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The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn JULY 10 – JULY 23 2009 2009, Snook Publications P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL 34139 Volume III Issue #85 Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart paid a quick visit to ECity on July 1 to present Mayor Sammy Hamilton with a framed flag, as seen in the above photo by Miguel Otero, District Director to the Congressman. This is the very same flag that was given to the Mayor during the Restoration Celebration on January 27, 2007, for the re-opening of City Hall. The flag was flown over the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Independence Day Celebrations Hundreds of people gathered around the circle to watch the 2009 parade on Sunday, July 5, and then crammed under the pavilion to eat hot dog s, buy raffle tickets, and wait for the kiddies’ best-dressed contest. Parade winners were Backcountry Cafe for their intricately-made float (they spent weeks decorating it), Wooten’s giant swamp buggy, Jim Bryan’s homemade swamp buggy, the Marco Island Historical Society, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), and Mike & Debbie Trujillo with their golf cart. The Marco visi tors were dressed up as “Barron and Juliet Collier” (Ed & Kathy Miracco) who rode on Jim’s buggy and “Tommie Barfield” (Betsy Perdichizzi), and “Deaconess Bedell” (Marion Nicolay) in Adela Butler’s car. The SCV not only paraded in costume but fired off their canon in front of City Hall to start the celebrations. At the opening, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office Color Guard raised the flag, Elaine Middelstaedt led the pledge of allegiance, Pastor Dantin g ave the invocation, and the Mayor welcomed everyone. Despite the heat, it was a good f amily-fun day out and ended dramatically with fireworks after dark. With thanks to Helen Bryan and Martha Hutcheson for photos. TIDE TABLES RESTAURANTS If you have news, photos, announcements, or articles ... email or phone 695-2905. CONTENTS nrrnrnnnrnn !!"n#rn$n%n$#!n&& %'#() &*


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 2 Aug 10-14: “Build-a-Boat” Aug 24: Back to School Sept 2: FME mtg Sept 5-7: Butcher “Muck About” Sept 9-11: FWC mtg Sept 17-19: Anglers Cup Sept 15: Reach Out mtg Sept 15: BigC ORV mtg Oct 2-4: RedSnook Tournament Oct 10-17: 10K Island Re fuge Week THRIFT SHOP: Thurs, Fri, Sat; 11:00 am to 3:00 pm SKATING RINK: Fri & Sat; 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. MUSEUM: Tues-Fri; 9 am to 5 pm; Sat; 9 am to 4 pm SMALLWOOD STORE: Daily; 11 am to 5 pm FOOD PANTRY: Sat; 8:30 to 10:30 am, Community Churc h ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: Sat; noon, Community Chur ch SHAMROCK BANK: Tues; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. L ITTLE GATOR CLINIC: closed for the summer SHERIFF AT CITY HALL: Tues, 7/14 (1-2 pm) Mon, 7/ 20 (1-2 pm) Fri, 7/24 (11 am – noon) SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT 5 Independence Day Celebration 6 Hour of Prayer Everglades Community Church 7 pm full moon 7 Congressional Visit Hot Summer Nights 8 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 9 RAPPER 10 Hot Summer Nights see p.3 11 SCV Depot, 6 pm 12 13 Hour of Prayer Copeland Baptist Church, 7 pm OFCD Bd Fire Sta, 6 pm 14 15 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 16 17 18 Mobile Pet Vet see p.3 Miccosukee Music & Crafts Fair see p.11 19 Mobile Pet Vet see p.3 20 Hour of Prayer Chokoloskee Church of God 7pm 21 BigC ORV mtg 3:30-8 pm see p.3 new moon 22 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 23 Copeland Civic 7 pm RAPPER 24 25 26 27 Hour of Prayer Holy Family Catholic Church 7 pm Copeland Baptist Vacation Bible School see p.3 28 29 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 30 Wildlife Crossing mtg 5:30 pm see p.11 31 BigC ORV rest period ends AUGUST 1 2 Copeland Baptist Awards see p.3 3 Hour of Prayer Everglades Community Church 7 pm 4 City Council City Hall 5:30 pm CCSO National Night Out 5 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am full moon 6 RAPPER 7 8 SCV Depot, 6 pm JULY/AUGUST 2009


