Regulations governing the recognition of breeds and purebred animals

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Regulations governing the recognition of breeds and purebred animals
United States -- Bureau of Animal Industry
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U.S. G.P.O.
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"B.A.I. Order No. 288."

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t Wa -.l
<* ': S C ~ '' t * *A ':* A : S -: hi.,, "'* .rf ll- r "
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9 J-'* : i S I' 5... : '* '
der authority of paragraph 1506 of the act of Congress approved
September 21, 1922, entitled "An act to provide revenue, to regulate
commerce withini foreign countries, to encourage the industries of the
United States, and for other purposes" (42 Stat., 858, 923),1 the fol-
lowing regulations are issued governing therecognition of breeds and
purereed animals imported into the United States for breeding pur-
pospqes. For purposes of identification these regulations are desig-
nated as B. A, 1. Order 288 and supersede all previous regulations on
the same subject. They shall become and be effective on and after
JAly 1, 1924.
Done at Washington this 14th day of June, one thousand nine
hundred and, twenty-four.
....... Witness my hand and the seal of the Department
of :Agriculture. HENRY C. WALLACE,

,S secretary of Agriculture.

Snri6. i. $iesu of Animal Indstry to isue certificates.-The
Bu t 1 of 'AUXinMl Industry of the Department of Agriculture is
heibyai4uithied.& to i"ue certificates of pure breeding under the
ptJtiskm of this order.'
SECTION 2. How to obtain certificates.-In order to obtain such
certificates of, pure breeding, importers, shall conform to the following
pr Parde:l As nation for certificates.-An application for cer-
.-. *r A' li to ,- for- -c,.
tififes s 16- be made to the Bureau of Animal Industry on forms
firiihhd tod iaptroved b. ,the depaArtment, showing the number of
animals imported, the breed nd sex, the port of entry into the
United SateCs, customs entry number the name of vessel or carrier
by *bieh' shieped, and the date of arrival. This application may be
signed b-y either.4the owner, the importer, br the agent, stating the
nme a ld ddr-ss(in the United States) of the owner of the animal
: or ni"alsp (A. Form 105-"Application for certificates" will be
furnished upon request.)

.",:, ^ ..., ; :. '....:'.... '. ......

......... .. ... ... .. .. . . ... ..
J!!','ii, ,agp, 13 of thea.ufluiot if aof 122isquoted a.peg of thisr d e, ,
:, .: l O __er-mt
N..! ..:.:

f o t - 0 --W --W4
from the owner, agent, or importer that the animals so imported arc
theidentical animals described in, the certificates of pedigree must be
furnished. (A. H. Form 283-"-Affidavit of identity" wiL be'fur-
nished upon request.)
Paragraph 4. Vendors' certificates.-Complete transfer of owner-
ship must be shown. from the breeder to the importer either on the
pedigree certificate, certificate of transfer, or vendor's certificate. If
-ownership is not indicated either on pedigree certificate, or by certifi-
cate of transfer, a. vendor's certificate from the seller or his agdnt
shall be furnished to the Bureau of Animal Industry with the applW
cation, giving the breed, sex, name, and registry number of each
onn al arm1 ".]4 1, a wwm nets4- nn 4-inn A a in *nt% a'A aU A 4 af %1 at1 1 a .i

