SobekCM Recent Enhancements : Notes from UF, with Notes on System, Software, and Project Announcements, From UF, A SobekCM Software Community Contributor

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SobekCM Recent Enhancements : Notes from UF, with Notes on System, Software, and Project Announcements, From UF, A SobekCM Software Community Contributor
Sullivan, Mark V.
Taylor, Laurie N.
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 15 The se announc e ments archived to this version on Dec. 7, 2013. New/updated information is available on an ongoing basis, here: /sobekcm/development/highlights A DDITIONAL R ESOURCES Below is a list of the recent enhancements and highlights. For more information, please see the full release history and: SobekCM: o GitHub: Web Application o Google Code: o SourceForge: Email lists: o SOBEKCM o Digital Humanities ( DIGITAL HUMANITIES ) o Data Management, Data/Digital Curation ( datamgmt ) Featured In Publications, Presentations & Trainings See our blog for more! N OVEMBER D ECEMBER 2013 Sullivan, Mark V., John Nemmers, and Laurie N. Taylor. "Training Series: Sobek / SobekCM for Curators and Collection Managers (detailed overview: ): Traing One Four" live at UF and webinars. Nov. 14 Dec. 19, 2013. LIVE Thursday, No vember 14th, 11:00 AM 12:30 PM, Library West 211 WEBINARS (Webinar recordings will be posted once available): o Wednesday, November 20th, 2:00 PM 3:30 PM ( http://ufsmathers.adobeconnec ) o Webinar recording: SobekCM YouTube Channel Training Two: Resource and Metadata Submission and Editing (Mark Sullivan) LIVE Thursday, November 21st, 11:00 AM 1:00 PM, Library West 211


Page 2 of 15 WEBIN ARS ( Webinar recordings will be posted once available ) o Wednesday, November 27th, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM, with a UFDC emphasis ( ) o Monday, December 2nd, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM, with a dLOC emphasis ( ) o Webinar recording: SobekCM Y ouTube Channel Training Three: QC Online Tool and Leveraging the Hierarchical Organization of Digital Resources (Mark Sullivan and John Nemmers) LIVE Tuesday, December 3rd, 10:30 AM 12:30 PM, Library West 211 WEBINARS ( Webinar recordings will be posted once available ) o Thursday, December 5th, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM, with a UFDC emphasis ( ) o Friday, December 13th, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM, with a dLOC emphasis ( ) Training Four: Managing Your Collection Curator Tools (Mark Sullivan and Laurie Taylor) LIVE T hursday, December 12th, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM, Library West 211 WEBINARS ( Webinar recordings will be posted once available ) o Tuesday, December 17th, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM, with a UFDC emphasis ( ) o Thursday, December 19th, 10:00AM 12:00 PM, with a dLOC emphasis ( ) Sullivan, Mark V. "Unearthing St. Augustine" at GIS Day 2013, UF: Nov. 20, 2013. Wooldridge, Brooke, Laurie N. Taylor, Judith C. Russell, and Lillian Guerra. "Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)." Workshop and Conference Presentation. THATCamp Caribe 2, Havana, Cuba: Nov. 3 7, 2014. and ital library of the caribbean dloc biblioteca digital del caribe dloc/ O CTOBER 2013 Dataset support in SobekCM Overview and see Data Set Collections More guides added to "UF Libraries : Digital Collection Development & Management Resources" Planning upcoming trainings on Sobek for Curators (possible dates on 11/14 and 11/21): o Possibly based on existing slides and from SOAS o Sobek for Curators, Training Two: Metadata Editing How to, with simple and easy to follow decision tree diagram Related metadata decision tree: tree doc nonjs.html Related to training on metadata theory and practice o Sobek for Curators, T raining Three: QC online Overall, interface, what QC online does Specific frequent needs (e.g., selecting a main thumbnail) Use case: adding a page to a book where it was missed Use case: processing a small item Tracking production overall: curator tools with items stats and status breakdown


