivered to the White House, and it has over 100,000 signatures, then the President has to get involved, but what has Obama done? NOTHING! The real question is why would it take even one signature to get the President involved? Maybe if Sargent Tahmooressi were a young black man like Travon Martin, or a traitor like Bergdahl, then he wouldnt be rotting in a Mexican jail, but would be behind a desk like Bergdahl collecting a check. Mrs. Trice, if you would start a petition to have Obama and Holder impeached, I would be the rst one to sign it, you have my word. Everyone has an opinion and this is mine, you might not agree with it, but, Thats How I See It. Coward or Lazy?Dear Editor: As my dog and I neared Dexter Beach on Lake Stella, we saw two big things on the beach. As we got closer, it turned out to be two Sandhill Cranes who live in the park. They were on the sandy beach and as we slowly approached they began their yodeling call and started jumping straight up in the air and fluffing out their wing feathers. What a sight! Then one picked up a small piece of wood at her feet and threw it at us! They stood their ground. We strolled on down the shore. A few days later, same location, and as Mol ly and I neared the beach an unleashed and unaccompanied Ger man shepherd came from across Grand Rondo, ran along the shore and into the rushes, obviously on a hunting trip. The cranes flew up out of there and started calling loudly and were obviously quite dis tressed. If they had eggs or young ones in a nest, they wer e clearly being eaten. The next time we saw the adult birds they approached and seemed to almost sadly try and tell us about it. People! Please leash your dogs and dont let them chase these wonderful birds. What a gift to have these once endangered birds make their home here. It is in dogs natures to hunt birds, but it should be in human nature to conserve creation. Patricia Maden Crescent City The Putnam County Courier Journal welcomes your letters to the Editor. Letters should be brief and legibly written. To be published, let ters must include the writers signature, printed name, phone number, and hometown. Address letters to: Editor 330 N. Summit St., Crescent City, FL 32112 or FAX to 386-698-1994, or E-mail to letters@cjnewsfl. com. Of course. Not only are they effective, social me dia is one of the biggest t arget markets for indus tries worldwide. Social m edia can be used to target specific audienc es using less resources t han standard printed and televised advertis ing. It can also provide r eal-time data from the targeted markets. Richie Thomas GeorgetownFor the Birds


Fundraising Dinner A fundraising dinner will be held at the Howe Memorial Methodist Church Fellowship Hall for the Christian Service Center in Crescent City on Oct 4. Kitty Miller asks that everyone check their closets for items for the silent auction. Anything from paintings, jewelry, books, purses, dinners, gifts from businesses, or other lightly used items will be accepted. Call Kitty at 386-467-2061 if you have items that need to be picked up. Indoor Yard Sale An indoor yard sale will take place at the Crescent City Womens Club on Thursday, July 2425 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Thursday and 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. on Friday. Lunch is available. There will be many slightly used and new items. Table can be rented for $5 both days. Call Shayne to rent a table at 386-698-2305 or if you have items to donate to the club for their table. Everyone is welcome. Neighborhood Watch Pomona Park Neighbor hood Watch program had about 30 members and guests in Attendance. Captain Chris is from the Sheriffs Ofce in charge of the south Putnam area. After the covered dish dinner at 5:30 p.m., Captain Chris spoke about the problems and about sources of help from the Sheriffs Ofce. Lieutenant Elton Miller accompanied him. Tim Park from the Property Appraisers ofce also spoke for a few minutes. Everyone is advised to attend National Nite Out on Tuesday, August 5 at Morgan Park. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy a hot dog with your neighbor. There will be no Neighborhood Watch meetings in August. Fun Friday Every Friday between 10 to 30 senior citizens meet at the Pomona Park Community Center at 10 a.m. for Fun Friday. They play cards, bingo, and other games. They have lunch at noon, which is then followed with music played by local musicians, Jack, Hoyt, Dan, Ed, and other guest musicians. All senior citizens are welcome. Bridge Anyone A duplicate bridge game takes place every Wednesday at Crescent City Womens Club located at 604 N. Summit Street in Crescent City. Anyone interested in playing or learning how to play can call Eve Newman at 386698-4496. Apology to Peggy About the letter to the editor in last weeks paper from Peggy Trice saying she had a party and nobody showed up to sign the petition for Sgt. Andrew Tahmoor essi. The complaint that I heard was that there was no address given or telephone number. Some people drove down Prospect Street and Florida Avenue and if they saw no one on a porch they didnt know which house to go to. Sorry Peggy and thanks for caring. Ice Cream Social The ice cream social brought in just over $130, and 110 rafe tickets were sold for the 20/20 raffle. June Dryburg should be commended for selling 1/3 of them. Ms. Hooten won the rafe from Fruitland Ace Hardware. The second drawing winner for the Day Spa Pamper package was Edith Stadler. Beth and Herb Gopman brought in two checks totaling $500. Jim Weller the Tae Kwon Do instructor brought in a check for $1,000 from Johnson Controls to build the outside circuit equipment. Also, the City of Crescent City commission donated $250. Any and All donations are very much needed and appreciated. Kayakers Graduate The Kid Kamp Fit/Kayaking classes that started Monday, June 14, under the instruction of Joe Carter from Mirage Adventure graduated Saturday, July 19. There were nine children in the two-session classes. The children were taught safety instructions, how to kayak and were provided healthy snacks from Putnam Family Fitness Center. The kayaking took place in Lake Broward with Crescent City Fire Department assisting with a reboat in the lake and a crew of re ghters to assist. Dr. Bonnie Harrison, President awarded the kids their certicates at Mud Spring where the group met to go on a short trip and had a picnic with hot dogs, chips and drinks to honor the young graduates. The whole day was full of excitement and fun. Out of Retirement Retirement, it isnt for everyone. Father Jim May tried it for three years and found it boring. So he is back at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. The move back to Crescent City was tough on his two cats and they made their displeasure known with yowls and bad smells, which made for an interesting car trip. He is glad to return to the church and his friends. Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary to Bill and Pat Maden. They plan on having dinner at 3 Bananas and enjoying the water and the beautiful scenery. They are happy to be back living in Florida full time. Pat has some new ideas for the Little Blue House Museum. More on that later. Trip of a Lifetime Monica Sidney and Bobbie Walls took a trip of a lifetime. They drove to Barre, Virginia to vis it Monicas niece, Doris Page. In route they stopover in Tennessee to visit some of Bobbies relatives and her husband Carlyles Uncle Colin and Aunt Lois which included a beautiful drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Driving through Florida, Georgia, North Caroli na, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire and visiting little Switzerland, Dance a Apple Farm, Moras Farm for syrup, Hershey Chocolate World, Andy Grifns World, Normal Rockwell Museum, Hope Cemetery, Cabot Creamery Cheese, Rock of the Ages Granite, and Ben and Jerrys. They had a wonderful time with Doris in Ver mont. Visited her friends and ate out every day. They left June 10 and returned July 2 and drove 4,200 miles. Sightseeing and eating at some wonderful restaurants, they saw a lot of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Bobbie said Monica was like a kid the whole trip. Wednesdays Bridge players at the Crescent City Womens Club. COMMUNITYIndoor Yard Sale, Silent Auction, Fun Friday, and Ice Cream Social July 23 A3 Ask aboutFREEClassifiedsCALL 698-1644 Beth Carter 698-1644community.pccj@gmail.com Granddad Elmer Garey and Ariel, Virginia, Alex, and Vince Berardi at the Ice Cream Social. Dr. Bonnie Harrison, with Herb Gopman, and Dr. Beth Gopman. Neighborhood Watch in Pomona Park. Lt. Miller, Shirley Grifn, Tim Parker, and Captain Chris Stallings. Fun Friday at the Pomona Park Community Center. Serving Putnam County Since 19631813 Reid St. (Hwy 17) Palatka 325.0440 325.0460 Express Family Care Now Oering Sports & School PhysicalsOnly $25(cash or check) CRESCENT CITY 386-698-1221EAST PALATKA386-328-2164Monica Sidney and Bobbie Walls on their trip. Father Jim May returns to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church as pastor. 317 N. Summit St., 386-698-1313Crescent City Flower Shopwww.crescentcityowershop.com Bring the sunshine inside with a arrangement VOTE KEVIN DURSCHER for Putnam County Commission, District 4 Paid by Kevin Durscher, Republican, for County Commissioner, District 4. A Proven Leader Who Durscher Family Gets Things Done


