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Ca ll 352-253-5100 fo r a c omplimen tar y Lu nch & To ur License # AL12259 HOYER BEATS OUT MANZIEL FOR BROWNS QB, SPORTS B1 LEESBURG: Rob Hicks named the departments new police chief A3 CITRUS: Florida orange juice sales see continuous decline A3 LEESBURG, FLORIDA Thursday, August 21, 2014 Vol. 138 No. 233 3 sections INDEX CLASSIFIED B7 COMICS E4 CROSSWORDS B8 DIVERSIONS E5 LEGALS B7 BUSINESS A8 NATION A6 OBITUARIES A4 SPORTS B1 VOICES A11 WORLD A7 TODAYS WEATHER Detailed forecast on page A12. 96 / 77 Some sun, t-storm in the p.m. 50 GARY FINEOUT Associated Press TALLAHASSEE A Florida judge is once again consid ering what to do in the next round of a lengthy and par tisan-tinged battle over Flor idas congressional districts. Circuit Judge Terry Lew is held a three-hour hear ing Wednesday over whether to approve a new map swift ly passed earlier this month by the Florida Legislature. Legislators approved the map after Lewis in July ruled that the states current con gressional map was illegal ly drawn to benet Republi cans in elections. Lewis gave no indication when he would rule, saying only he would act quickly. The hearing itself featured a rehash of some of the same arguments heard during a previous trial on the district makeup. But this time the partisan acrimony was on much more vivid display as each side accused the other of pushing a new congressio nal map designed to benet either Republicans or Dem ocrats at the expense of mi nority voters. The focus of much of the hearing was on the sprawl ing district held by U.S. Rep. Corinne Brown that runs from Jacksonville to Orlando. Legis lators altered seven of 27 dis tricts in north and central Flor ida including Browns district. The coalition of groups that sued the Legislature contends Lewis should toss the revised version because it makes cosmetic changes. They still assert Democrats remain packed into the dis trict in order to help adjacent GOP districts. As an alter native, the groups propose Partisan clash dominates hearing over new map SEE DISTRICTS | A2 LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer W hile two candidates run ning for Seat 1 on the Lake County School Board agree on what the dis tricts priorities should be, par ticularly in scal management, there is one critical issue that sets them apart: how they view Superintendent Susan Moxley. Bill Mathias, incumbent and owner of Mathias Foodservice Equipment Co., has had his faith restored in the superintendent, particularly in how she has han dled the class-size controversy. I dont feel the superinten dents position should be part of the political process, he said. We already had an evaluation scheduled for November for the superintendent and, at that time, I will make a decision that will be data based, not emotional. Moxley called for an internal review last winter after nding that six principals broke the law by inaccurately reporting their class sizes to the state. Principals at Mount Dora High School, Tavares Elementary School, Sawgrass Bay Elementary in Clermont, Sorrento Elementary, Lake Minneola High School and Grassy Lake Elementary in Minneola reported that their average class sizes were smaller than was actually the case. Mathias pointed to Moxleys decision to conduct a review of the district, as well as procedures that have been put in place based on the reviews ndings. We are going to report truth fully, he said. No one will feel intimidated and, if they do, they should reach out to their board member to support and protect them. Further, Mathias cited the Florida Department of Educations Ofce of Professional Practices Services decision not to pursue disciplinary action against two Lake County administrators over this past winters class-size violations in the district. While critics have questioned whether there has been account ability in the district, Mathias said it was more important for him to x the problem then con tinue the witch hunt that would cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. By contrast, John Ardizone, a former substitute teacher in the district and real estate broker, said he questioned the leader ship of the superintendent. I think the superintendent, in particular, took her eye off the ball, he said. I dont think it would have occurred if there was more oversight by the ad ministration and the superin tendent. I dont think she is in spiring and motivating our teachers. I think we need to give more support and make sure we have the adequate resources in place for our teachers. Another pressing issue in the district that the two candidates, by contrast, agree on, is courtesy busing. However, the two offer differ ent solutions in how to restore busing that the School Board cut in 2013 for students living within a 2-mile radius of the school. Candidates discuss the superintendent, courtesy busing in Seat 1 race BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL District One Lake County School Board member Bill Mathias speaks at a forum organized by the AARP for candidates that are running for local and state ofces held in the clubhouse of Hawthorne at Leesburg on Monday. MATHIAS ARDIZONE Mathias vs. Ardizone SEE BOARD | A2 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer Exactly how long it took for a Leesburg po lice ofcer to drive a woman in his custody from his department to the Lake County jail was the focus Wednes day in his armed sexu al battery trial. Henri Bart Larue ar rested a 23-year-old woman during a late night trafc stop on Oct. 2, 2012 after he de termined her license was suspended and brought her to the Lees burg police department for pre-booking. Larue is accused of then driving off to book her in the county jail in Tavares but rst stop ping behind a strip mall near Lake Square Mall on U.S. Highway 441, dragging her out his squad car and forcing her to perform a sexu al act on him before re suming the trip to the county jail in Tavares. Larue was red af ter an internal inves tigation by his depart ment and charged after a Florida Department of Law Enforcement in vestigation. He is pleading not guilty and could get life in prison if convicted. TAVARES Sexual battery trial focuses on timeline of journey to jail SEE TRIAL | A6 LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer Lake County Commissioners Tim Sullivan and Leslie Campione said Wednesday there are ways to reduce a proposed 18 percent increase in prop erty taxes next scal year to address a $15 million budget shortfall. Campione, the lone commissioner who vot ed against the tentative tax rate increase on July 22, said if the board used $5.74 million from the penny sales tax to pay down the in terest on the courthouse and kept the budget spending levels the same, there would be no budget shortfall. In fact, Campione said there would be a sur plus of $1.4 million, which could be used for oth er needs. In addition, she said there would be $5.1 mil lion available for capital projects. Why would we want to take $15 million out Lake County leaders meet to discuss taxes SEE TAXES | A6


A2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 Mathias said the decision to cut busing was not an easy one for the district, but at the time they were facing a $16.5 million decit. We had already laid off 65 teach ers and seven guidance counsel ors, he said. We were the last of two counties that still offered cour tesy busing. A transportation audit showed we were losing $1.5 million by courtesy busing. But, at the same time, Mathias said the district was not ready to end courtesy busing because the county and municipalities had to provide safe routes to schools. Since then, Mathias said he has worked with state Rep. Larry Metz, R-Groveland, to address the issue. Metz introduced legislation in the previous session that would identify and correct hazardous walking conditions at local ele mentary and middle schools. But the bill died in the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee. Mathias, however, is hopeful the bill can be brought back next ses sion and is working with Metz and state Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, on the issue. My approach has been to x the issue, he said. I am working with the state legislature toward a tight er denition of hazardous walking conditions so we can bring back busing and get the funding. Ardizone agreed. I want to restore courtesy bus ing for children, he said. It is irre sponsible to let small children walk four miles to and from school. But Ardizone said he believes courtesy busing can be paid for with the current funding allocated for busing. It is not necessarily an expense issue, he said. We can take a constructive look at our bus routes and we can go back to providing the transportation for those that live in the courtesy zone without spending more money. Ardizone said he has observed the bus routes and that many of the buses are not anywhere near full capacity. If there were rerouting of those buses we could get everyone picked up for the same amount of money, he said. But Mathias scoffed at that idea. He has never even looked at the budget, he said. He doesnt un derstand the way funds are allo cated. It would have to come from capital and there are not any funds for courtesy busing. Concerning scal management, the two candidates viewpoints align most closely. We need to maintain a strategy of pay-as-you-go to meet our capi tal needs, Mathias said. Fiscal responsibility is critical, Ardizone said. Every School Board member has to be diligent in overlooking the nances and budgeting aspect, and making sure the superintendent is doing the same and the teachers are on the same page, he said. Ardizone, who has worked as a substitute teacher in every grade level in the district for the past ve years, said he chose to run for School Board because he did not believe the teachers were receiv ing enough support. They did not have enough re sources and the quality of the di verse education was not there, he said. I think we could do better in our high school by providing a more diverse curriculum, includ ing vocational programs that our students in sophomore, junior and senior year are interested in and motivated to participate in. Reecting on his rst term on the board, Mathias said he is proud to have brought a business perspective. I had the capacity to work across government lines with the county commission, local municipalities and the state to effect positive change for our school district, he said. We are working on a method to fully fund growth that is ongoing. The biggest challenge facing the district is working to change the culture from a mentality of we serve at the will of the board to fostering an environment that encourages discourse, so we can make the best decisions, he said. Ardizone said he has issues with the new Florida Standards, referring to Floridas version of Common Core. We need to work with the super intendent and make sure the teach ers are providing a well-rounded, diverse education and not teaching to the test, he said. But Mathias said the issues of curriculum and how teachers teach is under the purview of David Chris tiansen, (chief academic ofcer). Both candidates are also equally concerned about the school districts overall grade and the ve F grades in the district released by the Florida Department of Educations annual report card of all school districts. Mathias said the district is already working to address the issue by put ting in an extra 30 minutes of in structional time for reading and writ ing in every school in the district. He also mentioned the rst of many forums in the community on the issue. You saw business leaders, par ents and the school district come together and they are focused on owning and improving their schools, Mathias said. Ardizone said improving the school grade requires making some administrative adjust ments, both for principals and as sistant principals. We have to provide a positive dialogue with the teachers, the ad ministration and the superinten dent, he said. There needs to be a standing operating procedure that ensures all schools are follow ing the same directives from the board and the superintendent. It is not just about getting the community involved, Ardizone said. It is our job as a school system to take children that come from dysfunctional families and provide them with a loving, caring and nurturing education, and teach them the values of ethics and pro vide them a cost effective educa tion, he said. Mathias said if re-elected, he would continue to work to fully fund growth. My focus is to continue that di alogue with the county commis sion toward a sustainable long-term model that not only funds growth but also recognizes the importance of our school rating and it is the eco nomic driver for sustainable growth in the county, he said. shifting Browns district to one that stretches across North Florida. Attorney David King, who represents the League of Women Voters of Florida and other groups, argued that the shift would actual ly make it more likely that a minority would also win a central Florida congressio nal seat. He said that legisla tors drew a new map to pro tect Republican interests. They never tried, they never considered any oth er alternative because the intent we established in the last trial is alive and well in the Florida Legislature, King told the judge. But George Meros, an at torney for the Florida House, argued legislators need to keep Browns district run ning from north to south to ensure that blacks contin ue to have a chance to elect someone to Congress. The federal Voting Rights Act bars states from diluting the vot ing strength of minorities. Meros said the goal of the groups who sued was to make it easier to elect white Democrats. He said that racial discrimination re mains a problem in north east Florida counties such as Alachua and Marion. Meros, citing that nation al Democratic groups have paid part of the legal fees in the case, said Its OK you may not be able to elect a black, but youll get a white Democrat to support you. And thats wrong...It takes us to a dark day. Allison Riggs, a law yer representing the Flor ida branch of the NAACP, backed the Legislature. This isnt a game of lim bo how low can you go with the black voting-age population in order to dis tribute black voters into Democratic districts, Riggs said. That is the kind of gamesmanship the Florida NAACP is trying to avoid. Voters in 2010 passed the Fair Districts amend ment that says legislators cannot draw up districts to favor incumbents or a political party, a practice known as gerrymandering. The groups that sued con tended GOP consultants used a shadow process in 2012 to draw districts that beneted Republicans and violated the new standards. Lewis agreed there was enough evidence to show that consultants helped manipulate the process and ruled that two districts were invalid. The two dis tricts agged by Lewis were Browns district and a cen tral Florida district held by U.S. Rep. Dan Webster, a Republican. HOW TO REACH US AUG. 20 CASH 3 ............................................... 7-3-9 Afternoon .......................................... 7-0-1 PLAY 4 ............................................. 3-2-1-0 Afternoon ....................................... 5-4-6-6 FLORIDA LOTTERY AUG. 19 FANTASY 5 ............................... 2-5-9-12-30 LUCKY MONEY ................... 19-27-31-3511 MEGA MILLIONS ............ 22-39-56-67-7115 THE NEWSPAPER OF CHOICE FOR LAKE AND SUMTER COUNTIES SINCE 1875 The Daily Commercial (ISSN 0896-1042) is published daily for $90.74 per year (plus Florida sales tax) by Halifax Media Group at 212 East Main Street, Leesburg, Florida. Periodicals postage is paid at the USPO, Leesburg, FL. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to The Daily Commercial, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 34749-0007. All material contained in this edition is property of The Daily Commercial and is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. 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Ocala Gainesville 3 11 5 6 10 7 75 10 95CURRENT DISTRICTS CURRENT DISTRICTS Gainesville 3 11 5 75 10 95 4LEGISLATURE-APPROVED DISTRICT MAP LEGISLATURE-APPROVED DISTRICT MAPROB MACK / HALIFAX MEDIA GROUP 6 10 7Ocala Leesburg Leesburg Ocala Gainesville 3 11 5 6 10 7 75 10 95 N N N N Gainesville 3 11 5 75 10 95 4 ROB MACK / HALIFAX MEDIA GROUP 6 10 7Ocala Leesburg Leesburg DISTRICTS FROM PAGE A1 Voters in 2010 passed the Fair Districts amendment that says legislators cannot draw up districts to favor incumbents or a political party, a practice known as gerrymandering. CANDIDATES BILL MATHIAS AGE : 60 OCCUPATION: Owner, Mathias Foodservice Equipment Co. EDUCATION: Masters degree in or ganizational management, Universi ty of Phoenix; Bachelors degree in business administration, Jones Col lege, Jacksonville AFFILIATIONS: Lifetime member of the American Legion; member of St. Pauls Community; member of the Food Equipment Dealer Association; 4th degree Knights of Columbus JOHN ARDIZONE AGE: 70 OCCUPATION: licensed real estate broker EDUCATION: Associates degree, The Sage Colleges, Albany, N.Y.; at tended the University of Califor nia Los Angeles extension program while employed as a police ofcer with the city of Los Angeles AFFILIATIONS: Lake County Sher iffs Ofce Citizens on Patrol program BOARD FROM PAGE A1 JIM SUHR Associated Press FERGUSON, Mo. A white police of cer whose shooting death of an unarmed black 18-year-old ignited racial upheaval in a St. Louis suburb has been character ized as either an aggressor whose deadly gunre constituted a daylight execution or a law enforcer wrongly maligned for just doing his job. An incomplete picture of Texas-born Ferguson ofcer Darren Wilson has emerged since Aug. 9, when authorities say the white six-year police veteran killed Michael Brown during a confrontation in the predominantly black city where all but three of the 53 police ofcers are white. The Brown familys attorneys have la beled Wilson as a murderer, though the in vestigation continues and no charges have been led. The 28-year-old ofcer has gone underground since the shooting, with rela tives contacted by The Associated Press re fusing to reveal his whereabouts or discuss the shooting or Wilsons background. But snippets of his life have emerged. His parents were married only four years be fore divorcing in 1989 in Texas. Court re cords say he divorced last November. His mother, a convicted forger and alleged con artist, died 12 years ago. Wilson got a com mendation in February from the Ferguson police force, four years into his job there. Picture emerges of cop in Ferguson shooting


Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A3 Area Briefs MOUNT DORA Goodwill Industries to host job fair for public The job fair will host an array of different events for the public from 1 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday at the Martin Luther King Center, 803 Florida Ave. Backpacks and school supplies will be given away to kids, a resto ration of rights workshop will take place, as well as a job workshop and job assistance and GED assistance for teens age 16-21. For information, call the Goodwill ofce, 10600 U.S. Highway 441 at 352-323-1847 or go to www.good EUSTIS Bay Street Players are seeking volunteers As the Bay Street Players theater begins its 40th season, the group is building up its volunteer base to as sist leaders and staff, help with set construction, costuming, lighting and sound, the box ofce and other duties. There will be an open house at 2 p.m., Saturday at 109 N. Bay St. For information about the open house, call the theater at 352-357-7777 or go to CLERMONT Celebrity Softball Game to raise funds for local families New Beginnings of Central Florida will host Batman, Robin, Captain American, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman and friends at the third annual Celebrity Softball Game to benet local homeless families. Tickets for this family-friendly event are $5 each, and kids in any uniform get in free with a paying adult. Go to New Beginnings www.nbc. org or call Sandy Farnsworth at 352617-8788 for information. LAKE COUNTY FWC offers hunter safety courses Hunter safety classes are offered on an ongoing basis by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission for the public covering rearms safe ty, ethics, wildlife identication and bow hunting. There is no age limit and classes are free, with some of the ranges charging a small fee. Upcoming classes will be offered on Saturday at two Lake County locations: From 8 to 5 a.m., at Camp La No Che in Paisley; and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pats Pawn and Gun in Leesburg. On Sept. 6 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Pats Pawn and Gun in Leesburg. To register, go to www.myfwc. com/huntersafetycourses or call 352-625-2804. A person born after June 1, 1975 must complete a Hunter Safety course to hunt alone in the State of Florida. State & Region NEWS EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN 352-365-8203 THERESA CAMPBELL | Staff Writer Dan Robuck, 30, chief nancial ofcer at Ro-Mac Lumber, will be a new face on the Leesburg City Com mission in January. The Leesburg native has no opposition in the Nov. 4 general election as he will be taking over the atlarge city commission Seat 5 that has been oc cupied for the past 14 years by Com missioner David Knowles, 64, who chose not to run for re-election. Ive been going to meetings for the last two years and I had become concerned with some of the direction that Leesburg had been going in, most specically on the nance side, but I do think that the new city manager (Al Min ner) has gotten some of that under con trol, Robuck said. But, when I looked at the commission, there wasnt anyone on there with a nance background, and I think that it is important to have that perspective on the commission. During the public com ment portion of past meetings, Robuck has pre sented a private-sector viewpoint on different is sues, and the commission has taken some of his sug gestions seriously. LEESBURG Robuck to take over city commission seat ROBUCK SEE SEAT | A5 KEVIN BOUFFARD Halifax Media Group Florida orange grow ers continue to be bat tered along two fronts with accelerating de clines in U.S. orange juice sales and the fruit in their groves. OJ sales posted their worst performance in the 2013-14 season with a 9.2 percent decline in the most recent fourweek sales period end ing Aug. 2, according to the Florida Department of Citrus. For the season that began in October through that date, U.S. orange juice sales have declined 6 percent. Orange juice appears to be battling a spread ing perception among U.S. consumers that it has too much sugar and calories, as well as in creasing competition from other beverages favored by younger con sumers, such as sports and energy drinks. Florida growers pro vide roughly 80 percent of the OJ sold in the United States. The OJ sales news came after two pre-sea son forecasts released Thursday showing Flor idas 2014-15 orange crop could be the lowest in ve decades. Kissim mee citrus consultant Elizabeth Steger pre dicted next seasons or ange crop at just 89 mil lion boxes, a 15 percent decline from the 201314 crop. Louis Drey fus Citrus Inc. based in Winter Garden fore casts 96.6 million boxes, a 7.5 percent drop. The bacterial disease citrus greening, which arose in 2005 in Florida, has caused the states declining citrus pro duction. The disease weakens citrus trees, leading to less fruit pro duction, and eventually kills them. Citrus Department spokesman David Steele said the agencys new marketing campaign is US orange juice sales see worst period this season PHOTOS BY LYNNE SLADKY / AP A worker plants new citrus trees on land owned by the Hunt family on July 30 in Lake Wales. The Hunt family owns 5,000-plus acres of groves and is part of the co-op that contributes to Floridas Natural, the third largest juice brand in the country. Nick Howell, 13, a member of the McLean family who owns Uncle Matts organic orange juice company, places a vial containing the tamarixia wasp to release in their orange groves in hopes of combating the citrus greening disease on July 25 in Clermont. Citrus woes SEE SALES | A4 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer Aligning the depart ments mission with com munity needs will be a goal of new Leesburg Po lice Chief Rob Hicks, who will ofcially take the reins of his department today. The next sever al months will consist of meeting with citizens, community leaders, other government agencies and my ofcers to develop a shared and unied vision for this organization, said Hicks, whose new ofce is lled with family photos, academic achievements and Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins memorabilia. Hicks is a 23-year po lice veteran who has spent the last 17 years with Lees burgs department. He is replacing 25-year de partment chief Bill Chris man, who has worked with Hicks for the past two weeks to transition duties and responsibilities. Hicks stressed the de partment exists to serve the residents and described his Hicks takes over today as Leesburgs top cop PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LEESBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT Rob Hicks, the new chief for the Leesburg Police Department, sits at his desk on Tuesday. SEE CHIEF | A5 Staff Report The Sumter County Fair As sociation has named a schol arship fund for Joy Coleman, Bushnells ve-term city clerk who died last month from in ternal melanoma cancer. Coleman, 52, was a former Miss Sumter County and pageant di rector for the last three years, according to Bey ers Funeral Home, which han dled the private funeral ar rangements. The scholarship fund will assist other pageant winners. Mayor Bill Spaude said Coleman meant a lot to the city and was active in the community. BUSHNELL Scholarship fund set up in honor of long-time city clerk COLEMAN SEE COLEMAN | A5 T he Daily Commercial is looking for writers, photographers and part-time copy editors who want to contribute to this award-winning publication. Writers and photographers will cover sports, news or lifestyle events on an as-needed basis. Those interested in writing must be able to drive to assign ments, write smoothly and quickly and le their articles on deadline. Photographers must be equipped with digital cameras and have the ability to transmit their photos by computer. Copy editors must have strong word skills, be technically procient and have the ability to work under deadlines. Famil iarity with InDesign is a must. We strongly prefer applicants who have experience in the publishing eld. If youre interested in being part of our team, please send a brief cover letter, resume and samples of your work to Executive Editor Tom McNiff at Want to work for us? MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer A women who was sentenced with a four-year prison term as a teen in a 2001 stabbing death could be headed back to prison for 23 years on a pro bation violation after a Lake Coun ty judge recently ruled that the state courts did have jurisdiction over her pro bation. Lawyers for the 27-year-old Trenita Wright-Rushing led an appeal Tuesday with the Floridas 5th District Court on the ruling, which has led to her LEESBURG Woman released after 4 years for murder could go back for 23 more RUSHING SEE VIOLATION | A5


A4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 OBITUARIES John Miller Duffer John Miller Duffer, 90, of Bushnell, FL, died Friday, August 15, 2014 at Sumterville, FL. He was born July 18, 1924 in Sumner County, TN. Mr. Duf fer was a life mem ber of the VFW Post #10137 in Bay Hill, FL, the DAV Everglade State Chapter #2, and the American Legion Post #101 at Bevilles Cor ner. He enjoyed sh ing, gardening, going to yard sales, ea mar kets, and antique stores, and was an avid collec tor of Budweiser Steins. He endured many bat tles during World War II on the USS Wasp CV-7 and survived the sink ing of the ship in 1942. He went on to serve the remainder of his Naval Career on the USS Es sex. Medals and Hon ors received during his Naval Service include the Purple Heart Medal, Presidential Unit Cita tion Ribbon, Good Con duct Clasp, World War II Victory Medal, Hon orable Service Lapel Button, Good Conduct Medal, American-De fense Service Medal Bronze Letter A, Amer ican Campaign Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon, Navy Occu pation Service Med al Asia Clasp, and Honorable Discharge Button. Following his Naval Service, Mr. Duf fer continued his life as a Master Mariner through his employ ment with Exxon Oil Co. serving as Captain on sea going tugs and also as able-bodied seaman with Exxons super tank er eet. He is survived by his son, John Miller Duffer, Jr. of Nashville, TN; daughters, Pando ra Duffer of Nashville, TN, and Sandra (Paul) Woodard of Bushnell, FL; half-brother and de voted caregiver, Ralph Duffer of Lafayette, TN; sister, Mary Barringer of Memphis, TN; and three grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, lover, and friend of more than 50 years, Ernestine Mead ow Duffer; and parents, Russ & Mattie Dell Duf fer. A Visitation will be held at the Purcell Fu neral Home Chapel on Monday, August 25, 2014 from 10 11 am. Services will follow at 11:00 am with Pastor Randy Alonso presid ing. Interment will fol low at Florida Nation al Cemetery, Bushnell, with Military Honors. Online condolences may be left at www.pur Arrangements entrust ed to Purcell Funeral Home, Bushnell, FL. Gertrude Mae Gunter Gertrude Gertie Mae Gunter, 86, of Fruitland Park, Flori da, died Tuesday, Au gust 19, 2014 at The Vil lages, FL. She was born July 26, 1928 in Mican opy, Florida. She moved from Ocala to Fruitland Park in 1961. Mrs. Gunt er was a homemaker who enjoyed gardening and her family. She was a member of the former Fruitland Park Baptist Church. She is survived by her husband, John J.L. Gunter of Fruit land Park, FL; her sons, John (Dee) Gunter, Jr. of Fruitland Park, FL; and Richard D. Gunter of Fruitland Park, FL; her sister, Pat of Ocala, FL; and her grandchildren, Keith and Becky Gunter, Leslie Bennett and Lynn Wheeler. Visitation will be held at the Beyers Funeral Home Chapel, Leesburg, FL on Thurs day, August 21, 2014 from 5:00 7:00 pm. Services will be held at the Beyers Funeral Home Chapel on Friday, August 22, 2014 at 10:00 am. Interment will fol low at Shiloh Cemetery, Fruitland Park, FL. On line condolences may be left at www.beyers Ar rangements entrusted to Beyers Funeral Home and Crematory, Lees burg, FL. Jimmy Howard Jimmy Howard passed away on Au gust 14, 2014. He leaves to cherish his memo ries: wife, Nancy How ard; three children; two step-daughters; four siblings and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and other sorrowing family and friends. A wake will be held on Friday, August 22, 2014 from 6-8pm at Mt. Pis gah A.M.E. Church, CR 752, Webster, FL; funer al services will be held on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 11:00am at Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church, 310 E Hwy 48 Southland Ave, Bush nell, FL, Minister John Williams, Eulogist. In terment will be at South Sumter Evergreen Cem etery, Bevilles Corner, FL. Professional ser vices entrusted to New Serenity Memorial Fu neral Home&Crema tion Svcs.,Inc. 352/5631394. Andrew C. Johnson Andrew C. Johnson, 84 of Eustis, entered into eternal rest on Monday, August 18. Celebration of Life service to con vene 11AM Saturday, August 23 at Eustis Communi ty Center, 601 North shore Dr, Eustis. Viewing and visitation will be from 10-11AM Saturday at the Eus tis Community Center. Family and friends may sign guestbook at www. Professional services entrusted to the care of HAYES BROS. FUNER AL HOMES, EUSTIS CHAPEL. 352-589-4666 Reverend Franklin Lemon The Reverend Frank lin Bernard Lemon, 68, of Lakeland, Florida de parted this life on Satur day, August 16, 2014, with his family by his side. He was a native of Leesburg, Florida. El der Lemon served as the distinguished Pre siding Elder of the Lively Lakeland Dis trict of the West Coast Annual Conference of 11th Episcopal District of the African Method ist Episcopal Church. Before being appoint ed a Presiding Elder, Reverend Lemon pas tored several churches within the 11th Episco pal District; including, St. James AME (Eustis, FL), St. Paul AME (Oc ala, FL), St. Luke AME (Tampa, FL), and St. Paul AME (Ft. Pierce, FL), just to name a few. Presiding Elder Lemon is survived by his loving and caring wife, Laura stine Dunston Lemon; 2 sons, Marcus Aurelis Lemon, and Ryan Ber nard Lemon; 4 daugh ters, Tonja Malissia Lemon-Webb, Michele Nicole Murphy, Brid get Anitrias Giles, and Anita Barnicia Lemon; 1 brother, Willie James Lemon; and 6 grand children. Visitation will be held Friday, August 22, 2014 from 5-8:00 PM at Hurst Chapel Af rican Methodist Epis copal Church, Winter Haven, Fl. A service of Celebration will be held on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 11:00 AM at New Bethel African Method ist Episcopal Church, Lakeland, Fl, with Bish op Adam Jefferson Richardson, Jr. (Presid ing Prelate, 11th Episco pal District, AMEC) as the Eulogist. Interment: Lakeside Memory Gar dens, Eustis. POSTELLS MORTUARY is provid ing service for the Lem on family. Henry Gordon MacKenzie On August 12, 2014, Gordon MacKenzie passed away. Born July 9, 1937, he was a man of baseball. At age 18, Gordon began his ca reer as a player. He was signed as an amateur free agent in 1956 by the Kansas City Athlet ics. He made his ma jor league debut on Au gust 13, 1961 against the Chicago White Sox and played in 11 games that year. The following year, his sister, Murle, won the U.S. Womens Open while playing on the LPGA tour. His ca reer then shifted in the mid 1960s. In Geneva, NY, beginning with the New York-Penn League, Gordon began manag ing at the minor league level as well as coaching in the majors with clubs such as Senators, Mets, Expos, Royals, Cubs, In dians, Giants, and As tros winning several divisions and champi onships throughout his profession. Whether it was managing, coach ing, scouting, or in structional duties, base ball was his true calling in life while having an inuence and impact at various levels on so many kids and young men year after year af ter year. He enjoyed one of his biggest breaks when he was hired as the third base coach for KC Royals in 1980. That same year, they went on to win the Ameri can League and played for the World Series. He also experienced coach ing seasons at the major league level with Cubs and Giants. Although his love of baseball was great, it was sec ond to his love of family. Even though seasons at home in Fruitland Park, FL were short, he spent many quality hours on the farm with his wife Nancy, kids and grand kids tending his live stock and a variety of other animals. Gordon was preceded in death by his sister Margaret MacKenzie Niles and son Eric MacKenzie. Survived by his sister, Murle MacKenzie Breer; wife Nancy MacKen zie; sons, Scott MacK enzie, Kenny MacKen zie (Deana MacKenzie) and daughter Amy Pa via (Barry Pavia) and 8 grandchildren. A Me morial Service will be held Saturday, August 23, 2014 at Heritage Community Church in Fruitland Park, FL at 1:00 pm. If one chooses, in lieu of owers, a do nation to St. Judes Hos pital is welcomed. Ar rangements have been provided by Beyers Fu neral Home in Lees burg, FL. where all ow ers and correspondence will be received. Pauline Mosley Pauline Mosley of Leesburg, Florida, passed away on August 18, 2014. Funeral ser vice will be held on Sat urday, August 23, 2014, 3pm at Christian Wor ship Center, 929 CR 468 Leesburg, FL 34748, El der John Christian, pastor. She leaves to cherish her memory: children, Shirley Harp er, Mary Coleman, Yolanda Poole, Wil lie Williams and Calvin Collier; sister, Catherine Mosley; 27 grandchil dren; 78 great grand children; and 24 greatgreat grandchildren and a host of loving relatives and sorrowing friends. Visitation will be held at Christian Worship Center, Friday, August 22nd from 6pm-8pm. Services entrusted to Snows Funeral Ministry PROVIDING A MEMO RY THAT WILL NEVER FADE. DEATH NOTICES Martha Bush Martha Bush, 73, of Tavares, died Tuesday, August 19, 2014. Beyers Funeral Home, Umatil la. Barbara Kiser Barbara Kiser, 76, of Coleman, died Wednes day, August 20, 2014. Banks/Page-Theus Fu neral Home. Wildwood. Catherine Lloyd Catherine Lloyd, 31, of Eustis, died Friday, August 15, 2014. Beyers Funeral Home, Umatil la. o se we lo ve do n t go aw ay e y wa lk be side us ev er y da y. Un se en, un he ar d, but al wa ys ne ar St ill lo ve d, st ill mi ss ed an d fo re ve r de ar Fo re ve r in ou r he ar ts! Mo m an d Ma ry Gr ace In Lo vi ng me mo ry ofRo b Ph ill ip sOc to be r 6, 196 2 Au gu st 21, 201 1 D005729 See how affordable a Remington Kitchen c an be! See how a ffordable Remin gton K itche n can be! CALL FOR FREE ESTIMA TES SER VICES:Ne w Cu st om Cab in et ry Cab in et Re fa cing Gr ani te Cou nt er to psWi lso na rt HD Lami na te Cou nt er to ps wi th Be ve le dEd ge & In te gr at ed Si nks R K FA MI LY OW NED & OPERA TED SI NCE 19 97(352) 728-4441Monday Fr iday 9am-5pm rf n tb n rf r f n f nbt rb r n r rr f r b t r f r n IN MEMORY JOHNSON HOWARD LEMON SALES FROM PAGE A3 taking the sugar issue head on. The issue of con sumer perceptions is precisely why we have made nutrition central to our Theres Amaz ing Inside campaign, he said. Our biggest challenge on that per ception front is the persistence of inaccu rate accounts of add ed sugar in OJ. There is no added sugar in 100 percent orange juice. Tom Spreen, emer itus professor of agri cultural economics at the University of Flor ida, whos studied the states $9 billion citrus industry for more than 30 years, said its a mys tery to him why there is a contraction in de mand for OJ. Its almost as if the consumer senses theres a production problem in Florida, he said. However, Spreen said more competition in the beverage market has played a role in de clining OJ sales. The age demograph ic is working against or ange juice. Its become increasingly an older persons drink, he said. The surge in U.S. or ange juice sales that be gan with frozen concen trated OJ in the 1950s was built on the Baby Boomer generation, he said, and the beverage is less popular with sub sequent generations who prefer newer prod ucts such as sports and energy drinks.


Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A5 probation violation hearing being put on hold, said assistant State At torney Hugh Bass, who is prosecut ing the case. The probation was part of a plea deal that she made to keep from serving more time in prison, said Bass in his ofce Wednesday. She cant change it now. The stabbing occurred in July of 2001 during a ght with 14-yearold Terry Hill. According to Bass, Hill had the then 14-year-old Wright-Rushing in a headlock and when he released her, Wright-Rush ing grabbed a steak knife and fatally stabbed him in the chest. In January of 2003, Wright-Rush ing pled no contest in the case and, as part of the states youthful of fender program, was given a fouryear prison sentence on an aggra vated assault charge and 30 years of probation on the murder charge. She was released from prison in the spring of 2004. However, according to a Fruitland Park police report, Wright-Rushing and another woman were charged in October with retail theft after be ing accused of shoplifting cans of sh food, some socks, vitamins and DVDs from Wal-Mart. It was Wright-Rushings third pro bation violation since her pris on release, one that included a sixmonth jail term for driving with an invalid license. The other woman was given a mis demeanor citation and court date and prosecutors eventually decid ed not to prosecute Wright-Rushing on the theft charges. However, she remained in the Lake County jail on no bail on the probation violation while a judge considered what to do with her case. Wright-Rushings public defenders have led two motions, one that al leged the probation was an illegal sen tence because the defendant never should have been given such a lengthy probation on the murder charge and they wanted a Lake County judge to terminate her probation, retroactively back to 2009, which would make the probation violation void. In July, the public defenders led a motion contending the state court had no jurisdiction over her since the probation was illegal, but a Lake County judge recently ruled against it. For more than 11 years, the de fendant has accepted the benets of her negotiated sentence rather than facing the possibility of a life sentence had this case gone to tri al, Bass said. She did a lot of other things out side of the city hall-type stuff, he said Wednesday. Bushnells assistant city clerk is handling Colemans responsibilities at City Hall, according to the mayor. Coleman joined the city in 1985 and was assistant city clerk for three years before her rst election as city clerk, a four-year position with oversight over Bushnells nancial affairs, human resource department, occupation al licensing, public records, city ordi nances and resolutions, as well as su pervisor of the municipal elections. She went on to serve four more terms and furthered her education during this time by attending the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, where she has been grant ed the certication of master mu nicipal clerk, according to the city. Coleman also received her bache lors degree in business administra tion with an accounting specializa tion from Saint Leo University. She leaves a daughter, Kirsten Coleman, and parents Nathaniel and Jeanette Smith. Anyone wishing to make a dona tion to the scholarship fund may do so at: Sumter Fair c/o Cheryl Cole, 3730 NE 41st Lane, Wildwood, FL 34785. They react sometimes, but I didnt feel it was enough, Robuck said of his behind-the-scenes involvement. It got to the point that I decided if I really want to see Lees burg go where I think it can go, the only way to get there is to have a vote on the commission. Robuck said he gets along ne with all ve current commissioners, and when Knowles de cided not to run, Robuck felt it was his opportunity. It just all fell into place, he said, recall ing he received com munity support from a May fundraiser. Its not that they were unhap py with Commissioner Knowles, but they kind of wanted to see some new blood to come in. Robuck realizes he is lucky in not having to spend money on cam paign signs. Im getting ready to give almost all of the money back, he said of contributions. And I am happy to do that. Robuck also is looking forward to serving his rst term. I think we have a great staff in Leesburg, and Im looking forward to working with other commissioners, espe cially on economic de velopment, he said. His goal is to see Lees burg return to being the city he remembers from years ago. It was the star of Lake County, he recalled. I want to bring it back. I want this to be a place where people main ly want to live. We have people who work in Lees burg, but dont want to live here, and that is for a lot of reasons, from the schools, to recreation, and we have to get it back to where people want to live here, they want to do business here, and they want to send their kids to school here. After serving 14 years on the commission, Knowles decided not run for re-election. I am still interested in Leesburg, and I dont have a problem with let ting the next set of lead ers pick up where we have left off, he said, declining to weigh in on the election. I do not discuss other commissioners or oth er races at all, Knowles said. I have deliber ately and conscious ly stayed out of all oth er commissioners races and I will continue to do that, and Dan (Robuck) will stand on his own and make his own way. As Knowles reect ed on his service, he is pleased how the city has been rebounding nan cially. When I got on the commission, the bond rating was B, and our bond rating is A now, and in 14 years, the world has judged Leesburg as a nancially stable place to be and a good place to be, Knowles said, add ing he believes once the Great Recession is over, the lakefront city and beautiful place that I grew up in will grow and prosper ... Leesburg is in good place to go into the next 10 decades. Knowles said he often second guesses some of his votes after commis sion meetings. But my decisions were never political ly motivated, he said. I was trying to vote for things that would make Leesburg a better place. OTHER LEESBURG RACES Commissioner Bill Polk is being challenged in the Nov. 4 gener al election by Leesburg attorney Robert Bone for at-large Seat 4. Polk has been in ofce since 2007, and served an ear lier term in 1993-96. Probably the most successful thing that I have been involved in was maintaining a bal anced budget through out the term and mak ing it through the recession without hav ing to do anything dif ferent, Polk said. After Bone moved to Leesburg about 10 years ago, he said he became actively involved in sev eral local and civic orga nizations, in addition to serving residents at his downtown law practice. I have learned that there are a lot of people in Leesburg that really need some help; there are a lot of people hurt ing and there is a need for some things to im prove, Bone said. I think that Leesburg is a great city and it should be the best place in Cen tral Florida for people to come and live, to work and to raise a family, and I have been inspired to step up and try to do my part to help make Lees burg that kind of place. John Christian, who is currently holding the citys one-year position as mayor, is also up for re-election on the com mission, yet Christian is unopposed in Seat 2, Dis trict 2. In January, Chris tian will begin serving an other four-year term after rst taking ofce in 2003. SA TURD AY S Midway Baptist Churchrf ntt b bt b 352-314-3080 D005117 Au gus t 26th,2014 at 3 PM CHIEF FROM PAGE A3 style as chief as a situa tional leader with a fo cus on people. I value the men and women of the Leesburg Police Department, and want to provide them with the tools and sup port needed to do their very difcult and dan gerous job, Hicks said. Hicks is a U.S. Army vet eran who served during the Gulf War in Iraq and Kuwait. He holds a mas ters degree in business administration and pub lic administration from Columbia Southern Uni versity. He is working to ward another masters degree in management from Excelsior College in New York. Hicks said it would be difcult to point out his biggest accomplish ment during his time at the police department. Great days can range from helping a stranded motorist change a at tire to apprehending a want ed murderer, he said. Hicks said being a po lice chief has been a goal of his for some time and he has worked hard both on and off the job to pre pare himself for the po sition. It was an aspira tion that recently came true after Chrisman de cided to take advantage of a one-time voluntary early retirement incen tive plan for Leesburg city employees. Hicks, who was a cap tain, moved into the chiefs ofce earlier this week. According to city spokesman Rob Sar gent, the city just post ed the position within the Leesburg Police De partment and two oth er candidates besides Hicks applied Maj. Steve Rockefeller and Capt. Earll Bean. Rob is well respected in the Leesburg commu nity, other police orga nizations and within the department, City Man ager Al Minner said in a press release on why they selected him as chief. Rockefeller said he was late applying for the chief position because he was uncertain about taking the job and add ed he felt Hicks was the right selection. In the end they chose the right person, Rockefeller said. SEAT FROM PAGE A3 COLEMAN FROM PAGE A3 Staff Report A 30-year-old Lady Lake man, already fac ing one grand theft charge, picked up an other one this week after breaking into a neigh bors house, police said. But by allegedly steal ing a gun along with oth er items, Derek Bradley also picked up an armed burglary charge to go with his second grand theft charge. Information about the rst theft was not available Wednesday afternoon, but an arrest afdavit states the second one took place next door to Bradleys mothers home, where he was staying. The neighbors were in Michigan when a caretaker reported last Thursday that the house had been burglarized. Bradley was charged with the rst grand theft on Saturday. That same day, his mother notied police that she found items in her home that were not hers, including tools and jewelry. Police took photos of the stolen items on Monday and emailed them to the neighbors, who identied them, an arrest afdavit states. Bradley was then given the additional charges Monday afternoon. Not recovered from the second theft were the rearm and a atscreen TV. Bradley remains in the Lake County jail, with a $2,000 bond on his ini tial grand theft charge. The other grand theft charge and burglary charge carry no bond, according to jail records. Lady Lake man picks up additional theft charges BRADLEY VIOLATION FROM PAGE A3


A6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 Prosecutors say that ac cording to times digitally re corded by the police depart ment as well as a nearby business, Larue left his de partment with the woman about 1:58 a.m. on Oct. 23 but took almost 22 minutes to reach the jails entrance at 2:20 a.m. The prosecution contends the trip took too long and most of its witnesses called to the stand Wednesday played some role in determining whether the defendant had enough time to stop some where on the way to jail. Chris Woehr, the lead FDLE investigator in the case, testied that during a 9 p.m. test drive weeks after the alleged incident it took him only 14 minutes to make the .4-mile trip at regular speeds in clear weather. Another FDLE investigator, Dale Crosby, testied that during his investigation, he could only nd two business es along the route that had surveillance cameras point ing towards the highway. But Crosby added neither could show pictures clear enough to identify the ofcers car. There also were problems with the recordings of Larues departure and arrival. An ofcer in charge of the Leesburg Police De partments records testi ed Larues squad car left the Leesburg police parking lot at 1:58 a.m. after the clock was adjusted for being wrong. Apparently, Belton Bail Bonds, which sits just to the east of the jail, was the only business with a surveillance tape showing Larues blackand-white squad car going into the jails entrance. However, Theresa Belton, an employee of the family business, testied Wednes day that when she pulled up the tape for a FDLE investi gator the recording showed a time of 2:04 a.m. in which she saw the Leesburg squad car enter the jail complex. But she added the clock was 16 minutes slow a lapse in time that anoth er FDLE investigator said he conrmed while watching the tape at Belton Bail Bonds by comparing the current time on the surveillance tape to his own watch. Defense lawyers appeared to imply that Belton had an ulterior motive, question ing her about a business re lationship with the mother of the victim. Belton said she only knew the mother by her using the bail business. The defense contend ed there could have been a number of variables that could have slowed Larue, in cluding weather and the 11 trafc lights and stop signs between the Leesburg Police Department and the jail. The alleged victim had tes tied Tuesday she and Larue were behind the strip mall for about 3-5 minutes. During cross examination, co-defense lawyers Thom as J. Jerla and Robert Whit tel grilled her on exactly how long they were in the al ley, reminding her that only last week she had stated in a deposition that the two were in the alley for 30 minutes. of the private sector? Campione said at a meeting of Lake 100, a group of Lake County CEOs and business leaders. Why would you take it out of the private sector and put it in the public sector? I hate the idea that the board as a whole and Lake County as a whole have lost credibility because of an outrageous tentative millage being set. It is inexcusable, Campione continued at a later point in the meet ing. We worked so hard to improve the image of a business-friendly com munity and in one fell swoop we wiped that away. Even so, Sullivan, who acknowledged Wednes day that it was a mistake to set the property tax rate as high as the commis sion did, said he did not think there was a way to meet all the needs with out some tax increase. We did not do the homework to get to where we are, and there are things that we can do with the sales tax money to pay for capital costs and it is a difcult task, Sullivan said. Prior to the July 22 meeting, Sullivan had said he did not see any way around a tax in crease. After Wednesdays meeting, he suggest ed the property tax rate could be in the 8 percent range, as opposed to 18 percent. County Manager David Heath previously said in order to avoid closing li braries, laying off 30 to 50 employees, cutting grant programs and other ser vices, the commission would have to raise taxes. It would mean an in crease of $109 for a home with a taxable val ue of $100,000. The tentative rate can still come down before the commission ap proves its nal budget in September, but it cannot go higher. When budget talks be gan in January, commis sioners had a decit of $4.3 million, Heath said in a phone interview. The proposed budget shortfall results from a $3.6 million increase for the sheriff to fund dep uty salaries and a slight increase in the budgets of all other constitu tional ofcers; a $1 mil lion shortfall in the parks budget; $2 million more in the Lake EMS bud get to fund capital needs and salary increases; and $1.2 million more for the county re department budget; $500,000 to mit igate a fuel spill in Astat ula; $300,000 for securi ty for a tunnel to the new courthouse to transfer prisoners to the new sec tion for trials and other things. Campione ques tioned the need to make some improvements to the judicial center, say ing, These are the kind of things you dont do when you are contem plating a tax increase. She added the fuel spill could be addressed out of the $3.1 million in solid waste reserves. Commissioners Jim my Conner, Sean Parks and Welton Cadwell were not present at the Lake 100 meeting. However, Conner, who serves as chairman of the board, said in a phone interview afterward that he had sent an email to staff and commissioners informing them he was unable to come to the meeting because he had to attend a funeral. At the meeting, nei ther Campione nor Sulli van mentioned Conners email. Sullivan and Campione are members of Lake 100. Rob English, a mem ber of the group who co ordinated the event and is president of the Mount Dora Chamber of Com merce, said Lake 100 has not taken a stance for or against the tax increase. The hope is to explore both sides of the issue and vote, he said before the meeting began. Our group is diverse, and there are people who have spoken with me for the increase and some against. Those in attendance at the luncheon at Mis sion Inn were angry with the commission over the increase. Many of them stated it would hurt their businesses and the economy as a whole. Others wondered why there were only two budget workshops held on the issue. We had a workshop in January and the next time we got togeth er on the budget it was June, Campione said. I would agree that is problematic. Michael Rich, presi dent of the Harbor Hills Homeowners Associa tion, said an 18 percent increase would amount to $45,000 a year in tax es for his business. If it would cost $45,000 a year I could live with it, he said, explaining oth er added costs such as for those renting. My club is going to cost more mon ey to run. We all have to deal with budgets. You cant say you are going to raise taxes and kill these ancillary businesses in one fell swoop. Thomas Clark, a Leesburg business owner who owns a software company, said one rm was looking to move to the county from Chicago, but when they heard of the tax increase they moved to Sumter County. In response, Sullivan said: Sumter County is the only county that has a lower millage rate then we do. But Campione em phasized not only are county property taxes going up, but city rates are also rising. In Groveland it could be as high as 22 percent, she said of the tax rate. It is a big deal when (resi dents) are working off of a xed income. Former state Senator Dick Langley questioned the role of government. I am insulted by the absence of the other commissioners, he said. What is the role of gov ernment? You dont owe a park and recreation. Give me police and re protec tion. You are not here to tend to the wants of peo ple. You are here to tend to the needs of people. And Andy Dubois, a resident of Howey-inthe-Hills, questioned why the county could not live within its means. When property val ues dropped by 38 per cent in the last ve years and we got our budget set back by taking out of the reserves to balance the budget, we have not gotten to the place where we can live on what we take in, Sullivan said in response. The nal question raised from audience member, Chuck John son, caused a sharp re sponse from Campione. Who are we going to hold accountable for the tax increase? he said. I think we can do this without the in crease, Campione said. For those that think we should have spending on the table, it should be a 4 to 5 percent increase. The other elected of cials on this board, that is who you need to hold ac countable. More than 35 BOGOs every week! The Life Yo uve Wa ited Yo ur Whole Life Fo r!Ac ti ve Ad ult Ga te d Go lf &T ennis Co mmunities Large, Small, Golf Course, Po ol and Rental Homes Something for ever yone! Call or email for more informa tion or stop by for a tour! We ha ve informa tion on the surrounding area inc luding family homes. rf n352-326-3626 www .P ALREAL TY .net Pr es en ts Ta va re s Ch am be r of Comm er ce 20 14 Bu si ne ss of th e Ye ar Ga la r f n t b n rf ntb rf nttb rf n rt b Da ily Co mm er cial Boo th Em St ra ug ha n & Hi ot t Fl orida Ho sp i ta l Wa te rman Plaz a Ca dill ac Rub y St re et Gr ille Su sa n Gl en Cad dell DD S B elt on Ba il Bo nds /B elt on In su ra nc eLa ke Co u nt y Of ce of Ec ono mi c De ve lopm en t & To urismLa w Of ce s of Br en t C. Mi ll er P. A. La ke -S um te r Me tr opolit an Pl ann ing Or gan iz ati o n AL S Co rne r BM J CP A Ci ty Of Ta va r es TRIAL FROM PAGE A1 TAXES FROM PAGE A1 Prosecutors say that according to times digitally recorded by the police department as well as a nearby business, Larue left his department with the woman about 1:58 a.m. on Oct. 23 but took almost 22 minutes to reach the jails entrance at 2:20 a.m. Why would we want to take $15 million out of the private sector? Why would you take it out of the private sector and put it in the public sector? I hate the idea that the board as a whole and Lake County as a whole have lost credibility because of an outrageous tentative millage being set. Leslie Campione, Lake County commissioner


Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A7 365-6442Shoppes of Lake Village(next to Lake Squar e Mall)Publix Shopping Center Its a Miracle!!!! r f n tb b t f b f t f t r b nn b t MOST INSURANCES ACCEPT EDFINANCING AV AILABLE*Xray s not in clu ded .Lic ense # DN1 438 9FREECONSUL TA TIONNew Patients$85 Va lueDr Va zi ri & St aff www. r f n tbf tf t f *X-Rays not inc luded. The patient and an y other person responsible fo r payment ha s a right to refuse to pay cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for an y other ser vice, ex amination or treatment which is performed as a result of an within 72 hour s of respo nding to the advertisement for treatme nt.Pr oudly cel ebrating20 YEARSin Leesbur g. Pr oud ly ce le br at ing20 YEARSin Leesbur g.Exp. 06 /30/20 14 Exp 08/31/20 14 LARA JAKES and RYAN LUCAS Associated Press WASHINGTON The United States launched a new barrage of airstrikes Wednesday against the Islamic State extrem ist group that behead ed American journal ist James Foley and that has seized a swath of ter ritory across Iraq and Syria. President Barack Obama vowed relentless pursuit of the terrorists and the White House re vealed that the U.S. had launched a secret res cue mission inside Syr ia earlier this summer that failed to rescue Fo ley and other Americans still being held hostage. In brief but forceful remarks, Obama said the U.S. would do what we must to protect our people, but he stopped short of promising to follow the Islamic State in its safe haven with in Syria, where ofcials said Foley had been killed. Later, though, the administration re vealed that several doz en special operations troops had been on the ground in Syria brief ly in an effort to rescue the hostages, but did not nd them. And looking forward, the State Department refused to rule out fu ture U.S. military op erations in Syria, where Obama has long re sisted intervening in a three-year civil war. Western nations agreed to speed help to combat the militants most notably Ger many, which bucked public opposition by announcing it would arm Iraqi Kurdish ght ers to battle the Islam ic State. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he was outraged by the beheading, deem ing it evidence of a ca liphate of barbarism. Italys defense minister said the country hopes to contribute machine guns, ammunition and anti-tank rockets. The Islamic State called Foleys death a revenge killing for U.S. airstrikes against mili tants in Iraq, and said other hostages would be slain if the attacks continued. Undeterred, the U.S. conducted 14 additional strikes after a video of the behead ing surfaced, bringing to 84 the number of air strikes since they began on Aug. 8. Journalist beheading spurs attacks on Islamic militants AP FILE PHOTO This September 2012 photo, posted on the website, shows journalist James Foley in Aleppo, Syria. IBRAHIM BARZAK and TIA GOLDENBERG Associated Press GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip Hamas shadowy mili tary chief escaped an ap parent Israeli assassina tion attempt that killed his wife and infant son, the militant group said Wednesday as Israels prime minister warned that the bombardment of Gaza will continue until rocket re out of the Pal estinian territory stops. The airstrike on a home where Mohammed De ifs family members were staying and the tough talk from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came after the collapse of cease-re talks in Cai ro on Tuesday. In a nationally tele vised address, Netanyahu showed little willingness to return to the negotiat ing table after six weeks of war with Hamas. We are determined to continue the campaign with all means and as is needed, he said, his defense minister by his side. We will not stop until we guarantee full security and quiet for the residents of the south and all citizens of Israel. More than 2,000 Pal estinians have been killed in the ghting, most of them civilians, according to U.N. and Palestinian medical of cials. Sixty-seven peo ple have died on the Is raeli side, all but three of them soldiers. A six-day tempo rary truce collapsed into heavy ghting after Egyptian-mediated talks broke down without an agreement on an extend ed cease-re. Hamas has demanded an end to an Israeli-Egyptian block ade of Gaza. Israel has demanded that Hamas disarm. Airstrike kills wife and son of Hamas figure KHALIL HAMRA / AP Palestinians grieve over the death of their relative Widad Mustafa Deif, 27, who was killed along with her 8-month-old son Ali Mohammed Deif in Israeli strikes late Tuesday, during their funeral in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday. JONATHAN PAYE-LAYLEH and WADE WILLIAMS Associated Press MONROVIA, Liberia Riot police and soldiers acting on their presidents orders used scrap wood and barbed wire to seal off 50,000 people inside their Liberian slum Wednesday, try ing to contain the Ebola outbreak that has killed 1,350 people and counting across West Africa. Hundreds of slum residents clashed with the gunmen, fu rious at being blamed and iso lated by a government that has failed to quickly collect dead bodies from the streets. One 15-year-old boy was injured try ing to cross the barbed wire as security forces red into the air to disperse the crowd. The World Health Organiza tion said the death toll is rising most quickly in Liberia, which now accounts for at least 576 of the fatalities. At least 2,473 peo ple have been sickened across West Africa, which is now more than the caseloads of all the previous two-dozen Ebola out breaks combined. The U.N. health agency also warned of shortages of food, water and other essential supplies in West Africas population centers. And if its bad in these capi tals, its much worse inside West Point, a densely populated slum surrounded by oating sewage that occupies a half-mile (kilo meter) long peninsula in Libe rias seaside capital. West Point suffers from gov ernment neglect even in the best of times, and mistrust of authori ties is rampant. Open defecation is a major problem. Drinking water is carted in on wheelbar rows, and people depend on a local market for their food. Liberia seals off slums as Ebola sets new record


A8 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 KEN SWEET Associated Press NEW YORK The stock market rose for a third straight day Wednesday de spite a report from the Fed eral Reserve that showed a growing chorus of cen tral bank ofcials willing to raise interest rates sooner rather than later. In the bond market, prices fell and yields rose as inves tors prepared themselves for higher interest rates. The majority of Fed pol icymakers believe the U.S. economy is improv ing enough that the bank should start considering how its going to start rais ing interest rates, according to minutes from the banks latest meeting. The debate on when the Fed should raise interest rates, which have been near zero since 2008, has intensi ed in recent months as the central bank winds down its other economic stimulus. The Fed has been wind ing down its bond-buy ing program since Decem ber, and is expected to end it completely before the end of the year. Despite worries that the Feds exit might be a net negative for the market, stocks have remained resil ient. The S&P 500 is up 7.5 percent this year. Jonathan Corpina, a oor trader at the New York Stock Exchange with Meridian Equity Partners, said inves tors are prepared to see the Fed raise interest rates. Weve been talking about raising interest rates for so long, I dont think the Fed is going to surprise anybody when they nally do it, Corpina said. The Feds key short-term interest rate inuences the prices of a huge array of in vestments, including Trea suries, other kinds of bonds and stocks. CURRENCIES Dollar vs. Exchange Pvs Rate Day Yen 103.71 102.91 Euro $1.3262 $1.3319 Pound $1.6599 $1.6618 Swiss franc 0.9132 0.9091 Canadian dollar 1.0968 1.0944 Mexican peso 13.1123 13.0515 Business 352-365-8263 DOW JONES 16,979.13 + 59.54 NASDAQ 4,526.48 1.03 S&P 500 1,986.51 + 4.91 GOLD 1,295.20 1.50 SILVER 19.50 + 0.085 CRUDE OIL 96.07 + 1.59 T-NOTE 10-year 2.43 + 0.2 MARTIN CRUTSINGER AP Economics Writer WASHINGTON Janet Yel len has won credit for guid ing the Federal Reserves rst six months of transition from the Ben Bernanke era. Bernan kes Fed had steered the econ omy through a deep crisis by slashing interest rates and re storing condence in banks. Yellen has so far carried on his approach with barely a hiccup. She may one day recall her rst six months as a too-brief honeymoon. The perilous question that now awaits Yellens Fed has put investors on nervous alert: Can it manage to raise rates from record lows without weak ening the U.S. economy or spooking markets? Or, conversely, will it wait too long to raise rates, causing the economy to overheat and in ation to surge? No one knows. Which helps explain the anticipation sur rounding Yellens speech Friday at the economic conference sponsored every August in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Given that this years topic is labor markets, Yellen is sure to spell out her latest assess ment of the job market. Whatever she says will shape perceptions of when and how aggressively the Fed will raise rates. Yellen has frequently charac terized the job market as weak er than the unemployment rate suggests. Shes noted, for example, that the jobless rate, now a nearly normal 6.2 per cent, belies other unhealthy trends: Weak pay growth, a sizable number of part-tim ers who want full-time work and high proportions of peo ple whove been looking for a job for more than six months or have stopped looking. Might Yellen describe those trends as chronic problems with no end in sight? Or as like ly temporary drags on the job market, destined to fade as the economy further improves? Investors will seek any sign of a coming rate hike because it would mean higher rates on business and consumer loans and could hurt stock prices. This year, the Fed has been paring its monthly bond purchases, which have been in tended to keep long-term rates low. Yellen has stressed that even after the bond purchases end this fall, the Fed will keep rates low and maintain its vast invest ment portfolio to keep down ward pressure on rates. The impend ing end of the purchases a step investors once anticipat ed with dread is now being taken in stride. The market has remained calm, and stocks are up, suggesting that Yellens re assurances have had an effect. That said, her rst six months hav ent been with out stumbles. At her rst news conference, Yellen said that when the Fed stated it would keep its benchmark rate ultra-low for a con siderable time af ter its bond pur chases end, that phrase meant around six months. Stocks sank on fears rate in creases could start sooner than ex pected. Yellen to give outlook for Federal Reserve AP FILE PHOTO Janet Yellen testies before the Senate Banking Committee. ANNE DINNOCENZIO AP Retail Writer NEW YORK Target Corp. slashed its annual prot out look for the second time in three months as the retailer reels from a massive customer-data breach, a botched Canadian expansion and sluggish U.S. sales. The nations third-largest retail er also said Wednesday that its second-quarter earnings dropped 61.7 percent. Excluding expenses related to the data breach, earn ings per share came in a penny short of Targets reduced estimate, issued earlier this month. The latest results highlight the challenges that new CEO Brian Cornell, a former PepsiCo execu tive who ofcially started at Tar get Aug. 12, faces on all fronts. Cornell must wrestle not only with problems specic to Target, such as restoring the discounters reputation as a cheap chic fash ion purveyor. But he also must address broader challenges from the economy and competition in the retail industry. Target says most of its lowto middle-income shoppers have moved beyond the data breach, but they remain cautious about spending in a tough environ ment. Target said it had to cut prices more than originally ex pected in the latest period to get shoppers to buy. That environment has also tripped up rival Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which lowered its annu al prot forecast last week amid sluggish sales. Target and other retailers also face a rapidly changing business where shoppers, looking for con venience, are moving away from physical stores and researching and buying on their PCs and mo bile devices. That has contribut ed to trafc declines at Target and other retailers. In his rst earnings conference call as Targets new leader, Cor nell told investors his top prior ities are turning around the U.S. and Canadian businesses, as well as pushing Target to innovate more quickly in digital shopping. Target cuts forecast as breach fallout lingers KELVIN CHAN Associated Press HONG KONG Royal Caribbeans newest ship has attractions not usu ally seen on cruise liners, including bumper cars, a skydiving simulator and a glass observation capsule on a mechanical arm that lifts its passen gers high into the air. Whats also a surprise is the vessels intended home port: Shanghai. After oating out of a German ship yard last week, the $935 million Quan tum of the Seas will spend the winter running between New York and the Caribbean before moving to its new base next summer in mainland Chi nas nancial center. Its a gutsy move for the worlds sec ond biggest cruise company. Cruise operators have traditionally sent old er vessels to developing countries while saving their most advanced ships for U.S. and European cus tomers. But surging growth in China means its a market operators can no longer ignore. Carnival Corp., the No. 1 cruise company, will become the rst glob al cruise operator to have four ships based in China when it deploys its Costa Serena to Shanghai in April. The race for China underscores the growing strength of the leisure and travel industries in the worlds No. 2 economy as authorities try to spur do mestic spending rather than trade and investment as an engine of growth. Executives are condent about Chi nas prospects even as its economy struggles with a prolonged slowdown from double digit rates of expansion, saying that growth is still strong when compared with developed markets. Miami-based Carnival expects to carry 500,000 Chinese cruise passen gers in 2015, up from 350,000 this year. We know thats just a drop in the bucket to what lies ahead in terms of the market in China, which we believe is going to someday represent more than half of all the cruise guests, Car nival CEO Arnold Donald said in a phone interview. The Asian Cruise Association esti mated last year that the overall Asian market, which totaled 1.3 million pas sengers in 2012, could nearly triple to 3.8 million in 2020, including 1.6 mil lion from China. Carnival is even more optimistic, predicting the number will grow to 7 million by 2020 or about a fth of the global market. For the next ve to 10 years, great er China including Hong Kong will play a critical role to the global cruise industrys development, said Zinan Liu, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.s managing director for China. While the U.S. and European are showing signs of revival, theres no region like China and Asia that will grow as rapidly, he said. Liu said Royal Caribbean expects to carry 400,000 Chinese cruise pas sengers in 2015, double the number from last year, from four main ports Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xiamen and Tianjin. The companys 18-deck Quantum of the Seas, which carries 4,180-pas sengers, arrives in Shanghai in May next year, joining two other Royal Caribbean ships based in China. Its also expanding operations in Hong Kong to better market to custom ers in neighboring Guangdong, the richest province in mainland China, Liu said. Global cruise lines set sail for China VINCENT YU / AP Star Cruises cruise ship Superstar Virgo is docked at Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong. Stocks advance for third day despite rate fears


