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As I ran in the living room, my brother was holding his chest and gasping for air, then he collapsed and became unconscious. I checked his pulse, he didnt have one. I listened for a heartbeat but it wasnt there either. Mom, call 911. I started doing CPR. These are the words of an 18 year old young man, whom I will introduce to you in just a moment. According to the American Heart Asso ciation, nearly 400,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, occur annually in the United States. With the unexpected and sud den loss of heart function, response time is critical. After four min utes the brain and bodi ly functions can experi ence permanent damage. The chances of survival are reduced by 7 to 10 percent for every minute that passes without CPR. After 10 minutes, sur vival is unlikely, as 95 percent of cardiac arrest victims die before reach ing a medical facility, according to John Hopkins Hospital. When we send our kids to school, we hope and pray they will listen, and learn. Every day when my kids return home from school, I always ask, Did you learn any thing new in school to day? most of the time the reply is, Nope, and Im sure most parents get that same answer. With that type of an swer it makes us wonder, are the teachers doing their jobs, do the teachers really care, or is this just a way to collect a check? Rest assured, I have met most of the teachers in our community and I can assure you, teaching is not just a paycheck for them. With all that be ing said, I would like to introduce you to a few people that make up this next story. A couple of weeks ago I was doing a fundrais er at the Winn-Dixie in Crescent City. This fund raiser was for our local VFW. I was just closing the lid on the smoker when, Master Sargent Pelehach walked up. Sargent Pelehach is a mem ber of the VFW and also the JROTC teacher at the Crescent City High School. Sargent Pelehach handed me an email that he received from, Mr. Richard Back, the Fire Chief for the Welaka Fire Department, and this is where the story begins. Eighteen years ago, in a Gainesville hospital not far away, Mr. and Mrs. Aragon had a son, whom they named Eduardo. At the time of his birth, Im sure neither had any idea their son would one day be labeled a Hero. Eduardo has lived in the Crescent City area since he was born. He attended elementary, middle and high school here, and graduated this past June from Crescent City High. While in high school, Eduardo was on both the boxing team, and cross country team. His two favorite subjects were, World History and JROTC. While in JROTC, Eduardo learned CPR from Master Sargent Pelehach. While inter viewing Eduardo I ask, Did you ever think you would use CPR when you were learning it? Edu -Governor Rick Scott recognized 37 out standing educators for t heir contributions to learning with the Gov ernors Shine Awards. T he Shine Award is pre sented to Florida educa tors who have impacted t he lives of students through the classroom. The teachers recognized were all named District Teachers of the Year for their respective coun ties. Governor Scott s aid, I am so honored to be able to present the Governors Shine Award to these 20142015 District Teachers of the Year. As we cele brate Floridas success es in education we must a pplaud our teachers commitment to educat ing Floridas children. F loridas students are among the best in the nation thanks to the commitment of our great educators. Our wonderful teachers play a fundamental role in preparing our students for college and a career. Making that list was Matthew Bergen, a fthgrade teacher at Brown ing Pearce Elementary S chool in East Palatka. Putnam County School District employees, at the Campbell Admin istration Building, sent p hotos and messages of support for Bergen, Putnams Teacher of the Year, to the Florida De partment of Education f or its Teacher of the Year celebration. Em ployees donned a vari ety of hats, including s ome homemade ones, for a Hats off to Matt photo. Inside Meet at Rangers Station in Welaka State Forest on Saturday, July 19 for a paddle to Mud Spring! Paddlers will meet at 9 a.m. at the rangers station in Welaka State Forest and load kayaks onto a trailer for transport into the forest to Johns Landing. This is a nice short paddle around the point and into the slew for Mud Spring. Contrary to its name, the spring is clear and swimmable. This will be a relaxing and fun paddle, good for beginners who are willing to paddle two miles one way. Whistles and Life Preservers are mandatory. Water, a snack, sunscreen and bug spray are recommended.See Hero on page A4 Special to theCourier Journal The Melrose Branch Library is holding a reunion picnic for anyone whos been involved with the Reading Patch Club program in the past. If youve had any involvement with the program, then youre invited! The picnic is planned for Saturday, July 19, at noon in the meeting room at the Melrose Branch Library at 312 Wynnwood Avenue (behind the post ofce) in Melrose. Bring a packed lunch and save room for dessert and beverages, which are provided free thanks to the Melrose Library Association. For more information regarding the reunion or the Reading Patch Club, contact the Melrose Branch Library at 352475-1237. e Edition e e Weve Gone Digital! Mud Springs PaddleThe Arts Council of Greater Palatkas coffee house concert series, Saturday Nite Live at the Larimer, will feature the folk rock sensation The Reasons Why in July. The show will be this Saturday, July 19, at the Larimer Arts Center located at 216 Reid Street in Palatka. The doors open at 7 p.m. and the music begins at 7:30 p.m. The cost is $7 and $5 for students. Coffee and refreshments will be served. The Reasons Why are geared up to jam the house, playing music that all ages can appreciate. Part of the mission of Saturday Nite Live at the Larimer is to offer quality music suitable for all ages at a low cost. The Scarlet Hill Theater offers a dynamic sound quality that is rich and pleasing to the ears, while the atmosphere of the Larimer Coffee House setting is laid back, social, and friendly. Luke Taft, Saturday Nite Live Chair, urges those who have not attended a concert at The Larimer Arts Center to come out and see what all the hype is about. For more information call 386-328-8998 or visit www.artsinputnam.org.Church...................A5 Community............A3Crossword................B4Faces & Places......B1 Opinion..................A2Public Notices.B4-B5 Way Back When....A4 Library Programs Bike and EatThe following is a list of lane and road closures underway by FDOT that may impact trafc through Friday, July 18. U.S. 17 over Dunns Creek: Daytime lane closures from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday for routine bridge inspection. Reading Patch Reunion facebook.com/putnamcountycourierjournalPhoto by Al Fraser Crescent City Local, Al Fraser, photographed a rarely seen event on Thursday, July 10. A group of approximately fifteen manatees gathered close to shore in a manatee mating herd around 6 a.m. on Lake Crescent.The Crescent City Public Library will be having Reel Time at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 16. On Saturday, July 19, there will be Tummy Troubles at 10 a.m., Fun Films at 11 a.m., and Teen Reeds at 12:30 p.m.Come to Musselwhites Restaurant on Tuesday, July 22 at 6 p.m. for a Bike and Eat. Bikers will meet at Musselwhites parking lot in East Palatka, and ride either a short 10-mile loop or a longer 20-mile loop, or a modied ride for in between. Dinner will follow at Musselwhites. All ability lev els are welcome. Helmets are mandatory. Live at the Larimer Lane and Road Closures Putnam County Teacher of the Year recognized by GovernorPhoto special to the Courier Journal Matthew Bergen, Putnam Countys Teacher of the Year, was recognized with the Governors Shine Award for impacting the lives of students through the classroom. Photo by Travis Roberts Eighteen year old Eduardo Aragon is considered by some to be a hero, for saving the life of his older brother. Travis Roberts Staff WriterLovin in Lake Crescent Local eighteen year old saves brothers life


July is the nations official Park and Recreation month. It was first designated by congress in 1984 as a way to celebrate parks at all governmental levels, whether they are national, state or local. They also wanted to recognize the contribution of both the employees and the volunteers who were vital to keep the parks and recreation areas of our country running. It serves as an important reminder of our dedication to the preservation of the environment, and serves as an aid to the memory for all Americans to enjoy the natural wonders of our nation. This years theme is Out Is In with a focus on setting trends rather than following them. The hope is to get people to go outside, change their outlook and to get more involved in their community through parks and recreation. They are extending the challenge this year to get everyone outside more. Pack a picnic lunch and go to a park, hold a meeting or exercise class in the fresh air, step outside to brush your teeth, or even sleep out in the open (happy camping)! Check out their July challenge contest on http://www.nrpa.org/July-Challenge/ to try to win Amazon gift cards! When we spend time outdoors it improves our stress levels and mental health. Three in ten adults do not spend any time outdoors each day, and the things that are getting in the way of that are the TV, computers and smartphones. We need to put those things down for an extra half hour to an hour a day and get outside to get some fresh air, sunshine and exercise. We will all be better off for it. Bring your loved ones along and make it a family affair so you can reconnect with them as well!! UV Safety Month In a related issue, July is also UV Safety Month. UV radiation is the main cause of skin can cer and can cause eye damage including cataracts and macular degeneration, the primary c auses of vision loss in seniors. In addition, harmful UV exposure can weaken the immune system, increase sun spots and wrinkles, and lead to premature aging. Skin Cancer can be prevented! It takes planning and the proper use of sunscreens and protective clothing when you are outside in the suns damaging rays. Always apply sunscreen BEFORE you go outside and reapply at least every two hours or after swimming or excessive sweating. Wear protective clothing including a wide brimmed hat to cover exposed areas of the head and neck. Wear polarized sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UV rays and wrap around to protect eyes from every angle. The American Cancer Society promotes a clever slogan that is easy to remember for ulti mate UV radiation protection: Slip! Slop! Slap! And Wrap. Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, s lap on a hat and wrap on sunglasses. Every sunburn increases your chances of skin cancer in the future, protect yourself NOW! Government Watch A2 City of Crescent CityCity Commission Meeting, August 14, 7 p.m.CRA Board Meeting, August 14, 7 p.m.Planning & Zoning Meeting, August 14, 6 p.m.City Hall, 3 North Summit Street. Meets 2nd Thurs of the month. 386-698-2525 www.CrescentCity-FL.com Town Council of WelakaTown Council Meeting, August 12, 6:30 p.m.Code Enforcement Meeting, Tuesday, August 12, 5 p.m. Zoning Board Meeting, Tuesday, August 12, 5:30 p.m.Town Hall, Fourth Ave. Meets 2nd Tues of the month. 386-467-9800. www.Welaka-FL.govTown Council of Pomona Park Town Council Meeting, August 12, 6 p.m.Beautification Committee Meeting, August 12, 5:30 p.m.Town Hall Council Chambers, 1775 US Hwy 17 S.TownClerk@PomonaPark.com Meets 2nd Tues of the month. 386-649-4902 www.PomonaPark.comPutnam County Board of County CommissionersJuly 22, 9 a.m. Regular MeetingMeets second and fourth Tuesday in the Commission chambers, 2509 Crill Ave, Suite 100, Palatka. 386-329-0205Putnam County School Board August 5, 3:30 p.m. Regular MeetingMeets the first and third Tuesday in the school board meeting room, Campbell Administration Building, 200 S. Seventh St., Palatka. 386-329-0545. DISCLAIMER: Views expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of the Putnam County Courier Journal or its advertisers. The Putnam County Courier Journal does not knowingly publish false information and may not be held liable for the views of readers exercising their right to free expression.OPINION Facebook ChatA Community center in the main communities (Cres cent City, Palatka, and Interlachen). Ther e could be arts and indoor sports. Look into other model communi ties (see how they run and what things ar e offered) to have more enrichment op portunities for our youth and families to be mor e involved. Grew up in Palm Beach Gar dens and there was and still is so much for families and childr en...helps give kids opportunities to stay out of trouble. Holly Gallagher Interlachen We asked our Facebook friends:What improvements would you like to see made in Putnam County?I would like to see the Cambridge program in all the S outh Putnam schools. Our children deserve it just as much as the children in the rest of the county. Busing our children all over the county should not have to be our only option. The potential is here why is South Putnam constantly being overlooked? Tasha Newbold Crescent City Crescent City as a cultural node for the area, promot ing and providing a center f or visual and performing arts, permaculture and healthy life styles, many community events which draw folks to be together, a seed loan and training pro gram for small business, s ports to involve kids. Co operative ventures by the v aried ethnicities and de nominations, a place for a ll ages to be together. A finding collaboration be tween government, busi ness, private and non prof it. CC and area become f amous for nurturing the growth and development of creative social artistry. Judi White Crescent CityFrom Me to YouLetters to the Editor A Lake Street Publishing Company Newspaper POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To Putnam County Courier Journal 330 N. Summit Street Crescent City, FL 32112USPS No. 451-140 2014 Lake Street Publishing Co. Published Every Wednesday by Lake Street Publishing Company, Inc. Periodicals Postage Paid at Crescent City, Florida.General: pccjnews@gmail.com Classified Ads: classifieds@cjnewsfl.com Display Ads: ads@cjnewsfl.com Juliette Laurie Editor / Publisher Mike Jones General Manager / Ad Sales Laura Berardi Production Assistant Skip Sasscer Distribution Rose Delaney Community Photographer Beth Carter Staff Writer Travis Roberts Staff WriterTammy Sanchez Staff Writer One Year Florida Subscription $24 (incl. tax)One Year Out-Of-State $28 Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Monday through FridayAdvertising Deadline: 5 pm Friday Classified Deadline: 10 am Monday Editorial Deadline: Noon FridayPhone: 386-698-1644 Fax: 386-698-1994 Putnam County On line: www.cjnewsfl.com Thats How I See ItA. Nonymous Juliette Laurie Editor/Publisher Obama said this week that, There are no scandals in Washington, Well if you believe that, then you are either smoking too much legal weed, or your lobotomy needs to be reversed. Enough about Obozo, let me move on to something that we might be able to see eye to eye on. The national average for sexual predators is 14.03 offenders for every 10,000 peo ple, but in Putnam County the average for Sexual Predators is, 40.27 offenders for every 10,000 people, thats almost three times the national average. Yes, we have some sick people living in our county. The crimes committed by these individuals range from, possession of child pornography, lewd and lascivi ous acts on children, and rape. Most of the crimes are done to children between the ages of 12 to 15 years old. These crimes are not from any particular race either, the offenders are White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, or all of the above. Neither are these crimes committed by just males, but by females as well, they are and young and old. There is a difference between a sexual predator and a sexual offender. A Sexual offender is a person who has been convicted once of a sexual crime, but that crime was not sufciently horric to qualify that person as a sexual predator, according to