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 3 ORV MEETING The Big Cypress National Preserve Advisory Committee on ORVs will meet on Tuesday, July 21, in the Everglades Community Center (behind the fire station) from 3:30 to 8:00 p.m. For info, phone 695-1103. BIBLE SCHOOL Copeland Baptist Church will hold a Vacation Bible School from Monday, July 27, through Friday, July 31. The times are 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. with food served between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. There will be an awards ceremony and pot-luck lunch on Sunday, August 2, at 11:00 a.m. For info, phone Sue Doster at 239-821-5864. NEW BANKING HOURS Shamrock Bank will be open on Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. starting on July 13 The new hours are only for the summer. The bank will be open again for two days per week after September 14. If you have a deposit, you can always leave it in the secure safe in the hall outside the bank so don’t keep lots of cash around. Checks can also be mailed to the Naples branch. Little Taylor Mayberry seems to be overwhelmed at receiving the “Little Miss Firecracker” trophy for being the most patriotically dressed 2-4 year old. n n n n The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a series of events for youngsters over the summer and will be in ECity on Friday, July 10, at McLeod Park with a variety of activities from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. “Hot Summer Nights” are open to all youths ages 10 through 17. OCHOPEE FIRE CONTROL DISTRICT 06/24/09: Administered CPR, 52105 Tamiami Trail East 06/24/09: Person Fell, 102 Copeland Ave South 06/26/09: Vehicle Accident, 53mm on I-75 06/25/09: Emergency Medical, 32330 Tamiami Trail East 06/27/09: Vehicle Accident, 61mm on I-75 06/27/09: Emergency Medical, SR-29 & US-41 06/27/09: Emergency Medical, 33100 Tamiami Trail East 06/27/09: Vehicle Accident, 65mm on I-75 07/01/09: Vehicle Accident, 71mm on I-75 07/01/09: Person Down, SR-29 and US-41 07/02/09: Emergency Medical, 63mm on I-75 07/02/09: Grass Fire, 80mm on I-75 07/02/09: Emergency Medical, 65mm on I-75 07/03/09: Vehicle Accident, 57mm on I-75 07/04/09: Emergency Medical, Plantation Island 07/04/09: Public Assist, Everglades City 07/04/09: Vehicle Accident, 54mm on I-75 07/05/09: Vehicle Accident, 76mm on I-75 07/05/09: Vehicle Accident, 53mm on I-75 07/06/09: Vehicle Accident, 60mm on I-75 07/06/09: Vehicle Accident, 71mm on I-75 07/06/09: Vehicle Accident, 70mm on I-75 07/07/09: Bee Sting, Everglades City Fire Station 07/07/09: Brush Fire, 73mm on I-75 07/08/09: Structure Fire, Plantation Island MOBILE PET VET Dr Baker will be here on Saturday, July 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in McLeod Park, Everglades City, and from 2 to 4 p.m. in Copeland. She will also be here for surgery on Sunday, July 19 by previous appointment only. You can phone her at 777-PETS (7387). For more info, see TIDES FOR BARRON RIVER INFORMATION FROM http://TIDESANDCURRENTS.NOAA.GOV 07/10/2009 Fri 12:16AM -0.1 L 05:44AM 2.4 H 12:0 3PM 0.7 L 04:37PM 2.9 H 07/11/2009 Sat 12:48AM 0.0 L 06:19AM 2.5 H 12:4 3PM 0.6 L 05:17PM 2.7 H 07/12/2009 Sun 01:19AM 0.1 L 06:53AM 2.5 H 01:2 9PM 0.6 L 06:06PM 2.5 H 07/13/2009 Mon 01:50AM 0.3 L 07:26AM 2.5 H 02:2 5PM 0.5 L 07:08PM 2.3 H 07/14/2009 Tue 02:21AM 0.4 L 07:56AM 2.5 H 03:3 3PM 0.4 L 08:26PM 2.1 H 07/15/2009 Wed 02:56AM 0.6 L 08:29AM 2.6 H 04:4 6PM 0.3 L 10:00PM 2.0 H 07/16/2009 Thu 03:44AM 0.7 L 09:10AM 2.7 H 05:5 4PM 0.2 L 11:39PM 2.0 H 07/17/2009 Fri 05:00AM 0.9 L 10:08AM 2.8 H 06:5 7PM 0.0 L 07/18/2009 Sat 01:06AM 2.1 H 06:19AM 0.9 L 11:1 6AM 3.0 H 07:54PM -0.2 L 07/19/2009 Sun 02:07AM 2.2 H 07:26AM 0.9 L 12:2 0PM 3.2 H 08:48PM -0.4 L 07/20/2009 Mon 02:52AM 2.3 H 08:26AM 0.9 L 01:1 6PM 3.5 H 09:39PM -0.5 L 07/21/2009 Tue 03:31AM 2.4 H 09:22AM 0.8 L 02:0 9PM 3.6 H 10:26PM -0.5 L 07/22/2009 Wed 04:07AM 2.5 H 10:14AM 0.6 L 03:0 0PM 3.6 H 11:12PM -0.4 L 07/23/2009 Thu 04:42AM 2.5 H 11:04AM 0.5 L 03:5 2PM 3.5 H 11:55PM -0.3 L 07/24/2009 Fri 05:18AM 2.5 H 11:55AM 0.4 L 04:4 7PM 3.3 H


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 4 n n n n Yarns and Hand Knits Lessons 3804 E. Tamiami Trail Naples, FL 34112 239-793-8141