A4 OUR TO WN Way Back When... July 16, 1964Finalists in golf tourney to 25 years agoJuly 23, 1964 Fish Fry Gone Wrong The fish fry planned by the Professional Bass Catchers of Crescent City has been postponed, according to Dan Roberts. It seems that he has not been able to work his trout lines recently. Then he planned to serve sar dines and some ungrateful cur stole his can opener. 50 years ago Years Ago...July 28, 1939 Florida Auto Tags for 1940 White on Black Background Floridas 1940 automobile tags will have white numerals on a black background. D.W. Finley, State motor vehicle commissioner, order 550,000 tags from State Prison of Raiford, where they are manufactured. The plates on official cars will still have black figures on a white background.75 years ago 10 years agoJuly 21, 2004 Sprague House to welcome guests again Built in 1982 as the Morrow House, the Sprague House is now welcoming guests after a year of being vacant and an extensive remodeling. The new owners, Tim Asher and Jeff Watters, have reopened the building as a bed and breakfast. One of the oldest buildings in Crescent City, it has served as the lodging establishment since 1902, when Dr. Guilford Sprague and his wife purchased the home and opened it as a rooming house to sea captains and sailors from steamships. 5 years agoJuly 22, 2009 Board strengthens commitment to water conservation and delays river water with drawal project funding As part of the tentative bud get on July 14, the St. Johns River Water Management Districts Governing Board strengthened the agencys commitment to water conservation and delayed fund ing allocation for construction of river water withdrawal projects until the completion of environmental protec tion studies on the St. Johns and Ocklawaha River. July 19, 1989 Welaka Pot Patch is Uprooted Welakas one man police force, in conjunction with the Putnam County Sheriffs Deputies, raided a mar raid netted about 75 pounds of growing plants with a street value of more than $45,000. Compiled from the Crescent City News, Crescent City Journal, Crescent City Courier Journal, Putnam County Courier Journal and other local news sources. SERVICE & BUSINESS DIRECTORY AIR CONDITIONINGService In Hours Not Days.100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED CHECK US ON THE WEB: WWW.SOUTHERNAIR.NET STATE LICENSE CAC058634 3849 Reid St. Palatka Recommended for Decades ANY TIME ANY KIND ANY SERVICEBefore You Fix It Or Buy It,Call 328-3212Mikes AluminumQuality Material and Installation Mike Bottelman, Owner386-649-5374 CONSTRUCTION NORTH FLORIDA SERVICESPROPANE & NATURAL GAS PIPING AND APPLIANCE INSTALLATION35 Yrs Local Experience Specialties: Tankless Water Heaters and Gas Logs 386-559-0071 GAS APPLIANCES BAIT & TACKLE J.R. HOWELLS WELAKA BAIT & TACKLE Monday-Sunday 7 a.m.4 p.m. 8002 Elm St. Welaka 386-524-4135 100 Minnows $10 2 Cups of Worms $7 3 Cups of Worms $10 Shiners 2 Doz. $20 PET SERVICES Crescent City Kennel Inc.Pet Boarding ServicesGrooming ServicesTLC Day Care Services for Cats & DogsBasic Obedience Classes Pet Shop Mon. Fri. : 8:30 a.m. 6 p.m.Saturday: 8:30 a.m. 4 p.m.(Closed for Lunch: 12 1 p.m.)Sunday: By Appointment 2620-A S. US Hwy 17, Crescent City www.cckennel.us386-698-2777 ELECTRICIAN HANDYMAN Service Windows Windows Painting Painting Doors Doors Powerwashing Painting Powerwashing Painting Debris Removal Painting Debris Removal Painting 386-559-1554 Trent Electric Inc.30+ Years ExperienceEC 0002532Commercial ResidentialLocated in Crescent City 386-698-4777 Cell: 321-229-1241jjhoffman@gmail.com Crescent City Located in Crescent City 386-698-4777 386-698-4777 386-698-4777 386-698-4777 INSTALLATION FANTASTIC Cleaning ServiceCommercial & Residential Great Service & Reasonable Rates32 Years of Experience 386-624-8877 Henry Smith Enterprise Inc. Ceramic. Marble. Vinyl. Tile Installation Tub to Shower Conversion Counter-top Back-splash386-559-0630Licensed & Insured TREE WORKSTree ServiceLot Clearing &Stump Removal 386-698-232 3(H) 386-937-917 5(C)Owner: Kevin EasthamLICENSED & INSURED TREE SERVICE Handy Man Mike EgliOver 33 Years Experience 386-559-4982 Handy Man Over 33 Years Experience Handy Man Over 33 Years Experience ANDPEST CONTROL, INC.(386) 698-BUGSKelvin L. HaireManagerP.O. Box 2 241 S. Summit St. Crescent City, FL 32112 EXTERMINATOR CLEANING SERVICES The Prescription ShopYour Home Medical Crescent City 1125 N Summit St. Ste B Crescent City, Fl. 32112 386-698-1520 Fax386-698-1569 Your Home Medical Prescription Shop 610 Zeagler Dr. Palatka, Fl. 32177 386-325-2096 Fax386-326-0404 Free Local Delivery Drive Thru Pickup No Long Waits Free Local Delivery HOME HEALTH God is Calling You to be RelevantOne definition of the word relevant is, to have a significant input on the matter at hand. I watched a video the other day that showed a woman of Islamic faith stand up and defend her people based on the fact that not all of her people were radical demonstrators and that most of her people were peaceful. The moderator of the event addressed and welcomed her and began to address her concerns, what happened next really shook me. The moderator began to spit out statistics faster than I could take note about how the different faiths and nationalities of people and how each ones radical demonstrators, were the ones being heard because of the violent impact they leave in their wake. She went on to say how, out of each nationality or religion, the peaceful major ity were irrelevant, meaning that the tragedy had occurred anyways. Also, meaning the peaceful majority wasnt doing anything about it. This video, being only 3-4 minutes in length really made me question, what are we doing as a peaceful majority in our world? Are we making a difference? Is there more that we could do? A resounding YES, flew out of my spirit when I asked myself that last question. God is calling us to be RELEVANT. God is calling us to make a difference in our, communities, churches, neighborhoods, workplaces, and school houses. In the book of Luke 14:23, Jesus gives instructions of what we should do if our churches are not full. He says, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. I look at this scripture alone and say to myself, I have failed to do all that I can, but I will not stop and sit in my failure. There is still time to make a difference. There is still time to do more. There is still time to become relevant. Gods mercy door is still open and He has not yet sent His son, Jesus, to come and get us. In John 21:12 Jesus tells His disciples to come and dine and He is still telling those who will to come and dine. Christians, we must stand up and be heard. We must not be the irrelevant ma jority, but we must let our voices ring out and let the world hear us sing praises to the King of all Kings. It is not too late. If youre not sure what you can do to make a difference, start by; TALKING WITH YOUR PASTOR Find out what outreach services your church offers and become a volunteer in that outreach. TELL THE WORLD AROUND YOU God has placed you where you are for a reason. So, tell the world around you that you are a Christian, and live the life God has called you to live in front of them. BE FAITHFUL God has always called His people to be faithful, as a matter of fact the Bible says when we stand before the Judgment seat of God, before He tells us to enter into Heaven, He will call us His Good and Faithful servants. Be faithful in your Attendance to Gods house. Be faithful with your Tithe and you Offerings. Be faithful to Tell others about Jesus and show them how they can accept Him into their life. BE FAITHFUL!!! As a man over 40 I was raised on good old southern gospel music. It is still my music of choice even to this day, but my children enjoy praising The Lord to a more contemporary Praise and Worship style of music. I could put my foot down and force them to do it my way, but I believe God wants us to be relevant to every generation, make a way and a place for younger gener ations, but not forget the older generations either. So you see, even in our church houses we can be more relevant. Remember this, a silent voice is never heard. I hope you will take the challenge to make a difference with your life, stand and be heard with your voice, and be more relevant for Jesus Christ. WIN $250.00Each week for 12 weeks the Putnam County Courier Journal will run a partial picture with a clue of a location in Downtown Palatka.Pick up your official answer form at the Palatka Welcome Center or at www.PalatkaDowntown.com. Sponsored by The Putnam County Courier Journal and Downtown Palatka, Inc. Winner will be announced at the Gem City Shrimp Blast, August 29-30. Call 386-328-0909 for more details. Check the website for previous pictures and clues.Downtown Palatka Treasure Hunt 8 FIND THISHere is your clue:From post stamps to water bills, post master to city budget thrills, their building has seen its fill. Its Summertime! wiydradio.com or wplk.com LISTEN anytime, any place! 800 AM The Music of Your Day Visit wiydradio.com and listen on-line!NOW STREAMING LIVE!1260 AMWIYD WIYD Classic Country We invite you to take us with you to the beach or on vacation because we are streaming live 24 hrs a day! WE HAVE ALL YOUR GOLF CART NEEDS!Batteries Tires Chargers 611 N. Palm Ave, Palatka 386-328-9024Deliver & Installation AvailableThe following article appeared in the June 9, 1960 issue of the Crescent City Journal. The Fish Hatchery has long been both an economic and environmental focal point in Welaka and South Putnam. Colee to Represent State at Welaka Harold Colee, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Flor ida State Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville, will represent the state of Florida for Governor Collins, in the Welaka National Fish Hatchery dedication ceremony, July fourth morning and make an address giving details of participation in the development of this facility by the state and the State Chamber. H. L. Ludwig, Chair man of the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce dedication committee made this announcement today, and said that the US Fish and Wildlife Ser vice would have a representative on hand too. Al Wilson, director of the sh hatchery, has charge of gener al arrangements at Welaka for the Service. Ludwig said the dedication committee met at the Welaka aquar ium last Saturday morning, and completed many details about the celebration, which is expected to bring thousands of people to see this new $400,000 federal government facility in Putnam County, including the aquar ium, sh ponds, ofce and Beecher Springs. The Congress of the United States will be represented by Jack Bryan, former administrative assistant to Representative Billy Matthews, eighth district. Efforts are still continuing to get Senator S. L. Holland to come down from Washington, and make the principal address for the occasion. The committee expects a nal answer from him this week. The State Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, Tallahassee, will be represented by Honorable Julian R. Alford, chairman; Don Southwell, member, Ormond Beach, and A. D. Aldrich, director, Tallahassee. The program is set to begin at ten-thir ty Monday morning, July 4, and end at noon when dinner and lunches will be served by Welaka ladies. Fred Green is trying to set up an afternoon program of boat racing and water skiing at Sportsmans Lodge. Philip W. HobbsAbundant Harvest MinistriesPastors Pen Robert Kelsey, M.D. and Internal Medicine Now Accepting New Patients