'9 a

M15JJ.iU a OU.UL If DLLC .U JLf lU LiCL uau muc uG, o c uu Vj., u V) F *.-puxw l :. .,|||c|||....|.
and the name and address (in the United States) of the purchase.. _:::d:b
Vendors' certificates furnished by the custodians of foreign boo066 .. ti
record containing the above information may be used; otherwise, 'the dy*i
form of vendor's certificate furnished or approved by this dep't 4|
menti must be used. (A. H. Form 106---' Vendor's certificate' i*A "!
be furnished upon request.) ,,
SECIoN 3. Applications will be given consideration in the or4r 'I
in which they are received. When the application and accompany- 5
ing papers are satisfactory, certificates to that effect will be issued ..'."..i
and forwarded to the collector of customs at the port of entry ant th: 1
pedigee certificates returned to the importer or his agent. ;,w- .
ever, the certificates of pure breeding of the Bureau. of'A-". nb1
Industry will not be issued until the descriptions of th ymine, **
taken by a inspector of the Bureau of Animal Industry v*ik H
of entry, are received in Washington. All papers for aniamkfW v|w
do not meet the requirements of this order will be retained "i re-
turned, at the discretion of the department. il
SECTION 4. I&W Xlt of ani*iis.--Where the provisions of this .
,order have been otherwise complied with, animals will be certifie4 as
purebred which have been fully registered in good faith in qnp 9fi
the books of record for one of the recognized breeds given in B egu
nation 2, section 4, of this order, except those which have bee ,
registered on inspection.. .
SECION 1. Application for recognition.-Before an. addition iid
'breed to those, shown in section 4 of this regulation shall be added to i
this order the custodian of its book of record shall submit to the 4d 8-4|
apartment a complete set of the published volumes of such boolko :oi
Record to date of making application, together with all rules ai ,4
forms in force on said date afecting the registration of. animals y i
said book of record. The department will consider the case 4n,,s H
merits and use such information as may be available to. detr4 wa.
-whether the. breed is a recognized breed and whether the aniwa g:
registered in the book of record are purebred. ,,, ;,,,
.S.. anoN-2e Offial commnunications.-All official commui atone .
-submitted undr the provision -of this order should -be addresito
..: . .... . ..:..
.*,, .. :*: V.. *i ";;] -. :?.::..-., ,, *'.: ,,IB.

the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agri-
culture, Washington, D. C., except as mentioned below.
SECTION 3. Books of record required.-Custodians of books of rec-
ord for recognized breeds shall forward volumes of their books of
record as soon as published, addressed to the Chief of the Bureau of
Animal Industry, in care of the United States Dispatch Agent, 2
Rector Street, New York, N. Y., U. S. A.
SECTION 4. Recognized breeds.-The following breeds of domestic
animals are recognized. Opposite will be found the names of the
foreign books of record for these breeds, with the names and ad-
dresses of their custodians.

Paragraph 1.

Recognized breeds and books of record across the


Name of breed

Aberdeen Angus-----




Guernsey --.--


Holstein-Friesian.. _.

Book of record

Aberdeen Angus Herdbook---

Herdbook of the Bailiwick of
Guernsey (Alderney
Ayrshire Hrdbook.---------

Davy's Devon Herdbook .....
Galloway Herdbook-------

English Guernse Herdbook_.

Herdbook of the Bailiwick of
Guernsey (Guernsey
-Herdbook of Hereford Cattle.
Highland Herdbook---

Friesch Rundvee-Stamboek --

Nederlandsah Rundvee-Stam-
Randvee-Stamboek "Noord-

Jersey------..-- Jersey Herdbook ---------

Kerry and Dexter.---

Red Poll----------

Shorthorn_ --.- -----


Welsh ----


English Herdbook and Regis-
ter of Jersey Cattle.
English Kerry and Dexter

Kerry Cattle Herdbook.----
Red Poll Herdbook_.---

Coates's Herdbook.------

Sussex Herdbook.......--...