law 943.0435(1)(a). A Sexual Predator is someone who has more than one conviction for a sex act, be it from child pornography, rape etc...and it was non-consensual sex. The reason for these two categories is for purpose of notication. The Sheriffs ofce, and police are required to notify the community about the presents of a sexual predator, but not a sexual offenders. So what is being done about these sick, sorry excuses for human beings? Since the 1990s, 20 states have passed a law that holds these sexual deviants account able, not only for past crimes but also future crimes. Its called the Civil Commit ment Law. When released from state prison, most criminals will go to Arcadia, Florida, and are held until a Judge deems them t to return to society. Almost 25% of the sexual offenders released last year committed a sex crime within six months of their release, and six found victims the day they were released. Governor, Rick Scott signed a new law not long ago that doubles the mandato ry minimum sentence for rapist who victimize children younger than 12. Today, these pedophiles will get 50 years in the state pen instead of 25 years, and cannot be released early for good behavior or any other reason. Here is a head count of the number of sexual offenders in the surrounding areas, according to the FDLE website. Seville 205, Welaka, Satsuma, and San Mateo 173, East Palatka 150, Palatka 131, Green Cove Springs 129, Crescent City 68, Pomona Park 64, Hastings 23, Putnam County has a total of 285. To see who is in your neighborhood visit the FDLE website at www.fdle.state..us or call toll free 1-888-357-7332 for more information. I realize that a few people should not be on this list, but the majority are guilty, and to those I say this, We the people of Putnam County, will not stand for your sick behavior, touch one of our children, and you will suffer! Nothing, and I mean nothing, is sicker, than a person that would have sex or touch a child in a sexual way! If you dont agree then there isnt a Hell hot enough for you. So what do you think is the solution for the growing population of sexual predators in our area? Write in and share your thoughts on this topic. Everyone has an opinion and this is mine. You might not agree with it, but, Thats How I See ItPutnam County overloaded with Sexual Predators Dear Editor: We want to thank the large number of people that attended the Red, White, and Boom fireworks display this year. The number was significantly higher than last year. It was possible due to the generous donations of Center State Bank, the Brooks family, WESNOFSKE Farms, the Crescent City CRA Committee, Peninsular Auto Parts NAPA, P&F Mini Storage, John Browning, Dudley Sargent, KLLB Inc., Jan Simpson, Producers Ave Hardware, The Parker House, Sheppards Garage, Patrick and Stepania Kennedy, the Geo Palacia family, and several anonymous donors. U.S. Blinds of Ormond Beach donated bottled water which was sold and the profits will be used toward the cost of the June 27, 2015 Red, White, and Boom. The Crescent City Public Works, Fire, and Police Departments provided security and fire watch. 3 Bananas provided the music and their Tiki Bar. We will continue working to provide a good family celebration next June. Robert L. Chayer, Commodore Crescent City Yacht Club The Putnam County Courier Journal welcomes your letters to the Editor. Letters should be brief and legibly written. To be published, letters must include the writers signature, printed name, phone number, and hometown. Address letters to: Editor 330 N. Summit St., Crescent City, FL 32112 or FAX to 386-698-1994, or E-mail to letters@cjnewsfl.com. Id like to see our county be come a Charter Government C ounty. That is, we would have a constitution like ev ery town has, our state has, a nd our country has. People could have a bona fide say in how our county operates. Rissi Cherie InterlachenRed, White and Boom with a Bang Dear Editor: Have you ever had a party and nobody showed up? Well, thats pretty much what happened with my petition signing on July 4. Not counting me, only eight people made it to my porch to show their sup port for Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi. However, I did hear from two l adies who came by after being at the veterans event at Winn Dixie that they and others were looking for the petition there. Unfortunate ly, I wasnt able to take the petition to Winn Dixie as it is against store p olicy. So, I sat there on my porch and waited and waited, and waited. I know we are a small town, but eight people? How pathetic is that? I surely must be missing something or am in some way misguided or perhaps just plain stupid for wanting out Federal Government to intercede on Andrews behalf. I just dont know. What I do know is that he had a hearing on July 9; the details of which remain undisclosed at this time, as far as I can determine, and he will remain in his Mexican jail cell until his next hearing which is reported to be scheduled for August 4. So petition be damned, Im going to keep sending letters and making calls. In closing, I want to tank those of you who took time out of your July 4 holiday to show your support. Peggy Trice Crescent CityPetition Update Dear Editor: One morning recently I was sitting outside watching, the sun come up like thunder out of Flagler across the Lake, when our water dog, Molly, came dashing out, all atremble, pacing back and forth, obviously scared to death. What? I heard no thunder, no gun shots no fireworks. Oh, a pileated woodpecker was calling, Kak, kak, kak. Molly associates that with the, peck, peck, peck, which must mean something terrifying to her. So I stood up and looked around for the perpetrator, to see not one, but four pileated woodpeckers on my neighbors palm tree. What a rare sight of this normally solitary bird which the oldtimers called the Lord God Bird because it was so awesome. Two were slightly smaller than the other two. And then the neighborhood red-shouldered hawk came swooping under the oak canopy headed their way. One adult woodpecker took off after him and kak-kaking loudly chased him all the way to Lake Stella! You just had to be there. Only in Old Florida! What a gift right in our own backyards. Happy to be home, Patricia Maden Crescent CityA Rare Sight Letter From Governor Rick Scott to U.S. Veteran Affairs Dear Mr. McDonald: You will soon enter the position of U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs with many challenges and high expectations. No doubt, you can agree that current conditions at Florida VA hospitals are unacceptable. Our veterans who have served with honor and distinction are not receiving the proper care, and when Florida health inspectors work to help Florida veterans, federal officials turn them away. You must end the VAs culture of secrecy and address the chronic and systematic problems that plague the federal VA healthcare system. Our expectation is that you allow Florida inspectors into your facilities and usher in a new era of transparency at the Veterans Administration. As the most military-friendly and veteran-friendly state in the country, we honor the men and women who wear the uniform and call Florida home, and we are disappointed at the way the VA hospitals in Florida have treated our brave veterans. The fake waiting lists, the lack of adequate care, the delays in treatment, and the mismanagement of personnel, paperwork and patient care are all unacceptable. As the chief health policy and planning entity for the state that licenses, inspects, and investigates consumer complaints, AHCA should have access to federal VA hospitals to inspect their processes and their facilities and I am asking you to grant this request. On eight separate occasions at six federal VA hospitals, however, state inspectors have been blocked by federal officials from carrying out their mission of ensuring facilities in Florida meet the healthcare needs of our veterans. I have instructed AHCA to sue the federal veterans affairs agency to shine a light on their activities and to help protect the lives of our heroes who have earned nothing short of access to the best care possible. Additionally, as we attempt to understand the scope of the troubles facing the VA, the agency must respond to Freedom of Information Act requests for public records. Our veterans served our nation with honor and distinction. For too long, the VA has failed to provide necessary and timely care to those who have fought and defended Americas freedoms. Fixing the broken federal VA hospital system on their behalf is a national priority, and transparency is critical to that mission. These issues cannot be fixed unless the American people know what the problems are, and transparency at every level must be a priority for your leadership. Sincerely Rick Scott, Governor


Workshop of Wonders With hammers and saws and tools of la bor the Howe Memo rial Methodist Church kicked off their bible school July 7 11 with the theme Workshop of Wonders. 70 kids registered for the bible school but Deb Spere no director said that many show up every day. During this week will be a good way to introduce their new minister and wife. Pas tor Karl Wiggins and wife Christina were in volved with getting the program off to a good start. Many volunteers were busy helping. Deb asked that we give a special thanks to Larry from WD and Irwin at Ace HDWR. Another Bible School Pilgrim Congrega tional has bible school schedules for Mon day, July 21-25. Back by popular demand is a three-man mission team from Charlotte, North Carolina; who will be taking a week off from their regular jobs to come and work with our youth. First for the Stricklers Richard and Irma Kay Strickler are cel ebrating the birth of their rst great grand child. Easton Gleen Lahman was born in Omaha, Nebraska on June 17, weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. to the Stricklers granddaughter Sarah and Dustine Lahman. Maternal grandparents Andy and Paula Strick ler. Paternal grandpar ents Larry and Kim Lahman. Congratula tions to all of you. Its hard to believe I wrote about the birth of the Strickler twins, Sarah and Matthew, twenty some years ago. Good luck and god bless. Pomona Park The youth group from Frist Baptist Church of Pomona Park traveled to South Florida this year for their mission work. They were work ing with Habitat for Humanity, doing light construction work for the elderly and people who are in need. One day they worked at a bike shop, xing bikes to give to needy kids. Mowing lawns, raking, cleaning trash, paint ing and doing beach evangelism. The team stayed at Palm Beach Atlantic College. Library Program Postponed The July program Meet the Greats at the library with Mary Say lor will be postponed until September. Market Place Charlene Lansford and daughter, Deborah Clutter enjoyed break fast at the Pomona Park Market place on Tues day, July 1. Breakfast and lunch are served with booths and ta bles of hand made and home made items for sale. Market day is ev ery rst Saturday from 7 a.m. till 2 p.m. Bone Density Test I was introduced to a new type of testing for bone density at Ex press Family Care on Tuesday, June 24 in Crescent City. The arm is placed in a small por table machine called DTX-200-DEXACARE which is a unique x-ray densitometer for the as sessment of bone den sity in the distal part of the forearm. Furnished by Global Mobile Diag nostics out of Tampa. Radiologic technologist, Lynn Spear, gave the test. It takes about 4 minutes and there is no pain and no shield ing. Results are given immediately. The pres ident of the company, Pauline Craig, hap pened to be in the ofce that day so we decided to include her and an associate, Don Linville, regional manager, in the right up. They are from Tampa. Express Family Cares number is 386-698-1221. Carters 50th Anniversary The four daughters of Frank and Jan Carter with the help from their families gave Frank and Jan a party to be proud of. Lisa from California with Ashley and Blake from South Carolina, Carolyn and David with Abby and Mike with Daughter Rebakah from Texas. The community cen ter in Pomona Park on Friday, July 4, was the location for the cele bration. The table with white cloths and red satin centerpieces with candles and a few sh in the crystal bowls were placed among the tables. Pictures pinned with tiny clothes pins were hung along three walls. Folks had fun visiting and enjoying hors doeuvres for an hour or two before a delicious dinner ca tered by M & J Cater ers was served. A re newal of wedding vows which the Carters were unaware of. The vows were performed by Pas tor Gary Munson of First Baptist Church of Pomona Park. Des sert was a beautiful strawberry laden cake, with ice cream, made by Irma Kay Strickler of Lake Como. It was a lovely evening. Car ters, we wish you many more happy years to gether. An Unforgettable Graduation Trip Angie DeYoung and her husband, Wes, from Crescent City, drove to Bow, New Hampshire to attend grandson, Joshs, high school graduation. His parents are Steven and Shari DeYoung. Their vacation trip began with driving to Roanoke, Virginia. At their hotel they were told about the hot breakfast that would be served starting at 6 a.m. They planned on leaving earlier, so the desk clerk said she was working a double shift and would have it ready an hour earlier for them. Nice! The second day brought changes in the form of low tire pres sure. A group of mo torcyclists helped them check all the tires un til everything was ok. When they arrived in Bow, New Hampshire it was 9:45 p.m. It was dark and raining and no streetlights. Their cell phone had gone to the great beyond. They couldnt nd the road that led to their sons home. Finally, Angie said lets stop at any house with the lights on and ask for direc tions. The people there were very accommodat ing and the gentleman was familiar with their sons neighborhood. He got out his car and led them to their sons house. The following day was really spe cial of course as their grandson was gradu ating from high school. He is a member of the National Honor Society and a member of the senior class senate. He will be attending Holy Cross University in Worcester, Massachu setts in the fall. On Monday they went to Boston. They walked a part of the Freedom Trail, saw the Old North Church and a statue of Paul Revere, and had lunch at the old Union Oyster House. It has been open continuously since 1826. They said the best part was com ing home. Angie and Wes DeYoung with their grandson, Josh at his graduation. Joshs maternal grandfather, Larry Laliberte, is in the back. The Whites grandchildren Alicia and Cive spending the weekend at the lake with grandparents. COMMUNITYWorkshop of Wonders, Market Place, Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary July 16 A3 Beth Carter 698-1644community.pccj@gmail.comHowe Memorial Methodist Church bible school group. Teachers and their new minister in back. Crescent City Flower Shop Where Quality and Freshness Count Diana Elliott Angela Depotter 386-698-1313 www.CrescentCityFlowerShop.com Howe Memorial Methodist Churchs new minister and wife, Pastor Karl and Christina Wiggins. Carters 50th wedding anniversary with their four daughters. Listed from left to right: Cathy, Lisa, Jan, Frank, Christie and Carolyn Lynn Spear, Pauline Craig, Done Linville, giving Beth Carter a bone density test. rffnt nbfffbffrrfr ntbnMerrill-Hancock & Turner Insurance 1301 St. Johns Ave. Palatka MOTORCYCLErfr rf nr r fnfn Serving Putnam County Since 19631813 Reid St. (Hwy 17) Palatka 325.0440 325.0460 Express Family Care Now Oering Sports & School PhysicalsOnly $25(cash or check) CRESCENT CITY 386-698-1221EAST PALATKA386-328-2164 RA DIO SHOWEVERY THU RSDA PMWPLK 800 A WIYD 1260 AM SPONSORED THIS MONTH BYOPEN EVERY DAY 8AM-10PMBINGO ON WED, SAT & SUN 3 PROGRESSIVE GAMES DAILY!201 ST JOHNS AVE PALATKA(386) 328-5822 BINGOPALACEFLORIDA.COM AUG 29-30 LABOR DAY WEEKEND THEGEMCITYSHRIMPBLAST.COM 900 ST JOHNS AVENUE OPEN MON-FRI 10AM-4PM 386-328-0909 PALATKADOWNTOWN.COM INFO ON DOWNTOWN SHOPS, RESTAURANTS, AND EVENTS! MURAL PRINTS, AZALEA & BLUE CRAB TEES, LOCAL ART! Stun Master TM Lipstick Stun Guns $21 .40 (Includes Tax) $21 386-698-1644 Get Yours at Putnam County 3 Million Volts! 330 N. Summit St. Crescent City 32112 3 Million Volts!


