Amendment 4 to B.A.I. Order 143 (Regulations of the secretary of agriculture governing the inspection, disinfection, cer...


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Amendment 4 to B.A.I. Order 143 (Regulations of the secretary of agriculture governing the inspection, disinfection, certification, treatment, handling, and method and manner of delivery and shipment of live stock which is the subject of interstate commerce) modifying regulations 11 to 18, inclusive, relating to the prevention of the spread of splenetic fever of cattle, and revoking Amendment 3 to B.A.I. Order 143
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United States -- Bureau of Animal Industry
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"Amendment 4 to B.A.I. Order 143."
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"Effective on and after April 1, 1909."
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"Issued March 27. 1909."

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VfM A%
-C" VW ill INS""ON, DISM
=x"]R*T OF U" STOCK Cx

the pseyention
ft endmant :3 W 11. 4

VT r
aa efter AInQ I IW9
P t, iti ki'vT'll
P*P, or AG=cuLTuvx
:BA of AOculturo governing the
kWn,, treatMeXit, and method,
of live otock which is the
wuad under date of Mamh- 22,
',*15. 1907 as amended by amend-
ipmOd under'dote of March 17Y 1908,t
,April !,t, 1908. are her4y modi-fied by the
JI W-18, iacl4sive, and the.. wibstitution.
g4*tI9As,, which revocation.. shaA take
i44 ifor whith date the regulationsgiven
0ve uiRtil othprw e ordered.

*W" a April Jj 1000

Wat^ gr TaAtory Im, sted witbin
of A-gpoulture for splenetic, eoudir
ekAblish a State or Territorial quar-
Vw arep.established by the
ol> he kgi$Utioa requisite
*WOO* and Com-
bf Xa'id SU66 or TorAtory, the swret"7

quarantine and a duly authenticated copy of the laws and regula- ..H..
tions relating to the establishment and enforcement of the quarantine..
Regulation 13. Cattle of the quarantined area of any State or '
Territory shall not at any time be transported, driven, or allowed to |
drift therefrom to any portion of the quarantined area of any other.
State or Territory to which the intrastate movement of cattle of the ".
quarantined area is prohibited by the State or Territorial authorities
thereof. .,'3
Regulation 14. Interstate shipments of cattle from the quaran-
tined area may be made at any time by rail or boat to recognized ...
slaughtering centers for immediate slaughter, provided that in their
movement the provisions ,contained in paragraphs (a) to (m), here-
inafter set out in this regulation, are strictly observed and complied
with; but cattle shall not be trailed or driven or hauled in private
conveyances from the quarantined area in any State to any point in
any other State or Territory not included in the quarantined area.
Interstate shipments of cattle from the quarantined area may be
made during the months of January, November, and December of
each year by rail or boat for any purpose into the District of Columbia,
the States of Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana,
Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minne-
sota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New
York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,
South-Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wiscon-
sin, and Wyoming, and that portion of the State of Missouri north
of the Missouri River under such restrictions as may be imposed by
officials of the District of Columbia or State at destination, provided
that in their movement the provisions contained in paragraphs (a)
to (m), hereinafter set out in this regulation, are strictly observed
and complied with.
a A "Rule to prevent the spread of splenetic fever in cattle" is in effect throughout
the entire year. This rule prescribes the quarantined area in the respective States
and should be considered in connection with these regulations. Copies of the rule
may be obtained from the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry, Washington, D. :0.

mo f hs ea
an opid ihi f
"Io h qaade re opit
XW g xetol hs oeet uhz.
ise |~~ctr
81I U Y r s olw.
IIw ne mwe eeie tdsiain
ieo hc ncus fitnaeta*
th urnie ae eulaeda on o
on ob e rwtrdo o te up"
ivrpafrs hts n lewyadpae
poinifyrsreevdfrctleo h u ie
in i&o otoso vs alyas hts n lt
becntutdadmitindi/codnewt h
//~d ecsiniyrso orin fyrs
N~mo ihrsd fte SS hts n ltom
D$salbnihIoadfneIo esta ethg

as "Southern Cattle" into pens or yards which have not been specially
provided for that purpose as hereinbefore indicated, the transporta-
tion company shall immediately forward notice of such unload
and the reasons therefore to the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industryw
at Washington, D. C., and the premises stall be disinfected as provided
by paragraph (i) of this regulation.
(e) The proper officers of the transportation companies shall
securely affix to both sides of all cars carrying interstate shipmes
of cattle from the quarantined area (except those accompanied by
certificates of inspection issued by inspectors of the Bureau of Animal
Industry, covering shipments of cattle dipped as provided in Regu-
lation 17 hereof, and shipments of cattle from certain areas described
in the "Rule to prevent the spread of splenetic fever in cattle," which
rule should be construed in connection with these regulations) durable
placards not less than 51 by 8 inches in size, on which shall be printed
with permanent black ink and in bold-face letters not less than I1
inches in height the words "SOUTHERN CATTLE." These
placards shall also show the name of the place from which the ship-
ment was made, the date of the shipment (which must correspond
with the date of the waybills and other papers), the name of the
transportation company, and the name of the place of destinatio.
Each of the waybills, conductors' manifests, memoranda, and bills
of lading pertaining to such shipments by cars or boats shall have
the words "SOUTHERN CATTLE" plainly written or stamped
upon its face. Whenever such shipments are transferred to another
transportation company or into other cars or boats, or are rebilled
or reconsigned from any point not in the quarantined area to a point
other than the original destination, the cars into which said cattle
are transferred and the new waybills, conductors' manifests, menu