Page 3 of 15 o Sobek for Curators, Training Four: Curator Tools Resource guides, set one and set two S EPTEMBER 2013 microdata implemented along with support for COINS and UnAPI for citations Hover over on JPEG now includes text tip to cl ick for zoomable Header, nav, and footer for Item viewers now in HTML5 GovDocs template Many presentations (Baldwin virtual tour; Ethnic News presentation; GovDocs; etc.) Classes with dLOC and Sobek supported digital collections o Amherst, UF, and University of Miami DOCC (decentralized online collaborative course), Panama Silver, Asian Gold o FIU and Digital Humanities Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs): o Thousands recently loaded from prior system/processes, with some missing identified to be loaded soon o Undergraduate Honors Theses, all existing are in process for ingest, and new will load directly (or DARK as applicable) o All in the UFETD Digital Collection Small (or so called "dinky") databases being identified, with migration to Sobek as appropriate, including the Alligator Index New Sobek powered libraries up and underway: New College; Coral Gables; FIU; USF; Gulf Coast NDNP grant awared and oral history grant, see publications for links to press releases A UGUST 2013 SobekCM and ORCID iD integration grant; proposal submitted UF ETDs, all loaded (except for Summer and Fall 2011, which are pending) Interface and system updates o Back pages to new menus o Item viewer change o Toggle on/off of trace route o EAD display style updates Option to download the EAD XML files directly from the metadata tab (Description, and select Metadata in the submenu) Examples: ufead00001 ; ufead00003 ; ufead00004 ; ufead00005 ; ufead00006 ; ufead00007 ; ufead00008 ; ufead00009 With containers: container_1 and containers_3 o Delete privileges for aggregation ADMIN (new option), set to be able to delete all items (new top level item), as sys admin Ac tivities related to the dLOC Advanced Topics Training Institute New publication on SobekCM, listed on the SobekCM Publications page J ULY 2013


Page 4 of 15 Demonstration of the new SobekCM mapping tools at the Unearthing St. Augustine Project Meeting (July 12) Promoting the Harn Museum using SobekCM for open GLAM data: http://museu m Interface design update (July 11) New METS Editor The new version (1.1.0) has been released of the METS Editor and can be downloaded here: o This new version includes the following changes and bug fixes: o Corrected issue with the slash being the wrong way for files which appear in subfolders in the fileSec ( i.e., "xlink:href="106_105 \ 01 \ 105_01 01.tif" is now co rrectly "xlink:href="106_105/01/105_01 01.tif" ) o Corrected the mapping of genre when importing from spreadsheets. Was a genre SUBJECT term, rather than a top level genre element o Corrected issue which prevented saving to Microsoft Excel files after batch ME TS file creation o Updated MARC21 reading/writing libraries to latest code, which is much more resilient when something unexpected occurs o Added the following new mappings to the spreadsheet importer Alternate Title (Language) Classification Classification (A uthority) Creator (Dates) Creator (Family Name) Creator (Given Name) Creator (Role) Genre (Authority) Identifier (Type) Related URL (Label) Related URL (Link) Related URL (Note) Subject Keyword (Authority) Title (Language) Viewer (for use with SobekCM repositories only) Webskin (for use with SobekCM repositories only) o Updated the code surrounding projects (.pmets) as default metadata so it now works correctly. o Updated the SobekCM Resource Object at the core of this applicati on to include all the recent enhancements and modifications for the SobekCM web repository J UNE 2013 Updates coming soon: o Online QC, in beta in May 2013 o New software for JP2 & JPG o Unearthing St. Augustine project work (map placement, EAD enhancements, sear ching by date: date facets by decade, year, and date) o Enhanced TEI display o Data ingest in process for ACE/LOMAX and Duke Grants in discussion for planning with collaborators at SWFLN, FIU, UM, and USF (EAC CPF; NEH collections; Oral Histories; others) M AY 2013


