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The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn JUNE 26 – JULY 9 2009 2009, Snook Publications P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL, 34139 Vol ume III Issue #84 BUCKLE UP! A new law effective June 30 allows deputies to stop a car for a seat belt violation. Before that the offense was secondary, not a reason to pull a car over. In addition, all front seat passengers in a pickup truck must be wearing restraints, including someone sitting in the middle. Passengers 18 years and older are free to ride in the bed of the truck without a restraint. The penalty for a seat belt violation is $98 and for a child restraint violation is $148. BOAT PATROL “Operation Dry Water” aims to stop boating accidents and fatalities by warning boaters not to drink & drive on the water. CCSO deputies will be out patrolling the public waterways over the weekend starting on Friday, June 26, on the lookout for BUIs and other boating safety violations. Law enforcement agencies in 43 states take part in this annual operation. For info, see If you think someone may be boating under the influence, call 252-9300. Celebrate Independence Day! SUNDAY, JULY 5 11:00 Arts&Crafts, Food Booths Open, McLeod Park 12:30 Opening Ceremony, City Hall 1:00 PARADE 2:00 Food, Music, Prizes, Raffle in McLeod Park 4:00 Jazz Concert, Community Center 9:00 Fireworks If you want to join the parade, phone Elaine at 695 -2695. There are prizes for the best floats. The theme this year is “Fishing for Fu n”. If you want to be a vendor in the Arts & Crafts sal e, phone Marya at 695-2905. n We’re honored to have a visit by the Air National Guard Band of the Smoky Mountains to help us celebrate Independence Day. They will be perfor ming on Sunday, July 5, at 4:00 p.m after our festivities. Come along to the Community Center (Skating Rink) behind the Fire Station to hear them. We understand that they “take great pride in their ability to offer a wide variety of musical programming. Concerts typically include: traditional concert band pieces, military marches, patriotic selections, rock, jazz and country/western selections.” It should be a great concert! and, early enough for all the family to enjoy. TIDE TABLES RESTAURANTS If you have news, photos, announcements, or articles ... email or phone 695-2905. CONTENTS nrrnrnrnnrn n!"##$n%rn&'()n*+rn&%#n** ,%nr


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 2 July 27-31: Copeland Baptist Vacation Bible School July 30: Wildlife Crossing Mtg July 31: end of B igC ORV rest period Aug 4: City Council mtg Aug 4: CCSO National Night Out Aug 10-14: Build-a-Boat Aug 24: Back to Sc hool Sept 2: FME mtg Sept 5-7: Butcher “Muck About” Sept 9-11: FWC mtg Sept 15: Reach Out mtg Sept 15: BigC ORV mtg Oct 2-4: RedSnook Tournament Oct 10-17: 10K Island Refuge Week THRIFT SHOP: Thurs, Fri, Sat; 11:00 am to 3:00 pm SKATING RINK: Fri & Sat; 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. (closed July 3 & 4) MUSEUM: Tues-Fri; 9 am to 5 pm; Sat; 9 am to 4 pm SMALLWOOD STORE: Daily; 11 am to 5 pm FOOD PANTRY: Sat; 8:30 to 10:30 am, Community Churc h ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: Sat; noon, Community Chur ch SHAMROCK BANK: Tues, Thurs; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. LITTLE GATOR CLINIC: closed for the summer SHERIFF AT CITY HALL: Fri, 6/26 (10-11 am) Thurs, 7/2 (10-11 am) Mon, 7/6 (1-2 pm) Wed, 7/8 (10-11 am) SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT Fathers’ Day 21 new moon 22 Hour of Prayer Chokoloskee Church of God 7pm 23 24 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 25 RAPPER 26 27 28 29 Hour of Prayer Holy Family Catholic Church 7 pm 30 JULY 1 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 2 3 4 Independence Day Leebo’s Mullet Fry see p.3 5 Independence Celebration Jazz Concert see p.1 6 Hour of Prayer Everglades Community Church 7 pm full moon 7 Congressional Visit, see p.3 Hot Summer Nights see p.3 8 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 9 RAPPER 10 Hot Summer Nights see p.3 11 SCV Depot, 6 pm full moon 12 13 Hour of Prayer Copeland Baptist Church, 7 pm OFCD Bd Fire Sta, 6 pm 14 15 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 16 Summer School ends 17 Summer Camp trip to Wannado City 18 Mobile Pet Vet see p.3 Miccosukee Music & Crafts Fair, see p.11 19 Mobile Pet Vet see p.3 20 Hour of Prayer Chokoloskee Church of God 7pm 21 Reach Out City Hall, 8:30 am BigC ORV mtg 3:30-5 pm new moon 22 Ladies Coffee Backcountry Cafe 8 am 23 Copeland Civic 7 pm RAPPER 24 25 JUNE/JULY 2009