The Market In Review A-B-CABB Ltd.78e22.68-.11 ACE Ltd2.56e104.38+.15 ADT Corp.8037.22+.98 AES Corp.2015.05+.15 AFLAC1.4860.93+.06 AGCO.4448.84-.08 AGL Res1.9652.35+.02 AK Steel...10.22-.18 AOL...43.76-.01 Aarons.0825.58-.38 AbbottLab.8842.14-.40 AbbVie1.6855.06-.23 AberFitc.8043.96+1.40 AbdAsPac.426.09+.02 Accenture1.86e80.40+.08 AccoBrds...7.24-.10 Actavis...223.36+.28 AMD...4.28+.01 AdvSemi.22e6.39+.07 AdvOil&Gs...5.73... AecomTch...u37.01-.29 Aegon.30e7.81-.03 AerCap...49.21-.05 Aeropostl...3.91+.04 Aetna.9079.51+.39 Agilent.5358.33-.23 Agnico g.3238.91-.35 AirProd3.08133.81-.57 AlaskaAir s.5047.14+.34 Albemarle1.1061.93-.04 AlcatelLuc.18e3.25-.02 Alcoa.1216.50+.07 Alere...34.81-.20 AlexREE2.88fu80.30+.55 AllegTch.7241.68... Allergan.20163.13+1.31 Allete1.9648.02-.23 AlliBInco.41a7.53-.03 AlldNevG...3.46+.27 AllisonTrn.4830.86+.28 Allstate1.12u61.40+.31 Allstat pfC1.6926.52+.03 AllyFin n...24.60-.04 AlonUSA.40f16.38... AlphaNRs...3.98-.03 AlpAlerMLP1.12e19.08+.10 AltisResid1.20e23.70-.38 Altria1.9242.46-.24 Ambev n.29e7.22+.03 Ameren1.6039.44-.03 AMovilL.35e23.73+.09 AmApparel...1.00-.02 AmAxle...18.21-.12 AmCampus1.5239.44+.30 AEagleOut.5012.98+1.39 AEP2.0052.38+.18 AEqInvLf.18f23.07-.43 AFnclGrp1.00f58.63+.11 AHm4Rent.2017.83+.11 AmIntlGrp.5054.87+.25 AmTower1.36f98.66-.40 AmWtrWks1.2449.98+.12 Ameriprise2.32122.93+1.02 AmeriBrgn.9476.86-.07 Ametek.3653.15+.46 Amphenol1.00fu102.25+.06 AmpioPhm...7.46-.08 Anadarko1.08110.02+.13 AnglogldA...17.27+.05 ABInBev2.82e110.37-.77 Anixter5.00e86.09-1.06 Ann Inc...38.60+1.83 Annaly1.25e11.86+.09 AnteroRs n...56.92-.15 Anworth.48e5.18+.01 Aon plc1.0086.29+.27 Apache1.00100.34+1.07 AptInv1.0434.16+.27 ApolloGM3.08ed23.64+.01 Aramark n.3026.54+.04 ArcelorMit.2014.11-.08 Arcelor 161.5021.97-.06 ArchCoal.01m3.27... ArchDan.9649.80+.11 AristaNet n...76.40+1.40 ArmourRsd.604.22+.02 ArmstrWld...56.30+.07 ArrowEl...61.54+.53 ArtisanPtr2.20a56.14+.48 AshfordHT.4811.49-.15 Ashland1.36106.90+.45 AspenIns.8041.67+.08 AsdEstat.7618.57+.06 AssuredG.4423.76+.13 AstoriaF.1612.93-.19 AstraZen2.80e71.00+.48 AthlonEn...42.32+.76 AtlPwr g.403.92+.07 AtlasRes2.36f19.90-.07 AtwoodOcn...49.14+.23 AuRico g.02m4.40-.05 Autohme n...47.49-2.06 Autoliv2.16103.54+1.03 AvalonBay4.64u155.02+.97 AveryD1.4048.79-.31 Avnet.64f44.23+.50 Avon.2413.90-.07 Axiall.6441.74-.03 AXIS Cap1.0846.92+.22 B2gold g...2.54-.01 BB&T Cp.9636.79+.05 BBVABFrn.02e10.22-.72 BCE g2.4744.30+.04 BHP BillLt2.36e71.03+1.00 BHPBil plc2.36e66.02+.80 BP PLC2.34f48.19-.11 BP Pru10.74e91.79-.30 BPZ Res...2.37-.03 BRF SA.19e25.37-.01 BabckWil.4028.90+.14 BakrHu.68f69.26+.44 BallCorp.5263.24-.83 BallyTech...77.70+.80 BalticTrdg.07e5.78-.09 BcBilVArg.61e11.79-.06 BcoBrad pf.44eu16.65+.06 BcoSantSA.83e9.69-.04 BcoSBrasil.90e6.71-.02 BcSanChile1.02e24.46-.06 BcpSouth.30f20.66-.17 BkofAm.20f15.52+.07 BkNYMel.6838.78+.19 Bankrate...15.09-.12 Banro g....27+.04 Barclay.41e14.81-.03 BarVixMdT...12.01... B iPVix rs...27.71+.21 Bard.88f149.00-.88 BarnesNob...22.72-.36 Barnes.4434.79-.24 BarrickG.2018.72-.11 BasicEnSv...23.42-.59 Baxter2.0875.25+.12 BeazerHm...18.70+.33 BectDck2.18117.64-.58 Bellatrix g...7.79-.24 Bemis1.0840.09-.12 Berkley.44u47.64+.41 BerkH B...134.91+.01 BerryPlas...24.19-.28 BestBuy.76f31.34+.59 BigLots.6847.58+.11 BBarrett...21.95+.09 BioMedR1.00u22.54+.09 BitautoH...78.43-3.80 BlackRock7.72324.72+3.17 BlkDebtStr.30a3.98-.02 BlkEEqDv.568.28-.01 BlkIntlG&I.677.87+.05 Blackstone1.71e32.88-.12 BlockHR.80u33.68+.21 BdwlkPpl.4020.44+.03 Boeing2.92127.35+1.77 BonanzaCE...59.41+.49 BoozAllnH.44a21.55-.01 BorgWrn s.52f63.72+.83 BostProp2.60au123.41+.47 BostonSci...12.60+.01 BoydGm...10.56-.17 Brandyw.6015.94+.06 BrigStrat.50f20.80-.06 Brinker.9648.45... BrMySq1.4450.04-.26 Brixmor n.80u23.99+.13 BroadrdgF1.08f42.03+.68 Brookdale...33.96-.07 Brunswick.50f43.04... Buckeye4.45f77.67+1.35 Buenavent.02e13.23+.07 BungeLt1.3682.28-.61 BurgerKng.32f26.94+.24 BurlStrs n...34.06-.72 C&J Engy...28.10-.25 CBL Asc.9819.31+.13 CBRE Grp...31.90+.15 CBS A.60f60.69-.06 CBS B.60f60.43-.31 CBS Outd n1.4834.28-.01 CF Inds6.00f257.46+.90 CIT Grp.60f48.41-.18 CMS Eng1.0829.94+.05 CNH Indl...8.74-.04 CNO Fincl.2417.46+.02 CPFL Eng.37eu19.24+.63 CRH.85e23.06-.79 CSX.6430.87+.29 CVS Care1.10u79.61+.08 CYS Invest1.289.29+.01 Cabelas...61.98+.46 CblvsnNY.6018.34-.13 CabotO&G.0833.35+.36 CalDive....79+.01 Calix...10.16+.23 CallGolf.047.39-.19 CallonPet...9.51+.17 Calpine...22.57+.13 CAMAC s....69+.03 CamdenPT2.64u75.04+.30 Cameco g.4020.56+.32 Cameron...72.93+.78 CampSp1.2544.22+.11 CampusCC.668.26-.03 CdnNR gs1.0069.48+.91 CdnNRs gs.9042.06+.13 CP Rwy g1.40u200.22+2.49 CapOne1.2080.92+.44 CapsteadM1.30e13.06+.03 CarboCer1.32f105.48-1.93 CardnlHlth1.3772.48-.12 CareFusion...44.91-.02 CarMax...51.25+.29 Carnival1.0037.74+.19 Carters.76u82.32+.41 CashAm.1445.87-.62 CastleBr...1.02... Castlight n...11.12-.23 Caterpillar2.80f107.70+.40 CedarF2.8051.44-.17 Celanese1.0061.34+.74 Cemex.52t12.87+.03 Cemig pf s1.40e8.68+.11 CenovusE1.0630.79+.09 CenterPnt.9524.73+.08 CenElBras.18e3.18+.11 CFCda g.0113.80-.07 CntryLink2.1640.79+.13 Cenveo...3.07-.20 ChambStPr.507.88-.08 ChannAdv...16.57+.59 Cheetah n...26.79+.13 Chegg n...6.98-.38 Chemtura...24.35-.20 CheniereEn...74.85-.14 ChesEng.3526.33+.18 ChesGranW2.56e10.10-.30 Chevron4.28127.49-.14 ChicB&I.2862.38+1.74 Chicos.3015.63+.20 Chimera.36a3.24... ChinaDigtl.50e4.10-.49 ChiMYWnd...3.11... ChinaMble2.14e61.17-.04 Chiquita...13.71-.05 Chubb2.0090.53+.17 ChurchDwt1.2468.00... CienaCorp...19.53+.26 Cigna.0493.95+.27 Cimarex.64134.92-.32 CinciBell...3.69-.04 Citigroup.0449.80+.10 Citigp wtA....74+.01 Civeo n.5224.80-.05 CliffsNRs.6016.73+.07 Clorox2.96f88.94-.05 CloudPeak...15.72+.06 Coach1.3536.90+.46 CobaltIEn...14.78+.03 CocaCE1.0047.69-.64 Coeur...8.14-.02 ColgPalm1.4464.67+.41 ColonyFncl1.4422.23... ColumPT n1.2025.63+.02 Comerica.8049.66+.21 CmclMtls.4817.41-.29 CmtyBkSy1.20f35.16-.32 CmtyHlt...51.48+.08 CompSci.9260.00+.16 ComstkRs.5024.18-.04 Con-Way.60f50.93-.54 ConAgra1.0032.02+.13 ConchoRes...130.30+2.09 ConocoPhil2.92f80.50+.59 ConsolEngy.2539.73-.10 ConEd2.5257.51+.13 ConstellA...87.63-.32 Constellm...28.88-.17 ContlRes...148.52+.53 Cnvrgys.2818.67+.07 CooperCo.06161.83-.02 CooperTire.4230.10+.23 CopaHold3.84128.22-.15 Copel.95e16.88+.69 CoreLogic...27.69+.43 Corning.4020.70+.36 Corpbanca.70e18.06-.23 CorpOffP1.1028.20-.09 CorrectnCp2.0435.81+.21 Cosan Ltd.30e12.17+.09 Costamre1.1222.57-.13 Cott Cp.247.56-.04 Coty.2017.96-.05 CousPrp.3013.04-.08 Covance...85.11-.72 CovantaH1.00f20.92+.09 Covidien1.2888.79+.35 CSVInvNG...4.47+.13 CSVLgNGs...14.30-.47 CredSuiss.79e27.93-.10 CrstwdMid1.6422.35+.92 CrwnCstle1.4078.55+.21 CrownHold...46.81-.20 CubeSmart.5218.95-.05 Cummins3.12f147.28+3.66 CurEuro...130.78-.60 D-E-FDCP Mid3.03f55.22+.51 DCT Indl.288.10+.01 DDR Corp.62u18.22+.15 DNP Selct.7810.42+.06 DR Horton.25f21.89+.07 DSW Inc s.7528.21-.12 DTE2.76f77.36+.12 DanaHldg.2023.85+.02 Danaher.4077.19+.55 DarlingIng...19.46-.08 DaVitaH s...73.72-.08 DeanFds rs.2816.23-.12 Deere2.40f85.87+.16 DejourE g....27+.00 Delek.60a34.95-.08 DelphiAuto1.0070.59+.80 DeltaAir.3640.52+.98 Deluxe1.2059.02-.38 DenburyR.2516.81-.01 DenisnM g...1.33-.02 DeutschBk1.02e33.04-.06 DevonE.9673.85-.43 DiaOffs.50a44.06+.15 DiamRk.41u13.32+.13 DianaShip...10.93+.04 DicksSptg.5045.04+.83 Diebold1.1537.33-.22 DigitalRlt3.32u66.94+.56 Dillards.24113.02+2.79 DirSPBear...d24.48-.20 DxGldBull...46.05-.20 DrxFnBear...16.96-.15 DxEMBear...27.88+.18 DrxSCBear...14.90+.18 DirGMBear...10.69+.19 DirGMnBull...24.11-.48 DxRssaBull...16.81-.16 Dx30TBear...43.97+.29 DrxEMBull...34.57-.24 DrxFnBull...102.39+.96 DirDGldBr...15.36+.07 DrxSCBull1.19e73.74-.80 DrxSPBull...79.19+.69 Discover.9662.12+.88 DollarGen...63.76+.17 DomRescs2.4069.65+.06 Domtar g s1.5036.34-1.49 DoralFin...8.29+.90 DoubIncSol1.8021.54-.25 DEmmett.8028.79+.12 Dover1.60f90.26+.80 DowChm1.4853.30+.22 DrPepSnap1.6460.92-.22 DresserR...68.20+1.19 DuPont1.88f66.22-.07 DuPFabros1.4028.75+.27 DukeEngy3.18f72.76-.12 DukeRlty.68u18.72+.10 Dynegy...29.64+.26 E-CDang...14.84-.02 E-House.20e11.85+.26 EMC Cp.4629.70-.19 EOG Res s.67f107.28+.25 EP Engy n...18.86+.03 EQT Corp.1294.90+.05 EagleMat.40u98.35+.24 EastChem1.4082.02+.46 Eaton1.9670.40+1.20 EatnVan.8837.79+1.02 EV TxDiver1.0111.77-.10 EVTxMGlo.9810.22-.10 EclipseR n...18.59-.24 Ecolab1.10u113.69-.13 Ecopetrol2.65e33.81+.40 EdisonInt1.42u58.74+.32 EducRlty.48f10.87+.04 EdwLfSci...u97.57-.40 ElPasoPpl2.6042.58+.08 EldorGld g.06e8.17-.04 Embraer.51e39.60+.11 EmeraldO...8.22+.13 EmersonEl1.7264.48+.55 EmpStR n.3416.62+.18 EmpIca...7.59+.06 Emulex...5.27-.06 EnLinkLP1.46f30.13+.45 EnbrdgEPt2.22f35.71+.25 Enbridge1.4050.33+.56 EnCana g.2821.87+.14 EndvrIntl...1.03-.02 EndvSilv g...5.62-.05 Energen.6076.05-.60 Energizer2.00119.85+.66 EngyTEq s1.52f57.35-.09 EngyTsfr3.82f57.18+.06 Enerpls g1.0821.91-.17 Enersis.61e16.87+.11 EnerSys.7063.48-.12 ENSCO3.0050.49+1.14 Entergy3.3275.11+1.15 EntPrPt2.88f78.77+.99 Entravisn.10a4.72-.06 EnvisnHlth...36.00-.16 Equifax1.00u78.57+.59 EquityCmw...27.30+.14 EqtyOne.8823.73-.04 EqtyRsd2.00u67.09+.28 Eros Intl n...16.01+.28 EsteeLdr.8076.58-.06 Evercore1.0050.02-1.38 ExcelTrst.7013.01-.14 ExcoRes.204.48... Exelis.4117.43-.18 Exelon1.2431.99+.03 Express...15.00+.56 ExtStay n.6023.49+.09 ExterranH.6042.69+.58 ExtraSpce1.88fu54.59+.16 ExxonMbl2.7699.70+.21 FMC Corp.6066.42+.08 FMC Tech...60.76+.31 FNBCp PA.4812.09-.01 FS Invest n.89a10.42... FairIsaac.0855.66-.40 FamilyDlr1.2479.81+.11 FedExCp.80150.63+.63 FedInvst1.0030.14+.43 FelCor.0810.52-.09 Ferrellgs2.0028.01+.07 FibriaCelu...10.31+.02 FidlNatF n.7228.12+.03 FNFV Gp n...15.73-.29 FidNatInfo.9657.19+.28 n...50.59-2.81 FstAFin n.9628.08-.40 FstHorizon.2011.73+.04 FstInRT.4118.47-.02 FMajSilv g...9.88+.06 FstRepBk.5648.33-.07 FT ConDis.13e33.63+.15 FT Engy.26e28.33+.10 FT Fincl.62e22.33+.07 FT IndPrd.23e30.69+.16 FT Matls.33e33.65-.05 FT Tech.09e32.95+.12 FT RNG.12e20.37+.01 FirstEngy1.4433.34+.14 FleetMatic...33.42-1.14 Fleetcor...u148.54-.06 FlexSolu...u1.77+.05 Flotek...27.68-.32 FlowrsFds.4819.40+.02 Flowserve.6476.28+.85 Fluor.8474.29+.62 FootLockr.88u52.43+.47 FordM.5017.41+.05 ForestCA...20.34+.20 ForestOil...1.57-.07 Fortress.32a7.39-.10 FBHmSec.4843.24+.42 FrancoN g.8058.08-.17 FrankRes.4855.64+.34 FrptMcM1.2536.98+.69 Freescale...20.75+.13 Frontline...2.65+.07 G-H-IGNC.6436.93+.54 Gafisa SA.07e2.91+.04 Gallaghr1.4446.35+.09 GameStop1.3241.33+.45 Gannett.8034.19-.18 Gap.8843.11+.42 GasLog.4825.48-.59 GastarExp...7.34-.06 GenCorp...18.45+.01 Generac...46.10-.81 GnCable.7221.11-.27 GenDynam2.48u123.48+1.67 GenGrPrp.64fu24.45+.04 GenMotors1.2034.53-.04 GenesWyo...98.24+.53 GenuPrt2.3087.12+.56 Genworth...13.78-.02 GeoGrp2.2837.55+.05 Gerdau.15e5.66+.01 GlaxoSKln2.46e47.81+.46 GlimchRt.4011.32+.06 GlobPay.0871.95+.05 GblXSupDv1.40e25.84+.01 Globalstar...4.02-.12 GlobusMed...18.72+.17 GolLinhas...6.22-.01 GoldFLtd.02e4.23+.12 GoldResrc.125.87-.18 Goldcrp g.6028.39-.02 GoldStr g....52-.01 GoldmanS2.20174.03+.07 GoodrPet...18.77+.37 GovPrpIT1.7223.93+.08 vjGrace...99.41+.08 GrafTech...8.45-.04 Graingr4.32245.21-.46 GramrcyP.146.19+.03 GranTrra g...6.54+.02 GraphPkg...12.45+.07 GrayTelev...10.43-.05 GtPlainEn.9225.73+.19 GreenbCos.60u70.79+1.16 GpFnSnMx.96e14.04+.12 GpTelevisa.14e37.18-.11 Guess.9025.84+.09 GugSPEW1.03e77.41+.27 GugBullt16.31e22.30-.09 GulfMrkA1.0038.82-.55 HCA Hldg...68.53-.16 HCP Inc2.1842.53+.06 HDFC Bk.35e49.86+.31 HSBC2.45e53.30-.06 HSBUS pfF.8922.01+.04 HalconRes...5.51-.13 Hallibrtn.6068.78+.01 Hanesbrds1.20100.73+.45 Hangr Inc...21.07+.39 HarleyD1.1064.38+1.44 Harman1.32f116.09+.93 HarmonyG...3.07+.09 Harsco.8224.37+.09 HartfdFn.72f35.91+.13 HatterasF2.05e19.76+.02 HawaiiEl1.2424.33+.16 Headwatrs...12.69+.06 HltCrREIT3.1866.36+.48 HlthcreTr.58f12.47+.14 HealthNet...44.39+.49 HeclaM.01e3.29-.02 HelixEn...26.57-.03 HelmPayne2.75f101.05+1.77 Hemisphrx....27-.01 Herbalife...50.10-.87 Hersha.246.90+.02 Hershey2.14f91.96+.04 Hertz...30.33-1.23 Hess1.0099.40+.12 HewlettP.6435.12-.36 Hexcel...38.38+.04 HighwdPrp1.7042.50+.08 Hillshire.7062.79+.01 Hilton n...25.44+.33 HollyFront1.28a50.47+.85 Honda.81e34.09+.01 HonwllIntl1.8095.77+1.05 Hormel.8047.86+.35 Hospira...54.91+.99 HospPT1.9629.47+.13 HostHotls.80f22.76+.10 HovnanE...4.32+.04 Humana1.12f123.15+.22 Huntsmn.5027.44+.43 IAMGld g...4.03+.02 ICICI Bk.77eu53.91+.36 ING...13.40-.12 ION Geoph...3.32-.10 iShGold...12.50-.05 iSAstla.99e27.07+.19 iShBrazil1.55e51.04+.06 iShCanada.62e32.42+.08 iShEMU.94e39.30-.16 iSFrance.74e26.98-.22 iShGerm.63e28.79-.16 iSh HK.72eu22.67+.22 iShItaly.34e15.47-.07 iShJapan.17e11.95-.07 iSh SKor.90e66.31-.46 iSMalasia.52e16.17-.06 iShMexico1.09e71.15-.17 iShSing.45e13.92-.07 iSPacxJpn1.74eu51.51+.28 iShSpain1.16e39.85-.02 iSTaiwn.26e16.24+.09 iSh UK1.26e20.38-.06 iSEMMnVol1.54e62.80-.03 iShSilver...18.72+.02 iShS&P1001.63e88.44+.12 iShSelDiv2.29e75.79+.25 iShTIPS1.76e114.75-.34 iShChinaLC.71e41.21-.22 iSCorSP5003.55eu200.24+.53 iShUSAgBd2.40e109.39-.12 iShEMkts.71e45.06-.09 iShiBoxIG4.14e119.20-.27 iSEafeSC1.24e51.15-.30 iShEMBd5.21e114.83-.55 iShIndones.36e29.26+.03 iSSP500Gr1.73eu107.57+.26 iSSP500Val1.87e91.11+.24 iSh20 yrT3.46e115.99-.19 iSh7-10yTB2.37e104.17-.31 iShIntSelDv1.86e38.54-.08 iSh1-3yTB.25e84.54-.08 iS Eafe2.23e66.51-.21 iSRusMCG1.06e90.15+.34 iSCorSPMid1.48e142.35+.38 iShiBxHYB5.83e94.36+.07 iShMtgRE1.80e12.77+.02 iShMBS1.78e107.90-.15 iSR1KVal1.95e101.59+.27 iSR1KGr1.22eu92.53+.22 iSR2KVal1.89e99.42-.24 iSh1-3CrBd1.40e105.45-.08 iSR2KGr1.00e134.81-.75 iShFltRtB.19e50.78... iShR2K1.48e114.95-.49 iShUSPfd2.61e39.85-.01 iShTech1.06eu100.90-.05 iShREst2.56eu74.38+.36 iShHmCnst.06e24.09+.10 iShUSEngy.81e55.38+.13 iShCrSPSm1.21e109.36-.58 iShEurope1.54e46.33-.20 iStar...15.16+.10 ITT Ed...8.84-.08 Idacorp1.7255.60+.09 ITW1.94f89.14+.66 Imperva...29.25-.55 IndiaGCap....87+.02 Infoblox...12.34+.03 Infosys1.04e58.48+.37 IngerRd1.0061.96+.41 IngrmM...28.21-.18 InovioPh rs...9.93-.01 IntegrysE2.7267.11+.09 IntcntlExch2.60186.91+1.22 IntFlav1.88f100.87-.72 IntlGame.4416.85+.09 IntPap1.4047.06-.51 IntlRectif...u39.10+12.54 Interpublic.3819.97... IntPotash...15.67+.12 InvenSense...25.32+.32 Invesco1.00u40.09+.53 InvMtgCap2.00e17.32... InvSrInco.314.85... InvRlEst.528.55-.04 IronMtn1.0835.83+.26 iShCorEM.91e53.77-.14 iSoftStone...5.58-.02 IsoRay...2.55+.11 ItauUnibH.54eu16.58+.03 J-K-LJPMorgCh1.60f57.64+.08 Jabil.3221.34+.21 JacobsEng...53.90+1.64 JanusCap.3212.15+.05 Jarden...57.60+.37 JinkoSolar...28.46+.45 JohnJn2.80103.21+.25 JohnsnCtl.8848.81+.19 JournalCm...9.85-.12 JoyGlbl.8063.76+.23 Jumei n...31.87-1.23 JnprNtwk.4023.79+.10 JustEngy g.845.99+.08 K12...19.40-.08 KAR Auct1.0029.98-.03 KB Home.1017.80+.14 KBR Inc.3221.67+.23 KCG Hldg...11.69-.08 KKR1.81e22.96... KC Southn1.12114.52+1.57 KapStone s...29.94-.73 KateSpade...33.19+.03 Kellogg1.96f64.82+.35 Kennamtl.7244.60-.65 KeyEngy...6.07-.06 Keycorp.2613.44+.17 KimbClk3.36108.57+.11 Kimco.9023.60+.20 KindME5.56fu98.83+.36 KindMorg1.72f41.60+.18 KindrM wt...4.40+.05 KindMM5.56tu100.66+.06 KindredHlt.4821.28-.01 KingDEn n.47ed13.09-.06 Kinross g...4.06+.03 KiteRlty rs...26.13+.05 KnightTr.2424.22-.36 Knowles n...31.97+.05 KodiakO g...15.29+.16 Kohls1.56u58.88+1.14 KosmosEn...10.00+.03 KrispKrm...16.62-.06 Kroger.6650.53+.13 L Brands1.36a62.98+.10 L-3 Com2.40109.28+1.53 LIN Media...24.03+.63 LaQuinta n...19.60-.22 LaZBoy.2421.74-1.48 LabCp...106.15+.35 LadThalFn...3.62-.09 Lannett...36.62+.25 LaredoPet...d23.15+.03 LVSands2.0069.14+.31 LaSalleH1.50f36.43+.38 Latam Air...12.51+.30 Lazard1.2053.56+.68 LeapFrog...6.39+.08 LearCorp.8099.12+.92 LeggMason.6448.78... LeggPlat1.24f34.96-.25 LejuHldg n...u16.35+1.74 LennarA.1639.00+.20 Lennox1.20f85.06-.06 LeucNatl.2524.94+.04 Level3...42.33+.44 LexRltyTr.68f10.99... Lexmark1.4450.74-.36 LiberMed.122.69-.18 LbtyASE.40e5.95+.03 LibtProp1.9035.50+.15 LifeTFit...40.52-.49 LifeLock...14.32-.03 LightInBox...6.35-.56 LillyEli1.9662.01-.15 LincNat.6453.33+.49 LinkedIn...217.92+1.21 LionsGt g.2032.63-.08 LiveNatn...21.76+.06 LloydBkg...5.04+.02 LockhdM5.32u175.31+3.18 Loews.2542.72+.41 Lorillard2.4660.57-.26 LaPac...14.54-.04 LucasEngy....60+.10 LumberLiq...57.34-1.29 LyonBas A2.80u112.17-.03 M-N-0M&T Bk2.80121.40... MBIA...10.29-.15 MDC1.0028.67-.15 MDU Res.7131.35+.31 MFA Fncl.808.40+.05 MGIC Inv...8.20-.15 MGM Rsts...25.21+.10 MRC Glbl...24.92+.05 MSCI Inc...45.86+.23 Macerich2.4865.48+.16 MackCali.60m21.70+.01 Macys1.25f60.09+1.14 MagellMid2.56f83.70+.25 MagHRes...6.63+.06 Mallinckdt...72.17+2.66 Manitowoc.0828.38+.08 ManpwrGp.98f78.26-.49 Manulife g.62f19.98+.08 MarathnO.84f39.92+.19 MarathPet2.00f91.30-.30 MarinSoft...8.52+.54 MVJrGold...41.51-.29 MktVGold.19e26.66-.03 MV OilSvc.54e54.55+.29 MV Semi.66e50.89+.28 MktVRus.74e25.14-.09 MarkWest3.52fu76.48+.87 MarshM1.12f52.16+.01 MartMM1.60129.21+.07 Masco.36f23.37+.18 MastThera....63+.02 Mastec...29.29+.15 MasterCd s.4476.39-.01 MatadorRs...25.97-.16 Maximus.1841.51+.08 McClatchy...4.46-.10 McCorm1.4869.37... McDrmInt...7.45-.04 McDnlds3.2494.19-.26 McGrwH1.2079.10-.27 McKesson.96193.59-.60 McEwenM...2.77-.04 MeadJohn1.5094.48+.11 MeadWvco1.00a42.44-.46 Mechel pf....20... MediaGen...18.44+1.20 MedProp.8413.95+.10 MedleyCap1.4813.29+.03 Mednax s...56.35-.68 Medtrnic1.22f64.15+.14 MensW.7253.81+.26 Merck1.7659.48+.57 Meritage...42.06+.26 Meritor...14.06-.03 MerL pfD1.7525.68-.01 MerL pfE1.7825.77+.01 MerL pfF1.8226.01+.02 MetLife1.4053.70+.07 MetLf equn1.2531.06+.02 MKors...82.86+2.91 MdwGold g....98-.01 MillenMda...2.40+.01 MillerEnR...5.05+.19 MitsuUFJ...5.71-.06 MobileTele1.11e19.00-.11 Mobileye n...36.88+.28 Mohawk...146.04+.74 MolinaHlth...42.43+.46 MolsCoorB1.4874.69-.52 Molycorp...1.94-.09 Monsanto1.96f120.92+1.09 MonstrWw...5.71+.12 Moodys1.1291.90+.52 MorgStan.4032.54+.01 MSEMDDbt1.00a12.99-.05 Mosaic1.0047.36+.25 MotrlaSolu1.36f61.64+.27 MuellerWat.079.26-.01 MurphO1.4060.61+.13 MurpUSA n...u54.66+1.26 NCR Corp...33.58+.29 NQ Mobile...6.83+.13 NRG Egy.5629.76+.13 Nabors.24f25.82-.28 NBGreece...3.31+.03 NatFuGas1.54f75.23+.28 NatGrid3.48e74.19+.85 NOilVarco1.8483.84+.22 NatRetPrp1.68f37.84+.25 Navios.249.17+.02 Navistar...39.03+.74 NetSuite...84.04-.36 Neuralstem...3.55-.07 NeuStar...28.72-.17 NwGold g...6.35-.03 NewOriEd.35e22.27+.02 NewResid.70a6.27-.04 NY CmtyB1.0015.72-.01 NY REIT n.4610.46+.11 Newcstl rs...13.88+.18 NewellRub.6833.48... NewfldExp...41.71-.28 NewmtM.1026.73-.10 NewpkRes...12.52-.22 NiSource1.0438.92-.04 NielsenNV1.0048.87+.76 NikeB.9678.91+.40 NimbleSt n...29.09+.23 NipponTT...33.50+.38 NoahHldgs...14.44-1.84 NobleCorp1.5027.96+.11 NobleEngy.7269.91-.34 NokiaCp.51e8.13+.11 Nomura...6.19-.04 NorandaAl.044.19-.58 NordicAm.929.21+.01 Nordstrm1.3268.39+.92 NorflkSo2.28f106.36+.28 NA Pall g....26-.01 NAtlDrll n.47e10.09+.12 NthStAst n...18.42+.06 NoestUt1.5745.09+.35 NthnO&G...16.40-.01 NorthropG2.80f128.17+1.16 NStarRlt2.0018.11... NovaBayP...d.81-.44 NovaGld g...3.76-.01 Novartis2.72e88.60-.03 NovoNord s.84e45.69+.45 NOW Inc n...32.48-.14 NuSkin1.3849.21-.37 Nucor1.4854.07+.07 NustarEn4.3864.99-.10 NvCredStr.529.04+.01 Nuverra rs...13.29-.05 OFG Bncp.3216.11+.09 OGE Engy.9036.72+.26 OasisPet...47.62+.01 OcciPet2.88101.74-.06 Oceaneerg1.0868.51-.17 Och-Ziff1.77e13.05-.02 OcwenFn...26.36-.24 OfficeDpt...5.18-.05 Oi SA C.14ed.55+.00 Oi SA.14e.54+.02 OilStates...62.70+.28 OldRepub.7314.94+.04 Olin.8027.35+.17 OmegaHlt2.04f38.68+.47 Omncre.8064.07+.48 Omnicom2.0072.03+.33 OnAssign...29.86-.89 ONEOK2.30f67.75+.55 OneokPtrs3.04f57.32+.54 OpkoHlth...8.88-.18 Oracle.4841.25-.16 Orange.96e14.89-.10 Orbitz...8.60-.13 OrchidIsl2.1614.28-.08 Organovo...7.62-.15 OshkoshCp.6049.14+.46 OwensCorn.6435.76-.33 OwensIll...30.86-.31 P-Q-RPBF Engy1.2028.22+.70 PG&E Cp1.8245.84+.10 PNC1.9283.53+.55 PNM Res.7425.82-.12 PPG2.68204.08-.55 PPL Corp1.4934.08-.01 PVH Corp.15115.77+2.12 PackAmer1.6065.70-.42 PallCorp1.1081.79+.27 PaloAltNet...84.97-.42 Pandora...27.35-.47 ParagOff n...9.51+.21 ParaG&S....98-.02 ParkDrl...5.99-.16 ParkerHan1.92117.80+2.48 ParsleyE n...20.34+.02 PeabdyE.3416.67+.27 Pengrth g.486.15-.03 PennVa...13.52+.03 PennWst g.567.37+.13 Penney...10.33+.08 PennyMac2.3621.71-.15 Pentair1.20f70.01+.18 PepcoHold1.0827.35+.17 PerkElm.2845.15-.45 Perrigo.42149.43-1.41 PetChina5.16e139.22-1.31 PetrbrsA.85e18.84+.34 Petrobras.46e17.68+.22 PtroqstE...6.16-.01 Pfizer1.0428.89-.05 PhilipMor3.7685.09-.29 PhilipsNV1.10e30.29-.08 Phillips662.0086.60+.51 PiedmOfc.80u19.87+.13 Pier 1.2416.15+.04 PimDyCrd1.8823.06-.08 PinnclEnt...23.76+.05 PinnaclFds.94f32.16+.13 PinWst2.2755.07+.11 PionEnSvc...14.75-.20 PioNtrl.08204.47+1.30 PitnyBw.7526.70+.11 PlainsAAP2.58f58.87+.61 PlainsGP n.73f30.56+.08 PlumCrk1.7641.32-.04 PlyGem...10.09+.20 PolyOne.3239.68-.30 PortGE1.1233.87+.11 PortglTel.14e1.87-.04 PostHldg...36.15-1.00 Potash1.4035.38+.12 PwshDB...24.85+.07 PS Gold...43.03-.21 PS USDBull...21.92+.10 PwSClnEn.13e6.80+.03 PS SrLoan.99e24.63+.05 PS SP LwV.85e35.11+.07 PwShPfd.90e14.56-.03 PShEMSov1.28e29.12-.10 PSIndia.13e22.18-.07 PowerSec...11.32-.30 Praxair2.60130.43-.16 PrecCastpt.12243.71+1.41 PrecDrill.2412.03-.09 PrinFncl1.36fu52.58+.34 ProLogis1.3241.37+.10 ProShtS&P...d22.95-.04 ProUltQQQ.18eu125.20+.07 ProUltSP.29e119.20+.66 ProUShD30...25.19-.29 ProShtR2K...16.41+.06 ProSht20Tr...27.97+.08 PUltSP500.11e119.72+1.00 PUVixST rs...24.00+.38 ProVixSTF...18.48+.14 PrShtVix s...86.28-.66 PrUltCrude...31.44+.21 PrUShCrde...30.17-.22 ProUShEuro...18.16+.17 ProctGam2.5782.81+.12 ProgsvCp1.00e24.71+.01 ProUShSP...d24.50-.14 PrUShDow...24.80-.20 PUShQQQ rs...d44.87-.01 ProUShL20...57.24+.25 PUSR2K rs...45.05+.35 PShtR2K rs...38.04+.42 PUShSPX rs...d44.93-.34 ProspBcsh.9658.90+.13 Protalix...d2.45-.20 ProtLife.9669.24... Prudentl2.1289.29+.03 PSEG1.4836.19+.20 PubStrg5.60u177.24+.77 PulteGrp.2019.12+.06 PumaBiotc...249.91-6.46 QEP Res.0834.65... QR Energy1.9520.92+.20 Qihoo360...101.99-.03 QuantaSvc...35.17-.15 QntmDSS...1.23-.03 QstDiag1.3262.54+.30 Questar.7622.81+.18 QksilvRes...1.32+.06 Quiksilvr...3.11-.07 RAIT Fin.72f8.01+.07 RLJ LodgT1.20f29.84+.01 RPC.4222.06-.43 RSP Per n...26.91+.40 Rackspace...33.09+.42 RadianGrp.0114.26-.16 RadioShk....62-.01 RLauren1.80169.33+2.33 RamcoG.7516.90+.07 RangeRs.1676.95-.11 RJamesFn.6453.03+.50 RayAdvM n.2833.09-.10 Rayonier1.20a34.01+.06 Raytheon2.4296.66+1.60 Realogy...41.22+.35 RltyInco2.1945.43+.18 RedHat...61.68-.86 RegalBel.8870.03-1.13 RegalEnt.8820.90... RgcyCtrs1.88u57.75+.24 RegncyEn1.96f31.31+.02 RegionsFn.209.96+.08 RelStlAl1.4069.96+.25 ReneSola...2.73-.06 Renren...3.23+.01 RepubSvc1.12fu39.50+.24 ResMed1.12f52.07+.54 ResrceCap.805.39+.02 RestorHdw...87.55+.32 RetailProp.6615.70+.13 RexAmRes...u102.33+2.39 RexahnPh....71+.01 RexfordIR.4814.59-.03 Rexnord...28.35+.28 ReynAmer2.6857.93-.21 RiceEngy n...29.48+.54 RioTinto2.05e57.53+.55 RiteAid...6.43-.03 RobtHalf.7250.02-.13 RockwlAut2.32117.46+1.18 RockColl1.2077.19+1.46 RockwdH1.8079.46-.19 Roundys...3.57-.05 RouseProp.6817.36-.07 Rowan.4029.94+.22 RoyalBk g2.8474.36-.20 RBScotlnd...11.94-.03 RylCarb1.00u63.53-.13 RoyDShllB3.7684.02-1.25 RoyDShllA3.7680.10-.77 Rubicon g...1.33... RubyTues...6.13-.24 RuckusW...13.54+.16 Ryder1.48f90.82+.53 Ryland.1237.13-.02 RymanHP2.2048.89-.41 S-T-USAP SE1.38e77.40-.55 SCANA2.1051.12+.14 SK Tlcm...29.37-.35 SLGreen2.00111.12-.02 SM Energy.1078.45+.48 SpdrDJIA3.47e169.60+.71 SpdrGold...124.22-.46 SpdrEuro501.28e40.09-.27 SP Mid2.33e259.28+.63 S&P500ETF3.58eu198.92+.53 Spdr Div2.92e76.43+.16 SpdrHome.13e31.77... SpdrS&PBk.44e32.07+.02 SpdrShTHiY1.55e30.51-.01 SpdrLehHY2.90e41.34... SpdrS&P RB.60e38.41-.07 SpdrRetl.63e87.68+.63 SpdrOGEx.50e76.20+.15 SpdrMetM.51e43.66-.16 SPX Cp1.50103.88-.02 STMicro.408.15... SABESP.31e8.95-.13 SafeBulk.248.45-.39 Safeway.92f34.70-.03 StJoe...21.29-.12 StJude1.0864.33-.22 Salesforce...55.39+.43 SallyBty...26.82+.26 SanchezEn...33.29+.80 SandRdge...5.17-.08 SandRMiss2.02ed5.01-.12 SandRMs22.03ed6.24-.21 SandRdgP2.53ed10.81-.60 SandstG g...5.86-.10 Sanofi1.91e52.79-.50 SantCUSA n.15p18.73+.58 Schlmbrg1.60109.85+.43 SchwUSMkt.83eu48.28+.09 SchwUSLgC.83eu47.57+.14 Schwab.2428.35+.52 ScorpioB n...8.15-.01 ScorpioTk.40f9.55-.12 Scotts1.80a58.68+1.24 ScrippsNet.8081.50+1.16 SeabGld g...11.19+.44 SeadrillLtd4.00f37.57+.09 SealAir.5235.60+.04 SeaWorld.84f18.94+.23 SelMedHld.4013.96... SempraEn2.64103.84-.07 SenHous1.5623.64+.25 SensataT...u49.63+.41 ServiceCp.36f21.98+.02 ServiceM n...u22.76+.18 ServcNow...57.53-.18 Sherwin2.20215.04+.69 ShipFin1.64fu19.49+.18 SiderurNac.36e4.74... SignetJwlrs.72106.54-.45 SilvWhtn g.33e25.49+.17 SilvrcpM g.021.88-.01 SimonProp5.20170.52+.65 SixFlags1.8838.03+.11 Skechers...57.46+.30 SkilldHcre...7.02-.35 Smucker2.56f102.42-1.03 SonyCp.24e18.95+.09 Sothebys.40a40.97+.73 SouFun s1.00e11.79+.04 SouthnCo2.1043.81+.01 SthnCopper.46e31.90+.10 SwstAirl.24u31.57+.82 SwstnEngy...39.44-.53 Spansion...19.73+.44 SpectraEn1.3440.80+.01 SpiritAero...37.17+.22 SpiritRltC.66u12.00-.02 Sprint...5.50+.11 STAG Indl1.3223.80+.24 StageStrs.56f18.50-.25 SP Matls.93eu50.44+.07 SP HlthC.85eu62.84-.01 SP CnSt1.11e44.87-.03 SP Consum.86eu68.57+.32 SP Engy1.68e97.58+.21 SPDR Fncl.35e22.93+.06 SP Inds.94e54.39+.56 SP Tech.66e39.91... SP Util1.47e42.48+.09 StdPac...8.37+.04 StanBlkDk2.08f91.54+.46 StarwdHtl1.40a84.04+.07 StarwdPT1.9223.60+.07 StarWay n.5627.20-.05 StateStr1.2070.44+.24 Statoil ASA1.43e28.19+.16 StillwtrM...18.57-.12 StoneEngy...33.89-.59 StratHotels...12.06+.08 Stryker1.2281.89-.09 SumitMitsu...8.07-.02 SunCokeE...23.65-.74 Suncor g.9239.77+.26 SunEdison...22.38+.43 SunocoL s1.46fu48.67+.07 SunstnHtl.2014.68-.03 SupEnrgy.3234.84-.07 Supvalu...9.66-.04 SwERCmTR...7.97+.03 SwftEng...11.16-.21 SwiftTrans...21.16-.21 Synchrny n...u25.19+.78 SynergyRs...12.70-.20 Synovus rs.2823.67+.11 SynthBiol...2.32+.32 Sysco1.1637.57-.10 T-MobileUS...29.68+.73 TAL Educ...u34.57+.55 TCF Fncl.2015.63-.01 TCW Strat.295.57+.02 TD Ameritr.48a32.60+.46 TE Connect1.1662.34-.46 TIM Part.39e25.10+.09 TJX.7059.40+.84 TRWAuto...98.47+.68 TableauA...61.38-.38 TaiwSemi.50e20.84+.10 TalismE g.2710.45-.04 TangerFac.9634.81-.09 Target2.08f60.33+1.08 TataMotors.17eu46.75+.70 TeckRes g.9023.26+.41 Teledyne...95.50-.54 TelefBrasil.88e19.15+.34 TelefEsp1.03e15.62-.10 TelData.5425.50+.08 TempurSly...58.64-.38 Tenaris.86e43.24+.02 TenetHlth...60.15+.34 Tenneco...65.23+.09 Teradata...43.32+.09 Teradyn.2419.95+.39 Terex.2037.59+.11 Tesoro1.20fu64.69+.43 TetraTech...11.22-.28 TeucrCorn...25.96-.24 TevaPhrm1.37e52.99+.20 Textron.0838.94+.65 TherapMD...5.36+.01 ThermoFis.60122.26-.13 ThomCrk g...3.04+.11 ThomsonR1.3237.65+.04 3D Sys...49.22+.46 3M Co3.42144.60+1.21 Tidwtr1.0049.62-.43 Tiffany1.52f99.47+.38 Time n...23.88-.33 TW Cable3.00148.00+.08 TimeWarn1.27b77.02+.03 Timken1.0046.02+.02 TimknStl n.5647.15-1.30 Titan Intl.0214.74+.36 TollBros...35.51+.17 Torchmrk s.5154.03+.23 Toro Co.8061.25-.58 TorDBk gs1.8852.46+.14 Total SA3.25e64.11-.32 TotalSys.4031.38-.27 TrCda g1.9251.94+.26 Transocn3.0038.72-.81 Travelers2.2093.11+.20 TriPointe...14.34-.11 TriangPet...11.42+.06 TrinaSolar...13.15+.09 Trinity s.40f47.26+1.09 Tronox1.0029.54-.33 Trulia...59.52+.66 Tsakos.207.49+.36 TumiHldgs...23.23-.26 TurqHillRs...3.41-.04 Twitter n...45.06-.03 TwoHrbInv1.06e10.50+.04 TycoIntl.7244.98+.26 Tyson.3037.42-.14 UBS AG.28e17.65-.06 UDR1.04u29.94+.13 UGI Corp1.31fu51.69+.23 URS.8859.91-.13 US Geoth....62-.01 US Silica.50u63.32+1.19 USEC Inc...5.32+.28 USG...29.10-.09 UltraPt g...25.40+.17 UndArmr s...70.56+.44 UnilevNV1.51e41.19-.18 Unilever1.51e43.59-.26 UnionPac s2.00fu105.57+1.18 UtdContl...u49.25+1.57 UtdMicro.08e2.20+.03 UPS B2.6898.80+.53 UtdRentals...u116.70+1.29 US Bancrp.98f41.71-.13 US NGas...21.07-.24 US OilFd...34.86+.15 USSteel.2037.42-.23 UtdTech2.36109.71+1.15 UtdhlthGp1.5083.43-.04 UnivHlthS.40fu112.34+.15 UnumGrp.66f35.17+.09 Ur-Energy...1.11-.01 V-W-X-Y-ZVF Corp s1.0563.42+.67 VaalcoE...8.67-.08 Vale SA.84e14.08+.20 Vale SA pf.72e12.52+.21 ValeantPh...113.10-.62 ValeroE1.10f53.94-.21 VlyNBcp.449.91... Valmont1.50f143.05-1.20 VangSTBd1.11e80.21-.09 VangTotBd2.19e82.18-.12 VanHiDvY1.84e67.02+.13 VangEMI.93e86.99+.06 VangGrth1.17eu101.14+.28 VangSmCp1.43e115.52-.02 VangTSM1.88eu102.93+.24 VangValu1.79e81.85+.26 VanSP500 rs3.31eu182.38+.50 VangREIT2.73eu77.49+.35 VangDivAp1.49e77.84+.29 VangAllW1.62e51.84-.12 VangEmg1.11eu45.23-.07 VangPacif1.57e63.13-.15 VangEur2.31e57.21-.23 VangFTSE1.33e41.55-.14 VantageDrl...1.89+.03 Vantiv...32.18-.33 VarianMed...84.23-.46 VectorGp1.6023.06+.08 Vectren1.4440.54+.46 VeevaSys n...21.92-.21 Ventas2.9065.90+.30 VeriFone...35.34+.01 VerizonCm2.1248.82+.12 VersoPap...3.11-.01 Vipshop...215.91+.09 VirnetX...14.68-.56 Visa1.60216.20+1.20 VishayInt.2415.84+.33 VitaminSh...38.52-.08 VMware...103.64+.95 Vonage...3.22... Vornado2.92106.97+.54 VoyaFincl.04u38.68-.11 VoyaGlbDv.919.66+.07 VoyaPrRTr.345.52-.03 VulcanM.24f62.74-.26 W&T Off.40a13.71-.02 WP Carey3.60f68.62+.07 WPX Engy...24.89+.04 WaddellR1.3654.85-.15 Walgrn1.35f62.00-.15 WalterEn.045.98-.21 WalterInv...25.30+.38 WashPrm n1.0019.67+.04 WREIT1.2027.74+.08 WsteMInc1.50u46.68+.35 Waters...103.32-1.03 WeathfIntl...22.66+.38 WebsterFn.8029.20-.05 WtWatch...24.64-.06 WeinRlt1.30u34.47+.32 Wellcare...63.61+.50 WellPoint1.75113.07-.55 WellsFargo1.4050.85-.01 WestPhm s.44f43.94+.49 WestarEn1.4036.98+.04 WAHiInOp.435.96+.02 WstnRefin1.04u47.58+.58 WstnUnion.5017.67+.11 Weyerhsr1.16fu34.10+.13 Whrlpl3.00153.70+.80 WhiteWave...u35.18+.56 WhitingPet...87.09+.63 WhitingTr2.18e2.00-.15 WmsCos1.70f58.65+.04 WmsPtrs3.67f51.73+.18 WmsSon1.3272.87+.16 Wipro.13e11.70+.02 WiscEngy1.5644.14-.07 WT EurHdg1.06e56.67+.07 WTJpHedg1.54e50.20+.12 WT India.15e22.82+.05 WolvWW s.2425.79+.44 Workday...88.41-.25 WldW Ent.4814.51+.12 WuXi...37.04+.27 Wyndham1.4079.11-.08 XL Grp.6433.40+.06 XPO Logis...30.56-.23 XcelEngy1.2031.37+.01 Xylem.5138.01+.50 YPF Soc.15e32.20-.80 Yamana g.158.64+.03 Yelp...80.30+1.15 YingliGrn...3.74-.03 YoukuTud...19.52-2.00 YumBrnds1.4872.95+.46 YuMe...5.12+.27 ZBB En rs...1.22-.05 Zhaopin n...14.67+.61 Zimmer.8899.81-.13 ZoesKitch n...31.55-.10 Zoetis.29u34.79+.27 Stocks in bold changed 5% or more in price from the previous day. Stock Footnotes:g Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h Does not meet continued-listing standards. lf Late filing with SEC. n Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf Preferred stock issue. rs Stock has undergone a reverse stock split of at least 50% within the past year. s Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. vj Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the n ame.Dividend Footnotes:a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last 12 months. f Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferre d. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent d ividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus st ock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes:q Stock is a closed-end fund no P/E ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd Loss in last 12 months.Source: The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial.NameDivLastChg New York Stock Exchange Dollar deal update?Will Dollar Tree up the ante on its $8.5 billion bid to buy rival Family Dollar? Investors will be listening for an update on the proposed acquisition today, when Dollar Tree reports its fiscal secondquarter results. Dollar Tree agreed to buy the fellow discount retail chain last month, but found itself outbid this month by Dollar General, which has offered $8.95 billion for Family Dollar.Just a hiccup?Gaps business was hurt earlier this year by heavy discounting. The company, which operates clothing stores under the Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta names, was trying to bring in customers who stayed away amid severe winter weather. The company responded by stepping up its marketing and offering trendier merchandise. Wall Street predicts Gap will report today that its fiscal second-quarter earnings improved from a year ago.Eye on the economyThe Conference Board reports its latest index of leading indicators today. The index, derived from data that for the most part have already been reported individually, is designed to anticipate economic conditions three to six months out. Economists anticipate that the July reading rose 0.6 percent. That would follow an increase of 0.3 percent a month earlier.Source: FactSetPrice-earnings ratio: 19based on trailing 12 month resultsDividend: none 2Q Operating EPS2Q $0.56 est. $0.64 48 55 $62 DLTR $55.00 $50.91 Source: FactSetLeading indicatorsseasonally adjusted percent change 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0% J J M A M F est. 2014 Today 1,800 1,850 1,900 1,950 2,000 FA MAMJJ 1,880 1,940 2,000 S&P 500Close: 1,986.51 Change: 4.91 (0.2%) 10 DAYS 16,000 16,400 16,800 17,200 FA MAMJJ 16,320 16,660 17,000 Dow Jones industrialsClose: 16,979.13 Change: 59.54 (0.4%) 10 DAYS Advanced1572 Declined1500 New Highs152 New Lows18 Vol. (in mil.)2,517 Pvs. Volume2,596 1,458 1,507 999 1674 76 42NYSE NASDDOW16994.8916896.5516979.13+59.54+0.35%+2.43% DOW Trans.8470.208405.088460.97+46.08+0.55%+14.33% DOW Util.556.37552.41555.96+1.28+0.23%+13.33% NYSE Comp.10957.9210898.4210949.49+19.83+0.18%+5.28% NASDAQ4533.014515.734526.48-1.03-0.02%+8.38% S&P 5001988.571977.681986.51+4.91+0.25%+7.47% S&P 4001425.711416.581424.69+3.86+0.27%+6.12% Wilshire 500021051.9520941.5421031.55+42.32+0.20%+6.73% Russell 20001159.221152.771157.51-4.96-0.43%-0.53%HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD StocksRecap AT&T Inc T31.74537.48 34.53+.05 +0.1ttt-1.8+7.5101.84 Advance Auto Parts AAP78.910136.12 135.14+1.12 +0.8sss+22.1+67.1200.24 Amer Express AXP71.47796.24 88.49+.37 +0.4stt-2.5+19.8171.04 AutoNation Inc AN44.92661.29 54.48-.07 -0.1stt+9.6+19.917... Brown & Brown BRO27.76733.69 31.89+.04 +0.1sss+1.6-0.2210.40 CocaCola Co KO36.83842.57 41.25-.01 ...sst-0.1+9.4221.22 Comcast Corp A CMCSA41.06956.49 54.64+.14 +0.3rts+5.1+31.2190.90 Darden Rest DRI43.56454.89 47.43-.10 -0.2sss-12.8+4.4222.20 Disney DIS60.41090.37 89.84-.25 -0.3sss+17.6+47.1220.86f Gen Electric GE22.92728.09 26.36+.31 +1.2sss-6.0+12.8190.88 General Mills GIS46.70855.64 53.42+.19 +0.4sss+7.0+10.7191.64 Harris Corp HRS55.46779.32 70.45+.33 +0.5stt+0.9+27.2141.68 Home Depot HD72.21088.99 90.75+2.52 +2.9sss+10.2+19.6221.88 IBM IBM172.197199.21 190.10+.03 ...sts+1.3+5.4124.40 Lowes Cos LOW43.52052.08 52.33+.81 +1.6sss+5.6+19.7230.92f NY Times NYT10.91317.37 12.29... ...stt-22.6+8.3330.16 NextEra Energy NEE78.818102.51 97.74+.42 +0.4stt+14.2+22.7212.90 PepsiCo PEP77.01093.09 92.23+.37 +0.4sss+11.2+16.5212.62 Suntrust Bks STI31.59741.26 37.47+.20 +0.5stt+1.8+11.2130.80 TECO Energy TE16.12718.53 17.77+.08 +0.5stt+3.1+12.3180.88 WalMart Strs WMT71.51481.37 74.96+.08 +0.1stt-4.7+4.4151.92 Xerox Corp XRX9.55013.62 13.54+.09 +0.7sss+11.3+35.0140.2552-WK RANGE CLOSEYTD 1YR NAME TICKER LO HI CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN P/E DIVStocks of Local Interest Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A9 HWY 27/4 41 2 miles fr om Hwy 27 rf nnftb 787-4440 tnfrfn n nntr nrf bfnffn bt r rn n $300OFFRE MA NU FA CTURED CAR TSCas h or ch ec k. Mu st pr ese nt ad on pu rch ase Lim ite d Ti me Offer See stor e for details


