Laws and regulations relating to game in Alaska


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Laws and regulations relating to game in Alaska
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S. R. A.-B. S. 61. Issued August 7, 1924.

United States Department of Agriculture




Public Resolution No. 34, 68th Congress (Senate Joint Resolution
127), approved June 7, 1924, conferred upon the Secretary of Agri-
culture, effective July 1, 1924, the powers and duties theretofore con-
ferred upon the Governor of Alaska with respect to the protection
of wild game animals and wild birds by the act of May 11, 1908 (35
Stat. 102; compiled Laws of Alaska, 1913, sections 330-337), en-
titled "An act for the protection of game in Alaska and for other
In view of the foregoing, all references to the Governor of Al.aska
in the following laws and regulations, which will remain in force
for the present, should be interpreted to refer to the Secretary of
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Administration of the law will be
by the Secretary of Agriculture through the Chief, Bureau of Bio-
logical Survey, Washington, D. C. Information relating to Alaska
game will be furnished by the Biological Survey or by the Chief
Alaska Game Warden, Juneau, Alaska.

[35 Stat. 102; Comp. Laws of Alaska, 1913, sees. 330-337]
AN ACT To amend an act entitled "An act for the protection of game in Alaska and for
other purposes," approved June seventh, nineteen hundred and two
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rcprc.sntitiuc. s of the Unitcd
States of America in Congress assembled, That an act entitled "An act for the
protection of game in Alaska, and for other purposes," approved June seventh,
nineteen hundred and two, be amended to read as follows:
From and after the passage of this act the wanton destruction of wild game
animals or wild birds, except eagles, ravens, and cormorants, the destruction of
z The regulations on Alaska game recently promniulatedil by the Secretary of Agri-
culture are not repeated here, but will be found in Service and Ruhlatory An)nounce-
ment, B. S. 59. Re(,gulations for the Protection of Game in Certain Localities in
Alaska." and the text of the treaty, act and regulations affecting nmi'zratry gannip birds
in Alaska will be found in Service and Regulatury Announcement. B. S. 55. "Miirat'i.,v
Bird Treaty. Act. and Rcgiilatio!s..:_.--.- --"----
Additional C1 o f -i r-ftic, I La. n f the tr\vi>, r-i-rrd to in this footnote may
be obtained from the U. s ;I,&eA '-lt reJ Washington, D. C., or from the
Chief Alaska Gnie ara u raa..
1151o- 24 --*


