ASERL User Conduct Agreement for the ARL PD Bank

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ASERL User Conduct Agreement for the ARL PD Bank
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ARL Position Description (PD) Bank User Conduct Agreement The PD Bank, as a collective work of academic and research libraries, can inform us about our industry and benefit libraries. It is an ongoing resource not simply a one time effort to collect documents. Submission of positions requires providing limite d Standard Data to complement keyword search capabilities. The value and utility of the system and the ROI to participants is directly linked to the maintenance of the data and documents by users. Accordingly, use of the system brings with it the respons ibility by institutions to submit a comprehensive set of positions for their institutions and to keep their data and documents up to date. Users are responsible for all content that they post or disseminate and are expected to maintain behavior that consis tently respects the rights of other users to access job descriptions conduct scholarly research, and add quality content to the Bank. Users of the PD Bank are cooperating to maintain a positive experience for themselves and others. Users are expected to abide by the policies and procedures adopted for the use of the Bank. An Advisory Group of the PD B ank reserve s the sole judgment to determine what behavior or practices constitute inappropriate use of the Bank. If inappropriate use persists, the Advisory Group reserve s the right to issue a warning, suspend activity, or to restrict access to the PD Bank. Note : Position descriptions and associated information should not include social security numbers driver's license number s alien registration nu mber s passport number s, or birthdates; or bank account, credit or debit card information or the like; or personal contact information like home addresses The decision about whether to include employee names on position descriptions should be made by each institution. The undersigned agree that our institution will conform to the above. Library Name: Institutional Lead Name Institutional Lead Signature Date Institutional Lead Email Address Institutional Lead Telephone Number Library Director Name Library Director Signature Date Please return by fax to 352 392 4538 or by email to