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 5 nrn Everglades City School phone: 377-9800 or 69 5-2561 website: See Savannah’s Column on page 9. Summer Campers are seen marching in the Independenc e Day Parade on Sunday in this photo by Martha Hutche son. Summer Camp also gives youngsters some quiet time i n which they can teach themselves and be creative. Photos thanks to Helen Bryan On Tuesday, June 30, the Ochopee Fire Control Distr ict brought one of their trucks to Summer Camp and the City of Naples had its “smoke house” which the kids could go into to get an experience of what a real fire is like. On the following Tuesday, July 7, Lt Mike Dolan of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office gave an animated lecture about good character and how to avoid being tempted by bad people. IMPORTANT DATES Thurs, July 16: Summer Camp/School Ends Fri, July 17: Summer Camp Trip to Wannado City Mon, Aug 24: School Starts


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 6 nr Sales Service Maintenance CALL ANYTIME 239-253-2882 239-253-4860 Licensed CAC 1815185


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 7 by Patricia Huff Jamaican Caper Capparis cynophallophora As a Florida native, the Jamaican Caper plant is the perfect ornamental plant. Its shiny light green leaves and rounded shape are easy to maintain, requiring little or no pruning. In addition, it is salt and drought tolerant although it should have some protection from the wind and cold. It needs sun to part shade. The Jamaican Caper grows to an average of 15 feet and has long brown pods that split open revealing glossy brown seeds. This plant blooms in the spring with fragrant white flowers. nr nr nr nr Maxine’s Cookies submitted by Sunny Burke Boil lightly: 1 cup sugar 1 cup corn syrup Then add: 1 cup peanut butter 7 oz or 6 cups Special K cereal Mix and press into 8 x 13 inch pan. Melt: 1 cup butterscotch chips 1 cup chocolate chips and spread on top of cookie mixture in pan. Refrigerate for 10 minutes before cutting and serving. Sunny Burke is a full-time resident on Plantation Islan d and is known for her baking. She is a regular contributor to the Rapper Angel of the Swamp by Patricia Huff Are there pet angels (or angels for pets)? This angel has been coming to our area once a month for the past six years, takin g care of our cats, dogs, and any other needy animals. Dr. Dena Ba ker graduated from the University of Florida, College of Veter inary Medicine in Gainesville, Florida, in May of 2000. In 2003, she started the Mob ile Pet Vet and has been providing high-quality veterinary services to not only the Naples area but also in Everglades City and Copeland. Dr. Baker has he lped those who need local care with her mobile van and dedication. In one of o ur earliest issues (11/24/06) she told the Rapper that she wants to be of help to the community, especially those residents who just can’t get their anima ls to clinics over 30 miles up the road. Having a facility here in ECity or Copeland is less stressful to both the pets and their owners. Dr Baker even does surgery in a perf ectly-equipped modern facility at the back of the van. Of course, routine operations have to be scheduled in advance but emergencies are handled anywhere and anytime because this exceptional angel wants to heal all the four-le gged creatures that she can. She is a special friend to our Feral Felines charit y and provides a sympathetic service to the cats brought to her for our local ne uter/spay & release program. You can phone her at (239) 777-PETS (7387) or visit her websi te for info She's one of a kind and certainly an angel in our swamp. Tupperware Benefits Reach Out A new “Fun’ Raising” catalog from the popular household supplier offers useful items for sale ... and Reach Out Everglades will receive 40% of the proceeds! The drive is being organized by Kathy Forbes who has put a notice about i t on her website You can pick up a catalog at Right Choice Supermarket or phone her at (239) 465-1716. See the Rapper in full color! Visit our website.