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 3 SKATING RINK CLOSED The Skating Rink in the Community Center will be closed on Friday & Saturday, July 3 & 4, so it can be set up for the free Jazz Band Concert on Sunday (see front page) Mullet Fry on the 4th Leebo’s is celebrating the Fourth of July with traditional local foods. Besides fried mullet, there will be swamp cabbage, potato salad, and baked beans. During the evening, music will be provided by Rex & Hot Country who have played here before. The fry starts at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 4 You can get tickets in advance and take-out will be available. For info, phone 465-9521. CONGRESSIONAL VISIT Representatives from the Collier County office of Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart will meet with constituents in City Hall on Tuesday, July 7, at 3:00 p.m. For info, phone 348-1620. REACH OUT BREAK The next meeting will be on September 15 However, money for Summer Camp is still needed because there are about 60 kids! Hot meals at noon are a special treat (see page 12). n n n n The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a series of events for youngsters over the summer and will be in ECity on Tuesday, July 7, and Friday, July 10, at McLeod Park with a variety of activities from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. “Hot Summer Nights” are open to youths ages 10 through 17. For more info, stop in and chat with Lt Mark Milligan during his office hours at City Hall or phone the CCSO Youth Relations department at (239) 793-9260. There is also info at website FIREWORKS FUND It is not too late to contribute to the Fireworks Fund. You can send your check payable to “Everglades Community Fireworks Fund” to P. O. Box 110, Everglades City, FL, 34139 or drop in your donation at City Hall. OCHOPEE FIRE CONTROL DISTRICT 06/10/09: Vehicle Accident, Oasis Ranger Station 06/10/09: Emergency Medical, Copeland 06/10/09: Vehicle Accident, 55mm on I-75 06/11/09: Emergency Medical, Everglades City Fire Station 06/12/09: Vehicle Fire, Kirby Storter Park 06/12/09: Vehicle Accident, 74mm on I-75 06/12/09: Vehicle Fire, 78mm on I-75 06/12/09: Vehicle Accident, East of Dade County Line on US-41 06/14/09: Emergency Medical, 74mm on I-75 06/16/09: Vehicle Accident, 72mm on I-75 06/18/09: Vehicle Fire, 80mm on I-75 06/19/09: Trouble Breathing, Everglades City 06/19/09: Knee Injury, Everglades City 06/19/09: Possible Hazardous Material Odor, Plantation Parkway 06/19/09: Emergency Medical Call, Copeland 06/20/09: Emergency Medical Call, Port of the Islands 06/20/09: Emergency Medical Call, SR-29 and US-41 06/21/09: Vehicle Accident, 69mm on I-75 06/21/09: Suicidal Person, Plantation Island 06/23/09: Vehicle Fire, 73mm on I-75 MOBILE PET VET Dr Baker will be here on Saturday, July 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in McLeod Park, Everglades City, and from 2 to 4 p.m. in Copeland. She will also be here for surgery on Sunday, July 19 by previous appointment only. You can phone her at 777-PETS (7387). For more info, see TIDES FOR BARRON RIVER INFORMATION FROM http://TIDESANDCURRENTS.NOAA.GOV 06/26/2009 Fri 01:03AM -0.4 L 06:47AM 2.5 H 01:0 3PM 0.6 L 05:51PM 3.0 H 06/27/2009 Sat 01:50AM -0.1 L 07:29AM 2.5 H 02:0 5PM 0.5 L 07:03PM 2.7 H 06/28/2009 Sun 02:39AM 0.1 L 08:11AM 2.5 H 03:1 5PM 0.4 L 08:18PM 2.4 H 06/29/2009 Mon 03:31AM 0.4 L 08:54AM 2.6 H 04:3 0PM 0.4 L 09:39PM 2.1 H 06/30/2009 Tue 04:27AM 0.6 L 09:40AM 2.7 H 05:4 1PM 0.2 L 11:18PM 2.0 H 07/01/2009 Wed 05:27AM 0.7 L 10:30AM 2.7 H 06:4 4PM 0.1 L 07/02/2009 Thu 01:36AM 2.0 H 06:26AM 0.8 L 11:2 2AM 2.8 H 07:40PM 0.0 L 07/03/2009 Fri 02:52AM 2.1 H 07:21AM 0.9 L 12:1 3PM 2.9 H 08:30PM -0.1 L 07/04/2009 Sat 03:36AM 2.1 H 08:13AM 0.9 L 12:5 9PM 2.9 H 09:15PM -0.1 L 07/05/2009 Sun 03:54AM 2.1 H 08:58AM 0.9 L 01:4 0PM 3.0 H 09:55PM -0.2 L 07/06/2009 Mon 03:54AM 2.1 H 09:39AM 0.8 L 02:1 8PM 3.1 H 10:33PM -0.2 L 07/07/2009 Tue 04:11AM 2.2 H 10:16AM 0.8 L 02:5 3PM 3.1 H 11:09PM -0.2 