nests andil eggs of such birds, or the killing of any wild birds other than game
birds, except eagles, for the purpose of selling the same or the skins or any
part thereof, except is hereinafter provided, is hereby prollil)ited.
Game dcfned.-The term game animals shall include deer, moose, caribou,
muntainii sheep, mountain goats, brown bear, sea lions, and walrus. The term
"aine birds" shall include waterfowl, commonly known as ducks, geese,
lbrant, and swans; shorebirds commonly known as plover, snipe, and curlew,
and the several specimens of grouse and ptarmnigan.
Exe)iptions.-Nothing in this act shall affect any law now in force in Alaska
relating to the fur seal, sea otter, or any fur-learing animal, or prevent the
killing of any game animal or bird for food o'r clothing at any time by natives,
or by mninfrs or explorers, when in need of food; but the game animals or birds
so killed during close season shall not be shipped or sold.
SEC. 2. Scason.-That it shall be unlawful for any person in Alaska to kill
any wild game animals or birds, except during the season hereinafter provided:
North of latitude sixty-two degrees, brown bear may be killed at any time;
mouse, caribou, sheep, walrus, and sea lions from August first to December
tenth, both inclusive; south of latitude sixty-two degrees, moose, caribou, and
mountain sheep from August twentieth to December thirty-first, both inclusive;
brown bear from October first to July first, both inclusive; deer and mountain
goats from April first to February first, both inclusive; grouse, ptarmigan, shore-
birds and waterfowl from September first to March first, both inclusive:
Proride'd, That no caribou shall be killed on the Kenai Peninsula before August
twentieth, nineteen hundred and twelve: And provided further, That the Secre-
tary of Agriculture is hereby authorized, whenever he shall deem it necessary
for the preservation of game animals or birds, to make and publish rules and
regulations prohibiting the sale of any game in any locality, modifying the close
seasons hereinbefore established, providing different close seasons for different
parts of Alaska, placing further restrictions and limitations on the killing of
such animals or birds in any given locality, or prohibiting killing entirely for a
period not exceeding two years in such locality.
SEC. 3. Number.-That it shall be unlawful for any person to kill any female
or yearling moose or for any one person to kill in any one year more than the
number specified of each of the following animals: Two moose, one walrus or
sea lion, three caribou, three mountain sheep, three brown bear, or to kill or
have in his possession in any one day more than twenty-five grouse or ptarmigan
or twenty-five shorebirds or waterfowl.
Guns and boats.-That it shall be unlawful for any person at any time to
hunt with dogs any of the game animals specified in this act; to use a shot-
gun larger than number ten gauge, or any gun other than that which can be
fired from the shoulder; or to use steam launches or any boats other than those
propelled by oars or paddles in the pursuit of game animals or birds.
SEC. 4. Sale.-That it shall be unlawful for any person or persons at any time
to sell or offer for sale any hides, skins, or heads of any game animals or game
birds in Alaska, or to sell, offer for sale, or purchase, or offer to purchase, any
game animals or game birds or parts thereof, during the time when the killing
of such animals or birds is prohibited; Provided, That it shall be lawful for
dealers having in possession game animals or game birds legally killed during
the open season to dispose of the same within fifteen days after the close of
said season.
SEC. 5 Licenses.-That it shall be unlawful for any nonresident of Alaska
to hunt any of the game animals protected by this act, except d(leer and goats,
without first obtaining a hunting license, or to hunt on the Kenai LPeninsula
without a registered guide, and such license shall not be transferable and shall
be valid only during the c;ilendar year in which issued. Each applicant shall
pay a fee of one hundred dollars for such license, unless he be a citizen of the
United States, in which case he shall pay a fee of fifty dollars. Each license
sliall be ;accoipIaniied by coupons authorizing the shipment of two moose If
killed north of latitude sixty-two degrees, four deer, three carilhou. three moun-
tain sh.-ep, three gitsI, and ,three browvii bear, or any part of said aniinnls, but
no iiore of any ione kind.
A resident of A1;i ,k:i desiring to export lmhads or trophies of any of the game
aniiilials imei'ntiolined in this act shi;All first (ditiii a shipping license, for which lie
shall pay a fee of -$40, permit tiny the shliiiient of lieads or trophies of one

