Rule 8, Revision 1, to prevent the spread of lip-and-leg ulceration (necrobacillosis) in sheep


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Rule 8, Revision 1, to prevent the spread of lip-and-leg ulceration (necrobacillosis) in sheep
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United States -- Bureau of Animal Industry
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture ( Washington )
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of Agriculture,

_V=T =1 8 BE A OF UP-AND-oUG

-*',**d afkr Xovewber 229,1909.

by the Seaetary of -A 'culture, and
a eoutagious, c9mmunicable disease known
(hftrobacillosis) exists. among sheep in the

WIUA0*9 SwjanAxy op A(micuLTuuz, updei
I Of the act of Congress approved March
hwa4t quarantine tht foll011mg IMAL

of Wyoming situate within the boundaries
H*M Johnson, Sheridan, W6ston, Crook, Con-
I*tci V!rewont County north ipf the Sweetwater
Albany and Laminie. counties north of -the Sixth
I bf, this quarantine the interstate transportation,
r driving of sheep, except as hereinafter pro-
herein quarantined is'hereby prohibited.
g1keV*,I"r_8heep that are affected with Hp-and-leg ulcer-
no be moved interstate from the quarantine

abow 4!4p that are not:-affected with lip-and-leg
bvOomexposed- to the::: contagion of the disease
1111mljtgam UM be shippWd intmtate in placarded cue,
X, ed',46 rooognind slaughteritig center for limme-
_ja di#pins, or they way be, moved interstate for
'Varpose*OW obe dipping, as bereinafterset forth.
Harket.v--Sbeep that we not
ulcotation, but which are part of a dis,-,

been exposed to the disease through infected premises, may, without ;
dipping, be moved interstate from the quarantined area or from public :
stock yards for feeding or grazing in fenced inclosures, provided per-. i
mission shall have been obtained in advance of the movement from the ,.,1
proper official of the State or Territory into which the sheep are to be .
shipped. If State permission is not obtained, the sheep shall, before i
being moved interstate, be dipped as provided for sheep exposed to
disease through infected premises or for breeding sheep of a diseased i
band, as the case may be.
4. Healthy sheep that have not been exposed to the contagion of
lip-and-leg ulceration may be moved interstate from the quarantined
area only when they are accompanied by a certificate of inspection
issued by an inspector of the Bureau of Animal Industry. ... ...
5. Dipping.-When it is desired to dip sheep for interstate move-
ment as hereinbefore provided, the dipping shall be done under the
supervision of an employee of the Bureau of Animal Industry and in
one of the cresol or coal-tar creosote dips permitted by the Department
of Agriculture in the official dipping of sheep for scabies, provided the
dip is used at a strength specified for use in the dipping of sheep for '
scabies. The dipping fluid shall be thoroughly mixed before flowing
into the vat and also before the sheep are placed therein. The dip shall
be maintained at a temperature of from 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit '
and the sheep shall be retained therein about one minute. The dipping
shall be done carefully and the sheep handled as humanely as possible.
The Department disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage result.
ing from the dipping..i
6. Placarding cars.-When, as hereinbefore provided, exposed sheep::
or sheep of diseased bands are shipped interstate without dipping for ;
immediate slaughter, the proper officers of the transportation compn::M
shall affix to both sides of each car a durable placard not less th .

S.. H .. .. .
.* ._. ...... . .
Hhl H ...... t" i

Itibsi eihtevr
iti& loio h n eo h l*fo
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do*o h ablsad te aestenm

adumsdtenm f h lc fdsis
owotr'mnfa.mmrna n
to suh#peob aso ot hll _av
onisff.Weee uhsimnsaetas
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est meoadadblso !iecvr
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ales n esteefwic aecnanddsae
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Anpae hrib lae addsnetda eenfe
tocenaddsnetsidpae ilsbette

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3 1262 08859 3008

SThis Rule 8, Revision 1, which 1or thae:..
i ,> ..... ...~ ~. ...'i;.: ... ..." " : + .
designated as B. A. I. Order 165, will beome a... iidi wa
after November 22, 1909, and is subject toamell:f
statutory notice. : ** ,. .
Rule 8, dated August 6, 1909, and effective on..* and e.t1 -A
,,. ..... .. .. : . ...;.', i,.
1909, and Amendment 1 thereto, dated September 10, 190%Ap i.l
on and after September 15, 1909, are hereby revoked,.: :A
Done at Washington this thi
November, 1909.
Witness my hand and the seal .i$
meant of Agriculture. -

Secretarg of




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