A10 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 StIncInvA m 10.33...+6.2 StrIncIns 10.33...+6.5Brown AdvisoryGrEqInv d 19.45+.04+15.7Brown Cap MgmtSmCo Is b 71.64-.55+13.7BuffaloFlexibInc d 15.06+.02+12.4 SmallCap d 33.85-.19+1.5CG Capital MarketsLgCapGro 22.11+.05+23.3 LgCapVal 13.40+.04+19.5CRMMdCpVlIns 36.06+.14+17.1CalamosGrowA m 49.34+.18+23.6 MktNeuI 13.04+.01+5.7 MktNuInA m 13.17+.01+5.4CalvertEquityA m 50.35+.15+20.5CausewayIntlVlIns d 16.16-.10+10.6Cohen & SteersCSPSI 13.75...+13.9 Realty 74.67+.30+24.0 RealtyIns 48.67+.20+24.1ColumbiaAMTFrImMuBdZ 10.79...+7.9 AcornA m 35.31-.04+13.2 AcornIntZ 48.15-.20+16.3 AcornZ 36.93-.04+13.5 CAModA m 12.02+.01+12.1 CAModAgrA m 13.18+.02+13.8 CntrnCoreA m 22.22+.07+21.8 CntrnCoreZ 22.37+.07+22.1 ComInfoA m 58.52+.24+28.4 DivIncA m 19.48+.06+19.2 DivIncZ 19.50+.06+19.4 DivOppA m 10.83+.01+18.2 DivrEqInA m 14.73+.05+20.1 IncOppA m 10.22...+9.4 IntmBdA m 9.22-.01+5.6 LgCpGrowA m 35.88+.11+22.1 LgCrQuantA m 9.24+.03+23.7 MdCapIdxZ 15.82+.04+19.0 MdCpValZ 18.45+.07+26.6 SIIncZ 9.97-.01+1.3 ShrTrmMuniBdZ 10.48...+1.4 SmCapIdxZ 22.98-.12+15.1 StLgCpGrA m 18.42+.06+25.3 StLgCpGrZ 18.71+.05+25.6 TaxExmptA m 13.91...+10.2 ValRestrZ 53.09+.16+22.0ConstellationSndsSelGrI 18.82+.01+27.9 SndsSelGrII 18.36...+27.5Credit SuisseComStrInstl 7.21+.02-3.0CullenHiDivEqI d 17.62+.03+18.7DFA1YrFixInI 10.32...+0.4 2YrGlbFII 10.00-.01+0.5 5YearGovI 10.68-.01+1.3 5YrGlbFII 11.01-.03+2.8 EmMkCrEqI 21.46-.02+19.1 EmMktValI 30.45-.02+17.7 EmMtSmCpI 22.60-.05+19.9 EmgMktI 28.55+.01+19.5 GlAl6040I 16.13-.01+13.0 GlEqInst 18.92+.01+19.3 GlblRlEstSecsI 10.52...+22.3 InfPrtScI 12.04-.03+5.7 IntCorEqI 12.95-.05+14.4 IntGovFII 12.59-.03+4.3 IntRlEstI 5.76-.03+19.9 IntSmCapI 21.10-.14+19.2 IntlSCoI 19.76-.11+16.3 IntlValu3 17.29-.07+13.8 IntlValuI 19.64-.08+13.6 ItmTExtQI 10.81-.02+8.5 LgCapIntI 22.72-.07+13.1 RelEstScI 31.29+.12+24.2 STEtdQltI 10.85-.02+2.2 STMuniBdI 10.24...+1.3 TAUSCrE2I 14.19+.02+20.9 TAWexUSCE 10.60-.04+14.9 TMIntlVal 16.11-.07+13.1 TMMkWVal 25.35+.06+22.7 TMMkWVal2 24.44+.06+22.9 TMUSEq 21.64+.05+21.8 TMUSTarVal 33.64-.03+19.8 TMUSmCp 36.46-.13+14.6 USCorEq1I 17.64+.03+21.7 USCorEq2I 17.35+.03+21.1 USLgCo 15.72+.04+22.7 USLgVal3 25.54+.08+23.9 USLgValI 34.06+.11+23.8 USMicroI 19.79-.12+15.1 USSmValI 36.35-.04+17.8 USSmallI 30.99-.10+14.9 USTgtValInst 23.60-.02+19.9 USVecEqI 17.14+.01+20.2DWS-ScudderSP500IRew 28.37...+22.7DavisNYVentA m 40.28+.09+18.5 NYVentC m 38.30+.08+17.6 NYVentY 40.82+.09+18.8Delaware InvestDiverIncA m 9.14-.01+8.0 OpFixIncI 9.69-.01+6.0 USGrowIs 26.55+.05+23.6 ValueI 17.89+.06+23.1DeutscheCoreEqS 24.92+.09+24.4 GNMAS 14.54-.01+6.5ManagedMnplBdA m 9.32...+11.2ManagedMnplBdS 9.33...+11.4Diamond HillLngShortI 23.79+.02+13.3 LrgCapI 22.95+.04+18.7Dodge & CoxBal 103.31+.09+17.8 GlbStock 12.65+.01+25.0 Income 13.92-.01+7.2 IntlStk 46.35-.08+21.2 Stock 180.03+.33+23.2DoubleLineCrFxdIncI 11.05...+7.5 TotRetBdN b 11.01...+6.4DreyfusAppreciaInv 55.55+.04+18.1 BasSP500 40.80+.11+22.5 FdInc 12.47+.02+22.8 IntlStkI 15.86-.03+6.9 MidCapIdx 39.22+.11+18.8 MuniBd 11.74...+10.1 SP500Idx 53.03+.14+22.2 SmCapIdx 29.76-.17+15.0DriehausActiveInc 10.69+.01+1.7 EmMktGr d 34.45+.02+15.0Eaton VanceACSmCpI 24.77+.03+11.8 AtCpSmCpA m 23.00+.03+11.5 FloatRateA m 9.39...+2.7 FltRtAdvA m 11.06...+3.6 FltgRtI 9.09...+3.0 GlbMacroI 9.34+.01+2.0 IncBosA m 6.10...+9.3 IncBosI 6.11+.01+9.5 LrgCpValA m 25.83+.07+21.2 LrgCpValI 25.90+.07+21.5 NatlMuniA m 9.80...+16.1FMICommStk 30.19-.01+19.0 LgCap 22.53+.02+19.7FPACres d 34.40...+13.4 NewInc d 10.23-.01+1.9Fairholme FundsFairhome d 42.17+.09+22.7FederatedEqIncB m 25.01+.08+17.9 InstHiYIn d 10.33+.01+10.0 KaufmanA m 6.50-.01+23.7 KaufmanR m 6.51-.01+23.7 MuniUShIS 10.05...+1.1 StrValA f 6.20...+20.0 StrValI 6.22...+20.2 ToRetIs 11.11-.01+6.6 UltraIs 9.18...+1.6FidelityAstMgr20 13.68-.01+7.2 AstMgr50 18.29-.01+12.6 Bal 24.18+.01+17.6 Bal K 24.18+.02+17.7 BlChGrow 69.49+.16+27.1 BlChGrowK 69.59+.16+27.2 CAMuInc d 12.93-.01+10.7 Canada d 64.64+.15+18.8 CapApr 38.86+.02+24.3 CapInc d 10.23+.01+15.2 Contra 101.42+.07+22.6 ContraK 101.42+.08+22.8 ConvSec 33.31+.15+19.2 CpApprctK 38.93+.02+24.4 DivGrow 38.22+.03+21.9 DivGrowK 38.22+.03+22.0 DivrIntl d 37.21-.11+13.9 DivrIntlK d 37.18-.10+14.1 EmgMkt d 26.22-.06+19.7 EqInc 62.41+.09+17.3 EqInc II 25.97+.05+18.0 EqIncK 62.39+.09+17.4 Europe d 38.18-.22+8.8 ExpMulNat d 25.56+.02+17.1 FF2015 12.87-.01+11.4 FF2035 13.60...+15.6 FF2040 9.59...+15.7 Fidelity 42.78+.04+22.1 FltRtHiIn d 9.92+.01+3.5 FocStk 20.67+.01+21.4 FourInOne 37.68+.01+17.0 Fr2045 10.78-.01+15.8 Fr2050 10.83...+15.9 FrdmK2010 13.58-.01+10.7 FrdmK2015 13.92...+11.6 FrdmK2020 14.57-.01+12.3 FrdmK2025 15.19...+13.9 FrdmK2030 15.54-.01+14.9 FrdmK2035 16.00...+15.7 FrdmK2040 16.05...+15.9 FrdmK2045 16.45-.01+15.9 FrdmK2050 16.55...+16.0 FrdmKInc 11.98-.01+6.9 Free2010 15.71-.01+10.6 Free2020 15.70-.01+12.2 Free2025 13.45...+13.8 Free2030 16.54...+14.9 FreeInc 11.72-.01+6.7 GNMA 11.53-.02+6.0 GexUSIdx 12.78-.03+14.3 GovtInc 10.42-.01+4.2 GrStr d 30.42+.10+21.4 GrowCo 128.63+.12+23.5 GrowInc 29.58+.06+19.2 GrthCmpK 128.55+.12+23.6 HiInc d 9.43+.01+9.2 Indepndnc 40.68+.07+32.0 InfProtBd 12.48-.04+5.1 IntBond 10.97-.02+4.0 IntMuniInc d 10.51...+7.0 IntlDisc d 40.03-.14+11.0 IntlSmCp 16.18-.08+14.8 IntlSmCpF 16.22-.09+14.9 InvGrdBd 7.90-.01+6.3 LargeCap 28.34+.05+22.8 LevCoSt d 47.39+.15+23.0 LowPrStkK d 52.06-.08+17.1 LowPriStk d 52.07-.08+17.0 MAMuInc d 12.38-.01+9.9 Magellan 94.49+.22+24.7 MagellanK 94.41+.23+24.8 MdCpVal d 24.30+.07+24.8 MeCpSto 16.18+.04+21.2 MidCap d 39.16+.03+20.4 MidCapK d 39.18+.03+20.5 MuniInc d 13.38-.01+10.8 NYMuInc d 13.49...+10.1 NewMille 41.68+.04+21.5 NewMktIn d 16.74-.04+12.8 OTC 84.76-.13+23.4 OTCK 85.53-.13+23.5 Overseas d 40.38-.16+12.4 Puritan 22.66+.02+18.3 PuritanK 22.65+.02+18.4 RealInv d 38.78+.15+24.4 RelEstInc d 12.06+.01+13.3 SASEqF 14.94+.03+23.0 SCOppF 13.39-.04+10.9 SEMF 19.08-.03+22.2 SInvGrBdF 11.42-.02+6.3 STMIdxF d 58.37+.13+22.0 Series100Idx 13.08+.03+21.9 SersEmgMkts 19.02-.03+22.0 SesAl-SctrEqt 14.93+.02+22.6 SesInmGrdBd 11.41-.02+6.1 ShTmBond 8.60-.01+1.4 SmCapDisc d 30.31-.09+12.4 SmCapStk d 19.55-.04+15.4 SmCpOpp 13.31-.04+10.8 SmCpVal d 20.21-.04+11.7 StkSelec 38.61+.01+22.9 StrDivInc 15.21+.02+18.2 StratInc 11.21-.02+8.6 TaxFrB d 11.58-.01+10.9 TotalBd 10.73-.01+6.7 USBdIdx 11.66-.01+5.5 USBdIdx 11.66-.01+5.5 USBdIdxF 11.66-.01+5.6 USBdIdxInv 11.66-.01+5.4 ValK 113.59+.12+23.5 Value 113.43+.11+23.4 Worldwid d 25.14-.03+16.5Fidelity AdvisorAstMgr70 21.66-.02+15.4 CapDevO 16.63+.03+22.7 DivStk 24.96+.04+22.6 EmMktIncI d 14.34-.03+12.6 FltRateI d 9.91...+3.5 Fr2020A m 13.75-.01+11.9 Fr2025A m 13.58-.01+13.5 Fr2030A m 14.53...+14.5 HlthCrC m 33.27-.11+42.1 LeverA m 58.40+.18+22.7 NewInsA m 28.09+.03+21.4 NewInsC m 25.96+.02+20.5 NewInsI 28.61+.03+21.7 NewInsT m 27.54+.03+21.1 StratIncA m 12.51-.02+8.5 StratIncC m 12.48-.02+7.6 StratIncI 12.68-.01+8.7Fidelity SelectBiotech d 208.67-1.77+33.4 Chemical d 155.14+.27+26.4 Electron d 79.18+.76+41.6 Energy d 59.68+.09+22.1 HealtCar d 214.69-.70+43.8 MedEqSys d 38.18-.05+28.4 Pharm d 20.79-.01+30.7 SoftwCom d 117.47-.69+24.8 Tech d 123.52-.48+26.0Fidelity Spartan500IdxAdvtg 70.64+.17+22.7 500IdxAdvtgInst 70.65+.18+22.7 500IdxInstl 70.65+.18+22.7 500IdxInv 70.64+.18+22.6 ExtMktIdAg d 55.28+.01+19.3 ExtMktIdI d 55.27+.01+19.3 IntlIdxAdg d 41.19-.16+12.5 IntlIdxAdvtgIns d 41.20-.15+12.6 IntlIdxIn d 41.18-.16+12.5 IntlIdxInst d 41.20-.16+12.6 TotMktIdAg d 58.36+.12+22.0 TotMktIdI d 58.35+.12+21.9FidelityLtdTermMuniInc d 10.74-.01+2.9 SerBlueChipGr 11.64+.02NA SerBlueChipGrF 11.65+.02NA SeriesGrowthCo 11.41+.02NA SeriesGrowthCoF 11.42+.01NAFirst EagleGlbA m 56.60-.09+12.7 OverseasA m 24.31-.07+10.9First InvestorsGrowIncA m 23.29+.06+19.9ForumAbStratI 11.17...-0.1FrankTemp-FrankFed TF A m 12.39-.01+10.9 FedIntA m 12.37-.01+7.6FrankTemp-FranklinBalA m 12.07+.03+15.6 CA TF A m 7.41...+12.7 CAInTF A m 12.87-.01+12.8 DynaTechA m 46.59+.06+23.7 EqInA m 23.90+.06+18.2 FLRtDAAdv 9.13...+3.3 FlRtDAccA m 9.13...+3.0 FlxCpGr A m 57.94+.15+22.2 GrowthA m 71.08+.18+23.5 HY TF A m 10.46...+12.0 HighIncA m 2.14...+11.0 HighIncAd 2.14...+11.2 Income C m 2.58...+15.8 IncomeA m 2.56+.01+16.5 IncomeAdv 2.54+.01+16.9 IncomeR6 2.54+.01+16.9 InsTF A m 12.33...+10.6 NY TF A m 11.65-.01+8.7 RisDivAdv 50.66+.10+15.6 RisDv C m 49.84+.09+14.4 RisDvA m 50.68+.10+15.3 SmMdCpGrA m 43.40+.13+21.4 StrIncA m 10.64-.01+7.8 Strinc C m 10.64...+7.4 TotalRetA m 10.15...+7.2 USGovA m 6.51+.01+4.5 Utils A m 16.95+.04+19.4FrankTemp-MutualDiscov C m 34.62+.01+14.7 Discov Z 35.67+.01+15.8 DiscovA m 35.09+.01+15.5 Euro Z 24.02-.01+7.6 QuestA m 18.93-.03+15.4 QuestZ 19.16-.03+15.7 Shares Z 30.58+.02+18.5 SharesA m 30.28+.02+18.1 SharesR6 30.59+.02+18.6FrankTemp-TempletonDvMk A m 23.80-.02+11.9 Fgn A m 8.50-.03+14.0 Frgn Adv 8.41-.03+14.3 GlBond C m 13.40-.02+8.2 GlBondA m 13.37-.02+8.6 GlBondAdv 13.32-.02+8.9 GlBondR6 13.32-.02+9.1 GrowthA m 25.74-.06+15.0 GrowthR6 25.78-.06+15.5 WorldA m 19.91-.04+13.9Franklin TempletonFdrInm-TT/FIcAd 12.39-.01+7.6 FndAllA m 14.14+.01+16.5 FndAllC m 13.92+.01+15.6 HYldTFInA 10.50...+12.1 ModAllcA m 16.18+.01+12.6Franklin Templeton IGlTlRtA m 13.54-.02+8.2 GlTlRtAdv 13.56-.01+8.5GEElfunTr 60.81+.19+23.4 ElfunTxE 11.88-.01+9.5 IsIntlEq d 12.93-.04+7.4 S&SInc 11.62-.01+6.3 S&SUSEq 60.24+.18+23.0GMOAABdIV 25.37+.03+5.5 EmgDbtIV d 10.40-.03+16.9 EmgMktsVI d 11.58...+14.5 IntItVlIV 25.78-.13+15.7 QuIII 24.13+.01+18.1 QuIV 24.15+.01+18.2 QuVI 24.14+.01+18.3 USEqAllcVI 17.93+.02+18.1 USTrsy 25.00...+0.1GabelliAssetAAA m 68.33+.13+16.9EqIncomeAAA m 29.69+.07+17.0SmCpGrAAA m 49.00-.01+14.8GatewayGatewayA m 29.66...+7.2Goldman SachsGrOppIs 32.50+.12+20.2 HiYdMunIs d 9.27...+14.1 HiYieldIs d 7.21...+10.0 MidCapVaA m 48.44+.16+21.7 MidCpVaIs 48.95+.17+22.2 ShDuTFIs 10.57...+1.8 SmCpValIs 58.02-.08+17.4HarborBond 12.31...+6.2 CapApInst 60.84+.08+27.1 CapAprInv b 59.70+.09+26.6 HiYBdInst d 11.07+.01+9.9 IntlInstl 71.45-.25+8.7 IntlInv b 70.59-.26+8.3Harding LoevnerEmgMkts d 53.46...+19.4 IntlEq d 18.92...+15.2HartfordBalHLSIA 26.82+.03+15.1 BalIncA m 13.72+.01+13.0 BalIncC m 13.55...+12.2 CapApr C m 43.23+.08+20.9 CapAprA m 49.48+.09+21.8 CapAprI 49.60+.09+22.2 CpApHLSIA 63.34+.11+20.8 DivGrowA m 26.84+.07+20.6 DivGrowI 26.75+.07+20.9 DvGrHLSIA 29.49+.08+21.4 EqIncA m 18.96+.05+16.6 FloatRtA m 8.98+.01+3.8 FloatRtC m 8.97+.01+3.1 FloatRtI 8.99+.01+4.1 GrOppA m 42.69+.08+21.0 GrOppI 43.71+.08+21.3 MdCpHLSIA 41.45+.04+23.5 MidCapA m 27.38+.03+22.8 StkHLSIA 61.02+.17+17.2 TRBdHLSIA 11.90-.01+7.4HeartlandValuePlus m 36.06-.20+16.9HendersonIntlOppA m 26.80-.09+12.5HennessyGsUtlIdxInv 30.90+.08+28.6Hotchkis & WileyMidCpValI 44.29+.11+17.6INVESCOBalAlocA m 12.53+.01+9.0 BalAlocC m 12.09...+8.2 BalAlocY 12.67+.01+9.4 CharterA m 23.66+.05+18.7 ComstockA m 25.37+.06+19.4 DivDivA m 17.88+.08+15.7 DivDivInv b 17.87+.08+15.8 EqIncomeA m 11.29+.02+15.5 EqIncomeC m 11.11+.01+14.7 EqWSP500A m 48.12+.16+22.8 GrowIncA m 28.87+.07+18.6 HiYldMuA m 9.78...+14.8 IntlGrA m 35.41-.06+15.9 IntlGrI 35.96-.06+16.3 MidCapGrA m 39.44+.12+19.9 MuniIncA m 13.58...+10.8 SmCapValA m 22.96+.06+19.1 Summit b 18.40+.05+24.0IVAIntlI d 18.14-.04+12.4 WorldwideA m 18.80-.03+12.6 WorldwideC m 18.60-.03+11.7 WorldwideI d 18.83-.03+12.8IvyAssetStrA m 31.92+.03+13.5 AssetStrC m 30.91+.03+12.7 AssetStrY b 31.98+.03+13.5 AsstStrgI 32.23+.04+13.8 HiIncA m 8.67...+9.4 HiIncC m 8.67...+8.6 HighIncI 8.67...+9.7 LtdTmBdA m 10.92-.01+2.0 MdCpGrthI 25.30+.14+14.9 ScTechA m 54.22+.15+24.9 SciTechI 58.55+.16+25.2JPMorganCoreBdUlt 11.75-.01+5.1 CoreBondA m 11.74-.01+4.6 CoreBondSelect 11.73-.01+4.8 DiscEqUlt 24.41+.08+25.0 EqIncA m 13.69+.04+18.7 EqIncSelect 13.88+.04+19.0 FIntlVaIs 14.89-.07+7.6 HighYldSel 8.13+.01+9.7 HighYldUl 8.12...+9.6 IntmdTFIs 11.15...+6.8 IntrAmerS 38.33+.11+25.2 InvBalA m 15.34+.01+12.9 InvConGrA m 13.04...+9.5 InvConGrC m 12.98...+8.9 InvGrInA m 17.22+.01+15.3 InvGrowA m 19.78+.03+19.2 LgCapGrA m 33.77+.10+24.3 LgCapGrSelect 33.82+.10+24.6 MdCpGrSel 37.62+.11+19.1 MidCapVal m 37.25+.11+18.8 MidCpValI 38.01+.11+19.4 SelMidCap 44.94+.16+21.4 ShDurBndSel 10.91...+1.0 ShtDurBdU 10.91...+1.3 SmRt2020I 18.80+.01+13.9 SmRt2030I 19.59+.02+16.8 SmRt2040I 20.16+.03+18.3 TxAwRRetI 10.22...+6.2 USEquit 15.23+.05+24.1 USEquityI 15.25+.05+24.3 USLCpCrPS 30.29+.08+25.0 ValAdvA m 29.20+.08+19.4 ValAdvI 29.39+.08+20.0 ValAdvSel 29.33+.08+19.7James AdvantageGoldRainA b 25.43+.02+13.7JanusBalT 31.47+.02+15.1 Gr&IncT 47.40+.07+20.8 Janus T 43.99+.10+21.4 OverseasT 38.44+.01+19.5 PerkinsMCVT 24.96+.07+16.2 ResearchT 47.42+.12+25.1 ShTmBdT 3.07...+2.0 TwentyT 66.38+.02+21.8JensenQualtyGrI 38.82+.08+18.1 QualtyGrJ b 38.80+.08+17.8John HancockClasValI 25.92+.03+19.1DisValMdCpA m 18.96+.05+22.5DisValMdCpI 19.59+.06+22.9 DiscValA m 19.64+.06+18.4 DiscValI 19.15+.06+18.8 EmMkVlNAV 11.25-.01+17.9 GAbRSI 11.36+.02+6.7 IICpApNAV 18.17+.03+26.9 IIInVaNAV 17.93-.05+13.7 IIToRtNAV 13.92-.04+5.3 LgCpEqA m 39.13+.08+20.1 LifAg1 b 16.82+.01+18.4 LifBa1 b 16.02+.01+13.9 LifBaA m 16.09...+13.4 LifCo1 b 14.15...+8.7 LifGr1 b 16.96+.01+16.5 LifGrA m 16.98+.01+16.0 LifMo1 b 14.85...+11.2 StcIncI 10.98+.01+7.1KeeleySmCapVal m 38.11-.14+11.1LaudusInMktMstS d 24.08-.09+11.0 USLCGr d 19.19+.02+21.3LazardEmgMkEqInst d 20.69-.08+22.0EmgMktEqOpen m 21.19-.08+21.7IntlStEqInst d 14.73-.03+12.3 IntlStEqOpen m 14.82-.03+12.1Legg MasonCBAggressGrthA m 205.95+.34+30.8CBAggressGrthI 222.66+.36+31.2CBAllCapValueA m 17.46+.06+18.1CBAppreciatA m 20.62+.05+19.1 CBEquityIncA m 19.48+.05+18.0CBSmallCapGrI 28.70-.20+9.0 ValueC m 63.81+.21+22.9WACorePlusBdA m 11.63...+8.3WACorePlusBdFI b 11.64...+8.4 WACorePlusBdI 11.64...+8.7 WACorePlusBdIS 11.63-.01+8.7WAManagedMuniA m 16.76...+11.2Longleaf PartnersIntl 17.76+.08+12.5 LongPart 35.39+.07+18.9 SmCap 35.25+.09+18.8Loomis SaylesBdInstl 15.86-.02+12.0 BdR b 15.79-.02+11.7 GlbBdInstl 16.59-.05+5.7Lord AbbettAffiliatA m 16.53+.04+18.8 BndDbtrF b 8.29+.01+10.6 BondDebA m 8.30...+10.4 BondDebC m 8.32...+9.7 CalibrdDivA m 16.19+.06+18.0 DevGrowI 27.84-.11+14.7 FdmtlEqtyA m 15.85+.03+16.3 FltRateF b 9.40+.01+4.0 FltgRateA m 9.41+.01+3.9 FltgRateC m 9.41...+3.1 HiYldI 8.01...+11.7 MABalOppA m 12.93+.01+14.5 NatlTaxFA m 11.22...+11.7 ShDurIncA m 4.53-.01+3.4 ShDurIncC m 4.56-.01+2.7 ShDurIncF b 4.53...+3.5 ShDurIncI 4.53...+3.6 TaxFreeA m 10.81...+8.1MFSBondA m 14.11-.01+8.0 GrAllocA m 18.74+.01+13.9 GrowA m 68.38+.08+22.1 GrowI 71.52+.09+22.4 IntDivA m 16.82-.05+10.3 IntlNDisA m 29.11-.12+11.8 IntlNDisI 29.95-.12+12.1 IntlValA m 34.78-.13+11.9 IsIntlEq 22.57-.06+9.9 MAInvA m 29.00+.06+18.8 MAInvGrA m 24.13+.04+19.3 MAInvI 28.40+.05+19.0 ModAllocA m 16.99...+11.9 MuHiIncA f 7.99...+12.9 ResIntlI 18.65-.04+9.6 ResearchA m 39.06+.09+19.2 TotRetA m 18.36+.02+14.2 UtilA m 23.41+.07+23.5 ValueA m 34.44+.08+18.1 ValueI 34.62+.08+18.4MainStayHiYldCorA m 6.08...+8.3 IntlI 35.69-.16+9.3 LgCapGrA m 10.58+.03+24.0 MAPI 47.46+.14+18.0 Mktfield 17.65+.03+0.1 MktfldA m 17.57+.03-0.2 S&PIdxI 46.48+.12+22.3 SelEqI 51.03+.17+15.2Mairs & PowerGrthInv 114.72+.21+17.5Manning & NapierWrldOppA 9.16-.03+10.0Matthews AsianDivInv d 16.77+.03+12.3 GrInc d 20.43+.01+12.8 PacTiger d 29.17+.04+26.5MergerInvCl b 16.47+.02+5.3MeridianMeridnGr d 37.97-.05+13.5Metropolitan WestLowDurBd b 8.83...+2.2 LowDurBdI 8.83...+2.3 TotRetBdI 10.85-.01+6.7 TotRtBd b 10.85-.01+6.4Morgan StanleyGrA m 39.64+.01+28.7 IntlEqA m 16.85-.10+10.4 IntlEqI d 17.10-.09+10.8 MdCpGrA m 43.63-.05+15.0 MdCpGrI 45.69-.04+15.3Munder FundsMdCpCrGrY 46.14+.24+20.1Mutual SeriesBeacon Z 18.00+.02+17.5NationsLgCpIxZ 38.69+.10+22.5NationwideIntlIdxI 8.59-.03+12.3 S&P500Is 15.32+.04+22.5NatixisLSInvBdA m 12.36-.01+9.8 LSInvBdC m 12.25-.01+9.0 LSInvBdY 12.37-.01+10.1 LSStratIncA m 17.16-.01+14.3 LSStratIncC m 17.26-.01+13.4Neuberger BermanGenesisInstl 60.46-.17+11.3 GenesisInv 40.72-.11+11.1 GenesisR6 60.49-.16+11.3 GenesisTr 62.95-.17+11.0 HIncBdInst 9.49...+10.0 LgShrtIn 13.09+.05+10.0 NBIncI 13.09+.03+17.9NicholasNichol 66.39...+23.2NorthernBdIndx 10.69...+5.9 EmMktsEq d 12.36...+18.1 FixedIn 10.40...+7.6 GlbREIdx d 10.20...+18.0 HYFixInc d 7.62...+10.2 IntTaxE 10.65...+8.0 IntlIndex d 12.60...+12.4 MMIntlEq d 11.22...+12.1Mlt-Mngr Emrg M d 20.76...+18.6SmCapVal 21.23...+17.4 StkIdx 24.60...+22.8NuveenHiYldMunA m 16.88-.04+18.9 HiYldMunI 16.88-.04+19.1 IntMunBdI 9.24...+8.1 LtdTmMunI 11.11...+4.5 RlEstSecI 23.84+.08+24.9Oak AssociatesPinOakEq 49.46+.06+21.1 RedOakTec 16.20+.02+23.7 WhiteOak 59.08+.06+17.4OakmarkEqIncI 34.35+.07+15.7 GlSelI 16.94-.05+13.3 Global I 31.11-.08+14.3 Intl I 25.76-.13+5.6 IntlSmCpI d 17.69-.05+11.3 Oakmark I 69.11+.22+24.1 Select I 45.26+.11+30.4Old WestburyGlbOppo 8.24-.01+10.3 GlbSmMdCp 17.27-.04+13.3 LgCpStr 13.12...+18.8OppenheimerActAllocA m 12.45...+15.4 CapApA m 65.80+.04+25.4 CapIncA m 9.98...+10.6 DevMktA m 41.21-.05+20.0 DevMktY 40.78-.06+20.3 DevMktsC m 39.09-.05+19.2 EqIncA m 34.03...+20.9 EquityA m 13.44+.02+22.7 GlobA m 81.34-.26+15.8 GlobOpprA m 40.27-.13+12.9 GlobY 81.52-.25+16.1 IntlBondA m 6.14...+5.0 IntlBondY 6.14...+5.4 IntlDivA m 14.94-.03+11.9 IntlGrY 37.68-.09+8.3 IntlGrowA m 37.80-.10+8.0 MainStrA m 52.10+.07+21.8 MnStrMdCpA m 33.56+.07+21.8 RisDivA m 20.88+.05+18.4 RisDivY 21.42+.05+18.6 SrFltRatA m 8.35...+4.0 SrFltRatC m 8.36...+3.2 StrIncA m 4.20...+7.1Oppenheimer RochesteFdMuniA m 15.16-.01+8.1 LmtTmMunA m 14.23...+4.1 LtdTmNY m 3.11...+1.7 RochHYMA m 7.10+.01+15.0OsterweisOsterStrInc 11.99...+5.9PIMCOAAstAAutP 10.34-.03+7.4 AllAssetA m 12.76-.02+10.6 AllAssetC m 12.70-.02+9.8 AllAssetI 12.75-.02+11.2 AllAuthA m 10.33-.03+7.0 AllAuthC m 10.32-.03+6.2 AllAuthIn 10.34-.02+7.5 CmPlsStrI 10.81...+0.1 CmPlsStrP 10.76...+0.1 ComRlRStI 5.61...-0.6 CrdtAbsRtInstl 10.80+.01+5.3 DivIncInst 11.86-.01+10.0EMFdIdPLARSTIns 10.99-.02+24.4EMktCurI 10.24-.04+3.9 EmMktsIns 11.23-.02+10.9 EmgLclBdI 9.54-.06+5.8 FdIdxPlARInst 7.43...+24.5 FdmtlAdvAbsRtI 3.87-.01+2.8 ForBdInstl 11.05...+9.0 ForBondI 10.58-.04+7.8 GlbAdvInst 11.41-.04+7.0 HgYdSpIns 11.04+.01+10.1 HiYldIs 9.72...+9.2 IFdIdPlARStI 12.50-.03+19.1 Income P 12.74-.01+11.4 IncomeA m 12.74-.01+11.1 IncomeC m 12.74-.01+10.4 IncomeD b 12.74-.01+11.2 IncomeInl 12.74-.01+11.5 InvGrdIns 10.75-.01+10.0 LgDrTRtnI 11.63-.02+16.8 LgTmCrdIn 12.88-.02+19.4 LgTmGovIs 10.35-.02+14.6 LowDrA m 10.35-.01+2.4 LowDrIs 10.35-.01+2.7 LowDurD b 10.35-.01+2.4 LowDurP 10.35-.01+2.6 ModDurIs 10.71-.02+4.5 RealRet 11.62...+7.8 RealRtnA m 11.62...+7.4 RlEstStRetI 4.99...+33.1 ShTermAdm b 9.90...+1.8 ShtTermIs 9.90...+2.0 SnrFltRtInstl d 10.18...+3.4 StkPlARShStrIn 2.52-.01-15.7 ToRtIIIIs 9.63-.02+5.4 ToRtIIIs 10.44-.02+5.3 TotRetA m 10.97-.02+5.4 TotRetAdm b 10.97-.02+5.6 TotRetC m 10.97-.02+4.6 TotRetIs 10.97-.02+5.8 TotRetR b 10.97-.02+5.2 TotRetrnD b 10.97-.02+5.5 TotlRetnP 10.97-.02+5.7 TtlRtIVInst 10.69-.02+4.8 UnconstrBdIns 11.32-.01+2.9 UnconstrBdP 11.32-.01+2.8 WwdFdAdvARStrIn 9.98...+3.9PRIMECAP OdysseyAggGr 32.88+.07+26.3 Growth 25.73+.06+19.9 Stock 23.10+.05+21.2ParametricEmgMktInstl 16.39-.01+17.3 TxMgEMInstl d 53.82-.04+17.7ParnassusCoreEqInv 39.52+.07+21.9Pax WorldBal b 25.29+.03+14.1PermanentPortfolio 45.33+.03+6.5PioneerCoreEqA m 16.75+.06+20.4 PioneerA m 41.70+.10+20.3 StratIncA m 11.09+.01+7.8 StratIncY 11.09+.01+8.1PrincipalBdMtgInst 10.98-.01+6.6 DivIntI 12.30-.03+15.3 HiYldA m 7.86...+9.6 HiYldII 10.68+.01+10.0 L/T2020I 14.96...+14.1 L/T2030I 15.24+.01+15.8 L/T2040I 15.75+.01+17.0 L/T2050I 15.29+.01+17.8 LCGrIInst 13.35+.03+22.1 LCIIIInst 15.51+.06+19.2 LgCGrInst 11.70+.03+23.2 LgCSP500I 14.09+.04+22.5 LgCValI 13.76+.06+19.4 MidCapA m 21.74+.07+20.6 PrSecInst 10.50...+12.9 SAMBalA m 16.39+.02+14.1 SAMConGrA m 18.82+.02+16.7 SCGrIInst 13.83-.04+11.5 SCValIII 14.06-.01+16.5PrudentialGblRealEstZ 25.06+.02+18.5 JenMCGrA m 40.49+.19+16.1Prudential InvestmenGovtIncA m 9.62-.01+4.5 HiYieldA m 5.80...+10.2 JenMidCapGrZ 42.28+.20+16.4 JennGrZ 31.07+.04+26.9 MuniHIncA m 10.10...+13.4 NaturResA m 55.75+.13+20.8 ShTmCoBdA m 11.32-.01+3.0 SmallCoZ 30.38+.02+19.1 TotRetBdZ 14.42-.01+8.4 UtilityA m 16.98+.04+32.9PutnamCpSpctrmA m 37.98+.07+22.2 CpSpctrmC m 37.22+.07+21.2 CpSpctrmY 38.16+.07+22.5 DivrInA m 7.88+.03+6.3 EqIncomeA m 22.01+.06+20.1 EqSpctrmA m 43.57+.05+22.5 EqSpctrmY 43.90+.04+22.8 GrowIncA m 21.35...+21.6 InvestorA m 21.33+.06+24.2 MultiCapGrA m 82.62+.14+26.1 VoyagerA m 33.68+.04+27.0RidgeWorthLgCpVaEqI 18.02+.05+21.1 MdCpVlEqI 14.85+.07+21.3 USGovBndI 10.13...+0.9RoycePAMutInv d 14.67-.01+13.8 PremierInv d 23.12-.04+16.7 SpecEqInv d 24.55-.07+9.8 TotRetInv d 16.52-.02+13.4RussellEmgMktsS 19.92-.02+19.3 GlRelEstS 40.90-.02+18.4 GlbEqtyS 11.78...+14.4 ItlDvMktS 37.35-.16+12.7 StratBdS 11.25-.01+5.9 USSmCpEqS 30.74-.14+13.7RydexBiotechIv 75.99-.41+34.6 InvOTC2xH b 23.50-.01-46.5SEIIdxSP500E d 53.59+.14+22.4 IntlEq A d 10.23-.02+10.7 IsCrFxIA d 11.52-.01+6.7 IsHiYdBdA d 7.88+.01+9.6 IsItlEmMA d 11.59...+16.8 IsLrgGrA d 34.29+.08+20.6 IsLrgValA d 26.00+.07+21.3 IsMgTxMgA d 19.83+.05+21.8SSGAS&P500Idx b 31.94+.08+22.5Schwab1000Inv d 52.82+.14+22.4 CoreEq d 25.04+.08+22.5 DivEqSel d 19.05+.07+19.2 FUSLgCInl d 15.39+.04+21.6 IntlIndex d 20.24-.07+12.3 S&P500Sel d 31.39+.08+22.6 SmCapIdx d 27.67-.12+14.0 TotStkMSl d 36.39+.07+21.9ScoutInterntl 36.97-.14+7.2 MidCap 18.80+.04+19.1 UnconBd 11.56...-0.1SelectedAmerShS b 48.81+.10+17.9 American D 48.80+.10+18.3SentinelCmnStkA m 45.37+.13+18.2SequoiaSequoia 218.90-.19+10.9Sound ShoreInv 52.80+.11+24.9SpectraSpectra A m 19.03+.05+26.4State FarmBalanced 66.16-.03+15.0 Growth 73.49+.02+19.7SteelPathMLPAlpA m 13.57+.07+21.4 MLPAlpY 13.75+.07+21.7 MLPIncA m 11.61+.04+14.9 MLPIncC m 11.34+.03+14.0 MLPSel40Y 13.61+.06+21.1SunAmericaFocDvStrC m 17.52+.02+11.2T Rowe PriceBalanced 24.23+.01+15.7 BlChpGAdv b 68.32+.18+27.2 BlChpGr 68.76+.18+27.5 CapApprec 27.68+.06+16.3 DivGrow 35.40+.09+18.5 EmMktBd d 13.11-.03+11.2 EmMktStk d 35.86-.01+20.2 EqIndex d 53.68+.14+22.4 EqtyInc 34.33+.10+16.7 EqtyIncAd b 34.25+.10+16.4 EurStock d 21.03-.14+12.3 GNMA 9.61...+5.3 GrStkAdv b 54.79+.11+25.9 GrowInc 31.51+.09+21.7 GrowStk 55.58+.12+26.2 HealthSci 67.21-.26+34.6 HiYield d 7.25...+10.7 InSmCpStk 20.45-.06+14.5 InsLgCpGr 28.69+.05+26.3 InstlFlRt d 10.22...+4.0 InstlHiYl d 9.85...+11.0 InstlLgCV 20.37+.10+21.5 IntlBnd d 9.73-.05+4.7 IntlDisc d 58.16-.19+16.3 IntlGrInc d 16.13-.04+15.0 IntlStk d 17.05-.06+14.5 MDTaxFBd 10.87...+9.9 MediaTele 73.53+.01+24.7 MidCapE 43.53+.07+20.8 MidCapVa 33.00+.09+22.6 MidCpGr 77.65+.11+20.0 NewAmGro 46.73+.08+25.0 NewAsia d 18.22+.01+23.2 NewEra 49.22+.03+21.3 NewHoriz 47.11-.18+17.6 NewIncome 9.56-.01+6.3 OrseaStk d 10.29-.04+12.2 PerStrBal 24.07...+15.7 PerStrGr 32.33+.02+18.7 R2015 15.15...+14.1 R2025 16.34+.01+17.1 R2035 17.33+.01+19.0 Real d 25.31+.09+24.3 Ret2020R b 21.27...+15.1 Ret2050 13.91+.01+19.5 RetInc 15.37-.01+10.3 Rtmt2010 18.81-.01+12.5 Rtmt2020 21.63...+15.7 Rtmt2030 24.05+.01+18.2 Rtmt2040 24.94+.01+19.5 Rtmt2045 16.62+.01+19.5 SciTech 43.07+.03+30.2 ShTmBond 4.79...+1.7 SmCpStk 44.92-.12+13.8 SmCpVal d 49.74-.23+12.6 SpecGrow 25.53+.03+20.7 SpecInc 13.12-.01+8.4 SumMuInt 11.93...+7.9 TRPRet2025Ad b 16.24...+16.7 TaxFHiYld d 11.75-.02+13.9 TaxFInc 10.34...+10.7 TaxFShInt 5.67...+2.6 TrRt2020Ad b 21.46...+15.4 TrRt2030Ad b 23.85+.01+17.9 TrRt2030R b 23.66+.01+17.7 TrRt2040Ad b 24.73+.02+19.3 TrRt2040R b 24.56+.01+18.9 Value 36.93+.16+23.5T.RoweReaAsset d 12.37...+18.6TCWEmgIncI 8.74...+10.0 SelEqI 26.13+.08+19.7 TotRetBdI 10.30...+7.6 TotRetBdN b 10.62...+7.2TIAA-CREFBdIdxInst 10.83-.01+5.4 BdPIns 10.74-.01+7.2 BondIn 10.56-.01+7.0 ELCGrIxI 11.99+.03+22.5 ELCVlIxI 11.13+.04+20.5 EqIx 15.27+.03+22.1 Gr&IncIn 12.82+.04+22.7 HYlIns d 10.40...+10.5 InfL 11.69-.02+5.5 IntlE d 19.60-.07+12.6 IntlEqIn d 11.38-.03+9.3 LCVal 18.66+.07+18.4 LgCGIdx 20.63+.05+24.5 LgCVIdx 17.75+.04+21.0 LgGrIns 16.19+.03+27.0 Life2040I 11.31+.01+17.4 MidValIn 24.85+.08+21.8 SCEq d 19.10-.08+14.3 SPIndxIn 22.49+.06+22.7TargetSmCapVal 27.60-.04+15.5TempletonInFEqSeS 22.85-.09+10.6Third AvenueFCrtInst d 11.83...+16.7 RealEsVal d 32.35+.10+21.0 Value d 62.42+.14+15.8ThompsonBond 11.90-.01+5.3ThornburgIncBldA m 21.92...+16.9 IncBldC m 21.91...+16.1 IntlValA m 30.14-.03+4.7 IntlValI 30.76-.02+5.2 LtdTMuA m 14.60...+4.2 LtdTMul 14.60...+4.5 LtdTmIncI 13.54-.02+5.2ThriventLgCapStkA m 27.98+.05+18.1TocquevilleDlfld m 38.98+.05+13.9 Gold m 44.15-.06+1.5TouchstoneSdCapInGr 23.56+.01+28.2TransamericaAstAlMdGrC m 15.14+.01+12.9Tweedy, BrowneGlobVal d 27.56...+10.3U.S. Global InvestorGld&Prec m 7.52...-6.1 GlobRes m 9.90...+8.6 WrldPrcMnr m 7.02-.02-6.0USAACorstnModAgrsv 26.47-.01+12.5 GrowInc 23.27+.07+23.0 HYOpp d 8.97+.01+10.8 Income 13.35-.01+6.9 IncomeStk 18.19+.04+19.3 IntermBd 10.98-.01+7.6 Intl 30.49-.10+9.0 S&P500M 28.36...+22.5 ShTmBond 9.23-.01+2.6 TaxEInt 13.56-.01+7.9 TaxELgTm 13.68-.08+11.2 TaxEShTm 10.72...+1.9 Value 20.50+.04+17.6VALIC Co IMdCpIdx 28.23+.08+18.9 StockIdx 35.92+.10+22.3Vanguard500Adml 183.79+.46+22.7 500Inv 183.76+.46+22.5 500Sgnl 151.82+.38+22.7 A-WexUSIdxAdm 32.16-.08+14.7 BalIdx 29.07+.02+15.0 BalIdxAdm 29.08+.02+15.2 BalIdxIns 29.08+.02+15.2 BdMktInstPls 10.83-.01+5.5 CAITAdml 11.75...+9.3 CALTAdml 11.97-.01+12.8 CapOp 51.90+.20+26.8 CapOpAdml 119.88+.45+26.9 CapVal 15.86+.03+25.7 Convrt 14.27+.02+11.7 DevMktIdxAdm 13.33-.05+12.9 DevMktIdxInstl 13.35-.05+13.0 DivAppIdxInv 31.13+.11+16.3 DivEqInv 32.78+.09+21.4 DivGr 22.34+.06+17.8 EmMkInsId 28.57+.02+20.0 EmMktIAdm 37.57+.03+20.0 EmMktStkIdxIP 95.05+.06+20.0 EmerMktIdInv 28.60+.02+19.7 EnergyAdm 137.50+.30+20.2 EnergyInv 73.24+.16+20.1 EqInc 31.58+.08+19.0 EqIncAdml 66.21+.19+19.1 EurIdxAdm 71.48-.35+12.8 ExMktIdSig 56.69+.01+19.4 ExplAdml 96.84-.05+15.2 Explr 104.04-.05+15.0 ExtdIdAdm 65.97+.01+19.4 ExtdIdIst 65.98+.02+19.4 ExtdMktIdxIP 162.84+.05+19.4 ExtndIdx 65.93+.01+19.2 FAWeUSIns 101.93-.25+14.7 GNMA 10.71...+6.2 GNMAAdml 10.71...+6.3 GlbEq 24.95...+19.7 GrIncAdml 70.01+.20+23.0 GroInc 42.88+.12+22.8 GrowthIdx 52.05+.14+25.4 GrthIdAdm 52.05+.13+25.6 GrthIstId 52.05+.13+25.6 GrthIstSg 48.20+.12+25.6 HYCor 6.13+.01+9.7 HYCorAdml 6.13+.01+9.8 HYT/E 11.13-.01+11.4 HltCrAdml 88.81-.04+33.7 HlthCare 210.48-.11+33.6 ITBond 11.49-.03+6.6 ITBondAdm 11.49-.03+6.7 ITGradeAd 9.94-.02+7.1 ITIGrade 9.94-.02+7.0 ITrsyAdml 11.31-.03+3.3 InfPrtAdm 26.75-.07+5.6 InfPrtI 10.90-.03+5.7 InflaPro 13.63-.03+5.5 InstIdxI 182.60+.46+22.7 InstPlus 182.62+.46+22.7 InstTStId 45.43+.10+22.2 InstTStPl 45.43+.09+22.2 IntlExpIn 19.34-.08+18.7 IntlGr 23.70-.06+14.6 IntlGrAdm 75.42-.20+14.8 IntlStkIdxAdm 28.79-.08+14.9 IntlStkIdxI 115.13-.31+14.9 IntlStkIdxIPls 115.15-.31+14.9 IntlStkIdxISgn 34.54-.09+14.9 IntlVal 38.24-.15+14.7 L/TBdIdxInstlPl 13.76-.02+16.6 LTBond 13.76-.02+16.5 LTGradeAd 10.55-.02+17.1 LTInvGr 10.55-.02+17.0 LTsryAdml 12.29-.03+14.6 LgBdIdxIs 13.76-.02+16.6 LgCpIdxAdm 46.19+.12+22.7 LifeCon 18.86-.01+11.2 LifeGro 29.13...+16.9 LifeInc 14.90-.01+8.4 LifeMod 24.27...+14.0 MdCpGrIdxAdm 42.15+.18+20.7MdCpValIdxAdm 45.12+.18+23.3MdPDisGr 19.25...+14.4 MidCapGr 26.05+.08+17.8 MidCapIdxIP 161.62+.67+22.1 MidCp 32.66+.13+21.8 MidCpAdml 148.33+.61+22.0 MidCpIst 32.77+.14+22.1 MidCpSgl 46.81+.20+22.0 Morg 27.29+.08+22.3 MorgAdml 84.61+.25+22.4 MuHYAdml 11.13-.01+11.5 MuInt 14.21...+8.1 MuIntAdml 14.21...+8.2 MuLTAdml 11.64...+11.4 MuLtd 11.09...+2.8 MuLtdAdml 11.09...+2.8 MuSht 15.87...+1.0 MuShtAdml 15.87...+1.1 NJLTAdml 12.19-.01+11.0 NYLTAdml 11.70...+11.3 PALTAdml 11.59...+11.2 PacIdxAdm 77.86-.17+13.0 PrecMtls 11.75+.02+4.0 Prmcp 103.79+.10+29.3 PrmcpAdml 107.68+.11+29.4 PrmcpCorI 21.86+.06+26.1 REITIdx 25.73+.10+24.1 REITIdxAd 109.81+.43+24.3 REITIdxInst 17.00+.07+24.3 REITIdxSg 29.32+.12+24.3 S/TBdIdxInstl 10.52-.01+1.7 S/TBdIdxInstlPl 10.52-.01+1.8 STBond 10.52-.01+1.6 STBondAdm 10.52-.01+1.7 STBondSgl 10.52-.01+1.7 STCor 10.75-.01+2.9 STFedAdml 10.75-.01+1.3 STGradeAd 10.75-.01+3.0 STIGradeI 10.75-.01+3.1 STsryAdml 10.69-.02+0.8 SelValu 30.17+.11+21.3 ShTmInfPtScIxIn 25.01-.04+1.4 ShTmInfPtScIxIv 24.97-.04+1.3 SmCapIdx 55.26-.02+18.5 SmCapIdxIP 159.75-.06+18.7 SmCpGrIdxAdm 43.98-.01+15.8 SmCpIdAdm 55.34-.02+18.7 SmCpIdIst 55.34-.02+18.7 SmCpIndxSgnl 49.85-.02+18.7 SmCpValIdxAdm 44.84-.01+21.2 SmGthIdx 35.14-.01+15.7 SmGthIst 35.22-.01+15.8 SmValIdx 24.99-.01+20.9 SmVlIdIst 25.06-.01+21.1 Star 25.16...+15.5 StratgcEq 33.01+.08+26.6 TgtRe2010 26.92-.01+10.6 TgtRe2015 15.62...+12.8 TgtRe2020 28.77-.01+14.3 TgtRe2030 29.43...+16.4 TgtRe2035 18.12+.01+17.6 TgtRe2040 30.25+.01+18.3 TgtRe2045 18.97...+18.3 TgtRe2050 30.11+.01+18.3 TgtRe2055 32.43+.01+18.3 TgtRetInc 12.99-.01+9.1 Tgtet2025 16.75...+15.4 TlIntlBdIdxAdm 20.74+.01+6.9 TlIntlBdIdxInst 31.12+.01+6.9 TlIntlBdIdxInv 10.37...+6.8 TotBdAdml 10.83-.01+5.5 TotBdInst 10.83-.01+5.5 TotBdMkInv 10.83-.01+5.3 TotBdMkSig 10.83-.01+5.5 TotIntl 17.21-.05+14.8 TotStIAdm 50.09+.11+22.1 TotStIIns 50.10+.11+22.1 TotStISig 48.34+.10+22.1 TotStIdx 50.06+.10+22.0 TxMBalAdm 26.39+.02+15.0 TxMCapAdm 101.77+.25+23.0 TxMSCAdm 43.91-.24+15.5 USGro 30.81+.06+24.7 USGroAdml 79.81+.16+24.9 ValIdxAdm 31.92+.08+20.4 ValIdxIns 31.92+.08+20.4 ValIdxSig 33.22+.09+20.4 ValueIdx 31.92+.09+20.2 VdHiDivIx 26.54+.05+20.5 WellsI 25.94...+11.6 WellsIAdm 62.84...+11.7 Welltn 40.07+.03+15.4 WelltnAdm 69.22+.06+15.5 WndsIIAdm 69.58+.19+19.5 Wndsr 21.97+.09+21.4 WndsrAdml 74.11+.28+21.5 WndsrII 39.21+.11+19.4 ex-USIdxIP 107.94-.26+14.7VirtusEmgMktsIs 10.77-.01+17.8 MulSStA m 4.89...+4.8 MulSStC b 4.95...+4.5VoyaGlobalRealEstA m 20.54-.01+19.2Waddell & Reed AdvAssetStrA m 11.69+.01+13.4 CoreInv A m 7.80+.02+22.6 HiIncA m 7.68+.01+10.3 NewCncptA m 12.08+.06+14.6 SciTechA m 16.50+.04+25.5WasatchIntlGr d 28.74-.10+8.0 L/SInv d 16.74+.02+10.6 SmCapGr d 51.27-.08+8.7Wells FargoAstAlllcA f 14.57...+10.2 AstAlllcC m 14.02...+9.4 EmgMktEqA f 22.76-.04+14.1 GrI 56.01+.08+15.2 GrowInv 51.15+.08+14.7 GrowthAdm 54.21+.08+15.0 PrmLrgCoGrA f 14.99+.05+20.7 STMuBdInv 10.01...+1.8 ShTmBdInv 8.81-.01+1.6 UlSTMInA f 4.82...+0.3 UlSTMInI 4.82...+0.6WestwoodIncOppI 14.80+.03+13.5William BlairInslIntlG 17.74-.05+13.7 IntlGrI 27.41-.08+13.8World FundsEpGloEqShYI 20.48-.01+16.9AMGMgrsBondSvc 28.44-.02+9.1 TmSqMCGrI 19.29+.05+19.1 YacktmanSvc d 24.88-.02+13.4 YkmFcsInst d 26.61-.03+13.2 YkmFcsSvc d 26.58-.02+13.2AQRDivArbtI 10.99-.01+1.0 MaFtStrI 10.11+.03+0.1 MlStrAltI 9.80-.01+2.8AcadianEmgMkts d 20.22+.05+17.2Advisors Inner CrclEGrthIns 20.66+.05+31.1AkreAkrFocRet m 22.15+.08+21.7Alger GroupCapApInsI 29.08+.08+27.2Alliance BernsteinHighIncA m 9.60...+10.4 HighIncAdv 9.61...+10.7 HighIncC m 9.71...+9.5 IntDivA m 14.54-.01+4.3AllianzGINFJAllCpVaA m 17.10+.03+19.2 NFJAllCpValIns 17.19+.03+19.7 NFJSmCVIs 37.22-.07+17.2 NFJSmCVlA m 35.00-.06+16.7AmanaGrowth b 34.29+.08+20.1 Income b 45.64+.13+17.7American BeaconLgCpVlInv 29.40+.06+19.9 LgCpVlIs 31.08+.07+20.3 SmCapInst 27.78-.04+15.7American CenturyDivBdInstl 10.84-.01+6.0 DivBdInv 10.84-.01+5.8 EqGrowInv 33.28+.08+22.4 EqIncA m 9.19+.02+15.5 EqIncInstl 9.20+.02+16.0 EqIncInv 9.20+.03+15.9 HeritInv 26.67+.16+16.0 InTTxFBIns 11.44...+6.2 InTTxFBInv 11.44...+5.9 IncGrInv 38.88+.12+21.6 InfAdjI 12.00-.03+4.9 IntlGrInv d 13.47-.09+10.3 InvGrInstl 35.50+.11+22.8 InvGrInv 35.08+.11+22.5 MdCpValInv 17.41+.06+22.3 NTDvsfBdInstl 10.87-.01+5.6 OneChMod 15.25+.01+14.1 SelectInv 59.83+.10+23.1 UltraInv 36.44+.10+23.9 ValueInv 8.95+.03+20.2American FundsAMCAPA m 29.08+.03+25.8 AmBalA m 25.61+.05+16.5 BondA m 12.77-.02+5.8 CapIncBuA m 61.02-.02+14.9 CapWldBdA m 20.94-.06+6.7 CpWldGrIA m 47.32-.02+18.0 EurPacGrA m 49.92-.08+14.3 FnInvA m 54.50+.15+21.6 GlbBalA m 31.70-.04+15.0 GrthAmA m 46.16+.09+23.1 HiIncA m 11.40...+8.1 HiIncMuA m 15.31...+13.0 IncAmerA m 21.82+.03+16.6 IntBdAmA m 13.56-.02+2.4 IntlGrInA m 35.64-.01+15.0 InvCoAmA m 39.88+.04+24.3 LtdTmTxEA m 16.15+.01+4.6 MutualA m 36.86+.10+18.5 NewEconA m 39.96-.01+23.3 NewPerspA m 38.84+.03+16.8 NwWrldA m 61.22-.08+13.7 STBdFdA m 10.00-.01+0.9 SmCpWldA m 50.25-.04+13.8 TaxEBdAmA m 12.99...+9.8 USGovSecA m 13.96-.02+4.4 WAMutInvA m 42.02+.17+20.9ArbitrageArbitragI d 12.97...+1.7ArielApprecInv b 58.24+.07+21.1 ArielInv b 78.35-.06+23.5Artio GlobalGlobHiYldI 10.19...+10.2ArtisanIntl d 30.91-.11+13.1 IntlI d 31.14-.11+13.4 IntlVal d 37.96-.12+14.5 IntlValI d 38.11-.11+14.8 MdCpVal 28.09+.10+14.5 MidCap 48.87+.12+17.2 MidCapI 51.23+.13+17.5 SmCapVal 18.23-.08+8.0Aston FundsMidCapI 49.69-.04+24.9 MidCapN b 48.83-.04+24.6 MtgClGrI 29.43+.05+18.0 MtgClGrN b 29.24+.05+17.7BBHBrdMktFxI 10.35...+1.9 CoreSelN d 22.50+.02+14.5BNY MellonEmgMkts 10.96-.01+22.1 MidCpMuStrM 15.44+.05+20.0 NtlIntM 13.72...+6.5BairdAggrInst 10.77-.01+7.1 CrPlBInst 11.14-.01+7.4 ShTmBdIns 9.73-.01+2.3BaronAsset b 65.76+.15+22.6 GrInstl 73.13-.04+13.8 Growth b 72.26-.05+13.5 SmCap b 34.82-.04+15.5 SmCpInstl 35.31-.05+15.8BernsteinDiversMui 14.53-.01+4.6 IntDur 13.78-.01+6.7 IntlPort 16.64-.08+10.9 TxMIntl 16.72-.08+11.1BerwynIncome d 14.51+.01+12.0BlackRockBasicValA m 33.03+.12+21.4 BasicValI 33.33+.12+21.8 CapAppInA m 28.11+.04+22.5 EqDivA m 25.25+.08+16.8 EqDivI 25.31+.08+17.0 EquitDivC m 24.66+.08+15.9 FltRtlIncI 10.44...+4.1 GlLSCrI 10.93...+4.1 GlLSCrIvA m 10.91...+3.8 GlobAlcA m 21.94-.01+11.0 GlobAlcC m 20.30-.01+10.2 GlobAlcI 22.05-.01+11.3 HiYldBdIs 8.40...+11.7 HiYldInvA m 8.40...+11.3 HthScOpA m 47.33-.07+30.5 LowDurIvA m 9.78...+2.8 NatMuniA m 10.93...+10.9 NatMuniI 10.93...+11.1 A-B-CACI Ww s...19.07-.11 AMC Net...62.83+.88 AcaciaTc.5017.26+.15 AcadiaPh...22.69+.12 Accuray...8.05-.03 AcelRx...6.42-.36 Achillion...u9.79-.08 AcordaTh...31.32-.38 ActivsBliz.20f23.08+.07 Acxiom...18.40-.15 AdobeSy...71.02-1.03 Aegerion...31.09+.37 Affymetrix...8.58-.15 AirMethod...58.52-1.18 AkamaiT...60.95+.06 Akorn...37.60-.22 Alexion...168.74-1.02 Alkermes...44.12+.08 AllotCom h...10.29+.09 AllscriptH...14.68+.28 AlnylamP...67.33-.72 AlteraCp lf.72f34.65+.16 AmTrstFin.8043.75+.74 Amarin...1.82-.03 Amazon...335.78+.65 Ambarella...31.26+.49 Amdocs.6245.66-.34 AmAirl n.4040.60+.17 ACapAgy2.75e23.36+.07 AmCapLtd...15.49-.08 ARCapH n.6810.94+.02 ARltCapPr1.0013.18+.18 AmSupr...1.87+.03 Amgen2.44132.68-.34 AmicusTh...u5.50+.93 AmkorTch...9.87+.18 Amsurg...51.70+1.18 AnacorPh...21.36+.25 AnalogDev1.4852.17+.45 Andrsons s.4464.72+.41 AngiesList...d7.83-.08 ApolloEdu...27.77-.14 ApolloInv.808.69+.11 Apple Inc s1.88u100.57+.04 ApldMatl.4021.90-.15 AMCC...8.33-.06 Approach...17.50-.01 ArkBest.1236.34-.25 ArchCap...55.42... ArenaPhm...4.23... AresCap1.52a16.98+.09 AriadP...6.06+.08 ArmHld.31e47.12+.22 ArrayBio...3.83-.10 Arris...31.36-.07 ArrowRsh...13.66-.57 ArubaNet...20.00+.09 AscenaRtl...16.83+.45 AspenTech...42.97-.42 AsscdBanc.3617.86-.03 athenahlth...132.54-1.39 Atmel...8.68+.24 Autodesk...53.59-.16 AutoData1.9283.57+.14 Auxilium...17.77-.23 AvagoTch1.16f76.38+.76 AvanirPhm...5.73-.08 AVEO Ph...1.35+.03 AviatNetw...1.28-.02 AvisBudg...68.97+.21 BBCN Bcp.40f14.64-.10 B/E Aero...83.59+.99 BGC Ptrs.487.59-.09 Baidu...219.02+.81 BallardPw...3.87-.05 BncFstOK1.2460.76-.56 BaxanoS h...d.36-.03 BebeStrs.102.87+.16 BedBath...63.72+.47 Biocryst...13.09-.31 BiogenIdc...342.58-3.26 BioMarin...70.66+1.56 BioScrip...8.11-.12 BlkRKelso.849.20+.05 BlackBerry...10.16+.31 BlkhkN B n...28.08-.25 BloominBr...16.25-.04 Blucora...15.52-.07 BlueNile...27.91+.72 BobEvans1.2448.49+.32 BonTon.209.05-.11 BreitBurn2.0122.28+.22 Brightcove...6.10-.06 Broadcom.4838.91+.02 BrcdeCm.149.35-.02 BrukerCp...20.25-.15 CA Inc1.0028.27-.03 CBOE.84f51.02-.51 CH Robins1.4068.66+.03 CIM CTr rs.8819.31+.05 CME Grp1.8874.17+.66 Cadence...17.24-.15 Caesars...13.50-.41 CalAmp...18.65-.22 CdnSolar...35.20+.55 CapFedFn.30a12.23-.06 CpstnTurb...1.22... Cardtronic...37.96-1.43 CareerEd...5.64-.01 Carrizo...58.40-.29 Catamaran...47.28+.46 Cavium...u55.01+.20 Celgene s...u92.00+.64 CelldexTh...15.11-.36 CentAl...u22.53+.97 Cepheid...38.70+.83 CeragonN...2.06-.05 Cerner...56.65+.33 CerusCp...3.67-.09 ChartInds...67.89-.27 CharterCm...155.77-.38 ChkPoint...67.95+.43 Cheesecake.66f44.47-.57 ChildPlace.5350.45+.36 ChinaBAK...3.81+.03 ChiFnOnl...9.17+1.08 ChiMobGm...15.89+.93 ChiCache...14.98+1.03 CinnFin1.7648.09+.08 Cintas.77f65.96+.07 Cirrus...23.91+.27 Cisco.7624.71+.07 CitrixSys...69.49-.02 CleanEngy...9.87-.02 ClovisOnc...43.60+.06 CognizTc s...46.01-.21 Comc spcl.9054.43+.14 CommScp n...25.40+.43 CommVlt...53.47-.72 Comprssco1.81f25.64-.41 Compuwre.509.12-.04 ConcurTch...100.49-.13 Conns...42.81-.72 Conversant...26.74-.23 Copart...34.26+.09 CorinthC h....16-.01 CorOnDem...36.69-1.53 Costco1.42120.91+.30 CowenGp...4.05-.05 Cray Inc...26.66-.75 Cree Inc...45.39-.14 Crocs...15.67-.01 CubistPh...64.80-1.42 CumMed...4.96+.28 Curis...1.67-.03 CypSemi.4410.91+.25 Cytori...1.56-.08 D-E-FDealertrk...43.80-.61 dELIAs h....41-.04 Dndreon...1.35... Dentsply.2747.55-.18 Depomed...14.75-.19 DexCom...44.14-.78 DiambkEn...80.24+.24 Diodes...25.82+.18 DirecTV...84.98+.32 DiscCmA s...44.83+.40 DiscCmC s...u43.20+.47 DishNetw h...64.31-.24 DollarTree...55.00+.29 DonlleyRR1.0417.10-.18 DotHillSys...3.59+.11 DragonW g...1.42-.01 DrmWksA...21.65-.28 DryShips...3.23-.03 Dunkin.9244.64+.59 DurataTh...15.40-.62 DyaxCp...9.81-.02 E-Trade...21.80+.04 eBay...53.40-.35 EV Engy3.09fu39.40+.34 vjEagleBlk...1.20-.05 EaglRkEn...4.24-.05 EarthLink.204.16-.07 EstWstBcp.7234.00+.05 ElPLoco n...30.19+.28 ElbitImg h....18-.01 ElectArts...37.56+.55 ElizArden...16.72+1.67 Endo Intl...63.81+.06 Endocyte...6.48-.17 Endologix...13.65+.09 EndurInt n...13.49-.33 EnerNOC...19.54-.14 EngyXXI.4816.37+.57 Enphase...u13.47+.04 Entegris...12.00+.03 EntropCom...2.65-.05 Equinix...220.38-.32 Ericsson.46e12.45-.09 ExOne...27.10-.37 Exelixis...4.11-.02 Expedia.72f86.15-.19 ExpdIntl.64f41.23-.31 ExpScripts...74.87+.67 ExtrmNet...5.28+.04 Ezcorp...10.74-.01 F5 Netwks...u122.57+2.55 FLIR Sys.4034.00+.01 Facebook...74.81-.48 FairchldS...u16.74+.75 Fastenal1.0045.34+.39 FifthStFin1.109.76+.06 FifthStSen1.20f12.39+.07 FifthThird.52f20.10+.14 FinclEngin.2435.89+.08 Finisar...19.88+.18 FinLine.3229.13+.22 FireEye n...27.97-.09 FstNiagara.328.65+.04 FstSolar...70.83+.67 FT DWF5...20.36+.06 FstMerit.6417.32-.22 Fiserv s...u64.30+.39 FiveBelow...38.94-.35 Flextrn...10.88+.06 Fortinet...25.26-.28 Fossil Grp...99.57+.71 FosterWhl.40e32.11-.28 Francesca...13.79+.17 FreshMkt...30.95-.53 FrontierCm.406.61+.04 FuelCellE...2.61-.20 FultonFncl.3211.37+.01 G-H-IGT AdvTc...17.96-.44 Gam&Lsr n2.0833.68-.32 Garmin1.9257.07+.96 Gentex.64f29.38+.15 Gentherm...46.98+.42 GeronCp.15t2.36-.05 Gevo h....45-.01 GileadSci...u100.79-.49 GluMobile...5.09+.06 Gogo...16.79+.32 GolLNGLtd1.80u65.17+.31 Goodyear.24f25.46-.14 Google A...595.41-1.70 Google C n...584.49-2.37 GoPro n...43.89+.53 GrCanyEd...43.00-.88 GreenPlns.32fu43.96+.20 GrifolsSA.29e37.88+.63 Groupon...6.25+.02 GulfportE...57.28+.24 HD Supply...27.60... HMS Hldgs...21.57+.01 HainCel...96.51+9.58 Halozyme...9.75-.27 HanwhaSol...2.18-.01 Harmonic...6.11-.09 Hasbro1.7252.14+.24 HawHold...15.83+.15 HrtlndEx.0823.37-.50 HercOffsh...3.30+.02 Hibbett...46.81+.53 HighpwrInt...5.33+.48 HimaxTch.27e7.71-.04 Hollysys...22.90... Hologic...25.53+.06 HmeLnSvc2.16f21.50+.07 HomeAway...32.97+.08 HorizPhm...9.86-.05 HoughMH n...18.51-.06 HudsCity.169.70... HuntJB.8076.16-.76 HuntBncsh.209.72+.03 HutchT...4.29... IAC Inter1.36f68.41+.01 IdexxLabs...124.84-3.94 iRobot...34.45-.56 iShAsiaexJ1.04eu66.05-.03 iSh ACWI1.29e60.50+.02 iShNsdqBio.39e266.85-.38 IconixBr...41.10... iDreamS n...u19.96-.06 Illumina...172.96+2.47 ImunoGn...11.89+.10 ImpaxLabs...24.30-.18 Incyte...51.66-.46 Infinera...9.27-.08 InfinityPh...10.94+.17 Informat...32.98-.17 Nasdaq National Market Mutual FundsInsmed...13.45-.28 Insulet...34.85-1.17 InsysTh s...34.14-1.24 IntgDv...u16.25+.04 Intel.9034.50+.16 Inteliquent.60f11.19+.12 InterDig.80f43.85+.65 InterMune...u54.10-.43 Intersil.4813.93+.54 Intuit.7685.27-.12 InvBncp s.1610.50... IridiumCm...9.17+.05 IronwdPh...13.11-.08 Isis ...35.28-.43 Ixia lf...d9.44-.06 J-K-LJA Solar...9.36-.63 n...30.93+.72 JDS Uniph...11.12+.08 JackHenry.8857.34-.20 JackInBox.8059.70-.81 JkksPac...6.79+.09 JazzPhrm...158.30+1.43 JetBlue...u12.73+.40 KLA Tnc2.00f74.70-.26 KandiTech...20.39+.65 KeurigGM1.00117.58+.15 KiOR...d.10-.02 KnightT.8012.49+.27 KraftFGp2.1057.08-.20 LKQ Corp...27.32+.21 LamResrch.7271.63+.52 LamarAdv3.3251.45+.07 Lattice...7.29+.04 LexiPhrm...1.51-.03 LibGlobA s...43.66-.18 LibGlobC s...42.00-.23 LibMda A s...49.19+.35 LibMdaC n...48.94+.32 LibtyIntA...28.93+.17 LibVentA s...72.80+.21 LifePtH...74.82-.17 LigandPh...54.17-1.13 LinearTch1.0845.47+.33 LinnEngy2.9031.24+.39 LinnCo2.9030.73+.19 Lionbrdg...4.51-.02 lululemn gs...40.00+.01 M-N-0MB Fncl.4827.47-.17 MCG Cap.20m3.98+.05 MSG h...u65.00+2.16 MagicJack...11.85-.15 ManhAsc s...29.96-.62 MannKd...7.19-.06 Markit n...25.95+.19 MarIntA.80u68.54+.41 MarvellT.2413.54+.05 Masimo...21.69-.19 Mattel1.52d34.90-.34 MattsonT...2.22+.03 MaximIntg1.12f30.96+.21 MaxwellT...9.44-.45 MedalFin.9612.23+.32 MedAssets...21.90+.05 MediCo...25.93-.41 Medidata s...44.81-1.29 Medivation...86.67+1.09 MelcoCrwn.55e29.33-.06 Mellanox...42.47+.32 MemorialP2.2023.48+.10 MemRsD n...26.22+1.31 MentorGr.2021.23-.06 MeridBio.8020.03-.34 MerrimkP...6.67-.18 Methanx1.0068.14+.39 Microchp1.42f47.59+.54 MicronT...33.30+.90 MicrosSys...67.83+.02 Microsoft1.1244.95-.38 Microvisn...2.10+.06 MobileIrn n...8.51-.03 Mondelez.60f36.20+.03 MonPwSys.60u46.02+.61 MonstrBev...88.49-.55 Mylan...48.59+1.55 MyriadG...37.51+.23 NICESys.6438.04+.02 NII Hldg h....16-.06 NPS Phm...27.55-.12 NXP Semi...64.20+.94 Nanosphere....90... NasdOMX.6042.73+.24 NatPenn.4010.03-.02 Navient n.6017.50+.18 NektarTh...13.39-.21 NetApp.6640.97+.14 Netflix...472.19+4.04 Neurcrine...15.28-.31 NewLink...24.02-1.51 NYMtgTr1.087.91-.04 Newport...18.85+.17 NewsCpA...17.46+.31 NewsCpB...17.09+.34 NexstarB.6045.57+.19 Noodles...22.00+1.00 NorTrst1.3267.23+.27 NwstBcsh.52a12.48-.03 NorwCruis...33.79+.29 Novadaq g...14.25+.50 NovtlWrls...2.02+.02 Novavax...4.51-.09 NuanceCm...16.94-.08 Nvidia.3419.25-.12 OReillyAu...155.12+1.21 OceanPw h...1.28+.03 OldDomFrt...u67.09-.28 OldNBcp.4413.10-.15 Omeros...12.58-.30 OmniVisn...27.40+.12 OnSmcnd...9.20+.15 Oncothyr...2.32+.02 Orexigen...5.77-.05 Outerwall...61.87+.58 P-Q-RPDC Engy...57.06-.57 PDL Bio.609.79+.24 PGT Inc...10.25+.04 PMC Sra...7.12-.04 PTC Inc...38.99+.04 PacWstBc1.0041.15+.20 Paccar.8864.30+.75 PanASlv.5014.38+.14 PaneraBrd...152.58+.84 Parexel...57.48-.79 Patterson.8040.10+.04 PattUTI.4032.77+.10 Paychex1.52f41.85-.32 PnnNGm...10.70-.28 PennantPk1.1211.75+.03 PeopUtdF.6614.76+.03 PerfectWld.48e21.05+.87 PernixTh h...8.26+1.25 PetSmart.7870.52+.82 Pharmacyc...120.40+.39 PhotrIn...8.55+.04 PilgrimsP...30.24-.06 Pixelwrks...6.44-.16 PlanarSy...u4.31+.16 Polycom...12.78-.08 PwrInteg.48f59.22+2.01 PwShs QQQ1.34eu98.70... PriceTR1.7679.49+.80 Priceline...1273.37+1.59 PrivateB.0428.93-.08 PrUPQQQ s.01eu86.20... PrognicsPh...5.18-.07 Proofpoint...39.92+.23 ProUShBio...d12.89+.09 PShtQQQ rs...d36.59+.01 ProspctCap1.3210.91+.06 QIWI plc1.39e38.95+.17 QlikTech...27.55-.69 Qlogic...d8.85-.08 Qualcom1.6876.44+1.31 Qunar n...28.93-.29 RF MicD...11.97-.05 Rambus...11.94+.08 RaptorPhm...11.38-.06 RealPage...15.85-.28 Regenrn...345.28-1.51 RentACt.9225.79+.17 RepubAir...10.24-.01 RetailMNot...17.91+.46 RexEnergy...14.12-.43 RiverbedT...18.67+.23 RockCrPh....36-.01 RocketF n...d14.87-.33 RockwllM...10.10-.21 RosettaR...48.80-1.25 RossStrs.8069.87+.56 RoyGld.8479.72+.19 RubiconTc...6.44+.03 S-T-USBA Com...109.26+1.24 SEI Inv.4436.57+.12 SLM Cp...8.90+.01 SabraHltc1.5228.29-.01 SabreCp n.3618.56+.16 SalixPhm...157.18-3.62 SanderFm.8094.65-.57 SanDisk1.20f97.68+2.38 SangBio...13.65-.49 Sanmina...23.76-.24 SareptaTh...21.72-.64 SciClone lf...u6.36+.02 SciGames...9.93-.07 SciQuest...15.15... SeagateT1.7259.83+.24 SearsHldgs...35.95+.45 SeattGen...42.99-.27 SelCmfrt...22.01-.15 Semtech...24.00+.64 Sequenom...3.87-.05 SvcSource...3.34-.12 Shire.62e245.31-.14 Shutterfly...50.47+.63 SierraWr...u26.29+.89 SigaTech h...1.40-.08 SigmaAld.92u103.87-.27 SilicnImg1.00e4.83-.07 SilcnLab...43.27+.14 SilicnMotn.6026.89+.01 Slcnware.30e7.17+.06 SilvStd g...9.40... Sina...48.60-.65 Sinclair.66f29.44+.29 SiriusXM...3.57+.01 Sky-mobi...8.48+.14 SkyWest.169.98+.14 SkywksSol.44u55.82+.44 SmithWes...13.19-.04 SodaStrm...34.33+1.57 SolarCity...70.48-.31 Solazyme...9.49-.12 SonicCorp.3621.48-.50 Sonus...3.75-.04 SpectPh...7.75-.34 SpeedCmce...3.14+.19 SpiritAir...u71.91+1.41 Splunk...42.90-1.28 SportsW n...6.17-.13 Sprouts...29.73-.07 Staples.4811.32-.30 StarBulkC...13.82+.16 Starbucks1.0478.03-.09 Starz A...29.65+.14 StlDynam.4623.16-.05 SMadden s...34.22+.40 Stratasys...110.61-.10 SunPower...37.97+.60 SuperMicro...25.27-.70 Supernus...8.85-.11 SusqBnc.36f10.23-.05 Symantec.6024.28+.04 Synaptics...80.51-.20 Synchron...u42.29+.63 SynrgyPh...3.62-.08 Synopsys...39.30+.20 SyntaPhm...3.98-.05 SynthesEn...1.31+.13 TICC Cap1.169.74-.01 tw telecom...39.12+.29 TakeTwo...22.08-.07 Tarena n...14.42-.54 TASER...15.46-.65 TeslaMot...255.71-1.05 TexInst1.2047.88+.19 Thoratec...24.61+.31 TibcoSft...21.05-.15 TileShop...11.48-.37 TiVo Inc...13.55-.16 TowerGp lf...2.13-.06 TractSup s.6463.25+.93 TrimbleN...33.87+.03 TripAdvis...98.15+.78 TriQuint...19.60-.06 TrueCar n...u17.05+.14 TuesMrn...17.81+.01 21stCFoxA.2535.67-.22 21stCFoxB.2534.62-.11 21Vianet...29.88+.42 Ubiquiti...45.59-.07 UltaSalon...97.49+1.85 UltimSoft...144.26-1.23 Ultragnx n...56.03+.15 Ultratech...25.35+.51 Umpqua.6017.19-.06 Unilife...2.29... UtdCmBks.1216.56+.46 UtdNtrlF...64.01+.19 UniTkGS h....15-.05 UnivDisp...33.48+.16 UnvElc...54.47-.43 UrbanOut...39.15+.56 V-W-X-Y-ZVCA Inc...38.98-.01 ValVis A...4.70-.31 VandaPhm...12.31-.53 VangNatR2.5229.98+.23 VanSTCpB1.62e80.20-.11 VanMtgBSc.81e52.51-.02 VeecoInst...36.15-.54 VerintSys...49.62-.06 Verisign...56.33+.42 Verisk...63.58+.03 VertxPh...91.30-.62 ViacomA1.3281.24-.01 ViacomB1.3281.23+.01 VimpelCm.45e8.62+.03 Vivus...4.24-.01 Vodafone1.82e33.36-.18 Volcano...12.52+.01 WarrenRs...6.23+.02 WashFed.44f21.33-.07 Weibo n...19.36-.30 Wendys Co.208.15-.07 WernerEnt.2024.78-.13 WDigital1.60100.24+.23 WstptInn g...14.79-.09 WetSeal....88+.03 WholeFood.4838.19-.57 Windstrm1.0011.25-.07 WisdomTr...10.75+.09 WrightM...29.17-.08 Wynn5.00202.53-.83 XOMA...4.29-.10 Xilinx1.1642.62+.12 Xunlei n...d10.39-.97 YRC Wwde...22.60-.03 YY Inc...86.31-.31 Yahoo...37.50-.33 Yandex...30.17-.56 ZeltiqAes...19.90-.42 Zillow...141.32+2.47 ZionsBcp.1628.65+.28 Zogenix...1.21+.01 Zulily n...35.64-.75 Zynga...3.12+.01 12-mo Name NAV Chg%RtnNameDivLastChg Mutual Fund Footnotes: b Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d Deferred sales charge, or redemption fee. f front load (sales charges). m Multiple fees are charged, usually a marketing fee and either a sales or redemption fee. NA not available. p previous days net asset value. s fund split shares during the week. x fund paid a distribution during the week.Source:Morningstar and the Associated Press.


Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A11 YOUR EDITORIAL BOARD STEVE SKAGGS ....................................... PUBLISHER TOM MCNIFF .................................. EXECUTIVE EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN ................................. NEWS EDITOR WHITNEY WILLARD .......................... COPY DESK CHIEF GENE PACKWOOD ..................... EDITORIAL CARTOONIST Voices The newspaper of choice for Lake and Sumter counties since 1875 EDITORIALS Editorials are the consensus opinion of the editorial board, not any individual. They are written by the editorial staff but are not signed. Local editorials are published Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. COLUMNS Columns are the opinion of the writer whose byline and picture appears with them. They do not necessarily reect the opinion of the newspaper, and are chosen to represent a diver sity of views. If you would like to submit a guest column on a local, state or national issue, email your submission to letters@dailycommercial. com, or mail it to Voices, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 347490007. Guest columns should be limited to 550 words in length. The writer also must submit a recent photo to be published with the column, as well as a brief biographical sketch. HAVE YOUR SAY The Daily Commercial invites you to write letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 350 words. They must be original, signed with the full name of the writer, and include the writers address and telephone number for verication. We reserve the right to edit for length. Letters also will be edited for grammar, clarity, taste and libel. We accept no more than two letters per month from the same writer. No open letters, form letters or copies of letters to third parties will be published. We do not publish unsigned letters. Submissions are not returned. We retain the right to archive and republish any material submitted for publication. You can submit your letters by: Email (preferred) to: By regular mail to: Voices P.O. Box 490007 Leesburg, FL 34749-0007 By fax to: 325-365-1951 T he bucolic views of 2,000 acres of Wales countryside surrounding Celtic Manor just outside Newport are mag nicent. But they wont help 67 heads of state, who will be there for the Sept. 4-5 NATO summit, view the one thing they most ur gently need to see. Namely: What is really going on inside Vladimir Putins head. Especially whether Russias president intends to contin ue fomenting military unrest in the sovereign European nations the Kremlin once controlled. Or whether Putin still remains suf ciently determined to safeguard nuclear weapons and materi als so they cannot be seized by global terrorists, including those within Russias borders. Indeed, even some of Washing tons most esteemed national se curity experts seem to be having trouble getting a clear view of what Putin most wants and needs today. And to be fair to all experts, Putin may have just started realizing he derailed his own plan to make 2014 Russias year for achieving prosper ity in the global economy. Putin now knows his militaristic diversion in Ukraine, an impulsive act of false pride, torpedoed his own grand plan to reap prosper ity by hosting, back-to-back, So chis Winter Olympics and Sochis planned G-8 economic summit. Also, Putin knows Russia must safeguard itself from the threat of global terrorism. Especially from the possibility that terrorists within its borders, in Chechnya, might seize a poorly secured nu clear weapon or material. And that brings us to Washing tons just-surfacing dispute among respected security experts. On Monday, two former White House national security advis ers, Gen. Brent Scowcroft (who served presidents Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush) and Ste phen J. Hadley (George W. Bush), and longtime nuclear policy ad viser Franklin Miller (under both Bushes and President Bill Clinton) wrote a Washington Post op-ed column urging the United States and NATO alliance to reject all plans for reducing or withdrawing the tactical nuclear weapons that are remnants of the Cold War. Meanwhile, many Republi can and Democratic experts, in cluding former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and George Shul tz and former Sen. Sam Nunn (DGa.), who is now co-chair of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, have long urged that tactical nukes of NATO and Russia be mutually withdrawn. They and others make a compelling case that necessary nuclear deterrence in Europe can now be assured by strategic weap ons that are safeguarded far from volatile front lines. And the cost of modernizing tactical warheads would now be money wasted. Responding to the crisis in Ukraine, President Obama pledged $1 billion to increase NATOs conventional force ca pabilities. But everyone knows thats just a down payment on what well need to spend, Ste phen Andreasen, a Clinton na tional security nuclear arms ad viser and now a consultant with Nunns NTI, said in an interview. Andreasen suggested the $10 billion the United States must spend to modernize the present no-longer essential tactical nu clear warheads can be far better spent to increase NATOs con ventional force capability. Perhaps the most compelling case against maintaining the now redundant tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, where they remain potential security con cerns, was made inadvertently by Scrowcroft, Hadley and Mill er themselves. They are, fun damentally, political weapons, they wrote. a visible symbol to friend and potential foe. But think about that. NA TOs tactical nukes remain po litical weapons only if you as sume Putin doesnt know NATOs real strengths and needs and of course he knows them well. He knows NATOs strategic nukes now provide superior nuclear de terrence and the tactical nukes are redundant. He also knows NATO needs to strengthen its fast-re sponse conventional forces. And Putin also knows his country doesnt need to spend money on outmoded tacti cal weapons. And mainly: Putin wants a face-saving (see also: as piration-covering) way of getting Russia back in the good graces of the global economy. That is why NATO should put forward its plan to streamline its nuclear deterrence by retiring outmoded weapons and propos ing Russia do the same. It can be win-win for both sides even in these tense times. And it can be lose-lose for terrorists who hope to some day get their hands on a nuclear weapon that suddenly becomes vulnerable near a com bat front line. Despite the serious tension be tween the U.S. and Russia over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, we must not lose sight of how essential co operation between our two coun tries is to global security and to preventing catastrophic terrorism and nuclear proliferation, Nunn said in a July speech to the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management. There will be a huge cost in diminished global security if the Ukrainian crisis continues un abated and poisons the atmo sphere for essential cooperation in these areas. Martin Schram is a veteran Washing ton journalist, author and TV documen tary executive. Readers may email him at OTHER VOICES Martin Schram MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE NATO shouldnt let Ukraine tensions derail nuclear anti-terror reforms E ven in the no-holds-barred world of Texas politics, the indictment of Gov. Rick Perry last week was a low blow. A grand jury in Austin, a Democratic Party hotbed, indicted Perry, a Republican with presidential aspira tions, on two felony counts for allegedly abus ing his power. His offense? Threatening to veto funding for the county district attorneys Public Integrity Unit unless District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, resigned. But the Texas governor has the legal author ity to veto spending, which makes the dis pute between Perry and Lehmberg essentially a political one. And the courts are the wrong place to settle political scores. The Public Integrity Unit has long been a thorn in Texas Republicans side, having brought criminal charges against then-Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (prosecutors ultimately abandoned the case) and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (his convictions were overturned on appeal). More recently, it spent more than a year probing grant-making decisions by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, an agency that has been championed by Perry. Lehmberg, meanwhile, had worked at the Travis County district attorneys ofce for 32 years before voters elected her to the top job there in 2008 and 2012. In 2013, county sher iffs deputies pulled her over on suspicion of drunk driving, and videos from the scene and the jail captured her intoxicated belligerence as she was arrested and booked. Although she quickly pleaded guilty to the charge, Republi cans said her behavior showed she was unt to oversee the Public Integrity Unit. There seems to be little dispute over what happened next. Eager to oust Lehmberg, Per ry zeroed out the Public Integrity Unit from the 2013-14 budget, but offered to restore the funding if she stepped down. Had Lehmberg done so, Perry would have been able to name a replacement, presumably a Republican, to run the ofce until the general election this November. Lehmberg refused. This is hardball politics, and its ugly to see a governor try to superimpose his will over the local voters. But its not illegal. (Nor, by the way, did the budget cut end the units work.) And yet the complaint that led to Per rys indictment at the hands of a special pros ecutor and a Travis County grand jury ac cused him of nothing else. The courts certainly have a role to play in stopping ofcials from taking steps that are be yond the bounds of statute or the Constitution. They do not, however, belong in the middle of a ght between politicians over policy or power. If lawmakers cant muster the votes to overturn a spending veto or repeal a law they dont like, they shouldnt run to the judicial branch for help. Thats just as true for Washington Republicans aggravated by the continuation of Obamacare as it is for Austin Democrats aggrieved by the gov erning style of Rick Perry. They should nd a way to win either the debate or more elections. Even in the culture of Texas politics, the in dictment of Gov. Rick Perry was a low blow. Distributed by MCT Information Services. A VOICE Politicians feuds dont belong in court Classic DOONESBURY 1976