L 07/08/2009 Wed 04:37AM 2.3 H 10:52AM 0.8 L 03:2 7PM 3.1 H 11:4 3PM -0.2 L 07/09/2009 Thu 05:09AM 2.3 H 11:27AM 0.7 L 04:0 1PM 3.0 H 07/10/2009 Fri 12:16AM -0.1 L 05:44AM 2.4 H 12:0 3PM 0.7 L 04:37PM 2.9 H TIDES FOR BARRON RIVER INFORMATION FROM http://TIDESANDCURRENTS.NOAA.GOV 06/26/2009 Fri 01:03AM -0.4 L 06:47AM 2.5 H 01:0 3PM 0.6 L 05:51PM 3.0 H 06/27/2009 Sat 01:50AM -0.1 L 07:29AM 2.5 H 02:0 5PM 0.5 L 07:03PM 2.7 H 06/28/2009 Sun 02:39AM 0.1 L 08:11AM 2.5 H 03:1 5PM 0.4 L 08:18PM 2.4 H 06/29/2009 Mon 03:31AM 0.4 L 08:54AM 2.6 H 04:3 0PM 0.4 L 09:39PM 2.1 H 06/30/2009 Tue 04:27AM 0.6 L 09:40AM 2.7 H 05:4 1PM 0.2 L 11:18PM 2.0 H 07/01/2009 Wed 05:27AM 0.7 L 10:30AM 2.7 H 06:4 4PM 0.1 L 07/02/2009 Thu 01:36AM 2.0 H 06:26AM 0.8 L 11:2 2AM 2.8 H 07:40PM 0.0 L 07/03/2009 Fri 02:52AM 2.1 H 07:21AM 0.9 L 12:1 3PM 2.9 H 08:30PM -0.1 L 07/04/2009 Sat 03:36AM 2.1 H 08:13AM 0.9 L 12:5 9PM 2.9 H 09:15PM -0.1 L 07/05/2009 Sun 03:54AM 2.1 H 08:58AM 0.9 L 01:4 0PM 3.0 H 09:55PM -0.2 L 07/06/2009 Mon 03:54AM 2.1 H 09:39AM 0.8 L 02:1 8PM 3.1 H 10:33PM -0.2 L 07/07/2009 Tue 04:11AM 2.2 H 10:16AM 0.8 L 02:5 3PM 3.1 H 11:09PM -0.2 L 07/08/2009 Wed 04:37AM 2.3 H 10:52AM 0.8 L 03:2 7PM 3.1 H 11:43PM -0.2 L 07/09/2009 Thu 05:09AM 2.3 H 11:27AM 0.7 L 04:0 1PM 3.0 H 07/10/2009 Fri 12:16AM -0.1 L 05:44AM 2.4 H 12:0 3PM 0.7 L 04:37PM 2.9 H See the Rapper in full color! 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The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 4 n n n n Yarns and Hand Knits Lessons 3804 E. Tamiami Trail Naples, FL 34112 239-793-8141


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 5 nrn Everglades City School phone: 377-9800 or 69 5-2561 website: From Savannah’s Eyes I can't believe how hot it is outside! A few days ago I went to the pool with my friend Trevor and in the shade the temperature registered 104 degrees Fahrenheit! I was very surprised that it would be that hot in the shade! A week ago my Mom and I took my little niece Kailey swimming, and when we got into the car to go home, she said to me and my mother "It sure is hot out here" in a little Southern voice! And, she is only two but speaks like an adult! My Mom and I planted sunflower seeds two months ago, and one is already 6 ft tall! And in the mornings they face my house and when I look out at them, they look like little suns here to brighten up the day! Sunday was father's day and my father is a great Dad and grandparent. He works really hard everyday to make everyone happy. I love my Dad more than anything in the whole wide world! He makes sure everyday that he tells me he loves me and that is what I love about him the most. He is a very loveable person! I am really thankful to have a Dad like him in my life. Also, my Dad is funny, too! He loves to make people laugh! Wish for cooler weather, Savannah Savannah Oglesby will be in the 7th grade at Evergl ades City School and is a regular contributor to this paper. If you want something to do after our Summer Camp in ECity finishes on July 17, the Girl Scouts have a day camp in Naples at Cambier Park that runs until August 14 plus many other activities in different locations. For more info, see or phone 800-232-4475. Summer Camp has been really busy, thanks partly to members of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office who provide activities each Tuesday. A team from the Mounted Pa trol visited on June 16 to talk about how horses are use d by the deputies and how to approach a horse safely. A bike rodeo was held on June 23. All 50 kids were fitted out with helmets and completed a bike safety course. They took home goodie bags to reinforce their lessons. The officers & volunteers, some from Lee County, were pleased at how appreciative the kids were. McGruff, the safety dog, was also on hand, with Crime Prevention Officer Sue Gentry, to chat with the students. He’s an old favorite and visits us each year. Our thanks to Helen Bryan for photos. IMPORTANT DATES Thurs, July 16: Summer Camp/School Ends Fri, July 17: Summer Camp Trip to Wannado City Mon, Aug 24: School Starts HONOR ROLL for the last school term Elementary School (Straight A’s) Sindy Cifuentes, Logan Foss, Madelyn Mitchell, Jasibel Ruth, Brandon Steffen High School (Straight A’s) Peyton Beebe, Karisa Brown