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 8 GREEN GATOR PET Charlie Bartlett has stories to tell! Stop in at the Green Gator Variety Store and chat wit h him about his "pet" alligator named "Stubby" because he was missing part of his tail. While working at Mitch House's Everglades Private Airboat Tours on the Trail, Charlie would pole over to the 12-foot gator but it took a long time for Stubby to warm up to his visits. However, over the next few years around 1994-96, Charlie gained Stubby's confidence and the gator became very friendly, allowing him to be petted. When Stubby had an infected eye, Charlie was able to remove an ant and Stubby actually purred in gratefulness. When working at Speedy Johnson's Fun Cruises, Charlie befriended a raccoon that he nicknamed "Ralphie". This raccoon, who was later determined to be a female, would wave at the tourists when Charlie waved to him! Take some time to say hello to Charlie and Marilyn, along with Marg, at the Green Gator located behind Backcountry Cafe. This popular retail location in ECit y has just about everything you may need for your home as well as little gift items for your friends. Green Gator also has good deals on Florida souvenirs so make sure you let visitors know about them. The store is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 695-0327. Big Snook Challenge Registration for The Anglers Cup opens on Wednesday, July 15 The tournament is limited to 50 teams who will start out to fish in the order they made their reservatio ns. The event takes place on September 17, 18, and 19 with the opening banquet on Thursday at the Seafood Depot followed by fishing on Friday and Saturday. Each team wil l weigh in 2 legal Snook per day. The slogan this year is “Fishing for a Cure” and a donation will go to the American Cancer Society. For info, see RedSnook Catch & Release The Conservancy of Southwest Florida announces that the 2009 RedSnook Catch and Release Charity Tournament is scheduled for October 2-4. This International Game Fish Association certified tournament is open to teams, individuals and junior anglers under age 16. Roland Martin, legendary angler and television host of the “Fishing with Roland Martin Show,” will again host the three-day tournament. Thomas M. Wagor, community bank president with M&I Bank, will serve as chairman of the event. Last year the tournament netted more than $60,000 for the Conservancy. The RedSnook tournament benefits a juvenile game fish study being conducted by Conservancy biologists. The study will examine juvenile game fish living within the mangrove tidal creeks and salt marshes of Ten Thousand Islands. The goal is to learn more about how to conserve and restore juvenile game fish habitat. For info, see or phone (239) 403-4200. The theme of our parade was “Fishing for Fun” and the re were plenty of patriotically-decorated boats.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 9 photo courtesy Florida State Archives n The Episcopal General Convention meets this week (July 8-19) and it is expected a new Saint will be voted on: Deaconess Harriet Bedell will be added to the list of Lesser Feasts and Fasts. A new book about the Deaconess and her long life is titled “Angel of the Swamp” (perhaps it should have been “Saint of the Swamp”). You can buy copies at the Museum and other outlets around town. To download an order form, visit OCHOPEE SETTLERS Clarence “Griff” Griffin, born 82 years ago in Ochopee to Hazel and Alto Griffin, passed away in Ft Myers on July 5. He is survived by his wife Jewel and five children plus many grands and great-grands. His brother Robert and parents predeceased him. HISTORY ON TV The “Untold Stories” episode on Friday, July 24, at 8:30 p.m. on WGCU-TV is “The Sanctuary Islands: the Sanibel Legacy” about preserving wilderness in places like the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. MUSEUM NEWS The Friends have some new products in their Gift Shop including three episodes of the WGCU-TV “Untold Stories” local history series, for sale at $15 each: “Watery Wilderness” (the Ten Thousand Islands) “Unconquered Seminoles” “Protecting Paradise” (Conservation in Collier County) To buy copies, visit the Museum or download an order form on the Gift Shop page at From Savannah’s Eyes What a wonderful vacation I had going to North Carolina! M y parents and I went to a place called Maggie Valley and we b rought my cousin Houston with us. On the way up there, Houston and I played games and watched movies and other things. We stoppe d at a motel call the Marriot to rest for the night. Then, t he next day, we were off to North Carolina. When we hit the border of N.C. I rolled down my window to smell the sweet smell of the mountains. When we got to Maggie Valley, we headed to my Uncle Arvid’s house because that was where