2 Amiended by Migratory Bird Treity, Act, nind Regulations, see footnote No. 1, page 1,

S. R A.


moose, if killed north of latitude sixty-two degrees, four deer, two .aribou. two
sheep, two goats and two brown bear, but no more of any one kind; or a ship-
ping license, for which he shall pay a fee of $10, permitting the shipment of a
single head or trophy of caribou or sheep; or a shipping li(ceiie, for which he
shall pay a fee of $5, permitting the shipment of a single head or trophy of
any goat, deer, or brown hear. Any person wishing to ship moose killed south
of latitude sixty-two degrees must first obtain a sliecial shippin-r license for
which he shall pay a fee of $150, permitting the slipment of olie moose, or any
part thereof. Not more than one general license and two special mroose licen-es
shall be issued to any one person in one year: Provided, Tlhat before any trophy
shall be shipped from Alaska under the provisions of this act the per.sonm desir-
ing to make such shipment shall first make and file with the customs office at the
port where such shipment is to be made an affidavit to the effect that hlie lias
not violated any of the provisions of this act; that the trophy which he (le-i'es
to ship has not been bought or purchased and lhas not been sold and is uit
being shipped for the purpose of being sold, and that he is the owner of the
trophy which hlie desires to ship. and if the trophy is that of moose, whether the
animal from which it was taken was killed north or south of latitude sixty-two
degrees: Provided further, Tlhat any resident of Ahiska prior to September first
nineteen hundred and eight, may without permit or li.cenie ship any lead or
trophy of any of the game animals herein ,n -mtioned upon filing an affidavit
with the customs office at the port where such shipment is to be made that the
animal from which said head or trophy was taken \\";s killed prior to the pas-
sage of this act. Any affidavit required by the provisions of this act may be
subscribed and sworn to before any customs officer or before any otlfficer com-
petent to administer an oath.
The Governor of Alaska is hereby authorized to issue lienses for hunting
and shipping big game. On issuing a license he shall require the applicant to
state whether the heads or trophies to le obtained or shipped under said license
will pass through the ports of entry at Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon,
or San Francisco, California, and he shall forthwith notify the collector of
customs at the proper port of entry as to the name of the holder of the liconise
and the name and address of the consignee. All proceeds from lice,.-,s,
except $1 from each fee, which shall be retained by the clerk issuing the
license to cover the cost of printing. and issue, shall be paid into the Treasury
of the United States as miscellaneous receipts; the amount necessary for the
enforcement of this act shall be estimated for annually by the Agricultural
Department and appropriated for, including the employment and salaries to lie
paid to game wardens herein authorized. And the Governor shall annually
make a detailed and itemized report to the Secretziry of Agriculture, in which
he shall state the number and kind of licenses issued, the money received,
which report shall also include a full statement of all trophies exported and all
animals and birds exported for any purpose.
And the Governor of Alaska is further authorized to employ game wardnij-,
to make regulations for the registration and employment of guides, and fix
the rates for licensing guides and rates of compe-ii-ition for guiding. Every
person applying for a guide license shall, at the time of m.-kih:,l such appli-
cation, make and file with tlhe person issuing such license an affidavit to the
effect that he will obey all the conditions of this act and of the regulations<
thereunder, that he will not violate any of the game laws or regulations of
Alaska, and that he will report all violations of such laws and reornilatiiri--
that come to his knowledge. Any American citizen or native of Alask;, of
good character, upon compliance with the requirements of this act, shall be
entitled to a guide license. Any guide who shall fail or refu-e to report any
violation of this act, or who shall himself violate any of the provisions of this
act, shall have his license revoked, and in addition sh.ill be liable to the penalty
provided in section seven of this act, and shall be ineligible to act as guide
for a period of five ears from the d(late of conviction.
SEC. 6. It shall be unlawful for any persons, firm, or corporation, or their
officers or agents, to deliver to any common carrier, or for tlhe owner, ;[,i-nt,
or master of any vessel, or for any other person to receive for shipment or
have in possession with intent to ship out of Alahiska, any wild birds. exiipt
eagles, or parts thereof, or any heads, hides, or carc;i<,-;es of brown ,c;ir,
caribou, deer, moose, mountain sheep., or mountain goats, or pairtS thereof,
unless said heads, hides, or carcasses are a(conipaiiied by the required lien--e
or coupon and by a copy of the affidavit required by section five of this act:
Provided, That nothing in this act shall be cons-trued to prevent tlhe collection