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 6 nr Sales Service Maintenance CALL ANYTIME 239-253-2882 239-253-4860 Licensed CAC 1815185


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 7 SENIOR MEALS If you are at least 60 years old, you can stop in for a meal courtesy of Collier County Housing & Human Services Department. Lunch is served at the East Naples Community Center at 3500 Thomasson Drive (west off US-41) from 11:30 a.m. to noon. Meals are also available in Immokalee at the Roberts Center at 905 Roberts Avenue (east off SR-29). For info and reservations, phone 793-4414. n n n n by Marya Repko I sometimes receive as birthday or holiday gifts wonderfully-smelly bars of soap (or buy them for myself at craft fairs). I don't use them in the shower but bury them among my clothes in drawers. It's always a pleasure to put on a clean nightshirt and find it smells so nice. n If you go to the islands or cross any American borders, you now need either a passport book or passport card. The card is only good for North American travel by boat or land (not by air); the traditional blue passport book lets you go anywhere. Application forms are available from the library in City Hall or online at FREE COURSE Business owners who sell alcohol are invited to sponsor a 2-hour workshop for their employees to learn about local alcohol sales laws. “Drug Free Collier” will make a presentation to groups of 10 to 15 people and include your business as a sponsor in their promotional publicity. One of the aims of this program is to reduce underage drinking. For info, phone 377-0535 or see rr rr rr rr Summer Medley by Patricia Huff Eggplant, asparagus, summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, red and/or green peppers, whatever ... This summer I've been on a vegetable kick; picking up all kinds at the grocery store or market. I have found that I just feel healthier e ating lots of greens and lots of vegetables. The easiest and best tasting way to prepare is to just choose t hree of your favorite (mine is eggplant, asparagus and tomatoes) and slice thinly. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees; spray olive oil in a baking dish and place the vege tables alongside each other. I then sprinkle the slices with salt and pepper and drizzle extra virgin olive oil on them before placing in the oven. After about 15 minutes, they are done and I like to let the vegetables sit out a few minutes to al most room temperature before eating. Just delicious and so easy. Not an original idea, but just a reminder to eat healthy this summer! nr by Patricia Huff During these warmer (hot) months of summer, it's a good idea to dr ess for the occasion. The Seminole women wore colorful long sleeved blouses a nd floorlength full skirts, made from cotton material. The men wore a s imple full cut shirt. Most fishing guides now wear light-weight long-sleeve shirt s and long pants. The sun has taken its toll on those who used to wear just short s and Tshirts, and people have become more aware of skin cancer and its affects. Another reason for covering the skin is that it keeps the mos quitoes away (as long as the clothing is loose fitting). However, we're in South Florida, home of beaches and sun and fun. For m any of us who want to dress for summer comfortable shorts and tops can be worn. I find that the loose fitting blouses are more airy and many of the ver y light weight materials (organic cotton and/or recycled polyester) made by Patogonia or other manufacturers are the most appropriate. Of course, when the s kin is exposed, one should always put on sunscreen to protect yourself. Because my ski n is more sensitive to the rays of the sun, first thing in the morning (and, again, every 2 hours) I apply sunscreen to my face. Enjoy the outdoors but take precaution. YOUTH ACADEMY GRADS Congratulations to Kimberly Brown, Renee Gonzalez, and Brittney Pot ter who completed a 40-hour Youth Academy that was held by CCSO on June 8-12. The course motivates youth to become productive leaders in their community. Lt Mark Milligan told the Rapper “Our local youth represented our area well and stood out as role models to the instructors teaching the class. We should all be proud of these outstanding youth in our community. May they have conti nued success as they embark in their future!”