Page 5 of 15 Online QC (Online Quality Control) now in beta! o Quality control is now online in beta mode, allowing select users to create chapters, name pages, swap pages, and a variety of other options directly in the online interface. This removes the step fo r external users of having to use the METS Editor and allows anyone to easily create structural metadata for an item. UF Research Computing videos: o Leah Rosenberg on dLOC o Laurie Taylor Teacher Resources Collection released SOAS, University of London, and SobekCM Grants awarded: o Diario de Pernambuco, grant project using SobekCM o El Mundo, grant project using SobekCM Grants submitted o Data/digital Curation of Oral History materials using SobekCM o Data curation of elephant/wildlife data using SobekCM o Digital curation of physically dispersed materials using SobekCM A PRIL 2013 6 million views in a single month for a single instance of SobekCM! ( read more ) Learning Object Metadata schema o Learning Object Metadata schema support added for learning objects Visualization or Infographic of SobekCM's extremely rich metadata support: Grant awarded o French Pamphlet Planning Project grant awarded by NEH grant plan includes SobekCM M ARCH 2013 New thumbnail view, read more New item view with bar rather than tab interface links and other display enhancements, read more TEI support now in place (thanks to interest from the Early Caribbean Digital Archive), read more SobekCM is now 7 years old, read more SobekCM for 1 instance sees 100 million views, read more Major recent updates o Digital Development & Web Services Team created: 3 new hires o SobekCM now powering more places: UNA, USC, Wolfsonian, and others o Streaming video solution in place, see examples in the Vodou Archive Updates coming soon: o Data ingest in process for ACE/LOMAX and Duke o Djatoka and Open Layers, possibly SeaDragon for JP2 & JPG o Unearthing St. Augustine project work with map pl acement, EAD enhancements, searching by date (and date facets by decade, year, and date) Grants in discussion for planning with collaborators at FIU, UM, and USF: o EAC CPF o NEH collections o CLIR Hidden Collections Updates from prior months included in the UFDC and Digital Humanities Report


Page 6 of 15 A UGUST 2012 UFDC and Digital Humanities Report Updated OAI PMH and IP restriction for updated IP ranges Grants Awarded o Florida Digital Newspaper Library: Broadening Access and Users ( LSTA Grant Proposal ) o Archive of Haitian Religion and Culture The Vo dou Archive : Curating and sharing the sources of Vodou religion and culture J ULY 2012 NewspaperCat Receives Award Unearthing St. Augustine o Grant proposal awarded and begins o July 27, first meeting of the Project Team o Project funded programmer to be hired MARC Library (S obekCM) update UFDC and Digital Humanities (DH) Report M AY J UNE 2012 Digital Development & Web Services Team focus on building the team and on existing critic al web needs METS Editor, update Usage Stats Reader, released A PRIL 2012 MARC Library (SobekCM) In process SobekCM updates o Djatoka o Micro data M ARCH 12, 2012 SobekCM updates Digital Dialog Meeting o Discussion of changes to meeting format: new format of quarterly meeting with each meeting facilitated by one participant who selects reading and leads meeting discussion on the reading; short updates for changes/new projects o Short updates for new projects and changes o Email lists: data/digital curation ( libdata ) and digital humanities ( DIGITAL HUMANITIES )


Page 7 of 15 o Events: UF Resear ch Computing Day, April 25 Interface 2012 + Digital Humanities Day, April 26 UF Digital Humanities field trips, April 27 F EBRUARY 13, 2012 SobekCM Updates: o Djakota in process o Upload/manage files option allows new files to be added online to an existing item o Ability to edit nearly all collection/aggregation details from the ADMIN VIEW in the internal header o New dashboard and optimized error handling during execution o When creatin g a new item aggregation, folder auto created and default files created; same for web skin except files either created or copied from current web skin o Ability to suppress the top level navigational tabs in aggregation and results views through a skin setti ng o OAI PMH is now completely database driven o New version of the SobekCM METS Editor released; can be installed from the main SobekCM Software Distribution Center: ts and source code available on SourceForge: Announcements/Updates from attendees o Internet Archive o New, proposed grants: LSTA grants Panama and the Canal grant Braga Brothers o Digital Services and Shared Collections Staffing Changes o Digital Humanities (DH) related: Promotion/Lifecycle support for digital collections: PR plan for new co llection and program milestone announcements ; Sample text for conference materials for IR Promoting collections (digital and other) with SEO and Wikipedia, workshop on 2/2 Peer Review and Assessment of Digital Collections/Projects: Facilitated Peer Review Committee Meeting FEO project underway on DH collaboration, will result in whitepaper and Verne pr oject (supports "the scholar in the digital library" ) Developing assessment plan for implementation for completion of any/all new collections/milestones Events THATCamp Florida, THATCampSE, THATCamp Caribe (at UPR, 11/12 14) Digital humanities email list and meetings UF Research Computing Day, April 25 UF Digital Humanities Day and field trips, April 26 27 D ECEMBER 12, 2011 UFDC updates o Highest ever usage for the past two months (over 3 million views in October and over 4 million in November) o Ongoing optimization for optimal performance