BOSTWICK Jake Andrew Davis Jake Andrew Davis,18, of Bostwick, was called by his Lord Jesus Christ to come home on Thursday, July 17, 2014 due to injuries sus tained in an automobile ac cident. Jake enjoyed trucks, working, the gym, hanging with friends, and was a lover of life and lived it to its full est. He loved to hold the spot light of attention. That he did very well by his easy go ing and joking personality. Jake worked as a cook with Nikos and Woodys restau rants. He is survived by his par ents, Billy and Lois P-nut Davis; 2 brothers, Ryan Dean Davis; and his fian c, Brooke M. Glasford; and Cody William Davis; all of Bostwick; paternal grand parents, Jim and Donna Davis of Bostwick; mater nal grandparents, Dave and Darlene Odham of Tennes see; and Jackie and Darlyn Bennett of Palatka, also nu merous aunts, uncles, cous ins and friends. Funeral services were held at 11 a.m., Monday, July 21, 2014 at Peniel Bap tist Church with Brother Steve Sweat officiating. The family received friends from 10 a.m. until the time of the service at the church. Burial followed in Peniel Cemetery. Memories and condolenc es may be left for the family at www.JohnsonOverturf Funerals.com Arrangements were un der the direction of Johnson Overturf Funeral Home in Palatka. JACKSONVILLE Thomas A. Holloway Thomas Alvin Tommy Holloway, 65, of Jackson ville passed away Wednes day, July 16, 2014 in Jack sonville following a short illness. He was born in Quincy moving to Palatka as a young boy and graduated from Palatka South High School in 1967. Tommy spent his professional life in hotel and restaurant management recently serv ing the areas of Jackson ville and Dothan, Alabama. Tommy spent many years as choir director at First As sembly of God, Palatka. He was a talented drummer for the bands, Windy Johnson and The Messengers and The Mystics. He followed his love of fishing throughout his life enjoying many years on professional tournament trails, publishing the Back lash Magazine, and spon soring the Backlash Tour nament Trail. He loved the outdoors and spending time with his close family and friends. He was preceded in death by his father Lee D. Hollo way and sister, Kathy Hollo way Stockton. He is survived by his son and daughter-in-law, Travis and Kristina Holloway of Jacksonville; daughter and son-in-law, Trevlyn and Jason Sheffield of Welaka; daughter, Kim Hood of St. Augustine; 11 grandchil dren; mother, Helen Hollo way of St. Augustine; sis ters and brothers-in-law, Karon and Charlie Payne of Palatka, Penny and Rick Surrency of Palatka, Jana and Chris Masters of Elk ton; two nieces, four neph ews, along with several great nieces and nephews. Memorial services were held at 11 a.m., Saturday, July 19, 2014 at John son-Overturf Funeral Home in Palatka with Pastor Jim Wilder officiating. Flowers are gratefully accepted or memorial donations may be made in memory of Tommy Holloway to the Amer ican Cancer Society, P.O. Box 22718, Oklahoma City, OK 73123-1718 or online at https://donate.cancer.org. Memories and condolences may be expressed to the family at Tommys Book of Memories page at www. johnsonoverturffunerals. com. Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements. SATSUMA George C. Flowers George Curtis Flowers, 80, of Satsuma passed away Sunday, July 13, 2014 at his residence following an extended illness. He was born in Seville and had been a resident of Satsuma for the past 33 years coming from Palatka. He retired after 37 and a half years as a road grater from Putnam County. Earlier in life he loved to sh and be on the water. He enjoyed NASCAR racing, football and vacationing to North Carolina. He also enjoyed baseball, especially the Atlanta Braves. He loved spending time with his grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Morris and Annie Mae Flowers; and his brother, Manley Flowers. Survivors include his wife of 57 years, Annie Flowers of Satsuma; his daughter, Katina and Brad Simmons of Bryson City, North Carolina; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Calling hours were from 6 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at the Masters Funeral Home in Palatka. Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Thursday, July 17, 2014 at the funeral home with Bro. Bill Reynolds ofciating. Burial followed in Palatka Memorial Gardens. Messages of sympathy may be expressed in his online guestbook at www.themastersfuneralhomes.com. Masters Funeral Home of Palatka was in charge of the arrangements. CRESCENT CITY Mary Anne Toney Mary Anne Toney passed away at Orlando Regional Medical Center on Sunday, July 13, 2014 after a brief illness. She was born in Madison in 1928, the daughter of Wallace Leighton and Janie Belle Waring. She moved to Crescent City in 1958 where she resided until 2012. Mary Anne was preceded in death by her husband of 50 years, Royce A. Toney. She was Methodist by faith, a homemaker, wife and mother, she will be missed. She is survived by a daughter Anne and her husband Buddy of Orlando, and a son Bruce and wife Diane of St. Augustine. She leaves four grandchildren, Erica and husband Matthew Sweeney of St. Augustine, Adam Coley of New Orleans, Louisiana, Nichole Toney of Houston, Texas and Jaime and husband Travis Locklear of St. Augustine, and ve great grandchildren. Interment will be in Eden Cemetery in Crescent City at a date that has no yet been determined. Arrangements were under the careful care of Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home, Crescent City. F lora LORA H ome OME Hence Allen Hence Allen, 89, passed away peacefully on Friday, July 11, 2014, surrounded by his family at Haven Hospice Roberts Care Center in Palatka. He was born in Burnwell, Kentucky on April 5, 1925 to Hence & Hattie Booth-Allen. He was reared in Merimac, West Virginia until he left home to work in Baltimore, Maryland at the Glen L. Martin Defense Factory. He moved to Palatka where he learned to be a building contractor. Except for six years in California where he graduated from Arlington College, and pastored four years in Brea, California, he lived in Putnam County, the rest of his life. He was an ordained minister and served at the First Church of God in Florahome for 24 years. He retired to the home he built at Silver Lake. Wherever he lived he loved and served God, his family, his Church and his community faithfully. He participated in many state and international work-camps, in addition to his local work. He especially enjoyed building ramps with the Mens Fellowship Outreach. He is preceded in death by parents, Hence and Hattie Booth-Allen, siblings; Pauline and Gearal Ratliff, Maxine and Bill Craner, Irving and Gerrie Allen, Georgia and Ray Greer, all of New Jersey; Dave and Dorie Allen, Thurman and Pauline Allen, Elmer Allen, Inice, and Myrtice Smith all of West Virginia; and grandsons, Jeremiah Nobles Allen and Josiah Carrier Allen of North Carolina. He is survived by his spouse of 67 years, Thelma and Nobles Allen, daughter; Fay and Gordon Johnson, and son; Rev. Dr. Stephen and Rev. Dr. Jane Allen; grandchildren Dr. Toby and Amy Johnson DVM, Tammy Walker and Family Friend, Travis Sherrer, Joshua Allen and Sarah and Jimmy Williams of North Carolina; great grandchildren Wyatt Walker, Cheyenne Walker, Savannah Walker, Noah Johnson, Giuliana Johnson, Lilly Williams; and a brother Charles and Ginny Allen of California. A Memorial Service will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, you may make a contribution to the First Church of God of Palatka Building fund at 2915 St. Johns Ave. Palatka, FL 32177 or the First Church of God Building Fund of the First Church of God, Florahome at PO Box 55, Florahome, FL 32140. Memories and condolences may be expressed to the family at Hences Book of Memories page at www.johnsonoverturffunerals.com Arrangements were under the direction of Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home in Palatka. LAKE COMO William R. Radtke William Robert Bill Radt ke, 92, of Lake Como, passed away Monday, June 30, 2014, peacefully at his home. A native of Apple t on, Wisconsin, he was a veteran of WW II, serving with the Marines. After the war, he resided in Crescent City and Lake Como for 69 years. He started his own business, Radtke Ferneries, was a special minister at church and helped with the Crescent City Boy Scouts and Athletic Boosters. He enjoyed traveling, camping with his family and friends and was known for his col orful stories. He was preceded in death by his parents, William and Frances Radtke, his sisters, Kathryn Offenbecher and Grace Dorman and grand children, Megan Villanue va, Amelia Radtke and Greg Purcell. He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Louise Radtke of Lake Como; his sister, Betty Spaethe of Darby, Montana; five sons: Bill (Pat) Radt ke of Pomona Park, Michael (Carolyn) Radtke of Palm Coast, Richard Radtke, of Lake Como, John Radtke of Lake Como and Steve (Vic ki) Radtke of Seville; four daughters: Carol Takken of Conyers, Georgia, Jeanne (Jim) Williams of Conyers, Georgia, Mary Lou (Mike) Morgan, of Center Hill, and Katie (Brad) Purcell, of Palatka, 17 grandchildren; Sherri Lott, Wendy Takken, Robert Takken, Teresa Se bring, Cassi Villanueva, Me gan Roberts, Molly MacDon ald, Matt Radtke, Robert Radtke, Sarah Radtke, Jus tin Morgan, Scott Purcell, John Radtke, Chris Radt ke, Amanda Radtke, Geoff Radtke and Corey Radtke; and 18 great grandchildren. A mass of remembrance was held at 10 a.m. Thurs day, July 3, 2014 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Crescent City with Father Rodolfo Godinez officiating and the burial followed at Eden Cemetery. Pallbearers were his sons and son-inlaw, Jim Williams. The family received friends Wednes day from 6 8 p.m. at Biggs Funeral Home. Flowers were gratefully ac cepted. Arrangements were under the direction of Biggs Fu neral Home in Crescent City. CRESCENT CITY Alberta Parrish-Logan Alberta Parrish-Logan, widow of Ira Clinton Parrish and Floyd Charles Logan, and resident of Aiken, South Carolina passed away on Monday, May 27, 2014. A daughter of the late Clarence Dillard Rogers and Lena Barnett Rogers, she was born in Wildwood and lived in Crescent City and Huntsville, Alabama until she move to Aiken, South Carolina in 2004. Alberta Parrish-Logan was a homemaker, member and Sunday School teacher of the Hillsboro Heights Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. She was preceded in death by a son, Ira Clynton Parrish; daughter, Gloria Jean Parris, sister; Edith and brother; Clarence (Buddy). Survivors include her son, John Wayne and Ronda Jean Parrish of Aiken, South Carolina. Alberta also leaves behind six grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. According to her wishes, her ashes were interred next to her husband and son in Eden Cemetery. Local arrangements were under the careful care of Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home, Crescent City. CHURcCH A5 Crescent City First Baptist Church of Crescent City . ...... 