we were staying. We got all of the luggage out of the truck and put it in our bedrooms. Houston and I put on our overalls and went down to the creek that is in my uncle’s backyar d. We built two little swimming pools for ourselves. It was so cool. The next day Houston and I went back to the creek but we were in our bathing suits and it was 70 outside. Houston brought a tube so we could go tubing in the creek. My dad went down there, too, so he could catch us when we ca me down the creek. Well, the first time we tubed, Houston and I got in the tube togethe r because it was big and on the way down the creek we kept bumping into rocks so we kept fallin g off and then we hit a big rock. Houston fell off and I went down the creek by my self that time! It was so funny. Then my dad had to get out because the water was like 30 and his legs were as cold as ice cubes. So Houston went inside the house and got him s ome waders! Then we tubed a few more times but it was just too cold and about five mi nutes of tubing made us feel like we were Frosty the Snowman. We would have to get out of the creek, lay in the sun to thaw out, and get back in. The next morning we went to Cherokee. On the way we vi sited the National Park and it has a working farm village there like back in the 1800s. T hen we were in Cherokee. We bought a few souvenirs and ate lunch and then went back home to the creek again. Oh, I forgot to tell you that we saw prairie dogs in the farm v illage. They looked really fake as if someone was holding a puppet out of the hole. By the t ime we got home, it was just in time to catch fireflies! We got a little jar and caugh t ten, with a little help from our friends that we met, Spencer and Russell. Then we played f ootball in the yard. It got really dark so we said bye to our friends and went to bed. The next day we went to Cataloochee to see all of th e old houses and some elk and other animals. Well, we saw a lot of elk even with bab ies! The babies looked like fawns but a little bigger. We followed them into the woods. When Houston and I got close to them, the dad would look at us and I would tell Houston “statue ” and we would stand very still. But we got a little too close and the dad wa s coming toward us! We were really scared! Then we went home. My parents and I were leaving the next day and Houston was going to stay and keep Uncle Arvid company. The next morning we were going back to Florida. We stopped in Steinhatchee to see my Aunt Ila and Uncle L.C. My dad is from Steinhatchee so we decided to stay there for a few days. The next day was the Fourth of July and we we nt to see some of the family at the Mud Bog that was opening. And, we all got dirty and muddy! Th en that night we watched the fireworks with our friends that live in Ever glades but have a house in Steinhatchee. The next day we went scalloping with the s ame people and it was so much fun. The scallops were so cool and to find one you have t o put on a diving mask and a snorkel and flippers. You look for stuff that is blue because inside a scallop’s mouth there is something blue. Then we watched how the people clean th em and it is so awesome! Then we said goodbye. My Uncle L.C. has cancer and needs a lot of prayer. We left for Everglades the next day and got back at about 10:30 a.m. I loved my vacation! And, if you ever get a chance to go Mud Boggin or scalloping, go for it! They are both really fun! A scalloping girl, Savannah Savannah Oglesby will be in the 7th grade at Evergl ades City School and is a regular contributor to this paper.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 10 Recovering the US Population of Smalltooth Sawfish by Dana M. Bethea Smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) is one of six sawfish species that occur worldwide in tropical and sub-tropical ri vers, lakes, and coastal areas. Sawfish are characterized b y a long life span, slow growth rates, late maturation, and low fec undity (birth rates). In addition to these traits, sawfish also be come easily entangled in fishing gear, thus making all sawfish species extremely vulnerable to overfishing and slow to recover f rom population depletion. This animal was once common in the Gulf of Mexico and off the southeast coast of the United States. Decades of fis hing pressure, both commercial and