ardo replied, Yes, and youll see the reason why in just a minute. Please allow me to take you to the day Eduardo became a Hero. It was Sunday, March 23, around 7 p.m. The temperature outside is 72 degrees. So far its been a great day and Eduardo is sitting back watching Cops on TV, but that would all change with the ringing of his phone. As Eduardo said hel lo, his mother said, Get home now, its an emergency. Eduardo ran down the street as fast as he could go, not knowing what the emer gency was all about. E duardo opens up the door to his mothers house, and as he enters the living room, he sees the problem. Eduardos 24 year old brother is stretched out on the sofa. Eduaros older brother is holding his chest and gasping for air. Eduardo said, That only lasted for a few seconds, then he passed out! Instead of freaking out, Eduardo remained calm and went into action. Checking for a pulse he felt noth ing. Tilting his brothers h ead back, he listened for air coming from his lungs, but nothing. In less than a few seconds, his brothers life was ending, right before his very eyes. I knew I had to remain calm, Eduar do said. Mom, Call 911! In stantly Eduardo started p erforming CPR on his brother. Eduardo tilted his brothers head back, then two breaths were given, then thirty push es on the chest, just like S argent Pelehach had taught him, but nothing. Again, two puffs, then thirty compressions, and again nothing! Eduardo knows from his training, he only had a few minutes before it was all over. Then it hap pened, his brother start ed breathing, but just a s quickly as he started breathing, he quit again. Eduardo said, I nev er lost faith as I start ed giving him CPR for t he second time. With the Welaka fire depart ment pulling up, Eduar do never stopped giving C PR to his brother until the first responders took over. Let me give you the di rect quote from the email M aster Sargent gave me from Mr. Richard Back, the Chief of the Welaka Fire Department. We were dispatched to Ap ple Ave. for Eduardos b rother who was not breathing. Upon my ar rival, Eduardo was per forming CPR on his Old er Brother. His training a nd willingness to per form CPR was life saving f or his brother. We need more fine young men like Eduardo. According to Eduar do, his brother had run o ut of his high blood presser medicine, and that caused his brothers heart to stop beating. The older brother has recovered and is doing fine. I have to admit, when Sargent Pelehach told me about Eduardo, I expected to meet a young man who would be wearing his pants pulled half way down with an attitude, like so many 18 year olds today, but instead I met a fine young man who is go ing to school in Palatka t o become a firefighter and paramedic. By day Eduardo cleans floors at the, Lakewood Nurs ing Center, in Crescent C ity and also volunteers at, The Future Little Learning Center, also in Crescent City. If that wasnt enough to keep him busy Eduardo also volunteers at Fire sta tion #3 in Crescent City. E uarado hopes to com plete school soon and b ecome a Fire Chief one day, and maybe further his career by becoming a doctor. In closing Eduardo wanted me to give Mas ter Sargent Pelehach a m essage, Thank you sir for taking the time to teach me and to give me the skills to save my brothers life. Eduardo also wanted me to give you the readers, and his Mom and Dad a mes sage as well. T o the readers, Appre ciate what you have in l ife, because tomorrow you could lose it in a split second. To Eduardos Mother and Father, Mom and Dad, thank you for put ting me through school, a nd for always standing behind me. I love you! As you can see, this story isnt just about a young man saving his brothers life, but a teach er who cared enough t o teach. A young man, who chose not to ignore but listen and learn, A Mother and Father who love their son enough to stand behind him, and a fire chief who thought this young mans story needed to be told. I hope that some of our county officials will read this story and rec ognize Mr. Eduardo Ara gon as a local hero. Im s ure I speak for all the community when I say, Thank you, to all the people involved in this story, for taking the time to bring it to life. If you dont know CPR then I hope you will take the time to learn it. I hope to be able to do a video interview with Master Sargent Pelehach in the near future, to teach anyone who wants to learn CPR. This Video will be posted on the Putnam County Couri er Facebook page soon. T hank you for reading this article.From the pages of the Crescent City Jour nal of July 16, 1959, w e learn of another fun-filled day on the shores of Lake Stella. You didnt need to go far to find something to do in those days. The two business en tities mentioned were a ctive in the area at the time. Tampa Water skiing show on Lake Stella Water skiing was the order of the day as the Ski Bees of Tampa, Fla., turned Lake Stella into a Cypress Gardens. The program consist ed of water skiing ballet a rtists and ski jumpers. There was even a flying skier who went up into the air with a kite. Sponsored by Lions The show was spon sored by the Crescent C ity Lions Club and pro ceeds from concession s tands went to a cam paign to save sight. T he Crescent City Boat Company and Span American aided the fes tivities by contributing b oats manufactured at the boat works. C. J. Asbury was in charge of prizes. Refreshments served Harry Frank, E. A Loving, C. C. West, Z. N. Harrell, Gene Byrd and James Stockton were members of the refreshment committee. Hot dogs and hamburg ers were served with re freshments. T he weather was slightly rainy but it did not dampen the spirit of the performers. In spite of the weath er conditions, a good c rowd was on hand. At the end of the fes tivities, Crescent City f amilies were sold the most inexpensive ham burgers and hot dogs s ince 1932. In order to sell out the Lions dropped the price from 25 cents to 10 cents. A4 OUR TO WN Hero from page A1 Robert Kelsey, M.D. and Internal Medicine Now Accepting New Patients Way Back When... Lovarnso WalkerSales Consultant256 Hwy. 17 N., Palatka, FL 32177 (386) 328-8863 Ext. 117 (800) 382-3692 Ext. 117 FAX (386) 328-7222 CELL (386) 559-3512 lovarnsowalker@beckchrysler.com Dr. Walker Curing All Your Automotive Needs July 16, 1964Finalists in golf tourney to meet As yet the finalists in the golf tour25 years agoJuly 16, 1964Finalists in golf tourney to meet As yet the finalists in the golf tourney being conducted at Fruitland Golf and Country Club have been unable to meet in the championship game, but hope to compete possibly later this week. Ralph Miller basketball coach of Crescent City High School, one of the finalists, injured a leg several weeks ago while playing softball, but is reported to be back in condition again. Harold Teeters, owner of Lake Grove motel, has been doc toring an arm infection, but hopes to be in playing condition within a few days. With the course in fine shape, especially the greens, the Miller-Teeter game should prove to be an exciting contest for the title. 50 years ago Years Ago...July 21, 1939Florida chains enlist move big lime corp Responding to an appeal by Florida growers for aid in moving a heavy surplus crop of Persian limes, Florida chain/ tores and public utilities have opened an intensive statewide advertising campaign design to increase sales of the citrus in local markets.75 years ago 10 years agoJuly 14, 2004Colbert Park is born again By all ac counts, Thomas Colbert Jr. was a great man. He began by driving an ice truck through Crescent City then went on to become a teacher as well as a pastor. Yet through it all, he was a great friend. On Friday, July 10th, this friend, not just to those who know him, but to the whole community, was honored by the city. For months now, the former Babylon Park has been known as Thomas Colbert Jr. Park. Yet, it was not until Friday that the park was officially dedicated in his name. 5 years agoJuly 15, 2009Anachronism society offers demonstra tions on Lake Como For a little while on Saturday afternoon, July 4, the lovely green lawns at Lake Como residencies of the Dawsons and the Ruens were transformed into a period of time somewhere after the fall of the Roman Empire. A group from the Creative Anachronism sang songs and gave two demonstrations of heavy weapons used by the men of that day and light weapons used by the women. July 19, 1989Thars gold in thar bass When Mattie Lake Hatcineha, Osceloa County they thought she was de lirious. When she called the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, biologists suspected she might be some sort of prankster. When Matties friends saw the largemouth biologist Ken Denson saw it, he couldnt believe it either, but there it was gold, just like she said. 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CRESCENT CITY Ethel A. Stone Ethel A. Stone, 92, passed away Sunday, July 13, 2014 at the Applehouse II in Crescent City, after an extended illness. Born in Marion, New York, she came to the George town area with her husband, B ruce, about ten years ago from New York. She worked as a factory worker in New York. She was a member of The Georgetown United Methodist Church. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Bruce Stone, in 2011. She is survived by a broth er, Jessie Nevelezer of New Y ork and three sisters, Naomi Jackson of Mississippi, Ruth Cook and Esther Deys both of New York. Visitation will be 10:00 AM Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at the Georgetown United Meth odist Church. Services will b egin following the visita tion at 11 a.m. with Rever end Karl Wiggins officiating. B urial will follow in George town Cemetery. A rrangements are under the careful care of Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home, Cres cent City, Florida B UNNELL Jayne Louella Coleman Jayne Louella (Swindell) Coleman, 64, of Bunnell, went to the loving arms of God to rest in peace from her home on Saturday, July 12, 2014 after a courageous 2 year battle with cancer. She was born October 3, 1947 in Elizabeth, NJ, but lived in Florida most of her adult life and in Bunnell (St. Johns Park) since 1977. During her working career she made sure the Couri er Journal (Crescent City) g ot produced and printed on time each week, she was also involved with the Flagler County Rough Riders in cluding monthly rodeos and m eetings as well as serving as a volunteer firefighter on the St. Johns Park VFD in cluding fighting the fires in F lagler in 1985. Later years saw a career change to underwriting for Employer Benefit Underwrit ers, Inc. and spending her f ree time fishing with her beloved husband, Walter C. Coleman as well as play ing with her grandchildren w hich included a lot of swim ming! S he is survived by her hus band, Walter C. Coleman; d aughter Laurie (Jeff) Bil lups; stepdaughter Shawn ( Kirk) Robinson, stepson, Matthew (Sally) Coleman, Brother, Walt (Elaine) Swin dell and grandchildren, R.J. T homas, Daniel, Coleton, Brayden, Raechel, Cody and Shannon. She was preceded in death by her sister, Dorothy Browe, her brother Ron Swindell and his wife, Martha. Visitation/viewing will be Friday, July 18, 2014 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home. Grave side services will be held 1 1 a.m. Saturday, July 19, 2014 at the Seville Cemetery with fellowship afterwards for family and friends at the Seville Community Resource Center at 1591 U.S. Highway 17. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to B.C.A.N. (Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network), 4915 St. Elmo Av enue, Suite 202, Bethesda, Ma ryland 20814. Arrangements are under the careful care of Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home, Cres cent City, Florida.KEYSTONE HEIGHTS Bruce E. Matchett Bruce Everett Matchett, 59, of Keystone Heights, passed away from natural causes on Friday, July 4, 2014 at his home. A native of Gainesville, he resided in Keystone Heights for 12 years moving there from Hawthorne. Bruce had worked as a mechanic and as a truck driver. He had been a member of Woodlawn Baptist Church in Johnson. As a past-time, Bruce enjoyed tinkering with things. He is survived by a daugh ter, Bobbie Lynn Faulk and h usband Steve of Lake Butler; three brothers, Wade Match ett and wife Norma of Palatka, D ell Matchett and wife Kathy of Interlachen and Deac Matchett and wife Desiree of Hawthorne and a granddaughter, Sydni Faulk. Private family services will be held at a later date. In lieu of owers, the family requests memorial donations be made to: Community Church, 345 SE Palmetto Ave., Keystone Heights. FL 32656. Memories and condolences may be sent to the family at Bruces Book of Memories Page at www.JohnsonOverturffuner als.com. A rrangements are under the direction of Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home in Interlachen. PALATKA Ronald E. Vincent Ronald E. Ron Vincent, 58, of Palatka passed away un expectedly Mon day, July 7, 2014 a t the Putnam Community Medical Center in Palatka. Born in the Glendale Hos pital, he was a native and l ifelong resident of Palatka. In his earlier years he had worked at the former Pantry Pride in Palatka and Winn Dixie in Palatka. He later worked as a chef on an oil rig off of Houma, Louisiana and most recently he had worked as a maintenance man with the Palatka Housing Authori ty. He enjoyed volunteering at t he Bread of Life in Palatka and was an avid Florida Seminole fan. He loved to spend time with his family. Preceding him in death were his parents, Clyde and Gladys Scott Vincent; three brothers, Russell Vincent, Clyde Vincent, Jr., and Wil liam Buddy Vincent; two s isters, Mary Rose Bowie and Brenda Coulliette; and two brothers-in-law, Jack Cowart and James Thomas. Surviving are the love of his life for 18 years, Gretchen Lavender of Palatka; two sis ters and brother-in-law, Billie a nd Tom Everson of Baldwin, and Ann Thomas of Palatka; two sisters-in-law, Glenda Vincent of Interlachen and Ina Vincent of Francis; two additional brothers-in-law, Odell Coulliette of Hollister and Jim Bowie of Greenbriar, Tennessee; and numerous nieces and nephews. Memorial services were held at 3 p.m. Friday, July 11, 2014 at Masters Funeral Home in Palatka. Burial will be in the Oak Hill East Cem etery in Palatka at a later d ate. Friends may sign the on line guestbook at www.the mastersfuneralhomes .com. F lowers are gratefully ac cepted or memorial gifts may b e sent to Bread of Life, 320 N. 5th St., Palatka, FL 32177. Masters Funeral Home of Palatka is in charge of ar rangements. F LORAHOME Yvonne Elizabeth Seal Yvonne Elizabeth Seal, 77, of Florahome passed away Monday, July 7, 2014 at her home following an extend ed illness. A n ative of Jacksonville, she had lived in Putnam County for the past 42 years and was a member of San Mateo Bap tist Church. Yvonne was a m ember of Ladies around the Lake-Georges Lake Chapter, The Red Hat Society, East ern Star and Lady Shriners. He r hobbies included bowling, making crafts and she loved to travel. She was preceded in death by two sons, Rocky Seal and Rusty Seal and a granddaugh ter, Loren Seal. Y vonne is survived by her husband of 62 years, Clinton Seal of Florahome; a daughter, Roxanne Seal Lee and hus band Chip of Fleming Island; s ons, Ricky Seal and Randy Seal of Lake Butler; brothers, Bill Flakes and wife Gail of Keystone Heights, and Butch Flakes of Fleming Island; sisters, Rosine Strickland of Starke, and Audrey Bishop and husband Steve of Key stone Heights; grandchildren, R honda Yvonne Lee, Richard Lawrence Lee, Kelli Seal, Sa die Seal, Kasey Seal, Amber S eal, Dustin Seal, Christopher Seal, Brandon Seal, Chris ty Seal, Skylar Seal, Cassidy S eal, Hunter Seal and Brooke Seal, and several great grand children. F uneral services were held at 11 a.m., Friday, July 11, 2014 at Johnson Overturf Fu neral Home in Palatka with R ev. Leroy Lewis ofciating. Burial will follow at Green lawn Cemetery in Jacksonville. A v isitation was held from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, July 10 at the funeral home. Memories and condolences may be left for the family at www.JohnsonOverturfFuner als.com P OMONA PARK George Arthur Main III George Arthur Main III, 79, of Pomona Park, passed away on Monday July 7, 2014, at Putnam Community Medi cal Center in Palatka follow ing an extended illness. He w as born in Pomona Park on November 10, 1934, and was a resident there all his life. He served honorably in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. Arthur worked at Hud son Pulp & Paper Company in P alatka for 15 years. Arthur and his wife of 58 years Nan cy, who preceded him in death o n April 16, 2014, worked in their fernery business for many years until their retirement. He enjoyed being outdoors tak ing care of his beautiful yard, f ruit trees and a large garden. He also enjoyed boating on the St. Johns River with his fam ily and friends. Most of all, he l oved his family. Besides his parents, George & Irby Main, he is preceded in death by his wife, Nancy A. Main; brother, James Main. He is survived by his son, Donley C. Main; grandson, Bryan Douglas Main; sister, Winnie and husband, Clyde Duensing; Brothers, Elwin and wife, Edna Mae, David and wife, Ann; brother-in-law, Mar ion Pete Tennant; sister-inl aw, Goldene Tennant; cousin, Daniel Main; numerous nieces and nephews. No services are planned according to Arthurs wishes. Arrangement were under the direction of Johnson Overturf Funeral Home in Palatka. FLORAHOME Fred R. Cook, Jr. Fred Rupert Cook, Jr., 60, of Florahome, passed away Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at his home following an extend ed illness. A native o f Palatka, Fred was a lifelong resident of the Florahome and Grandin areas. He served in the U.S. Army and was a mem ber of the Florahome Unit ed Methodist Church. Fred w orked in several different elds over the years, includ ing as a carpenter in the home c onstruction industry, a ranch hand at Grifn Farms and for a short period of time as a drag line operator with Traxler Peat Company.Back in the 1970s, Fred traveled the country as a singer and lead guitarist with the band Air Castle. Music and playing his guitar contin ued to be a passion of Freds t hroughout his life He was preceded in death by his parents, Fred R. Cook, Sr. and Edna Tyre Cook and a sis ter, Carol Shoemaker. He i s survived by four sis ters, Alice Peacock and hus band Billy of Florahome, Fred na Carter and husband Vern o f Battleeld, Missouri, Rose Champion and husband Carl of Grandin and Ruth Spencer and husband Thomas of Middle burg; seven nieces, 10 nephews a nd numerous great-nieces and nephews. Memorial services were held at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 10, 2014 at Florahome United Methodist Church with Pastor Louis Tremblay and Bro. Vern Carter ofciating. In lieu of owers, the family requests memorial donations be sent to Florahome United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 238, Florahome, FL 32140 or to Disabled American Vet erans, 1439 Parental Home R oad, Jacksonville, FL 32216 Memories and condolences may be expressed to the fami ly at Freds Book of Memories p age at www.JonhnsonOver turffunerals.com. A rrangements are under the direction of Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home in Interlachen. INTERLACHEN Helen Ritting Helen Ritting, 84, of Interlachen passed away Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at Putnam Community Medi cal Center following a n extended illness. A native of Philadelphia, she had lived in Interlachen for the past 24 years. Helen was a member of American Legion Auxiliary #239 in Interlachen and enjoyed gardening and crafts, she was an avid sports fan. She attended First Pres byterian Church in Palatka. S he is survived by her hus band of 46 years, Richard Dick Ritting of Interlachen; two daughters, Helene Nawroc ki and husband Stash of Gen esee, Pennsylvania and Debbie L ynn Pagliaro and husband Ken of Landsdale, Pennsylva nia; step children, Richie Rit ting of Palmyra, New Jersey, D avid Ritting and wife Sharon of Wayne, Pennsylvania, Susan Moore and husband William of Naples, Debbie Ann McLaverty of Daytona, and Dawn Kova levich and husband David of M aple Shade, New Jersey; 14 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. Funeral services were held at 11 a.m., Saturday, July 12, 2014 at Johnson Overturf Fu neral Home in Interlachen w ith Pastor Louis Tremblay of ciating. A visitation was held S aturday from 10 a.m. until the time of the service. Addi tional services will be held in Pe nnsylvania. In lieu of owers please make memorial donations to: Woodworth-Webb American Legion Post 293, P.O. Box 592, Interlachen, Florida 32148. Memories and condolences may be left for the family at www.JohnsonOverturfFuner als.com PA LATKA Mable Grayson Mable M. Grayson, 93, of Palatka, passed away Tuesday July 8, 2014 at her resi dence following an e xtended illness. Mrs. Grayson was a native of Star Junction, Pennsylva nia and had been a resident o f Palatka for the past nine years coming from Cincinna ti, Ohio. S he was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Grayson and her parents, James and Ada Heatherly Thomas. She was the dear moth er of Wanda Crosthwaite a nd dear mother-in-law of James Crosthwaite both of Palatka; Grandmother of James L Crosthwaite and Wanda Kielholtz both of Ohio and Tim Crosthwaite of Palatka; great-grandmother of John Kielkoltz and Samuel Blasingim. The family received friends Friday July 11, 2014 at Mas ters Funeral Home of Palatka f rom 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. No local services are planned. Services and burial will be at Arlington Memorial Park in Cincinnati, Ohio at a later date. The family would like to extend a special thank you to Haven Hospice Roberts Care Center in Palatka. In lieu of owers memori al gifts may be sent Haven Ho spice Roberts Care Center, 6400 St. Johns Ave., Palatka, FL 32177 Condolences may be placed on her online guestbook at www.themastersfuneral homes.com M asters Funeral Home of Palatka is in charge of ar rangements. I NTERLACHEN Mary Ethel Hudson Mary Ethel Hudson, 85, of Interlachen passed away Tues day, July 8, 2014 f ollowing a brief illness. She was born in Lyons, Georgia and had been a res ident of Interlachen for the p ast 46 years coming from Opa Locka, Florida. She had owned and oper ated Hudson Enterprises at t he Waldo Flea Market for many years and was known as grandma there. She was formerly active in the Veter ans of Foreign Wars, Post 1 0164 in Interlachen, The American Legion Post 293 in Interlachen, and The Or ange Blossom C.B. Club in I nterlachen, where her han dle was Lady Chauk-taw. She w as a Methodist. She was preceded in death by her husband, James Dan iel Hudson; a son, James D aniel Hudson, Jr.; a grand son, Trey Thaysen; and four b rothers. Survivors include a son, William Hudson of North Carolina; a daughter, Barba ra Hudson of Hawthorne; two b rothers, Jim Pye of Mon roe, Georgia and Jack Pye o f Brooklet, Georgia; three sisters, Merle Wilkes of Ly ons, Georgia, Ruth Sharp of V idalia, Georgia, and Lau ra Jones of Lyons, Georgia; t hree grandchildren, Ash ley Hudson of North Car olina, Michael Hudson of No rth Carolina, and Joel Daniel Ahlbrand; three great-grandchildren, Miran da Hall, Stanley Ahlbrand, a nd Eian Thaysen; and two great-great-grandchildren, Kaylene Hall and Bentley Lockhart. Calling hours were from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at the Masters Funeral Home in Interlachen. No services are scheduled. Flowers are gratefully ac cepted or memorial gifts may b e sent to Masters Funer al Home, 3015 Crill Avenue, P alatka, FL 32177. Messages of sympathy may be expressed in her online guestbook at www.themas tersfuneralhomes.com. M asters Funeral Home of Interlachen is in charge of the arrangements. PALATKA Clarence E. Scranton, Sr. Clarence E. Scranton, Sr., 84, went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 after an extended illness. He was born May 18, 1930. He was a native and lifelong resident of Palatka. Clarence was a devout Christian and loved his family. He was a Veteran of the United States Army and served in the Ko rean War. He worked at Glen dale Hospital for 13 years a nd was a commercial sher man as well. He loved shing a nd reading Gods word. He was preceded in death by his parents, Stanley and Christobell Scranton; broth ers, J.R., Harry, and Billy; t wo sisters, Dorothy Higgin botham and Laverne Conner, a nd a great great grandson, Hunter Lee Chirico. Surviving are his loving wife of 58 years, Katherine Scranton of Palatka; sister, Efe Hill of Interlachen, sev en children, Michael Wayne S cranton of East Palatka, Henrietta McGhee and hus band Gary of Palatka, Clar ence Scranton, Jr. and wife S andra of Palatka, Phillip Scranton and wife San dy of East Palatka, Mike S cranton and wife Lau ra of Palatka, Judy Sweat a nd husband Jack, Sr., of Palatka and Kathy Key and husband Johnny of Palatka, 19 grandchildren, 43 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren. He was a man of patience and kindness, but most im portantly he was a man of G od. This is not good bye, just so long. Funeral services were held at 12 p.m., Saturday, July 12, 2014 at Tabernacle Baptist Church with Broth er Wes Taylor ofciating. A v isitation was held Saturday at the church from 11 am un til the time of services. There w ill be no graveside services. The burial will be at Etoniah Cemetery in Bardin. Memories and condolence may be left for the family at www.JohnsonOverturfFu nerals.com S ATSUMA Jackie B. Stewart Jackie Brock Stewart, 57, of Jacksonville, a recent res ident of Satsuma, passed a way unexpectedly Friday July 4, 2014 at the Putnam Community Medical Center. She was a native of Harlan, KY, had spent most of her life in Jacksonville prior to recently moving to Satsuma. Jackie was employed in the construction industry. She was a Christian and loved to sh. Jackie was preceded in death by her mother, Syl via Noe Warner; step-father, B oyd M. Warner; grand mother, Victoria Long and n umerous aunts and uncles. Surviving are her an c, Robert A. Woody Wood o f Satsuma; two brothers, Johnny Neal Brock of Jack sonville and Boyd M Warner, I II of Asheville, NC; uncle and aunt, Jerome and Harriett Long of Jacksonville; niece, Amber Brock; nephew, Cody Brock and a great niece Pey ton Branch. Me ssages of sympathy may be expressed on her online guestbook at www.themas tersfuneralhomes.com M asters Funeral Home of Palatka is in charge of ar rangements. CHURCH A5 Crescent City First Baptist Church of Crescent City (386-698-1578) 101 S. Summit St. Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter (386-698-1983) 223 N. Summit St. Howe Memorial United Methodist Church (386-698-2635) 252 S. Summit St. First Presbyterian Church (386-698-2117) St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (386-698-2055) 2725 S. Hwy. 17 Georgetown Georgetown United Methodist Church (386-740-1821) 1448 CR 309 Pomona Park First Baptist Church of Pomona Park (386-649-4265) Lake Como Word of Faith Bible Church (386-698-4643) 2708 S. Hwy. 17 Peace Lutheran Church (386-325-4878) 343 Old Hwy. 17 Pilgrim Congregational Church (386-649-8467) Welaka Welaka United Methodist Church (386-467-2336) Emmanuel Episcopal Church (386-698-1983) 672 C.R. 309 Ministries for Christ Outreach, Inc Masters Funeral HomeInterlachen386-684-4177 Satsuma Hope Lutheran Church (386-649-0631) 273 CR 309 Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home386-698-1621 Ministries for Christ Outreach, Inc. will provide toiletries, non-perishables and groceries for the South Putnam area the week of July 13. For more information, call 386-852-7046 or send an email to mfcoutreach@hotmail.com. Saturday. July 26 the Welaka Baptist Church will be showing Gods Not Dead. There is no charge to attend and if there is anyone that wishes to purchase their own copy they can pre-order copies prior to the official releasedate which is August 4. Cost per copy will be $13. The Archives Department of the Putnam County Headquarters Library and the Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church will host 4-week Basic Genealogy classes at each of the Putnam County Branch Libraries in the upcoming months. The classes are being taught by Deanda Lyne, Director of the Family History Center. She will cover what is needed to know to get started, where to go to nd it, and how to record what has been found. Melrose Branch Library will host the Basic Genealogy classes beginning Friday, September 5, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The remaining classes are scheduled for the same time on Fridays, September 12, 19 and 26. Please contact the Melrose Branch Library at 352-475-1237 to register for your space as seating is limited. The schedule for the remaining libraries is Tuesday, September 9, 16, 23 and 30 for Interlachen Branch Library. Crescent City Branch Library will host the program on Fridays, October 3, 10, 17, and 24. Intermediate and Advanced programs are being considered for the near future. Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home386-698-1621 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-684-3360 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-684-3360 Obituaries are paid advertising written by funeral homes based upon information provided by families. Death notices are brief announcements published at no charge. Masters Funeral Home Palatka386-325-4564 Church Happenings Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-684-3360


DealershipWebsiteAddressBeckFordLincoln 420 N. Palm Avenue, Palatkawww.checkbeckford.com 386-328-8881 Check us out on We are located at 420 N. Palm Avenue in Palatka St. Johns Ave. Reid St. Palm Ave. 17 100 19 Just because you have BAD Credit doesnt mean you cant buy a NICE CAR! Get pre-approved at www.need2buyacar.com or CALL 386-328-8881ASK FOR THE CREDIT DOCTOR Curtis Gore Internet Sales Rick Fullerton Sales Hal Magee Sales Jerry Lee Ballard Sales Jim May Sales Frank Mango Sales 0% APR+ $1500 FACTORY REBATE0% APR+ $1250 FACTORY REBATE0% APR+ $1500 FACTORY REBATE All offers expire July 31, 2014


On Saturday, July 12, the young ladies from South Putnam played softball in Deland for the Sec tional 3 Champion ship. The playoffs took p lace at the Chipper Jones Family Fields in Pierson against Yulee All-Stars (District 11 Champs). In game one Sat urday morning, the M ean Guppies lost to Yulee, the final score was 10-8. In game two The mean Guppies would come back and take over the game in the bottom of the seventh with an RBI single (coupled with and error by the Yulee team) by Reynolds to send Sarah Hamling in for the final run. The final score was 8-7. In game three, Sunday morning the Mean Guppies would win the championship during the top of the seventh with a strike out by Reynolds. The Final was score 8-6. The mean Guppies are our very own girls softball team. In all there are 10 young la dies on this team. Of t he 10 young ladies, there are still three original Guppies from the fall of 2010 on this team. The three orig inal Mean Guppies s oftball players are, Kalin, Sarah, Kylee. This spring, four girls will be ineligible for play due to their ages, Sarah, Kylee, Brianna, and Kalin. The rest of the players have sever al seasons until they a re too old to play. This coming week end these young la dies will be playing i n the State playoffs in Plant City. Start ing on Friday, July 18, t o Sunday, July 20,... Friday and Saturday are elimination games, and Sunday is the championship game. Double elimination. Since last season these ten young ladies have been working their fannies off to get to this point, and now they need our help. In order for these young ladies to represent us in the state playoffs, they need to come up with a minimal of $2,500. The money needed will cover fuel, lodging, food, shirts, ice, power aid or sports drinks, shirts, etc There are several places donations can be dropped off. The First Coast Com munity Credit Union l ocated at 112 N. Sum mit St. in Crescent C ity, (386)698-1883; tell the manager that you would like to do nate to SPLL, per Dave o r Kathy Goff. The Center State Bank located at 500 N. Summit St. in Cres cent City, 386-6981 982, ask for Lisa and tell her you would like to donate to the girls Mean Guppies softball team. The Courier Journal located at 330 N. Sum mit St. Crescent City ( 386)698-1644. In closing let me say this, I know these are hard times and these young ladies are not asking you to give the whole $2,500. I know a lot of people might think, I only have a dollar, and that wont make a difference, but it will. I ask you to put yourself in these little ladies shoes for one moment. Just imag ine the heartbreak y ou would feel if you had been practicing all year for this one game, and because WE, the community let you down, you were un able to go. These kids r epresent us and we need to support them. Congratulations Mean Guppies on your play off win and for ad vancing to the state pl ayoffs.Last week I gave a general introduction to herbs and spices and how to select, use and store them in. This week I am going to be gin to talk about spe cific ones, an herb or a s pice weekly. Some of them will be famil iar; others may be new t o you. Hopefully you will gain new insight on them all and also be in spired to try something n ew with each of them to give your food a new and different twist. Vanilla Orchid Green Vanilla Pods History The history of vanilla is very mysterious and reads like a tale out of a storybook. The ancient myth of the Totonaca Indians was that the Princess Xanat was driven from her home for wanting to marry a mortal and the two were eventually be headed in the forest as a result of their love. Where their blood was spilled an orchid vine sprang up in its place and it produced a fruit that was harvested by the Indians as what we know as Vanilla. Even tually, it was seized by t he Aztec Kings and mixed with the choc olate drink that was of fered to Hernando Cortez which is how it eventually made it back to Europe and the New World, along with choc olate. I n 1602, Hugh Mor gan, an English apoth ecary to the Queen f ound that it could be used as a flavoring on its own. In 1793 a vine was smuggled to the is land of Runion which i s part of the Bour bon Islands along with M adagascar, Mauritius, Comoro and Seychelles, which are just east of the southern portion of Africa. The vine grew well and flowered but the vine was not pro ducing fruit the way it d id in Mexico. It was soon discovered that the secret was a tiny bee that was pollinat ing the plant in its na tive Mexico. In 1841 E dmond Albious, of Runion devised a way to pollinate the flowers by hand. This allowed the plants to produce fruit and that began the successful vanilla farming in the Bour bon Islands and in oth er countries, such as T ahiti and Indonesia. It was because of this that vanilla became available to people ev erywhere, not just the r ich and it quickly took its place as the worlds most popular flavor. Uses Today we use vanil la for everything from c ooking and baking, the cosmetic industry uses it for its aroma in perfumes and aroma therapy and it is used m edicinally as well. Many of the vanilla extracts that are found in stores are actual ly artificial in nature a nd are made from the bark of other plants that simply mimic the aroma of vanilla, but have none of the true benefits. Real vanilla is a good source of man ganese, copper and ri boflavin or vitamin B2. I t has antioxidant prop erties and is used in m any cultures for the purposes of treating patients with a compro mised immune system, a s well as those with a fever, tooth ache, as a stimulant, as a seda tive and as an aphro disiac. S ince there is no good way to know for sure if what you are buying is a pure extract of the best quality, I recom mend either using the w hole bean and scrap ing the seed from inside o r even making your own extract. Homemade Vanilla Extract Ingredients 3 to 5 vanilla beans (Mountain Rose Herbs) 8 ounces alcohol such as vodka, bourbon, brandy, or rum Equipment Cutting board and knife Clean jar or bottle (Available online at Specialty Bottle) New bottle(s) for packaging (optional) Small funnel (option al) C offee filter (optional) Instructions Split the vanilla beans: Split each vanilla bean in half lengthwise. Place the vanilla beans in a jar and cover with alcohol: Place the vanilla beans in a clean jar or bottle. Cover them with alcohol, making sure they are com pletely submerged. C over the jar or bot tle and give it a good s hake. Infuse for at least one month: Store the jar or bottle of vanilla beans in a cool, dark place for at least one month, shaking it from time to time. Strain it if you like: You may wish to re move the vanilla pods a nd decant the ex tract into a pretty b ottle. Or leave the pods in the extract: You can also leave the beans in the alcohol and top off the bottle as you use the extract. This recipe can be made ahead of time and given as a gift for the holidays as well to friends and family. You can also experiment w ith different vanil la beans and different c ombinations of alcohol to get different flavors of vanilla to use as well. Dont be afraid to ex periment! I f you split a vanilla bean and use the seeds from the inside, do not discard the hull. Place it