B. S. 61


of specimens for scientific purposes, the capture or shipment of live animals
and birds for exhibition or propagation. or the export from Alaska of specimens
under permit from the Secretary of Agriculture, and under such restrictions
and limitations as he may prescribe and publish.
It shall be the duty of the collector of customs at Seattle, Portland, and
San Francisco to keep strict account of all consignments of game animals
received from Alaska. and no consinmnient of game shall be entered until due
notice thereof hiis been received from the Governor of Alaska or the Secretary
of Agriculture. and found to agree with the name and address on the ship-
ment. In rase c,,nsignments arrive without licc.'res they shall be detained for
sixty days. and if a license be not then produced said consignment shlall'be
forfeited to the United Stattes and shall be delivered by the collector of customs
to the United States marshal of the district for such disposition as the court
may direct.
Si.:c. 7. Pr'naltie.s.-That any person violating any of the provisions of this
act shall lie deemed guilty of a misilemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall
forfeit to the United States all game or birds in his possession, and all guns,
trails, nets. or bats used in killing or capturing said game or birds, and shall
be punished for each offense by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars or
imprisonment not more than three months, or by both such fine and imprison-
ment, in the discretion of the court. Any person making any false or untrue
stati'ments in any iflid:avit required by this act shall be deemed guilty of a mis-
demeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall forfeit to the United States all
trophies in his possession, and shall be punished by a fine in any sum not more
than two hundred dollars or imprisonment not more than three months, or by
both such tine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.
Enforcemient.-It is hereby made the duty of all marshals and deputy mar-
sh;ils. collectors or deputyy collectors of customs, all officers of revenue cutters,
and all game wardens to assist in the enforcement of this act. Any marshal,
deputy marshal, or warden in or out of Alaska may arrest without warrant any
person found violating any of the provisions of this act or any of the regulations
herein provided, and may seize any game, birds, or hides, and any traps, nets,
guns, bo;ts, or other paraphernalia used in the capture of such game or birds
and found in the possession of said person in or out of Alaska, and any col-
lector or deputy collector of customs, or warden, or licensed guide, or any person
authorized in writing by a marshal shall have the power above provided to.
arrest persons found violating this act or said regulations and seize said
property without warrant to keep and deliver the same to a marshal or a
deputy marshal. It sh;ill be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury upon
request of the Governor or Secretary of Agriculture, to aid in carrying out the
provisions of this act.
SF:c. 8. Thint all acts or parts of acts in conflict with the provisions of this
act are hereby repealed.
Approved May 11, 1908.

[36 Stat. 1360.]
Be it enteo'd by the Sunrite and Hou.qe of Representatives of the United
Statis of Ani.ricvi in Congr i.s (s:.srmnblcd, That from and after the passage of
think act it sb:ill le lawful to kill grouse, ptarmigan, shorebirds, and waterfowl
from Si(te-pmher first to March first, both inclusive, anywhere in the Territory
of AM: isk.
Approved March 4, 1911.

[Public Res. No. 34, tiith Congress]
R'sel'-d 1i, there, S',iate anUi of R'prcscntatir, of the United States
of .1 ni'riu, in Coel r,.i.. ,.c.r l, ld. 'Ihit, on and after July 1, 1924, tile powers
and duties heretofore conferred upon the Governor of AhiskR by existing law
for ihe protviiion of wild g;rimr ;iiniiils and wild birds in Alask:a are hereby
confr'r-.d1 u1pon and shl 111 e exe rc.ited by the Secretary of Agriculture; and all
money av;iil.bli or :ipprplriated in any act for the fiscal year ending June 30.
3925, for ,.i-rrying into eff,(ect the act aliproved May 11, MN%.s, entitled "An act
for ftie 1rotection of gaiiw in Alaska and for other purposes," including salaries,

S. R. A.


traveling expenses of game wardens. and all other necessary expeiiis. is here-
by transferred to the credit of the Dopartment of Agriculture to !'e explvidled
by tlhe Secreitary of Agriculture for such purp,.-es.
Approved, June 7, 1924.


[Chap. 62, Act of Apiil 2u,, 1915.]

SEC. 1. From and after the pa.-.sage of this act, any pe-on killiniz a deer or
other wild food atni ial within the Territory of A1.,-l. with intent to wantonly
destroy said animal and without mnakiiig every effort to !ave si-,i :niihi!;il util-
ized for fooid, shall be guilty of a, and luplln conviction thereof,
shall be punished by a ifike not exceeding live hundred dollars or impris-onment
not exceeding six months.
SEC. 2. Any person who shall have knowledge of any violation of this act
and who shall fail to report the same to the authorities, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor and upon conviction thereif sl all be punii-lied by : fine not ex-
ceeding two hundred dollars or imprisonment not exceeding three months.