Welsh Black Cattle Herdbook_

Zebu Herdbook----- -. ---

By whom published

Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society, James R.
Barclay, secretary, 137 Union Street, Aberdeen,
Royal Guernsey Agricultural Society, H..
Marsden Peake, secretary, High Street, Al-
derney, Island of Alderney.
Ayrshire Cattle Herd Book Society of Great Brit-
ain and Ireland, Hugh Bone, secretary, 58 Al-
loway Street, Ayr, Scotland.
Devon Cattle Breeders' Society, A E. Gerrard4
secretary, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.
Galloway Cattle Society of Great Britain and.
Ireland, James Carlyle, secretary, Monraive,
Middlebie, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
English Guernsey Cattle Society, Robert F.
Ling, secretary, 12, Hanover Square, London,.
W. 1, England.
Royal Guernsey Agricultural and Horticultural
Society, Ernest de Garis, secretary, States Ar-
cade, Island of Guernsey.
Hereford Herd Book Society, W. G. C. Britten,.
secretary, 3, Offa Street, Hereford. England.
Highland Cattle Society of Scotland, D.
MacGregory, secretary, Clydesdale Bank
Building, Oban, Scotland.
Friesch Rundvee-Stamboek, Dr. E. van.
Welderen Rengers, secretary, Zuiderplein 2-4,
Leeuwarden, Holland.
Vereeniging het Nederlandsche Rundvee-Stam-
boek, Louis Jarman, secretary, 's-Gravenhage,.
Surinamaestrast, No. 24, Holland.
Vereeniging bet Rundvee-Stamboek "Noord-
Holland," D. Laan, secretary, Schellinkhout,
Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural'
Society, H. G. Shepard, secretary, 3 Mulcas-
ter Street, St. Helier, Island of Jersey.
English Jersey Cattle Society, T. W. Hammond
and L. J. Craufurd, secretaries, 19 Bloomsbury
Square, London, W. C. 1, England.
English Kerry and Dexter Cattle Society, T. W.
Hammond and L. J. Craufurd, secretaries,
19 Bloomsbury Square, London, W. C. 1,
Royal Dublin Society, Edward Bohane, director,
Leinster House, Dublin, Ireland.
Red Poll Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ire-
land, C. H. Clarke, secretary, 24, Warrington
Road, Ipswich, England.
Shorthorn Society of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland, V. H. Seymour,
secretary, 12 Hanover Square, London, W. 1,
Sussex Herdbook Society, A. G. Holland, secre-
tary, 12, Hanover Square, London, W. 1,
Welsh Black Cattle Society, John Pritchard &
Co., secretaries, Bank Chambers, Bangor,
North Wales.
Sociedadedo Herd Book Zebu, A. Teixeira
Vianna, secretary, Uberaba, Minas Germas,


S : '*. t

Name of breed. Book of record By whom published ,

Cheviot---- --------Cheviot Sheep Flock Book.. Cheviot Sheep Society John Robson, mere-
tary, Newton Bellingham,'Northumberland,
Cotswold..---------- Coswold F16&ck Book---.---- Cotswold Sheep Society, James W. Taylor, sjq-
retary, Cold Aston, Bourtonohb-the-Watet,
Gloucestershire England.
_Dorset Horn- ------ Dorset Horn Flock Book--- Dorset Horn Sheep Breeders' Association,
Thomas H. Ensor, secretary Bank Chambersa
Dorchqster, Dorset, England.
Hasmpshire Down.... Hampsimre Down Flock Book. Hampshire Down Sheep Breeders' Association,
W. J. Wooff, secretary, 49 The Canal, Salis-
bury, England.
Kent or Romney Kent or Romney Marsh Flock Kent or Romney Marsh Sheep Breeders' Asso-
Marsh.? Book. elation, W. A. Ban, secretary, 12 Hanover
Square, London, W. 1, England. '
Kerry Hill... ------- Kerry Hill Flock Book.,.-.,, Kerry Hill (Wales) Sheep Breeders' Association
and Flock Book Society, Morris, Marshall and
Poole, secretaries, Newtown, Montgomery-
shife, England.
Leicester----..--.----- Leicester Flock Book -------- Leicester Sheep-Breeders' Association, W. A.
Brown, secretary, Driffleld, East Yorkshire;
Leicester (Border)-....- Border Leicester Flock Book.. Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders, Miss
Rose J. E. Grant, secretary, 11 St. Ronan's
Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Lincoln------------- Lincoln Longwool Sheep Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders' Association,
Breeders' Flock Book. Robert Lamming, secretary, St. Benedict's
Square Lincoln, England.
-Oxford Down--------......... Flock Book Oxford Down Oxford Down Sheep Breeders' Association,
Sheep. Howard Sammons, secretary, 29 Queen St.,
Oxford, England.
Shropshire--- ------.- Shropshire Flock Book. ------- Shropshire Sheep Breeders' Association and
Flock Book Society, Alfred ManseUll & Co,,
secretaries, College Hill, Shrewsbury, England.
Southdown...--------- Southdown Flock Book------ Southdown Sheep Society, Inc., W. 0. Stride,
secretary, 63 East St. Chichester, England.
-Suffolk.------.......------- Suffolk Flock Book ---------....-. Suffolk Sheep Society, Miss E. M. Prentice,
secretary, 25 Marlborough Road, Ipswich,
Wensleydale.......... --------Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders' Associa-
Flock Book. tion, 0. Goland RobinSon, secretary, Underley
Farm, Kirkby Longdale, Westmoreland, Eng-