386-698-1578 101 S. Summit St. Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter . ... 386-698-1983223 N. Summit St. Howe Memorial United Methodist Church . .... 386-698-2635 252 S. Summit St. First Presbyterian Church . ......................... 386-698-21 17 St. John the Baptist Catholic Church . ....... 386-698-2055 2725 S. Hwy. 17 Georgetown Georgetown United Methodist Church . ..... 386-740-1821 1448 CR 309 Pomona Park First Baptist Church of Pomona Park . ....... 386-649-4265 Lake Como Word of Faith Bible Church . ....................... 386-698-4643 2708 S. Hwy. 17 Peace Lutheran Church . ............................. 386-325-4878 343 Old Hwy 17 Pilgrim Congregational Church . ................ 386-649-8467 Welaka Welaka United Methodist Church . ............. 386-467-2336 Emmanuel Episcopal Church . .................... 386-698-1983 672 C.R. 309 Ministries for Christ Outreach, Inc Satsuma Hope Lutheran Church . ............................... 386-649-0631 273 CR 309 Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home386-698-1621 Ministries for Christ Outreach, Inc. will provide toilet ries, non-perishables and groceries for the Pomona Park area the week of July 20. For more information, call 386-852-7046 or send an email to mfcou treach@hotmail.com. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' S aturday. July 26 at 6 p.m. the Welaka Baptist Church will be showing Gods Not Dead. There is no charge to attend and if there is anyone that wishes to purchase their own copy they can pre-order cop ies prior to the offi cial releasedate which is August 4. Cost per copy will be $13. Come early for popcorn and soda! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' T he Deaconess Min istry of Friendship Baptist Church, Cres cent City, will celebrate its 44th anniversary on Sunday, July 27, at 4 p.m. Elder Sonya Moody of the Victory Outreach Center, Cres cent City, will be the guest messenger. They cordially invite family, friends, and the com munity to come and help them make this a glorious celebration in the Lord. Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home386-698-1621 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Masters Funeral Home Palatka386-325-4564 Church Happenings Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Friendship Baptist Church . ........................ 386-698-3736 Donate A Boat sponsored by boat angel outreach centers STOP CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN www.boatangel.com2-Night Free Vacation!or Car Today! 800 1 CAR L ANGE Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home386-698-1621 IMPORTANT ELECTION INFORMATIONELECTION DATES:PRIMARY: TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014DEADLINE FOR NEW REGISTRATIONS AND PARTY CHANGES IS JULY 28, 2014ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR PARTY? IS YOUR SIGNATURE UP TO DATE? ALL NEW APPLICATIONS AND PARTY CHANGES MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE ELECTIONS OFFICE BY JULY 28, 2014 UPDATING YOUR SIGNATURE MUST BE SUBMITTED ON A VOTER REGISTRATION APPLICATION. AN UPDATED SIGNATURE IS VERY IMPORTANT SHOULD YOUR ABSENTEE OR PROVISIONAL BALLOT REQUIRE PRESENTATION TO THE CANVASSING BOARD. CANVASSING OF BALLOTS BEGINS AUGUST 18, 2014. CHARLES L. OVERTURF III, SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS2509 CRILL AVENUE, SUITE 900, PALATKA, FL. 32177 If You Need To See Better... You Need To See Dr. Kane PALATKA 328-8387 Visit Our Website: www.seedrkane.com QUALITY EYECARE / AFFORDABLE PRICES Azalea Eyecare Center Lovarnso WalkerSales Consultant256 Hwy. 17 N., Palatka, FL 32177 (386) 328-8863 Ext. 117 (800) 382-3692 Ext. 117 FAX (386) 328-7222 CELL (386) 559-3512 lovarnsowalker@beckchrysler.com Dr. Walker Curing All Your Automotive Needs


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It was almost a year ago when the Courier Jour nal asked if I would be interested in writing for the paper. At first it was just covering the football team, but all that would change with an article on a young homeless man living in the woods on a diet of rats and a few canned goods. If you havent read the story of S.J., then youve missed out on a story that has more twist and turns than the Grand Prix in Monaco, and more drama than, Days of Our Lives. Just in case you missed this story you can al ways read them by going into the archives on the Putnam County Courier Journal e-edition at www. cjnewsfl.com, they start with, Homeless for the Holidays. Here is basical ly what happened, in a Readers Digest version of the S.J.. story. It was around Thanks giving of last year, when I was introduced to a young man by the name of S.J.. He was living in an old abandoned house that had collapsed, and in fact did the night be fore Thanksgiving. S.J. was surviving on a diet of rats and whatever food he could find. The reason S.J. was living like this was because the bottom of his foot had been cut off and 99% of his calf muscle was ground up like hamburger meat by a riding lawn mower. The reason he was liv ing in the woods is sim ple. While in the hospital and going through rehab, S.J. was unable to make his mortgage payment, and in the end the bank foreclosed on his house, forcing the Sheriffs De partment to evict him. When I write an article I always try to get all the facts, because I never want to deceive anyone. In the very first article I wrote that S.J. had a few run-ins with the law, so I was quite surprised when a couple of people said they thought I had deceived them, and this was due to one man who blatantly lied to these few people. If this is the first time you have read my col umn let me explain what I do. I am not the typical writer slash reporter. In a world filled with hate and crime, I like to focus more on human inter est stories, and most of these stories are geared towards helping people, not bashing them. With less than 1,500 words I have to bring to life, a story of a million words, and leave out more de tails than I put in, such is the case with the S.J. story. Now I would like to take the next few weeks to explain, and give you all the details, not from my point of view but from the facts. From the first time I met S.J. I liked him. S.J. had the best attitude of anyone I have ever met, and not once did I ever hear him complain about living in an abandoned house where rats were chewing on him. Not once did I hear him complain about the bottom of his foot, which is about to tear off at any moment, or the fact it gets infected from the hair growing out of the bottom of it. What I did hear was the voice of a young man who cared about others more than himself. When a couple donat ed S.J. a tent and some food, S.J. didnt take it like some selfish person, but said, Why dont we give it to someone who is homeless? It took me over an hour to convince him that he was the one whom people wanted to help, and that he in fact was also homeless. S.J. never looked at what he didnt have but what he did have. After writing the first article the response from people in our commu nity was unbelievable. For the first time in nine years I saw a community come together, and ral ly together to help this young man out. It wasnt just people with money; it was people who could barely afford to feed their own families, yet they found it in their hearts to give. Now that you know a little about this young man and his story, please allow me to fill you in on the last six months of S.J.s life. So where has S.J. been? Well it might sur prise you when I say, Hes been locked up in the Putnam County Jail! Why you ask? Well that is going to take me a few weeks to explain, that is if you would like to hear the whole sto ry, with all the details? Over the next few weeks I will be giving you word for word taken from, po lice reports and court reports. Then, let you decide if S.J. has been wronged by our system. Now for the rest of the S.J. story. It was just before Christmas when I had driven S.J.. from the woods to his new home in Georgetown. Things were looking up for S.J.. Not only did S.J. have a place to stay, and food to eat but also he was on his way to having a doctor in Maryland look at his foot. But that would all change in just a few short hours. Let me take you to the last day when S.J. was arrested. It was a Monday mornAccording to Greek mythology, Minthe was a Naiad or water nymph. She was very beautiful and had the attention of Hades, ruler of the un derworld. Unfortunately, Hades wife Persephone, who was also very beau tiful, was very jealous and decided she did not want to tolerate the re lationship that had de veloped between Minthe and Hades. She attacked Minthe very brutally kicking and stomping on her, during which time Minthe transformed into the plant known as the Mint and as Persephone continued to crush her she gave off a most de lightful scent. It