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 8 Fishing Report by Captain Bill Lindsay The rain has helped the backcountry action for snook and small tarpon. They feed early and late in the day, just like the mosquitoes. Some large snook are being taken on the outside points and in the mouth of the rivers. Large tarpon can be caught in the rivers and passes. Capt. Norman Brown has been catching his limit of trout and redfish. Captain Don Cochran has taken several nice permit and cobia on the Gulf wrecks. He has had no trouble catching nice trout. On one trip his party caught and released a 16-lb snook in Sandfly Pass. There are lots of sharks around and on some of the wrecks they attack every fish you hook. The outside coves are holding some small snook and lots of large black drum. In short, if you can stand the heat and bugs, fishing is pretty good. Capt. Bill Lindsay lives in Chokoloskee and has bee n fishing in the Everglades National Park for 28 years. In 1992 he w as Master Angler of the MET Tournament. FWC NEWS Among the items on the agenda at the FWC meeting on June 18, two rule changes for fishing in the Gulf were approved. The season for recreational harvesting of red snapper is now June 1 through August 14 (it was September 30). The FWC press release states “This is consistent with new federal regulations and is necessary because of recreational over-harvests of Gulf red snapper in 2008.” The new closed spawning season for recreational grouper is February 1 through March 31 and the reduced daily aggregate bag limit is 4 per person. These rules apply to Gulf waters except Monroe County. Commercial fishermen will be able to take smaller Gulf red grouper; the minimum size has been reduced to 18 inches total length (from 20 inches), starting in August. To read the full report, see and click on Newsroom. By the way, FWC celebrates its 10 th Birthday on July 1. The public can help FWC by joining the Florida Wildlife Foundation, a non-profit founded “to provide assistance, funding and promotional support to contribute to the health and well-being of Florida's fish and wildlife resources and their habitats.” It is “the citizen-support organization of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.” To learn more, see Seagrape (Coccoloba uvifera) by Patricia Huff This time of year the seagrape trees come alive, at lea st it seems so at my house. We have a very large tree that was planted long before we moved here 15 years ago. Although we'll have "grapes" in a few weeks, the tree is somewhat messy year round. The leaves are beautifully shaped, round with bright red veins, but they turn brown and drop constantly. When we first moved into our home, I thought how I would surely keep the sidewalk clear of these leaves but it is a constant battle. In the early summer the tiny white blossoms that spike out to almost a foot start falling like raindrops. Then, the reward: fruit will come and grow in grape-like clusters, thus the name. Our tree is so tall that when the fruit hits the ground, it splits open. This year I bought a net which I hope will catch the fruit and I can use to make jelly ( see recipe below) The tree does provide a lot of shade, is extremely salt tolerant, has grown very tall (with some trimming) and has character. And, I know the birds will enjoy the fruit as well. Seagrape Jelly The grapes are ripe when they turn dark purple. We found this recipe in “Prop Roots” published by our school. Wash them and put into a large pot. Pour water into pot, covering seagrapes. Boil rapidly for 30 minutes. Drain juice off the seagrapes and strain. Measure 1 cup of juice to 1 cup sugar. Return to stove for cooking. Boil rapidly until it starts to pop. Then pour into hot containers and seal. Other recipes are similar and all call for equal measur es of juice to sugar.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 9 n All the recent donations to the Historical Library have finally been catalogued on the ESHP computer (and a back-up disk has been saved off-site). We were fortunate to receive a generous donation by Karen Cabral who gave the Historical Library over 50 books from her extensive Florida collection. Included are some old classics by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Patrick Smith, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. There are also great modern novels by Carl Hiaasen, Randy Wayne White, James W. Hall, and Peter Matthiessen, among others, which will be classics in time. There are over 150 books on our shelves, some of them dating back to the 1920s and out-of-print. For a full list of our holdings in City Hall, visit the ESHP website or phone Marya at 695-2905. n n n n Pelts, Plumes, and Hides; White Traders among the Seminole Indians, 1870-1930 by Harry A. Kersey, Jr. reviewed by Marya Repko This is a lovely, nostalgic book with chapters about the Storters and Ted Smallwood, as well as others further afield such as the Stranahans in Fort Lauderdale and Browns at the Boat Landing east of Immokalee. The Indians brought their hunting bounty to the trading posts to sell for cash which they used to buy goods such as ammunition and calico cloth. The author is a renown authority