Belgian Draft--------.... Studbook des Chevaux de Societ6 Royale "Le Cheval de Trait Beige,"
Trait Beiges. Chevalier Hynderick de Theulegoet, secretary,
20 Rue Royale, Brussels, Belgium.
-Clydesdale----..------. Clydesdale Studbook--------......... Clydesdale Horse Society of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Ireland, Archibald Mao-
Neilage, secretary, 93 Hope Street, Glasgow,
Hackney..-------..........-- Hackney Studbook...---------- Hackney Horse Society, Robert F. Ling, secre-
tary, 12 Hanover Square, London, W. 1, Eng-
Percheron ---...-------. Studbook Percheron de France Societ4 Hippique Fercheronne de France, E.
Lemarie, secretary, Nogent-le-Rotrou, France.
.Shetland Pony----....- Shetland Pony Studbook -..... Shetland Pony Stud Book Society, Robert W.
Walker, secretary, 3 Golden Square, Aberdeen,
Shire----------.... ---- Shire Horse Studbook------- Shire Horse Society, A. B. Charlton, secretary,
12 Hanover Square, London, W. 1, England.
ZSuffolk.-....--------- Suffolk Studbook............. Suffolk Horse Society, Fred Smith, secretary,
Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.
Thoroughbred .---....... Australian Studbook ----......--- Australian Jockey Club and Victoria Racing
Club, Leslie G. Rouse, keeper, 6 Bligh Street,
Sydney, New South Wales.
Studbook Frangis Registre Commission de Studbook Franqais de Pur Sang,
des Chevaux do Par Sang.' The Minister of Agriculture, president, Paris,
General Stud Book ---------Weatherby & Sons, 15 Cavendish Square, Lon-
don, W. 1, England.
Welsh Pony and Cob. Welsh Pony and Cob Society Welsh Pony and Cob Society, John R. Bache,
Studbook. secretary, Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales.

I Provided that no animal or animals registered in the Australian or in the French Thoroughbred stud-,
'books shall be certified as purebred unless such animal or animals trace in all cross. to animals which are
proved to the satisfaction of the department to be of the Thoroughbred breed.


SName of breed Book of record By whom published

Various recognized Livre des Originesdela Societ6 Soci&t4 Royale Saint-Hubert, G. C. W. F.
breeds. Royale Saint-Hubert. O'Breen, secretary, Chauss6e Saint-Pierre, 391,
Brussels, Belgium.
Dobermannpinpscher-_ Dobermannpinscher Zucht- Dobermannpinscher-Verein (D. V.), Peter Urn-
buch (D. P. Z.). lauff, secretary, Ferdinandstrasse 61-53, Ham-
burg, 1, Germany.
Various recognized Kennel Club Studbook.------... Kennel Club, H. T. W. Bowell, secretary, 84 Pie-
breeds. cadilly, London, W. 1, England.
Foxhound.---------- Foxhound Kennel Studbook.-- Master of Foxhounds Association, H. E. Preston,
editor Moreby Park, York, England.
Greyhound--------- Greyhound Studbook-------. National Coursing Club, Horace A. Groom,
keeper of the Greyhound Stud Book, 11, Hay-
market, London, S. W. 1, England.
Irish Greyhound Studbook_.- Irish Coursing Club, T. A. Morris, secretary,
Bridge Street, Clonmel, Ireland.
Harrier and Beagle.... Harrier and Beagle Studbook.. Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagies,
3. Pawle, secretary, Havers Park, Bishop's
Stortford, England.
Various recognized Bchweizerisches H u n d e Schweizerische Kynologischen Gesellschaft, Carl
breeds. Stammbuch. Wittwer, secretary, Steigerweg 18, Berne, Switz-
German Shepherd.... Zuchtbuch fir deutsche Schaf- Verein fiir deutsche Schaferhunde, Herr Schaller,
erhunde. secretary, Augsburg 3, Miinchen, Germany.


Long Haired and Register of the Governing Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, Miss H.
Short Haired.. Council of the Cat Fancy. Lea, secretary, Coolhurst, West Hill, Syden-
ham, S. E. 26, England.