is this mythological story that tells of how mint got its name. There are at least 30 different types of mint grown today but the most common are peppermint, spearmint and apple mint. It is one of the eas iest and most versatile herbs to grow. It will grow easily both indoors and out in both shady areas and full sun. Growing Mint has many uses ranging from culinary, to medicinal, to aroma therapy, to teas. If you are interested in grow ing your own mint, it is recommended to either purchase plants that are already established or to get cuttings from someone with an estab lished plant. Mint seeds can be unreliable since many times they are either sterile or do not yield the expected type of mint plant that was expected. Organic plants are always your best bet to avoid any pesticides or unwanted fertilizers. Organic potting soils and fertilizers are wide ly available now even in the box stores and are easy, and inexpensive to obtain. Mint grows close to the surface and prefers damp places and wont produce strongly scented leaves in dry soil. As soon as the plant takes hold it will send out runners and fill in with herblets. These plants are very prolific and will provide you with plenty of herb to use for all your purposes. Culinary Mint can be used for both sweet and savory purposes in the culinary arena. It is more than just a garnish for your dessert plate! As a savory addition to your meals try adding to cooked veg etables just at the end of cooking time to give them a lift add a cou ple of tablespoons of chopped fresh mint. You can also toss it into a fresh salad before you add your favorite dress ing and toss well. Most of us have heard of using mint jelly with lamb as a condiment. One of the most iconic uses of mint especially in the summer is mint chocolate chip ice cream and this recipe is totally natural and ab solutely catch it before it runs down your arm delicious! Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Makes two quarts About 3 cups fresh mint leaves 4 cups half and half (or two cups cream and two cups milk) 1 cup sugar Pinch salt 1 teaspoon vanilla 4 egg yolks 6 ounces good quality dark chocolate Tear the mint leaves off their stems and put in a bowl. Pound with a pestle or large spoon just until they are bruised and give off their fragrance. Whisk the half and half, sugar and salt in a heavy saucepan over medium heat. Heat just until it begins to steam, then remove, add the mint leaves, and cover. Let steep, covered for at least an hour preferably two or three. (Youll be heat ing this up again, so you dont have to worry about bacteria.) After a couple hours strain out the mint leaves and bring to just under a simmer. Whisk the egg yolks in a small bowl and add a cup of the cream. Whisk it all back into the saucepan and cook, stirring, un til the custard reaches 170 to 174F. Stir in the vanilla. Pour into a bowl, cover, and refrig erate overnight. Chop the chocolate into chunks and flakes. Set aside. Freeze the custard the next day in your ice cream maker accord i ng to directions, add ing the chocolate about halfway through. Transfer ice cream to a bowl and cover with plastic wrap under the lid touching the sur face of the ice cream to prevent ice crystals from forming. Freeze for at least four hours before serving. Medicinal True peppermint has the highest number of active agents, including the essential oil menthol, which gives the herb its healing powers. They are packed with nutrients such as calcium, phos phorous, vitamin C, D, E and small amounts of vi tamin B complex. These compounds improve the bodys immune system. Teas made from the leaves of the plant are highly prized as a rem edy. It is useful to help with symptoms of irrita ble bowels syndrome, it can help alleviate head aches and it helps stim ulate liver and gallblad der function. It will also helpful to counteract mo tion sickness and helps to freshen breath. A tsp. each of dry pepper mint and fennel seeds steeped as a tea for about ten minutes works well to settle an upset stomach and ease bloating and gas. In Ayurveda it is called pudina and it is used in many similar ways. It is found to be very effective for use in people with upper respiratory condi tions such as colds and flu and even asthma. A drop of peppermint oil or some crushed leaves placed in some steam ing water and inhaled through the mouth and exhaled through the nose can open the air ways and make breath ing easier. It is even said that simply planting a mint plant outside the window of a person with asthma is helpful on its own. Mint has a potent phy tochemical, called peril lyl alcohol, which can prevent various types of cancers. This phyto nutrient has shown the capability of preventing skin cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer in ani mal studies. Mint has a unique property that soothes and calms itchy and in fected skin. Its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial proper ties work wonders on acne prone skin, and its high content of salicyl ic acid which helps pre vent pimples, blemishes and even helps get rid of blackheads, which make it a great ingredient for cleansers and toners. See where you can fit some mint into your life and maybe use it in new ways! Until next time, Stay Healthy! July 23, 2014 COURIER JOURNAL Section B It might make sense to comment about the Open Golf tournament, which ended Sunday afternoon in Liverpool, England. The quality of the golf played cannot be denied, especially by Rory McElroy, the winner by two strokes at 17 under par. He began the day at 17 under and he had a seven-stroke ad vantage over Ricky Fowler, who I think played the best golf I have seen him play and if you noted he was dressed conventionally. He is the young man whose dress code has California written all over it. He has managed to overcome the unconventional successfully in the past, but in Liverpool, he out did himself. Both he and McElroy and Sergio Gar cia were nailing their drives down the middle, using long irons off the tee and leaving themselves with short approach shots and birdie putts. Jim Furyck, one of the veterans out there, came on fast at the end, winding up at minus 13. Jim is the antithesis of Ricky Fowler when it comes to what he wears on the course; he has strictly a workingmans prefer ence for not being noticed for what he wears. The fact is most everyone toned it down for what is the grandfather of all golf tournaments. Ive watched many British Opens, called The Open no Brit ish added, and what made this different was the number of sub-par rounds. I believe the cut gure on Friday was plus two, which in the past would be considered a low gure. I believe there are four courses in that area and in Scotland, which hosts the tournament on a revolving basis; next year, for example, it will be held at St. Andrews, which could be the oldest in the world or pretty close to it. One of the unique things about these cours es is that they are basically treeless, so the golf ers dont have to worry about being stymied or dormied by an oak tree. But these four courses are characterized by narrow fairways with miser ably tough roughs consisting of long grass and a variety of shrubs which look like large spruces or juniper plants, the ball lands in there and thats it. The other thing, which is more traditional, is the weather. Normally there is a strong west wind for those on the coast, where it usually blows from 20 to 40 mph, when coupled with the rain and cold, it makes low scores impossible. It is not unusu al to see the players wearing long sleeved shirts or wearing rain suits. All of which results in the Silver Claret being awarded to the man who breaks par by a stroke or so for the four-day tournament. Now this year at Liverpool, the weather was a non-factor for the most part and the result was what you might expect, although I had no inkling that half the eld would shoot under par, with the top six or seven in double digits under par, let me tell ya, there was not enough wind to bother these guys. One thing about the English/Scottish/ Irish courses, if the weather is calm, the pros will eat them up. Granted, the fairways are narrow, and twist around and they have tough roughs, but when you see these top pros teeing off on par fours with a two iron or a hybrid wood and then hav ing a short iron to the greens, you know the wind aint blowin in England today. There are a couple of other things characteristic of those courses that make them a challenge even when the weather is good, and those are the really deep pot bunkers scattered around, many at crucial distances off the tee, and the bunkers which protect the greens, plus the greens slope all over the place. This past week, these pros werent phased by those pot bunkers and those second shots to the green were landing soft and within birdie length, especially on the par ves, which McElroy, Fowler and Garcia cashed in on, big time. All in all, it was a shooting gallery for the best of the PGA, but it was fun to watch a hometown boy win the big one. There had to be lots of pressure on McElroy, who at age 25, won his third major in around three years or so and he didnt choke. Very cool. Whats the Score Dudley Sargent Sports Commentary See S.J. on page B3 Travis Roberts Staff Writer travis.pccj@gmail.com & FACES PLACES A Plant To Keep You In Mint ConditionWhat ever happened to S.J. Tammy Sanchez Staff Writer tammy.pccj@gmail.com Golf at Live Oak In League Scramble play at the Live Oak Golf Club Wednesday, July 16, seven players, four men and three women, were divided into two teams. Both teams scored a 32. Closest to the pin with the 2nd shot on Hole #2 with 0 inch es was Jerry Peterson. Second closest with 3 inches was Judy Reddick. In League Scramble play at Live Oak Golf Club Friday, July 18, 17 players, 10 men and seven women, were divided into five teams. The winning team, with three players, posted a low score of 32. Members of the winning team were Jerry Peterson, Susan Blizzard, and Don Frazee. The next closest team posted a 33, with the following team posing a 36. C losest to the pin with the 2nd shot on Hole #2 with 0 inch es was Larry Fayard. Second closest with six inches was Don Frazee.