Under the provisions of the Alaska game law the following rules and regu-
lations have been issued by the Governor of Alaska, governing the appointment,
compensation and conduct of licensed guides:
1. Licensed guides shall be of two classes, (1) white citizens of tlhe United
States, and (2) men of mixed blood leading a civilized life-Indians, E-kinios,
or Aleuts-all herein referred to as natives. Guidles of both clai--es will be
appointed for the term of two years, unless their licenses are o,,oner revoked;
and no person will be appointed a licensed guide urilt-,- he states his intention
of devoting tlhe principal part of his time hirin-in the hunting, season to the
business of guiding hunting parties in tlhe game re-ions of the Kenui Peninsula
or the terriory drained by the White or Chitina river.
2. Each licensed guide of the first cl;.i;s. shall pay a license fee of $20 for the
period for which his commission is issued or remni;iins in effect. Ecli:i guide of
the second class shall pay a license fee of $7.50 for the period for which his
commission is issued or remains in effect.
3. The compensation which eaiil guide of the first and --'-*,id :la--ei may
charge for his services during the hunting season shall be at the rate of not
more than $12.50 per day during the time he is employee : Providu 'J, A iiy guide
may, in iis discretion and witli the full ci,'-*,..t of tl. hunting party, -elirr"
into special arrailgemetnts whereby he shall charge for his service:- the hbo-:e-
named per diem rates for a minimum period of 30 days for a huntiir, trip.
4. No licensed guide shall shoot or kill any moose or otl.,.:'1,' ,a. iimal
while engaogtd in conducting a hunting party.
5. An official badge is furnished to each licensed guide, who shall sur'render
the badge to the nearest game warden whenever his term of -,.i-rvice shall lhe
terminated for any cause.
6. Licensed guides, while aippoint(k-i by the Gov,'nior and held gt-wially
responsible to him, will be held accountable to the ,anie w;ari,. is for '?heir
conduct while actually employed as siich iuides, and 1,;;,kers will lie held
responsible to the game wardens for their conduct while actually emipl,,iye1
such packers.
7. Packers shall be appointed by the game wair'lens. who shall keep a r,.ister
of their names and report tu.ih re-_isl riition to the governorr The ..i,-r-tii,
of packers shall not ex,:eed S: per day for the period during '.hliich they :;re
8. It shall be the duty of every guide and packer to report to tli,'-
game warden, or any other officer charged with Olwe enforc1i)ttn of the :1:e
law, at the earliest possible moment any and all inf'rac.tions of the law or the

B. 9. 61


r(. ulati*ns thereunder which may have come within his observation or
9. Wliznever a guide is employed by any person or party, such guide shall,
at the expiration of the period of time for which he is employed, make a writ-
ten statement to the nearest game warden in the district, stating the number
of days lie was employed, the number of persolis guided, their names, residence.
and the number of each kind of game killed; and if nonresidents, the number
of their licenses.
10. Applications for licenses should be addressed to the Governor of Alaska
and be forwarded through the nearest warden, who will transmit it to the
office of the Governor of Alaska with his approval or disapproval.