in a tightly sealed container with some white or raw sugar and let it sit for a couple of weeks and shake it occasionally. You will soon have vanilla sugar to bake with or flavor your coffee or tea with. Aromatherapy Who doesnt love the smell of a vanilla cake baking in the oven or the thought of someone handing you a vanilla ice cream cone to bright en your day? It is a prov en fact that the aroma l ifts the spirits of young and old alike. It soothes anxiety and stress and can even help to lower blood pressure. Adding a little vanilla oil to a warm bath can chase away a case of the blues. Its no wonder the cos metic industry picked u p on its ability to at tract the attention of the o pposite sex as it a scent common in both mens and womens fragrances. These days in the pub lishing world, anything r eferred to as vanilla is simple, pure, honest and plain. We now know that if you use the pure form of Vanilla, it can result in tastes and aromas that are exotic and exciting to the senses. Dont be shy about experiment ing with this powerful s pice and awaken your taste buds! Until Next Time, Stay Healthy! July 16, 2014 COURIER JOURNAL Section B Got Crazy Kids Travis Roberts Staff Writer Travis Roberts Staff Writer travis.pccj@gmail.com & FACES PLACES Vanilla mysterious and versatileThe Mean Guppies headed to State PlayoffsPhoto by Travis Roberts Left to right: Manager Jeromy Liles, Assistant Manager Alicia Liles (wife), Kaitlyn Jackson, Ashley Hutchinson, Loris Molter, Lindsey Dwiggins, Savannah Lep anto, Kalin Reynolds, Sarah Hamling, Brianna Wolfe, Kelsey Jones and Kylee Liles. Tammy Sanchez Staff Writer tammy.pccj@gmail.com Golf at Live Oak In League Scramble play at the Live Oak Golf Club Wednesday, July 9, 12 players, seven men and five women, were divided into four teams. The winning team, with three players, posted a low score of 33. Members of the winning team were Pat Freeman, Larry McKenzie, and Bob Stites. The next closest team posted a 33. Closest to the pin with the 2nd shot on Hole #8 with 11 inches was Steve Hink. Second closest with 12 1/2 inches was Church Mancino. Followed with 15 inches by Larry Fayard. In League Scramble play at Live Oak Golf Club Friday, July 1, 17 players, nine men and eight women, were divided into five teams. The winning team, with four players, posted a low score of 29. Members of the winning team were Rosemary Dreessen, Margy Fayard, Larry McKenzie, and Jerry Peterson The next closest team posted a 30, with the following teams posing a 31, 32, and a 36. Closest to the pin with the 2nd shot on Hole #8 with five inches was Larry McKenzie. Second closest with nine inches was Jerry Peterson. A couple of week ago the Putnam County Courier Journal was in volved in the Lake Stella community picnic, along with some other members of the community. Over the next few weeks I would like to introduce you to some of the businesses who donated different items which made this event a success. This week I would like to introduce you to a man and his wife, Mike and Sandy Meredith. Mike and Sandy own the Crazy kids Inflatables. I called Mike up about a week before the event and asked if he would be willing to donate a bounce house for the picnic, without any hesitation Mike said, What day and time do you need it there? Sure enough the day of the event, and right on time the bounce house arrived and within a matter of minutes it was up and running. The kids went crazy when they saw it, and in fact they played in it all day. Mike and Sandy are Putnam county res idents and have been in business for 6 years. Crazy Kids is locat ed in Palatka and they serve the whole Putnam County Area. A list of their products includes, waterslides, bounce houses, tents, for home based parties, corporate events, charity events. The theme of Crazy Kids is, Let your kids Party Like a Rock Star. If youre having a party or event that you want people to remem ber then I would suggest you contact, Mike Mer edith owner of Crazy Kids at 386-546-5288. Mike I want to thank you and Sandy for donating the bounce house, the kids in our community loved it. I am curr ently work ing on a deal with Mike for a 12 special events to be announced in the next couple of weeks. Please make sure to tell Mike that you read this in the Courier Journal when you rent one of his inflatables. Thanks again Mike and Sandy.


Michael Gagnon and Robbi Correa. Call 904-377-5044 to reserve tick ets or for more info. W ildlife Tree turns your local library into a zoo! Bring your safari gear and get ready for wildlife like youve never seen before! Wildlife Tree is turning your local library branch into a zoo with all kinds of exotic animals! Wildlife Tree is an organization that entertains people, young and old. They have expanded to over 35 animals representing over 30 species, most of who were rescued. Their collection is contin ually growing, and they always have new animals to share. Wildlife T ree, Inc. provides high quality, educational and entertaining live an imal programs. Striving to engage their audiences and create budding c onservationists by letting their animal ambassadors tell their stories about their species and the environments in which they live. The fun begins at the Palatka Library Headquarters on Tuesday, July 29 at 10 a.m., then the animals will stampede their way over to the Bost wick Branch Library at 3 p.m.. Melrose Branch Library gets invaded on W ednesday, July 30 at 10 a.m., and then Interlachen Branch Library will have their own jungle at 2 p.m. On Thursday, July 31 Crescent City Branch Library will have all the fun at 3 p.m. For more information on the Wildlife Tree program, call 386-3290126. Citrus Care & Maintenance Class will be offered at the Putnam County Extension UF/IFAS at 111 Yelvington Road, East Palatka on Saturday, July 26 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Citrus care, nutrition, dis eases and varieties for our zone will be discussed. A $5 registration fee i s required for fact sheets and light refreshments and may be paid at the door. Please call to reserve a space, as it is limited, or for more informa tion. Phone: 386-329-0318 or email: petch@u.edu D rum Up Culture with the Putnam County Library System! The Putnam County Library System has recently added a new special guest to the Summer Reading Program! The Tampa Taiko Japanese Cul tural Outreach p rogram will be at all library branches during various dates over the course of the summer reading program. The Tampa Taiko Japanese Cultural Outreach Program will take place at the following lo cations and dates: Crescent City Branch, 610 N Summit, Crescent City, A ugust 5, 2 p.m.; Palatka Headquarters, 601 College Rd, Palatka, Au gust 5, 6 p.m.; Bostwick Branch, 125 Tillman Street, Palatka, August 6 10 a.m.; Melrose Branch, 312 Wynnwood Ave., Melrose, August 6, 2 p.m.; Interlachen Branch, 133 N County Rd 315, Interlachen, August 6, 5 p.m. For more information, contact Darlene at 386-329-0126. It is that time again to begin planning for the 3rd Annual Small Busi ness Resource Fair in Putnam County. The date this year will be Tues day, August 26 and St. Johns River State College has agreed to team u p with the SBDC again! It will be from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. For those that have participated in the past, you understand the value that your ex pertise brings to the community. For those of you new to this event, you w ill come to recognize the same! Small Business Development Center is looking forward to your participate this year. This event is FREE, so there is no reason for you not to participate! Contact Cheryl Lynch 386328-3293, or email: clynch@sbdu.unf.edu to RSVP. The Archives Department of the Putnam County Headquarters Library and the Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church will host 4-week Basic Genealogy classes at each of the Putnam County Branch Libraries in the upcoming months. The classes are being taught by Deanda Lyne, Director of the Family History Center. She will cover what is needed to know to get started, where to go to nd it, and how to record what has been found. Melrose Branch Library will host the Basic Genealogy classes beginning Friday, Sep tember 5, 1 0 a.m. to 12 p.m. The remaining classes are scheduled for the same time on Fridays, September 12, 19 and 26. Please contact the Melrose Branch Library at 352-475-1237 to register for your space as seating is limited. The schedule for the remaining libraries is Tuesday, September 9, 16, 23 and 30 for Interlachen Branch Library. Crescent City Branch Library will host the program on Fridays, October 3, 10, 17, and 24. Intermediate and Advanced programs are being considered for the near future. The Crescent City Womens Club is hosting their 5th annual indoor yard sale This is a two day event on Thursday, July 24-25 Come buy or sale! Everyone is sure to nd a treasure. Bakery goods and lunch will be available. Tables are $15 to rent for both days. For more information please contact Shayne at 386-698-2305. The Florida Department of Environmental Protections Dunns Creek State Park and the Friends of Dunns Creek State Park will host a Fishing 101 with a Ranger class on Friday, July 18 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Ranger John will teach the basics of freshwater shing in scenic Dunns Creek. Participants should bring a shing pole and tackle; bait will be supplied. Participants must meet shing license requirements prior to attending the program. The park is located south of a sharp bend in the St. Johns River, and boasts more than 6,200 acres of nat ural communities! Participants will meet at the front entrance of the p ark, which is under construction. Then, visitors will travel to the creek by car; four-wheel-drive is not necessary. The program is free for partici pants. The park entrance is located at 320 Sisco Rd. off highway 17 near P omona Park. Registration is required. Register by visiting www.fresh watershingworkshop.eventbrite.com. For more information, please call 3 86-329-3721 or email RavineGardensStatePark@gmail.com. The Florida Department of Environmental Protections Ravine Gar dens State Park will host Ranger-led Wagon Tours on Saturday, July 2 6 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Enjoy a guided wagon tour around the beautiful ravine at Ravine Gardens State Park, located at 1600 Twigg St., Palatka. Tours last approximately 35 minutes and will start from the front of the Roy E. Campbell Civic Center. Learn about the history of the ravine and the park and plants, animals and ecosystems that make Ravine Gardens a diverse place to visit. Each tour is limited to 20 participants. The tours are free with park entry fees and for annual pass holders. Park entry fees are $5 per vehicle for 2 8 people, $4 for single occupant vehicles, and $2 for pedestrians and bicyclists. Please register at www. guidedwagontour.eventbrite.com. For more information, call the park at 386-329-3721. For more about Ravine Gardens State Park or Florida State Parks, visit www.FloridaStateParks.org. Sera normal? Sera aceptable, que mi pareja: Hiera mis sen timientos? Dicindome que no sirvo para nada? Me llame nombres como estpida, o perra? Se muestre celoso si paso tiempo con amistades, compaeros de trabajo, o familiares? Se burle de mi, o de cmo me visto o peino? Me acuse de estar engandole? Me eche la culpa de sus problemas o de su mal temperamento? Me forc a tener sexo? Me amenace con matarme, matar a mis hijos/animales o suicidarse si lo dejo? NO es normal, ni aceptable que su pareja haga cualquiera de las cosas mencionadas arri ba. U sted NO merece ser maltratada! Para ms informacin, llame al nmero gratuito 1-800-500-1119, a lnea de acceso 24/7 386-3253141, o a su local ms cercano 386-546-7675. Is it normal? Is it acceptable, for my partner to: Hurt my feelings? Tell me I am worthless? Call me names like stupid or bitch? Be jealous of me spending time with my friends, coworkers or family members? Make fun of me on how I dress or do my hair? Accuse me of cheating? Blame me for his problems or bad temper? Force me to have sex? Threaten to kill me, kill my kids/animals or commit suicide if I leave him? It is NOT nor mal, nor acceptable for your partner to do any of the above. You do NOT d eserve to be mistreated! For more information, call the toll-free number 1-800-500-1119, the 24/7 hotline 386-325-3141, or your local ofce at 386-546-7675. Join Archives on the Move at your favorite library