on the Florida Seminoles and has published a multitude of interesting books and papers (some of which are in the Historical Library). He is now Professor Emeritus at Florida Atlantic University. He sets the Indian trade in context, referring to the Seminole Wars and the often bad treatment which they received from cheating itinerant traders and their relief in finding honest storekeepers. A curious note: the book was printed in 1975 by “The Storter Printing Company, Gainesville, Florida” which has since moved to Texas. MUSEUM NEWS Good news! The TDC (Tourist Development Council) voted at its meeting on June 22 to give almost $1.5 million to Collier County Museums, a recognition of how important museums are to tourism. Extra money was also awarded to the new Marco Island museum to help set up exhibits. Final approval by the Board of County Commissi oners is expected on June 29. About 85,000 people visited the county museum system last year, over 20% of them here in Everglades. The schedule of artists that will be shown during the 2009-2010 season in the Pauline Reeves Gallery at the front of our Museum is now avai lable. The brochure also includes the dates for “Meet the Artist” recepti ons and special events. To get a copy of the new schedule, visit the Museum or se e the Friends’ website Short Field Landings by Mike Klein Finally, almost 4 years after Hurricane Wilma, construction of the new hangers at Everglades Airport will be completed this year. While there were many valid reasons for the delay (initial entanglements with the insurers, contract bidding and re-bidding, the C ounty budget process, dealings with other agencies: the FAA, hangar manuf acturers, door suppliers, and engineering consultation schedules), it has been a dedicated struggle. Now, thanks to Mayor Sammy’s persistence and the untiri ng efforts of the staff and board of the Collier County Airport Authority, we are finally on the way. The work is being done by Grady Minor of Bonita Springs and Coral S ands Construction, LLC. David Griggs of Coral Sands and Jim Kenney, air port manager for Everglades and Immokalee, met with the City to r eview the project and have applied for the necessary permits. Weather and whatnot pe rmitting, the project should move along according to the following schedule: June 22 – Utilities siting, Survey/Layout July 6 – Demolition of the old foundation Aug 3 – Layout foundations Aug 4-27 – Excavate & pour foundations Aug 27 – Pour concrete slab Sept 7 – Erect metal building Sept 21 – Asphalt and Site restoration Sept 22 – Interior framing & drywall Sept 28 – Electrical and plumbing Oct 5 – Interior finishes Oct 12 – Substantial completion Nov 9 – Closeout completion Mr. Griggs will keep us updated on progress. Reconstruction of the dwelling/office structure has been postponed due to the current financial situation and will be revisited once the ec onomy gets back up to takeoff speed.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 10 NEW DEPUTY-SUPER Big Cypress National Preserve has a new Deputy Superintendent. JD Lee started in on the job on June 22 but this is not his first post in the preserve; he served as a ranger in Big Cypress from 1999 to 2003. After that he went to Gulf Island National Seashore in northern Florida and then to the NPS Intermountain Region out west. JD has park experience stretching back over 22 years. He originally came from Indiana. BigC Zone 4 Airboat Access Reopened With recent rains water levels in Zone 4 of Big Cypress National Preserve have risen to allow for the reopening of airboat trails within the zone. The National Park Service reminds all permitted Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) operators that the other portions of the Preserve that allow for wheeled vehicle access remain closed, as part of the annual 60-day closure period, through July 30. Zone 4 is located within the southeast corner of the Preserve, south of Loop Road, and is the only area within the Preserve that allows for backcountry access via airboat For info, phone 695-1107. STATE PARKS COST MORE Fees at State Parks will go up, beginning July 1. To take your car with up to 8 people into Collier Seminole and Koreshan, it will cost $5 (rather than $4). The entry new fe e at Delnor-Wiggins is $6 and at Lovers Key is $8. Camping fees have also been increased. There is no entry fee to the Fakahatchee at Janes Scenic Drive in Copeland or at the Boardwalk on US-41 (Tamiami Trail), although donations are gratefully received. NPS FREE WEEKENDS There will be no entry fee at local National Parks during the weekends of July 18/19 and August 15/16 as part of the “Fee Free Summer Weekend” program. This is a good chance to visit Shark Valley or the park headquarters on the east coast near Homestead and have an inexpensive day out. PANTHER KILLING: $15,000 AWARD An award is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot a panther near Hendry Correctional Institute. The dead body was found there on April 21. The money for the award has been contributed by a number on environmental agencies and organizations. Florida panthers are an endangered species so this is a serious offense. If you can help, phone (239) 561-8144 