Page 8 of 15 o Statewide implementation, additional support for: uploading and managing files and uploading METS/MARC directly through template o Collection Managers, additional support: Add recent activity to aggregation admin header Announcements/updates about digital pr ojects o New and updated projects from all attendees o Grants and collaborative/innovative funding models for projects: Judaica (mini grant) Online exhibit (mini grant) Vodou Archive (UF and proposed for NEH) Health Scienc e Center Archives, A/V digitization (N/NLM grant) Caribbean scholar support (FIU Tech Fee) Digital acquisition (Center for the Humanities, Library Enhancement Grant) Digital humanities collaboration (FEO) Cuban Law (LLMC collaboration; new project following the success with Haitian Law) Caribbean newspapers (CRL/WNA collaboration) Chung Lilia collection (funded) Government documents (shared workforce in Documents and DLC, IA, etc) o Data curation and manageme nt HSCL survey Data Life Cycle subcommittee to Research Computing Committee Response to RFI Data curation group o Digital Scholarship and Digital Humanities HR Recruitment Database and ARL Position Description Bank Digital Humanities Working Group (supports in development on DLC site and on Center for Humanities site ) Full support for digital scholarship; documenting use cases for peer review of digital scholarship N OVEMBER 14, 2011 Monthly usage report emails now sent to all contributors ( IR@UF, myUFDC, myDLOC). Example "View usage for my items". Wide banners (900px inste ad of 754px) now in place for many collections. This is part of ongoing optimization work for web and user standards with larger titles, mouse over color changes for items in results lists, validation to XHTML 1.0, primary alternate identifier added, and m ore. New system enhancements: browse all items in the system; portal administrators; more GUI controls for administrative functions. Ongoing optimization for speed. Upcoming changes into loading multiple files and managing files through the online interface, adding the ability to upload a MARC or METS file through the online interface, and more. Primary upcoming goals are related to expanded use base for SobekCM and t o EAD or finding guide support for Special Collections and Archives' needs. Agenda Items for Meeting o UFDC updates (above) o Announcements/updates about digital projects o Discussion of Scholar Curated Digital Collections (housed with scholars and built with UF DC) and support for scholar curation and scholar digitization Recommendations for Researchers Digitizing Onsite and on a Budget in Archives and Libraries


Page 9 of 15 t scholars Building digital collections at UF How to have digital collections and projects evaluated as scholarly work product o Resources Digital Humanities support through U FDC dLOC Member Invitation information on building collections Handout on types of evaluation for impact supported by UFDC dLOC Manual, in revision A UGUST 15, 2011 Updates from 8/13 with new METS editor Released the first non beta release of the SobekCM METS Editor. Completed batch importing features, including creating METS files from an OAI PMH repository set. Included in this new version are the following features: Corrected series title mapping into Dublin Core.. now maps into dc:relation Completed option to create image derivatives (requires ImageMagick for the JPEGs, installs with Kakadu for JPEG2000s) Completed all the batch import options Excel spreadsheet or CSV MarcXML report with multiple recor ds Completed batch update for digital resource folders. Reads metadata file, builds METS, and adds all files in the folders to the METS file Added option to create METS files from an OAI PMH repository feed Corrected issue that indicated METS should save w ith .xml extension was not working The MSI can be installed from the main SobekCM Software Distribution Center: The source code is made available SourceForge at If you have the beta version installed, it should prompt you to upgrade automatically. Updates from 8/2 with SobekCM Demo: Sandbox available for testing: o Installation instructions and packages ready o Added search term hig hlighting within the PDF's. Search automatically occcurs at the PDF level now: o In new IR dem o collection, can see facets with MIME Type. We could use this metadata for searching or limiting searches by MIME type. o Builder/Bulk loader updates from July 22: Word Do c and Powerpoint files PDFs are created automatically for these