mances Wednesday, August 13-17. Champagne Opening Night sponsored by Michael Gagnon and Robbi Correa. Call 904-3775044 to reserve tickets or for more info. The Florida Department of Environmental Protections Ra vine Gardens State Park and the Friends of Ravine Gardens S tate Park will host a 3K/6K Costume Run on Saturday, Oc tober 25, a t 8 a.m. with an award ceremony to follow. The run/walk will be held on the historic scenic drive, a tree-canopied loop following the rim of 120-foot ravines, dipping to the b ottom and climbing back up for a truly challenging event. Prizes will be awarded to the top three costumes as well as the top male and female overall nishers, and the top male/ female nishers in each age group. Entry fees are $15 for those under 18, and $20 for adults. Race day registration fees are $25 per runner. Registrants will receive a t-shirt and goody bag. Register online at www.RaceSmith.com or register in the park ofce Monday Friday 8 a.m. 3:30 p.m. Race day regis tration will begin at 7 a.m. in the Civic Center lobby. For more i nformation, please contact the park at 386-329-3721 or email RavineGardensStatePark@gmail.com. ARTober Fest call to Arts, Crafts, Farmers, and Business vendors. ARTober Fest will have food, live entertainment, Car Show and Kids Zone. ARTober Fest is Saturday, October 11 from 9 a.m. 5 p.m. in downtown Palatka. Booth tent spaces available. For more information and application form call Va leria 386-546-5545 email VGI0212@aol.com. ARTober Fest is s ponsored by Keep Putnam Beautiful contact April 386-9376043 email A.Tilton.85@gmail.com. The Phoenix Republican Club has canceled their Sunday, August 1o meeting in order that their candidates and members will be able to attend the Crescent City Womans Club Political Forum on that evening. This is a bi partisan event and is both informative and enjoyable. Please mark your calendars. Drum Up Culture with the Putnam County Library System! The Putnam County Library System has recently added a new special guest to the Summer Reading Program! The Tampa Taiko Japanese Cultural Outreach program will be at all library branches during various dates over the course of the summer reading program. The Tampa Taiko Japanese Cul tural Outreach Program will take place at the following loca tions and dates: Crescent City Branch, 610 N Summit, Cres cent City, August 5, 2 p.m.; Palatka Headquarters, 601 College R d, Palatka, August 5, 6 p.m.; Bostwick Branch, 125 Tillman Street, Palatka, August 6, 10 a.m.; Melrose Branch, 312 Wyn nwood Ave., Melrose, August 6, 2 p.m.; Interlachen Branch, 133 N C ounty Rd 315, Interlachen, August 6, 5 p.m. For more infor mation, contact Darlene at 386-329-0126. F ull Moon Paddle and Movie on Melrose Bay A moon light pad dle complete with a movie and pass-around picnic. Boat Launch at end of Trout Street in Melrose. Friday, August 8, from 7 to 10 p.m. The movie will be shown at the end of a dock and can be viewed from kayaks. Meet at the boat launch at the end of Trout Street at 7 p.m. to start. Bring pass around food to share and your beverage of choice. This paddle is for expe rienced paddlers only. Putnam Blueways and Trails sponsors d aytime trips that are more appropriate for new paddlers. Boat light, whistle, and PFD are mandatory. For more information email putnambluewaysandtrails@gmail.com or visit w ww.put nambluewaysandtrails.org. I t is that time again to begin planning for the 3rd Annual Small Business Resource Fair in Putnam County. The date this year will be Tuesday, August 26 and St. Johns River State College has agreed to team up with the SBDC again! It will be from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. For those that have participated in the past, you understand the value that your expertise brings to the community. For those of you new to this event, you will come to recognize the same! Small Business Development Center is looking forward to your participate this year. This event is F REE, so there is no reason for you not to participate! Contact Cheryl Lynch 386-328-3293, or email: clynch@sbdu.unf.edu to RSVP. The Log Cabin Winery and Vineyard will hold its Seventh An nual Old Florida Harvest Festival on Saturday, August 30, beginning at 9 a.m. There will be grape stomping, crown ing of the 2014 Grape Goddess, live entertainment and music, f ood, wine and beer. Bring a lawn chair; admission is free and pet friendly. The Winery is located at 376 County Road 309 in Satsuma. For more information call 386-467-0000 or visit www.logcabinfarmwinery.com. The Archives Department of the Putnam County Headquar ters L ibrary and the Family History Center of the Church of Je sus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church will host 4-week B asic Genealogy classes at each of the Putnam County Branch Li braries in the upcoming months. The classes are being taught b y Deanda Lyne, Director of the Family History Center. She will cover what is needed to know to get started, where to go to nd it, and how to record what has been found. Melrose Branch Library will host the Basic Genealogy classes beginning Fri day, September 5, 1 0 a.m. to 12 p.m. The remaining classes are scheduled for the same time on Fridays, September 12, 19 and 26. Please contact the Melrose Branch Library at 352475-1237 to register for your space as seating is limited. The schedule for the remaining libraries is Tuesday, September 9, 16, 23 and 30 for Interlachen Branch Library. Crescent City Branch Library will host the program on Fridays, October 3, 10, 17, and 24. Intermediate and Advanced programs are being considered for the near future. Sera normal? Sera aceptable, que mi pareja: Hiera mis sen timientos? Dicindome que no sirvo para nada? Me llame nom bres como estpida, o perra? Se muestre celoso si paso tiempo c on amistades, compaeros de trabajo, o familiares? Se burle de mi, o de cmo me visto o peino? Me acuse de estar engan dole? Me eche la culpa de sus problemas o de su mal tempera mento? Me forc a tener sexo? Me amenace con matarme, matar a m is hijos/animales o suicidarse si lo dejo? NO es normal, ni aceptable que su pareja haga cualquiera de las cosas mencio nadas arriba. Usted NO merece ser maltratada! Para ms i nformacin, llame al nmero gratuito 1-800-500-1119, a lnea de acceso 24/7 386-325-3141, o a su local ms cerca no 386-546-7675. I s it normal? Is it acceptable, for my partner to: Hurt my feel ings? T ell me I am worthless? Call me names like stupid or bitch? Be jealous of me spending time with my friends, cowork ers or family members? Make fun of me on how I dress or do m y hair? Accuse me of cheating? Blame me for his problems or bad temper? Force me to have sex? Threaten to kill me, kill my kids/animals or commit suicide if I leave him? It is NOT nor mal, nor acceptable for your partner to do any of the above. You d o NOT deserve to be mistreated! For more information, call the toll-free number 1-800-500-1119, the 24/7 hotline 386-325-3141, or your local ofce at 386-546-7675. Local Teen Artists have a chance to put their art on display at their local libraries for the Teen Art Exhibit. The art will be put on display and voted on by the public. The rst place ribbon winner will also be awarded a $50 VISA gift card; all other art ists will be given a certicate for participating. Artists can reg ister at FunInPutnam.com under the Special Events section. R egistration deadlines are as follows: Bostwick, July 30. Voting will take place during the Teen Art Reception, where refresh ments will also be served. The dates for the Teen Art Reception a re as follows: Bostwick, August 5. The Teen Art Exhibit will be from 1 3 p.m. Entry is limited to 6th-12th graders. For additional information or help with registration, please contact Robin, Darlene or Stella at 386-329-0126 or send an email to robin.bellamy@putnam-.com. The Putnam Family Fitness Center is hosting the First An nual C harity Golf Tournament at the Palatka Golf Course, 1715 Moseley Avenue, on Saturday, September 20. Registra tion is from 8 to 8:45 a.m. and tee off is at 9 a.m. There will b e an unhandicapped best ball scramble, cash prizes for rst and second place teams, prizes for third, fth and tenth place teams, cash prizes for closest to the pin, door prizes, rafes, putting contest, ball drop contest and more. Teams may enter, or singles may be paired up with other single/double players. The cost to play is $50 per player, which includes 18 holes, cart, prizes, and lunch. Funds raised from the tournament go towards the Putnam Family Fitness Center. For