or the anonymous line (888) 404-3922. Beyond Glades Daze by Patricia Huff This past week I went to the Keys for a few days to meet my husband who was fishing with a client there. He had a day free so just the two of us went out on the water; it's been a while since I've been out on the boat in the Keys and it was beautiful!! The day was extremely hot but with a slight breeze it was pleasant enough. Also, I hung my feet overboard (not having to worry about alligators swimming by) and that seemed to cool me off. We rode out a few miles off Islamorada and the bay was slick calm. Just riding along in such clear, blue green water reminded me of being in the Bahamas. Looking out towards the horizon, it was difficult to determine where the sky met the sea; the haze over the water and the misty blue of the sky seemed to block out any distinguishing line between the two. Just watching Steve work the fly line out to the tarpon cruising by on the flats made the day complete. The stillness was astounding! There were a few egrets and pelicans on a nearby island and the bridge in the far distance looked as if it was built just to g o across the water. We love the Everglades but it is nice j ust to drive a few hours down to the Keys and experience another world, just as beautiful. BEWARE OF GATORS We had this email from John Elting who leads swamp walks for the Friends of Fakahatchee: Alligators should be approached with caution. They have very quick lateral movement. On land, if their tail is cocked to the right, they can very quickly move in that di rection and visa versa. Though not aggressive by nature, beware if one move s slowly in a bee-line toward you in the water, espec ially if he cocks his head forward and down. Dominate bulls ride higher in the water. To learn more about the Fak and to book swamp walks, see the Friends’ website


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 11 RESTAURANT NEWS Backcountry Cafe (695-2552): 6:00 am 3:00 pm.; daily Camellia Street Grill (695-2003): Closed for Summer City Seafood (695-4700): 11:00 am 6:00 pm; daily Fish market also open Everglades Scoop (695-0375): Closed for vacation Gator Express (695-3937): 7:00 am 9:00 pm; Sun Thurs 7:00 am 10:00 pm; Fri, Sat Glades Haven Deli (695-2746): 6:00 am 6:00 pm; Sun – Thurs 6:00 am – 9:00 pm; Fri, Sat Food service stops 1 hr before close Grimm’s Stone Crab (695-3222): 8:00 am – 3: pm; Mon Fri Fish market (grouper/pompano) Havana Cafe (695-2214): C losed for summer Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe (695-2682): 11:00 am 5:00 pm; Wed Mon Closed Tuesday JT’s Cafe & Gallery (695-2630): 12:00 noon – 4:00 pm; Sat, Sun Gallery & Gift Shop also open Leebo’s Rock-Bottom Bar: 3:00 pm; Mon Sat noon; Sunday Oyster House Restaurant (695-2073): Closed for summer Port of the Islands (239-394-3101): 7:00 – 10:00 am; Mon-Sat 7:00 – 11:00 am; Sun Hot and cold breakfast menu Right Choice Pizzeria (695-3663): 5:00 9:00 pm; Thurs-Sun (takeout) Rod & Gun (695-2101): 7:00 10 am Breakfast; daily 11:30 am 9:00 pm; daily Seafood Depot (695-0075): 10:30 am 9:00 pm; daily Cabana Bash: 4 7 pm, Sat Susie’s Station: 11:00 am 5:00 pm; daily Triad Seafood (695-0722): Closed for summer For a list of church service times and park openings, see our website or phone us for a copy. The list is also posted on the board outside the Captain’s Table hotel. This little owl was seen in broad daylight on June 24 in the Fakahatchee. He was “frolicking in a puddle” on Janes Drive and then flew up into a tree but was not afraid of photographer Phill Lawry who emailed his note & pic to us. BUILD A BOAT Youngsters aged 13 to 17 are invited to sign up to “Build-a-Boat”. During the week of the program, they will construct a boat from a kit with guidance from the CCSO Marine Bureau. This program teaches the importance of teamwork and provides education so that students can test for their Boating Safety Card. “Build-a-Boat” will be held in ECity on August 10-14 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. The boat building will take place in a bay outside the fire station and class work will be held in the Community Center. The course is free. Places are limited so sign up now by phoning Lisa at 695-3781. WILDLIFE CROSSINGS A workshop for the public has been scheduled for Thursday, July 30, to learn about the proposed wildlife crossings on US-41. The informal meeting will be held at the Everglades Community Center from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening. For more info, phone Debbie Tower at the Florida Department of Transportation at (239) 461-4300. Native American Festival The sounds of Country and Classic Rock will emerge from the Everglades on Saturday, July 18, at the 34th Annual Miccosukee Everglades Music & Crafts Festival at the Miccosukee Indian Village on the Tamiami Trail (US-41). Featuring live concerts by Darryl Worley, Bad Company’s former lead singer Brian Howe, and Main Highway. Enjoy alligator demonstrations, airboat rides and a Miccosukee Fashion Show. Authentic Native American Indian arts, crafts and food will be on sale. The fun starts at 9:30 a.m. General admission $25, children 6 years and under are free. All proceeds will benefit