A12 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 Y ou dont have to pay ex tra for an evening ser vice call. Munns is the home of 8 to 8 Same Great Rate. Em ergenc y ser vices are also av ailable. We re there when you need us!Carl Munn www .mu nna ir .com2135 US Hw y 441/2 7Fruitland Pa rk, FL24/7/365 (3 52)787-77 41


SPORTS EDITOR FRANK JOLLEY 352-365-8268 Sports B1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 NFL: Jags picked to nish 3rd in AFC South / B3 FRANK JOLLEY | Staff Writer Marlyn Bryant has come home. The former Leesburg High School boys basket ball standout was named recently to be the new head coach of the Yellow Jackets girls basketball team. Bryant replaces Mark Oates, who resigned in May to accept a coaching po sition in his native North Carolina. Oates led the Yellow Jackets to three Fi nal Four appearances in 11 seasons and compiled a 224-85 record. Maintaining the tradition of winning that was estab lished during Oates tenure will be a priority for Bryant. Trying to keep up the tradition that coach Oates started here is a lot of pres sure, but I feel like I can do it, Bryant said. Im from Leesburg and I played bas ketball and football and ran track here, so Im famil iar with the expectations. Its not like this is the rst time Ive been here. I want these girls to play hard all the time and never give up. If they do that, I think we can be very successful. Bryant starred for the Yellow Jackets in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s. His number was re tired and now hangs in the school gym. Following his high school career, Bryant moved on to play for the University of South Florida in Tampa, B y all accounts, last year was a season to forget for the Wildwood Mid dle-High School football team. With one exception. Despite a 2-9 overall re cord, which included six shut out losses, a five-game losing streak to open the season and a four-game skid to close it out, the Wildcats were one of a handful of teams with losing records to advance into the Florida High School Athletic Association playoffs. And thats a problem. Not because Wildwood made the playoffs. To the contrary. Wildwood did nothing wrong. The Wildcats did what was required of them win at least one game in their dis trict. By winning one of its two district games, Wildwood se cured a postseason berth in a three-team district. Did Wildwood deserve a postseason berth? A solution to postseason mediocrity FRANK JOLLEY SPORTS EDITOR SEE JOLLEY | B2 MARK DUNCAN / AP Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer, left, passes with Johnny Manziel during practice Wednesday at the team's facility in Berea, Ohio. Hoyer was named the opening day starter. Johnny Backup TOM WITHERS Associated Press BEREA, Ohio Brian Hoyer barely held on to the starting job. Johnny Manziel may have let it slip off his nger. Hoyer will open the season as Cleve lands starting quarterback after winning his summer competition over Manziel, the hotshot rookie and social media sen sation whose NFL career is off to a shaky start. Browns coach Mike Pettine picked Hoyer over Manziel to start the Sept. 7 at Pittsburgh, nally ending a competition that dragged through the summer. Hoy er is the choice for now, but the real test for him will be how long he keeps it from Manziel. Pettine met with his coaching staff Tuesday night and announced in a re lease before practice Wednesday that hell go with Hoyer, who made three starts in 2013 before sustaining a sea son-ending injury. The decision ends weeks of competition and analysis, and the Browns are hoping it will allow Hoyer to relax and build some chemistry with Clevelands struggling offense before they meet the dreaded Steelers, their long-time rivals. In the end, Hoyers experience how ever limited gave him the nod over Manziel. He was the clear leader from the be ginning, Pettine said of Hoyer. Weve maintained all along that if it was close, I would prefer to go with the more experi enced player. Brian has done a great job in the meeting rooms and with his team mates on the practice eld and in the locker room. Browns pick Hoyer over rookie Manziel as starting quarterback SEE BROWNS | B2 AP FILE PHOTO Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller watches from the sidelines during a game against Florida A&M last season in Columbus, Ohio. RUSTY MILLER Associated Press COLUMBUS, Ohio When star quarterback Braxton Mill er cried out in pain and crum pled to the ground during No. 5 Ohio States practice on Mon day, coach Urban Meyer wasnt certain what had happened. Oh, it was devastating. It was a bad deal, Meyer said glum ly on Wednesday. First of all, I didnt see exactly what hap pened and I thought someone hit him. I went berserk, saying, What happened? (The coach es) looked at me and I said, No one hit him? DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer PARAMUS, N.J. The last player to win back-to-back majors in the same season didnt even make it to the FedEx Cup nale at East Lake. Thats not going to hap pen, said Rory McIlroy, with a smile. Hes correct, based on simple math. Padraig Harrington won the British Open and PGA Championship in 2008, and just his bad luck, the FedEx Cup was restruc tured that year in an at tempt to create more vola tility in the playoff events. It rewarded mediocrity in stead. Harrington began the playoffs by missing two straight cuts and soon was eliminated. The system in place the last ve years doesnt allow for that. McIlroy is the No. 1 seed when the playoffs get start ed Thursday at The Bar clays, and he is assured of reaching the Tour Cham pionship. But his hopes of cashing in on the $10 mil lion prize are based more on form than a calculator. The 25-year-old from Northern Ireland is com ing off three straight victo ries, and they were big ones the British Open, a World Golf Championship and the PGA Championship. He is No. 1 in the world and start ing to separate himself from the rest of golf. And hes not interested in getting off this amazing run. I could just say, Look, Ive had a great year, its been an awesome summer. Im go ing to just see what happens for the next few weeks and not really work hard, McIl roy said Wednesday. But DAVID J. PHILLIP / AP Rory McIlroy watches his tee shot on the fth hole during the nal round of the PGA Championship earlier this month at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Ky. McIlroy hopes he is just getting started SEE MCILROY | B3 Bryant comes home to help LHS basketball Trying to keep up the tradition that coach Oates started here is a lot of pressure, but I feel like I can do it. Im from Leesburg and I played basketball and football and ran track here, so Im familiar with the expectations ... Marlyn Bryant, Leesburg girls basketball coach SEE BRYANT | B2 COMING IN SUNDAYS EDITION OF THE DAILY COMMERCIAL OSU moving forward after Miller injury SEE BUCKEYES | B3


B2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 TV 2 DAY CYCLING 3:30 p.m. NBCSN USA Pro Challenge, stage 4, at Colorado Springs, Colo. GOLF 9 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, Czech Masters, rst round, part II, at Prague 2 p.m. TGC PGA Tour, The Barclays, rst round, at Paramus, N.J. 6:30 p.m. TGC Tour, Portland Open, rst round, at North Plains, Ore. 1:30 a.m. TGC LPGA, Canadian Pacic Womens Open, rst round, at London, Ontario (delayed tape) 5 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, Czech Masters, second round, part I, at Prague LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL 3 p.m. ESPN World Series, elimination, teams TBD, at South Williamsport, Pa. 7:30 p.m. ESPN World Series, elimination, teams TBD, at South Williamsport, Pa. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 1 p.m. SUN Detroit at Tampa Bay 7 p.m. MLB Regional coverage, Atlanta at Cincinnati or L.A. Angels at Boston NFL FOOTBALL 7:30 p.m. NFL Preseason, Pittsburgh at Philadelphia TENNIS 1 p.m. ESPN2 WTA, Connecticut Open, quarternal, at New Haven, Conn. 3 p.m. ESPN2 ATP World Tour, Winston-Salem Open, quarternals, at Winston-Salem, N.C. WNBA BASKETBALL 7 p.m. ESPN2 Playoffs, conference seminal, game 1, teams TBD 9 p.m. ESPN2 Playoffs, conference seminal, game 1, teams TBD YOUTH OLYMPICS GAMES 7 p.m. NBCSN Swimming, at Nanjing, China SCOREBOARD Probably not. Its hard to justify having a two-win team in the play offs, even though that team played by the rules. Again, Im not condemning Wildwood. Instead, its more of a knock against the FHSAA for allow ing three-team districts. The organization takes a number of factors into account when it goes through its redistrict ing process every two years. Student population num bers might be the biggest fac tor in setting up the districts, but travel also is taken into consideration. With many athletic programs working with very tight border ing on shoestring bud gets, limiting the number of lengthy road trips for district games is a priority for the FHSAA. But, in Wildwoods case, does a three-team district re ally help them? The Wildcats played two district games in 2013, which means they had to nd eight other opponents to ll out the schedule. Keystone Heights (144 miles roundtrip), Dunnel lon (72 miles) and Williston (100 miles), were among the teams that found a place on the Wildcats schedule. They also played South Sumter, Umatilla, Montverde Academy, The Villages and Ocala West Port. There is a solution to the travel problem and one that will also eliminate threeand four-team districts, such as Class 6A-10, which sent Lake Minneola into the playoffs with a 4-6 regular-season re cord. Its a simple answer to the problem and one that probably makes too much sense to ever be put into use. How about a Lake-andSumter County district? It would work. Rivalries would take on a whole new meaning and playoff teams would be virtually assured of having winning records. Heres the plan. We have 14 football-playing schools in the area. The rst thing is elimi nate First Academy of Lees burg and Mount Dora Bible, two private schools that have found their niche in the Sun shine State Athletic Confer ence. Montverde Academy would have to decide if it wanted to be part of the new district. If it does, then we have 11 teams in the district. Then again, perhaps Wild wood and South Sumter would prefer playing in a dis trict against teams from Cit rus and Hillsborough coun ties, respectively. And The Villages might want to align itself with teams in Marion County. Then wed be down to eight district teams, assuming Montverde Academy decided to opt out as it continues to grow its program. Area athletic directors then would have to sit down and decide how many dis trict games each team would play. For me, seven seems about right. The oth er three dates could be used for out-of-area opponents. Every team in the Lake County district assum ing the Sumter County teams go off on their own would be roughly the same size. There would be differences, of course Umatilla would be smaller than East Ridge or Lake Minneola, but stu dent-population numbers ar ent always critical. Simply put, the two best teams in the district advance to the postseason. The FH SAA would have to decide on a classication Im think ing Class 6A, but perhaps the FHSAA would go for Class 5A. Think about the regular-sea son schedules that would create. Leesburg, for exam ple, would play Eustis, Mount Dora, Tavares, Umatilla, South Lake, Lake Minneola and East Ridge on a yearly basis. Eustis and Leesburg could conceivably square off for the district title and Mount Do ra-Tavares could play with a playoff berth up for grabs. Imagaine East RidgeSouth Lake in a winner-takeall game. How about Lake Minneola-South Lake for all the marbles? Friday nights would take on a whole new meaning. Lake County would be THE place to be during the season. A half-baked idea? No, its fully baked. It was cooked up at the right tem perature with the perfect in gredients. Certainly, there are some areas that need to be mas saged, but the positives far outweigh any negatives. Travel would be virtual ly eliminated and every local game would be huge. Could it ever be put into use? Probably not. Makes too much sense and would work too well. Until then, well have to deal with sub-.500 teams in the playoffs every year. Mediocrity will continue to be rewarded when a x could change the entire landscape of high school football. Frank Jolley is a columnist for the Daily Commercial. Write to him at JOLLEY FROM PAGE B1 Florida Preseason HS Football Poll The Associated Press Preseason Top 10 Florida high school football poll, with rst-place votes in parentheses, records, rating points and AP poll 2013 nal rankings: Class 8A Record Pts Prv 1. Miramar (11) 0-0 133 2 2. Apopka (2) 0-0 117 3 3. Dr. Phillips (3) 0-0 115 4 4. First Coast 0-0 97 RV 5. Coral Gables 0-0 74 NR 6. Plant 0-0 69 7 7. Fort Pierce Central 0-0 58 8 8. Palm Beach Gardens 0-0 44 NR 9. Charles Flanagan 0-0 37 9 10. Monarch 0-0 26 NR Others receiving votes: South Dade (0-0) 25, West Orange (0-0) 23, Lake Mary (0-0) 22, Manatee (0-0) 17, Winter Park (0-0) 8, Christopher Colum bus Catholic (0-0) 5, Coral Glades (0-0) 4, Spruce Creek (0-0) 2, Vero Beach (0-0) 2, Cypress Bay (00) 1, Alonso (0-0) 1. Class 7A Record Pts Prv 1. St. Thomas Aquinas (14) 0-0 156 4 2. Dwyer (2) 0-0 126 1 3. Niceville 0-0 123 7 4. Kissimmee Osceola 0-0 99 6 5. East Lake 0-0 89 2 6. Sickles 0-0 69 5 7. Fletcher 0-0 47 NR 8. Port Charlotte 0-0 31 9 9. Lake Nona 0-0 29 NR 10. Tate 0-0 26 NR Others receiving votes: Fleming Island (0-0) 17, Lakeland (0-0) 16, Pinellas Park (0-0) 15, Haines City (0-0) 11, Melbourne (0-0) 7, Lincoln (0-0) 7, Royal Palm Beach (0-0) 7, Lake Worth (0-0) 3, Plan tation (0-0) 2. Class 6A Record Pts Prv 1. Miami Central (12) 0-0 155 1 2. Armwood (3) 0-0 144 2 3. Mainland (1) 0-0 130 5 4. Naples 0-0 93 RV 5. Ed White 0-0 78 9 6. Miami Carol City 0-0 58 10 7. Columbia 0-0 45 6 8. Boynton Beach 0-0 38 NR 9. Heritage 0-0 20 3 10. Pace 0-0 19 NR (tie)Springstead 0-0 19 NR Others receiving votes: Largo (0-0) 16, Hallandale (0-0) 13, Escambia (0-0) 10, South Fort Myers (0-0) 10, Jefferson (0-0) 9, Winter Haven (0-0) 9, St. Au gustine (0-0) 8, South Lake (0-0) 5, Venice (0-0) 1. Class 5A Record Pts Prv 1. Plantation American Heritage (16) 0-0 160 3 2. South Sumter 0-0 132 7 3. Pensacola Catholic 0-0 121 1 4. Lake Wales 0-0 73 NR 5. Lakewood 0-0 65 NR (tie) Clay 0-0 65 NR 7. Merritt Island 0-0 50 4 8. Cardinal Gibbons 0-0 40 NR (tie) West Florida 0-0 40 5 10. Palm Bay 0-0 34 RV Others receiving votes: Godby (0-0) 27, North Mar ion (0-0) 22, Bishop Kenny (0-0) 15, Wakulla (0-0) 12, Jesuit (0-0) 11, Pasco (0-0) 8, Suwannee (0-0) 4, Island Coast (0-0) 1. Class 4A Record Pts Prv 1. Miami Washington (16) 0-0 160 1 2. Cocoa 0-0 141 2 3. Bolles School 0-0 131 NR 4. Gulliver Prep 0-0 86 NR 5. Clewiston 0-0 69 5 Others receiving votes: Glades Central (0-0) 28, Florida (0-0) 13, Madison County (0-0) 6, Fort Lau derdale University (0-0) 6. Class 3A Record Pts Prv 1. Trinity Christian-Jacksonville (16) 0-0 160 1 2. Clearwater Central Catholic 0-0 139 5 3. Westminster Christian 0-0 115 3 4. Ocala Trinity Catholic 0-0 89 RV 5. Melbourne Central Catholic 0-0 61 2 Others receiving votes: Tampa Catholic (0-0) 37, Delray American Heritage (0-0) 26, Lakeland Chris tian (0-0) 7, Pahokee (0-0) 6. Class 2A Record Pts Prv 1. Champagnat Catholic (15) 0-0 159 1 2. Victory Christian (1) 0-0 140 NR 3. North Florida Christian 0-0 110 4 4. Indian Rocks 0-0 72 RV 5. University Christian 0-0 60 3 Others receiving votes: Glades Day (0-0) 48, War ner Christian (0-0) 24, Carrollwood Day (0-0) 6, First Baptist (0-0) 6. Class 1A Record Pts Prv 1. Trenton (13) 0-0 157 4 2. Blountstown (3) 0-0 142 1 3. Dixie County 0-0 113 2 4. Lafayette 0-0 107 NR 5. Union County 0-0 84 3 Others receiving votes: Baker School (0-0) 15, Port St. Joe (0-0) 13, Northview (0-0) 9. Wednesdays Sports Transactions BASEBALL American League TAMPA BAY RAYS Activated OF Wil Myers from the 60-day DL. Optioned INF Vince Belnome to Durham (IL). Transferred OF Jerry Sands from the 15to the 60-day DL. National League PITTSBURGH PIRATES Reinstated RHP Gerrit Cole from the 15-day DL. Optioned INF Brent Mo rel to Indianapolis (IL). American Association FARGO-MOORHEAD REDHAWKS Signed INF Frank Salerno. GRAND PRAIRIE AIRHOGS Released INF Jimmy Mojica and OF Kenny Held. WICHITA WINGNUTS Traded LHP Alex Hinshaw and a player to be named to Grand Prairie for INF Abel Nieves. FOOTBALL National Football League BUFFALO BILLS Placed LB Stevenson Sylvester on the injured reserve list. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Traded K Cody Parkey to Philadelphia for RB David Fluellen. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS Signed FB Eric Ket tani. Waived/injured TE Fendi Onobun. OAKLAND RAIDERS Re-signed K Kevin Goessling. Waived/injured S Jeremy Deering. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Released WR Lavelle Hawkins. Claimed OT Edawn Coughman off waiv ers from Buffalo. Canadian Football League CFL Announced commissioner Mark Cohon will not seek a renewal of his contract, which expires in the spring of 2015. HOCKEY National Hockey League BUFFALO SABRES Named Kevin Devine player personnel director, Randy Cunneyworth player development coach, Jerry Forton NCAA scout, Jason Long coordinator of player development, Corey Smith video coach, Jim Kovachik pro scout, and Seamus Kotyk and Victor Nybladh amateur scouts. FLORIDA PANTHERS Signed F Wade Megan and F Tony Turgeon to one-year AHL contracts. American Hockey League GRAND RAPIDS GRIFFINS Named Dave No el-Bernier assistant coach. ECHL BAKERSFIELD CONDORS Agreed to terms with D George Hughes, D Joe Marciano and D Colin Joe on one-year contracts. FLORIDA EVERBLADES Agreed to terms with F Evan Bloodoff and D Tyson Gimblett on one-year contracts. IDAHO STEELHEADS Agreed to terms with D Charlie Dodero. READING ROYALS Agreed to terms with D Dan Ford. Southern Professional Hockey League PEORIA RIVERMEN Signed G Eric Levine. Agreed to terms with D Ben Oskroba and F Dan Cecka. LACROSSE Major League Lacrosse OHIO MACHINE Announced coach Bear Davis has added title of vice president. COLLEGE ALABAMA STATE Named LaToya Clark assistant volleyball coach. ALBANY (NY) Named Mark Benson as director of athletics. BOWLING GREEN Named Jason Bauer assis tant gymnastics coach. CHOWAN Named Tim Feldmann assistant ath letic trainer. FAIRLEIGH DICKINSON Named Andrea Nolan womens assistant volleyball coach. FAYETTEVILLE STATE Named Tyrone Jones re ceivers coach. HAMPDEN-SYDNEY Named Robert Bareford mens tennis coach. HOLY CROSS Named Mike Lucas womens tennis coach. LOYOLA (NO) Named Sam Brock mens rugby coach. MICHIGAN STATE Announced junior mens basketball G Bryn Forbes was granted a waiver to play this season after transferring from Cleve land State. NEBRASKA Named Ali Farokhmanesh mens graduate assistant basketball manager. PRESBYTERIAN Named Steve Roberts mens assistant basketball coach. RANDOLPH Named Stephen Davis mens assis tant soccer coach. RICHARD STOCKTON Named Ashley Parker womens cross country coach/assistant track & eld coach. Pettine, Hoyer and Manziel are expected to speak to reporters follow ing practice, which was only open to the media for the rst 30 minutes when the Browns stretch and do individual and positional drills. Pettine delayed his de cision after both Hoy er and Manziel played poorly in a 24-23 exhi bition loss at Washing ton on Monday. During that game, Manziel gave the nger to the Redskins sideline, an act Pettine said would be factored into the decision. Man ziel will likely be ned by the league for his gesture. Hoyer didnt win the job over Manziel as much as he clung to it after begin ning training camp as the No. 1 quarterback. Both QBs have struggled to learn Clevelands offense. Pettine and offensive co ordinator Kyle Shanah an had hoped one of the quarterbacks would sep arate from the other, but it never happened. Hoyer showed glimps es of developing into a quality starter in 2013 be fore getting hurt while sliding at the end of a run against Buffalo. The Cleveland native worked hard to get back on the eld to keep alive his boy hood dream of being the Browns quarterback. Hoyer, who is in the nal year of his contract, only completed 2 of 6 passes for 16 yards in Mondays game and the Browns rst-team of fense was out of sync with him on the eld. However, Pettine said in looking at Hoyers entire body of work that he de served the starting gig. I think Brians been very poised, Pettine said. I think hes handled the situation well. Hes had a lot of things going on. Heres a guy coming off of a season-ending knee injury. Really, these are his rst, essentially, 2025 plays of live work back from it, and hes only go ing to get better. BROWNS FROM PAGE B1 I think Brians been very poised. I think hes handled the situation well. Hes had a lot of things going on. Heres a guy coming off of a season-ending knee injury. Really, these are his first, essentially, 20-25 plays of live work back from it, and hes only going to get better. Mike Pettine, Browns coach but struggled with injuries. He played in only 13 games as sophomore before tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and played in only 11 games as a junior when he tore the ACL in his left knee. A 6-foot-3 guard, Bryant av eraged eight points per game as a senior with the Bulls. He shot 50.3 percent from the eld in nal year at USF and pulled down 5.2 rebounds. After college, Bryant moved on to played professionally for nine years in the Continental Basketball Association and at the international level. This if my rst coaching job, but I think my playing experi ence will help me get through the learning process, Bry ant said. A lot of people have come through Leesburg High School over the years, but very few have moved to play in col lege and as a professional. Ive done that and I think that gives me a little bit of credibili ty while the players learn more about me and I learn more about them. At Leesburg, Bryant is a fulltime substitute. He returns to Leesburg after spending time living in Tampa and working in the Hillsborough County school system. Leesburg Athletic Director George Sneed said Bryant had many of the attributes school of cials were looking for in a coach. Sneed said Bryant is a hometown hero and possesses outstanding character, both qualities he feels will help Bryant become a role model to his players. Marlyn had a lot of suc cess at the highest level of col lege basketball, Sneed said. A lot of people in the communi ty still remember his accom plishments as a student-ath lete with the Yellow Jackets. We consider ourselves very fortu nate to have coach Bryant on our staff. Bryant said he has spoken to many of the players who will be part of his rst year in the program and plans to begin conditioning drills next week. The initial meetings went well, but he understands it may take time to completely earn the condence of his players. I feel like they accepted me and took me in, Bryant said. But Ive still got some work ahead of me before they real ly embrace me and what I want to teach them. They know Im from Leesburg and I have a lot of pride in this school. Ive been a Yellow Jacket for a long time. Now, Ive come back to try and help us reach the next level. BRYANT FROM PAGE B1 PHOTO COURTESY OF USF UCs Steve Logan looks to take a shot past a ying South Floridas Marlyn Bryant.


Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B3 VOTED #1 BY PEOPLES CHOICE STYLE MAGAZINE To m Leimberger PGA Class A, (352)753-7711 Joe Redoutey Master Club Fitter (352)205-0217Ca ll fo r Te e Ti me s352-753-7711Te e Ti me s ma y be ma de 3 da ys in ad va nc e. pr op er go lf at ti re re qu ir ed r f r ntb WEEKEND SPECIAL4-SOME SPECIALTHURSDA Y, FRIDA Y, SA TURDA Y & SUNDA Y$10000+ TA XCOURSE IN SHAPEGREA T GREENS!BRING A 4-SOME & SA VE! 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August Golf & Lunch SpecialIncludes Green Fee for 18 Holes, Cart, Hot Dog, and Draft Beer or Soda.Call About Twilight Rates I want to nish the season well. I want to be up there in contention week in and week out. I feel like the season I had deserves a nish like that. So Im going to just grind it out every week that I can until I get a bit of a break after the Ryder Cup. Now that the majors are done for the year, the Fe dEx Cup presents the best four-week stretch in golf four tournaments with the best players from the worlds strongest tour competing for a shot at the richest bonus in golf. The Barclays has one of the strongest elds of the year, even though a few players are noticeable by their absence. Tiger Woods was in town this week, but only for corporate work with McIlroy. Woods missed three months of the season recovering from back surgery and hurt his back again in only his third tournament back. He didnt come close to nishing among the top 125 who qualied for the playoffs. Dustin Johnson is No. 6, though he is taking a vol untary leave to seek professional help for personal challenges. Jason Dufner is No. 57, though he is out indenite ly with a neck injury. Steve Stricker is at No. 103 and withdrew because of a hip injury that will turn his part-time schedule into no schedule at all for the next few months. MCILROY FROM PAGE B1 No, no one tack led or was even rush ing the two-time Big Ten player of the year and Heisman Trophy candidate. Still com ing back slowly from February surgery on his right shoulder, it took just a 7-yard pass with no one around to sideline Mill er for the season. This time, he had sustained a torn labrum. Rabid Buckeyes fans have had a mournful look on their faces ever since word leaked out about Mill ers injury. But tight end Jeff Heuerman wants to reassure them that the players havent given up. Well bounce back. Its not the end of the world. Youre not going to forfeit any games and youre not going to just quit, he said. Weve been through adversity before, so its just anoth er stepping stone and well get through it. The Buckeyes will get through it by replac ing Miller with 8,346 yards of total offense and 84 passing and run ning touchdowns in his Ohio State career with redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett, who has never taken a snap in a college game. Barrett has the back ing of his teammates. Hes very focused, linebacker Curtis Grant said. Hes a very mature kid. Hes going to be ne. He just has to get his rhythm down with ev erybody and keep going forward. Still, Millers injury was a jolt to a team many had picked as a strong contender for a Big Ten title and a spot in the new four-team playoffs. It was clear on Wednesday that Meyer was still shaken by the loss of Miller. He referred to the teams last two practices as the day af ter and two days after. For at least a while, every point on the programs timeline will be judged in relation to the injury. The Buckeyes say theyve resolved to do more to make up for the popular Millers absence. We knew it wasnt good but at the same time we knew we had to step up and play, cornerback Doran Grant said. We all came together and have had some great practices. Some very great practices. BUCKEYES FROM PAGE B1 JAY LAPRETE / AP Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett throws a pass during practice earlier this month in Columbus, Ohio. TERESA M. WALKER AP Pro Football Writer NASHVILLE Chasing the In dianapolis Colts never has been easy in the AFC South. First, the Titans, Jaguars and Texans all tried, and failed, to slow down Peyton Manning. Now, Andrew Luck has taken his turn atop the division. The Colts have won eight of the last 11 division titles. The Ti tans feel they are oh so close af ter losing twice to Indianapo lis last season by a combined 10 points while using a backup quarterback. New Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt also has shaken up the Tennessee franchise from top to bottom. DOMINATING COLTS: Luck now has his rst division title since re placing Manning, and the Colts have had a whole offseason to work Trent Richardson into the offense. Luck goes into his third season after that incredible ral ly from 28 points down to beat Kansas City in the playoffs. He has Hakeem Nicks as a new tar get. But Reggie Wayne has to prove he can return from a torn right ACL at age 35. Injuries already are starting to accumulate, with four players lost for the sea son, including starting left guard Donald Thomas. Coach Chuck Pagano, who patched togeth er the offensive line last season, has a rookie at right guard, a cen ter and left guard going into their second seasons. The Colts will be without last years sacks leader Robert Mathis on Sept. 28 when the Titans visit the end of his four-game suspension. TITANIC CHANGES: Tennessee beat out Detroit to hire the man who took Arizona to the Super Bowl. Whisenhunt has made changes throughout the build ing and hired Ray Horton as his defensive coordinator to im prove a team that went 7-9 last season, losing twice in overtime, with two other losses by a com bined ve points. One of Whisenhunts big gest challenge is Jake Locker. The quarterback has missed 14 games as a starter in two seasons, and the Titans didnt pick up his option for 2015. They bolstered the offensive line by signing right tackle Michael Oher and draft ing tackle Taylor Lewan; the Ti tans have given Locker as many options as theyve had in years. Dexter McCluster and rookie running back Bishop Sankey re placed Chris Johnson and join receivers Kendall Wright, Nate Washington and Justin Hunter. HELLO HOUSTON: The Texans Super Bowl dreams disappeared in a stunning 2-14 collapse that tied for the worst record in fran chise history. Thats why Bill OBrien is the other new coach in this division, and he starts off working with a quarterback Tennessee cut in March. Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 62 per cent of his passes in Tennessee, but had only two more touch downs (14) than interceptions (12). Fitzpatrick also had trou ble holding onto the ball, losing two of nine fumbles. How much help Fitzpatrick gets remains to be seen. Back sur gery ended Arian Fosters season after eight games, and both he and receiver Andre Johnson were sidelined most of training camp by injured hamstrings. The Tex ans used the top draft pick over all not on a quarterback but on defense with Jadeveon Clowney. REBUILDING JAGUARS: The big gest offseason additions were the drafting of Blake Bortles third overall, and the worlds largest video boards in the stadium ren ovation also featuring pools and cabanas. Coach Gus Bradley and general manager Dave Caldwell keep insisting Bortles will learn behind Chad Henne so the rook ie learns the playbook and can make a smooth transition from the spread offense at UCF to a pro system. Bortles may force their hand. The Jaguars still need healthy receivers and must settle down an offensive line where three young players could start. Luke Joeckel, the second overall pick last year, now is at left tackle, with rookie Brandon Linder like ly at right guard. Third-year pro Mike Brewster is battling jour neyman Jacques McClendon at center. BIG FINISH: The Colts visit Ten nessee on Dec. 28 in the reg ular-season nale, while Jack sonville is at Houston to wrap up the season. Will Indy be try ing to stave off the Titans in that matchup? Predicted order of nish: Colts; Titans; Jaguars; Texans. AFC SOUTH PREVIEW Colts ready to defend division title FRANK FRANKLIN II / AP Colts quarterback Andrew Luck calls an audible on the line of scrimmage against the Jets during a preseason game earlier this month in East Rutherford, N.J. Associated Press NEW YORK Topranked Serena Wil liams is seeded No. 1 as she seeks her third straight U.S. Open ti tle. The U.S. Tennis As sociation followed this weeks WTA rank ings in announcing the seedings Wednes day. French Open run ner-up Simona Ha lep is seeded second after reaching a ca reer-best ranking this month. She has nev er advanced past the fourth round at the U.S. Open. Wimbledon champ Petra Kvitova is seed ed No. 3 with thirdranked Li Na out be cause of a knee injury. Agnieszka Radwanska moves up to No. 4. Five-time major champ Maria Shara pova is seeded fth, meaning theres a chance she could face Williams in the quar ternals. The run ner-up the last two years, Victoria Azaren ka, is seeded 16th af ter an injury-plagued season. Venus Williams is seeded 19th. The draw is today, and the tournament starts Monday. WOZNIACKI UPSET BY GIORGI AT CONNECTICUT OPEN Four-time champi on Caroline Wozniac ki was upset 6-4, 6-2 Wednesday by Cami la Giorgi of Italy in the second round of the Connecticut Open. Giorgi, who beat Wozniacki in last years U.S. Open faced just two break points. Her rst serves reached 117 mph and her second serves hovered around 107 mph. She consistently hit ground strokes at Wozniackis feet, pre venting her from mov ing laterally. DAVID KOHL / AP Serena Williams returns to Caroline Wozniacki during a seminal match at the Western & Southern Open on Saturday in Mason, Ohio. Serena seeded No. 1 at US Open; Halep second


B4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 Box scores and results for games ending after 10 p.m. will appear in our next edition. AMERICAN LEAGUE EAST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Baltimore 72 52 .581 7-3 W-3 34-26 38-26 New York 63 60 .512 8 4 4-6 L-1 29-30 34-30 Toronto 65 62 .512 8 4 4-6 W-1 33-26 32-36 Tampa Bay 61 64 .488 11 7 5-5 L-3 28-35 33-29 Boston 56 69 .448 16 12 5-5 L-3 29-35 27-34 CENTRAL W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Kansas City 70 55 .560 8-2 W-3 33-28 37-27 Detroit 67 56 .545 2 4-6 W-1 33-29 34-27 Cleveland 63 61 .508 6 4 6-4 W-1 37-24 26-37 Chicago 59 67 .468 11 9 4-6 L-2 31-31 28-36 Minnesota 55 69 .444 14 12 4-6 L-3 26-34 29-35 WEST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Los Angeles 74 50 .597 7-3 W-2 41-23 33-27 Oakland 74 52 .587 1 2-8 L-1 41-22 33-30 Seattle 68 58 .540 7 7-3 L-1 34-32 34-26 Houston 53 73 .421 22 15 5-5 W-2 29-36 24-37 Texas 49 77 .389 26 19 4-6 W-1 23-38 26-39 NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Washington 71 53 .573 9-1 W-8 39-24 32-29 Atlanta 66 60 .524 6 7-3 W-5 37-28 29-32 Miami 63 63 .500 9 3 6-4 L-1 37-31 26-32 New York 60 68 .469 13 7 4-6 W-1 30-32 30-36 Philadelphia 56 71 .441 16 10 4-6 W-1 28-37 28-34 CENTRAL W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Milwaukee 71 56 .559 6-4 L-1 35-29 36-27 St. Louis 68 57 .544 2 7-3 W-3 38-26 30-31 Pittsburgh 64 62 .508 6 2 2-8 L-7 39-26 25-36 Cincinnati 61 65 .484 9 5 2-8 L-4 32-29 29-36 Chicago 55 70 .440 15 10 6-4 W-3 29-31 26-39 WEST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Los Angeles 71 56 .559 5-5 W-1 31-30 40-26 San Francisco 65 59 .524 4 3-7 L-1 32-32 33-27 San Diego 58 66 .468 11 7 6-4 L-2 34-27 24-39 Arizona 53 73 .421 17 13 3-7 L-4 25-39 28-34 Colorado 49 76 .392 21 16 4-6 L-1 31-32 18-44 TUESDAYS GAMES Houston 7, N.Y. Yankees 4 Seattle 5, Philadelphia 2 Detroit 8, Tampa Bay 6, 11 innings L.A. Angels 4, Boston 3 Miami 4, Texas 3, 10 innings Baltimore 5, Chicago White Sox 1 Cleveland 7, Minnesota 5 Milwaukee 6, Toronto 1 Kansas City 7, Colorado 4 TUESDAYS GAMES Washington 8, Arizona 1 Atlanta 11, Pittsburgh 3 Seattle 5, Philadelphia 2 Miami 4, Texas 3, 10 innings Chicago Cubs 2, San Francisco 0, 5 innings Milwaukee 6, Toronto 1 St. Louis 5, Cincinnati 4 Kansas City 7, Colorado 4 Oakland 6, N.Y. Mets 2 WEDNESDAYS GAMES Texas 5, Miami 4 Philadelphia 4, Seattle 3 Toronto 9, Milwaukee 5 N.Y. Mets 8, Oakland 5 Houston at N.Y. Yankees, late Detroit at Tampa Bay, late L.A. Angels at Boston, late Baltimore at Chicago White Sox, late Cleveland at Minnesota, late WEDNESDAYS GAMES Texas 5, Miami 4 Philadelphia 4, Seattle 3 Toronto 9, Milwaukee 5 N.Y. Mets 8, Oakland 5 Arizona at Washington, late Atlanta at Pittsburgh, late Cincinnati at St. Louis, late San Francisco at Chicago Cubs, late Kansas City at Colorado, late LYNNE SLADKY / AP The Marlins Christian Yelich hits a single in the third inning during an interleague game against the Rangers on Wednesday in Miami. TODAYS GAMES Houston (Keuchel 10-8) at N.Y. Yankees (McCarthy 4-2), 1:05 p.m. Cleveland (Kluber 13-6) at Minnesota (P.Hughes 13-8), 1:10 p.m. Detroit (Price 12-8) at Tampa Bay (Cobb 8-6), 1:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (Shoemaker 11-4) at Boston (R.De La Rosa 4-4), 7:10 p.m. TODAYS GAMES Arizona (Miley 7-9) at Washington (G.Gonzalez 6-9), 4:05 p.m. Atlanta (Teheran 11-9) at Cincinnati (Holmberg 0-0), 7:10 p.m. San Francisco (Bumgarner 13-9) at Chicago Cubs (T.Wood 7-10), 8:05 p.m. San Diego (T.Ross 11-11) at L.A. Dodgers (Greinke 12-8), 10:10 p.m. AMERICAN LEAGUE LEADERS BATTING: Altuve, Houston, .339; Cano, Seattle, .329; VMartinez, Detroit, .322; Beltre, Texas, .322; Brantley, Cleveland, .319; MeCabrera, Toronto, .314. RUNS: Dozier, Minnesota, 85; Trout, Los Angeles, 83; Brantley, Cleveland, 78; MiCabrera, Detroit, 78; Donald son, Oakland, 78; MeCabrera, Toronto, 77. RBI: Ortiz, Boston, 92; JAbreu, Chicago, 90; Trout, Los Angeles, 88; MiCabrera, Detroit, 87; NCruz, Baltimore, 84; Donaldson, Oakland, 84; Brantley, Cleveland, 80. HITS: Altuve, Houston, 174; MeCabrera, Toronto, 162; Cano, Seattle, 153; Markakis, Baltimore, 152; Brantley, Cleveland, 149; Kinsler, Detroit, 146. DOUBLES: MiCabrera, Detroit, 40; Trout, Los Angeles, 34; Altuve, Houston, 33; MeCabrera, Toronto, 33; Kins ler, Detroit, 33; Brantley, Cleveland, 32; EEscobar, Min nesota, 32; Plouffe, Minnesota, 32. TRIPLES: Rios, Texas, 8; Bourn, Cleveland, 7; Eaton, Chicago, 7; Gardner, New York, 7; Kiermaier, Tampa Bay, 6; LMartin, Texas, 6; Trout, Los Angeles, 6. HOME RUNS: JAbreu, Chicago, 32; NCruz, Baltimore, 32; Carter, Houston, 30; Ortiz, Boston, 29; Encarnacion, Toronto, 27; Trout, Los Angeles, 27. STOLEN BASES: Altuve, Houston, 46; Ellsbury, New York, 32; RDavis, Detroit, 31; JDyson, Kansas City, 27; AEscobar, Kansas City, 24; Reyes, Toronto, 23; Andrus, Texas, 22; LMartin, Texas, 22. PITCHING: Scherzer, Detroit, 14-4; Kazmir, Oakland, 14-5; FHernandez, Seattle, 13-4; Richards, Los Ange les, 13-4; Kluber, Cleveland, 13-6; Weaver, Los Ange les, 13-7; Porcello, Detroit, 13-8; Lester, Oakland, 13-8; PHughes, Minnesota, 13-8. ERA: FHernandez, Seattle, 1.99; Sale, Chicago, 2.12; Kluber, Cleveland, 2.41; Tanaka, New York, 2.51; Rich ards, Los Angeles, 2.53; Iwakuma, Seattle, 2.57; Lester, Oakland, 2.58; Lester, Oakland, 2.58. STRIKEOUTS: Price, Detroit, 212; Scherzer, Detroit, 205; Kluber, Cleveland, 197; FHernandez, Seattle, 197; Darvish, Texas, 182; Lester, Oakland, 174. SAVES: Holland, Kansas City, 39; Rodney, Seattle, 36; Dav Robertson, New York, 33; Perkins, Minnesota, 31; Nathan, Detroit, 26; Britton, Baltimore, 26; Uehara, Boston, 26. NATIONAL LEAGUE LEADERS BATTING: Morneau, Colorado, .317; Puig, Los Angeles, .312; Revere, Philadelphia, .311; MaAdams, St. Louis, .311; AMcCutchen, Pittsburgh, .308; JHarrison, Pitts burgh, .305; Lucroy, Milwaukee, .303. RUNS: Rendon, Washington, 88; CGomez, Milwaukee, 82; Pence, San Francisco, 82; MCarpenter, St. Louis, 80; Rizzo, Chicago, 80; FFreeman, Atlanta, 79. RBI: Stanton, Miami, 89; AdGonzalez, Los Angeles, 83; JUpton, Atlanta, 80; Desmond, Washington, 77. HITS: DanMurphy, New York, 154; Span, Washington, 145; Pence, San Francisco, 144; FFreeman, Atlanta, 143; Revere, Philadelphia, 142; SCastro, Chicago, 141. DOUBLES: Lucroy, Milwaukee, 42; Goldschmidt, Arizona, 39; FFreeman, Atlanta, 35; DanMurphy, New York, 34; Span, Washington, 34; KDavis, Milwaukee, 32; AdGonza lez, Los Angeles, 32; AMcCutchen, Pittsburgh, 32; JhPer alta, St. Louis, 32; Puig, Los Angeles, 32. TRIPLES: DGordon, Los Angeles, 10; BCrawford, San Francisco, 9; Pence, San Francisco, 9; Puig, Los Ange les, 9; BHamilton, Cincinnati, 7. HOME RUNS: Stanton, Miami, 32; Rizzo, Chicago, 29; JUpton, Atlanta, 24; Byrd, Philadelphia, 23; Duda, New York, 23; Frazier, Cincinnati, 21; CGomez, Milwaukee, 21; Reynolds, Milwaukee, 21; Tulowitzki, Colorado, 21. STOLEN BASES: DGordon, Los Angeles, 56; BHamilton, Cincinnati, 46; Revere, Philadelphia, 37; CGomez, Mil waukee, 27; EYoung, New York, 27. PITCHING: Cueto, Cincinnati, 15-6; Wainwright, St. Louis, 15-7; WPeralta, Milwaukee, 15-7; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 14-3; ESantana, Atlanta, 13-6; Ryu, Los Ange les, 13-6; Lynn, St. Louis, 13-8. ERA: Kershaw, Los Angeles, 1.86; Cueto, Cincinnati, 2.06; Wainwright, St. Louis, 2.40; HAlvarez, Miami, 2.43; Hamels, Philadelphia, 2.53; TRoss, San Diego, 2.70; Greinke, Los Angeles, 2.75. STRIKEOUTS: Strasburg, Washington, 198; Cueto, Cin cinnati, 187; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 174; Greinke, Los Angeles, 170; Kennedy, San Diego, 168. SAVES: FrRodriguez, Milwaukee, 38; Kimbrel, Atlanta, 37; Rosenthal, St. Louis, 36; Jansen, Los Angeles, 35; Cishek, Miami, 31; Papelbon, Philadelphia, 30; AReed, Arizona, 29. Mets 8, Athletics 5 New York Oakland ab r h bi ab r h bi Grndrs rf 5 1 2 1 Crisp dh 5 1 1 1 DnMrp 2b 4 1 2 1 Jaso c 3 0 1 1 DWrght 3b 4 1 0 0 DNorrs ph-c 2 0 0 0 Duda 1b 4 2 2 3 Vogt 1b 5 0 1 0 dArnad c 4 0 0 0 Moss lf 3 2 0 0 dnDkkr cf-lf 5 0 0 0 Reddck rf 4 1 1 0 Campll dh 3 1 2 1 Callasp 3b-2b 3 0 0 0 Flores ss 4 1 1 1 Fuld cf 2 0 0 1 EYong lf 4 1 1 0 Parrino ss 4 0 0 0 Lagars cf 0 0 0 0 Sogard 2b 1 1 1 0 Dnldsn ph-3b 2 0 1 0 Totals 37 8 10 7 Totals 34 5 6 3 New York 005 210 000 8 Oakland 002 200 010 5 EDan.Murphy 2 (15), Duda (3), Sogard (6). DPNew York 1. LOBNew York 7, Oakland 8. 2BCrisp (19), Jaso (18), Vogt (9). HRDuda (23), Campbell (3). IP H R ER BB SO New York Za.Wheeler W,9-8 5 2 / 3 4 4 2 3 3 Edgin 2 / 3 1 0 0 0 1 Black 1 0 1 0 2 0 Familia S,4-8 1 2 / 3 1 0 0 1 2 Oakland Samardzija L,3-3 3 2 / 3 7 7 7 2 3 J.Chavez 2 3 1 1 3 3 Abad 2 0 0 0 0 0 Otero 1 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 WPSamardzija. UmpiresHome, Rob Drake; First, Joe West; Second, Marty Foster; Third, Gabe Morales. T:20. A,312 (35,067). Blue Jays 9, Brewers 5 Toronto Milwaukee ab r h bi ab r h bi Reyes ss 5 2 3 1 CGomz cf 4 2 2 2 MeCarr lf 5 2 2 1 Lucroy c 5 0 1 0 Bautist rf 5 1 2 3 Braun rf 5 0 1 1 Encrnc 1b 5 0 2 1 ArRmr 3b 4 0 0 0 Stromn pr 0 1 0 0 GParra lf 4 2 2 0 Lind 1b 0 0 0 0 Gennett 2b 4 0 1 0 ClRsms cf 4 1 1 2 MrRynl 1b 4 0 1 1 Valenci 3b 5 0 2 0 Segura ss 2 1 2 1 Thole c 4 1 2 0 JNelsn p 2 0 0 0 Cecil p 0 0 0 0 Duke p 0 0 0 0 McGwn p 0 0 0 0 Kintzlr p 0 0 0 0 Reimld ph 1 0 0 0 Overay ph 1 0 0 0 Janssn p 0 0 0 0 Grzlny p 0 0 0 0 Kawsk 2b 2 1 1 1 Jeffrss p 0 0 0 0 StTllsn ph-2b 1 0 0 0 KDavis ph 1 0 0 0 Dickey p 3 0 0 0 WSmith p 0 0 0 0 ASnchz p 0 0 0 0 DNavrr ph-c 0 0 0 0 Totals 40 9 15 9 Totals 36 5 10 5 Toronto 000 025 002 9 Milwaukee 010 112 000 5 EBautista (4), Valencia (4). DPToronto 2, Milwau kee 2. LOBToronto 7, Milwaukee 9. 2BReyes (27), Me.Cabrera (33), Bautista (24), Thole (4), Kawasaki (5), G.Parra (20), Mar.Reynolds (9), Segura (12). 3BG.Parra (4). HRBautista (24), Col.Rasmus (16), C.Gomez (21). SBReyes (23), Me.Cabrera (6). IP H R ER BB SO Toronto Dickey W,10-12 5 2 / 3 8 5 5 1 4 Aa.Sanchez H,4 1 1 / 3 1 0 0 1 1 Cecil H,19 1 / 3 1 0 0 1 0 McGowan H,10 2 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 Janssen 1 0 0 0 0 2 Milwaukee J.Nelson L,2-4 5 2 / 3 9 4 4 2 4 Duke 0 2 2 2 0 0 Kintzler 1 / 3 1 1 1 0 0 Gorzelanny 1 0 0 0 0 1 Jeffress 1 0 0 0 1 0 W.Smith 1 3 2 2 0 1 Duke pitched to 2 batters in the 6th. HBPby Dickey (C.Gomez, G.Parra). WPJ.Nelson. UmpiresHome, David Rackley; First, Fieldin Cul breth; Second, Chris Segal; Third, Dan Iassogna. T:23. A,300 (41,900). Phillies 4, Mariners 3 Seattle Philadelphia ab r h bi ab r h bi AJcksn cf 5 0 1 0 Revere cf 5 0 1 1 CTaylr ss 4 0 1 0 Rollins ss 5 2 2 0 BMiller ph 1 0 0 0 Utley 2b 3 0 1 1 Cano 2b 5 0 2 0 Howard 1b 3 0 0 0 KMorls 1b 4 1 2 1 Byrd rf 4 0 1 1 Seager 3b 3 1 0 0 Ruf lf 4 0 0 0 Denor lf 4 0 1 0 Nieves c 4 1 3 0 Morrsn rf 4 1 2 1 ABlanc 3b 3 1 1 0 Sucre c 4 0 2 0 Hamels p 2 0 0 0 Zunino pr-c 0 0 0 0 GSizmr ph 1 0 1 0 Paxton p 1 0 0 0 Diekmn p 0 0 0 0 Wlhlms p 0 0 0 0 Giles p 0 0 0 0 EnChvz ph 1 0 1 0 Asche ph 1 0 0 0 Beimel p 0 0 0 0 Papeln p 0 0 0 0 Maurer p 0 0 0 0 Ackley ph 1 0 0 0 Farqhr p 0 0 0 0 Totals 37 3 12 2 Totals 35 4 10 3 Seattle 010 200 000 3 Philadelphia 001 300 00x 4 EPaxton (3), A.Blanco (1). LOBSeattle 10, Philadel phia 10. 2BMorrison (11), Sucre (1), En.Chavez (8), Rollins (20), Nieves (8). HRK.Morales (4). SBRe vere (37). CSDenora (2). SPaxton. IP H R ER BB SO Seattle Paxton L,3-1 4 7 4 1 2 5 Wilhelmsen 1 2 0 0 1 1 Beimel 1 0 0 0 0 1 Maurer 1 1 0 0 0 1 Farquhar 1 0 0 0 0 2 Philadelphia Hamels W,7-6 5 9 3 3 1 4 Diekman H,14 2 1 0 0 1 4 Giles H,7 1 1 0 0 0 3 Papelbon S,30-33 1 1 0 0 0 2 WPPaxton, Hamels 2. PBSucre. UmpiresHome, Ron Kulpa; First, Mark Ripperger; Second, Lance Barksdale; Third, Kerwin Danley. T:00. A,157 (43,651). Rangers 5, Marlins 4 Texas Miami ab r h bi ab r h bi Choo lf 3 0 1 0 Yelich lf 4 0 3 0 Andrus ss 3 1 0 0 Solano 2b 5 0 0 0 Rios rf 4 1 2 2 Stanton rf 3 0 0 0 ABeltre 3b 4 1 2 0 McGeh 3b 4 0 0 0 Arencii 1b 4 1 1 1 GJones 1b 3 1 1 0 Mendez p 0 0 0 0 Ozuna cf 4 2 3 2 Feliz p 0 0 0 0 Hchvrr ss 4 0 0 0 LMartn cf 4 0 3 1 Mathis c 3 0 0 0 G.Soto c 4 0 0 0 Sltlmch ph 1 1 1 1 Odor 2b 4 1 1 0 Eovaldi p 1 0 1 0 NMrtnz p 2 0 0 0 Vldspn ph 1 0 0 0 Adduci ph 1 0 0 0 Hand p 0 0 0 0 Edwrds p 0 0 0 0 Hatchr p 0 0 0 0 Rosales 1b 0 0 0 0 RJhnsn ph 1 0 0 0 ARams p 0 0 0 0 MDunn p 0 0 0 0 JeBakr ph 1 0 0 0 Totals 33 5 10 4 Totals 35 4 9 3 Texas 320 000 000 5 Miami 000 200 002 4 EG.Jones (12), Hechavarria (12). DPTexas 1, Mi ami 4. LOBTexas 3, Miami 7. 2BRios (24), Arenci bia (7), Yelich (21), Ozuna (20). HROzuna (18), Sal talamacchia (11). SBL.Martin (22). CSChoo (4). IP H R ER BB SO Texas N.Martinez W,3-9 6 6 2 2 2 7 Edwards H,1 1 1 0 0 0 0 Mendez H,5 1 0 0 0 0 2 Feliz S,5-6 1 2 2 2 1 2 Miami Eovaldi L,6-8 5 9 5 4 1 4 Hand 1 1 0 0 0 1 Hatcher 1 0 0 0 1 2 A.Ramos 1 0 0 0 0 0 M.Dunn 1 0 0 0 0 1 WPN.Martinez, Eovaldi. UmpiresHome, Dan Bellino; First, Jeff Kellogg; Sec ond, Brian ONora; Third, D.J. Reyburn. T:55. A,672 (37,442). Late Wednesday Royals 7, Rockies 4 Kansas City Colorado ab r h bi ab r h bi Aoki rf 2 1 0 0 Blckmn rf 3 2 1 0 KHerrr p 0 0 0 0 Stubbs cf 4 1 3 2 C.Colon ph 0 0 0 1 Mornea 1b 4 0 0 0 WDavis p 0 0 0 0 Arenad 3b 4 1 3 1 Bueno p 0 0 0 0 CDckrs lf 5 0 0 0 GHllnd p 0 0 0 0 McKnr c 4 0 2 0 Infante 2b 5 1 4 4 Rutledg ss 4 0 1 0 S.Perez c 5 0 1 1 LeMahi 2b 4 0 0 0 BButler 1b 4 1 1 0 Matzek p 3 0 1 0 AGordn lf 5 0 0 0 Ottavin p 0 0 0 0 L.Cain cf-rf 5 0 1 1 Brothrs p 0 0 0 0 Mostks 3b 4 1 2 0 Masset p 0 0 0 0 AEscor ss 4 1 1 0 BBrwn p 0 0 0 0 Shields p 2 0 0 0 McBrid ph 1 0 0 0 Wlngh ph 1 1 1 0 JDyson cf 0 1 0 0 Totals 37 7 11 7 Totals 36 4 11 3 Kansas City 000 100 330 7 Colorado 100 010 002 4 ES.Perez (5). DPKansas City 2. LOBKansas City 8, Colorado 10. 2BInfante 3 (18), S.Perez (21), B.Butler (27), L.Cain (23), Stubbs (18), McKenry (7). HRStubbs (13), Arenado (13). CSAoki (5). IP H R ER BB SO Kansas City Shields W,12-6 6 9 2 2 1 6 K.Herrera H,14 1 0 0 0 2 0 W.Davis 1 0 0 0 0 2 Bueno 2 / 3 2 2 2 0 0 G.Holland S,39-41 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 Colorado Matzek L,2-9 6 2 / 3 6 3 3 3 5 Ottavino BS,4-5 1 / 3 2 1 1 0 1 Brothers 2 / 3 2 3 3 2 1 Masset 1 / 3 1 0 0 0 1 B.Brown 1 0 0 0 0 1 HBPby Shields (Blackmon), by Bueno (Blackmon). UmpiresHome, Mark Carlson; First, Jeff Nelson; Second, Scott Barry; Third, Laz Diaz. T:12. A,394 (50,480). Athletics 6, Mets 2 New York Oakland ab r h bi ab r h bi Lagars cf 3 0 0 0 Crisp cf 5 0 2 3 Grndrs rf 2 0 0 0 Jaso dh 3 0 1 0 DWrght 3b 4 0 1 0 JGoms ph-dh 0 0 0 0 Duda 1b 4 0 0 0 Dnldsn 3b 4 0 0 0 dArnad dh 4 1 1 1 Moss lf 4 0 0 0 Campll lf 4 0 2 0 Fuld lf 0 0 0 0 Flores 2b 4 1 1 0 Vogt 1b 4 1 2 0 Tejada ss 4 0 1 0 DNorrs c 3 2 2 0 Recker c 4 0 1 1 Reddck rf 3 2 1 2 Callasp 2b 3 0 2 1 Sogard ss 3 1 0 0 Totals 33 2 7 2 Totals 32 6 10 6 New York 000 100 100 2 Oakland 000 400 02x 6 DPNew York 1, Oakland 1. LOBNew York 7, Oak land 7. 2BFlores (6), Recker (8), D.Norris (17). 3BCrisp (3). HRdArnaud (11), Reddick (9). SF Callaspo. IP H R ER BB SO New York Gee L,4-6 5 2 / 3 8 4 4 2 4 Edgin 1 1 / 3 0 0 0 1 2 Germen 1 2 2 2 1 0 Oakland Kazmir W,14-5 6 4 1 1 3 6 Cook H,6 2 / 3 2 1 1 0 1 OFlaherty H,3 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 Gregerson H,19 1 0 0 0 0 1 Doolittle 1 1 0 0 0 3 WPOFlaherty. UmpiresHome, Gabe Morales; First, Rob Drake; Second, Joe West; Third, Marty Foster. T:02. A,498 (35,067). Dodgers 8, Padres 6 San Diego Los Angeles ab r h bi ab r h bi Solarte 3b 5 1 2 0 DGordn 2b 4 0 0 0 AAlmnt cf 5 1 4 0 Puig cf 4 1 1 0 S.Smith lf 4 1 1 1 AdGnzl 1b 4 0 0 0 Gyorko 2b 5 1 2 3 Kemp rf 4 2 2 0 Goeert 1b 3 0 1 0 Crwfrd lf 3 3 3 3 Medica ph-1b 1 0 0 0 JuTrnr 3b 4 2 2 2 RLirian rf 4 1 1 0 League p 0 0 0 0 Rivera c 3 0 1 0 Jansen p 0 0 0 0 Grandl ph-c 1 0 1 1 Arrrrn ss 3 0 1 1 Amarst ss 4 0 1 0 A.Ellis c 3 0 0 1 Kenndy p 2 0 0 0 Correia p 1 0 0 0 Vincent p 0 0 0 0 JWrght p 1 0 0 0 CNelsn ph 1 0 0 0 Howell p 0 0 0 0 Thayer p 0 0 0 0 Rojas 3b 1 0 0 0 ATorrs p 0 0 0 0 Garces p 0 0 0 0 Venale ph 0 1 0 0 Totals 38 6 14 5 Totals 32 8 9 7 San Diego 300 010 011 6 Los Angeles 020 310 20x 8 ESolarte (3), Goebbert (2), Jansen (1). DPLos An geles 2. LOBSan Diego 7, Los Angeles 4. 2BA. Almonte (3), Grandal (12), Kemp 2 (27), Ju.Turner 2 (14). HRGyorko (9), C.Crawford (5). SBC.Crawford (19). CSA.Almonte (1). SCorreia. SFA.Ellis. IP H R ER BB SO San Diego Kennedy L,9-11 5 7 6 5 2 5 Vincent 1 0 0 0 0 1 Thayer 2 / 3 1 1 1 0 1 A.Torres 1 / 3 1 1 1 0 1 Garces 1 0 0 0 0 1 Los Angeles Correia W,2-0 5 8 4 4 1 6 J.Wright H,4 1 2 / 3 2 0 0 0 2 Howell H,24 2 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 League 2 / 3 2 1 1 0 0 Jansen S,35-39 1 2 1 1 1 0 WPCorreia. UmpiresHome, Chad Fairchild; First, Mike Everitt; Second, Adrian Johnson; Third, Bill Miller. T:23. A,459 (56,000). Cubs 2, Giants 0, 4 innings San Francisco Chicago ab r h bi ab r h bi Pagan cf 3 0 2 0 Coghln lf 2 0 0 0 Pence rf 3 0 1 0 J.Baez 2b 1 1 0 0 Posey c 3 0 0 0 Rizzo 1b 2 1 2 2 Sandovl 3b 2 0 0 0 SCastro ss 2 0 0 0 Morse lf 2 0 0 0 Valuen 3b 2 0 0 0 Duvall 1b 2 0 0 0 Castillo c 2 0 0 0 Arias 2b 2 0 2 0 Alcantr cf 2 0 1 0 BCrwfr ss 2 0 1 0 Sweeny rf 1 0 0 0 Vglsng p 2 0 0 0 Wada p 0 0 0 0 Totals 21 0 6 0 Totals 14 2 3 2 San Francisco 000 00 0 Chicago 200 0x 2 LOBSan Francisco 6, Chicago 3. 2BPagan (16), Pence (26), Arias (5), Rizzo (21), Alcantara (8). HR Rizzo (29). SWada. IP H R ER BB SO San Francisco Vogelsong L,7-9 4 3 2 2 2 4 Chicago Wada W,3-1 5 6 0 0 0 3 UmpiresHome, Hunter Wendelstedt; First, Toby Bas ner; Second, Mike DiMuro; Third, Mike Estabrook. T:35 (Rain delay: 4:34). A,064 (41,072). This Date In Baseball Aug. 21 1919 Bert Adams of the Philadelphia Phillies tied a National League record for catchers as he re corded seven assists in one game. 1926 Ted Lyons of the Chicago White Sox pitched a no-hitter over the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. The 6-0 victory was achieved in 1 hour, 7 minutes. 1931 Babe Ruth hit his 600th home run as the Yankees beat the St. Louis Browns 11-7. 1947 The rst Little League World Series was at Williamsport, Pa. The Maynard Midgets of Williams port won the series. 1972 Steve Carlton of Philadelphia had his 15game winning streak snapped when Phil Niekro and the Atlanta Braves beat the Phillies 2-1 in 11 innings.