more informa tion, contact Karen Landin at 386-467-8731 or mcphaul@aol. c om. St. Johns River State College is accepting applications for the fall semester. All new students are required to attend orientation before registering for classes. Students are encouraged to a void the late-summer rush and contact their campuss coun seling ofce promptly to reserve their seat. Registration time t ickets will be assigned during July orientation, allowing most students to register for classes during orientation. Fall classes begin on Monday, August 18. New degree programs beginning this fall include the Computer Related Crime Investigation A.S. degree and the Nursing: LPN Bridge to ASN degree programs. New information technology certicate programs include Geo graphic Information Systems, Help Desk Support Technician, D igital Forensics and Network Security. Anticipated to begin in 2015 is a one-year college credit certicate paramedic program. For more information regarding registration, contact your lo cal SJR State campus: Palatka Campus 386-312-4035, Orange P ark Campus 904-276-6855, or St. Augustine Campus 904808-7402. Fall course listings are available for viewing online at SJRstate.edu. There will be a reworks show at the Gem City Shrimp Blast Labor Day Weekend Friday, August 29-30 (with arts and crafts vendors, a Shrimp Cook-Off, kids activities, bicycle and kayaking events, and plenty of shrimp and seafood). Downtown Palatka, Inc. is still looking for vendors, sponsors, and enter tainment! Call 386-312-6266 for more info! The River City Players will be giving Cinderella Waltz per for-PALATKA KIWANIS CLUB Thurs. 11:45 am Lunch Sleep Inn & Suites SR19 & Hwy 100 Palatka PALATKA NEW VISION LIONS CLUB 2nd & 4th Tues. Noon Beef OBradys on the River PalatkaP O M ONA P A R K N EI G H B O RH O O D W A TC H 2nd Thurs. (exc. Aug. & Dec.) 200 East Main St. PALATKA LIONS M EETIN G PUTNA M COUNTY S HR I NE CLUB burgers PUTNA M COUNTY TEA PA R T Y Interlachen Library American Legion off Crill Ave. SC H O OL A D V ISO R Y COUNCIL 1st Tues. 2 pm S E VILLE VIA MEETIN G(Village Improvement Association) SOUT H P UTNA M W O M A NS CLUB Culver Room Crescent City Public Library ST. JO H N C AT H O LIC C H U R C H C A RD P A R T Y Hwy 20 Interlachen SUN D A Y D I NNE R Bass Capital Shrine Club T H E H E A R T O F PUTNA M C OALITION Palatka Christian Service Center US COAST G U A R D AUXILIA R Y M EETIN G homeland security & boating safety VFW Meeting Hall US VETE RA NS POST 104 Mon. One Pot Meal Wed. All Day Free Pool State Rd 19 Palatka VFW POST 3349 Selling Sandwiches Wed. 1 pm Veterans Rd Tbl INTE R L AC H E N BABE R U T H LEA G U E M EE TIN G S Lions Club Interlachen BEEKEEPERS OF PUT NA M COUNTY Putnam County Ag Center East Palatka Contact Mickie Beekeepersofputnamcounty.org C R E SCENT CITY YAC H T C LUB ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS C EL EB R A TION G R OUP S at. 4 pm Howe Memorial Methodist Church A D D I CTION COUNSELIN G N arconon would like to remind families that the use of addicting protect your family from drug use. If you know anyone who is struggling with drug addiction get them the help they need.Call for a free brochure on the signs of addiction for all drugs. N arconon also offers free screen D rugAbuseSolution.com. Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today for free screenings or referrals ASSISTANCE FO R FLO R I D A SE R V ICES Tues. 10 am Trinity Episcopal Church CELEB R A TE R E COVE R Y Dunns Creek Baptist Church C R E SCENT CITY TOPS Tues. 9 am St. John the Baptist Catholic Church LEE CONLEE H OUSE Victim Advocate in Crescent City QUIVANNO P R O BIOTICS WO R K S H O P Monahan Chiropractic Medical Clinic SENIO R F R I EN D S CENTE R M on. 11 am Yoga Tues. 9:15 am Line Dance Wed. 1 pm Game Day Butler Bldg Conf. Room Putnam Community Medical Center ST R O KE SU R V IVO RS OF PALATKA Mon. & Fri. Mornings Free Exercise Classes TAI C H I C LASS Georgetown Community Center T H E E D G A R JO H N SON SENIO R C ENTE R T ues. 10 am Seniors vs Crime TOPS FLO R I D A # 435 Welaka Tues. 9 am First Baptist Church of Welaka VIOLENCE INTE R V ENTION & P R E VENTION P R O G R A M P utnam County Health Department Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline A LA D I ES A R O UN D T H E LAKE M EETIN G Crafts & Covered Dish Lunch Georges Lake Community Center A M E R I CAN LE G I ON POST 45 Sat. All you can eat breakfast CO M M U NITY T H R I FT S H O P Corner Lemon and Main. behind Howe Methodist ChurchCrescent City H U M A NE SOCIETY OF NO R T H EAST FLO R I D A Closed Sun. & Mon. 112 Norma St. Hollister Humane Society Thrift Store Sat. 9 am 5 pm Closed Sunday M T CA R M E L CO M M U NITY R E SOU R CE CENTE R I NC. Mon. 10 am 2 pm PALATKA C H R I STIAN SE R V ICE CENTE R SECON D T I M E A R O UN D S H O P Community United Methodist Church Lake Como SOUT H P UTNA M C H R I STIAN SE R V ICE CENTE R 219 N. Summit St. T H R I FT STO R E 4th Mon. Bag Day St. Vincent DePaul 515 Central Avenue Downtown Crescent CityPUTNA M COUNTY H O M E CO M M U NITY E D U CATO RS ( H C E)2nd Wed. Agriculture BuildingCall Mary Ellen Clifton SOUT H P UTNA M M E D ICAL M I SSION Free Medical Care for ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS Church of the Holy Comforter ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS A NEW LIFE GR O UP Howe Memorial Methodist Church 252 S. Summit St. Crescent City ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS LIBE R T Y GR O UP First Presbyterian Church ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS CELEB R A TION GR O UP Thur. noon Howe Memorial Methodist Church 252 S. Summit St. Crescent City ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS Highland Ave. Lake Como HEALTH AND SUPPORT EDUCATION CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONSA M E R I CAN LE G I ON POST 293 Dinner AZALEA CITY C R U ISE RS Every 4th Sat. 5 p.m. Woodys BBQ State Rd 19 Palatka B AS S C A PITAL VFW P O ST 1 0177 Crescent City Womans Club BOY SCOUTS T R O OP #42 CUB SCOUTS PACK 42 VENTU R E C R E W SCOUTIN G 42 (only when school is in session) Howe Memorial Methodist Church 252 S. Summit St. Crescent City C R E ATE! A R T ISTS G U IL D OF NO R T H F LO R I D A Larimer Art Center C R E SCENT CITY M OOSE LO D G E Dinner Public Invited F R A TE R NAL ORD E R OF EA G L ES INTE R LAC H EN Weekdays 4 pm Social Room Happy Hr. Tues. 5 pm Hamburgers State Rd 20 Interlachen F R A TE R NAL ORD E R OF EA G L ES 4355 Tues. & Wed. 1 pm Pinochle Wed. 5 pm Tacos FR U ITLAN D P E NINSULA HISTO R I CAL S O CIETY G I R L SCOUTS St. John the Baptist Catholic Church H I STO R I C CENT R A L ACA D E M Y Preservation & Community Development Inc. Supporters Meeting Palatka INTE R LAC H EN LIONS CLUB PALATKA A M AT EU R R A D I O CLUB Palatka Library PALATKA D U PLICATE B R I D G E C LUB Wed. 10 am Bring lunch C R E SCENT CITY D U PLICATE B R I D G E C LUB Crescent City Lessons Available SOCIAL SPORTSB2 Our community. Our people. All local. MISCELLANEOUS CROSSWORD SOLUTION SUDOKU SOLUTION


ing if I recall. I picked up S.J. around 8:30 a.m., and went by the Putnam County Courier Journal to pick up items that had been donated to him. After picking up items of food, deodorant, blankets etc, we took off and headed for the probation department in Palatka. As we made our way over the bridge, S.J. saw some homeless people sitting at the park, then said to me, Mr. Travis, I have way more than I need, do you think we can swing into the park, and give some of this stuff to the homeless. I agreed, and within a few minutes we were passing out some of the items from the back of my Jeep. S.J. made the comment, Did you see how happy they were to get the blankets and food. I know what I want to do now. I want to get a job working to help the homeless. That dream would be crushed in less than an hour. We arrived at the probation department, and S.J. was happy as a young kid open ing Christmas present. He got o ut of my Jeep and said, Ill be back in a few minutes. Do you think we can go to the bread of life, and help them serve lunch when Im done? Sure thing, I said, but that would be the last time I would see his smiling face, except on a T.V. monitor at the jail. I guess it was about 45 minutes later when a young woman walked out to talk to me. Mr. Roberts, Im with the probation department, S.J. has been arrested because he tested positive on his urine test. My reply was, What did he test positive for? She said, Meth! Okay, this was something I hadnt expected. Ive done research on Meth, and know