recreational, and habitat loss caused the population to decline by up to 95% during the second half of the twentieth century. Today, they exist mostly in southern Florida. In 2003, smalltooth sawfish was listed as Endange red under the Endangered Species Act. Smalltooth sawfish are the first marine fish and first elasmobranch to receive protection under the Endangered Species Act. The completion of the Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Pl an in early 2007 brought about a new phase of research and management for the US population of smalltooth sawfish. One of the high priority research areas indentified in the Small tooth Sawfish Recovery Plan is monitoring of the number of ju venile sawfish in various regions throughout Florida to provide a baseline and time series of abundance. One of the more i mportant regions for smalltooth sawfish identified in previous res earch is the section of coast from Marco Island to Florida Bay FL. This region encompasses the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildli fe Refuge and Everglades National Park. Scientists from NOAA Fisheries Service Panama City Laboratory conduct monthly surveys in southwest Florida to capture, collect biological information, tag (both inte rnally using PIT tags and externally using rotoor dart-tags), and rele ase smalltooth sawfish. Some results from research to dat e indicate that juvenile sawfish are highly specific to certain ar eas and that they may not only return to the same natal estuarine system but the same specific mangrove habitat. Genetic identifica tion of individuals indicates that sawfish caught on the same mudf lat, for example, are siblings and a single adult female sawfish ma y give birth on that same mudflat year after year. See the article on the right for information about what to do if you encounter a sawfish. Sawfish Encounters – What to Do by Dana M. Bethea and Joana Fernandez de Carvalho Because smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) is protected under the Endangered Species Act, it is illegal to harm or harass it in any way except with a permit or in a permitted fishery. However, accidental captures do occur while fishing for other specie s. Use caution if you hook or net a sawfish as they are large powerful animals that can cause serious injury. Below is advice f or a safe release. Remember never remove the saw! If hooked: Keep sawfish in the water at all times. Untangle and remove as much of the line as possible. Remove any hooks only if you have a long-handled de-hooker or can do so safely. If tangled in a net: Keep the gills of the sawfish in the water as much as possible. Remove all net and release the animal quickly. Sighting reports are a very important tool for the monito ring of the population. They assist in the evaluation of the speci es abundance and habitat range, helping us not only to estima te the population size but also to identify their habitat prefer ences. As a result, sawfish sighting reports are vital for the success of the Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Plan. Recently, the Nationa l Sawfish Encounter Database moved from Mote Marine Laboratory to the Florida Museum of Natural History at t he University of Florida ( h ). Your report can greatly help conservation efforts by prov iding the following information: Your name, phone number, and e-mail address. Date, time and location of the encounter. Number, size and behavior of the sawfish. Your activity at time of encounter. Information on any tags, scars, or distinguishing mar ks (especially the 4, 5, or 6-digit tag number!). Remember, no record is too old. Old pictures, newspapers magazines, books or historic reports are welcome! You can report sawfish information in four different ways : Online at: orm1.htm By phone: (352) 392-2360 or (352) 871-8230 By e-mail: By U.S. Postal Service mail: National Sawfish Encounter Database Florida Program for Shark Research Florida Museum of Natural History Dickinson Hall, Museum Road PO Box 117800, Gainesville FL 32611-7800 Dana Bethea works at the NOAA Fisheries Panama City Laboratory, Panama City, FL, and sent us these articles af ter we talked to her team who were in ECity with their boat last month. Dana took the photo above of Kelcee Smith, Alicia LaPo rte, and Alyssa Napier in Faka Union Bay. Joana Fernandez de Carvalho is from the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida at Gainesville.