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Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B11 DAY, MONTH XX, YEAR DAILY COMMERCIAL XX 6865PETS rrfntttbn fb r nfffbtttb frf rnffb rtttrfr tr


www .Leesb urgdermato logy andmo hssur gery .co mEast Main Str eetPine Str eetEast Dixie Av enueLe esbu rg DE RMA TOL OGY & MOHS Surg ery Lee sb urg Regional Medical Center S. Lake Str eetJohnny Gur gen, DO FA OCDBoar d Certified Dermatologist & Mohs SurgeonAw ard Wi nning Author & Lecturer of multiple Wo rld Renowned Dermatologic Publications. SPE CIALIZING IN: rf n tbn n f nn n NOW ACCEP TING NEW PA TIENTSMost Insurance Plans Accepted Medicare Accepted n n bnf f nb f n b n f n b fnn f n n b fnn f n nn n f fnn n C1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 Enjoy Life 352-365-8203 IF I STAY: Author took time with ending / C6 ROGER MOORE MCT A t long last, what seemed like an endless summer is over at the mov ies, anyway. Its time to put aside all that comic book reading that we call re search, sweep the word sequel aside and get serious about movies, because serious movie season is here. Serious comedies, serious dramas, se rious thrillers, seri ous true story adap tations, these are the movies that will swell the ranks of Oscar con tenders between now and Thanksgiving. Thats when the hol iday season of lms rolls out, packed with sequels another Night at the Muse um, another Hunger Games, another Hot Tub Time Machine popcorn pictures, ac tion pics. So well leave Exodus and Into the Woods and such for the holidays. But fall lms? Theyre a most intriguing lot this year, and here are a few titles worth an ticipating. Now that Matthew McConaugheys got his Oscar, its time for this ol boy to save the world in Interstellar (Nov. 7). Its a Christopher Nolan sciadventure about explorers sent to nd a place humani ty can ee to, now that weve ruined the Earth. This has to be more ce rebral than the trailers, which are a tad on the glum side. This Is Where I Leave You (Sept. 19) brings Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, Abigail Spencer, Dax Shepard and others together under matriarch Jane Fondas roof after the family patriarch dies. The most promising Shawn Night at the Museum Levy come dy ever. Foxcatcher (Nov. 14) is director Bennett Millers ver sion of the true story of an Olympic wres tler allowed to train in a DuPont heirs house and the tragedy that ensued. Channing Tatum wrestles, Steve Carell takes a SERIOUS turn to the dark side as John DuPont, with Mark Ruffalo, Vanessa Redgrave and Sienna Miller also in the cast. Fall film flurry A few worth looking forward to in the upcoming serious movie season MCT PHOTO ABOVE: Tina Fey as Wendy Altman, Corey Stoll as Paul Altman, Jane Fonda as Hilary Altman, Jason Bateman as Judd Altman and Adam Driver as Phillip Altman in This Is Where I Leave You, set to hit theaters Sept. 19. BELOW: Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) gets his new orders from Lieutenant Parker (Xavier Samuel) in Columbia Pictures Fury. GLENN WHIPP MCT Watching the Emmy ceremony last year pro duced a nasty case of whiplash as the evening veered wildly between rewarding the expected winners (Modern Fam ily, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jim Parsons) and deliver ing absolutely shocking surprises. Bobby Can navale? Really? Jeff Dan iels, not Kevin Spacey or Bryan Cranston? Huh. Merritt who? Wever? OK, then. Gotta go. Bye. Wever didnt know how to react to her win, but she should have at least allowed for the possibility, as the Emmy acting catego ries are judged not for the whole season but for a single submitted episode. (At least thats how voters are directed to proceed.) Sometimes this methodology can produce some bizarre outcomes, though usu ally not as many as last year. Who might pull off an upset in 2014? Read on for our predictions. DRAMA SERIES SHOULD WIN: Breaking Bad WILL WIN: Breaking Bad ANALYSIS: Breaking Bad was in the middle of its nal few episodes last year when, on its fourth try, it nally won the series Emmy. Based on the high quality and emotional payoff con tained in that last hur rah, it was widely as sumed then that this crew would repeat this time out. And it prob ably will, edging out the cosmically complex True Detective. DRAMA ACTOR SHOULD WIN: Matthew McConaughey, True Detective WILL WIN: McCo naughey Top Emmy races: Likely winners and possible upsets URSULA COYOTE / AP Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is shown in a scene from the second season of Breaking Bad. Cranston is nominated for an Emmy in the Drama Actor category. ROGER MOORE MCT He just turned 25. So theres no calling Daniel Radcliffe kid any more. But there is something of the kid in a candy store to his wide-ranging choice of roles in the short time since he hung up Harry Potters in visibility cloak. He played a lawyer con tending with a vengeful ghost in The Woman in Black, gay poet Allen Ginsburg during his formative college years in Kill Your Darlings, and paired up with Jon Hamm for the short TV series about physicians in Revolutionary Russia in A Young Doctors Notebook. Every so often, he devotes a few months to the theater, most recently starring as The Cripple of Inishmaan. Kid in a candy store thats pretty much how Im looking at it, he admits with a chuckle. Im ...kind of try ing a little bit of everything. Playing one part for a long time builds up in you a desire to play lots of different roles, see what youre like, what you might be good at. So he donned Horns to play a young man who grows horns after his girlfriends mysterious death, a lm due out this fall. And he took on his rst-ever romantic come dy leading man role, in What If, starring opposite Zoe Ka zan, now in theaters. Im still nding out who I am as an actor, what I like doing and what Im best at, Radcliffe says. Thats how I have the most fun, facing the unexpected every time out. If I have the chance, at this stage in my career, Im going No longer a kid, Radcliffe is still finding wildly different roles to play MCT PHOTO Sparks y between Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) in What If. SEE RACES | C3 SEE RADCLIFFE | C2 SEE FILMS | C3


C2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 g r fnt bf ft r bf f1Find the Pe rfect Emplo ye es!Hundr eds of pot ential job candidat es all in one place Se ptember 16, 2014Leesbur g Comm unity Cent er 109 E. Old Dixie Av e.Open to Pub lic: 10-3pmEmplo ye rs Bene ts:1-Visibility and Pub licity 2-T o attr act go od applicants/Hir ing fo r openings. 3-Educate the pub lic on its mission and pur pose 4-Build up applicant pool fo r futur e openings.Emplo ye es Bene ts:1-T o be hir ed with a go od compan y in a go od job 2-T o help determine car eer dir ections. 3-Lear n mor e about the companies hir ing 4-T o mar ke t and netw or k. MEREDITH BLAKE MCT NEW YORK In The Hon orable Woman, an eightpart miniseries airing on SundanceTV, Maggie Gyllen haal stars as Baroness Nes sa Stein, a British Israeli heir ess whose life is inextricably bound up in one of human itys most enduring conicts. As a child, Nessa witnessed the brutal assassination of her father, a Zionist arms dealer, and three decades lat er she is committed to using her wealth and inuence to foster peace and prosperity in the Middle East. The series opens as Nessa announc es plans to bring high-speed data cables to the West Bank in a lucrative deal with a Pal estinian businessman. Terror thrives in poverty, it dies in wealth, she declares idealistically. But within min utes, the businessman turns up dead under suspicious circumstances and view ers are thrust into a complex mystery that involves secrets buried deep in Nessas past. The Honorable Woman, written and directed by Brit ish TV auteur Hugo Blick, landed on Gyllenhaals door step at a time when she was frustrated about being sent the same kind of part over and over again sexy sin gle mom roles that were bad versions of the character that earned her an Oscar nomina tion in 2009s Crazy Heart. I was really looking to play an intelligent, powerful woman who was also all the other things that we women all are, says the 36-year-old over breakfast at a Brooklyn cafe not far from the home she shares with her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard, which is confused and weak and broken and not broken and sexy and not sexy. Nessa, a character whose stylish and poised exterior barely disguises a profound emotional vulnerability and a history of intense person al trauma she sleeps in a high-tech panic room, and with good reason certain ly t the bill. Still, Gyllenhaal says she hesitated to accept the part. My husband and every body who works with me were all like, What are you talking about? You have to do this, its a very unusual and extraordinary piece. But I really did try not to do it. I tried really hard. I knew that in order to play her I would have to grow up in some ma jor way as myself and that I would probably be a differ ent person by the end of it than before I began. Blick had no such reser vations about Gyllenhaal. I didnt want a casting that suggested a kick-ass action girl or a Barbie doll, he said via telephone. She needed to have a cool exterior of in tellectual presence. You have to have this outside of calm and then inside you have to be emotionally in bits. I real ly needed an actor who could perform all those layers, and Maggie was that. In a rarity for a spy thriller, even one with the complexity of a John le Carre novel, The Honorable Woman is pop ulated with female charac ters who are more than mere honey traps. Chief among them are Janet McTeer as a steely MI6 boss who cool ly gives orders to her ex (Ste phen Rea), and Lubna Azabal as a formidable Palestinian woman who works as a nan ny for Nessas brother (An drew Buchan) and tightly wound sister-in-law (Kather ine Parkinson). I was really intrigued to take the chassis, the vehicle of the genre which is quite masculine, and place wom en at the center of the story, says Blick, who also wrote and directed the noir series The Shadow Line. Gyllenhaal, who will be making her Broadway debut this fall opposite Ewan Mc Gregor in a revival of Tom Stoppards The Real Thing, joins a growing list of movie talent migrating to television for creative fulllment. Not only are there not that many interesting independent scripts, theres no real sys tems to help get them distrib uted anymore, she replies when asked about the chal lenges facing the indepen dent lm business. If youre making work so that people will see it and be affected by it, it makes a lot more sense to do it in television. But even though Sundance is a comfortable small-screen home for an actress who burst onto the scene in the 2002 festival favorite Sec retary, the move to televi sion was not without risks. For Gyllenhaal, used to the three-act structure and twohour arc of feature lm, the sheer scope of The Honor able Woman was unprec edented. And as the moth er of two young daughters, she also had to consider how shed juggle a lengthy shoot that would take her family to London and Morocco with the more quotidian demands of child rearing. About the third day, I re member just crying quietly in my trailer and I tried not to mess up my makeup. I hadnt ever taken on anything like that, she recalls. Executives at SundanceTV, which co-produced the se ries with the BBC, also a part ner on last years Top of the Lake, had few such qualms. When Maggies name was suggested, it didnt even take us a beat to be fully in, says network President Sarah Bar nett. Shes such a nuanced performer, and shes so able to convey such layers with in a character, and she has this incredibly physical pres ence. Barnett, a Brit, also jokes that Gyllenhaals plum my English accent is more impeccable than mine. Gyllenhaal says she had to grow up for Honorable Woman ROBERT VIGLASKY / AP Tobias Menzies, left, and Maggie Gyllenhaal are shown in a scene from The Honorable Woman, a miniseries airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Sundance. In a rarity for a spy thriller, even one with the complexity of a John le Carre novel, The Honorable Woman is populated with female characters who are more than mere honey traps. to do the widest variety of roles. He has that chance, that freedom of choice, because he was in the most commercially suc cessful lm franchise of all time. Theres no pressure to nd another lm franchise, or even to star in another block buster. Im never going to get that level again, for starters, Radcliffe says. But nancially, I only have to do things that Im passionate about. I dont have to do stuff Im not interested in just to make a living. For as long as Im in this po sition, thats what I in tend to do. Estimates of his vast Harry Potter earnings vary widely, but sufce it to say he doesnt sweat the Monday morning box ofce gures. If a Woman in Black hits and a Kill Your Dar lings doesnt, it was the interesting work that mattered to Radcliffe. What If began life as a script titled The F-Word, as in friend, as in a young man who meets young woman he clicks with (Kazan) only to discover shes in a long-term, committed relationship. She val ues his company, but hes smitten and con demned to the friend zone. Its an odd term, a very modern term the Friend Zone, he says. In a way, being in a relationship with some body who is your best friend is kind of the ide al. You want that person you fall in love with and marry to be your best friend. But if somebody says, That girl put me in The Friend Zone, it implies that the only attraction you have for that person is sexual. I dont think all men are like that. To be honest, were not all that shal low. So, decades of living with that When Har ry Met Sally rule, Men and women cant be friends, was a mistake? I just dont believe thats the case any more. But the movies more about Is it ever right to maintain a re lationship thats a deni al of your own feelings? My character meets this girl, nds out she has a boyfriend and instead of going, Ill just move on with my life, he chooses to torture him self by being around her because she makes him so happy he cant NOT spend time with her. Critics have been en thusiastic about Rad cliffe and Kazans ob vious chemistry, their way with witty/ir tatious banter. Peter Rainer of The Chris tian Science Monitor praised their nerdsin-clover rapport, and even though she found What If too cute for its own good, The Vil lage Voices Stepha nie Zacharek said its so enjoyable from mo ment to moment that its easy to forgive. One thing the Mi chael Dowse lm uses, to great effect, is a sight gag. The 5 Radcliffe and 5 Kazan are for ever being paired up with Adam Driver (6), as Radcliffes characters best friend, and Rafe Spall (6) as Kazans characters live-in beau. I didnt care, Rad cliffe says, declaring hes not touchy about playing a sight-gag. I have met tall people be fore. The shot of me and Adam walking down the street, it takes a special lens to keep us both in the frame! But ask him who he looks to as a career role model and theres no hesitation. Its one of his Horns co-stars, a man of similar stature. As I neared the end of Potter, I started paying a lot of attention to what James McAvoy was do ing. Hes having an ex traordinary career and its still only just getting started. Hes done it his own way. RADCLIFFE FROM PAGE C1 MCT PHOTO Daniel Radcliffe stars as Wallace in What If.


Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C3 CR OW NS$399Eac h(3 or mor e per visit) D2751/ Re g $59 9 ea. Po rcel ain on non Pr ecious me ta l DENTURES$74 9Eac hD0 51 10 or D0 51 20DENT AL SA VIN GSTh e patie nt an d any oth er per son re spons ible for paym ent has the right to re fuse to pay cancel payme nt or be re imburs ed for paym ent for any other ser vices, ex aminat ion whic h is per for med as a re sult of and with in 72 hours of re spon ding to the ad ve rt is em en t fo r th e discounted fee or re duced fee ser vice or tr eatment. Fees may va ry due to comple xity of case This disc ount do es no t appl y to th ose patie nt s wi th den tal pla ns. Fee s ar e mi ni mal. PR IC ES ARE SU BJ ECT TO CHA NGE. LEESBUR GM T. DORASu nr is e De nt al Tr i-D ent al r ff nt bb f Consul tat ion and Seco nd Op in ion No Ch ar ge!n t t NEW PA TIENT SPEC IAL COMPLETE SET OF X-RA YS (D0210) CLEANING BY HYGIENIST (D110) EX AMINA TION BY DO CTOR (D0150) SECOND OPINION$49Reg. $155(IN ABS ENCE OF GUM DISEA SE ) D00 2409 ANALYSIS: As with se ries, this comes down to True Detective versus Breaking Bad, pitting Bryan Cranstons in delible, iconic antihero against McConaugheys haunted truth-teller. This is the last chance to honor Cranston but the only opportunity to reward newly mint ed Oscar winner McCo naughey. Given Crans tons four previous wins, give the slight edge to the Emmy newcomer. DRAMA ACTRESS SHOULD WIN: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife WILL WIN: Rob in Wright, House of Cards ANALYSIS: Claire Danes has won two years run ning for Homeland but has little chance to threepeat, as vot ers gave the show only two nominations. Ker ry Washington was a popular pick last year, but her moment may have come and gone. Give the advantage to Wright for her modern Lady Macbeth, though Emmy favorite Mar gulies has a powerful, emotional episode with Last Call. Close race. DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTOR SHOULD WIN: Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad WILL WIN: Paul ANALYSIS: Its last call for both Paul and Josh Charles, who left The Good Wife on spec tacular terms. And past winner Peter Dinklage has a fantastic Emmy episode, Tyrions tri al, in which he delivers the kind of stentorian, damn-you-all-to-hell speech that award vot ers love. Still, yo, Paul going ballistic after put ting together the truth about the poisoning of the child Brock in the Confessions episode? Tough to top. DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTRESS SHOULD WIN: Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad WILL WIN: Gunn ANALYSIS: Its tempt ing to predict an up set here, as voters could go with the sensation alistic Downton Ab bey episode in which Joanne Froggatts Anna Bates is raped. But Gunns Emmy submis sion, Ozymandias, is peerless. You dont bet against a mother pro tecting her child, par ticularly if shes bran dishing a kitchen knife. Make it back-to-back wins for Gunn. COMEDY SERIES SHOULD WIN: Orange Is the New Black WILL WIN: Orange Is the New Black ANALYSIS: As much as Emmy voters love re runs, theres the feel ing that Modern Fam ily wont win here ve years running. Orange Is the New Black, rev olutionary in so many ways, would be the log ical successor, though some voters might snub it because it isnt an out right comedy. If thats the case, maybe the great Veep takes the crown. COMEDY ACTOR SHOULD WIN: Ricky Gervais, Derek WILL WIN: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory ANALYSIS: For the mo ment, at least, were go ing to play the percent ages and go with the safe pick, Parsons. But Gervais, on a divisive show that doesnt get the publicity of its Net ix siblings, easily has the best Emmy submis sion episode, a superb showcase for his slap stick and verbal com edy. Watch it now so youll be smarter than everyone else in the room on Emmy night. COMEDY ACTRESS SHOULD WIN: Taylor Schilling, Orange Is the New Black WILL WIN: Julia Lou is-Dreyfus, Veep ANALYSIS: Although we may be at the tip ping point for a new winner in comedy se ries, Louis-Dreyfus seems safe for anoth er year here, particular ly with the strength of both the Veep season and her submission ep isode, the dramatic and very funny rst half of the season nale. Schilling poses the only threat and shouldnt be discounted for the deft way she negotiated comedy and pathos. MOVIE SHOULD WIN: Sher lock: His Last Vow WILL WIN: The Normal Heart ANALYSIS: The tele vision academy com bined this category with miniseries for the last three years before sep arating them again. Pri or to that, HBO had won seven straight, and it will begin a new streak for The Normal Heart, a pointed, passion ate adaptation of Lar ry Kramers Tony-win ning play. Overlooked: The brilliant last epi sode of Sherlock, a surprising, suspense ful tale of blackmail that was among the series nest. RACES FROM PAGE C1 DAVID GIESBRECHT / AP Julianna Margulies portrays Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife. Margulies is nominated for an Emmy in the Drama Actress category. THERESA CAMPBELL | Staff Writer Accomplished Mount Dora composer and jazz pianist Justin Ward Weber has per formed as far away as Pavia, Italy, and now he will enter tain the home town crowd at the Modern ism Museum in Mount Dora on Saturday night, treating guests to jazz from the Roar ing Twenties and the Big Band era while he tickles the ivories on a Caligari, a one-of-akind Steinway piano. The museum is showcasing the piano as part of a yearlong exhibit, and the 7 p.m. concert on Saturday will mark Webers rst time to perform at the museum, 145 E. Fourth St., which opened last October. A recent graduate of Stetson Universi ty with a major in mu sic, theory and compo sition, Weber served as the music director for Sonnentag Theatre at the IceHouse in Mount Dora, and also has been the praise and worship team pianist at First Presbyterian Church in Mount Dora. He plans to head to New York Univer sity in September to complete his gradu ate studies in music, and he noted on his re sume that his overall goal is to have a career composing music for lm, television, musi cals and video games. His list of profession al achievements is long and still growing. He won the 2010 Orlando Philharmonic Young Composers Challenge and his composition, La Noche de Fuego, was recorded by the orchestra. In 2012, an other of his works de buted at the High Score Music Festival in Pavia, Italy. He is just a great kid. In fact, the whole town of Mount Dora is so supportive of him, said Michele Giancola, managing director of Modernism Museum. She believes many of Webers fans will en joy hearing the pia nist perform A Mu sical History of Jazz as well as the various genres of jazz that par allel specic periods of history from the 1860s, 1970s and beyond on the muse ums renowned Wendell Castle Caligari piano. Our patrons will get to see these wonder ful performing arts as they sit in the most incredible vi sual art. The gallery it self just turns into a lit tle mini concert hall. Its really small and in timate and its going to be an incredible per formance, Giancola said. We are so excit ed to share the sounds of the Caligari piano. The concert is a con tinuation of the con cert series presented by the museum and Main Street Leasing, and the piano is part of a yearlong exhibi tion titled Wharton to Wendell, which Gi ancola hails as two of the most iconic and inuential masters of their craft. The museum cu rates and exhibits the functional ne-art hy brid that comprises the art of the Modernism Movement while em phasizing the relation ships between form, function and materials. Giancola said the mu seums current exhib it is one of the worlds largest collections of Modernism works by Wharton Esherick and Wendell Castle, both considered to be inno vators of the Modern ism American Crafts men movements. Doors for Satur days concert open at 6:45 p.m. Ticket pur chase includes the concert and full access to the museum exhibit immediately after the concert, including the audio tour. Tickets are $10 for three members and $15 for non-mem bers. Due to limit ed seating, tickets are available for purchase at the museum or by calling 352-385-0034. Additional details are available at www.Mod MOUNT DORA Weber to tickle ivories on a oneof-a-kind piano WEBER Laggies (Oct. 24) is worth looking forward to simply be cause it has Sam Rockwell as the responsible adult forced to deal with his daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz), who has be friended a commitment-phobic loser (Keira Knightley) and al lowed her to move in. The trailers to The Theory of Everything (Nov. 7) sug gest a sugar-coated take on the great Stephen Hawkings tri umphant/tragic life. But sure ly the dark stuff made it into this bio-drama, which stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. The Maze Runner (Sept. 19) reminds us that, yeah, theres another Hunger Games coming. Because theres al ways another Hunger Games (Mockingjay, Part 1, Nov. 21) coming. But this lm of the James Dashner novel promises to be a new variation on the kids ghting for the scifuture for mula. This time, theyre dropped into this mysterious game zone, and forced to try to escape ... a Maze! The whole Year of Michael Keaton thing kind of zzled when Need for Speed went no where. But Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritus Birdman (Oct. 17) has him playing a has-been star of superhero lms who strug gles to revive his career with a Broadway play. Naomi Watts, Edward Norton and Zach Galianakis co-star. Itll be dark, but will it be funny? Book of Life (Oct. 17), produced by Guillermo del Toro, is a Latin-infused pre-Hallow een Day of the Dead romp done in a stop-motion (CGI) style, and is the best looking and most promising animated lm of the fall. But The Boxtrolls (Sept. 26), a tale of a boy raised by trash-collection trolls, is from producers of ParaNorman, so ngers crossed. Disneys Big Hero 6 (Nov. 7) is a CGI approx imation of anime, a more fan boy-oriented action pic, based on a comic book. Gone Girl (Oct. 3) is David Zodiac Finchers new thriller, about a man (Ben Afeck) whose wife (Rosamund Pike) has been kidnapped, and the media restorm that starts to point the nger at him as possibly the perpetrator. Fury (Oct. 17), from David Training Day Ayer, is a WWII combat picture with Brad Pitt playing a grizzled ser geant named Wardaddy lead ing his tank crew behind enemy lines. Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman compete for Wardaddys attention. A Most Violent Year (Nov. 17) is a period piece from J.C. Chandor (Margin Call, All is Lost). Its a thriller set in hy per-violent American Hustleera New York, with Jessica Chastain, Oscar Isaac and an immigrant (David Oyelowo) caught up in the decaying citys downward spiral. FILMS FROM PAGE C1 TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX / AP A group of boys known as the Gladers are trapped inside a mysterious and massive maze in The Maze Runner. The movie releases in the U.S. on Sept. 19.




Thursday, August 21, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C5 Au th en ti c Me xi ca n Fo odGr ea t Fo r Pa rt ie s r f n t b b nn f nOp en 7 Da ys A We ek b f b n n 35 235 746 0010 % OF F EN TI RE BI LL r f CA NA DIAN MEDSSa ve up t o 80%on Yo ur Meds Pr ices CO UPON R X744 S. US Hwy 441, La dy Lake(Near Oakw ood Grill Restaur ant)CA LL FOR A FREE QUO TEWe shi p an ywh er e in th e US ALocally ow ned & operatedInitial Pur ch ase of $100.00 or Mor e$10 .0 0 OFFAdv air Benicar C elebre x Ci al is Crestor Cymbalta Flomax Levitra Le xapro Li pi to r Ne xi um Spiriv a Vi agra ZetiaORDER BY PHONENo store visit required Diversions 352-365-8208 BRIDGE How to play: Fill in the blank squares with the numbers 1 through 9 so that each horizontal row, vertical column and nine-square sub-grid contains no repeated numbers. Puzzles range in difculty from one to six stars. The solution to todays puz zle will be in tomorrows paper. YESTERDAYS SOLUTION Today is Thursday, Au gust 21 the 233rd day of 2014. There are 132 days left in the year. Todays Highlight in His tory: On August 21, 1944, the United States, Brit ain, the Soviet Union and China opened talks at Dumbarton Oaks in Wash ington that helped pave the way for establishment of the United Nations. (The talks concluded on October 7.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014 : This year you could al ternate between nurturing and critical. If people start acting a little crazy around you, it might be in direct re sponse to the mixed vibes youre sending. Try to get some feedback. You are un usually creative and full of energy. You will enter a new 12-year luck cycle in late spring. If you are single, oth ers want to get to know you. Be careful when meeting new people, as you could encounter someone who is emotionally unavailable. Get to know someone very well before you decide wheth er to commit. If you are at tached, the two of you will enter a special period that brings you very close to gether. Accept and respect your differences. CANCER can be clingy. ARIES (March 21-April 19) You might feel caught between doing what you would like to do and do ing what needs to be done. Recognize manipulation for what it is. You might not want to play with those who are deeply embedded in this type of behavior. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your ingenuity will come forward and eliminate a dif cult situation. You could be too tired to keep dealing with others who complicate your life. Give some thought to establishing stronger boundaries. You know what you want. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Stay anchored when dealing with a domestic matter. Your ability to con vert a difcult situation into one that is easier could be challenged. Be patient when dealing with others. Your fuse could be short, espe cially with an associate. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You nally will feel more up to snuff, only to have a loved one become touchy and withdrawn. You might need to let this situation work itself out. Try not to be so uptight; instead, go off and choose an activity that you enjoy. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) So much is going on behind the scenes that you could be overwhelmed. You know what you want, and you know where you are head ing. Pulling back might be the only smart response for now. It wont be long before you feel more in control. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) A discussion can be put off only for so long. Your creativity will feed natural ly into your day. What you see happen could please you, even though you might not have anticipated that re action. What you were con cerned about wont be an issue now. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) A loved one could become very demanding regarding a nancial concern. The two of you clearly do not share the same values, and it will become very evident when money is involved. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You might feel as if you are caught between a rock and a hard place. You need to rethink a problem and come to a decision. Your ability to negotiate a dif ferent solution will emerge once you detach. Take a walk to clear your mind. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22Dec. 21) You could be over whelmed by all the choic es an associate presents. Somehow youll need to g ure out how to make a de cision. Understand that money doesnt have to be the driving force. Take your time, and look at the big picture. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) You will be in the mood to do less and let others carry more of their weight with a project. For tunately, they will be up for taking on more responsibil ity. It is important to prove to yourself that you can re lax and assume a different role. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Youll see a personal matter differently from how an associate sees it. Some times discussing ones per sonal problems with others does provide a fresh per spective, but this might not be the case for you. Only you can decide that. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Youll become more re sourceful in spite of some one who keeps saying no. Dont waste time feeling disappointed. There is an easier solution; you simply havent found it yet. Keep discussions open until you can bypass this obstacle. HOROSCOPES TODAY IN HISTORY DEAR ABBY: I am being married later this year, and Im planning my guest list. My cousin Emily has ve young children who Im mak ing an exception to in vite. She lives across the country, so shes starting to book her plane reservations. Emily just an nounced that shes be ing remarried and her ance has three chil dren he shares joint custody of. Am I ob ligated to invite three children I have nev er met? This is causing a lot of grief between me and my ance be cause Emily assumes that they are all wel come. Please advise. D.C. IN NYC DEAR D.C.: Call Cous in Emily. Explain that your guest list is lim ited and that her ve children to whom you are related are the exceptions. No oth er children have been invited to the wedding, and you would prefer to get to know her ances children under less stressful circum stances. Emilys wrong to as sume she can include anyone whose name wasnt on her wed ding invitation. The children can stay with their mother or grand parents during the time their father will be away. DEAR ABBY: My hus band prefers leftovers to sandwiches for his work lunch. He gener ally takes them in reus able plastic bowls that claim to be dishwasher and microwave safe. After a short time, these bowls become terribly stained. Not only are they unsight ly, but sometimes they harbor odors. Even though they have been thoroughly washed, they seem unclean. We have noticed this hap pens more often with tomato-based food like spaghetti or barbecue. I have tried soaking the bowls overnight in dishwashing detergent and even using a small amount of bleach, but the stains remain. Is there a way to remove the stains and odors, or must I continue to buy new bowls and throw the stained ones out? BOWLED OVER IN ALA BAMA DEAR BOWLED OVER: According to Haleys Hints, by Graham and Rosemary Haley (New American Library), if you soak the bowls and lids in cold water for ve minutes or more before putting the left overs into them, you can prevent the stain ing from happening. And the odors can be removed by placing crumpled newspaper inside them and put ting the tops on before storing them. (This is also an effective way to deodorize shoes.) DEAR ABBY: My daughter just got re married to a man who has a 10-year-old son. I dont know the boy at all. What is the appro priate name he should call me? My daughter already has two boys from her rst marriage and they, of course, call me Grandma. I dont feel comfortable hav ing her new stepson call me Grandma. Any suggestions? NAME LESS IN NEW YORK DEAR NAMELESS: Is your heart really so closed that you would tell that boy he isnt welcome in it? I urge you to be more ac cepting of this child, or you may get a name that isnt t for a family newspaper and not only will the boy be us ing it, but also his fa ther. Dear Abby is written by Abi gail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was found ed by her mother, Pauline Phil lips. Write Dear Abby at www. or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Cousins tag-along kids push the limit of brides guest list JEANNE PHILLIPS DEAR ABBY JACQUELINE BIGAR BIGARS STARS


C6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, August 21, 2014 2065 1 U. S. Hwy 44 1, Ea st of Mount Dora 35238 3-8393 www .renning m LA RG EST SOURCE OF ANTIQUES IN THE SOUTHEASTANT IQ UE CE NTEROVER 200 BOOTHSSaturday & Sunday Indoors & Outdoors Open 9am 5pm. Friday: Featured Dealers in the Enclosed Building and the Consignment Area are Open 10am 4pm.352-383-8393 Sat urday & Sunday 8am 4pm35 2-3 83 -31 41OVER 700 VENDORS INDOORS & OUTDOORS FA RMERS & FLEA MARKETD005427 RICK BENTLEY MCT Mia, the main character in Gayle Formans book If I Stay, has to make a major decision between ghting for life or giving up after an acci dent leaves her in a coma. Youll have to read the book or see the new feature lm opening Friday to see what happens. Forman says she had to wait, too. It wasnt until she was halfway through writing If I Stay that she decided which way the story would go. I am not sure why I chose the way I did. But, as I got further and further into the book, I had all these scenes from her past of love and beauty. I began to see her transformation and, when she was in the ghost state, coming to understand the strength that makes her do what she does, Forman says during a promotional stop in San Francisco. The author, along with the movies star Chloe Grace Moretz, have been on the road talking about the lm. Moretz plays Mia, a serious 17-year-old whose passion for the cello has her on the verge of musical greatness. A tragic turn of events affects everything Mia has lived for in her few short years her family, friends, music and her relationship with Adam (Ja mie Blackley), a fun-loving rock musician who is also on the path to fame and fortune. Forman based the book on a tragic accident that took the lives of two close friends and their children. One of the children stayed alive lon ger than the rest of the fami ly. During her grieving for the loss, Forman began to think about whether the child knew what happened and if that had any effect on his eventual passing. While Forman didnt hear their voices while she was writing, she does believe the family was in the room with her as the book began to take shape. Theres a note in the paper back that says love can make you immortal. You do keep people alive when you think about them. They will truly never be gone, Forman says. Despite some starts and stops, Forman released If I Stay in 2009 and it earned her the NAIBA (New Atlan tic Independent Booksellers Association) Book of the Year Award, as well as the 2010 In die Choice Honor Award. The book means so much to Forman, that its only nat ural she had a few qualms when Shauna Cross was hired to turn the book into a screenplay. Forman, whose back ground is in print journal ism writing for Seventeen Magazine Elle and Cosmo politan didnt want to write the screenplay. But she also didnt want the script to feel like a distant cousin to the book. Both Cross and direc tor R.J. Cutler consulted her as the script came together, which erased her concerns. The most important part of the book and lm is the deci sion Mia makes and why that choice is selected. Forman says shes often asked about the ending of the book. Con sidering the type of books be ing generated in the Young Adult genre, Forman likes to joke, they all die and turn into sparkly vampires. Author took time to decide ending of If I Stay DOANE GREGORY Chloe Grace Moretz stars as Mia in If I Stay, a lm adaptation of Gayle Formans novel. Moretz plays Mia, a serious 17-year-old whose passion for the cello has her on the verge of musical greatness. A tragic turn of events affects everything Mia has lived for in her few short years. CHRIS TALBOTT AP Music Writer NASHVILLE, Tenn. Brian Kelley and Ty ler Hubbard of country dude duo Florida Geor gia Line know all eyes on Music Row are on them as they prepare to release their second al bum, Anything Goes, on Oct. 14. Everybody wants to see if countrys favorite party boys can keep the festivities rolling, and Kelley and Hubbard dont really mind. A little bit of that pressure creates some pretty good creativ ity, Kelley said. We just pushed really hard little melody chang es, adding little things here, an 808 drop there, a breakdown here, a dif ferent guitar lick there, whatever it may be, we really spent a lot of time on the little details. Better is better, and thats our motto. For the most part, the 12 tracks on the Joey Moi-produced al bum mine the same high-spirited territory as debut Heres to the Good Times upbeat rockers meant to evoke midnight bonre par ties at the lake. Lead sin gle Dirt is another No. 1 hit on the country charts, and has already peak ed at No. 11 on the Hot 100. The groups music is part of a trend that some within the community say has pushed countrys sound too far toward the pop music middle. While there is no rap ping, the duo listened to the fans on Anything Goes and continued to push the boundaries of the genre. They completely ditch the metaphor and sing openly about smok ing marijuana on Sun Daze, perhaps setting up a difcult choice for radio program di rectors. And then there are the 808 bass drops on a handful of songs that will no doubt drive country purists crazy, but add an interesting counterpoint to the sun shine bright rock guitar tones on the album. We took all that good energy and the success that (the fans) have giv en us and put it into making this next record, and I think it shows, Kelley said. Theres a couple sad songs, theres a couple that make you think, but at the same time its a party album. Its a feel-good album. Right when you get to the last song youre go ing to want to start it all over again. Its right ex actly 100 percent where we are in our lives. And thats a pret ty good place with the line between work and play completely blurred. When theyre not on the road partying with fans, their crossover success has allowed them to up the fun while home. Hubbard built an air-lov ers dirt bike track in his backyard. And Kelleys about to reveal his awe some new treehouse Fri day night on the Ani mal Planet reality show Treehouse Masters. He calls it breathtaking. The treehouse is two stories of adult child like fun, man, Kelley said. Its hard to put in words what this tree house is. Its a studio, its a living space, its a cre ative space. Its spiritu al. Ive never seen any thing like it. Record 3, well be do ing a lot of vocals there. Anything Goes for Florida Georgia Lines second LP AP FILE PHOTO Brian Kelley, left, and Tyler Hubbard of the musical group Florida Georgia Line arrive at the CMT Music Awards at Bridgestone Arena on in Nashville, Tenn.