Page 10 of 15 Then, text and thumbnail are created, as from any PDF file PDFs Automatic text extraction from all submitted PDFs, allowing full text searching against the PDF without image extraction and OCR running (~95% effective) Automatic thumbnail creation from submitted PDFs XML and HTML files Full text is automatically extract ed from these file types as well Builder/Bulk loader now runs every minute Added flag to enable/disable MARC feed creation Full text is checked for private information and, if potential found, automatically notifies to trigger internal review procedure Any existing non image download files are automatically added back into the package, even if not listed in the incoming METS file Process will iterate through recently online submitted packages, including automatic image derivative creation and archiving of a ll online submitted files Generic multimedia thumbnail will be added to all audio/video only packages without a provided thumbnail Solr/Lucene indexes Newly added items will be incrementally added to the Solr/Lucene indexes, keeping the indexes current and preventing having to do complete builds Solr/Lucene index is optimized each evening (one day document index, next day page index) All text is included in document index, not just page image related text pages During a delete, the indexes are purged of inf ormation about the item as well Builder process normalized to work in alternate server environments and references to 'UFDC' all changed to 'SobekCM' Builder will resume checking incoming FTP boxes for newly prepared digital resource files RSS Feed, Item L ist, and Site Map creation All aggregations linked to an item is now pulled from the database, since behaviors don't necessarily appear in the METS anymore Created after each mini load (as always) Recreated each morning regardless of need (new) J ULY 18, 2011 Possible meeting plan: Discussion of recent JISC report, of Digi : o UFDC support for quantitative measurements o How UFDC and Subject Specialists/Curators can best collaborate to support richer qualitative measurements o Compiling, share, and promote examples of digital humanities and other types of digital sch olarship using UFDC Specific projects with specific faculty that show some of the possible opportunities and that others can contact with questions on the experience o Compile quotes from researchers on the process of working with the digital resources as pa rt of their research from initial contact/relationship with the libraries through to enhanced relationship with the digital enriching their research and experience (example of the long view from a professor)


Page 11 of 15 o Creating training materials to support real res earch needs: Recommendation/tips document in draft for scholars digitizing onsite with limited resources (based on researcher request for working with various types of onsite archives outside the US) What would assist researchers in understanding how to use UFDC and the Libraries as part of their scholarship process? o General feedback from the report o Tools for measuring impact TIDSR Toolkit J UNE 20, 2011 Metadata guide Catalog feed updated: o Over 44,000 records in MANGO Journal of Undergraduate Research: o being published through the IR@UF Journal of applied packaging research : o acquisitions ordered and received in print and PDF, but PDF needed support location. o First item to use restrict to UF IP range in UFDC. o First model of a new service with UFDC for paid for acquisitions items New METS editor, released 5/31: o The latest version of the SobekCM METS Editor ( Version 1.0.0 BETA ) has just been released and is available at the link below: o In addition, the sourcecode is available via sourceforge at the link below: o The new version includes the following updates: o Major changes to application initialization During the first launch, up to seven different forms step the user through initialization and configuration of all the preferences in the application Presets help to perform much of the customization for the user, then shows the options for the user to approve User can now enter more default values, including individual creator, default rights, and default funding note o Major changes to the preferences form accessible through the main menu Options -> Preferences option Now many separate tab p ages, which allow for much more detailed explanation of each option Some standard add ons show their own defaults here if selected User can now manage standard lists, such as METS Record Status, Resource Types, and Institution lists o Major changes to the wa y templates work Templates now just dictate the "base" tabs during editing and creation of metadata Add Ons add additional pages and corresponding sections of metadata in the resulting METS file Some standard add ons additionally have defaults which appear under the preferences form Added support for new metadata schemes VRA Core elements encoded as an extension schema to MODS DarwinCore Simple DataSet to encode zoological taxonomic information Florida State University schema for encoding Electronic Theses and Dissertation information Major strides in simplifying template to effectively work with Dublin Core as the main bibliographic schema as well as MODS and MarcXML o Corrected several bugs whic h had been identified in the last couple months