the Miccosukee Educational Fund. For info, see or call (305) 223-8380. Paws to Reflect by a Squeedilifferous Pusslet Salutations from the rain forest. It’s now been raining here in Connecticut for two months and forty-one days. Even the flowers aren’t happy. And when the sun did come out, a week ago last Tuesday between ten and two, the lawn sprang up so fiercely that I had to hide in the woodpile. There’s certainly no incentive for me to play hooky and spend the night outdoors. It got so depressing having to stay inside most days that I brought in a half grown bunny for Ma to play with. Fortunately, she was having her lunch, so I didn’t have to go look for her. I dropped my gift gently just beneath her chair. She got so excited she couldn’t even be bothered to finish her meal. I guess it had been a while since she had her very own bunny. The two of them hopped around the dining room while I sprawled on my cushion and giggled. When she finally caught my bunny, she snuggled him for a minute then put him back outside. Well! After all my work to find some way to amuse her. There’s just no pleasing some people… Pusslet is assisted by “Constant Waterman” whose book about boating is available for sale around town. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Greet Visitors in the Museum Meet people from around the corner or around the world! Phone Martha 695-0008.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn June 26, 2009 email: PAGE 12 Kids at the Reach Out summer camp get a free hot meal every day at noon, prepared and served by Lorraine and Betty from the kitchen. If you would like to help, send your check to Reach Out, P.O. Box 894, Chokoloskee, FL, 34138. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS date _______________________ Please make check payable to “Snook Publications” and send to Snook Publications, P O Box 617, Everglades City, F L, 34139 ___ The MULLET RAPPER by post ($38) ___ The MULLET RAPPER by email ($10) NAME ___________________________________________ EMAIL _____________________________________________ __ STREET / P.O.BOX: ALTERNATE ADDRESS _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___ CITY ____________________________________________ CITY _____________________________________________ ____ STATE ________ ZIP ____________________________ S TATE _________ ZIP ________________________________ MONTHS AT ALTERNATE ADDRESS __JAN __FEB __MAR __APR __MAY __JUN __JUL __AUG __SEP __OCT __NOV __DEC 6/26/09 ----------------------------------------------------HOUSE NEED CLEANING? Cheryl's Cleaning Business is the helping hand you need. Call Cheryl at 239-745-6291 ----------------------------------------------------Put your job ad in the Rapper. No charge – phone 695-2905. The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn PUBLISHER Patricia A. Huff, Snook Publications P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL, 34139 (239) 695-2397, EDITORS Patty Huff & Marya Repko CONTRIBUTORS Helen Bryan, Barbara Daniels, Bill Lindsay Lisa Marteeny, Shirley Leonard, Savannah Oglesby Phill Lawry, Mike Klein, Trina Mitchell, Sunny Burke PRODUCTION layout: Marya Repko, printing: Snook Publications PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT We aim to provide local news of interest to the exten ded community of Everglades City, Chokoloskee, Plantation Island, Lee Cypress, Copeland, Jerome, and Ochopee. We strive to present the facts accurately without political bias or personal opinion. The views expressed in signed articles are not necessar ily those of the editors or publisher. SUBSCRIPTION RATES 25¢ per issue or $38 per year by US Post .++/ 01#2rrn nnnr nnnnr n n n n ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: House and Barn on 1.02 Acres. Zoned (A). Sale price $139,000 ($59,000 below appraised value) or for rent at $900/mon. For more info, call 321-439-7635. ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE BY OWNER: 3 lots in Chokoloskee, 2 on Calusa Dr, Lot M-4 $105,000, Lot M-5 (filled) $135,000, Lot by cemetery $79,000. Phone owner at (419) 441-2068 or (740) 864-2179. ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: 2-bedroom 1-bath mobile home with a dock and boat ramp, Plantation Island. Make an offer!!! Phone 239-825-4502. ----------------------------------------------------FOR RENT: Mobile Home on Canal, 29 Plantation Drive, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, unfurnished, $500 per month or $600 per month with lawn maintenance. Call 239-250-0668 ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: Deeded waterfront home on a quiet canal; 2 kitchens, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, remodeled, furnished, new A/C, new dock. $525,000 (owner licensed realtor). Call 239-860-6369 ----------------------------------------------------FOR RENT: Nice furnished hotel condo efficiency at Port of the Islands, includes ALL, only $900/mon. Phone (239) 269-2511. ----------------------------------------------------FOR SALE: Mini-refrigerators. Several available. $50 each, willing to negotiate on price. The refrigerator/freezer units are made by Danby, weigh 77 lbs, and have a power input of 85 watts. Call Brady at 695-3299.