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 11 RESTAURANT NEWS Backcountry Cafe (695-2552): 6:00 am 3:00 pm.; daily Camellia Street Grill (695-2003): Closed for Summer City Seafood (695-4700): 11:00 am 6:00 pm; daily Fish market also open Everglades Scoop (695-0375): 11:00 am – 5:00 pm; Mon Sat Gator Express (695-3937): 7:00 am 9:00 pm; Sun Thurs 7:00 am 10:00 pm; Fri, Sat Glades Haven Deli (695-2746): 6:00 am 6:00 pm; Sun – Thurs 6:00 am – 9:00 pm; Fri, Sat Food service stops 1 hr before close Grimm’s Stone Crab (695-3222): 8:00 am – 3: pm; Mon Fri Fish market (grouper/pompano) Havana Cafe (695-2214): C losed for summer Ivey House (695-3299): 6:30 – 9:30 am; daily Cold breakfast buffet Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe (695-2682): 11:00 am 5:00 pm; Wed Mon Closed Tuesday JT’s Cafe & Gallery (695-2630): 12:00 noon – 4:00 pm; Sat, Sun Gallery & Gift Shop also open Leebo’s Rock-Bottom Bar: 3:00 pm; Mon Sat noon; Sunday Oyster House Restaurant (695-2073): Closed for summer Port of the Islands (239-394-3101): 7:00 – 10:00 am; Mon-Sat 7:00 – 11:00 am; Sun Hot and cold breakfast menu Right Choice Pizzeria (695-3663): 5:00 9:00 pm; Thurs-Sun (takeout) Rod & Gun (695-2101): 7:00 10 am Breakfast; daily 11:30 am 9:00 pm; daily Seafood Depot (695-0075): 10:30 am 9:00 pm; daily Cabana Bash: 4 7 pm, Sat Susie’s Station: 11:00 am 5:00 pm; daily Triad Seafood (695-0722): Closed for summer For a list of church service times and park openings, see our website or phone us for a copy. Winner of the babies group on Sunday, July 5, was “Little Miss Firecracker” Shaylee Deleon who seems to be enjoying the cup on her trophy. NPS FREE WEEKEND There will be no entry charges at National Parks on the weekend of July 18/19. BUILD A BOAT Sign up now for the “Build-a-Boat” project which will be held in ECity during the week of August 10 for kids aged 13 to 17. The course is free. Places are limited so contact Lisa at 695-3781. WILDLIFE CROSSINGS A workshop for the public has been scheduled for Thursday, July 30, to learn about the proposed wildlife crossings on US-41. The informal meeting will be held at the Everglades Community Center from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening. For more info, phone Debbie Tower at the Florida Department of Transportation on (239) 461-4300. ILLEGAL SALES There has been news recently about arrests in Collier County for selling alcohol to minors. A free course is available for business owners from “Drug Free Collier”. For info, phone 377-0535. Native American Festival The Miccosukee Indian Village on the Tamiami Trail is host to a Music & Crafts Festival on Saturday, July 18, from 9:30 a.m. onwards. There will be Country and Classic Rock music, demonstrations, airboat rides, a Miccosukee fashion show, and native food for sale. Admission is $25 and proceeds benefit the tribe’s educational fund. For info, see their website or call (305) 223-8380 Paws to Reflect by a Squeedilifferous Pusslet Amazingly, the sun shone the entire holiday weekend. Nearly. Saturday, two raindrops ventured from the sky, but I bit them both and the rest stayed put way up there where the Thunder Puss makes her home. Mom and Dad rowed the Whitehall to Pine Island, across the harbor. It has few trees, but lots of beach roses, horsetail, beach peas, sea lavender and many small yummy birds. Mom has trouble getting in and out of our little rowboat, but she doesn’t mind getting her feet wet. Not like me. After she’d collected some shells and sea glass, back they came. Mom said she’d get out at the tiny beach where they launch dinghies rather than try to hitch herself onto the pier. Dad backed the Whitehall in until the keel scraped the bottom. Mom got one foot out but the other remained in the boat. She hopped after the Whitehall as it slowly drifted deeper. She finally swung her second haunch out, lost her balance and flopped into the water. I laughed so hard I nearly coughed up a hairball. Fortunately, only two people were near enough to admire Mom’s acrobatics, so it took all day before the whole boatyard knew it. Pusslet is assisted by “Constant Waterman” whose book about boating is available for sale around town.