Page 12 of 15 M AY 16, 2011 SobekCM infrastructure changes complete Faster! Over 1,500 myUFDC users VRACore support o Example from the Wolfsonian Search indexes updated and searching enhancements for terms in context o Searching all of UFDC Example: Queen and Avestruz (ostrich) o Searching full text within a collection Examples: Zucchini Queen; Watermelon Queen ; Strawberry Queen ; Peanut Queen ; Seafood Queen ; Azalea Queen ; Blueberry Queen ; Homecoming Queen ; Reyes Magos Example: Institutional Repo sitory o Searching full text within an item Example: Prince in the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature Example: Jacobean from the Florida Digital Newspaper Library and the Judaica Newspapers o Searching with no results Items found in other collections in UFDC and in the UF Library Catalog Aggregation level information for curators o View private items o Statistics by aggregation Item count Usage A PRIL 18, 2011 Open Journal Systems (OJS) approved: M ARCH 11, 2011 Integration of a new tracking system within the SobekCM system is now complete. Click here for more details. February: 1,718,275 hits New IR Banner ( here ) Self s ubmitted JPG and JP2 images automatically display as page images Citation view enhancements o Related URLs can be added for any items o Related URLs with YouTube display in the page ( here ) o Artifact items display w ith the accession number, as heavily requested by museums ( here ) Record only items and collections o and Aggregation level internal header and internal production header; upcoming additions for curator header o Added ability to collapse or expand internal header o Added internal and editing abilities to the item viewers, both at item and item group level.


Page 13 of 15 o Edit Item Metadata o Edit Item Behavior o Edit Group Behavior o Mass Update all items for a single item group o Ability to set public/private/restricted flag (exciting because you can see items in process) o Ability to add and view internal comments o Added placeholde rs for upcoming future tools o Add new volume o Autofill volumes o Edit serial hierarchy o Statistics for collections o Other tools Open Journal Systems (OJS) o Under review for support through the Libraries for all UF faculty: http://ojs Copyright blur ended Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC): Haitian law materials arrived and will be ingested into dLOC with all contributing institutions attributed F EBRUARY 21, 2011 SMaRT EAD/Finding Guide viewers Related o Data Documentation Initiative 3 o SSLLI project proposed for casebook on legacy databases o DISC is now a committee (Digital Initiatives & Services) instead of a subcommittee and will be working more closely with the Special Collections Committee D ECEMBER 20, 2010 Internal header replaced side quick links o Internal notes o Public/private moving more production online Viewer updates o New, easy s treaming video viewer ( example ) o Artifact view for citations ( example ) Flipbook viewer o activated for Judaica and Harn collections o can be activated at item level for any items desired Search Engine Optimization o From the Google Webmaster logs, through the sitemaps, we have recommended indexing on 265,428 URLs. This number keeps rising, but currently 96,762 of those URLs are in their w eb index. Digital humanities o Faculty grant to the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere (ingest of digitized files; digital acquisition) o THATcamp Southeast: to attend Open Journal System:


Page 14 of 15 Digital curation Vendor test successful for microfilm DISC updates o Committee instead of subcommittee o Working more closely with Special Collec tions committee o More to follow in the next year EAD/Finding Guide viewers update for next meeting N OVEMBER 14, 2010 Flipbook viewer o o o Note: fast, simplified URLs remain, active for all Baldwin items, can be activated for other collections; uses existing JPGs, zoomability, EAD/Finding Guide viewers o o o o o o Note: will remove need to manually maintain this page and the many others ; removes need for convert to MARC step (through SobekCM auto conversion and then loading to the Endeca feed for the cat alog); allows for easier integration with finding guides with digitized objects Highlight search term in the citation views ( standard and marc ) o itation?td=kinnan o Map Browse Optimized o o Note: when pop up closes, map returns to original location; range of Florida newspaper publishing Browse by o Search Engine Optimization o o o Statistics o System Administration o System administrators can delete an item from online system o System administrators can dis able the builder O CTOBER 2010 General o @ 1.5 million pages load per calendar year o Over 500,000 hits per months or over 16,000/day New views and features o Aerials, new map view:


Page 15 of 15 o New features with myUFDC: o iPhone apps for several collections are now available. o Catalog/record only items with no dig ital objects now supported New Collections/Exciting Collection happenings o Panama and the Canal: o Einstein photos: htt p:// o Everglades grant and collection: o The IR@UF has over 1 million pages. o The Charles Wagley Collections are being digitized using the Title VI funds that Richard Phillips allotted to the project, and this is a heavily used collection and ties in to the Center for Latin