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SaU!VIi tMl= op yo t gni
AsIb dontecrfrmtetm
qi*aM *&utlte *ulae
SPW attm" shrtfiv!qefo
atwet eSimeto *teo
40w mh nbadcat v&&ento
-&cIWi*Apet fisteo hqtai
A"W emet onsotieo a uatw
Uv o bnpvio o
Im h mo adn otesokym n
Itt iha sigte vrpbi MS ne
fomi~ig18fm a ndOtbdfnmtbpo~
At!h f'odain
P C fti rgdto o eceia
Is etftdi h odigmnr. eoea
iosubfo Rpriwo ttag n b eg
1a*Wg h xeiranitfiro h a
!ft h nieitf~irufmttihi
ad!om A h f~igmam.
17!1 WI[I I e fth srg lto ob l s e

of known strength (but not less than 25 per cent pure) lew4
sufficient to make a disinfecting solution containing 5 per cn4tb S
pure acid. (2) Any coal-tar creosote dip permitted in the official 6 li2
dipping of sheep for scabies, provided the same is used at one-fi-fthh
the maximum dilution (five times the minimum strength) specified *.11
for dipping sheep. :
(k) The litter and manure removed from cars, boats, or other vyea l
hidcles, and from pens, chutes, alleyways, or other premisest or incio-
sures which have contained cattle of the quarantined area shall not :
be so located or stored that they come in contact with cattle in course i
of interstate transportation unless disinfected by one of the methods
specified below. (1) It may be disinfected by saturating it with any
disinfecting material specified in the preceding paragraph of the
strength and composition indicated therein, except that the lime
may be omitted. (2) It may be stored without disinfection during
the period from February 1 to October 31, inclusive, of each year;
when stored as above indicated, the storage space shall be tightly
inclosed and so situated or so surrounded .by cattle-proof fences or
other structures that no cattle other than cattle of the quarantined
area may approach closer to it than 15 feet.
(1) Cars which have carried cattle within the quarantined area. of'
any State or Territory shall be cleaned and disinfected before being
taken to any point in another State or Territory not in the quaran-
tined area. This provision shall not apply to cars containing cattle
in the course of interstate transportation for immediate slaughter
in accordance with these regulations.
(m) The regulations relating to the movement of cattle of the quar-
antined area as -prescribed by the proper State officers at destination
shall be carefully observed.
Regulation 15. (a) Cattle not of the quarantined area which are
transported interstate by rail through the quarantined area may be
unloaded therein for rest, feed, and water into properly equipped
noninfectious pens, provided such pens and the platforms, chutes,
and alleyways leading thereto are constructed and maintained in
accordance with the specifications set out below.
(1) The outside fences inclosing such pens, and the fences on either
side of the alleyways, chutes, and platforms leading thereto shall be
tight board fences not less than 6 feet high on the inside.
(2) If such pens, alleyways, chutes, and platforms are adjacent to
pens, alleyways, chutes, and platforms for cattle of the quarantined
area, there shall be between them a space not less than 10 feet wide,

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.' ^ff ^i^iii ii,:i-sii^MI UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
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.. .;..... .'03;:;' : .:: Z i
by tecertiate4 ..of. dippivg .. .

i nfested cattle, a..e. '
tiRegd uatio 18. Before addcceptMg or mon T
diesignatemainte ruleuof Ow ef yfWgiuWos-J
The interstate inovemeut Of homp qj 404 .-0OP
jMayjaropw snsa ts)Mi.y.b m only in... ... ..
regulations and rule governing the viplwtett
infested cattle.11
Regulaioa 18. Before accepting or wsoving .n in'.J.A.t.....'w
meant of cattle to a point not in the qua1at9M :::;iesto!j

portion of the quarantined irea from which,, .nde. tle ..
I:.."": ......EIE
Secretary of Agriculture, cattle may be shbipped iwpa!ti:c4.
purposes other than immediate slaighMe, t-imon oowp
shall secure a signed statement from each owner or oigor
cattle showing the purpose for which th cattle n'e
every case this statement shall accompany the waybil.
S. .... .':.... A
.". '.' .. : E .i? P :
.... : : ". .. : . ......i

Amendment 3 to B. A. I. Order 143 is hereby revoked,f4 Kii
effect upon April 1, 1909.
Done at Washington this seventeeai!.
of March, 1009. te sa
Witness mv hahd and the seal of the Np0
ment of Agrieulture. ..... .......
JAMES W L O ... ...........
Se e.....v..fA ...
,Sem"of :,,;!i

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