it only stays in your system for five days, and the fact is, over the past two weeks S.J. had not been out of my sight for one minute. Now I would like to back up a little here, just so you know what I am dealing with. The month before S.J. was arrest ed I went to the probation de partment with S.J. My reason w as not to start any trouble nor was it to interview his probation officer. When we arrived I walked in with S.J., and asked to speak to his Probation Officer. The lady leaves and a man returns. I asked if I could speak to his probation Officer, and was cut short by this man say ing, We dont talk to anyone e xcept the person who is on probation especially report ers! I e xplained to the man that I was doing a story on S.J. and did not want to do or say anything that might violate his probation or get him in trouble. It was at this point that the man became irate and started saying, You bet ter not write anything about m e in the paper or I will sue you! HUH? Then he start ed talking about calling the c ops on me so I left. After S.J. was arrested I started investigating what went wrong, I knew that S.J. hadnt smoked any Meth because he had been with me for two weeks. I called the Department of Correc tions and was told that they u sed Nation Lavatories to do their drug testing, but was shocked when a source, I wont disclose from the Pro bation Department in Palatka t old me, Oh no, they dont use National Lavatories, they use the St. Johns Walk in Medical Center. Now I know for a fact that S.J. had been taking Sudafed and Nyquil because I purchased them for him. Sudafed is one of the main ingredients in Meth. Im out of space but will continue this story in two weeks. Next week I will be writing about the memorial service that will be held in Crescent City for a veteran with an unmarked grave. I hope that you will continue to read the S.J. story. In my heart I believe that he should never have been arrested for any charges he has but Ill let you take the facts and decide for yourself. Thank you for reading this article, and be safe. July 23, 2014 B3 S.J. from page B1 NEW VOTING LOCATION IN CRESCENT CITY e Putnam County Supervisor of Elections is opening a Crescent City O ce to serve the voters of South Putnam County. e Crescent City O ce will be at the South Putnam Government Complex located at 115 N. Summit Street in Crescent City. For additional information please call The Department of Environmental Protection has performed a Source Water Assessment on our system. These assessments are conducted to provide information about any potential of contamination in the vicinity of our has not shown any indication of contamination. The assessment results are available on the DEP Source Water day of each month. nants to less often than once per year because the concentrations of these contaminants are not expected to vary ments that a water system must follow. ND means not detected and indicated that the substance was not found by laboratory analysis. of the water sample. the water sample. TEST RESULTS TABLE presence of animals or from human activity. storm water runoff and residential uses. storm water runoff and septic tanks. public health. contaminants. The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that the water poses a health risk. Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general populations. Immune-compromised person such as persons with cancer undergoing chemo therapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly and infants can be particularly at risk from infections. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. EPA/CDC guidelines on appropriate means to lessen the risk of infection by Cryptosporidium and other microbiological contaminants are available from the Environmental Protection Agencys Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791. We at the Crescent City Water Systems would like you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water. If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided please feel free to call any of the numbers listed. INORGANIC CONTAMINANTS have your water tested. 2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report City of Crescent City Republican for County Commissioner, District 4 Vote forColonel Bud Surratt Concerned for our Future & Dedicated to the Citizens of Putnam County Married to Judith Ann Wilcoxon 5 Sons and 12 Grandchildren Paid by Colonel Bud Surratt, Republican for District 4 County Commissioner




Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: ST JOHNS RIVERSIDE ESTATES HIGH 6 LOT 4 (MAP SHEET 39J) BERT JOSEPH M ET AL C/O JO SEPH HERBERT+PATRICK HER BERT. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: ST JOHNS RIVERSIDE ESTATES PINEWOOD SEC REPLAT MB4 31/43A) KELL TERESSA. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF SE MARK + SANDRENE H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF 230(LOT 23) CHMAN FRANK L + MICHELA R H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF PT IN BAUGHAMNS S/D BK99 OR149 P217 OR436 P43) LINDSAY R + BEVERLY KAE H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF ANGELA YVONNE. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK CUST CAZ CREEK FL LLC the holder of the following cer of issuance, the description of the was assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF NE LA MARTIN + CATALINA H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: S 22A MENT on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICEIN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF FLORIDA SEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR PUTNAM COUNTY PROBATE DIVISION IN RE: The Estate of VALMA MIRJIAM GRANT a/k/a VALMA M. GRANT, Deceased NOTICE TO CREDITORS of VALMA MIRJIAM GRANT a/k/a VALMA M. GRANT, deceased, whose date of death was May 21, 2014, is pending in the Circuit and address of the Personal Repre All creditors of the decedent and THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AF TER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. All other creditors of the decedent WITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICA TION OF THIS NOTICE. ALL CLAIMS, DEMANDS AND OBJECTIONS NOT FILED WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH IN SECTION 733.702 OF THE FLORIDA PROBATE CODE WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. NOTWITHST ANDING THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE AFTER THE BARRED. notice is July 23, 2014. /s/ LISA MARIE GRANT Georgetown, FL 32139 /s/ JAY D. ASBURY Attorney for Personal Crescent City, FL 32112 Florida Bar No. 0107109 LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SEVENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA PROBATE DIVISION IN RE: THE ESTATE OF Ralph S. Sheely, deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS of Ralph S. Sheely, deceased, pending in the Circuit Court for and addresses of the personal All creditors of the decedent and court WITHIN THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. All other creditors of the dece this court WITHIN 3 MONTHS AF TER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE. ALL CLAIMS NOT SO FILED WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. Notice is July 23, 2014. PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE /s/ Betty M Sheely, Petitioner 742 Cedar Creek Road ATTORNEY FOR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Attorney For Petitioner PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE PUTNAM COUNTY LAND DEVELOPMENT TO THE OFFICIAL ZONING MAP. on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at LEGAL NOTICENOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that USAMERIBANK REF RMC USAB LIFT the holder of the following cer ance, the description of the proper assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2011 Description of Property: PT OF P122) D Cooper. 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that USAMERIBANK REF RMC USAB LIFT the holder of the following cer ance, the description of the proper assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2011 Description of Property: PT OF of Florida. 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that USAMERIBANK REF RMC USAB LIFT the holder of the following cer ance, the description of the proper assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2011 Description of Property: PT OF GREEN HILLS S/D UNRECORD ED) SON DOROTHY A. 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. 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