[Effective October 1, 1908]
1. Permits.-Hereafter the Department of Agriculture will not issue permits
for the shipment of trophies, including heads or hides of game animals, since
the new law requires that such trophies be shipped under regular hunting or
shipping licenses issued by the Governor of Alaska. Persons desiring to collect
specimens of mammals, birds, nes.ts, or eggs in Alaska for scientific purposes
must satisfy the Department that the specimens are intended for such purposes
I(.f'ore ;ernilits will be issued, and must forward with the permit to the col-
lector of customs at Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco a list showing the
number of each kind of game collected under said permit before the speci-
mens will be relea-ed from the customhouse. If several shipments are made
under one permit, the lp-rumit should accompany the first consignment and a
list of the game contained in each shipment mailed to the collector of cus-
toms at the time of such shipment. Permits will be issued only to regular
representatives of public museums or, under exceptional circumstances, to per-
sons who are known to be making special investigations.
Persons desiring to ship live animals or birds should obtain permits suffi-
ciently in advance of shipment to avoid any delay when the consignments
read i the customhouse.
Applicants should be careful to state in each case the region where speci-
mens are to be collected and the probable port and date of shipment. All
permits will expire on December 31 of the year of issue, but consignments
actually shipped before such expiration may be admitted upon arrival at
S.iittle, Portland, or San Francisco.
2. Sprcbinic,.< for scientific uij,,*,.,c. .---Pa.kages containing specimens for
sietit i fic purIl),,s$s offered for shipment must be marked Specimens for scien-
tific purposes." or words to like effect, and must bear the shlipper's name and
addr,-,-. Inattention to thelmse details will render p:ack;hges subject to examina-
lion and detention by officers of the customs. Pa.ckages of specimens addressed
to the United Staite.s Depi:rtment of Agriculture, the Smitlsonian Institution,
or the United States Natio;:i;il Museum, if properly marked, may be shipped
without permit and without exaiiii:iniion. Pack.avz',s addrs-:ed to individuals,
whether officers of executive departments or not, must be accompanied by
3. Li're mihaab f.. mid birds.-Live animals or birds for exhibition or prop;iga-
tion may be captured in a close s.:mson under permit only, and shiipmeits must
be ;wiip;inmie(d by permits ,except as st;atfed in regular tion 4. C(,s's.-niients
off!-i'.il for shipment without periomit will not be rel'etu'd transportation, lbut may
be foi \v;irded to S',;I tie, Portland, or San Francisco and held there at owner's
risk aid expi,,i.-', until )per(.its are obtained.
4. 'l,-,.n (., c,,cd.-Live aIimals (not exceeding 10 in 4one consi.gnmet) and
live birds (not ex9.Pc5ig 25 in one c,,1,i2isinei) uiay be sliplped without per-
mit to the following public zoological p'irkls, if shipped directly to said parks
UI(ld not to SoYlel IL( lit
(,0Ilei ( ate 'ark, San Fira'isc'i.,
Liinc:oln Park, Chic:ia,,.
.14 ,IL'eri' of (Ceitral Park, New York City.
National Zoologi,.Il I'ark. 'aslii i't on.
New Yo1.1% Zooloi<_;i.:l Society, New Yo)r'I, C(ity.
ZoloL',i,'l Society, PhlilId(llphi:a.
Cii-ii.nii-.iits for thfle-, lp irLks which exced ithe above-mentioned limits must
Ile i. ,.: i .i ,i.ied byf refill r tpriiits in all cases.

S. R. A.


5. Reserved rights of dcpartbiwni.-The depa rt iinlnt expressly re.serv.s the
right to examine at Seattle. Portland. or San Francisco any or all spe.riirps,
live game animals, or game birds from Alaska. whether shilpped as poi.-,inal
baggage or otherwise; to detain, if necessary, at said p4,ts any consignment
of game animals or birds or any part thereof not forwarded in conformity with
these regulations, and to require the return of the same either to original port
of shipment or their delivery to the United States marshal for disp,.sirion in
accordance with the provi-sions of sections 6 and 7 of the act. Owners and
masters of vessels will accept all ciiisignimnents subject to these conditions. In
case of return, all expenses of reshipment will be paid by the ve-s4l transport-
ing the goods from Alaskla ; and the master of said vessel must file at Se:attle,
Portland, or San Francisco a customs receipt for all goods returned to Alaska.
6. Examination of shlipmicnts.-Specimens or live animals and birds arriving
at Seattle or San Francisco, not covered by permits or shipped contrary to thvse
regulations, will be held for examination by officers of the customs, promptly
reported, and released only upon instructions from the Treasury Depart-
ment; provided that all goods not released within 60 days after arrival shall
be returned to the port of shipment (at the expense of the vessel bringing the
same) for disposition in accordance with the provisions of sections 6 and 7
of the act.
All previous regulations and all special rulings of the department in conflict
with these regulations are hereby revoked.