this summer. There will be maps, artifacts, photos and items from the Archives collection for everyone to see. Each item represents a variety of historical periods of Putnam County. Binders of photos of Putnam County will be brought along for everyone to peruse, as well. The schedule for Archives on the Move is as follows: Interlachen Branch Library, Tuesday, July 29, 10 a.m. For more information about this or any Archives program, please call 386-329-0126. Local Teen Artists have a chance to put their art on display at their local libraries for the Teen Art Exhibit. The art will be put on display and voted on by the public. The rst place ribbon winner will also be awarded a $50 VISA gift card; all other artists will be given a certicate for participating. Artists can register at FunInPutnam.com under the Special Events section. Registration deadlines are as follows: Melrose, July 12; Bostwick, July 30. Voting will take place during the Teen Art Reception, where refreshments will also be served. The dates for the Teen Art Reception are as follows: Melrose, July 22; Bostwick, August 5. The Teen Art Exhibit will be from 1 3 p.m. Entry is limited to 6th-12th graders. For additional information or help with registration, please con tact Robin, Darlene or Stella at 386-329-0126 or send an email to robin. b ellamy@putnam-.com. The Putnam Family Fitness Center is hosting the First Annual Char ity Golf Tournament at the Palatka Golf Course, 1715 Moseley Avenue, o n Saturday, September 20. Registration is from 8 to 8:45 a.m. and tee off is at 9 a.m. There will be an unhandicapped best ball scramble, cash prizes for rst and second place teams, prizes for third, fth and tenth place teams, cash prizes for closest to the pin, door prizes, rafes, putting contest, ball drop contest and more. Teams may enter, or singles may be paired up with other single/double players. The cost to play is $50 per player, which includes 18 holes, cart, prizes, and lunch. Funds raised from the tournament go towards the Putnam Family Fitness Cen ter. For more information, contact Karen Landin at 386-467-8731 or m cphaul@aol.com. St. Johns River State College is accepting applications for the fall semester. All new students are required to attend orientation before reg istering for classes. Students are encouraged to avoid the late-summer r ush and contact their campuss counseling ofce promptly to reserve their seat. Registration time tickets will be assigned during July orien tation, allowing most students to register for classes during orientation. R egistration for returning students begins Monday, July 14. Fall class es begin on Monday, August 18. New degree programs beginning this f all include the Computer Related Crime Investigation A.S. degree and the Nursing: LPN Bridge to ASN degree programs. New information tech nology certicate programs include Geographic Information Systems, He lp Desk Support Technician, Digital Forensics and Network Security. Anticipated to begin in 2015 is a one-year college credit certicate para medic program. For more information regarding registration, contact y our local SJR State campus: Palatka Campus 386-312-4035, Orange Park Campus 904-276-6855, or St. Augustine Campus 904-808-7402. Fall course listings are available for viewing online at SJRstate.edu. There will be a reworks show at the Gem City Shrimp Blast Labor Day Weekend Friday, August 29-30 (with arts and crafts vendors, a Shrimp Cook-Off, kids activities, bicycle and kayaking events, and plen ty of shrimp and seafood). Downtown Palatka, Inc. is still looking for v endors, sponsors, and entertainment! Call 386-312-6266 for more info! The River City Players will be giving Cinderella Waltz perfor mances Wednesday, August 13-17. Champagne Opening Night sponsored by PALATKA KIWANIS CLUB Thurs. 11:45 am Lunch Sleep Inn & Suites SR19 & Hwy 100 Palatka PALATKA NEW VISION LIONS CLUB 2nd & 4th Tues. Noon Beef OBradys on the River PalatkaP O M ONA P A R K N EI G H B O RH O O D W A TC H 2nd Thurs. (exc. Aug. & Dec.) 200 East Main St. PALATKA LIONS M EETIN G PUTNA M COUNTY S HR I NE CLUB burgers PUTNA M COUNTY TEA PA R T Y Interlachen Library American Legion off Crill Ave. SC H O OL A D V ISO R Y COUNCIL 1st Tues. 2 pm S E VILLE VIA MEETIN G(Village Improvement Association) SOUT H P UTNA M W O M A NS CLUB Culver Room Crescent City Public Library ST. JO H N C AT H O LIC C H U R C H C A RD P A R T Y Hwy 20 Interlachen SUN D A Y D I NNE R Bass Capital Shrine Club T H E H E A R T O F PUTNA M C OALITION Palatka Christian Service Center US COAST G U A R D AUXILIA R Y M EETIN G homeland security & boating safety VFW Meeting Hall US VETE RA NS POST 104 Mon. One Pot Meal Wed. All Day Free Pool State Rd 19 Palatka VFW POST 3349 Selling Sandwiches Wed. 1 pm Veterans Rd Tbl INTE R L AC H E N BABE R U T H LEA G U E M EE TIN G S Lions Club Interlachen BEEKEEPERS OF PUT NA M COUNTY Putnam County Ag Center East Palatka Contact Mickie Beekeepersofputnamcounty.org C R E SCENT CITY YAC H T C LUB ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS C EL EB R A TION G R OUP S at. 4 pm Howe Memorial Methodist Church A D D I CTION COUNSELIN G N arconon would like to remind families that the use of addicting protect your family from drug use. If you know anyone who is struggling w ith drug addiction get them the help they need.Call for a free brochure on the signs of addiction for all drugs. Narconon also offers free screen D rugAbuseSolution.com. Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today ASSISTANCE FO R FLO R I D A SE R V ICES Tues. 10 am Trinity Episcopal Church CELEB R A TE R E COVE R Y Dunns Creek Baptist Church C R E SCENT CITY TOPS Tues. 9 am St. John the Baptist Catholic Church LEE CONLEE H OUSE Victim Advocate in Crescent City QUIVANNO P R O BIOTICS WO R K S H O P Monahan Chiropractic Medical Clinic SENIO R F R I EN D S CENTE R M on. 11 am Yoga Tues. 9:15 am Line Dance Wed. 1 pm Game Day Butler Bldg Conf. Room Putnam Community Medical Center ST R O KE SU R V IVO RS OF PALATKA Mon. & Fri. Mornings Free Exercise Classes TAI C H I C LASS Georgetown Community Center T H E E D G A R JO H N SON SENIO R C ENTE R T ues. 10 am Seniors vs Crime TOPS FLO R I D A # 435 Welaka Tues. 9 am First Baptist Church of Welaka VIOLENCE INTE R V ENTION & P R E VENTION P R O G R A M P utnam County Health Department Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline A LA D I ES A R O UN D T H E LAKE M EETIN G Crafts & Covered Dish Lunch Georges Lake Community Center A M E R I CAN LE G I ON POST 45 Sat. All you can eat breakfast CO M M U NITY T H R I FT S H O P Corner Lemon and Main. behind Howe Methodist ChurchCrescent City H U M A NE SOCIETY OF NO R T H EAST FLO R I D A Closed Sun. & Mon. 112 Norma St. Hollister Humane Society Thrift Store Sat. 9 am 5 pm Closed Sunday M T CA R M E L CO M M U NITY R E SOU R CE CENTE R I NC. Mon. 10 am 2 pm PALATKA C H R I STIAN SE R V ICE CENTE R SECON D T I M E A R O UN D S H O P Community United Methodist Church Lake Como SOUT H P UTNA M C H R I STIAN SE R V ICE CENTE R 219 N. Summit St. T H R I FT STO R E 4th Mon. Bag Day St. Vincent DePaul 515 Central Avenue Downtown Crescent City PUTNA M COUNTY H O M E CO M M U NITY E D U CATO RS ( H C E) 2nd Wed. Agriculture Building Call Mary Ellen Clifton SOUT H P UTNA M M E D ICAL M I SSION Free Medical Care for ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS Church of the Holy Comforter ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS A NEW LIFE GR O UP Howe Memorial Methodist Church 252 S. Summit St. Crescent City ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS LIBE R T Y GR O UP First Presbyterian Church ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS CELEB R A TION GR O UP Thur. noon Howe Memorial Methodist Church 252 S. Summit St. Crescent City ALCO H O LICS ANONY M OUS Highland Ave. Lake Como HEALTH AND SUPPORT EDUCATION CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONSA M E R I CAN LE G I ON POST 293 Dinner AZALEA CITY C R U ISE RS Every 4th Sat. 5 p.m. Woodys BBQ State Rd 19 Palatka B AS S C A PITAL VFW P O ST 1 0177 Crescent City Womans Club BOY SCOUTS T R O OP #42 CUB SCOUTS PACK 42 VENTU R E C R E W SCOUTIN G 42 (only when school is in session) Howe Memorial Methodist Church 252 S. Summit St. Crescent City C R E ATE! A R T ISTS G U IL D OF NO R T H F LO R I D A Larimer Art Center C R E SCENT CITY M OOSE LO D G E Dinner Public Invited F R A TE R NAL ORD E R OF EA G L ES INTE R LAC H EN Weekdays 4 pm Social Room Happy Hr. Tues. 5 pm Hamburgers State Rd 20 Interlachen F R A TE R NAL ORD E R OF EA G L ES 4355 Tues. & Wed. 1 pm Pinochle Wed. 5 pm Tacos FR U ITLAN D P E NINSULA HISTO R I CAL S O CIETY G I R L SCOUTS St. John the Baptist Catholic Church H I STO R I C CENT R A L ACA D E M Y Preservation & Community Development Inc. Supporters Meeting Palatka INTE R LAC H EN LIONS CLUB PALATKA A M AT EU R R A D I O CLUB Palatka Library PALATKA D U PLICATE B R I D G E C LUB Wed. 10 am Bring lunch C R E SCENT CITY D U PLICATE B R I D G E C LUB Crescent City Lessons Available SOCIAL SPORTSB2 Our community. Our people. All local. MISCELLANEOUS CROSSWORD SOLUTION SUDOKU SOLUTION


July 16, 2014 B3 This sweet cat in need of a forever homePhoto special to the Courier Journal Robert Louis De Franco and Regina Victoria Folen are please to announce their engagement to be married. The wedding is planned for late September in beautiful Eva Lyon Park in Cres cent City. Pastoer D onna Cooney is to preform the ceremo ny. D e Franco is a grad uate transferred f rom CUNY Queens College to Walden University a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, avid Entre preneur, and a Col lege President. He has an Animal Rescue Sanctuary and Science S tation in Crescent City Florida dedicated to the preservation and safety of all animals. Folen is a Sum-ma-Cum-lade graduate of Florida State College at Jacksonville, and is working on her Masters degree in Licensed Mental Health Counseling with emphasis in Behavior Analysis. She is the President of the Crescent City Lions Club and an active mem ber in the Crescent City Community. The couple intend to remain in Crescent City serving the commu nity through non-prot organizations as to facilitate the growth and expansion of more activities, programs and teen-centers into our adored community.De Franco and Folen Engagement WIN $250.00Each week for 12 weeks the Putnam County Courier Journal will run a partial picture with a clue of a location in Downtown Palatka.Pick up your official answer form at the Palatka Welcome Center or at www.PalatkaDowntown.com. Sponsored by The Putnam County Courier Journal and Downtown Palatka, Inc. Winner will be announced at the Gem City Shrimp Blast, August 29-30. Call 386-328-0909 for more details. Check the website for previous pictures and clues.Downtown Palatka Treasure Hunt 7 Here is your first clue:Nothing is certain except for death and...Here is your second clue:For many it was the Atlantic and this griffin was the guard FIND THIS Immigration Problems?We Can Help! 386-586-6985 American Immigration Attorneys P.L.C.C. Its Summertime! wiydradio.com or wplk.com LISTEN anytime, any place! 800 AM The Music of Your Day Visit wiydradio.com and listen on-line!NOW STREAMING LIVE! 1260 AM WIYD WIYD Classic Country We invite you to take us with you to the beach or on vacation because we are streaming live 24 hrs a day! NEW VOTING LOCATION IN CRESCENT CITY e Putnam County Supervisor of Elections is opening a Crescent City O ce to serve the voters of South Putnam County. e Crescent City O ce will be at the South Putnam Government Complex located at 115 N. Summit Street in Crescent City. For additional information please call What & Where! Where! Where! & & & Fun! & & & & Food Parker House: Happy Hours 4-8 p.m. Daily. 12 oz. Can Beer $1.75 & $2.75 well drinks. Porkys: Karaoke urs. 7 p.m.-till? Sun. 5p.m.-till? Happy Hour Mon.-Fri. 4-7 p.m. River Pub: Bikers Always Welcome! Fri. 7 p.m. to close Live Music by River Town 3-Ds Saloon: Every Wed. @ 8p.m. Karaoke by: Bualo Munn. Open Pool Tourney Ball urs. @ 7 p.m. Ball Fri. @ 9 p.m. & Landing-Marina-Wild Hog Saloon K a r a o k eThurs. 7 p.m.Till? / Sun. 5 p.m.Till? L ounge H oursSun. Thurs. Noon to Midnight Fri. & Sat. Noon to 2 a.m. R estaurant H oursFriday Sunday 9 a.m. 4 p.m.Motel NO PETS Boat Ramp Covered Dock BEER ICE TVReservations/Restaurant: 386-467-3956 Fax: 386-467-0026 120 Georgetown Landing Rd. Georgetown, FL 323139 On The St. Johns River Open 7 Days A Week COLDEST BEER IN TOWN KARAOKE By: Buffalo Munn Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Open Pool Tournament Thurs at 7 p.m. Eight Ball Fri at 7 p.m. Nine Ball Hours: Mon-Sat 11 a.m.-Till? Sunday 1 p.m.-Till? 101 S. 10th St. Palatka 386-530-2282 Daily Happy Hour Specials 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 5 to 7 p.m. Parker House Liquor Store & LoungeSummer SpecialsHappy Hour Daily 4-8 p.m. $2 Domestics Beers $2.75 Well Drinks DRIVE THRUOTTO143 NORTH SUMMIT ST. CRESCENT CITY, FLORIDA 32112 386-698-2397 Serving Florida Since 1983 Lunch and Dinner Specials Monday-Thursday 11-9 FRUITLAND / GEORGETOWN CR 308 & 309 ON LEFT 386-467-8666 P ATIO D INING B IKERS W ELCOME Join Us At The Tiki Bar! All-U-Can-Eat Spaghetti Only $8 .99 Or Visit Us On The Web At http://RIVERPUBITALIANGRILLE.COM/ 65 Wings on the Patio (min order 6) SUPER DEALS! Two Medium 5 Topping Pizzas Only $19 .95 All-U-Can-Eat Crablegs Only $24 .99 WE HAVE ALL YOUR GOLF CART NEEDS!Batteries Tires Chargers 611 N. Palm Ave, Palatka 386-328-9024Deliver & Installation Available Photo special to the Courier Journal Sally is a sweet cat that needs a forever home. She is a one year old, spayed, feline leukemia negative, shots up-to-date, approximately 7 lbs. and not real friendly with older cats. For more info or to adopt call CCKennel at 386-698-2777. Putnam County




Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: ST JOHNS RIVERSIDE ESTATES HIGH 6 LOT 4 (MAP SHEET 39J) BERT JOSEPH M ET AL C/O JO SEPH HERBERT+PATRICK HER BERT. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: ST JOHNS RIVERSIDE ESTATES PINEWOOD SEC REPLAT MB4 31/43A) KELL TERESSA. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF SE MARK + SANDRENE H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF 230(LOT 23) CHMAN FRANK L + MICHELA R H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF PT IN BAUGHAMNS S/D BK99 OR149 P217 OR436 P43) LINDSAY R + BEVERLY KAE H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF ANGELA YVONNE. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK CUST CAZ CREEK FL LLC the holder of the following cer of issuance, the description of the was assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: PT OF NE LA MARTIN + CATALINA H/W. on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that US BANK AS CUST FOR MOON STONE LIEN the holder of the fol year of issuance, the description which it was assessed are as fol lows: Y ear of Issuance 2012 Description of Property: S 22A MENT on the 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14PUBLIC NOTICEINVITATION TO BID fence at 107 Worcester Road, 1,200 feet, drawing at Town Hall including cated. Add one walk through without US17 and first fire hydrant. The tall gates as shown on drawing at Town Hall. cation of new fence and gates or copied upon request. on site. of $1,000,000) with the Town listed as additional insured and license FOR MORGAN PARK FENCING, POMONA PARK, FL. An official Monday, August 11, 2014 in order LEGAL NOTICENOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that USAMERIBANK REF RMC USAB LIFT the holder of the following cer ance, the description of the proper assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2011 Description of Property: PT OF P122) D Cooper. 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that USAMERIBANK REF RMC USAB LIFT the holder of the following cer ance, the description of the proper assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2011 Description of Property: PT OF of Florida. 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. Dated this 17th day of June, 2014 (SEAL) TIM SMITH CLERK, CIRCUIT COURT PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA By: /s/ Donna Wheeler Deputy Clerk 7/2,7/9,7/16,7/23/14LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that USAMERIBANK REF RMC USAB LIFT the holder of the following cer ance, the description of the proper assessed are as follows: Y ear of Issuance 2011 Description of Property: PT OF GREEN HILLS S/D UNRECORD ED) SON DOROTHY A. 6th day of August, 2014, at 10:00 A.M. DRIVERS: On Bonus! Great Pay! Consistent Freight, Great Miles on this Regional Ac count. Werner Enterpris HELP WANTED zational skills. If you are interested or would like contact karyken02@ HELP WANTED: N. 2nd Street, Palatka, MISSING DOG on Sleepy Hallow Dr. in Interlachen. Please call BEACHERS LODGE CONDOS for rent @ ida. Contact ladyhel NEW HOPE VILLAS APARTMENTS rent special. This institu tion is an equal opportu EQUAL HOUSING OP PORTUNITY TDD PHONE LAKEVIEW GROVE APTS. 62 or older, dis regardless of age, with Opportunity. This institu tion is an equal opportunity OAKWOOD GROVE APTS accepted. Central heat/ portunity. This institution is an equal opportunity FOR SALE two pieces of adjoining water canal. Singlewide two lots, additional land attached. East of Bost CLASSIFIEDS Pets Real Estate For Sale Your River Realty100 Georgetown Landing Rd.386-467-3345 RIVER BASS REALTY Patricia A. Boyd Broker-REALTOR RIVERFRONT HOME Mt Roy al, 3,168 sq ft, 3BR/4 1/2Bath & 3 car garage. Great Old Flor ida look. #659552 ...................$499,000 N LAKE GEORGE DR 2 screened porches catch the breeze from the river, .55 acre, 1,368 sq ft, partially furnished, 2Br/2Bath manu factured home w/brick stucco exterior for easy maintenance. #690845.................... $49,900 Well maintained 1981, 1008 sq ft, 2Br/2Bath Manufactured Home, screened porch, double carport on paved road. #717449.................... $35,000 Real Estate For Rent Employment B5 HELP WANTED ATTN: Drivers! Bring a Rider! $$$ Up to 50 cpm $$$ BCBS + 401k + Pet & Rider Quality Hometime Orientation Sign On Bonus CDL-A Req 877-258-8782 www.ad-drivers.com Experienced OTR Flatbed Driv ers earn 50 up to 55 cpm loaded. ers. Home most weekends. Call: 843-266-3731 / www.bulldoghi way.com. EOE ADOPTION ADOPTloving married couple seeks to adopt, will be hands on mom and dad. Financial security. Expenses paid. Dawn & Domen ick 1855-985-4592, Adam Sklar #0150789 ADOPTION: A childless loving couple seeks to adopt. Large family. Financial Security. Ex penses paid. Eileen & Kim. ki mandeileenadopt@gmail.com or 1-800-455-4929. AUC TIONS Public Auction Estates, Bankruptcies, Cities,Floridas Largest Consignment Auction Sunday, July 2 1 p.m., 422 Julia St., Titus ville, FL 32796 Real Estate 61 TBird Trucks Boats Mo torcycles-Firearms Antiques -Furniture Jewelry Complete Woodworking Shop Contents of Antique Store Household Goods Sun Dresses Art Work City Surplus Tools Glassware And So Much More! No Charge To Attend. Sorry no pets. No Buyers Premium!!! Vis it website for details & photos AB#9 Cliff Shuler Auctioneers AU#14 Life Member NAA & FAA Shuler & Shuler RE Auc., Inc., D Shuler Lic RE Broker www.sold for.com Estate Auction Onsite & Online Saturday, July 26 at 11a.m. 300 E. Royal Palm Road, Apt 11A, Boca Raton, Fl 33432 High-end Furniture & Decor, Antiques, Firearms & Vast Qty. of Ammu nition, Fine Art, Oriental Rugs, Electronics, Fishing Rods & Gear, Tools, Golf Clubs, Boat ing Gear & much more! Visit our website at www.moeckerauc tions.com Preview: Day of sale AU-3219, Eric Rubin ED UC ATION TRAIN FROM HOME MEDICAL BILLING, ACCOUNT ING ASST, CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. HS/GED NEEDED TO APPLY Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers. 1-800-4510709 H ELP W ANTED AVERITT EXPRESS New Pay Increase For Regional Drivers! 40 to 46 CPM + Fuel Bonus! Also, Post-Training Pay Increase for Students! (Depending on Do micile) Get Home EVERY Week 888-602-7440 Apply @ Averit tCareers.com Equal Opportunity Employer Females, minorities, protected veterans, and individ uals with disabilities are encour aged to apply. Want a Career Operating Heavy Equipment? Bulldozers, Backhoes, Exca vators. Hands On Training & Average 18-22 Hourly! Lifetime Job Placement Assistance. VA 6497 Quality Home Time! Now Hiring in Your Area. Avg. $1000 Weekly, BCBS +401k + Pet & Rider. CDL-A Req877-2589782. www.ad-drivers.com MI SCELLANEO US DirectTV 2 Year Savings Event! Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Only DirecTV gives you 2 YEARS of savings and a FREE Genie upgrade! Call 1-800-4812137. DISH TV Retailer. Starting $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) Find Today! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL 1-800-6050984 Attention: VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! A cheaper alternative to high drugstore prices! 50 Pill Special $99 FREE Shipping! 100 Percent Guaranteed. CALL NOW: 1-800-943-8953 Safe Step Walk-In Tub Alert for Seniors. Bathroom falls can be fatal. Approved by Arthritis Foundation. Therapeutic Jets. Less Than 4 Inch Step-In. Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American Made. Installation Included. Call 1-800-605-6035 for $750 Off. REAL E S TATE Mountains of NC. New custom built 1,232 sf unfurnished log cabin on 1.59 ac. $74,900. Cov ered front and back porches with private setting, EZ access. 866738-5522 BUY OR SELL AN RV ONLINE Best Deals and Selection Visit sands of RVs for Sale by Owner and Dealer Listings www.RVT. com 877-698-1118 Spring Move-in Special! Reduced Security Deposit Amounts!!!2 Bedroom: $250!! 3 Bedroom: $275!! 4 Bedroom: $300!! Smith Thomas Court Apartments Spring Spring Move-in Move-in Spring Move-in Spring HUD WELCOME 849 Bay Lane Crescent City, FL 321122, 3 and 4 BRs Move-in Special & Rental Assist. Available and Welcome 386-698-4300 Equal Housing Provider Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Eleven Different Sizes from 5x5 to 12x20TWO LOCATIONSBehind Kangaroo on Paradise Shores Road, Crescent City(includes fenced outside storage area) and County Road 309, Fruitland386-698-2002P&FMINI WAREHOUSE STORAGE during the Regular Town Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 12, /s/Cindy Hair Town Clerk 7/16/2014 Loud & Clear and FREE Florida residents with a hearing loss are eligible to receive a free amplied phone from the non-prot Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. Cordless and corded phones for persons with mild to severe hearing loss are available at 23 distribution centers statewide. Limit one per customer.CONTA CT YOUR AREA C ENTER FOR DETAILS Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida 222 SW 36th Terrace Gainesville, FL 32607 352-378-7474 (v) 352-372-3443 (tty)Current FTRI clients: If your phone isnt working properly or your hearing has changed, or should you no longer need your phone or are moving out of Florida, call FTRI at 888-554-1151 for assistance. Legal Notices Real Estate For Sale Putnam County


MATTRESS & BED SAVINGS EVENT ANY BED*FREE OVER 44 BEDS*TO CHOOSE FROM!Legends Ultra Plush or Ultra Firm Set Serta Imperial Sky Setqueen mattress setreg. 1149.90 $99995queen mattress setreg. 1449.90 $129995king mattress setreg. 1569.85 $129995king mattress setreg. 1969.85 $169995with Imperial Sky purchase ULTRA Collection Buy the Mattress Set & GET THE BED FREE!**Queen and king size only. Mattress set and bed must be same size. Cannot be combined with any other bedding offer. Bed includes headboard, footboard & rails. SAVE UP TO$136985 ANY BED* UP TO $49995FREE OVER 33 BEDS*TO CHOOSE FROM!with Legends Ultra purchase 1000 St. Johns Ave. PALATKA386-328-1412 NEW HOURS: MON. SAT. 9AM 6PM outlet centershop our R plusPrices and offers effective July 15 July 28, 2014 R Lori Johnston, Owner** Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Applicants must meet all State and Federal identication verication requirements and State age requirements. Offer not available to applicants in default on a Badcock account or in an active bankruptcy. Offer valid through July 28, 2014 at participating stores only. years1904 NO Credit Refused ** $888reg. 999.95901162/6422 pc sectional matching ottoman & accessories available 2pc save 111 95 Addison(red or black) $458reg. 599.95888940counter storage table & 4 counter chairs 5pc save 141 95 Randolph II 60 plasma SAVE 351.95$948reg. 1299.95116214 60 plasma LG HOT BUYwhile supplies last on all 3 pieces on all 3 $54185 SAVE3pc Slate Package refrigerator, range & dishwasherover-the-range microwave $329.95 reg. 399.95 115932 save $70undercounter dishwasher $649.95 reg. 729.95 115931 save $80electric radiant range $799.95reg. 899.95 115930 save $100side-by-side refrigerator $1599.95 save $200 Buy Individually & Save$2888reg. 3429.85 880103 over-the-range microwave$27995with purchase of 3pc package reg. 399.95 880113