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn July 10, 2009 email: PAGE 12 Helen Bryan sent this photo with an email: Daily when I see these two campers, they are saving the lizards. I ask “what are you doing?” They answer “saving the baby lizards, because the boys step on them if we don't.” Can't imagine that, but each day they preserve the lizards, put them in a safe box, then release them before going home. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS date _______________________ Please make check payable to “Snook Publications” and send to Snook Publications, P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL, 3 4139 ___ The MULLET RAPPER by post ($38) ___ The MULLET RAPPER by email ($10) NAME ___________________________________________ EMAIL _____________________________________________ __ STREET / P.O.BOX: ALTERNATE ADDRESS _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___ CITY ____________________________________________ CITY _____________________________________________ ____ STATE ________ ZIP ____________________________ S TATE _________ ZIP ________________________________ MONTHS AT ALTERNATE ADDRESS __JAN __FEB __MAR __APR __MAY __JUN __JUL __AUG __SEP __OCT __NOV __DEC 7/10/09 ----------------------------------------------------HOUSE NEED CLEANING? Cheryl's Cleaning Business is the helping hand you need. Call Cheryl at 239-745-6291. ----------------------------------------------------Put your job ad in the Rapper. No charge – phone 695-2905. The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn PUBLISHER Patricia A. Huff, Snook Publications P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL, 34139 (239) 695-2397, EDITORS Patty Huff & Marya Repko CONTRIBUTORS Helen Bryan, Barbara Daniels, Bill Lindsay Lisa Marteeny, Shirley Leonard, Savannah Oglesby Mike Klein, Phill Lawry, Trina Mitchell, Sunny Burk e PRODUCTION layout: Marya Repko, printing: Snook Publications PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT We aim to provide local news of interest to the ext ended community of Everglades City, Chokoloskee, Plantation Island, Lee Cypress, Copeland, Jerome, and Ochopee. We strive to present the facts accurately without political bias or personal opinion. The views expressed in signed articles are not nece ssarily those of the editors or publisher. SUBSCRIPTION RATES 25¢ per issue or $38 per year by US Post +**,-.!/rrn nnnr nnnnr n n n n ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: House and Barn on 1.02 Acres. Zoned (A). Sale price $139,000 ($59,000 below appraised value) or for rent at $900/mon. For more info, call 321-439-7635. ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE BY OWNER: 3 lots in Chokoloskee, 2 on Calusa Dr, Lot M-4 $105,000, Lot M-5 (filled) $135,000, Lot by cemetery $79,000. Phone owner at (419) 441-2068 or (740) 864-2179. ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: 2-bedroom 1-bath mobile home with a dock and boat ramp, Plantation Island. Make an offer!!! Phone 239-825-4502. ----------------------------------------------------FOR RENT: Mobile Home on Canal, 29 Plantation Drive, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, unfurnished, $500 per month or $600 per month with lawn maintenance. Call 239-250-0668 ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: Deeded waterfront home on a quiet canal; 2 kitchens, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, remodeled, furnished, new A/C, new dock. $525,000 (owner licensed realtor). Call 239-860-6369 ----------------------------------------------------FOR RENT: Nice furnished hotel condo efficiency at Port of the Islands, includes ALL, only $900/mon. Phone (239) 269-2511. ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: Mini-refrigerators. Several available. $50 each, willing to negotiate on price. The refrigerator/freezer units are made by Danby, weigh 77 lbs, and have a power input of 85 watts. Call Brady at 695-3299. r r r r r r r r phone 695-2905 or email VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Greet Visitors in the Museum Meet people from around the corner or around the world! Phone Martha 695-0008. EVERGLADES LIONS CLUB Serving our community with eye and hearing assistance since the 1950's. Call us with your needs. New members welcome. Come join our unique organization. Phone Elaine 695-2695 or email