Open seasons and bag limits: Dates inclusive limit
Bull moose only south of latitude 62---------- Sept. 1-iec. 31 1
Bull moosenorth of latitude 62 -----------Aug. 20-Dec. 31 2
Deer (males only), in southeastern Alaska east of
longitude 141 3----------------- -.Sept. 16-Dec. 15 3
Caribou (except fawns), south of Arctic Circle-...- Aug. 20-Dec. 31 3
Mountain sheep (rams only, south of Arctic Circle __ Aug. 20-Dec. 31 3
Mountain goats (except kids), south of Arctic
Circle3---------------------------------- Aug. 20-Dec. 31 3
Brwn ba north of latitude 62 -------------- No close season 3
Brown bear south of latitude 620--------------- Oct. 1-July 1
Game birds:
Grouse and ptarmigan------------------------- Sept. 1-Mar. 1
Duck, goose, brant, Wilson snipe or jacksnipe, black
bellied and golden plovers, and yellowlegs.---- Sept. 1-Dec. 15
No open season on-
Game animals and game birds on Kruzof and Partofshikof Islands.
All game animals in the Taku River Drainage.'
Moose.-Females, yearlings, and calves.
Mountain goats.-Kids, on Baranof and Chichagof Islands and on Kenai
Peninsula east of longitude 150.
Mou itain shcep.-Females and young; and on the Kenai Peninsula east
of longitude 150.
Deer.-West of longitude 141; females and young, south of Arctic Circle.
Caribou.-Fawns, south of Arctic Circle.
Birds.-Except game birds, eagles, ravens, and cormorants.
Restrictions on daily season and use of certain devices:
Unlawful to hunt migratory birds from sunset to one-half hour before sun-
rise, or with a gun larger than No. 10 gauge, or from an airplane, powerboat,
sailboat, any boat under sail, or any floating devic-e towed by powerboat or
Bag limits and possession:
Unlawful to kill or have in possession more than 25 grouse or ptarmigan in
one day; or to kill more than 25 ducks, 8 .-eee, or 8 brant, or have more than

e See S. R. A., B. S. No. 59, Regulation No. 3.

B. S. 61

3 See S. R. A., B. S. No. 50.


25 in all combined in possession in one day; or to kill more than 15 in the aggre-
gate of black-bellied and golden plovers and yellowlegs, or more than 25
Wilson 'iiipe; or lve more than 25 shorebirds in the aggregate of all kinds
in po)sso.sion in ,ne day; or to kill more than 25 in the aggregate of coots
n,1 galliules in one day. Ducks, geese, brant, coot, gallinules, and shorebirds
t;iken in the Territory may be possessed only during the open season and the first
10 days of the close .-ea:on, but such migratory game birds taken outside of
tho Terrilory andd legally exported may be possessed in the Territory during the
open -eason whore taken and first 10 days of close season. Other game legally
taken may be possessed for noncommercial purposes at any time.
Hunting licenses:
N iiI resident, United States citizen, $50.
Nonr.-id!ent, alien. $100.
Nil] r-ident prohibited from hunting on Kenai Peninsula and in territory
drained by White and Chitina Rivers, without licensed guides.
No licen-es require!l for hunting deer or goats.
Shipping licenses:
Resident of Alisrk-a $40, permitting export of 1 moose taken north of latitude
(;", 4 deer. 2 caribou, 2 sleep. 2 goats and 2 brown bear.
Sinwzle trophy of caribou or sheep, $10.
Single trophy of deer, g-,at, or brown bear, $5.
Sputial li -.iis, for shipping one moose killed south of latitude 62, $150.
Not more than one general (resident $40 license) and two special moose
($150) lice i-;,s i.sued to one person in one year.
Every poirsin exporting gaime or trophies must file with the customs office at
port of shipment an affid;ivit that he has not violated the game laws, that the
tr ipliy to b, shipped has not been bought or purchased, has not been sold, and
is not shipped for purpose of sale; that he is the owner of the trophy, and. in
case of inm'ose, whether the animal from which it was taken was killed north
or south of latitude 62.
Permits for the collection and shipment of specimens for scientific purposes
and the shipment of live animals and birds for exhibition or propagation are
issued by the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

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