Berkshire.----------- British Berkshire Herdbook-. British Berkshire Society, Edgar Humfrey, seo-
retary, Shippon, Abingdon, Berks, England.
Large Black......---------.. Large Black Pig Society Herd- Large Black Pig Society, W. J. Wickison, secre-
book. tary, 12 Hanover Square, London, W. 1,
Large White (Large
Yorkshire). Herdbook of the Nation National Pi on Pig Breeders' Association, Alec. Hob-
Middle White (Mid- Bre r' Association'. ison, secretary and editor, 92 Gower Street, Lon-
die Yorkshire). Breeders Association. don, W. C. 1, England.
Tamworth .--------

Provided that no dog or dogs registered in the above-mentioned books shall be certified as purebred
unless a three-generation certificate of pedigree issued by one of the above-mentioned societies is submitted
A* each dog.

Paragraph 2. Recognized breeds and books of record in Canada.-
The Canadian National Records are recognized for the following
breeds: Provided, That no animal or animals registered in the Cana-
dian National Records shall be certified by the Secretary of Agricul-
ture as purebred unless such animal or animals trace, in all crosses,
to animals which are proved to the satisfaction of the department to
be of the same breed:

Cattle Sheep Horses Hogs

Aberdeen Angus. Cheviot. Belgian Draft. Berkshire.
Ayrshire. Cotswold. Clydesdale. Chester White.
Brown Swiss. Dorset Horn. Hackney. Duroc-Jersey.
French Canadian. Hampshire. Percheron. Hampshire.
Galloway. Leicester. Shire. Large BI k.
Guernsey. Lincoln. Standardbred. Poland China.
Hereford. Oxford Down. Suffolk. Tamworth.
Jersey. Shropshire. Thoroughbred. Yorkshire.
Red Poll. Southdown. Welsh Pony and Cob.
Shorthorn. Suffolk.
. ----.-- --------..------ ----------

ParagraphT S.-The Canadian Kennel Club (Canadian National
Records for dogs) is recognized for all the breeds of dogs riiis d
in said records: Provided, That no dog or dogs registered m .said
records shall be certified as purebred unless a three-generation ...I
certificate of pedigree issued by said Canadian National Reco 1[
is submitted for each dog.. ,,
Paragraph 4.-The Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada, of ",,(
which W. A. Clemons, of Brantford, Ontario, Canada, is secretnyi
and editor, is recognized for the Holstein-Friesian breed regist er
in the Holstein-Friesian Herd Book of that association. l
Paragraph 1506 of the act of Congress entitled "An act'to provide 'j'.
revenue, to regulate commerce with foreign countries, to encourage |
the industries of the United States, and for other purposes," approved J.
September 21, 1922 (42 Stat. 858, 923), is as follows: ii
1506. Any animal imported by a citizen of the United States specially lor i
breeding purposes, shall be admitted free, whether intended to be used by the ::::
importer himself or for sale for such purposes, except black or silver foxeo ...
Provided, That no such animal shall be admitted free unless purebred of a re- .
cognized breed and duly registered in a book of record recognized by the See. ,.
tary of Agriculture for that breed: Provided further, That the certificate of such
record and pedigree of such animal shall be produced and submitted to the
Department of Agriculture, duly authenticated by the proper custodian of meuch ::
book of record, together with an affidavit of the owner, agent, or importer tit
the animal imported is the identical animal described in said certificate of record '
and pedigree. The Secretary of Agriculture may prescribe such regulations as
may be required for determining the purity of breeding and the identity of such
animal: And provided further, That the collectors of customs shall require a certifi-
cate from the Department of Agriculture stating that such animal is purebred
of a recognized breed and duly registered in a book of record recognized bythe
Secretary of Agriculture for that breed. H -H, ,
The Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe such additional regulations A.
may be required for the strict enforcement of this provision. .
Horses, mules, asses, cattle, sheep, and other domestic animals straying :
across the boundary line into any foreign country, or driven across sach bounda 7
line by the owner for temporary pasturage purposes only, together with there
offspring, shall be dutiable unless brought back to the United States within eigtl4
months, in which case they shall be free of duty under regulations to bepr- ::p
scribed by the Secretary of the Treasury: And provided further, That the provisions
of this act shall apply to all such animals as have been imported and ar' In
quarantine or otherwise in the custody of customs or other officers of the Umnt4
States at the date of the taking effect of this act.

.: ...^

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..- : :'V:E


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